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File: 1511740412614.png (275.38 KB, 646x902, she__s_a_crazy_bitch_by_sharon…)

BLN #63: Gender Bender Edition The Mad Mistress!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534859[Last 50 Posts]

#Canon: Better Layton Never #IC #Ask/Invite

Well well well, seems everything is gotten quite stale around here. As a deity of Chaos I ought to shake things up a bit, it's my job after all.

>An unseen and unheard individual of imaginary nature would address the Mad Goddess. The Mad Goddess, she suffered no one intruding on her position.

What seems so boring?

Well yes conspiracies of family murder are quite exciting.

True, the ransom of the children is quite an entertaining affair.

Always a surprise when countries and retail stores fall out of the sky. But that happens all the time, many beings and places of myth and story appear here, there, and everywhere. Size doesn't always matter! Though it certainly helps elsewhere~

Ducks? Really? Now that would be an entertaining event, but what are the possibilities of ducks invading from the future. Lets be realistic here, the Jester is on the job there. Like he'd slip up that much. Not without a banana peel.

These are hardly related to the stagnation I speak of. Everyone is so boring being the same sex all the time. And they must be tired of it themselves, so why not do them a favour and elevate them of that monotony?

How? Why Wabbajack of course!

>And just like that, the Mystical Staff of Randomness let out an all engulfing flash of light.

>The Light fades to reveal the Sixty Third Thread of Better Layton Never!

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534862

File: 1511741425420.jpg (45.82 KB, 800x451, 1742509-hulk_vs_wolverine3.jpg)

>The question didn't seem to bother him much. In a world where everyone had some kind of obvious special talent seemed natural to want to know what the guy you were talking to was capable of.

>He eases up as Toga backs away. His shoulders shrugging as he thinks of what how to describe his skill set.

Well to put it simply my power is "Not dying". I can get hit with just about anything and I'll be back up good as new. Sometimes it may take a while but if anyone knocks me down I'll be back up kicking their ass. Well if I want to.

>Of course there were some people he couldn't take on even with his healing factor. He didn't count his victory against Stein. Neither of them had been at one hundred percent at that time. He was also certain Stein was convinced it was all some kind of dream.

Though it makes calling in sick a pain in the ass. Not that I'd be able to anyway with everything going down now.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534864

File: 1511742588724.png (236.87 KB, 457x292, Grell_TheDonIsContemplatingYou…)

>When they had arrived the sun had just peeked over the bloodwood trees. By the time the cat had bored itself of a manufactured creature, this one a mix of slug and turtle with slimy stumpy legs and oozy stalks for eyes, the sun had already gone overhead and settled in the final quarter of the sky. Cheshire idly tosses the round shell into a bush and floats near the base of the tower that Barris had waited patiently at.

Mrrrow, quite a long wait, isn't it? I daresay they aren't coming today, darling...

>It tents its fingers and rolls onto its back, one of its striped ears flicking as an errant red hair fell past it. Above the sky's vastness held a few conjured clouds structured into thin wispy curls. A few bright red birds shoot overhead like bullets, these a mixture of exotic sip sappers and something called a 'Fletchling', whatever that was.

Perhaps we should retire before the evening arrives? Suppertime is just around the corner, after all...

AndursCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534868


>Andurs flails about when the duck lands on his head. His arms flopping like a panicked Muppet.


>Andurs runs around I circles around Sheogorath.


>Andurs stands still, frozen mid air with his arms in uncomfortable positions.

A mass murderer? I swear it wasn't me. At least, not yet. I don't think evil Andurs will be here until I die the seventh time. Or i coyld go extra crazy and kill 30 people right now. Not like anyone would be avle to catch me!

>Yes they would. I wouldn't let you get away with it.


Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534870

File: 1511748217370.png (117.81 KB, 509x503, Sad_Barris.PNG)

>Barris would let out a annoyed sigh, looking at the pads on the tower. She was no stranger to waiting long times, a common occurrence in the business world, but generally one had an idea as to the reason. Meetings running late. No appointment times. "Distractions" being spotted going in or coming out before you. Though this was certainly not the business world at the moment, and it disconcerted Barris that not even a reply had been made. She'd straighten herself, having been floating is a sitting position, and faces the Cheshire.

I think you are right.

>She'd say to it, looking a bit tired. To her, it stank of the old routine back on the Archipelago. A chance, a hope against her brother, and once again gone. Part of her argued against this thought. If he had gotten to them, Vaykor would be messaging her by now about an attack on Aquarius. But that voice was deafened by another.

<He already got you to kill yourself. He already won. Like he always does.

>Barris did her best to ignore that one, firmly holding to the plan fact he couldn't have known. But it still gnawed at her.

And supper sounds nice. Already have something caught for it?

>Barris would ask of her beloved Cheshire. So unique. So handsome. So free. Even possibly free from her brother. A thought she never even had of Vaykor. A man she'd seen punch out Iatneh and was considered one of the great warriors of the Stormwall, and yet she couldn't see him escaping her brother's shackles.

Or did you sneak back and grab us something?

>Barris would ask with a genuine smile, the tiredness before vanishing

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534873

File: 1511749294144.png (202.59 KB, 461x286, Grell_LongStoryShortIGotArrest…)



>The cat smiles charmingly and vanishes, only for a blink, then reappears with a tray held between its hands. A fat bird the size of a large chicken or a small pheasant lay on the tray, cooked to golden perfection and sprinkled with colorful red and orange spices. A rich spicy aroma wafts from the tray, which also includes a dark bread and a bowl of nearly-clear soup with flecks of small green onion slices inside. Liquid fat pools beneath the bird, still inexplicably hot.

Northumbrian curry-rub Pitidge tonight, mrrrow! I caught this one myself, such a fat little bird~! Though I do enjoy fish so often, it is nice to fit in a tasty bird or lovely rabbit now and then, isn't it?

>The cat's tail behind it remains curled into a spiral, though as usual the tip flicks casually back and forth. It takes a deep breath, appreciating the scent of the cooked meal with a delighted smile.

Getting that fellow and his wife at the Aquarius pub to cook it was a trial but I can be quite puuurrrrsistent~

The Mad Mistress!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534874

File: 1511749310105.png (275.38 KB, 646x902, she__s_a_crazy_bitch_by_sharon…)

Have you tried just taking it off your head?

>The Mad Goddess would ask as Andurs ran around.

And of course he isn't you. Far too dull and serious for my liking, though perfect for someone wanting to make that duck plague you suggested,

>Sheogorath would giggle darkly.

It is going to be so much fun!

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534876

File: 1511750620991.png (126.79 KB, 511x524, BlushyBarris.PNG)

>Barris would smell deeply of the dish.

Mmmm, smells delicous. They did an excellent job as always.

>Barris would look to the Cheshire with a grin.

Though I am surprised you managed to wear them down. I doubt you could find more stubborn people on Rigal Prima.

>Barris begins to descend to the ground so the Cheshire could set the tray down.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534877

File: 1511751300053.png (139.97 KB, 339x269, Grell_ThatBetterBeFancyFeastDa…)

>The cat shrugs with a wilted sort of sigh.

Come to find out the pubkeeper's wife is expecting! Cravings are a hell of a thing and I could happily oblige the pubkeeper anything he request to satiate such a discerning appetite in exchange for cooking services...nyaaa, hopefully she doesn't want anything stranger than Valorcall trout!

>The cat's wide grin simmers down into a normal smile, personally pleased that the gloomy cloud over Barris seemed to disappear already. It was fairly obvious that she had been frustrated by her arrested development of her doom powers and the silence from the brat and the bitch hadn't helped matters. If they didn't pick up their pace then that game they were bemoaning would just start again and the point of 'ending' it however they planned would be for naught.

>Not that the cat minded, it wasn't something that would concern it nor Barris again. It was the misfortune of some other chump in the future, or chumps, and they could figure how to stop some life-ruining game themselves and leave everyone else to do as they will with their lives.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534880

File: 1511753142052.png (126.79 KB, 511x524, BlushyBarris.PNG)

Sounds like you lucked out then.

>Barris was silent for a moment.

So she is pregnant again.

>She'd say in a distracted tone of voice, being reminded of how long she'd been away.

I think that'd make number 6?

>Barris said hazarding a guess, she'd been gone long enough that she could have had another child in between.

Though another daughter for sure.

>That she was certain of, all five before were girls. They seemed incapable of having sons. The pub owner would claim had something to do with how stubborn his wife was, though Barris really never understood that logic.

At this rate they are liable to take over the whole port in a few years.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534882

File: 1511753687228.png (152.79 KB, 339x301, Grell_KittyGrowl.PNG)

>The cat quickly shakes its head, suddenly appearing displeased by the thought.

Nyaaa! I hope not! Those daughters of theirs do so love to chase me about and wave sticks! I swear either the pubkeeper or Vaykor must be teaching them to do that, they used to be so lovely to me and now I'm prey to be chased!

>The cat pouts, its ears folding back behind its head. The longer Barris was gone the less the residents of Aquarius fretted about offending her by mistreating the fanciful cat wandering the docks or lounging about on the rooftops. Normally with Barris around such harassment was unthinkable but it had been over a year since she had disappeared, and there had been a persistent rumor that she would never return...

>The cat settles down with the food tray and grunts.

I wouldn't be so ruffled about it if they didn't have a strong arm to smack a stick with! Must be the pubkeeper's wife they get that from. She could wrestle a grown bear and make it give up before long!

AndursCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534884


>Andurs slowly reaches up and grabs hold of the duck. Just as slowly lowering it to stare it down face to face. A minute passes before he responds to the mad god- wait. Wait a minute. There's something g different going on.


>Hey! Pay attention! I said there was something different!

I, feel, the duck, within.

>Ugh. A loose brick from the building behind them falls on Andurs head.

OW. ... What the duck?

>Andurs would say as he looks past the duck in his hands at the mad goddess.

...Can I do That?

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534886

File: 1511755548227.png (122.06 KB, 520x542, Bitch_Say_What.PNG)

Definitely not Vaykor, though he probably encourages it.

>Barris would admit. Vaykor made no attempt to hide his dislike of the Cheshire. No doubt he made use of her absence to abuse the poor thing. A very clear fact from him selling out Eridan. A situation she'd have to fix after her brother was dealt with. To rescue him before would tell her brother she was very much paying attention to affairs on Rigal Prima. Which means he'd be certain she'd see whatever plan he had in store.

I imagine quite a bit has changed in the "benefit" of my absence. The lumberjacks still chopping away at that lovely forest?

>She had notice even the slightest lapse of attention resulted in them clearing out more of that ancient forest. While it was a great source of wood, you couldn't replace those trees. But you could always lure more tourists to see them.

The Mad Mistress!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534888

File: 1511755961323.png (506.92 KB, 1023x780, haus_of_madness_by_sharoner-d3…)

>Sheogorath would shrug.

Hell if I know. I know I can do that to you.

>She'd say simply.

As far as your powers, well why would I be an expert. That's more Mora's business, knowing things. I see it as rather boring, sucks the fun out of things.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534889

File: 1511756058521.png (202.59 KB, 461x286, Grell_LongStoryShortIGotArrest…)

>The Cat nods sharply, its tail swishing once behind it with excitement. The port had indeed changed since Barris had been gone and it felt like every pop back revealed new things about Aquarius and its development.

Oh yes! Some fellows from Terrestria came in with these great big yellow birds they intended to ranch. Chocobos I believe they're called? Hmm, well, they cleared out a swathe of forest, used some of the lumber to build up their ranch and sold the rest to a shipmaker in the port. I suppose they are tasty birds but the rancher is a rather young man, dreaming of making one so fast it could 'run across the ocean'.

>The Cheshire Cat shakes its head with a click of its tongue. It takes care, with them seated, to pick up a knife and begin carving the cooked bird for them to enjoy.

So far the fellow is breeding them, selling the rejects for beasts of burden or food. I suppose for those traveling further into Belle'Ayn they're useful. The road out in the Great Plains I've heard is not the kindest for vehicles, what with tunneling creatures riddling the road with holes and whatnot.

As for how they taste, I honestly wouldn't know! I haven't had the opportunity to try, since the pubkeeper is insistent I 'pay' for that kind of food. Such a bother, but I can't be too ruffled about it. Such a bird that size would be spectacularly gamey and tough, I suspect.

The Mad Mistress!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534892

File: 1511757180038.jpg (309.1 KB, 533x800, Barris Ki'Teer.jpg)

Run across the ocean? Well he certainly picked the worse coast for that. I just picture him zooming along and then slpash

>She'd flash her hands for effect.

an Iatneh is enjoying some chicken dinner. And I'd avoid Chocobo meat. Those ranchers have a bad habit of inbreeding their stock to disturbing degrees in the hopes of rare traits emerging.

>She'd shutter. Barris would grab a fork and take a small piece of the bird. She hadn't eaten all day and was quite hungry. She'd take a bite of the meat.

Oh, this is delicious.

>She eagerly go for another piece.

Hexe!ScratchNrcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534899

File: 1511759188572.png (1.01 MB, 1218x1648, bb1d270735009462f0db8079e9062d…)


>After the thrashing the demon prince had received from Sasuun and Aerith a few days prior, and the fact that they managed to hijack her lust seed was more than a little concerning...

>Hexe had decided that this necessitated an acceleration of her plans

>After all, how long until Aerith and that Sasuun character would figure out a way to cancel out the Kanohi Olmak now that the fox was free from her influence...?

>No, tonight, tonight was when she'd do it

>She gathered all the doubles she could still muster into her headquarters in Central Terrestria, a staging location that wasn't hell kind of helped.

Hexe!ScratchNrcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534900

File: 1511759200879.jpg (50.13 KB, 354x522, pylon.jpg)


>The Hexe doubles moved through out the world pushing out large crystalline structures in certain locations

>The crystals in locations in Terrestria in locations such as Rotan and Kameria pulsed a dull purple hue

>Meanwhile, the ones being set up in Mo'Galile glowed a bright cobalt blue color

>They were a sort of resonance crystal, channeling the power of the Kanohi Olmak that Hexe had stolen from Aerith

>It seemed the Hexes hadn't enough crystals to set them up everywhere, Hexe choosing to expedit the plan caused her stock of them to become greatly diminished

>But she had at least enough to deal with Mo'galile

>and enough to, at the very least, test the variant form of the teleportation...

>Hexe breathed in and breathed out, she had to hurry with this, and try to get back into Hell as soon as possible afterwards too

>After the events here there was no way her hide out, they'd detect the source of the massive rift activity

>But...it was time, the first test.

>Hexe looked down at the gauntlet she held
>Best to save what you've waited for for the longest for last...

>So first...

Hexe!ScratchNrcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534901

File: 1511759231531.jpg (47.71 KB, 910x480, 1.jpg)



>People in Kameria, people in Rotan...

>All living their normal day to day lives

>The crystals lit up brightly, glowing and resonating all through out the countries, being in mostly discreet locations, but those who noticed, stared in awe and confusion at the devices.....

>They went off, in Kameria first, a seeming burst of energy moving out of the devices like a gradient moving down an image, a thing outline at the edge of the energy

>It slid over the buildings and over people...leaving behind nothing in their trace, they weren't disentegrated, there wasn't nuclear residue or anything, as it slid over the Kamerian landscape, the people and buildings simply vanished

>They were just gone leaving behind just the landscape

Hexe!ScratchNrcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534902

File: 1511759244903.jpg (314.05 KB, 1402x1024, la-sci-sn-mars-gale-crater-201…)


>As the same event started to occur in Rotan, it became very apparent it was so much more destructive there than elsewhere

>As the built up caverns and dungeons that were all over Rotan's underground vanished along with the people within and above the land would suffer massive cave ins

>rock and land sliding and falling apart beneath the feet that were rapidly vanishing from the location

>Rotan was gone, and their landscape utterly destroyed by the lack of the underground structures...but surely, the land could some day recover, be used in some other ways.
This post was edited by its author on .

Hexe!ScratchNrcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534903

File: 1511759261083.jpg (79.06 KB, 800x534, ca6ec641f0b950a6735c68341cbd6f…)


>...and then, then Hexe looked down at the gauntlet, fully prepared for finally getting rid of the country that had once marked the destruction of her home country

>and she pushed the button on her gauntlet.

>The blue crystals lit up brightly once more, but suddenly, waves wracked and swished and weather patterns crackled as a massive orb seemed to seal around Mo'Galile

>Multiversal energy wreaked havok on the location and a massive swirling purple rift would open up above, slowly lowering down towards the continent

>Meanewhile, a certain "A The Devil" felt something, she felt something wrong sickeningly so, and teleported away out of her apartment...

Scratch and Hexe(I)!ScratchNrcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534904

File: 1511759285930.jpg (161.1 KB, 800x1131, 5a009d9073a151f85e2f0da2efff9b…)


>Having taken on a bit of a new form and shape, Scratch stared down at Hexe once she'd arrived

...What did you do?

>The purple haired fallen angel asked the demon prince

I think you already know...and you know you can't stop it either

>Scratch's eyes widened and she stares for a few brief moments...before gripping hard on Hexe's hand

No, but maybe I can steer it

>She states, eyes narrowed as she forces the Daemos gauntlet out and off of Hexe's body before seemingly teleporting away again

>But she doesn't return to her apartment...

...I'll steer this thing to the best of my abilities

>She pushes on the gauntlet and bites her lip

...only place I know where to steer it to too, home.

>As the vortex above started to lower, Scratch would head to the Demon Lord and the Lumberry's, both of their magic would be needed to be able to give this thing some sort of direction...

>And there was only one direction she could really go

...heh...hope you guys don't mind my home too much.

>Scratch mutters, briefly breaking a smile as she held her gauntleted hand up to the sky and the other two lended their energies...

Scratch and Hexe(I)!ScratchNrcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534905

File: 1511759307049.jpg (108.47 KB, 900x675, sunrise_on_an_empty_sea_by_aqu…)



>The vortex lowered down and covered the continent

>All over and around the continent the people panicked and gulped, nervous and unsure of what was going on

>But they had to trust the Monster Lord and Lord Lumberry would keep them safe

>The mermaids and aquatic life were less hopeful...

>But even so...soon enough there'd be no sign of the continent as it and most of the aquatic based structures beneath would get swallowed up by the vortex...

>The Crystal structures and the force field seemed to nullify and stabilize the water there around it

>Slowly calming the situation all together...

>Mo'Galile was gone, and, as Hexe watched through the feeds, it was unfortunately as she'd suspected

>...getting rid of Mo'Galile did not bring her home back.

>But maybe she could rebuild...

Hexe!ScratchNrcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534906


>However, just as Hexe had started to debate that, suddenly her doubles would start to wretch and puke, suddenly expelling their seeds, leaving them all in their origianl forms

>Soon enough the seeds themselves would start to shift and convert, changing into black haired, yellow eyed fox girls...

>Hexe's eyes went wide and she started to panic, she gulped and heaved out a few short breaths, she had to get back to Hell...

>But she suddenly freezes up when she'd about to teleport

>Scratch had left some sort of odd sigil on Hexe's arm when she grabbed it, leaving her unable to teleport

...ahhh fiddlefucks.

>Even as Hexe said that, the newly formed Army of Aeriths would approach Hexe

>While the Demon Prince would definitely put up a fight it was easy to say she was out numbered

>Especially once the rest of Apex Force arrived, hearing the call of Hexe's location once Aerith had tracked it down

>...the confrontation very quickly lead to Hexe's death, but it was actually by the demoness's own hand

>rather than given them the keys to bringing back the people who were lost, she let herself die...

AndursCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534913


I KNOW RIGHT. Knowing everything is sooooooooo boring. That's why I intentionally give myself severe brain damage so that I DONT remember everything that will happen and wont-

>Andurs suddenly begins to vibrate violently, the duck still gripped in his hand.


>Static closes over his visor.


>After a moment of static, a video slowly comes into view of a special news broadcast. Live video from global weather cameras recording the unbelievable.

WWWWWWWWHAT?! This is great!

>I don't think anything about this is great Andurs. There are countless people who have sudden gone missing.

GREAT FOR ME! You know how many wars are gonna start because of this! I'm going to be RICH.

>He turns to look at Sheogorath.

And everything is going to be so chaotic and mad that you'll practically be able to BATHE in It!

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534916

Oh thank goodness, she chose the cheaper store.

Not that money was a particular issue for Twilight, it's just that those purses seemed to be made for fashion rather than function.

"Oh! I love this place!" Pinkie cheers happily as they walked in. Which gave Twilight some mild concern.

Twilight watches the hole open up, and the unicorn defy physics to appear.

Ohhhh horseapples, she's gonna be tested today. At least she was a unicorn, which helped make some semblance of sense.

"Oh, We're here just to buy our friend Cookie here a bag on her journey to explore the world," Twilight says, trying to make it incredibly clear that she's being serious. Celestia help her if Cookie gets into trouble because the bag she bought has a false bottom or something.

"Twilight! Look!" Pinkie exclaims, grabbing one of the hats and putting it on. "Can we get it? Please please please?"

"Pinkie, you have your own money, you can buy that yourself."

"C'moooon, pleeeaaase?"

"Pinkie, this is for Cookie's dangerous journey, not another pranking spree."

"But Twiiiiliiiiight!"


Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534917

File: 1511763424949.jpg (53.91 KB, 400x849, p3Wg0X2.jpg)

To Pam/Jade/Whatever screen name they go by now in Japanese/Chinese/some other language

Probs. But if I was ugly as fuck, I'd take that opportunity to wear a kick ass mask or become a super cool super villain.

Or even a hero.

....You don't know about go-karitng?


No time to learn liek the present.

>Bailey grinned. She had no idea of Pam has ever driven before. But that didn't matter. You don't need experience with this. ANd i'd be fun crashing....usually. She particularly remembered this one time her sister had crashed into a wall. That wasn't really fun. Nothing to worry about! Bailey began to lead Pam along towards a seemingly randomy direction!

Narrator!ScratchNrcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534919

File: 1511766030806.jpg (63.02 KB, 736x460, fe84b6cd284a3b1cd67a865c5cbfcd…)


>Although things seemed to be completely gone, a tabula rasa if you will,,,

>On closer inspection there were pockets, bits and bops of things that didn't get effected by the sweeping waves

>A few small bits that didn't get devoured by the vortex that formed in Mo'Galile

>It seems in her haste, and her rush to prevent people from getting back at her, Hexe failed to account for all possible matter compositions that might be encountered

>And so, there were some people, small groups and pockets, that had been left unaffected by the wave

>While in most ways this was an end, the higher question had to be asked, just how would those who were left rebuild?

>These places would never be what they were before...

>But people could be strong, they'd adapted before.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534920

File: 1511767735473.png (139.97 KB, 339x269, Grell_ThatBetterBeFancyFeastDa…)

>The cat snickers at Barris' imagined end to the seaworthy chocobo, imagining a tentacle the thickness of a tree trunk plucking the great yellow bird from the surf as easily as one would pluck a berry from a bush. That switches to the imagining of a chocobo with a weak neck and crossed eyes impotently pecking the ground aside a pile of feed intended for it. The cat snorts and bursts into laughter.

Nyahahahaha! That's hilarious! Oh my, I must see these mutant birds one of these days!

>The cat picks up another fork, ripping one of the small wings off the bird. It enthusiastically tears into it, stripping the meat, sinew, and fat off in practiced economical bites. When it finishes, it places the bones on the side of the tray rather than the ground around them, particular in keeping the land around them natural and free of garbage.

>It sighs and savors the last bite, running its tongue over its sharp teeth once the final morsel was swallowed.

Delicious indeed! I do so wish I understood how to cook. I simply don't have the patience for it. I'd think the pubkeeper and his wife wouldn't either but who could have guessed there's a modicum of culinary talent to them? Not me!

>The cat considers the bird, but after a moment looks at Barris with a curious gaze.

Mmmmrow...? How well do you cook, my lovely lioness? I wager being on a ship limits the selections but I always presumed you had certain tastes for food~

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File: 1511775234459.jpg (192.82 KB, 673x1001, Himiko_9c2879_6350660.jpg)


>Toga clapped her hands together and bounced quicker on her heels.

Not dying! Now that is just an absolutely wonderful quirk to have!

>She giggled excitedly and, probably in Wade's perception, maniacally, like she found some kind of perverse pleasure in the idea of someone who just would not die no matter how much punishment they took.

>After several moments she finally stopped giggling and acting like a... schoolgirl in a candy shop (which in a roundabout, creative liberty taking way she sort of was), and seemed to calm considerably, though she still had a large smile on her face.

So! We've gone over Quirks, what else do you wanna know, Mister Immortal Man?

>Again, when she said those words at the end, her voice registered quite a bit of excitement in such a way that it was just a biiiiit off putting, if someone were to think about the implications of why someone like Toga would like the idea of someone who couldn't die.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534922

File: 1511778453775.jpg (181.58 KB, 1620x1069, 1620.jpeg)

>Didn't take a genius to figure out why someone like Toga would be interested in Wade's ability.

Yeah don't get any ideas kid. Being me isn't all sunshine and lollipops. It's really more old shoes and hobo piss. Maybe a dash of empty manhole cover in a duck crossing.

>The wonders of the metaphor would never cease to amaze.

>Only now would he realize that he had been standing with a small child next to an unconcious person for an uncomfortable amount of time. He should probably get on that.

Actually hold that thought for a moment.

>Wade takes out his phone and walks toward Gaston. As he gets to his side he squats down and places two fingers on his neck to check if he was still alive.

Hey yeah, Agent Wilson. I got a rifter causing a scene down in the market district.... Humanoid...Middle aged male...

>He leans from side to side, examining Gaston's frame to try and get a good look at him.

Say about two to two hundred fifty pounds. Most of it in his chest and arms, none in the head.... Yes I'm saying he's stupid.

>For a while Wade goes quiet and looks back at Toga. His eyes rolling as the person on the other end can be heard speaking.

Yeah send a unit over to take him in for registration. Hold him for disturbing the peace, attempted kidnapping.... No I don't think he's one of the guys we're looking for. When you get here just look for the big dude in the red shirt laying down on the side walk.....because I was on a walk and don't have my vehicle on me...... Look just send the guy over before he wakes up.

>If that he hangs up the call and straightens his legs.

That takes care of that.

>He glances back in Toga's direction. His arm waving her to follow as he begins walking back the direction he came from.

Walk with me, kid.

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File: 1511778826386.jpg (62.68 KB, 500x500, 16p274.jpg)

>Glimmer just gives a somewhat embarrassed looking shrug before finally putting the phone back in her bag.

"...Not really, I mean you just have to know the number, and then its just like talking normally."

>The girl pauses for a moment as a though crosses her mind.

"...Well, I mean, except for the fact that you can't see the person you're talking to, but you still just respond to what the person on the other end is saying. Even if it was magic, its not like we made it or anything. We just bought one from the store like everyone else."

>After a bit more rustling the girl's hand finally comes back out of the bag with a pair of suckers, and after using her teeth to undo the wrapping on one and sticking it in her mouth after the wrapper is out of the way, she shyly holds the other out to Merida as well.

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File: 1511784996900.png (393.62 KB, 540x520, tumblr_oyss3gcSKa1skx0rko2_540…)

Mmmhmm! I'm sure!

>Toga says, nodding in agreement with Wade's assertions of his shitty life.

>She looked oddly at him when he told her to wait and started talking on his phone, turning her head to the side, narrowing her eyes, and looking at him curiously, simply just watching and listening to him talk on his phone.

>She wandered around him as he spoke, coming around the other side of Gaston, bending over at the waist and looking at him as he inspected the big man's unconscious body.

>Before he hangs up, she stands up straight again and skips around to where she was behind him before he stood up again.


>She acknowledged his request and skipped over, following him closely, still looking at him with roughly the same expression.
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>For a while Wade goes silent as they vacate the area. It was more then likely Gaston would remain Unconcious until the police arrived, and he was pretty sure Toga would rather have not been around when they did.

>It would be a while before Wade spoke up again. By the time he did they must have already cleared half a mile from their original location.

So what exactly got you into the mind set you have now?

>He keeps looking forward as the walk. His eyes 9ccasionally glances to the side to see of Toga was still lingering around him.

The way you say it it sounds like your world has had it's fair share of heroes for a while. What's got you so hung up on the concept of "true heroes" now?

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534937

As soon as Pinkie placed that old Tophat on her head, to everyone's surprise her entire head disappeared!
The hat appears to simply be floating in mid-air, not attached to her still visible neck.

Pinkie however, cannot feel a single thing different about herself, not even the head-having hat wearing Pinkie Pie in the mirror, waving at her could clue her in on what's wrong.

Pocket snickers at the sight
"Ah! The headless hat, nice choice Pinkie!"

She then has a little glance at the other two silent visitors, a small Fox, currently sniffing up against what appears to be just an ordinary looking Teacup, a rather ornately decorated cup, with a nice flowery design and a swirly design at its edges.
As the fox's snout begins investigating the inside of the cup...it might be able to see the cup...move slightly?
[i]Until the cup suddenly grew very sharp looking teeth in an instant and attempted to chomp the poor Fox's snout right off with a loud hiss![i/]

Its a truly spooky sight, if it weren't for the immediate reassuring squeaky sound of the foam teeth deflating as they make contact either with each other or the Fox's snout, possibly something in-between!
"Careful with that snout biting Teacup, furry friend!"

And just like that, the mare turns towards Twilight
"Hmm, a bag you say?" she repeats, now mustering the one she assumes to be Cookie, based on that mare's cutiemark.
She sure did not look or smell like her usual customer, which confused her a little.
Cookie looked a lot like a scary sad clown would, a clown that would give kids nightmares instead of laughter.
Pocket is only met with a glare from Cookie.
"Oh, they're right down that way!" she says, choosing to pay Cookie no more mind as she points towards a shelf on which indeed rest a boatload of different bags, from normal old linen saddlebags to fancy filly schoolbags with a moving Power Ponies comic on it transitioning from one scene to the next and even a simple bag with 'Grain' written on it.
"Do mind the Self-Propelling-Custard-Pies on your way over though, they tend to be trigger happy!"
Smiling to herself the mare makes her way behind the counter, waiting for the group to make their purchases.

Twilight is most likely able to detect all sorts of simple enchantments on the various bags, some of which do feature false bottoms where things simply get lost for a couple of days only to reappear one day as if it never was gone, the aforementioned comic texture and even two seperate bags somehow connected to each other, it seems as though it has a pretty short range.

But what might surprise Twilight is two bags in particular, both nearly identical looking but with vastly different prices on them, both sitting in a nice display case.
Both look like regular old linen bags, average size for an adult pony, leather-like straps holding the bag closed with a metal hinge, strangely enough both bags have the letters "PC" stitched onto it.

The difference between the two bags is very simple, one very clearly has an expanded inside, increasing its capacity tenfold whilst the other lacks any sort of enchantment, none that Twilight can detect anyway.
The enchanted bags clocks itself in three thousand bits while the other, seemingly normal one is sold for just thirty bits.

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File: 1511839143235.jpg (116.35 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>Toga skipped beside Wade for the majority of the silent part of their walk, quietly humming to herself, just going along wherever Wade led her.

>Just before Wade began to speak again, she stopped skipping and started to lag behind him. Not by a lot, but enough so she wasn't walking beside him anymore. She seemed to sense a change about a minute before Wade said anything and slowed slightly.

Mmmm, well... I've always had a problem, you know, with heroes. From the moment the Doctor determined my Quirk and looked at me like some monster, I figured I'd never be one. How could I, right, my power doesn't work without blood!

>She laughed, then, but it didn't seem like she was happy.

Mmm... anyways, I didn't think heroes had anything good to offer the world for the longest time! Only people with nice powers became the best heroes, only people who were flashy were popular. Nobody with a Quirk like mine ever became a hero! Even if you weren't a villain, if you had a weird Quirk, people would treat you badly! That sort of thing messes with a girl's head, you know?

>She talked about herself as if she was both herself and another person, mentioning her undeniably messed up psyche as if she was fully aware of it and had accepted it for what it was.

That all changed, though, a couple months ago. It wasn't long after I killed my parents and went on the run when a video was released of a notorious hero killer finally being captured. His name was Stain! It wasn't him being captured that changed my mind about heroes, but what he said! He said that the so-called heroes of our world were corrupt, only doing things for fame or money, with no real purpose or drive behind them! And he was right!

>She smacked her first into her open palm to punctuate that exclamation.

But, he said there were real heroes out there, too! Paragons of virtue, doing their jobs because it was the right thing to do! And the greatest among them was All Might!

>She sprang forward from behind Wade and landed in front of him, turning quickly to stand in his path.

All Might! The strongest of strong! The Hero of heroes! The man everyone wants to be!

>As she spoke, she posed, arching her arms and mimicking a strong person and then she stood heroically, her hand on her hips, looking out to the side. After a moment she stopped posing, dropping her hands from her hips and standing normally in front of Wade.

Stain said All Might was the only true hero in the world, but that heroes who tried to emulate him and his passion were heroes enough too, heroes worth keeping alive.

>She giggled then, bringing her hands up to her face, curling them into firsts and resting them against her cheeks, smiling wide.

So that's why! Because of Stain and All Might! I only care about true heroes now, the rest can die!

>She skipped backwards, still holding her hands at her face.

As for me, I was on my way to join the League of Villains and help continue on Stain's legacy of killing fake heroes when the police almost caught me, had me on the ropes real good! But then the ship appeared and I caught a ride on it and one thing led to another and here I am now! In the company of a real hero!

>She giggled loudly again, jumping from one foot to another in excitement, her fists clenching tighter at her cheeks.

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>Panic spread throughout the Merfolk communities in and around Mo'Galile. The sky raged, and the seas churned. The energy created by the rift was felt by all. They all feared some horrible end, a rift so large could only spell doom for them.

>Those that did not hide or cower were greeted to a bizarre and terrifying sight. It appeared like a gaint bubble was engulfing the continent of Mo'Galile. Replacing the land with water as it spread. To those outside, the horror of watching the land where friends (and for some, family) reside disappear was eased only slightly by the fact it did not swallow them. Those on land who were somehow spared, had to watch everyone and everything around them disappear.

>The rift would close, the sea would settle and the sky would calm. Many Shallow Dweller Merfolk would be left in shock on what little remained of Mo'Galile's land. The Bay Dweller Merfolk were more productive, scouts were sent to assess the damage and probe this new span of water for threats. They'd return with news good and bad. It would seem the waters that replaced Mo'Galile held no predatory creatures, but there was basically nothing left of Mo'Galilie.

>Most went searching for possible survivors on those little bits that were left behind, a few began preparations. Preparations to leave for safer waters, or defend against aggressors. The xenophobic Traditionalists would flood here soon. Those Bay Dwellers had tried to wage war against Mo'Galile, revolted by the aquatic members of their people. But Mo'Galile magic easily swatted them away, and the sting of that defeat always haunted them. With Mo'Galilie gone, they'd undoubtedly try to claim the area as a petty form of vengeance. And they would not take kindly to those who had made peace with Mo'Galile and any Mo'Galilians they may have been left behind.

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File: 1511852078836.png (36.38 KB, 215x223, Grell_Butler_G-glasses.PNG)





>Alton Sutcliff grunts and rolls in bed, his hand extending for the glasses set on the side table. The frames vibrate with every high-pitched buzz, stirring him from his light sleep. He turns and pushes himself up by his elbows, pushing his shoulders back against his pillow, which butts against the headboard. The frames continue to buzz between his fingers but the man takes a moment to yawn and rub at his face to clear away the sleep gathered around it.

Ugh...this better be bloody important.

>Alton sniffs and squints. He slides the frames over his face. An image appears before his eyes, though it isn't a number he recognizes at first. It's only after a few moments he recognizes the dial code.

<"Why is the Seat of the World calling at 2am?"

>He frowns and stands up, hurrying to the door and stepping outside in his pajamas. The hall is dark, the lights typically off between midnight to five in the morning. He carefully closes the door and taps the side of the glasses again to answer his vibrating frames. A voice immediately starts speaking, masculine with an urgent tone to them.

Hello, my name is Syphosic Medley, representative of the World Council of the Seat of the World. Am I speaking to Lord Sutcliff of Wayne Manor?

>Alton frowns and straightens, his hand falling away from his frames. He speaks carefully, his earlier annoyance shifting to wariness. He never received a call from the World Council before.

I am Lord Sutcliff, yes.

Lord Sutcliff, we require a representative or yourself to attend an emergency summit as soon as possible. Can I count on you to arrive within the next thirty hours?

Emergency summit?

>Alton squints in confusion and the voice on the other end utters a soft 'oh'. There's a rustle of papers and a brief uncomfortable silence, long enough to make Alton uncomfortable with standing outside in his striped pajamas. Even though nobody was likely to walk by at the moment he didn't like it if others happened across his sleepwear.

Well Lord Sutcliff...there's been a horrible catastrophe that's affected three countries of the council. Reports from various news sources regard the disappearance of any sign of habitable life or settlements in Kameria and Rotan.

>Alton blinks, suddenly feeling a little more awake. Rotan was far from Belle'Ayn, nearer Valorcall and Rhyst than them. Kameria was even more alarming, that was the country to the northeast!

And...the continent of Mo'Gallile is gone as well.

>Alton pauses, feeling a strange cold feeling run through him. The hairs on the back of his neck raise but he quickly recovers and shakes his head, his brows furrowing in consternation.

...Gone? What do you mean gone? Mo'Gallile is a continent, a country, it can't be-

Lord Sutcliff I know, it's a lot to take in, but those are the facts as of now and we're facing a global crisis. Right now there's little information about what caused this or if it will happen again. All countries are being asked to attend the summit and a plan on aid to what remains of these countries and confer with an official Riftguard press release about the nature of this.

>Alton closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. What a time to not have an ambassador around to handle this, especially when he was still mired in the issues regarding Frank and the mystery attackers of the manor. He hadn't had the opportunity to speak to Wade about it yet either...

...Right. I'll fetch the first flight out I can manage. Thank you very much, Mr. Medley, for bringing this to my attention.

Thank you Lord Sutcliff. I apologize for waking you. A catastrophe of this magnitude needs swift action-

I know, believe me I know. I'll...I'll be there, I guarantee it. Thank you again. Goodnight.

>Alton taps the side of his glasses, terminating the call. He slowly backs up into the shut door and presses his back to it, taking a long and slow breath. It seemed the long reprieve was finally broken by some looming threat, this one with the sinister ability that resulted in the disappearance of entire countries. This wasn't the usual few people who had found misfortune through a rift: this was hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of people whose whereabouts were unknown, or in the case of Mo'Gallile, completely gone in its entirety. Could it be rift activity or something worse?

Oh...bloody hell, it's too early in the morning for this.

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File: 1511855572289.png (63.71 KB, 311x309, safe 56.png)

>Jade Mer stood near the helm of the INV Seaward, leaning against the railing, a cigarette hanging from her mouth, the end glowing and smoking slightly. Meretseger leaned silently on the still wheel, her scarf-covered head lying between two of the spokes.

>Jade's eyes were closed and her head leaned slightly back, breathing slowly, almost as if she was asleep. Her hands clenched slightly around the rail.



>The beeping and buzzing came from one of the pockets on her breast, ringing out into the quiet air over the southern Deep Woods. Jade's hands clenched tighter around the rail with a slight crunch. Her eyes flashed open and she spit the smoking cigarette from her mouth, and she watched it fall down to the lower deck, landing with a spark.

>She removed a hand from the rail, leaving an imprint of her hand and claws in it's place, reaching up to undo the button of her pocket and pull out a phone.

>The phone looked almost exactly the same as the one she had given Toga earlier, except larger and a bit more advanced.

>Turning the screen on revealed the alert that had buzzed her earlier.

>The alert read:

~~Rigel Prima Database Update~~
Continent "Mo'Gallile" Removed
Location Replaced by Ocean
Early Scans Indicate Non-Catastrophic Event
Note: Not Pre-Fall Earth Apocalypse Event

>Jade sighed. She closed her eyes, bringing up her other hand to rub between her snout between her eyes.

Well... damn. Guess I have to do my job.

>She unlocked her phone, confirming she read the alert and then accessed her contacts, placing a cross-dimensional call to the Admiralty.

Yes, Captain Jade Mer reporting. I've found a planet that might be useful to the Imperium.

>She was quiet as the person on the other line spoke.

Yes. Track my location. Dimensional Code 10982003.

>Again, silence as she listened.

No, not yet. I'll call again for another update soon. I need to actually make some contacts first.


Fuck you. No, fuck you, Gabriel. Tell the Admiral or I swear to God I will come back home right now and kick your slimy ass.


Thank you, Gabriel. Goodnight. Tell your wife I said hi. Okay. Okay. Yes. Hell no. Okay. Bye.

>She pulled the phone from her ear and hit End Call, shaking her head with a sigh.

>She turned around and moved close to Meretseger, placing her hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently.

>Meretseger lifted her head from the spokes of the wheel and looked at her Captain, her goggles flashing in the light of the rising sun.

Let's head on to Aquarius, Seger, it seems I have to actually do some work this time.

>Meretseger nodded in response, saying nothing but moving her covered hand to gently pat Jade's on her shoulder before turning back to the wheel and taking hold of it. Her other hand went to a button on a console just behind the wheel , a button that activated the process that would turn off the auto-brakes and turn on the engines to the ship.

>Jade moved away from the snake woman and walked off to the stairs to the next deck, going to retrieve her discarded cigarette and then go off to the lower decks to talk to the Database Technician of her ship.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534951

File: 1511857520561.jpg (142.09 KB, 463x750, tumblr_nhuqziDsi61u1uekyo1_500…)

Kid I keep tellin ya I'm not a- ya know what just never mind. Long as you don't call me Sue or something.

>Wade would be lying if he said the whole "Hero" thing wasn't starting to get annoying.

So people start getting born with super powers, the governments of the world start capitalizing on it and any would be scrub in tights starts signing up for duty. Yeah that's not a recipe for disaster at all.

<"Memo to self. Do not tell her about the Justice Avengers."

Kid, the first thing you gotta know is that it's not your power set that defines you. Only you can do that.

>Wade had stopped walking after Toga had jumped in front of him. Though apparently they had already reached the spot where Wade had hoped to go.

Like that guy over there.

>Wade turned to his side and pointed out toward a large building on the other side of a grassy sector. Standing in the middle of the grass would be a large statue depicting a man holding a sword twice the length of his body. A single wing sprouts from his left side as he seemed to look out onto the city.

We had a few true heroes from time to time. That there was one of them. Guy named Sephiroth came to us from a rift a few years ago. Formed the group that building occupies, called it the Riftguard. The man himself was a legend. Four years ago intergalactic warlord pops up trying to take over. Held a rigged tournament to see if we were worth invading or not.

>Around this time Wade's voice would grow Nostalgic. At the same time a hint of regret could be heard as he remembers his own part in that tournament and what he brought on himself.

Course the guy cheated and sent his armies over before the final round could even begin. Started attacking all the major cities. While everyone else was scattered defending the neighboring towns, Sephy there was standing alone at the Capitals gate.

Held off the invading army all on his own. They say he was horrifying to watch. Ya ever hear the old expression "No One Man should have all that power"? Well he's the exception. All he had was his old school magic and that giant sword of his.

>Wade goes silent for a moment. He himself was at the tournament sight when the invasion happened. Ended up helping take out the Warlord's source of power to let the real heroes take him out. He wishes he could have been there to see Sephiroth in action.

...Guy like that could have had the world. But all he wanted was to keep us safe.

>Wade pauses for a moment to take it all in. He hadn't thought about the story in a long time.

Off topic but that doc should have had his license revoked. Who the hell condemns a kid like that, honestly?

Clorica!Maid/KEYpkCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534952

File: 1511859855008.jpg (64.95 KB, 630x630, crystal.jpg)

>Clorica was awake really early. Probably earlier than she had ever been awake before. Earlier than she had woken up since coming to the Manor, at the very least. But she was up because she had something important to do.

>When she had first arrived and went to Town with Alton, she had told him that she could easily return to the Manor from wherever she went, she only had to attune to the location first.

>What she didn't say was how she would attune. To be truthful, she did not think about the fact she would need something to attune her magic to.

>And that brought her to now. She had done some searching in the past couple weeks, using her innate magic sense to find where ley lines intersected and magic was strongest.

>It just so happened that there was one such cross-section at the Manor itself, right outside the front door in the middle of the empty grassy area between the roads. Clorica sensed a strong enough magical presence there that she was quite sure that what she was searching for would be found there.

>So, on this early morning, she was out front in that very earlier, pacing back and forth in the center of the area where she had sensed the magic, her lance out and held at her side.

>She stopped at the very center, kneeling down with her hand on the ground, her eyes closed and her breath slowed. For a moment it looked like she was asleep.

>But then she opened her eyes and her hand began to glow light blue on the ground. She slowly stood up, bringing her lance up in front of her.

>Her hand continued to glow as she moved it to join the other on her lance. The blue light slowly spread to the lance, and then across to her other hand, moving up the metal of the weapon as it also spread across her body. When it reached her face, her eyes began to glow as well, blue light now shining all around her and up and down her lance.

>In a split second she was moving, raising her lance in the air and jumping forward, moving the lance down, point first and... impaling it into the ground, in the exact center of the oval. Using the leverage of the impaled lance and the magic surrounding her body, she pushed herself up on the lance, the entire thing moving upward until it stood straight up with Clorica holding herself in a handstand, almost 15 feet in the air.

>She pushed her hand off and threw herself in the air, doing a backflip with the help of the blue magic surrounding her body. She landed with one foot on the handle of the lance, balancing. And then, with a jerk, the lance sunk into the ground. Another jerk and the lance sunk deeper. Once more, the lance and Clorica jerked and the tip sunk deeper into the ground. And then...


>The lance stopped sinking suddenly. The glow of the magic intensified, shining almost blindingly bright, the blue glow in Clorica's eyes shining out.

>Clorica jumped again, flipping once more and landing in a handstand on the lance again, but with her hand gripping the lance shaft rather than flat on top of it's pommel.

>She then channeled the magic from her body quickly, the light being pulled down out of her body and sped down the lance, into the ground, fading away from her and the metal as it went.

>The ground rumbled beneath her and she moved quickly, curling her body over, still holding onto the shaft of the lance, and pushing herself forward, pulling the lance out of the ground as she fell.

>As the lance pulled out of the ground, a large crystalline structured followed after, pushing the dirt up from around it and rising into the sky.

>As Clorica landed with a soft 'thump' of her shoes connecting with the grassy ground. She now held the lance in front of her once again, holding it to her chest, straight up in the air.

>Behind her, the crystal continued to rise out of the ground until it was completely out and floating above a somewhat large hole. The crystal was glowing brightly with the same magic energy that had surrounded Clorica just moments before.

>Clorica turned around and looked it up and down. She frowned. Suddenly she jumped forward, grabbing onto the side of the crystal with one hand, putting her feet on it as well and then pushing herself upwards in one swift movement.

>As she rose up above the crystal from her push off, she brought her hands together, grasping the lance with both of them and then bringing the weapon down had on the crystal, connecting the middle of the shaft with the top of the crystal.

>The crystal slammed back down into the ground with a loud thud and an explosion of magical light, throwing off in a shock wave from the crystal and across the grassy oval.

>Clorica flipped up over the crystal and landed down on the ground on the other side from where she started. She turned back around and looked at the crystal that was now half in the ground and half out. The crystal only glowed slightly blue now, deep inside, rather than shining out. Slowly the dirt around the crystal that had been pushed up when it had originally left the ground and then been spread out after it had been slammed back in began to pull back in.

>The dirt magically transformed from soil into a structure that surrounded the bottom of the crystal where it disappeared into the ground. When it finished, it was a simple metal bump surrounding the whole thing.

>Clorica nodded, turned around, approached the crystal, and kneeled down in front of it, beginning the process of attunement.

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File: 1511860567594.jpg (6.38 KB, 258x195, images (5).jpg)

>Elsewhere, a very well dressed man is finishing up an early morning phone call of his own.

"Yes, I understand...Mister President, I just figured the home offices might benefit from a bit of advance notice before the official meeting."

"If nothing else the preemptive relief effort should help to bolster public opinion in our favor, and I know how much you love to throw money around to buy the people's affections."

>There's a snide tone that the man can't keep from sneaking into his voice with that last comment, followed by the call ending rather abruptly on the other side.

<It seems I caught the old man at a 'bad time', though if he is going to insist on wasting money on lost causes, it might as well be ones that'll make us look good.

>Still, with what is a bit more of a smirk than a grimace Rufus Shinra, Vice President of Shin-Ra Electrical Company and the Shin-Ra Representitive to the World Council, leans back against the rather expensive looking leather chair situated in the office section of his spacious apartment at the Seat of the World.

>All in all, the world altering catastrophes that had occurred so abruptly had been fortuitous in some ways, even if they were much less so in others. Losing their best customer on the council would definitely throw off current projections...

>But at the same time one of their larger detractors as well as business competitors had vanished in the same incident. Not that he'll be able to look too happy about that at the meeting, especially if he wants to really sell the compassionate image they're trying to push.

>Still...the look on the Rotan Representative's face when the country he's most often maligned offers aid for 'any survivors of this tragic turn of events...if of course Rotan will accept it' should be priceless at least.

>He might as well offer to send aid to that third country as well, if it comes to it. Kameria...they said it was called? One of the various little countries based in Belle'Ayn, though at least notable enough to have had both a seat on the World Council and an invitation to that international tournament they'd held in the name of good will between the countries.

>An event that many of the countries seemed quite happy to sweep under the rug, following the defeat of their greatest fighters by a team of at least mostly normal seeming Shinra employees. Aside from the test subject sent from some unknown location by what seemed to be one of their missing scientists in any case. Still, it had been the Turks that lead the team to victory, even if it was a victory even Shin-Ra would soon want brushed under the rug.

>Still, in regards to Kameria, it'd probably be best to allocate the least resources to them, let the other countries on Belle'Ayn take most of the burden under the pretense of logistical issues.

>Mo'Gallile is definitely the priority of the three, since they had been one of the closest things to an ally on the council, as well as a regular customer for steel and other industrial resources they'd had on offer.

>Perhaps Rotan will stubbornly refuse the aid, despite sharing the same continent, but even beyond that obligation it at least would give them an excuse to begin developing further eastward than they previously could find a way to justify.

>Then of course will also be the matter of discussing the cause of these events. A natural disaster would be one thing, but the threat of this being some sort of new secret weapon test will likely be too much for any of the countries to ignore.

>It seems the summit might actually be a troublesome one after all. Though at least this time there's no way to pin this on them.

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534954

File: 1511863122985.jpg (94.79 KB, 640x640, 17931832_1815960548722799_7880…)

>Toga listened to Wade as he spoke, looking off towards the statue he pointed at, looking at it with wide eyes as he talked about the person it presented.


>She whispered, imagining the scene of the fight in her mind's eye.

Hmmm... he does sound like a true hero, yes...

>She brought her hands together, clasping them with each other and putting them against her mouth. She subconsciously started biting on her clasped hands as she thought, staring out across the way at the Sephiroth statue.

Mmmn... hmm...

>Wade's change in topic snapped her out of her train of thought and she pulled her head back away from her hands with a small strand of saliva still connected. She lowered her hands and wiped them off on her sweater, then wiped her mouth on the sleeve.

Oh, yeah, I know, right? He was an asshole! I enjoyed killing him!

>She said with excitement, giving Wade a tilted-head smile.

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534956

The fox visibly flinches as the cup tries to snap its snout, looking at it with distaste. It didn't connect with anything, of course, simply phasing through the fox as though it wasn't there.
The fox backs away from the cup, looking for something else to poke at.
Not that it wanted to poke at anything, now.

It follows the group deeper into the shop, staring at the rows of bags displayed. Perhaps there was a fox sized one somewhere...
Then again, it didn't have much in the way of cash in the first place.

As the trio look over the available selection, the fox lies down in a corner, yawning.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534957

File: 1511867981285.png (211.15 KB, 788x381, nightofdeadpool-image2.png)

>And that's three. All at once all the passion seemed to drain from Wade as he slumps over in despair. Clearly there would be a lot of work to get this girl on the right path. He would have been a fool to suspect otherwise.

Alright rule one.

>He straightens his back as he turns back to Toga's direction. His hand lifting up raising a lone finger.

I don't know what that Stain guy taught you but killing people just cause you disagree with them is not the way to go if you want to be one of the good guys. Now a lot of the other heroes are gonna say you should never kill but there is the rare exception where it's ok. Like what I just told you about Sepheroth, that's a good example on when killing is allowed.

>Wade was far from the best example on preaching no killing. Though in his heart he knew it was to be saved for the absolute last resort. That is what he had learned in his time fighting under Wayne Manor.

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534958

File: 1511873476565.jpg (84.57 KB, 500x885, eeae7c8303dd3b823501f72a5b7361…)

>Toga covered her mouth with one hand and giggled.

Stain didn't teach me to kill people, silly! I do that on my own~!

>She coughed and cleared her throat and stood up straighter.

Ah-hm. But, okay! I'll try not to kill too many people if they don't deserve it, but no prooomiseeeeesss~! At most I'll just cut 'em up real nice and make them look reeeeaaal pretty!

>She moved her finger in a cross shape over her heart.

Cross my heart!

>She smiled at Wade again and tilted her head.

Happy now?

Mr. Blake!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534962

File: 1511888246098.jpg (114.56 KB, 600x1058, mr_blake_by_morgenty-d5tx7qe.j…)

>The Ambrosian representative would get off the phone with his government, having been discussing business while waiting for a ship to take him to a mainland airport. He'd already received the summons from the World Council. His government couldn't lend much aid aside from advice due to how far away these locations where, and "troubles" stirred up at the Stormwall due to the event in question. Hordes of Iatneh had come up from the depths below the Stormwall, and so their forces were needed to keep them from ravaging islands.

The Mad Mistress!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534963

File: 1511888669829.png (275.38 KB, 646x902, she__s_a_crazy_bitch_by_sharon…)

Oh, did someone blow up the place with a sword swing?

>She'd say, staring into Andurs' visor.

It's quite funny when someone does something so little and such a massive result happens.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534965

File: 1511891378878.jpg (309.1 KB, 533x800, Barris Ki'Teer.jpg)

>Barris would continue to enjoy the meal as the talk, though at a slower pace than the Cheshire.

My culinary skills are

>Barris would pause for a moment as she searched for a proper word.

passible. I know how to do Blank on a Stick pretty well. Aside from that, it was mainly the microwave meals till I could afford a chef.

>Barris would say. In her days of homelessness, there were plenty of times a charred rat was all she could muster for a meal. After escaping to the other side of the world, she'd been too busy trying to establish a business to ever learn properly.

Though I will say, any chef on my crew has to know how to cook pork. Sea food is lovely and all, but I find even Iatneh can't compare to a properly cooked pig.

>She'd smiled at the imaginary images of such dishes.

Andurs!ICrazyZpUwCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534971

File: 1511901414769.png (66.31 KB, 380x322, tumblr_nix6koy9Go1r3n11po1_128…)


HHAHAHAHHAAH yeah that's always great. gives me a bad case of the iggles.

I mean giggles.

But no, that's not what happened. What happened was

>Stop right there.

But i know exactly what happened!

>You're not supposed to TELL ANYONE these kinds of things. They're not allowed to know what happened otherwise all the fun gets sucked out of things.

Oh alright. I know exactly what happened and why but i'm not allowed to tell you or anypony.

>The special new broadcast playing on his visor cuts away to a commercial for duck soup unbeknownst to Andurs. He looks down at the duck still in his hands.

Maybe i can tell you!

>He leans in and whispers in organized quacks. Spinning the tale of what really happened into the mind of this harbinger of death.


Sheogorath!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534977

File: 1511904271505.png (275.38 KB, 646x902, she__s_a_crazy_bitch_by_sharon…)


>The bird would respond simply.

Well you two seem to becoming fast friends.

>The Daedric Prince would comment.

Andurs!ICrazyZpUwCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534980

File: 1511905175612.png (334.42 KB, 540x564, tumblr_inline_nxleo1xDZl1r0vo9…)



>He looks back at the duck

BUT I HATE DUCKS! I don't wanna be your friend duck.

>He points at it's face.

I know the evil hidden within you!

>She shakes the duck again.

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534984

Twilight's not surprised that Pinkie's head is gone, more annoyed that she's trying to bargain with her for free stuff. "Pinkie, put that away, or buy it yourself?"

"Not even for Hearth's Warming, Twi?"


"Fine, party pooper..." Pinkie mutters to herself, putting the hat back on the shelf. But she fully expects Twilight to come back later and secretly get it for Hearth's Warming.

Twilight looks at the bags, trying to determine which one she would rather have in an emergency or world journey. But between the two bags, the price makes her nearly choke, that bag better be hoof-crafted by angels if it's that pricey.

"Alright, Cookie. Which bag do you want?" Shy asks, trying to keep her tone normal. Whatever she picked, she would buy.

Sheogorath!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534987

File: 1511912628593.png (275.38 KB, 646x902, she__s_a_crazy_bitch_by_sharon…)


>It would flutter it's wings angrily at being shaken and yelled at. It'd begin snapping at his fingers to get him to let go.

Now that is just rude.

>Sheogorath would say disappointedly.

Well, off to make that idea of yours. Try not to kill yourself.

>She'd say as she'd turn to saunter off to Wayne Manor.

Andurs!ICrazyZpUwCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534988

File: 1511912941995.jpg (70.13 KB, 449x551, that's a spicy meatball.jpg)



>The snapping duck nips away at his fingers until he lets go. He watches it fly off.

Bad duck! I hope you fry!

>Andurs slumps as blood drips from his glove.

Well, that didn't go the way i hoped it would. Meet one of your heroes and he, uh, she, takes a mad rambling and turns it into a disease that might destroy the world.


MIGHT! I know! I can hire a hitman to kill the duck!

>That sounds like several layers of bad.

You know what they say. Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left!

>That has nothing to do with

I'M GONNA KILL THAT DUCK! Sorry madame sheogorath madgodess.

Sheogorath!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534990

File: 1511914383144.jpg (89.21 KB, 800x649, dremora_by_victoriadaedra-d5sf…)

>Sheogorath couldn't care less, but had to admit it would fun watching Andurs trying to kill the duck. However there was matter of the plague to resolve, and the Servant of Peyrite at Wayne manor would be the perfect man for the job.

>Elsewhere, Andurus the Dremora's mood soured. A bad feeling had hit him that nothing good was coming his way.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535000

File: 1511918720866.png (109.12 KB, 252x246, Grell_ThisMustBeHeavensLight.P…)


There are merits to something like a succulent wild boar from Mo'Gallile or a lava piglet from Valorcall though not many a kitty as pretty as I can hunt such beasts. Delicious but sadly a rarity...

>The cat hums to itself and plucks off a leg to enjoy next. It exhibits the same efficiency as it did the wing, stripping it to the bone in a few practiced bites before also setting it aside. The cat's tail for once stops moving and rests on the soft grass, its pink and maroon fur standing out sharply against the green. It stares into the sky as though it were fondly regarding something but should Barris look all she would see is the blue expanse above.

>The cat curls its hands on its lap and tilts its head. An ear flicks and twitches, then stills once more.

Do you truly intend to face your dear brother?

>It's a simple question, light and conversational, but the cat doesn't look at Barris while asking it. Instead it continues to stare into space, sitting as still as a statue as it stares up into the cosmos.

Rakado!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535010

File: 1511923110529.jpg (41.6 KB, 243x324, Rakado.jpg)

"-and here with us now is a professor of Interdimensional Rift studies from Houndsridge with some information regarding the tragedy. Dr. Bauhui you have been studying the phenomena of rift appearances. Can you explain what could have happened to cause the disappearances of Rotan, Kameria, and especially Mo'Gallile?

>A television blares the news. It hadn't changed from the channel or shut off for twenty four hours by now. A figure sits before the television, legs crossed and back straight as the broadcast continued. He had heard of this recently. His employer had sent him a note of condolences about his homeland and a recommendation that he take some time off. Rakado, formerly Rakado of Kotlan and the Kotlan Pride, hadn't understood just what the message had meant. It wasn't until he returned home and found his mate sobbing uncontrollably, her beautiful bright blue eyes misty with a wetness that streaked her usual regal visage.

>And so he turned on the television in their den and watched.

>And watched.

>There had been a camera crew that went to the lands. He did not care about the shots of the broken sea where Mo'Gallile had once been. The unattended agricultural fields, empty of cow or pigs in Kameria had not moved him either. It was the rolling hills of Rotan, the proud and once industrious mountains and chasms of the kobold lands, and grassy plains of the Reeve citystates.


>There were no more lifts up the mountains. No ancient temples of his homeland. No proud cities of Rotan at the forks of rivers of the heels of forests. Great holes riddled the land where important historical plots had once been. Graveyards, riddled with hundred of holes where they once had been. It was as if the entire land had been removed of any trace that showed a great civilization resided there. Gone were his kithood mates, old Pu'pot and Nubean. Gone were his old parents, his matriarch and mother who had banished him from the lands before he could be brought to justice by overzealous Rotanese looking to extract their pound of justice for his misdeeds, his poaching and thievery which excited him more than a life of mooning about as a hopeless 'adventurer' or scholar. Gone were his mate's wonderful sisters, who had paid their way to Po-Koro and eventually made their lives rich and powerful in the business of a far more egregious sort of trade.

>All gone.

>He had felt numb for some time but his face remained very reserved. He could handle terrible news, he was always someone known to have multiple backup plans who would never lose his head. Behind his mask he felt as though someone had gutted him in the street. It was an indescribable sensation, far worse than the betrayal he had experienced upon his exile so many years ago.

...That is enough.

>He clicks off the television and stands from the circular cushion on the floor. His tail swishes behind himself as he turns and walks from his den to the kitchen, his paws silent on the hard glossy floors. His mate meets his eye, her ears folded flat behind her head and face finally free of tears. Her eyes were swollen, however, a testament to how much she had wept. He stares at her for a few moments, taking in the sight of her spotted fur and delicate whiskers. She sniffs and folds her paws together.

Rakado, my love...what can we do? They're all...

>Rakado looks down, his own paws curling.

...They are gone.

>He takes a breath and looks back up to her.

We have coin. Much coin from these years here. We must return. Exile or not, Kotlan is our home, H'nya. There will be others like us, others who will too look to return home. And there will be others as well, foreigners or otherwise, looking to take from those they believe no longer are there. For the sake of our families and our native homelands, we must not allow this to break the Reeve. H'nya, will you come?

>His answer is the smaller molly lunging into him with something between a sob and a purr, rubbing her cheek on his with a nod. He embraces her and closes his eyes. He wated to return to Kotlan, but not like this.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535012

File: 1511923858653.png (122.06 KB, 520x542, Bitch_Say_What.PNG)

Well if you had it all the time, it wouldn't be as delicious.

>Barris would comment before taking another bite. She'd pause mid-chew at the question the Cheshire posed. She was scared of her brother, even now with power and surprised on her side. It was tempting to just stay here and ignore the world of Rigal Prima.

>Barris would finish her mouthful.


>She'd reply firmly, though it took a bit of effort. With or without Jade's and Monello's help, she'd see it done. Those that had gotten her here would not see their efforts rendered moot by her giving up. That their sacrifices would not be in vain. She owed them, she had to pay them back.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535014

File: 1511926029280.png (285.67 KB, 507x306, Grell_HeyKidWannaYiff.PNG)


Mmmm? Is that a fact?

>The cat vanishes and reappears aside Barris, gazing over its glasses at her with a strange half-lidded expression. Its hands fold together, a simpering smile plastered across its pale features.

So I am to expect a grand final battle, lioness against her usurper for the crown of her kingdom? I was under the impression that you would leave such dirty work to the brat and the dog what with all the planning being done regarding him...

>The cat hums and tilts its head inquiringly, a few of its vibrant red hair falling over his shoulder and down in loose locks.

Did something change your mind~?

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535015

File: 1511927466166.png (122.06 KB, 520x542, Bitch_Say_What.PNG)

It was always the plan for me to kill him. He can't bribe me out of killing him.

>Barris would say coldly. She'd clench her fists in anger.

And I'm afraid no show will be made of his end.

>How much Barris would love to make him suffer for what he has done, but she could settle for a corpse.

Jade is to zap down and then immediately zap back with my brother. And if I'm lucky, he'll see that I'm holding the gun that fires point blank in his face. No chance for a deal. No words, just a corpse.

>If it wasn't for Jade's and Monello's involvement, Barris would go with strangling him to death. So he'd suffer some and know that he had lost to her.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535016

File: 1511928536724.png (282.01 KB, 588x305, Grell_GoodLuckNeko.PNG)

Mrrow! That's quite an efficient assassination! So brutal, so quick! Like snapping the neck of a rat beneath your grip!

>The cat's tail curls, its face splitting into a pleased grin. It had worried that perhaps Barris had been afraid of facing the man and wanted to shy away from doing the deed herself, a sign of weakness that the Cat had not been a fan of. This conviction was a reassurance, one that greatly pleased it.

And once that is done, what will you do next? Return to Aquarius, triumphant and free of that ghastly bother of a brother? Or will you return to your home and display that contemptible corpse for all to see?

I'm rather curious! If the Stormwall did not exist then the travel wouldn't be so perilous. However, with it that places your new foundation in Aquarius far on the other end of the world from your home in the Convaertal Archipelago!

>It purrs and leans a little closer, a keeness to its gaze.

Has your time away from Aquarius been enough for you to abandon the project of such a fledgling port~? Or is it more dear to you than your past?

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535023

File: 1511932301200.png (126.79 KB, 511x524, BlushyBarris.PNG)

I'll be sending his corpse back so his "employees" know they aren't being payed anymore.

>Barris would shrug.

Sadly killing him doesn't lift my disownment. It happened under legal contracts, so no matter what I can't inherit the family fortune. So it'll be back to Aquarius, I suppose.

>It was certainly one of those things she'd never thought about, what to do afterwards. Closest to it was having a litter with the Cheshire.

And a lot more free time with you.

>She'd say with a grin to the Cheshire.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535024

File: 1511933102946.png (234.12 KB, 299x673, Grell_Cattily Flirting.PNG)

>The cat nods in satisfaction, then flashes a sly grin and waves a hand in a swatting gesture.

Nyaaaa~ it never fails to surprise me that you love my company so much. You must be the first in a few hundred years to find my company pleasurable by some merit.

>Normally people were too put off by it. One individual it had shadowed had even said it was only as good as company in 'small bites'.

>Such a distinction was shared by many people, including the last person it had shadowed before finding itself in the possession of Eridan Ampora, destined towards the Stormwall with some time as a slave before it.

I am a cat willfully doing what I please. Not everyone appreciates that. Such is life~

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535027

File: 1511937090369.jpg (262.35 KB, 500x502, tumblr_nj67htwPFq1rnxn6eo1_500…)

Would rather you try not to stab people in general but beggers can't be choosers.

>Originally he had hopped to send Toga to Wayne Manor. Hopefully positive influences there would cause her to do better herself. Though now he was sure Alton would likely have kicked her out in a day. Probably best if she stays with her pirate friends for now.

>Suddenly Wade's phone would ring. His expression looking annoyed as he recognized the ringtone as the one he uses for work.

Agent Wilson........What do you mean it's gone!? The whole Celestia damned Continent!?... Rotan!? WHAT THE FUCK!?...Yeah I'll be right over.

>Wade hangs up his phone before placing a hand over his face.

Son of a......

>He shifts his eyes in Toga's direction. His hand lowering down back to his side.

Yeah I have to go. Something just came up. Just try to stay out of trouble alright?

Professor Elvin!GADD.wkNg.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535028

File: 1511942967695.jpg (6.39 KB, 238x177, Blue_Twirler_stunned.jpg)


Despite her flailing, she lands a direct hit on her assailant, her chainsaw not acting as the ghosts had anticipated, instead pasting the red ghoul into gelatinous ectoplasm onto the walls, floor, and Grell's own back. Seeing one of its own violently end, the green banana ghoul reappears to her front, now taking matters a bit more seriously as it tosses three peels before her, beady glowing eyes focused upon her.

Even with the spread of ectoplasm, the oppressive spirits of the room receded in part at its passing, though it was a ghost born of another soul, and not one that had passed into the plane from life. Such were portrait ghosts, though they possessed no less ability as some of the weaker ghouls of the living.

The green ghost, not used to going on the attack, hesitated as it struggled to bring its bulk to bear, leaving it open aside from its own slippery rubbish.

>>41534592 - >>41534687 - >>41534729

<Ghost captured!

With the last of its strength sapping away, Ary is the one to pull in the ghost as it shrinks and slurps into her device's storage. As the moment passes, the electric lighting returns to the room, illuminating it in full glory, dust here and there over the green striped wall. In the center of the room, a red and gold chest announced itself, shining in the new light. It almost seemed like it had appeared with their capture of the ghost, a reward for a room cleared of spooks.

<Inside the chest, should they open it, would lie a heap of bits, a trio of gold bars off to one side and a pile of assorted gems on the other. Paper money, however good that might be, would fly open and everywhere, a free for all for anyone that wanted it as a souvenir, as its ability to be spent might be questionable.

Their handle lights would return to a quiet blue, not detecting any other ghosts in the immediate vicinity. The first ghost had proven to be a fight for the inexperienced, but perhaps things would get easier from here? After all, only five more to go and now there was some idea of what they'd need to be doing.

>Out in the hall, three rooms remain, the far left and right, and the near left, all still unexplored.

Pam!AwoooWol3gCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535029

File: 1511944308171.png (66.33 KB, 293x218, 2015-08-12 15_22_19-Prague Rac…)

Yeah, I've never heard of it before!

>Pam said, following Bailey.

What is it, exactly?

>She would ask as they went along towards their destination.

I assume it's something to do with carts of some kind, right?

>Pam imagined people doing... well, something, she wasn't sure, involving carts filled with goods.

>Damn, she needed to visit the human world more often...

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535030

File: 1511944637310.png (34.42 KB, 187x576, Himiko_Toga_Civilian_Full_Body…)

Okey dokey, try not to stab people too. I shall do my best!

>Toga said with as much sincerity as her voice could show (which wasn't much) and crossed her heart once more in promise.

>She would tilt her head and look at Wade curiously as he answered his phone, and then suddenly take a step back and look surprised as he suddenly exclaimed an entire continent had disappeared.

>Now that was certainly something she didn't expect to hear!

Oh my, yes! Of course, I'll do my best, you go do hero stuff!

>She said with a wide grin. As sincere as she seemed, inside she was not planning to let Wade leave her alone so easily, and she definitely wanted to see what he was going to do.

>It seems that her promise that Wade would be the victim of her auxiliary power set at some point in the future was about to happen quicker than she had first expected.

>First she'd wait for him to leave and stop paying attention to her, and then she'd follow with a clear mind and held breath.

Merida!BuLLseYeLoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535031

File: 1511945705410.png (182.66 KB, 500x618, merida_by_soteh-d4zx6c3.png)

Merida just goes along with it, slightly confused but trying to make heads or tails of it, until Glimmer mentions buying them at a store. The idea of these not-magic magic boxes that show pictures and talk to people, well, somewhere else... and you can just go to the market and buy one? At that, she just looks at Glimmer in disbelief, not even willing to offer a contrary thought. She's having trouble believing it, not because it's hard, but because of what it implies. Something at the market is accessable, for more than just nobles and royalty, that much she knew.

As the sucker is placed out in front of her, her stare transfers to it. She glances back to Glimmer, finally taking in that she's stuck a similar one into her own mouth. She doesn't exactly get what Glimmer started with that covering, but takes the sucker in hand, glancing back to her compatriot in breaks of her examination. Uncertainly, she places the sucker, still covered in wrapper, into her mouth.

Obviously, it doesn't taste right, and that much is evident on her face. Unfortunately for Merida, she's not one to give up so easily, continuing to try and eat and chew on it until... whatever's supposed to happen.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535032

File: 1511946645292.jpg (672.43 KB, 1000x1000, 10668770_p0.jpg)

>The odd sight of the redheaded girl sticking the sucker in her mouth wrapper and all makes it a bit hard to say anything at first.


>As Merida continues to chew, well...she really gets the feeling she should at least try and speak up.

"No, you aren't supposed to eat the outside. It's just there to keep it from going bad...or getting things all sticky. Like...a watermelon, I guess?"

"You can unwrap it with your hands even, though it might be sort of gross to touch now...since you've been chewing it."

>She'd only used her lips and teeth to unwrap her own because she hadn't really had a free hand.

Kallisti!Eris/y/LBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535033

File: 1511950876571.png (427.41 KB, 1551x2500, 140080683411.png)


>A female draconequus materialized out of thin air, 100 feet over Ponyville.

>There was no rift, no portal, nothing of the sort. One moment there had been nothing there, and the next there she was.


>Those were the first words out of her mouth, yelled out in almost a panic.

>With heavy breaths, the draconequus put her gryphon-taloned arm against her chest. She shook her head from side to side, throwing her long white hair around with the motion.

Holy chao, that is not fun. Fucking Discord. Piece of shit. Whew.

>Once she had calmed herself she looked herself over.

Hmmm... horse, dragon, lion, gryphon...

>She said each part of herself as she looked at it. Then she reached her paw behind her back to touch her wings.

Nightmare, Pegasus...

>And then her paw moved to her horns.

Elk... Goat...

>She removed her paw and took a strand of her hair with her talon and brought it in front of her eyes.

Okay, good, still white.

>Letting go she did a quick flip in the air, testing herself. She flapped her wings a couple times to see if they still worked, thought it was obvious by her floating that she didn't actually need them to stay aloft.

>Then, she reached down and behind her, grabbing her tail by the tuft of white fur at the end of it and pulling it around her body. She pet her paw over the red scales and nodded.

And still got this baby! Nice, seems like things didn't change like last time. Hmmm...

>She put a claw to her muzzle and tapped twice, thinking. She looked away from herself and looked down over Ponyville beneath her.

Hm... Seems... literally exactly the same as the other one... Did I really get transported or is this just another one of Discord's tricks?

<'No, no, I assure you, my dear, you are not in Kansas anymore.'

Aw fuck, you're still in my head?!

>She would exclaim with a whine.

I thought I could get rid of you by agreeing to switch universes!

<'Ahahaha! You won't be rid of me that easily, dear Kallisti. No, no, like I told you before, we are connected. You may be the Eris of Ancient Greece, but you are also me. I believe that is how Rule 63 works?'

Apep dammit, you're right.

>The female draconequus, Kallisti, facepawed, smacking herself in the forehead.

Of course I arrive in this universe during this particular thread! Ever the joker isn't She.

<'Yes, She is. You wouldn't exist as you are if it weren't for Her.'

Uuugh, okay, okay, I shouldn't have brought Her up, this meta shit is giving me a headache. Let's just... move on.

>Kallisti shook her head, clenching her eyes shut.

<'Why yes, let's. I'll also be leaving you for now, let you get your bearings. But I'll be back, my dear, I'll be back.'

Yeah, okay, if you were voiced by Arnold I'd be scared, but you're not, so scram. I need to eat something.

<'Yes, yes, but do be careful. That is still Ponyville. And you don't have the connections with the ponies in this world you did in your last. Anyways, ta~'

>Kallisti sighed and wrapped both her paw and talons around her muzzle, gently rubbing her face. The Discord that had hitched himself to her mind always annoyed her in the worst ways.

Alright, alright... maybe I'll go somewhere else then... but where...

>Trailing off, Kallisti began to float downwards, towards Ponyville but also to the North, deep in thought.
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"Why not fight army of minions with big Robot?! Can crush easy, why engage infantry combat?"
Cookie wonders out aloud, her eyes glued to the Power Ponies comic which was animated onto that filly sized saddlebag.

It currently shows the Red Ranger Pony double teaming a poor Monster with the Yellow Pony Ranger, their moves imply a degree of closeness!
They must be in love!

It seems like Cookie is more concerned about the logical falacies of a children's comic than which bag she should choose.

It is up to Twilight how much she is willing to pay for this stranger, the normal bag will probably do.

Oddly enough, this Power Pony Bag is one Fox would fit, and it looks like there were no other enchantments done to it.

Pocket Dimension is currently being surprisingly normal, having a freely moving Quill scribble something onto a paper without having horn ignited, not really looking Twilight's way after she saw she is taking interest in bags in the display case.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535035

File: 1511954286301.png (38.3 KB, 544x570, 1373088938071.png)

>Toga would be following Wade for quite a while. His first stop would be to the large manor outside of Town. A dog bark would seem to signal Wade to shift from human form to that of an Equestrian. The bark in question would be that of a small black dog resembling a Rottweiler with a skull headpiece on its forehead.


>Sitting on the porch would be Appleslice. A burnt orange foal of maroon mane and green eyes. His large book being shifted beside him as he notices Wade approaching.

Hey champ. You doing ok today?

>As Wade approaches the foal he leaps onto the porch and rubs Appleslice's head with his forehoof.

Father, those people. How could entire nations be simply abducted in such a manner?

You heard about that?

The broadcast has been exclusive to all channels. Avoiding it has proven impossible.

>It was clear there was some worry in the child's voice. Such a power was stuff of nightmares. Rifts had brought nations to the planet before but never have they pulled one away.

Hey hey, don't worry about it. Yer dad's gonna go out and find who did this. Then he's gonna make sure they don't do it again.

>The words seemed to comfort the foal in some way. His worry slowly shifting to a faint smile as he looks up at Wade.


Now you be good for me ok? I promise I'll be back in time for bed.

>Appleslice nods as he observes Wade making his way into the manor. Once Wade was out of Appleslice's field of view he shifts back to human form and runs down the hall toward the garage. Once inside he heads to the bright red sports car parked within. Within seconds he's hopped into the driver's seat and started the engine. Once the garage door opens he hits the gas and makes his way toward Canterlot. The long drive giving him time to gather what intel had been collected so far.

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535037

File: 1511957437529.png (61.57 KB, 540x270, tumblr_ouua11tqUg1uxfwxco3_r1_…)

>Toga followed Wade. For her ability to remain unnoticed to work she had to clear her mind and hold her breath. Fortunately for her, she had grown quite good at doing both of those over the years. Unfortunately, she could not do either forever. She would follow Wade for at most 2 minutes at a time before she had to breath again, at which point she made use of her other non-Quirk related abilities.

>While still in Town it was almost possible for her to tail Wade without even going unnoticed. However, once they had left and entered the more open expanse of the road back to the Manor, she decided it would be easiest to tail him at a larger distance, always keeping him within her line of sight, only going unnoticed if and when Wade would possibly be able to see her.

>Once in the woods, it became easier for Toga once again, and she took to the trees to follow him. There was a couple close calls, as she thought of them, but she ended up following him without being spotted.

>Toga dropped down from the trees when they arrived at the Manor, using her ability to run ahead of Wade towards the Manor, hiding around the side of the building, close enough to peek out and watch and listen to the exchange.

>She had to restrain herself from squealing in delight and bouncing back and forth when she saw Wade change into his Equestrian form.

>She watched the interaction between the two ponies with great interest, making note of the young foal and the way Wade interacted with him. Now that was love! It almost brought tears to her eyes. And that orange foal was so cute, too! She covered her mouth with her hands and smiled widely.

>When she noticed Wade wrapping up the conversation and moving out to the garage, she once again activated her abilities and became unnoticeable.

>But as she went to follow Wade into the Manor, she stopped first in front of Appleslice, standing and looking at him for a moment. For a second, Toga moved a hand out to touch the foal, but something stopped her and made her pause. Then, as if she had never considered it, she turned and ran after Wade, seeing him disappear down the hall towards the garage just as he went down it. She released her breath and took a second to catch it before gulping down more air and disappearing once more.

>She followed him and made it into the garage just as he was opening the door to the driver's seat. Before he himself made it inside, she dived inside the car, tucking her body into a ball as she moved through the air, landing in the passenger's side seat and then scrambling into the back in the time it took for Wade to get into the driver's seat.

>This was dangerous as fuck.

>Wade would perhaps notice some sort of breeze go by him and ruffle through whatever items were in the car's cupholders, and if Toga hadn't already been holding her breath, she would have done so then as she hoped he wouldn't notice.

>Finally they were speeding off, just as Toga felt her lungs start to pang from lack of air and she let it out, letting herself become noticeable again. And then a split second later, unnoticeable.

>She leaned forward and grinned exceedingly wide, her hands coming up to the shoulders of the driver seat, moving her head to be right next to Wade's and then dropping the noticeability.

That was adorable~

>She would say before releasing the seat and dropping back, her wide smile still on her face, ready to experience whatever Wade's reaction would be.

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535038

The fox does notice the kids bag, but sets it aside for now, sniffing around to see if there are other more... tasteful bags in the shop. Not really finding any at first glance, it stretches, padding over to the pink mare and poking her with its tail.

This time, it sends her an image of the bag, minus the gaudy kids decorations, of course. It doesn't seem to want to impose, tacking a picture of what appears to be a question mark beside it.

Now, it could well do without a bag as well, but it would be rather handy...
Folding its tail back, it wanders to the dramatically colored bag, trying to stick its head into the straps, as if trying it out for size.
Or it could just be doing fox things. Probably a combination of both.

Not really satisfied with the small bag, it returns to sniffing around at the other bags in the shop, pawing through them idly.
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File: 1511984827766.jpg (103 KB, 977x1080, hunchback-of-the-notre-dame-di…)

>High above Rigel Prima, far from the devastation of the countries down below, sat the ever vigilant Paradox Keeper. Floating on his scythe high in the sky, he sat and watched as the magic and SSS class rift did their work.

What a beautiful sight. The flash of light removing entire peoples and cultures, the massive rift growing in size as it prepares to consume an entire continent. The chunks of earth falling off as it is slowly lifted high into the sky. The oceans trembling from the sudden shift.

>He takes in a deep breath and sighs slowly.

Tragically beautiful isn't it?

>Although he was thoroughly enjoying the view, he did not smile. the edges of his mouth turned down, melancholy overtaking his voice.

If only i could have done something. So many people, so much history. Perhaps they are in a better place now. One more stable than this ever changing and doomed universe. Or

>He rubs his chin.

Perhaps they moved somewhere worse, or just as chaotic as this one? It wouldn't surprise me one bit if there were another universe with as high rift activity as this one. Perhaps with more space fairing peoples hmm?

>He waves a hand dismissively.

Bah, i can only hope they are in a better place.

>He pulls back the sleeve on his right arm to reveal several watches. Examining them briefly before rolling his sleeve back up.

Time to go. I have to make a few visits...

>With a quick slash of his scythe, he vanishes from view.

!Spike.bSpgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535040

File: 1511987350732.png (85.55 KB, 612x674, OMNOMNOMNOMNOM.png)

Whew...it's over...

"Alright, that's one!" Spike said, a little bit of optimism in his voice.

He feels a lot more comfortable in the lit room now. Who would've guessed that taking the ghosts out would make the room look less scary? Capturing the rest should be a breeze!

Spike is the first to open the chest, immediately starting to salivate at what he sees.


Spike immediately grabs the gems, particularly the green ones, popping them in his mouth and chewing on them.

"Haaah...so filling..."

He keeps a few of them for later, some of the bits, and one of the gold bars. Though he wanted more gems, he knows that these bits and gold can buy many gems. Because money can be exchanged for goods and services.
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File: 1511988791877.gif (140.43 KB, 520x360, EBRBRBRBRBRBR.gif)

...Of course. It looks like she has to decide which one to choose.

On the one hoof, she was sure that Cookie would be fine if she didn't have the expanded space in her bag.

On the other hoof, she is sending her off on her own, she'd need all the help she could get.

But maybe she's overthinking it. Is it worth the risk to pay thirty bits instead of three-thousand for a bag?

"WOOOOOOOOOAAAAAHHH!" Pinkie shudders, her entire body starting to tremble as she shakes across the floor.

...Expensive bag it is.

Twilight grabs the expansive bag, taking it to Pocket Dimension. "Is there anything else in this store that would help Cookie out on her journey to explore the world?"
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Apple!Zerosb5lPQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535043

File: 1511992021854.png (108.73 KB, 1327x1944, how long has that been there s…)


>AppleZero peeks out from behind her hooves when the room lights up and Spike confirms that the ghost is gone.

You, you got it?

>She watches in awe as the chest bursts open. Slowly walking up to the chest she watches curiously as Spike enjoys his taste treats.

Huh, i guess, dragons really do eat gems.

>She reaches down into the chest and grabs an armfulls of bits and gold bars, clumsily stuffing them into her saddlebags.

Doesn't it seem kind of weird that this chest just, you know, showed up out of nowhere?

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535047

Cookie's attention was pulled away from the comic and the fox molesting said comic by the Pink Hero suddenly having a seizure it looks like.
She is familiar with this kind of situation, provided this really is a normal seizure, and as such she calmly walks towards Pinkie, speaking in a trying to be soothing tone of voice.
She fails miserably at that.
"Pink mare, is no problem. Jar of milk accommodation soon. Milk nice yes? Yes. All is nice"
The smile she puts on, which tries to be comforting is most likely anything but that, she is almost upon Pinkie at this point, trying to calm her down, even slowly spreading out a foreleg as if offering a hug.
"It safe here, see?"

Cookie most likely has no idea why Pinkie is actually shaking.

Meanwhile, as Twilight had decided to really cut into the Ponyville taxation money for Cookie's sake Pocket Dimension looks up at her, surprised and, maybe with a little bit of disbelief, looking at the bag

"Ah...sweet Poppet, she always knew it would sell one day.." Pocket smiles, sighing almost longingly.
Composing herself she ahems and stands up to her full height, she is in the presence of royalty after all!
"Right! This world can be a pretty rough place your highness" She gestures over her entire inventory of gadgets and gizmos, pranks and games
"My store, its meant to give every creature unfortunate enough to be ripped away from their home a chance to make their life here a little more pleasant and fun."
She takes a little cockroach looking toy from a small basket on the counter, petting it softly and setting it down on the counter, where it seemingly gains sentience, starting to crawl up and into the bag Twilight brought
"Creepy Crawlies, they were a favorite back in the day, and I am sure it will prove useful if you're creative enough."

Suddenly, she seems to realize she was babbling on and on like an old mare
"Oh dear me, I am sorry, I did not mean to ramble on and on like this, haha."
She wipes at her eyes, still looking over the bag.
"Inside, a long time ago, my Daughter packed it with everything she could think would prove useful to her and..."
She smiles
"Thanks to her, I have no need for money anymore."
Nodding at Twilight she continues
"You can have it, view it as a gift, alright?
I am sure your friend will make the world a better place with what's inside, Princess Twilight."

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535049

File: 1511997363858.jpg (58.78 KB, 600x490, JukDm6h.jpg)

....It is really weird. Yeah.

>Ary doens't seem to mind the baby dragon eating the gems. or some of them. She was actually curious of other dragons liked them or if it was just Spike...and if that was case she'd have to save these for later...Ary leans down to pick up the rest of the cut, turning to look at the others.

It is a big weird....wonder if these are real or not.


If they are real you know these are probably worth a lot....a lot a lot.....

>Ary got shifty eyed, slowly raising her weapon towards her chest and ready to fire on more ghost.

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535051

The fox flinches as the pink one suddenly goes haywire, getting its head caught in a bag.
It spends the next few seconds trying to free itself, before staring over at the maroon mare, now seemingly trying to calm the pink one down.

That... was not an expected reaction. Granted, it wasn't really expecting the pink one to notice it would like a bag, but this was something else.

Stopping its momentary bag-perusing, it watches the scene play out with mild interest.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535052

File: 1512000038385.png (144.21 KB, 250x241, Grell_Demonic.PNG)

>The thick spattering of ectoplasm coats Grell's hair and back in thick gobs, which slowly drips off her body in thick chunks. Grell stands frozen, disgust frozen on her face from the sensation of the ghost's remaining mortal presence oozing off her.


>Grell brings her chainsaw back in front of her and swats it once, throwing the ectoplasm on it onto the floor and some of the bananas scattered about. She glares past the weapon at the green ghost, its serious visage but hesitation clear to the redhead. She grins viciously, a familiar thrill of predatory glee surging through her at that sign of brief weakness. For a moment the Reaper seems transformed from human to demon, or something far more malignant than the banana peel throwing specter before her.

Are you so sure of yourself now you pesky poltergeist? Or shall I render you the same as your sneaky friend?!


>The chainsaw starts again and Grell lunges, spattering red ooze everywhere in her charge.

>Roll 1d20 = 18 odds, Grell successfully maneuvers around the banana peels. She bears down upon the ghost and thrusts in a stab that, if the ghost was agile enough, could avoid the obviously telegraphed attack.

>if evens, her foot finds one of the many peels and with a yelp she slips comically and lands with a wet SPLAT on the ground, the chainsaw sticking straight up in her arms and the blades whirring to a stop.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535054

File: 1512003884959.jpg (341.25 KB, 800x800, Dave I will bite your hand off…)

It'd be best if I show you!...or well, let the workers there show you cause they're paid to do it and stuff.

>Oh what fun it'd be. As they walked along for a few more moments, Baileys phone would start to ring. She'd pat her pockets from both her pants and jacket before finally finding her phone. Once she did she'd pull it out and answer

Heeeeeeeeeellooo-Oh, it's you. ...what? You didn't say anything that made sense, slow the fuck down kiddo.

Seriously for fuck sakes, what do you mean?

>Bailey put a hand on her hip, ears going flat and she stopped walking. She'd continue to listen to what the person on the other side was saying, and seeming to be in a panic from the very small bits Pam could hear. Oh this was going to be a tough week...month...possible year. Bailey gave a small sigh, clearly having enough of this frantic speaking of the person on the other line and tried cutting them off.

Shhh-shhhhuuut the fuck up. Please. Okay. Like stop. I only understood half of what you said, I'm coming in right now. You in particular just go sit down and have like, a coke or something. Relax. I'm sure Daves going to say something soon about dealing with this bullshit.

>Honestly it was hard to say anything to help him relax. She herself couldn't believe what the retriever on the other end was saying. Hopefully it was just some facts that were messed up in translation, or it wasn't at all as bad as he was saying. But if what he is saying....having a coke won't be enough to calm someone down after hearing a couple million people, possibly billion, people just got killed or lost. Bailey hung up the phone and ran her fingers through her hair letting out a sigh.


>Bailey slowly turned to Pam, almost forgetting she was there. Bailey had no idea if thew news has spread to town yet, or local news broadcast, but assuming so there was going to be a lot of panic from everyone. Pam didn't have to deal with this. She could nope the fuck out luckily.

...sooooo....someone took a shit on a fan and I've got to go to work.....like now....doooo you want to come along or....?

Pam!AwoooWol3gCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535055

File: 1512004457866.png (66.84 KB, 171x168, 2015-08-12 15_58_18-Prague Rac…)

Sounds like a lot of fu-

>Pam was cut off as Bailey's phone began to ring. She closed her mouth and let Bailey answer it.

>As she talked on her phone, Pam grew concerned over what she was hearing. She didn't know what was going on, but from what she could hear of the person on the other side of the call and Bailey's own reaction to it, she knew it probably wasn't good.

>Pam frowned at Bailey, looking at her with a concerned and curious expression, but saying nothing while she was still on the phone. Based on what Bailey was saying, Pam figured it was a Rift Guard emergency and that her and Bailey's plans for the day weren't going to be happening. That was disappointing.

>What she did not expect was for Bailey to offer her the opportunity to come along. She looked a bit surprised for a moment but then nodded.

Uh, yeah, sure! If I won't be in the way or anything. I'd love to actually see where you work.

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535056

File: 1512004666015.gif (1.63 MB, 400x338, AJNFM LWESNMFERWOIGN.gif)


"I...Thank you, that's what I'm trying to do." She says, taken back by her kindness. She surely must've known she was able to afford it, she can't just let that slide. "If you need my help for anything though, I'd be more than happy to lend a hoof."

Though the others are surely confused at Pinkie's sudden shaking. Twilight knows what's going on. And it doesn't make her any better. She walks over to Pinkie Pie, holding her until she stops shaking.

"Is it over now?"

"I dunno! But I haven't had that part of my Pinkie sense go of in a looong time!"

"Well, let's hope this doozy is a lot kinder to us than the last time...and the time before that..." Twilight says, wincing at the memories.

"Aw, come on, Twilight! Not all the doozies my Pinkie Sense has predicted have been world-changing, ya know?" Pinkie giggles, before her body suddenly shakes again, only for a second or two, though.

Twilight turns to Cookie, offering her the bag. "Here, you're going to need this on your journey."

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535057

File: 1512004676500.png (20.38 KB, 86x150, Grell_Butler_ChibiSweatdrop.PN…)

Oh my, I hope that's everything...!

>Alton hurries out of his room, sporting his usual suit with Owlton perched firmly on his head. He mentally checks his Sylladex; he had a few changes of clothes, some funds should he need them in the Seat of the World, a book regarding the countries of Rigel Prima he liberated from the library upstairs, a notepad and inkwell pen for notes, and an extra pair of spectacles should his first pair get broken through some misfortune.

>He taps the side of his glasses frames, bringing up a confirmation screen for the next flight out of Equestria. It was the fastest he could gather, a private jet bound for the SoTW International Airfield.

>It was a hassle to find something. Native Mo'Gallians and Rotanese who were in Belle'Ayn were already trying to reach their homelands to little success and a a good deal of headache. It didn't help that the Seat of the World was one of the closer locations to the disappearing nations. There was likely an outcry from the masses who were suddenly without homeland, especially Mo'Gallile.

>He sighs heavily and taps the side of his frames again, eliminating the opaque apps before his eyes. His arm falls back to his side.

Tad pricey for my tastes...we should look into investing in a plane or airship of some sorts for these kind of emergencies. I wonder where we can get one of those?

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535058

File: 1512005584030.jpg (832.5 KB, 849x1200, 60794628_p0_master1200.jpg)


>To be honest. Bailey couldn't help but think they'd need all hands on deck for this one. If anything Dave might ask Pam if she could help them out. But even then that might just be if it's really bad. If anything there was nothing they could do. Or maybe there was. Ahhh too much Bailey didn't know.

Well no time to waste!

>Quickly Bailey changed directions, making her way towards the Riftguard HQ, and walking quite fast. Almost running.

Pam!AwoooWol3gCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535059

File: 1512006227366.png (131.86 KB, 330x313, 2015-08-12 15_27_45-Prague Rac…)

>Pam quickly followed Bailey, having no trouble keeping up as they made their way to the Riftguard HQ.

>As Pam ran after Bailey, she couldn't help but wonder what exactly had happened to get everything so worked up. Bailey hadn't said anything about it yet, but Pam just assumed she was too busy worrying about making it into work to say anything.

>At most Pam would think of some dangerous rift activity, making assumptions as to what, exactly, that entailed given the little information she had gleaned on such events.

>But, in the end, whether it was rifts or something else, Pam worried because Bailey worried and she was apprehensive of what Bailey would actually have to do.

>At the same time, she couldn't stop herself from being excited about seeing where Bailey worked and meeting her coworkers, who were sure to all be called in as well. If only the circumstances had been better.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535060

File: 1512006329738.jpg (309.1 KB, 533x800, Barris Ki'Teer.jpg)

>Barris would reply with a smile.

I guess most people have bad tastes then.

>In the beginning it was merely the Cheshire's looks and "unique features" that had attracted her to it. It's behaviour was something of an annoyance at the start, but Barris had quickly come to admire it. It was a glimpse of freedom she longed for. Even before her brother, she'd lived in a cage. Made complacent and ignorant of the fact with gifts and gold. After escaping to the other side of the world, it was a world of stuffy business attire and appearances. It always made her long for another venture into the Broken Sea, where even the laws of reality were thrown out the window.

Captain!Jade/FMNEMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535061

File: 1512008471624.png (40.21 KB, 256x251, safe 53.png)

>It took Jade several minutes to get to the lowest decks of the INV Seaward. Even operating with two-thirds of a total crew due to the automated nature of most of the ship's current systems, the ship was still a crowded place on the upper decks. She had to pick her way through living arrangements and sleeping bodies. Even though she was the Captain, she didn't force anyone awake to move out of her way. She knew her crew and it was best if they got the sleep they needed.

>But once she got down from the first two decks, things began to change. Where the upper decks still looked for the most part like the decks of the old-style design that her Man of War essentially was, the lower decks had been upgraded a lot over the years and now resembled a more steampunk-esque spaceship, with corridors lined with pipes both mechanical and electrical in nature.

>The further down into her ship she got, the more hot and humid things became, culminating to a point where at the lowest deck of the ship, just above the bilge area, steam almost filled the air, causing the pipes to drip. Down here there was no wood, as that would have rotted away a long time ago, instead it was made entirely of metal. Anyone who found themselves down in these areas would no longer be able to tell that they were on a ship like the one they were. Jade, however, preferred this style. It just so happened that having the exterior of an old fashioned naval vessel made flying through the skies and sailing the seas a much more exciting affair.

>But Jade wasn't down here because she liked it, no, she was down here because it was the only way to get to the real lowest part of the ship, where her Database Technician and Internal Technologies Officer lived and worked, the veritable "heart" of the Seaward, located right where the giant engine that took up the back of her ship connected, making it one of the safest places on the ship... but also the least comfortable for most animal life-forms.

>Jade considered changing herself into her lizard form, but decided against it in the end, figuring it was best to just stick to what she had for now, just as she reached the door to the Engineering Department.

>She pulled open the large metal door after punching in a passcode and was immediately blasted by frosty air. In order to balance the heat of this part of the ship so the whole thing didn't explode, the Engineering Department had to be refrigerated. As such, the three Engineering Officers were chosen from arctic or sub-arctic races and they both lived and worked down here.

>Jade was greeted by the sight of the three Engineers doing their jobs. Each one was a Penguin, a Reindeer, and a Polar Bear, respectively, all humanoid like her. She entered and the Reindeer turned to greet her while the other two continued tapping away at computer monitors.

'Ah, Captain, what brings ya down here?'

>The reindeer was, for all intents and purposes, what you would expect. Deerlike in appearance with large, twisting horns on his head, indicating him as an older male, around his late 40s. He spoke with an accent that could only be described as Canadian.

I'm just passing through, Ogden, I need to speak to Lizzy.

'Of course, of course! Well, hatch is in the back, as per usual! Always good to see ya!'

>Ogden motioned with his hand to the back of the room where a submarine type hatch was built into the floor, a little sign with an arrow pointing down and the words "IT Department" in big blocky black letters above it.

You too, Ogden, thanks.

>Jade nodded to the reindeer and walked past him, looking out the corner of her eyes at the screens the other two crewmembers were working on. The penguin seemed to be doing something with a long stream of numbers, but the polar bear was quite obviously playing Space Invaders. Jade just shook her head and continued on. It wasn't that important at the moment.

>She made it to the back of the room and knelt down, turning the circular handle on the hatch's top several times with a few loud screeches and the sound of ice breaking, the muscles in her arms clenching and working as she moved it, showing that it took much strength to move.

>After a few turns, Jade stood and grabbed ahold of a handle at the edge of the hatch where it met the metal ground and pulled. The hatch slowly wrenched open, ice cracking and breaking away from the edges as she pulled up.

>With the hatch open, she climbed into the hole and down the latter, pulling the hatch shut above her and plunging her into a hot, humid darkness.
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The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535062

>During His drive Wade had time to think. He still had access to a good chunk of the Infinity Gauntlet. With its power he could easily do something about the catastrophe that took place. If the rift had not fully closed he could possibly reach through it and pull the nation's back where they had been. The Time gem was now beyond use. Though Dave himself wielding it could strength his natural power to give him the edge to pull it off.

>Though through it all Wade questioned if using it was even a good idea. Sure all the good it would do would be worth it, but the attention it could inadvertedly bring onto himself and those around him could cause to much hassle. Even still if the nations had been too far gone then they would be beyond even the gauntlet's power.

>Even with that option eliminated Wade still needed to do something. He had to enlist his efforts to anything the princess had thought of. Even if it was something as simple as rounding up refugees he had to do something.

>As Wade was lost in thought he would feel a breath on his ear. The words that followed caused him to slam on the brakes. His body tensing up as he attempts to retain control of the vehicle. His efforts would be in vain as the swerving of the tires would cause it to turn a full 180 degrees. The passenger side door slamming against a tree with a loud crash. The impact would cause the airbags to deploy, Wade's face receiving a full blast of inflated latex.


>The word would be muffled as Wade remained learned back in his seat. The bag slowly deflating allowing him a view of his cracked windshield.

Solaire of Astora!SunO73XMtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535064

File: 1512009681462.png (43.92 KB, 140x288, Waving.png)

>Indeed the Riftguard was quite busy. Phones were ringing, staff members rushing about. Paperwork being written out. Such a massive event would demand all hands at work. Investigations into the effected areas had to be launched as quickly as possible. News channels and Internet sites scanned for any additional details, especially for any other places disappearing. With the scope of what happened to Kameria, Rotan, and Mo'Galile, it'd be easier for smaller locations to be over looked by the major news outlets.

>Solaire was helping out with some of the paperwork while he awaited deployment. He'd volunteered to go to Rotan. Having been there recently and helped out in the defence of one of their cities, he was an ideal individual to go there. He'd spot Bailey and her friend, giving them a wave and an unseen friendly smile from behind his helmet.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535065

File: 1512010606630.jpg (160.22 KB, 818x1000, This is Bailey to base I have …)

>When Bailey stepped into the building, she looked around. Well. That was as chaotic as she expected. She didn't even know where to begin. Who to talk to. Or what's the deal. Bailey still hadn't said anything to Pam, even as she made a B-line to Solaire, she would assume Pam didn't need to be told to stay close and try and stay out of anyones way.

Solaire. I know something happened, but I need you to confirm it. The retriever that called me was losing it.

>Bailey put her hands on Solaires table, leaning forward and waiting for his responce.

Captain!Jade/FMNEMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535066

File: 1512011062639.png (41.08 KB, 281x264, safe 52.png)

>The cloying darkness didn't bother Jade much as she climbed down the short expanse of ladder into the heart of her ship. What did bother her, though, was the rhythmic 'THRUM... THRUM... THRUM..' of the ship's engine and the intense and humid heat in which she found herself, the temperature grating on her shark biology even as the humidity coated her skin as if she had been in the ocean. Thankfully her uniform was made of special material and didn't sag with dampness. The same could not be said for the close-fitting mesh she wore underneath, which immediately stuck to her skin uncomfortably.

>When she reached the bottom of the latter she took a moment to collect herself before turning around. Down here she could see the faint light of her ship's 'heart' behind her as it reflected onto the metal of the wall, and she could hear the sound of deep breathing and mechanical clicking paired with the occasional electronic beeping behind her.

>Slowly, she turned around.

>The sight in front of her never ceased to both amaze her and scare her. A couple yards away from her, in a sea of electrical wiring and computer monitors, the vague form of a lizard-person could be seen, connected to hundreds if not thousands of wires that went directly into ports all over it's body, mainly near the head where the cords came off her head like wiry hair. The lizard's eyes were closed and it's body was still except for the rising and falling of it's chest that made the deep breathing sound that Jade had heard. It mixed with the thrumming of the engines and batteries around her.

>When Jade took a step forward, that lizard's eyes suddenly shot open. For a second the eyes glowed blue, streaming with electronic data, and then they cleared, replaced with completely black eyes.

'Oh, Captain!'

>The lizard exclaimed. It's voice was clearly female, but it didn't sound natural, affected slightly with an electronic tinge like that of an early Earth's AI.


>Jade exclaimed, forcing a smile onto her face and her legs to move herself forward towards the lizard, approaching her.

'Captain, you made it! I guess that means you go the alert! Great news for the Imperium, right? A whole new mass of ocean, ripe for the taking!'

>The lizard moved one of her arms, trailing wires connected to her skin as she did, and clenched her fist.

Yeah, yeah, that's just... great.

>Jade's grin turned to a bit of a grimace. Of all her new recruits over the years to replace her old crew, Lizzy was one of the more overzealous when it came to the Imperium. It reminded Jade of her sister. And that was not a good thing, though Lizzy would probably die of happiness if she ever heard Jade say it.

'So, what are you gonna do, huh? If it were me, I'd say screw Aquarius and go straight to M... Mo... Mogalil!'

>Lizzy had a hard time with the name of the old continent, and Jade did not blame her for it, as odd a name as it was. She did not correct the lizard and instead found herself nodding.

Yeah... that's what I was thinking, actually. Especially with the displacement of this world's water, I don't think Aquarius is going to be much of a normal port after this... plus I don't think we'll find any new information about the goings ons of this world there...

>Jade trailed off in thought.

'Oh, yes, I know! I get what you were thinking, going for the nearest port to get information, but maybe this time it wasn't a great idea! Anyways, I'm super glad you came down to visit, I have some personal uploads for ya!'

>Lizzy said this with quite a lot of excitement, motioning with her arm and causing a section of wires to float upwards from the ground and towards Jade, connection ports outward.

Uh, yeah, right. Okay. just give me a second Lizzy.

>Jade said, eyeing the wires approaching her with a bit of apprehension. She reached up to her head and grabbed her hair away from her neck, moving it away just in time to show a entrance for the wire's connectors forming on the back of her neck as Jade worked her physiology and materialized the needed connections within her brain.

>After she finished, she nodded, and Lizzy continued making the connection.

>After a few second, Jade felt her brain being filled with new information. Most of it was more accurate geographical information, seismological charts, and just general stuff someone who traveled from world to world would need to know about the new places she visited. All of this type of information was gathered using special molecule sized drones that were spread out over a planet on arrival and that reported back with any and all information they could find. Jade's mind was filled with such information for every single continent on the planet, even the one that was now gone. Jade partitioned this information into a part of her brain to avoid overload and then gave the mental go-ahead for the more important political and social information.

>This information was gathered using different types of drones and was a lot less accurate, consisting of both official reports and rumors. These drones also couldn't make their way into more private areas or areas specifically protected against spying, unlike the drones before, and so were lacking in information of that sort as well. That information would have to come from agents of Jade's own, of which she only had one so far and no real contact with since letting her go.

>Finally, the data transfer was complete and Lizzy withdrew the wires from Jade's neck, pulling them back towards her with a wave of her hand and a spark of electricity.

>Jade kept her eyes closed for a good five minutes as she processed through all the information and moved it around in her mind. Then she rearranged herself once more and the ports disappeared again. She opened her eyes and looked at Lizzy.

Well, that certainly is a lot of information. You did good, Lizzy, this was much faster than before.

>Lizzy smiled wide at the compliment, showing off rows of sharp teeth.

'Thank ya, Captain! I've been workin' on improvin' the processes and drones!'

>The smile quickly faded from her face, replaced with a bit of a sad frown.

'I suppose you're gonna want to be leavin' now, though?'

Yeah, sorry Lizzy. This new information is good stuff, I need to put new plans in action.

>The lizard woman frowned and turned slightly, the wires following her and obscuring her body from sight.

But, hey, I'll come down here again soon, I promise!

>Jade found herself saying, not being able to stand that dejected look. This made Lizzy turn around again and jump slightly in joy.

'Oh, thank ya, Jade! Er, Captain! Alright, alright, I guess I'll be seein' ya, then!'

>Jade nodded at her and then turned to go, grabbing onto the ladder and hoisting herself up.

Bye Lizzy.

>She said before pushing open the hatch and climbing out.

>For the next while, Jade would be parsing information and formulating plans in her cabin on the top deck of the ship. Both the planetary and sociopolitical information she had just received was already beginning to change the plans she had started with, and it was not possible to tell where things would go from here.

>For once in at least a decade, Jade went to work, trying to figure out how to claim Rigel Prima for the Imperium.

Pam!AwoooWol3gCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535067

File: 1512011547963.png (75.36 KB, 224x269, 2015-08-12 15_21_49-Prague Rac…)

>Pam followed Bailey into the Riftguard HQ, sticking right behind the cat-girl.

>The HQ was as much a mess as Pam expected it to be, based on the panic she had overheard earlier from Bailey's phone call. As such, she made sure to stick close to Bailey and keep an eye out for anyone she might be in the way of.

>When they approached Solaire's desk, Pam waved once and smiled slightly, but said nothing, allowing Bailey to do what she needed to do.

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535068

File: 1512012103225.jpg (42.02 KB, 250x250, tumblr_otrp3ttrUO1woxsimo1_250…)

Aaaaaaah! Wheeee! Oof!

>Toga exclaimed as Wade's brake-slam sent the car twirling and out of control, sending bumping back and forth in the backseat, hitting each door painfully a few times as the car turned.

>Despite the few bumps, Toga didn't seem concerned at all, and she laughed and giggled madly as the car moved, only stopping when it finally slammed against the tree and deployed the airbags.

>Toga was left lying on her back in the backseat, the bottom half of her body curled up against the side of the car and her top half on the seats, her legs sticking up in the air, kicking slightly.

Wooo! That was great!

>She exclaimed, punching a fist up into the air.


>Then she groaned slightly and used her other hand to rub at her back. Maybe that wasn't the best idea, in the end.

Why? Why not?! You were gonna leave me! Pluuuussss it seemed like whatever business you had to get done was suuuuper interesting and I just had to see what was going on! Also, also, also! I told you that if you didn't see my unnotice-ability back there you'd see it somewhere else! Tadaaaa~!

>As Toga explained herself, she stayed in her current position, the only change she made was pushing her skirt to recover the areas it had fallen away from, lest she suffer embarrassment.

Solaire of Astora!SunO73XMtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535069

File: 1512013224995.jpg (8.47 KB, 182x200, Sweating.jpg)

>Solaire would let out a weighty sigh.

Indeed something has Bailey. The countries of Kameria and Rotan have disappeared.

>He'd pause some.

And the entire continent of Mo'Galile is gone as well.

>He'd say gravely. Despite his friendly wave to them earlier, it was quite the dark situation going on. He'd just been in Rotan, finding an aid to his condition as a Chosen Undead. Even lent a hand (if somewhat limited one) in defending one of it's cities from the Superb Owl. Now it was just all gone.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535070

File: 1512013918632.jpg (155.16 KB, 612x612, 2b4f5ff1c85be781a15737287f06fd…)



>Bailey would blink a few times. Not showing any real emotion. Sort of just staring at the table. Trying to find something inside of her to say. But really all she could manage to do was sit.

Rift then?

>Was really all she could think. The fact they were all called there of course it was a rift. But maybe it was nuclear or something along those lines. She dind't know. She was a bit confused.

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File: 1512014038032.png (796.44 KB, 606x873, hs__seer_of_light_by_negation_…)

"If you forget something we can always pick stuff up while we are there."

Rose walks up next to him, wrapping an arm around his and smiling up at him softly. She wasn't nearly as concerned over all the issues going on in the world, but she'd long since lost interest in the goings on outside of her life and interests.

She kept up to date on things, but that mostly for the sake of wayne manor then it was for anything else.

"Atlas sells airships, I'm not sure what the price range on something private like that would be. We'd have to have someone to fly it too."

Although, there was probably someone around the Manor who both could and would be willing to fly for them.

Pam!AwoooWol3gCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535072

File: 1512014309974.png (66.84 KB, 171x168, 2015-08-12 15_58_18-Prague Rac…)

>Pam's eyes widened when Solaire explained about the disappearance of the two countries. But then she gasped when he said that an entire continent had gone too.

>That sort of thing was unfathomable to her, she'd never heard of anything like that happening before.

>As Bailey sat down, Pam put a hand on her shoulder, steadying herself after such a revelation.


>She whispered, looking at the floor, her eyes wide. That was quite a catastrophe... a lot of people gone... she never could have expected something like that... but it did explain the panic in the HQ.

Solaire of Astora!SunO73XMtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535073

File: 1512014608658.jpg (653.75 KB, 1500x1101, i_will_stay_behind__to_gaze_at…)

It was a class SSS rift.

>Solaire would say simply.

I didn't think there was anything beyond just S class rifts.
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Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535074

File: 1512014689149.png (181.88 KB, 385x305, Grell_KittyYaaay.PNG)

>The cat chortles and smirks at the woman. It claps its hands together in delight and curls its tail behind itself.

Nyahahaha~! Not everyone can appreciate the rarest of flavors~

>It purrs stretches lithely, pulling its arm behind its head to pop the joints in its shoulder. Once a loud 'POP' issues from its back, its tail jerking in response, it smacks its tongue and looks around them. Aside the pillar, the treeline leading into the bloodwood forest had a broken path through the grass they could take to the genetic manipulation lab. They had spent most of their time on this pristine but empty world far from the troubles of Rigel Prima. And while it was fun romping about the world was still empty.

I can't wait to go back home. Not to say this planet is bad; by no measure is that true! But you must admit: there's a thrill to living in Rigel Prima!

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535075

File: 1512016435672.png (266.4 KB, 741x1641, GT Barris.png)

>Barris would nod. She'd like to return as well.

This place is great for a camping trip, but one does tire at a lack of plumbing and toilet paper.

>She'd reply. And with her brother dead, there was plenty to explore on Rigal Prima now as well.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535076

File: 1512016771915.png (121.06 KB, 224x289, Grell_Butler_Go On.PNG)

>Alton considers Rose's suggestion as they walk down the residential hall and towards the stairwell leading to the roof. It would be a long walk, longer than Alton would have liked, and time was at a premium for their departure. No, they would have to fly the distance to get on their long-distance flight, which would be markedly more comfortable for them in the long run.

Hmmm. I assume any airship would cost a pretty penny to obtain. And I don't believe I know anyone living here who is a pilot, but perhaps that is because we have no airships to pilot presently. I wonder, would someone agree to work for Wayne Manor on personal flight? I'd think for amenities we could find someone qualified for such a job.

>Alton leads Rose up towards the 3rd floor and cuts through the library to one of the lower roof exits. The air outside is crisp and cold but snow hadn't come to Wayne Manor yet. The tang of wetness did linger in the air, suggesting the possibility of rain later on. The cloudy sky furthered his suspicion on this, though luckily it hadn't started drizzling yet.

Right. We'll need to fly south towards Town. There's a small airport in the west outskirts where I arranged the jet to be for our takeoff. It should be a comfortable flight at least, but first we have to get...there...

>Alton stops at the edge of the roof and stares in confusion at the front lawn. A massive and glittering rock jutted out from the grassy ellipse that the manor path surrounded. That certainly was not there before...

Hmn. When did that get there?

>He had to admit it wasn't unpleasant to look at, regardless. It glittered beautifully in the dim light of the early morning. He could only imagine what it'd look like when the sun would hit it fully.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535077

File: 1512018230109.jpg (63.13 KB, 850x850, sample_b875179b8aae57ca74c4f0f…)

"I'm sure we could find someone to do it quite easily."

She had no doubt at all that it would be easy to find someone willing to fly for them, especially since Wayne Manor tended to have a reputation that made it more likely someone crazy but talented would be interested in working there.

"That doesn't sound like it'll tak-.... very long?"

It's at that moment that Rose also noticed the crystal sitting on the grounds. Something she was sure she would have noticed before now.

"...I honestly can't say I have any idea."

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535078

File: 1512018694453.png (71.3 KB, 204x241, Grell_Butler_Ehhwhaaa.PNG)

>After a brief pause, Alton hums to himself and shrugs.

Well, it looks lovely. I suppose it's fine, likely something that simply appeared from a rift like nearly everything else around here. It certainly gives the front lawn some more character.

>Alton rises from the roof, floating now thanks to his Godtier power. and looks to Rose with a small smile.

Well, regarding our flight I did charter one of the faster jets from a private company in Lumina. It should be a short flight northeast, pending unforseen circumstances.

>His gut twists at that and for a moment he glances warily at the mansion.

I do hope nothing happens while we're gone...if this is what I suspect it is then there's a real possibility more places could suddenly vanish...
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Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535093

File: 1512026848645.jpg (144.94 KB, 633x437, 3602829-1097053204-33362.jpg)

>Through the maniacle giggling, Wade cracks his bones back into place. The sounds were loud enough to be heard in the back seat. Through it all Wade could feel his bones being forced back in where he hadn't gotten to yet. His regeneration pushing him to as close to 100% as he could get.

>Though he would recover, the same could not be said for his car. He looks over to the passenger side to see that the tree had shattered the window, as well as dented the door to the point where it would unlikely open without great force.

Normally when people leave you don't follow them into the back seat of their car!

>He would say with raised voice. This situation causing him to be quite irritated.

>He undoes his seatbelt while yanking the deflated airbag away from him. He gets out and goes around to get a better view of the damage from the outside. He almost wished he didn't. The impact had actually caused part of his car to wrap around the tree. Seemed driving wasn't an option anymore.

Son of a... well I should have known this would happen. I just washed the thing yesterday.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535094

File: 1512028464628.jpg (53.91 KB, 400x849, p3Wg0X2.jpg)

>Bailey really had nothing to say. She had never thought something like this would happen. Bailey probably should have thought this might have. Or atleast day dreamed something like this would happen. On her home world however, there was never this much loss in one day. Or even a month. This worlds fucked.


What needs to be done?

>Obviously she hadn't gotten word of Dave, or really any orders besides come in. But she didn't want to wait for Dave to say something. And right now there could be something she could be doing...god hopefully it wasn't paper work.

Merida!BuLLseYeLoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535095

File: 1512028971461.jpg (402.29 KB, 1024x1461, inktober_12___merida__pixar__b…)

Merida stares at her once more, before internally berating herself. If it came packaged from market, at least, and why wouldn't it? Removing it from her mouth, she grabs it with her free hand and comments idly, hiding her thoughts on the matter.

"Nah, not really tha' gross 'r anythin'. Haggis ca' be 'lot worse at tiems." She laughs weakly to herself, before plucking the sucker back into her mouth. She's not too familiar with watermelon, but the word seems familiar. Her tongue is quickly overcome by the sugary sweetness, catching herself before spitting it out in surprise.

"Oh wow, thi' 's sweet! Wha' kinda draid up fruit is ait?"

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535097

File: 1512033237466.jpg (38.1 KB, 236x236, tumblr_otrp3ttrUO1woxsimo3_250…)

>Toga smiles wider, hearing the cracks as Wade pushes his bones back together.

Looks like I get to see your Quirk too!

>She says with great enthusiasm, acting as if she hadn't just caused Wade to crash his nice sports car and hurt himself in the process, rather acting as if they had just normally shown each other their powers in a normal situation.

Oh yeah, I have uh... what did the doctor say... oh, right, attachment issues! Yeah!

>If Wade were to look in the backseat when he gets out, he would see Toga nodding her head quickly as she remembered what the doctor had told her.

>As Wade continued to survey the damage, Toga got herself out of her crashed position, bending her legs back over her head and then flipping herself over to be seated with her feet in front of her on the seats.

>Her appearance was quite ruffled, one of the buns of her hair coming undone, causing her hair to fall down over her left eye while the other side of her hair stayed in it's position. Other than that, it didn't seem like she had any outward injuries, except for a small bump on her forehead. Instead she felt a couple bruises forming on the spots where she had bumped painfully against the doors. Other than that she seemed almost completely find, luckily for her.

>She climbed up over the front seat divider and then rolled out of the driver side door, landing on the ground with a soft thud and a giggle before jumping up to her feet and looking at the car. She smoothed out her skirt as she took in the damage.

Wow! Sorry about that, Mister Wade, looks like you totalled your cool car!

>Despite the cheery sound of her voice, she seemed genuinely sorry about it.

>Seeming to suddenly remember something, she patted down her sweater a bit frantically, only calming when she felt the places where her knife and phone were located against her body.

Sawada Tsunayoshi!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535098

File: 1512034493056.gif (476.81 KB, 360x208, tumblr_meod78zajO1rmj6vno1_400…)

>It was strange.

>It was strange enough if they didn't get an answer, but this..?

>It wasn't picking them up at all. As if the signal just didn't exist.

>Tsuna had been trying for the last few hours to contact the rest of his family who were currently staying in Mo'Galile, but it wouldn't even connect them to make the call in the first place.

>All of their communication methods seemed to be failing, and it just didn't make any sense.
>Did something happen?


Yes, tenth?

>His silver haired companion looks over to him from his seat, even his usual over-the-top and cheery nature being overshadowed by the situation that they've been faced with.

>Still, he tried his best to seem optimistic in front of Tsuna; it'd be best not to worry him after all.

I think we shoudl probably try to go check on them-

Don't be silly, tenth! That's such a long way!
They're probably fine! We're just having communication issues, that's all!

>Or at least, he hoped so.

Here, we'll try to get ahold of Yamamoto too, see if he's had any luck!

>And so, he brought up a call on their large screen for their branch that was located in Rotan, and patiently waiting for the call to be made.



>But it never happened.

>Gokudera sweats just a little, trying really hard to think up a reason as to why this might be happening.
>Tsuna meanwhile just seems to grow more worried by the second.

..Obviously! Something's wrong with our systems! That damn Gianinni always breaks our stuff! He's so unreliable sometimes!

>But Tsuna wasn't really buying it. His Hyper Intuition was screaming at him that something was wrong, and he could only stare at the screen in silence.


>Gokudera too couldn't think of anything else to say, having a worried look of his own, both for what might be happening to the others, and for how upset Tsuna might be getting.

..Here, we'll check the news! Maybe it's some kind of shortage!

>This, as it turned out, seemed to be a very bad idea.

>As he switches their large screen to their TV, he hopes to god that there's a good explanation for this.

>There's certainly an explanation for it, but neither of them will like it.

>The news seemed to be covering a story about how 2 countries and an entire continent had just mysteriously vanished, nearly all signs of life and civilization completely wiped from existence in a flash.

>Gokudera's immediate reaction is to freeze up, his worry and nervousness skyrocketing.

>This wasn't good.
>He slowly turns to look over to Tsuna, though honestly he was scared to see his reaction.


>Tsuna just sat there, wide-eyed, staring blankly at the screen, as if all life had left him.

>Gokudera's eye twitches slightly, waiting a few seconds before speaking up.

..Oh no-

We're leaving!

>Tsuna immediately shouts out, stands up, and dashes out the door, fire flaring up on his hands and forehead even without the use of his Deathperation Pills.

>Tsuna was pissed.
>And he was going to save his friends.




>Gokudera simply sighs.

>It's not that he wasn't worried.
>He just found it rather doubtful they would've survived.
>Still though, anything important to Tsuna was important to him too, so he was determined to save his friends as well.

..Wait up, tenth!

Pam!AwoooWol3gCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535099

File: 1512034721116.png (66.33 KB, 293x218, 2015-08-12 15_22_19-Prague Rac…)

>Pam was silent, allowing the two to discuss things, but inwardly her mind was working, processing the information.

>A Class SSS Rift sounded bad. If this situation was anything to go by, it was really bad. And she figured that was just the one that took the continent. Whatever happened to the other two countries that were taken, she didn't know, but it was probably just as bad, or at least close to it.

>This world was most definitely fucked. And she thought the sociopolitical landscape of Prague Race was bad, at least there entire continents and countries didn't just disappear (not that there was any such things to have disappear there).

>It definitely made her think twice about bringing Dayo over to check things out. Hell, it made her think twice about staying herself.

>But there were two problems with that. The first was that she simply hadn't let enough time pass to know for sure that if she returned to the Heen Passage she would be relatively safe from what pursued her before. The second was that, if she was completely honest, she had grown attached to both Bailey and Mimir since she had arrived here and didn't feel like leaving either of them, especially not in a crisis that she knew would probably concern both of them, considering their jobs.

>She was just as interested as Bailey in figuring out what needed to be done. She wasn't part of the Riftguard herself and this wasn't her world, or her problem, but she was the type of person to stick around and help out if she could, regardless of circumstances.

>If only she could get a message to her Pack, though... something told her the Riftguard and whatever governments there were in this world would need people to help out with certain things her Pack could maybe offer themselves for. But that may just require more effort than it was worth. She'd have to wait and see.

Sawada Tsunayoshi!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535100

File: 1512035670450.png (285.38 KB, 645x434, damn.png)

>Tsuna is not pleased with this turnout.
>He continues to try his best to hold himself up, doubting he'd even have enough strength to push himself off of her.
>Ugh, this was bad!
>His flames flare up once again, as he tries to muster the strength to push himself off of her.


>And he fails horribly!

>He grip on the ground slips, and he's unable to catch himself as he falls down onto Ary, landing facefirst onto her chest.


>It doesn't help that at this point he's lost all his strength; he's completely unable to move himself from this spot!

>Well, at least he tried.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535101

File: 1512038457802.jpg (278.5 KB, 2048x1536, K8SJgwg.jpg)

>Overall Wade seemed far from amused about the entire ordeal. He had other options to get to Canterlot but the car was the most relaxing. The time it took would have allowed him to clear his head and rationalize his options. Now he seemed to have to rely on plan B.

>Though that still left the matter of Toga. If she had followed him this far then she now knew about Wayne Manor. More specifically she would now know of Appleslice. He felt confident that Ken could hold her off is she tried anything. However if she managed to do this once there was no doubt she could do it again.

>Wade stands with crossed arms as he looks up to the sky. The clouds slowly moving overhead would give the illusion that today was just a normal day. That everything was just the same as it was yesterday without the crisis just over the ocean.


>He lets out an exaggerated breath as he looks down to Toga who had finished patting herself down.

You really want to come along that badly?

>He raises an eyebrow as he turns slightly in her direction, still half way facing the car.

Cause I promise once we get there there's going to be a lot of adults running around shouting things you're probably not going to understand. And more then likely the most exciting thing we'll get to do is help load things onto a truck.

>He lifts a hand up with his index finger pointed diagonally at the sky. His pose mimicking that of a stern parent.

Now you can stay here and try and make some friends. But if you come along you have to promise to do whatever I say, and be on your best behavior.

>He pauses for a moment. His thought shifting to just how exactly he talks to the other workers of the castle. He wouldn't exactly call himself a suit and tie individual. His mouth did seem to get him the stink eye from time to time.

...or at least don't do anything you don't see me do. If that makes any sense. Damn how does Screwloose do this with an entire classroom full of em?

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535102

File: 1512039400242.jpg (98.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

>Toga stood, looking at Wade, with her arms behind her back and her hands clasped together.

Well I don't got anywhere else to go! I mean, there's that big house with your cute horsey kid -nice place by the way- but that don't got anything to do with me without you around!

>She nods and kicks slightly at the ground with one foot.

So yeah! I'm... go with you, mhm.

>She looks down at the ground, seemingly in apprehension. Then suddenly she looks up and puts her hand up her sweater.


>She pulls out... her phone. Thank God she didn't accidentally pull out her knife.

I've got uh... this!

>She holds it out in front of her, the screen facing Wade. To him it would just seem like any other normal phone, except maybe a bit more expensive than something someone her age would normally have... not that Wade even knew her age at this point, having never actually asked her.

I've found having one of these is very distracting! If I'm bored I'll just play on it, I promise!

>She said with a smile and a sincere nod before slipping it back under her sweater.

And I'll do everything you say, promise! You won't even notice I'm there! Or... well, not like before, but yeah, you know.

>She nodded a few more times, going back to standing with her hands clasped behind her back, looking like the picture of innocence. Or, well, as close to innocent as someone like her could look. And she seriously looked weird with her hair as it was, though she didn't really seem to notice or care.

Oh, is Screwloose a teacher or something? Is he a horsey too?

AnonymousCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535103

"You already are, Princess Twilight."
With one last bow and a wave to the group, Pinkie Pie in particular, Pocket Dimension once more disappeared into a hole in the ground which swiftly closed itself after her.

Cookie seemed a little concerned, this apparently was no seizure, was jt something else?
"Medium! Premonition?! Haha very good!"

If course, she also grabs the bags Twilight offered her, it wasn't very heavy, lighter than it should be at least.
Cookie asks, flicking the bag open and peering inside with a little surprised look on her, which soon turned into s toothy grin
"Gear! Very good very good!"

Strapping the bag onto her back she makes her way outside, walking besides Pinkie, watching her every move
"Pink Hero Party Mare? What see? Premonition? Good bad?"
She makes sure Fox too is coming along, accounted for.

And as such, the group has made its way outside the store, having reached Town's townsquare.
This was also when Cookie realized they weren't in Ponyville anymore.
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File: 1512052042523.jpg (80.51 KB, 545x600, dremora_lord_by_ja1ine-d5t62kp…)

Why are you a woman?

>Andurus would ask of the Mad Goddess. He'd been enjoying a rather quiet time at Wayne Manor. Sanguine was off catering a party at Asgard. Clavicus Vile seemed to have gone down to Hell, sensing another shift in the powers at be down there. Hircine's shrine and follower had just recently been swept away along side the continent and two countries, so it'd be awhile before the Daedric Prince of Hunts would come out of the Everfree Forest. And Sheogorath had seemed to have fucked off.

Why aren't you one?

>The Mad Goddess would reply.

Casue I like having a dick.

>Andurus would answer. Knowing he'd never get his answer, he'd move to the next question.

So what was it you required again, my Lord?

A duck plague.

>Andurus would sigh, he wasn't going to question why.

My Lord, Peyrite does not preform such plagues. He is diseases, not swarms of animals.

Of course.

>Sheogorath would stand there staring at Andurus, expecting him to understand. There was a long silence as Andurus was expecting clarification on what the Mad Goddess wanted.

You want me to make a sickness for ducks?

What? No, no, no. A disease that turns people into ducks.

>Andurus surpressed a groan.

My Lord, shouldn't you be askig Hircine. . .

>Andurus would trail off as Sheogorath would frown at him.

Okay, not wereducks. . .

Exactly. Now get to work.

My Lord, I do-

>Andurus would be cut off by a murderous gaze from the Mad Goddess.

I'll get to work then.

>Andurus would quickly exit the room. As much as he didn't want to do this, he had no choice given the hierarchy at play. But perhaps some good could come of the situation, the world's balance had been upset. Peyrite was the Prince of Pestilence, and up holder of Natural Order. His plagues corrected imbalances, just like they had on Andurus's planet. He pulls out one of his hand made cigarettes and heads for the secret lab out in the forest near the Manor. There was a bigger picture to consider, so he couldn't afford to care about the lives ruined to preserve it.

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535105

The fox doesn't seem quite convinced that the pink one is okay, and the whole premonition thing just seems really... strange.

It stretches, following the trio outside the shop. Then again, her namesake ship was allegedly quite the strange one, too.
Before it completely failed to exist during a routine trip, that is.

Somehow, it can't help but feel that the two are connected-

The fox pauses, taking in the sights. While it had expected to be somewhere in Town, it surprisingly hadn't accounted for the differences in the local population...

The fox sits, eyes ever so slightly wider than usual. It...

... didn't really know there were fully bipedal species that existed anywhere it knew, let alone seemingly sentient ones. Going about their daily business, it seemed.

Or sentient bread, or birds, or bipedal animals...

It glances over to the maroon mare, half expecting something bad to happen.

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535111

And just like that, she was gone. What a curious mare, but it warmed Twilight's heart to see another generous soul out there. There were plenty, but meeting one always made her happy.

Unfortunately, it isn't quite enough to offset the worry that the Pinkie Sense is giving her. Though truthfully, there isn't much she can do considering the circumstances of the Pinkie Sense.

"Weeelll... it's my Pinkie Sense going off! Whenever I start to shudder like that, that means there's a doozy that's gonna happen soon! That usually means something you never think would ever ever ever ever happen's gonna happen!" Pinkie explains.

"Unfortunately,unlike the rest of her Pinkie Sense's tells, that could mean almost anything," Twilight corrects.

"But we'll know when it happens! Sooo..." Pinkie leans down towards the Fox. "Where do you wanna go to build your communicatorthingy?"

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535113

I got a feeling you'll be meeting him soon enough.

>If Toga stuck to Wade long enough that was almost a certainty. It would seen Wade had reluctantly resigned to his fate. He could just brush her off but a nagging feeling in him was saying that leaving her alone in Wayne Manor would be a bad idea. Besides she had to fall asleep at some point.

>Wade walks around to the driver's side and reaches into the car to pull out the keys. Once they are safely in his belt pouch he casually walks over to Toga's side. He'd have to make a mental note to apologize to Alton for the mess.

Alright, Let's go.

>He casually reaches over and places a hand on Toga's shoulder.

Clensh up Blondecliff.

>With his free hand he slams down onto his belt buckle. In a flash of light both are gone from the area.


>A short while before in Canterlot the castle was in an uproar. Workers who occupied the building would be seen rushing from room to room. A fee clashes would send papers flying into the air to be caught by Unicorn magic. The Pegasi wouldn't have it much better. The skies and ground being constantly cluttered with frantic workers.

>Outside citizens would demand audience with the princess. The event had sent something of a panic with those who had survived Thanos's assault. Many feared they would be in for a repeat soon if nothing was done.

>Celestia had begun preparations to meet with the World Council. An agreement would need to met before action was taken. Kibitz, her royal advisor, had been left to try and keep things organized.

Everyone calm yourselves! You'll not help anyone if you keep bumping into each other! This is no time for panic. We survived Discord, we can survive this.

>The elderly unicorn had seen much in his time serving the princess. Though even he had to admit this was one of the most extreme cases. An entire continent along with multiple other nations apparently ripped from the ground. Much would have to be done to ensure public safety in this time of crisis.

>A flash of light would alert Kibitz to one of their field agents.

Wilson! You sure took your sweet time getting here. Have you any idea what's going on?

Hard not to. Everyone and their grandma is talking about it.

Yes yes I'm sure someone appreciates you can keep a sense of humor in all this. Now go prepare yourself. Celestia is soon to depart for The Seat of the World. She will need- um.

Guard duty? Come on Kibby isn't that what Iron Hide and Stone Wall are for?

Y-yes but...given the..
.circum...s-.... Wilson who is that behind you?

>Wade turns his head. For a split second he had forgotten he had brought Toga along. For a moment be shifts his head between Kibitz and Toga, eventually settling back to Kibitz as he lowers his hand from Toga's shoulder.

This is Toga. She's my ride along for the day.

...A ridealobg?

Yeah, cops do it all the time so why not?

You brought a human child along with you to work knowing that we are in the middle of perhaps the largest crisis this nation has seen in some time?

I can multitask, Kibitz.

This is unacceptable. Did you steal this child? Some random girl you pulled off the streets?

She has nowhere else to go. I tried to drop her off somewhere but she just keeps popping up like a-

>Wade stops himself. He didn't want to compare Toga to something unpleasant. Least while she was standing right behind him.

Oh, We don't have time for this. But know if she causes any trouble it's your responsibility to make up for it.

Yeah yeah what else is new?

>Wade brushes Kibitz away as he begins leading Toga down the opposite direction. His arms crossed in frustration.


Yeah yeah protect the president. I'm on it.

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535114

File: 1512100754722.jpg (84.57 KB, 500x885, eeae7c8303dd3b823501f72a5b7361…)

>Toga looked down at Wade's hand on her shoulder and opened her mouth to say something right as he pressed his belt buckle and they flashed away.


>She would exclaim as they suddenly flashed into Canterlot. Her other hair bun came undone as they flashed in, sending a rubber band flying through the air and dropping her hair down around her face, which she brushed away from her eye.

>Hearing Kibitz address her presence, she looks over and waves at him from behind Wade, bringing her hand up in the "peace" sign and tilting her head to the side with a smile.

Helloooo, horsey!

>This girl had absolutely zero tact whatsoever.

>Seeing Wade start walking past Kibitz, she followed suit, waving one last time at the older pony.

Oooh, who's the "President"?

>She would ask Wade as she follows closely after him, using air quotes that Wade probably wouldn't see.

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535116

Princess Celestia.

>Wade answered the question bluntly. He had reserves about allowing Toga in the general vicinity of the princess. He doubted she would mind, the princess always had a soft spot for the youth. As long as he explained the situation he was sure it be alright as lobg as he kept her on a short leash. If she tried anything he would stop her on the spot. Hed have to try and keep her on his mind so she couldn't ghost away like she had before.

>Wade nods his head to the side. The wall would depict a large white horse baring wings and a horn. Her wings spread as the sun seems to rest behind her.

Back before we became part of Rigel Prima the princess was dutied with moving the sun on her own. Course now we live on a planet where it happens naturally so she's been able to rest on that end. Now a days she spends her efforts on making sure we all actually live to see the next sunrise.

>He of course would leave out the part where she approved the experiments that led to his creation. But of course she would take full responsibility for her hasty actions. She couldn't exactly have afforded to say no to help of any kind in those times.

But of course she can't be everywhere at once. So she has people go out to places and help where she can't. That's where my department comes in.

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535117

File: 1512117869741.jpg (8.63 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpg)

Ooooh, a Princess.

>Honestly, it was impossible to tell if Toga was being sarcastic or not when she said this.

>Toga looks at the mural that Wade nods her towards and her eyes grow wide.

Oooh, pretty!

>Now that was clearly sincere.

>She ran over to the wall and looked up at it, ignoring any protest from Wade or people between her and the image. She gazed up at it with wide eyes and an expression of amazement.

>Before she really knew what she was doing, she had her phone out and was posing in front of it for a selfie.


>Which ended up blinding her for a moment, whereupon she stumbles for a second and then steadies herself, shaking her head to clear her vision.

>Thoroughly embarrassed, not just because of the flash but because she would do something like take a selfie at all, she quickly returned to following Wade, blushing softly.

Professor Elvin!GADD.wkNg.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535118


The ghost, giddy with sucsess and none too bright, fails to dissapear in the face of Grells failure like anything with survival skills might do. Instead, it waves its arms up and down with laughter, echoing in high pitch from elsewhere in the room. The phonograph plays for a moment as her slip-up twirls its crank, it continuing to spin round and round as lighthearted, adventurous music plays in a minorly mocking tempo.

The etheral fog on the floor's far side absorbs and eats away at the ectoplasm that had splashed near it, feintly glowing in a pulsing red color as it fades in and out. A ghoulish air current sucks the pulsing ghost-embers under the only bare wall in the room.

>>41535040 - >>41535043 - >>41535049

With the chest emptied, the room remains lit with the clearing thought that no more ghosts remain in the room. Once returned to the hallway, the three must decide which room they'll enter next, the far left, far right, or the nearby room just across the hall. Unlike their recently cleared space, the hall still plays host to the occasional ghost mouse and bat, the latter eyeing them from the ceiling.

!Spike.bSpgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535119

File: 1512121250251.gif (1.12 MB, 282x477, 36651__safe_animated_spike_the…)

Spike shrugs nonchalantly, he wasn't gonna question free food, even if it did pop out of nowhere.

Spike hops back on AppleZero, standing on her rather than sitting, raising his flashlight in the air like a shining sword. "Alright, c'mon! We've only got five more to go! Then we can get more food!"

Spike freezes at what he just said."I-I mean, treasure...I mean...helping the guy out with his research. Yeah, that's what I meant to say...Heheh..."

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535120

File: 1512123850897.jpg (50.58 KB, 500x233, tumblr_niwusbCw651sajkn0o1_500…)

>The rush of footsteps would cause Wade to pause. He turns just in time to see Toga bum rush her way to the stained glass window and take her picture.


>With everyone else on edge they would rush by, giving the occasional glance of frustration. This punk girl Wade brought along was just seemingly determined to get in everyone's way.

>Wade however remained silent. A faint smirk appearing under his mask as he looks down at Toga.

You good?

>He asks casually. His hands shifting into what one could only assume were pockets.

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535121

File: 1512125205082.jpg (9.85 KB, 205x246, images (6).jpg)

>Toga arrived back near Wade and nodded quickly.


>She would reply, putting the phone back in it's place in her sweater. It really was quite odd how that worked.

Never had a phone before! Didn't know they had flash!

>She says, kicking her foot at the ground.

Anyways, sorry! Let's go!

>It seemed like she wanted to move on from this as quickly as possible and just forget the whole thing.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535123

File: 1512141852022.jpg (6.48 KB, 480x360, What, I did.jpg)

>An amused scoff comes from Wade as he turns and resumes his walk. He almost envied that Toga could retain such a carefree attitude in all this. Suppose it came from her being so new to this world that she had no reference level as to how extreme this case was. The past few years had been rough on Wade. At his core he retained his sense of humor and fuck you attitude, but he couldn't deny something had changed in him. Just less then a decade ago Wade would have shrugged this off, his biggest complaint being why all the bars were closed. And yet here he was gearing up to go onto the front lines of this shit show.

>He wouldn't head straight for the princess. Given her royal highness she likely still had preparations to make. Wade wouldn't be different. Their first stop would be a door located on the edge of a hallway that seemed out of the way of the chaos in the castle.

>Wade's office would be just as messy as it was before it's reconstruction. Food wrappers and documents littered the desk and floor around it. Beside the door would be two mannequins only draped in utility harnesses. The one on the left while entering would be labeled "Peace Keeping". The harness would be equipped with various weapons. Mostly small arms a few knives, and two katana blades for in case things got heavy on his usual rounds. Wade would reach over and pull this one off and begin strapping it on over his costume.

>The other one would be labeled "Good day" with the word "Good" etched out replaced with "Heavy" in black marker. This one would be noticeably more armed with a few rifles hanging up on the wall next to it. Along with a large safe beside it containing only he knew what.

We'll head out to the extraction point in a second. Just got to put on my uniform. Every day I thank whatever god is out there she doesn't make me wear that stupid armor the guards have to wear. Gold is totally not my color.

>Wade muses to Toga and himself as he readies his minor arsenal. On the desk would be various framed photos facing where Wade would sit while he works. One wide shot would be of him leaning against a large man that dwarfed him in size. A large screw is seen going through the man's head, but despite that and the obvious scars he seemed very much alive. Behind them would be a grey car with the door opening from the top. Wade's peace sign would be foiled by the larger man's more stoic appearance.

>The second would appear to be a candid shot of a woman draped in red. Her surprised look seen visible through her long red hair. The picture itself would seem uninteresting. What would prove more amusing would be the story behind it.

>The third picture would depict a woman in a black lolita maid outfit holding who Toga would probably remember as the foal she saw back at Wayne Manor. Beside them a girl who resembled the woman though much smaller in size. In the girl's hand would be a rifle she seemed to pose with proudly.

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File: 1512142071154.jpg (61.04 KB, 600x699, rose_lalonde_by_moritatsubaki-…)

She thinks about it for a moment before deciding that he was right, it did have a rather nice look to it.

"That is most likely how it appeared here."

Honestly, on Rigel Prima the chances were quite high that quite a low of things could be caused by rift activity.

"Well, at least if somewhere vanishes with us in it we'll be together?"

She say, with a slightly flirty tone to her. Truth be told she wasn't worried about what would happen if they were suddenly rifted somewhere else. Death wouldn't come easily to either of them and she confident in her ability to find the proper path back to this universe.

"We should get going, we don't want to be late for our flight."

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535128

The fox does notice the hat-shaped building fade away into thin air behind them out of the corner of its eye, but is quickly distracted by the maroon mare finally reacting to her surroundings.

That, and Pinkie's question. She seemed to have calmed down a tad. It boops her briefly with its tail.

Honestly, it doesn't really know where to find the components, let alone buy them or assemble them. Not really knowing how to convey it, it settles for a shrug.

Anywhere will do. It does seem mighty curious about whatever happened just now though.

For once, the fox notes as the maroon one darts forward a second later, it doesn't involve punching the lights out of whatever strange creature she sees first.
...Well, not if the job's already done, it notices a split-second later. The biped that had attracted the maroon one's attention was seemingly already out cold, and the rest of the Townsfolk didn't seem to pay it any mind.

The fox wanders closer, though it stops short as the maroon one tries to cram it into her new bag.
Now, that was rather uncalled for.

Not really knowing the protocol when dealing with such strange creatures, the fox turns to Pinkie and Twilight, as though waiting for their reaction to the situation instead.

Solaire of Astora!SunO73XMtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535146

File: 1512165923226.png (29.8 KB, 228x204, 1375401460509.png)

We need people to head out to the areas. Look for survivors, see if anything dangerous might have dropped in when these places vanished.

>Solaire would say, gesturing to those gathering up gear and filling out paper work needed to travel. He'd then gesture to Riftguard members glued to TVs and computer screens.

We also need people to look into anything else that might have happened durring the event. With the news networks focused on the bigger disasters, there may have been smaller events going unnoticed.

>Solaire explained.

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535150

As the group had left the shop and started talking among themselves, it should be relatively hard to notice the complete lack of Pocket Dimension's shop behind them.
There was no sound or any other sign of a shop ever having been there, it was simply gone!

Cookie for example, either did not notice or did not care for it, she had her gear ready and was much more focused on Pinkie Pie.
Her Pinkie Sense must be some sort of view into the future, a premonition.
Cookie smiles, this pink mare never ceases to amaze her, she transcends time and space itself!

Though now she has little to do, she spots a few rather unfamiliar creatures busying itself around the park, but she had no way to really investigate them as of now, those tall, bipedal ones were a particulary interesting species.

And as such, Cookie simply hangs behind the group as a whole, maybe she is a little tired?
That seems like such an unbefitting thing for her to do!

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535153

Twilight looks behind her, blinking twice, before deciding to accept it. So much has happened to her today, that stuff appearing and disappearing out of nowhere might as well be normal now.

She turns to Cookie, looking at her bag. "So, do you think you're ready for your journey, or do you think there's more stuff that you need?"

Since she didn't have to pay a single bit for the bag, the budget's still relatively high.

Meanwhile, Pinkie addresses the fox. "Ya know, we don't have to follow them around all day. The town is big, I'm sure we'll find something if we explore a little!" she says, trying to think of something.

"I'm sorry I'm not much help with assembling your big communications thingy, but there's gotta be someone in Equestria that could do something for you!"

Apple!Zerosb5lPQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535156

File: 1512171888699.png (91.35 KB, 1025x1400, aj__chill_out_by_korsoo-da8vat…)


>AppleZero is caught off guard at first when Spike hops on her back again, but enjoys the closeness. She rolls her eyes and smiles at his comment, moving back out into the hall and glancing over at the ghost bats and mice.


Probably worth a lot yeah. Not sure what i would but with it though...

>Now that she thought about it, there wasn't a whole lot that she would want to use this money for. She had just about everything she could ever ask. A home, safety, freedom, family, frie-... She doesn't have any friends. That was a depressing thought. Too bad you can't just buy friends.
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Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535160

It took Cookie a little while to respond to Twilight, it might have not been very apparent since Twilight has gotten used to her strangeness, but Cookie still has not yet rested from whatever has happened to her, no matter how strong a pony can be, there must be a breaking point there, somewhere.

She doesn't try to let it show, however, through a crusted,salty smile she nods "Princess Twilight, always ready, once have goal, need go to goal."
She blinks a few times, pausing.
"Is..idea? Communication for reports...back many years, in time of dawn and trench, mud, small bird train collect voice from one place to other place see? Can catch one and train for such."
She idly babbles on, making about as much sense as usual.

Now that Twilight might think about it, she cannot really...feel, Cookie's presence with her magic.

HolweetCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535163

File: 1512175299343.png (307.96 KB, 4000x2500, Official Flag of Holweet.png)

>An emergency meeting of the leaders had been called after the class SSS rift came and went. Deep underground in an unknown location in Holweet stood three figures before what looked like a massive super computer. The flag of the country hanging free at the top and the countless flags of the conquered hanging lower. Some, battered and torn lie on the floor. A red light shines bright at the center, further illuminating the room. The light flickers at every spoken word.

Private conference of the three. Number 8513A. Begin. Welcome. As you know, the whole continent of Mo'Gallile and the people of Kameria and Rotan have been removed from the face of this planet. This presents up with new options. This meeting has been called for further input and suggestions as what to do. The current head will speak first.

>The first figure, a short and stout slice of heavily toasted bread, decorated with countless metals approaches.

Ahem. From what we have gathered, these lands, while ripe for the taking, will be difficult to claim for you, Immortal Leader, as Mo'Gallile was a major military power in the world. With them gone, it is likely Atlas will make a move to stake a claim and be tangled in conflict with other major world powers. It is my suggestion then, that while Atlas is preoccupied with the major events occurring on the other side of the world, that we make a move of our own, and lead the offensive against Anima. They have little to no allies to call upon. It is likely that they will see this coming, so if we are to act, we must do so soon before they have time to properly prepare.

This information will be processed and calculated accordingly. Thank you Commander in Chief Baxter.

>The general bows slightly before stepping back. Another similar to Baxter steps forward, albeit much less toasted and equipped with robotic limbs. He stands a little hunched over and speaks more rapidly compared to Baxter.

According to my research, these new lands are rich in minerals that could be vital to the advancement of our people. If we were to successfully control, even a small portion of these newly abandoned lands, we could increase our population renewal rate by three hundred percent. With these increased numbers, our productivity would increase in turn and allow up to trade for the more advanced technology around the globe or allow up more time to do such research ourselves. Specifically understanding the creation of the mother units.

This information will be processed and calculated accordingly. Thank you Chief Scientist Pepperidge.

>He takes a step, bowing as he does. Another figure steps forward, this one much taller, humanoid, and feminine in appearance than the other two.

This world will soon be in a state of political strife as the balance of power is thrown off kilter. Now is not the time to strike at our enemies, but to utilize our stored resources and skills to assist others for the sake of obtaining more allies.

WHAT! That is prepost-

Do not speak out of turn.

>Baxter grumbles to himself as he grows more silent.

As i was saying. We have yet to fully understand all that this world has to offer us, let alone how to properly combat all that is there. What we need more than anything now is to make allies for the coming storm. What Baxter fails to understand is the trustworthiness of our shaky alliance with Atlas. Should their campaign on the other side of the Stormwall prove successful, what will stop them from conquering the rest of their home continent? This is our opportunity to gain influence in the world in a way never provided to us before in our own.

Pah! We have our secret weapon! With him, there is no chance that Atlas would-

Powdered Toast Man is essentially a rouge element. He is a god with no master. His loyalty to Holweet is fickle at best and his inconsistencies make him a hazard more than a benefit as has been proven int he past.

Your distension from the topic at hand has been noted, Commander in Chief Baxter. You will not be warned again.

>The tall feminine figure smirks as Baxter grumbles to himself again in silence.

This information will be processed and calculated accordingly. Thank you Ambassador Panera.

>The light flickers again as the whir of electricity surges within the massive computer.

With the information provided, the data is inconclusive. Further research is needed. I will summon you again when i have come to a decision. Private conference of the three. Number 8513A complete. You are dismissed.

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535172

File: 1512183531332.jpg (9.85 KB, 205x246, images (6).jpg)

>Toga followed Wade the rest of the way in general silence, sticking close by to him and mostly ignoring any other ponies around them.

>When they reached Wade's office, Toga was immediately drawn to the mannequins, moving a few steps towards them before stopping and looking on from afar, unsure of how Wade would feel about messing with his weapons. She sure as hell wouldn't want anyone touching her knives.

Nice swords!

>She would exclaim as he began readying himself.

>As he spoke, she moved behind his desk and leaned down, looking at the pictures on it with interest.

Oh! Screw! Not a horsey.

>She exclaimed, seeing the one with Wade and the tall man with the big screw in his head, making the connection that it must be the Screwloose that Wade had mentioned before.


>She brought a hand up to her lips and tapped them a couple times, looking closely at them. Something about these people seemed familiar, but not like... she knew some of them in real life, but they did seem familiar.

Who... are these people? I recognize your horse kid... but the others seem kinda familiar too.

>She sounded like she was thinking hard, trying to figure out why they looked familiar, and her eyebrows were knit together as she looked down at the pictures.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535176

File: 1512187285923.png (177.71 KB, 505x303, Grell_Butler_Another Mistake_A…)


I suppose...

>Unlike Rose, Alton didn't appear as soothed by the thought of being whisked away from a world he had grown accustomed to for a third time. The first was a happenstance, the second a coincidence. Third time someone was playing with himself.

>Perhaps they would take the manor if they could, he wouldn't doubt someone would have that aim in the world. Whether they had the means was a different matter entirely, though current events did make him wonder...

...Yes, let's be off.

>He nods absently and turns towards Town. They were on a stringent schedule involving a world crisis, being late would be inexcusable. He didn't know just what he could offer from Wayne Manor in regards to alleviating the catastrophe of Mo'Gallile, Kameria, or Rotan. Perhaps he could try bringing any perpetrator to justice? He could imagine places like Victin or Shinra would leap towards dispensing justice. Wayne Manor was one of the many often involved with stopping world-ending instances and grand threats.

>He internally wilts. That was if this was caused by someone. It could very well be just an unusual freak coincidence that something like that had just happened. Alton supposed that they would find out once they arrived to the Seat of the World, whenever that would be.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535179

File: 1512189496692.png (79.2 KB, 351x430, Grell_AndVileToo.png)



>Grell pushes herself up with one arm, the other putting the chainsaw to the side as she moves. Once seated, the Reaper sloughs the red good off the back of her coat with a few slides of her arm, flinging the goo off with an angry growl. Too preoccupied with the state of the goo and the cackling ghost, she fails to notice the fog's part in the ectoplasm's disposal.

Having a good laugh, eh?

>Grell stands and wiggles her free arm, flinging off the rest of the goo she could manage. The chainsaw hangs in her right hand, the blades glistening still from the destruction of the red ghost. Her luxurious mane now had a mess clung to the back, slicking together the hair like gel. The rest that hadn't caught her hair stuck to the back of the coat in a thin film. There had been the same film around her left arm from shucking off the ectoplasm.

>Between the laughter and the noise of the music and the high pitch noise she swore she was already getting a headache. Grell grinds her teeth again and growls, her chainsaw again spinning back to life with a grumbling roar. She lunges at the ghost again with a furious shout, throwing her chainsaw in a wild horizontal slash to cut the ghost in half.

>Roll 1d20 = 4 odds!

>If fail, she slips on another peel, her feet slipping backwards and making her fall flat on her face this time, the chainsaw flinging out of her hand and driving right into the wall like a dart. The engine dies again and hangs dejectedly in its spot, as if exasperated from the events.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535181

File: 1512190346697.jpg (65.29 KB, 500x375, Grell_Coy Cat.jpg)

>The cat giggles quietly and lowers itself onto the grass. Its stomach presses on the ground, but its arms prop up its head. It grins slyly at Barris and wiggles its brows.

I'm not much of a scat cat myself, my lioness. Though I shall not deign a water bath! I have my own particulars about hygiene that has as little to do with water as I can manage, thank you very much!

>One of the benefits of its abilities was the lack of even needing to bathe thanks to its selective materialization. Why clean itself when it could simply eliminate its physical form and drop any unsightly dirt, hair, and oils? Perhaps it was cheating but the cat didn't care, it was simply another benefit of being itself.

>It plucks a sliver of meat from their dinner bird and relishes the fats and spicy taste. As it eats, it glances at Barris and speaks between bites.

But I'm sure as fine as baths in that dank cavern of yours or the ponds here on this lovely planet can't always compare to a hot bath or shower. Humans are so particular about their hygiene, I swear...~

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535193

The fox looks back at the pink one, before loping over and sitting just within hoof's reach. For once, it does seem a little more... lost than it usually is.
It pokes her with its tail, though there isn't really any image this time. Or words.

Waving its tail about, the fox stretches, looking around. It wasn't really built for diplomacy. And this was far beyond its scope.
It seems willing to follow wherever the trio go to, though. Doesn't look like it has much else of a choice.
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Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535201

File: 1512200118924.jpg (98.85 KB, 800x800, image-tsdpoolclssasasin-1-wate…)

>The snapping of the chest harness would echo through the room. Toga's question would cause Wade to look over in her direction.

Tall dark and brooding is Screwloose. But that's just what I call him, everyone else just calls him Stein.

>With both hands he reaches over and tightens the straps on his shoulders. Making sure that there were nice and snug so they wouldn't slip off.

The red one is my gal pal, Grell. Things are...complicated with me and her right now. And the last one....

>Wade stops himself mid sentence. His hands placed on his hips as he was trying to adjust his harness properly. Afterwards he stands motionless for a while. His mind racing back to over a year ago. The last time he saw the women in the photo. He remembers promising them that he'd be home soon. That he just had to go in for a quick meeting and he'd be done for the day. A promise he never got to keep.

.....Come on, we don't have much time before we move out.

>He finishes adjusting his gear with a final click of his belt. The extra holsters he added dangled nicely at his side. The knifes attached to his abs ready to be pulled out at a moments notice.

Let's go Mat-Toga.

>The way he spoke made it seem as though he had caught himself saying the wrong thing mid sentence. Before he could be confronted about it he turns around and opens the door out. He waits for Toga to exit so he could lock the door behind them.

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535202

File: 1512208959222.jpg (173.97 KB, 590x874, cf4d8af4b6b2ce825b4fbb7c04334a…)

Hmmm... Stein... Steeeeiiiin. Steiny. Stein-o. Stein. Hmmm... nope, darn, still can't place him!

>Toga tried out the man's name several times, trying to recall where she remembered someone who looked like him from, and ultimately failing to do so.

Ooooh, Grell! She's real pretty! What a great catch for you!

>She said, looking back at Wade with a smile. Her smile slowly faded away to a concerned look as he trailed off on the last one.

Ah... bad memories.

>She would say with a nod, leaving it at that and looking back at the picture for a moment. She stands back up straight and moves back around the desk when Wade had finished.

>She looks at him oddly when he stumbles on saying someone else's name before hers, but says nothing about it, following him out of the room.

>She was growing just a bit concerned for Wade, but in the end figured it was none of her business. This, of all things, she finally decided was none of her business.

So where to next?

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535203

Twilight tilts her head in confusion, until she realizes what Cookie was talking about. It's an archaic method of communication, usually reserved for messages sent by star-crossed lovers descended from rival farmers, not for a pony reporting about the secrets of the world.

Twilight thinks for a moment on how to better communicate, when she suddenly has a flash of inspiration. "Wait, of course!"

Twilight's horn glows, and in a flash, she's gone.

It takes a few moments, but Twilight returns, holding two identical looking books with her magic.

"I have a way that we can communicate. These two books are magically linked, so if you write in one book..." She opens up the books to the same page, making little marks with an inked quill on the left book, which slowly start to show on the pages on the right as well. "...I'll be able to see what you're writing on the other book! And we'll be able to talk to each other that way!"

For whatever reason, Twilight also brought a laptop with her...

Not wanting to leave the fox out of the conversation, Pinkie bends down to talk to it. "Aw, I'm sorry, little guy. The past isn't nearly as exciting as you hoped it would be? Is it cause you're lost? Or are you bored? Don't worry, There's gonna be a doozy coming up soon, and that'll surely spice things up!"

Of course, that doozy could mean anything...
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Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535204

File: 1512214397842.png (211.15 KB, 788x381, nightofdeadpool-image2.png)

>No matter how many times he told himself otherwise, there was only one truth. They were dead. It was the only logical explanation for them being gone this long. If they were alive they would have found their way back by now. Wade knew they were never coming back. And he knew why. It was all his fault. Just like with that police girl.

>As Toga leaves Wade closes the door and locks it behind him. If anybody needed to deliver him something they could just slide it under the door. He does his best to suppress his current emotions. His voice returning to his casual down to business tone.

Courtyard. We'll meet with the princess and the rest of her entourage there. From there we'll be teleported to the Seat of the World. Celestia will do most of the work from there. My job is to keep the weirdos from getting to close.

>He looks up from the floor to Toga. The irony of what he just said was not lost on him. With a shrug he turns to walk down the hallway. His weapons lightly bouncing up and down his body with a light thud.

Now once we meet her try to keep the talking to a minimum. It'll help to convince her to keep you around. And please don't try to ride her. She's not that kind of pony.

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535205

File: 1512215321885.jpg (10.61 KB, 214x235, fdff (2).jpg)

>Toga listens intently, probably the most intently she had listened to Wade since they met, and nods her agreement.

No talky, no riding, gotcha. I've never ridden a pony in my life and I don't intend to start now

>She follows closely after him, same as before. After a few moments of silence, she hums softly to herself for a couple seconds before speaking.

Hmmm-mmmmh... hm! So what actually happened? Do you got any idea what caused all this hubbub or are you just going with the flow?

>She asks, picking up her pace slightly to walk beside Wade rather than slightly behind him.

AnonymousCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535206

Bright flashes and explosions are upsetting, Cookie flinches ever so slightly as Twilight pops in and outvof existance, now carrying with her two books and another, strange book-like device.

After restraining herself from drawing her knife Cookie grabbed the one Twilight did not directly write into, looking it over with interest
"Aha! Yes...yes! Brilliance."
Her hoof strokes over the small marks Twilight left and found it to be completely dry, there was no fear of inkstains ruining pages when one receives a message!

Cookie is very pleased about this outcome, that is for sure, placing the book into her bag she nods at Twilight.
"Very good, no risk of report go in wrong apendage. No need for code message secret yes."

Then those jaundiced toxic green eyes look over the Laptop, then down towards the Fox, it reminds her of some of the futuristic imagery she was shown by it.
"Device, Princess Twilight? What is?"

She had no reason to suspect it was anything bad, if anything its almost like she let her guard down around these ponies and Fox.

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535207

The fox shrugs at Pinkie's questions, poking her again.

Fleet Reports...
It pauses here, as though trying to force itself to speak normally.
Conversation Capability Not... Optimal.
Current Situation Dictates Observation And Monitoring. Current Goal... Gather Information.
Insufficient Data for ... Action Planning.

The fox shakes its head, clearly uncomfortable with the way it's presenting the conversation. It wasn't really built for this at all. It does seem relieved at the mention of something happening soon, however.

Twilight's teleportation catches its eye, causing it to momentarily lose contact with Pinkie. It quickly scans over what's changed... and pauses, blinking.

It was an archaic method of computation, a forerunner of the systems usually reserved for programs not running the algorithms that sent ships across the stars, but it was one that it recognised nonetheless.

The fox pads over to Twilight, sniffing at the laptop, clearly interested.
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File: 1512248319120.jpg (832.5 KB, 849x1200, 60794628_p0_master1200.jpg)

Right...right right....

>Bailey looked at Solaire for a moment before her head hung limp and looked down at the table before her. Was there even a chance for survivors? What if this isn't the last of it? Even that...what other things might be happening....so many questions...Bailey lifted her head up and nodded

Right. I'm going to try being on the first flight out of here.


If planes are still flying...

>Bailey would imagine that giving this massive rift, that they might shut down flights just in case. But she would understand if they didn't want to. For now though she was looking around a bit to find some paper work to start filling out. She'd have to worry about her gear later. Finally however she turned to Pam, nearly forgetting her and saying

Hey uh....yeah.... didn't expect this giant cluster fuck to happen ....I uh...dunno if you want to bail or hang around my place for the time being but...

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535211

"Oh, this is my laptop, my friend Sunset was messaging me earlier, so I might as well check out what she said while I plan it out!"

Twilight opens up the laptop, opening up Pesterchum, where she starts reading the messages, and opening up the attachments.

At the same time, Pinkie starts to shudder once more, her body stretching and shaking and twitching.

Twilight pauses, staring at the screen in disbelief.

"...Excuse me for a moment." Twilight says with a serene smile on her face.

Twilight takes out a cell phone, takes a few steps away from the group, and starts talking.

Of course, the other three can only hear one half of the conversation.

"Hey, Sunset?"

"Yeah, I did. This is an April Fools prank, right?"




Twilight takes a few deep breaths, calming herself down enough to talk at a normal volume. "Sorry...sorry. You didn't have anything to do with this. Just...this is awful for everyone involved...It just...happened? Out of nowhere?"

If the three decide to look at the screen, they would see two maps of Rigel Prima, with one map having significantly less land than the other.

Pinkie would shortly stop shaking. "Ohhh...that's the doozy!"

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535213

File: 1512249867131.jpg (309.1 KB, 533x800, Barris Ki'Teer.jpg)

That is definitely something I'll enjoy. A long hot bath to relax in.

>The cold water of the cave and pond did help invigorate one's self, but that was mostly to get out of it as soon as possible.

AnonymousCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535214

Cookie watched with great interest, seeingvthe screen unfold, changing colours and pictures being displayed, she managed to see the word 'Hornhub' very briefly.

Now Twilight was...shouting at a box, Cookie was jnable to hear anything coming from the box, which must mean!
"Someone trap in box?! Disappear what..?"
Then she spots the map, side by side.

An entire continent was missing from one, Cookie has seen and memorized a map of Rigel Prima and now the gears in her head start to turn.
Could this be connected to her own sudden appearance?

Cookie is shook, thinking about the implications.
"Daybreaker...successful? No...no.."
Her ears splay against her skull, was her failure truly of this magnitude?

Lost, she looks at Twilight, then Pinkie and finally Fox until finally going back to Twilight
"Princess...Princess, it..no, I fail but maybe"
Suddenly she keels over, coughing like mad, clutching at her chest
"Prrrincess! *wheeze* No! It..no, need go! There must survive! Send help, help now!"
She spits a thick green sludge out into the dirt, slowly trying to go back to her regular stance, instead she slowly stumbled over to Twilight, attempting to grab her chest for support
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File: 1512250682031.jpg (115.32 KB, 827x1182, __yang_xiao_long_rwby_drawn_by…)


>Arys eyes go wide. If Tsuna didn't weight a ton, she would have been worried about the fact he was face first in her plentiful mounds! Desperate to try and have an easier time breathing, she slowly moves her hands to his shoulders to try pushing him off.


>She would slowly start to push! It wasn't at all enough to fully push his entire weight off of her chest however. ALmost.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535216

File: 1512251074062.jpg (169.44 KB, 850x668, RWBY21.jpg)

Weeeeeell.....if we get some more gold bricks....onward!

>Ary raised her weapon up into the air, and ran to the nazi room The far right room! Kicking in the door and aiming her weapon as if ready to suck up any ghost that may be in there.

I'm not much of a stealth kind of gal any how!

Blackbeard!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535218

File: 1512253890801.jpg (81.34 KB, 1024x723, Oh shit.jpg)

>Blackbeard had been aware something had happened even before the news outlets began to report anything. He was keenly aware someone had just died, and power began to flow into him. A great deal of power flowed into his being, the power of three Demon Princes. Hexe was dead and so as her heir, Blackbeard received her positions.


>Blackbeard would keel over as the unnatural state of holding three thrones slammed into him. Hexe's magic gauntlet had allowed her to cheat the system and hold the positions without issue. Blackbeard only had his own body and Yami Yami No Mai powers. While his powers did allow him to hold onto all three, his body was a poor vessel for the attempt. He'd writhe on the floor, emitting the dark mist of his powers, as he suffered for his greed.

>It was pain unimaginable, which was further amplified by his own powers. He'd been burned, shot, crushed by tentacles, stabbed, and frozen, but nothing he'd suffered before compared to it. He just twitched on the ground with a voiceless scream, the darkness around him growing as he stubbornly tired to cling to the power.

>Blackbeard would go limp, the darkness vanishing in a snap as he yielded. A single throne he would hold only. The other two slipped away to new owners.

uuuuugh. . .

>Blackbeard would lay on the ground on his back for some time, breathing heavily as he recovered from the ordeal. Eventually Blackbeard would get back up, though the best he could do was flop into a chair. At this moment, one of his hired hands would enter his abode.

Yo, Boss. You in here?

Yeah, what do you want?

>Teach would reply angrily, wanting to just be alone to recover.

Woah, calm down boss. Just letting you know it's almost time for the trade. I did call but you weren't answering. Speaking of calling, nothing been heard from the freakshow. Well the one in spandex, I mean.

>Blackbeard would look confused at his subordinate, having completely forgotten what was to happen today.

What trade. . .?

>It slowly trickled back to him though.

You know trading Eridan for that journal, not sure what in it-

Yeah, I remember.

So boss did you see the news-

Shut up.


>The crewman would flop onto a couch and wait.

>Blackbeard would grab his phone and dial up the infamous Wade

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535220

>The walk down to the courtyard would take some time. The traffic being signifiantly less heavy compared to the entrance area.

Rifts are a strange and complicated lot. Even after all this time we can't fully explain how they work or why they seem to like this universe so much. So far one of the few things we have been able to do is divert then into classes of varying strength and size. Fit example Gaston back there likely fell through a E class rift, the weakest we can detect. They're almost Invisable to the naked eye and are gone as fast as they appear. If I had to guess the rift you and your flying ship came in was likely a B class. What we're dealing with here is a rare one. A Triple S rift.

Boys in the lab are saying this one wasn't naturally occurring. Somebody made it on purpose. Meaning somebody had some serious beef with the nations that went missing. A-force was already on the scene, but we don't know if the perp was working alone.

Yare hare fiddle dede! Being a priate is alright with me!🎶

>At that moment Wade's phone would go off again. The ring tone causing Wade to stop in his tracks from disbelief.

What, Now?! You've got to be shutting me.

>Luckily for Wade they were just walking past a set of bathrooms.

Hey, go take care of business. No telling when we'll have another minute.

>Wade then ducks into the Stallion's room. The phone still rings as he looks under the stalls for any feet. Luckily it seemed that the room was unoccupied.

>He takes out the phone and picks up the call.

Well your timing is as impeccable as ever.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535222

File: 1512256251169.png (236.87 KB, 457x292, Grell_TheDonIsContemplatingYou…)


>The cat purrs and tents its hands together. It pauses for a long while, as if thinking about something, then flicks its ears and claps its hands with a sudden smack.

Well then! To commemorate your return, why don't I assist you with that homework the bitch left behind for you? I believe you would be far more impressive to your old companions and enemies if you could do what that little book seems to suggest.

>It shakes its head and clicks its tongue.

Though its method of teaching is rather unimpressive. To break rules, defy the hand of fate, you cannot boil these methods down to the empirical, that is antithetical to the whole purpose of flitting the natural order! Like a cat, who can defy the law of gravity and survive a fall a dog would be doomed to succumb to, it is an instinct, an immediate and total conviction that you shall survive, that you shall persevere for another day! To hell with fate, to hell with doom! To hell with the natural law, you will survive and do what you will for it.

>It sighs airily and tilts its head.

Mrrrow, in some ways, what you are isn't so different from I~

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535235

File: 1512261007019.gif (916.21 KB, 500x500, DOOM.gif)

All I need is a pair of cat ears and a tail, then we'd be the same.

>Barris would chuckle some at the thought.

And that would be appreciated. I tried to practice some earlier, but it didn't go well.

>Her attempts to make creatures to practice on didn't work out. Docile monsters with dangerous appendages and violent beasts with nothing dangerous to attack with. She'd try to "doom" the dangerous aspects without killing the beasts. The docile ones she couldn't find any doom about to destroy, and the violent ones she ended up just killing.

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535238

The fox does in fact watch the screen, carefully tracking the purple one's actions and learning its usage. It wasn't too different from what it was used to.
Granted, the methods were completely different, but...

It pauses as the implications of what it's actually reading hit it, causing it to blink in disbelief.
Of course, Pinkie's shaking did nothing to help the situation.

So, they were called rifts in this world.
And if things could be sent here, they could also be taken away.
The fox sits in silence through Twilight's outbreak, thinking, not more concerned by the casualties than by the mechanics involved.

Cookie's reaction several seconds later confirms his guesses, though this one manages to make him snap back to reality. She was rambling on again for most of it, as the fox had come to know as the norm, but her violent coughing fit causes it to stand back up, concerned.
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Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535241

File: 1512261986570.png (234.12 KB, 299x673, Grell_Cattily Flirting.PNG)

>The cat rolls and sprawls out on the ground with a purr. It peels off another sliver of meat and eats it, the heat of the meat having cooled from them sitting out and about. It licks the juice off its fingers and mewls.

Your practice wasn't quite what you needed, my lioness! Your focused on too much of the practical, not so much the impractical! Shame you can already fly, honestly, because I'm sure that would trigger it...

>It regards its clean hand with pursed lips.

No, we need to try something else! Something that breaks a law, a thing that mortals cannot do without! Rules of nature, rules of gravity, rules of fate, rules rules rules-!

>It disappears. There's a long moment where nothing happens, but as suddenly as it disappeared it reappears with a smooth river rock in its hand. It tosses it up and down.

We'll try this! It's simple, seems rather silly, but I want you to use your power to stop this rock from falling.

>It walks closer and holds out the rock for her to take, its tail swinging back and forth behind itself. Its smile is a bright toothy one.

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535249

File: 1512267172627.png (264.93 KB, 540x646, tumblr_owho7hARES1utfseao1_540…)

Hmmm... man-made rifts...

>Toga muttered, thinking to herself. The ship she rode in on made 'rifts', too, if that's what people here referred to portals between worlds of any kind. Maybe the Captain was the one who took the continent?

Sounds... well, the ship I hitched a ride on didn't just fall through a rift, you know, it flew right through it and closed it behind it... maybe the Captain was the one who took your countries and continents, since she can obviously make rifts of her own.

>She would offer, her tone for once serious.

>She began to say something else when Wade's phone rang and interrupted her.

Oh! Okay!

>For a moment, Toga considered using her power once again to follow Wade and listen in, but her sense of dignity kept her from invading the male restroom, even if it would be while completely unnoticeable. At least, this was a problem for her in this form.

>On the topic of different forms, Toga begins to think about adding a few new ones to her repertoire, and she wonders how she should go about that without either killing people at all, or alerting Wade to the fact that she was killing people. It'd take her a while to think of a viable plan for each, and as she entered the restroom she idly fingered the knife under her jacket.

Eridan Ampora!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535253

File: 1512269067214.png (387.65 KB, 500x500, wwonderin if i can crush someo…)

Oh cod this feels good...

>He isn't sure how long he had been sitting under the shower head of this new wonderful cell of his. When he came to he had a bar of soap on his chest and a tray of food left near a tiny slot at the front. The tray had an assortment of sushi cut up and arranged in a bowl of rice with two paper-like cuts of dried seaweed stuck in the side. A pair of sticks were set aside the bowl for use as well.

>The bowl had emptied in a few ravenous chomps. Eridan doesn't even remember the taste of the fish's flesh or the grains of rice. Even the dried seaweed vanished, leaving the bowl licked promptly clean. He hadn't even used the chopsticks, he captchalogged them the moment he realized they were there. It wasn't his wwhite wwand but maybe they'd be useful. The bowl he leaves on the tray, maybe his new jailer wouldn't notice them missing.

>After that he took stock of his cell. A small cot stuck out from the wall, a pillow and blanket left on the mattress to lay on. He couldn't move the mattress, it seemed to be bolted to the frame sticking out of the wall. There was also a toilet and a showerhead. The moment the showerhead registered to him, the troll had quickly raced for it and twisted the knobs. Jets of cold and hot water surged from above, a godly rain from ages of drought for the sea-troll. He sat under it, letting the water flow over himself and down the small drain nearby. He sat there even when the hot water had gone cold, and then even longer when he realized there was a bar of soap.

>The bar's entirety managed to clean his oily skin and nasty hair, though it would be a while before he would be able to regain his natural scent. His orange suit stunk terribly, even scrubbing it with the soap hadn't done much to remove the smell. His cape wasn't as soiled but he wasn't going to wear it. It didn't feel right to, not anymore.

>In the end Eridan opted for making a simple toga out of the blanket of his cell to wear. He kept his old prison suit inside his Sylladex in the offchance he could someday burn it. The toga wasn't his usual style and didn't match his symbol but it'd work.

>His time inside the cell was boring but that was usual. Eridan spent most of the time sleeping anyway, visiting the dreambubbles to escape the bleak reality he had been saddled with lately. His dreams took him to his home in Alternia, LOWAA and the menacing angels lurking about the high steeples and swooping buttresses, or places he didn't recognize with people who immediately turned the other direction when they saw him. Out of everything only his dreams of Alternia were something resembling a good dream, everything else was lonely, miserable, frightening, or a combination of the three.

>He cycled his routine. Sleeping, waking up, eating whatever food he found, showering and bathroom duties, then going back to sleep. It was better than the last cell, at least his environment was clean. The only strange aberrations were waking up and finding his glasses set on the floor rather than on his face, and another time where he had a bandage on his arm. Removing the bandage revealed a small pinpoint of a mark, though he couldn't imagine where it came from.

>He never saw or heard anyone else but that was probably because the cell was soundproofed. He didn't see anything aside the sealed door that air or sound could pass through except a small vent at the top of his cell and the drain at the floor.

>Right now was his shower session. He sits comfortably under the hot water, his hair slicked back and the fins at the sides of his head folded down in bliss. His toga remains folded on the bead nearby, drying from a recent wash. The routine was fine and with some steady meals he felt stronger than usual.

>Now he just had to find out why he was here, or better, how to escape...

Blackbeard!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535260

Hey, you are the one here leaving things to the last minute.

>Blackbeard would reply.

Been a week, time is running out, and no word from you. And I doubt you think I've been bluffing this whole time, so what is with the hold up?

>Blackbeard would ask.
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Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535269

File: 1512281756695.jpg (93.1 KB, 762x1049, kicking_ass_is_a_thirsty_job_b…)

>Toga's words would seem to be ignored as Wade entered the bathroom. Despite his earlier precaution it seemed Toga was completely off his attention right now.

Oh I'm sorry, do you not have cable? A few countries just got pulled from the ground like ripe ginger roots.

>His voice would seem agitated. All the shit he had gone through in the past few hours building up into a fine ball of angst.

I told you I'd get it I just need a bit more time. I'll even go the extra mile and throw in the silver platter.

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535270

File: 1512290864841.gif (503.74 KB, 300x222, What the fuck....gif)


"No, she didn't write back yet, I-"

Twilight turns around to see Cookie suddenly seizing up.

"...Hold on for a moment."

Twilight drops her phone on the ground and rushes back to Cookie's side.

"What? Cookie this isn't your fault. I don't think you had anything to do with the countries and continent disappearing, alright?"

She wasn't entirely sure about the truthfulness of that statement though...

Twilight squints, looking at what Cookie spits out.

...That's just toe-ing the light between abnormal and anomaly.

"It's alright...just calm down...calm down..."

"Rotan, Kameria, and Mo'Gallile are just...gone?" Pinkie tilts her head. "Wow, that really is something no one would've expected!

"But that's weird...usually random rifts bring stuff from other places here, not take them away..."

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535272

It appears to simply be some sort of thick, green sludge, slightly bubbling as if it were searing hot, or maybe even...alive?
It certainly doesn't look like any normal snot one would get from a cold.

"No? Not, fault of failure?" she took in a deep breath, truly thinking of such a possibility, was all she has done for Madame Silver Crescent in vain? Did any of this matter in this world?

Coughing once more, Cookie lets go of Twilight, opting to instead smash against her chest repeatedly, to keep the icky sticky ooey gooey green demons from coming out, you can really hear the heavy impact those punches have against her.

Shaking her head after a while she too stares down at the green sludge, narrowing her eyes at it, she knows what this is.
"Do not, touch."
She clearly states as she walks over, punching the goo into the dirt, burying it under the dirt so it hopefully just dissipates.

Wiping her hoof from the remains of the green sludge she turns back to the group as a whole
"If, Daybreaker not have done this, and not connection to arrival here."
She points at herself, trying to convey and make sense of it all, and realizing a pretty grim possibility.
"Then, there maybe being that control rift.."
She speculates out loud, staring at the map, she has no idea what the political climate was in this world
"Was there one who benefit from entire continent destroy?" She muses, stepping closer to the Laptop, still thinking
"Then, whoever done this, is not strike again too soon, it take tremendous power to control such thing...it is safe to go help. Must help survivors."

Then, she looks over to Twilight, bowing her head down as if to show respect

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535273


The fox watches as the maroon one coughs up something probably sentient in its own right, before brushing it off by punching it to a pulp.

Well, that settles that.
What Cookie says next does make some sort of sense, though, the fox muses. Considering the many different starship drives the races of the worlds it knew used, it wouldn't be too far a stretch to think someone hadn't at least tried harnessing something like it.
Not to this scale, of course, but...

It shakes its head, glancing back at the laptop. First things first. Seeing as the purple one wasn't using her it for the moment, it sits in front of the opened device, staring at it for a brief moment before sliding the cursor around with a paw.
Seems like it's trying to learn the ropes.

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535281

File: 1512337224786.png (185.96 KB, 800x700, We've got work to do.png)

Oh, please let that not be planting the seeds of evil...

"Ok...I don't know why this happened...and I don't think anyone is responsible for this. The political climate isn't the most friendly, but nothing got so bad as to cause entire nations to disappear..." Twilight said, rubbing her chin.

"Oh, I don't think this has anything to do with politics," Pinkie spoke up.


"Yeah, things usually happen for a reason, but sometimes, that reason is beyond even our understanding. It's kinda like my Pinkie Sense. Twilight's tried to understand it, but she's learned that there are just some things that can't be explained so easily, or in a way that makes sense. Maybe it's like that here, too. Maybe things were going all hunky-dory for a while, but then suddenly, for whatever reason, things just happen without forethought, and it just leaves the rest of us who have to deal with the consequences of the actions that others made. Rifts are funny like that, ya know?"

"...Huh..." Twilight is stunned by Pinkie's moment of profoundness. "Well...I think...a change of plans is in order. "Cookie, I need you to go to the places where Rotan, Kameria, and Mo'Galile once were. The places may be gone, but I have a feeling that not all of the people that lived there were home when it happened. They most likely lost everything, and they need someone. That someone has to be you. You need to be their friend in their time of need, ok?"

Much like her library, Twilight's laptop is meticulously organized.

Should the fox do enough fiddling, she has three applications open. The internet browser to access the maps, a mysteriously unknown app that details all sorts of magic from around Rigel Prima, and a chatting app, Pesterchum.

Should the fox open up Pesterchum, it would see Twilight's last conversation.

-- turnaboutSeasons [TS] began pestering sorceryScholar [SS] --
TS: Twilight I am currently in bed dying so ill make this quick
TS: Rotan, Kameria, and Mo'Galile are gone
TS: They say it was a class SSS rift
TS: its a big fucking deal but i dont know what to do
TS: i just thought you should know because
TS: fuck
TS: i dont know whats gonna happen
TS: im not actually dying i am just very tired today
TS: i should make that clear

--turnaboutSeasons[ TS] ceased pestering sorceryScholar [SS]

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535283

File: 1512338591631.png (199.5 KB, 537x759, EST.PNG)

Cookie stood there, silent, not stunned like Twilight was at Pinkie's nail on the head hitting explanation, but rather giving her an admiring look.

Then, she was given her first task by the Princess herself, she nods, looking as professional as can be, which is not much considering she still hasn't washed herself or done anything about that smell of hers
"One horse only pull so many things, group collective hope is inside ruins."
She bows her head down once more
"Need rally survivor and establish safe zone until evacuation to Equestria. Transport method, ship, Einhorn Teleportation Kette.
Provisions for packs, route to disaster."

She looks back up, taking her role in this very serious
"Princess Twilight, will keep report tight, send information of need, when require resource."
Now, she straightens herself out as much as she could, standing at-ready like a guard on duty would
"Princess Twilight, accept scout mission, rally survivor and establish route of evac, protect with life!"

And with that, she was about ready to set out, she will find a way of her own most likely.
Knowing her she will probably just start swimming there.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535288

File: 1512351718160.png (122.06 KB, 520x542, Bitch_Say_What.PNG)

>Barris would take the rock and frown at it some. She wasn't even sure how that would work. She'd stare it while she thought on how to go about doing such a feat. She at first simply dropped the rock, mostly as a control. See how it fell and what factored into that. Of course that was simply gravity, but she hoped her Doom powers would tell her something more. But they didn't.

>She'd pick it back up and angrily glare at it as it dropped again, trying to will it not to fall. It'd hit the ground with a thunk.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535289

File: 1512352308647.jpg (55.87 KB, 720x427, You!.jpg)

Countries got pulled from the ground?

>Blackbeard would say confused. He had expected some sort of lie to stall for time, but that was something else.

Even a continent, boss. What the shit have you been doing in here? It's been all over the news.

>Blackbeard would cover the receiver as he talked to his goon.


Yeah. Kameria and Rotan both just vanished.
And then Mo'Galile, country and land, all disappeared. Poof, right into a rift.

>Blackbeard would frown angrily, though a part of his brain was telling him this was advantageous. He'd uncover the phone receiver.

Alright, you got an extension.

>Blackbeard would say.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535290

File: 1512352314788.png (102.74 KB, 222x283, Grell_HowMayIHelpYouMrow.PNG)

>The cat watches Barris drop the rock a few times, its eyes focused more on her than the rock it gave to her. Its ear flicks the first two times at the sound of impact, anything after that it seemed to ignore in favor of studying her expression. After a few tries, it holds up a hand for her to stop.

Hmmm...interesting, but I can see what the issue is. Still focused on the practical, the how, which still conforms to the rules that you must break.

>Its hand finds its hip and it studies her for a second more, its eyes flicking rapidly up and down. Its gaze lingers on Barris' face, its smile far less pronounced than its usual grin.

Penny for your thoughts, my lioness?

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535298

Rose is quick to take his hand, floating into the air and pulling him up with her. She still didn't particularly like flying all that much. However she had to admit to herself it was one of the faster ways to get around.

Especially since she'd never bothered learning how to drive.

"Lets then."

They didn't really have a ton of time to waste deliberating on things that may or may not happen, but she felt pretty confident Wayne Manor would still be there when they got back,

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535299

File: 1512357378502.png (122.06 KB, 520x542, Bitch_Say_What.PNG)

>Barris would sigh.

I just don't see how I can just, will away something like that.

>Barris would say with a wave of her hands.

It is like sailing into the Stormwall's waters without some technique for navigation. Or. .

>She wouldn't finish that thought aloud. Beating her brother was just as daunting. The family fortune at his disposal, and thanks to the Magic Cue Ball informing her, and now some powerful relics from the Stormwall to hid in. She wouldn't say it aloud to the Cheshire, it might think she was giving up. She wasn't going to.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535300

File: 1512357693960.jpg (138.09 KB, 900x1273, 1440091861705.jpg)

>There were a lot of things Wade wanted to say right now. A lot of obscenities he wanted to fill Blackbeard's ear with. Then again insulting the man holding all the cards wouldn't exactly be in his best interest.

Gee, thanks.

>He says with feeble attempts to hide his lack of enthusiasm. He was glad at least that he could stop worrying about this for a while anyway.

I'll call you when I have it ready.

>He keeps his wording as vague as possible. Least someone try to overhear him.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535301

File: 1512358880555.png (70.16 KB, 181x164, Grell_KittyBat.PNG)

Or something equally impossible, nya? Unfortunate, that. Unless you somehow start believing in the impossible I daresay you'll never have the knack to do what you're capable of!

>The cat doesn't appear pleased with the concept, but it quickly waves a hand dismissively with a sigh.

I suppose for that we shall have to have you do something you felt impossible to do before! The real question is: what would that be?

Blackbeard!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535302

Just try to not take too long.

>Blackbeard would threaten and hang up.

So when is the new date?


Fine, fine.

>The subordinate would leave. Blackbeard had to process the information that had been delivered to him.

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535304

>The sudden dial tone from the other end woukd cause Wade to punch the wall behind him in frustration.

Son of a Hydra!

>He shouts out as he jerks his phone back into his pouch pocket. With a frustrated still he heads into the stall and slams the door behind him.

>Several minutes later Wade exits the bathroom looking more relieved then when he had gone in. His attitude having shifted back to his business casual tone.

Well I feel better.

>He then goes to lean on the wall opposite the bathrooms to wait for Toga to show herself.

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535305

The fox does indeed figure out how to open applications, but not before discovering how to close them by accident.

It does catch a glimpse of the Pesterchum conversation before the window closes, but way too late for it to do much about it.
Slightly annoyed, it drags the windows around the screen with the cursor. It was such an archaic system...

It spends a while looking at the magic app, poking at the buttons and text fields probably present there, but the Internet browser is the one that catches its eye. Tail slowly swaying form side to side, it sits down to examine it, opening new tabs, dragging the tabs about and generally inputting gibberish into the search fields.

As the screen refreshes, the fox glances over to the maroon mare. It seems she's decided on a path to go, at least. It flicks its tail, thinking.

Restoring its communication array was the first priority. If the console it was playing with did in fact have a connection of the sort it seemed to show, that would make its task significantly easier.

Now, if it could just figure out how to get the point across...

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535307

File: 1512379553729.jpg (67.78 KB, 424x542, be2855e0fe2d452ea5046dd74d9df8…)

Well that's good!

>Came a sudden exclamation from right beside Toga. She got him again. She had been waiting for about two minutes before she heard Wade start to leave the restroom and had went unnoticeable just moments before he left, giving her enough time to wait for him to lean against the wall for a moment before appearing suddenly beside him.

Took you long enough! You eat a bad burrito or somethin'?

>She would ask, pushing herself off a couple feet from the wall beside him and twirling around to face him.
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Deadpony!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535308

File: 1512381886354.jpg (33.4 KB, 669x320, deadpool-talks-to-boxes-129588…)

>Wade closes his eyes. His entire face scrunching up as he realizes what has just happened. Clearly he'd have to try harder to prevent her invisibility from effecting him in the future.

Yeah or something. Dunno what the hell they're stuffing into the food around here lately, but it ain't good.

>He picks himself up and lets out a sigh. He really couldn't make heads or tails on this one. Her personality was all over the place making her impossible to read. One second she was talking about blood then suddenly she's taking a selfie in front of a window.

Well come on, we better get back on the old dusty trail.

>With that he turns and begins walking back along the route to courtyard. More then likely someone was going to give him a mouthful for dilly dalleying.

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535309

"Yes, I'm counting on you, Cookie," Twilight says with an affirmative nod. Though she doesn't know the mare all that well, she seems to have good intentions, and that's enough to put her trust in her to do this.

Still, there are some precautions she has to take...

"I trust that you have a map that will guide you to where the countries once were, correct? We need you to get there ASAP, with as little detours as possible."

The fox's tinkering probably doesn't lead to much, the search results returning what it thinks it might be getting across.

Unfortunately, with how it types, the educated guesses range from the scientific names of plants to horse yoga. There are a few news flashes from the search engine that talk about the disappearances of the the land masses, just to further confirm what was already said.

AnonymousCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535311

The mare raised a hoof up and tapped it against her forehead, poking at around the spot where a Unicornhorn would be.
"Map inside, know where place! South-east continent."
She places her hoof back on the ground, standing at ready.
"Silver City, southeastmost town, most likely harbor city for easy boat shipping.
Need gather intel on best mode of transport, flying machine get here if possible."
Looks like she really did memorize the entire map of Rigel Prima.
"Now is time, Princess Twilight, Hero Pink Party Pony. Departure."

With one last bow she would make her way towards a map of Town itself, checking if there was any sort of airship traffic in Town, and if so that would be where she went first, most likely to hijack a ship.

Unless Twilight, Pinkie or even the Fox still has something to tell Cookie this might just be the last any of them see of this strange mare.
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!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535312

The fox doesn't seem to be paying attention to the search results, though it does take a few seconds seemingly to understand what's happening. It regards the news flashes with mild curiosity, cycling through the tabs with slightly more structured chaos search-wise.

It seems to have gotten the hang of the keyboard, at least, and seems to now be digging into the articles it finds, travelling through them by means of following the links.

If one were to pay a bit more attention, it seems its ears are cocked, almost as though trying to listen to a response from the computer... or for something else, entirely.

It regards the maroon one's departure with a slight twitch of its tail, pausing for a brief moment. It didn't really understand why the sudden departure, natural disaster or not, considering all the facts pointed towards that mare being as new to the world as it was, but they did what they did.

Still apparently listening to something else, the fox turns to look at the pink and purple duo, looking to see if they had anything to say in the matter.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535324

File: 1512442593081.png (122.06 KB, 520x542, Bitch_Say_What.PNG)

Well, I won't be trying to sail the Stormwall without my maps.

>SHe'd say as she pulled out her phone, checking to see if somehow it hadn't binged and there were messages from either Jade or Monello. Of course, there would be no new replies. She'd scowl at it.

Where are they?

>Barris would mutter. She didn't really like the lack of any response. It did make her worry her brother had gotten to them.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535327

File: 1512444111900.png (139.97 KB, 339x269, Grell_ThatBetterBeFancyFeastDa…)


Nyaaaa now that could be an idea...

>The cat considers the possibility. Theoretically Barris should be able to sail through the Stormwall with no doom touching her, which would be a phenomenal ability considering the nature of the Stormwall itself. It could very well make her one of the most remarkable captain of the seas.

>Her distracted gaze at her phone draws the cat's gaze. Like usual it leans closer and smiles with an airy grin.

I daresay the bitch and brat could use a little reminder. Shall I make a pest of myself and bring them back, my lioness~?

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535328

"I expect you to write back soon, Cookie..." Twilight says with a nod.

"Please, be safe, and return back to my castle once you believe your mission is done. And please, be sure to follow the rules, alright?"

Well, she just set somepony she just met out under her employ.

Though she couldn't be there to monitor her the entire time, the journal was enough to allow communication between the two should they need it.

There are tons of others out there that need help, she had to believe that Cookie would do the right thing to help them out.

"Bye-bye! Be sure to write!" Pinkie cheers, bouncing in the air as Cookie departs.

While Twilight sees Cookie off, Pinkie decides to help the fox out.

"Oh, you wanna browse the internet? Whatcha looking for? News about space stuff?"

Pinkie lays down near the fox, observing the fox's attempts to use this archaic technology.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535329

File: 1512448913346.png (266.4 KB, 741x1641, GT Barris.png)

If you would be so kind.

>Barris would say graciously. It'd be rather hard for them to ignore the Cheshire. Or at least the Cheshire could find out what had happened to them.

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535331

With a quick salute and one last nod, Cookie turned her back to the group, looking up into the sky
"Not much Sunlight left."
She muses out loud as she took off her saddlebag of holding, setting it down onto the ground.
This might have been strange enough behavior already, if it weren't for Cookie now picking up part of her shadow and starting to smear it all over her newly acquired bag.

It looks like a thin, almost silky, liquid substance, slowly coating the outside of the bag.
This is clearly some form of magic, one that can be felt as well, it may come as a surprise since before, nobody could feel any sort of magic coming from Cookie.

Once she was done with that unwieldy sight, she puts her saddlebags right back on after having made sure her 'shadow' had coated it completely, the thin film of silky substance has since disappeared from it.

Cookie is not one to show off, or even explain what she is doing in great detail, so when she once more reaches down to her shadow, peeling a mask of sorts from the head of her shadow, it really should not surprise anyone.

The 'mask' has no real, notable features other than being a carbon copy of Cookie's face, only that it has the same silky, liquid texture to it.

With one last look towards the most likely confused group, Cookie simply gives them a little smirk, she did not realize that they might not be used to these arts, it was common practice in her last group after all, this was not out of the ordinary for her.
And so, with a simple wave of goodbye, Cookie put on the mask, which slowly began to coat her entire body in that same strangely smooth substance, including her newly acquired bags.
It is unclear wether or not this process was painful, as Cookie did not react that much.

Just as the mask has finished coating up her entire body, it suddenly, slowly starts to..melt?
Her entire body seems to lose all substance, solidness and general being a creepy pony, slowly sinking into the ground.

Soon enough, there was no more Cookie Cutter, the pony was gone, the only thing that remained was a pony-shaped silhouette, a shadow on the ground quickly darting off, away from the group.

Let's hope that Twilight did not just kick the world while it was down by releasing this mare into it in her name...though it still is possible to try and catch her, maybe rectify a mistake or two?

Otherwise the shadow quickly makes its way through town, where it might even end up getting spotted by someone else.
Although, a shadow darting alongside the ground may not be too out of the ordinary for Town's townsfolk for anyone to really pay it any mind.
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!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535333

The fox does tilt a ear in Pinkie's direction as she hails him, but otherwise seems to be focused on... not the laptop specifically, but something.
It does bring its tail over though, should the pink one want to get any solid conversation out of it.

It doesn't seem too fazed by Cookie's apparent shadow-morphing, though how much of that is simply because it's too distracted by what it's currently doing is unknown.

Not really being stopped by the purple one, it continues to input words into the search bar, though this time almost specific phrases instead of random gibberish.
They still don't seem to be too connected, other than being words in the search list of previously typed words, but it's definitely a step up.

A few more seconds pass before it visibly flicks its tail, holding it straight up almost as though it was suspended by a thread.
The refreshing screen halts, changing to one indicating 'no network connection'.

The fox seems visibly happy at this discovery.

Blackbeard!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535335

File: 1512516293210.png (4.96 MB, 3190x3249, marshall_d_teach_2_by_alexisca…)

>With that finished, Blackbeard had other business to attend to. He was now a Demon Prince of Greed. And he had to find out just what all the entailed, and if there are any deals he needed to be aware of. Not to mention to make sure no one was trying to steal his new position.

>If a poof of fire and brimstone Blackbeard disappeared from the room, teleporting down to his Circle and get to the business down there.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535336

File: 1512522898247.png (234.12 KB, 299x673, Grell_Cattily Flirting.PNG)


Off I go~!

>The cat vanishes. There's a passing for a few minutes, and suddenly Barris' phone buzzes with a notification from her Pesterchum app. The indication is for Barris' side account, the one Jade had fallen in habit of using during the Sburb session.

gardenGnostic [gg] started pestering eliosUn [EU]
GG: hello hello and sorry sorry!!!
GG: monello and i might have been carried away with stuff and
GG: its kind of complicated!!!
GG: your cat is here saying you want us to meet up?

Blackbeard!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535338

File: 1512526502376.png (266.4 KB, 741x1641, GT Barris.png)

>Barris herself had gotten used to using that account, so she wasn't surprised by Jade using.

EU: Yes. I sent you both messages saying so.
EU: I have the intel on my brother.

>Barris would reply. She'd smile at the Cheshire's efforts baring fruit.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535339

File: 1512526776048.jpg (65.29 KB, 500x375, Grell_Coy Cat.jpg)

>Again the response is refreshingly prompt.

GG: okay we'll be there soon!!!
GG: I just have to get monello first
GG: or do you need both of us???
GG: are we doing this now?
GG: ??????

>Meanwhile another message pops up from a different account.

cunningCat [CC] started pestering eliosUn [EU]
CC: I do so love making a pest of myself ;3

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535340

File: 1512527652682.png (170.22 KB, 700x700, ohno.png)

...Alright, that's definitely a thing that just happened.


Not even gonna think for a moment that means anything bad.

Nope nope nope nope nope nope.
"Huh. Neat!"

Once Twilight is over her initial shock, she walks back to her laptop, picking up her cell phone.

"...Alright, I'll bite. What are you two doing?"

"I dunno! Lemmie check!" Pinkie grabs onto the fox's tail to communicate.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535341

File: 1512530231600.jpg (309.1 KB, 533x800, Barris Ki'Teer.jpg)

>Barris would message back to Jade.
EU: No. Not now.
EU: In two days.
EU: You'll only be able to snatch him up in the underground areas of the estate.
EU: And those are protected by anti teleportation devices currently.

>Barris would then shoot off a message to the Cheshire.

EU: That makes two of us. Thank you.
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Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535342

File: 1512530681254.png (133.2 KB, 160x346, Grell_UpsideDown.png)

>This time there's a longer pause from Jade. The Cat's response is much more prompt but incredibly simple:

CC: ;3c

>Finally after a few minutes another response pops up.

GG: okay i am officially confused now
GG: did you want to meet up right now or do you want to meet in two days????
GG: also does antiteleportation block out my green sun powers???
GG: should i try zappy zapping myself inside in a dry run first before we go ahead with this???

GG: if these are a lot of questions i'm very sorry!!!
GG: i just want to make sure i do this right the first time :s

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535343

File: 1512531390168.png (266.4 KB, 741x1641, GT Barris.png)

>Barris messages back at Jade.

EU: That is why I want to meet up. To iron out those details.

>Barris would pause for a moment, The various devices in use together did block Jade's teleporting abilities, but she'd have to reveal how she knew if she said so. And Barris wanted to keep the Cue Ball a secret.

EU: And I'd refrain from any tests.
EU: If they do, you'd be reduced to goo and then in the clutches of my brother.
EU: If they don't, my brother's security detail could learn there is a hole in the net.

Jade Harley!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535344

File: 1512532360664.jpg (3.74 MB, 163x255, Jade_Puzzling.jpg)

>There's another pause, though not as short as before. Elsewhere, on the game planet, Jade slowly types with one hand and keeps the other arm extended. The Cat's face is smooshed away, its arms flailing to try and reach her.

GG: oh
GG: well that first part wouldn't be too awful
GG: i'd just resurrect!!! :B
GG: but i wouldn't want to be zapped to goo if i could help it
GG: that could really hurt <:(
GG: hmm
GG: okay we should meet up to figure out what to do!!
GG: i'll get over there once monello's ready
GG: is that ok??

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535345

File: 1512533557830.jpg (309.1 KB, 533x800, Barris Ki'Teer.jpg)

EU: You neglect the part where you'll be captured by my brother.
EU: You wouldn't be able to Zap back.

>Barris would pause so Jade could read that clearly. Hoping that Jade wouldn't try anything.

EU: Monello doesn't have to come, if she is busy.
EU: You are doing most of the work.
EU: And there won't be anything for her to do.

Jade Harley!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535346

File: 1512538029735.png (94.68 KB, 252x219, firm pupper.png)

>Jade leans further away from the cat, frowning as it continues in vain to swat its hands for her pda in her hand. She grunts, shoves the cat. and quickly leans forward to type out another response.

GG: hmmm
GG: since we're just talking this out that'll be okay
GG: i don't really want monello and this cat in the same room again if i can help it
GG: i'll tell her i'm going before i leave
GG: seeya soon!!!
gardenGnostic [GG] stopped pestering eliosUn[EU]

>With the messages sent, Jade quickly slides out of her seat before a pink blur could pounce on her. She growls and capchalogs the pda, glaring at the fallen chair and the cat tangled up on the ground.

Can you please stay out of my face?! You are so RUDE!

>The cat vanishes and reappears, or rather its face does, floating near the doorway.




>It's around five minutes when a familiar yellow and green flash of light appears, followed shortly by the appearance of the grinning Cheshire Cat. Jade's harried expression is a far cry from the Cat's relaxed and amused one.

Okay I'm here!!! Sorry again for the wait!

>The cat meanwhile walks near Barris and winks at her with a smug grin. It plucks up the tray of the leftover bird they ate for dinner and vanishes, leaving the two to talk.

Pam!AwoooWol3gCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535354

File: 1512553401974.png (80.64 KB, 147x202, 2016-01-27 23_22_48-Prague Rac…)

Well, uh... I know I'm not... part of your organization or anything and I've only been on this plane for, I dunno, a couple weeks but... I'd like to help out any way I can.

>Pam would say, rubbing the back of her head with one hand a bit nervously, looking between Solaire and Bailey.

I don't really know what I can help with, but I'll do anything I can.

>She looks around the room once and smiles slightly.

It looks like you could use the work.

Kallisti!Eris/y/LBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535355

File: 1512553973790.png (723.4 KB, 700x781, 140080681492.png)

>Kallisti had decided Ponyville wasn't a good option without giving some sort of notice and so had flown off to explore more of Rigel Prima's version of Equestria.

>She had decided to stop somewhere in the middle of nowhere and create something for herself to eat.

>Unlike, say Discord himself, she wasn't a big fan of the sweets end of things, and instead preferred to feast on something more... more. So she summoned a veritable feast of meats.

>As she was eating she lifted her head up suddenly and looked out over the horizon and frowned.

Hmmm... I sense something needs it's ass kicked...

>Then she shook her head slightly and shrugged.

Eh, not my problem... yet.

>And she went back to eating.

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535356

File: 1512556676884.jpg (12.62 KB, 180x280, images (2).jpg)

>Toga giggled at Wade's reaction, though she could not see his face.

Okey doke!

>She would say as Wade starts walking off, following him after a few seconds, walking slightly behind him.

Alright, no more talking or messing around, it's time for serious Toga.

>She says, mostly to herself, as they walk. She tries to calm her face into a neutral expression but ends up failing, leaving her with her normal smiling face.

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535357

The tail seems almost static-infused to the touch, feeling slightly more fuzzy than usual.

The fox doesn't seem to pay much attention to Twilight's question, more focused on the screen than anything else. It's still displaying the 'no connection' screen, and by the looks of it the wireless connection's gone too.

Pinkie, on the other hand (or hoof), sees effectively a blinding wall of code, strewn all about the place in chaotic disarray. Chunks of it seem to be snapping into place here and there, forming almost a raft of text.
It's quite the sight, and rather disorientating.

The scene vanishes a split second later as the fox catches on to what's happening, to be replaced by its signature soundless reply.

Fleet Acknowledges.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535358

File: 1512571910262.jpg (309.1 KB, 533x800, Barris Ki'Teer.jpg)


>Barris would put her own phone away, swapping them out for a set of maps she had drawn.

So first the timing. In two days the anti teleportation devices will be shut off. From 10 am to 2 pm local time for an auction.

>Barris would roll out two of the maps, both were incomplete renditions of the underground areas. Namely a single large room and the tunnels around it from above and the side. Barris had made these so Jade would know exactly where she'd be teleporting and the dimensions of the room. She figured this would be helpful since they couldn't practice.

This is where he'll be for most of the time.

>She'd have the next made ready to unroll, but would wait to see if Jade had an concerns or questions.

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535362

"Oooohoohoo!" Pinkie giggles at the visuals she gets upon contact.

Twilight, still an outsider, can only see the fact that her laptop now has no connection, despite it being fine when she opened it up.

"Guys, Sunset got that for me for Hearth's Warming...can we not break it?"


Pinkie watches as all the code comes together.

"Hmm...alright!" Now what would be the best question to ask...?

"What is your name?"

Solaire of Astora!SunO73XMtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535364

File: 1512616548197.jpg (480.3 KB, 800x800, 47826062f5969484710612fb04c987…)

>Solaire would to table off to the side, there were several stacks of paper there.

If you are looking for the forms, I've moved them there for everyone's benefit.

>He'd then turn his attention to Pam.

We could always use an extra hand.

>He'd say gratefully to her.

I'm Solaire of Astora by the way, forgive me for not introducing myself earlier.

Jade Harley!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535365

File: 1512617377857.png (196.02 KB, 785x926, plants.png)

>Jade steps closer and examines the maps Barris rolls out, privately surprised by the level of detail Barris seemed to place in the diagrams in particular. The drawings were crude, naturally, but it gave the witch enough of an idea of where things would be or what to keep in mind.

>She points to the large room and taps her finger on the paper.

So here, right? How do you know he's even running an auction that particular day???

>It seemed a little arbitrary a date, there wasn't anything special she could think of that was a holiday. Then again this was Barris' family on the other side of the world. Perhaps there was a special occasion where he'd be conveniently available for quick kidnappings.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535366

File: 1512619647091.jpg (542.51 KB, 1000x1414, tumblr_ob55igf17b1uavwhto1_128…)


And my contact told me so.

>Barris says simply. There wasn't anything special about the day.

He is expecting the Equestrian government to come investigate as he has a few of their enslaved citizens there. He is going to selling off the ones he has tired of, so he doesn't need to waste time hiding them later.

>Barris would say in disdain. She herself wasn't a fan of Slavery. It was a business in parts of the world, she understood. But it hardly struck her as smart to employ people who had everything to gain from killing you, and granting them access to your food and bed. Then there was the fact he was pointlessly selling them off. The estate was so large that there'd be no way for a visiting delegation to run into any slaves. He just wanted some "Pocket Change."

Here is what he'll look like.

>She'd unroll the third drawing, which was of him. Beside him was a more detailed drawing of the room, revealing a stage and rows of seats. Various spots had been marked with an X and then a time stamp beside it.

Jade Harley!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535367

File: 1512620272483.jpg (17.71 KB, 356x356, Jade_Hearing the Beggin Strip …)


Okay, that sounds...terrible...

>Jade examines the next drawing, briefly glancing between the drawing and Barris a few times. She had one question, but wasn't sure how to ask.

Uhm...is this what he looks like? Or an approximation? Because his head looks kind of...squished.

>She squints at the small space that constituted as Baro's upper skull with a frown. She wasn't sure if it was the angle, Barris' art skills, or if he actually had a head like that.

>If he did that certainly explained a lot!!!

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535368

File: 1512620667052.jpg (309.1 KB, 533x800, Barris Ki'Teer.jpg)

An approximation, from artistic bias.

>Barris would say.

If you need more accurate, I can adjust it.

>She offers.

Jade Harley!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535369

File: 1512621265745.png (67.51 KB, 500x346, Jade_Uh-oh.png)

>Jade quickly shakes her head. Her hair rustles and falls over her shoulders in wavy locks, some covering her space symbol on the front of her space robes.

No no it's okay! I just want to make sure so that I know what to look for! It would be very awkward if I was looking for someone with...uh, well, nevermind!!! I think I get an idea what he looks like.

>She looks between the two a few more times. The venue looked vast and would likely have a bunch of people there for the auction. She could sneak in while being small and move around unnoticed but this wasn't going to be as quick as her 'zap in-zap out' plan had been.

...Do you mind if I keep these for when I go in??? They could be useful, since I have to find my way to this room in the first place.

>She could follow the bunch of people heading for the auction house, she supposed, but there had been a lot of people visiting the island before. She would have to know what she was looking for if she wanted to do this right the first time.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535370

File: 1512621792032.png (131.81 KB, 535x512, Shocked_Barris.PNG)

Find your way? This doesn't help you teleport directly in?

>Barris had made the drawings to scale as to aid in that. She'd frown some in concern. She really wanted this to be done as quick as possible, no chance for her brother to react.

Jade Harley!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535371

File: 1512622050975.jpg (3.74 MB, 163x255, Jade_Puzzling.jpg)



>Now it was Jade's turn to be confused. She lifts a brow and frowns at Barris.

Didn't you say that if I just zap in I'll turn into goo??? I'm pretty sure that's what you told me over Pesterchum!

>She considers going into her Sylladex and retrieving her PDA to check but that meant bothering with her modus. This week was Scrabble. If she had the letters to spell out the item on the card she could retrieve it. It would be pretty hard to get it now when she didn't have a P in her available letters.

Am I going to be zapped into goo if I zap in there willy-nilly???

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535372

File: 1512622429427.png (131.81 KB, 535x512, Shocked_Barris.PNG)

>Barris would give Jade a confused look.

Not on that day. As I just said, the devices will be switched off then. From 10 am to 2 pm.

>She'd say with concern. How could she already forget that?

Jade Harley!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535373

File: 1512622764790.png (8.52 KB, 650x450, Jade_wat.png)



>Wow, why'd she space on that? Jade searches her thoughts and realizes Barris did tell her that, but she had been so wrapped up looking at the papers she was holding that she didn't really register it. That made things easier!

Oooohkay! So, I zap in and zap out with him real quick! Sounds like a plan!

>Nearly the cat clicks its tongue and grins at the witch.

Dumb dog. You could stand to pay more attention, if your small brain can afford that much!

>Jade folds her ears back and blushes a bright red, casting the cat a quick glare in its direction. The cat waves back with a smug grin and vanishes again.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535374

File: 1512623438684.png (266.4 KB, 741x1641, GT Barris.png)

>Barris would rub her forehead as Jade slowly realized what had already been said.


>Barris would then point to the other drawing beside that of her brother.

To help make things easier, these are spots where he should be and the times at which he will be at those spots.

>She offers. It wasn't a super large room, but Barris wanted this to go as soothly as possible. Failure could end disastrously.

Jade Harley!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535378

File: 1512624630338.jpg (44.94 KB, 564x805, Jade_PUPPER.jpg)

>Jade pays careful attention to the marked spots and the times. She needed a place where he'd be isolated, enough for her flashy appearance and disappearance to be too sudden for anyone to do anything. A place that wasn't too open for security to post an immediate assault was another thing she had to consider.

Out of these spots do you know any where he'd be kind of alone or secluded?

>The middle of the room was immediately out, but if Baro moved towards a corner that could work a little better for her. Backs to the wall meant not having to be aware of that direction.

>Maybe it was a little much to ask but with information this indepth she figured she could try asking for her sake.

Cardinal!CDNL//nLd.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535379

File: 1512629443123.png (451.83 KB, 2894x1480, TAPE10.png)

The fox visibly ponders how to answer for a second, before glancing back to the laptop, furrowing its brow in concentration.
Once again, its tail lights up with static, this time accompanied by the 'no connection' screen almost simultaneously turning into a 404 screen.

It's still the normal web browser by the looks of it, but instead of returning a normal error code, the text below the giant bold '404' simply reads:

Fleet Reports
Faux-Class Fleet Fire Control
Handler 901/721 - Equineral II

It seems rather happy that it's managed to do... whatever it's done to the computer.

Celestia and friends!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535386

File: 1512635181764.png (753.17 KB, 1920x1080, latest.png)

>Meanwhile, in the courtyard. The princess makes preparations for her trip to the seat of the world. In this time one could not be to careful. It took someone of great power to move an entire continent, protection should be top priority. For Celestia she brought her two finest guards. To stallions of decades of service and experience. Along with them Agent Wilson would be accompanying them. Along with one other whose skills would prove invaluable.

Argent, is Agent Wilson close by?

>The pale unicorn stallion would stare off away from Celestia. His eyes focused on the wall of the courtyard.

He's close. I suspect he'll be here momentarily.... He seems distracted.

Hm? With what?

>Celestia looks up from her list for a moment. Her eyebrow raised in curiosity.

With whom, would be more fitting. He's had another following him since his arrival.

Is it the professor? In times of trouble the two seem to be inseparable.

No, not him. Someone else. This one is red and...hm. I can't seem to place my hoof on it.

>The stallion's vision would be filled with spheres seemingly floating in the distance. Nearing the door to the courtyard would be two red spheres. One of them, Wade, would be covered in polka dots. The other would seem to blend in with Wade's. Though the opportunities would present itself to examine her, he found he could not stare at Wade for a long period of time.

Hmm, strange. He knows the gravity of the situation. Not like he would drag a civilian with him.

>Oh how the princess would be proven wrong. For mere minutes later the agent if question would arrive with Toga in tow.

Alright, you can all relax now. I'm here.

>At this point Argent would have turned his body away from Wade. His eyes now covered with glasses he required to be able to gaze in the princess's direction.

Ah, you've finally arrived.

Sure took your sweet time. Stuck in traffic, Wilson?

>General Iron Hide would speak up with a sneering remark.

Actually I wrecked my car, but thanks for being concerned about me old man.

>Wade waves in equally sarcastic motions. His hand dangling back to his side with a thud.

Um, Agent Wilson?

Yes your highness?

>As Celestia addressed him, Wade's attitude would straighten up along with his stance.

Who is this person with you?

>She would motion her eyes over to Toga. As she does so Wade turns his head to look in her direction as well.

Well funny story.

>He turns his head to look back to Celestia.

She's kinda just been following me all morning. Though for some reason it feels like it's been much longer then that.

>He lowers his head and rubs his chin. His voice shifting to that of puzzlement as he realizes the passage of time seems to have shifted again. This doesn't last very long as he straightens up and once again locks eye contact with Celestia.

I see....and what is your relation to Agent Wilson miss...?

>She trails off to allow Toga to introduce herself.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535388

File: 1512658132012.jpg (309.1 KB, 533x800, Barris Ki'Teer.jpg)

>Barris would shrug.

Not sure, closest to that would be anytime he is on the stage.

>She'd reply.

Jade Harley!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535403

File: 1512682063310.jpg (56.04 KB, 500x500, Jade_Quiet Staring.png)

>Jade looks over the spots on the map where Baro would be on stage. There was no way of telling if he'd be alone or with someone else so she'd have to make an estimated guess on which instance would be the best. Finally, she taps a spot where Baro had been indicated to stand motionlessly for an extended period of time.

This one probably. Every time he moves around the stage he could be meeting up with someone else before moving back. If he's alone that makes my job way less complicated!

>Unfortunately he was right in center of the stage at that particular point too. Jade didn't feel too positive about the placement but it would have to be the best she could manage with the resources Barris provided. As long as Barris' information was accurate this wouldn't be a problem. If it was wrong however it could likely mess up in spectacular ways she didn't like to think about.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535405

File: 1512683360560.png (121.06 KB, 224x289, Grell_Butler_Go On.PNG)

>Thankfully for Alton's arrangements, their flight towards the airfield in Town's western outskirt was a short one. In his attempts to find appropriate travel the best he could manage before finding this new pilot were takeoffs from Canterlot. The distance to Canterlot was a much longer flight and the closest date he could manage to take off was two days onward, a little late for the timeline his caller from Seat of the World had established.

>The airfield sat parallel to one of the many rivers of the Equestrian delta, the closest river to Town. Many shipping services from Town traveled up the river and to the great lake to the north to pass out through the river that separated Lumina from Kameria's borders, the largest river of Belle'Ayn. Alton had only visited this airfield once before, when he had taken off to the World Council for his inaugural visit.

>The airfield itself wasn't particularly large, not like the international airfield at the Seat of the World. There were two dock pillars for airships, towers which stood high in the air and could dock two airships apiece. On the ground were aeroplane and jet accommodations with a single terminal handling potential travelers. Two runways extended from the airfield, one meant for aircraft and another for pegasus landing. Signs posted on the ground and some held in the air via magic indicate which strip is for what, the warning signs for the aircraft strip holding a design of a pegasus pony halfway sucked into a jet intake with a large red cross over it in warning.

>Alton leads Rose down to the terminal, careful to keep clear of the runway airspace. Bulky pegasai escort them down and into the terminal, each wearing dark sunglasses with headphones over their sensitive ears.

>Once inside the terminal, Alton straightens his suit and looks around for their pilot.

Right, now we just need to find our generous pilot.

>He supposed it was great the terminal wasn't terribly large but in the same vein he wasn't quite sure who he was looking for. All the arrangements had been done over the phone amid some pleading and a hefty counter offer. His pilot had a description of him and Rose, however, so perhaps they would recognize them soon enough?

>The terminal was unusually busy, a testament to the crisis happening in the rest of the world. Most attendees were unmistakably Mo'Gallian but Alton recognized a few kobolds as well scattered about. Humanoids also populated the terminal but these were harder to point in nationality.

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535411

"Oooh, ok!" Pinkie nods. Now she didn't have to keep calling it "Foxy" all the time.

And now that she had a new way of communicating, it's time to ask the big questions.

"Ok, Cardinal, what is your favorite flavor of cake?"

Twilight tilts her head. How is Pinkie getting all this information? She can see something on the screen, yet how is all of this being accomplished?

Her curiosity getting the best of her, Twilight begins touching the fox's tail as well, trying to see what Pinkie sees.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535415

File: 1512698035271.jpg (277.98 KB, 565x800, 60621279_p0_master1200.jpg)


I'm uh...sure there isn't going to be a lot we need to do...well...actually I meant nothing that's...Actually nevermind. I really don't know what the fucks going to happen so...

But we'll have eachotehrs back yeah?

>Bailey was sure no one would mind the extra help from someone who wasn't a rift guard. Actually as was more than sure already they were going to get help from many non riftguard helpers.

...Uh...you know I don't mix well with paper work....


Do I really need to do that?

>Bailey already knew the answer, but really she had some hope Solaire would let it slide or something.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535416

File: 1512699077430.jpg (309.1 KB, 533x800, Barris Ki'Teer.jpg)

>Barris really didn't expect Jade to have any trouble zapping her brother out of there. Simple in and out.

Alright, you can keep the maps if you still need them.

>She'd offer and then ask

And no other concerns?

Jade Harley!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535417

File: 1512699523903.png (113.08 KB, 759x445, consider.png)

>Jade shakes her head.

Well no! If I zap in and out and I know where I am zapping and who I'm zapping out I can get this all done just like-


>The moment Jade snaps her fingers both she and the maps disappear. Barely thirty seconds pass before Jade reappears with maps in hand. She smiles toothily, revealing her buck teeth.

So as long as this all is accurate then it's all I need!

>She pauses, capchalogs the maps, then hits one of her fists into her palm with a nod.

Oh! But before I go, where and when do you want me to zap here for you with him??? We should be on the same page on that too!! I was thinking maybe the top of the pillar? It's open and wide so it should be a good spot, right?

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535418

File: 1512699866781.png (266.4 KB, 741x1641, GT Barris.png)


>Barris would say simply. She wouldn't want her brother's blood staining that, She grabs a stick and gets up. She walks over between two trees and draws an X on the ground.

Right here.

>She'd say confidently.Anywhere would do really, as long as she could shoot him the second he arrived.

Jade Harley!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535419

File: 1512700155906.jpg (15.26 KB, 236x431, Jade_picture perfect.jpg)

>Jade eyeballs the spot and frames it with her fingers, taking special notice of the trees and the spot the x was drawn in. After a moment or two, Jade nods and lowers her hands, instead flashing Barris a thumbs up.

Okay, got it!!! I'll zap right in with him at that exact spot! You saw the timestamp for when I'm going to snap him up so be ready here, okay???

>The cat nearby vanishes and reappears in one of the bloodwoods Barris had chosen to stage her brother's death. Its scarf lolls down from the branches and paps Barris gently on her head. It gazes down at the spot in bemusement, its tail lazily twitching left and right.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535420

File: 1512702836419.jpg (309.1 KB, 533x800, Barris Ki'Teer.jpg)

I will be.

>Barris says. She'd glance up when the scarf paps her head and give the Cheshire a smile. Barris had a day to choose what gun to kill her brother with, and hope nothing ended up preventing Jade from doing her job.

Jade Harley!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535422

File: 1512707102028.png (149.83 KB, 500x515, cool kid.png)


Great!!! See you then!

>Jade waves and snaps her fingers again, vanishing in a flash of green and yellow energy. She reappears in Monello's mansion located on the game planet her team held their session on. It was exciting that they were going to be helping Barris out, and once that was done, then she'd be able to help them stop Sburb and break Monello's powers!


>With Jade gone, the cat purrs and leans on the branch it rests on.

Nyaaaa, I suppose it's all in that ditzy dog's hands now.

>It pauses and grins with a low chortle.

We're doomed, aren't we?

Cardinal!CDNL//nLd.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535423

The fox hits the refresh button again, and the text on the screen changes accordingly. It's not really an answer to the question, though.

Fleet Reports Unit Incapable of Food Consumption
Insufficient Data for Meaningful Answer

Seems like it can't really eat, let alone know how cake would taste.
As Twilight prods the fox's tail, it turns to look at her, before blinking. It hadn't really been sending anything through that particular connection since it managed to print stuff on the computer, but it warranted a proper explanation, at least.

With what can only be described as a camera-shutter click, the duo are suddenly aware of what seems to be a mishmash of colors tinting the space around them, almost akin to a scent map, but distinctly different.

What's most notable though, is what appears to be an area where there's no tint centered on the fox. Or more accurately, the fox seems to be cancelling out the tint in an area around it... occasionally shaping it and letting it through to the computer, but otherwise keeping it at bay.

It's quite the sight.

!3lAuGhtERoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535428

"Pinkie, these aren't the important questions we need to ask...Cardinal." Twilight shook her head.

"They're important to me, Twilight. How am I going to bake a cake for Cardinal if I don't know what flavor to bake it in?"

Twilight rolls her eyes, but quickly looks around in wonder at the surroundings. "Hm..." What exactly was this fox?

"Alright, Twilight. If you're so smart, you ask the next question."

"Fine. What...is your mission? Before you came here, at least." It seemed like a valid enough question. With Pinkie spending the most time with it, she still needed a bit of catching up to do.

Vickers!Pilot/FVJoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535431

File: 1512716434583.jpg (410.09 KB, 1079x1920, tumblr_oh013ve0MN1uv1saxo4_128…)

>In one of the hangars off the runway, a somewhat medium-sized aircraft sat out in the open, near the opened hangar door.

>The aircraft was an airplane that looked like a cross between a small passenger craft and a mid-1940s warplane. As it was, it looked quite old and beat up, but someone with an eye for aircraft could tell that once upon a time, this airplane was top of the line. Those days were, for now, far behind it.

>From inside the craft, a methodical clanging could be heard if anyone were to be in the hangar (there wasn't). Inside the plane, down in the mechanical parts beneath it, a anthropomorphic cat worked with a hammer and a socket wrench.

>To the untrained eye, this cat would seem like one of the native Rotanese felines of Rigel Prima, but this was not the case. In fact, this particular cat had come to Rigel Prima six years earlier, spat out of the Stormwall in the very plane it worked inside.

>The cat was named Eleanor Vickers, and once upon a time she was a war hero, fighting against Nazis in an alternate 1940s Earth populated by animals like her. But now, she was a for-hire pilot, taking any job that would come her way, no matter how dangerous, no matter how last minute. Her airplane needed to be fixed up to it's former glory, but that was hard to do when most people walked the other way when they saw her aircraft. As such, she was stuck with the work that nobody else wanted.

>Speaking of, Vickers was late for just such an engagement.

Oh shite!

>She exclaimed suddenly, having glanced at her watch for a split second. She started to stand up, forgetting where she was, and ended up smacking her head on a section of her plane's fuselage, sending her right back down, onto her back.

Ooohg... Christ almighty, me head...

>She moaned, bringing one of her paws up to rub her head. Currently this pilot wore only a tank top and her flight pants, both of which were now slightly stained with oil.

>Vickers slowly picked herself up to her knees and crawled out from beneath her plane, bringing with her the hammer and wrench. She stood up and shook herself, moving around the plane to the cockpit door, which she wrenched open and then tossed her tools inside, at the same time pulling out her pilot's jacket and pulling it on over her undershirt.

>The side of the ship would have what seemed to be an old set of painted on letters that had since been scratched mostly off and then covered in a thin layer of black paint. On the black paint, in shaky white lettering, was the name "The Antelope".

>Vickers patted the side of her plane after she slammed the door closed. Then she looked at her watch again, her fur puffing up in surprise and panic.

Shite! The passengers! Fuck fuck fuck!

>She cursed loudly, turning around and running out of the hangar, sprinting across the runway towards the terminal. Thankfully there were no planes or pegasi coming in for a landing or taking off, but there were still several loud, angry shouts towards Vickers. Her response was to raise a hand in the general direction, middle and index fingers raised in the British version of "Fuck you".

>Vickers finally made it to the terminal, only about a minute and a half after Alton and Rose had arrived, busting in through a side door and pushing her way through a small crowd of people.

'Scuse me, pardon me... awh, bugger off. Sorry ma'am, 'scuse me sir.

>She would say as she pushed her way through, finally coming out into a cleared area. She brings a paw to her forehead and looks out along the different crowds of people, looking for the people who fit the description she had gotten over the phone.

Coupla humans... male in a suit... old fashioned type, Victorian era...

>She muttered under her breath as she searched the crowds. Humans were still a bit of an oddity to her, despite the six years she'd spent living amongst them. The Equestrians were a bit easier to deal with, though not by much. She absolutely despised the few native Rotan she had met, specifically the Reeve. Though they shared a few similarities in appearance, Vickers felt that particular species was much too uptight. Suddenly she sees him! Alton, standing next to Rose, exactly as described over the phone, standing not far from the general admission entrance.

>She starts off towards them, pushing her way through the crowds again, one of her hands raised up over her head, waving in Alton and Rose's direction.

Oy! 'Ey! Sir Alton! Over here!

>She would shout out over the crowd as she made her way towards them.

>After several long seconds pushing through the crowd with a couple more yells for their attention, Vickers finally makes it through and comes to stand in front of Alton and Rose, about four feet away.

>At this point, her appearance was even more disheveled than before because of the crowds, what fur of hers was visible was slightly mussed up and her jacket was just a little moved around.

>She straightened her jacket and did her best to smooth down her fur before taking a step towards Alton and Rose.

G'mornin', sir, ma'am.

>She greets them each with a nod of her head.

Eleanor Vickers, at your service.
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Cardinal!CDNL//nLd.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535437

File: 1512729534868.png (187.24 KB, 1024x1024, FoxAI.png)

The fox hits the refresh button again. This time, instead of a 404 screen with changed text, it seems to be an architectural plan for an orbital shipyard.

Fleet Reports Function Fleet Fire Control System.
Jurisdiction Great Equestrian Fleet
Shipyard Equineral II

Primary Tasks
Yard Construction Management
Yard Fire Control System Management
Yard Subsystem Management
Yard Propulsion and Engineering Management
Yard Habitation and Life Support Management

The fox thinks for a bit, before adding one more thing onto the list.

Planetary Survey

!3lAuGhtERoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535446

Great Equestrian Fleet? Twilight didn't recall any part of Equestria employing the help of foxes...

"Planetary Survey...?"

"Ooh, that means the Cadinal's an alien! And he's here to report back to his mothership in order to invade us!"

"Pinkie, that's not what that means," Twilight said, deadpan. Although, she really didn't have a way to prove her wrong.

But it was weird, this fox seemed to have something to do with Equestria, somehow. Could Cardinal's appearance be intentional, and not caused by the mysterious nature of a rift?

"What's the process for a Planetary Survey?"

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535453

File: 1512779536699.png (266.4 KB, 741x1641, GT Barris.png)

>Barris would frown, the pun not appreciated given the situation.

It'd be pretty hard for her to screw up.

>She'd say seriously.

And we will be doomed if something goes wrong. If she ends up working for him, where do you think we could run too?

>Barris would ask.

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535460

File: 1512787919723.jpg (16.15 KB, 236x325, 983d5cf73dcd105dc7a4c3e9956aaa…)

>Toga, for her part, stood quietly behind Wade, doing her best to remain unnoticeable without using her powers.

>She did not, at first, recognize that she had been addressed by the Princess, and she stood behind Wade, several strands of her hair in her mouth that she chewed on, still hanging around her face as it was. She stared forward and down at the ground with a somewhat blank expression for several seconds before she started forward a bit, suddenly realizing she had been addressed.

>She looks up at Celestia and blushes, pink filling her cheeks as she spits out her hair and clears her throat.

Uh, ahm..

>She does a little half-curtsy, doing her best to seem formal.

My name is Toga Himiko, and Wade is teaching me how to be a hero, like him, and not kill people!

>She started slowly but as she spoke she rebuilt her confidence and by the end her wide smile was back on her face. As she finished she did another, more confident curtsy.

It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Princess Celestia!

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535477

The fox looks rather confused at the question, and even more so at Pinkie's response. It certainly hadn't been in touch with the Fleet's military movements for a while now, even before it had been thrown into wherever this was.

Waving its tail, it ponders on the second question, before hitting refresh again. To ask about to process of a survey was... complicated to explain.

It settles for recalling parts of what seems to be an official document. Parts of it are redacted, but it bears what seems to be an official looking crest that looks strangely familiar to the purple horse looking at the screen...

Under Edict Galactic Sky Survey, Supercapital Magic
Under Article 7
All Shipboard Intelligence Constructs must be capable of performing (Calibration Score 3 or higher) Planetary and System Surveys to Class III or higher.

The article cuts off here, to be overlaid with another article seemingly explaining what a survey entails.

In brief, it outlines how a survey is split into multiple phases, usually done by specialised surveyors or drones.

After being marked as a point of interest, be it due to mineral abundance or habitability or otherwise interesting phenomena, proper ships are sent in, usually to set up the required infrastructure to support an extended expedition.

The duo can probably read into the article more if they want to, but it makes it clear that while they are something the fox can do, it's not really something it's usually sent to do, considering its other duties.

The fox cocks its head, waiting for any other questions. It seems willing to answer them, if only to test how much it can actually fit on the laptop screen.
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Celestia and friends!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535485

File: 1512811519065.png (214.88 KB, 1280x720, Celestia_gasp_S3E01.png)

>A deafening silence fills the area. The two guards standing still in disbelief at what Toga had said. Their eyes glancing at each other before moving back in Toga's direction.

>Celestia's eyes widen in disbelief. She was surprised someone could be so blunt. An instinctual sense of caution causes her to move her head back.

>Andurs takes the moment to glance in Toga's direction. Now that she was closer he had a good chance to examine the floating ball that represented her. There were certainly some violent tendencies to watch out for. Perhaps a bit too much fascination with combat and the pain of others. Though even from her he could see the sense of admiration when she mentioned Wade's name. Much one addressing their hero would have.

She is...not joking, your majesty.

>Andurs says with what composure he could before he turns away from the group. Celestia and Wade together were quite taxing on the eyes, much better to view the rainbow of orbs that swirled around in another wing of the castle.

I see...

>Celestia says as she maintains her hint of caution.

And may I ask, Agent Wilson, have you brought Miss Toga along with you today? You must know that this is indeed a matter of utmost importance.

>A rare moment. Wade's mouth would apparently be welded shut. His muscles still clinched up from Toga's words. There was so much wrong with them he held back every urge he had to reprehend her right there in front of the princess.


>Well as long as everyone else was being honest.

To be frank, your majesty, I really had no intention of doing so when I first ran into her. But somehow she has been able to stay behind me every step of the way since I ran into her after dealing with a confused Rifter just a few hours ago. For some reason she got attached and has been sticking to me like cheap cologne since. The way I see it if she ment harm she more then likely would have done so by now. She has a knack for surprising people that really can't be denied.

>The words seemed to do little to deescalate the situation. Celestia and her two guards seemed to be unsmitten by the words. The generals looking to each other as if silently asking among themselves the best course of action to gut Toga at a moment's notice.

So! It is with that in mind, along with the seemingly lowering numbers among our ranks, I would suggest allowing Toga an internship among the ESF. With me of course being her overseer for her development.

>Now this seemed to surprise Celestia more then anything. Her entire body seemed to jolt at the proposal.

This is very sudden. Are you certain it is wise to enlist this girl? Andurs has seemed to confirm her confessed violent streak.

With all due respect your majesty, if a long history of manic violence was an immediate disqualifier I wouldn't be here right now.

...You possess a point.

>In this there was no denial. Ever since his first day Wilson had come clean about his history of bloodshed. At least as much as he was willing to share.

Very well. I shall allow you to take her under your wing for now. But know that should she cause any disturbance it will reflect heavily on you.

>Only the second time he had heard that today.

I understand. Thank you your majesty.

>His arm raising up in salute. His eyes drifting to the side for a second to glare at Toga. With all his mental fortitude he tries to glare the message "Don't blow this" into her before quickly gazing back into Celestia's direction.

!3lAuGhtERoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535486

Supercapital Magic...what an odd name. But more importantly, why was her cutie mark on there? Granted, a six-pointed star wasn't some sort of rare design choice, but she didn't need to look back at her own flank to see how strikingly similar they looked.

Thinking back, Cardinal's tasks seemed to be related to some sort of shipyard maintenance. So then...why did Cardinal list Planetary Survey off as one of his objectives?

The protocol seemed to be inconsistent if Cardinal was here for the survey. It certainly didn't come in from a proper ship, it was fired from a disk in a party canon.

There was little doubt that Cardinal came from a rift, but the cutie mark crest started to bother her.

"...What do you know about us? And what do you know about Equestria?"

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535487

File: 1512813312953.jpg (146.37 KB, 500x500, Zmt2ZGRaTFBUaGF6bHdpNEZ6YTlsQm…)

>Toga had continued to beam her smile towards the Princess for several seconds before seemingly growing bored when there was no response, instead becoming embroiled once more in the matters of the hair hanging in her face.

>She began inspecting the strands that she had been chewing on not long ago, moving the dampened follicles around in her fingers, her eyes drawn intently on them, apparently ignoring the gathered ponies as they continued to discuss her. Perhaps this was why she kept her hair up in buns, distracting as it seemed to be for her.

>It wasn't until Wade said the word 'internship' that she was brought back to the conversation at hand, suddenly dropping her hair from her hands and looking up again. She quickly glanced around at the assembled ponies, seeming to suddenly remember where she was and what was going on.


>She looked at Wade and tilted her head, just in time to catch his look, obscured as it was beneath his mask, to which she smiled widely in response. The look on her face was one of barely contained excitement, and it was taking all the self-control she had not to squeal in delight.

Celestia and friends!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535488

File: 1512818143438.jpg (28.67 KB, 200x268, 3508625-kibitz.jpg)

Right then.

>With the situation seemingly cared for Celestia turns her attention back to the stallions behind her. Generals Iron Hide and Stone Wall raising their right forehooves in salute as Celestia addresses them. Andurs remains looking away from the group. His gaze constantly shifting to various places. His roll of look out taken ever seriously.

If that is the end of immediate business we should make our way to the Seat of the World. I suspect we won't be the first to arrive.

>Celestia takes three steps forward to stand between her two trusted guards. From there she would turn to face Wade and Toga. At this point Andurs would seem to subtly shift in position. Now he stood beside Wade on the opposite side of Toga. As he looks in Celestia's direction her orb would shine brightly like the sun. Its massive size eclipsing those of Iron Hide and Stone Wall. It was only thanks to his shades that he could even look at her without his eyes burning from the exposure.

Luna has volunteered to stay and watch over Canterlot in my absence. I trust she'll keep things in order.

>The fact of the damage this could take to her sister was not lost on Celestia. Luna mainly dominated the night as she always had. It would be difficult for her to maintain herself during the day. But Celestia knew she would be up to the task.

Now, unless anyone has further reason as to why we should continue to delay, let us be-

Wait! Wait! Your highness!

>A voice would ring from behind Wade, Toga, and Andurs. The voice would cause no reaction from Andurs who saw him coming a mile away. Though Wade would seem to be visibly distraught. His head lowering as his mask wrinkles from his cringing.

Ah, Kibitz, there you are.

>The mustachioed unicorn from before would rush to area. His pace halting as he stops before the princess. Following behind him would be stacks of folders and notebooks floating to his side in a yellow aura of magic. A similar one could be seen around his horn.

Yes, yes. I...I do dearly apologize....Bit of trouble shorting out the forms for your meeting.

>The elderly stallion would be out of breath from his dash to the area. Years of service to the queen had allowed him to maintain his mental focus under stress. Though his physical prowess was quite lacking.

All is well, Kibitz. I wouldn't dream of departing without you.

>Celestia's face breaks into a pleased smile as she looks down at her faithful assistant. Kibitz had been a loyal servant of the royal family for years. His duties and loyalty had been a source of great assistance to the castle. And at times a great source of amusement to Celestia.

Now, let us be off.

>Celestia's horn would glow brilliantly. The ponies surrounding her stand at attention with Wade being no exception. As the glow on Celestia's horn shines brighter, Wade would reach over and place a hand on Toga's shoulder. His grip on her stays firm for the duration. A type of grip one would give to make sure one didn't get lost.

>Soon the light on Celestia's horn would explode. In that instant the group of seven would be gone from the area. Their bodies vanishing without a trace.

>Within seconds a similar flash would appear at the arrival hub of the Seat of the World. The group arriving in a circle designated for those arriving via teleportation.

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535578

The fox tilts its head, hitting the refresh button on the laptop again.
It had told Pinkie most of it, at least what it had guessed was the case, but it could certainly do a repeat with what it had inferred.

Once again, it brings up the blank templates of the colony ship Pinkie's seen before, followed by a new one, this time bearing that all too familiar Cutie Mark crest.

With two of them side by side, several differences can be seen. They're still massive feats of engineering, but it seems the methods of construction vary. While one fits the standard definition of blocky metal starship (albeit looking like it was painted via confetti cannon), the other seems to incorporate what seems like crystalline structures in its hull, looking like a sleeker version of well, any crystal empire building.

The fox discovers the existence of a scroll bar, and slides it up and down for a bit before hitting refresh again.

As the screen updates, it brings up something that looks strikingly like a Canterlot glass mural. It depicts a familiar purple alicorn, as well as two other alicorns, one white, one blue. The scene seems to be a commemoration of a christening event. The two ships shown before are depicted here as outlines, as well as four others.

It doesn't take a wild guess to assume what they represent, either.

Fleet Reports
User Inferred...
Herald of the First Age, Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle,
the fox answers, almost bowing.
Founder of the Great Equestrian Fleet.

It turns to Pinkie,gesturing with its tail.
Element of Laughter, Supercapital Laughter Namesake Pinkie Pie.

It hasn't even really answered the second part yet, but seems to be waiting for a response before continuing.
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???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535579

File: 1512870095538.jpg (32.78 KB, 1280x720, Blood in water.jpg)

>There was blood in the water. The predatory marine life that lived off of what had once been the Mo'Gallile coast line could smell it. A welcome reprieve from earlier events. The air of danger and a churning ocean had frightened many creatures of the water, driving them out of their homes and territories. That was later followed by confusion, as marine life returned to where they had come from. It was not as it should be. The currents were all wrong. The shallows grew deeper now.

>But now there was the promise of food to shake them from confusion. A chance to fill their bellies and stock up on energy. Energy needed to explore the new underwater landscape for food, or to move to other coast lines that they knew. There was little to be concerned for. For simple fish, that is.

>For aquatic life of sentient status, they knew better than to assume that scent meant food. With the disaster that had just be-felled Mo'Gallile, the smell of blood was an indicator of danger. For some of the underwater villages around the space that had been Mo'Gallile, that warning scent would be all they got. For others, messengers would come baring bad news.

>There was fighting in the villages on what had been the northern coast. Racist Merfolk tribes from Terrestrian coasts closest to Mo'Gallile had learned of the continent's disappearance, and sought to take these new waters. To these backwards fish people, they were certain this had to be the work of the Sea King. A legendary figure of Merfolk lore, said to be born in the deepest of ocean trenches, who'd wipe the lands of the invading surface dwellers from the planet. He sunk their lands beneath the waves, and now this new ocean must serve as a rallying point for Merfolk. A place to continue his work and sink the remaining continents. And the first step was to rid the area of unbelievers, surface dwellers, and sympathizers.

Continued next post.

???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535583

File: 1512873626913.jpg (20.47 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>The Zealous Merfolk has not come in ships, but swam the distance instead. They could move quickly underwater. Vessels would follow, carrying supplies, religious figure heads, and those too young to fight to the villages they'd be occupying. But the warriors were sent first, to secure and purge settlements. And they did so efficiently.

>The first village was hit hard, both unprepared and undermanned. Not only had many departed to investigate the full extent of the damage the rift had caused, they had little in the ways of weapons. The nearby shoreline town of Iskarab they relied on for protection was gone. And so to the weapons. The village surrendered quickly, as quickly as the few defenders were killed. But a few escaped durring the short skirmish and were getting the word out.

>A ruthless hammerhead merman lead the assult, Maccus the Ship Chewer. Now that he owned the village, he had to prepare it. He'd keep the merfolk citizens locked in their houses, once the priests arrived they could determine their fates. Any aquatic Mo'Gallilians found were killed on the spot, these Zealots despised Mo'Gallilian for their need to mate with human Land dwellers.

>Maccus was also waiting for reinforcements. He was eager to continue, but it would take time for messengers to get word out and more warriors to arrive. The Zealots did not have advanced forms of technology, since all of it was made by land dwellers. So they had to rely on messengers to organize things. Though this gave little advantage to those Merfolk that had to defend themselves, the benefits of advance technology had pretty much disappeared with Mo'Gallile. Most weapon stores had been on land, and communication systems now where missing critical relay points. Their armaments gone and communication hindered, the Zealots had the advantage in number of experienced fighters.

>But not all merfolk villages stored all weapons on the shore. They were used to raids, either by Zealots or by pirates. Granted they still had support of a nearby town to help them back then, but they weren't completely helpless. In fact, they quickly suspected the Zealots would try something. Messengers had been sent to the Seat of the World, but there was fear that none would be allowed to enter. They had no official ambassadors, those having been wisked away with Mo'Gallile.

>But they wouldn't give up, and ready what armaments they had. They had to try and keep the Zealots at bay. As soon as word reached them, defenders were sent to recapture what was effectively now Iskarab. They Zealots couldn't have a staging area here. More would come as Mo'Gallile's disappearance spread, and Iskarab now sat as a perfect rallying point for them all. If the Defenders could rout the Zealots, it would buy more time as the various Zealot Tribes figured out where to gather.

>The Defenders gathered at a spot a fair distance away from Iskarab, before making their strike.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535584

File: 1512877451530.png (202.59 KB, 461x286, Grell_LongStoryShortIGotArrest…)

>The cat drops off of its branch and lands near Barris, sticking the landing with a swish of its tail and hair. It uses a free hand to brush its hair over its shoulder with a flourishing flick, as theatrical as ever in its demeanor.

A dog that can zap about where it wants, or zap things where it wants as well? We can thank our stars that she's particularly dim but if she has an inkling where we could be then I daresay there's little options to run to aside a different universe at that point.

>The cat however doesn't look too frightened and shrugs.

I haven't known dogs to be untrustworthy. Stupid, yes. Incredibly ridiculously stupid, loyal, with issues with containing their emotions or excitement. Dogs are simple creatures with simple wants, you can try bribing one with a treat to do what you want but a dog in the end of the day will still roll around in the dirt because that's its nature.

>It shakes its head.

I believe it is more likely the dog will make a mistake and get herself killed than have anything backtraced to you, my lioness, but that's my take on the situation!

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535586

File: 1512880018971.png (117.81 KB, 509x503, Sad_Barris.PNG)

That is only granted if she stays dead.

>Barris would say grimly and a nod of her head.

When you God Tier, you can only die to a Just or Heroic death. Pretty vague terms.

>Barris would let out a sigh and slump against one of the two trees beside the X. She had known this could backlash horribly, but that was the price to pay to protect Aquarius and those that lived there.

She is trustworthy, but like you said, dogs can be bribed with treats. My brother can find that "treat."

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535588

File: 1512882253158.png (236.87 KB, 457x292, Grell_TheDonIsContemplatingYou…)

>The cat smiles.

What do you suppose that dog would want as a treat that he could give her? One of the downsides to training a dog that can get its own treats from the tin on the table is that it knows it can satisfy itself. Why satisfy someone else?

>The cat folds its hands together and purrs, turning away with a new swish of its tail. It purrs and giggles.

That would be like trying to bribe me. A cat that can do its whim is even worse than a dog. At least the dog will humor you if you ask nicely!

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535590

File: 1512884065874.jpg (309.1 KB, 533x800, Barris Ki'Teer.jpg)

Same treat I offering her for her help. Other people's lives.

>Barris would say in a business like manner.

Merely ransom his own slaves against her. He can just buy more if she falls out of line and hold the new batch ransom. I dare say she won't value my ability to destroy Sburb over the lives of that many people. Especially given I haven't mastered my powers yet.

>Profit Numbs the Pain. The family adage that profit at any cost is fine. Jade's "pain" of betrayal numbed by saving lives. Of course the Cheshire did a fine job of escaping the other family saying, "Everything has a Price." She could never see her brother finding something to get it to get in line.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535591

File: 1512885268346.png (282.01 KB, 588x305, Grell_GoodLuckNeko.PNG)

>The cat cocks its head and turns around again, its brows lifted in query. It smiles widely again and idly scratches its ear, which twitches from an unseen itch.

Nyaaa? Do you think so? That doofy dog seemed very concerned about this 'game' that had such a dire need to be destroyed! Enough to deign handling the brat and myself at once, which was quite the challenge for her!

>It steps closer and continues scritching its ear.

Consider that, my lioness, that it is possible that despite your lack of ability you still are the only individual that the dog can rely on! Why else bother with all of this if there was no other way? I dearly doubt your brother would have the means for it either, considering something like destroying full systems and laws would be the defining trait she would need to assist the brat and end that silly game in one go!

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535592

File: 1512887578378.png (117.81 KB, 509x503, Sad_Barris.PNG)

Yes I do.

>She'd answer honestly, looking at the Cheshire.

It's always been that way with my brother. Either he finds their "price" or they die for me. Jade may not have the luxury of the latter option.

>She'd let out a tired sigh and look at the ground. Of course if she did, it be another corpse on the pile of people who trusted her enough to try the impossible and die for it. Another person she got killed for the sake of her own survival.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535593

File: 1512888569904.png (102.74 KB, 222x283, Grell_HowMayIHelpYouMrow.PNG)

>The cat's smile, for a moment, lessens. Its tail stops swishing and grows very still behind itself. Though there is still a hint of its good nature, there's a muted quality to it.

Hnnn...so even in the case of a potential immortal, their price could be something like not being in pain anymore I wager?

>That was one thing the dog couldn't do that it could. Someone could kill it a million times over and the pain and experience wouldn't compound as any trauma to it. A few figures in its past had tried to their frustration. As many ways as they found they could skin a cat, nobody could manage to make the punishments stick before it was free of its misery once again.

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535594

"...Wow...Alright then..."

...That's certainly a thing.

This is the first Twilight has heard of the Great Equestrian Fleet, yet she's somehow the founder of it.

The way Twilight is thinking, there are three possibilities to explain this.

1. Cardinal is from the very distant future. Twilight will be the herald of whatever this First Age is, and will send out fleets of ships into space for exploration once space travel has been invented and perfected. Cardinal has arrived via time travel.

2. Cardinal is from an alternate version of Equestria, where they have already perfected space travel, and these are the orders she has given out in that alternate Equestria. Cardinal has arrived via rift.

3. Both 1 and 2 at the same time. Cardinal has arrived via time travelling rift.

And honestly, she would have never expected those to be the logical conclusions.

If the time travel theory is true, then is all of this a result of self-fulfilling prophecy? If she somehow forgets to found a space fleet, will Cardinal simply disappear? Will she cause a time paradox?

Will Sunset be mad at her if she does?

Still, there's a chance that this will all make sense eventually. So she waits for further explanation.

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535595

Not really having gotten a proper response from the pink or purple one, the fox decides to press on. Granted, it wasn't a history teacher, but it knew enough from memory to retell some parts of it, at least.

It hits the refresh button again.
Fleet Regards
Historical Evidence Lacking; Digital Records Incomplete.

This time, it seems to be a picture of a colonisation proposal, practically an infographic.
It's dated, well, still reasonably far off into the future as far as this world is concerned.

What seems to be a planet-wide Equestrian State has six paths plotted away from it, each with arrival dates of several decades, all headed to different worlds and different stars.

There are fainter lines, of course, hundreds of them, some with arrival times of centuries, some simply labeled "lost". Whatever it is, it seems that most of the planet nation agreed to this plan at the time.

The fox scrolls down. There are three counters here, seemingly tacked on to the infographic.

The first one seems to detail the fox's own age, at least by its reckoning. It's about 14 years old. Smaller text below it gives its current status as "Decommissioned - Extended Service Mission".

The other two are slightly more concerning. Labeled "Fleet Standard Time", it has a number a little over two centuries and a half, give or take.
"27 cycles since Second War."

The last one is running in the red, with a negative number of almost two thousand. "Estimated Local Time", it reads. "Norfleet Communications Unavailable." This one seems to be hopping around a bit, jumping up and down by decades occasionally.

The fox idly scrolls up and down the page, waiting for the purple one to give it something else to work on.
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Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535596

The vast, empty ocean of where Mo'Gallile once was is restless, a lot of motion in the ocean one could say.

And while most of the unrest happened underwater as the Zealots gathered their forces, some of it did occur on it's surface!

A singular, equine-shaped shadow can be seen darting alongside the surface at a relatively quick velocity, it has been travelling for hours it seems, and all it could ever see was a whole lot of nothing.

Recalling to itself, the shadow remembers the map of this world, in it's head it has calculated how much distance it must have traversed by now...and this is where there should be land.
There is nothing here, and there is now way the Shadow could be wrong, there was no way the map she was given was wrong, the Princess herself sent her out to investigate and help anything she could find here.

The shadow's time was limited as well, it had to find solid ground before the sun sets, otherwise it would get lost, crushed in the natural shadows of the moon.

It's goal was to get to people in need as soon as possible and report to Twilight the exact facts, straight from the location.
But now...this rift seems to have taken everything there was.

Cookie was not familiar with whatever species that once lived in this area, but Twilight made it clear enough that they were in need of help.
And now, she could spot something in the distance!
Was it a city? Part of the continent left untouched by the rift?

Whatever it was, the Shadow immediately starts darting towards this last bastion of defense for these people, hopefully none of them will spot this shadow and immediately suspect an attack made on them!

Should the Shadow go undetected, it would first of all scout things out of course, how many and most importantly what lives there is it's top priority.

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535597

Twilight takes the news of Cardinal being incredibly far into the future a little harder than Pinkie Pie.

Well, that rules out option A, that only left B and C.

"This...this is..."

The dates were far off into the future, so Twilight felt a little relieved that she had plenty of time to plan this out.

All this colonization planning...was this for exploration...or survival?

Even still, looking at how far it was, she had the sinking feeling that these ships were made in memoriam rather than tribute.

The Local Time counter seemed to prove that the fox was from a far flung future. Approximately 2000 years. Norfleet probably hadn't even been thought up yet.

And that other counter...27 cycles since the Second War? A vague, yet still ominous name.

She wanted to know, if this was their future, or an alternate reality, but she doubted that Cardinal had the answer.

This was a lot to take in...

"Welp, looks like you're gonna be staying here on Rigel Prima for a while!" Pinkie chimed in. "You think you were sent here to the past on your service mission? To make sure everything goes as planned?"

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535598

The fox shakes its head. For a few seconds nothing happens... And then the fox remembers to hit the refresh button on the screen. It looks a tad miffed.

Fleet Reports Probability Unlikely, the reply shows. Concurrently, the fox narrows its eyes, and a browser extension installation dialogue pops up. It hits yes, before stretching.

This time, the screen changes automatically, the words rearranging and replacing themselves as needed.

Fleet Reports Unit Not Equipped for Long Term Survey.
Astrometry Mismatch; World Not Within Known Star Catalogs.
Fleet Reports Dimension Travel... Not Possible.
Fleet Survey Outside Known Catalogs... Not Possible.

Freed from the tedium of having to be near the laptop to refresh it, the fox wanders behind the screen instead, placing its paws on it.

Norfleet Communications Offline.
Autonomous Survey and Defense Mode Active.
Awaiting further communication.

Barris Ki'Teer!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535599

>That was how the world worked. Finding something that numbs the pain. Barris would push away from the tree she was leaning on.

As uplifting as my family's philosophies can be,

>She'd say in a sarcastic tone.

it'll do little to sway coming events. I think the evening would be better spent sleeping.

>She'd stretch and begin making her way towards the tower.

???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535600

>Cookie's travel through what had once been Mo'Gallile would reveal not everything had vanished. There'd be pillars of stone sticking out of the waters here and there. Some with beings and animals stranded a top them, others having nothing atop them. Those trapped on pillars would need help escaping, it was a long way to solid land and some of the pillars stood too tal to try and dive off of safely.

>The structure of notice was a simple lighthouse for Iskarab. The only above water remnant of the city. There were fish men on this new island, dressed in hand made garb and armed with rather primitive weapons. Spears made from sharpened rocks and swords made from shark teeth. They definitely didn't look friendly. They seemed to be using it as a look out for the moment.

>Cookie went undetected, they were looking for ships or the splash of water cause by a Merfolk swimming along the top of the water. Two stood guard by the front door, another two seen clearly at the top. There was no way to tell if others were inside. It would be easy to set hoof on the isle, as long as Cookie chose the back of the lighthouse.

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535610

Cookie remained out of those strange creature's sights for now, she had no idea if they were the actual former inhabitants of Mo'Gallile or if they were simply raiders, here to plunder and kill whatever they find.

Judging by their attire and general mannerisms the latter seems to be the case, these beings seem to thrive both on land and in water alike, yet they seem to be concerned about something in the water, and scouting for ships as well.

It would be foolish to reveal herself right now, not when their intentions are as unclear as they are.
As far as Cookie could see there were two outside the lighthouse and two on top of the lighthouse, most likely more inside.

This means she could not afford to help those poor, helpless animals yet as much as it tore at her very being.

Travel in her shadow form was very energy efficient, it felt like simply gliding through the air, however, there needs to be the natural light of the sun present for her to be able to ultilize this form, she is unable to interact with the outside world at all while in it as well, but other than that no physical obstacle will prove to be any sort of challenge to her in this form.
However...should physical harm be done to the shadow itself, she will sustain the damage.

As unsure and dangerous as this situation seems, she decides it was best to simply climb up to the very top, the roof of the lighthouse, her movement is soundless and quick, one would need to spot her shadow with their very eyes, and even then she might be mistaken for the shadow of a normal bird and be nothing to sneeze at.

Making sure to wait a good 10 minutes to see if she was spotted, Cookie would then transform back into her physical form, a process similar to her entering her shadow form, this time however she has to pull 'the mask' off of her face, her physical body slowly rising out of her shadow alongside her bag of holding which she attuned to this form earlier.
This entire process takes about 6 seconds, both ways.

While up there, out of reach of the primitive weaponry and their physical capabilities, seeing how they seem to prefer land and water and not air, Cookie would listen intently for any voices coming from inside the lighthouse, maybe the guards are chit chatting amongst themselves, while this is happening, she swiftly rummages through her bag, grabbing the book Twilight gave her alongside a newly wrapped up 'inkless quill of unintelligibility' according to the colourful wrapping.

Hopefully nobody has spotted her yet.

???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535614

>Cookie's position was well hidden, the merfolk having no reason to check the roof. There'd be a sound of foot steps on metal stairs from below.


>One of the watcher would reply.


>The other would reply in a bored tone. There'd be a loud smack noise.

Ow, what was that for!?
Those filthy land lovers aren't stupid. They'll be coming here. You slack off, you'll end -

>There'd be a clattering of feet as the three rushed to one side of the tower. And indeed there was a ship coming. A basic fishing troller.

Stay put and I'll relay the message.

>Feet would start going down the stairs.

Fuck that! I'm going to skin me some land dwellers!

>a second pair of feet would start down the stairs, then a crash as the merman was knocked over.

Hold your post!

>The one that remained up top snickered.

But is dull-ARUGH!
I'll aim for something vital next time. Stay. Your. Post.

>The one wishing to join the fight would groan in pain with each word.


>He'd growl out and a limping foot fall would indicate his return to the top, followed about complaints of getting stabbed in the leg. The other could be heard quickly running down the light house.

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535636

Cookie's eyes narrow at the exchange, teeth grinding up against each other in pure anger, these were scumbag raiders, and they will pay dearly for what they have and are attempting to do.

Quickly, she scribbles a hasty report into her book, the noise of a quill scraping along the parchment is most likely drowned out by the sound of all the commotion down below, she was very quick about it, and most likely was very, very unclear about every detail of what she is about to do.
She was listening very intently to everything transpiring down below, there was no doubt in her mind that she had to strike now, hearing that the other was about to rejoin his partner upstairs, she had to somehow drive everyone's attention away from the poor Fisher boat.

Slamming the book shut and throwing it back into her bag, Cookie got into the fray of things.
She perks her head down, carefully checking things out, the other guard was still downstairs, slowly limping his way up whilst the other seems rather distracted laughing at his partner's misfortune.

Not for much longer though, as the weight of an entire mare kicks him right in the face, causing him to topple over the railing of the lighthouse, most likely screaming all the way down to his ultimate rocky demise.
Cookie could barely contain laughing herself, it felt good to punish scum, but she had to act fast if she is to accomplish her goal.

And as such, she uses the fact she is still undetected to her advantage,positioning herself right above the stairs, where the other would most likely come up to see what was happening
If odds:
Cookie would grab the unsuspecting, limping guard unseen, able to quickly subdue and dispatch him with her knife, by dropping down on him, putting him in a chokehold.

If evens:
Cookie would be spotted, and the guard is able to engage in a more fair scuffle, might even be able to alert his partners.

Roll 1d1000 = 280

Twilight may be able to feel, there being something written in her the journal connected to the one she gave Cookie, if she were to check it out right now, she may even be able to see the message written out live...surprisingly very articulate!
Report 001
Scout Mission Mo'Gallile
Much of the landmass of Mo'Gallile has disappeared without a trace, no signs of dead bodies in the water as of now.
A few rather strange rock formations have remained, standing tall, well above the water surface, animals find themselves trapped on top of these pillars and will need to be extracted via airship or teleportation.

I have come across a group of savage raiders occupying one of the few remaining small islands with buildings, amphibious in nature and wielding poorly constructed primitive weaponry, they speak the common tongue and walk upright on two legs, using their forelegs to use tools and weapons.
I will dispatch of these Raiders now as they are about to attack a civilian vessel in the water.
I do not know my exact position, but I am on top of a Lighthouse, where Mo'Gallile's North-west coast once was.

Send reinforcements asap, I do not know the exact numbers of this scum.

The message has stopped.
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File: 1512941963761.jpg (51.29 KB, 412x586, Puffer.jpg)

>The fish man at the top tumbled off the tower. He appeared t have been some sort of eel person. The fishman's shout would unfortunately alert the one coming up. The man seemed to be some form a humanoid pufferfish. He'd grin at the sight of equine.

Guess it won't be boring here after all.

>He'd draw a crude dagger and stab at Cookie. Roll 1d1000 = 387 odds.

>The sound of the eel man hitting the ground did not go unnoticed, nor his curses on the way down. The two guards below would investigate and quickly find the body.

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535660

Cookie was not ready for these strange movements, she has rarely ever fought a humanoid figure like this-

A faint, pained gasp escapes the mare as the dagger connects, stabbing her right into her chest.
He had her pretty beaten in terms of range, she would not really be able to deal too much damage with her dagger.

So instead, she grabs onto the fishy man's hand that's holding the dagger, making sure he doesn't have much room to move while she simply raises her other hoof, pointing it right at his head, there are about 10 inches between the frog of her hoof and his face.

She smiles as she pressed down on his hand, he might be able to see a faint, blueish glow manifest itself in her frog...
As suddenly a pillar of pure magical energy extends out in an instance, aiming to tear right into his puffy monster face.

Roll 1d1000 = 719

???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535673

>He was surprised when she managed to grab his hand. There weren't any fingers, how was it holding on? This distraction prevent him from noticing the beam that would shoot into his head. Another fish man was dead.

>Down below, the two guards were rushing to head up. They'd encounter the one heading down to report the ship.

Franks dead. Fell from the top.
I'll pass the notice along, you two investigate.

>The messenger would continue on his way, the other two quickly making their way up, armed with spears. The pitter patter of their feet echoing up towards Cookie.

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535682

The mare had to suppress the urge to laugh out loud, seeing the hole in this scumbag's head form in an instance, she now, for the first time since she set hoof in Rigel Prima, felt at home, this was her profession, protecting those in need and punishing scum.

Barely able to hold the now limp Fishman up, preventing him from crashing down to the ground and making a tremendous racket, Cookie hears two more heading up her way, she has no idea how many there are in total, but she needs to keep her element of surprise.

She had to get rid of this body, fast.
Doing her best to shuffle along to the opposite end of the stairs, the direction those that would run up said stairs is the opposite of to buy herself some more time.

It turns out, these beings are rather heavy, tall compared to a pony, so Cookie has great difficulty to heft this body over the railing, dropping it down below as well.

During this time the two other guards have made their way up top, leaving Cookie mostly open, unless she managed to climb up to the roof unseen!

Roll 1d1000 = 976

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535686


Well, there went the hope that Cardinal came here willingly.

Turns out Cardinal was like so many. Ripped from their home and sent into a new one all alone.

"I don't think communication from your fleet is coming anytime soon..."

Twilight considered going to the Riftguard to ask for help, but considering the current worldwide disaster that happened, it might be a while until anything came from that.

???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535698

>They'd arrive to find her already gone. Of course the lack of anyone else up there immediately put them on guard. They'd carefully investigate to be sure the pufferfish man wasn't up here.

Demyx!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535708

File: 1512946707929.png (95.6 KB, 356x324, Hrmmmm.PNG)

-and you're sure that there's land here?

That's what the satellite scans seem to indicate. You should be able to pop up there with no issue. Now, the boss wants some good pictures. Your pics of Kameria and Rotan were both pretty good but the Mo'Gallile shots will be moneymakers.


>The sandy-blond haired man leans back in his seat and scratches the side of his face. This new catastrophe had put him in a lot of work again, as serious changes to the world typically had. A few weeks ago he had the opportunity to go out by the Deep Wood's borders and report on the new land that appeared from nowhere. Now it was a three for one, three massive events that official organizations were already quantifying as rift-caused. The Riftguard itself was being incredibly tightlipped in what caused all signs of civilization to vanish from two countries and the third a whole continent to disappear but everything apparently would be revealed during the conference at the Seat of the World.

>In the meantime there was a lot of work to be done. Demyx, being one of the top reporters for Town's news, often got plenty of scoops on merit of his ability to use dark corridors to pop around the world. His job was surprisingly lucrative and easier than anything he had to do for the Organization once upon a time. The fact that he had a stringent amount of work hours a day also meant he could use the rest of his time to practice his music and goof around.

The area's probably settled by now. I already have Printing Press out at Silver City getting shots of the new shorelines so don't worry about that, him and Hot Scoop have that story covered.


>Demyx stands and slings his camera over his shoulder. It's a higher quality camera, a new one shipped from Victin that could snap pictures without blur and immediate light adjustment. Normally they were intended for taking pictures of superheros fighting but he found it way more useful for taking high quality pictures in general. A few shots of a crumbling island, some shots of the sea, perhaps he'd be lucky and get some stranded people on the island picked out for the photos. It'd make for a good story at least.

>He waves a hand, summoning a large and swirling dark portal near the wall. His boss eyes the corridor but by now was comfortable around it.

Be back in a few hours boss.

Good, come back around three o'clock, I'll be back from lunch by then!

>Demyx nods and walks through the swirling dark portal. It'd be a slightly longer walk through the realm in-between but he does eventually come across the exit he had in mind. The Melodious Nocturne slaps his hands together and rubs them.

Okay! Just a few pictures...and with all that ocean around, maybe I can practice some new sets before heading back!

>It was a promising task. He nods to himself and extends his arm again, creating a swirling exit back into the world.

>It's a quick arrival. A plume of dark smoke erupts from the ground and extends upwards in a fountain of magical energy, creating a shimmering black and purple portal of sorts in the shape of an egg as tall as a person. It quickly falls away, revealing a scrawny man with a tall mullet wearing a dark coat. A camera remains slung across his chest. A badge featuring the Equestrian Town Newscorp logo and PRESS printed across it is clipped to one of the silver drawstrings of the coat.


>What the hell was going on here? Were those bodies? Demyx stares at the sight and wrinkles his nose, confused and disgusted at the same time.

<"Ugh, why do they look like someone screwed a fish? Aren't Mo'Gallians more attractive than that?"

>He inches closer and looks at one a little more closely, it looked like something went straight through the head for one of them...
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Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535709

Cookie took while to compose herself, suppressing the urge to jump down and fight the two head-on.

However, there was this matter of that stabbing wound, it was bleeding rather profusely, she did not realize how deep the knife went earlier, she had other things on her mind, the Guards might be put on guard by the blood left both by Cookie herself and the Fishman that got his head pierced, now it really is clear that someone must be screwing with them.

While she took a moment to let things play out, she has a look over to the lone fisherboat, hoping that at least it was spared.

If she sees other Fishmen making their way towards the fisherboat, she herself would immediately start to turn into a shadow, making her way over to it, if not she stays on the roof, to deal with the other two guards.

Until...suddenly, she saw something else appear...was it a rift?!
A dark portal of sorts...but out steps another one of those strange creatures, this time it does not appear to be amphibious though.
She had not much time to ponder who this person was or what it was, what was more important was if the Guards were gonna be as distracted by him as she was, and if she could use it to her advantage!
A smile crept onto her face
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???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535721

File: 1512948159438.jpg (260.35 KB, 738x1081, one_piece___fisher_tiger_by_on…)

>As the two merfolk look around, one spots the newcomer below. They hadn't seen the portal that had brought him here though.

He's down below.

>He'd say to his partner and the two would begin rushing down the lighthouse stairs, hoping to surprise him.

>Out in the water it looked like the fishing troller was in trouble. Five merfolk where headed to towards it. They'd looked like torpedoes with how quickly they were shooting towards it. The boat driver wasn't ignorant to this and sounded his horn in warning. They still swam straight for it. Oddly, the ship captain didn't change course to avoid them.

>Once they were a few yards away, five merfolk would poke up from behind the bow of the ship. The largest had red skin and stood at the front and centre of those on the deck. They also had guns, trained at those in the water.


>The red merfolk would yell and the group would open fire. Roll 1d5 = 1 Zealots killed.

Demyx!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535722

File: 1512948553454.png (142.02 KB, 263x412, Quiet Dark Reflections of a De…)


>Demyx snaps a picture of the corpses. He wasn't sure what the hell was happening here but whatever it was, it was something he could at least document. Still, these didn't look like the usual Mo'Gal werewolf or minotaur. There was something else going on here.

>He turns and looks towards the ocean. At this point he can see a ship in the distance, churning water and flashes of light flashing around it. He squints and lifts his camera for the boat next, his thumb pushing on the zoom switch at the side. The image reflected in the screen for his camera sharpens and grows larger. He squints, focusing entirely on the image on the screen.

What the...? What the heck is going on here?


Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535723

Cookie cursed under her breath, the Guards did not step towards the railing for an easy kill, dropping another one of them off.
They chose to run down the stairs immediately to deal with this new arrival.

This tells her that this new arrival is indeed not affiliated to these fishmen.
She had already begun casting her shadowform on herself, as she saw the Fisherboat being in trouble, however the gunshots told her that this really was not a regular fisherboat, they came prepared, vastly outgunning the primitive fishmen, this did take some worry off of her.

Whilst in her shadowform she would glide down the entire Lighthouse in mere seconds, way faster than the Fishmen using the stairs would, however, her manifestation back does take six whole seconds, meaning the guards are able to leave unbothered for now.

Should the guards run outside to confront Demyx, he may be able to see the form of a pony, slowly manifesting itself out of a shadow, knife drawn with murderous intent, staring at the back of the Guard's head.

She does not seem to pay Demyx any mind as of now, maybe she has already judged him based on his scrawny figure, even when she is unfamiliar with his anatomy, she can tell.
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???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535726

>The two in the tower would reach the bottom and head outside. One was an octopus man, armed with spears in each of his extra arms. The other was a shark man, armed with a serrated blade made of shark teeth.

Die sea killer!

>The sharkman would say as he'd charge forward slash at Demyx. Roll 1d1000 = 957 odds.

>The Octopus man would ready his spears for throwing at Demyx, but did not throw any with his ally in the way. He appeared unaware of Cookie behind him.

>All but one of the Zealots in the water had easily avoided the spray of gunfire. Two dived deeper, the other too launched out of the water at those on the boat. One lacked any defining features to place what fish he was related to. The other was clearly another shark.


>The red skinned merman would send the non shark one flying backwards into the water with a single punch. The other got one of the gunmen with his spear, then lunged at another with a mouth of teeth aimed for his neck.

Demyx!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535728

File: 1512950590249.png (177.58 KB, 398x424, Gagging Noises.PNG)

>Being as distracted as he was about the ship and the pictures he took, Demyx hears the footfalls a little too late to properly react in time. He hears the shout moments before a searing pain tears across his back, ripping fabric and skin underneath. Instead of blood, however, the serrated shark teeth seem to rip paper-like chunks of darkness off of Demyx's body that flutter into the air and disappear.


>Demyx staggers forward a few steps, cringing from the attack and whirls around to face whoever it was that attacked him.

Whaaaat the heck?!

>There's a rush of bubbles that seem to appear from nowhere and in a flash a large instrument appears in Demyx's hands. He grips it tight, his shoulders tense and eyes wide.

Hey-hey-lay off okay?! I'm just the press-with the Equestrian News! Look I'm sorry if I offended you for whatever for taking a picture of those bodies, I didn't think there was anyone else here!

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535729

Now Cookie really could not compose herself anymore at this point, she was almost in bliss as her knife made contact with the unsuspecting Octopus' neck, immediately dropping him to the ground with a loud thud
Roll 1d1000 = 295evens

"Fish are dumb dumb dumb! Chase after all that glitters! Hahahah! Beginners!"
(If evens, this here happens!)
She announces her presence to everyone present, as she leans down, picking up one of the Octopus' javelins, it was rather heavy for her, but nothing she cannot handle without too much trouble.

Hefting the spear up with both of her forelegs she gets up on her hindlegs, arching her entire body back to throw the thing at the last remaining Sharkperson, lets hope that this hits as well!

Evens: It hits the sharkperson
Odds: It hits Demyx

Roll 1d1000 = 468
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???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535731

>The sharkman would smile as he struck his target. He raised his weapon for a second swing when there was suddenly a burst of bubbles. He'd hesitate from confusion as the Nobody before him was now holding a large instrument. He'd begin laughing.

You get attacked and you pull out a toy. Hahahaha.

>He'd reraise his sword for the second swing.

Well, play me a tune while I chop you up.

>He'd swing downwards again at Demyx. Roll 1d1000 = 740 odds.

>The octopus man would feel Cookie trying to climb his back, and with a powerful shake of his back, throw her off of him. He'd turn and face the pony.

The dumb beast of burden he rode here on. You'll make for a good lunch.

>He'd stab forward with the three spears in his right hands at Cookie. Roll 1d1000 = 192 odds. Roll 1d3 = 3 hit.

>The shark's lunge would be stopped short as the red skinned merman grabbed him. He'd throw the zealot a good distance away from the boat.

Into the water!

>He'd say to the rest of his crew and they'd dive underwater to continue their fight. The boat would begin rocking violently as it was attack from underneath.

Demyx!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535733

File: 1512954847920.png (174.56 KB, 446x531, DANCE WATER DANCE.PNG)


>The moment the shark swings Demyx strums his sitar with a swing of his arm. The ground beneath him trembles and with explosive energy, the Nocturne blasts past the sharkman in a burst of speed. Watery geysers explode in his path with the strength to send anything caught in the blast zone into the air!

>Roll 1d1000 = 342 odds, successful blast!

>Hit or miss, Demyx comes to a stop a few feet away from where he was, clutching his sitar tightly with his eyes wide.

>Nothing about this made any sense. Sharkguy, octopus thing, and an Equestrian on an island? He regards the scene, flabbergasted, and looks around to try and get some bearing on what was happening. When he fails to connect anything he groans loudly.

What the heck is going onnnnn?! This is nuts!

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535734

The pony was barely able to catch herself, being flown off of the tall creature, this left her quite open for his counter move, it does not help that there's still that untreated stab wound in her chest.

However, she had spent some time now, watching how these things move and operate, even though this one appears to be quite different from the rest, actually being formidable.

That is until a mixture of luck and one timely dodge caused her to avoid every single pointy end thrown her way.

She has an opportunity right here, and she is gonna take it.
Right as the Octopusman has left himself as open as he is, Cookie ducked under his armed arms and began repeatedly stabbing into his gut in a frenzy

Roll 1d1000 = 245 odds hit 3 Roll 1d3 = 2

From what Demyx may be able to tell, just looking at the Equestrian who seems to be in rather bad shape and who is most likely behind the bodies on the floor, since the two Amphibians look to be on the same page as to who to stab.
Especially after their last comment.

He may be able to surmise that he has an ally in the Equestrian, though she doesn't seem the most stable either..

???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535735

>The sharkman would stumble back in surprise as water erupted from the ground. It didn't hit him, but certainly prevented him from taking that next swing.

Neat trick, but you really think water will stop someone who lives in it.

>He'd swing again, aiming for the instrument this time to disarm his target. Or at least cut all the strings on it. Roll 1d1000 = 851 odds.

>The octopus tries to dodge the knife, but gets two stabs into his gut before he can back away. He'd drop most of his spears as he changed tactics. Just two, one in the middle hand on both sides. The remaining four arms were meant to help defend against another attack like that. It would stab forward with just one spear this time. Roll 1d1000 = 816 odds.

>The boat would stop rocking and begin to turn away from the area. The water near it turning red some from blood spilt below.

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535736

The fox doesn't seem too perturbed by the revelation, waving its tail about.

Fleet Reports Standard Protocol Requires Communication Attempt
Data to be Archived In Case of Loss of Unit
Internal Power Sufficient for Extended Operations

If anything, it seems quite resigned to its fate.

A scribbling noise from the book Twilight gave to the maroon one catches its attention for a brief moment, then the screen flickers again as it continues... speaking? Typing?

Fleet Reports Rift Anomaly Included Loss of One (1) Registered Vessel at Time of Displacement.
Fleet will maintain search for Missing Vessel.

Demyx!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535737

File: 1512957049028.png (122.97 KB, 307x453, He Is Right Behind Me Isn't He…)

>That Equestrian was really going at it with that octopus guy. Demyx watches in mesmerized horror. The sight was so sublime it was hard to ignore. Who knew ponies could be so violent?



>The sitar goes flying out of Demyx's hands and spins through the air, landing a short distance away with the pointed ends dug into the ground. Demyx jumps and laughs nervously.

Hahaha-not trying to hurt you here, but uh-

>Demyx whips the camera off of the strap attached around his shoulder and chucks it hard at the shark's head!

>Roll 1d1000 = 926 odds!

>If success, Demyx uses the opportunity to bolt and collect his sitar!

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535740

File: 1512959834903.png (363.38 KB, 1056x1066, 134239801842.png)

"Well, even with the search, it might be a while until anyone finds you all the way in the past. I don't know what you plan to do in the meantime..."

"...I have an idea, let's adopt him!"


"Well, think about it, Twilight. Cardinal doesn't have a place to stay, and he needs our help! Why don't we keep him?"

"Pinkie, we can't just adopt Cardinal like a dog from a shelter!"

"Why not?"

Twilight's interrupted by the sudden alert of the journal.

"...That was fast."

Twilight opens up the journal, surprised at how eloquent the writing is. She was convinced that this wasn't Cookie at all, yet...

"She's doing WHAT?!"

Mo'Gallile, or rather, where it was, was so far away, Cookie couldn't have traveled that far that quickly on her own. Yet she couldn't count out the idea she did.

She took out a quill and began to write on the next page.

Cookie, thank you for informing me. I want you to be careful out there. I am certain you are able to defend yourself and others, but you will be unable to help others if you fight until you drop. I'll see what I can do about the trapped animals. Please describe them so that I have a better idea on what to send for rescue. Stay safe out there. Stop.

Cheshire Cat!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535747

File: 1512964935409.png (109.12 KB, 252x246, Grell_ThisMustBeHeavensLight.P…)

>The cat watches Barris pass itself and walk towards the towering pillar, undoubtedly to take her transportalizer pad back to the Land of Crystals and Illusions to sleep in her replicant home. Cheshire doesn't immediately follow, instead turning around to appreciate the setting sun in the distance.

>Once Barris' steps soften to the point it knew she would be too far to hear it, the cat hums.

The night fast approaches but what predators lurk in the dark? There is a truth to nature that death hides in the unknown and unseen. To shadows we jump. Imagined dangers, could they be real in that opaque future stretched before us?

Will the lion be lurking in that fog of tomorrow, seeking to deconstruct the lioness' pride once more?

>It smiles softly and turns away from the sunset.

My daring lioness, mired in the darkness of her mind, will you finally be free when the lion is dead?

Professor Elvin!GADD.wkNg.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535748

File: 1512973399407.jpg (167.03 KB, 700x420, c700x420.jpg)


With the second peel sending her stubborn seat to the floor (face first, of course), her chainsaw goes flying into the far wall, continuing to whirr as it cuts right through, more of the fog seeping through the garish gash as the whole wall shakes back and forth, far more than any normal wall should.

She may go without noticing it, however, as several new ghosts pile in to mock her futile efforts in spite of her prior display of power. One glows orange, and the other is a familiar light blue. Of course, there's no way to know if it's the one she saw before, but for everything she might remember, it would all match up. Blue in particular has taken up a spot with one hand on the back of the jolly green george of the ghost jungle, also waving its arms estatically and not even bothering to dissipate from behind its single banana peel

>>41535119 - >>41535156 - >>41535216

The trio heads to the far right room, the enthusiastic hunter leading her fellows in at her choice. Of all things, the walls are blocked by old fashioned arcade cabinets. Many have been covered in sheets, but some are uncovered, several of those beeping away to an audience of one ghost, pale yellow as it sits fixated to a screen, oblivious to the newly entered trio immediately behind it.

>Same rules as before, roll d20 and call evens/odds to stun!

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535749

Cookie's eyes lit up all giddy, seeing her knife dealing this much damage to this scum of the earth, she had not an ounce of sympathy for these creatures, they deserved all she has in store for them.

Cookie dodged the spear easily, her eyes glistening like fresh yogurt and she laughs mockingly
"Hahaha! You are first of your kind that prove even slight challenge. Hopefully you are not last of your kind, it will make your genocide more fun!"
Hopefully this pretty bold threat to his entire race may be enough to make him realize that, she might even possess the skills to follow up on said threat.

And she does try to follow it up right away, her left foreleg lighting up with that same, blueish glow as she summons her magical sword, slashing it over every single one of the Octopus' arms with the intent of cutting them all off!

Roll 1d1000 = 441 arms hit Roll 1d4 = 4

!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535750

The fox shrugs. It really didn't matter what it did at this point, really.

Fleet Reports
Survey and Await Communication.
Unit Handler Lost : Presumed Dead.
Confirm Deceased Status; File Report.

It doesn't seem too put off by being adopted, though it doesn't really show much at all for it, either. It's quite hard to tell.

Twilight's exclamation brings it over to stare at the messages in the book. Not really having anything else to add to the matter, it simply waits patiently for the alicorn to scribble a message back.

???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535751

<That wasn't very effective. . . .

>The camera would bounce off the sharks head harmlessly. He'd give Demyx a "Seriously?" look. He'd then snort and swing low, aiming for Demyx's left leg. Roll 1d1000 = 634 odds.

Spoken like a stupid land dweller.

>He'd quickly back away from the magical blades the pony was swinging about. He'd then throw one of the two spears, aiming for one of the legs the swords were coming out of. Roll 1d1000 = 715 odds.

AnonymousCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535752

The Tentaclehead can see his spear connecting right with Cookie's left leg, embeddinh itself into the flesh, it's long shaft sticking out as the entire tip was buried inside her, he may even be able ho see her crimson life juices beginning to leak out!
He might even come to the conclusion she is bleeding out soon, but, for some reason it looks like the bleeding from her chest has subsided!

Cookie lets out another pained gasp, as the support of her left leg is no longer availiable, she almost collapses to the ground.
She has sustained a lot of damage already, and its visibly hindering her abilities, her magical sword dissipates into nothingness.

She cannot fall here, not now, it cannot end in such a humiliating failure.

Cookie had to end this and fast, shecmay be able to take a lot more punishment than this but she has no idea how that other tall guy is doing.
If he were to fall she'd soon follow.

The Octopus has moved out of her immediate reach when he backed away, she only had one choice.

Biting down on the Spear's handle, Cookie does something very ill advised, the muscles on her neck tense up with immense strength as she rips the spear out of her leg, immediately accelerating her bleeding but arming her with the appropiate weapon for her plan.

Locking eyes with the Octopusman, Cookie grabbed the spear with her good foreleg, arching her entire body back, ready to throw it right back at him...
However, mid-stride the Equestrian does a 180, chucking the spear at the more unsuspecting target, the Sharkman!
Hoprfully she at least managed to get his attention away from Demyx.

She mouths to Demyx the word "Flee."
Roll 1d1000 = 583
(original roll: 700)
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Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535768

File: 1513027838808.jpg (27.4 KB, 213x315, Grell_ANGRY_I AM PERFECTLY CAL…)

>Grell groans and slowly pushes herself back up, one hand rubbing the red welt on her forehead where she had smacked the floor. Her glasses sit crooked on her face, the links connected to the frames tangled with some frizzy red hair. She growls lowly, her brows furrowed in frustration from the noise of the ghost's laughed joined by a few more giggles and crows.

The peanut gallery now? Well laugh it-

>The reaper glances up and freezes for a moment, her eyes widening once she catches sight of the blue ghost cackling along with the green one. She prickles and hops right to her feet with a snarl.

You! Finally! I'll shred you and your little friends for the injustices you've put me through!


>She reaches for her chainsaw but pauses and realizes it isn't in her coat or next to her. Grell turns her head quickly and looks to her side, where the chainsaw stuck into the shivering fog-belching wall a few feet away from her. That was admittedly strange. Usually when she penetrated a wall it didn't tremble like a newly deflowered girl.

Tch! I don't have time for this!

>Still, swift justice wouldn't come unless she dispensed it herself. She'd have to get her chainsaw to do that. Nerves steeled, Grell marches to the wall and grabs the chainsaw. She rips it back and out of the wall with an almighty tug and a loud grunt.

Demyx!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535769

File: 1513028244559.png (56.21 KB, 215x289, LOUD UPSET SCREAMING.PNG)


Ah...I knew I shouldn't have invested in the light model.

>The camera's utter ineffectiveness draws a nervous grin from Demyx as the shark stares at him in skeptical bewilderment. He shrieks and jumps to avoid the sharkteeth sword, the sharp serrated edges passing underneath the reporter's boots narrowly.

>There's a whistle of something and a sudden 'thwip!' of a large spear digging into the sand near them both. Between this and the sharkman it's enough to convince Demyx the smartest option was to run, run away!

>He does just that, taking off in a spray of sand and another unmanly shriek. He doesn't even know where he's running but anywhere was better than this spot!

Nope nope nope nope!

Sawada Tsunayoshi!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535786

File: 1513037413304.jpg (218.88 KB, 500x611, tumblr_mhs3jsrBnv1qctjgio1_500…)

I'm.. trying..

>For a short while longer, Tsuna still struggles to try and get off of her, but then, after thinking to himself for a moment, he seems to relax.

>Despite this awkward position, he tries to let himself down onto her as lightly as possible.
>And then his flames start to flicker.
>He has his hands behind Ary's head, forming a diamond shape with his two thumbs and index fingers, and the flames on his hand and forehead being to pulse.
>It isn't immediately clear what is happening, but after awhile, the pulsing finally stops and his flames die out completely.


>His gloves begin to glow, and he opens his eyes, a large amount of flames being shot down towards the floor, much larger and more powerful that they were just moments ago.

>It's enough to shoot him into the air, off of Ary, and have him hover just slightly in the air.
>This is incredibly hard on his arms; he feels like they're about to break, but it's the best he can do right now.


>He pauses. Now the only issue was getting her up off the ground.

>He lowers himself to the ground, keeping his flames going nearly fullforce to make sure he doesn't immediately collapse.
>He switches all of hsi pwoer to his left hand, and reaches down to her with his right.
>With the help of both his legs and his flames, he's hoping he could at least get her up, but..
>He's not hopeful.

Here, let's try and get out of here.

???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535795

>The octopus man takes full advantage of Cookie turning her back to him, and grabs both hind legs with two of his free arms.

I hear some of your kind can fly.

>He'd say with a dark chuckle.

Let's see if you are one of them.

>He'd fling her at the Lighthouse, sending her flying into the wall. Roll 1d1000 = 61 odds for max damage.

What the-

>The Sharkman would also notice the spear land nearby. He'd look behind himself to see his partner fling a pony.

Where did that come from?

>His eyes would narrow as he'd spot his friends stabbed stomach. He'd glance back at the fleeing Demyx.

Trying swimming for it, I'll enjoy the chase!

>He'd rush towards Demyx's instrument, planning to take it. He didn't want the land dweller trying to use that magic on them. There seemed to be someone more dangerous here. He'd then planned to help out his friend.

!Spike.bSpgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535796

File: 1513047149531.gif (1.83 MB, 720x405, Ooh gimmie.gif)

Ok, as soon as they take down that ghost, then Spike would be rewarded with food.

No, no, not that, getting the heck out of this creepy place.

No, not that either, advancing someone's studies on...

...Actually getting out and getting food is an all-around better motivator.

Spike remains silent, waiting until AppleZero gets close enough, then he activates his flashlight.

Roll 1d20 = 2 Evens

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535799

File: 1513049311582.jpg (67.86 KB, 416x360, Regenerate steam pic.jpg)

>Ary breathed a bit easier now that the boy was off of her chest. Though they were not out of the woods at all. She looked up at him, normally if she saw someone doing something that Tsuna was doing,s he'd have some questions! But for now she simply wanted to not be on the floor like this.


>Slowly, Ary was raising her hand to grab his hand. Slowly. She was getting their inch by inch, but it felt like she was trying ti lift a 100 pound weight. Actually probably more than that. But eventually she was able to grab Tsunas hand, and even better then that was slowly being able to get to her feet. Slowly. She was straining so much, over working every muscle of her body


Yami Bakura!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535802

File: 1513051088021.jpg (86.52 KB, 496x379, Bakura-ep96-69-YamiNo.jpg)

>Bakura simply stands there for a moment, and sighs.
>His own irritation at himself continued to rise. As if he had a really bad itch he just couldn't reach.
>It pissed him off that he was acting the way he is.
>With a shake of his head, he continues.

My name's Bakura.

>He says, realizing that they never actually shared their names.

There's a place nearby own by a group called the Apex Force. It's where I'm currently staying. We can stop by there if you wish. Food and proper living spaces are generally given for free to those who don't have a place to stay. The only requirement being you respect the location and don't cause trouble.

>It was a little ironic that Bakura of all people was telling someone not to cause trouble, which really only added to his irritation.

>Though he also supposes that he'd rather not have anyone be loud around the place.
>He shrugs.

Sawada Tsunayoshi!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535805

File: 1513051901759.png (430.58 KB, 524x604, sawada_tsunayoshi_by_tsukiko19…)

>This wasn't easy. It really was not easy.
>He tries to pull Ary around so that he's on his back, and puts her into a piggy back.

Hold on.

>As soon as she's as comfortable as she can manage to get herself, his flames once again blast from his hands.

>With the added weight of Ary, Tsuna can't even lift himself off the ground anymore, using the propulsion from his burners to simply keep him standing.
>He slowly stomps his way towards the door, doing everything he can to keep Ary with him and just keep himself up.
>He can't help Ary hold on since both of his hands are trying to keep them up, so he's hoping she can manage on her own.
>Once they finally reach the door, he focuses all of his flames to his left hand once again, and reaches up to the handle with his right.
>Slowly he tries to pull open the door, light on the other side sneaking through through the cracks.
>Finally, the door opens, and he pushes through.
>Almost immediately upon leaving the room, both Tsuna and Ary rocket high into the air.


>As fast as he can, he lowers the output of the flames to keep them steady in the air, and grabs hold of Ary behind him with one arm to make sure she doesn't fall.

>Though comparetively, she feels like a feather now.

..Are you okay?

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File: 1513053042675.jpg (97.5 KB, 500x245, OH I KNOW THIS FUCKING ANSWER.…)


>Ary struggled to keep herself steady on Tsunas back, and struggled to not choke him with her arms wrapped around his neck.


>And just like that! There was a sudden shift in weight! It took Aryh back, almost took her back as much as them rocketing high into the air. When Tsuna got a hold of himself and they werne't too high in the air, Ary jumped down landing on her feet and looking at the temple they just left


>Ary quickly went to sit on her but, stroking her arms gently as best she could. it was hard to try and sooth them since they felt so strained. Well. Her entire body felt like she had gone through an extreme work out, but her arms felt the worst. Even with that...

So that makes the gravity, what seven, eight times heavier than here? And it was like an infinite room?

Hmm....I wonder if this is....

>She trailed off, going to lay down. Man she was going to be sore. But she certainly wasn't going to leave, she wanted to know more of this!

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File: 1513058145776.jpg (661.44 KB, 1000x1200, 2ac8faf7dfb274e63bd58da5eea9a7…)


>At first, Glimmer's only response to the question seems to be a shocked gasp, like the other girl had just uttered something so unthinkably surprising that she's ended up at a loss for words.

>Thankfully this doesn't last long, the girl letting out an awkward giggle after a few moments.

"Its not fruit, silly...its candy!"

"...Its like, well, they cook sugar into it or...something? I'm not really sure since, uh, I'm....kind of not really....allowed in the kitchen even at home."

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535814

"Well, Twilight? Why can't we adopt him?" Pinkie says, hooves on her hips.

Twilight finishes writing the last sentence, closing the journal.

"...Alright, fine. If Cardinal wants to, then he can stay with you."

"Yes! Don't worry, Twilight. I can drop Cardinal off with you for half the week. if you'd like! It'll be like we're a divorced couple, sharing custody over the fox child we still love very much!"

"What?! Pinkie, we're not a divorced couple, we were never married in the first place!"

"Alright fine, maybe the wedding certificate that we drunkenly got in Las Pegasus wasn't technically legally binding, but I think that what it symbolized means a lot more than whatever the Equestrian gover-"


"Oh! Right!" Pinkie picks up Cardinal. "So, whaddya say, you wanna live in Ponyville with me?"

Sawada Tsunayoshi!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535815

File: 1513060434416.png (169.86 KB, 330x353, oh god my ears.png)

>The flames on his hands and forehead die down completely, his calm and collected persona disappearing with them.

..Owowowow!! That hurts!

>He grabs hold of his arms, and flinches in pain from having to hold both his and Ary's weight up with just his arms.

>He even almost begins to cry!


>He too falls down to the ground, sitting and and curling forward a little bit, still clutching his arms.

What the hell even is that place!? Everything's so heavy!

>He's surprised the Zero Point Breakthrough was even enough to get them out of there, to be honest.

>Though Ary seems to have at least some idea of what it is.

..Do you know what this place is?

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File: 1513064556536.jpg (1.32 MB, 2450x1618, __morgana_and_sakura_futaba_pe…)

>In a dark and messy room, lit only by the light emitted by the screens of various electronic devices against one wall, a girl glares angrily at her phone.

"...Like I said, I'm on vacation, so unless you've managed to dig up some weird new device to fiddle around with or this is actually some sort of cascade failure that's going to destroy the whole world, you don't just get to call me in."

>It'd been all over the news, the net, and running on basically every frequency beyond that. An international catastrophe that had no known precedent. After all, places didn't generally just vanish, mass disappearances generally just meant either some sort of Serial Killing, Serial Kidnapping, or Weapon of Mass Destruction wiping the slate clean. Sometimes on rare occasion a country had...dropped right on top of another one, or so the rumors went.

>Several countries worth of people being suddenly rifted away, and one case of an entire continent just vanishing into thin air? Well, its no wonder people are panicking. Still, that doesn't mean she should have to drop everything just because the other people who could run the OPs end of things aren't able to keep a cool head.

"I mean, its not like I'm an expert on Rift Studies, so I'm not sure how you expect me to fix this anyways...and even if I was, it'd be easier for me to just bring it into the main branch, straight to Dave Strider himself..."



>The short stint of silence from the other end of the line doesn't last nearly as long as she'd hoped that tidbit would have earned her. A few extra seconds and then it's back to frantically trying to boss her around.

"Look, you want my 'expert advice'? However Rifts work, they tend to seem to snap things up at random and drop them off somewhere, generally from somewhere else to somewhere on Rigel Prima, right?"

"So...no matter how much you roll the dice, no matter how big of a whale you are on the Gatchas....There's no way you just pull three SSS class Rifts...at the exact same time on three different continents at random and then immediately stop at just the three. Especially ones that serve just to shunt large amounts of people out of this dimension instead of the usual in!"


>There, that's a bit better. Honestly, though the dull, blank stare on the face of the operator on the other end of the screen is a bit much. Surely she's not the only one whose reached that...rather obvious seeming conclusion.

"Do I need to break it down into smaller words? Rift....Bomb. So yeah, unless you've already managed to dig up the remains of something you need cracked into, I...am...on...Vacation."

>With that final word, the girl hits the end call button on her phone, and the odd black avatar she'd been using for the vidcall vanishes from the screen of the rather dull seeming fellow who had been trying to call her in.

<Seriously, its like he thinks she doesn't have a life outside of providing nav functions for Rift Ops. She's a freelancer too, so that makes them trying to pull this even worse. Wasting her precious time off on blabbering about stuff that she can't even deal with anyways.

>With a huff the girl slides her HMD back on her head, and re-initializes the full-dive sequence on her system and grumbles to herself as the remote drone resumes its transmission.

"I swear...if he just cost me my chance to get her autograph...."

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535819

Even if the Octopusman is not too familiar with the weight of ponies, he might even notice that this one in particular seems a little heavy for its seize, its probably those amazing saddlebags on her back!

Cookie had no time to defend herself, with a surprised gasp she is picked up and flung away like she was nothing, her back slamming into the side of the lighthouse painfully, it was such a great force it left a perfectly Cookie-shaped imprint in it!

After sustaining even more damage like this, it looks like she is in pretty bad shape already, she grits her teeth, staring at the two Fishmen
"Verdammt!" is what she managed to churn out.

At the very least she might have enabled Demyx to escape, which thankfully he is trying right now, it made her feel a little proud of him.

Dislodging from the wall, falling face-first into the ground, Cookie picks herself back up with a lot of hard yakka, her left foreleg was completely screwed up by the Javelin thrown into it even if the bleeding had already subsided on its own.

What can she even do...wait! That's right! She still had one functioning foreleg left!
She started to concentrate, that same familiar blue glow gathering up in her veins of her right foreleg, she slowly raises it using her left foreleg as a rather unstable footing as a small, very pointy looking piece of pure blue energy extends out of her frog.

The Octopus might find it amusing that she still intends on going toe to hoof with him, but then..!

She throws the tiny little dagger, hoping it might catch him off-guard
Is what she would chant like a mad pony as it flew on and on, every second the magic was not connected to her body made it weaker, good thing that she threw it with all of her remaining might!

Roll 1d1000 = 532

The Black Knights!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535825

File: 1513072086843.jpg (70.26 KB, 637x356, shinjuku.jpg)

Don't shoot until action is taken towards us. Zero's orders are to attack only in self defense. If an attempt to fly past us is made, use your slash harkens to hold them.

>The man then continues to speak over the comm system.

We are the Black Knights! We stand to protect those who are oppressed, and stand against those who use their power unjustly! Make your intentions clear, and we may stand down!

>He then sits back in his Knightmare, crossing his legs as he awaits a response from the birds.

>The man is taking this surprisingly seriously all things considered. It isn't exactly commin for them to get into all-out battles with birds in their own world.

Keep eyes on the vehicles in the back. Detecting heat signatures. They no doubt also have access to backup. If they stall for time, press them. They are no match for our Knightmares!

>There was a worry among some of the Black Knights that perhaps bringing Knightmares for this kind of fight was overkill. Surely regular weapons would be enough to deal with birds, right?

>Zero insisted though, which was only mildly worrying. It could mean that Zero's intentions were a bit more hostile that they had thought, or these birds actually were powerful enough to warrant it.
>And both situations weren't ones those Black Knights liked.
>Either way though the situation before them was a tricky one.
>One wrong move could have them on Littledoves permanent shitlist. They had to make sure they followed their plans and only acted when neccessary.
>Everything in the Black Knights' future hinged on the success of this mission.
>Failure was not an option!
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The fox doesn't really understand the semantics of the argument between the two, and so elects to remain silent... until it gets picked up, of course.

Or at least, attempted to be picked up by the pink one. It's deceptively slippery for a medium sized fox, and really ends up just exactly where it was, if a bit dishevelled.
It also doesn't seem to weigh anything...

Grooming itself back into shape, it cocks its head at Pinkie. Doesn't seem like it has anything better to do. It does shoot a glance at the screen though.

Fleet Reports
Communication System... Suboptimal.

Demyx!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535842

File: 1513121611766.png (85.07 KB, 300x187, Betwixt_and_Between_KHII.png)

>Running didn't seem to take him anywhere promising. Either he went towards the lighthouse and potentially get trapped there, or be left running around in a circle around the small island he had the misfortune to pick as a stopping point. Demyx groans and tries to think of a third option, one that didn't involve abandoning his sitar or his likely damaged camera.

>With the Octopus and the Shark preoccupied he could at least retrieve one of them. Demyx sharply turns and scoops up his camera from the sand. Surprisingly it looked ok, though when he flipped the switch on with a thumb the screen fizzled and flipped about. The preview screen or something inside controlling it must have been damaged from the throw.

>He clips it back onto his shoulder strap and weighs his options. His main method of protecting himself was his sitar, and unfortunately the only way he could channel his water magic. Without it he was even more useless than usual. The obvious way to go would be to get his sitar back, but how could he go about doing that?


>The pony that had been here hadn't been faring well as he could tell. Her body was clearly banged up and they both were in trouble. If only these two fish guys weren't...


>Demyx snaps his fingers, his eyes lighting up as an epiphany hits him. He might not have his water magic at his power, but there was one thing he could do that could save the situation in one easy fix, or at least let him remove the problem from being a problem.

>He holds his hand up and-


>The sand beneath the two aquatic attackers suddenly swirl dark, quickly summoned corridors of darkness opening up beneath them to drop them both into the realm in-between!

>Roll 1d1000 = 635 odds Octopus, Roll 1d1000 = 986 odds, Sharkman

>If success the moment the unwitting attacker(s) drop the portals shut, locking them in the realm between, a technicolor plane of existence between the realms of light and darkness.

>Though seemingly well lit there's no shadows on the featureless ground, only streaming symbols similar to the shape of Demyx's sitar spiraling around among the dawn, or dusk, colors of faded light in this plane of existence.

???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535844

File: 1513123368569.png (622.07 KB, 744x1080, Tiger.png)

>The Octopus man easily dodges the blade, with his sharkman friend joining him.

That was pathetic even for a land dweller.

>The sharkman would grin as the octopus readies a spear to throw at Cookie. That quickly vanished though.

What the heck!?

>The octopus would disappear into the black pit, while the Sharkman would jump out of the way in time. He'd glance back at Demyx.

Guess I'll have to take your head too.

>He'd glance back at Cookie. With his shark tooth sword in his right hand, and Demyx's sitar in the left like a club, he'd advance on Cookie. Of the two, the pony seemed closer to falling.

>There'd be a splash of something shooting out of the water and a blur of red would fly past Demyx. The thing would hit the sand and roll into a standing position. The sharkman would turn around at the sound of something landing behind him. He'd be rewarded with an upward punch to his jaw from the red skinned Merman, using the momentum of his roll to add extra power into his punch. The sharkman would fly upwards and backwards from the punch, flying away from Cookie and dropping the Sitar.

You two get out of here. More will be coming.

>He'd say to Cookie and Demyx as he'd stare down the Sharkman as he recovered.

>The octopus man would be unceremoniously dumped into the realm in-between. He'd look about confused, clutching his spear.

Where the hell is this place??

>He'd shout while looking for something resembling an exit.

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535846

The pony did not have much time to process what was happening, she was about ready to die right here and now, yet the cloaked figure opened up a rift right in front of her!

She would need to inquire about the nature of these rifts, and wether or not he knew if there existed an entity that could produce bigger rifts, continent sized rifts.
She gave him a very, interested look, though to Demyx it might seem like a threatening glare, given the impression he had of her so far.

And now, there was another, even taller looking figure standing before her, he absolutely drawfed her in size, and possibly strength, was this one of the natives?

She was in bad shape, but she was still standing, and the two corpses near the lighthouse might even imply she wouldn't be useless in a fight!
Granting herself not a second of rest she would stand as tall as she could, as straight and respectful as she could, straightening out her back and saluting the one before her.

"Mercenary of Princess of Equestria Twilight, mare for hire. Sent for assistance of allies in need asap!"

Despite her numerous, visible injuries, this pony seemed able to ignore the pain and stand at attention, even bowing down to him
"Life of mercenary belong to helping natives in need. Establish safe zone for survivors and extraction zone. Yours to command."

Shortly after, out of the corner of her eye, she could see the Sharkman,who got flung away as if he was paper mache.
Without much of another word to the tall figure, she turned tail, limping over to the downed Sharkman for a couple of steps as her walk seems to stabilize a little more with each second that passed, she must be getting used to it.
The Sharkman would be able to see the Mare with her good hoof raised, that same blue, magical blade having extended out of it, ready to strike down towards his defenseless self.
There is not an ounce of empathy in this one's look, she only knows contempt and hatred for his kind.
Awaiting the command from the tall figure she stands there, blade at the ready to strike him down should he try anything funny.

He could prove as a valuable source of information after all.
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File: 1513125378993.png (92.17 KB, 275x395, Seriously Just Chillax.PNG)

>At first Demyx wilts, the sudden appearance of a new combatant from the water giving him the suspicion that he was doomed to be harrassed by these crazy fish people and this equally crazy Equestrian (who was looking at him very weirdly, he hoped that she wasn't sizing him up to have the new perforated gut).

>Thankfully, with the shark knocked away, that left his sitar left behind and free on the sand. Demyx is quick to retrieve it, even carefully brushing off the sand that collected on it from its brief but rough handling.

>He glances back at the pony, who had by now placed herself right before the tall red guy. Demyx's brows lift in surprise; this pony was a mercenary for Princess Twilight? The Princess of Friendship needed a mercenary?

>He files that away for later. It was a good story but there was more going on here than just a rift event of catastrophic proportions. He might have stumbled across a secret show of power of one of the less politically visible Princesses of Equestria.

Uh...I just showed up to get some pictures of what happened to Mo'Gallile for my news corp.

>Sitar in one hand, Demyx lifts his camera in example to the red guy and the strange pony. He hadn't gotten the pictures he wanted but he did have two dead fish people and the image of a ship in distress.

So...what's happening here? This is a little crazier than what my bosses were anticipating, even if it's a post-disaster zone.

???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535853

File: 1513130495204.jpg (78.54 KB, 900x497, one_piece_proud_fisher_tiger_b…)

>The red skinned Merman would stop Cookie from advancing on the sharkman with a firm hand on her back and side.

Let him go.

>He'd whisper to her. To others it seemed he was helping her stand. Two more merfolk, seemingly with the red skinned one as he didn't react to them, emerged from the surf. One was rather bizarre looking with four legs and whiskers on his face. The other had an eel for a head.

>The Sharkman would get to his feet and dive into the water nearby. As he did so, the red skinned merman would let go of Cookie, as it seemed she didn't need support anyways. He'd look to Demyx to answer his question.

Simple, what is left of Mo'Gallile is being invaded by nutjobs. And we are bait.

>He'd say grimly. He'd look to the equestrian.

If Equestria is helping us, go back and tell them to send more for underwater combat.

>He'd look about for a ship of some kind, not really expecting their arrival being the work of magic. He'd frown at not seeing any. He was guessing the Zealots sank it. He'd stand back to address both.

You can use our boat to get out of here.

>The red skinned Merman was pretty sure he and his remaining friends wouldn't be using it later.

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File: 1513130828710.jpg (143.85 KB, 850x875, __yang_xiao_long_rwby_drawn_by…)


>That was the truth. What she thought was a simple hunch. There was no way to really know for sure unless she studied it more and had proper equipment this time. For now though she could barely move. Ary rolled gently onto her side enough to look at Tsuna and said

I want to check it out more. BUt no way I can do that now. IM going to need to come back with....stuff....We don't even know if this belongs to someone or not right now either...

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535859

"I'm taking his silence as a yes, Twilight!"

"I know you are, Pinkie," Twilight said with a sigh.

Pinkie looks over at the monitor.

"Twilight, I think Cardinal is trying to tell you to stop putting off your computer updates!"

"It's a magic computer that Sunset alchemized, I don't think it needs to be updated."

"Well then, maybe you should upgrade your platform!"

Twilight walks over and views the message.

"...Right, sorry if our current technology isn't as advanced as the stuff you have in the future. We can try to get you something better if you'd like."

Cardinal!CDNL//nLd.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535861

The fox shakes its head emphatically. No, no, not the computer. It was a Naval Shipyard Faux, for crying out loud. Saying it couldn't work with slightly outdated technology was like saying car designers couldn't understand slightly older cars.

Now, getting messages across on the other hand...
The message flickers.
Fleet Reports
UNIT Communication System Sub-optimal.

It pokes the laptop.
Communication without Extension Device...

It knew the laptop was Twilight's, that was for one. Now, if it were to end up following Pinkie, that would mean no laptop, and it would have to rely on being hugged to death again if it wanted to get anything done.

It furrows its brow, before tacking one more line at the end. But if laptops existed...
Fleet Query Current World Technology Level?

Sawada Tsunayoshi!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535864

File: 1513142339511.jpg (69.65 KB, 545x297, 216293_original.jpg)

Well, I've been through here a lot, and I've never come across it before, so..

>He pauses, and frowns.

It's possible it came through a rift recently. Though I don't even know what the point of it is. It seems to be a chamber with increased gravity and a lot less air, but..

What's the point?

>He seems pretty stumped. He supposes some kind of sueprhuman could likely use it as some sort of training grounds.

>Tsuna would likely be able to use it too once he was able to actually withstand the intense gravity.
>It would no doubt screw with his flight though, making him output more flames that would usually be neccessary.
>He sighs.

Anyways, what do you have that could help figure it out?

Apple!Zerosb5lPQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535865

File: 1513142624471.png (143.46 KB, 900x1592, applejack___blowing_in_the_win…)


>AppleZero's eyes focus immediately on the ghost in front of them. Almost entirely ignoring her surroundings.


>With a little more confidence in her step, AppleZero steps forward to confront the ghost. In sync with Spike, she too raises her flashlight and joins in on the attempt to capture. This didn't seem too bad so far. Now that she had practice with that first one, this shouldn't take too long at all.

AnonymousCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535871


The Mare did not fight against the large Merman's command or touch, making her blade dissipate immediately without a moment's hesitation.
However, she cannot help but stare after him in a very hateful manner, if it were going how she wanted everyone would dine on seafood soup gor months.

Very briefly Cookie seemed startled, watching those two merfolks emerge from the water, however the big one's reaction told her that these must be his allies, which made her sheath her real knife away, placing it back into the sheath under her mane.

"Almost complete rout of raid camp, with this one it is two escape. Return retaliation soon."

After listening to all he had to say she shook her head.

"Non need transportation out of hotspot. Contact immediately to Princess Twilight have. Able send report in instant."

She nods back towards her saddlebags, starting to wait for more of his men to show up...but there weren't any it seemed, and that was very upsetting, he can hear her yellowed teeth scraping against each other as her anger is rising

"You squad, all is remain are two? Grrrrngh..."

Her bad hoof very angrily dug into the ground

"Scum!.. Who are raiders?! Long term fiend? Scum! Who you? Disguise as civilian vessel for surprise attack?"

If push came to shove, Tiger should be able to easily overpower the pony.

Thankfuly, Cookie seemed rather occupied, and isn't throwing Demyx any more weird looks.

Demyx!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535873

File: 1513144743186.png (Spoiler Image, 36.86 KB, 200x276, 200px-Dusk_KHII.png)



>Now that was interesting. Demyx holds his chin in thought. This Mo'Gallile disappearing thing had more ramifications than just the sea levels falling. There was a potential war here! And he was on scene for it! Normally for a reporter that was a good thing but Demyx had no desire to put his ass on the line and get hurt for his troubles. After what happened to the guy who got him out of the magic desert palace Demyx didn't plan on staying in Wayne Manor long and had moved into Town once he could gather the funds.

>With Town's history he was looking into a new gig somewhere else in the world that was stable and less likely to have trouble. The two top choices had, however, vanished thanks to some crazy circumstances he and the rest of the world didn't understand just yet. Trouble and Demyx didn't mix, he told himself, and it was a philosophy that served him well these last few years.

>Still, this pony was asking some good questions. There was a good chance he could get a real scoop here and go back home with a good story. Whenever he could go back. Right now he had to wait to let the problem sort itself, which meant more escapades in crazy fish and pony land...


>Elsewhere in the Realm Between, the octopus man would find he isn't alone for long. A strange bipedal thing seems to appear from the fringes of this colorful space, its body seemingly boneless and its 'hips' swinging side to side with an inorganic elasticity. It keeps its distance but tilts its 'head' as it stands there, watching him.

>Then another appears.

>And another.

>And then three of them.

>All standing in the distance, all swaying back and forth...
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File: 1513146063532.jpg (111.9 KB, 850x601, __yang_xiao_long_rwby_drawn_by…)

....Now I feel bad.

>Ary couldn't help but wonder if maybe the ghost was just relaxing and minding his own business, and then they came along and ruffed him up. Either way Ary too raised her weapon and tried to capture the ghost

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535877

>Evens! Roll 1d20 = 4

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535878

File: 1513146900721.gif (687.66 KB, 500x245, OI YOU FUCKING RETARD OVER HER…)


I'm not sure. Probably mostly to train...or maybe it's actually something that's naturally occurring...althouuuuugh...only hear about dumb stuff like that happening in poor fan fiction.

Huh? Oh yeah. I've got all kinds of stuff, equipment, computers, machines....pens and paper....

>She trailed off. Trying to think of what sorts of items she'd need to use to figure this room out. If she was even going to beable to figure this room out for that matter. She turned her head slowly tohim and said

...you're not gonna call dibs on this right? 50/50?

>ARy had many plans already though, for this. Maybe if she could figure out how to get use to the affects, or maybe make some sort of exo suit, she could have this as a secret bunker she could use to hide in.

Apple!Zerosb5lPQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535883


>Roll 1d1000 = 921 Evens

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535884

File: 1513156039885.png (263.69 KB, 700x700, Have I started a cult.png)

"Current World Technology Level...Hm..."

Twilight thinks for a moment, Ponyville probably wouldn't be much help, they live more off of Equestrian magic rather than electronic technology. That is to say they still used things like cell phones and laptops, but for the most part, they grew crops by hoof, pegasi controlled the weather, and so on.

"Around Town I think has a good mix of Rigel Prima's technology. I know the city of Luminia is one of the more technologically advanced places on Rigel Prima. They, are responsible for cybernetic implants, robotics, and armor, but they're not exactly the...friendly type. I also know that Atlas is fairly advanced in technology too, though they're far away, they have made great progress in things like airship travel."

Twilight looks back at her Spell Chromebook. She is definitely going to need that back later, and it'd be embarrassing to ask Sunset for another one so close to Hearth's Warming...

"...Although I'm sure something around Town here will be enough to at least give you text-to-speech."

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File: 1513211973622.png (96.62 KB, 500x500, 0ae1a3ebe9326fc590aaf63d8fdd72…)

Rose doesn't pay particular attention to the pilot, only absently leaning against Alton as she pulls her phone out to read a message as it flashes at her from her sylladex.

turntechGodhead is now pestering tentacleTherapist

TG: so hey
TG: guess whose getting married
TG: that would be me
TG: obviously
TG: or not so obvious i guess if you havent been paying attention to my love life
TG: which you probably have since youre always so intent on keeping track of literally everyone
TG: so yeah
TG: marriage
TG: a thing thats happening
TG: show up to my wedding whenever we pick a date
TG: k thanks bye

turntechGodhead has ceased pestering tentacleTherapist


You just kind of stare at it for a moment before handing your phone over to Alton with a smile

"Apparently my brother is getting married."
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File: 1513216922039.jpg (78.54 KB, 900x497, one_piece_proud_fisher_tiger_b…)

Those were scouts, and we want them to pull their friends away from the settlement.

>He says in response to her complaint about letting him go. He'd groan as she seem dead set on staying.

They are land hating Merfolk. Big beef with Mo'Gallile for kicking their asses. They think the Sea King got rid of the Mo'Gallilians.

>He'd say hurriedly, all the while keeping an eye out for any merfolk coming out of the waters around them.

And we are trying to lure them away from the houses underwater. Or at least some of them so the rest of us have a better chance of driving them out.

>The Octopus man would instantly get into a defensive stance the moment the first one appear.

Where am I!?

>He'd demand of them.

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File: 1513218684038.jpg (50.07 KB, 1280x720, Jinb.jpg)

>At the checkpoint to enter the Seat of the World was a small ruckus.

I must speak with the council!

>A large whale shark merman seemed to be accosting the guard at the checkpoint.

Sir, again, you are not listed as an ambassador of Mo'Gallile. If whatever remaining government-

That was all on land! Which is gone now!

>The fishman looked like he was about to punch the guard, but instead closed his eyes and let out a long sigh to calm down. Well, calm down enough to not punch a man simply doing his job. The guard seemed unsure if he should be radioing for back up or not.

Changing of the guard!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535903

File: 1513235693327.png (10.56 KB, 211x404, hazama_as_a_girl___sprite_by_s…)

>The Circle of Wrath. A layer of hell often stereotyped to be filled with angry rampaging monsters that attacked for no reason. But wrath some something more complicated then that. Wrath was not something one felt as simply synonymous with petty anger. Wrath was what consumed those who let anger get the better of them. It burns at the soul, it rots at the mind, and it poisons the once pure heart. Those who had let wrath consume them were left here when they died. Till the end of days they would live by the rules set by the prince of the realm. And here her word was absolute.

>But it had no always been that way. For before her there was another. Long ago Prince Asmodeus had ruled the land with an iron fist. His wrath being the driving force of the demons. He had allowed them to do as they please. Allowed them to dispense their wrathful natures on any they desired. Is name still rings in legend among the elders of the demonic realms. But even he was not immortal. His power along with his entire being had been stolen. His power absorbed into an ancient gauntlet. For over 3,000 years Asmodeus had lingered in the gauntlet. His power wielded by various forces before being lost to time. Recently, the Lust demon Hexe, had acquired the gauntlet and used it for her own selfish desires. The act had been such a strain that the gauntlet had been damaged. The weakened state of the artifact had allowed Asmodeus to break free. And his first task was to head home.

>But the Circle of Wrath had changed in his absence. For 500 years after his abduction the realm had been a cesspool of chaos and destruction. With no heir of his own the remaining demons fought for whatever bits of power they could acquire. Eventually there was one powerful enough to rule the majority of the realm. Though a small number of demons refused her rule they merely fed her power with their wrath. And she had been waiting for the Prince's return.

It would seem the cat was good for something after all.

>Elmira mused to herself as she looked down at the crater from her tower. The resulting shockwave had sent destruction throughout the surrounding area. Even miles away the damage was apparent. But here distance held no meaning to the Prince. With a tip of her hat her body would be instantly transported to the crater's center. Her hand holding on to her headwear both to keep it from flying away, and to keep the dust from her eyes. Before her kneeled the figure of the fallen Prince of Wrath. His red skin battered and bruised. His armor damaged near to the point of falling apart. He had suffered much in the gauntlet. Breaking out had cost him greatly.

Asmodeus, so you were still alive after all this time?

>The demon turns his head to face the woman on his left. How had she approached him without drawing attention?

You wish to be the first in restoring my power!?
>His voice boomed across the land. Subtlety was never Asmodeus' strong suit. He lived up to his title as Prince of Wrath gloriously back in the day.

No, quite the opposite from that. You see I've been filling your chair since you've been gone.

>The statement would cause Asmodeus to grunt in anger. His body rising up as he readies to strike Elmira down.

And to be frank I've grown quite attached to it. Now with you back and stomping around the place wouldn't be good for what I have running here. So it would be best if you were to just die.

>Asmodeus had already heard enough. This woman had made a mockery of his title, an insult to his rightful claim. Even injured his wrath was absolute. His footsteps boom and shake the ground with every step. His march slowly breaking into a charge as he extends his hand to grab Elmira by the throat.

>But as he would soon see his hand would fall short. With a single raised finger Elmira would stop Asmodeus in his tracks. Her nail piercing his armor like a dagger, his blood oozing through the cracks.

My my, you've lost more power then I thought. You've been gone such a long time I'm surprised you have the strength to stand.

>Irritating though they were her words spoke the truth. It would take some time for Asmodeus to restore his strength. His arms fall as he steps back. His hand lowering to cover his wound.

Bah! I do not need to kill you myself! Come my riders!
>With enough distance between them, Asmodeus raises his hand as he summons his four most powerful soldiers to his aid. Their wrath absolute, their strength unrivaled, they would make short work of this pretender. Yet despite the loyalty he had secured from them the call would go unanswered.

...Oh, you mean those four oaths that died praising your name as they were hung in the dungeons? They seemed to be a bit to loyal to their old master. So I had to have them replaced.

>Elmira looks down to her now bloody nail as she states the fact as simple truth. Asmodeus reaction would be to snarl in disbelief. His riders were chosen for being the best. There was no way such a wench would have been able to do it alone.

Don't believe me? Well I suppose an old fashioned relic like you is best of seeing. Oh, boys.

>With her hands extending to her side, Elmira claps her hands twice. Silence again looms over the area. Soon, thunderous steps would shake the ground. Their rapid pace nearly causing Asmodeus off his feet as he looks for the source.

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File: 1513236050184.png (635.57 KB, 800x900, 912d3f313df4778567427a64e30ebc…)

"Candy?" Merida plucks the sucker from her mouth, examining it by sight, before flicking it with her fingernail. It seemed about as smart to chew it as ice with how hard it was, which must have attributed to its name.

Finally, something understandable, even if cooking one of these things was outside her own, and apparently Glimmer's knowledge as well.

"An' ya can jus' buy em' from any ol' market like tha' fone-boxes as well?" Sure, pastries could be sweet, but this was some sort of hard sugar syrup. It was hard to think it hadn't come from some kind of fruit, but it was no stranger a thought than anything else thus far.

"You snatch goodies from tha kitchen ever? Or is it more jus' ta keep ya from cookin'?"

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File: 1513236366267.jpg (204.7 KB, 550x250, dw8xlCEPS4LuBu.jpg)

>Or rather, it would find him. From his left a figure approaches. A majestic red horse with flaming hooves charges at supernatural speeds. Atop the steed rides a warrior of legendary strength and rage. His unique headdress the stuff of legends in his world. His lance sharp enough to send entire armies to hell with one swipe. He was the man others were warned, pleaded to never pursue. For doing so led swiftly to their deaths.


>As Asmodeus turns to face the threat his chest is pierced by the tip of the lance. It's point easily piercing his armor and carrying him along for the ride. As the steed continues to march on the warrior pushes down on his weapon. Asmodeus was pushed to the ground. His body dragging along the rock, kicking up dust as his blood trails along their path. The trip would end shortly however. As with a mighty pull the warrior lifts Asmodeus upward just in time for his body to slam onto a rock behind him. Even still the steed keeps charging. The weapon remaining to pin Asmodeus to the large chunk of brimstone.

Peh, pathetic. I was called for this welp?

Cardinal!CDNL//nLd.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535906

The fox seems satisfied with the answer, though not exactly with what it entails. It stretches.


Granted, it had an easy time with the laptop precisely because it was Equestrian magic, but any pure electronic substitute would work fine.
Not having any orbital infrastructure to work with here would be quite the issue, though...

Regardless, the fox seems content for the most part. Flicking its tail, it closes the browser window, before wandering over to Pinkie.

Looks like it's waiting for somewhere to go, really.

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File: 1513236798637.jpg (28.6 KB, 250x387, Black_Manta_0004.jpg)

>Asmodeus would have no time to rest. The blood around him would pool up into a shallow pool. But it was more then enough for the second rider to appear. Bubbles would rise as soon to did a figure in all black. His trident rising from Asmodeus' back, piercing through to his chest. Asmodeus would rise as the rider leaped from the pool of blood as though it was the ocean itself.

>With one hand he keeps Asmodeus dangling in the air. His free hand balling into a fist to allow a blade to extend outward pointed to the ground. With a swift tug he removes his trident from Asmodeus. As he falls he jams his blade into his side and slams him into the ground. The eyes on his helmet brighten as soon a beam of great power would burst out and send Asmodeus dragging along the brimstone.

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File: 1513237609522.png (284.79 KB, 453x463, Scorpion-Mortal-Kombat.png)

>This time Asmodeus would not get even a second. A spear launches through his chest and pulls him back in the direction he came.


>A ninja in yellow would meet him at the end of the spear. A swift kick to the chest would release the blade from him. As he still hovers from the blow the ninja ducks down and thrusts his fist forward to Asmodeus' chin. The power from the attack sending him flying up into the air. In a burst of fire the ninja would follow suit as he teleports to meet him. His spins his body to kick Asmodeus in the back to send him flying back downward before teleporting again to the ground. His arms stretch upwards with swords in each hand to catch Asmodeus as he falls. The blades pierce him to allow blood to rain down onto the ninja, staining his suit before Asmodeus is once more slammed to the ground.

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File: 1513237713350.png (263.33 KB, 467x458, i have returned.png)


>Her suggestion at the end seemed a bit confusing to him.

>If only because he still didn't know who this person was.
>Had no idea what her name was either.

I mean.. I guess. I don't really know what I'd do with it.

>He pauses again, finally deciding to bring up his name.

..My name's Tsuna, by the way. Since through all this we still haven't really introduced ourselves.

>He had asked earlier, but..

>She didn't really answer.

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File: 1513238618364.jpg (68.3 KB, 500x500, artworks-000105783469-jmry4g-t…)

>Time passes. The assault seemed to be at an end. Blood covers Asmodeus' eyes as he coughs it up. Above him stands a lone figure.


>With armored hand he reaches down to grab Asmodeus by the neck. His helmet allowing no expression as he seems to look dead in the fallen Prince's eyes.


>A glow comes to his free hand. A weapon in the shape of a key appears. As he raises his hand up the weapon molds and reshapes into a gauntlet. Blow after blow the armored one beats on Asmodeus. Each attack sending more blood onto the ground. No words, not even a grunt could be heard from the assailant as he continues his attack. After what seemed like minutes the figure stops and lowers his hand to his side. Then as carelessly as he had grabbed Asmodeus, he lets him go to fall to the ground on his knees. As he backs away Elmira walks up from behind him and looks down at the fallen Prince.

So as you can see, you no longer have any power here. And by the time you do I will have already surpassed you again.

>She could feel it. The wrath building up in Asmodeus. It strengthened her with each passing second.

I will...I will bathe in your blood! Your body will be nothing more then my play thing by the time I am through! Your-
>As he speaks Elmira lifts her stiletto to kick him down to the ground. The point of her shoe placed right between his eyes as he snarls in resistance.

Hmmm, what to do? I suppose keeping you alive has its own merits. You would serve as quite an efficient battery for me. Your wrath is among the most pure I've ever felt. But if I do that there's the small fleeting chance that you will rise again and kill me. And besides...you have something I want.

>Asmodeus knew exactly of what she spoke. It was what all wrath demons strive for. What he had held onto for all those millennia locked away in the gauntlet.

Trust me, darling.

>With her coy response Elmira rams her shoe into Asmodeus. The blood oozing from his ears as she stirs within.

I know more then you think.

>The deed was done. Asmodeus had been slain. The true Prince of Wrath was no more. Elmira straightens her posture as she looks to the sky. The aura of power rises up from Asmodeus' body. The title, and the true power that came with it pouring into her as she grins with enthusiasm. She had waited a long time for this day, she would bask in every second of it.

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File: 1513262341928.png (984.44 KB, 1280x720, Vol3op_19.png)

It had been a decision long in the making, and the recent increase in conflict between Holwheet and Anima had made the decision all that much easier. The disappearance of Mo'gal had simplified the Atlesian Councils desire to not have to world eye on them.

These sudden changes in the world had left Atlas very much free to work towards its own devices, mostly the invading and subjugation of their smaller neighbor Waea.

General, The 32nd Air Battalion is approaching the border of Waea.

The council had been very clear in their orders, any form of technology was to be preserved and civilian causalities were to be kept to a minimum if at all possible.

Hopefully, despite the highly aggressive offensive not too many innocent people would b-

The stray thought is cut off, there wasn't time to be thinking sentimentally when you had a war to fight and win.

"Begin the attack."

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535914

File: 1513286152607.png (4.29 KB, 305x247, #12.png)

A faint little smile would form on the equine's face

"Religious kind? Mwihih...Need show their god is puny and weak defile images! Become true new god!"

One can only imagine what this mare had in mind, perhaps, should this god turn out to be real, she is making plans about summoning said god just to kill him in front of its people.

The smile grew
She would breathe out as whatever she had conjured up in her mind seemed to please her greatly.

This does change however, as she goes back to a more professional demeanor.
"Not think the morale is broken yet, assumption better is assume there gather up big force."
She gestures towards the two corpses she left
"These two, just grunts very undiscipline. They not true forces to reckon with, non non. Just group of bandits. They look out for any vessel to rob, if need bait-" she pointed at herself proudly "Here is bait, they see us Equines as weak prey, and now have reputation of killing forces, they jump at opportunity for revenge on Equine that kill forces."

Her gaze fell on Demyx, as she eyes him up and down with an almost unreadable face
"You...You control rift, I see you make rift, it take one scum and it is gone."
Now her entire body turns towards him, squinting her eyes up at him as she takes a few steps
"You really press? It seems waste of ability for rift control creature to be penpusher for random RAG!"
She spat out a thick green sludge at the word 'rag' in disgust, seems like she isn't a fan of papers.
"Who and what are you really?"
She would inquire, almost trying to not be intimidating.
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File: 1513302006130.png (27.67 KB, 152x175, Dude thats My Ear.PNG)

>Demyx quietly leans on his sitar and takes out a notepad and pen from his coat pocket, slowly scrawling down notes from the red man's account and the strange Equestrian's comments as well. This information was exactly what he needed for the paper and takes advantage of the situation with noting it for later. A Sea King and his dispute with Mo'Gallile for a previous defeat resulted in the sudden aggression in the Mo'Gallilie area, of what Demyx could only assume was vast ocean with small islands left behind from whatever the hell happened. For now the situation sounded like there were guerilla forces aimlessly attacking whatever wasn't aligned with them.


>He glances briefly up from his notepad when he realizes the pony turned towards him and frowns. Demyx flips his notepad and holds up an index finger.

Okay, one: rude. My newscorp isn't a bad job, I definitely had worse, and they don't deserve being called a rag. Two: that's freaking gross, you really need to go to a hospital if you're coughing uh-

>Demyx eyes the green sludge on the sand.

...that. And three!

>The reporter lifts his drawstring where his tag had his picture and designation as Press printed on it with the newscorp logo. He flips it around where more information rests on the back, his name and a few lines of information about the Equestrian newscorp for indepth information to access press pools in places like Seat of the World.

I'm Demyx and I'm a human? Have you seen a human before?

>Meanwhile, the collection of Dusks appearing continue to grow, all forming a large circle around the octopus man. They stand swaying and wiggling in place, each movement as uncanny and unnatural as one could expect.
>There's nothing to herald a sudden appearance of a dark swirling portal near the octopus man, it simply appears in a rush of dark tendrils and energy that stands nearby for use. Nothing goes in or out, but in the advent of it appearing all of the strange creatures shudder violently.

>They start moving forward and closing the circle of space around the octopus man and the newly formed portal with long stretchy steps, their hips thrust forward and backs bent back at a near horizontal.

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File: 1513302593388.jpg (139.53 KB, 600x600, れいとう子 15225907_m.jpg)

>It takes the girl a few moments to respond to the question.

"Well...I mean, our chef doesn't really like anyone wandering around the kitchen anyways but..."

>Glimmerfrost looks away a bit awkwardly at this point.

"...I can be a bit...clumsy sometimes, especially if I get startled...and uh, I guess I get startled easily, like if there's suddenly a loud noise behind me like someone....shouting."

>She looks sort of sheepish as she remembers back to it. The cake batter had gone well....everywhere.

"So...there maybe was a bit of an...incident...and I'm not really supposed to go anywhere near the kitchen at all after that."

>Moving lights can be seen off in the distance at this point, though what they belong to is a bit hard to tell in the dark.

???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535922

File: 1513303975354.png (152.78 KB, 401x401, Fisher_Tiger_Portrait.png)

>The merman would facepalm.

That is what we are doing.

>He'd groan out in a frustrated tone. By the Sea King this one was stupid. He'd drag his hand off of his face and let out a sigh.

But fine, stay! I won't be helping you once they get here though. Got my own skin to worry about once they arrive.

>He'd look to Demyx.

You want out, I can carry you to the boat. The driver will get you out of here.

>He offers to Demyx. The fishman really didn't want anyone else here. As far as he and his friends were concerned, this was a suicide mission. Draw Zealots away from the settlement, hopefully enough that the others that were going to attack it could drive out the remainders.

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535923

Cookie was learning a lot today, about these strange bipedal creatures, especially from the robed one.

She simply nods at the Red one after he is done churning her out, saluting him once more
"No need for the worry. Like shadow on body will not know is here."

Then her talk with Demyx went down, she was watching his every movement, his hands, fingers in particular, they allowed for a very varied movement.
That's one hell of a dexterous apendage, so complex.

As Demyx was talking he might be able to see a shift in the mare's demeanor, her ears were perked up as high as they would go, twitching every so often as she took in all the information he gave her.
Even her eyes have grown wider ever so slightly, he may even find a little of the usual cute sparkle in them!

She heard him being slightly unsure about the sludge she just spat out, which was was sizzling and moving ever so slightly before it sank into the ground, she shook her head
"Giant spider, ancient ruin, trap inside web for weeks, poison come in body and sit inside, colonization in bad slime. No time for medical treatment, there job to do."

She surprisingly coherent explained

"Human? Human..." she lets the word echo through her mind, and the vast space around them, she once more looked the robed Demyx up and down, counting two legs, two arms and a head, all proportioned for a fairly top heavy stature.
Then, she looks back at the Red Tigerfishman, pointing at him "Human? No?" she inquired, cocking her head ever so slightly.

After all of that, she reaches into her saddlebags, pulling out that book from before, opening it up to read what Twilight had written to her before.
It doesn't take very long, but Demyx might be able to make out some odd sentences from it.

Looking back up at Demyx she points at herself, clearing her throat as if she were a little foal reciting poem.
"Hello Demyx, I am Cookie Cutter, what is your name?"
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File: 1513305647751.png (57.11 KB, 138x215, Flower Crowns_How Lovely!.PNG)

>It takes some searching for someone who looked either like a pilot or looked like they too were looking around. With the busy terminal it didn't seem like...wait, was that her?

>His pilot was a cat? He wasn't expecting that, not when all of their conversation had been done over the phone...well, he supposed it wasn't the outside that counted. Just as long as they had a flight to the Seat of the World!

Hello Miss Vickers and good morning to you too! Thank you so much for accepting out patronage at such short notice, especially considering erm...events, lately.

>The terminal's attendees of humans, Mo'Gallians, and Rotanese were all evident of that. He had to wonder where the Mo'Gallians were going to go. Hadn't the whole continent vanished?



>Alton accepts the offered phone, thrown off his train of thought from the interruption. The man looks over the screen briefly. His smile is frozen on his face for a moment as this brain lights a wild fire.

<"A wedding?"

>At once there's a rush of insecurity and questions that assault him. Why had she shown him this now? Had it been recently sent? Wasn't Mr. Strider dating Miss Xion? Were they getting married??? Why, when Xion had only two years ago been betrothed to Crona, wasn't she moving too quickly? Was this a hint from Rose too? Was she waiting for him to propose?!


...Ah! Wonderful, Rose, simply wonderful! I'll have to send my regards to Mr. Strider and Miss Xion while we are on our flight!

>He hands Rose back her phone and looks back to Vickers with the same frozen smile. It's a subtle difference from the more genuine one he wore earlier.

Is our plane ready for departure, Miss Vickers?
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File: 1513313263723.png (58.53 KB, 154x418, Could be more upset but meh.PN…)

>Demyx stares at the pony for a long time. He wonders if there was something wrong with her, her jilted manner of speaking coming across as scattered or vaguely crazy. Maybe it was that poison she mentioned from a 'giant spider' that caused some damage to her. He tucks the notepad and pen back into his pocket as she fusses with a book from her saddlebag. He frowns at her question, his brows furrowing, and points to himself again.


>Demyx nods to the red fishman and shakes his head.

I can get over there myself. Thanks for the help, though, and good luck with...this?

>He waves his hand in a general sweep of the island with the lighthouse and the pony standing on the sand. It sounded like this all was bad coming up and he preferred to be away from the chaos if he could manage it.

>With that he picks up his sitar and turns to the ocean where the ship floated in the distance. He could make it with a short set, he thought, at least without using a dark corridor.

>The Melodious Nocturne tests some of his strings to his weapon, carefully pausing now and then to adjust the pitch and try again. As he tests and plucks the strings, the water lapping against the rock shivers and splashes in response.

Changing of the guard!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535934

>From the portal a dark figure could be seen approaching. As they steps through the darkness behind him disperses as suddenly as it came. The figure conceals his face in a dark hood similar to the one Demyx wore.

How did you get here?

>They ask plainly and to the point. Though the Octopus man could not see their face he could feel their eyes glaring down on them.

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535936

File: 1513320786643.png (130.8 KB, 700x700, You clearly don't understand.p…)

Pinkie is tempted to pick up Cardinal again, but given how her last attempt went, she decides to keep to herself.

"Right, I think the best thing would be either a cell phone or a watch. It'd have the technological capabilities for easier communication, and it'd be portable.The South District should have either of those for a reasonable price..."

"Yaaay! Shopping spree!" Pinkie cheers.

Twilight grabs her laptop and cell phone. Seeing as she didn't have a bag anymore, she puts them both in Pinkie's tail.

"Please remind me to grab that later, alright?"

"Will do!"

The two of them start walking south, expecting Cardinal to follow.

Professor Elvin!GADD.wkNg.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535938

File: 1513323866739.jpg (1.47 MB, 2560x1600, blue-texture-15893.jpg)


The new ghost trio finish their laughter and rise to her challenge, though they take notice this time as she pulls her chainsaw from the wall, watching it roll back half a foot before returning to its position with a clunk. The orange raises his fist as the caveghost pulls out yet another bananna to menacingly chew on. Blue seems to snake in the air, cackling to itself before turning invisible, eager to flank her when she was least prepared.

>>41535796 - >>41535865 - >>41535876

Stunned and surprised, the ghost puts up almost no fight at all as Spike sucked up the unstruggling ghoulie. The lack of strength and conviction in fighting might have just come from surprise, but the ghost seemed to be reaching for the arcade even as it was tucked away inside his Poltergeist. The cabinet he'd been at continued to blink away in his absense, light dimming all around it.

"What a chore, our player appears no more," a voice echoed, muffled through speakers in a sporty tone. Surrounding machines went dark, the room's digital burps and quirks from the quarter-munching machines falling silent by the second.

"Oh dear, I'll just have to put on a show for our new guests!" came a second, feminine accent, a cruel teasing to her sound. The cabinet that had been being played began to glow all the brighter,

"I was starting to get board, you think these three might give me a challenge?" chimes a young third voice. The screen falls black on the cabinet, a solumn silence pierced by one final voice.

"For a time," an elder spoke, a laugh to his voice as the screen turns white. This time, its the trio that find themselves on the end of an soft wind, "until that is, we get-"

"YOU!" the four voices screech together, a whirlwind of air pulling them off their feet, their sight goes black as they're pulled away from their known existance, into the glowing screen.


As they come to, a rudamentary series of simple beeps and bloops tone away amidst the surrounding blue walls and black floor. Above, the room they'd just been in slowly lights back, showing the door they'd just stepped through, and where they'd just been standing. As the chirping ends, it gives way to a much more bombastic background tune...

Holweet EmpireCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535939

File: 1513324842248.png (307.96 KB, 4000x2500, Official Flag of Holweet.png)


>Another meeting of the leaders of Holweet begins. After the usually pleasantries and minor business is taken care of, the primary reason is revealed.

After taking into consideration the presented plans and counseling with the other MOTHER units since out last meeting, i have come to a conclusion.

>All three leaders hold their breath as they eagerly await the immortal leaders decision.

We will-


>Cries out General Baxter. The other two look on in horror at his actions.

Interrupting me is an offense punishable by death. Pray you have a reason worthy of such an act.

I do.

>General Baxter marches confidently up to the massive super computer and plugs a flash drive into a port.

This contains the most recent data collected by our spies in Atlas.

>He backs away to his place.

Atlas is on the move, just as i predicted. I thought you would like to know this before a final decision was made.

>The super computer beeps faintly as it whirs, examining the data.

As the immortal leader of Holweet, i propose a declaration of war against Anima and it's inhabitants. All is favor please signify.


>Say General Baxter and Cheif Scientist Pepperidge.

All opposed.


The opposed has the floor to explain.

>Ambassador Panera stands firm, though nervous.

While I do not doubt the accuracy of the Generals report, i do think issuing a declaration of war before we fully understand Atlas's grand scheme, is a foolish move. As the General has said many times before, they are a conquering people much like ourselves on our home world. What then are we to do to properly protect ourselves from at attack from them when they accomplish the first phase? I will not parrot my comments from the last meeting, so i will just say this. Without a proper understanding of Atlas nor any allies anywhere else in the world, we should not declare war. Even if we should succeed, our standing in the world council could be jeopardized. We maybe seen as warmongers rather than expansionists.

While there is a probability of that happening, Atlas will be weak after it's initial assault to conqueror the new lands. By my calculations, we will have enough time to increase our defenses sufficient enough to keep them at bay.


I thank you for your input Ambassador Panera, but this decision will follow through with the majority vote.

>Ambassador Panera trembles as General Baxter smirks, gleeful at the decision. She slowly steps back to her position, melancholy of what the future might hold.

Meeting Adjourned.

>Ambassador Panera is the first to rush out of the chamber. This did not go as planned. She had thought that perhaps at least Pepperidge would be on her side, but even he betrayed her. There was nothing more she could do now that the Immortal Leader had made her final decision. Soon, the General would be mobilizing the troops. Immortal Leader would issue the command to the other MOTHER units to quadruple their output. Professor Pepperidge was bound to contact Powdered Toast Man for assistance... wait. Now there was an idea. Perhaps, if she could find a way to convince PTM to stay within the cities bordering Atlas, they might stand a chance against then when they attack. It wouldn't take much to convince him of such, she still has friends on that side of the country who could help her set it up. Then, as a way to delay the deployment of ground troops, she could call upon an old friend... The last and greatest of the warriors of the Sweetooth Republic. She had a feeling keeping him safe would pay off someday. He would easily be able to provide a sufficient distraction to delay the military from beginning a full frontal assault on Anima for months! Perhaps long enough for her to help Pepperidge see reason and repeal the decision. It was a long shot, but it was all she had to go on.

There isn't much time...

>If she is caught, anywhere along this process, she will be declared a traitor to the Empire. It was a risk she was willing to take. For the sake of peace, for the protection of her people, to prevent the cycle from beginning again...
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Merida!BuLLseYeLoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535940

File: 1513324974014.png (318.64 KB, 509x694, looking_upwards.png)


"Clumsy?" She blinks a couple of times, then thinks she gets what Glimmer's trying to imply.

"Oh, aye, my brothars ca' get a bit clumsay in thair pranks fro' taime ta taime. Wee devils. Ai always make sure ta stay on thair good side by slippin the triplets some pastries or other goodies undar the table when mum's not lookin'."

Glancing around, she spots the new car-wagon's glowing eyes approaching, but rather than outright panic, she points them out to Glimmer. Not sure if she has the right word, but rather trying to remember it now than later amongst who-knows-who-else, she opts to weigh her wonder over her pride and ask.

"Another... car-thing?"

!Spike.bSpgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535941

File: 1513330853920.gif (798.98 KB, 500x281, OH NO OH NO OH NO.gif)

"Huh, that was easy!" Spike says, surprised at how little effort that took.

Spike begins to spin the flashlight on his claw, chuckling confidently. "Ya know, this ghost-hunting business isn't so bad after all!"

His confidence is immediately taken away when he hears four different voices he knows for sure he didn't recognize.

"Alright, never mind! I take it back! It's worse it's worse it's woooooorrrrse!" he screams as he's sucked into the arcade machine.

As Spike comes to, he's frozen in fear, staring at the room they were just in. They were there a moment ago, it was so close, and yet it felt like it was a world away.

"Ohhhhh noooo...I don't think I like this game anymore..."

Celestia and friends!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535942

File: 1513334786114.png (1.27 MB, 730x1095, princess_celestia_by_jaz1rus-d…)

>Customs would be tedious to get through. A moment's delay was made as Wade had to assure the guards that Toga was a last minute intern on the ESF, therefore a member of Celestia's guard. Castle staff was easy, they barely payed attention to what Wade did. If not for Celestia speaking up on Wade's behalf the cause would have surely been lost. Wade would treasure the look on Kibitz's face for the rest of his life.

>Before the group could leave however they came across the mereman having trouble with security. If what he said was true the Mo'Gallian Government was already in shambles. This man could have been a low ranking official of perhaps a civilian chosen by his people to speak on their behalf. As they walked, Argent would lead the group. His special sight allowing him to see any hostilities ahead. Celestia followed not far behind with Ironhide and Stone Wall walking at her side. Behind them Kibitz would take the time to recheck his papers. He was skilled enough at following the Princess that he could do so even without sight. Wade would bring up the rear. His taller stature compared to the others allowed him to see things further away. Also if anyone were to attack from behind the casualties would be minimal. Beside him he would make sure Toga stayed close, didn't want her straying off and causing a scene.

>The commotion from the mereman causes Celestia to turn her head in their direction. Her caring nature causing her to stop and attempt to listen in.

>With the convoy stopped Wade would slip by and squat down to Argent's level and begin whispering to him.

What's the deal on this guy?

>Argent looks over toward the Merman. His sphere spasticly moving about as a sign of distress.

He's troubled, that's for sure. I see signs of distress...sorrow....malice?

Any toward the princess?

>Argent shakes his head at the question. His eyes never leaving the merman.

No, mostly toward the guard. Seems he wasn't expecting to have th-

Let him speak.

>Both Argent and Wade would look up as the princess made her request. As she walks forward Stone Wall and Ironhide remain at her side like the ever loyal guards they are. Wade would straighten his legs and walk around behind Argent to get a better angle of the situation. Argent would require unbroken view to keep tabs on the merman's intentions.

You are Mo'Gallian are you not? Your nation has always been a source of great aid to Equestria. Please, speak your mind.

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535943

File: 1513336385175.jpg (54.03 KB, 540x540, tumblr_oy6spiMNjK1rp8y35o3_r1_…)

>Crowds of people. Really not her scene at all. Customs, checkpoints, et cetera. They made Toga nervous. She stuck as close to Wade as she could without actually clinging to him.

>She didn't seem herself in this situation. She was more withdrawn, she seemed as if she had sunken into herself, turtled up psychologically. She occasionally nervously glanced around at security and the area they were in, but otherwise kept her focus on the path ahead.

>So long as they were in this situation, she wouldn't be any trouble. She could try to disappear, but with so much attention on her it wouldn't work for everyone. So instead she just wished she was invisible and that the guards wouldn't pay too much attention to her.

>Wade himself would be highly aware of her presence at this point in time as she walked or stood as closely behind him as she could without hampering his or her movements. It would honestly feel maybe just a little bit disconcerting, like someone was just about to touch you but was still a couple centimeters away from your skin. The same feeling would exude nervousness as well. It seemed Toga had somewhat misjudged what accompanying Wade on this little trip would be like and she had unwittingly put herself in one of the few situations that she felt tense and nervous in and wouldn't be able to conceal with an air of playful childishness. One might think that a situation like this might make her feel a bit more murderous, as that was her usual way of coping with feelings like this. But instead it had the opposite effect, almost pacifying her. That only contributed more to her feelings of nervousness.

>But she had dealt herself this hand and had nobody to blame for it but herself.

>When they stopped because of the merman's presence, she seemed to come out of her hastily built psychological shell and her attention was drawn to the situation at hand. She followed wade as he moved behind Argent, staying behind him but peaking out around his shoulder.
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???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535944

No, we are Mermen.

>He'd say in response to Cookie's inquiry.

Be sure to swim fast.

>He'd offer in advice, believing Demyx was planning to swim.

>The Octopus man spots the portal and makes for it, only to be stopped by the figure emerging from it.

Open the portal!

>He'd demand with his spear pointed at the figure.

AnonymousCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535945

Cookie's head cocked itself in confusion, she was asking for his name not his species!
Maybe he was correcting her?
Urgh, social customs are so confusing!
Hear ear sort of twitches in the direction of the big lug, she now knows they are not one and the same.
Perhaps they are a sub species of each other, much like the Deer are mostly the same as ponies
"Good good! Not Human, Merman!"

However, the difference in size was remarkable, these, humans seem to be a very varied species.
She made a mental note of that.

Now though, Demyx was putting on display his powers, and it was a very impressive sight, leaving Cookie to very quietly tip-hoof closer to him, watching his riffs makin the water dance!

She rears up on her hindlegs to clap her forelegs together in delight
"Hahaha! Amazing Human Demyx! Is all your kind able to magical prowess like so?! Rift opening and water control with tool?"

Her forelegs clop down to the ground once more, she is smiling wide, was this really the same mare he saw going to town on an Octopusman?

"Human- Non! Herr Human Demyx, you kind amazing see more? Very useful!"

She'd look up at him expectantly, hoping he would humor her request and talk about himself some more.

It looks like she has decided to actually go on the boat, following Demyx. She was basicly told to not get in the way of the Mermen.

And strangely enough, the wounds that once tainted her body, the hole in her chest and foreleg, they seem to be almost completely gone, only some of her dried up blood implying their existance.
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Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535947

File: 1513363716326.jpg (489.29 KB, 800x1130, __iowa_kantai_collection_drawn…)

Oh right!

I'm Aryadne the Bear. Friends call me Ary.

>Ary made no attempt to try and shake Tsunas hand. As she was still laying on the floor to try and relax her sore body a bit more. Maybe she should get Neil to pick her up.

Cardinal!CDNL//nLd.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535949

The fox does indeed tail along, matching pace with the duo as they head off to... wherever they're going.
As usual, it doesn't really seem to be making any noise, if one were to be really paying attention.

Either way, it seems quite content that it's on the move.
Not really being able to communicate by any means, it doesn't respond to Twilight's statement beyond a brief nod.

Unlike Pinkie, it doesn't really have a place to store a cell phone...
Not believably, at least.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535951

File: 1513388621325.jpg (43.87 KB, 500x508, Grell_First Drawn.jpg)

>She'd definitely have to inspect that wall in time. For now she had ghosts to kill! Grell tosses her hair over her shoulder with a flourish, the chainsaw gripped in her other hand and at the ready. She grins widely, her glasses briefly flashing a red flare of light. The blue ghost, her original target, had seemed to take the moment to realize the danger but it wouldn't get far. She'd handle the green giggling ghost and the new orange one with quick work!

>And, hopefully, no more damn banana peels.

Hide if you must but you can't hide forever from me! More for the fun, thrice the thrill! I do so hope you all enjoyed this meager existence of yours! Your time cavorting in this realm is over!

>Grell charges for the two remaining ghosts, her chainsaw again roaring to life with an intimidating trill of its engine. She crooks her arms and swings in a sweeping diagonal slash!

>Roll 1d20 = 7 odds!

Demyx!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535952

File: 1513390461525.png (109.79 KB, 429x218, Time for a Musical Solo.PNG)

>Demyx doesn't look at Cookie as he keeps testing his strings for the right pitches. He was almost there, one of them just didn't have the right sound to it. He slowly adjusts the string, plucking after every twist to reach the right tone. Though he's busy with his sitar, it was impossible for him to ignore the strange Equestrian hanging around him. At least she seemed to get what he was. It was just so weird that she never seemed to meet a human before.


>Finally the sitar hit the right notes. Demyx smirks when the water splashes up in a little spout and drops back into the ocean in a splat.

Okay? Check this out.

>With that, Demyx looks up and strums the sitar, a strident and loud musical tone of a stringed instrument ringing into the air around them. His fingers pluck and tap the strings in swift but precise movements, crafting a soothing but simple song.

>The water in the ocean surf stops and smooths in a straight path forward. When Demyx steps forward and steps on the smoothed water it holds his weight, allowing him to walk atop it. His fingers constantly move, playing the soothing tone as he walks along the newly made path.

>If Cookie wishes to follow, she'd discover the water smoothed by Demyx's music is mostly solid but not slippery. The slight give in the composition prevents her from slipping around though it does get the bottoms of her hooves wet.

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535953

>With his demand, the Ocotpus man had revealed more then cloaked figure required.

So, your another piece of trash sent by that walking mistake. In that case, no one will miss you.

>Demyx had sent a sturdy number of creature to this realm between. Life forms with hearts strong enough to add to his ever growing army. With the Ocotpus man was as string willed as he seemed he would become a strong nobody indeed.

>The creatures surrounding the Octopus man would close the distance. Their bodies almost dancing with each step. As if they had no skeletons to keep their bodies stable. All at once they would leap at the Ocotpus man and attempt to hold him down.

>Roll 1d1000 = 963evens

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535954

File: 1513394159437.png (212.27 KB, 648x492, Untitled.png)

>Meanwhile. In Greybreath...

>A bear quite literally crashes through a few trees, landing stomach side down on the floor making a loud grunt, having his fall broken with a bunch of tree branches. The bear had a helmet on, and horns, a helmet that looked like it was meant for a human, but it was still some how able to stay on the large bears head. The bear also had a sword at his side and a sheild. Besides that it was just a plain old bear that fell from the sky./


>It'd make a small low roar, before getting up to it's feet, disregarding anyone looking at it as it moseyed, dragging it's feet in a somewhat tired state. It was heading seemingly no where before it would finally actually enter a building, squeezing through the doors small frame to squeeze inside of a bar. The bartender freaked out for a moment, waving it's hands as the bear neared it, frantically digging around for something under the counter and right as they were going to pull it out, the bear slams a fist full of money on the counter and points it's snout at a bottle of honey meed.


>The bartender blinks, but the bear huffs through it's nose angrily. The bartender quickly going to get the bottle and hand it to the bear, who roughly took it away from the human, sat on their but, and began to drink. Nothing like the sweet taste of honey to wash away the stresses of the day. If only it could literally wash away things, like the twigs sticking out of it's back.

Jinbe!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535955

File: 1513394735025.jpg (33.17 KB, 225x350, 307148.jpg)

>the fishman would grumpily turn to the Princess. Upon seeing who it was, his face softens and bows his head respectively.

Greetings Princess Celestia.

>He'd say in a tone of proper respect.

And yes I am. Jinbe from the Velsinon Estuary Settlement.

>Though that name probably needed changing, half the settlement was now above water and the Velsinon River was gone. Jinbe had been sent out due to his renown as Jinbe the Sea Knight, a title earn from his victories in karate contests. It was hoped his fame would grant him recognition as a member of Mo'Gallile. Alas they had all been Mo'Gallile contests, Jinbe never straying far from his dojo. So any fame he had might have gone with Mo'Gallile itself. And that seemed to be the case here.

And I am here to pled for help in protecting what is left of Mo'Gallile. We fear invaders will begin attacking us. In fact we are certain the land hating merfolk are already doing so.

>He states simply, getting right to the point. When he had left, Iskarab hadn't been taken over yet.

Fisher Tiger!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535956

File: 1513395472065.jpg (260.35 KB, 738x1081, one_piece___fisher_tiger_by_on…)

My name is Fisher Tiger, by the way.

>He'd add before returning his attention to Demyx.

>The Fishman hadn't seen this rift power from before, and so had no idea what Cookie was referring to. Though he and his friends did notice the manipulation of the water. They had seen magic before, but nothing like comparing to this.

Is that water frozen?

>Fisher would ask. Granted it wasn't frozen like ice, but he had to wonder if it could be used to catch merfolk. If so he'd have to ask if Demyx would help with the assult, granted if there was time.

Does it work on this?
Continued next post.
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Maccus!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535957

File: 1513396230076.jpg (20.47 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>Another merman had emerged from the surf unnoticed. A hammerhead merman. He wore armour made from turtle shells, which protected his chest and legs. He held his right arm in front of his chest, a small water droplet hang from his palm. Once Demyx had focused on him, he'd flick his arm forward. The droplet would fly at Demyx like a bullet, aimed at the left shoulder. Roll 1d1000 = 889 odds.

>The octopus would surprisingly dodge the attacking nobodies with ease, bobbing and weaving like water through the dancing foes. He attempted to stab one of them through the head with his spear. Roll 1d1000 = 305 odds.

Celestia and friends!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535960

File: 1513414183373.png (413.86 KB, 1280x720, 34534.png)

>The group before Jinbe would listen intently to his story. Celestia of course believed him instantly. Wade glares to Argent's direction. Argent gives a nod to confirm that Jinbe was telling the truth. Or at the very least the distress behind it was.

I see. I would imagine the underwater settlements would be heavily effected by this.

>Being underwater would not have spared the settlements from the disaster above. It would be likely they too would experience some disturbance in their foundations.

Rest assured I will do all that I can to help your people. But until I can speak with the council I'm afraid there is not much I can do. The best I can provide at the moment is-

>Celestia would stop as Wade suddenly walks to her side. His hands behind his back as he seems to be standing at attention.

Yes, Agent Wilson? Is there something you wished to add?

Oh, you were talking about sending people over to fight something. Usually that means me so I figured I'd save you the trouble.

>Wade's casual response would not seem to bother the princess. A smirk appears on her face as she seems to be actually be pleased at Wade's swiftness to volunteer. Whether through personal boredom or a legitimate desire to help would matter little.

Very well, Agent Wilson shall accompany you as a vanguard until I can send further aid.

>Even though his back was to her, Wade could feel Toga lingering behind him. He found it strange that she had been quiet since their arrival here. He was almost expecting her to have tried to run off three times by now.

>Perhaps she was actually taking his commands to heart and being on her best behavior. Or more likely she didn't like crowds to the point that she withdrew herself. In either case it's not as if he could leave her here with Celestia. He had his concerns about taking her to a hostile environment however. A bit early for a trial by fire, but that's just how it was sometimes.

You coming with or you want to stay here?

>He turns his torso around to try and get Toga in his vision. He knew she would likely say yes but it never hurt to ask.

>The creature shivers in pain. It's mouth gaping open as if to scream in pain. No noise would come out of its mouth before its body disappeared in a fine white smoke. The remaining creatures seemed to be undeterred by their ally's death. They begin to seemingly dance around the octopus man before three would lunge themselves forward. Their pointed feet aimed at their prey to pierce his body.

>Roll 1d1000 = 681 Evens

Toga!BLOOD/UJvYCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535961

File: 1513414517956.png (393.62 KB, 540x520, tumblr_oyss3gcSKa1skx0rko2_540…)

>Toga looked at Wade as he asked her if she would like to come with him. Then she looks around at the guards and the people, and then turns back to Wade.

There's no way in hell I'd let you leave me here alone.

>She said, her voice altogether serious, unlike any way she had spoken to Wade before.

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535962


Cookie seems almost disappointed, sad that most of her questions are being ignored, it sucks her curiosity is not sated, fed.

And as such, instead of being her usual intimidating self, there forms a genuine sad frown on her face, however, she soon enough realizes that his powers must have taken a lot of concentration to channel.

So Demyx must have been happier about showing his powers to her than simply talking about them than Cookie was sad to have her other questions ignored.
The total happiness in the world increased, so whatever.

She was a little hesitant to follow Demyx onto the water, carefully she put more weight on the surface, her hooves indeed got wet, she even sank into the surface a little.
It felt like some sort of tarp was spanned over the ocean's surface.

And as such, just as she was about to get on completely, she was blindsided by the armored merman, attacking Demyx.

Cookie would gasp in surprise for a second, she was so enamored by Demyx's being that it made her let her guard down.
She failed to protect him.

But she is not one to leave her mistakes unfixed, and as such she quickly drew her knife and immediately threw herself at the merman without second thought, she had to get his attention away from Demyx so he has enough time to channel his powers in peace, even if it meant she landed in the water.

She tries to tackle the merman over with all of her might, whilst repeatedly stabbing into his armor.

Roll 1d1000 = 199

Pam!AwoooWol3gCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535963

File: 1513420996048.png (55.65 KB, 133x323, 2015-08-12 15_21_20-Prague Rac…)

Yeah, of course, always!

>Pam said enthusiastically in reply, nodding her head.

But yeah it really doesn't matter what it is, I'll do what I can to help.

>She smirked slightly at Bailey's reaction to the paper work.

Even if it is only providing emotional support to help you through the paperwork.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536128

File: 1513463431311.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.65 KB, 750x350, 2007-Chrylser_lg.jpg)

>As it approaches there's a few notable differences about the "car-thing" than the previous one that had zipped by. The first of which is that its almost as black as the night itself, as well as being much longer than the previous one. Finally, it actually seems to be slowing down as Glimmer stares out in the direction Merida is pointing.

"Yep, in fact, it looks like its our ride~!...So, uh...just follow my lead okay?"

>After having said this she turns to head towards the stopping vehicle, even going as far as to wave at the mustached older gentleman as he exits the vehicle and moves around it to open the rear door on the side of the "taxi" that is facing them.

>Never mind the that the interior is more spacious than an actual taxi would be, or the fact that what the girl had called was actually a limo service her family would sometimes use and not a taxi company at all.

>Not that the girl behind her would know the difference in any case, and as if oblivious of her mistake, the blue haired girl is already rambling off a series of what seems to be directions to the older man.

!Magic5NhsMCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536139

The two make it to a retail electronics store, where Twilight and Pinkie walk in. Twilight heads straight towards the cell phones and smart watches, while Pinkie wanders around aimlessly.

"Hm...I think the smart watch would be a better fit to put around your paw, but the cell phone has a bigger screen if you want to show us more stuff. They're both around the same price, so...What do you think, Cardinal? Which one do you want? Just point to it."

Jinbe!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536178

File: 1513476094505.png (804.3 KB, 795x664, Jinbe's_Outfit_Marineford_Arc.…)

>Jinbe would frown at "until I can speak with the council I'm afraid there is not much I can do." Being brushed off again. Though his resentment would be broken by Wade's approach, and then the discussion between the two. He was surprised, the Princess seemed to be fully dedicated helping them.

Thank you for your generosity.

>He'd say, looking to Wade and Toga. He wasn't going to be insulted by the offer of just two people, he saw it as a promise of more to come. Someone of Celestia's position and reputation wouldn't make a joke like that. He'd look back to the Princess.

I should warn you if the land haters do plan to take the area, you might want to send forces that can fight underwater.

>he'd advise her.

>The Octopusman dodge the three and then reach out at their heads with his free hands. Roll 1d1000 = 851 odds.

>If successful, he'd begin smashing their heads together repeatedly.

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536182


>Wade would exclaim at Toga's remark. Guess she really didn't like crowds. He would make sure to keep her safe during the excursion. Though once the fighting started that was sure to become increasingly difficult.

>Underwater was not a pony's friend. Perhaps a trip to the homeland would be in order to acquire sufficient assistance. Equestria was left without any if it's sea bordering settlements. They would have to make due in the mean time.

I will have my scholars look into methods of underwater travel. Surely our magic can allow for such a task.

I have already filed the order your majesty.

>Kibitz would announce as he remained behind Celestia. A poor could be heard as he had teleported the request to Canterlot.

Thank you, Kibitz.

>Celestia would turn her neck to allow her to glance behind her. A smile on her face as he nodded toward Kibitz.

>She turn returns her gaze to Jinbe.

I do apologize for making this short but I must be off. The sooner Inspeak to the council the sooner preparations can begun.

>She bows to the makeshift ambassador. Her bodyguards following her example.

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536185

>Most would be disheartened by watching their minions being slaughtered like mindless sheep. Though most people had hearts to feel such emotions. The cloaked man would watch silently as the octopus man fought valiantly against the hoard. He would make a fine nobody indeed.

>With the man distracted, a lone creature would slither up behind him. It's pointed arms aimed at his back as he thrusts then forward.

>Roll 1d1000 = 801evens

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536192

File: 1513486296365.png (457.84 KB, 466x700, Untitled.png)

>Walking along the streets of the Town, there was a particular lonely girl walking along the streets. She didn't seem very focused on anyone, simply looking at her phone, looking a bit sleepy as she looked at the screen. There were many things notable about the girl. From her long wavy blonde hair with blue tips, to her horns on her head, to her......chest....

Hmm....How am I suppose to find her around here....

>She'd stop, pulling her head up and looking around. There seemed to be a lot of trouble going on, but the trouble didnt seem to be caused by the person she was looking for.

That's good atleast....

>The blonde girl would keep walking along before, continuing to look at her phone. Whatever it was on her phone, it didn't seem related to trying to find whoever it was she was trying to look for, she didn't even seem in a rush for that matter. Her eyes would finally be pulled away from her phone as she walked past a bakery, the smell catching her attention first, before the display of desserts and bread at the window. Soon after she caught sight of the treats, her stomach would give a fairly loud growl. A very loud one actually, so loud that passerby's were frighten by the sudden noise.

...I guess it's been a bit since I had lunch.....

>Without giving it a second thought, she would enter the bakery. Tis the season to indulge anyways, and there wasn't any chaos that was important to her!...Pies....so many pies. The girl would order two pies and some rolls, and would eat them at a table in the bakery, enjoying the warmth and sweetness. This place would definitely make her list of "Would try again"

Jinbe!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536193

>The Octopus man turns and blocks the attack with one of the nobodies he was pummelling. He then stabs the this latest nobody with his spear. Roll 1d1000 = 127 odds.

>If successful, The Octopus Man then looks at the cloaked figure. He assumed him the leader of this land folk. He readies the spear and aims for his heart. Roll 1d1000 = 483 odds.

Solaire of Astora!SunO73XMtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536194

File: 1513486770556.jpg (217.58 KB, 500x625, 23344422.jpg)

Well we need to know where you went, and what expenses the Riftguard might have to cover.

>He explains simply.

I'd offer to do it for you,

>Solaire gestures to a small stack of papers next to him.

but I'm already filling out forms for quite a few other members already. . .

Demyx!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536195

File: 1513489355950.png (122.97 KB, 307x453, He Is Right Behind Me Isn't He…)

>Demyx opens his mouth to respond to the voice of the fishman behind him. He had rhythm to the song now, he wouldn't need as much focus to-



>There's a pip of darkness that shoots out of Demyx's stricken shoulder followed by a surprised yelp from him. The shot forces his shoulder to jerk, the song he was playing abruptly changing with a discordant 'TWANG' of the strings. The still water around Demyx suddenly shudders violently in response.

Oh sh-!

>He swings his arm and plays a loud harsh note in reflex. The water bubbles beneath him and shoots Demyx backwards in a massive jet of water. He sails back and stumbles onto the land he had just been walking away from before. Water rolls off his coat harmlessly and spatters around himself in a newly formed puddle. His shoulder however sags, the pain from the shot still remaining in his joint. He rolls it and sucks air in through his teeth in pain.


>His own self safe-ish for now, Demyx looks to see just what had hit him. The sight of the Equestrian going absolutely apeshit on the shark in the surf draws a shocked stare and loosely gaped jaw.

...oh wow...

<"Note to self, do not make mercenary Equestrians angry."
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The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536203

>The hooded man wouldn't make a move. If anything he seemed to be anticipating such a maneuver. Like the rest before it the creature vanished in a white luff of smoke, leaving the Octopus man open to attack.

>The spear strikes true. The man's heart is punctured. But despite this he remains standing. His posture as casual as ever.

Hm, yes. A fatal blow. Piercing the heart would be enough to kill almost anyone.

>He looks up from the spear and seems to gaze directly into the man's eyes.

How fortunate for I, not to have one.

>He raises his hand and places it on the Octopus man's chest. Suddenly a wave of air would seem to push him away back into the hoard.

>Roll 1d1000 = 88 evens

Merida!BuLLseYeLoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536204

File: 1513495954758.png (318.64 KB, 509x694, looking_upwards.png)

"Ok, um..." Merida affirms, only to watch Glimmer step away to someone else, speaking in 'not exactly gibberish,' but she quickly realizes that, even if she's supposed to repeat whatever's being said, it's not going to be possible.

Instead, she merely takes the chance to further examine the long horsless black chariot. It might even be made of metal, or some other fantastic type of tree or paint. She squints at what look like dark panes of windows, not sure if she's supposed to see through them or not.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536205

File: 1513497374647.png (633.3 KB, 800x1000, king_of_fighters_98_um_ol_kula…)

>As she's finishing up talking to the older man, Glimmer makes a beckoning gesture back to the other girl with her other hand.


>She then slides through the opening that had previously been covered by part of the vehicle's black exterior, looking just a bit tense as she does so.

>In fact she seems to pat the area beside where she's sitting expectantly, though she's been oddly quiet and hasn't specifically said anything else to Merida in particular since heading over to talk with the man.

>Unbeknownst to Merida, Glimmer is mainly just hoping that the driver won't find out that Merida's never been in one of these before....since thats just one more thing she would rather not have to explain if they get found out.

Maccus!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536217

File: 1513529099756.jpg (20.47 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>Maccus smiled as he hit true to his mark. Even with warning the land dwellers were too slow, too weak-

>He'd then be tackled by the horse, and much to his surprise, she actually knocked him over. She'd get quite a few stabs in before he could react. He'd growl and swing his right arm at her ribcage to punch her off of him, or make her dodge out of the way so he'd be free of her. Roll 1d1000 = 695 odds.

Fisher Tiger!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536221

File: 1513529621336.png (622.07 KB, 744x1080, Tiger.png)

>Fisher Tiger and his men would quickly swirl around when Maccus spoke, all looking worried. They hadn't expected him to show up. They were then taken aback as Cookie plows into the hammerhead sharkman and knocks him over. Of course they couldn't admire the feat for long as three more hammerhead merman come out of the water. All three waited for more to come forth, or signs of merfolk swimming in the water.

>Fisher Tiger frowned as neither happened. Hadn't his distraction warranted more of a response? Or had Maccus seen through the ruse. Considering he was here, he probably had. He'd glance back to Cookie and Maccus, perhaps they could convince the sharkman he needed help.

???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536222

>The Octopus man would fly back into the crowd, the move and the ineffectiveness of his attack leaving him momentarily stunned.

AnonymousCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536235

Cookie was hit squarely in her chest, but she had anticipated such a move, using the force of his punch to dislodge herself off of him, landing on all four of her hooves onto the waterplatform Demyx had created, she found that her knife did pierce this surface he created, seems like it can be destroyed with enough force.
Maccus may be able to see her still recovering chestwound was threatening to burst open again from the blow she just sustained, had she taken the full force of this punch she'd be bleeding like a pig.

She saw the disgusting Merman was still recovering from her first attack, her ears perked up a little, she could hear more were coming.

This scumbag before her had attacked Demyx, and he will pay dearly for such a thing, her scowl and anger reaching bew heights she exclaims

"I will kill every single one of you scum!"

And with that she mercilessly went in on Maccus once more, leaving him no room to recover, darting towards him in a straight line like a lioness on the hunt, whether he is in the water or not.

She would this time smash his big potato snout in with the blunt end of her knife, to stun him, afterwards her seemingly unarmed other hoof would find it's way into Maccus' already wounded chest, with the intention of summoning her blade inside of him!

"Human! Stay close!"
She'd bark, ordering him to hide behind her at all times

Roll 1d1000 = 681
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!QesMT7h./oCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536247

The fox looks around as the duo enter the store, taking in the sights. It was familiar with most of these, at least, even if they were very much dated by its standards, but it couldn't tell from a glance how they were run.
It knew there were at least two ways to power electronics, from experience; Earth Pony vessels used as much electricity as they did magic, but both ways had their pros and cons.

Glancing over at Twilight, it wanders over to the choices, poking at the phones, then at the watches, as much examining them as just simply prodding them as a fox might do. How did they work? Was it like the laptop it had used? Did they even make watches for fox paws?

Wandering around in thought, the fox takes a while to glance at some television screens, before seemingly being distracted by what seems to be a projector display.
That was also something it knew. Not quite in this fashion, though...

Tail twitching, it returns to the watches, prodding them. It looks more curious that actually making a choice, though.

Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536251

File: 1513540125449.jpg (832.5 KB, 849x1200, 60794628_p0_master1200.jpg)


>Baileys cat ears would go flat on her head. but wordlessly she would go over to the stack of papers and preceded to start filling them out. Welp. This was the life she wanted, need to do it and get it over with.

Merida!BuLLseYeLoCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536287

File: 1513547705739.jpg (240.78 KB, 900x1022, _merida___portrait__by_larienn…)

Some things must transcend time itself, or at least reach well across it as she's gestured to her brothers in similar fashion on multiple occasions. Between Glimmer's silence and her own uncertainty of what exactly she might like to ask next, she plucks the sucker back from her hand into her mouth, doing her best to step into the low chariot without issue.

A single, quickly resolved snag with her dress later and she's left to question if that's why Glimmer doesn't have a similarly long garb. Once she does get seated, she's still unsettled, despite the comfort of the wagon's chair.

"So, wha' now?" she finally asks, moving her bow and arrow to her lap, sword still limp on her side in its scabbard.

Demyx!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536296

File: 1513554828758.png (174.56 KB, 446x531, DANCE WATER DANCE.PNG)

>The water platform's tensile strength doesn't appear as smooth as it was before, and without Demyx's music to maintain it there was little chance that it would remain that way for long. Demyx, now on his spot back on land and away from the immediate danger, knows well enough that with the sharks in the water the best place was out of a terrain that could easily twist to their favor.

>While he could manipulate water if he had no way to play his sitar there was similarly no way he could defend himself. He had to play this defensively for now, and that included making sure that the enraged pony didn't end up becoming drowned as well. She had the spirit of a fighter, much more than he did, and keeping her as a deterrent was better than neglecting her.

Here's an idea, you stay close to me!



>There's a swirl in the surf, followed by a decidedly loud yell from the sitar-wielding Nobody.

Dance water, dance!

>In mere moments jets of water shoot up from the surf, forming roughly fifteen water clones of the sitarist on the land. They skate and slide over the surface of the rippling waves, their transparent forms twinkling in the sunlight caught on their watery surfaces.

>One swings its way near Cookie and tries hooking an arm around her. If it succeeds it yanks her back towards Demyx and the land with a hard pull just as the tensile strength of the water beneath her gives out. It drags her back to the land and drops her on the dirt, safely away from the water, sharks, and water clones. If fail, the watery ground gives way as the last of Demyx's earlier magic wears off and the water clone grabs nothing.

>The other fourteen clones meanwhile circle around the spot, stirring the water up beneath them. It isn't obvious at first what they're doing but the water does slowly start to swirl along with them in the same direction...

Demyx!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536297

>Roll 1d1000 = 746 odds

Maccus!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536298

File: 1513556002729.jpg (20.47 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>Maccus would easily avoid the attempt to smack him in the face.

Don't push your luck.

>He'd punch her squarely in the chest. Roll 1d1000 = 596 odds max damage.

>He'd then turn his attention back to Demyx as one of the water clones shot by. Of course, it was distracted by the fact the water he'd been standing on gave way. Splash in he went, but that hardly did anything to hinder him. Gave him the perfect opportunity to get rid of the pony.

>The two sharks that had entered the fray would lunge at Tiger's friends, armed with crude knives. Shark man 1 Roll 1d1000 = 381 Shark Man 2 Roll 1d1000 = 708 both odds.

Fisher Tiger!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536300

File: 1513556736585.jpg (19.39 KB, 480x267, One-Piece-episode-541.jpg)

>The Eel man would take a knife to the shoulder, while his four legged ally proved his legs useful as he leapt over his combatant. The Eel man tried to bite into the neck of his foe using his elongated neck. Roll 1d1000 = 2 evens.

>The four legged merman would brandish handful of throwing knives and aim that his foe's back. Roll 1d1000 = 799 evens.

>Despite his earlier claim, Fisher Tiger would dive into the water after Cookie. He'd shoot towards the pony and try to grab him before anything else could happen. Hopefully the pony wouldn't try to resist being pulled back to land.

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536301


There was a brief moment of pure darkness for Cookie, Maccus' punch hit her right in her chestwound, causing an overwhelming amount of damage, so much in fact that she actually broke through what was left of Demyx's artificial surface.

Cookie found herself blacked out for a second or two, by some miracle she managed to hold onto her knife, though even if she did drop it somewhere it would not be an issue.
She is unconscious right now, for at least a few seconds
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Demyx!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536304

File: 1513559726307.png (237.56 KB, 515x715, Demyx is a Bit Pissed Off.PNG)

>Demyx focuses on his sitar again, his fingers flying on the strings as he played. His water clones continue spinning faster and faster as the tempo picks up. Demyx counts down in his mind.


>He grits his teeth. The water beneath the water clones slosh. There's a distinctive suctioning effect on the spot they circle, making it difficult to swim away from it. It was likely that anyone in the water could try, as there was a chance to break away from the current if they could manage.


>All characters in water, roll to resist undercurrent pull!

Fisher Tiger!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536306

Roll 1d1000 = 566 odds

Maccus!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536310

>Maccus would look about for his prey and spots Tiger swimming away with Cookie. Despite being underwater, he begins to conjure another droplet to fire at Tiger.

>However he is completely caught off guard by the sudden current underwater and gets pulled into it, his confusion over what was occurring rendering him unable to react.

>The Eel's jaw would find purchase on his foe's neck. The Sharkman would try to free himself. Roll 1d1000 = 30 evens.

>The other had spun around as his four legged combatant jumped over him. Before the merman had a chance to draw his throwing knives, the sharkman stabbed him in the back. Roll 1d1000 = 336 odds max damage.

Fisher Tiger!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536311

Roll 1d1000 = 472 evens.

Fisher Tiger!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536313

File: 1513564779557.jpg (19.39 KB, 480x267, One-Piece-episode-541.jpg)

>Tiger feared the worst as the water turned into a vortex, dragging him and Cookie down. With one arm busy holding Cookie, he feared he wouldn't have the strength to stay above water. But he pushed on, continued swimming against the current. If he was going to give up, he'd be with those that fled when they realized the land haters were coming. Instead he was here, on a half baked suicide mission. He wasn't going to give up his country, he wasn't going to fail this mission, and he wasn't going to let this pony drown or be fish food. He pushed himself harder to overcome the whirlpool.

>He'd pull away from the whirlpool and make it to shore, though it left him quite winded. He'd check the pony he'd been carrying, to see if she was still breathing.

>The Eel man would let go as the sharkman tried to stab his head. He'd take a few steps back, then charge forward to smack the shark in the face. Roll 1d1000 = 921 evens.

>The four legged merman would let out a grunt of pain as a knife pierced his back. He'd try and return the favour with his own knives. He'd spin around and thrust forward at his combatant. Roll 1d1000 = 993 evens.

The working DeadCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536315

>The creatures would be waiting for him. As he flies through them their pointed arms would slash at him.

>Once he comes to a stop he would find himself laying on top of a small number of them that would reach up and attempt to hold him down. As they do more would join in. The hoard begining to leap on top of him to pin him, trapping him in a motionless state.

>Roll to escape

???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536316

Roll 1d1000 = 784 odds

???!CyJ.Bc.VtgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536317

>They succeed in capturing the octopus man as the pile on top of him. The only dignity in this defeat the octopus man could take was it took so many to beat him.

The Sea King is awakened! He will wipe your filth from this world!

>He'd yell as he tired to wiggle free from the ever growing mass of Nobodies atop him.

Mrs.[i/]!O13ih8gwjcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536328

File: 1513586755794.png (104.63 KB, 336x566, Raisin horse.png)

Tiger would find that Cookie's chestwound from earlier had opened up once more, but checking for her vitals reveals that she indeed was still breathing.

In fact, soon after having escaped the vortex Cookie's toxic green eyes shoot open, they dart around quickly so she can access the situation.

She remembers, moments before blacking out that Demyx had suggested she stay by his side instead.
And judging how she was obviously rescued by the big lug she wheezes a little
Her entire body would wince as another coughing fit hit her, leading her to spit out another green slimeball, sizzling and bubbling away on the ground now, that is definitely not healthy.
"Why..? Soldier, necessary sacrifice, should push advantage.."

As she got back to her hooves, grabbing onto Tiger's clothing for support,or maybe even hoping his big hands would help her as well, she breathes out an apologetic sounding "Danke.."

In no condition to take an action yet, she decided to gather up her strength, seeing that Demyx indeed was bought enough time to channel his magic brought a small smile to her, she at least did not fail him completely, and she would make sure she succeeded next time definitely!

Celestia and friends!rjtGfDeadICountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536329

File: 1513587195831.png (270.63 KB, 639x349, Saïx_rancunier.png)

>The attack would have sent a rush of air backwards at the attacker. The surge causing his hood to fall back revealing the person's face.

>His long blue hair falling over his shoulders. The reveal seems to not phase the man at all. Though for the first time since his arrival he moves from his spot toward the Ocotpus man.

I care not for your petty squabbles. I only care for my own goal. One which you will help me with.

>He stands over the Octopus man. His unfeeling eyes glaring down upon him.

Whether you want to or not.

>As he looks down the creatures would begin stabbing into the Octopus man. Their bodies Melding down into the ground, dragging him down with them.

Demyx!.ZzGrellBsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536330

File: 1513594879655.jpg (99.23 KB, 330x330, Worthy of an Encore.jpg)



>Demyx, so absorbed in his playing, doesn't even respond as he continues to play. The moment the music swells and the vortex is at its strongest he swings his arm and strums all the strings in a powerful chord. The water clones converge and the water collapses inside, the pressure surging down and explosively shooting back up in a gesyer-like effect. The blast rockets Maccus high into the air, sending him flying roughly five stories up. What goes up must go down, however, if the sharkman wanted to escape the impending damage he would need to re-enter the water safely or risk splatting on the hard water surface!

>Demyx meanwhile looks up to see whether his gambit worked. Water sprinkles from the impromptu spout onto the ocean and the land in a fine mist, dampening everything.

Sawada Tsunayoshi!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536331

File: 1513607801833.jpg (68.54 KB, 1068x800, Just gonna ignore that.jpg)

Well then, nice to meet you Ary.

>He sits back down on the ground, and sighs.

>His arms were still killing him. It'd probably be a good idea to get that fixed soon.