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Jan 15: Staff Update, and Rules Update

File: 1484163251719.png (2.12 MB, 3004x3100, 7b15cca56c81b4eb3f5933d55ba2b7…)

kirschwasser 41715655

what are you autistic faggots up to?

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41715666

listening to some albums

listened to a chapter in the audiobook I'm "reading"

played some Pokemon

trying to avoid my brother and his gf

not a particularly crazy day I guess

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 41715670

File: 1484163700176.jpg (88.41 KB, 704x960, Vinyl hammock.jpg)

lazing inna hammock, being comfy.

Thauma!TURTLEsW8. 41715701

File: 1484164786739.jpg (76.31 KB, 325x400, 023.jpg)

Thinking of what to listen to while I shoot kebab in BF1

Admiral 41715705

Watching the parts of Trump's press conference I missed and getting ready for work.


File: 1484165020830.png (269.54 KB, 318x616, 703.png)

wasting my life away


File: 1484166038340.png (171.96 KB, 641x356, 9w2U7ab.png)

posting shittily, rather than truly shitposting

Waifus are people too!YoRdlEjxQ6 41715756

File: 1484166535561.jpg (204.59 KB, 850x1193, __konpaku_youmu_and_konpaku_yo…)

>playing some pokemon
nice, i just started pokemon sun last night. It's fucking awesome! I mean I'm a little mad that 2 hours into the game there's still lots of hand holding, but I love the region to death. Plus the people are so fucking cool, I like all the characters right now. Except lilith, fuck her, not sexually. I would sex the mom though, god damn

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41715787

File: 1484167394397.png (1.14 MB, 1440x2560, cheren in blaze black 2.png)


yeah I really like Pokemon Sun and Moon but I've actually been playing a romhack called Blaze Black 2 on my phone. it's absurdly fucking difficult, if you put it on challenge mode the first gym leader has six fucking pokemon including a Munchlax with Leftovers. I couldn't beat him, I had to switch to easy mode and even then I barely won. the romhack is specifically designed to fuck your shit up and make you use actual strategy.

I might get back on Moon today, I'm on the second island right now. you may grow to like Lillie later in the game, you will eventually find out that she is not as one-dimensional of a character as she seems in the first half of the game.

but yeah the handholding is pretty excessive, however it does ease up once you get farther in the game, and some parts are actually genuinely challenging, specifically the totem pokemon and the island kahunas and then of course the E4. like, they did a 180 on XY's difficulty and made some parts really hard. if you're not prepared, you can get your whole team swept. it's actually really nice, it feels like they listened to all the negative feedback about gen 6 being absurdly easy. also don't fall for the "turn the exp share off" meme, you will just end up severely underleveled later in the game.

come hang out in this thread with me and the other pokemon players: https://www.ponychan.net/oat/res/41611763+50.html

CMDR Hunter 41715835


CMDR Hunter 41715910

File: 1484173849256.png (200.06 KB, 569x399, vlcsnap-2014-10-25-16h01m23s15…)

You know it

kirschwasser 41715912

File: 1484173901929.jpg (10.11 KB, 211x250, a2_by_avikatscratch2014-d7dnys…)

no homo :3

Mac !RevGiOKgRo 41715935

is that ass and vag


File: 1484176503450.jpg (37.08 KB, 480x480, 13166847_230271057364503_13716…)

Let's fuck, no homo.
This post was edited by its author on .

CMDR Hunter 41715959

File: 1484178295658.jpg (7.69 KB, 267x200, akane_close_up_by_jelmobu.jpg)

Whats up

I'm actually interested in watching that now.

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41716046

ugh, today was such meh. felt like one of the least fulfilling days in a long time and I'm not even really sure why. nothing's really that wrong, I just haven't really been into my usual hobbies as much. and work early tomorrow...but I get paid too, which is nice.

CMDR Hunter 41716057

File: 1484182429830.jpg (191.5 KB, 842x633, 1941.jpg)

>I just haven't really been into my usual hobbies as much. and work early tomorrow
I know how you feel homes. Same thing here.

kirschwasser 41716060

File: 1484182571277.gif (558.16 KB, 723x860, 604644.gif)

not much, u?

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41716065


yeah, today was just one of those days where even the things I normally love didn't seem very fun. and I don't mean like "oh I'm so depressed everything sucks" I just mean more like "eh, I could do this, and I could do that, but nothing really seems that appealing..."

and one thing that just occurred to me, it has been very "warm" today compared to the last few days. The last few days it was below 10 degrees and even into the negatives at some points, but today it's nearly 50 degrees all day and it's just jarring. I think that might have something to do with it.

the irony is that I'm sure as soon as I'm at work, I'll start wishing I was doing all of the things I didn't want to do today lol
This post was edited by its author on .

CMDR Hunter 41716071

File: 1484183197453.png (494.93 KB, 803x606, -Ranma-1-2-Akane-Tendo-lumfore…)

Just scrolling the interwebs and thinking of things to do

I understand.
I get so mentally drained from my job that once I'm home, I do nothing but sit on my ass and stare blankly at my monitor. There's I gotta get done, but feel like getting them done.

What kinda work do you do?

kirschwasser 41716077

File: 1484183388066.png (372.22 KB, 680x752, 521.png)

what work do you do?

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41716087


well it's not really my job that drains me, I'm only part-time and I work short shifts (3-4 hour shifts, 4-5 days a week) and I only work at a convenience store lol. But like, it's my first real job after being NEET for a long time and dealing with a lot of social anxiety issues, so it's kind of a big deal for me. I'm not fully used to it yet, I've only been out of the video training for like three weeks, and there's actually still some important things I need to learn/get used to that my manager hasn't had enough time to show me yet.

but even with these really short shifts, when I get home I still get that feeling of like "holy shit I'm home..." but I would imagine that compared to other jobs that would seem extremely tame.

CMDR Hunter 41716090

Retail, which wouldn't be so bad if the company didn't do everything so half assed, wasn't in an area where people abuses food stamps, and if I weren't having a panic/anxiety attack every 5 mins.

kirschwasser 41716093

File: 1484183666580.jpg (180.28 KB, 768x600, 3bf.jpg)

know dat feel
ahh, so super market?

CMDR Hunter 41716106

File: 1484183958683.jpg (18.29 KB, 400x300, Ranma18.jpg)

I completely feel you dude. I have horrible social anxiety myself. Literally had a breakdown on my third week during a busy summer day.

Mother fucking Aldis.

kirschwasser 41716119

File: 1484184256062.png (558.65 KB, 4470x5000, full.png)

oh fuck the german wallmart chain? lol
Ever think of therapy? I smoke weed to help with that

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41716121


>Literally had a breakdown on my third week during a busy summer day.

I haven't had a full-on breakdown in a while but there were a few days where I forgot to take my morning medication, and because of that I felt super tense and on-edge and just extra stressed out; and by the end of my shift I was so worked up that I was getting confused by really simple things, at one point I completely lost track of what I was even doing and just paced back and forth a few times, and there were some moments where it felt like everything around me was kind of spinning/swirling slightly and I had to think really hard to kind of snap myself back into clarity.

I added a note to my desktop to remind myself to take them.

CMDR Hunter 41716147

File: 1484184781835.jpg (100.84 KB, 1244x933, Akane-Tendo-akane-tendo-343600…)

I have but I never really liked the idea of going to therapy. Probably wouldn't help much anyway.

I got really overwhelmed that day, it was quite embarrassing tbh. Does your store stay busy a lot?

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41716168


>Does your store stay busy a lot?

it really depends, sometimes we can get like five customers for the duration of my entire shift, other times it will be nonstop busy.

thankfully, my job isn't being on register so I don't have to worry about customers as much. I basically just do little stuff--making the coffee, facing all the products, cleaning-related stuff, taking out trash, mopping, and the big thing that I'm supposed to be getting more training on is stocking the cooler, because my manager has super specific methods for doing that and he doesn't want to just let me go wild I guess lol.

I might get put on register sometime in the future but for now my manager has basically told me that I'm supposed to be the person who does what the cashiers don't have as much time for. so I'm basically as low-level as it gets, but honestly I don't mind, it's pretty easy work and everyone there is nice.

CMDR Hunter 41716197

File: 1484185542443.jpg (176.82 KB, 508x741, S06-08-The-Case-of-the-Furinka…)

Oh, that's good then. Ringing is something I dread everyday. I hope you get the hang of things.

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41716209


>I hope you get the hang of things.

it's weird, every night/morning before work I get stressed out and think "aggh, I don't wanna go, what if this happens, what if THAT happens, etc." but then when I get out I'm like "that really wasn't so bad, I don't know what I was so worked up about" lol. which is good, but I still need to build more confidence in myself I think.

CMDR Hunter 41716223

File: 1484186043087.jpg (13.39 KB, 300x225, f2d44f3f7172fe55d7f9.jpg)

Have you tried sorta being friends with your coworkers and boss? That could help.

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41716236


Well, they're not all people I want to be friends with but for the most part they are friendly, if that makes any sense.

I've heard a lot of people talk about being intimidated or bullied by co-workers/bosses and I'm lucky enough that that doesn't really happen where I work. it's a fairly nice environment. my manager can be an asshole but only in a really sarcastic way, underneath all the shit he says he's a genuinely nice guy (and I say this because I've actually known him for years, I just didn't start working for him until recently).

like, my manager will "give me a hard time" but not in an actual way that makes me feel like shit, you know? we always have a laugh about it by the end. he's got a sense of humor and a heart.
This post was edited by its author on .

CMDR Hunter 41716249

I'm cool with my boss and coworkers. We try to have a little fun here and there in attempts to keep the moods positive. It's harsh where I work, so having positive relations with coworkers helps a lot.

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41716255


Yeah, I mean like I said, since I'm not a cashier, and I'm obviously not like an assistant manager or something, I don't really get the harsher side of the work at my store. I'm kind of just working in the background, in a sense.

I'm tired though, I think I'm gonna get to bed. Goodnight!

CMDR Hunter 41716256


AustroSpike ~Element of Makeshift Moe~ 41716833

Autism and faggotry of course.

☲ Prince Ember Storm!SNowbAlLfo 41716838

File: 1484218783992.png (81.45 KB, 512x512, Ember Storm - Je Sais Que Vous…)

Listening to Jethro Tull's Stormwatch and talking to a friend all bored like.

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41717250

fug, I was busy my whole work shift and yet I feel like I barely got anything done...

apparently nobody bothered to check the date on the iced coffee since fucking December, so we had to dump it, and then I checked the iced coffee that was still in the cooler, and that was all outdated too, so that was like eight fucking containers of iced coffee that all had to be dumped, and now it's partially my fault because I didn't check the dates but like, really? not a single person in the last approx. 3 weeks thought to look at the dates once? I mean I'm the new guy, I'm still allowed to make mistakes...

there wasn't even enough room in the sink to put all the containers that had to be washed, so I had to leave some of them in a milk crate. and I was working with just one other person who was being kinda lazy, we hardly got any customers but she was just texting on her phone nonstop and not helping me much at all.

I was only able to brew one container of iced coffee because I have to keep up with the hot coffee too which is more important, since that stuff runs out in a matter of hours as opposed to days.

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