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File: 1430715252710.png (466.33 KB, 650x930, 177457 - adorkable artist-past…)

## Mod 134100StickyLocked[View]

As per the agreed upon restructuring of Ponychan's board setup following the recent merger, and as outlined in the long discussions and merger documents, /g/ will become unlisted, and >>>/oat/ will be the location for future discussions that would have been bound for it.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please bring them to >>>/site/395 for discussion.

File: 1430103255982.jpg (41.02 KB, 900x506, pony_hills___silent_hills_meet…)

So Silent HIlls is cancled. Pony_Stark 134087[View]

Level 5 virus!Sillysg/lA 134088

File: 1430112436205.gif (835.73 KB, 320x240, download (35).gif)

>MFW I heard the news from a friend
Why do you do this to us. I wanted a real horror game.


NeighthanGraves!!WwZ2WwZJZl 134089

File: 1430147769388.gif (1.79 MB, 642x270, THUNDERBIRDS.gif)

Guillermo and Norman are as sad as me

!cpbuwI00Vo 134091

They could have added trophies and sold the demo for a few bucks, their loss.
At least we got the new Fatal Frame.

File: 1429973900219.jpg (84.68 KB, 800x450, B7369EA7-6375-4822-8E2F-052BC2…)

The Smash 4 Custom Stage Topic 134085[View]

Surely I'm not the only one here who has Smash 4. So I fiigured, let's make a place to show off our stuff.

File: 1429875918621.png (152.61 KB, 769x522, tmr video game.png)

Anonymous 134077[View]

1 post omitted. Click View to see all.

Anonymous 134081

I think that's an incredibly naive optimism you've got there, but I guess I'm just far too jaded myself.

Anonymous 134083

All in all, a terrible idea.

The Workshop already has asinine content restrictions. Most modders just do it as a hobby and can't commit to long term support or quality assurance. Refund policy or not, users are going to be expecting support. Especially the modding neophytes who don't get how load order works or how to open mod files in the creation kit to tweak and debug them.

Then there's the ownership problems of team efforts or when a creator quits and passes the project off to a colleague or lets their work be adopted as part of a wider project like Weapons of the 3rd Era, the MOS edition and Immersive Weapons.

Anonymous 134084


Plus, quite a few modders on the Nexus are hiding their work in fear of assholes stealing it and putting it up for money, which has been a problem in the past.

If you actually use the workshop, pay very close attention to the possibility of plagiarism, and by Crom, CRUCIFY ANY SCUMBAGS YOU CATCH.

Not to sound like calling for raids and doxxing or anything, but put the fear of heaven into the cocksucking bastards.

File: 1429912158373.jpg (61.09 KB, 550x413, 1-fable-3-wallpaper.jpg)

Fable 3 Urda 134082[View]

The Black sheep of the Fable series,no gambling and a smaller gameworld with much more limitations.

You didn't have quite the variety of choices for each location.

It did however paint a very different picture of Fable 3,especially how things were outside of Albion:


File: 142980186085.png (10.65 KB, 160x205, zap_p8.png)

Anonymous 134076[View]

So I've made a game. Took me about a day to make it, now I'm throwing it all over the blagowobs.

I haven't been on Ponychan in a long time. And I never really posted on /g/. And, honestly, this game has absolutely nothing to do with pones. But hey, it's worth trying.

Here's a link to the home thread for the game:

I made it with the Pico-8 "fantasy gaming console", which is a fancy way of saying it's made with a game engine that is built to act like something between an Atari and an NES. You can play it over the Internet by clicking the "play" link on the page above, or (if you have a copy of the Pico-8 Fantasy Gaming Console) you can download the image in this post, which conveniently contains the code for the game as well as the fancy picture.
The Pico-8 is a bonus thingy that you get if you buy another game called Voxatron. It's really neat if you wanna just hack together a game real quick. Like I said, this one took me one day.

File: 142932299394.png (248.58 KB, 807x768, the_egghead_twilight_sparkle__…)

!AndreaSlS2 134056[View]

What's your favorite video game you've ever played ? Why ?
9 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Anonymous 134078

Pokemon Emerald.

I've been a huge Pokemon fan since the original Red/Blue and somehow Emerald was just the highest point of the series for me, pretty much perfection, everything about it was just so magical. Platinum almost topped it but I think since then the series has been downhill.

Anonymous 134086

File: 1430030713430.jpg (116.16 KB, 640x844, e0d786ff7f18a63538b4b9fbd46673…)

norikago 134095

File: 1430506076967.jpg (13.55 KB, 236x295, c3254c7473feb4f3fc3af769b9fe61…)

For me some games in my childhood defined some of my taste.

Transport Tycoon Deluxe is perhaps my all time favorite and sharing that place with Super Mario world.

Story behind it:
Super Mario World was pretty much the only game I had on the SNES so I played it a lot. Basically experimented a lot with it etc. It made me draw as a kid a lot and due to lots of lave I ran out of Crayolas. dayum.

Transport tycoon. Is pretty much my first real PC game. I didn't understood what I am doing but it sure was spectacular. I could put endless hours into it and it delivered some small changes in the economy and gave tasks like replacing my current fleet of vehicles etc.

File: 141818894550.jpg (90.65 KB, 900x653, rarity_pose_by_mricantdraw-d5s…)

Horsebangers United Anonymous 132989[View]

Hello, welcome to the wonderful world of Worlds at War, or WaW! Horsebangers United is the official federation of /mlp/ on WaW.

What is WaW? Worlds at War is a fun, browser-based galactic-space-politics-simulator-thingy. Trade with, ally, or utterly destroy other worlds! Join or create an alliance so that you can rule the stars!

Interested in joining? Post your world link (in your settings!) into this thread, or just send a comm to the leader saying you want to join. An invite will be sent promptly.

Leader URL: http://www.wawgame.eu/world/3474

Fed URL: http://wawgame.eu/federation/36/

Game: http://wawgame.eu

Remember to have fun!
8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click View to see all.

Clonehunter 133056

As much as I hate to admit, World at War is better than Worlds at War. And Worlds probably has more effort in it!

Anonymous 134068

Bump, recruiting again


Still recruiting anyone?



Ingress is an augmented reality game by Niantic Labs, an internal startup within Google, in which the entire world is the playing field.

Yes, the real world. Every inch. Wherever there is a site of interest - a library, a statue, street art, the park - an ordered data stream known as Exotic Matter bleeds into our universe through Portals. These portals can be controlled, and are constantly fought over and linked together by two factions; The Enlightened and the Resistance, green and blue respectively.

With your GPS-enabled smartphone, you can join the fight for either side. See and interact with the world on an entirely different level. Capture real areas as your faction's territory, modify existing portals, make their resources work for you. Force yourself out of the house because you need to go destroy the enemy portal at the mall. Meet new friends, who are conspicuously staring at their phones while glancing up at statues. And generally, have a ridiculous amount of fun.


Here, we discuss the game in general, give advice to new players, compare local situations, et cetera. Both ENL and RES are, obviously, very welcome!

DemonioBlanco, the strange enemy 134047

i tried to use it.
t didnt start up eaxly, and then give up

Anonymous 134067

File: 142955494409.png (4.38 MB, 2560x1440, she_s_comin__to_get_you__vip__…)

Sorry, but I can't help but think of the fanfic series by that name wherein ponies and humans ingress into eachother's worlds to copulate.

File: 138872155353.jpg (683.61 KB, 1280x720, sleeping-dogs.jpg)

Sleeping Dogs free till the 15th Anonymous 130398[View][Last 50 Posts]

Don't know if you guys know this or not, but if you've got a 360 with a gold account you can download Sleeping Dogs for free until the 15th.
127 posts and 54 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Pony_Stark 134066

I don't know who that is

Anonymous 134093

it's supposed to be capitalized like writings from the era, where writers basically just capitalized every important word, and also just words that they thought would look better capitalized.

Pony_Stark 134094

Ok. Next up we got Castle Storm and Pool Nation on the xbone and Maffia 2 and some racing game on the 360.

File: 142939822343.jpg (1.06 MB, 500x2250, if-gaming-were-anime-girls_c_5…)

Gaming Waifus 134061[View]

The last gaming system you played is now your phantasmal significant other.
Steam counts as PC

DemonioBlanco, the strange enemy 134063

well, Steam it is.

Anonymous 134065

It was from GoG, actually.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced for Linux.

Last edited at Sun, Apr 19th, 2015 23:10

Urda 134051[View]

Fable 2 a game about deciding your destiny and becoming a hero,.....the ending is what makes this probably the best Fable title.

Where you can gamble,buy a house or an Inn and marry your love.

Nº 441 !fOINzMA0KU 134053

Well, can you fit a giant murderous Chameleon, a giant green mutant, a tribesman, and a fat trader in a Highwayman and stop Not!George Bush and his evil army?

Also, You cannot marry Shahvee in Fable 2.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 15th, 2015 23:23

File: 142896645342.png (141.78 KB, 1024x832, button_mash_gaming_vector_2_by…)

PC GTA 5 is live. Anonymous 134049[View]

It took me 3 tries to connect to my Steam account. Heavy traffic?

Unpacking/decrypting preinstall files now.

Caterpillars!xTB7/9vPRE 134050

it also took me three tries today
but that was because i wasn't connected to the internet the first two times

File: 142814392413.png (181.41 KB, 688x594, 9e2.png)

Anonymous 134015[View]

Voting for new character in Smash Bros. 4 is happening now!


Please vote for:

- Lip from Panel de Pon
- Dixie Kong from Donkey Kong Country 2
- Ashley from WarioWare
- Jill from Drill Dozer
- Kumatora from Mother 3
- Inklings from Splatoon
- Toadette from Mario Kart Double Dash
- Captain Toad from Captain Toad
- Klonoa from Klonoa
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
15 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Pony_Stark 134046

I'm imagining a room full of Nintendo employes dead from alcohol poisoning.


File: 142893247254.jpg (8.55 KB, 240x149, imagesQ6S4GJXT.jpg)

>Would vote for Phoenix Wright if he could.

Suomynona!NsQ43Squyo 134090

One truly must wonder if anyone actually voted once like Nintendo asked.

File: 142852987606.png (249.05 KB, 640x360, Cloudchaser_and_Flitter_S2E22.…)

Leo Luster!!NjZJDjZTR0 134032[View]

Need vidyas for xbox 360.
Or vidyas for PC that a really shitty PC can play.
('really shitty' as JUST below playing skyrim at minimum settings)
1 post omitted. Click View to see all.

!cpbuwI00Vo 134034

gears 1-3+Judgement
Alan Wake + American Nightmare
Dead Space 1-3
Mass Effect 1-3
BioShock 1, 2, Infinite
Fable 1 (best Fable)
Witcher 1, 2
Crysis 1, 2
Far Cry Blood Dragon
Anything/everything Halo

I'd add Japanese games but dunno if you want.

Anonymous 134037

DMC4 runs on toasters.

Bayonetta's 360 port is better than the PS3 one (although the Wii-U's port is the best).

Dragon's Dogma is really good.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 9th, 2015 12:11

Anonymous 134045

Go to GoodOldGames and see what's free.

File: 142706862032.png (1.7 MB, 1854x1460, 627953__safe_solo_rainbow+dash…)

Dungeon Fighter Online MLP Guild? Anonymous 133976[View]

The game is returning soon, and with the /vg/ of the game looking incredibly shitty, I'm wondering if anybody here is planning to return to the game as well. Basic idea is make an MLP guild so everypony will have a nice and fun environment rather than one infested with shitposters from DFOSource or /v/.

Going to spread the word so to see who's interested in banding together as a guild, but we can eventually branch out to recruit people that are tolerant of the show and want a peaceful/cooperative guild.

Anonymous 134040


Anypony already made an MLP guild, or have started playing the game?


I would, but I am sooo not into starting a game I already got really far in from scratch.

Monster Hunter 4u : The Insect Glaive !PipesTtB.A 134008[View]

Lets us discuss how overpowered this silly weapon is shall we.

Pros : Lets you jump from absolutely anywhere allowing you to extremely easily mount every monster every few minutes with virtually no effort or need for the monster to be positioned in a place via manouvering.

Has both Blunt and Cutting mechanics, allowing you to slice off tails , and at the same time, cause dizzying like a hammer by repeatedly smashing le insect into the monsters head, which with a speed insect is insanely easy to do very quickly.

Has a near infinate combo when fully buffed , oh did i mention the buffs, lets mention the buffs. I mean why not, they are so easy to power up with the nectar on "most" monsters, especially after a mount topple or trap, allowing you to infinately hit over and over until the monster decides to hit you. No to mention the armour , damage and movement speed go through the roof once up.

Has a homing device of sorts, with the little sticky ball thingy (I forgot the name im tired), which allows you to aim the kinsect on monsters flying or on higher elevation with no effort as it homes in, meaning you hit hier head with the targeter and toplol, free stuns.

You can choose whatever element you want for the insect regardless of the basic weapon, of which there is actually also a good paralysis/sleep and poison version, thus actually allowing you to use both an element and status effect at the same time (Dual blades being the only other weapon to do this afaik and thats rare).

All that flipping around looks cool :p

Cons : It cant block. And um... hmm.. im sure there must be another somewhere.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 posts omitted. Click View to see all.

Anonymous 134025

It also gives high Grade Earplugs when fully buffed too

!PipesTtB.A 134080

Its still too good

Nom!MNH....mlQ 134092

Bro do you even evade +3 lance?

File: 142824422579.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720, Silph_Scope_PO.png)

Epic Mount!Hero.tYu2g 134020[View]

I had a Pokémon dream last night.

I dreamt I was playing a Generation VI Pokémon game. In the game I earned or won the Silph Scope (I'm not sure how I got it) however in my dream it functions differently than simply "use for response" items. When worn it switches the game to first person view and allow me to tap pokémon that were hiding in trees, bushes or behind things.

I dreamt that on my journey I went to a house similar to Old Chateau and put on the Silph Scope. As I explored the rooms and corridors, the walls looked rotted and what looks like the letter "R" splattered in blood on the walls. All the while the Silph Scope was picking up dark spirits haunting me as well as some sort of cthulu pokémon hunting me.
It was like a horror version of Pokémon Snap but off-rail.

File: 142648978107.jpg (41.87 KB, 626x418, 1425818467238.jpg)

Anonymous 133957[View]

somepony should gift me final fantasy 8 on steam

why? because you're an awesome person, that's why!
15 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

!cpbuwI00Vo 133998

File: 142747544238.jpg (209.73 KB, 376x537, LostOdysseyFinalUSBoxArt.jpg)

Anonymous 133999

Anonymous 134017

The steam version isn't really worth it.

You have to deal with Square's separate account bullshit and control remaping is ludicrously restricted.

File: 142640467798.jpg (10.46 KB, 300x168, GTA CHEAT PIC.jpg)

GTA ONLINE CHEAT Anonymous 133955[View]


3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click View to see all.

!cpbuwI00Vo 133965

File: 142659973837.gif (2.43 MB, 351x203, oprekt.gif)


Pony_Stark 133972

is this like a dream or a real video?

Anonymous 134014

File: 142809867801.png (44.58 KB, 184x184, Shloonktapoonxis.png)

wot the fuq is dat

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