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File: 1420222744903.png (234.02 KB, 800x750, b and friends2.png)

2896181[Last 50 Posts]

This is the official /b/ & Friends thread! If there is another thread, redirect them here.

Everypony equal, everypony loved, you don't have to be a namefag to be a Brony, it's just for fun!

Love, tolerance, friendship, and kindness are the most important things a Brony can have, let's spread some joy and post some ponies.

Kere 41971184

I should watch that

poni³ 41971185

File: 1508019674925.png (322.07 KB, 2138x3089, rainbowdash___that_mane_by_war…)

Rita 41971186

File: 1508019728302.webm (2.98 MB, 1056x440, 1507135272391.webm)

It's good.

Kere 41971187

Seen the trailer only

Rita 41971188

File: 1508019857193.gif (251.14 KB, 311x288, squishy edgehorse.gif)

I would love to see the show move to toonboom and have this quality of animation.
That seems unrealistic, though

Kere 41971189

Not gonna happen
Movies only

Rita 41971190

File: 1508020080100.webm (265.52 KB, 750x400, 1507141768948.webm)

It's crazy good though.
Imagine pony with the pudged to animate everything this well.

Kere 41971191

It does look nice
I'm curious about the edgehorse voice
ONly heard the polish-dubbed version

Rita 41971193

File: 1508020302213.png (478.07 KB, 1920x1080, 1508012572534.png)

Well the full HD english version leaked almost a week before the premiere.

Kere 41971194

I'll look it up after tomorrow or something then

Kere 41971195

Wait, do I need to know what was happening in the good old boring ponyshow to get the movie?

Rita 41971196

File: 1508020784935.png (752.93 KB, 1071x660, 1506876259050.png)

Not much. If you know Princess Twigglespark is an alicorn i can't think fo anything that isn't just a passing or background reference.
Like literally everyone from the show who isn't the mane6 or a princess has like one or two irrelevant lines each before the adventure is on, and then we don't see them again.

>Boring ponyshow

Kill yourself

bbl 41971197

File: 1508021354521.png (221.05 KB, 754x584, bvv.png)

Anonymous 41971198

File: 1508022275427.png (3.54 MB, 2000x2500, 1267514__safe_artist-colon-hea…)

poni³ 41971199

Best pony.

Anonymous 41971200

File: 1508022569080.jpg (261.08 KB, 700x900, 708640__safe_artist-colon-joyc…)

AJ is better though Dashie comes close enough

poni³ 41971201

File: 1508022852825.png (646.66 KB, 4124x4710, rainbow_is_awesome_by_axemgr-d…)

I'll have to respectfully disagree.

Anonymous 41971202

File: 1508022930308.png (341.49 KB, 800x800, 492809__safe_artist-colon-disc…)

Going to be locked in to diplo and friends in the next 4hrs?

Kere 41971203

Both are good
For rule 63

Tracer Bullet 41971204

File: 1508022979713.jpg (6.46 KB, 184x184, a700067476a2caefb52ff87afc086c…)

>Technicolor horse show

Anonymous 41971205


poni³ 41971206

If I remember and am still awake, probably.
No, Kere. Go to bed, Kere.

Anonymous 41971207

File: 1508023146754.png (3.5 MB, 4000x3536, 1115390__safe_artist-colon-b-d…)

You're not in the UK right? Is it accessible over where you are?
This post was edited by its author on .

poni³ 41971208

Would nap with.
I am not. I honestly have no idea.

Kere 41971209

poni³ 41971210


Kere 41971211

poni³ 41971212


Anonymous 41971213

File: 1508023459148.png (1.09 MB, 1280x828, 607097__safe_artist-colon-rato…)

Apparently you need to be signed in to access iPlayer radio. That's quite a bummer.
Maybe it'll get posted over at mixesdb sometime afterwards

Kere 41971214

I should sleep soonish though

poni³ 41971215

I mean, I seem able to stream whatever is on BBC Radio 1 at the moment without issue on my laptop. The Rap Show or something weird?
Might be fine.

Anonymous 41971216

File: 1508023644246.png (2.59 MB, 2500x3000, 1459487__safe_artist-colon-hea…)

psst, stop lurking

Maybe now would be a good idea

If it's working for you right now then no sweat
have fun

Kere 41971217

In few minutes, yes

poni³ 41971218

Want. Much want.
I look forward to it if I remember it, eeyup.

Anonymous 41971219

File: 1508023999336.png (273.88 KB, 651x629, 692865__safe_artist-colon-mega…)

You'll do me well to remember!

I've not been listening to so much radio lately. Need to put on last week's Norwood Soul Patrol and try to get some sleep
Have a nice day/evening/etc

poni³ 41971220

I'll try, eeyup.
Sleep well (or at least try to).

poni³ 41971226

File: 1508026136221.png (898.99 KB, 3000x6442, rainbow_dash_2_by_xpesifeindx-…)

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41971230

File: 1508030406887.png (2.87 MB, 3697x2580, 922591__safe_solo_clothes_unif…)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971231

File: 1508030633835.png (120.5 KB, 237x329, Ava310.png)

bbl 41971232

File: 1508031121285.png (235.79 KB, 500x594, jbjb.png)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971233

File: 1508031472871.png (148.51 KB, 277x349, Ava20.png)

bbl 41971235

File: 1508032635032.jpg (145.4 KB, 724x1102, bes.jpg)

>you will never wife michelle

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971236

File: 1508032949892.png (173.79 KB, 363x364, Ava29.png)

do I want to?

bbl 41971237

File: 1508033055293.jpg (62.41 KB, 728x516, vnth.jpg)

no she's mine

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971238

File: 1508033089030.png (160.54 KB, 299x411, Ava134.png)

poni³ 41971240

File: 1508035155130.png (519.17 KB, 3048x3609, request___rainbow_dash_by_dent…)

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41971247

File: 1508039912112.png (386.19 KB, 700x700, 870691__safe_human_smile_cute_…)

h-happy dash

Urda 41971261

File: 1508047201176.jpg (182 KB, 500x351, IMG_0636.JPG)

!.KaRRawRMA 41971263

File: 1508047976401.jpg (1.1 MB, 1921x1222, 1553103__safe_artist-colon-mag…)

Anonymous 41971274

File: 1508054471083.webm (539.16 KB, 640x272, Fucking weatherman.webm)

Rita 41971289

File: 1508056224137.png (478.07 KB, 1920x1080, 1508012572534.png)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971301

File: 1508059258752.png (688.24 KB, 1916x1598, 1508056224137.png)

Rita 41971302

File: 1508059307830.png (353.75 KB, 491x475, 1499012176797.png)

Anonymous 41971303

i want to put my finger into her horn hole
and the other ones

Rita 41971304

File: 1508059385700.webm (2.98 MB, 1056x440, 1507135272391.webm)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971305

File: 1508059422783.png (366.01 KB, 1280x720, 132632758955.png)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971306

File: 1508059462661.png (72.59 KB, 192x230, 1320296723104.png)

Rita 41971307

File: 1508059524470.webm (2.08 MB, 1920x1080, MLPG.webm)

Good morning

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971308

File: 1508059538437.png (148.76 KB, 802x711, 1321658734492.png)

my next version of the marshmallow fleshlight will just be a broken beer bottle full of battery acid

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971309

File: 1508059572555.png (274.16 KB, 700x700, 1320629307989.png)

it's alright

Rita 41971310

File: 1508059624246.png (1023.81 KB, 1145x913, 1505788985506.png)

Anonymous 41971311

chrysalis fleshlight

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971312

File: 1508059704483.jpg (48.9 KB, 720x720, 1321653671576.jpg)

is it pool time yet

Rita 41971313

File: 1508059748127.jpg (105.72 KB, 682x789, Eplehekleri3.jpg)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971314

File: 1508059769906.png (259.19 KB, 750x750, 1321650490581.png)

how would you simulate an ovipositor?

Anonymous 41971315

no i mean the beer bottle. it would be exactly like that.
plus fangs

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971316

File: 1508059879115.jpg (228.04 KB, 957x706, 1321744874006.png)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971317

File: 1508059941523.jpg (291.57 KB, 984x902, 1320296619257.jpg)

how about a hollowed out block of cheese full of cold spaghetti

Rita 41971318

File: 1508059986277.gif (563.54 KB, 722x508, 1492280679096.gif)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971319

File: 1508060036375.jpg (133.5 KB, 700x700, 1321816667583.jpg)

Rita 41971320

File: 1508060063963.jpg (2.29 MB, 1184x1387, 1473705043013.jpg)

Anonymous 41971321

and meatballs?

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971322

File: 1508060252416.jpg (53.08 KB, 600x338, 1315069665139.jpg)

why meatballs?

Anonymous 41971323

for texture.

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971324

File: 1508060397603.png (347.3 KB, 700x700, 1321725635703.png)

sure, why not

Rita 41971325

File: 1508060438568.png (54.41 KB, 321x531, 1480874169029.png)

Anonymous 41971326

the purpose of holes is for them to get stuffed

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971327

File: 1508060517912.gif (522.17 KB, 220x270, 132624021617.gif)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971328

File: 1508060625551.jpg (57.88 KB, 576x462, 1321423376099.jpg)

do you want to clog up chrysalis' egg hole with your dude beef?

Anonymous 41971329

periodically at a rate of ~2Hz, yes

Rita 41971330

File: 1508060770971.gif (568.88 KB, 350x408, 1505631810893.gif)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971332

File: 1508060889220.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

Rita 41971333

File: 1508060936101.png (53.53 KB, 395x364, 1503163084678.png)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971334

File: 1508061014003.jpg (83.19 KB, 1894x181, 1322613560954.jpg)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971336

File: 1508061109531.jpg (103.13 KB, 992x618, 1326630298815.jpg)

Rita 41971338

File: 1508061210121.webm (832.83 KB, 1920x1080, 1492465674576.webm)


Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971339

File: 1508061270760.jpg (25.54 KB, 600x600, 1322539822709.jpg)

Rita 41971340

File: 1508061304181.png (184.3 KB, 893x909, 1401392683169.png)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971342

File: 1508061409798.png (520.51 KB, 1600x1224, 1322361163390.png)

Rita 41971343

File: 1508061460491.png (112.05 KB, 237x338, 1382983443752.png)

>having fun
Stop right there
Criminal scum

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971344

File: 1508061479165.png (51.24 KB, 680x511, 1319646915095.png)

Rita 41971345

File: 1508061520063.png (173.59 KB, 645x641, 1497691009293.png)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971346

File: 1508061664836.jpg (101.75 KB, 750x750, 1320904645640.jpg)

pic definitely related

Rita 41971347

File: 1508061787057.gif (44 KB, 700x368, Rita Lagrange.gif)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971348

File: 1508062316498.jpg (116.21 KB, 1366x768, 1320364223724.jpg)

Rita 41971349

File: 1508062822512.png (308.62 KB, 782x1007, nightlight.png)

bbl 41971351

File: 1508065119181.png (1.02 MB, 1500x1281, bjh.png)

Anonymous 41971352


bbl 41971353

File: 1508065505381.png (307.73 KB, 843x761, bgb.png)

Anonymous 41971354

wasn't there supposed to be new eps already

bbl 41971355

File: 1508066612371.png (485.44 KB, 597x400, jkn.png)

not yet, there's some trailers though I think

Anonymous 41971356

zat iz not enough

bbl 41971357

File: 1508068168567.jpg (452.71 KB, 500x1746, hhb.jpg)

there's some good star vs mermaid theories about

Anonymous 41971359


bbl 41971360

File: 1508069684740.png (75 KB, 540x624, whrt.png)

it's good fag

Rita 41971361

File: 1508069740370.png (378.66 KB, 795x820, 1507805672770.png)

Rita 41971362

File: 1508069810623.png (439.36 KB, 863x1080, 1507394608734.png)

Anonymous 41971363

that's just weird
she's weird but only because she's supposed to be special

bbl 41971364

File: 1508070194700.jpg (101.8 KB, 500x650, gf.jpg)

Rita 41971365

File: 1508070209142.png (479.03 KB, 844x1470, 1558185__safe_artist-colon-dm2…)

bbl 41971366

File: 1508070707516.jpg (143.32 KB, 1280x1094, fgy.png)

Rita 41971367

File: 1508071145621.jpg (258.86 KB, 1920x1080, 722.mp4_snapshot_17.11_[2017.1…)

bbl 41971371

File: 1508072254775.jpg (935.67 KB, 650x2804, rwr.jpg)

Rita 41971374

File: 1508075607225.png (677.35 KB, 792x802, 1507411829399.png)

Rita 41971375

File: 1508077511934.png (437.51 KB, 751x615, vlcsnap-2017-08-21-02h10m20s18…)

Rita 41971379

File: 1508081112841.png (178.63 KB, 800x800, 1507382025865.png)

poni³ 41971383

File: 1508086032902.png (1.08 MB, 9531x5709, rainbow_waits_by_birthofthephe…)

Anonymous 41971386

tfw no ticket to cali

Anonymous 41971387

I've fapped at least 8 times since waking up. Something's up with me

Rita 41971388

File: 1508090949731.jpg (6.99 KB, 255x220, 1450297804593.jpg)

There might just be

Andy!rjwzt.U1KM 41971389

File: 1508092748003.gif (1.45 MB, 326x256, Tendies.gif)

poni³ 41971392

File: 1508093564842.png (1.78 MB, 9000x10000, rainbow_sunglasses_by_shinodag…)

Andy!rjwzt.U1KM 41971397

File: 1508094394475.png (57.96 KB, 213x292, (you).png)

poni³ 41971398

File: 1508094461928.png (1.25 MB, 6889x6000, rainbow_dash__i_love_manehatta…)

Andy!rjwzt.U1KM 41971399

File: 1508094592873.jpg (32.96 KB, 640x600, 1507853172953.jpg)

poni³ 41971400

File: 1508094765309.png (1.51 MB, 5949x6262, rainbow_dash_crystal_pony_armo…)

Andy!rjwzt.U1KM 41971402

File: 1508094867254.gif (830.16 KB, 374x400, tired.gif)

poni³ 41971403

File: 1508094894899.png (538.02 KB, 2800x4340, rainbowdash_thinking_by_ryanth…)

Andy!rjwzt.U1KM 41971404

File: 1508095004646.jpg (217.94 KB, 1141x1280, 1edecf7a36463fbaf4fdeb9be8e44c…)

poni³ 41971405

File: 1508095079532.png (1.04 MB, 7105x6439, rainbow_stare_by_thatsgrotesqu…)

Andy!rjwzt.U1KM 41971406

File: 1508095203174.png (296.89 KB, 2200x2744, EMtQ0cA.png)

poni³ 41971407

File: 1508095238372.png (310.65 KB, 2000x1733, rainbow_dash_by_shelmo69-d3k6u…)

Andy!rjwzt.U1KM 41971408

File: 1508095263850.gif (947.52 KB, 258x258, bird.gif)

poni³ 41971412

File: 1508096451015.png (2.14 MB, 6264x10000, rainbow_dash_is_fascinated_by_…)

Anonymous 41971413

File: 1508096466537.jpg (49.19 KB, 534x525, 1531991__safe_rumble_marks+and…)

Hey dude, congratz.

poni³ 41971414

Congrats for?

Anonymous 41971415

File: 1508096638674.png (26.49 KB, 417x634, 612664__safe_solo_rumble_artis…)

Oh you know that thing you've been working on at work.
Remember you pm me to tell me?

poni³ 41971416

File: 1508096728798.png (697.37 KB, 4626x4975, rainbow_dash___swallowing_disg…)

The never ending print issue call? I don't know if that's been resolved or not, honestly.
I'm a confused pony.

Anonymous 41971419

File: 1508097271206.png (47.09 KB, 562x627, 608096__safe_solo_rumble_artis…)

oh dang, thought it would have been settle by now

poni³ 41971420

File: 1508097323274.png (203.84 KB, 1024x1166, rainbow_dash_is_always_relevan…)

I might log on to work and check and see what happened this weekend. I didn't want to wake up early on a weekend so I said eff it.

poni³ 41971426

File: 1508103329824.png (294.12 KB, 2489x2415, cooler_than_you_by_20_percent_…)

poni³ 41971429

File: 1508107215294.png (488.35 KB, 3000x3275, rainbow_dash_swag_by_lekadema-…)

poni³ 41971445

File: 1508111987213.png (2.64 MB, 9000x8179, rainbow_warrior_by_korsoo-d9io…)

Orange Crusuader 41971467

File: 1508118851674.png (1.63 MB, 7200x7200, Mamãe, eu não posso cabe mais …)

Just when you thought shit could not get worse.

Tracer Bullet 41971468

File: 1508118914321.png (10.56 KB, 400x400, 6e462f98601ba802d78f69f8da98e5…)

I'll leave before then, then.

Orange Crusuader 41971470

File: 1508119487037.jpg (81.67 KB, 768x1024, Always Watching.jpg)

Don't hide now. It's very easy to find you.

Urda 41971471

File: 1508119684817.png (175.6 KB, 650x500, IMG_0162.PNG)

poni³ 41971472

>being Orange

Orange Crusuader 41971473

File: 1508120398736.png (235.73 KB, 1280x1381, Get a load of this guy.png)

in very special scenarios.

poni³ 41971474

File: 1508120454816.png (404.19 KB, 3500x2832, rd___oh_you____by_thelawn-d4s4…)

Literally at all times, actually.

Orange Crusuader 41971475

File: 1508120563443.png (24.63 KB, 346x350, iF ONLY YOU KNEW.png)

Nah, fool. I got a career and shit. When im unprofessional is when you get to hear from me.

poni³ 41971476

File: 1508120592765.png (858.73 KB, 7608x3695, chillin_rainbow_dash_by_uxyd-d…)

Literally always orange.

Orange Crusuader 41971477

File: 1508120726732.png (134.01 KB, 894x894, Welp.png)

Sure. I guess you're right.

poni³ 41971479


Orange Crusuader 41971480

File: 1508121288766.png (130.62 KB, 894x894, Sup, my name is John and I hat…)

Yep. My secrets are laid bare.

poni³ 41971481

File: 1508122121133.png (314.36 KB, 1806x1058, adorable_sleeping_dashie_by_sh…)

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41971489

File: 1508128773399.jpg (376.24 KB, 1280x962, 1561540__safe_artist-colon-mag…)

!Herpy8rzRk 41971506

File: 1508131395334.jpg (96.65 KB, 548x700, 33437__safe_fluttershy_hat_art…)

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41971516

>stuck at work all day wanting to play video games
>come home and don't want to play any
why am I like this

Anonymous 41971517

You likely need new or different games to play
Shame videogaming has mostly turned to shit now

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41971518

nah I have like 4 I want to play but just can't be fucked to start them up
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 41971520

And board gaming has actually never been stronger. We've officially hit the point where the big AAA release always disappoints me in vidya, and always impresses me on the tabletop. Tbh I'm basically permanently converted now.

Anonymous 41971523

It's good fun with friends and family.
To be honest I don't care about AAA lootbox cash-ins and it's pushing away GOOD games that deserve more exposure.
Nice to be able to have a change of heart

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41971524

thing is it's not AAA games I'm not excited about. I have Factorio, KSP, Cuphead, DCS, and if I'm really bored Supreme Commander and for shits and giggles I could just fire up my Rust server and play on that. I just don't want to do any of it.

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41971525

Also even been thinking about modding the shit out of minecraft and picking that up again.

Urda 41971529

File: 1508137121812.jpg (71.22 KB, 736x532, IMG_0648.JPG)

Rit 41971533

File: 1508137893390.png (1.63 MB, 1203x1920, 2CF8AE01-D8F8-47F6-9B93-D08162…)

!Herpy8rzRk 41971541

File: 1508140768038.jpg (49.9 KB, 400x600, 80827__UNOPT__safe_fluttershy_…)

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971544

File: 1508141872848.jpg (135.73 KB, 1280x800, evening_sky_ocean_purple_blue_…)

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971546

File: 1508141962364.png (76.55 KB, 256x256, 6ake-1431800099-977-256.png)

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971547

File: 1508142413668.jpg (791.91 KB, 887x1024, 33657.jpeg)

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971548

TDS used this track
in fact they use a lot of EJR
based af

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971549

File: 1508142580831.jpg (58.29 KB, 520x440, 1122388_f520.jpg)

I think that track is why I looked up smore EJR.
Also TDS?

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971550

File: 1508143022205.jpg (14.07 KB, 236x240, 830d01b3cb624af465ad1e05d65341…)

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971551

team darkside, just some monhun channel


buckethead is gucci

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971552

File: 1508143380010.png (1.95 MB, 3000x3911, vinyl_scratch_smirking_by_flam…)

Gucci is overvalued leather goods designed to make Italians feel like they're contributing something, but buckethead is bae.

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971554

i probably showed you this before
jeff and keith are the alpha and omega of riffs
we need more epic collabs
how about buckethead with igorrr

Anonymous 41971556

File: 1508144075449.gif (260.69 KB, 400x400, tmp_9078-1508107048205-1860010…)

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971557

File: 1508144096541.jpg (6.81 KB, 141x200, vinyl_by_vampirenok-d64r0kc.pn…)

I couldn't agree more, collabs usually create good chemistry, it's good that we have entered an age where artists don't totally commit to record labels and are then free to create and distribute as they please. As for who would go well together my expertise is limited to EDM, But I'd go with Rob Gasser and Feed Me doing a collab.

Anonymous 41971558

File: 1508144154717.jpg (24.25 KB, 450x338, 42711-bigthumbnail.jpg)

Yes! Free Smiley!

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971560

File: 1508144416986.png (614.52 KB, 1600x1615, 1334985119308.png)

Damn that was good sum riffs!


Machinae !Compute.uk 41971562

File: 1508144505600.jpg (68.41 KB, 600x713, 007.jpg)

general rule of thumb seems to be "music nerd" or "genius" goes with "everyone"
i think igorrr classifies
the bassist of periphery too
devin townsend
these people must be wonderful to work with
i know this because the DTP sings songs of praises about nolly

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971563

two types of people lmao

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971565

File: 1508144954668.png (3.05 MB, 1748x2480, f86e7210b43b78841cd8bcc5cd8c48…)

the singing really reminds me of

give this guy a chance his music is innocent and pure

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971566

syncopated basslines of any form are C O M F

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971567

File: 1508145039752.png (209.82 KB, 680x679, 501.png)

lolz me and my buddy were trying doing that off and on for a few years now.
<sound design/synching tunes/plotting sound scapes/ect...>
Not judging ever.*

Urda 41971568

File: 1508145098058.jpg (33.63 KB, 324x500, IMG_0362.JPG)

>Innocent and pure

Sounds like he has not lived long enough.
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Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971569

File: 1508145239828.png (377.96 KB, 958x1024, 46468e.png)

His voice is beautifful!
I found this album lately, I think it's brilliant.
<excessive length>

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971571

File: 1508145622840.png (3.65 MB, 2039x2337, 3b7bc5a7008a62678c115eb515eb75…)

his fingerstyle is on point
i don't even require drugs this is beautiful on its own

does he look too young to you lol

I need music for farming later so that's cool
btw listened to the Three album?

give me your best midi trumpets

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971572

File: 1508145966479.jpg (69.08 KB, 483x604, lmuAoYcwgAI.jpg)

>What're you up to?
Infidel shit of course, what else?
I got you fam.
Pretty much anything Cheshire and earlier Thomas Vent.

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971573

Also no I havent.

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971575

File: 1508147115698.png (232.06 KB, 838x1024, saywat.png)

>Thomas vent wasn't brass, he was guitar and western styled EDM.
I was thinking of beats antique I think.

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971576

blast the midi trumpets my brother


do you liek power metal

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971578

*everything except direct audio is MIDI.
*Dem triggering devices.
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Machinae !Compute.uk 41971580

File: 1508147327922.png (314.05 KB, 500x500, 6980_428f_500.png)

time to taketh a pause

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971581

File: 1508147493997.png (369.2 KB, 725x795, c351b9e2678278e4ee570bc23cb4dd…)

I does liek power metal.
2nd. I gotta vidya.
>Example of MIDI when you say it to musicians.
This post was edited by its author on .

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971582

File: 1508147678673.jpg (222.16 KB, 1073x1342, 4922_13e2.jpeg)

i thought that sounded exactly like regular trumpet samples
oh well
like there's clearly a difference between that cheshire track and touhou trumpets

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971583

File: 1508147835858.png (59.17 KB, 282x350, did_you_say_wubs__by_askthevin…)

You have no idea how powerful it is having MIDI throughput and understanding it's sheer flexability, especially with mod wheels and shift pitches and hold pedals and filters and....

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971584

My eyes literally glaze over thinking of the potential.

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971585

>Is there a gun mod for this hack n slash?

!Herpy8rzRk 41971591

File: 1508151370935.jpg (96.65 KB, 548x700, 33437__safe_fluttershy_hat_art…)

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971592

it's true i don't

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971593

i want to make an aesthetic gondola meme webm
what program do i use for inserting transparent background gondola pics

!Herpy8rzRk 41971594

What kinda gondola

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971595

the spürdo thing

!Herpy8rzRk 41971596


Machinae !Compute.uk 41971598

the retarded bear thing that goes "ebin" :DDD
there's a couple meme webms where he's inserted into a cool background with chill music

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971599

maybe i just draw him myself

!Herpy8rzRk 41971600

ohhhh right, I remember that guy and those webms now.
Speccy has a heap of em if that matters

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971601

File: 1508154049834.jpg (172.44 KB, 736x920, 9b77431dee8e369c5fe7e93ac59422…)

ms paint op
now i just need a way to make a webm from scratch because my editing program would probably give this VVS

!Herpy8rzRk 41971603

File: 1508155356340.png (709.66 KB, 1525x1401, 135846881002.png)

Ive no idea what that means.
I can do all the photostuff, but have never learnt or tried video editing

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971604

File: 1508155469103.webm (4.79 MB, 576x720, spurdo meme1.webm)

finished product

!Herpy8rzRk 41971606

I've not seen one thats seemed like its in a fictional location.
I believe they've all in places you could see yourself.
Is nice musics tho, what is?

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971607

File: 1508156053697.gif (1.05 MB, 438x500, 06b004cfff3caabdd46cd22fde8e85…)

those are by far the best tho
the music is called ruins by old woods hut, a nippon RPG stock music group
i upped the song to youtube

!Herpy8rzRk 41971614

Those memes to me seem to be more of a specific genre of musics to yers, is chill tho

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971615

i saw a couple that clearly used old woods hut music
some others used random midi tracks
midi goes well with this

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971616

ofc if i used a different background i'd find more appropriate music for that

!Herpy8rzRk 41971617

yeye, you got it!

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971618

could make one using ishq music
or this

!Herpy8rzRk 41971620

yesyes doit!
Still nooot quite though hehe

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971621

not quite wut

!Herpy8rzRk 41971622

They all seem to be a specific genre ive not really put down

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971623

it all depends on the placement of the gondola, background image and music choice
it's a free form of meme art


pretty sure its supposed to be some atmospheric ambient music.

!Herpy8rzRk 41971625

hehe, a true memist you are

!Herpy8rzRk 41971626

Hows forrest?


not working till wednesday.
got a free 110€ lego set.
going real hard on one piece.

!Herpy8rzRk 41971629

File: 1508159262109.png (66.83 KB, 500x500, 529696__safe_solo_fluttershy_a…)

Lego is one of my main hobbies.



my x-wing

!Herpy8rzRk 41971633

Oh, a shit set you cant even make other things with, nevermind!

!Herpy8rzRk 41971634

File: 1508161106087.jpg (113.75 KB, 637x347, 79482 - butterflies fluttershy…)

What did I even mean here


it was preassembled too.

used as a prop on the tv-show im working at.

anyways, it has a neat way to connect the wings, so im gonna make it an alternative wing that i can plug in place of the normal wings.

!Herpy8rzRk 41971637

Wassa wing?


a wing is the thing that gives aerial vehicles lift.

!Herpy8rzRk 41971640

You needa work on context a lil anyway!
Hows the whole house thing going?
Is it still in shittown?


what do you mean context?
we were talking about the lego x-.wing i got.

the housing situation is slightly better.
still leaving here at the end of the year since theres no point in staying in this house.

im hoping i can either find a better place in helsinki, and a proper job to support it.
otherwise its off to home.

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971705

File: 1508178661023.png (377.96 KB, 958x1024, 46468e.png)

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971706

File: 1508178903959.jpg (23.71 KB, 248x200, vinyl_rainbow_power_by_xwhited…)

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971709

File: 1508179143875.png (694.39 KB, 1024x1327, vinyl_scratch_by_supernovaadop…)

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971712

File: 1508179680253.jpg (289.86 KB, 1024x768, vinyl_scratch___chocolate_milk…)

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41971713

File: 1508180090263.jpg (914 KB, 1280x828, Aesthetic322.jpeg)

Rita 41971751

File: 1508189904157.webm (2.33 MB, 1280x720, 1508177460674.webm)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41971759

File: 1508195155057.gif (234.71 KB, 391x361, 1334360006164.gif)

Urda 41971808

File: 1508226008050.jpg (68.37 KB, 363x474, IMG_0532.JPG)

bbl 41971816

File: 1508243245334.jpg (39.3 KB, 504x504, jkbjk.jpg)

Machinae !Compute.uk 41971849

File: 1508258819441.png (314.05 KB, 500x500, 6980_428f_500.png)


File: 1508263692532.gif (1.6 MB, 233x170, 90s.gif)

this is the 6th post today.
this is the end.

Anonymous 41971861

Everyone finally got laid? Rest in peace.


File: 1508264194804.gif (3.92 MB, 410x329, head tiltista.gif)

i didnt.
therefore i am the last man standing.

Anonymous 41971864

Well you'll have to go through me before you can claim that belt, sir


File: 1508264319063.gif (1.09 MB, 300x177, cole haitch.gif)

implying an obstacle.

Anonymous 41971867

Well just wait, it'll happen to you out of nowhere and I'll be the true victor

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41971869

just fuck each other

Anonymous 41971871

mind buying me tickets?


File: 1508265198201.gif (3.62 MB, 200x150, neville doesnt get it.gif)

Anonymous 41971873

It'll come when you least expect it

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41971874

File: 1508265322125.jpg (263 KB, 800x840, 50804921_p0_master1200.jpg)

Anonymous 41971875

the one I'm going to fuck

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41971877

File: 1508265457127.jpg (234.17 KB, 700x800, 51976399_p0_master1200.jpg)

what, you don't have a back stage pass to the event you're starring in?

Anonymous 41971878

I wasn't aware I was the star to be spitting on the mics tonight

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41971879

File: 1508265591865.jpg (44.58 KB, 599x502, eaaff7ce60f1355a91d8dae96b9cba…)

sounds like you better start preparing

Anonymous 41971880

would rather be the selector tbh
i guess i should begin writing my lines soon


so when im taking a shit at work?
thats when i least expect anything but shitting to happen.

Anonymous 41971882

Well now that you mention, you end up developing a mild sense of expectation so probably not


while im driving?

Anonymous 41971884

You're supposed to be driving and not looking for attractive peeps

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41971885

File: 1508266332393.jpg (228.11 KB, 768x1024, 53219201_p0_master1200.jpg)

I don't speak rap


yeah but looking at attractive peeps while driving still wont suddenly get me laid.

Anonymous 41971887

I suppose there's always cheesy RnB as an alternative

Anonymous 41971889

I don't mean as in "blink of an eye" silly


well then it wont happen when i least expect it.

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41971891

File: 1508266602996.jpg (439.33 KB, 2000x1724, 58729805_p0.jpg)

Anonymous 41971892

good ole' pupuzela

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41971893

lmao amirite

Anonymous 41971894

I once remember when the apple store was spammed out with vuvuzela apps
rather silly fad if you ask me

Urda 41971895

File: 1508268911821.jpg (46.61 KB, 283x400, IMG_0657.JPG)

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41971900

vuvuzelas were bizarre in general

!IrishDukSs 41971995

File: 1508295420982.gif (464.74 KB, 320x180, 1508290213622.gif)

River 41971996

Anonymous 41972000

File: 1508297728841.png (1.48 MB, 1195x758, 1508297722284.png)

Anonymous 41972008

sucking thick penises

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41972009

oh wow the thread really is dead

Urda 41972012

File: 1508301802342.jpg (139.12 KB, 707x1000, IMG_0666.JPG)

Anonymous 41972014

File: 1508302021328.png (694.51 KB, 750x750, gfMbH2A.png)

Anonymous 41972017

File: 1508305817739.jpg (226.22 KB, 960x1280, llama fursuit a2d4c1ec4fa1aebe…)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972021

File: 1508309119050.png (119.63 KB, 315x461, 32808__safe_fluttershy_cute_ar…)

If anyone doesn't have it yet, The Witcher 3 with the expansions included is only $20 on steam atm

Anonymous 41972022

Fine. Make me spend money if you must.

Anonymous 41972023

I got it on GOG

!Herpy8rzRk 41972030

File: 1508323272777.jpg (255.93 KB, 1000x726, 64213%20-%20artist%3AKP-Shadow…)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972031

File: 1508325219862.png (163.93 KB, 259x491, 132249667342.png)

Anonymous 41972032

File: 1508326908148.png (71.41 KB, 422x706, 1508326903893.png)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972033

File: 1508327779638.jpg (96.65 KB, 548x700, 33437__safe_fluttershy_hat_art…)

Anonymous 41972034

File: 1508328084038.png (6.43 KB, 362x439, 1508328080412.png)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972035

File: 1508328113050.png (119.63 KB, 315x461, 32808__safe_fluttershy_cute_ar…)

Wassup, anon

Anonymous 41972036

File: 1508328335048.gif (411.22 KB, 380x380, 1508328330813.gif)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972037

File: 1508328416274.png (351.82 KB, 800x720, 131713539118.png)

Hm...is a rita?

Anonymous 41972038

File: 1508328591420.gif (37.97 KB, 680x406, 1508328588053.gif)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972039

File: 1508328672378.jpg (45.12 KB, 857x806, 1328207988222.jpg)

River 41972041


Cuphead is also only $20

!Herpy8rzRk 41972042

File: 1508331899818.jpg (141.53 KB, 945x945, 131698166047.jpg)

Good damn game.
Personally I'd probably get tw3 if didnt have either though, because of the insane amount of hours a single playthrough has. Somehow its engaging and fresh throughout all that, too.
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Rit 41972043

File: 1508333838152.png (1.22 MB, 871x912, 9E1297E2-579B-41FC-A9F5-995D92…)

I guess this place is finally of died.

!Herpy8rzRk 41972046

File: 1508334242626.png (96.49 KB, 300x300, 132628173175.png)

Im happy and surprised it lasted as long as it did

Anonymous 41972047

File: 1508334557341.jpg (612.95 KB, 1000x1200, 25e7c3c2452c55d261480ee3fca41f…)

So what will ya'll do now?

!Herpy8rzRk 41972049

File: 1508334811208.png (323.07 KB, 960x797, 133073982592.png)

I talk in other places and keep in touch with plenty of long gone thread peoples.
I will probably still post an image here every now and then.
Not that I feel its dead dead juuuuuust yet.

Anonymous 41972050

File: 1508335136101.jpg (70.52 KB, 960x960, 647pgk8mvjsz.jpg)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972053

File: 1508337086841.png (276.67 KB, 720x720, 132627634485.png)

Anonymous 41972054

File: 1508337128577.jpg (642.02 KB, 897x1200, mi3ih9omb1rz.jpg)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972055

File: 1508337192780.png (344.03 KB, 864x821, 73280 - artist-mewball crying …)

cyoot doggy

Anonymous 41972056

Cyoot herpy

!Herpy8rzRk 41972057

cyoot anon

Anonymous 41972058

Am not

!Herpy8rzRk 41972060

File: 1508337829962.png (202.85 KB, 900x1110, 160101%20-%20artist%3Aup1ter%2…)

Everyone is their own worst critic.

You can pick up some nice games from the humble bundle atm.
I played about 30mins of Wurm Unlimited because bed soon, but I had fun and will definitely play it some more tomorrow.

Anonymous 41972061

Might see when i get home

What's that?
Haven't heard of it

!Herpy8rzRk 41972062

File: 1508338599852.jpg (84.21 KB, 1024x819, 131713865138.jpg)

A rather interesting game.
There is A LOT of stuff you can do, this is my first time playing it, but I've known of it for a while.
Foremostly though its a RPG with crafting.
Its part of the $1 rewards with the bundle, so if you dont enjoy it, theres no real loss and it also comes with Borderlands 1 and Van Helsing.

Anonymous 41972064

I have some rpgs to play, but more is never bad

!Herpy8rzRk 41972067

Also this

I bed now, have a good morning/day/night <3

Anonymous 41972068

Have witcher already

Sleep well!

poni³ 41972077

poni poni poni

Moshy 41972078

Moshy 41972079

File: 1508344988031.png (2.59 MB, 2500x3000, 1459487__safe_artist-colon-hea…)

Holy shit they're adding the Lazarus map to TF2, nice going Gabe

poni³ 41972080

Good evening.
Best pony. Want.

Moshy 41972081

File: 1508345274946.png (2.19 MB, 2754x2478, 1564284__safe_artist-colon-mad…)

Good evening Poni. Whatcha up to?

poni³ 41972082

Yes, her. She's best pony :3
On a work call that seemingly never wants to end and finally having some lunch.

Moshy 41972084

File: 1508345642348.png (2.88 MB, 3000x3000, 1563083__safe_artist-colon-dbl…)

All work and no fun with Dashie. :<
What's for lunch?

poni³ 41972085

File: 1508345684042.png (798.53 KB, 4566x3693, and__kazaam__by_blmn564-d4she7…)

Best pony :3
It is most awful.
Mac and cheese. Nothing exciting.

Moshy 41972086

File: 1508345853622.png (637.76 KB, 969x1080, 1561162__safe_screencap_rainbo…)


Quit your job and spend your days and nights with her more
Great choice in lunch either way

poni³ 41972087

I would very much love to be able to do that.
I'm not upset with it.
What's a Moshy up to?

Anonymous 41972091

File: 1508346745332.png (904.03 KB, 1500x1500, 1508346739824.png)

poni³ 41972092

File: 1508346903306.png (816.29 KB, 4500x3038, rainbow_dash___cloudkickin__by…)

Anonymous 41972093


poni³ 41972094


Moshy 41972095

File: 1508347260276.png (939.73 KB, 2000x2000, 1561097__safe_artist-colon-mor…)

There is no need to be upset.

Just had a look through the jungle inferno stuff. Currently listening through and adding stuff to my Spotify library.

Hello there.

poni³ 41972098

File: 1508347393937.png (1.98 MB, 5694x10000, casual_dash_by_dasprid-d7gyjhc…)

Best pony.
I'm always upset though. She's not real and it feels much less than exceptional.
Sounds decent, eeyup.

Anonymous 41972099

File: 1508347623960.png (448.07 KB, 1024x1365, 1508347620458.png)

Moshy 41972100

File: 1508348139965.png (6.33 MB, 2100x2700, 895704__safe_artist-colon-heav…)

An unfortunate feel ;-;


Anonymous 41972102

File: 1508348419085.png (2.07 MB, 2000x2000, 1508348409688.png)

Moshy 41972103

File: 1508348567454.png (1.15 MB, 1024x1198, 1075846__safe_artist-colon-cru…)

Anonymous 41972104

File: 1508348639843.jpg (86.42 KB, 994x934, 1508348635987.jpeg)

poni³ 41972105

File: 1508348800203.png (937.36 KB, 4777x5372, best_day_ever__by_flutterguy31…)

Also want.

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41972119

File: 1508352708513.jpg (439.33 KB, 2000x1724, 58729805_p0.jpg)

Moshy 41972123

File: 1508353391503.png (249.51 KB, 1284x1010, 640510__safe_artist-colon-wild…)

You're a very mysterious one.



poni³ 41972125

Best pony.

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41972126

File: 1508353510880.jpg (349.89 KB, 757x800, 50916153_p0.jpg)

moshi moshi moshy desu

Moshy 41972128

File: 1508353714968.png (3.5 MB, 4000x3536, 1115390__safe_artist-colon-b-d…)

poni is best pony

This post was edited by its author on .

poni³ 41972129

Would nap with.
I'm pretty confident that is a false accusation.

Anonymous 41972131

File: 1508354032832.png (1.32 MB, 7847x8000, 1508354025068.png)

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41972132

Ok I'm embarrassed to admit how long it took me to realize that the katakana was squidgirl

Rita 41972134

File: 1508354477889.webm (2.08 MB, 1920x1080, MLPG.webm)

Moshy mosh

Moshy 41972135

File: 1508354813452.jpg (194.06 KB, 556x647, 950485__safe_artist-colon-ende…)

I beg to differ


My slippery plan worked, gg

Hello Rita
What's new with ya?

poni³ 41972136

Want. Much, much want.
Citations and peer reviews required.

Moshy 41972138

File: 1508354919963.png (181.13 KB, 822x971, 340341__safe_artist-colon-joey…)

You will meet me in my office ASAP

poni³ 41972139

Hmm. That's not a hat Dash...
So... probably unlikely to be anytime in the relatively near future?

Moshy 41972141

File: 1508355121426.png (665.5 KB, 1239x1000, 1347189__safe_artist-colon-kej…)

If it's wearable on the head it's always a hat, no questions.
I require all the hats, no exceptions

You never know.

poni³ 41972142

Best pony. Would assist with socks.
I mean, if you say so I guess.
I mean, it seems pretty unlikely to me.

Moshy 41972143

Joke's on you I don't have an office :<

Rita 41972144

File: 1508355305779.webm (2.98 MB, 1056x440, 1507135272391.webm)

Drawing some pones


poni³ 41972145

File: 1508355307354.png (640.87 KB, 4300x3483, dash_on_a_cloud_by_geekywebman…)

Should probably acquire an office. I'm in my home office right now.

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41972146

>japanese characters representing english phrases
gets me every fucking time

Moshy 41972148

File: 1508355597602.png (1.26 MB, 7000x7000, 92510__safe_artist-colon-anxet…)

I'd have to completely renovate my desk into a working area with no videogames or mess everywhere. Might not be that easy.
My cousin has one though and I'm rather envious

We had that sandstorm a couple days back and the sky turned into poop
I'm eating pasta and catching up with my YouTube subs
Dunno if you could draw some appledash some day

poni³ 41972149

File: 1508355638408.png (323.58 KB, 2380x2354, dashy___background_by_mellowbl…)

I mean, my desk is pretty damn cluttered. Doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Still my office.

Rita 41972150

File: 1508355799538.png (478.07 KB, 1920x1080, 1508012572534.png)

I'm drawing for the halloween prompt, then i'll probably just draw more fillies and colts.


File: 1508355889336.png (1.39 MB, 2160x2160, 1502661__safe_artist-colon-gal…)


Moshy 41972152

My cousin's is pretty much clutter free, mostly what i'd expect of an office
Having said that my supervisor's desk at work is god awful, you wouldn't want to see it

Maybe after the prompt you could do pips, would be great



File: 1508356005620.png (383.29 KB, 509x617, 8769879098.png)

big if true

Moshy 41972154

File: 1508356049488.jpg (261.08 KB, 700x900, 708640__safe_artist-colon-joyc…)

What's big, may I ask?


File: 1508356135684.png (290.5 KB, 626x679, 564565464564.png)

im just bored and memeing

Moshy 41972156

File: 1508356244481.png (1.86 MB, 2000x2000, 1311050__safe_artist-colon-hea…)

Boredom gets the best of us all in this place
Missed ya by the way


File: 1508356370564.png (131.6 KB, 288x415, 09976867876.png)

missed you too, buddy

i still come around sometimes

miss when this place much more lively tho

Moshy 41972158

File: 1508356693106.png (2.2 MB, 2893x4092, 832624__safe_artist-colon-siag…)

Aw thnx :3
And glad you do

I'd be here more and inject some activity but I like to be moving around or busy with life most of the time


File: 1508356799437.png (426.76 KB, 557x768, 90980987978.png)

it's nice to people around when i do regardless. im usually just everywhere myself.

nowhere specific

Rita 41972164

File: 1508357737625.jpg (572.09 KB, 1280x1707, 1236534__safe_solo_traditional…)


poni³ 41972165

Yeah, see? Office need not be clutter free.
Work happened, but best pony and want.

Urda 41972168

File: 1508359345349.gif (1.8 MB, 600x338, property_of_fluffle_puff_by_ja…)

>Best pony


poni³ 41972169

File: 1508359525580.png (719.47 KB, 3619x3770, confused_rainbow_by_rainbowcra…)

Urda 41972170

File: 1508360133906.jpg (138.55 KB, 1280x720, Mini Puffs.jpg)

I just like the way you identify with Rainbow Dash.

poni³ 41972173

File: 1508360901398.png (800.1 KB, 5000x5000, lying_rainbow_dash_by_elviswjr…)

Identify with?

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41972175

File: 1508361585593.gif (1.55 MB, 600x550, 1320468718224.gif)

Rita 41972176

File: 1508361799959.png (99.01 KB, 278x344, 1468448704680.png)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41972177

File: 1508361936386.png (56.96 KB, 300x300, 1321739160204.png)

poni³ 41972179

File: 1508361986256.png (839.92 KB, 6001x3911, dash_and_tank_by_sakatagintoki…)

Rita 41972180

File: 1508362043455.png (156.14 KB, 350x458, 1485022194573.png)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41972181

File: 1508362084140.png (347.3 KB, 700x700, 1321725635703.png)

playing league games tonight so I took a bit of a nap earlier

Rita 41972182

File: 1508362109787.gif (603.1 KB, 441x265, 1402347786645.gif)

i c
how's that going?

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41972183

File: 1508362235838.jpg (228.04 KB, 957x706, 1321744874006.png)

I guess we'll see after tonight. My game felt weak the last few days of practice

Rita 41972184

File: 1508362337135.png (149.75 KB, 1280x1280, Highly rubbable filly.png)

How's it going otherwise?
Barely see you around

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41972185

File: 1508362472358.png (251.37 KB, 800x871, 1322881410760.png)

mostly recovered by my extended depression I think but it left some damage behind

but yeah I haven't really been around

Rita 41972186

File: 1508362501884.png (256.86 KB, 470x691, 1468819508906.png)


Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41972187

File: 1508362592933.gif (2.74 MB, 640x360, 132632468717.gif)

realigned my outlook on some things I guess

Rita 41972188

File: 1508362702598.png (420.47 KB, 545x771, vlcsnap-2017-10-15-18h02m10s95…)

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41972189

File: 1508362996923.gif (283.46 KB, 202x237, 1325725578809.gif)

I wish I'd gotten more of a nap in

Rita 41972190

File: 1508363069642.jpg (212.57 KB, 1460x1080, Touch the colt butt, also star…)

I have a five hour long driving lesson tomorrow.
This week has been nuts on the driving.

Rita 41972191

File: 1508363163372.png (480.7 KB, 799x856, rumble of despair.png)

No wait
Tomorrow is the first practical exam

Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41972192

File: 1508363347898.jpg (105.18 KB, 1025x926, 1320467267207.jpg)

I'm sure you'll be done by 2020

Rita 41972194

File: 1508363617242.png (429.65 KB, 722x605, rumble tosses it.png)

If things go by schedule i could be a licensed driver by new year.

Rita 41972197

File: 1508363919939.png (485.05 KB, 986x953, rumble being lewd.png)


Mễŗčǘŗąřĩŧŷ!MercuryHCw 41972198

File: 1508363985667.jpg (133.5 KB, 700x700, 1321816667583.jpg)

Moshy 41972199


So much sphagetti

Well it's a different story when a desk is covered with rubbish that's nearly 6 weeks old

Moshy 41972200

nite nite

Moshy 41972202

File: 1508364411285.gif (338.88 KB, 286x367, 1053098__safe_screencap_pinkie…)

I didn't even know the man in the first place. But literally yesterday I had downloaded a track featuring him and well, it's shocking to hear.

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41972209

that is some kongo bongo stuff though

Moshy 41972211

File: 1508367649569.png (273.88 KB, 651x629, 692865__safe_artist-colon-mega…)

It's especially not a good representation of the grime scene considering the genre has reached mainstream status in recent years and people are expecting a lot of goodwill out of them.

I'm personally one to distance myself from artists who engage in such activity. Years back there was this guy's music I used to listen to:
Only 9 years for over 300 abuses? That's kinda fucked up on the justice department
>And I only just noticed he gets released this month, he better have learnt his lesson
This post was edited by its author on .

poni³ 41972230

Anonymous 41972231

File: 1508378108459.jpg (2.8 MB, 2400x2400, googly eyed dashy x 256-black.…)

yes indeed

poni³ 41972232

She is best pony, but your image edit of her is not.

Urda 41972233

File: 1508378844478.png (829.76 KB, 836x816, unnamed (26).png)

Anonymous 41972237

File: 1508380121772.png (46.91 KB, 255x221, i'm a sexual inter.png)

poni³ 41972239

Only to the first part. Your image edit is bad and should feel bad.

poni³ 41972241

File: 1508382005133.png (456.43 KB, 5000x5146, sleeping_dashy_by_pdpie-d5nj9l…)

Anonymous 41972246

File: 1508383950077.png (323.17 KB, 684x864, 1495201348-20170519.png)

Anonymous 41972247

File: 1508383955159.jpg (164.45 KB, 1178x1170, 1508383951423.jpeg)

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41972248

File: 1508384050146.png (897.58 KB, 1080x1039, u5hy2jrt4bkz.png)

whoops name

Moshy 41972258

File: 1508387525346.png (2.1 MB, 2000x2500, 909189__safe_artist-colon-heav…)

Anonymous 41972260

File: 1508388523333.png (1.37 MB, 5000x5000, 1508388517592.png)


File: 1508388979118.png (103.24 KB, 214x374, 98989879879.png)

unnecessary spoiler

Moshy 41972264

File: 1508389097276.png (2.76 MB, 3000x2800, 1035057__safe_artist-colon-hea…)


the spoiler faget needs to get his butt here right now ;-;

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41972266

File: 1508389942457.png (163.06 KB, 500x533, tumblr_inline_o7m13oDPIK1qf3l6…)

Anonymous 41972267

File: 1508391148809.jpg (876.79 KB, 2806x1939, 1508391143611.jpeg)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972269

File: 1508392252353.jpg (167.31 KB, 1518x1276, 196745%20-%20artist%3ASoulSpad…)

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41972270

File: 1508392700341.png (289.72 KB, 639x476, llnnnnjz8cyy.png)

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41972272

File: 1508392930870.png (478.41 KB, 900x1839, 1180605__safe_oc_comic_human_v…)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972274

File: 1508393755373.jpg (56.24 KB, 608x461, 131742266120.jpg)

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41972275

File: 1508394479011.jpg (96.5 KB, 800x1000, 1457216803361.jpg)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972276

File: 1508394542768.png (542.12 KB, 3166x3709, 132534%20-%20absurd_res%20arti…)

America needs to stop chopping dickskin off

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41972277

File: 1508394581365.png (347.9 KB, 1280x720, 1394954605965.png)

Its the Jews' fault.

!Herpy8rzRk 41972278

File: 1508394662853.gif (1.19 MB, 700x480, 132544199580.gif)

Maybe thats what Hitler hated most about them

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41972279

File: 1508394721773.gif (158.58 KB, 259x285, 1394911390870.gif)

Did they chop his dick skin off?

!Herpy8rzRk 41972280

File: 1508394776876.png (125.53 KB, 643x556, 133301331925.png)

People say he had only one testicle.
Maybe they tried to but missed!

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41972281

File: 1508395232264.jpg (13.49 KB, 260x295, 1394954564584.jpg)

Anyone would be mad if that was them

!Herpy8rzRk 41972282

File: 1508395367903.jpg (63.87 KB, 495x600, 56826__safe_fluttershy_appleja…)


Nom!MNH....mlQ 41972283

File: 1508395763442.jpg (502.4 KB, 4998x4006, 1394954051584.jpg)

make them eat a non-kosher pickle

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41972284

File: 1508397399669.jpg (1.1 MB, 1158x1460, 1553806__safe_artist-colon-mag…)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972287

how even

Nom!MNH....mlQ 41972288

File: 1508398393947.png (521.01 KB, 2462x3300, 1502749__safe_artist-colon-bad…)


!Herpy8rzRk 41972292

Rit 41972296

File: 1508405862560.jpg (5.55 KB, 57x25, 634189BB-6B8A-4112-9A78-B6B3F2…)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972298

File: 1508409664072.jpg (96.65 KB, 548x700, 33437__safe_fluttershy_hat_art…)

bbl 41972307

File: 1508411789306.jpg (45.79 KB, 540x298, nk.jpg)

Rit 41972313

File: 1508414451617.jpg (261.49 KB, 1920x1080, D697FEC7-1481-46F4-9E3E-FF5003…)

I have of passed the first driving exam.

bbl 41972314

File: 1508415229957.png (171.66 KB, 283x540, bfgbg.png)

drive a dildo in your butt

Machinae !Compute.uk 41972316

File: 1508416045737.jpg (134 KB, 610x610, 0333_ce0e.jpeg)

passed a corpse today
fool was a scooter driver on the autobahn
rest in peace

!Herpy8rzRk 41972317

How long did take?


Machinae !Compute.uk 41972318

File: 1508416194982.gif (2.71 MB, 500x281, 7749_ad9b_500.gif)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972319

riding a scooter on an autobahn sounds insane!

Machinae !Compute.uk 41972320

File: 1508416406463.png (607.24 KB, 1000x1000, 3367_ddfb.png)

riding a scooter or motorcycle on its own is kinda scary and reckless. But the autobahn can be very windy and that *alone* is trouble. Even for car drivers, as you may naturally steer against the wind but then if you pass a truck, you'll be in the wind shadow and steer right into the truck.
Or the truck is pushed in your direction, that could happen too

!Herpy8rzRk 41972321

File: 1508416684861.png (2.24 MB, 2260x2828, 72143 - artist-theshadowbrony …)

Is there that many deaths on em in general?

Rit 41972322

File: 1508417325469.jpg (102.36 KB, 724x1030, 9BC82E63-F9E3-4191-AE01-34AEA8…)



An hour.
It went well like i think i’m doing ok for a license now, but there’s no stopping government bureaucrats and waste so i sill got two months and north of 10 000kr of lessons to go before i can take the final exam.

Skinny!Trips0zvVM 41972323

Gud ahneem taste fam.

Machinae !Compute.uk 41972324

File: 1508417470757.png (527.87 KB, 950x1000, 4727_839c.png)

50-60% of crash victims are cyclists, pedestrians, scooter/bike drivers

thanks fam

!Herpy8rzRk 41972325

File: 1508417585731.png (274.66 KB, 750x600, sleep time.jpg)

O gawd, well at least its looking good for you so far, good luck with the rest

Heh, unsurprising.

I bed now, gnight all <3

Machinae !Compute.uk 41972326

File: 1508417731144.gif (671.08 KB, 400x440, 1842_a3a6.gif)

bbl 41972327

File: 1508418728214.png (95.35 KB, 278x333, yggu.png)

you can drive me to the fjords

Rit 41972328

File: 1508419064085.jpg (261.49 KB, 1920x1080, 1FF89568-C4F7-45BD-B213-850997…)

Yeh i thing next time i have spare vacation imma go for a drive up and down Norwaycoast. To have done that. Should be nice.

Rit 41972331

File: 1508421303059.png (231.67 KB, 791x1024, 78011AA1-46CE-412F-807A-41F5B1…)

poni³ 41972368

File: 1508429898396.png (1.24 MB, 5000x6407, commander_hurricane__rainbow_d…)

Anonymous 41972386

File: 1508431372407.jpg (54.88 KB, 532x666, 260.jpg)

Rita 41972409

File: 1508435100371.png (519.68 KB, 1039x1080, rumbles evil plan3.png)

Squiddy !QnUristNew 41972425

File: 1508438049198.jpg (327.07 KB, 600x600, 1496706773588.jpg)

who even plays 3
The nostalgiafags play 2, the modern is shit people play 4, anyone else plays 5 or 6.

Squiddy !QnUristNew 41972426

I guess that's why 3's on sale

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41972427

File: 1508438181475.jpg (263 KB, 800x840, 50804921_p0_master1200.jpg)

squiddu, didn't your mother ever tell you not to look a gift horse in the mouth?

Squiddy !QnUristNew 41972429

File: 1508438389409.jpg (127.35 KB, 700x1000, 2af41418f5bf0d1dadc4724be9fb13…)

I already have it from it humble bundles I got for something else and/or it being free in the past I can't even remember which

Anonymous 41972430

why would you look it in the mouth anyway, the other end's much more interesting

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41972431

File: 1508439131287.jpg (1.72 MB, 2700x2221, 57104092_p0.jpg)

signed, someone who's never seen a horse defecate
jfc it's like a shit fountain

Anonymous 41972433

File: 1508439485569.png (958.1 KB, 1082x872, xcvgmkjxcgfmhk.png)

Anonymous 41972436

File: 1508440129754.gif (291.79 KB, 800x600, 1508440124103.gif)

poni³ 41972438

File: 1508440246351.png (650.19 KB, 4711x2976, rainbow_dash_hospitalized_by_b…)

Anonymous 41972441

File: 1508440694785.jpg (12.65 KB, 326x326, 1489261227974.jpg)

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41972442

>when you're giving other strippers a lapdance and you're all just so happy about it

poni³ 41972446

File: 1508442644759.png (759.74 KB, 4358x5812, rainbowdash___look_into_the_sk…)

Rita 41972447

File: 1508442805080.png (155.55 KB, 340x313, vlcsnap-2017-10-15-18h00m18s09…)

poni³ 41972453

File: 1508445122617.png (1.42 MB, 7500x6000, rd_by_mlpwreck12345-d5zgmwl.pn…)

Obliviously!AWAREoB7fQ 41972481

File: 1508458852534.png (29.28 KB, 256x217, q6uj-1459513594-323036-medium.…)

The "alien" is right tho.

poni³ 41972485

File: 1508459455866.png (947.02 KB, 5376x4490, rainbow_dash_kitten__vector__b…)

poni³ 41972523

File: 1508467832464.png (773.36 KB, 3371x5000, vector__421___rainbow_dash__54…)

poni³ 41972524

File: 1508468328433.png (788.08 KB, 4616x3942, rainbowdash___rdy_for_winter_w…)

poni³ 41972527

File: 1508468932559.png (314.36 KB, 1806x1058, adorable_sleeping_dashie_by_sh…)

Kere 41972532

File: 1508476074179.png (122.85 KB, 612x563, 94e183147529f6260edd5260d7de5a…)

Anonymous 41972539

File: 1508477200525.png (620.29 KB, 1280x900, 1508477193856.png)

Edelweiss !Metta5sWWk 41972542

he's aliiiiive

Rit 41972543

File: 1508479157915.jpg (835.53 KB, 1536x2322, 2B587636-C979-419C-A5F2-F3A95D…)

Anonymous 41972544

File: 1508479770107.jpg (601.65 KB, 1000x1000, 1508479764436.jpeg)

forrest? 41972557

Real hopeful todays gonna be a good friday.
Because worst case scenario is that i got work tomorrow.
And then tomorrows friday.

bbl 41972559

File: 1508485747869.png (171.66 KB, 283x540, bfgbg.png)


!Herpy8rzRk 41972560

File: 1508486017428.jpg (89.46 KB, 900x900, 65365 - artist-john_joseco flu…)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972564

File: 1508487937361.png (383.89 KB, 2288x2348, hehe.png)

I bought Elex and its story and setting so far (I've just past the starting area) is so close to Gothic 2 its like they just repaced the words in the dark fantasy jargon in the script with sci-fi jargon.
>4 factions
>1 evil faction
>you can chose whom to join
>You start the game coming from a past life being wiped away completely having to start anew

!Herpy8rzRk 41972565

>found by man
>is nice but not forgiving
>takes you in and helps you start new life
exactly like gothic 2 haha

Rit 41972566

File: 1508488567286.jpg (85.09 KB, 700x698, 50DE3094-5294-48A1-9B8C-AEF50E…)

!.KaRRawRMA 41972567

File: 1508488787834.jpg (209.8 KB, 1390x1880, z0wlj8e1v4nz.jpg)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972569

How many exams you gotta do for license?

!Herpy8rzRk 41972570

Ohay karma

Anonymous 41972571

File: 1508490404108.png (269.31 KB, 952x1228, 1508490399827.png)

Rit 41972573

File: 1508493641683.jpg (108.11 KB, 799x856, 347E1214-8D61-4205-8B6C-CBAB45…)

There is just the final one left.
Which i can’t take until like 8 weeks from now.

Rit 41972574

File: 1508493666832.jpg (425.04 KB, 2500x1200, 0FB19681-70D0-420D-8476-F9407A…)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972575

How many is there in total?
Gosh man, I feel sorry for all the hoops you gotta go through

Rit 41972576

File: 1508494089313.jpg (367.26 KB, 1254x1600, F9309D2F-9459-49E0-9266-82203D…)

3 if you count the theory.
I just got done driving for 5 hours.
I am dead.

Machinae !Compute.uk 41972577

File: 1508494257928.png (352.68 KB, 500x640, 4168_420a_500.png)

Anonymous 41972578

File: 1508494632450.png (272 KB, 750x750, 1508494627986.png)

!Herpy8rzRk 41972579

welp at least its almost over


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