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File: 1561269989122.jpg (375.08 KB, 2055x1080, cba44e0dec7534bcfba57abdbda2c5…)

Tales of Equestria: The Race for the Scarlet Galleon Critical Hit(Element of RNG)!Hit/fwz5XsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556861

#OOC/Sign up #Pen and Paper: Tales of Equestria #Adventure

As dawn breaks and sun creeps through your window and dances through your room with a warm embrace you hear a knocking at the door. You answer and find that it was the mailpony who had arrived to deliver what looked to be a priority letter meant for you. She doesn't know what it was about but she know who sent it, a museum owner in Canterlot by the name of Curio Bauble. You take the letter to your kitchen and have a look at the writing shortly after tearing open the envelope.

If you have received this letter then it means that I require your aid in a job that I alone can not do. Inside this letter you will find a single ticket for a train ride up to Canterlot so we can meet and discuss the work to be had. To entice you I will promise a fortune for your co-operation should you accept my quest. With Regards, Curio Bauble

The letter ends there after his signature but true to his word you do find a train ticket to Canterlot buried in deep within the envelope. What would a museum owner need someone such as yourself? The only way to find out was to head up to the city in the mountain.

Welcome the the Race for the Scarlet Galleon OOC and sign up board. Here you can get a feel for what this RP is and what it is about. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a post and I will get to you as soon as possible.

We will be using the standard rules for Tales of Equestria. You yourself will not need a copy of the book itself as will handle any of the mechanics of the game. Each person who wishes to join the RP will have to submit a character sheet which will be listed below.

Character Sheet
There are some special things to note about when making a character which will be referred to after the list here. This will have to do with the rules and how your character functions.

(Strong/Smart) Choose One
Cutiemark Talent:
Minor Talents: Choose Three
Quirks: Choose Two
Appearance: You can use a picture instead
Background: Optional

Each Race is given a Racial Talent based on their abilities. The book lists the three pony races only but you can use a different race of your choice if you wish and their ability will be substituted. For example a Crystal Pony or Diamond Dog will have the same Racial Talent as an Earth Pony. Griffons would be counted for as Pegasi and any magical creature would be covered by Unicorns. Some races might be unique such as Changelings who will have talents automatically chosen for them with their Cutie Mark skill being Transform and their Racial Talent Fly. I can be pretty flexible when it comes to their talents so long as you can make a good case argument with your submission. Also try to pick a race that is in the show as of now.

Earth Pony
Earth Ponies have their Body die upgraded automatically to a potential 1d8 on character creation. They also have Stout Heart that they can use once per day to help when accomplishing a physical task such as running or fighting

Unicorns can train different schools of magic and learn different spells. Their Racial Talent is Telekinesis.

Pegasi have the ability to fly across the sky. They can also use this skill to manipulate the weather so long as they have access to clouds.

Traits are your character's overall fitness, mentality, and charm. Traits are rolled alongside with Talents when making die checks.

Body: A character's strength: Upgrades to 1d6 if you choose to be Strong

Mind: A character's intelligence and mental fortitude: Upgrades to 1d6 if you choose to be Smart

Charm: A character's appearance and demeanor to others. Starts at 1d6

Talents are a characters ability and are used in conjuction with their Traits such as Body, Mind, or Charm. When upgrading your dice, you can only upgrade a talent once per level. Making an unskilled check without the right check is possible but the Exploding Hoof rule can not be used in such cases.

Cutie Mark Talent: This is your main talent and will upgrade automatically each time you level up. This will start at 1d6.

Racial Talent: This is your talent based on your race. Your Racial Talent will have the same rules as your Minor Talents after your character is created. This will start at 1d6

Minor Talents: These are skills that you have learned over time. When your character levels up, you can upgrade or learn three skills including your Racial Talent. These will start at 1d4

Exploding Hoof Rule: When you roll a dice and get the highest result possible, the Exploding Hoof goes into play. (ex. 1d6=6) When this happens the dice is upgraded and rerolled and the highest result will be kept. (ex. 1d6=6 -> 1d8=7 / Talent Score = 7)

These are simply your characters weaknesses and shortcomings. These can vary between your character needing glasses to see, being quick to anger, having a disheveled appearance, any sort of fears of a specific thing, and so on. It is up to you to decide what your character's quirks are. Do note that quirks will often impact your character's ability and dice rolls.

And that's all. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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