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File: 1511959467484.jpg (87.75 KB, 1024x581, 1511956308727m.jpg)

Maroon Auburn!QEUQfdPtTM 41986344Locked[View]

So did the most powerful man on the planet, the POTUS himself, really just retweet videos from Britian First, a white supremacist group?
As someone who is British myself all I can do is laugh. That or wonder what strange alternate timeline/universe I have fallen into.

Has Donald been hacked?
This post was edited by its author on .
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NightPanel 41986356

File: 1511963546869.jpg (214.16 KB, 2048x2048, 494.jpg)

eh, my bad
I have miss read something.

But I still think calling people retarded and always being angry at them is unproductive. I mean not even dubya got this much hate.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 41986358


Anonymous ## Mod 41986364

Moved to >>>/chat/824273.

File: 1511918727674.jpg (99.64 KB, 550x533, 3.jpg)

pony thread Dan Rarity !HHpSeFdCvs 41986164[View]

just ponies
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Vio Lette!qXZZ8NDkR. 41986316

File: 1511949408812.gif (1.65 MB, 576x324, Raricopter.gif)

Faust Lv.29!cpbuwI00Vo 41986317

Vio Lette!qXZZ8NDkR. 41986319

File: 1511949614454.png (180.77 KB, 662x563, 1281380__suggestive_artist-col…)

File: 1510374655362.jpg (71.81 KB, 420x630, 1200x630bb.jpg)

Alternative Movie synopsis unlikeable pony 41980326[View]

"the story of a kid from a working class background and his passion for martial arts, and how with moxie, spunk and determination he makes it all the way to the state finals.
He loses to a nerd with a bird pose, but everyone learns a valuable lesson"
34 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Faust Lv.29!cpbuwI00Vo 41986288

File: 1511943414932.jpg (124.42 KB, 1280x720, speedmaxresdefault.jpg)

The real Fast & Furious.

!HasteYRi4w 41986297

File: 1511944269358.png (771.56 KB, 1280x720, Careening_down_the_cliff_S2E08…)

Am I the only one who thinks Konami pretty much ripped off the opening theme of this movie?

Faust Lv.29!cpbuwI00Vo 41986315

File: 1511949381267.jpg (46 KB, 800x500, mjz2m30tlr4ajxtsmc5k.jpg)

A cool movie that is not subtle at all about being liberal propaganda.

File: 1511914653435.jpg (138.32 KB, 800x450, So+far+this+one+continues+to+b…)

>he did nothing wrong unlikeable pony 41986116[View]

>people who did nothing wrong
22 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Faust Lv.29!cpbuwI00Vo 41986280

File: 1511937630071.jpg (1021.61 KB, 987x1480, the-spider-slayer-tries-to-ste…)

Can't market someone if they're dead.
>Imagine a world where Batman had the arbitrary rule of killing people after X amount of incidents
>Joker doesn't get a long lore and become Batman's greatest arch-nemesis
>We never get The Killing Joke
>We never get Jack Nicholson Joker
>We never get Hamill Joker
>We never get Ledger Joker
You also can't have logic in a world where science is basically magic and people can get brought back with actual magic.
So many villains (and heroes) have died just to come back as a clone, from another dimension/time travel or via vanilla magic back from the afterlife.

Jonah had no problem with wanting to have Smythe get the electric chair.

Urda 41986283

File: 1511938769670.jpg (40.2 KB, 320x209, FA884B5E-9504-4D57-9FBF-EE003E…)

Is Smythe based out of Gotham now?

Faust Lv.29!cpbuwI00Vo 41986285

I haven't read every single Batman comic but I imagine plenty of people have felt okay with the idea of villains dying in the Batman's city.

File: 1511786934210.jpg (405.95 KB, 2048x1365, tmp_4dGNsW_29a58c73fa25dcaf_Ge…)

Maroon Auburn!QEUQfdPtTM 41985380[View]


Except hardly anybody here in the UK cares aside from the media.

Most of us too busy hoping this means we get a day off work as a result of this.

That and, you know, a divorced mixed race American getting married into the royal family.

Daily mail is having a field trip with that.
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Meisterburg!oRT4jqzTBU 41985884

>Assumes that I ever thought or said that only Britain has royalty

Again, that "prince" title isn't worth the crown that is represents it, and no, cute is when there's news about a fund raising event for orphans or puppies being adopted; royalty doesn't mean squat anymore other than you can relate to Bill Gates in wealth.
This post was edited by its author on .

Reav 41985900

Apparantly some trolls claimed she was jewish: https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/1.825405

Personally i was mostly like "Didn't they already have one?".

PonyStark 41986067

Anyone remeber that reality show "I wanna marry Harry"? It tricked American women into thinking that they we're dating Prince Harry. My question is isn't that illegal? Impersonating royalty sounds like something that should be illegal.

File: 1511775157769.jpg (39.44 KB, 585x600, 7cd6bad5d0259c7585ee32df3eb2f7…)

NightPanel 41985362[View]

It is monday, a new week is begining.

Got any plans for this week? Will it be good or bad for you?
34 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

NightPanel 41986017

That's quite a collection!

Routine can be good.

Trixie Clone Number 8!lWMBg88H1s 41986032

File: 1511903808033.jpg (73.15 KB, 465x360, tumblr_o9e077vOSM1tqo5gmo2_r1_…)

I'm going to DISNEYLAND

NightPanel 41986040

File: 1511904735067.png (351.59 KB, 738x512, 1510301918589.png)

Anonymous 41986035Locked[View]

What the heck did you just say about me, you little honey bun? iI’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Cutie Patooties, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret tweets on Daddy Trump, and I have over 300 confirmed snookims. I am trained in butter biscuits and I’m the top sweetie in the entire US sugar doodles. You are nothing to me but just another Daddy. I will cuddle you the heck out with warmth the likes of which has never been felt before on this Earth, mark my words. You think you can get away with saying that dookie doo to me over the Internet? Think again, cutie. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of Mommies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the huggie wuggies, deary. The huggies that wipes out the silly little thing you call your meanie doodles. You’re in trouble, Daddy. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can tweet you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in butter boops, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Cutie Wooties Fruity Tooties and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your widdle face, you little cutie pie. If only you could have known what huggie wuggies your little “tweetie weetie” was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your mouthy wouthy. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, honey buns. I will wiggle woop all over you and you will drown in it. You’re really sweet, honey.
1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click View to see all.

*Lila 41986044

File: 1511907000750.jpg (170.12 KB, 1000x676, Senjougahara.Hitagi.full.14064…)

Boring, boring, boring, dead meme, go fuck yourself.

Jesus fucking Christ. Because the navy seal copypasta is still funny, right ? No it fucking isn't. Go fuck a horse.

Anonymous ## Mod 41986045

Moved to >>>/trash/8515.

File: 1511886674481.jpg (244.16 KB, 916x515, ram1500ud-g07-kgp-ed-copy-1.jp…)

CPU Ram!wG1CV58ydQ 41985891[View]

The new Chevy looks good. Oh wait, thats a Ram.
8 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.


File: 1511900875569.png (997 KB, 1280x720, Trixie_being_both_smug_and_mod…)

No. I've never had any reason to travel that far.

I did drive for 4 hours to Bakersfield to suck a guy's dick once though.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 41986024

Are there many moose in Arizona?

Anonymous 41986026

No, but it used to be funny as shit up in Flagstaff when people would call into DPS or the police department claiming they hit one.

Seems when you plow into one doing 80 it's hard to tell the difference between a moose and a big ol' elk.

File: 1511878817219.jpg (36.54 KB, 630x630, Pokemon GO.jpg)

Kabel teh Lewdy[FARMER]Hobbit 41985883[View]

guess, wat I have my blue hobbit nose in

yesterday- mom decided 2 up-grade as a female Porygon2 into Porygon Z & had me buy a smartphone J3 Emerge

and nao ~ i'm humping monster damsels in my house

File: 1511835387226.png (191.19 KB, 500x381, 1511835151979.png)

Anonymous 41985712[View]

What TV series do you typically watch?
21 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

NightPanel 41985863

I used to watch the Clone Wars cartoon when it was running. I have lost my interest in live action shows.
This post was edited by its author on .

Chewy {Element Of Fortitude}!MUSIC.FbVY 41985878

>Better Call Saul, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


AustroSpike ~Element of Makeshift Moe~ 41985882


File: 1511670415527.png (32.1 KB, 500x549, 1592273__safe_artist-colon-gra…)


how long do you think MLP:FiM will be a thing?

i hope it's forever. deal with it grug >>41983965
53 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

NightPanel 41985870

It is bad, but like the fandom I am powerless to do anything about it. I prefer trying to enjoy it as long as I can.
This post was edited by its author on .

Toothless Alligator!!Octavia 41985872

File: 1511868240389.jpg (52.73 KB, 1024x576, rainbow_factory_intro_11_by_pe…)

For me the issue is that if the show creators don't care about the quality of the content, then why should I care about the content. It's hard to bring myself to watch something in the first place when it's clear they aren't putting in a full effort.

NightPanel 41985873

That is a good point.

File: 1511666628333.jpg (69.8 KB, 1280x720, kefka.jpg)

Protip: You can't Anonymous 41985062[View]

Refute Kefka's philosophy without bringing in God or the afterlife.

>Why do people build things they know are going to be destroyed?

>Why do people cling to life when they know they can't live forever?
>think how meaningless each of your lives are!
53 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.


File: 1511824566878.png (426.17 KB, 537x768, 6798987909.png)

see, when people go on about the "invisible man in the sky" stuff really does get fedora-tier

im not religious in the slightest of course, but i get where they're coming from tbh

Anonymous 41985641

File: 1511824988949.jpg (15.69 KB, 284x177, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

Problem is, there is nothing left but insults when the foundation of the argument is insults.
See the 2nd half of >>41985327

In his defense, I probably should've seen the shitposting bait for what it was. I'm really bad at that. Never could ignore bait.
>anime tier is a bad thing

Meisterburg!oRT4jqzTBU 41985772

>Why do people build things they know are going to be destroyed?
Same reason the Romans built the Colosseum or the Egyptians built the Pyramids: they had a purpose to be built. Some purposes can be more sacred than others; the Egyptians built to honor passed Pharohs, where as Romans built to just watch guys kill each other but in a nicer stadium. But as we all know, these buildings still stand and probably will for a long time. They made it this far, right?

>Why do people cling to life when they know they can't live forever?

Ever heard of the phrase "value something while you still have it? It's like having your parents or your friends; they won't be around forever, but does that mean you should stop caring about them? Just because time will ultimately end them all doesn't dictate you can't love them now.

>think how meaningless each of your lives are!

We all give life our own meaning. Some of us want to just be content and not do anything big; some of us wanna live comfortably; some of us might wanna be world leaders; some of us might wanna build things that will outlive them by centuries. Just look at the Colosseum I was just talking about! That created meaning for its builders, and look at the legacy they left behind because of it.
Life had no objective meaning, it's all relative. We give life meaning of our own, so if you wanna go around saying life has none, not only are you being redundant, you're stating what life means for you personally: nothing.

Doesn't mean the rest of us have to feel the same way.

File: 1511827868679.jpg (24.36 KB, 480x480, hstdeep.jpg)

"Captain's Log" Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 41985685[View]

Post numbers are now stardates we must read aloud.
3 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Tracer Bullet 41985707

File: 1511834354876.png (18.59 KB, 235x191, 385.png)

You saved that shit?


File: 1511834587644.png (379.49 KB, 511x768, 7686788989.png)

yeah, i found amusing at the time so i figured its a treasure to keep

Tracer Bullet 41985710

File: 1511834823807.png (18.46 KB, 104x186, rk1.png)

Fair enough.

File: 1511665979528.gif (38.95 KB, 399x369, 1511662517043.gif)

Bruce 41985059[View]

What's the best beer ever?
23 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Tracer Bullet 41985633

File: 1511824228157.jpg (6.46 KB, 184x184, a700067476a2caefb52ff87afc086c…)

>i just cant do hard liquor


File: 1511824297874.png (409.38 KB, 579x682, 7768798987.png)

cant drink it. sorry

i mean, i can, but i really prefer not to

Tracer Bullet 41985635

File: 1511824342276.jpg (6.46 KB, 184x184, a700067476a2caefb52ff87afc086c…)

>hard liquor taste like ass

File: 1511724698895.png (1.54 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 1.25…)

CPU facebook!wG1CV58ydQ 41985225[View]

>There are people on ponychan that think only normies use facebook.
15 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Anonymous 41985356

poor guy

so repressed :(

NightPanel 41985360

File: 1511774652314.png (202.42 KB, 843x948, d455ca0334ca3bcdef1909556a95b5…)


CPU ok!wG1CV58ydQ 41985501

File: 1511814995938.jpg (240.1 KB, 650x433, FelixArgyle-Cosplay-Trap-16.jp…)

File: 1511689761793.jpg (15.73 KB, 300x300, spook_himself.jpg)

Protip: You can't Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 41985136[View]

Refute Stirner's philosophy without bringing in God or the afterlife.

>Why can't I pursue my interest when every force serves its own ends?

>Why should I care for higher causes which are only "higher" when I subordinate myself to them?
>I am the creative nothing which cannot be described!
25 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Reav 41985456


To be fair Marx was banished from more countries than you're like to visit in your life, can't blame the Prussians too much.


File: 1511809696237.png (344.08 KB, 525x557, 87876989879879.png)

fair enough point

AustroSpike ~Element of Makeshift Moe~ 41985473

Damn that's gangsta

Straight outta Prussia
Crazy motherfucker named Karl Marx

File: 1511746827120.gif (135.1 KB, 1082x950, image.gif)

Glum? Meisterburg!oRT4jqzTBU 41985298[View]

Hey /oat/,
What do you do when you feel down on yourself?
Depressed or the like?
This post was edited by its author on .
22 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

AustroSpike ~Element of Makeshift Moe~ 41985401

-Do something fun
-Go for a walk
-Talk/Vent about it to someone

Oh god that too
Never would have thought I would distract myself from unfaced problems by work or fake-work until I caught myself actually doing it.

NightPanel 41985445

File: 1511808986610.png (361.5 KB, 700x700, 1511310972884.png)

It is crazy but it works!

File: 1511671368845.png (3.31 MB, 1988x3056, 1511612909922.png)

!RISkQqf4EM 41985081[View]

why does this page make me want to cry?
7 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

A.C.E. 41985202

Well shit that got very DBZ real quick.

Meisterburg!oRT4jqzTBU 41985206

Aww, I've never read the MLP comics, but that scene is so sweet!

It's ok, man, if ya ever need help, I'm here

!gEapIYWEa2 41985368

File: 1511780159396.jpg (51.16 KB, 297x364, applejack....jpg)

It makes me want to cry, because the writers screwed up so badly on such a great plot.

"Everypony, listen! suddenly I know exactly what to do, which is to deliver the moral message of the story to the audience! I didn't have to figure it out, it was just sort of inserted into my dialog for no explicable reason. Now let's use our magic friendship powers that we didn't have a few minutes ago, except when we did, to kumbaya Nightmare Rarity until she loves us again!"

File: 1511726739614.jpg (47.67 KB, 588x600, 1509918312589.jpg)

alright /oat/ Chewy {Element Of Fortitude}!MUSIC.FbVY 41985233[View]

what's your best pickup line?
15 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.



Hey, do you want to get a drink?

aircraft jig 41985337

pls lay ur dirty sky hobbit eggs in my hole

Bawdyh the Sky Dwarf Librarian Secretary Hen 41985365

an hobbit, is an earth pon

it is the jews- that push eggs out of their plotholes

File: 1511757212185.jpg (65.82 KB, 520x700, doggo.jpg)

Take a comic, leave a comic unlikeable pony 41985333[View]

Post comics you like.

You must comment on the previous poster's comic when you do.

Anonymous 41985343

File: 1511764029321.png (28.67 KB, 627x563, bf5093112ea72c5967487403789fc4…)

Wolfman says "you will regret", but all I see is a very happy puppy getting cake. I think other wolf should've joined in.

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