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File: 1483848054533.gif (364.08 KB, 560x700, tumblr_n5db7wL1fm1r9ee9go3_r1_…)

Ponychan OOC Board ## Mod 41465207Sticky[View]

Good Evening Ponychan Roleplayers.

As most of you are probably aware /ooc/ has been declining in use for quite sometime, due to most people have switched over to primarily using discord for most of their canon stuff.

In doing so it makes it significantly harder for people to join or even approach new canons, and makes the board more unused then it has previously been.

Due to these factors, we've decided to fuse /ooc/ back into /rp/. So all ooc threads can be made there from now on, in light of the mass move to Discord, we've also created a discord server specifically for Ponychans RP community. This server will have a channel per individual canon, along with a general chat for people to use at their own discretion to talk and plan.

File: 1430108448993.png (33.78 KB, 240x200, #BASED.png)

## Mod 40868323Sticky[View]

Welcome to Ponychan's /rp/ board!
If you have any questions about this stick or board, feel free to post them here, if you have any questions about rules, please get into contact with a moderator.

If you have any questions for a specific roleplay, please ask in their /ooc/ thread.

The sitewide rules apply to /rp/, and in addition:
● Posts and threads should be centered around roleplay, planning for roleplay or discussion of roleplay
● Posts should contribute to the thread's topic and abide by the general theme started
● Post and play within the boundaries set out in the OP or the canon being played in
● Play with the enjoyment of all members of the thread in mind - not just your own!

You may make use of the "spoiler" function for OOC (out-of-character) text to ask questions, raise concerns or issues, or chat outside the game. The spoiler function used with [ ?][ /?] tags (or ctrl+s), and text inside will appear like this. You may also make use of the "hide" function for longer sections of OOC text. It is used with the [ h][ /h] tags (or ctrl+h), and will appear like this:
Text inside is hidden.

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jing king of bandit jing king of bandit 41479946

File: 1486717556408.jpg (21.86 KB, 400x300, download.jpg)

-jing king of bandit.

hi guys..howdie ,i happy can join here..

File: 1499207958554.gif (586.77 KB, 360x202, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_a0…)

The Lost Light Rebellion 3: Tim's mishap Edition Tim!dracSnyjqE 41515247[View][Last 50 Posts]

#IC #Canon:TLL #Ask/Invite

>The Jupiterian Soldier, for once, had been assigned to a desk job as opposed to being thrown out onto the front lines where he could get stabbed to death or thrown into a group of people by a random hollering monster

>Left alone with the micromaster transformer, Roughstuff, to try to manage the reports and predictions about Rebel activity in their server hall.

>Tim tried to stay calm and leaned against one of their servers while sipping at a cup of hot chocolate...before being suddenly tapped on the shoulder by Roughstuff...knocking Tim forward and causing his coco to spill all over one of the main server terminals

>as the touch screen started to short out, Tim's attempts to dry it using a towel would cause the touch screen to believe the set of buttons to "Delete all files" had been pressed, and with Tim and Roughstuff's passcodes already in...

>Tim groans and looks down, all those predictions and notes on Rebel activity, gone. Occasionally he could get away with deleting some to keep the friend or two he had on the Lost Light safe, but this...this'd be noticed. ...and he'd probably be punished.

>Both Tim and Roughstuff try desperately to click on things to get the deletion to stop, but with the shorted out screen it leads to nothing
>90, 95. 99, 100%, all files deleted
>Tim and Rough stuff look to each other...
>Tim looks back to the terminal and groans, being the first to comment on it...

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Trouble 41538113

File: 1516233173666.png (809.96 KB, 2000x2000, tempest absurd res.png)

>Huh. Teleportation. Not *that* uncommon. As the drones painted up that truly massive siege cannon he had plastered on top of the tank form, he shook his armor plates in what could almost be described as a shrug.
"It's teleportation. I've seen it once or twice before... Unless I'm wrong. That's becoming more and more frequent."
>Tempest said, giving a *hrrm* as he tried to figure out what was going on with her as the autobot badges turned shiny and red under the drone's attention.

Motorcade!ScratchNrc 41538114


>Cade rubs the back of her head and chuckles slightly

No, not teleportation.

>She states with a bit of a chuckle in her voice

...Time stop. That said far as I know true teleporters are relatively rare, I mean Skywarp is still the only seeker who can do that.

Lady Luck?!MEOWKdWFcQ 41538116

A few...

>he rubbed his chin.

...My most recent player was a boy in the infirmary. A Mr. Nero. Black hair, angry personality, doesn't think ahead too much. Perhaps you met him, it is a small world.

File: 1511740412614.png (275.38 KB, 646x902, she__s_a_crazy_bitch_by_sharon…)

BLN #63: Gender Bender Edition The Mad Mistress!CyJ.Bc.Vtg 41534859[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Canon: Better Layton Never #IC #Ask/Invite

Well well well, seems everything is gotten quite stale around here. As a deity of Chaos I ought to shake things up a bit, it's my job after all.

>An unseen and unheard individual of imaginary nature would address the Mad Goddess. The Mad Goddess, she suffered no one intruding on her position.

What seems so boring?

Well yes conspiracies of family murder are quite exciting.

True, the ransom of the children is quite an entertaining affair.

Always a surprise when countries and retail stores fall out of the sky. But that happens all the time, many beings and places of myth and story appear here, there, and everywhere. Size doesn't always matter! Though it certainly helps elsewhere~

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The working Dead 41538110

I would, but I don't think he needs the ego boost.

>Nor did Wade think he actually had anything to do with this. But that was a conversation for later.

There's a settlement called Oatville a fee miles east of Canterlot. They just finished the process of revitalizing it. Should be safe to drop them off there for a while.

>At least a good number of them anyway. Surely Celestia wouldn't mind the sudden influx of refugees. If anything he was sure this is why he was sent ahead of the party.

I'll go down and talk to them. And you can get ready to be in the record books for world's largest taxi ride on a single vessel.

>With that he heads in the direction of the platform and practically jogs down the ramp to greet the refugees.

Sheogorath (iPad) 41538111

>a mermaid would swim up to the ramp. Her long hair was white and heavily thinned. Her face marked by wrinkles, though her lovely body had not suffered from it.

Greetings, welcome to Velsinon. Are you here to help us?

>she would ask with muted hope. She rather wished she had a weapon of some sort. These could be raiders looking to pillage before real helped could be mustered. And easy thing for them to do with most of the fighters having recently departed.


File: 1516233826551.jpg (658.16 KB, 840x1050, __big_boss_and_naked_snake_met…)

When I first got to this planet, I didn't really mind.

War and fighting was all I ever really knew. My last job was running security at a high level place. Wasn't too dangerous, but it was rare to not go a week without some sort of tussle going on...

>Now that he says it outloud, he feels sad about the fact he let so much of his life be filled with conflict. Maybe now he should try turning that around, as he turned his eye to the sleeping daughter of his. AFter a second he'd turn it back to South and say.

Asking me a bunch of junk. What about you? You seem like the kind that could still leave the fighting behind and settle down.

File: 1501623935791.png (207.47 KB, 750x600, tumblr_nxag36GWnw1uuxk4eo2_128…)

Simply Pony: OOC #1 Sign Up! Trixie Clone Number 8!lWMBg88H1s 41520503[View][Last 50 Posts]

#OOC #Sign Up #Slice of life #Adventure #MLP Only

This the the first OOC Thread for a new MLP Only Roleplay! Which also will be the first MLP only RP that's been on /rp/ for awhile. I have been working to get this set up and prepared for awhile so buckle in while i explain the setting for this new RP, "Simply Pony"

"Simply Pony" takes place in the town of Crossroads. It is a small town located far east of Vanhoover (A major city) and just a hair north of Galloping Gorge! While this has been a small and secluded community for a long time as primarily a pit stop for travelers wanting to explore the old roads, it has recently found itself in a state of rapid economic growth! When the Crystal Empire reappeared, the little town of Crossroads was was sitting on what soon became a major trade route between the western half of Equestria and the Crystal Empire. With their newfound economic boom, the more prominent members of the community have sent out flyers all across Equestria, advertising their long ignored home as the newest boom town! While plowing up the land, the citizens have also discovered the ancient ruins of a town far older than their own.

So there it is, in summary. If you have any further detailed questions about the RP itself or the setting, please feel free to ask here and i will do my best to get back to you ASAP!
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Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 41531268

File: 1508225417026.png (394.11 KB, 3000x3000, MochaBean.png)

Vanilla's mom Mocha Bean, formerly known as Mocha Swirl. She's very small, incredibly so, and her kids actually stand taller than her!

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 41531269

File: 1508225428510.png (419.17 KB, 3000x3000, PintoBean.png)

And her younger brother Pinto Bean. He'll be as bulky as his dad someday but for now he's in that teenage phase of scrawniness before the puberty hammer drops.

☲ Prince Ember Storm!MSNowBALLk 41538092

File: 1516159949475.png (152.78 KB, 539x708, Ember Storm - Fluff - Penumbra…)

Good to see pony rp in /rp/ again. Hope it stays active.
This post was edited by its author on .

File: 1501820762730.png (644.01 KB, 4300x4300, Simply Pony Logo.png)

Simply Pony: Welcome to Crossroads! Trixie Clone Number 8!lWMBg88H1s 41520795[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Canon: Simply Pony #Slice of Life #Adventure #MLP Only #Chill #Open

The town of Crossroads. Despite it's particularly low population, the town has a long history spanning back hundreds of years. Located just a hair north of Galloping Gorge, it's only visitors were the rare Geologist and even more rare thrill seeker. Not that it bothered the citizens much. Most of them preferred the quite of their small town to that of the big city Vanhoover to the west. Yet in all that time it never managed to garner enough attention to grow. Until recently.

With the reappearance of the Crystal Empire, the quiet town found itself right in the heart of newly formed trade routes between the western half of Equestria and the Crystal Empire. For the first time in hundreds of years, Crossroads was living up to it's namesake. Trade caravans began coming back and forth along the ancient road. Tourists passing on their way to see the new lands, began to take notice of the small town. Finally, Crossroads was getting attention. Much to the chagrin of some of it's citizens.

While some loathed the sudden boost in traffic, some of the more forward thinking and business savvy decided to act. The local general store expanded into a warehouse trade depot, the abandoned mansion became a hotel, the acres of land passed down for generations was being divided up and ready to sell for new homes and businesses. With all the excitement of their newfound economic boom, many of the oldest citizens moved away, desiring to live in a quieter setting than what their home was becoming. Some of them stayed to fight against the overwhelming wave of inevitable change fruitlessly.

It has been many moons since then and while the more prominent members of the community were excited to expand, they overlooked one detail. Few knew they were there. In an effort to ensure the expansion of their small town, the Mayor, along with a few others, invested in an salespony and travel agent to advertise the town to the world. Cheap land, ground floor investments, a natural wonder nearby, a chance at a fresh start. That is what Crossroads is for, a chance for a fresh start.

The first train hauling passenger cars pulled into the newly built Crossroads station. Time for a fresh start.
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<Roseluck> 41538009

File: 1515951155411.png (831.37 KB, 4290x5000, vector__499___roseluck_by_dash…)

If you need something to eat go ahead and make you something, since we haven't got any customers yet.

I have to get out all my cooking supplies anyhow.~

>She opened the door to the Kitchen and let Cinnamon go first.

Cinnamon Thunder!lWMBg88H1s 41538075


>Cinnamon happily strolls into the kitchen and looks around at the finished product.

You haven't even cooked anything yet and it already smells good in here.

>She sticks her head into the fridge and rummages around for a tasty treat. At least enough to hold her over until she can get a full meal later. Soon after, she pull her head out of the fridge with a carrot in her mouth.

Thisf if good for nowmf.


>She gulps down her mouthful of carrot.

You nervous for the first day?

<Roseluck> 41538081

File: 1516135822155.png (189.43 KB, 1024x1014, oh_hai_there__by_flutterguy317…)

Oops, also no worries on business!

Hrmm, I could use some help with bigger meals..if somepony ends up ordering something like that.

>As she nommed her carrot, Roseluck began to get out a few of the things she could reach, she wuld probably need the pans hanging from the top of the stove down if the Pegasus spotted them first, she giggled and got a handkerchief to clean Cinnamons cheek.

Talking with your mouthful?

>She smirked, finding it endearing and then said.

I was at first, but messing with my mane, and now doing stuff with you here makes me less worried..its easier when you have somepony to talk it through with y'know?

File: 1500259157012.jpg (511.32 KB, 1920x1080, Heveron3.jpg)

Heveron #3 : To The Shattered Root Legacy Of The Crystal!pR.BaFF/uk 41517810[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Closed / Invite Only #Canon: Heveron #Fantasy

<The world is such a fragile thing, easily broken and forced to bear the scars left upon it for centuries, millenia. Though the shapes upon the surface shift and change, though the skylines shatter and grow anew, the fractured soil that begets life remains twisted, torn and shattered. Great spires of crystalline light reveal naught but the cruel work of the afflicted, the champions turned renegades turned executors of a justice that merely fit the eye of the beholder. Such is the legacy of the Crystal.

<Welcome, then, to Alethbedia, the world trapped between itself and the ever-present Aether. Though many lands have their grand history, their remnants of a time long since passed, none bear the marks more closely than the continent of Heveron. The light and power of the crystals fuels most everyday convenience, the power of magic almost a currency in this prosperous age with those born already bearing such potency standing at the forefront of power and control. Yet within such power lies many secrets, many truths that would best be left untouched and well alone.

<Far be it from me, then, to reach for those secrets myself... don't you think~?

[Elizabeth Carmilla - 1886, The Documents of The Scarlet Witch]

Welcome to thread three everyone! Here's hoping we can recover from the mass erasure that killed off our prior adventures, thankfully saved and available through other means. Here's to a productive third year!
Hahahahahaha I can't believe I'm actually writing that. Let's hope we can get more posts out than one every week.
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Sarah Locke & Drummond[b]!pR.BaFF/uk 41537916

File: 1515799760614.jpg (13.14 KB, 236x335, c328432b5596433bd1787c76a9d09e…)

>The hoop spun gracefully through the air, precisely thrown despite the knight's nerve-wracked state, before it collided with the target and neatly settled across two of the large pins. Sarah couldn't help but blink in a state of slight surprise - carnival games had always proven a vastly different beast than the challenge work often presented, but he'd taken to it pretty well from the outset. Beginner's luck...?

O-hoh! A more than valiant first attempt from young Jerome! Are you sure he's new around these parts?

>Taking the comment a little bashfully, Sarah placed her free arm on her hip, only just now noticing that her other was still attached to the man standing beside her.

Well... he's just that good!
It's a shot worthy of praise indeed, but with praise comes prizes!

>The armoured man gestured to his left, away from the hoop range to the side of his stall, to an area adorned with all manner of strange little things that were separated into three categories; the Consolation prizes for those who attempted three times with no luck, mostly consisting of small baked snacks and little trinkets, the Winning Prizes, and the Grand Prize - a locked box that seemed large enough to contain any number of things, a secret to all but the one who packed it.

Now then, what strikes your fancy?

>The standard rewards for winning were the most varied; individual Blitzballs, large wooden-based board games, but most were carefully crafted woolen dolls of numerous designs. Jerome would instantly recognise one of them, coloured in stark red with those bright, azure eyes - the selfsame monster he'd fought in the mountains, only much smaller and a lot less threatening. It seemed a number of the fearsome creatures that roamed the lands of Astrolia had found a place on the shelf, though there were also a number of others - small plush knights of varying designs, bearing different banners. There was even a little Cassiline one, as strange as that was - two, in fact, and a spot where a third might have been that was now empty.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Jerome Bransg !MrCarnage2 41537952

File: 1515826677104.png (1021.28 KB, 1920x1080, vlc 2015-10-27 15-21-23-55.png)

>Struggling not to blush like a maiden at the praise directed his way, Jerome simply bowed his head in acknowledgement of the older stallkeeper's motion of the prizes. Knickknacks and trinkets the lot of them, nothing of substantial value though one wouldn't expect to find anything of real worth being dispensed as a carnival prize. Normally Jerome wouldn't bother taking anything from the list, though, were he acting as he normally did, he never would have played the game at all. Gripping Sarah's hand in his a little tighter, Jerome came to a decision. He couldn't keep any evidence of today's events, any and all traces would only add to the sins being tallied against him even as he stood in this crowded street, yet, that didn't necessarily stand true for his companion. It was for her that he endangered himself now and acted in a way so unlike himself, for her he had trudged through the mountains of death, and so it only felt natural that it would also be for her that the Cassiline would pick out a prize from this roadside stall.

I'll take the small wyvern.

>The knight said, pointing a finger from his free hand at the Rathalos plushy. Ironic that the semblance of such a natural killing machine could bring a smile to his face now when the genuine article nearly made mincemeat out of him not so very long ago. Still, it was a nice souvenir and one all too fitting to commemorate the adventure the two of them had just completed given their close encounter with the animal.

>When he would receive the small plush toy, Jerome would take it in hand for a moment before handing it over to Sarah. Too embarassed to say anything or even look at her as he did it, the stalwart knight would look away even as he gently trust the toy at her.

Melody Neige!aLEJudith. 41538045

File: 1516035452234.png (87.22 KB, 250x370, tumblr_odppfmhEGC1s6wx03o2_r1_…)

>Huh? Stay away from him?

Are you mad?! Who's going to protect me from those beastkin!?

>She was a delicate flower! A noble! She needed a tall strong man with rippling muscles and dashing charm to be her meat shield in the event one of them tried to lay a hand on her!

>Though it seemed that wasn't necessary. There was no Hellhounds in sight.

...where did they go?

>She was, of course, happy to not be dealing with them as well as a dragon. But the disappearance of all of them? That set of flags in her mind.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1499218500147.jpg (19.25 KB, 620x388, download.jpg)

Lost Light Tales Volume 2 Who?!pinkie78Os 41515262[View][Last 50 Posts]

#IC #Canon: TLL #Ask/Invite #Spotlights/Backstory

Oi! Either come th' fuck in or fuck th' fuck off!

Yeah, tha's righ', I'm talkin' t' yew! I'm busy, yew better 'ave a gewd reeson fer botherin' me!

What? Yer feed went down? Oh, like Ah'm suppos'd t' fix tha' for yew? I'm not even suppos'd t' be 'ere!

Alright, alright, fine, hold yer bitchin', Ah'll fix it! Fuck's sake...

Righ', if yew came in late, 'ere's what yew missed. Th' Captain of th' Lost Light met 'er co-pilot an' potential love interest. Though if yew've been lookin' at th' more recen' stories she torpedo'd tha' in a hurry.

Then there was a story abou' some scavengers tryin' ta find their family an' runnin' smack intew some Empire fucks. They sorted tha' out an' moved on. Not shoor where tha's goin'.

An' then it jus' became all abou' tha' poof in pink spandex gettin' laid left righ' an' centuh. Seriously, how does a lil' twink like tha' get so much pussy? 'E's practically jus' out of th' womb by my standards an' 'e's up to 'is eyeballs in it! I haven' been laid tha' much an' I've been around a long fuckin' time!
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Kuza!E2Vbn7o74s 41537991

File: 1515894368009.png (37.52 KB, 126x162, books are friends.png)

>Kuza was clearly harder to embarrass then her sister, not reacting to Bolone's proximity
>she stared at him for a moment, thinking about her answer


>and without further provocation, she leaned forward to plant a cold kiss right on Bolone's lips

>her hands reached forward to grab his shoulders, gently pushing him closer as the two floated in the air

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78Os 41537992

File: 1515895312455.jpg (43.02 KB, 256x280, tumblr_inline_nhd95nbOuP1raysw…)

>Bolone was a bit surprised by the gesture, but certainly not unappreciative of it
>even with her cold skin touching his, he eagerly returned the kiss, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her in
>he held her for a few seconds, keeping the kiss going and surprisingly not letting his hands wander too far south
>instead, after a moment or two, he gently broke the kiss, then reached up and began to lower her hood, though he was carefully slow in case she wanted him to stop

Kuza!E2Vbn7o74s 41537993

File: 1515895996863.png (206.95 KB, 467x343, happy.png)

>Kuza made no attempt to stop him as he removed her hood, even moving her head slightly to speed up the process with a pleased smile on her face
>she then quickly moved in to meet Bolone's lips once more, growing more eager by the second
>and while Bolone's hands had managed to hold back on moving southwards, Kuza's hands were already moving behind his back
>her legs stretched from their crossed position, already start to coil around Bolone's as her cloak seemed to be slowly enveloping him in cold darkness as she pulled herself closer to him...

File: 1499385934223.jpg (392.46 KB, 1440x900, 60020997_p0.jpg)

Lost Light Universe OOC 2: Cute Dragon Edition Ivy!dracSnyjqE 41515894[View][Last 50 Posts]

#OOC#Canon: Lost Light Universe#Ask/Invite

Yo! So here's the Lost Light Universe OOC thread. We don't make much use out of it, but it's useful for getting info and stuff out there and in public on the site.

As You can see from the initial title, we've undergone some rebranding from "The Lost Light: Rebellion" OOC to LLU. There's a fairly simple reason for that!~

Soon we'll be introducing a new thread and era to roleplay in with "Shining Light: A Time Of Heroes", a free form and open world Superhero RP that takes place on Lost Light's version of Earth during the present day. It's a mash up world of a few different settings, having history from Marvel, DC, GI Joe, Spawn, and even Power Rangers! It's a lot like Lost Light in that it's not the sort of crossover where these worlds are colliding, but rather all these things have been part of this world already! That said given we can't just go "there's a planet for that"with shining light, things are slightly more restricted in what can be introduced and what elements from the source material can be brought over, ex: The Source Wall from DC is a no go.

If you're interested in either TLL:R or SL: ATOH let us know and drop your discord name our way, we'll invite you to our Discord server for a trial period to see how you get along with everyone!
We'll also be using some new tags for our canon changed up from what we had before, first being introduced in this thread and the Shining Light IC, The Lost Light and Tales threads will inherit the new tag system with their next incarnations.
>Current Lost Light IC: >>41515247
>Current Lost Light Tales Thread: >>41515262
>Current Shining Light thread: TBA
>Our Wiki: http://the-lost-light-rebellion-rp.wikia.com/wiki/
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Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith. 41537055

File: 1514837061336.png (140.16 KB, 540x810, tumblr_opmbw6QSFx1usjolao1_540…)

Fuck it, I'll do it here!

Angel of Death
Hollow Knight
Love Ribbon
Sakura Dungeon
Or Wastland 1/2

Roll 1d6 = 3

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith. 41537059

File: 1514837178260.jpg (128.63 KB, 1920x1080, (42).jpg)

Hollow Knight it is!



File: 1508904188672.gif (944.09 KB, 450x291, anigif_enhanced-32710-14162458…)

Donut Bar: Dogs Edition 41532368[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Open#Canon: Donut Bar#Pseudo-canon#Cross-canon#Chill #Lighthearted#Shipping#General #Semi-serious#Crazy #Courtsey/Common Sense/ Fun

All cities have dark sides, and Canterlot is certainly no exception. On the wrong side of the tracks, everything appears to be dark and cold, the rainy weather being but an exclamation mark deepening the atmosphere of alienation and lurking fear.

The atmosphere changes though, as soon as you pass the worn door over the neon sign saying, in bright bold letters [U]D NUT BAR

Inside, amongst the tables and chairs dating back to the last century, with their nicks and stains and worn out padding, you can finally get yourself dry, drink something hot and wait out the rain. There's even a antique jukebox - someone placed the damaged neon 'o' from the sign outside next to it, the stylised glass donut looking a bit out of place with the sombre décor.

Here, all are welcome and accepted – so long as violence does not occur, as indicated by a the sign reading “Weapon bin by the door, put it in or we put you out. Cold."

On the blackboard, one may find what appears to be a scribble of nonsense:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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meɪniæk 41537897

File: 1515783413113.png (601.08 KB, 600x912, Tied up.png)

>How's it going bear?

meɪniæk 41537899

File: 1515783497679.png (564.94 KB, 597x596, snugs.png)

>That's not an answer to the question.

File: 1500475148165.jpg (2.97 MB, 2560x1600, cityscape-10.jpg)

Shining Light: A Time of Heroes Thread 1: A Narrator!dracSnyjqE 41518270[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Ask/Invite#Canon: Lost Light Universe#Era: Shining Light#Superheroes

We live in an era where the fantastic can happen, 200, 300 years ago? You probably wouldn't see things like that as normal, and if you did, chances are you were nuts.

But a lot of that changed when things started popping up into the world in the 1900's.

>Era Blurb

"As I have learned since, I was not the first anomaly to exist... but on that day of my freedom in 1939, this world had its first confrontation with the fantastic. The Golden Age of miracles would begin, and in the years to come, the world would know the presence of the unnatural and extraordinary as part of reality"- Jim Hammond in a 1960 interview with Phil Sheldon

"Shining Light: A Time Of Heroes" is a free form and open world Superhero RP that takes place on Lost Light's version of Earth during the present day. It's a mash up world of a few different settings, having history from Marvel, DC, GI Joe, Spawn, and even Power Rangers! It's a lot like Lost Light in that it's not the sort of crossover where these worlds are colliding, but rather all these things have been part of this world already! That said given we can't just go "there's a planet for that"with shining light, things are slightly more restricted in what can be introduced and what elements from the source material can be brought over, ex: The Source Wall from DC is a no go.

Wiki: the-lost-light-rebellion-rp.wikia.com/wiki/
OOC: https://www.ponychan.net/rp/res/41515894.html
Lost Light IC: https://www.ponychan.net/rp/res/41515247.html
>Tales thread
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Kazuma Kiryu!pinkie78Os 41537864

File: 1515724070306.jpg (67.32 KB, 640x361, 950186_20100305_790screen004_2…)

>Kiryu placed his hand on the back of the chair to steady himself, letting out a slow exhale before answering with a slight smirk

I'm not that stupid, Jing-san.

I'm gonna go home and rest up first, then figure out a plan of attack...

And get someone to look after Haruka and the others while I'm gone...

>he paused, seemingly unsure for a moment, before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a simple calling card that he gave to Jing

>said card had a logo for Sunflower Orphanage, along with a phone number

If they come back, or if someone else starts giving you trouble, I'll still be here for a few days. So give me a call.

???!E2Vbn7o74s 41537865

>Jing managed a smirk, taking Kiryu's card
You can't blame for thinking you could be, can you?
>he grew silent, looking over at Marise
>then lowered his head, a more tired and saddened look crossing his face

I'm not gonna sit here and pretend I don't deserve some of this... maybe even all of it.

This whole Reaper thing... it was more than just some organized criminal syndicate, or a shadowy conspiracy group...

To the majority of us, it was the only truth. The only life we were given... the only life worth living... We gave ourselves freely, putting our faith on the one man we believed could do no wrong, and followed him straight off the abyss...
>he lets out another sigh, Marise walking over to place her hands on his shoulders
It took me seventy years for my sins to catch up to me... all the deaths, all the pain and misery... seventy years just to question what I was doing...
>he shakes his head with a bitter chuckle
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Kazuma Kiryu!pinkie78Os 41537869

File: 1515727603378.jpg (21.51 KB, 457x640, 1718508-yboxart.jpg)



>Kiryu was pointedly quiet after Jing had finished speaking, finding it difficult to really judge him too harshly now

>he was naturally someone who knew too well what it was like to try and escape the sins of your past
>or at least, try and live with them
>and when others weren't so keen to live and let live, all one could do was fight to keep their lives peaceful
>some would argue it was selfish to do so, and that justice or recompense needed to happen
>but it was what they did

...what's done is done. You can't change the past, and dwelling on it won't do you much good.

Maybe you will be judged for what you've done some day. That's not for you or I to say, I don't think.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1504971139877.png (2.84 MB, 1920x1200, unknown.png)

Fate/Lost Chapters ==Last Wish== The Greater Grail!Ren/VL7f/Q 41526547[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Closed #Canon: Fate/Lost Chapters #Serious #Non-Pony

>In a world not our own, but very much like it, with people that are familiar, but not quite what you remember, there are amazing events happening just beyond the eyes of the ordinary. Events of joy and wonder, of betrayal and anguish. A reunion of the past and the present, and of the years to come, all contained within this one event.

>The Holy Grail War.

>A battle between 7 Magi, for the legendary Holy Grail, said to grant whoever acquires it any wish. Of course, the Magi don't fight alone. To help them do battle, they summon great figures of myth and legend to fight alongside them, and these great figures, known as Servants, are assigned to seven classes.

>Saber, the knight of the sword. Lancer, warriors proficient with weapons of great reach. Archers, long distance snipers, skilled at all manner of projectiles. Riders, speedy warriors who use their mounts and have incredible trump cards up their sleeves. Casters, mages from a bygone age who can manipulate magic in ways that the modern magus could never dream. Assassins, masters of stealth and trickery, striking at the weakest points of their foes. Berserkers, the legendary figures that lost their senses, fighting with incredible power, though difficult to control.

>The Masters have been selected. Their command seals have been manifested, and they have been prepared about as well as they can be. Now it remains to summon their Spirit, and win the war, for whatever that may entail...

>Rejoice Masters. Your wishes may be granted sooner than you think. Now let the 5th Grail War begin!
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Brigsby youngblood 41537696

>Brigsby could only grimace at the damage that Lancer had taken; The way this fight was progressing, Berserker would be the only one left alive. The two martial fighters had done so much damage to each other that he soubted the two of them together fought as well as one of them had alone. At Lancer's request however...
"I really doubt that tipping our hand against Berserker is going to cause difficulties in the long run. Any fool who summoned that thing is likely a madman on his own, and Berserker is already using his. Fire away Lugh. I'll be fine."
>Oh, this was going to suck. He knew the amounts of mana that this sort of thing used were astronomical. Reaching into the saddlebag on the side of the chopper, he fished out a red crystal... the same red crystal that tipped each of the bullets in his hidden revolver. Popping it into his mouth like candy, he crunched down on it, feeling the power of it suffuse his form, and by extension, Lugh would feel that power available to him. Turning his head slightly so he could see both the road and Annette out of his peripheral vision, he said
"Lugh's probably got this! Truce for the night?!"
>he yelled over the winds. Even if Lugh won, they were still enemies in this war... but that didn't mean that they couldn't be civil.

BERSERKER 41537699

As Lugh was launched into the forest, dealt with for the moment, Berserker had barely enough time to deflect the first of those sword swings with the massive bladed cudgel. As the sword sparked off, he brought the massive club back to attack, before his eyes widened with a growl at how fast Saber had brought his own weapon back for another attack... and another! Stepping back, Berserker's weapon expertly came down to deflect every other strike.... and even if he could weild the massive club of his like a willow wand, that didn't change the fact that it was certainly unweildy. Backed up, past the reach of his weapon, Berserker was on the defensive! He snarled and growled as he was forced to give up ground, and as he did so Saber might recognize the nature of his madness... he had protected a mead hall in his human life of course. He had seen this. This man, were he not enhanced, could likely easily think through the situation. Berserker, however, could not, not because he was acting like a feral animal, but because he was two steps away from being blackout drunk.

The drunken behemoth roared once again, stepping back with a sway as Saber's sword opened a red line over Berserker's breast, blood flowing down the chisled physique... and that was when Berserker had had enough. During the recoil of that swing, Berserker found his opening, as instead of stepping back, he lunged forward. The wind gathered behind him, a typhoon of force carried behind Berserker's ungodly strength as the armored gauntlet of Quetzalcoatl's golden hand drove itself towards Saber's gut...
Lancer however had been forgotten... or simply ignored, as the narrow mind of the battle frenzied giant before them focused on what was currently attacking them... This might be Lancer's chance to knock out two birds with one spear as it were.

Saber!pinkie78Os 41537700

File: 1515448953219.jpg (114.06 KB, 1191x670, berserk_guts_by_dragonwarrior_…)

>with his Master's concern ringing somewhere in the back of his mind, Saber simply continued his relentless assault on the frame of Berserker, swinging his sword again and again
>truthfully, he didn't have much of a plan to defeat Berserker, he just had to keep him at bay
>that was as far as he could think, as he roared and wailed on him again and again
>a cut here, a nick there, whatever it took to just hold the monster back, and maybe he could eventually chop him down
>and it seemed as though it was working, bizarrely enough
>by sticking close to him, the massive club that Berserker wielded couldn't get close enough to hit him, so he was free to keep nicking at him as long as he could
>and once blood was drawn, Saber let out a blood-thirsty roar of his own



>or started to, rather

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1499201700649.jpg (235.86 KB, 1920x1080, 1498515088699.jpg)

BLN #62: The End Is Neigh Edition! (62-2 The End Has Happened) Betty "Scott"!Omega2.4V6 41515191[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Canon: Better Layton Never#IC#Ask/Invite#ItKeepsHappening
Come one! Come all! Feast your eyes upon the wonders of a world far separated from reality. A world where colorful pastel talking ponies are only one of many oddities taken for granted. In this world exist many who are alien to it. Some who have come here intentionally. Others, "accidentally" or by "chance". What a silly notion, that anything would happen by pure coincidence.

But be warned my friends, once you have stepped into this world, you must be prepared to accept the responsibility. For out of all that exists here, there is not a single one who is not important. All will leave a permanent impact. So choose you next moves carefully my friends, for the choices you make, may be your eternal legacy!



kkkrrzzzz We interrupt this program to bring you: BLN 62-2, the Underground level!
>(1st post summary of lost events)
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Sheogorath!CyJ.Bc.Vtg 41534855

File: 1511729373536.jpg (73.74 KB, 300x504, You have my interest.jpg)


Hohohoho, oh no. Why do that when you'd do it yourself.

>There'd be the sound of a wing flap and the duck would be gone from Sheogorath's head, having moved to Andurs head at lightning speed. The same speed it had used to fly out of the way of Andurs' beam.

Hahahaha, ah the look on Hircine's face when I pulled that on him. Well, look on his mask. I don't think he has a face. Possibly a lower jaw, never met anyone who has survived trying to look under it.

>There'd be a short awkward pause.

Did you know there is a mass murderer that shares your name?

>He'd ask.

Nicolette the Floppy Diskette !SavedtIPN6 41534975

File: 1511903170128.jpg (28.93 KB, 512x512, Nicolette.jpg)

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Where Am I Now? Ica 41533103[View]

(Please forgive me. It's been a LONG time since I was here last)

> after a humiliating defeat by that annoying girl, Ica found herself waking up out in the forest. She didn't know if she was close to a town or not. She didn't even recognize the area. However, she does know the snow falling from nowhere above her and the frozen trees and landscape was caused by her subconscious anger. First she loses her so-called leader, then her faux sisters, now she's been blown far from that accursed school. Ica (Ice-Ah) had very light skin and frosty, dark hair with white streaks. Her pale, green eyes keep looking to the sky, knowing she can't fight her own anger and losing to that brat for, what feels like, the billionth time

"... I hate her... so, so much..."

Ica 41533112

>Ica decides to stop moping for a moment and stands up, brushing off her frosted outfit so the dirt slides off it's black and blue colors. She stretches to loosen up a bit before taking off in any given direction. Luckily, she wore the regular boots instead of the heels

File: 1509226091522.jpg (398.63 KB, 1000x740, no_such_thing_as_monsters_by_n…)

The Swirlies OOC-Risen From The Dead And Days Of Old Edition Roth!.fNJV2Jlhw 41532746[View]

#open (As of now, open, but this could change at a later time. I'm just going to experiment with it being open and see how it goes.) #Canon:The Swirlies #Action #Grimdark #Violence #Gore (Up to the moderaters discretion, but trying to keep it fitting to the story and not just for shits and giggles) #non-pony #power level (will be explained in next post) #serious #Writing Skill-moderate or better #planning #sign up/join #characters

POST 1/2
Monsters in the closet? Pfft! We got this!


Welcome to The Swirlies! A place where your wildest dreams can come true!


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Roth!.fNJV2Jlhw 41532747

File: 1509226781531.jpg (88.51 KB, 1024x683, creepy_playground_____by_ccoun…)

POST 2/2


>Though light-hearted themes may come into play at times, the more significant portion of this rp will be in a serious, grim dark-horror style. You have been warned.

Welcome to a world where monsters roam the shadows and children rule the night. If you're looking to sign up then you gotta be tough, kid! Cause only the best make it out of this nightmare alive!

Basic Every Day Lore And Knowledge

The Swirlies

While players will encounter a numerous amount of monsters ranging from mere pests to much stronger and tougher enemies with a wide range of capabilities, there are certain monsters that are in a class all their own.

These monsters are a special breed of being created from the depths of an exceptionally strong-willed child's deepest fear. Their presence is announced by a strange and swirling gray fog-like mist that rolls across the land mere moments before the monsters arrival, hence the term 'Swirlies'.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Roth!.fNJV2Jlhw 41532748

If you gots questions, don't be shy!

Going Into More Detail-Or, Some Things OP Forgot To Mention Princess Dan Ella Woon!.fNJV2Jlhw 41532903

File: 1509321690361.jpg (84.8 KB, 730x1095, closet_monster_by_gabrielwyse-…)


The site-wide rules still apply. You can find them here: https://www.ponychan.net/

Scroll down to rules.

In general, there won't be much, if any, dice rolling. The game will roll out more like a story, and players will be expected to co-operate with each other out of character, in order to make it fun for everyone. If you have a concern or an issue, take it to the ooc thread and try to keep it civil. I don't want to see name calling, bashing, bullying, or anything more than heated debate. I understand that at times people are people and lose their temper, but if it becomes a repeated issue with a user, I will boot them from the thread.

I don't really expect anything of the sort to happen, but I still feel like it needs to be said.

Types Of Characters

It's been quite a while since I had this setting in the open, so I'm a bit rusty on what my more strict setting for the characters was before. As stated in the previous post, however, twelve years old is the maximum age to play your character up to while they are still seeing and fighting the monsters. Once they are thirteen, they can no longer experience what the other kids experience.

The youngest I will allow characters to be is six. Anything before six, (unless of course you are describing a past event with your character), will most likely not be allowed. I feel like five years old and younger is just too young.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1508958138745.png (809.26 KB, 3000x2895, NaughtyLuna.png)

Tails of Equestria Nightmare Night Assistance MrB!cxxdrIcFzI 41532402[View]

I haven't been here in years so I'm not sure if this subject is alright in this board... BUT here it goes!

I'm to host a ToE game for 2 of my friends this weekend and I really want to do a one-shot Nightmare Night themed campaign with characters about the CMC age range.

Only issue is, I have jack all for a story. If anyone has ideas for some good ol spoopy fun, I'd love to hear them!

File: 1506571507240.webm (896.88 KB, 1280x720, Pingu.webm)

Donut Bar: Pingu Edition 41528111[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Open#Canon: Donut Bar#Pseudo-canon#Cross-canon#Chill #Lighthearted#Shipping#General #Semi-serious#Crazy #Courtsey/Common Sense/ Fun

All cities have dark sides, and Canterlot is certainly no exception. On the wrong side of the tracks, everything appears to be dark and cold, the rainy weather being but an exclamation mark deepening the atmosphere of alienation and lurking fear.

The atmosphere changes though, as soon as you pass the worn door over the neon sign saying, in bright bold letters [U]D NUT BAR

Inside, amongst the tables and chairs dating back to the last century, with their nicks and stains and worn out padding, you can finally get yourself dry, drink something hot and wait out the rain. There's even a antique jukebox - someone placed the damaged neon 'o' from the sign outside next to it, the stylised glass donut looking a bit out of place with the sombre décor.

Here, all are welcome and accepted – so long as violence does not occur, as indicated by a the sign reading “Weapon bin by the door, put it in or we put you out. Cold."

On the blackboard, one may find what appears to be a scribble of nonsense:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Nightshade!YUL65dGygI 41532370

>you fucked it up D:


>God dman it

File: 1506270896094.jpg (200.63 KB, 785x1017, ta_and_upgrade_colored_by_thor…)

Prometheus Academy Avedon 41527279[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Closed/Invite Only #Non-Pony #Canon: Prometheus Academy

Q: What is Prometheus Academy?

A: The setting will take place in modern-day Earth, just 20 years after the rise of the first super-heroes. It follows the story of students at the aforementioned academy that has recently opened, the first school ever attempting to educate Super-powered individuals.

Q: What do I need to do to join/play?

A: The step by step process is explained in the Character Creation document, which also contains explanations of any terms, and various examples. You should come up with a character idea, a super-power you find entertaining, and then mold it from there in the creation process. You do not choose from existing classes or feats, instead the creation process is designed to help you translate your vision into hard numbers for any gameplay.

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S. Poet 41530537

File: 1507934957431.gif (1.89 MB, 493x274, insight.gif)

"A lot of people say the same. Still, a few people might take it the wrong way if you call them by the wrong name. Uh--not, that I wanna seem like I'm threatening or-or bothered at all, just..."
She walked on for a moment, looking flustered as she tightened her grip upon her battered, white bookbag.
"It's a school for supers. It's just that, in your place, I'd be kinda worried about making one of the stronger or less disciplined kids get mad at me."


File: 1508007519149.jpg (360.29 KB, 1280x1725, tumblr_ofetp1imaj1uugqoto1_128…)


>Marie thought about it a bit. She should probably grow out of the names thing. The teachers would probably get annoyed at it after a while as well.

....I'll try to get out of that habit...

>To be fair though, she already had a simple, alternate name picked out for her to go along with her super hero appearance! Well she thought she did...now she had to just think of what kind of costume to have on. Regardless! They made their way along tot he supply building! It seems they weren't the only ones in need of developing a costume before the end of the week

S. Poet 41531349

File: 1508325442618.png (27.75 KB, 210x390, Itsuka_Kendou_Profile_Sports_F…)

Poet was uncertain of what to say for a little while. Long enough, at least, that they would reach the supply building before she could think to say one more word. The elevator carried them down deep into the earth to the Quartermaster's desk, flanked by the cavernous, colossal storage facility behind his checkpoint. Poet found herself again awed by the sheer scale of the facility, though, having seen it once before for herself, the effect was slightly diminished.

"...So, you get your basic kit, and then you make your requests for whatever else you need. I got some goggles and a few lead plates, so I'm assuming the sky's the limit."

File: 1502874242326.jpg (502.59 KB, 3840x1080, uBt0A1g.jpg)

Donut Bar: Rendition Edition Taiga !TaigaVQX9Y!!D1BGplAzDk 41522799[View][Last 50 Posts]

#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Cross-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #Courtsey/Common Sense/ Fun

All rural areas have light sides, but Canterlot is certainly an exception. On the right side of the tracks, few things appear to be bright and warm; the sunny weather being but a question mark shallowing the ground of community and overt courage.

The earth remains the same though, eventually as you stop at the newly installed door under the plaque saying, in dim thin letters Donut Bar
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-7lvINrYPw [Embed]

Outside, away from the tables and chairs fresh off the factory, with their smoothness and sterility and gleaming metal, you can once again get yourself wet, eat something cool and continue out in the sun. There's even a contemporary home theatre system - someone placed the new dull 'A' from the sign inside away from it. Above, the natural-looking metal donut fit in just right with the lively décor.

Here, none are welcome nor accepted – after of which, benevolence does occur, but obfuscated by a the sign reading “Medicine bin away from the window, take it out or they will put you in. Warm."

Off the whiteboard, some may lose what appears to be a proverb of wisdom:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Nightshade!YUL65dGygI 41528064

File: 1506537284348.png (576.25 KB, 960x1280, Who,me.png)

Oh, good!

meɪniæk 41528066

File: 1506537363427.png (413.17 KB, 1600x1600, faicfaic.png)

So, uh... Tell me about yourself!

File: 1506246233001.png (175.21 KB, 828x965, 1465866020124.png)

Dan Derp !HHpSeFdCvs 41527276Locked[View]

this is now a Dan RP

Anonymous ## Mod 41527498

Moved to >>>/trash/8289.

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