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File: 1541591854770.jpg (40.12 KB, 500x358, HOLD UP.jpg)

Better Layton Never Thread #65: Moving Forward !tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550157[View All]

Ugh, really? Do I have to? You know I'm busy right now- Y'know what, fine, I'll do it.

>A loud high pitched noise is heard over the microphone, the sounds of other objects and papers also being moved about as whoever it was moved into position on the other end.

Ah, hello everybody, and welcome to the 65th Better Layton Never thread. It's ya boy, Sassy Susan comin' at you with-

Okay are you kidding me? Really? I have to read this? No don't give me that you wrote it! I'm not gonna- ugh. You even put my name down like that! I am not reading this!

>There's a short pause of silence before the sound of paper ripping can be heard over the system, and another loud THUD.

Fuck your papers!


Ahem! Anyways! Welcome to the latest entry in the Better Layton Never canon. Make sure to pay close attention as our heroes contend with the likes of slave traders, masked vigilantes, super advanced death games, and evil jewelry!

Truly the most fierce of villains we've had to date!


Hey are you sure that's right? Yeah? Anything I miss?


Lot's of uh.. space stuff goin on, with aliens.


You're sure? I dunno this all seems kinda silly. Okay! Okay! Don't shove!

>More bumps and thuds are heard from the microphone as it sounds as if the two people get into a short fight.



This has been your BLN Update with everyone's favorite idiot, Sassy Susan, and I'll catch you all in the next one! Stay tuned!

There, I read your damn papers, now get away from me!
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Vaykor!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550827

>Jack would merely continue to bring up the rear.

>Back over at the barrier, the men outside would test the now shimmering bubble before them.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550830

File: 1543520193460.gif (1.99 MB, 448x252, 1451505587317.gif)


That's a good idea...

>Clint nodded his head in response to Lilly needing a sitter. He already had someone in mind to ask. Though he didn't really know when all this would kick off again, at the very least he was going to go talk to them as soon as possible. Probably tomorrow. For now! Clint got up, gave a small stretch before going to his side of the bed with Lilly

Good night Dixie.

NinoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550833

>R34 would keep her word, she has given herself and the changelings with her up to Jack, she would follow him without much further bitching.

>AW1 thought about what Orbit had told him so far, deciding to slowly follow after Jack and his sister.

"High Orbit, don't be too...judgemental about R34. She is an Intelligentsia, she had control and governed a part of the swarm to ease the queen's...burden."

>He would be quiet for a bit as he thought about how best to put his situation into words. Annoyingly enough he continued to mimic Orbit's speech pattern.

"It's so quiet in my head, we changelings do not talk verbally to each other...normally...but R34 kept us safe for the entire night and kept us from panicking...refused to rest like we did. She is very exhausted and I cannot connect to her to help."

>AW1 moved his jaw in a weird way, opening and closing his mouth a bunch of times as if he was suffering from a cramp.

"I hope they don't kill us and we see D20 again...Is it wise to let the hamster go alone? There is a lot of danger at the Camp."


>The brave little hamster decided to split from the group, dashing right towards the strange golden and green dome of magical energy, it certainly was quite the ways away especially for someone of Doobie's size. Only just now the sheer size of the protective barrier was apparent.

>Vaykor's men in the meantime were actually able to see into the barrier perfectly fine, it seems like the invisibility spell was lifted for some reason.

>As one of his men carefuly proded the barrier with a stick he would find that he was being repelled considerably, some sort of magical lightning sizzling around the stick.

>Whoever directly touched the barrier would suffer quite a bit of damage and won't get through. This thing was made to last.

Sunset Shimmer!SunnyqnPP6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550834

"Yeah. well hopefully I convinced whatever bystanders who cared enough to look believed in my acting abilities," Sunset shrugs.

She looks around the apartment. It doesn't look as bad as she though. Then again, her standards for living weren't always the highest.

"You know, this place is a lot nicer than I expected for an insane, wanted criminal. I get that not all of them get to have intricate evil lairs and stuff, but I just figured it was either that or just being homeless."

NinoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550835


>The mare did not resist in any way whatsoever, she was still smiling even as she wasbeing strangled, strangely enough her creepy laugh still seems to somehow find a way out of her throat. Her golden eyes becoming unfocused


>Vaykor still couldn't quite make out the exact numbers, after a certain distance the black bodies seemed to simply mold together into a creepy black blob with a thousand eyes.

>There definitely were more here than there were at the ship last night, it seems like this must be almost the entire swarm or at the very least a huge part of it.

>There is no sign of a queen, however.

>Tikno could barely process everything that was happening, the beasts were in his camp, his wife was being strangled and he did not know where his son was...His breathing became a lot more irregular, sweat began to run down the side of his face.

>The swarm made it's move, a large blob of changelings quickly flying over Vaykor, the stallion and the mare, many of it's horns lit with a toxic green light ready to rain destruction onto everyone.

>The mare's horn began to glow as well, her smile only deepening as Vaykor sees the large cauldron levitate up behind her.

"Soup's on."

>With unexpected speed and force the cauldron was flung towards Vaykor.

Roll 1d1000 = 677

if successful
>Vaykor gets slammed by the giant cauldron, causing him to lose his grip on get splashed with soup!

if not
>Then that does not happen.

>The stallion however, seems to have realized the significance of that move, he screamed

"Vaykor! Do not touch the soup!"

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550840

File: 1543558590507.jpg (729.44 KB, 1520x2368, c8fe745c72339ff1e12324f3346910…)

>As Val and Sophie crested the last of the staircase to the top-most floor of the Tower, they were greeted by the sight of a by and large empty room.

>Empty as it was now there were plenty of signs that it used to be not be. There were still boxes and general signs that the place was mostly used for storage, but there were things here and there that implied that this used to be used as some sort of living area for someone at some point.

>However, this was not the focus of Val's attention. Rather, after an initial scan of the room, her eyes fell on her target.

>The elusive Sabel was not facing them and had shown no notice of their arrival. She was kneeling down on the ground across the room, underneath what looked like a recently patched section of the roof, examining... something.

>Whatever it was she was examining, Val could not tell, it was obscured both by the distance and Sabel's body. However, she could tell that it was something large and long, and machine-made. But what Sabel was examining was not what Val was interested in, but rather Sabel herself.

>As she took a step forward into the room, before she could do anything else, Sabel looked up suddenly. She paused for a moment and then turned to look in Val's direction. A look of shock came across her face and she stood quickly turning around.

>The blue-haired girl was quite a bit shorter than Val, and wasn't wearing any type of uniform, either. Instead she looked to be wearing pretty normal clothes, if a bit... anachronistic, considering she was supposed to be some kind of space person. A plaid skirt, a white shirt, and a black hoodie completed the outfit. However, Val did not show any signs of surprise, so it was probably pretty normal attire for her.


>She exclaimed, taking several steps towards her into the middle of the room.

"What are you doing here?!"

>Val smiled and suppressed a laugh at her friend's reaction.

Obviously I'm here looking for you! I've been tracking your scent all over this Mansion after seeing your mech on the roof! You really should do something about hiding that, by the way.

>She said all this while advancing forwards into the room herself, closing part of the distance between her and Sabel before she suddenly stopped, remembering.

Oh, before I forget! This is Sophie, she helped me find you!

>She turned slightly, looking back towards Sophie and motioning for her to come into the room.

>Sabel looked sort of confused for a moment, still taken aback by the appearance of her friend (and technically commanding officer), not quite processing it fully.

"Uh... hi?"

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550842

File: 1543565474726.png (49.88 KB, 496x216, tumblr_inline_mzvl050iv01qj9fv…)

>While Val's attention is pin pointed on her target the whole time, Sophie spends her time looking around the room instead.

>After all, she has no clue what a Sabel actually is even supposed to look like. Or how big a Sabel was, for that matter.

>Therefore its just as likely that a Sable could be in one of the boxes stacked here and there as anywhere else, even with the somewhat obvious life signature across the room that might eventually be worth looking into.

>It just makes sense to check the closest stuff first after all.

>So, as a result she doesn't actually look up until she hears her name, and then seeing Val gesturing for her to approach turns away from a half opened box and starts traversing the room.

>Well, until the person who must be Sabel says hi, where she figures its probably most polite to stop and wave for a few moments before continuing.

"Hi, Sabel."

"Val said you were going to love me, but I don't know what that is, and it was too hard to explain so I have to ask Mom, but I couldn't do that because we were still looking for you."

>As she finally comes to a stop she tilts her head to the side.

"....Is it normal for friends to look almost completely different? Val, me, and even Mom sometimes look sort of the same but you don't look like much like anyone I've ever seen before."

>The petite girl who looks maybe 13 at oldest asks, her curiosity getting the better of her.

Dave Strider [i]Rose Lalonde!aTimeY72bQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550843

File: 1543570011044.jpg (35 KB, 550x550, 235319_200522.jpg)

Dave appears to be watching the crowds off behind Xion, but anyone even passingly familiar with the Knight could tell that his gaze has settled on his fiance, something that would be obvious from the comfortable smile resting on his face while she speaks.

Rose has a slight smirk on her face, as she watches her brother. It was so rare to see him showing anything genuine that she withholds the teasing she would normally unleash upon him, instead turning her attention to Alton.

"Maybe we should check it out sometime before the wedding? Might give us some inspiration."

She pauses for just a second as if searching for the words for something before she turns toward the waiter just arriving with their food. Taking a slow sniff of the delicious aroma.

"Thank you."

Daves staring is likewise broken by the arrival of food, his attention turning toward the plate


No sooner are the words out of his mouth then the food is in it and he's letting out a satisfied hum.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550844

File: 1543577066275.jpg (42.56 KB, 540x672, tumblr_p7cih7AX0l1u4fadlo1_540…)

>Sabel blinked as Sophie launched into her response to Val's introduction to the two of them.

>She wasn't really sure where to jump in or how to respond, so she just kept letting the girl keep going until she stopped, at which point Sabel waited a few seconds before responding herself, just in case Sophie wasn't finished. She also had to parse what the girl had said, still somewhat surprised to see Val in addition to the sort of... all over the place quality of Sophie's words.

>She decided to start from the beginning.

It's... nice to meet you, Sophie, thanks for helping Val... I guess.

>She glanced between Sophie and Val as she paused. She was slightly taken aback at how Sophie had pronounced her name correctly upon first meeting her, but she figured Val had probably coached her on it beforehand. She was the type of person to do that for her, knowing as she did about her, admittedly, short fuse when it came to such things.

>... Not that she would shoot a kid, regardless.

I uh... hope she was right about that. You seem... nice.

>She said with a slight, sorta awkward smile. And then, it was time to answer the question that Sophie had asked.

Uhm, well...

>First off, the fact that Sophie thought Val, of all people, looked the same as her mother was... interesting. She hadn't read that people on this world had the same physiology as Val, and Sophie didn't exactly... look like her either... but regardless of those semantics, it was an odd question as well.

I'm not really sure what you're asking? Friends can look... like anything, really. I mean, I'm short, Val's tall. I have blue hair, she has pink hair. Is... that what you mean? Or do you mean the, uh...

>She reached up and made a facsimile of horns on her head with her two index fingers.


>Off to the side, Val snorted in amusement. As she normally did when two people were talking and she didn't need to be a part of it, she had been standing off to the side, listening in but just sort of looking around at the same time.

>Despite the snort, she didn't say anything, prompting an odd look from Sabel in her direction. But it seemed she was quite fine with letting the two talk together for the moment.

High OrbitCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550847

>The pegasus remains quiet throughout the changeling's speech, merely keeping his tired expression and nothing else. As the changeling finishes, he speaks up, in is usual conversational tone. Once again, it doesn't seem to be directed at anyone.

"Tell me, do changelings... fear death? Does your kind even... experience fear like we do? What does it feel like... to fight and live and die as a swarm, but still... keep your individuality?"

>There's a brief pause here as the pegasus shakes his head.

"The mere concept... of it is so alien to me. So terrifying."

>He chuckles, still staring off at the road ahead. The changeling's comment about the hamster causes him to scan the path around them, but nothing more.

"... Didn't even notice the little one being gone, ach..."

>Craning his neck, the pegasus raises his voice to be heard by the compass man.

"So... what's the plan after we reach my ship? You going... to take them back or something?"

Doobie the Warrior HamsterCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550851

File: 1543612537069.png (717.83 KB, 1107x999, 14.png)


>Doobie rushes off on his own, the pitter patter of his paws tearing through the grass and fallen leaves as he runs as quick as he can. If he could just get there fast enough, he could help prevent further troubles. The moment he arrives a short time later, he rolls to a halt just a short distance away from the barrier. He pauses to stare up at the magic with awe. An impressive magical feat to be sure, one befitting a highly skilled unicorn or mage. He quickly surveys his surroundings and calls out to the others nearby.

Doobie wishes to know what happened here, is everyone alright? Where are the campers?

Koki / Grunt SCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550853

File: 1543617578158.png (344.54 KB, 500x625, tumblr_olwt1tUDj61v23l74o1_500…)

W-what happened here?

>Koki and Grunt S stands among the blasted remains of the small village they had first visited. Every last building had been destroyed and the residents no where to be found. They had been retracing their steps back to the ship in order to make some new weapons and tools. Koki crouches down and places her hand gently on a broken grandfather clock on the ground.

You think it was those weird monsters we've been fighting?

>Koki remains silent, taking in the scene before them. It couldn't have been those monsters that did this, the citizens would have mentioned something like that before they left. Was there something she forgot? Somberly, she walks about the remains of the village, investigating each ruined home in hoped of finding some clue as to what could have done this. Grunt S rolls the Mufflecycle off to the side of the main road and leans it up against a broken wall.

There's something weird about this, like there's a pattern.

A pattern?

>Sure enough, Koki would notice that the homes had all been destroyed row by row, each row having the remains of the homes scattered either to the left or the right depending on the row. Stranger yet, in every home she would find a clock, scattered among the scant belongings the citizens owned. Each an every clock appeared to have stopped at the exact same time, regardless of when their respective homes were destroyed.

John said, that this was like a game right?

Yeah, but, what's that got to do with anything?

>He asked curiously.

I think, we were being timed.

>Koki bends down and picks up one of the broken pendulum clocks and looks it over.

Each of these clocks are all stopped at the same time. That's too much of a coincidence, it has to be related.

>Koki grips the clock tightly, her temperature rising as her fingers start to burn the wooden frame.

Its my fault this happened. I was the one that led us off the trail just so i could fight more of those monsters. So i could prove to myself that i was strong enough to protect myself, to protect you, to protect everyone.

Aww c'mon Miss Koki it's not your fault, how were we supposed to know we were timed or whatever, even if that's true.

But it IS my fault! The one time i tried to take control, the one time i tried to decide my own fate and direction, it ended up like this! Nothing but destruction and death left behind me!

>Koki's control over her fayurh powers weakens as her flames increase in size.

I'm no better than my father!

>With the clock in her hands now engulfed in flames, she slams it on the ground, sending bits of flaming clock scattered all around her as other nearby flammables begins to flare up. She knew she shouldn't have let him talk her into taking charge. She wasn't good enough to be in charge of anyone, not even herself. She would always need someone babysit her.

Miss Koki, you need to calm down!

>In a fit of frustrated fury, Koki turns to shout at Grunt, but before she can speak, she catches a glimpse of something coming towards them through the fog. Suddenly her memories rush back, and everything comes together in her mind. It all happened so quickly last time, but this time, it felt like an eternity. She tried to call out to him, to warn him of the coming danger, but it was too late. Before her eyes, she saw as her companion was taken away by the massive swinging shadow in an instant. Without only the sound of the shadow piercing through the fog as it flew by.

>Koki stands frozen in place, she could hardly believe what she saw. It was just as she feared, that it seemed like death was an inevitable in this strange world. That despite all her skill in fighting, she couldn't protect anyone from the slow ticking that marked the eventual end. In that moment, it felt like she had lost everything. Falling to the ground on her knees, Koki can do little more than quietly sob as the unfeeling fog wrapped around her and the faint glow of burning debris, slowly fading out.
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Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550855

File: 1543623596942.jpg (176.43 KB, 1199x1037, 81mIsoY24GL-e1507435934279.jpg)

>The youth seems about to respond before seeing the odd spark from Alice's wand and slowly closes his mouth.


>In fact Quinn doesn't respond for quite some time, beyond moving closer to Alice to stare the witch in the eyes rather intently, oddly soft looking lips pursed in either in anticipation, or perhaps uncertainty.

"...Can you really do that? Use some sort of power to make it so Hermod can fly?"

>When the fair featured "boy" finally speaks, its with a gentler, but also more uncertain tone, as if not wanting to risk having any hopes dashed but...even so to in awe at the implications to work up the ability to discount the claim in the slightest.

"...Its...not like I have anything I could really offer up as a bet one way or another, but..."

>The stare isn't an angry one by any means, but between the focused nature of it and how close Quinn has gotten, there's something oddly intense about it.

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550857

File: 1543627629478.png (136.03 KB, 392x440, I dont think it works that way…)

>Alice blankly gazed back at him for a few moments not sure what to make of Quinn as he silently stared her down. 'What is this guy's deal?' she thought to herself.

>Alice soon started to slowly step backwards as the youth made his approach while maintaining his ominous gaze, the witch soon frantically deciding on countermeasures in her head by the time he finally spoke.

"...Um ...Yeah I can actually"
>She stammered lightly before taking a deep breath to ease her anxiety.

"It is a fairly simple spell if power permits~ Though it isn't anything that I can make permanent "
>She soon replied, the witch regaining her enthusiastic tone.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550858

File: 1543635656009.jpg (149.82 KB, 700x703, 41777441_p0.jpg)

>The girl seems to stare pretty intently as Sabel responds to her as if paying close attention to every little detail of how the blue haired girl is acting and responding.

>She even mimics the awkward smile shortly after it shows up on Sabel's face, though there's not really any awkwardness on her face or in her posture otherwise.

"Oh. I was just wondering."

>Sophie responds, before approaching each of the questions in short bursts at a time.

"No, not the blue."

"Not the horns either, cause I've seen other horny people before...and other ones that aren't horny at all."

>She copies the facsimile that Sabel made with her fingers as well when she says "horny people" before pulling her hands away when she mentions ones who "aren't horny".

"I meant..."

"I don't remember the word Mom told me for it...but like me and Val are like this..."

>The small girl says as she pats at the front of her outfit.

"...But you're all fluffy and then swoosh."

>The "Swoosh" is accompanied by her running her hands down her side and then suddenly out as she reaches hip level.

"I've never seen someone like that before, so I wasn't sure."

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550860

File: 1543638351208.jpg (56.44 KB, 226x232, hairtossle.jpg)

>The soft featured youth seems to finally realize how awkwardly close they are to each other and backs up with a sheepish grin.

"Sorry, sorry...It's just...wow..."

>Quinn runs a hand through his rather shaggy hair as if trying to compose himself.

"Its...just a bit hard to believe, you know? Like, even with how crazy some of the stuff in this world gets sometimes, the 'Super Heroes' of Silver City with their strange powers, the ones in Lumina who look like they've replace half of their body with some sort of metal alloy and then Rifters like you on top of that..."

>Despite how sheepish the grin looks, it seems more honest than the previous ones.

"...Even with that, its...well, its not like that means anything is possible, or that's what I'd been telling myself anyways."

"I guess, taking that job, ending up here, was the right choice after all~. Well, not like I really have much to pay you...I guess I could spare some of the payment from that job but, well, so long as it doesn't damage him somehow, even if its just enough for one time, just once..."

>Quinn leans up against the bike in question with a wistful sigh.

"...it'd be nice to be able to fly~."

"To just soar above it all, free as a bird, and not just have it turn out to be some sort of dream."

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550925

File: 1543716073090.png (175.32 KB, 548x435, Let me do some magics and shit…)

"...Never seen a witch before? Guess I must be lucky considering I met one within minutes of being banished here."

>The witch gave a subtle laugh as she waved her wand in the air.

"Blah payment, I don't even understand how money even works here, not about to ruin the fun of it by getting all tangled in bartering. Hop on I will give you a boost."

Vaykor!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550927

>Vaykor is thrown back by the pot, letting go of the pony, and getting quite a lot of "soup" on his armour.

What's in the soup!?

>He'd demand as he grabbed the cauldron. He'd fling it with ease at the horde above. While it was doubtful there was any soup left inside, it's size and mass would take out many of the swarm.

Vaykor's there. He'll be fine.

>He'd reply to the Changeling.

It's your swarm that should worry.

Yeah, but we got to catch those in the camp first.

>he'd say and then gesture to the Changelings that they had.

And before that, make sure we don't have to worry about you lot running off. Then I head off to knock out your buddies.

No idea.

>A man would reply.

Vaykor and the pony went in to investigate, but shortly afterwards, the cloaking dome turned into a shield. We can't get through.

>A few of the merfolk were shooting the barrier with water bullets, while those with weapons would continue to strike at it. Even though it bounced their weapons back, they figured it would tax the shield at least.

Sabel Chevalier!French.UV6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550929

File: 1543735538011.jpg (41.67 KB, 540x764, tumblr_p7behl7x5h1qzh542o1_540…)

>Sabel glances from Sophie to Val, again, giving Val an odd, almost annoyed look.

<"I've seen horny people before... and other ones that aren't horny at all."

<Did she teach her that?

>Sabel inwardly sighed softly, and shook her head slightly, focusing back on what Sophie was saying.

Oh. I get it. You mean clothes.

>She reached down and fingered the bottom edge of her skirt, lifting it just slightly.

These aren't a part of me, you know, I can take them on and off. Val can do the same with hers, and your mère can undoubtedly do the same.

>As she responded to Sophie, her mind couldn't help but wander to wondering what this girl was. She looked human, as far as Sophie could tell, and acted it for the most part. But something was off. Not knowing clothes was maybe weird, but it wasn't enough in itself, since kids could be weird, but the way she imitated her gave Sabel some weird vibes that she wasn't really sure how to figure out.

>Regardless, it was something she could figure out later, so she pushed her curiosity off to the side.

But, yes, otherwise I'm no different than anyone else. Well, maybe a bit smarter, but... that's not important.

>She would have continued, if Val hadn't decided to interrupt at that moment, apparently growing impatient and bored.

"So, Sabel!"

>She exclaimed suddenly, stepping in front of her small friend.

"I've been looking everywhere for you! What have you been doing?"

>Sabel frowned slightly at the interruption but simply shook her head with a sigh and looked up at Val.

I was finding out more about this planet, of course. I figured that if I was stuck here, I should learn a bit about it.

>Val nodded and smiled.

"Yeah, we saw the library, looks like you did a lot of that, you were there for a while. But what were you doing when we came in?"

Oh, that, right.

>Sabel said, seeming to suddenly remember what she had been doing before their arrival.

I found the door to this tower on accident. The door was locked, but I picked it. I came up here and found... well, just have a look, actually.

>Sabel turned and walked back to where she had been kneeling and motioned for Val and Sophie to follow her.

Orca!Ronin4pnaYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550930

File: 1543741009791.png (229.41 KB, 285x605, 2018-11-28 22_55_18-Window.png)

>The room was dimly lit. A single lamp hung from the ceiling above a large, oval shaped desk. Around the table sat a group of men, each wearing a black suit. There were a total of eight. In front of each man was a leather portfolio, some were open, some were closed. The men seemed to be deep in a discussion, a meeting of some sort.

>All this was noted by a figure kneeling on the roof of the building these men were meeting in, looking down through the vaulted glass ceiling.

>This figure was dressed in a white dress shirt, wearing black pants, and a black apron, giving it the appearance of a waiter at a fancy restaurant. The defining trait of this figure, other than it's androgynous, lanky form, was it's hair. It was extremely long, going down to the figure's waist. At first glance, it would seem to be completely black, except for two white spots at the top. However, after looking closer, one would see that only the outer layer of hair was black. The inner layer was also white. Paired with the figure's white and black clothing, together it gave the figure the appearance of a killer whale.

>And that was exactly what this figure was. The figure was a man named Orca. A mercenary working for the highest bidder, no matter if they were good or bad. Despite the five long years that he had been on Rigel Prima and the many, many jobs he had done over those years, he had kept a low profile.

>These six men were his current targets. They were top agents for a crime syndicate in Lumina, which also happened to be the city that they, and Orca, were in right now.

>Orca did not know why these guys were targeted, or what they were doing in this little meeting, and he did not care. It was just a job. Disrupt the meeting, kill the men, burn the files in those little portfolios, and report back.

>Orca grimaced at the though of the needless killing. These men... could be anyone. They could have families. They could be good people outside of the organization they were a part of. He did not like killing if there were other options. But he had accepted this job, and he was going to complete it.

>He stood up from his kneeling position and placed one of his hands on a glass pane. The other hand he clenched into a fist and pulled back, ready to punch through and drop in on the meeting.

>He swung his fist forward... and his cellphone rang. His fist stopped a centimeter from the glass, his arm shaking slightly as it stopped quickly. Thankfully the men in the room below did not seem to hear the ringing. Orca shook his head and sighed softly.

<I thought I silenced that...

>He thought to himself as he stepped back away from the glass and unclenched his fist. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, pressing the screen and answering the call:


>The voice that spoke on the other side of the line made Orca's eyes widen slightly. It was a voice he had never expected to hear again.

"Insamal, Orca, old friend. I have some news."

>Orca's eyes narrowed a moment later, and he frowned slightly.

Songha. What do you want?

"How rude, Orca, you've changed a lot since we last saw each other."

Answer the question, Songha. I do not wish to talk to ghosts longer than necessary.

"Ghosts? Hardly."

>The voice scoffed.

"Regardless, I'm calling as a friend. I think you might be interested to know that FORK-"

>Orca interrupted suddenly, anger slight in his voice.

I do not care about FORK, Songha, Dana is not my problem anym-

>The voice interrupted him back, but it was calm, even almost amused at Orca's anger.

"FORK is expanding into Town, Orca."

>Orca's mouth clamped shut and he ground his teeth together.

"I thought that would mean something to you. Don't you think it's about time to end your self-imposed exile and return to the place you arrived here at?"

>Orca was silent for several moments, and it seemed for a moment like he wasn't going to reply. But then;

I do not know how you are alive, or how you know all this... but... you are right.

>Orca sighed heavily.

I hoped I wouldn't have to deal with Dana again... but it's too dangerous for her. Town is dangerous for any criminals.

>He almost grimaced as he said criminals, his stomach turning. Despite the differences between them, the many fights they had with each other, KNIFE vs SPOON, Orca respected Dana's heroics. But now, to think of Dana as someone as lowly as himself... He shook his head. Best not to dwell on the past or what could be. She had chosen a new path. A choice that Orca never had himself.

I appreciate the heads up, Songha.

>The smile of the man on the other end of the line was obvious in his reply.

"It is no problem, Orca. And don't think too hard about me being alive. I'll be in touch again eventually, and we can talk more. Annyeong, Orca."

>Orca frowned again.


>And the line went dead.

>Orca put the phone back in his pocket and looked down at the men gathered in the room below. Whatever meeting they were having seemed to be wrapping up now.

>But by this time, Orca had other things to worry about than a small job in Lumina. He turned away from the window and walked to the edge of the building and jumped off. He landed in the alleyway in a crouch, the asphalt cracking beneath his shoes.

>He stood up and brushed himself off, then ran a hand through his hair. It was time to return to Town, it seemed.

Back to Equestria it is, then.
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Orca!Ronin4pnaYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550931

File: 1543746169797.png (93.1 KB, 227x335, 2018-11-28 23_06_24-Window.png)

>Two days later, Orca stepped out of a private jet onto a set of stairs. As he climbed down and stepped out on the tarmac, a gust of wind blew the ponytail of his hair out to the side behind him, momentarily making him seem like some kind of action hero in a Japanese flick.

>However, the moment did not last long, as Orca, feeling the wind blow his hair, exclaimed and grabbed at his ponytail from the back of his head and pulled it back, ducking slightly as he ran from the tarmac, heading towards the safety of Town Airport's Terminal.


>About half an hour later, Orca stepped out from the terminal's front entrance, one suitcase held in his hand. His ponytail was now swept forward over his shoulder, protected from any further gusts of wind.

>He looked back and forth over the South District street, considering his options. It had been two years since he had last set foot anywhere in or near Town, and he was somewhat at a loss for what to do. He wasn't even sure if his old contacts even existed here anymore, given how much Town had changed in regards to criminal activity. Even if he had not left, he probably would have found himself out of work, if not in jail.

>Almost in response to his indecision, he felt and heard his stomach growl. It seemed that his choice had been made for him. Finding food was probably the best thing for him.

>As he set off down the street towards the restaurants he hummed softly.

<I'm thinking... Italian.

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550932

You wanna know what's real bullshit? How can these heroes maintain a secret identity during the day but fight crime at night and still somehow have time to sleep to be little rays of sunshine in the morning.

>Wade's tone would make him sound as though he was down right offended by the concept. It baffled his mind how they could do that, even with their super genes. He had a theory that super heroes all had some sleepless gene or something. Nothing he could prove though.

I mean at least villains make sense. They're evil, most probably don't pay taxes. Or just sleep in those houses that stay on the market because someone got killed in them.

>Wade then looks around the apartment. His eyebrow raising as he notes the walls and floor plan.

.....Come to think of it this place is kind of starting to look familiar.

NinoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550935


"You ask very...weird questions High Orbit...being in a swarm feels...comfortable and safe..."

>The smaller changeling pondered, still walking after Jack and R34.

"Your brothers and sisters are...just a thought away from you, you never feel alone or need to be scared of anything...not even death."

>He smiled, looking up at Orbit somewhat.

"If my death would keep my brothers and sisters safe, or buy them time to escape is there really a better death out there?"

>His smile would fade, his ears sort of deflating in the process.

"I don't know why you ponies prefer this...awful quietness in your head...it's terrifying to me. I hope I can go back to Queen Pupa soon..."

>R34 would snort at that.

"You can forget about that, AW1. We've been cut off from the swarm and are considered traitors, there's no way Queen Pupa will trust our...tainted minds back in."

>She would look back at her brother and Orbit, smiling.

"Why else would she let R36 send that Golem after us? He managed to convince her we're not worth saving, AW1, forget about the swarm and the heartless Queen, we won't go back."

>The younger smaller changeling would only look a little more miserable opting to watch the ground for now, not saying anything as R34 turned back around, continuing onwards.


>The barrier was strong, kept up by a very powerful source of magic, the puny attempts at breaking it down would prove rather unfruitful, however it was no longer covering the camp with an invisibility spell. In fact everyone outside can see and hear what transpires inside just fine.

"It's an allure! It marks you for death for our Golems! You need to get off the ground!"

>The stallion shouted at Vaykor, hopefuly he would understand, the stallion looked about frantically, there has to be something he could do...

"Why do you protect this scum, Vaykor? Why have you come and interfered with justice?"

>The mare's voice sounded out as she rubbed against her throat, Vaykor was being as careful as he could but he still caused some sort of damage. She suddenly started to be engulfed by a golden aura, her hooves slowly leaving the ground.

"Hah! You still have the option to walk, leave the stallion to me and I will let you go, you already killed the filly after all."

>The swarm of changelings began to engulf the mare, protecting her from further direct harm.

"But if you continue to resist, we will hunt your people down, they will not have a single restful night, all they will know is fear and distrust never sure what is real or not."

>Now the mare was not directly visibly anymore, disappearing into the swarm as their horns continued to glow a toxic green light.

"Will you truly risk our wrath for a bunch of criminals? Are you this much of a fool, Vaykor?"

>In that very moment, a giant, fleshy looking hand shot out of the ground, attempting to grab one of Vaykor's legs.

Roll 1d1000 = 649

YunoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550939

File: 1543788785506.gif (1.11 MB, 640x360, slowly walking away.gif)

<"Oh jeez, Town is still way too big and confusing to me..."

>The lone girl wandered through the streets of the unfamiliar southern district of Town, the roads here had a lot more twists and turns than the rest of the city, making it all the more confusing.

<"No...this can't be right, you'd think that after a few years i'd get used to the place but..."

>She let out a sigh, she had been living on her own in an appartment complex for a few years now yet she keeps taking different routes to and from her home. Usually she gets lucky enough to get where she has to be in time at the cost of getting up an hour or two early.

>She began to get absorbed in thought, it's pretty much her only option at this point, maybe she will subconsciously find the way home her legs might know the way better than her head did.

>She thought about her assignment for next week, she had to become familiar with the works of someone called Miura, a writer and artist famous for his absurdly detailed, sometimes gross and disturbing imagery. Nontheless his stories managed to captivate millions upon millions of people.

>Yuno shuddered at the thought of having to look through countless images depicting gruesome violence and horror, she has to write an essay about the history and style of one particular picture. Maybe he drew something nice once? Like a flower field or a mother hugging her child or-

"Ow! That's my celestia-damned tail!"


>The girl hadn't looked where she was going, the disgruntled pony voice did well to throw her for a loop, she looked down at the equine, her own foot firmly stepping on the mare's tail.

"O-Oh! I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where i'm going, just uh, thinking about flower fields, sorry!"

"Yeah, obviously not, tsk- Can you step off of it now you klutz?!"

>Yuno was so focused on apologizing to the poor pony, she forgot to undo the damage.

"Oh! Right right uh-"

>With a way too emphazised and quick hoist, Yuno's foot finally left the mare's tail be, who promptly began to swish it around with an annoyed expression.

"E-Excuse me but...do you know which way Sunshine Avenue is? It's where I-"

>The mare stomped with her hoof, interrupting Yuno

"Yeah, how about you scram before I kick you where the sun doesn't shine huh? Shoo, you're bothering me!"

>With a huff, the mare spread her wings and flew off with great speed, leaving a very colourful trail behind.


>Yuno laid her hands upon her chest, she could feel her heart beating violently, she was pretty shook from that encounter, she needed a few minutes to keep herself from shaking. Violent people were so scary but in the end it was her fault for not looking where she was going right?

>Suddenly, she noticed all the different people staring at her, it seems like she has caused quite a bit of a situation. Her cheeks grew very flushed as she realized how much of a klutz she was looking, immediately she started walking, in a random direction, again, for the fifth time today.

"Hauuu...today can't get any worse..."
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Xion and [i]Alton!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550944

File: 1543822149233.jpg (57.36 KB, 600x500, BecauseIFeelTheNeedToSaySometh…)

>Xion smiles and scoops up a fork to dig in to her food as the waittress finished passing the plates around and topped off their drinks. She slices through the saucy breaded chicken on her plate, allowing the rich red sauce to ooze down from atop its perch and onto the tangle of pasta below it. Shredded parmesan dusted the top in a melted web and parted easily when she slid her fork over it.

>She takes a bite and relishes the crunch of the chicken. Xion chews thoughtfully and starts to stir her plate to mix the sauce and cheese up in the pasta below the meat. As she works she glances briefly at the other three to see how their meals were going.

>Dave, predictably, was stuffing his mouth with wound ropes of spaghetti. The sauce appeared to be the meat sort with chunks of either beef or pork clung to the pasta with a helping of rich red sauce. Fresh leafy basil leaves also flecked the sauce, as was another dusting of cheese that mirrored Xion's own plate.

>Rose's risotto looked particularly sumptuous with glistening rich rice and glistening mushrooms poking from the gently rolling texture of the plate. Green flecks of chives also poked from the aromatic rice, which had a savory scent that tickled Xion's nose.

>And finally Alton's plate was populated by his baked ziti, a meal Xion thought looked suspiciously like a lasagna but without the layered pasta she was accustomed to seeing. A layer of melted and browned cheese sat upon a perch of cylindrical pasta shapes drowned in more cheese and an orange sauce with chunks of meat similarly dispersed in it as Dave's meat sauce had looked.

>But, curiously, this plate was absent of a probing fork eagerly digging in. Xion flicks her eyes upwards and sees Alton had not moved since the waitress had served them. His glasses had fogged from the steam of the meal yet he didn't make a move to wipe them clear. His mouth was drawn in a very thin line and his face a few shades paler than she was accustomed to seeing.

>Xion furrows her brows in concern and lowers her own fork.

Hey...Alton, is something wrong?

>With a jolt Alton sits back in his seat. He smiles nervously and lifts a hand to quickly swipe his glasses off her face.

Ahaha-! My apologies, I-er-always have this issue with my glasses when it comes to hot food. It does look quite good, doesn't it?

>His voice seemed a little higher and his words quicker than before. Xion blinks and stares at him and finds his gaze laser-focused on his glasses as his free hand materialized a handkerchief from his Sylladex. Alton quickly ran the fabric over the lenses of his glasses, his cheeks progressively coloring a distinctly embarrassed shade of pink.

Zero!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550946

File: 1543840331122.png (456.85 KB, 459x688, ss (2016-12-13 at 09.05.30).pn…)

>The revelation that this creature was an alien isn't all that surprising to him. With so many different sorts of beings in the world, the concept of aliens was long past seeming weird to him, so he takes the information with relative disinterest, continuing to stare at the frog as he speaks.

>The fact that he knew Zero likely wouldn't tell him anything was a good sign to him too. It told him he was smart on more ways than just with technology.

>Though the thing that does surprise him would be his claim that he wishes to help. It caught him a bit off guard, and is quite surprised someone this capable would so willingly offer to help a group like his own. Bored or not, it didn't make much sense to him. He had assumed he'd have to try and either bribe or otherwise "persuade" him to help him with his goals, but that didn't seem to be the case.

>Because of this, he stays silent for a few moments, quickly running through how to proceed with this situation in his head, taking into account all the possible reasons he'd want to help. This doesn't take long, but he tries to make absolutely sure he doesn't miss anything as he runs through all the possibilities.

I see. May I ask what it is in particular that interests you then? I'm sure you know what kind of threat someone with your ability could pose to an organization such as ours. Information leaks could be quite devastating to any plans I come up with, and I'm sure you know just how easy it would be for you to reveal everything about us if you really wanted to.

>Zero crosses his arms as he makes these statement. Secrecy was key to the success of all of his plans. Any hints on their actions could give their eventual opponents advantages that could be extremely disastrous when executing plans. Of course, Zero was always sure to make sure nothing could go wrong, but every precaution must still be taken when you wage war on the world.

So if all you have in terms of interest is that it looks fun, how can I be sure you won't get bored, and leak information about us to outside sources? For "fun"?

Kululu!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550954

File: 1543889346657.png (642.06 KB, 796x748, Kululu_Radiohead.png)

>The frog's uncanny grin remains stretched on his face. It was as if the small yellow creature was trying to hold it together, as if it was anticipating an incoming joke that nobody was making.

Kukuku! You're right that I could at any opportunity leak such information to someone else and watch your whole organization fall in some grandly choreographed incident that would completely disgrace everyone and everything you worked for! But I don't think so.

>The frog jumps back to his console seat and slams a foot onto a series of buttons. The many screens around him flash and switch, this time pulling up what seems to be endless marked plans involving Lumina and Atlas. Each plan appears accompanied by 3D renderings of the yellow frog sporting two hand fans and making a cross motion with his arms in front of himself.

I'm sure you know that KULU TV has a nice and tidy media empire here in Po-Koro and I'm very very proud of it~! Kukuku~! Unfortunately, I took over everything! I can't go much further off this dusty island and if I'm caught playing around with Lumina or Atlas especially I would be in a world of trouble~! Buuuut, say hypothetically I had some shadowy organization acting as a front for my sneaky little hacking attempts to their systems? Kukuku!

>Kululu gestures to Zero with an imploring yellow hand.

You get what you clearly need, some of the best hacking skills on this weirdo planet and I get what I want! Total cover that absolves me from any and all repercussions in case something goes wrong~! Kuku~!

>The frog pauses and taps the bottom of his face near his mouth, as if in thought.

If you want something more to sweeten the deal, how about this?

>And, with that, the frog presses a bright button to his right with his foot. There's a groan of metal and the room shakes around them both. The dark walls and the screens shudder, then fall backwards and outwards, breaking the dim environment into dazzling light. The walls slam down in a concussive slam, opening into a vast underground facility spanning the actual width of the skyscraper KULU TV sat. The elevator shaft stood like a pole in the center of this room, the walls flat on the floor and sinking down beneath shifting panels that reformed the floor below.

>The large space was populated by a variety of things that would have looked at place in Asylum. Large frog-shaped mechas were parked in one corner where a massive sealed door sat. Tables with tinkered weaponry, guns and devices with antenna or dishes or whatever else were left around in a scattered mess. Thick wires extended from the ceiling, supporting a glowing electrical light with a hot blue core that seemed to power everything if the cables extending from it suggested as much. A kitchenette to the left of both of them wafted a spicy scent reminiscent of curry and to the right a lounging space with a simple VR headset hanging on a hatstand with two controllers stuck in a bag also hanging from the same stand.

I also tinker in my free time~! Kukuku~! If I come up with anything good I could share it with you~!

Sunset Shimmer!SunnyqnPP6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550955

"I dunno, it's why I never really wanted to take up the whole hero thing. I mean yeah, I wasn't planning on slipping back onto the path of evil. But I also wanna have a life, and if a chance to be good comes along, I'll take, but I don't want it to be like my job or anything. Then again, I'm committed to doing this, so..."

"Why, did you kill someone here already?" Sunset asks this with genuine curiosity, not with fear or suspicion. She's not totally aware of how dark Wade's job got, and considering she's now a part of it, she'd have to get used to it.

ALBATROSS / High Orbit!FAUXFoX/UQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550960

>The pegasus sighs, smiling his usual sad smile at the changeling's response.

"Fair... enough."

>He could understand the "dying for a cause part", at least. Many of his kind had had no choice but to do it in the closing chapters of the war. Shaking his head, the captain remains quiet, at least until the larger changeling leers back at him.

"It is... strange where your loyalties lie. You denounce your own kind... yet you still support them..."

>The captain states flatly at the bigger changeling, before turning to address the compass man again.

"So, are you going to... keep them at my ship while the rest of you... deal with whatever's going on at the dome?"

>The pegasus would ask, wings ruffling.

"Or are you going to... wait till the other bunch returns?"

>Whatever other questions the captain wanted to ask is drowned out by a loud beep from his targeter, followed by the now familiar blue glow of armed turrets in the distance ahead.

"Fleet Reports enemy contact. Advise. Ship at full combat alert."

>Sighing, the pegasus trots ahead to the front of the group before looking back.

"The ship's not going to be happy... if they're staying, and if so I'll... need to tell it to stand down. Before it shoots... everyone in this group as a potential changeling."

Doobie the Warrior HamsterCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550961

File: 1543944121999.png (131.56 KB, 342x295, 26120.png)


>Not as much information as he was hoping for, but it was at least more than he had before. The unusual strength of the shield and it's reaction to whatever it came in contact with caused Doobie to wonder who could have done something like this. From what he recalled, despite the changelings having magic of their own, this would require either one powerful magical source or a large swarm of changelings working in unison. Not completely out of the question, however


>Upon observing as the one pony seemed to glow and rise into the swirling horde, talking down to Vaykor with a boisterous and cocky tone, it reminded him of R34's way of speaking. Examining the barrier and the futile attacks of those outside, Doobie strained to think of a quick solution to break through.

Does the barrier go past the ground level? Perhaps we could dig our way in?

>It was kind of a stretch, but they were quickly running out of time. Vaykor was a powerful soldier to say the least, but they couldn't just leave him in there to fend for himself against who knows how many golems. With nothing else to go off of, Doobie draws his sword, activating it's giants blade mode and holds it high above his head. Hoping deep down that perhaps, if his smite evil attack could cut off a changeling from it's swarm, perhaps it could also break through this magic shield, if it was indeed changeling magic.

Smite Evil!

>With his sword glowing a bright white, Doobie strikes the barrier.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550988

File: 1544048364628.png (26.17 KB, 800x800, Bailey_Skeptical_By_Grell.png)

>For the past god knows how long, Bailey had been going around this planet trying to figure out how to stop these two factions from fighting with each-other on her world. Every time she think she gets close to a solution, there is another reason as to why they're fighting. Then another. Then another after that. Until Bailey realized they themselves have no idea why they're really fighting. There were a bunch of times where Bailey just wanted to "take care of" both sides and just be done with it. Or hell, she even wondered if there was a way to just, leave the game.

>Though thinking of those options, they never felt right to do. She was never one to condone genocide. Especially for stupid reasons like this. Not only that, it would mean abandoning the others in this game. Even if she hadn't met them, she had spoke to Appleslice. A child. A child going through a lot at that.


>The more she thought about it anyways, she didn't really have anything to go back to. Sure there was Roxy, but what else? Who else? There were the others at her house, but she wans't really friends with them, was she? Bailey thought more and more about it. What'd happen if things didn't work out with Roxy. Sure they've been together for over 15 years at this point, but they weren't married. And Roxy was really only able to be with Bailey for those years and now that they able to actually interact with others again....Bailey thought back to her sister and mom. Wishing she was able to talk to them, go back to them, ask them for advice and not have to worry about anything but them being with her. The more she thought of them, and their life back at her original home world, and specifically her sister, the more she thought about what she might tell her and what she thinks Bailey should do. The answer she would give would be something obvious, of course. Something Bailey wasn't very use to though, but something she needed to do. How hard could it be to make friends. It'll just take a lot less swearing and a lot more patience. and no murder.

Vaykor!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41550998

File: 1544072791142.png (668.94 KB, 1024x641, Ghost of phobos by rotaken-d6y…)

>The compass man would chuckle.

So your brother and sisters who you'd die for and would do the same for you, are trying to kill you cause you can't talk with them mentally?

>He'd ask rhetorically.

Sounds like paradise.

>he'd say sarcastically.

Well I'm more leaving them with the men by the ship, while I deal with the dome.

>He'd clarify. And then in response to his last comment.

Please do so. I'd rather not want to see how cooked bug and fish looks.

Probably not, but we don't have the tools to dig under it.

>One would reply. A few would step away as Doobie prepared to strike the barrier, fully expecting the blade to fly backwards out of the hamster's hands.

I have come to protect my captain's port

>He'd answer simply.

You made yourselves a threat by attacking us last night.

>Vaykor would glare down at the large hand gripping his leg. With a violent jerk, he'd rip his leg free of the hand. The creature hardly measured up to him. And he doubted any others would too. They would crumble like an Atlas's Rumbler before him. At least the soup was only a maker, not some sort of acid or poison. He'd then turn his attention back to the swarm around the Mare. The yellow eyes of his mask staring at them.

I have come to demand your surrender. Yield and no further harm will come to your swarm. If you refuse, I will drive you out by force. I will torture every changeling you sent to Aquarius. I will burn every hive I find. I will make you suffer like none has before. I hail from the Stormwall, where your reality itself cannot be trusted. Your illusions are nothing new. And if you seek to besiege us with beasts, we are well versed in the slaughter of monsters.

>This was their goal afterall, draw out the Queen for a negotiation. Though her own words told him pleasantries were no longer an option. She declared vengeance on him. Her offer for escape was hollow. She'd return to attack again once she finished with the pony. This would be resolved now on his terms.

Make your choice.

>His masks yellow eyes would turn red, preparing for her refusal.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551000

File: 1544078933799.jpg (283.71 KB, 850x950, sample-6a3637bef65e00dcb5f570d…)

<The longer that Dementor creature follows her, the better of a feeling she starts to get about it.

<Or more of its odd aura than anything. If it was just cold, like that snow fairy or some sort of yukionna, the sun's warmth would be helping a bit more to shrug it off.

<Its not like the creepiness you'd feel from a regular ghost or some other spook either, though fear might be a usual response. In fact, if anything its more like even beyond its general intangibility...this thing seems to have the ability to convince others of how unbeatable...or even inevitable it is. You can't even try and bargain with it like a lot of the enforcers of death back in Gensoukyo.

<Honestly, it might even be able to beat some Yokai just by bluffing...if they didn't have the usual alibi of not having gone all out from the start, and a normal human would be even worse off, either out of lack of willpower...or just accepting the place laid out for them by default.

<Not that she'd ever been a normal human by those standards, or at least not someone content to just stay normal, no she'd thrown that possibility out long ago, along with her family who could never understand and the place laid out for her.

<Even cowering away in the Human Village like the rest of them would have made it impossible to live how she wanted, do what she wanted...so instead of just feeling sorry for herself, she did one of the craziest things a human could do.

<In fact, odds are thats why this stuff doesn't mess with her the same way, even without the same overwhelming power that Reimu just has by default. Thats the thing though, even that shrine maiden gets discouraged when things don't work out and if she lost fair and square she might be almost as bad off as a yokai who did, well unless she just passed it off as not having put her full effort into it from the start.

<So, yeah, maybe it is crazy to go all out against someone you know you can't beat, even if you already lost once. Maybe it isn't normal to take the things you want when you want them and throw anything that doesn't interest you out even if its something others would say is important.

<So what? As long as you win in the end thats what really matters. Even if you can't win now, you just gotta put in more effort and come back when you can. If that doesn't work, well you can always redefine either the game or the victory conditions until you can come out ahead somehow.

>Which is how the girl is able to grin back at the looming specter of death that is figuratively nipping at her heels as she continues zooming northward to her target on the horizon.

>After all, its not like she's running because she lost. No, for one the incident was resolved in her books as soon as she got it out of the manor in question.

<No, when it comes down to it, the reason she's really running now, boils down to her having swooped up something particularly valuable that might get damaged or taken from her if she can't ditch the creep before it can force her to hand them over....and the lake should be the perfect place to do that.

>Well, it wouldn't hurt to keep it a bit occupied in the meantime however, she decides as she tugs at a bit of cloth rigged up under her skirt to release Roll 2d4 = 7 canisters similar to the ones she used in the tower backwards as chaff....except that they explode into bursts of green fire that zoom back towards the dementor at various angles moments later.

"How'd you like that, you gloomy freak?"

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551001

File: 1544080287202.jpg (33 KB, 452x534, 32e83381ed69b7c2ae91e534e5cbf6…)

"Not...personally, no, but it seems like they tend to mainly show up on this side of the continent from what I've heard. Well...there's plenty on other continents as well from what I've heard, but not so much from where I'm from."

>Quinn says with a shrug before straddling the bike again as well as donning a hat that had been resting on the back part of it.

"Well...I guess if there's anything you need later, just let me know then. Oh, I should probably just get backed out before you do your thing though, so I don't end up crashing into something before I even get up into the air."

>After raising the kickstand and getting properly into position, as well as getting the engine running, the youth finally looks back with a soft, if a bit awkward smile.

"So...for take off am I going to need some sort of ramp or hill? Or is there just some sort of technique to it?"

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551002

File: 1544080969346.jpg (388.81 KB, 541x800, 40275557_p0.jpg)

>The odd girl nods in response to the word "clothes"...before crouching a bit as if to see what was under the particular piece being lifted up.

"Yes, Mom explained that to me. I just forgot what they were called."

>Sophie says, before taking a few moments to repeat "mère" to herself, though it takes a few times to get the accent right...and as such she loses the chance to ask further questions before Val jumps back into things.

>It seems like it'd be rude to interrupt, so instead she decides to just listen in, since there isn't much better to do.

>Even so it still takes her a few moments to realize that she's being told to come look at something as well as Val. Or how she's supposed to 'have' a look for that matter.

>Well, the gesture is clear enough though, so she follows after a few moments later.
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???!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551003

File: 1544082125112.jpg (47.53 KB, 602x261, dementor.jpg)

>The flare of magical fire lights up the passing ground beneath the witch, the pony, and the pursuing magical creature. In the concussive blasts of fire the sight of the creature is again obscured, some of the flame falling but disappearing before it can light the tops of the trees passing beneath.

>Roll 1d1000 = 753

>odds, the dementor bursts from the flames unmolested and as tenacious as ever. It surges singlemindedly, its harsh rattling breath sucking the air as it chases.


>evens, it takes for the flames to disperse when the Dementor is visible again, its clammy hands waving away the fire in something akin to irritation. Once it's cleared the fire however...

>Roll 1d2 = 1

>1, the creature starts to fly after the group again though now it has a large amount of space between it and its quarry.

>2, it looks around aimlessly for a few moments, seemingly forgetting just what it was doing thanks to the distance. The dementor's inky form floats downwards and towards the forest's cover.

[S] GAME START (Three Weeks Prior) Aranea!Spider8272Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551004

File: 1544088966996.jpg (74.05 KB, 640x960, 938aa32b4639ac40d924e67001e614…)

>Power. Insurmountable power. The culmination of sweeps and sweeps of planning. A golden ring.

>A boy in gold. A girl in red. A sword, flying through the air. The boy is stabbed. In anger, the boy and sword are lifted. The girl is stabbed. Both are dead.

>A woman. Tall, imposing, angry beyond all words. A trident. Eyes blasting red and blue.

>Planets, flying through space. Smashing into each other. Missing their mark, but not each other. Destruction on a scale heretofore unseen.

>Plans: Failed.

>Ring: Gone.
>Neck: Snapped.
>Fire: Burning.



>Aranea woke with a start, sitting up in bed, breathing heavily, drenched in sweat.

>In the darkness of her bedroom, the words "Just" feel seared into her eyes. Every time she blinks, she can see the face of the Condesce as the empress snaps her neck.

>Aranea had been having this same dream... or memory? For weeks now. Every night, she woke up the same way. Nothing she could do could stop the dream from coming. She hadn't had a good night's journey to the dream bubbles in almost a month now.

>She pulled her covers around herself and slid out of bed, taking them with her. She walked over to the side of her room, which was taken up by an enormous window, curtains currently drawn closed.

>With one hand she held her blanket closed around her and with her other she reached out and pulled the curtains aside, letting in a flood of artificial light. She gazed out her window from her apartment in a Silver City skyscraper.

>The sky was still dark outside, but the lights of the city created an almost artificial day.

>Aranea sighed. It was funny, she was a Sylph of Light, who helped people see things. But apparently no amount of light could help her figure out what her dream-memory meant.

>All she knew was she felt an immense sense of guilt. Not for any of the bad things she had done on Rigel Prima, which were admittedly quite a few more than most authors would normally have, but for the past, on a different world, in a different universe.

What a most unusual feeling. People don't normally feel guilt for doing good things, do they?

>She asked herself, out loud.

May8e that's a little on the nose. 8ut may8e I'm actually onto something. I've 8een hiding from the other trolls on this planet for... well, it's 8een a long time.

>She closed the curtains on the window as she spoke and turned away, heading back to the edge of her bed and hopping up to sit.

I mean, may8e the middle of the night isn't the 8est time for an introspective monologue. 8ut I'm definitely not getting anymore sleep tonight, so I might as well.

>She reached up and rubbed her completely white, ghost-y looking eyes. And then she let herself fall backwards, laying out her top half on the bed and kicking her feet over the edge lightly.

8luh. Why is this so difficult? May8e if I say sorry, I'll feel 8etter and I can get 8ack to the sleep 8u88les again.

>She rolled over so she was laying on her stomach, her blankets now wrapped snugly around her, and put her hands on her chin.

I guess it can't hurt to try, right? 8ut I can't just leave Silver City out of the 8lue. I'll need time. I also can't really take a 8reak from writing my crime novels. I'll have to deal with that, too.

>She smiled slightly to herself, already starting to feel better and less guilty. Simply making plans to make good with the other trolls on this planet was enough to nearly wipe away the memory of the bad dream. It was still there. But it was getting better.

>Aranea continued to talk to herself about her plans for the rest of the night.

R34Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551010

File: 1544134434936.jpg (137.55 KB, 739x1082, 178147 - artist PixelKitties c…)


>R34 turned her nose up at Jack and Orbit's responses

"Hmpf, figures you humans and ponies devalue and belittle everything about us Changelings."

>She'd keep following, motioning with a wing for AW1 to come closer

"You could never understand what dangerous uncertainty a cut off changeling brings. What if you were to weave a spell over me that granted you access to the hivemind?"

>AW1 looked a little, conflicted at the prospect of walking closer to his sister, looking from Orbit to R34 back and forth a few times before taking a few reluctant quick steps forward, putting him about equal distance between changeling and pegasus.

"A changeling spy would be invaluable to the swarm's enemies as any possible thought could be accessed and leaked. This is not a risk anyone would take right?"

>The two changelings would look concerned, hearing about the ship's movements and it's functions, but overall they have already accepted that things won't improve much from this point onward.

"We don't have much a choice but to comply with whatever you have planned for us, Pegasus, Human."

>R34 eventually said with a sigh, looking rather weary as a whole.

"Either you will execute us or Queen Pupa's swarm will kill us, it's the same result in either case. If I could I would have overwhelmed your forces and fled this place with my kinlings already, so you have nothing to fear."

>With one last look over to Jack and Orbit she concluded

"At the very least, if you are to execute us, be quick about it."

R34Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551014


>The collective ball of changelings all snarled at Vaykor in unison.

"It was your people who have attacked my swarm first, burned seventeen of my children alive with one single breath of fire!"

>The changeling swarm now exceeded a gutteral growl and unnerving murmur.

"And now you chose to ally yourself with a band of wandering thieves! Prepare yourself, Vaykor!"

>The hand Vaykor had kicked off of him was almost completely ripped off of the arm it was attached to, strangely enough ther did not seem to be any bloodflow or bone structure to it, it was completely artificial.

>Now, a second hand sprung up behind Vaykor, gripping onto his leg like the one before, it wasn't strong enough to keep him from moving but it was slowing him down at the very least.

>The swarm had been charging up some sort of attack all this time, all the changeling's horns were glowing in unison.

>With an earshattering screech an enormous beam of green magic was released towards Vaykor!


Roll 1d1000 = 425

if successful

>Vaykor was violently throw back, getting smacked right into the barrier which gave him a considerable shock.

if crit success
>Vaykor could feel his limbs slowly disobey his commands, somehow the magic pierced his armor and threatened to paralyze him if he could not shake the effect off somehow.

>The swarm was currently laser focused on the cruel Vaykor, Tikno had been slowly backing off from the two warring factions, he knew Vaykor was strong, maybe he could even take the entire swarm on his own but, he had to help somehow!

>He looked between the barrier and the ball of changeling his wife was currently trapped in...he knows there were people outside who could help but would his actions be enough to break the barrier? Was it better used against the changelings?

"Let go of my wife you bug bastards!"

>The Stallion shouts at the top of his lung, as Vaykor looked over to him he saw a massive fireball approach the swarm that had entrapped the mare inside! They were completely blindsided by this attack.

>A loud explosion, a shockwave upon impact and the screeches of dozens of changelings echoed through the woods as unmoving, burning bodies hit the ground, one after the other.

>Once the dust had settled, it revealed a considerably smaller group of changelings, still keeping itself affloat, now shifting their attention toward the stallion.


>The barrier was constructed with the purest of intentions and even the power keeping it up had those same intentions, it was meant to protect, not to keep out.

>Sadly, Doobie's attack was little more than a slightly more powerful physical assault at the barrier, the hamster was thrown back from it with a considerable shock thrown his way.

>However, not all hope was lost, as now the group outside began to hear a voice, it was very quiet, difficult to hear through all the madness that was going on inside.

"Eat your vegetables, comb your mane and brush your teeth, then the boo mare won't get you"

>It was the voice of a female, coming from the barrier, she spoke as if it was some sort of rhythm, a chant. The voice seemed to get quieter and quieter as it recited two more times, becoming increasingly harder to hear.

Alice!WITCH4nUikCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551026

File: 1544159990147.png (115.63 KB, 390x442, Oh I know.png)

>Alice waited until he had it sitting in the open. The witch playing with her wand in the meantime.

"Nope, don't need to do more than sit there~"
>She replied waiting until the right moment before she flicked her wand at his bike, the outline of it soon emanating a light bluish glow for a few brief moments before it started to float in the air like a balloon.

>Alice snickered to herself as she watched it ascend towards the heavens, the bike for the moment staying stationary above the house with the exception of altitude.

"Still got it~"

>She said to herself with a pleased tone while she twirled her wand. It would seem a little apparent she was merely doing this out of her own benefit than any other's as she watched from below with obvious amusement.
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Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551028

File: 1544161893263.jpg (14.76 KB, 279x284, 1363317760588.jpg)

>Sunset wouldn't receive a direct answer. Wade was at this point to busy examining the finer details of the apartment. He looks down at the floor at the point two boards met. Slowly he lifts his foot and gently lowers it down onto the point he was looking at.


>Wade's eyes would widen at the revelation. He suddenly stands at attention for several seconds. It is only after a while he shifts his head in Sunset's direction.

Don't uh....Don't eat anything in the freezer till I get to it.

ALBATROSS / High Orbit!FAUXFoX/UQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551029

"So you're not... taking the men with you? Or the fish... people?"

>The pegasus asked back, before looking at the ship again. He continues to walk, though simply maintaining a short lead in front of the rest of the group. The humming of the turrets slowly become audible, glowing menacingly.

"Entering engagement range."

"Override... 7-2-1-9-0-0, Alba."

>The pegasus says, speaking to the ship in a conversational tone. Misplaced as it may be, seeing the changelings be worried was... relieving, in a way. Not so much for the small one, but the big one definitely brought some degree of satisfaction. He wasn't going to go down without a fight, and even if he did, the ship would continue till it too was torn to shreds.

"Stand down. I'm... not being controlled by them."

>The pegasus adds, with an ever so slight smirk. What a coincidence, wasn't it? The queen wanted any changelings outside of the swarm dead to prevent foreign interference. His ship was, like any other Equestrian vessel, authorized to kill its owner if under changeling influence.

>Perhaps in that, at least, they were the same. Monsters. One born as such, the other forced to become as such to survive.

"Override confirmed, Captain. Sign: Star."

"Countersign: Ocean. They're... captives, like the one the hamster took. Aquarius... presumably will be dealing with them shortly."

"...Acknowledged. Standing down."

>The hum of the turrets abruptly fades along with the glow, though the guns remain pointed firmly at the group. Slowing his pace down to once again match the rest of the group, the pegasus sighs, shifting the targeter to the other side of his mouth like an oversized cigar. This time, he addresses the two changelings directly.

"Considering they didn't... put down the other one, it would seem unlikely they'd... shoot you on the spot. After all... they did get all four of you alive, even if two of you... are out cold."

>The pegasus shrugs.

"But it seems like... they want you folk to sit under my cannons and wait for a while, anyways. So we'll see."
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Appleslice!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551030

File: 1544177165459.jpg (Spoiler Image, 663.37 KB, 806x1210, IMG_8671.jpg)

>You work on your latest creation. The large amount of grist you have acquired allowed you to make a plethora of robotized wonders. This one would be your personal secret weapon for when all others failed. Your discovery of the talismans would be the cornerstone of the designs. Their abilities would be able to synchronized with other parts to allow maximum efficiency. The Energizer motor was a fantastic start. But you could do more.

>The Bull Talisman granted one increased strength. The servos and pistons could benefit from this. You use your traditional RC-3P0 As a base for the model. Your experiment proved that granting the desired item the power was futile. A secondary part would need to be equipped with the ability. Preferably something small and cheap to manufacture. You consider several wires that run through the machine. But those were too easily damaged and likely to be damaged in serious combat. Eventually you decide on the battery core. The core would be encased in a titanium shell allowing adequate protection in high stress situations. The power supply would run through every system, allowing it to increase the physical strength in all systems. Of course this meant that the casing would also have to be improved to keep up with the enhanced power and speed.

>The Serpent Talisman would also be a beneficial addition as well. Invisibility would allow for exceptional stealth capabilities. The choice for this was obvious. Several screws along the outer casing would make perfect use of the ability. Their direct contact with the exoskeleton of the RC would grant the ability all through the body. Multiple screws would be used to ensure the function could be used even if one was destroyed. A costly measure, but a necessary one.

>Monkey and the Sheep would be useless in this venture. Neither of their abilities would be useful to a mechanized unit. Though the ability to transform into an animal at will seemed useful it risked the possibility of losing control of the unit, rendering the project a failure all around. You consider installing it as a form of self destruct. The idea is quickly pushed aside. The Horse was also quite pointless. As it worked on organic beings, not mechanical. You also had plenty of airborn creations already. Rendering flight for this particular model obsolete. You also feared losing control of it during midair combat as the body would not be as adapted as say a plane or helicopter model.

>This left only the Dragon and the Pig. Both rather similar in nature if only sharing types of attack. The Pig was a curious one. The ability by definition required eyes to work. You suppose the cameras you were using as eyes could prove an adequate substitute. But this seems to be a fruitless effort. The magic powers that be seem to be adamant that organic eyes be the focal point for this power.

>This left only the dragon. Several tests showed that using the full hand proved too hot for the casing. Which left only one option. Localizing the ability to one lone finger would allow enough of a space for a small burst of dragon blast. At best it was like a short range flame thrower. But against the enemies you were going up against it would prove effective.

>Though you were keen on your Uncle's words to cease imitating your father so you couldn't help but keep his weapons and abilities in mind when adding the finishing touches to your creation. Several throwing knives could be stored in several locations along the body. These could be upgraded with various attributes such as explosion or electrical shock. But of course, no robotic ninja would be complete without the traditional katana. Of which you also had no short supply of. You choose one model in particular. You recall it being your fathers favorite for a great deal of time before he acquired an upgraded one. Just for added measure you alchemize it with an oven to allow it to self heat.

>You stand back and look at your creation in awe. Its lone optic looking down at you lifelessly, awaiting its first order. With all the combined parts within its red casing giving it the name of one of the alchemized parts seemed like a waste of effort. Being an automaton you feel a fitting name should be given. A fitting serial number would be adequate. You suppose given its red paint job and obvious weapon it was only adequate that you take the homage one step further.

D34D-P0N3. Yes....that is adequate.

Doobie the Warrior HamsterCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551036

File: 1544217233745.png (429.29 KB, 882x735, jtddj.png)


>As Doobie is launched through the air in reaction to his attack, and his blade returns to it's default state, he wonders how he managed to get himself into this position. It all started out so simple, just looking to make sure that every forest had an assigned guardian is all. Now here he was, getting right in the middle of a potential war or slaughter between Aquarius and the Changelings, with this small group of ponies tangled up in every aspect. He had to think fast, time was running out! His skills were limited, his experiences few, his stature, small. Yet despite this, the tiny warrior took courage. He still had a job to do here, and he needed to be at the top of his game. With a carefully performed roll, Doobie lands back on his feet. Thinking nothing of the strange female voice that seemed to echo from nowhere.

Then we dig with whatever we have!

>Sheathing his blade, Doobie charges at the barrier once again. This time he stops just short of it and closes his eyes, taking in a deep breath and slowly letting it out as he called upon his most base instincts. The need, to burrow. Without another word, Doobie digs his paws deep into the dirt and begins to dig speedily.

>Roll 1d1000 = 127 Evens, Doobie used dig!

>Odds, It's not very effective

Vaykor!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551053

It's Jack, by the way.

>He'd say to R34.

And you could just let them serve without entering the hivemind.

>He'd point out.

Talk to Vaykor about that. They work for him. My crew is back in port.

>he'd reply. Once at the ship, he'd speak to R34 again.

Anything I should know about that dome over there?

You are literally the only one who can.

>One man would reply. There was no way to they could tunnel under the barrier. They'd need actual tunnelling supplies.

>Vaykor would be thrown back into the barrier. And then thrown forward as it repelled him. He'd growl as he got back up. His armour would let out a whine as he pushed his cybernetics beyond their limits. The joint areas would also blacken as he used Haki to reinforce them, so that they wouldn't break under the strain. He'd crouch, bracing against the ground with all four limbs. He'd point his body towards the swarm. He'd then launch himself like a cannonball at the group of Changelings. Roll 1d1000 = 545 evens.

>Hit or miss: Once past the swarm, Vaykor would teleport back to his starting point in a flash of golden light. This was to avoid smacking into the barrier on the other side of the camp.

R34Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551055


>R34 took notice of the codewords Orbit seemed to use, she was sure there were a few fake ones among them to throw her off but on the off-chance that she may need them she will remember them all.

>The turrets following her every move despite having been supposedly deactivated was still cause for concern. Having reached the ship proper now she would grab ahold of AW1, placing him behind her, outside the turrets' direct line of fire.

>However, it seems like peace and quiet was out of reach, as the human began talking to her.

"Right, Jack."

>She let out a sigh once more, there was no real point in telling any of them the truth about anything, she could simply feign ignorance and they would be none the wiser...however, for all intents and purposes they were now prisoners most likely to become slaves in the future. There is no real reason to lie at this point.

"A changeling without a hivemind is, not very useful. Without a source of food it will become very weak very quickly. Not to mention that...a hiveless ling simply has never happened to us before...it's a completely new sensation to us and very irritating."

>The true ramifications of being without a hivemind are hard to grasp still, it was difficult trying to explain it properly.

"A changeling not connected to the swarm, serving the swarm? I imagine it would simply get in the way and be very useless in general to be frank."

>She gave a little shrug, not really knowing what else to say, the Queen has her reasons to act this way, it just sucked it had to like this.

"That barrier, we have struggled with it for years. Not only did it keep them hidden, it also repelled anyone unwanted with great power. Princess Crystal Crown is the one keeping it up, she hails from a family of very powerful and influential ponies in our world."

>She stopped herself, he couldn't be interested in the ponies behind the barrier.

"Right, Jack. You're more interested in how to beat it down isn't that right? The easiest way to disable it would be to find the caster and taking them out, of course. Brute Force alone can take it down as well but it would take a lot of effort and power to do so, not to mention alerting everyone inside to your intentions."

>She thought back about the golden green light the dome now exceeded, she had recognized the magic behind it immediately, a smile spread across her face.

"I can only speculate, but I am very sure Queen Pupa has managed to breach the barrier this morning and took control over the Princess and therefore the barrier."

>She let out a little, sad chuckle.

"Depending on the Princess' resolve the barrier may be stronger or weaker, if you can you should try to divert the swarm and Queen's attention with as many things as possible, keep ramming something massive and strong into it 'till it breaks."

>She paused once more, thinking about the last few things to be said.

"The ponies have ways to cross the barrier without breaking it of course, so if you were to ask one of them they could tell you. All of them should do, even the filly."

The DomeCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551058

>Eventually the female voice subsided, fading into nothingness as Doobie began to dig his way into the ground. The dirt proved to be a rather dire adversary and it takes him quite a bit of effort to submerge himself partially into the ground.

>Progress was slow and painful, but eventually Doobie found himself a good distance below the surface, at least by his standards and his suspicion does seem to have been correct, the barrier did not go past much of the ground-level.

>It would take Doobie just a bit more effort to dig himself out to the other side.

>The entire swarm let out a heckling laugh, seeing Vaykor flung away and hurt, easily dodging his attack by breaking their formation despite the losses they had just faced at the hooves of Tikno.

"Give it up already, Vaykor. Your comrades are out of reach and your one ally who is with you-"

>The stallion looked up at the black mass before him, his one fireball caused some damage to it but it seemed like they didn't even care about or notice all the writhing and dead changelings on the ground.

"Is ours now."

>Tikno looked over to Vaykor with wide eyes, was this really it? Is this all he can do? As one last act of defiance the stallion reached into his mane, fiddling around with something. Soon enough he produced a pair of rather pretty looking earrings, with all of his might he threw them toward the giant man.

"Use this! To cross the barrier!"

Roll 1d1000 = 411

>The changeling's magics rained down on the stallion, beam after beam striking him down as he felt both his body and mind stop responding, soon enough he was completely out cold.

>The stallion had a moment of bravery, leaping away from the magic flung toward him and slamming into the ground, he definitely needs help or else he was done for.

High Orbit / ALBATROSSCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551065

"If he was here... it would probably be much easier to."

>The pegasus responds, trotting up to the ship and its missing outer door.

"There is still the whole matter... of dealing with my ship."

>The pegasus doesn't seem to notice the changeling's memorization of his override code, but there definitely was no hint of him trying anything sneaky to distract her. In fact, the whole thing seemed a bit... too convenient.

>More alarmingly, whatever she does to try to hide her sibling merely causes the top and side turrets to swap targets, each trained on a single changeling. From what she can probably tell, it seems that they are too far apart to be able to obscure both at the same time. There would be no hiding from the ship at this range.

>Thw captain doesn't seem to pay the odd turret and changeling ballet much heed, simply meandering his way to the missing door and sitting by it, listening intently. It isn't until the end that he speaks, in his usual tired tone.

"... So it's a shield-dome, then?"

>Such spells were not uncommon where he came from. They were very commonly used as the first line of defence, and if needed, a fairly effective battering ram. They had long since moved on from having actual unicorns expend energy to maintain these barriers, but considering the period of time he was now in...

"I'm guessing... she maintains this consciously like... most spells?"

>Keeping a spell of this scale active for this long was a remarkable feat of spellcasting and endurance. If not for the fact that it now was a threat, it would probably deserve some form of respect.

>Thinking for a moment, the pegasus turns to Jack.

"Since it's above... the treeline, Alba... could probably put a steady stream of rounds into the dome from here. He's no sharpshooter, but... it doesn't seem like it'll be going anywhere soon."

>He gives a small laugh.

"Of course... if we could ram the ship into it that would be an excellent option... but as of now that's about it for us. Unless you have... anything else planned?"

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File: 1544471324754.png (739.15 KB, 1199x969, eghehg.png)


>Doobie strains against the tough dry dirt, pushing it out behind him as he dug as fast as his little paws would allow. He couldn't let more harm befall either side of the conflict. In the back of his mind, he knew that the others still outside likely did not share his conviction and would likely either keep beating away at the shield or simply standing by and watching as events unfold.


>Even as Doobie finally breaks through the surface to the other side, he is greeted by a horrifying sight. The stallion had been struck down by the swarm of changelings above, showing him now mercy as the stallions body goes limp on the ground. Doobie can only assume the worst, but holds out hope that this was not a finishing blow. He quickly turns to look to see how he could aid Vaykor in the fight at hand, only to find that he had suffered injury as well. Had Doobie been any less than what he was, he might have struck out at the swarm in a righteous fury, but this required more tactical thinking.


>With his blade drawn, Doobie rushes towards the hulking human and leaps into the air towards him. If he could put enough power into his swing, perhaps he could heal him through the armor.

Healing blade!

>Roll 1d1000 = 294 Evens, As his sword connects with Vaykor, it glows brightly and seems to seep in through the thick metal armor tot he flesh deep underneath

>Odds, the sword glows its usual level of brightness and has no effect.

>Regardless of the result of the roll, Doobie shouts at Vaykor.

Throw me!

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Sunset tilts her head in confusion, not moving much from her spot.

There's something obviously being kept from her, she just doesn't know what it is, or why Wade's hiding it.

She takes another sip of the cheap alcohol, letting out a low grunt, still not used to the taste yet.

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