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File: 1506355782518.png (383.62 KB, 1280x532, movie.png)

My Little Pony The Movie Anticipation Thread Marimo!!Spike 36826566[Last 50 Posts]

>When the menacing Storm King invades Canterlot with plans to steal the magic from the ponies, the very future of Equestria is at stake! Armed with nothing but determination, loyalty, and the magic of friendship, the Mane Six embark on an action-packed heroic journey. The ponies face their biggest friendship challenge yet as they search for help across magical mountains, undersea worlds, and even onboard an airship in a thrilling race to save their home. Along the way they learn that heroes come in all shapes and sizes and that there really is no force stronger than the Magic of Friendship.

The movie is now officially out!

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826568

File: 1506359746880.webm (327.84 KB, 1920x804, We've got to have...MONEEEYYY.…)

From everything we've seen so far, it really doesn't look *BAD*, but it really doesn't look all that good either.

Generic story, generic childish humor, generic silly and bumbling evil henchman who exists only to make the little kids laugh, edgy DeviantART OC as the villain, etc. etc.

Since I am once more a filthy NEET, I'll likely be able to see it during the day when theaters are empty. But it's looking like that $13.50 ticket is going to be a tough sell.

Anonymous 36826570

The movie looks just as cringe as the show, but I may see it because muh 2D

Nother Nonymous 36826571

File: 1506373043658.jpg (125.23 KB, 504x348, Mr_Horse_hearts.jpg)

Since the songs from the movie have all been released, I'm going to carry over my rants about them from the "Future Content" thread to this thread. Bottom lines:

(1) "Time to Be Awesome," "Can You Feel It," "Open Up Your Eyes," and "Off to See the World" are all fantastic songs -- 9 or 10/10 -- especially the last two. Ingram's best ever!
(2) "Festival of Friendship," "I'll Be Around," and the much-touted "Rainbow" are dull and mediocre. Fives, all of them.
(3) The lyrics continue to suck. Why didn't they hire a pro?

For details, see >>36826559 and >>36826562. Any thoughts?

Nother Nonymous 36826573

Oops -- "Off to See the World" isn't by Ingram, but by the Danish band Lukas Graham.

RetroCheerilee 36826574

File: 1506375344217.png (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, 1539526__safe_screencap_applej…)

Lukas Graham is from my country.

Anonymous 36826575

>(3) The lyrics continue to suck. Why didn't they hire a pro?
Same reason they didn't just make a CGI reboot movie

Marimo!!Spike 36826576

File: 1506383439866.png (67.27 KB, 180x264, Nanami_(10).png)

>Same reason they didn't just make a CGI reboot movie
Because they wanted to still appeal to the already existing fanbase of the show? If your implication was budget, The Emoji Movie had an even smaller budget than this movie and that was CGI.

Nother Nonymous 36826578

CGI is not expensive per se. What's expensive is high-density hand-drawn 2-D animation.

And poets come cheaper than skilled 2-D animators.
This post was edited by its author on .

unlikeable pony 36826579

File: 1506400498882.png (583.85 KB, 1280x991, pufferfish.png)

Making a CGI reboot movie would be the most retarded thing ever; The show has a strong, thriving fanbase, and no real Solid prior bedrock prior to FIM to pull from, like how Transformers has G1.

As such, a reboot would be a TERRIBLE idea right now honestly. It would confuse and infuriate both the little girls AND the bronies.

Only Sony "lets make this like smurfs" studios would want that :p

The sad thing is, the emoji movie will still probably make more money than this movie due to Advertising push alone >.<

Lion's gate's been really bad about pushing this movie :(

I'm hoping that the 1pm showing of this on the 6th will be empty except for bronies.
Most likely though it'll instead be filled with 4 year olds and their parents >.<

Open up your eyes has pretty incredible lyrics IMO.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36826581

I really didn’t want there to be a pony movie, and I wasn’t looking forward to this at all, knowing what the story was and the animation style, but after hearing the soundtrack I’m actually hyped.

I have tickets for the 10/5 6:15pm showing and the 10/6 7pm showing, so I’ll be seeing it twice before the first weekend.

Anonymous 36826585

CGI movies still tend to cost more
>Lion's gate's been really bad about pushing this movie :(
You shocked?

unlikeable pony 36826586

File: 1506457183225.gif (4.03 MB, 440x440, 1545460__safe_screencap_applej…)

>seeing a movie twice
I don't think I've ever done this, even if I LOVE the movie.
Same with episodes; I just always have been a "one watching" kind of guy.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826588

File: 1506461395697.png (78.6 KB, 297x297, unf.png)

I only watch movies twice for things like 3D. I watched KFP3 twice, and the 3D version was way better. Zootopia as well, to compare the rare IMAX version and the regular RealD version. Strangely enough the RealD version had a better 3D effect.

Nother Nonymous 36826590

File: 1506473550161.gif (499.4 KB, 450x343, Mr_Horse_lap_jaded.gif)

I win: I watched Bambi 13 times in a movie theater -- and took notes, and wrote an article.

If that's winning.

From what has been released so far, the problem with the MLP movie may be that the Mane Six are flawless. The clips we've seen are all jollity, good fellowship, courageous resolve, dance numbers, and slapstick involving pastry and projectiles. Hints of darkness, defects, and self-doubt are restricted to the Tempest Storm character. If this joyful mood is as prevalent as it looks, watching this flick is going to be like spending an hour and a quarter sucking up a gallon of whipped cream. With sprinkles.

The German word for "whipped cream" is Schlag. Pronounced schlock.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 36826591

>If this joyful mood is as prevalent as it looks, watching this flick is going to be like spending an hour and a quarter sucking up a gallon of whipped cream. With sprinkles.
in other words, mlp

Nother Nonymous 36826592

File: 1506479989454.png (742.57 KB, 5000x3900, celestia_loves_sugar.png)

As I've said in other posts: for me, one of the charms of the G4 MLP -- and one of the things that differentiates it from its predecessors and from typical TV fodder for 6-year-old girls -- is that it doesn't flinch away from admitting a certain amount of bedrock ugly. The characters get married, reproduce in the usual mammalian fashion, grow old and infirm, die, and get buried in coffins. The babies are often nuisances with dirty diapers. The ponies vomit, weep, bleed, break out in rashes, and break bones. They often freak out, and sometimes go (literally) barking mad. Endings are always happy, but sometimes in ways the characters didn't want or expect; and the tone is not always light -- for example, in RD's handling of separation from Tank, or the underplayed horror of "Too Many Pinkie Pies."

The show has just enough vinegar in it to be savory. It isn't all schlock, sugar, and sprinkles. If the movie is, it won't be a good movie.
This post was edited by its author on .

unlikeable pony 36826593

Well, And twilight. DEFINITELY twilight. But yeah, the only real flaws the others have is RD being an idiot and royally fucking things up, and that's not "malicious" as a flaw. well, and Them up and abandoning twilight and leaving her

Nother Nonymous 36826594

Huh? Try that one again, U.P.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826595

File: 1506484192785.jpg (168.7 KB, 963x987, 1487526499391.jpg)

I used to watch Toy Story in its entirety every night as a child.

I win.

Bollox!60EJwbmzEs 36826596

File: 1506487325206.gif (440.16 KB, 640x360, full.gif)

I am so anticipatory

Nother Nonymous 36826600

File: 1506524064627.jpg (61.32 KB, 294x226, Mr_Horse_is_sorry.jpg)

I am defeat and chagrin.

!RISkQqf4EM 36826602

File: 1506548860635.jpg (51.91 KB, 877x911, i_wub_woo_every_day.jpg)

it's going to be so awesome


File: 1506550790556.png (293.84 KB, 759x681, dash467.png)

Just bought a ticket for an OV showing in my hometown. It's even in the evening and billed as a "brony-preview", being released a day early.

Anonymous 36826604

Comic adaptation was lame and predictable, don't bother

unlikeable pony 36826605

Twilight has flaws in the movie; She basically lies to her friends and then tries to steal the seaponies pearl, with the other 5 abandoning her after they fight over it.

Anonymous 36826606

Forced conflict

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826607

File: 1506621690802.png (604.13 KB, 384x664, judy205.PNG)

Yeah, uh...that does seem really, really out of character for someone who normally has insane respect for royalty.

>watching it in a theater full of brownies

The only thing worse than watching it in a theater full of children.
This post was edited by its author on .


File: 1506632314424.jpg (89.5 KB, 777x598, dash458.jpg)

I'm happy they show the original version anywhere at all!

unlikeable pony 36826611

File: 1506641172348.jpg (2.85 MB, 2565x2000, pirates44.jpg)

Fuck, I wish my town had something like that; not nearly enough geeks in my area for that kind of shit, being the rural south and all that.

I'm just going to go for the 1pm showing on the first day since it'll be basically empty at that time. (Hell, Ninjago had literally 1 other person seeing it when I took my nephew to see it today)

Respect for ALICORN royalty that is though, and only really just celestia though.

She kind of feels pressured to save celestia and equestria, so she's basically willing to do anything to do so, and also feels kind of pissed at the others, blaming them for fucking around and not taking the mission seriously enough.

It doesn't help that pinkie, early on the movie, was going full tard and talking about how the celebration/that day would define who she was as a princess, sperging twilight out to lesson zero type levels.

Or at least that's how the adaptions I've read put it.

So apparently an austrian review of it put it down as an 8.9/10, which is promising.
Hoping its successful enough for a sequel since they had a crapton of cut good ideas in the art of the movie booklet.

Nother Nonymous 36826612

File: 1506641522996.jpg (68.15 KB, 279x276, Mr_Horse_judicious amusemt.jpg)

>an austrian review

unlikeable pony 36826613

File: 1506641694424.jpg (260.14 KB, 986x878, 1506485595055.jpg)

Give me a bit to try and track down a link to where this is from besides the pic I have saved.

Anonymous 36826614

Mainstream reviews are still most likely going to trash it

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826615

File: 1506644683424.png (232.25 KB, 520x552, But then again....PNG)

Yeah, anything that's not Disney (or some other major studio) tends to get mediocre reviews, and this is likely to do even worse since it's a "little girl" movie, and reviewers will be less likely to even watch it.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826616

File: 1506644927077.png (766.69 KB, 814x789, You got me.PNG)

>Hoping its successful enough for a sequel

m8 this is Hasbro

EQG got mediocre reviews and meh viewership, and still got a fuckload of sequels and spinoffs and shorts.

If this movie does anywhere near "okay", then it's confirmed to get at least 3 sequels and at least 7 or 8 IDW comic series based on it.

Nother Nonymous 36826617

Found it: http://www.cineplexx.at/film/my-little-pony/

But it's just a German translation of the synopsis, with an 8.9/10-star rating. No actual review yet...

unlikeable pony 36826618

File: 1506652815746.jpg (64.3 KB, 625x635, 1546076__safe_edit_pinkie+pie_…)

>meh viewership
Not true, the first movie did far better than hasbro originally thought a glorified straight to DVD movie would do at theaters; they extended the time they were showing the movie at theaters due to this, remember?

Damn, I feel embarrassed them :(

Sad but true.

then again, now that we have alot of kids movies ending up as breakout hits like what the lego movie was, critics might be more pressured to actually put thought into their watching of things.

Anonymous 36826619

The show has meh viewership in the first place

unlikeable pony 36826620

Alot of its viewership is on the internet.

unlikeable pony 36826621

File: 1506655320126.png (118.41 KB, 881x890, postttt.png)

I'm starting to worry that I might have trouble just walking in and getting tickets on the 6th from all this stuff I hear about the 5th showing's being sold out.

Anonymous 36826622

Which may have killed Hub Network

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826623

File: 1506660209443.webm (1.73 MB, 1920x816, Shen laughs at your shitpost.w…)

"Better than originally thought" does not really mean "good" when comparing it to average movie viewership.

Especially when you consider that the first EQG movie did so, so well.....that subsequent movies were released on TV and instantly over streaming media.

Yeah, "better than originally thought", so much better that they became direct-to-TV 'movies' instead of actual theatrical releases.
This post was edited by its author on .

Bollox!60EJwbmzEs 36826625


That's why I have to see this movie in theatres fuckloads of times that way it makes all the money and then Hasbro thinks "oh mlp movies with goshdarn ponies is the real deal" so that real pony movies will get a dozen sequels and EQG is cancelled forever. Actually they discover time travel and decide to never make EQG in the first place. That's how good this movie has to do.

unlikeable pony 36826628

File: 1506662222906.png (526.26 KB, 1366x768, 1542343__safe_screencap_pinkie…)

No matter how good this movie is, it will never convince hasbro not to keep making EQG; EQG is important to hasbro not specifically for its own innate success, but because it also HURTS their chief competitor, mattel, by stealing their barbie and Monster high customers.

I do wonder if Equestria girls will continue on that much longer though, since I think its been on a long slow downward spiral ever since Rainbow rocks, and it exists parasitically to FIM-- I don't think EQG will be able to continue on as a brand after FIM ends, while ponies will be made into either a reboot or G5 no problem after FIM ends.

Anonymous 36826629

>reboot or G5
Same thing

Anonymous 36826631

File: 1506663689947.png (587.51 KB, 854x854, large.png)

Not fanart

unlikeable pony 36826632

not neccessarilly. A reboot would be taking FIM and its concepts and reusing them, like what Equestria girls is-- a new gen would be just making a whole new pony world with characters just "in name only" and not like they were previously (like what RD is to her G3 self)

Anonymous 36826633

It would still be a reboot of the MLP brand

Anonymous 36826634

Gen refers mainly to the toy design, in addition to the continuity of the media associated with the current gen. If the toy designs are the same, like in My Little Pony and Friend (G1) and My Little Pony Tales (G1.5) then it's the same gen only given a decimal for the latter. If the characters are the exact same in the media, even if they go through a design shift, then it's also the same gen, like with G3 and G3.5.

Even if the changes between characters aren't as radical, if the characters are rebooted and does not take place in the show's current continuity, then that is one qualification for it being a different gen. And if they don't bother changing the characters much, then they'll likely still change the art design, perhaps especially to differentiate itself. After all, a new cartoon with a new continuity means a new show creator, and they'll probably have their own art style to base the show art and by extension the toy art.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826635

File: 1506688959068.png (807.8 KB, 542x797, judy123.PNG)

Continuing to reference memes; why are you surprised?

Bollox!60EJwbmzEs 36826638


Wonder if the bronies would take to a new gen? I don't know if I would.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826641

File: 1506706303295.png (402.89 KB, 320x607, judy137.PNG)

It'd probably be another EQG, in that some people would hate it for making huge changes and others would eat it right up because it has the MLP logo on it.

Anonymous 36826642

I imagine it would be back to the basis: LCD junk made by faceless yes men, ignored by most of the world

Nother Nonymous 36826643

File: 1506733471444.jpg (55.74 KB, 275x257, Mr_Horse_admonishes.jpg)

Nother Nonymous 36826644

File: 1506733988961.jpg (52.88 KB, 209x324, Mr_Horse_alarmed2.jpg)

Another review, from an Austrian YouTuber who has never seen the show, calls it "forgettable" and "totally predictable," says the songs go "in one ear and out the other," and gives it a 5/10:


Bollox!60EJwbmzEs 36826646


Exactly. It's no secret here that I think EqG is the blight of the MLP franchise (see previous comment) so going forward with G5, while inevitable, is still something I worry about.

I expected the movie to be pretty predictable. The show is predictable all the time. But that makes me very curious how other non-fan audiences view it.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826648

File: 1506745675884.jpg (116.61 KB, 800x580, 1469456453771.jpg)

I mean, yeah, that's the impression that I got from all the trailers (including the Hascon exclusive ones) and clips and commercials.

Basic, formulaic, generic and forgettable childrens' adventure movie.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826649

File: 1506746113010.png (870.9 KB, 805x719, judy110.PNG)

And I don't worry about it at all because I'm likely getting the fuck out after S7 ends.

>the main message is that there can be good found in evil.

So basically yeah, the edgy DeviantART OC is going to be played up as not really evil,
just doing the Storm King's bidding because he promised to give her horn back, and she'll be instantly forgiven despite fucking up so much shit.

unlikeable pony 36826650

File: 1506747208103.jpg (36.52 KB, 639x422, angron.what.if.jpeg)


Oh that guy. Most people have him pegged as making that review up due to a number of things like calling every song a pop song when song's like Open up your eyes and neigh sayer are very much NOT pop songs.


The weird thing is, she actually IS pretty straight evil, just she immediately regrets her actions, not because they're wrong, but because SHE'S NOT GETTING HER HORN BACK.

basically, she is a villain 100% except that she feels bad that things didn't turn out for herself and she gets forgiven because she's a pony.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826651

File: 1506747995263.png (57.51 KB, 404x385, u wot m8.PNG)

That's even worse.

Anonymous 36826652

File: 1506748100017.jpg (43.4 KB, 342x337, Mr_Horse_disconcerted.jpg)

What worries me is this: I keep hoping that the whole movie will be better than the samples in the trailers suggest. But the usual pattern is that trailers pick out the best bits from a movie.

There are exceptions -- for example, the trailers for "Tangled." Maybe this will be one of them. I hope so.

unlikeable pony 36826653

File: 1506748633676.png (450.12 KB, 1280x720, large.png)

hey, I would have preferred she starscreamed Storm king myself, but can't expect that; the staff HAVE to have at least one reformation everytime, no exceptions it seems.

I liked the trailer myself. I know its not going to be lion king quality, but I'm at least looking forward to (and willing to give it a chance on) the 6th.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826654

File: 1506778822393.webm (1.41 MB, 1920x816, Parting Gift.webm)

Zootopia looked like another "silly animals doing decidedly not-animal things in a human environment" movie, going by what the trailer showed.

KFP 2's trailer didn't even show Shen. (okay it did, but only for like 1 second and he didn't even speak)

Movie trailers have a habit of being really, really misleading, because yeah, they go out of their way to try and show off what they consider the funniest parts of the movie, and we end up getting a trailer of cheesy jokes and one-liners taken out of context.

Anonymous 36826661

IMDb been updated to seemingly final credits

Rest of cast are just more Vancouver nobodies

Faust has a credit more cringe-insulting than her permanent show billing. All she did was give a bare minimum of early ideas based around a franchise, then let go after outliving her usefulness. They could have easily just said "based on Hasbro toys" like their other movies, since the title implies as much. Unless they really wanted to spite her for losing Medusa

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826663

File: 1506799907908.png (400.77 KB, 454x416, judy220.PNG)

I highly doubt Faust had anything at all to do with this movie, given how she refuses to acknowledge anything post-S2.

It's likely a similar situation to how, even in S7, the show's intro still says "Developed for television by Lauren Faust" even though she's been out since 2011.

Marimo!!Spike 36826664

File: 1506801253813.png (59.56 KB, 177x262, Nanami.png)

She was the one who did all the work to create the characters, setting, style of the show, etc. Even if she's not involved with the movie itself, it's still built around her ideas. Pretty sure that they actually have to credit her unless Lauren herself flat out demanded they don't. It's like how Craig McCracken still has his name show up in the credits for the 2016 Powerpuff Girls despite having no input at all for that series.

Anonymous 36826665

I just find it hilariously sad she gets a more important seeming credit, even though it’s just a “MLP” movie, and it’s 99% crap she would be against. You would think they would give more credit to McCarthy, since they like her more, but you know she’ll be fired in a year.
This post was edited by its author on .

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826666

File: 1506802348669.gif (1.61 MB, 250x455, Check em'.gif)

Yeah, that's what I meant. Her name is still on the main show even though she has nothing to do with it right now. And same with the movie, they're likely crediting her because she "created" G4, even though she had absolutely nothing to do with the movie.

Also check em

Anonymous 36826667

“Developed for television”, but even now they stopped giving those credits probably because Hasbro will fire you in a week. It’s why I think they’re fine with the old ones out of spite. I mean, Disney rarely credits Jim Henson on The Muppets.

Anonymous 36826668

They certainly never credit Bonnie Zacherle

Nother Nonymous 36826689

File: 1506873440292.gif (559.59 KB, 382x479, pinkie_happy_joy.gif)

There's a "Making of" special from Hasbro now available on DailyMotion:


I can't vouch for the plot or the dialogue, but the animation in the included clips looks FAN. FUCKING TASTIC. I can't tell it from traditional major-studio all-pencil cel animation, except that it's smoother. The character movements are great: rich, complex, emotive, expressive. The effects animation is to die for. The background artwork, both 2D and 3D, is wonderful.

For the first time, I feel genuine enthusiasm for going to see this movie. Even if the script turns out to be embarrassing, it'll be worth the ten-bucks-plus-popcorn just to watch the artwork dance.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826705

File: 1506887881010.png (971.85 KB, 503x799, judy134.PNG)

You're just noticing now? We've had like, at least 10 minutes of movie footage released so far.

It doesn't look all that bad, but I am off-put by the weird "2D animation set on top of a separate 3D background" thing that they've got going on.

Definitely does not look hand drawn though. It's very noticeably computer-animated. It looks just like the show, but higher quality and smoothed out a lot more. Essentially what the show would look like if they had a year to animate each episode.

Not a fan of the changes to character design. Everything looks all chubby and squishy and just kind of...over-detailed, to an extent. I much prefer the sharp lines of Flash.

Anonymous 36826706

It's strange they gave them all these realistic "horse" features but not tail docks

Nother Nonymous 36826707

File: 1506910129411.png (292.61 KB, 1024x426, animator's_comment.png)

>You're just noticing now?

I've been on top of all the clips and trailers, but hadn't seen anything that impressed me all that much until I saw some of the clips in the "Making of" short. Check out the shots, for example, where Pinkie surfaces at 4:28, or just about any shot involving Tempest or the seapony royalty, and notice all the subtle rotations around various axes. These shots look hand-drawn. My guess is that it's because they are, maybe with some computer-generated in-betweening to permit the smooth, slow motion.

2-D animators have been using a shitload of 3-D CGI for mobile rigid objects for decades -- at least since An American Tail (1986). Even Miyazaki uses it. It's not that different in effect from the much older practice of rendering the moving characters as flat, cel-painted outlines against richly modeled tempera or acrylic backgrounds.

I kind of agree with you about the over-soft pudginess and squushiness of the redesigned Mane Six. That's as much a product of the smooth animation as it is of the character design. It's odd, because the Storm King is just the reverse -- kind of flat, angular, and jerky, like (say) The Emperor's New Groove or some other Disney products from that general period. But what I see of the animation on Tempest and the seaponies looks wonderful.
This post was edited by its author on .

unlikeable pony 36826710

File: 1506920009167.jpg (215.34 KB, 1077x749, 1506878655153.jpg)

I will admit that the ONE thing that I am truly looking forward to in this, 100%, is the animation for the movie.
I know alot of people find the new changes offputting, but I honestly think the animation from the trailers looked really neat.

So, the Movie review embargo should be dropping soon, right?

Anonymous 36826714

File: 1506921460440.png (474.43 KB, 941x999, 1506919301291.png)

unlikeable pony 36826715

File: 1506921569723.jpg (76.86 KB, 620x387, angron.jpg)

Yes, I saw that PREDICTION. However, I'm pretty incline to laugh my ass off at the prediction there; its a dude making his prediction based on the trailer alone, with horrible nitpicks about things like "NOT ENOUGH COMEDY".
I'm betting more about a 75% from rotten tomatoes myself.

Edit: additionally, looking at the thread up about this prediction on 4chan, the guy thought the dark tower movie was going to be great and get a fresh rating, so I find his opinions suspect.
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Nother Nonymous 36826719

File: 1506951825864.jpg (92.41 KB, 465x343, Mr_Horse_reads_the_data.jpg)

There are 33 user reviews here --


--with an average score of 7.14/10, so your prediction is right on the mark so far. Some viewers raved about it (10/10).

Nother Nonymous 36826720

File: 1506952510713.png (43.55 KB, 138x193, Mr_Horse_likes it.png)

A review in German here--


--gives it an 8/10. The reviewer says the film is very reminiscent of classic Disney, that it's terrific to see some high-class drawn animation again, and that Tempest is the most interesting figure in the movie.


File: 1506955642968.png (211.6 KB, 880x908, dash170.png)

Checked some reviews of the early showings in Austria and Germany from yesterday. All in all the movie was well received. Some said that the age rating is too low cause some children were scared of the Storm King and clung to their parents.

Highest reviewed rating was 8/10, lowest (by far) 3/7.
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unlikeable pony 36826729

File: 1506969839965.jpg (242.09 KB, 837x1024, something.seems.off.here.jpeg)

Ouch. Though its probably some "Mature" adult who thinks that all animation aimed at younger audiences is trash (Zootopia? INTO THE TRASH IT GOES!)

I am thinking that tempest is going to be very entertaining, from what I've seen of her.

The junior novels and other versions of the movie I read basically make her out as, more or less, the actual villain of the film, with storm king tacked on as a "get out of tartarus free" card :p

If nothing else, her song and design are really nice.

Still waiting for the embargo to end :(

Going to go ahead and purchase my tickets early for friday. Kind of upset to see that there's only a few showings of MLP at the local theaters, while ninjago got a fuckton of screens and time for itself. (COME ON).

Anonymous 36826731

The film doesn't have a good story. I feel the animation is overrated as people are judging it more by what it is, a 2D animated film in theatres, rather than its quality which isn't that spectacular even for his year which gave us Cuphead.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826734

File: 1506980081839.png (932.96 KB, 1366x716, Let's plot a course.png)

Putin leaked the movie for us burgers.

Decent so far, but still has some problems that the show has. (Screechie Pie, etc)

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826735

File: 1506983804609.png (474.85 KB, 411x721, judy67.PNG)

So, yeah...

Shitload of exposition of things we already know, but I suppose that's to be expected; that's pretty standard fare for movies based on a TV series.

At least with this leak, I have the option of skipping past the Screechie Pie moments, of which there were at least ten.

Hm...people said the trailers didn't do the 3D justice, but the airship models still look really primitive. Looks like something straight out of WoW. (so, from 2004)

Yeah, just like Zootopia, the famous pop star self-insert has almost no role in the film and is just there so her name can be plastered all over the advertisements, and her design is almost exactly like the real-life pop star's looks. No seriously, this was almost exactly, 100%, the way that Zootopia did it with Shakira. Hasbro pls. She literally just...shows up, and speaks like two lines, and then is swiftly forgotten about as the villain comes in. Then shows up again an hour later for no real reason. And then sings a song during the obligatory ending-party-festival that so many childrens' movies seem to do.

A couple of the songs were decent, but most were just kinda "top 40 pop" formulaic/generic-sounding, just like EQG songs. And some suffered from LPS-esque execution, the whole "suddenly breaking into song out of nowhere" thing.

Tempest whats'er'face was exactly like I expected as well: super edgy deviantart OC with a tragic past. Blaaaaaand.

The other characters introduced were pretty bland and 1-note as well. They each only got like 8-10 minutes of focus and that's it. Just as I feared, they introduced a shitload of characters and they all ended up half-baked as a result.

Overall, it's exactly what I was expecting: Generic childrens action/adventure movie. It followed the formula to the letter. Generic "take over the world" (OF COURSE) villain, with his silly, bumbling henchman that does nothing but make stupid jokes and be silly, adventure all around the world to meet new friends and give them a little bit of focus and end up using them to beat the villain in the end...

Just like the EQG movies, they played it really safe and went with a formulaic movie. It's good, but just that: good. Not great, not outstanding, just good.

Thanks for saving me 14 dollaroos, Putin.
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NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826744

File: 1506998108074.png (58.14 KB, 539x506, 1459310005457.png)

But, uh...anon makes a pretty good point.

If Celestia/Luna were trapped in stone, how the fuck were the sun/moon moving all throughout the movie?

It's a fucking conspiracy!


File: 1507008104552.gif (738.04 KB, 576x324, aj187.gif)

Depending on how much time passes during the movie that can be easily explained (and even proven) canon-wise... or not so easily.


File: 1507024817550.jpg (19.35 KB, 277x217, dash7.jpg)

The first professional movie critics review is in from Germany, giving the movie 6/10 (Too generic, offers nothing new, most songs are forgettable; Tempest is interesting, good side characters and facial expressions of the ponies, visuals generally decent. Can't compete with animation blockbusters but certainly had much lower budget.)
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EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36826752

Anyone who listens to those songs and calls them forgettable automatically has their opinion discarded.


File: 1507030226569.png (161.19 KB, 900x1016, dash148.png)

He said "We Got the Beat" was standing out positively.

Anyway, it is very likely that the songs the ponies sang were dubbed (they are in the series) and they usually lose a lot of their charm and also lyrical quality then.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826754

File: 1507034013926.png (782.7 KB, 747x618, judy72.PNG)

There was enough time passing in order for it to be different times of day/night during the movie.


File: 1507036151782.gif (2.78 MB, 400x354, dash292.gif)

Well, fact is that both the sun and moon can move on their own to a degree. Each morning/evening Celestia and Luna are not literally moving the sun and moon but much rather they give them a shove. Then they move across the sky on their own for a while.

In season 4 episode 1 sun and moon were up at the same time. Celestia had already been kidnapped by the vines at that point though, so she had no chance to move it anymore. That shows that the sun went up on its own, having enough momentum from the previous day to go up and eventually come to a halt while the moon was still up too.

So in the movie Celestia might haven given the sun a particularly hard shove to move for quite a while. Of course the more days pass the more unrealistic that becomes.

Nother Nonymous 36826757

File: 1507049510235.jpg (68.15 KB, 279x276, Mr_Horse_judicious amusemt.jpg)

Bottom line from an Austrian vlog review (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=renQO_dZH8k) in German:

Very entertaining•A lot of homage to Disney•Story: predictable, but fun•Songs: super if you like Disney songs and musicals. No unnecessary filler songs; each number moves the plot along.•Humor: 70% kiddie slapstick (of course: this is My Little Pony), 30% geek stuff. The Samuel L. Jackson pony was a nice touch•Animation: glorious. Like the series, but much more detailed•The German dub is a bit meh. See it in English if you can•Pinkie Pie says "ass," though as part of the compound "assbomb," but it's very sweet despite that•A lot borrowed from Disney, but in the best possible sense•Sia as a pony is a weird experience. Good for kids and bronies. 12/15.

That's 8/10, which is shaping up as the norm. I have no idea what "assbomb" (Arschbombe) means.
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File: 1507050540430.png (131.51 KB, 350x350, dash92.png)

An "Arschbombe" is what you do when you jump into water making it splash a lot (with your big ass).

Nother Nonymous 36826759

Aha. "Cannonball" in U.S. English. Danke schön.

Anonymous 36826761

Nah, it's just convenience

unlikeable pony 36826765

Goddamnit, bleh. Didn't have time to pick up tickets early for the Friday showing today, will have to get them tommorrow.

tempted to not get advanced tickets, but I kind of get a feeling the showings might be filled on the first day from what I'm reading about bronies having bought alot of the early tickets.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36826770

Well if you liked it, it must be on par with Platoon or Citizen Kane.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826772

File: 1507143802633.png (61.8 KB, 500x455, 1507126378562.png)

"Liked" may be too strong of a word. I'd say it was more "not as terribad as I thought it would be".
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Nother Nonymous 36826773

File: 1507144690382.gif (217.12 KB, 458x422, Pinkie_nachschlagen.gif)

Real reviews (in English) are starting to appear now. Here's a hugely positive one:


NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826775

File: 1507151560913.jpg (51.31 KB, 600x673, 1507035847799.jpg)

>I find her villain song far stronger than (bear with me here) EVERY VILLAIN SONG in the book of animated movies!

Bull fucking shit

Hellfire > Every other villain song ever

Nother Nonymous 36826776

File: 1507163534760.jpg (133.17 KB, 720x576, Mr_Horse_blue_peek.jpg)

The San Francisco Chronicle mini-review says this is a very cheaply made movie that looks exactly like the TV show blown up to fill the big screen. Several other reviews say this is a gorgeous work of animation indistinguishable from classic Disney.


NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826777

File: 1507168086489.png (763.56 KB, 670x801, judy191.PNG)

To someone who doesn't watch the show, I can see them not really seeing much of a difference between the show and the movie. They're both computer-animated, just one with Flash and the other with Toon Boom.

Anonymous 36826778

Muh 2D vs why is this cheap baby cartoon on the big screen

Nother Nonymous 36826780

File: 1507174435959.gif (4.7 MB, 712x534, rarityshake.gif)

Both programs allow you to generate in-betweening by making line-segment skeletons for the characters. But you don't HAVE to use the computer functions. You can draw every other frame, or every frame, individually. It looks to me like this kind of handwork density is a lot more common in the film than in the TV show, where it rarely occurs. The clearest evidence of this is the slow rotation of characters or their parts in some plane other than that of the screen. As far as I know, that can't be done by the computer in 2D animation. And there is quite a bit of it in the movie clips I've seen. You don't see it in the show (see GIF), except in those rare instances where 3D CGI is introduced -- for example, in the timberwolves.
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File: 1507180793714.gif (1.94 MB, 350x350, cmcs13.gif)

Austria's largest newspaper has given the movie 3.5/5 stars in today's issue. Preschoolers will enjoy it they say. Oh boy.

Nother Nonymous 36826786

Excellent positive review in SF Weekly
(http://www.sfweekly.com/film/the-world-of-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-gets-epic/) -- but written by an adult fan.
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Unknownpony!UNKNOwnY.U 36826788

File: 1507216410558.png (517.51 KB, 752x829, 19.png)

Anonymous 36826789

With cuts

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826790

File: 1507219869967.png (277.42 KB, 380x380, get a load of this guy cam.png)


it's been leaked in 1080p ever since three days ago


File: 1507221441073.png (180.23 KB, 1280x753, spike34.png)

Buy a ticket!

Anonymous 36826792

But now it's streaming, DA


Just returned from the theater and must say the movie was way more fun than I had thought. Good adventure all in all. 8/10 would watch again. Crowd was very nice and quiet, lots of bronies. I think I wasn't even the oldest one. A real grand wizard was sitting next to me with a Sweetie Belle plush. :p No kids at all, lol.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36826796

My showing starts in 40 minutes. The seats are super plush leather with electric recline buttons. Only one here so far because this damned mall doesn’t have a single store that sells Ethernet cables, so I had nothing else to do besides check in.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36826797

Show time is in 8 minutes. Maybe 3 other people here. RIP br0nwies helping to get this thing to a box office profit.
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NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826798

File: 1507246493071.webm (872.58 KB, 1280x720, piss off bighead.webm)

What I've been saying all along, m80. It's going to bomb at the box office because nobody wants to go and see a "little girl" movie.

Same thing happened to the PPG Movie.

To make matters worse, much more popular movies like Blade Runner 2049 are premiering the same weekend.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826799

File: 1507248228032.png (133.9 KB, 700x620, 1458865465846.png)


Currently has an average rating of 5.3 / 10

According to /mlp/, this score is "neighsayers btfo".

Nother Nonymous 36826801

File: 1507251255534.jpg (46.02 KB, 228x213, Mr_Horse_nudge_nudge.jpg)

The Rotten Tomatoes score -- not x/10, but percentage positive -- has been oscillating around 70% for all critics for the past hour or so, and stands at 100% for the four Top Critics that are in so far. Variety liked it; the Hollywood Reporter didn't.
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Nother Nonymous 36826802

File: 1507253438511.jpg (23.03 KB, 240x276, Mr._Horse_equestrian.jpg)

My favorite review quote so far: "I am neither a seven-year-old girl nor a Bronie (look it up), but I can spot a decent film about anthropomorphic miniature horses when I see one."

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826803

File: 1507253566616.png (63.21 KB, 246x242, 1506698094481.png)

The thing is though, the percentage only counts "positive" vs "negative", nothing in between.

70% doesn't mean much when the average review score is 5.3

Nother Nonymous 36826804

File: 1507254429954.jpg (43.4 KB, 342x337, Mr_Horse_disconcerted.jpg)

I think this is a precise and discriminating review, not only of the movie, but of the whole G4 series, on slate.com:


I hope these perceptive and sympathetic words are a boost, and not an epitaph.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826805

File: 1507254739260.png (85.26 KB, 680x542, yo cupman where my friggin con…)

What is this guy trying to say? Like 80% of the article is just him describing what happens in the movie.

Nother Nonymous 36826806

File: 1507255799233.jpg (67.74 KB, 304x308, Mr_Horse_Yessir_I_like_it.jpg)

I think he puts his finger on the things that have made the show special and gained it such a loving following. The following quotes from the review aren't chiefly about the movie.

"A 25-year-old line of pastel toys with an inglorious history of commodity television spinoffs was a perfect candidate for a surprise injection of artistry. Series creator Lauren Faust fulfilled the brief from Hasbro, inasmuch as she made a TV show about soft-hued ponies in a magical kingdom. But she gave those ponies distinctive temperaments, ambitions, weaknesses, and relationship-building strategies, and gave the show a narrative range broad enough to encompass both epic fantasy and social comedy."

"'I hate our big adventures,' finicky Rarity complains as the ponies get swept up in a whirlpool, and I found myself sympathizing. (For one thing, it means this likable character has little to do—with her combination of snobbery and graciousness, she belongs in a comedy of manners.)"

"'“This isn’t Equestria,' Twilight says—wrongly imagining that the franchise’s fundamental ethical principles are geographically contingent. She’s violated that Kantian ethos—to respect the personhood of everyone around you—and she suffers for it, justly and almost catastrophically. (She is redeemed by her friends’ forgiveness.)"

"Friendship is magic, which is to say that friendship is the Ponyverse’s equivalent of the Force, the source of power and the engine of narrative resolution. According to the series’ rules, magic depends on the bonds among the Mane Six—which means that the obstacles on a quest are less likely to be physical than emotional. The endpoint of a My Little Pony adventure is not 'Collect all the different-colored gemstones,' as in the Marvel Universe; it’s 'Listen to one another, resolve the hurt feelings, apologize, help, and celebrate.'”

"Tempest’s story ends with a twist, one that might be especially meaningful to kids with disabilities or visible markers of difference. The only unredeemed villain is the Storm King... This lupine monster, alone among the movie’s major characters, doesn’t participate in the web of endlessly negotiated relationships that is the texture of life within the My Little Pony universe, and outside it, too. A greedy oaf who spends the film barking commands, reneging on his promises, and grasping for power and glory, he is out of place among the Ponyverse’s colorful and diverse residents, almost all of them female, talking and figuring things out and taking care of business and managing their differences and screwing up and apologizing and forgiving. He is, perhaps, a villain for our time."

The reviewer has taken both the show and the "Ponyverse" seriously and said the right things about them. I would feel good about giving this review to someone I wanted to coax into watching it.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826807

File: 1507256067946.png (114.34 KB, 278x469, judy18.PNG)

Well, yeah, that's rather common knowledge. We already know that the show gained a following because people were expecting it to be shit but then it was actually decent.

But yes, he does seem to have a decent understanding of the source material, unlike most reviews.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36826808

So it was pretty good. It was exactly what I expected from the previews. Definitely strong enough to keep a non fan's attention and didn't get too saccharine. If it was compared to the 2 parters, it'd rank at or close to the top. Good humor, good dialogue, good songs, never dragged at any point. The ending credits were 10/10. I'm still not a huge fan of this animation style, but it worked well in some areas. Also I'm disappointed I haven't seen a "This is Spike the flammerwerfer. He werfs flammen" meme.

Overall, I have to give it 9/10. I wished we'd seen more of an impact the Storm King's invasions have had on the world, just so that point could be hammered home with the mane 6 and how lucky they are. I also wish they'd made a point to say the "Friendship Festival" is Twilight's holiday equivalent to Celestia's Summer Sun Celebration, instead of leaving it as an assumed fact. I guess the first song annoyed me too. It just seemed obligatory to kick off the movie, as opposed to how natural the other songs felt.

As for the crowd size, this is Thursday still, and a relatively late showing. We could almost have fit everyone in a mini van as the final count was 3 bronies, and 2 separate adults with their tikes. I'm sure the Fri-Sun crowds will be far more packed. the 9PM showing at that same theater for Friday night sold out within hours when it became available several weeks ago.
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NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826809

File: 1507257073074.png (570.29 KB, 894x1407, 1506786139594.png)

Are day-early releases a common thing? Silver City Galleria had a 9:50pm showing tonight.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36826810

afaik only for major blockbuster releases. I was surprised MLP had one.

Nother Nonymous 36826811

File: 1507258507377.png (472.53 KB, 994x560, Twilight_looking_at_graph_S2E2…)

Preliminary October data: big uptick in "My Little Pony" searches on Google Trends with the release of the movie.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36826812

File: 1507258752515.png (280.4 KB, 630x348, sheseesme3.png)

Nother Nonymous 36826813

File: 1507258755743.jpg (125.46 KB, 1264x632, Fausticorn_as_God.jpg)

I wonder how Lauren Faust feels about the movie. Does anyone know?

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826814

File: 1507260396912.png (233.48 KB, 615x737, 1488069346655.png)

Probably no comment, seeing as she openly refuses to watch anything post-S2.

unlikeable pony 36826817

File: 1507264316816.png (127.7 KB, 261x296, bane.png)

This really, really upsets/saddens me :(

Damnit, i wanted this movie to be a success. if they'd done this in 2014, you KNOW it would have been a massive success.

>almost all of them female

They probably were betting on bronies being a major force.

Urda 36826818

File: 1507264529133.jpg (92.4 KB, 1280x720, Fluffle puff Birthday.jpg)

What parts did you like?


File: 1507265246802.png (141.22 KB, 430x333, dash93.png)

It was, wasn't it?

Here the early showing was for the OV (English) version instead of the German dubbed one. It showed in a small theater room but it was packed.

unlikeable pony 36826821

File: 1507265773964.gif (1.23 MB, 640x480, 1553175__safe_screencap_my+lit…)

Haven't seen it yet, but this freaking Gif is GLORIOUS.
Love how the guy just falls over and then gets engulfed completely in flames :p

Going to see it tommorrow at either the midday showing or the afternoon showing. Wanting to see it at the midday one, but might end up having to be delayed with other stuff.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36826823

There was something different about the Hanazuki animation. The short was ok but the animation used was really damn good looking.

Unknownpony!UNKNOwnY.U 36826824

File: 1507277212996.png (357.35 KB, 443x723, 27.png)

Movie was 7/10 for me. Tempest were a great villan but Storm King was a joke :| worst villan so far.


File: 1507277914820.png (134.01 KB, 786x1016, dash190.png)

I think he was pretty good. He had this lazy old guy feeling about him. He knows what he wants but can't be assed to do much for it himself. Instead he nags his subordinates to do stuff and complains.

Nother Nonymous 36826827

File: 1507296199131.jpg (96.32 KB, 750x958, Celestia_summer_sun.jpg)

RT update just now: 68% "fresh" from the critics. Top critics: 71% positive, avg. rating 6.1/10. Audience rating: 91% liked it.

I think this pony will fly.
This post was edited by its author on .

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826828

File: 1507296910182.png (543.9 KB, 480x723, judy33.PNG)

The problem with his character is that we know almost nothing about him, and he has nothing to him besides "rawr I'm evil and make stupid jokes".

We don't know where he comes from. We don't know any motivations outside of "rawr I want to rule Equestria so my name makes sense". He's cardboard-thin, and only exists to take the blame for all the evilness so that the edgy deviantart OC can be forgiven more easily.

Even fucking Sombra felt more threatening than this guy, and he didn't speak at all.

>6.1 / 10

So yeah, just like I expected. Okay-ish reviews.


File: 1507307071392.gif (3.09 MB, 300x300, dash243.gif)

Yes, unfortunately there's no real background to him unless you read the comics. Still, I found him amusing and dangerous enough by how his loonies treated the ponies.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826832

File: 1507322493142.png (101.39 KB, 1423x706, what went wrong.PNG)

Yeah, that's about the extent of the noticeable issues.

Nothing major, just a whole bunch of smaller flaws that add up.

Unknownpony!UNKNOwnY.U 36826833

File: 1507326162314.png (517.51 KB, 752x829, 19.png)

Who even care what Critics says?
They thought Mass defect andromeda was 7/10 on release.... Critics most of the time are fucking retarded xD

The only thing that is important is audience which is probably boosted by bronies but still 92% liked it.
Also how much monies it will bring to Hasbro, hopefully enough that will make them happy

Juesus, such Nitpicking. I can agree on some but most are really forced nitpicks in this post
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Toothless Alligator!!Octavia 36826834

File: 1507327064253.png (228.93 KB, 1024x576, my_little_dashie_63___dash_wen…)

So that went pretty much exactly as expected. Might have liked it more if Twilight didn't have her attitude problem for most of the movie, but still enjoyable enough. I do love the song One Small Thing though, it's going to be stuck in my head for weeks.


NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826835

File: 1507332593130.png (631.2 KB, 408x661, judy202.PNG)

Pointing out flaws in the writing is not "nitpicking".

"nitpicking" would be taking small, insignificant things and making them out to be huge problems. A handful of those are small, yes, but the majority of them are pretty clear problems with the writing, inconsistencies, things that make no sense, etc.
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NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826837

File: 1507341084477.png (17.71 KB, 345x188, chrome_2017-10-06_21-50-59.png)

Well, that was fun while it lasted.

unlikeable pony 36826838

File: 1507343600795.png (1.18 MB, 1280x960, angron.wat.png)

Sadly, I have to disagree. In theater today: half the theater was empty.
I fear for this movie's financial success.

I think the short was made with toon boom too, like the pony movie.

At least the audience reaction is better, 91%.

Saw it today. LOVED IT. Greatly exceeded my expectations, a very enjoyable romp. It didn't break any new ground, and was incredibly bare on lore; nothing new about the magical elements of the world like the EOH or Tree of harmony, or alicorns, ect. But it was still a great romp.

Actually ended up loving capper; Despite my hesitation about him due to "THANG" and "Y'all ponies are crazy", his actual dialogue was great, smooth and kind of sophisticated while still definitely having an element of hood rat to him.

Also like the pirates, as they were a pretty enjoyable bunch who had some good humor to them (their jump cut from tossing the six overboard to eating was pretty funny).

Seaponies were a bit weak, but still enjoyed them.

And DAMN, did I like Tempest. Great character, wish she'd be part of the show (REPLACE GLIMMER).

Good songs, decent action, the group dynamic felt good, solid 8.5/10.
That being said, as a brony I know I'm biased, so I'd probably realistically reduce it to a 7.5/10 for normises.

NOW, meta-wise, as a fan, there's a shit ton of nitpicks; For example, The storm king's armies: Fucking world's biggest paper tigers. They look scary and act mean, but the second ANYONE puts up any fight at all, they fold like a house of cards. Like, seriously, the other 5, sans twilight are SUPER low on the power ranking. Like, the changelings are easily able to overpower them even WITHOUT chrysalis when the mane six HAVE twilight, so the mane six just getting a few pirates and one hippogrphy makes you scratch your head a bit.
Okay, I can actually accept that so long as they have tempest to take out the heavy hitters when people fight back; The storm beasts cow most people into submission by fear, and then Tempest makes an example of the few that stick out.
I can see Tempest taking out glimmer, so that actually isn't too big of a problem of the troublemakers going down.
So I can KIND OF accept that storm king's army's loss was that their one actual good fighter (tempest) was taken out of the fight by storm king and the remainder of the army got taken out by storm king himself with his storm.
But this STILL runs into the problem of those petrification grenades. 100% the ONLY reason this army was a threat was that they had OP, never explained instant kill bombs.

So, basically, these villains are, by far, the weakest foes the group have face yet; BY FAR. The changelings were drastically stronger as an invading army for example. They rely on writers fiat to give them a couple weapons that can take out alicorns, and then tempest forgets to petrify twilight when she's captured.

Eh, moving on, I feel bad for Fluttershy fans; she might as well have not been in this movie. While she was enjoyable in her yays, she really didn't contribute to this plot; then again, unless your name was pinkie pie or twilight, you were kind of stuck on the back of the bus. Even dash, who got some nice time on the ship and good lines, was fairly unfocused compared to Ponk.

He was drastically better in the comics. In them, he seemed to actually be THREATENING.

In this movie? He's good in the first scene of the potion call; really nails it. After that, he turns into a blithering idiot who's not threatening at ALL, even WITH the staff.

It doesn't help that he loses because he basically tards out and defeats HIMSELF. Hell, the staff itself was the threat at the end more than him.

really hope IDW brings him back (Loved the scene of him angrily staring at his minion trying to put himself back together) and reuses him.

Anonymous 36826839

File: 1507344550194.jpg (95.17 KB, 591x694, Capture.jpg)

Tonight and Saturday will be the biggest crowds. More kids will be out of school and parents will take them to the most popular G rated movie.

I don't fear much for the profits of the movie so much as for the toys they've lined up for the holidays.

Take this limited edition Build-A-Bear movie characters set. Only available for the three day weekend premier.

If the toys don't sell well, this could be the last Gen4 movie and season for the show.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826842

File: 1507346541147.png (149.35 KB, 482x450, 1460603695771.png)

Hm. I might get my friend an edgehorse, since he seems to like her so much.

unlikeable pony 36826843

File: 1507346968944.gif (251.14 KB, 311x288, small.edge.horse.gif)

I'd be happy to buy the movie's toys if they actually HAD THEM OUT.

Went to toys R us today looking for the Dash Guardians of harmony zeppelin; ZERO guardians toys except the million unsold cheese sandwhiches.

Edgehorse is great.

Marimo(mobile) 36826845

File: 1507359355041.jpg (367.77 KB, 900x900, IMG_0705.JPG)

Even if the movie bombs and mercy doesn't do well, we'd still have at least another season after this one (season 8).

Have you checked Walmart? I've looked at mine and they got a bunch of stuff there that ties into the movie, though mostly the pirate stuff (I think the logo they use is My Little Pony: The Movie Pirates) and a few sea pony ones. They even have a feature for the Rainbow Dash and pirate ship toy set.

Anonymous 36826869

File: 1507420195642.jpg (68.79 KB, 700x650, 1409970244779.jpg)

Anyone else go see the movie today?

I'm waiting until Tuesday in hopes I get a dirt cheap matinee ticket.

unlikeable pony 36826870

File: 1507425654741.jpg (46.44 KB, 722x430, buytoys.jpeg)

I'll have to look at wal-mart, I didn't have time to check the pony section last time I was toy shopping.

I'm seeing it tommorrow, taking some nieces and nephews to see it. Glad I bought the sunday tickets early though, half the theater was sold out for the showing I was going for already :/

Like, damnit, the theaters are empty when *I* alone am going, but when I have to take kids and buy alot of tickets, its jam packed?

>Even if the movie bombs and mercy doesn't do well, we'd still have at least another season after this one (season 8).

I'm really interested in seeing the financial numbers on monday; the predictions for this thing were REALLY low, so I'm hoping it overperforms.

One thing I really liked about tempest's villain song was the little angry urging looking her friends gave her to go into the ursa cave; Actually sells why she would be so upset about the incident and friends.

That little look and her annoyed expression show that she feels she was basically bullied into going in there by her "friends", so her blaming them for it makes alot more sense than in the novelization.


File: 1507448161249.jpg (24.78 KB, 509x417, disc21.jpg)

The movie made 2.97 million on its opening day in the States.

The question is how much the budget was in the first place. I heard figures like 35 to 60 million but if shite like Captain Underpants had only 38 million budget I doubt it will be even near that.

Nother Nonymous 36826878

File: 1507483798959.png (197.84 KB, 702x592, dash_nyaaah.png)

Meanwhile, Blade Runner 2049 is coming in almost $20 million below projections for the weekend.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36826887

Pony movie! Take my energy so you can get over your expected box office estimates!

Sitting in another leather, reclining seat theater for my 2nd paid showing. You’re welcome, brownies. I’ll single handedly get us to 40M domestic+international, and a 2nd movie to end the series in 2021.

AKA Chuck Finley 36826889

File: 1507505940532.png (533.31 KB, 1280x720, 1551087__safe_screencap_trixie…)

Just saw the movie. Thought it was pretty good: exactly what I hoped it would be. The mane 6 were good, the new characters were good (even the Michael Peña character was less annoying than I thought he'd be), the songs were good, and they managed to work in friendship saving the day without resorting to some magical rainbow laser beam or some other deus ex machina nonsense.

I also found it interesting that the theater I went to was about half full, and there didn't seem to be a single brony in sight. Thank goodness for that. Hopefully actual kids make this movie a success. The only really sad thing was that Starlight Glimmer didn't even get a single line. She was just gone for no apparent reason.

Odin's blessings upon you sir.

I'll probably only see it once in the theaters, but I am gonna buy the soundtrack and the DVD when it comes out. Hopefully that'll help make Hasbro declare the movie a success. So far it's doing pretty mediocrely.

The movie's actually rated PG. The G rating truly is dead.

It looks to me like a lot of critics went in with a very closed mind. either because it's a toy property or because of the stigma of young girls' entertainment. It seems like most of those who actually gave it a chance liked it.
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NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826890

File: 1507506347118.png (260.79 KB, 563x546, hoity25.png)

I gave it a chance and found it very underwhelming. They went with a very safe and generic "childrens adventure movie" story with no twists or turns. It wasn't BAD, it just really wasn't anything special either. 5/10 seems right; the movie was very average/mediocre.

A lot of the problems with the show's 2-part episodes were present in the movie as well. (Screechie Pie, lack of focus/action from the other 5, princesses doing nothing except getting worfed, etc.)
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EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36826892

Are the colors supposed to be this flat? The show normally glows off the damn screen.

They should have promoted Tempest’s eyes from 1 catchlight to a full 10 after she was redeemed.

The theater was about 3/4 full. Almost all families. Was the 6:15 show so I imagine the earlier shows were even fuller. This could easily pull 11-12M, 40M before it’s done.
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Marimo!!Spike 36826893

File: 1507508431333.png (66.54 KB, 196x262, Nanami_(9).png)

>This could easily pull 11-12M
It's apparently already made $12 million worldwide so far.

AKA Chuck Finley 36826894

File: 1507508653025.png (792.63 KB, 1280x720, 1532503__safe_screencap_trixie…)

All valid points, and I can easily see someone not liking it if standard children's adventure isn't what they want to see, but many of the negative reviews from the critics I've seen don't really focus on real issues as much as their own "this is too girly, gross" or "I hate Hasbro" issues. And given that the fucking Minions movie has an average score of 5.8 and a Tomato score of 56%, the Pony Movie score seems a bit harsh in comparison.

unlikeable pony 36826895

File: 1507512982977.png (129.64 KB, 719x1024, large.png)

captain underpants was 3d though, 3d is cheaper (which is why everyone's moved to it from traditional animated)

Saw it a second time today with my nieces and nephews. Still good, still enjoyable, and the storm king is STILL the movie's big weak point >.<

surprisingly, the theater I was in was packed full and there was a private showing booked for a party, so it seems to be doing well at the local theater here at least.

>I’ll single handedly get us to 40M domestic+international, and a 2nd movie to end the series in 2021.

One thing I'm curious about was I heard this one won't be shown in china; Fucking hell, if its NOT in china, that's basically a death sentence for a movie's major success given how big a market it is.

>I also found it interesting that the theater I went to was about half full, and there didn't seem to be a single brony in sight.

Brony fandom is dead. Its sad, but very, very true.

>It looks to me like a lot of critics went in with a very closed mind. either because it's a toy property or because of the stigma of young girls' entertainment. It seems like most of those who actually gave it a chance liked it.

Honestly, the MLP name is more of a burden at this point than a boon; took my nephew to see it and he liked it (even said it was too scary at parts with the villains), despite not wanting to see it because its "my little pony". Apart from the name and having female leads, its pretty completely gender neutral honestly.

If it didn't have the stigma against it it could really have hit it out of the park.

>(Screechie Pie, lack of focus/action from the other 5, princesses doing nothing except getting worfed, etc.)

It's basically "Twilight and pinkie pie the movie, with special guests Rainbow and Rarity".
Pinkie pie gets a SUPER ton of focus and almost acts as the groups default leader when twilight's not around near the end, simply because she's the most popular of the group.

I feel REALLY bad for AJ and fluttershy fans, because those 2 might as well not have even been in the movie for how important they are or the amount of lines they get. (That being said, AJ's "born in a barn" joke near the beginning is the best in the movie).

I will at least admit its nice that it wasn't a true twilight sparkle power hour like episodes like Twilight's kingdom, in that twilight seemed almost completely impotent and without magic throughout the entire movie apart from a couple scenes (like where she made the hot air balloon for the escape).

40 million is Chicken feed, We need HUNDREDS of millions for this to be a truly marked and resounding success.

I mean, power rangers made over 100 million but was shit canned for future sequels because that was considered dissapointing. (Granted, it also COST alot more, like 100 million to make, but it still kind of shows that 40 million is pretty much a drop in the bucket for movies)

Minions has an established set of movies of high renown, so critics tend to treat such series with kids gloves, while MLP and non-established kids movies are free game to shit on.

>Was the 6:15 show so I imagine the earlier shows were even fuller.

1:30 showing was completely full, and there was a second booked Private screening going on (I think for a little kids party, wandered in by accident while looking for my real theater, and there was a tiny popcorn at each seat, so I assume it was for a party)

AKA Chuck Finley 36826896

File: 1507513455086.png (864.67 KB, 1280x720, 1421069__safe_screencap_trixie…)

>Minions has an established set of movies of high renown
Are they of high renown? The first Despicable Me movie was supposed to be the best one, and I thought it was mediocre at best.

Also, if you think Fluttershy and AJ fans got a raw deal, my favorite character is Starlight Glimmer...

unlikeable pony 36826897

File: 1507513670409.png (184.09 KB, 640x640, 932779__safe_edit_rainbow+dash…)


AKA Chuck Finley 36826898

File: 1507513788762.png (692.15 KB, 1280x720, 1496885__safe_screencap_trixie…)

Keep telling yourself that

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826899

File: 1507515885811.gif (1.23 MB, 250x317, 1489417415935.gif)

Minions is normie garbage. Popular among the masses, but to anyone with any standards of quality, the movies are decent at best.

Nother Nonymous 36826900

File: 1507519526646.jpg (94.14 KB, 900x900, teal_deer2.jpg)

So, I went and saw it today. 6:45 showing on a Sunday before a legal holiday (Columbus Day). The theater was more than half full, mostly children and parents with a sprinkling of college-age bronies. The audience was quiet but attentive.

My basic take on the film: not bad. It has some great stuff in it but suffers from some seriously damaging flaws.

Let's get the flaws out of the way first. There's one huge one, one big one, and a bunch of lesser stuff. The huge one is the revised character design. The absolute last thing that Lauren Faust's characters needed was to be given bigger eyes and smaller snouts; but that's what the film's artists did. The result is creepy and faintly repulsive, especially when combined with the frequent closeups and the denser image flow -- the increased plasticity of all the animated matter -- made possible by the increased budget and the switch to Toon Boom Harmony. You feel like you're trapped for 90 minutes in a wombful of early pig embryos, all brain and eyeball and no face. The eyes are so huge that the artists couldn't quite figure out how to provide them with eyelids, so every time Twilight squints or looks sad some nearly straight lines occlude the upper and lower edges of those monstrous orbs, producing an eye-opening outline reminiscent of a first-generation CRT television screen. The one pony that has been given smaller eyeballs, Tempest, is the one character design that really works. Tempest is awesome -- maybe the best G4 character ever. Beautiful design,beautiful movement, outstanding voice acting and pencil acting.

The smaller, but still crippling, major flaw is the film's opening. The screenwriters (McCarthy,Vogel, and Rita Hsiao) confronted a big problem: how can these characters and this world be introduced to that segment of the audience that has never seen the TV show? The device they hit on was Preparation for a Big Party, the "Festival of Friendship." This allowed them to show Twilight rushing around with OCD, Rarity being fussy and finicky about the decor, Applejack dispensing beer apple cider, Rainbow Dash clearing clouds and showing off, Celestia and Luna being asked to manipulate the heavens for lighting effects, Spike ogling Rarity and eating her gems, and so on. But none of this contributes in any way to the story; so the film's first ten minutes is thrown away watching these pastel embryonic pigs gallop around posturing and displaying their trademarks and getting nowhere. The net effect, I think, is to leave fans impatient and novices disgusted despite the virtuoso display of technique. To quote Tempest: "All that power -- wasted on parties!" Right on, Tempest.

Unlike some posters in this thread, I didn't mind the Storm King. The key to believing the Storm King is to recognize that he is insane. This becomes entirely clear when we see him dancing on the parapet, whipping the sun and moon around in the heavens and having a grand old time. He is as nutty as a Payday bar. His motives don't need to be comprehensible, any more than (say) those of the Joker in the Batman universe. He's just chaotic evil. As such, he can afford to be mercurial, comic, and sarcastic, furnishing a welcome outlet for the audience's repressed feelings of sugar poisoning. He reminded me a bit of Goethe's Mephistopheles.

After the Bad Guys show up, the plot starts running and the film takes off. The remaining flaws struck me as minor. One of them is Screechie Pie. Someone needs to put Pinkie on an IV Thorazine drip.

And there were many, many good things. The seaponies are absolutely perfect. The effects animation is wonderful. The ponies' acting-with-a-pencil is very persuasive when their eyeballs aren't filling the screen. Some nice compositions, especially on the long shots.The music is good; I left the theater humming a couple of the songs. The song lyrics are mostly garbage, which always sets my teeth on edge in the TV show; but somehow it didn't matter that much on the big screen with all the overwhelming full-court-press choreography. I even detected a couple of flashes of very low-wattage poetry in "Time to be Awesome," in the words "light shining deep inside" and "the brave and the bold." If the film's beginning is clunky and awkward, the ending is beautifully handled. I thought at first it was going to be an irritating let's-all-dance ending a la Zootopia and so many other animated features; but the script went on beyond that to give Tempest and Twilight some quietly meaningful closure in the final minute. I liked the occasional nods to mortality: the skull in the desert, the drowning sequence, the shattering of the petrified Storm King. I thought most of the backgrounds were really artistic. The griminess of Klugetown and the weightless undersea environment were nice contrasts with the rest of the pony world. Some of us have been complaining about the small roles played by AJ and Fluttershy, but I thought Fluttershy's giving talk therapy to one of the goons was lovely. There is even a little social commentary, in the form of the gritty city whose inhabitants know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Mahagonny, anyone?

I could go on, but this is already a Teal Deer. I'd give the movie a B overall, with a special honorary A+ for Tempest Shadow. As for the box office: you have to remember that from the standpoint of the bankrollers, this is a very expensive commercial. It doesn't matter much whether it makes its money back; what matters is whether it sells toys. Any profit brought in by the film itself is pure gravy.

Nother Nonymous 36826901

P.S.: the white space in the middle of the preceding post is a block of spoilered text.

AKA Chuck Finley 36826902

File: 1507520421662.png (533.31 KB, 1280x720, 1551087__safe_screencap_trixie…)

That pretty much sums up almost exactly what I thought of the movie (minus noticing that they made the eyes bigger and snouts smaller, which does really explain why they looked kinda weird). I just didn't want to type it all up.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the storm king was perfectly fine. There's nothing wrong with one dimensional characters as long as you also have three dimensional characters to fill in the emotional depth of the movie. Avatar: the Last Airbender is one of the best TV shows ever made, and its villain is completely one dimensional, but it's okay because you have a complex character like Zuko to soak up most of the screen time and provide the character depth, whereas Firelord Ozai can just serve as a plot device and a looming threat for our heroes to react to. Tempest is basically the Zuko to the Storm King's Ozai.

unlikeable pony 36826903

I don't mind the storm king being crazy, its that he doesn't seem to have anything to back UP his crazyness; even WITH the staff his threat level seems pretty bad, let alone without it.

The joker is able to get by because he's legitimately effective as a villain alongside being insane, but storm king seems to be a chump apart from tempest being BOTH his brains and brawn.

Like, I loved him in the comics because he was a massive goofball but ALSO accomplished a crap ton legitimately as a villain to show his cred.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826904

File: 1507521053206.png (112.08 KB, 776x900, 262782__suggestive_rule+63_vul…)

Except, even Ozai had more character to him than Storm King....and a fuckload more screentime and focus. It's a similar concept in this movie, yes, but not handled anywhere near as well.

The show built him up as this massive, looming threat, never even showing his face until the final season of the show, and as a result, you can just FEEL how threatening he is, simply because the show keeps him mysterious. There's lore and emotional connections between him and the other characters. Despite his relatively low amount of focus, what development he does have is very, very well written.

Storm King on the other hand, he's just.....there. He doesn't show up very much at all, and when he does, it's just to be a stereotypical mustache-twirling saturday morning cartoon villain who is more humorous than threatening. He has no significant connection to any characters except the deviantart OC. The main threat of the movie is not him, but his henchmen.

We have no idea who he is or how he came to be, he's just here, now, and fucking everything up. Except he's not even doing that, it's his henchmen doing all the dirty work for him. All he does is swoop in and take the reward that his henchmen worked to get, and then get fucked up by the main characters 2 minutes later. He has almost no presence in the movie. He doesn't feel like a threat because he barely shows up to begin with, and the edgy deviantart OC is already there being visibly threatening.

He's cardboard thin, and only exists so that Tempest can be set up in the "oh no I was being used and now I'm being betrayed!" plot, so that she can be forgiven more easily. That's the only purpose he serves. You could cut him out of the movie entirely and not much would have to change, to accommodate that. That's pretty bad writing.
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AKA Chuck Finley 36826907

File: 1507522240442.png (856.93 KB, 1280x720, 1532501__safe_screencap_trixie…)

I think that's more to do with the fact that one is a show and the other is movie, so of course the show can give every character more screen time. Proportional to the other characters, I don't think Ozai has any more screen time than the Storm King.

Plus, his minions are what make him threatening. Julius Caesar wasn't threatening because he was a skilled fighter or incredibly strong, it was his power to make others do his bidding that made him such a threat. So given that the Storm King gained weapons so powerful that they single handedly took down the princesses, and he managed to have his minions not only take over Equestria, but also infiltrate much of the rest of the world too, and do so with such overwhelming force that the Hippogriffs found it preferable to rebuild their empire under the sea rather than oppose him, that makes him a pretty big threat.

And the fact that you can remove him without that much being different about the movie isn't really a bad thing. You could say the same thing about most of the secondary characters in this movie. They exist to serve a specific story purpose, and Storm King serves his purpose just fine, while at the same time being incredibly entertaining to watch. If Storm King took up twenty minutes of screen time AND he was severely underdeveloped and ineffectual, then that would be bad writing.

Nother Nonymous 36826908

File: 1507523508815.jpg (55.74 KB, 275x257, Mr_Horse_admonishes.jpg)

NS, some of your criticisms don't seem to me to pack much of a punch. An example is your use of "deviantart" as a putdown. DeviantArt is a wall on which people have posted everything from crap to polished jewels. It's like saying "art." Given the limited number of variables that you can play with in a pony design and still fit the MLP G4 formula -- mane and tail color and texture, iris color, horn, wings, and a certain amount of variation in body fat, nasal profile, and leg length -- I suspect that one would be hard pressed at this late date to come up with a design that doesn't look like some OC on DeviantArt or elsewhere. Me, I thought Tempest was beautifully handled in the movie and displayed a level of artistry of all sorts that I don't remember seeing in the show.

>Brony fandom is dead
It ain't what it was three years ago, but the continual stream of new fan art of all sorts, from plushies to porn, tells me it's still alive and creative.
This post was edited by its author on .

Nother Nonymous 36826909

File: 1507523785996.jpg (61.32 KB, 294x226, Mr_Horse_is_sorry.jpg)

The previous post was edited to remove ad hominem remarks that I regretted. Sorry.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826917

File: 1507560848762.png (538.37 KB, 415x723, judy79.PNG)

The point is that he doesn't work very well as a villain. He's not threatening, he comes off as an incompetent idiot who just happens to be in charge, while his underlings do any/all heavy lifting for him. We don't see him very much at all, which only leads to the black and red OC coming off as the real threat, which only further diminishes his role as the supposed leader. And even when we do see him, he's always making jokes and being silly. This guy doesn't strike me as imposing in the slightest.

Seriously, he has all of three or four minutes of screentime in the movie, and doesn't show up (in person) until the very end. That's barely "secondary character".

The point is that, yes, you could remove him and not much would have to change- that's bad writing. If you can remove what is supposed to be an integral part of the movie and not much changes.....then why have it to begin with? He's underdeveloped, doesn't really do much of anything, and really only exists so that the blame for Tempest's actions can be pushed onto him.

He's badly written.

Black and red. Scar over eye. Broken horn. Traumatic backstory. Angsty lone-wolf personality.

These are all common traits of edgy, badass OCs, often found on DeviantART. Not just ponies, but all fandoms. Some things, like scar over eye, are already tropes even outside of DA.

It's not a bad design, just horribly overused and cliche. Broken horn OCs in general are mocked within the fandom, that's how cliche and overused they've become.
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EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36826923

2 things.


I LOVE this review, This little grill has the best comments, if it's genuine, and not the adult male reviewer inventing some kid so he doesn't have to admit he saw it himself.

Cartoon Brew says the production costs were probably 5-8 million. So it's already in the green.


Nother Nonymous 36826925

File: 1507577261187.jpg (29.84 KB, 262x324, Mr_Horse_Hmm.jpg)

I think you have to have the Storm King in place to lift the conquer-the-world motivation from Tempest's shoulders (or withers). Without him, her redemption at the end becomes less plausible.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826926

File: 1507579500813.png (535.22 KB, 470x723, judy73.PNG)

Yeah, that's kinda what I'm saying. He only exists as a convenient chump to pin the blame on so that the edgy OC can be forgiven more easily. Even less of a villain than Sombra was.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826927

File: 1507583248690.webm (327.84 KB, 1920x804, We've got to have...MONEEEYYY.…)

>Cartoon Brew says the production costs were probably 5-8 million

Where's their source for that? All it says is "it looks like a $5-8 million production." and nothing else.

I'm having trouble believing that a 90-minute 2D animated movie only cost $8mil, when most 3D movies are well over 100, even with 3D being allegedly cheaper.

Looking through lots of 3D movies, the cheapest I could find was Ice Age, at $59 million.

Anonymous 36826929

And that was 2002

Really it’s because of the source material, and how cheap and babyish and low-rated that is
This post was edited by its author on .

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826930

File: 1507584190218.png (341.43 KB, 521x421, judy148.PNG)

Yeah, more recent 3D movies, from 2010-2015, were usually $120 million or more.
This post was edited by its author on .

Nother Nonymous 36826932

File: 1507588977233.jpg (107.08 KB, 750x750, bit coin one_wat rarity.jpg)

Some low production budgets for 2-D animated films:

Long Way North (2016) -- unknown, probably >$5M
Song of the Sea (2014) -- $6.2M
The Secret of Kells (2010) -- $8M
The Triplets of Belleville (2003) -- $9.5M
Hey Arnold! The Movie (2002) -- $10M
Doug's First Movie (1999) -- $5M

Earlier cheap films, like The Brave Little Toaster (1987, $2.3M), aren't really comparable.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826935

File: 1507593026268.png (18.57 KB, 960x720, MAH SMELLWETHER.png)

So where the fuck does this "3D is cheaper" meme come from? All these 3D movies are many times the cost of 2D movies.

Anonymous 36826938

“Muh 2D animation” fags making up reasons to complain

Marimo!!Spike 36826939

File: 1507599016974.png (72.14 KB, 191x261, Nanami_(11).png)

Sausage Party was $19 million, but work conditions and payment for the animation team were really bad.

Bollox!60EJwbmzEs 36826945


But if it is cheaper, then why have some companies like Disney just stopped 2D outright?

Nother Nonymous 36826948

There are a lot of 3-D animated films with budgets in excess of $100M. There are some 2-D films in that category, but not so many, because things were cheaper in the past and there have been few major-studio 2-D features in recent years. Disney's last 2-D feature, The Princess and the Frog, had a production budget of $105M.

Anonymous 36826949

They see it as dated and quaint and unmarketable, something they feel TV has covered

I fucking swear, 2D becomes the norm again, people will complaining they don’t make enough CG movies
Winnie the Pooh after that had a budget of $30 million

Bollox!60EJwbmzEs 36826950

It doesn't have to be the norm, but It'd be nice to have movies be 50% 2d/3d

AKA Chuck Finley 36826953

File: 1507613448513.png (152.78 KB, 900x850, my_second_trixie_by_recu153-d4…)

This was a pretty compelling argument as to why 2D animation died off in film.

Something similar happened to the G rating, to where now even The My Little Pony Movie feels it needs to hit a PG to be taken seriously.

It's really too bad in my opinion, because 2D animation has the ability to be absolutely gorgeous on a big screen. Even the Pony movie, which was significantly cheaper than the older Disney films and relied on 3D a lot, still had some scenes with beautiful and epic animation.

Anonymous 36826955

>YouTuber shill

Nother Nonymous 36826957

The difference between 2-D and 3-D is exactly parallel to the difference between drawing and sculpture. The one isn't an improved version of the other.
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!gEapIYWEa2 36826966

File: 1507670262901.png (276.96 KB, 1010x804, boop.png)

I liked the Storm King. He was a so effective at ruling without being there. The fact that he was actually a wimp almost makes it better, because the things someone like him would have to do, to rule over an empire like that...

And... I liked Tempest. Most edgy OCs with a tragic backstory would wear it on their sleeve, and it'd be a serious emotional weakpoint. She was convinced her backstory wasn't tragic, just a normal occurrence in a crapsack world. You couldn't get to her by insulting her horn, or teasing her for not having any friends. She didn't angst about being a failure. The only way to get to her was to feel bad for her, because she didn't want to admit that what had happened to her was bad. That kind of... set her apart from stupid angsty OCs like Blackjack or Nyx.

Plus Fizzlepop Berrytwist is the best name ever!

Anonymous 36826967

File: 1507670832771.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 1725x782, blue eyed celestia.png)

Watched the movie with a friend, and while visually it was stunning, both of us were convinced by the end that it was taking place in an alternate universe, as half of the mane 6 were written like they came straight out of a mediocre fanfic.

Proof of it being an alternate universe in attached picture.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826968

File: 1507676119827.png (277.42 KB, 380x380, get a load of this guy cam.png)

>He was a so effective at ruling without being there.

And yet, a single song was able to make some of his workers rebel against him.

Bollox!60EJwbmzEs 36826969

Tbh the parrots didn't seem like they were all that loyal to begin with

Marimo!!Spike 36826973

File: 1507679904779.png (1.16 MB, 1358x574, purple eye celestia.png)

That's just an animation error. The show's done it before with characters like Cheerilee.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826977

File: 1507690261423.jpg (89.05 KB, 626x604, 1507670684285.jpg)

Apparently the budget was ~25 million.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826978

File: 1507690276172.jpg (280.9 KB, 1020x824, 1507670818833.jpg)

!gEapIYWEa2 36826979

File: 1507693188475.jpg (747.57 KB, 1920x1175, you_re_gonna_go_far_kid_by_ima…)


A single song, sung by Rainbow Dash. the element of betrayal

Besides, their rebellion lasted like 5 minutes, before they got wrecked. I can see this working out in the Storm King's favor, in almost all other scenarios.

AKA Chuck Finley 36826981

File: 1507697527084.png (1.1 MB, 1725x1440, 1412336__safe_screencap_trixie…)

I'm curious to what extent the people at Hasbro are pleased or disappointed with the box office so far.

If it had a $25 million production budget, I'm thinking they might actually see it as a modest success so far. People were saying the Blade Runner 2049 opening would be considered a success if it could hit $50 million domestic opening weekend, less than a third of its production budget, and the My Little Pony Movie surpassed one third of its production budget in domestic box office by more than half a million. So assuming the advertising budgets and long-term foreign vs domestic revenue would be roughly proportional for the two movies (Pony is getting less of its revenue from overseas than Blade Runner 2049 so far, but it also hasn't premiered yet in a lot of countries), I feel like that would put the film on track to be a modest financial success, not even counting all the money Hasbro plans to make from the toys.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36826983

Ok so it’ll definitely break even before the end of its run, so that’s good.

Anonymous 36826984

Still overbudget

Anonymous 36826985

Cars 3 was G this year, and that's probably less of a "little kids" movie

unlikeable pony 36826988

File: 1507754711512.png (8.08 KB, 184x200, audience.png)

>The main threat of the movie is not him, but his henchmen.

And not much threat at that apart from tempest; It seriously boggles the mind how the Storm beats overcame canterlot and the ponies there when they'd be hard pressed to overthrow a frozen yogurt stand, given their performance at the end.

This would have been better if they actually SEEMED threatening. There's not a single villain or threat on the show that doesn't seem vastly more powerful, violent and threatening than the storm king's forces in the movie.

changelings from a canterlot wedding would have punked these guys easily for example.

>It ain't what it was three years ago, but the continual stream of new fan art of all sorts, from plushies to porn, tells me it's still alive and creative.

its still struggling along, but its more a few dedicated few enclaves left than an actual large group of people.

I really don't even know WHY the pirates were working for him in general; its not like he had hostages or anything, they could just have flown off at any time and just done their own thing.

And given how the group of them were basically able to outfight his entire army, Unless tempest finds them personally they kind of are in a good shape about fighting off any patrols.

Not good.

I would hope it would be a large financial success, not just "break even"

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36826992

File: 1507756703853.jpg (116.61 KB, 800x580, 1469456453771.jpg)

In terms of movies though, "breaking even" is considered a failure. Movies are expected to make 2-3x more than their budget.

Though since this is just a glorified commercial, as long as it pushes toys and toy lines, Hasbro will consider it successful.

And the toys look way better than the movie, so I can't imagine them struggling to sell.

unlikeable pony 36826995

>And the toys look way better than the movie, so I can't imagine them struggling to sell.

If the movie's not selling alot of tickets, that also would indicate that the target audience and fandom's winding down on ponies. Don't count your chickens too soon.

Especially since, while the GOH toys are good, the "normal" brushables are still about regular quality-- and I still don't see those 120.00 Robots selling.

Anonymous 36827000

It would also mean Hollywood wouldn't want a second movie

Bollox!60EJwbmzEs 36827011

If they had to spend a lot of money getting celebrity voices in the first one, I'd be fine with a sequel with absolutely zero celeb roles if it saves them that much more money

unlikeable pony 36827015

Well, I do have to admit though, Emily blunt did a top knotch performance though.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36827016

File: 1507781475500.png (763.56 KB, 670x801, judy191.PNG)

"Celebrity voices" have been the standard for animated movies since...forever, really.

Though all of the new characters were voiced by B-list actors, for the most part.

Bollox!60EJwbmzEs 36827018

As did Zoe Saldana. I've gotten 'Time to be Awesome' stuck in my head several times this week.

That's why I said IF they paid them a lot, then they should dial it back to C or D list celeb voices.

Anonymous 36827020

In this case it's only to look less like an extended episode, no one really felt like a first choice
Those are basically the Canatrash VAs they already have

unlikeable pony 36827027

True that. I ended up liking captain celano alot more than I expected.

The only characters I felt kind of flubbed were the seapony VAs. They weren't BAD, but they didn't endear me to them like the Pirates and Tempest did.

Oh yeah, grubber was kind of meh too. I LIKED him, but i also recognize that that's probably more of a personal preference thing, he's pretty generically the bumbling evil sidekick without much to reccomend him besides that.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36827031

File: 1507843634575.png (58.14 KB, 539x506, 1459310005457.png)

Grubber is pretty much just Pinkie but without the screeching and cartoon powers. He exists only to be dumb and silly and make cheesy jokes. Just about completely irrelevant to the story.

People have claimed that he's supposed to be Tempest's equivalent of Spike, but I don't see it at all. He doesn't really do much for Tempest, he just follows her around and makes stupid jokes and eats things the entire movie. And then inexplicably disappears towards the end.
This post was edited by its author on .

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 36827032

>People have claimed that he's supposed to be Tempest's equivalent of Spike, but I don't see it at all.
>He doesn't really do much for Tempest, he just follows her around and makes stupid jokes and eats things the entire movie.
That sounds a bit like Spike.

!gEapIYWEa2 36827033

File: 1507848170152.png (1008.15 KB, 641x888, L_U_N_T.png)

Grubber would've been tolerable, if they just let him act on his own. They were using that retarded formula that never works, pretty much exclusively using him to make Tempest less compelling.

It's like they thought that Tempest was so scary, that children would run screaming out of the theater if every time Tempest does something evil, they didn't have a dumb looking mook grabbing center stage and announcing "OH BY THE WAY WE ARE ALSO SILLY HA HA"

unlikeable pony 36827035

File: 1507856585885.jpg (717.78 KB, 1296x583, 1558515__safe_screencap_grubbe…)

>And then inexplicably disappears towards the end.
Yeah, I kind of am expecting a cut scene in the extended cut, because it really feels like there was probably something with him but they left it out (like in the book about grubber).

Then again, the book gives grubber a massively different motivation and character in that he seems slavishly devoted to trying to get Tempest's approval and to be her sidekick, when in the movie he very clearly enjoys his job.

Nother Nonymous 36827040

File: 1507864332590.jpg (41.68 KB, 399x300, Pinkie Pie Welcome...herd.jpg)

A lot of the negative reviews have centered around "Oh yuck, pastel toy horsies having friendship moments and parties, gag gag 1/10" reactions. But occasionally, you get an interesting, reluctantly positive review that reminds you of how you got sucked into the herd. The review on "Movies with Dave" (http://www.purcellregister.com/opinion/editorials/victoria-and-abdul-my-little-pony-the-movie-the-mountain/article_32bf6424-aeca-11e7-b133-e3fd024c9258.html) is an example:

"I love animation, heck I love cartoons.

"There’s something about this genre that really connects with me. Which believe me, feels a little weird saying as a 28-year-old guy.

"What’s even weirder though is enjoying a movie filled with pastel colored ponies who like to sing about friendship. Yet here I am."
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unlikeable pony 36827050

File: 1507922162020.jpg (92.12 KB, 640x463, guardiansss.jpeg)

Honestly, this just kind of goes back to the whole MLP stigma that I've been talking about for a while.

People who went in with an unclouded "neutral" mind tended to give the movie a decent review, if not a giant "BEST EVER" type deal, while the people who thumbed it down seem to have gone in with a "GOD, ITS PONIES, ITS AUTOMATICALLY SHIT" mindset.

This review seems particularly mean spirited with its "haha, lets call the bronies sexual deviants" joke.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827062

I saw a review that said they couldn't tell the mane 6's personalities apart.

Like, seriously. If you aren't going to actually watch the movie or pay attention, feel free to not post a review.

Toothless Alligator!!Octavia 36827063

File: 1507949898064.jpg (86.55 KB, 1024x576, rainbow_factory_intro_6_by_pet…)

I mean, if a movie can't get you to pay attention to the characters, then the movie hasn't done a good job.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827065

File: 1507950155189.png (222.54 KB, 400x402, 1323604414144.png)

not really the movie's fault if you're walking in intent on manufacturing fake, hyperbolic, hatred, just to protect your cool kid cred.
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NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36827066

File: 1507950283146.png (402.89 KB, 320x607, judy137.PNG)

The problem is that there's way too many characters, the movie keeps introducing new protagonists every 10 minutes, for most of the movie.

Though I can't really blame a non-fan for not getting a good feel of the main6, seeing as half of them don't really do shit throughout the movie. If the story wasn't introducing 5+ new characters, we probably wouldn't have had this issue.

But other than that, yes, this is exactly what I expected: poor/negative reviews because of the stigma of it being a "little girls movie".

To be fair, the movie's plot is very generic. It's not deep or complex, it has no surprises or twists, it's very straight-forward "adventure". So I can't blame people who aren't already fans of the show for not praising it to the heavens.
This post was edited by its author on .

Toothless Alligator!!Octavia 36827067

File: 1507950479756.jpg (90.36 KB, 1024x576, rainbow_factory_intro_9_by_pet…)

I don't think there is a fault here. It's just how the movie came off to someone who doesn't like children's movies. No real point to calling people out with reviews you find less than adequate just because it's a negative one.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827068

Not looking for fawning praise, but in no way was it in any way offensive or bad. At worst it was mediocre.

Someone walking in with preconceived notions on how they think they're obligated to react based on age or gender has no business giving what should be an objective review of a kid's movie. Let some mom do it, or someone willing to actually judge it based on the actual quality of the actual content. If i read shit like, "I couldn't tell them apart", my eyes are gonna roll right out of my head and into the neighbor's yard, and that's only if the cat doesn't pounce on them first.

Bollox!60EJwbmzEs 36827069

We've seen this same pattern happen over and over again with movie reviewers. They go into a kids' movie (not because they want to but because its their job) and complain that it's too childish.

Bollox!60EJwbmzEs 36827070


And that's even after this movie made a joke about dicks falling off. What more could they want?

Toothless Alligator!!Octavia 36827071

File: 1507952158675.jpg (104.43 KB, 894x894, cupcakes_53___ghost_by_petirep…)

I mean "couldn't tell the characters apart" actually seems like reasonable review of content. For the most part what the characters all specifically did all blurs together in my mind and most any character could have done a lot of things that were said or done. Like if I wasn't a fan of MLP, I don't think I would remember any of the characters at all.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36827072

File: 1507958752932.png (468.95 KB, 373x717, judy44.PNG)

>but in no way was it in any way offensive or bad. At worst it was mediocre.

That's what I'm saying. It was just okay-ish. Which means that someone who's not already a fan of the show is more likely to rate it lower.

You can have a "childrens" movie without it being dumbed-down and childish. KFP2 and 3, for example, are equal parts "silly cartoony crap" and "serious dramatic crap".

This movie on the other hand, is much heavier on silly cartoony crap, and the fact that the main characters are brightly colored ponies only exaggerates that.
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AustroSpike ~Element of Makeshift Moe~ 36827088

>The problem is that there's way too many characters, the movie keeps introducing new protagonists every 10 minutes, for most of the movie.
One of my issues as well. Wish I knew how they came up with this mosaic of plot.

Risky !RISkQqf4EM 36827110

exactly what I was going to respond with


File: 1508085667582.png (42.1 KB, 260x260, dash445.png)

The movie passed 26+ mio. internationally this weekend. So that's not the worst news.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 36827112

Good for people who don't want the ride to end anyway. Hopefully the fruitloops frigate playset sells well enough to keep the show going.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827113

File: 1508089555995.jpg (179.94 KB, 565x509, 63022228-E40A-4A7E-AFE7-D5E41E…)

Double this and we break even and maybe make a profit.

AKA Chuck Finley 36827124

File: 1508115277652.jpg (105.03 KB, 900x1083, 1415103__safe_screencap_trixie…)

I think it would probably need to be more like triple this to break even, taking into account both the advertising budget and the fact that theaters generally keep 45% of the box office.

They'll still probably get most of that back in box office returns and the rest and then some from DVD, soundtrack, rental, and toy sales.

I don't think it'll be enough to get a sequel though.

Anonymous 36827127

I would like to know how things are split between Hasbro and Lionsgate. Most of the merchandise doesn't mention Lionsgate at all, and who knows how much did they buy the rights for.

AKA Chuck Finley 36827129

File: 1508119614951.jpg (70.15 KB, 626x715, 1541586__safe_screencap_trixie…)

Since Hasbro makes the toys in house, I'd think they'd keep the toy rights. It would be pretty interesting to know how the rights for the film split up. A bad box office might only screw over Lionsgate, while Hasbro and DHX rake in money on toys and streaming.

Anonymous 36827134

Lol, DHX is clearly only paid upfront, they wouldn’t be selling themselves if they didn’t

AKA Chuck Finley 36827135

File: 1508124314664.png (277.34 KB, 464x712, 1469056__safe_screencap_trixie…)

I have no idea how Hasbro's and DHX's relationship works. DHX may just be a studio for hire.

I guess they would have to be actually if the entire film's budget shows up in Hasbro's financial report. I can't imagine $25 million is only part of the film's budget.

Anonymous 36827136

>DHX may just be a studio for hire
It is
>I can't imagine $25 million is only part of the film's budget
It has to be cheaper
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AKA Chuck Finley 36827144

File: 1508179260307.png (114.21 KB, 829x1182, 253862__safe_artist-colon-julz…)

>It has to be cheaper
What makes you say that? The $25 million from >>36826978 seems in line with similar animated films:

Powerpuff Girls Movie - $17 million
Norm of the North - $18 million
Wild Thornberrys Movie - $34 million
Spongebob Squarepants Movie - $39 million
Rugrats Movie - $45 million
(all inflation adjusted)

Anonymous 36827157

FiM is already pretty cheap and low-rated, this looks much the same

unlikeable pony 36827163

File: 1508188535256.png (616.7 KB, 1273x709, 1502314__safe_angel+bunny_flut…)

Yeah. the problem is, I can't see it getting more than 4-6 million per week over the next month, with each week DECREASING in sales.

That being said, I seem to remember reading that they got a 5 million credit from canada's government for this movie, which would drive down how much they needed to make.

AKA Chuck Finley 36827171

File: 1508205289014.png (864.67 KB, 1280x720, 1421069__safe_screencap_trixie…)

But the movie is animated in a completely different way than the show and clearly took a lot more work. (plus all the celebrity voices they had to pay)

It doesn't really need to though, since films only rarely make back their entire budget (production + marketing and fees) from ticket sales alone. Films on average only make about 20% of their income from ticket sales, with the other 80% coming from TV licensing, DVDs, rentals/streaming, and sometimes merchandising.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 36827173


Pretty much. I'll take the numbers we're seeing as of now as a good sign.
Ultimately Hasbro will be the ones to declare whether the venture was a success that they are happy with, or if it under-performed their expectations. That won't really be revealed until well after the movie is out of theaters and dvd/rights/toy sales get factored in.

Meisterburg!oRT4jqzTBU 36827178

I personally found the movie to be fun to watch, but mostly because of the aesthetics and the overall way it was designed. The animation seemed to be packed with more glitter, as well as the shadowing making them more 3-dimensional and pop out at you more.
And I will also give the movie a point for having a scene that made me laugh as it made me think of the Tom Petty song "Free Falling."

However, now that I have looked at it, the plot did seem a bit rushed and too much was tried to be packed into a movie that was only 90 minutes long. Plus, while other people may have said the songs were good, I myself am not a big fan of musicals in movies, and MLP is no exception. My Little Pony has churned up the occasional good song, but it hasn't created masses of songs I came to remember other than "Smile" and "Winter Wrap Up", but otherwise, most of the songs just don't speak to me. Even with Tempest's song "Open Your Eyes" didn't catch me all that much, though it seemed cool. I mean, if you want a TRUE example of a catchy villain theme song, listen to "Shiny" from Moana... That damn sound track still can't get out of my head.

So is the movie good for the family? Yes. Is it the best it can be in the eyes of bronies? Hell no. But, if Hasbro wants to give it another try, keep the beautiful animation and give us something improved, then by all means, it should.

Anonymous 36827179

>But the movie is animated in a completely different way than the show and clearly took a lot more work. (plus all the celebrity voices they had to pay)
Still slightly updated from Flash with a handful of B and C-listers

unlikeable pony 36827254

File: 1508480483352.png (1.85 MB, 1634x1052, Untitled.png)

When hasbro decides "Fuck it, no one's going to see this in theaters, let's abridge it"


File: 1508501221988.gif (1.22 MB, 219x234, dash379.gif)

I'm surprised they didn't give Tempest that sky skiff in the movie.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827257

The ebil Miggin McCaffries must have forgotten to shove their toy mandates in our faces.

Sitting in the theater for my 3rd viewing. I wanted to see how packed the theaters would be on the 3rd weekend. 1 good sign is that nearly every seat on fandango was already reserved. The bad sign are it’s down to 4 showings a day, they got rid of the 9PM showings, and we’ve been pushed to the small theater at the end of the hall with a grand total of 4 (very roomy) rows. Like each row is it’s own level. I still think this will pull 40M, then be able to more than break even on the backs of dvd/BluRay and merch. I already bought my skystar brushable.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827258

even though the theater was small, 48 seats total, it was packed nearly 100%. I'm sure there were families who couldn't get in for this showing. If this was held in a larger room, it would have filled up nicely. Hopefully those who didn't get in will instead see another showing and they'll make the same amount of sales but stretched out further over time.

unlikeable pony 36827260

File: 1508558889655.jpg (92.12 KB, 640x463, guardiansss.jpeg)

lack of time, sadly.

I kind of wonder how well these GOH toys will sell this holiday season, they only really seem to be carried at Walmart from what I've seen.

one thing I've read is that, even though its a low number, the % drop in sales on a weekly basis is actually pretty small.
So even though its not selling alot, it seems to not be losing momentum as fast as alot of other movies do, so it might be able to coast along profitably better.

Still upset this movie didn't get a chinese release; if it had it would easily reach about 80 million by the end of its run, possibly more.

Marimo!!Spike 36827265

File: 1508587616539.png (66.22 KB, 184x280, Komaeda_(17).png)

China only allows 34 foreign films per year, with 14 of them needing to be 3D or IMAX movies. Unfortunately, the bigger studios (Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount, Fox, Sony, and Universal) usually take all those spots.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 36827275

File: 1508614960505.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080, 642463__safe_fluttershy_humani…)

This makes sense to me given the demographic. Most parents aren't going to be as fussed about opening weekend as a fan of a franchise.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827278

yesterday's estimated take was 455k. I have a feeling that'll be revised upward. My small theater alone was packed, which is about 1k dollars worth of tickets, and the estimate is based on $198 per screen.

Anonymous 36827288

File: 1508698525471.jpg (434.84 KB, 1024x911, qk9l-1508682310-388824-full.jp…)

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36827292

File: 1508730358001.png (243.88 KB, 297x462, judy15.png)

>48 seat theater

the fuck

Theaters exist that are THAT small?

I've never been to a theater that had less than 200 seats.

Anonymous 36827293

Doesn't Hasbro have those rights?

unlikeable pony 36827295

Yeah, there's alot of tinier theaters out there for homier feels.
I never go to the megatheaters, I'm addicted to the little ones around here.

not sure what you mean here? Of course hasbro has rights to their own toys, I'm just staying I haven't seen the GOH stuff out on the shelves near as much as it was last year at this time when everything was packed with it.

apart from the 30 Cheese sandwhich toys on clearance that is.

Well, its at 38 million right now, so if it needs to make about 50 million to clear and break even, I think it's going to do it.

Nother Nonymous 36827300

File: 1508787157541.png (616.54 KB, 900x1227, nightmare_luna.png)

Curiously, while a large percentage of the top journalistic critics think the movie is a flavorless dollop of whipped cream with sprinkles, a lot of parent reviews on Commonsense Media (https://www.commonsensemedia.org/movie-reviews/my-little-pony-the-movie-2017/user-reviews/adult) attack it for being dark and terrifying.

You can't win.

Anonymous 36827301

"very violent and has mild sexual themes"

Troll, methinks.

NostalgiaSchmaltz!jdKt6Dif02 36827302

File: 1508790150328.png (233.48 KB, 615x737, 1488069346655.png)

It's a little of both. There are overly-saccharine prancing pink ponies parts, as well as dark and dismal doomy-destruction parts.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827305

Surprisingly, the 455k was revised down to 443k, but the Sat and Sun numbers were increased, so overall it broke 2M, instead of the 1.9M given in the estimate.

The current total stands at 29.6M worldwide, the 35M EQD posted is wrong.

Nother Nonymous 36827306

File: 1508794945194.jpg (230.31 KB, 720x1118, Mr_Horse_blue_shaded.jpg)

In my neck of the woods, the seats in the movie theaters continually get fewer and fewer but bigger and bigger, matching the declining audience with the price per seat. The seats are now all extra-wide mechanical La-Z-Boy recliners with cup holders, resembling high-grade first-class seating in an airliner, or the mobile chairs in Wall-E.

AKA Chuck Finley 36827308

File: 1508806011930.gif (5.55 MB, 408x432, 1413160__safe_screencap_starli…)

The $35 million comes from the estimates of foreign returns. If you look at the Box Office Mojo page you'll see that almost no foreign countries have box office figures updated for this last weekend, including countries like The UK and France where the movie just premiered.

The same thing happened last weekend when Box Office Mojo listed a $25 million estimate including foreign and domestic, then it dropped to $20 million on Monday when the domestic total came in and the foreign estimates were dropped, and then by the end of the week when most of the other countries updated, the second weekend total went back up to $25-26 million.

>the % drop in sales on a weekly basis is actually pretty small.
It's dropped by 50% domestic for each of the last two weekends, which I think is a bit of an above average drop.

unlikeable pony 36827311

File: 1508816564157.jpg (44.77 KB, 384x512, 819653__safe_nightmare+moon_ov…)

Heh, reminds me of parents being upset at the nightmare moon toy being "too scary".
it comes from parents still thinking that MLP is insipid banal garbage based on the 80s stereotype, and take 3 and 4 year olds to see it.

I did have to laugh a bit at my nephew a bit during the movie as he said "this is too scary" at a couple points, but he says that about EVERYTHING basically.

I'm pretty interested in why they haven't released the budget number yet; most other movies the company releases the budget early on as a proud number.
The fact that they haven't done so yet is making me worried.

AKA Chuck Finley 36827313

File: 1508817561478.jpg (90.43 KB, 720x720, 1537272__safe_screencap_trixie…)

>it comes from parents still thinking that MLP is insipid banal garbage based on the 80s stereotype, and take 3 and 4 year olds to see it.
That's for sure. When I went to see it in the theater, the woman next to me had her two-year-old there.

They don't understand that PG movies are usually rated PG for at least some reason. If you think your child is so sensitive that they can't handle any kind of real conflict or danger, then don't take them to PG movies, or better yet, don't take three-year-olds to the movie theater at all.

It's almost as bad as those idiot parents who took their kids to see Deadpool and then complained because "it's a superhero movie, so it must be for kids."

Anonymous 36827315

People forget the original show got pretty dark at times.


True, that was different times though.

AKA Chuck Finley 36827317

File: 1508824200392.png (864.67 KB, 1280x720, 1421069__safe_screencap_trixie…)

Yeah, I think it's about the idea of the 80's My Little Pony more than the reality of it. These parents who watched it back then only remember the happy-go-lucky stuff and don't remember that even in the 80's cartoon makers tried to put at least some kind of real content in children's shows.

Also, those GOH toys look pretty sharp. First time I've been even remotely tempted to buy a My Little Pony toy. Usually they look like shit. If those things came out four years ago when the brony fandom was still alive, they would have sold like crazy.

Anonymous 36827318

File: 1508825686901.png (728.17 KB, 2000x5637, tempestbetes.png)

Tempestchan has gotten the Crowley treatment.

For those who don't know, since the fandom early days, Crowley has done really sweet 2nd person limefics.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827320

I saw a UK reviewer bitch that the movie wasn’t vapid, saccharine horse shit. They acted like MLP was obligated to be bad and uninteresting and we’re insulted it wasn’t.

unlikeable pony 36827324

File: 1508872510168.jpg (24.72 KB, 1024x1024, erecting.a.sentry.jpeg)

>If those things came out four years ago when the brony fandom was still alive, they would have sold like crazy.

This is one of the truest and saddest things about the GOH toys.
Damnit, they look so GOOD, but hasbro really missed the timing mark on it.

Hasbro always seems to be 2 steps behind when it comes to when they should be making toylines (Like for example, if they'd started out the EQG series with the minis from the start it probably would have had less backlash)

Really hoping we keep getting these GOH toylines though; I remember hearing a rumor about a tartarus playset with tirek being next after the movie.

Geldon 36827326

I haven't been making time for pony lately, or anything else good in life, but you better bet I dragged my carcass into a theater and put down some money on a ticket to thank Hasbro for the good times.

The movie was alright.

A bit better animated, although the character designs weren't the ones I initially signed up for.

The characters were alright, although I found needless token demographics catperson a tad cloying. Lets retcon in whole new races. Sure.

The main villain barely made a showing, but hey, the movie wasn't really about him. Apparently the ponies are largely ignorant of the world around them considering the Storm King apparently took over the world outside of Equestria and ousted the Hippogriffs.

Did it have cameos of favorite background ponies? Damn right it did, this is MLP:FIM, biatch.

The overall story was a fun movie-length adventure with the mane six. That's all it was. It wasn't as compelling as a hardcore fanfic. But, hey, I like the mane six, I like the adventure, good enough.

Moar pony was delivered. Two hooves up.

Geldon 36827339

Having put another day of introspection into it, I think the movie succeeded in rekindling my interest in the series. I had stalled out about halfway through season 5 but, after watching the movie, I came back, bought both halves on Google Play and gave them a thorough watch.

You know what? I think Faust was right. When she left, she said she left the series in the hands of some really talented individuals who would keep the show running just fine. While I will say the animations don't quite have her flair, and they took some liberties she wouldn't have (as begets being the current show runners) I have to say that season 5 has turned out to be a really good season.

Taken with fresh eyes, Season 5 was a fantastic watch that brought the lore of the earlier series to the forefront ("Amending Fences") while bringing in a good balance of fan influence in such a way that it enhanced the show instead of ruining it ("Slice Of Life", "Rarity Investigates"), and even moving some important arcs forward ("Do Princesses Dream Of Electric Sheep", "Crusaders Of The Lost Mark"). I hope the later seasons turn out to be as good as season 5.

The movie was good to see, a nice jumbo-sized chunk of pony, and it could have went a lot worse, but I can't feel there was a lot of takeaway from it. The genki girl hippogriff princess was a fun character, the characterization of all our favorite characters remained on-tone, edgepony got interesting, and the animation was better... but I could take or leave the rest. It was a chance to flex their creative chops a bit, perhaps, but the show is still the mane event.

Anyway, nice to see some familiar faces, but I think I'm too burned out on boards to hang around overlong and remain tolerable, so I'll get out of your space. Thanks for letting an old brony unload his pony.
This post was edited by its author on .

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827345

To answer your question whether or not the show is good after S5, arguably 2 of the best episodes ever are back to back (608, 609) followed by the biggest, observable universe sized pile of shit episode (610), so it’s hit and miss, usually hit. If you thought Princess Spike was bad, as you probably did and should have, just wait for this.

Geldon 36827347

Woah, okay, I'll steel myself for the horror that is 610.

Princess Spike was probably the worst episode of the season, but I didn't suffer overmuch because of it. I largely blew it off as Spike's turn to carry the idiot ball again. Spike tends to flip flop a lot between overwhelmingly competent and overwhelmingly incompetent, like he's Twilight's right hand dragon when he needs to be but a dumb-as-rocks babby dragon when they need to preach the pitfalls of youthful naivety. Princess Spike was far off that deep end. I prefer glib Spike ("Winter Wrap Up"), but I haven't seen a lot of him lately.
This post was edited by its author on .

AKA Chuck Finley 36827348

File: 1508957637560.jpg (85.74 KB, 797x715, 1554226__safe_screencap_trixie…)

I actually had no problem at all with 610. It had one of the most unique messages and some clever and funny situations. I don't think any episode of season 6 was as bad as Princess Spike. My least favorites would probably be 611, 623, and 601/602 (although I skipped all the CMC episodes).

Geldon 36827349

Hmm, interesting, sounds like a "Feeling Pinky Keen" division of opinion here. I'll keep an open mind.

Sounds like season 6 epsiodes being generally hit or miss is still something to bear in mind, though.

Marimo!!Spike 36827350

File: 1508975345199.png (62.9 KB, 178x266, Nanami_(3).png)

They released Jem's production budget and that was a massive financial and critical disappointment. They probably just don't want to bother this time even if it becomes profitable.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 36827358

File: 1508987656064.jpg (12.85 KB, 250x256, e35b82de7f419f1d11e65e27069f9f…)

I can actually see where some of them are coming from. There's always a certain atmosphere in poni that persists in the show even when it gets dark. That wasn't present for a lot of the movie. After the ponies left Equestria for the badlands there was an unusual atmosphere of dread unrelated to what was going on in the story. It was more a product of the background and character design and the color scheme.

It was jarring.

Anonymous 36827362

It feel like all movies give out production budgets regardless

Anonymous 36827388

chinese rights

unlikeable pony 36827427

Well this is really saddening. its been pulled from most US theaters (except discount ones) by now, and its barely at about 44 million.

I kind of doubt we'll get a theatrical sequel, only direct to DVD from now on.

Anonymous 36827428

Well at least we can say this is probably Hasbro's highest grossing animated movie yet. I think even adjusted for inflation, it grossed more than the original MLP and Transformers movie combined.


If you take the worldwide gross, then yes.

unlikeable pony 36827432

Those were both failures though, sadly. They were why they nixed putting the GI joe movie in theaters and made it straight to DVD instead.

Oh lets see; Which part should I be looking at, the part where there's nothing about a new MLP movie being confirmed or stated to be worked on?

They're partnering with a partner for allsparks, that just means they're trying to solidify their gameplan with their new studio.

Anonymous 36827436

>there's nothing about a new MLP movie being confirmed or stated to be worked on?

You missed the Hasbro fourth quarter financial report, I take it.

Hasbro confirmed serious consideration for a second MLP movie during that phone call. This fact alone pretty much indicates that the first movie only cost around six million as many news reports claimed. Hasbro is taking the long haul on this.

Watch for the Bluray, digital online and DVD release before the second week of December, if that long. Pulling the movie from theaters supports the move to the secondary markets in time for Xmas.

Anonymous 36827441

promoting McCarthy to something over her head yet again, and relying on an animation studio that’s only done a few low-budget TV shows, proves they’ve learned nothing

unlikeable pony 36827442

They said they were "considering" making another one-- businesses ALWAYS say that. Fuck, when the Power rangers movie was coming out, the people behind it said they were planning on making 7 of them, and the TMNT people said they were going to make 3 more.

But when numbers come down at the end of the day, after all the dust is settled, companies get cold feet very easily and things will be put on indefinite "Hold".

The Only thing that would guarantee a sequel is if the Toys move exceedingly well this holiday, and from all the MLP movie merch at grocery stores I've seen sitting on shelves collecting dust since it was released, I'm not really so sure it'll move any better than normal with just a season.

Anonymous 36827443


File: 1509850855021.jpg (340.36 KB, 2159x1177, tiamovie.jpg)

Last frame of the movie.

unlikeable pony 36827446

Wonder when they're going to officially release the budget numbers? Its kind of strange its not released yet.

I rather hope not; Lion's gate is TERRIBLE at handling movie advertising to generate hype.

Loved the dance party :)

Anonymous 36827448

Not exactly a reason to stay through the credits


blaming me for that? see, I AM responsible.


File: 1509853527082.jpg (9.03 KB, 263x192, Big_Mac_Brushing_Applejack.jpg)

My pony movie has made $44 million so far, while Dory has made over a billion.

Twily might have made more but Derpy was the only pony who helped her out oh except for Fizzlepop but it's her fault in the first place.

I too wonder how much Hasbro spent, but at least we can be sure they made money, anyway.

I want part II already. Hurry up Hasbro. What have you done for me lately.

unlikeable pony 36827463

well it's sitting at 47 million right now, so I'm eagerly looking forward to when they finally release official numbers for expenses and budgets, ect.

Still wondering why the hell its taking them so long to do so.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827494

File: 1510530261479.png (2.03 MB, 1334x750, 97BF94E1-04CA-4E8E-8A29-3369EA…)

50M yo.

AKA Chuck Finley 36827495

File: 1510539593634.png (448.57 KB, 1280x720, 145c47ad-74c8-4c7b-86a7-b9673b…)


After that first week, I thought it was only gonna get to the lower 40's. The foreign market stepped up.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827496

It just went live in India so it should pick up a bit for a few weeks.

unlikeable pony 36827499

File: 1510551230410.jpg (32.29 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>Playing mage

According to some anons that work at Movie theaters on /mlp it apparently is still doing very well at the theaters that its being shown at, and gets popped back into be shown still at the "normal" theaters as well instead of just the discount ones.

I'm kind of hoping it'll reach about 55million before its ride ends.
Still confused as to why they haven't released the budget info yet though this far in.

>Making a financial impact
While India is a very populous country, its not exactly a country I expect to make a very big financial impact.

AKA Chuck Finley 36827500

File: 1510552227250.gif (5.55 MB, 408x432, 1413160__safe_screencap_starli…)

It's still showing twice a day at my local AMC theater, which is a full price theater. I'd actually consider going back to watch it a second time if AMC weren't so shit.


File: 1510556163083.png (382.37 KB, 681x700, dash401.png)

The real foreign market figures are always a week or so behind and currently only an estimate. So the 50 million aren't confirmed until the next week.

But yeah, looks good.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 36827505

Here's the sound of the other shoe falling.

Amazon announced that pre-orders of the digital version of the movie began today. The official release date of the digital version of MLP The Movie is Dec. 19 and the Blu-ray and DVD versions drop January 9, a little late for Xmax '17.

unlikeable pony 36827518

Hopefully the toy sales will offset it.

Anonymous 36827523

The great news about the video release is that there's a lot of bonus material. Copied from EqD.

The Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital release includes:

Deleted Scene
Equestria Girls Short
“Baking with Pinkie Pie” Featurette
“Making Magic with the Mane 6 and Their New Friends” Featurette
“The Journey Beyond Equestria” Featurette
“I’m the Friend You Need” Music Video (Sung by Taye Diggs)
“Hanazuki: Full of Treasures” Featurette

AKA Chuck Finley 36827524

File: 1510880862115.png (856.93 KB, 1280x720, 1532501__safe_screencap_trixie…)

No commentary track? That was the main bonus feature I was hoping for. Commentary tracks are the reason I bought two of the Equestria Girls movies and only the first season of the show.

At least they have the Hanazuki short, which was the other thing I was really hoping for.

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827525

Yeah what the fuck kind of trash is this. No commentary?

unlikeable pony 36827526

File: 1510890975791.jpg (3.07 MB, 2565x2000, 1504148553181.jpg)

Woah woah woah.
Hold the fuck up, where the HELL are the deleted scenes?!

Agreed, this is just pure shit.


Anonymous 36827529

File: 1510949367737.jpg (236.96 KB, 600x591, michel vogel.jpg)

I agree the lack of a commentary track is a bad mistake, but who would you want to hear in that track?

Jayson Thiessen?
Meghan McCarthy?
Mitch Vogel?
Tara Strong?

No thanks.
This post was edited by its author on .

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827530

Jayson for sure, maybe one of the VAs, Ingram, and some of the animators

AKA Chuck Finley 36827531

File: 1510953412647.jpg (18.67 KB, 414x520, 1526712__safe_screencap_trixie…)

Tabitha St. Germain was always entertaining on the season 1 commentaries, so I wouldn't mind hearing from her in addition to Jayson and Ingram and a couple others.

unlikeable pony 36827532

File: 1510959941964.png (3.46 MB, 1912x1060, mane.six.png)

I'd want to hear the VA's of the mane six doing commentary in character of the mane six for what's going on in the scene.

Anonymous 36827534

What would be way cooler would be a live panel at a major con where the VAs could do commentary during a showing of the movie. I'd attend a con for that alone!

We now know there is no commentary track (that is, unless what Lions Gate's press release was wrong). What makes this press release even weirder are the words "Deleted Scene" instead of scenes. What? They didn't have more than one scene they left in the editing booth?

Nother Nonymous 36827557

File: 1511120167939.png (229.8 KB, 702x700, According_to_the_Plan.png)

Animated films usually leave a lot less on the cutting-room floor than live-action movies, because the scenes are so carefully planned in advance. Snow White deleted only one scene in final production, and I don't think Fantasia deleted any.

Nother Nonymous 36827573

File: 1511240571620.gif (816.33 KB, 300x225, Mr_Horse_sniff_litter.gif)

Right on, Anonymous! I forgot that one.

Unlike the soup-eating sequence in Snow White, "Clair de Lune" wasn't left on the cutting-room floor where it belonged. They recycled it in the 1946 Fantasia-type package Make Mine Music, with different music -- a song called "Blue Bayou," composed to match the Debussy. I didn't realize the original version had survived. But it's pretty dull in both versions.

That was a bad time at Disney. The 1940 strike tore the studio apart, and they used up all their assets on Bambi, which lost a huge pile of money -- so they went into military training films during WWII and spent the rest of the 1940s squeezing every nickel they could out of crap, cranking out cheesy cut-rate Fantasias like Make Mine Music, Fun and Fancy Free (1947), and Melody Time (1948). It took them 8 years to recover enough to produce a new animated feature (Cinderella, in 1950).
This post was edited by its author on .

EquestriaGuy!1DerpyVA.6 36827587

File: 1511495642537.png (816.5 KB, 810x948, 0B0DC2CB-8265-46CE-AECA-105FE8…)

Let’s not talk about Clair de Lune for awhile.

Nother Nonymous 36827592

File: 1511618322309.jpg (65.14 KB, 290x289, Mr_Horse_impatient_disgust.jpg)

Okay. What do you want to talk about instead?

unlikeable pony 36827593

File: 1511666078879.jpg (181.79 KB, 938x626, 1592967__safe_tempest+shadow_m…)

The hiatus is suffering. :(
And they STILL haven't released the budget numbers for the movie.

Anonymous 36827594

File: 1511675274750.jpg (71.65 KB, 680x656, t6hf-1509648921-390127-full.jp…)

Marimo!!Spike 36827597

File: 1511729943234.png (72.14 KB, 191x261, Nanami_(11).png)

You know, at this point I don't think you have to keep saying they haven't released the budget yet. They don't have to release the numbers, and at this point they probably have no reason to if they haven't already.

Anonymous 36827599

it's just weird and all

Marimo!!Spike 36827605

File: 1511914281202.png (67.27 KB, 180x264, Nanami_(10).png)

Disney and Pixar haven't officially released the budget for Coco yet either, just some industry experts and insiders who have estimated how much it cost.

Nother Nonymous 36827626

File: 1512406418532.jpg (3.75 MB, 5079x2160, book3.jpg)

Coco is a gigantic, disgraceful ripoff of The Book of Life (https://moviepilot.com/p/pixar-coco-rip-off-the-book-of-life/4232555). The Pixar people should hang their heads in shame.

Anonymous 36827627

With a dash of Grim Fandango ripoff.

Marimo!!Spike 36827631

File: 1512434361666.png (62.68 KB, 180x259, Nanami_(19).png)

Jorge Gutierrez, the writer and director for Book of Life, loved Coco, praised Pixar, and hopes more people go and see it.

Anonymous 36827667

And then two most important people were outed for doing terrible things

Anonymous 36827676

Likely around $200 mill

Anonymous 36827753

We have the MLP The Movie budget numbers now thanks to the leaks.

Still curious?

unlikeable pony 36827755

Nah, I saw them.

It looks like the amount they sold was less than they were shooting for though given the "100 million" thing I saw on the Worldwide gross expectations in another sheet.

Anonymous 36827943

Considering there's a ton of conflicting sources, and the fact that it looks like a TV movie to an esoteric thing (yet has a title that suggests the history of a 26 year old brand), I'm not sold
>It looks like the amount they sold was less than they were shooting for though given the "100 million" thing I saw on the Worldwide gross expectations in another sheet.
Jesus, delusional much?

Anonymous 36828035

File: 1515798562043.png (780.16 KB, 1153x653, Untitled.png)

So... whose human hands were those in the Baking with Pinkie Pie special feature? Was it actually Andrea Libman?

This post was edited by its author on .

Nother Nonymous 36828166

File: 1518894751016.gif (816.33 KB, 300x225, Mr_Horse_sniff_litter.gif)

The movie wasn't a complete flop. It probably made its money back, and it's still selling toys and DVDs. But to keep G4 going, it needed to do better than it did. How and where did it go wrong? Here are some thoughts after watching the DVD.

OVERALL PLUSSES: (1) The backgrounds and art design are great. (2) The effects animation is grade A-plus. (3) The character animation is excellent. (4) Everywhere the movie gets dark and/or serious, it's good. Tempest Storm Shadow is wonderful throughout, and the final battle scenes are awesome once we get beyond the initial sillinesses with baked goods. When Twilight does a bad thing and her friends reject her and she goes off to contemplate her sins in solitude, the audience is truly emotionally engaged for the first time in the movie. And that shot of her descending through the vortex bearing the staff, looking like Rembrandt's painting of the Ascension of Christ, is terrific.

That's about it. The flaws are more numerous.

CHARACTER DESIGN: I don't care what anyone says about red, black, and scars being unoriginal: Fizzlepop (what a great name for a unicorn with a horn like that!) is wonderful, and the other villains are okay. The sea ponies aren't bad. But the mane-sequence ponies are a disaster. Whose terrible idea was it to make their monstrous eyes BIGGER and their squeaky little snouts even smaller and rounder? As I said in an earlier post, watching this movie is like spending 90 minutes stuck in a jar of pig embryos.

PULLING PUNCHES: Almost every time something slightly edgy or serious happens, a low-comedy clown gets sent in to break the tension with a pun or a sight gag. The cumulative effect is the propagation of a vast indifference. I didn't mind the Storm King's madcap craziness -- he has to be Chaotic Evil to contrast with the Lawful Evil of Fizzlepop -- but Pinkie was more annoying than usual, and Grubber needed to be taken out back somewhere and quietly drowned along with his fucking pink spongecake.

THE PIRATES: Pirates are not rough-edged, happy-go-lucky treasure hunters. They are muggers in boats. These golden-hearted pirates were unusually unconvincing.

SONGS: "Open Up Your Eyes" has good music, but awful lyrics. Most of the other songs have dull music AND awful lyrics.

STORY LINE: Nicely handled ending, but the rest was seriously defective -- especially the initial Festival of Friendship stuff, which was tiresome, vapid, forced, and childish, and certain to turn off any film critic who wasn't already a fan of the show. The story probably could have been salvaged if some of the sillier details had been worked out better. Capper defies the most dangerous mare in the world because he's so grateful that Rarity gave him new buttons? Really? Queen Novo decides to risk letting the Storm King get the pearl because Pinkie led a jolly dance number? Pinkie subdues a quarter-ton NFL spear-carrier by throwing cupcakes? As if. And Sia added less than nothing.

That's enough for openers. Any other plusses and minuses?

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