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File: 137066939878.png (115.23 KB, 263x215, Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 10_2…)

Howdy! Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2519770Sticky[Last 50 Posts]

Hey y'all! I said I'd pop by this week. Hope I'm not showing up at a bad time.
Lauren Faust has left the building. Thank you for your visit, Lauren.

Alex (Element of Lurking)!LXeFrdOzZA 2519771

No, not at all, this is a great time, seeing as this is the last I'll be online before vacation XD

Geldon (Steve Krug's Bitch)!t44LhZdN5A 2519772

File: 137066959660.gif (1.05 MB, 300x300, 1298755623241.gif)

Hiya, Mrs. Faust, we were hoping you would stop by!

Anonymous 2519773

Time to post before the chat floods.

I gotta ask, do you think you'll ever get to chat without it turning into a Q&A?

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 22:34

Anonymous 2519774

File: 137066964201.gif (793.87 KB, 853x480, rainbowsmile.gif)

Hello Lauren!

Anonymous 2519775

Hi Lauren! love you

So what's up?

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2519776

I dunno. I guess we'll see, right?

Alex (Element of Lurking)!LXeFrdOzZA 2519777

So, how have things been?

Geldon (Steve Krug's Bitch)!t44LhZdN5A 2519778

I did have some questions but I don't know if you could answer any of them, because of professional obligations and whatnot. Feel free to throw me a pass if not.

1> Was Trixie provoked into the wrongdoing she did in Boast Busters, or was she really that egotistical?

2> Was Iron Will a legitimate business minotaur, or was he trying to scam everypony and Fluttershy was right to stand up to him?

3> Were Flim and Flam legitimate business ponies, or were they trying to scam everypony?

4> You've said before that Hasbro was really cool to work for but, just to settle the record, was Hasbro interference with your creative vision a factor into why you stepped down?

5> You said Twilight Sparkle was intended to be Princess Celestia's successor. You also said that, if it were up to you, there would only be two alicorns. Yet, how could Twilight Sparkle be Princess Celestia's successor without becoming an alicorn?

These are basically frequently things we've argued about from time to time around here. We really like our headcanon debates around here on /arch/, and I was wondering if getting it from the horse's mouth (if you pardon the pun) would help at all.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2519779

Not much. I worked late tonight. Glad to be home. What's going on around here?

Anonymous 2519780

File: 137066977169.jpg (30.68 KB, 700x420, shezow.jpg)

Hi, Lauren. I really do enjoy a lot of your work. I was wondering if you had ever heard of the cartoon SheZow, considering your affinity for superheroes.

Essentially it's about a boy who finds a superhero ring only meant to be worn by a woman, and he's entrusted with the legacy of the hero.

I'm pretty sure he's a parody of how bad some people make female superheroes, showing how silly it looks when the powers are taken by a man.

Anonymous 2519782

Bigger than Jesus.

441!fOINzMA0KU 2519783

Not much, Ponychan is a very slow board.

Hey, mind if I ask you... You said you intended for Twilight to eventually replace Celestia.
...Does that mean you intended for Celestia to eventually die/be otherwise written off?

Anonymous 2519784


You know, like arguments and stuff~

Anonymous 2519785

Can you record commentary for season 1 episodes? Look up Rifftrax - they record and distribute audio and the viewers are in charge of getting the video. That way everything is legal. :)

Anonymous 2519786

File: 137066991251.png (148.87 KB, 570x525, tfw.png)

Any chance of you visiting Dərpibooru? They don't have trips, it's more of a forum there.

Anonymous 2519787


Bullet to the brain. Old yeller style.

Alex (Element of Lurking)!LXeFrdOzZA 2519788

File: 137066995703.png (171.81 KB, 1280x1279, ApplejackBigSmile.png)

Not much, talking about ponies. It's what we do here. Occasionally breaking out into arguments about aspects of them, but at the end of the day remembering that we are all sharing a common bond and thus come out of it respecting the fact we have different opinions. XD

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2519789

I think it's best for me to keep what my plans were to myself. It would be unfair to the current showrunners and their plans. Maybe someday, though.

Anonymous 2519790

I know you'll miss your technicolor braindaughters, but what can we look forward to for your current and future projects?

Also, do you think you'll be able to implement the plans you had for MLP into some other incarnation? Thinly veiled suggestion, I know.

Anonymous 2519791

Yes, over here, n'hey, n'hey. In Episode BF12, you were battling barbarians while riding a winged Appaloosa, yet in the very next scene, my dear, you're clearly atop a winged Arabian! Please do explain it!

Anonymous 2519792

Careful. A friend of my mom's said that John Lennon "deserved" to get shot after saying that.

Geldon!t44LhZdN5A 2519793

File: 137067006629.jpg (66.88 KB, 700x700, cereal.jpg)

>Tag removed. Steve Krug is an Internet usability expert, the joke is that nobody reads.
>Also apparently I need to pay better attention to what seems to be an innocent picture of Pinkie Pie serving cupcakes.

Anonymous 2519794

working late on a friday? ;_;

we are excited to see you here <3 Doing anything fun this weekend?

Vanilla Mint!GreeenyYLc 2519795

Animated movies like Wall-E and Wreck-it Ralph have gained mainstream acceptance as something that can be enjoyed by anyone, not just children. When, if ever, do you think cartoons will reach the same status?

Anonymous 2519796

File: 137067009845.png (128.89 KB, 450x450, blues_skip.png)

Hey Lauren! Its really great to have you stop by!

There's something I've been wondering. From what I heard you were initially pushing for a show called Galaxy Girls. Is anything new going on with that?

BoogsterSU2 2519797

File: 137067013729.png (99.23 KB, 1080x1080, Lauren Faust profile pic.png)

How's production for Wander Over Yonder going along? How many episodes will there be in Season 1? Did you get Craig to join Twitter yet?

<-- Also, here's a higher-definition profile pic for you.

Alex (Element of Lurking)!LXeFrdOzZA 2519798

File: 137067013928.jpg (168.95 KB, 527x800, HippieRarity.jpg)

So, out of curiosity, have you ever gotten around to reading the MLP comics? If so, what are your thoughts?

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2519799

I will be working on developing a few projects at once over the next several months. Nothing is concrete yet.

And I've thought about it.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 2519800

Hey Lauren, thanks for stopping by. It's probably going to be pretty quiet here at this time of night, so you shouldn't have any problems tracking questions. I hope you enjoy your stay.

The only question I have is pertaining to the origin of Cadance and SA. You once said you had a hand in the story for "A Canterlot Wedding", the exception being Cadance being an alicorn, but were the characters your idea as well, or was that something initiated by Hasbro, and put forward as a collaboration?

Anonymous 2519801

Lauren you can put noko in the email field to stay in the thread after you post :D

?Skolar?!dNXgKWWRNI 2519802

File: 137067026392.png (8.63 KB, 100x100, WhakaHappy.png)

<3 Lauren

Xaekai!XaEEEEEcrA 2519803

What do you think of The Powerpuff Girls reboot?

Anonymous 2519804

Which came first? The scootaloo or the egg?

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2519805

We have to wait until the folks with the money are willing to give something like that a try, and for audiences to be open to the idea. Over the years, Craig and I have met more and more parents who enjoy some of our shows with their kids. I think as the newer generations have kids, we may see it happen more. Hope so.

Anonymous 2519807


I know it's been suggested to try it in Fighting is Magic. Single player story mode is far down the road (if ever), but it'd be interesting to see if it's even possible to work in a fighting game.

And it shuts up the people still crying, "waaa waaa shut up about the game. It's has nothing to do with ponies anymore so nobody gives a shit!" Now they got incentive to play again.

Anonymous 2519808

File: 137067035984.png (161.74 KB, 1280x1067, Scoota skip.png)

Lauren, I've been dying to know, what was your ultimate plan for scootaloo? Also is she really an orphan? In case you didn't notice, she's my fav

<Comrade Igloo>!VQMIZUOAQI 2519809

File: 137067037711.gif (39.2 KB, 400x400, An average day in the life of …)

Hey Lauren!
I don't really have any questions to ask you, but I felt like saying hello anyways.

Anonymous 2519810

Hi Miss Lauren, I really love all your works on animation.

Anonymous 2519811

If cutie marks are a natural part of puberty, does that mean nopony ever experiences a conflict between following their dream vs putting food on the table?

Rainbow23 2519812

File: 137067040166.png (134.46 KB, 344x960, 658_183037708522202_1858289276…)

Hey Lauren
Im in my synch and some people and myself would love ya to join ^.^
My name is Rainbow23 in the synch :D


Anonymous 2519813

Alright Lauren, time for the ultimate question.

Fluttershutter!vBKzsttvbU 2519814

File: 137067044290.jpg (53.22 KB, 460x268, flutterstare.jpg)

Hello, Lauren. It's nice to get a visit from you.

Justy 2519815

No questions..just wanted to say "Hi!" and that I 'm a big fan of your work. Good luck with Wander Over Yonder and your other projects.

Anonymous (Elements are for Faggots) 2519816

Anonymous 2519817

Is there anything you want from usss?


so, besides posting around ponychan, what have you been up to tonight?

are you aware that the Rainbow & Rooted album should be coming out in a few hours (or minutes)?


File: 137067052273.jpg (24.68 KB, 450x238, avatar-034-Quinch.jpg)

'ello, miss Faust.

{not certain you really are or not, but let's assume you are}

A few questions, if I may -

First, how's your day been?

Second... let's say the FiM canon is fast-forwarded fifteen years ahead - how has everyone changed, both the mane cast and secondary characters.

You get to name a star with a life-bearing planet. What do you call it?

Favorite kind of fruit, real or fictional?

What are you working on right now? How do you like the people you're working with?

Have you ever wished you had extra limbs?

What are your pet peeves?

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2519820

I can't say I ever Scootaloo as an orphan. However, I did not have specific plans for what her family deal was. If in the process of making the show it came to define, we would have done it then. Somethings you plan from the start, some things you come up with as you go.

Pony ages FanFlail 2519821

Hey Lauren :)

As a 20-something chick, I have to say I identify with the ponies ages. I don't get the feeling that they're in highschool at all. Twilight feels like she's in graduate school. Rarity & Apple Jack are running their own businesses, etc.

So does the Equestria Girls premise work, age-wise?

Thanks :D

Anonymous 2519822

File: 137067054078.jpg (89.14 KB, 363x461, are_you_a_wizard.jpg)

Did you have any plans for Trixie after Boast Busters? Or any further background information on her?


Looks like Bollox got his wish question asked.

Well, at least I got my questions in. Not too surprised they were too exacting to get an answer, though.

Our endless debate of headcanon vrs creator intent continues!

!!Rainbow Dash ## Mod 2519824

Welcome, Mrs Faust! Hope you don't mind if I sticky the thread.
I also had a question! Do you watch the shows you work on, or does being so involved in the whole development process kinda burn them out for you?

Alex (Element of Lurking)!LXeFrdOzZA 2519825

File: 137067057420.png (171.81 KB, 1280x1279, ApplejackBigSmile.png)

I wonder if Lauren now truly knows what Celestia felt like during the informal get together in A Bird in the Hoof. (I call dibs on being Applejack XD)

ShokBox!SonicOTKmM 2519826

File: 137067058159.png (171.61 KB, 443x558, Pinkie Pie Happy 42.png)

Welcome to Ponychan, Lauren!

Iron_Raptor 2519827

File: 137067058286.jpg (352.4 KB, 1920x1080, soundwave-x-djpon3-complete.jp…)

Hey Lauren, I just wanted to drop a note and say hi to you, and thank you for being my catalyst to get back into art again. As someone who was a newbie to the TV / film industry, I can certainly see and appreciate all the hard work you do. I blame you for doing some of the works I've been pumping out lately... like this one.

colgate 2519828

File: 137067058918.png (56.47 KB, 200x200, 1369751076390.png)

thanks for all you do, lauren.
Did you have plans for the cmc's eventual cutie marks, or was that open ended?

Yup. !Twok0BvZE6 2519829

File: 137067060811.jpg (112.38 KB, 800x800, ed9bfcdf49c3a04500b1c533479acf…)

Hi Lauren, thanks for stopping by!

With cartoons becoming slightly more mature and even more liberal (e.g. 'SheZow' on The Hub), do you think this is a watershed for creative content aimed towards kids, or are you worried that there's still a lot to be done with not treating kids like idiots?

Also, if we complain hard enough, would you like to chat with our news website, The Daily Oat? ;)

Anonymous 2519830

You guys still have to manually refresh? FIx your shit, ponychan.

Sup faust?

NotSeth 2519831

You mentioned that Trixie was originally going to be a male. Did the male Trixie ever have a name?

Admiral Yang Wenli 2519832

File: 137067061877.png (229.31 KB, 441x479, Sometimes_I_worry_about_you.pn…)

Faust isn't involved in EqG.

Marimo (Elements Connoisseur)!Mrb.TaRPks 2519833

File: 137067063164.png (22.98 KB, 134x246, cilan at your service.png)

Hello Lauren! Nice of you to visit. Glad I decided to stay up late.

You've mentioned you had a lot of ideas for your characters that you never got to see through. Whatever those plans were, did you talk to Jayson or Meghan about what they were so that, if they chose, they could still use those plans?

For example, you mentioned in one interview that Zecora would've been like a second mentor in Twilight, and she wound up playing that role in one of the recent episodes.


File: 137067063442.png (99.17 KB, 300x300, 1370468180817.png)

Welcome to Ponychan, Miss Faust! We were hoping you'd stop by. I am Rocktavia, loony /oat/ poster and Octavia fan.

Oh gosh, now you've done it. Ponychan's exploding.

Anonymous 2519835

Lauren I'm drunk and you make me so happy and as a girl who hated being a girl because there was no good media i
i really ove my little pony
i love rarity a lot
u can be a lady but still be badass

Anonymous 2519836

File: 137067064459.png (126.18 KB, 534x355, 1320643176594.png)

If a unicorn can become an alicorn, can a pegasus or earth pony become one too?

Admiral Yang Wenli 2519837

We have a plugin that does that for us, Ponychan X. You can find it on /meta/

RS 2519838

File: 137067065006.png (268.46 KB, 2040x1796, Crazy Luna2.png)


Always be wary of Pinkie Pie's cupcakes!

Anonymous 2519839

File: 137067066416.png (704.92 KB, 900x600, 7414_235746283217034_955756123…)

Yo. So Lauren what other creature would u put in mlp other than pony that would of have sentient life or a magical creatures for the ponies to go against

Anonymous 2519840

Hey there! Welcome to our corner of the internet!

I was curious, as you've done some work for the "DC Nation" thing, are you much familiar with Bruce Timms older works such as Batman The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited?

If so do you feel that he does a good job writing strong female characters in his interpretation of Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl etc.?

Anonymous 2519841


Anonymous 2519842

jesus christ this place is cancer


File: 137067072642.png (108.1 KB, 614x846, 1370557257292.png)

We love you too, anon!

Anonymous 2519844

Any chance of visiting other sites, like Dərpibooru?

Anonymous 2519845

What's your favorite moment from working on the show?

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2519846

I do watch the episodes I worked on. However, having worked on them from the beginning definitely warps your ability to view them. I don't think you ever see them the same way viewers do.

Anonymous 2519847

So how long before Sameface Joseco and Mandopedo show up to plug their shit? No offense to lauren herself but every time she does this the 'elite' bandwagon in for publicity.

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 2519848

File: 137067078597.png (127.97 KB, 634x356, Cute Fluttershy Smile.png)

It is such an honor and a privilege for you to visit us here on Ponychan, Mrs. Faust! i got to see you during the Bronycon Documentary panel, and while i recall you saying you related most to Twilight Sparkle, i could only see you as a Princess Celestia.

We'll be monitoring the thread to make sure all is well! Again, thank you ever so much for showing up today.

Anonymous 2519849

File: 137067079501.png (1.19 MB, 1435x800, cmc.png)

Lauren! It's nice to see you doing an AMA again. I hope you are doing well. I have a few questions about the Cutie Mark Crusaders for you, I understand if you can't answer all of them.

>Did you enjoy working with them as much as the main cast?
>Was there ever any discussion about a spinoff show regarding them?
>Was there ever any discussion about giving them their cutie marks? Do you think there is a chance we will ever see their dreams come true?


Anonymous 2519850

File: 137067079593.gif (1.12 MB, 502x405, scootsadwing.gif)

Thank you based Faust for that answer.

Also, final question. If you still were in control of the show, would Scootaloo end up learning to fly eventually or would she be disabled forever using her hummingbird wings?

Anonymous 2519851

You are so awesome Lauren <3 This thread really made my night. Thank you

Anonymous 2519852


Well im a Leo so...

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2519853

I had plans for Scoots and Belle, but I was still working out Apple Bloom's.

RS 2519855

File: 137067081716.jpg (59.47 KB, 640x395, spoiler.jpg)


How about a nice pair of Tits around some hard wood?

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 22:59

jroddie (Element of Surprise)!!H4LJAwAmWz 2519856

So are you really bent about the dolls?

Anonymous 2519857


What type of Music do you listen to?

Anonymous 2519858

is scootaloo an orphan?

Anonymous 2519859

Dərpibooru is an image repository, you can't really 'visit' boorus.

or did you idiots manage to completely fuck up that format, too?

Anonymous 2519860

Hey Lauren, do you feel a bit trapped now that every major pony website/board is desperately trying to get you to visit them?

Anonymous 2519861


I guess whoever made that image hasn't seen the show.

Anonymous 2519862

They have a forum now.

Anonymous 2519863

File: 137067086338.jpg (71.21 KB, 960x599, 12403_588201214532869_57553757…)

Yo. So Lauren what other creature would u put in mlp other than pony that would of have sentient life or a magical creatures for the ponies to go against >>2519770

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 22:55

Saikar!Grey.ey6E7 2519864

File: 137067087886.png (197.85 KB, 700x539, Greylight Stareyes Happy.png)

Wait, it's actually happening? Oh heck yes.

Good evening, Lauren!

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2519865

I may have said a few things. I can't remember who I told what. Zecora as mentor was actually in the bible.

Anonymous 2519866

Hey Lauren, how does it feel to have essentially been bullied into doing Q&A you didn't really feel like doing because the internet threw a giant, diaper-shitting tantrum?

Admiral Yang Wenli 2519867

I suppose you can't elaborate on that, right?

Anonymous 2519868

Did you leave because of Equestria Girls?

Venti 2519869

File: 137067090261.png (381.39 KB, 900x690, 303126__UNOPT__safe_rarity.png)

I wanna say you're great and helped me through a really rough time in my life, but I'm sure you get that a lot. :>

Java!ATW4UpF3hs 2519870

Do you read the comics?


File: 137067090813.png (330.15 KB, 727x637, screenshot169.png)

hello lauren. just wanted to say thank you for all you have done. and bringing in this wonderful show. and pinkie.

you inspire me to somewhat get into animation.

Jetstream Xeno 2519872

Venturing in from /mlp/, hi Faust. Also, this is my first time visiting here ever. So, what's it like here?

Anonymous 2519873

Following up on your interview in the Elements of Harmony guidebook, you said you had toyed with the idea of Elements of Discord. Can you share what they might've been specifically, or did you not really get that far?

Anonymous 2519874

So yes, they did manage to fuck up the concept of a booru.

God, this fandom...

<Comrade Igloo>!VQMIZUOAQI 2519875

On second thought, I do have a question for you...
Why the hell are you visiting this ghost town of a website? I know Ponychan used to be a rather popular place about a year ago, but site activity here has been virtually dead for months now.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2519876

In my book, yes.

jroddie (Element of Surprise)!!H4LJAwAmWz 2519877

By the way, thanks for Dexter's Lab.

Vinyl Scratch!ilCMusicDg 2519878

File: 137067094347.png (684.35 KB, 1024x768, vinyl_scratch_loves_you_by_a_l…)

Hello Ms. Faust!!!!
I tried to ask you a question last time, but i think it got lost in the thread
Do you ever look to some of the Fan created OC's for Story ideas?

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 2519879

Lauren, when you were directing the show, did you work out of Los Angeles or Vancouver, and if it was L.A., how often were you able to get up to Vancouver, and was the distance part of the lack of control over the show you've spoken about?

Anonymous 2519880

Do you ever feel unnecessarily pressured by the fandom to act a certain way or to make appearances?

I noticed that you got a lot of heat from people after you did the /mlp/ Q&A about daring to go there.

Ron Paul (Element of Happening) !Ns56NG2jYQ 2519881

File: 137067095815.jpg (22.6 KB, 305x165, WanderOverYonderLogo.jpg)

Alright, it's finally Happening!

So Lauren, do you have any idea when Wonder Over Yonder might begin airing?

jroddie (Element of Surprise)!!H4LJAwAmWz 2519882

Lol does it take more 'juice' for an earth pony to become an alicorn?

Xaekai!XaEEEEEcrA 2519883


Mando? Not really.

But I fully expect to see FinalDraft bitching that any *chan isn't a 'good venue'

And probably Purple Tinker.

Alex (Element of Lurking)!LXeFrdOzZA 2519884

File: 137067096287.jpg (486.83 KB, 1200x800, JapaneseGilda.jpg)

That is what I've always heard. The plight of the artist, never truly being able to enjoy her own work.

him Anonymous 2519885

Did you get my letter which had your paycheck

Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2519886

File: 137067097562.png (269.85 KB, 898x890, .png)

Hi Lauren!

You r gr8!


Anonymous 2519887

You know, like arguments and stuff~

Lightning Ruff!j4Do3kQQ3s 2519888

File: 137067098356.png (35.33 KB, 335x348, shock.png)

I'M NOT TO LATE, AM I?! Oh, sorry if I appear to be having a nerovus break down, it's just, wow! I knew this was coming, just not now!

Anonymous 2519889

It was either that or meta posts that had 3000+ comments.

Anonymous 2519890

Its a hell of a lot easier to keep up with, thats for sure. There also seems to be a little bit less brown nosing...

Justy 2519891

Actually, I'm curious. Are you finding that producers and the like are getting more open to major/lead female characters in animated material given the success of MLP, Littlest Pet Shop, and Legend of Korra?

Anonymous 2519892


Saikar!Grey.ey6E7 2519893

File: 137067102379.png (259.19 KB, 1000x1000, Greylight Bed Insomnia.png)

Would you care to elaborate on what your plans for them would have been?

Anonymous 2519894


>name pony

Are you sure?

meh!dqBfY.oE.E 2519895

File: 137067103219.jpg (657.14 KB, 1255x1600, Twilight CelestiaRichard.jpg)


Hey Lauren!

I was just wondering, was there any aspect of the show or of a character that you wanted to explore in greater detail in mlp, but you weren't allowed to? (by corporate mandate or whatnot)

Anonymous 2519896

Fuck off, retard.

Salsa!B3PyN98LNU!!WxMQEuLmt0 2519897

File: 137067103334.jpg (107.8 KB, 812x716, 1370325602587.jpg)

Hey Based Lauren.

Anonymous 2519898

That's gonna be a big fat fucking no.

!JXJCONNrmg 2519899

in on faust thread

Unonemous(EW:Sunlight) 2519900

File: 137067104967.gif (82.1 KB, 681x493, tumblr_ml6eulDcbj1rkzyclo1_128…)

My first time back in Ponychan in quite some time, and this seems a rather good reason to be here

Anonymous 2519901

Danbooru has a forum. Gelbooru has a forum. Lots of boorus have forums. It's not "messing up" anything.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 2519902

Hey Lauren, Pinkie's famous "oatmeal" line reminds me of something from the children's sci-fi book series Animorphs. Was that a deliberate reference, or coincidence?


File: 137067105560.jpg (24.68 KB, 450x238, avatar-034-Quinch.jpg)

We need more cancers of love and tolerance. Sure beats colon ones.


File: 137067106716.png (267.42 KB, 480x480, tea.png)

Welcome to our corner of the internet Mrs. Faust pleasure to have you here.

Anonymous 2519906

Dexter was Genndy Tartakovsky retard.

colgate 2519907

Thanks for the answer. I think that moment (if it comes) will be the most rewarding in the whole series.
Another, if I may. Do you get to watch things like Friendship is Witchcraft etc nowadays? Brony music?

Dorothy !3GREEnVRKc 2519908

Hallo, Lauren. My name is R. Chase Dorothy.
I got four questions. Pony related or otherwise.

1) Your thoughts on pony speedcore? (example's in the video)
2) Ever heard of Venetian Snares?
3) Do you believe the fandom needs more DnB/jungle?
4) Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

Anonymous 2519909

File: 137067107142.jpg (600.49 KB, 1280x720, 342515.jpg)

What do you think of the Equestria Girls trailer?

Pegasister!MZpt022QJQ 2519910

File: 137067107561.jpg (31.39 KB, 360x316, 130506889904.jpg)

I've waited since 2011 for this!


File: 137067107523.png (281.85 KB, 704x396, You have my attention.png)

Welcome to Ponychan, Miss Lauren Faust.

Sadly, as of now, I have no questions to ask you... So I'll just use this chance to congratulate and thank you in person for expanding the Ponies across the internet far beyond it's 80s roots with your desire to creatre a truly outstanding cartoon for little girls, that's all~


File: 137067108245.png (422.85 KB, 1920x1200, 1370506748206.png)

I would just like to say that the show you helped create has touched so many lives immeasurably, even if not everyone sees it that way.

Out of curiosity, how has the show and fandom affected you, positively or negatively?


Breathe, Lightning. She's human just like you.

Anonymous 2519913

The Forgotten. Anything else is scrubmode.

Anonymous 2519914

Hey Lauren please follow @Cameronpony799 iRL he needs help he's eating himself out for not donating to Kiki

Lauren Faust 2519915

Lauren, I just wanted to let you know how awesome you are in creating the best shows on TV. Please keep up the great work. I've watched all your shows since Powerpuff girls.

Iron_Raptor 2519916

How is the development of the Mane 6 Not-pony fighting game coming? I'm kinda curious / anxious to hear the progress made on that. :)

Max!DEsoTO.Ptk 2519917

File: 137067110206.jpg (61.92 KB, 700x525, 3_sam3.jpg)

Miss Faust
Who do you prefer
Sam or Max?

!FU7l8YEzUw 2519918

File: 137067110040.png (174.81 KB, 960x832, 1356555021260.png)

Good evening, Ms. Faust!

Out of curiosity, I second this. Do you ever look at any of the fanbase's OC's, fics, or the like?


File: 137067110489.png (156.94 KB, 436x500, 1126.png)

jroddie (Element of Surprise)!!H4LJAwAmWz 2519920

File: 137067112001.gif (123.5 KB, 500x320, stonedershy.gif)

Lauren, I work for The Daily Oat. I would like to interview you for an article I would like to do, and if you'd like to do one, you can email me at contact@thedailyoat.com

pleasepleaseplease it would be so great

BANE 2519921

File: 137067112013.jpg (49.36 KB, 470x706, Bane_TDKR3.jpg)

Toothless(Element of Stepping on the Beach)!VgODpTM9tU 2519922

File: 137067112721.png (186.68 KB, 500x546, What, they&#039;re tasty.png)

>Leaves Ponychan for 30 min
>Comeback to Faust thread with over 100 posts in it
Well that was fast.

Just got one question: What do you think of Littlest Pet Shop? Or have you not watched it?

Alex (Element of Lurking)!LXeFrdOzZA 2519923

File: 137067113461.png (936.46 KB, 1366x768, marsh.png)

Hopefully soon so that Disney could start taking the hint about quality animated shows. I would like them to start airing Gravity Falls at a pace where I can keep up with it again.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2519924

Absolutely not. Despite it's popularity, MLP doesn't get great ratings--- not compared to bigger networks, anyway.

Anonymous 2519925

File: 137067114710.jpg (25.81 KB, 420x363, eqg celestia.jpg)

how do you feel about the terrible equestria girls designs?

Anonymous 2519926

File: 137067114967.png (585.44 KB, 808x1017, Tiaface4.png)

Hey there...
So what's all this I'm hearing about you quitting the site for good...?

RS 2519927

File: 137067115719.png (167.14 KB, 581x1000, Libra.png)


Actually I'm a Libra.



Anonymous 2519928

Thank you for my childhood!


File: 137067117538.png (35.17 KB, 335x348, Smile.png)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, I'd just like to say what an honor this is. You helped me get back into cartooning.

Will Tara Strong be involved in Wander Over Yonder you and your husband are working on? She's been involved in all your major projects.

Anonymous 2519930

File: 137067117974.jpg (26.53 KB, 331x331, deawwiffit.jpg)

Lauren, are you aware of, and do you have an opinion on Fluffy Ponies?
It's so far removed from FiM that Hasbro couldn't touch it even if they wanted to. You could always join us in making fluffy pony art and stories.

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 2519931

File: 137067118297.jpg (61.52 KB, 600x600, 29983__safe_princess-luna_arti…)

Good evening, Miss Faust.

I do hope that you're enjoying your day, and that your visit goes okay, as well.

And thank you, for what you've done. Since I ever started watching the show, my life went from feeling hopeless and depressive, to becoming the best years of my life. The show helped me get out of my saddening moods, and now I couldn't be happier... My life has really turned around, after the many people I have met through the show.

Thank you, sincerely. I don't have any questions to ask, but I do hope you enjoy answering others.

Solen (Element of Moustaches)!ANoNYmoUZY 2519932

File: 137067118594.jpg (24.19 KB, 496x448, 131542677229.jpg)

Hey Lauren, my OC is kawaii desu right?

Itena Sparkle!zXQq4HOLLY 2519933

File: 137067118954.jpg (27.6 KB, 795x591, hugs.jpg)

Hello Mrs. Faust!

Thank you for coming! We're glad you can join us!

I have a question, how was your journey like breaking into the animation industry? I graduated from animation college, but kind of fell out of art afterward, so I'd love to hear your story.

Of course, this'll be a busy thread, so there's no worries if you can't answer. Please relax and enjoy.


File: 137067119214.jpg (24.68 KB, 450x238, avatar-034-Quinch.jpg)

Wait, Lauren did Dexter's Lab too?

Woo! Thanks for yet another awesome show of my embarrassing highschool years!

bamthand!mvD2AuezvE 2519936

File: 137067119553.png (21.52 KB, 744x550, HAHAHA, OH WOW.png)

I'll bite.

Completely arbitrary question but;

How DO you feel about the incredible amount of OCs resulting from the show, or rather, the fandom as a whole?

Especially considering how unsavoury it can be at times...

Taco Wiz!/LSOHhEm06 2519937

If Solomon Grundy no fight girls, why Solomon Grundy throw cars at them?

Anonymous 2519938

File: 137067120577.png (376.79 KB, 643x619, A smile goes for one point six…)

On a scale of one to ten, how has your evening been?

Also did you have any plans to have the cast visit strange and exciting locales? Basically having them go on adventures and stuff? Apologies if that's been asked or if it's too general or if my hat's on backwards.

Sweetie !ViaPony/vY 2519939

File: 137067120619.png (200.78 KB, 419x377, sweetie286.png)

We are crushing her under the weight of our queries!

Aquarius!rAqua6gJ4. 2519940

File: 137067120753.png (172.85 KB, 876x912, 12412.png)

Xaekai!XaEEEEEcrA 2519941


I second this question!


If you're unfamiliar, in video games do you pick the Good team or the Evil team?

!qUoTen2DnA 2519942

File: 137067121358.png (173.8 KB, 213x262, 6.png)

I just want to add one more to the great big pile of greetings you're getting. Welcome, Miss Faust!

Anonymous 2519943

Thanks for everything that you've done for our childhoods!

Geldon!t44LhZdN5A 2519944

I hope it's at least recognized as a major player on The HUB. I would not even know that network existed were it not for the work of you and your team.


File: 137067123002.png (136.23 KB, 644x444, screenshot332.png)

see me on the /moon/.

BANE 2519946

File: 137067123616.jpg (94.62 KB, 960x640, Bane-The-Dark-Knight-Rises-tom…)


Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 23:01

Anonymous 2519947

They've all already said 'hell to the fucking no'. Stop asking.

Anonymous 2519948

Audio commentary for episode(s) of MLP would be fantastic. Make it happen! We'll donate to any charity you want!

Moony!ALoveyoutM 2519949

File: 137067124504.png (110.65 KB, 352x318, everything is wonderful yay.pn…)

i do hope the thread isn't too quick for you! Ponychan is a nice and civil place, but really, we're all just so excited to see you!

A lot of this fandom looks up to you, Mrs. Faust, as a heroine of sorts. Thank you, just thank you so much for your vision and creativity in bringing us this lovely show.

i hope the show is something you are still proud of. i know that, whatever comes next from your creative mind, i'll gladly follow it.

Pill Popper!ytAquaRius 2519951

File: 137067125707.png (143.68 KB, 521x635, pill popper by jervis.png)

Just popping in to say sup Lauren,and whats up.

PONYchan(Element of Faggotry) 2519952


I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 2519953

Did you plan to ever cover more aspects of the Royal court, beyond the little bit we saw in the season one finale?

Anonymous 2519954

Lauren, you're a horrible, whiny person.

Anonymous 2519955

File: 137067127390.jpg (96.74 KB, 1024x576, that did not just happen.jpg)

And then this got posted.

Anonymous 2519956

File: 137067127725.jpg (36.41 KB, 500x503, IMG_0734.jpg)

Do you know why S3 was only 13 episodes?

I know that you had no involvement with that, but since you work in the industry i imagine that you might have an idea of why that season was shorter.

Was it syndication?

Or something else?

Java!ATW4UpF3hs 2519957

New Lunar Republic or Solar Empire?

Canis (The guilt master) 2519958

File: 137067127887.jpg (45.91 KB, 295x425, 11 yr old canis.jpg)

Hi. Nice to meet you, thanks for doing such great work on the show and even more so for supporting the fighting is magic guys.

That's all.

Peace, have a good day/night every body.

Anonymous 2519959

What's your single biggest regret about MLP?

Pegasister!MZpt022QJQ 2519960

File: 137067129145.png (48.58 KB, 179x207, 130961819647.png)


Have you been drinking tonight at all?

441!fOINzMA0KU 2519961

Well, this is awkward, since you apparently doesn't want to answer Celestia-related questions, I guess that means I really have no questions to ask.
Which may be for the better, really, I don't really have anything to say that wasn't already said, and I don't want to be an douchebag and treat you like an answer-dispensing machine.
Oh well, maybe someday.

Lightning Ruff!j4Do3kQQ3s 2519962

File: 137067129501.png (77.76 KB, 500x492, I see what you did there.png)

>popping in

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 2519963

File: 137067129485.jpg (66.48 KB, 800x700, 1352089320505.jpg)

Don't start a fight. Leave those comments to yourself.

Admiral Yang Wenli 2519965

File: 137067130590.jpg (56.21 KB, 620x350, 167057-tiberium.jpg)

Lady Gaga has evidently played C&C before... Why not Faust?

Anonymous 2519966

But she came to /mlp/ first...

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2519967

I'm so glad the show could do that for you. I really hope I get to tell stories that have that effect on people again someday.

Laurie!oC8.iHhvQI 2519968

File: 137067132015.png (198.14 KB, 750x664, 142a9687fdff488426155664ec3e09…)

Lauren...I know this is sudden and you probably get asked this a lot, but will you be my special somepony? I can be the Mistress! Or how about a kiss?

Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2519969

File: 137067132051.png (121.95 KB, 900x749, prety.png)

Mrs. Faust, did you have a good 'national donut day'?

Ron Paul (Element of Happening) !Ns56NG2jYQ 2519970

File: 137067134047.png (403.13 KB, 818x782, 1366388481224-1.png)

That may be true, but at the moment it is touch by the light of the Faust, so for this moment it's alright

Anonymous 2519971

Lauren, which of the mane 6 would win in a fight? No holds barred.

Anonymous 2519972

File: 137067134776.jpg (71.78 KB, 612x380, My-Little-Pony-Equestria-Girls…)

Was Equestria Girls in the plans when you were still working on the show?

Anonymous 2519973

Welcome to fucking ponychan


File: 137067135323.jpg (24.68 KB, 450x238, avatar-034-Quinch.jpg)

Well, that sucks. I guess quantity is a quality unto itself.


Dee Twenty(Element of Self Loathing)!Nat20kBygE 2519976

File: 137067135800.png (645.05 KB, 2000x2311, love_hurts__dude__by_drpancake…)

Greetings Lauren of Clan Faust. Dee has always wondered, was the decision for Discorded ponies to fade to grey at all inspired by your work on Cats Don't Dance?

Saikar!Grey.ey6E7 2519977

File: 137067137182.png (97.72 KB, 365x450, Greylight Considering.png)

What sort of stories do you have in mind? Anything radically different from what you've done so far?

Anonymous 2519978

Really great way not to put pressure on her, there.

Admiral Yang Wenli 2519979

File: 137067137887.png (210.97 KB, 432x398, Croppedvlcsnap-2013-01-19-14h4…)

>Linking that

BadBadPiggy!yLTeuU578Q 2519980

File: 137067138370.png (136.97 KB, 859x929, rainbow dash cheery happy exci…)

Just wanted to welcome you as well Lauren! Thank you for taking the time to visit us tonight!

For you, did you ever plan on seeing each character though to a "goal" of any sort similar to how Twilight was to become a successor to Celestia?

Bashfluff (Element of Infinite Regression)!SOuLLEsSs. 2519981

Hey, Lauren..

Silly question, because I know you've been getting so many serious ones, I suppose.

What do you do on a bad day to cheer yourself up?

Alex (Element of Lurking)!LXeFrdOzZA 2519982

File: 137067139880.png (340.69 KB, 527x586, FilmReel.png)

She hasn't answered in a while. I think we scared her off. Well, this was fun while it lasted.

BoogsterSU2 2519983

The Upfront confirmed it's July 19th.

Anonymous 2519984

File: 137067141119.jpg (701.77 KB, 1632x1224, 1370004719958.jpg)

Faust, Do you like games?

Unonemous(EW:Sunlight) 2519985

File: 137067141988.jpg (182.06 KB, 450x532, Teddy6.jpg)

Man, this place blew up, didn't it?
Not surprised at all, hehe.
I also wouldn't be surprised if Lauren's eyes were spinning in her head right now from how fast this thing is moving.

Anonymous 2519986

Well, she had to start somewhere.

And then she came here as well so there's no reason to feel angry or jealous.

Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2519987

An interview of hers I remember hearing Rarity was supposed to get a boutique in Canterlot, Rainbow Dash was supposed to be in the wonderbolts, and the CMC was suposed to get their cutie marks

Salsa!B3PyN98LNU!!WxMQEuLmt0 2519988

File: 137067142815.gif (1.82 MB, 320x240, 1370410162550.gif)

Max!DEsoTO.Ptk 2519989

File: 137067142966.png (71.8 KB, 119x270, hipstermax.png)

Miss Faust,
I enjoyed your earlier work.

If you were to do Sam & Max, how would you do it/

Sweetie !ViaPony/vY 2519991

File: 137067144499.png (34.53 KB, 550x400, AlbinoUnicornApplebloom.png)


441!fOINzMA0KU 2519992

By the way, ignore those inflamatory comments, my guess is that some idiot at /b/ decided to stage a "raid" and I dunno, make us look bad in your eyes.

Anonymous 2519993


Yep. It didn't last long, did it?

Anonymous 2519994

Oh, and quick note, this is our resident Fluttershy Incarnate.

Dulset Tarn !KelpieFM3Q 2519995

File: 137067146840.png (545.67 KB, 989x886, 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png)

I've been wondering for I don't know how long.

What does being a princess in Equestria actually mean?

Anonymous 2519996

If u could have any super power, but u can't use it to help people and for financial gain. Just for fun. What would it be

Vinyl Scratch!ilCMusicDg 2519997

File: 137067147327.png (458.26 KB, 822x972, wanna_jam__by_tim015-d5qwn7p.p…)

Ms. Faust, i apologise if this thread accelerates faster than you can respond, (we are a large fandom after all) and i also wish to apologise for the parasprites that are migrating over from the various places that they do, just to make us look bad
I hope you enjoy your stay Ms. Faust!

Salsa!B3PyN98LNU!!WxMQEuLmt0 2519998

File: 137067147372.gif (28.01 KB, 200x200, 137003117532.gif)

Zetch Aplon 2519999

File: 137067147771.png (12.71 KB, 126x91, god dammit pinkie.png)

Am I the only one who thinks it's just a parasprite and not really her...?

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520000

Anonymous 2520001

Can you please watch this video Lauren and tell me if you like it?


Anonymous 2520002

Given that the show is full of Greek mythological creatures, are Taraxippoi something you think you might have ever used?


Pegasister!MZpt022QJQ 2520003

File: 137067148831.png (47.75 KB, 145x176, 131476263655.png)

Anonymous 2520004

Hey Faust, what were your original ideas for Spike? As in, what would ultimately become?


It's fun for the entire family! Who doesn't fucking love fluffies

Anonymous 2520006

Lauren I hope you have a good weekend.

Marimo (Elements Connoisseur)!Mrb.TaRPks 2520007

She said on her Twitter she's visiting Ponychan now.

jroddie (Element of Surprise)!!H4LJAwAmWz 2520008

File: 137067151816.jpg (5.73 KB, 234x216, 137053192857.jpg)


What did you think would happen? To the show, to everything. Did you expect it to become this popular? Did you even expect the execs to take up your pitch?

Also, is Dərpy's cutie mark bubbles because Bubbles is your favorite PowerPuff Girl?

PONYchan(Element of Faggotry) 2520009



Max!DEsoTO.Ptk 2520010

File: 137067154142.jpg (55.8 KB, 500x375, 3980-SM2.jpg)

The first time she was here, I think she had a specific trip.


File: 137067154213.png (60.49 KB, 300x500, 1370505720635.png)

No, no. She's still here. We're just moving pretty darn fast.
Not as fast as /mlp/ did, but still.

Anonymous 2520012

There isn't a need to, you're doing just fine all by yourselves

Anonymous 2520013

Horsefucker for /MLP/ here. If you knew that the show would go the direction it did, would you have taken the initial job in the first place?

Donutz Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2520014

File: 137067154490.jpg (2.5 MB, 2840x1860, Glazed-Donut.jpg)

Lauren, what is your favorite kind of donut?

Appledancer, (element of an hero moderator) 2520015

File: 137067155244.png (27.9 KB, 255x200, applejack__s_big_sale_by_ratti…)


Indeed she did

Justy 2520016

Unfortunately, not what I hoped to hear. Thanks for answering.


File: 137067156009.jpg (24.68 KB, 450x238, avatar-034-Quinch.jpg)

Anonymous 2520018

Lauren, you must be sick of Q&A by now. Do you have anything you want to ask us?

Anonymous 2520019

I'm so sorry.

Solen (Element of Moustaches)!ANoNYmoUZY 2520020

File: 137067157338.png (90.99 KB, 246x332, 1223473577.png)

Hiya! How is the chan treating you? I hope you like it here :D

Anonymous 2520021

Wait u said there could be only two alicorn in the show. does this break your rules in the book

Lightning Ruff!j4Do3kQQ3s 2520022

File: 137067158265.png (34.92 KB, 335x348, Normal.png)

That or she's reading through all the posts. I've never seen a thread so fast!

Anonymous 2520023

File: 137067158451.jpg (67.73 KB, 500x491, meguca.jpg)


>Said he/she won't participate/show up in a Faust thread when she appears
>Faust thread happens
>Participates anyway

Anonymous 2520024

You sure like stirring up message boards on the internet, don't you?

Saikar!Grey.ey6E7 2520025

File: 137067158884.png (218.87 KB, 529x497, Greylight Bed Angry.png)

To be fair, it's 2 AM EST. I'm not sure why I'm even awake here.

Anonymous 2520026

awaiting reply...

kRaZy 2520027

File: 137067160601.jpg (31.37 KB, 594x317, 00010.jpg)

Hey Lauren!

How do you feel about the return of Gak?

Anonymous 2520028

Sometimes I feel kind of bad when people like yourself or even voice actors have other projects but we always ask you about only one or two different projects you've worked on. Does this ever bother you or others in the industry?

Anonymous 2520029

Mrs. Faust.
Currently on /mlp/ certain anonymous posters are creating an audiobook.
Would you perhaps listen to it when we are finished?

Dorothy !3GREEnVRKc 2520030

Forgive me for being a self-promoting douchebag but Can you answer this, Lauren? -> >>2519908

Anonymous 2520031

She posted from Twitter that she would be here

Alex (Element of Lurking)!LXeFrdOzZA 2520032

So, as a comic fan, I feel the need to ask about SBBFs. Think we may ever see more of them someday?

RS 2520033

File: 137067164028.png (171.78 KB, 705x1132, Awesome.png)


>he's eating himself out

That's a hell of a feat, there.


oh well, in any case, goodnight every body.


File: 137067164202.png (142.54 KB, 933x856, 1370469888572.png)


We're kind of spazzing out here. It's almost adorable.


Anonymous 2520036

I'm not a Pony Channer by habit, I'm mainly here because I missed your visit to 4chan, that said It is nice to have the opportunity, on a thread on 4chan there is a debate on how much of the Royal Wedding was your work vs what was changed, if you have answered this many times before I apologise, I know that the third Alicorn was definitely not in the plan, but that's about all I can see for sure given the overall strength of the episode

Anonymous 2520037


My favorite is a ponut.


File: 137067165656.png (58.05 KB, 320x187, twilight_sparkle_celetia_bow.p…)

A salute to Lauren, for not only creating such great media, but for showing so much love to her fans.

And a salute to our mods, who are going to be very busy tonight.

Salsa!B3PyN98LNU!!WxMQEuLmt0 2520039

File: 137067166385.jpg (8.28 KB, 160x160, 131898857892.jpg)

Stop talking about glazed donut holes!

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520040

File: 137067166621.png (231.52 KB, 481x407, Croppedvlcsnap-2013-01-18-17h1…)

Stop. Seriously. You do this all the time. Don't do this here.

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 2520041

File: 137067167013.jpg (11.8 KB, 294x246, Cute Neutral Smile Fluttershy.…)

...the thread certainly is a little hectic... i would love to invite you to stay and look around and post around, too, Mrs. Faust!

i know you're busy, of course, but it is our hope that you can feel at home here, perhaps, when things are a bit less hectic than this!

BANE 2520042

File: 137067166765.jpg (183.56 KB, 1065x1600, BaneTDKR.jpg)


Anonymous 2520043

Why do you dipshits keep calling her Ms. Faust when she's been married for more than a decade?

Anonymous 2520044

A bit of a personal question perhaps, but if you knew then what you know now, would you still have begin working on MLP:FiM?

Anonymous 2520045

This is really your fastest thread?

This has 260 posts. The one on /mlp/ had multiple thousands.

Ron Paul (Element of Happening) !Ns56NG2jYQ 2520046

File: 137067168732.jpg (115.45 KB, 456x445, 1352488479982.jpg)

So Lauren, when was the last time you saw an episode?

4chaner 2520047

Behave, dumbass.

I want to say that we 4channers dislike people who behaves like that and we really have been trying to behave a bit more nicely after Faust's visit.

Unfortunately there's always THAT guy among the crowd but please don't assume we are all like that.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520048

For me it meant having certain responsibilities in terms of running the country--- just like it does in real life. Not sure what it means currently.

Mr. Goldberg (Element of Jewing) 2520049

File: 137067169011.gif (12.47 KB, 501x585, 1347647268333.gif)

Anonymous 2520050

File: 137067169462.jpg (54.18 KB, 560x373, oucouldhavepreventedthis.jpg)

In reference to all the controversial things that have happened...could we have prevented this? Do we as fans have some culpability in what has become of our beloved ponies?

ShokBox!SonicOTKmM 2520051

File: 137067170040.png (433.4 KB, 745x690, Pinkie Pie Happy 33.png)

Lauren, are you currently watching any other shows in your downtime? Animated or otherwise?

Anonymous 2520052

File: 137067170077.gif (1.47 MB, 320x240, 1369323819223.gif)

Miss Faust, I'd like to know what you think about imaginary friends.
Thank you.
~Blind Folded Lumberjack

Dorothy !3GREEnVRKc 2520053

I'd just call her Lauren. Because fuck it!

441!fOINzMA0KU 2520054

Actually, yeah, this.
If we are to assault you with questions, it's nothing but fair that you get to ask anything you want as well.

Anonymous 2520056

File: 137067171817.png (189.77 KB, 308x480, 1363730892075.png)

>first question is about LPS from someone avatarfagging LPS

This is why no one likes you ponychan, now you are tired of ponies and you want to force that crappy LPS show

Solen (Element of Moustaches)!ANoNYmoUZY 2520057

File: 137067172346.png (100.28 KB, 272x310, 131725681118.png)

Kinda, but like at the same, I wish it were more calm here. I probably look pretty dumb right now.

ROY!GBIVRhtuiU 2520058

File: 137067172476.jpg (269.75 KB, 960x993, fim.jpg)

Please answer this if legally allowed to do so...

Also heya. Most us visiting nor/mlp/eople are behaving as you asked...

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 2520059

File: 137067172697.png (295.49 KB, 400x555, 1365833776676.png)

Thank you for the reply, Miss Faust. I, and many others really appreciate the things you've done.

I do hope that someday, you can tell those stories. Please do enjoy your evening. ♥

Anonymous 2520060

Dərpy's cutie mark was chosen at random. She's a background pony. That's far outside of Lauren's job -- she had nothing to do with it.

Lauren did not create Powerpuff Girls either. She did work on it partway through, but her husband created it.

Anonymous 2520061

If cost and time wasn't an issue, were there any other tools or programs you would have preferred using over Flash?

Anonymous 2520062

Hey Mama Faust,

Don't you get tired of talking about MLP all the time? What would your favorite meal consist of?

Anonymous 2520063

Where do you think we are?

Berndem Bones!TrbyBERNiE 2520064

File: 137067174164.png (96.21 KB, 709x1039, bernie smile up.png)

Hey Lauren! It's awesome to see you here!! I just wanted to say thanks for making such an amazing show! Every show you've been a part of has had such an influence on me from watching the power puff girls as a kid up till now with Ponies! As an aspiring artist I hope to one day get into the world of animation one day too! :]

Anyways I just was curious to know if your aloud to answer, which tv show company did you like working for more? Cartoon Network with the Power Puff Girls? or The Hub with Ponies. Was there big differences between the two stations?

Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2520065

File: 137067174166.png (95.27 KB, 880x907, Wait what.png)

What is a ponut

Anonymous 2520066

Have you even seen the show, bro? It's nothing like MLP.

Anonymous 2520067

God, the majority of these questions...

>Did you enjoy your national donut day?
>Can you watch this video and tell me if you like it?


File: 137067176231.png (126.27 KB, 900x629, sakata_gintoki_by_christine190…)

Huh been a while since I've been here but I'll pop on just to say hello Ms Faust.

Anonymous 2520070

Sorry to say, but given how the fandom works a visit from her will probably always result in a massive posting spree. Even if it's just hanging out.

Anonymous 2520071

If you have any doubt just go and watch her twitter


File: 137067177186.jpg (60.79 KB, 526x466, Capture8_6_2013_-8_08_38.jpg)

That, or someone hijacked her Twitter too.
{which I'm pretty sure they didn't}


Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520073

I ran the story room and broke the story with Rob and Meghan. I didn't see the final episode, so outside of the name and pony-type change for Cadence, I don't know what was altered.

Anonymous 2520074

Thank you for coming here Lauren, I'll make this post as short as possible.

How far does a Pony's life span? Does it work like humans? 1-80 years average?

Or does it work like an Equine's? 1-40 years?

<Comrade Igloo>!VQMIZUOAQI 2520075

Of course it's easier to keep up with when it can take over an hour to get a response from anyone at times. It's just painfully boring here now.
I may not be the biggest fan of /mlp/, but at least they can keep a damn thread going for an extended period of time.

Anonymous 2520076

Mr goldberg pls

Anonymous 2520077

She totally should.

Lightning Ruff!j4Do3kQQ3s 2520078

File: 137067178579.png (33.92 KB, 335x348, Laugh.png)

An up-side-down donut!

Anonymous 2520079

No wonder why you angels come over to /mlp/ with your ponyry ways crying to mods and wanting janitors to get rid of shit. Just fucking stay here.

You see this? It means not welcome

Anonymous 2520080

Lauren is not going to become a site regular.

Every move she does is criticized and scrutinized. If I were her, I wouldn't even be doing this Q&A after the fandom's reaction to the /mlp/ one.

4chaner 2520081

Stop it.

!qUoTen2DnA 2520082

File: 137067181575.jpg (12.8 KB, 184x236, Facepalm.jpg)

I just want to apologize for all this, Ms. Faust. I'm afraid you're not really seeing us at our best as a community here.

Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2520083

File: 137067182019.png (169.08 KB, 1600x1476, Are you serious___ like__ real…)

Pegasister!MZpt022QJQ 2520084

File: 137067182551.png (433.86 KB, 1000x566, 1000px-S2E03_Celestia_&#039;fr…)

Okay, for seriousness since i'm drunk.

Mrs. Faust I got past an abusive mother and a drug addiction because of MLP... I also met some of the greatest IRL friends of my life because of the show. I know it's sunken into depths a lot of us would rather not like to see because of the content of S3 and Equestria Girls and other things, but there are some real stars among the sky of this storm. I really appreciate the effort of you and the input of our broad community.

Thank you.

!FU7l8YEzUw 2520085

File: 137067183025.png (25.89 KB, 280x200, Derpy_accidentaly_the_portals1…)

It's been reduced to having wings and a horn now.

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520086

File: 137067183576.png (174.1 KB, 351x443, According_to_my_studies.png)

This so much. We should chill and let her ask US something for a change.

Rainbow23 2520087

File: 137067183896.png (146.79 KB, 500x409, 1369985582535.png)


>Dat pun
I see what you did thar

Anonymous 2520088

If you knew that the show would go the direction it did, would you have taken the initial job in the first place?

Anonymous 2520089

how come none of those horses are in the kitchen?

441!fOINzMA0KU 2520090

God fucking damn it, what the fuck is wrong with you people? Lauren Faust, the woman who is directly responsible for this whole fucking fandom is in this image board. Can you drop the childish vendetta bullshit for one day? Please?

Anonymous 2520091

File: 137067186069.png (22.57 KB, 774x330, ponydead.png)

Ponychan google trends. People still post here?


File: 137067186569.png (108.1 KB, 614x846, 1370557257292.png)

What was that about minding your manners while you're on our turf again?

Thirded. Instead of pouncing her with questions, let's have her ask us questions!

Anonymous 2520093

Doesn't help that people from other places are coming to parasprite, self-promote, etc.

Anonymous 2520094


How long does a Pony live?

Is it like an Equine's Life span? Or is it like a Humans?

PonyToast !O9Ih4pgmmU 2520095

Hi Lauren!

I'd love to be able to finally get to talk to you for an interview, about your past and current works. I'm so sorry our interview at Bronycon was interrupted by that fire.

Lightning Ruff!j4Do3kQQ3s 2520096

I think it's the word-filter

Anonymous 2520097

>not knowing about delicious mare and filly ponut

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520098

I must admit I enjoyed Cartoon Network more. They had more resources, a lot of experience behind them, and I was working at the studio directly with the crew, which was more fun than working remotely from my home office, which got lonely.

kRaZy 2520099

File: 137067188127.jpg (23.7 KB, 334x315, 00018.jpg)


Anonymous 2520100

File: 137067188780.jpg (17.15 KB, 457x337, Solomon_Grundy_(Super_Best_Fri…)

Hello, Based Faust. No question, just a sincere thank you for your creative work, and not just on MLP. I'm an Egalitarian who associates himself somewhat with MRA, and I'd like you to know that your work and the things you've endured in your work have given me respect for you as a creator as well as respect as a feminist. I really enjoy the angle you come at things from. SBFF for example has a short with Solomon Grundy which I absolutely loved.

With that I'll politely bow out. Thanks again. :)

Appledancer, (element of an hero moderator) 2520101

File: 137067188833.png (152.2 KB, 1708x1506, 1369370379598.png)


Legitimate question, ponybro

Anonymous 2520102

What do you think of Double Rainboom?

Bashfluff (Element of Infinite Regression)!SOuLLEsSs. 2520103

Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2520104


Good, never venture out of this website thank you very much. :)

Derpy Ace Reporter!.WzKAX8kPU 2520106

It's like a donut but made out of ponies, not as appetizing as it sounds, sadly.

Lightning Ruff!j4Do3kQQ3s 2520107

File: 137067193566.gif (315.42 KB, 400x226, ooooooh.gif)

Anonymous 2520108

Lauren seriously come to this guy's show


File: 137067195056.jpg (24.68 KB, 450x238, avatar-034-Quinch.jpg)

Hmm, good question. Force of habit, in my case.

Or maybe we just can't handle the fact that some other man has already snagged her.

Wait, did that sound creepy?

Anonymous 2520110

File: 137067196053.gif (1.01 MB, 256x256, 1369335651743.gif)

LAUREN! My question must be answered!
I seek your opinion on imaginary friends!
They are the path to my friendship and magic!

Anonymous 2520111

A name change for Cadence? Any chance you could share her original name?

Alex (Element of Lurking)!LXeFrdOzZA 2520112

File: 137067197894.png (414.21 KB, 530x643, AlleyWaySurpriced.png)

Guess that means I was wrong about the whole "you being on board with Twilight having a princess foalsitter pre-cutie mark" ... or was I?

Dulset Tarn !KelpieFM3Q 2520113

File: 137067197880.png (397.91 KB, 786x732, 3_ Dulset Tarn 3.png)

Alright, makes sense. So not necessarily such vital things as being responsible for day and night?

Anonymous 2520114

Please dont hate us :/

Anonymous 2520115

File: 137067198511.png (95.36 KB, 632x575, dont go to sleep.png)

Lauren, do you have any questions for us?

Sweetie !ViaPony/vY 2520116

File: 137067199378.png (76.5 KB, 329x288, sweetie165.png)

Mrs. Faust, can I ask a question? We've seen shoots of Twilight gaining a male companion in EG, and many of the ponies have human counterparts. Do you feel introducing this male character into Season 4 would allow the show to explore new areas, or hurt the overall tone of the show?

Anonymous 2520117

File: 137067199528.jpg (158.71 KB, 1020x1020, 1358612326373.jpg)

>this thread

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 2520118

File: 137067199880.png (110.65 KB, 352x318, everything is wonderful yay.pn…)

i do hope you will not let some of the more negative voices in the thread get you down, ma'am. The thread is getting just ever so much traffic tonight, and a great deal of the users tonight are coming from all over the pony fandom.

If there's anything the staff can do to accommodate you, just let us know!

Rainbow Crash!HellionPms 2520119

File: 137067199916.png (416.36 KB, 900x736, 1356675688340.png)

Not everyone flocks to other shit that's shoveled onto the HUB. I think it's terrible.

Anyways, welcome to ponychan, Lauren. Hope it doesn't get too bad here for ya. Do you still have that one giant poster you received at Bronycon last year? How difficult was it to take back?

Saikar!Grey.ey6E7 2520120

File: 137067200269.jpg (26.23 KB, 600x428, Greylight Letter 1.jpg)

Lauren, I loved the letters to Celestia, especially when they became a major plot point of the second season's opening in restoring Twilight's faith in her friends using her own words. Were you guys directed to include the letters by the network? Why were they eventually phased out as season 2 went on?

Anonymous 2520121

Anonymous 2520122

There's a lot of people on /mlp/ and it's connected to /b/, so it's not too far fetched to think that there's a few rouge posters from /mlp/ and a bunch of parasprites from /b/ coming here.

Anonymous 2520123

Ah, nice too see you lauren. Have you heard about whats going on in the other board, /mlp/?

Anonymous 2520124

!FU7l8YEzUw 2520126

File: 137067201993.gif (669.47 KB, 360x400, 1356515379211.gif)

Question. Did you have any plans for Scootaloo? I just have a little hunch telling me you would have taken her somewhere.

4chaner 2520127

File: 137067202617.png (120.85 KB, 900x1224, doctor_whooves_vector_by_hombr…)

And NightmareMoon's goon platoon upon the moon.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520128

I don't think so.

Lightning Ruff!j4Do3kQQ3s 2520129

File: 137067204007.jpg (54.71 KB, 600x594, apple bloom awesome post.jpg)

That would be interesting to know!

Terrador (Element of Awkward Timing)!C2QAlecSAM 2520130

Mrs. Faust, a question. Are there any elements of the show, that you, personally planned on treating as Watterson's noodle incident: that is, purposely not cover it, to let the audience's imagination roam free?

Also a 4channer 2520131

I can see that, part of the experience is having a team you trust and know by face and name

Anonymous 2520132

So wait, what was her original name?

And the name was really changed to the Hasbro CEO's daughter? That's not just a rumor?

Anonymous 2520133

You can start by properly capitalizing your sentences.

Anonymous 2520134

How about we stop horseing out random websites? Jesus Christ you people.

Anonymous 2520135

Looking back at FiM are there any big changes you would make to the art style or universe from when you were working on it?

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520136

File: 137067207199.png (220.81 KB, 454x464, Powerpoint.png)

Now there's a good question!

Anonymous 2520138

I post in both /mlp/ and ponychan regularly. I think there's more crossover than the two sides want to admit.



it was a one time joke.

Why? Why has it reached so far...


File: 137067207919.png (130.86 KB, 297x315, pinkie just dive on in.png)

Oh jeez, heh. I hope Lauren took a deep breath before she jumped in here~

I'll just watch for now. So so many questions and stuff. It's tough being so gosh darn amazing :P

Clementine!g8lOrangeg 2520141

File: 137067208594.png (37.06 KB, 601x521, Well hi there.png)

Mrs. Faust, With the Cartoon network comment in mind, what do you think of the Other Fan created "episodes" (ex Snowdrop)? and if you had the choice, would you redo the show with another channel (Ex: Cartoon Network)?

Dee Twenty(Element of Self Loathing)!Nat20kBygE 2520142

File: 137067208681.png (114.59 KB, 1050x670, bonbon__s_bon_bons_by_jaelacha…)


Dee is okay with this idea. Be afraid of the horrors that lurk in the minds of /arch/, Lauren. Especially Bollox's.

Anonymous 2520143

If you could have written another Applejack episode, what would it look like? I feel she's so underrepresented and we rarely get real insights into her inner life.

Anonymous 2520144

The only reason this Q&A is even happening is because of the internet's childish vendetta against Lauren being allowed to post where she wants to like a grown flank woman.

Bashfluff (Element of Infinite Regression)!SOuLLEsSs. 2520145

Lauren, if you had the ability to make one decision, doing whatever you wanted for the show, what would you do?

Anonymous 2520146

Lauren, in some of the more recent big events, Twilight's been getting a lot of focus compared to the other 5. Would she have been at the center of the big events in your original plans?

Anonymous 2520147

I actually want to find out about this myself. was there any ideas for a scootaloo ep where her flight is adressed or anything of the sort?

Anonymous 2520148

Hey Lauren! Just wanted to say hi.

No, seriously, that's it, I don't think I have any meaningful questions.

So, er, hi!

kRaZy 2520149

File: 137067210975.png (185.88 KB, 594x317, gak is back.png)

Thank you

Anonymous 2520150

File: 137067211648.png (905.63 KB, 850x760, 524407_364394420345610_1546230…)

What type of pony was cadence then


File: 137067212313.png (220.21 KB, 1249x1442, 1370470204273.png)

Dude, too far.

I should mention that saging isn't going to do anything since this thread is sticked. The more you know~

Thirded! Again.

> Antagonizing a moderator
This is Nazichan, brah.

I'd be more concerned by us /oat/ers, honestly.

Caterpillars!xTB7/9vPRE 2520152

File: 137067213658.png (2.87 MB, 1188x632, 134050729249.png)

Dear Sir or Madam,
Why is Scootaloo your favorite pone?


RS 2520153


Refer to >>2519926

I had a question about the inclusion of various mythological creatures that appear in the show, Mrs. Faust, did you have any plans for more including creatures from different cultures of the world, were there and could there be more of them in the future, and could we possibly see more in the future?

Also did you come up with the idea of Tartarus existing in the Ponyverse?


File: 137067213917.jpg (24.68 KB, 450x238, avatar-034-Quinch.jpg)

> theory time

> Lauren posts that she may or may not stick around Ponychan anonymously

> everyone starts to freak out at every new arrival in case they turn out to be Lauren


Anonymous 2520155

Not really. /mlp/ has way more traffic than this site.

Ron Paul (Element of Happening) !Ns56NG2jYQ 2520156

File: 137067215436.jpg (48.92 KB, 600x485, 184886_288706144582601_3588633…)

Geldon!t44LhZdN5A 2520158

File: 137067216173.gif (436.9 KB, 1276x948, Walk Cycle.gif)

If I had to ask a question that's nearest and dearest to my heart, I would want to know:

Would a creator prefer we discuss their show with consideration towards how it was probably intended in the greater context of being a show?

This is as opposed to discussing the show with any interpretation that is not explicitly forbidden by happenings on the show.

Anonymous 2520159

File: 137067216531.png (623.73 KB, 800x800, you could have prevented this.…)

Thanks for answering my question.
Here's another image of the doomfaust meme.

Anonymous 2520160

Stop putting words in her mouth and asking loaded questions. She has nothing to do with Equestria Girls. She also would never throw her colleges under the bus without watching the film in question.

Anonymous 2520161

im lost. halp.

Anonymous 2520162

File: 137067217257.png (950.81 KB, 4119x5000, sunset_satan.png)

Hello Lauren.

How do you feel about the design of the new main villain?

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520163

File: 137067218772.png (479.28 KB, 533x725, K-aid.png)

Unicorn. It was confirmed almost as soon as the episode was released.

Anonymous 2520164

Are you going to turn Fighting is Magic into its own franchise? Maybe make a web toon based on it?

Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2520165

File: 137067220802.png (275.15 KB, 500x539, us budget for donuts.png)


What is your opinion on the US Defense budget in case of spending it on donuts?

In honor of National Donut Day of course

Just a silly question 2520166

Lauren, i know you might''ve got these question a lot, but...what are your thoughts on Snowdrop and Double Rainboom? And how did you met (and fell in love with) Craig)
Best regards to both of you

Anonymous 2520167

Toasting in epic bread

Anonymous 2520168

loaded questions don't really matter when she can pick and choose her own!

Anonymous 2520169

Moony seems to nice to ban for that.

Weirdly, I remember that he always used proper capitalization when I used to come here. . .

BANE 2520170

File: 137067222464.jpg (5.35 MB, 4291x3216, tom-hardy-christian-bale-the-d…)



File: 137067223164.jpg (24.68 KB, 450x238, avatar-034-Quinch.jpg)

It was answered in an earlier post - short of it is, it wasn't set in stone, thus no answer available.

Also a 4channer 2520172

clearly not her, the face is all wrong, get that shit out of her and show the woman some more respect

daflyinskwirl 2520173

no question, just sending love to Lauren!
looking forward to any future projects!

Anonymous 2520174

File: 137067224559.png (315.57 KB, 2195x3011, pinkin-treebark-vector-1.png)

Hi, Lauren.

What do you think of the people who want to turn your episode idea about the pony raised by deer into an actual fan episode?

ROY!GBIVRhtuiU 2520175

File: 137067224768.png (396.73 KB, 986x716, 324028__UNOPT__safe_image-macr…)


Anonymous 2520176

goddamit ponychan just stop

Anonymous 2520177

File: 137067225609.jpg (40.09 KB, 500x435, mlfw1615-tumblr_lo0f6j44wa1qbu…)

Then why make it harder on her. I'm here from /mlp/ just to watch. Leave Ponychan alone and act like an adult. You're shitting up the place and making our entire board look like morons all at the same time.

Anonymous 2520178

File: 137067225915.png (334.85 KB, 1280x720, seen some shit.png)

Salsa!B3PyN98LNU!!WxMQEuLmt0 2520179

File: 137067226338.jpg (22.05 KB, 400x300, 1326086741112.jpg)

Pill Popper!ytAquaRius 2520180

File: 137067226408.png (65.66 KB, 337x315, IMG_24112012_200029.png)

Lauren have you ever heard of Max Gilardi,and the pony.mov series?

Anonymous 2520181

How is asking about Double Rainboom going too far?

Alex (Element of Lurking)!LXeFrdOzZA 2520182

File: 137067228368.png (437.45 KB, 738x669, GildaAwkwardSmile.png)

Sure are a lot of parasprites here today

Anonymous 2520183

What's the best question you've ever been asked?

Ryan 2520184

File: 137067228681.jpg (46.5 KB, 550x550, 1344752545694.jpg)


>Asking about Equestria Girls


Rainbow23 2520185

File: 137067228784.jpg (22.43 KB, 489x561, 253331_531590340239267_2021284…)

I think shes gone guys... ;_;

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520186

When developing the show, I was asked to have some sort of defining "friendship device" in each show. Someone initially suggested some sort of "move," which I thought was kind of terrible. One of the execs and I worked out the Mork and Mindy style letter at the end to define the friendship lesson. I think it worked out well. By Season 2, the Hub said we didn't have to keep doing them, but I liked them and kept them up in Season 2 (did they ever stop them?) They just became so definitive of the show to me, it felt weird to let them go. I think I would've kept them going indefinitely.

Pill Popper!ytAquaRius 2520187

and i miss linked.

Berndem Bones!TrbyBERNiE 2520188

File: 137067229561.png (165.32 KB, 912x1193, bernie Happy Jump.png)

Thanks for the response Lauren! Much love!

Also I heard Power Puff Girls might be making a come back. Will you be a part of it again?

FinalDraft!iO2WczwrpU 2520189

Salutation my good man

Lightning Ruff!j4Do3kQQ3s 2520190

File: 137067230342.png (35.33 KB, 335x348, shock.png)

Whoa, whoa, whoa... You just blew my mind with the most epic idea!

Sweetie !ViaPony/vY 2520191

File: 137067230745.png (227.26 KB, 672x692, sweetie79.png)

I was just wondering what she thought of the direction... Don't get angry.

Appledancer, (element of an hero moderator) 2520192

File: 137067230887.png (202.42 KB, 900x1233, applejack_legs_crossed_vector_…)


This is the San Francisco of pony fandom, wheras /mlp/ is more like the Texas of the fandom


4chaner 2520193

Ok, I have a question for Faust on behalf of /mlp/

Did you ever made any sketch or character concept of A.J, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's parents, or they were just meant to stay offscreen?

We often ponder what could have been in contrast of what actually happened.

Anonymous 2520194

It's been hijacked, it's better just to forget about it

FinalDraft!iO2WczwrpU 2520195

File: 137067231968.jpg (18.89 KB, 250x250, Profile Pic Beard.jpg)

It's my pic ;)

Anonymous 2520196

Hey Lauren, I remember you saying the original plan was for Pinkie to be a Pegasus and Fluttershy to be an Earth Pony. Were there any other similar changes that were planned or canned?

Anonymous 2520197

Could you elaborate on the special destinies you had planned for each of the Mane Six? Was it related to their individual careers, or more of a grand ascensions sort of deal like with Twilight?

Anonymous 2520198



File: 137067232682.gif (426.51 KB, 500x283, tumblr_lj735n0Olp1qd8euvo1_500…)

Huh...I thought she was a pegasus....go figure

Rainbow Crash!HellionPms 2520200

File: 137067233350.png (189.63 KB, 402x472, 1368186740739.png)

That's just Andrew, he's a huge fucking pony. We have like, 10 people yelling at him right now.

Anonymous 2520201

Lauren, you ruined /mlp/. Since your visit the mods all got off their lazy flankes and now its no fun allowed. It sucks!!!!!

Anonymous 2520202

I recall reading that you would be interested in doing a series about the past of Luna and Celestia.

Is there anything we can do to help you make that a reality?

Anonymous 2520203

Now THIS is a good question, I'd like to see what she thinks they should look like

Anonymous 2520204


We ruined it!

Anonymous 2520205

Some episodes have them and some don't

Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2520206

File: 137067236854.png (86.44 KB, 894x894, hur hur hur.png)

I'm not listening to any of you~!!

Anonymous 2520207

>implying ponychan isn't a deserted wasteland

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520208

File: 137067238639.png (154.19 KB, 416x442, Deskwork.png)

No, they never stopped them. There have been episodes without a letter, but they are few and far between.

Bashfluff (Element of Infinite Regression)!SOuLLEsSs. 2520209


They did stop using them as frequently.. I don't know why.


>Mork and Mindy

I hope you don't mind me dorking out. I LOVE that show!

Anonymous 2520210

What were some problems that arose throughout your work on MLP? I'm just curious as to what obstacles the crew had to hurdle over during production, and how it affected the end product.

Anonymous 2520211

File: 137067242080.png (425.81 KB, 1241x755, not those times.png)

This is how I feel about Season 1 and everything up til the Royal Wedding.

Marimo (Elements Connoisseur)!Mrb.TaRPks 2520212

More often, the morals tend to be just explained at the end without the use of the letter, similar to Hearts and Hooves Day.

Anonymous 2520213

Mrs. Faust, I'm going through a transitory period right now. I'm 17 and a half and I don't know how to draw, or at least, not any better than a fourth grader. I've always wanted to work in animation, but I've been afraid to even try due to a fear of failure. Instead of legitimate practice, my drawing has been limited to doodling on my homework.

I'm going to be an adult in six months and I've been afraid to even try to be the person I've always wanted to be. Rather than making comic books (or developing the skills necessary to do so), I've been writing plays and short-form scripts. They've been well-received by my peers, but that's not really what I want to do. I prefer visual storytelling.

About a week ago I started trying to create legitimate artwork. I've been copying down characters I like (Twilight Sparkle, Spongebob, Bugs Bunny, etc.) as closely as possible. Apparently my version of Spongebob is pretty close to the real thing (again, according to my peers, I don't nearly have the confidence to say something like that about myself).

Even if I somehow become a decent artist, it'll take a few years. If I'm ever (and that's a big if) good enough to get into a school like CalArts, I'll be in my 30s. I don't even know if they'd be willing to accept someone who took that long to take initiative and actually draw things.

I told my family about it yesterday. My older sister laughed at me and said that it's far too late in my life to try to learn a new skill, let alone a new trade. My mom's supportive, but my sister's words are echoing the things I've been telling myself since I was twelve, when I decided to compensate for my perceived artistic inadequacies by writing.

Sorry, I'm probably filling this up with too much unnecessary drama. I just want to know if you think there's time left.

inb4 you don't have time to really answer this, which is understandable, especially considering how fast the thread is going


File: 137067242517.png (49.96 KB, 202x350, Hiding in plain colors.png)

Is it true that you're a member of an ancient league of assassins trying to stop an ancient evil and fighting an alliance of Templars and Freemasons?

He's a little bit stressed at the moment.

/b/ is oddly active.

> Implying she's not the joker.


It's not her fault, it was Scruffy's fault.

I am curious.

NOT FROM 4CHAN Anonymous 2520215

File: 137067242802.jpg (137.74 KB, 850x1150, Milky_pose_3_by_fyre_flye.jpg)

What is the episode format for Wander Over Yonder? Is is 3 segment, 2 segments, and are they tied to each other or separate stories. If that is the cause, do by chance get to include one of your own cartoon shorts possibly galaxy Girls kind of segment?

Pyro Spark 2520216

File: 137067243065.jpg (91.81 KB, 800x750, 0021-132642141853.jpg)

Heya, Lauren. I must ask what originally got you into animating? I've been drawing since I can remember and I've always thought that animating would be a cool career to get into.

Ponies is a great show btw.

Anonymous 2520217

can you share with us the original name for Cadance?

sage 2520218

You can't be serious

kRaZy 2520219

File: 137067243808.jpg (8.27 KB, 235x250, le cat face.jpg)


sincerely /s4s/

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520220

Well she is now a former pegasus because of the Crystal Heart Spell semi-canon story book.

BANE 2520221

File: 137067244094.jpg (49.36 KB, 470x706, Bane_TDKR3.jpg)


ShokBox!SonicOTKmM 2520222

File: 137067243306.png (538.33 KB, 2100x2100, Pinkie Pie Just a Little Snack…)


For the most part, yes.

Season 3 only had two episodes with letters at the end.

Anonymous 2520223

The letters have tapered off, but they're still doing them occasionally.

Also a 4channer 2520224

Oh right you still use those terms here....

Saikar!Grey.ey6E7 2520225

File: 137067244622.png (186.89 KB, 533x800, Greylight Brighteyes.png)

> did they ever stop them?
They did. Several of the later season 2 episodes didn't have them at all, and they were not at all present in season 3.

>They just became so definitive of the show to me, it felt weird to let them go. I think I would've kept them going indefinitely.
I very much agree. "Dear Princess Celestia" was a quintessential line in the episode roundup, and the morals were heartwarming without being cheesy. I thought it was one of the things the show did extremely well and it hurt a bit to see them be removed.

Thank you very much for the reply. Big fan.

Anonymous 2520226

Is this for that other /mlp/ episode?

Anonymous 2520227

You're not swimming in blood money, FAKE

Anonymous 2520228

So like, southern California. Close enough.

Rainbow Crash!HellionPms 2520229

File: 137067246588.jpg (103 KB, 469x746, 134367702718.jpg)

Menthol 2520230


Moony!ALoveyoutM 2520231

File: 137067246857.jpg (167.4 KB, 1024x640, a day in heaven.jpg)

Those letters really did help to make the show feel special, to me. Really, they were all great lessons! My younger sisters simply adore the letters to the princess.


File: 137067247823.png (182.69 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lj6805411R1qhypnco1_r1_…)

this is an interesting one

Anonymous 2520233

I'm not sure there were any in season three. Or if there were, they were so completely forgettable they've vanished from memory.

Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2520234

File: 137067248405.png (216.24 KB, 898x889, phooey___.png)

Lightning Ruff!j4Do3kQQ3s 2520235

File: 137067248714.png (34.91 KB, 335x348, Neutral.png)

I'll admit, the friendship aspect was part of what repelled me away initially. I'm glad the show is less concerned about friendship lessons now.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 23:21

Anonymous 2520236

They are slowing them down a lot there were only two in season 3 13episodes

Anonymous 2520237


Being that nice all the time, man. I'm surprised he's still alive.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520238

Yes, I was planning/hoping for more creatures and more cultures---- I wanted Viking Caribou!!!!! I'm not entirely sure who came up with Tartarus in the story meeting room, but I do think it was me. Seems like my kind of gag.

Anonymous 2520239

File: 137067250405.jpg (52.64 KB, 792x792, onwydadead.jpg)

I've spotted another fluffy pony.

Lauren, if you secretly love fluffy ponies, but can't admit it, strategically ignore this post, and we'll take it as a "yes."

Anonymous 2520240

File: 137067251327.png (193.81 KB, 397x421, Seems like a good idea to me.p…)


They're still there, mostly. Some episodes don't have 'em, but that's usually because of things like Celestia being present at the end of the episode and stuff.

Xaekai!XaEEEEEcrA 2520241

Can you tell us if you had any plans on expanding the lore and history of Equestria, and what they were? Specifically was the life and accomplishments of Starswirl ever going to be touched upon?

In YOUR version of Equestria, had there ever been any wars?

BANE 2520242


Anonymous 2520243

File: 137067254428.png (653.7 KB, 1000x1113, maredofailsmall_by_zutheskunk-…)

I noticed that all of the episodes written by Merriwether Williams revolve around characters acting like jerks.

Was that completely up to the writer?

Or some writers are assigned to write specific themes?

If Merriwether wasn't told to write episodes like that, did you notice that tendency in her writing?

Anonymous 2520244

Who doesn't love Fluffy Ponies?

Anonymous 2520245

>(did they ever stop them?)
No, they still appear, but not in every episode.

Rainbow23 2520246

File: 137067255543.jpg (145.39 KB, 438x480, 1370324891934.jpg)

Dulset Tarn !KelpieFM3Q 2520247

File: 137067256094.png (140.63 KB, 900x900, Dulset FAIC.png)

It's About Time is best episode evar

Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2520248

File: 137067256335.png (30.11 KB, 578x491, w0t m8.png)

Anonymous 2520249

File: 137067256620.png (104.99 KB, 304x304, delight.png)

Lauren, question unrelated to the show, do you prefer Tupac or Biggie Smalls?

Elicoor13!TWIjJoyces 2520250

Damn, I missed #Based Faust...

And here I wanted to see if my head canon about another Alicorn being a golem or something was legit...

Anonymous 2520251

ponychan stop being autistic and ask some real fucking question


File: 137067256714.jpg (24.68 KB, 450x238, avatar-034-Quinch.jpg)

And the very next post -

Lauren Delivers!!

> but you still pay for shipping

> no pun regretted

Yeah, they did. Kind of - there's a letter at the end of some episodes, but not all. It's apparently treated as an optional sort of thing, and it's pretty much up in the air, I assume, following the Twilicornication deal.

Oh god this!

> is desperate for some royal history. Luna and Celestia are bursting with potential

Moony!ALoveyoutM 2520253

File: 137067256654.jpg (36.2 KB, 624x774, shocked fluttershy 2.jpg)

Viking. Caribou.

Viking Caribou. That is amazing.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 23:24

Fluttershutter!vBKzsttvbU 2520254

File: 137067256758.jpg (19.39 KB, 576x363, HNI_0088_JPG.jpg)

Mostly, yeah. I'd say for the third season only about 20% of the episodes had one.


File: 137067256854.jpg (47.53 KB, 500x606, 377.jpg)

Frankly, so am I.

Is Soylent Green really people, or is that just a silly rumor?

Also a 4channer 2520256

they didn't stop them but they are more sporadic, heck the CMC got one in collectively. You haven't been watching season 3? I suppose it's understandable in a way

Anonymous 2520257

What would you find to be a higher priority for FiM at this point? Exterior development in the form of world building and introducing new characters to the show's universe, or interior development of the main six and already existing secondary character's personalities?

Ron Paul (Element of Happening) !Ns56NG2jYQ 2520258

File: 137067259161.png (200.17 KB, 341x410, 1366243837388.png)

So Lauren, what do you say to the rumors that Hasbro stole your Galaxy Girls concept and turned it into Equestria Girls?

Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2520259

File: 137067259221.png (72.3 KB, 802x995, wtf_by_djthomasgaucher-d5a7km4…)

I've already been over this with you

It is not

Anonymous 2520260

So what was to become of Spike in you're head.
What would he have accomplished?


File: 137067259628.png (85.92 KB, 350x378, No, wait-!.png)

Give her some time to respond, guys!

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520262

That's actually untrue. Your count is rather off. But yeah, they are tapering off.

Lightning Ruff!j4Do3kQQ3s 2520263

File: 137067259981.png (35.33 KB, 335x348, shock.png)

>Viking Caribou

Dude, just when I thought you couldn't out-epic yourself! Viking Caribou? That's GOTTA happen!

Bashfluff (Element of Infinite Regression)!SOuLLEsSs. 2520264

>I wanted Viking Caribou!!!!

That is fucking awesome.

Anonymous 2520265

>Viking caribou


Anonymous 2520266

File: 137067262494.jpg (24.57 KB, 500x361, 1362866459791.jpg)


File: 137067262917.png (232.64 KB, 500x353, tumblr_lhcetxxBXR1qhypnco1_500…)

Nice to see you again Moony
Well that was unexpected

Mister Twister 2520268

File: 137067263321.jpg (92.19 KB, 800x571, you make Dash happy.jpg)

Wow... Lauren... here... I think I just reached inner peace.

Miss Faust, you had a DA gallery for some time now, but it hasn't been updated for months. You seem like the drawing type; surely, you must have piles of doodles here and there. What is stopping you from uploading a picture a week or so? Doesn't have to be equine in nature; I just want to see your art.

P.S. I was the guy at Bronycon 2012, who told you that you're awesome. No, not that guy, the other one.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 23:28

Anonymous 2520269

Lauren, have you seen any of the fanimations for the show?

How do you feel that two of the episode ideas that never made it to air may be created by the work of fans?

Discord!7OrderIi3E 2520270

File: 137067263975.png (424.65 KB, 720x720, Woah.png)

Well look at that. She's actually here.

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520271

File: 137067264089.jpg (148.94 KB, 522x520, FuckYourFanon.jpg)


4chaner 2520272

Tartarus was an idea with incredible potential for lore and future storylines indeed.
Hopefully the current team would decide to use it someday.

Anonymous 2520273

Stop it you idiots

Justy 2520274

They still occur but not all the time .

Pill Popper!ytAquaRius 2520275

File: 137067265563.png (122.4 KB, 314x399, slothpopper.png)

Lauren have you ever heard of Max Gilardi,and the pony.mov series? If so what are you thoughts on it?

Anonymous 2520276

Lauren, quick question.
Common fanon has deer being a sort of Celt type of society, with Rams being some sort of viking. Would you say those would have been good fits for them, or would you put your own spin on it?

Dee Twenty(Element of Self Loathing)!Nat20kBygE 2520277

File: 137067266055.png (162.68 KB, 900x963, Excited Lyra.png)


>Viking Caribou.

Drawponies! To arms!

Rainbow23 2520278

File: 137067266398.png (251.42 KB, 749x557, 1370290391583.png)

ShokBox!SonicOTKmM 2520279

File: 137067267029.jpg (162.46 KB, 960x854, Pinkie Pie Happy 4.jpg)


>Viking Caribou

...that is awesome...

Alex (Element of Lurking)!LXeFrdOzZA 2520280

File: 137067267140.jpg (50.96 KB, 475x475, WeHaveWitnessedWhatThouHastPer…)

... I never knew how much I wanted to see Viking Caribou until this very moment.


File: 137067267149.png (60.49 KB, 300x500, 1370505720635.png)

> Viking Caribou
Hail to the chief.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 2520282

File: 137067267359.jpg (65.3 KB, 462x310, ss (2013-06-06 at 10_59_29).jp…)

>Viking Caribou

Seriously, if that was in the show, I'd actually be willing to get back into it.

Anonymous 2520283

Viking Caribou. Fan artists, you know what must be done! Arm your pens, ready your deviantart accounts, and sally forth!


File: 137067267399.png (523.79 KB, 724x683, 133815688909.png)

>Viking Caribou
Come tomorrow, this will have a thousand hits on deviantArt.

Anonymous 2520285

File: 137067268073.jpg (21.93 KB, 320x240, 320x240.jpg)

Hi Lauren, I missed you when you were on /mlp/ and had a question that's been on my mind ever since season 2.

Did you have any characters you wanted to introduce and the voices behind them ala DeLancie and Discord? Perhaps Starswirl the Bearded as another Star Trek alumni?


Did I miss the thread?

Anonymous 2520287


I can guess what one of the non-pony Fighting is Magic characters will turn out to be...

Anonymous 2520288

File: 137067269977.jpg (81.56 KB, 602x468, comiccover.jpg)

Ha, thats funny because Mork and Mindy sometimes airs on The HUB. Gotta love Robin Williams.

Anyway, it seemed to be done less in Season 2 and 3. I guess its somewhat difficult to always have something to write, in addition to it taking up what little time there is to air.

Anonymous 2520289

Hey Lauren, hope you're enjoying seeing /mlp/'s true colors. Oh they're nice when you're face-to-face but when your back is turned they're throwing spitballs at the other students.

They just couldn't help themselves that you visited Ponychan so they're posting inappropriate pictures and asking inappropriate questions in this thread.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 2520290

I'm totally not Lauren, but I do want to point out that it is never too late to learn a new skill; your sister is in error. You still have sixty years' expectancy, and that may start climbing faster than it declines with advances in medicine. The only limiting factors are persistence and luck; you may not be able to do it for a living, but in that instance, you can still create something for the amusement of yourself and a small fanbase instead.

Anonymous 2520291

File: 137067271763.jpg (161.78 KB, 871x864, Dave-Grohl-1x1-Promo-Pic.jpg)

I feel like I missed a lot of shit.
Which, really, is a good thing. This board was getting to my head.
Care to elaborate on what happened to him? I know this isn't the thread, but whatever, we're spoiled.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520292

I did want AJ's parents to have passed away, but I never defined it (when I was running it) because I didn't think they would allow it. I was holding out to see if those restrictions would change. I had hoped to make RD's mom G1 Firefly. I never did sketch any of the parents, and only had vague ideas of who they were or what they did. For details like that I would usually wait until a story warranted a definition, then define it according to the needs of the story. Rarity's parents, for example, where never planned until we needed then for the episode. Neither were Pinkie Pie's

Also a 4channer 2520293

>Viking Caribou
I really hope that was in the production notes and that someone implements that now

Anonymous 2520294

you're a retard, thats you're own posters trying to make us look bad

Lightning Ruff!j4Do3kQQ3s 2520295

File: 137067275294.gif (412.73 KB, 415x186, MIND_BLOWN.gif)

Anonymous 2520296

File: 137067277536.png (218.41 KB, 600x600, FOR THE HORDE!.png)


It must be done!

441!fOINzMA0KU 2520297

It's not /mlp/, I've checked their thread on /mlp/ and most of them seem to be fuming at the possibility of a raid.
I guess even bad men love their mamas.

Anonymous 2520298

Mrs. Faust, given that humans have been in the mlp universe before, did you at any point and time considered adding them?


File: 137067277997.png (117.97 KB, 817x700, 1121.png)


No, no! It's just getting incomprehensible! You're just in time!

Sorry, my code prevents me from discussing it further...

Anonymous 2520300

I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over your clopping and AiE threads, can you turn those down?

Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2520301

File: 137067279340.gif (11.66 KB, 280x271, wrestling1.gif)

So Lauren

Are you a fan of wrestling in any way?


Don't know if Lauren is still around, and if she is, if she'll read this:

I'm really inspired by you, ever since I was a little girl I grew up with so many of the shows you helped create or were even a part of and I'd like to thank you for bringing so many characters to life, you and your husband have done so many wonders..
I am touched by your ability to create characters that stick with me from childhood until now, and I applaud your excellence <3

Anonymous 2520303

File: 137067279443.png (667.92 KB, 1000x1045, what has happened to my creati…)

Lauren if you don't want this to be a Q&A you're welcome to ask us questions or just chit chat about another topic. We'll respond to whatever you talk about.

Anonymous 2520304

Eat shit. Most of the people doing that shit are either underageb& or not even from /mlp/.

Don't judge all of us based on one or two retards.


>Viking Caribou
This is what I told those people at Do or Deer they should do.

But noooooo they said, that's siiiilly they said...

Marimo (Elements Connoisseur)!Mrb.TaRPks 2520307

File: 137067281350.png (67.85 KB, 193x190, 214321350.png)

And then the internet was swarmed with thousands of pictures of viking caribou and magical talking ponies.

Anyway, is there anything you'd like to ask us for a change?

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520308

I never, ever, ever assume I can cast a celebrity. Many don't want to slum in cartoons unless it's for a place like Disney, and even then it can be a long shot. Getting John was a shocker to me.

Anonymous 2520309


Hi Lauren! I don't really have anything to ask, but thanks for making the show! It's been really cool for a lot of people, and that's a rare thing.

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520310

It's both, really. We have some pretty bad people on here, but there are also a lot of people from MLPchan and /mlp/ coming over here. /mlp/ is hardly a homogeneous mass.

Anonymous 2520312

File: 137067286208.png (539.44 KB, 1280x720, Twilight&#039;s_parents_S03E13…)

G1 parents, you say?

Bashfluff (Element of Infinite Regression)!SOuLLEsSs. 2520313


Did you ever design any other characters that reminded you of a celebrity or use one as inspiration?

NOT FROM 4CHAN Anonymous 2520314

File: 137067286814.jpg (120.93 KB, 600x1150, Milky_pose_4_by_fyre_flye.jpg)

What is the episode format for Wander Over Yonder? Is it a 3 segment, 2 segment show, and are they tied to each other or separate stories. If that is the cause, do by chance get to include one of your own cartoon shorts possibly Galaxy Girls kind of segment?

Anonymous 2520315

File: 137067287349.jpg (16.15 KB, 302x366, 1362712331794.jpg)


>viking caribou

Whoa, I and I'm sure loads of other people would have loved that.

Any other animals/races you would have liked to introduced? I know you've already mentioned wanting to do a deer episode before.

Saikar!Grey.ey6E7 2520316

File: 137067287568.png (289.83 KB, 1000x1000, 8847 - artist-madmax filly Mrs…)

Was it your idea to have Twilight's mom me G1 Twilight? Because that was amazing.

Salsa!B3PyN98LNU!!WxMQEuLmt0 2520317

File: 137067287506.jpg (28.58 KB, 292x397, 1368418995798.jpg)

Stop it.

Baggie Pack 2520318

File: 137067288195.png (611.66 KB, 900x1002, mlp_fim__baggie_pack_by_ouyrof…)

Sounds like something out of Samurai Jack.

In other words, amazing.

Anonymous 2520319

File: 137067288349.jpg (103.13 KB, 1000x800, mlfw831_large.jpg)


>De Lancie as Discord
>Stewart as Starswirl

>Flashbacks of debates and arguments between the two in Equestria's ancient history

Appledancer, (element of an hero moderator) 2520320

File: 137067288664.png (222.9 KB, 720x720, mlfw8877-13549769919284.png)


That's a unwarranted accusation, pony bro. Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous 2520321

File: 137067289110.jpg (41.19 KB, 350x400, url.jpg)

[?] A moral code?

Ah well. Still, was interesting to see that this place is still up - And still experiencing the same problems as before.

Imma go now.

Pyro Spark 2520322

File: 137067288870.png (322.2 KB, 1934x3458, 0004-132642066177.png)

Oh well, it's been fun Lauren. See yah.

Discord!7OrderIi3E 2520323

File: 137067289549.jpg (28.07 KB, 226x305, Q2.jpg)

Quite unpredictable. Wouldn't you say?

Sweetie !ViaPony/vY 2520324

File: 137067289932.png (78.94 KB, 246x384, sweetie89.png)

If Twilight Sparkle wasn't allowed to use her magic during Winter Wrap-Up due to Earth Pony tradition, how come Rainbow Dash is allowed to fly?

Elicoor13!TWIjJoyces 2520325

Viking Caribou...

So amazing...

kRaZy 2520326

File: 137067290829.jpg (19.41 KB, 235x250, 045.jpg)

kek /s4s/ GET

also, hai lauren

Anonymous 2520327


Right idiot. Like you all don't put every brony under the spagetti/autism label.

You guys are truely the most emotionally stunted group on the internet.

Anonymous 2520328

They've been allowed to at least tiptoe around it now. AJ hosted a family reunion without the parents and a pair of shooting stars appeared the night before.

Jetstream Xeno 2520329

AJ's parents were supposed to be dead, and RD's mom was supposed to be Firefly.
Boy, that would've added more to the story.

441!fOINzMA0KU 2520330

>unwarranted accusation
>actually defends /mlp/'s innocence, even though I despise them

Anonymous 2520331

File: 137067294028.jpg (64.54 KB, 600x831, 401785_630391760323104_1052497…)

So lauren What are some episodes that u would of loved to do but didn't get to?

Anonymous 2520332

Any people you wish you could? Like if you knew they would say yes.

Bashfluff (Element of Infinite Regression)!SOuLLEsSs. 2520333


This needs to happen.


File: 137067294602.png (361.61 KB, 1424x1793, Told.png)

Please don't start this.

Anonymous 2520335

And I am appalled by Ponychan's disability to see that a handful shitposters are not to be generalized with an entire community. When you have a very vocal minority in an anonymous community that tends to happen, but I'd hoped people here would be intelligent enough to realize that.

The fact is that the majority of /mlp/ respects and adores Lauren Faust because of her contribution to the thing we all love.

Good day.

Anonymous 2520336

fuck you too

BANE 2520337

File: 137067296086.jpg (1.46 MB, 4256x2832, the-dark-knight-rises-tom-hard…)


Anonymous 2520338

Oh stop pretending like you came up with something like that, it's not nice to lie to Lauren.

Moony!ALoveyoutM 2520339

File: 137067296641.png (38.81 KB, 170x189, Thinking Fluttershy.png)

...that's pretty interesting. i'm glad the show is still running with your core idea for the Apples.

Alex (Element of Lurking)!LXeFrdOzZA 2520340

File: 137067296742.png (171.81 KB, 1280x1279, ApplejackBigSmile.png)

What a coincidence. Every parent pic I've seen of RD's mom has had a resemblance, if not outright was, Firefly. Weirdly, I actually remember one having her bioparents be Firefly and Surprise (hey, if friendship and love are magic in this world, might as well XD)


File: 137067296968.gif (435.2 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lwxm77zFkw1qho1uao1_500…)

Oh wow that about AJ's parents....it explains a good bit though.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520342

Questions for you all:

Why do you think this show resonated with so many people this way? Craig and I have discussed that while shows like Powerpuff and Sponge Bob have a much farther reach and get better ratings, no one has conventions entirely dedicated to those shows. What did it (and how can I do it again?!?!?!?!?!)

Ron Paul (Element of Happening) !Ns56NG2jYQ 2520343

File: 137067297705.jpg (22.99 KB, 590x590, 1b4.jpg)

You just failed to get quads on ponychan
Thats really sad


So Lauren, how are you today? How has your day been going? :3

Anonymous 2520345

Why you hatin', brotha?

Come over to our side of town sometime. See if you dig it.

Anonymous 2520346


If you were still head honcho, would you have given Patrick Stewart a voice role? He would make the best Star Swirl the Bearded and already does Bullock on American Dad

Anonymous 2520347

File: 137067300241.png (63.55 KB, 618x459, 618px-TrueCapitalistRadio_upda…)

Too bad it got hijacked

Lauren have you heard of Ghost from True Capitalist Radio?

4chaner 2520348

Thanks for the answer.

I am from /mlp/ and I can say we never wanted to cause any trouble here or try any kind or raid.
As I said before, the troublemakers are people who likes co cause troble for the sake of causing them.

If you guys can deliver out bans to keep this thread civil, please do.

Anonymous 2520349

File: 137067300836.png (140.4 KB, 374x412, 1350307829644.png)


Really? Celebrities have a stigma against doing cartoon voice overs?

Rip Van Winkle!KHlaYR4iu2 2520350

File: 137067301917.png (59.82 KB, 244x218, Zhat isso sweet!.png)

I heard from a friend that Lauren Faust was on Ponychan! What an awesome surprise to find out that's true!

Hello Mrs. Faust, I'm not here to pepper you with many question, but I seriously wanted to thank you for working on or creating some of my cherished childhood shows!

I'm an Animation student right now, and after a few courses in the basics of 2-D animation, I have some serious respect for you and everyone in the industry who puts so much quality work forward in both television and film. It's long and hard, but I imagine rewarding too. Not many people can claim their art moves people the way a moving illustration can...can they?

Your work on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends in particular; I really loved that show. Also great to see the gender stereotypes of unicorns, pegasi, even ponies be subverted and used in an empowering way. If that was something that turned me off when I was growing up of girl shows, it was probably as saccharine as a cupcake and brainless to boot. Or, at the most, intellectually bankrupt but superficial attention drawn towards appearances of all things.

Makes me kinda sad I didn't grow up with MLP for more positive female role models in media, but I'm sure it'll be a show I'll considering exposing to my kids someday.

Anyway, thank you again!

Jetstream Xeno 2520351

Just because some bronies are hugbox-types, doesn't mean you all are. I actually like some people who openly like the show, it's just the ones that literally devote their life to the show.

!XIxc6BpKnU 2520352

Dem quads...

But seriously though people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

Elicoor13!TWIjJoyces 2520353

Ms. Faust, if I may, why is it that the pigs and goats seem to lack sentience?

Was this not your idea or just something that slipped through the cracks?

Anonymous 2520354

File: 137067303111.png (608.98 KB, 2746x3225, 1357688018121.png)


You eggheads have no room to talk shit about double rainboom now

>mine countenance whereupon double rainboom will always be a better episode than this IDEA that will NEVER COME IN TO MOTION

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520355

Yes. Though I wish the colors were even more accurate. I felt to nerdy to call the note.


File: 137067304635.png (381.84 KB, 705x649, 137040541942.png)

one more question Lauren. what where your ideas for surprise. would she have been significantly different than pinkie? or did you have any ideas for a future episodes about inky and blinkie?

Mr. Goldberg (Element of Jewing) 2520357

File: 137067304803.jpg (19.61 KB, 240x240, itt.jpg)

Anonymous 2520358


The minority represents the entirety now?

Anonymous 2520359

File: 137067306147.jpg (795.75 KB, 1200x1500, The Cosmology.jpg)

Say, Lauren, about how much free time do you actually get these days? I know it can't be easy to work in some free time if you've got deadlines to make.

Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2520360

File: 137067306331.png (227.75 KB, 869x920, Hey Filly.png)


Tons of us have sides that appeal to these themes that we don't normally show out loud.

Anonymous 2520361

Those shows probably get better ratings because Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon were/are major channels, while the Hub isn't even broadcast in a majority of American households (and MLP is shown even less overseas).

Anonymous 2520363

John cool like that

Anonymous 2520364


Danm man it was close.

Anonymous 2520365

These people aren't from /mlp/.
They're all /b/tards and new ponys.

Baggie Pack 2520366

File: 137067307793.png (119.07 KB, 817x910, __free___baggie_pack_by_sayaar…)

I know this has very likely been asked, but I missed that you were on, so I've been out on what was happening ;_;

Do you ever happen to look into full fledged fan works at all concerning ponies? Like Fallout:Equestria, or Snowdrop?

Anonymous 2520367

Why are you being so passive aggressive about Equestria Girls on your Twitter?

Anonymous 2520368

You can't.

This was a perfect storm. You got lucky in every way.

Your product was good, but it spiraled. /co/ is much to blame. So is the porn, if I'm being honest.

It was a show that, by all accounts, should have been shit. But you made it good. Then 4chan took it and ran with it, and things got a bit crazy.

It was lightening. And that doesn't strike twice.

Discord!7OrderIi3E 2520369

File: 137067308687.jpg (163.6 KB, 694x463, Ungrateful.jpg)

Stay on the show, and have the power you had once before!

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520370

Yes! We approached a few for SBFF and they all said no!!!

Anonymous 2520371

thanks for spending time with us Lauren. We really appreciate it.


File: 137067309434.jpg (24.68 KB, 450x238, avatar-034-Quinch.jpg)

> slum in cartoons

If that's the actual prevailing attitude... wow, that's depressing.

Dee Twenty(Element of Self Loathing)!Nat20kBygE 2520373

File: 137067310732.png (98.32 KB, 477x450, God of Sophistication, Bitch.p…)


Dee fully recognises this fact, Dee is choosing to be the bigger pony and ignore the obvious parasprites just as Lauren is.

Anonymous 2520374


Autism. Did you watch the Bronies Documentary? You really shouldn't.

Pill Popper!ytAquaRius 2520375

File: 137067310930.png (65.66 KB, 337x315, IMG_24112012_200029.png)

The show imo had a nostalgia like feeling of the old cartoons I grew up with. That's why I watched it.

Anonymous 2520376

It's the setting of that fantasy world. At first it looks like rainbows, love and friendchips, but when you look closer you realize it's just a bright island surrounded by danger and terrors.

Anonymous 2520377

File: 137067311208.jpg (27.92 KB, 321x321, bishpwease.jpg)

If we could figure that out we'd put that info to use ourselves. It just happened, you can't question magic.
I've been watching since Griffon the Brushoff, and I watched the fandom grow and there's no one answer.

Anonymous 2520378

I've got a question concerning Luna/Nightmare Moon. In the show, we're not told what (if any) evil force may have affected Luna to make her evil. I wanted to ask, was Luna's turn to evil her own decision alone, or was it influenced by some evil force that hasn't been (and might never be) revealed?

Anonymous 2520379

And tons of people over there are guilty of the same generalizations against here.

meh!dqBfY.oE.E 2520380

I always thought it was just because it was such a game-changer. Girls cartoons have that stigma, and once it was broken with the release of FiM, that intrigued people a lot more than shows like Spongebob ever could.

It took people by surprise with how good it was, and that really helped to develop the fanbase. That and the animation, voice talent, etc.

Anonymous 2520381

Every idea out of your head is a goldmine, Lauren. The only thing you have to do is never compromise your vision.

Anonymous 2520382


Make a cartoon that breaks the norms.

You proved that candy colored ponies can be relatable and loved other than little girls.

While your talent might not be story telling, you have a way of making RELATABLE characters in a way that people might not see from a gender biased view.

Criag did this with Powerpuff Girls.

You did this with Friendship is Magic.

Toothless(Element of Stepping on the Beach)!VgODpTM9tU 2520383

File: 137067313629.png (43.78 KB, 217x265, Artist.png)

You guys created a good show in the depths of many horrible ones. Really its just a matter of lacking anything good on modern TV so people clung this show like moths to a flame.

Vanilla Mint!GreeenyYLc 2520384

It's saccharine and sincere, without talking down to the viewer. It has few to none "we're just a dumb kids cartoon for dumb kids, and we'll act like it" moments.

Anonymous 2520385

But what does Lauren Faust think of Double Rainboom?

I wonder what she thinks of the fact taht /mlp/ is trying to make a fan episode at all, or the fact that it got hijacked

!!PinkiePie ## Mod 2520386

File: 137067314754.jpg (74.05 KB, 997x750, pinkie party time.jpg)

Oh hi!
This is really a great honour.
I hope you can have a great deal of fun for a while and don't get too flooded by all the eager people! It's so easy to ask lots of stuff, but not so easy to answer every one of them.
Well, I never got to thank you for making something so inspiring to so many people that they can keep playing on and enjoying it even after all this time.

4chaner 2520387

Well, it was unique in the sense it didn't treated the audience like idiots.
It had clever dialogues, nice art, interesting characters and the fantasy setting was correctly used so it piqued our interest from day one.

I miss those days.

ROY!GBIVRhtuiU 2520388

File: 137067315662.gif (489.52 KB, 560x360, best-filly-donotwant.gif)

Agreed. Most the nor/mlp/eople are behaving AND mocking those trying to make us look bad. I'd be more concerned about the mod for ponychan trying to openly start a /mlp/ vs ponychan fight in this thread, sadly.

Bashfluff (Element of Infinite Regression)!SOuLLEsSs. 2520389


I think it's the culture of the world in which we live. Even the commercials seem to be ironic. So many people enjoy these cartoons from our childhoods "ironically," as if we should be afraid to enjoy something that's simple and genuine.

The fandom started in a place where the message of the show was a counter to the negativity and cynicism there, a display of something being funny, smart, and enjoyable, but simple and genuine.

I think that people are done with dark, gritty ,and cynical, in media and in our lives in general, and this is just what we needed to recover from that.

ShokBox!SonicOTKmM 2520390

File: 137067317335.png (314.55 KB, 637x575, Pinkie Pie Happy 24.png)


I honestly think that the raw quality of the show overall combined with the somewhat novel feeling watching a show that might not be exactly for us is part of the reason why the show resonated so well with us to begin with.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520391

I would've made goats sentient, but not pigs. (only ungulates and ruminants)


File: 137067317506.png (127.49 KB, 335x550, ΩKS 91.png)

I think it was the loving nature of the show, the morals it taught, it's colorfulness and maybe something a lot of people could kind of relate with the whole friendship thing and all.

>Also with Faust again after /mlp/
>2nd time for the win

Anonymous 2520393

I'm just a sucker for cute things, and the high-fantasy setting is a good draw as well.

Derpy Ace Reporter!.WzKAX8kPU 2520394

It's simple, make shows where the characters have relate-able personalities and then make sure that those personalities grow past the credits of that episode, as if it were like the show Friends, I guess.

Anonymous 2520395

It was mostly the stigma associated with /mlp/ that pissed people off. Also, people felt a sense of elitism and outright demanded that Lauren should be visiting their site or their channel for a Q&A simply because they weren't getting the attention, or upset that Lauren would visit /mlp/ in the first place.
As for not doing Q&A's again, I can see where you're coming from. People will never be satisfied. Although, since it's not /mlp/, I think people will be less upset about it. There's always going to be whiners, though. I'm just glad she's taking the time to do these at all. I do wish people would remember why she left and what she actually did for the show before she left. Or at least ask. A lot of questions people asked her don't take this into consideration, and they seem less thought out than expected for a Q&A that was actually given some time to prepare questions.


File: 137067318510.jpg (50.84 KB, 600x337, this is why we can have nice t…)

Hi Lauren Faust.

I don't really post on this board much, like at all, but I figured I should write up a post thanking you for your work on MLP.

I didn't really get into it until about the end of the first season, since while I enjoyed some of the original MLP series way back in the day, a lot of the ones in the middle seemed really low quality and not really something I could get into as I had gotten older.

I kept hearing about FiM and how it was different and good though, and so I eventually decided to check it out.

I really enjoyed the focus on friendship and how to be better friends with people, as well as the fact that each of the characters are very unique and all are people who at first glance one might not think would even get along with each other just because they've got such varied interests.

They find a way though, and I think thats really neat. I also like how even within just the first two seasons, they start learning from each other and growing as characters.

A lot of the Fluttershy episodes really speak to me, and I love all the songs in the show as well.

So, yeah... Thanks for coming up with, and working on FiM as long as you did. It's helped me grow more as a person myself, and provided me with lots of enjoyment as well.

If not for the show, we wouldn't have all these communities about it either. So thank you, and I'm really looking forwards to seeing what your work on the revised Fighting is Magic characters is like.

Anonymous 2520397


I'mnot even going to lie to you Lauren, it seriously was the quality of the show. Your adult jokes were subtle and it didn't feel like a girly show at all; it felt like watching a good show that happened to star cute girly ponies. Twilight Sparkle is best pony, by the way.


File: 137067319247.jpg (73.38 KB, 502x710, 1104.jpg)

I recall you mentioning that. Now, I am curious as to whether you'd be

Yes. Item #4, to be specific.

I'm not sure if it's a thing that can be repeated, Mrs. Faust. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's cult success was an effect of many different factors, many of which can't be replicated or could even be predicted. The derogatory article on /b/ that all but started the fandom, for example.

> Double posting
Artee, wtf r u doing?

Sweetie !ViaPony/vY 2520399

File: 137067319749.png (495.13 KB, 947x843, sweetie201.png)

It was both a different and beautiful animation style, and I was quickly hooked by Pinkie's wonderful song in the second episode. You made a show my daughter and I both enjoy without needing to speak down to her. The characters feel real in terms of their personality. And encouraging the Dərpy phenomenon didn't hurt either. You're back and forth with the community was noticed through that.

Anonymous 2520400

>People shitposting
>blames /mlp/
typical ponychan


File: 137067321748.gif (390.95 KB, 500x250, tumblr_lvg6wenMJA1qga2cho1_500…)

Well to be honest I'm not really sure,I don't know if it's the story or how the characters act....well I guess I'll be cheesy about it.
It's the heart.

Anonymous 2520402

File: 137067322132.png (166.33 KB, 500x457, _c979525_image_0.png)

The characters, imho.

What connected me, a 25 year old male who drinks too much and occasionally gets into fights and makes poor life decisions was the characters.

They're flawed and believable, they have the same kinds of fears many of us do. Rainbow Dash is my favourite colourful horse because she tries to hard to be tough and stoic, even when she definitely is feeling something hard to deal with, or that she feels like she can't show.

Another thing is the setting, I think. I've noticed a lot of people on /mlp/ are, excuse the jargon, 'sad ponys'. People who feel little hope or happiness in day to day life who retire to the show and watch this idealic world where things are okay and it's fine for 22 minutes to smile and get some fuzzy feels before going back to the job they hate for minimum wage to support a circumstance that they hate even more.


File: 137067321371.png (880.23 KB, 3464x3464, 134333546942.png)

I think in part it was a direct consequence of the unexpectedness of the success. The show is certainly worthy of its popularity, but I think the incredulity that a lot of people had at how good it is (based on how low their expectations of the MLP franchise were) helped to cement a strong community early on, and that community turned the show into the social phenomenon that it is.

Lightning Ruff!j4Do3kQQ3s 2520404

File: 137067322448.png (34.92 KB, 335x348, Normal.png)

For me, it's going into a world I never new could be so amazing. For years, I'd shunned everything girly. But then your re-imagining of My Little Pony showed me into a brand new world.

Anyway, since people have been talking about G1 ponies, were they any other G1 characters apart from the ones you wanted to be the Mane 6 you wanted to use?

Ron Paul (Element of Happening) !Ns56NG2jYQ 2520405

File: 137067322681.jpg (18.54 KB, 213x212, 1352325035269 copy.jpg)

I don't really know why it resonated with me, and I'm not sure I'll ever understand.
The whole brony phenomenon just happened. Nothing forced it to happen, everything just seemed to come together perfectly to make it fit. I don't really think something like this will happen again anytime soon.

Anonymous 2520406

Didn't you say in your talk with Kim you'll never be able to make a show that popular again

Anonymous 2520407

Immersive worlds
Writing that can be enjoyed but all ages.
Character Design.

Jaegernator 2520408

It was a good show, and it was unexpected.

No one thought that mlp could be this good.
Also, there was a lot of vauge, unexplained things that cold be used for fan content

Anonymous 2520409

The simple answer.... Just make a good cartoon.

Good animation, group of characters with reliability, storyline, world-building.

Itena Sparkle!zXQq4HOLLY 2520410

File: 137067325282.png (71.01 KB, 280x280, 130192401776.png)

I think it's because it was not how everybody was expecting to see a MLP re-do. It's faster paced, it has humor we can enjoy, and I think it was a refresher in important valuable truths that some people might have forgotten over time.

Also, your guys' Flash animation is top knotch. Those builds look absolutely amazing! And those backgrounds goodness. I actually have friends who work in DHX, and I've seen a bit of the concept artwork through my character designer teacher, and I was drooling at the artwork.

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520411

The strength of the show to me derives itself from the characters and their interactions as well as the fact that it is a totally new, unknown world that we know little about, allowing fans to fill in the blanks. That is what grabs the imagination and draws artists, writers and songwriters to the show, allowing their imaginations to flourish.

As to the lower ratings, I'd attribute that to being on the fledgling Hub.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520412

Aaaaah--- can't answer that. I'd be giving away too much of what I had planned.

Mister Twister 2520413

File: 137067326145.gif (1.3 MB, 300x340, Pinkie Pie is thinking.gif)

Good writing, believable and relatable characters, cool style, interesting world, terrific job on the part of the voice actors.

Also, the fact ponies' culture is somewhat different from ours.

Rainbow Crash!HellionPms 2520414

File: 137067326670.png (867.82 KB, 842x781, 1369765921226.png)

>/mlp/'s true colors.

What true colors? Seriously, if this is considered uncivil, then you're fucking retarded and one reason /mlp/ hates Ponychan to begin with. And I'm a ponychanner.

I don't know, the show took me some time to get into, I even mocked my friends for liking it. I guess because the characters are all individual beings working off of one another, and they also remind me of old characters from past shows I've watched, only in a more vivid way. Plus, I'm a sucker for cute things.

441!fOINzMA0KU 2520415

I'd attribute much of that success to your rebbutal to that inflamatory article, it may have gotten people's attention to see what you were cooking.

Also a 4channer 2520416

I think it's because the characters had some semi-realistic flaws to them, in a way they felt more real than a lot of characters in other shows, and none of the characters really felt redundant, heck in the first clip in Hub's promo, the one of Pinky Gaspin and zipping off in front of a confused Twilight, some part of me instantly saw something different about it.

Jetstream Xeno 2520417

Quick question from /mlp/ that I had, what villains did you plan on doing for the show?
Also, did you get Kathleen Barr to voice Queen Chrysalis because she also did Roodaka in the third Bionicle movie? Roodaka is pretty much the same character as Queen Chrysalis, ruling over a horde of insect beings that can force them to do anything she wants based on hypnotism.

Anonymous 2520418


Definitley not friendship or tolerance of all those goodie-good morals everyone wants to act like is the reason.

Most likely the animation style is very conducive to image boards, internet memes, etc.

And the fact that the show plays it straight (no irony) results in fans having fun by interpreting it in a certain way.

Anonymous 2520419

File: 137067329876.jpg (16.38 KB, 350x262, 4021900101_very_happy_dog_answ…)

Lauren, I clop. Do you hate me now?

Anonymous 2520420

Relateable characters with decent interaction and the interesting fantasy world are the top two reasons for me I think.
Can't help but think it being ponies and being done so well has a factor in it too though. Who would have ever thought something like this could be something worth trying and end up being so good?

Anonymous 2520421

For what the show was; maybe because it felt genuine and it really did go above and beyond from being what everyone expected the show to be.

Also talking cartoon animals that are not Loony Toons made it adorable and appealing.

Anonymous 2520422

File: 137067330656.png (99.53 KB, 719x600, 1358974584859.png)

Was it ever your intention or idea to give Dərpy an actual appearance like in Season 2?
Or did you have plans on making a Dərpy-centered episode (regardless of the controversy in Last Roundup)?

Salsa!B3PyN98LNU!!WxMQEuLmt0 2520423

File: 137067330875.jpg (161.43 KB, 960x720, 1359167302953.jpg)

People like the show because it takes people back to 90s. Also it's not one of the super cheesy cartoons that are painful to watch.


File: 137067331011.jpg (257.14 KB, 900x675, Nordic-RamsColorb.jpg)


>Viking Caribou

It's not QUITE the same, but I made this a while back. About a year or so, I think.

Have you seen any world building from fans of the show? What do you think of how they're handling it on the show itself?

Dee Twenty(Element of Self Loathing)!Nat20kBygE 2520425

File: 137067331056.png (692.28 KB, 1342x1581, Lyra-Bon Hrm.png)


Good question. Dee believes part of it has to do with the stigmas the show had to face, not only was it a girl's cartoon, it was also merchandise driven and part of a franchise known for things like Newborn Cuties (an unfair generalisation, Dee would add, as apart from those horrors the previous generations weren't that horrible.). Making a good cartoon is impressive, making a good cartoon when everypony expects it to be terrible is incredible.

Discord!7OrderIi3E 2520426

File: 137067331581.png (202.92 KB, 500x500, Love nad peace.png)

I shall take my leave now Lauren.
Live long and prosper and all that

Andrew!HQHeartPzg 2520427

File: 137067332171.png (90.38 KB, 934x856, Ive seen some shit.png)

Why does it matter that we know/don't know what you had planned?

Rip Van Winkle!KHlaYR4iu2 2520428

File: 137067332379.png (181 KB, 607x349, Hmmn_Vot Now.png)


Quality animation mixed with memetic writing, most likely. If something is clever and entertaining, then more people will talk about it or remember it.

I can spout of some Spongebob quotes from the top of my head just on the basis of how funny the script was and how visually pleasing it is to see an image take that and portray it in the best manner possible.

"Is mayonnaise an instrument...?' accompanied with a vapid expression via Patrick in Band Geeks is perfection.

Anonymous 2520429

I'd say it was a mix of a lot of things, challenging social norms (guys liking MLP), the fact that Equestria is pretty much Middle Earth with cute animals. The designs of the ponies themselves.

Anonymous 2520430


You also did this with Super Best Friends Forever.

Please Lauren, please realise your potential for making the greatest relatable characters of our time in the animation industry. I cannot emphasis enough how talented you are in character development, not plot development.

If anyone can create hits, its you and Criag.

Anonymous 2520431

- Diverse cast; everyone sees themselves in at least one of the characters
- Characters are intelligent young adults with hopes and dreams; show manages to comment on modern life while the fantasy setting keeps it interesting. Most show characters don't feel nearly so true to life.
- Large, intricately built world with history, magic rules, different races, etc. for people to geek out over
- Strong voice (feminism, revising/updating common fairy tales and tropes)
- Core feeling of love... and you really put yourself into it in a way that most show creators don't. Thank you!

(This is one reason you get asked about MWGG a lot I think... it seems like it could be built into a sci-fi show that does all of these things.)

Unonemous(EW:Sunlight) 2520432

File: 137067333444.jpg (13.37 KB, 162x227, Teddy1.jpg)

It could very well have to do with the pilot itself, actually.
The way the double pilots played out made the entire show amazingly exciting in all that could happen, considering it was a pony show. The fact that something that was seemingly pointed at young girls having an exciting and somewhat dangerous/troubling story arc such as that of Nightmare Moon's threats to shroud the land in eternal night.
I know I certainly considered the two coming together extremely strange and foreign once I started to enjoy the whole thing.

It may also have to do with the music, and the messages the episodes bring. I only watched an episode because I listened to "Giggle At The Ghosties" on KnowYourMeme when I was in a shop class back in high school. I always found most of the songs really catchy, and had a high level of re-listening value.

And we can't forget the animation, of course. Even a lot of people that didn't like the show commented that the animation was lovely and altogether great, with everything being nice and fluid, but still fitting the theme of the show.

How to do it again?
Well, not even Theodore Roosevelt can properly answer that one

Moony!ALoveyoutM 2520433

File: 137067333635.png (47.68 KB, 200x187, daaaw ~.png)

That's a great question! You know, for every single person here, there will be a different answer.

The character designs though... how cute they were, and how the personalities interacted in this world that is so unlike our own; it was a big part of what made the show extra special, to many of us.

The show just uses so many great things; vibrant colors, wonderful music... but ultimately, it is the way the characters act, i feel... in that goofy cartoonish way, but also with a very powerful, tangible, relate-able presence; it is enough to not fall through to uncanny valley, while still being self-referential and adult.

...really though, i just -love- cute things, and ponies are the cutest.

Saikar!Grey.ey6E7 2520434

File: 137067333797.png (105.48 KB, 650x713, Greylight Embarassed 2.png)

No such thing as too nerdy! Not when nostalgia and throwback references are concerned!

Were there any other characters (or just their personalities) or locations or anything at all from the earlier series that you were hoping to reference or even make a major part of an episode?

Anonymous 2520435

File: 137067333944.jpg (43.07 KB, 710x540, 207702_186048351537602_7691785…)


Anonymous 2520436

Vivid personalities. Real characters that one can easily relate to seem to be the best explanation. For the most part, however; it is as much of a mystery to us.

kaze!7/12Is0blA!!uuAGZ0ZJDm 2520437

Hi miss Faust don't know if I missed you but I wanted to say you helped me get back into drawing again.

Hell I even re-opened my DA for the first time in 7 years.


also to your question

I believe it has to do with the internet

Shows like PPG and SB have existed where before the net was the way it is now.

Plus the other factor is that 4chan is what made ponies what it is today.

If 4chan likes it everyone else likes it right off the bat

Berndem Bones!TrbyBERNiE 2520438

I think it's because of the message the show kind of gave off to its viewers. I guess as cheesy as it sounds, the whole magic of friendship thing. I admit I really met some of my best friends that I have now because of the show. Other shows like spongebob don't really have a message like that behind them. So I don't think they could create something like this. When I go to conventions I get a real kind of sense of unity too.

Anonymous 2520439

It'll be difficult to create a similar effect as My Little Pony was a well-known name beforehand and the irony is what spread it's appeal. I hate this fact, and other people will complain about my view drawn from analyzation, but it is, in fact, the irony that makes it popular.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 23:37

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520440

File: 137067335160.jpg (20.44 KB, 325x327, BITTENFELD!.jpg)

Ah, so there is a chance that it will still be used?

This fills me with hope.


File: 137067334894.png (546.6 KB, 4000x3301, I don&#039;t want to cum insid…)

These are /b/tards, boyo.
Also, they're not really getting that far out of line.
Just being tools.

Anonymous 2520442


It's a pretty innocent show, it's rare that we get a show that honestly isn't violent, sarcastic, mean, satire, or some sort of criticism of society. It's such an idealistic world that for older adults it is a form of escapism

Alex (Element of Lurking)!LXeFrdOzZA 2520443

File: 137067337123.jpg (440.5 KB, 1000x667, Graham_Stark_Planeswalker.jpg)

I'm not entirely sure. You can ask 100 bronies why they think this show is great and you'll get 100 different answers. I just think this show you made had a spark of creativity within it, one that just reaches out to a wide variety of people and captures their imagination. I feel it whenever I talk to my friend who I met from this fandom. I feel it in every episode of the show, even season 3 (heck, wouldn't be surprised if I even felt it in Equestria Girls). I felt it everytime I look at a thread on this board. All I know is, it is a one of a million thing that can't be recreated but when it happens, it is truely wonderful.

Dusty Page !Nzixts.png 2520444

If spoiling what you originally had planned is a bad thing, does that mean there is a non-negligible chance of what you had planned being portrayed officially?

Anonymous 2520445

the show had great, lovable characters. The humor was innocent and the kind you get when a group of personal friends hang out. It is believable and relateable to anyone who has every had friends, and people naturally love it, no matter the age group

Elicoor13!TWIjJoyces 2520446

Erm...well...honestly you probably wont read this so I can spill spaghetti and no one will notice.

The art style was highly charming. Season 1 had some great shout outs to stuff like the Benny Hill Show and other stuff without even trying to appease the older people. The general likability of the characters, how well they were written and how the functioned as a group.

Also the nice "morals" at the end of every episode were really cool. Especially Call of the Cutie. More kids shows need messages like Call of the Cutie.

Anonymous 2520447

I can only give my personal reasons, although I think many share them.

In the past decade, enterntainment industry has been increasingly obsessed with making things "gritty" and "edgy". Things need to be as dark as possible, a lot of violence, a lot of misery. All int he name of "realism" and "immersion". No more happy endings.

And many of us have come to resent that. FiM provided an alternative. Something lighthearted yet still mature in the spots where it counted. Part nostalgia to the 90's cartoons maybe? But I think most of all, we've all come to appreciate the optimism it exudes in a world that once again seems to grow darker every year.

Anonymous 2520448

File: 137067339252.png (288.09 KB, 1280x1536, tumblr_mlnmyiFtle1snlajuo1_128…)

Posting in a based Lauren thread

Also Faust, you mentioned before that the main6 would have different body shapes.

I was wondering if you could go into some more detail about what these differences would be.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520449

I dunno.... I've seen lots of good cartoons not make it.

409 !QFbo1xIeoc 2520450

File: 137067340184.jpg (91.74 KB, 600x591, fuck this i&#039;m tired.jpg)

I was just about to go to sleep, too!

What was the hardest part about working on the show when you were working on it?

Anonymous 2520451

It was mentioned in S1 that there are lands outside Equestria. Did you have an idea for how far Equestria extended and/or what other realms lay beyond?

Anonymous 2520452

File: 137067342055.gif (28.74 KB, 256x192, Godot_Close_Up.gif)

To those of you from Fluffybooru asking Lauren about fluffies: stay out. There's a reason you are being deleted from /mlp/ and there is a reason you had your own booru created. No one else cares for what you like, and it is entirely unwholesome.

Anonymous 2520453

File: 137067342527.png (51.92 KB, 741x697, 644221_566793756673401_6727106…)

Mrs. Lauren glad to see u
If u could of done anything in the show without any limits what would it be?

Geldon!t44LhZdN5A 2520454

File: 137067343867.jpg (189.33 KB, 644x700, I&#039;m on the ponynet.jpg)

Oh sure, I see how it is, you don't answer my questions but when it comes time for deep introspection, everybody knows I'm the go-to-guy.

Actually, I think it's pretty simple (insofar as dealing with a crippling amount of the-devil-is-in-the-details can be). Whether it be books, movies, computer games, cartoons, there's a difference between a something that's created simply to check off a number of items that a focus group wants versus a show that genuinely resounds with its creators as something they wanted to make, and wanted to make good.

MLP:FIM was smart, funny, and cute as a button. Somehow, the focus group aspects, if they were there, did not get in the way. It was created by some extremely talented people, yourself, Renzetti, and so on. In the end, what was not to like? More shows need to dare to be good first, anything else comes second, like MLP:FIM did.

Welp, off to bed with me. Thanks for visiting!

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 23:44

Dulset Tarn !KelpieFM3Q 2520455

File: 137067344211.png (135.61 KB, 937x1069, 2_ Dulset happy by Prince Blue…)

Maybe it's because it kind of has something for everyone. Different people can love it for vastly different reasons because so many different parts of the show are of such high quality. Some love the animation while others don't find it important. Some love the songs or the morals while others don't really care. Personally my favorite part is the vast and interesting world it all takes place in, and I know most people hardly care at all for that. And of course the base elements, the stories and characters, all fit into the range from "amazing" to "not terrible".

I haven't put much thought into this at all, but I'd say the fact that there's just so much to love compared to other shows where the focus is more narrow is a big reason why the show has such an enormous and diverse following.


File: 137067344403.gif (45.54 KB, 223x207, MILD EXCITEMENT.gif)


Anonymous 2520457

Lauren, was it your idea to have the shot for shot remake of the Star Wars scene in the season 2 opener? Because that may have been my favorite part.


File: 137067345053.jpg (70.76 KB, 894x894, 1111.jpg)

"If you get 3 bronies in a room together, you'll get 9 different opinions."

Vinyl Scratch!ilCMusicDg 2520459

File: 137067345354.jpg (100.31 KB, 1024x765, luna_and_vinyl_commission_by_r…)

The biggest Draw for me was its Contrast and its Idealism.
It was a saccharin world, that had sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, yet it had a form of tangibility to it, that one could relate to, possibly stemming from the fact that the first episode begins with the opening of a story book, it allows for the suspension of disbelief, not to mention that life isn't easy, especially now days, and in the MLP FiM world, every thing is (relatively) happy, there isn't much politics, there aren't Eco terrorists or Global warming, no Stock Market crashes, massive famines or Civil wars.
Its an Idealistic world that lets your mind escape from the horrors of reality, and bask in the happiness of celestia's sun, if only for 30 minutes a week

Also, Lauren, did you ever think/intend/plan for adventures outside Equestria(other than the Crystal Empire)?
And what "year" is it in equestria?


I think that the fandom asserted itself and became vocal because it always felt like they were really the outsiders and also felt that the show needed the help, after that it just continued to grow.
Also it helps that it's a great show that people can and are actually willing to sit though.

4chaner 2520461

Hopefully one day you would release those ideas?

We really, really like the original concept you created back then, as unfortunately the cartoon kept losing more and more fantasy elements and focused on simple, generic stories.

If anything, we would have loved to discover the secrets behind of Everfree Forest and the castle's ruins lying there.

PaperBagRobot 2520462

File: 137067346520.png (78.9 KB, 639x221, If only carlos.png)

Gotta get this up before the thread locks.

Anonymous 2520463

Oh? You saving it to be revealed for some special occasion in the future? Or you just prefer to keep a little secret to yourself?

Amy Rose!SEGAv6ETOk 2520464

You created a world and characters that are heavily idealistic, but are realistic enough that they are believable

Anonymous 2520465


Protip: There's no fucking way you can tell who is from ponychan, /mlp/, EqD, or prostitute posting from a local strip bar.

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520466

File: 137067349177.jpg (31.98 KB, 573x365, laurenfaust.jpg)


File: 137067350122.png (469.83 KB, 835x715, pinkie i have no idea.png)


Heh, I wish I knew too. It's just special I guess. I suppose if the answer was easy, then things like this wouldn't be so special, huh. They'd be a dime a dozen. I'm glad you got so lucky with this show Lauren... if the formula is really such a secret. Something tells me that the hard work and huge talent and love for the material couldn't have hurt though, hehe.

Anonymous 2520468

File: 137067350341.jpg (5.49 KB, 256x197, Coop Contemplates Repeating Di…)

Rest in peace, Megas and Symbionic Titan.


File: 137067350326.jpg (24.68 KB, 450x238, avatar-034-Quinch.jpg)

Hmmm. For me, I think it's because the show has a certain Miyazaki quality - there's conflicts and hardship, but it's fairly rare that there's a clear split between "good" and "evil" characters to root or schadenfreude for. As such, the setting's whole atmosphere feels less like the regular glut of stories that revolve around overcoming someone, but more about overcoming life's everyday hardships. None of us here will ever have to stare down a supervillain, but I'm sure that at some point or another, each of us has been faced with just about every problem that's occurred in the show, in some form or another. And as we know that we will inevitably face it again somewhere down the road, it's encouraging to have something to look towards and see what is essentially good life advice.

Saikar!Grey.ey6E7 2520470

File: 137067350661.png (98.08 KB, 900x506, Greylight Gala Dress.png)

I mostly like how it blends serious matters with funny and sill antics. It's a show for children, but I never feel like my intelligence is being insulted because I'm watching it as an adult. It doesn't trivialize me, and that means it doesn't trivialize children either. So it never feels like I'm doing something "wrong" by watching a show designed for kids.

Also the art style is very attractive in a simplistic but beautiful way. It's minimalist, but what's there works for its favor.

Bashfluff (Element of Infinite Regression)!SOuLLEsSs. 2520471


Like what? Are there any cartoons you saw before they were released that failed you want us to know about?

Are there cartoons that did exist you want to give a shout out to?

Other than Invader Zim, of course. How did THAT not flourish?

Anonymous 2520472

I have no idea. I honestly liked early Spongebob and PPG a lot better. I only chill on /mlp/ because, like you said, the fanbase is so much more active. At this point, a lot of it feels automatic, to be honest. Like I've done this for two years now, I'm not going to just stop now.

Anonymous 2520473


Honeslty, since you already have quite a following, people will pay close attention to what you do next. Just stay true to your vision, be original, work with brilliant, creative people, and keep interacting closely with your fans.

Discord!7OrderIi3E 2520474

File: 137067352646.gif (556.19 KB, 360x240, DMV Stomp.gif)

Anonymous 2520475

Lauren do you think you'll ever try to start your own webseries based on the characters you created for Fighting is Magic?

Ron Paul (Element of Happening) !Ns56NG2jYQ 2520476

File: 137067355771.jpg (379.82 KB, 750x500, Ron-Paul2.jpg)

How has Wonder Over Yonder been going?

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520477

File: 137067355791.jpg (40.69 KB, 600x400, megas-xlr-e1352996184970.jpg)

Anonymous 2520478

File: 137067357024.jpg (79.23 KB, 680x796, hate myself.jpg)

Lauren, could you please post a favorite image of yours that is from the fandom?

Anonymous 2520479

You probably already know this, but as with anything don't go into it trying to appeal to everyone, just make a good show and let it happen.

But I guess a few things that help:

- this show in particular has a mythos, a entire world with civilized equines to build a history around

- with it being a fantasy world with no humans, theres a bit of escapism and curiosity

- the characters are cartoony but believable

- technical aspects such as the great animation, attention to detail and what not (really, how the ponies walk is very fluid)

- the right voice actors, this obviously helps a lot with bringing the characters to life

- its cartoony, and funny yet it can be taken seriously

I dunno I feel like I'm kind of pointing out the obvious.

Anonymous 2520480


File: 137067359589.gif (585.48 KB, 500x417, 325758__safe_animated_cute_ado…)

Anonymous 2520482

I honestly don't believe you can plan for something like this to happen again... it was all in perfect timing. So, enjoy it while it's here, and congratulations - you've done something special not too many others have. Of course, I'm sure you already know this.

colgate 2520483

File: 137067361012.jpg (12.43 KB, 284x177, images.jpg)

Happiness is something that society tries to regulate- something can't make you happy if it makes me unhappy, etc. It creates disillusionment, especially for our generation.
I got into MLP when "Smile Smile Smile" got me through a rough period around this time last year. I found it completely randomly. Pinkie just made me smile so damn much that I became hooked.
It makes us smile, and for that, our inner creativity is unleashed.
Hope that makes sense.

Anonymous 2520484

Moony!ALoveyoutM 2520485

File: 137067361522.png (47.68 KB, 200x187, daaaw ~.png)

This really is a great answer. All the bronies out there are certainly waiting for the next thing to come out!

Whatever it is, i feel if it stays true to your vision, it'll be wonderful.

Anonymous 2520486

Hello, Lauren!

I don't frequent this board, but I wanted to stop by since I missed you when you visited /mlp/. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work that was put into making such great cartoons. I really appreciate how Power Puff Girls and My Little Pony provide girls with stronger heroes and show them that they can be whoever they want to be. I really wish more media and toys for girls had a similar message.

Anyways, do you feel that shows and toys directed at young girls have recently gotten better, worse, or not changed?
Thanks, and I look forward to showing these cartoons to my future kids.

Rainbow Crash!HellionPms 2520487

File: 137067362408.png (189.63 KB, 402x472, 1368186740739.png)

And that's why I think this isn't all from /mlp/. Could be anywhere, I'm just trying to defend /mlp/ because of the last thread. There wasn't anything too bad in it.

Anonymous 2520488

File: 137067363096.gif (537.4 KB, 450x292, b-bark.gif)


I know I love the fantasy aspect of FiM.
The world of Equestria is so far removed from our world it feels like an escape, like almost anything can happen there and each episode can have something entirely new to offer. Mixed with your brand of cuteness, excellent writing, and great voice acting it's damn near perfect.

All-animal cartoons have always been a favorite of mine. Have you ever seen Arashi no Yoru ni? It's a great movie with an all-animal cast that hits all the right keys for me as far as writing, humor, art style, animation, quality, etc. is concerned.

Baggie Pack 2520489

File: 137067364190.png (97.7 KB, 1077x991, 2KQV8Qi2.png)

Might as well ask the obvious question.

What cartoons did you wish to have seen done well?


I think the big thing is that the characters were all pretty relatable so most people have at least one pony they can relate to, whether they're a guy or a girl.

Other than that, it seems like it actually had work put into it to make it a high quality show, the art is cute, the scripts aren't inane and can appeal to a wider audience than just small children, while still being something small children can understand, and a general upbeat feel to it.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520491

Schedule. It was horrendous.

Fluttershutter!vBKzsttvbU 2520492

File: 137067366265.jpg (27.06 KB, 500x417, HNI_0070_JPG.jpg)

I honestly couldn't answer all of that. I got into the show right before S1 ended, and I was equally taken aback by both the high quality cartoon -- I had drawn away from cartoons after seeing more and more low quality ones -- and the very nice, welcoming fandom. I miss those days. I imagine a lot of people fell in love with it partly due to the fandom. As to the original fans, I dunno how they turned out so great as to attract others. Maybe it was just a lucky group.

I'm not sure this show could be repeated formulatically. It was a real surprise hit, and the surprise of it probably helped spread the word. One would probably have to recreate that surprise factor, and even then, it's unlikely to have the same effect as this did.

Anonymous 2520493

File: 137067366866.png (780.65 KB, 1000x1499, LR1.png)

Who do you think are the better role models for young girls: The Powerpuffs, or the Mane Six?

Bashfluff (Element of Infinite Regression)!SOuLLEsSs. 2520494

On second thought, maybe it isn't the show so much as how it grew. People being astounded about it being good and shattering expectations made them want to share it, and the backlash just threw more fuel on the fire.

I think it just might be one of those "lightning not striking the same place twice" things, unfortunately, although I'm sure you'll still provide quality content in the future that will surpass what you've done before.

Ron Paul (Element of Happening) !Ns56NG2jYQ 2520495

File: 137067367715.png (252.19 KB, 543x789, 5c6.png)

Doesnt this site have an auto update?

Anonymous 2520496

It was because your name is Lauren Faust, and Rob Renzetti admittedly that was more then enough to sell everyone to giving the show a chance after that negative Article on Cartoon Brew few years back.

Most good shows that don't make it did not have huge Press being negative nor positive. They slip under the radar.



I think it's because it had strongly written and relatable characters, clever storytelling that didn't dumb everything down to mush, and a setting that allowed it to make use of both with a lot of freedom - as well as a cute and appealing art-style that was a big step away from the saccharine cutesy-ness of the older gens and a lot more accessible for it.

Here's hoping you can do it again!

Anonymous 2520498

Young Adult books and movies make more money than cartoons for little kids.

The YA industry is dominated by the female consumer. So when you complain that girls get the short shrift when it comes to cartoons isn't it a little ridiculous to blame sexism when YA movies (catered exclusively towards females) are the dominant force in film right now with franchises like Twilight, The Hunger Games and soon to be, Divergent?

Paladin!.u7SxOJ9Xc 2520499

File: 137067370550.png (74.99 KB, 320x261, 1331868162279.png)


>Not from ponychan, but I thought I'd chime in.

Well... I think there were a lot of elements that went into making it so popular.

The thing I thought worked the best was the fact that it was a light-hearted cartoon about something actually pleasant as opposed to the drugs, sex, violence seen in almost all popular shows, and it had a nice moral to top it off which was something that a majority of the popular cartoons were missing.

The fact that is was a show with almost a solely female cast was masked by the fact that they were anthropomorphic characters. I believe this disarmed a lot of the male audience and, in a way, tricked them to give it a shot and eventually fall in love with the story and characters.

Not to mention the unrepresented hype it got over the internet.

There are a lot more that went into it, but I think those were some of the most important elements.

Anonymous 2520500

Honestly, I've always wanted a show like this. Something that lets you know it's okay to be different, and still be liked.

I grew up going to a well..private school to keep things light. I had been drawing ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I recall being asked to write up a small comic for a newsletter. I used my spotted dog character, who in their world was made fun of because the type of dog she was wasn't supposed to have spots. In the end she made friends and won the race.

I was chastised for this idea, and told that everyone is equal and no one is ever made fun of. I see so many mindless shows on the air, but for once this show got the point across I had been trying to make for so long myself.

So thank you for that, I truly appreciate it.

Anonymous 2520501


Personally speaking, I first off, found it funny. Lots of shows are funny, so that's not startling. Second, I liked the worldbuilding. It seemed like a decent amount of thought went into it. There was a world, and the ponies acted as if that world was real and normal to them. For example, they take care of nature, so they react with shock and fear when confronted with a place where nature takes care of itself. They control the weather so they have a place where they produce clouds and such. They are ponies, so they don't (or didn't, perhaps I should say, they do so far more often now) grasp things with their hooves as if they had hands. This is a bit more unique, but also not sufficient.

They're the two major things for me though. Other things would be the appealing character designs. I quite like Twilight's colours, and Rainbow's colours. The overall design of all ponies is appealing. There's the nods to slapstick comedy that showed up early. I still say Applebuck Season is my favourite episode because I think it's hilarious to see Applejack bumble around and break things, and her splatting onto the ground after missing Rainbow's seesaw thing gets me every time. I liked the adventure. A lot of people act like G1 was terrible, and I'm not even sure how much you yourself liked it, but I liked it. They had interesting adventures and I liked seeing that again.

But really, I think it's the "novelty." It's a girls show. It's clearly for girls. Young ones. But it was very good. It's shocking, and there's an appeal in something that surprises you for how good it is compared to your expectations. Then there was 4chan, which produced a bunch of image macros which got posted everywhere which spread it around.

I generally don't think all these things put together is reproducible really. It's like lightning. All the planets aligned.

Saikar!Grey.ey6E7 2520502

File: 137067371485.png (42.8 KB, 761x700, Greylight Just Watchin.png)

How so? Long hours? Weird hours? Just never enough time to do what you felt needed to be done?

!!Trixie ## Mod 2520503

File: 137067371574.jpg (81.19 KB, 828x800, angry blush.jpg)

So I'm a bit busy and cant chat, but I wanted to say thanks for leading the charge into something that'd made for a few amazing years.

To all the PC/MLP/MLPchan people, chill the hell out people. This is supposed to be fun, why are people bickering over petty crap

Anonymous 2520504

File: 137067371617.jpg (8.48 KB, 210x240, Grubby is uncertain about this…)

>that counts as your childhood
Make me feel old why don't you.

ROY!GBIVRhtuiU 2520505

File: 137067371789.png (29.96 KB, 387x362, pony_christ_by_snowbluexd-d4u4…)

I think it was the perfect storm, honestly. You had an imaginative take on My Little Pony that could be enjoyed by all ages and both genders alike.

Next you had /co/ starting to look into it as fans of PPG & Foster's, as well as one of the 4chan boards that has a fair number of male and female posters.

Then there was the infamous news article as the show was starting that blasted the show and claimed it was the end of creator driven media, as well as blasted you, Lauren. That guy's article drome many on /co/ to check out the cartoon.

And then, everyone got hooked. Then they told their friends... Then they told their friends... And so on until we started planning the first meetups at cons and then local meetup groups them planning conventions...

The only issues I see now is that so many are swarming in who don't even watch the show! They're just into the culture of being a brony or because it'sa the hottest thing right now. Concepts like "Love & Tolerate" are mocked about, and enjoying the show is seen as silly. I do think that if anything kills the show now, it'll be the show's very own popularity. It's become the Bank of America of children's shows, now seen to be too big to fail.

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520506

Ponychan X, bro.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520507

No. The directors and the story artist planned it. I died laughing when they showed it to me.

Also a 4channer 2520508

>You can ask 100 bronies why they think this show is great and you'll get 100 different answers
and it's happening right now

Anonymous 2520509

File: 137067372055.jpg (378.49 KB, 1400x1444, 1369807298738.jpg)

If u could go back to the show with at creative control would u


File: 137067372629.jpg (298.89 KB, 1920x1080, 83515__safe_vinyl%252Bscratch_…)

Did you have any ideas for Alpacas to be in the show? Or Mountain Goats? Or, really any other equine species?

Anonymous 2520511

Western Moe, cute girls doing cute things
Needs tons of facial work and reactions and has to be easily accessed (youtube)

With a sprinkling of badass


File: 137067374505.png (90.61 KB, 509x600, 98024__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-das…)


barney 2520513

File: 137067374476.jpg (131.46 KB, 669x667, 1358993826742.jpg)

Faust please come back, we're sorry <:(

why you hatin'? fluffy pony loves Mrs. Faust and you too 2520514

>hating on fluffy ponies on their own website.


Anonymous 2520515

these are your guys

Anonymous 2520516

You just have that magic

Anonymous 2520517

File: 137067375267.png (93.73 KB, 576x576, 1339997956016.png)

It was a guilty pleasure of seeing a very commercialized little girl show reborn as something of good quality.
However, this reaction caused a lot of backlash to people ignorant of the show, and subsequently started flamewars by calling them eggheads, gays, pussies, etc etc.
This backlash caused retaliation in the form best known to 4chan. By dumping more and more reaction images and over-exaggerating the personality of being too hugboxy, fun, and loving, unlike what a man should be. (THIS IS WHERE LOVE AND TOLERATE CAME FROM)

Eventually, more people caught on and MLP became a fad, more than a fanbase following for a cartoon. There have been people showing up at BronyCons and schools wearing pony merchandise that didn't even watch the show. It's sad, but true. It was a good quality show, don't get me wrong, Lauren, but it wasn't JUST your creative talent that led the storm.

I know i'll get banned for posting explicit languae, but it's not like I frequent ponychan anyways.

Love ya, Lauren <3

kaze!7/12Is0blA!!uuAGZ0ZJDm 2520518

File: 137067375206.jpg (132.16 KB, 1200x1600, colortan.jpg)

Guess I'll post this

I'm surprised you haven't done anything like Bravest Warriors and create an entire show using only youtube.

It would be successful and you wouldn't have to worry about losing control of your show

Mister Twister 2520519

File: 137067375455.jpg (67.14 KB, 640x423, sad-keanu-640x423.jpg)

Lauren will never answer my question...

!6WozyVZJUI 2520520


I think everyone has a different answer to this (and perhaps it's the fact that there are so many distinct qualities that everyone really enjoys is part of what makes it appealing to such a wide area of people), but I'll at least bullet point my reasons.

* The style. The unbelievably cute cast and beautiful, colorful world is what first grabbed me.
* The relatable, fun, interesting, flawed, and just plain enjoyable characters. You did such a good job defining these six ponies, and I continued to watch the show because I became emotionally invested in their adventures and really cared that by the end of the season they got to have the "best night ever."
* Lastly, I would be remiss to leave out mention of the music. It was "Winter Wrap Up" that finally got me to admit I loved FiM!

ShokBox!SonicOTKmM 2520521

File: 137067375873.png (358.91 KB, 864x925, Pinkie Pie Happy 39.png)

Marimo (Elements Connoisseur)!Mrb.TaRPks 2520522

File: 137067375940.png (69.13 KB, 148x284, Dent-cilan-dent-2-31-2.png)

I suppose the trick is to not just make a show that's not just entertaining, but something people actually feel loyal and attached to. FiM, while having plenty of cartoonish elements, have characters that you more frequently relate to and sympathize with on a personal level. Like when Twilight got upset in Winter Wrap Up from not being able to find a task she could do, essentially cutting herself off from everyone else, I could relate to that feeling so many times. That's what makes me feel attached, when I don't just feel like laughing at or with a character, but when I feel like crying for and cheering with them too. And the use of continuity, even in small doses, makes their gradual growth mean something, so you care and are invested in how they develop.

Dealing with some of the people more dismissive about cartoons targeted at girls might have also played a part. When someone makes fun of something you like, for some people, it makes you want to stand by it even more.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 23:46

Anonymous 2520523

File: 137067376320.gif (504 KB, 300x169, 1369986716629.gif)

Xaekai!XaEEEEEcrA 2520524

>Viking Caribou

You just made my night based Faust.

PaperBagRobot 2520525

File: 137067377857.jpg (459.68 KB, 778x581, OHJESUSCHRISTINE.jpg)

Are we cringing now?

Jetstream Xeno 2520526

File: 137067379279.gif (1.24 MB, 200x150, 1368416920808.gif)

Symbionic Titan was a damn good show. I still hate the fuckers who got rid of it.
It was perfect! They only got rid of it because they can't show a person getting killed on Cartoon Network, which they HAVE DONE BEFORE.
Fuck, I'm sad now. At least they put it on Toonami, but they will not finish the series. I think I'm gonna look solemnly out the window through the night for 20 long years.

Anonymous 2520527

File: 137067380957.gif (391.36 KB, 612x5733, 20120902.gif)

Derpy Ace Reporter!.WzKAX8kPU 2520528

The brand was already well known from parents that grew up with the toys the cartoon is centered around, and the fact that you made it entertaining for them as well as the kids probably drove some of the support, not only that but ponies in general are simplistic in design and allow complex customization, this combination allows fans to make their possibilities seemingly endless for Original Characters of all kinds, having a simple character design pattern that novice artists can draw with some practice and then make the show a part of them is what allows the community to grow from fan-art and the like. As for the other cartoons not making it, this only reinforces that theory of simple/complex design. Spongebob is a huge success but all of the characters are different species of fish, there's no one centerfold species that people can wrap around to get attached to. Homestuck, a webcomic that has a similar following to bronies, follows a similar pattern with humans and parasprites. People make their own characters in these universes because they can relate to them just like how people can relate to the pacifistic ponies.

Sorry if that sounded like a jumbled up mess, it's 1:40 am here and I'm rusty on my analytical writing.

Crona Makenshi 2520529

File: 137067381778.png (64.78 KB, 700x700, Ninja Of The Niiiiiiight.png)


Popping onto this site super quick to answer this question:

Truth be told, it's really hard to pin down for me what made me like the show so much. I had started watching on the recommendation of a couple of friends around when Season 1 ended, and I was ready to dismiss it as overhyped BS.

And, strangely enough, I found myself loving it just as much as everyone else was.

I think what it was was that it was honest, at its core. Yes, the characters were more than just the sum of their parts, and yes, the dialogue and stories were very witty and creative. But the overall messages of how friendship worked and what made good friends stick together seemed more honest and real than any other gimmicky shows that had come out in the past few decades.

Hell, maybe it's actually worked for me. Since getting into the fandom and coming to this site I made a few more friends, friends that I deeply cherish and love and feel closer to than most people I knew it real life.

So, if nothing else, thank you Lauren Faust. Thank you for creating something that was able to make my life a bit better and just make me a bit of a happier person.

Also, Viking Caribou. Why, for the love of God, did Hasbro not keep you as much as they could?

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520530

File: 137067381936.jpg (24.33 KB, 475x360, feels_goodman.jpg)

Lightning Ruff!j4Do3kQQ3s 2520531

File: 137067382675.png (33.92 KB, 335x348, Laugh.png)

>I died laughing
Clearly you didn't if you're still alive to talk with us now.

Amy Rose!SEGAv6ETOk 2520532

Lauren do you like red velvet cake?

Anonymous 2520533

FiM is a cheerful experience. The colorful setting, well-thought and personable characters, and the slice-of-life setup is what made the show interesting, likeable, and entertaining.
A well-written cartoon can be liked and enjoyed by anyone, not just the target demographic. You've helped prove that with FiM.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520534

I think toys are getting worse and worse. I've seen some shows that at least seem to be trying. I don't see a lot that I like, unfortunately.

Anonymous 2520535

Lauren, what are your thoughts on working on smaller but independent projects like how Pendleton Ward did with "Bravest Warriors"? It got lots of attention on YouTube.

Thank you for challenging gender stereotypes. I admire your bravery. Keep pressing the bold ideas.

Anonymous 2520536

File: 137067383822.jpg (494.88 KB, 647x648, Abbey Road.jpg)

Hey Lauren.

Do you know what was Craig's inspiration to create the PPG episode 'Meet the Beat Alls'? You know, the Beatles tribute episode.

Why did he decide to create an episode dedicated to them? Is he (or you) a fan of Beatles?


File: 137067383290.png (571.53 KB, 4320x4320, 152846__safe_fluttershy_ponifi…)

Based Lemmings to the rescue!

Anonymous 2520538

Lauren, how many seasons did you originally intend the show to have? How would you have it end?

Anonymous 2520539

File: 137067388216.png (271.44 KB, 500x374, 1365170629294.png)

Nor/mlp/erson here. We've discussed this topic maybe thirty times before and we always reach the same conclusion. The same reason why the other large fandoms (Sonic, Furries, etc) have such a large and dedicated following. Cute animals, magic, world-building, and Original Characters that people can make unique and build a story for.

Specifically, MLP has cutiemarks and colors which people can use to make their characters entirely unique and easily identifiable. It also has the potential for an almost limitless world that has never been clearly defined, so that fans can have control over locations they set their fanfiction in or make up new characters that might exist in the pony universe.

You don't see these kind of things with Spongebob or Powerpuff girls because they both have their world limits (Bikini Bottom and Townsville) and they don't have numerous unique, distinguishable, or new background characters that fans can ,once again, explore possibilities with like they can with the background ponies in MLP. They only have fish or townspeople to be in harms way when a monster is attacking Townsville or spongebob runs over them with his boatmobile. The ponies have cutiemarks that give you, as slight as it may be, an insight into what purpose they have in town.

TL;DR A universe that fans can create and believably insert their characters into, no matter the location. Be it a griffon train engineer who operates in between the griffon kingdom in between the Crystal Empire or a mystery solving pony sleuth.

Mr. Goldberg (Element of Jewing) 2520540

File: 137067388734.jpg (36.52 KB, 501x648, dae.jpg)

Anonymous 2520541

Do u feel like your still a big part of the fandom, because it still looks like it

Amy Rose!SEGAv6ETOk 2520542

This anon gets it

Anonymous 2520543

Lauren Did you want to add any new pony type to the show

Anonymous 2520544

File: 137067391434.jpg (44.29 KB, 640x478, modifyers.jpg)

It's hit and miss really, unfortunately just because something is good doesn't mean it will be successful, but good marketing and good design helps.

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520545

Yeah, I could see this.

If you don't know, Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time created a series of shorts and posted them on a youtube channel.


File: 137067394632.jpg (17.96 KB, 350x343, 1813639392_tacos_xlarge.jpg)

Y'know, that actually makes sense.

What's your opinion on tacos?

Amy Rose!SEGAv6ETOk 2520547

She should do something based on Fighting is Magic, or just do Galaxy Girls

Anonymous 2520548

What cartoons that you haven't worked on do you like? And why do you think you like them? Doesn't need to be a long answer.

PaperBagRobot 2520549

File: 137067396599.png (17.74 KB, 454x540, yes goyim.png)

Anonymous 2520550

File: 137067396883.jpg (117.5 KB, 553x450, image_1290546737458.jpg)

All this show reminds me of is colors, and i like colors.


File: 137067398773.png (200.76 KB, 415x365, pinkie i&#039;m swimming in id…)


This too of course!

..and the characters! The characters! They're all so great. In design and personality and everything. They're characters you wish the show you go on forever just for them. You want to know them because they're so interesting and cute and fun. You want to see what they'll do next. What they'll learn next. What learn next about them that you didn't know before. Maybe we'll learn more about their families and past. That's always something I look forward to.

And with these characters, is just the whole character of the universe that's been created. We want to know it's history. What else exists on the map. What is there that we've not even heard of yet or even just more about the stuff we've heard of.

But then all these things I guess don't draw you in without setting a foundation. Credit to you and everyone else for setting the stage for something that people could really gain interest in. I still can't say why or how you did it. Sai has a point though. I just know I love it.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 23:47

Anonymous 2520552

File: 137067399305.jpg (43.84 KB, 403x305, carlospun.jpg)

That reference is really in the...Zone.

Ron Paul (Element of Happening) !Ns56NG2jYQ 2520553

File: 137067399320.jpg (47.29 KB, 512x384, 1369768721975.jpg)

Don't do it

Derpy Ace Reporter!.WzKAX8kPU 2520554

Yeah, pretty much this describes what I said except more legible.

Jetstream Xeno 2520555

File: 137067400276.gif (332.9 KB, 278x200, 1370345613318.gif)

>Not understanding sarcasm

Anonymous 2520556

Lauren, although I hope it's a long while from now, when MLPFiM comes to it's end, will you spill the beans on all of your intended plans then?

Last edited at Fri, Jun 7th, 2013 23:48

Anonymous 2520557

Can you not answer questions related to Wander Over Yonder because of NDA to Disney?


Anonymous 2520558

Which pony was the most fun to conceptualize?

teh_Foxx0rz (Element of Textwall)!FoxxyWhyUQ 2520559

File: 137067403587.jpg (984.84 KB, 2419x2502, 1344950176402.jpg)


I'm an avid Dash fan in particular and was inspired by the strength of the characters of your show.

I never much related to the protagonists of most shows, as there tended only ever to be one and thus they'd either be shown to be a paragon of perfection or averageness. I like to be different in life, and follow...my own rainbow!

You provided us with six, distinct characters, whom all had their own ways of life and ideas and dreams in life. I loved to see that; not one was portrayed as more or less correct than others.

Dash's strength of spirit and determination was what resonated with me the most; seeing a character who knew who they were and were confident to express it.

I believe that's also what you loved in her, and why you loved Firefly who came before her.

But yes, Rainbow Dash, all the characters, and this show in general have inspired me and motivated me to go onward with my dreams and become more confident as a person in myself.
Never give up on your dreams, however hard it may seem.
And so long as you know what you're doing, you have nothing to fear. This is what I took from Dash. I needed the little boost to become myself a little more in life.

I desire to follow a creative pursuit as well, and needless to say this show and its ideas will form a little part of that.

Thank you, Faust, for all you put in and created into this show.

And may you have another outlet for your ideas as well, not being able to contribute to this show anymore, whatever that may be...

Amy Rose!SEGAv6ETOk 2520560

Lauren what do you think of the fact that /mlp/ is trying to make its own fan episode?

Dorothy !3GREEnVRKc 2520561

Hey Lauren. Ever heard of Venetian Snares?

Sweetie !ViaPony/vY 2520562

File: 137067404603.png (151.09 KB, 900x871, sweetie387.png)

How come there are no MLP:FiM video games? Cause we'd totally buy them!

Anonymous 2520563

What is it like knowing MLP is your big one-hit wonder that will shadow everything else you do for the rest of your life and your career is all pretty much downhill from here?

Tengenflare 2520564

Lauren have you ever considered watching fan animation projects like one called Double Rainboom and snowdrop or are they off your "to-do" list?

Anonymous 2520565

Lauren do you watch doctor who

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520566

I had an idea for seaponies. Wasn't sure about it though.

Anonymous 2520567

Remove scruffy from /mlp/

Moony!ALoveyoutM 2520568

File: 137067407734.png (110.65 KB, 352x318, everything is wonderful yay.pn…)

Lauren, do you think you'd return to a producer position, if you were invited back someday? What are you most looking forward to for our equine friends?

Anonymous 2520569

Would you ever consider working on IDW's comics? I guess not, but they seem to have a lot more creative freedom than the show ever did.

Anonymous 2520570

Lauren save us from the evil mods ruining /mlp/!

Dulset Tarn !KelpieFM3Q 2520571

File: 137067410153.png (312.12 KB, 694x690, 3_ Dulset Tarn 1.png)

Do you know what kelpies are? :D

Admiral Yang Wenli 2520572

File: 137067410550.jpg (228.89 KB, 640x2400, IMG_0936.jpg)

Positively Pinkie!tb0JArteeA 2520573

File: 137067412920.jpg (27.44 KB, 486x440, my hat is a book.jpg)

I think it's just really fun.

Maybe it's an effect that some people saw a bit of irony in watching a show made for younger girls, but when they enjoyed it they made a big deal out of it and so people could get together.
It's a cosy fandom where you're free to talk about your love for the show and share all the silly ideas and at the same time whenever there's a new episode you can't but help smile at all the silly little jokes and cute interactions that you can see.
Plus, it's like a winning cocktail of lots of things. Very cute and well chosen art style (this is one of the things where this show beats its competitors by miles for me), well chosen character voices (the VA do it really well), great charming humour (not taking itself too serious and at the sametime not being too lolrandom) and the whole atmosphere of cutesy innocense.

In ters of winning me over personally, the seesaw scene in Applebuck Season was one of my favourite moments in cartoons in ever. The whole poor AJ falling flat on her face is cute and blunt.

ROY!GBIVRhtuiU 2520574

File: 137067412943.jpg (76.33 KB, 1023x580, ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney.jpg)

Please, please, please do this! So many of us would empty our wallets to fund this via kickstarter.

kaze!7/12Is0blA!!uuAGZ0ZJDm 2520575

File: 137067413479.jpg (98.47 KB, 1600x1200, iliekchomilkcorrectspelling.jp…)


That was exactly what I was going with.

You could make something so good that toy companies would be freaking out cause you would have full control over and you wouldn't have to worry about shit like EQG happening again.


File: 137067413732.png (70.33 KB, 500x333, Solrac+FUCK+YEA+_6c900115cbfa5…)

What's your opinion on Solrac / Yaplap?

That's not a question, nor is it under her control.

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520577

We are both HEE-YUGE Beatles fans.

4chaner 2520578

OK, here is another question for Faust:

Did you ever planned any episode where Celestia or Luna would so -something-?

The cartoon hasn't shown them doing anything during moments of crisis, and that's baffling, considering how during S3 Celestia kept throwing all of her problems on Twilight's back and somehow taking the credit.

Would have be seen the royal sisters kicking butt and saving their kingdoms or would you have written an episode explaining why they can't do that anymore?

teh_Foxx0rz (Element of Textwall)!FoxxyWhyUQ 2520579

File: 137067415555.png (38.83 KB, 1563x177, Saikar on personalities.png)

RS 2520580

File: 137067416382.jpg (316.72 KB, 393x590, Sherpa-carrying-plywood-mount-…)


Here, take this.

Derpy Ace Reporter!.WzKAX8kPU 2520581

I really wanted to see a C-Pony reference, like X-Men, that would have made the episode featuring sea ponies, for me at least, about 20% cooler.
excuse me while I punch myself for saying that now

Anonymous 2520582


Dorothy !3GREEnVRKc 2520583

No. You shall not...do the honors! I ASK WHATEVER I WANT!

Ron Paul (Element of Happening) !Ns56NG2jYQ 2520584

File: 137067418178.png (2.49 MB, 680x907, 1352137713225 copy.png)

Do you have anything to say about Wonder Over Yonder?

Saikar!Grey.ey6E7 2520585

File: 137067418516.png (74.62 KB, 500x572, Greylight Wut Template.png)

Lauren, without getting into the details of your departure from the show, is there any possibility of reconciliation and your return to the creative team in some capacity if both parties could come to an understanding? Or are those bridges burned and everything behind you by now?


File: 137067419607.jpg (24.68 KB, 450x238, avatar-034-Quinch.jpg)

Aw. Pony Atlantis would have been awesome.

But I guess it would have ended up being black-flagged by the network and we'd never get our Mongol Porpoises or something.

Anonymous 2520587

Don't forget the fact that the characters here are relateable young adults figuring out their careers and living on their own in a world that's maybe a little happier than our own, but generally still messy. Most animated shows for kids feature, well, kids. That was a couple decades ago for me. I'm generally not going to get enough out of that to watch it weekly, let alone throw a con for it.

Anonymous 2520588

Nooo please turn Fighting is Magic or Galaxy Girls into a webseries, you'll get a lot of money on kickstarter to fund it


File: 137067422439.jpg (161.66 KB, 700x700, ΩWhat A Beautiful Night.jpg)


I'm curious as to your opinions on Sombra and Chrysalis
Mostly Sombra though as he was a villian who could have been so much more

Lauren Faust (really) !cdljAQmhl. 2520591

No. And I am ashamed. Where do I even start?!?


File: 137067422921.png (198.31 KB, 500x377, tumblr_lh8q113aZH1qhypnco1_500…)

to be honest I think it's hard not to be a fan of the Beatles

Anonymous 2520593

Don't answer This. Don't answer This.

Thoughts on 2008 economic crisis and how it effect the global economy as whole and how it still continues to effect us today.


File: 137067423995.jpg (101.11 KB, 1024x723, Attack on Ursa.jpg)

Have you guys seen this new anime called Attack on Titan? I think it's pretty impressive.

Anonymous 2520595

For me it's two things.

First, the animation style. MLP looked different from all the other cartoons. That's why I decided to check it out.

Second, it's the friendship letters. I always felt wiser at the end of each episode. They also made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Itena Sparkle!zXQq4HOLLY 2520598

I wish I could offer you some coffee or tea, Lauren. If only...


File: 137067427200.png (409.3 KB, 727x715, pinkie likes this little devel…)


Great question Minkie! I want to know more about Pinkie's family and past and stuff. I figure we may yet. Would be fun to hear if Lauren had any more specific ideas that she could share. I kinda hope she withholds for spoiling purposes. I'd love canon stuff to happen.

Anonymous 2520600

Thank you so much for visiting!

1. In addition to quality, the show is also something of a novelty.It's unapologetically adorable, girly and cheerful.

Not only was it a quality show, but it was a quality show that we were not supposed to like. Therefore liking this show said a lot about you which I think is why people felt compelled to create a community about it.

I also think that it feels the niche of a cheerful show that's not vapid. People can have something positive and uplifting to watch that's not intellectually insulting.

Dee Twenty(Element of Self Loathing)!Nat20kBygE 2520601

File: 137067429183.png (342.2 KB, 900x1103, Sea Raspberries.png)


Inferior to seaponies in every conceivable way.

Anonymous 2520602

Honestly, even I don't get why there's conventions dedicated to the show/fandom.
I think it's because the show goes against a social stigma, and some fans wanted to not only go against it, but be proud of it. I know some fans had that reaction, but I don't know how that turned into several cons a year. I'm just one of the fans who happened to like it, but not make a big deal out of it.

Bashfluff (Element of Infinite Regression)!SOuLLEsSs. 2520603


The new reboot was made so you could jump in ASAP. =)

I like the 9th doctor myself.

Derpy Ace Reporter!.WzKAX8kPU 2520604

The same way as every other tv show, episode 1!


File: 137067430215.gif (2.42 MB, 422x243, Master_thumbsup.gif)

Frankly, if you put up an idea for a series about nothing but a sentient duck that watches the shopping network all day, we'd probably help you fund it.

Anonymous 2520606


Personally, I've always hated the idea that it was some malevolent force.

Sometimes, enough is enough. That angeling little thing just keeps pounding on the back of your mind, and eventually you might just snap and take a stand of some kind.

And then you have to pay the price for your own actions. I think it's more interesting if that's what happened with Luna. She had a legitimate, albeit small grievance, and she, of her own accord, got angry about it. Making it some kind of possession by an evil thing cheapens that. Removes her culpability, removes any lessons to be gained from that. It's like, instead of learning to be responsible for your own actions, one learns to point to some outside force that made you do it. It's also rather common in children's television.

Speaking of the Moon, can you answer, at least in your own opinion, if Equestria is Geocentric? I'm firmly in the Geocentric camp, but I've gotten into arguments about this with people.

Raptor 2520607


What did it for me was the references and slightly warped sense of humor (referencing critters in swarm of the century, twilight flopple, fluttershy snapping a bear's neck, etc) I stayed for the world building, acting, music and general humor. it all just kind of worked.

Then the fanworks solidified my existence as a "brony", especially the music. after hearing The works of a fan composer by the name Makkon inspired by the show it got me off my butt and got me into doing my own creative works. first doing editing, music videos and such, now doing full animations with source filmmaker.

Mister Twister 2520608

File: 137067431467.jpg (91.53 KB, 640x480, spoiler.jpg)

Say that in my presence, in real life, not online. shit eater.

Anonymous 2520609