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This is the official /b/ & Friends thread! If there is another thread, redirect them here.

Everypony equal, everypony loved, you don't have to be a namefag to be a Brony, it's just for fun!

Love, tolerance, friendship, and kindness are the most important things a Brony can have, let's spread some joy and post some ponies.
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So tomorrow there will be new EqG special. Anyone knows where I can watch it live?
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i havent even had time to play videogames in a week.. RIP
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How do you hide your chan use from IRL people? Or...do you not? The only person who knows me IRL that even knows what Ponychan is is my mom and I've basically made her swear to never tell anyone else about it. I actually tell her a lot about you guys.

If anyone else came on here and figured out that Chewy is me, I'd be so fucked because of the type of shit I say and the things I confess. This is kinda where the "real me" comes out, in a way.

I don't really hide my use of the site per se, but luckily my brother is trustworthy enough to not poke around on my phone/computer. There's always been a mutual respect of privacy between us in terms of that kind of stuff. It's one of those few things I know I can always trust him on.

But like for real, just as an example, if my potential future employers, or the social workers I see, saw some of the shit I say on here, it would be like, game over. When I talk to certain people IRL, I have to be very, very careful about the language I use in order to keep up my reputation.

Like, some people I see regularly--I can't say "retard" or "faggot" around them. I can't talk about my weird fetishes. I can't talk about how obsessive I get about some shit.

side note: my brother recently told me he likes to shitpost on 4chan's /o/ which I thought was funny.
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>tfw the cosmos is so huge that if any big players do exist, either they won't bother us or we won't have time to suffer if they do

Who here actually feels comfy with the idea of us being a small species, even if we were staring at the faces of giants?
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What is the greatest racing game of all time and why is it Gran Turismo 4?
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Can we have an SCP thread?

(And for those wondering about the GIF, it's 1678, and is from a fantastic SCP animated video on youtube. If anyone would like to embed it I would gladly link it)
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What are you listening to?

I got this going now:
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would anypony, draw fanart of my queen

>recolored Queen Ambrosia

>has Orange Antlers above her Mane
>Made just 2 trigger Moldy Changeling fans
>named her Queen Melona the Sour Kiss
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. .
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survey 1. Do you prefer showers or baths?
2. What is your stance on peeing in the shower?
3. If you are male, do you ever pee sitting down instead of standing up as society imposes on you?
4. What is your worst public restroom experience?
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my mom is going insane >mom has recently started "shamanic journeying"
>she's telling me that when she journeys she envisions animals talking to her and taking her to alternate layers of the world
>she says she induces these journeys by meditating while listening to tribal drumming
>she also believes in the "healing power of crystals" and actually believes that crystals have their own feelings/emotions
>being a shaman is pretty much just the newest phase on her list of things she keeps thinking she was "meant to do" that never work out (being a raeki practicioner, being an aromatherapist, being an herbalist, etc.)

save me from this meme hell
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Drunk ama Blaaaaarg

I'm drunk like the dickens right now. Finally found an acholoh that actually tastes good. I suppose that means it's time for a drunk ama or whatever. So uh, ask me things, I'll answer as honestly as possible, cuz I'm drunk. Because taht prevents me from lying I suppose? Or maybe it makes me lie more.
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Quickie with Sunset Shimmer, Applejack and her grandma "Be prepared for anything! No use worryin' over such a minor setback."
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ghey stoner pony thread, snuggy butts edition
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Can we have a polandball thread?
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Chinese New Year.
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all things movie/film/KINO/flick etc.! I have officially committed to watching just one film a day in addition to my regular reading. It will be a challenge, but I think I can do it. Once I genuinely commit to something, I can usually do it. It just takes willpower.

Right now it's The Tale Of Zaitochi (the original).

>pic related
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/k/ general The go to place for the discussion of weapons.

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How many real friends do y'all have?

I have two, and now I really regret that I have spent so many weary nights in front of a laptop instead of just being out in the world anywhere.
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Dan Hey Dan
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Hey, /oat/!

I'm going to be hosting an anime stream this Saturday, the 27th, at 5pm/1700 Eastern.

I'm hoping it'll become a roughly weekly thing, though the time and day will vary depending on scheduling issues because my job is run by squirrels.

We're opening with the first two episodes of Keijo!!!!!!!!/Hip Whip Girl, and the first two of Food Wars!/Shokugeki no Soma. The former's a blend of sports and incredibly tacky fanservice, and the latter's about cooking and orgasms.

I'll be hosting it through Rabbit, so if you're interested head to https://www.rabb.it/ and sign up. Fear not: it's free, and while the site encourages the use of your mic and camera, both are completely optional.
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I really like this assholes music.
He's an asshole because I have no idea what the fuck I'm listening to. People call him a rapper but nothing on his first album is remotely close to rapping (minus rapper features).
Then he's also an asshole because he's weird af. Like other artists have their stupid gimmicks but every time I see him doin some shit it's just ugh...

Black Panther was great btw.
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books books let's talk about books I'm a little over 300 pages into Moby Dick and it's REALLY good.

There are an enormous amount of references to historical figures/events, biblical stories, and other authors/books that are mostly lost on me because I am not very well-read in that regard.

My plan is that when I finish the book I will buy my own copy and at some point go through rereading but with a highlighter to mark all the things I want to look up or read about.

I love the prose but I think it's funny how almost every sentence is what my high school english teacher would have considered a "run-on" sentence.

What be you reading, /oat/?
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Relaxing youtube videos/channels Want to start taking a look at relaxing youtube channels/videos to listen to music to instead of just watching twitch streams, here's some I've been enjoying lately

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incredibles 2 Thoughts on it?
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>ywn be a muffin
Why live?
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Which one are you /Oat/?

And which do you think are other posters?

And which am I?.. well, one of them has shitposts in it so hey it should be obvious.
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The intent is to provide posters with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different memes.
(No image)
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I love all you guys ❤

That is all.
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Conspiracy!? If Celestia raises the sun each day, how can the sun even exist without oxygen? There is no air in space. The sun is a giant ball of fire as described by our top unicorn researchers (aka pointy pampered know-it-alls) and fire needs oxygen to burn! How is this possible? Even magic can't do this!
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I apologize for any 502 errors/other weirdness you may have gotten. I was just doing some updates, and Ubuntu likes to be a turd sometimes.
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Video Game General Talk about video games here.
Or make your own thread.
I don't care.
I'm just an internet post, not a cop.
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Been a long while since I came here /oat/, I just want to wish you guys a happy Valentines day or Hearts and Hooves day. Love your waifu for whomever she is.
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Health & Fitness bring your health and fitness questions here
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Cartoons are gay.
Deb8 me.
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wasted potential in gaming, also innovation? so I keep thinking about the latest video from one of my favorite gaming youtubers who I have shilled a lot, BDobbins, and the particular section that is in my mind is when he talks about how there have been games in the past that have attempted to break out of their own series' formulas/do something new but been rejected by fans, not necessarily because what the games tried to do was bad, but because the fans of the series are so obsessed with wanting essentially the same thing over and over.

the big examples he gave were: Extinction mode in Call Of Duty Ghosts (for those of you not familiar, it was kind of like Zombies except with aliens instead, and it was fairly distinct from regular zombies. BDobbins called this, and I'm paraphrasing a bit here, "the one interesting and exciting thing in what was otherwise the shittiest entry in the series").

then there was Overrun from Gears Of War Judgment, which I don't even remember that well other than not liking it because it seemed like an awkward fusion of Beast mode and Horde mode from Gears 3, but as BDobbins pointed out it was still something that deviated from an established formula to an extent that it challenged fans of the series.

and then there's Spartan Ops from Halo 4 which never came back. and according to BDobbins, all of these modes were not necessarily great, but it's a shame that they will never get a second chance in future installments, because they were all rejected in favor of fans just wanting the same thing from the previous games. and thus, CoD ditched Extinction permanently and brought back Zombies every years since. Gears 4 ditched Overrun and brought back regular Horde (worth noting they never brought back Gears 3 Beast mode either). Halo 5 ditched Spartan Ops and at first tried another different thing, Warzone, but eventually they STILL brought back a form of Firefight because people desired it so much.

I feel like this just goes to show that once players latch onto something in gaming, they don't want to let it go, and they don't care about anything else. and this prohibits developers from taking real risks, because players won't buy the games if their favorite modes aren't returning.

if you think about it, Zombies in CoD started out as a really simple afterthought/bonus mode. it took a while to really evolve into the phenomenon that is so beloved today. imagine if Ghost's Extinction mode had had that kind of chance to evolve into something really unique and great. maybe it would have taken another game or two. but it didn't have that chance, because players wouldn't allow it. they would rather do Zombies over and over and over.

another point that BDobbins brings up in the video is how at first CoD fans welcomed all the future shit because it was finally an interesting change, but then they got sick of it almost as quickly as they praised it. and he points out that maybe the reason it ended up being rejected was not because it was too much of a change, but because it wasn't enough of a change. because they gave players exosuits and wallrunning but they kept the same generic small 3-lane maps. what if they had gone all-out with future shit like Titanfall kinda did, except even further, and almost been a new game but still retained some of the things that make CoD so addicting so CoD fans could still enjoy it?

what do you guys think of this? what would you say the most genuinely innovative game of recent times is?
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These guys just launched a google app that mines while browsing chrome
Seems good
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Far Hope Munches Britain Fantastc
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Ponka Matchmaker Who does Ponk ship you with? First ship she does is Mikie x Starlight Glimmer for obvious reasons. Nobody is lonely this year!
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when will they learn so I know that hating manlets is like a big meme but I'm actually curious, for any of you guys personally, what would you say your ideal height for a partner would be (whether real or fictional, male or female)?

height is one of the few things if not the only thing I hit the genetic jackpot on. I'm 6'2'', although I'm probably skinny enough that I could be considered a "lanklet".

I think in the case of girls, I would prefer them shorter than me but not too much shorter. and for guys I would want someone roughly equivalent to my height or maybe a little shorter, not as short as a woman though.

there's something about really tall women that I can only describe as intimidating, which I know sounds super wimpy but I don't mean it in like an actual "fear" way, I'm not sure how to describe it.

of course this is all hypothetical because in my reality I will likely have to settle for far less than what my personal ideal is when the time comes lol
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L&A: The official love and advice thread! We are back edition! Take one love leave one advice
Talk about your problems without fear!

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Happy depression day
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I should have been trying to make friends and going on long walks and reading books about any old thing instead of hiding in my room and posting on here and watching cartoons and using porn.
but I was depressed and suicidal back then so it's whatevs.
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Wheel you be mine?
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Hackers Valentine's Day Cytube sync thread I'm just making this thread today to gauge interest in this. Tomorrow I'm likely going to be doing a synced video stream over on Cytu.be of the movie Hackers. If you haven't seen it, it's absolutely fantastic and very silly, probably unintentionally. Here's the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql1uLyuWra8

This is a perfect example of "Hollywood hacking".

Unless Vimeo (or some other video uploading service) plays nicely and lets me upload the whole thing, I'll likely have to upload it to Google Drive, which means you will have to install a userscript host and a userscript to get it to work. This isn't very difficult, and there are very easy to follow instructions, I just figure you should know.

Here's a poll for choosing what time we should start.http://www.strawpoll.me/15068649
PST refers to Pacific Standard Time. If you want to know what the times would be in your timezone, here is a converter
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It's been a while since I visited here often and I'm wondering...

What sorts of big drama has happened recently? Any users make a big stink recently, any changes to the site people have a problem with?

In short, what's been going down while I've been gone? It's been like a year since I was around a lot, so I'm a bit outta the loop.

Also hi!

yes, i heard about the /chat/, /ef/ merger. WHY DID THEY NOT CALL IT /CHEF/?!?!?!?!?!?!
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>tfw no one waves their flag anymore
(No image)
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Alright, /oat/ you've gotta advise me on this one.

One of the assistant professors working under my
father has:
- Been slightly flirty with me for weeks but in a way that could be written of as just playing around
- Has candidly told me that if she was 20 years younger and unmarried, she would go for me
- Just now sent me a valentines card.

I don't want to do anything that could complicate my father's job. Should I be worried about what's going on here, or is this just normal jokey bantery behavior?
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>step outisde
>see this

wat do?
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Recipes ITT: we share some of our favorite recipes

i made this before and it tastes just like real deal from taco bell

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Needs More gay horse.
26 replies
Are you a -boo of any sort?
67 replies
Am I relevant?

Do people even know me, or am I too old?

Am I wasting my time with this?

Do I matter in the long run of things?
I mean, obviously no since we all don't matter in the long run
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So here in the UK tomorrow is a day we all look forward to. A holiday to love and dance and sing to.

It is none other than.. Shrove Tuesday. Aka.. PANCAKE DAY.

So yeah, Pancake thread. British pancakes preferably.
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Okay so the question I originally wanted to put here was "Would you ever want kids?" but when you consider how many of us here are adult virgins and/or have never even been in a relationship I think it might be more appropriate to phrase it as "if you were ever able to have kids, would you want to?"

I imagine this is a question that everybody must think about sometimes. For a long time, I was adamant that I would never, ever have kids, but I've realized recently that my attitude about that is shifting.

Not that I'm gonna have a chance to have them anytime soon, but I mean, my mom didn't have me until she was 27, so time's not completely up yet for me personally, ya know?

now I think one of my biggest qualms with me having kids is that I have lots of mental illness genes throughout my family line and I've always thought it wouldn't be fair to bring another kid into the world who could potentially have bipolar or even something worse like schizophrenia, but...the thought of a little me running around, possibly having similar passions to me but still growing up into their own person with my guidance just seems...really kinda neat.

then it gets complicated with shit like, if I want to have kids with a guy, do we adopt, or use a surrogate mother, like how does any of that even work? if I never have kids, should I at least just donate to a sperm bank? I know my brother is definitely going to have kids so it's not like I'm the only person who can carry on my family's name.
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Can we please have another GTA that takes place in 80's florida? Even if its just dlc I don't care. Please rockstar.


Also post A E S T H E T I C things if you wish.
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Can we have a little sister thread?
19 replies
tag yourself
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I remember a site that was a compilation of all that is pony music, they had tabs and sheets for cannon and fannon songs alike.

But I can't remember the name or find it on google, does somepony have it?
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Do some people really have a thing for unshorn fetlocks?
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The Brony Show 291 - My Secret Valentine Shipfic "The Brony Show 291 - My Secret Valentine Shipfic

Hello everypony! The Day of lovers quickly approaches, so why don't we have fun with the concept and ship ponies together for fun! And let's make up stories and drink while we're at it. Join us as we play a game of Twilight's Secret Shipfic Folder and get buzzed in the process!

Be sure to join us at https://thebronyshow.net/ at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST live this and every Monday. You can also join us an hour early for the Brony show preshow and get your brony show starting early. You can catch our podcast archives here at https://vimeo.com/thebronyshow. If you want to be part of the show, let us know! Email Circuit at bronyshow@gmail.com. Also be sure to tune in to our affiliate Ponyville live for the show and more fun things after the show at http://ponyvillelive.com/"
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What is your spirit pokemon and how could it help (or hinder..) you?

Mine was Stunfisk, thankfully google has one of those already. Not quite sure what to think mind you..
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Alright /oat/meal

Shall we get captured by 8ft Tall Female Furnaces of Scalies & steal their Crystal Hearts
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Take a steamed ham, leave a steamed ham. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4k4syCHPBwg
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Planet Oatizeh: TRIBAL MODE

SURVIVOR, you are gonna begin of making a tribe for a specie of Barbaric Equines

> Cloud Tribe
> Cave Tribe
> Forest Tribe
> Swamp Tribe
> Mud Tribe
> Red Tribe
> Yellow Tribe
> Lake Tribe
> Orange Tribe
> Lavender Tribe
> Plum Tribe
> Stone Tribe

Number of citizens within a tribe is 6

interact of other tribes is (Peace/ Battle/ Glomp)
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Ponychan/Ponyville Dwarf Fortress Hello everyone! It's time for a new Ponychan/Ponyville fortress in Dwarf Fortress! If you aren't familiar with dorf fort, the semi-official motto is "Losing is Fun!", and for good reason. Shit can hit the fan and spiral into chaos fun if one isn't careful.

Anyway, if you'd like to join, give me a (nick)name and what kind of skills and what kind of job your dwarf should focus on. You don't have to be exact if you don't want to, just give me a general idea and I'll do my best.
There are also "noble" classes which are basically like administrative dwarves.
First come, first serve. Depending on how many people join initially, I might not be able to assign you to a dwarf initially, but every so often, a caravan of new dwarves comes along and I can change their nicknames and skill/labor focuses.

Like the Hunger Game threads, you guys don't directly control the outcome, but unlike the Hunger Game threads, This isn't entirely random, and I'll give you as much say as I can.

Fair warning: It's been a while since I played, so I'm not sure how long our fort will last.
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hiya hiya Hello old home! How is everypony today? i thought i'd come around to say hello, as it has been a while.

i had totally forgotten it was your birthday!! Happy Birthday!!
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Does anyone here have the full text of the writing essays while driving copypasta?
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For those interested, the international biathlon is underway.

Martin fourcade missed a podium in highly unusual fashion. I'm really interested in seeing how he'll be doing for the rest of the events.

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Is any Trainer, feeling that a Anthro Icy Castform Female is rubbing her Plot on your Twinkie and turning your body into a statue?
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>Newly converted Christian friend trying to tell me why Islam is bad
93 replies
which one /oat/?
12 replies
>OC tier characters in season 8
Maybe it's time they start G5 sooner than later.
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Redpill me on VR headsets.
7 replies
my couch this is...problematic.
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If this, kinky maiden waz nekkid inside of Kabel's Green Dirty Bed

{What type of Breeding would happen underneath the blanket}?
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Sooo... which is it? I always saw the first way.

However, apparently, some people see it the second way.

Which do you see?
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Grunk not like /chat/ tribe. Grunk think /chat/ should stay gone. Grunk like that /chat/ tribe gone. Grunk remember /chat/. /chat/ tribe was mean to Grunk. If Grunk see /chat/ tribe. GRUNK SMASH!
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do you know what day it is? the greatest indie rock album and in general one of the greatest albums ever made just turned 20 years old.

listening to my vinyl copy now.

>tfw it's still beautiful
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All you Americans going on about the all seeing eye and the Illuminati being on your money.. You never did stop and think that it is also on our money too?
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United Kingdom thread.
133 replies
954 replies
Vidya Discussion Thread Talk about any video games in this thread.
Feel free to still make your own thread if you want to have a more dedicated discussion about a specific game.
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Falcon Heavy due to launch Live Video from Florida: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQx6YBtQZbw

This guy explains the mission in plain English as well as provides fresh news from SpaceX regarding the now aborted human mission to orbit the moon using the Falcon Heavy. The planned two person moon mission will now wait for the next heavy lift model from SpaceX, a rocket that will be rated for safe human use.


Mission: Send a payload to Mars as well as live test all the systems of the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle.
Payload: One of Elon Musk's personal first generation Tesla sports cars, playing David Bowie's Space Oddity on continuous loop until the battery dies.

Will this make it to space? Watch today and see.
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The end of an era After three decades of creating and show running, Butch Hartman has announced his retirement from Nick.

Thirty years at Nick. Let that sink in for a minute.

13 replies
>Open your reaction image folder and maximize the window.
>Close your eyes, smack scroll-up and scroll-down at will, wave cursor around and double-click.
>This is the image you must post.
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>50,000 word essay
>haven't even started
>it's due tomorrow..

wat do?
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*Blocks your path*
(No image)
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does any hobbit, wanna buy THE PILL!?! For their mushroom twinkie?

64 replies
Happy Birthday, Ponychan!
15 replies
12 replies
Since Dan likes anime so much, let’s get an anime thread started.
(No image)
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/oat/gala - reunion edition! Welcome back to old times! Let's discuss old times and new beginnings and catch up!

Get in here fgts!
64 replies
1 reply
Hi Thread: Better Then /oat/ gala edition i am reviving my old serial just to troll a friend who will not care at all

come on in and say hi
6 replies
new meme.
14 replies
Wat kind of STEAMED HAM does all /oat/meal like 2 devour?

I enjoy, the quarter pounder that the clown resturaunt serves
17 replies
17 replies
snow day!
4 replies
Dear mare ponychanners, if u waz an captured harem

wat would u do ~ within kabel's bed?
(No image)
1 reply
MMORPG in Telegram (furries alert) So I just joined the crazy Telegram game (no game client needed) and I need stamina, get in and play until you get 3 level, then I don't care :D There are LOTS of furries!

The game's not mine so this is no advert.

Use this invite link to receive 10 as a welcome gift:
(No image)
6 replies
Tuseday is bestist pony Prove me wrong
19 replies
just post whatever
16 replies
Sup oat, like my truck?

Jk I actually just rented it but I love it so I think I’m going to buy a truck.
8 replies
Work thread So I woke up today to discover I had been volunteered to design a bridge, so now I am reviewing design criteria for drainage culverts while I wait for more details.

Yay Monday! Anybody else's work springing fun things on them?
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Super Bowl 52 Thread Live stream:

6:30 EST
3:30 PST

>The game
>What you're eating
>Where you're watching
>The ads
>Half-time performance

What not to discuss:
>Inferior football
>Why you're not watching
>/pol/ shit
16 replies
Good songs from shit bands Every shit band has at least one good song. Show me that song.
15 replies
9 replies
Does anypony wanna turn my oc ponysona into a cancerous crayon/ you can edit the base and recolor it within any design
(No image)
18 replies
See how good your gaydar is, /oat/.

Kinda related:
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If, for some bizzare reason I decided to get into the NFL (although being British that's never going to happen) is it bad that I have chosen the Cleveland Browns as the team I would support?

I get it 'haha they're shit' and all, but there fans seem like some of the nicest, genuine loyal fans I have ever seen

I tried telling my American fans I would pick the brows as a team to support and he laughed at me

(No image)
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>wake up after the disappointing Patriot's loss from last night, still at my dad's house (got there saturday, he's an hour away from my home so I spent two nights there)

>dad currently has a suspended license so we have to wait for his gf to get back from her school job so she can drive me and my brother to the train station which is like a half hour from their house through basically nowhere
>I'm bored as fuck and basically just sitting around on my computer and also petting their dogs who seem to have finally warmed up to me
>dad's gf ends up coming home early due to eye problems so we leave for the train station early and me and my bro are home by about 3pm
>but we're going to a concert at the House Of Blues in Boston where the doors open at 7pm
>the best train we can take is one that gets us to Boston at about 6:15pm
>we get on it, get there, and try to follow the directions we had, but end up lost and having to backtrack and we even asked some chick where to go but she LED US THE WRONG WAY fucking hoe
>then suddenly I'm like "nigga let me bring up GPS on my phone!"
>so I do that but I can't figure it out so my bro's like "gimme that shit"
>we finally see the venue...and the line...that goes WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY down the street and then AROUND the fucking corner and down even further (will post pics)
>"welp...guess we have no choice"
>get in the back
>look at phone
>the doors won't even open for another half hour
>which means we STOOD IN THE LINE NOT MOVING for half and hour, and then by the time we actually got to the venue (which included going through a metal detector and getting a patdown) it was like 8pm, like I shit you not we were in that line for over an hour, and it was FREEZING OUT
>at one point we saw a syringe and bottles of pills on the ground (I got a pic lol, will post it)
>oh btw I should probably mention that my brother was super high because he ate a weed cookie before we left, so he was annoying the shit out of me, saying all this ridiculous edgy and stupid shit the whole time we were in line
>also the concert we were going to see was BROCKHAMPTON and hilariously almost every single person going was white, and young (we even saw some literal kids, like under 14 years old probably, it was an all ages show)
>heard people referencing Fantano and shit
>anyways, we finally get in the venue and now we're waiting even MORE for them to start playing and I have to piss but I'm holding it because I don't want to miss the start but finally I'm just like fuck it and I go the bathroom
>IN THE BATHROOM, I wait like five minutes for some douchebag to take the world's longest piss in the stall because I don't want to use a urinal
>when I get in the stall, the door doesn't have a lock and there's piss all over the floor
>well, I'm not holding it for the whole goddamn concert, so I deal with it and take my piss
>takes me like ten minutes to get it out because pissing with other people around in a public place is SCARY MAH NIGGA!!
>finally get back out onto the floor, luckily they still haven't come on stage
>brother at this point looks like he's gonna pass out from being so high (those were mad potent edibles)
>finally the lights dim and the opener from their most recent album (BOOGIE on SATURATION III) starts
>when I say the lights dim, I mean they dim and then they start rapidly flashing faster and brighter than any lights I've ever seen
>and it was so. FUCKING. LOUD!!
>like I don't know how but it was probably at least three times louder than when I saw Death Grips last year
>the bass rumbled through my whole body
>I got stuck in a mass of people, many of whom were jumping up and down
>I definitely enjoyed the first 30 or so minutes
>at one point they yelled "ON THE COUNT OF THREE I WANT EVERYONE TO SCREAM FUCK PITCHFORK!!!" and that was pretty funny, I joined in on that
>people were going crazy, yelling along, and their performances were pretty great, TONS of fucking energy, nailed all the songs and I pretty much knew the lyrics and hooks to all of them so it was cool
>by about 9:15pm or so, the noise and lights and crowd were really starting to wear me down and I felt HOT too
>ended up asking my brother if we could leave early because there was a train at 9:40
>he was like "aiight nigga but only if you buy me some food on the way
>there's luckily a sausage stand right down the street
>I have literally 18 dollars in cash on me and I'm like "fine" because we already have round-trip train tickets for getting home
>when we get back to the station, walking through the blistering windy cold, we can't fucking figure out which side our train will be coming to and there's no way we could make it to the opposite side if we fuck it up
>brother tries to ask someone, they ignore him
>we need to be on track 2 but there's no fucking way to know which track each one is, it doesn't say it anywhere
>we notice which track most people are going on and my brother asks someone else and he confirms we're in the right place
>I'm still lowkey nervous we're getting on the wrong train but we got on the right one
>only problem is they weren't announcing the stops over the intercom and it's pitch black outside and we're not sure how many stops it is to our town
>end up asking the guy who opens the exit doors and he's actually this super nice English black guy and he tells us how close we are and says he'll make sure we don't miss it
>at this point I am absolutely exhausted because this is the first time I have been able to SIT DOWN all night after the concert and the line to the concert
>the train is kinda loud and bright and there's some guy speaking German on the phone loudly
>FINALLY we get home and our mom picks us up at the station and brings us home
>guzzle down a few cups of water because I'm fucking THIRSTY, I didn't drink while we were in Boston because I didn't want to have to pee while on the train
>just barely starting to feel comfortable, after I post this I will have to slam down some eats tho, I'm fucking starving

so I left early but my brother googled the setlist and it turns out we only missed like three songs, so it wasn't too bad. I don't know if I will be able to do a concert like this again but I will probably try. especially since I already have tickets for two more lel.

I'm feelin's a strong 5 to a light 6 on this whole experience tbh
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Cloverfield Paradox thread The biggest news out of the super bowl was the fact the newest Cloverfield movie was not only announced alongside its first trailer BUT it also released immediately after the game ended to be streamed on Netflix.

Here's the trailer with some info about the movie:
According to that it states that it will explain the monster from the first film. Therefore it's more of an actual sequel than Cloverfield Lane was to the first movie.

To those that haven't seen the Cloverfield movies I highly suggest you watch the other two first. Sure you could jump right into the third one but they're all fantastic movies and you'll definitely appreciate this one more if you watch them first.

Please spoiler all plot discussion and major plot related pics. (I already know the first thing everyone will want to post.)

Adding to the hype, the 4th movie was already done before this movie got released:

Feel free to talk about the old movies too. (Just not the trash manga.)

6 replies
If you ever feel alone just watch a horror movie and you wont feel alone anymore.
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The Brony Show 290 - Hope you enjoy Pink Marmalade "The Brony Show 290 - Hope you enjoy Pink Marmalade

Hello everypony! Loud music, shooting lasers, and neon ponies eager to make you suffer and die. Pink Marmalade is the game for you. Join us as we play through this romp of an insane game and see just how high we can get those points and how far we can go.

Be sure to join us at https://thebronyshow.net/ at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST live this and every Monday. You can also join us an hour early for the Brony show preshow and get your brony show starting early. You can catch our podcast archives here at https://vimeo.com/thebronyshow. If you want to be part of the show, let us know! Email Circuit at bronyshow@gmail.com. Also be sure to tune in to our affiliate Ponyville live for the show and more fun things after the show at http://ponyvillelive.com/"
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Pagan thread, hail the gods hail the folk. Ostra will soon be upon us, the elves and other land wrights are anxious, let us celebrate!
92 replies
Adagio has a plan but problems are encountered when her friends raise certain suppositions "The band that will be joining the Dazzlings in tonight's finals..."
11 replies
Biggest gay bottom here?
22 replies
Add one rule. When we have a long list of rules, maybe we'll have a sort of image of what /oat/ thinks people should do.

First rule: Avoid doing things, that you know have a long term negative impact on yourself or others.

I think one of the most unnatural things to humans, is to try to foresee long term consequences. This rule is a reminder to people that though it may not feel natural, looking out for the long term, in the end, offers a great deal of benefit.
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>my tax return for last year is literally only $15, no I did not forget a 0
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go and have a bath
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>My dad last night:

"Family Guy is the best show ever because it's the most politically incorrect show ever"


I used to like Family Guy but I can't believe I ever did, it's so cringe to me now, especially the new episodes. And it's edgy but it's not actually as edgy as people think, like it's violent and vulgar but as far as political shit goes South Park has it beat by a mile.

American Dad is the superior MacFarlane show.

Side note: Last night and this morning is the first time I have watched cable TV in months and it feels mind-numbingly stupid, especially the commercials. I just don't understand how people sit and watch this stuff all the time.

>tfw to intelligent for cable TV
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tfw you go to 4chan dot org slash spuh and there's no Bears memes

I feel old, you guys.
9 replies
I don't have friends, I got family.
2 replies
Feel free to come chill and watch stuff.
Poner or non poner.
Just make a log in that way you can add videos and use ponkbot ( ͡ ͜ ʖ ͡ )
8 replies
Alright, semi serious topic thread.

Simple question really;

If you had to go either deaf or blind for the rest of your life which would you choose and why?

Personally I would prefer being deaf. I am a very visual person as it is, and the idea of not seeing anything is pretty terrifying to me.
17 replies

Strap yourselves in, join a monastery full of furries, and prepare to have your plans foiled by boiling porridge, because this is


And tonight and for the next few nights, I'm bringing a special treat. Because we're going to be watching episodes of Redwall! Surely, you people have read the books, right? Those lovely books about animals living in a castle/monastery/whatever defending their home from the forces of evil? And also something about legendary warriors and demon snakes. Well, PBS of all things aired a cartoon based on the series, each of the three seasons covering one of the books. For now though, I'm going to be focusing on the first season, which covers the first book, appropriately titled Redwall.

I'll be airing the first three or so episodes tonight, starting at 9pm EST. Preshows optional.
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Horrible Confession Thread I used to watch Sargon of Akkad religiously.
7 replies
I have a jerb interview today I also got a haircut

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A riddle for the ages I kind of wonder who invented putting pineapple on pizza, and what they're doing in hell right now.
1 reply
Sweet Freyja, you non-midwesterner celebrities are wimps.

Just because the forecast says this'll be the coldest Superbowl on record doesn't mean it's out of the ordinary for this time of year. This winter has actually been pretty mild.

But it's nice the food scene here is getting wider recognition. It's time the rest of the country realized that Chicago is overrated and the Twin Cities are the true cultural center of the Midwest.
1 reply
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List of Sky Dwarf Hens

>Jew Princess's

>British Posters
>Melissa Morgan

22 replies
good feels thread good feels only itt, to offset common negativity (including my own). doesn't have to be anything big, little things count to.

>ingest large ice cold slushie on a chilly winter night while watching a fun movie

>slushie makes me feel super cold, like whole-body cold
>decide to take a hot shower
>sit on the edge of the tub as the wonderful hot water crashes over me and takes away the cold, and think nice thoughts about how I have a few days off of work and hopefully watching the superb owl at my dad's house will be fun
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DUDE So, I'm putting aside my lame straight-edgeness for a while and there is a 99% chance I am going to try weed for the first time tonight, with my brother.

brother just called up the dealer, should have some edibles pretty soon, and mom will be out of the house for a solid two or so hours.

obviously a lot of people here smoke weed and I have had my moments of self-righteous pretentiousness about it, but I'm giving in, and this is LITERALLY the first time in my entire life I will be high.

now before anyone even says it, I know that with edibles I should only ingest a tiny amount because that shit tends to be stronger than joints. but the benefit is there's no smell or smoke, so I'm not gonna risk coughing my brains out or something.

I have no idea how I will react to this. Obviously I am excited and hoping that it will feel good, like it does with most people, but there's also the chance I will be hella paranoid. But my brother is gonna be with me the whole time.

also, our mom doesn't really care, it's not like we're actually hiding it from her.

so I'm not gonna ask a dumb question like "what should I expect" because I pretty much know what to expect. but I will ask, what music should I listen to while stoned?? my brother suggested we put on vaporwave, but I was also thinking I could put my Aphex Twin record on. my brother has a Bowes speaker that can hook up to our phones through bluetooth.

he says that the shit he's getting is super potent, so like I said I'm only gonna have a very small amount to start with. he says it hits you in about 30 minutes.

wish me luck!

tl;dr: I'm getting high for the first time in a couple hours
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So I just found out about the new TMNT.... And I now know what it is like to hear the sound of angels weeping.

What in the actual fuck is this shit?!
7 replies
Is groundhog day Post groundhogs
other rodents and Bill Murray also ok
9 replies

You know, I love my county. But it's regressive, backwards shit like this that pisses me off.

I mean, with all that's going on in my country, you would think the government would be busy

But nope, they trying to stop you from jerking off.

Guess I'll have to use a VPN or proxy for pornhub then..
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So a thing happened at work We have one of these things at a place im contracting to. And the thing is not meant to move is someone is within the lazor safety gird. Thing is, this grid has been broken for a while, so it can literally go off without warning. Just today i was walking past it, as everyone does, because we all know the grid has the start and end lazor of the grid pointing at each other ( so the system thinks that no one is in the "grid).

As im walking past it, one of the operators for the lazer cutter that it is attached to set it off so it swung towards me. Keep in mind i was less than an arms length away, however the retractable arms are programed to extend if its set off from the operators console, making my arms length less than a moot point. When i asked the operator why he set it off he claimed it dind matter. So i tell our health and safety guy ( as this has happened 4 times now.) and he gos and talks to them, and then comes at me because he claims that i was at fault for walking in a grid that he knew was disabled. He also knows that when this machine moves it is near impossible to hear it, so there is a high chance of it taking someone out. Also the operators do not check where the grid is for people before pressing go.

I pretty much gave up at that point, told my agency what was up, and went home. Was i in the wrong for leaving, or should i have done something else?
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Pointless quibbles thread Post pointless quibbles.

>but if king arthur is a girl, doesn't that make her queen arthur not king?
40 replies
wow i am dumb TIL new england isn't a state but a region consisting of several states
8 replies
Perfidious Byzantines...
1 reply
Watch me get my ass kicked Diving into Dark Souls III again, I'll be making a character based on what you guys tell me, no matter how retarded it may be. Let's see what happens.

3 replies
Dan is the gehy
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In this thread we post screenshots of our phones wallpaper and lock screen and judge and rate each other based on it. Image related, my home screen.
21 replies
Have to go to Dr. Chewy the cancer specialist on Monday.
That's how cancerous this board is, even the real world is turning in to a meme.
46 replies
>Brother: "[Chewy], you know, all of my friends always ask me if there's something wrong with you, or if you're autistic. They ask why you're so quiet and shy-seeming and why all you do is sit on the couch."
85 replies
im bored

how goes it, /oat/meal?
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Aside from the glorious Union Jack, The Welsh flag is the best world flag.

Prove me wrong.
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hey F if you can see this post reply to it pls

come back home swedebro
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What would you say the main function of an image board is? Suggest
4 replies
What is something you like that’s stimulating? For me it would be video games.
0 replies
Is bully/Canis Canem Edit one of the most underrated Rockstar games next to, obviously, Rockstar Games presents table tennis?
14 replies
Does anything consistently make you happy /oat/?
169 replies
Fashion thread.

Post whatever you wear, or will be wearing, this spring and summer.

Image related, its me and my 'spring look'. Just imagine different jeans, dress shirts and jackets.

And yes the mirror is dirty and needs a clean, and yes, I am pale. Although if you were around for years you should know that given I posted face pictures here once and I am a natural blonde.

Superior Aryan genetics coming through. But seriously

Post all fashion shit here
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Maximum Overhype It's had it's several Betas and now it finally comes out. I'm probably unreasonably excited for it, but I've been playing these games since PS2 and excited to actually play things in HD.

Any of you guys picking it up?
22 replies
Yes we have a car thread, but do we have a

Police car thread?

Post what the police cars in your country/city/state look like.

Image related. I live near the countryside so, pretty much all the police cars are off-road capable 4x4's
5 replies
Do you think, based on a purely physical view, that dead minds can be "reincarnated", so to speak?

That is, if the mind is a pattern of connected units and their communications, not the matter they are made of nor anything ghostly, then in a universe infinite yet only somewhat homogeneous in space, or infinitely recurring in infinite time, then multiple instances of ourselves should exist and hold the same identity as us, in every sense of the word, or maybe only up to a point, if we consider infinite variations of ourselves to still be ourselves.

That would then include rather odd worlds with our minds "waking up" after an event that killed one instance of us in another world, but did not in that one...or maybe in such an odd world, our remembered history never happened there, but did elsewhere, such that here, we would find ourselves to have been a "fiction" made real. Although, we must then consider worlds where such a leap from one life to another happens to us right now!

But we don't see this happening...maybe because lives that go on 'normally' must be counted along with lives that don't, such that we're reading this thread as usual, while elsewhere some version of us is off in Narnia. But what if "our" world has no version of us past some point? Would we be subjectively forced to find ourselves anywhere else in the multiverse, where an otherwise identical self was able to go on?

Or is this all crap, and our personal experience is only located on this exact Earth, and terminates when we die here?
In which case, are sleep, comas or near-death enough to obliterate us? We seem to stop existing during these events, and our "pattern" is even modified in the interim by natural processes or damage, but we still wake up with a sense of history, so what is up there?
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what kind of donut do you want /oat/?
(No image)
4 replies
I accidentally made this thread. Mods pls delete
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Crackdown is still one of the most underrated video games of all time.

Also it has nothing to do with cocaine. Oh, and crackdown 2 was a disappointment. At least 3 is coming 'soon' although soon has been like 4 years now. It's been like, 10 years since 2 came out.

Oh well.
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If an SJW complains that people assume her gender But she herself self identifies as male, has she not then assumed her own gender?
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/o/ general time Post some based cars. I want this damn thing.
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Super blue blood full moon so I don't know if you guys are aware, but there's a pretty big event/phenomenon happening with the moon tonight.


>The first lunar eclipse this year is going to be a rare celestial phenomenon which is to occur today. A blue moon (a second full moon in a calendar month), a super moon (when the moon is unusually close to Earth, making it bigger and brighter) and a blood moon (a moment during an eclipse when the moon appears red) will all coincide. This will take place for the first time since 1866. As the three lunar phenomenon are coinciding, NASA has tagged the rare spectacle as the "Super Blue Blood Moon" which will be visible in large parts of the US, north-eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific, and Australia.

I'm hype for this purely because Death Grips are known to do special things (like release a song or album) on nights where something big happens with the moon, so I'm praying they're up to something.
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moar sleep crap >have yellow and orange room
>decide to repaint it light blue and dark blue (wanted to include grey but that wasn't allowed)
>we paint it
>some time in the summer of that year i begin to develop symptoms that seem like sleep apnea
>finally gets unbearable so i schedule to get it checked
>meanwhile, have loaded semester, earliest class around 10AM (i know it's not that early but i'm a log with my sleep problems)
>already struggle with insomnia and feel exhausted every day, so say "fuck it, i'm never gonna feel any less tired" and set my alarms early in the morning
>take melatonin to sleep
>the melatonin doesn't help me get to sleep, but makes me wake up before i set my alarm to go off
>notice that i'm starting to wake up just before the first light of dawn, even if the blinds are closed
>have a hunch that the blue walls in my room might be amplifying my reaction to the sunlight, giving me poorer sleep quality the longer into the daylight i go
>google "what colors are good for sleeping"
>expecting to hear that blue is bad, because blue light from screens is supposed to suppress melatonin; didn't have these problems when walls were yellow like the sun
>the leading study cited in search results says blue is a good color for sleep

Well this is confusing. Anyone got input on this kinda thing? Like, conducive room colors for effective sleep? And what might be going on? Cause these results don't make a lick of sense to me and go against everything I'd supposed. Any help here would be hot.

And no, I'm not still putting off getting the study for that machine I may need. It just hasn't happened yet.
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Anyone fancy a movie? Streaming Kingdom of Heaven in 15 minutes. If you've never seen it, it's a dramatization of the story of Balian of Ibelin, Defender of Jerusalem, starring Orlando Bloom and Liam Neeson. Not the most historically accurate, but this cut is one of my favorite movies.

Link is to the room

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bit of a dilemma so I'd like to share something with you guys.

my brother is a pretty lazy rude stoner who I still love, and ever since breaking up with his gf and losing his job, pretty much all he does is sleep and smoke pot with this one friend who I despise.

but upon learning more about this friend, I actually feel...really sorry for him. because his parents (or at least his dad), are totally shitty, and he is sort of trying at life, he's holding a job and paying for his own shit which is more than my brother is doing at least.

he's currently in a situation where he is effectively homeless, because he has been suspended from school and his father literally told him not to come home if that happened. so he's staying with us tonight (again), because he can't go home and he's apparently got nowhere else to go.

I guess the question I want to propose is, how far can sympathy for someone like this go? should I forgive how crappy of a person he is because of his clear lack of guidance in life? should I feel guilty if he has nowhere to stay and we were to refuse allowing him here?

I've always kind of seen him as a scumbag and a hugely negative influence on my brother, but I don't know what to think now...
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Funimation? More like funiGAYtion >Have a premium subscription
>Adds still play on some videos
3 replies
Leave gifts for operator-chan here.
24 replies
Assign a poster a new raifu Do it
25 replies
ASMR Anyone else use this shit? It helps me sleep.



And of course, the human quaalude himself...

22 replies
SCP Thread ITT: Post your favorite SCPs
You either think SCP-914 is best or you're fucking wrong and holy shit the experiment log

If you don't know what SCP Foundation is, well, I have trouble explaining it. At its most basic, it's a site about literally thousands of strange occurrences or subjects, locations and inexplicable monsters and creations, some of which can destroy the world if there's a containment breach, all excellently catalogued and described like scientific subjects. It's some damn good reading.
14 replies
do it
15 replies
I am feeling pretty shitty today, so I have decided to create a thread for us sad lonely bastards to talk about anything.


Keep things light and friendly. Shitposting is encouraged but keep it friendly. Positivity is required.
41 replies
Assign a poster a new waifu Pick a poster and assign them a new waifu that isn't their current one if they have one. Since this is Ponychan the rules must be that the waifu must be MLP/EqG related.
13 replies
My lab instructors insist the terrain mesh they provided us does not look like a penis.
4 replies
assign a poster a new IRL celebrity waifu so we've got the MLP waifu thread but what celebrities fit what posters?

note: this is not a usershipping thread, I don't mean just any IRL people, I mean like, well-known actors, musicians, authors etc.

I claim pic related. she's simply a goddess.
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38 replies
Now that the dust has settled, which Fallout 4 faction was truly the best?
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13 replies
How realistic do you like your pones?
87 replies
We did it guys. Found this in an arts and crafts store today.

9 replies
Can y'all watch my chocolate milk for a few minutes?
18 replies
Poof! I'm gone! (not really, I'm just hiding behind the curtains) So like, I haven't posted anything in... a while. I'm not particularly active in anything pony any more. Even the communities that don't particularly focus on pony.

And I figure, with some recent changes that I'm making in my life, it's appropriate to say a sort of goodbye.

I'm not deleting my art/music/fanfic accounts or anything.

I'm just... not going to be doing anything with them anymore. I'm moving on, if you will.

However, because all y'all are my friends, I'll be sure to poke in every once in a while, to say hi... perhaps let you know if I ever get myself married off or perhaps expect a bundle of happiness.

Anyway, the whole pony part of my life was interesting and had an impossible to forget positive effect on my life. Thank you all for being super awesome friends, and wonderful people to chat with.

I'll see you all later!

However far that later may be... :)

I'll be responding to this post for a few days, so feel free to stop by and post spiderman, or gyrobowls, or sweetie derelle, or whatever else you wanna post here (that's within the rules of course). :P
17 replies
Hasbro giving as tease of new season. What do you think
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Who would win.... Nightmare Moon VS Jackie Chan...who wants no trouble...with a baby...in a ladder factory?
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The Brony Show 289 - Will you be my pony Valentine? "The Brony Show 289 - Will you be my pony Valentine?

Hello everypony! The day of chalky hearts, chocolates and candies, giants bears and lots of red fast approaches. Yes Valentines day is coming once again. So in the spirit of ponies and valentines we have gathered a few valentines MLP boxes and we're going to talk all about these 'words of affection'

Be sure to join us at https://thebronyshow.net/ at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST live this and every Monday. You can also join us an hour early for the Brony show preshow and get your brony show starting early. You can catch our podcast archives here at https://vimeo.com/thebronyshow. If you want to be part of the show, let us know! Email Circuit at bronyshow@gmail.com. Also be sure to tune in to our affiliate Ponyville live for the show and more fun things after the show at http://ponyvillelive.com/"
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Alright Oat, I need to head out for a bit

I'm leaving you in charge of my glass of water

Keep it safe for me
9 replies
So, the Grammy's are tonight not that they really matter since the whole point is to just shill the biggest pop artists, but it's still fun.

full list of nominees in every genre/category here: https://www.grammy.com/grammys/news/60th-grammy-awards-full-nominees-list

personally, here are my picks (for the genres/categories I care about):

>"Record" Of The Year (which basically just means single of the year) - Jay Z's The Story Of OJ

>Album Of The Year - Kendrick Lamar's DAMN.
>Song Of The Year - all the picks are trash but it's probably gonna go to Despacito so whatever
>Best New Artist - SZA
>Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album - should go to Dylan, please god don't give it to Seth MacFarlane
>Best Pop Vocal Album - should go to Lana Del Rey even though her new album is her weakest so far
>Best Dance/Electronic Album - should definitely go to Kraftwerk
>Best Rock Performance - should go to either Leonard Cohen or Chris Cornell
>Best Alternative Music Album - should DEFINITELY be Arcade Fire
>Best Urban Contemporary Album - Awaken My Love by Childish Gambino
>Best Rap Performance - Kendrick Lamar's HUMBLE.
>Best Rap/Sung Performance - Kendrick Lamar again with LOYALTY. ft. Rihanna
>Best Rap Song - Kendrick for the music or Jay Z for the music video
>Best Rap Album - Tyler The Creator's Flower Boy, PLEASE do not give it to Migos
>Best New Age Album - Brian Eno's Reflections
>Best Remixed Recording - should go to Four Tet
>Best Engineered Album, Classical - the Shostakovich one
>Best Music Video - The Story Of OJ without a doubt
(No image)
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Wanna hear a joke?

Why are pirates called pirates? Because they are ARRRRRRRR!

Get it? Although most pirates don't say that. They don't even have swords or parrots. It's all about AK-47's and drugs now.
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This thread is dedicated to water.

From oceans to lakes to rivers to streams to puddles to pools to Poland Spring bottles to showers to your body, water is around you, and in most cases it is your friend.

Water is delicious while basically not having a flavor, and it is healthy for you, and it feels good to have crashing over you or surrounding you in your tub.

A glass of cold water (with ice, also made of water) can clear your head and make you feel better. Make sure you drink enough of it. It is also used as an ingredient in pretty much any other beverage from soda to fruit juice to coffee.

Not everyone loves rain, but if you don't get too much of it, it can set a nice atmosphere on special days. Water can even be used in music, some forms of music sample the sounds of water.

43 replies
18 replies
>the class uses Blackboard
6 replies
Is struggle essential to good art? I constantly, CONSTANTLY see people say or imply that the greatest/great artists are people who have been through immense struggle/suffering in their lives. Do you guys think this is true?

I mean, you could definitely make a case in certain genres, such as a lot of hip-hop, where a huge part of the music and culture is the harshness/roughness of the average lives of the artists (or at least, that was the case in hip-hop before the 2010s).

but I think there is also a solid amount of artists who seemed like generally happy people and still managed to make masterful art. and you've ALSO got the "fake struggle" artists, the artists who make music as if they're super depressed and have terrible lives when they're actually very privileged/rich people with nice loving families (lots of indie artists kinda fit this bill) (also that's not to say these kinds of people can't be depressed but being depressed and actually having a horrible life are not mutually exclusive)
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<tfw get a haircut and all my long hair is gone
<tfw i dont know who i am anymore

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