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My Little CMC: Music is Magic; ep 5: Fish-wall-apples, and Kittens' Invasion ScootalooCountry code: blank.gif, country type: ponyflag, valid: 42124097

Twilight Sparkle and AppleJack prepared very carefully for this experiment. It should have been a surprise!
In fact, should vegetarian ponies, at least once, try some as taste as freshly fried fish?
Fish-apples were planted directly on the walls of the building (either indoor, or outdoor). Princess Lulu (despite the warnings of her elder sister), without thinking twice, signed a paper - allowing the walls of the Canterlot Palace to be used for this. Negotiations continued with the Crystal Empire, - AJ really wanted to get a license to use the barrier (created by the Crystal Heart) - as a huge, almost endless wall, with heating ...
The apples turned out unripe, but tasty - they could either be eaten "as is", or cutted, with butter and cpice. Of course, there were neither seeds no fish - bones — such Wall-fish apple trees can be multiplied with fallen leaves: just glue the yellow leaf on the wall, sprinkle with cooled sweet tea — and, in a week, a couple of green branches will grow at the wall, all covered with white, fragrant, smelling as sea and river lilies flowers, and a week later - the first apples! YEY!
It was all pollinated by butterflies (Fluttershy tried to persuade them, but the silly CMC simply caught quite a few butterflies in the nets, and did not let them go until they capitulated and agreed...
Leaf-litter (on the walls) were also pasted by CMC.
The gryphons were the first to appreciate this. They gobbled up half of the first harvest, and without looking paid a fabulous salary of such an intelligent Lulu (which created a gastronomic tourism tax of 80%)
Most of what was left was eaten by birds (in exchange for an oath of eternal friendship and fidelity to Fluttershy, of course, with a written one! Fluttie was shy, but the princesses said it was necessary!)
Strangely enough, ponies reacting to fried-fish-apples indifferently! But the CMC liked it ...
That's exactly what happened before the Great Kittens' Invasion (led by Opalescence * (Rarity 's pet)). There were thousands of kittens, they were multi-colored, and even (for protection from the Fluttershy's STARE), they wore various blindfolds (for eyes)
For a week, all Fish-wall apples were devoured, and Celestia put Lulu and Twilight Sparkle in a corner for as long as 20 minutes, and strictly - strictly forbade any further such Fish-and-apple experiments.
But Lulu liked the cats. She took a two hundred of them, - (the darkest and craziest ones), - (into her bedroom), played with them, and was completely happy!

more fanfics... ScootalooCountry code: blank.gif, country type: ponyflag, valid: 1 42132057

Russian version of this fanfic (and much more) : http://iichan.hk/bro/res/41325.html#41443

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