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File: 1512499933814.png (123.41 KB, 275x374, 0978969.png)


<socal on fire again
whats the deal, bruh?


Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 41988497

File: 1512509134177.gif (218.3 KB, 612x2051, 20121101.gif)

God is punishing them for being Gay Space Communists!

Reav 41988498

Drought, presumably.
Maybe someone mistook the shape of the state for a joint and tried to smoke it. :3

anonymous 41988507

it's dry as hell, m8
we've been in a drought for, what, half a decade
sure we got some rain recently but not near enough

i blame the unusually warm water along the coast that inhibits rain and storms

!HasteYRi4w 41988772


>when you're so extremely pissed off with your country that you spontaneously combust.
This post was edited by its author on .

Zeke Roa 41988826

File: 1512573193762.gif (965.57 KB, 247x248, 1445725413863.gif)

>California's face when

CPU mixtape!wG1CV58ydQ 41988832

File: 1512577150409.jpg (76.18 KB, 640x420, How-to-Promote-Mixtape.jpg)

Its because I played my mixtape.

Reaver 41988864

!RISkQqf4EM 41988871

File: 1512586664425.jpg (61.09 KB, 360x207, Shits-on-fire-yo2.jpg)


File: 1512586724620.jpg (55.54 KB, 526x657, 1500521605999.jpg)

As long as it doesn't hit Hollywood, nothing of value is really being lost.

Anonymous 41988885

File: 1512587367105.jpg (190.78 KB, 653x477, 1512500378426.jpg)

>hit Hollywood


File: 1512591078225.png (843.02 KB, 1280x720, Trixie_rolls_her_eyes_at_Starl…)

It's the only redeeming thing that exists in SoCal.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 41988916

>rapist city
>of value


File: 1512593178019.gif (2.09 MB, 640x360, 1143537__safe_meme_smiling_ani…)

>Implying it's the only one

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 41988922

Implying we are limited to one.


File: 1512619670819.png (212.6 KB, 538x485, 67657659898.png)


some of this footage looks shit out of a movie


File: 1512620525412.png (208.11 KB, 465x530, 7978997.png)

that'll do it


File: 1512620580075.png (8.24 KB, 193x261, download (3).png)

Every time.


File: 1512621065832.png (168.68 KB, 355x387, 76576576867.png)

got some live footage of the happening


Trixie Clone Number 8!lWMBg88H1s 41989126

File: 1512640621259.png (328.01 KB, 1000x1000, i'm ready to fire your hose an…)

I can see the smoke from my house. Took me an hour to get home from school yesterday because they evacuated the local high school and brought them all to my college to be picked up.

This might look really bad, but it's nothing new for SoCal.

Chewy {Element Of Fortitude}!MUSIC.FbVY 41989131

SoCal is where my mind is
But it's not my state of mind

Man risks life to save wild rabbit during SoCal wildfire Pinkamina WBIY!Im9SILLYXo 41989133

File: 1512657611379.jpg (50.64 KB, 500x281, tumblr_m0t6juWfSb1r8uo1qo1_500…)

Urda 41989142

File: 1512666565102.png (584.8 KB, 600x934, F89470F8-5942-4762-AAD2-DB5FA5…)

‘‘Tis the Season.


File: 1512669145670.png (207.89 KB, 341x468, 65767658768.png)

so long as you're nowhere near it then you should be fine


Anonymous 41989148

Why aren't we on fire too?


File: 1512673021630.png (285.62 KB, 497x670, 879898709098.png)

idk most of our fires our typically control fires

or the random ones that start by some asshole who threw a cigarette out the window

it is that time of the year tho

Trixie Clone Number 8!lWMBg88H1s 41989152


I think I jinxed myself. Last night the wind picked up again and the fire quickly grew out of control and now I'm without power. Probably won't be evacuated, but I'm getting ready for it just in case.


File: 1512675457282.png (525.38 KB, 663x768, 09787657657.png)

damn dude, thats shitty.

be safe, man.

also, are the winds still weak right now? last i heard they were calming down

they were pushing at hurricane force the other night

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