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File: 1500259157012.jpg (511.32 KB, 1920x1080, Heveron3.jpg)

Heveron #3 : To The Shattered Root Legacy Of The Crystal!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41517810[View All]

#Closed / Invite Only #Canon: Heveron #Fantasy

<The world is such a fragile thing, easily broken and forced to bear the scars left upon it for centuries, millenia. Though the shapes upon the surface shift and change, though the skylines shatter and grow anew, the fractured soil that begets life remains twisted, torn and shattered. Great spires of crystalline light reveal naught but the cruel work of the afflicted, the champions turned renegades turned executors of a justice that merely fit the eye of the beholder. Such is the legacy of the Crystal.

<Welcome, then, to Alethbedia, the world trapped between itself and the ever-present Aether. Though many lands have their grand history, their remnants of a time long since passed, none bear the marks more closely than the continent of Heveron. The light and power of the crystals fuels most everyday convenience, the power of magic almost a currency in this prosperous age with those born already bearing such potency standing at the forefront of power and control. Yet within such power lies many secrets, many truths that would best be left untouched and well alone.

<Far be it from me, then, to reach for those secrets myself... don't you think~?

[Elizabeth Carmilla - 1886, The Documents of The Scarlet Witch]

Welcome to thread three everyone! Here's hoping we can recover from the mass erasure that killed off our prior adventures, thankfully saved and available through other means. Here's to a productive third year!
Hahahahahaha I can't believe I'm actually writing that. Let's hope we can get more posts out than one every week.
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Lei[i] & Ameya!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41538951

File: 1517948020693.jpg (232.23 KB, 686x1000, eda2442a673d004d9cc7b4efdfdcf6…)

>While the pink snake moped about her failed plans to sew chaos, Lei had been happy with watching everyone else enjoy themselves. She wasn't much of a talker on account of not quite having the local language down.


>So it came a surprise when Logan had mentioned her in the conversation and her lack of smiling.

>While technically true, she didn't her date to think she was depressed or anything. She totally wasn't! The picture of mental health!

Smile! I smile! Not often for you! Flirt!
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Melody Neige!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539028

File: 1518129110350.png (57.68 KB, 250x250, tumblr_nq04ksnfZp1sn1yebo4_250…)

>As the dragon soared into the air, flying above them and circling around to get a good angle in incinerate them, Melody only heard bits and pieces of what Patrick was actually saying as she already mad a beeline for the great ape.

Ice bad for Rakohl and save my own butt if things go south, got it!!

>She could only get so close before the stream of fire comes back down again.and the mage is forced to hide behind a rock while she piles on a heap of snow on her body to protect herself from the flames.

>She felt a chill as the snow touched her exposed skin, but that only lasted a moment before unbearable heat takes over and the snow around rapidly melts, not even leaving her wet as the fire dries her off near instantly after passing by.

Gods, this heat... what am I suppose to do to even help anyone here?

>Melody didn't honestly know. If she was her sister, she could just throw ice at that dragon until she finally beat her. But what could she do against that? Even trying to help Rahohl would do more harm then good!

What am I going to do...?

Patrick Frye!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539211

File: 1518663504133.jpg (650.22 KB, 1920x1200, Portgas D Ace One Piece Wallpa…)

>And so it came, the torrent of flame from above that Dragons were often feared for, or such were their typical depictions in historic novel. Despite his strength with the element, the words of his mentor echoed in his mind, particularly as the heat blasted down across the fields, enveloping both him and the earth beneath - beginning to burn him, even, the symbol that honoured his father beginning to crisp and char.

<"Yer fire's a strong thing, Pat, but ye'd best beware o' the molten heat the Ruby isle holds in its belly. That, an' there's a more subtle thing that might jus' kill ye, f'yain't lookin' carefully.

>"What's that?"
<"Fairy fire, m'boy. Wildfire."

>The difference between what was conceptual and what was real had taken him a long time to understand through his short life, experience teaching him more than words ever could - here beneath the mighty elements of something tied to this world he would burn, feel pain, for this flame was more real than his flame ever could be. It was a certainty in the midst of miracles, in inescapable reality that most who called themselves 'magi' would ignore to the grave.

Yeah... it hurts, Pops. It hurts real bad.
This is fire.

>These were the burns he inflicted on others, the kind that he had never felt. This was the raging torrent of destruction, the heat that turned all the world to ash. His perception of fire had always been askew, a mere toy in the palm of his hand for him to manipulate. No... fire was much, much more.

Such are the rules of this world... haha.
But -

>Patrick's hand reached out, holding itself over the open flame, allowing it to burn on, to make his nerves ache and throb with pain, acclimating to the feeling.

- what is the role of humanity... if not to question the world!

>The red sea parted in an instant, like a gale had split the wall of heat in two, leaving a patch of charred earth with a single figure at the centre. Though burned, limbs trembling somewhat from the agony, the man who sought to unearth the secrets of the world refused to be undone by that which he, by rights, should be most familiar.

Your dominion ends here, Queen of the Skies!

>Raising both hands up, the flames began to rise - flames that weren't his own, but belonged to her, above. They swirled and distorted, lifting from the ground and propelling themselves upward in a singular pillar, connecting neatly with the lightning from the king of the mountain!

>Her scales would hold true against it, of course... but this was less an attack and more of a message, an unspoken vow.

>"Your flames belong to me!"

Abris Phinn!Ren/VL7f/QCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41539461

File: 1519245019458.png (563.41 KB, 868x490, Happy.png)


I've seen Lei smile plenty of times!

>How could he forget? That sunny smile seemed to light up his day, and it had certainly made him feel so much better after his earlier encounter with Ameya. It was beautiful, dazzling, it shamed all other smiles out there! He wasn't biased! Either way, the vul-Logan seemed to be a little grouchy about his job sending them all over the place, Abris could actually sympathise with this, sure his patrol only ever took him over the town, but he loved the town, and always loved seeing more of it. There's no place like Kingsmeet, and no place in Kingsmeet like any others.

>Abris turned over to Lei and squeezed her hand tightly. If that was why she wasn't smiling so much, then he just had to make sure that he could stick with her and make sure that she smiled more! He hadn't really done anything wrong so far, right?

Well then we have to go! We can go see a game, and I can show you all the rankings, and the signature moves, it's such a cool sport!

>She had to experience the greatest game known to mankind! The only sport that MATTERED! And then they could smile together more! Be together more.

Logan Faust!ReIheBaff.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540091

File: 1520440673532.jpg (140.08 KB, 550x777, 52147099_p24_master1200.jpg)

Oooh, sure, blame it on me. Alright, I'll play your game - How many actually *good* and *decent* guys did you turn down before this one caught your eye, huh?

>The question was admittedly a little personal, but he said it so jovially that it didn't seem to matter. Logan's tone implied that he didn't really need an answer, choosing to chuckle away the thought, simply using it to embarass the couple a little.

>That said, he didn't seem to be all that embarrassed about it. For all the fun he'd had getting revenge on Ameya, seeing a couple so easily smitten with each other reminded him a little of that bitterness sitting on the edge of his tongue. With the meal already paid for, no longer feeling particularly obligated to stick to Ameya like glue, maybe it was better to cut his losses and head home. Maybe he could wash that bitter taste away with something strong - not that he could really afford it.

>Dumping responsibility for Ameya's well being on the pair of them felt scummy... but maybe he felt like being a little scummy after such a *long*, *tiresome* evening.

Right, well... duty calls, and all that. With everything I spent today, I'm gonna have to look for work as soon as I wake up tomorrow. Don't do anything *too* crazy, now, we'd like our Sniper to come back in one piece.

!MrCarnage2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41540991

File: 1521955946244.gif (3.19 MB, 640x307, SmartSelect_20180325-013240_Yo…)

>Having doused the whole area with a torrent of flesh scouring flames the great beast expected the fight with the pathetic creatures to be over when a movement caught its attention from the corner of its eye. The great ape had flung itself into the air on its great legs to just bellow the dragon's flight. Turning swiftly to shield itself from the beast's lightning blast with its wings the drake expected nothing much from the attack only...

>"Your dominion ends here, Queen of the Skies!"


>As her own wildfire flames were turned against her at the exact moment where Rakohl's energy blast hit her, the two sets of wild magics interacted to alter one another's nature and therein annul their defining characteristics to release a blast of power exponentially more powerful than each attack could have been on their own.


>With an earth shattering blast whose sheer volume deafened all who stood too close, the great beast that owned the sky was wrenched out of its flight to slam into the mountain with a titanic concussive force near the base of the mountain. Covered in rocks and the immediate area covered in a thick layer of dust, a hush descended over the ravaged landscape then as the world paused to take in the incredible events that had just occurred.
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Sarah Locke & Drummond!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541286

File: 1522559972608.jpg (49 KB, 500x560, df9d710cf402f6c4412ab09b276869…)

>If anything the chuckling was far worse than any word he could've shot in her direction, leaving the poor girl almost trembling in shame and with no rebuttal to be found - only the quick clutching of the stuffed toy for some measure of comfort.

>The ironclad knight simply rubbed his head of hair, chuckling a little to himself as he retrieved the small ring with titanic fingers, turning to face the pair with an amused smile.

I suppose it isn't your day, this afternoon! I don't suppose you'll both be playing another round? Hahaha... no, no, I fear irking the ire of the little cat would be too much for either of us to bear. Were I to recommend a quick remedy, it'd be the beef stand just about the way - (a personal favourite of hers!)

Jerome Bransg !MrCarnage2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541287

File: 1522560773219.jpg (41.63 KB, 248x284, Happy 9.jpg)

>Looking down at the girl's silent consternation, the Cassiline smiled broadly to himself finding that, despite everything that had transpired that day and the horrid letter he still had tucked away in his clothes, that his worries had lifted away from himself and that he was now profoundly enjoying himself for the first time in, well, a very long while.

>Listening intently to what the huge man had to say, Jerome considered what was said a nodded, finding the proposition quite entertaining.

Ah, I see.

What say your highness "little cat", feel like having a meal then?

>The man asked, bowing deeply in mock reverence to the troubled girl in a perfect execution of a Cassiline bow with his arms crossed out in front of himself.

Sarah Locke!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541288

File: 1522561517299.jpg (10.59 KB, 236x284, f27119891c6c3843f5a4dab2c359f1…)

Gah! Did you have to tell him that, Drummond..!? Careful or I'll have to sink my fangs into you the next time something decides to 'irk my ire'!

>The history of the nickname was a simple one; she came to the Wolves bearing a strange twin-dagger fighting style and often preferred to act alone and dangerously, earning her the mantle of 'the Sabertooth Tiger' - which of course led to all manner of cat puns and other such mockeries that always managed to grind her gears a little.

But food, sure, why not, let's do that before the giant germophobe here gives you more material to use - and would you stop bowing, already!? I'm starting to get self-conscious...

Sir Drummond of Ainsley!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541289

File: 1522562029928.jpg (1.01 MB, 773x1000, overwatch___post_game_drinks_b…)

GAHAHAHA! You would try, little cat, you would try! But go on, shoo, enjoy your day - and do try not to drink everything in the hall before I get back, alright?

>The germophobe jibe didn't seem to get at him all that much, true as it was, likely because the sight of Sarah being caught up in this rather unique situation had him in a particularly jovial mood.

You seem like a good sort, lad. Here's hoping Kingsmeet treats you kindly and your skills stay sharp as a hedgehog's spikes!

Jerome Bransg !MrCarnage2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541290

File: 1522564054387.jpg (31.65 KB, 182x245, Happy 5.jpg)

>Though the compliments hurt him to hear, Jerome took them without making a fuss over them. What people could see in a failure like him was something he could never understand but at least he knew better than to make an issue of it every time he received a compliment.

>Straightening his body to look at the larger man, the knight nodded and smiled amiably at Drummond.

And may you find good fortune yourself Sir, Flames keep you on this holy day.

>Turning back towards his companion, Jerome's smile again turned wry and amused as he considered the "little cat" that had so callously murdered others for profit and considered the sheer bravery, or stupidity, needed for people to give someone like that such a diminutive nickname and couldn't help but wonder at the insanity of it all. Mercenaries must have been a bread of their own in that sense.

Shall we m'lady?

>He grinned, toying with her discomfort as he motions for them to leave the alley.

Would you like to lead the way?

Rakohl!Ren/VL7f/QCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541495

File: 1522694903698.png (460.93 KB, 927x862, tumblr_nrmf4i0JLJ1ssr51lo1_128…)


>The Dragon knocked out of the sky by the combination of lightning and fire, the Rajang let out a roar of triumph. The great ape beat its fists against its chest as the dragon fell, crashing into the foot of the mountain, but the Beast was not satisfied yet. Not until the trespasser had left the area, had bowed down to the Thunder God as well it should.

>The Rajang bounded forward to the sight of the crash, snarling and roaring. While it couldn't see anything through the dust and the rocks, it was making itself known, that it was there, and it was still willing to fight, as charred and burned as it still was from the dragon's fire. It hardly even seemed to notice either Patrick or Melody as it leapt forward, hell bent on forcing its foe to submit.

>The Rajang seemed to almost twitch and shake in place as it tried to glare through the dust cloud and spot the crash landed dragon, there was so little left of the human that had once been, only the faintest understanding of anything other than bestial instinct kept it from charging even further into the cloud, clearly trying very hard indeed to fight off the mind of the beast.

Lei[i] & Ameya!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541612

File: 1522877317130.jpg (183.28 KB, 800x800, __yoko_littner_and_yomako_teng…)

>Lei manages a playful pout knowing that Logan was right and she couldn't really argue that with him.

>Thankfully he didn't really need an answer to that as he was ready to take his leave.

If not see tomorrow, come back safe!

>As much as Logan could be a flirt and an all around dork, he was still a fellow member of the guild and she didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

Hpmh, well if you're going I guess I don't need spoil the mood anymore...

>The little pink snake grumbles as she gets up.

I'd have my time off for today, it's back to my duties. Good day.

>with a rather curt fairwell, Ameya is the first to walk off, Lei at least waves goodbye as she goes.

Strange girl.

Melody Neige!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541616

File: 1522879001601.png (69.68 KB, 250x250, tumblr_nq04ksnfZp1sn1yebo8_250…)

>From the relative safety of her rock, Melody watched the great dragon fall from the sky... close to her location.

Oh crap!!!

>The girl ducks for cover just as the rubble starts flying and only after the last of the rocks come tumbling down to earth does she look up from the boulder and shout out.

Is she dead!?

>She hoped so.

Sarah Locke!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541845

File: 1523403168991.jpg (47.15 KB, 564x451, f7b76f2eaf34f21dbd39d309468f77…)

You say that like there's much of a choice, Mister 'I couldn't find my feet for my toes around here'.

>This was fun. Nice. Like a dream another girl might've had, one less twisted and more.. normal. Was Jerome thinking the same? For all his dutiful nature, he seemed to almost genuinely be enjoying himself. Could they really just spend time like this, despite themselves?

>Chewing down on a simple beef and pepper skewer, Sarah couldn't help but allow herself to be consumed by the relaxing atmosphere of a warm summer's view from the bench at the top of the hill, tree behind them casting a near-perfect shade over the spot. Not an easy place to get access to in a busy time like the festival, but sometimes luck shone through.

Mmmng... chew .. THAT one. Righ' there - *swallow*. See the one on the corner? That's the guildhall.

>Her finger pointed out towards a building in the distance, likely a good twenty-minute walk from where they were sitting but still visible, even then, if only because of the bright banners that adorned it.

Home away from home. Or, well... just home, now, I guess. Honestly I spend more time away from it than I do actually there, but at least it's nice to go back to. Scummy city, sure, but I find that kinda comfortable.

>A sip of her water flask cooled off a little more of the summer sun's gaze, still peeking through the leaves, as her thoughts flashed with familiar faces and names. Despite her tendency to play the solo act, this recent experience with Jerome had at least forced Sarah to admit to herself that she'd formed bonds with quite a number of people here over the years, no matter what form they took.

Makes me almost want to ask... - no. Never mind.

>Her hesitation was clear as the day had been, something obviously caught on the tip of her tongue.

Jerome Bransg !MrCarnage2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41541846

File: 1523404901070.jpg (57.99 KB, 668x147, Neutral 33.jpg)

>Having eaten his fill of the spiced meats Sarah had picked out for them, Jerome ended up looking over at the scenery the contract assassin was pointing out to him. All in all he had enjoyed himself immensely in the last few hours he had spent with her, games and all. The woman wasn't someone easy to get along with but the knight felt that once you got a grasp of her then she became more tolerable if not easier to handle.

. . .

>Looking out in silence at the sun-soaked scene before him and the guild hall which was the girl's home, the place where her friends lived, and where she belonged. Though elated as she was, Jerome felt glad that she would share with him what made her happy and show him the sides of her life that even a seasoned murderer could enjoy. Bloody hands or not, she was still human and, more than that, she was still a young girl whose life was still in the bloom of youth. And though Jerome feared that she would forget who he was and the implications of it in her cheer, no, in the end she reigned herself in on her own accord.

>Leaning silently on a wooden fence near the edge of the cliff, Jerome wondered at how he should proceed. Tomorrow he would leave this town and head towards the Cassiline Valley. Bringing her, Jerome knew all too well, even if she wanted to come, would be impossible. He couldn't account for a stranger to follow him around without having the order suspect his virtue and yet he himself knew nothing of the letter's contents. Regardless, he knew he would have to return to the order if only to account for his irregular movements of late. But then, if he couldn't bring her, and her would be leaving soon, should her tell her? Sarah had certainly become amiable to him recently but what more did he owe her beyond that? What even was their relationship beyond acquaintances? Thinking deeply on just what he should do, the Cassiline sighed and looked up to his companion to smile faintly at her.

I enjoyed myself today, thank you.

>He said simply, knowing that it would be no kindness to break the peaceful mood the girl was feeling now.
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Sarah Locke!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542071

File: 1523566133741.jpg (110.02 KB, 564x824, a107a59b66dc7ffd72cc8f182b25c0…)

>Much like that same dream she felt she was having, the afternoon sun continued shining down on such a wondrous day, illuminating the man who leant against the fence a little ways away from the bench she was sat upon. It was an odd thing, to feel some small kinship with another, though she wasn't sure whether it was the journey they had shared or some deeper measure.

>A gentle sigh accompanied the finishing of her drink, setting it down on the armrest and leaning back, staring out at the scenery below. His comment in response to her words earned a shy look away for a moment before her gaze focused on him, a smile catching her lips.

You aren't just saying that, are you?
A guy like you feeling some emotion other than constant apathy? Colour me surprised.

>A taunt and a jest on her part, spoken lightly and without care. Just how comfortable was she around such a fellow to make casual jokes on as deep a subject as that? Perhaps because she found herself similarly complacent, before...

I enjoyed it too.
It's funny, you know. I've never really thought about enjoying myself for my own sake, and knowing that old scowl you were always wearing before, I doubt you did much of that either. Yet here we are, just letting the day go by and having what everyone else calls fun.

Almost a shame it all has to be so short...

Abris Phinn!Ren/VL7f/QCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542082

File: 1523571859832.png (332.32 KB, 457x490, Lookingdown.png)


>The sudden farewells caught him by surprise, Abris blinked and watched as the tiny nobless walked away, and the guardsman made plain his intent to leave. While Abris tried and subsequently failed to not poke his tongue out at the retreating snake, he turned back to Logan. While he couldn't say he was all that upset about him leaving and getting to spend more time with Lei, he wasn't all that bad...you know, for a mercenary.

>Abris nodded over to the guy, and tentatively offered Logan a hand to shake in his exit, the lovestruck smile leaving in favour of a far more cautious, but still amicable one.

See you around, yeah? Maybe I'll catch you at a game or something.

>Maybe this was small talk that wouldn't really lead anywhere, but for all that this guy was probably a vulture and a money grubbing asshole dedicated to draining the unfortunate dry...Well, he liked the same Blitzball team as him and that meant he couldn't be that bad, right? Maybe they could get on if they ever saw each other again.

Jerome Bransg !MrCarnage2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542092

File: 1523576764932.jpg (27.84 KB, 188x219, Neutral 32.jpg)

>Letting her comment go unanswered, the knight turned away from the girl to look back at the scenery, his smile slipping away to return his face to it's usual look.

>The wind blew by them both, not letting itself be bound by the problems of two mortal land-locked beings. Jerome had often wondered and what it would mean for someone like him to be free. Freedom, was a concept he himself never quite felt though he often struggled for its closest approximation in his estimation. Be it bound by station of birth or the rules of his order, the Cassiline had never knows what it was to have no duty to fulfill and so could only think of the wind as something completely alien to him.

>A long moment passed then as the knight simply listened to the wind, and looked down on the city whose freedom was something equaled nowhere else in the world. Perhaps, then, like the wind, it too was something alien to him.

>Not looking at the girl who had followed him through hell and high waters, Jerome spoke to Sarah, his voice carrying clearly to her.

I'll be leaving soon.

>He said, in a tone that was entirely normal, devoid of grief or frustration. It was a fact, and one he now chose to share with her now on the spur of a moment.
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Sarah Locke!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542838

File: 1525020082062.jpg (837 KB, 1024x1024, ciri_sketch_by_sonellion-d9217…)

... I figured.

>The statement came in much the same tone as he had spoken in, very matter-of-fact with a sigh to complement it. The letter, everything about his style and choice of living, what part of her had tricked herself into thinking he might stick around for a little while? Every moment of their time had been a journey, and while she was used to journeys coming to an close, his seemed... unending.

Well, I mean, I guess I wasn't sure, but in the back of my head I always knew you'd head off sooner or later.

>Standing up, she put the cup down on the bench, looking out from the hill towards the rest of the town, enjoying themselves in the uproar of the festival. To think she'd been down there moments ago, exactly the same as the rest of them... a nice distraction from the thoughts on her mind. Her gaze locked with Jerome, staring at him with a strange resignation of acceptance.

Before you do, though... there's something I want to know.

>Drawing both daggers, she rose them up in her hands, looking between the disparate blades that glinted different hues in the sunlight.

Spar with me. I won't be satisfied until you do.

Jerome Bransg !MrCarnage2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542875

File: 1525076005105.jpg (70.35 KB, 666x178, Serious 13.jpg)

>Listening attentively to what Sarah had to say, the knight waited until she was done speaking and had drawn her daggers before her turned slowly to face her. The look on his face was serious now, devoid of the lighthearted joy he had shown in the marketplace. What he had said was probably true, Jerome had, in fact, enjoyed the time they had spent together and had found joy there in those moments. But looking at him now, Sarah would have been hard pressed to find any trace of it.

>With her daggers raised and her affirmation clear, the mercenary girl looked to him with passion and desire for... something. What he wasn't sure but whatever it was, he knew that he could not afford to indulge her now that the order was watching him again.

>Still her stance remained and Jerome simply looked at her, the wind blowing between them and flapping at his simple clothes. He made no move to reach for his weapons, his body remained rigid, and his eyes ever so terribly grim.

You've traveled with me for this long and still you don't understand anything, do you?

>He told her drily, his words severe but his expression shifting slightly to include a rising sense of pity for the girl and himself. The girl still couldn't fathom what it was that knight she had first known had lived through, didn't know what made that man, and himself, tick the way they did now. And why the letter in his pocket still weighed on him like a lead weight impossible for him to ignore.

The order has made it clear that my movements are being watched, the fact they let me know they knew where I was and what I was up to makes it very clear just how pressing they see my returning to the valley to be.

That being said, the idea that they would thereafter leave me out of sight for even a moment is ludicrous.

>His eyes flat, his expression hard, Jerome shook his head at the girl, her internal turmoil and the desires she hoped to assuage with him. Silence then, the wind blowing past, ever moving, ever shifting to go where it would with no man able to change the course it chose for itself.

I'm sorry Sarah, but I can't.

A knight can only draw in defense of his charge, and this friendly duel you propose wouldn't be... proper.

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File: 1525082429178.gif (1.96 MB, 268x300, 1456942475_tumblr_nopsq9OqrS1s…)

I understand more than you'd think. You can stop underestimating me, because I pay attention - now that I've seen one, if any one of those people were in earshot, I'd know. Why do you think I brought us all the way up to such a wide, open space?

>She hadn't wanted to explain this - in actuality she didn't really want to do it at all, part of her had hoped he'd pick up on the idea, but after all this time of him helping her out, she wanted to do something that might make him feel a little more at ease than worrying so much about the future he seemed to dread, even if her view was a little naive.

We're probably being watched, sure, but that's the point. I'm sure if they looked into who I was they'd see what I am, and the fact that you were just 'hanging out' with me is something they'd use against you - you've known that all along. Clearly the solution is simple.

You were acting as you did to attempt to capture me. If they saw me with you on the mountain, that was circumstance and survival and you couldn't turn down someone who needed aid. But once you learned who I was, what I was, you came with me back to Kingsmeet to learn all you could before meting out the punishment I deserved, or at least attempting to.

>Throughout the entire crazy thought, she couldn't look him in the eye. It was like a flip reverse of emotion to try and force this kind of encounter after enjoying the day with him, but it wasn't as if she forgot how he looked when he got 'caught'. It was such a contrast to his nigh-constant self-assuredness that she'd been thinking about it all day.

>When she finally did make eye contact with him again, it was clear even she didn't really believe in this idea. It was just the rambling thoughts of someone that cared for his well-being, without the knowledge or experience in giving a damn about people to know whether she was doing right or wrong.

Surely that, at least, might give you some measure of leeway?

Jerome Bransg !MrCarnage2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41542881

File: 1525085194722.jpg (57.31 KB, 303x313, Shocked 6.jpg)

>Hearing her explanation, Jerome's stern expression turned to one of shock and surprise and it was all the knight could do but to not gape at the girl with his mouth open. So assured was he of his own inescapable misery, so certain had he been that there was nothing he or anyone else could do to alleviate what was to come for him and the terrible punishments he was sure to endure that he had never stopped to consider that, perhaps, his companion had understood all along and was actually looking out for him.

>Jerome had never been able to spot the Sentries, never been capable of seeing where they were or if they had been watching him save when they chose to reveal themselves, but then, Jerome had never been trained to see through their techniques and if anyone could, it would be one of their ilk.

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File: 1525085213654.jpg (81.93 KB, 602x276, Happy 10.jpg)


>Then, quite suddenly, the cold and grim knight burst out laughing, his voice booming across the field in a way that Sarah had never seen before. Long and hard did the man laugh, his mirth overwhelming the dread he had been feeling by an order of magnitude.


>Because she was right, and he had underestimated her. For as along as they had been together, Jerome had always looked down on her for being who she was and for not knowing what she hadn't been told. He had hated her for being an assassin without even knowing the circumstances that led her to it, despised her for being an attractive woman when his vows where such that he could never relieve his frustrations, and ridiculed her for being ignorant of the obsure ways of his order. Yet, despite her claim that she did nothing without a profit in mind, and the way she spoke of herself as being a self-styled monster, here and now, the blood thirsty assassin proved herself to be more noble and wise than the priest-knight.

>The ridiculousness of the situation, and the irony of it all hit him hard and he simply could not stop laughing. Finally, when he got a grip on himself again, Jerome straightened his bent-over body and wiped the tears away from his eyes. She had nothing to gain from helping him and everything to lose, still, she helped him and showed him the way out of the dark path his own heart led him towards, still, she believed in a man like him who deserved no redemption for what he did.

>The wind carried away his laughter, and with it, changed again in a new direction he hadn't anticipated.

You know... if it wasn't against my vows, this is the part where I would declare my love for you.

>Having casually spoken something he would have been mortified to say at any other time, Jerome drew both daggers from their sheaths and took on an aggressive fighting stance, grinning wildly with the elation he felt.

Come on then you ruffian!
Come and meet your fate by my blades!

>With that said the knight launched himself at his foe, swinging his blades recklessly and with abandon, always using the flat of the blade and never hesitating in his strikes. At that moment, Jerome vowed to never underestimate this woman again.

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File: 1525101088889.jpg (308.67 KB, 520x413, ciri_fanart_by_grobi_grafik-d9…)

>Jerome's reaction to everything was... unexpected, to say the least. In her head, she'd imagined him dismissing her idea, explaining away some strange factoid that made her thoughts null and void or simply disagreeing on principle. That laugh, though; it was unlike anything she'd heard from him before, so genuine and free from emotional burden, so much so that she could only stand flabbergasted at him, mouth slightly agape as her stance faltered slightly.

>As much as she'd been able to understand to be able to form such a plan, the way in which his entire being freed up from his former bonds... had she been the one underestimating how much everything had burdened him? Sarah had never expected this.

>But the true blow came just before he charged.


>Before she could even process his statement, his blades shot in toward her like the talons of hawk. Instinct alone caused her limp arms to raise upward to deflect the blunted blows, but her mind was so shaken that her body faltered, staggering backwards and immediately finding herself on the defensive as her face became red and flustered.

Wait-wait-wait-wait, you- I- WAH!

>It seemed there wasn't time to stop and think. Despite the sudden nature of his attack and the use of the flat of the blades, he was still a well-trained warrior who, for the first time she'd seen properly, was letting his passions fly. Four daggers between the pair of them, both held in similar styles, watching him reminded her of her own movements and strikes, the one's she'd learned long ago. Even as her mental state collapsed under the weight of his words, her body began to move as it had been taught; step by step, stance by stance, blow by blow.

>A strike toward the neck - parried. A follow-up of her own toward his striking arm - blocked by the very same arm pulling backwards while his free hand moved toward her left leg. A quick backstep, swapping stances to the right foot forward, left dagger reaching for his right arm. A pull back on his right leg, tearing his shoulder back, arm following to dodge the blow, the momentum breaking the contact of the two daggers on the other side as his left hand moves in to block her right. This leaves her right free, pushing it in towards his stomach, but the block turns into a pushed parry as he swaps footing again, a retreating step to bring his right arm's momentum over guard his mid-section, knocking her blade aside.

>It was like a flurry of guided blows. Where her freedom and creativity had surpassed his technique before, his sudden surge of passion and emotion put him at a previously unforeseen level of skill, easily adapting to her non-uniform movements and tricky steps through raw, eager and heavily-trained instinct. The sheer intensity of the spar, especially when she started so off-balance, was enough to give her mind focus, reminding her why, despite everything, she'd offered to do this in the first place.

>Her gaze hardened, a smile forming on her lips. Despite the current cause, this was fun. Battling in a not-quite mirror matchup felt far too familiar than she dared to admit.

You tricked me, you swine!
>She said with a fickle grin.
I should have known better than to trust one of your kind!
Loyal to the end for your masters, are you!?

>Talking about his shackles that way felt a little wrong, but that was the point of the act. If a little pain now would save him a great struggle later, it'd be worth it.

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File: 1525147772254.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, vlc 2015-10-27 16-48-10-77.png)

>The exchange of blows was loud and intense, the clangs of steel striking steel resounding across the windswept hill and carrying off into the surroundings. Charging forward, Jerome executed a number of quick combinations with his blades which Sarah matched well enough though the manner in which she executed the combinations were different to the way Cassilines would have used them traditionally. Her creative use of an otherwise rigid combat system brought about new possibilities for the age-old ways but simultaneously undermined her execution of the basics of the Cassiline way.


>Again and again the blades met, their bodies keeping close to one another as they circled and fought for dominance. Jerome might have been using the flat of his blades but his enthusiasm for the bout was very real and likely drew from the inspire passion he was experiencing. The battle was intense and showy but looked to be at a stalemate. But then, using his larger bulk and weight, Jerome pushed past Sarah's guard and shouldered her to the ground with a solid tackle.

>Standing over her with a victorious expression, the knight stood well within reach of the assassin as he began to talk.

You are done villain!
Surrender now and accept your defeat!

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File: 1525920716232.jpg (46.99 KB, 1280x720, ep_559692_3.jpg)


>Brute force, was it? She had to admit, with his heavier frame and denser muscles, he had the advantage there. Having clattered to the floor, finding herself a little out of breath from the move, she started to see why his organisation was a brotherhood first and foremost. He had clearly been trained to use his body to its most effective use, training she sorely lacked in comparison.

>So why not use some of what she had experience in..? If only to serve as a more convincing battle, of course! That was the only reason. It wasn't to prolong this last moment she was to spend with him in howeverlong, no, certainly not. A smirk reached her lips, though she wasn't entirely sure why.

If you were going to capture me, you should have done so during your tour of the city!

>Reason enough for their 'companionship' given, she kicked off the floor into a backward roll, quickly coming to her feet closer to the tree on the hill than she was to him. A nice, wide open area - nothing like the trees she'd been forced to fight within in the forest. Perhaps now she could make up for the mistake that had cost her the dagger before.

>The chains at her belt, formerly seeming as accessories, were quickly gripped into her hands, snapping onto rings at the ends of both daggers that had previously been only used for aesthetic. Jerome had bellowed out frustrated confusion the last time he saw her utilise this technique, perhaps now he would do the same in awe!

If you want to take me in...

>A pivot on her dominant foot sent her body into a spin, her hands gripping the ends of the chains and whirling the daggers around. Simple, carefully controlled twists of her arms and shoulders causing them to spin wildly about in a flurry of death that reached a good distance beyond the range of even Jerome's sword.

... you'll have to reach me first!

>... this was about pretending, right? Just a mock battle for the sake of a ruse and a lie, it wasn't about impressing him! It was meant to be a show, not about showing off... right?
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File: 1525991073188.jpg (136.5 KB, 507x394, Dodge 1.jpg)



>Even though he had left himself wide open for her to trip him up and run off, here the mercenary was pulling out killing techniques she had learned on her own. Why was she even doing this, hadn't this all been meant for show? If so then pulling off a stunt like this was definitely going overboard just to make the fight more convincing because without his armor or vambraces Jerome couldn't block or deflect the whirling chain and blade and could thus easily slice into him even by mistake.

>As he was about to tell her off for doing something like this, Jerome's train of thought was cut short with the knife and chain whirling at high speeds directly for his head. Ducking down at the last second, the knight was able to lean out of the way just in the nick of time to avoid a nasty blow and cut to his face.


>Though he would love nothing more to show the girl why this technique was entirely unviable in combat with even a modicumly armored foe, as he was, she was at a great advantage and it was the best he could do to use his speed and dexterity to dodge and weave out of the way of her chain.

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File: 1526001429797.jpg (10.46 KB, 236x290, d042a8e671917d60f60d028fc0d228…)

>Whoops! That was kinda close, actually. Not the best thought to be having after the fact, but it made her realise she'd been getting a little carried away with it. Pulling the blade back on the chain a little, limiting her range, she looked over at his shocked expression- and in that moment, she had an idea. There was no way this was going to end in anything but the pretend fight - this was their goodbye, she couldn't risk returning to his side shortly afterwards to say it.

>This one little moment was the only opportunity to let bloom the thought now occupying her. Darting forward, she wheeled the blades around together in a single wide arc, looking as though she were about to bring them both down upon his cloth-covered frame-


>- but then she jumped, at full force, into something of a dive forward, yanking the chains and bringing the daggers back into her hands. Heading toward his surprised yet defensive form with all the speed she could muster, in mid air she twisted her body so she could face him properly, passing within millimeters of him until-

See you around, shitty knight~

>Flying right past him and into a roll on the ground, she continued her run and dove past the small fence surrounding the miniature park, rushing down the hill through the greenery that surrounded it, before disappearing into the mass of buildings below, lost in the mass of festival-goers and citizens alike.

>It would probably take him a moment to realise just quite what she'd done in that instant, one that almost seemed out of time, before she'd ended their little ruse and 'taken advantage of his surprise to run', but there was one thing he could be sure of without a doubt. Sarah Locke would be smirking down there, thoroughly amused by her unique method of farewell and response to his statement at the start of their little bout.

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File: 1526873184757.jpg (41.58 KB, 203x277, Shocked 4.jpg)

>With the girl swinging an iron chain tied to a knife around, Jerome's entire focus was tuned towards looking out for the weapon rather than his opponent and thus wouldn't have noticed her move in until it was too late to pull back. Expecting a blow, Jerome tensed up only for his mouth to feel the soft caress of his companion's on his own.


>Shocked and bewildered by her actions, the Cassiline could do nothing but gracelessly lose his footing and stagger away from the contact as if struck by a vicious blow even as the girl made her escape. He couldn't believe that Sarah would dare do such a thing, let alone risk doing so under the eyes of the Sentries. Yet, before he could even wrap his mind around what had just happened, Jerome's training kicked in and his thoughts were replaced with a way of thinking that had been drilled into his very soul.

>"Oh No!"

>Was all he could think before his thoughts turned to how improper and dirty the contact had been. He had been sullied, he had ruined himself through that touch and now he had to purge himself. Purge, now, fire? No, there was no fire and it wasn't right to do so outside of, wait, the dagger, the knife! He could carve the corruption out of himself, he had done it before, he could...

>Wait, no, calm, he had to calm down. Despite the ragged panic that ran through his blood and made his heart beat far harder than exercise ever had; Jerome reasoned he had to calm down. There would be a time to purge himself of what had happened here, time to make amends and offer up reparations to the Companion and the Order at large. But for now he had to breathe, calm himself and just take it easy.

>Struggling to control his ragged, panting breath, Jerome was able to come to grips with himself and leave the hill behind and make it back to his room. There, he read the letter that had weighed on him so heavily and learned the reason why he was summoned back home.

The Next Day Jerome Bransg !MrCarnage2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41543912

File: 1527203780420.png (1.13 MB, 1632x918, 42.png)

>The night had passed and with it the sharp pain of cleansing the knight inflicted on himself. In the heavy fog of the predawn light, Jerome saddled a horse he leased off the night before. In the saddlebags stowed across the beast's sides were the few possessions that the Cassiline called his own. Having checked his tack one last time, the knight mounted the horse and pressed the horse forward with the heel of his boots.

>Ribs aching from his fresh wound, Jerome though back to the last few months and what they had meant for him. In his brief time of solitude spent in the wild mountains of the West, Jerome had found companionship, pain, hatred, frustration, kindness, friendship, and ultimately a budding sense of love. In that time, he had begun to dream and feel himself slip away from the reality of his condition. Yet, like all dreams, such delusions inevitably come to an end and the weight of the world once more reasserted itself on the knight whose past and present he could never escape.

>Walking away from the dream, Jerome thought of the letter he received yesterday and the summons it contained. Over and over he had read it in the vain hope that he could somehow change its content if he simply read it again. By now, he could recite it by heart and with that imprint could not escape its contents any longer.


To the renown Knight Errant Jerome Bransg,

Your presence is requested in the Grand Cathedral of Saint-Grammacus on the third week after the festival of the Holy Flame to celebrate and perform the

marital rights between the great and noble Jean-Baptiste Bransg, scion and heir to the Bransg family line and twelfth in line to the royal throne of Termina, and

Princess Pir Londoh, scion to the great house of Londoh and second daughter to the royal majesty the king of Termina.

Your arrival will be expected one week prior to the wedding by the elders of the brotherhood in the halls of the Followers, delays will not be tolerated under

any circumstances. Godspeed on your travels.

- Falrin Brimmer, second scribe to Captain Atticus of the third company.


>Dreams, it seemed to Jerome, were an awfully ephemeral thing to base one's hope and aspirations on given that they would, inevitably, be reduced to naught when the dreamer woke up. However, when the dreamer does wake, there exists a chance, a small chance mind, that the dreamer would remember parts of his dream and thus, perhaps change their ways ever so slightly as a result. With such thoughts in mind, the Jerome remembered the final moments he spent with Sarah and the way her mouth felt against his in the brief moment before his conditioning kicked in. That feeling, alien and warm as it was to him, brought a smile to his face and gave him the strength to hold back the tears that came as he walked away from the best part of his life and willingly woke up from a sweet scented dream.

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File: 1528318278603.jpg (121.79 KB, 600x360, 55235166_p3_master1200.jpg)


>A handshake? All being said and done, he couldn't exactly say he expected something halfway decent to come out of the day. Reaching out, he gave the guard a solid grip and shake of the hand.

You keep that stadium safe in the meantime, yeah?

>The handshake quickly turned into a wave, leaving the remaining two behind and not entirely wanting to dignify Ameya with a farewell. That said, he did have one last little gift to provide the happy couple, Lei in particular...

>Addressing Abris again as he walked off, he turned his head slightly and called out.

Just don't ask her about the Sapphic Bar stake-out, alright!? The Sapphic Bar stake-out! Three years ago, that cute guy who you enjoyed the evening with, what was her name? Hahahaha!

>Oooh anything to get some amusement out of life, and if embarrassing other people after today was a crime, they might as well arrest him there and then.

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File: 1528318501066.png (716.18 KB, 1000x510, 0c08fa3e1cbfa6ce5bc7571be65f24…)

>Compared to the other two, who seemed to be either impatiently awaiting the results or staggered at the events that had just taken place, Patrick took the whole sequence in stride, walking back over to Melody and giving her a pat on the head and a bright smile.

Hahaha, not on your life!
A dragon's pride is almost sacred, mock it and feel their wrath! Or so they say. I have no idea what happens after you give it a solid slap, but I have a feeling the worst is yet to come!

Isn't that exciting!?

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File: 1528422090495.jpg (400.84 KB, 2560x1600, 616730ec522bd3d61a969d7849d4ba…)

>Tense moments stretched into minutes as the group of runaway felons stared at the pile of rubble under which the dragon lay in anticipation of what was to come. When the beatst's resurgence would come into doubt, a low rumble would begin to be heard at the very edge of their hearing but steadily growing in intensity. Soon enough Rakohl enhanced senses would pick up on the deep trembling happening bellow his very feet moments before Patrick and Melody would. As the sustained tremor built in intensity, so too did the deafening noise that emanated from the pile of stones where the dragon lay as the Earth itself seemed to tear itself apart bellow their very feet even as the surface continued to look entirely placid.

>Though the flowers did not stir and the trees did not budge, all three members of the party would feel as though they were caught in an incredibly powerful earthquake whose source originated within the rubble in which the dragon lay. There, Rakohl would feel, the very essence of the world was being pulled up from its roots and forced to power a spell a monstrous proportions as the dragon accumulated titanic amounts of wild magic to its will and bent it into a shape that best suited its desires.

>Finally the trembling stopped and the mound of rubble began to smolder as smoke and ash rose from dragon's position. Suddenly the entire mound exploded outwards in a violent display of rage as rocks showered onto the flame blackened plains the trio of adventurers stood on. What emerged then was a beast of pure rage and frenzy as every inch of skin bellow the dragon's scales glowed with wild power and flames. Blazing beacons of hate locked onto the daring forms of those who would defy its right to rule with absolute impunity over its domain. Fire would be too good for these wretched bastards. No, rather than simply burn them, the dragon sought to utterly eradicate their very existence from this world so that not even their corpses would remain.

>Opening its glowing maw, the beast began to focus the worldly power that ran through its blood before it and direct its potency in the direction of those beings that would stand in spite of its will. Nevermind that most of the forest, and everything within, would vanish and become collateral damage to this beast's self-indulgent fit of rage, these creatures would vanish and that was all that mattered. Having concentrated as much power as it could and compressed it to a finite point, the dragon let loose with a beam of absolute power that could not be avoided and would inescapably annihilate our heroes.

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File: 1528422102179.png (1.51 MB, 1234x693, Airship Catastrophe.PNG)

>Or it would have, if the moment the dragon tyrant had let loose its incredible spell, a portal hadn't opened before its very maw and an absolutely titanic airship hadn't come crashing through the gate onto the dragon's face, exploding in the process and swallowing the beast in a mountain of fire, steel, and secondary ammunition detonations.

>Moments went by in which the sight of our adventurers was full of nothing but steel and fire as a new, incredibly large, construction occupied a space that had been mostly empty up until then. As more and more of the ship came through the portal even as its front half ground down on the ground in a collapsing heap of fire and steel, the portal of shimmering energy continued to spill out more and more of the ship as its monstrous engine continued to push it into the ground. Behind the ship, the vistas of the world from which the ship had come could be seen and it was one full of impossible colors and unthinkable creatures whose form made no sense to the aesthetics of men.

>Finally, when the ship had made it through, the swirling gates of power, a beam of red light, almost insignificant in size compared to the monstrosity that had ground its way into the world, shot its way from the top-most deck of the vessel and shot the portal which promptly vanished back into nothingness leaving behind only a strange smell of oranges and a lingering effect on the eyes of those colors that simply didn't exist.

>As the dust settled and the events which had happened in such rapid succession came to a halt before the adventurers, the lot of them could see that the massive wreck that had once been an unthinkably large airship larger than most cities had been tainted by wherever it had come from as its steel was colored in places with colors of the rainbow and strangely organic looking protrusions which had no place being on an entirely mechanical construction.

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File: 1528579531594.png (300.9 KB, 448x489, Nervous.png)


>The Beast most certainly noticed the rumbling of the world, the Power resonating from the ground beneath it, all funnelling towards where the dragon lay. The great Ape bared its fangs and waited, pounding its fists against the ground until the dragon made itself known, and made itself known loudly.

>The mound of rubble exploded outwards, and the dragon rose up, wreathed in flame and fury and the Beast now knew what had happened to all the Power that it had felt draining away. The shock ran through the Beast. All it could see and feel was the wild magic that gathered in the mouth of the dragon, inexorably targeted towards it. The instinct was to run. To flee as fast as it could, even the Thunder God could not fight such a greatly condensed attack. But it could not. There was no way to avoid it. It was too much, and too fast.

>Fortunately for the Beast, even as caught up in this question which would matter not in the long run, it would not have to decide. Instead, the decision was made for it. Between Fight, or Flight, there was the third option. Ship.

>And Ship was the answer, as some gigantic metallic thing that the Beast knew not of crashed straight into the dragon from a hole in the sky, and stopped the Wild in its tracks. Crushed beneath molten metal and what seemed like endless discharging of power coming across the ship.

>The Beast knew not of metal, or steel...But the Human did. And for a Beast, who did not know how to react to what was in front of it, the only thing that remained was for the Human to take the forefront.

>The Rajang before Melody and Patrick grunted, and shrunk in its posture, as though it were crouching...But it actually seemed to be shrinking. The body grew smaller and smaller, fur giving way to flesh, though wounds and scars from the dragons' attacks still remained as where there was once Ape, now was man.

>And man did gape, as Rakohl stared over in open mouthed shock at the sight before him, of the colours that he had never seen, of the organic growths on the airship that made it seem less like a wreck of metal and more of a natural landmass growing for eons and eons. Rakohl knew he did not understand...And yet it only piqued his curiosity further. All threats of the dragon gone from his mind, and only the haunting sight before him colouring his thoughts.

>...It even made him forget that he was completely naked.

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File: 1528673370871.jpg (44.18 KB, 640x480, 575f7ae60a7b53f152424e46dfa6ed…)

>The Sapphic Bar. He mentioned *that* place.
>She shoots up out of her chair, as red in the face as her hair, and shouts at the man as he walks away.

Wǒ zuìle!! Xiànzài bùyào bǎ nàgè xiǎo péngkè dài shàngqù!
(I was drunk!! Don't bring that up now you little punk!!)

>It wasn't her fault that that woman had a handsome face!


>Oh right, she was on a date.

>She quickly sits back down and collects herself before explaining, carefally, what Logan was talking about.

Simply mistake, haha, had too much drink that all!

>Damn that Logan, if she doens't get a second date because Abris things she plays for the other team, then she'll tell Olivia it was him that drank her bottle of imported Astrolian Mountain Spring Water!

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File: 1528675112252.png (63.13 KB, 250x250, tumblr_nq04ksnfZp1sn1yebo7_250…)

>He honestly thought this life and death struggle was... exciting.


>Yeah it kind of was, once she got over the shock of coming face to face with her first dragon and being nearly incinerated several times over, Melody did feel something stirring inside of her. Might have been the adrenaline though, she wasn't sure. But it felt like she had been dying of thirst a moment ago and had just taken the first of many large gulps of cool water. Was this what the thrill of adventure tasted like?

>But before she could ask such a childish question to Patrick the dragon had confirmed that its demise was highly exaggerated and it was ready to obliterate them soundly. She could feel the ground tremble but it wasn't an earthquake, what on earth was it about to do...? No, regardless of what this was it was going to destroy them and she truly had no way of defending herself.

<"Goodbye cruel whimsical world, you gave me a taste of adventure I've been craving for so long only to snatch it away from me in such a short time. Woe is me, what could I have done to deserve this? Someone as beautiful and intelligent is I to face death here before I could even make my mark on histor--"

>Suddenly airship.
>Melody's jaw dropped as the fabric of the world seemed to tear open and a goliath airship was thrown through it. Careening into the face of the great dragon... and continuing to do so with all the gratuitous destruction and explosions of a Michale Basin play. Eventually, the symphony of chaos settled into eerie silence as she gawked at the wreckage.

...Why is the Grand Dalamander here?

>Even with the strange discoloration in places and odd growths upon it, Melody recognized the Terminian airship. It was the largest sky-fairing vessel in the world, after all, she even took a tour of it with her sister. It was hard not to know it when she saw it. But that didn't explain why it appeared through that rift in the sky, or how it was produced in the first place!

...I hope nobody was aboard.

>If they were... well there was little hope for any survivors.

>Her legs were already carrying towards the ship even as she thought that, however. She was still a noble lady! She had a responsibility to help her people if she could!

Patrick Frye!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41544757

File: 1528746288947.jpg (185.76 KB, 776x596, 770936c5baa612a2801c6ede4a68de…)

>Strangely, the entire event sent ripples up his spine. He'd never felt energy like this before, even if it was just the tingling sensation of it all - an almost foreign feeling, kind of like the fire he'd channeled just earlier, rippling through the ground toward the dragon's position.

>He'd expected something worse to come out of this, but in all honesty he'd underestimated the dragon. How many records were there of dragons losing their shit, anyway?! Nothing in the books the old man had talked about rippling energy and giant -

>-oh look, an airship.


>The spectacle of watching a colossal machine collide with a gigantic creature and the explosion that followed felt like a spectacle beyond most of what had been told in the old books, or maybe equal to the mythical Lost Age, but the difference here was he was looking right at it as the fire roared and explosive force echoed across the plains.

I, uh... I have a funny feeling the Hellhounds aren't going to be too happy about this...
Thankfully, I'm so confused I bet they are too.
Alright, team!

>Pushing off into a sprint, he dashed across the open fields, turning back to face the other two.

Let's go look for survivors-

>Skidding to a halt all-too quickly, raising a brow toward Rakohl.

-... maybe after we get you a cloth or something.

!MrCarnage2Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41544771

File: 1528755894192.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x1037, 2015-10-11(168538)_Cazuun_loca…)

>As the trio adventurers continued to gawk at the fresh wreck that had once been the gem of the gem of the Terminan fleet, the mass of metal settled into the ground with a final groan and shudder, kicking up a final cloud of dust before finally lying still. From where they stood, the group could clearly see the sheer scale of the ship before them and absurd amount of firepower and crew such a titanic war machine could have been fitted with. In its prime, had the great machine been fielded against an enemy city, it was hard to see what anyone could have done to defend themselves against something of such a massive scale. But now that it had been crashed into the ground, its wings broken and its back twisted in two, it was hard to think of it as being anything but dead.

>Wherever the ship had come from had left its mark on the ship as vast plates of metal still shone with maddening displays of unearthly colors and entire shards of metal continued to quiver and shift independently from the rest of the structure, dying in a magical atmosphere that could not support it. But whilst the life within the metal died and the colors drained away from the wreck, faint sounds of explosions and magitech discharges could be heard echoing within the structure of the ship. There were still people in there and their own conflict was apparently ongoing.

Rakohl!Ren/VL7f/QCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41544911

File: 1528921361575.png (390.91 KB, 626x490, Eyyyyy.png)


>Rakohl still stared at the wreck of organic mess and metallic fragments. Wreck seemed too small to cover it, it was less of a wreck and more of a catastrophe...But that wasn't what caught his attention. It was the magic that flowed through the atmosphere, the colours that danced and shone...But were dying. Even affecting the ship as it turned lifeless and grey. It was so haunting that Melody and Patrick's call to arms was dulled, and he couldn't even hear the sounds of combat going on within the wreck.

>But before he could dwell too long on the familiarity of the magic, of how it resonated deeply with him, with the Thunder God within...He was reminded of his precarious state.

<"Maybe after we get you a cloth or something."

>Rakohl blinked and looked down at himself, before his pale face was coloured suddenly with a fiery red and his hands moved to cover his modesty from the sight of his comrades.

...Forgive me. I transformed without thinking...

>Normally whenever he was naked he was alone...Or only a few moments from transforming anyway. Even if he had undressed, it was unlikely that his training gi would have survived the dragons' fiery breath...How embarrassing.

I am unsure where we could find any clothes nearby though...

>Rakohl's eyes flitted from side to side, desperately looking for something that could cover him, but the only thing really around him was rubble and broken houses. He wasn't massively picky at this point, but he'd have to find something at all first.

Abris Phinn!Ren/VL7f/QCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41544913

File: 1528922263716.png (258.5 KB, 421x445, Uhhh.png)


>Abris waved the man off, he didn't seem entirely too bad, and a firm handshake was evidence of a firm character, or at least that's what dad kept saying...But he seemed to have one last parting gift. Abris raised an eyebrow at his words, trying to make sense of them. He hadn't heard of any Sapphic Bar around, and for all that he seemed to be a good guy, bringing up more of Lei's previous encounters was just going to ann-

<"What was her name?"



>Abris' eyes go wide with shock and he turned around to Lei, his face a mixture of surprise, confusion and...curiosity. It didn't help matters that Lei got up and started angrily shouting after Logan. He couldn't understand a word of it, but he could certainly understand tone.

>As Lei sat back down and tried to brush it off, Abris nodded along with her, not entirely willing to have an argument over it given how flustered she seemed...But well, he was a young man, and the mind had a tendency to wander when presented with an image that sounded fairly appealing.

Hahahaha! We all do silly things when we drink!

>But drinking didn't give you ideas you didn't already have

>Abris looked into the bottom of his glass, long since emptied and wishing he had something to fill it with to try and give him something to do that wasn't think about whatever Lei was doing in a bar with another 'her' in the evening...

...Was it a nice evening?

>Goddamnit Abris.

Melody Neige!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545225

File: 1529553573171.png (51.25 KB, 200x200, tumblr_o8j2gj72fH1vx8wtfo2_250…)

>Melody had left Patrick to find something to dress Rakohl in. She was a lady after all, she needed to be shielded from such a such perfectly chiselled abs and strong arm--
>Damn it.
>Anyway, she didn't have anything on her that would even fit him and she wasn't about to have her brand name trousers stretched beyond repair trying to contain those tone leg musc--
>Damn it.
>What purity she had as a lady was going to vanish before the adventure was through.

>Onto more pressing matters!
>As Melody approached the twisted remains of the Grand Dalamander, her eyes strained against the odd colours assaulting her vision. She had to wonder how those vibrant otherworldly hues came to be, along with the rapid morphing of many of the ship's parts. Was that a result of the portal? Or did this ship pass through [i]somewhere else[i] that caused some odd effects.

>Getting closer still, she brakes into a sprint as she heard the sounds of battle within the wreckage. There was people in there, they needed her help!!

Lei Jìjìng!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545226

File: 1529554023332.jpg (267.61 KB, 800x600, 997b364d87d192c363f34bd7f064e9…)

>Wonderful, a change in subject that didn't involve bars or drunken mistakes!

Very nice! Enjoy myself a lot! Would do again with you!

>Lei too had finished off her meal a while ago and was ready to move on to the next part of their date, where ever it might take them in this festive setting.

So, what next Abris?

Abris Phinn!Ren/VL7f/QCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545247

File: 1529619045019.jpg (78.17 KB, 349x384, Youdumbfuck.jpg)


>That wasn't the answer he had been expecting.

>Abris' face screwed up, the expression nearly unreadable for the fraction it remained on his face. Was it good that she'd missed the point? She didn't really want to talk about it, but he wanted to know! Surely ANY red blooded man would want to know about such things? Was it a crime to want to image your girlfriend in sexy scenarios?!

>Maybe it wasn't a crime...But he was supposed to be the gentleman here! A good man, the kind of good man Lei would like, and if she didn't really want to talk about it...Then as much as it pained him, he would move on. Abris took a deep breath, and then his face turned back to normal, though slightly forced for now, he would press on.

Good! Good...I'm glad.

>Next though...That was one helluva question. But it HAD been one helluva day, the festival had a lot of food and games for them to play through, and in the end, while he'd met the irritable little snake again, it had been good food, great company, and all around, a really good evening! He was pretty bushed...And part of him wondered if Lei was too.

Well...I'm shattered, I think. That was a really exhausting meal...Unless you've got another idea, I think I'd be happy to walk you home and call it an evening...?

>Abris looked over at her, an eyebrow raised and a questioning look colouring his face. He wasn't subtle in the slightest as he tried to gauge her reaction to what he was saying. He was sure he could find more stuff to do if she wanted to, but it'd take some effort...He wasn't quite hoping for her to agree, but Abris wouldn't complain if she was as tired as him.

Patrick Frye!pR.BaFF/ukCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41545935

File: 1530903559532.jpg (344.61 KB, 408x909, Portgas.D..Ace.full.1643921.jp…)

Man... now that's an oddly nostalgic view.

>He hadn't seen colours like that since... well, since he could really remember. It was so long ago that though the familiarity remained, like a childhood memory faded to grey, the place and time escaped him entirely, much like the ephemeral nature of the ship's strangeness itself.

>Unfortunately the more modern noises and flashes of light quickly took precedence.

Alright, guess we don't have the time for a cosy walk!
Melody, make an ice wall behind me, and both of you get over here.
We're gonna take a shortcut!

Lei Jìjìng!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41546117

File: 1531271742017.gif (80.07 KB, 500x455, tumblr_ly0sccH1Qm1qdjbzko1_500…)

>It certainly was getting late now that Lei looked at the time, it would be a good idea to head back so wind down or the night.

Good idea to head home. Yes, would be happy to have you.

>She offers to him with a bright smile. While internally screaming at herself for answering "Was it a nice evening?" with what amounted to 'yes' by accident!!

Abris Phinn!Ren/VL7f/QCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41546279

File: 1531602811935.png (556.88 KB, 869x490, Yaaaay!.png)


>Abris breathed a silent sigh of relief. She seemed more than willing to call it an evening, and frankly, he wasn't going to complain in the slightest...They could most certainly leave it at that.

In that case...It'd be my honour to accompany you home tonight, Miss Jijing.

>He got out of his seat and made a mock low bow to Lei, with a small grin and a cheeky wink to cap off the evening. Arm in arm, they'd return home, lit by a moonlit sky, and with a lot of stories to tell later. Maybe they wouldn't appreciate it for now, but later, when these kind of memories were precious and scarce, they would be an anchor in an otherwise stormy sea.

>But for now, Abris was content to call the evening a success when he went to bed later, for in spite of everything that had happened, the feeling of Lei's lips on his own made all bad thoughts and feelings float away without a care in the world.

Rakohl!Ren/VL7f/QCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41546280

File: 1531603118627.png (206.6 KB, 365x398, [Internalscreaming].png)


>More than anything, he was just confused. Confused and naked. Rakohl stared over at Patrick as he made claims of a 'shortcut.' He looked back at the downed airship that seemed so far away from the pair of them, and then back to Patrick.

...I'm unsure of how we could get there any quicker in our current states...We possess no transportation to make the journey shorter, and any chance of carrying the pair of you in my other state may risk...Well...

>Rakohl trailed off, his brow furrowed in thoughts as he frowned at the floor. Consecutive transformations ran more of a risk of succumbing to the beast within...and with the nature of his own beast, that could end poorly for everyone involved, never mind just himself.

>Nonetheless, despite his misgivings, Rakohl trod over to Patrick, hands still dutifully covering his privacy as he waited to hear out this shortcut idea. It had to be better than walking naked...

Melody Neige!aLEJudith.Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41546595

File: 1532324738291.jpg (42.84 KB, 540x449, tumblr_nqbxzui8Ry1rj5c1jo1_540…)

>make an Ice wall behind me.

I'm not my sister you know!

>Large amounts of snow were about the best she could produce... so a wall of compact snow would have to do.

>She produced one in quick order before approaching the man.

Now what is this 'short cut' of yours?

>It probably involved an explosion.

>As for Rakohl... he needed something if only to preserve what was left of her own purity. She rugged through the bag she had taken with her and pulled out a large blanket to toss over to him.

It's not much, but I think you could fashion a robe or something from it...

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