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File: 1593952926142.jpg (2.28 MB, 2839x3912, 7abGkz.jpg)

Tabletop Games Thread Country code: blank.gif, country type: ponyflag, valid: 42143994

There's a book thread and a video game thread but we don't have one for the thing between those, so here we are. Board games, gamebooks, RPGs, let's nerd out. Tell me about your most recent DnD campaign! I mean, before we all had to suspend our campaigns/attempt to do them online now.

On my end: I finally started playing my kickstarter copy of Thousand Year Old Vampire. The idea of an entirely solitaire roleplaying game about the loneliness of immortality sounded like such a brilliant idea that backing it was a no-brainer, but it'd just been sitting on my shelf til recently. Well, it turns out it's even better than I imagined. I let it take over my week, and when I finished the campaign, all I could think about was starting again. I've held back from doing so, because I think my brain would explode if I did em so close together, but, like, wow. This is probably my favorite RPG of all time.

My vampire this first time started her life in the late 1500s, as a poor, deeply abused farmer's kid. She was bitten by a lady in the forest, as tends to happen, and she immediately went about killing everyone who had ever taken advantage of her, which turned out to be everyone she'd ever met. After declaring this independence, she went solo, eventually met a girl and fell in scandalous love, moved to America, adopted, experienced unofficially-marital bliss, and things generally seemed great.
Theeeennn it turned out that her greatest past abuser had actually been turned into a vampire himself because she hadn't finished eating him, and her obsession with destroying him for good ended up hurting and alienating her family so much that her diary doesn't even mention what happened to them. Like, I as the player have no idea, actually, because she didn't know either. They presumably died, since they were mortal. She became a reeeally fucked up mass murderer for a while who did horrifying and very unique things to her victims, as you do when you have a bad breakup. Then, as she camouflaged among the lady staff of the military in the Mexican-American war, she found a love of cooking. Long story short, it turned out that cooking was what turned her undeath around. She took advantage of being able to keep honing her skills over centuries, and became the head chef of the best restaurant in Mexico City.
Then eventually World War 3 happened, and it was a war between mortals and immortals, and immortals won. So now she serves fancily-prepared human meat to fellow immortals forever, and is widely regarded as the best human meat chef in the world. The End.

All of that from interacting with this gorgeous little book. Never saw any of it coming, it was quite a beautiful and evocative ride. I highly recommend it, especially since, y'know, we're all stuck inside and have a much harder time roleplaying with others. Roleplaying alone turns out to be great.

Cyrus!7psBEARDiECountry code: ponies-twilight.png, country type: ponyflag, valid: 1  42144027

File: 1593974490855.png (930.09 KB, 1773x1218, Cyrus - Mmphm - Viridian.png)

Just a human thief in DoMM
A half orc Fighter/Wizard in a PF2e campaign (I love the feat based multiclassing system in 2e)
A ratfolk bard in a PF1e campaign. Bards in PF are actually good, unlike their 5e cousins.

Epic Mount!Hero.tYu2gCountry code: blank.gif, country type: ponyflag, valid: 1 42144041

File: 1594002737333.png (749.09 KB, 1237x1600, Tails of Equestria.png)

Theres /rp/, I'm pretty sure both casual RPing and dice-rolling RPing is allowed.

I don't really go on /rp/ anymore so I dunno what it's like these days but on ponychan.us /rp/ we had adventures that adapted the Tails of Equestria gameplay, before that a made-up TTRP for a Fo:E RP based on the SPECIALs.

While I don't mind casual RPing, sometimes there are disputes in stories where a dice-roll can determine a decision if both players are at an impasse.

Cyrus!7psBEARDiECountry code: ponies-twilight.png, country type: ponyflag, valid: 1  42144042

File: 1594008531069.png (16.49 KB, 600x600, Cyrus - Headshot - Osmoru.png)

/rp/ is rough. Two crossover canons and nothing decent.

Epic Mount!Hero.tYu2gCountry code: blank.gif, country type: ponyflag, valid: 1 42144071

/rp/ on Ponychan is more of a mellow place. While not as active I'd rather it stay mellow than have titan-threads of series RP that feel daunting.

Though I miss the Fo:E and MLP:ToE RPs I had with Crit on Ponychan.

Mk17Country code: blank.gif, country type: ponyflag, valid: 1 42144097

File: 1594088005683.jpg (235.69 KB, 748x720, 20200706_214302.jpg)


Country code: blank.gif, country type: ponyflag, valid: 1 42144279

File: 1594338506084.jpg (472.98 KB, 1950x3204, 9c4nm1n7qg651.jpg)

On Scenario 3 of Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion!

It's the most RPG-like pure board game I've ever played - very story-driven for a board game, has character progression, and contains grid/hex based combat with lots of cool positional strategy. Basically DnD if there was nothing but dungeons, and none of the good dramatic character exploration bits that have made DnD so beloved, but somehow it works anyway, probably because the combat is really good, much better than the combat in DnD.

And of course I played it because Gloomhaven is rated the best board game in the world according to BGG. Jaws of the Lion markets itself as Gloomhaven except not an impenetrable brick wall of over the top complicated shit, and therefore new people can actually play it. It is indeed that. Very happy about that, since I was realistically never going to play Gloomhaven otherwise - it just has no darn tutorial but it needs it. JotL is that tutorial. The first scenario in JotL starts you off with no mechanics except basic point-to-point combat, no area of effect attacks, no enemy initiative, nothing, and it adds to the mechanics with each scenario.

Now that I've played it, I know I'll definitely be buying regular Gloomhaven too. The game is so good!!

Epic Mount!Hero.tYu2gCountry code: blank.gif, country type: ponyflag, valid: 1 42144537

Oops. Ment Ponyville.us, get the two confused sometimes.

Mk17Country code: blank.gif, country type: ponyflag, valid: 1 42144576

File: 1594493609455.jpg (34.99 KB, 270x270, 20200706_214058.jpg)

Thats what i thought, but i wanted to know if i was missing out on a hip new secret site or something haha.

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