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File: 1499218500147.jpg (19.25 KB, 620x388, download.jpg)

Lost Light Tales Volume 2 Who?!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41515262[View All]

#IC #Canon: TLL #Ask/Invite #Spotlights/Backstory

Oi! Either come th' fuck in or fuck th' fuck off!

Yeah, tha's righ', I'm talkin' t' yew! I'm busy, yew better 'ave a gewd reeson fer botherin' me!

What? Yer feed went down? Oh, like Ah'm suppos'd t' fix tha' for yew? I'm not even suppos'd t' be 'ere!

Alright, alright, fine, hold yer bitchin', Ah'll fix it! Fuck's sake...

Righ', if yew came in late, 'ere's what yew missed. Th' Captain of th' Lost Light met 'er co-pilot an' potential love interest. Though if yew've been lookin' at th' more recen' stories she torpedo'd tha' in a hurry.

Then there was a story abou' some scavengers tryin' ta find their family an' runnin' smack intew some Empire fucks. They sorted tha' out an' moved on. Not shoor where tha's goin'.

An' then it jus' became all abou' tha' poof in pink spandex gettin' laid left righ' an' centuh. Seriously, how does a lil' twink like tha' get so much pussy? 'E's practically jus' out of th' womb by my standards an' 'e's up to 'is eyeballs in it! I haven' been laid tha' much an' I've been around a long fuckin' time!

Anyway, yer all caught up, enjoy yer soaps! Fuckity-bye!


Lost Light Tales is for exploring side-stories and backstories that aren't going on in the present time in the canon.


Current IC: https://www.ponychan.net/rp/res/41515247.html
Wiki: the-lost-light-rebellion-rp.wikia.com/wiki/
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Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41547933

File: 1535997292258.png (177.75 KB, 640x360, didnt see that one coming.png)

>Doci let out a softer giggle at Bolone's sheepish comment at the end
>she grabbed the chocolate grab, moving it slightly out of the way so they wouldn't have to need to bend down in order to talk
I've always heard so many stories about the Lanterns, and the incredible technology that the old Guardians of the Universe possessed...
>she looked over at the chocolate bar again, eyes practically sparkling with awe
But to actually see that in person is... just... wow...
>she was clearly a bit speechless over everything
>but then she paused, blinking curiously
But... that's strange... I don't think I ever heard of a Violet Lantern Corp before...
>she rubbed her chin, then turned to Bolone again
You said you became an "agent of love", right? Weren't the Star Sapphires supposed to harness that power?
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Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41547934

File: 1535998342164.jpg (20.57 KB, 320x241, download (21).jpg)

>Bolone looked at Doci in confusion for a moment, before wincing and holding a hand up to his ear
>he kept glancing to his side, wincing here and there for reasons unknown, until after a period of time he lowered his hand
>he stared at the spot in surprise for a moment or two, before awkwardly looking to Doci

R-Right, so...

She says they used to, but they were the ones who imprisoned her and went against her teachings...

So now she's free and she's not using the name for her own group.

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41547935

File: 1535999355791.png (162.84 KB, 640x363, surprise.png)

>Doci watched as Bolone reacted to a conversation she was not privy to
>as confusing as it was the first time, she was quickly getting accustomed to these moments where she had no choice but to remain silent until Bolone could transmit the message to her
>and soon it came... and Doci's eyes widened again as she quickly lifted her hands
W-Wait, back up! What does she mean, "imprisoned" her?

Who is-
>she paused, looking over at the spot Bolone was staring at despite not even knowing if it was the right spot
Who even are you anyway? How are you connected with any of this?

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41547936

File: 1536000634949.jpg (48.78 KB, 720x480, download (2).jpg)

>Bolone looked to the same spot as Doci was...only to frown and look the other way

Come on, that's not-

>he stopped again as he listened to the invisible woman's explanation, frowning as the voice only he could hear went on

>it took a minute or so longer, but eventually he nodded uncertainly and looked to Doci

She says...she's the Predator, and is the source of the Violet Lanterns' power.

The Star Sapphires had go-betweens as far as being chosen for the role, but now she's choosing hers directly.

>he paused, then looked to the invisible figure again

Y'know, that name doesn't really help-

>he winced and turned again, holding his other ear as the figure seemed to be yelling again

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41547937

File: 1536000911913.png (167.16 KB, 597x480, what have I done.png)

>"She says...she's the Predator."


>Doci's eyes slowly widened even further as she stared at Bolone after he said that

>her mouth slowly opened to say something, but words definitely escape her this time
>she made a few choked sounds that didn't even resemble letters, let alone words
>the revelations had clear hit her hard
>hard enough that she simply fell backwards, fainting from the shock

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41547938

File: 1536001823750.jpg (20.57 KB, 320x241, download (21).jpg)



>Bolone was certainly not expecting that from Doci, the giant chocolate bar disappearing as he knelt down beside her

H-Hey! Hey, Doci!

>he started to scoop her up in his arms, but then worried that he might not be able to get her to her ship like this

>he looked up at the invisible space for a moment, then back to her

...what have I gotten into...

>two beams of light moved out of his ring, turning into a pair of rope-like appendages

>which wrapped around Doci and held her up rather easily, much to Bolone's surprise
>with that done, he resumed walking along the path they had started on, with Doci floating in tow, in the hopes he could find her ship without her guidance

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41547939

File: 1536002357279.png (29.4 KB, 140x112, lost.png)

>after a somewhat lengthy trek, Bolone would soon find something that stood out among the mostly dead planet, and rather easily so
>the... ship?
>thing wasn't terribly large, but definitely large enough to comfortably accommodate a person or two
>it was built in a shape that somewhat resembled jello; conical but separated into several segments
>its color was a pinkish-orange, definitely fitting the very pink Doci's style

>but just as curious as the ship's shape would be the small beings that wandered nearby

>there seemed to be three of them in total: very small and squat figures with stubby arms and even stubbier legs
>one of these critters carried a small broom with them, using it to dust the "entrance" to the ship
>while the other two wandered the area with tiny spears, possibly acting as guard for the ship
>and when one spotted Bolone arriving, it quickly squeaked in alarm towards the others
>the three figures rushed to block Bolone's path, aiming their small spears (and one broom) at him

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41547943

File: 1536013381806.jpg (64.45 KB, 378x303, tumblr_inline_nhd91hkyQP1raysw…)

>Bolone hurried along the path, only slowing down as he saw what...could be the ship approaching
>it wasn't easy to tell what it was
>but even if it wasn't the ship, it'd be somewhere Doci could recover, at least
>so he hurried towards it, only noticing the people - creatures? - wandering around it when it was too late


>causing him to halt with his hands up at the spears pointed at his throat

W-Whoa, hey, no need for that!

>he pointed up at Doci, who was still floating close to him

She just passed out and I'm trying to find somewhere she can rest, that's all!

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41547983

File: 1536145403345.png (2.67 KB, 62x54, standing.png)

>the tiny creatures eyed the new arrival suspiciously, not quite willing to taking his word for it
>but as they glanced between Bolone and the unconscious Doci, they turned to one another, squeaking as they seemingly communicated with one another
>after a few seconds, one of the creatures quickly ran around Bolone, squeaking as it shook its spear to get him moving towards the ship

>the other two creatures walked towards the ship itself, quickly opening the door to give Bolone entry inside

>the ship in total was divided into six section: five outer rooms, surrounding one more room in the middle
>the first section seemed to be a very simple pink room with a small couch facing an oval monitor, along with some lockers and a table with a checkers board on top
>this seemed to be some kind of small living room, doubling as an entrance to the ship itself

>the creatures didn't spend much time there however

>there were three doors in the room:on the left, middle, and right of the room
>heading towards the door on the right, Bolone would be lead into a peach-colored examination room
>there were a few strange machines around the room, but the creatures were directing him towards one in particular: a pod-like device that they quickly opened, big enough to fit a person inside

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41547993

File: 1536189936479.jpg (11.87 KB, 197x196, tumblr_mtzop3aXyz1s423woo1_250…)

>Bolone watched the creatures circle around behind him, only to jolt when he saw the spears aimed at his backside, prompting him to move forward


>he hurriedly went into the odd...structure, still levitating Doci along the whole way, careful to move her around so she didn't bump into anything

>he had to admit, he was surprised that he was getting the hang of this already
>he did look around the areas they went through, and started to get the idea that this was Doci's ship, if only for how familiar and lived-in it looked
>though that just begged the question of what these little creatures were and how they were connected to her
>something to ask once she woke up, perhaps

>once they reached the examination room, Bolone moved to the pod-like device they pointed out, looking back at them, then back to it

So just...put her in here?

>he levitated her over to the device, carefully placing her in so she wasn't uncomfortable

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548014

File: 1536269563075.png (146.02 KB, 470x270, thats horrible.png)

>once Doci was placed inside the odd chamber, it quickly closed around her
>the tiny beings then quickly scurried over to a computer nearby, jumping on top of each others' heads in order to be able to reach it
>the top creature tapped away at the keyboard, bringing the device to life as a bright green light shined over Doci
>and then the inside of the pod started to slowly build up speed as it rotated...
>Doci wearily blinked her eyes as she came back to her senses
>and quickly jolted as she what was happening
O-Oh no! Wait! This is the--!
>and the device quickly began spinning, shooting soapy water directly at Doci

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548018

File: 1536273291261.jpg (20.57 KB, 320x241, download (21).jpg)

>Bolone watched as the device came to life, only to jolt and start to panic when Doci awoke and expressed her own distress
>and once she started getting covered in soap, he turned and ran over to the console, only to be confronted with how the console looked
>so he turned to the creature at the top of the stack, pointing at the machine as it was running

Quick, how do you shut it off?!

>then, rather than waiting for an answer, he looked back to the console

>and promptly started slapping buttons to try and get it to stop

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548019

File: 1536273688168.png (223.07 KB, 553x480, youre not very impressive.png)

>the tiny creatures flailed in panic, realizing their own mistake
>after a few attempts by both them and Bolone, the laundry machine was finally stopped
>it opened, Doci slumping over and spitting out a bunch of water from her
>she took a few deep breaths, the tine beings waddling over to check on her
Ugh... every time...
>she sighed gruffly, leering at her three assistants
>but then sighed again, patting one of them on the head
Oh, I can't stay mad when I know you try...
>she stood up, now fully drenched and clearly still a bit dizzy as she carefully tried to exit the laundry machine
>reaching at her gummy-like hair, she began squeezing the water out of it
I... apologize for the inconvenience.
>she quickly told Bolone
The shock must have been a bit... too much for me back there...

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548020

File: 1536276933668.jpg (30.72 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lknipbotuK1qee6of.jpg)

>Bolone soon relaxed once Doci was finally free, wincing as she started to get the water out of her hair

It's OK, no need...

Sorry about...well, this.

>he gestured to how she was drenched, not able to really find the words to describe what happened

>he approached her after a moment, not quite sure what to really do to help her, and instead opting to just ask:

Are you sure you're OK, though?

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548027

File: 1536331672758.png (148.64 KB, 640x363, pretty please.png)

Yes! Perfectly fine!
>she rather suddenly answered
I just happen to be face to face with someone holding a mind-boggingly powerful relic created by a long-dead race, and who just happens to have a direct link to what is quite possibly one of the most ancient beings to have ever existed!




Just another average day!
>she took in a deep breath, taking a moment just to calm down
>then exhaled, managing a small but genuine smile
Sorry about that. It's just... a lot to take in, as you might understand.
>she cleared her throat, blushing slightly from that slight freakout
A-Anyway, we should get you checked out. There's undoubtedly no problem whatsoever with you, but it's always better to play it safe than regretting you didn't play it safe, right?

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548031

File: 1536356448143.jpg (43.02 KB, 256x280, tumblr_inline_nhd95nbOuP1raysw…)

>Bolone was quiet for a moment after Doci's answer, trying to think of the best possible response
>which in the end turned out to be a bit more sarcastic, giving her a cheeky grin while answering

Oh, is that all?

>again, after the day he'd had, finding out he was now connected to one of the most ancient beings in the universe seemed to just wash off of him

>it'd probably hit him fully later
>and it'd hurt

>for now though, there was just what Doci wanted, which was to "check him out", whatever that entailed

>so he shrugged and smiled more genuinely up at her

Alright, whatever you say!

I leave myself in your capable hands~!

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548032

File: 1536357961903.png (116.25 KB, 420x1023, this is very worrying.png)

>with that, Doci lead Bolone through another door, heading into the center of the ship
>and it looked almost exactly like the laundry room they were in before, likely explaining Doci's assistants' confusion
>even the large pod device was almost identical to the laundry one, only more egg-shaped as opposed to circular
>all Doci had Bolone do was to sit inside and let the machine's warm green light wash over him for a few minutes while she headed out into another room
>the light itself was rather comfortable to sit under, but after a few minutes, Bolone could start feeling his body numbing a little bit, as if he'd been sitting on his arm for a bit too long
>it never got so bad he couldn't move, but it could still be an uncomfortable experience
>at least she left some muzak playing to keep him entertained

>finally Doci returned, having ditched her wet hiking gear for a more professional-yet-somehow-also-casual-looking dry attire

>she wandered over to the console, tapping a few buttons and just like that, the pod's green light shut down and the device opened to allow Bolone exit
>Doci studied the results on the oval screen in front of her, nodding slowly
Just as I suspected...
>she turned to him with a smile
You're perfectly fine!

Not exactly healthy; somewhat malnourished, a few bruises here and there, old and new; but definitely nothing life threatening.

>she turned back to the screen, continuing:

No abnormal mutations, tumors, boiling blood, or anything of the sort. Violet Energy seems perfectly safe to wield.

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548033

File: 1536368631659.jpg (15.72 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_n77s9ubCP11qmidq…)

>Bolone waited somewhat anxiously as the machine scanned him, if only because he felt funny as it went on
>like that fuzzy feeling one gets when they're about to pass out, which he hoped he wasn't about to do
>though maybe this was all just a very long dream, and if he passed out he'd wake up and things would make sense again...

>though the numbness faded away, a possible sign that he wasn't dreaming and that this was his life now

>which still hadn't sunk in, for some reason
>so as he exited the pod, he looked up at her as she relayed the good news...
>but he instead looked a bit uncertain about it

...what about brain activity?

Is there anything...unusual there?

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548041

File: 1536416924888.png (73.41 KB, 300x168, I never thought of that.png)

>Doci clicked on a few tabs on the diagnosis window, checking through the various scans her machine had made
>she managed to quickly answer
Everything looks hunky-dory. At least from the very basic scan I could get here.

I don't really have a way to thoroughly analyze brain activity in the mobile unit.
>she tapped her chin in chin
I might have something on the main ship, maybe... but I'd have to search through my collection to be sure.

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548043

File: 1536423466445.jpg (30.72 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lknipbotuK1qee6of.jpg)

>Bolone didn't respond right away to Doci's report, instead mulling all of this over
>no unusual brain activity, so he really wasn't imagining all of this
>he didn't hit his head or fall into a dream or whatever

>he soon reached up and pinched his own cheeks, only to wince and let them go


>he paused for a moment, realizing that he really was awake


>instead of being in better spirits over this, his face changed to a more upset one

>he then turned and walked over to the machine he had been in, only to sit back down, just for the sake of having a seat

...so...it all actually happened...


>he trailed off, then placed his face in his hands

>he let out a long exhale, but was otherwise silent

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548045

File: 1536424979841.png (317.95 KB, 640x360, Im so sorry.png)

>Doci blinked, Bolone's dip in mood not having escaped her
>but now what?
>did she say anything?
>what did people usually do in these situations?
>should she hug him- no, definitely not!
>the exams did say he was rather malnourished, so maybe...
>Doci walked a bit closer to Bolone, putting on a slightly nervous smile, but clearly trying her best to look reassuring
How about I make you some food?

You've... probably been through a lot recently, and going through all of it with a half-empty stomach couldn't have been fun.

>she turned to her assistants, clapping twice to get them to pay attention

>they quickly saluted, waddling towards one of the many doors in the room
>Doci then turned to Bolone with another, slightly calmer smile
Just make yourself at home. We'll be right back, OK?

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548046

File: 1536425686607.jpg (23.67 KB, 210x240, download (6).jpg)

>Bolone looked up as Doci tried to reassure him, though it only seemed to help so much
>he still looked like he'd...well, he'd been through the worst day of his life, wearing a more hollow and tired expression at first


>but after a few minutes, he put on as good a smile as he could manage, under the circumstances

Yeah, OK...

Thank you...

Doci & The Predator!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548049

File: 1536426645488.png (139.13 KB, 500x604, hungry by riri mon.png)

>Doci turned, walking with her assistants over into another room
>and Bolone was left alone with his thoughts once more...

>or he would have, if not for the bothersome imp blinking into existence nearby

Bah! This's takin' longer than I's thought!
>she started looking around the room
I's sure one'a these doors leads t' th' breedin' chambers... Maybe if you'se wait for her there, she's get the idea?

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548050

File: 1536428700084.jpg (64.45 KB, 378x303, tumblr_inline_nhd91hkyQP1raysw…)

>Bolone sighed at the voice speaking up, now fully realizing that he was basically stuck with her for the foreseeable future
>and she was going to keep doing this the whole time

It isn't as easy as you make it sound, you know!

I can't just ask her for that!

>he paused, then lifted his hand up as a large pink lantern appeared hanging from his wrist

And does this really need to be in the same area if and when this happens?

Doci & The Predator!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548051

File: 1536429326719.png (652.29 KB, 902x908, deadly by kvlen.png)

>the Predator pouted slightly, rolling her eyes at Bolone's first comment
>she saw no reason why he couldn't just ask...
>at least she answered truthfully to his second question:
It doesn't have to, no. Which you'se would'a known already if you'se had just stayed still and listened to I's instructions!
>she pointed at the bring pink lantern
You'se only needs this t' charge you'se's ring. Without it, once you'se outta juice, that's it! is over! No more power! Not unless you'se find a replacement, and I's ain't got a lotta those lyin' around!

It's also the only way I's can talk to you'se once you'se leave the planet, so you'se gotta guard you'se's battery with you'se's life! That means keepin' it safe and close to you'se as much as possible!

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548053

File: 1536430476685.jpg (14.67 KB, 165x225, download (18).jpg)

>Bolone felt slightly less awkward after the Predator's answer, but he still had to contend with the job ahead of him
>so as the lantern disappeared again, he looked at the Predator with a more apprehensive expression

Alright, but how am I supposed to do this?

I mean, you said this was supposed to be love, right? Shouldn't I...you know, get to know her more before we move to that?

This kinda feels like jumping over three or four steps to get where you want to go...

Doci & The Predator!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548056

File: 1536431881461.png (1.53 MB, 1500x1500, night in by anora makani.png)

You'se tryin' to teach I's what love is!?
>she quickly exclaimed
Lissen! Love is somethin' you'se baby-brained blinkers cannot even begin to fathom!

Love has no requirements! You'se can Love a person without knowin' them, no problem! Ain't you'se ever helped a total stranger in need before? Why would you'se do that if you had no Love to give them? If you'se had no Love, you'se would just ignore 'em!

>she began "walking" in the air, pacing near Bolone

This is the same scenario! You'se's mingling with someone creates Love because you like 'em! If you'se don't like 'em, as long as you'se good at you'se job, they's'll like ya!

>she stopped, turning to him again

But yes, this kind of Love is not exactly the most adequate, but it is what I'd need right now!

I's weak! I's need much Love in order to regain I's strength, and I's need it fast! Deep Love will trickle in lots'a energy over time, but I's need more than that!

Short bursts of Love will be more effective in getting I's power back; once I's back on I's feet, things'll be much easier for both of we! More relaxed!

But until then, it's you'se's job as an Agent Violet to gather to get I's there! You'se gets it?

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548075

File: 1536444951550.jpg (10.92 KB, 225x272, download (10).jpg)

>Bolone watched and listened as Predator paced about, trying to make sense of what she was saying past her odd manner of speech
>it sounded too simple, frankly, but in a way that was fitting, wasn't it?
>after all, he made that wish, didn't he?
>he wanted to be there for people, as many as he could manage, so that they wouldn't feel as lost and alone as he did in that moment
>that was love, wasn't it?

>so sure, maybe anything he'd start with Doci would be brief

>maybe after today they'd never meet again
>so a fleeting moment or two between them didn't diminish the fact that it was love, did it?


>but no, Bolone didn't want to do that

>he had a very good reason to not want things to end like that
>if he was going to do something like that, he wanted to remain close to those he was with
>he wasn't going to be one of those people who simply jumps on people and then dumps them
>of course, that just made things with Doci that much more difficult...


>after a moment or two, Bolone rose from his seat and walked closer to where Predator was floating


>he then reached out and attempted to poke her belly


Doci & The Predator!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548076

File: 1536445680317.png (204.2 KB, 810x658, rock by nuqelear.png)

>the Predator jumped slightly from the poke, her form definitely solid, but so remarkably soft it was barely felt at all; almost like she was made entirely out of cotton candy
>she stared at Bolone for a few seconds, looking very confused, to say the least, and having some trouble understanding the action there

You'se ain't goin' crazy on I's already, ain't ya's?
>she kept a leer on Bolone, her expression barely changing
>then reached forward herself, tapping his nose with her small hand
Boop yerself!

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548077

File: 1536447865378.jpg (85.3 KB, 819x461, tumblr_ny1alqdC5x1u2rvj8o6_128…)

>Bolone only smiled brightly at the poke, then reached out and patted Predator's head

If I am crazy, I could be worse off~

>despite the fact that he was petting an impossibly-ancient being who could probably erase him from existence if she was at full power, this didn't seem to register with him

>instead he kept a more upbeat demeanor as he answered her properly

Alright, I'll help you out as much as I can!

...but I am kinda new at what you're asking of me, so...

>he then looked a bit more apologetic

Please be patient with me~?

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548102

File: 1536513287667.png (104.67 KB, 640x353, it makes me happy.png)

>some time later...

>the initial living area was graced with the sweet scents of a remarkably full lunch

>a large bowl of salad, a small basket with warm bread, a small pot of rice, and the main star of the night: a large and fatty turkey
>while the meal had taken a lot less time to cook than it should normally have somehow, Bolone would probably notice something else a bit... different
>namely, how all of the food had some kind of candy or sweets added to it: the salad had some sugary cherry bites; the bread had a creamy orange filling; the rice was mixed in with chocolate balls; and the turkey remained untouched on the plate, but the gravy boat filled with melted chocolate showed that wasn't supposed to be that way for very long

>once the table was all set, Doci rang a small bell

Dinner is served~!
>she called, her assistants quickly rushing in from the kitchen and helping each other to get on top of their taller-than-normal chairs
>with Doci picking up the last one, putting him in his seat

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548103

File: 1536515525051.png (250.27 KB, 485x396, tumblr_inline_n4sl4aEUQm1sekee…)

>lucky for Bolone - oddly enough - scavenging for food for so long left him with three things
>a voracious appetite
>a cast-iron stomach
>and tastebuds that just didn't care
>so while most people would balk at the idea of drizzling chocolate over turkey, or having balls of chocolate mixed in with rice, Bolone couldn't care less
>he just drooled at the spread of food in front of him for all of a second or two, before reaching out and grabbing some of the bread once he was seated

Thank you very much~!

>and he wasted basically no time in tearing into it with his teeth, happily devouring huge chunks in mere seconds

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548104

File: 1536516327167.png (83.04 KB, 300x168, plenty of cheese.png)

>Doci giggled lightly, very happy to see Bolone dig right into the food
>the orange cream filling was a bit thick, and definitely very sugary with a strong orange flavor
Eat as much as you'd like! There's plenty of items in the storage, so I can prepare more if necessary.
>Doci then started walking around the table, giving her assistants their food which they happily began digging into with as much intensity as Bolone
>despite them not having any visible mouths, this didn't seem to stop the food from being eaten in ways best left unquestioned
>Doci took some salad for herself, before preparing a few large cuts of turkey for Bolone and herself
Once you're done, you're free to rest here for as long as you'd like, of course.

The space isn't much for five I'm afraid, but I'm sure we can think of something to keep everyone comfortable.

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File: 1536518700834.jpg (44.37 KB, 225x350, download (8).jpg)

>Bolone naturally raised no objections about eating more, having very quickly made his way through the bread he had taken
>he probably should've noted how strong the orange sweetness was, but he was too hungry to dwell on it too much
>when the turkey was served to him he naturally went to gobble it up, though Doci's remark did give him pause
>he looked over at her with a grateful smile, swallowing the mouthful of food he still had before speaking

Thank you, I really appreciate that!

But are you sure it's alright? I don't want to impose...well, any more than I already have, at any rate.

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548106

File: 1536519150216.png (104.67 KB, 640x353, it makes me happy.png)

>Doci quickly shook her head, smiling at Bolone as she finally took her seat
It's not a problem at all, so don't worry!
>Doci then began eating her own food, albeit at a slower pace than the rest of those gathered around
And if you ever feel like you're freeloading too much, I'm sure I can find some use for you around the ship!
>she said in a somewhat joking fashion
>reaching for the gravy boat filled with chocolate, she poured a generous serving for herself before turning to Bolone
Care for some?

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548107

File: 1536520627936.jpg (10.92 KB, 225x272, download (10).jpg)

>again, Bolone should be apprehensive over the option given to him
>but through a combination of being hungry, not wanting to be rude, and actually being kinda curious about how it would taste, he chose the more adventurous option
>to put it one way
>and so he held out his plate full of turkey to Doci with the same sunny smile he wore since the meal began, all too happy to accept her hospitality

Sure thing!

And I'd be more than happy to do whatever you need me to, Doci~!

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548119

File: 1536531586970.png (58.03 KB, 163x499, excellent.png)

>Doci poured him a nice serving of chocolate "gravy", before setting down the gravy boat
>she chuckled a bit, just glad to see him this cheerful
Well then, I can certainly think of a few things I could use some help with, so you might have a lot to keep yourself busy.
>she turned back to her plate, slowly enjoying her meal for a while before adding:
So, what do you plan on doing now?

You're a Violet Lantern, but without the Star Sapphires, I guess you don't really have anyone to really tell you what to do, huh?

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548120

File: 1536533306879.jpg (31.07 KB, 225x350, download (7).jpg)

>Bolone gladly took the chocolate gravy on his plate, but before digging in, he had to think on the question she posed
>though only briefly, giving a small shrug before responding

I guess following this whole credo that I was given?

You know, spreading love throughout the galaxy and all that.

...not really sure where to start with that, though...any ideas?

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548121

File: 1536533708293.png (310.21 KB, 640x360, first meal.png)

>Doci hummed, placing some chocolaty turkey in her mouth
Well, that is a tricky question...

I suppose the closest nearby inhabited planet would be best to begin this quest of yours, but...
>she hummed again
If I remember correctly, that planet has a very strong Empire presence...

I suppose you could argue the people there need a bit of love the most, but it's certainly a dangerous place to get nearby, let alone land...

>another pause as she thought

Well, I can just consult the star-chart when we're back on my ship for a safer planet to leave you. It's not getting any easier to find those, but I'm sure we can make due with something.

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548125

File: 1536539686574.jpg (75.26 KB, 944x613, tumblr_mp8z10Iwle1s423woo1_128…)

>Bolone hesitated at Doci's answer, finding it helpful, but not exactly what he wanted
>he did probably need to find a planet and, well, get to work, so to speak
>but he couldn't very well do that unprepared, could he?

>so he took on a more awkward demeanor when he spoke, starting to realize where this was going to go

Well...that's not exactly what I meant...

I mean, I would appreciate that, but I mean...

>now he started somewhat anxiously drumming his cutlery on the side of his plate, trying to find the right words

I'm...not sure what to do, exactly.

Like...by spreading love, does that mean...what, preaching to people?

Going in and saving people from the Empire?

Romancing people?

...jumping ahead to the sex?

>he had a feeling the reaction to that last question was going to be...interesting, to say the least

Doci!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548126

File: 1536540633284.png (349.8 KB, 636x480, that is so sad.png)

>Doci listened to Bolone has he began awkwardly stammering his words
>"I'm...not sure what to do, exactly."
>well, that made perfect sense
>"love" was a very vague and subjective term after all, so what his mission was exactly could be difficult to understand
>even she had no real clue on what to say
>preaching seemed to be the best idea, but...
Well, you could always ask the Pred-
>"...jumping ahead to the sex?"
>Doci jolted in her knees, the table shaking as he knees knocked against it from the height
>her pink face grew very red, very quickly just as soon as the question reached her ears

>her assistants paused at the table's sudden jump, looking between Doci and Bolone

>but quickly ignored whatever their conversation was, going back to their food

>Doci remain silent for a while

>a bit of an awkwardly while
>until she coughed very nervously
W-Well... uhh.... I-I wouldn't know, e-exactly...

Th-The Star Sapphires... uhh.... well... I-I guess they don't really count here s-since... uhh...
>she squirmed slightly in her chair, before reaching for her glass
>which she just now noticed was empty, as she hadn't brought anything to drink
>meaning she had an excuse!
Oh, look at that! S-Silly me, I forgot the drinks!
>she quickly stood up and started heading for the kitchen
I-I'll just be right back, OK? I-It'll just... be a second!
>she quickly headed towards the door, but still paused to suggest:
M-Maybe you... could ask the Predator? If she's still around, o-of course... uhhh... just a thought...
>then quickly slipped back into the kitchen

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File: 1536541444048.jpg (30.72 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lknipbotuK1qee6of.jpg)

>Bolone was quiet as Doci quickly left, looking pretty uneasy to say the least
>he glanced over at the three servants sitting nearby, but when they seemed to ignore what happened, he instead turned his attention elsewhere
>he looked over to where that invisible imp was, then gestured to where Doci once was
>as if silently saying "see?" to her, while also asking her what to do next
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File: 1536542032562.png (1.53 MB, 1500x1500, night in by anora makani.png)

>curiously, the little imp didn't seem bothered by the events
>she was just sitting calmly on the table next to Bolone, looking up at him


>she tilted her head at his gesture


You'se tellin' me that was the best you'se had?
>she raised an eyebrow, crossing her stubby little arms
If you'se gonna be that awkward, you'se's never gettin' anywhere!

You'se gotta be more confident! You'se gotta believe, Agent Violet! If you'se don't believe in you'se's Love, she's won't believe it either!

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548129

File: 1536543168225.jpg (15.72 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_n77s9ubCP11qmidq…)

>Bolone sighed, slumping slightly in his seat

You really do make it sound simpler than it is...

>he lifted his head and gestured at where Doci had run off to

I mean, you saw her when I just mentioned the subject, didn't you?

How can I even try to go any further, especially now?

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File: 1536548274640.png (652.29 KB, 902x908, deadly by kvlen.png)

>the Predator frowned at Bolone's defeatist attitude, rolling her eyes
You'se got a lot to learn still, Agent Violet...

But fine! I's can help you'se this time, alright?

>she stood up, pointing at his ring

You'se can use you'se's ring at times like this. The Violet Lantern's ring can create I's crystals, which are pure conduits of I's power.

All you'se needs to do is encase her in those crystals, and she's'll be shown the pure truth of I's Love.
>she smirked at her own suggestion
I's could even gain a new Agent Violet this way! Two in one day; that's ways good!

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548163

File: 1536615454540.jpg (21.36 KB, 161x147, tumblr_inline_nhd93mMwhU1raysw…)

>Bolone listened to Predator's suggestion carefully, nodding slowly as he took in what she was saying
>though his expression was naturally apprehensive

So...you're saying that, we just shove her in one of these...crystal things, and she'll just come out a follower of yours?

>Bolone fell quiet after that for a moment


>then another


>then one more for good measure


>until finally:

That sounds like brainwashing.

You're basically describing brainwashing.

The Predator!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548166

File: 1536617541195.png (204.2 KB, 810x658, rock by nuqelear.png)

>the Predator jolted, jumping at the insinuation
>she suddenly aimed a finger at him, Bolone feeling a very fast but uncomfortable zap shooting up from his hand and onto his hand
>while the Predator just kept shouting at him
>she floated off the table, shoving her face right into Bolone's



>she suddenly turns, crossing her arms and legs as she pouts, floating away from Bolone and refusing to turn to him again

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548168

File: 1536619299621.jpg (20.57 KB, 320x241, download (21).jpg)

>Bolone jolted at Predator's sudden outburst, though he probably should've expected it, all things considered
>he winced as she yelled at him, waving his hand from the little zap that he was given earlier, but for the most part just kept focused on Predator's speech
>unfortunately for her, it didn't seem to do much, and Bolone remained skeptical

Well, I'm sorry, but it sounds suspicious no matter how you look at it.

They go in one way and come out another? It's really suspicious boss, I'm sorry, but it is.

And even if I'm wrong and you're right, why should people be rushed through this feeling?

>he waved his hand again, still feeling the sting from earlier

I mean, I know you're in a rush and you want to get back to your full strength soon...

But isn't love something to be savored and enjoyed? Not rushed through as quickly as possible?

The Predator!E2Vbn7o74sCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548171

File: 1536620041113.png (2.67 KB, 62x54, standing.png)

>the Predator's eye twitched, and she quickly rolled back to face to Bolone once again
>she then aimed a finger at him, but he was spared the zap this time around
And I's only suggested this because you'se can't talk to girls!
>with another huff, she spun around yet again, turning her back on him

Don't want I's help? FINE! Do what you'se like!

I's don't have to sit here and be insulted any longer!
>and with a poof of pink energy, the imp vanished into thin air, leaving Bolone alone

>or, well, alone with the three assistants anyway

>who had been staring at him for a while during his conversation with seemingly nobody
>which would probably explain why the one closest to Bolone would move its chair away from him slightly

Bolone Pageddi!pinkie78OsCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 41548173

File: 1536629121609.jpg (85.3 KB, 819x461, tumblr_ny1alqdC5x1u2rvj8o6_128…)

>Bolone winced again as Predator yelled at him some more, but he still couldn't ignore the apprehension he felt at what she had suggested
>unless he went through this himself, there was no way to tell if it was true or not
>but wouldn't that risk him going under some sort of control himself?
>not that he could ponder this for too long, as Predator disappeared, leaving him with no idea of what to do next


>he noticed how the three assistants were staring at him oddly, and couldn't help but smile shakily at them in turn

>and no way of dispelling the awkward mood settling into the room

<"...boy oh boy I've got a lot to learn about this..."

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