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Jan 20: Board Organization Discussion
Jan 15: Staff Update, and Rules Update

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Next week's episode was aired early and it looks like this patterns going to repeat for a bit according to this schedule, how do you guys want to handle spoilers.

Keep the sunday episode as a spoiler for until the regular air date or just treat it as a regular episode?
I know at least one guy will be trying to avoid spoilers until the 'official' air date so i figured it would be prudent to settle the issue before it caused problems.
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Did I get fucking meme'd? I just watched the first episode of this show and tbh it was trash. It wasn't funny at all and the only thing it has going for it is that Star is aesthetically cute, but personality-wise she's OBNOXIOUS, and her voice is annoying. She's like Pinkie Pie in her most over-the-top moments, except she's like that in every scene.

The plot of the show seemed straight out of a super cheesy anime, and the monster design was pretty generic...why do people like this? Is it literally just because Star is waifubait? Does it get better?

I only watched it because Starposting literally spread to /mu/.
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why is starlight glimmer the best pony
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Computer Trouble This is bad.
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High frame rate ponies thread 48 fps ponies.

I can also take requests. Just tell me what scene and what episode.
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Alcoholics [#Anon]ymous #Anon #anon (forgot which was the correct tag)

Do you have a drinking problem? It seems you're not alone; there are a handful of people here who have (or have had) some level of difficulty controlling their alcohol consumption. So here's a thread to anonymously discuss these issues.
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This is the official /b/ & Friends thread! If there is another thread, redirect them here.

Everypony equal, everypony loved, you don't have to be a namefag to be a Brony, it's just for fun!

Love, tolerance, friendship, and kindness are the most important things a Brony can have, let's spread some joy and post some ponies.
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The Official Combined Applejack and Rainbow Dash Appreciation Thread Because the old, like really old, like over a year and a half old one finally reached the post limit of 3000 and there was no official ruling yet on whether or not it was supposed to move out of /gala/ I guess a new one is needed.

So, uh, rainbapples and stuff I guess.
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Form your ultimate raid party:

>Warrior - self [berserker]

>Bard - Power Chord [sonic blasts]
>Mage - Forrest [finnish wizardry]
>Alchemist - Ash [buff potions]
>Cleric - Reverend [holy]
>Beastmaster - Toybox [er.. mistress]
>Tinkerer - Snowbell [engineer]
>Rogue - Chewy [stealth]
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Who tf up
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Is this Sonichan?
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Good thread thread I'm bored and the threads suck so let's make a good thread?
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anime thread >checks catalog
>no anime thread

welp time to make another one! what have you been watching/planning to watch/dropped/whatever?

i watched space runaway ideon and it's kinda batshit movie recently and holy shit is it silly. apparently it's like end of evangelion but earlier. i've never seen eoe and never finished eva, so idk, but ideon is fun as balls because it's written by the gundam guy and it shows at points.

also i've predictably gotten into kemono friends because it's the most /an/ anime i've ever seen.
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feels good man Finally, a warm, sunny, truly spring-feeling day.

how's the weather where you are /oat/? what are you listening to?

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Hey hey

Im gay
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>helper pepe thread
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>hybrid daughters
>not having one with your waifu

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Oh boy, We got announced a new show "lil jack"
Which based on samurai jack
By the creatores of Teen Titans Go.

Will be hilarious to see how much it turns into crap anything about the original, and then make a bunch of episodes breaking the 4th wall talking about how people is dumb for not liking the new samurai jack
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Vidya don't see a vidya thread on the front page, so I'm making one

I just read this article about the game Prey:


it sounds pretty awesome, I think it's definitely worth a read

also this:


and this:


...I thought were interesting. I like this Gamesradar site a lot, it's not very clickbait-y, there's no bullshit like auto-playing videos or ads that scroll down the page with you like every other news/gaming site now, they get straight to the point, and they seem a little shill-ish sometimes but not that bad.

also what is you guy's favorite video game of 2016?

for me it's definitely Gears Of War 4. perfect example of a developer actually LISTENING to the longtime core fanbase of a series and correcting the mistakes of the last game and just delivering a great experience that is more or less exactly what everyone wanted.
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Lauren Faust, The Staff, and Hasbro. Lauren Faust, the Story writers, the Story boarder, The Animators, and the Voice Actors.

I know Lauren Faust is the creator and the characters designer for MLP:FIM, The Story writer write a lot of stories, the Story boarder turn the story become an images, and the Animator begin to turn the images become animatic and then animating it, The Voice Actor obviously voicing the characters.

My question is, what exactly Lauren Faust doing?, just redirecting the Story Writer to make sure the stories the Story Writer wrote always follow her pitch bible?, and monitoring the Story Boarder by helping them design something?, even managing on how the Voice Actors talk in the show?.

I just dont get it.

In Anime its seems when a Manga become an Anime, there is a lot of people who capable to follow the original author art style, and using the Manga as Story board and begin to animating it.

How about Lauren Faust?, again what exactly is her job?, drawing them manesix character design, design the villain, making/drawing the universe such Everfree Forest, PonyVille, Canterlot, and that it?.

Thank you.
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shit that grinds your gears (about your job, NEETs not apply) >customers who think you care about everything they have to say and keep talking to you and it's policy to be super polite so you can't tell them to fuck off (there are a couple people in particular who are really bad at my store and come in every day)

>customers who buy absurd amounts of lottery tickets and if they ever actually win they just buy more and then lose again, it triggers me so much to know how much money they might as well be throwing in the garbage
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wallpaper thread pls I'm looking for good mobile wallpapers, specifically for Persona 5.

>inb4 "nigga clean yo desktop holy shit"

I actually just did and there is still all of this left lol
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/k/ thread sexy af edition
(No image)
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Edgy High School Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgrJFWugLLs

Post the crap you listened to growing up.
(No image)
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Look at this gay safespace
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I made this thread because I can
(No image)
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Terra Foliata Jesus fuck.

So for like two goddam years I was looking for the art of this OC because someone was using her by a different name (one 'Aleph Null') and it mislead the hell out of me.

By the time I found out her actual name, I noticed that a few pieces of art were suspiciously missing that I distinctly remember existing of her.

I can't find them fucking anywhere. I've been trying for weeks and it's driving me goddamn crazy. Any help would be absolutely fantastic - if you could find any art of her that isn't tagged properly or posted on derpibooru or wherever, let me know, please. I don't even know where else to go for help for this at this point.
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I can't hold back I need to discuss the new Kendrick here.

I know only a select few of you will care but whatevs

the new album is out

(legally) stream on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4eLPsYPBmXABThSJ821sqY

320kbps download: https://mega.nz/#!QkYj2aoJ!glG9Mq4Xdu3H3zIByMV7tzeUg4HMqRTuRdWe3yQFVJk

FLAC download: https://mega.nz/#F!mERyFJSD!AACoHHmCjPoqQs75fxvv-Q

>ITT: discuss Kendrick Lamar and his albums, what you think of this new one if you listen/have listened, how does it compare to his old stuff, what are your favorite hip-hop releases of the year so far etc.

>if you hate hip-hop please don't come here just to shit on it and be an ass
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Drinking I know I've been absent for some time, but it's nearing finals and some shit just hit the fan, and it's the weekend, so why not get started drinking early??

Which of you are still alive on this site, eh? It's been about five or six month since I've posted here. [lol]
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>ayy lmao could've visited us
>but likely millions of years ago instead of any time recently, just out of sheer unlikelihood we'd both exist at the same time
>disposable probes would've left no evidence
>bases would've been shattered and buried by natural phenomena
>ships and stations would've deorbited and been destroyed
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wher does all that data gooo?
(No image)
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We all know someone who's either left this place or just stopped posting in general.

With that in mind, who would you wish to come back and be a part of this clusterfuckery?

Hell let's be honest here, if they got out they're better off anyway
(No image)
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Hey guys been gone for months, but I've only been gone so long 'cause I've been practicing anatomy (of chicks/dudes) doing schoolwork and just dealing with everyday life.
also, I have a devianart http://anonymoustrollf4c3.deviantart.com/ now:) (a bunch of old terrible art) come some time this month, I'll show you guys my more recent art and I'll be posting more regularly.

but most importantly, how are my favorite peoples doing?
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question(s) for the Carbros So I have some questions--genuine questions, I'm not trying to be condescending--for automobile enthusiasts here (I know there are a few of you).

My brother is actually one too, he studied to be a mechanic for four years in high school, and now he's about to be a manager at a car parts shop.

my question is, what exactly is it about cars that you love? what makes them so special? what makes it such a great hobby to you?

I'm asking because I don't "get" car enthusiasm. To me, a car is just something for transportation, and even if I wanted to have a pimped out ride it would cost an absurd amount of money that I will probably never have.

I can clearly explain why I love music and video games, but I just really don't understand the love for cars. Do you guys see some kind of artistic value in them?
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scari storyyy #Spoiler
>it's the graveyard shift at the Krusty Krab™®©
>seems like any other night, you guess. But who the hell orders a Krabby™ Patty®®® at 3:00 AM?
>suddenly, this very spooky shadowy man (pic related) knock knocks on the door!
>it's the HASH SLINGING SLASHER™ (Special Edition)!!!
>the HASH SLINGING SLASHER™ (Special Edition) walks into the Krusty Krab™®© like he owns the place
What do?
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Let's do this again! >Dead Rising
>You actually make the dead fall
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/Useless Bitching/ >new USB-c port means I have to buy a new charger for my computer and car
>cases now don't have screen protectors so I have to buy a shitty tempered glass cover
>the only way to charge at a computer is with a wireless charger
God I fucking hate switching phones.
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Not this shit again So uhhhh, anyone try this yet?

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>When you realize that guacamole takes like 1 minute to make at home
>when you realize its actually super cheap because you can buy like 4 avacados for a dollar in the mark down produce section and it doesn't matter if they're goo because you're making guacamole

Well, learn something new everyday. What'd you learn today /oat?
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Dis F-Dawg iz gonna lay with the Bugycorn Queen in Ya Bed

(No image)
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what would happen, if a kinky emoji female from samurai jack starts 2 drink strawberry cream from the twinkie of an crayon changeling drone?
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I just, ate a square shaped meat from between a Ginger chick buns
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You walk into the club and this girl slaps your ass, what do you do? Keep in mind she has 5,000 hp, abs of steel, and could crush your skull with her thighs if she wanted to (and she might want to).
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rate my sister's new shirt
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Cringe thread
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Data mining thread. Just fill out this form...
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Happy Merge Anniversary Ponychan! Today is the anniversary of the MLPchan/Ponychan merge!

The day we all are united as one big community! Time to celebrate that fact!

Please feel free to share all the wonderful times you've had here, all the friends you've known, and the ones you appreciate dearly. What would you like to see for the future of our beloved Ponychan?

It's our day today, let's have some fun!
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Totally Original Thread http://ricepuritytest.com/

How impure are you /oat/? I scored 41.
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ITT We take the last video we watched or are currently watching and produce some goddamn
reaction pics
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AMA Thread Because we've probably had far too much of these, but I only jump on bandwagons when they're beaten into the ground.

So, ask me anything, and I'll answer as honestly as possible.
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I fell in love with this series of pictures.
but they are super explisit to use here and show to you people the pictures.
I try to make the "save version" but I think I did a bad job.

Do you know any tips to make it better?
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can anypony, find a non-fuzzy version of this picture- that was on 4chan
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I'm high, and why is OK Computer so good?
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With the fall of Admiral I am interested in the results. Please answer both.


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I bring to you the word of God in its purest form
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okay I'm making this thread separate from the vidya general because it's kind of a larger topic that I'd like to discuss more in-depth and I don't think video game threads bother anyone anyways

the topic is, How do you feel about esports, and the current status of esports in the gaming industry?

I'm asking this because in the past few years or so, basically all of my favorite online games have embraced esports and personally it irritates me. I don't mind when they do competitions and shit, but I hate when esports rules or standards are forced into regular matchmaking. ex: every CoD game since Ghosts, Halo 5, Gears Of War 4.

and actually it's not necessarily the specific esports rules, but I guess what REALLY bugs me is "skill-based matchmaking". it's a fucking meme at this point, at least in the games I play. and I say some of this because there's this guy on youtube I watch who has talked a lot about skill-based matchmaking in CoD and really kind of confirmed and explained well what I already thought, I will try to find the specific video later.

but basically, this whole trend of forcing extreme competition into regular public matches, and making sure everything is "fair". part of what I loved about the earlier games in my favorite series is that they never tried to push this whole system of balance, every match you were just thrown in with random people and it was a total tossup if you assfuck the whole enemy team, have an even match, or get crushed. and I LIKED that, maybe that's just me but I liked the chaos of it all. (and before you say Halo 2 and 3 had the skill based stuff, I am aware of that but they also had plenty of "social" playlists which newer games are sorely lacking. Gears 4 only has one social playlist not including the bot playlists).

CoD is probably the worst offender. nobody fucking plays CoD for skill. you play it because you want unrestrained chaos and instant gratification. dying over and over rapidly is something CoD players are used to, they don't want the game to be cat and mouse or whatever. everyone wants to just get their killstreaks a couple times a match, or get some really sick multikills or whatever, and they'll be happy. CoD is not a game that requires genuine skill to succeed at.

then there's the whole culture behind esports, but I won't go on about that yet. I'll leave it at that for now.

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>when you suddenly go from asexual and happily single to gay and lonely
>when you start taking care of your appearance for the first time
>when you immediately realize your definition of "taking care of your appearance" is looking as much like a girl as possible

Ponychan turned me gay, drunk AMA.
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>that feel when ______
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Stopping Drinking Thread I'm actually serious about it this time.
45 replies
>tfw no stank pussy NEET GF
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>Simon the Rabbit, destined to break a world record for biggest rabbit, has died in the custody of United Airlines

>not just the same airline, but at the same airport

>RIP Simon the Rabbit, died at... O'Hare airport

>Or should I say... 0'Hare airport

Vengeance upon United
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The Brony Show 258 - My Little Pony Annual: Guardians of Harmony "The Brony Show 258 - My Little Pony Annual: Guardians of Harmony

Hello everypony! Changlings attack! What will Equestria do? And does it involve figures, armor, and giant dragons? Join us as we talk about this awesome comic.

Be sure to join us at https://thebronyshow.net/ at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST live this and every Monday. You can also join us an hour early for the Brony show preshow and get your brony show starting early. You can catch our podcast archives here at https://vimeo.com/thebronyshow. If you want to be part of the show, let us know! Email Circuit at bronyshow@gmail.com. Also be sure to tune in to our affiliate Ponyville live for the show and more fun things after the show at http://ponyvillelive.com/"
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Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
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Only 2010 kids will "get" this.
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sephiroth did nothing wrong. wouldn't you do anything to make your mother proud too?
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can sompony, make this melon color design- upon
1 reply
Its just my chrome?
or is youtube broken?
When I get to watch some videos, There is not only no adds, but there is no comments, no suggestions, no anything, just a square and a block for the video
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Well /oat/, where do you stand? 4 master race here.
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Book Club pt. 2 A new thread for the book club to discuss its next reading: The Brothers Karamazov, written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky!

Sorry for the delay. I took longer getting this up than I would have liked to. If you were working on something, Chewy, feel free to just post whatever you've got here (those notes you took were great, by the way - do you mind if I post them here? Or if you have more, you could post those as well).

And so we enter the realm of the russians. Let me begin by addressing the elephant in the room: this book is quite long. I expect to spend two to four months on it as a group. Many of you had trouble finishing Heart of Darkness in a month, meaning this will likely be a challenge for you - I hope that the prose of Dostoyevsky suits you all more (I know I was not a fan of Conrad) and that you can get through this at a better pace. Even if it seems like too much, though, I hope that you all stick around and do your best to read along with the rest of us. Do your best and don't give up! And keep us all updated with your progress as we go.

If you didn't finish Heart of Darkness at all, feel free to catch up on that and continue to this book at your own leisure. Even if you don't finish reading these works, all of you have something to contribute to the discussion of them, which is what I'm really hoping to gain from these threads.

Let's get to the questions. I ripped some off the interwebs this time. Bear with me here, I know less about this one than I did Heart of Darkness and it's also much less controversial which makes it a little harder.

1. What translation are you reading/going to read? I want to warn you a little about this: don't overthink it. In all likelihood, your first choice was probably fine, and unless you find yourself disgusted with what you're reading, don't worry about switching to a different translation. I do reccommend doing a little bit of research into it, maybe google around for a half hour or so, but don't overdo it looking for the "best" translation, or you'll find yourself never reading the damn book! Read through some previews and find one with prose that you enjoy. That will be the most important thing. If you have any thoughts on the different translations, please let us all know them!

2. Dostoyevsky was, of course, quite religious, and Christianity plays an important role in everything he wrote. I've met quite a few people who actually said Dostoyevsky converted them! But at the same time, it's very frequent to see people debating about the meaning and role that religion plays in his works, though this is mostly in regards to his other novels. So I'm curious what you think of just that: the role that religion plays in The Brothers Karamazov. In addition, how convincing do you find his arguments?

3. What is your favorite cover image for the book? I like pic related yet again! Don't know what this represents yet but I'm sure it'll speak to me differently by the end of my reading.

4. If you've read any of Dostoyevsky's other works, how do you think The Brothers Karamazov holds up?

5. What would Dostoyevsky think of My Little Pony?

6. Is this guy named Liam Voice whose essay I found googling about Dostoyevsky right? Is chan culture proof that there really is no God, since everything is permitted?

7. I'm seriously running out of ideas for questions here

I stole these ones shamelessly:
How are the three Karamazov brothers like or unlike their father?
Would you say this is a happy/optimistic novel? How does it make you feel?
What do each of the members of the Karamazov family represent to you? Or maybe even, what kind of people do you think they are?
Who killed who?
How does kpop work into all this?
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Penis head samurai jack I gotta admit, while I was 100% prepared for blood and real living creatures deaths in samurai jack, I was actually taken aback/surprised by a character being called a "talking penis" in the latest episode.

I know it sounds juvenile, but while violence has always been a big part of jack, vulgarity/cursing seems like something that never existed in it, so people cursing in the recent episode took me by surprise.

not that I'm advocating censorship or bothered by it, I'm just wondering if anyone else was surprised/shocked by the Penis head joke and subsequent joke in Samurai jack.
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Guess who's all caught up with ponies!?
5 replies
14 replies
Fantasizing It's okay
Celestia said so
139 replies
AMA Thread Because why not?
Ask me anything and I'll be as honest as I can, within reason.
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This is a present for somebody that could use this picture
3 replies
Happy birthday for you, Aidan Gillen!
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ALRIGHT BADGERS Thony, y r u gopher eaters throwing Construction Equipment into Lake Michigan

FOX 17 LIVE in South Haven
15 replies
Was thinking on naming My Hardrives and stuff, but with a dumb Dark Souls Theme.
Main Hardrive
>Lord Gwyn, because he is the king, and from time to time, the damn OS or the pc will die, so will need to format it and start a new age of fire again...

>But the other 2 partitions should be Gwynever and Gwyndolin, they are the 2 in the same hardrive because Gwynever really doesnt exist, is just Gwyndolin doing.

>And Getting an External Hardrive to save everything, Name The Nameless king, because the family hate him and they dont let him be inside the computer.

and finaly name my USBs as Gwyn knights

How can I make it more autistic and stuff?
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Bingo for Andriod status
Double for Robot
1 reply
which Thom Yorke is the cutest?
9 replies
What is your position on AMA threads?
31 replies

Cuz why not.
28 replies
Time you normally wake up

Time you normally go to bed

What you eat for breakfast

Set alarm for 10am, usually get up at 11am

Go to bed somewhere around 3-4am

Eggs over easy, bacon, buttered toast.
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>When you think you're gonna go bowling with old friends but end up in the ghetto and surrounded by heresy
14 replies
I'm trying to come up with a list of fun things to do with online friends, so we don't have to feel as separated by distance. Please help me add to this.

what I've got so far:

watch movies/cartoons (in a stream)
listen to music (in a voice channel)
play games (Tabletop Simulator!)
browse web (on rabb.it)
read fanfiction out loud (in a voice channel)
2 replies
I have made this thread to announce that I am not sleeping; I'm playing Dark Souls III.

Don't bitch, at least I'm not asking you to ask me any questions.
3 replies
I have made this thread to announce that I am sleeping.

Don't bitch, At least I'm not asking you to ask me any questions.
29 replies
Work Thread How's your job doing? Any tales from your job?

The charge nurse said I'm doing a really good job. s-sempai noticed me!
7 replies
19 replies
ITT: make a youtube playlist of your 5 favourite songs, then post it here and rate

6 replies
AMA It's a meme, but one I'll make good on.
9 replies
AMA Emoji Ask My Alien Emoji F-DAWG

Maybe not about the eggplant that is between her legs
7 replies
Anyone remember when I was insisting that Overwatch Loot Boxes came with guaranteed legendary duplicates every so often? You all thought I was insane...

So for anyone who doesn't know, there is what is called a Pity Timer in Blizzard Microtransactions for Overwatch and Hearthstone. In the past, the legendary pity timer was 25 packs. That is to say, if you opened 24 packs with no Legendary, your 25th would be guaranteed to contain a legendary card. However, an unconfirmed theory of mine was that there was also a Pity Timer for duplicates. Well, someone did some number crunching, and not only was I right, but Blizzard has actually modified the numbers! The pity timer is now closer to 40 and you are guaranteed far more duplicates than before. Also, Blizzard is deleting posts about this off their forums!



So if this is the case in Hearthstone, it's pretty likely the case in Overwatch too, right? Based on my experiences with opening event Loot Boxes, I would say yes, definitely. I usually get two or three of the same legendary event skin while still missing several of them.

Just wanted to let you guys know. I was right again!
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Bandwagon lol I have come here to state for the record, that you cannot "ask me anything"

You may instead give queries. I'm a rebel like that.
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>tfw you respect the cat but you just wanna put the head in
2 replies
Earth Day 2017

Scientists are gearing up to show those bitchass politicians the what for.


9 replies
Dan Thread i like thick cock in my ass
117 replies
AMA Because why not
8 replies
Do we have an IP range block on the entire country of Australia? And if no, why not?
3 replies
The average IQ of ponychan I have every reason to expect is low even for chans, but it's not lower than ponyville, so maybe you all can help me out.

I'm really just looking for a high IQ taco recipe

i want to make a taco

4 replies
AMA lol no seriously go ahead

especially about music
8 replies
it is true, i am better then all of you
9 replies
Who even are you?

Who even am I?
Do you know who I am?
18 replies

Post your best Rave.dj remixes. Every remix loved, every remix tolerated
23 replies
lol bandwagon ama losers
31 replies

6 replies
Anti-Bandwagon Thread Because I can't bear what I started
24 replies
AMA Thread I want to be like the popular kids.
2 replies
ANA Thread Ask Nyu anything.
1 reply
me irl
4 replies
AMA all aboard the band wagon, toot toot!
22 replies
Haha, I'm sure glad those faggots from Seattle are gone. Haha, what a bunch of jabronies thinking they could hang with the baddest of the bad, the coolest of the cool, the big G himself, Shuccle L. Hernandez.

Let's all marvel at how much Addy and Elicoor are big stinkers, haha.

For real, yall be the best, I'm gonna try to come up to seattle the week after finals assuming none of my summer classes start immediately.
Also to any dude in the PNW, Addy and Eli are awesome people and if they tell you they want to visit, say yes. (Trip is apparently cool too, i just didnt meet him this time)
(No image)
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What flavor, would an Emoji Furry K9 Mother Green Breast Milk be?

Would Jack, become disgusted if the Alien Doge Mom would be feeding her baby /w a nipple...
26 replies
PSA: The starbucks unicorn frappuccino is garbage. It's an insult to unicorns!
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touch the darkness within me
3 replies
When I was really small, I remember one day I was playing with marbels, i use to "have swallow them" and try to push them out.
until I swallowed one of the wood marbels, and decided to end that.

I was pretty much in danger for playing with choking hazards, have you play with chocking hazards?
8 replies

*smiles at his creation of abomination from toonami*
8 replies
Grogar namebomb. #Spoiler
Tirek returned in Season 4 and almost absorbed all magic in Equestria.

Smooze was the life annd chaos of the party in Season 5.

Grogar was just a storybook character in todays eps.
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surprise it's another music thread made by me today is Record Store Day, did any of you /oat/sters get anything?
99 replies
AMA cause I'm bored.
15 replies
rate me give me a rating and give a reason as to why that rating

remember, i banged your waifu
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The average IQ of ponychan I have every reason to expect is low even for chans, but it's not lower than 4chan, so maybe you all can help me out.

I'm really just looking for a high IQ boyfriend -- not because I care that much necessarily as long as they're not particularly averse to high IQ girlfriends (or as long as they'd not use that as some excuse after they find much bigger reasons to be averse to me, in which case the requirement seems moot), it's just that it /unfailingly/ becomes a problem with everyone I'm actually attracted to.

I'm also too lazy, unhopeful, and realistic about this place to read through posts and find intelligent-sounding ones and try to see if they're down to ride and also at least kind of cuter than me. And I'm not too autistic to realize that the lack of strategy in saying all this forthright is not in and of itself off-putting in most cases. With that said, I guess I'm here also for advice. I'm not using Tinder and I'm not leaving the house. I'm not playing Steam games and I'm not even looking on Discord or other chat sites because, probably, along with being lazy, I'm too fucking arrogant to not see that as a /radical/ waste of my time. And also too observant, because it always is. But the emotional -- see, I'm really not autistic -- the emotional resonance of a statement like that with most people would probably be found in its overconfidence rather than its matter-of-fact-ness. I don't know du, I probably need to date someone older than me, who's gone to school for a decent amount of time, although I did do grad school for a while and even most of them were pretty useless intellectually as far as I could tell at the time. If you're really internet hip or something, I have a lot of affinity with that, but, you're still probably --the potential partner, I should say-- the potential partner is still likely to get hella pissed at me for being smarter than them.

So, emoticon shrug, or, does someone want to offer some advice at my very slick request dissimulating the fact that the objective of this post is to get my email flooded with pics of boys who are cute and hipper than me, or cute and roundabout as smart. I mean, it's not total bullshit (the request) because I know potentials here are needles in haystacks but a lot of you are fairly capable at discerning things that I overlook. I'd just date a prof. but my life is a pastiche of a cliche of weebery and NEETdom, and I don't do any drugs, so, it's not very appealing to people who have their shit together or even plausibly /romantic/. I want a boyfriend though, the last one was dumber than he was hot and I'm not trying to exceed the post limit for someone who makes me ambiently nauseous all the time or who's going to have an autistic fit after --I'm trying not to be too graphic-- after seeing what a certain sort of female is capable of within the scope of innuendo.

There's no advice even, though, really? I've warmed up to the idea, really. Failing that, how do I get someone famous' contact who I already know a lot about and would be able to fuck with for funs. Thanks. Sincerely.
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If your name is the nameless king, shouldn't that denny the nameless part?
Should be called "the king with contradictory name"
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Long time since i posted an OP here.

So like
>be tired doing normal night get ready for sleep stuff
>get in bed
>get comfortable
>brain turns up to 11
>let's plan all the next stuff to do in every game you've played this week
>wouldn't it be cool to direct a short film
>does our printer do color, i forgot
>i kinda wanna listen to that one track

Do any of you have minds that just light up at night? like, emotions get stronger, you get more creative, you can multitask better, etc.
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It's Rome's birthday.

Press F to pay respects.

Nunc ea facere.
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An important reminder that the Fair Folk are to be trusted under no circumstance; pacts are not to be made with them, supernatural or otherwise, and simply having one in your presence warrants extreme caution.

When in doubt, remember: around elves, watch yourselves.
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Ace Thruster will save the Equestrian Girls franchise.
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iu plays dhalsim
brb learning him
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I just wanted to take a relaxing bath today.
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People born in July are cancer.
(No image)
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can somepony, recolor dis Happy Hippie into a Irish Ginger Cleric?
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Take This Quiz http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/quizzes/take_quiz/14

Your empathy score is 44 out of 110, indicating a low level of empathy in general.
Our empathy quiz measures two particular dimensions of empathy. Your score suggests that you don’t have a strong ability to sense other people's emotions—the dimension of empathy known as “affective empathy.” This means that you may be relatively unaffected by other people's emotional states, and you may not usually feel moved to intervene when people show signs of distress.
Your score also suggests that you have a moderate ability to put yourself in others' shoes and imagine what they might be thinking or feeling—the dimension of empathy known as “cognitive empathy.” Your ability to take other people's perspectives may sometimes help you communicate and negotiate more effectively in your personal and professional relationships, and it may also make you less likely to rely on stereotypes when trying to understand others' behavior.
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so the new Gorillaz is trash
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Is this motivational?
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Ponyadventure! NOTE: This is a MSPA-ish styled story. Input suggestions for each panel and enjoy!

You are a pony and you have had a very bad day. You've woken up in a pile of leaves and can hear nothing around you. Your head hurts. And your back. And your butt. Everything actually hurts.

Luckily your head doesn't hurt too much to remember what your name is.

...Er, what was it again?
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Does Scarlet Overkill make U think of THE HUNT!?!
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Overused theories. BUT HEY
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How do you deal with anger? I mean the kind of anger that makes you want to push your thumbs into the sides of somebodies skull like one of those Chinese finger traps or something

What do you even do??
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Thy would want dis Seductess from the Demos Dimention 2 trap and burn my twinkie inside of her cave between the legs
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does anypony, wanna walk all over outside and play pokemon go in battle creek- %100 THUNDER STORM!?!
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Survey I am researching the political views of the brony community and comparing it those of other online subcultures for my final year dissertation. I have a survey, please fill it out.


pic semi-related. not oc.

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Which one do you think age better?
If aging is even the right word....
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Did you guys remember to leave your cookies and milk out for Snoop Dog?
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AMA Ask me anything.
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im sorry /oat/, you are cancer
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Complete the story one sentence at a time. THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO~
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Hobbies you had when you were a normie Man, I miss the hell out of the days when I wanted to do drifting for a living. I miss working on cars.

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Michael How about this one?
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Monstergirls game thread Working in the “boyfriend for hire” must be hard, what ever drove you to it anon, you just got you first customer.

Roll for what race she is:
You get one free re-roll on any of the rolls.


Roll 1d8 for what body type she has:
1. The norm of their race
2. Loli
3. Fit
4. Bottom heavy
5. Big breast
6. Shortstack
7. Curvy
8 CC (She also gains a CC personality in addition to what you roll)
8. Choose one

Of course you have to know what type of girl she is. Roll 1d8:
1. Quiet and a shut-in
2. Yandere
3. Hyper active
4. Thundere
5. Extremely perverted
6. Love bird
7. Dominant
8. Roll again, But this time it becomes an extreme form.

Her fetish is also quite important, considering that you are hired by her for a reason. Roll 1d10:
1. Eye contact
2. Nympho. Hope that you can keep up.
3. Maledom
4. Femdom
5. Reverse-gangbang. (She’ll has a lot of doppelganger potions) So there will be a lot of her gangbanging you.
6. Impregnation
7. Humiliation
9. Rape
10. Roll twice

And there’s one more thing you should know… Roll 1d6
1. She has a twin sister. They look exactly alike and you are hired to take care of them both. She even has the same fetish.
2. There is a reason she had to hire you instead of just getting a boyfriend. She is a bit mad. Sometimes she believes things like that if you don’t fill up her womb with your seed, the world will explode and things like that.
3. She likes to augment herself using potions and magic. Some minor and some massiv. Like larger breast or mouth tentacles and everything in between. They are all temporary unless you tell her to keep them. (They can still be removed at a later date)
4. She is addicted to sex drugs, things like manticore venom or Alraune Nectar. You are required to take it too. So you might be taking them for the better part of the day. Naturally, she’ll take a lot of them too. (this is perfectly legal in MGC)
5. She is a hybrid between two different monster girls. When she was in her mother's womb a lich did some experiments on her and she was the result. And she is a bit afraid that people will fear her for it. Roll for another race. (If you have a chimera, roll 4 times.)
6. Choose one.

And now, How long did she hire you for? Roll 1d
1. 1 day
2. 1 week
3. 2 weeks
4. One month
5. A year
6. You got to decide how long you wanted this contract.

So Anon, Who and what is she? Will you enjoy your time with her? What would it be like? If you want to, you could make the contract permanent. Just saying.
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>When pulling off the mask is extremely painful but you can handle it cause your a big guy.
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health & fitness Alright /oat/. Let's get physical. Set some goals, make them measurable, attainable, set a timeframe, and start doing it!
Because the MLP folder just might not be enough for the qtπs.

Sometimes it can be helpful to tell others about them, and help hold yourself accountable. I think I'll post some workouts here so I make sure I do them.
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It's that time of year again.

Rev up those fives!
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>When they don't describe their game as a game, but an "experience"
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What happen when you mix steven universe and Mcfarlane?
this i guess
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any, gym leader dominators- that liek 2 have badges on their shirts?
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would you be ok with only having 3 fingers on each hand? surely one finger can't make that much of a difference.
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An evil sinful guard is curvy and I have a bunch of leaves.
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>the perfect man
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Um... Se like there's no good way to say this one so here goes.

My mother hung herself this morning. I found the body.
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>When you're cleaning out your closet and find a box full of your yearbooks and a bunch of shit from previous relationships
>Tons of notes and stuff from first gf up to the summer after graduation

We /nostalgia/ now
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The Brony Show 257 - Season 7 Begins! Our reaction to it! "The Brony Show 257 - Season 7 Begins! Our reaction to it!

Hello everypony! And we're off with season 7. We got not one but two episodes and both were quite a thrill. Join us as we react to the episodes and give our thoughts on them

Be sure to join us at https://thebronyshow.net/ at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST live this and every Monday. You can also join us an hour early for the Brony show preshow and get your brony show starting early. You can catch our podcast archives here at https://vimeo.com/thebronyshow. If you want to be part of the show, let us know! Email Circuit at bronyshow@gmail.com. Also be sure to tune in to our affiliate Ponyville live for the show and more fun things after the show at http://ponyvillelive.com/"
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Will I get laid?
Helix Fossil says: My reply is no
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What are you guys doing for Easter?
(No image)
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How can I reedem my sins?
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Hey, let's highlight your hair!
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What's your favorite day of the week? For me, it's Monday. :^)

Dunno why, just something about weekdays are awesome.
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Muffins are proof that Dog loves mankind.
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Who do you think have a bigger "avatar Folder"
Dungeon synth 69?
Reverend Hand?
Person who post as fluttershy?

I guess Reverend Hand kind of cheats because he have 3 avatars from time to time
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Try to make a case for objectivity in art, even if you don't believe in it.

(I am planning to read some books about this concept)
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Really gets the synapses firing
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Press F to pay respects
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my cock has more of a life then you

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Good Evening My friends.
It has, once again, been some time since I have been on here, and I am not quite sure why. I do not have the slightest interest in Mlp anymore, nor do I have the desire to ever take part in a conversation where Mlp is the subject matter, and yet... Here I am again.

As I am growing older, I can say one thing I know for sure: this world is a strange one. Whether it be in social, economic, or political climates, the future is just about as clear as the tea in the picture. However, that cannot prevent us from discussion.

But before we go into any content such as this, how are you all this evening?
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What should I do with this minion
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What happened to my beer thread?
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fuck this marathon meme the Boston marathon runs through my downtown area near where I live

>can hear all the screaming and cheering nonstop from my house

>roads are blocked so I basically can't go anywhere I want to (ex: can't go out and get coffee, or go to the library) and no one can come to see me
>jet planes flew right above my house and were insanely loud, literally sounded like they were about to crash into my yard and I nearly had a fucking heart attack because I forgot they did that

this some bullshit man
(No image)
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Um, ally bugycorns of /oat/


should we, send a Bane Circlejerker 2 send pictures of CRAYON CHANGELINGS and SOUR SKITTLES too... ALL THOSE ALIENS!?!
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There'll always be haters that's just the way it is

Hater niggas marry hater bitches and have hater kids
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Is mathematics an objective truth or is it a manmade invention applied to reality?
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We all like our native country that we are born in (well some of us, but I know I do). What other country would you choose to live in if you had the choice. Me personally, i'd go live in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Just live in the mountains in a cabin. I find that thought pleasant.

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