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[deleted]Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526547[Last 50 Posts]


Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526550

File: 1504979821990.jpg (28.55 KB, 848x480, IMG_1332.JPG)

>Months. The excavation of the cairn had taken months, traps and ancient curses taking his men, and the oppressive digging and conditions had taken their spirit, but Brigsby finally found it... the rusty hulk of a metal spear, so coated in tarnish and decay you could hardly tell it was a weapon. The remains of the spear of Lugh, Gae Assail, lay before him. A weapon of godly might, of unstoppable fiery carnage, reduced to flint and splinters by the greedy grasp of time.
"An' so it begins."
~Two months later, on the Youngblood ranch.
>The spear, polished and restored as well as he was able, was prepared. The ritual circle had been drawn, and the dye had been cast. Now all that was left to do was to summon destiny. Brigsby lit a cigarette, taking a deep, calming draw, before he moved it to the corner of his mouth, the scent behaving like incense as it carved a path through the air mirroring the leylines of mana in the room. Placing the spear down, Brigsby slitted his own palms, the blood slowly seeping to trace the circle he's drawn out as he said the words of binding. The words of power, spoken by few without great destinies.

"Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg.
The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate.
Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill.
Repeat every five times.
Simply, shatter once filled.
I announce

Heed my words. My will creates your body, and your sword creates my destiny. If you head the Grail’s call, and obey my will and reason, then answer my summoning.

I hereby swear. That I shall be all the good in the world. That I shall defeat all evil in the world.

Seventh Heaven clad in the great words of power come forth from the circle of binding, Guardian of Scales!

>Brigsby healed the wound on his hand as mana crackled through his blood, ignoring the dervish of wind and lightning that demolished his study as focused on the spell... a servant, a mythical hero of legend. A true hero...

"Come on fella, don't make me say that mouthful for nothin!"
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Alicia Augustine Archard!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526552

File: 1504980703358.jpg (76.36 KB, 900x900, tumblr_mzpn8ymj5r1ragy7jo1_128…)

>Everything was prepared. The magic circle, formed from mercury, lay still in the confines of her atelier, the window above allowing moonlight to glisten across the surface. It had been hard work, along with a lot of research, to come to this point - the summoning, but now it was finally time.

Fill... fill... fill... fill... fill...
Repeat five times, but destroy each when filled.

>The mage held her hand out toward the engram, held by the other at her forearm. Thus began the incantation, and she could already feel the mana saturating the room. Though she had taken precautions, this ritual would be difficult.

A base of silver and steel.
A foundation of stone, and Archduke of Contracts.
The ancestor is my great master Gurante.
A wall to block the flowing wind.
The gates of the four directions close.
From the Crown, come forth, and follow the forked road to the Kingdom!

>A silver glow filled the room, reflecting the light within the boundary with bright, sparkling hues. This was it. She needed no catalyst for this summoning, she would use the heavens themselves! Surely as divine a being as could touch the realms of God would bring her victory in this battle, and she had just the plan to circumvent the usual laws of summoning!

Four Pillars, ascend! This land shall be as the divine fields!

>Her other hand reached out, activating her house's Magic Crest and touching with mana the four scattered idols in the corners of the room, raising a four-cornered barrier that filled the air with light. It was as though daylight had touched the atelier even in the dead of night. With this, surely even the Archangel Micheal would embrace her call!

I announce!
My will shall be thine body, and thy sword shall be my fate!
If you heed the Grail's call, and obey my will and reason, answer my summoning!

I hereby swear - I shall be all the good of the eternal world, and that I shall defeat all evil of the eternal world.
Thou, clad in the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three words of power, come forth from the circle of binding --
Guardian of the Scales!

>A flood of bright light blinded her, forcing the mage to close her eyes, before a powerful gust of wind blew outward from the circle, scattering dust and knocking the four idols aside. She staggered backward against a nearby table as the room returned to darkness, no longer even lit by the ritual candles. Slowly, Alicia Augustine Archard opened her eyes, waiting for the mist to settle...

... did... did I do it? Have I summoned even the divine...?

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526554

File: 1504981633824.jpg (830.68 KB, 800x1131, Lancer.(Fate.stay.night).full.…)

>Red lightning danced across the circle as the ritual commenced, before finally said Guardian arrived in a sudden flash of light, materialising in physical form. Standing in the center was a man clad in rough leather armour, adorning the furs of many a victorious hunt, gripping spear in hand tightly - a far more beautiful and delicate form compared to the one acting as the catalyst, in hue of gold and green.

>As the dust settled, the man opened his eyes. He looked around the room rather blankly with an odd curiosity, as though he wasn't really looking at the room itself, but beyond.

Huh? Ní bhraitheann sé seo ar chor ar bith mar thailte sa bhaile ...

>Finally, he turned to the mage, a quick flourish of his spear before settling it, meeting Brigsby's gaze.

Agus ní mór duit a bheith ina mháistir.

>Yet, seeing the slightly confused look on the mage's face at his words, the man smiled brightly, a grin he couldn't help bearing.

Hahaha, I'm just screwin' with ya, I know how to talk your language.
So you're my Master, right?

Caster!dracSnyjqECountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526555

File: 1504985542993.jpg (173.92 KB, 432x600, __female_protagonist_and_sanad…)


>As the light slowly fades, the room calming. as the spirit materializes into the world, Alicia would hear a gentle feminine chuckle

My my, quite the ambitious young magus...

>Standing before Alicia was a youthful looking Italian woman, brown hair and auburn eyed. She wore a red robe over a red and white dress-likst shirt, just over a pair of black tights

>a red flapped hat adorned her head but she quickly took it off as she bowed, humming to herself
>She lets out a soft sigh and folds her arms, black clad work gloves covering both she lets out a short huff...

Though, I'm afraid to say, in your quest for Paradiso, sei caduto in breve.

>She taps her chin quickly looking over the magus's own attire, pondering briefly if perhaps updating her own wardrobe would benefit the pair...

>She then looks Alicia up and down briefly and puts a finger to her mouth before humming briefly

Hmm...yes I do think this will do nicely, however, I'm sure a marvel such as you will do well not to fall short again in our upcoming quest, correct? If you're to be my Master of course.

Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526556

File: 1504988917623.jpg (98.72 KB, 848x480, IMG_1333.JPG)

>Indeed it did not feel like home. Australia was blisteringly hot this time of year, and the sweltering sun setting over the scorched red fields of dust were unfamilar to say the least. The study they were in was smaller, untidy, and utterly torn apart by the summoning ritual. Archaelogical reports, maps, books of myth and gaelic legend, and a garlic to english dictionary were thrown around. His words had indeed given Brigsby's heart a start... speaking of Brigsby, the youth couldnt be more than early twenties going by appearance, a long travel duster stained with road grime over his shoulders, and a wide brimmed leather hat for the heat hanging over his head. A beaded band cinched the hat to his head, and a wide grin came over his face at the sound of Lugh speaking english.

"Damn straight I am!" He said, grin infectious as he pumped his fist in victory. He'd summoned the father of light! Lugh the of the long hand, sun over the emerald isles! Wait, wait, had to make it official.

"So yes, ahem... My name is Brigsby youngblood, and it is I who summoned you and I the one who holds your command seals... that all said and done, think you and me can get along?"

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526558

File: 1504992706766.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1080, Fueki_purple_stone.png)



>given the country's vast history and the worldwide knowledge of its mythology, the artifacts tied to that history needed to be well-preserved

>as such, museums dotted the Egyptian landscape, each of them carrying their own collections of priceless items to display
>of course, having all of these items in one place made them easy targets for thieves, and on this night, this one museum in particular would be no exception

>though the magic circle appearing in one of the museum's many rooms was probably not what most would expect

>from out of the circle first came what looked like a tiny white bird, which quickly darted about the room to find the security cameras set in place

>said cameras would get a brief glimpse of the crystalline construct before they were abruptly smashed apart by the bird
>while this was happening, a man exited the magic circle, walking towards a display directly in front of him, his cane tapping on the floor alongside each motivated stride he made
>the display held many smaller exhibits, primarily medallions, amulets, and other kinds of jewelry
>without a second's hesitation, he swung his cane up and smashed the glass of the display, setting the alarms off almost immediately
>knowing he had precious little time, he reached in and grabbed a large round medallion, taking a second to examine it
>when he saw the circle in the middle, with lines depicting rays of light coming off of it, he knew he had what he needed
>so, he turned and made his abrupt exit, his construct following him through
>and the circle disappeared just as the night guard ran in to see the aftermath





>it had taken him far too long to get this ready

>months wasted in his dazed and drunken stupor after it happened
>more months spent pouring over ancient texts that were nigh impossible to acquire
>a haphazard ritual that almost killed him, and left him spending yet more time recovering
>more time spent trying to find just the right conditions for this summoning, and the right being to summon forth
>time that he was running out of more and more, that he could never get back
>if he was going to do this, time was something he couldn't waste any more of

>the medallion was placed in the center of the circle

>his blood was already dripping from his palm to fill the lines of the circle
>and the final touch, the ring placed on his finger, sent shockwaves of pain up his arm as his magic circuits activated
>his body still wasn't fully used to them, but he wouldn't wait any longer


Repeat five times, but destroy each when filled.

>his voice was weary, his throat was dry and cracked from the arid heat, but he would press on nonetheless

>his arm twinged with pain as mana began to envelop the room

Heed my words. My will creates your body, your sword creates my destiny. If you heed the Grail's call, and obey my will and reason, then answer my summons!

>the circle itself began to glow with powerful magical energy, and in turn, the room began to feel hotter and hotter

I hereby swear, that I shall be all the good in the world, and that I shall defeat all evil in the world!

Seven Heavens, clad in the three great words of power, come forth from the circle of binding!

Guardian of the Scales!

>the ring on his finger, acting as his focus, shone brightly in turn with the magic circle

>and then, all at once, an explosion of heat erupted from the circle, soon starting to overwhelm the amateur mage
>and as he reeled back from the powerful mana, hope began to return to him

<"Have I done it? Have I summoned the almighty Ra?"

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526559

File: 1504994382173.png (449.81 KB, 720x960, victory by okashi.png)

>the explosion of heat and mana expelled from the circle was only the beginning...


>a second powerful wave bursts from the magic circle, expelling golden embers across the room
>the heat wouldn't have a moment to dissipate, as the flames began to spread throughout the study, sealing the exits
>with unnatural speed, the flames grew ever more intense, irradiating in a supernatural golden aura

>the pillar of fire that emerged from the center of the circle grew and grew, quickly reaching the ceiling

>but rather than burn a hole through it, the fire spread itself across the ceiling like a water sprout, the radiant golden light being even more potent in its flames

>and then, from the golden flames, a lone figure emerged

>wide unblinking red eyes glowed with such ferocity, their light could still be seen among the golden flames
>a long scarf fluttered with the strength of the flames, and soon, a deep booming voice spoke to its summoner
Behold, the fruits of mortal VANITY!

TO YOU! One who sought to tie his leash around a GOD, I ask!

>the figure lifts his arms, exposing the inferno that now surrounded them

Was this what you HUNGERED for!

Was this the POWER you HOPED to control!

Are you CONTENT with what you've wrought!?

>the figure held one arm before it, before suddenly swiping it aside

>and the suffocating flames that had engulfed the area would vanish without a single ember left behind, only the scorched walls remaining as a testament to its existence

>the figure then slowly raised his arm once more, aiming a finger at the mage

SPEAK, O MASTER! For your RIDER has arrived in your halls with his CHARIOT!

Arianna Addison!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526560

File: 1504994470468.jpg (583.89 KB, 960x731, 5b6817c09467f2124b95acda97e840…)


>She sat alone in her room, in her large chair at the far end.

>Tonight was a night she had been eagerly waiting for, her years of practice for this moment would finally be justified.


>Her room was in the top floor of her family's large mansion. This windows in her room wide open to let the cool night breeze in.

>The full moon from the cloudless night sky was enough to light up her room, giving her enough light to view the magus circle she had drawn on her floor.


>She uncrosses her legs, and stands up from her chair, slowly moving towards the large circle in the center of her room, finally stopping in the middle and looking down.

>Holding out her fist in front of her, she would take a deep breath, and finally begin.

For the elements, silver and iron.

For the foundation, stone and the Archduke of Contracts.

For the ancestor, my great master, Schweinorg.

Close the gates of the cardinal directions. Come forth from the Crown, and follow the forked road leading to the Kingdom.

>The circle below her would begin to glow a bright blue, completely lighting up the room she was standing in.

>The wind would begin to pick up, lightly blowing her hair in the breeze.

Fill.. fill.. fill.. fill.. fill..

Repeat five times, but shatter each when filled.


Heed my words. My will creates your body, and your sword creates my destiny.

If you heed the Grail's call and obey my will and reason, then answer me.

I hereby swear.

That I shall be all the good in the world. THat I shall defeat all evil in the world.

You seven heavens, clad in the three great words of power, come forth from the circle of binding..

Guardian of the Scales!

>The magic and wind has become fiercer and more intense as she nears the end of her ritual, a large spark of blue energy coursing throughout her room as it is completed.

>Her hand now open, she stands still and waits.


>Did she do it?

>She looks around her room with her eyes, not moving her head.
>What would happen?

!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526561

File: 1504995690984.jpg (130.48 KB, 250x600, 35878227_p5_master1200.jpg)

The son of the Kells family has died, leaving no heir. Nobody to take on the Holy Grail War. That is what we believed, until we discovered about you. Our bastard child.

You are to join the award. What say you? Stay a social pariah or prove yourself to your true family?

>That is what he was told, several several months ago. Since then, all the fixings have been prepared.
>Emerson had practiced, had trained in his family's magic, and finally, the summoning circle had been set up. A teenage boy who had previously never knew his father and the only worries he had before then was his ill mother's health, now thrown into this "Holy Grail War"
>All the summoning circle needed now was one last component, which Emerson removed from his pocket. A stone from the Sainen-ji Temple Cemetery.

Very well... Let's do this.

>Emerson placed the stone down and held his hand out. Slowly, stone began to encompass Emerson's arm and parts of torso. Magic flowed through him.

>he had to practice the incantation over and over. By now, he had it memorized.

Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill.
Repeat! Five times!
Shatter them when filled!

I announce!
Your self is under me, my fate is in your sword!
In accordance with the approach of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer!
Here is my oath. I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead!

>the stone on his arms began to glow and crack, crumbling off, only to be covered up once more. It would act as a capacitor for any magic that would otherwise harm his body.

>it was working

You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance!

>with that, the stone on Emerson's body completely crumbled, as the summoning circle erupted in a powerful burst of light, almost blinding Emerson.

>It's working!
>It worked
>Emerson waited for the light to die down, before looking towards the circle once more.

Alicia!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526562

File: 1504997115564.jpg (80.36 KB, 450x600, e9ea455038844988c9092af8bf0c15…)

>What.. what was this? No angel or being of the divine, for certain - in fact the stark red almost made it seem as though she'd summoned a demon! But the spoken words and clearer picture quickly worked to dissuade her worries, disappointingly or otherwise.

>A young woman's voice, and young woman's clothes... were it not for the old fashioned look, she might have assumed some other mage had simply teleported into her room. Wait, did she just get called a marvel?

Then you're... my Servant? You must be, I'm beginning to feel a presence intrinsically linked to my own. But-

>A returned look, up and down, revealed quickly the information she needed.

- no weapon at hand, no armour of any sort... you certainly don't seem like a warrior of old. What manner of Heroic Spirit are you, then?

>Alicia really wasn't sure what to make of it. On the one hand her victory no longer felt assured, and on the other this woman seemed... odd. It was difficult to say whether she was dissatisfied or not, but like it or not this was what she was stuck with.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526563

File: 1504997890504.png (196.44 KB, 500x284, KR_wizard_fueki_ep38.png)



>Sou flew back from the explosion of mana, crashing against the couch he had pushed back to make room for the circle

>the heat had intensified to a searing degree, and Sou held up his arms in some vain attempt to protect himself
>but through the gap between his arms he could see the figure he had summoned within the flames, and he could certainly hear his voice bellowing at him for his arrogance
>but even as he withstood the heat, what little he could see through the fire seemed...off
>like not what he expected at all

>once the fire died out, and he could better see who was behind them, his suspicions would only grow

>though the question that he posed was one he could answer with no problems

Yes...this is the power that I wanted...

>he reached over and grabbed his cane, which had been partially scorched by the fires from before, propping it up beside him

I wanted the power of the immortal sun to win this war...

>he slowly rose to his feet, having to struggle a bit as he was still thrown off by the explosion earlier


You are not what I expected the god of gods to look like...

Caster!dracSnyjqECountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526564

File: 1504997910114.png (746.91 KB, 1200x826, 05fe452b2942ac9da3e2a19094c9b6…)


I do suppose I'm an existence not that dissimilar to your own, Master. A craving for knowledge and a thirst for the power to achieve my goals.

>She bows politely to Alicia, before looking up with a small smile

I hope you don't mind if I get a bit theatrical for a moment, the questioning of "What manner of heroic spirit are you?" is giving me an urge to be dramatic...

>She stretches a little and poses, putting her hand to the edge of her chin.

A decent magus in my day, there is something I can boast that not many others can, my research led me to follow a copy of one of my idols through two realms before briefly glimpsing what Paradiso is to us magi.

I am the Magus whom has been through Hell and Purgatory, and I am your Caster.

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526565

File: 1504998698975.jpg (35.87 KB, 500x600, Lancer.(Fate.stay.night).600.1…)

>The blistering heat didn't bother him particularly much - as an inherently spiritual being, it wasn't that noticeable - but the difference in the taste of the air, the feel of the wind, the inherent magic of the place... that was certainly different. Like he was on the other side of the world, or something.

Phew... get along, huh? Not as easy a thing to say a straight 'sure' to.

>It would depend on a few things, but early impressions were good. Lugh didn't recognise most of the tools in the room, but some he did - a pickaxe, shovel, a lot of old and dusty things, several books, maps and scrolls.

But you've got the smell of adventure on ya! The ol' spice of life, and such. Better than the usual mage, hidin' away in their towers and such- oh... ooooh, come on now...

>Somewhere in his chatter, he'd spotted the catalyst for his summoning, walking over to it for a moment as the chainlinks in his armour rattled. Reaching a hand out, he drew it across the haft and blade, letting out a sigh for a moment.

Guess not even you'll last forever, old friend. Poor thing's probably died five deaths over. Nice to see it taken care of like that though, even in this sorry state. Anyhow!

>Lamentation over the spear seemingly done with for now, he turned back to Brigsby with that same smirk he'd worn before.

The real matter o' things! T'what cause am I about to honourably pledge myself?
What's my Master's wish?

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526566

File: 1504998838788.jpg (144.3 KB, 1012x736, Rita-ancientcatastrophie.jpg)

>The outskirts of the city of Paris.
>11:57 PM
>The Bellerose estate's basement workshop...

>The scene is a dark, cool, and expansive underground archive. Three floors in total, 10 feet in height and 4000 square feet each, filled with towering bookshelves home to ancient tomes and modern text books alike. A testament to the prosperity and history of the Bellerose Family, wanting of little and needing of nothing. To the outside world and the world of magi, the Belleroses had a position in life that many admired, envied, and even despised.

*Gulp gulp gulp... ha!*

>Though for one particular member of the family, the reputation and esteem meant nothing to her right now. Her mind was solely focused one one thing and one thing only as she set down the coffee mug she had just emptied for the fifth time tonight on a small table, that subject was the magic circle in the middle in front of her.

>Drawn in the centre of the room on the lowest level and created from silver dust and ash of her cremated ancestors, it contained three ancient items within the middle: A finely crafted ring, a small pile of gold from a foreign land, and shards of a shattered sword. All three of these were meant to be a lure, bait to catch one of the biggest fish in the lake. Like all good anglers, preparation and patience was about to pay off as the clock to her right hit 11:58. Her magical power will soon be at it's very height and she'd need as much as she can get if she wanted to land the big one.

>It was time. She rehearsed this monument over and over again to ensure that she would not foul up the ritual. The girl stands before the circle and beings her chant

Silver and Ash to the origin.
History and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone.
The ancestor is my great master Bellerose.
The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate.

>A vortex of teal surrounds the girl as she speaks the incantation. Wings blow about within the huge basement but it does not disturb the circle in front of her.

>Pain. Like boiling oil replaces the blood in her body and burns everything within her. A clear sign that everything was working correctly... focus... focus.

Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill.
Repeat every five times.
Simply, shatter once filled.

>blowing winds turn into howling gales as the clock reads 11:59, images flash in her mind of her body being warped and changed; wings sprouting from her back, horns bursting from her head, dark eyes of endless blackness... her mortal mind starting to buckle as she reached out for what she needed. But she will not break here, not when she had so much to gain in the coming days!

>Only seconds remained! The stars themselves lining up as she had planed. The moment of truth fast approaching. The excitement dulled the plan and tricks of the mind. Sharpened her focus and resolve.

I announce!
Your self is under me, my fate is cut away be your sword.
In accordance with the approach of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer.
Here is my oath. I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead.
You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance...

>The clock strikes 12 at the exact moment she needed it to.


Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526567

File: 1504999161671.png (201.18 KB, 440x360, are you not entertained.png)

>the armored figure crossed his arms, his red eyes focused entirely on Fueki
>the helmet gave no indications to what Rider was thinking, but the barely held contempt in his booming voice certainly did:
What does a mortal KNOW of the KINGDOMS above them!?

You sought the FLAME of the SUN for yourself; you should be THANKFUL that Flame did not choose to CONSUME you for your actions!

>letting his arms fall to his side, Rider stepped closer to Fueki, still glaring at him with those wide red eyes

>he stopped just a few feet away, scanning the man from his feet to his head
That you did not fall with my SUMMONING was a MIRACLE onto itself! Had you summoned THE TRUE RADIANCE, you would not have lived long enough to BASK in His GREATNESS!

Yet, despite your INSOLENCE, you have STILL been blessed by the SUN, and received this CHARIOT for your own use.

>he stops, once against staring down at Fueki

WHY this was so shall likely remain a mystery...
>he says with a subtle scoff
>Rider then turns, not bothering to face Fueki anymore
Now, O Master... Standing BEFORE you is the DAWNING RADIANCE that lights all PATHS! RIDER and CHARIOT to carry you in this WAR!


>he then suddenly turns, aiming his finger again at Fueki, but still keeping his sight turned from him

What NOBLE CAUSE do you seek to accomplish with the RADIANCE'S FLAME!?

Alicia!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526568

File: 1504999731278.jpg (36.08 KB, 500x281, Staaaaaare.jpg)

>Dramatic? Well, maybe Heroic Spirits liked being that way when talking about their own tales and legends. Why wouldn't they be proud? After all, they'd left a solid, firm mark on history, far more than many did nowadays.

Caster, then...?

>While not a class belonging to most beings she'd intended to summon, it was certainly potentially impressive. Maybe she'd see magic of old, or be able to learn a thing or two! But...

Hell and Purgatory, though...

>None of it rang a bell. She kept referring to this Paradiso thing, too. A copy of one of her idols through two realms? No greek legend sounded like that, nor roman or celtic - not that she knew every single one, or anything, but nothing Caster had thus far said had struck a chord of memory.

... and would this Magus who went through those places have a name?
>she asked, a puzzled look upon her face.

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526569

File: 1505000173193.jpg (324.91 KB, 798x933, Guts_Golden_Age.jpg)

>as the winds howled in the basement of Annette's home, they soon turned into a miniature storm, spinning all around the young mage until she wouldn't even be able to see right in front of her
>as the storm grew, the temperature soon dropped, as though she had just stepped into a mighty blizzard in the depths of winter
>and as the winds spiraled about, she could see a shadow appear in the eye of the maelstrom, one that appeared to grow in size with each passing moment

>soon, the chaotic winds would subside, even as they left the basement feeling like a giant freezer

>and the figure would become fully visible, revealing a man kneeling before the mage


>without a word, he would rise to his feet, and Annette would soon see how huge the man really was, her head only reaching his stomach

>he opened his eyes after a moment, staring straight ahead with a blank expression, as he seemed to take in his surroundings
>he then lowered his gaze to where Annette stood, blinking once as he realized she was there


>again without a word, he slowly lifted his hand up, then slowly reached out towards her

>and then...


>he lightly placed his hand on her head

>and then wore a somewhat amused smile as he spoke

Are all the mages of this time so small?

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526570

File: 1505001021797.jpg (323.13 KB, 850x1382, 1504891379113.jpg)

>As the light fades and the figure becomes visible... it's not something the mage would have expected to see. A girl, just over five feet tall dressed in a mellow yellow sweater vest and a green plaid skirt, with two swords strapped to her back, stands before him with a bright and wide smile.

...Oh? Oooooh! I've been summoned! Yosh! It's time to finally show my worth!

>The happy and energetic girl jumps into the air once and them strikes a pose in front of her new master. As her... generously propositioned body takes a bit more time to come to rest, the figure immediately greets the person that summoned.

I guess that makes you my master? My new lord! Hello! Kon'nichiwa! Thank you for summoning me my Lord, arigatō!

>Was this really a servant he summoned? She seemed more like an energetic school girl from a Chinese cartoon then a hero of legend...

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526571

File: 1505001183392.png (2.13 MB, 1440x810, FuekiSou.png)

>while the masked Rider made his grand speech and made it very clear that he had no respect for his Master, Sou focused more on what he seemed to confirm
>he wasn't the sun god Ra
>meaning his attempt to bring about one of the most powerful Servants in history had failed
>had he chosen the wrong Catalyst?
>did he simply not have the mana necessary to summon a god?
>if so, who was this before him?

>still, he supposed it didn't really matter

>whoever this being was, they were clearly very powerful, and that was good enough as far as he was concerned
>so all he needed to worry about now was answering Rider's new question

...you wish to know why I summoned you?

>he tightened his grip on his cane as the memories began to flood back into his mind

>the bodies, the coroner's report, the funeral...

...I lost my wife and daughter in an accident. It was years ago now, yet it feels as though no time has passed at all...

I had a family that I loved dearly, and in a twist of fate, they were taken from me...they had done nothing to deserve death, and yet...

>his gaze had averted from Rider as he recounted this, but he returned his now-steely gaze to the masked figure

My cause is a simple one. Some may call it a selfish one, but that is no concern of mine.

I will bring my wife and daughter back from the land of the dead. I will have my family with me again.

And I will do whatever it takes for that day to come.

Caster!dracSnyjqECountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526572

File: 1505002000539.jpg (85.58 KB, 400x572, 5f4d5f82fe14a21178abd2168571bb…)


>Caster suddenly pauses and looks to Alicia with a perplexed and dejected look, stepping back a bit

I...you don't know?

>She lets out a soft sigh, a beauty ignoring her deeds and research in life, it was like Beatrice all over again...!

>She was CERTAIN of the popularity of her poem, and the fact that she was a heroic spirit at all spoke wonders about the impact she still had...!

>And yet this magus, her...master... couldn't guess who she was from her grandiose introduction.
>Oh well, she supposed, no time to dwell on that.

>...Though still clearly dejected, she clenched her teeth and let out a short sigh, resigned to being obscure to her own master

Durante degli Alighieri

>She pauses

better known as simply Dante Alighieri.

>She let out a soft sigh, she did suppose it was better for the two of them to form a partnership based on each other's work and actions as opposed to Alicia being blinded by her reputation...

>That said though, she still did just want to confirm...

Have...have you not read the allegories and works I wrote about my experiments? Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso? You know, my Divine Comedy.

>She had other questions for her master, but they could wait, this was a matter of pride..!

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526573

File: 1505002453943.png (314.73 KB, 600x478, what is it.png)

>the Rider remained silent, at least having the decency to let his Master speak unimpeded
>crossing his arms, he listened to his Master's tale of sadness, giving little indication of his thoughts other than lifting or lowering his head
>once Fueki was finished, the Rider finally nods his head and turns to face the man
You are correct. That IS indeed a very selfish cause.
>he states, simply
If you WISHED to see your family, why not just MEET them in the Underworld?
>he asks with slight amusement in his voice, clearly feeling no sorrow over his Master's plight
>shaking his head, Rider simply started pacing around the room
You mortals will never cease in your ATTEMPTS to CHALLENGE the Gods, CONSTANTLY struggling against the very ORDER of the Cosmos JUST to appease your own LACK of CONTROL!

Only the GODS choose who lives, only THEY choose who DIE, and only they provide the PATH to RESURRECTION...

>he then stops, growing silent
>before letting out a small chuckle
I suppose you HAVE, at the very least, found a WAY around that rule...
>he turns his head slightly to glance at Fueki, but what the Servant's thoughts were exactly were difficult to pinpoint

You still summoned me... I suppose this CHARIOT is now yours to command... Yet I should warn you, a crocodile on a LEASH does not make it obedient.

>he turns his back on Fueki again, motioning dismissively with his hand
What REASON would I have to aid YOU in your fool's quest?

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526574

File: 1505002836572.jpg (64.65 KB, 186x257, 13.jpg)

>Ooooh god it was cold in here! If she didn't have that cup of coffee inside of her it would have would have been unbearable! But she was a big girl! She could handle a sudden drop in temperature! Besides, she needed to see if her summoning wor--
>Oh. Ok. That's a big guy... a really really big guy. Did she summon Berserker by mistake? No... he wasn't raving and destroying the library so that was a good star--

>Are all the mages of this time so small?


...Excuse me!?

>She immediately wanted a mad screaming Berserker instead. At least someone who couldn't think couldn't call her SHORT.

>Both her arms flail to get his heavy hand off of her head with little success.

S-shut up old man, I'm a perfectly reasonable height for my age!

>She grumbled hotly under her breath as inspects her new servant.

where do you get off, calling me short when you're so freakishly tall!?

So, are you going to keep patting my head or are you going to introduce yourself?

>He better be Saber, she didn't use all the priceless materials and painstakingly gathered resources to get something she didn't want!

Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526575

File: 1505003923444.jpg (151.04 KB, 985x811, IMG_1335.JPG)

>Brigsby nodded, the well built ranchhand taking the spear he'd restored and slinging it over his shoulders as he rested his hands on it. He'd taken quite the level of care. Getting rid of all the rust had left the barest core of a handle and a blade left, to say nothing of the previous inscriptions, but the replacement parts were top notch, the handcarved repairs doing it justice not just as a restoration but as a weapon in and of itself. All it needed now was a coat of warpaint...

"That's the rub ain't it? See, a lot of people call me an idiot or a fool, but I grew up hearing of sky people, of myths and legends and miracles... hummanity, in the time between legends and now has lost true magic. Magecraft they call it now... a diseased, sick version of the wonder that used to inhabit this earth. Humankind, mages in general, have lost the gutspah; the true heart and imagination to let true miracles into this earth, but they keep trying. Darker and darker things, child sacrifice for the sake of a crystal not tha' size o mah thumb. This is the first real miracle in 40 years... the last one was the previous grail war."
>He said, shaking his head as he began cleaning the study, the blood used for the circle beginning to animate as it formed into countless little red birds which began to lift the debris and tidy the office. One brought him a book og Gaelic legends.
"The age of the gods is long over Lugh, and I don't think any magic that were, is, or e'er will be can bring it back... but that don't mean I can't bring miracles back. I'm fighting... studying... proving that the past isn't unreachable. Found you didn't I?"
>He said, brandishing the corpse of a long dead weapon of legend.
"Guess my wish didn't take so many words.. but I would fight for humankind's imagination. I would make that bright and innocent past our future once more, even if it means bashing myself against the darkness and cruelty of this world until there aint nothing left o me but a bloody smear. I would bring the wonder back to this world. That something you think you could get behind?"
>He asked, before finally setting a picture of himself back on the table, the hat he was wearing now shown in the picture atop the head of a larger, laughing man.

Alicia!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526576

File: 1505010043785.jpg (302.86 KB, 640x980, Senjougahara.Hitagi.full.23378…)

>Durante... Dante? Like from the hack n' slash game? With the guns? No, no, no, this was much too different. Taking out her phone, she started tapping away into a browser.

Dante... Aligheri... and you wrote books...?

>The name didn't point anything else out to her - maybe she was a lesser known legend? Oh, wait, there it- that was quite a following. Wait, that's where that whole thing came from!? She had no idea!

O-oh, so you have...

>Hiding her face in embarassment, she suddenly realised that it was mostly her fault for having absolutely no idea. Alicia didn't have much of a chance to study up the details, but she couldn't afford to lose face - not in front of her Servant!

Haha, how silly of me, the Divine Comedy! Of course! Now it all makes sense.

>If sweat could fall from her forehead in the present cold of North American autumn then, it would've. Perhaps moving on to easier subjects would help, if she could hide away long enough to study up then she might pass as being studious!

Right, well... introductions! Yes.
I am your Master, Alicia Augustine Archard. Your answering of my summonings is appreciated, Miss Dante- wait..
>Another cursory look at the phone.
... aren't you supposed to be a man?

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526577

File: 1505010574364.png (44.45 KB, 166x192, fueki_6001.png)

>Sou supposed sympathy was a bit too much to ask for from a divine being, whoever he was
>even if he wasn't Ra, the way he spoke indicated he was of godly descent, at the very least
>but convincing someone like that to help him was certainly going to be difficult
>thankfully, there was one angle he could consider

You don't have to aid me, exactly.

>Sou kept a cool and collected tone when he answered Rider, taking his bravado in stride

But I'm certain you have your own reasons for wanting to win the Grail War.

Even the gods must have desires that they can fulfill.

>he took a couple of steps away from his position, stopping beside Rider so as to better examine his masked visage

What might yours be, Rider?

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526578

File: 1505010901461.jpg (98.71 KB, 468x676, 496292-berserk_guts_3215.jpg)

>Saber was still highly amused by Annette, especially when she gave her heated response, a boisterous chuckle leaving him afterwards
>he then removed his hand from her head at her request, placing his hands on his hips as he responded in kind

You are certainly a spirited one, child! I can see that our meeting is a most fortuitous one!

But as for who I am, surely you already know?

>he gestured to the room around him, the walls just a bit frosty from his impressive entrance

You spent all this effort to seek me out specifically.

Surely you did not just stumble upon the means to summon me by simple accident, did you?

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526579

File: 1505011657209.png (449.81 KB, 720x960, victory by okashi.png)

>the Rider suddenly turned to his Master with his loud exclamation
What is a GOD if they do not see their own road of FATE laid out BEFORE them!?

True Gods do not WISH, O Master! They ACCEPT the fate given by the COSMOS, awarded at the dawn of TIME!

>he scoffs again, continuing to pace around the room

What WISH could I ever possibly HAVE, when I have already been awarded with MY mission! From DAWN to twilight my mind is clear of worthless thoughts such as "what if" or "but perhaps" that plague FEEBLE minds!
>he stopped again, this time near Fueki to look at the man in the face, his red eyes seemingly glowing more intensely
Desire... Fear... HATE... These word that CONSUME you mean nothing to the likes of ME. This battle is not MINE to fight, for I have NOTHING to gain from it.

So the QUESTION remains, O Master! What makes YOUR quest so pure and IMPORTANT that it is WORTH sacrificing my time to aid it?

Caster!dracSnyjqECountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526580

File: 1505011755923.jpg (106.11 KB, 550x400, 9b19ea4070b84a26476ee812518d1f…)


>Caster lets out a short huff, seeing Alicia's nervousness and attitude she didn't like it much whatsoever

>It was more than a little frustrating

>But she'd accept it for now...

So many questions dear but...I can most certainly explain. Mage Craft in my era was primarily done by old grouchy men, so when someone that was my age and gender was making so much progress it necessitated a bit of a cover up...

>She says, not being entirely honest. There was another reason and she can be heard mumbling it

Nevermind my romantic desires being more femininely inclined...

As for my heirs, I do in fact have 4 actual children they were the result of...

>She coughs a little bit

Some major experimental rituals...the others whom claimed to be my children weren't.

>She leans back and heaves out a short sigh

Enough about me though, what is it you seek to gain from this conflict, Ms. Archard?

Lancer!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526582

File: 1505013109011.jpg (21.49 KB, 146x362, face7.jpg)

>Now there was a lofty goal... perhaps one greater than he had dared dreamed in his life. Walking up to the godly Tuatha Dé Danann and joining their ranks had been an glorious victory, as had the many battles he had fought, but in the end he had simply been so good at all those things he merely thought he ought to do them.

>But a point out of reach, a horizon that lie beyond view, a dream like that? Well, it was impressive, to say the least. Many dreamers were fools or idiots, but they were always made the brightest stars in the end.


>It was a puzzled look, however, that graced his eyes and lips. Had things truly changed so much? Were the miracles of old really worth grasping at so dearly? His fondest memories weren't necessarily the battles or the beasts, after all. To bring back that kind of chaos sounded oddly like a child's folly, or dreams of twisted glory. Still, there didn't seem to be bad intentions behind those words. It wasn't something he could agree with wholeheartedly, but at the very least...

Don't know that I'd call that time 'bright' or 'innocent'... there's a lotta danger in those kind'sa things. Still, you seem like the kinda guy who stares danger in the face and gives it the finger, so nothin' I say about that's gonna stop you, anyway!

>Smiling softly toward the end, even with a shake of his head, he turned to Brigsby and gave a bow, letting the moppy blue hair fall a little in front of his face. It's not like he truly disagreed with him, either.

Any cause like that worth goin' this far for'll be worth seein' through to the end. I was summoned to bring you victory, so I swear by my spear - we'll pierce through everythin' on our path.

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526583

File: 1505015274455.jpg (78.5 KB, 397x482, 1d079bba30c8e372a84607b0374ac3…)

>Oh great now he was being coy with her.

O-of course not! I did all this to make sure I summoned the right spirit! l just had to make sure, that's all! Even the best laid plans can go sour unexpectedly!

>Regaining her composure as a foul up had clearly not happened here, she responds to him with the answer he was looking for.

You're Beowulf, the legendary Geatish hero that was spoken of in the poem that bears your name, one of the oldest surviving pieces of literature in the English language. From Grendel and his mother to might dragons, you are a slayer of monsters with a storied history. You even became a king...

And now here you are, standing before me...

>Of course saying it all aloud drove the point home that she was standing in front of legend out of time.. and that she succeeded in calling Saber to her.

So...yeah.. my names Annette Bellerose, I'm your master for this Grail war.

>It was still chilly in here, with how big the basement was, it was gonna stay that way for a while even when the heat decided to turn on...

>Anneete points over to the coffee machine, her second most valuable possesion which was in the middle of brewing yet another pot.

You uh... want some coffee?

AnonymousCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526585

File: 1505020027433.jpg (186.27 KB, 450x566, smile.jpg)

"You got it right there. If you weren't gonna help me, I'd of dived into the war myself servant or none."
> He didn't need to add the part about him dying horribly because of that decision. It was inferred. Turning the older version of the spear in his hand, he offered it in salute, smirking.
"You don't bow Lugh. Not to me, or anybody, because we're partners, alright?"
>He offered, before looking his servant in his eye.
"The wish of one fool may not change the world, but every time it does, it goes down in the history books.."
>He turned to the liquor cabinet, and Lugh could see Irish whiskey as a bit of a new addition, as Brigsby looked for a bottle of champagne.
"To history then! For taking our places."
>He said, offering Lugh his own glass to toast.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526586

File: 1505020988554.jpg (48 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_mt5kc4bLfu1qkjg9go3_128…)

>Sou had his doubts about Rider's claims that the gods were above wishes and desires
>he wasn't exactly a mythology nut, but he was pretty sure a lot of stories involved the gods and their own desires, and the lengths they'd go to for those
>including warfare and murder
>then again, Rider could be a god who didn't get involved in that sort of thing
>he assumed he was still Egyptian, even if he wasn't Ra, so who did that leave?

>not that it really mattered, since what was more pressing was how to sway Rider to his side

>he obviously didn't sympathize with him, and he apparently had no desires of his own
>what did that leave?

Time is something you have more than enough of regardless, isn't it?

A god has nothing but time. Until the stars burn out and the universe collapses in on itself, you will continue to exist.

What is time to someone such as you?

>he wasn't sure turning the Rider's question back on him would even work, so he moved on to another answer

Regardless, if nothing else, you are my Servant and will remain so until the war is won.

So, fight to return to your godly world, if you so wish.

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526587

File: 1505021631188.png (164.7 KB, 216x369, Beowulf.png)

>the giant of a Saber was quiet as Annette recounted some of his legend back to him, the hero known as Beowulf still amused as she did so
>his little test to judge her mettle was going well, and he could see she had courage to spare, even if she was a bit flustered by his presence
>so when she finally finished, he let out a boisterous, bellowing laugh, folding his arms and giving Annette an impressed smile

Well, you left out quite a bit of my legend, but you covered the important parts, so that is satisfactory!

But, if I might make a suggestion, you should use the term "Master" with a bit more conviction! Conviction is something you'll need if you hope to win this War!

Not that I have any doubts that we will win!

>another brief laugh followed, which quickly died off as he suddenly realized something

...what is this "cough-ee"?

Trent Kawamura!7NeutyDoHUCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526589

>it took more effort than he was expecting. But the young, shaggy haired mage did it. He walks into his room holding a large, human-sized bag, and dumps it on the floor with a solid THUD.

...It begins. The cleanse. The purge.

>he closes the door and looks at the blood circle he had already prepared in the room. His trench coat billows slightly from the sheer mana charge in the room.

>the bag lets out a muffled scream.

>he opens the bag, revealing a Japanese Self-Defense Force member, bound and gagged, eyes wide. Trent brings his face to the soldier's.

Be glad. Your sacrifice will bring about a new age.

>Trent sets his right hand on the man's face as the sheen of magic fades... revealing his arm to be made of metal, the winged Command Seal emblazoned upon it. He picks the man up and sets him in the middle of the circle.

Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Repeat five times, and shatter each fill.

>he produces an obsidian dagger from within his coat and twirls it as the man screams behind the gag.

>Trent holds out his metal arm, clutching the dagger with his left, and begins to charge the mana in the room into the circle, allowing it to glow.

Heed my words. My will creates your body, and your sword creates my destiny. If you head the Grail’s call, and obey my will and reason, then answer my summoning.

>he walks into the circle and rips open the man's shirt.

I hereby swear. That I shall be all the good in the world. That I shall defeat all evil in the world.

>he then slices the man's chest open with the dagger, peeling the skin and muscle back.

But let thine eyes be clouded with the fog of turmoil and chaos. Thou, who art trapped in a cage of madness. And I the summoner, who holds thy chains.

>he slowly excises the heart of the man and, grasping it with his metal arm as the blood flows down it and staining his sleeve, raises it to the sky.

Seventh Heaven clad in the great words of power come forth from the circle of binding, Guardian of Scales!

>the light engulfs the room. The smell of o-zone, thunder, and rain fills the area. Trent knew instantly, his ritual was successful.
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Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526590

File: 1505022614151.png (314.73 KB, 600x478, what is it.png)

>the Rider was quick to retort
Or I ALLOW myself to be defeated by your enemies, and RETURN to my duties by NIGHTFALL.
>he scoffs subtly, turning to face away from Fueki
>but there was a short pause where the masked Servant appeared to think, although about what was impossible to tell

>truthfully, the Rider could indeed think of one reason to fight in this war

>one wish that would make his servitude to such a human worthwhile
>but he wasn't the one who needed to prove himself worthy of such a wish
>this human had yet to show him any reason why he should be trusted
>but he hadn't given him any reason not to either
>it was a delicate balance so far, and he needed only to tip the scales by a few inches to make up his mind

>he turns his head to look at Fueki again

Answer me this, O Master. Do you think of ME as your possession? YOUR tool to achieve your desired result? Your SERVANT by RIGHT?


>the Rider lifts his hand, pointing at Fueki's arm
If I were to ask you to get RID of these bonds that tie myself to you, in RETURN of my servitude... Would you AGREE to free me, and trust MY word that I would aid you?

AnonymousCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526591

File: 1505027896690.jpg (247.75 KB, 752x1063, unimpressed.jpg)

Thunder burst, lightning crackled, and the fire of sacrifice burned in his metal palm. The heart, beating and alive, combusted into a torrent of golden flames. The flickering lashes of mana consumed the organ, and the rest of the carcass on the floor turned to ash as Trent was blasted out of the circle. The winds around the house escalated to hurricane levels, the roof blasting off as a cyclone of twisting air and rain hammered into the circle. He was in the eye of the storm, privy to the creation of a god. Mana became bone, bone bore flesh like ripening fruit, before flesh covered itself with skin. A towering figure of painted flesh rose before Trent, arms like boas, legs like the oldest trees. Jewelry and armor of purest gold gleamed as mana wrung it to life, decorations of bloodstone, turquoise, and seashells depicting ancient and craven rights. When the figure finally burst forth, Trent was blinded by the flash, wind and rain stinging his eyes... His ritual had been successful, and before him stood a god made flesh, a figure of creation, a demigod of legend. Quetzalcoatl, lord of the star of the dawn looked down at him from eyes that glowed a faint green, framed by a crown of gold in the shape of a serpent ringed with tropical feathers. At that same moment, fingers thicker than his wrist grasped him by the neck, ineffable strength lifting him to look the god in the eye.

"Who. Dares?"

Trent Kawamura!7NeutyDoHUCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526592


>Trent narrows his eyes as he is forced out of the circle. But as he witnesses the summoning of his Servant, he is filled with glee. That is, until...

>fingers around his throat. He stares back into the eyes of the god, without a hint of fear.

Trent Kawamura, of the clan Kawamura. By the power of the Grail, I have summoned you to help, Serpent of the Dawn Star. The people have forgotten your glories and sacrifice, and require reminding.

>he says this, though strangled a bit by the god's fingers.

AnonymousCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526593

File: 1505029528388.png (1.14 MB, 1364x570, Go on, impress me.png)

>The pressure around his neck didn't abate, the strength almost sufficient to snap it, before he was released to the ground. Looking at his arms, the giant seemed confused, unsure.
"...Explain, then. I am filled with thoughts that are not my own. Information I do not recall learning. As a priest wise enough to summon me, you will answer.
>He said, finally resting his hands behind his back as his feet crushed the bits of roof and timber that lined the ground.

Trent Kawamura!7NeutyDoHUCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526594


By the power of the Grail, you have been summoned as part of a Master-Servant contract. The mark upon my right hand denotes my right to bear your chains.

>Trent raises his metal arm and the command seal glows.

But as you are the Lord of the Sky, the Bringer of Storm, I do not wish to own you, instead to work with you. The purpose of the war for which I have brought you forth is to gain the right to wish upon the Holy Grail. I wish to cleanse the world of the corruption that deeply sets it, and I felt it only fitting to bring forth the mightiest god to help me in my quest. We are in a contest, between us and 6 other participants. These participants are also vying for the Grail.

>he clears his throat and coughs for a moment, before bowing.

Quetzalcoatl Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, the Feathered Serpent, Lord of the Sky, I ask thee to work with me to remind the world of your past, of your might, within the bounds of this contest that we must partake in, as my Servant in title only, partner in actuality, and Berserker class in this War.

BERSERKERCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526600

File: 1505060772369.jpg (187.97 KB, 750x1064, pissed.jpg)

>Quetzalcoatl's face seemed to twist into momentary fury as he gritted his teeth. Holding out his hand, he tried to summon the full measure of godly might he held to break the chains he'd been bound by... and found them unyielding. Snarling he looked to Trent and nodded, slowly.
"You speak truth. That the grail has dared to bind me in this way..."
>He began to grasp his chin as he thought, pacing slowly back and forth around the room.
"To degrade me, and lock away the full measure of my might... it is disgusting. The grail will pay, once it has delivered me my rightful power,
and after that, this world I will mold anew."

>He said, before taking the obsidian knife, drawing it across his hand to draw blood. Smearing his thumb across Trent's eyes, he marked him, and nodded, seeming satisfied as he marched out the door, intent on exploring this new, interesting time. It may be blasphemous, and it may lack devoted, but it was the one he found himself in... These people had neglected the due sacrifice in his name while he slept, and had forgotten him, dismissed him as myth to be forgotten. They would know his name, as he plunged them beneath a world of storms... and he would do better when he created the next race of mortals to serve him.
"You have been anointed as my priest, Trent of the Kawamura.
caltizque imezzotica... I shall fight, in this war. This world has not produced an equal to me since before the advent of man.
Your duty, shall be the culling of men in my name. The nonbelievers, and the heretics.
Men, Women, children alike, will know me, and know fear.

>This wasn't your average berserker. Most were raging psychopaths, but Quetz seemed to be calm, reserved... a film of self control over an ocean of barely contained rage... Trent trod dangerous ground.

Trent Kawamura!7NeutyDoHUCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526601


>Dangerous ground he was more than willing to risk. Leaving the blood across his eyes, he follows.

Naturally. For without sacrifice, we cannot be proven worthy of the Grail, to free yourself and cleanse the world.

>he smirks and raises a hand.

But if I may? Though the Grail should have explained this with the knowledge with which you never learned, there are the other 6 participants in this contest, this War, and if they were to know your name immediately, they would know of ways to exploit you, for they desire to end you as well. Until the stage is set for our battle, would you bear the insult of hiding your name? You would bear the moniker of Berserker, for that is your class in this war. It would only be until the others learn of your name on their own.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526610

File: 1505075464450.png (2.13 MB, 1440x810, FuekiSou.png)



>for a few moments after Rider finished speaking, Sou stared at him with a difficult-to-read expression

>said expression became clearer when Sou seemed to glare at the godly being

You've shown no sympathy to my cause.

No interest in it, either.

>Sou then walked past Rider, his cane tapping along the floor with each step he took

>all while he continued to speak in an icy tone

You've held my weakness over my head, made your contempt for me very clear, and just now threatened to intentionally lose in battle.

You've done nothing to show that I should trust you...yet you ask me to all the same.

>he looked down at his own arm, seeing the markings that were now present on his hand, to indicate that he possessed the Command Seals

What reason do I have to do as you ask?

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526611

File: 1505076831864.png (201.99 KB, 240x400, arrival.png)

>the Rider quickly answered, a slightly amused tone to his deep voice
>crossing his arms, Rider then started to walk across the room
You find yourself in the SAME position as I am. You, who CLAIMS to seek the rebirth of you family, YET has given me no reason to BELIEVE that you would not be SWAYED by the power of the Grail.

YOU who have tried to TEMPT me into joining your cause, who ATTEMPTED to bind the TRUE RADIANCE for His power... Do not THINK I am not wise to the existence of mortal treachery.

>the Rider then simply took a seat on the couch by the wall, lounging slightly as he looked over to Fueki
You who have NO reason to do as I say... And I who have NO reason to trust what you say...

The difference between US, however, is that YOU have everything to WIN, and I have NOTHING to lose. Three Seals, O Master, are NOT enough to defeat six ENEMIES...

>he chuckled slightly, crossing one leg over the other
You brought down a GOD to tend to mortal PROBLEMS. Your BARGAINING posture is highly DUBIOUS, so you have but two CHOICES...

RELEASE me of my bonds and prove some amount of HUMILITY in your quest, or hold to your leash for dear LIFE in the hopes you can utilize it well. What will the CHOICE be, O Master?

!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526612

File: 1505078492643.jpg (61.62 KB, 400x574, 51408242_p0.jpg)


>Emerson raised a brow, staring at the odd girl.

>Did he do the summoning wrong?
>last time he read up on him, Hattori "Demon" Hanzo was a renown Samurai... A male Samurai.

...You're Hanzo? I don't remember the stories of him being a school girl.

>he said, slightly annoyed, slightly confused.

Berserker Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526618

>Berserker nodded, his mind immediately clouding with anger, unbidden thoughts in his head as if he was drunk, or drugged... it was almost as if he'd been tricked by Tetzcatlipoca once more. Shaking the cloud of malice from his mind, he made a grunt of affirmation.
Then I shall play by the rules of this contest. If they would hide their names, then I shall not grace them with mine... I must admit, in a world void of the splendor I once wrought... it is... pleasant, to know one true faithful remains.
>He looked over himself, and shook his head. This attire may have been respectable thousands of years ago, but it did not befit a god amongs kings in this age.

Alicia Archard!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526658

File: 1505085631111.gif (579.56 KB, 500x281, Attention caught.gif)

>It turned out that history could be manipulated far easier than she thought. True, in those sorts of days women didn't have a great deal of respect given their way, so even as a lie it made the feat of being both a mage and an author all the more impressive.

>But as interesting as the whole thing was, the worry now was the war to come. Could Caster stand up to the other servants and come out on top...? All in all she wasn't sure, but they hadn't quite acclimated to each other yet so she couldn't quite determine Dante's abilities - and it was likely the reverse was also true.

>Thankfully the conversation moved right onto that topic.

It's a rather simple thing, really. My goal is as my family desires, to use the grail to reach the Root of all things. I will return whatever I gain from it to the Archard household and secure our position among the highest class.

>Alicia hadn't been the most emotive person during the evening, but that entire statement came out as particularly robotic, almost as though there were the bare minimum of enthusiasm - yet, even so, there were no hints of a lie whatsoever.

As my Servant, I understand that you also seek the Grail... whether your goal and mine may or may not align, it has no bearing on due process. Provided you don't seek something along the lines of the destruction of our world, which I doubt, I have no need to understand your desire.

I assure you, no other Master will match my skills.

Caster!dracSnyjqECountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526664

File: 1505086827412.png (482.54 KB, 700x781, 2b672f2f00e58a07f17f846395403f…)


Well Ms. Archard, it seems that regardless of necessity, your goals and mine align.

>Caster tapped her chin briefly and heaved out a short sigh as she thought, she did have to admit that her own goal for getting to the root was a bit more...altruistic and less focused on simply advancing the place of a single family.

Very well though, Master. While I'll admit, I'm not the most fantastic servant you could have summoned, I do have a rather skilled pallet when it comes to offensive elemental thaumaturgy, and I do have quite a few skills that can give us a bit of an edge if we're smart about it. Depending on what you've already have on you, I can also enchant your existing items with relative ease.

>She folds her arms and heaves out a short breath

We need simply be smart about the decisions we make and the set up we have, and...I do have some skill that we can bring in in the worst case scenarios.

>She pauses though

...That said, who knows what obstacles may come our way?

Lancer!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526665

File: 1505086938391.jpg (68.22 KB, 424x600, Lancer.(Fate.stay.night).600.1…)

Phew, guess times have changed. Used to be a lord liked to throw their power around, an' here you are offerin' it up - with a drink, no less!
Well, can't say no to that. Always did prefer when people stood side-by-side instead of ups and downs.

>Not entirely familiar with the prospect of a glass to toast with, he took the bottle of whiskey almost instinctively and fiddled around with the top, before finally getting it to twist.

Sure as heck made caskets more complicated, though... s'long as it keeps it fresh, I guess!

>Knocking the bottle lightly against the glass in Brigsby's hand, he gave a grin-

To new lives in a fresh age!
>-before taking a rough swig and letting it settle before swallowing, letting out a satisfied gasp.

When'd the drink get so good!?

Alicia!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526667

File: 1505088459424.jpg (54.04 KB, 500x281, tilty head.jpg)

>Talk about goals and such aside, some softness seemed to return to her expression as she considered what Caster had to say. All the words made sense to her, the elemental thaumaturgy, enchantment, and even though she had yet to see those skills first-hand the simple mention of them put her mind at ease. For all her worry about summoning something powerful or someone of the most ancient legend, here she had an ally who was a mage.

... I suddenly have the feeling we have a much better chance than I first thought.
Differences or otherwise, we are both mages, and you are a Servant of renown.
Our skills intertwine rather well - certainly much moreso than others might.

Obstacles will come, assuredly... but compared to those who might try to clash against them in vain, we more than have the capacity to think our way around them - or even create the better obstacles to begin with.

>Plans were already forming in her mind, such that she would certainly share with Caster once she had a solid base for them, but for now it was enough to recognise what her advantages were - and what needed to be done first.

Help me pack my things! We'll have to get the first flight out in the morning if we want to get a good lay of the land in Fuyuki. If we're going to be the smartest, we'll need as much information as we can get.

Caster!dracSnyjqECountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526669


>Caster nods and stretches the tiniest bit

Very well Master! On ward we go!

>As she starts to help pack Alicia's stuff she looks rather cheerful.

>This was going to be quite an adventure.

Archer!jSaxman3BgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526670

File: 1505093201022.png (460.76 KB, 637x792, 9b8c44af61ed7ba24655be13b9fa42…)


The raw power of the Throne, what vestiges of it might be understandable by mortal comprehension, would stir ever so barely as the incantations of the world's Masters threaded through untold magic planes to appeal to the spirits of the ones that had forged man's past, present, and future, swirls of mana, listlessly wafting through the timeless corridors of that impossible construct, abruptly pulling away from the seas of the immaterial, "towards" the summons. It was an ancient rite, those simple incantations calling upon powers that might have made the responsible magi quail if they knew the full magnitude of what they were asking for, but they fortunately did not. Wisps of power solidified and consolidated as they soared through the dimensions between their world and the world that had once been theirs, memories and recollections restored to their rightful owners as Masters' summons were answered.

From Arianna's point of view, this grand mustering of ancient, arcane majesty would manifest as harsh winds and very bright, very blue lights whipping through her room, that briefest of brief moments of opening a gateway to raw primal energies feeling like it was threatening to blind her or outright blow her away, building and building, what felt like grains of sand lashing against her and the far-away roar of innumerable engines of war only just drowned out by the howl of raw mana--!

When her faculties are restored to her, the first thing she would see would be a man of about average height standing in the center of her magus circle. He was the very definition of unkempt, a shaggy mane cropped close with a scraggly beard to match and only standing in contrast to the sharp, questing blue-green eyes that were already taking stock of his environment without the slightest movement of his head- a curious mirror of her own take on the situation, actually. He was clad in thick scraps of cloth strategically wrapped over weathered leather armor and punctuated with the odd metal protrusion, most notably the bolts on his knuckles, and she might have been perceptive enough to notice the way his first move was to shrug his scarf over his shoulders and then tug it to make sure it was firmly over the back of his neck. His second move would be to turn his full attention to her, her new Servant apparently satisfied that an ambush wasn't imminent and using the moment of calm to raise the back of his hand to her, curled into a loose fist so he could lift his other hand and tap the back of his gauntlet with a finger on the spot where her Command Seals had manifested.

"All right, let's see them."

His voice matched his eyes and his dress, that much was undeniable: Gruff, to the point, with the slightest air of distrust of anything even remotely unknown or outlying. He hated factors he couldn't account for. You couldn't plan for those. He wanted to know she was his Master. He needed to know that.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526673

File: 1505095754633.png (196.44 KB, 500x284, KR_wizard_fueki_ep38.png)

>Sou kept his back turned to Rider as his question sank into his mind, his grip tightening on his cane as he contemplated this
>he made it all too clear what he needed to earn his respect
>as he said, a sign of humility
>the question was, what was this test really?

>was this just a trick to somehow set the Servant free so he was left helpless?

>or was he actually testing his will?
>could he even use a Command Seal on him?
>he was a godly being, even if he wasn't Ra himself
>perhaps he could just overpower any Commands he gave

>but none of that answered the core question

>would he be tempted by the power of the Grail?
>that, at least, he could answer truthfully

...to be quite honest, I don't know if I would be swayed by the Grail's power or not.

The path to the Root of all magic, and behind it, power that's almost unfathomable...almost anyone would be tempted by such power...

>he then turned to face Rider, still acting cool and collected despite his inner concerns

There's really no way to know unless we both find the Grail ourselves.

>then, without any seeming reason for doing so, Sou asked another question

I'm something of an amateur mage, so perhaps you could answer this for me.

A Servant is forbidden to harm their own Master, aren't they? Or am I mistaken?

BERSERKERCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526674

File: 1505096405742.jpg (17.77 KB, 210x240, Me.jpg)

<2 days later

>Lancer's introduction to Australia was swift, and swiftly left behind as he got the chance to see it in its entirety. A long drive down a bumpy road let him see the whole outback as they trucked out of it. Sydney was next, two tickets and a lot of paperwork turned in to let the giant steel suitcase that Brigsby had through customs. There was another modern invention... music, and more specifically Mp3 players, and smartphones, able to play whatever music the wearer wanted. Brigsby seemed to be a 70s fan...

>In the interim, Lugh had gotten his own bag with a few changes of clothes, a fake passport and ID, a roll of both Australian and Japanese currency, and perhaps most importantly, clothes meant to let the blue haired soldier blend in...

"So, Lancer, you ever been on a plane?"
>Brigsby asked around the bite of deli sandwich in his mouth, one earbud out as he watched the crowd mill around. The wait to get on the plane wouldn't be a long one... it was a private charter after all.
"S'not so bad, as long as you're not afraid of heights... or the ocean."
>He said, smirking. Most masters would probably keep the servants in an ethereal mode during this part of the journey, but Brigsby figured forging a friendship would be more effective than the relationship between master and slave.

Arianna Addison!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526675

File: 1505096758514.jpg (509.08 KB, 2480x2480, 3cbef8105350ccd4e0ace098380788…)

>As the light shines brighter, she raises her arm to shield her eyes from it. The gusts of wind blowing her hair and clothes as the summon completes itself.
>Lowering her arm as the light finally begins to fade, her eyes widen slightly at the man who had appeared before her, but she keeps an otherwise blank expression.
>She watches as he briefly moves about, and stands up just a little bit straighter as his attention falls directly onto her.
>Her first reaction to his statement is to frown slightly. Not quite the greeting she was expecting from her servant, but she supposed it was a smart thing to ask for immediately.
>However she had figured it would only make sense that the only person around woul dbe his Master.


>She simply holds up her hand, revealing the Command Seals that had appeared upon the back of it, and tilts her head ever so slightly.

I can assure you that I am your Master.


>Dropping her hand back down and folding her arms, she continues to stare at the servant she had summoned.

I am Arianna. I hope we will be able to work well together, and win the Holy Grail.

>And with that, she finally offers the man a slight smile.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526676

File: 1505096858695.png (314.73 KB, 600x478, what is it.png)

>the Rider let out a short chuckle
I am afraid you ARE quite mistaken, O Master.
>he lifts his finger, wagging it
There is NOTHING stopping me from harming you in this moment. In FACT, there is nothing stopping me from KILLING you if I wanted to.

You are merely LUCKY I have no desire to DO so.

>he chuckles again, lounging on Fueki's couch
>but underneath his calm demeanor, the Rider couldn't help but stay on his guard
>he couldn't read his Master's thoughts, and so far, he had yet to discern any evil intent in what he was saying
>Fueki had yet to resort to his Command Seals to try and force him into cooperating, or use any other form of violent or forceful coercion, which was a point in his favor
>and he even admitted to not knowing whether the power of the Grail would entice him beyond his initial wish, showing a certain level of self-awareness
>but this still wasn't enough to fully tip the scales in either direction, so he needed to continue his observation...

Trent Kawamura!7NeutyDoHUCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526677


Thank you. Do not worry, we will discover their names in due time, and crush them. For now, however, we need to decide what may be best for you to wear around the normal humans if you are made manifest before them. Something that befits a proper god in the modern age...

>he taps his chin.

Shall we go to the battlefield? We will worry about public attire as we go, but we must meet with someone.

BERSERKERCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526722

File: 1505155696734.jpg (271.42 KB, 2560x1440, smile~.jpg)

>The thundering of footsteps from behind him didn't slow, though there was an impatient edge to his voice when he spoke again.
"Yes... let us be done with this meeting, as swiftly as possible. We have scant preparations to make, if we are to remake this world."
>He put his hand on Trent's shoulder, the fingers gripping firmly as he scanned the horizon around him.
"Which Direction?"

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526736

File: 1505180619780.png (2.13 MB, 1440x810, FuekiSou.png)


I see...

>he supposed that made things a little bit easier to parse out

>if it was trust and humility that Rider wanted, then Sou had a feeling this would be the best way to do that

Then I'd like to make a suggestion.

Since there is no way to be sure if I would be tempted by the Grail's power or not, I will leave my life in your judgement.

If you feel as though I have swayed from my desire to resurrect my family, and instead want the Grail's power for other means...

Then you kill me.

>despite the subject matter, Sou remained cool and confident, as if certain the situation would never arise

That includes right now, if you suspect me too much.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526737

File: 1505182696552.png (544.02 KB, 594x851, effort by hisaki.png)

>for several long seconds, the Rider would remain silent
>his expressionless red eyes stared firmly at his Master




>slowly and without a word, he stood up from the couch

>then simply lifted his hand, palm facing the ceiling
The DAWN is at hand...
>and quickly, the temperature in the room began to rise, as a soft glow appeared above the Rider's hand
O Mighty RA, lend to me your radiant CHARIOT so that I may GUIDE it across the morning sky, and carry YOUR LIGHT to this land-!
>and suddenly, that faint glow bursts into a potent orb of light and flames, floating above his fingertips, the golden shine extending into Rider's form
>the Rider then simply turned his hand, aiming the burning ball of heat and blinding light directly at Fueki
And VANQUISH the creatures of the night BACK into hiding...

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526740

File: 1505192631717.png (44.45 KB, 166x192, fueki_6001.png)

>despite having a ball of fire and light aimed right at his face, Sou didn't move from his spot in front of Rider
>at most all he did was squint, the light obviously being too bright for him to stare into directly
>but even so, he didn't move, waiting to see where this was going to go


>though even so, he gripped tightly onto his cane, anxious in waiting for this to play out

>this was a serious gamble he was making here, and if he was wrong then it was all over
>if he was wrong, well, he may be going to see his family soon...
>but he was sure he wasn't wrong
>he was sure this could still work
>he would see this through, no matter what it took

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526741

File: 1505194505865.png (537.9 KB, 720x760, watch by yamo.png)

>the burning ball of blaze emitted an incredible amount of heat and light
>it was no ordinary fire, that much was certain, the sheer intensity of its light more akin to that of a star, yet one small enough to fit in the room
>the wretched heat lingered for several long, painful seconds... until, finally, the Rider pulled it back
>and the miniature star began to dissipate, quickly turning into nothing, and freeing the room of its crushing heat
>the Rider stared at Fueki for a few seconds, then simply let out a scoff
Your proposal is... ACCEPTABLE. For now.
>the Rider crossed his arms, tilting his head upwards slightly
The Sun WITNESSES things that escape the EYES of both mortals and GODS, O Master. And so do the eyes of its RIDER.
>as if to emphasize, it would seem like the Rider's eyes were suddenly glow with the faint blood-red light as when he was first summoned
I shall be keeping CLOSE watch on you.

But I suppose... We HAVE other matters to attend to...

>he turns his side to Fueki, but still points a finger at him
STAY in the Light, O Master, and EMBARK upon your Chariot. I shall carry you through the Dawn of WAR, until the TWILIGHT of Victory.

Whatever lies BEYOND... is up to you to DECIDE.

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526751

File: 1505225509621.jpg (96.4 KB, 597x870, e5b029f6e1a558512e10549a763231…)

>True she probably should be more confidant, she did get the Saber Class Servant she wanted and it seemed he was agreeable enough. All things considered that meant she got the best possible shot she had at winning the war ahead.

Yeah yeah, I'll keep that in mind...

>Though whatever excitement she could have had was muddled by the fact she felt exhausted after that ritual summoning. Summoning a Saber, any servant in general really, required a lot of energy on the mage's part and there's been cases where one would pass out immediately after the ritual was complete.

>She walks over to the coffee pot and pours herself another cup while she explains.

Coffee's a hot drink that keeps you awake and alert for a while, it's got caffeine in it that helps fight off sleep. Lots of people drink it in the morning to help wake up, others like to drink it to keep themselves awake during late night hours of working.

>She feel into the latter category, those few extra ours of non-drowsiness were a godsend of a busy little mage like her. The few cups she had prior probably helped keep her from feeling asleep standing too.

On it's own its pretty bitter so I like to have mine with a bit of cream and sugar. How about you? Try it straight or with cream or sugar first?

>...Actually, could a servant even feel the effects of caffeine? Or other mundane stimulants for that matter? Well... she was about to find out. Yeah, she must be tired of she was thinking stuff like that. Beowulf's a servant, not something to preform experiments on! ...Although... it's not like she'd ever get the chance again...
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ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526752

File: 1505226450301.jpg (293.24 KB, 640x734, a0807f9e4dfd48200b70ffbf2c5cac…)

>Her master's expression and doubt did nothing to dull the girl's exuberance as she stands there with a big smile on her face and her hands on her hips.

Hai! Hontōni watashidesu! You'd be surprised just how many men of legend were actually women! Or maybe... I'm really a man just pretending to be a girl! I am the master ninja Hattori Hanzo after all, such a disguise would be a simple feat for me~!

>She chuckles mischievously.

Fear not master, this from does not hinder my abilities. Watashi wa zutto kiken'na kagedesu, my Lord's foes will learn fear you and I once our sights are set on them~!

Lancer!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526763

File: 1505241606522.jpg (219.35 KB, 683x950, tumblr_ooeof3iysS1uq2pwxo1_128…)

>It turned out he really had been on the other side of the world, after all. For all his time spent challenging the whims of fate, the place he had lived was but a small drop in the vast, vast blue. Even the Fuyuki place they needed to go to was but a small city on an island not unlike his own, and they had to traverse there by plan. The grail had given him knowledge of the modern world but, even so, the idea that humanity had truly been able to conquer flight like this was incredible. The vastness of it all, the world and everything in it, was staggering, truly.

>But what was much moreso was just how sick he felt. Headaches and nausea, were these things Heroic Spirits were even supposed to have!?


>The flight attendant had been nice enough to provide him with a sickbag, but as an Astral presence he knew he wouldn't throw up. Instead, he just had to deal with the constant spinning feeling inside his head.

I think I'd remember somethin' like this...
I coulda enjoyed the ride in spirit form away from alla this, but you just had to insist I enjoy the ride.. go hIfreann leat...

>At least his clothes were nice - a suit and shirt, plain pants, all fitted rather well to his person - much moreso than any garments from his day and age. It really was his only comfort in this cramped, claustrophobic metal tube of a vehicle.

Agh... when do we land..?

!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526768

File: 1505253533974.jpg (631.46 KB, 1167x1083, 36399980_p2_master1200.jpg)


>He didn't completely believe that the Hanzo of legend was really a girl, with all the history books he read up on him, but he was willing to believe her for now. Plus, he was told summoning stuff and the forms servants took on always had unexpected results.

>she spoke an awful not of Japanese... Or was it Chinese?
>he shouldn't have dozed off during his language training.

Very well.

>he said with a nod, crossing his arms and assuming an assertive stance.

If you've introduced yourself, I'm going to do the same. I'm Emerson, descendant of the Kells Family...

>sighing, he shrugged, not completely sounding into the introduction or formality in general.

...So what do you say? Emerge victorious from this War?

Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526770

File: 1505267611754.png (564.7 KB, 853x480, Go on....png)

>The private plane was small, and when it got buffeted by turbulence, it really got tossed around. Seemed to be smooth sailing for now though. The plane, small as it was, was cosey on the inside. A table with two facing chairs, a lounging couch, and a bar... there was even a pole in the middle of the plane for no good reason! Sitting at the table, Brigsby propped his heels up on the opposite seat, tipping his hat down over his eyes.
"We should get there in a few hours, three or four at the most. If you don't like it, everybody in here's on my payroll. May not be mages, but they're paid to not tell or ask questions, so I can put you away if you'd prefer."
>He said, smirking as he got comfy.
"If you don't want that, there's windows to look out of, music to listen too, movies to watch... just ask the attendant."
>He said, getting comfy as well as he could.
"We'll be in Fuyuki soon, so if you want to talk shop now's the time. We need a strategy before we get there, and mine's to go after caster first, before he, or she, can set up those impenetrable defenses. Without those, caster's the weakest of the bunch physically."
>He said, looking over to Lugh from beneath his hat for suggestions.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526771

File: 1505268713489.jpg (48 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_mt5kc4bLfu1qkjg9go3_128…)

>Sou let out a sharp exhale after the light faded, needing to hold his face as spots danced before his eyes
>the intense heat from the star likely gave him a sunburn if nothing else, as he could feel his skin searing in pain from how close he was to the orb of burning fire
>he was sweating profusely to boot, and he felt like he needed to dunk his head in some ice water to cool off
>but, somehow, it worked
>some part of him wondered if he should've used a Command Seal right then to keep Rider's leash taut, but perhaps this would work out for him in the long run

>now that Rider was at least willing to work with him, there was no more time to waste

Well then...

Let's get started.

>without another word and with renewed vigor, Sou turned and made his way to the front door of his house, fully intending to begin his trek to Fuyuki

>no time to rest or recover - a War needed to be won

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526772

File: 1505269664856.jpg (377.91 KB, 736x1064, e3a6cd99e8c705b3c1a28fde2041ac…)

>Saber seemed intrigued but befuddled by Annette's explanation of this "cough-ee", at least as far as its effects were
>he leaned down and stared at the cup in her hand, seemingly deciding whether or not to take it

So it's an elixir that's meant to make you fight without resting?

>he pondered this for a moment longer, then straightened back up with a grin

Well, truthfully I wouldn't need it.

Servants only need their Master's mana, not food or water.

>he did grin rather widely after this, clearly not shy about embellishing his own skills at all

Not that I would need it regardless!

I could fight for a fortnight without rest if I wanted!

Trent Kawamura!7NeutyDoHUCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526774


>Trent smiles. He was glad his berserker was reasonable and not some totally mindless brute.

This direction. To Fuyuki. If you would please go into spirit form for the moment and follow behind me, we shall go immediately.

>Trent starts walking to the nearest tram station.

<a few hours later

>Master and Servant would find themselves in a taxi driving along a mountain road. Trent would have paid for Berserker's new clothes, something more befitting a modern god, and they would be sitting in the back of the taxi... The driver of which was hypnotized to ignore Trent and Berserker while they chatted.

What do you think of the modern chariot? It is referred to as a car, but it is much like a mechanized horse. Though much faster.

BERSERKERCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526776

File: 1505276460881.png (1.14 MB, 1364x570, Go on, impress me.png)

>Berserker had not deigned to come out of ethereal form, but the rage, and disgust were livid in his mind. He could feel Berserker's indignity, and his disappointment in Trent as he simmered.
"This vehicle is loud, noisy, and dirty. It is inelegant, and consumes the blood of Tlaltecuhtli. The peon is a nonbeliever and a blasphemer, and he will not survive this journey past its conclusion."
>Berserker had been thinking, his mind at odds with his might, his mind clouded with a fog of disquiet. It was as if he was drowning in his own mind, and if it was true... if Trent had bound his likeness with Madness... he would not escape this new world's purge, priest or no.
"Have we neared our destination?"

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526778

File: 1505307368666.jpg (109.96 KB, 500x500, 76e3f0f78c4982c9f27ee2e5dd193c…)

>She was tempted to say it was the holiest of elixirs. But maybe that's because she's had it for so long that she can't really go without it anymore.

More or less yeah.

>Well... if he didn't want a cup that's fine. More for her. Putting her cream and sugar into her cup she stirs it with a spoon and waits for her brew to cool a bit.

Well, that's good. You're gonna need that deference for the war ahead.

>As good as her chances were now, she couldn't let herself get over-confidant. And there was still plenty of preparation ahead.

We have two days before we set out to the sight of the Grail war. Our destination is the city of Fuyuki in Japan, from their we'll make contact with the war's overseer and then get living arrangements set up. After that... we go hunting for the other masters.

>She points up towards the higher floors of the basement.

In the meantime if there's anything you wanna study up on, top floor's got up today textbooks on modern history, culture, technology, and anything in between. I'm gonna head top side and inform my family that I've summoned my servant and making my preparations to leave.

>Not that her family was actually here. The whole lot of them left for one of the family's other homes in Italy "to give her her space" as they said. An E-mail will have to do.

Got any questions before I head up?

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526779

File: 1505310002438.jpg (222.72 KB, 850x1159, __asuka_senran_kagura_and_senr…)

>Ah, so that's what her Lord's name was. That's good! Lord Kells sounded nice. Short and sweet.

Of course my Lord! Though... to ensure victory, one must study! Chishiki wa chikaradearu! You have a computer I could borrow for a bit? Books, or magazines even?

>This world has to have plenty of things that she could learn... and plenty of practical knowledge she can make use of.
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File: 1505333943493.jpg (363.22 KB, 544x909, 39648704_p1_master1200.jpg)

Hm, a computer?

>would an ancient samurai legend know how to use a computer let alone know what one was?

>he already got enough studying, but the servant could make use of it.

My family has a library and I know a magazine shop in the small town in the villa. It's cheap prices too. As for the computer, I'm not too keen to sharing it with someone I just met... Another time, understood?

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526796

File: 1505344005477.jpg (182.91 KB, 736x972, 1504847832959.jpg)

>Hmmm a library will have to do, for now anyway. That aside it seems her lord didn't quite trust her with something like his computer quite yet. It was understandable and she would respect her Lord's wishes... though not without some light teasing!

Ooooooh~? Do you have things on there you don't want a girl to see? Waisetsuna monode ippai no foruda? Hentai!

>Well she'll give him the time he needs to hide those things away it'll make it more fun to find them~, it's not something critical to her mission anyway.

Lancer!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526797

File: 1505346084949.jpg (78.94 KB, 486x648, face4.jpg)

>Talking strategy with this headache? Not the easiest of things to do. They'd already been up in the air for a good number of hours, and the thought that there was more to go only made everything feel worse.

Not a bad idea, but the thinkin's too narrow. We go in assumin' they wanna hide up and they come out blastin', well that's more us the fools.

>Mages from his era, at least, came in many forms, and some of them were more than fine fighters. Without knowing who Caster was, it was difficult to know what the proper path would be. Still, a plan of action was better than none.

... if they're smart, and the Master isn't an idiot either, they'll probably already be hidin'. The trick'll be to find 'em, and if we want the kind of advantage you're thinkin' of that means we can't get tied down by another group - too much time wasted, victory or not, an' chances are Caster'll be watchin' the whole thing.

Assumin' the whole thing fails though... Archer'll probably be the best shot. No pun intended. If they're any good, they'll probably snipe from a distance - but that won't matter to me.

'Course... we have no idea what the other Masters are like, either. Those spells you used before were pretty good, but you've got stuff to sling from far away, right? If all you've got needs you to be close up, you're puttin' yourself right in the thick of it.

Patches (without trip) - YoshimiCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526798


>Emerson said, glaring at the ninja.

>that was the first thing her mind went to?
>while not completely false, it wasn't his reason why.

I just don't trust new people with my personal stuff.

>sighing, he shook his head, as if to scold the ninja. For someone who was technically hundreds of years his elder, he felt like the mature one here.

Strange girl... What do you plan on researching anyways?

Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526804

File: 1505357167729.jpg (22.37 KB, 848x480, I need a smoke after what you …)

>That got a thick and hearty out of him. Brigsby took the cigarette butt out of his mouth, and extinguished it by pressing his wetted fingers around it. Taking it in three fingers, he flicked it through the air, the tumbling cig dancing almost 15 feet to land perfectly in an empty whiskey tumbler. Impressive, but hardly fable worthy.
"That's what the big suitcase was for. It's filled with enough toys and goodies to keep the others guessing. Mortal world's made some pretty impressive stuff... plus, if the going really gets tough, I have these."
>He said, before he shrugged open the travel duster to reveal the gun at his hip. Most would take the old, bronzed inscriptions on the six shooter to be simple engravings, but looking closely Lugh could see the magical seals, and the symbols of justice and righteousness along the barrel... Flipping the cylinder of the old style revolver out, six large caliber bullets showed, each of them looking as if they'd been carved from large karat rubies.
"Origin bullets, date back to the day I made my oath to change the world. Blood and pain went into making them.. almost bled out the day I created them. One for every other mage in this contest. Don't have their names on them, but you get the idea."
> He said, putting the massive 45-70 revolver back in the holster at his hip as he sighed, wrinkling his nose.

"Archer's likely not gonna pose a threat to us. I'm worried about the wildcards... Rider, Berserker, Caster, and Assassin. The martial classes usually don't have much creative up their sleeves, but you can't plan for everything."
>He said, looking wistful.
"Either way... Get some rest, or relaxation, or whatever you need. As soon as we land in Fuyuki, guards are up."
>He said, as he sent the mystical fingers of magic out that would allow Lancer to dissolve into the ethereal voice in his head, so he could escape the nausea he was experiencing

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526806

File: 1505360795921.jpg (214.2 KB, 600x545, d8a725d6e4a0b107e7cd41e2bc7cd7…)

The art of ninja has many different styles. One clan will use techniques another is not familiar with.

Some favour mastering the blade to cut down all in their path away from the protection of the shadows, others temper the spoken word and use it to sew the seeds of resent and rebelion, even the use of beauty to charm and seduce, bending even the mightiest of empowers to their wills.

Ōku no michi ga shōri suru...

>Assassin's playful tone and attitude fade away into something more calm, calculating, cold. More suiting for an efficient killer that she was suppose to be.

My path is that of thunderous blasts that break the body and toxins that bleed the life from all it touches. Watashi no te de tsukura reta shi, bombs and poisons, delivered in all manner of ways. I have the skills to create such things of my time without anything but time and mana.

But other servants will be able to sense these if they are observant enough.

Thus I wish to create the bombs and poisons of this era. Mundane creations that contain no magic, will do little to a servant... Ningen wa densetsu ni fureru koto wa dekimasen.

But I am Assassin. My targets are the Masters they protect. Their Lords will not be safe from these new tools. I will seek them out, find out who they are, where they live, and then... I will turn their homes into death traps.

I will respect my Lord's wishes and privacy however, but do remember that what I do is solely to protect you and ensure your victory.

Emerson L Palmer!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526807

>Explosives themselves weren't exactly stealthy or ninja likes... But things like rigged packages and letter bombs? Those were definitely suited to a modern day assassin.
>...Poisons being a ninja thing went without saying.

I like the way you think.

>he said, finally smiling for the first time since he bet the ninja. Soon, his smile faded though, going back to his stone cold, almost grumpy, expression.

This way we'll be able to stay undetected and avoid as much spotlight as possible. I prefer to stay out of the eyes of others. As for our opponents... Can't say I know any, but they'll likely be wealthy mage families like the Kells. That should make them easy to know find out who they are...

>motioning to exit, the summoning circle having been placed in a small grotto in the Kells Family's yard, Emerson offered Hanzo to come with him

My house is up there. You can either sleep in the guest room or on the floor of my room. Don't wake me unless you really need me though. We'll get started tomorrow...

...And try to not bother the others there, not for their sake but for yours. They're too bothersome to deal with.

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526817

File: 1505398919926.jpg (324.91 KB, 798x933, Guts_Golden_Age.jpg)

>Saber seemed pretty non-plussed by all of this, despite how odd the situation was
>clearly studying how the world today worked was...less than appealing to him, so that option was out
>instead, he began walking past Annette towards the stairs, intending to go somewhere else entirely

I would actually like to meet your parents myself, Master.

I am most curious about those who raised you!

Especially if they're as small as you!

Trent Kawamura!7NeutyDoHUCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526819


Patience. We are near our destination, but not yet. We will soon be able to begin our purging of the world.

>Trent chuckles gently and smirks as he feels Berserker's distaste.

I do agree that a car is loud, but it is better than needing multiple days to get anywhere.

>Trent produces the obsidian dagger from his coat and gently runs one of his flesh fingers down the edge slowly.

If the man ends up sacrificed to strengthen you, will that make the journey more tolerable?

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526838

File: 1505442364140.jpg (307.63 KB, 635x1000, Lancer.(Fate.stay.night).full.…)

Sheesh... at this rate we're just gonna have to worry about all of them. Guess that's how this battle's supposed to be.

>His master definitely had some interesting tools up his sleeve, though - as though he'd been preparing to realise this dream all his life. It was something he couldn't quite understand - Lugh had always been good at most things he tried without much effort, and it had caused him to become complacent and arrogant in his later years.

Guess we won't know much til we get there. Scopin' out the locale's gonna be tough if we're the last ones there, but ah well.

>It felt odd to relax so much after he'd been summoned, but it had been a nice experience. Loosening the blue striped tie at his neck, he shifted the chair on its axis a little, taking a moment to gaze outside the nearby window.

>Bright white clouds as far as the eye could see, and below a vast sea the likes of which he'd never known. The water made him feel uneasy, but it reminded him that there was so much more to see and try than ever before.

>Compared to the one just across from him, who sought the past and glory of old, he couldn't help but feel an inescapable difference in value. The endless strife, the disease healers could only stave off but not cure, that age certainly had its moments of delight - but he couldn't see Brigsby's idealism toward it. Perhaps the grass truly was greener on the other side, or perhaps in this brief moment of peace he had yet to see the darker side of this brace new world.

By the by, mate... once we're there, just call me Lancer - not that I don't appreciate the relaxed nature of all this. Can't have 'em figurin' me out so quick, heck it might be the only advantage we end up gettin'.

Sure hope we get time to sample the drink, though... wait, hang on.

>Suddenly shifting in place, he turned to look at one of the attendants. They were doing their jobs admirably, standing watch to make sure nothing happened, but he'd spotted this lady messing around with that weird device of hers once or twice while they traveled around Australia.

Hey, girlie... Tara, was it? Can I take a look at that thing of yours?

>There was a pause of awkward silence, Lugh simply assuming she knew what he meant, before a cough from somewhere else prompted him to clarify.

Uuh... whatchacallit... your iPad. The square plate with the apple on it. Ain't it like a book or somethin'?

Alicia Augustine Archard!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526840

File: 1505444302112.jpg (47.61 KB, 600x326, tumblr_oish09vVdl1vjrix1o1_128…)


Well... I can see why they chose to put such a system here. The ley lines are strong, stronger than Junction. Close to the sea and the land - it's very easy to draw the elements. I'm surprised the Tohsaka gave this land for such a ritual - I'd have dearly loved to meet with the head of the house, were she not in London.

>The flight had been a quick one, what with Japan only a short distance from America. Alicia doubted they were the first to arrive, but she'd immediately been scouting the city for possible sites to stay for the duration. Gathering information was the first step to gaining an advantage, and her lessons in Japanese had certainly helped matters.

There seem to be four points where the ley lines converge strongly. There's the Ryuudou Temple... the center of the Shinto district, the Church where that priest resides, and a spot in the new Miyama district, not too far from the coast. Ideally, if we wanted to set up, it'd be on one of those... but we can't be the only ones thinking that.

>Alicia seemed to already be in business mode, thinking about the battles and how to fight them. They'd want a defensible position that would make the most use of her particular brand of magecraft - preferably somewhere with strong natural magical connections, but the best of those were either in well populated areas or a little out of the way.

Word has it the Einzberns have a manor in the woodland, though...
It's entirely possible we could appeal to them for its use. They've long since backed out of the Holy Grail War after the last one went sour for them.

The only trouble is that it'd be a little out of the way.

>It occured to her that she hadn't really let Caster get a word in edgewise since she started letting her own ramblings get the better of her, so the mage turned to her Servant with a curious look.

Any thoughts? I know you've been wanting to go to that Church but, as I've said before, it's a fool's errand. Who in their right mind would simply go to where our enemies are?

Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526843

File: 1505447142474.jpg (25.24 KB, 570x260, d02a723179d3bee143cfa006d45fe6…)

>Tara gave a start, before giggling at him. She was unable to hide a blush as she went over to show him.
"Oh, I suppose you could look at it like that, though it's more of a computer. What you're thinking of is a Kindle."
>She said, explaining the device to him as she let him see it. Brigsby just chuckled, looking it over as he thought about his words. He'd had to train his whole life to be half this good at what he did, and indeed, it had been his whole life. His mentor had had a... different wish... but contrary to Lugh's time, there had been no miracle for him. There was no wish that got him out of his situation, and to get where he was today had taken a lot of work... And to see it to its end, would take a lot more. There was hope though, in his eyes, seeing the miracle of Lugh interacting with the woman. He'd taken well to it... Even if the grail couldn't bring back the age of miracles, there were other things it could do... hell, it had given him a miracle already... one that was learning to play angry birds.
The light in Pip's eyes had faded to cold calculation when they landed, his eyes on the prize as they went through luggage pickup. The giant black case he lugged behind him was full of all sorts of toys that had taken a lot of money in the right places to get into Japan... The ride to the hotel was short, and stressful, the eyes of the mage ever watchful as they signed in and went to the top floor... once they were there only did he finally relax, the bounded fields and protective wards giving him a small amount of breathing room to let his guard down.
"Aight. We're here. Next stop... Kirei Kotomine."

BERSERKERCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526849

File: 1505449833355.png (403.59 KB, 568x631, I've had it up to here.png)

>Berserker seethed, his anger boiling at his priest's words. He thought him a fool... a beast, to be placated with treats and offerings. This whole time, the fanaticism, the sycophantic act that Trent had put on had angered him. Was this all his priests cared about? Sacrifice, and revenge, and purges... An example needed to be made, and both parties needed to be sure of where they stand.
>Quetzalcoatl came out of spirit form, ten feet in front of the moving car. Most men's legs would buckle, be torn apart by the moving metal, but Quetz had quite the opposite effect. Trent's head slammed into the partition as the car stopped in the space it took for the engine to crumple against Quet'z foot, the car folding around him like so much tissue paper as he stopped it with an imperious stomp.
"It will not."
>He said, with an imperious tone to his voice. Ripping the door off, Quetzalcoatl took the driver out by his neck, the back country road they were on leaving no witnesses.
"Because his life was forfeit the moment he entered my sight. His life belonged to me.
All of their miserable lives do."

>He said, as he plunged the sharpened claws of his nails under the driver's ribcage. The corpse jerked and went still as Quetzalcoatl retrieved the twitching, beating heart clutched in his hand, and Trent would get a firsthand show of what happened next... it didn't last long, but the next words out of Berserker's mouth smelled of fresh blood, the slowly cooling gore fresh on his lips.
>He said, lifting the young magus from the wreckage of the car as Quetz stared him in the eye.
"Your age disgusts me. This era is a sickness which must be cleansed, and as it stands I am not convinced that you have not been tainted with it."
>He said, Trent's arm trapped in his servant's grasp.
"It is only because of your devotion that you continue to draw breath... but do not confuse mercy for complacency. I shall not indulge foolishness like this again... now, I shall ferry us to our destination."
>He said, the winds gathering around him, the image of a huge, ceremonial club coalescing in mint green sparkles of mana... the golden weapon was edged with black obsidian, carved with skulls and idols of death, and on the hilt rested ehecailacocozcatl, the Wind Jewel of the god Quetzalcoatl himself... They were about to turn a long trip into a short one.
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File: 1505450851244.jpg (42.94 KB, 320x240, 46335-30991-0.jpg)


The sight of the intertwining red crests seemed to be enough to placate the man standing in front of her, and he... well, "relax" wasn't the right word for it because he was still far from that, but he was at least no longer on edge. "All right," he nodded, responding to her smile with what might have either been a twitch at the corner of his lip or a trick of the light outside her window. It wouldn't be hard for Arianna to tell that he wasn't at all comfortable with his surroundings; from the way he shifted his weight from one foot to the other restlessly, eyes furtively glancing around the room as if trying to take it all in at once, the window at last catching his attention and breaking him from that spot as he walked over to it. Whatever came over him then arrested him in place for several long seconds, her Servant's breath hitching almost imperceptibly at the sight of the outside world.

It was as if he had never seen it before.

"... Okay then, Master Arianna," he continued after a stretch of time that had felt like an eternity, almost visibly struggling to tear himself away from the vision of the peaceful landscape outside Arianna's abode and return his attention to the young magus herself. "If we're going to win the Grail, then we're going to need a plan. Do you know anything regarding..." Words failed him for a moment, the Servant finally resorting to lightly tapping a finger on the side of his nose in lieu of attempting eloquence. "... the others?"

Another brief glance outside the window as if the very sight of the moon was intoxicating to the man, and something else occurred to him. "And think could I trouble you for some water?"
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Caster!dracSnyjqECountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41526864

File: 1505491110544.jpg (71.96 KB, 400x533, 1cafe106d83a1e2e377c44a46f9d06…)


>Caster had since adopted a new outfit to better blend in with the other people in fuyuki, she was still clearly a foreigner as evident by her hair, but at least they wouldn't think she was a cosplayer or something, so this was as much blending as they could get...

>She hadn't been playing deaf during her Master's research however and tapped her chin a bit

...Yes, if the other Masters are at least as accomplished Magi as I'd expect from those seeking the grail, they'd likely think to go to the convergence, not only to set up their own rituals, but to check them early on, in an attempt to snuff out the "Caster Pair" prior to us being prepared.

>It was a tad disappointing being able to pay her worship to god was...ill advised at best. She supposed simply praying on sunday would be enough

>...but with the woodland area mentioned, Caster nods a bit.

As for the manor, and arguably more importantly, the area around it... I'd say nothing's "out of the way" if it gives us a strategic advantage, we can set up defenses around in the forest so that by the time anyone discovers out proper location, they're either worn out, or at the very least dazed.

Trent Kawamura!7NeutyDoHUCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527049


>Trent knew immediately. He made a mistake. Oh for the love of the stars.

>As soon as the Berserker manifested in front of the car, Trent's face slammed into the partition with a sickening crunch as his nose broke, blood spurting from his nostrils as he lets out a cry of pain.

>Then Berserker makes a show of ripping out and devouring the driver's heart, enraged. If he needed to, he could use a Command Spell... but no, he needed to save it.

>and then once again, Trent is held in Berserker's clutches as the driver's blood is mixed with his own on his face from the rage beast he has summoned.

Fine. Take us there, Berserker. But even as a devout, I still hold your chains! You are bound to me, Berserker. If I perish, by your hand or by another's, your wish to purge this world will END! You will be cast back from whence you came, and likely never summoned again! We may be partners, Quetzalcoatl, but you are still bound! So, be careful of which you speak, for I can banish you just as I have summoned you!

>However, just as he finished his rant, Berserker began to summon forth the winds. Trent was suddenly not so sure of his plan... The tenuous persuasion they established was already falling apart. It may be more prudent to just point and say kill...

>As Quetz's spell was charging, Trent raised a hand to his face and, with a flash of green, his nose is healed... though the blood already spilled remains. He will have to clean up properly after they land.

>...assuming Trent even survives the landing, given they are already at each other's throat.
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ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527072

File: 1505766251941.png (262.4 KB, 514x383, 1440985226016.png)

>on the floor of my room.
>my room.


>Her lord had only just spoke of privacy and now he was offering to share his personal chambers with her!? So bold! So forward! She wasn't ready for that! They only just meet! Was he really a pervert!?

N-no it'd fine my Lord! I do not require sleep! I can simply return to spirit form and watch over you while you rest!

No one will even see me!

>Though why did he think they'd be too bothersome to deal with?

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527074

File: 1505766918833.jpg (64.63 KB, 187x252, 4.jpg)

>There was that word again, small. What did it matter about her height? Or the heights of her parents for that matter?! Size had no bearing on the talent or ability of a mage!
>...Oh God he wanted to meet her parents!

T-they're not here! Everyone in my family packed up and moved to the villa we have in Italy for the time being!

>Aside from a few maids to keep everything tide, the mansion was pretty much deserted... that that didn't mean they couldn't be contacted however. Not that she had to tell him that.

Said I needed my space to focus on the war and summoning you!

>Which actually helped. Not having her three younger brothers or her two older sisters poke at her pester her while she was trying to focus made a world of difference. Now she just had to hope no one decided to make a phone call to her...

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527076

File: 1505774433880.jpg (196.01 KB, 612x744, Lancer.(Fate.stay.night).full.…)

The weird priest guy, right? Seems like it's gonna be a busy day.

>Fading into view from astral form, the servant took a chance to walk around the small space in his natural attire. The fields around the hotel already seemed pre-prepared. While he didn't have the capacity to cast spells like that in this form, he did have something of an understanding of them. Had his Master hired someone to do that work ahead of time? Guy sure knew his stuff.

Really got everythin' prepared, huh. Masks magic residue on the outside, but keeps it flowin' in. Not enough to hide in plain sight, but enough to sleep peacefully at night - countermeasures for Assassin, I take it. Seems my Master's more than just a guy with a dream!

>They'd be heading out again in mere moments, but Lugh took a moment to stop and admire the view from the window of the building. He didn't have the vision of an Archer, but that didn't stop the city from looking nice - the sun setting in the distance, lights on below, darkness slowly spreading over Fuyuki.

Hrmmm... wonder what the Japanese girls are like.

Alicia Augustine Archard!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527077

File: 1505775343330.jpg (140.61 KB, 491x780, e3ec87911aca79727ccdb5b9181bb0…)

A good point! Not to mention the Einzberns already have fields in place to alert those within of presences in the woods. They might need a little maintenance - or perhaps improvement - but they'll be perfect for our needs.

>Chuckling a little to herself, Alicia couldn't help but crack a smile as she thought of an old rhyme her mother taught her.
If you go down to the woods tonight...~

>There was, of course, one major barrier in the way; actually getting the permission from the Einzberns to use it. Whether currently used and occupied or not, the manor was still their property, and all their plans might end up failing if such a scheme was rejected outright. In all likelihood the magus family would ask something in return.

Having to negotiate with that Ilyasviel, though... that may prove problematic. Let's assume the worst came to the worst, Caster, do you have any ideas on a plan B? Let's say... even if we do get the manor, something happens and we're forced to leave.

Patches (without trip)Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527079

Hm... That makes things easier.

>Emerson said, eyes wide. He wasn't informed that a servant could do so.

>in fact, he wasn't informed on a lot of things.

Just remember, unless there is an intruder, don't wake me... So might as well get any questions you have out of the way now. You got any?

>Emerson said, raising a brow.

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527082

File: 1505784081705.jpg (43.6 KB, 600x738, 55391-c8a1c43df20df12884302a2a…)

>Saber stopped when Annette called out to him, looking back at her with a rather confused expression

Have they?

>clearly the idea that her family just up and left her in the house all by herself was a befuddling one for him

>and given how blunt he'd been up until this point, he clearly had no difficulties voicing his thoughts

That seems quite thoughtless of them!

>he then turned and resumed walking up the stairs, apparently still intent on at least exploring the manor himself

Your family should be with you during this time!

There's no telling what the oncoming war will bring, and you should cherish this time with them!

Caster!dracSnyjqECountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527087

File: 1505794379956.jpg (201.98 KB, 1121x700, 6dab875694b3e18af71b07f3124f4a…)


Well, I can manage to make a workshop wherever, so if we have to we can find a less populated area of town to set up camp at, you can set up a group of barriers, and we end up doing essentially what we were going to do but with more set up.

>She taps her chin and heaves out a short huff

I'd most definitely say regardless of the location we end up at? It'd be optimal to be in a location with as few potential civilian casualties as possible.

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527104

File: 1505842293411.jpg (45.48 KB, 464x711, 35061c92664e4a819df34c72746be8…)

>The was indeed one thing she wanted to know. Perhaps a personal question for her Lord but she wanted to know none-the-less.

Your wish. Should we obtain the grail, what would you wish for my Lord?
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Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527107

File: 1505851034115.jpg (64.34 KB, 187x257, 12.jpg)

>Walking up the stairs with with Saber, Annette sighs inwardly at his words and mumbles under her breath.

You don't know mage families very well do you?

>Exiting the large room Saber finds himself inside a a much more humble study, the entrance to the basement workshop creatively hidden by a book shelf that slides back into place once the two leave. A fire inside the fire place crackles and helps to illuminate the study along with the pale moon outside. Hanging behind the desk on the wall opposite of the fire place was a large family portrait, Saber could recognise Annette in there among three young boys, all of them identical, two youthful looking women, a mother with long flowing brown hair and green eyes and finally a stern looking man with greying hair.

Emerson L Palmer!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527109

File: 1505852634423.jpg (61.62 KB, 400x574, 51408242_p0.jpg)


>well he was more or less forced into this by his extended family, but he had to have a wish.

>that was the kind of thing you just couldn't pass up, given the opportunity, right?

To live an easy life, unhindered by problems or being controlled by others.

>he said, shrugging, mumbling his words.

...Maybe something else. But right now, that's my choice.

BERSERKERCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527149

File: 1505868786555.jpg (32.82 KB, 1024x640, df6ed7ef605da0a27f5f3b7d1ebaeb…)

"Most of em are a right pain, if you ask me. Prideful and hard to deal with... Never relax, always mouthing off about the most inane bullshit."
>He said, happy with the work his people had done here, the fields and wards meant more as safeguards and warnings; part security system, part hunting blind. His moves from here were calculated and swift, as he unpacked the suitcase. Lugh might be surprised at the number of modern weapons inside. Modern was a bit of a misnomer though... Two sawn-off lever action rifles, a lever action coach gun, and a long bolt action rifle... Each was done up in the same carvings as his revolver, and the same amount of care had been taken with each. The bullets might not be origin bullets, but each was carrying powerful spells in their own right. The box stank of mana and enchantment as he made sure everything was in place...
"Now then. We're taking a drive to the church. No stops, no brakes, straight there and back so we can go through the rigamarole of signing up."
> He said, screwing a scope into place on the rifle; looked more like a telescope than anything else.

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527178

File: 1505966882457.jpg (416.61 KB, 727x1000, 6b0cbc4d3aec31c52813690ccad0b4…)

>Freedom that's what he wanted, a vague concept but one worth fighting for.

Hai. If that is what you wish for my lord then I will do everything in my power to make sure that it becomes reality.

>She smiles at him softly for a moment before continuing.

Now go rest my Lord. I will keep watch over you while you sleep.

Arianna Addison!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527213

File: 1506039750896.jpg (1.35 MB, 1097x1600, 2c48b53628c54b0deb176a1016e7f4…)

>She watches him with curiousity, tilting her head slightly at his long silence as he looked out her window.
>It seemed as if he wasn't even that eager for the war.
>Why was he here?

No, I know nothing. The others have done a good job of not making it obvious. Besides, this is a large city.

>His last request came as a bit of a surprise to her, and she can't help but smile a little bit.

Of course. Come with me.

>Noone was home but her at the moment, which made walking around the house with a strange man no real issue.

>As she gets up and leads him out of his room and downstairs, she begins to question him.

So then, what class are you? You don't look like you would fall into a particular one. Makes it kinda hard to tell, and knowing would definitely help me out when I think about how I should be helping you.

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527217

File: 1506047240439.jpg (116.08 KB, 800x1214, 142vqed.jpg)

Hah! Those traits don't fall to sorcerers alone, y'know.

>Prideful and hard to deal with? He was dealing with Lugh well enough, though he supposed that might've been his fascination with the modern world. Whatever knowledge the grail had given him, it was still fascinating enough to draw his attention and awe at how humanity had thrived. The weapons in particular were curious - he suspected he could easily wield them if he tried, but there was nothing better for him at the moment than the ornate spear.

Blades, magecraft, the spear and weapons of range? I'm glad my Master has so many talents!

>In a brief flash, the suit faded away leaving his usual furs and leather, lance close at hand.

Right. Battle attire it is, then.

>Fading then into spiritual form, he steeled himself. Going to one of the more prominent locations in the city was a risk in and of itself, but he found himself itching for the combat to come. Being able to square off with heroes of a myth all their own? It would probably be the first truly exciting battle he'd had in a very long time. Perhaps there were those who could match or even exceed his skill - the thought of which gave him shivers.

You can drive without fear, Master. Whatever comes, I'm ready!

Alicia Archard!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527218

File: 1506048308231.jpg (48.35 KB, 500x324, Smile.jpg)

Agreed, which is precisely why the woodlands are a prime choice. Early barriers can be left undetected to ward those without mana away, while we can go all out with our defenses deeper in.

I absolutely must not fail in my negotiations with the Einzberns...

>With that, she took out her phone and opened the dial app, scrolling through her contacts. It was a number she hadn't used personally, but rather something she'd borrowed from the family phonebook - hopefully her family name would be enough to at least provide time to talk.

>The dial tone began, before transferring to an international call.

>Ring, ring... ring ring... until-
>That was an odd noise. What kind of phone did they have, exactly?

Good afternoon, this is the Einzbern residence - Sella speaking, might I ask why you're making this call? Miss Alicia Archard.
>They already knew!? Goodness, that's a prime magus family for you...
Y-yes, hello, this is Alicia.

We're aware.

Right, of course. Apologies for the disturbance, but you see I'm currently-

In Fuyuki, yes - for the Heaven's Feel ritual, no doubt. Please be aware that the Einzberns have not offered a vessel for the lesser Grail this attempt, that was left to Father Kotomine to prepare and handle.

Ah- of course, I understand, though I'd actually called to request-

Lady Archard, the Einzbern family have refused any relation with the fifth Heaven's Feel, please do not presume that Lady Einzbern will offer any assistance to such a brutal thi-...
... no, Madam, just another beggar-........ Please, do not trouble yourself with such -....... I am in charge of taking the calls! You said so yours-...
...... yes, my lady.

>The phone was then passed to another, a sweet yet bitterly cold voice softly flowing from the other end of the line.

(cont - with mild delay)

Emerson L Palmer!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527219


>Emerson nodded, slowly.

>despite the fact he was so abrasive to her, she continued to support him. Loyalty like that was hard to come by.

Starting tomorrow, let's set things in motion.

>but tonight, rest was all he needed. The aching in his muscles from the summoning were starting to wear on him.

>with his freedom in reach, he headed out, back towards his extended family's manor.

Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527242

File: 1506174277860.jpg (54.25 KB, 720x480, Really parched for some reason…)

>Brigsby looked up with a bit of a raised eyebrow. The legend of Lugh was a bit of an interesting one, the tale of a man whom which everything came easy to. Nothing had ever been difficult for Lugh, so it seemed.
"You overestimate me Lugh. I wouldn't say I'm talented with a gun, only that I've had practice. Took me most of my life to get as good as I did at what I've trained to do... hell, even your spear took months to learn even the basics of."
>He said, the truth being that very few things came easy to Brigsby other than magecraft. The difference between the two of them was Brigsby's willpower, and determination to learn. The long travel duster concealed what it needed to, the long pockets on the inside hiding the lever-action rifles, and the shotgun rested in a holster slung across the small of his back. The rifle needed time, and setup, and was left in the room.
"Come on then, if you're so eager. If we're lucky, we may even meet someone on the way to the church, and you can have your fun."
>The hotel's parking garage had many of the international resident's vehicles, the cool kiss of night air washing over them as the roar of the hog started up. The motorcycle didn't have room for passengers, and Brigsby didn't seem to wait up as he rolled out of the lot at speed. The gaze of stars in the night sky, the show of lights shooting past, the city night life streaking by... Brigsby seemed to relax, finally in his element.
"Keep me posted Lancer. I'm going to enjoy this ride..."
(And that's my last post until Saber shows up.)

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527257

File: 1506211646325.jpg (324.91 KB, 798x933, Guts_Golden_Age.jpg)

>Saber's eye was drawn to the large family portrait once he entered the study, his curiosity over his new Master's family still unsatisfied
>it didn't seem as though she was missing a family at all - if anything, her family was fairly numerous
>so it only perplexed him further that there were no sign of this family here in her large family estate

>as he stared at the portrait - something that was rather rare in his time - he couldn't help but wonder about his own descendants

>if he even had any to begin with
>many of his tales had been lost to time, and if he had sired any children, he couldn't remember them
>it was as though a haze was within his own mind, preventing him from going too far back into his own memories
>even so, he hoped he did get the chance to start a family
>a wife, many sons and daughters, and a kingdom of his to rule...
>perhaps, if he so willed it, that would be his wish

>still, he'd have to ask his Master more on what was going on with hers

>if nothing else, if perhaps her family wasn't being so kind to her, he could try and offer some kindness in their stead
>surely nothing would go wrong with that, right?

Ilyasviel von Einzbern [i]!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527264

File: 1506221542483.jpg (116.84 KB, 1957x1097, fate-stay-night-unlimited-blad…)


Aaah, Alicia~ Losing already? I can't fathom any other reason you'd call a house with more experience in these things.

I'm not losing! I just... need a favour.
>Honestly, it was truly difficult to try and talk to Ilyasviel, of all people. Ever since the Einzberns had secluded themselves, it was hard to ever know what they were really thinking - particularly this young girl - no... Ilya was older than she was, right? Her voice never sounded it.

Poor, poor Archard girl. Despite your family's speciality, you're not very good at preparations, are you? Running to Fuyuki without a care.
Why should I help you? I've got no interest in that place, or such a filthy ritual.

>Ever since she'd taken up the head seat, it was as though the Einzberns had sworn off any affiliation to the grail whatsoever, despite being one of the families who made it. It was always curious to Alicia exactly why that was, but probing for an answer would likely make things more difficult.

I'll get straight to the point then... I'd like to use the Einzbern manor house as my base of operations. It'll keep civilian involvement to a minimum.

You mean it's the best chance for your success, right? Out of the way, with detection fields lain out. It has all the advantages you could possibly want. But you still haven't answered my question, Alicia~ If you don't have anything to offer me for the use of that place, why should I even consider it?

It sounds like you already have something in mind...

That's right~! You're clever, like I've heard. Here are my terms, and I'll accept no negotiation. I'll give you complete access to that property, and all of its magecraft holdings, to use as you see fit.


Whether you succeed or fail, as long as you survive, you will join with the Einzbern house and provide this family with an heir.

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Alicia Archard!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527265

File: 1506222167781.gif (768.44 KB, 500x280, really.gif)

>Those were rather incredible terms. Commit to a given future for the sake of the current victory? She'd been committed to fighting for her family, but should she reach the root those secrets would come under Einzbern care. The joining of their houses would, of course, enhance their position... but was it something she really wanted?

Your silence is telling~
Perhaps you really don't care all that much about these 'civilians' you talked about?
I told you, these terms are non-negot-

I accept.

>Spoken without much in the way of hesitation at all - or worse, without any real emotion in her voice. She'd given everything for the Archard family name so far, there was little other path left to her than to give herself to others. Defeat the others, reach the Root, and continue life as a Magus by joining with the Einzbern house. She was well aware of what that meant, that her future child would likely have no real father and that her life would be little but an experiment, but what did it matter? What did she, in her existence, matter other than such purpose?

I, Alicia Augustine Archard, accept your terms, Ilyasviel.

My, my... I can't say it was unexpected~
In that case, I'll acknowledge the terms of this pact as head of the Einzbern house. You can have that backwater manor of yours, I was sick of having any more ties to that disgusting city anyway. Having it destroyed in battle would be far easier than paying for it to be demolished.

I hope to hear of your victory in the Heaven's Feel~



>Silence filled the air for a moment as Alicia held the phone to her ear. She didn't even turn to Caster as she ended the call app with a thumb, placing the phone in her pocket. A lot of her felt numb, but it always had, except in rare moments of pride.

We have it, Caster. And we have work to do...

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527514

File: 1506386130777.jpg (65.5 KB, 188x258, 7.jpg)

>Several days later...
>Fuyuki, Japan.

>The trip here was a long one, getting from France to here was an ordeal of catching flights from airport to airport, eating crappy airliner food at 11,000 feet and overpriced junk on ground level while she waited in another stale white terminal, usually surrounded by people she didn't care to be around. She was so thankful that Saber could assume a spirit form and remain unseen by the common folk or else getting though security would have been an even bigger pain in her butt.

>But they were here, the site of the grail war. As the train she and Saber were currently riding comes over the hill she sees the city in the distance. The sight created a strange feeling. She knew what was coming, what she was there to do, and what she was suppose to do and yet... excitement bubbled up in her. This was new land she'd never been too before, thank goodness she did those foreign languages classes, and she was here all by herself near enough. This wasn't a family trip or part of official business, this was all her... and it created this strange sense of euphoria in her she couldn't really describe to herself.

>Though in her hand was her phone, a text simply saying "I Arrived" being sent on it's way, keeping her family updated on her progress was the furthest thing on her mind. The fields and forests the speed by though, those seemed to occupy most of her thoughts.

...This isn't a sight-seeing trip, I can't allow myself to be distracted...

>But it clearly wasn't going to be that easy for her.

Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527518

File: 1506388033149.png (564.7 KB, 853x480, Go on....png)

>Unfortunately distractions would come fast and furious, the rumbling of the train tracks drawing it close to a highway. The sounds of train wheels on iron track would be joined by the roar of a V-twin engine, and both Bellrose and Youngblood's hands would throb, the command seals pulsing in proximity. Brigsby didn't know who was on the train, only that a master was near... As for Annette, the source would likely be clear, were she to look at the cowboy riding down the road.
"Lancer... I need to know buddy, you feeling anyone close?"
>He said, the throbbing on his hand unknown, and unwelcome. He steeled himself, actual combat for the first time making him uneasy. He'd had training, sure, but he'd never put it into practice...

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527520

File: 1506389454090.jpg (10.98 KB, 225x350, plbi2vijk4blhrtredf7hoyleosxas…)

S'funny you should ask, been feelin' a small itch on my back since ya hit this road. Not sure where, but they're movin' fast, so if I had to guess...

>Appearing in physical form in the back of the car, spread across the seats in an almost relaxed way, the lance-wielder looked across at the train running alongside them.

S'not like we came by unannounced - this thing's louder than a hundred battle drums. They'll know I'm here too, especially since I'm not makin' any real attempt to hide.

>Why bother? That train was full of civilians he'd personally not rather turn into casualities, so he wasn't about to make a boarding - not without some serious persuasion from his Master, at least. There were only really two options, here - lure the nearby Servant out to them, or follow them to their destination and wait nearby.

You keep stickin' to the train but I don't feel the distance closin', so it's gotta be there. Hope the bastard's not usin' all them people as cover... I really don't get along with that type.

S'your call, Master. We playin' cat, or mouse?

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527522

File: 1506390345610.jpg (98.71 KB, 468x676, 496292-berserk_guts_3215.jpg)

>while Saber had been rather curious about the odd transport they were taking to Japan, it being another one of the oddities of the modern world that intrigued him, he understood his Master's desire to keep his presence hidden
>as they quickly discovered, he stood out among most people
>though it was hardly his fault that everyone else was so much smaller than him
>so he remained in his spirit form for the majority of the trip, but as they drew closer to their destination, he sensed a presence approaching them that couldn't be ignored


>he suddenly spoke just as he appeared out of nowhere in front of Annette, though his attention was not focused on her

>instead he peered out the window, his gaze focused on the trail behind them


We are being followed.

>his eyes narrowed as he saw the horseless vehicle travelling alongside them, staring at both Brigsby and his Servant

Another Master and Servant have found us.

They don't appear to be making a move to attack yet, but that may not last for very long.

Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527524

File: 1506390585058.jpg (60.2 KB, 225x350, Brigsby.jpg)

"I'm thinking..." Brigsby said, the motorcycle revving as he looked to the road and the train, judging the distance and speed they were both going... the calculations went round in his head, before he smirked.
"Cat, Lancer. While the inside is chock full, they can't rightly see what goes on up top now can they?"
>The small needles that were in Brigsby's coat shot into his basilic veins, the crooks of his arms bleeding down into the surgical tubing sewn down his jacket sleeves. Focusing, he let the crimson fly out on streamers, before he sent magic through them...
"Clot once, and harden..."
>He focused his mana on the ribbons of nearly invisible red streaming from the handles of his motorcycle, before he sent them lashing at a highway sign... the large signpost gave way, collapsing just in time for motorcycle wheels to squeal across it. The steel horse's speed and momentum carried it through the air, seemingly about to miss, before Brigsby lassoed the train with his whips, yanking them onto a loud, clanging landing on top of the train.
"Now, hopefully, we can settle this peacefully. Since I'm not a very hopeful person though, we're gonna be on our toes."

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527535

File: 1506397584338.jpg (78.5 KB, 397x482, 1d079bba30c8e372a84607b0374ac3…)

>Saber manged to snap the mage out of her reluctant daydreaming and she scowls at the news.

Already?! We haven't even registered with the war's overseer yet!

>She peers out the window to see the motorcycle roaring beside them. Frowning she grumbles to herself as she gets a good look at them.

damn it, I should have taken a private jet here... now Butch Cassidy and his metal and leather fetish butt buddy are coming after me on a bike... Hmmmm does that make me the evil train robber?

>Of course she didn't get long to look at them as changed their position rather quickly and glamorous fashion.


>Were they gonna get attacked on the train? No, there was too many people here they wouldn't risk putting this many civilians in the way... right? They could get away with it though if there was no witnesses. Yeah she wasn't going to risk that.

Saber, we're gonna get off the train.

>Getting up from her seat, Annette taps away on her phone as she walks towards the back of the train...

LANCER!ReIheBaff.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527677

File: 1506438611624.png (666.24 KB, 476x1160, Cu_proto_back.png)

>That metal steed could sure put up with some punishment. Lugh couldn't say he was really one for riding behind, but it was certainly faster than running - even at his speed. Once they landed though, he stepped off the bike and onto the top of the train car.

Phew, ya really are a damn handful, huh? Your magic's pretty visceral, but effective.

>Well, if the unseen enemy didn't know they were there before, they'd be foolish not to notice it now the bike had made something of a dent in the ceiling. The hairs on Lancer's body stood on end, feeling the rush of both the wind blasting toward him and the coming battle.

Here's hopin' they're a reasonable sort. Stainin' this thing with the blood of the unrelated ain't my idea of a good time.
They're on the move though... can't quite tell where.

Caster!dracSnyjqECountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527685

File: 1506440215494.png (118.14 KB, 241x542, 3b8a1ed5327fbdbe203c8b0116b585…)


>Listening to Alicia as she talked over the phone, Dante put a finger to her chin, letting out a soft "Hmmph" noise, folding her arms and placing a finger to her chin

>She couldn't hear clearly what Illysaviel's offer was, but whatever it was..it took Alicia a bit of a long moment to answer, even if there wasn't any hesitation in her voice.

>The lack of emotion in her tone when the acceptance was toned out worried Caster a bit more...

>As emotional as the poet herself could be, she understood the "Small battles" families could get into in competition...

>So for now, she chose not to pry.
>But perhaps she would eventually.

>Caster would bow softly, speaking softly

Very well then Master, I'm assuming you can lead the way to the manor?

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41527912

File: 1506475494987.jpg (317.05 KB, 1920x1200, wc1724183.jpg)

>Saber lingered behind for a little bit as Annette made her way to the back of the train, keeping an eye on Brigsby and Lancer
>which allowed him to witness Brigsby's unique and impressive feat with his blood magic, watching them propel up onto the roof of the train car
>certainly something he hadn't ever seen before, though it did raise the questions of what their intent was to pull off something like that
>he turned and followed his Master down the car, though he quickly pointed out a problem

Master, if we start fighting here, I can't guarantee anyone's safety.

>he was fairly certain if he swung his sword even once, he was liable to cleave a head off accidentally

>sure that was just what he thought, but better safe than sorry
>of course it was probably wiser to not mention that while they could still be overheard, but that wasn't really one of his concerns

Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41528103

File: 1506565643488.jpg (32.82 KB, 1024x640, df6ed7ef605da0a27f5f3b7d1ebaeb…)

>Brigsby was impressed with himself. The blood magic was certainly painful, but it wasn't much worse than getting pricked by a needle.
"Fuckin A! Alright now Lancer, they're gonna be leaving the train... Or at the very least, the car's going to be empty."
>He said. See, the thing about train passengers, they're smart. So when an 8 foot guy with a massive sword appears out of nowhere the same time a crazy person destroys a highway sign and lands on the roof with a motorcycle... They get out of there. The people on the train began to scream and evacuate, which had been Brigsby's plan. Act crazy, and people run. Tapping his boot on the roof, he called out.
"Aight now, come on out! We know you're hiding in there!"

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41528310

File: 1506698088228.jpg (178.1 KB, 500x750, tumblr_mz1hdpphep1ru3mx2o3_500…)

I know I know, we need a wider area to fight in. I got an idea.

>After fiddling with her phone, she managed to get a map of the rail roads around the city. A plan was forming in her mind. Perhaps even more daring the what that nut job did only moments ago.

There's another track that leads into the forest that we're approaching. We're gonna disconnect the rear car from the train, switch the tracks, and ride the car into the forest.

The track goes down hill so the weight of the car will increase or speed and should shake this guy off if we don't lose him when we switch tracks.

If we lose Billy The Kid and Pony Tail, then we go through the forest towards the church...

>and if they don't...

Otherwise be ready to start swinging...

>Thankfully she didn't have to worry about getting people out of here as they were already panicking to get away from the crazy man on the roof. One less task to deal with for her.

>"Aight now, come on out! We know you're hiding in there!"

>Oh yeah, because she was gonna go out there and risk death falling off a moving train or a mage/servant pot-shot. ...then again what she had in mind was probably even more dangerous. Regardless she continues towards the very back of the train and shouts back at the filthy american in her beautiful and flawless native language.

Pourquoi ne descendez-vous pas chez Jesse James! Je suis sûr que Mr.Slave, là-bas, peut s'occuper de votre vélo!
(Why don't you come down here instead Jesse James! I'm sure Mr.Slave up there can look after your bike!)

>Yeah, that'll show him.

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41528397

File: 1506746277641.gif (1.93 MB, 540x180, tumblr_nxj0hmEQaW1sje6kuo3_540…)

Sheesh, you're really not one to slow down, are ya?

>They could've waited patiently for them to make their move - that's how a hunter would've done it - but scaring most of the people off and out of the train was a bold play. A dangerous one, of course, but bold nonetheless. All they had to do was watch out for any ensuing chaos.

>The only disadvantage here was if the Master managed to blend into the crowd as everyone left. Lancer had a good eye, but a skilled mage could slip by if they didn't make themselves obvious-

>And then she started shouting at them.

Huh! Didn't think I'd hear Gaulish after so long, though the dialect's a little weird... I think she's saying 'Come down here and fight me, you pussy'. Oh, and something about your bike, but that's not important.
Still... I don't appreciate being looked over like that. Guess I should make an impression.

>Judging by the look of it, the commotion had scared a lot of the passengers to the front cars - there certainly weren't any left in the car below him. Besides, there was no way he could pass the opportunity to get the location advantage.

>With a quick sweep of his spear in a circle beneath his feet, the metal of the roof fell through like a can that had been cut open, blasting some dust around him as Lancer came to his feet, brandishing his spear as he checked both left and right, up and down the train to see if he could spot the target.

Esi mo ne caith!
(I am no slave!)

>He spoke in what would seem, to Annette, to be *very* broken but understandable French, almost as if it were a different language altogether despite holding similarities to her own. It seemed the Grail hadn't decided to give him mastery over all languages of the modern age, just the ones that were deemed necessary.

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41528403

File: 1506800750597.png (746.45 KB, 1366x768, guts-berserk.png)

>with everyone already making a hasty retreat to another part of the train, it would be easier for them to detach the back car as Annette was suggesting
>though Saber had no idea how these cars actually worked, so he didn't know how Annette expected him to detach them
>for the moment, while his Master was arguing with the other duo in her own language, he turned to the passengers still lingering nearby
>and given he was a giant of a man who was already intimidating in the best of circumstances, it wasn't hard to scare people away more
>so him suddenly bellowing at the top of his lungs certainly did the trick


>and the ones still remaining proceeded to run and stumble and crawl to the front of the train

>with that little problem aside, he realized another one, and looked back to Annette with a mildly confused look


How exactly would we change the direction of this..."car"?

There isn't any way for us to drive it once it's removed from the front, is there?

Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41528433

File: 1506818410400.jpg (22.37 KB, 848x480, I need a smoke after what you …)

>.... Billy the Kid? Jesse James? Just because he wore a functional and fashionable hat? Grumbling, he called out with a slightly wounded cantor to his voice,
"The broad thinks ah'm a fucking American?! Try Quigley, bitch! Ah'm Australian!"
>Jumping over the hole that Lancer had made in the top of the train, he tried to figure out how to isolate the duo of dueling spirits... Well, they were in the caboose right? Cut it loose, and they'd be on their own... Heading to the connection between the two train cars, he looked down at the locked steel and heavy bearings and thought about it. Liquid expansion? The explosive slugs? Could he do it manually?
"Ey Lancer! I know I look pretty bandit, but I've never robbed a train. Any tips on snipping the cars?!" He called back, keeping an eye on the two inside through the door window.

Archer!jSaxman3BgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41528541

File: 1506909028168.jpg (450.09 KB, 800x600, mad-max-fury-road.jpg)


A pause as he seemed to decide to find out for himself, one hand reaching out as if to grasp something that wasn't there... and with a brief surge of azure energy, something was there, a sawed-off shotgun coalescing in his grasp from the swirl of mana he had simply willed into existence.

The only response to what a common human might consider impossible or a miracle was a simple grunt of acknowledgement, the gruff figure unclenching his fingers and the firearm dissipating into nothing as if on command.

"Looks like you've got yourself an Archer," he commented, the faintest ghost of a smile on the corner of his lips. "Whatever you were planning to spend mana-wise, hopefully that will make things a little easier." He shrugged. "Being able to act independently is... well, as long as we trust each other, that could give us the edge we need." His initial paranoia was beginning to subside from the looks of it, but there was still something odd about the way he talked, like he was struggling to simply put full sentences together sometimes. Whatever his strengths were, eloquent conversations didn't seem to be one of them.

Silence reigned for a while as they walked, the rumble of a car passing on the street outside heralding the golden light of its highbeams illuminating them briefly as the arc of its headlights passed by the house's windows.

"I've got a few Rider tricks up my sleeve, too," he continued, the seemingly unprompted comment hopefully coming together a bit as he gestured with two fingers to the passing vehicle as its brake lights disappeared into the night beyond. "Taken apart a lot of cars. Put 'em back together, too. If it has an engine... odds are good I can use it." He was trying to be useful, at least.

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41528572

File: 1506920046589.jpg (314.14 KB, 800x677, __rita_mordio_tales_of_series_…)

No there isn't but there should be a manual switch near the track I can use a spell to latch onto and operate it while we're inside the uncoupled car.

>She was going to originally remove the car safely... buuuut she probably wouldn't know how to do it so she'll just wing it. Meaning she'll just destroy the coupling.

Though that also means we'll be going down hill in an uncontrolled car. We'll have to jump out at some point or I'm gonna die in the crash once we reach the end of the track.

>No pressure.

>Annette looks behind her and her face goes a little pale at the sight of an angry man with a spear cutting through the roof of the car they were in, landing inside, and speaking to him in the worst butchery of french she ever heard.That must be Lancer. Another knight class. Oh maaaan she didn't want to tangle with him in an enclosed space like this. He'd have the advantage that spear, where as Saber would have to swing his weapon to really defend himself.

>Tight spot. Need to get out. NOW. One they were out in the open she can have Saber beat the crap out of him for abusing her language like that.

Saber cover me for a moment!

>She had to trust him not to die on her for the next few moments, just as he had to trust she knew what she was doing.

>Just as Brigsby can see Annette running towards the door, Annette can see Brigsby in her way. They were boxed in and that did not sit well with the young girl. She reaches puts away her phone and garbs another object she had hidden on her person. In one fluid motion she she unravels the silk scroll as the dull yellow zigzag pattern glows an ethereal blue as she glares at him.

>This cat was about to learn the the mouse bites back.


>The moment she specks those words a fire ball forms in front of her and shoots forwards right at the door Brigsby was standing at. The the speed and power it had behind it, it would smash right through the door in a fiery blast. Not so much to kill the man in front of her. Just get him out of her way. Though if he fell off the train and broke his neck or something she'd be cool with at.

LANCER!ReIheBaff.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41528872

File: 1507035493879.jpg (103.28 KB, 800x800, LeVoS.jpg)

>American? Australian? So many new nationalities to get used to but, if his Master was his only representative of the latter, was it safe to presume most Australians threw caution to the wind like this? Plus, for someone with so many options, the answer to his question was surprisingly simple.
Asking a high king a thief's questions, now? Sheesh...
>Not that he could deny being a half-decent one himself.
If ya wanna destroy somethin', use a weapon! Haven't ya got a whole arsenal back there!?

>Everyone else seemed to be escaping the train car from the front - good thing, too, since it left a nice open corridor for him to make his own. Or he would, if someone else wasn't standing in it. The Master, a seemingly small-looking girl, darted behind the hulking, armoured figure with purpose.
<"Saber cover me for a moment!"
>Lancer could see her preparing to attack his Master, but he wasn't as big a fool as to think he could just slip by the Servant in front of him. Similarly, it would've been entirely possible for that same Servant to attack his Master while he ran ahead on the train roof, but likely couldn't afford to risk leaving himself open against a spear.

Hoh? Didn't think I'd run into Saber so soon.
Sorry to arrive unannounced, my Master's a bit of an eccentric!

>Dropping into a lower stance, weapon at the ready, Lugh locked eyes with the black-clad warrior, curious as to what he might find... all while a fireball suddenly launched itself from further in at his Master. As much as it was his role to protect Brigsby, if he couldn't handle himself then they were doomed from the start.

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41528873

File: 1507036716224.png (164.7 KB, 216x369, Beowulf.png)

>for a moment, Saber overheard the other Master call out to his Servant, the word "Lancer" perking his interest
>that could be a bit of a problem - Lancer would have the advantage in range, and he would have to stay on his toes to avoid any serious damage
>though he could probably survive anything he had to offer
>Saber's powers of observation clearly were not at their best right then, as he had been distracted with trying to listen in on Brigsby while talking to Annette
>as such, he was briefly confused when she suddenly ran past him, turning to see what she had been running from
>and saw his first adversary to overcome in this war
>he quickly swept his gaze up and down the Servant, and was equally quick to make the first remark that came to his head

...even the Servants in this time are so small!

>acting a bit more lax than Lancer, Saber reached to his belt and drew a typical longsword from its hilt

>the sword itself wasn't anything special, it was coated in rust and decay, looking as though it had been through numerous wars in the past
>Saber simply held the sword at his side, not looking like he was even remotely concerned about the threat Lancer posed
>he even lifted his free hand and gestured for him to approach

Make your opening move, Lancer.

Strike true, or this battle will be over in an instant.

>he just had to hope this would play out as he imagined

Alicia Augustine Archard!ReIheBaff.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41528874

File: 1507037460136.gif (992.45 KB, 500x281, Black and White.gif)

As I am now, I could lead the way through heaven or hell and not bat an eye.

>A rather dramatic response to the question, indeed, still seeming a little stunned by the conversation she'd just had, though the light returned to her eyes once she turned to face her Servant and the sunset glistening from behind. It always felt best to focus on the moment, when one's future and past were already decided the present was the only freedom left.

>Perhaps the result was predetermined, but the actions she took to reach it felt choice enough... so she turned to Dante with an expression of utmost confidence.

But no, I have no idea how to reach the manor.
I think it's generally inland from here, though I couldn't tell you where.
Honestly I'd hoped she'd give me directions...
I doubt it's up here on this rigging, however, so we should probably get down.
I don't think Urban Jungles count as actual forests.

Brigsby Youngblood Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41528892

File: 1507057108023.jpg (151.04 KB, 985x811, IMG_1335.JPG)

>Brigsby had been looking at the coupling when he heard the roar of the flames behind him. Turning around, Annette might feel a sudden sting of satisfaction at seeing his eyes widen.
"Clot once, and Coagulate!"
>she heard him shout, and for the first time, saw his magic up close. Arterial spray gushed from his sleeves, the needles connected to his veins pulling out enough blood to exsanguinate a regular human... spreading in front of him, it formed into a red mirror, the shield in front of him forming a perfect circle as it floated before him. The fire blasted the door off its hinges, and washed over him with the incandescent inferno, tongues of flame licking around his shield for any purpose. The shield, however, abraded and burnt away, sections absorbing heat before flaking off like a space shuttle's heat shield. And just like that, she saw the blood liquefy again, flowing into his veins again as he coughed from the smoke.
"So that's how we're playing this."
"Thanks for the advice. Keep me posted on anything he might be doing to identify himself...Kick his ass Lancer"
>Brigsby said, using their mental connection. Drawing a lever action rifle out of his duster, his blood once more flowed out over it. The finely carved weapon had inscriptions in brass that soon gleamed like polished rubies as his magic flowed into the weapon.
"Clot Thrice, and bond. Blood of the fire of the veins.."
>Firing it into the coupling, the round rang out like god slamming his car door. The metal didn't just dent, it splashed! The rounds superheated the iron into red slurry, the force pulling the train coupling apart like taffy. 3 bullets, and he was done, watching the other train pull away.
"And now you're between a rock, and a hard place. No way out, Shiela, for you, or your Saber."

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41529216

File: 1507217429459.jpg (64.65 KB, 186x257, 13.jpg)

>While the fire ball did what it was suppose to do, the man had protected himself with some sort of... blood shield.

Ok, that's gross. And edgy.

>Of course not long did her attack not ward him away, but he was also smart enough to blast the couplings on the car and she had a clear view of her escape plan slip through her fingers.

Ooooooooooh for pete's sake! Couldn't you have at least waited for me to register before you come trying to kill me!?

>Now royally pissed off her scroll glows again, the only indication she was going to attack at all, and fires off another fire ball at the man above her near instantly. She was not going to die here!

Annoying... cowboy!!

>Even as the fire ball soars through the sky she doesn't wait to see if it hit to unleash yet another one for good measure.

>One, two, three. Seven left. Can't keep wasting inscriptions in a disadvantageous place.

>Or such a small place for that matter! One wayward attack from either of them and this car could easily have the roof... torn... off.

Saber, How easily do you think you can cut through the walls of this car? I know you got Tonto to deal with in front of you, but if you can tear a section of the roof free while you fight, we might be able to shake the Lone Ranger up there off and give us an opening to find a more advantageous position!

>She reaaaaaally hoped he would agree to braking off from the fight. He had to see this wasn't the best place to fight a Lancer.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41529623

File: 1507397342371.png (449.81 KB, 720x960, victory by okashi.png)

>the night sky stretched like an endless shroud above this foreign land
>how fitting was it that He was called upon into the Land of the Rising Sun
>the irony would make him chuckle, had He been in a different body...

>the Rider stands atop his Master's temporary shelter during this contest of legends

>while he knew he should remain close to his Master, the Rider wasn't too concerned that he wouldn't take these few minutes for some time on his own
>although he wasn't an Archer, he still trusted his senses enough that no trouble would pass undetected beneath his nose

>secrecy was important in this contest, especially during this time

>the darkness hid many dangers, many secrets which the Rider wasn't privy to
>perhaps in another time, another body, he could shine the glorious Light once more through the engulfing darkness
>but for now, he was at His own mercy

>the Rider's thoughts wandered as he stared at the darkness above him

>he thought of times long gone, and of those that were yet to come
>most of all, he thought of those He held dear, and the usual tinge of sadness that infiltrated his soul when He was away from them

>but these thoughts brought him back to thinking about his Master

>a man who wished to defy the Heavens themselves in order to be together with those he loved
>in some ways, and although he refused to show it to him, he could actually sympathize with the man
>should his Master be telling the truth, then the Rider has no issue with carrying him to victory, and the fate he so desperately yearns for

>but the Rider is no fool

>He knew too well about the treachery of Man, and had swiftly punished them for such thoughts in the past
>he didn't know if his Master was trustworthy, and for that, he had no reason to pledge his utmost loyalty to him and his cause
>but deep down, He hopes the man will come through and prove himself worthy

>the sky was still dark...

>this contest would prove quite interesting in the end

>what matter of legends would he be facing throughout its duration
>what if He came across some familiar faces?
>or perhaps other foolish beings who believe themselves equal to Him?
>the thought amuses and worries him in equal measures, a certain level of excitement growing in him

>and at last

>the night is pushed away
>it was only a scant few rays, but for the Rider, this was enough
>the power of the all-giving Sun was already in him
>a gift from Himself, to himself, the empowering light washing over him

>he gazed upon His gift as it crawled above the horizon

>the All-Seeing Burning Eye that he carried from dawn to dusk
>the Light showed him the path to victory
>the path to his ascension, once more...

>soon, the Rider would be gone from the roof, and returned to his Master

>it wouldn't be long before his Master decided to make his first move, and the Rider eagerly awaited it
>patience was not this body's strongest suits...

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41529717

File: 1507439418540.gif (4.76 MB, 640x360, H1pDtmN.gif)

>Now that the mages were both making their moves, things were about to get complicated. Both seemed to have their own thoughts on how the encounter was going to be moving on from the train car, but the initiative was with with them - at least now that the thing holding all the sections of this huge vehicle together had been cut at the back end. He could feel the sudden shift in momentum, the section in front pulling away while they were left behind.

>All this told him one thing; they had limited time. The narrow space was perfect to pressure Saber, but sooner or later the speed would slow and it would be an easier escape for the both of them. Of course, Lugh preferred an outcome where the boisterous young lady survived, so the better option would be...

Small? Hah! You're just too big to fit anywhere.

>But giving him the opening, huh? It sounded benevolent, but any veteran of battle knew it was a bluff. No doubt Saber knew his range was outmatched here, so it was better to observe and wait patiently, focus on defense. Knowing that didn't change much, though; Lancer could feel himself being watched by a keen set of eyes, and that size was no joke either. Even with a small blade, Saber was built like a house - arms meant for crushing and tearing apart, a warrior tried and true.

>But that was just how things were supposed to be! A fire lit up in his blood, an excitement pulsing through him that he hadn't felt in far too long. Lancer's stance shifted, spear pointed horizontally at the opponent, legs a little closer together to allow them to shift at a moment's notice.

Keep those eyes of yours open then, Saber!
Blink, and you might miss it...


>A slight shift in footwork-

>He was gone.

>Or so he was, at least, to mortal eyes... a sprinkling of dust left in his wake.

>Before an almighty CRASH resounded as his thrust, aimed for the heart, was displaced by a hard swipe of the blade, knocking it aside.
>A quick pull back and another thrust aimed at the stomach- again parried by continuing the path of the sword downward.
>A swipe then! The lance sweeped down in response, before being brought back around in an arc towards Saber's neck - parried, again, by the small blade tightly kept around the man's center.
>Pull back - thrust for the thigh to stifle his movement - knocked to the right - a counter, the blade swinging toward his chest - parried by the lance pole, a ringing sound erupting from the shaft as the sword is knocked skyward.
>The lance shifts forward, pushing for the heart once more - parried by a downward sweep of the sword - it comes for him to disable his arm - blocked by the blade of the lance as it's pulled back - another thrust for the neck!

>A flurry of blows and parries from both sides, all happening in the space of seconds. This was no mere testing of wills, of power - each strike from the Servants was aimed to kill, or at least to disable in order to kill. For all his thrusts and strikes, Saber stood as a wall; never hesitating, never flinching, watching always as though death were coming for him in a way only a man who had seen the true horror of battle might be able to. He was not agile, but he was smart. His defense was tight, kept central, able to shift to the directions required in an instant. This man had fought in tight spaces before, clearly - whether they were the confines of battlements atop high castles or caverns where the nastiest of beasts did dwell.

>Such an exchange would tell myriad stories between warriors. Their experiences, their stories, all hidden in plain sight yet projected through skill. Lugh's own strikes were fluid of motion, never a beat missed nor footwork mis-stepped, a truly talented spearman who knew little failure; not from circumstance or luck, but simply unmatched in raw ability - aside from the few... those few who likely would appear in this very war, or stood before him at this very moment.

>After another passing glance of spear against sword, parrying Lancer away yet again from piercing Saber's eye, the lance was swept backwards as he opened the distance between them, a small pause from the continued ringing and clashing of metal against metal.

Hoh? Your size betrays you, Saber... you are swifter than you look!

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41529735

File: 1507442169858.jpg (330.33 KB, 685x835, berserk_manga_by_lalykiasca-d4…)

>as soon as Lancer's feet left the floor of the train, everything around Saber disappeared
>his eyes widened into a determined stare, and just like going for a swim, his instincts reawakened and he was ready for battle

>despite his defensive stance and all appearances to the contrary, it was taking all of Saber's focus to keep up with Lancer's attacks

>each swipe or thrust was made with lightning-quick precision, and a split-second's hesitation would turn the tide of the battle immediately, meaning Saber had to constantly be at the ready
>it was difficult to do this, but even more so to make it look as easy as he did
>at first he didn't even use both of his hands, simply deflecting blows with just one arm while the other hanged loosely at his side
>this naturally provided an obvious weak spot for Lancer to exploit, so within moments he switched between one-handed parries and two-handed blows
>except Lancer held such the advantage in speed that any attempts on his part to return the favor was met with clear failure
>he had experienced dozens, hundreds, thousands of battles over his lifetime, yet few of his enemies were as swift and skilled as the one before him now

>and he couldn't have been more excited for it

>he could feel his blood rushing as he got swept into the thrill of battle once more, almost wanting to draw it out further just to experience it more
>each blow deflected or parried made him slightly more frustrated, yet his understanding of his opponent's skill only made him all the more hungry to overcome the challenge
>and he would, he was certain of that
>one as swift as him would tire quickly, wearing himself out against the wall that his beastly form was
>and when that time came, the battle would be his!

>however, just as the last clash of steel rung out and Lancer leapt back from him, his Master's orders rang in his mind, and he was brought back to reality
>they were still stuck in the train, his Master was still in peril, and now she had a plan to fix that, which he had to implement quickly
>he was still at a disadvantage here, and he had to change that right away, or the wall would crumble

>he made no outward indication that he heard his Master, though he did silently answer her

<I'll see to it, Master.

>outwardly, he let out an exhale as he rotated his neck

I appreciate that, but I'm afraid I can't match your speed, Lancer.

>he lifted his free arm and rotated the shoulder a bit, seemingly loosening up, as if implying he had just been warming up in the previous exchange of blows

So clearly, I can't let you have the initiative again...

>he again gripped his rusty longsword with both hands this time, a sign that he was taking the offensive now

>then, with a short shout, he charged towards Lancer, like a mighty bull ripping through a forest, intending to run him through with the sword
>granted, doing this required him to shift his body to the side, again leaving his one shoulder exposed...

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41529739

File: 1507443076189.jpg (90.81 KB, 600x848, __lancer_fate_prototype_and_fa…)

>O-ho? Instead of giving him the room to breathe, force the wall inwards and crush him with it. A sound plan, and most others might feel the fear of the gods in them with such a towering man barreling toward them like a charging beast.
>But Lancer was used to the range of the sword from the prior exchange. Pointing it in a charge would limit its movement, and with the shoulder pushed forward, it would be like cavalry charging into a pitted spike.
>It was a far too easy a strike, far too simple and almost reckless, but passing up on such opportunities was one of many tenets to a warrior's folly.

You disappoint me, Saber.

>A quick flourish of the spear before he thrust forward towards the obvious opening.

You'll have to do better than that if-

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41529746

File: 1507443788359.jpg (81.2 KB, 500x429, Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-500x429…)

>sure enough, with the weak spot being so obviously telegraphed, there was no defense for Lancer's strike, and his spear pierced into Saber's shoulder with no resistance
>the blow forced him to let go of his sword and halt his progression, and for the briefest of moments he was still as the shock of the blow sank in
>but just as quickly as it happened was it over, as Saber reached up with his wounded arm and grabbed onto Lancer's spear
>and as his mouth widened into a feral grin, the Geatish king roared his answer

Oh I shall do far better, LANCER!

>he then suddenly shoved the spear up through his arm, the blade cutting up out of his shoulder and sending a spray of blood into the air

>though this didn't stop him in the slightest, as with Lancer's weapon briefly pointing away from him, he quickly closed the gap between he and the other Servant
>with his un-wounded arm, he swung upwards at Lancer, but as he did so, he abruptly turned his sword around in his own hand
>in doing so, the blade was no longer aimed at him
>instead, it was Saber's fist that swung to Lancer's exposed chin


>and with it, a blow that would send any man - Servant or otherwise - a few feet straight up into the air

Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41529896

File: 1507516421455.jpg (28.49 KB, 720x400, What the fuck is THAT.jpg)

Brigsby's problems continued to worsen, the mage deciding he didn't like the tan he got behind his shield. Playing hotfoot, he sprinted across the roof to his bike, letting out undignified yelps as the fireballs tore steaming, slag-edged holes in the steel behind him close enough to singe his hat. The cowboy was really tired of this traincar standoff bullshit, and gritted his teeth at the little girl's insults as he hopped onto his bike and revved it, ready to get off this wild ride before he saw a danger that both of them didn't want... the tracks needed changing, and if they continued to follow the train they were after, they'd miss the church, and go sailing right into a heavily populated city center... Revving the bike, he soared off the top of the train to land heavily next to it, following the tracks as he tried to outrace the speeding car...

"Lancer, I'm going to go deal with the the train tracks! Try not to..."
>And that was when the fight started. Through the holes in the roof, and through the windows that were still intact, he watched the deadly dance. The trading of blows, the power, speed, and skill of these combatants... he almost felt unworthy of the spear strapped to the side of the bike. Watching, he was catching every third strike, trying and failing to see how Lancer could do better... seeing the spear bite that deep, he mentally cheered, before the split second turn around had him wary for the state of Lancer's jaw.
""Lancer! Get out of there!
At least until we can get somewhere that's not a careening metal coffin!"

>He had to leave Lugh to his own devices though... there was nothing he could do but hope and pray Lancer made it out. His job was to make sure everyone on that train survived for now...

>Racing ahead, Annette would hear the sharp crack of that rifle, fired blindly behind him. The enchanted rounds bit through the metal of the train, blowing glowing holes large enough to put your arm through, as he raced to the manual lever ahead of them...

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41530044

File: 1507663080097.jpg (64.44 KB, 190x255, 10.jpg)

>While Annette had her own things to deal with, the battle nearby didn't escape her notice. Holy fudge cakes that's those blows! Those moments! She knew Servants were on a level humans couldn't hope to meet, but all her studying couldn't have prepared her for seeing it in person.


>Even with the wound Saber had it didn't stop him from countering with his own, sending Lancer into the air like he weighed nothing.

>She watched as Brigsby beat a hasty retreat and removed himself from the top of the car for her. That was a good thing but what was he planing now--


>As soon as the gunfire went off, the girl had to duck down onto the floor to avoid getting shot by the man.

God damn it! This is why I hate guns!!

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41530304

File: 1507829630657.jpg (111.41 KB, 588x696, face5.jpg)

>Sloppy. Arrogant. Despite the trading of blows, the understanding that this was a skilled warrior, Lugh had let overconfidence yet again cause him to make mistakes. A spear would so deep would usually stop someone in their tracks, but it was error to assume he was like other men. If anything the pain made Saber sharper, more focused, the blade hopping across Lancer's vision as the fist curled below him, before being brought up into his gut.
>Lancer crashed through the ceiling, opening another hole in the train car as he was sent soaring above it at high speed, watching it sail ahead.

Ack...! Shit... guess he did do better... hah.

>With his master left alone, it might only be a few moments before his time in this war ended. Saber was still there, and even a wounded servant would be more than a match for a mage in most cases. He had to act.

>Managing to land on his feet, the pain of the blow had already faded, but they were several hundred meters ahead. With his speed he could probably keep up this distance, but he wouldn't catch them til they started slowing down.

Guess I'll have to make do...!
Hear me, o' extension of mine self...
>With the spear still in his arm, Saber would feel what little of the wound he could. It was a truly successful disarmament, as Lancer would have to approach to retrieve it - or so he might have thought...

>Suddenly the spear vanished entirely, leaving the gaping wound he had inflicted on himself to provide such a powerful blow. It freed up his movement, but let blood flow freely. The spear itself, meanwhile, appeared in the running Lancer's hand, several hundred meters behind the train itself.

Haha... ever faithful! Now...

>Calling to his master via their mental link, he only hoped he could hold for a moment alone.

'Sorry, slipped up a little! Slow that thing down, if ya can!'

>The sprinting came to an abrupt halt, Lancer skidding across the dirt of the tracks, arm rearing back with spear in hand as he concentrated all his effort both into the strength of his hold and the clear image of his target in mind - the powerful armoured presence ahead of him.

Hunt, and hunt well...!

>A mighty throw, using both his forward momentum, strength and skill, launched the spear forward at terrifying speed. Even as the train curved around the long corner on the tracks, the spear would bend its own course, following the course it was deemed to set.

>It was only a few seconds more before Saber would find that same bladed tip bearing down on him like a ravenous hunting hound, straight for the heart!

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41530308

File: 1507841152058.jpg (114.06 KB, 1191x670, berserk_guts_by_dragonwarrior_…)

>Saber felt a searing pain shoot through his injured arm after the spear left it, and with the battle seemingly over for now he couldn't ignore it as easily as he did during the fight
>he did note that the spear disappeared from the car rather quickly, but he had other matters to focus on at the moment
>namely that his Master was being shot at
>after hearing her agitated exclamation, Saber spun around and dashed to her side, then sheathed his sword and picked her up with his uninjured arm like she weighed almost nothing

Master, if I might make a suggestion...

>he then plopped her down in one of the seats, away from the hall of the car, before turning to face the ceiling that the enemy Master was on

Perhaps we should abandon the car and let them worry about getting to the church-



>his thought was halted when he heard the sound of metal being torn apart, looking straight ahead to see that same spear suddenly lunging for him

>with his one good hand, he was able to catch the spear just before it hit his chest, the sound of metal scraping again ringing in the car as he was forcibly pushed back through it, only coming to a stop when he hit the door at the other end


>even as he kept his grip tight on the weapon, he had to struggle to keep it in place

>as he could feel the spear still moving, trying desperately to finish its flight, and the spinning and grinding was quickly burning up his hand
>needing to fix this in a hurry, but starting to wonder about something, he looked around him at the torn-up walls and ceiling of the train car, and a thought entered his mind...

>it took quite a bit of strength on his part
>first to force the tip of the spear away from him, as it continued to burn in his hand
>then to turn his arm away from his body, further distancing the spear from him
>then to rear his arm back, his hand searing in pain as his skin was burned raw
>and finally, with a roar:


>to throw the spear through the window of the car at where Brigsby was, the glass shattering with a loud CRASH as it went through
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File: 1507854319557.jpg (54.25 KB, 720x480, Really parched for some reason…)

>Well, this wasn't great. Seeing Lancer get his ass launched out of the train, the car was beginning to look like swiss cheese. What he had meant to be covering fire had instead earned him the ire of a servant. Good thing Sabers usually didn't have much in the way of a ranged atta...

>It was then that he saw Lugh toss his spear, the thing hurtling like a missile through the back of the traincar. The grinding sparks in Saber's hands as he managed to stop the damn thing in its tracks, and the way it was suddenly hurtling at him instead.


>He lashed out, hitting the brakes as twin spears of blood shot from his feet into the ground beneath him, tearing great furrows in the earth as he stopped short. Another inch forward, and the spear would of torn through his head like a rotten fruit. As it was, it simply carved a gash across the bridge of his nose, opening up a bloody fountain down his face.

"LANCER!" He called out, unhappily, as the bike skidded to a halting stop. Looking over his shoulder, the blood spouting from his nose quickly stopped and reversed course, flowing back into the wound and sealing it as a red line across his face. He decided to wait for his servant... It'd be easier to catch up to the traincar that way, but then he wouldn't be able to switch the tracks... Taking the rifle out for one last shot, he'd pull it to his eye, the sights lining up on the lever. No magic for this, he wanted it to move, not be obliterated...
>The first shot missed. The second grazed the lever, nudging it, and the third hit right in the sweetspot, throwing the tracks into position... no city escape for them.
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File: 1508195227509.jpg (253.98 KB, 600x601, __rita_mordio_tales_of_series_…)

>Ducking down under the seat she was deposited into, Annette tries to assess the situation the best she could.

Is the whole war going to be this chaotic!?

>Saber probably had a good point, everything was going to hell and abandoning the car would seem like a good idea... However.

If we leave now we're going to be sittings ducks for them, I'll be fleeing on foot a good mile or two away from the city and they could run me down with that motorcy-- Aaaah!!

>The screech of metal on metal stopped her from thinking much more as she plugged her ears to fight off the deafening noise. Peeking up from the seats, Annette watches Saber struggle with the spear seeming trying to kill him of it's own will. That was terrifying, murderous ghost weapons were not what she signed up for!!

>What was more unbelievable however was how Saber had somehow manged to fight it off with his bare hands!


>Mind boggling feat after mind boggling feat, Annette was starting to realise why her family never took part in a Grail War.

>Hearing the sound of gun fire again, cause the girl to duck down again with a yelp. But since there was no bullets entering the car she peeks her head out again and looks out the window to see Brigsby stopped at the side of the tracks. Then she looked ahead and saw that the tracks had been switched, with the car already moving onto it's new path but having been removed from the rest of the train for a while now it was starting to slow down and that meant that cowboy and Lancer could catch up with them.

...okay, we can work with this!

>The original escape plan had always intended to go this way but she also had hoped the car would be in better condition then it was now. Now it was going to be a gamble with what she was about to do but she didn't have much choice right now.

Saber I'm about to do something questionably sane so hang onto something really tight!

>The mage scrambles to the back of the car as she wraps her scroll around her arm. As she holds her arm out the back of the car, her scroll begins to glow.

Vent de dynamitage!!

>From Annette's open palm a powerful blast of wind bellows outwards pushing the train forwards down the track and now moving quicker then it once had been. Quickly enough in fact that the car was starting to rattle and shake around them and sparks flew off of screaming metal wheels on the track. It felt like the car would come apart around her but Annette had to hold her place and focus, they needed to get away and right now this was the only way to do it.

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41531342

File: 1508295867392.jpg (29.87 KB, 960x540, 42rp4oertazdgxkq3lg43xurkmip3h…)

>The bastard caught it with his bare hands, of all things! Maybe it'd be more appropriate to call them bear hands, but even a bear wouldn't be able to grip the heat of the spear for that long - such was the curse that belonged to it. For Saber to even redirect it toward his Master, it was an unexpected development that sent tingles through his spine - that man was a monster... how excited that made him! It was like staring into the unfathomable eye of Balor all over again!

Yeah, yeah, sorry! But ya made it, didn'tcha!?

>If fate had ruled that his war would end in such a way, it would have - yet they pressed on ever still. Truly, this was a clash even those mighty Gods with to be a grand spectacle!

>Rushing over to the bike, he hopped on the back - not sitting, but rather standing as he made his call.


>The spear, having shot into the distance, would seem to twist and turn in mid-air, curving back around toward the train car! Rushing through the air, Saber would likely see the glint in the rising moonlight, the bladed tip heading straight back for him-

>Until a gust of wind blasted from the back of the caboose, pushing it forward and picking up speed. Lugh's spear could do things that might seem nigh impossible, but it had limits - namely gaining momentum after it had slowed. As it stood, his spear would likely be able to catch Saber, but the minute difference in speed between it and the car meant it would seem to approach him at a snail's pace, hardly an effective tactic.

Tch...! Athibar!

>Even though his weapon had been pursuing the man seemingly on its own, it vanished in a red shimmer, appearing once more in Lancer's outstretched hand.

Not afraid to face the dangers o'that speed, huh? I kinda like her!

>As the words left his lips, he quickly realised how his words might get taken the wrong way, chuckling awkwardly for a moment.

But your steed's faster, right? Can't afford to lose 'em now!

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41531344

File: 1508299255527.jpg (324.91 KB, 798x933, Guts_Golden_Age.jpg)



>even as they skidded by on the train tracks, Saber could tell that his attempt to throw the spear had just narrowly missed Brigsby, much to his dismay

>and even though he and Lancer were now off the car, he was fairly certain this didn't mean the end of their little skirmish

>his Master said something but he wasn't paying her enough attention
>as long as she was alright then that was fine
>he was keeping his eyes focused on the trail behind them, knowing that Lancer would try to attack again if he could
>he just needed to be prepared this time, possibly to catch that infernal spear again
>he could withstand a few more burns if it meant he could put an end to this!


>sure enough, as he tuned his eyes and ears behind them...

>he heard the whistling through the air of something flying at top speeds, and he saw the glint of something against the light of the moonlit sky
>it was just as he figured!
>but just as he prepared himself to catch the spear again-


>Annette suddenly stepped in front of him, staring at the back of the car

Master, wait-!

>his panicked response was cut short when she let out her call

>and then with a FWOOSH, the car propelled itself forward
>and since Saber wasn't prepared for it, he wound up falling flat onto his face with a heavy THUD, shaking the car even more than it already had been
>he quickly lifted his head to look, only to see that his Master was...somehow fine?
>meaning the spear either passed right over both their heads, or she had actually somehow caused them to outpace it

>upon realizing this, he let out a brief but uproarious laugh

>clearly he had underestimated his little Master!

Excellent, Master! Excellent!

Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41531519

File: 1508455104893.jpg (60.2 KB, 225x350, Brigsby.jpg)

>Brigsby looked onward, to the escaping servant and master pair. Revving the bike, he rolled it up over the rails, the ride bumpy and extremely uncomfortable as he went over the wooden struts. He could barely keep up without tearing his bike to pieces, but he kept them in sight.
"We'll follow for now. The little lady's got some mighty impressive magics, I'll give her that."
>He focused on healing the bridge of his nose, the line of blood across it glowing red, before the flesh closed in its wake.
"How's your jaw?"
>He asked, ready to heal his master too... He was trying to figure out how to close the distance... how to make this all work to his favor. For now though, they would ride, and follow.

BERSERKERCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41531528

File: 1508455938097.png (164.82 KB, 216x369, Quetz.png)

Meanwhile, the God of Winds had his own problems. The winds had gathered around him, the world falling away beneath him and his master as the cool clouds ferried them to their destination. A servant with the power of flight... not jumping, or riding, but control of the very winds themselves to carry him to his destination. It was a little extraordinary. The journey hadn't been long, the wind that whipped around the two depositing them gently on the track of the train station, close to the church they were supposed to arrive at... However, Quetz was wary, his nose to the air as he set Trent down... he hadn't killed the boy after all, merely carried him farther and faster than an automobile could.

"...Something is coming. There is something here, besides me, that is controlling the winds. I believe it may be one of the competitors in this...contest."

>He said, as if the word gave him indigestion. He looked into the night, his glowing emerald eyes piercing the gloom of night to see the train car hurtling down the tracks in the distance.

"It would be prudent of you to escape my Priest. Go. Find this temple, and conduct your business. I shall... punish, these interlopers."
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Trent Kawamura!MobileNeutCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41531544


I will not. I need to see who we are facing in this contest as well, and perhaps we can identify them so we may know their weaknesses.

>Trent groans a bit as he dusts himself off. The flight at such speeds was a bit disorienting, and he was in no state to cast any magic until the blood in his ears died down enough for him to concentrate.

That being said, Berserker... I will leave the combat to you. Prepare to punish the interlopers, but do not go for the kill.

>Trent smirks and looks up at his Servant.

Unless the opportunity arises, that is.

>He moves off to the side into a bush so that he may at least be hidden until an opportune strike of surprise would be possible.

>...and so he can regain his bearings properly and be able to actually support his Servant in battle.

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41532134

File: 1508802716187.jpg (64.63 KB, 187x252, 4.jpg)


>Annette maintained the whirling blast of wind for a few more seconds before the spell ceases. She'll have to thank to second cousin twice removed for that nifty trick if she comes out of this alive.

>The car was screaming down the track now and the vibrations made her teeth rattle in her skull as she turns around to face Saber happy about his praise but still very understandably nervousness all the same.

W-we're not of the woods yet!! We still need to get off the car at the right time!

>too early and they won't have enough of a head start lose that cowboy and Lancer. Too late... and her casket will be a pile of twisted metal.

>Using the seats to stabilise herself, she puts on her goggles and pokes her head out a broken window that had been shot out when that mage open fire on her.

>They were already in the forest, and the rumbling all around her got even worse as they shot down the old unused track. She had to look for a marker, a warning that the track was about to end. That would be the signal.

Come stand next to me! The moment I say 'go' grab me and jump out the back of the car! I'll worry about our landing!
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File: 1508937418263.jpg (249.5 KB, 700x1037, Fate.Prototype.full.944131.jpg)

>A jolly fellow, wasn't he? They'd won this round, for the moment, but the train couldn't push onward forever, and by the looks of things they were headed into a section of woods. Soon he'd be able to get payback for that punch.

>Crouching down over the back of the bike, despite the bumpy ride, Lancer could only groan a little as the mere mention of the blow brought back the same dull throbbing that too much drink might cause, without the benefit of having been drunk.

S'been better. Guy's got one hell of an uppercut. Looks like we've bumped into a troublesome pair...
>A moment of solace, before he grinned.
- but that's just what gets the blood pumpin'!

>Just as he felt the rush of excitement, however, the air changed. His senses heightened, a feeling of looming dread washing down his spine. There was no question that they were going to pursue Saber and his Master, but something else was out there... somewhere. Who it was or whether or not they'd come any closer remained to be seen, but it was far better to pursue the target in front of them.

I'd recommend a little more caution from here on in though, Master. The lil' lady and the giant haven't skipped the ride yet, from what I can see - no way to tell what they're plannin' just yet.

And there's a chill I just can't shake...

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41532401

File: 1508957941602.jpg (148.12 KB, 664x794, berserk_manga_by_lalykiasca-d5…)

>as they sped down towards their destination, Saber could still sense Lancer's presence further away, knowing that they were still pursuing, so the fight wasn't finished just yet
>once they got out of the train car, he'd have the advantage, with more room to move around in and finish Lancer off if need be
>a part of him couldn't believe how this War had begun - they had just arrived in Japan and he already found an opponent worth fighting!
>if this was just how things started, imagine what would happen once things really got rolling?
>that excitement died off soon, however, as he sensed another Servant further ahead
>and while he obviously didn't know which one it was, having two Servants to fight at the same time - especially when he was already injured - might be too much to deal with
>so, while he did as his Master asked and stood beside her, he also looked out the window to try and get a better idea of where they were heading, having just as much difficulty as her thanks to the forest around them

There's another Servant up ahead, Master!

If we jump too late we may get trapped between the both of them!

>he looked over to his wounded shoulder, blood still pouring down his arm from the grievous spear strike, then back to the path ahead

But if we jump sooner, we may lose them in the forest!

Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41532441

File: 1508976628116.jpg (155.3 KB, 794x674, Brigsy.jpg)

>Brigsby finally leveled it out, going fast enough that they barely noticed the bumps. Looking it over, he felt the chill in the air as well, the unnatural breeze blowing through the trees. There was a foreboding to that wind... a challenge, and one that he wasn't sure he wanted to answer. Keeping the throttle open, he chased the traincar against his better judgement as he raced to the oncoming battle.
> Reaching back, he took one of the surgical tubes in his sleeves and offered it to Lancer. The end was tipped with a large needle that dripped cherry fluid...

"Stick that in the crook of your arm. I'll heal that concussion you've probably got."

>It wouldn't be long before they reached the station at this speed... a minute at most, and then the battle would resume.

Momo Ninjin!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41533139

File: 1509559308545.jpg (64.65 KB, 186x257, 13.jpg)

What?! Another one!? You got to be kidding me!?

>It's like they were all converging on the same place-- Oh... They are aren't they?

Of course they are! I'm an idiot!

>She should have realised that other mages would probably want to register themselves with the War's overseer as quickly as possible so who knows how many people were converging on the same location.

Saber, let's go!

>But they still had a screaming metal coffin to get out of first, then she can worry of her mistake.

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41533184

File: 1509584815039.jpg (69.8 KB, 466x1136, d9cd9ba838b28714709c0a7b049d66…)

>Well, that was a nice gesture, if a little odd. Realistically speaking Lancer only really needed a constant flow of Brigsby's mana to heal, but he had to admit that it was a low process. Though he was starting to get a good grasp of what his Master's magic was all about, what with the constant use of blood, he had to admit he wasn't really prepared to directly connect with that stuff.

>Even so, he gripped the needle and stuck it roughly where Brigsby told him to.

Well, can't be any worse than that punch I took... bottoms up! F'that's even the right thing t'say...

>Thus the blood flowed in, and surprisingly he could feel his mind clearing up from the foggy pain. Technically it didn't matter where the needle had been put, his body in this form wasn't really 'human' and more a manifestation - a rich flow of mana like this would work from anywhere, but Lugh didn't really know any better than to carry on as though he were truly alive.

>And what better way to feel that thunderous rush than the heat of battle!?

Let's push this chariot to the limit! F'we're gonna do this, might as well give it our all!

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41533190

File: 1509587641848.jpg (98.71 KB, 468x676, 496292-berserk_guts_3215.jpg)



>once Annette gave the call, Saber wrapped his arms around her and held her as close as he could without crushing her

>he then leapt backwards out of the speeding car, placing his faith in her to get them out of harm's way and out of sight

>he just hoped that whatever Annette had in mind, it would push them into the forest
>at least in hiding there would be less of a chance of getting ambushed by either Servant in the area
>if only briefly
>they just needed to keep away for a bit longer, until his Master's mana healed them, and then he could turn the tables on them both

Arianna Addison!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41533600

File: 1509946717110.jpg (715.79 KB, 707x1000, 5cb611ec073563beb81501dfd56f39…)

>A smile appears on the young girls face, seeming a bit pleased with the class she had summoned.

Archer, huh? I suppose I couldn't have asked for a better match.

>They soon arrive at the kitchen, and she reaches into the cupboard to grab a glass for the man.

>She then moves towards he large fridge, pressing the glass into a small compartment in the door that would dispense water into the glass.
>She then turns and hands it to him.

I can use a sniper rifle. I can infuse my mana into the rifle and fire it as concentrated bursts. It's heavy though, so I'd be locked down to one location. I can't run around quickly while I'm carrying it.

>She then leans back against the counter, and crosses her arms.

Now that we know what each other is capable of, it shouldn't be too hard to come up with a plan. I'd obviously be better hanging back as support, but what do you want to do?

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File: 1510529267255.jpg (28.55 KB, 848x480, IMG_1332.JPG)

>Brigsby didn't seem to mind as his almost vampiric powers poured mana directly into Lancer's wounds. The red seeping out of him seemed alive, thrumming with it as it regrew the bones that had fractured in Lancer's jaw, and all the other aches and scrapes. Finally, Brigsby seemed to think his servant was healed.
"Yeah, we need to catch them. Hold on then Lancer."
Slamming the throttle, Brigsby used one hand and unscrewed the cap on the gas tank in front of him. Taking a glass vial out of his jacket, the red liquid inside was unceremoniously dumped inside as he concentrated and screwed it back up.
"Liquefy, bonds of blood, and let loose the fire in my veins!"
>He shouted as the bike roared. The front tire came up as a blast of scarlet flames rushed out of the tailpipes, the bike working on his magic as it blasted off the track. It was everything that brigsby could do to keep the squirrely vehicle from smashing into a a tree as he ran the escaping pair down...

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File: 1510529905543.jpg (49.23 KB, 528x337, IMG_1365.JPG)

>Meanwhile, the winds had already carried the scent of blood to the oncoming hunter. The golden armor gleamed as Quetzalcoatl strode forward with glorious purpose, the trees obscuring his prey's sight, but not their scent. He could smell them... the smell of weakness. Now that battle was on the horizon, he could feel the control he had slipping. The haze of bloodlust and madness slipping over him like a warm blanket... his eyes narrowed, clouded as his mind gave everything up to the hunt. His lips curled in a bloodthirsty grimace, a more apt description than most as he disappeared with dizzying speed. Leaping into the towering pines, his feet caught the trunks only to push off with crushing force, his body carried by the winds himself as he drew to the two in the forests. They had scarce moments to prepare, as the heard the tortured cry of a man driven mad; the cackling, bone chilling mix of cruel laughter, and horrendous, pained screams.

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File: 1510697134337.jpg (266.44 KB, 800x800, __rita_mordio_tales_of_series_…)

>Once they were in the air, Annette's scroll once again took on a glow and one moment later, the world took one a blue hue, becoming muffled and wet.

>A huge bubble of water, acting more like a glob of jelly, had surrounded them and protected them from the impact with the hard ground.

>Then it bounced of the ground hurled itself towards the forest. With plenty of momentum, the water glob bounced off boulders, trees and whatever else was in it's path like a pinball before it finally slammed into a great solid oak tree and burst on impact with a loud splash.

>Annette let out a gasp of air now that she could finally open her mouth without getting full of magical jelly water... why the hell did she think using one of her younger brother's spells would be a good idea for this.

>in the tumble within the bubble, Annette's scroll had wrapped around her and pinned her arms to her sides and she sighs to herself.

At least... we're safe for now...

>Wet and looking like a Christmas present but safe.

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File: 1511134708030.jpg (86.07 KB, 850x531, __lancer_fate_prototype_and_fa…)

>The high speed chase was coming to an end, watching in the distance as the pair leapt from the car, shrouding themselves in what looked like some sort of blue orb before disappearing into the nearby woods. The bike pursued, but at it reached the point that the enemy had diverged from the tracks, Lancer took position on the back of the bike, crouching low and readying his spear.

I'm going ahead, Master!


>A sharp kick off the back of the bike forced it into a wheelie for a moment, as Lancer flew into the air after the runaway Saber and his master.

>He could certainly sense it now, while scanning the area with his eyes for any sight of his target. Someone else was here, approaching slowly with an ominous sense of power. Lancer couldn't be sure where it was coming from, but if he didn't finish this quickly he'd know sooner than he'd have liked!

>That's when he saw them - drenched in a small clearing of the woods through some means or another. He would never get a better shot than this.

>A mere few seconds had passed like minutes, floating just above the trees. If he'd carried on like he did he would've overshot them by a considerable margin and landed elsewhere - so he took his spear and held the end of the shaft, spinning it to build its own momentum before swiping it downward forcefully.


>With an almost manic grin, he gripped the haft tightly in both hands as he began a sharp descent, the tip of his spear pointed right toward the enemy servant!

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File: 1511145040829.png (1.94 MB, 1920x1080, berserk_guts_by_dragonwarrior_…)


>that was not the sound Saber expected to hear when they flew into the forest

>nor was he expecting to be surrounded in a bubble of water, not that he was particularly worried either way
>he wasn't entirely pleased with bouncing around the forest like that, but like a good Servant he held his Master tight and made no complaints


>Saber slid down to the ground while still holding Annette, spitting out a bit of water after a moment's rest

>as much as he would like to think they were out of the woods, at least figuratively...

>the wild howl that echoed through the forest proved that they were far from safe

I'm afraid not, Master...

>he soon stood up, still holding Annette the whole time, knowing she couldn't move very easily

>he looked in the direction of the howl, now far more certain about which Servant was heading towards them
>he really hoped he was wrong, though

We can't stay. We have to move, or this is going to-




>Saber turned just as the voice shouted at him, seeing that too-familiar red lance aimed right at his head

>it took split-second timing, but Saber was just able to duck down under Lancer's thrust, the blade passing over his head by just a hair
>the Servant glared at his opponent for just a moment, and even while he itched to fight back, he had other priorities to consider
>they were trapped in the forest, his Master was currently indisposed, and there were now two Servants barreling down on them
>he had to move

>so he quickly dashed away from Lancer, tucking Annette under his arm and running like a football player

>he ducked and weaved between each tree trunk, trying to get away from both of the Servants he sensed coming their way, not knowing where they were actually heading aside from that

Master, we may need a new plan! We're in a bit of a pinch here!

Caster!ScratchNrcCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534710

File: 1511469568485.jpg (61 KB, 450x515, 0c356b399bae4ff1097dab4ae044b2…)


>Caster chuckles very lightly and briefly at Alicia's statement, her own eyes narrowing as she simply smiled slightly

<"Alas, Ms. Archard, you're not the Beatrice or Virgil of this tale, that role must fall to me."

>The servant thinks to herself briefly in regards to Alicia's comment

>Though, in reply to Alicia's later comment, Caster nods and lets out a little bit of a giggle

I should think not! Though they may all be as sprawling and easy to lose ones-self in as a forest, they don't quite foster the same atmosphere or wild life. Down we go then!

>She notes holding a finger to her cheek as she started to walk backwards towards their way down

I'm certain with one of these pieces of modern technology around we can get directions.

Archer!jSaxman3BgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41534955

File: 1511864864067.jpg (42.94 KB, 320x240, 46335-30991-0.jpg)


It was no secret that most (if not all) Servants would manifest with the knowledge of the modern world that would allow them to efficiently function outside of their element; that, however, might be easy to forget from the way Archer was regarding the glass of water that, from the expression on his face, had just magically appeared. Whether the Throne decided that the newest appliances available at Arianna's catalogs of choice didn't qualify as necessary knowledge, innate knowledge and seeing something for oneself were two different things, or something in Archer's brain had just plain been rattled loose by the summoning (assuming it had been wrenched tightly to begin with) all seemed likely options as he moved to the refrigerator as if entranced, one shaky hand steadily going out to depress the lever he'd seen his Master hold the glass still being offered to him against.

The way he almost visibly jerked away from the stream of ice-cold water pooling in the palm of his hand confirmed for him that this wasn't some cruel hoax, as did when he lifted his cupped hands to his lips for a tentative sip, and from there it was off to the races.

It wasn't so much awe at the mechanism itself, though the way he formed a makeshift bowl with both hands inside the refrigerator's alcove to fill his palms as quickly as possible certainly contributed to Arianna's Servant's newfound vigor as he began sucking down as much water as he could possibly manage, gasping and gulping, his face spending several seconds buried in his cupped hands each time before he would go back for more. He looked... not quite deranged, but like a man who had spent so long being cynical and world-weary that the thought of ever seeing anything like this had gone beyond being a dream or a myth and was simply no longer ever considered, simply another flight of fancy one's brain couldn't waste time daydreaming about. Water dribbled down the stubble on his chin and splashed from his hands to the floor as he drank his fill, even as he abruptly remembered the glass that had started this all to begin with and, hastily taking it from her, throwing his head back and gulping it down as quickly as he could manage.

Only once that last vessel was empty would some semblance of self-awareness begin to return to him as, with a few last gasping swigs, he slowly returned his attention to her.

"... Well," he began with an embarrassed expression, glancing to the side as he lifted up one sleeve to wipe his chin clean of the tap water massacre. "If you're more comfortable hanging back, that just means you're probably in an even better position than most other Masters, yeah? They wanna stay out of harm's way anyway, but if you can provide intel and act on that, that's just as good as another set of hands in a fight." He tried to act casual about it this time as he slowly swung the glass to his side, tapping it against the refrigerator's door a few times before finally finding the alcove without looking and then missing the lever contained within a few times as well. "Hopefully it's not so heavy you can't at least wield it in self-defense should another Master find you; as for a Servant finding you, well." The corner of his lip twitched upwards. "That's what you have me for. Me and your Command Seals."
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File: 1512718522810.jpg (1.25 MB, 959x1300, war god.jpg)

>Quetzalcoatl had had enough of pleasantries and escorting his master around. He'd had enough of mortal squabbles, and the respect he was due had not been received, and with this curse of blood and madness running through his body he could no longer contain himself. People would die tonight, to slake his thirst, and he had found the first victims. The souls of entire nations of mortals could not satisfy him, but here, he smelled something different. Dashing over the treetops, his nostrils flared as he inhaled the scent of a servant... a godling... a worthy set of foes. His hunt was over, and his chuckles died as he gave a mighty leap over Saber's head, and landed with a crash on the forest floor. Wood splintered underneath the callused feet of a man who had run the woods his entire life, flesh bared to the world but for paints of war and sacrifice upon his skin. A golden crown of feathers adorned his Head. In his hand rested a cleaver, the size unwieldy, teeth of sharp obsidian, the spine carved with evil faces wrought in purest gold... Marching forward with divine purpose, Quetzalcoatl, Berzerker, smacked his fist against his chest in challenge before his eyes clouded over. As the dull thump of his fist washed over their ears, The green glow in his eyes dulled to a cloudy, fogged red as his lips parted in a scream that wasn't even human. The winds seemed to scream with him, a hurricane gale plowing through the treetops as he sounded his challenge.


>Leaping into the air high enough to brush the treetops, he grasped the archaic weapon in both hands, the whole thing sheathing itself in a swirling vortex of air that moved so fast the weapon seemed to shimmer in the night. The wind seemed to catch him, rocketing him down towards the earth faster than he should of been able to fall as he came down like a meteor on...

(Postnumber even) Lancer
(Postnumber odd) Saber
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File: 1512756613986.jpg (114.06 KB, 1191x670, berserk_guts_by_dragonwarrior_…)

>Saber heard the movement over his head and already surmised that the other Servant he had been dreading running into had reached them
>though he couldn't instantly know who each Servant was before actually seeing them, that animalistic and bloodthirsty roar that echoed through the forest could only belong to one of them
>and the fact that they were running into him so soon meant this war could be over before it even began
>all he could do was keep running and hope that he could evade him just long enough to get Annette to the safe area-



>at least until the being that could only be Berserker dropped down right in front of him

>with Lancer still hot on his trail, and now with a hulking behemoth of a man in his path, his options were now limited

>he could try to run in another direction and hope that Lancer would occupy Berserker for a while longer, but the odds of one of them catching up again was very high
>and he couldn't risk Annette's safety like that for any longer
>fact was, unless they had been ordered to, the Servants were after him, not her
>and as long as he hauled her around like he did, she was in danger

>so in the end, the choice was clear

My apologies, Master!

>he turned and tossed Annette off into another clearing in the forest, though a fairly close one so she wouldn't get too hurt by the fall

>this left him just enough time to turn back to Berserker and draw his rusted sword, holding it up to defend himself as the beast crashed right into him


>the force and weight of the monster was enough to send even one as big as him down to the ground, the impact leaving a small crater in its wake, sending up chunks of earth and grass all around them while the trees shook

>his sword was pinned between the jagged teeth of the massive club that Berserker was wielding, but it was the only thing keeping it from completing its descent and reaching the flesh of the King of the Geats
>more astonishingly for him was the strain it was taking just to keep the weapon where it was, feeling Berserker push against him with phenomenal strength, possibly strength that even surpassed his own
>it might excite him to fight such an enemy, if he wasn't still worried about the safety of his Master

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535703

File: 1512946468733.png (553.07 KB, 500x590, 6ece97a3f35273e415b91e4f1e3d0d…)

>Having fallen from the sky only for Saber to dodge, Lancer's attack smashed into the ground where he had been only moments ago, tossing up dirt and laving a small crater in the earth, the tip of his spear in the centre.
>With all the dust in his way, the sword-wielder had a chance to make a swift exit before Lugh hopped out from his own little hole in the ground, eyes locking on to the large back of the running man.

Hoh? Master comes first, then... a valiant choice.
>A quick light toss of his spear allowed him to catch it by the haft, readying a long throw.
Shame chivalry won't save you he-


Ooooh, shit-lovin' son of a rare-brooked kipper!

>He thought he'd had more time, that perhaps their third participant had been content to watch or was waiting for the outcome of their battle, but here was a warrior who looked even more eager to fight than they were.

>And holy crap could he JUMP!

>Strength enough to bring that man down to the floor!? Whoever the new player in the game was, they were no laughing matter.
>Reaching out mentally to Brigsby for a moment, he crouched onto the ground like an Olympian on the starting blocks.

>*Bit of a brawl happenin' right now, Master! I wouldn't drive too recklessly! Saber's Master should be alone around here somewhere!*

>He'd leave the magic to the mages. Right now, someone had just begun rudely interrupting his fun.

>Kicking off fro the dirt, Lancer raced forward, heading toward the downed Saber and the unknown hulk of a Servant much like a human missile-
>Lancer's speartip and feet slammed into the flat side of the ridiculously sized blade, knocking it away and far to the side of Saber as he kicked off, elegantly landing a few feet away from the scene.

Tch..! I'd hoped my spear would at least leave a crack. Looks like that thing isn't built just for looks!
But you've made one mistake, coming here...
>Lugh levelled his spear, pointing it directly at the exotically-presented mountain of a man.
Saber's mine to fight!

Arianna Addison!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41535788

File: 1513039955625.png (478.54 KB, 862x965, 749a3f3179cfa3984c70ba1d26a0d8…)


>Arianna takes a small step back at the sudden display Archer puts on before her.

>While their fighting styles might be good matches, it was clear they were two very different kinds of people.
>Even with it in mind that he was a Hero from the past, she found it surprising that he'd act this way.
>Did she fail the summoning?
>Well, no point dwelling on it. What's done is done after all.
>She takes a step forward again, and prepares to answer him.

..Yes. I have very little in terms of close range self defense, so I'll try and save the Seals for emergencies.

>She steps to the side and heads towards a large window in her kitchen, and looks out towards her large yard.

From this point, I'd say we could either go out and look for other Servants and Masters, or simply wait for them to come to us.

It seems to me that either way would work. I'd just need to stay hidden.

Though of course, if we go out looking it'd be pretty easy to fool them into thinking you've gone out on your own.

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536399

File: 1513731867400.png (242.39 KB, 600x600, __rita_mordio_tales_of_series_…)

>Struggling a bit against her bindings before she managed to get an arm free, Annette too heard the howl that was heading their way.

I just had to meet the priest in person. Nooooo, why would I bother with modern convinces like an email when I can be in the middle of the forest soaking wet and about to be unwillingly involved in a Servant three-way from he--



>And now they were running, again. With Annette as an angry red french football this time.

I'm running out of escape plans here! J-just give me a minute to figure something--

>and the football was tossed.

AAaaaah-- ooof!!

>Annette crash lands into the clearing and rolls through the grass. Luckily this unravels her from her scroll and sets her free.

Oh god... this is the worst possible thing.

>scrambling up and towards a tree as cover, the young mage peeks around it and gets a better glimpse at what they were up against. No doubt... that was a Berserker.

Ooooh... merde!

>Plan plan plan, need a plan!

>...there was only one thing that could work in this situation.

>"Saber! Do what you can survive! I need to find Lancer's master and form a truce with him or else none of us are coming out of this alive!!"

>The little french girl dashes back in the direction they came from, giving the battle field a wide birth as she made her way back up the hill towards the tacks.

Come on Texas Ranger, where the hell are you!?

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File: 1513734367569.jpg (36.16 KB, 996x641, 4345be6945388bafd81050fb9130a5…)

>Meanwhile, Brigsby had been busy trying to get a Harley Davidson through the middle of a fucking forest. Roaring out of the underbrush next to Bellrose, he knew exactly the kind of situation they were in. Holding out an arm to her as he skidded to a stop, he looked over his shoulder at the mountain of a man bearing down on Saber and gulped. Well, time to make nice now. There were a lot of things to say, but right now getting out of here was top of his list. So, instead, he gave Annette three words as he gave her a hand to her feet.
"Need a lift?"

>Turning to his mental connection with Lancer, he looked over the fight with worry.

"Lancer, your job is to survive. Kill him if you think it's possible, and get Saber's help. I'm fleeing with Saber's master, but there's no point in getting you both killed before the war's even started. Give us time to get away, and I doubt even he can catch up."
>He thought, before he roared away, Annette on the bike or no, eager to get away from the screaming man.

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File: 1513735261971.jpg (265.51 KB, 1412x414, smash.jpg)

>As Berserker came down like a meteor, the club impacted the sword with chips of splintering obsidian and the ring of gold on iron as the full weight of the thing became known to Saber. It was made of solid gold, the archaic weapon easily weighing a hundred kilos or more. So why then, was he waving it around like a willow wand? The sheath of air around it also became known as the storm it was carrying broke down on them as Berserker's feet planted themselves in the dirt. The air blasted down to Saber's face, blowing his eyelids open, forcing itself into his mouth as his lips were blown back from the force. The gale was strong enough to rip chunks of the ground from the forest floor! This was a noble phantasm being waved around, uncovered, and vulnerable! As the club threatened to break his arms with Quetz's strength...
>The club was thrown off, Lancer's entire body weight needed to knock the thing off course. The club carved a gash into the earth, the rent tearing a great divot in the earth much larger than the weapon should have made... The interferance also twisted Berserker's face into a mask of even more rage. Pointing his club imperiously at Lancer with only a single hand holding it aloft, he looked over both of them before he screamed... well, unless they had the gift of tongues, it sounded like gibberish.

>Giving a wordless roar, he lunged forward, club falling into a two handed grip behind him as he brought it up in a swinging uppercut to take Lancer's head off! He moved like a wild, feral animal, the weapon he wielded neither nuanced or subtle... The blade of wind it carried behind it, ready to blast Lancer back even if he blocked even more so. This wouldn't be easy...

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536405

File: 1513737520288.jpg (81.2 KB, 500x429, Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-500x429…)

>Saber growled as the pressure that Berserker was exuding, feeling like he had just stepped into the center of a gale force wind, and that was on top of having the bladed club pressing down on him, threatening to push his own sword into his throat
>whatever this beast of a man was, he wasn't even attempting to hold his strength back, nor did he seem to have any concerns about his identity being discovered through his Phantasm
>though how he could use it without announcing the name?
>not that it mattered, since he was clearly a Berserker, and just knowing who he really was didn't mean they had a chance of beating him


>Lancer's timely interference finally relieved him of the extreme pressure he was under, leaving him able to breathe again for just a moment

>he contemplated whether to flee after his Master and leave Lancer to contend with Berserker, which he immediately discarded
>he was many things, but dishonorable was not one of them
>nor would he stab Lancer in the back, with the opportunity right before him
>and with his Master's permission given, he finally allowed himself to grow excited
>a grin began to spread across his face as he began to relish this opportunity
>and he soon sat up, before rising to his feet
>he repeatedly rotated his injured arm, hissing with each turn, as the pain began to lessen in his mind more and more
>until finally, properly psyched up, he responded to his Master briefly

<"Good luck, Master."


>he then let out a bellow of his own, charging at Berserker while his attention was briefly diverted to Lancer, swinging his rusted sword at his side

>and then again
>and again
>and again
>and again and again and again and again and again!
>like a woodsman trying to fell a gigantic redwood, Saber swung his sword over and over again at Berserker, simply trying to cause the behemoth some damage, however minute

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41536417

File: 1513741927254.jpg (29.87 KB, 960x540, 42rp4oertazdgxkq3lg43xurkmip3h…)

>Seemed like the plan was to back up. No harm in it, and damn this guy was strong.
>Each swing of that weapon was like a storm in itself, tearing apart indiscriminately all that lay around it.
>Giving his master a wide berth from this thing was easily agreed with.
>Given how difficult it had been to get the guy to even budge with his full body weight, he had no qualms working with Saber to help delay the monster.

<"Gotcha, boss! 'Tween the two of us, I reckon we---"

>The moment was far too swift for his liking.
>The massive torrent of steel and glass collided in an upward swing against the half of his spear,
>Were that not a divine weapon in itself it would have easily broken in twain from the mere force of the blow.

>Of course, block or not, it had taken every ounce of his arm strength simply to hold the spear in place against the attack.

>His feet having already risen off the ground as his body hurtled backwards at high speed towards a nearby tree-
>and the next nearby tree-
>before finally coming to a halt by digging a foot back into the ground, Lancer's body spinning awkwardly in the dirt;
>Until he managed to dig the spear into the floor, and even then hurtling several feet back, a line marked in the earth to his position.

COUGH... ack...! Fuck me sideways...! Tha' felt like a blow from a bloody giant..!

>As he recovered slowly to his feet, Saber's roar echoed from the battle, still barely in view.
>A vicious as the repeated attacks were, there was no way of knowing if they'd be effective from so far away.
>Lancer raised his spear, gripping it with both-

... huh? Haha... I see.

> -with one hand.

>The other currently sat limp by his side, unable to move and dislocated in several places.
>Clearly the earlier blow had dealt him a worse hand than he initially thought.

With one arm, then...!

>Lugh rushed back toward the fight.

>Even if it had only been a few moments, a split second in close combat with that Berserker could spell bad times ahead for his impromptu ally.
>Once again reaching out with his mind, he considered carefully his next few words to Brigsby.

<"... permission for free release of my Noble Phantasm, Master? It could get pretty bad out here."
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File: 1514593600475.jpg (64.63 KB, 187x252, 4.jpg)

>Just them an she was looking for, loudly rolling up to her on his two wheeled death machine.
>"Need a lift."

...Oui monsieur.

>She didn't want to get on, but being on a mortal cycle was better then fleeing on foot. Annette climbs on behind Brigsby and shouts at him over the noise polluting machine.


>The sounds of battle nearby could still be hear clearly even while she was sitting on such a loud contraption.

>This is a grail war.

>The thought had come in her mind over and again every time something happened to boggle her mind and yet here she was again, what she witnessed before topped by something even more awe inspiring and terrifying.

<"Saber... please be careful..."
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>Brigsby could only grimace at the damage that Lancer had taken; The way this fight was progressing, Berserker would be the only one left alive. The two martial fighters had done so much damage to each other that he soubted the two of them together fought as well as one of them had alone. At Lancer's request however...
"I really doubt that tipping our hand against Berserker is going to cause difficulties in the long run. Any fool who summoned that thing is likely a madman on his own, and Berserker is already using his. Fire away Lugh. I'll be fine."
>Oh, this was going to suck. He knew the amounts of mana that this sort of thing used were astronomical. Reaching into the saddlebag on the side of the chopper, he fished out a red crystal... the same red crystal that tipped each of the bullets in his hidden revolver. Popping it into his mouth like candy, he crunched down on it, feeling the power of it suffuse his form, and by extension, Lugh would feel that power available to him. Turning his head slightly so he could see both the road and Annette out of his peripheral vision, he said
"Lugh's probably got this! Truce for the night?!"
>he yelled over the winds. Even if Lugh won, they were still enemies in this war... but that didn't mean that they couldn't be civil.

BERSERKER Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41537699

As Lugh was launched into the forest, dealt with for the moment, Berserker had barely enough time to deflect the first of those sword swings with the massive bladed cudgel. As the sword sparked off, he brought the massive club back to attack, before his eyes widened with a growl at how fast Saber had brought his own weapon back for another attack... and another! Stepping back, Berserker's weapon expertly came down to deflect every other strike.... and even if he could weild the massive club of his like a willow wand, that didn't change the fact that it was certainly unweildy. Backed up, past the reach of his weapon, Berserker was on the defensive! He snarled and growled as he was forced to give up ground, and as he did so Saber might recognize the nature of his madness... he had protected a mead hall in his human life of course. He had seen this. This man, were he not enhanced, could likely easily think through the situation. Berserker, however, could not, not because he was acting like a feral animal, but because he was two steps away from being blackout drunk.

The drunken behemoth roared once again, stepping back with a sway as Saber's sword opened a red line over Berserker's breast, blood flowing down the chisled physique... and that was when Berserker had had enough. During the recoil of that swing, Berserker found his opening, as instead of stepping back, he lunged forward. The wind gathered behind him, a typhoon of force carried behind Berserker's ungodly strength as the armored gauntlet of Quetzalcoatl's golden hand drove itself towards Saber's gut...
Lancer however had been forgotten... or simply ignored, as the narrow mind of the battle frenzied giant before them focused on what was currently attacking them... This might be Lancer's chance to knock out two birds with one spear as it were.

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41537700

File: 1515448953219.jpg (114.06 KB, 1191x670, berserk_guts_by_dragonwarrior_…)

>with his Master's concern ringing somewhere in the back of his mind, Saber simply continued his relentless assault on the frame of Berserker, swinging his sword again and again
>truthfully, he didn't have much of a plan to defeat Berserker, he just had to keep him at bay
>that was as far as he could think, as he roared and wailed on him again and again
>a cut here, a nick there, whatever it took to just hold the monster back, and maybe he could eventually chop him down
>and it seemed as though it was working, bizarrely enough
>by sticking close to him, the massive club that Berserker wielded couldn't get close enough to hit him, so he was free to keep nicking at him as long as he could
>and once blood was drawn, Saber let out a blood-thirsty roar of his own



>or started to, rather

>but the fist to his gut stopped him in his tracks, and much to his surprise, sent flying back through the forest after the wind had been knocked out of his body
>and so he flew right past a preparing Lancer, crashing through...






>three trees before falling onto the forest floor, groaning weakly afterwards

>he'd be up and moving again in a moment or two, but for now he needed to catch his breath

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538119

File: 1516236499450.jpg (2.23 MB, 2480x3507, Lancer.(Fate.stay.night).full.…)


Heh... guess the tide's turnin'!
>Only one arm, but with full access to his arsenal. Sure, Saber might see it, and he'd lose the advantage in that fight, but it was better to make this out and be able to finish their fight later than get crushed by that Berserker again.

>It was only a short distance before he'd be in range. Without being able to hold off the recoil with both arms, he'd have to use the lesser form or be blown away with it, but even that should leave a nasty dent.

>No sooner had he began to approach, however, that Saber flew right past. For even that guy to get blown away like that, clearly he couldn't mess this up. If he gave Berserker even an inch, the fight would be lost, and revealing his weapon's true nature would be for nothing.

>He'd hoped to have Saber distract the raging beast long enough for him to get a clean blow, but if he held back things would likely get worse real fast. No, he had to give it all he had - what warrior wouldn't in this situation!?

Alright, ya mad titan, have at you!

>Lugh approached the battered land, the site of his battle with Saber, the heavy blows and clashing of blades having splintered several of the tree trunks and kicking dust into the air. As it began to settle, the shape of the golden lord of wind slowly came into view.


>Revealing one of the many names of his spear, the haft began to split slightly, the gaps between each segment glowing with a red-hot flare. The part he gripped with his one good hand was by far the longest, while the rest took on runes that glowed with a similar intensity to the splits along the length - and began to rotate, individually, with increasing speed.

Luin Celtchair..!

>Another name, and the tip of the spear split into three parts, opening wide like a fierce jaw and revealing a charging glow as the tri-pronged end began to spin around an orb of red light, Lancer kicking forward and bringing himself to a skidding halt, arm reared back!


LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538122

File: 1516237111626.jpg (63.99 KB, 960x514, CEAobQOVEAA_KbZ.jpg)

>With a mighty toss, Lugh threw the red spear forward with all the intensity one of his proud arms could muster!


>The final and truest of all names, any heroic spirit who heard it would instantly know who he was - Lugh, the Irish hero of old, slayer of Balor, father of Cu Chulainn and the man of unparalled talent in his time.

>The spear itself launched forward with a roar not unlike a rocket, the red glow spreading to encompass the forest as it flew towards Berserker like a missile!
>Until it halted in mid-air, an abrupt stop that seemed almost alien to physics, almost a hundred feet away from the giant. Had it failed? Was a spear not supposed to pierce its target?

>Not this spear.

>A massive beam of red light erupted from the opening at the end of the weapon, a blast of piercing energy that evaporated the trees in front of it, the very laser of demise that had blown through the single large eye of Balor himself,
>All headed straight for the mad giant's hulking form!

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538164

File: 1516374628703.jpg (78.5 KB, 397x482, 1d079bba30c8e372a84607b0374ac3…)

>A truce for the night sounded like a good idea. At least it'd get her to the church, registered for the war in one piece, and finally establish a base of operations.

Sounds good to me! And don't you underestimate what we're up against here!! A Berserker could easily take on every other servant in the war with an ample supply of mana at their disposal!

>Saber was no slouch either but if Lancer over exerted himself in this battle she wouldn't be too torn up about it. Even if this was a truce, part of her still had to look at him as her enemy.

>Both her and Saber were getting a good look at what Lancer was capably of as well. If they survive this, her and Saber will have to review what they've seen.

>"Lancer's Noble Phantasm's incoming Saber, don't get caught in the crossfire."

TroubleCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538294

File: 1516662684095.jpg (36.16 KB, 996x641, 4345be6945388bafd81050fb9130a5…)

>Meanwhile, Brigsby broke out of the forest, roaring onto a service road near the trainstation, and more importantly, near the church. He was about to say something smart-assed when the massive red beam of Gae-Assail made itself apparent through the light of the trees, the entirety of the forest glowing in stark shadows and red light. He watched trees evaporate behind him, and those that didn't evaporate burst into flames from the radiant heat. He was pretty speechless after that, as he drove away from the carnage.
"Well, that solves that. Next stop, Kirei"

TroubleCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538296

File: 1516664750403.jpg (271.42 KB, 2560x1440, smile~.jpg)

>Bloodied and weakened, Quetzalcoatl's blood trance was beginning to weaken as he felt his own pain sobering him up. He watched as Saber flew back into the bushes, his body disappearing into the forest with a satisfying cacophony of broken crunches and snaps... before he heard that gaelic chanting.


>The broken cripple was advancing on him with one arm. The injured prey, backed into one corner, was lashing out his last.

Luin Celtchair..!

>Names... there was something special about names... what was the mad celt speaking of? What was he... no... For the first time, Lugh would see awareness. Surprise. Fear. As Quetzalcoatl's fearsome mind fought it's way out of the fog of war, the mad titan was able to react with more than animalistic bloodlust, if even for just a moment. Though he struggled to scream over the voice of Lugh, over the sound of his impending destruction, he managed to say one word in his incomprehensible gibberish.

>Lugh wouldn't be able to see what his blast had done as it raced over Berserker, but it took a shape he wasn't familiar with. As it collided with Quetzalcoatl, it didn't pierce. Instead, it reflected, as if splashing against a surface it could not penetrate. A disk of red light spread out as a cone that devastated everything to either side of Berserker, trees uprooting and stones reduced to flying cinders... When the beam stopped, the energy faded, there would be no sign of Berserker left. Only a teardrop shape of green grass remained where the titan had been standing...

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538377

File: 1516750535364.jpg (98.71 KB, 468x676, 496292-berserk_guts_3215.jpg)


>Saber let out another roar as he sat back up, in an attempt to dull the pain shooting through his body through sheer will

>he couldn't afford to stay down for very long, with who was involved in this fight they were liable to tear the whole forest apart
>so he wasted little time and pushed himself back up to his feet, charging back towards the battlefield as fast as he could

>though as he made his way towards it, he could hear Lancer's voice call out through the night, saying a number of names that would ring familiar in his ears
>he must've been using his Noble Phantasm, as Saber had been warned about
>but he was more surprised to hear another voice speak in a different tongue, just before another shockwave blew through the forest, halting him in his tracks as the force of the wave kept him from moving


>he weathered the explosion for the brief moment that it lasted, then resumed his trek back to ground zero

>he clearly arrived a bit too late, now only seeing a crater where Berserker once stood, and the damage left behind
>he stared bewildered at the spot for a moment, then looked over to Lancer

...did you get him?

>he sounded just a bit dazed, seemingly still reeling from the earlier blow

LANCER!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538383

File: 1516754922340.jpg (21.49 KB, 146x362, face7.jpg)

>Through the bright light and the dust being kicked up from the blast, Lugh couldn't see any of what happened that didn't involve the ray of light and heat, but the word rang loud and clear. Sure enough, upon the release of something, a powerful burst of prana seemed to fill the air - a wave of power that seemed to radiate from the point of impact.

>And that was the problem - impact. Gae Assail was well known for being able to pierce through most anything, even Lugh himself knew it to be an artifact beyond mortal means of creation, a weapon that didn't belong in the hands of men, yet even still the ray collided with something powerful enough to split the precise attack into fragments, back into itself. Instead of a penetrating line, for the briefest moment there existed split rays, cutting into the earth, trees and even the clouds above, until the spear shut down, dropping harmlessly into the dirt below.

>Berserker was no-where to be seen... but Lugh knew better.

So... you stopped my unstoppable blow, Berserker.
>The weapon returning to his hand, the spearman let it fade into the ether for now, an odd choice given Saber was nearing him, but a choice made nonetheless.

No... but I forced his hand. Had t'tip my own to do it, but it seems he used a last resort of his own.

>Either way, he was gone. Whether he'd shifted into spirit form or simply left too quickly for them to grasp, Saber along with him could likely sense that they were the only two servants in the area. It wouldn't be too much to assume they had beaten him, were Lancer not privy to his own strengths.

Still, we fought as warriors ought. If he weren't staggered from your own blows, I doubt it would'a worked at all. Mad bastard gave as good as he got...

>Lugh's limp arm was show enough for him, not to mention the use of his Noble Phantasm taking up much of his own strength, given he didn't want to tax Brigsby too much while he was on his own. Saber, meanwhile, didn't look too worse for wear, but had clearly taken a nasty hit or two, if not in such obvious ways.

An' here I was worryin' I wouldn't get to take you down myself. You're as tough a nut as he is.

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538408

File: 1516847121046.jpg (65.23 KB, 189x258, 11.jpg)

>Though she couldn't feel the impending doom that Berserker exuded, she had a feeling that it wasn't going to be the last time she saw that brute.

Yeah... the faster this is over with, the better.

>But the immediate threat was gone and there was more pressing matters to attend to now.

<"Saber the battle's done, focus on recovering from your injuries for now. ...You deserve the rest."

>While it wasn't optimal to trust another master, the vibe she got from Brigsby was one she could expect not to backstab her.

>That didn't mean she'd let her guard down, if he tried anything, she'd strangle him with her scroll and steal his motorcycle.

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538700

File: 1517435384383.jpg (377.91 KB, 736x1064, e3a6cd99e8c705b3c1a28fde2041ac…)

>Saber showed no visible reaction to Annette's suggestion, his response not coming right away
>he had overheard Lancer use his Noble Phantasm, and Berserker echo his in response
>which meant he now knew who they both were, the one thing a Servant couldn't afford to do
>it was only right to inform his Master of this, as any advantage in the Grail War was an important one, and Annette's victory was the reason he was there
>but a small part of him wasn't pleased with that

<"Master...I know who both Lancer and Berserker are. I will tell you when we meet again."

>in response to Lancer, Saber rotated his shoulder and grunted, a shard of tree bark falling out of a wound in his neck

I couldn't say for certain. Perhaps one day I'll find out myself, God willing.

>he turned his head and regarded Lancer, his expression difficult to read, mostly because of how tired he was beginning to look

>internally, he felt as though he had a choice to make
>he knew Lancer was a man of honor and one to be respected, but they were still at war
>he couldn't tip his hand over something as simple as guilt or respect
>but even so...

...but don't get the wrong idea now.

>Saber finally gave a weary grin, sheathing his sword at his waist while keeping his gaze on Lancer

You caught me by surprise before, Long Hand, but I'll be expecting you now.

And I'll be ready next time.

Brigsby YoungbloodCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538754

>Brigsby just looked alarmed as he watched the fight through his link with Lugh, and cursed the fact that he'd had to reveal his origins. They were at a disadvantage now... Dammit! He considered simply pulling over and capping the french girl behind him to shore up the weakness but... no. That wasn't a way to win. The wish that he wanted to bring to this world wasn't worth it if he had to win like that. Pulling over a few miles from the church, he'd kick the kickstand of his motorcycle down, letting Annette down.
"This is your stop miss. I'd hate to see a woman so spirited meet her end in a conflict like this."
>He said, sighing as he pulled his hat off and ran his fingers through his hair. Putting the stetson back on, he just looked winded. He'd need to visit a bloodbank after this... regain some of his lost reserves. Gae Assail really had a kick to it.
"Lugh, get back here. We're going to talk to Kirei, and I need to fix your arm, and all the other bones that Berserker broke. Did you figure out who either of them were? I'd never expect a servant to use a rusty longsword...
>He said, thinking on it. Even if Saber hadn't used his noble phantasm, he might have given some less obvious clues...

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538873

File: 1517777044745.png (26.78 KB, 306x291, 1442341252064.png)

>Fuyuki, Japan. 12: 30 PM. The shopping district.
>Assassin happily walked through the streets of the shopping district. Aside from the occasion glance her way and the whispers of "Cosplay" or "Must be a convention nearby...", the servant and her Lord blended into the crowd well enough.

Aaaah, it's so good to be back in my homeland again~

>With a sunny smile on her face, she faces her Lord.

What do you think? Is it not a wonderful place?

!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538906

I go here a lot to shop for my family.

>he said, stoic as ever.

It has a good selection of goods if that's what you mean.

>Emerson said with a shrug.

>the stares from onlookers, mostly focusing on Hanzo, were a bit annoying. He preferred to stay out of the stares of others.

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538931

File: 1517897484275.jpg (95.02 KB, 850x850, sample_ea43b62a952ef5cfd67a006…)

>Assassin however was more then happy to have people look at her and such. It made her feel like she was part of the world again! Of course there was still her mission to win the Grail War for her Lord but of course that didn't mean she couldn't have fun on her down time. Or have a snack!

Ooooooooh! Futomaki!

>She strides over to the stand that was selling the freshly made foodstuffs with stars in her big brown eyes.

My Lord! We must secure supplies! Rations, intelligence, munitions!! Rations most importantly of all!

>Of course being a heroic spirit, she didn't have any money at all to actually buy anything at all. Too bad the Overseer or even the grail itself didn't provide funds.

!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538981

File: 1518044834612.jpg (61.62 KB, 400x574, 51408242_p0.jpg)

>She was getting distracted again?!


>Was this really a ninja?

>How could she be an assassin if she got distracted like this so much?

>sighing and followed her anyways.

If you're looking for rations. There's a farmers market not far from here that sells protein bars and dried food that spoils very slowly. I'm sure there is a place we can buy maps of the area, if you're looking for intelligence.

>he said, sounding bothered as always.

>thankfully, money wasn't an issue. His family had more than enough funds to fuel their endeavors.

So do we really have nothing on our opponents, do we?

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539030

File: 1518131519180.jpg (490.42 KB, 1536x2048, ba91b4c1c44f9ad8772bb4cc9a260d…)

>Oooooh, her Lord was so mean... Could he not understand the heart of a woman? She a heroic spirit yes but...

Of course my Lord...

>She was a little disheartened to know she was not going to get her favourite treat, but there would be more chances later.

Well then, let's hit the market first, then gets a map, and finally hit the department stores.

>After that they'll need a good location to set up a base. Preferable near this place. She didn't want to go too far from her Lord should she need to go for supplies.

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539032

File: 1518132312849.jpg (78.5 KB, 397x482, 1d079bba30c8e372a84607b0374ac3…)

>Well, it looks like this mess had a silver lining to it after all!

<"Very good, we'll discuss it once we're done with the priest."

>She wanted to get that info as soon as possible to create a plan of action and win this war.

>Finally she could get off this death machine! Annette was quick to hop off the motorcycle and though she was slightly put off about not being dropped off right at the church, this would have to do.

Oh I don't plan on dying at all, regardless if I win this war or lose it.

>As much as she wanted to get her hands on the Grail, it was just as important to survive at all costs.

As for you... well... thank you for the ride, and helping to fight off berserker. I guess.

>Though much of that was outweighed by the fact that he and Lancer were responsible for the whole situation in the first place. Had he just not bothered her on the train, she could have been done with this horrible night already!

!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539064

File: 1518223786586.jpg (130.48 KB, 250x600, 35878227_p5_master1200.jpg)

>Hmph... She was a bit difficult
>but if there were going to be partners, he had to be on good terms.

If we finish with time to spare, I will buy you any meal you want. Within a price range that is.

>he said, rolling his eyes.

Just watch out. There are a lot of people here. I'd rather not get a bunch of civilians involved.

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539074

File: 1518326396993.jpg (965.01 KB, 3785x3275, 1505862340608.jpg)

>Assassin's eyes light up at the promise of a meal of her choice.

Don't worry my Lord!

>She leans in close, slinging her arm around her masters neck as she whispers to him.

Most masters wouldn't have their servants attack in broad day light. We fight at night! Tsuki no shimo,-boshi, kage no naka ni!~!

>Well... most of them did, but hopefully whatever Berserker was summoned had a strong enough master to hold him on a tight leash.

Shinpai suru hitsuyō wa arimasen! Now, let's go to work my Lord!

>Assassin grabs her lord by the hand and pulls him in the direction of the farmers market.

Ramen wouldn't be a bad idea either. I always wanted to try some... since I first learned about it.

Emerson L Palmer!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539106


>there was so much he wasn't told about this whole thing.

>Why did they choose him if he knew so little?
>the farmers market displayed a variety of fruits, vegetables, and flesh cut meats, one what would expect from a boardwalk farmer's market.

I know a good place down the way from here-

>he said, before cutting himself off

I mean... We have to concentrate on the mission ahead. Food comes later.

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539288

File: 1518883635933.png (26.78 KB, 306x291, 1442341252064.png)

>For all her happy-go-lucky energy Assassin had, her choices in rations were very sound and on the cheaper side. Canned foods, instant noddles, cases of bottled water, a few other fresher items since Assassin was 90% sure where ever they would be setting their base of operations would have access to a fridge.

>As they continued through the market place's Asassin picked up other necessities. Tools, duffel bags, electronic parts, egg timers, cans of hair spray, duct tape.... boxes of stainless steel nails.

Soko ni iku! Zenbu owatta. With that out of the way, let us find a place we can stay my Lord!

>Then after that... Futomaki!

Laptop PatchesCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539360

>a few of the things he did question.
>tools and duffel bags made sense, but other things, like the egg timers, he questioned...

>at the mention of a place to stay, Emerson pointed down by the docks. A few old warehouses sat down by the bay.


>from what he had researched, their base would be their center of power, so to speak. It had to be a place that was out of the way and inconspicuous.

...Or do you have ideas of your own?

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539727

File: 1519710401315.jpg (45.48 KB, 464x711, 35061c92664e4a819df34c72746be8…)

>Assassin squints in the direction her lord pointed at, even putting her hand against her forehead to act as a visor from the sun's rays. From the shopping district to the harbour there were so many buildings in the way she couldn't see the sea very well never mind the harbour or it's were houses.

Kare ga nani o sashite iru no ka mienai... My Lord, are you secretly an Archer?

>Or maybe he was just knows the city layout that well. That aside... The gears in her head were turning fast, trying to weigh the pros and cons of that particular position.

A place near the harbour would be an interesting location. However, we'll be very near the water... against land based forces, that's an advantage. Hai, that's one less angle of attack... but only if our enemy can't utilise the water.

Many heroic spirits have travelled the seas however, and though the chance of one being summoned into this war is slim, it's still a chance.

AtlasCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539736

File: 1519722415428.jpg (247.75 KB, 752x1063, unimpressed.jpg)

>The TV in the vacant electronic store echoed the leading story of that week to an empty street. A news anchor spoke in frantic, hushed tones, his voice full of both apprehension, fear, and true sadness for the catastrophe overcoming the city of Fuyuki.
"The death toll has risen once again, ladies and gentleman. The Fuyuki terror has struck again, this time in an underground train station. An additional 46 victims have been lost to the senseless rampage, bringing the total death toll to well over 400 victims in the span of 4 days. Never before has such a vicious killer been let loose in this city, not since the infamous child killer of 1994. Stay in your homes, and avoid tunnels if at all possible. He strikes underground, and seems to prefer crowds....
>The channel trailed off into the dead night as static took it's place. Her investigation had taken her here... every murder, every group, was within easy tunnel access of the waterway drainage centerline... She knew she was in the right place, pillars painted red with Mayan glyphs, skulls stacked in neat pyramids, the smell of booze and blood mixing in a rancid miasma... the only question was not where, but when Berserker would show himself...

Natasha Trifonova!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539739

File: 1519723487894.png (365.46 KB, 506x737, what is it.png)

>there was no question about it; she was definitely in the right place
>it had only been a couple of days since she made her way to Japan, but it had certainly felt a lot longer
>she really hated going on trips, but this was a chance she wasn't about to pass up

>the Grail War had begun, and she wasn't about to left out of it

>and lucky for her, it seemed like she had the perfect in

>the recent string of slaughters was impossible for any human being

>the police would never be able to guess just what it was they were up against
>but for Natasha Trifonova, this many deaths in this short of time meant only one thing
>a Servant was on the loose, and very hungry

>her footsteps echoed in the dark path to the bloody room

>her walk was firm and her stride focused; the woman made no attempts to be stealthy
>she wanted her presence to be known by the bear inside this cave
>there wasn't a single moment of hesitation, doubt or fear in her walk
>she stopped in the midst of the bloody glyphs and skulls, placing her hands on her hips as she waited in the silence
>her burnt face remained perfectly steely even amidst the small of booze and death, refusing to show even a hint of weakness



I know you're in here.
>she actually didn't, but you lose nothing by bluffing the darkness
I know why you're here, and what brought you back into this world. And I know all of this...
>she motioned at the skulls piled up nearby
...means you're struggling to remain here.

That's why I came to this place... with an offer for you.
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AtlasCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539744

>There was nothing except a long moment of silence waiting for her in the darkness. She stood there, and just when she was starting to feel foolish, Berserker's face loomed into the picture. The once proud warrior was haggard and gaunt, his skin tight against the muscles that bulged from his skin. Blood stained his mouth and madness crept from his eyes, but the spark of intelligence left in them kept him from eating... for a time at least. She could see it there, as he stepped forward, the hand on a belt around his waist... the hand was starting to discolor and rot, but the three command seals, still unused, were more than visible. As the blood stench of his breath washed over her, he sounded... hopeful.
"The last to step forward with an offer was a fool, and a liar. I hope you have more than mortal vanity to offer me, else you will join the rest."
>He said, the berserker looking... haggard. Keeping to this world without a master had taken a lot out of him, and even with his feasting, he'd only broken even. The link was difficult to maintain...

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File: 1519726397667.png (290.2 KB, 640x360, seriously.png)

>there was only a very brief, very subtle twitch on Natasha's face as Berserker made himself know to her
>she didn't quite know what to expect from a Servant, and even with his haggard and weakened state, she certainly didn't expect this level of a monster to stand in front of her
>inwardly, she felt extremely lucky her gamble had payed off and the Servant hadn't simply decided to make another meal out of her
>but outwardly, she kept her composed appearance even if it was taking a lot of willpower to do so
Lies and vanity are powerful tools when used right. But to you, I will speak only the truth.
>she slid her feet together, standing upright in military attention
I am Natasha Trifonova. I know that name will be meaningless to you, but I strive to change that.
>she relaxed her stance slightly
I'll get straight to the point.

You cling to life because the Grail can give you something you want. I risk my life standing before you because of the same.

What I suggest isn't to turn you into my tool, like other Masters. I suggest a partnership. We are both soldiers fighting for a common goal, and I'm certain we can come to an agreement in the end.
>she raised her arm, holding out her hand for the Berserker
If you accept me not as your owner, but as a comrade... I guarantee you, no other force on this planet will be able to stand in our way,
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BERSERKERCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539747

>Quetzalcoatle looked her over, his eyes searching for something she couldn't see. It had been so long... or was it only yesterday? He used to have a partner... A brother. Where had he gone? Every day, the grail took more and more away, and even now, there was hope to reclaim it.
"I used to have desires, Natasha. This world... and it's disrespect... It had changed so much and now... I couldn't care less. The new strangeness... is the same as the old. All I can ask is to reclaim that which the grail has taken. If you can promise that... No force in heaven or beyond will stay me."
>He said, taking deep, heaving breaths. He was focusing, constantly on the edge of fading back into the grail's kingdom, and fighting. This was Berserker... He'd lasted half a week on his *own*. The level of mental and physical fortitude it took to fight through Madness Enhancement like that and keep a strategy intact...
>He looked to her though, face cocked to the side. He was curious.
"I've been told my drain can kill. Do you have a supply... other than yourself?"

Natasha Trifonova!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539752

File: 1519728453669.png (238.67 KB, 640x360, too good.png)

>Natasha was left somewhat puzzled by the Berserker's words
>it sounded like he had no desire on this planet... but there was something else
>she had no idea who this Spirit before her was, but it was no ordinary man of legend
>she could see the strain that was being placed upon him by some force invisible to her
>was it the Grail's power acting like a leash on him?
>he was a Berserker; the fact he can even speak this clearly already flew in the face of what she was familiar with the class

>at Berserker's question, she was quick to answer

No... not yet.
>true to her word, she had no intention of lying to him
Although I am prepared to handle whatever dangers might come with making a contract with one such as you, I have little intentions of dying before our opponents.

So I have a plan.
>she crossed her arms behind her back, keeping her tone consistently leveled and calm
I will give you as much of my energy as I possibly can. But you will also continue with...
>she glanced aside at the room they were in, motioning slightly with her hand

You are free to slaughter as many as you please to satiate yourself. With both of these streams of energy, you should be able to operate to your full potential, or at the very least, close enough to it.

>her eyes then narrowed, her tone growing slightly more excited, or even amused

Whichever the case, your true goal will be to get the attention of our opponents. While we can't risk being found by the populace, you are still free to leave as big of a mess as you want, as long as it doesn't directly tie to the Grail.

Only our opponents will understand the message we're sending them. They'll know we will stop at nothing to win this, and we will become a prime target to take out.

>her mouth finally changed from the tin stony line it had been, showing a slight smirk

And they'll be playing right into our hands.

In their hurry to stop us, they are bound to make a mistake. And that is all we will need...
>she held up her hand, closing her fingers into a tight fist
We will crush their Servant, but leave the Master alive. You will then form a contract with them, and be free to drain all of their energy as you please. This, along with my own energy and the one you take from your slaughter, will ensure you continue to grow stronger with each victory!

For every Master we collect, the more source of mana you obtain. The more mana, the more you are free to unleash your true might against the remaining teams. Like a small rock tumbling down a snowy hill, gathering more snow as it rolls, every victory will serve to make us larger and more powerful! Until nothing can stand in our way!

!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539900

File: 1520104904957.jpg (130.48 KB, 250x600, 35878227_p5_master1200.jpg)

<"What was that suppose to mean?"
Took classes. Never managed to hit a bullseye.
>he said, approaching the edge of the harbor, picking up a nearby stick, likely fallen from a nearby tree.

If we can set up traps in the water, we can prevent that.

>furrowing his brow, he tossed the stick into the ocean, wtching it drift along the waves.

...Or we can use it as a means of ambush.

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539956

File: 1520201802496.gif (1.94 MB, 500x281, tumblr_nigilfnynR1tm1dgio1_500…)

>Taking a moment to happily chomp down on a Futomaki roll they got in the way, Assassin considers her master's thoughts.

Well, I can hold my breath for two days straight. Torēningu no toshi wa yoi shigoto ni iremashita! So I could easily swim the length of the river that cuts through the city.

>Munch munch.

Though I can move much quicker on land then in the water.

>Traps though. Traps she could do.

Riku, sora, umi no bakudan... I could create simple underwater mines. Probably.

Emerson L Palmer!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539981

For someone who can hold their breath for two days straight, you sure talk a lot.

>he said with a straight face.

>looking out at the water, he formulated a plan.

...Or snares.

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540188

File: 1520703945473.jpg (490.42 KB, 1536x2048, ba91b4c1c44f9ad8772bb4cc9a260d…)

>"You sure talk a lot."
Ā, watashi no omo wa totemo imi ga arimasu...

>He truly didn't understand the heart of a woman at all... She'll have to correct that later!

If this shall be our base of operations my Lord, let is head inside and make it a liveable place.

>Hopefully with some carefully placed rugs, ample sunlight, and a whole lot of feng shui, she can even make it a comfortable home!

!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540316


>he said, heading for the warehouse. They would have to sneak in. It's not like they could just walk through the front door and claim it as their base.

>the inside of it though, was what one would expect from a shipping warehouse. Metal containers, palettes, pretty dusty with the smell of mildew in the air, and, thankfully, some light fixtures over head.

>didn't look like it was being used, from what Emerson could see, looking through a window.

Archer!jSaxman3BgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540507

File: 1521301564337.jpg (10.05 KB, 220x277, Max_Rockatansky_Tom_Hardy.jpg)


Arianna's Servant nodded in reply to her final assertion, though he was still busy with taking another slow sip of tap water and didn't answer properly until the remnant had been transferred from his stubble to his sleeve with a quick wipe across his chin. "I, ah, I wouldn't recommend waiting for them to come to us," he said. "We have no way of knowing how well they might have us staked out by the time they're ready to make a move like that." Hell, just standing here for this long seemed like it was making him feel a bit antsy; not a sedentary soul, this one. "I'm not saying it's impossible for us to hole up," he clarified after the fact. "It's just..." A pause before he shrugged. "It's just not what I would do, Master."

Even while he'd said that, the Archer's still-addled mind was working on what they could do. Odds seemed good everyone else would be converging on the neutral territory of the Church, so however far away they were from there, plus however public Miss Addison might have been about her status as a Master- or, hell, how studious the other Masters were about finding each other out. These were all unknown variables to him, and for all he knew, Assassin and Berserker were about to break down the front door right this second. He didn't like being in the dark, and he hated sitting around and waiting to find out what others had in store for him.


"What's your call, Master?"

Emersonr!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540511

>when caught in some crazy magic battle royale, it was best to know your surroundings.
>the nearby metro station was a good place to start. Not too busy, strangely. He heard somewhere that there was some disaster on one of the trains, so not many people are going to be using them.

>Emerson wandered about the area, looking for a train schedule or anything that could help with recon.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540512

File: 1521308808560.jpg (48 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_mt5kc4bLfu1qkjg9go3_128…)

>likewise, Sou had a similar idea to Emerson, having already entered the station, looking for signs of anything amiss
>while it seemed fairly obvious that a Servant had been behind the recent string of killings - at least to him it was - which one wasn't exactly clear
>any one of them could have gone rogue and started killing people to maintain its presence on this plane
>though the sheer brutality of the murders did paint a rather obvious picture
>but then again, how would he even see the Servant until it wanted to be seen?

>still, if he hung around an area like this, maybe he could just lure them out, while pretending to be a helpless victim-to-be

>so he mostly puttered around the station, acting like he was looking around when really he wasn't
>however, he stopped in his tracks, his cane tapping on the floor as he felt a strange sensation go through his body


>he had learned that mages could sense one another, perhaps this was it?

>he turned his head to look around, only to see Emerson in the area
>there wasn't anyone else around, so it must be him
>was he the killer, however?
>or just another curious observer?

>his grip tightened on his cane, but he remained where he was, waiting for him to make the first move

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540513

File: 1521310287635.jpg (448.06 KB, 1536x2048, 5f6baefd76c63f36321db41361ac1d…)

>Sou would see someone else next to Emerson, a bubbly young lady that clung to his arm with a bright smile on her face.

Where are we going to go today? Are we going to go the the park? Or that cosplay convention? Oh oh! Maybe we can get some more futomaki too! I'm all out!

>Aside from clearly being ignorant to the fact the train tunnel she was in had been one of the many scenes of brutal murders, and wearing a few odd accessories, arm guards, a red scarf, and what appeared to be two sheathed swords hanging behind her from belts around her waist.

Or the beach! The beach would be great too! Umibe no kaigara o te ni ireyou!

>Well she did mention a convention in town, perhaps that was why she wore such things. But other then that, she looked like a normal cheerful girl on a date with her stoic boyfriend.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540514

File: 1521311202585.png (314.73 KB, 600x478, what is it.png)

>Fueki's Servant was approaching the investigation with as much zeal and excitement as was expected of him
>meaning he was spending all of the time just sitting in one of the chair, legs crossed as he lounged back lazily on his seat
>he knew very well of the dangers posed to them in the darkness of the metro station
>the brutal string of murders spoke highly of the Servant they were facing, and just how much mana they required to resume operating
>that is, assuming the Servant they were looking for had gone rogue, and was simply not a brutal beast summoned by an equally brutal and sick beast in a human guise
>whichever the case, either Rider felt very confident about his skills, or he cared very little about his Master's time on this world being easily and brutally cut short
>knowing the Servant, either option was very likely

>unlike Fueki, Rider had no way of discerning a Magi from a regular bystanders
>he sensed no Servants around either, so the likelihood of a surprise attack seemed dim
>all he really saw was his Master staring rather intently at the boy and chatty girl
>and rarely one to skip a beat when it came to prodding at his own Master, he let out a small chuckle as he turned his head to Fueki
Is the smell of YOUTH bringing back memories of TIMES long since PAST, O Master?

Perhaps the ECHOES of your wife can be easily DROWNED by a short enough SKIRT and LONG enough LEGS after all.

Emersonr!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540516

File: 1521312571508.jpg (61.62 KB, 400x574, 51408242_p0.jpg)

>Emerson didn't pay the man any mind at first. But the odd sensation he felt from him made him uneasy.
>just an odd middle aged man hanging around in a mostly empty train station. He didn't quite like the way he was staring at him though.

>was he one of the other Masters or just another Mage? Emerson waited for the right time, staring at the man.

>but then, his focus was broken, as Hanzo chimed in.

...I'll have to make a cosplay...

>he said, clearly distracted, not quite paying attention to what he just said. If he was one of the masters, a fight could break out at any moment.

>and the fact he was accompanied by such a strangely dressed man...
>Emerson slowly approached Sou.

Hey, excuse me.

>he said, acting casual.

Do you know how to get to the convention from here? My friend and I are trying to find it.

>despite his feigned ignorance, a subtle degree of tension could be heard in his voice.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540517

File: 1521313154448.png (44.45 KB, 166x192, fueki_6001.png)

>Fueki had to resist the urge to throw something at Rider at his snarky comment
>not only was the remark something he certainly did not appreciate, as far as making light of his tragedy went
>not only was he insulted, because if he was the type to do that...

>he'd probably pick someone who didn't butcher his native language like this annoying girl did

>but on top of both of those things, his little slip-up of "Master" likely gave them both away to a potential opponent

>though it seemed like the boy hadn't caught onto that, thankfully
>but was he being sincere about his question or just trying to test him?

...I'm afraid not.

>Fueki answered coldly, giving Emerson a similar look when he answered him

That sort of thing doesn't hold any interest for me.

You'd be better off looking elsewhere. Especially with all the stories of murders happening in stations like these.

>he looked away from Emerson, instead staring straight ahead

It's not safe to walk around aimlessly these days.

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540522

File: 1521326478954.png (511.5 KB, 492x750, tumblr_ouw9kf00yx1sispnwo2_500…)

>She chuckles as he mentions that he'd have to make a cosplay. Silly Lord, she can do that for him! She already knew his measurements so she could make him anything ninja realted he could want!

>Her Lord then asks for directions from someone else (so wonderfully humble!), a stern looking older fellow that seemed almost annoyed. Was it them who was the annoyance...


>Or was something else. A servant perhaps. Ah of course, it shouldn't be a surprise that someone else wanted to investigate these murders.

Indeed it isn't?

>But that suited her just fine. This one's death would just be another one to add to the pile, and no one would be the wiser.

>The bubbly girl Sou was faced with vanishes in an instant and is replaced with the steely cold gaze, a look of killing intent.

You could end up dead so very quickly... rival master.

>A flash of steel, faster then either mage could register. Assassin had drawn her blades both blades and both instruments of death were closing in on either side of Sou's neck.

>With a human's reaction speed, he'd be dead before he even noticed his head was removed from his shoulders...

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540524

File: 1521328605535.png (3.13 MB, 855x1362, explosion by unknown.png)

>the Rider's blank but watchful gaze followed Emerson and the girl as they approached Fueki
>he couldn't help but chuckle quietly at his Master's coldness towards Emerson, if only because he was sure it was his comments that had put a damper on his mood like that
>not that Fueki was of the chipper sort to begin with, but still
>what saved Fueki's life wasn't necessarily the Rider's speed or reflexes, but the Assassin's own hubris
>had she been hidden from the world even the Rider couldn't say for certain he'd have noticed her in time, and his Master's journey for the Grail would have ended this instance
>in the split second that Assassin had taken to draw her blades, the Rider had already gripped his hand tightly against the steel garbage can next to his seat
>tearing it off the while, alongside a small chunk off of said wall, Rider needed to push his body to its utmost limits
>the Assassin was fast, much faster than he was, and she had distance on her side
>as time seemed to stand still, Rider let go of the garbage can to let it hold itself in midair
>and in an instant fast enough for even the Assassin to have some trouble registering, Rider's entire ignited
>pushing his body beyond its own limits with a well-timed Mana Burst, Rider was able to launch himself off his seat while swinging his leg at the same time
>the burning foot struck the garbage can, launching it with all of the speed and power of a flaming cannonball
>the garbage can flew the distance between the Rider and the Assassin in less time that one could blink, and whether the Assassin was struck by it or simply evaded or defended against it, either action would save his Master's life

>regardless, the Rider's composure seemed barely phased by the close call

>he stood with his side turned towards the Assassin and her Master, the bright red cloth over his neck only now starting to flutter down
And THUS the shadows creep from BENEATH the table, attempting to ESCAPE the Sun's light...
>he slowly raised his arm, pointing straight at the Assassin
The ASSASSIN reveals herself BEFORE her enemies in a FOOL'S gambit.
>he lets out a small chuckle, turning to face Assassin and Emerson fully as he crosses his arms
BEHOLD, ASSASSIN! Your opponent SHINES before you!
>he swung both arms out, as if already inviting the Assassin to make her next move
You've invited the FLAME in, and NOW the DARKNESS cannot save you for much longer.

Emersonr!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540526

>someone was trying to one up him in the stoic stonefaced department, huh?

You're right. These are challenging times.

>he said, with a slow nod.

>Emerson looked to Hanzo. Looks like she was ready to strike.
>attacking unexpectedly came with the whole Assassin thing.

>Emerson, seeing the trash can shot towards his Servant, shouted to her


>with limited time to react, he gripped Hanzo by the collar, tugging her away from the trajectory of the shot.

<"Guess we're doing this."

>Emerson said, cracking his neck. Enough playing dumb, it was time to be serious. A thin coating of stone appeared over his skin, his powers resonating.
<"Been a while since I've had a chance to cut loose."

>looking to Rider, hearing his drawn out odd speech, he surrounded his brow.

>responding to his rousing speech with a single question.

...You must think you're hot shit, huh?

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540529

File: 1521333062442.png (196.44 KB, 500x284, KR_wizard_fueki_ep38.png)

>it was only when the woman called him "rival Master" that he realized the trap he was in


>even as Fueki had started to reach for his cane, it was already too late
>fortunately, a surge of heat passing by his face was the indication that Rider had intervened just in time, his expression of shock fading slowly
>he looked past Rider's shoulder to observe their new opponents, still keeping his other hand on his cane, just in case

>but his tense mood quickly evaporated as he realized something


>then, surprisingly, he let out a low laugh as he walked out from behind Rider, his cane tapping on the floor as he did

He does, actually.

But for once he's well within his rights to.

>he came to a stop beside him, regarding Emerson and Assassin with a small smile

>he reached up and rubbed at his neck where Assassin had almost hit him, feeling just a little confident himself

You had your chance to strike, and now that it's gone, you'll never get another one.

Your part in this battle has already ended.

>he then looked over to Assassin, still smiling slightly

...Hanzo, was it?

>if he was going to foolishly reveal his Servant's name so soon, he wasn't going to just ignore it

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540531

File: 1521335629196.jpg (236.77 KB, 1280x873, tumblr_ouw9kf00yx1sispnwo10_12…)

>Like a bird drastically changing direction in mid-flight, Hanzo had been ready to step back and let the projectile fly harmlessly past her, then follow up with another attack.

>What she hadn't expected however was her master physically pulling her back himself.


>Her focus was broken for the moment, long enough to absorb the speech of the enemy Servant.

. . .

>She wasn't... impressed. Too showy, too loud mouthed. Just another arrogant general on the battlefield waiting to be cut down like wheat. She had no words for him, only steel.

>Of course, she was now at a disadvantage now regardless if she spoke or not. Her master mistakenly revealing her name to the opponent.
>She speaks to Sou in clear, fluent, if very old, Japanese. Far from the butchery he had heard prior coming from her bubbly persona.

(You know my name, yet you're confidant that this battle is over.)

>She gets into a fighting stance, ready to take on the servant before her.

(I have nothing to fear, for you know nothing of me.)

>And in that instant, Assassin vanished completely. Her Lord, Sou, and not even Rider himself could detect where she was. She simply ceased to exist right before their eyes for that instant...

>And an instant later, as if she simply teleported, she appears directly in front of Rider both swords already in mid swing, one horizontal from the left, the other vertically, going upwards.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540535

File: 1521337674753.png (1.21 MB, 800x800, victory by saku.png)

>the Rider couldn't help but let out a small chuckle at this
>not only did the Assassin actually hand over her identity to her Master, but he had been so careless in revealing it
>with his Master at his side and his opponent revealed, the Rider felt little need to fear as he simply continued his loud and amused boasting
INDEED, young Magi! You may in FACT say that I am the "HOT shit".
>he let out another chuckle, crossing his arms
Hatori HANZO. The near-mythical SPY of old. Your SKILLS and talents may have EARNED you the reputation of SOMETHING beyond HUMAN...

But a HUMAN is all that YOU are, in the end. And BEYOND the realm of MORTALS, you become EVEN less than that.

>the Rider's stance never quite became very defensive or offensive
>he simply let his arms fall to his side, the unflinching red eyes glowing just slightly under the artificial light
>these weren't the conditions he'd rather fight in, but he'd have to make due with them for now

>the Assassin disappearing wasn't a big surprise for the Rider, although he had hoped she wouldn't resort to that

>he shifted his feet just slightly, inching closer to his Master as he patiently waited for the Assassin to reveal herself
>the Rider required only the faintest glimmer of the lights on Assassin's blade to react to her attack
>one blade above him, the other aimed towards his side; blocking them would be far too difficult to pull off properly, so that left dodging

>Rider quickly reached behind him, grabbing hold of Fueki by his coat

>the air around the Rider suddenly became very hot as flames ignited all around his body
>with aid from the blast, the Rider leapt back with incredible speed to just barely manage to dodge the oncoming blades while dragging Fueki with him
>treating his Master with all of the respect he'd shown thus far, the Rider simply swung Fueki backwards to make him slide on the ground and come to an abrupt stop against the wall
>with his Master safe, for lack of a better term, the Rider needed only to maintain that distance between the Assassin and him
>so just as soon as the Rider slid to a stop, he'd charge forward against the Assassin to meet her head on
>he abruptly stopped very close to the Assassin, lifting only one leg into the air
>and in an inhumanly fast manner, he'd retract and thrust out his leg for a wild flurry of straight kicks to Assassin's torso and head

Emersonr!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540538

>He really did screwed up... Revealing his Servant's name.

So now you show your true colors? Guess that makes two of us. I won't make further mistakes.

>As Hanzo disappeared, Emerson got ready to fight on his own.
>until she came back, just moments later.
>he had to finish this quick. If anything, Hanzo had evasion on her side.

<"A Master can live without the Servant, but a Servant can't live without the Master."
>as Rider was now preoccupied, Emerson made his move, running towards Sou. Hoping to take advantage of Rider throwing him so harshly.

>Emerson would attempt to go for a strong right punch of Sou's chest.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540539

File: 1521342089600.jpg (49.68 KB, 1280x720, over-time-kamen-rider-wizard-3…)

>Fueki had to hold back another laugh at Assassin's clearly-incorrect boast
>there weren't many in Japan who weren't at least somewhat familiar with Hattori Hanzo, even if they were just exaggerated folk tales and misinformation
>that alone was enough to ensure Rider would know who he was up against, and how to most effectively defeat her
>not that he had much time to communicate this, as Rider promptly yanked him out of harm's way, tossing him aside like he was a bag of garbage
>he slid rather painfully across the floor until he reached a wall on the opposite end, hitting it with a pained shout
>thankfully it was mostly his back that took the brunt of the damage, so he just had to deal with feeling more pain than he usually did
>though as he looked up, he saw that Emerson clearly had the same idea he had
>to end this quickly, the Master had to die, not the Servant
>though with that thin rock shield around him, Fueki couldn't attack him directly
>he didn't have much in terms of magic variety, but what he did have could still work

>sitting up, Emerson might notice the odd belt around his waist, the buckle shaped like a hand and coloured red

>more noticeable however, was the oversized ring he put on his right hand
>he then pressed his hand on the buckle, causing a voice to call out from it:


>Fueki then held out his hand as Emerson charged towards him, a magic circle suddenly appearing between the two of them

>and from the side facing Emerson, a powerful blast of fire erupted from it, right in his path

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540568

File: 1521399789446.png (272.52 KB, 680x900, tumblr_ouw9kf00yx1sispnwo1_128…)

>Is that what he thought? Well then, she'll have to prove him wrong. But that heat... Burned more intensely then the fires of the battlefield, almost oppressive. Best not to find out how badly it'd sting to be scorched.

>When it came time for Rider to take the offensive Assassin's speed proved to be a superior defense, dancing like a leaf in the harsh winds. Each blow towards her torso she simply moved aside to let it pass, every blow to her head she leaned to the side. Bare minimal movement to ensure she didn't get hit, but to everyone else a blur of movement that created the illusion that she was standing still and each blow moved through her as if she was a ghost.

>The moment an opening presented itself, the ninja retaliated with a storm of steel and kicks of her own. The light gleaming off her blades like lightning and her stocking clad legs like rolling dark clouds.


>Even in the middle of a battle that should have demanded her full attention, Assassin remained ever aware of her Lord. The moment he was in distress would be the moment Rider was no longer important.
>...Hopefully it wouldn't come to that.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540569

File: 1521400917459.png (314.73 KB, 600x478, what is it.png)

>the Rider was fast, certainly, but the Assassin's speed was difficult to match
>while he had some defense due to his armor, that didn't mean damage couldn't pile up eventually
>the kicks didn't bother him too much, but the Assassin's blades were difficult to handle in his current situation
>he'd occasionally manage to shove one of the blades away, but any attempts at blocking them simply meant a new cut on his armor
>having no weapons of his own, standing too close to the Assassin was going to prove very difficult
>if only they weren't stuck underground...

>another burst of mana flowed through the Rider's body, flames coating his form to force the Assassin backwards by the sheer intensity of the quickly-dying flames
>he couldn't rely on those for very long, not without placing some strain on himself and his Master
>thanks to the burst, the Rider quickly managed to leap backwards and closer to Fueki, sliding to a stop as they were cornered to the wall
>the stairs, however, were just to their right and if they could only make it out there...
>the Rider's fingers quickly dug into the wall behind him, prying the tiles that covered it to hold them in his hands
I would SUGGEST a tactical RETREAT to the outside, O Master. I fear I may ONLY borrow us some time BEFORE the inevitable defeat.
>he quickly swung both arms forward, launching the two pieces of tile at the Assassin like throwing stars

Emersonr!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540634

>Emerson took the blast of flame head on, stopping him in his tracks. However, as the flames cleared, Emerson was standing in place, covered in a now burning shell of stone.

>the shell crumbled away, like an egg shell, revealing Emerson to be mostly unharmed; burnt in places where the shield was at its thinnest.

>with his armor gone, Emerson reacted quickly. Having to apply more armor over his fist, he swung at the old man. A simple ability, not flashy at all, but it got the job done when it called for it.

>but without his armor, he doubted he could take the same attack again.
>he only hoped his Servant would be able to hold her own by the time he finished off the Rider's master.
>he wasn't about to fail this war when he just started.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540641

File: 1521483305602.png (44.45 KB, 166x192, fueki_6001.png)

>Fueki managed to get back up to his feet in the time frame of the explosion going off, half-expecting this conflict to already be over
>naturally, he couldn't be so lucky


>when Emerson came at him with the hardened fist, he was thankfully fast enough to grip his cane and pull it up, as the handle came out of the sheath

>and so, the stone fist clashed against the steel of a blade hidden in the cane, pushing Fueki back against the wall
>Rider's suggestion only served to further agitate Fueki
>this couldn't be over quickly, naturally, and if he had just had taken the initiative over Assassin, they wouldn't have even gotten this far
>but he had to admit that Rider's point was valid, so he quickly scrambled to think of a plan
>which wouldn't be viable given he was pinned against a wall

Working on that...!

>first, he had to get Emerson off of him, and get a hand free

>thankfully, with the rock armor gone, now he was as vulnerable as Fueki himself was
>so all Fueki had to do...

>was swinging a foot right up at the younger man's crotch and hope for the best

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540649

File: 1521489819216.jpg (222.75 KB, 582x722, 1505699593420.jpg)

>Unable to follow Rider due to the blast of heat, Assassin could only avoid the flung tiles that came her way leaning so far back that her back nearly touched the floor but somehow had her feet firmly planted regardless.

>She was ready to continue her assault on Rider once again...

>Until every fibre of her being said something was wrong in the world, and a glance back towards her Lord proofed that something indeed was.


>Even before the shout reached Sou's ears, a gust of wind passes him by and his foot never connects with anything.

>Instead he saw Assassin carrying her master in her arms bridle style 10 feet away and looking very irritate with him.

Baka! Fūru! Jāku! Ijime-kko! Attempting to strike at my Lord below the belt?! You call yourself a mage worthy of a servant!? Anata wa meiyo o motte imasen ka? Hazubeki!?

>Her concern for Rider seemingly evaporated the moment her Lord was even in a mild amount of danger.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540651

File: 1521490500055.png (3.13 MB, 855x1362, explosion by unknown.png)

>the distraction provided by Fueki was far too precious for the Rider to waste
>as amusing as it was to see the Assassin act this way, he had gotten enough of a taste of her skills to realize that airhead was far too deadly to be approached right now
>it seemed clear they could distract her, but at any moment she could vanish and use that deadly speed of hers to good effect
>the Rider already bore a few cuts from her attacks, and he wasn't about to let any more befall him
NOW is our chance, Master!
>he called to Fueki, turning to face him
>and once more, like a gunshot, the Rider launched himself forward as flames erupted from his body
>wrapping his arm around Fueki's waist as he passed by, the Rider had landed near the very top of the stairs
>it would only be two or three minutes to the exit at his regular run speed, but the Rider estimated the Assassin could do the same journey in half that time
>he could only hope her worry over her Master would buy them enough time to get out of the station, and underneath the bright Sun above...

Emersonr!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540655

>out of the corner of his eye, Emerson saw Sou's foot go for the rudest move someone could use in a fight against a man.
>with no armor covering there, the young man tensed up, ready for the worst.

>but then, he stopped, looking around confused, he found himself carried in the arms of his partner.

all is fair in love and war but still...

>clearing his voice, Emerson got to work on applying more armor, it'd take a while, but the extra protection went a long way.

>with his ears still ringing from Assassin's shout, he pointed to the enemy pair at the top of the stairs.

After them! Don't let them get away.

>Emerson shouted, still in Assassin's arms.

>they had an advantage inside here, they had to keep that for as long as they could.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540656

File: 1521493123246.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1080, Fueki_purple_stone.png)

>well it wasn't quite the result he expected, but so long as it worked
>the worst Fueki had to deal with was a slightly ruffled jacket, and he had more important concerns than that
>so, he reached into his pocket, seemingly fishing for something
>only for Rider to grab him and quickly take off for the stairs, Fueki only barely having enough time to keep a grip on his cane
>he contemplated still pulling out a new ring to finish what he intended to do, and possibly give them a bit more time to get away
>but given they were already moving, and Fueki's mana resources were limited, it seemed more prudent to conserve them

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540663

File: 1521498347620.jpg (106.97 KB, 783x1024, 967d44c0c83d8cccc9a2b357add403…)

>After gingerly setting her Lord back down on his feet she heeds his command.

Yes my Lord!

>Oh she'd go after them alright... No one tries to harm her Lord like that and gets away with it! And the fact they already knew her name meant she had nothing to hold back!


>Emerson would feel something akin to a tug on his whole body as the mana his servant consumed tripled in rate.

>Assassin's body takes in a green aura that radiates power before she disappears before his eyes.

>It was true that Hanzo would have made the trip outside in half the time Rider did, that was only the cause when she wasn't using her noble phantasm.

>Instead what welcomed them just before the freedom of the outside world was a ninja aglow in a green aura. Rider could sense the difference in her power easily, she was no longer your average heroic ninja.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540664

File: 1521499780677.png (112.55 KB, 435x330, incoming.png)

>only one extra flight of stairs, the Rider able to witness the sunlight peering out from the hole
>whether the Assassin followed him or not, at least they would be safe from-
>the Rider grinds to a halt from his mad dash as the Assassin seemingly materializes before him
>the glowing aura around her made it clear to the Rider just how much trouble he was in at the moment
>while his helmeted face remained impervious to any emotion, inwardly the Rider couldn't help but sweat
>her Noble Phantasm was on full display before him, and the Rider knew he had no way of standing up to her like this
>he glanced down at Master tucked underneath his arm, then at the Assassin
>as much as he had no respect for his Master, he had still given his word that he would fight
>his mind racing for some sort of plan, the Rider glanced upwards
>before them was an enemy too powerful for the Rider to stand against in his current form, but above them...
A LAYER of concrete lies between US and salvation, O Master...
>the Rider simply let go of Fueki, leaving him to fall to the floor
>there was a rather uncharacteristic trembling in his voice as he dropped to a defensive combat stance
If anything could SHATTER past it... His GIFT would be tremendous...
>with that cryptic message, the Rider suddenly launched himself forward at the Assassin
>truth be told, the Rider knew almost nothing about what his Master's abilities were; he simply hadn't bothered to ask
>but he had seen the explosion Fueki had created seemingly from nowhere, so the Rider hoped he could make one strong enough to cave in the street above them
>in the meantime, he wasn't about to give the Assassin the first strike
>keeping her busy, even momentarily, could prove the difference between a swift defeat, or living to fight another day
ASSASSIN! Your EFFORTS in this War END in the shadows that you HELD so DEAR!
>he leaps into the air, spinning while sticking out his foot for a jumping kick straight to the Assassin's head
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Emersonr!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540732

>now down on the ground, Emerson was left without his Servant.
>not as fast as her, he made his way to catch up with her. He didn't have superhuman speed, but he could hold his own in a foot race.

Nowhere left to run!

>he shouted.

>with Assassin in front of them and Emerson behind them, they would find themselves with little means of escape other than combat.

I suggest giving up now.

>he said, a lot of energy in his voice, as apposed to his quiet voice from before.

>while the Rider's rants were hard to understand, he could at least gather he wanted Sou to break the ceiling. He didn't plan on setting that happen any time soon.
>so he made a beeline towards Sou, going for a tackle, hoping to prevent him from accomplishing his plan.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540737

File: 1521581721769.png (2.13 MB, 1440x810, FuekiSou.png)

>Fueki lurched forward when Rider came to a stop, looking up to see Assassin standing before them, as if she had just teleported there
>which meant they were now trapped between a rock and a hard place


>Fueki crumpled on the steps with a short thud, trying to get to his feet as fast as possible, his cane clacking against the floor as he moved

>the little hint that he got from Rider made his next move obvious, so he moved his hand towards his belt to do just that
>but heard Emerson from behind, and let out an annoyed growl as he moved to grab his cane again


>he then drew the cane out of its sheath like a sword, spinning around and swiping wildly at the approaching Emerson

>all while mentally shouting at Rider

<"Would it kill you to just talk like this instead of giving the enemy any hints?!"

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540746

File: 1521590867605.png (786.89 KB, 640x800, 279392d05dfd4800154b993be1053d…)

>Rider's foot never connected to anything. He couldn't have, because she saw it coming long before he even committed himself to such an attack. Instead he saw Hanzo standing next to him as he passed by swiftly bringing down an all too family trash can down into his head with a mighty hammer blow that she could not muster before. But under the influence of her noble phantasm...


>Teleportation, psychokinesis, precognition, super human prowess. All the fantastical tall tales of Hanzo's exploits and abilities that made her the legend that she was... it all came true in this moment. This brilliant moment where the tales of her epic skills became reality, and her enemies quake in fear before her! Oni No Hanzo: Demon Warrior of the Battlefield!

>She wasn't finished with the humiliating blow to the face, she forced Rider up to his feet with her mind and proceeded to bombard him with lightening fast and thunderously powerful blow after blow from her blades.

>The display before both of mages would be a fantastic and terrifying sight. Ever step from Hanzo too fast to see and strong enough to shatter the floor beneath her, every swing of her swords causing a typhoon to roar within the small confines, every battle cry rang louder then the rallying call of ten thousand soldiers!!
>This. Was. Hanzo!
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File: 1521591520347.png (113.43 KB, 215x324, adorable.png)

>the Rider gave little thought over his Master's criticisms
>he only grunted in response to have Fueki's voice echo inside his head
>a most unwelcome sensation, the Rider thought...
>but the biggest reason why he couldn't respond was because most of the Rider's thoughts at that moment were how much pain he was experiencing right now
>every fist and kick struck like a boulder crashing down from a cliff right onto his body, and every swipe of the sword cut deeper than any blade had ever cut before
>in the time it took for one to blink, six or seven new cuts had appeared on the Rider with a burst of blood
>at no point during the assault would the Rider let out a scream, partially out of sheer mental durability and stubborn refusal to show any pain or weakness, but also because each new blow tended to kill off any sound rising in the Rider's throat
>he was already fighting on borrowed time against a normal Assassin, but with how he was now, he was completely at her mercy
>beaten, bloody and battered, the Rider was helpless before the Demon Warrior, unable to even lift a finger in defense

Emersonr!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540826

>the slash cut through a bit of his stone armor, while managing to draw blood, it was still just a flesh wound.
>he continued to recklessly swing at Sou. While his moves were rather predictable and not those of a professional trained fighter, they still hit hard. More of a street brawler than a martial artists.

>as Assassin continued to strike, Emerson's pride grew. They could win this, they were certain to.
>Just as Assassin shouted, as did her master.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540829

File: 1521687291594.jpg (49.68 KB, 1280x720, over-time-kamen-rider-wizard-3…)

>Fueki kept swinging his sword to try and deflect each wild blow from Emerson, but he could only do so much while being pushed back like this
>considering he was a half-broken older man who needed a cane to move around, it was no surprise that he would start to wear down
>he held his sword defensively in front of him, while taking a chance to spare a glance back at Rider, just to see how much longer they could hold out
>clearly, they couldn't
>Fueki couldn't even see Assassin anymore, but he definitely saw what she was doing to Rider
>if this went on for even a second longer, Rider would be dead, and he'd be out of the war
>and he was not going to let that happen

>he'd be leaving himself wide open to Emerson, so he only had a short window to do this

>but if it didn't work...


>he turned and pushed back against Emerson briefly, then spun around to face the way up

>again, he swiped his hand over the belt he was wearing, his ring glowing as the voice called again


>he then aimed his hand up as the magic circle appeared in front of Rider, aimed diagonally up at the ceiling

>he just hoped he aimed it right


>anyone on the surface level would suddenly see a ball of fire break through the ground, sending debris flying up and outwards everywhere

>some of it would collapse inwards too, naturally, but Fueki wouldn't worry about that for too long
>because with the structure no longer blocking their way...

>the sun was now shining down on them

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540876

File: 1521735806507.jpg (140.08 KB, 1200x675, tumblr_ouw9kf00yx1sispnwo8_128…)

>The collapse of the ceiling above them proved to be the saving grace of Rider and his master. Assassin could have taking the opportunity to destroy the servant, make Sou's efforts fruitless. Squeezing the most out of her short time in this powerful state.


>But if Assassin had one flaw in her character that had already been exploited and was done so again in this moment, it was the dedication to her Lord and his safety above all else.

>The moment the rubble started to fall, Assassin broke off her attack and appeared before her Lord holding off the potentially dangerous rain of concrete and piping with a wave of psychokinesis acting as a shield.

>As the rubble settles down, the aura of power surrounding Assassin fades away and her visibly relaxes, like taking a break after a very intense sprint.

Seems I still can only manage thirty seconds at a time... pity.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540877

File: 1521738538244.png (449.81 KB, 720x960, victory by okashi.png)

>the Rider could feel his power lessening with each passing second and each of the Assassin's blows
>even as the ceiling crumbled above them, the Rider was mostly oblivious to it
>when the Assassin left his side, the Rider simply dropped like a heavy sack onto the floor, a broken and bloody mess
>the striking red eyes had all but lost their glimmer and the Servant seemed finished, partially buried under the rubble
>as sunlight washed down onto the station from the sky above, it would only take a few seconds
>his finger twitched once...
>then twice...
>then his hand began to move...

>slowly, the Rider lifted his arms from underneath the rubble, and already there was clearly something different

>smoke rose from the sizzling wounds sustained in the fight against the Assassin, the Rider's blood boiling hotter and hotter until became steam coming from his body
>his wounds began to quickly close, and once both of his hands were held above him, the Rider was fully healed from every deep gash
>the Rider remained lying on the floor, his arms held in the air for a few long seconds...


>then a sound like a might explosion burst from the Rider

>swinging his arms downwards, the sheer intensity of the flames surrounding the Servant had launched his entire body into the air and back on his face
>the blazing form of the Rider hunched over as unnaturally bright flames covered his body, instantly burning the rubble around him into ash
>there was a constant noise around the Rider, like the roaring of a powerful engine accompanying his form
>his Mana Burst could only summon flames for a second at most, so the inferno that he now wore around him was repeatedly bursting from his body; yet despite this, Fueki felt no pressure on his body from mana consumption
>but even amidst the blaze, when the Rider's dark silhouette was almost entirely obscured by the glowing flames, the burning red eyes's gaze could still be seen piercing through the fire
>and when the Rider spoke, his voice was laced with raw power, every words and breath reverberating alongside the constant roaring of explosions


>he held out his arms, before slowly pointing towards the Assassin and her Master


>a single motion was all it took

>the Rider only leaned forward, and in a dazzling burst of flames, he was already right before the Assassin
>the heat was immense, making it difficult to even breathe before the Rider
>but before the Assassin could even focus on the heat, the Rider's foot rose up to connect with her chin
>the straight kick would send the Assassin upwards, past the station's ceiling and into the open air above ground
>then there was a flash, and the Rider had already jumped past the Assassin during her ascent
>another powerful is swung, aided by the ever-present burst of flames, colliding against the Assassin with all of the strength of a meteor
>the Assassin is flung downwards with enough strength to carve a crater onto the street deep enough to simply cave in the roof of the station even further, sending the Assassin tumbling down alongside a heap of of rubble
>while the Assassin landed on the edge of the ruined ceiling, arms crossed as his red gaze looked down upon the massive hole in the street
>in less than one minute, the tide of battle had turned
>and the night was replaced by His kingdom

Laptop PatchesCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540890

>Emerson found himself unable to stop Sou in time.
>as the heavy stone collapsed Emerson held his arms above him. His stone armor wouldn't be able to protect him against the pressure of tons and tons of stone.

>but, then, he found himself rescued, yet again, by his Servant.

>he said, taking a deep breath.

>he failed to beat Sou twice
>he could have stopped this

>they needed to get out of here.
>this was not a fight they could win at this point.
>he shouted, now separated from her, and with Rider after her, he was of little use.
We need to get out of here! We can finish this fight another day!

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540915

File: 1521837876445.png (2.13 MB, 1440x810, FuekiSou.png)

>once the explosion went off, Fueki quickly retreated back down the stairs, to avoid the rubble he created
>which didn't end so well for him, as he soon tripped and fell down the last few, landing hard on his back at the bottom


>he rolled over onto his side, quickly trying to prop himself back up with his cane, hissing and groaning as he did

>all while trying to get a look at Rider, to see if his plan had worked

>and it certainly did

>he had to shield his eyes to keep the worst of it from blinding him, but it was a brilliant powerful light coming from Rider

>as if he had become a miniature star all by himself
>Fueki had first hoped that he could summon the god Ra, the lord of the sun and of all life, as the ultimate Servant
>and while he failed in that endeavor, clearly who he had summoned was no slouch either

>as demonstrated by him flying past Fueki faster than he could blink
>and as he turned to try and see him, he only caught a glimpse of Rider then flying skyward through a newly-made hole in the ceiling
>only for another flaming body to crash back down mere seconds later, the impact shaking Fueki to the point of almost falling over again

>to put it succinctly, Fueki was in awe of what Rider could do

>but not so awed that when Emerson shouted to Assassin, he couldn't mentally call to Rider

<"Rider! Don't let them get away! No matter what it takes, finish this now!"

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540945

File: 1521927358898.png (109.81 KB, 800x600, daef175070cc9ba3b2f0f921ce4b24…)

>Ow ow ow. Everything hurt and the burns hurt even more. The overwhelming blows rider unleashed on her, she wouldn't be able to endure something like that for long.


>Pushing the rubble off of her, covered in bleeding wounds and black bruises, the ninja sees her opponent out classes her far more then she can keep up. Had only her noble phantasm lasted longer, she might be able to go toe-to-toe with Rider still. But as she currently was.

(Damn it...)

>She didn't want to leave a battle at a disadvantage, with them knowing her identity and her not knowing Rider's, but that was the cards she was dealt now. She had to live, and so did her Lord.

>She had a plan though. As she holds her blades up in defiance of her opponent and her pain, she calls out mentally to her master to tell him of this daring move.

<"Master... stand in front of me. Between me and Rider."

Arianna Addison!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540951

File: 1521933171773.jpg (524.11 KB, 900x1200, 301ad85fcba36b9a33f86dd30249bc…)


>She pushes herself up from the wall she had been leaning against, heading over the the cupboard to grab a glass for herself as well.

I'd say I'll trust your decision here. Don't need you getting uncomfortable anyway, plus you have a point.

>She pushes her glass into the same crevice in her fridge, and as soon as it finishes, takes a drink herself.

So I suppose whenever you're ready, we can probably go scout around. I'd just need to grab my gun.

>She then quickly downs her drink, exhaling loudly as she finishes, and placing her glass next to the sink on the counter next to her.

We'd probably need to get you accustomed to the area too, so.

>She then just turned to look at him, waiting for him to give his thoughts on the idea.

>To be honest, waiting for killer heroes to attack her home probably wasn't the best idea anyways.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540952

File: 1521934660314.png (387 KB, 620x454, ludicrous speed.png)

>the Rider only let out a small grunt of displeasure, clearly not liking his Master's voice ringing inside his head
>but he endured it for now, receiving the message loud and clear
>but he wasn't worried,as it was obvious the Assassin no longer had access to her Noble Phantasm
>as long as the Sun shone down on him, he outclassed her in every single way
>and while the Assassin could hide herself, she couldn't hide her Master from his


>the constant bursts toss Rider straight up into the air in a dazzling display of bright, luminous flames
>like a rocket he shoots upwards, the intense light matching that of the Sun above in the sky
>before he suddenly bursts downwards, crashing down like a blazing meteor, a true shooting star, with his feet aimed directly at the Assassin
>whatever her plan was it would have to be done soon, before the burning Rider dropkicked her straight through the ground!

Archer!jSaxman3BgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540982

File: 1521950536954.jpg (42.94 KB, 320x240, 46335-30991-0.jpg)


Oh, right, should probably follow her lead on that. Sufficiently quenched after causing at least something of a bump in Arianna's water bill for that month, her Servant went to the dishwasher and popped it open, at least having the decency to clean up after himself once he was done acting like he had a few screws loose. That was probably one of the strangest things about these magical entities, their ability to just... understand the modern world, no questions asked, thanks to the Throne's summoning process. No need to explain customs, or technology, or how a blender works. Archer's initial reaction was easily explicable as the clearly somewhat... quirky Servant having difficulty with trusting surroundings he himself wasn't already familiar with. You could tell him about metal boxes that dispensed water until you were blue in the face, but he didn't buy it until he saw it for himself.

Looked like he'd taken to it pretty quickly, at least.

"Works for me," he half-smiled in reply to her planning, glancing over to her as he reached for her glass then paused and pointed at it while raising an eyebrow at Arianna to silently ask if she was actually done with it. Being unhinged was one thing; being impolite was another.

Emersonr!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541014


>he thought to himself.

>stand between her and the walking wall of death? She was going to get him killed.

>But at this rate, he had no choice but to trust her.
>with great speed, he rushed over to her, as Rider made his speech. Just a small stumble would post him precious time.
>before long, he stood in front of her.
<"This better work, I don't plan on dying today."

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541015

File: 1522028572875.jpg (14.63 KB, 236x233, tumblr_inline_p06ty6iTnp1twi5x…)

<"Trust me, this will work!"
>The moment her Lord steps in front of her, Assassin embraces him from behind as Rider draws close, flying towards them like an almighty comet ready to destroy the both of them...
>Emerson can hear her whispering over the terrible sound of roaring fire.

For my Lord's safety, nothing is impossible.

>Just as Rider was about to dropkick a the mage in the face, almost the instant the flames could even lick at his face, both him and Asassin explode into a cloud of green leaves and a puff white smoke.

>It was not a trick, it was not an illusion, Rider could no longer sense them. Assassin and her master completely escaped the battle.

>. . .

>Several blocks away.
>Emerson no longer finds himself faced with a fiery death via a kick to the face but instead is now in the relative safety of a back alley somewhere else in the city.

Phew... that was a close call, but it worked out okay~!

>He could feel Assassin still clinging to him, so she made it out safely as well.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541017

File: 1522030113635.png (113.43 KB, 215x324, adorable.png)

>the Rider lands on the floor with a thunderous explosion
>flames shoot out in all directions, the brilliant light dispersing in another powerful flash
>the inferno that surrounded the Rider had vanished in a mere second, leaving him standing amidst a scorched crater
>his head turned, the violent red eyes scanning the area with some haste

>he never struck them

>he didn't strike anything
>the Rider could hide form him, yes, but could she also turn her Master incorporeal?
>the Rider quickly turned to Fueki, calling out with clear alarm in his voice
MASTER! I cannot sense the Assassin!

QUICKLY! You must LOCATE the Magi before they can ESCAPE!

Emersonr!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541019

>Emerson tensed up, ready for imminent death... Only to be somewhere, several blocks away.
>Emerson looked around, confused, wondering where they ended up and if Rider was still around. Once he realized the coast was clear, he took a deep breath.

...Thanks, Assassin... Hanzo... Would've died at least two times if not for you.

>sighing, he let himself relax, feeling Assassin's body against his. They were safe for now, but there was only telling how long they had til he came back to them.

We should make it to our base, we can talk more then.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541020

File: 1522032715640.jpg (48 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_mt5kc4bLfu1qkjg9go3_128…)

>Fueki watched in disbelief as Rider rocketed towards both Emerson and Assassin, as the former had jumped in front of the latter
>he couldn't fathom why a mage would do this, considering Assassin would just disappear if her Master died
>perhaps he had gotten genuinely attached to her in this timeframe
>which was completely idiotic, but if he wanted to die for her, that was his decision
>he saw the flash and heard Rider make contact with the ground
>but even as he flinched from the explosion, raising his arms to shield himself from the burning heat, he could already tell something was amiss
>there were no screams of pain or agony, no sign that the blow had actually connected with either of them
>and as he lifted his head to try and see the aftermath, his suspicions were confirmed, as there were no bodies under Rider's foot
>his agitated demand was answered as best as Fueki could, but even as he began to look around their immediate area, he found that such efforts were fruitless
>if they were invisible or disguised, he would still be able to sense Emerson's presence
>and as he couldn't...

I can't sense him anywhere!

They must've already escaped somehow!

Arianna Addison!tcSassyDEQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541029

File: 1522065791377.jpg (1.05 MB, 1200x1600, b79ae9ebaaee5ae3836bd3dd44695f…)

>She's mildly surprised at how naturally he went about putting his glass into the dishwasher, after witnessing his struggle with the water.
>And she smiles a bit when he looks at her while reaching for her glass.
>A bit wierd, but at least he was nice.
>She nods.

Haha, yes, I'm done. Thank you.

>She'd stand and wait just long enough for him to put her glass away for her, and then she'd spin around and start heading back towards the staircase up to her room.

Alright. So I suppose the sonner we get going would probably be the better. My house isn't very high up, but there are enough skyscrapers nearby that we could probably get you a good enough vantage point.

I mean, I have to know them. I'm a sniper.

>As she quickly bolts upstairs, she enters her room and grabs her gun, slinging it over her shoulder.

>She'd then mvoe over to her window, and open it up, motioning slightly to climb out.

Shall we?

Archer!jSaxman3BgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541031

File: 1522090999250.png (646.24 KB, 445x549, 413f75807219fa431c2967049488eb…)


He shut the metal door to the kitchen appliance, worrying a bit over the buttons but eventually getting there- that done, Archer couldn't do much but marvel at how this precious resource could be wasted on just... dishes. The extravagance sparked a twinge of familiarity in the back of his mind, but no matter how much he tried to mentally scratch the itch, he couldn't place it. Arianna's question shook him out of the irrelevance of his faux-memory, and he set off after her upstairs, the heavy tread of his well-worn boots a stark contrast to her own swift footsteps; there was something vaguely preternatural about how easily a man of his size was able to keep up.

Servants really were incredible creatures.

"Right then," he answered, ducking through the window and coming out the other side with that borderline-paranoid awareness back on display. If Arianna looked she might see the way his fingers flexed ever so slightly as he took in the view of her street proper, like he was keeping his grip limber enough to reach for sidearms that weren't actually there. Not yet, anyway.

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541035

File: 1522097334252.jpg (323.13 KB, 850x1382, 1504891379113.jpg)

Of course my Lord! Let us depart! Head back home and--

>As she talked she attempted to pick her master up in her arms so they could get home much faster.


>Her injuries however made it painful to do much other then walk or talk.

Ā! Ā, sore wa itai...

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541036

File: 1522097988532.png (147.13 KB, 498x358, nice.png)

>the Rider's hand curled into fists, an actual sign of frustration on the usually calm Servant
>he looked around himself, mind racing with what could have happened
>was this another one of the Assassin's tricks?
>or did she still have enough power to use her Noble Phantasm one last time for an escape?
>whatever the case, it seemed like their opponents had fled already
Infuriating little FLY...
>the Rider grumbled before beginning his way out of the crater created by him
>quickly jumping out from it, he landed near his Master as he resumed his cool and aloof routine
This battle IS over for now. But NOW we have the upper hand on at least ONE of our enemies.

We KNOW who THEY are, yet WE remain unrecognized.

>he crossed his arm, but reached up with one to tap the side of his helmet
We have the KNOWLEDGE on our side, O Master.

Next we MEET the Assassin and young MAGI, they will NOT be as lucky as TODAY.

Emersonr!MEOWKdWFcQCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541037

Come on.

>he said, getting down on one knee, offering his back

I'm less injured than you, I'll carry you.

>curious, as he waited for her to get on, he asked.

...Do you know any historical figures or potential heroic spirits linked to the sun?

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541039

File: 1522111238700.jpg (4.38 KB, 224x224, Light_Garuda.jpg)

>Fueki was far less willing to let the matter drop just like that
>now that he had actually experienced a fight between two Heroic Spirits firsthand, and knowing that it was only because of the environment that they didn't lose right away, he was not about to let up so easily
>and while he could concede that Rider was right - that they still had the advantage since they knew who Assassin was and her skills were, while they knew almost nothing about Rider - it didn't make him any less anxious
>he drummed his fingers on his cane, about to simply drop the subject and suggest they head home, when an idea struck him

...perhaps next time won't be as far away as you might think, Rider.

>Fueki went into his coat pocket again, and this time fished out another ring

>he quickly replaced the orange-y ring on his right hand with the new white one, then pressed it over his belt buckle
>the ring glowed, and the belt called out again:


>suddenly, in front of Fueki, what looked like a plastic model kit appeared in the air

>but the parts of the kit separated from the frame of their own will, and quickly came together in the air
>soon, the form of a white crystal bird took shape, which let out a small cry as it turned to face Fueki
>who plucked the ring from his finger and slotted it into the construct, before speaking to it

Find Assassin and her Master, but stay out of sight. Follow them to their hideout, then return to base.

>the construct cried a hollow cry again, then took off, flying through the hole Rider had formed earlier and up into the sky

>Fueki watched it depart, then turned back to his Servant

There's a chance they didn't get far.

If they didn't, we can track them down, and press the advantage when we're ready. Make certain that they can't surprise us again.

ASSASSIN!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541041

File: 1522121514214.jpg (81.48 KB, 540x699, tumblr_owza7mjGbT1rs0zxko1_540…)

>Assassin climbs up onto his back and awaits for him to carry her.

Thank you my Lord...

>His question was very hard to answer.

There's very many heroes who owe their legends to the sun... we won't know who it is until he speaks his name or uses his noble phantasm.

>She sighs a bit.

We're not in a good position now, Rider and his master know now who I am... they'll be able to take advantage of my weaknesses.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541046

File: 1522159403800.png (201.99 KB, 240x400, arrival.png)

>the Rider's thoughts were generally difficult to decipher
>his "face" remained completely expressionless at the sight of the crystal bird, and he made no sounds regarding it
>inwardly, the Rider was actually somewhat impressed by the tools his Master had at his disposition
>like a hunter of old, he was relying on his crystal falcon to find their prey; a strategy the Rider could get behind
>crossing his arms, the Servant lets out a small chuckle
I almost FEEL as if this is unfair... ALMOST.
>he chuckles again, wandering closer to his Master as he drops his physical form
The Assassin's Noble Phantasm may be dangerous, but SHE can only hold it for so LONG...
>he pointed up at the crumbled ceiling
While beneath His GAZE, I shall always be invincible, O Master. We need ONLY to be cautious not to let our guards DOWN, and be caught HIDDEN from the Light.
>he crossed his arms again, turning to Fueki
We should make our LEAVE. Surely a crowd WILL gather soon with many irksome QUESTIONS.

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542285

File: 1523823450630.jpg (229.62 KB, 973x470, I'MONABOAT.jpg)

>The river in the middle of Fuyuki.
>Though it would have been less conspicuous to have settled for a less flash craft, Annette couldn't help herself. Even if she was in the middle of a war, there were some things a refined lady from a wealthy mage family couldn't live without.

>Things that a four deck luxury yacht could provide. A hot tub, fully equipped kitchen, a huge master bedroom with a fluffy king-sized bed, enough cutting-edge navigation technology to pilot itself, a deck re-purposed into a mage's workshop, the lower deck even had a billiards table.

How do you play pool on a boat?

>But it wasn't time for games or suntans! No, the had business on dry land! First off, they needed food for that giant fridge! And Saber needed clothes! On the off chance, he couldn't hide from the public eye. Seriously, he looked like a cosplayer. He already stuck out like a sore thumb because of his colossal height, he didn't need the help of his armor and giant weapon.

>The Mage stood on the top deck, leaning on the railing as she watched the smaller crafts move aside for the leviathan that swam upriver.

Ha, I shouldn't be thinking that when I splurged on this.

>People might wonder if she's compensating for something.
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Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542286

File: 1523825452151.jpg (324.91 KB, 798x933, Guts_Golden_Age.jpg)

>for someone who was so inconspicuous, Saber didn't seem to mind standing out in public
>granted, he knew better than to draw too much attention to himself, but he figured that it was rather low on the priority list
>such as openly criticizing his Master's choice in ships

Master, was a vessel of this size really necessary?

>he stood on the dock, staring at the giant cruise liner that was currently at port

Surely for our plan, an ordinary fishing boat would be enough?

This seems it would likely draw too much attention, and actually make things more difficult for us.

>said the almost-8-foot-tall bear of a man, without even the slightest hint of irony

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542293

File: 1523834751990.jpg (109.96 KB, 500x500, 76e3f0f78c4982c9f27ee2e5dd193c…)

>The small mage quickly made her down down the decks and along the gangway to join her servant on the dock.

You don't get to talk to me about size or drawing attention to ourselves! Not until we get you properly dressed mister!

>In her hand she clutched a small shopping list of what she'll need, folding it in half and putting it in her pocket before looking away from Saber with a huff.

I need the space for my inscriptions and a fishing boats have that fishy smell that I can't stand. Besides, our foes would expect us to be hiding in some tiny dingy boat but this way we'll be hiding where they aren't expecting us to be; in plain sight!

>She seemed very sure of herself and her plan. Or she wanted to justify soaking in the hot tub between bouts of dangerous warfare.

>She walks along the dock towards the city, the shopping district her destination.

Now let's get going, they're having a sale on produce today.

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542294

File: 1523836192798.jpg (317.05 KB, 1920x1200, wc1724183.jpg)

>despite his better judgement, Saber wasn't one to hold his tongue when he had something on his mind
>and his Master was just a bit demanding sometimes, and any responsible adult would know to admonish her for it
>so he followed her towards the main city, though he was far from quiet

As I said before, it is not my fault everyone in this era is so small.

>he glanced at some passersby as he walked past them, who were naturally staring up at him in awe

What happened between my time and now to make every so small and soft escapes me.

>he then looked back to his Master, folding his arms and speaking disapprovingly

And you should not flaunt your wealth in such a way, Master.

Not only would the other Masters find the arrival of a young millionaire suspicious, but it is most unbecoming of one of your status.

The rich should not tower over the poor and hungry. It does not make you look worthy of it.

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542298

File: 1523839143592.png (576.1 KB, 762x1000, __rita_mordio_tales_of_series_…)

>Taking to him about how people are technically taller on average today then the people of the past would be like talking to a wall. The man was the outlier here, everyone looked small to him.

>More pressing was his reprehend on flaunting her wealth. Which she wanted to justify or at least argue her case, but the way he said it made a comment that would normally flare her temper up into something she actually considered.

Y-yeah... alright, you have a good point there... I'm sorry.

>What the hell is this feeling? She was going to attribute it to wanting to maintain a good relationship with her servant. They can't be arguing with each other, that'll cause poor team synergy.

>Yeah, that had to be it.

Ahem! A-anyway! As long as I'm careful it won't be much of an issue, people with loads of money vacation in odd places after all.

>The only one who knew her identity was that cowboy and lancer, she intended to keep it that way as well. Ah, that's right.

Since things aren't so hectic anymore, tell me about Lancer. Now that we have his identity we can properly prepare for him the next time we're faced with him and the Texas Ranger.

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542300

File: 1523840584330.jpg (98.71 KB, 468x676, 496292-berserk_guts_3215.jpg)

>Saber couldn't help but give a soft smile at Annette's more modest apology
>at last, it seemed like he was reaching her

>but at her question regarding Lancer's identity, Saber adopted a more serious expression and quickly began explaining

His name is Lugh. In his home of Ireland, he is revered as a warrior god. He is called "Long Arm" for his skills with a spear, but he was known for possessing many different skills, both in and out of combat.

Which was why his spear followed me. It was enchanted to always hit its chosen target, and return to its master at a simple command.

>something about revealing this bothered Saber a little, as though they were being unfair by taking advantage of this

>but such was warfare

And since I am certain you will ask...

I have little doubt that Berserker is Quetzalcoatl. Another "god", this one worshiped by the Aztecs. That was how he could summon such powerful winds on his own.

And, given how his people chose to present sacrifices to him, that would explain the string of murders he most certainly committed.

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542301

File: 1523841930524.jpg (429.55 KB, 700x992, __rita_mordio_tales_of_series_…)

>Lugh and Quetzalcoatl, now that got her gears turning.

I see... I'll have to do research on both of them then.

>How best to deal with two servants two can be considers gods? Naturally it would be to eliminate their masters but Annette wasn't going to go down that path and she was sure Saber would much prefer the challenge of facing his enemy head on.

>Quetzalcoatl was the most concerning, murdering innocent people pissed her off. If his master was so weak as to not keep their servant on a tighter leash, then they shouldn't be in this war in the first place.

I wanna say we should go after Berserker first but fighting him alone would be suicide... He might be amassing power by killing innocent people... meaning he'll be even worse if we wait.

>She didn't want to admit that her reasoning was largely based on her morals and not on cold calculating logic. Saber had been around her long enough to clearly know she was more impulsive then she let on, so it'd be clear as day what her feelings on the matter were.

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542302

File: 1523842572460.jpg (330.33 KB, 685x835, berserk_manga_by_lalykiasca-d4…)

>Saber knew all too well how his Master felt about Berserker's actions, but he couldn't blame her
>he felt much the same way, that allowing a Servant to run amok like this was a cowardly and weak action on the part of Berserker's Master, whoever they were
>so he had no qualms with agreeing with Annette

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to see his Noble Phantasm in action. Whatever it was, it allowed him to escape Lancer's attack.

So you are correct, attacking him directly would be a poor decision.

>much to his distaste, but he had to think properly here and not let his pride get in the way

Perhaps we could set a trap of some sort? Lure him out into the open?

If he is feeding on people, then it is possible he is low on mana. In that case, all we would have to do is outlast him, and he could perish on his own.

Natasha Trifonova!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542303

File: 1523843816885.png (238.67 KB, 640x360, too good.png)


>a loud voice calls out towards Annette and her Servant

>and into their view walks out a moderately tall and... ample woman
>clad in very fancy, almost regal looking clothes, she turn her head to reveal the large burn mark over her eye
My, my... aren't we bold~?
>she grinned a wide, crocodile-like grin at she looked at Annette and Saber
>it was only now that Annette could really sense her foe, the enemy Magi having somehow remained undetected until just now
Not only do you walk around with your Servant on full display, but you plan on chasing after something as dangerous as a Berserker?

Your height betrays your courage, little girl! I think I might just learn to like you~!

>she lets out a low chuckle, her hand sliding underneath her jacket

But I'm afraid you're both too late...
>and she quickly removes something from beneath, casually tossing it in Annette and Saber's direction
>it dropped limply onto the floor, allowing them to get a good sight of the object: a plastic bag, and inside of it, a severed human hand with the very visible marks of the Command Seals
Berserker is dead, and so is his Master!
>her grin only increased as she resumed her bombastic tone of voice
>with a flourish, she motioned towards herself as she gave a very slight bow
We did it all by ourselves~!

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542365

File: 1524014622712.jpg (64.44 KB, 190x255, 10.jpg)

That's what I was thinking too yeah, though whatever trap we come up with would have to account for what strength Berserker has to spare...

>She had planed for further...

>Until some lady with water balloons in her clothes blocked their path. Did she just call her short?

Excuse me you--

>suddenly, severed hand in a plastic bag at her feet!



>Can't comprehend anything else. The fact that this woman had claimed they killed Berserker and his master by themselves didn't even register.

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542367

File: 1524017235767.jpg (373.11 KB, 1059x1600, Guts 02.jpg)



>Saber looked up when he heard the voice call to them, seeing the very royal-looking woman walk out in front of them

>he had to admit that she had a point about them being too out in the open like this, and regretted letting his ego get the better of him and not speaking in spirit form to Annette
>but why she'd be so bold in turn was what concerned him


>and when the bag hit the floor in front of them, it soon became apparent that her bold claims were more than just that

>some part of him was disappointed that he wouldn't get the chance to defeat Berserker himself, but there were more pressing concerns to deal with

>he strode forward and stepped in front of Annette, easily blocking his Master from Natasha and any harm she might cause

Not here.

>his voice was stern and cold, meant only to warn and not instigate

You know the rules.

If this starts out here, the mediator will intervene before long.

>not entirely true

>but whoever this person was, he needed to see just how much she knew, and whether she was a new Master or someone else entirely

Natasha Trifonova!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542371

File: 1524019053142.png (315.25 KB, 640x360, the hunt is on.png)

>aaah, that shriek of horror was a delightful thing to hear~!
>of course her story was completely false; the Berserker has killed his own Master, and then simply keeled over by himself before their bonds could be properly established
>it was a shame she had lost such a powerful ally simply to poor timing, but perhaps it was for the best
>spinning the tale of her defeating the fearsome Berserker by herself would be a tremendous boon in her intimidation factor!
>getting a little girl like this to quiver in her drawers was as easy as--

What the fuck did you just call me, you little punk brat!?
>Natasha was quick to snap back at Annette
>but the eight foot tall mountain of leather and muscle standing between them quickly snapped her back to reality
>with a grunt, Natasha quickly straightened herself up and try to regain her composure once more

>she quickly scoffed
Do you think that somehow frightens me, boy~?

For all I care, every single one of you could launch an attack towards me at the same time, and it would make no difference...~

>that shark-toothed grin appeared again, Natasha remaining every bit as confident and cool-headed as she stared down the Servant

>she snapped her feet together, standing at attention as she introduced herself
My name is Natasha Trifonova!

My mission is for that name to mean something to everybody!

And nothing will stand in my way!

>her posture relaxed, but she kept her grin

This mediator, you see... he didn't even deem me "worthy" of being a part in this War...

So I simply forced my way into it!~
>she motioned at the rotting hand inside the bag on the floor
Taking out one of the key players, and quickly filling his spot with myself... and my own Servant, of course~

A Servant the likes this world has NEVER seen before!
>she quickly threw her fist in the air, her voice growing louder and more bombastic
You will ALL tremble and break before our might!

Today is your last day fighting, for you stand against the UNBEATABLE Master and Servant!

>she quickly swung her arm, standing aside to reveal the figure behind her


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Team Avenger!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542373

File: 1524019825763.png (188.65 KB, 226x480, standing here.png)

>a few feet behind Natasha were a couple of vending machines for sodas and the like
>standing before one of them was a tall and slender woman clad in red, a lit cigarette on her lips and her head partially obscured by a hood
>she slowly crouched down, picking up the soda can she had just purchased and ignoring the loud crazy woman shouting away just a few feet away from her





>Natasha quickly called out
Avenger! What the hell!? That was your cue!

>the woman finally turned to her Master

>Natasha growled angrily, motioning towards Annette and Saber

Can't you see we're face to face with the enemy!? You were supposed to attack!

>and Avenger simply stared blankly at Natasha

>veeeeeeeery slowly looking over at Saber and Annette behind him
>before opening her can of soda
Ah... So we are...
>and slowly bringing it up for her to drink
>...without removing the cigarette from her mouth, simply sticking it inside the soda can as she drank

>Natasha blinked, quickly snapping:
>then quickly paused
Wait... How did you get that drink?
>and quickly realizing something was amiss, she began quickly patting down her clothes
>and Natasha quickly pounced on Avenger, grabbing her by her clothes and shaking violently shaking her

>while Avenger just tried to keep her drink from spilling

H-Hey...! W-Will you calm down...? G-Geez, you'll get my clothes all wet...
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Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542377

File: 1524021055617.jpg (64.65 KB, 186x257, 13.jpg)

>Saber standing in front of her made Annette feel a bit better. Now there was a giant between her and the necrophiliac hand fetishist, she was safe.

>He was also correct about fighting in public, in broad daylight no less. She wasn't about to risk a a punishment of any mind being handed out to her for fighting where non-mages could see.

>Then the freak unveiled her servant, and she watched as everything went down hill from there. Annette could not contain her disappointment at all. It was written all over her face, as clear as the blue sky.
>The hand was forgotten, replaced by indignation for such a foolish display.

Is this some kind of joke?

>It had better be a joke. This had better be a clever ruse to throw them off their game.

A necrophiliac partnered up with a lazy pickpocket? You two took out Berseker? Yeah I'm calling bull on that!

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542379

File: 1524022450960.jpg (134.77 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)



>Saber had to admit, this woman was more arrogant than he expected

>he couldn't remember the last time someone ever called him "boy", let alone one as young as her
>he'd find her arrogance somewhat amusing, if not for the situation they were in
>whoever this Natasha woman was, she had no qualms about abiding by the rules of the War, which meant there was nothing stopping her from starting the fight right here


>and with the Servant she just called out, she definitely had the advantage


>Saber's surprise wasn't abated by the reveal of the woman with her title, certain that her casual attitude was not something to hold against her
>it only meant that she was so confident she didn't need to be concerned
>even if she was rather...bizarre

>though when his Master voiced her concerns, Saber was quick to admonish her
>though this time he had the foresight to do it mentally

<"Master, we absolutely cannot underestimate her. If she is an Avenger, then there's no telling what she is capable of. Any understanding you or I have of the standard Servant classes does not apply to her."

>there was a specific tone of...not exactly fear, but perhaps anxiety coming from Saber

>he knew they were in a bind again, and if they weren't careful, their part in the War might end here

Team Avenger!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542381

File: 1524023205135.png (236.79 KB, 640x360, try it.png)

>Natasha quickly turned at Annette's comments, teeth grit and a deadly glare in her eyes
>but she quickly grinned, releasing Avenger and turning to face the opposing Master and Servant
Oh~? So you're trying to call my bluff, are you?
>she lets out a chuckle, her grin only growing wider
Whether you choose to believe me or not, you still find yourself at quite the disadvantage girl!
>she held out her arm, the street they were on not being very populated but still entirely open to the possibility of someone walking by
Your Servant doesn't strike me as a very subtle sort, so starting a fight out in the open like this can't possibly be a good idea now can it? Especially with how concerned your Servant sounded about it...
>she chuckled quietly, stepping back and slightly behind her Servant
Lucky for me, Avenger doesn't need to think about such paltry concerns... because she can kill any Servant without lifting a finger~
>she raised her hand, snapping her fingers at her Servant
Now, Avenger! Show them your terrifying power!


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File: 1524023818313.png (157.57 KB, 266x640, look over there.png)

>glug... glug... glug... glug... glug...
>Avenger slowly lowered the soda can with sigh, still not quite sharing her Master's energy
>but she did take a couple of steps forward, still keeping her distance from Saber
>the gloomy look on her face remained however, and nothing about her showed any sort of fighting intent
>until slowly, Avenger raised her finger
>she hovered with it, letting it linger in the air for a few seconds
>before pointing it straight at Annette, as a sudden... feeling made itself known
>it was a strange aura, an unknown presence that would make the hairs on the back of any Servant's neck to stand up straight
>something was coming, and Saber knew he had no time to stop--
Letting your TV out to dry on the windowsill... is a really bad idea.
>the Avenger lazily spoke






>and then nothing, really

>the street remained peaceful, with only the distant noise of traffic cutting through the silence
>even Natasha very visibly seemed confused by this, and was trying very hard to maintain her composure and faith in her Servant
>that had to have done something, right!?

>well, by most accounts, no, it hadn't

>although a very keen eye could tell something was amiss
>a very keen eye would notice the dark shadow on the top of Annette's head
>a dark shadow that was quickly growing much, much larger as a widescreen television set plummeted from the tallest window of the building they stood under, falling directly above the Master
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File: 1524028231665.jpg (187.94 KB, 850x861, sample-074cebfadc39a2cd6f90b47…)

>Though Annette was still put off by the circus in front of her, Saber's tone made her tense up immediately. She trusted the judgment of her servant, if he said someone was dangerous, then they clearly were.


>While Natasha gloated, Annette quickly unraveled her scroll and got ready for whatever they'd throw at them. The zigzag pattern glowing blue, ready to use.

>Only nothing came.. at first. Only a feeling that something should be wrong. That fact that something felt wrong at all meant she reacted on gut instinct.


>Annette had no way of knowing what was sailing down towards her head, but training had been beaten into her over and again that just because you can't see what's trying to kill you doesn't mean it's not there.

>The moment Avenger had completed her action threw up a sphere of water around her, the same wet ball that she had used to escape the train that night not too long into the past. It was a total gamble, it could have been a trick to make her slip up, a trap to make her expose herself as a mage to the peopl--


>Annette jolted as she looked upwards, coming face to screen with a widescreen television that was a hair's breath touching her nose as pressed down on her jelly-like shield. A pang of terror creeping into her spine from just how close she was to dying in that instant.
>The bubble launches the TV back into the air as it springs back into shape and bursts immediately afterward.
>She didn't have time to be frightened though, she had to fight for her life now.

<"Saber alley to our left! We'll take this to the backstreets!"

>They couldn't fight in the open like this, not after this instant, they'll be seen. It wasn't advantageous to force themselves into a confined space but Annette had little choice otherwise.

>She did want to return the favor to Natasha, so she brings her arm back as the TV starts to return to earth...


>Lashing out with the scroll like a whip, the tip strikes the tv. With a loud CRACK of a whip, the TV shoots forward like a cannonball hurtling towards Natasha.

>Annette didn't wait to see the results, she figured that this battle wouldn't be as easy as that, so she ran away. Flipping the other mage off as she dashed into the alley.

Catch me if you can you ugly necrophiliac hand fetishist creep!!
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File: 1524029255735.jpg (378.63 KB, 700x1039, guts_in_berserk_by_garaktob-d5…)

>Saber hoped that Natasha was bluffing, but had a pretty strong feeling she wasn't
>it would've been easy to dismiss her bragging as a sign of madness, but if she was able to kill Berserker's Master and force herself into the War, madness didn't factor into it
>she was a threat, and whatever Avenger could do would only serve to prove that


>though he was wondering just what she did do

>she made some remark about a television that didn't seem to have any bearing on the current situation
>and then was just...waiting


>he glanced over to his Master, wondering what her reaction to this was

>only to notice the shadow starting to grow over her head
>and like her, looked up to see the television falling down right onto her


>he was prepared to grab her and make a run for it

>but thankfully his advice to take this seriously paid off, and Annette was protected by that bubble shield she used to escape the train
>though, speaking of the train...

<"...the alley."

>he didn't move at first, waiting for Annette to finish what she was doing, not wanting to leave her side for a moment

>and once she flung the TV right at Natasha's face, Saber was right behind her, acting as a shield all over again as they both ran for the back alley
>so once again, they'd be in an enclosed space, and given Saber could just barely fit into the alley as it was, it meant he'd yet again be vulnerable for a time
>and worse, he couldn't figure out what Avenger actually did

<"Master, if you have any spells to get us out of here, have it ready to be used at any moment."

>he had a very bad feeling about this

>all he noted was that she mentioned a television, and just like that one was falling on Annette from the sky
>so it must've been magic of some sort, which pretty much meant he was screwed, as his Magic Resistance was subpar at best

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File: 1524029861272.png (254.41 KB, 640x360, this isnt fun at all.png)

>even Natasha was visibly surprised once the television dropped on top of the bubble, not having noticed it fall at all
>she didn't entirely understood her own Servant's powers, and this was actually the first time she had seen them in proper action
>had the enemy Master used her magic just one second sooner, this fight might have been over before it even started
>on one hand, this left Natasha very pleased with the Servant she had so hastily and recklessly summoned
>but on the other, AH, FLYING TELEVISION!
>Natasha quickly leapt aside, splatting her face right against the wall of the building next to her in her hurry to dodge the TV
>she groaned, but peeled herself from the wall almost as soon as she heard a word she'd begun to loathe:
>but before anything else could be done, her opponents had already ducked into the alley
>she barked at the Servant
Don't just stand there! Go after them!
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File: 1524030821879.png (369.33 KB, 640x360, do I look like I care.png)

>Avenger let out a lot groan, the mere thought of having to perform any strenuous activity enough to make her just want to collapse on the floor and go to sleep
>but orders and orders, and Avenger made rather clumsily trotted forwards, stopping right at the entrance of the tight alley
>while Annette could easily rush through the tight space, Saber was clearly having more difficulties and was well within ear shot...
>she plucked the still-lit cigarette from her lips, raising it to point a figure at the massive form of the Saber
Hey, big guy!
>Avenger's voice felt like a knife into the Servant's ears, the monotonous droning somehow stretching all the way over to him despite barely raising in volume
Did you know... rats don't like to bathe in oil?
>and with a twitch of her wrist, the Avenger flicked her lit cigarette straight into the alley
>the cigarette soared majestically through the air, and landed perfectly into a garbage can halfway between Saber and Avenger

>and once again, for a few seconds... nothing really happened

>until the smell of burning trash began to permeate the thin strip of path in the alley
>very quickly, the trash can was set on fire... and it also began to thrash about rather violently

>if Saber had good eyes, he might have noticed the blue truck parked in the street parked behind the Avenger

>underneath this truck was a very clear puddle of oil, the vehicle no doubt having a rather gaping hole on the bottom to make that vicious of a fuel leak
>more curiously were the rather tiny tracks that were leading from that oil leak into the alley itself; three of them in total, and just big enough to belong to-
>the three burning rats that had just leapt out of the trash can, turning over in their agonized haste
>the sheer deafening shriek of the burning animals echoed in the alley, and in their painful horror, the poor beasts had leapt as far and as tall as their legs could possibly allow them to
>and in the path of their terrorized escape, the three rats found the Saber's face which they lunged at with tiny claws and furry bodies covered in burning oil

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File: 1524178285440.jpg (173.76 KB, 250x350, tumblr_mymql0DJ1T1s5ecxio1_250…)

<"Right, right!"
>Damn it, why did they end up in situations where they had to run away?! Why couldn't it be the opposite!

Damn it damn it damn it!!

>What kind of power was Avenger using anyway!? Was it a skill or a noble phantasm? How could they counter something when they can't even figure out how it worked?!


<"What the hell!?"
>Annette turned around to see burning rodents were attacking her servant. Just... what?


>That had to be painful to deal with but there was little she could do to actually help him. She only have four more uses of her bubble shield and if she wasted then there was no way she'd be able to defend herself other wise.

>Though the fact she targeted Saber instead of her... did that mean she had to see her target? It was worth a try, and if didn't work, at least they couldn't be followed easy!

Sorry mother... I need to use this now! STONE WALL!!

>With what little space Annette had to work with, she brushed her scroll across the ground and causing it to fissure slightly. The crack in the concrete path continued to run down the path past Saber and towards Avenger. Just before it could reach the enemy servant a thick wall of grey stone shoots up in front of her, cutting her off from her targets for the moment.

One used, three to go...

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542439

File: 1524179537262.jpg (98.71 KB, 468x676, 496292-berserk_guts_3215.jpg)

>as he followed behind Annette, trying to shield her from anything else that Avenger might throw at her, Saber heard her voice address him
>and like that, a chill went up his spine, a clear indication that something was going to happen

<"But...rats and oil? What do those have to do with anything?!"

>despite himself knowing he should keep moving, he had to see

>he had to see just what was going to happen
>so as he ran, he looked back at her

>it was as if everything suddenly slowed to a crawl, as he watched the events play out

>Avenger's bored expression
>the cigarette flying through the air, aimed at the trash can
>and behind her, the truck, with a trail of oil leading from it to the alley

<"Oh no..."


>and then...

>a shrill screech came from the trash can, and before Saber had the chance to turn his head away, the rodents flew for his face



>he stumbled back as all he could see was fire and fur and claws scratching wildly at him

>even as the stone wall went up between him and Avenger, Saber was panicking far too much to notice
>he instead shouted again, clawing at the rats still scratching at him
>it took him a couple of minutes, but he was able to pry off each creature from his face, throwing them to the ground one by one
>and - for good measure, and to put the poor creatures out of their misery - he drew his sword and swiped at the ground

>with that deed done, Saber staggered back, holding his face as his skin still burned

>even with the pain, for once, he experienced no excitement with this
>this was not a contest of skill and strength, as it was with Lancer or even Berserker
>this woman was not, by any stretch of the imagination, fighting fairly

<"Again! She did it again! How is she doing this?!"

>was it some sort of foresight, allowing her to see what the future provided?

>but no, the odds of things progressing in this way were astronomically low
>it had to be some sort of magic, but then why so subtle?
>why use things that were completely ordinary, if unpredictable?

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File: 1524180979299.png (332.04 KB, 640x360, brain freeze.png)

>Avenger made no movement as the crack along the floor slithered in her direction
>even when the rock wall emerged between her and the fleeing Annette and Saber, Avenger didn't look surprised by it or flinch
>she just lazily leaned against the wall of the alley with a sigh, scratching her head
Man... that's way too tall...

>Natasha approached, her eyes wide as she was rather speechless over the whole thing

>she had no idea what the extent of the Avenger's powers were, but everything she had seen thus far left her with an incredible amount of joy
>as much as she would've preferred some sort of warrior as her Servant, these powers were too useful for her to complain
>they could attack any of their opponents in broad daylight, and leave them completely lost as to where the next attack could come from!


>Natasha blinked, turning to the Avenger
H-Hey! Why did you stop!

>Avenger blinked, turning her head to her Master

There's a wall in the way...

I see there's a wall in the way, so bust it down!

...how do you expect me to do that...?

How should I know! Can't you make a plane crash on them or something!?

>Avenger frowned, staring at her Master like she had just said something incredibly stupid

Planes don't fly over this area...

>Natasha growled

Can't you do ANYTHING!?

>Avenger groaned, sliding down onto the floor

The wall's too high...

>Natasha slapped a hand over her face in frustration

You little--!!
>she then reached over, grabbing the Avenger with her hands

W-Wha-- H-Hey! E-Easy!
>with Natasha serving as a base, Avnger shakily started climbing onto her shoulders
>their combined heights were just barely enough for Avenger to be able to grab the very top of the wall
HAH! Now pull yourself up and finish them off!

Pull myself up...? But I don't want to--WHA--!
>before Avenger could finish complaining, Natasha had already grabbed her feet
>and managed to push the taller but slender Servant further up the wall
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File: 1524183070960.jpg (17.94 KB, 153x150, Rita icon.jpg)

<"Come on, come on! That wall isn't going to last forever!"

>Annette wanted to get out of dodge as quickly as possible and she could see the end of the alley coming up. Once they were out there they had plenty of options for escaping, plenty of roads and alleys to take. Just a few more seconds...

>While Natasha pushed her servant over the wall, she'd hear rocks crumbling and falling apart at her feet. A crack would rise up the middle of the wall and once it reached the top... The wall crumbled into pebbles and comes crashing down on the Master, taking the Sevant down with her.

Ha, eat that you necrophiliac!

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File: 1524185935097.png (1.94 MB, 1920x1080, berserk_guts_by_dragonwarrior_…)

>with Avenger and Natasha struggling to get over the wall Annette set up, Saber turned and followed his Master as best he could, thankfully only having one way to go
>as he used his one hand to press against the wall of the alley and run behind her, he held the other over his face, trying to snuff out any remaining embers that were there
>after a few seconds, he lowered his hand, only to slowly open his eyes and discover that one of them just wasn't working
>he was now blind in one eye

>which would heal eventually, but that would take some time that they didn't have

>so they had to keep moving, and think of a way to counter-attack

<"...Master, it's possible it's dependent on her speaking."

>that was the only real guess he had for how she was doing this, even while he didn't know what "this" was

<"Both times, something only happened when she said it would. Perhaps if we find a way to silence her..."

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File: 1524187491852.png (337.77 KB, 640x360, bring it on.png)

<"Aw crap..."
>the wall of rocks collapses on top of Natasha, Avenger tumbling down onto her immediately after
>the Master groaned, feeling quite lucky none of those rocks split her head open... but rather annoyed that was just because Avenger's butt was squishing down on her face
>she quickly squirmed and flailed underneath Avenger, managing to throw her off alongside the rocks the covered her
I am going to KILL that little squirt so hard...!
>then quickly glared at her Servant, getting back onto her feet
Get up, Avenger!

We can't let them get away from us!

Wait, Master...
>Avenger groaned, slowly crawling back onto her feet

>Natasha just growled, quickly grabbing her Servant

>and suddenly heaving the Servant onto her back
All you gotta do is talk, right!? Then fine! You do the talking, I'll do the running!
>and suddenly charged into the alley, Avenger clinging to her muscular back with a low sigh

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File: 1524189905569.jpg (329.95 KB, 707x1000, __raven_and_rita_mordio_tales_…)

>The small master turned around as she was about to exit the alley, her scroll once again ready to go as she put the final stopgap between her and their pursuers. She waited for Saber to pass by before she swung her scroll thrice.


>Fwoosh! Woosh! fffffwoosh!!

>Three fireballs fly down the ally towards the dastardly duo before Annttee quickly runs up the street.

>Gotta find a place to hide...

<"Unless you can pin her down while I shove her own panties into her mouth, I have no way of doing that! My spells might be fast and convenient, but they're not that convenient!"

>While Saber thought it was speaking that was key to Avenger's power, Annette had thought it was line of sight. Perhaps it was both.

<"She wasn't able to do anything to us while I blocked them, line of sight might be a factor as well. We need to hide ourselves, find a way to blend in with the crowd or something..."

>She looked around for some place to duck into to either buy time or hide...

>Her eyes fall upon...
Roll 1d3 = 2
>1: A normal clothing store
>2: A women's underwear store
>3: A costume shop.


>She dashes towards her destination.

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File: 1524195272096.jpg (330.33 KB, 685x835, berserk_manga_by_lalykiasca-d4…)

>Saber could hear Natasha gaining on them from further back, but he managed to stumble his way out of the alley all the same
>moving out of the way just as Annette started throwing fireballs into said alley
>he was quickly getting sick of being around so much fire today
>though he had to wonder just how far that oil had spread...

<"We can't be sure blending in will mean anything. Her Master has no qualms with attacking in broad daylight, or about exposing the War to the public."

>he reached up and rubbed at his burned eye, grunting and wincing in doing so

>this was no accident - he thought that, perhaps, if he kept up the pain it might help make him stronger, as it did against Lancer
>it wasn't that effective, however

<"Perhaps we should head for the water, and-"

>he turned just as Annette started running towards the store she had picked out

>and saw what the store sold


>with not much else to do, he ran after her

>though he clearly was not happy about it

<"Are you deliberately trying to humiliate me, Master, or is that just a coincidence?"

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File: 1524195915215.png (315.25 KB, 640x360, the hunt is on.png)

>Avenger blinked a few seconds before Annette picked up her scroll
>the closer Natasha ran, the clearer the future became for the Servant
>and just in nick of time, the Avenger yanked on Natasha's neck

>Natasha falls back, being forced onto the floor by the Avenger
>and before she could let out a furious bark at her Servant, the burning fireballs whizzed past the air right above them
>for a brief instance Natasha had seen her life pass before her eyes, and her skin was quite a few shades whiter as she nearly had another close encounter with fire
>but that fright quickly grew into anger, Natasha suddenly sitting up with a growl and simply kept pushing forward and out of the alley
>Saber's massive frame wasn't difficult to miss, so Natasha could see where the duo was headed
HAH! Who does that little pipsqueak think she's messing with!?
>she grinned widely, letting Avenger down from her back and straightening up
>she dusted off her clothes, very casually striding closer to the store
>her enemies were trapped, but Natasha wasn't about to make the same mistake of underestimating her opponents; a cornered animal had nothing to lose after all
>so Natasha pressed herself against the wall next to the front window of the store, cautiously peering through the glass to try and find Annette, or much more easily, her giant Servant

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542462

File: 1524253074506.jpg (64.65 KB, 186x257, 13.jpg)

<"Purely a coincidence. Now quit complaining I have an idea... but I'm only going to be able to do it once so we need to make it count!

>The small mage makes a beeline for the change rooms in the back room as she starts to pull her shirt off. She finds an unoccupied room and throws her shirt over the door.

Shadow Spectre... "That necrophiliac's too stupid to look in here she'll think it's an obvious trick..."

>A blot of darkness grows inside the room and quickly takes the form of Annette, repeating the phase she just spoke every 20 seconds or so.

<"If you can, go into spirit form Saber."

>Now it was time to look for a fire exit and get the heck out of here...

Roll 1d3 = 2
>1 Fire exit at the end of the hall, which Annette pushes through and quickly books it after quickly pushing the door shut behind her.
>2 No such exit exists, there are only bathrooms which Annette has to duck into quickly...
>3 No bathrooms or exist... but there's a story room with large boxes. Gonna have to go with that! Annette jumps into a huge box of bras!
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File: 1524257992389.jpg (317.05 KB, 1920x1200, wc1724183.jpg)

>Saber was still just a bit miffed over how all of this was going, but knew better than to argue any further about this
>really, now that Annette mentioned it, he wasn't sure why he hadn't already gone into spirit form once he was far enough away from Avenger
>it might even help him heal a bit faster if he did

>so once Annette ducked into the changing room, he disappeared from sight, returning to his spirit form and hovering nearby her

>he naturally had no comments regarding her undressing, instead keeping his focus on where Natasha and Avenger might be
>and still trying to figure out just what she was doing

<"Whatever she said came true. And it was not just as though it happened out of nowhere, it was as if the situation was already set up ahead of time."

>he followed along as Annette tried to sneak out to the bathroom, still speaking as he floated with her

<"When she spoke of the oil, there was a truck behind her that was the source. But I do not know if the truck was always there and I just did not notice it, or if she made it appear."

Team Avenger!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542466

File: 1524259579181.png (374.02 KB, 676x380, bored now.png)

>Natasha's eyes narrowed as she peered into the store, seeing Annette and Saber duck into the change rooms
>but instead of entering the store immediately, Natasha remained in her spot
>her enemy was young and couldn't possibly be that patient, but Natasha could spend an entire day tracking her prey
>and that patience was something Natasha needed to use carefully right now: with an enemy Servant like that, she couldn't risk her and Avenger to be caught off-guard
>heading into the store after them seemed far too risky, and more likely to lead into some kind of trap
>she needed to think about this situation much more carefully...

>Avenger was powerful, but she clearly had her limits

>she wasn't sure if this was based on her sight or voice, but there was definitely some kind of distance limit
>more than that, it seemed like she needed a living target as she was powerless against that stone wall
>but did she actually need to target their enemies specifically in order to get to them?
>she turned to the Servant leaning on the wall behind her
Get in there and do your thing.

>Avenger blinked, staring lazily at her Master

They're hiding, Master... I can't do anything if--

I know that! But you don't have to target them...
>she grinned widely, pointing at the store's workers
When you've got more options~

>Avenger blinked slowly, then let out a sigh

>she sluggishly dragged herself over to the door, swinging it open
>she called inside, catching the attention of the young women as they turned to stare at the woman leaning on the doorway
Did you ever hear about the cat that startled the fireman...? It wasn't a very funny story...




>the Avenger leaned off the wall, wandering back to her Master, and leaving the clerks very confused

>even Natasha just stared at Avenger, starting to worriedly look around her
S-So, uhh... what's coming, exact--
>only to be interrupted as Avenger grabbed her arm, lazily pulling her Master away from the store
>Natasha blinked, now very unsure what to expect
>then she started hearing sirens
>was that a firetruck in the distance
>the garbage fire in the alley!
>it was still burning, so someone must have called them
>then that meant-
>suddenly, a large black cat rushed out past Natasha
>and stopped right in the middle of the road, purring as it lazily groomed itself

>and the firetruck drew closer and closer

>the man behind the wheel spotted the cat at the last second, letting out a shout as he suddenly swerved the truck, losing control of the massive vehicle in a desperate attempt not to run over the innocent animal
>and Natasha realized-
>and quickly ducked for cover as the truck drove onto the sidewalk
>and smashed directly into the underwear store, destroying the front wall and penetrating deep into the building

Annette Bellerose!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542467

File: 1524261719351.jpg (266.44 KB, 800x800, __rita_mordio_tales_of_series_…)

>With no obvious way out, it was only a matter of time before Avenger or her master would do
stupid to get at them.

<"Unfortunately all we can do is speculate until we can learn her identity... This ability of hers is ridiculous regardless of what it is. Reality warping, manipulation of probability, or even tamping with events in time, none of those call into someone you can call simply just a skill. It has to be her Noble Phantasm. How she's hiding it from us is--

>Annette lets out a loud yelp as the building rumbles around her, with the sounds of screaming and vehicular chaos ringing in her ears.


>Can't stay here gotta go! Need to find an exit! At least with people poring out now, she could easily use her magic now to flee...

>Roll 1d2 = 1
>1 Annette finds a vent she can fit inside and peels the panel off with a well placed Force spell. She climbs in and starts to crawl towards the other side.
>2 Fuck subtly!


>Annette uses a pillar of stone to blast through the bathroom wall and flees out the opening it created.

Saber!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542470

File: 1524263361800.jpg (99.41 KB, 604x625, ceb34e7c11b430f389cd85ebe8a1fa…)



>even if he was in his spirit form, Saber could at least hear something very heavy crash into the front of the store

>he only briefly floated away from his Master, still in his spirit form, trying to investigate
>and saw the fire engine having decimated the store outside

<"She just sent a truck in after us!"

>for the third time that day, Saber was left baffled as to just how she was accomplishing all of this

>especially now that they weren't in her line of sight or earshot range
>so how did she do it this time?

>Annette's suggestion that this was her Phantasm held water, but like her, Saber couldn't figure how she was using it without saying anything
>usually there was some sort of call to reveal what the Phantasm was, that was the risk of using it
>but if she was using it all the time, then that meant they'd have to deduce who she really was, if they could at all

>still stewing over this, Saber floated back and resumed following Annette out of the building, hovering behind her as she crawled through the vent

>hopefully that'd be enough for them to get away

Team Avenger!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542471

File: 1524264159717.png (202.58 KB, 640x360, this is very bad.png)

>Natasha was left staring at the devastation Avenger had just caused with the firetruck, left pretty much speechless
>if her Servant could do something like this, then what the hell could she be up against from other Servants!?
>she quickly jumps onto her feet, rushing straight into the store despite the destruction
>the two firemen were dead as was at least one of the store's employees, but that wasn't her concern
>she rushed past the truck and the rubble, reaching into her jacket as she headed to the back of the store
>and she saw Annette's silhouette in one of the dressing rooms... but something wasn't right
>she was just standing there, muttering something despite the hell that had just happened outside
>with a growl, Natasha approached the curtain and swung it aside, meeting the black blot that had just taken Annette's form
Clever bitch...
>she sheathed her knife back inside her jacket, turning and quickly making her way back out the hole
They got away somehow.
>she growled at her Servant, but more disappointed than angry
That little brat's got more tricks up her sleeve than I thought she did. They could have gone anywhere!
>Avenger just yawned, clearly not perturbed by this
>Natasha rolled her eyes, quickly turning and starting to leave the area
Let's get out of here before the cops come. We're just risking making a target of ourselves.
>Natasha hurriedly left the scene, Avenger following behind her in her usual silence
>on most accounts, this situation wasn't very useful; she's seen at least two of her enemies, but she didn't get much information out of them
>she didn't even know what kind of Servant that giant was
>but she was beginning to understand Avenger's powers slightly more, and could now try and figure out how to move around its limitations even further...

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545777

File: 1530540477257.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1080, Fueki_purple_stone.png)

>it had been slow goings since Fueki's encounter with Assassin and her Master
>despite his attempt to scope out their hiding place, his scout had returned with little information to work with
>with Assassin being the legendary Hattori Hanzo, not being able to find them only made sense
>it was disappointing, but it made sense

>more troubling was how the actual fight had progressed

>if not for proper use of their environment, Rider would've lost
>and now that Fueki knew of one of Rider's critical weaknesses, he had to prepare for the worst

>hence why he was hunched over a work desk, carefully scraping at what looked like a large chunk of crystal

>he would pause every few seconds or so, blowing excess dust off of the crystal, before resuming his task of chipping away at it with a pick
>this task would take some time, but if it worked...
>it'd be the ultimate gamble

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545778

File: 1530541754978.png (314.73 KB, 600x478, what is it.png)


Oh! Mah! Gahd! Becky, would you LOOK at that engine!
Hey, I made it out!
It's horrible!
It's gigantic!


Fun for the whole family!
Daddy, daddy, look! It's Cargnarok! Can I get one! Pleeeaaaaaaase!
Ha ha, not until you're older, Timmy!


>the Rider sat on the couch, slouching over the armrest as he stared at the television

...when was this agai-


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Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545779

File: 1530542246607.png (2.13 MB, 1440x810, FuekiSou.png)



>at least, he would be able to get this finished

>if not for the noise coming from just outside the room
>why he set up his workstation just outside the living room was something he couldn't remember
>nor could he remember why Rider had such an interest in commercials like that
>was it just a Rider thing?

>Fueki soon rose from his seat and walked to the doorway of his small work space, sticking his head out and speaking to Rider

If you must watch TV, do you have to watch it at such a high volume?

The last thing we need right now is noise complaints.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545780

File: 1530543040837.png (201.18 KB, 440x360, are you not entertained.png)

>the Rider scoffed as he usually did whenever his Master seemed to present any argument
O Master!

The species of MAN worked and TOILED through thousands of YEARS!

You BUILT your inventions upon ALL those that came BEFORE; ever GROWING; ever LEARNING!

Until you REACHED the level where you can TRANSMIT imagery ALL around the world through the use of a simple BOX!

>he turned his head to face Fueki

Why would you INSULT those minds who BROUGHT you such a gift by DENYING them to be used to their LIMIT!

To its UTMOST abilities, as they were INTENDED!


Also, I believe the REMOTE is broken, as the volume buttons DO not work.
>he looked at the remote in his hands, tapping the buttons to show that the volume wasn't actually going down down
But since you are already STANDING, you can turn the volume DOWN if you wish.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545782

File: 1530543612238.jpg (48 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_mt5kc4bLfu1qkjg9go3_128…)

>Fueki's expression flattened at Rider's answer, clearly not pleased with it even if it was unusually mundane
>he hadn't used the TV in a while, so that would explain why the remote had gone unrepaired
>so he entered the room properly, stopping in front of the not-so-surprisingly old CRT TV and began turning the volume down from there

I hope you weren't thinking of going to that event yourself.

I have no interest in watching vehicles mindlessly crash into one another.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545784

File: 1530544211307.png (147.13 KB, 498x358, nice.png)

>the Rider simply shrugged his shoulders at Fueki's question
PERHAPS you should show some INTEREST, O Master.

Focusing yourself so MUCH on this war might HAVE its benefits, but let us not KID ourselves!

>he pointed at Fueki, leaning forward on the couch

You are FAR from your HEALTHIEST, O Master, and too MUCH stress cannot do you MUCH good!

It would SURELY be a shame, when you win this WAR, that you were to SUFFER a stroke the MOMENT you saw your precious FAMILY, would it not?

A little CHEER and MERRIMENT wouldn't harm you every ONCE in a while!

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545785

File: 1530545240385.png (44.45 KB, 166x192, fueki_6001.png)

>Fueki let out a displeased grunt at Rider's suggestion, standing back up once he finished fiddling with the TV

Even if I was going to do something "cheering", it wouldn't be that.

I'll worry about my health once all this is over.

And another thing-

>he turned to look at Rider and continue his admonishment, but paused briefly


>he looked to the TV

>then back to Rider
>then raised his eyebrow curiously

...you weren't just saying that to talk me into going because you wanted to go, were you?

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545787

File: 1530545815595.png (314.73 KB, 600x478, what is it.png)

>the Rider shrugged his shoulders again

My bindings to your have PREVENTED me from seeing much of this NEW world of mortals.

But what I HAVE seen has proven to be an AMUSING sight.

I feel like there is MUCH to ENJOY in this world. At the VERY least, new experiences to HAVE.

So... why not EXPERIENCE them?

>he crossed his arms as he leaned back on the couch, crossing one leg over the other as well

As you mortals PUT it: you only live once, no?

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545788

File: 1530546654556.png (196.44 KB, 500x284, KR_wizard_fueki_ep38.png)

>again, Fueki didn't seem very impressed by this statement

From what I understand, the only mortals who still use that phrase are idiots looking to justify whatever equally idiotic and nearly-suicidal actions pop into their minds.

>clearly Fueki was deadset on being a sourpuss

>he started to walk away, heading back towards his work room, even while he continued to chastise Rider

And correct me if I'm wrong, as my knowledge on Egypt is still somewhat limited...

But don't you come from a society that believes the opposite of that?

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545789

File: 1530547205554.png (113.43 KB, 215x324, adorable.png)

>the Rider chuckled at his Master, not sounding too disappointed
Something like that...
>lifting himself off the couch, the Servant wandered out of the living room
>following Fueki into his work room, he tilted his head slightly as he noticed the dust-covered desk he had been working on
What ARE you working ON after all, Master?

You have BEEN here for quite some TIME already.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545790

File: 1530547436127.jpg (6.24 KB, 180x280, Narushi_Ikeda.jpg)

>Fueki wasted little time sitting at his desk, not minding that Rider had come in
>if anything, he welcomed this opportunity to get him up to speed

I'm working on our last-ditch back-up plan.

>he picked up his tools again and resumed slowly chipping away at the crystal, mostly just trying to get it down to a proper size

Though we came out on the better end of that encounter with Hanzo, they still learned something about you that they can use.

If you are not under direct sunlight, you are not at your full power. If we had not brought the light in, you likely would have lost that fight.

I have no desire to bow out of this contest so easily. So I must prepare in the event that you do lose.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545791

File: 1530547765886.png (201.99 KB, 240x400, arrival.png)

>the Rider hummed, followed by another chuckle

You BREAK the heart of this POOR young god!

>he chuckled again, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed
Although I myself HAVE no intention of LOSING, I suppose I CANNOT blame you for WANTING a back-up plan...

May I be PRIVY to it? Or would that HINDER this plot of yours?

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545792

File: 1530548026088.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1080, Fueki_purple_stone.png)

>Fueki was tempted to ask what exactly qualified as a "young" god, given how long Rider had existed, but elected not to
>instead, he moved to the part of this conversation that he was sure Rider would have qualms with

My plan is not to replace you.

I don't think I could manage to summon a new Servant that easily, given what it took to bring you about...

>he held up the crystal for a moment, tilting it from side to side, judging its size

No, for this to work I cannot allow your spirit to return to the other side.


>he then placed the crystal on the table and resumed his work

I intend to use this as a means for you to remain on this plane even if you are defeated.

By using my body as your vessel.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545868

File: 1530719763513.png (537.9 KB, 720x760, watch by yamo.png)

>the Rider remained silent, those burning red eyes of his locked onto Fueki's mortal form
>the silence stretched for what could've felt like hours, the Rider making his thoughts a mystery even to the gods themselves
>until finally, his head slowly cocked to the side, and he finally commented:
And how is THAT a boon to US?

I do not think the SIGHT of a broken down OLD MAN will instill MUCH fear into the hearts of our enemies, and there IS only so much the POWER of His Gift can do.

>naturally, with an insult to his master

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545870

File: 1530720610528.png (2.13 MB, 1440x810, FuekiSou.png)


It would be enough to keep us in the fight.

>Fueki didn't seem phased by Rider's answer, only continuing to pick away at the crystal he was holding onto

As I said, this is a method of last resort. I don't plan on using it unless I have to.

Frankly, I'm not entirely sure on what exactly will happen. Only that you won't die and we will both have a second chance.

What that does to me and my body...

>he actually gave a small shrug at that, seemingly deeming it not important

We won't know until the moment comes.

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545871

File: 1530724398165.png (449.81 KB, 720x960, victory by okashi.png)

>the Rider let out a quiet chuckle, clearly not worried himself
You DO manage to amaze me SOMETIMES, O Master.

Very well! if this IS your wish, then what shall come SHALL come.

>pushing himself off the wall, the Servant started to return to the living room

As your Chariot, I have VOWED to carry you to the end of THIS War, and I intend to UPHOLD that vow.

So I'm fairly CERTAIN this trinket of YOURS will not be necessary anyway.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545873

File: 1530726665861.png (44.45 KB, 166x192, fueki_6001.png)

>Fueki noted again that Rider did so love to be dramatic, and a simple sentence could turn into flowery purple prose if he was bored enough
>but at least he was agreeable enough to go with this desperate and probably stupid plan of his

Well, as long as you are confident about it...

>he finally stopped his work, though only for the moment

>he instead turned to actually look at Rider before he continued what he was going to say

You must have an idea of what our next move is.

Do we continue to pursue Assassin?

Or do we try our luck with one of the other Servants?

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545874

File: 1530727360813.png (201.99 KB, 240x400, arrival.png)

>the Rider paused with a thoughtful hum, at least taking the question seriously
>he turned slightly, not entirely facing Fueki, but just enough
UNIMPRESSIVE as the Assassin's current form MAY be, it would be UNWISE to make a judgment BASED on that alone.

She can HIDE her true presence from me, and we cannot RELY on the presence of HER Master to indicate their next attack.

It was LUCK that brought us and the Assassin TOGETHER, and I do not believe we'll HAVE that same luck again now that they are AWARE of our existence...

>he paused, tapping a finger over his arms as her crossed them


I believe trying to FIND the Assassin would be a waste of time. They shall APPEAR to us sooner or LATER.

Focusing our efforts in the REST of those involved in this War should REMAIN our priority.

As long we STAND beneath His Gift, there IS no Servant that can stand BEFORE me. We keep our ACTIONS in the day, while our enemies stalk the NIGHT.

They will NOT expect us to take that initiative.

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545876

File: 1530728809415.jpg (6.24 KB, 180x280, Narushi_Ikeda.jpg)

>Fueki nodded slowly, able to follow Rider's line of logic without any problems
>while Assassin knowing a crucial weakness of theirs was a problem, trying to track down one as elusive as her would serve to waste their time
>time that could be spent going on the offensive against an unprepared Servant

That just leaves the question of which one we try and find.

Those murders that seemed to be the work of Berserker have quieted down...the trail has gone cold there...

Rider!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545877

File: 1530729185276.png (314.73 KB, 600x478, what is it.png)

>the Rider lifted his finger, quickly turning fully to Fueki
I believe I may KNOW a way to aid us in OUR quest!

After all, WOULD it not be fair to assume that NOT all Masters partaking in this WAR have been born and RAISED in this city?

>he stepped back towards the door, crossing his arms again as he continued to explain

Perhaps there is SOME way of finding any new ARRIVALS to this place.

Those who do NOT belong would have a HIGH chance of being those WE seek!

Sou Fueki!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545878

File: 1530730659712.png (196.44 KB, 500x284, KR_wizard_fueki_ep38.png)

>Fueki folded his arms and gave a grumble under his breath, trying to think of how best to accomplish that

...so we'd have to ask around at airports and whatnot about any new arrivals.

Or just ask around local stores for any foreigners coming in.

Or just try and look around for foreigners ourselves.

>put like that, it sounded like a ridiculously difficult task

>but he did give Rider a somewhat crooked smile

Then again, this is Japan...

That may not be as hard to do as it sounds.

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