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File: 1500475148165.jpg (2.97 MB, 2560x1600, cityscape-10.jpg)

Shining Light: A Time of Heroes Thread 1: A Narrator!dracSnyjqECountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41518270[View All]

#Ask/Invite#Canon: Lost Light Universe#Era: Shining Light#Superheroes

We live in an era where the fantastic can happen, 200, 300 years ago? You probably wouldn't see things like that as normal, and if you did, chances are you were nuts.

But a lot of that changed when things started popping up into the world in the 1900's.

>Era Blurb

"As I have learned since, I was not the first anomaly to exist... but on that day of my freedom in 1939, this world had its first confrontation with the fantastic. The Golden Age of miracles would begin, and in the years to come, the world would know the presence of the unnatural and extraordinary as part of reality"- Jim Hammond in a 1960 interview with Phil Sheldon

"Shining Light: A Time Of Heroes" is a free form and open world Superhero RP that takes place on Lost Light's version of Earth during the present day. It's a mash up world of a few different settings, having history from Marvel, DC, GI Joe, Spawn, and even Power Rangers! It's a lot like Lost Light in that it's not the sort of crossover where these worlds are colliding, but rather all these things have been part of this world already! That said given we can't just go "there's a planet for that"with shining light, things are slightly more restricted in what can be introduced and what elements from the source material can be brought over, ex: The Source Wall from DC is a no go.

4035 posts and 3459 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Charlotte Charleston!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552285

File: 1547421969736.jpg (21.42 KB, 268x361, are you serious.jpg)

>Charlotte let out a very short choke, flinching again as Danny pointed out the intrusive redness that was now only growing redder
>her expression still wouldn't change however, the woman maintaining her forced composure regardless
I-It's possible I may be. The winter season is generally quite rough on my health, although I have been able to dodge any illness thus far.

But fortune never last forever, I-I suppose, and I may be in the early stages of... something...

<"I'm sure even Ofelia wouldn't grant someone a note on 'big hip disease'..."

I should be fine regardless. I've yet to take a sick day in all my years of working with the Academy, and I certainly don't intend to have my first this year.



<"Is this working...?"

<"How can I even tell if it is working!?"
<"OK, think Charlotte! How do you normally know a man's not interested in you anymore?"
<"Well, usually I don't... not until they tell me 'it's not you, it's me' and that they don't want to be together..."
<"Wait, that's it! If I invite Danny to something and he refuses, then that means he's no longer interested!"
<"Cunning as always, Charlotte~!"
<"Thank you, Charlotte~!"



Well, I will not keep you from your obligations for much longer, Mister Rogers. The silence bubbles I placed over the wheel should last for about another fifteen or so minutes, so hopefully it will grant you some respite from any complaints.

B-But before I go, if you wish to continue your productivity this weekend, I could use some aid with my own affairs. I was going to post it on the bulletin as usual, but if you are interested, that would no longer be necessary.

Danny Rogers!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552286

File: 1547423380294.png (184.45 KB, 666x496, Meliodas_comfort_Diane.png)

>Danny was completely unaware of Charlotte's internal debate over what to do, and again took what she had to say at face value

Raight, well...take care of yaself all th' same, ma'am...

Jus' try an' get some rest today, maybe?

>he felt a little odd advising his teacher to get some rest, especially given how their last conversation went

>really, he should just keep things strictly professional from now on, though it was hard not to be a bit concerned for her
>did she really have anyone else to be close to?
>he hadn't heard much about family, and he didn't see a wedding ring on her finger
>although she might have a boyfriend, hence why she rejected him
>but no, she would've said if she did
>why did he care about this still?
>he needs to just let this go already


>Charlotte took control of the conversation again, and since Danny was still mulling over his own inner conflict, he just responded to her request reflexively

U-Uh, certainly!

Ah'd be more than happy ta help ya with this, ma'am!

>he would've done that even if he wasn't feeling so awkward at the moment

>but because he was, it quickly sank in that he just agreed to some private time with Charlotte

<"I really need to start looking before I leap."

Charlotte Charleston!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552287

File: 1547424168146.jpg (43.97 KB, 330x479, pay attention.jpg)

>well... that didn't go as she'd hoped
>but it's OK!
>Rome wasn't built in one day after all, and even she didn't screw up her relationships so quickly!
>well... sometimes she did, but that's besides the more important point!

G-Good. Thank you, Mist-...Mister Rogers. Your help is greatly appreciated.

We'll discuss this more later, in... that case. I should be in the teachers' office by the end of the day, so you should have no problem finding me there.

S-So... I will see you there...
>she bowed her head somewhat stiffly, taking the conversation as finished
>turning, she quickly began walking away from Danny
>and in the back of her mind, starting to finally realize what she just did
>in her haste to think of a solution, she just made it so she'd have some private time with Danny
<"Oh god, I really need to start looking before I leap...!"

Danny Rogers!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552289

File: 1547427958564.png (94.82 KB, 455x1075, Meliodas_new_outfit.png)

>Danny watched as Charlotte left, and couldn't help but wonder why her form of speech had changed like it had
>maybe she was more sick than she realized?
>though what could be making her stutter like that, he really didn't know


>the afternoon passed without much issue, and his job was pretty much complete

>so with time to spare he made his way to the teachers' office, stopping in front of the door for a moment


>he had been starting to dread agreeing to this, but he must've been making a big deal out of nothing

>all he had to do was go in, do whatever Charlotte asked him to do, and that was that
>without making a fool of himself, of course
>after all, if she was fine with asking him this, clearly she had moved on already, so he had to just do the same
>and the fastest way to do that was to just be around her again

<"Just treat this like it was a completely normal set of circumstances, it's fine, it's fine."

>he took in a long breath, then slowly let it out

>then reached over and turned the doorknob, stepping into the room

Ms. Charleston, Ah'm here!

!Ren/VL7f/QCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552305

>Deep in the heart of New England forestry, there's a town. That town is called Dis.

>Dis is not particularly big, it's not particularly exciting. It's as quaint and average as a town in a forest can be, forgotten to the advance of time. The church stands proudly and solemnly, the corner shops open for business for the locals to buy what they need, and the dilapidated old cinema showcases films on reels too old to mention. With an ageing populace and a struggling tourist industry, Dis has very little going for it.

>Except...that there's something not quite right about it.

>When you're in Dis, it all feels...off. The trees circling the town feel like they're closing in, like there's something out there, just beyond your peripheral vision, watching you. The gas stations are unmanned, the shop without staff...But the plate next to the pump creaks towards you if you leave without paying. The sleepy town and its residents, all friendly and smiles on the surface, but it's a smile that deflects attention, redirects it elsewhere, so that those who would seek to snoop think better of it.

>Because only those in the know can see the second face of Dis.

>For the right person, whether they be seeking sanctuary, a chance at a new life, or simply people like them...Dis is no ghost town at all.

beatCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552308


I still don’t get it.

Ugh, God, Sadie. It’s not that complicated. The guy dies, he gets reincarnated in a fantasy video game world full of cute girls that want him to marry him, you get the picture.

Yeah, but… why does he reincarnate as his ex-wife?

You don’t get this medium at all.

>two girls sat beside each other on a worn park bench at the side of the road, watching the steady stream of people passing them by on their own daily business. Dis – the real Dis – could get pretty busy on mornings like this. you just had to know how to look at it, how to see past the abandoned storefronts and dead trees to what sat past it.

>in this case, what sat past those things was Sadako and Corinthia.

>Sadako looked pretty normal, a friendly-seeming young girl with pale skin and long, well-tended black hair. her demeanor was inviting, her clothes were plain and casual, and she generally put together the very image of a completely unremarkable girl next door.
>Corinthia, on the other hand, was very remarkable.
>first, you would have to get past the fact that she was, by all appearances, a talking person-shaped cat that walked on two legs.
>but even once you got past that, you had to contend with her both literally and figuratively colorful fashion sense, like some kind of horrific experimental crossbreed between a walking anime convention and someone who actually cares about their Instagram presence and is probably named Becky or something.

>but in Dis, the only thing currently notable about Cory was that she was pairing her favorite Ugg boots and miniskirt with a Naruto hoodie and a shirt that read “kawaii in the streets, senpai in the sheets”.

>that aside, she wasn’t too different from anyone else in the city. you would realize that quickly once you saw past the initial facade to see Dis for what it truly was, in all it’s vaguely-gothic splendor. a safe haven for the living dead, the unexplained shapes in the woods at night, even the occasional demon who wasn’t too into the whole “torturing the souls of the damned and tempting the righteous to sin” thing. a place for these people to live comfortably, safely out of sight of a world that would see them as monsters.

>even though they sorta literally were.

Blugh, more importantly, where the heck’s Morty? We’ve been waiting here for foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.

It’s only been ten minutes, he said he’d catch up with us.

Ten minutes is like 30 years in cat time, Sadako. I’m gonna die of old age here and you’re gonna feel really bad for not helping me.

Jenny Grimbits!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552309

File: 1547569560131.jpg (107.06 KB, 709x453, now I see.jpg)



>that was the eighteenth time this morning; not necessarily a record, but it was getting there
>the woman that dragged her feet through the park was not from around here
>in fact, she really had no idea where "here" even was, or even that she might be "here" to begin with
>regardless, her pale complexion, sunken in eyes, half-dead stares and she shambled the town followed by a curious odor could easily make her pass as any undead in Dis


>nineteen now; just about time for lunch!
>Jenny halfheartedly slapped her face to try and bring some energy back onto herself
>lunch time was always the best time of the day, so if she were to ever make some sort of effort in her life, it would always be to get a bite to eat

>she straightened herself up, a cheery smile appearing on her face

>her glasses were pulled up, jacket and skirt straightened out, and hair... as combed as it could get
OK! Let's see what's on the menu today~!
>she gave herself a little fist pump, marching with renewed vigor in her step
>straight towards one of the park's trashcans, openly perusing the castaway treasures left there by others
>she was pretty sure she saw a fast food place near the park, so with any luck, she could find someone's half-eaten lunch!

>definitely not in this bin, though

>oh well; that was but one of many!
>Jenny resumed walking from bin to bin, rummage their contents for anything noteworthy she could find
>a half-empty box of gum quickly stored in her pocket; a magazine she could read later on; a cheap lighter with some fuel left, perfect to stave off cold nights...
>not a bad haul overall, but what she really needed-
<"Food, food, food, food, food... c'mooooooon...!"
>it could take her a whole twenty minutes to scour the entire park!
>and she was hungry now!

<"Alright... Plan B!"

>dusting off her hands, Jenny looked around
>luckily the park was quite populated at this hour, so the odds were well in her favor
>time for some good old fashioned, all-American begging!
Spare a dime, sir!
>she quickly asked the first person to get close enough to her
>aaaand they simply walked right by
>no matter; plenty more fish in the sea!
Spare a dime, ma'am!
>still plenty of fish!
Excuse me, sir! Spare a dime!
>the fish were still plenty!
A dime, sir? Ma'am?
>not done yet!
Excuse me, miss! Can you spare a-
>she paused as she approached Sadako and Coy
>mainly to just stare at Cory for a rather uncomfortable few seconds before-
OH! I get it!
>she pointed at her shirt
It's a sex thing, right? Hah! Clever!
>then quickly held out her hand
Hey, can you spare a dime? My stomach's been-
Yeah, that! So can you help me out here or what?

Morty Ashton!Ren/VL7f/QCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552310

File: 1547570710014.jpg (251.82 KB, 1144x1080, Walkingaway.jpg)


>The streets were filled with people, and the people were of all colours, shapes, sizes and looks...But there was one person who carved through the streets, parting the people like Moses parted the seas.

>The people stared as he went past, the tails of his long black coat billowing in the wind as the man strode forward with purpose, his face set in grim determination, his mind focused on an unflinching, unerring goal. To give his quarry what they so richly deserved.

>It was only right that the people stared, that they parted in his wake, they knew and recognised what he was here for, what he had come here to learn, and what he would be the master of one day. He would soon be their watchful protector, just as he had been groomed for.

>Closer, closer yet closer still, he drew to his quarry. They were innocently talking, they had no idea of what awaited them, what their actions had wrought. They only dreamed of what lies ahead, what he would be returning to them, as they had so richly asked for what was in store...


You didn't ask for anything specific, so I just got a bit of everything.

>Gregory Mortimer Ashton, who had just left a crowd of people in his wake trying not to burst out laughing at the sight of a 16 year old boy wearing a long black coat with a streak of white in his hair, which looked as though it dearly longed to be hidden between some form of gentlemanly hatwear, tapped Sadako on the shoulder, and held up the bag of still hot food from the closest takeaway he could find that did things to her...tastes.

>Morty paused however, at the sight of the newcomer, who he didn't recognise. Inwardly recoiling somewhat at the sight, his hand returned to holding the bag of food at his side while he shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot, eyes flitting towards her occasionally.

...Friend of yours?

beatCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552312


>both girls stared back in awkward silence, sharing an awkward glance as this creepy hobo lady stared Corinthia down, flinching slightly when the slience was abruptly broken.

Uh, that’s… the joke, yeah.

>aaaaaand now she was asking for money. of course. Cory’s eyes narrowed a bit, now taking her turn to stare warily at Jenny, not even taking her eyes off of the lady to “subtly” nudge Sadako with an elbow in the side.

>she wasn’t heartless, she would never leave someone in need to suffer. but Cory had definitely spent enough time on the other side of this situation to know better than to give beggars straight cash, no questions asked.

Sorry, we don’t have any change on us.

Y-yeah, sorry. But, if you’re hungry - !

>tap tap

>oh, speak of the devil!
>Sadako reacted immediately, smiling brightly at Morty as she leaned across the bench to snag the bag right out of his hand even when he tried to shrink away from the new weird lady.

Hell yeah, you’re the best! I love this stuff!
Hey Morty. Just some lady asking for change.
>Sadako turned back to face Jenny again, still smiling warmly.
As I was gonna say, if you’re hungry, you had some good timing! Even if I don’t have any money to give you, I’m totally okay with just sharing what I’ve got!

>Corinthia shifted uncomfortably at that, visibly scooting away from her friend. her sensitive noise twitched painfully at the absolutely ungodly smell that started to fill the air as Sadako opened the bag in her hands.

I, uh, wouldn’t really recommend that.

>a lot of people liked spicy food.

>but a lot of people weren’t Sadako.
>what she ate on a daily basis was what a normal person would only put in their mouth on a bet. like, for at least 50 bucks. Cory personally suspected that all of the restaurants that Sadako frequented just started adding bear fogger to their spice racks.

>not that that stopped Sadako from cheerfully offering Jenny one of God’s most pointless creations, a boneless chicken wing. now it was just a question of if Jenny would have time to get the thing in her mouth before it could give her chemical burns from holding it too long.

Jenny Grimbits!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552313

File: 1547578994553.jpg (54.32 KB, 544x471, happy.jpg)

>Jenny's eyes widened at the sight of bountiful delicious food
>she couldn't quite hold back a slight bit of drool at the heavenly sight of a healthy young man carrying with him a full bag of treats
>like a hungry dog, all she could really do was stare at all that food right in front of her and out of her reach
>"Sorry, we don't have any change on us."
Ah, I see.
>well, that was a bummer

>I'm totally okay with just sharing what I've got!

>she was really beginning to think there weren't that many fish out there anymore

>so with a slight weight on her shoulders, Jenny turned and started to leave without another-
<"Wait a second..."
>she very quickly jumped back to where she was standing, eyes widened as Sadako offered her food
>her smile widened greatly, eyes sparkling slightly from the generous action offered to her
>with a little squeak as the piece of chicken was presented to her, the giddy woman hopped slightly in place
B-Bless your kind soul, miss! Thank you so much!
>now with the drool freely dropping from her mouth, Jenny wasted very little time and leaned forward
>her hands seemed to be kept at a very safe distance, the woman choosing instead to... be fed?
>her mouth got closer to Sadako's hand, opening wide as it got close to the piece of chicken
>but regardless of Sadako humoring her, or moving her hand away immediately like any sensible person would, the piece of chicken would shoot out of her fingers, and straight into the woman's mouth, almost as if its had been pulled in by a magnet of some sort
>whatever had happened, the chicken wing was completely gone, swallowed whole straight into the maws of the creepy hobo lady
>she straightened up with another hop, humming very contently and clearly not having chewed at all before swallowing
Hmm-hmm-hmm~! That's delicious!
>the burning heat also seemed to completely fly past her, the woman looking perfectly content
>until she clearly started staring at Sadako again, clearly in the hopes of maybe getting a few more of those chicken wings out of her
Ah-! Where's my manners!
>clearing her throat, she put on a more pleasant smile
>she reached into her jacket, taking out a business card, of all things
Jenny! Jenny Grimbits!
>she handed the card to Sadako, revealing it to be from some moving firm in Canada
>the phone number had been scratched over with a sharpie, and Jenny's name was clearly written over someone else's name
For all of your moving needs, big and small, I'm the girl you need to call!

...except you can't call; I don't have a phone anymore. But I'm right here, soooo...~?
>she gained a bit more expectant look, clearly hoping someone among the three would have something they needed moving

Morty Ashton!Ren/VL7f/QCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552314

File: 1547579762229.jpg (53.28 KB, 470x554, Crey.jpg)


>The bag had exited his hand before he'd even had the chance to move, Morty flinching at how quickly Sadako had taken away her food, starting to dig into it fast. He took his place next to Sadako on the bench, mostly to provide some kind of barrier between him and Cory, but partially so that someone could talk to the strange woman.

>His eyes occasionally flitted over to Jenny while Sadako chatted away, his expression barely concealed anxiousness and awkwardness, though he didn't quite have the time to dwell on that for long before he heard the sound of the evening bell as it tolled for her while also sounding a lot like the mission's resident masochist offering to share her food.

I-I have my own food to share if you'd-

>Morty wasn't heartless, even to strange people, Sadako's food was not something fit for consumption by anyone and if he could avoid that, then he would bravely sacrifice some of his own bits of chicken. His offer was cut off however as Jenny leaned forward and just inhaled the food. Morty's words stopped, his mouth hung open in shock and all conscious thought completely halted as the weird woman simply swallowed the boneless wing in a single go, no chewing necessary.

>Not only that, but she'd completely ignored the nuclear heat that generally accompanied anything that Sadako ate. Morty's head was filled with static as he desperately attempted to process all of what just happened, getting nowhere fast with his thoughts.


>He said intelligently as she made her tacit offer to move some things around, not that he was really listening. He hadn't even made an attempt to go for his own food yet, still in shock.

Charlotte & Jenny!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552320

File: 1547607412119.jpg (53.22 KB, 640x356, do hear this.jpg)

>one of the desks shook as soon as Danny made his presence known
>and immediately after, Charlotte jumped onto her feet, slipping the runaway pen back into her pocket as she faced Danny with her usual emotionless stare
Welcome, Mrs. Rogers. I'm glad you could make it.
>she turned slightly motioning towards a regular cardboard box that was resting by the wall
Pick up that box and follow me, please. We'll be heading to the training facilities right away.

Danny Rogers!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552321

File: 1547609104617.png (116.54 KB, 751x515, Meliodas_forming_a_concentrate…)



>Danny wasn't really sure what to make of Charlotte's reaction, and he wasn't entirely sure he heard her response right at first

>but her request for help was simple enough to fulfill
>so he walked over to where the box in question was, wasting little time in picking it up, then turning to her with a slightly curious look

If ya don't mahnd mah askin', ma'am...

What exactly are we settin' ta do today?

Charlotte & Jenny!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552322

File: 1547609980383.jpg (26.1 KB, 640x358, watching.jpg)

<"D-Did you really say Mrs. Rogers?"
<"Thank God, it seems like Danny didn't catch it..."
>Charlotte took in a breath, already starting to walk once Danny picked up the somewhat heavy box
I have a very special class planned for my infiltration course classes this week, so I need to prepare everything for it.

Normally I would rely on the regular worker crew, but as this won't require much heavy lifting or special knowledge, I figured it would be a good opportunity for students to make some easy money.

>she glanced at Danny for a quick second

That box has ammunition. Rubber, of course; I always prefer solid projectiles in my classes as opposed to energy-based ones.

Three boxes were delivered to the training area, but that one had been forgotten in the truck. Once they realized their mistake, they brought it here.

That won't be the last heavy lifting you will do today, but it will be the only one required to cross the entire school grounds.

Danny Rogers!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552323

File: 1547613197318.png (163.11 KB, 763x605, Diana_grows_feelings_for_Melio…)

>Danny probably should've figured that, given the surprising weight in comparison to its size
>even so, he was able to hold it well enough, and wasted little time following Charlotte out of the teachers' office

Ah see...

>he didn't seem too perturbed by this, knowing that her infiltration courses were still safe enough for most of them that rubber bullets wouldn't be too much of a hastle

>plus he was personally more than capable of getting around those, so he had nothing to worry about
>though, as he dutifully followed along behind her, there was one thing that came to him that made him wonder


Does that mean y' have othah students helpin' you today...?

<"Or am I really going to be all alone with you all this time...?"

Charlotte & Jenny!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552324

File: 1547613744634.jpg (23.67 KB, 239x327, that makes no sense.jpg)

>Charlotte subtly flinched at the question, her mind beginning to race
<"Why is he asking that?"
<"Is he just curious?"
<"Would he be disappointed if he's not alone with me?"
<"Or does he want others there with us?"
<"Dammit, just relax, Charlotte! You're doing fine!"


N-No. You're the only one.

I never put up the offer, and I only need one pair of extra hands for a relatively simple job. Since you accepted, that was... good enough...
>she trailed off somewhat, a bit uncertain of what to say
>but it did give her some time to think, and realize if Danny did want someone else there, that was a good thing!
>but the question was: how to find out if that was the case without coming off as too curious...?




Would have you preferred there to be?
>smooth as butter

Danny Rogers!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552325

File: 1547614443222.png (51.33 KB, 505x344, Meliodas_scared.png)



>the response was out of Danny's mouth before he even stopped to think about it, which caused him to halt in his tracks

>and he had to hurry and think of an explanation for what he meant

A-Ah mean, it wasn't a mattah of preference...

A-Ah was jus' a bit curious, th-that's all!

>which was true, in all honesty

>he just opted to omit the part about still liking her and wondering if he could get over her easier alone or with others around
>leaving that out wasn't lying, so his integrity was still intact
>so he thought, anyway

Charlotte & Jenny!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552327

File: 1547615661921.jpg (23.42 KB, 226x331, what do you want.jpg)




I see.


>Charlotte reached into her pockets, taking out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat that was beginning to form on her forehead

>she could get through this; she knew she did
>the awkwardness was good; it meant Danny would get tired of this, and never want anything to do with her again

>the trip went on without anything eventful happening

>the training area that they were now in was already setup with whatever it was that Charlotte had planned for her classes
>there were a lot of walls forming into a lot of cubed rooms, all stacked into a mound to create a strange Minecraft-like mountain that nearly filled the entire Dome
>outside of the "mountain" there were some deactivated training droids, and an assortment of cheap and flimsy furniture, mostly just tables and chairs

You may place the box down over there if you wish.
>she motioned towards the cluster of stuff, heading towards it
Our job today is to get all of these items inside the rooms there.
>she nodded towards the cubed monstrosity nearby
It shouldn't be at all difficult for the two of us. I deliberately ordered cheap material for ease of transport, as well as to keep costs low and not have to concern myself in case something gets broken.

Some of my students can get slightly panicked when an exercise doesn't go as planned and will sometimes choose to clear a room of witnesses, which may result in plenty of destroyed furniture.

Not the most desirable of strategies, but it is effective under the right conditions.
>she walked up to the droids, giving them a quick inspection as Danny handled the box
We may start whenever you're ready.

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File: 1547649446357.png (147.27 KB, 758x478, Meliodas_getting_ready_for_his…)

>even while the rest of the trip went without any hassle, internally Danny was wondering if he was approaching this the right way
>he wanted to be more open with Charlotte, but it felt like he had to avoid talking about this just so as to not scare her away again
>he could be mature about this, he could move on
>...he hoped

>once they arrived at the training facility, Danny did as Charlotte said and put the box down

>he wasn't about to admit it, but it was just a tad heavier than he had been prepared for
>he knelt down and started to open it up, while lifting his head to look at the cubed rooms set up around them, trying to make sense of what exactly they'd be used for


What should people expect t' happen in this elaborate "exercahse" you have planned, ma'am?

>any sort of conversation was better than dead silence, so may as well bring that up
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>both girls just silently stared, Corinthia in confused horror and Sadako in just regular confusion. still smiling, she opened her mouth as if to say something, but all that came out was a quiet ”hm.”

>but eventually, after a long moment of silence, she turned to her friends with a smug grin on her face.

Well somebody agrees with me.

>without further ado, Sadako set to splitting the rest of her meal approximately in half with a bit of cheerful humming, depositing it in a napkin, and handing it over to Jenny.

>Corinthia, similarly to Morty, heistantly began to pick away at her own food while eyeing Jenny with obvious suspicion and curiosity.

>Sadako readily traded the rest of the food for the business card, curious to see just what this lady diiiiiiii…. this wasn’t her card, was it?

...Nice to meet’cha, Jenny! I’m Sadako, and my friends are-
>she pointed to the cat.
-and Morty!
>and then to the teenaged edgelord.


Um, sorry to say, but we don’t really have any work we need done – at least not anything we can’t handle ourselves. But I’m sure we can help you find something else in town!

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File: 1547669554424.jpg (88.48 KB, 720x720, fight on.jpg)

>"I-I have my own food to share if you'd-"
>Jenny's eyes lit up at that wonderful song!
>without any hesitation, she quickly took a seat right next to Morty, squeezing herself into the bench with the group of total strangers she'd just forced herself on
Really!? And they say chivalry is dead! Thank you so much!
>she leaned over Morty slightly, clearing eyeing all of the food he was carrying
Ah! Nice meet'n ya!
>with a wide grin on her face, she reached to accept the rest of the food handed to her on a paper napkin (further leaning over Morty to do so)
>quickly straightening up, she basically shoved the whole thing at her face; wings and napkin alike
>and just like before, they simply vanished, sucked up right into her mouth and down her throat without so much as a formality chomp
>We don't really have any work we need done..."
>well darn, that was a shame
>"But I'm sure we can help you find something else in town!"
Oh gosh, you would do that!? Wow, you guys are just the nicest group of people I've ever met!
>she tapped her fist over her chest, gaining a bit of a more confident tone
I swear I'll come back and repay you for all your generosity, Sadie! Cory! Mor-...
>she paused
>how did you shorten Morty anyway?
>was Morty already short for something?
>she'd figure it out later
>for now, she was still eying his food and waiting for him to make good on his offer

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File: 1547671284356.jpg (60.27 KB, 308x378, Headshot.jpg)


>Morty jolted with surprise at the sudden closeness of the strange woman, who he now actually had a name for. The proximity of Jenny and the...results of her homelessness coupled with Morty's own lack of social ability prompted a choke and a gasp as she suddenly leaned over him to grab the split parts of Sadako's atomic wings and cram them down her facehole with the same whistle of air as they were just absorbed down her throat.


>Was the only thing that Morty actually managed to get out of him as she straightened back up and started happily chatting away once more about Sadako's offer to find the poor lady some work.

Y-yeah, I'm sure there's...something...around.

>He trailed off, his blind stab at attempting to make conversation bouncing off of her armour and rebounding into his social arteries, leaving him bleeding out and terrified on the floor of interaction. Fortunately for a socially dead man, he was at least conscious enough to note Jenny's earlier assertion about his chivalric behaviour and obviously as a proud usher into the next world, he had to make good on all promises made to be polite and courteous!

>Which is why he picked up a few of his chicken legs and one of his bags of fries and offered them over to Jenny, fishing them out of the bucket he still had in his hands and holding them up.

'Scuse my fingers...

>He mumbled, not quite able to make eye contact.

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>Cory was still a little wary of this weird, kinda smelly lady and her friend’s choice to immediately choose to help her completely sight unseen. but, well, that’s Sadako for you. and she sure as hell wasn’t likely to back down on the choice once her mind’s been made up, so all Corinthia and Morty could really do for now was just grin and bear it.

Uh, y-yeah! We work for sort of a… let’s call it a halfway house, for people who are tryin’ toooo, uh, let’s say “get back on their feet”. So sometimes, people’ll come to us with little odd jobs they need doin’ for us to give to the people staying with us.

>plus, seeing her just literally inhale food like that was getting only slightly less uncomfortable with each time. but still pretty uncomfortable.

>not that Sadako herself seemed to mind much at all, though, just humming in thought as she happily dug into her preferred form of nightmarish edible pain.

Come to think of it, are you new around here? I’m pretty sure I’ve met most people in town, but I’ve never seen you before!

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File: 1547694413789.jpg (139.69 KB, 850x1201, __sunazuka_akira_idolmaster_ci…)

>meanwhile at the town of Dis, there was a bit of a commotion going on. A large horned shadow monster, surrounded by a large crowd. Like a large demon of negative space, he spoke in a boisterous tone.

Feel my presence, humans! I was the weapon of great conquerors of the past! The great judges of life and death! In my highest point, I bent mortality to my whim!

I am Mu! The antithesis of the material world! The embodiment of nothing! I demand...

>the shadow monster put a couple dollars in front of the cashier in front of him.

The Wednesday Value Meal!

>Just another day at the local burger joint.

>trailing downwards, the shadow was attached to someone; rather, he was their shadow. A young girl in a face mask. Like some sort of symbiotic relationship.

...Must you do that everytime we go somewhere... I got it memorized.

>the young girl put her own money down.

I'll just have fries and a drink please.

Yes, a future warlord must eat! Keep up your strength.

>sighing, the young girl went to her table, realizing Mu was a lot more lively today.

>in the meantime, Mu shrunk down, going back to being a 2D shadow once again.

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File: 1547707767955.jpg (23.67 KB, 239x327, that makes no sense.jpg)

>inside the box, Danny would find about a dozen bags filled with rubber pellets
>Charlotte glanced at Danny after his question, not answering right away
>if it was anybody other than him, she'd probably assume they were being used as a scout by her class to figure out what the next lesson would be about
>she was actually a bit disappointed no one had tried that this year so far
Sometimes you will be forced to infiltrate a location that you are unfamiliar with. Be it a villain's lair, enemy spaceship, or even a military base; thinking on your feet and being able to patiently read the environment around you are the key to a successful infiltration in such an eventuality.

As we've recently finished discussing this, I enjoy creating scenarios and exercises where my students can apply all of their newfound knowledge right away.

>she nodded slightly towards the cluster of rooms

The objective of this test is simple: to reach the top room and retrieve the briefcase hidden inside, then make your way out without alerting the building.

The structure has been made deliberately disorienting and nonstandard, to test my students' patience and information gathering skills. If they grow frustrated with this maze, that is something they will need to improve on.

>she then motioned to the clutter of tables, chairs and droids next to them

The droids will serve at the security units of the structure, as usual. Most of them will be armed but not all, as learning how to distinguish both is a crucial skill.

The furniture is mostly there for aesthetic purposes; to make the structure appear less uniform inside, but also to serve as landmarks for students to know if they're walking in circles.

>she looked over at the structure, her expression remaining as stoic as ever as she muttered out loud:

...I do hope they find it a fun exercise...

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File: 1547709101553.jpg (69.77 KB, 647x647, cheerful.jpg)

>Jenny let out a delighted squeak as Morty so graciously offered her more food!
>man, she really hit the jackpot today!
>with a grin, Jenny leaned down with her mouth wide open towards Morty's hands, before-
>the food was forced right out of them, vanishing into the vacuum cleaner that seemed to exist inside this woman
>Jenny let out a very pleased hum, licking her lips contently
Man, I haven't had this much good food since the salmonella scare last year filled up the trash containers with food!
>she leaned on Morty, one arm wrapping around his shoulders to give him a friendly (if a bit rough) pat on the back
You guys are lifesavers!

>"Let's call it a halfway house..."
>that would explain why they're all so generous!
>she was getting lunch and now had the possibility of a roof over her head?
>the gods of fortune were smiling down on her today!
>maybe she should get a lottery ticket later; what better time to put her luck to good use!
>"Are you new around here?"
Oh, yeah!
>she looked over to Sadako, still pretty much using Morty as a leaning apparatus
I'm a traveler, you see! Roamin' these great United States wherever the train tracks will take me! No bosses, no obligations; just me, the majestic sights, and all the wonderful folks that lend a hand along the way!

I actually didn't mean to stop here, but I got kinda lost. A nice trucker was giving me a lift to Rhode Island and I had to stop and take a leak, but got lost in the woods.
>she paused, wondering out loud
I wonder if he's still waiting for me...

>but then shrugged her shoulders, letting her head droop to rest her chin on top of Morty's head, carrying on with the conversation as if this was absolutely normal

It's a pretty cool place you've got here, I gotta say! Lucky me, I got here just in time for Halloween! You guys just go all out on the celebrations, huh?

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File: 1547736577014.png (434.99 KB, 582x700, Pullingcollardown.png)


>Morty flinched yet again at the sound of the vacuum cleaner starting out once more, and then the food was gone. That...wasn't getting any easier too handle, but fortunately he'd at least learned to look away. He started digging into his own collection of fries after nodding at Jenny and aiming what he prayed was a comforting smile at her, which mostly ended up coming out like he needed the bathroom.


>But getting a rough pat on the back from their newfound acquaintance was enough to get Morty to choke on his chicken piece and start pounding his chest in order to try and get some air back into him. Finally managing to stop gasping for breath, Morty was then confronted by Jenny resting her head on top of his, freezing him shock still.

>He just kind of stayed there, still holding his bucket of food, stuck as a leaning apparatus for this strange new woman who was hiding some form of black hole within her that was threatening to consume not only his food, but all of his social energy as well.

>Though his attention was caught by what she said afterwards.

Halloween? It's...January though?

>He managed to choke out awkwardly, before going back to eating through his food again, shoving a handful of fries into his mouth in order to give a good enough reason for him to not have to answer her right away...

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File: 1547737822466.png (463.85 KB, 419x545, Meliodas_one_shot_coloured.png)

>Danny pulled out a few of the bags of rubber pellets as Charlotte explained what her overall plan was for this exercise
>it was certainly an elaborate plan, but it was one he could see people having a lot of trouble with
>while he understood her enthusiasm and interest in making challenges like this, he doubted all of her students reciprocated the feeling
>he did look to her with a slightly surprised look when she expressed some concern over that same thing, not expecting her to care that much over it

...Ah don't think they would fahnd it fun, necessarily...

>he approached her while carrying the few bags he had, opting to try and be honest with her, even while being encouraging

But Ah do think th' students who are serious about your course would appreciate th' challenge you provahde.

Maybe not even raight away, but later on when it's helpful t' them out in th' field, Ah think they would appreciate what you've done for 'em.

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File: 1547739960337.jpg (47.97 KB, 640x359, no way.jpg)

>Charlotte's outward appearance wouldn't change, still maintaining that rocky emotionless expression on her face
>inwardly however, she couldn't help but feel a warmth of encouragement over her chest at Danny's words
>she wasn't deaf; she knew full well her reputation in the Academy as a teacher wasn't as glowing as Surprise's
>she was the ice queen; the emotionless golem who spoke in long unbroken sentences, moving from topic to topic without ever changing tone or pitch
>she was called heartless on more than a few occasions, an image that her past certainly helped fuel
>and she could hardly blame any of her students for feeling this way about her; these were the seeds she had sown after all, for the most part
>on the rare chances she'd get to see her former students, their perception of her never quite seemed to change
>she'd certainly never received a "thank you" letter either
>but she was prepared for this from the very start; gratitude was entirely secondary to knowing she was doing her best at teaching
>so the thought that, even momentarily, her students would stop and think about her classes was good enough for her

Thank you, Mister Rogers. I certainly hope you are correct.
>she reached behind the droid, touching the button on its neck, to have it activate
>she proceeded to do the same to the rest of them, the gang of androids thankfully not being a part of the inventory needing to be moved
Let's get moving. The faster we begin, the faster it will all be over. It won't be hard at all.

>sometime later, Charlotte came to realize how bitter those words tasted after she was forced to eat them...

>sure enough, the tables and chair, flimsy and cheap as they were, weren't difficult at all to move

>the problems came from the structure itself, which was designed to be a grueling maze to traverse through
>even though Charlotte knew the entire layout like the palm of her hand, traversing it on foot was still quite the herculean task
>especially since Charlotte didn't set up any elevators, meaning a lot of climbing up and down stairs, stairs, and more stairs on top of stairs the further they climbed up the rooms
>even with the droids' help, it was an exercise worthy of the Thunder Dome's reputation

>Charlotte took a seat on one of the chairs, her black coat long discarded to try and escape the heat brought about by the physical labor

>her breathing was ragged and heavy, sweat pouring down her face, which somehow still remained as stoic as ever
>they had finally made it to the second-to-last floor, and earned themselves a few minutes of rest at the very least
>and if they hadn't, Charlotte didn't care; she was tired, and her legs hurt enough that she'd shoot anyone in the face if they tried to take away this moment of rest from her
Huff... huff... ghuff...

I-...I'm starting to think-... huff...

...s-starting to think... th-this was not... not my best laid out plan...

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>Corinthia jolted slightly in her seat when Jenny started putting her hands all over Morty like SOME KIND OF WHO- okaycalmdowncorydeepbreathsdeepbreaths

>but still, even as she forced herself to stay calm, she couldn’t hold back a trace of irritation in her tone.

”Traveler”. Riiiiight.

>she opened her mouth as if to make another snide comment, but the words died in her mouth to be replaced with a moment of silent confusion shared with both Morty and Sadako.

>”Halloween”…? did she…?

Uh, yeah, he’s right. The year just started, Jenny; it’s like this all the time here. ...D-do you, er, realize where you are right now…?

>Cory allowed her bitterness to drop for a moment. in its place was an incredulous smirk on her adorable fuzzy little face, which she helpfully pointed at for emphasis.

Don’t tell me you think this is a costume? They don’t make masks this kawaii, promise.

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File: 1547786493812.jpg (54.32 KB, 544x471, happy.jpg)

>"It's... January though?"




Dang it I missed Christmas again!
>the woman quickly exclaimed, finally leaning off Morty to chastise herself by very lightly tapping her forehead with her wrist
>followed up by a groan, which gave way to the woman's smile quickly returning
Well, no point crying over spilled milk!
>Morty irritation flew straight past her, Jenny focusing on the topic at hand
>"It's like this all the time here..."
Wow! A whole town devoted to celebrating Halloween all year round? That's a pretty good idea for a tourist trap!
>she leaned in a bit closer to Sadako (which naturally meant leaning over Morty again)
Hey, do you think maybe you could help me get a job as one of those roaming zombies? That seems like a super easy job! I'd be a natural at it; I already only sleep three hours a day, so I can pull off the role naturally!

>"D-do you, er, realize where you are right now...?"

Not really!
>she cheerfully exclaimed
I know I'm in Maine; pretty sure, at least! Unless that trucker had a faulty GPS. But like I said, I got lost, and just found this place!

I've tried asking folks where this is, but all people keep telling me is that this is "this". And I'm like, I know this is this; I'm asking what this is! The nerve of some people! [shy]Also, a lot of people here have a weird accent with their S's...[shy]

>"Don't tell me you think this is a costume?"

>Jenny blinked, but quickly chuckled while waving her hand
Oh, of course not! I've been to Arkham!
>and without really explaining herself-
>"They don't make masks (like) this (in) (H)awaii, promise."



I'm in Hawaii!? Oh my God that's so cool!
>her eyes lit up at the sheer notion of it all!
>the tropical paradise welcoming her, of all people!
>if everyone in Hawaii was this welcoming, she could totally start a fresh new life here!
>but she then paused, suddenly realizing:
...boy was that trucker's GPS off the mark, though! Hope the poor guy can find his way back.

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File: 1547813706979.jpg (273.38 KB, 1400x1050, I'machickmagnet.jpg)


>Morty's sigh of relief was quickly replaced by another grunt of confusion as this decidedly odd woman took the fact that she had missed Christmas in stride, and...missed Sadie's attempt at explaining the situation. He was about to pipe up, when he was leaned over again, causing him to lock up while Jenny continued chatting.

>Which revealed that she really didn't seem to have much of an idea of what was happening. Morty's face split into a frown. That wasn't good. Typically if someone managed to 'get through' then that required men in black suits to come around and quietly resolve the issue. Admittedly, the last time worked out pretty well all things considered but, it was still a precautious.

<"I'm in Hawaii?! Oh my god that's so cool!"

>Morty choked on another pile of fries. Scratch that, she was just...really dense. That...probably wasn't a worry, right? He finally managed to cough his way into swallowing the potato and spoke up, still clearing his throat.

No, you, you had it right the first time, this is Maine. This town is called Dis.

>Morty looked over at Cory and Sadie anxiously, and lowered his voice to a whisper while he nervously wrung his hands together over the bucket.

Do we have to tell someone now or...?

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File: 1547821457125.png (28.84 KB, 457x315, Meliodas_riding_on_Hawk's_back…)

>Danny wasn't faring much better after hauling all this equipment around
>up the stairs, down the stairs, up again, down again...
>he wondered if this was what a pack mule felt like back when those were still a common thing

>by the time Charlotte had taken a seat, Danny had already opted to rest in his own fashion

>hence why there was a blob of water resting at the foot of the table Charlotte was sitting close to
>after a moment or two, the blob rose and took on Danny's shape again, solidifying and changing into his real form, as he slumped on the table with a weary expression of his own
>he lifted his head to speak to Charlotte, only to find himself staring at her just a bit
>much as he didn't want to, really
>he didn't want to stare at her soaked in sweat from a hard day of work
>certainly not at how her jacket was gone and her white shirt was soaking wet and clinging to her form
>revealing what she was wearing underneath



>he turned away and leaned his back on the table, feeling a lot hotter all of a sudden

>and hurriedly but tiredly getting out a reply

H-How much...more is there...t' do...?

Charlotte & Jenny!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552375

File: 1547822473959.jpg (53.22 KB, 640x356, do hear this.jpg)

>Charlotte seemed wholly oblivious to her state, slumping slightly on the table besides her
>her expression remained the same, but she tiredly answered:
There... should only be two... huff... more trips left... I-I believe...
>she straightened up her glasses, waving her hand afterwards slightly
I-If we...just rest for a few minutes... w-we should be done with in... no time...
>she should probably kick herself for saying that a second time, considering how the first one went
>but she was too tired to even think that far back to remember that she did say it
>she reached for the bottle of water on the floor, quickly emptying it right into her mouth, releasing a long sigh afterwards
I-I can assure you... the pay I was considering giving you... has rightfully been d-doubled, Mister Rogers...

I-... huff... I apologize for making you spend your... weekend this way...

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>Sadako started to shrink inward a little, while Corinthia’s grin only grew wider.

Oh my God she actually doesn’t get it.

Well, uh, still no. Like he said, you’re in a town called Dis. Y’know, D-I-S?

And I said “kawaii”, not “Hawaii”. Y’know, cute?
>Cory stretched herself out on the bench a bit to afford a full view of herself as she gestured theatrically at herself, the pure unfiltered Smug painfully thick in her voice.
‘Cuz ya can’t fake THIS kinda adorability, babe~.

>Sadako didn’t really pay any attention to that vaguely flirtatious comment. guess Corinthia was just… like that. instead, she focused on whispering conspiratorially to Morty.

I don’t know! How’d she even get in?

>and now Cory was joining in on the whisper-party.

Well, how’d you get in?

I dunno, I just followed you! She doesn’t really seem to get it, should we just play along?

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File: 1547833845004.jpg (62.62 KB, 588x720, what.jpg)

>Jenny let out a small "ooooh" as she was explained the situation in far clearer and less easy-to-misinterpret terms
>...sadly, this meant she wasn't in Hawaii
>probably for the best; she'd be pretty disappointed with the weather if that were the case
>"And I said 'kawaii', no 'Hawaii'."
Oooooh! Gomen, gomen! [I don't usually expect to hear Japanese so casually! I never would've guessed either; but trying to distinguish a an American cat from a Japanese one would be hard, right?]
>Jenny's somewhat vacant-headed smile never quite left her face, her head tilting quizzically as Cory did... something
>the woman moved her eyes off of Cory, looking around the area as if trying to figure out just what she was motioning to
>and why was she stretching like that?
>cramps from sitting on park benches, maybe?
>she knew very well how uncomfortable that was, so she could relate to her plight
>thankfully, this also distracted her for... longer than it really should have, allowing the three to have their whisper-filled moment uninterrupted

Morty Ashton!Ren/VL7f/QCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552380

File: 1547834631346.gif (144.21 KB, 1752x2471, Monochrome.gif)


<"ya can't fake THIS kinda adorability, babe~"

>As if on autopilot, as though all the awkwardness had completely vacated him, Morty snorted in amusement, swallowing another piece of chicken.

Sure, nobody can fake it, which is why you cheat at card games. That's maximum adorable...

>Though his comment came off Jenny speaking in...what he thought was Japanese. He'd only ever heard it coming from Cory's room muffled by the wall, and she watched the Weird Cartoons, those were Japanese, right? Still, it was weird that she spoke it so fluently, what a weird woman who just wandered around and spoke a second language while only looking for labour work...

>Nevertheless, he continued mumbling to Sadako, praying that her obliviousness would keep up while they desperately tried to figure out how best to resolve this.

We should probably take her back to the mission, Ms Muerte'll be able to figure it out uh...discretely...

>She wasn't really a problem, or she didn't seem so to Morty, even if she was resting on him a whole bunch and she could resist the urge to cry after being in the general vicinity of Sadako's food but...Well, if they actually brought her to the People In Charge, who knew what'd happen...

beatCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552382


>Cory froze awkwardly in that little pose, both slightly put out that Jenny didn’t seem to responding whatsoever and slightly terrified that Jenny actually knew Japanese and knew more than her oh god

>she just sat there, staring vacantly until her brain caught up enough to realize Morty was talking.

H-hey! Awright, three things!

>she pulled herself up in her seat to lean over Sadako’s back in complete ignorance of personal space, similarly to what Jenny was doing to Morty herself, to jab an accusatory finger in his face.

First, what do those things even have to do with each other?! Second, you can’t prove nothin’! Third, are you trying to imply I’m not cute?!

>Sadako, again, seemed entirely unperturbed by the pile of cat currently draped across her shoulders. Corinthia was always handsy.

no, no, it’s fine! we can go get her if we have to, but I’m sure we can handle this ourselves!

>Sadako was not sure at all. but that’s never stopped her before! she just had to start talking before anyone with more sense could tell her to stop!

So, Jenny!
>Sadako clapped her hands to firmly bring the focus of the conversation back to herself, politely smiling at Jenny.
First of all, things are a little more, um, unusual here than you think. It’s nothing to do with Halloween, it’s just… ah geez how do I say this?

People are just… like that here. They’re not costumes, just like Cory.

>she paused for a moment, waiting for Jenny to respond. the lady definitely seemed a little, ahem, spacy, so Sadako felt she should try to get a feel for just how blunt she had to be to get the message across.

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File: 1547854804211.png (82.23 KB, 442x606, Meliodas,_Diane_and_ban_gettin…)

>still looking away from her, Danny simply shook his head, lifting a hand and waving it wearily

It's...it's fahne...

Don't...don't worry about th' money...

>he straightened up after this, though he had to steady himself with one hand on the table

>he rolled his shoulders and gave a small groan, then looked to Charlotte with a tired smile, trying to keep his eyes on her face

Ah volunteered ta help, so no need ta apolahgize...

W-Wouldn' be very...propah if Ah jus' left ya t' do this bah yourself...

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File: 1547873862213.jpg (21.42 KB, 268x361, are you serious.jpg)

>Charlotte let out a long, weary sigh, lowering her head slightly


I don't just mean that.
>she was always a terrible, terrible liar...
I'm apologizing for making you spend time with me... Alone. After what happened last time.

I-...I can't imagine the amount of pressure I must... be placing on you...
>reaching up, she pushed her glasses to rub at her nose with a light grunt
I thought-...I thought that if you were to... spend more time with me... you would realize how unsatisfactory it is to be around me...

Then you'd... forget about me, and be able to move on... that was the plan, a-anyway... it sounded perfectly logical, as it's... what happens to all of my prospective relationships...

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File: 1547874885142.jpg (43.36 KB, 417x442, what is that.jpg)

>Jenny was pulled out of her curious staring at the clap, jolting a bit in surprise and quickly turning her head to Sadako
>"People are just... like that here."
<"A whole town of cosplayers then? That's pretty-"
>"They're not costumes, just like Cory."



>Jenny was locked into a stare, somehow staring right into and through Sadako as the hamster wheel slowly turned inside her head

>the monsters, skeletons, zombies, ghouls; all of these things were just casually wandering the streets




>the noise that slowly left Jenny's mouth was utterly inhumane, sounding more like one of those pre-movie advertisements for the sound system's power being used

>with cat-like agility, Jenny leapt straight off of her seat and over the bench's back, quickly slithering underneath it to cower behind Sadako's legs
>her head poked out from between them, the shivering woman now on high alert as she looked all around
Oh no oh no no no no I should've known the Gyromite lady was right why didn't I listen to her!?
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File: 1547876461284.png (48.46 KB, 773x270, Little_Gilthunder_training_wit…)

>Danny blinked once as Charlotte changed the subject, and was far more surprised when she explained what she had been doing
>it was only a matter of time before this matter was going to come up again, although he wasn't expecting it to be in this way


>he would let out a sigh of his own, slumping against the table a bit more


Ah'm only really disappointed you'd go an' deceive me lahke that...

You bein' so straightforward...well, that's one of th' things Ah lahke about you...

>he wasn't really sure what else to say for a moment

>he was disappointed that she did that, but at the same time...

...Ah don't want ta...jus' cut things off, though...

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File: 1547877627791.jpg (26.1 KB, 640x358, watching.jpg)

>"You bein' so straightforward... well, that's one of th' things Ah lahke about you..."
>a short breath left Charlotte's nose, which almost sounded like a laugh
I've been told it's... rather ironic... the best poker face in the world attached to the worst liar in the world...
>Danny's disappointment was perfectly visible, even for her
>and that certainly made her feel very guilty
>she hated lying; the old her was a liar, but she was supposed to be dead
>and here, here she was again, trying to manipulate and deceive one more person from beyond the grave
>"Ah don't want ta...jus' cut things off, though..."
>Charlotte's head quickly turned to Danny, and he could see the faint way her eyes struggled to widen in surprised for just a fraction of a second

>another one of her strange questions-spoken-as-a-statement
Mister Roger, most people-...


...most people can't stand it for very long... it doesn't matter if it's... men, women... boyfriends, or just friends...

Everyone always says it's fine. Everyone always says they can handle it; that they appreciate the honesty... but it only lasts for so long.

>her hands balled up into fists over her lap, but Charlotte's voice remained as stoic and robotic as it always was

People aren't built to withstand social interactions this way... not with my condition...

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File: 1547909371670.jpg (238.7 KB, 900x675, Landing.jpg)


>Morty's nose wrinkled at the finger in his face, a pout crossing his face as he glared petulantly up at Corinthia. He folded his arms over his chest as best he could while functioning as a human leaning post and spoke up.

What kind of anything cute cheats at games? I've never seen a kitten try to sneak cards up her sleeves, and you're not even close to being as cute as a kitten! And why would you even need to say I can't prove anything if you haven't done anyth-

>Morty had continued arguing the point with Cory well past the point of Sadako pulling Jenny's attention back over to her to...fully explain the situation of where she had found herself, and what exactly she was in for.

>Clearly it hadn't gone well.

>Interrupted mid point by Jenny's impossibly loud scream, Morty flinched at the sound and wrenched himself away from the bench. Fortunately for the both of them, while he'd thrown himself onto the ground, Jenny had vacated in her own direction, and was now cowering behind Sadako on the bench. Morty breathed heavily, eyes wide from the sound and flickering around, desperately trying to spot if anybody important had been around to listen to whatever that had been.

>He was still trying to catch his breath while Jenny babbled to herself about the problem she'd found herself in, while he laid on the ground awkwardly, barely even aware of the fact that he'd knocked over his bucket of food, which was now threatening to tip out onto the street and waste good chicken. He was just laying there, wide eyed and panting like a deer in the headlights.

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File: 1547916882732.png (48.85 KB, 753x329, Meliodas_tied_up_in_bed.png)

>that wasn't an easy question to answer, now that Danny thought about it
>it wasn't pity that drew him to her, even if he did feel sorry for her and her seeming inability to connect with people
>it really was just her straightforward nature that he liked so much, if only because he'd been around deception and lying for most of his life and had to adapt to that
>even to the point that he ended up doing it without even thinking about it

...it's not easy fer me ta really fahnd th' words fer this...

>Danny did look rather uncertain as he struggled to think of what to say

But...Ah know yer not heartless, or uncarin', or whatevah else people maight say about you...

Ah want ta know th' real you. Ah don't mahnd that you'd always have th' same expression...

That jus' means what you'd tell me would be all th' more honest, wouldn't it?

>he was being very hopeful about this

>Charlotte had proven she could lie rather convincingly, despite her belief that she couldn't
>it was a tad risky to go ahead with this, knowing that
>but it was one mistake, and she wasn't going to do it again

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File: 1547917869111.jpg (21.42 KB, 268x361, are you serious.jpg)

>"Ah want ta know th's real you."
>Charlotte seemed to flinch at this, quickly turning her head away from Danny
>closing her eyes she took in a deep breath, already feeling her heart start to try and punch its way out of her chest


There is-...


There's a lot about me most people still don't know, Mister Rogers...

...a lot-...a lot I still keep hidden... for my own sake... regrets, mainly... many of them...


>she closed her eyes again, her body shivering slightly, but it still doing nothing to mess with the tone of her voice


I appreciate this... image... that you have of me, Danny... but the "real" me isn't just the person you see before you today...

It's decades of... wounding people... disappointing them... abandoning them... my friends, my family, my dau-...
>she stopped herself with a strange choke, quickly closing her somewhat damp eyes to take in another deep breath


If honesty is what you wish... then you should be prepared to have your image of me shattered.

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File: 1547921809303.png (203.54 KB, 765x1120, Meliodas_accepting_to_be_kille…)

>Danny already knew about Charlotte's past as a villain, so he wasn't surprised by the implication that she had more secrets hidden
>even if it clearly meant a lot to her
>he wasn't too surprised that she was estranged from her family, but...

>"my dau-..."

>that wasn't hard to miss, and Danny's eyes did widen in surprise

>he was sure she'd been in a relationship before, but finding out that she had a child from that and subsequently abandoned them was...a bit of a shock
>hence why he didn't really answer her right away, needing a moment to think of how he felt about that


>in the end, however, he moved up to sit on the table itself, taking on something of a softer tone when he spoke

We've all made mistakes an' done things we regret...

That wouldn' necessarily change how Ah feel, so...Ah wanna know.

>clearly there wasn't going to be any getting over this now

>they were going to go ahead with clearing this all up and see where they went from there
>which shouldn't have made Danny as nervous as it did, since this was what he wanted
>and yet, it still did

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File: 1547924993448.jpg (43.97 KB, 330x479, pay attention.jpg)

>Charlotte remained silent for a few seconds longer than she really meant
>she slowly opened her eyes, looking over at Danny without so much as a twitch on her expression


Lying comes... natural to me. It's something I've always done. It was... my coping mechanism.

As a child, my abilities made it simple to... steal, mostly. First small stuff, then moving up to bolder jobs...

I was hanging out with the wrong crowds, who had me use my powers in ways I never really thought of before. They would start harmless... they always did... but soon they too grew bolder, no matter who got hurt because of it.

I didn't care. Not at first. I had friends, people who wanted to be near me... I couldn't see they were just using me; not back then. In the end... you could say I learned a lot from them... maybe too much...

>straightened up in her chair with another deep breath

As soon as we got caught, I didn't hesitate. I pinned the blame solely on them, hiding my true involvement, and managing to leave with little more than a slap on the wrist.

...I suppose that's when I first truly got the taste of just how... easy it is. The allure of a criminal life began there, I would say.

Petty thefts turned into elaborate heists; breaking and entering; kidnapping; and-...
>a very quiet sigh
...and, yes... assassinations...


I'm ashamed to say this lasted for far longer than it ever should. I was good at my job, and others knew it. I could make more money as a mercenary in a single job, than I do in an entire year in the Academy.

Life was easy. Simple. Emotional attachments, relationships.... those things didn't have to be in my mind anymore. Only the job I had to do, and I enjoyed it. Some days... I still find myself longing for something similar...

>she grew silent for a few seconds, before slowly continuing

I... couldn't tell you what changed. I don't think it was a single event. Simply a constant gnawing on my consciousness that grew and grew as I got older.

I told myself I could be better. I handed all the information I had gathered over the years to the authorities, and turned myself in for everything I'd been an accomplice for. I asked they give me nothing in return.

...to this day, I still don't know why they went easy on me. Just like that, I was back in my teenage years, selling out those I'd helped, and getting away without the rightful punishment.

I spent far less time in jail than I believe I should have, but they mentioned my exemplary conduct and the fact I helped bring many large names down as good enough reason to cut my time there short.

All that was left was... to try and pick up my life... I moved to Canada, and one of the smallest towns I could find. The last thing I wanted back then was a noisy, busy place.


I got married. Then I got pregnant. Then I grew terrified... for myself, and for her...
>another pause, another deep breath before continuing
...divorce came next... and I ran away. All the way back to America. Changed my name again. Charlotte Charleston was born and moved to Metropolis. I needed the noise and busywork this time; to just be another face in the crowd.

When STAR contacted me about the position I could hardly believe it, but I immediately accepted it. A part of me was still somewhat hoping it was a trap, to be perfectly honest.

But it wasn't, and I've grown quite thankful for that. STAR gave me a second chance; one I wasn't entirely convinced I earned, but... it was one I refused to squander.

>she let out a quiet sigh, lifting her head slightly to look at Danny

I told myself I wouldn't lie. Not anymore. And for the longest time, I kept true to that promise... until you showed up.

When you confessed... I panicked, again... I tried to scramble for the easiest solution I could think of. I lied.

I lied about my intentions in bringing you here... but I think, more importantly... I-...I lied to myself... about why I even panicked to begin with...


There was-... is... a substantial part of me that continues to think... "what if"... I don't know if it's simply because it's... been so long since I've met someone so willing to try... or if there's anything else, but...
>she glanced away from Danny, another sigh leaving her
>nothing came to finish that thought, as Charlotte herself wasn't sure how to
>she had no idea how Danny would react to any of this
>she wasn't sure how to react to any of this, and she didn't exactly have the biggest repertoire to choose from
>all she could do now was to keep her eyes away from Danny

beatCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41552398


>that set Cory off, forcing her to lean in even further over Sadako and pushing even harder into Morty’s already compromised personal space. likewise, she was just as clueless to what Sadako was saying as Morty himself was.

Wh- Oh, I’ll freaking kill you! You know good and gosh dang well that I’m the cutest thing in this entire city, you little son of a-!

>and then there was a loud noise completely unidentifiable as a human voice, and Corinthia violently launched a good four feet straight up into the air in true catlike fashion, awkwardly catching her foot on the edge of the bench and tumbling over the back to land on the ground herself.

>this left Sadako completely alone in her seat, smiling vacantly at the empty space that once contained Morty and Jenny.


>after a moment of pause for her brain to catch up to what just happened, Sadako elected to try to take to damage control as best she could, leaning over to look at Jenny upside down and through her own legs.

>at this point, it was starting to seem like literally nothing could remove that smile from her face. it might actually be a little eerie, to be honest.

I’m sorry, are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you.

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File: 1547939263072.png (109.39 KB, 240x240, Nanatsunotaizai_twicon_23.png)

>Danny listened patiently as Charlotte did her best to recount her life and career before this point
>he did already know that she used to be a criminal, but hearing the full extent of her villainy was still a little surprising, if only the sheer extent of it
>though what was probably more surprising was that he didn't seem to react that much to it
>even finding out that she was once a contract killer didn't prompt much other than a slight widening of his eyes, mostly because he didn't expect her to be that deep into the criminal underworld

>finding out about her attempt at having a family did confuse him a little, if only because she didn't really explain why she left

>what she was terrified of didn't really add up, but maybe it had something to do with her inability to emote and how that would affect a child
>he doubted that was the best decision to make, but she clearly harbored some regret for it, or at least that's how it appeared

>what surprised him the most, though, was her explanation for why exactly she had lied to him

>that she had been thinking about reciprocating how he felt, but was worried it wouldn't work out between them because of her condition
>which made sense now, but the more Danny thought about it, the less bothered he was by all of this
>sure, Charlotte was his teacher, had a past involving really serious crimes, had run away from her family, and literally couldn't express emotion in anything she did
>and that didn't make Danny any less willing to get to know her better
>the only question was, how could he express that in a way that would help her feel better?


>it was quite some time before Danny finally answered, leaning back slightly on the table and looking up at the ceiling of the room they were in

>and when he did finally speak, it was with a slightly amused tone

...would ya believe me if Ah said that's not th' worst thing Ah've evah heard?

>which said quite a bit more about his home life than one would expect, now that he thought about it

>he lowered his head to look at her again, keeping up the softer smile on his face as he continued

Ah mean, a lot of this is a surprahse...but you have changed since that old you...

Lahke Ah said before, yer tryin' ta make amends for what ya used ta be, an' Ah can't fault ya for that. No mattah what ya did b'fore, yer better than that old you jus' by virtue of tryin' ta do raight.

Ah've known plenty of people who wouldn' even go that far. They'd jus' make excuses an' keep doin' what they're doin'.

An' as for...well, us...

>Danny hesitated for a moment, really not sure if he was going to say this right

>but opted to just go for it anyway

Ah am serious about tha'...so, if you are...

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