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Jul 19: Site Feedback Thread

File: 1438366183474.jpg (158.13 KB, 791x1200, STK680572.jpg)

IDW Comics Thread: August 2015 Marimo!Mrb.TaRPks 36803849Sticky[View]

My Little Pony Friends Forever #19
(W) Christina Rice (A) Brenda Hickey
Rarity has a genius idea to expand the Cake’s business! However, Rarity’s big dreams may overtake the Cake’s sanity before the new venture can even get off the ground!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #33
(W) Thom Zahler (A) Tony Fleecs
“Night of the Living Apples” Part 2! The Bad Apples’ rule is now law in Ponyville! The only hope lies with FLUTTERBAT!
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Anonymous 36803960

It's like she has wings for a reason

File: 1438238058490.jpg (67.97 KB, 1280x720, Golden Sweetie.jpg)

Official Weekly Re-visit Thread Season 3 Episode 4 Nickel Storm 36803760Sticky[View]

Okay folks, Up next we have Season 3 Episodes 4 One Bad Apple, Written by: Cindy Morrow.

The link to the episode: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwrk0u_mlp-fim-s3-e4-one-bad-apple-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.

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Unlikeable pony 36803811

File: 1438296073096.gif (915.83 KB, 213x260, 34344.gif)


Personally, Think it may have something to do with the CMC possibly getting their cutie marks; if the CMC get their cutie marks, it would leave babs out in the cold a bit and might seem forced if she only got hers AFTER the other three got theirs.

By giving her her cutie mark now, it kind of clears the air.

Yeah, pretty much :/

Not the best episode out there; the moral was pretty shitty (the cycle of bullying idea is stupid and has been largely debunked), and overall just wasn't that enjoyable.

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File: 1435876070523.jpg (206.67 KB, 2047x1117, image.jpg)

EQG 3 Discussion Thread Anonymous 36801875Sticky[View][Last 50 Posts]

Now that actual information about the movie is being released, I figured it could use a thread to keep all the info in one place.

Discuss the upcoming EQG movie here, post all relevant info/spoilers/whatever.

Article/Trailer: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/tv/2015/07/01/my-little-pony-comic-con-exclusive/29568545/
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Anonymous 36803959

>god I hate that term now that's apparently official
I've lost count of how many bad terms they've made official

File: 142558243492.png (106.54 KB, 500x500, more.png)

Season 5 Future Content Discussion Thread NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36791188Sticky[View][Last 50 Posts]

Even though S5 just got a confirmed air date, we're already receiving hints and teases at future content.

Use this thread for posting/discussing future episode details.
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Unlikeable Pony 36803958

File: 1438576326499.png (140.05 KB, 800x800, 444.png)


To be honest I'd actually be very happy if that were true in regards to the Lightning dust card: I REALLY would like to avoid her being redeemed like everyone else, i like her to remain top cunt and an antagonist.

Just kind of used to those cards giving spoilers for future episodes.

File: 1438613984053.jpg (89.13 KB, 432x672, 00001417edAdolphInezt.jpg)

00001417edAdolphInezt 36803967[View]


File: 1438611708510.jpg (97.53 KB, 768x576, 00001416edIgrewuplovi.jpg)

00001416edIgrewuplovi 36803966[View]


File: 1437636108223.png (998.86 KB, 1280x720, Pinkie_Pie_'Aw,_my_poor,_poor_…)

Official Weekly Re-visit Thread Returns Season 3 Episode 3 Nickel Storm 36803425[View]

Okay folks, Up next we have Season 3 Episodes 3 Too Many Pikies Pies, Written by: Meghan McCarthy.

The link to the episode: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwrikl_mlp-fim-s3-e3-too-many-pinkie-pies-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.

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Anonymous 36803790

File: 1438280786038.png (385.42 KB, 900x932, large.png)


Clearly we need Steven blum voicing the S6 villain.

Anonymous 36803796

And get David Hayter to play the new misunderstood anti-hero and Jennifer Hale to play the damsel in distress that actually turns out to be the most powerful of the three?

Pink Panther 36803962

I stand by what I said. No such thing as too many pinkies.

File: 1438528131823.jpg (585.56 KB, 2276x1736, 1438527176490.jpg)

List[Ponychan's Civil Defense]!!DmZwuuBQIx 36803929Locked[View]

From /oat/
Don't ban, let's keep this going for a bit
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/rp/ shall burn

Kink!ePieTU8NkQ 36803937

File: 1438529823886.png (195.7 KB, 830x962, pinkie_pie_being_cute_by_sapol…)

Bomb at the /gala/

Anonymous ## Mod 36803938

File: 1436407120273.png (9.16 KB, 515x95, 530207__safe_text_twitter_megh…)

Anonymous 36802467[View]

How would you feel about this?
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Ghosties!zGiggle1Ws 36803730

Could be really noticeable or not at all. If it is, I'm expecting a lot of wordplay and beat comedy.

I'm totally for it, regardless.

Anonymous 36803810

Canada is just America's hat.

Anonymous 36803877

If they did bring him in and the episode sucks, blame Canada.

File: 1436708154981.jpg (15.9 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

Season vs. Season 2 (Episode 15) XylonLionheart!l7.O6DCdPw 36802999[View]

How appropriate for a mid-season break, though really it shows off how this feels like Season 5 being split into two half seasons like Season 3. This is the last time Season 3 will be compared against other episodes until the finale. So, here's what we have this week.

Season 1: Fall Weather Friends
Season 2: Baby Cakes
Season 3: Magical Mystery Cure
Season 4: Simple Ways
Season 5: Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

I feel like I'm having trouble deciding on the order again. At the same time, I feel like I might be in the minority on what I go with here. At least I know what my bottom two are. Let's... go with my gut here, I guess.

Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? > Magical Mystery Cure > Fall Weather Friends > Simple Ways > Baby Cakes

I still like Amending Fences better overall as a story, but I still really enjoyed this week's episode. Yes, I'm a bit of a Luna fanboy, so that probably helped this episode in my eyes, but I was also quite amused by the dream sequences, especially the shared one near the end. The dialogue was a bit repetitive and Luna trying to fight the Tantabus alone at the beginning just seemed cliche at this point, but I really missed these sort of high action stories, and for it to also feature Luna? This was her best appearance since Luna Eclipsed. (Though that, again, was still superior.)

Magical Mystery Cure only gets second here because even though it had some great highs, you had to get through that mess of a first half first. The pacing was just... too quick at the start, and it really needed to be a two-parter to get the most out of the story. Even then... does anybody else think that this was a weak story to lead in to Twilight's Ascension? I really do feel that there could have been something more... grand to lead to her ultimate epiphany. That said, there were still some great moments that really capped off the series thus far.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Marimo!Mrb.TaRPks 36803738

File: 1438057419176.jpg (6.97 KB, 141x144, cilan_display.jpg)

>On that note, anyone find it odd that Dash's favorite dream isn't about being the best wonderbolt, but rather being on an adventure?
>I kind of like to say its character development in how she's come to idolize things like daring do almost more than the wonderbolts, though I could see how some people might think it was out of character to not be dreaming about being the best wonderbolt ever or whatnot.
I just think that joining the Wonderbolts is more of a goal kind of dream, and for a sort of stream of consciousness dream, having an exciting fight against changelings would be something she'd like. I mean it's not like Rarity having a dream of dancing dresses or Applejack growing a giant apple means that in the real world they would desire having those more than their businesses succeeding.

Crimson Risk !RISkQqf4EM 36803764

>On that note, anyone find it odd that Dash's favorite dream isn't about being the best wonderbolt, but rather being on an adventure?
The writers probably feel like the Wonderbolts thing is played out, now that she's met them personally, been in their academy, etc.

Unlikeable pony 36803860

Well yes, but that's still her big dream arc that they've never wrapped up :p

Until its concluded its still a part of her.
(Though, to be honest, I'd kind of like her to end up deciding she'd rather be an adventurer like Daring do instead of a wonderbolt and that she idolized them as heroes instead of as stunt fliers)

File: 1435601769574.jpg (139.6 KB, 791x1200, STK677584.jpg)

IDW Comics Thread: July 2015 Marimo!Mrb.TaRPks 36801701[View][Last 50 Posts]

My Little Pony Friends Forever #18
(W) Christina Rice (A) Jay P. Fosgitt
Everyone’s favorite pegasus pair Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash star in this issue! Dash is excited to go to the Cloudsdale school reunion-but Fluttershy is harboring some bad memories and fears!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #32
(W) Thom Zahler (A) Tony Fleecs
“Night of the Living Apples,” Part 1! Something sinister is happening at Sweet Apple Acres! Bad apples have come alive and determined to take over all of Ponyville!
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Marimo!Mrb.TaRPks 36803737

File: 1438056582827.png (99.58 KB, 285x322, 2 14 1.PNG)

Yeah, especially since when you're pitching a project, most of the time, especially for people trying to get started in the business, you don't have a lot of their time to do your pitch. The people you're pitching too aren't going to spend the time needed to appreciate a story that shows off how good the writing could be, but art is something that can leave an impact and be conveyed quickly. Once you've gotten the green light is when a writer can show their stuff.

Unlikeable pony 36803739

File: 1438060170792.png (531.74 KB, 595x507, 343434.png)

On that note, that's why I think the artist is so important to each issues success; even if the plot's bad, I can still draw significant enjoyment from a comic simply from the art-- For example, despite not accomplishing much, I STILL like to go back and look over and reread Tirek's comic simply for the sharply done art.

Unlikeable pony 36803831

File: 1438314819444.png (151.59 KB, 471x524, 944382__safe_text_queen+chrysa…)

So... Chrysalis AND sombra in the new arc?

Interesting... Kind of never picked chrysalis to be a team player. Wondering if she ends up betraying Sombra's "mom" in the comic?

File: 1437855525829.png (308.19 KB, 1841x1762, 1437855210209.png)

DemonioBlanco, the protector 36803601[View]

Are we lucky that we did not got a Cupcakes reference on the episode 100 or on the "dreams are scary" episodes?
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Anonymous 36803707

G3 with Memebait

Crimson Risk !RISkQqf4EM 36803761

my sides

Anonymous 36803768

Of course they now fill MLP with unnecessary inappropriate jokes that supposedly go over the heads of the true target demo

File: 1437566767676.png (5.2 KB, 180x87, tmp_26766-180px-IDW_Publishing…)

Anonymous 36803358[View]

Why don't they just hire the most well-regarded members from FIMfiction to write their stories?

Why not hire some artists from the fandom as well?
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Unlikeable Pony 36803733

File: 1438053948914.png (130.37 KB, 481x362, 944290__pinkie+pie_semi-dash-g…)

To be honest Bollox, I think that you'd be a decent enough fit for pinkie due to how insane she is :p

Crimson Risk !RISkQqf4EM 36803762

whoa wait wait wait

are you telling me that's NOT where they got McCarthy?!

Anonymous 36803765

She's a professional yes man, not a fanfic writer

File: 1437376257751.jpg (175.15 KB, 822x976, books.jpg)

Names of Books ConnorTheBrony 36803301[View]

In the season 1 premier episodes these two books are given specific names, but as I remember the brown storybook with the unicorn head that gives exposition in the very first scene is never given a specific name.

However, in the second season premier they find the Elements hidden in "the reference guide to the Elements of Harmony" which has the same cover as the nameless book Twilight was reading in the beginning.

The book Twilight was originally reading wasn't really a reference guide to the Elements, it seemed more like a fanciful history book. The reason she looked deeper into the story of the Mare in the Moon was because she was trying to find a deeper explanation for what the Elements were after the storybook reminded her that she had heard of them before.

Should the Reference Guide and "the storybook" be considered the same book or different books? Do you think this was just a case of creator oversight and/or reusing the best looking asset?

I'm asking because I have a few fics I'm writing which depend on the specific books and I wanted to see some others' opinions.
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Bollox!60EJwbmzEs 36803721

File: 1438035197616.png (244.08 KB, 379x454, EXE_MMBN_Temp.png)


Megaman Battle Network is greatest element of harmony

DemonioBlanco, the protector 36803722

MBN is an element of harmony?

but i thought it was destroyed by the evil alicorn "Capcom"

Unlikeable Pony 36803734

File: 1438054113342.jpg (29.6 KB, 637x640, 820356-protoman.exe.jpg)

Hell yeah, I loved that back when I was growing up.

Though, I will admit that I think it went downhill after 2, little by little :(

I never played the sixth one because the 5th one just sucked my enthusiasm out :(

File: 1435354804046.jpg (6.53 KB, 120x124, JTHM_Avatar_4.jpg)

Is the show still good? Pork and Beans 36801334[View]

I stopped watching after season 3 ended. It looked like the show was just going completely downhill after that catastrophe of a season finale. I watched a few episodes of season 4, but I never finished the whole season and I'm seeing that season 5 is happening right now.

Is the show still any good? I mean obviously, you guys still watch it and enjoy it, but to someone whos enjoyment died at the season 3 finale, is it worth enduring season 4 and catching up to today? Because truth be told, I miss the pony anthologies, and I miss understanding the references that saberspark makes, and I miss the fandom in general. Oh, yeah, you guys are pretty cool, too, I guess.
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Hulkbow!SMASH/3FWA 36801766

Of that era? I think Johnny Bravo was the only cartoon I remember finding entertaining at the time. My gf back then was big on PPG and Dexter's Lab, so I got plenty of exposure to both whether I wanted to or not, and never got into either. I didn't find Foster's until I started digging around for new stuff to watch a few years back. Watched it and Chowder concurrently until I lost interest in Foster's a few episodes in, enjoyed Chowder to the last episode.

Looney Toons was probably my favorite when I was growing up, so I took to Tiny Toons and Animaniacs pretty readily when they came out. Other than those? Hmm. Bullwinkle, Superfriends, Underdog, Groovy Ghoulies, Mighty Hercules, Catillac Cats, and Inspector Gadget are others I can think of offhand that I enjoyed at various times. Probably more I'm forgetting. Oh, He-Man was cheesy fun too.

Anonymous 36803565

File: 1437812128157.jpg (187.2 KB, 1000x1000, 411053__safe_pinkie+pie_monoch…)

Season five has been the BEST season this far! There's been only one episode I didn't like that much, and several that were more awesome than I believed would be possible!

Most of the people complaining about things going downhill are the same people who have done that since season 1 or 2, sometimes even saying that the show should end while it's still good. That's a sick way to look at things, as in psychologically sick in a way that cognitive constructivism has a diagnosis for. They are so afraid of being disappointed by something they love that they'd rather have it end than live in fear of being let down!

In case you're sad, that is the reason you can't have nice things.


File: 1438023052588.jpg (22.29 KB, 199x200, Celestiawesome.jpg)

What about that I refuse to watch the end of Wolf's Rain because I do know how it ends? I would have a super sad face watching my favorite character in any anime (the rest too) do down one by one. I choose to pretend that they made it to Paradise.
>I don't like crying whilst watching cartoons.

Connor Dingus 36803473[View]

Accidently deleted last post, facehoof. Is MLP-Episodes.tk safe? if it isn't, where do you guys watch episodes? I NEED MY SEASON 5 FIX

Anonymous 36803476

The first half of Season 5 is coming to Netflix next Thursday:



I use the Yay Ponies archive for all my stuff. Though, usually I just download them from youtube or dailymotion, whichever one gets their HD version uploaded and linked the Equestria Daily first.

File: 1437702045480.png (67.63 KB, 516x588, DeCadence.png)

Ranking Rotters Nother Nonymous 36803479[View]

Who are the best villains in this show? Not counting dumb animals (Hydra, Ursa Minor, tatzlwurm, etc.), irritating and unlikable jerks who pose no real threat (Gilda, teenage dragons, Diamond Tiara), temporary evil transformations of regular viewpoint characters (Flutterbat, adult Spike), or characters who start out as villains but are reformed by the end of their first episode (Babs Seed).

My ranking: Discord > Chrysalis > Starlight Glimmer > Flim & Flam > Trixie > Diamond Dogs > Nightmare Moon > Tantabus > Ahuizotl > Tirek > Sombra.
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File: 1437842834508.png (43.45 KB, 207x200, sunset-shimmer-73536.png)

Haven't read 'em.

Nother Nonymous 36803640

File: 1437927827598.jpg (92.41 KB, 465x343, Mr_Horse_reads_the_data.jpg)

So far, there's 100% unanimity on the top two spots: Discord, followed by Chrysalis.

That's-- er -- 3 votes out of 3.

Anonymous 36803641

File: 1437933277729.jpg (115.94 KB, 922x1024, large.jpeg)

Going by most other places I've visited, plus Pchan in the past, I think Tirek NORMALLY wins second or first place. We're just slow is all :(

File: 1436617749072.jpg (301.63 KB, 1384x924, dreams.jpeg)

Season 5 Episode 13 Discussion Thread Marimo!Mrb.TaRPks 36802710[View][Last 50 Posts]

This thread is meant for discussing impressions on this week's episode, Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, during and after it airs.

Be mindful of saying spoilers before they show up on TV.
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Anonymous 36803633

Because she wasn't in Ponyville

DemonioBlanco, the protector 36803634

she wasnt worth to bring because she wouldnt be able to do a thing.

luna said it.

on any case, i wonder if she will have an episode to shine more. the closes have being during the episode 100 and the discord episode
This post was edited by its author on .

cmaven555 36803637

My review: >>36803423

File: 1437033157688.gif (4.73 MB, 1599x899, 150514__UNOPT__safe_animated_p…)

Official Weekly Re-visit Thread Returns Season 3 Episodes 1-2 Nickel Storm 36803195[View]

Well this was gonna wait till after season 5 was done but due to the long hiatus lets get the Season 3 Re-visit underway. To start things off we have Season 3 Episodes 1-2 The Crystal Empire, Written by: Meghan McCarthy.

The link to the episode:(Combined episode) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwrg1g_mlp-fim-s3-e1-e2-the-crystal-empire-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.


P.S. Welcome to those who have joined us after the merger. A quick explanation of this thread is that we re-visit the episodes in order and discuss them at length hopefully without too much derailing. This thread runs during any long show down time, typically between seasons but like I said long hiatus, so we got plenty of time.
This post was edited by its author on .
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Anonymous 36803572

Tirek also has that G1 reference factor


File: 1437834836573.jpg (16.2 KB, 221x228, whatevs.jpg)

wow. so cool

Anonymous 36803574

Personally I don't really care either

File: 1437759932986.png (343.09 KB, 1024x576, nightmare_star_by_spacekut-d8r…)

So, nightmare star... Unlikeable Pony 36803518[View]

Turns out she's NOT from the dream episode, meaning this seemingly will be "for real".

what do you think will be the events around her? Time travel by starlight? Season 6? Movie? Ect.
8 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Anonymous 36803533

Meh, I still think "alicorn princesses" being a thing is cynically missing the point of what Faust intended Celestia and Luna to be.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36803534

I wouldn't be shocked to find their cutie marks emulate the EoH, rather than the EoH their cutie marks.

Unlikeable Pony 36803546

File: 1437771690038.jpg (113.9 KB, 1280x720, 555.jpg)

I wouldn't have found that explanation bad if it were true, but we saw the EOH in the past before the mane six already in S4, and they were diamonds.

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