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File: 1497321478872.gif (1.23 MB, 500x665, #highquality taste.gif)

Skinny!Trips0zvVM 41891686[View]

So I am officially done with this year, and man has it been a trip. I just submitted my final paper (a paper on Hume's take on morality not being derived from reason, and an argument against the teleological argument (the argument for god from design) that totaled 13 pages) and now I finally have some free time on my hands. I know that most people have finished before this, or are just out of school (I to will be there one day), but yeah, it feels good. This year was insane since I did about 85% of my total philosophy major this year (I started with two 200 level courses and a 300 level course, and ended with one 300 level course, and three 400 ones), and the rest should be easy. So yeah, how are you doing tonight /oat/?
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Skinny!Trips0zvVM 41891848

Alright guys, time to take a fat dab, I'll still be watching the thread, but I'll also be high. so....
Thanks fam. I think I might try listening to the new Mountain Goats album. Seems like good high music.
I honestly probably wouldn't smoke if it weren't for the sleep aide shit. Like it has made my day to day life so much better.

Elicoor13 41891858

File: 1497329204978.jpg (34.42 KB, 653x577, 1495349197550.jpg)

it's the happiest mountain goats album in a while, unicorn tolerance and wear black are my two favorite songs off the project. it's good high music, but it's also decent sober music.

if i'm less adventurous, it might end up as a top 15 candidate. also if i listen to it enough, because i get fonder of the mountain goats the more i hear them. like, i think beat the champ is a great album, mostly because i've listened to it nearly 50 times.

Skinny!Trips0zvVM 41891861

Have you peeped that new Chuck Johnson album? Balsams is like my #2, close to #1 twing twang of the year.

File: 1497241583769.png (217.48 KB, 497x280, twi.png)

Agiri 41890853[View]

EQG4 is a giant allegory for puberty

First, the movie takes place at a summer camp, which is obviously a classic backdrop for coming of age stories

Our hero Twilight is struggling with a "darkness" coming up from inside her that she doesn't understand and can't fight.

Que the song "Midnight in me" in which twilight sings the lyrics "I didn't know what I didn't know". That's obvious enough, i won't even explain that one.

Soon, her friends are also experiencing the effects of this darkness and no one knows how to handle it.

Que the song Embrace the magic in which sunset convinces the group that this new change isn't something to be afraid of

Then you have Filthy Rich and Gloriosa. Filthy Rich represents all the unfairness of the world, and Gloriosa represents the anger that young teenagers have toward it, and their desire to lash out against it.

The final showdown is literally a showdown between handling your problems with a level head versus handling them with violence and anger, with the final moral being to not fall into the pitfalls of teen angst and despair.
This post was edited by its author on .
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Heavy Mole 41891608

File: 1497318143094.jpg (10.36 KB, 236x236, lucy472.jpg)

I almost find EQG to be more entertaining nowadays because it's so contrived beyond belief.

Agiri!KaioKenIWk 41891625

File: 1497318629942.png (243.43 KB, 387x354, pank 3.png)


That doesn't work either imo because Gloriosa was never shown to have any aspects of her personality to be similar to Filthy nor was she ever tempted to join him.

Midnight sparkle would be a way better metaphor for fighting toxic elements in your psyche.


i still have to watch the episode with the princesses. Will defer my opinion until then.


File: 1497318813666.png (224.47 KB, 497x424, 766765765.png)

I mean don't get me wrong, it's not bad or anything.
Oh, that was is GREAT.

File: 1497180160708.gif (682.44 KB, 540x540, kanna autism.gif)

genuine question Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41889999[View]

my mom seriously believes that vaccines cause autism. she says she knows someone on facebook who posted "credible" articles/information about it.

most of the stuff I've personally heard about it is that it's bullshit and it's just an excuse for the older generations to not get their kids vaccinated for some reason but idk

what is the real deal with this? I don't know where to look to get an unbiased opinion in terms of sites with facts.

>pic kinda related
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!xCQoDocLeE 41891504

File: 1497310271936.png (519.33 KB, 1600x1200, moonshine_and_sunbeams_by_unde…)

Well, go to a university library and read through tons of peer-reviewed medicine journals about it.

But that's not gonna be easy. Research is hard, m'kay?

Starshine!Laura/wmXM 41891509

This post was edited by its author on .

[deleted] 41888798[View]

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Chillax my dude.

vynn 41891434

File: 1497300061376.jpg (117.19 KB, 829x964, 1484504557831.jpg)


!AppLeJAcK. 41891484

File: 1497308248696.png (20.17 KB, 550x575, 1484351842924.png)

File: 1497301388290.png (465.46 KB, 2914x2837, 134036415691.png)

Dan Dash !HHpSeFdCvs 41891447[View]


I'm Fausty, I'm the first girl to Kabel post on the board!cpbuwI00Vo 41891471

I believe it's pronounced "bonners".

Vio Lette!qXZZ8NDkR. 41891481

File: 1497307312317.gif (74.38 KB, 302x357, boner_3.gif)

Anonymous ## Mod 41891325

Moved to >>>/chat/749239.

File: 1496767497734.png (165.31 KB, 876x913, fd72aefa5d80aa3fa6bfbb70cc4911…)

Saki 41885136[View][Last 50 Posts]

Hello there!
What a silly day I had...

Anybody here? Care for some chat?
How is it going?
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Anonymous 41891408

And don't get me started on how they bastardized Nietzsche's work to fit their horrorshow.


And worst of all, they tried to claim poor Beethoven, resulting in his work getting banned in the US.

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41891422



>banned in the US

nigga what

Anonymous 41891429


That was during WWI anti-German hysteria.

Though the Nazis did later appropriate him.

File: 1497238047521.png (117.59 KB, 1994x1320, 840463__safe_artist-colon-nobo…)

-Z- !SUicideQjk 41890762[View]

What the FUCK is wrong with people not knowing how to drive?!

I swear to ever loving christ, either I'm going to get smashed into by some dumb cunt or I'll be making a left turn and get fucking T-boned by some fucking jack-off who decided that he needs to fucking answer that stupid fucking text from his dumb asshole friends about the fucking pig-woman he calls his wife popping out another mouth to feed instead of doing all the fucking world a favor and getting his balls shot off just before he jumps off a god damn bridge into a pool of concrete.

God DAMN I'm pissed, fuck.

How was your day.
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Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41891114


my state (MA) is known for some of the worst drivers in the country, it's specifically for that reason that we commonly get called "Massholes".


my day only just started

but I am happy that I didn't have any super disturbing dreams before I woke up like yesterday

A.C.E. 41891205

Maybe they are a new driver like me, I make a lot of retarded mistakes because I got my learners permit and I am still learning to drive.


File: 1497286663179.png (208.11 KB, 465x530, 7978997.png)

I am familiar with this one. I had an and ex-gf who used to live up there and she told me all about that.

File: 1497238755078.jpg (240.27 KB, 1023x723, rainbow_dash_salute__australia…)

!RISkQqf4EM 41890779[View]

Just when you thought we'd return to a normal schedule, we're getting our next episodes released early on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

1 post omitted. Click View to see all.


File: 1497245411465.jpg (101.51 KB, 1023x723, 1497238755078.jpg)

Fixed for accurate position on the planet.


File: 1497246290362.png (389.55 KB, 836x696, 767657657.png)

Was probably these guys who did it.


Vio Lette!qXZZ8NDkR. 41891084

File: 1497256625486.png (387.32 KB, 1627x2218, 1436850__safe_artist-colon-pas…)

>Australia getting TV shows or animation early
Since when?

File: 1497228220761.png (78.48 KB, 640x360, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_9e…)

Anonymous 41890556[View]

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Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 41890710

File: 1497235428545.png (38.91 KB, 853x543, spook_burdo.png)


Agiri 41890810

File: 1497239767526.png (640.33 KB, 731x711, sunny.png)

what's updog?


upvote, I think

File: 1497135728963.png (892.83 KB, 739x824, 1497132552938[1].png)

Reverend!Slavshit.Y 41888949[View][Last 50 Posts]

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File: 14972372191000.jpg (107.76 KB, 1020x784, fluttershy___studying__by_sumi…)

Anonymous 41890750

File: 1497237248080.gif (1.33 MB, 400x400, 759967__safe_solo_cute_animate…)


I will try drawing again this week.

File: 1497233142314.png (878.14 KB, 1000x1176, 6a88f2cd3c0c4e2152465a0229bcf7…)

Reverend!Slavshit.Y 41890654[View]

Reverend!Slavshit.Y 41890756

File: 1497139578295.png (654.99 KB, 1063x950, 1438283__safe_artist-colon-mcp…)

Where is sanctuary /oat/? 41889018[View][Last 50 Posts]

Where is that place where you feel secure at? That place where you go to feel happy.

For me it's the beach and drinking.
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File: 1497233898717.png (243.71 KB, 1024x1427, cute_trixie_with_saddle_bag_by…)

Thanks. if the sentiment still stands.

but my email too? Macil should feed the server more often
This post was edited by its author on .


File: 1497234280058.png (334.32 KB, 711x555, 8787687654.png)


Did you clean out the cookies in your browser?


I guess ccleaner did nothing wrong. Happy accidents.
This post was edited by its author on .

File: 1497142065104.jpg (153.43 KB, 768x518, strawberries.jpg)

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41889074[View]

Say something nice about strawberries.
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Pinkamina WBIY!Im9SILLYXo 41890517

File: 1497226308972.jpg (113.81 KB, 1023x800, ob_1ba3d6_fraise.jpg)

Got 'em
Thanks for the (you)'s

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41890672

File: 1497233584332.jpg (3.55 MB, 4032x3024, strawberries mine.jpg)

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41890673

File: 1497233627981.jpg (3.94 MB, 3024x4032, strawberries mine 2.jpg)

File: 1497188766305.jpg (11.05 KB, 255x255, 6a2d4bcf4c34734725a3e6b3a8130d…)

Fleur 41890028[View]

I'm a horrible person ;_;
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Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 41890547

Join the club fam.

Elicoor13 41890557

File: 1497228285602.jpg (158.47 KB, 448x455, 1492613384369.jpg)

i was about to make another ice pun, but all my ice puns are basically ripped off from batman and robin(the movie with mr. freeze). the only other one i have is:
"man, that interrogation was a real snow job", and that's idiomatic as hell.


This is going to be an avalanche.

File: 1496895991996.png (84.7 KB, 676x579, Ember Storm - Unnerved.png)

☲ Prince Ember Storm!SNowbAlLfo 41886603[View]

Okay, so. I used to draw ponies. Still do sometimes? But you know I want to sort of draw 'em more.

So here's da rools:

A) I will draw a pony you ask me to, an OC you post a reference to, or make an OC for you (provided I know you decently enough).
B) Ixnay on the porn.
C) I reserve the right to not draw things I don't like.
D) These are sketches and they probably won't be amazing because I'm shit. I'm also slow as balls, so don't be all pissy if I don't get to you.

In any case, request away.
72 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

!Vilci..jP. 41888616

File: 1497107715207.png (214.65 KB, 665x752, clover ~.png)

It is, incredibly originally, a four leafed clover.
This post was edited by its author on .

☲ Prince Ember Storm!SNowbAlLfo 41890561

I intend to get to drawing things, but I'm still fighting this flu and can't really draw during coughing fits.

Hang in there, fellows.


File: 1497228664208.png (420.56 KB, 860x1019, pretty_rarity_face_vector_by_s…)

Sure thing. Health is the most important.

obese manchild literally believes Twilight is his girlfriend Nikola Gieusspe 41890318[View]

4 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.


File: 1497213374895.jpg (101.44 KB, 1042x1200, DCBGokIXkAEnvPQ.jpg)



They are too lazy to dig deep enough for the real "cringe".

Elicoor13 41890527

File: 1497226671631.jpg (71.88 KB, 1280x720, 1496807207899.jpg)

>this shit again

man, i thought after the whole "wow guys, there are people who think ponies are their girlfriends" fad died down we wouldn't get anymore of this.

guess i was wrong.

File: 1497215842753.jpg (191.16 KB, 800x565, NGR.jpg)

fleur 41890358Locked[View]

Anonymous ## Mod 41890360

Moved to >>>/trash/8139.

File: 1497087506929.jpg (42.87 KB, 600x600, wojak_anime.jpg)

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 41888524[View]

>go onto the internet archive
>my old forum was preserved in great detail
>get taken back in time almost a decade
>looking back at what was
>and now at what became
14 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.


Hmm... SA?
This post was edited by its author on .

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 41889976


File: 1497191147678.png (215.47 KB, 518x328, bc0.png)

File: 1497165285261.png (302.05 KB, 511x512, Yuuki Terumi (13).png)


Back from the anime convention, have a late bake


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Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41890001


>posted at 3:14:45AM

it's Sunday bro


Da Backwudz




Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

!Vilci..jP. 41890029

File: 1497188836689.jpg (53.66 KB, 640x640, 19120423_1057287684371266_7992…)

Flipping my begleri.
Got a special Pride set I've been using this week, >pic.
Well, I'm still making my way through DS9. Slowly.
Planetarium. Album of the year.
Your post.
Literally a Bueno. It's bueno.
Red bull to make up for not getting significant sleep in days.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 41890034


>Planetarium. Album of the year.

mah nigga

I don't know if I'd say AOTY but definitely a contender, Sufjan is just awesome.

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