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Jan 20: Board Organization Discussion
Jan 15: Staff Update, and Rules Update

File: 1500534655957.png (488.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-20-00-02-37…)

Official Flutter Thread Starshine!Laura/wmXM 11974Sticky[View]

Flutter is a fork of Clover, an Android app for browsing and posting on 4chan. This thread is for updates on development, discussion, suggestions, and bug reports.

Alpha build (Latest build 23 Jul 2017)
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Starshine!Laura/wmXM 12085

Oh lol, I misunderstood

File: 1500235589579.png (438 KB, 1280x800, Knight ponies.png)

Fen!!Shining Armor ## Admin 11856Sticky[View][Last 50 Posts]

TLDR: Me and Astra are stepping down as admins.
Mikie and TPWPAF are taking over as admins.

Longer version:
We could cite a whole lot of reasons like not enjoying the site, make a bunch of excuses like work taking up too much time, but the bottom line is that i cant bring myself to give a shit, and the site deserves someone who can.

This is the only Luna / Shiny pic i can find that isnt porn.
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Anonymous 12091

Thanks to Fen and Astra for dealing with this as long as you did. This site is pretty wild and takes a careful hand to maintain.

I trust Mikie and TPWPAF to do a great job given the experiences I've seen.

As long as there is a MLP, there will be a community.
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File: 1490301643816.gif (32.91 KB, 180x226, 131546 - animated Friendship_i…)

## Developer 11267Sticky[View]

I've set up a bugtracker so that issues/bugs/feature requests can be consolidated into one place to make it easier to keep track of, rather than having to watch multiple threads. One of the nice things about BitBucket is that you don't need to have an account in order to add an issue. If you have a BitBucket account and want to post with that, that's up to you.


Some things to keep in mind:
1. Make your issue submissions clear and concise.
2. If you need to submit a screenshot, the issue tracker has an option to upload files.
3. The issue tracker is only for actual issues/bugs/feature requests/etc. Any frivolous issues or shitposts will be deleted.
4. Also, this should be used only for issues with Ponychan's code/strucure, not ban requests and user complaints and whatnot. Keep that stuff on /site/.
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Just a quick note, Macil gave me the source code for Ponychan as it was before I started making changes to it, and it's been uploaded to BitBucket here. All issues added to the old issue tracking repo have been migrated to the new repo, and if you try to access the old repo, it will link you too the new one.

/site/ Sticky thread !!Fluttershy 3063StickyLocked[View]

The /Site/ Sticky:
Welcome! This sticky will cover the majority of frequently asked questions as well as provide important information for using the site. Click each box for info.

Or if you have any questions, feel free to ask in our official Discord!

● Formatting & Hotkeys
While browsing:
  • Q brings up the Quick Reply - if you have it enabled in the Settings.
  • Ctrl+b will make highlighted text bold
  • Ctrl+i will put it in italics
  • Ctrl+s will spoiler your text
  • Ctrl+h will hide your text, creating a [Show] button for people to reveal
  • Ctrl+u will underline it
  • Ctrl + r is for strikethrough
  • [cs][/cs] will create Comic Sans text
  • [tt][/tt] will create Typeface font
  • [shy][/shy] will create smaller text
  • [rcv][/rcv] will create larger text and activate the royal canterlot voice wordfilter
  • Red bold headings are obtained by placing two equal signs (==) on each side of ==your text== (On one line only)
  • [url] function - you can make hyperlinks in the following manner: [url=http://google.com]Click here[/url]
  • On /pony/, /fan/ and /rp/, you can edit your posts or threads. Click the checkbox of the post you want to edit and click the [Edit] button in the bottom right corner of the page to edit it.
  • You can use an automated "dice" by entering [XdY], X being the number of dice and Y the number of sides each dice has. For example [2d6] will throw two 6-faced dice.
  • You can also make additions or subtractions, useful for roleplaying functions. For example [1d20-5]
  • Thread watching: There is a 'Watch' link at the bottom right of every OP. When it's clicked, a 'Watcher' menu will appear near the Settings tab. You will be alerted of new messages in watched threads.
  • Cross--thread linking is done as such: >>>/test/47
  • Catalog: each board has a "Catalog" which will show you all the threads currently on every page of each board. For example: catalog for /anon/. The catalog will show you a preview of each thread's OP text, the OP image as well as the number of replies in each thread.
● Settings
Ponychan has a Settings button on the right of its navbar. Here are some of the features it provides:
  • The "style" field allows you to use different themes.
  • Show mature content threads: Will reveal the automatically hidden mature threads on certain boards. Off by default.
  • Treat mature images as spoilers: Spoilers images in mature threads, when threads are unhidden.
  • Reveal Spoilers will bypass the Spoilers system (Images and text)
  • Navbar stays at the top: "Sticks" the navbar to the top of the page. It is off by default: the navbar scrolls down with you.
  • Use QR for posting: Highly recommended, the Quick Reply allows you to post in a thread without scrolling to the top every time. Q brings it up.
  • Show "You" on links to your posts: Will put the text (You) after a reply directed to a post you have made.
  • Reply notifier sound: A sound alert is played when someone replies to you in a thread- if you have the thread opened.
  • Filtered Names and Filtered Tripcodes: Prevents post made with those names or tripcodes from being seen
● Hash-tags
Ponychan allows you to create hash-tags, which are a tagging feature.
You create a #Tag of your choice like so: [#Text of your choice].This is important for some boards like /rp/ and /anon/: it is also how you mark a thread as mature. On mature boards, a button is available when making the OP to add this tag automatically. The special tag [#Anon] removes the ability for replies to have names.

Note: Any NSFW image posted in a non-Mature thread is a rule violation and will be treated as such. Please tag your threads properly for the benefit of all users

File: 1501081375941.jpg (259.88 KB, 640x360, mtr_1490760625950.jpg)

On thread movement. Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 12103[View]

Please stop sending two-dimensional shitposts to /chat/ instead of /trash/, please?
Nothing of quality is being kept this way.

🐈🐈Katicus🐈🐈!FGiFL0Ecls 12104

But a lot of those posts are you

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 12105

Which ones?
And even so, my request stands.


File: 1501179104879.jpg (18.79 KB, 264x313, 1387856.jpeg)

I mean, that was what that rule was initially for was threads like that. Political threads (including political shitposts) belong to /chat/.

However, those who continue to make political shitposts on /oat/ knowing full well they don't belong there - their threads usually end up in the /trash/.

File: 1497936304414.jpg (111.2 KB, 1024x768, 15932.jpg)

Donate to Support the Site Anonymous 11731[View]

Does the site require donations to stay afloat?
Is the site well financed for the foreseeable future?
Do y'all have a BTC, ETH, LTC, or other crypto address for donations?
This post was edited by its author on .
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Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 12099


he said in another thread that the site only costs like 30 dollars a month to run

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 12100



File: 1501021917485.png (338.63 KB, 836x732, 1412941.png)

Using the Ponychan Development Tools tense!q6YrzPVCcs 11962[View]

The ponychan development server utilizes a workflow built around Vagrant and VirtualBox. This provides an OS-agnostic development environment where one can safely test software deployments on their local machine before pushing it to the live server.

My instructions assume you're using Windows, but outside of the steps for opening the command line the instructions are the same.


Install the following tools on your OS:

Virtualbox -- Used to execute a virtual OS installation.

Vagrant -- A script-friendly toolchain used to provision a virtual machine (i.e. VirtualBox)

git -- A revision management tool.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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!pinkie78Os 12095

File: 1500935828029.png (58.23 KB, 564x697, Lapis_sketch_08.png)


Or maybe you're getting flak from the community because you yourself are so aggressively pushing your own thoughts on the matter.

Two different threads on the subject, multiple posts in a row going on about how you're right and everyone else is wrong, pushing back against anyone who doesn't immediately agree with you...

That's a recipe for making sure that no one wants to listen to you or what you have to say.

Don't blame other people for how you choose to handle things. You could've gone about this a lot better, but you haven't, so obviously it's going to fall on deaf ears.

tense!q6YrzPVCcs 12096

You didn't answer either of my questions.

None of my concerns have been even *acknowledged*, let alone addressed. Everyone just seems to want to hand-wave it away as unimportant or unnecessarily hostile, when literally the only response I get out of anyone is "this is pointless".

Do you want to help move this in the right direction, or do you want to continue supporting the staff's stance that their workflow should be respected simply because they have it?

The scripts crawling the web looking for vulnerabilities don't care if you tried your best, and I'm approaching it with that in mind.
This post was edited by its author on .

Ly 12098

File: 1501002727910.jpg (342.29 KB, 740x895, 435-8c8dcc0d280760b0905f29c069…)

>and realize that just because you *can* go into the live server and muck around with things
Gee, I can?
I didn't realize that I could.

I suppose all the changes I did were on the live server then.
And not, like
on a dev server.
And then I didn't ask anyone to put them on the live server.

Because I didn't talk with people who wanted the changes in the first place and since I'm capable enough, I was able to create something.

Look, I talked to Zeke, Fen (before ownership change), and Mikie a bit.
Why are you mad about things changing, just not in the exact way you want them?
It's not like someone's going to push the github repo to live servers and re-install ponychan every time there's a change.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1500259784239.png (168.15 KB, 1457x283, Untitled.png)

🅱oseph 🅱oestar!ScyphTlOY6 11928[View]

Oh gee I sure hope dom gets his trippu~ :^)
Loooooooooks like I was right about Ponychan not having a mod board. Until today that is.
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🅱oseph 🅱oestar!ScyphTlOY6 11990

So when Mikie and Flutters took over...you guys deleted the old mod board and made a new one? Cuz that invisible image was linking to post #83.

Admiral 12012

The mod board is slow

thon 12015

it was made a few months ago

File: 1499852162508.jpg (52.69 KB, 291x249, 1279478.jpeg)

tense!q6YrzPVCcs 11790[View]

Discussion thread for ponychan's workflow.
27 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Lisbon!StarMyMnao 11969

I have provided tense's Discord information to Mikie. Praise be to Lisbon!

Starshine!Laura/wmXM 11970

What about the parsnip carnival?

!RISkQqf4EM 11976

File: 1500534895832.jpg (21.08 KB, 300x301, 1497886043_preview_evilDwightS…)


File: 1499897968104.png (1.15 MB, 1000x1500, Just Wait.png)

Stepping Down ## Mod 11816[View]

To cut right to the chase and get the initial message out of the way:
I've decided to step down as a moderator of Ponychan.

There is... a lot that I'd like to say. A lot that I should say. But I'm not really sure how to say it. I've been with Ponychan since 2011, and I've been a mod since around the middle of 2014. Being here has been one hell of a ride, and I'm endlessly grateful to every single one of you for being here with me, no matter how long, on such a wonderful site.
I've made friends that, even if they don't still post here, I still keep up with off-site. I've learned, changed, and grown as a person. I've been through highs and lows. And I have all of you to thank for that. And... the issue, I suppose, is that I'm not the only one that's changed.

If I were to really try to sum up the reason for all of this, I'd say it's because I'm tired of lying to myself. Tired of lying to all of you. I've been in denial for a long time, and I've been trying to push past it all, but it just isn't working. This site is still Ponychan, yes. But the Ponychan that I fell in love with, the Ponychan that I feel passionate about, the Ponychan that I could put endless hours into without batting an eye...? It's not the same Ponychan we have here today.
Now, that's not to say that the site's bad. It's just... changed. I've grown less passionate about the community, the posts, the things going on. Coming here to lurk, to post, to moderate... it's gone from being something I look forward to doing to be something that I have to force myself to do simply because it's my "job." I rarely find threads I want to participate in, and I've simply run out of ideas on threads of my own to create.
And, in the end, a user who isn't passionate about the site, who feels little to no reason to participate, and contributes only on rare occasions does not deserve to call themselves a moderator.

I've been telling myself that I still love this site just as much as I did back then, and I've been passing that message on to the rest of you. I've been hiding behind a desire to hold on to what I used to love, but it's just not there for me anymore. And trying to hold on to that is not only dragging me down, it's actively detrimental to the site. And I don't want to sit by and let that keep going on.

Now, this doesn't mean that I plan to leave the site behind entirely. I still have friends here, and I do stop by here and the
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 11854

Isn't it better this way then?

Hispanon !ArepaaIqL. 11884

File: 1500238193886.png (255.08 KB, 1600x1028, sad_2.png)




Angela!MercyEZZBU 11942

File: 1500295523650.jpg (17.41 KB, 236x442, a8dd0719d5c14c362275bc48c76c42…)

... Okay.

Sorry to see you go Nibble. You were a pretty good mod I guess.

File: 1499916977010.png (1.01 MB, 1426x917, Capture.PNG)

🅱oseph 🅱oestar!ScyphTlOY6 11829[View]

>zeke roa
5 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

!Huponyda2Y 11836

Yes. The image's width and height is the thumbnail's inline style, so the "thumbnail", is actually a picture of the first frame of the full-sized video. If someone posts a 1000x4500 webm (which that is), you'll see that giant black image

!Huponyda2Y 11847

There are still some issues with webms. The sound icon is displayed now, they are scaled correctly, but some webms will go through while others for some reason results in an internal server error, webms that previously could be posted.
Seeing you're the one with the new code, and hopefully a test environment, here's a webm that could previously be posted which now results in an internal server error, which you can use for debugging https://my.mixtape.moe/ctiebq.webm

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 11855

>my image is there

Oddly appropriate...

File: 1499199609256.gif (299.49 KB, 490x490, full.gif)

New Mod Dom The Bear!f1BearzjRw ## Mod 11755Locked[View]

Hello! I'm Dom the Bear from /rp/, I'm going to be the new Rarity mod and the mod for /rp/. Though I might help with other things if need be!

New swim suits and shirts for everyone!
19 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Anonymous 11840

so we gave crimson's retired tag to an /rp/ mod when we already have an /rp/ admin who hasnt even appeared in weeks despite 'his' only board being destroyed? cool as hell guys

☲ Prince Ember Storm!SNowbAlLfo 11843

File: 1499957336215.png (16.18 KB, 736x106, savage.png)


In all honesty, it's because Astra got the admin slot; that's all he wanted. All the power without needing to take any sort of responsibility for anything.

Guy's a cunt, he'll never do anything good for this site, but we can't get rid of him right now unless someone manages to punch a hole through that ten mile thick skull of his or he gets bored and actually steps down himself.

The other possibility would be for him to grow up, grow a conscience, and realize that he's a giant douche, but the chances of that occuring are less than the chances of me winning a lottery I don't buy tickets for, sooooo...

Dom The Bear!f1BearzjRw ## Mod 11849

I wasn't aware that the mod tag !Rarity had been taken, and Astra didn't seem to remember that either and didn't say anything when brought up what tag I'd take, and learning that I'm not going that tag. Sorry about that.

I will be locking this thread now!
This post was edited by its author on .

File: 1499855873346.png (330.89 KB, 535x666, mfw pleb music.png)

THREAD WATCHER IS BROKEN Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 11791[View]

2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click View to see all.


It should be working now.

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 11824


I think it is, it just popped up with all the updates I would have gotten already if it had been working earlier (basically a bunch of "new" replies I had already seen), and so far I haven't seen anymore updates...but I'll keep you posted.

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 11825

alright, seems like it's definitely all set


File: 1499193050315.png (63.91 KB, 500x577, Lazuli_sketch_lauren_z.png)

Spam on /rp/ !pinkie78Os 11748[View]

So there is a stupid amount of spam threads on the /rp/ board, so much that almost every ongoing thread is now just gone.

Can someone please fix that?

Or barring that, what can be done about that?
14 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Anonymous 11796

>admin who only posts on /rp/
>the only board he goes to get spammed
>has still not appeared in weeks
>now we have an /rp/ admin AND /rp/ mod


Remind me again why?

Anonymous 11798

Because Friendship is Modgic!

It's as if you don't even watch the show...

!pinkie78Os 11814

File: 1499891544364.png (33.78 KB, 1152x1200, Lapis_by_Lauren_Zuke.png)

I think at this point we can reasonably assume the threads aren't coming back.

We've already basically moved on, so the mods can go ahead and lock this if they feel like it.

File: 1499219954482.png (2.78 KB, 246x149, this shit drives me up a wall.…)

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 11761[View]

think maybe it's time to get rid of this shiz?

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 11762

File: 1499220007185.png (2.21 KB, 243x149, Untitled.png)


and this...

Starshine!Laura/wmXM 11763

I think you can disable those in your browser? "Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs" or something like that?

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 11764


yeah but that resets every time I exit and then go back to the page

File: 1496238644626.png (4.86 KB, 1142x45, pchan sharethread.png)

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 11650Locked[View]

why was this thread deleted?
31 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

## Mod 11739

File: 1498824555968.png (317.65 KB, 699x768, 8978987978978.png)

could we do without the shitposting and stay on topic?

The Shucc!YoRdlEjxQ6 11746

This thread is over a month old and has been resolved, what topic?

## Mod 11747

File: 1499138830062.png (428.94 KB, 634x639, Screenshot from 2016-06-03 00-…)

Well, that confirms what I been contemplating on doing then.

File: 1495785815629.png (52.06 KB, 1023x1024, New qt mark.png)

New old mod. Fen!!Shining Armor ## Admin 11628Locked[View]

Returning due to an outbreak of Toomuchfreetimeitus, i'd like everyone to re-welcome F back to the mod staff, they will be your nurse for this evening.
23 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

☲ Prince Ember Storm!SNowbAlLfo 11743

File: 1499006217112.png (90.17 KB, 945x945, Ember Storm - Shrug - Ebrona.p…)

Haven't seen him online or on Discord in several weeks.

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 11744

So, now what?

Fen!!Shining Armor 11778

File: 1499455869840.png (164.13 KB, 865x745, Drunk horse noises.png)

This kind of thing is partly why i drink.

File: 1496401759943.png (1.3 MB, 1856x2025, Ember Storm - Spellcraft - Cle…)

☲ Prince Ember Storm!SNowbAlLfo 11659[View]

So, I'm just checking in. There's been little conversation here in a while. How's the site doing? I notice that the main page needs updating now that not only is F a mod but Rainbro's left (again).

We've got good mod activity on /oat/ at least, and probably /chat/, too, and I know Marimo handles /pony/, but who's got other boards.

Also, I've not seen much from a certain someone who has always been irrelevant and far less important than he thinks, but how long does he have to be AWOL before we call it and get rid of him? We don't want another Orange/Inkwell situation on our hands, after all.

Anything being implemented/removed, by the way? Any plans? What happened to the weekly pony streams? They lasted for like, two weeks and stopped. :c

In any case, I just want to hear about anything going on that can be talked about, and if it can't be brought up yet, just an assurance that we're not trying to stagnate or anything.
30 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

!RISkQqf4EM 11722

>more traffic than last year
source? I have a hard time believing this is true.

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 11723


I don't have a source but I remember back when /chat/ was still /anon/, it would get like five posts a day, and /oat/ was much slower as well. you would have several threads staying on the front page for days without getting new replies, that doesn't happen nearly as much now. it was even worse before the merge.

I can't prove it but I tend to keep track of this stuff in my mind as I see it. I'm here pretty often.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 11724

Chewy u r too pure 4 this world

Im in a place in between >>11714 and >>11720

Anonymous 11571[View]

Years ago, when I was a naive kid, I posted something incriminating using my name and trip, which was eventually linked to my real name by a haxxor.

Well, I don't need to give my life story. My point is that I want to know if there are any "complete" Ponychan archives, as opposed to the /arch/ board, which archives whichever threads are deemed worthy. If it exists, even if it's just on the deep web, I have to make some alterations to the way I live my life in order to prepare for the contingency that someone finds this bit of information.

So, to the super-dedicated users of Ponychan, do you know if anyone ever archived the site's entire contents?
10 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Saki 11709

Sometimes I wonder how they find their people.

!RISkQqf4EM 11710

File: 1497676954116.jpg (122.7 KB, 690x720, 1394501597309.jpg)

Saki 11711

holy crap, now that's nostalgia for me

ps3 error retro 11666[View]

dear ponychan mods i have come to ask you to fix ponychan so i can get on it using ps3 again i keep getting the page cannot be displayed 80710a06
1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click View to see all.

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 11705

>not having a PS4

Elicoor13 11706

File: 1497404160384.jpg (127.58 KB, 1184x1184, 1492572091994.jpg)

the ps4's web browser is worse, oh my god. it uses the touchpad thing and had trouble loading stuff that sony didn't think you'd use.

!RISkQqf4EM 11707

File: 1497675773415.png (122.41 KB, 1024x576, dirty_console_peasants_just_do…)

>not having a pc

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