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File: 1557017193299.png (307.17 KB, 618x494, sheev.PNG)

Better Layton Never: Execute Thread #66 !.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555903[Last 50 Posts]

#BLN #Better Layton Never #Ask/Invite #IC

Star Wars III soundtrack - Order 66 and the Jedi Temple

>In the cold and dim interior of a resplendent star cruiser a figure looks out a wide viewport at the endless expanse of space itself. His hands, gnarled and greyed, fold behind his back. He gazes at the canvas of stars speckling a black void and grins, revealing atrocious rotten teeth in his saggy mouth.

Ah, good. The time has finally arrived. For years I've spent waiting...biding my time until at last the monolith that was the Jedi reign became complacent. Dull. Ignorant and arrogant. The 'balance' by which the Jedi strive became their very downfall, and now the galaxy bends to the whim of the Sith. It is united, it is strong, and soon our focus can hone elsewhere.

>He turns and gazes behind him, his eyes burning in the dark. Even sunken and sallow as he appeared, there was a distinct menace in his presence. His voice ranged from quiet and sophisticated to cruel and cackling, enough to make anyone's hair stand on end just by listening to him.

Perhaps...your measly solar system? It would not be much a challenge, but I confess...the prospect is tempting. I sense great darkness. I sense great anger. Will to dominate. Will to subjugate. Will to kill anything standing in the way...

>A greasy cackle echoes in the dark.

Oh. Do you think you can stand in the way of the Sith? Such confidence...your emotions shall betray you. The Dark Side consumes all. You, your world will be no different. You may try to resist. It would be amusing to me to see it even if you shall fail.

You still wish to try? Very well...let's begin.

Previous Thread: https://www.ponychan.net/rp/res/41550157.html

If you would like to join please visit our OOC thread and inquire there!
OOC: https://www.ponychan.net/rp/res/41547230.html

Dixie!TRaItoRCe2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555906

File: 1557030827217.jpg (85.56 KB, 727x1081, 4110.jpg)


>Dixie's head whips around at the shotgun blast, just in time to see the red crystal be blown to pieces. A faint red smoke flows out of the remains until it dissipates into nothing. Realizing what Clint had done, Dixie breathes easy.

< One can only hope they were divided into small groups like ours and not forced to face Franks creations one on one.

>As the three travel through the exit, they would feel a cool wave of magic flow over them like a waterfall. Briefly blurring their vision as they step into a dimly lit room.


>The rev of a chainsaw and the smell of death fill the room. A single armored undead laying flat on the ground with it's face completely burned off, the acid slowly working it's way down the rest of it's body. Another red crystal at the center of the room next to a black fedora. Sucy bleeding in the corner, with Grell face to face with a still standing armored undead. Dixie remarks, surprised.

< We were this close to each other? I thought Frank would have placed us all further away from each other than this.

Sucy!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555907

File: 1557031396792.jpg (22.81 KB, 225x350, 276361.jpg)

>Oh she had jokes? Had some nerve making comments on her aim when she was barely making the mark herself. But that would be for another time. This thing was now clearly getting on both of their nerves and had to be put down.

>Once again Sucy aims her wand and aims at the zombie with a bit more effort this time.

>Roll 1d1000 = 347 Evens

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555908

File: 1557037396812.png (124.79 KB, 421x428, oh 2.png)

>The crackling thunder of the shotgun blast in the next room managed to keep Alice focused as she scouted the hallway ahead of the group.

>Her mind, though in tune for the moment, seemed slightly sluggish for some reason... What was odd she couldn't feel the mana coming off of the stone in her pocket, which caused her to believe it wasn't the source of her sudden fatigue and 'spaciness'... It must have something to do with this temple... However, the temptation to just hold onto it grew ever more present as the seconds ticked on.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555909

File: 1557037435520.gif (1006.33 KB, 300x169, Grell_Down But Not Out.gif)

>The Reaper stumbles about drunkenly. She was getting pretty lightheaded and dizzied. For the newcomers the sight was grisly, two zombies down with one massive zombie simply beheaded. Sucy directing her wand with with blood clinging to her sleeve, a trail of blood all along the floor with more dripping off Grell's bright red coat. A hole soaked with blood was visible from her back though her front was still facing the remaining zombie.


>She tries to hop back but a heel slips on the blood and the Reaper drops with a yelp to the ground. It's a brief fall, she's quick to sit up with an aggravated growl and more blood clinging to her crimson coat and red hair.

Ruddy pest! You just don't know when to quit do you?!

>From her place on the ground the best she can to is thrust with her chainsaw, shoving upward and at an angle to catch the zombie right in the chest.

>Roll 1d1000 = 499 odds

>if successful, with a few heavy breaths she rips the chainsaw out...then flops to the ground with an exhausted wheeze. To the newcomers the hole in her chest was now visible, and just as soaked as the hole in her back was. She could really use a nap right about now...and a shower, a shower would be outstanding.

Lucifer!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555910

File: 1557039388461.jpg (19.39 KB, 321x411, Pride.jpg)

>There's a brief pause after the formal introduction. The Prince gazes at Kano for a long moment. The silence of the court remains until finally the Prince of Pride walks forward towards the young demon.

Kano Shuuyo, newest denizen of Superbia and born again demon of Pride. I, Lucifer, welcome you to an afterlife of damnation and one simple order: you will not betray me.

>The phrase is full of menace and the demons in the court seem to flinch at it. For Kano, the phrase feels like it burns into his mind like a brand, a sensation that didn't hurt but also didn't feel natural at all. The order sits on him like an impossible weight, something that also felt impossible to ignore.

>The Prince stares through him, her brows set as he speaks.

This is your first lesson, Kano Shuuyo. A demon's true name can be used against him, twisting his will into subservient slavery by those who determine his name for themselves. Many demons have fallen into unwanted servitude by freely giving away their names and for some giving their name resulted in the loss of their freedom for all eternity, or the void of nothingness in the permanence of true death.

>A chorus of snickers erupt in the castle's hall which dies the moment Lucifer taps his foot once. His court seem incredibly well behaved, though now it is certain that it likely wasn't by their own will.

I expect great things of you, Kano. Do not disappoint me and you will continue to enjoy your freedom in Superbia with the resources a demon of Pride may enjoy.

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555911

File: 1557040893092.png (161.22 KB, 225x350, Stein_ThatIsIdiotic.jpg)

>Stein comes up fast on the pony, however their speed placed them squarely in the territory of a massive Lich enemy. Its fist swung at the perfect time, colliding with his subject of pursuit and sending it zooming away. The doctor's eyes widen and for a moment he's tempted to rend the head from the monster's shoulders.

Damn it!

>His emotions had to be tempered, though. Appleslice was the most important issue to handle first, and if he was hurt already that blow from the massive creature wouldn't help matters.

>If anything did happen Appleslice had a dreamself back at Wayne Manor though he adamantly refused to think about that until he was sure the worst happened.

>He hooks in a sharp angle and rockets off in the same trajectory Appleslice was thrown, frantically looking for a sign of him as he shot onward.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555912

File: 1557042836094.png (31.83 KB, 242x237, 5.png)

>Clint felt for a moment a bit of pride, having destroyed the stone without it throwing it's smoke into him. It felt as though he got a bit more knowledge about destroying them, maybe he shouldn't let them connect to his mind before doing so. Though, this probably wasn't the case and he probably just got lucky. Clint did his best to one hand pump the shotgun, giving a small huff as he did.

>Clint eyed what was going on when he entered the room. It looked like they didn't fair much better either. Clint was just about ready to join the fight with Grell but it looks like she was able to take armored dead with one final attack. Clint was just about ready to go see Sucy to see if she was alright, but Clint saw Grell fall to the floor, with a hole to her chest of all things.


>Clint quickly ran over to her, kneeling down. He placed his shotgun to the side so he could place his hand on her shoulder, ready to help her up if need be. Though, he was already assuming the worse was going to happen to her.

Kano!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555913

File: 1557043810668.png (36.43 KB, 700x462, tumblr_n4h90nxULe1qjyygjo1_128…)

>Kano's confident facade would grind to a halt as the command is etched into his being, his smile disappearing as he's ordered not to betray him.

>A simple command, but against Kano it's an effective one. Well, depending on how strict the definition of "betray" was.

>He's quick to return his smile to his face, looking up to the Prince a bit gratefully.

Thank you, Lucifer, for your greetings and your warning.

>Kano was actually a bit impressed. Lucifer played him well, and has complete control over him now. He briefly eyes the group of demons gathered inside the court, wondering if they too would be able to manipulate him in the same way.

>He also imagines that must mean that Lucifer is not this persons real name. He'll remember that.

Would simply introducing myself as "Kano" do the trick? I'm not one for nicknames, so if only using my first name works against that particular rule, that'd be fantastic.

I assure you I will not disappoint you though. I strive to be the best I can be in everything I do, so that does not happen.

>He then remembers one of the conversations he had with the angel that helped him retrieve the soul, and decides to mimic his words.

More to be prideful about.

Lucifer!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555914

File: 1557045051155.jpg (82.43 KB, 1920x1080, qio212ujuxc11.jpg)

>The demon nods. It's difficult to tell if he's pleased or not but his hand raises to rub at his chin. Any movement is a promising sign, as the attendants in the castle all seem to relax in the darkness.

You can though it is a risky move if, somehow, someone discovers your surname to use against you. It is however not unheard of, no demon in Superbia would admit themselves as cowardly as to create an entire persona to circumvent such risks.

>With that said he walks closer.

Now...to business. You said you had issue with a 'lasagna-loving cat'. You speak of the Prince of Gluttony, one of the usurpers of the ancient thrones of Hell. You wish to kill him, Kano?

Kano!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555915

File: 1557046900324.gif (688.7 KB, 500x497, original (1).gif)

Mmn, Kano it is then!

>It was good news to him that he could simply just keep using only his first name. At the mention of the cat though, he stops for a brief moment, and smiles.

Yes yes! Due to personal reasons, killing that cat is certainly on my to-do list.

>He tilts his head rather curiously, and places both of his hands in his pockets, leaning to the side.

Why? Have an idea?

Lucifer!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555916

File: 1557048568156.jpg (18.23 KB, 210x240, overlord-48.5.jpg)

Demon Princes have historically been overthrown and usurped. It is a vicious cycle and often riddled with issue. Incompetent rulers arise by luck, inheritors which sully the meaning of their seat and sully the noble position with their meaningless antics. The Prince of Gluttony is one of these ill-fitted Princes, one who does not take their duties seriously but revel in the decadence their position affords. Gluttonous as he is, he is as much an embarrassment as his predecessor.

>There's no mistaking the derision in the Prince's voice. He turns and motions for Kano to follow him past the throne and to an archway leading deeper into the castle. Beyond the archway are no more demons standing at attention but rather a hall decorated with elaborate runes etched onto the walls.

As a demon you now can traverse the realms of Hell freely, though you will be recognized as an agent of Pride. Assassinations on behalf of other demons have never been out of the question here in Hell and normally I do not deign engaging in ruthless politics.

For Gluttony I shall make an exception. You've impressed me with your expedient nature to transform yourself. You house Pride within you but if you should succeed in your quest then Gluttony would not be an ill-fit for you as well...

>He taps a foot and stops at one section with a series of runes shaped in a rectangle before them. The runes light in golden light and with a shudder the wall recedes and fades from material or intangible. Behind the wall was a strange looking weapon, easily held in one hand with what looked like a triggering device on it.

>However, once the demon lifted it, the weapon seemed to change in Kano's perception. This weapon was far more familiar to him, undoubtedly so, as looked as plain as any kind of firearm he could potentially see in the mortal realm.

Take this. You will need a weapon capable of harming a demon if you wish to have a chance. The one you have currently will not do.

Kano!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555917

File: 1557050612018.gif (386.76 KB, 500x281, giphy (1).gif)


>He follows the Prince but is a bit skeptical about the situation. He listens silently as he talks about the Prince of Gluttony, hands behind his back as they venture through the hallway.

>He doesn't spend too much time looking at the runes engraved in the walls. He finds them interesting initially but decides he has more important things to think about at the moment.

>He looks to the gun, raising an eyebrow in suspicion. Surely there couldn't be much that differs between this weapon and the one he carried.

..a gun?

>He stops and waves his arms in front of himself.

Holdonholdon, so you're just gonna give me a weapon and send me off to kill him right away? I mean sure, I probably could, but..

Dunno, seems a bit fast, honestly.

Lucifer!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555918

File: 1557051925498.jpg (82.43 KB, 1920x1080, qio212ujuxc11.jpg)


Ai-Gun, and yes I am. Are you not a demon of Pride? A task of this magnitude seems incredible but if you are worth your mettle then you will accomplish it.

>He gazes at Kano for a long moment, the weapon still in hand, and after the pause he shakes his head and places the weapon back.

That hesitation is unbecoming of someone with complete resolve, however. If you are concerned with the timing then perhaps waiting is necessary.

>With that he steps back and allows the wall to solidify back, and once the wall is reformed and the weapon once again stored away, the Prince walks from the hall of runes back to the main audience chamber. The quiet whispers of his subordinates stop once he appears, his footfalls loud in the suffocating silence.
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Kano!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555919

File: 1557057866367.gif (307.02 KB, 500x250, original.gif)

>Kano is actually a little surprised that Lucifer so quickly decided to place the gun back into the wall, but at his strange correction of the pronunciation of "a", he's still a little confused.

i dont understand the difference

>He sighs, and follows after Lucifer once again, placing his hands behind his head.

I never said I wouldn't. Just found it strange you'd send me off so quickly.

>He turns around, now walking backwards, and sticks a thumb towards the back wall.

It's especially strange that you'd hand me a gun that seems so well gaurded! I can only guess at how powerful of a weapon it is, so I'm surprised you'd so willingly hand it over to someone you've barely met!

>He looks over to Lucifer once again, and smirks slyly.

Unless you have something against that damn cat too? That'd certainly clear a few things up.

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555920

File: 1557093617476.png (100.32 KB, 407x366, Oh no not.png)

>Alice was almost knocked over as Clint rushed past her to help Grell.

>Now worried, Alice starts to wonder if she'd been this absently minded the whole time. She soon shook off the thought for now and readied her wand.
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Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555923

File: 1557097145342.gif (711.97 KB, 444x250, handspring.gif)

>As Sophie lands from shattering the Captain's kneecap, she's completely unaware of the unspoken thoughts about her appearance and whether they're suitable for a being created exclusively for combat situations.

>Not that she'd know how to respond if she was able to read these thoughts of course...or that she'd have the time to do so as the giant skeletal hand sweeps across the room.

>Without seeming to even break a sweat, the girl does a series of springing handstands to avoid both the hand and the strange mushrooms that fly out as well.

>As Sophie lands from shattering the Captain's kneecap, she's completely unaware of the unspoken thoughts about her appearance and whether they're suitable for a being created exclusively for combat situations.

>Not that she'd know how to respond if she was able to read these thoughts of course...or that she'd have the time to do so as the giant skeletal hand sweeps across the room.

>Without seeming to even break a sweat, the girl does a series of springing handstands to avoid both the hand and the strange mushrooms that fly out as well.

>When she finally lands, she's already back in a fighting stance, and charges forwards to try and deliver a strike to the giant skeleton's elbow joint this time, as if focusing on eliminating whichever part was the most recent threat.

>Roll 1d1000 = 736 Evens

Makalov!LAZY/18DJ.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555925

File: 1557097940363.png (725.53 KB, 327x812, the trumpcard.PNG)


"Hah! Great work, keep going woah-"

>While Makalov could only smile at the Captain's rather feeble looking swing Sherlock saw just what he was trying to do, so with a very elegant jump the horse managed to help her master avoiding the presumably poisoned mushrooms.

"Ooh, you dirty little..! Huh..?"

>He could hear the sounds of impact just behind him, and as he looked back he could spot Casey getting flung back from the force he cringed a little but the kid seems to be very durable, briefly he debated whether or not he should ride back and pick her up but then

>He has never before seen such fluid movements strength from such a tiny girl, usually it was all big burly men and girls that transformed into cats who did this sort of thing but actual children?


>Right in the kisser! This was it, the chance to end it all finally. There was little room for debate at this point, they still had to find the others after all!

>Whipping Sherlock's reins once again the knight would direct her to charge right for the downed skeleton, trampling him as he once more tried to swing his blade down at his head

Roll 1d1000 = 675

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555926

File: 1557101983763.jpg (323.55 KB, 864x852, 1381265523621.jpg)

<"Actually...a party sounds almost divine after tonight."

>At least the girl is of the same sort of mind, though even if Mokou doesn't just pass out on them, figuring out who will be buying snacks and drinks is a bit of a trick.

>Probably a bit less impressive of one than Yuno's miraculous healing powers though, which...yeah, she's never really heard of a magic like that, outside of potions or the divine anyways. Guess its not that different than that Curaga thing though.

>At least Marco's being a bit less of an idiot too...and the mood is higher than it had bee moments before.

>Even if Mokou was still acting kinda weird. Like she's not even drunk, but she's saying all sorts of embarrassing things already.

>So when Sasuun mentions getting there fast some way of his own, she just sort of shrugs.

"Yeah, well someone's gotta be there to keep Mou here from toppling over and literally drowning herself in booze, if there's actually drinks to be had, so I guess I might as well. Especially since we're apparently gonna all be neighbors now."

>Well, hopefully not this other guy too, though maybe them saving his life'll get him to lay off the high and mighty attitude a bit at least?

>Parties tend to be a decent way to wash away old grudges after all, and its not like she isn't willing to let bygones be bygones if people aren't starting shit on their own.

Dixie!TRaItoRCe2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555927

File: 1557177589555.jpg (67.13 KB, 330x501, 18.jpg)


>While Sucy's blast of magic fails to take down the armored undead, it does run through the tick of it's leg, forcing it to stumble forward into Grells chainsaw. The blades easily tear threw the bone and sinew. The upward angle allows the chainsaw to completely destroy the armored undeads spine, all the way up to the base of it's neck. It glares at Grell just as the magic fades from it's eyes. The moment she pulls the chainsaw out from it's body, the armored undead tumbles lifelessly to the floor.


>At the sight of Grell falling to the floor after such a triumphant attack, Dixie panics. She really didn't need this right now. Grell was easily the strongest on the team, or, at least so far as she knew. Not to mention Wades girlfriend. The last thing she needed was to add this miscalculation to Wades hatred of her.

< Frank has gotten significantly more powerful since last time...

>Annoyed at Alice's slow reaction, she shouts into her mind.

< Hurry it up Alice, use your magic to heal Grell! We cannot afford to lose her!

>What was wrong with her? Perhaps she had been too quick to select Alice for the team after all if she was acting like this after just one battle. Though, now that she thought about it, fighting experience was not something she specifically searched for when selecting people to help... That seems like it should have been a higher priority.

Casey/CaptainCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555928

File: 1557178735836.png (141.07 KB, 269x598, c39ea13a23720b59e482be52e0aa57…)


>Captain holds up his arm to defend himself from Sophies attack, only to leave her target more fully exposed. With a direct hit she shatters his elbow, launching splinters of bone everywhere as Captain falls on his side. His forearm landing on the ground just behind Makalov and Sherlock as they charge forward. Captain barely has a moment to respond as the blade pierces through the thick of his skull, splintering all the way up to his eyes.

We told you Captain!

>Casey cries out as she struggles to stand back up, dusting her robes off. Captains seems almost frozen in place and glares at Makalov as the magic in his eyes begin to flicker and fade.

For the Honor... of Frank.

>With his still intact arm, Captain salutes as the red crystal on his chest glows brightly and sends a surge of magical energy throughout his body. Within seconds, Captains body begins to splinter, followed by suddenly shattering into a million pieces in an explosion of magical energy and bone shards. The explosion rocks the cavern and sends glowing mushrooms, coffin splinters, and wall tiles flying, exposing more of the rocky cavern wall.

>Roll 1d1000 = 239 Sophie

>Roll 1d1000 = 369 Makalov
>Roll 1d1000 = 795 Sherlock
>Roll 1d1000 = 601 Casey

>If Casey is hit, will continue in next post. If missed, she summons a small wall of bones to protect her from the blast and shrapnel just in time.

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555929

>For a while Sucy would look in awe as she saw Grell tear into the zombie. It quickly shifted to relief as she saw it fall to the ground. Only for that to be dashed down as Grell would soon follow suit. She kneels down beside the reaper and reaches for more healing mushrooms from her satchel. One of them baring a green pattern in contrast to the more common red ones. Healing magic was not her forte. All she could do was shove healing mushrooms down someone's throat and hope they don't choke.

>When the peanut gallery shows up she can't help but place an annoyed glare at Clint. She had half a mind to tear into him right here and now. But he would be needed until this was over. So instead she would examine him to see if her shrooms could help.

I'd ask you to give me a hand but it looks like you don't have any to spare.

>She say soon after noticing his robotic arm had been somehow removed during their brief time apart. After her comment she attempts to force the green mushroom into Grell's mouth.

Lucifer!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555930

File: 1557184594145.jpg (18.23 KB, 210x240, overlord-48.5.jpg)

>The Prince grunts.

The Prince of Gluttony would not be so unpleasant if not for the fact he also doubles with unhealthy fixation on Sloth as well. My well of patience is normally deep and for Sloth I make exceptions to temper my expectations for that seat alone. The Prince of Gluttony's handling of his realm is disgraceful and attention towards business left on the wayside.

>He comes to a stop near the dais where the throne of mysterious metal sits though he does not take a seat. Instead he gazes ahead at the doors of the castle, past the well-suited attendants of various monstrous appearances.

...Not too long ago, there was a demon who I believe had the right attitude about the station of Princes, their positions as demons, and their complacency in their posts. He was very engaged, enthusiastic in his pursuits which were shaded with potent envy. He toiled without rest, seeking for a way to start the great war between heaven and hell. He ousted an inheritor of the seat of Envy, a just move as the Prince he usurped was naive, weak, unfit to bear the mantle of Prince of their realm.

>Lucifer grows quiet. There's a reverence to his voice but his visage is still as immovable as stone. He was not terribly expressive, it didn't even seem as if he could blink.

He was killed, bested by a demon who in turn was bested by another. It's an endless cruel cycle and only the most vigilant and powerful can survive. As motivated and engaged as he was, this demon harbored a potent weakness that was exploited for his defeat. The dream of that war I believe died with him, I have not heard much talk of it since then. Just as well, many seats since that time have also changed hands as well...perhaps it will never happen.

>He finally turns his head and looks to Kano with a stoic stony stare.

However, that does not mean the realms of Hell should consign to mediocrity. As the Prince of Pride I have enough to know that travesties of the seats, those who do not deserve them, must be outed to maintain integrity of the realms.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555932

File: 1557187080334.jpg (23.86 KB, 440x246, Grell_Whatisthiscrap.jpg)

>Grell isn't sure just when Clint got here but he was a welcome sight all the same. Or, mostly she supposed, given it looked like he was missing an arm. The Reaper squints at him from the floor.

When'd you get here?

>Grell sputters and pushes the green mushroom shoved in her face away with a shout.

What is this fuss?! I was just impaled, I'll be fine! I'll be-

>She sits up and nearly swoons back onto the floor, catching herself briefly with her arm propping herself up. The Reaper blinks blearily and shakes her head to clear the dizzy sensation but grunts in annoyance when it doesn't work. Stubborn as ever, she waves Sucy and her mushroom away with a swat of her bloodied arm.

Bloody dizzy that's what I'll be...here, Clint-

>Grell grips his good shoulder and leans heavily on him, forcing herself back to her feet. Her knees wobble but again she doesn't look like she'll fall over with Clint making a good stand for her to use. She leaves her chainsaw on the floor for now, she was liable to drop it in her condition.

>Grell looks over herself and clicks her tongue. The wound is horrific to look at and for anyone mortal would have undoubtedly left them dying. The holes ooze blood but already not at the volume she was bleeding when she was stabbed. It's a slow ooze and Grell knew in time it would eventually stop. Unfortunately, she'd probably be fairly dizzy because of the blood loss. It was hardly the worst that could happen, she already focuses on something more important that her grievous wound.

Ohhhh! This shirt is utterly ruined! And I'll have to sew my coat. Again!

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555936

File: 1557196936826.png (276.02 KB, 598x395, Eat wand bitch.png)

>Alice was already on her way to assist before Dixie barked at her. She caught herself before replying with a rather rude comment... She was becoming increasingly irritable now. What was this uneasy feeling that was growing over her all the sudden?

"...Already on it"

>Alice stopped just short of Grell as Sucy started to shove a mushroom down her throat.

"...Um, I am no expert but I am not sure that will help her condition"
>She said, trying to speak some sort of reason to her before Grell objected herself.

>With Grell pushing away the mushroom, Alice saw her opening to heal her the witch soon aiming her wand and casting her spell onto the wounded reaper.

"Sanitatem Revocato"
>Much like Clint, Grell's entire body is soon enveloped by a warm, tingly glow as the spell did it's work to heal her.

"I am using a whole lot of mana doing these healing spells, so please be careful for now on..."
>She said with a labored huff as she put her wand away. She soon pulled out the small bag she had on her belt, doing a quick check on her supplies. Two vials of holy water left, the book and finally a few limited use wands remained.

"I have some limited supplies with me as well if you need to arm up."

>For now she was managing to stay out of her trance, however as soon as she was done talking, the urge to check on her newly claimed jewel soon started to burn in the back of her mind again.

KokiCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555938

File: 1557206010800.png (12.15 KB, 182x224, 2222282.png)


>With little time to start experimenting with the alchemiter to create Bailey a better weapon, their options were limited. Though she was surprised to see that Bailey apparently had electricity powers? That was pretty cool and could be really useful in the fight against the Black King and his likely hundreds of minions still on the field. If only they had more time...


>Koki freezes up in her pondering and stands up straight, her eyes opening wide in realization. She was a Mage of Time! She had all the time she needed! Or, at least all the time that someone else needed. Quickly lifting up her tablet, she types out one thing for Bailey.


>With a flash of red, Koki vanishes, and reappears a few seconds later looking worse for wear. Bearing the scars of battle with scorch marks and two knives sticking out of her torso, Koki falls to her knees, exhausted. With a weak hand, she reaches up and pulls out one of the knives, tossing it to the side while still maintaining the tired expression.

MokouCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555939

File: 1557206245775.jpg (153.31 KB, 750x937, 49933738_384116192152016_80419…)


>Stretching her back out and putting her hands in her pockets with a bit of a slouch in her usual posture. Nodding and giving a raised brow look to Marisa at the suggestion.

"Yeah yeah.. well, I spose we should get a move on then.."

>Looking to Sasuun and Sawada to follow his lead and offer. Walking over to Yuno and would walk alongside her.

"We do need to prolly get a change of clothes to the lot of us before we go to eat I think..."

>Looking to the old blood on Yuno, the dusty Marisa and clawed, scraped at, ripped, and even fried and burnt clothes of her own and Sasuun's.

>They look like they'd really been through it them all.

Yuno!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555941

File: 1557223774854.gif (488.54 KB, 400x300, 1516353816633.gif)


"Yes, yes. Just like that, you're doing great."

>The girl tried to encourage Tsuna as he rolled over just like she wanted all the while keeping her hand on his shoulder, it was important to show that someone was there for him, someone who knew what they were doing. Hopefuly.

>Yuno couldnt help but feel a slight relief seeing his breathing stabilize though his overall weakness and almost lethargic movements and words were very worrysome. Now that the man was resting before her she could really have look over his body.

>Taking a deep breath Yuno, as carefuly as she could took ahold of the zipper on his hoodie and zipped it down partially to expose part of his chest.

"Forgive me but I will need to...lay my hand on you. Please try to relax, you're doing splendidly."

>In any other situation this would've felt even more awkward than it already did but there was no time for that, every second was precious when dealing with curses. Yet the girl couldn't shake off that feeling of awkwardness.

>Tsuna can feel the girl's hand placed firmly on his chest, it felt strangely warm, almost hot to the touch but compared to the burn in his muscles and the general pain he felt Yuno's hand was most likely the least offender to his strained nerves.

Weave of magic,
secrets arcane;
glimpse its power,
its presence make plain

>After her incnatation, Yuno's eyes began to glow with a white light not too dissimiliar to a regular flashlight, she was now revealed all the illness Tsuna was suffering from, be it a regular old cold or something more dire and serious.

"O-Oh no..."
>While anyone else who might've been watching only saw Yuno sort of awkwardly kneeling next to Tsuna with her hand placed on his chest, she herself could see something much more horrific.

>The three scars Lady left behind on Tsuna's neck had left behind something much more sinister. The Vampire had aimed right for his carotid artery not to kill him but rather to inject some of her own accursed blood into him.

>Yuno was able to see a sort of black energy bubbling alongside his artery, festering around his wound as if trying to build a safe haven of some sort, a slow moving corruption

"Oh no...no no no."

>The girl shook her head in disbelief, her worst fears had come true. Tsuna would become cursed just like her Mother if she didn't act quickly.


>As Mokou so leisurely strolled after the more and more anxious kneeling white mage with Marco lazily floating after her, Yuno suddenly turned toward the both of them.

>For a moment the two were able to see this strange light coming from her eyes, shining right into Mokou's eyes and probably blinding her for a second or two.

"Ooh! Ow.."

>Yuno similarly recoiled, blinded by the unexpected magical presence of both Marco and Mokou, it was akin to wearing a pair of night vision goggles in a dark room only for someone to turn on the lights.

>Disoriented the girl rubbed at her eyes, slowly but surely getting her spell to end, slowly parting her fingers to look at Mokou and Marco properly.

"He...I need help he-"

>She struggled to find the right words before finally saying.

"Mother cursed him, we...we need to act fast, Marco please assist me!!"
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File: 1557260080214.png (30.05 KB, 214x258, 10.png)

>For the most part Clint wasn't too focused/worried about these three. Sucy seemed hurt, but not on the same level as Grell. Even if she was hurt, she seemed okay enough to be cracking jokes.

ALice should be able to help you with her own magic...

Just a few seconds ago...

>Clint had half a mind to tell her to stop talking and save her energy, but ...she seemed to have a lot strength by the looks of it. Also seemed to beable to complain about her clothes being ruined of all things instead of of the hole in her.

Got lucky when we were teleported away I guess, we were just a bit apart from one another.

>Clint had hopes that regrouping with the rest of the crew would be just as easy as this, hoping it was just from one room to another. Clint would catch Grell when she wobbles and grips his shoulder for assistance. He'd do his best to help her stand up as well, having a bit of a struggle himself. Clint wondered if this is the durability of Reapers, being able to take this much damage and still beable to stand. Clint wasn't one to shy away from pain, but having his arm cut off was only bearable after ALice's magic, and Grells wound was far worse than that.

>Clint let both Alice use her spell, and let Sucy use her mushroom on Grell. or rather tried to. Clint didn't even think twice about the mushroom, assuming it had healing properties....strictly for the fact that it's green like in video games. What else was it going to be anyways? A mushroom strictly designed to repair damaged clothes?

Mmm....wouldn't happen to have any spells to fix clothing, would you Alice?

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555943

File: 1557261112436.png (62.65 KB, 238x275, 11.png)


Wait where are you-?

>Bailey blinked several times as she watches Koki disappear and reappear. One would think that she would be use to this kind of thing happening, buuuuut, Koki did just reappear and look super injured.


>bailey quickly went to her side once she had fallen to her knees. Bailey looked at the remaining knife in her chest, wondering if she should take it out or not, hand going up to it, then lowering, then just going to the handle of the knife and pulling it out as gingerly as she could.

Where the fuck did you go??

Dixie!TRaItoRCe2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555944

File: 1557262011969.jpg (246.74 KB, 800x1080, 1413.jpg)


>Dixie rolls her eyes at Sucy's comment, though amusing this wasn't exactly the best time for humor. Obviously, whatever these two were stuck fighting were no pushovers considering Grells condition. Seems that Frank likely had formidable foes placed on every floor. Or at the very least every floor they were separated to.

< Clint, Alice, you two continue to tend to Sucy and Grell. I will search for an exit. Perhaps if we are lucky, or if Frank is simply that foolish, the rest of our team may be on the next floor. Likely has it hidden behind a basic illusion spell or a cabinet or something cheesy like that.

>Seeing that they could handle things from here, Dixie sniffed the air before putting her nose to the ground as she paced across the faux hospital room. Searching for any hint of a breeze that may indicate a hidden door or some other kind of exit.

KokiCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555945

File: 1557262983044.png (Spoiler Image, 102.12 KB, 700x400, LordEnglishRifle.png)


>Koki gives no indication that she felt any pain from the knife being removed and simply places a hand on Baileys shoulder before pulling out a different, cracked, tablet and begins typing out her message.

I thought it was only going to take twenty minutes. Quick in and out adventure by myself to get you some better weapons.

>Koki pauses and stares up at Bailey with tired eyes.

I haven't slept in three days, but i got it. The best riflekind weapon i could find. He only stabbed me twice before handing it over.

>With a satisfied grin, Koki takes out a golden gun with a rainbow magazine and a green sun scope. No sooner is it removed from her inventory does it fall to the ground is a heavy thud, cracking the floor with it's immense weight. Showing little reaction to this, Koki glances down at the weapon.

We're only borrowing it, so i have to give it back later.

>Koki then follows this up by removing a golden gauntlet from her captchalouge and drops it on the ground next to the golden gun.

You'll need this to even pick it up. Cuz it's so heavy.

>Koki slowly blinks, trying to just stay aware. This weapon had better be worth it. Those were some of these most intense three days of her life so far. She's been having a lot of those lately.

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File: 1557271521071.png (26.17 KB, 800x800, Bailey_Skeptical_By_Grell.png)

Jesus Koki, you could have just left me with...

>Bailey trails off as she reads more of what Koki was typing on the tablet. It was...an incredibly kind gesture. Koki didn't need to go ahead and do that, but she did. What was bailey going to say "Nah" or something? Bailey reached over to pick up the gauntlet and puts it on her hand, opening and closing her hand to get a feeeling for the glove.

Are you going to be okay on no sleep? You've got time bullshit, so you could like...just take a few hours and come back and no one would notice...

>Bailey asked, a bit worried for her. While she was probably ready to go save Appleslices, Bailey was worried she wouldn't have enough energy to do so.

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555947

>With the comment thrown her way she would glare daggers at the furry witch girl. She didn't much appreciate her butting in like that.

You're right, you're not. I don't tell you how to wave a stick. So don't tell me what a mushroom can't do.

>With Grell rejecting the mushroom she would see her already healing up before the magic took effect. And with how she was shrugging off being impaled there would seem to be more to Miss Sutcliff then meets the eye. She was aware some people had the capability of self regeneration. Was she one of them?

>Now Clint would assign himself to doing most of the leg work and the dog....would continue being a dog. Seriously why was that here? What purpose could a dog serve other then telling them Little Tommy fell down a well? With everyone else working she would return all but one of the red mushrooms to her bag. She begins casually munching on it. Already she could feel her wounds healing under her cloak. The blood would remain on her robes, no fungus would help with that....yet.

>With everyone else doing their assigned jobs she would keep a close eye on the dog. She had to figure out what the hell it was doing here.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555949

File: 1557282670114.png (33.93 KB, 185x238, Grell_Well It's A Funny Tale D…)

>Grell doesn't catch the witch speaking towards the dog, as she's too busy not trying to fall over on Clint and send them toppling to the floor. Laying on top of a particularly rugged man in a pool of her own blood was a wonderfully lecherous thought but she hardly had the stamina for any shenanigans at the time. Her fingers grip onto his shoulder with a vice-like strength, her elbow locked to keep herself propped up.

<"Sanitatem Revocato"

>True to Clint's vote of confidence, Grell sees the hole in her chest shrink at a remarkably rapid rate. The bleeding stops and the Reaper can take a breath finally, expelling the stale old air she had been holding in her punctured lung. She barely gets started when her eyes bulge and she coughs wretchedly, expelling the blood that had pooled at the bottom with a mighty hack.

>The taste of copper again invades Grell's mouth but she knew this to be harmless, it was just the blood leftover that was trapped when she was healed up. She runs the back of her gloved hand over her mouth and wipes the excess off with a lighter sigh. A few experimental breaths didn't trigger any more coughing, and though she felt dizzied she no longer felt dangerously close to passing out either.

>Pleased with the overall results, the Reaper smiles to the young witch and pats the spot that the hole in her chest used to occupy.

Lovely work! I feel much better now...that ruddy fellow caught me right in the chest after I dispatched the big fellow. I suppose he took exception to my cutting off his head and went for a fatal jab.

>The Reaper then grins mischievously and taps the side of her nose.

If it were anyone else I'm quite sure such a blow would have been a rousing success if the goal was to kill but I'm afraid I'm made up of much sterner stuff...speaking of which-

>Grell regards Clint's stub and finally frowns at him in particular. She leans closer to examine it with a squint, keeping her hand resting solidly on his shoulder.

You seem to be unarmed, darling. I suppose you lot were dropped into a scrap as well?

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555950

File: 1557289310352.png (335.04 KB, 606x564, Gonna Thanos you out of exista…)

"...I'm a witch, not a tailor Clint"
>She replied. With a snap of her fingers and a poof he was now dressed in a Japanese sailor school.

"I can do this though"

"Wasn't questioning the mushroom, just the method of jamming it down someone's throat..."
>She didn't pursue it any further, clearly this person was also a witch, at least by impression anyway. She knew how stubborn others could be, especially with the practices of their magic, now wasn't the time for an argument.

>She turned her attention back at Grell. Seeing she seemed to be fairing much better, Alice gives her compliment a nod and asks.
"Feeling better?"
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File: 1557291588262.gif (834.84 KB, 444x250, ByThePowerOfAnime.gif)

>Between her own limb removing strike and Makalov's sword swinging true, the battle seems to be all but at its end.

>Still, unlike the other girl present, Sophie doesn't relax right away, as if still unconvinced that even as much damage as they'd done had been enough to fell such a mighty...and large opponent for good.

<"For the Honor...of Frank."

>Which is why, even as the Captain speaks his final words of defiance towards the party and loyalty to his creator, she's already rushing back into potential danger, having detected the strange magical buildup taking place as the Captain begins his final honor-less surprise attack.

"Get Back!"

>The small girl shouts as she tries to place herself between Captain and the rest, though this time she doesn't stop at bunkering down behind her bracers, instead letting out a burst of magic of her own to try and repel the mass of dark magic and shrapnel that seeks to harm her companions.

>If any of her party is caught in the blast they'd notice that aside from the powerful gusts thrown up from the initial force of her blast, the energy itself doesn't seem to be harmful...at least to the living.

>They might also notice the part of her arm that had been almost bleeding light before seal back up as the rainbow colored sphere of light fades following its clash with the dark magics that exploded outward.

>Its only as it clears that she finally calls out to the others again, this time sounding somewhat concerned even with her odd almost monotonal way of speaking.

"Is everyone okay?"

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File: 1557296230259.jpg (44.5 KB, 600x787, __big_boss_and_tenryuu_metal_g…)

>Clint would turned his head to look at Dixie sniffing about for an exit. It was a good cover for her and didn't raise any suspicions....until he saw Sucy looking at Dixie....Nothing jumpped out of him about that, except maybe the idea of Sucy thinking she could use Dixie as a test subject.

>Clint looked back at Grell, specifically her chest and wound closing up and got a small smirk at her being healed. Not clean, and still ripped clothing, but she was alive and breathing easily.

Good. Good....now...

>Clints eye would twitch at the comment about his arm, followed by his clothing being changed into something that....well, he was pretty sure he knew what show this outfit was from. Clint would let out a sigh, dropping his arm from around Grells waist and giving both ALice and herself a flat look.

Change my clothes back.

We need to get back to this situation we're in, and see if we can find Sophie. We need to make sure that she's alright and not in trouble.

Makalov!LAZY/18DJ.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555953

File: 1557300255195.png (420.52 KB, 652x640, FE9_Makalov.png)


<For the Honor...of Frank.

"Oh for the love of..!"

>This kind of thing always happens with these petty servants, they never go down quietly even after a stab to the head. Looks like this kind of trait isn't exclusive to Human and Laguz.

<Get Back!

>Well, don't have to tell him that twice! Makalov immediately made Sherlock jump way, way back at the girl's command to escape the blast and debris flying their way, he would've liked to see if Casey was doing alright but for now everyone kind of had to see where they end up right now.

>As the dust settled and the lightshow ended Makalov was able to look about, keeping his sword raised, another foe defeated! For some reason he now felt even more nimble and skilfull with the blade, this can only be a good thing! Though the knight couldn't help but wonder just...how, how do any of this girl's powers work?

"Yeah, i'm fine, girl."

>The Knight replied to Sophie's inquiry as he patted himself down for any stray injuries he might've suffered but by the looks of it he managed to evade every single blow.

"Damn i'm good."

>The was a slight jerk Makalov felt as Sherlock reared up in protest to his words.

"W-Woah, hey. You did good too, Sherlock alright? Geez."

>Sherlock let out an high-handed huff as her master pat the side of her neck to try and appease her.

<What is it with females always getting mad with me, geez. Am I cursed or something? Not even animals leave me be.

>With all that finished he clears his throat, looking toward Casey with a hard to read expression, he wanted to believe that she truly had a change of heart but this could all be part of an insane ploy. While he did refuse to sheathe his sword he wasn't threatening the lizard outright.

"So...Casey. You know this place right? Do you know where the others could've ended up at?"

Sasuun!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555954

File: 1557310042046.jpg (132.77 KB, 751x472, Hm.jpg)

Ohhh yeah, there's booze. And you'll be lucky if I don't end up drowning myself in it.

>He says with a laugh, shrugging a bit and starting to follow Mokou over towards Yuno and Tsuna, putting his hands in his pockets and standing a short ways away, though still talking to Marisa.

Once Yuno's done here, I can take us all over.

>He simply stands and watches over them as Yuno does her work, as Sas himself can't really help for this. Yuno was certainly more specialized in this kind of thing than he was.

>He's definitely curious though, so he watches quite intently to see what exactly she does, and how she does it.

>Let's hope everything turned out fine.

Yuno!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555955

File: 1557329898503.png (988.13 KB, 1211x837, prayin.PNG)


>Marco lazily floated over to Yuno upon hearing her cry for help, obviously looking Tsuna over as he did so.

"Hmm, is that so? You sure that he doesn't want to accept the gift? Know how many would kill to receive somethin' like that for free?"

>The girl opened her mouth for a rebuttal only to close it right back up, not believing what he was saying. Finally gathering herself she said.

"This- This is no gift don't be ridiculous! Please help me before he too becomes a monster, Marco! I beg of you!"

>If the grimoire had any eyes he would probably roll them. Now returning to his voice was that usual playful tone.

"Relax. Umbranus Vampiri takes a good few hours to permanently take hold anyways, maybe he'll make up his mind by then and-"


"Fiiiine fine, geez. Was just tryin' to lift the mood. I'd never refuse you a wish, you know?"

>And just like that the grimoire floated down to the kneeling Yuno, opeing himself up to her and laying in her lap. He even manage to restrain the giggle from the pun he stole off of Marisa, how come he never thought of that one??


>Now with Marco by her side Yuno took another deep breath, her arms were heavy, hands sweaty and knees weak and to top it all off she was already rather tired, almost tapped out her magickal potential for the day completely. It's gonna take at least three days to recover from this for sure.

>The girl actually set aside her stave for once, laying it on the ground beside her, while she usually uses that one as a focus she can use Marcochius as well, making it rather redundant. This at least freed up her hands, one of which she laid upon Marco's rune-littered pages while letting her other hover over Tsuna's neck wound.

"I-I...Mister, you needn't panic but- You might have trouble breathing for a few seconds while I perform my magick...Please, entrust yourself to me."

>The place of Tsuna's wound was indeed very unfortunate, chosen deliberately by Vampires to prevent an easy cure to strengthen their numbers but it couldn't be helped. Yuno can only wonder how many people have attempted curing themselves only to fail miserably, killing themselves in the process.

>Tsuna can now feel Yuno's warm, almost hot hand right by his juggular where Lady had pierced him with her claws, while Xion's spell did well to seal the wound the scarrring and curse working in that area made it very uncomfortable, almost painful to have anyone touch it.

>But she had to push on, even if Tsuna would protest or resist, it simply had to be done.

O' Lord of Light, to thee I cry,
Thine heavenly gift of light most high,
Thy fount of life, and fire of love,
and sweet anointing from above.

>As the girl began her incantation her grip around Tsuna's throat strengthened quite considerably, those acclaimed to the art of magic can tell that something's happening there, to anyone else though this might just look like Yuno was trying to choke Tsuna.

O' shining face of light divine,
the sevenfold gifts of grace are thine;
true glory of the day art thou,
who dost mine tongue with power endow.

>The girl closed her eyes, concentrating completely on her spell, letting Marco do most of the actual work while she more or less guided his magick to do what she needs to. The world around her went dark, all that existed for her were herself, Marco and Tsuna, she wouldn't even be able to hear anyone else speak to her.

Thy light to every sense impart,
and shed thy love in this one's heart;
thine own unfailing might help overcome this adversity
please let me strengthen his infirmity.

>By now there was a very strong burning sensation as Yuno's hand continued to press on Tsuna's juggular, her hand glowing with a rather intense almost blinding light.

The blood and dark of Crimson Red
Ripped from a corpse long since dead
Bestowed upon you from hellish hate...
I'll burn it all...and change your fate!

>With a rather unexpected speed Yuno seems to have gotten hold of something ripping her hand from Tsuna's throat, as far away as possible from him. In-between her thumb, middle and index-finger was the little insect-like creature she ripped from him.

>It was no larger than a ladybug and almost completely black with a strange, grey fur pattern alongside it's tiny body. Where it's legs should be were instead long fibrous strands of what seems to be hair protruding from it. This bug must be the root of this particular curse, festering in one's body until it's corruption spread sufficiently enough.

>The small bug was wriggling in Yuno's glowing hand, it's hair-like legs wildly swinging about as if trying to get ahold of those around it, a few of these legs began to quickly sling themselves around Yuno's arm. The girl glared at the little thing in her grasp with an unprecedented anger before the light in her palm grew more intense, incinerating the little parasite and all of it's legs with a good smite!

>Tsuna in the meantime had the wound on his juggular pierced open ever so slightly just enough for the parasite to have been removed, there was little blood-flow though and hardly an injury at all. The image of Yuno's hand was burned onto his neck however and won't disappear for a small while.

"Well? It wasn't too bad hm?"

>The grimoire said, closing himself back up all nonchallantly as he floated himself back up, next to Mokou, simply watching what was happening.

>Yuno let out a sigh, this spell hadn't taken that much out of her, she used Marcochius after all, he did almost all of the work. Leaning over Tsuna she would quietly ask.

"Mister? Are you alright? You...you're free now."

>And just like that, the white mage has taken care of the problem.

KokiCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555956

File: 1557333829222.png (3.39 KB, 182x224, 222228.png)


>Koki lazily waves her hand dismissively before typing with one hand.

I sleep here
still need weapon for me
go battlefield
i catch up later.

>With that, Koki removes her hand from Bailey's shoulder and slowly lays down flat on the ground, typing one last statement on her broken tablet.

time shenanigans are hard

Dixie!TRaItoRCe2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555957

File: 1557335795251.jpg (87.37 KB, 784x836, 1394.jpg)


>Dixie huffs in frustration, having found no exit yet.

< I thought dog noses were supposed to be good at tracking down and following scents.

>She stops in place and glances about the room, taking in every detail she could see for some kind of clue or hint at escape routes. Strange that the chemical cabinets in this room were fully stocked rather than just for decoration. Perhaps the smells from these was what threw her off and not the fact that her breed is best known for their sight and not their sense of smell. Looking up at the ceiling, Dixie spies what Sucy had seen earlier, an open air vent. It would certainly be an uncomfortable way to exit the room, but it made sense. Considering the size and agility of the monsters kept in this room, a small exit like that would easily prevent them from wandering off.

< Clint, I think i've found a way out.

>Glances back over to the group, Dixie becomes incredibly uncomfortable from Sucy's staring. Concerned that perhaps she wasn't acting doglike enough, she barks to try and grab everyone's attention while pointing her nose at the open air vent.


>How demeaning. Barking was such a primitive form of communication and every time she did so, it irritated her to no end. Yet at the same time, there was something so satisfying about using her voice that she yearned for more opportunities to do it. Which also irritated her to no end.

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File: 1557338036785.jpg (205.04 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_o751s2djUN1tuqugbo1_128…)


>As the dust settles and bits of shrapnel falls from the walls and ceiling, Casey peeks out from behind her little bone wall, wide eyed with her mouth agape in awe. Thanks to Sophies counter attack, her bone wall only had suffered minimal damage and completely protected Casey. Blowing bubbles, she dances with joy.

I can't believe you guys did it! I though Captain was the biggest, baddest skeleton i ever met and you beat him like it was nothing! Glub Glub!

>Upon having a question directed at her, Casey stops her dancing and bubble blowing to stop and think.

I thought it was just you two, but if there's more, then Frank probably used his teleport trap to send them all to different floors so his experiments can beat them with numbers and powers. He has a lot of soldiers just as strong as Captain on every floor, but uhm...

>Casey pauses and scratches her head with a skeleton arm. Her own arms too short to reach the itch.

Not all of the floors are ready for guests yet, so he probably only sent them to the finished ones.

>Picking up one of the glowing mushrooms, Casey shoves it in her mouth and chews away as she uses her CROOK OF FRAILTY to draw a crude yet complicated map in the dirt.

You and friends came in from the concert hall at the surface right? If anybody went into the rooms on the left or right in there, then they were teleported to a lava room for throwing away garbage or the freezer for storing bodies. But if everyone was in the middle, then they got sent to one of the finished thirteen floors. Franks plan was to make his tomb as confusing as possible so he was gonna make all the exits teleport you to random floors until you have gone through every single one.

>Satisfied with her map, Casey sits on the ground and grabs another glowing mushroom to chew on.

He had to slow down though because somebody destroyed his funeral business so he didn't have as much money to pay for all the tools and supplies he needed. So i think...

>With a heavy gulp to finish off her treat, Casey points to the lowest floors on her map marked, floors 11 and 12

Your friends are probably on these levels with Mister X and the Knight of Mourning.

>She says as she points to each floor respectively.

We are on floor 13 and through the really big hole that Captain was guarding is the way to Franks Sanctuary. That's where he keeps his unfinished and strongest experiments until the other floors are ready. It's also his music studio, but that's not as scary. Glub Glub.

>Upon pointing towards the exit, the group may notice a glowing red crystal sitting in a pile of bone meal where the Captain once was. Glowing brightly to try and lure the curiosity of the heroes.
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>Sucy keeps her eyes on Dixie for a while. Once she spots the air vent she seems a little too enthused. How would a dog know what that was for? Let alone that it would have any purpose besides making a scary noise. On top of that the bark seemed too on cue. Like it was trying way to hard to convince her it was in fact a dog she was looking at.

>Before she can speak up she looks over at the spectacle happening behind her. Upon seeing Clint's get up she bursts out into a howling cackle. Her hands on her chest to keep her gut from bursting with laughter.

You can't just arm us with opportunities like this and expect us not to take them.

>She laughs for a bit longer, the thoughts she had just processed leaving her for now.

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File: 1557366165741.png (241.15 KB, 554x387, f66de322-6e87-4588-8d52-58022d…)


>Alice snickered

"You sure? It fits you rather well~"

MokouCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555964

File: 1557368091283.png (397.08 KB, 540x720, 78c78cd7f6b536eea8441b5075cada…)


>Stopping mid step and having to take a short half step to the side looking over her shoulder to Yuno, who had taken a knee to help the guy in his wounds from his attack and release. Grimacing some as she heard Yuno's cry for help from Marco who was trying to be his usual self. It at least got a small smile out of Mokou but it quickly faded as she turned flat and took a step closer to the scene. Keeping a few feet back.

>She occasionally look to Sasuun and Marisa and then back to Yuno who was doing well. But talk of vampirism, and the idea of becoming something akin to the twins... especially that younger one.. or anything like Lady wasn't the greatest gig.

<Wait... a bug? ... like...

>Mokou crossed her arms a bit uncomfortably at the sight, before bringing a hand up and rubbing the front of her neck some where earlier she had been stabbed by Lady's claws and left to bleed out while buried. Luckily healing moderately.

<I prolly got a resistance to it.. I mean, never had more than a little cold for hundreds of years...

>Rubbing the back of her neck and rotating her head some to get a couple good pops out of it with a light moan of relief.

"Pretty good work ya did there Yuno, not bad."
>Offering a bit of a nod and thumbs up with her free hand before both went back into her pockets in her usual pose and expression.

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File: 1557373059799.png (40.95 KB, 234x195, Grell_Having a Gay Old Time.PN…)

>Grell enthusiastically nods back to the witch.

Much, thank you! Or about as well as anyone can feel after losing so much blood...I think the prodigious amount around us can attest to how grievous the situation was. Any longer and I would have been out like a light!

>What help could she be if she napped to regenerate that blood? Their expedition would be down one crucial fighter and as far as Grell could tell they were already hurting on capable fighters already. The knight and the young purple haired girl were still missing and if the rooms were as brutal as Grell suspected then one of them were likely to be doing poorly as well.



>Grell's grin stretches on her face. The amount of annoyance in Clint's eye was hilarious.

Fashion can wait for now, can't it? If we need to find dear Sophie I may have the solution to that.

>Grell looks around herself and after a moment scoops her chainsaw from the ground. She flicks the chainsaw, sending the blood clinging to the engine housing away in a spray of blood.

>The reaper ignores the yipping of the dog instead to find a suitable shadow to slice into. Like before she carves into a shadow, like a knife through hot butter, and splits reality into the dark space they used earlier.

I'll just key in on her soul and be there in a jiffy! Right this way~!

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555967

File: 1557379550151.png (68.77 KB, 276x262, 10.png)

....You sleep tight, alright?

>Bailey said, kneeling down next to Koki and giving her a smile. A bit of a somber one at that. She'd be okay, she was sure, Dave was pretty durable all things considered, so she had no reason to believe someone who was also god tier wasn't just as durable. Bailey would get up, head over to the rainbow gun, and lifted it up with the gloved hand. She gave the weapon a look over, Not at all her style. Looked like something a warlord would use in battle. Customizing weapons would be nice, of course, but things could go too far easily. Regardless though, if this was the gun that Koki spent three days trying to get, she was going to use it. Bailey pulls the charging handle to insure there was a bullet in the chamber before marching off! Hopefully she'd beable to get to Appleslice and Stein in time before anything bad happens to them
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File: 1557384506962.png (16.15 KB, 182x291, comic488_zpskuzxtiqn.1.png)


>With the laughter from the three girls, Clints eye twitches once more. He takes in a deep breath for a moment before letting it out through his nose, turning to Alice and leaning over.

I am trying to save my daughter Alice. I do not have time for games. Please change my clothes back now.

>Clint would stand up once again, going to give Dixie a whistle to get her attention before turning towards the portal that Grell opened. Going through the door Dixie found might have been good, but atleast with Grells portal, they won't have to worry about what's on the other side....atleast as much.

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File: 1557435771851.jpg (60.85 KB, 600x760, 6c0832282d9de98b8dd8efc197d2ef…)

>With the dust having settled and everyone being okay (Well, everyone whose wellbeing actually mattered being okay anyways, since Captain is definitely neither, was neither), one might think that Sophie would calm down like the others in her group had.

>Instead, she seems to just stand there as if trying to figure something out, until the others comments seem to rouse her attention.

"Everyone was in the center, so at least they might be safe....we should probably go back for them, but there is only one door...I guess we just have to wait."

>As she looks towards it thoughtfully she finally seems to notice what she'd felt was "off" before, and launches an orb of light energy at the crystal that seems to be filled with the same magical energy that had comprised the Captain's self destruction.

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File: 1557437600800.png (124.91 KB, 200x350, iAbRGSF.png)

>Makalov raised an eyebrow at Casey's strange dancing but in the end he found it rather charming. Now he felt rather silly thinking that she was still a threat or might even try to double cross them.


>And just like that, the Knight's sword was sheathed

<I can't believe you guys did it! I though Captain was the biggest, baddest skeleton i ever met and you beat him like it was nothing! Glub Glub!

"Hmm, didn't I tell you from the beginning? We're pretty great and these bones stand no chance! Now...where in blazes did I drop my shield..?"

>Now Casey was explaining the confusing logistics of Frank's lair, floors? Like basements? Are they underground now? They have to be right, from the outside it just looked like a normal cave didnt it? His shield meanwhile was left behind when Casey first started throwing skeletons at him, buried under bones.

>For now though he had to provide Casey with some more information.

"Nah, I was the first one in that room when we stormed in and nobody entered either of those rooms. So everyone else must've ended up in one of the fifteen floors hm..."

>Pointing over to the exit the Captain was blocking the knight asked

"So...if I got this right, that tunnel there there leads to more bad news, but it's also our only way outta here? So...we're basically stuck down here? Unless we can break down a wall somehow, drop into a lower floor."

>He let out a sigh, looking down at the random lines the girl drew in the dirt...at least, it looked like random lines to him. The more Makalov heard about this Frank guy the more he seemed like a complete goofball with his music studio and concert he was apparently about to hold.

>It's not like he has any moral stakes in this mission, it's just for coin so he couldn't care less really.

"Well, what do we do now? Is there a teleporter around here somewhere? Time's probably short and the others might need help from us."

>For just a few seconds Makalov was able to spot something...rather enticing near the Captain's remains, a gem of some sorts?

<Oh? What's this? Some kinda treasure? Looks like it'll be worth a pretty penny.

>But before the greedy knight could act on his impulses Sophie already chose to apparently incinerate it.

"Aww, this sucks! Why'd you do that?"

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File: 1557439816873.png (21.4 KB, 233x233, 023.png)

>Marisa just sort of glances back with one of her usual smirks. The sort that makes it really really hard to tell if she's just making fun of other people, since someone who actually cared wouldn't be making jokes like that, would they?

"Looks like your clothes aren't quite as immortal as the rest of you after all."

>Beyond just dusting herself off a little, the short young woman doesn't seem to mind the state of her clothes too much, though the worst of it blends into the black of her dress pretty well anyways.

>When Yuno goes off to play doctor with that other literal hothead, the magician seems to focus on the remaining member still with their group who she'd mostly ignored the whole time up to then.

<"Ohhh yeah, there's booze. And you'll be lucky if I don't end up drowning myself in it."

"Well, if you do, I'm not going to be the one giving you first aid, so don't get your hopes up or anything."

>Between the matter of fact delivery and the girl's smirk it'd be pretty clear that she's just halfheartedly trying to mess with Sasuun though. Especially with the way she just sort of shrugs afterwards.

"Guess at least one good thing'll come out of all this anyways, ain't really used to drinking with guys, but if you've got booze you've gotta be better at holding it than those Ponies I helped out a while back at least."

>While they're waiting the girl just kind of continues to go on and on, almost as if she's just trying to fill the void...or like she's an idiot, one of the two.

"Seems like you really have to set your rates in advance around here, what with people being too cheap to even put out snacks for guests most of the time."

"Well, its not like I can just ignore an Incident happening right in front of me just because they can't actually pay me afterwards though either, ya know."

>Her incessant nonsense finally gets cut off by Yuno and Mokou speaking up again.

"You ladies done over there yet? Seems this swordsman is offering to treat us to enough booze to drown in, so we should probably head out before he comes to his senses."

>She doesn't seem to feel a need to clarify whether or not she's including Tsuna in the "ladies" or not.

Dixie!TRaItoRCe2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555973

File: 1557452500820.jpg (86.76 KB, 705x1079, 3307.jpg)


>The more Sucy stares her down, the more Dixie's anxiety grows as she begins to pant and try to avoid eye contact. Rather obviously by turning her whole head away rather than just her eyes.


>With her attempt to point out the air vent completely ignored, Dixie lets out a defeated sigh as Grell describes how her dark portals work. Here she thought they functioned by imagining or seeing the location in her mind. Though it makes sense that it keys into specific souls too being a reaper and all. As forcibly casual as possible, Dixie makes her way closer to the group, ready to hop through the portal with the rest.

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File: 1557453240631.jpg (97.14 KB, 500x413, tumblr_lpe42lb4lH1qiw0qa.jpg)


>Casey shrugs

Frank never taught me how to teleport. Only how to summon different kinds of skeletons and skeleton relating things. If your friends are just as strong as you guys, then they might be fine?

>Casey says, unsure of herself.

Knight of Mourning was a champion swordsman when they were alive with special soul powers. Mr X was some kind of experiment from another universe or something. He doesn't talk so i don't know anything about him except nothing hurts him. Like, at all. Frank liked to stab him for fun because he wouldn't do anything about it.

>Casey nearly jumps when Sophie destroys the crystal as it lets out a faint wispy scream. A gentle red smoke rises up from it's broken remains and dissipates into nothing.

You broke one of the magic crystals! Why would you do that? Those are like magic batteries and really really rare.

>Casey crosses her arms and pouts.

I always wanted one but Frank said i wasn't allowed because i'm not "disposable".

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File: 1557461353132.png (20.42 KB, 104x104, 3_0-1.png)

>The girl doesn't have much in the way of responses for most of what Makalov is asking herself, though its not like she's the one being asked in most cases anyways.

>In any case its more important to make sure the energies had dissipated properly, so that noone ends up getting hurt by anything remaining of what had been contained within that odd stone.

>Still, she turns to face the others when he finally does question her actions, since her destruction of the dark forces at work seems to have been successful.

"It was a trap, so I destroyed it."

>While the information about the other opponents was something to file away for later...something else the odd yellow girl had said seems to strike a nerve in the purple haired tween.

<"You broke one of the magic crystals! Why would you do that? Those are like magic batteries and really really rare"

"It needed to be destroyed. It was..."

<...Like Lambda's powers...but different, worse maybe.

>Sophie begins to snap at Casey before stoppinng mid sentence.

<I always wanted one but Frank said i wasn't allowed because i'm not "disposable".

"...It was what caused that explosion. The energy was the same. Something being disposable means you plan on throwing it away, just like Captain ended up, so you can't touch stuff like that!"

>Sophie actually looks pretty mad about it all.

"If you got hurt, how are we going to be able to help you find your Dad? How could we get your bunny back? You can't see either of them again if you die, so you have to be more careful!"

>Roll 1d1000 = 285 Odds only, the girl's expression softens a bit after this, as the unknown fate of the others...as well as there being other similar crystals that were handed out to other of Frank's "Disposable" underlings sinks in. Worry quickly replaces anger as her sharp stare falters as she speaks quietly as if just to herself.

"...I can't let anyone die...they'll get taken away forever. They won't be able to see the people they love anymore if I don't protect them."

Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555976

>The makeshift sphere flies through the air at breakneck speed. From inside the sound of air wooshing past through the tiny cracks could be heard giving some indication of what was happening. The young pony doesn't dare undo the formation out of fear of what he would see should he do so. But soon enough he comes to a loud, painful stop. A loud thoom could be heard as the sphere makes contact on the planet. A distinct rock formation holding the sphere in place as it seems to have been jammed tightly into a crevasse. If not for the harness around his waist the foal inside would have likely been plastered all over the inside.


>After a few seconds the arms undo themselves. Opening up to allow the nauseous Appleslice to get some fresh air. Two arms dedicated to holding him up as he leans over and heaves what was his breakfast in the area down below. After one of the free arms pats him on the back the two holding him up would begin moving him away down the rocks. Mostly just to remove himself from the smell.

Sasuun!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555977

File: 1557487430331.jpg (126.54 KB, 1908x1080, What, You Can't Even Do That.j…)

>Sas would watch silently as Yuno finished her spell and cured Tsuna of the supposed curse he was afflicted with, and he lets out a bit of a sigh of relief that he seems to be okay. Even if he seemed quite exhausted, he at the very least wasn't dying.

>Which is a step up from how things were only moments ago.

Oh don't worry, I was basically made for drinking.

>He says with a bit of a smirk of his own, crossing his arms as he makes the claim.

But hey, if you want food, go for it. We certainly don't have a shortage of it. I'd honestly be surprised if anyone ever complained about not having enough food.

>Same with the alcohol, now that he thought about it. Though he didn't often see very many people down in the cellar. Perhaps it'd be a good idea to keep it that way.

>Sas walks over towards Mokou and Yuno, and crouches down next to Tsuna.

Right, well.

>Standing back up, he turns around to face the trio of girls, and reaches into his jacket. From within it, he pulls out a small wing made of wax, and holds it in his hand.

>He then bends down and picks Tsuna up off the ground, holding him up on his back and nodding to himself.

Everyone place a hand on either me or Tsuna, and I'll bring us over.

Sawada Tsunayoshi!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555978

File: 1557488441956.jpg (54.13 KB, 500x487, tumblr_mhrq8zhZd91rl61l8o1_500…)

>With his eyes closed, he continues to lay flat on his back as Yuno began to place her hand on his neck.

>For a brief moment, this once again calmed him, slowing his breathing and causing him to relax.

>The girls warning however makes it not quite last as long as he might've liked, and he opens his eyes for a moment and looks at her, preparing to speak.

..Wait, what do you-

>The slight pain was enough to get him to flinch and shut up, stiffening up a little bit once again as Yuno began her incantation.

>And her grip continued to tighten, almost choking him, and he lifts a knee and raises his arms a little bit in protest. He keeps once eye open as he shakes and winces from the slight pain and inability to breathe properly.

>What's worse was the burning and eventual riiip of the parasite from his neck, and as soon as he's able he slides back a little and places his own hands on his neck, panting loudly and trying to catch his breath.

>When Yuno bends down next to him and asks if he was okay though, his breathing slows and he stares at her silently for a few moments.

..You can.. call me Tsuna..


..Thank you..

>He says, still rather confused about the whole situation. He was cursed? With what? Umbranis Vampiri?

>He sighs, and lays back down. He was too tired to think about anything right now.

>It isn't until Sas walks up to him and also crouches next to him that he looks up again, barely managing to even hold his head up.


>He's a bit surprised when Sas lifts him onto his back, but he's not exactly trying very hard to be let back down.


>Damn, he felt useless.


Yuno!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555979

File: 1557534388546.png (124.56 KB, 1200x900, __yuno_hidamari_sketch_drawn_b…)


>Now with the bug taken care of Yuno was much more at ease, watching Tsuna slowly recover, smiling at him.

"Heh...no need to thank me Tsuna, i'm just doing my job."

>She said with a not so subtle wink so very glad that this man was spared an incredibly horrible fate, ending up as one of her mother's puppets or worse...The girl's smile faltered every so slightly until Sas suddenly picked the man up!

>Grabbing her staff Yuno got right back up to her feet, now that look of slight worry returning on her.

"But if...you suddenly feel the urge to bite someone's neck or your fingernails and or your incisors start to abnormaly hurt or malform...please don't hesitate to call me! Though I am confident I took care of everything thanks to Marco one can never be too careful."

<"You ladies done over there yet? Seems this swordsman is offering to treat us to enough booze to drown in, so we should probably head out before he comes to his senses."

"Ah...i'm sorry to have kept you waiting. We can go anytime now.


<"Pretty good work ya did there Yuno, not bad."

>That voice, those words. Yuno turned around to face the witch who was complimenting her.


>The girl very briefly looked her over, she looked absolutely horrible though it's just the same with herself, what a night this has been indeed. Though Mokou's words were not in vain as Yuno's cheeks visibly flushed.

"Gosh...something like that, coming from you? I am flattered hehe..."

>Taking a look down at her filthy, torn and bloody robe and over to what was left of her apartment the girl's expression dropped once more, the full ramifications she had yet to realize, if she was being honest with herself she hoped to simply wake up any moment now, late for work.


>She would still need a few moments to process everything by the looks of it, for now simply standing close to Tsuna, a hand placed on him for both supporting him and to get the ride Sas was promising.

>Marco in the meantime didn't have much to add, choosing to simply float near the two girls, ready to travel with them all.

"Tsk! You all get to have fun drinkin' your braincells away! Don't come cryin' to me when the hangover catches up with you, that'll be my fun then buahahah!"

Makalov!LAZY/18DJ.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555981

File: 1557535348777.png (215.61 KB, 608x329, tumblr_oivovmmcak1uwnwqvo1_640…)


"Well, can only hope for now, I guess. This really sucks."

>Makalov complained some more, this mission wasn't at all what he thought it would be. Slowly sliding himself off of his mount he would begin to scour the ground for his dropped shield as he listened to Casey's explanation on Sophie's surprisingly scolding rant at her.

"Huh, guess it really was a trap then? Woulda probably sold for a pretty penny anyways. But yeah Casey she's right you know, don't play around with big magic thingies."

>Sherlock in the meantime was left to be by her lonesome, she was the one keeping a sharp eye on the only entrance to the room while also looking Casey's way every so often. Sherlock was a mighty warhorse with strong legs and an even stronger resolve and sharp intellect, pretty much the perfect companion for any knight and the armor she so proudly wore had several scars of battle and dents to it, some of which wre more shoddily repaired than others. Looks like Makalov is either being a little cheap or he gets in trouble a lot. In either case Sherlock doesn't seem to mind too much though she was impatiently digging with her hooves, grinding up some bones.

<"...I can't let anyone die...they'll get taken away forever. They won't be able to see the people they love anymore if I don't protect them."

>As Makalov was kicking some bones around he had to stop, hearing Sophie say that line in particular.

<I've never heard a kid talk like this before, for crying out loud she doesn't look like she's finished with puberty yet but she talks in this awful jaded way.

>He sighed, shaking his head, it's a shame that kids are used to these things these days, but it wasn't really any of his business, for all he knew this kid could be like one of those freaky dragon laguz and actually be 100 years old or whatever..


"Ah, there we are..."

>With a heave the knight picked up his heavy shield, dusting it off and picking off any pesky bones that might've stuck to it, making his way back to the two girls.

"Say, Frank doesn't happen to have a treasury or something right? Pretty sure he won't need that soon enough."

MokouCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555982

File: 1557560585227.jpg (517.27 KB, 887x709, 1349618392018.jpg)


"Heh, ohh.. well.. before she comes back or guards start asking who we are, yeah.. lets dip."

>Mokou returned the smile to Yuno, her innocence knowing no bounds it seemed, but her expression at realizing she was as broke and homeless and poor now of possessions as Mokou, could easily be felt and shared.

>Stepping and taking Yuno with a hand over her back on a shoulder in a sort of hug, motioning her towards Sas and Sawada, putting her other free hand on Sas's shoulder, holding Yuno to her side.

"Tssk.. we're gonna put that to the test, I. Don't. Get. Drunk~ ... unfortunately for you eh Marco."
>She said giving a smirk at Sas and then a sort of nod and tease towards Marco.
"C'mere you."
>Mokou motioned with a quick head tilt to Marisa to join in on the group huddle of sorts.

Sucy!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555983

File: 1557565222224.png (165.36 KB, 428x428, 1422879520096.png)

>The memory still fresh in her mind she would be sure to commit this all to memory. She was more then willing to hop back into the dark abyss of the aether as she followed everyone into it. This episode almost made getting stabbed and getting one of her handful of outfits ruined worth it.

>While she was still suspicious of the dog she had grown a liking to the other two females in the immediate proximity. They were at least enjoyable enough to allow to live for now. And Clint was proving to be a useful source of entertainment himself. Not so much that she had forgotten their agreement though. He would still pay dearly for the events that transpired in this lab in particular.

Viceroy von Salamancer aka CaseyCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555984

File: 1557606757510.png (1.3 KB, 96x106, tumblr_inline_podcxm3FRn1v99bo…)


The red crystal... was dangerous?

>Casey lowers her head and crosses her arms, ashamed and embarrassed from being scolded so harshly. She couldn't remember the last time she was scolded at all let alone like this. Had Sophie not been a hero of light, she might have gotten very upset from the scolding and changed back to Franks side. But she knew better than go against a real hero like her. She'd never considered the possibility that the red crystals Frank gave being dangerous at all. Followed by a brief silence from Casey after Sophie finished, she quietly answers back.

Okay... I won't play with big magic thingies anymore.

>Casey shows no reaction to Makalov rediscovering his shield and doodles on the dirt floor with her claw.

Frank has a bunch of cool stuff in his sanctuary that he got from the bodies he uses... but he keeps all his money in a bank.

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41555995

File: 1557617356248.png (230.62 KB, 563x393, e671f0f5-2d6a-429b-aaae-882fa1…)


>Alice snickered in her wand, trying to compose herself.

"Oh, I would love to but there's no time to waste. We need to get going."

>She said soon positioning herself behind Grell as she prepared the portal.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556002

File: 1557626188462.jpg (52.76 KB, 262x386, Grell_Oh yes dear what is is.j…)

>Once inside the Dark Aether Grell pauses and furrows her brow. There's a moment of disquiet on her face, confusion, but with a shake of her head she turns slightly to her left and tears an exit in the dark space, not at all far from their entry tear aside a single step.

This should be it, let's take a look...


>A loud and likely familiar noise of the chainsaw rings viciously into the air, carving its way from a dark corner with a single and smooth drag from the floor to roughly human height. The first through is the red reaper, who looks around for their missing posse with a hum.


>Should anyone look at her the reaper looks to be an utter mess. Her white shirt has a hole cut into it and is stained with darkening blood, which soaks her vest, coat, and trousers. The ends of her hair are wet with the same blood and hang bedraggled around her. The reaper also looked unusually pale, paler than when she first arrived with the rest of the intrepid crew.

>Despite the awful appearance she appears to be in good spirits and, once catching sight of them, waves merrily with a flashed grin.

Oh good! None of you were maimed! That's rather excellent!

>She pauses and looks to the small amphibian and raises an inquiring brow. She glances to the two inquisitively and gestures to it in a manner asking, but not verbally, 'now what is this about?'.

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556004

File: 1557627237033.jpg (94.43 KB, 500x386, Stein_A Moment To Myself WIth …)

>As Appleslice proceeds to lose his breakfast, the Doctor comes upon him with the same devastating speed granted by his rabbit talisman. He comes to a stop at the crevasse that Appleslice had zoomed into and peers inside it. It was too thin for him to follow, the pony was however small enough to fit in the thin space to a certain extent.


>He folds his arms and waits for Appleslice to come down out himself, waiting expectantly with a displeased and firm stare. He'd let the pony figure out he was here in time, if he said anything now then he'd likely jump back into hysterics and tear off again before Stein could get a word in edgewise.

>Maybe he'd just grab him once he was close enough just to stop him from doing that, though there was no telling what the pony's mechanical arms could do when he was surprised. Was it worth startling him?
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File: 1557627605547.png (28.06 KB, 249x270, 8.png)

>Clint gave a small huff through his nose, taking a breath in, before slowly letting it out. Clint would be close behind Grell stepping out and looking quite worse for wear. Not only being bloodied from the left side, and missing his entire arm from the shoulder. Also, unfortunately, he was still wearing that outfit that Alice had made him put on. Clint looked around slightly, and seeing that there was no immediate danger, Clint looked to ALice once she passes over and holds out his hand

I'm going to need my arm back. Specifically the robotic part.

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File: 1557633455824.png (588.61 KB, 733x733, 5bfdf26bffe3b0151a3f808e5037f7…)

<Oh don't worry, I was basically made for drinking.

>The vertically challenged magician seems to look Sasuun over for a bit at this comment, before just sort of shrugging when she doesn't spot the horns she was looking for.

"With drinking you've gotta have snacks, right? Gotta say you're shaping up to be a rather gracious host for living out in the middle of nowhere."

>At the suggestion Marisa uses her broom to bring her up high enough to place a hand on Sas' unoccupied shoulder.

"Pretty sure I could get there quick enough on my own, but I kind of want to see how you manage to carry all of us there with that tiny wing of yours."

<"Gosh...something like that, coming from you? I am flattered hehe..."

>Well, and it seems like there's something else going on that might at least be fun to tease Mokou over later...though honestly it was getting way too complicated if you threw those things the immortal had said to Marco into the mix as well.

"Sounds like you're just jealous that you'll be missing out on the party to me! Guess stuffing yourself in a book wasn't the best approach after all!"

>She calls out with a huge grin before chuckling to herself. After all, for being a foul mouthed old man, the grimoire could actually be pretty funny, at least in the same way those idiot fairies tended to be anyways.

>Yeah, she's definitely going to tease those two over drinks later.

"Yeah, pretty sure you're gonna be disappointed if you're just waiting around for one of us to get sick, Marco. Being a book you've probably got the lowest tolerance of any of us."

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File: 1557635012873.png (22.32 KB, 104x104, 2_1-1.png)

>The girl doesn't seem to realize how much Makalov is pitying her at the moment, or even that he heard her worries slip out for that matter.

>Still, at least he was backing her up on the important stuff, so she'll have to thank him later after things are settled with Casey.

>Though...the last thing he said makes her wonder if he's sort of confused about their mission. After all, they need Frank alive so Clint can talk to him. So thats another thing to bring up.

>First however is making sure the other girl understands. She seems rather young after all, and easily mislead.


>Well, at least she's listening though. It'd be really bad if she ended up getting hurt after all, especially since her dad is probably looking for her too.

"Good girl. After all, your dad would be sad if you got hurt while looking for him, right? So we have to make sure nothing bad happens to you until you can meet him again."

>She gives both of her companions a kind smile as she says this, before turning to Makalov.

"Thanks for your help keeping Casey safe so far."

"Oh, we're not supposed to kill Frank though, since Clint needs to talk to him."

>As if summoned by her talking about Clint, everyone else shows up almost immediately. Which is pretty convenient actually, and none of them are dead so thats a big plus as well.

>The pretty one named Grell seems to be covered in more red stuff than before and doesn't look too great, but her life force seems fine.

>The fuzzy witch and Clint are the really concerning ones....Seeing as one has one less arm than usual...and the other, might not exactly be Alice anymore, since there's that same energy again coming from her.

>...Not that she can do anything about either at the moment, aside from keep a close eye on them.

>In any case she really has nothing to say but parrot back some of what was said, since it's apparently the thing to say.

"Oh good! None of you died!"

"This is Casey, Frank stole her bunny and she needs help finding her dad, but she's been helping us in the meantime."

Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556009

>The foal remains blissfully aware that Stein had already caught up with him. His arms retracting for the most part allowing him to walk on his own four legs for a while. This wouldn't last long as with still some distance to go he stops short of the crevasse opening. Once the pony has caught his breath Stein would hear him go into a faint sobbing. The adrenaline rush of the chase wearing out.

.....How am I supposed to proceed?

>He asks himself through the sobbing. The faint sounds of battle going on in the distance masking any ambient sound Stein may have been making.

There is no scenario where I can face him now.

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556010

File: 1557641414937.png (51.51 KB, 287x236, Stein_Chicken You Say.PNG)

>As Appleslice starts to wander off Stein follows silently behind, his footsteps quietly passing on the checkered ground. Dirt was uncommon on the battlefield, not unless the surface was somehow broken during the various battles that ravaged it. Overhead the clouds, ever puffy and serene, float by as they were carried by the breeze.

>The corner of his mouth tilts down when the sound of sobbing reaches his ears and his steps slow. He stops not too far away from Appleslice and allows his arms to fall back to his sides, no longer holding them cross in front of himself. The rabbit talisman disappears back into his Sylladex and for a moment the doctor listens as the young pony continues to sniffle and sob through his plaintive worries.


>Appleslice had unexpectedly failed in his battle earlier, which placed him in danger, and although it seemed like he was physically fine there still seemed to be something wrong with him...

>Stein closes his eyes and takes a slow breath. When he opens them again he looks at Appleslice, but not normally. He stares at the pony using his soul perception, looking for any attributes that could clue him in to what was going on with the young colt.

Kano!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556011

File: 1557655705513.png (711.5 KB, 1039x633, Kano-Shuuya-kano-shuuya-370038…)

Ahh, so you're just mad he doesn't do his job, and takes his seat for granted!

>He nods to himself, crossing his arms in front of him.

Makes sense makes sense! I can see where you're coming from!

>He actually goes silently for a bit after he talks about this other demon he knew. A war between heaven and hell? Seemed interesting. But, what could they gain from such a thing? He'd have to try and learn more about it at some point.

A war between heaven and hell, huh. Perhaps you'll have to tell me more about that sometime! This other person sounded like quite the demon, too! Perhaps one day I'll surpass him, and succeed where he had failed.

Though honestly, it seems like step one really is getting rid of the prince of gluttony. Though I'm not sure if I'm a good fit for the Prince of that particular sin.

>He shrugs.

I suppose we'll have to see what happens.

Say, will I be forced to take the seat if I'm the one who kills him?

Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556012

>Stein would be able to see a cascade of emotion making up Appleslice's soul. Sorrow over his current predicament. Guilt for hurting someone he cared for. Indecision over his next course of action. Physically he remains hidden within with no signs of coming out any time soon.

....my fault..... My fault things have escalated to this state.

>The guilt begins to rise. If it were not for his presence in this game the in fighting wouldn't have gotten to this stage. He knew he was the weakest link in the chain. A person made of fire, two trained soldiers, and (from his perspective) the world's strongest man. And what was he? A runt who paled in comparison to his heritage in terms of combat ability, a kid who always needed saving even when he tried to save others. He imagined how things would have gone had it been his father instead of him. Everyone would have likely gone home months ago. Uncle Screwloose wouldn't have died trying to protect someone who clearly didn't need it. His ability would have lead everyone to a quicker, happier end. But instead they were stuck with him. Uncle Screwloose was stuck with him. And his one chance at true happiness was gone forever because of it.

>The guilt weighed more then he could carry. He thought that maybe if he just waited in here the game would end and everyone would be sent home. Just stay, hide, and give out codes. That's all he was good for wasn't it? Just stay here, be a good boy and let the grown ups do their job. Cerberus would find him eventually. He was a good boy. For now he turns and takes a seat on the ground. His back resting against the wall as he waits for the inevitable.

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File: 1557656171304.jpg (50.8 KB, 253x364, ss (2016-05-13 at 12.48.11).jp…)

>Sas actually looks over to Marisa with a bit of a smirk, holding the small wing up a little bit so she could see it.

Magic, that's how.

>As soon as he's sure that everyone had a hand on him, he crushes the wing in his hand, small streams of light immediately beginning to swirl around his arm once he does.

>They continues to swirl up his arm, continuing the magical lightshow across his body and eventually reaching those who were touching him.

>The light would glow brighter and brighter, streams of energy becoming thicker as it encompassed the small group, swallowing them up and then dispersing with a small, beautiful pulse of light.

>They had disappeared from where they stood.

>Moments later, light would begin to form a platform of sorts on the floor of the Wayne Manor foyer, and a pillar of light would soon erupt from it.

>As the light fades, the group would appear right in the center, exactly as they were when they left.

>All in all, the trip probably took about 5 to 10 seconds total upon crushing the wing.

We're here! Lounge is over there. We can get food and drinks in there once we get Tsuna laying down on one of the couches.

Sawada Tsunayoshi!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556014

File: 1557656675082.png (212.3 KB, 464x445, just woke up.png)

>Tsuna actually looks a little uneasy as she sets up this new scenario, tilting his head in curiousity and confusion.

..Uhh.. bite someones neck..?

>Maybe it would've been better if he hadn't asked. Now that he thought about it, he probably didn't want to know.

>Oh well, too late for that.

..R-right, I'll let you know!


>Though he closes his eyes and holds on tight as the light begins to swirl around the group, somewhat bracing himself in case something happened, or in case it hurt at all.

>Luckily, it didn't hurt at all, and he hadn't even noticed there was any kind of change until he opened his eyes again.

>There was a brief warmth as the light encompassed the group, somewhat soothing and relaxing, which lingered slightly even after they arrived.

>He thinks he remembers how those wings worked. It directly used the life force of those using it to warp the person and those touching him to any location he has been to previously. Seemed pretty dangerous to just use nonchalantly, but he was in no position to say anything about it.

>At the mention of getting him laying down to feel better, he raises a hand to try and speak up.

..I'll be.. fine..

>His words are somewhat quiet, and are split with exhausted breaths as he leans lazily against Sas's back.

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File: 1557704131115.png (408.55 KB, 370x518, tumblr_inline_p4svq8fhCJ1qgv46…)


"Hmm, cool stuff in his sanctuary huh, gotta keep an eye out for that then."

>The knight idly replied as picked up his shield strapping it to his arm all proper and nice. As much as he loved doing nothing he had to at least stand guard at the entrance while the girls rested up.


<"Thanks for your help keeping Casey safe so far."


>Makalov looked over his shoulder at Sophie, raising an eyebrow at the praise she gave out of nowhere.

"Well uh...you're welcome? Gods, you can be both terrifying and way too sweet at the same time huh?"

>In either case, it did sort of warm his heart that the girl was appreciating his being there, if he was being honest with himself it felt like she was protecting him than anything else.

<"Oh, we're not supposed to kill Frank though, since Clint needs to talk to him."

"Well...I am pretty sure talking's not an option anymore, since he boasted about killin us all and how he split us all up to be killed off, sicking his henchebones at us."

>Does she really think talking to that kind of guy would lead to anything? So innocent, in Makalov's experience you can't trust these guys as far as you can kick 'em.

"We'll see...maybe we can end up forcing him to knee before us I don't know."

>With a shrug the knight would let his shoulders roll, looking over to the exit.

"In either case, you got pretty banged up, you should rest a bit while I stand guard and-"


"What in blazes oh my gods!"


>His blade drawn and shield raised the Knight spun around, facing the recently opened dark portal, the adrenaline already getting pumped into his system.


>The poor Knight's heart jumped a little bit, it was that crazy but admitedly lovely chainsaw lady.

<"Oh good! None of you were maimed! That's rather excellent!"

>Makalov let his shoulder sag in disbelief, first Sophie thanked him and now someone told him that it's a good thing he is not dead or horribly injured.

<What the devil is going on today? Did I fall into some sort of bizarro world???

"Oh, it's you, phew!"

>Shaling his head the knight would be at ease once more, looking Grell over.

"Yeah...we're okay. Had to fight this enormous skeleton guy, he smelled like a mound of forgotten meat."

>Noticing the woman's strangely inquisitive look regarding Casey Makalov for once put one and one together, hearing Sophie already trying to explain the situation.

"Yeah, Casey here got scammed by Frank, probably told her a buncha nonsense that made her trust him, typical scumbag behavior takin advantage of a little girl."

>Finally, he noticed the rather messy state the formerly prim and proper lady was in.

"Uh...you doing okay? Looks like it was you who got maimed pretty bad."

>Sherlock in the meantime didn't give a single FUCK

Yuno!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556032

File: 15577064971000.png (214.03 KB, 359x812, MOKOUXYUNO.PNG)

>There was a sudden, sharp inhale coming from the girl as Mokou slung her arm around her in sort of hug, for a moment Yuno was wincing even.

>But it did not last, soon enough Mokou can feel the girl relax in her grasp, calming down and perhaps even leaning into her a tiny bit. She does however stay silent for now with a little bit of a softer expression on her.

"Awh seriously?! Where's the fun in that? Might as well breathe oxygen then! Same thing!"

>Came Marco's protest once more, not at all thrilled to hear that particular fact.


>And now that other girl continued to rub salt in the wound oh how much this sucked! What's even worse is that the girl got him right dead on to boot.

"Pfah! You gotta prove yourself first, half-pint! I bet you can't even drink Yuno under the table! Probably because you shouldn't hmm?"

>That's gotta sting just as much, he knew there had to be a reason why this brat was so hot on the drinks, pretty obvious!


>And just like that, everyone appeared in the manor in just a matter of seconds.

"So...this is Wayne Manor?"

>Yuno more or less asked herself than anyone else as she had a look around, the teleport felt awfuly pleasant compared to what she usually experienced, this wasn't freezing cold and loud at all it was almost like getting dipped into a sauna very briefly.

>For a few moments she would simply stand there staring holes into the air, still standing by Mokou's side and finding it rather comfortable.

<We can get food and drinks in there once we get Tsuna laying down on one of the couches.

>That sounded like a great idea-

<..I'll be.. fine..

>Oh no.

"Yes, yes you'll be fine. Once you've rested properly."

>The girl spoke up to Tsuna with a strange confidence, looking up at him with a funnily stern expression.

"You need to take your health seriously, Tsuna...You have saved all of our lives by vanquishing the heartless in one fell swoop so you deserve and need the rest do you hear?"

>Now that stern frown turned into a smile as she further tried to convince the man.

"You would do nobody a favor by pushing yourself so needlessly, okay? Please?"

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556033

File: 1557711606620.png (120.28 KB, 500x408, Stein_If My Students Were Smar…)

>The inevitable finally comes. It's the steady and measured steps of the doctor finally approaching the small pony. It wasn't quiet around them, the faint noises of the war waging on the battlefield makes ghostly noises in the distance. Faint sounds of explosions and concussive steps rattling the ground only make small tremors in their isolated spot, and for a moment it seems all so far away and disconnected from the two.

>Without asking for an invitation the doctor sits next to Appleslice. If the pony hand any inclination to run, he'd find that a hand had come down on one of the tentacles of his suit with a sudden but firm grip pinning it to the checkered ground. Stein doesn't say anything at first, instead mentally parsing through what he could use to breach the topic of the young pony's despair.


>He sighs. He never was that great at this sort of thing. There's a pang, an echo of guilt over his shortcoming here. Appleslice had been playing this hellish game for some time now, they all had. He was just a child, he wasn't equipped to withstand the rigors and stress that they had endured this whole time.

>His experience as an instructor at the DWMA had illuminated that much to him. Some kids could bravely face conflict for stretches, but there was always a breaking point for them. He had seen the state of Appleslice's soul in many kids before, mired in sadness and guilt and indecision that replaced their naive courage and enthusiasm.

>This game was no place for a kid so young. Even Koki was pushing it with her own relative mental age and he knew that much. These kids were just falling apart.


>His voice breaks the relative silence. It's not as demanding as before, there's a tentative softness to his voice, as gentle a touch as he could muster to not rattle the pony any more than he already had.

>For a moment his heart sinks. Marie would know what to do. If he could he'd ask just what she would do here. He couldn't ask her, obviously, but he closes his eyes and thinks. What would she say, if she were here?

>Marie was soft and caring, very in-tune with the emotional states of other people. She was incredibly empathetic and enormously giving. Children easily softened around her and relaxed. If Marie were here she'd probably hug Appleslice and gently ask what the matter was, if not just let him tell her outright.


>That would probably weird the young pony out, he thinks, and tosses the thought out of his head. Perhaps the most obvious thing to say was the correct route.

Why are you upset, Appleslice?

Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556035

>Hears the sound beside him. An enemy? Cerberus? His heart skips a beat when he looks to the side to see he had been found by the one person he wanted to hide from. Before he could move he feels the grip on one of his metal arms. He could flee all he wanted but he knew there was no way he could beat Stein in a fight. With no other options he shifts himself so his back faces the doctor.


>His body noticeably jumps as he hears him say his name. Though he manages to hold himself back as he follows up with the question. He puts on his best "big boy" face as he tries to answer. Though it takes him a moment to muster up the words.

How......how am I supposed to fight alongside you now?

>Stein would feel the arm in his grip begin to pull from him slightly. Likely responding to some subconscious desire to flee from this moment.

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556037

File: 1557733181938.jpg (11.09 KB, 299x169, Stein_Are You For Serious.jpg)

>The gentle tug doesn't pull very far, Stein's grip is like steel and nearly uncompromising. The best Appleslice gets is a slight twitch of give followed by a consistent resistance seized on the mechanical arm.


>The doctor tilts his head. His glasses gleam on his face but the expression in his eyes are hidden by his reflective lenses. That wasn't the direction he was expecting that to go. Appleslice had been muttering about something being all 'his fault' with morose insistence. His willfulness to get away, even now, was not lost on the doctor.

>Maybe imagining what Marie would do wouldn't help. He'd have to fall onto his own strengths to figure this out.

>He reassesses. Trace back to the start. What happened? First, he had thought that Appleslice had gotten hurt while they were engaged with the Dersite enemies on the battlefield. That assumption was wrong, Appleslice was fine. This was all emotional. What was his emotional state like prior to the fight? Not abnormal, Stein thought, in fact the pony seemed very dutiful and enthusiastic in his progress, so if it was something building up Appleslice was either the best actor in the session or there was something else. Stein knew the pony wore everything on his sleeve, he couldn't lie his way out of a paper bag if he tried. That couldn't have been it.

>Before Appleslice's weapons malfunctioned all that happened was the memo.

>The doctor's brows lift up behind his glasses but again his expression is hard to read aside it. Stein stares at the pony, quietly stunned for a long moment, then looks ahead of himself and lets out a loud and weary sigh. He doesn't say anything out loud and resists the urge to slam his palm on his forehead.

<"I'm a damn idiot."

>He isn't sure what to say either. If he tried imagining Marie all he could picture was her looking at him in annoyed exasperation. "He's just a kid Frank and you said all of that where he could READ it what is wrong with you?" he could even hear her voice if he tried hard enough.

>What could he say? The game was a poor suicidal bid for meager meaningless happiness that was never meant for him, though the thought was likely a nasty shock to the young pony. In the doctor's desire to pound into Koki that she hardly was the only one to lose and suffer for their part in the game he completely missed Appleslice's take, and with that heaped an irrational guilt and sadness over it.

>What was there to say? Except...

I'm sorry.

>He lets the mechanical arm go and pulls his arm closer to himself with another sigh. He leans on the rock and looks up at the fluffy clouds overhead, suddenly feeling very tired. A large puffy cloud hovers overhead, and if he stared hard enough, he could spy a moment of Appleslice poking his dreamself on the nose, waking himself up over and over again, reflected on the surface of the clouds.

Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556038

>The words seem to fall on death ears. The arm retreats back to Appleslice only to slide back into his harness. His body remained slumped over as it begins to jerk in place.

....You...You did nothing wrong.

>From his perspective he spoke the absolute truth. Stein played the game with efficiency and grace. His decisions, though at times devoid of compassion, were done in hopes of ending the game as quick as possible.

I...I was the reason for everything. If any other player had been here you would not have perished. If I were not here you would be able to be with Miss Marie again. If I......

>The words get caught in his throat. His breaths heavy as his shoulders tense up over and over as he tries to keep his emotions in check. And of course he was failing horribly at it. His foreleg lifts up to wipe the tears from his eyes.

.....I'm the one who should be sorry. Any other player would have made this session easier.

>Even with everything he had done to improve himself over the course of this game he couldn't help but compare himself to his betters. People stronger more experienced then him. A thought process which leads him to one more damnation to his name.

If not for me Ken would still be alive.

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File: 1557778320871.png (101.4 KB, 581x583, Stein_Busy With IRL issues.PNG)

>Stein listens quietly, and once Appleslice finishes he looks to the pony with lifted brows and offers a half-shrug.

Appleslice, none of anything that happened in this session is your fault. Do you remember what I said about the nature of this game?

>Maybe not, it had been a long time by now. Perhaps the Equestrian needed a refresher now that it had become muddled by time and a whole lot of things happening in between.

Sburb is a game where fate exists and determines what should and will happen for the sake of the game itself ending. Technically speaking nobody in any session can be blamed for the situation which is thrust upon them or their actions they take if it ultimately ensures the game will finish, if it's what is meant for the timeline to complete as Skaia designs it.

>The doctor turns his head and sweeps one of his long arms out in gesture to the rolling checkered hills dotted with the tiny black and white carapaces going at their games of war. Golden and violet ships floated through the turquoise sky, parting clouds high above in the atmosphere of the battlefield.

This is why this game is hell, Appleslice. It's an exercise in the futility of free will versus the uncompromising machinations of a power in control of everything around us. No matter what could have been, that's not what was designated, and therefore is unimportant to what happens next. You an I were meant to play this game and for whatever arbitrary reason the game has, it decided that events has to proceed as it did for us to reach this point where we sit around talking about it.

>He sighs and shakes his head.

I can understand why Lalonde at her age decided to try breaking the game. As pointless as it ultimately was for her to try raging against the nature of fate it was a conscious decision on her part, as is anyone who decides it's better to accept the dignity of death and nonexistence over the slavery of destiny. There's an individualistic nobility to the thought.

>He had considered it too, honestly, but his promise outweighed the necessity of it. The Heir would see that Appleslice successfully finish the game, he owed Wade that much at the very least.

But individualistic nobility doesn't let you see your father again. It doesn't make it so you can go home, grow old and have more adventures or have a family if you wanted it. That choice traps you as you are in an ever-changing world inhabited by the dead and dreaming. That's the fate of everyone here if the game doesn't go according to the will of Skaia.

Dixie!TRaItoRCe2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556051

File: 1557783464601.jpg (95.71 KB, 922x938, 4265.jpg)


But... Frank can't die.

>Casey says factually just as the roar of Grells chainsaw interrupts them. Casey hops up to her feet, gripping tightly to her CROOK OF FRAILTY. She is about to announce herself to the newcomers when Sophie takes care of the introductions for her. Realizing that these must be the rest of the group, Casey relaxes. They all look like they had a really hard time fighting on the other floors with how bloodied they were. Considering how well off Makalov and Sophie are, Casey assums that they must be the strongest in the group to get away without severe injury.

I am ready to help the hero of light and her friends fight Frank.


>As Dixie steps through the portal after everyone else, she is finds herself drooling at the sheer number of chewable bones scattered about the room. It was almost for than her intelligent mind could fight against as she starts sniffing about the room. Barely able to contain herself, she side glances the rest of the party, breathing a sigh of relief that Makalov and Sophie had managed to survive. Being, mostly ignored by the group, Dixie attempts to secretly gnaw on a stray bone while the others talk. Hoping that Clint of all people woulnd't see her.

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556054

>And so the group was once again reunited as one. Sucy steps through the portal and takes note of her new surroundings. Seems that the two had picked up a new companion along the way. Seemed the talking lizard was just as eager to get this over with as Sucy was. Which was good in her eyes.

>For a brief moment Sucy recalls her earlier suspicions. Looking to her side she would spot Dixie nawing on a bone for a moment before looking back to face the group. She begins to think perhaps she had been a bit too paranoid about the dog. Which still left her wondering why it was even here.

Lead the way Sailor Uranus.

>She says nudging Clint on the side while waiting for the group to get moving.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556055

File: 1557798683109.png (355.77 KB, 648x391, Grell_Hey Plushie.png)

>Explanations come readily though Grell can't help but smirk at Sophie's earnest and cheerful response mimicking her own initial greeting. The small yellow thing she supposed was duped by the necromancer they were after that the duo must have found while handling their own little mess. The reaper could tell that whatever it was, it wasn't much in the fleshy department. Dusty old bones wouldn't have done much against her chainsaw, Frank's methods of planning out his divide and conquer strategy had some strategic merit after all.

<"Uh...you doing okay? Looks like it was you who got maimed pretty bad."

>The reaper looks down at herself and clicks her tongue at the dismal sight that was her formerly meticulous appearance.

Ah yes, that. I'm afraid that one of our young witch associates and myself were zapped into this strange hospital room where three zombies were waiting for us. I wager the necromancer expected the big fellow to put up the most issue but it was one of the smaller ones that stuck me.

>She turns her head and gestures theatrically to Alice, the other small witch, with a bright smile.

Thankfully I was able to get patched up enough before I lost too much blood. I'd hardly be much help to you lot if I lost all of it!

>She wondered briefly if her good mood had something to do with the fact she was light on blood already. It was likely she was high off the sensation of lightheadedness, enough to make her unreasonably pleased and giggly.

>Said state is why she nearly splits into a giggling fit over seeing Clint's dog furtively slink aside with a bone clamped in her mouth. She wasn't sure what the importance of the dog was but the furball was good for a laugh at least. If Frank had any more skeletons perhaps they could sic Dixie on them next time!

>With Clint preoccupied with his arm situation, the reaper silences her chainsaw and sticks it back into the safety of her coat, hidden from sight and seemingly gone once a flap of fabric covers it. Grell rests her hands on her hips and briefly glances to Sophie once more. For a moment her humor seems to wane and she gazes at the purple haired girl with a steady stare.


>How curious it was, this girl and her soul. Grell had expected the young girl's soul but what she sensed when she walked in the Aether was odd to say the least. Unnatural. It wasn't her business to pry but what was she?

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File: 1557807391989.jpg (23.05 KB, 312x312, Rotan Riftguard HQ.jpg)

>Progress in Rotan following its cataclysmic event left the remaining few of the lonely headquarters isolated and partially destroyed by the aftermath of the SSS class event. With monetary funds provided from Captain Strider of the original branch the building had bounced back considerably from its decimated form. Windows were replaced, pipes to underground wells dug and properly reattached to a nearby pumping station, and a modest but functional septic tank alleviated the immediate modern issues of the building. The Headquarters already was free from any power grid thanks to solar cells on the rooftop, a blessing for the seven who made the isolated outpost their new home. Food was more an issue with bi-monthly shipments flown in from the port. Roads were still an impossible dream at the moment, as most infrastructure work was done to connect the port to the booming new city located in the former Allied Reeve Citystates.

>There were political murmurs already that passed through the gossip grapevine that were the workers from the port town of New Belfast. A triumvirate of wealthy individuals spearheaded the growth of the devastated nation, paying out of pocket the funds needed to build new oil derricks to once again pump the precious fluid for sale to places like Lancia de Pace or Po-Koro. Housing for construction crews and returning natives found a place in Phoen, the proclaimed 'city of rebirth' and new capital of the declared 'Allied Rotan Collective'.

>There was no big surprise that of the three patrons of this rebirth two were Reeve, and the name more reflective of the Reeve's old term for their region. There was also likely no missing the sign that while Pheon was built on the geographical border of Rotan and the Reeve citystates it was aggressively pushing for political dominance in the region, soaking up most resources and individual interest compared to the desolate position Rotan's Riftguard HQ sat in, which at one time was the prosperous capital of a proud country. The land was still dangerous and riddled with sinkholes that could kill if one wasn't careful when walking through the turbulent plains or churned hills. While the Riftguard was useful to protecting and monitoring the region, none were willing to shell the money just yet to fix the road or develop the broken area of the vanished city. The depths of the former catacombs, crypts, underground sewage, and ancient dungeons had cored the land and left unstable holes in their wake. With a city as old as the former capital, the place was nothing less of a minefield to travel. Inspectors and land surveyors all would woefully say the same thing: it would take years and incredible amounts of cash to develop the land again to be safe and usable by any populace.

>There was also, of course, the destabilized nature of the rifts following the SSS event. Rifts, which once had not been too common in Rotan, now frequently popped up. None were of the same devastating power as what caused the calamity to the nation, most just enough to open portals to other worlds for upwards of one week before shutting closed. These rifts deposited flora, fauna, and even the occasional piece of junk from another universe dumped unceremoniously at the bottom of a pit or the top of a mountain.

>It's here at the top of a mountain nearby the old capital of Rotan that the new captain of the branch, Althalos Byrnwyn, examines a peculiar statue sticking out of the ground. It appeared to be some kind of dragon's head with tall sloping horns pointed up to the sky in a dual prong. The statue reached to the sky triumphantly, with wings akimbo and talons yearning for the sun.

>He hums to himself and walks around, scratching his stubbled chin as he examines the statue. A language he didn't recognize was written at the base, and devices used to detect rift energy suggested the thing was incredibly magical. A rift had opened and closed on this spot with incredible swiftness, yet all that seemed to be deposited was the strange statue.

Looks like some more out-of-world junk. Rift already closed up too...

Solaire of Astora!SunO73XMtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556057

File: 1557809704453.png (29.8 KB, 228x204, 1375401460509.png)

Is there anything unusual about the statue?

>Solaire would ask. He still had trouble operating and reading the advance devices of the Riftguard. He would approach the statue, studying the dragon. It was far "safer" for Solaire than Althalos. If it was dangerous, Solaire was more disposable. He could return from death. He'd still proceed cautiously, it still hurt to die. And to not scare any members of the Riftguard here a second time.

MokouCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556058

File: 1557809721084.jpg (145.63 KB, 850x1322, 9e08deddec57357a1a99de94b46a29…)


>Letting out a breath as the teleportation took effect. A feeling she'd been exposed to before in similar fashions but, this one seeming more warm.

>Blinking twice as she looked around, now seeing the fine interior of the manor.

>Looking over and nodding with Yuno.

"Yeah.. ya aren't fine I'd say.. get em to a rack to rest."
>Looking to Sas with a assurance that he would know where to go and take him. Still holding Yuno somewhat close to her side. Her look going back to looking around at the surroundings.

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556059

File: 1557810496131.jpg (239.69 KB, 610x457, statue.jpg)

>The man shakes his head and steps back to appraise the statue. It was a well-made thing, certainly, though he thought there was something about the way the dragon smirked on the statue that seemed offputting in general. The grass near the base of the obelisk the statue perched on was dead, encroaching only a meter away before faded brown turned to lush green.

Not that I can tell. It's magical, sure, but that could be from anything. Could be anti-tarnish spells to keep it looking like new. It could even be something like keeping that gold nugget floating between the prongs of the horns...

>Still, the thing just seemed to be a statue and nothing immediately was amiss about it. Althalos gazes at the green form for a long while and after a long pause he sighs quietly.

Reminds me of the old dragons in a way. Rotan used to have them, you know. Fighting a dragon was a rite of passage, proved how good of a warrior you were if you could get one to yield to you. Rotan dragons aren't Valorcall but they used to have a bite to them...

>The fact no Rotan dragons existed on Rigel Prima was a massive shame. Surveyors from New Northumbria had come to catalogue and look for any species that could survive the incident, but sadly it seemed that just like Mo'Gal and Kameria every living creature had up and vanished. And species living in the countries that had not spread out from their homelands were gone forever now, with hundreds of species filling extinction declarations in official published research conducted by esteemed professors of Houndsridge and Foxcliff universities.

Damn shame...

Solaire of Astora!SunO73XMtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556060

>Solaire would nod in agreement.

But at least they live on in some other world.

>He'd say, trying to be positive and look on the brighter side. He'd walk right up to the statue.

Is there anything about this grass?

>He'd say, looking up at the statue. There were plenty of reasons for the grass to be brown. Killed by the rift, killed by the statue, or just transplanted from where the statue came from.

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556061

>The captain of the Rotan branch approaches and looks at the spot Solaire mentioned. The grass was brittle and dry, almost as if it had been dead for quite a long time. The grass meanwhile forming the corona around the statue was lively and bright green from the ample sun and rain it gained. He looks to the base of the statue and hums in the back of his throat.

The land isn't displaced but that isn't completely uncommon either. This grass could be from the world this statue came from and was replaced by the rift that opened up and closed here.

>Rifts didn't always kill grass, sometimes the tears came and went with nothing marring the area around it. Sometimes, however, the rifts could open to places that could have a caustic atmosphere, or allow acids or other corrosive mystery liquids to seep into their world.

>This didn't appear to be either, which narrowed their options down.

Either the grass is off world or this statue could have some kind of negative magical energy that caused it to wither. Either way it's impossible to tell just by looking at it.

>Althalos folds his arms and looks up to the dragon again with a low sigh.

We might have to call the eggheads out again for a survey with something like this here. Could be dangerous if it is a life-force sapper or some kind of corruption generator.

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File: 1557812996522.jpg (275.86 KB, 480x679, tumblr_ntdswi5EbN1uy4xxuo2_500…)

>Solaire would hum as well, then would turn to face Althalos.

I could save them the trip.

>Solaire would offer, holding out one hand ready to touch the statue to indicate what he was purposing.

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556063

>By now Solaire's notorious persistence wasn't unknown to the Rotan Riftguard, though the captain of it still frowns as the knight reaches for the obelisk.

Solaire, I know you're eager, but this is a magical construct. You want to risk taking chances with unknown magic here? It could-

>Before Althalos could finish his sentence the words at the base of the statue shiver. The runes, carved in stone, glide like oil on water and reform from Solaire's proximity, this time solidifying into a language he could read.

<Hail the God-Pharaoh. May his reign be eternal and his dominion encompass all known worlds.

>There was no name accompanied with the statement, though Solaire would find himself feeling unusually tired holding his hand so close to the statue, as if his energy were waning by being in such close proximity to it.

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556064

File: 1557817178105.png (353.22 KB, 657x568, What you need is some moxie.pn…)

"Oh, right"
>With a flick of her wand a small portal opened up nearby him.

"For sanitation reasons I really do not feel like touching it, so feel free to reach in for it. It's suspended in space so there's nothing else in there. To my knowledge anyway"

>Alice soon came through the portal with Grell
<Oh good, the rest of the group.
>She rolls her eyes as she decides to start looking for injuries.

<Dammit... I didn't sign up for this to be a damn medic...

>She nods politely from the compliment.
"Though I am now low on mana because of it, so please, unless it is grave I do not have any more healing magic to spare.

>She said as a disclaimer, hoping they would buy it and make someone else the healer.
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Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556065

>The words sound familiar. In everything he had forgotten the exact words but the nature of the game rings true. All that had happened was supposed to happen. Everything the five had done or not done had been the will of some unseen force driving them to their ultimate conclusion.

...What if I refuse?

>Maybe it was youthful rebellion. Maybe it was something he learned along the way, from who one could only guess. Or maybe it was the accumulation of all the negative emotion building inside of him that caused his next words.

What if Fate deserves a swift punch to the dick?

>As he turns to his side two of his arms come out and plant themselves on the ground. The continue to extend, lifting him up until his face was level with Stein's.

This entire scenario is preposterous. You have performed most of the necessary deeds to progress us to this state. Why should you of all people be denied the one prize you have sought since the beginning? It.....

>He stops for a second. His body hunching over as the adrenaline wears of. His arms bending to make it seem as though he was floating backwards from Stein until coming to a halt just a couple feet away.

....It is not equitable.

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File: 1557819266430.png (20.73 KB, 276x205, 2.png)

>Clint gave a small sigh as he reaches into the portal and feels around a bit for his arm. The fear of the portal closing around his arm and cutting it off again did pop up, but Alice didn't seem like the type to just do that for a joke. Clint pulls out the severed arm, and for a moment stares at it and then back at his shoulder where it was one attached. it was a bit ...discomforting holding your arm like this. Especially given the fact that it was still warm. Seeing things like this wans't something that could shake Clint to his bones, but this was certainly something that was going to bother him for some time.

...is your magic going to keep it.....okay?

>Clint wondered if the magic would stop any decomposing of the arm and sort of act as if it were on ice. That'd probably be hoping for too much. Still. Clint would do his best to hold the arm as he removed the metallic forearm/arm from it. Now holding essentially the elbow and bicep, Clint looked at it once more, giving a sigh, before throwing it back through the portal before Alice could close it. Taking a long breath through his nose, Clint held the red metallic forearm and pressed buttons on the number pad as best he could. While he did this he looked over the group, now united once again, and specifically towards Sophie. She seemed okay, better than him and Grell at least.

We got pretty lucky then, eh? I wouldn't hold it against Frank to teleport us around again, so next time that happens, you think you can help us regroup asap Grell?

>Clint asked Grell, turning to face her. That portal opening trick was quite useful. Clint turned to Casey as she and Sophie mentioned helping in the fight with Frank, and nodded his head.

...Good, if you're going to help us, then maybe you know of a way we can head straight to Frank?

>While Clint spoke, he pulled out several items from the robotic hand of his. A pistol, ammo, three bottles of water with grenades duck-taped to them? And pants. Clint pulled the pants over his legs and tightened his belt, then ripped the sailor uniform off his body, rather to go bare chested then with that outfit on. He turned to speak again, to Grell that is.

I'm guessing Grell, that you won't beable to open a portal right to Frank?

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556067

File: 1557820526821.png (335.04 KB, 606x564, Gonna Thanos you out of exista…)

>Alice was rather mean-spirited when it came to her sense of humor, but she wasn't cruel just for the sake of it.

"It is suspended in between planes of existence, almost like purgatory in a way. While there it is frozen in time, so it can literally sit there indefinitely and it would be like it was never there at all."

"Ice can eat its heart out"

>With a snap of a finger, Clint was now in a chicken outfit.

"Please... There are children about Clint, be decent."

>She said while pointing at Sophie
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File: 1557854175089.png (16.15 KB, 182x291, comic488_zpskuzxtiqn.1.png)


>When Clint saw Alice snap her fingers, he looks down at himself already assuming that he was now wearing something else. Seemed to be the case! Clint though, looked up at Alice, completely furious. He marches forward towards ALice, grabs her by the scruff of her shirt and pulls her close while crotching down

I already told you I don't have time to fool around, Alice.. Now either change my clothes back NOW! Or get the FUCK Out of here!

Solaire of Astora!SunO73XMtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556072

>Solaire would recoil away from the statue as it shivered. He would stumble as he did so, unable to keep his balance from the drain on himself. He'd land on his butt, back outside the area of dead grass. He'd notice the changed words on the base of the statue. That didn't inspire good feelings.

Well I can confirm it has some sort of draining effect.

>Solaire would remove his gauntlet to see if it had

physically affected his hand.

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556080

>Solaire would find the statue's magic didn't appear to leave any mark. Althalos starts forward with a jolt and offers to help the fallen knight up off the grass. He clicks his tongue in annoyance at the man.

Gods sake, Solaire! One of these days you're going to bother the wrong thing, mark my words...

>The text on the statue's obelisk remains a few moments longer but already the words on the carved stone were starting to shiver and muddle towards indecipherable scrawlings of an unknown language. When the captain of the Rotan Riftguard glances at the statue he sees the strange activity of the words but no longer what they had said.

The distance for it must not be too large, but a draining magic? Odd for a statue...perhaps this damnable thing was cursed by somebody?

>It certainly looked like a cursed object. Althalos frowns at the leering dragon's face in particular.

We'll mark this as 'potentially troublesome' for now. At least its range isn't too big, and being so high and away up here it should be fine...remind me to call in to Foxcliff later for a magical inspection intern to take a look at this. With any luck they can break whatever curse is on this and we can do what we like with it.

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File: 1557881120625.gif (18.73 KB, 105x105, tumblr_m3wff40zQn1rnao6x.gif)

>Makalov's various concerns seem to mainly just elicit an oddly confused look from the girl in question...as if she's unsure which of the things she should respond to first.

>With Casey answering one of the things she moves onto the next most relevant seeming thing that was said instead.

<"In either case, you got pretty banged up, you should rest a bit while I stand guard and-"

"I am in perfect condition, so resting is unnecessary. Especially now that everyone else is here."

>Speaking of "Everyone else"...it would seem that Grell and one of the witches were together, though she didn't make it clear whether it was the one with one visible eye or the one with the strange energy coming from her.

>Which is rather troublesome...though apparently that one did heal the "pretty" woman a bit at least so maybe she's not too far gone yet?

>The red haired woman seems to be staring at her for some reason though, which is a bit confusing. Also very strange, since she doesn't remember saying anything odd, nor is there anything she can think of that she's forgotten to do.

<"Though I am now low on mana because of it, so please, unless it is grave I do not have any more healing magic to spare."

>The witch...who may or may not be under the influence of dark forces, provides a potential clue to the cause of the woman in red's strange behavior.

"Are you...okay, Grell? Your condition seems stable but if you're still injured in some way I should be able to heal you."

>Speaking of...Clint is doing rather well for his arm being no longer attached to the rest of him...as with Grell he seems stable at least...though him being in multiple pieces is very concerning.

>Maybe Mom can fix him later? As long as he doesn't get killed before they can get back at least.

<"Please... There are children about Clint, be decent."

>Children is plural so why is she the only one being pointed at.

>Also Clint is angry for some reason. Is there something wrong with the things he is suddenly wearing? Is Alice changing the things somehow?

>It seems like Clint is unaware of any reason Alice might be acting strangely, but if this isn't actually still Alice, questioning her might just put everyone in more danger than just random outfit changes.

>Hopefully things just calm down, since they have more important things to deal with still. Maybe Grell can talk sense into them...if she's not too hurt.

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File: 1557885279402.jpg (124.1 KB, 850x608, __alice_margatroid_and_kirisam…)

<Magic, that's how.

>The girl's smirk widens a bit, remembering times she's used that explanation herself, either to keep one of her spells a secret or avoid admitting that she's run into magic she doesn't actually understand.

>In this case, it seems like it's probably the second of the two options, unless he made that feather himself. It's definitely flashier than those strange tablets the ponies had, but probably works on similar principles. Less disorienting too even if the lightshow was a bit blinding.

>This Tsuna guy seems to be keeping up the bravado even now...or maybe he just doesn't like relying on others.

>Stating the obvious will probably just start things up again even if he's in no condition to argue though, so it'd be a lot less annoying to just ignore him for now.

>Especially with Yuno taking care of it already of it already. No sense dealing with something that's just a pain if someone else has it handled and there's no profit to be made.

>Besides, Marco is offering a rather entertaining comeback, so she'd rather deal with that instead.

"Well, I wouldn't know really, since I don't do most of my drinking at tables to begin with. Most festivals tend to be outdoors after all."

>If the taunt was meant to rattle her, it really seems like it hasn't, with the way she keeps smirking back at the tome.

"Well, you're right about one thing though, its a waste to just chug the good stuff down as quickly as possible after all. Though I guess the finer points of drinking would be lost on someone without a sense of taste."

>Or the way she continues into a discussion of proper drinking etiquette like she's dealing with a total lightweight for that matter as well, flashing that smirk that skirts the line between being possible to find charming or completely infuriating the whole time.

"Well, the real loser is the one who passes out first anyways, so only an idiot would think they'd win by drinking quicker anyways. It' more fun to spread it out all day than to miss out on all but the first few minutes."

>Wow, Mou is really hanging off Yuno isn't she. Whether he's just that tired or there's something else up, it seems pretty shameless either way. Especially since they haven't even gotten around to drinking yet.

"You ain't gonna pass out on us as well, are you Mou? Unless you have some other reason for leaning against someone so much, that is."

>The magician comments playfully as the other girls look around.

Solaire of Astora!SunO73XMtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556090

File: 1557887360124.png (32.49 KB, 104x242, Small Standing.png)

>Solaire would take the offered hand.

I hadn't expected it to be an aura around it.

>He'd say once standing.

But I'll try to be more careful.

>He'd look back at the statue.

And not completely odd. It did translate the text on the bottom after draining me. It is some God-Pharaoh. Certainly an inefficient and troublesome way to let others know who he is though.
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>Althalos continues to frown and removes a device from his knapsack. He backs up a few steps and takes a few pictures of the statue, walking around it for different angles, and when he's finished he returns to Solaire and tucks the device back into his pack.

'God-Pharaoh' is a pompous title, isn't it? That dragon must have the ego the size of a planet to take up a mantle like that one. Or his worshipers do, whoever made this thing...

>He casts one last wary glance at the statue's ornately carved centerpiece, the triumphant and smirking dragon reaching as if to grasp the sun above. The man stares contemplatively at the statue and after a long moment waves for Solaire to follow him down the path they took to trek up.

Might as well head back down, we've done everything here so far. We'll head back to base, see if Bev or Jess has dinner up by the time we get back.

>The statue, no longer with anyone close enough to it to drain, sits placidly in place. It's a splendid looking thing in the sunlight, if not for the malicious draining magic it could make for a nice decoration fit for a fancy plaza or building. Althalos puts it behind him. At least with nobody occupying this part of Rotan neither of them had to worry too much over any misfortunes regarding the mysterious sculpture.

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556094

File: 1557900876663.gif (2.86 MB, 640x360, NextMeanJumpingbean-size_restr…)


>She only smirked in return, the weight of her in his hands soon vanishing to nothing as she turned to ash before him. The witch snickering from behind.

"Now now now~ No need for violence Clint, all in harmless fun, no?"

>She said, snapping her fingers returning him to his original attire with the exception of the chicken hat. Once his clothing was fixed, she moved on to explore the room for some clues, after all she'd have to show some usefulness for all her fucking around.
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Makalov!LAZY/18DJ.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556095

File: 1557915295313.jpg (106.4 KB, 500x551, uh...me or whazt.jpg)

>Grell's explanation for her state was rather strange, almost unnerving. First the dark portals she was able to summon, her terrifying weapon and teeth like knives...now this strange quip about her blood.

<I think all of us would be pretty useless if we lost all our blood. Cause we'd be dead...right?

>Something was seriously amiss with this woman, what was she? She wasn't just a mage was she? Makalov would really rather not know if he was being honest with himself.

"Right...good thing you didn't lose all your blood and die!"

>The knight sort of awkwardly kneaded the back of his neck.

"At least we're all back together. Just, let me take the frontlines, you're already pretty beaten up you know? Don't want this Frank guy gaining more soldiers when some of us are falling."

>He would pat his massive shield as if to prove his point, it does seem like he could take quite a bit of a beating still.


>The sort of pleasant talk he was engaged in with Grell made him miss the confrontation that was brewing, one of the little witches, the less creepy animal looking one kept screwing around with Clint for some reason.

>Makalov sighed, still stood next to Grell he muttered.

"Why did we have to bring children..."

>This really was no time for pranks. Smacking the tip of his shield on the ground the Knight produced quite a bit of noise, trying to get everyone's attention.


"Guys, c'mon! Where do you think we are? We're in the lair of some insane necromancer who's out to kill us all, pull yourself together already, we gotta think about where to go next!"

>The knight seriously surprised himself, when did he get so responsible and level headed? Could it be that all his experience fighting in wars helped him become a better person? Being a Crimean Royal Knight did taugh him some discipline wether he wanted to or not, it certainly was different than the usual ragtag group of mercenaries or bandit clans he used to fight for.

Dixie!TRaItoRCe2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556100

File: 1557944492861.jpg (87.37 KB, 784x836, 1394.jpg)


>The moment Clint shouts, Dixie's head whips around to glare at him, dropping her bone on the floor.

< CLINT! Calm yourself I will MAKE you calm yourself!

>Though she had never tried to do anything like that before, she was prepared to try if the situation came down to it. The last thing they needed now was infighting before fighting Frank. Especially if it's against Clint. Can't have people arguing with the "leader" after all. He was lucky this time that Alice just brushed it off the way she did. Though she did wonder to herself, just what came over Alice to make her so irritable? She seemed stable enough before.


>Casey stares up at Grell with shimmering eyes.

Wow. You beat Mister X?

>She glances back to Sophie in awe.

You have really really strong friends. I thought they all just ran away.

>Caseys attention is quickly redirected with the clanging of Makalovs shield.

But we know where we are supposed to go.

>Casey points towards the only doorway visible. Realizing that she likely needed to repeat herself for the rest of the group, she turns to face the group again and summons a skeleton under her feet to lift her up to eye level. At least eye level to most who were present.

Franks sanctuary is that way. He keeps all his strongest soldiers in there. And all his stuff. He's gonna be really mad when he finds out you guys killed his favorites... except for me because, i didn't die. But he might be madder that I didn't.

>Dixie glances at the young yellow...thing. She was a Necromancer too? How in the world could those two really believe that she would help them? Surely this must be a trap, there is no way that one of Franks own would turn on him so easily. After a quick scan of Casey's mind, Dixie is shocked to find that the little salamander was completely sincere and very young. Along with many other curious memories. Without thinking, Dixie would continue to stare at Casey, completely engrossed in the unusual history of this strange little creature.

R34!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556101

File: 1557944809634.jpg (110.78 KB, 832x960, 4e5dadde7ffdac1f57e36f5cdebd28…)

>R34 had lost almost all sense of time, how long had she and her siblings been held in that warehouse? A day? Two days? She couldn't tell even if her life depended on it. So far the Aquarians had simply left them be and didn't dare approach safe for that one very irritating woman with her awful pet and that enormous brute with the pea-brain.

>In the far back, darkest corner the changelings had built themselves a little temporary shelter, strange green resin-like blobs acted as cushions while delivering some much needed shade. While Changelings had no real aversion to sunlight they much prefered the snug confines of the dark, perhaps because of their hivemind sight wasn't needed as much. It was a very comforting feeling to be able to navigate one's home without even thinking about it.

>Yet time was running short, being cut off from the Queen's hivemind meant that they were basically stranded without a steady energy supply and slowly but surely what little energy everyone had left was waning constantly. R34 had done her best to conserve her own strength for as long as possible and while she would be able to make something quite big happen it would need to happen at the right moment, otherwise she, the leader would be left stranded, spelling doom for all the lings under her control.

"Still no sign of betterment?"

>R34 asked an Payprius, vocally of course much to her annoyance, as she leaned over the uneasy resting form of AW1 the other Intelligentsia of the group. He was laying on one of those green blob cushions with his eyes closed.

"He is still now but won't say anything. We do not know what goes on in his mind still, R34."

>She shook her head, sighing.

"We can't leave him behind under no circumstance, damn those humans...We need all the Intelligentsias we can get."

>Another Papyrius chipped in, causing quite a bit of a murmur amongst the odd dozen of changelings of varying sizes, the largest of which was R34.

"At ease my siblings. Do not waste energy getting upset and angry at those humans. Currently we're at their mercy. Trust in the plan."

>And what a plan it was, if everyone had been able to communicate properly there'd be little to no problem, how do humans do it? Communicate verbally 100% of the time? It was such a waste and takes way too much time.

>Whatever the case may be, they had to wait still. Wait what the humans' plan was, wait for the right opportunity to flee, wait for AW1 to recover.

>Wait for a better tommorow.

Doobie the Warrior HamsterCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556102

File: 1557946346346.png (607.71 KB, 859x933, Untitled2211.png)


>It had been a frustrating couple of days for Doobie. The young filly was utterly distraught about her missing father and her mothers mental condition. With nothing more that he could do, Doobie was left to wander the streets of Aquarius and return to check on the young filly every so often. It would take time for her to adjust to her new unfortunate circumstances. In the meantime, Doobie had other matters he needed to attend to. Supposedly, Equestria would be sending representatives to Aquarius soon to provide safe transportation away from here where the filly and her mother could be properly treated by their own species. Though Doobie was concerned that the same could not be guaranteed for the Changelings. Not that he would suspect anything foul on the part of the Equestrians, but more so on the restlessness of the Changelings themselves. Should they try to escape or attempt something drastic, it would spell disaster for what could be a new age for changeling kind. It was time to pay them a visit. Cheerful as ever, Doobie enters the warehouse and scans the room for the dark corner where the Changelings reside.

Greetings Changeling friends! Fear not, it is Doobie, come to pay all of you a visit!

R34!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556103

File: 1557946861765.png (290.95 KB, 654x1222, young_changeling_by_banshee42r…)

>Finding not much else to do R34 soon returned to keeping a close eye on the guards outside, until she suddenly heard.

<Fear not, it is Doobie, come to pay all of you a visit!

>The brave little hamster's voice echoes through the warehouse. Raising a wing to immediately calm the threatening murmur and basically telling her siblings to be quiet R34 got to thinking.

<This Hamster...He was the one who cut us off in the first place yet he acts like he is everyone's ally...It could prove useful.

>A smile soon spread over R34's face as she stepped out of the dark corner, standing tall and proud as she looked down at Doobie with a neutral expression.

"A visitor at a time like this? What could possibly lead you here, rodent?"

>Her voice wasn't a mocking one, moreso she was genuinely curious what he could possibly want, currently blocking his sight to the makeshift changeling lair.

Doobie the Warrior HamsterCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556104

File: 1557947157297.png (555.53 KB, 863x988, Untitled2.png)


>Unintimidated by the Changeling, Doobie continues to smile brightly.

Doobie just wanted to check up on everyone, see how things were going.

>Leaning to the side, Doobie briefly examines the other Changelings and the makeshift... nest?

Doobie sees you are making yourself at home. Or at least the best you can in a place like this. Hopefully soon you will all be free of this warehouse and moved to a more comfortable place. One where all of you can begin to adjust to your new lives free of the Queens direct control.

R34!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556105

File: 1557947649657.gif (389.86 KB, 902x508, full.gif)

>Doobie is able to peer around R34's form, spotting several hole-y green globes and at least six pair of glowing blue eyes staring right his way, his every move was being observed from the dark, for what purposes? It was hard to tell but it wasn't outright hostile or malicious.

"Hmm, is that what you think will happen to us?"

>R34 tilted her head slightly, seemingly asking out of genuine curiosity.

"That would surely be...preferable but you should not delude yourself, rodent."

>With a sigh the larger changeling let her head hang low.

"I am afraid our future will look none too bright spent in the deepest depths of a dungeon where we are to be forgotten and die quietly."

>It seems like the changeling was more or less resigned to such a fate by the looks of it.
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File: 1557949627146.png (578.46 KB, 864x1192, 26072.png)


Nonsense! Doobie will not allow it. Once the Equestrians see that you are all free from the Queens control and are changed... changelings, they will treat you different. Doobie has always known the Equestrians to be forgiving of those who wish to change for the better!

>He says reassuringly sincerely believing all that he said.

Doobie will do everything possible to make sure that you are all safe and free from a dungeon.

R34!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556107

File: 1557950536349.jpg (110.51 KB, 811x812, my-little-pony-фэндомы-mlp-art…)


"Changed Changelings you say?"

>This was exactly what she needed to hear, now it was time to try and convince the hamster.

"You may be more right than you think you are, just not in the way you believe."

>Turning her backside to Doobie R34 would look over her shoulder, down at him.

"Follow me, I wish to show you our future."

>The larger changeling would lead the hamster deeper into the warehouse, right toward the dark and murky corner where the numerous changeling eyes were watching the situation with great intent. Passing the green slime-y pillows Doobie would find them rather comfortable almost akin to a sack of rice only more squishy and warm.

"This is AW1, an Intelligentsia like myself. He is still young and in a critical development phase where much of his capabilities would usually bloom."

>Way, way up on green, slimey bed lays the form of AW1, a smaller changeling with a green mane similar to R34, he was currently simply laying there, unresponsive and almost catatonic.

"What do you suppose ails him?"

>Should Doobie choose to follow he can see the other changelings all back away, giving R34 and him all the space they would need.

Doobie the Warrior HamsterCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556108

File: 1557956834745.png (654 KB, 972x1280, shns.png)


>Doobie follows R34 with great interest, further examining the unusual green blobs that decorated the corner. Supposing these to be beds of some sort, he thinks nothing more of them.


>As they arrive at AW1, Doobie hops along to get a closer look at the unconscious Changeling.

Doobie is not sure.

>He removes his sword from it's sheath and waves it over AW1.

They are healthy enough...

>Returning his sword to it's place, Doobie thinks over what he had seen this Changeling exposed to before.

Maybe damage to the mind?

R34!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556109

File: 1557957742890.png (187.13 KB, 811x877, AW1.png)


"This young Intelligentsia had his mind shattered, invaded by force when it wasn't even done forming yet."

>R34 began to walk around the 'bed' the young changeling laid upon, now looking down at Doobie.

"As he was already in a delicate state, having been cut loose from the Queen's hivemind what little strength he had formed on his own was violently ripped apart by the humans. He is a changed changeling."

>She placed a hoof on the bed her brother laid on.

"He is dying, rodent."

>The changeling stated simply, almost matter of factly as she continued to stare down at Doobie. AW1 in the meantime weakly opened his eyes, unfocused and without much purpose, he simply heard a lot of noise and it disturbed him.

"And you are our only hope."

Doobie the Warrior HamsterCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556110

File: 1557958361138.png (578.46 KB, 864x1192, 26072.png)


>This was serious. Was this changeling seriously dying because it had been cut off from the Queen? That didn't seem right.

< "what little strength he had formed on his own was violently ripped apart by the humans"

The humans did this?

>As much as Doobie wanted to think only the best of the strange citizens of Aquarius, their reputation preceded them. however, he did not recall ever witnessing any of the humans having some kind of mind altering abilities. Then again, an outsider wouldn't really be able to recognize mind based powers very easily. With a hum, Doobie scurries closer to AW1's head and gives them a gentle pat to try and reassure them in their state.

What can Doobie do to help?

R34!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556111

File: 1557959376742.jpg (69.47 KB, 800x849, my-little-pony-фэндомы-mlp-art…)

>R34 nodded firmly at Doobie's first question.

"Indeed they did. One of them calling himself Jack possessed a great power over minds. He took control of three of my siblings and made them do his bidding, he tried to take ahold of me as well but I managed to resist the effect."

>She pointed down at the weak AW1 who seemed to not at all be there, it was very hard to believe that this was all an act, not even a changeling could pretend to this extent.

"This is what he has done to AW1, this is what they plan to do with us all."

<What can Doobie do to help?

>Excellent, just where she wanted him, fussing over the little AW1 he would be easily coerced into the plan.

"We are all slowly dying, rodent. Without a stable food supply and nest we will soon starve and wither away."

>She would gesture behind her, where around a dozen pair of blue eyes were watching the two, each belonging to an individual changeling.

"We cannot stay here, we cannot rely on the Equestrian's mercy. My kind and them have been bitter enemies for as long as I can remember, constant warfare and fights plague our pasts with each other."

>R34 let out an angered snort.

"And it seems that these humans are just the same, enraptured in their own self righteousness and power, resenting that which they do not understand."

>She closed her eyes, shaking her head.

"I can save AW1 if given enough time and peace, repairing a mind is a very delicate process spanning months, perhaps even years and requires constant care. I cannot attempt such a risky procedure here, with these hostile minds around and I cannot afford to lose more time with pointless diplomacy. We need to act now, rodent."

>There was a little pause in her tirade before finally adding.


Doobie the Warrior HamsterCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556112

File: 1557961115013.png (619.03 KB, 948x1108, 26054.png)


>There it was, exactly what he had feared. Seems his gut feeling was right, they were planning to escape, but what she spoke did make sense. Jack did have an unusual aura about him beyond his imposing physic.

Doobie is not good at diplomacy, only at being a great warrior. But Doobie still believes you would all have a better chance with the Equstrians than you ever would here or even out on your own. Doobie knows that the changelings and Equestrians have their differences and bad history, but maybe that is clouding your judgement too. The Equestrians would not be so cruel as to imprison and starve you to death when you have done no wrong to them just because you're Changelings.

>In his days spent in Aquarius, Doobie had spent his time inbetween his visits to the filly looking up whatever information he could on Changelings. Though the information was scarce, he knew that it was likely the Equstrians would be highly suspicious of the Changelings.

Doobie sees you, all of you, as innocent of any crimes. You were all under the dark influence of your corrupt Queen and had no free will. If Doobie explains this to the Equestrians, Doobie is sure that they will understand.

R34!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556113

File: 1557962615583.png (2.16 MB, 1446x1764, my-little-pony-фэндомы-pridark…)

>There was a brief flash of anger in R34's eyes as Doobie spoke ill of her queen, but she knew better as to act on temper, able to keep herself in check. Though it was immensely infuriating to hear such fallacies.

"Do you honestly believe that any of them will listen? I have personally spoken to the woman leader of Aquarius and she is an awful cold woman commanding her army of thugs without an ounce of compassion."

>R34 pointed right toward the door, outside of which the guards were positioned.

"Do you believe that prisoners of war should be trapped in a cold, dark warehouse while threatened with weapons and barely restrained hate thrown our way?"

>That very same hoof now began to pound against her chest.

"I can sense the emotions other living beings, all of my brothers and sisters can, it's what we subside off of. And not one, not a one of these humans has felt nothing but hatred for us."

>R34 bared her teeth, snarling.

"Hatred is like poison to my kind, it saps our energy, weakens us, this is why we disguise ourselves why we are no ruthless killers or conquerors like the Humans and Equestrians."


>That hoof went right to the ground, punctuating her rant.

"Even being in this very room feels akin to slowly being burned alive, Rodent. We are dying and need to take what little chance of survival we have."

>Now looking Doobie's way once more she continued.

"I do not wish to start a war with Aquarius and the Equestrians, the only thing I desire is for my brothers and sisters to survive, for AW1 to recover. However slim it may be a successful escape it our only shot at this."

"And then, once we have stabilized, once AW1 has recovered, then negotiations would be...possible. Do you not agree?"

Doobie the Warrior HamsterCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556114

File: 1557966520384.png (1.23 MB, 1408x1628, 26052.png)


>Doobie does not answer right away, instead placing his paws on his hips and looking into each of the staring eyes. Every brief glance would almost seem soul piercing as he thought over R34's words.

To sense emotions isn't unique to Changelings alone. Negative feelings can effect everyone. Wordless communication between all living being on this beautiful world is not something that can be taught in a school or learned in a book. It is natural.

>He turns to face R34, staring deep into her eyes. His next words are spoken with clear pronunciation and sincere intent. The words flow from his mouth rhythmically, memorized words by heart.

Life is an echo.
What you send out, comes back
what you sow, you reap
what you give, you get

>He continues with more emphasis on his words.

what you see in others, exists in you
do not judge, so you will not be judged
radiate and give love, and love comes back to you!

You say you sense emotion, that you feed off of positive ones, yet fail to display them yourself. You talk about the opinions of beings who you hardly know or have never met. Fully prepared to throw all sentience off to the side as though the whole world was out to destroy you.

>The warrior hamster sighs.

Can you not see this is an opportunity to change how changelings are perceived. If you want to be treated differently, then treat others differently. Those emotions that you feed off of? Display them! Share them! Embrace them! The citizens of Aquarius may be cold, but even they have shown compassion on your people. You know the capabilities of just one human who did this damage to AW1, could they not have sent more to utterly decimate your numbers? Could the Captain not have easily disintegrated countless more with his ships weapons? Could not I, a lone warrior, have left you in the woods, frightened and alone?

The Equestrians are known for their gentle nature. Their Honesty, Generosity, Laughter, Loyalty, Kindness, and the Magic of Friendship. These are all at the core of their ideals, their history, their government, their legends, the very essence of what has allowed them to survive in an unforgiving world. If there was any place on this planet that a changeling could truly find peace, wouldn't it be there?

>Doobie rests one paw on the hilt of his blade, tapping on it to draw attention.

Doobie's blade can only cleanse a soul of evil influence, it cannot change a mind. If Doobie were to help you escape, you would be doomed to fall back into old habits, with little chance of longterm survival. Doobie cannot allow this. Doobie cares for each and every one of you. From D20, to AW1, to you R34. In Doobies eyes, you are not these numbers, you are not prisoners, you are living creatures with hearts and souls just like everyone else. And nothing will get in Doobie's way to help everyone else see that too.

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File: 1557969373617.jpg (171.88 KB, 531x700, praise_the_sun_by_wereremjiff-…)

>Solaire would take one last look at the statue before heading down the mountain with Althalos.

Hopefully today's shipment brought in some fresh meat.

>He'd say cheerfully. He didn't object to the preserved foods, but the fresh stuff always tasted better.

And a reply from the new government.

>There still hadn't been any official meetings with the Allied Reeve Citystates.
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I doubt it. The triumvirate barely acknowledges we exist out here, everything that matters is over there in Pheon now. 'The new capital of the ARC'...

>Althalos shakes his head and clicks his tongue in distaste. They continue down the trail the two picked their way up earlier. Footsteps in the dirt marked the way to go, and in the distance down the slope where the statue had appeared their hoverbikes waited on the flat surface of an outcrop.

They put the gas on the redevelopment, didn't they? Already have the oil distribution line up again to feed in money, draw more workers and business in, build up. It's like a new frontier ruled by who's the richest. Far cry from what Rotan used to be, but I doubt the diaspora care as long as they're paid, fed, and housed.

>The Rotan people and the Reeve who had not been in the country when the disaster struck had come back to rebuild, and there was a concerted effort to scrape and build up from what was lost. Rotan may have lost everything but riches still existed in the soil, in the rich fields perfect for plowing, in the mountains rich with ores, and the deserts swollen with valuable oil. It was a blessing nobody had encroached on Rotan's territory since then, though Althalos had pessimistic views of Shinra to the west and their push east over the years.

>The thought draws a disconcerted frown from the man.

...Solaire. You're from the original branch. You've been a great help getting our branch back on its feet and everything stabilized here, and for that I'm grateful. I think, we'll need you're help to impress upon the captain the importance of Rotan's HQ tenuous position here. Hard times are hardly over and I don't mean rift-wise either. We need either the ARC's recognition or their dismissal if we're to know how to proceed as an organization.

>He looks to Solaire and gestures to him.

Someone will need to speak to the triumvirate, to settle what will become of this country in the future and plans should anything happen, be it good or bad.

Solaire of Astora!SunO73XMtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556117

File: 1557975568629.jpg (156.03 KB, 636x904, SolaireCA.jpg)

They may not be rebuilding as it once was, but at least they are rebuilding.

>Solaire would say optimistically.

This was their home, and they are seeing that it stays that way. That tells me they care beyond just profit margins.

>Solaire would be quiet as the man spoke further.

You want me to request Strider to come and speak to the government?

>He'd ask in clarification. It would impress the importance of the Riftguard to the ARC government with Captain Strider here.

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556118

>Althalos nods and continues picking his way down the slope. Without paths the side of the mountain was tricky to walk on. The hoverbikes couldn't park on a slope, however, which made the trek up as tricky as heading back down.

Given he's the head of the organization he'll need to negotiate with this new government, or at least impress the importance of the Riftguard in relation to their new order. We can continue operations for now but we're working at a disadvantage with the lack of infrastructure connecting us to the country's hub.

If we have another major event there'll be little we can do to notify the populace of Pheon. This also includes keeping the remaining public safe should a rift-bound threat come through, which is one of the functions Riftguard should be able to perform.

>The best they could do is send radio transmission to the city to forewarn them of a formed rift near the area, but that left protection of the city to whoever could lift a weapon in its defense. The situation was not ideal, not as it was now. Something would have to be done, otherwise the function of the Riftguard in Rotan was nothing more than a glorified research station surveying a ruined land.

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556119

File: 1557991913636.png (229.28 KB, 500x800, Stein_Coffee's for Closers.png)

>Stein an't help but chuckle quietly at the pony's enthusiasm to stick it to the whims of Skaia. It was heartening to see a reflection of Wade, at least for a moment, in the little colt. There's a brief pang, a faint one of wistfulness.

Life's not always fair Appleslice...besides.

>He looks away from the pony and sighs.

My denizen was right. I made a choice before I even played this game. I was hoping to weasel my way out of it. And I ask you, for what?

>He glances back to the pony, his humor immediately dropping off his face for a serious stare.

You seem to be insistent about what my prize was, but do you understand what that was? Marie, all the Maries in those bubbles, they're all dead Appleslice. That was my desired prize, seeing a dead version of Marie again and being with her...which meant that I had to die and stay dead.

My prize was death and for a while I had it. It wasn't unpleasant, I had a companion, there were Maries but none who had not found their own version of me already. Time had no meaning there and I saw all manners of places, took experiences I never had that were made of others experiences in their lives.

>He hunches his shoulders in a shrug and looks back to the sky.

It was...enjoyable. But I had the choice to come back. I didn't have to take it. I expect if I didn't I would have stayed there forever. But...

>His mouth slowly turns down.

There were people counting on me. Not just you, Appleslice, and not just your father. A friend of your father's...mine too, he's in trouble outside of this game right now. There's a madman who can force people to do what he wants, stripping them of their free will to honor his wants that I need to stop. There's an organization that rots the world, that made it where Marie had to leave in the first place.

There's so much to do, so much I promised to do if I stayed here, that if I stayed dead in this game would never be resolved. I can't do anything if I stay here forever, if I just stay dead. I promised myself when I let her go the first time that even though I gave her up, I wouldn't give up on what was important.

...And I tried welching on that when a kid in blue pajamas offered me to play this game. It's no wonder as a Mind player the lesson the denizen tried to teach was that my choices are my own but ones I cannot go back on once they're made. No giving up now.

Solaire of Astora!SunO73XMtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556124

I'll be certain to do so, but I doubt Strider will need much convincing.

>Solaire would say confidently. He hadn't seen anything from the Riftguard Captain that would indicate he'd refuse speaking to ARC's leadership.

He is a good man and knows the importance of our work.

R34!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556127

File: 1558010534050.png (202.01 KB, 811x197, I have special eyes.png)

>Now it seems as though Doobie has struck a nerve as he went on and on about compassion and love and how great everyone supposedly is.

>The elderly changeling's eyes stared right into Doobie's own little beady ones.

"How dare you? How dare you belittle the deaths of my siblings?!"

>The changeling pumped herself up, leering over the poor little hamster and unfurling her wings, a barely restrained fury in her eyes.

"Am I supposed to forgive these savages for the slaughter of hundreds of my brothers and sisters?! Am I to be thankful that a grand total of thirteen of my kind were spared? Allowed to live in these miserable conditions?!"

>There was that snarl again, the changeling bareing her fangs as she leered down at Doobie threateningly.

"The Captain, Vaykor and his men, what do you suggest here? The deaths of my kind do not matter?! When does murder become an unforgivable transgression? What number must be reached? Two hundred? Three hundred? I say no!"

>A manic, almost evil gleam shined in R34's eyes as she continued.

"Even one single kill is enough to make me despise the whole lot of them! Don't you dare suggest we know nothing of love and compassion, only a spineless fool would bend their knee and cower in fear before these savages, these murderers!"

>The changelings in the background could be heard doing an agreeing murmur, the sound of wings flapping and hooves scratching the ground.

"If we were as heartless as you suggest I would've left AW1 behind and fled already with all the siblings I could. No, each and every ling is dear to me I do not waste my love and compassion on those who do not deserve it."

>Doobie had really done it this time, he has managed to provoke R34 and made her show her true colours.

"I can guarantee, had my swarm slain even one human I would not be standing before you. The one reason we're most likely allowed to live is for the information we possess...tsk!"

>She let out an angered snort, slowly but surely backing down and folding her wings back together, Doobie had really gotten a rise out of her, this entire rant was filled with a deep seeded hatred and sadness it was almost akin to floodgates being thrown open to spill bile everywhere. Perhaps even evil creatures have some good in them after all? Reasons for their actions and ways of thinking?

>At the very least Doobie won't need to fear R34 attacking him as she tried to calm herself down, this has gotten way off the rails, not according to her plan at all.

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556134

I expect so, he's the leader of the whole organization. Why else would he be in charge of the Riftguard? Can't imagine it's an enjoyable job...

>Althalos snorts and shakes his head. By now the two finally reach their hoverbikes and with a sigh the captain of the branch clambers onto his. He taps a few buttons on the console, then presses his palm flat on the touchpad to start up the vehicle. It hums to life and levitates from the ground, gently rustling the dirt beneath him in the process.

Our previous captain didn't have anything bad to say about him...nothing good either, mind you, but we weren't that entwined with the main branch to begin with aside casual check-ins.

>He takes the control wheel and kneads it with his hands for a moment. He glances to Solaire and offers a half shrug.

Strider's response is good anyway, all the new protocols for SSS rift events hopefully can mitigate any future tragedies....gods willing it never happens.

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File: 1558069588563.jpg (19.39 KB, 321x411, Pride.jpg)

>The Prince does not react to the reduction of his motivations towards faith in the newly minted demon but he similarly does not act upon it yet. The Prince was, above all, confident in his abilities and dominion. The young demon had not crossed a boundary he shouldn't have.

>Not yet at least.


>The word is echoed questioningly but only for a moment. The demon has a hint of curiosity to his tone, surprised that Kano seemed to suggest the outcome of such a end was undesirable.

Inheritance of a demon's seat can go but of two ways. There is the right of domination, where a demon is successfully and permanently killed and their title relinquished to the one who killed them. Then, conversely, the right of abdication were a demon to feel unsatisfied with their place without want of needless bloodshed.

>Lucifer lifts a hand in gesture.

The current Prince of Envy enjoys his seat from this sort of deference. It is not impossible, just unthinkable that someone would bypass the prestige of such a position. The prior candidate was not a fit, and so his wisdom in abdication was perhaps the best for all parties involved. If you truly have no designs upon the seat of gluttony, but merely revenge against it's prince, then if you've in mind someone to take the spot you may name them a successor should you succeed.

>The demon contemplates this but finds no true loss in the opportunity. Gluttony was a useful seat but rarely did Lucifer find the occupant terribly active. Wrath, Envy, Greed...those were the seats he could expect to perform great and terrible things with their powers afforded to them.

Sucy!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556136

File: 1558070623334.jpg (113.2 KB, 836x836, __sucy_manbavaran_little_witch…)

>This would be a great source of amusement. As well as saving Sucy the effort of bullying Clint herself. It was not her fault that there just happened to be a witch who enjoyed pranks as much as she did.

>While credit for the defeat of Mister X would fall solely onto Grell, Sucy would not deny any credit thrown her way. After all she did dispatch one of his lackeys on her own. She felt that earned her at least partial credit.

>With their destination set, Sucy would be just as eager to get this over with as anyone else. Especially since their next destination was supposedly Frank's inner sanctum. She could only imagine the treasure trove of material Frank kept in there. It could possibly fund her research for the remainder of the year.

>With their goal in mind, Sucy would pull out two viales from her robes. With her elbow she once again pokes at Clint's side to get his attention. Should Clint look down he would be able to recognize the two liquids. He would also know what such a room clearing attack would likely be very expensive given Sucy's smirk as she nods over to where Casey had pointed.

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File: 1558072396714.png (100.26 KB, 211x248, Grell_Utterly Idiotic For My S…)

>The fielded question causes the barely purse of Grell's lips as she continued to stare shamelessly at Sophie, her odd green eyes searching for something about her that wasn't immediately apparent to anyone else standing around. She remains as such for a long moment and after it passes she turns her head in a slight shake.

I'm not injured anymore, no, just...thinking I suppose.

>Alice had done an exemplary job, though her insistence that she was low on magical reserves already was a tad alarming. They hadn't even come across Frank yet. This wasn't all bell-ended yet but it wasn't a comfortable position to be in either.

>Sophie would have to wait for her own curiosity, it wasn't the proper time to pry when there was a necromancer to handle and time ticking away. More time spent goofing around meant more time that the blighter could slink away and become hard to find. As it stood she couldn't track him until she knew who she was handling.

>The reaper shakes her head in response to Clint's probing questions. All she knew of this 'Frank' was that they were a necromancer and that was it. Trying to find someone by basis of a first name and a job description didn't narrow any options down, especially with no information on hand from the Reaper archives to double-check.

I'm afraid not, the aether works only if I know exactly what I'm looking for...provided the soul on target isn't magically hidden at least. Until I know where he is I cannot simply take everyone to the place on a whim, otherwise I would have just done that already!

>Why even bother with the entrance at that point? She was fairly lucky to hit so close to Frank's base already but the man sounded as if he were in an inner sanctum they had to penetrate. They'd have to find it now and that seemed to be a trial with how this infernal lair was engineered.

>Before she can voice as much, however, the sudden snapping of Clint on the young witch draws Grell's eye next. She lifts a delicate brow and watches the exchange, hands settled on her hips and mouth curved into a slight frown. The witch appeared to be toying with Clint now, and while it was fairly funny to see the man's face the moment the witch turned to ashes in his hands she had to admit Makalov had a point and they were indeed wasting precious moments diddling about.

>The reaper ignores the praise of the tiny salamander but does pay attention to its jabbering over where Frank happened to be. It was, if nothing else, a useful little creature...even if it appeared to be disgusting and slimy.

I concur with our gallant knight here; this all is getting rather silly. We came here for a purpose, did we not? Save the quibbles for the afterparty, we still have a necromancer to handle!

>With that Grell turns with a flourish, throwing her hair and coat in a wide stylish toss that flecks blood around her in a glistening arc. She marches in the direction the salamander had indicated, her heels clicking upon the ground as she sighed airily. Her hand slips back into her coat and grips the handle of her chainsaw.

I'll take the lead~!

>Out of everyone if there was so be someone to potentially trigger a fatal trap it was best the person who couldn't die be the one to do it first.
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File: 1558073873836.png (51.4 KB, 286x264, comic461.png)

>Clint didn't move much when she turned to ash, though he did move his head towards the sound of her voice. The snap of her fingers was really the only thing he had cared for hearing, and looking down she at least had enough sense to drop the games and turn his clothes back to before she had changed them. Still, he had quite a scowl on his face as he watched the elephant girl wander off around the room while he stood tall once more.

>Though at the sound of Dixies voice, Clint moved his eye to glare at the dog somewhat. As if annoyed that she threatened to calm him down. Clint had half a mind to chew her out at teh suggestion. After all, bringing Alice along was Dixies doing anyhow. Clint was fairly content with just having it be Grell, Sophie, Sucy, and himself. Dixie was the one who had brought along a drunk and a bratty teenager. Clint had enough restraint for the moment to not say anything outloud, what with Alice changing his clothing back.

>Once again Clints mind focus was tugged away, this time by Sucy. Who was gabbing him in teh side with her elbow and gesturing towards her viales. Clint wasn't sure how he should take this, be it a threat or not. Whatever it was, Clint would only give her a look. Not a look like the one he had given Dixie, and certainly not like the one he had given Alice.

>With what the rest of the party members have said, Clint nods his head towards Grell as she marches along.

I'm right behind you. Lets go.

>Clint said to the others as he walked close behind Grell, moving his hand to grab at the chicken hat he had on his head and tossed it to the floor before. His mind was now fully back on track with the objective at hand. If what Casey had mention is true, they're going to have a real mess on their hand.

Do you know anything about those red crystals that Frank uses? The last time I fought against him that was where he got his powers, but I thought I broke them all.

>Clint asked the Salamander, assuming that they were following behind Grell and Clint as they walked.

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>Much of what is being said Appleslice can only vaguely understand. A freight train of information coming at him with no apology. A dark organization, a mind wiping madman, a friend in trouble. So much to tackle it seemed even his advanced mind could not comprehend it. How could Stein juggle so many objectives for so long. Let along keep them a priority even after playing this game for so long.

>Appleslice would look up to his Uncle in disbelief. He had already thought highly of the man but all this mind-boggling. He was already stretching himself to limits he could never before comprehend but here was a man who seemed to make a habit out of it. Was he really that selfless?

>For the second time in the conversation Stein would see a reflection of Wade. The Young pony's amazement shifting to concern. A familiar question being asked as the pony once again finds himself barely able to look the man in the eye.

Why would you do this to yourself?

>A part of him wouldn't have doubted the reason as to remaining in these dream bubbles. But even then for death to be a preferable option to living for even a moment was insane. There had to be reasons as to why he would actively choose to push himself to these extremes. Some kind of guiding force that commanded him to act in such a way. No matter how he try himself he couldn't see the logic of driving one's mind and body that far beyond recommended stress levels.

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File: 1558119965969.png (619.03 KB, 948x1108, 26054.png)


>With her true feelings now out in the open, real progress could be made. Doobie listens carefully to her words, her concerns, her fears. All reasonable to have in her situation.

All the more reason you and your kin should go with the Equestrians.

>At the mention of her lost siblings, Doobie's heart aches, still mourning their loss.

The death of just one is already a great tragedy and Doobie does not expect any of you to forgive the loss of your fallen siblings or cower in fear. These things take time, years, maybe even a lifetime to forgive, if that! Focus not on what was lost, but what was retained. Doobie understands what it is like to lose, the pain and mourning can be unbearable. But to live with a grudge wrapped around your heart is a greater death. It is a poison that will consume you and everyone you care about.

Doobie apologizes for saying you do not display the positive emotion you feast upon. You showed compassion upon your kin by saving AW1 and keeping them safe. You have shown restraint and courtesy by not attacking Doobie on sight. You even expressed vulnerability by asking Doobie for help. Would you have done these things if you were still under the Queens control? Would not and has not your Queen have left lings behind or even ordered you to leave them behind? Already you have proven yourself to have grown beyond following the orders of an unjust Queen. You are so much better.

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File: 1558132640980.png (1.38 MB, 1752x1813, mlp-OC-my-little-pony-фэндомы-…)

>The changeling took a few deep breaths to calm herself down as she listened to the little hamster. R34 has done her best to remain calm and co-operative and this very, very stressful situation she found herself in and it seems to be taking its toll on her by now.

>Just, why was she bothering trying to prove anything to this little thing? Was there any point to it? This wasn't the plan at all. The changeling took some time to think her response over.

"Do you truly understand what it feels like? To live and die for a cause you do not believe in? To toil away and jump at someone's every whim?"

>Finally, it seems that R34 was not in the mood to tear into the brave little hamster before her. Briefly it seems like the changeling was considering something, it would be unwise to reveal too much, she already made her stance more than clear with her outburst.

>Honestly, she felt like a big fool, having lost her temper like that.

"We as a swarm, as a hivemind are one, bound together as close as possible. We do not waste our time and energy with pointless intelring quarrels or jealousy...each Ling is born in the position they belong and the rest of the swarm supports and guides that ling to fulfil their role."

"Every ling acts for the good of the swarm as a whole even if it means giving up it's own life, the Queen's mind is heavy making countless of these kinds of choices...we Intelligentsias act as delegates for the Queen's wishes and too can order parts of the swarm at our own discretion."

>The changeling shook her head, frowning at Doobie.

"So I will only ask you this once: Do not call my Queen unjust, though young and inexperienced she managed to almost fulfil the task that was forced on her, which will hopefuly free her once and for all."

>There was a strange little mocking laugh coming from her.

"Hah! At least that's been her delusion for the whole time she's been queen."

>The changeling paused for a second, looking down at the resting AW1 then over her shoulder at the other changelings lurking in the dark, watching while murmuring among themselves.

"It...really does feel strange to be alone like this, to hear no thoughts in my own mind."

"Yet, I still feel this connection to all of my brothers and sisters, almost as if nothing has changed after all."

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556142

File: 1558140826742.jpg (52.42 KB, 600x375, Stein_Beat Up But Not Down.jpg)

<"Why would you do this to yourself?"


>The doctor offers a wan but sad smile at the pony. That was, without a doubt, one of the best questions anyone could ever ask him. He can't even recall if anyone had before. Maybe they did and he doesn't remember, everything after so long blended together in a colorful mess of mayhem.

>He lifts his hand and taps the screw in the side of his hand. It's a simple but poignant noise, the dull 'tink-think' of his finger hitting it that feels as if it rings through his entire head.

It may come as a shock to you Appleslice but I'm not mentally sound. Even without the sickness that is Madness from my own world, my thought processes just are...

>He gestures oddly, as if shaking his hand free of little ants.

Different. They always have been. It's what leads me to do things like blow up a planet full of sentient chess people, clone myself and expose 'me' to the existential nightmare that is existence knowing its not 'my' own, terrorize a princess just to sort out her own mental struggles with a manifestation of corruptible power, throw myself into situation after situation that could guarantee my own death if it meant the world were saved for the sacrifice.

>Stein looks out at the battlefield and leans on the rock behind himself, gazing vaguely at the sprawling chaotic scenery beyond them both.

...There was always an expectation by everyone around me that I would be a 'bad' person. Where some people find it easy to live a 'good' life, others have to struggle and work at it. I had every opportunity to take the easy way and give in to the impulses of insanity, give into psychopathic wants to tear everyone and everything around me apart.

That's something your father and I have in common: working at being good people. It's a struggle not many people understand, it should be easy to be morally just and do act upon impulses of compassion, impulses of valor, impulses that drive people to do heroic acts for the betterment of others around them.

...It should be. But for someone like me? It's not. It's a lifetime of work, a lifetime of watching and studying and trying to understand what people seem to come so easily into thinking or feeling.

>His smile slowly fades and he releases a low sigh. His expression falters, only slightly, as he stared at the horizon.

That's what made Marie so special. I didn't understand but she could make me understand. She's endlessly empathetic, stubborn, and...when I was with her, it didn't seem so difficult. I though when I let her go that I could handle it, and I did to some degree. When this opportunity arose however...well...

>He tapers off and stares thoughtfully at the horizon unfolded before them. The silence is again marred by the noise of the war around them but the doctor listens as he gazes ahead but not at anything in particular.

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File: 1558145472442.jpg (172.61 KB, 524x810, Dramatic Sitting.jpg)

Well, you should have a chance to get to know him when he comes.

>Solaire would say confidently as he got onto his hover bike. He would be far slower to turn his on, as always. He really wished they had horses to ride. Or wyverns. It didn't sit well with him how the machine just moved on it's own. He always expected them to just fall out of the sky suddenly.

And yes, may the gods see to it that such an event never happens again.

Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556144

>He had never thought about it that way before. He thought that if one was just good then that's all there is too it. Looking back Appleslice could see the flaws in his Uncle's reasoning at certain points of the game. Koki god tiering may have been essential to success but his way of going about it was flawed. It had even gotten to the point that Koki had no hesitation of suggesting he allow him to fall into the lava during their encounter at the volcano.

>Even now looking back Appleslice could also see his father actively pushing aside such things for his sake. He never did talk about his work. He would always be gone for long periods of time but he never knew exactly what was going on. The only thing he was ever told was that he was off getting the bad guys. But even when he was home there would be times where his father would lock himself away in his room. The way he dressed and the way he described his work had lead Appleslice to believe that his father was a hero. And by association he had believed his Uncle was one as well. Being at the young age he was at now morality wasn't that complex. Bad people do bad things, good people do good things. It was as black and white as it got. But grey....grey was new.

I think....I believe that if one attempts to be virtuous, then that should be all that matters. A inherently wicked person would hold no regard to what others believe. Is that not how it works?

>Appleslice lowers his arms so he once again has his rear resting on the ground. For a brief while the sounds of battle would fill the air. The two sitting in silence as Appleslice ponders the concept.

Before this game...I lead a sheltered life. Father did everything in his power to ensure horrors would not locate me.... A futile effort in retrospect.

>With all the preperation and skill at hand, nothing could have prepared the Wilson household for a sudden attack from beyond the stars. It was by luck that the house was located just outside of the city, making it one of the last places to be hit by the invasion. He recalls the family that stuck with him for most of it. For a while they lived in the shelter of Apex tower until Appleslice's search lead him to Wayne Manor. The months leading up to Thanos's defeat were met with an unusual adjustment period. He had spent a majority of his life in that manor. But coming back to it as a juvenile left a strange feeling in him. It was good to see familiar faces again. Even if some of them would be the last time.

....Father still searches for them. I suppose he informs me of this to keep my moral high. At first I was enthusiastic about the idea of reuniting with them. But after nearly three years....

>He couldn't bring himself to say it. Even if it wasn't the first time he had lost family a part of him couldn't bare to bring the truth to his mouth.

Perhaps I was chosen for this session so I may become at peace with this fact.

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556145

File: 1558164484727.jpg (52.49 KB, 435x491, Stein_Save the World or Save M…)

<"Is that not how it works?"

>Stein holds his tongue, unwilling to immediately say the negative. A good person could do something wicked and a wicked person could at times house noble tendencies. It never was as easy as determining motivation if the end result were people hurt regardless of a struggle to be good. It was a delicate line and nothing quite as easy to reduce to surface intentions.

>After a long moment, Stein rubs the top of his head and sighs. He couldn't say that was the case, Sburb was not an arbiter of growth for people and if someone did learn something along the way it was all for the purposes of the player creating the Genesis Frog. Someone like Qrow wouldn't have any need for life-shattering revelations when his destiny as his classpect left the necessity of his development to be stalled entirely.

>For the best, Stein though, because an actualized Bard of Space was an incredibly dangerous individual. For Qrow, a lack of development was necessary. His other players probably had little to learn as well, aside Koki's spiral of 'learning' as the time player.

Whatever reasons we're here are ultimately up to Skaia. Everything else? It's what meaning we can find, a purpose for all of this.

>Stein gestures vaguely around himself. The sound of an explosion rattles the ground. It sounded as if the armies were starting to get closer to their location. Any more and someone would be unfortunate to come upon the Rogue and Heir, and Stein was in no mood for interruptions.

Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556146

Was it also Skai's will to bring that version of my father here?

>He thinks back to the short moment he had near the beginning of the game. A parallel version of his father differed by one moment in time which lead to his becoming a completely different person.

Something about what he stated...still discourages me.

>Their time was short. But in their final moments he would prove himself to be the same as the man he knew. But in the midst of Stein's apparent demise. Words that were said with such confidence that it silently shook him to his core.

After you perished he informed that he was not my father. I understand his meaning but his tone was.... discomforting.

>The confidence in the way he lashed out at that moment was enough to slap Appleslice back into the moment. He had tried not to dwell on it too much during the game. But now with the talk of destiny and purpose he found it creeping back to him once more.

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556147

File: 1558169552501.png (38.06 KB, 199x199, Stein_Deciding Between Thing O…)



>That's right, there was that Wade he accidentally summoned into the game rather than the one he tried to snare originally. It was a shame that Wade was not at all familiar with Appleslice, to the extent that he opposed to entertain the notion that in the expansive multiverse there could be a version of himself that somehow successfully procreated.

>He made Matilda so it couldn't have been that impossible, the doctor thought.

He wasn't your father given he's from an entirely different universe where you weren't conceived Appleslice. That version of Wade believed wholeheartedly he's sterile and incapable of reproducing. Your father in this universe already proved that assumption wrong twice.

>It was annoying that the fancy Wade was enough of an ass to say something so hurtful to the young pony. If he was around Stein was sure to kick his ass for it later.

I wouldn't linger on that, his statements are colored entirely by the biases of his own experiences in his universe. Perhaps that's how it worked there but here is an entirely different matter.

Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556148

But...that fails to compute.

>One of his arms extends just long enough to scratch his head. All trying to keep the events in a specific order.

If what this version of my father specified is accurate then his life should only defer by a singular moment in time. And he knew about mother.... So then how....

>Trying to place the specific timeline to his current knowledge was proving inefficient. Yet despite the gaps all signs pointed to him still being born in the timeline this Wade occupied. And yet he seemed adamant that there was no possible way he could have existed.

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File: 1558202258898.png (643.72 KB, 1028x1212, 26042.png)


Some bonds are stronger than any force in the world. Keep it close, strengthen it and your siblings. Doobie apologizing for calling your Queen unjust, Doobie knows not all the details, only that Doobie's blade removes dark influences and purifies the soul. Doobie made an unjust assumption. What Doobie does know, is that your Queen is in danger too. Though separated from your Queen, these new changes may give you a chance to save her too. When the Equestrians come, we can tell them all that is happening behind the scenes. They may even help support in this noble quest. And even if they are not

>Doobie pounds his fist on his chest and stands proudly.

Doobie will not rest until your Queen is freed from the dark influences of evil actions and save every Changeling possible from unnecessary deaths.

R34!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556150

File: 1558203837835.png (336.73 KB, 811x677, my-little-pony-фэндомы-mlp-art…)


>There was a moment of silence coming from the changeling as she looked Doobie over with a hard to read expression.

"...You make very bold claims for such a little thing, rodent."

>Her eyes narrow, Doobie can probably feel his very being getting perceived, analyzed.

"Yet you speak with such a conviction and honesty, this either makes you a hero or a great fool."

>R34 closed her eyes, pondering her options and weighing them with great care.

"Very well. I will listen to what the Equestrians have to say under one condition."

>The very tip of the changeling's horn began to glow a faint green as she slowly opened her eyes once more.

"Should I be right and the Equestrians prove to be just as cruel as I claim, you will be mine. You will help me and my siblings escape this place, I will still not consider you my enemy however, you will be free to go once we have made our escape."

>The changeling's horn went out and a small smile crept on R34's face.

"Perhaps I will be able to...help you with your desires as well. You wish to help the foal right? I can tell you that my queen does not care for that one...perhaps, you will need to save the foal from herself hmhmm.."

Doobie the Warrior HamsterCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556151

File: 1558220073374.png (745.09 KB, 1016x1232, 26035.png)


>Doobie chuckles

The only difference between a fool and a hero is success! And i promise you R34, i will not fail.

>Although Doobie had no doubt that the Equestrians would be merciful and understanding towards the Changelings, he felt that it would be a good idea to present a backup plan to reassure them that all will be well.

Very well, Doobie will help you and your siblings to escape, but only if it is absolutely necessary. Doobie knows of two safe places where all of you can be free from any governments reach and easily blend in. Doobie has explored much of Aquarius in these past few days and know of many possible escape routes.

>He pauses, realizing that the filly was not included in this impromptu plan.

The young filly... it will take her a long time to forgive your people for what happened to her family. Though she is emotionally wrecked, there is little more Doobie can do for her. It would be best for her and her mother to return with the Equestrians where they might better heal her and her mother. Among those more familiar than the wide assortment of beings that live here.

>Though he cared deeply for the young filly, his feelings were irreverent compared to her needs. He would need to pay her another visit before the Equestrians arrive to explain everything to her.

R34!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556152

File: 1558221765534.gif (730.68 KB, 500x500, mlp-gif-my-little-pony-фэндомы…)

>The changeling's eyes briefly lit up as Doobie mentions those safe places, her interest immediately peaking.

"We have a deal then. Let us hope that you're able to back your claims up, rodent."

>While R34 would love to trust Doobie and his words it was very much too good to be true, if all else fails she will simply need to snatch him up and force to talk. It would be foolish to not come up with a contigency plan in case things go even more sour than they already have.

"I will let you know when it's time, should everything go south I will excuse myself from the talk with the words 'I must convene with my siblings and prepare AW1 for departure' when you hear this you will know the negotiations have failed."

>And it looks like her haunch was right, the hamster does care for the mother and her filly for some reason.

"While unfortunate circumstances for her, to be frank, we would have done her a favor."

>The changeling simply shrugged the fact that the filly will probably hate them forever off, instead explaining herself some more.

"Our masters know not of her existance, so the filly was never part of our task. We were to capture the mother, father and the son specifically, would our masters know there was a daughter we would most likely have to capture her as well."

>She shrugged with a smile.

"We're sparing her a worse fate in a nutshell."

>R34 always took great pleasure in that fact, her masters would be unjust to punish them for literally following the orders. Every small bit of defiance was welcome and refreshing in her mind.

"Now then, rodent. Is there anything else you wish to know? This might be your last chance after all."

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556153

File: 1558222689793.png (101.4 KB, 581x583, Stein_Busy With IRL issues.PNG)

As far as he knew that was the differing point but that doesn't mean there were other factors unknown to that Wade that made his universe different, Appleslice. The circumstances of one difference as far as he knew seems simple on paper but carries an underlying connotation that more was different that just a simple moment.

>He holds up his index finger in gesture, continuing in an unmistakable lecture voice he often only saved for explanations like these.

I spoke with that universe's Wade and he confirmed that he killed that version of me from that universe. Why? The circumstances of our meeting wasn't always on good terms, in fact he-

>Actually was it a good idea to tell Appleslice Wade had given concerted effort in trying to kill them on their first meeting? Probably not.

-he fought me the first time we met simply because I appeared to be either a scientist or doctor, a sort of person he had extreme grudges against. Our camaraderie only came about from me besting him in that original fight, and then becoming ironclad following out falling out after the Outworld Invasion. Everything in-between was tenuous at best, with little tilting one way or another to change for a different trajectory. These changes can come about from the difference of a coin flip or the difference in simple mentality when approaching certain situations.

>Stein then gestures to himself.

Take me for example. There was a very real possibility that I could have fallen for those impulses of Madness I told you about earlier, eschewing my lifelong work of trying to be 'good' for the sake of others. Now obviously that didn't happen here, but in that universe something must have caused that to happen, for my thoughts to change so drastically that the end result was a version of myself willing to go down that path. It's a minuscule change that caused great repercussion later in the timeline.

So, with that in mind, who's to say that in that universe your father had one minuscule change he never noticed as well? Changes in multiverses can be so infinitesimally small, Appleslice, that they can barely be registered to an individual experiencing and and to anyone of another universe the change may not even make sense to them. Perhaps something shifted with his DNA years prior he was entirely unaware of, an aspect that did not happen to your father when he underwent the same experience by merit of one chemical compound being slightly more saline than it should be.

>The doctor knew that for most kids the concepts of multiverse theory would fly over their heads, though Appleslie was unusually intelligent for his age. Some of these concepts had to at least sink in to some degree. He was still thinking too shallowly in the scope of the fancy Wade's claims, and with the mutliverse there was any and every conceivable notion to occur.

That's the sort of chaotic probability involved with multiverses you cannot predict, not without assistance of a high-power computer and even that struggles to refine the probability down to an instance of one particular difference between universes.

Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556156

>How Stein had met his father was of no news to him. He was retold the story at least once a month if his father had any say in it. Some details seemed to change over time. Like just how long the battle lasted, where it happened, who said what to the other. But it always ended the same. With his father waking up on the manor couch the next morning with a drastic headache and a new understanding of pain.

>Multiverse theory wasn't an entirely new subject to him either. He hadn't studied it on his own but his father and by extension his sister would go into detail on the subject on occasion. Appleslice never understood the fascination of lives beyond the typical scope one could see. Only now did he wish he had paid more attention.

If multiverse theory is any relative of chaos theory then it stands to reason any possible and impossible outcome could occur.

>It stood every possibility that there lives a universe where Stein died and was simply never born. But that too rose a plethora of questions.

However...if my math is accurate I was conceived well before you made acquaintance with my father. I find it queer that the two are mere coincidence.

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556157

File: 1558305933895.png (75.23 KB, 329x398, cheek.PNG)


>Stein asks the question blankly, not at all sure just what the pony was getting at. Appleslice was conceived before he ever met Wade, why did that matter?

Multiverse theory, Appleslice. Anything and everything that can happen can happen. That's just the nature of it.

>Appleslice and Wade were both oddly fixated on this subject, he thought. This conversation was oddly reminiscent to the one he had with Wade ages ago. Maybe the paternity test thing was something necessary just for the peace of mind. Unfortunately they couldn't do that here, not without Wade to conduct the investigation.

>That was even depending on Wade's willingness to participate in it. Stein had the distinct impression that the man was happier not knowing.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556158

File: 1558320242505.png (85.98 KB, 319x398, 319px-Sophie_Stats_Portrait.pn…)

>As the witches lifeforce doesn't seem to snuff out as she rapidly changes into motes of dust and then reforms almost immediately, the act itself doesn't cause Sophie much concern.

>The fact that this is one of the other girl's capabilities as well, with how she's behaving however adds to her worries of what might happen if things are as she suspects. As well as making it just that much more important to not confront the witch directly.

>Thankfully, in spite of her early doubts of the man, both in regard to his capabilities and his wellbeing, Makalov continues to drastically exceed her expectations.

>In this case by stepping up to keep everyone in line and focused on whom they actually should be fighting. The comment about children seems odd again, especially as she is apparently not being included this time, while Clint is, but...

>Its not really the time to bring that up, since they have work to do.

>It'd be rude to not respond to Casey's comment however, especially since she's just waiting on confirmation that Grell is okay anyways.

"Yes, so don't worry. Getting your bunny back and helping you find your dad will be no trouble either."

<These people not really being her friends is probably best to not bring up right now, since well, they're all Clint's friends at least. Supposedly anyways.

<Hopefully the girl's dad will be able to make her stop summoning skeletons too once they find him, but they have to finish things with Frank first.

>With how quiet she's being, the other witch doesn't seem to catch Sophie's attention at all. After all, she's only been helpful so far, so there isn't really any reason aside from idle curiosity to really focus on her to begin with.

>And the situation they are in is not one that leaves time for that sort of thing.

>How long it takes to get a response from Grell is rather concerning, but as her life force seems to be going strong, its not like she can find any fault with the woman's response.

>She seems to be moving well enough as well, so perhaps its not really anything to worry about. Even though she can't help but worry, especially with how the "pretty" lady charges ahead, even if she is apparently one of the more capable ones there.

>Clint following directly after Grell just adds to those worries as the girl turns to hurry off towards the exit as well.

>Which is why Casey isn't the first one to respond to Clint's question after all, the twintailed humanoid speaking up first.

"They're used to store dangerous energy. The Captain exploded when he used his, so I destroyed it before it could do any more harm, but..."

>The girl stops mid-sentence to glace back towards the others in their group, before deciding that this was her best chance to try and figure things out.

"...Apparently he gives them to all of his commanders, so I'm worried someone in another group might have picked one up without knowing how dangerous they are."

>If not for the fact that everything about the girl is often rather odd, the roundabout way she's talking about things while glancing back behind them would definitely seem especially strange.

"Did either of you see anyone pick up something like that by chance? It'd be bad if someone got hurt after all."

>If she has more to say on the subject she just leaves it at that for now, so its hard to say if she actually knows something, or why she would act so secretive if she is really just concerned for everyone's safety.

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556159

>Althalos rears his hovercycle to turn around to face Solaire. The dirt ripples beneath it from the force beneath the hovercycle, though it moves smoothly from his direction.

At least the events historically are either artificial, as the last rift event proved, or a gradual build up of rift energy that precipitates a class A through S event. We have great detection web for compounding energy, and Strider is funding research for immediate detection of unusual energy associated with rifts.

>He turns his hovercycle next for the slope and leans forward. He gazes down the slope a the the churned fields below. Wild grasses carpeted the torn meadows below but the quick growth of nature had already carpeted the ruined land with green blades of grass and colorful little flowers. There were still an uncanny lack of insects so far inland, he couldn't expect to see bees or pollinating butterflies.

>He glances back to Solaire.

Ready to head back to HQ?

Solaire of Astora!SunO73XMtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556160

>Solaire's bike would finally lift off the ground.

I'm indeed ready, sir.

>He'd say cheerfully, A little too cheerfully to mask his usual unease with the hover bikes.

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556161

File: 1558339644614.jpg (86.15 KB, 551x767, 74673180_p0_master1200.jpg)

"I'd hold your tongue~ refer to me a child again and you will have the joy of reliving your own childhood.
>Alice winked as she twilled her wand. She frankly was getting rather fed up with the motley crew she had to work with. In all honesty why was she even there in the first place? Wasn't like she contributed much other than some light combative magic along with healing, these guys could have easily fared without her. She surely could have been doing better things.

"Yeah yeah, I get it, sorry..."
>She sighed, redirecting herself to follow along with the rest of the group while they moved along.

>Her concentration was soon broken while Clint talked about the red crystals that Frank was using. Her hand soon plunged deep into her pocket to caress the smooth stone between her finger tips, yearning for her immediate attention as if her own life depended on it, almost like it had some sort of deep connection with her very soul. Her senses start to slowly dull, her body almost seeming weightless while intoxicating levels of comfort and desire the flooded her entire body from the inside. She soon felt like nothing in the world mattered anymore, everything seemed complete with each passing moment, each soft stroke of the smooth polished corners and edges almost seeming to give her all that she would ever need to survive, almost as if each passing turn of the stone controlled her own heartbeat... Perhaps maybe it did?

>Alice passively listened to what Sophie had to say, though thanks to her mind occupied now with other things she didn't really understand a word that was spoken, she merely replies with a shake of her head before continuing on with the rest of the party.
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Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556162

....Perhaps....I am placing excessive investment in this.

>Appleslice would remain visibly frustrated over this. His first true glimpse into the multiverse had raised an alarming amount of questions. He was hoping for something a tad simpler, like a universe where everyone's gender was flipped or something. It was probably best to shelf this topic for now.

Even still, with infinite possibilities it is difficult to imagine you slipping so far toward the path of malice.

>For a brief moment the young foal would imagine a similar instance where he went down a similar path. Would be easy at first. His robots making quick work of anyone to weak to stand up to him. Though this train of thought is cut off as he soon realizes such attempts would be thwarted rather easily by the likes of Stein and his father.....Unless.....

Makalov!LAZY/18DJ.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556163

File: 1558346218570.png (139 KB, 640x480, tumblr_o2aqh1S5he1sv6apgo1_640…)


>The knight let his head hang upon hearing Alice's threat. He wasn't exactly scared moreso simply tired of hearing things like that.

"Then act your blasted age whatever it may be, gods."

>Dragging a hand across his face the knight made his way over to his trusty warhorse, mounting her with little trouble as he sheathed his sword and had his shield at the ready. This job quickly turned out to be one of the worst ones yet.


>He didn't even care that the half dead scary lady wanted to take lead instead of himself, blast it all, nobody's gonna listen to reasons in either case.

<Let 'em do whatever they want, best I can do is just make sure the kids don't get overwhelmed from behind.

>Waiting for the last of the group to follow Grell the knight would choose to travel in the far back, watching out for any possible ambushes that could really screw them up from behind.
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Dixie!TRaItoRCe2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556168

File: 1558393676986.png (108.15 KB, 1024x1024, EsfhxE9.png)


< Odd

>Alice's hostile reaction to being called a child was something she could relate to and normally wouldn't warrant her concern, but her seemingly out of character reaction to Sophies explanation of the red crystals was worth noting. Very quickly after their fight with the knight and the skeleton mages, Alice had become irritable, hostile, and absent minded. The idea that these were personality traits that had remained dormant until now seemed unlikely. Which left Dixie with only one conclusion, that Alice had taken one of the red crystals. After a quick scan of Alice's recent memory, Dixie mentally kicks herself for not being more careful. How could she have been so foolish as to not have Clint inform everyone to be wary of these red crystals. If something wasn't done soon about the red crystal Alice had, and continued down the path she was on, she would soon become more of a burden than a benefit. With how dangerous Franks sanctuary was likely to be, this was something they could not afford.


< Clint, I believe that Alice has obtained one of the red crystals and is what is causing her unusual behavior. Or at least some of it. I need you to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't use it. Once we are done with Frank, we will have to confront her about it.

>Keeping a suspicious eye on Alice, Dixie brings up the rear alongside Makalov, all while never breaking her line of sight.


>Listening to Sophie answer the question for her, Casey nods along, assuming that whatever information she did know about how the red crystals worked, Sophie knew better. Gradually beginning to replace all that she knew, with whatever Sophie said. Though for the one part that Sophie didn't answer, Casey speaks up as she follows along with the rest of the group. A single skeleton following closely behind her.

Frank has a lot of the red crystals. He keeps them stored all over the place so he can boost his power wherever he is. Sometimes he gives them away as gifts to people who might need them. I used to think that was really nice of him, but if they all explode, then that's a very bad thing he did... right?

>She asks, yearning for guidance on the issue. Having had her whole perception of what was right and wrong flipped on it's head by Sophie, Casey wasn't sure of what was good or bad anymore. Hopefully her dad and master could help correct things for her when these cool heroes help her find them.


>As the last of the group enter through the large opening, stepping over or on fragments of bone, they pass through a shimmering magic barrier that concealed what was hidden beyond.

*Glop *Glop *Glop

>Casey cries out as the team enters into a large hallway. Dim construction lights attached to the walls illuminate a grotesque sight. Three small piles of corpses built up in front of three large chute. An ankle deep layer of blue slime coats the floor, walls, and ceiling, dripping small droplets of the gelatinous substance down on the group. Blue Slime Blobs with beaty black eyes, about a meter in size, slug and hop along every surface. Absorbing bodies and body parts before sliming away further down the dim hallway, their forms seem to wrap around the body of whatever they absorbed, causing the "full" ones to come in a variety of odd shapes. With all the organization of ants, the blue Slimes Blobs do not react to the group beyond the occasional glance as they go about their work. However, the group would find that as they walked further, the slime had stuck firmly to their feet like tar and a growing sense of fatigue spreading throughout their body as though their very life force was being drained.

I forgot about the slimes!


>Dixie and Casey, being physically weak, quickly find themselves stuck, the slime only gripping tighter to their limbs the more they struggled, draining their energy.

< This is going to ruin my fur!

Doobie the Warrior HamsterCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556169

File: 1558394149012.png (551.08 KB, 918x908, Untitled22.png)


>While he did not core for the emotionless regard for the young filly and her family, he did not feel that calling her out on her hypocrisy would be beneficial.

Doobie is sure that all will go well and we can have many more talks in the future. Even if it doesn't, Doobie will still have a chance to talk to you more. Doobie cannot help save your Queen and people without a way to find her after all.

>With a simple salute and bow to R34, then to the rest of the watching changelings, Doobie makes his departure.

Doobie will see you again when the Equestrians arrive. May the light of hope be with you!

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556171

>Roll 1d1000 = 600 Evens
>Dub success she's able to pull Casey free in the process

R34!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556172

File: 1558394968082.png (383.82 KB, 811x1031, my-little-pony-фэндомы-mlp-art…)

>Hearing Doobie talk about wanting to find her queen only filled R34 with glee, looks like her 'trump card' will come in handy after all, for all players involved.

>All she had to do was be smart about it. Easy enough.

"Be safe, rodent. Don't make me regret putting my trust in you."

>Her parting words said the changeling soon returned her attention to AW1 once more, mulling over everything that had transpired in this brief talk.

>Maybe the little thing was right after all? Allying with these Equestrians which she admitedly knew nothing about...perhaps they really were different than those from her home dimension.

>It didn't feel good to have been convinced by such a small creature but at the same time it might be the right choice.

>This is no reason to abandon her plans though, the survival of her kin depends on her own actions.

Makalov!LAZY/18DJ.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556173

Roll 1d1000 = 542 odds Sherlock breaks free

Roll 1d1000 = 847 Makalov grabs Dixie

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556175

>Roll 1d1000 = 519 evens

Sasuun!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556176

File: 1558403953076.png (875.76 KB, 670x791, Screenshot_2.png)

>Sas rolls his eyes at Tsuna's response to him, and sighs.

Yeah yeah, listen to the heal-mage here.

>He then starts walking towards the stairs, Tsuna still on his back.

Don't worry! I'll lock this guy in my room and make sure he rests. I'll be back in a bit, alright? I'll be back with drinks and food.

>He says as he walks backwards towards the stairs, spinning around and looking behind him to Tsuna as he walked.

I get it dude, you don't want to worry people, but just shut the hell up and rest.


Sawada Tsunayoshi!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556177

File: 1558404516938.jpg (74.75 KB, 747x1070, sawada_tsunayoshi_by_gryalphk-…)


>He didn't really like how much she was playing up what he did. It was clear very few people were happy about it, and he only frowns at what she says.

>He decides not to say anything. Not because she knew she was right, but because he really didn't have the energy to argue.

>So he just looks away a bit.


>Yeah, alright, he supposes he should anyways.

>Really he was just trying to not cause anyone to worry, but it seems it wasn't really working.

>In Marisa's case it only seemed to make her annoyed somehow. Oh well.


>He was planning on at least talking to Sas about a few things, but he supposes that could wait a bit as well.


Kano!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556179

File: 1558405797199.jpg (369.06 KB, 825x825, bd61e369581c64bcf7e00610cde1c5…)

Mmn.. I just don't think Gluttony fits me very well! Not really me. Hearing he's a problem definitely gives me some extra motivation though!

>He brings a hand to his chin in thought. A lot of this was certainly interesting. The seat of Gluttony was tempting, but.. he wasn't sure about it now. Perhaps there was much he could learn from Lucifer in particular, so he may want to stay in Superbia for a good while longer.

>This might turn out to be quite fun!

Okay, Lord Lucifer!

>He walks past the Demon Prince, towards the exit, and turns around to take a bow.

I'll take a break for now, and go after the Prince of Gluttony at a later date. Until then, I believe I have much to learn about this place and how all of this works. Would it be too much to ask to become a student of sorts? Guided by you and your wisdom, I've no doubt I'd have tremendous success in this realm. With what I have in mind, it's possible in time we could do great things together! Perhaps we may one day pick up where this old friend of yours left off?

>He proposes all this with a bit of a sly smirk. Even if he was declined, it'd give the prince something to thing about for awhile. Placing the ideas in his head was all he needed to accomplish.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556180

>Roll 1d1000 = 156 odds

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556181

File: 1558406940036.jpg (62.04 KB, 540x463, Grell_Euuuhhh.jpg)

>As she walks she listens passively to the chatter behind herself. Apparently the topic of discussion shifted towards 'red crystals' and for a moment the Reaper considers the subject. Hadn't she seen one while fighting the large 'Mr. X' zombie that the salamander had mentioned?

Ah...so they're an amplifier then? Must not be an impressive necromancer to rely on an aid for his abilities to be potent.

>This also must have been the same thing Clint mentioned as cursing Lilly, wasn't it? Perhaps it was some kind of multipurpose magical tool used to enthrall more individuals for his cause? It wasn't out of the question to consider at all.

>He musing comes to a violent stop once she steps over a handful of bone pieces.


>Grell's face twists upon trudging through the sticky blue goop that rises up to her ankles and seeps into her steep heeled shoes. Grell prickles and tries her best to quickly march through, but somewhere around the halfway point she finds herself struggling to pull up her feet and keep going. Ruddy hell she was tired! It must have been the lack of blood compounded with glopping through this muck, she thought, and she wiggles about to try and unstick herself.

Ugh! What the hell is this?!

Yuno!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556183

File: 1558409911982.jpg (139.92 KB, 650x906, white mage 321231321.jpg)


"H-Heal Mage..?"

>Sasuun's strange description of her practices, something she devoted a good chunk of her life to, be described in such an off-hand manner...She doesn't know why but she felt a slight bit offended even though Sas didn't even say anything bad.

>Yuno supposed she wasn't exactly a fully fledged White Mage anyways, and thinking back on her performance tonight...it wasn't exactly stellar. Maybe he was right.

"Mr. Sasuun with all due respect...please don't speak of Tsuna in such an ill tone. It's unbecoming of such great, selfless people like you."

>Noticing Tsuna's less than stellar mood the white mage would lean forward slightly, smiling at him as he's carried away.

"Have a good rest, Tsuna! I hope you recover swiftly. And think back to the symptoms I listed for you!"

>Throughout all of this Yuno had almost forgotten how close Mokou to her an almost constant light hug for quite some time. At this point the familiar warmth reminds her of better times long since passed. It was just fine, like this.

>But yet, things weren't fine at all, they were very much terrible in fact and it all threatened to come flooding back right away as Yuno looked up at the taller witch, spotting those distinct, awful scars on her neck left behind by her mother.


>The girl was silent for now, trying to think of what to say first.

"Hey...I apologize for the awful night you had and well...everything in general I suppose. A better host wouldn't have invited you when their home is such a dangerous place right? Hehe..."

>Yuno finished with a weak laugh and a rather unconvincing smile.

>Marcochius in the meantime had stuck with the smaller witch for now, mostly because her bratty ways and overally sassy attitude were a beacon of light in these rather dour times and people.

>Though something about how this one was talking about drinking seemed awfuly fake, constructed, the grimoire knew that this girl wasn't exactly old by any standard yet she spoke as if she had this much experience?

>Something's not quite right.

"Hmm, you're right about somethin' too little thing. Someone with no sense of taste might not know those particular points about drinkin' but."

"He goddamn knows what it means to drink someone under the table."

>Marcochius did a few pirroutes in the air, levitating himself as he spoke.

"Not like a drinkin' contest between mages would be incredibly interesting anyways. Though I guess it's sort of interesting to see how everyone cheats in their own way hm?"

<"You ain't gonna pass out on us as well, are you Mou? Unless you have some other reason for leaning against someone so much, that is."

"Oh c'mon, I had to watch these two all day, you don' get to deliver the punchline! That's so not fair! Hmmrghm!"


>Yuno finally seemed to take notice of the two talking about Mokou and her apparently, blinking as she looked from Marisa and Marco back to Mokou her expression growing a smidge more worried.

"Oh Mokou..you're not feeling well? You're not experiencing nausea right? I can search for a few warm blankets for you to relax with, just say the word okay?"

>The grimoire sort of stopped swaying about as he saw the point fly right over Yuno's head, dumbfounded that someone could be this dense.


MokouCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556184

File: 1558418758010.jpg (517.27 KB, 887x709, 1349618392018.jpg)


Nodding and watching as the two stepped out to get him some proper rest. A bit glad everyone for the most part was doing better than she figured would have been. Everyone had a tough part about em.


>Raising her brows and leaning back some looking between Marco and Marisa and their banter. Marco's jab hitting her square in the forehead practically. As she looked down to Yuno and her statement.

"Hey hey now.. it's not like that at all. If anything it's on me... and... r-right, yeah.. sorry if I leaned on ya too much."
>Leaning back some and giving a small squeeze of Yuno's shoulder and a smile before turning and beginning towards what looked like a kitchen.

"No no, it's all good, ahm feeling fine."
>She waved a hand lightly taking three steps before her knee buckled and she had to throw her foot to the side catching herself before falling over.

"Once we take a seat and get some food I'll be good. And a drink... or two or.. more.."
>A smile forming on her face looking to Marisa and Marco in particular. Stepping again and headed for the kitchen.. bar.. thingy.. or where she figured it was from Sas' direction.

<I am hungry as heck...

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556185

>Roll 1d1000 = 561 odds, dubs she snaps out of it again, critical fail she's so damn distracted that she practically walks into the monster.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556186

>Roll 1d1000 = 95 evens

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556187

File: 1558425842349.png (136.03 KB, 392x440, I dont think it works that way…)

>Alice was able to miraculously step over the puddles of slime despite her entranced state, the witch stopping just in time to notice the slime that stood in their path.

"Oh for the love of--"
>She then saw some of the others stuck in the strange goo covering the floor. With frustration she shook her head as she tried to focus again, trying to come up with a plan amidst the foggy desire to obsessively examine the spoils from her last encounter. After a short internal struggle, she managed to pull out of it for the time being, the witch having some sort of will power to her despite her inexperience with cursed items.

>Though she never faced slime before she knew enough of their basic anatomy to know water attacks could be rather effective against them, most of the time anyway. She quickly readied her wand and popped open another vial of holy water from her shrinking supply. She took a breath as she fought to focus her energy into her spell as she cast it.

"Leve est magicae!!"

>Shouted as she cast a bolt into the ceiling, hoping that this one would fair much better than her previous attempts in the last room.

>Roll 1d1000 = 713 odds

Sucy!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556189

File: 1558428099872.jpg (5.29 KB, 127x162, IMG_20180324_035019.jpg)

>It seemed that Clint didn't want to risk blowing money on this. Couldn't say she blamed him, would have set him back a pretty penny. At least the tank was willing to take the brunt of the attacks. Best to hide in the middle if the orange knight was so adamant about holding up the rear.

>Which only made it all the more surprising when the slime came all around them. Before she could react she would find herself stuck to the slime on the floor. A faint tear in her robes would be heard as she tried to lift her leg out of the slime, only to remain as stuck as everyone else.


>She wasn't sure what to do. She could try acid or an explosive but at this range she'd likely just get herself caught in the attack.

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556190

File: 1558429010615.png (422.77 KB, 655x594, Stein_ManInTheMirror.png)

>Stein smiles faintly and glances out the side of his eye at the pony. Appleslice was an incredibly naive young colt, which was remarkable given his father. The pony didn't seem to internalize the ideas of death, cruelty, or suffering. Wade did a good job sheltering him.

>Or maybe Appleslice just didn't process that or repressed it. That seemed more likely, though was significantly sadder if it were true.

You think so? That's good.

>He rolls his shoulder into a half shrug and holds out a hand. In a click of his Sylladex a package of cigarettes appear in his hand, and with a sigh the doctor rifles through it to pull a fresh stick out.

It means I'm doing a good job...it helps when I don't have a constant pull of Madness tugging at my mind anymore, but if you can't even imagine me being so unforgivably heinous then I must be doing something right so far.

>It gave him a strange feeling, not just happy. Contentedness? He could remember the struggle very clearly in his mind's eye, the constant war between doing what was right versus what was wrong, and his own mental gymnastics of his sanity and insanity fighting over the very definition of it. He could very easily picture himself being the absolute worst, there were times in his life where he had nearly acted on such impulses.

>Thankfully, he felt as if that part of him was firmly controlled now. The danger of falling so far felt so far away, which gave him a peace of mind he hadn't felt before. It was...nice, he thought.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556191

File: 1558429085956.jpg (119.05 KB, 599x800, What am I reading.jpg)

<Don't worry! I'll lock this guy in my room and make sure he rests. I'll be back in a bit, alright? I'll be back with drinks and food.

>Well, there's nothing for the Ordinary Magician to complain about there, as she looks around for somewhere comfortable to sit and wait for the promised refreshments.

>Luckily the tome floating nearby provides a pretty decent way to pass the time, though not in the way most people would expect. Especially not that bookworm, who'd only be interested in poring over the presumed secrets hidden in his pages.

"Seems like the contest falls apart if you're not at a table to start with in the first place though, ya know?"

<"Oh c'mon, I had to watch these two all day, you don' get to deliver the punchline! That's so not fair! Hmmrghm!"

>Her smirk widens even more for a few moments as she realizes that she's likely hit the spot with this one....

>Only to be let down by both of the girls either missing the jab entirely or just having really good poker faces about it.

"Yeah, Mou, just gotta wait that Sasuun guy to get back first. Well, guess he wouldn't mind if ya took stuff out of that weird cold box thing they have in there though."

"Yuno can probably help you figure it out, if you're too old fashioned."

>After calling this out, while trying to keep her expression from cracking too much, she shoots Marco an odd glance before speaking to the book in a hushed but rather incredulous tone.

"...so wait, you're saying they've been doing all this huggy blushy crap all day, but they just blew something like that off so easily?"

"Whatcha say we make a game of it then, not that I have any clue what a musty old book like you would want to wager in the first place."

>If Yuno was to pay attention, it'd be pretty clear that Marisa and Marco were colluding on...something, though with how quiet the rather short Japanese girl has gotten it'd be hard to hear what exactly.

Lucifer!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556192

File: 1558430980336.jpg (18.23 KB, 210x240, overlord-48.5.jpg)

You're bold to ask for tutelage. I will not. You already have found enough benefit with the favor I already bestowed upon you.

>Lucifer did not sound offended at the boldness of Kano's request but again his expression was as solid as stone and unmovable as well. The demon lifts an arm and gestures up the carpeted path leading back to the grand doors of the castle. As if by magic they open, allowing the dim light of the outdoors to pour in through the cracked entrance.

Come back after you've found your footing as a demon. To prove your competency bring me one souvenir from each realm of Hell and I shall reconsider the task I originally posed to you. That will reveal your skills more than sufficient to perform what is necessary, should you complete it.

>With that the Prince moves to return to his grand throne and waves a hand in dismissal to the young demon.

Now go.

Kano!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556193

File: 1558432870821.jpg (705.32 KB, 714x734, c1cd70833b44bc8ff756740e7e65db…)

>Kano doesn't budge when Lucifer denies his request, and his smile does not waver. The new task bestowed upon him by the lord is at least something to work off of.

>Perfect! Something fun to do! Though his wording is a bit vague, he's sure he can figure something out.

>Still in a low bow, hand tight to his chest, he speaks up one last time.

Of course, Lord Lucifer. I shall once again go on to prove myself, and go above and beyond your expectations. I thank you again for your generosity this far. I shall see you again.

>Raising back up from his bow, he offers the prince a sincere smile, and begins to turn around.

>He reaches back to his hood, and lifts it up over his head once more. He places his hands in his pockets, and starts down the hallway towards the exit.

>His eyes glow red as he makes his way out, and a wide grin appears on his face.

>This was going to be fun!

> Yobanashi Deceive [Kogeinu] - Eng Sub

Makalov!LAZY/18DJ.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556194

File: 1558438686643.png (298.11 KB, 485x435, FEPR_Makalov_02.png)

>Makalov made Sherlock slowly trot after the group whilst keeping his eyes open for any threat that might pop out.


>At first Makalov didn't really think much of the strange noises everyone's steps made but that proved to be an enormous mistake.

>Sherlock's movements suddenly became very strange, restless, her head suddenly flinging around from side to side as she whined in protest, the muscles in her back tensed up as she struggled against the sapping pull of the slime.

"W-What in blazes? Sherlock hoo hoo!"

>The knight attempted to soothe his trusty warhorse to no avail, not understanding what on earth was her problem.


>That is until he saw the rest of the group begin their struggle as well, the sounds of their groans and clothing getting ripped sent shivers down the Knight's spine, everyone walked right into the trap!

>At the very least that rude animal witch seemed to have broken free, casting some sort of spell at the ceiling? He couldn't exactly see what was happening there but he hoped it was something good.


<I forgot about the slimes!

"...Yeah! No kidding!"

>The knight was able to see Sophie in Casey's near vicinity, seemingly unaffected by the slime or at the very least managing to resist it's effect. He had to think fast, whipping his head around he spotted a familiar canine form, whining and struggling in the slime pile. It was that dog that was with the invisible lady when he was first recruited, the one that absolutely hated being pet.

"Look, I know you hate gettin' touched or whatever but- Gyaah!"

>Dixie can feel the uncomfortable rough grip of a metal plated glove tight around the scruff of her neck as she is suddenly jerked away from her adversities and placed upon the saddle of the struggling, panicking warhorse close to the Knight's stomach.

"What on earth are these things?! Casey? What do we do? How do we stop this?!"


>The Knight drew his sword readying his strike once the time came to do so. For now Dixie would be safe on horseback and behind the Knight's shield, he does however fainltly reek of Alcohol and...was that even more chicken in her beautiful mane? How is this even possible?!

Yuno!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556195

File: 1558440841041.jpg (88.49 KB, 704x400, Shakugan no Shana 03 - P39.jpg)


>Refusing to let go of the struggling witch Mokou finds that Yuno stays by her side, offering up her shoulder as the two stumbled over to the lounge with it's various comfortably padded chairs and couches of wildly mixed and matched styles and shapes. There were couches made to fit those cute Equestrians, slightly shorter than the traditional human ones and even the massive fancy mahogany tables came in all sorts of different sizes, spread throughout the room.

>Wayne Manor is well equipped to house all sorts of weirdos and races.

"No...No it's fine. I'm here for you Mokou, I want to help you out as best as I can."

>If the girl was being honest with herself, while she does wana help out Mokou, she more or less simply tried to distract herself as best as she could, pushing the happenings of tonight in the far back of her mind simply not wanting to deal with it now.

>Soon enough Mokou finds herself being supported right toward a massive red couch with some cute little cushions with various designs printed or knitted into them. One of which showed a comic of Equestrian Super Heroes called 'The Power Ponies" posing heroically for the camera with a winning smile.

"You must be so hungry...and it's no good drinking on an empty stomach you know? Immortal or not!"

>The girl dusted herself off some as she smiled down at Mokou. Yuno really was in her element here, doing best when she can just spoil and care for someone else.

"Is there anything you'd prefer? I heard about how well stocked Wayne Manor is, i'm sure they have even the most peculiar and obscure of foods!"

>It seems like distracting herself is working wonders.


>Marco was left to watch Yuno, stunned at how oblivious she appeared to be about how this relationship of hers could be seen questionable.

>Hearing Marisa's quit indulgence the book couldn't help but sigh.

"Ya see this? This been going on ever since the two literally bumped into each other yesterday. I mean, can't really blame Yuno eh? My Fujiwara Mokou is absolutely lovely pfehehe"

>Though the concept of a bet on how this whole thing will go down does sound fun.

"Hmm, that does sound interesting and like the most fun we can have with this hm? Whatcha say we reveal one spell to the winner of this bet?"

>He said a little more discretly, floating closer to Marisa.

"I'll even let you have first pick, do they go beyond holding hands after getting filled up or not hmm? If you win i'll let you take a looksie at one of my pages, if you lose you gotta gimme one of yours instead."

>He really didn't mind sharing some of his secrets, what's the fun in having all these spells and incantations stored within him when he rarely ever gets to use 'em? Not like Marisa was evil or anything like that either.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556206

File: 1558476537982.png (24.44 KB, 222x222, comic450.png)


Well I only saw one, and I shot it to break it.

I don't know if anyone else saw any of them, but we should keep an eye out and bust any we come across.

>At Dixies warning, Clint moved his head enough to peak at Alice in the corner of his eye. Given what he experienced last time he knew this was going to be bad. Maybe it'd even offer her a wish like it did him, and if that happened no telling what could happen. Clint stood up straight at the feeling of his feet getting stuck. He mentally kicked himself at being distracted so easily, he should have been looking out for traps


How do we get this off??

>Clint asked to no one in particular as he tried to pry his feet away from the floor.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556207

File: 1558490366105.jpg (191.28 KB, 1000x726, 45464129_p0.jpg)

>Being focused on trying to stay focused on figuring out what the others know, while constantly checking to make sure that Alice...or more specifically the dark entity that is presumably possessing her body and making her do well...actually not that dangerous of things so far, but at least things that keep distracting Clint...

>In any case, she hasn't seemed to notice yet so thats....SPLOOSH.

<I forgot about the slimes!

>As Casey cries out, the artificial humanoid reaches out to grab the collar of the girl's cloak, before launching herself upwards with an odd force that crumbles the ground she was previously standing on.

>And while the salamander might expect a landing to come just as quickly, the actually just seem to hover there suspended by wings that appear to be made out of pure light itself for several moments, as Sophie aims her free arm downwards towards any nearby patches of slimes that hadn't been blown away during her launch airborne.

"Piercing Blast!"

>Once again the beam Casey had been the accidental target of previously flares out from the girl's hand, this time in an attempt to clear at least a safe landing zone for the pair, as Sophie's "feathers" slowly begin to fall loose and disappear back into motes of light.

>Roll 1d1000 = 306 Evens, Dubs or better she actually manages to clear enough space to try and reach at least Clint or Grell next turn if the slimes don't flood back in immediately.

>Odds, her beam isn't able to cut through the sheer mass of sludgy goop quickly enough to really make much headway.

>Regardless of her beam's effectiveness, the sudden storm of holy rain doesn't seem to bother the girl too much as she tries to figure out the situation from a higher vantage point.

>She does briefly wonder if there's any meaning to Alice seemingly having been spared from the trap, but...she seemed to be helping at least?

>The other witch seems to be fairing much worse...though she hadn't seemed to have much vitality from the start so its not too surprising.

>Makalov seems fine, so maybe he can take care of Casey as well as Dixie...if she can reach them somehow.

>After that she could try and cut the others free...hopefully. Shifting combat modes while carrying someone seems like it'd be asking for an accident to occur though, so she needs her hands free first.

Dixie!TRaItoRCe2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556208

File: 1558493722557.png (108.15 KB, 1024x1024, EsfhxE9.png)


>Having failed to escape or recognize the danger in time, Grell, Sucy, Sherlock, and Clint would all feel more of their energy drained. Their eyelids growing heavy as though they hadn't slept the night before. The longer the group was trapped in the slime, the more the hard working Slime Blobs seemed to watch, a few of them even stopping their work altogether to focus purely on the trapped.


>Those who were fortunate enough to be free of the slime might notice the color draining from the faces of their teamates. Even with Dixie and Casey saved from the slime, their brief exposure to it would show on their faces. Dixie growls furiously at Makalovs rough treatment, but manages to restrain herself enough NOT to bite him. Having had her energy drained from the slime and the soul based attack from earlier, she can only cling onto the horse. Casey on the other hand, droops as Sophie launches herself into the air with her wings of light.

These are Franks special slimes. The longer you're stuck


the more of your energy they drain until you don't have enough to fight back.

>As Alice's holy water storm builds up, Casey looks to the indoor storm cloud as it rains down on the blue slime on the floor. While it begins to delude the slime on the floor, it has next to no effect on the patches the others were stuck in. The various Slime Blobs that had stopped to watch all glance up at the pouring rain in unison.

Uh oh. You made them mad.

>Annoyed with the water, a few of the Slime Blobs slowly make their way towards Alice while the rest flinch irritably from the rain.


>That is, until Sophie attacks the slime covered floor. The pure light and energy of the attack disperses enough of the slime to clear a path to Clint. Nearly every Slime Blob turns their attention towards Sophie, wide eyed and ravenous. Sliding and hopping along the floor and walls, the Slime Blobs push past the trapped party members towards Sophie and Casey, with a few still heading towards Alice.

>Roll 1d1000 = 785 Grell

>Roll 1d1000 = 914 Sucy
>Roll 1d1000 = 273 Clint
>Roll 1d1000 = 116 Sherlock

>If Evens, the Slime Blobs rub up against you and lock up the associated limb as though it was tased for as long as it is touching. Dubs and it climbs over you.


>The Slime Blobs move as a team and lurch forward to grab hold and drain the energy of Alice and Sophie. Aiming specifically for the legs.

>Roll 1d1000 = 95 Alice

>Roll 1d1000 = 517 Sophie

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556209

File: 1558495854948.png (296.28 KB, 540x484, Grell_Wheeze.png)

>Being so far ahead from everyone else, Sophie's blast doesn't reach the red reaper, whose struggles grow weaker and weaker. Already fatigued from her earlier loss of blood, Grell stoops and feels her eyelids grow heavy with exhaustion. She feels something wet dripping down on her, causing the slimes to ripple and shiver around her.

>She sees the slimes ooze past her but being as tired as she is, Grell can't muster the strength to even swipe at them. She laboriously drags her chainsaw from her coat but can barely lift it to proper height.

Ugh...I'm to ruddy tired for this...

>So tired she doesn't even bother to start the weapon's engine up. She turns the blade down towards the floor with a low muttering grunt.

these things better not ruin my shoes I paid good money for them...ngh, so sleepy...~

>Roll 1d1000 = 945 odds, Grell jabs the ground in front of her with her chainsaw to prop her stooping torso up. She leans on it and sighs sleepily, yawning widely for good measure.

>evens, the Reaper can't maintain her balance with it and falls like a tree.


Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556210

File: 1558503659392.png (201.14 KB, 455x383, Zap some shit.png)


>Now with her head completely in the game again, Alice quickly jumps back from the approaching blobs and vanishes into thin air with a poof. She soon re-appeared on the opposite end of the room.

"Fulgur Percusserit"
>She shouts as the storm grew more violent, the rolling clouds becoming more turbulent and darker by the second while the storm brewed on.

>Roll 1d1000 = 173 odds, her latest spell causes the storm to go electrical, the witch soon directing lighting onto the blobs at will.
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Sucy!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556211

File: 1558504848522.jpg (22.19 KB, 310x285, 1501730481858.jpg)

>True to Cassy's warning, Sucy would begin to feel herself dozing off. She had to keep her energy up if she was going to even have a hope of fighting against this.

>She reaches into her satchel to pull out one of her healing mushrooms. Her hand rubbing against the crystal she had stashed inside. She recalls the warning of the rest of the group. Suddenly the voices she was hearing since picking it up made sense. If what people were saying was right she could use this to get out of this jam. Maybe even end this whole thing right now.

>She considers the idea as she pulls out a red mushroom. Would be best to save such a trump card for a truely hopless situation. And this group had proven resourceful prior to now.

>Roll 1d1000 = 42

>Evens she manages to down the mushroom. The sudden burst of energy giving her the strength to keep standing and think of a way out of this jam that didn't doom her to an early grave.

>Odds the mushroom falls with a plop onto the slime below. Her body shaking as she lands on her back into the slime. Her eye barely staying open.

Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556212

>Appleslice thinks it over for a while. For all be knew Stein was something he considered as an ideal future for himself. Dependable, intelligent, resourceful, all qualities he aspired for himself. It was no secret that Stein was the cornerstone to their progress so far in this game. He had made the plays that led them to victory being so close to their grasp.

>But there was one play that Appleslice had to question. Looking back to their battle against Koki's denizen she did appear to have much animosity toward Stein. The destruction of Derse was something that he had convinced himself to be necessary in this venture. It housed the enemy, along with their Black Queen that would have proven dangerous should she be allowed to live.

Though I must ponder. Was the destruction of the entire planet absolutely necessary? Would have the simple assassination of the Black Queen not also sufficed?

>He awaits the answer in bated breath. He figured whatever answer his uncle provided would give peace of mind. But hearing him explain it would help significantly.

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556213

File: 1558515143107.png (112.89 KB, 469x268, Stein_Keep Talking.PNG)

No. Assassinating the Black Queen is certainly possible and definitely easier than manufacturing the destruction of an entire planet but there are factors in place to subvert the ease of a path like that with ambitious underlings of the Queen working beneath her. The Dersite Archagents may differ slightly game to game but the core of what they are remains the same in every session and should the Queen's ring fall into their hands there would still be a battle to be waged against a deadly and competent force.

>Stein speaks with absolute certainty and eyes Appleslice again from the corner of his own, his mouth turned into a noticeable frown.

Not every Dersite on the planet supports the Queen's agenda of war but they do support the cessation of the game for the sake of no further propagation of the Genesis Frog. By that end, they work against our own interests to create the Frog and leave the game victorious. Derse in several previous sessions had been responsible for the destruction of Prospit, the Kingdom in alliance with us players to complete the game victorious.

Derse, if given the opportunity, would celebrate our gruesome deaths and failure as their success. They celebrate the destruction and subjugation of Prospit when allowed. To destroy them entirely was a twofold move: for one to destroy the resources that creates their vast armies on the battlefield, and two, act as a demoralization factor for the remaining forces here.

>Stein looks back to the sky with a severe frown in place. If it wasn't a game he'd likely have felt worse about the circumstances but the man couldn't muster the empathy for a kingdom that actively sought their failure. Softhearted leniency is what allowed many players to be caught unaware, losing their session's ring or being betrayed by a carapace that did not deserve the faith placed in them in the first place.

...Our session isn't a strong one, Appleslice. We have the benefit of not prototyping a horrible obstacle like the first session had, but we simultaneously have a session where very few players managed to reach their apex level required to take on the Black King and his armies here on the Battlefield. If I didn't do what I had, can you imagine how much worse it would have been here by the time we arrived? Derse and Prospit as it stands is evenly matched, and this is after the destruction of our antagonizing kingdom.

MokouCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556214

File: 1558516116028.jpg (66.55 KB, 462x368, 3ad.jpg)


"Ha.. ha... I know how an ice chest works."
>She stated flatly with a large amount of sarcasm.
>Making her way with Yuno assisting her once again, she looked back over her shoulder to Marisa and Marco, who seemed to be quietly... plotting, ...? If they were insulting each other it'd be loud surely...

>Before she could give much thought and a raised brow at the two her attention was drawn to the couch. Finding herself plopping down into a couch, her head staying elevated some and slowly sinking back and into the cushion.

"O-oh.... ahhh...... wow that's soft..."
>Opening her eyes to Yuno being, so damn supportive and willing. But she was positive at least and, seemed to have lost her dwelling shadow.

"Well shit uhh.. haha, well that's the point, I can't die~ ... but uhh.."
>Joking some but looking upwards.
"Wonder if some noodles would be doable... Nabeyaki Udon soup.. oh, wish Mystia was here, she had the best ramen cart... can we make some noodles?"

>Mokou lit up some looking to Yuno. Thick wheat noodles and broth and ohh yes, a hearty udon sounded great to her since having not really actually eaten anything for a good while.

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556215

>Much as he thought they would the words seem logical to Appleslice. In the time he had been unconscious his Uncle had been gathering information that would otherwise had been lost to them. He was aware of the inner workings of this game perhaps moreso then their apparent mentor.

>Suffice to say it was not the first time in Appleslice's life that he had been the target of unruly forces. And much like the previous attempts on his life the answer seemed to be to retort with incredible violence. Come to think of it, father did always carry excessive weaponry on his person at nearly all times.


>Was this just the way the world was? There was logic in striking down those who would inflict harm upon you. Yet his father was always trying to shelter him from violence. Who was to say he wasn't out committing similar acts to the "bad guys" he went after?


>The moment would be short lived as soon the sound of rapid footsteps would approach. As Appleslice raised himself up the sounds would be accompanied by deep barking. The sounds getting closer by the second.


>The colt's guess would prove accurate. As within seconds the Pokemon appears from around the corner and leaps on to his master's chest. Sending them both to the ground with a loud thud.

>Cerberus proceeds to assault Appleslice's face with his tongue. Concerned whimpers accompanied by the occasional bark. Appleslice's forelegs would be occupied trying to lightly push the the dog's face away with little success. Though his mechanical arms would betray him and show his true feelings with all four reaching out to pet the dog pokemon.

Cerberus! Down boy! Down! Bleh!

Makalov!LAZY/18DJ.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556216

File: 1558524451736.png (215.74 KB, 346x344, Ss_fe10_makalov_gold_knight.pn…)


>For a brief moment there was an expression of anger on the knight's face as he heard Dixie's growling.

"Oh put a sock in it you stupid mu-! Woah!"

>Before Makalov could vent his frustration about the dog Sherlock whined, almost screamed as even more slimes began covering her legs, shocking her at this whole time by the sound of it. What's worse, the horse's struggles grew weaker and weaker Makalov could tell.

"Ah...damn you slimy bastards!"

>He had to get Sherlock outta here, but his allies were still in danger and grew...tired?

>He felt the...rain pouring down on him? It was raining?! In this crappy cave? He didn't have much time to think about it but these slimeballs didn't seem too fond of it as they scurried over to the witch that was causing it.


>A quick look around told him that pretty much everyone was having a horrific time, barely able to keep themselves standing, if a big skeleton like the Captain showed up now all would be lost. He saw the scary lady had pretty much ceased her fighting, the old geezer wasnt doing too well either and that other, even scarier witch girl was...eating something? At least she was still standing as well.

"Look, dog, you stay. Sit, no moving! Bzzz."

>He had no idea how to really command a dog, but he tried his best to do so to Dixie, careful to not touch her with his hands as he shouted over to Sophie.

"Hey! Pigtails! Help me free up Sherlock so we can get people outta here, quick!"

>Dismounting now would be a terrible idea, so he simply began to hang onto Sherlock's reins, leaning off of the horse as he began to hack into the Slimes that trapped his trusty warhorse.

Roll 1d1000 = 20

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556223

File: 1558589921583.png (27.32 KB, 213x241, 28.png)

oh no.

>Once Clint started to feel his energy being taken, and felt a sense of sleepiness wash over him, he knew this wasn't going to be good. Clint slowly lifted his head up, giving a small huff as he tried his best to try and fight off the sensation of being tired. It seemed like about half of them were still stuck in the goo, and the other slime balls were coming to attack as he watches one slither along. Clint looked down near him to see that a path had been cleared to him, and while he might have still been stuck, he was close to being completely free. Clint pulls out a knife from his hip quickly, and leans over to his feet to start cutting at the goo in an attempt to loosen it up!

>Roll 1d1000 = 712 evens

>Odds and he doesn't have enough energy to do so, simply slashing at that go but not making any progress.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556225

File: 1558675220791.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.93 KB, 854x480, Shadow_Moment_(ToG).jpg)

>As she lands, the girl has little choice but to leap airborne once more, in order to leap over the mass of blobs heading her way.

>Holding Casey with one arm weighs her down more than she's used to, but even so she manages to hop over the lurching slimes reasonably enough, before hurrying off on the one path that she was able to open for herself, even though its the opposite direction from where she'd rather be going.

<Still, there's no way she can free the rest of them right away, not while protecting the girl and while needing to avoid their attackers as well. It's just not possible, even for her. At best she might be able to pull off two, but no she'd promised...

<...Several of the others look to be in really bad shape even already however, the other witch seems about to drift off...and even their two strongest are in bad spots already, with Makalov specifically calling for help.

<Alice was still up but...Sophie can't bring herself to just trust that the witch will save anyone else, not after the fight between her and Clint.

"Casey, stay here with Clint for now, okay?"

>So it is, with nowhere left to run that she finally sets Casey back down at the end of the path she made towards Clint, before looking over to the man in question.

"Sorry Clint. It looks like I won't be able to keep my promise not to do anything reckless after all."

>The girl says, before turning back towards the slimes as the gauntlets on her arms are replaced with a pair of blades that jut out about a foot from the ends of her hands.

"...Limiters released."

>Is the final thing the girl says, before seeming to vanish into the glow that surrounds her that then explodes forwards into 6 small pink lights from where there had previously been a girl.

>Roll 1d1000 = 655 Even for hit, the lights shoot through Roll 1d6 = 5 of the slime blobs that are clumped up back where they had tried to corner her.

>If all 6 hit or at least Dub Success and 3 hits:

>As the girl reforms on the other side she's already continuing to run, rushing past Makalov even before finally skidding to a stop.

>She then shoots a concussive blast of energy at the slimes, before taking what almost looks like a speed skating stance and charging forwards again, at least for the first two strides, before suddenly launching forwards at extreme speeds, like a jet plane, or missile or one of many popular DBZ characters.

"Assassination Art: Shadow Moment!"

>As her shadowy silhouette seems to burst past the clump of slimes there's a sudden series of flashes of light accompanied by what sounds like a whir of blades that ends as the girl skids back to a stop in front of the salamander with her blades out to the side.

>However the target of the second rush after the initial stunning blast doesn't seem to be the blobs that are moving around, as Roll 1d4 = 1 of those starting from the back with Sherlock would realize as the trails of slime gooping them to the floor sluff away in short strips.

>Otherwise, she just reforms on the other side but isn't able to keep up her momentum, instead skidding to a stop next to Makalov after resuming her usual form.

>If the attack is a critical failure, she seems very short of breath, to the point where she would easily be open for an attack from behind.

!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556226

>It had soon become the day everyone were to meet with the familiar group of vigilantes. The two bosses of the Vongola family sit patiently in the home of the tenth, happily talking amongst themselves and catching up with each other like old friends.

>The two were accompanied by two each of their guardians, whom all sat together on a set of couches inside the tenths home, waiting for their visitors to arrive.

>The outside of the building was as plain as any ordinary home would be. Nothing fancy or out of the ordinary about it. It was a typical brick house with a large, white door at its front. Next to the door would be the nameplate of the one who lived here, as well as the number "27", marking the address of the house itself.

<"Sawada Tsunayoshi"

<"Vongola Decimo"

>Leading up to the door would be a few steps onto a white, narrow porch several chairs set up outside with a few empty endtables.

>And it was about time for their guests to arrive too! Perhaps Yamamoto should get some food ready?

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File: 1558686866352.jpg (24.11 KB, 246x402, job well done.jpg)

>On the street in front of the building a rush of dark energy builds up from seemingly nothing, growing larger and ovular until it stands approximately six feet in height. The dark magic composing it ripples, cooling the air around it with its proximity, despite the fairly nice warm spring day. A hand clothed in black slides through the magic as if it were air, followed by the petite figure of a young woman dressed in black. She squints and steps fully out of the portal, keeping a hand over her brows to shield her eyes as she adjusted to the sunlight.

>Xion frowns and squints, taking in the building in front of her. Today was another box to mark in the many things on her plate, after a particularly messy evening after a devastating Heartless attack and subsequent meetings at Town Hall with the mayoral cabinet about steps necessary to protect the city in the following days from the Heartless and their controllers: Organization XIII.

>Today was another wholly different issue, this being the summons from the letter that was sent to her weeks ago. Sasuun had said it had something to do with the Vongola Rings, one of which sat safely around Xion's right ring finger. The sliver catches the light of the sun and twinkles splendidly on her hand. It was obviously well cared for and polished, she used it far too much to neglect the magical jewelry's care.

This should be the place...?

>Xion reaches her hand into a pocket in her long dark coat. She pulls out the very same letter sent as invitation to her and looks over the information once more. It seemed to be accurate, and with a nod she slipped it back in her pocket. She makes her way towards the steps and the white door, her drawstrings to her coat jingling with every step Xion takes.

>Before she knocks Xion takes a cursory glance around. This was North District, a pretty upscale neighborhood for Town that she rarely went to. The area was so fancy the trees planted along the sidewalks lining the streets had tiny fences around them! It was almost bizarre how well kept and clean the area was compared to places like West or South District. She supposed all the money put into landscapers, personal security patrols, and an enthusiastic neighborhood watch ensured that kind of environment.


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File: 1558688535180.jpg (50.8 KB, 253x364, ss (2016-05-13 at 12.48.11).jp…)


>It's only a few seconds before she starts to hear voices come from inside. One of which being quite a familiar one!

Oh, oh I'll get it. Coming!

>She can hear the faint footsteps from inside the building all the way towards the door, and as the doornob turns and the door opens..

>It's Sas!


>Before there's a chance for confusion to set in, Sas quickly pipes back up to let her know what's going on.

I just got here a bit early. Apparently there's supposed to be a third one of us showing up at some point, but they said we can start without him?

>There's a brief pause after this thought of his.

Oh! Yeah, you can come in. There's food too!

>He then moves back into the house and motions for Xion to follow.

>The immediate inside of the house is a large, open room spanning far forward and to the right, with another room seeming the branch off just shortly down the wall to the left, openly connected to the larger room with a slightly lower ceiling.

>The larger room had a couch sitting right in the middle, facing to the right and towards a large TV which was currently turned off, a wooden coffee table in between them with books, rings, glasses, and small, colored boxes laid all about.

>At the fair end of the room was an open doorway that led to a kitchen area, and to the right of that was a set of staircases that led both up and down.

>Everyone however was sitting in the smaller room to the left, 3 couches sitting at the closer end of a rather large, round table, that was also covered with rings and boxes, but also news articles, and a single copy of the letter that Xion had received.

>On the far end of the table were two large chairs, where Tsuna and another, much older man sat.

>On the couch on the left was a pair of similarly old-looking men, dressed up nice in dress clothes, but seemed to be relaxing and enjojying themselves.

>On the rightmost couch, there sat a young man with silver hair. He was not at all as well-dressed as the ones to the far left, and sat slouched, seeming in a rather bad mood for whatever reason.

>And the center couch was empty, which would be where Sas would lead Xion to sit.

>As Xion entered, everyone would turn to look at her, and all but the young man with silver hair would offer her a smile.

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File: 1558690594725.png (378.37 KB, 600x845, A Hello To You Too.png)

>Xion blinks. The voice behind the door sounded familiar, though it isn't until the door opens that she's sure who it is. Sasuun getting here first wasn't that much a surprise, she did spend a little longer this morning at Town Hall than she liked to arrive first. Wayne Manor wasn't that far away from North District either.

Hey Sasuun, nice to see you're here already!

>She follows him inside and shuts the door behind herself, allowing it to close with a quiet 'click' of the latch. Xion takes in the interior with a passing glance. She offers a small smile and a wave of her hand as she follows Sas to the center couch.

Hello everyone, sorry I'm a little late. Town Hall was nuts today and I had something I had to handle first.

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File: 1558691499932.jpg (108.48 KB, 777x1087, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn…)

>While Yuno is busying herself with settling Mokou in, Marisa seems to be contemplating the counter offer that Marco is giving her.

"Ah, I see, that makes a lot of sense, after all...being a grimoire and all, spells are probably the only currency you've got."

>The magician smirks a little at a private thought, that she quickly proceeds to share anyways.

"Or value most likely either for that matter, man being a book must suck."

>Whether she realizes how insulting she's probably being or not, she doesn't really show it, instead just continuing on with the discussion.

"Still, a spell for a spell, yeah thats fine, except two problems, see for one, that pervert already explained that your pages are actually just full of crap, so a peek won't do, you'll have to actually explain it."

>The girl's grin shrinks back to a rather belligerent smirk as she brings up the second finger however.

"That's simple enough to fix though, its number two thats the real kicker, and that is that your plan...in terms even a dirty old man could understand...is way too boring. Do they hold hands, do they kiss, maybe they start stripping for no good reason, either way the problem is that all we end up doing is sitting there."

"In short, its boring. No, what I'm offering is a game to while away the time with, which is pretty considerate of me since you can't even spend the time drinking. Course there'd be some ground rules, even if its just to first blush or some bigger sort of reaction cause the booze'll make the blood go to anyone's head after a while. It's about teasing them, so asking if they have, want to, or are going to just fuck already are all off limits. No describing whatever sick fetishes you're hoping they'll act out in detail either, otherwise first one to spill their feelings whether its a confession or a denial wins?"

>The way her smirk widens a bit again at this point might make Marco start to rethink where the girl's morality falls....well, except for the fact that he's friends with someone way worse anyways.

"Obviously you can't mention the game either but only an idiot would let Mou know they were messing with her. So, how 'bout it? You want in or not?"

<Despite the face she's putting on however, she's honestly a bit concerned with the whole thing anyways...after all, Mou didn't tend to be a people person in general...or a youkai one either for that matter. Well, back home she was often busying herself with the target of her aggressions, though Kaguya tended to pull a lot of messed up shit in revenge as well.

<Still, even if she was one of the more generally friendly to human types around, one doesn't just hang out in a maze of bamboo because they like dealing with people, no matter how many villagers they play tour guide to. Making a game out of it just lets her split the blame and maybe get a reward out of it, on top of having some fun and possibly winning the book over all at once.

<After all, she still needs a claim for the rematch...in fact the more people who can duel the bitch next time the better, even if she can talk her into abiding by Spell Card rules. Might as well stack the deck when its something important after all, though it'd be way easier if it was over some stupid bullshit where they could just throw the fight if it got annoying...or if the thing they were fighting over was to stupid to want to win over anyways.

>In any case, she finally gets tired of standing around and acting like she owns the place, saunters into the lounge before plopping down on one of the pony sized couches relatively near the red one. Honestly its a way better fit in any case with how short the girl is.

"Well, maybe if you wish hard enough, since its apparently not just your ordinary run of the mill outer world ice chest either."

>Marisa says to the immortal after crossing her booted legs up on the couch as well, in her usual carefree tone.

"The way I hear it, the thing fill up all on its own, and it always just so happens to have whatever you're looking for. So, if you're lucky it'd just need reheating and we'll be set."

>Not that she names her sources or explains why or how she has sources, which is...perhaps generally the most annoying part of separating truth from nonsense any time the rather irregular human magician opens her mouth.

>Either way, she doesn't really look particularly serious at the moment.

"Well no promises though, since we don't even know if Yu even Nos her Udon from her Futon and while they're both nice to have warm, I'm not sure how we'd explain away eating a bed~."

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File: 1558692230170.jpg (47.92 KB, 650x650, timoteo_12340.jpg)

>As Sas sits down, the old man is the first and only one to try talking to answer her, raising and waving a hand dismissively with a smile.

Oh no, don't worry about it. There's plenty of time.

>He lowers his hand to join the other on his lap, and he looks over to Tsuna, who sat silently in Hyper Mode.

I suppose we can start without Yamamoto as well.

>Tsuna only responds with a nod, his near expressionless face unchanging as he gets ready to talk about what they had gathered them here for.

It's nice to finally meet you, Xion. My name is Timoteo.

>As he introduces himself, he reaches forward and across the table to offer Xion a handshake, and yet another warm and friendly smile.

I'm the Ninth and current boss of the Vongola Family you became associated with so long ago, in the first battle for the Rings which you now wear.

I called you here because.. well, your lives may once again be in danger because of those very rings. I have failed thus far to properly tell you the purpose and responsibility those holding those rings bear, and wished to talk with you to make sure you are willing to devote yourself to such responsibilities. I'll wait to get too far into the details until our final guest arrives though. He bears a ring as well, much like you two.

Though I'm sure you no doubt have questions for me as well? I'll do my best to answer everything I can.

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File: 1558692934063.jpg (10.5 KB, 154x168, Just Play The MGS FOUND Noise.…)

>Xion gazes at the older man, listening intently as he began to speak. She glances only briefly at the serious looking Tsuna, who thankfully seemed much better since she last saw him. She can see there's still some discoloration to where he was attacked by the vampire woman, though it didn't seem to affect him outside of looking as though he somehow bruised his throat.

So...responsibility of the rings. I have a question about that actually.

>Xion twists the Mist ring off her finger, her brows briefly furrowing in consternation as she holds it up.

I've had this ring for a few years now and honestly, that seems like a very long time to go without filling us in with all the duties about having them. So...what are these responsibilities, exactly?

>It was best to hear it as clearly and plainly as possible now. After all the time who knew what she was possibly failing to do with the ring that she was supposed to do...

Timoteo!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556235

File: 1558695070037.jpg (42.38 KB, 700x552, d38ee8be647ea500940c991c6716ae…)

..Yes, it is, isn't it.

>He briefly looks to the two older men sitting aside Sas and Xion, and sighs.

After the initial battle for the rings, I had honestly hoped not to involve you in anything further. I chose against getting you involved in something so many of you wanted nothing to do with, but also didn't wish to take away the rings you fought so hard for. I decided it was best to leave you alone until we were able to come up with a better solution.

But we no longer have time for that.

Those who hold the Vongola Rings form a team of 7 guardians. In Vongola history the guardians are held up second only to the boss. They are often the strongest among the Vongola; an unshakeable team, the last line of defense, and those who risk themselves for one thing, and one thing only. The protection of the people. If you bear that ring, you become integral to the Vongola, and commit yourself keeping peace and protecting those around you.

That is what it means to be a Vongola.

>After his very lengthy explanation of what being a guardian really meant, he lets a bit of a silence set in to allow both Sas and Xion to think about what he had said. He already told Sas a little about the Vongola and what they actually do, but Xion likely hadn't known any of this before.

I don't want you to feel obligated to accept this kind of responsibility. It was my neglection to inform you sooner that led to what is to come, so what happens is wholly my own fault. If you become tied to the Vongola, you accept not only what we are, but what we used to be as well. You carry on our purpose, with the weight of knowing where we've been on your shoulders.


If you wish to have time to think about this all, you may take all the time you need.

>He seems rather sad as he explains all this to the young woman. He was not proud of what his predecessors had done, but as is tradition it must be accepted. The Sin of the Vongola was just as important as what it had now become. One must learn from the past if they wish to protect the future.

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File: 1558696635201.png (96.84 KB, 293x440, LetMePointOutAFlawInYourLogic.…)

>Xion nods along as Timoteo explains the basics of the Vongola rings. She knew something along the lines of this before but it was nice to have a slight refresher about it. The rings were won and came with the stipulation that those who earned them would become guardians of the Vongola, a 'family' of sorts that the rings belonged to. They were rings meant to protect and serve others, attributes that Xion felt she managed to uphold even if it wasn't entirely at the behest of the Vongola themselves. Her life could have been far different without the boon the Mist ring offered her. The effects of having the ring equipped to herself caused her magic replenishment to be boosted far beyond her normal limits. She could cast spell after spell without running out and used this handy feature for years. If not for the ring there were plenty of moments where a close call could have turned into tragedy. The night where the Heartless attacked Town was only one recent instance of the usefulness the ring provided and the utility in saving lives she otherwise would be unable to help.

>While these were all positive aspects to owning the ring Xion did wonder what the elderly leader of the Vongola meant about their association with the family. She hadn't known them to be self-interested or worse. She unfortunately knew little about them or what they did which made her being a representative questionable to commit to.

>Xion bites her lip and wonders how to breach that topic. Was it disrespectful to ask? She glances briefly at Sasuun. He seemed to always be fairly positive about the Vongola and their motivations. He seemed to know more about them than she did as well. That had to count for something, she thought, and she releases a steadying breath to settle her rising concern.

>Finally she returns her attention to Timoteo and the rest gathered about. Aside Tsuna she didn't know these people that well. She hoped none of them would be too offended by what she had to ask next.

I think what I'd like to know, first of all, is...just what are the Vongola? What is it we're representing, your family's ideals or purpose that needs protectors with magic rings?
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File: 1558698659579.png (211.14 KB, 1152x864, Timoteo_1.png)

>Timoteo actually smiles at her question. At the very least she was showing interest, and it was true; they hadn't gone very in depth about what the Vongol aactually are. In fact, the topic itself was quite complicated. The Vongola had been many things over the years, and all of them remain as true as ever.

I suppose "Guardians" is a bit of an old term. It's meant to distinguish the core of the family. Those who are the best at "guarding" the Family's purposes and those around them? How you interperet the title differs between people though, I suppose.

>There's a soft chuckle that escapes the old man as he talks about the meaning of the title. It seemed to change a lot, and always meant something different to each person.

Mmn, I suppose we should dig into our history a little bit though.

>He leans back a little, bringing a hand up to his chin as he thinks about where to start, and what was the most important to include in his probably quite long story he was about to tell.

The first of the Vongola bosses, Vongola Primo, initially had the idea for the Vongola Family as a vigilante group, meant to protect those in need in times where heroes and organizations such as yours were a rarity. I suppose in that sense it's not much different from what the Riftguard, or the Apex Force used to be. However, the structure of the family is what was important back then.

Initially, it was just him and 6 of his closest friends who formed the basis for the Vongola Family. In time, the Family grew, and Primo began accepting peoples of all backgrounds into the Family. It was by doing this that he hoped to form a much more powerful bond between the group. That's how it became a "family", after all.

So Primo had set up the Family, as a powerful group of vigilantes who had sworn to protect the people, and with his 6 friends, formed the first set of guardians, whose main purpose was to act as the leading figures and most powerful among the Family.

Bosses who followed after him had quite different plans for the Family though. As early as Secondo's reign, the Vongola began to turn towards crime, rather than vigilantism, and because of the power of the Vongola had little issue getting what they wanted. They dipped deep into the mafia world, and continued to dominate other mafioso to add them to the then-growing umbrella of the Vongola. I hate to admit it, but it's because of them that we're still so powerful to this day.

However, in their own twisted way, they still upheld the purpose and traditions of the Vongola. While much more violent in their climb for power, they still stood as a protective force to those they had sworn to protect. They had created many enemies for us though; some of which still exist to this day.

>After a brief pause, he laughs to himself a little, and raises a hand.

Sorry, sorry, I tend to ramble sometimes.

But your question is a tought one to answer. The Vongola is many things. It's a symbol, it's a vigilante group, it's a mafioso organization..

..and it's a family.

I am using the name of the Vongola to continue with what Primo had initially created for us. We are a family dedicated to protecting not only each other, but other people and places we care about, no matter the cost, and no matter the opponent. We build off each other and aide each other whenever one requires it, and use what we have to protect the cities and people that surround us.

>Timoteo takes a breath after yet another long explanation, looking over to Xion to see what she thought about all this.

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File: 1558700740369.png (20.21 KB, 183x337, Look Up At The Sky and Say No.…)

>Xion's face is, as always, fairly easy to read as the head of the Vongola went about his explanation. She nodded silently along when he went over the beginnings of the family starting with Primo, the one who started the organization as a vigilante group to protect others in a very familiar situation to how Wayne Manor had come up in the world, or the Riftguard that she was part of now. The 'family' wasn't by blood but fraternity, a collection of so-close people they might as well have been related with how close they had become, not unlike Dave and his web of friends who seemed far more connected than simple friendships normally went.

>Her mouth turns down and brow furrows as Timoteo went over Secondo next. Her disapproval of this history is plain for those in the room to see, though her disagreements for it weren't as simple as the aspect it was a criminal sort of turn the Vongola made. Xion was again reminded of another organization who acted in their own self-interests while simultaneously harming others around them. Organization XIII was kind of like a mafia, she thought, complete with rules that excluded any resignations that didn't result in the resignee's death.

>It would be poor of her to think so little of them because of such a shady past, she thought. Although Xion worked her best to make up for her beginnings there was no denying she played a hand in the Organization becoming as strong as it was. Ignorance or no, while she didn't indulge in the terrible things they did now she still that that red mark on her own personal ledger. Xion worried that if people knew she had been part of them that they would no longer respect her, or worse suspect her of doing terrible things because of what she used to be part of.

>While she never willfully helped the Organization on Rigel Prima, the idea that anyone could think of her as that was hurtful to her. She didn't condone actions that hurt innocent people or worse. It didn't matter so much what happened in the past but instead what could be done in the present and future.

That sounds really nice...and I understand coming from a past that might not have completely noble notes supporting it.

>Xion places her hand over her chest. The mist ring glimmers on her finger as she continues to speak, her voice steady and deathly serious.

These qualities that you talked about, that the first of the Vongola bosses had, those are the kind of qualities I admire. Ever since I came to this world I had that feeling that I should be able to help people, to do good because I had the ability to make a difference. I do my best every day too. If it's to support those kind of ideals I don't think I'd be against being part of the family...but.

>The word comes like a cleaver and with just as much sharpness as a cleaver's blade as well. Her hand folds into a fist over his chest and she swings it back to her side.

If the Vongola is still doing criminal activities as a mafia organization I can't in good conscience represent you or your family. So I'd like to know: is that something that's still going on in the family, or is that all in the past now?

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File: 1558711204331.jpg (402.26 KB, 1429x2047, D5zov_0UcAAgnz9.jpg)


"Hmpf! You underestimate the value of knowledge. I could show you all the incantations in the world but if you're too stupid to read and use 'em properly you're like a neanderthal trying to read a dictionary."

>The grimoir wiggled from side to side, showing that Marisa's comment did rattle him somewhat, this all changes when she began to lay out her plan for the night while also calling him out on his scam he was trying to pull.

"Hehehe...sharp, so Lady Lady's gone and spilled the beans about my pages huh? Its true, my pages do appear to be gibberish when someone's tryin' to steal my knowledge. But me willingly givin' that knowledge out is another story. Can't have someone steal me away and just copy everythin', that'd spell disaster. Gyahaha!"

>He giggled some more, floating after Marisa as she plopped down while he himself dropped onto the nearby just as short table.

"You really aren't the usual run of the mill little magician, 'least you got something in your noggin by the looks of it."

>Marco really didn't think too much of Marisa's little idea for a game, it certainly wasn't evil or overly cruel, he didn't even mind the snide cutting comment about his version of the game being boring. In fact it was rather refreshing to talk to such a spunky one. Mages can be such stuck up dullards sometimes.

"Heh, I woulda mentioned that we can of course prod 'em one way or the other, otherwise it'd been down to luck and that always sucks."

>Suddenly, a small cloud of purple smoke began to spill from Marco's general direction, a cloud that began moving toward the resting Marisa as it slowly but surely formed into a...disembodied purple hand? It was quite massive and was very much solid, easily as big as Marisa's head as well.

"So, no direct suggestions to the two like what you said, no charm and other mind alterin' spells either but...making something coincidentaly happen should still be an option for us hmm?"

>The enormous purple hand would straighten out completely in front of Marisa, ready for a handshake.



>As Marco and Marisa continued their sheming Yuno made sure Mokou lay as comfortably as she could, even going so far as to shove a cushion behind her back for some extra comfy while listening to her wishes.

>Swishing a hand over her forehead the girl finally stood back up, laying her staff against the couch to have her hands free. Hearing Mokou's request Yuno places a hand on her chin in thought.

"Hmm...Nabeyaki Udon...wasn't that made with shrimps and sake? I have never cooked it myself but I can surely look up a recipe real fast."

>With that comment the girl fished out a rather peculiar device from her deep pockets, a small pink plastic thing that sort of flips open, presenting to Yuno a screen of endless possibilities. Luckily her phone has survived all the abuse and fights it had to endure.

"Ahh, yeah that sounds delicious, very much fitting to our plans hehe...Oooh I think i'll have some myself as well."

>Unlocking her eyes from the device she would look Mokou in the eyes once more, smiling.

"I'm sure my cooking won't compare to Mystia's but I will do my best, Mokou!"


>That is until she hears Marisa explain how the fridge supposedly worked, leaving Yuno with quite the flabbergasted expression, while it was already a great feat to enchant a fridge to resupply itself ir was something entirely different for it to conjure very specific foods.

"Truly? That sounds almost like a mythical wishwell of some sorts, I have read of these legendary enchanted pools but never heard of them being discovered and used..."

>Shaking her head and ending her little ramble, now deciding to respond to Marisa's little quip.

"Can I perhaps bring you something to eat as well? Do you prefer a Geese Futon or a Wolf Futon? Oh perhaps even a Manticore Futon?"

>The smile of the girl deepened ever so slightly with that very non-serious offer. It was odd but Yuno does enjoy the odd banter every now and then.

MokouCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556242

File: 1558742986250.jpg (65.86 KB, 448x360, 5c6.jpg)


>Mokou, was, not taken back but couldn't help but feel a small knot in her chest as Yuno was almost like an adorable maid with how willing and how much she was doing for her already. What was next a massa-

<Cushion? .. yeah... don't tell me you do massages too

>Laying back and resting her eyes some, figuring rather than make herself seem any more awkward, before letting out a comfy breath, and looking to Yuno.

"Really? If you don't mind making it really, I would really like that though, I think you'd like it too... and to be honest, Mystia's chicken cookin wasn't the best.. I was one of her only four real customers cause only a few of us lived in or near that forest haha"
>She belted out a laugh at that leaning up some. Her laugh slowing as she looked to Marisa and how big she made the small couch seem. Seriously.. that magician actively shrunk it seemed. Maybe it was the hat giving false senses of height.

"Bottomless icechest? ... so ya tellin me, I put my hand in, think of saki, and I'll pull out a bottle? .... where's this ice chest.. ahm so comfy though darn.."

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File: 1558743569773.png (143.44 KB, 460x741, tumblr_p3xhb7p74L1vsxx9ao1_500…)


>With her chainsaw jammed into the ground, the reaper successfully maintenance her balance and avoid contact with the oncoming slime blobs. Her energy still being gradually drained by the muck that trapped her.



>Though re-energized by her mushroom, a single Slime Blob casually passes through her leg, briefly paralyzing it as it does so. Showing no reaction to it's actions, the Slime Blob continues onward to it's intended target.



>The unsuccessful attack on Alice proves to be the demise of the group of five slime blobs. As the thunder roars from Alice's small storm, the slime blobs are briefly distracted as they are zapped. Three of the slime blobs are struck by direct hits and explode into a mess of blue slime that only adds to the mass. Unfortunately, having teleported to the other side of the room to avoid the attack, Alice had placed herself ankle deep in the blue slime and would begin feeling the effects of it's energy draining properties, though at a slower rate than the other having been diluted by the rainstorm.

>The remaining two slime blobs continue, unhindered by the deaths of their peers and lurch forward to grapple and paralyze the witch.

>Roll 1d1000 = 343 Evens



>Though cotninually infuriated by Makalovs treatment, Dixie clings on tightly to Sherlocks back. Barely able to think. The Slime Blobs meanwhile, continuing onward towards Sophie, pass through Sherlocks legs, briefly paralyzing them while in contact. Makalovs blade near misses a few of the blobs and even manages to slice a small chunk off of one, only for the missing chunk to reform.


>The slime wrapped around his feet was as thick as tar, but Clint successfully loosens one of his feet free, though not without significant exertion on his part. As the Slime Blobs pass by Clint, he could feel more of his energy drain.



>Casey nods to Sophie as she hurriedly scurries over towards Clint, wasting no time in climbing up his legs and wrapping herself around his head.

Please protect me friend!

>The Slime Blobs quickly recover from their missed attack and turn just in time to see the magnificent display of light shooting out from the young girl. More encouraged than intimidated, the Slime Blobs hurry towards the girl, Bouncing in the air in such inconsistent patterns that none of them are directly struck by the attack. Out of the fifteen that are focused on Sophie, five of them narrowly escape destruction, having chunks of their bodies blown off and causing them to fall back while they reform from the watered down slime on the floor.

>Unfotunately, with such an impressive display of power, the returning Slime Blobs who had already disposed of their body parts are enamored with Sophies energy level. With her back turned to them, the five Slime Blobs take advantage of the situation and launch themselves at Sophie.

>Roll 1d5 = 3

>1-4, number of limbs paralyzed.
>5, full body paralysis.

Hero of Light!

>Casey shouts in terror as the Slime Blobs attack. Knowing that she had promised to help in the heros fight against Frank, Casey takes out the CROOK OF FRAILTY and attacks the sneaky Slime Blobs with her piercing magic, once used against Sophie, in an attempt to save her.

>Roll 1d1000 = 208 Evens

>>Roll 1d5 = 4 how many are destroyed.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556244

File: 1558758045551.jpg (72.07 KB, 687x405, Grell_Someday My Prince Will C…)

>It was so noisy. Grell yawns widely and nuzzles her cheek into her arm, which is slung over the engine housing of her slowly tilting chainsaw. A pleasant blanket of exhaustion settled over her and for the moment the Reaper was only in want of a comfortable warm bed to lay down and rest on. Her eyelids were weights, heavy and drooping as she gazed vapidly at a nearby wall.

>What the reaper wouldn't do for a warm blanket! She felt so cold and shivers from the water splattering on her. Water? What water?

>Grell forces her eyes open with a single impulsion of willpower. A flash of light makes her flinch, again the noise around her sounding so loud yet so far away from herself. Grell yawns again, this time nearly tipping over, and with a slight jerk makes to reposition herself back into her precariously balanced stance.

>Her lips fold into an annoyed purse. All she wanted was a comfortable nap but all this noise and fuss was a real bother. She lifts her hand and slowly feels around the engine housing for her chainsaw with a low and sleepy grumble.

where is it...?

>Roll 1d1000 = 744 odds, her hand finds the pull cord and with a jolt she yanks the thing on. The blades of her chainsaw, stuck into the floor, suddenly roar to life and spin, sending gobs of slime and chunks of floor this way and that for a moment, at least before the blade sinks down an inch and cuts into the shadow directly beneath the red reaper.

>As the chainsaw works its magic Grell smiles in response to the vibrations of the chainsaw's engine housing. The warmth and sensation was so soothing...

>if evens, Grell doesn't manage to find what she's looking for, though in her effort she had leaned forward far enough to finally tip her off balance. The reaper feels her balance tip far off the point of no return and feels herself fall right for the ground.


>The red reaper hits the ground and finds one full side of her body turning comfortably numb. She sighs, content with the sensation and feels her consciousness drift off into the blissful oblivion of unconsciousness.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556246

File: 1558761650816.jpg (100.72 KB, 850x850, sample-a9b5759396fef02b3eb9826…)

<You really aren't the usual run of the mill little magician, 'least you got something in your noggin by the looks of it."

"Nah, when it comes to being a magician, I'm pretty ordinary, after all..."

>The magician just vaguely points up at her hat and then at the broom she's leaned up against her short couch.

"...it's all very traditional, don'tcha think? Not like those yokai magicians who just wear whatever they feel like...I mean Patchie doesn't even get dressed for the day, even when there's a party. Just the same nightgown all the time despite living in a mansion."

>Still, she doesn't shake on their deal right away, in fact she almost looks like she's ignoring it....

>That is until Yuno and Mokou most likely have each other's attention long enough for her to at least grab a part of the hand for a moment.

"Deal, well so long as you don't blow it with these huge displays. If you rat us out I'll leave you to burn at Mou's hands."

>It doesn't seem like there's actually any malice behind that last warning, so much as just a nonchalant reminder before she quickly lets go.

>Just in time to avoid getting caught in the act by Yuno. Still, if almost being caught might have bothered her, she doesn't really show it, just kind of laughing off the joke questions in turn.

"None of those sound like something I'd want to find in a futon, so you might as well just bring me what Mou's having. Maybe some snacks to if you find any in there."

>She just sort of shrugs in response to Mokou's question though.

"The Pony just said it did food, so it seems they keep the drinks some place separate."

>The shrug is replaced with another smirk as a thought crosses her mind on how to start things off.

"Hey Mou, what sort of Futon Surprise do you prefer anyways? Geese, Wolf, or well, You Know~...?"

>Marisa's sentence drifts off playfully, in a way that would be abrupt if not for how laid back she can be.

Yuno!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556248

File: 1558769020641.png (157.9 KB, 400x400, tumblr_o9wxzyWtuN1qepphpo1_400…)

>Mokou would get a few nods from the robed girl.

"Mhm. Of course I don't mind it at all so don't you worry about a thing, Mokou. Heh, I am used to cooking for my baby sisters."

>Looking down at her phone again to scan over the general prepare time before looking back at Mokou the girl continued.

"It will just take about...ten minutes, if the kitchen has everything that is."

<Pat Pat

>Yuno's hand suddenly found itself atop Mokou's head, giving it a few soft strokes.

"Try to relax a little okay? You had a hard few days and you need it alright? Let me take care of everything."


"Hmm, I wouldn't really say that your outfit's traditional. You sorta look like a maid from around a hundred years ago instead of a magician, guess it made a comeback eh?"

>The purple hand soon enough dissipated into nothingness as the deal was struck.

"Y'know, the trend of wearin' robes and big hats with a large brim came about cause well- It's just the most comfortable thing to wear when you sit around all day pouring over books, they also don't tend to get in the way of your incantations and rituals and the sun gets blocked by the brim of the hat as well. Mehehehe!

>The book chuckled once more, going over the very exciting lore of the magician outfit

"So it's best for all them smelly recluses that don't see a lot of sun while they slowly go mad in their crappy basements and towers after a few millenia."

>Marco was engaging in some regular conversation as Yuno looked over her shoulder at Marisa, smiling lightly still.

"I'll make some for you as well then-"

>There was that little bow Yuno always does again, folding her hands over her crotch before standing up straight once again.

"Excuse me while I prepare our food."

>There definitely was something off about her manners, being almost sickeningly formal while it seemed so natural for her at the same time. Even the way she was walking had some sort of posh posture to it.

>Yuno went a few paces away from the lounge before stopping in the foyer, appearing just a little bit lost as she looked every which way for the kitchen, a little awkward considering how confidently she excused herself from the group but after a few seconds of looking around she seems to have found the way, quickly scurrying out of the view of the girls and Marco.

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556249

File: 1558770516887.png (276.02 KB, 598x395, Eat wand bitch.png)

>Smuggly she chuckles to herself as her storm proved its worth, now just to increase the intensity some more; however, her attempt was soon thwarted by the surviving globs as they attacked.

>It was this time Alice noticed the sludge around her feet as she evaded the two globs before her. The witches' brow twitching from her foolish mistake. Surely it didn't feel like much, but judging from the reaction of the others, she needed to act quickly.


>Just as she starting to piece together a workable plan, her attention is soon directed to Grell as she dropped to the ground with a audible splat.

<Aww, c'mon!...

>She quickly glanced around for a clear spot to transport her for the time being, the witch casting a quick spacial spell to poof her to dry land, buying the reaper some time at least. Roll 1d1000 = 810 odds for success.

>With her gap between the blobs again rapidly closing she aims her wand at the approaching monsters, directing the storm to zap them with a powerful crack of thunderous lighting. Roll 1d1000 = 743 evens to hit.

>Regardless of hit or miss, she attempts to flee with another teleportation ( Roll 1d1000 = 633 odds) in hopes she'd escape from the effects of the poisonous goo before it kicked in.

Timoteo!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556250

File: 1558779031113.png (325.55 KB, 500x700, tumblr_me0z8nhibD1qfam62o1_500…)


>Her question draws silence from the old man, and he's unsure how to proceed with answering it.

>Tsuna turns his head to look at the Ninth, seeing him struggle to answer, and leans forward a little to finally begin speaking himself.

I had the same response as you. I hate the mafia world, and despise what the Vongola had done in the past. The Eighth and Ninth have done the best they can to return to Vongola to it's roots, just as I have, but..

The Vongola Family is huge. It's not easy to control it all, and oversee everything. There are still subgroups and other families that serve ours that continue these kinds of acts against the Ninths orders, and we cannot resort to violence to stop those spreading it.

One of those groups is one you're familiar with. The Varia.

>Timoteo looks over to Tsuna, and nods to him, appreciative of him for stepping in, but it it was his turn to continue.

The Vongola Family is the main governing body of Lancia de Pace. It's a country where stuff like mafia families are rampant. The political structure there is much different from most places, so I suppose you could still consider the family "mafia", since that's technically how it works.

So I suppose the easiest answer to give you is yes. It has been difficult for us to completely change the minds of everyone in the family. It's how it worked for generations, so there are those who are opposed to our "return to form".
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File: 1558779740829.jpg (65.59 KB, 417x450, 7f6.jpg)


>Needless to say a bit startled at the head pat as Yuno so formally trotted off, looking innocently lost but, finding her way to do some cooking and prep.

>That would take some getting used to, and might never be normal to her. How formal, proper and just... the innocence overflowing in this girl.

>The question from Marisa with Marco in tow though caught her attention fully now.

"Futon surprise? ... I do like geese but... hey.."
>Mokou leaned in some speaking a bit quieter looking to where Yuno ran off to then back to Marisa.
"What's a futon?"

Xion!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556252

File: 1558780000789.jpg (42.78 KB, 468x528, do you want to go back.jpg)

>Xion listens to Tsuna but not happily. Her eyes harden the moment 'but' is uttered and for a moment it's easy to see her prickle at the mention of it. It's temporary, however, and she starts to simmer down when he continues on that there were subgroups of the family going against the orders to return to form. She remembers the Varia, though not at all fondly, and she frowns when their name is mentioned.

>When Timoteo continues she regards him next. There's no mistaking the frown on her face, the disquiet or discomfort that the answer was a definitive, though not exactly proud, yes. She lifts her hand and looks to the ring with a moody stare, gazing at the wispy etchings on the facing of it. She takes in a breath and lets it out in a short huff.

...If I'm going to stand for anything, I definitely want it to be for the values you talked about. Helping people, places, protecting what matters and not for my own benefit really. I'm not going to judge by what the Vongola meant in the past, I'd be a hypocrite if I did that...

>She lets her hand fall back to the side and looks to the old man, her eyes steeled with resolution.

If you want to take the Vongola in this direction that's what I want to be part of, and to help make reality over the people who want to abuse everything for their own benefit. If I have any feeling like the family is turning away from that, though, I won't hesitate to do something about it.

Timoteo!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556253

File: 1558781241277.jpg (38.71 KB, 225x350, 161411.jpg)

>Timoteo's expression is also one full of guilt and sadness. It was something he and his mother had tried very hard to correct, but it was difficult.

>That's not to say that it's a very large portion of the family that partakes in those kinds of actions, in fact it's quite the minority. But that minority is strong, and still works beneath the Vongola.

>The Varia in particular was a special case. They were the Vongola Special Assassination Squad, a team which at times is neccessary. They were ruthless, but they were also an incredible ally when they were needed.

>This, however, was not one of those times.

>At Xion's response, Timoteo actually smiles quite happily, relaxing and sitting back in his chair, putting his hands together on his lap.

If that's the answer you give me, then I have no doubt you'll do wonderfully.

>He briefly looks to Tsuna once more. It was basically identical to the one he gave when he was tested by Reborn so many years ago.

Xion. Your threat is one I like to hear. It tells me the Family would be in good hands should you remain as the true guardians.

But.. that brings us to a new issue entirely, one I mentioned in the letter I sent to you.

But that will have to wait until our third guest arrives. Besides..

>A young man with short, black hair, wearing an apron walks through the kitchen door, and makes his way towards the large gathering of people.

>In his hands would be a large plate full of various, very good looking seafood dishes.

Yo! Sorry I took so long, we've been running low on supplies!

>The rather cheerful man looks to the group with a large smile, and offers Xion in particular a wave hello, since she was the only one at the table he had not met yet.

The foods ready now, though!

Come and get some!

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556254

File: 1558782492848.gif (1.08 MB, 480x270, tenor.gif)


Smash Mouth - All Star (Official Music Video)


>The sound of a door being kicked in would echo through the house the second the food was called. Almost as if the person had been standing there for close to ten minutes waiting for the right moment to do so and not caring about the looks he got from the random strangers that happened to be passing by the house at that time.

There is no need to fear! I have located the donuts!

>The man walks into the room scarfing down said donuts as he enters. The lower half of his mask raised up revealing flesh that could easily cause someone to lose their appetite. If his ability to down two entire donuts at once wasn't enough to do that already.

Ok so I didn't find them here. I found them at this place on the way here. It's amazing you never see places that sell them open past 2 am. It's weird I mean people don't suddenly stop craving donuts after that. I mean have you ever met a cop? Those guys scarf them down 25/7.

>The man doesn't even stop to explain how cops could magically add an entire hour to the day strictly for donut consumption as he shovels another one into his mouth. He looks around the room as he enters. Typical. The entire place looked like something out of an Al Pacino movie. It looked like someone was going to try and make him an offer he can't refuse. Well the joke was on them, Wade was a very hard sell.


>His examination of the room would bring his attention to Xion sitting beside two vaguely familiar figures. The memory and names of which would be lost forever in the constant uncharted sea of fuck that was Wade's mind.

Oh look! Another thing I typically don't see this day in age. What's shakin Xi?

>He waves in her direction causing multiple crumbs and bits of frosting to fall free from his glove and onto the undoubtedly expensive carpet. Why people would pay so much for something you walk on was beyond Wade. And personally not his problem that they would have to vacuum the spot immediately should they hope to keep its value up.

Ok so if you're here then it's not a job offer. Least not the kind I used to get. Don't worry about that though. Kind of glad I won't have to shoot anybody. First day off in like...eight months. But hey letters with weird glowy shit on them is an excellent motivator to get out of bed. That and donuts.

Xion!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556255

File: 1558783572373.png (34.57 KB, 271x262, But Today Isn't Soft Serve Day…)

>She wasn't expecting the man to be pleased with her veiled threat but Xion feels herself unwind as well as Timoteo spoke. They seemed to be on the same page and she was certain if there were any funny business he could be condoning, that he knew the dangers of lying or otherwise to people like her. Winning the rings was not an easy task to undertake; she couldn't see the man risking so much when it would be far easier to allow the Varia to do as they pleased if he were of any mind to allow the underhanded criminal aspects of the Vongola continue.

>With that in mind she feels she can relax, and thankfully the tension is sucked out of the room when a new man appears holding sumptuous plates of glistening seafood. Xion feels her mouth water just looking at some of them.

>Before she can even open her mouth to thank the man, Xion jumps from the riotous sound of the door slamming open in the front room, followed closely by a familiar and startlingly loud voice. She swivels her head wildly to look at the source and is treated to the sight of Wade Wilson, Deadpony extraordinaire, moseying in with a pair of donuts clutched in one hand that he was messily eating.

W-Wade? What're you-wait, you got one of these letters too?

>Did that mean he was a ring bearer too? She looks to Sasuun inquiringly, wondering immediately just how this happened, and whether or not he specifically knew about it. He was at the manor far more than she had been these last few years, the circumstances of how he got one was both puzzling and bewildering to her.

Sucy!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556259

File: 1558849113847.png (210.35 KB, 492x368, weY27Fm.png)

>The team was beginning to drop like flies. And from the looks of things Sucy wasn't going to last much longer either. The slime going through her leg would send shivers up her spine as she lost all feeling in it. If it wasn't for the slime keeping her in place she would have collapsed onto one knee.

>She once again thinks of the gem in her satchel. If it spoke the truth it could easily get them out of this mess. It could teleport them all to safety, give her the power to strike the slime down, or even make it vanish entirely. It would save her plenty of trouble.

>For a brief moment she reaches into her satchel to dig it out. The voice of the gem calling out to her as she wraps her hand around it for a brief moment. Only for her to let it go. The voice would be replaced by one from Sucy's past. One who would be stricken with disappointment for her using such a cheat.


>She says out loud. She would not open herself to such scorn. She would get through this on her own. Only then would her mother be pleased with her actions.

>She moves her hand to inside of her robe, pulling out the two vials from earlier. Using her teeth she pulls the corks from them and pours several drops onto the slime at her feet. The chemicals mixing together to form her own form of paralysis. One that could turn organic beings to stone should the chemicals collide.

>Roll 1d1000 = 480 Evens.

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File: 1558852293707.png (621.54 KB, 798x687, sigh1.PNG)

>Somewhere in town, Cait made her way to the Rift Guard, muttering to herself along the way as she tried to get back on track.

"...Gotta get a new shirt"
>She sighed poking one of her fingers through the bloody knife hole in her sweater.

"I think I have a few bits stashed away somewhere... I need to figure out where I am first..."

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File: 1558852465324.jpg (138.22 KB, 576x655, witch hat.jpg)

<"Hmm, I wouldn't really say that your outfit's traditional. You sorta look like a maid from around a hundred years ago instead of a magician, guess it made a comeback eh?"

>The girl actually seems a bit confused by Marco's comment for once, as if she really can't believe what she's hearing at all.

"Huh? Most of the outfit's black and I've got the hat and broom though, so it's definitely the traditional look. There's even a yokai around here that dresses pretty similar so even in this world Western Magicians should view it as a traditional look."

"Maids...have like those frilly hair things, ya know? Its not like maids are the only one's allowed to wear aprons of something weird like that either. Though I guess a smelly recluse wouldn't know much about maids in the first place."

>Marisa doesn't really give much pause to let her off handed insult set in before continuing though.

"I'm more the active sort who likes the outdoors though, so I wouldn't know what its like cooping yourself up that long. Seems like shade is put to better use that way too instead of trying to block something you're never out in anyways."

<"What's a futon?"

>Her teasing of Marco might have gone on longer if not for being interrupted by Mokou's shocking question however.

"Hey...Mou, you sure you're not going senile?"

>The shorter girl....almost looks concerned, but just almost.

"I guess its not like those rabbits would let you sleep inside...but to be roughing it out in thee wilds so long that you've forgotten even basic human comforts is pretty pitiful isn't it?"

>She sighs a bit as if rather disappointed before just shrugging.

"Well, I guess I can give you the same explanation I had to give Alice, but it might be a bit embarrassing to hear. I mean, I usually sleep in a western style bed myself, but I still keep a guest futon around just to be safe."

>With establishing her credibility out of the way, she moves into the explanation itself.

"So like, maybe its normal for you, but most people get pretty annoyed if you expect them to sleep in a chair or just on the floor or ground without anything to ward off the chill. Even just a blanket can be enough to leave them in a bad mood all of the sudden."

>The girl rambles...as if this is something she's had personal experience dealing with.

"So, like I'm not really sure how its my fault or why I'm supposed to take responsibility for her dozing off while we're working on spells, but whatever, I don't need her whipping out those creepy exploding dolls just cause she's decided she feels like being mad at me in the middle of he night. Still, its not like I've got room for another full size bed like she's used to...and its not like I'm made of money like those Scarlet Devils so making a special order like that just so she can sleep like she does at her own place isn't really reasonable anyways."

>For how well the pair tends to get along an time Mokou would have seen them together, Marisa isn't really holding back in her complaints about the doll making puppeteer.

"A futon however, thats easy enough to bargain for, doesn't have a frame so its a lot easier to fold up and store, and it's something you can just buy the mattress, blanket, and pillow as a set and just lay it out when you need it. Sure you still put it all on the floor directly instead of suspending it on pieces of wood that you've cobbled together, but its what Reimu uses all the time so its fine right?"

"Well, except one time even after I'd explained that its the traditional way a lot of humans...and even some yokai sleep in Gensoukyo, as we were unfolding it out pops Tsuchinoko who must have wormed his way into the closet somehow and she stormed out, like I did it on purpose or something. He's just a fat snake basically so I'm not even sure why its even that big of a deal, but it sure freaked her out."

>She finally just shrugs as if its not really a big deal, even though she was complaining a lot.

"So, I was just wondering which of the three you would like to find in your futon, since Yuno was asking and all."

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File: 1558853169620.png (90.04 KB, 278x280, Biding time.PNG)

>As the tigress made her way down the streets of Central District she passes all sorts of people and ponies walking around. Everyone seemed to be busy and walking this way or that and most gave Cait a wide berth. Ponies nervously eyed the bloodied sweater and humans didn't seem to notice her thanks to how short she was already.

>The buildings of Central district are tall and bustling with activity. Cait takes a path which brings her past a very large park to her left, and her right a series of office spaces and civic buildings. She passes a library, a courthouse, and in the distance she can see the towering and elegant Town Hall looming in the distance.

>When she passes the front of the Town museum a man leaning against one of the pillars aside the staircases leading to the grand entrance tilts his head. He's sharply dressed with a wide brimmed hat pulled over his eyes, the corner of his mouth tilted up in a slight smirk. A cigarette is clamped in the corner of his mouth with a wisp of smoke clung to the tip of it.

well well well...

>His head turns in the direction Cait is walking. The man claps his hands together and turns towards her. He lifts a hand and calls out to her in a confident voice tinted with a slightly exotic accent, one not common at all in Belle'Ayn.

Tigre, you are not looking so well there! Are you hurt?

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File: 1558853667358.png (403.9 KB, 860x746, not today.PNG)

>She stops and gives the stranger a passing glance before moving on again.

"Just a dirty sweater, I'm fine"
>She said passively.

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556264

File: 1558854183035.jpg (7.73 KB, 200x200, tubalcain-dandy-alhambra-foto.…)

>The man tilts his head up and looks at Cait from beneath his wide brimmed hat. A shadow falls over his forehead, one dark eye peering at her from the brim as he gazes at her. His smirk grows and the cigarette tilts upwards. The smoke at the tip of his cigarette wafts placidly around his head as the man faces her. His hands fall to his sides and slip into the pockets of his expensive looking slacks.

Oh yes! Very dirty, I can see that! It is not very often that you see someone on the street with dried blood clinging around a hole in their shirts!

>The corner of his lip tips upward even wider in amusement. A businessman with a briefcase pauses to glance at the two as he walks by, then hastily continues onward to try and avoid involving himself in the confrontation. The man in the snazzy suit does not look to see where he went, instead focused entirely on Cait before him.

Now why would anyone walk around in such a state? There must be an interesting story behind that mess on your front, si?

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File: 1558854979372.jpg (52.52 KB, 513x254, 31afb3b2df72907d20599676d47484…)

>There was so much going on, Clint almost felt overwhelmed by it all. Which was odd to imagine what with Clint being so use to violence and war. However, this time was quite different. This wasn't just his life on the line, nor was it just some no bodies with him. Sophie, Grell, Dixie, and Lilly. He wasn't by any means overlooking Makalov, Sucy, and Alice, however Clint watches Grell pass out before him like a ton of bricks. Not only that, Clints mind raced with thoughts of what'd happen to Lilly and Dixie if he failed here, or if he died. Who would take care of them, who would treat them right, who would give Lilly the childhood she deserved. With quite the struggle, Clint lifted the one free of the goo and sets it down in some dry surface. Even if he was able to get the other foot out, he probably wouldn't beable to stay awake for any longer. It could be shown as well with how his head bobbing left and right. While he took a second to get his breath back, he heard Sophie speak to him. Even if he felt like he was going to fall over at any second, he turns his head to Sophie, and weakly tries to stop her by lifting an arm


>Clint doesn't even notice Casey climb up and ask for protection, as he could only helplessly watch what happens to Sophie. His eye practically bulging out of his socket as he watches her lose her breath and get attacked due to the fact.


>Clints eye darts around the room, desperate to see what the situation was for everyone else. It was clear that something had to be done. Clint was just a man though. He hadn't any magical spells, or other worldly power, or even both arms. Not only that, he felt his head get more cloudly and his body feel even heavier.

<No...no no NO!

>Clint worked as fast as he could, digging around one of the pockets around his waist for something. He was working slow. Like someone who had strained muscles, fingers fumbling about as he tries to open up the zipper. Clint was using ever last bit of strength he could to pull out a syringe from the pocket and holding it to his thigh.


>The large man couldn't even finish his sentence, only able to pull out one last attempt at a motion to stay in the fight.

>Roll 1d1000 = 94 evens, and Clint is able to successfully inject the needle into his thigh, giving him an adrenaline boost to stay awake.

>Odds, and he falls short, instead falling over face first. Sending Casey for quite the ride down to the floor.

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File: 1558855009126.png (105.5 KB, 269x305, Not impressed 2.PNG)

>She stopped and turned around and gave him a shrug.

"Not really, no. Just a dirty shirt."

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556267

File: 1558855469634.gif (702.44 KB, 368x204, Ah Ah That Would Be Telling.gi…)


>The man continues to smirk and watched Cait turn around to face him. He chortles and fixes his hat over his eyes and returns to casually leaning on the library pillar.

Ahhhh, I see. My mistake, Tigre, enjoy the rest of your day.

>Despite what he says the man doesn't sound at all convinced and like before there's a bemused tone etched into his voice. The man was still smirking, his hands still sunken into his pockets and his cigarette idly smoldering away. The expression on his face is a knowing one, yet he says nothing more in regards to it.
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>Cait raised an eyebrow, granted a bloody shirt would cause some alarm, but he seemed a little too interested in it despite her assuring him she was fine. She really didn't like the vibe she was getting from this guy.

"...Why? What's your deal anyway? Everyone else ignored it, yet you seem rather fixated in it. You a cop or something?"
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>The man's smirk remains as he reclines on the pillar. The smell around him is an unpleasant acrid scent, a mixture of nicotine and tar along with a hint of something sulfurous that burns the nostrils the closer the tigress was to him. He taps a shiny shoe on the ground and sighs airily in response to her.

I am not a cop, no. I watch people, have for a long long time Tigre. After a while it becomes so easy to see when there is something about certain types. The way they carry themselves. The clothes they wear. The things they mutter. Your clothes-

>He tilts his head and finally glances at her with his honey colored eye. His smirk is still visible on his face.

-tell an interesting story, a story that is not hidden either. When people see you walk down the street in clothes like that, what do they think? You must have been hurt or perhaps you hurt someone else? This is Town, nobody will question either because their little lives are all they have.

>He chuckles quietly and takes a drag from his cigarette. When he blows out a breath of air it comes in a stream of smoke that floats towards the sky.

It is so easy and quick to lose life in this city. To walk down the wrong street and disappear. And you, Tigre, look as if you flirted with that kind of trouble before wandering in my path.

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File: 1558861575226.jpg (18.21 KB, 210x240, marcosias-shakugan-no-shana-ii…)


"Mwihi...guess you never seen what real magicians are like hm? Can't really blame you little witch, I would rather forget about some of the things I saw as well."

"In this dimension, or rather Belle'Ayn specifically magic is a rather common occurance and not associated with anything in particular. Hell, they even teach the brightest little horned equestrians in specialized magic schools in Canterlot when they're still foals for example. You won't really surprise anyone here with magic unless you set them on fire. In which case its less being impressed and more-"

"'Aaaah! My skin is burning!' Than anything else Muahahaha!"

>He had an inkling that Marisa must be very young still, he hadn't felt any sort of immortality coming from her at the very least and some of her mannerisms just scream teenager. Not that he minds that anyways.

"But I guess the tacky image of a woman in an apron flying around on a broom whilst laughing like a moron is simply too iconic, even crossin' dimensions."

>Marco would listen intently to Marisa's story about futons and dollmakers and the various shenanigans done within them, it was rather entertaining to say the least.

"Tch, we magicians got the solution to so many problems right within ourselves, it astounds me that you'd even need beds at this point."

"Just catch yourself some wind devils and seal 'em in a sack, boom. Your narrow ass' now sleeping on air, can't get more comfy than that eh? Unbelievable."

>He let out a sigh, his entire being deflating somewhat.

"But it seems even magicians can't really resist the conveniences of this era, sad really. Even freaking out about a little Tsuchinoko is ridiculous, not like they're even poisonous or agressive, poor thing probably just wanted someone to cuddle Hehehe!"

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>Mash looked from Nino to the officer that approached her. She seemed like she was going to say something to the other woman, before apparently thinking better of it and turned to face the officer fully.

Well, it seems I'll be saying this more than once.

>She took a deep breath and let it out in a soft sigh. She had hoped to give a statement to everyone involved at once, in order to spare her the trouble of repeating herself, but it seemed the other two were busy helping the still hurt officer on the field. Mash did feel a slight tinge of regret that she had not thought of him too when she had healed Lightstriker. The amount of energy her healing spell had used would have easily healed several people at once. But she forgave herself for being focused on the one who could have died.

Okay. What I am about to tell you may be hard to believe at first, but I assure you it is the truth.

>She began with that preamble, knowing that while Town was a breeding ground for the weird and inconceivable, some of what she was about to say would be unbelievable even for an experienced denizen of the city. She set her shield's cross on the asphalt and used it as a crutch to lean on as she began to relate her information.

I suppose I should start with the basics. The woman who attacked is a long-dead hero from centuries ago, hailing from a long-forgotten kingdom located in central Terrestria. Her name was Nephenee. In life, she was a Halberdier and Dragoon that served honorably on the field of battle in defense of her kingdom. But, that was a long time ago. As you can probably guess, her purpose here was hardly heroic. Her history aside, she is no longer who she once was.

>She paused for a moment, collecting her thoughts and shifting her weight slightly. As much as she was engrossed in the relating of her information, she was slowly starting to become less and less comfortable in her current set of clothing, something that had not seemed to bother her until now. But she continued regardless, her face never breaking composure.

Before I expound further on why this woman was here, I would take a moment to give an explanation for my own appearance here. My name is Mash Kyrielight. Don't bother searching for my name in any of your databases, you will not find it. I am here on behalf of the Chaldea Institute for the Preservation of Temporal and Interdimensional Order. In short, the Chaldea Institute exists to monitor and protect the security of every dimension and every timeline. The Institute was founded in 2025, right here in Town. As such, you won't really be able to find any information on it today, were you to look. To put it simply, I'm a time traveler from the future and I'm here to stop a specific event that will put not only the future of the world at risk, but also the creation of the Institute.

>She paused again after that to look the police officer in the eyes, judging their reaction to all of what she had said so far.

At this point I would like to once again emphasize that despite how far fetched this sounds, it is all true. As such, I want to assess how much of this you actually find believable before I spend more time with further explanation.

>She shivered slightly then, despite her attempts at controlling herself.

And I actually need a sweater or something, because this outfit is very much not something I am wearing by choice.

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>As three of the slimes manage to cling to her limbs, the girl's ability to move them begins to seize up as well. Even more so than the energy drain, which while definitely a danger with so many of them, its the removal of her ability to fight back, or even try to help the others that concerns her.

>Especially hearing one of the bodies behind her collapse. As far as her sensors can detect none of them should be in critical condition, especially not so soon, but she needs to do something quickly. Freeing enough of her body to implement countermeasures isn't something she can do quickly with just her one remaining arm however, especially as there's still two other slimes nearby that are likely to attack once more as soon as she makes a move.

>And then with several flashes of magic from behind her, Sophie's opponents are reduced to one, her body slumping a bit as the slimes are blown free.

>However despite Clint's worries that had given him the determination to find the strength to solider on even as his body tried to force him to rest, the purple haired girl doesn't fall the rest of the way.


>In fact, what happens next might seem almost dreamlike in nature if not for the needle sticking out of his thigh. After all, with a single word accompanied by another flash of light from the girl, she straightens up looking alert and perhaps even a bit defiant with the way the chunks of slime left on her body just sort of sluffs off.

>Or the way she gracefully flips back away from the slime as if the paralysis in her limbs hadn't occurred, even the goop on the floor not seeming to have the same weakening effect on her for now as she tries to get some distance.

>Roll 1d3 = 1 Turns of Slime Toxin Immunity Remaining

>As she evades Sophie does her best to take in the battlefield, scanning for who the fallen ally might be in particular. It seems the witches are mostly safe for now at least...as well as Clint and Casey.

>Makalov seems fine as well...at least for now. He's safe enough anyways.

>She does feel an odd pain...not anything she can really pin down as being damaged, but still, even though she knows that they're safe for now...or at least not the ones in the most danger, when she thinks about the fact that she's ignoring the Knight's cry for help...

>...Or the fact that she was supposed to try and help keep Clint safe and....there he is with one less arm than he should have, obviously suffering, it hurts to leave either of them like that for any longer.

<She could just stop and try and help pull Clint free, it'd be easy. Clint is her friend so shouldn't she do what she can for him first? Grell...it must be her because the rest are all there....Grell could last a bit longer...She shouldn't have collapsed already since she said she was fine....

>But deep down she knows that something must be off...or maybe she was just telling herself that Grell must be okay even with how strangely out of it the woman had been. She can't risk her dying, after all wouldn't Clint be hurt more by that than he would be by her prioritizing everyone's safety over just his own?

>Grell can rescue everyone like before as well...so it's the better choice overall. None of the others can carry everyone, but that woman's strange toothed sword can move people over such far distances in very little time.

>Her reluctant course in mind Sophie skids back to a spot in the room that will hopefully give her the time required to bring Grell back from what seems to be the brink.

"Lord, please, allow me to use my power to give this woman more time..."

>Sophie says in what seems to be halfways between a chant and a prayer, even going as far as to clasp her hands and close her eyes as the light builds up around her.

<Roll to interrupt?

>Otherwise, the light would build up and then split into two orbs that would begin to circle the red headed woman's fallen body before surrounding her with glowing energy that not only would seem to revitalize Grell, but also rouse her from unconsciousness at the same time.

"Raise Soul!"

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>The noise of Nino's cape ripping isn't too obtrusive to catch everyone's attention on the scene, though the cop with the notepad briefly glances at the pegasus knight for a moment before regarding the woman with the shield once more. There didn't seem to be that much damage, certainly not enough to make a scene about. Most of the present audience were too preoccupied to hear the slight faux pas, or notice the chunk of missing cape stuck to Celestia's armor.

Okay big fellow, open up...!

>Mr. Uno meanwhile assists with the unconscious police officer, helping hold up Hardhoof's head so he could have the viscous liquid in the thin vial administered safely. The pony is dense but entirely slack. The ice cream man finds that coaxing the pony's mouth open is not a terribly difficult task. The assisting gun cop meanwhile helps Mr. Uno with keeping the pony's massive brick of a head elevated enough by propping it up with their knees.

>The female unicorn officer meanwhile starts writing the moment Mash starts to explain the situation, though it's noticeable that after a few moments and more of the outlandish details come out that her pen begins to slow with a subsequent eyebrow raised skeptically. By the time the Institute for the Preservation of Temporal and Interdimensional Order is mentioned the pen doesn't move for a long moment before it finally starts up again.

...It does sound farfetched, Ma'am, but time travel isn't a complete impossibility around these parts. Rare, yeah, but not impossible. I think we even have a time manipulator locked up in high security so...

>The pony gives her best shrug. It wasn't likely that the TPD could concretely verify her story but likewise there had been enough instances of time manipulation and people from different points of time who appeared in Town via Rifts or other means that the concept of travelers from the past or future weren't completely farfetched. To the beleaguered Town residents there was actually very little that hadn't been seen before, especially long-time inhabitants.

>When Mash finishes up the unicorn flips a page full of loopy writing over to start on a fresh one.

I'm on it.

>The radio cop is the one who takes off after Mash' request, turning heel to walk back to the barricade of police cars that all lined up on the street behind Mr. Uno's truck and the rest of the abandoned civilian vehicles. He's not gone for long, as he comes back soon after with a woolly grey blanket that had been stowed in one of the police cars. He offers it to Mash and clears his throat.

So, time travel eh? Is this Institute place an offshoot of the Riftguard? They have that 'Dimensional Gate' thing and the TPD isn't equipped to handle that supernatural business already.

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File: 1558893647819.jpg (97.08 KB, 344x724, oo piece of candy - Kopie.jpg)

>As the girl kneeled herself down a couple of thoughts went through her head, mainly about her cape which she just tore up and everyone under the sun saw it.

>As stealthily as she could she tried to stuff some of her coat into her armor to make her blunder just a tiny bit less obvious, the very tips of her ears glimming a crimson red out of embarrassment.

"Right. This potion is made of Imp Stool, an egg of a Rock Warbler mixed with Mud Lurker Hide...It is positively vile and might cause him to well, try to eject the fluid right back out."

>She idly explained as she uncorked the thin flask and the girl wasn't kidding, the foul smell quickly spread, invading everyone's nostrils, even the girl herself seemed taken aback, grimacing from the stench.

"But the viler a potion the more potent it is."

>Nino began to lean herself forward, only just now realizing how absolutely massive this stallion was, he almost rivaled Celestia in size, was he really a pony or one of those strange horse-pony hybrids?

<Might explain the demeanor he showed earlier...

"It is of utmost importance that he ingests every single drop, don't let him thrash about. Ready? And go!"


>The poor police stallion was assaulted by having head of the flask of questionable fluid shoved right into his muzzle and past his teeth, it's contents mercilessly spilling into him.

>Nino shifted her hand slightly, balling a fist around the flask to hold it steady and making sure that not a single drop of potion went astray.


>Bubbles began to well up in the fluid as the flask further emptied itself, the girl now shifting her other hand toward the stallion's throat, trying to feel if the potion was indeed going to the right way.

"Good, good. Almost finished."

>Nino mumbled as if trying to pass time, should the stallion choose to thrash about the girl's grip would strengthen as well, tightly grasping the flask and almost hugging ginger's entire head to keep him from moving.

>But once all was said and done, with the last drop of disgusting liquid the effects of the potion were made very much apparent. The stallion, should he be conscious at this point can feel the bones in his snout shift in place, going back to how they should be. Broken bones became mended over the course of just a few seconds, open wounds closed themselves leaving only a scar behind, even chronic back pain seems to cease, every single physical hurt or inconvenience seems to have disappeared soon enough.

>There was however, a killer bitter aftertaste of rotten eggs and dirty, flea-ridden fur as if he just took a bite out of a sewer rat. His stomach would not entirely agree with what it has to deal with either, very much rejecting what it was offered, leading to some major stomach aches.

>With a sigh Nino withdrew the flask, corking it right back up as she made sure there was not a single drop left in it. Wiping her brow she would nod up at Uno and the Cop, giving each a small smile.

"That should do it...these are not exactly cheap to make i'll have you know. It won't do to simply add the ingredients into a pot and fill it into flasks but-"

>She shook her head, standing back up to potentially leave room for the stallion as she pocketed the flask.

"Nevermind that, I suppose."

>Nino had only heard bits and pieces of Mash's explanation, she had already suspected there was some sort of time travel involved, though it does seem strange that she was apparently forced to wear such a revealing and impractical outfit when supposedly out on an important mission.


<A warrior that goes back in time to make sure that the company she's from gets to be in the first place...This sounds like a rather entertaining action movie, why hasn't anyone made something like that yet?

>Well, all this and more had to wait for now, as she tried to watch how the policemen and the old guy would react to her potion.

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File: 1558895142790.png (403.9 KB, 860x746, not today.PNG)

*"Great, another one of you guys..."*

>She wasn't at all intimidated by this guy's cryptic appearance or dialog, if anything she found it rather annoying.

"Look guy, I get curiosity and all, but frankly my shirt or how it got this way is not any of your business, and you really do not want to make it so. Now, unless you have something important to say I really need to get going."

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File: 1558896747756.jpg (7.73 KB, 200x200, tubalcain-dandy-alhambra-foto.…)

>The dismissal from Cait doesn't seem to put the man out. He rolls his shoulders in a sort of shrug and shakes his head.

Maybe you are right. There is no point to offer help to someone who does not need it...I am sure you have places to go to not bother with someone like me on the streets.

But before you go, do not pretend that I cannot see you. The cute looks does not hide something that I can see as plain as the nose on your face. Your soul is stained, Tigre.

>The phrase is simple, matter of fact and yet entirely serious. The man's smirk had disappeared for that singular line and a moment passes where he lets the line hang in the air. There's a strangeness to his golden eye and for a moment his pupil seems to slit before returning to a full circle. The smoke around his cigarette simultaneously freezes in place, stuck in a loopy curve that remains in place for far longer than a simple second.

>His expression remains serious for a few moments longer, then he seems to lighten up again with a renewed smirk. The smoke moves and starts wafting naturally once more. The bustle of the passerbys allow them to miss the strange oddity but the well-dressed man's(?) casual stance never moves from his reclined position on the pillar. He taps the side of his nose and winks at Cait.

Try not to get into trouble, si?

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File: 1558896980294.jpg (189.76 KB, 650x825, fe10___mak____makawhat__by_sup…)



>Makalov stares in horror as his blade sliced part of a slime off, only to have it waddle on over and re-attack itself as if it was nothing

"What on earth...how to we kill these things?!"

>Sherlock in the meantime has had her strength dwindle, with a loud CLANK the warhorse sunk down to her belly, unable to support Makalov and Dixie's weight while her head keeps on nodding off. The save haven would not last for much longer by the looks of it.

"No...Sherlock, you gotta get up man.."

>Needless to say this made the poor horse and finally it's passengers susceptible to the slime's attack.


>In a brief moment the Knight took his surroundings in, watching the proud, scary woman flop over like a ragdoll, the old man writhing on the ground covered in slime, screaming.

>The other young girl collapsed as well, close to the end of her strength and possibly using the last of her resources with those potions.

<Is this really it? We're gonna get bested by slimes? This is how i'm gonna die, in some stank cave for a job that was probably a scam in the first place...

"I'm sorry Marcia, guess I stayed a good for nothing to the very end after all..."

>His blade proved ineffective against these slimes, his partymembers dropped like flies and the only one he managed to save at least temporarily was a dog. And even that was close to over with the two of them being this close to the ground.


>The sudden sounds of several magic spells going off ripped the knight from his stupor, there was no point in sitting on Sherlock anymore, she was pretty much finished. Makalov hopped from his mount, regarding her with a great pain in his heart, Sherlock's slime covered calves and hooves were an absolutely abominable sight and it took pretty much all of his willpower to resist the urge to cry right then and there.

>There was simply no time for that, he spotted the pigtailed girl...praying? Makalov was familiar with such a sight, she was preparing some sort of magic spell! That can only be good news...until he spotted a good dozen slimes headed for her.

"Oh...blast it! Kyaaaagh!"

>The knight let out a battle cry, sword and shield in hand as he stormed toward Sophie.

"You dastards have to deal with me first! I am still here!"

>If he was gonna go down at least he will do so protecting a child, it's what Astrid would do and would hopefuly appease Marcia should news of his heroism leave this cave.

>Making as much noise as possible to attract the slimes the knight would recklessly slice at the group right in front of him!

Roll 1d1000 = 77

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File: 1558910399009.png (433.05 KB, 773x784, smile 4.PNG)

"Oh? You can see through me huh? Funny, I use to know someone who claimed the same thing~"

>She said with a rather evil grin.

"Would you like to meet him? Would be very happy to oblige~?"

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File: 1558939906016.gif (702.44 KB, 368x204, Ah Ah That Would Be Telling.gi…)

>The man laughs and looks up at the sky for a moment, his grin plastered over his face. A passerby glances curiously at him as they walk by, but seeing nothing wrong decides to continue on with their day.

Tigre you are very funny! Very very funny...

>He looks back down to her, still grinning, and folds his arms over his chest. His eyes zero in on the mess that was her front shirt, the stains and hole still visible on her front.

Maybe some other time, si? Lunchtime is almost here and I would like to have it in a nice quiet place. The policía here can be so noisy sometime, it makes eating so distracting.

>As if on cue a cop car rolls on by on the street, the sleek black and white cruising down the street towards East District's gates. The man's gaze follows the car, and when it's gone he shakes his head.

So troublesome...

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File: 1558940518243.png (233.49 KB, 767x668, evil smirk.png)

>She eyed the cop car and gave a friendly smile and wave to the officer riding shotgun.

"If you say so~ Look, I like you so I will give you the benefit of this. You never saw me, you never spoke to me, I never existed, period. With this I can promise you a long prosperous life at least at my paws."

"This of course with the disclaimer you don't piss others off, I am not responsible for their actions. Sound good? No?"

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File: 1558942163158.jpg (29.78 KB, 720x400, Talking turkey.jpg)

If I were someone concerned with bodily harm, Tigre, I would not have bothered to speak to someone like you. You think you are untouchable? That you threaten me? It is very cute.

>The man unfolds his hands and claps them twice.

Consider a moment that you are in a place full of the unexpected. Oh yes there are meek sheep who graze around you, content with their minuscule lives and what inconsequential thing they are preoccupied with for the day. Among these sheep lurk the predators, you know. The zorros, the lobos, the leones...the tigres.

>The man smirks and chuckles darkly.

Tigres are powerful creatures. Kings of the jungle, they prowl the underbrush and take the animals by surprise. The splendid stripes hide them in the thick foliage. Their eyes pierce through the dark. They are powerful predators...and yet! There is a predator stronger than them, predators that push the tigres to extinction because of certain vices. Greed for their valuable parts, Envy for their feline grace and physical prowess, Lust for their splendid forms, Pride to dominate something that is weaker than themselves, Wrath against the gall of the tigre presuming it higher than they...if these people are the sheep tigre, someone like me? I am the hunter. The one above all the animals that walk about the world.

>He lowers an arm to his side and lifts his other hand to his cigarette to draw another drag from his cigarette. He stares unblinkingly at Cait, his face frozen in a coy but dangerous smile. When he pulls in a sufficient drag he breathes out a plume of smoke that frames around his thin tanned face.

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File: 1558944359951.png (549.15 KB, 903x771, Ready or not.PNG)

"I don't make threats~"
>She chuckled, keeping things implied though fairly obvious.

"Again, you really sound like someone I once knew, and they too were overly confident they knew what they were going on about when clearly they weren't~"

>With a blink of an eye she would vanish without a trace.

"Cautious underestimating those you meet, it can be a grave mistake indeed~"

>She snickered, her voice echoing off the walls of the alleyway before fading into the ambience around them.

>Cait seriously didn't want to get roped into another shit-fest like she did with Legault; however, he was onto something, this deadly dance was a hell of a drug and Cait saw no point quitting while she was ahead.

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File: 1558946274910.gif (702.44 KB, 368x204, Ah Ah That Would Be Telling.gi…)

>With Cait gone, whisked away down the alley aside the tall regal building they spoke at, the man gazes at where she had gone with a bemused smirk.

Ahhh she has fire. A spicy soul...my favorite flavor.


>The smoke at the tip of his cigarette freezes midair. The man's golden eye turns to look at it.

Follow our spicy tigre. I want to know where she is going. It would be nice to have her for lunch.

>The smoke twists and unhooks itself from the tendrils of smoldering natural smoke that wafted from the tip. The smoke circles around the well-dressed man and shoots into the alleyway, its furling gaseous form practically slithering through the air.

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File: 1558954614425.png (211.14 KB, 1152x864, Timoteo_1.png)

>The sudden and loud entrance of the masked merc is enough to surprise almost everyone in the room, the moody silver haired one even jumping to his feet in preparation for battle.

>Timoteo however does not seemed surprised in the slightest, smiling at the man as he speaks.

>Timoteo then actually stands up, and walks over to Wade, looking at the box of donuts with a curious glance as he approaches.

Y'know, I've never actually tried one of those. I don't usually have the chance to go out and try most food places.

It's nice to meet you though, Wade. I'm the one who sent you that letter, Timoteo.

>He then offers him a handshake, looking at him with a friendly smile.

>It was probably a good thing he brought donuts for himself. They were in for a long talk.

>Sas meanwhile shares Xion's surprise that he's the one to show up, though frowns when Wade fails to remember at all who he is.

>Sas shrugs when Xion looks to him. He had followed the rings a little bit, but not enough to know Wade had one apparently.

Hey, don't look at me! I don't know how he got it!

>Though he had been silent for most of the discussion so far, he didn't really have anything to add that Xion herself didn't already say. This though. This is new.

>He's hoping either Timoteo, or even Wade himself would explain it at some point.

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File: 1558986023614.png (108.15 KB, 1024x1024, EsfhxE9.png)


>When Grell falls, blue slime is splattered all about her. With her body now being completely still, the blue slime that had wrapped itself around her feet begins to loosen, though keeping her in an unconscious state.


>With Alice's one miscalculation, the damage had already been done. The effects of the energy draining slime already working it's way through her body. Her first attempt at poofing away to a dry patch fails, playing her in a yet more blue slime. Now more prepared for her attack, the Slime Blobs successfully evade the lightening strikes. As they lunge forward to grapple the witch, Alice is able to teleport away so successfully that none of the blue slime teleports with her and she is free of it's effects, safely landing on what appeared to be a lumpy stone surface.


>Sucy's chemical mixtures successfully transform the slime on and around her feet into stone, spreading out from the contact point before fading out. Being turned to stone, the blue slimes energy draining effects are neutralized, though she would still find herself quite exhausted.


>Frightened by the unstable state Clint was in, Casey quickly hops off of Clint onto the dry ground before them. Through this subtraction of weight and pure determination, Clint boosts his energy to remain standing for just a little longer.



>The exploding Slime Blobs from Casey's attack do little to hinder the eternal march of the remaining Slime Blobs. With one charging towards Sophie from behind and the other Fifteen quickly closing in, the Slime Blobs victory against Sophie seems almost assured. That is, until their attention is drawn to the insulting shouts of a lone knight. To anyone else, it would appear that the knight had taken calculated steps across the room to come to Sophie's aid. The dry path in front of Clint, the stony ground next to Sucy, the empty patch where Alice once stood, all to bring him closer to his targets. With all the power and precice strikes of a master swordsman, Makalov perfectly slices through fourteen Slime Blobs right between the eyes. Many of them sliced apart mid air and exploding into a mess of blue slime that splatters all over Makalov and Sophie. While the slime simply slides off of Sophie thanks to her temporary immunity to it, Makalov isn't as lucky as it's energy draining effects begin to sink in.

You guys are so cool! I didn't know you could beat them with swords!

>Cried Casey as she watches in awe at the masterful attack. Completely caught off guard by Makalovs attack the remaining two Slime Blobs that had been charging at Sophie are delayed long enough to allow Sophie to complete her spell.

>Dixie, feeling utterly useless, can only scramble to secure her safe spot upon the fallen horses back and watch the events play out.

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556314

>The looks of people wanting to shoot him were nothing new. Gave a good indicator of the type of people he was dealing with. The strong and tightnite family that fights together. Complete with friendly grandpa figure.

Well nice to be able to put a face behind that fancy handwriting. You know you can get pretty much anything delivered these days.

>Wade shakes off the remaining crumbs from his glove and grabs the old man's hand in a firm grip. Should be be able to feel the through the Dragonhide gloves he would feel that Wade was not wearing his ring at present.

Course that also invites the risk of health problems. Well unless you're me. But i haven't been able to gain any weight sincr the accident. Cept that one time. But we shall leave my adventures in the Delinquantsketch forums for another time.

>He lets go of his hand before opening the box to offer Timoteo a donut. Typical chocolate glazed with a few applefritters thrown in for variety.

Yes indeed, I am one of the chosen ones!

>He states proudly as he places his free hand on his hip. A faint glow emitting from him as he looks off to the side like a traditional super hero pose. Anyone with the proper angle could see this was simply caused by a maid lifting a lamp up at the right angle to clean under it.

Well I mean I was chosen to hold onto the thing. Sax didn't want it anymore and we'll we've been through a few times together so he trusted me to hold onto it. He never told me that it could light my stuff on fire. You'd think these things would come with a Manuel of some kind. Like a little pamphlet wouldn't be that hard to make right?

MokouCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556316

File: 1559010701701.jpg (51.87 KB, 355x277, 72f.jpg)


>The lack of understanding and quick flight minded following of Marisa's and Marco's explanation showed on Mokou's face. Eventually her flat pan turned to a bit of a grit teeth raised brow.

>Leaning back and now just looking at the wall somewhat still sort of listening. Finally closing her eyes and putting the tops of her hands to her forehead.

"So... it's a bed of sorts... guest bed, foldout bed.... okay....... all you had to say.... and frankly, never properly met Alice. So, ... yeah."

>Laying back for a minute before leaning upwards some once again and looking to her blouse and pants. Her clothes having taken damage like this before many a time before.

>Shaking her head some at the question.
"Geese? .. wolf? .. I.. I don't know, something else I guess. A full nights rest maybe... sure."
>The teasing for the moment going clean over her head it seemed.

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556319

File: 1559027111612.png (273.81 KB, 665x381, No no no this cloud wont do.pn…)

>Alice was a little thrown off by the uneven stone though the witch managed to keep her footing for the time being. She focused on increasing the storm's intensity in hopes it would wipe out the remaining blobs and free the rest of the party. Alice fires off another bolt of magic into the swirling black clouds above. Roll 1d1000 = 7 odds for a favorable effect.

>She then aims her wand at her two globs as they pursued, zapping them with powerful crack of lightning. Roll 1d1000 = 508 odds to hit.


Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556320

File: 1559030489437.png (50.39 KB, 386x140, Grell_I Watch You Sleep_And Ba…)

>Grell proves a placid prisoner to the slimes. Her face is frozen in dreamy contentment, her body limp and relaxed and breathing a steadily weakening action.

<"Raise Soul!"

>The reaper's breathing suddenly hitches and her eyes snap right open. There's a moment where Grell stares at the muck in front of her face, the glistening blue material not that much different from gelatin wiggling about in front of her face. Her side was completely numb where she fell but one arm was free of the stuff and resting atop her chest.

>Everything floods back in a rush to the Reaper in a startling wave of clarity and energy. It's an invigorating rush that surprises even her. The voices of her companions bounced off the walls of the room in a distracting cacophony of noise, crying out in desperation and anguish.

>Grell's hand folds into a fist, her eyes for a moment turning wild. She came in expecting many trials taking down this necromancer, but was she seriously taken down by these jiggly nuisances? And...was it in her HAIR?!

>Roll 1d1000 = 618 odds, Grell jerks herself up powerfully with a shout, ripping herself back to a seated position from the ground. Her right arm hangs uselessly at her side, completely numb from exposure to the slime that coated half her body. It gobs thickly in her hair, enough to add significant weight to her head.

>If evens she tries to sit up but her hair is stuck on the ground. With half her muscles numb from the exposure to the slime she can't actually sit up properly and grunts in frustration. She was awake, at least, but stuck as she was the reaper could not break free as is.

Xion!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556323

File: 1559114853811.png (114.54 KB, 500x293, Best Moment In The Game.png)

>She's surprised that Sasuun hadn't known this turn of events either, but Xion figures perhaps Wade hadn't advertised he had the ring in the first place. There's a slight pang of disappointment that echoes in her, she had been hoping that their mysterious third ringbearer was someone else. Like most other trails, it just seemed not to be, and with a quiet sigh she lets the disappointment go with a dejected glance down at the floor.

>However, as Wade explains Xion squints and looks back up to him skeptically. She glances to Timoteo next in confusion.

Can we actually do that? Just bestow our rings onto someone else?

>It seemed an odd choice given everyone who originally got their rings did so through a trial by combat. Xion vaguely remembers Sax, the Equestrian who fought for the ring Wade now possessed, and wonders why he thought giving his powerful ring he fought for to Wade was such a good idea.

>Not to say that Wade was as bad as she used to think but even with her moderately changed viewpoint it just seemed like a wildly irresponsible idea. The guy already was complaining that he didn't know the ring could light things on fire after all, which Xion suspects if Wade had known that much the past would have had much more fire that what it already did.

Sucy!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556324

File: 1559115315248.jpg (17.36 KB, 423x428, NightgownSucyRestingOnTopOfARe…)

>The soul sucking feeling of the slimes ironically would allow Sucy to relax. He hands stretched out as she falls forward onto her knees. At least as well as she could in her current state. Though the slimes weren't as big a problem as before she now had her feet stuck in solid concrete.


>Of course everyone else was going through their own trials differently. She wasn't in much position to complain about being stuck when it seemed everyone else was having it just as bad. If not worse.

>Clint's roaring would get her attention. Her breathing heavy as she looks over to see him drop a needle onto the ground. Given the type of man he was she could easily guess it was some kind of adrenaline. Which probably meant he was up on his last legs.

>With a push on the ground she gets back upright. Grabbing her wand from her sash she flicks it open to ready a bolt of magical light at the slime plaguing her meal ticket.

>Roll 1d1000 = 789 Evens

Derpy Hooves Mailmare Extra ExtraordinaireCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556332

File: 1559177760769.png (201.97 KB, 1205x1024, gfhkjtgzukf.png)

>The uniformed blonde mailmare was soaring through the skies of Town on this rather pleasant evening. She had already gotten most of her work done for the day but she seems to have a little trouble with a letter she is holding in her clumsy grasp.


>With a few beats of her wings the mare finally came to a halt, very carefuly examining the envelope, holding it upside-down, sideways fumbling about until finally getting it right.

"Town, Daigoro Alley, by the Trashcans..."

>The mare read out loud while squinting her eyes, holding the letter a little further away or moving her head back and forth until she could read clearly. Derpy scrunched her snout up slightly, it was weird that the adress was this specific every single time but she was gonna do her job just right!

>Looking up from her piece of delivery the determined mailmare had a look around the streets underneath her, suddenly she let out an excited gasp!

"Oooh! It's right there! Yippie!"

>With a hoof-pump of victory the mailmare nosedives right toward the little alleyway, excited and happy to finally finish her work for the day!



>A gray-brown blurr stormed right into the little alleyway, more specifically slamming into the lined up trashcans with a deafening crash.

"Oh...Ouchie. Sorry trashcans and the rats that live in them, i'll make it up to you someday."

>Out of the wreck, miraculously emerged an equine, a pegasus to be precise, she was wearing a brown uniform with the logo of the equestrian postal service stitched on it. Dusting herself off with her wings the mare shook herself, recovering from her crash like it was nothing, she must either be very resilient or simply used to crashes like these. What's even stranger is that the pony was actually...grinning from ear to ear? Lifting the letter up proudly she exclaimed-

"Hello? Special delivery for Ca- huh..?"

>She stopped herself, looking over the letter once again, her smile vanishing and turning into a confused frown.

"The letters changed again? Aww..."

>For now, the pony's ears deflated as she watched the letters on the envelop vanish one by one only to be replaced by a different one. Slowly but surely 'Town, Daigoro Alley by the trashcans' disappeared, new letters slowly forming on the envelope.

>Derpy looked around, confused, she wasn't imagining this right? She was supposed to deliver it right here wasnt she? She simply has to deliver this mail or it'll be very bad, this is a special delivery after all!

Cait!Doom2pkvkwCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556333

File: 1559199525607.png (208.97 KB, 380x452, Hmmmmmmm.PNG)

>Unfortunately for Derpy Cait was already long gone for the moment. The Tigress walking away from a shopping mall while briskly changing her hoodie with one she had shoplifted from a nearby shop.

"Hate how these actually freaking fit me..."
>She groaned, finding the fact she could fit in children's clothes rather annoying to say the least. Though despite this, her small stature and appearance did help her achieve her goal, the tigress not at all fitting the profile for your average criminal managed to slip away completely unnoticed.

"Alright... Where am I now?"
>She asked herself while again resorting to a bus schedule to navigate her way. Once she had her path plotted out, she set off for her destination.
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File: 1559211419180.jpg (42.38 KB, 700x552, d38ee8be647ea500940c991c6716ae…)

>He certainly was a strange man, but Timoteo knew that much. It was just odd seeing it in person.

Oh, well thank you very much.

>He takes one of the apple fritters from the box and goes back to sit in his seat. he places the donut on a small plate he had in front of him, and chose not to eat it for the time being.

>Xion's question was an important one though, and he raises a hand as he begins to explain.

No, you're not actually allowed to do that. The selection of guardians is reserved to the boss, and an external advisor. Both must agree on a set of guardians in order to ensure the ones selected are meant to be true successors, and is also to make sure there is no bias. You may not pass your ring onto another person. if you give up your ownership of it, it is normally collected by the Vongola.

It actually wasn't until recently that we knew where his was. All others who rejected the ring gave it back to Basil. Sax however gave it away to some unknown person, and left without a trace.

So up until now, Wade here has not been a true bearer of the ring.

>It is now that he decides to pick the donut back up and take a bite of it, looking down at the remainder of it while he eats.

>After swallowing that bite, he looks back over to Wade.

You're right, these are pretty good!

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556335

File: 1559227435425.png (90.04 KB, 278x280, Biding time.PNG)

>The oppressively loud noise of trash cans rattling and echoes of a cheerful voice reach the man's keen hearing, still leaning on the pillar he had stood at previously. He circles his thumbs around and around but makes no move to investigate the noise. A pair of ponies on the sidewalk do however do peer hesitantly down the alleyway to see what the hub-bub was about, both visibly relaxing when they see its just a mailpony fluttering about.

>The pony herself might notice something strange. The smell of smoke and sulfur tickled her nose. There were no signs of a fire, but the smell had a distinct trail that led further up the alleyway and onto the next street.

>The source of the smell was on the move. There was a soul to tail after all and a patient diner depending on its performance at that.

Derpy Hooves Mailmare Extra ExtraordinaireCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556336

File: 1559254783172.png (396.67 KB, 1108x1200, DuW2bbjU8AA9cjQ.png)


>The poor mailmare shook herself some more trying to get rid of some of the garbage that inadvertently stuck to her as she began to fiy her mess, grabbing the cans she knocked over and setting them up once more.

"Hi! I am okay~ The trash is okay too!"

>The pony waved at the two lookieloos before they decided to leave the premises again, leaving Derpy alone once again.

>She was still rather down about this whole ordeal, she had been flying around in circles for at least an hour because the adress on the letter kept on changing on her. Was someone trying to pull a prank on her? Nah, that'd be mean.

>As the pony bent over to try and pick up the letter she dropped her muzzle was assaulted with something...bad, a familiar smell that usually spelled disaster! With the envelope in hoof the Mailmare began to look around again, slightly nervous now, the alleyway seemed a lot more dark and almost scary all of a sudden.

"Uhm...Hello? Mr. or Mrs. Seir?"

>The equestrian loudly asked nobody in particularBlinking a few times to try and get her eyes to focus the mare looked down the seemingly empty alleyway, unsure what to do next the pegasus took to the air, fluttering a good few feet off the ground.

"If you're here please say so! I have an important letter for you, we can play hide and seek later okay?"

>Looking down at said item in her hoof Derpy would now dare to flutter herself along the alleyway, she couldnt really spot anything too scary right away though the smell worried her some, it reminds her of burnt cupcakes and ruined hayburgers she left in the pan for too long. Sometimes they still tasted great though, so it's most likely nothing too bad right?


The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556337

>The skepticism of someone as pure as Xion cut deeper then any dagger could. Anyone paying attention could see Wade jolt for a second as he felt the words cuttin into him. He would remain strong and maintain his pose. Even after closing the box with a flex of his fingers. It was all he could do to keep himself from crumbling from the weight of the shame.

>The topic of how he got the ring has him flash back to that moment. He had gone to warn his old comrade that he would be next to fight for his ring. In a fit of frustration he shoved the ring onto him. Just before he walked off into that weird blue box he told Wade to send a message.

Well I wouldn't worry about him right now. Adaptes Saxitus is as dead as they come.

>Least that's what he told him to tell them. As far as he knew Atta Tude was still very much alive. His location after the Thanos invasion remained a mystery. Wade could only hope the old warhorse took advantage of the calamity and retreated to parts unknown with his family, giving them the retirement the rightfully deserved.

Besides there's worse choices you could make here. Managed to keep the thing safe this whole time. Mostly from lack of using it. Turns out it also heals people that wear it. Me and healing items tend to get....messy.

>By that he meant it caused him to violently explode. But there was no reason to say that and ruin everyone's lunch. After all it was the most sacrid part of the day.

So yeah, I owe Sax more then I care to admit. So if he has unfinished business I'll gladly take care of it for him.

>He heads over to the nearest empty seat. His box dropping on the table as he lands on the seat with a thud. .

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556342

File: 1559328819312.png (30.32 KB, 181x254, comic483.png)

>For the most part, Clint focused on his own situation, wanting to get out so he could help as soon as possible. But, even now he could see that the tide was slowly changing for the better. Clint reached back down, feeling a new wave of energy wash over him, he quickly grabs the knife from before and starts slashing at the goo trapping his other foot.

Roll 1d1000 = 202 evens

Xion!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556343

File: 1559338616696.png (36.18 KB, 171x232, Crestfallen Astonishment.PNG)

>That made sense, though Xion wondered how poor the Vongola's ability to find the rings were if the ring had been lost for so long. What would happen if someone hid their ring or fell through a rift? If it was stolen could they ever find it again?

>She casts a furtive glance at the ring on her finger warily. Perhaps it would be best if she got it enchanted with a Find Me locator spell. A little prevention could help out in case the worst happened and in Xion's experience that seemed to happen more than she liked.


<"Adaptes Saxitus is as dead as they come."

>Xion's jolts and looks up to Wade, at first in alarm but slowly her face falls even further and she glances down at the ground, her mood absolutely crushed. Her hands clench on her lap together and she remains very quiet, neither moving to fetch some food or pay much attention to Wade afterwards. She hadn't known Sax that well but she was still very sad to hear he had died and personally wondered what happened to him that could have caused it. The pony was brave and seemed almost as sturdy as a brick wall, to imagine him dying was almost inconceivable.


>Her eyes drift again to the ring. The worst did seem to happen sometimes...

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556385

File: 1559499852646.jpg (7.73 KB, 200x200, tubalcain-dandy-alhambra-foto.…)

>As Derpy worries over the letter a strange scent again assaults her nose. The smell of smoke and sulfur grows stronger, as it was stuck on the clothes of the figure that had heard her landing.

>What's odd is that the figure didn't seem to make any noise on his approach, one moment he wasn't there and the next he stood at the entrance of the alleyway, gazing at her with a visible golden eye beneath a wide-brimmed hat. His hands are sunk into the pockets of his slacks, his posture casual as he regards her.

Little pony! You sound distressed! Was that you that made that crashing noise?

>His voice has a smooth and exotic sounding accent, nothing anyone could expect to hear in Equestria or perhaps Belle'Ayn itself.

>Meanwhile, Cait would find herself strolling down the sidewalk. The buildings around her grew fancier the closer she walked towards the center of Central District, and as the old priest had said before she came upon a large plaza soon enough. A white building, sleek and modern about two stories tall sits beyond the brick plaza, the plaza itself populated with two points of interest. A large statue of a human holding a sword as long as they were tall stands in a gleaming glory in the sunlight. A large archway also stood in the plaza with a small crowd of people standing around it holding bags or other personal affects.

>A sign erected at the bus stop nearby indicated the area as 'Riftguard Plaza', the bench occupied by a single pegasus pony relaxing and reclining on it.

>Behind Cait a twisty smoky apparition lazily follows at a distance. The barely corporeal form twisted and twined in the air, and stopped whenever the Tigress did, being sure to keep a distance so that it was not successfully detected.

Cait!Doom2pkvkwCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556388

File: 1559509058446.png (478.8 KB, 1126x665, Screenshot_2019-05-29_17-43-10…)

>Cait doesn't notice the ghostly smoke trailing behind her as she walked up to the massive statue before her. The architecture reminded her a lot of the grand halls back at Lune.

>She snickered slightly, finding the sight of it all rather laughable.

"Suppose I should head in"
>She said to herself with a soft sigh as she got into character and walked towards the building.

Derpy Hooves Mailmare Extra ExtraordinaireCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556389

File: 1559509952745.png (405.25 KB, 628x700, upscale-231802820015212.png)

>The mailmare froze up briefly as she heard the eel-smooth voice right behind her, thanks to that her wings stopped working, freezing up in a similar way.



>The mare's bubble butt slammed right on the filthy ground of the alley as she scrambled to get back on all fours, now facing the man with wide eyes.

"Uhm..oh you scared me Mr. Humare...Humane sir?"

>The mare blinked as she tried to get her strange equally golden eyes to focus on the man, now that she actually saw him things didn't seem half bad.

"Uhuh...Yeah I had a little accident, like, the kind where you bump into something, not the other kind where ponies and people get hurt though!"

>She...seemed to look over toward the trashcans, at least one of her eyes were, the other was still trained on the man before her. It was rather tough to tell just where this little pony was looking exactly.

"Oh no! Did I crash into your home? Do you live in there? I am so sorry if you are! Sometimes I don't really know where i'm going and there is this letter I have to deliver and it keeps changing the delivery adress and I am getting tired from flying around all day-"

>A big inhale later and the mare continued her senseless prattle.


>The pony bent over, breathing heavily to try and gain her composure back, for Equine standards she was of average height, her uniform has a few fresh stains from her crash but was otherwise in rather good condition. The most distinct feature of this mare however were her eyes that simply refused to look at the same thing at the same time.

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556390

File: 1559511059168.png (529.33 KB, 741x457, ADimensionalGate.PNG)

>He regards the pony pityingly at first. She seemed to be a right mess, flustered from her impromptu crash and the task she was saddled with. Her eyes were odd, he wondered briefly if the pony had hit her head far too hard on the landing and rattled her brains. Pegasus ponies were sturdy enough to survive crash landings but evidently not if they presumably did so directly onto their skulls.

>Before he can deny her assumption that he somehow lived in this dank alleyway the pony had already revved up her speaking, building faster and faster until the words practically blended together. The well-dressed man holds up his hands, his shoulders simultaneously raised, as his eyebrow lifted in bewilderment.

Ay-ay-ay, little pony slow down! You will pass out if you speak so quickly! Deep breaths, si?

>He hadn't caught the tail end of what she was saying but there was something there. A delivery for someone with a changing address, one that changed almost the moment she landed. He rubs his chin and looks at the letter in her hoof.

I do not live in this place, no. I prefer a warmer climate, little pony. But perhaps I can help? You say you are delivering a letter?

>Crossing the Riftguard Plaza goes by without fuss. People in the plaza were too involved with their own business either standing around or crowded around the glowing gate erected by a set of machines and a giant umbrella. Two people work the machine, one typing into the console and the other speaking with the people clustered around it. Both bear badges, silvery with sigils that were too far away to properly see.

>The large white building itself features a set of automatic sliding glass doors. The glass lets the tigress look into the building, which hosts a luxurious looking lounge area with televisions mounted on the wall hosting times and names for one, and what looked like a map of Town with differently colored spots on the other. A stairwell was roped off and the doors on the main floor all hosted key card entry points, including the glass doors leading back out behind the Riftguard HQ building itself.

>A long white countertop of what is presumably a help desk stands empty, though a bell is left on the top with a sign indicating to ring for service.

Derpy Hooves Mailmare Extra ExtraordinaireCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556392

File: 1559512129788.png (163.45 KB, 841x1100, fgdyfgd.png)

>Derpy was holding a rather thick envelope, something that must contain more than a simple letter, the writing on it was partially ever-changing, the delivery adress specifically.

<Cait Seir

<Celestia Walk 13
<on the sidewalk...

<Cait Seir

<Celestia Walk 12
<on the sidewalk...

>The number seems to keep on counting down, following the Celestia Walk that eventually lead to Town's Central District.

>The origin adress however remained stagnant, reading

'Mr. Jingles
'Nana Corp Interdimensional
The Yellow Brick Road'

>The pony seems to take the man's advice to heart, giving herself some time to recover from her impromtu episode, deep breaths, out with the bad in with the good.

"Uhuh. I deliver many things like, letters, big letters, boxes, big boxes but sometimes small boxes too. I like delivering boxes the most because it makes the ponies so happy when they get the surprise!"

>The mare counted all the different things she delivered with her wings as if they were fingers, she seems very proud of it, her mood improving quite a bit.

>Finally, Derpy would hold the mysterious enchanted letter up for the man to inspect thoroughly now, enabling him to notice the ever changing adress that caused this poor pony grief.

"This is the last letter for today but do you see this? Can you really help me sir Humane sir?"

>Slowly but surely a small smile crept on the mare's face at the notion of getting some assistance.

"You're very nice you know?"

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Cait!Doom2pkvkwCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556393

File: 1559517485603.png (177.57 KB, 853x720, behind a counter.png)

"Hmm... Guess I might as well head in and see if someone can help..."
>She pondered out loud, walking in with a fake limp.

"Hellow? Can anyone help me?"

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556394

File: 1559518725082.jpg (7.73 KB, 200x200, tubalcain-dandy-alhambra-foto.…)

>The praise encourages the man's smile to broaden. He nods to the pony once.

You are too kind! It is just common courtesy to help, when you can offer it. Paying favors forward, I find, is better than minding my own business.

>A glance at the envelope causes the man's eyebrow to once again lift. "Cait Seir" was an unusual sort of name, probably not the typical pony he could expect to see around Town itself. It was funny, though, because it didn't seem to be the usual human name either. Hadn't the pegasus said the person it was destined for was previously here?

<"Could it be the tigre?"

>This was an odd coincidence, but not unwanted either. He straightens and looks towards the other end of the alleyway and the street beyond.

It looks like this letter has location magic on it. This person you are looking for may be on the move, which means catching them will be difficult unless they stay in one place...

>The man tips his hat to the grey pegasus and smiles. The cigarette in the corner of his mouth tilts up as well.

I saw someone pass through here earlier, little pony. This letter could be meant for her. She is a feisty tigre! Eager to go someplace but I do not know where. That letter of yours, it may tell you but not soon enough eh? There could be some lagging magical connection as it locates who you seek, which...

>He gestures to the alley around them with a broad gesture of both hands.

I see is not helping you.

>Inside the Riftguard lobby it's quiet and empty. The gentle whistling of air through nearby vents pumps cool air into the waiting area, keeping the place fairly chilly compared to the warm weather outside.

>Cait's voice echoes through the cavernous space but there's no immediate response. The televisions continue showing the slated times and names, the map of Town itself remaining a strange weather-like map of different colors marking different districts.

Derpy Hooves Mailmare Extra ExtraordinaireCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556395

File: 1559520388902.gif (368.66 KB, 357x564, 17586.gif)

>The mare's eyes were almost glistening with joy as the man talked, his words and overall demeanor gave Derpy a great boost of morality though some of the things he said were rather confusing or at the very least sounded confusing.

"Oh, so it's magic that does this? Oh duh, I shoulda known! But magic always confuses me in so many ways, you must be very smart to know all this stuff!"

"Oooh a Tigreeh, right! A Tigrergh..."

>It was almost audible how hard the gears in this mare's head were turning as she attempted to process all this new infortmation, eventually there seems to be a wrench thrown in the gears, disrupting the entire process.

"Uhm, what's a Tigre?"

>And before she forgot, the mare proudly flashed the little nametag pinned to her shirt.

"Oh! I am Derpy by the way, Derpy Hooves! What's your name?"

Cait (iPad)Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556397

File: 1559537417956.png (134.18 KB, 330x419, IMG_1569.PNG)

>She called again, her tempered fuse leaving her rather impatient.

>The map catches her eye. Curious, she walks over to get a closer look.

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556407

File: 1559592551998.gif (702.44 KB, 368x204, Ah Ah That Would Be Telling.gi…)

>Such a strange pony to not consider the letter's changing nature could be due to magic. Perhaps she was scatterbrained before she even hit her head? The flashed name badge gives him pause. That guess was right. The pony seemed even less there than the other candy coated Equestrians did.

>Such a shame their natures could barely break selfish unpleasantness. The souls were like pure sugar, sickeningly sweet and made his lips curl to think of partaking one. Some demons had that taste for it but he was decidedly a pickier sort. He could afford it since he was on a demon prince's payroll, souls to devour weren't a rarity for the well-dressed demon and he found it easy to get his pick of a bunch if he did not rush himself.

>When Derpy asks for his name next, the demon smiles nostalgically.

It has been a long time since someone asked me for my name...Orpheo Vela, little pony. And a 'tigre' must the the recipient of your letter. She is a cat with stripes, small enough to fit in children's clothing. She can be easy to lose in a crowd.

>It could be they had missed each other before because of this. Letters often didn't come accompanied with a descriptor of the individual meant to receive them.

Xion!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556409

File: 1559593211121.jpg (10.5 KB, 154x168, Just Play The MGS FOUND Noise.…)

>The television with the map of town reads more like a weather map with hot spots indicated on the screen. "Rift Activity" sat beneath the map on the screen in bold letters, with the 'hot zones' showing a street in West District with a light purple reading, a place along the North District wall near West District demarcation point that was dark red, and then a point in East District with a light green zone stretched across two blocks. The legend aside the map supplements the color meanings, the hotter the color the more extreme the rift activity, with hot orange and above indicating an active rift open.

>A tickertape section on the bottom of the screen encourages downloading the 'RiftWatch' app for any capable device, which evidently allows everyday people to check the states of the rifts online.

Hello! Someone down there?

>A voice calls out from the stairwell along with the sound of someone hurrying down. A figure dressed in a long black coat hurries from upstairs, a folder tucked under one arm and head tilted forward to look for the source of the sound she heard earlier.

Helllooooooo? Oh!

>Blue eyes lock onto the small feline form standing in the lobby and with a jolt Xion hurries down the rest of the steps. It's a young woman, remarkably short with pitch black hair and a slightly flushed face from the effort hurrying along.

Hi, sorry! We're short-staffed today so sorry for the wait!

>A glistening silver badge with a leafy insignia and a 36 engraved on it is clipped to the right of her chest, matching the long silvery drawstrings that jingle as she maneuvers carefully around the rope barricade.

Oooof, Dave needs to get those new keycard doors for the stairs already...

>She mutters this under her breath and perks, putting on a smile for the visitor.

I am Xion, Riftguard number 36. Is there something I can help you with?

Derpy Hooves Mailmare Extra ExtraordinaireCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556411

File: 1559593865511.gif (1.69 MB, 332x434, 84834.gif)

>Derpy's smile drops a little hearing the man explain his name, her ears slightly drooping as well.

"Aww...why does nobody ask you your name? That's so weird and sad, how else will ponies and people get to know you?"

>The pony moved a hoof to her chin in thought, mulling the man and his words over some and coming to a few rather sad conclusions.

"Do you not have any friends? Hey, I know!"

>Beating on her chest with a hoof the mare proudly exclaimed with a crooked grin.

"I'll be your friend Orphy!"

>True to her soul the mare's words were dripping with enthusiasm and friendliness, it really doesn't take much to befriend a pony. Soon enough the pegasus spread her wings and began hovering in the air before Orpheo Vela, letter still in hoof.

"A small cat that wears clothes? Cats aren't that big in the first place!"

>Derpy loudly thought, picturing a regular housecat that walks on four legs, though the thought of one of those running around wearing pants and shirts like a human was pretty funny to her. Almost absentmindedly the mare would begin gaining height by beating her wings faster and stronger almost reaching the rooftops before stopping herself, looking over her shoulder back down at her new friend, cocking her head as if thinking something over.

>With a sheepish grin the mare returned, hovering back down before the man as she looked him over, noticing his distinct lack of wings.

"Hehe...you can't fly right? Ooops, sometimes I forget that you humans don't have wings and stuff."

Orpheo Vela!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556413

File: 1559598522915.jpg (7.73 KB, 200x200, tubalcain-dandy-alhambra-foto.…)

>The social tragedy of the situation doesn't seem to bother Orpheo as badly as it does Derpy. He was used to people looking over him or passively taking his acquaintanceship at surface level, usually a no-name basis. It was just his lot, identity often didn't matter to other demons or potential marks. He rolls his shoulder in a half shrug, visibly passing off the distress of the pony with grin.

My friends number very few on one hand. But if you desire to be my friend then I should count myself lucky! I hear Equestrians make very good friends! It is famous, there is even a Princess for that very thing here in Equestria, isn't there?

>He turns and sees the pony is no longer where she was, and looks around to see where she went. Her voice comes from above and he tilts his head to look up. She really was scatterbrained, wasn't she? He smirks.

Sadly so! To fly is a gift, it seems my friends often have it while I am stuck walking about down here.

>It's not a facet that seems to bother him and he waves to the grey pegasus.

Derpy, si? If you have that letter to deliver you should go! Go before the tigre disappears yet again!

Derpy Hooves Mailmare Extra ExtraordinaireCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556414

File: 1559599752286.gif (443.73 KB, 400x225, 1173133.gif)


"Oh you mean Twilight? Yeah! She is pretty awesome and has her own castle in ponyville! She even has a school for friendship lessons, or maybe she just thinks about opening one? Things got a lot better after she moved to Ponyville."

>There was this look of thought on the mare's face again as she attempted to make sense of it all, it's been a very long time since she last spoke to Twilight, she was usually very busy or out with her other friends or working at her library.

"It was very sad when Golden Oaks Library was destroyed by that big mean guy though...but the castle is very nice too!"

>She said without providing any context and eventually being reminded that she has a job to do, glancing down at the letter in her hoof the mare made a big discovery!

"The adress stopped changing yippie! It's not far away either!"

>Suddenly, Orpheo finds himself assaulted by the bubbly equine giving him a quick little hug and a pat on the back before hovering away from him again.

"Thanks again for helping me and not getting mad instead."

>Looking down at him with a winning smile she began waving at him, gaining height and speed.

"See ya later Orphy! I hope you find a warm place soon like a Spa, a sauna or a vulcano! Bye bye!"

>And just like that, the pegasus' form disappeared in the distance, racing toward the Riftguard's Headquarters.

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File: 1559607435013.png (165.01 KB, 379x440, IMG_1570.PNG)

>Cait carefull examined the map for several minutes until she heard the voice from the stairwell.
<Show time

>She soon put on a very sad face and mustered up a few tears.

"I.. I was zapped here with my f-f-friend a few days ago a-and we got seperated I dont know where she is... did she came through here?"
>She wailed out, hoping it would cause the woman the pull out the stops in helping her.

Orpheo Vela!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556417

File: 1559608012452.png (90.04 KB, 278x280, Biding time.PNG)

>The demon watches as the pony flies away and offers a lazy wave until she's out of sight. Once she is, he sighs and leans against one of the walls, again getting comfortable as he waits for Harpo to return.

Equestrians...shame they are so so sweet. Their souls would be so easy to take.

>He sighs wistfully. Deliciously damned souls always took some effort to track down. He felt hungry thinking about them and frowns. Derpy had said that the letter indicated that this 'Cait' was nearby still. Maybe if he walked in that direction he could meet up with Harpo halfway, and maybe come across his mark sooner too?

>He turns and pushes himself off the wall to walk down the alley and towards the other street, the same way he suspected Cait had gone.

Xion!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556418

File: 1559608461435.png (45.42 KB, 222x192, Ah Maybe That's A Bit Much.PNG)

>Xion's eyebrows shoot up in surprise, her pleasant curiosity morphing into quiet alarm. This was a 'lost person' case by the look of it. Xion never was a fan of them, people who came through the rifts were usually horribly confused and distraught. At least this little cat person wasn't hysterical on top of all that.

Oh! I'm so sorry, I hope I can help you! Right this way, okay? What's your friend's name?

>Xion walks for the counter area and then behind it, setting the folder she was carrying behind it. There's a computer hidden beneath the flat top to incomers, though the screen was tilted and the keyboard easy for her to access. She removes her pin for a second and swipes it over a pad and in a blink the screen alights, asking now for a passcode. The sound of clacking keys reaches Cait's ears as Xion works.

>She pulls up the Riftguard database of people registered found from other worlds, as well as their living location, or whether they were sent back home through the Dimensional Gate already.

Cait (iPad)Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556419

File: 1559612510041.png (165.01 KB, 379x440, IMG_1570.PNG)

>Cait hyperventilated as she quicky explained everything to Xion.

"Her name is Alice... S-She's a brown fuzzy elephant, much taller than me, she's a witch, she dresses obviously like a witch, she might be in trouble since she doesn't know how to control her magic, and I keep running into really bad people who want to hurt me and talk all creepy like, please I need to find her!!!"

Xion!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556420

File: 1559614690478.png (54.37 KB, 214x360, DayAlreadyIsTurningOutWeird.PN…)

Whoa whoa! Calm down, deep breaths before you pass out, okay?

>The hyperventilation stage came quicker than she expected. Xion grimaces and quickly types the name in, and is subsequently graced with a short list of roughly twenty people with the name Alice registered in the Riftguard database. She scrolls through the names and looks over the case dates. Some were registered years ago, before even Xion became a Riftguard. None of them could possibly be the same, so Xion scrolls right past.

Alice, Alice...within the last few days?

>She's generous and gives the timeframe a week. Parsing through only gives her an Alice Capitol, who appeared from a rift and was registered into the database six months ago. Xion frowns and rolls her shoulders back.

I don't see any 'Alice' who's been registered in that timeframe...she probably hasn't gone to Town Hall, or found any Riftguard to help her...

>That wasn't too uncommon, but it was still very weird. Riftguard was on the ball with catching rifts before they formed and orienting people who came from them. If it were a naturally formed rift then a Riftguard or Retriever should have already processed them. She looks over the counter at the little cat-person in concern.

Did you say you 'zapped' in? Like teleporting? You didn't fall through a hole in reality or something like that?

Cait (iPad)Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556421

File: 1559616195531.png (227.77 KB, 563x507, IMG_1571.PNG)

>Cait anxiously paced in the lobby, her little act making it seem like she was on the verge of a full-blown panic attack, even moreso when she mentioned she had no luck finding her in the database.

>She honestly had a good hunch Alice wouldn't have bothered registering with the authorities. That stupid witch always had a level of distaste when it came to governing bodies, staying off the grid would have been right on with her style; however it was worth the posible lead.

"Yes... I-I don't know what happened... we were in school and then ZAP we were suddenly here!! Please lady, I need to find her!! This place is too scary to be in alone... I already had bad bad people attack me!!"

Xion!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556422

File: 1559617284723.png (48.31 KB, 198x283, ThatPoorPuppy___.PNG)

>This little cat girl was really stressed out. Xion feels her own gut twist into knots seeing her pace back and forth on the tiled ground. The poor thing was so stressed, Xion could hardly blame her for it either.

>Xion looks back to her screen. That story sounded was admittedly unusual for rift activity, though it sounded more to her that maybe this had been a teleporting magic error from people who belonged in Anima. A small cat person looking for an elephant? This definitely explained why there were no records on the Riftguard database. She sighs and clicks out of the search engine and opens up a browser next.

Okay, if it isn't rift activity then maybe the TPD registered her as something else-...wait.

>Her hands lift from the keyboard and she again peers over the counter at the tigress.

Did you say bad people attacked you?

<"What the heck?! She's so tiny!"

>It was depressingly true that Town wasn't completely safe, and a small unattended cat girl wandering the wrong street could have found trouble...her stomach twisted in a knot, and for a moment she's very glad that although she was shaken she looked like she was okay.

Cait (iPad)Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556423

File: 1559622392900.png (165.01 KB, 379x440, IMG_1570.PNG)

>She saddly nodded with a sniffle while clenching her belly, granted the scar was gone, but in a way a phantom pain did remain leaving her act slightly more than that.

"A couple of mean men attacked me, I... I really don't want to talk about though..."

"There's no way you can help me find my friend? She might be in danger too!!"

Xion!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556424

File: 1559623074814.png (22.93 KB, 202x298, Do I Dare Dream.PNG)

>The poor cat really had been through a lot, she seemed almost traumatized over it all. She definitely needed help, but sadly Riftguard didn't have the services to do anything to the scale she needed. The tigress needed a whole different skillset.

Well, maybe not me. But here.

>Xion opens a drawer and rifles through it. After a few moments she pops back up with a business card and a map of Town. She leans over the counter and passes both to the small cat. The card had an address on it, with bold TOWN POLICE DEPARTMENT written on it in a solid font. A few numbers are underneath it, the street address and both emergency and non-emergency numbers printed in smaller font under it. The card is stamped with what is presumably the Town seal, making it look fairly official.

I don't have access to the TPD reports here, but you can go here and ask them if they found anyone with that name, okay? If they haven't then at least they can start looking for your friend. And...I know you don't want to really talk about it but you should also tell the officers you were attacked, people like that can't be walking around free to hurt anyone in Town.

>She slides her hands back and frowns. The cat was really young looking, it wouldn't do to just let her go by herself. Dave would understand if she escorted the little cat to the precinct.

Do you want me to take you there? It's not that far, we just have to cut through Central Park to reach it.

Cait (iPad)Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556425

File: 1559624755188.png (341.16 KB, 720x566, IMG_1574.PNG)

>She reluctantly took the card. Honestly she knew it would be a waste of time, but she had to keep her act up, giving a weak smile.

"Thanks lady... But I really do not want to tie you up anymore, you even said it yourself, youre under staffed."

>She mustered a brave face, puffing out her chest while taking in a long deep breath.

"Thanks again for your help..."

Derpy Hooves Mailmare Extra ExtraordinaireCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556426

File: 1559645783169.gif (5.18 MB, 600x478, Finally.gif)




>An extremely loud bonk was heard outside followed by some sort of groan of pain, even the door to the Riftguard's headquarters bulged violently inwards, as if someone was trying to break it down with a battering ram.

"Ow...why are they closed? Oh wait a sec, what's it saaay..."

>The muffled voice was that of a female, it continued talking to itself.

"Pull...What..? Oh right! You gotta pull not push whoooops!"


>Slowly but surely the door was opened the intended way, revealing to the two ladies inside just who was causing all that racket.

>It was that infamous mailmare wearing a uniform that has seen better days, she faintly reeks of sulfur and burnt cupcakes for some reason, yet none of her fur, mane or outfit appear to have been burnt or even singed at all.

>The most distinctive feature of this mare were easily her eyes, which refused to look at the same thing. And oh boy did they look and look hard.

"Aaah! It's the Tigre!"

>The mare exclaimed spreading out her wings with a wide grin and clapping her hooves together in delight.

"Yaay! I finally found you!"

Xion!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556427

File: 1559662299890.png (34.57 KB, 271x262, But Today Isn't Soft Serve Day…)

>The cat was right, with most of the active Riftguard and Retrievers out today handling their new Rift opening and the others working the busy Dimensional Gate appointments there was very little manpower to spare at the main HQ. She was the only one to answer anyone coming in, after all, and she was also double-tasking with the filing for the week, which was already overdue.

>Still, she was worried about the small cat, and regards her with a worried stare.

You're welcome, but are you sure-?



>Xion jumps and swivels her head sharply, looking towards the source of the panel-rattling noise. The plexiglass panes bowed in but summarily snapped back without taking any significant damage. Ever since the SSS rift event most Riftguard headquarters traded out glass panes for something less likely to shatter.

>Her tense alarm flies out of her body when she sees who comes in and Xion blows out a relieved sigh. It was just the mailpony! The same one that accidentally crashed into hers and Dave's mailbox last month, but that was a sight better than something that was looking for trouble.

>She expects the pony must have had a delivery for the HQ, maybe something from the branches in New Northumbria or Rotan with official printed reports of the studies into artificial rift activity, but she's surprised that the pony instead keys right in to the small cat person she had been talking to.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556443

File: 1559695859606.png (602.4 KB, 923x960, Shes willing.png)

>Currently, in the middle of Town, Ary was sitting at a picnic table in the middle of a park. Before her sat what looked to be a Ray Gun that looked somewhat like a kids toy. The blonde girl looked at it closely as she took some tools to it and fiddled with some knobs and switches on the sides of it.

Lets see....switch this here....add in this path....annnnnd...there!

>Ary let go off the tools she was holding and quickly picked up the device and stood up on the picnic table she was on. She gave the weapon a satisfied grin before looking around, almost looking for a target.

Now what should it be....hmmm....Ah hah!

>Eyes purple eyes square in on a near by tree. Ary takes aim with her ray gun and pulls the trigger without a second thought. The gun fires a thick beam of pink energy witch envelopes the entire tree for several seconds, as it's wrapped in the energy it slowly starts to morph ...

>Roll 1d50 = 50

>1-10 The tree comes alive! Using it's branches as arms to pull it's self out from the floor and running off using it's roots as legs.
>11-20 The tree starts to burn in a pink flame from the inside out quite rapidly!
>21-30 The trees materials begins to change, from being a simple wooden tree, to now turning into a tree made of iron!
>31-40 The tree starts to grow!...backwards! Meaning that instead of growing bigger, the tree begins to revert back into a sapling
>41-50 The tree begins to grow double in size! The leaves looking fuller, flowers sprouting from the branches, and the overall color seeming a bit brighter and healthier than before!

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556444

File: 1559695935484.jpg (30.47 KB, 489x275, Stupid flowers.jpg)

>Ary lifts her hands up in the air and spins around on one foot, cheering up to the sky and saying to no one in particular


I'm amazing~!

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556445

File: 1559698020119.gif (3.1 MB, 500x500, 1477709922986.gif)

>Inside the tree a squawk of a bird comes from the expanded branches and leafy boughs. The sudden growth of the tree was sudden and unexpected, enough to startle the strange little bird from its perch. Its eyes are wide in alarm as it tumbles from the massive tree, its wings fluttering and feathers rustling as it tumbles clumsily out!

>Roll 1d50 = 3

>1-10, the bird rights itself midair and flutters, its eyes wide in bewilderment or shock.
>11-30: The bird clips a branch or two but manages to swoop up the last second and save itself from a nasty crash!
>31-50: It bounces all the way down from branch to branch, then lands heavily on the ground.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556446

File: 1559699008829.jpg (43.38 KB, 600x600, Sparkles.jpg)


>Ary spots the Pokemon fluttering about, and stops herself from spinning. She had a sheepish grin on her face at the realization that there was something inside of that.

Sorry little buddy! Didn't think anyone else was in there....

>Silently she thought to herself and wonder what would have happened to the bird, be it good or bad. She coughed, figuring it was okay since it didn't get hurt. Would have to be more careful next time.

But! Hey! Look at that! You have so much room for activities now!

>Ary hops off the table she was on and walks over under the bird with her hands on her hips.

With this I could rapidly accelerate the growth of any plant life!....Or maybe make that mango tree I have in my backyard finally grow into it's full size instead of waiting for it to do so.

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556447

File: 1559703076995.png (184.48 KB, 323x360, turnhead.PNG)

>The owl hoots at the blonde woman, its small beige wings flapping rapidly to keep its round form in the air. The bird doesn't look as flustered as when it fell from the tree but it also seemed to have a permanent wide-eyed stare. Its an uncanny focus leveled entirely on Ary, and with another hoot it flutters down to the grassy ground.

>The bird is an odd thing, with a pair of leaves on its chest that look like a bow tie on its chest. The Pokemon hoots and shuffles around Ary with a waddle, its head remaining in place focused on her as it walked around her

>As it waddles a man walks up one of the paths of Central Park, looking lost and confused. He looks fairly out of place with a black old-fashioned suit, a striped bow tie, and long dark-brown hair pulled into a ponytail by a bright red ribbon. The man taps his chin with a white-gloved hand, his green eyes flicking around for something in the many trees.

Oh dear, where did he go...?

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556448

File: 1559704956929.jpg (49.63 KB, 500x662, Happy face.jpg)

Hmm....Now are you a particular bird...

>Ary had a grin on her face as the bird prances around her. She tries herself to keep her eyes on it as it run around her. She even spun around as it went, only stopping to look at the ...butler? Who was coming around calling out for something. Servants walking around wasn't something that was strange to her, she technically had her own. It was that he was looking for someone. Maybe it was like one of those stories where the servants master ran off to hide and experience normal life, and the servant is going looking for it.

...I wonder if I should update Neils looks.

>With a shrug of her shoulders, Ary holsters the ray gun and turns her attention back to the waddling owl, holding it's arms out and leaning over for it.

Come 'ere!

>She asked with a smile, hoping that it will both understand what she is saying, and wanting to leap into her arms.

???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556449

File: 1559705733542.png (829.01 KB, 1200x1200, rowlet.png)

>The owl stops after waddling around and proceeds to sit in place. It doesn't blink at Ary, its stare just seems to bore right through her as it stared. The bird's beak clicks twice in a rapid sound but it makes not effort to move for her arms, fly away, or walk off.


>The owl fluffs its feathers in what is, unmistakably, some kind of shrug.

>Meanwhile, the man...

>Roll 1d100 = 5

>odds, walks further away and looks up into a leafy oak tree, squinting up at the branches with a crane of his neck.

>evens, wanders closer after catching sight of the particularly large tree Ary had blasted. His eyes remain focused upward at the leafy branches, his brows fixed in a worried furrow behind a set of round spectacles.

Hmm...? Maybe there?

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556450

File: 1559707274525.jpg (352.52 KB, 620x874, CATTIE.jpg)

>Ary blinks a few times, staring back at the beady eyes creature. She would stare long enough that if someone were to look at them, they'd most likely think that she was having some kind of staring contest with the poor little owl. It wasn't until after about 10 seconds past that she looked back at the butler and tilted her head.

...now what is he...

>The thought crossed her mind for a split second, that maybe he was looking for an animal now. A cat? Hmm...she shooould probably go ask if he needs any help. After all, she had a lot of success with her device, putting her in a good mood

Nooow how about we go see what he's up too eh?

>Seeing as how the rowlet isn't fleeing from her, she goes with the idea that it doens't care if she picks it up or not. As gingerly as Ary can, she tries to pick up the rowlet, keeping her face a distances away just in case it gets scared and suddenly attacks. Assuming all goes as planned, and it doesn't flee, Ary holds it towards her chest and pats it's head before making her way towards the butler man.

Cait!Doom2pkvkwCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556451

File: 1559709072399.png (655 KB, 717x545, Jesus no!! BURN IT WITH FIRE!.…)

>Cait was about to walk through the door until Derpy crashed into it.

>She shouted, jumping back and nearly falling over. She brushed herself off from her initial shock, seeing the mare wasn't seeming to be much of a threat.

"T-Tigre? ...Why does everyone keep calling me that?"

Amanda!PoPo1HRGNoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556452

File: 1559714105882.jpg (17.72 KB, 210x240, lotte-little-witch-academia-8.…)

>Meanwhile after a rather stressful morning on the job, Amanda took a stroll in the park to clear her mind.

"I don't know... Did I really go into the right line of work? ...Maybe mom was right"

>Her absent mulling would soon lead her to Ary and her new feathered friend.



Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556453

File: 1559714731772.png (128.09 KB, 232x255, Grell_Butler_WhatsThatOverTher…)

>The owl is as easy to catch as a basketball and just as round as one too. It hoots and swivels its head around, its blank eyes looking to Ary's right where a few bushes were clustered. Ary would find that the Pokemon was soft and with it being so close she could likely smell the scent of fresh cut grass wafting from it, a dewy tangy scent that clung it its feathers.

>The noise of the grass crunching under Ary's steps draws the attention of the man looking into the tree. He turns his head, priming himself to say something, but his gaze immediately drops to the owl sitting in Ary's arms.

Oh there you are! Ruddy hell, I've been looking everywhere for you!

>The owl clicks its beak and fluffs its feathers again in its weird shrug motion. The man sighs and runs a hand over his head, then looks to Ary with a grateful, if sheepish, smile.

Thank you so much ma'am, I'm afraid he gets so...so...

>He gesticulates his hands, searching for a word, and after a moment huffs out a sigh. The owl watches him with a continued blank stare, sitting obediently in Ary's arms as the man struggled to find the word he was thinking of.

Well! Odd. And with that he flutters away from me if something catches his fancy. He's quite the birdbrain.

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File: 1559716331187.jpg (225.25 KB, 850x964, __yang_xiao_long_rwby_drawn_by…)

>For the most part, Ary hadn't noticed Amanada arrive at the scene. She was more focused on Alton, and turning the bird over to Alton.

Heh. He does seem like he gets into trouble, was running an experiment and he almost got in the way. I don't know how having this kind of pet works, but maybe you should invest in a pet trainer...

>Ary seems very interested in the owls feathers and scent, almost not wanting him to turn him over back to Alton. her fingers having been running through his feathers and feeling along his wings slightly, not every day you hold an owl! Of course, she offers the ball of bird to alton and as she does, she says.

So, is he like, your masters pet or something?

>Ary can't really imagine someone going out in public looking like casually. Though she should consider that this is a fairly large point of interest for many beings all across the universe and of many different cultures.

Amanda!PoPo1HRGNoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556455

File: 1559717152333.jpg (218.98 KB, 998x1115, 62703550_p0_master1200.jpg)

>Amanda looked on from the side while her mind continued to wander, her face soon lighting up as she saw the adorably small owl Pokemon.

"Oh my goodness! Is that an Rowlet?"
>She asked with glowing enthusiasm, the young officer soon coming over.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556456

File: 1559718308481.png (47.22 KB, 218x275, Grell_Butler_Concern for the S…)

>Alton takes the offered bird gingerly, who accepts the pass as placidly as an actual ball would. The man tucks the Rowlet under his arm and clicks his tongue, leveling the Pokemon with a disapproving glance.

I do have a Pokeball for him but I'm not much a fan of using them...my last Pokemon hadn't needed it, but if this little oddball won't mind I shall have to look into that as an alternative.

>With Owlton safely in hand he regards the young woman that had found his Pokemon. The man is pale, somewhat thin as well but the definition of his musculature is obscured by his suit. He fixes his glasses to sit properly on his face, which was sweaty from hurrying around looking for his errant pet.

<"So, is he like, your masters pet or something?"

>His eyebrows shoot up. He glances between his owl and the woman and then chuckles weakly.

Oh no no no, he's mine. It's just very distressing to lose the little bugger when I'm doing chores in Central District today! I swear the fellow gets distracted by anything and away he goes.

>A new approaching voice draws his gaze next. This was another young woman, carrot top rather than blonde with a set of large glasses perched on her face. The Rowlet in question turns his head to look towards her and hoots once in greeting.

Why, yes he is? I believe that's what my Pokemon Handbook said on the matter.

Hoo hoo!

Derpy Hooves Mailmare Extra ExtraordinaireCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556457

File: 1559725030775.png (78.49 KB, 457x600, 4875e63349a617f29d24c74913e833…)


>The pony largely ignored the effects of her own strange entrance, she just made a little mistake after all so its not so bad! She doesn't even seem to have suffered much damage from the accident, Pegasi are mighty sturdy creatures indeed.

>With Cait having jumped outta her way Derpy let herself in, moseying along until the door closed behind her while she continues to smile.

"Oh, sorry! Calling you Tigre is like calling me just Pegasus right? It is not okay right Mrs. Seir? I won't do it again."

>The mailmare idly dropped that bombshell as she reached into her saddlebags for something before spotting Xion in the back. Her smile widdened as she began to wildly wave at her.

"Oh hi Mrs. Xion! You look a bit tired, are you eating okay?"

>Did this cockeyed mare really spot Xion's developing crows' feet from way over there? Maybe! Does Xion even have crows' feet? In either case Derpy went back to the unstable cat before her, too happy to have finally found her to really notice how scared she was acting.

"Anyways, I am so happy I finally found you Mrs. Seir! I have been flying around aaaalll day because you kept moving around so much and the letter doesn't update your location that fast Orphy told me so that's why I kept missing you!"

>And just like that, the mare suddenly held a rather thick looking envelope reading

<Cait Seir

<Town Central District
<Riftguard HQ, Main Lobby

<Mr. Jingles

<'Nana Corp Interdimensional
<The Yellow Brick Road

"Here you go!"

>The mailmare said, holding the letter out to Cait for her to grab with a wing.

Xion!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556463

File: 1559751993824.png (23.89 KB, 165x162, AndThatIsWhat.png)

>Xion watches the proceedings, still bewildered, and glances back at Derpy when she speaks to her.

<"Oh hi Mrs. Xion! You look a bit tired, are you eating okay?"

>Truthfully she did feel tired, it was an early morning and busy at the Riftguard today. It didn't help that Xion was having some restless sleep after the Heartless event. Her stomach twisted in knots all night as she thought about the man in the black cloak at the pony cafe, and then the tower of squirming clawing Heartless the other night as well.

>Dave tried helping her not worry about it but it still loomed over her like a black cloud. Xion smiles ruefully at the grey mailmare.

Hi Ms. Hooves, and yeah I do feel a little tired. I'm eating fine but sleeping? Not so much...

>The pony seemed very pleased to deliver a letter, though Xion wondered just how Derpy knew that the small cat person was even here. She watches the two curiously as she leans on the counter, her arms folded on the smooth marble top.
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Cait!Doom2pkvkwCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556464

File: 1559752548853.png (502.19 KB, 1077x738, Uuuuugh crud.PNG)

<Ms Seir... What the actual fuck?

"How do you know my-?"
>She took the envelope with her name clearly on it, the tigress standing in shock for the moment as she tried to piece it all together.

>Without saying anything, she quickly makes her way out of the building, her eyes quickly checking every corner and shadow she crossed being sure she wasn't being followed.

Derpy Hooves Mailmare Extra ExtraordinaireCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556465

File: 1559753609004.gif (1.6 MB, 506x506, 1284393.gif)

>As Derpy held out her wing with the envelope she looked over to Xion again, her smile slightly dissipated.

"Oh no...that's not good at all...Maybe you need a vacation soon! You always work so hard, Ponyville is very nice this time of year for some peace and quiet."

>Hearing that Xion was apparently eating just fine Derpy thought about whether or not to still offer her some baked goods. Before the cat got her attention again.


"Oh, I know your name because it's right there on- huh?"

>Before Derpy could realize what was happening the letter was snatched from her and the cat was gone, there was a perplexed expression on her face that soon developed into a mild panic as she frantically looked around, her eyes larger than diner plates.

"H-Hey! W-Where are you- Where did you go? You still need to fill out the formular hello?"

>Derpy in vain fished out that clipboard with all the legal jargon about having received this very important letter, holding it in her wing. Soon enough the confused mare looked over at Xion with glassy eyes.

"W-Was it something I said?..."

Amanda!PoPo1HRGNoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556466

File: 1559754156326.jpg (218.98 KB, 998x1115, 62703550_p0_master1200.jpg)

>She had on a dark blue cloak which was worn over her uniform to help conceal it's appearance. a keen eye may spot this. Despite only being on a break, she didn't want to get herself into any trouble seeing how she was still on probation.

"He's so cute~"
>Amanda said sweetly while getting a closer look at the Pokemon.

"Is it alright if I pet him? I absolutely love flight-types~"

Xion!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556467

File: 1559754736425.png (70.93 KB, 174x317, Should I Punch You Now or Late…)

>To Xion's surprise the little cat races out of the lobby with barely a word uttered. She sees her scamper out of sight of the wide plexiglass panes of the windows and blinks once she's no longer visible among the crowd already collected in the plaza itself.

Uh...? Huh?

>She looks to Derpy again and sees the pony looks very distressed and sad. Xion rubs the back of her head and looks back out at the plaza.

I don't think so...she came in here looking for a friend of hers and said that there were 'bad people' that attacked her before. Maybe she's worried someone's following her?

>Xion folds her arms and looks at where the cat had disappeared off to. It was weird how she was acting but not completely illogical. She could only hope the cat would take her advice and go right to the TPD to get some actual help.

If you hurry maybe you can catch her for that signature, Ms. Hooves. She can't get that far running on foot like that.

>The longer the mailmare waited the less likely she'd be able to find her, and she definitely needed that signature for her job didn't she?


>Meanwhile, in the plaza, a smoky shape twists and chases after the small tigress, keeping high in the air to avoid being detected...

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556468

File: 1559762278139.jpg (139.69 KB, 540x800, I worry for her allot.jpg)

Thats fair. I wouldn't want to keep anything inside of a ball. even if people say it's harmless...

>Ary never learned how a pokeball worked. Probably something simple to transfer the pokemon into the ball and keep them in stasis. Even if that was the case it seemed wrong to do so for a few minutes let alone a few hours. The only animal that should be kept in a ball is a hamster!

...Ohh, so it's just yours? Sorry, I probably should have figured that instead of assuming.

>Ary chuckled slightly as well, moving her hand to sheepishly rub the back of her head. Guess it wasn't entirely out there for a butler to have their own pet.


Oh sup!

>Ary said simply to the stranger approaching them. Offering them a smile as she lowers her hand from the back of her head to let it rest at her side gently.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556470

File: 1559767038923.png (184.48 KB, 323x360, turnhead.PNG)

>Alton offers the woman a smiles and waves his hand dismissively.

It's quite alright! I don't look the sort to have strange exotic pets, I'll admit. I suppose I wouldn't normally, he was a gift from an old friend a few Christmases ago. Normally giving animals is a faux pas but...well, aside his oddness he certainly isn't as much trouble to fret over.

>The Rowlet didn't have to eat as much as Tessa had, possibly because he was part grass type and photosynthesized its energy while supplementing that with an herbivorous diet of berries and seeds. The Pokemon wasn't at all aggressive either and seemed much more passive and laid back than Tessa ever was.

>Alton reaches beneath his arm where his Rowlet was held and picks the Pokemon up as if it were a ball. He passes the Pokemon to the young woman to hold.

By all means, just don't let him out of your sight, Miss.


>Despite being moved around like an object the Pokemon doesn't appear to mind, or appear to think at all. He stares at the redheaded woman blankly and clicks his beak once he's passed over. The Pokemon is soft and smell of dewy fresh cut grass, which wafts from his fine beige and white feathers.

Amanda!PoPo1HRGNoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556471

File: 1559769047697.jpg (218.98 KB, 998x1115, 62703550_p0_master1200.jpg)

>Amanda politely waved
"Oh, sorry to intrude on you two like this, I just wanted to say hi to this little fella here~"

>She said with a friendly smile, giving the Rowlet some gentle strokes on the head.

"You're just a little sweetie aren't you~"

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556472

File: 1559773155185.png (121.88 KB, 344x485, Ary then promtly breaks her ne…)

Oh I understand. Maybe you should put a little tracking device on him to make it easier to track next time he wanders off.

>Already, Ary thought of little things that could help in this mans little problem. THough it really wasn't something that required much thought. Ary just liked making things, helped keep her hands busy. Ary was about to go give the Rowlet another pet with her hand, but Amanda seemed to beat her too it

Nah, it's not a big deal. We sorta just happened to bump into each other anyways.

>Ary smiled, it was kind of nice running into people like this. Just bumping into them quite literally and striking up a conversation. She enver understood why some people rather be cooped up inside all day or walk around with headphones in their ears to ignore the world around them.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556473

File: 1559777959992.png (57.11 KB, 138x215, Flower Crowns_How Lovely!.PNG)

>Ary's advice brightens Alton's demeanor. He stands straighter and drops his closed fist into his other open hand, the brilliance of the suggestion sending a jolt of enthusiasm right through him.

Now that's a novel idea! A tracking device with a basic signal that I can follow would be excellent! Thank you, I'll have to see in investing in one for him.

>Alton nods in thanks to the blonde for good measure while his Pokemon reaps the benefits of the fawned attention lavishly placed upon him.

>Despite the roundness of the Rowlet his weight was surprisingly minimal making it easy to hold him without tiring out for long. The Pokemon's eyes droop, then close as its head is stroked. The feathers on his body fluff up and he shudders when Amanda strokes a spot just to the upper right part of his head.

>Alton chuckles, bemused at the girls eagerness with his Pokemon and looks between them both.

I don't suppose either of you have Pokemon of your own, do you? I see very few who train them walking about Town, or perhaps they simply keep them in Pokeballs when doing so...?

>Alton considers the possibility, he was an unusual sort to let his own Pokemon have more freedom than other trainers, to the point of Pokeballs only being used for dire emergencies when his Pokemon were in grave danger. His Rowlet hadn't faced a situation like that yet but his previous Pokemon had been saved from a perilous situation because of it.

Well! From what I recall mine came from what I suppose is a Pokemon laboratory located somewhere here in Town. There's also wild creatures living in the plains outside the city, as well as Ihnna Woods to the northeast. The creatures are dreadfully intelligent, more than I daresay I ever have seen something like a dog or cat exhibit, and right loyal if you treat them well!
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File: 1559803458803.jpg (22.35 KB, 250x250, tumblr_pjfr6xwlH41w3jubzo7_250…)

>Amanda nodded with a friendly smile. She was never one for small talk or any real social interaction for that matter.

>With her heart melting in her chest, Amanda kept giving the Rowlet delicate and loving strokes over his head, along with an occasional scratch under the cheeks.

"I don't have time for one sadly, though I have known a few friends who became Poke' stop owners elsewhere."

"Are you a trainer?"

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File: 1559806094302.png (308.86 KB, 1280x800, yang_xiao_long_by_a_fistful_of…)


>Ary buffed out her chest slightly and smiled proudly. Even if it was probably a bit wrong to be so proud of a simple idea, Ary would only let it add to her better mood.

>She nods along with Amanda though, putting her fist at her hips as she says.

Yeah, I don't have the time....well. I do, but I don't think my dad would like having another pet in the house. Specially since he's kiiiind of upset at me lately but...

>Now that was was a different subject entirely. She didn't want to start talking strangers about her problems With a cough of her hand she tilted her head when Amanda asked if he was a trainer

There's a difference between being a trainer and being an owner?

Yuno!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556476

File: 1559823440046.jpg (394.74 KB, 1000x1016, cooking mama.jpg)

The kitchen of Wayne Manor was a rather busy place at the moment. Various pots and pans were placed on the stove each one of them sizzling at a different temperature.

Yuno wistfully whistles to herself as her skilled hands handled the knife as she began to cut up large slices of carrot one after the other.

<clack clack clackclackclack


The broth for the soup was sizzling along peacefuly at a low enough temperature, moments before Yuno had to add in mushroom water by cutting them up in a very specific way before adding in soy sauce.

She had messed up a slight bit with the spinach which she was supposed to rinse with ice cold water. She simply took a few minutes too long making the water closer to room temperature while reading up on the recipe.

Yuno was tempted to start over but throwing everything away would be such a waste.

Born of blood and fire
and blessed by midnight's hand
in the core of the pyre
no sorrow we repent

The woman sang to herself probably a little louder than she realized, it was one of her favorite songs even if the subject matter of it was rather intense. Perhaps that was the reason she enjoyed it in the first place.

Carefuly she took each and every slice of carrot, slicing them up into little stars and setting them aside. It wasn't neccessary for this recipe but little details like that simply tickled her fancy.

<Sizzle hisssss

The shrimps in the pan were writhing in the oil they were getting burned in, Yuno would've loved to have used an actual deep fryer like the recipe suggested but she simply couldn't find one here, hell it felt awkward enough to cook in someone else's kitchen in the first place. It was very convenient however that the fridge seemed to hold all the neccessary ingredients she was looking for, even those strange mushrooms she had to cook up as well.

In the night we can't rest
In the dark we are blessed
And in moonlight we fight for the father!

Idly the woman used a fork and spoon to move the fish about, making sure each side gets equaly fried, though it will definitely taste a little different hopefuly not worse.


"Ah, the udon."

The pot in which the udon noodles were getting cooked had bubbled over slightly, it's water running down the side of the pot until reaching the hot stove, hissing and turning into steam. Swiftly the girl turned that stove off, letting the udon rest for a little bit as she began to cut up the spinach.

Blessed before the altar,
no life to celebra- uh celibate
for the call of the wicked,
the wicked we await~

It won't be much longer before the meal would be ready, she tried her best to adhere to the recipe but she had to make some compromises sadly, especially considering she had to cook for four people whilst the recipe only listed for up to two.

Wiping her hands on the apron she felt free to use Yuno continued her song and cooking, almost forgetting about tonight's events, almost.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556480

File: 1559838310097.png (30.19 KB, 205x382, Grell_Butler_Chibi.PNG)

>It was a shame the blonde couldn't have a Pokemon but Alton understood to some degree. Pokemon may have been more intelligent than basic animals but some had special powers that could cause property damage if they weren't properly raised. The trouble an unruly Pokemon could have on an already full home could be too much a handful, he supposed.

>Much the same the other young lady was quite responsible for knowing her own limits, as well as the effort that went into having a Pokemon. Feed and care aside, he found that both his Pokemon required attention and to leave them languishing could cause them to...

>Alton briefly thinks of his first Pokemon. It's a credit to his composure that his expression doesn't shift into one of great sadness. He still missed her, even after all these years.


>As his Rowlet continues to remain in contented bliss from Amanda's loving attentions, Alton taps his chin in thought after the girls' two questions, his brow slightly furrowed in thought.

Hmm...I don't suppose I'd qualify as 'trainer' in the way many people do. I don't particularly care to train them to be strong battling machines or performers in contests or whatnot, they're more companions for me as I go about my daily life. Perhaps 'owner' fits better as this young lady suggested.

>He glances to Ary with a nod as his hand falls away from his chin.

I do have someone who lives in my estate that is a full-fledged trainer. Two I believe? They have a team of dreadfully powerful Pokemon, more than I'd say I would be comfortable handling. One small grass owl is enough for me!

Cait!Doom2pkvkwCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556482

File: 1559839930497.png (185.77 KB, 366x444, Guess it cannot be helped ever…)

>After getting some distance from the Rift Guard, Cait dips into another alley way, cautiously looking around making sure she wasn't followed.

"...Okay this fucking acting is making me sick"
>She groaned to herself as she looked over the letter.

"Who the hell knows who I am or that I am even here?"
>She asked herself as she carefully opened the envelope.

Derpy Hooves Mailmare Extra ExtraordinaireCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556484

File: 1559840953058.png (55.35 KB, 350x232, adsdsa.PNG)

>Oh that didn't sound good at all, the poor Tigre was just scared and looking for a friend!

"Oh no! But I am not a bad pony, and you are a good pony too! She doesn't have to run away from us..!"

>The mare rightfuly concluded as she stuffed the clipboard back in her saddlebags, freeing up her wings and uneasily tapping from one hoof to the other.

"Oooh I do need that signature...otherwise Boss might say I didn't deliver it! This is bad!"

>And just like that the mare took to the air, looking back at Xion one last time.

"It was nice to see you again though! Bye-bye Ms. Xion!"


>The over enthusiastic mailmare barrelled right toward the closed doors of the riftguard before suddenly


>She came to a halt right before slamming into them, briefly scratching her chin in thought as a lightbulb appeared over her head.

>The mare grasped the handle of the door and began to pull with all her might-


>Her wings beat violently, trying to get in as much strength as possible but to no avail, the Riftguard HQ has doors set up in the right way, opening up outwards to make an escape from a fire more easy!

>After a few seconds of this kind of struggle Derpy began to pant, dropping back to the ground and leaning against the door-



>Of course, the door gave in this time, sending poor Derpy flat on her belly and making her see stars very briefly.

>Scrambling back to all fours she gave Xion a big thumbs up gesture with her wing as she began to fly off, looking for the distrinct, small red tigre.


>The adress on the envelope has actually stopped changing, not that Cait would actually know, the insides reveal a rather strange few things.

>At first it seems to simply be a whole bunch of...ads? Little pamphlits advertising several products all from the same brand, putting those aside there was an actual folded up letter inside, reading.

Dear Ms. Seir.

I have heard of the great tragedy that has befallen the Sunshine Apartments and you have my greatest sympathy, Town may be a dangerous place but I was proud to have provided a save haven for my tennants for all these years but it seems I was wrong and should have done more to protect you.

I hereby give you a heartfelt apology for having failed you in this regard, however I will not leave it at an apology.
Inside this envelope you will find a cheque of two-thousand bits, effectively giving you back the rental fees you have paid in advance plus an additional bonus from my personal funds.

Of course, your contract with Sunshine Apartments is hereby terminated, you won't need to worry about any future fees coming your way.

I once again apologize and hope to see you well in the future.
If you need assistance in any way do not hesitate to call upon me, I will support you in whatever way I can.

Mr. Jingles, CEO of 'Nana Corp Interdimensional.

>Just like the letter has stated, a cheque for the Bank of Town was inside the envelope as well, already filled out and ready to be used.

"Hello?! Ms. Seeeeir? Don't be scared okay?"

>There was that annoying voice again, Cait could spot the mailmare hovering a great distance above, her crooked eyes trying to spot her somehow with a great look of worry on her face.

"Please come back..."
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Cait!Doom2pkvkwCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556488

File: 1559849428178.png (403.9 KB, 860x746, not today.PNG)

>She read the letter again and looked at the check.

"...This place is strange"
>She then heard Derpy's voice grow louder as she called out for her.

>With an annoyed growl she stashed the letter in her pocket and vanished down the alley way.

Derpy Hooves Mailmare Extra ExtraordinaireCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556494

File: 1559903935639.png (557.86 KB, 1280x960, why.png)

"Please come back! Ms. Seir!"

>Derpy uselessly hollered in random directions, flying about in the central district of town, her voice grew more and more unstable and desperate with each shout while it only got harder and harder for her to actually see anything.

>She had lost the tigre, she didn't get the signature she needed.

"Ms. C-Cait Seir please come back! Y-You need to sign...Oohh..."

>Perhaps the mailmare already realized that her efforts were worthless, there was no way around it, she messed up, failed and once more she was being a public nuisance to the few people that were around, some of them looking up at her, bewildered or annoyed.

>Defeated, tired and demoralized the mare landed on top of a nearby tree to rest a little, at least that was the plan.


>The tears welled up in the mare's uneven eyes as she collapsed into a miserable little fluffy ball, covering her eyes up with her hooves as she simply cried her heart out. She knows what's coming if she returns without a signature, her boss had warned her several times to not mess up again but here she was, he would never believe her that she did deliver the letter but the cat just ran off suddenly.


>Derpy bawled pathetically, having given up on chasing Cait around.
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KokiCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556505

File: 1559972061816.png (4.59 KB, 182x209, grgeseh.png)

< I don't like it here...

>After taking time to recover from her brief misadventure, Koki had finally made it to the battlefield. Though her energy was fully restored and she well equipped to handle whatever might cross her path, she was unprepared for the sight before her. Countless bodies of fallen soldiers from both Derse and Prospit scattered among unclaimed grist on the checkered battlefield. The battle raging on in the distance. Each side fighting as though the fate of their world depended on it. Even from the distance Koki was at, she could see the ferocity with which the Dersites fought, giving their Prospitian counterparts a formidable battle despite the difference in numbers. For a brief moment, as she surveyed the scene before her, Koki had almost forgotten why she was here. Raising her hand towards the chaos, she quickly clenches her fist as though holding herself back.

< No! No, i can't. I can't help them. Everything is the way it's supposed be...

>With her hand drooping back to her side, Koki scans her immediate area and rushes off to try and find Appleslice. Following a trail of minor unclaimed Grist.

< Please be safe Appleslice.

>Equipping a new pair of HANDS-FREE MOBILE SHADES, Koki opens up Pesterchum in hopes of getting more direction on exactly where he was. Unfortunately, the moment she opens the chat, she realizes that she only has two options. Either try to contact Appleslice who may be in no condition to answer, or Stein...who she hated.

< ...only if i can't find him in the next 10 minutes.

Amanda!PoPo1HRGNoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556506

File: 1559978187274.jpg (24.69 KB, 323x323, 44oGbGSA_400x400.jpg)

>Being the nerd she was, Amanda was quick to answer that question. If there was one thing she was good at in the academy, was the academic portion.

"You need to be fully licensed and certified to be 'officially' a trainer; otherwise you wouldn't need anything to just be an owner."

>Amanda was mutually enjoying the company of the warm feathered cutie.

"I thought about becoming a trainer when I was younger, but instead I got side-tracked and rather invested in magical school. Just a shame there's no real interest Pokemon like there use to be."

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File: 1559979820459.png (529.04 KB, 600x1200, 1430703294049.png)


>Bailey had been doing her own work in trying to find either Appleslice or Stein. While she wasn't a stranger to combats like this, it was certainly something that she wasn't use to. Bailey never really thought if it was possible to just be use to all out wars like this. The cat girl was doing her best her best in staying out of trouble and any of the heavy fighting, but she was drawn to it. Bailey assumed that any of the big fighting would have been either Stein or Appleslices since they'd probably be several levels above anything else here.

God damn it fuck my ass.

>Bailey said out loud in frustration. Every now and then Bailey would reach into her bulky armor and pulled out her coms device to try and spam the memo with "Where are you guys" "it's been likeforever" "Shit you better all not be dead!". She was quite worried honestly. Everything was leading up to this....If things had gone south already with them barely being on the field, this was really bad. Having gotten some higher ground, Bailey surveys the area once more, seeing if she could spot any of the other members god tier robes

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File: 1559981385994.jpg (258.32 KB, 468x1000, 4rUY0s5.jpg)


So trainers aren't just people that train pokemon to do tricks...Couldn't imagine this little guy being able to fight, though.

>Ary chuckled before putting her finger to her chin as she looked up thoughtfully. The idea of training animals to fight for any reason was....something she wouldn't really want to participate in. Not that she would have any reason to say it out loud to them, and stayed quiet with that thought. Especially what happened last time she expressed her concerns on that troll planet. Best not to judge right off the bat.

Hmm...Could have used your magic learning to infuse pokemon with it I bet.

>Ary lowered her hand from her chin, that would have been an interesting sight to see, that's for sure.

Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556509

>The trail of uncollected grist would lead Koki to a sorry sight. Multiple robotic parts lay in ruins as some of the lingering soldiers use them as weapons against one another. The useless parts being stomped underfoot in celebration of a victory that they may not had even been a part of. The signs showed that Appleslice may have been here but where he was now remained a mystery.

>On the other side of a rock just up a hill she would see a glimmer of light protruding overhead. Something just barely poking out of the rocks to avoid detection from the fighters below.

>On Bailey's end of things she would see something off about the battle off in the distance. A few Derseites flying across the sky one after another. The beings land with a thud before exploding to grist with a cloud of smoke. The sounds of a dog would be heard in the same direction.

Cerberus! Flamethrower!

>A large stream of flames would burst out with several coinciding screams. One Dersite begins running toward Bailey lite a flame in a panic. Whether it sought salvation of an end to its misery was her own guess.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556513

File: 1560016309957.png (71.3 KB, 204x241, Grell_Butler_Ehhwhaaa.PNG)

>Alton couldn't fault the young lady for her choice. Pokemon were a popular thing in places like Victin or Guilt Edge in Belle'Ayn but Equestria's facilities were considerably more casual in comparison. It was a shame but not unsurprising.

I see...Miss, if you haven't the personal means to have your own but enjoy them all the same, you could volunteer at the laboratory here in Town. I do believe they care for wild and domestic Pokemon and you would be without the responsibility of 24 hour care for one.

>The Rowlet opens his eyes and clicks his beak. His feathers fluff briefly and the Pokemon lets out another:


>With that he looks to Ary next.

Well Miss, as I said battling is really only one thing an individual can do with Pokemon. Contests, which is a type of pageantry where trainers show off their well maintained Pokemon. There's no battling involved with it, but the Pokemon do show off their talents in a show of sorts.

>Alton looks at his Rowlet next and gestures to him with a slight sigh.

I suppose I keep him looking presentable enough but his flare and flash with his abilities are...lacking, to say the least.

>He wasn't even sure Owlton could fight honestly, or at least not to the degree of pizazz he'd see on the telly. The New Northumbrian shows broadcasts made some of the Pokemon look so phenomenal it was hard to imagine his little owl being half as good as it.

...Infusing magic with Pokemon?

>Could that work? He certainly never heard of something like that before.

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556514

>More flares of light follow shortly after the first, one bright blue beam practically flaring like a lightning storm with a shuddering 'TCK-KOOOOOM!' followed by the shuddering ground of something very large hitting it. There's a pause and a another brilliant flare of light, this one shaped in a half moon which tears through the checkered ground in a mighty cleave. An explosion of grist rockets into the air and rains around the area, littering the checkered ground with gleaming glittering gusher-shaped objects.

>Despite this the noise of war still continues in the distance, with shouts and the noisy sounds of gunfire pealing through the rolling valleys.

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File: 1560026692303.jpg (22.35 KB, 250x250, tumblr_pjfr6xwlH41w3jubzo7_250…)

"Oh no no, I couldn't do that. Infusion magic can be rather dangerous if you don't know how to do it. I mostly know summoning and creation magic. Too bad there isn't much of a market in that anymore either..."
>She replied with a chuckle.

"Yeah, actually I might look into that once I get settled in my job, thanks!"

>She resumed petting the Rowlet

"Geez, you just don't want it to stop for a second don't you"

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File: 1560028578067.jpg (142.99 KB, 850x703, Oi.jpg)

>Replying to the both of them, Ary could only give a shrug with both hands going upwards.

I don't know much about magic or using it on animals. I just figured it'd be neat to do something like making the pokemon like, three times it's size.

Maybe even doing something like making them invisible or ...smarter? There are spells to make things smarter right?

>While she always had tried to study magic,s he never really could get into it. That was something her siblings had the know how. Still, the idea of doing something with magic and animals is probably endless. If that's possible.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556518

File: 1560038250176.png (47.22 KB, 218x275, Grell_Butler_Concern for the S…)

<"There are spells to make things smarter right?"
>Alton laughs dryly and shakes his head.

Oh my, I'm fairly certain there are magical spells of that variety! I was once under such a spell before. I did some extraordinary things, truly extraordinary...

>He gaze drops to his Rowlet. The Pokemon wasn't exactly all there but the thought of him being smarter unnerved him. Owlton was inscrutable, who knew what kind of personality was beneath the layers of utter density that was his bird brain?

>The uttering doesn't pass Alton's notice. He was a keen sort, always careful to listen to others as he wished others could listen to him when he spoke. It seemed the young woman was disgruntled, a bad career prospect perhaps?

Rather flooded market for magic around here, I suspect...Equestria has no end of magically talented individuals. If I might be so bold to ask: have you considered Vescaria?

>Alton tilts his head to look properly at the young lady with the rounded glasses, his brows lifted in interest. Vescaria, as far as he knew from his World Council meetings either in-person or over conference call, appeared to be suffering acutely from the dwindling native magic of the land. It made opportunity for aspiring magicians, sorcerers, alchemists, and other magically inclined individuals making pilgrimages there for the ever-rising demand of alternative magic sources to sustain the populations there.
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File: 1560041108057.png (84.11 KB, 250x250, tumblr_ojqek7q3s51rsjikzo9_250…)

"I am actually from there. I moved here a few years back in hopes of doing some sort of witch work... Not much luck though, and it's pretty darn over-saturated back home as well."
>She replied with a warm smile.

"I just make due I guess"

"Oh I am sure it would be rather spectacular, but I really wouldn't suggest it unless you really know your stuff. I know magic is somewhat regulated here, there's a lot of things you can and cannot do. It would be bad for me to set the wrong example by messing with the ecosystem like that."

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File: 1560044609371.png (359.17 KB, 528x529, When something is happening in…)

Oh you have experience using those kinda spells?

Might want to pick your brain about that. Coooould be kind of useful.

>it'd probably be fun to use those kind of spells. Just to see how it feels if anything. Even besides using it on herself, she could probably help out a sibling or two on their test by using those spells on them. She wasn't really sure if they had ways to detect that kind of cheating over at her world though. As said before, she wasn't one who got too into magic before.


>At the mention of not wanting to mess with the ecosystem, Arys eyes slowly drift over towards the giant tree that was several times it's normal size which she had made. She looked back at Amanda with a sheepish grin

Right, yeah, would really throw a wrench in the ecosystem if someone were to just do that.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556521

File: 1560050873087.png (19.98 KB, 151x152, A_Flustered_Butler.PNG)


>That wasn't what he expected. With all the hullabaloo about the problems Vescaria had magically he's surprised that apparently the market was flooded with individuals providing such services. Maybe it had something to do with hiring from Equestria and other magically inclined nations offering aid? He supposed that made sense, ponies were close geographically and the most magically adept nation on Belle'Ayn.

Well...I hope good fortune finds you eventually Miss!

>He smiles nervously, however. The girls taking about magic affecting the ecosystem was something he was aware of to some degree...he often abused his own powers to keep Wayne Manor's lawn impeccably lush, as well as the roses planted around the mansion's perimeter and the lovely trees planted on-property.

>It likely wasn't ecologically sound but...well, he never noticed anything off about it! It was fine, wasn't it?

>By now Owlton seems to be paying more attention to the humans talking, though again with his uncanny blank stare as he looks between the three.

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File: 1560056161774.png (3.42 KB, 182x224, 22222.png)


>Spying the glimmer of light in the distance, Koki focuses in and leaps into the air to begin flying towards the point of interest. Eager to find Appleslice, Koki propels herself forward to maximize her speed, leaving behind a trail of green fire and smoke in her wake. Soaring through the air, completely ignoring everything else.

< Please don't be dead, please don't be dead

>Despite being unable to speak, the roar of Koki's fire would be distinct from the other sounds of battle.

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File: 1560058311967.png (63.83 KB, 231x259, 24.png)


>There was silence that overcame Bailey once she had looked out at the chaos erupting. It was most likely Stein or Appleslice. Or both. Hell, it was pretty obvious, might as well had a neon sign pointing at the center of the action. Bailey didn't much care for the Dersite running towards her. Mainly just take a moment to take a breath and let it out.

...I'm gonna pick up smoking again by the end of this, I swear to god.

>Bailey started running towards the action. Depending on the Dersite running towards her, she would either let it be, or if it attacked her she would fire a bolt of lightning at it to try and mobilize it.

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File: 1560058859741.jpg (17.15 KB, 377x377, b6a2536d0043729baae23494278d8c…)

>Amanda continued being a nerd...
"Plus it is horribly against city ordinance to mess with the wildlife in city limits. Couldn't imagine the fines and stuff involved if you were to get, caught..."

>She soon took notice of the tree.


>She couldn't immediately put her finger on it, but something seemed off... What was it exactly?


>Amanda was now too focused to continue with Owlton, the the discrepancy of the park still a mystery.

"Oh! Thank you! I hope the best for you as well~"

Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556525

File: 1560060719585.jpg (Spoiler Image, 220.11 KB, 765x1024, Play-Arts-Kai-Metal-Gear-Solid…)

>The Dersite imp would be little threat to Bailey in its current state. Though heat would do little to it that wasn't already done. Truth be told it wouldn't make it half way to her before collapsing from its injuries. The white and black checkered ground scorching before its body puffs into free grist for Bailey's taking.

>Just as she goes up the hill a small plane similar to a cropduster would fly along side her. The whirs of a camera being heard before it flies off toward its master. The tiny foal with his four mechanical arms swiping at any opponent that got to close. A handful being grabbed and tossed while an adamant canine protected his back.

Incoming lifeform 6 o'clock. Possible friendly.

>Appleslice says to Stein as his focus remains primarily on the robots aiding their cause. He had been ready, the upgraded Blaster and Doublade buddies fighting along side Stein. The RC Plane would serve as his personal eyes keeping himself in his own field of view. Like a chessmaster in the making he had eyes on all pieces on the board.

>Once Koki reached her own destination she would see a disguarded robot left behind from the previous encounter. One that had been forgotten by the colt in his panic induced retreat. It stood alone just outside of notice from the battle being waged constantly below, silently awaiting its next command.

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File: 1560061291483.png (269.78 KB, 700x525, Testing.png)

<"horribly against city ordinance"

<"Couldn't imagine the fines"

>Arys vibed changed somewhat as she connected the dots that Amanda might the type who would rat on somebody for doing anything against the law. Naturally she should have worried about this before the fact, but she had trouble looking before she leaped. After staring awkwardly at the two for all of three seconds, Ary clapped her hands together and stood up straight.


You just keep an eye on that owl of yours sir! Though I wouldn't mind finding it again.

I need to uh. Get a few errands done right about now.

>Ary would take a step or two backwards from the two

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556527

File: 1560062213303.png (47.52 KB, 500x500, Grell_Butler_Happy Chibi.png)

>Alton smiles thinly though internally he still worries over the effects his life energy had on the mansion's land. Perhaps he'd have a surveyor come of and determine whether it was having a detrimental effect on the land itself.


>The young woman who found his Pokemon stepped backward. He blinks, but after a moment nods and smiles a little more widely at her.

Oh! Well, thank you again for you help Miss! Good luck with your errands, eh? And speaking of...

>The man taps the side of his glasses and squints at seemingly nothing for a moment. He taps the side of the frames twice and hums under his breath.

...I do believe I am late myself! I've a few errands that haven't been finished just yet, including picking up mail meant for my residents-


>The mention of mail is enough to electrify the little owl and he jerks with a flutter of his wings back to Alton.

>Roll 1d1000 = 889

>odds, Owlton bursts from Amanda's hold in a flurry of feathers and flies to perch atop Alton's head. The man sighs and looks up at the owl, or tries his best given where he was sitting.

Yes, yes, I know you like that at least!

Hoo hoo!

>if evens, the Rowlet can't break free and his wings flap ineffectually in his attempts to get free.

Dr. Stein!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556528

File: 1560062769580.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, Stein_WitchHunter.png)

>The doctor turns in a rapid double spin, performing a looping slice that cleaves through two basilisks at once in a flare of his soul's light. His forehead is a sheen of sweat and for once the man isn't smoking. In fact, since Cerberus reappeared to Appleslice so did a regiment of the Dersite forces in pursuit of the dog. He had inadvertently led the enemy to them, though Stein could hardly blame the Pokemon for it. He was just a dog after all.

>The enemy was thinned now, between Appleslice's excellent method of conducting his drone technology to fight for him, Stein opted for taking on the bigger threats that needed considerable muscle to take down, such as the Rook he had felled only a few minutes prior.

>With the enemy dispatched into a spray of grist, the doctor looks in the direction Appleslice indicated. His chest heaves from the exertion and he squints at the form making their way towards them.

...That's...damn, what's her name?

>Roll 1d1000 = 32




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File: 1560063542462.png (269.64 KB, 303x425, Night_Fall_Lotte.png)

>She couldn't figure it out, though with the sound of their conversation starting to come to a close, she redirected her focus again, writing it off as nothing.

"Oh, alright then. Was a pleasure speaking with you miss."

>He wouldn't have any issue breaking free, Amanda letting go as soon as he started to move.

"Oh, sorry little fella, I suppose I should let you two get going too."

"It was nice meeting you as well sir, my name is Amanda by the way, I was just assigned to this area so we'll probably see a bit more of each other in the future."

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File: 1560067024348.jpg (438.76 KB, 707x1000, 50fbfd55ac52f0531293eae6c7c2a3…)

>Ary did a quick one eighty to turn around and start walking away.She let out a sigh of relief when Amanda said her goodbyes simply as that. Ary isn't one to shy away from conflict, but she's been getting in trouble with her dad quite a bit. After that nuke incident she probably shouldn't get into trouble with any city officials, if something were to happen again her dad will probably actually murder her....after all she has 12 lives. Still though, she wish she could have spoken with Alton a bit more, but really shouldn't have risked anything.

...Ah well. Atleast I was able tog et this puppy up and running.

>Ary held up her ray gun close to her chest, stroking the exterior or the weapon. There wasn't any big plans in the works in the blonds mind, but that would change after a night of thinking or two. As she walked out of the park she would someone call out her name

Heeeey! Inventor! There you are! How did your experiment go?

>Ary was met with a rather tall white haired woman with red eyes. She was holding several grocery bags in her hands filled with things...heavy things... Though it didn't look like she was holding more than a pound in each hand the way she held it and walked.

Oh! Hey! You're finished already? Experiment went great! No fires or anything ....You didn't get a bunch of junk food, did you?

Whaaat? Of course not!

...Mm....Lets get back now, eh?

>Ary spun the ray gun in her finger like a cowboy with a revolver and put it in her pocket before joining the white haired woman in walking along the street. Assumingly back to Arys TARDIS where ever she had parked it.

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File: 1560075396164.jpg (3.82 KB, 259x194, images (6).jpg)

>Thanks in large part to Makalov's timely rush to her aid, the worst the girl seems to have suffered is nothing a little dry cleaning wouldn't fix. That is if the motes of nanomagitech that make up her body weren't still on full alert, neutralizing the paralytic nature of the slime she had been splashed with in the process.

>Still, while she can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that her Restoration Arte had gone off without having been jostled too much to maintain concentration....something seems very odd about Makalov now that her eyes are open again.

>Still, with the Red haired Miss Grell beginning to stir, its important to make sure no one else is nearing death first and foremost, and Makalov himself had seemed fine.

"Thank you, Lord."

<Well, after being polite she can move on to checking the others. Sure maybe stealing away people's souls isn't particularly polite...but Lord didn't do that this time at least and even if other people are rude sometimes that doesn't mean you should be to them.

>Clint...despite his shouting earlier...and continued lack of one arm seems to be at least not at risk at the moment. Which is good. She'll need to keep an eye on his condition going forwards though. A priority target for sure.

>The witches seem okay as well...or at least not in immediate danger. Alice hasn't left them behind, which is a bit odd from how she'd been acting towards Clint earlier, but also not really as important as making sure Clint was okay.


>Well, and Dixie too, but she can't do much about getting the dog somewhere safer than she seems to be right at the moment.

>Still....while she's not really sure that Lord has any interest in extremely giant Ponies that don't seem to speak at all...he seems to be Makalov's friend...and Clint is doing okayish for now....so she can't just let Sherlock die either. Makalov helped her save someone else just now...and he'd be really really sad if his super close friend ended up paying for it.

<Still, she can already feel her body's condition returning to its normal state, and reinfecting herself to refresh her body's resistances seems like it's a waste of precious time.

>So, after vaulting and flipping through the air in search of the nearest patch of dry ground (which may or may not be right back near where she left Clint), she begins to build up the aura again, though this time it begins to flare reddish after a few moments as the girl does her best to try and account for a more massive target.

"I'll save you!...."

>She calls out before releasing the energy as she did before, just in more concetrated form this time. Once again leaving herself open as she almost seems like she's about to float away this time, the spell obviously taking a great deal of concentration to maintain.

>>Roll to interrupt/jostle her out of her spell, otherwise...

"...Raise Soul!"

>If it goes off the effect is similar to before, except with a lot more zing to it, though its more an extra shot of adrenaline to get the horse going than than any extra healing beyond the initial renewal of the horse's life force and whatever numb dreams it might be having being rudely brushed aside for the uncaring reality of being conscious again.

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File: 1560079203424.jpg (33.65 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>The little human magician still looks a bit confused by Mokou's response, but eventually shrugs.

"Yeah, we're a different neck of a different sort of woods from the bamboo one you tended to lurk in. Well, its not like she's any worse towards humans than you are, even if she has a creepy hobby or two. Well, when she's not in a foul mood over something or other anyways."

>Marisa seems to act like she has no idea why someone could possibly be 'in a foul mood' towards her....despite the fact that the next thing she does right away is get up and go back to the doorway to call down the hallway after Yuno.

"Hey Yuno, Mou says as long as its not a wolf or a goose, she's fine with whatever you want to stuff her futon with so long as it doesn't keep her up all night~!"

>And as if she was just putting in an order of food at a restaurant instead of potentially playfully tormenting an immortal with a short fuse, she just returns to her seat and continues her conversation with Marco.

"Nah, I know a few, if by 'real magicians' you mean the 'yokai' sort. Not that they put much stock in being traditional, mind you. Still...I'd really like to say they're more classy about it all than just lighting people on fire, like that's more what Mou here did with her serial murderdate whenever Kaguya wasn't setting up proxy killings, but well the house full of creepily detailed dolls that she puppets around like maids and guards is fine but rigging some of them to explode on command is kinda messed up...and the other one just lazes around in her library the whole time in a nightgown."

"Guess when you're rich...or at least have rich friends who you live with, the complaints of us commoners don't matter that much though. Still, for the rest of us branding is pretty important. Even that Lady Lady of yours could benefit from it for that matter. Like pretty sure none of us thought 'Vampire' or even 'Demon' when we saw her, right Mou? More a different sort of 'Lady of the Night' if anything, which maybe not the sort of thing she was trying to go for, what with all those Ladys in her name."

>Her words and tone still seem playful enough, but that doesn't mean the offhanded way she says them wouldn't sting Marco a little.

"Thing is when you've got clothes that go with a job especially, people know how to deal with you from the start. Reimu has her Shrine Maiden outfit, I've got my Magician one, though Yokai give me crap over being a human one most of the time until they've tasted a Master Spark or two. Not that I'm selling to them usually anyways though."

<On second thought, it almost seems like some of those jabs at Lady might have been meant to sting, with how proud she sounds about the attire Marco just called "tacky".

>Not that she gives much pause for the grimoire to dwell on the matter before barreling off into another response.

"Well, Alice is apparently a pretty recent graduate in that regard anyways, if you catch my drift. She's got the immortality, doesn't need to eat though it's not like that means she can't when she feels like it....but even getting the recipe for a potion of eternal life that isn't too big of a pill to swallow out of her seems impossible so I gave up on asking what else she still actually needs."

"Well, other than a fancy Western style bed and to shriek at someone's pet I suppose. I mean, sure he's kinda fat, and sometimes I have to threaten to roast and eat him to get him to behave, but that just makes him cuter right? Its not like I make fun of her for having rooms and rooms filled with extremely lifelike dolls, or all her other human guests running off screaming immediately. Pretty sure I saw one that looked like me once too, but as long as she's not filling it with gunpowder I don't care."

"It's just good manners, ya know?"

>The girl with no right to talk about manners...or manors for that matter finally finishes. She's even sitting in a way that flashes a bit of her old fashioned bloomers...at least old fashioned by Belle'Ayn standards anyways. Not that its that lewd of a sight in any case since they're rather baggy.

Marcochius!SwarlJo.k6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41556534

File: 1560083473439.jpg (18.21 KB, 210x240, marcosias-shakugan-no-shana-ii…)

"Oh my poor beaten and battered Fujiwara Mokou! Indeed, one of the best ways of recovering is doing so in company! Hahaha!"

"Ah yes, something warm by your side like a loyal familiar, carin' for you in all the right ways for an entire night oh, that'll restore you right quick Fujiwara Mokou!"

>In his mind he thought he was being rather sneaky, he doesn't actually mind implying himself to be but a simple familiar or whatever other interpretation Mokou may come to. In either case, he thinks he brought Mokou's mind on the right track, if he had hands he'd rub them together whil