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Jan 20: Board Organization Discussion
Jan 15: Staff Update, and Rules Update

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Arch Does anyone actually ever look at /arch/ anymore. I went to see if my old thread was there, and it is (Plis remove it) , and honestly, im wondering how most of the threads there actually got archived in the first place.

It needs pruning and refilled with some new blood. Im well aware that there hasnt been a quality enough thread made since 2013 but it might give someone an incentive to make something cool.
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Go to bread Banning Anonthony and suspending TPWPAF is going to be a WTF-storm. You know this, I know this, the village drunk knows this. There are going to be angry arguments.

If you live in the U.S., I strongly suggest going to bed, since it's already midnight or later. The angry arguments will be much higher quality tomorrow, after people have slept.

Exhausted people make shitty decisions, write shitty arguments, and generally have a shitty time. These are urgent site events, but they are not so urgent that they need to be resolved tonight. The site will survive one night without TPWPAF's steady hoof.
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Chrome text undo issue #Minor Chrome Bug

When using ctrl-s / ctrl-r / ctrl-h to add text markup in the quick reply or regular reply on the Chrome browser, the ctrl-z 'undo' function does not know to undo those annotations. That's a little inconvenient when you add markup by hotkey and then realize you didn't want it.

For whatever reason, the undo works correctly for markup on Firefox.
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Unsuspend Fluttershy.
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Do you have any idea how much I was harassed by other users early on and no one did shit about it?

This is a personal grudge and it's blatant. You can't just 'enforce the rules' whenever you feel like it, and posting ONE image macro doesn't count as harassment.

It's childish, and if the mod team wants the users to respect them, they need to stop acting like spoiled children.

Also, locking a thread just because you don't want to hear what people have to say is also pretty childish.
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Eh can we get Vocaroo embeds back at some point?
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Advertise /test/ on the front page? You know, so new people can test out features they're unsure about or see how a post would look elsewhere on-site.
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Seriously guys. Real talk.

Can you guys stop being dramatic and just unban Anonthony?

It's absurd and childish. He posted something that made fun of someone who doesn't even post here that he didn't even make. Grow a spine.

He's done more for building this community than anyone else. FFS. Grow up.
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Astra, here's the fucking call out you lousy shit. >>10202
Astra you shit. Where's the thread.

I gave you eight extra hours, even. What the shit.

You want to lead this site? Actually lead it. Don't hide on your little fucking flirt-channel in Discord hoping I'll just give up and leave.

If you aren't going to get rid of the Discord, you've got to at the very least get rid of the overlap between it and /oat/ and /chat/.

What you honestly should do is use the Discord for two things: direct, rapid communication between users and mods, and giving the politics/shitposting/NSFW memers some place off site to circlejerk endlessly.

Remove politics from the site, throw it into a self contained chatroom where the people who like yelling about politics can yell to their hearts content, find some way to divide /oat/ and /chat/, maybe by keeping /chat/ NSFW and having it be the mature board but otherwise not unlike /oat/.

No matter what, we need to stop using the Discord as the basis of the site, and use it as support. As it is, it overlaps far too much of the site, and that's just going to kill off this place.

You're the admin of the Ponychan website. Start acting like it instead of using Discord.
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/gala/ On the 17th of next week /gala/ will be dissolved, during this time active /gala/ threads can have a moderator move their threads to either /chat/ or /oat/ depending on serial preference.
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ban me from the site please
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So uh, you've still not done something about the cancer that is the Discord still existing.

Can we get an ETA on when that's going to be shut down so that we can actually direct content to the site?
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Dated banners. Some of the /chat/ banners still give the name /anon/ instead of /chat/.
They should be removed or replaced, and not left up as part of a visibly incomplete change.
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Updates, part 2. Hello everyone, we've got some new things currently on the table that we'd like to open up to discussion right now.

We're trying to differentiate the boards better so that none of them are redundant and needlessly splitting the same share of similar threads, and instead allow them to foster different atmospheres. When boards are too similar, users tend to stick to the more popular one because they have no reason to venture out to others because they have the same but less content.

This includes some kind of differentiation between /oat/ and /chat/.

Along with that, we're also considering whether /gala/ should continue to be a separate board. Serial threads existing within their own containment board makes it hard for new users to discover them, and discourages users in them from exploring other threads. Our board software has special support to avoid busy threads from being bumped too often causing them to stay at the top of a board, so serials wouldn't necessarily disrupt /oat/ or /chat/ by eternally hogging the top position. The #cyclic tag allows a serial thread to not need to be re-posted regularly to get around reply limits, instead allow old replies to be automatically removed as new ones are made. We're eager to hear feedback on whether these features are enough to make /oat/ or /chat/ suitable for all of our serial threads.

In keeping with our drive for a moderation team that has a more consistent communication standard as labeled in our Site Staff Standards, F has currently been suspended from the moderation team since we can't seem to get ahold of him. We are also welcome back Rainbro, the previously !!Rainbow Dash mod as !!Harshwhinny. Who had previously stepped down due to a lack of time.

This thread will serve as the place for any suggestions or discussion related to the site itself that you'd like to share or have discussed with the current mods and administrative staff.
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Effective immediately i've stepped down from Admin due to teamwork concerns.
Despite best efforts from either party, neither Me or Macil have been able to solve our inability to work together to the point where the site has effectively stagnated for a long period of time.
We've both agreed that somebody else should take my place as Admin while i step back down to Moderator.
I'm sorry that things progressed this far and i hope to be more effective as moderator than admin.
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Emails Dear Astra

Why do the mods and Admn have email contacts on front page yet never check or answer them?

Or if they do read them and then not respond. Love and tolerate, Friendship is Magic ect...
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Apparently the staff dont even have a modboard b/c macil is too lazy and didnt think it was necessary. After it was brought up *again* recently that hey it would be nice and useful to have one, he could only be assed to say that it *would* be if it auto alerted the staff to new threads; this leads to the conclusion that he wont be adding one until or unless he tinkers around for the next 13 months making a *perfect* board that does exactly that, instead of making one *now* and doing that later at his leisure (and just letting one thread on it, that all staff add to their EXISTING "watched threads" list, serve as the alert); so posting this for the common-sense "good enough is better than nothing" message to him, in the implausible scenario he decides to drop by the site-issues board of "his" website. Thanks.
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State of /oat/, /chat/ and politics. There's been many concerns about the state of both /chat/ and /oat/, particularly in regards to political topics and their place on the site, as well as concerns about the status of the discord server.
This thread will be used to discuss and decide a solution to those concerns, along with clarifying the distinction between /chat/ and /oat/.
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Super Important /site/ issue The replies thing doesnt display in correct numerical order when we go up to the next digit, pls fix this is very important
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What the Fuck happened to the /anon/ board? I wanted to post bad dragon horse toys
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unresponsive script so i've been getting this on my notebook a lot lately. this is exactly the message it sends me:

A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue.

Script: https://www.ponychan.net/js/main.js?v=1483936985:2

is this a thing with anyone else, or is my notebook just garbo?
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Discord I don't think shuckle or Eris should be mods on the discord.
They take sides.
They don't do their work as a mod.
They don't listen to the other party.
When someone is upset, they belittle their feelings.

Like me, yeah I'm annoyed as shit, but as Elusive said "Just cause it's little to you, doesn't mean it's not to him"

Why is this always the fucking case?
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Who the janitors are should be known and actually listed on the homepage, and they should actually be users of the site.
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idea can we get a "watch thread" button at the bottom of threads (like, next to the most recent post) so when you're in a long thread you don't have to go all the way back up to the OP just to watch it?

I know it's not really a big deal but I think it would be helpful.
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With a coming demarcation between /oat/ and /chat/, or at least, the difference that should already exist between them, I think people who are currently banned such as Steam Twist should be unbanned from /chat/ and allowed to return to the board with fewer rules, since they can just be barred from /oat/ and /pony/ etc if we want.
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What can we expect to be done for the site's 6 year anniversary?
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Updates, Part three. Hello everyone!

In keeping with recent discussion we've made a more clear cut distinction between /oat/ and /chat/.

It has been decided that /chat/ will be the place for 'controversial' threads in addition to the more 'adult' threads currently available.

By 'controversial', we mean threads that delve into political issues, scientifical debates(Like who is best pony(Twilght)) as well as complex issues that many people have extremely passionate opinions about.
With this change, it's hoped that /oat/ and /chat/ will better differentiate themselves and allow the users of both boards to find the appropriate niche for them.

This will leave /oat/ with the more social/silly topics and the normal behavior constraints from the recently updates rules.
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When addressing issues in an official capacity, staff should use their tag as such, and when not in a official capacity, not use the tag. Not both at the same time for either.
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/all/ was supposed to be under consideration from during the original merger negotiations.

I want an update on where those considerations are.
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KabelPod Today's spam was way too numerous.
Can something be done about him?
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[deleted] threads How about if a thread has no replies, actually delete the thread if the user clicks the "Delete" button?
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Updates! Hello, everyone! In keeping with the recent changes in administration and the issues being worked on with the site, we're updating our rules page, the rules for the Discord server, and adding a new section on moderation standards to the front page https://www.ponychan.net/. This will allow us to better clarify the site's standards and keep our moderation in check.

Changes to the rules include:

>Racist, sexist, and other vitriolic behavior will not be tolerated. You don't have to be politically correct, but you are expected to maintain a minimum standard of behavior.

>Friendly banter/mockery is fine, but hostility is not.

Site Staff Standards:

>Moderators will always seek to understand a situation fully before issuing any ban.

>Moderators are required to be in communication with their fellow staff members and will always seek a second opinion when unsure of an action.

>Any moderator that acts outside of the established rules to deal with disruptive behavior will consult with other members of staff, and a mod post will be made explaining why action was taken. These actions will be reviewed with the admins, the rules amended, and changes announced if necessary.

>Bans that range from one second to one hour are considered warning bans, meant to discourage certain behavior and give an explicit warning that users are unable to ignore when rules or the spirit of said rules are being broke.

>Bans that are longer than an hour are meant to block bad behavior from the site. These can be appealed if the user demonstrates they are aware of why they are banned. Bans can be re-applied or extended if behavior is not adjusted after the ban or during the appeal process.

>Bans can be appealed and will be reviewed by members of the staff; In the event there's any confusion or concern over an appeal more than one moderator will review it before a decision is made

Anything not directly mentioned in this post will be staying the same unless otherwise stated as we continue to review the rules and standards. Any changes will be announced on /site/ when they're made
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This rule ">Racist, sexist, and other vitriolic behavior will not be tolerated. You don't have to be politically correct, but you are expected to maintain a minimum standard of behavior." needs to be amended to allow for jokes because people in the chat are making jokes meant to be harmless and getting warned for it.
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Remove Discord.

Is nothing but cancer.

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Update the home page and provide contact information for the staff.
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Occasionally larger sound webms don't load or play when clicked. The following for example, only worked if saved it.

In addition, in attempting to make this thread, I got the message that I couldn't create new threads, I had reached some unspecified limit.
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Implement EmojiOne on the site http://emojione.com/faq/
"Setup requires the installation of our development kit. Instructions are available within the kit. In short, there is a client side and server side option available. We recommend the assistance of a programmer and/or server administrator to properly configure it to your needs. There’s also a simpler implementation available for those who want to add some emoji to their website without using any scripts. Please head over to our Developers Page for more information."

I have never personally worked with EmojiOne, so if there are some technical reasons why implementing it would not be feasible, fine. But it is certainly worth looking into. Apple's emoji sort of suck, and having all emoji standardized would be good.
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/site/ civility Now that i have your attention with this image, i'd like to address /site/'s standards.

Or rather, it's current lack thereof.

/site is, and i quote: "The board for discussing site related issues, questions, concerns, and suggestions."

There is discussion, but there is also a lot of ad hominem attacks and uncivil behaviour in general being thrown around.

Towards the end of /meta/'s life, we tried board-only bans for people who couldn't keep themselves civil while discussing things.

Going forward, i'm going to start issuing /site/-only bans for people who: Use ad hominem arguments, do not contribute to the discussion at hand or do so in a belligerent manner.

ad hominem
ad ˈhɒmɪnɛm/
adverb & adjective
adverb: ad hominem; adjective: ad hominem

(of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.
"an ad hominem response"

adjective: belligerent
hostile and aggressive.
"the mood at the meeting was belligerent"
synonyms: hostile, aggressive, threatening, antagonistic, pugnacious, bellicose, truculent, confrontational, argumentative, quarrelsome, disputatious, contentious, militant, combative;

Due to the slightly nebulous nature of this new guideline / ruling (I.e: "Hostile and aggressive" can be simple misinterpretation), these bans will not last for more than an hour, and you will not be permanently banned from /site/ unless you are excessively gathering such bans.
They are merely "Tone it down a notch" aids, delivered in the most effective manner to somebody that most likely will not be in the mood to listen or agree with a verbal warning.
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Rules of Conduct for Site Staff The following rules of conduct are intended for the site staff to follow and will not be shown on the front page like the site rules.

They have been posted for user perusal and suggestions, so that the staff can act more in line with what the site requires.

As of this post, they are to be considered live / enforced.

They are detailed as follows.

Rules for site staff

Consistent failure to uphold these rules of conduct will result in warnings, suspension from position, and finally, full dismissal, depending on severity and circumstance.

>Do not break any of the site rules.

The admins have the final word in all matters regarding their roles as Community and Tech admin respectively.

>Remember that you are a volunteer, do not sacrifice your mental or physical well being to do your job and to take extended breaks if needed.

Do not post the contents of private correspondence without the permission of those involved, this includes conversations between user-mod and mod-mod.

Moderator duties
>If performing an action that isn't immediately obvious or would otherwise cause confusion in the userbase, explain yourself appropriately.

>E.G: If banning for evasion, leave a ban message on the post.

Where appropriate, keep moderator specific business to /site/.
Clarifying an action or rule on the regular boards is fine, but if a discussion is beginning to form, then taking it to /site/ is warranted.

>Ensure that users can contact you via IM, email or other services if they have concerns.

As site staff, you are expected to give your opinion on site matters, with few exceptions.

>Do not be inactive, performing your job at least once daily outside of extraneous circumstances is not too much to ask.

Keep in regular contact with the rest of the staff, and give notice if you will be gone for a significant amount of time.

>The community admin will dismiss any moderators who are frequently unavailable, fail to perform their duties or any moderators he feels are performing them inadequately.

“The staff reserves the right to enforce these and all other rules and guidelines in the manner they see best for the site.”
This sentence from the rules of the site does not give you carte blanche to act as you see fit.
You were picked to be a moderator because it is believed that you will make decisions based on what would be best for the site, its boards, and its community (In no particular order)
Taking an action that would hurt any of those three directly, such as inciting raids upon the site, allowing or encouraging behavior that would damage the community, or disrupting the site through excessive use of moderation privileges will be dealt with severely, up to and including dismissal from position.

Guidelines for bans and appeals
>Bans will be given out according to the following hierarchy:

>Warning (1 second), Hour-Ban, Day, 3-day, Week, Permanent.

Always note when a person’s IP has changed, and share this information with the rest of the site staff to keep ban lengths appropriate.

>‘Edge-case’ bans, such as image or board only bans, are considered separate of this system, and do not contribute to a person's site-wide ban length.

Bans under an hour are also considered separate from the system, and may be given out where the mod feels appropriate, such as when a user needs a few minutes to calm down.

>All appeals are to be handled by the moderator who issued the particular ban, unless permission is given by said moderator.

Users which violate the spam or child pornography rules are subject to instantaneous permanent bans.
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Eh mods can we keep general horse picture dumps (i.e. no specific theme) on /oat/ in a cyclic thread? It gets in the way of my shitposting.
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Site Feedback Hello everyone.

We've decided to create a feedback thread so that you can share with us your thoughts and opinions on Ponychan as it stands right now.

Topics this includes that we would like particular feedback on include:

Members of Staff.
Board Structure.
Handling of reports/Issues.

Or anything else that you feel you would like to discuss with the members of staff to improve the site.
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Can you enable .webms with sound now? Should take a second right?
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thread watcher glitch lately the thread watcher has been telling me I have replies in certain threads when I don't, like right after I've already checked them

pls fix
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Politics cyclic in /oat/? Can we get one that is also mod-sanctioned, if not stickied too?
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Ummm... So someone has been ban evading and changing their name to get around my filter to talk shit to me.

I'm going to be a little upset if you guys just ignore this one.
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What if we had an OC filter on images and text to prevent identical shitposting, like what /r9k/ has?
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I'm getting the message "you must wait before creating more threads" on /oat/.

is this a glitch? I have only made one thread in the last few hours.
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archive thread request /r/ing that once this thread hits the bump limit, it gets archived permanently in /arch/:

https://www.ponychan.net/anon/res/451215+50.html NSFW, kinda

it's a great thread IMO and it would be a shame to see it lost if it were to just 404. it's been up for like two years and is currently past 700 posts.
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Is it possible to delete a post without being returned to the board that post's thread belonged to?
9 replies
Is there going to be an option to make autoplaying holiday music optional?
23 replies
Stop locking shit without reading the thread.

K thkx.
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One-click download links Can we get an option to disable the links that automatically download pictures when they are clicked? I don't find them useful and I accidentally click them all the time, especially on phone, and it just downloads the picture without prompt and makes me have to back and delete it.

It's really just a pain.

Can I get an option to turn it off?
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Taking a Brief Break Hello, Ponychan! For the context of the thread so that we're all on the same page here, I've been serving as the site's !!PinkiePie mod for some time now. As some of you may have noticed as of late, though, I've not been posting quite as much. I've been fairly busy with a few new things in my life, mostly work and school, and it's left me a tad burnt out on a few things. This has made it difficult for me to not only moderate regularly, but just post on the site as a user.
However, a recent decision has somewhat tipped the scales for me. Alongside what I mentioned above, there's the new spoiler rule regarding the finale being aired early. (It should be announced in a more official fashion soon, but as a summary: You have one week, starting today, to watch the leaks. After that, the spoiler rule is lifted on those episodes.) I did not, and I still do not, plan to watch these episodes early, and will wait until their official release in a few weeks. Since avoiding spoilers will be practically impossible, coming to the site during that time will be something I can't handle.
So, between the spoilers and the IRL stuff, I have decided that I'll be taking a short break from moderating Ponychan. During this time, I also do not plan to post on the site as a user or checking in on the Ponychan Discord. I'm not stepping down or leaving the site entirely, though! Since there are a few weeks before the finale is officially released, it'll give me some time to help get my life sorted out a bit. Once it's out and I've managed to watch it, I'll return to the site as a user and pick up my moderation duties once again.
I'm sorry for disappearing like this on you guys. But it wouldn't be fair to call myself a mod of the site if I'm going to be afraid of looking here in general. And even if it weren't for that, I've been too sporadic as of late to be comfortable with saying I've got things under control. I'll be back soon enough. I promise!

Don't go burning down the site while I'm away, alright? I need a place to come home to once I'm ready.
And don't forget, I love you all! <3
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Identify this child? In light of the ChocolateCrane incident, is there any way to positively identify the children he posted, so that we can know that they are safe or if not then possibly notify any special authorities?
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Hey, um… Is the server closed?
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Still more CP spam Is anything going to be done about the constant child porn spam? It's been going on for years.

As someone suggested, a once-a-day CAPCHA like on 8chan would work fine.
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Request to ban use of VPN tools on site Owing to a recent spammer who is ban evading and abusing Hotspot Shield in the /b/ thread on /oat/, would it be possible to ban known IP ranges used by the program?
11 replies
How Are Moderators Chosen? During the period when the site is looking for new moderators, how do people apply?

Is there any kind of form or application to submit?
4 replies
[Last X Posts] ? Can we have a feature that allows us to tune how many posts we'll see in a huge thread instead of being limited to either 50 or all of them?

Sometimes I'll want to see a discussion that goes back before the last 50, but I won't want to see all of them loaded.
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Self abuse and Ponychan. So...in light of this thread is any website change or plan going to be made in regards to potential user suicides and self-harm?

I can attest to my own stability, but I don't want to get tangled up in matters such as this, and I'm sure nobody else does either.
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oh /oat/

would you, have this meal for Demonio~ if they became Melissa Morgan the Canary
3 replies
where do i post asking about issues?
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Continued CP spam Any progress on the supposed "one-time capcha for new IP addresses" ?

/pony/ has had like 6 child porn threads today alone.
(No image)
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Posting this for someone else. >>>/oat/41517214

>accidental threads can't just be permanently deleted and leave a big red "[deleted]" X if you try to do so

>effortless /pol/bait threads are just locked and sent to /trash/
>quality shitstorms are wiped away without a trace instead of being sent to /arch/
3 replies
(No image)
22 replies
Can we limit Wesley to 1 depressed/suicide/angry/complain about America thread a day please?.

Even Kabel is more tolerable.
7 replies
Why was >>>/trash/7207 trashed?
21 replies
>Nimble admitted he thought pony purist had been chronically trolling back in his TrotCon 2016 thread and he hasn't been doing anything about it
>mods being complicit to trolls, even when they see them for what they are
Why is this okay? Why isn't this kind of behavior being moderated? This is exactly the kind of shit that destroys online communities and none of the authorities are doing anything to stop it. No wonder we have a reputation for being such a shithole.
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Hey. Can I request a sticky for my letsplay, by any chance? It's kind of annoying to have to dive back to page 3 or whatever to post in it if I want to post in another thread in between. Plus, it makes it more visible when I update.
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I'm having an issue with the QR box on my phone in Firefox. As you can see from the video, if I enter a thread and tap on a reply number to reply to it, it opens the QR box as it should, but also sends me to the top of the page, which can be very irritating, especially with large threads.
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The trial Your Honour.

There was a ban administered at Tuesday 30 August, 2016 for 1 day that expired on Wednesday 31 August, 2016.
The reason for the ban was "don't harass users".
At the time of this ban, a thread where the ban happened, was moved to /trash/. https://www.ponychan.net/trash/res/6983.html
A ban extension was administered on Wednesday 31 August, 2016 and expired on Saturday 3 September, 2016
The reason for the ban extension was "You don't have a right to be an asshole here".
This ban, ban extension and the locking/ removing of the thread was administered by !!Luna ## Admin - Macil!/5s/Techmk - Technical Administrator

There are no evidences that any action that can be described as harassment took place, and no post warranted the locking and the removal of the thread from /oat/ or the ban of any users. Furthermore the reason of the ban extension was use of foul language in /moon/, which is not an infringement of any of ponychan's rules and making threats against the site, for which there are also no evidences.

I'm accusing !!Luna ## Admin - Macil!/5s/Techmk - Technical Administrator, of abuse and misuse of administrative privileges.

The thread mentioned above, is now, been severely moderated. The original, unmoderated thread can be viewed here: http://pasteboard.co/h1fV8hb9b.jpg
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On the Topic of Spoilers Alright, so, new discussion of what is a somewhat old change to the rules, mostly because I've only just been made aware of it.

As we all know, the show that our fandom has spawned from is not quite over, and we're still getting new episodes to it, with the continuation of Season 5 having started up very recently. Of course, when these episodes air, not everyone is able to watch the episode live, or even within that first day. This then leads to the unfortunate chance of users having content from the new episode spoiled. Some people don't mind spoilers all that much, but there are others out there who do.

Now, as some of you know, the old rule on new content was that anything related to new content (episodes, movies, etc) was required to be spoilered for 48 hours after that content was released. Some time ago, though, this rule was reverted, and the view on spoilers were changed. Now, as I've been told, spoilers are allowed immediately on /oat/, /pony/, and /anon/, with the rest of the boards retaining the same 48 hour rule. Furthermore, it has been agreed upon that the lack of discussion of this rule for the merger was an oversight on our part. So, late or not, it's time that we toss the issue out into the light to see what everyone thinks about it.

What do you guys think about the spoiler rules? Should applying the 48 hour spoiler rule to /oat/, /pony/, and/or /anon/ be something to consider doing? Has anybody got a better idea of what to do when new content is released? Or is everyone content with the way things are being handled right now? This is entirely open to discussion and suggestions, so let's hear it! We'll only make changes or keep things the same if it's something that the users want, so make sure you let us know what you think.
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doucle-click reply issue I've noticed that if, when I hit new topic/new reply, and my mouse accidentally double-clicks, it will not let me delete or edit the post, even though the post still goes through perfectly fine.

is there any particular reason for this? can it be fixed? my mouse double clicks a lot lately, it's kind of breaking.
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I found a Jedi in the forest He can come back here?
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site issue dear ponychan idk where to post this i just want ponychan fixed cuz /oat/ wont save my poster name and password :'(
3 replies
Is this theme no longer around? I tried the Pinkie theme, but it's different. It has yellow text, and no shrugging Pinkie Pies.
(No image)
16 replies
Server Is it just me, or is the Minecraft server no longer working?
17 replies
when did this...
1 reply
ADOPT THE JUCHE CALENDER FOR POST TIMESTAMPS I propose we adopt, and set to the default, the Juche calendar.

So the main consequence of this would be the year -instead of being 2016- would be labeled as "Juche 105"
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I just want a board with an active userbase, decent mods, and without /pol/ or /leftypol/ retardation and unending namefags.
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Error: Wrong password I keep seeing this tonight...I know that sometimes my mouse double clicks and if that happens while submitting a post I can't edit it, but I'm pretty sure my mouse hasn't been double clicking yet now it's happening anyways. and why does it happen if you double click anyways? it doesn't change it being my post.

is this something on my end or is it a problem with the site?

(ironically enough, I can edit THIS post)
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Hey lads, doing the occasional cleansing of any doxable information of my person or old screennames on the internet, and at this point, the last leak I have is through this old piece here


This page is owner edit only (lel), so I've put in an edit request. I can't recall who the owner is, but if you wouldn't mind addressing that, you'd be doing me a solid. Arigato
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Actually delete the deleted threads. Why is this so hard to implement?
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One time issues Ey niggaz, I just looked at the home page and found this:

>This site has several features that other *chan sites often require separate userscripts for, like a Quick Reply dialog for posting and auto-updating threads. You can configure the site with the settings button at the top-right corner of the page. Different themes are also available for you to use to view the site. For more info on the site's features and options, check out >>>/site/919.

Except >>>/site/919 is 404
I know nobody gives a shit but what the hell.
Also where should I report petty issues like this next time?
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If i pay towards the sites upkeep can i be a mod?
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Hiding thread issue I think I brought this up a long time ago but it would be REALLY nice if, when you hide a thread, it is also hidden from the catalog.

As of now, even if you hide a thread, it still appears in the catalog, and for me personally this is a problem because sometimes I hide things literally because they disturb me, even if they aren't rulebreaking. So I end up having to avoid the catalog just so I don't see threads that I have already hidden, which seems kind of redundant.

I know people are gonna say I just need a thicker skin but I really think that having threads you have hidden appear in the catalog anyways kind of defeats the purpose of hiding threads in the first place.
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Actual legit problem not a shitpost. For some odd reason, ponychan wont load on my phone anymore, Does it for hours on end then works randomly again. Its not loading now, but every other site on the net is. So i put on my shitty ps4, and it loaded straight up.

So im guessing theres something to do with mobiles and whatnot, but its annoying as i can only post images from the phone. Not exactly life or death problem , but im wondering if others have had this problem before.

Like i said sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt, it just tells me the site is down, but it works fine on the playstation browser so..
(No image)
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Is it worth having /moon/ ?

It seems pointless
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Honestly, I don't like to complain.
But this needs to stop.


Four threads made in the same day, all on the front page.
Is there ever going to be a thread-per-day limit implemented? Because either that needs to be the case, or this needs to get trashed.

On the topic, I've seen threads with actual topics get trashed before a Kabel thread does, in which I've never seen a Kabel thread get trashed.
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site header would it be possible to make the site header (as in the board selection thing) scroll with you on mobile so you dont have to scroll to the top of the page every time you want to switch boards? its kind of inconvenient.
(No image)
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thread watcher being weird lately I've noticed that a lot of times the thread watcher will show new replies for threads that you have already seen every reply to. I think it is happening when you click a thread you're watching that has new replies, and for some reason the thread watcher doesn't stop showing new replies. This wasn't happening in the past IIRC. However I have noticed it gets fixed if you just manually refresh the page you are on.
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What will get me permabanned from the site?
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I was on Ponychan within a few days of it opening, and I was on staff since it had been open for about two months. I saw a lot of things in the five years since Orange asked for mod applications. A lot of people came and went. A lot of decisions were made by the staff and by the community and plenty of those decisions were mistakes. But the most frustrating was how fallout from those mistakes lead to deeper and deeper apathy and fear of even trying anymore. It is amazing how cyclical everything was. How depressingly predictable it came to be.

I took my "job" as a mod very seriously, at least up until near the end. I spent a lot of time thinking about the site and trying to work out solutions to its various problems. I was in the habit of checking the reports queue first thing when I got out of bed and last thing before going back to sleep. Many nights I lost sleep because something would come up late when nobody else was around. I checked in between every game of LoL or CSGO I would play. There were even times when I would end up getting distracted by reports in the middle of these games, and end up AFKing and losing, when at the time I actually cared about winning those games very much. The only mod who ever showed as much dedication was Dragomena. Of the few times we were shown mod activity stats, he was the only one to ever beat me. Nobody else even came close.

We used to tell each other, on staff: Your real life should come before the site, you're no good to anyone if your real life falls apart. This was probably a mistake, as it just encouraged people to get lazy. And honestly, this should have never applied to the admin. The admin should be devoting a lot of time to the site. If anyone should be taking it as a very serious responsibility, it should be the admin. Unfortunately this has never been the case.

Orange had his problems with giving a shit but when he tried to come back, the others on staff did not make it easy for him. Inkwell had been trying to facilitate his return as an active member of staff but someone, I think it was Rainbro, demanded a pizza from Inkwell if Orange failed to do so. Inkwell foolishly agreed, and then suddenly it was everyone except me begging Inkwell for pizza and making nonstop jokes about it every single time Orange showed up. He couldn't even have a serious conversation with us anymore. It was infuriating to me. I tried to get them to understand why they should stop but they didn't, and unsurprisingly Orange gave less and less of a shit and just stopped showing up again. The others were happy, they won their fucking pizza. They straight up harassed him out of staff when he tried to return. I wonder why? Jokes on them though. Only Admiral ended up getting the pizza because he lived close enough to Inkwell to meet up.

A problem that has plagued staff ever since the site became somewhat popular is the problem of people who tend to want to get on staff for status reasons, or because they hold some sort of lust for power and want to take the site over. It sounds ridiculous but it's very true, and very pathetic. Gunthor, Zamoonda, etc... These people are everywhere. Often they would turn out to be the ones you least expected. It just never stopped. The thing is, it might not even be so bad if these people would turn out to be good leaders. But they never do. They just want to achieve their goal of status and then they tend to rest on their laurels. This is why I flip out at things I see as mod attention whoring. This was also the biggest thing I was mad at Admiral about: while I was wracking my brain trying to improve Ponychan, he was largely ignoring my efforts and picking up that sweet mod tag on Moonychan. And this is another reason I was so upset when splinter chans were made. It wasn't JUST the fact that the community was being carved into pieces. I felt acutely aware of the fact that many of these people had more selfish motives at heart when it came to supporting new sites and in the process loudly declaring reasons why Ponychan was now to be hated.

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<blink> and <marquee> tags Why don't we have [blink] and [marquee] tags?
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Various things are being done, discuss.

/anon/ restructure: >>>/anon/639870
/oat/ restructure: >>>/oat/41295744
/pic/ eulogy: >>>/pic/958748
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Why is there no ban page, at least no public one?
Really why not have one? 4chan and some other chan sites have this, so why not this one? It can be used to put an example for newer users to see what to do.

Well, what do you folks think?
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I like how the janitors were chosen based on being awake at 2am and lurking /site/ and this is literally the worst amount of spam that nobody's cleaned up yet.

Thats all, go back outside.
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About thread trashing... It seems arbitrary for some reason. There are threads that seem to be fine and suddenly get trashed after like 70 posts and others that are blatant trash material and get bumped like 3 times in the course of a couple hours and are never touched.

What exactly is the policy on what qualifies as 'trash' because it seems to me that whatever mod is trashing threads isn't actually looking at the thread and is just passing judgement on the OP. Some threads that would have been trash worthy actually mutate into thoughtful discussions between posters and to have a mod just come in and trash it because he didn't bother to check and see where the thread went is really irritating.

Can we request that either the mod trashing these threads give a little bit more thought before he decides to trash a thread, or maybe when a thread is considered for being trashed it instead says, 'This thread is pending Trash' which allows the people in the thread to ask for the trashing to be revoked, and if no one says anything in 15 minutes, then the thread becomes trash?

Just something, because currently whenever this mod comes to Oat he seems to just randomly trash whatever he feels like without much thought.
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Suggestions for additional themes/styles for this Chan How about this: Zecora, Futaba, Mint Green, Banana(yellow), Daytime, Cadance, Rainbow, and chat BBS.

Well, what do you guys think?
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First 2 people to respond to this thread with a discord / skype contact become a janitor.

You are limited to deleting posts/threads/files that break the rules, any other issues you see are to be forwarded to mods.

To prevent abuse when deleting something, you are expected to throw the post number/s at me with your reason.
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Anonymous mods and /pony/ The /pony/ board is moribund, with the same six or seven people uploading an occasional post every other day. New threads are almost nonexistent. Why, then, was a perfectly reasonable discussion thread about Starlight Glimmer locked and kicked out -- by a mod with no name (pic)?
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So do we no longer have freedom of speech? If the answer is no; I'm gonna go make my own chan
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Site rebrand. A couple people expressed the possibility of expanding the sites focus from mlp into something else, and i felt it deserved it's own thread.

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On the CP bot. What if we had an automated image checker/identifier that doesn't allow specific images to be posted?
The bot seems to use a limited quantity of images, so this might work?
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Petition to keep Autocomplete Sentence This is the best new feature ever. It would be a shame to remove it in future site updates.

S something adorable t that I will destroy queer ponies. Why. you're right. Oh well. you should just take the third option to enable sociopaths to rise up to Pandora and snorted. John cena gets fruity pebbles are bottom of the local police.
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Suggestion: A [SERIOUS] tag options for /oat/ threads Hey all, so I've noticed a huge issue on this site: it's impossible to try to have a serious thread where shitposting is not allowed. With the current rules for /oat/, if shitposting in a thread remains "on topic," there is nothing that can be done to stop it. This is pretty problematic, especially given there are no boards left dedicated to serious discussion.

I think a simple solution would be to recognize a [SERIOUS] tag in the titles of people's thread. There would be no need for site changes, but simply a recognition on the end of the mods that when an OP has [SERIOUS] in their thread's title, this signals that shitposting is not welcome, and therefore qualifies as derailing. I think this would be a good way to reintroduce the prospect of serious discussion on PonyChan without having to create another board which will inevitably become dead.

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>https://www.ponychan.net/oat/res/41282370.html#41282370 this thread was moved to trash
wait, what? I just, I don't understand. Like it's a shitty thread yeah, but nothing about this is bait. Is it because an anon made three posts? Since when to clearing up bait threads become "remove anything far right"? Because that's what it's become.

>time to wait 3 days for a mod to respond
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>people cyber in https://www.ponychan.net/oat/res/41241071.html#41241816
>report it, think it's 4am mods must not be on
>mod posts in thread
>nothing happens, doesn't even say anything
So like, is cybering on ponychan allowed? Has every single rule about sex been randomly thrown out just because? Can we at least post porn if that's the case? Can we have mods that actually know what in the fuck they are doing?
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Ban anyone that talks about anything sexual. That is all.
(No image)
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Yeah so this definitely isnt the most pressing matter but I have noticed that hiding threads doesnt work for me on mobile, even with "show post hiding stubs" enabled in settings.

I see the stubs but pressing them with my touch screen does nothing. Ive tried multiple threads, multiple times.
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How hard would it be to write a script that scrapes the front pages of /oat/ and /pony/ once every minute and deletes any threads whose image filename is "t.jpg"?

Note that this doesn't require modifying Ponychan's codebase; any mod can run such a script to submit the deletion POST request with their credentials.
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I posted a censored image and received this ban. Mods please stop being idiots thanks.
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THIS SITE IS FULL OF SEXIST ADMINS Why are female nipples banned?
Either the site should ban the display of all nipples or none. I am legitimately and utterly disgusted that a site in the current year could apply a rule to only one sex.
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Why the mods trash >>>/oat/41234847 (whose topic was whether you would rather legalize marijuana or machine guns, with a few joke options thrown in for fun)?
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[deleted] When you 'delete' your thread, if nobody has replied yet, can the thread be actually deleted instead of just replaced with "[deleted]"?
15 replies
Be transparent. Show us what has got done lately.
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Cloudflare problems? A friend is having some trouble accessing Ponychan. Gets the generic cloudflare error page. Clearing of cache and cookies was done, and he has tried with several different browsers.

Is this happening to anyone else?
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how come when a mod trashes a thread, they are always anonymous? like, why can't we just see specifically which mod is trashing the thread? it seems like that would make more sense.

I'm not complaining about the threads getting trashed tho, I'm actually happy that lately more /pol/shit has been going into the garbage.
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Muuuuh Could you put a limit on how many threads Mint Swirl, Demon and Kabel can make in one day please, especially Mint , this is becoming ridiculous.

In fact limit everyones ability to make more than 3 threads a day and the quality "might" rise in general.
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Why do the cuck mods keep deleting my threads
5 replies
On the bomb posting. Is this going to blow over? Is anything going to happen to Wesley or the deletion of threads in light of this incident?

pic unrelated
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site forgetting post password after viewing image I have noticed this annoying problem where, if I make a post, and then view an image in the thread I made the post in (as in, actually click 'View Image" to open it in a new window), and then click back to go back to the thread, my password is cleared, and it becomes impossible to edit or delete the post I made immediately before viewing the image.

is there any way this can be fixed? is it something on my end?

pls halp
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.webms with Sound You guys figure that out yet?
(No image)
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Typical Classless Users I was threatened and scared off a board asking for just some advice.
They told me theyd harass a friend of mine that im trying to rekindle a friendship with please deal with this before it gets out of hand i don't want to go on to these boards with fear of people interfering in my personal life. Please be considerate of your users and do not let this type of despicable behavior become commonplace on these boards i would consider it a tremendous favor if you monitor your boards to make sure no one else has to put up with this terrible experience i come on these boards to have civil discussions and go on the internet to escape my life of stress and and frustration not to be outright treated like shit or to be blackmailed Thank you

Warm Regards
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The new tags I kinda like the new tags, but they feel a bit unbalanced in favor of anonimity, this sums it up quite well:

"So say i decided to just sign my posts with a name or use the email field as a workaround, would that be alright with these rules?
And what about adding a #Identify tag or somesuch that gives everyone a thread-unique ID so that anons can't samefag?"

( >>40955685 )

Any possibility to add such a tag or to add such clarification by a mod?
The latter could save some trouble down the road.
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Why do you guys keep moving legitimate threads to trash? If you get offended by something so easily you should blame your parents for raising a pussy lmao
(No image)
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new to this and chan sites I am a brony since season 2,
However, I never knew how to use forum threads and chan websites in general, Can someone help me with this? the only social website I use are the familiar ones, not forum threads and chan websites.
BTW. is cursing allowed?
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automatically skip to last read post feature? right now that only happens when you open a thread you've been watching that has new replies.

could we please get it when opening threads you've already been in but aren't watching? I know this seems like a kind of arbitrary feature but I think it would be good. 4chan already does it.

it's just inconvenient to open a thread you've already read a lot of and have to scroll (or pull the bar thing) to the bottom manually.
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Implement Flags? Some have suggested the idea of being able to give posts a flag, much like one can on /pol/ and /int/.

It might be yet another way to give voluntary identification and/or flavor to a post.
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Crimson risk!!Rarity is no longer a mod due to breaking site rules and abusing his position.

Until the contact page is updated, please do not attempt to email him about ponychan matters.

Please direct all discussion to this thread, other threads will be removed.
(No image)
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Why do you delete threads about politics you dislike, yet leave up botspam child porn?

(No image)
47 replies
Webms with sound now pls
12 replies
Board request I know I'm gonna get not many replies, but can we have a /rp/ board?
Hell we can test it if we want.
16 replies
YFW no PonyChan mods respond to you on skype C'mon people, it's happened to all of us.
(No image)
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Password no longer automatically generated? It would seem, at least for me, my password for posts is not automatically generated as is typical.
Makes it a rather large pain in the rear, as I cannot edit or delete posts without entering one.
Should probably fix that some time.
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Use 24 hour time I do not like looking at 12 hour AM/PM retardation. Use 24 hour time for post timestamps.

And yes I know this could be solved with a script, however I advocate forcing people to use the objectively better system.
So 24 hour time should be the default.
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Was something changed on the server end? There seems to be an issue with page caching, because sometimes when I click restart or click on a board link (and sometimes post links, though with thread updating, it's not as much of an issue), it doesn't show the actual board and only shows what's in the browser's cache unless I do a hard refresh (shift+f5).
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Excuse me but why did a mod put my thread in autosage?


I admit it's not a super serious thread but I didn't mean for it to be mean-spirited.

Is it because some of the posters have started arguing about police?

I just don't see how the thread warrants autosage, especially considering some of the kinds of threads that stay up for a long time.
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Can we incorporate (as a tag) my new numeral system?
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Can I dump classified govt. files which have not been leaked anywhere else or is that against the rurus?
26 replies
Using the site on mobile In the past few months it's become a pain to scroll through the reply box. If I wanted to look over a post, or proofread, it's difficult to do.
(No image)
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4 replies
(No image)
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Pipscap Where is my capcode?.

Failing that, could someone that can make tripcodes, make me a TwinTails one please, that would be just as good.
19 replies
Can we rise again yet? I've been waiting for more than a year.
(No image)
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Can the mods do something to indicate that they've acted on a report? I'm getting kind of tired of reporting porn to the void.
1 reply
Mod abuse? Someone outed Hispanon as a Muslim, by taking info out of the confession thread.
This might be a violation of privacy by a mod.
(No image)
3 replies
Can we post artistic nudity?
(No image)
3 replies
Can I prevent a specific user from posting in my threads?
2 replies
Please fix spoilers that don't hide the text

11 replies
Did i commit a crime.
And non of you decided to say "Emmmm, demonio, that is not legal, not only on the site standar, but on a contries law standards"

Is ok that im evil, but im just "dummy internet evil" not real life evil.

I thought you were my friend.
but was all an ambush from mcgay probably.
on a skim to get candy
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Hypothetically speaking, if I can compute tripcodes extremely fast
Would I get in trouble if I posted with other people's trips just to demonstrate?
I wont pretend to be them or anything.
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>Ponychan yesterday
Select file, type post, hit tab twice and enter.
>Ponychan today
Select file, type post, hit tab twice and enter, select file again, click New Reply.

U-um, can you guys change this back, please, my muscle memory is gonna take a long time to change...
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Can we have a /pol/ or something? I didn't want to divide the community up anymore considering our population's, like, five, but having every second thread being nothing but a bunch of pseudointellectuals trying to fix the world with words on an imageboard is getting pretty tiring.
15 replies
Upgrade timetables? Is there a general schedule for, and list of, coming/proposed site upgrades?

Personally, I think many people would like it, if we could post multiple images in a post, like they do on 8chan.
(No image)
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CP appearing in the catalog after it's already been deleted Hey so there's a CP thread in the very beginning of the catalog on /oat/ but when you actually go on the regular front page of /oat/ it's not there.

Just thought I'd give a heads up, and not screencapping for obvious reasons.
21 replies
>get ban on /anon/ because "Do not post real bestiality, please."
This is a rule? Like I'm fine if it is, but like people have posted that stuff on /anon/ for like, ever now. I didn't know it was actually against the rules. As far as I know bestiality porn isn't illegal to view anywhere in the US.
13 replies
Site policy on aged-up characters? (cartoon/anime) So I want to dump an aged-up May doujin on /anon/ in honor of the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. Now obviously in the show May is...very young, but in this doujin I want to post, she is aged up and appears very obviously adult (very big boobs, thick thighs/waist, big butt, generally fully-developed). So I wanted to check to see if that would be acceptable, I don't want to catch a ban if it would still be considered "lolicon".

Here is a link to the doujin if mods/admins want to check it first: http://nhentai.net/g/127787/ (NSFW, obviously)

(I only want to post the May part)
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Dark thumbnails So, whenever I post greyscale PNGs the thumbnails the website generates are way darker than the actual images. Which is a little bothersome since I like to post sketches on my /fan/ thread.
Looking around for info on that I found this and I was wondering if something like this could be implemented to fix the issue.
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/site/ Sticky thread The /Site/ Sticky:
Welcome! This sticky will cover the majority of frequently asked questions as well as provide important information for using the site. Click each box for info.

Or if you have any questions, feel free to ask in our official Discord!

● Formatting & Hotkeys
While browsing:
  • Q brings up the Quick Reply - if you have it enabled in the Settings.
  • Ctrl+b will make highlighted text bold
  • Ctrl+i will put it in italics
  • Ctrl+s will spoiler your text
  • Ctrl+h will hide your text, creating a [Show] button for people to reveal
  • Ctrl+u will underline it
  • Ctrl + r is for strikethrough
  • [cs][/cs] will create Comic Sans text
  • [tt][/tt] will create Typeface font
  • [shy][/shy] will create smaller text
  • [rcv][/rcv] will create larger text and activate the royal canterlot voice wordfilter
  • Red bold headings are obtained by placing two equal signs (==) on each side of ==your text== (On one line only)
  • [url] function - you can make hyperlinks in the following manner: [url=http://google.com]Click here[/url]
  • On /pony/, /fan/ and /rp/, you can edit your posts or threads. Click the checkbox of the post you want to edit and click the [Edit] button in the bottom right corner of the page to edit it.
  • You can use an automated "dice" by entering [XdY], X being the number of dice and Y the number of sides each dice has. For example [2d6] will throw two 6-faced dice.
  • You can also make additions or subtractions, useful for roleplaying functions. For example [1d20-5]
  • Thread watching: There is a 'Watch' link at the bottom right of every OP. When it's clicked, a 'Watcher' menu will appear near the Settings tab. You will be alerted of new messages in watched threads.
  • Cross--thread linking is done as such: >>>/test/47
  • Catalog: each board has a "Catalog" which will show you all the threads currently on every page of each board. For example: catalog for /anon/. The catalog will show you a preview of each thread's OP text, the OP image as well as the number of replies in each thread.
● Settings
Ponychan has a Settings button on the right of its navbar. Here are some of the features it provides:
  • The "style" field allows you to use different themes.
  • Show mature content threads: Will reveal the automatically hidden mature threads on certain boards. Off by default.
  • Treat mature images as spoilers: Spoilers images in mature threads, when threads are unhidden.
  • Reveal Spoilers will bypass the Spoilers system (Images and text)
  • Navbar stays at the top: "Sticks" the navbar to the top of the page. It is off by default: the navbar scrolls down with you.
  • Use QR for posting: Highly recommended, the Quick Reply allows you to post in a thread without scrolling to the top every time. Q brings it up.
  • Show "You" on links to your posts: Will put the text (You) after a reply directed to a post you have made.
  • Reply notifier sound: A sound alert is played when someone replies to you in a thread- if you have the thread opened.
  • Filtered Names and Filtered Tripcodes: Prevents post made with those names or tripcodes from being seen
● Hash-tags
Ponychan allows you to create hash-tags, which are a tagging feature.
You create a #Tag of your choice like so: [#Text of your choice].This is important for some boards like /rp/ and /anon/: it is also how you mark a thread as mature. On mature boards, a button is available when making the OP to add this tag automatically. The special tag [#Anon] removes the ability for replies to have names.

Note: Any NSFW image posted in a non-Mature thread is a rule violation and will be treated as such. Please tag your threads properly for the benefit of all users
32 replies
The SWK proposal mark II.

I really didn't want to ask for this, because i considered it too much work for macil for what i considered essentially an experiment, but if you are super super married to the idea of /oat/ being a safe for work board, then i am asking for a new board.

I see /oat/ as the any-topic borderline-tolerant board, and /anon/ as the any-topic NSFW board. And what i am suggesting is a middle-ground between the two that errs on the SFW side. It's an any-topic NSFW-tolerant board.

The new board would have all the of the same rules as /oat/, except that if an image is covered by a NSFW spoiler, it would allow posting of NSFW images. So normally NSFW images would be prohibited, just like in /oat/, except if it's covered by the NSFW spoiler, in which case it's not prohibited. Any NSFW images posted that are not covered would follow the same disciplinary algorithm that is used in /oat/, the mod would delete it, and if the same person or IP keeps posting non-covered NSFW images it would lead to stricter and stricter disciplinary action until they get banned.

This is just a general idea. If it meets with your approval in concept, i will further flesh it out. And i assume that you'd only consider it, if there is substantial interest in the idea, so after approval of the concept, and approval of the fully fleshed out idea, i would have to go and find out exactly how much interest there is before you'd seriously consider it.

I'm not going to lie or mislead here. My goal is inclusivity and concentration of as many users in one spot as possible. So i would hope that essentially tons of people would leave /oat/ and elsewhere to stay here. I am actually worried that another board would just thin out our already dwindling userbase. But if it takes a whole 'nother board to assuage your fears about this system, i'll ask for it.
(No image)
7 replies
What is "butchery" defined as in the rules?
9 replies
Copypasta? Is copypasta that pretends to be belligerent, just as bad as actual belligerence?
2 replies


I'm pretty sure that this thread was meant to be harmless fun especially when similar threads have been made plenty of times. It's not an attack on any of the users. What's the problem with it?
7 replies
Can we please get rid of these?
(No image)
7 replies
It would be nice if there was less mod interference in /oat/. I don't think a thread should be instantly trashed unless it's seriously negatively affecting people in some way.
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/oat/ serial thread in /anon/. Okay, so we are always told to post in /anon/ if we want to get a bit lewder than /oat/ allows.

So, I want to know if we would be allowed to make an /oat/ serial thread in /anon/ where we can use all of our trips and names and basically do what it is we do on /oat/.

It would just be a single serial thread like the b& Friends thread on /oat/, so as not to disturb the general population of /anon/. Would that be allowed as long as we kept it to one thread?
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So, uh, I thought this was worth making a thread about...Wesley, who is notorious for posting about illegal guns, bombs, drugs, and Nazi-level racism/nationalism, and who IIRC was also permanently banned from MLPchan before the merge happened, posted this thread:


...in which he has admitted to going through thousands of child porn images in an effort to create some kind of spam filter...a noble cause and all, but...should we really be allowing him to admit that he is doing this without any consequence? Like, regardless of what you're using CP for, it's super fucking illegal to have it on your computer, right? And we're not talking about lolicon or cartoons or something, this is the real shit.

Why do the mods not seem to care about this?
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Can I make a thread where the OP pic is a deer carcass my buddy hit?
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So I fucked up and accidentally deleted the OP post of my /fan/ thread.

Would it be possible to undo that??
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New Board Suggestion We need a ponychan.net/👌/ board, to contain the rampant 👌 meme before it infects everyone.
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Steam Twist I don't like to make more than one thread on /site/, but this has been an ongoing issue.
Why has Steam Twist not been banned by now? He's like Manley 2.0. He creates bait threads on a regular basis, and derails threads with his bullshit even more often than that.
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Potential new / enforcement of current rules. The state of the site’s moderation has not exactly been, stable, in recent months.
Staff would take actions without warning, actions would be excessive or too lenient, or mods would not take action where it would have been appropriate.
In an effort to stabilize our sites moderation, a series of changes and reinforcements to our existing rules has been created and vetted by the current staff for the perusal of users.
Input and discussion would be appreciated.

A separate thread concerning new and existing rules / guidelines for site staff, referring to their actions as staff, will be posted after a short vetting period.

Lewd Content:
This topic has been brought up and discussed on and off since the MLPchan/Ponychan merger took place. In the months that have followed that merge, it has been determined that our standards have slipped, even when compared to both sites at any point. With that in mind, the following changes and reinforcements to our existing rules will henceforth be put into effect:

>No visible genitals or female nipples. This includes those visible through clothing. (e.g. bulges and/or cameltoe)

>Nipple bumps that are simple lines or indents are fine. If these bumps are fully defined, excessive to the point of being a focus in the image, or make the nipples visible through the clothing, they will be removed.
>Threads created for the express purpose of posting sexual/lewd content will be removed. This does not include threads created for the discussion of sexual content, provided the thread stays away from explicit material in both image and text. Abusing this “loophole” will result in those topics being banned outright.
>If an OP requests that no lewd be present in their thread, any files and posts which include such content will be removed. Such requests can be accomplished by including #No Lewd in the OP.
>If a user is unsure of an image being too sexual, they can show it to the mods by using off-site hosting services, such as Imgur.

This topic is a symptom of the aforementioned loosening of standards, possibly due to moderator apathy, lack of oversight, or just plain community shift. Perhaps a combination. Whatever the reason, our standards have dropped compared to our parent sites, and they must be raised again. Thus, the following changes and reinforcements to the existing rules will henceforth be in effect:

>Stalking, harassment, or the posting of others’ personal information is prohibited.

>Hostile mockery of other users will not be tolerated. Playful mockery is welcome, as long as the mocked parties are aware that it is playful.
>Blatant attempts to goad or “bait” users into uncivil conduct will not be tolerated.
>Blatant personal attacks will not be tolerated.

”Polshit”/Political Threads:
This is a more recent problem. I am referring to threads or thread derails concerning politics. Such topics tend to be heated at the best of times, but the problem appears to be that a few users are using them as an excuse to harass or otherwise “troll” the regular users of the board with circular logic, making a nuisance of themselves or just generally being an asshole to people.
It is believed that this problem will go away if the rules are properly enforced, so no additional changes, aside from those mentioned above, will be made. This topic is merely mentioned as a response to its recent discussion.

To address concerns and worries of disagreement or indecision on moderator actions, I believe that treating “edge” cases as separate issues will handily solve it. What I mean is that, if a mod is unsure on how to act towards a situation, board-only or image-only bans can be issued instead of the standard full ban, depending on the specific situation.
In this way, it is apparent that a moderator is present and responding, but is also trying to give the users the benefit of the doubt in situations that are not completely black and white. Hopefully, this will result in more user-mod interaction on rulings that aren’t just “users defending themselves from an overzealous mod.”

Again, input and discussion is encouraged, as the sooner our rules and enforcement becomes consistent, the sooner we can move onto more important things.

Like how Gusty Wishes is best pony.
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What's up with the mods deleting threads on /oat/ today? I've seen at least three disappear right as I was about to post in them.
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I think bug reports go here.

Basically, my issue is that my main browser (Firefox Dev Edition) cannot post without an image in the quick reply format. I've tried it on Chrome with success, and I've tried it on Edge with success (using both quick reply and regular post forms)
I don't really know what the issue is, but I could post an image of my addons if that helps.
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/ooc/ and /rp/ I've seen this come up a few times while I was sitting reading the new thread Fen posted (here: https://www.ponychan.net/site/res/4907+50.html) but since it wasn't relevant to the topic there I made a thread for it here to talk about freely.

And for anyone who doesn't want to dig for where that is, in simplest terms it boils down to:

>Should we merge /ooc/ and /rp/ into one board?

I'm active in /rp/ and /ooc/, I've seen the canons existing and even fought for /ooc/ to stay when Ponychan and MLPchan first merged. At the time there were plenty of canons in both versions of /rp/ to merit that, as the front page would be riddled with the most active RPs and their OOC threads and leave the slower burning but still living canons shoved off frontpage, which dooms their ability to gather new players or advertise their RPs.

Fast forward to now and the amount of active canons have decreased dramatically. The Donut Bar is by far the fastest thing in /rp/ (with at least 6 threads on the front page!) and /ooc/ itself is populated by threads that were made back in November with the last post still from that date still on the front page.

As far as living canons are concerned the amount of them are not, in my opinion, enough to warrant the continued existence and maintenance of both boards. Folding everything into /rp/ would press everything neatly into one board and the change would not be overall upsetting to the existing communities inside both boards given both board encompass the overcall community of the roleplaying posters in Ponychan itself.

And while the /ooc/ is nice for the organizational aspect alone, the same can be achieved by using the favorite system of roleplayers: tags.

#OOC and #IC bang boom done like dinner.

So TLDR; I'm totally cool with the proposal to merge the boards.

If there're any thoughts in support or in opposition to this line of thought I certainly would love to hear it!
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are ponychan servers under heavy load or acting sluggish or acting otherwise weird?

on multiple devices, images and threads, esp images > 500kb take forever to load, and other websites aren't giving me the same kind of issues.

just don't know if it is really some huge fluke only affecting me, or if backend stuff really is struggling.
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explain how anonthony's threads violated the rules
even if you think anonthony himself stepped over the line in insulting reaver or whatever that doesn't demand trashing the whole thread
last i checked the new rules don't say "delete anything vaguely reminiscent of /pol/," and last i'd heard they aren't even actually the rules yet
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Mods are fags I got banned for what I said I was doing not what I was doing. What's next? Will I be a rapist because I say that rape is hot? Please correct yourself this is literally liberal fascism and I will not tolerate intolerance.
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Made this originally in /oat/, but I think it's an issue that needs to be brought up here, even though I'm sure it has been already multiple times.
Guys. Seriously. When is it gonna be dealt with? I know "it's not easy" but this is getting really annoying. What steps are being taken, what's the status?
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i thought typing messages to mods through the report thing was pointless since it gets cut off or something? did that get fixed?
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Why does site have threads that say moved to /trash/ , but yet still remain on /site/ weeks after, wouldnt it have just been easier to , i dunno, delete the threads ?
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could somebody explain the random "[deleted]" threads?

alot of the stuff i been seeing hasn't been entirely again the rules

whats going on?
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Why have you let the sites standards drops so low ?
Im mainly talking about /oat/ , ok i am completely talking about /oat/ . I remember back not long after this site was created and /oat/ was seperate from /chat/ , when /oat/ was for silly pony related shenanigans and /chat/ was for discussions (Before /dis/ ) , back when the site was fun and had a userbase that came here because of the show and show related things, or because they wanted to be in a nice friendly community and talk to likeminded people.

Fast forward to now and look at the fucking garbage we put up with in what is now the non pony discussion board. Constant meme's, constant attention seeking threads set out to get a reply from a certain friend or berate someone, Anime garbage about how much people want to whack off to thier new flavour of the month waifu, and sex. Mostly sex, virtually every thread devolves into some discussion about anally inserting something or cumming into someones ass. It's pathetic, this site never used to have a massive influx or weeaboo virgins constantly bashing off to whatever user also wont use thier basement , and if it did, they were never this vocal about it. Its sex sex sex, everywhere, its pathetic, even the threads that have nothing to do with sex eventually devolve into it. Surely this was the reason /anon/ exists, so we can keep all that garbage off the other boards, how can you possibly believe the site is better than it used to be , its a joke of its former self.

When did it slip into the festering pool of filth that its become on /oat/ and why did you allow this to happen ?

I am only partially drunk this time but it really does make me sad the way this end of the site has turned out over the last few years , the other boards are fine , but dear god something about oat , like bring back /dis/ or set some sort of rules , we shouldnt have to hide threads every refresh. I mean im guilty of making bad threads myself but they never involve ass sex or wanting to suck Toybox's cock, and they dont involve meme's.

/Oat/ is rude can we tone down the frustrated virgin threads, kthxbai

MOD EDIT: Swapped cross-out for /hide due to eye strain concerns.
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RULES CLARIFICATION Two mods are using this phrase from the front page rules
>The staff reserves the right to enforce these and all other rules and guidelines in the manner they see best for the site.
to argue that, in essence, the only rule is what they say. If a post follows every written rule on Ponychan, with no ambiguity whatsoever, it can still be "against the rules" because of this clause.

They have kept this hypothetical so far, but I would like clarity. Is that in fact the intended interpretation? Needless to say I prefer a Ponychan where rules can be invoked in defense of posters, and not just used against them.
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The SWK proposal.

Okay, so if implemented this solution will take care of a few problems. The one i think you'll care most about is borderline-porn modding judgement problems. The problem i created it for was allowing NSFW to be posted anywhere without causing anyone to be upset by its presence. I am not suggesting this be implemented everywhere, you can do whatever you want with it, but i do think this could potentially be used so that the board does not need delineation into NSFW and SFW boards.

Okay, so basically just implement a special spoiler image to indicate NSFW content. A person who even suspects their pic might be NSFW(that is, it is borderline), checks the mark under their post for "NSFW image", which would an added button next to the "Spoiler Image" button. In settings under Filters, there would be a button for revealing NSFW images automatically, but by default, all NSFW tagged images would be NSFW spoilered. You could even add a special button for NSFW spoiler images that reveals images on hover(which is also, by default off), so if a person had reveal on hover set, they wouldn't accidentally reveal the NSFW image on a hover. Even further additionally, you could add an option in settings which completely filters a post with a NSFW image tag from being displayed, so a user could be completely oblivious to the concept that somebody is posting NSFW images in their thread.

Many of these options would be exceeeedingly simple to implement in code, since it's basically a copy of the spoiler image function with a different name and image(to indicate it's NSFW spoiler, not a regular spoiler), and macil would need to change a bunch of variable names to keep their functions separate.

And it is important to note that this function is distinctively different to the already existing spoiler image function because while some people use spoiler images to hide some borderline, to others it is always gonna be ambiguous whether that thing is spoilered because lewd, borderline, or silly. A user who doesn't even want to see borderline may hover over a spoilered image out of curiousity and get a face full of suggestive and as it stands their only recourse is to learn the users who tend to post lewds under spoilers and stay away from them. With this special tag, those who don't want to see anything even borderline can easily keep it out of their board using experience.

The flaws:
1) i can imagine that sometimes somebody will accidentally post a lewd image without hitting the NSFW tag.
2) if the option to completely filter a persons post if they make a post with a NSFW image tagged image in it is implemented, it's possible that that person will be wondering "why they hit the thread limit so soon", because from their perspective the thread has a lot fewer posts than the limit.

I don't have a good answer for the second problem, although i suspect they won't reeeally care, since if it's a thread they'd want to continue, they can just start up another one, or somebody else will have, or it might be a cyclical thread. But the first problem i feel needs some defense and can be defended. People CURRENTLY occasionally post a lewd image by mistake, or they fail to notice it is lewd. And they quickly delete it themselves and/or apologize for it. So this system wouldn't prevent that from happening, but it's kind of a rare occurance. If NSFW image posting became more popular it's possible that kind of mistake will increase, but i am not sure about it. However i think that the positives of this proposal outweigh the negatives there.

And -THIS IS IMPORTANT- if this system is implemented and the negative results do significantly increase, we can just revert back to the old system. It isn't like if you agree to try this, ponychan is going straight to hell and never coming back.

Rule changes:

This system enables rule changes without changing users experience. Basically you can change the rules so that anybody can post lewd in any thread in any board and nobody's experience will change except for when people make mistakes. However, i think you'll find it more appealing to just change the rules so that this system can be used in /oat/, because that is where the most bitching about lewds comes from. The rules about actually posting, without the NSFW spoiler, would be the same - that is, if they delete it quickly and apologize, you basically look the other way, but if they fail to delete it quickly, or don't delete it at all, it'd act as a black mark against them until somebody decides to throw the warning or ban switches. But if borderline or lewd is protected by this NSFW spoiler tag, then it's allowed.

I've gotten a tooon of heat everytime i've suggested this in the past, in the /b/ and friends thread for instance. Apparently people believe in this system that people would maliciously spam the living shit out of threads with porn and a bunch of other ridiculous apocalyptic shit. It's so unreasonable and doomsay-ey that i was almost too depressed to write this. So i'm not going to be here defending this shit after i'm done writing it. It should be clear that there aren't significant problems using this system, and the benefits are overwhelming - regardless of where or on what level you implement it on. And the coding is super simple too! Macil doesn't have to write a fucking operating system or some shit. He'd have to copy a little code, change some variable names, and pick a new image for the second copy of the spoiler function, and change the interface for the settings a bit.

>make a second spoiler function called the NSFW image button
>implement it in any board you want
>let people post borderlines or lewds without being banned as long as they use it
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Do we have to allow literal nazis? So are we ok with /oat/ literally becoming /pol/ so that stormfront anons can just show up and start flinging shit everywhere without getting banned like ever?


Here's the most recent example proving they are pretty much only here to troll constantly, and they devolve everything thread into spamming "cuck" and "kill yourself". Near as I can tell its the same 1-3 dudes every literal time.

Do something?
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Making a thread just in case anyone on the staff still wanted to have a discussion WRT task prioritization, progress reports, and other team-dynamic issues that we were talking about for the last 24 hours.

I won't delete this thread.
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[deleted] When you 'delete' your thread, if nobody has replied yet, can the thread be actually deleted instead of just replaced with "[deleted]"?
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Discord App Pony server I have created a pony server for those who want to to talk off here, who don't like skype or using steam and if we can get some mods there too I think it would benefit when you get banned. It's easy and simple to use. You don't technically need an acc to use it but it's always a cool idea to. Why? Incase you decide to join some other servers. The email you use is just to keep ahold of it. The devs are always taking feed back and are also working on a friends-list. Yes I believe it's open source for all you tin hatters, non-freeware guys. It works on phone, google play/iPhone/windows phones. Windows and Mac and in browser.

Any ways, a little bit about it and me as an admin. And before you jump ship and think"Oh god! Tarra as an admin to ANYTHING can't be good!"

Not at all.
•I am the main admin. Don't worry tho, I do not abuse my power. If I think something is a problem I will talk to you before banning/kicking something. I always do. I give fair warnings, I also go by mob rule. Sorry. If the Town's Folk aren't happy, well I can't be 1 to deny right? right? Ok...I do not break my own rules! I do not bend them. Enforcing your own rules in yourself shows good leader ship. At least I think so.

When (&if) you join, I do suggest turning it dark theme. User settings>appearances, you're welcome.

Up at the left hand corner, you will see a little logo with 3 figure-like people. Click that. There are all the people you've messaged and can once you click on "message" on the person in a chat. Clicking on a person will bring down the pop up menu and show you roles, message, user volume and muting. Everything is self explanatory.

Off to the left side in general, you have your chats in the server, and then you also have the Voice chats, they work like you think. Check your settings down at the bottom with the cog. Everything, again, is self explanatory. I will add any channels asked for if at least 3 people ask for it. If a theme is asked, I can make roles for everyone. Just a silly role like if we had a wonderland theme, I am the Mad hatter in it. I can set different things you can and can't do. most of the time tho, I don't touch it and have 1 overall role. I will make a role that says "pchan Mod/admin"

Join this shit, mods and admins join this shit, it werks. It's cool. We have a few different groups.
Try it out, you aint gotta ditch other shit, but it's a cool idea to tinker with.

Ponies and shit:

GEEKDUM server: (literally just geeky shit like TCGS and Table tops and some other things)
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Needless censorship of a harmless rule-abiding thread



Why would that need to be deleted? It was not shitposting and it was not instigating anyone. It was just saying "hey we're not so bad" and having a thread of their own.
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Why was it trashed?
It was an obvious joke thread, hinting at early pony threads.

Striking down on /pol/ tier shit is fine. But this wasn't that...
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Piece of shit mods, not banning Anime. Well fuck you, permaban me instead, i would rather not have the ability to post how much i hate anime , then suffer the indiginity of looking at anime pictures when i load up oat to post how much i hate anime.

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Anime Sucks This site called Ponychan, it no called AnimeChan . Plis ban all user who post Anime thread and ban all Anime in generals because Anime bad and is ruin the board of oat.
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to mods is this porn? i dont see any lewd
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Wordfilter Suggestion: filt "tbh fam" to "desu sempai", just like on /pol/ and /a/.
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>Ponychan is based on Tinyboard | Tinyboard Copyright © 2010-2013 Tinyboard Development Group
isn't this wrong? Are we even on tinyboard anymore?

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