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File: 1487270084897.png (247.74 KB, 584x296, 134454011837.png)

The problem with getting older Shiny Puppy (Element of Fleas) 41769240

Is the problems that grandparents had start to effect your own parents. My dad is going in next week a cardiac cathaderization. I looked it up and it sounds like a fairly common and easy outpatient procedure but I'm still, for lack of a better term "freaking out" over it. I can barely even try to concentrate on work and I doubt the stress levels will be going down much until after things get done. That's only if don't find anything major wrong. My family history on both sides is living until at least 80, not having heart stuff before 60.
>This is mostly the worst

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 41769281

File: 1487272178936.png (238.81 KB, 800x450, 800px-Granny_Smith_-I_was_supp…)

I caught pneumonia a year ago and still haven't fully recovered.

Noa!Suy79kFgQI 41769290

File: 1487272731812.png (691.37 KB, 1280x1521, Lapis374.png)

That sucks, man. Hope it all goes well.
My parents have been sick for a long time so it's something I kinda had to deal with to function daily. Hopefully that's not gonna have to happen with you.

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41769306


my mom has a history of breast cancer in her family and every once in a while I worry about that. my dad has been a heavy smoker his whole life so there's always that fear of heart attacks or throat cancer. I try not to think about it.

this kind of reminds me though, a few days ago someone my dad knows, who was a similar age to him, had a sudden heart attack and died and we're still not really sure why, but my dad was FREAKING out about it, he called me up and he was crying and the idea of "what if it had been him" scared him so much that he wanted to see me and my brother right away...

unfortunately health problems with older people is just a thing of life that I think very few people can fully escape. I hope your dad is okay.

Anonymous 41769326

I moved back in with my parents recently. I don't like being that stereotype, but I'm also the only one in the household who can walk.



File: 1487274823979.png (412.4 KB, 560x699, 356.png)

so far as i get older everything gets worse

i miss the year 2006 tho

man, that year was gold

hope all goes well with you tho
This post was edited by its author on .


one of the other problems about getting older; getting malware in your bones ._.

Elicoor13 41769375

File: 1487278404966.jpg (66.66 KB, 725x545, 1486597019312.jpg)

that's awful, i'm sorry to hear about that.

i have a family history of heart issues, skin cancer and maybe dementia, and that scares me as i watch my family get older. like, i know when my mom forgets conversations we had two days ago it's just because she has so many, but sometimes she forgets really simple things and i freak out a bit.

god, being a caretaker for your parent is surreal. i had to take care of my mom a few times back when she wasn't on the right meds and that was...interesting.

Mac !RevGiOKgRo 41769451


I'll have to tell you about that year, it was an interesting story for me.

Noa!Suy79kFgQI 41769495

File: 1487284303315.png (201.89 KB, 668x604, Lapis161.png)


Thanks. My mom's actually pretty okay, but I wish she wouldn't put off some minor surgery she needs.
We actually moved a few years ago because they needed a place with less stairs.


There's no sum of money I'd repeat being like 14 again for.


It's weird seeing your parents really break down in front of you for the first time. And the serious scares are always, well, scary.

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