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I need pictures. Pictures of ponies!

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File: 1444710787407.png (42.76 KB, 1114x968, 1355560425977.PNG)

OC Meme Anonymous 957258[View]

here something you artiest may enjoy

File: 1444195843968.png (2.2 MB, 1920x1080, Slice of Life Hidden Frame.png)

Anonymous 957237[View]

Wondering how many people noticed this.

File: 1442678976689.jpg (102.68 KB, 600x600, apple.jpg)

idk Anonymous 957128[View]

any drawing tutorials for the nsfw male anatomy?
stallions need love too ;)
This post was edited by its author on .

File: 1433003313161.png (29.57 KB, 127x145, AJ Muzzle Glitch.PNG)

Animation Errors 956542[View]

Has anybody else spotted this?

Pinkamina WBIY!Im9SILLYXo 957115

File: 1442344297178.gif (3.43 MB, 393x379, 978727__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

File: 1442087292111.png (48.43 KB, 500x336, tumblr_nu0lfs55Xn1up2e0ao1_500…)

HEHE. pony creator strikes again 957107[View]

now did you really think I would~?

Anonymous 957109

nice color scheme

Anonymous 957113

File: 1442274242401.jpg (39.31 KB, 640x391, mlfw10696_medium.jpg)

File: 1434559691029.jpg (266.74 KB, 1190x1220, 1434532926049.jpeg)

Crazy Pinkie Pie 956616[View]


Anonymous 957100

Is this a good place to shitpost?

Anonymous 957110

simpsons did it

Anonymous 957105

File: 1442040791025.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 1806x1015, 977870.png)

Anonymous 957106

File: 1442040831132.png (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 1807x1013, 977877.png)

File: 1438645851515.gif (192.97 KB, 500x280, 195348_200x130.gif)

Anonymous 956943[View]

Why the fuck is there so much ponyfag art with the most badass DragonBall character?

Pic related is character.
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Anonymous 956985

>8chan is cancer
Really anon?

Anonymous 957015

is he wrong?


File: 1440729639999.jpg (13.67 KB, 540x538, 11828649_808975895882271_45567…)

File: 1435164850273.png (248.36 KB, 472x472, fizzy g.png)

Anonymous 956691[View]


Cyan Hide 956751

File: 1436654185844.jpg (192.57 KB, 1100x801, 133577206286.jpg)

Pinkamina WBIY!Im9SILLYXo 957020

File: 1440593713367.jpg (163.62 KB, 600x625, fizzy_by_shinepawpony-d6lo07q.…)

File: 1439836894685.jpg (57.89 KB, 510x287, unnamed (32).jpg)

Ponychan Association Football Cup Elise(mobile) 956982[View]

Hey there, /pic/!
I know this is a place to post pony pics but... Recently, on /oat/, we had a brilliant idea, start a FIFA15 championship between every board on ponychan! We were thinking about making 4 divisions. The winners of each division face off on the semi-finals and the final!
Every match will be streamed so you can watch it live!
If you think this is a good idea, please ellect someone in this board to be your team's manager, please.
Also, we need ideas on how the teams are gonna be created... I mean the players. We were thinking of creating players by summarizing the board's characteristics and behavior. But this is obviously flawed. We need ideas on what to do about that. We ask you guys from /pic/ for some help to make this happen.
By the way, if every board agrees to the idea, the PAFC will take place twice a year (Winter and Summer editions).
Thank you for your attention

Elise(mobile) 956983

File: 1439842583787.jpg (35.49 KB, 511x288, unnamed (6).jpg)

Anonymous 956996

File: 1440365797262.png (135.19 KB, 613x309, 1361592606011.png)

This could work if /pic/ got more than three posts per day, but no, sorry, it won't work.

File: 1433366894386.png (405.67 KB, 1280x720, Fluttershy_photoshoot_2_S1E20.…)

Dresses Thread Anonymous 956567[View]

Ponies wearing dresses? Ponies wearing dresses.
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Anonymous 956988

File: 1440136833403.png (347.13 KB, 1000x903, 133466997950.png)

Anonymous 956989

File: 1440136934908.png (478.97 KB, 900x750, 132423325062.png)

Anonymous 956991

File: 1440137167162.png (380.33 KB, 972x1031, 131342344272-dress.png)

File: 1431640921736.jpg (8.53 KB, 231x218, download (2).jpg)

Anonymous 956480[View]

There ya go /pic/.
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Opple!WaFFle6iW. 956979

File: 1439775835531.png (21.25 KB, 299x276, AJ-fsjal.png)

Anonymous 956980

File: 1439796476721.png (84.42 KB, 955x1063, 131224220487_2.png)

Anonymous 956981

File: 1439796533942.png (104.31 KB, 579x634, 134198582450_2.png)

File: 1439222683675.jpg (557.3 KB, 1426x1237, examplelg.jpg)

1$ OC Commissions! 956973[View]

Hayyy, everypony! Been a while since I was in biz, but thought I should offer up my drawing services here to earn extra funds for daily living costs... Things are getting real expensive these days and I want to save up to marry my special somepony as soon as possible.. So!

If you want an OC (or two or three and so on..) lookin' like these, they're 1USD each. Please describe your pony or show me the best examples/references you have. The example pic I’ve shown you will serve as templates/bases for mares and colts respectively, but I will take minor changes aka special requests. Don’t worry, the most I’ll charge you is 2USD each if the special request demands it. So let’s fill ‘er up!

Pony name:
Mane/tail style:
Additional request:

Your name:
Your e-mail:

Please make your payment to my Paypal: tia_athirabadrolhisham@yahoo.com
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1436315880869.jpg (118.66 KB, 850x1366, Conspiration.jpg)

Conspiration! Anonymous 956734[View]

She's a princess now!,what could be her next goal?
(Sorry if engrish)
6 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Anonymous 956790

File: 1437255663041.jpg (771 KB, 2341x1931, 431869__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

Anonymous 956799

Is no one going to edit the OP image?

Anonymous 956800

File: 1437279082022.png (327.53 KB, 1002x666, twilight__s_applejack_daniel__…)

It is just asking for her next goal. It is not a blank macro...

File: 1433975236965.png (214.61 KB, 1600x942, daaaaw_fluttershy_by_exibrony-…)

Fluttershy 956596[View]


Anonymous 956763

File: 1437253547086.jpg (37.91 KB, 640x480, LuthorPonies.jpg)

File: 1433639784687.jpg (120.35 KB, 1179x678, trapped_by_chryseum-d8w7aps.jp…)

Realistic Ponies Anonymous 956577[View]

Post realistic ponies. Realistic to the point of being creepy.

Anonymous 956613

That is very unsettling.

Anonymous 956701

This is what happens when you convert your 2d waifu to 3d.

File: 1435413616390.jpg (70.11 KB, 576x800, Try the cupcakes - they are to…)

Crazy Pinkie Pie 956694[View]

Try the Cupcakes - They're to DIE for !!!

Anonymous 956695

Was that in ep 100?

File: 1434310617329.png (373.91 KB, 793x942, RarityHead.png)

OC requests, gimme them MrIronMustang 956609[View]

Give me an OC reference and I'll draw it. Maybe.


File: 1434597530034.png (30.36 KB, 387x457, KabelPod.png)

OC KabelPod

just do a head and neck art

Alternate/What if versions Batmanman 956600[View]

Right, first time on this site, read what I could on the FAQ and rules, and the only flag/Tag I could find was the "spoilered image". And for posting nsfw, it said I had to click a checkbox. That being the only one, I hope this is the correct one. (I do have mature art turned on in the settings. So if anything is done incorrectly, I will attempt to blame confusing layouts xD

Just thought it could be neat with a threat posting alternative or "what if?" versions of either an artists work, or a theme in general :P

And as Derpi's onwer (TheSmilingPony) can't stand well endowed women and breaks the site rules by going "I am the law!" and ignores them for the purpose of removing any females that doesn't conform to their personal bias, this site seemed like a better place to start such collection at :P

Similar, it can't be on e621, because while Atryl encourage edits of their work, they likewise find women disgusting unless they got loli physique, so that's the only banned type of edit of their work apparently. So while they both prefer males with nice curves, that's none of my business, so I thought as said we could just pile up some neat alt/what if works here.

As I at least find it interesting to know how most art would look if the artist either went all the way effort wise, or if they put said effort in the opposite areas ;3

Anyhow, for those that don't know much about female anatomy, thought I'd do a quick FYI: They can become between 0-15 cm long naturally. (Labia wise) Vagina is exclusively the inner tubing up to the cervix, the whole package is called vulva. Average on around 2-4. The third pic in this explores for example what if Atryl put effort into female genitals instead of exclusively male, likewise, made the female ones huge while the male ones tiny :3

But yeah, hopefully I managed to enter this in the correct place for once xP
2 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Anonymous 956610

This board is a SFW board. The rules are wrong.

You can do this on /anon/ though.

Batmanman 956611

Well, if the rules are wrong, that's not my fault :P
It says on the homepage nsfw can be posted in a few threads, this being one of them.

Still, it does feel like they need to polish a few things.

Anonymous 956612

Oh yeah, I'm not saying anything about you at all.

But yeah, the page needs to be updated. Those special threads only exist on /anon/ where you can post clop or other NSFW to your hearts content in reality and the page should eventually be updated.

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