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File: 1586701030513.jpg (17.56 KB, 350x449, vik.jpg)

Maroon Auburn!QEUQfdPtTMCountry code: blank.gif, country type: ponyflag, valid: 42124187

Alright lads, I have a hell of a true story for you guys, all from last year

>Been feeling pretty lonely, want to go out

>Decide to go for a few drinks at a local club
>Who knows, might meet some cute girls or something
>Decide to pick out my best trousers and shirt
>Hell yeah I'm looking good
>Head to the club
>Notice a new boucer I have never noticed before
>Holy shit this guy is huge
>He's like 6ft 7, blonde hair, massive beard
>The bouncer is a fucking viking
>Slowly walk up to this guy, feeling pretty intimidated not going to lie
>But he just opens the door for me
>Holy hell he did not ask for ID or anything, this is great
>Walk my way in
>Just loud music, start looking around for someone I might regognise
>Don't seem to notice anyone I know
>Make my way to the bar
>Order myself a drink
>This super cute girl comes up
>Doesnt do or say anything, just smiles and giggles at me
>What the hell, I offer her a drink
>Spend around twenty minutes talking to her, shes super cute
>Share a few drinks and a laugh
>Realize I have not asked her name, so I ask
>She says her name is "Sky" in some strange accent, maybe swedish or Dannish?
>What kind of a dumb name is Sky anyway? But I'm too drunk and shes cute
>She grabs my hand and says we should go somewhere private
>Oh hell yeah it's happening
>She takes me to the toliets
>I mean, not that romantic, but we get in a stall
>Start making out
>All of a sudden hear loud footsteps coming our war
>Is sercurity onto us?
>The toliet cubicles door is burst open
>Yo what the fuck it's the viking bouncer
>He pushes me to the floor
>He starts making out with Sky
>Uh excuse me
>He bends her over, pulls her skirt and panties down
>What the fuck he's eating out her ass
>"What the fuck are you doing?!?" I shout at him
>He stops
>Turns to face me, stares me right in the eyes with his fierce blue eye
>And then, in yet another strange swedish sounding accent, he says
"Skys rims belongs to the Nords"

Mint horse Country code: blank.gif, country type: ponyflag, valid: 1 42124199

File: 1586701678309.png (38.06 KB, 326x285, F4D161FB-69C5-4EC3-A82E-0EE3E2…)

Even though he got cucked the fact that this guy can enter a club without having an autistic meltdown makes him a 10/10 chad in my books.
Very Epic!

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