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How Would you Have Ended MLP FIM Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 36832018

So what's your idea on how should have the show ended?

Nother NonymousCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 36832019

File: 1597461897559.jpg (52.88 KB, 209x324, Mr_Horse_alarmed2.jpg)

Er -- at the end of Season 3?

Oh, maybe not. There were a dozen episodes or so in the later seasons that were good enough to keep me hanging on. I would hate to have missed "Power Ponies," "Tanks for the Memories," "Saddle Row Review," and maybe 8-10 other episodes in S4-8, including the two-parters about Glimglam. But as the writers piled up new species and new characters to try to keep the juices of novelty flowing through the narrative, the outlines of Faust's original vision slowly faded from view. By the time we got to S9, the only thing that was keeping me engaged was the current of snarky electricity energizing the Big Baddies.

I liked the Celestiafication of TS -- long and tall, with living hair -- in "The Last Problem." But I thought packing Celestia and Luna off to Silver Senility Farm at the end was exceedingly lame. We were never given to understand why those two lived for centuries while all other ponies rose and fell like the flowers of the field. (There may be an explanation in the "Book of the Two Sisters," but I never read that.) The fundamental disjunction between mortal and immortal ponies established the Two Sisters as gods or demigods in the very first episode. I wish that disjunction had been maintained, and that the show had ended in a way that returned to the theme of mortality versus divinity.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6Country code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 36832020

I would have been happy if season 5 was the end. The show took a really steep dive after that, with notable exceptions of course for a few perfect 10/10 Beyond Godlike episodes. The song was very nice as well, though Let The Rainbow Remind You was better to close out a finale.

I would have kept Twilight in her normal sized body, or at least shown Celestia and Luna in smaller bodies, like we got to see in FiM Part 2, to demonstrate they return to normal size after relinquishing power. I also would have made a point to say Twilight isn’t immortal, and the throne will pass on more frequently.

AnonymousCountry code: ponychan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 36832021

File: 1597497922880.png (388.89 KB, 631x650, Heywannathisbyorang11115383415…)

While I'm not a big fan of most stories told after Season 3, ending the series before the final hour and a half would have cost us many wonderful characters and stories that never would have been produced.

I hate that the Kirin only got one episode at the end of the line. More Hipogriff stories would have been nice as well. Didn't care either way about the dragons. The MLP Movie wasn't as awful in context of what came in the series afterwords.

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