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File: 1524267399401.png (41.06 KB, 426x364, 1600063__safe_starlight+glimme…)

## Admin (ID: 0b0277)  115591Sticky[View]

Attention memeflaggots. Before when you posted from your phone it wouldn't remember the memeflag you selected (unless you were using the QR function).
Zeke has fixed this bug and it will now remember your flag selection. Oh, and we also have pony cutiemark flags on /oat/ now. You can thank Zeke for doing all the work as I didn't do shit besides the idea part. That is all, enjoy.
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Starshine!Laura/wmXM (ID: 8ec139)  116126

gib more memeflags pl0x

File: 1520457670479.png (106.14 KB, 478x440, 6ba56f22a707b9915d2fd7d4641b80…)

flag submissions Dashy !SUNBUtt9Io (ID: 35e1a6)  87923Sticky[View][Last 50 Posts]

step 1. make flag
step 2. post flag
step 3. ????
step 4 Profit!
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(ID: 418383)  115406

File: 1524227122787.gif (1.09 MB, 300x177, cole haitch.gif)


File: 1514848991267.png (579.92 KB, 1280x720, everfree forest.png)

## Admin (ID: 18b05e)  24024StickyLocked[View]

Welcome to /ef/ - our general discussion board with a laxer atmosphere. Sitewide rules generally don't apply, but we do have a few of our own:

Don't spam, raid, or do anything else illegal. This includes lewd depictions of minors: drawings or otherwise.

Mature content
This board permits mature content in threads properly marked with a mature tag. Enable "Show Mature Content Threads" in the settings menu if you want to see them.
If you're the OP of a thread, consider using the mature tag. Images in a thread with this tag do not need to be spoilered, unless they are actual spoilers.
Outside of mature content threads, the site rules that govern R34 and gore apply as normal.

You are free to speak your mind, but know that personal attacks and attempts to goad other users into them are not allowed. You are free to challenge each other, but basic civility should be maintained. The staff does not care "who started it" and all those involved will be held accountable, so if a user is continually trying to goad you, please report them so staff can handle the situation. Consider using the filters in the settings as a self moderation measure if you find yourself wanting to be unnecessarily confrontational with another.
This post was edited by a moderator on .

File: 1524570881768.jpg (35.27 KB, 382x417, 1387581923754.jpg)

Anonymous (ID: f59629)  117277[View]

Why do we Germans seem so angry?

(ID: a0a08e)  117278

File: 1524571193344.png (673.76 KB, 863x768, 876789879.png)

hans, you're good. i don't normally see you guys guys being angry

not even on other sites

don't worry of it, hans

File: 1524556963547.jpg (19.21 KB, 62x62, chess-square_0_0.jpg)

(ID: 69cafc)  117215[View]

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(ID: 69cafc)  117237

File: 1524561389510.gif (481.08 KB, 640x360, medium.gif)

(ID: 69cafc)  117271

thank you, Admiral, for the games and for the chat

(ID: 224fb6)  117276

File: 1524570740666.png (547.57 KB, 642x740, 876867987090.png)

it's just chess. can confirm it's a safe link

File: 1524548942395.jpg (54.43 KB, 1024x450, 1498048489140973691.jpg)

PC (ID: 24ae63)  117159[View]

Another thread, another topic to get things moving.

Some of you may have heard the news recently that Bruce Campbell is retiring from playing Ash Williams altogether and Ash vs Evil Dead is confirmed for not being renewed for a 4th season. A shame, really.

So in the wake of this, what are some shows you've known (and maybe even enjoyed) that ended too soon or got cancelled?

I just finished watching some re-runs of Metalocalypse on AS, and I can't help but feel sore in being reminded that it'll never be properly finished due to AS being a bunch of shitheads and fucking over Brendon Small.
This post was edited by its author on .

PC (ID: 24ae63)  117160

File: 1524549142578.jpg (286.59 KB, 1038x1038, Brendon Small's Galaktikon II_…)

And before anyone asks, yes, I'm aware of Galaktikon II.

It's fucking brutal and I love it, but it's a bittersweet sort of love. I want my real ending, dammit.

Chewy *Element Of Fortitude*!!Twilight Sparkle (ID: 777557)  117267

Invader Zim

Anonymous (ID: 36949f)  117268

File: 1524567837895.jpg (81.64 KB, 634x414, 267DD38C00000578-0-image-m-129…)

Eh. His best role was Autolycus. They can always do an animated Evil Dead and get John St. Jon to voice him.

File: 1524450440206.png (939.74 KB, 1280x986, 2fe001cc-4570-4a05-afde-250fea…)

ika !BEOyTeshjE (ID: 1223c9)  116702[View]

Why haven't you watched this year's anime of the year yet?
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Ika (ID: 1223c9)  117118

It just looks like basic loli moeshit, like I doubt it would have anything special in it. It's just a cashgrab that panders to the lolicon audience.

Vio Lette!qXZZ8NDkR. (ID: 0c6dd6)  117185

File: 1524553942313.png (285.54 KB, 586x702, 1702441__safe_artist-colon-div…)

Ah hah! That's it! I knew there was something!

Chewy *Element Of Fortitude*!!Twilight Sparkle (ID: ce61de)  117266


well you're wrong, because it's isn't basic loli moeshit, and it doesn't just pander to the lolicon audience.

I actually wrote a pretty lengthy review of it, if you'd care to read, since it seems you're so intent on judging it without watching it.

File: 1524526648767.jpg (26.42 KB, 480x361, c5b85c8861c0d740056dc1f0a5552b…)

Deepfakes Anonymous (ID: dc9e2c)  117007[View]

I've debated making a thread about this with myself for several reasons but I am curious to see where you all stand on this. So what do you all think of deepfakes? Particularly deepfake porn because that is the main cause of controversy and it has been banned on several really popular sites. Although it's also kind of terrifying to think about what the same technology once it improves even more can do or can be used for or can be used for in the future when perfect sentence mixing becomes a thing as good example see this: https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/267771-buzzfeed-created-a-deepfake-obama-psa-video

If you don't know what deepfakes are despite how much news they have been making (which you can find from a quick google search of deepfake) basically it's when someone takes two videos, puts them into this program, and an ai within the program works with it to eventually put one person's face seamlessly onto another person's face or in the case of the video mentioned in the article I posted above the face is merely altered to make it look like it's saying something else (and it really can be indistinguishable in some cases). So basically a lot of times that face really does end up looking exactly like it belongs on another person's face all while moving realistically. Now, the quality and how convincing it is can vary dramatically depending on a lot of factors but the fact that it CAN and often is so well made is concerning.

Myself I find it fucked up especially when it comes to porn I'm not going to say it can't be hot but it's fucked up. To me, a face has a lot of unique features that feel like a part of a person's very identity. You're taking a part of them and using it without consent and I know some people think "well since they put their face out there, they are fair game" but I find that ridiculous. As humans in this day and age it's pretty much required to "put your face out there". Sure, plain fakes were always a thing but they were always complete garbage and weren't convincing at all, this is very different imo because of how convincing it is while there is motion involved. And sure stuff like look-alike porn actresses have already existed but often times they don't even look all that much like them, and when they do there are still some key differences.

Another thi
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous (ID: dc9e2c)  117133

True. But even then many people don't actually do fact checks. I don't expect the same people to verify stuff before proclaiming it as fact and believing it.

Noonim (ID: 8c7b46)  117240

I swear that part wasn't in when I replied. Weird.

>Oh, don't worry, the government is nowhere close to being competent enough for technology for that.

I'm not really sure you have to be competent to use the tech. It's just that you have to have some smart people who can make it. After that, you can bury it with bureaucracy and hand it over to deep state intelligence types actively putting plans on top of plans with so much "need to know" that nobody really has a clue what any of it means any more.

Chewy *Element Of Fortitude*!!Twilight Sparkle (ID: b82e0e)  117265

>Why do you think that fake porn, made by a computer, which has (or at least should have) no meaningful impact on someone's personal life, professional life, and reputation, is more harmful than real-life videos, recorded live, and distributed with the intent to ridicule someone and damage their reputation?

but if you can make a deepfake of someone, say, stabbing someone to death, that is infinitely more harmful than any real thing you could record (assuming they weren't actually murdering or doing an equivalent or worse crime).

I can see a much higher potential for deepfakes that people don't recognize as real ruining decent people's lives than anything they could be unwantedly/unintentionally be filmed doing that was real.
This post was edited by its author on .

File: 1524462901812.jpg (407 KB, 640x834, 1399792870108.jpg)

I am thinking about visiting the USA Anonymous (ID: a39143)  116795[View]

Any burgerbros know some good places to visit? I would love to see such a place!
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Anonymous (ID: 067810)  117262

So you'll endorse war if it's conducive to success.

(ID: fde6d2)  117263


Sometimes you can deliver happiness with food, other times it requires atomic bombs

Noonim (ID: 3a60ec)  117264

Eh, I don't know. Issues in Syria are definitely oil-related. Mostly as a means to prevent a Russian oil pipeline through the region. Otherwise, there's no sensible reason to bother with the lot. Guy's doing a fairly good job of stabilizing most the problems, after all.

File: 1524552724041.jpg (30.49 KB, 500x333, a8c.jpg)

Tusedays Truth or Truth thread (ID: 378709)  117172[View]

Ask Tuesday to tell a truth.

Any truth at all.

All are welcome. Except Dan, because fuck that guy.
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(ID: 378709)  117258

File: 1524566901524.jpg (243.56 KB, 1024x576, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net…)

The og Card Captor Sakura.

Jacey (ID: 4b0410)  117259

tell a truth

(ID: 378709)  117261

File: 1524567042477.jpg (63.86 KB, 640x420, Blush.jpg)


Jacey is a QT

File: 1524539622999.jpg (689.03 KB, 1650x1276, 801367__safe_artist-colon-late…)

-Z- (ID: 924120)  117110[View]

So I had a doctor's appointment today, full evaluation and whatnot, and I had mentioned how I was feeling.
My depression and all that, and why I felt that way and ways to help combat it.

So after all of that, they sent me to a psychoanalyst (I believe that was her title) and told me to talk with her for about an hour to see if they could help. And after an hour, she got up and wrote me a prescription for a controlled substance of an SSRI. I had asked why and was told that I suffer from... Schizoaffective Disorder which I have never heard of.

So I'm kinda looking for some input on anyone else who might know more about this, because all I know and from what I've been told and read about is that it's "long term schizophrenia".

Not to mention I took the meds they gave and I've been feeling really... off. Not emotionless or dull, but more... empty? I don't really know how to put it other then that...
14 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

(ID: 599e23)  117157

If I’m communicating with you, then that means you’re worth my time. Which means I really enjoy what your situation is so I can determine the problem accordingly.
This post was edited by its author on .

(ID: 99fd66)  117224

All you can do is keep on taking it one day at a time.

Fuaxpas!cpbuwI00Vo (ID: d6b350)  117249

Heads up, Taylor Swift is not stalking you.

File: 1524554125740.jpg (30.19 KB, 600x413, retarded.jpg)

Fuaxpas!cpbuwI00Vo (ID: a7279e)  117187[View]

(ID: 0b4c8f)  117236

File: 1524561164968.jpg (53.32 KB, 476x800, dec9ad6d9400ddd93d4e2d4adaff20…)

That was undeniably adorable.

File: 1524522881499.png (826.68 KB, 2000x3490, 1711800__safe_artist-colon-esf…)

Is the Universe Infinite? (ID: b6520e)  116976[View]

Seriously, is it? I wish there was a way to know for sure. I remember driving myself crazy trying to figure it out when I was a kid and it scared me to an extent. What's out there more galaxy's? Forever?
55 posts and 35 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

☲ Prince Ember Storm!MSNowBALLk (ID: 0c5850)  117139

File: 1524544607937.png (656.02 KB, 1324x482, universe.png)

Anonymous (ID: c4fb29)  117143

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.” -- Albert Einstein

Anonymous (ID: 613f16)  117145

File: 1524545756338.gif (1.69 MB, 383x576, I2KmUhq.gif)

File: 1524544798664.jpg (182.69 KB, 407x441, benin.jpg)

Anonymous (ID: e4c336)  117140[View]

Is Benin a real country or just a meme?

Anonymous (ID: 6c84b1)  117142

File: 1524545482019.png (21.76 KB, 330x220, 330px-Benin.png)

File: 1524049050029.png (292.2 KB, 640x372, allstar_1.png)

Anonymous (ID: ef514e)  113843[View]

7 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Noonim (ID: f48512)  114464

File: 1524105432521.jpg (51.47 KB, 610x343, Dauhd87W4AA-BPk.jpg)

>we didn't clap

Anonymous (ID: 5da3f3)  114630

File: 1524136963267.jpg (354.82 KB, 2000x1308, serveimage-1.jpg)

>clowns like to choose you as their volunteer at the circus

Are you Nostradamus?

Anonymous (ID: 5da3f3)  117127

File: 1524542353215.jpg (221.33 KB, 1024x576, george-hw-bush.jpg)

Time for a bump.

George H.W. Bush was taken for emergency care Sunday, one day after attending the funeral of his wife.



File: 1523979027814.jpg (107.52 KB, 500x333, 1517979676943.jpg)

/comfy/ Elicoor13 (ID: 899321)  113331[View]

there's a distinct lack of comfy threads on /ef/, so i have come to remedy that. here's just a comfy little corner of the forest, for posting comfy things and generally being generally comfy.

please note that this is a comfy space, there's literally a whole board to aggressively shitpost on, so please don't do it here too. if you can't at least respect that, fuck off.
86 posts and 80 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Anonymous (ID: eeb3a5)  116934

File: 1524505889571.jpg (323.7 KB, 1596x946, 1524499478382.jpg)

Here. Try this edit.

Chewy *Element Of Fortitude*!!Twilight Sparkle (ID: 7393cd)  116946

Anonymous (ID: eeb3a5)  117126

File: 1524541879380.jpg (50.86 KB, 576x768, 1524508153932.jpg)

File: 1463279460288.jpg (4.27 MB, 2890x1757, 639483.jpg)

/Spacetime/ Time; #48 Adlbeay!Moon/tgj4w (ID: 7b1ecf)  16600[View][Last 50 Posts]

(There's really been a lot of these, right?)

The stormy season of April had passed by during the night, and with the rising sun, the day is giving way to the fragrant bloom of May blossoms. Clouds part way for the bright sun to illuminate the paintbrush hues of the landscape, and the warm late-season breeze carries with it all varieties of birdsong, filling the air with the color and chorus of life.

Which is why this was the perfect day to stay indoors to do some inner research. For once, it was better to disregard these byproducts for today, the piercing bore of human progress has finally cracked open the foundations of reality; you had just discovered a time machine.

Well, what else could it be? It even looked like someone had done a spectacularly terrible job of trying to disguise the fact that it could pretty much only be a time machine. It was, in fact the most stereotypically time machine-like time machine anyone could imagine, yet it looks as if someone had sloppily taped cardboard around it in an attempt to make it look like a refrigerator. It was such shoddy work, and you wondered why anyone had even bothered.
MOD EDIT:Original text moved to hide tag
The thing that was definitely a time machine loomed like a statue in the center of the room, wafting out a faint scent of ozone and copper. It must have displaced the matter around it as it arrived, since one of its edges was occupying the space where half of your chair should have been. As you shove the chair aside, it toppled over on its two remaining legs, thumping down on the dusty floor. Looking around, you started reaching for the entrance handle, but thought better of it. Instead, you move over to the small mailbox-shaped bin attached to the side of the machine. There was nothing inside except for a newspaper clipping and an envelope. You take a look at the newspaper, a cutout of the week’s weather, dated three years into the future. It was otherwise unremarkable, so you open up the envelope.

Wow, why would you write something like that? It was disorienting, seeing your own handwriting attached to a message you clearly have never written, and definitely, resolutely, never will. But now, you know you will. The presence of the note, along with the time machine, is undeniable. With the staggering weight of this realization, you reached for a chair, but found only half of one. You plop down on the
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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t (ID: bb98fe)  116929

I love doing 80% of a group project by myself with 2 weeks left before presentation, and watching that 2 weeks go by with 0 remaining work done by any other group member despite the massive head-start I gave them.

Adlbeay!Moon/tgj4w (ID: 297d40)  116961

Group projects for school are mostly solo projects that you have to let other people see what you're doing.

t (ID: fb7ed4)  117122

its a hell for me

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