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File: 1500475148165.jpg (2.97 MB, 2560x1600, cityscape-10.jpg)

Shining Light: A Time of Heroes Thread 1: A Narrator!dracSnyjqECountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41518270[View All]

#Ask/Invite#Canon: Lost Light Universe#Era: Shining Light#Superheroes

We live in an era where the fantastic can happen, 200, 300 years ago? You probably wouldn't see things like that as normal, and if you did, chances are you were nuts.

But a lot of that changed when things started popping up into the world in the 1900's.

>Era Blurb

"As I have learned since, I was not the first anomaly to exist... but on that day of my freedom in 1939, this world had its first confrontation with the fantastic. The Golden Age of miracles would begin, and in the years to come, the world would know the presence of the unnatural and extraordinary as part of reality"- Jim Hammond in a 1960 interview with Phil Sheldon

"Shining Light: A Time Of Heroes" is a free form and open world Superhero RP that takes place on Lost Light's version of Earth during the present day. It's a mash up world of a few different settings, having history from Marvel, DC, GI Joe, Spawn, and even Power Rangers! It's a lot like Lost Light in that it's not the sort of crossover where these worlds are colliding, but rather all these things have been part of this world already! That said given we can't just go "there's a planet for that"with shining light, things are slightly more restricted in what can be introduced and what elements from the source material can be brought over, ex: The Source Wall from DC is a no go.

3562 posts and 3121 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Alfonso San Valiante!jSaxman3BgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551044

File: 1544234394410.jpg (391.33 KB, 1272x707, e741f2977ef9f07f8bc4339d45e8a6…)

The quad was usually a safe enough bet for people-watching; if there wasn't a pickup game of touch football going on, then there would be students studying for whichever test they had coming up or discretely working on their powers. If you got really lucky, all three collided in one big gumbo of academic clique tropes, and the result would usually be entertaining in of itself.

Today would be one such day.

Alfonso San Valiante was leaning against a tree that he had at some point during this semester decided was his favorite, relaxing in the shade as he scrunched his brow at the textbook and notepad in front of him- one was furiously being scribbled in, the other the primary focus of his withering stare as if he was trying to intimidate it into telling him what he wanted to kn--


His head reared back after a would-be quarterback completely misjudged his Hail Mary pass on the other side of the quad and nailed the blond lad square in the nose, Alfonso also smacking the back of his head as a consequence. Teenage pride and reactionary lizard brain quickly collaborated and determined that they were under attack, and that intense glare snapped around to determine where the slight had come from. He rubbed his smarting nose with one hand, scowling and starting to stand up; it seemed that no measure of "Sorry, bro!" would serve to calm him down.

They were in an environment that fostered the idea that bystanders could make a positive difference in the world, but even prospective heroes needed to work on their reaction time every now and again.

Alfonso gripped the pigskin that had punched him in the face, rearing back and hurling it back across the green towards the offending senior; while his throw had none of the grace of a typical football's spiral, the way the ball practically whistled through the air as it tumbled end over end was impressive in of itself, and the would-be receiver had only enough time to get his hands partway up before the rogue football slammed against his fingers, bounced up, and gave his nose just as good as Alfonso's had gotten. The entire thing took place in the span of just a few seconds; if there were any history majors present, the powder keg of a situation could probably be reasonably compared to, say, the Balkans.
This post was edited by its author on .

Yuri Takamori!RpQzSCoUtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551045

File: 1544235859962.png (384.89 KB, 960x960, YBashful_Smile_2.png)

Erm... Th-Thank you, Vespa..."

>Yuri certainly wasn't expecting the compliment, but she wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

>What was was here for? Now that she thought of it, Yuri wasn't entirely sure herself. It had all happened so quickly that she'd never even thought to ask that.

"This is only my first day here, so I'm not entirely sure what my intentions are yet..."

>"Come home in one piece" was one objective, but as for anything else, she figured it would reveal itself in due time.

>That roll that Vespa handed her did look quite tasty... Looking it over one more time, Yuri took an investigative bite out of it.

Crowley Mackenzie!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551046

File: 1544291204740.png (355.15 KB, 853x480, vlcsnap-2011-11-01-17h04m17s38…)

>the rest of the night had been a haze of pain, confusion, and shock
>Crowley drifted in and out of consciousness as he was taken to the hospital, with only vague ideas of what was happening around him
>he remembered being in Angelica's car, being carried into the hospital, laying down while the lights of the hospital ceiling whizzed past his eyes
>and then he fell into unconsciousness for some time

>he felt as though he was floating, surrounded on all sides by water, even while he couldn't see anything

>it wasn't a dream, per se, but more like a vague sensation of deja vu
>had he been there before?
>why did this feel familiar?
>it wasn't safe here, he needed to get out
>but where would he go?
>where was he?
>who was he?

>Crowley felt the sensation fade away, and he soon awoke once again

>the ache shooting through most of his body was a clear indication of that
>the hospital lights were in his line of sight again, causing him to blink a few times to try and adjust
>then he gave a weary groan, both from the exhaustion and the pain going through his arms in particular

Ana, Bianca, Celia & Deedee!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551047

File: 1544291650729.jpg (17.43 KB, 156x228, impressive.jpg)

>the response to Crowley's weak groan came almost instantly
[tt]H-Hey! Hey, he's up![/t]
>the image of Celia quickly appeared in front of Crowley's vision as she stood next to the hospital bed

>Deedee was the second to reach him, her eyes still puffy from the tears
>she had to push back every instinct of hers to to move in and embrace him

>Ana and Bianca moved closer to the bed as well, Ana in particular now looking like she was about to cry

Th-...Thank goodness...

>Bianca kept quiet, but didn't look any less relieved/concerned as she looked down at Crowley

!2/0gPatch.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551049

>the roll in question was just a normal dinner roll, got at the counter at the lunch room.
>although, Yuri should hope she liked sweet things. The honey Vespa had been topping them with had soaked into the bread, resulting in a incredibly sweet taste.

Well, I wish to become a hero and find other uses for my powers that don't just benefit myself. I control bugs, if you didn't catch that right away.

>she said, gleaming with pride. A seemingly useless power that certainly had its uses: After all, bugs were everywhere and it was hard to do crime when you are swarmed by bees.

How about I help you, by starting with what your powers are.

>she was a bit too upbeat, a huge contrast to Yuri's personality.

Crowley Mackenzie!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551050

File: 1544298021301.jpg (6.85 KB, 300x168, I Will Win This Staring Contes…)

>Crowley blinked a couple of times, the voices coming off a bit muffled at first as he was still waking up
>but he saw familiar faces in front of him, causing his focus to come back properly


>he slowly sat up after a moment, then winced and took in a sharp breath, feeling a short pain in his chest

>he lifted his hand to touch it, only to wince again and notice that his hand was bandaged up entirely
>he blinked again, then looked around him at the others, seemingly still out of it

...what happened...?

Ana, Bianca, Celia & Deedee!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551051

File: 1544298840378.jpg (27.94 KB, 235x327, so cute.jpg)

Th-That's what we should be asking!
>Celia quickly interjected, leaning closer to Crowley
There were all sorts of explosions and shit last night, and all the cat cop said was that Stands were involved, a-and...
>Ana quickly placed a hand on Celia's shoulder, the other woman taking in a deep breath as she was clearly getting a bit emotional
>or at least, that's what she wanted to look like; she was certainly worried for Crowley, but she had a pretty good idea why he was currently lying in a hospital bed
>problem was, two people in this room didn't, so she had to play up the part of being just as much in the dark as they were

>Deedee glanced aside at Ana and Bianca, shrinking slightly

>partially because out of everyone in the room, they were the only ones who didn't know Crowley's secret
>but also because if this was a Stand fight, then odds were... he had a run-in with more Blades...

>Ana spoke up, managing to keep herself composed
Bonnie wouldn't give us the details. She said-... she said you'd tell us when you were ready.
>she let out a sigh, smiling gently down at Crowley
I trust that Bonnie has a good reason for it. Right now, we're all just so relieved that you're safe.

>Bianca frown deepened slightly, the woman still not saying anything

>she looked away from Crowley, clearly torn over something, but not speaking up about it

Yuri Takamori!RpQzSCoUtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551052

File: 1544303026767.png (376.14 KB, 1000x1000, ddlc___yuri_by_zombiewolftx-db…)

>Yuri flinched when the sheer cavalcade of sweet met her tongue. That was way more intense than she was expecting. Good quality honey, though. And Vespa's description of her powers handily explained where she'd sourced it from.

"Oh... my quirk?"

>Yuri said, taking a moment to wash her throat out with some water before explaining.

"I'm not entirely certain myself. Though the manipulation of shadows appears to be part of it."

>And to potentially devastating effect, if the incident that got her sent here was any indication.

beatCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551060


>homework is bullshit. but it’s bullshit you just have to deal with, like a small microcosm of adult responsibility helping to prepare you for the world ahead of you. ultimately, it’s a debatably positive thing, offering a low-stakes means to get used to the scheduling and responsibilities of the rest of one’s life.

>but if Janice had to write one more goddamn line about how the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, she would burn this entire fucking school to the ground.

>she was sitting not far from Alfonso in her own dark, sketchy little corner of the quad, lost in her headphones and absentmindly jabbing the tip of her pen into the ground to the rhythm, trying and failing to stay focused on her work. there were just too many people here, trying to do stupid bullshit like be social and engage in physical activity, it just set her on edge and made it too hard to concentrate. she really should have done this in the library or her dorm or something, somewhere she could peacefully seclude herself to work in silence.



>that’s the opposite of silence.

>Janice glanced up from her work just in time to notice Some Dude and Some Other Dude staring each other down, with a murmuring crowd starting to close in. of course. fights weren’t exactly an uncommon occurrence here. with a sigh, Janice set her textbook aside and stood up, bringing up the rear of the small crowd that was forming to watch the inevitable. it wasn’t her fight, but she didn’t like seeing people get seriously hurt, at least not real people. there was nothing wrong with a little light spectating when she could step in if things started going too far, right?

Crowley Mackenzie!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551066

File: 1544324043606.png (358.05 KB, 1023x579, Dem Feels, Man....png)

>Crowley was quickly feeling guilty over the way everyone was clearly fretting over him
>though the situation he had landed himself in wasn't exactly one he planned for, this was a very blatant example of the consequences of what he was doing
>and with Ana taking control of the conversation, and the response she gave, it just made him feel that much worse
>now that he remembered what had happened, it only seemed more apparent what he had to do


>with the same guilty expression, he looked from Ana to Celia, who he knew was trying not to freak out over all of this

>then over to Deedee, who looked like she wanted to be anywhere but there
>then Bianca, who was trying to hide what she was feeling at the moment, even if it was as obvious as everyone else
>and then back to Ana, who he could tell was torn up over this, but was trying to keep up her usual gentle and patient demeanor regardless


>finally, he looked down at his bandaged hands, and sighed softly

...I'm sorry...

I've been thinking of how I should tell you about this, and when...and I just let myself get caught up in other things, pushing it further and further back...

>he placed one hand over the other, wincing at the movement

...and I had kinda hoped Whisper would be here for me to explain...

Ana, Bianca, Celia & Deedee!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551071

File: 1544372579933.jpg (74.95 KB, 640x360, who knows.jpg)

>Ana blinked, clearly confused
>she stared at Crowley, glancing aside at Bianca who was still looking away from everyone
>then back at Crowley, only looking more confused
Crowley, what does Whisper have to do with anything...?

>Bianca let out a sigh, quickly answering:

Ana, he's Whisper.

>Deedee and Celia quickly jolted, along with Ana whose head quickly snapped to look at Bianca

>then she quickly looked at Crowley again
But-... Crowley can't-!
>very quickly, he eyes moved over to Deedee
>Whisper was the one who found her
>Whisper was there that night when she moved into her house
>but it was Crowley who was there the next morning
>logically it made all the sense in the world, and she herself suspected it at first, but... but this was Crowley

And those two-
>she nodded over at Deedee and Celia
-are Stand Users.


>Ana's eyes only further widened at this, her jaw hanging agape

>she kept looking between Deedee, Celia and Crowley, clearly having trouble accepting this
H-How-... But-...
>there was an odd switch in Ana's posture, growing a bit stiffer
>her own voice, while still very worried, gained a slight squeak and stutter, almost sounding like she was trying to look more upset than she really was
C-C-Crowley, why didn't-... why didn't you tell us any of this sooner!

>Bianca glanced at Ana with a flat look on her face


>the much taller woman flinched, her face already sweating with nervousness

>Bianca sighed, reaching over to pat her on the back

C'mon... I think it's about time...

>Deedee blinked, glancing at Celia and Crowley

>then at Ana and Bianca
Miss Ana...? What's wrong?

Crowley Mackenzie!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551073

File: 1544374232394.png (67.58 KB, 244x273, What the fuck is that.png)



>Crowley looked up when Bianca suddenly said what he had been planning to say, obviously surprised at first

>though that would only grow as Bianca also outed Deedee and Celia as Stand users

W-Wait, how-?

>he looked to Ana as she started to express what he figured she'd express here, but then Bianca took control of the conversation again

>which just confused him further, as both Ana's nervousness and Bianca's more resigned attitude made it clear there was something more to this


What's going on...?

Ana, Bianca, Celia & Deedee!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551074

File: 1544374874514.jpg (41.29 KB, 277x414, mysterious.jpg)

>Bianca sighed again, smirking slightly at everyone in the room
Well... let's just say we all have our secrets.
>she raised her hand, and with a snap of her fingers-
>Bianca's clothes and hair were suddenly engulfed with a purple light, her eyes also shining a pure white
>the glowing clothes then began unraveling , slithering around Bianca's body as if they were ribbons
>her hair also changed shape in much the same way, with a pair of ear popping out from the now-orange mane
>her clothes had now transformed into a large thick cloak... and very little else underneath it
>and the final touch: a pair of red markings over her cheeks spontaneously appeared, the glowing soon subsiding all over
>and instead of Bianca, the slightly deeper voice of Noir Tail would speak out a simple:

Crowley Mackenzie!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551075

File: 1544376054205.png (106.26 KB, 222x249, JESUS CHRIST WHAT.png)



>Crowley's eyes shot wide open when Bianca suddenly changed before him

>her clothes just magically unraveling was one thing, considering it almost appeared like she was basically stripping in front of him
>but then the clothes reformed into something a little more familiar
>and then other familiar features appeared on Bianca's body
>and once the light faded, she took on a form that was...well, familiar
>much to Crowley's surprise

...you've gotta be kidding...

Vespa!2/0gPatch.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551076


>she said, looking surprised. She founds herself giggling at Yuri's reaction to the honey. Vespa herself didn't look too bothered by the excessive sweetness.

Would you... Mind showing me?

>she said, with the same cheerful tone as always.

>perhaps it was custom at STAR to have moments of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."
>Quirks that was...

Ana, Bianca, Celia & Deedee!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551077

File: 1544377278249.jpg (75.02 KB, 487x600, dont run.jpg)

>Celia and Deedee both stared at Bianca after her transformation
>the form clearly didn't mean much for either of them, as they had never met Noir Tail
>...but that didn't stop them from staring, that's for sure...

>Bianca chuckled, lifting her hand to strike a pose

Please, contain your enthusiasm~! You've just been living with a true-blue celebrity all this time~!

>Ana quickly shouted
You shouldn't transform here! What if someone sees-

>she was interrupted as Noir Tail quickly jumped over to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders

Aaaand introducing my trusty sidekick!


The one and only...!

Bianca, I am not going to do it.

>she jumped off of Ana, holding out both her arms to her

The wonderful , amazing, and beautiful...!

>Ana sighed, a light blush appearing over her cheeks
>unlike Bianca's slow and flashy transformation, Ana's came with a slightly rougher edge
>a dark red flame suddenly rushed past her clothes, as if burning them away in mere second
>but at the same time, replacing them a dark robe that was... surprisingly revealing for Ana, of all people

The Magical Pope!

Th-That's not my name, damn it!

>Deedee's eye lit up as Ana transformed, the girl quickly jumping to her feet and walking closer to admire it

You look so COOL, Miss Ana!

>Ana jolted slightly, her blush only growing

>Celia remained where she was, still looking between Noir and Ana

Wait, so... you guys are superheroes, or... magic or something?

Or something.
>Bianca grinned slightly
We're a bit before you guys's time~

Crowley Mackenzie!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551078

File: 1544379857987.png (74 KB, 446x269, What The Friggidy-Fuck!.png)



>Crowley was now past the point of being able to have a coherent reaction after this

>Bianca turning out to be Noir Tail was one thing, and the only reason he was able to take it in stride as much as he did was because he was used to Noir Tail's look
>but then Ana suddenly transforming as well, in something of a more haunting manner, and revealing an equally provocative outfit of her own basically left him speechless
>although from how his face was reddening one might be mistaken for thinking his face had got burnt as well


Ana, Bianca, Celia & Deedee!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551083

File: 1544390462343.jpg (104.65 KB, 480x480, curiosity.jpg)

>Ana looked down at herself, the blush lingering on her face
Ugh... it's been so long, I'd forgotten how revealing this outfit is... I don't know what I was thinking.

>Bianca grinned a bit

Well, it's been a while; you grew a few feet since you last wore it! I think it suits you even better now~

Yeah! I think you look great, Miss Ana!

>Ana blushed a bit harder at the attention from both Bianca and Deedee

>Celia looked between Ana and Bianca, still finding it hard to believe the two weren't currently in a relationship, but keeping that thought to herself

>she looked at Crowley, who was clearly having trouble processing all of this
>so she let a small smile cross over her face, sitting down on the bed next to him as she looked at everyone else
So, everyone's just been lying to everyone in the end? I can't even tell if that's kinda cute or not.

>Ana snapped back at attention, clearing her throat

Y-Yes, well... o-of course we PLANNED on telling Crowley the truth... eventually... b-but...
>as Ana trailed off, Bianca picked up her thoughts
It's not that simple for us to talk about the past. We'll gladly give the full story at a better time, but for now-!
>she interlocked her fingers, holding out her arms to loosen up their joints as she walked closer to the bed
>and with no real warning, she climbed up on the bed, looming over Crowley on all fours
Let's fix up those burns! Don't worry, I'll be gentle~!
>and very quickly moved in, pressing her lips over his forehead
>and just as soon as she did, Crowley would feel his body awash with a very soothing sensation
>almost like he was in a perfectly warm bath in the middle of a very cold day
>and as soon as Bianca leaned back, that sensation would disappear, but the pain from his burns were now gone
>Bianca quickly hopped off the bed with a light giggle, and gave him a thumbs up
Good as newish~!

Crowley Mackenzie!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551086

File: 1544393163856.png (84.47 KB, 500x509, Hnnngh.png)

>Crowley was still in something of a stupor as everyone else spoke, slowly registering what happened
>he had been keeping a secret identity from his roommate and his boss for over a year, out of some belief he was protecting them
>and they, in turn, had also been keeping their former identities secret from him, seemingly because of their conflicted feelings over it
>and while he knew Noir Tail enough now, who Ana really was still remained a mystery, especially in relation to Noir
>he was tempted to ask more about that, but before he could even consider if that was a good idea or not, Bianca hopped up onto his bed and was perched right over him
>which just made his face heat up all the more

W-Wait, B-Bianca-

>feeling her kiss his forehead caused him to immediately let out a squeaking sound, but then the warming sensation came over him

>which at first he thought was just an emotional deal, but the pain in his body disappearing almost entirely proved that to not be the case
>he sat up after Bianca got off of him, looking down at his bandaged arms, then moving them around just to test them
>he looked over at her with a thoroughly surprised expression, not sure how else to express what he was feeling at the moment

...how did you do that...?

Ana, Bianca, Celia & Deedee!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551087

File: 1544393720915.jpg (74.95 KB, 640x360, who knows.jpg)

>Bianca snorted

>Ana sighed lightly, her clothes "burning" up to drop her back into her normal state

Well... I suppose everything out in the clear now...

And thank god for that!
>Bianca's own clothes glowed brightly, once again weaving themselves back into her normal appearance
Feels like I huge weight's just been lifted right off of me~!
>she then paused, suddenly realizing:
Oh, right!
>she looked back at Crowley
Whisper hasn't come back yet then?

>Ana blinked

What...? I thought Crowley was-

Whisper's a Symbiote. She's like... sentient clothes, and works together with Crowley.

A-Ah... I see...

Crowley Mackenzie!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551089

File: 1544394363572.png (60.38 KB, 244x273, That hurt.png)

>at Bianca's question, Crowley's confused mood dipped into a more regretful one, sighing softly as he shook his head


>he'd have to explain more to Ana, but for the moment there was the matter of Whisper's absence


>he lifted his bandaged arms, just to demonstrate his point

This...we got separated in the river.

>he knew it was more a case of Whisper running away, but he didn't want to come out and say that

>he lowered his arms again and continued

I don't know where they went after that...

>he paused, then looked around briefly, suddenly remembering a key factor of all this

Where's Angelica? Is she alright?

Ana, Bianca, Celia & Deedee!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551090

File: 1544395187650.jpg (56.89 KB, 640x360, hows the weather down there.jp…)

>Ana quickly nodded
Yes, Angelica is perfectly well.

She was pretty pissed that she couldn't beat up a pineapple or something, but other than that...
>Bianca shrugged her shoulders
Angie's been through a lot worse. She said that "Harry" guy chased down Whisper until she vanished, so at least we know she's still out there...
>she smirked at Crowley, trying to boost the mood up a bit
I'm sure she'll turn up eventually. I doubt anyone would want to stay away from you for very long.

Speaking of...
>Ana grabbed Bianca's shoulder
I think we've hogged up Crowley's time for a bit too long.

Eh? Oh! Right, right~!
>Bianca grinned, waving at the three near the bed as she and Ana were already starting to make her exit
We'll just leave you guys to talk!

Huh? M-Miss Ana, Bianca, that's really not nece-

It's cool, Dee! Don't worry about it~!

We'll be right outside if you need anything.

We'll keep a lookout~
>she then winked
Don't do anything I wouldn't do~!
>Ana sighed, rolling her eyes with a "quiet, you", before the two left the room

>Deedee quickly focused back on Crowley

>and without much thought, suddenly ran up and wrapped her arms around him

Crowley Mackenzie!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551092

File: 1544397620430.png (51.35 KB, 137x208, You're MY Huggy-Boo-Boo-Bear.p…)

>Crowley relaxed when Bianca affirmed that Angelica was alright, glad that his act of self-sacrifice had worked out
>hearing that Harold was alright too was also a relief, though he still wasn't sure how to feel about him at the moment
>he really didn't want to think again about how that other man had just been...vaporized

>he blinked again when Ana and Bianca started to leave, though he lifted a hand and waved as they did

>he figured he'd just talk to them later and every would be properly explained
>though of course Bianca's innocuous comment prompted another embarrassed squeaking sound, and he didn't get a chance to say anything in their defense

>more importantly, Deedee hugging him was a reminder of what he needed to focus on

>so with his arms working properly, he turned and returned the hug in full, squeezing her gently for a few seconds
>then he moved one arm off of Deedee to reach over to Celia, wrapping it around her shoulders and pulling her close as well

I'm really sorry I worried you guys...

Yuri Takamori!RpQzSCoUtsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551093

File: 1544398976955.png (410.9 KB, 960x960, YSLookaway.png)

>Yuri put down a forkful of pasta as Vespa asked her to show off her newfound powers. There would be a weighty pause as Yuri considered her answer. Could she even get it to manifest? If she did, would it cause as much damage as what happened... a day or two ago now. Huh.

"Uh... I suppose I could give it a try, but..."

>First of all, she wasn't even sure if shadows were really a part of what her powers were. Second of all...

"It hasn't manifested since...w- well..."

>Yuri sighed, again, she tried to avoid oversharing.

"Since the incident that brought me here."

>Regardless, Yuri closed her eyes and... no, if she closed her eyes how could she see the shadow? Okay, trying again. Yuri hovered her arm over the table so that she'd have a bit of shadow that she could easily keep an eye on. She focused her gaze on it and tried with all her might to will it to do something. Anything, really.

>Nothing yet...

Celia & Deedee!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551094

File: 1544400253169.jpg (33.59 KB, 583x480, bright future.jpg)

>Celia didn't need much urging to scoot closer and wrap her own arms around Crowley, her head resting on top of his
Don't be sorry; you're just doing your job, right?

>Deedee kept clinging to Crowley, somewhat awkwardly climbing up on the bed next to him as well

I'm just glad you're OK...
>she pulled back her head, her eyes a bit watery but mostly just out of relief
>she still gave him a sunny smile to try and keep the spirits up
When you get out, I'm cooking you a big meal! Whisper too, when she comes back!

>Celia blinked, looking down at Crowley with a simple question

You want me to try and find her? Not many things can hide from Lucy.

Crowley Mackenzie!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551095

File: 1544403631315.png (183.94 KB, 501x312, OK, OK, You I Can Tolerate.png)

>Crowley managed a shaky smile at both of their reassurances, knowing he still did make them worry, but glad they weren't that upset at him over it
>Celia asking if she could find Whisper did dampen his expression a bit, however, and he stopped for a second to consider it
>before giving a small nod and a forced smile

Yes, please...

But just so I know where she is. I'll talk to her when I can get out of here.

...if she wants to see me, anyway...

beatCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551096

>a hypothetical scenario; it’s 1:47 on a Monday afternoon, you’re a teacher employed at a top secret metahuman research facility, and your next class starts in about ten minutes. what would you be doing with this time? Grading assignments, taking care of administrative work, preparing for the next students? if your answer was anything along these lines, congratulations, you’re probably better at this job than the guy currently asleep on his desk in the art room of STAR Academy.

>not that it really mattered anyways; unsurprisingly, the school being run and funded by a scientific institution meant that the arts took a curricular backseat, being seen as much less important than “harder” subjects. the art program was treated by the powers that be with a mild disdain, like it was always expected to underperform compared to the real education. as such, the man-shaped pile of ennui and deadpan cynicism called Mr. Marshall was given much less oversight and much more leeway in how he could run his class compared to the rest of the faculty.

>it suit him just fine, really. even under that cold exterior, the man genuinely loved his job, and wanted to help cultivate the creative aspirations of all of his students however he could. but that didn’t mean he had to be cheerful about it. that lack of structure just meant a lack of pretense, no barriers constructed between him and his students. Marshall liked to think that even if he might not be the most approachable teacher, he was at least one of the more human ones; no formal, impassive statue waiting to pass judgment on your pathetic, childish efforts, just some dude here to teach you how shapes and colors work.

>or just lazily scroll through the internet while you pretended to work, either or.


>Marshall shot back in his chair, jolted awake by the sound of the bell announcing the start of the next period.

...Shit, I have a job. Right.

>he took a moment to get himself looking barely presentable once again, then turning in his chair to face the door to the classroom, waiting for the students to filter in, running through today’s class in his head.

<Alright, what was in the lesson plan? …..Did I even ever make a lesson plan? Probably not.

<Uuhhhhh. Think we did… color wheels last week…? Maybe do…. nnnnnnnffffffuck it. Just play it by ear.

Pom-Pom!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551097

File: 1544406301227.jpg (32.72 KB, 187x576, be happy.jpg)

>a few things had been learnt in Pom-Pom's short walks around the facility:

>number one being just how nice everyone was around here!

>he had expected a ninja school to be a bit more cutthroat (pun not intended), but so far everyone he's met had been nothing but pleasant!
>from April, to Lance, to that nice Lady in red who was surprised all the time (despite not looking like it; he didn't get it either)

>number two was, it seemed like he was stuck with the name he'd given to Lance

>there were ways of changing one's code name it would seem (and a lot of people seemed to like calling him brave for that; what sort of trials did ninjas have to go just for something that simple!?), but it seemed like he needed a lot of paperwork he didn't currently have
>he'd just have to talk to Api-chan one of these days; she'd probably know more

>but for now he was just Pom-Pom, and he could live with that for the time being

>what he was still having trouble living with was how big this school was!
>he kept getting lost and relying on simply following other students around to get anywhere!
>and that's partially why he was one of the very first to arrive in a classroom on that day
>he wasn't sure if he was supposed to be taking any classes just yet, but surely attending just one wouldn't hurt, right?
>he just had to stay quiet and not draw any attention to himself, and nobody would even know he was ther-
>he quickly called out, hand in the air as he announced his entry into the classroom
>then simply spun around, confidently making his way towards an empty seat
>his attire of the day was a bit different from the usual
>mainly because he'd taken some clothes from April and Janice's closet, leaving him with some skinny black jeans, and a greenish-grey hoodie far too big for his body that helped conceal a very colorful shirt regarding the rules and where one could stick them
>his seat chosen, now all that was left to wait and find out just what the hell kind of class this was

KashviCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551098

File: 1544409539435.png (13.79 KB, 124x127, 9yearsold.png)


> Among her punishments was having to look into other hobbies, so of course she was here.

> She understood the mechanics of art well enough. It was a good cover.

> At least the lack of enthusiasm was understandable. This place wasn't the ... best... at artistic expression

> Still--



> Kashvi winced. That was loud! Then, after a second or two to recover, she decided to play along, speaking entirely in Japanese.

"<Hello. Natar Kashvi; please treat me kindly. How long have you been in this art class?>"
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File: 1544409603861.png (42.83 KB, 465x393, Meliodas_pretend_defeat.png)

>school life went on for one Danny P. Rogers
>despite his little social faux pas from a short while back, and getting shot down by his own teacher, he had to press on like nothing was wrong
>though he wasn't really sure if something was wrong now

>it certainly stung to get let down like that, but really, what else did he expect?

>it wasn't like it was going to magically work out and he and Charlotte were definitely gonna be a thing
>it'd probably get her in trouble, for one thing
>he definitely didn't want to end up costing her her job just because he liked her and all
>and of course she probably just didn't feel the same way
>why would she?
>he's a scrawny 5'1" barely-legal rich kid (height subject to change) who probably was a bit too spoiled for her
>that wasn't self-loathing speaking, it was just the facts
>...well, not that much self-loathing



>Danny had been distracted by his inner thoughts as he made his way to art class, which was basically his chief time to either nap or zone out

>well, occasionally he liked to doodle, but since the teacher didn't care that much he opted to not really care either
>though he was yanked out of his thoughts by the very loud girl in front of him, getting him to stare somewhat confusedly at her as he followed her inside
>he didn't remember seeing her around before, and it was already winter, so she must've been a transfer or something
>though didn't transfers come near the beginning of a semester?

<"...eh, whatever."

>Danny opted not to worry about it

>he just headed over to his usual seat off to the side, already slouching in it and his feet finding their way to the top of his desk
>today was probably gonna be a lounging day
>at least that's what he thought

beatCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551102


>Marshall didn’t get up from his seat, only gesturing vaguely for everyone to take their own seats, and-


>sloooowly turned to face the new girl with an expression of blank confusion. she definitely wasn’t in this class. despite appearances, Marshall made a point to remember each and every one of his students, and this wasn’t a face he recognized. and even if it wasn’t, he would sure as hell remember everything else on display here. come to think of it, neither was the short kid trying to start a conversation in whatever language that was.

...Rrrrright. You two. Haven’t seen you here before, you drop-ins or new? Gotta keep track of that.

>he lazily plucked a cheap pen from a caddy on the front of his desk in one hand, grabbing the first piece of paper at hand (a half-finished still life sketch) with the other.

Gimme your names and I’ll run it by the office so they know you were here.

>and as he waited for an answer, he shot an aside glance across the room towards Danny, not changing from his bored monotone.

Feet down, Rogers.

Pom-Pom!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551103

File: 1544411901814.jpg (66.65 KB, 480x480, hello there.jpg)

>Pom-Pom turned as the girl spoke up
>and his eyes quickly lit up at it
>he hopped slightly in place, clearly excited despite having no idea what she said
>but before he could really strike up a conversation, the teacher spoke up
>without skipping a beat, Pom-Pom quickly lifted his hand and answered:
Yes, I'm new here~!
>"Gimme your names and I'll run it by the office so they know you were here."
>Pom-Pom jolted slightly
<"Crap! I'm still supposed to be hiding!"
<"Calm down, Zachariah! Just think! You're a ninja! Master of deception! This is easy for you!"

I'm Lance. Lance Layton!
>he then turned to the class, waving both hands excitedly
It's so great to meet all of you~! Hello~!
>turning back to the teacher, he quickly bowed
>a bit too quickly, his forehead clearly hitting the desk despite not making any thud
I leave myself in your capable hands, sensei! Please teach me well!

KashviCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551104


"Kashvi Natar. I was told to come here by Miss Saudade?"

> Well, either way, she was here now and that wasn't about to change because--

< "You can speak Japanese? That's SO COOL!"

"... Alas, I am by my own petard hoist. Yes. That and a half-dozen others."

> Some kinda super intellect? Her attention is now fully on 'Lance.' Let's see. ...

> Nothing especially dangerous. Maybe he could pop a broken piece out of the hand mirror and do damage that way. But no art supplies, either.

"A pleasure, Lance."

> She takes a seat and looks around. She at least looks attentive, sort of.

Danny Rogers!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551105

File: 1544414524807.png (60.37 KB, 551x563, Meliodas_healed_wound.png)

>OK, so maybe not so much lounging today
>Danny did as Marshall asked, his feet coming off of the desk and resting underneath it
>maybe he could just prop up his book and take a nap behind it instead
>he wasn't all that familiar with this "Kashvi" girl, and had to wonder when the school started accepting transfers so late into the semester
>they were probably gonna go on holiday soon, so it seemed like an ill-opportune time to do this
>both of them were gonna be really behind, if they were concerned about their schooling anyway


<"Wait, what?"

>Danny sat up when "Lance" introduced himself, giving them a confused and rather suspicious look

>he knew a Lance Leighton, and Lance Leighton wasn't a bouncy blonde in a pair of rather tight jeans
>at least, not last he checked
>so who was this now and why were they claiming to be someone they weren't?

beatCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551106


>”I was told to come here by Miss Saudade?"

>that actually managed to raise an eyebrow. Marshall was no stranger to having new students dumped on him as some sort of punishment, but the source still surprised him.

Furia sent you? Didn’t really think she had it in her to tell anyone to do anything.

>regardless, he wrong down Kashvi’s name without further comment (or at least, he wrote it to the best of his ability. how were you supposed to spell that?) but then he turned his attention to “Lance”. a few thoughts ran through his head at once.

<Thought that was a girl. Guess that’s just one of those sort of kids. Why do we have so many of those here?

<Oh god they’re loud and saying the anime words, it’s one of THOSE.
<Why did they hesitate like that?
<How do they do that with his hair?
<This kid is a really bad liar.

...That’s not your name.

>Marshall leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms, just a bit of irritation creeping into his otherwise blank expression.

C’mon, kid. Either give me your name or get better at lying.

>...for some reason, still no other students had arrived. weird, but there were more pressing matters at hand, like figuring out who this weird new weaboo kid was.

Zachariah Pumplebottom!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551107

File: 1544416496417.jpg (79.96 KB, 270x480, lets have fun.jpg)

>"Lance" flinched at how quickly the teacher figured out he was lying
>how did he know that so quickly!?
<"You're trying to trick a ninja master, you dummy!"
>ah, right!
>alas, he'd gotten too confident in his skills that he failed to realize a true ninja master was still leagues above himself!
>he really had no choice but to come clean here; any false name and he'd be able to rat him out immediately
>his first class and he's already failed his ninja test!
>but crying will do him no good!
>if he's going to become the King of Vampires, then he's going to have to handle failure every now and then!
>the road to success isn't an easy one!
>it's very bumpy!
>this is but a bump on his way to his dream!
>he quickly bowed again, but a fire had clearly been lit in his chest
>he wasn't going to cry about such a tiny setback!
>he needed to hold his head up high and prove he wanted this!
>standing up from his chair, Zach then stood on top of it, raising a fist in the air
My name is Zacharia Pumplebottom! One day, I'll become the King of All Vampires!
>he then aimed his fist at Marshall, a wide grin stretching over his face that showed off the sharp fangs inside his mouth
I promise I'll get better at lying for the next test, sensei! I won't let you down!

KashviCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551108


> Kashvi blinked for a few seconds upon Zachariah's proclamation.

> King of the Vampires?

> For a few second she's silent and then she covers her mouth to hide her chuckle. She's sure that he's deadly serious and of course she's not going to say anything about names at this point, partly because she doesn't know why Pumplebottom would be a funny name.

> But she's never heard of any King of the Vampires. ... She suddenly stops laughing, maybe she should look it up or something, maybe there was some lineage.

> Still, the middle schooler who would be king, huh.

Danny Rogers!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551109

File: 1544418000641.png (126.56 KB, 749x637, Ban_trying_to_get_Meliodas_swo…)

>wow, Marshall was on his game today
>Danny had always figured he was almost as lazy as he was, so for him to actually draw attention to the obvious lie was surprising
>wonder what got him so motivated?
>and now it was clear that a rogue weeaboo had arrived in their midst
>Danny was unsure of what to make of this person in general, though
>Zachariah Pumplebottom did sound like a more fitting name at least - he could confirm that he did indeed have a plump bottom, so there was some wordplay there
>but was he serious about becoming King of All Vampires, which he wasn't sure was even a real thing?
>or did he spend a whole week consuming as much anime as he could simultaneously without sleep and fell into such a state through a combination of that and a mixture of MSG, caffeine, and sugar that he got his wires crossed and mixed some catchphrases together?

>well, as long as he didn't stab anyone, Danny didn't care that much

beatCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551110


>Marshall didn’t answer, not with words, at least. he just stared blankly at Zach for as long as he talked, mouth hanging ever-so-slightly open as if about to say something. but the words just wouldn’t come, his brain lagging behind for a few seconds as it tried to unpack everything going on here. even when he regained the presence of mind to speak, he could only manage a;


>he turned his attention back to the paper, writing Zach’s name directly under Kashvi’s while shooting him a wary look from the corner of his eye.

Well, Zach, just, uh… stop doing that and sit down. And don’t… I don’t know, bite anybody.

>even though his external expression didn’t change, Marshall could feel something inside himself cringing in some sort of sympathetic pain. good on this kid for having some enthusiasm, at least, but good God did his school life look to be off to a rough start. teenagers could be vile, merciless little monsters at the slightest display of weakness; and Zach certainly looked like the kind of kid to wear his weaknesses on his sleeve. Marshall made a mental note to keep an eye on that one, he would probably need it sooner or later.

>should probably look into whether the kid actually had any form of vampiric anything, too, or if he was just… like that. something to look into when he was reporting the roll call.

>speaking of which, what the hell? it was nearly four minutes into the start of the period and these three were the only kids who even bothered to show up. where the hell was everyone else? it was winter, maybe some sorta illness was spreading around? field trip, maybe? or did they all just choose to skip out on what they assumed was a meaningless nothing class? Marshall sighed bitterly at the thought of that last one. but still, he had at least three students for the next hour, he had to find something for them to do.

Rrrrrrright, uhhhh. Looks like nobody but you three could bother to show up, so it seems like a waste of effort to do an actual lesson. So, tell ya what -

>he lazily gestured to the right hand wall, set with a number of labeled cabinets full of the various art supplies for the class.

-as long as you make something, I don’t really care what, I’ll give you credit for the period. Deal?

>plus, this came with the benefit of giving him a chance to get a better feel for these new two. he already knew what to expect from Danny, which frankly wasn’t much. but Zach and Kashvi still needed some time to get dialed in.

Zachariah Pumplebottom!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551111

File: 1544420863045.jpg (47.5 KB, 640x360, thats what I like.jpg)

>sure enough, Zach wasted no time in obeying his teacher's order
>jumping up, he simply let himself drop onto the chair butt-first, his body squishing for a split second with a faint squeak
>he leaned forward slightly, a wide smile stuck on his face as he listened to Marshall with rapt attention
>when Marshall motioned over to the cabinets, Zach took a second to properly get what they were actually expected to do
>but slowly, the wheels in his head started to turn, the smile on his face only growing as they did
<This is a drawing claaaaaaaaaassss~!!!"
>before Marshall could even finish his offer, Zach had already pushed himself onto his desk, and started jumping over all the other desks
>bouncing his way over to the cabinets with a strangely-seething laughter through his toothy grin, he wasted little time in getting the cabinets open to rummage through their contents and get all the art supplies he could need
>he hadn't been able to draw in weeks; finally an outlet for his creative juices!

KashviCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551112

File: 1544421344290.png (20.07 KB, 200x200, confused.png)


>What, just... Anything? No... weird power stuff, no justifying it, just... Anything?

> ... There had to be a catch.

> She didn't so much look at the selection as let Inventory tell her what was there. Looked like mostly drawing and painting supplies. Some clay and yarn? Why yarn?

> Sheet metal, which wouldn't be too hard to get at if she knew her locks, which she did.

> She got halfway to the supplies, and then stopped. Surely there was something he actually wanted. This had to be a test. She tilted her head this way and that, considering the problem.

> Then she realized that this wasn't an objective test, but rather a subjective one.

> So. Let's go for the nicest, most humble thing she could.

> She could still recall the snake pit in her mind's eye. The space before her stretched, and the wire across it did as well, looking out before her in a single, unbounded moment. She used the newspaper first to sketch what she was thinking.

> The perspective, especially for a first year, was pretty good, but--

> Why a high wire over a pit full of cobras?

Danny Rogers!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551116

File: 1544455284119.png (116.54 KB, 751x515, Meliodas_forming_a_concentrate…)

>now that sounded more like what Marshall would assign for them
>Danny had been tempted to get out the easel and work on a watercolour painting for some time now
>but if he was expected to turn something in at the end of class, that wouldn't be a very good painting
>so he was probably better off just sketching and calling it a day
>though now he had to wonder just what exactly his handful of classmates were going to get up to
>particularly Mr. "Pumplebottom"
>so he soon made his way to the supply cabinet and just grabbed a few pieces of paper, then opted to sit behind Kashvi and Zach
>he started idly sketching, but was far more interested in whatever they were gonna get up to, so he wasn't focusing all that much

Alfonso San Valiante!jSaxman3BgCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551119

File: 1544483427500.jpg (391.92 KB, 1277x711, 9c43ff917556dbf2c979d66cbb08fa…)


One of the cool parts of watching fights in a metahuman school was, unless you knew who the two sides were going into it, every swing was going to bring something new to gawk at. This one would prove to be no exception: Football swung first, enough force going into it that Janice would probably be able to hear the whistle of it from where she was jostling for a nosebleed seat at the edge of the crowd. Blondie had some hustle in his step by now though, and he reared back to let the slobberknocker whoosh right over him and tousle his hair a bit with the backwash that came right behind it. He bounced back up, light on his feet and darting right inside of Football's comfortable swinging range so he could get a gut shot in.


Fuck had that been?

There were a few glances around the crowd at the phantom shout, but no one seemed super concerned about mysterious voices shouting random names at the moment; they were too busy watching Football get Blondie in a bearhug to toss him away- much further than he had any right to manage- and immediately give chase, rearing back for a shot to the jaw this time... but Blondie didn't seem to be moving out of the way. The way that first punch had gone, this one would probably knock his block right the hell off if he didn't move soon.

So why was he smiling?

Janice could probably see him moving his lips, as if he was talking to somebody under his breath, but now he was too far away to make out anything specific, much less if he was talking to the same voice they had heard earlier. He was tensing, as if getting ready to block, but he hadn't done it yet... would blocking even do him any good against whatever Football's powerset was?

Time's up.

Football swung, and Blondie remained still, like he was content to let his life flash before his eyes- but at the last possible second, his arms snapped up, a sudden light in his eyes as there was a brilliant flash of golden light, and where his arms had been bare before, there was now a set of golden vambraces twinkling in the midday sun, as if daring Football to hit them or try to pull out of the attack he had committed to.

And hit them he did.

What happened next was a bit muddled, but the major beats were easy enough to agree on: Football put his weight into that punch, but Blondie didn't budge a single inch; considering what had happened last time, he should have gone at least several. Instead, it was Football's turn to get blown backwards, flipping through the air to smash against the tree that had indirectly been a part of this mess from the very beginning. Blondie stood up, his shiny new gauntlets beginning to dissolve into a lazy drift of softly glowing gold dust that blew away into the breeze as the man himself took his leave.

Better a quick exit than a lengthy explanation to Mr. Kujo.

beatCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551120


>well Zach was certainly more enthusiastic than anticipated. Marshall realized somewhere in his mind that he should probably, like, tell him to not do that and stop treating the furniture like a playground. but y’know what? the kid had moxie. or something. that’s what moxie means, right? he had never actually looked the word up anywhere, just kind of absorbed it from pop cultural osmosis.

>but the point was that he liked Zach’s enthusiasm, even if he could stand to dial… everything back a little. that was more than he could say about the other kids he had to keep an eye on. speaking of, he took a moment to study the other two while he leaned back in his chair, putting his feet up on his desk like the massive hypocrite he was.

>Kashvi seemed kinda… stiff. something in the way she was sitting and the way she talked implied a lot of rigid discipline; like she had some quintessentially Tiger Mom over-structured upbringing. or was that stereotyping? shit, was it racist to think that? ...regardless, she seemed kind of out of her depth with not being told what to do. no big deal, some kids were like that. just had to give her some conditions to work with if she hits a wall; creativity as a result of limitations and all that.

>Danny, on the other hand, Marshall was already familiar with. But that’s exactly why something seemed off. he seemed a little moody about something coming into the classroom, the difference in atmosphere was incredibly obvious compared to his usual lazy, lackadaisical self. and for that matter, wasn’t he supposed to be a bit of a social creature? would’ve figured he’d take the opportunity to strike up some sorta conversation with either of the new kids.

Ssssooo, you two. New kids. How’re you two settling in? Introduce yourselves or whatever.

>he cast an aside glance back to Danny.

What about you, Rogers? What’s your problem? What’s got you being all silent and moody today, that’s supposed to be my job.

>was that a… joke? the delivery was so emotionless and deadpan it felt almost serious.

Zachariah Pumplebottom!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551121

File: 1544490512966.jpg (62.35 KB, 480x480, I can count to potato.jpg)

>Zach had wasted very little time to get to work, grabbing the largest sheet of paper he could find to begin working on his latest, greatest masterpiece!
>he'd brought with him a little bit of everything: pencils, pens, brushes, crayons (somehow), and set about on the preliminary sketching
>his technique was... far from professional, as he kept his entire fist balled up around the pencil
>he wasn't even sitting down, simply bent over the desk like a little kid playing around with crayons (despite not actually using the crayons... yet), even biting his own tongue as he focused on his drawing

>"New kids. How're you two settling in?"

>Zach blinked, quickly lifting his eyes off of the drawing
>...was this part of a new test!?
>were they supposed to draw while speaking at the same time?
<"Multitasking training! This is the perfect opportunity to make up for my failure earlier!"
>Zach quickly grinned, speaking up in his usual loud tone while he continued his drawing
Oh, I'm doing great~!

I've met a bunch of really nice people already; the school is super big and way, way more shiny than anywhere else I've been in; but it's also really, really big so I get lost really easily; like this one time, I was trying to find the food court where I had lunch one day with Lance, and I we had spaghetti that day and I never had spaghetti before and I really wanted to eat it again, but anyway-
>a very short breath
-I was trying to find the food court but I just got lost and ended up wandering around hall after hall after hall, and eventually I found this cute little display case that had food which was great, because I was really hungry from walking around, but I had no idea how to open it and I kept trying but it must've been stuck or something, but that was alright because I just vwoop, slipped inside and got myself some food-
-but then I got stuck inside, and looking back on it, that's super ironic isn't it, but anyway, this nice surprised lady saw me and helped me get out, she was really nice and she pointed me back to the dorms where I left some snacks on Api-chan's pillow for her to eat later when she gets hungry-!
-but then I thought I'd go and stock up on some more food and tried to find that display case again and got lost again, and I've just kinda been wandering around and found my way here eventually!
>a bubbly giggle left Zach's mouth
Never a dull day at this school, I can say that for sure~!

KashviCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551123


> She waits for Zach to finish speaking. In the meantime, she's quietly trying to listen to the entire story, but...

> It feels so far away from her experience, it's like seeing someone try to pick up an instrument and then slam it against the floor to play it.

> She nods, thoughtfully, while Zach finishes up, and then starts.

"Natar, Kashvi. I'm an entirely normal freshman high schooler. There's nothing special about me in particular. No hobbies, no interests. I just sort of... Exist, I guess."

> She said it all in a dead, practiced monotone.

"Couple days ago I got bored of the tests and broke out of the training room. As one does. Security's pretty good at this school. Professor Kujo seems nice, too, if a little gruff. Saudade said I should get a hobby other than trying to do penetration tests."
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File: 1544494800247.png (1.25 MB, 1280x720, Diane,_Meliodas_and_Ban_saying…)

>Danny opted not to answer Marshall's question right away, letting the others say their piece first
>he'd look up every so often while he sketched lightly on the paper he was using, opting to just make a bunch of simple pencil etchings and leave it at that
>Kashvi's story was simple enough, although her talk of trying to break out made him give her a rather confused look
>why would she need to escape the school?
>it wasn't like they were keeping her prisoner or anything
>STAR Academy didn't do that
>...he was pretty sure, anyway

>Zach's whole elaborate story was just a tad more attention-grabbing, though
>he was trying to keep up as best as he could, but Zach seemed like the type of person to take a long time to say very little
>it was hard to pick where to even begin, although he noted that he had been around Lance, so that explained his choice in alias
>he didn't really recognize anyone else referenced in that story, however, and he could only guess what else Zach got up to on a regular basis
>he didn't seem to mind explaining either, so details would likely come soon enough

>so it was finally down to him, and he looked up to Marshall with a more typical lazy smile

Oh, nothin' you need concern yo'self with, Mistah Marshall.

Jus' your typical teenage drama an' whatnot.

Far less interestin' than tryin' to break out of school, or Mistah Pumplebottom's...adventure.

beatCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551125


>yep, this dude was fucked. Janice started edging her way closer to the center of the crowd, awkwardly squeezing through the gaps between other students to get into position should any kind of intervention be necessary. some part of her wondered why she even cared after the second or third time she got accidentally elbowed in the face by a taller student, but a quick glance back to the center where the blonde guy narrowly avoided getting smashed into a coma (at best) yet again promptly flared her protective instincts back to life.

>she didn’t pay the voice any mind; probably just a friend of one of these two cheering their buddy on. but come to think of it, who had actually started the fight here? she was planning on keeping the blonde guy from getting his dumb ass killed, but what if he was actually a huge asshole who incited the whole thing? she still felt like she should keep things from going overboard, but the thought of backing up the aggressor-

>was promptly forced out of her mind when the dude suddenly fuckin’ anime’d some sweet armor out of thin air, and proceeded to absolutely school the other whatsisface that was trying to take his head off. well that took the wind out of her sails.

>but, even if she didn’t get the chance to be the cool hero backup here, Janice’s curiosity was definitely piqued. she shoved her way back through the crowd again, taking just as many accidental bumps from stupid assholes who can’t watch where they’re going goddammit on the return trip and jogged after Blonde Whatsisface, completely ruining his cool, casual exit. as she sidled up beside him, she took a second to put on her best Standard Issue Weird Goth Kid Bored Indifference Voice.

So, what was all that about, Mr. Ren Faire?

beatCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551126


>that’s… a lot to unpack. once again, points for enthusiasm! but also, points deducted for needing to settle the fuck down. Marshall took a moment to take a deep breath and get his thoughts together, working out his response to each student in turn. first thing’s first, to get the obvious elephant in the room out of the way.

Okay, just- a couple of things, in no particular order. First off, those are vending machines. You put money in them first. Second, how did you get inside of the machine? And third; so you’re probably not even supposed to be in this class?

>he sighed in irritation as he leaned his head on his hand against the desk.

Stay here after the bell and I’ll take you down to the office, and we can figure out what your actual schedule is, I guess. As for you--

>he pivoted slightly in his chair to point at Kashvi.

--get better hobbies. You seem like a decent kid, but watch yourself. Expulsion is still absolutely a thing here. As for Kujo; he’s a decent enough guy. Could stand to take himself a little less serious though, if you ask me – n’ he could also stand to learn some better stress-relief methods than punching shit, but you didn’t hear that part from me.

>he glanced beside himself to something half-buried behind a pile of various papers; a worn-out old cadet cap, strikingly similar to the hat the aforementioned Mr. Kujo always had. the barest trace of a smirk crept onto Marshall’s face as he put it on, then turning back to Kashvi.

Y’know, a lot of other new kids end up mistaking me for him.

>with his free hand, he reached down to grab the tail of the long coat he wore, lazily flapping it around while his expression set into a cold glare.

Can’t possibly guess why.

>the stern expression dropped quickly back to the previous near-invisible smirk, Marshall making one of those little almost-laughs that’s more like a sharp exhale through your nose. and with that, he finally made his way down to Danny.

Hey kid, asshole that I may be, I’m still a teacher, and it’s still my job to concern myself with the well being of my students. And besides, look at me. Do you really think I have anything better to do with my time than listen to pointless teen drama?

C’mon, Rogers. Details.

Zachariah Pumplebottom!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41551127

File: 1544503922137.jpg (23.64 KB, 242x254, that makes me blush.jpg)

>"Security's pretty good at this school."
<"Well duh! It's a ninja school! What did you expect!"
>Zach was only half paying attention at what was being said, still focusing on his drawing more so than anything else
>Zach's smile brightened up slightly as Danny's confirmed his adventure was interesting
>he seemed nice; maybe they could hang out later and he could share even more interesting stories!
>"First off, those are vending machines. You put money in them first."
>Zach paused his drawing, actually looking like he'd just been said something he hadn't realized
>because he genuinely hadn't thought about a vending machine needing money to operate
>he'd have to remember that next time!

>"Second, how did you get inside of the machine?"

>blinking, Zach grinned
Oh, it was easy!
>he then held up one arm slightly... and had it slowly coil onto itself, almost like one of those party whistles, or a very confused slug
One of the few perks of being a crummy half-vampire, I guess. I can fit just about anywhere~!
>his arm uncoiled, and to further demonstrate his awesome abilities, Zach squished his head on both sides with his hands
>the head morphed in ways that [i]definitely[7i] shouldn't be possible if he actually had a skull inside of it, and probably wasn't very healthy if he had a brain either
I just know this'll be useful in my studies~!
>he let go of his head, grinning a bit smugly at the other two classmates
Try not to be too jealous, OK~!
>he giggled

>"And third; so you're probably not even supposed to be in this class?"

>Zach paused, blinking as he stared at Marshall
I'm... not? But I'm a student here, right? Shouldn't students come to class?
>he tilted his head, just looking confused now

>the rest of the conversation flew mostly over Zach's head

>he hadn't met a "Kujo" yet, but he seemed to be someone to look out for; a serious ninja that took his job very seriously!
>surely he'd have some great advice for a ninja-in-training such as himself!

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