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File: 131885925140.jpg (167.99 KB, 1164x1600, falloutequestria2.jpg)

Fallout Equestria and Side Stories: I Anonymous 58852[Last 50 Posts]

Greetings and welcome to the very first of the Fallout Equestria and Side Stories community thread. Within these virtual walls, you shall be free to discuss all matters “Fallout Equestria”, present your ideas or pieces for discussion and in general just interact with each other in order to honor the great work that Kkat has done. So now, come in, comment, present yourself to others, start discussions, present your own works, give feedback to others works, derail, rerail and in general just have fun.

Compilation document:http://tinyurl.com/FoESSCP
Note: Due to some odd policy, two links are too many links for this post, so the post to the main story shall be included in linked inside this document.
The current collection of stories and Collaborations, open to anyone who wants to add, just ask.

Please go and join the collaboration documents.

New writers, or non-writers, are always welcome to join the discussion and contribute whatever they might be thinking or working with at the moment. Want to be added to the list of authors? Say so, you will be contacted and then added to the list. You just want to write a one-shot? Do by all means. A bug bit you and you decided to turn madness into Fallout Equestria related words? I don’t know how many will actually read it, but you can post here too!! All writers not in the list are welcome to join, I repeat, [b]ALL ARTIST NOT IN THE LIST ARE WELCOME TO JOIN.

You want to tell an author what an awesome job they are doing? Please feel free to do so, no matter how simple or how stupid you might think your contributions might be. As a matter of fact, we encourage you greatly to do this because, as Kkat herself has said, feedback is what fuels the writer onward and thus receiving it is the best thing they can get. Comment, protest, bicker, praise or simply mention the stories

Now have fun and enjoy the show.

Pink Eyes Chapter 12 Mimezinga 58854

let's start this!

FoE Pink Eyes chapter 12 is ready and waiting on FimFic and Gdocs, have some tags!

(Grimbright) (adventure) (Crossover)
FoE PE ch 12 - Darkness (GDocs) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sk5zUrcMHHF9GC3LYl-q-YrOGCMhKOK59s1Bj0XSsaA/edit?hl=en_US#
FoE PE all links (FimFic) http://www.fimfiction.net/story/931/Fallout-Equestria%3A-Pink-Eyes

What else? Oh yes, please check the collabortations i the main documeent!


Best Laid Plans chapter one ;D Damhoof 58858


Best Laid Plans:

Fallout: Equestria "Best Laid Plans" Gdocs Ch. 1

Authors: Damhoof, Red(undantGamer), Volk

[Grimdark] [Crossover] [Adventure]
Synopsis: In the grim darkness of the Equestrian Wasteland there is only war and death. 3 unlikely allies are forced together, they must fight to earn their freedom and hopefully learn of the magic of friendship along the way. Who am I kidding. My name is Romeo, and I am desperate for friends. Sadly nopony else likes to be friends with a doctor that makes do without sedatives. Most prospects run away after the first treatment, dunno why.

NoOne!jXe3H56tvs 59090

Chapter 3 for my story is totally out. My story being.


Heroes Gdocs Chapter 1:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vel10pefGWqGZB3Yd58NuOLXi5rNNxL2plAkDaHRhZ0/edit?hl=en_GB
Heroes Fimfiction: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/662/Fallout-Equestria%3A-Heroes

[Grimdark] [Crossover] [Adventure] (23,704 words)

Synopsis: Inspired by the heroics of the mysterious mare known as the Stable Dweller, Silver Storm, a guard of the town of Marefort, decides to go on a daring mission to rescue her captured brother. Of course things rarely go as planned and her attempts at heroism drags her into a tangled web of plots and conspiracies as warring factions vie for control over the last great city: Dise.

Exciting am I right? This is my first foray into ponychan so be gentle.

Best Laid Plans Comment Mimezinga 59105


Finished reading BLP right now; I like the idea and the trio of protagonists, they are a strange group and make me curious about what's going to happen next.
For the story i can't still say anything, since chapter one is just a sort of premise, but I'm really curious to see what happens in chapter 2.


Damhoof 59267


Yea its a decent fic and updated at a decent pace. I`d say worth the read.

If you haven`t already check out the complication document for all the fics.

As said before. Anyone can join and any review`s / help / comments would be greatly appreciated.

Calbeck 59286

File: 131898110882.jpg (274.26 KB, 687x726, FalloutPonies.jpg)

Oooh, this is a thing? Cool!

"Mr. Horse's pet courier has been murdered and his property stolen. And while the price on the killers' heads is good enough to get any bounty hunter's attention, it's the bonus for returning a silly little poker chip that draws Dead-Shot in.

A pony could retire on that kind of jackpot... "


Which reminds me, I need to get off my flank and get Chapter Four out.

Tales of a courier 59380

Two stallions, bored out of their minds in a small frontier town in western Equestria, join a courier service that will send them into the heart of the Ponave desert.

what started as a simple delivery job has taken a turn for the worse...

intro: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dF26sxUnLFlreR6fKgLP9QTnxuRhQv3lm49-CQ6_lcE/edit?hl=en_US

Chapter 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kKVn5KCHDOPyFuE5A2riiV8UsUKO8giVF7Gr6qYBLOU/edit?hl=en_US

Chapter 2 and 3 have not been reviewed yet.

enjoy :D

Heroes Comment mimezinga 59392


I like your style and the way you narrate the events; Silver is an interesting and very unlucky character, but what I like the most in her are her reactions to the various events.

The story so far is quite easy to follow and has its appeal, also because it goes on its trail, staying faithfull to the setting

Keep up the good work


NoOne!jXe3H56tvs 59602


All you have to do is take a cup of Fallout, add it to the plot!
Now just take a little something dark, and funny
bit of pony--just a pinch!

*Ahem* Sorry. Don't know what came over me. New Pegas is a classic FO:E fic with a twist and that is out gallant hero is more inclined to moral ambiguity then you usual Blackjack or littlepip.

Now while it may seem to some a bit too derivatve of New vegas at the start the story really comes out on its own later on, and is worth it. I would suggest it for any FOE fan needing their fix.

~No On~

Fallout Equestria: Coltago Rising Slate !W0hUXO/oAY 59634

Something I was tossing around in my head earlier today in classes, only got around to writing it in the last half hour. Thoughts?


Coltago Rising Comment mimezinga 59700


Well, it's a bit short, but it could be a nice premise; for my personal tast, it's a little hasted and the dialogue between the raider and the protagonist has something weird but I can't say what...

I'd say to try writing something more into it and see where it goes


Slate !W0hUXO/oAY 59707

The word you're looking for is "crappy", I churned it out in about half an hour, just to see if I could. I'll toss another chapter out later and see how well it goes. Thanks!



That's how I got started and i'm well into Chapter 4.

Don't worry about your work being crappy, mine was a complete mess before these guys and reviewers helped me out. keep it up and you will succeed!

a friendly hobo

ViperPony!24ReEWUnIk 60184

File: 131931074126.jpg (48.57 KB, 750x563, RainbowWell.jpg)

Ok...did anyone notice the Fallout Equestria reference in the latest episode? Anyone?



Yes. Somewhere on the planet, kkat's blood has just been replaced by pure frosting.


Not a reference bro.

I'm not even American or English, yet I've heard it been used a ton of time on children and such.

Quite sure it's not a reference...
......If it's a reference my mind will explode.

Anonymous 60195

Don't forget, Littlepip is just Littlepip's nickname. Her real name? Pipsqueak.

HOWEVER, they are not the same pony because A: I'm pretty sure cannon Pip is a guy. and B: FoE happens 200 years after this. What I'm thinking is that Pipsqueak is LP's great great grandfather, who got underground just before the balefire bombs hit.

Also, I'm fairly sure Littlepip mentioned that her family is originally from Trottingham.

Anonymous 60196


Oh wait, never mind. She's not named Pipsqueak. Forget what I said.


Almost certainly not a reference. He's obviously supposed to be English and calling a kid pip squeak or something along those lines in ye olde Englishe would hardly be a stretch.
If he'd been a girl unicorn I'd say the odds were in favour of a reference, but they share a name only.

Pink Eyes Chapter 13 mimezinga 60502

File: 131940593495.jpg (501.75 KB, 1067x756, 1319252121_sip_pink_eyes_final…)

FoE Pink Eyes chapter 13 is ready and waiting on FimFic and Gdocs, have some tags!

(Grimbright) (adventure) (Crossover)
FoE PE ch 13 - Stormy Clouds (GDocs) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YFc5UeYrYMpxxQSHO4t0svX2xFhZtcF9dadps6v3JMI/edit?hl=en_US#
FoE PE all links (FimFic) http://www.fimfiction.net/story/931/Fallout-Equestria%3A-Pink-Eyes

What else? Puppy has cover!


Ion-Sturm 60507

I need me some more FoE. Could someone upload a ZIP compendium of Pink Eyes and Project Horizons? I'm too lazy to download them all myself.

Anonymous 60577

File: 131942212750.jpg (75.8 KB, 801x675, as2.jpg)

I could try making one for you my friend, but I would need to know the format you want it (text, word, etc.)

Tales of a courier cover + chap 2, 3 60587

File: 131942317238.png (1.07 MB, 841x817, cover f2.png)


.doc, .pdf or .rtf would work great. Thanks for the help!

Anonymous 60652

File: 131943305582.jpg (65.97 KB, 907x691, Sin título234567899.jpg)

Chapter 4 Of Heroes NoOne!jXe3H56tvs 60853

File: 131951884606.png (2.92 MB, 3000x3000, commission___silver_storm_by_a…)

Heroes Chapter 4 is up! Summary:

Silver and Serenity arrive at the small town of Timber in the shadow of a great mountain. However, like always, things go wrong and their guns and supplies are confiscated forcing them to takes sides in a battle of wits and wills to control the town.

Chapter 4 Fimfiction: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/662/Fallout-Equestria%3A-Heroes

Chapter 4 Gdocs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DDLhqR8HVeliaSqumopjsO5C4_14IC_rvsr-djsLl6I/edit

Star Swirl The Bearded (Mobile) 60904

Can someone point me to a fallout fic where the main character DOSENT cry or get super emotional at killing or finding out about some long dead pony's demise? Because its driving me crazy with Fo:E and Fo:E PH.

Anonymous 60905

Look in the threads doc document and look up Pink Eyes, there is also New Pegas where the guy is much less... emotional, plus there might be a couple more, just check out then out and comment on what you see.

Or hell, join the fun and make one were they don't get overly emotional.

Star Swirl The Bearded (Mobile) 60906

Oh god, I'm still in the middle of my TCB fic (Bout 30k words and 70pgs). I'm racing my deployment as is. I'd write one if I could, trust me.

I'll give those fics a look, thanks.

heroes chap 4 comment mimezinga 60938


Really nice, I love Silver's personality and Serenity has hundreds of d'aaw! The story is slowly moving even if I still can't see the main plot, but the setting is being painted really well and I'll follow this story with a lot of interest.

Keep fighting the Good Fight!

Star Swirl The Bearded (Mobile) 61059

Hey, you! Yeah you, anon-that-recommended-Pink eyes.

I have read countless stories, cleaned out the fiction section of a library, and this is still in the top 5 most heart wrenching stories I have ever read. That's saying a lot.

I don't know wether to punch you in the dick through the internet or thank you.

Either way, I used to be happy. Now I am not.



wouldn't recommend Tales of a Courier. there's alot of crying like a baby in chapter 3...

Anonymous 61079


Remember to update you fimfiction page! I wouldn't want to miss any chapters!

Damhoof 61088

Yea this is a train i can get along with. FO:E Heroes is pretty nice and not being overly emotional either even if the themes are grim.

guh? mimezinga 61174


"Reads the comment, goes back reading Pink eyes, checks again the comment"

Ah, okay? I admit there are moments of sadness in the story, but it's mostly a grimbright themed story... yes if you think about Puppy's real condiition it's not an happy one, but she doesn't even care...

MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 61181


Are we still ignoring the fact that there are constantly ghouls know who Rainy Days is? Seeing she as she survived the brunt of the disaster, and had been moving south as well.
Heart breaking, yes. But Puppy isn't the one who gets weepy about it. Low int, high cha has to be good for something, right?


I would die if KKat made Littlepip lose an eye in the next chapter.

Anonymous 61219

That's... out of the blue...


Well then we can die together, while doing the mating work of our people! Which is also known as sex. Or we could die while doing the dance of our native people (Pinkie Pie and Co. registered trademark). Or we could just scream and let it happen...

Purpose of this post? Now that's an excellent question! *hits reply button*



Star Swirl The Bearded (Mobile) 61304

Oh boy, is this the begging of the first derail?


Anonymous 61305





It's more the "Hammer of 'Oh god no'" hanging precariously over the story. The story just feels like it's building up to a point where everything comes crashing down.

The only way this could have a happy ending is if Rainy Day's was ghoulified.

Star Swirl The Bearded (Mobile) 61321

INB4 "Mommy's an UGLY pony!"

EqD updates mimezinga 61372

Anonymous 61378

File: 131972220093.jpg (29.75 KB, 500x374, 1319046001720.jpg)

>Page Updates.

>I see no Pink Eyes


MintyRest!xMcCHESToY 61380

I even did a ctrl-f search for it.
Did it not get submitted, or is it up for it's own post and all? Now I'm just confused.

Anonymous 61387

It shall get it's own post in about 3.3 hours if sethisto remembers apparently.

Pink Eyes Page 61427

File: 131974429324.jpg (69.41 KB, 640x453, Clipboard01.jpg)

Damhoof 61489


Mimez deserves it oh so much ;)

In other news Broken steel just updated.

broken seetl updates mimezinga 61509

ClearDenom 61663

File: 131980176777.jpg (373.69 KB, 720x720, 41997 - big_mac bigmac pleases…)

Sweet!!! It's always great to have a talented and dedicated group of writers working to expand and add to a greater world! Though I may not have time to read all of your works ( though I have read Pink eyes!) I will eventually. Also I must succumb to my addiction for MOAR!!!!

Howdy! 61698

Hi fellow bronies!
Yeah, I kinda joined this cadre of side story writers by starting my own little story, called "The Longest Road". It has a little inspiration from the Lonesome Road DLC for FONV, but the storyline has nothing to do with it. Hope you will enjoy it.
Also I can't wait to have time for a little story scavenging around these parts, see how others fare with their stuff.

Broken Steel Comment mimezinga 61709


Okay, done reading broken steel; I think the author has a nice and weird concept here, but he needs help with his english, a lot of help; in the latter chapters it gets a little better.

at the beginnng of the fic the author states that he's no writer, so maybe all he needs is some more practice, but some help from a mother tongue pre-reader or editor could help him a lot.

Anonymous 61712


I do agree, and the narrative seems more monotonous at times where it's seems more-so descriptive, losing that grasp upon the reader.

mimezinga 61719


still i think the story has potential and could go very far, it touches some themes i didn't see in other stories

Ion-Sturm 61720

Fallout: Zebrica
Why has no one done this yet (to the best of my knowledge)? Everyone's so infatuated with ponies that they seem to have completely forgot the zebras got bombed too. Rather depressing.
I've already thought of a story for it, but I'll never write it, so whatever.

Anonymous 61740

File: 131983941663.jpg (87.64 KB, 871x711, wzxaa.jpg)

zebras! mimezinga 61743

truth is, no one cares about the chinese... even in fallout there is almost no BG for china, so the fact that the zebras get ignored is just kharmic... actually, if you exclude fallout 2 (or was it 1) wiith the ruins of los angeles and the chinese settlement, they ar mostly put there as targets (like in mama dolce)

zebra get a better treatment, they give also some co-protagonist instead of simple targets

so yay

Anonymous 61793


Oh of course! I do believe this story has alot of potential and is adequete, all the author needs to work on is to make things more descriptive and breathe more life into the actions instead of "I walked downstairs and got a bowl of cereal".

Ion-Sturm 61845

Yes, but the mini-fandom is already flooded with pony/equestria stories. Who cares what FO canon doesn't do with China? Whoever makes a Zebrica story would have a huge advantage since they wouldn't be limited by any major canon or fanon elements, not to mention the bonus of being the firs with a real, major twist in the setting.
BTW, if somebody DOES decide to do one now, I expect to be mentioned as the person who actually thought about the obvious when everyonle elese had ignored it >_>


Anonymous 61849

And then no one commented on BtE.

Anonymous 61855


What's BtE, mind explainin' or a link?

Anonymous 61857


It's in the Gdoc. Before the End.

Anonymous 61859


Well, i'll go read it, I'll post what I think of it here.

The Longest Road feedback Tosxychor 61868

Hello there guys, first post in Ponychan for me *blushes*
I was asked to provide some feedback for The Longest Road, so here it goes.

I definitely enjoyed reading it, the idea of using a already developed courier looks viable, so far it looks good.

A few things to note:
- I've seen some verb tense errors, like using the present tense in a past tense phrase, or forgetting a 'had' in a past perfect tense (sorry if I can't find it back), but still, it's very minor stuff.
- The prologue... it's kinda OK, it's just that the protagonist kinda wanders a lot with his thoughts, bringing up even philosophical matters (like the 'good nature in the Wasteland') that make the prologue less brief and to the point. and would feel much better placed in the middle of an actual chapter, where thoughts can get more space to be properly developed
- The character doesn't seem very consistent, he's supposed to be a weathered courier, yet jumps at the sound of someone coughing? Wastes a bunch of .50 cal at some raiders camp, just to scare them off? Shooting some cages in the process? That doesn't read very professional to me.
- The gun thing is an entire thing by itself, in fact. I was tilting my head to the side at his... liberal use of an anti-materiel (besides, just how long has he possessed this rifle? It seems a little late for him to say "Oh, I know this overheat thingie, 's been bothering me a bit, I'll look into it tomorrow", yeah right, like you haven't said that for the past 2 years or so :p ). And then came the Overkill perk, which fits with the character, of course, but from the looks of the intro, I thought the story was gonna be... a bit more serious than that, with the protagonist having a bit more sense than shooting .50 cals for fun (and shooting locks with it, even). Or are you saying that all ponies who can weld a gun eventually become trigger-happy madponies? XD I know this happens in games, but really, some things are best left out of stories IMHO. Unless it's comedy/parody, that is (and from the protagonist's drama, this one doesn't look like one of those).

This of course not to detract from the good points: the scenes are well set, the descriptions are good, and I particularly liked the exchange with the two rescued ponies a lot. It still needed a teeny tiny bit of polish with the pacing, but all in all, what I'm seeing is a good writer in the makings; you just need more practice (thus more writing) to get more the gist of it, get the text to flow more freely and smoothly.

I definitely see the premises for a good story, so good luck with the next chapters! :)

Damhoof 61913


That would be swell of you. Mr.Muffins would love the feedback.

Chapter 2 of Best laid plans released for prereading. Basic grammar and self eiditing has been done. Just haven`t ran it trough a real editor yet.

Best Laid Plans Ch2 Comment mimezinga 61932

nice chapter, the three characters are well defined and theyr dialogues are fine, i'm still waiting to see where the story goes but so far i'm enjoying the trip ^_^


Before the End: Chapter Four Sgt Muffin 62009

Chapter 4 of Before the end is out.

Enjoy and stuff.

Anonymous 62029

Anyone know what happened to Kkat? An update didn't come out for (I think) 2 weeks, something must be wrong with him/her.

Hope they're okay and haven't put this on definite hiatus.

amddude!VnMurkEdVQ 62045

Can anyone tell me why this story is (apparently) so good? I haven't played fallout (super long game) and I don't plan on reading the story (super long story) but what is the allure of reading an already set story and putting ponies in it?

Anonymous 62047

Considering chapter lengths, the fact she is still commenting within the last few days and that writing is difficult, not showing anything for 2 weeks is hardly impressive (the fact it was done before hand on the other hand...) so don't shiver your timbers my friend.

The world of FoE is impressive not because of grabbing ponies and putting them into Fallout, but the manner which the characters have evolved due to the nature of said universe. The work is very well written, the plot is engaging and in general is has little to no flaws, but again, what makes it shine is it's excellent use of the characterization and expansion of what we see in the show to play around with the emotion of most readers, making you care for the characters rather than being a mere silent observer.

Thus, the greatness of FoE is how natural the world fills and how Kkat managed to convey the notion that the pony world could actually end up where you see it here.

Wednesday!uhGols11hY 62069

This story is too good. I love the fact that he can fit the mane six in. If it weren't for that, I feel I would have stopped reading ages ago. The story made me laugh and made me sad so it was (and is) a great read if you have the time.

Sgt Muffin 62126

Kkatman is, in fact a girl.

NoOne!jXe3H56tvs 62138


You might want to post a link for the lazy.

I liked this chapter considerable more the previous chapters. The characters felt really alive and real, and their situation really struck a cord. Definately worth the read.

SonicBoom01!VHHbH1H7m6 62156


The Longest Road chapter 2 released, enjoy, leave input, etc.


Before the End: Chapter Four Sgt Muffin 62413


Is now on FimFiction.

SubjectSigma 62482

FIM fiction!? duh! thats where i should have looked for it *facepalm*

Fallout Side Story SubjectSigma 62768

Its pretty short. I'm new to google docs and all this tsuff but if anyone could read it and tell me what you think that would be great. I don't have a name for it yet and i won't be on until tommarrow.
Synopsis: When Ruby's father losses contact to Stable 18 while on an exploration mission, she decides to set out on her own quest into the unknown with the company of her foalhood friend Popcorn.

comment on unnamed fic mimezinga 62868

okay, it's quite short to say something about the story, but it seems quite an ok out of the stable intro; my real concern is about your puntuation. I'm not an english teacher myself, but I feel that your use of periods is really really excessive... problem is, I can't say how much and what to do abut it ç_ç sorry. Maybe some of the other authors or one of the editors can help on that side, try dropping in the doc's chat and see if someone will help.


Damhoof 62883


You quit the chapter when it just got good. Can`t wait for the next one. <3

What we really need now are some willing editors that can come and drop some useful help for the authors that stumble on grammar.

I subscribed to Grammarly and im trying to improve but its very hard ;<


and it is not exactly all encompassing or super awesome at grammar. :/

Fallout Equestria: Probed 62907

Done in one day, mind ya!

Fallout Equestria: Probed (One Shot Story)


[Adventure] [Crossover] [Grimbright] [Comedy]

Synopsis: A menace from the Stars... Aliens abduct a hardy raider unicorn buck, struggling with hangover. Little did they know however that Buckshot was a pony they cannot handle, and as the rampage escalates, it becomes clear that it is the Stars that should fear the ponies, not the other way around...

I sarcastic comedy which should not be taken seriously, like, AT ALL.

SubjectSigma 62929

Thanks for the feedback Mime :) I would love to talk to one of the editors but I have no clue who they are or where to find them. I'm new to the writing online thing so I don't even know how it works but luckly my writing class has just started on punctuation sothat might help some

SubjectSigma 62930

Thanks :D I could tel that their were some grammar errors in it but I suck at it so I couldn't tell what.

Revisions SubjectSigma 62995

Ok. I just looked through chapter 1 again and noticed a few errors and hopefully I have fixxed the period problem. Tere was alot of unnessasary pauses. I know there are still some problems in it but mostly small problems. I still have no clue what to call it XD I was thinking maybe "Blood Ties" due to Ruby's father leaving but I'm not making that the main goal nor the only goal. Its going to be kinda like Littlepip leaving to find Velvet thing.

The next chapter is going to have more in it so its going to be longer then chapter 1. the only reason chapter 1 was so short is because I couldn't think of too much for the Stable plus I really wanted them to just get into the wasteland.

I also didn't even think of the reason The Lone Wanderer left the vault because of his dad leaving when I came up with Ruby's dad leaving XD I just relized that. And I've been working on a title for the story for when I get one of those scanner things and figure out how to use it. Can it get colors too? I don't want to mess up the pic with coloring it if it can't. Im not the best artist but i'm ok so hopefully the pic will be fine. Wow feels like I'm writing a story right here with how long I made this :P

Revisions SubjectSigma 63002

I have no clue what happend to my old post so I'll just put a shorter version. I corrected a bunch of stuff in chapter 1 and chapter 2 should be longer for what I have planned for it

SubjectSigma 63003

opps. for some reason my previous comment didn't show up for awhile nvm then

Subject Sigma"s story Errant 63917

I'm bit of an editor and a friendly hobo pointed me towards yer chapter.

I guess you cleared up the period problem that Mime mentioned, but I'm frankly confused what he's refering to. A big improvement would be to increase the line spacing. Hit return one more time after each paragraph to leave an empty line. It makes the document look clearer and easier to read.

Also, I'd advice spelling out any number small that a hundred in exposition and every number in dialogue. It looks cleaner and flows easier.

Also ya need to be sure that you put commas in when you have compound sentences and subordinate clauses.

The only story issue is how easy it was Ruby to open the stable door. Kkat said that you needed a code.

Errant 63959

Also, when yer thinkin' about a name don't go for the obvious. Sometimes making a name that will only make sense later in the story is better.

ToaC updated chapter 4 64104

File: 132069790140.png (1.07 MB, 841x817, cover f2.png)

As the title suggests, Tales of a Courier has been updated.

FIMfiction: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/1841/Fallout-Equestria%3A-Tales-of-a-Courier

GDocs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ThEso_PyaIs2j7JuCs2AowR0ryL1o61I7s2zeRjL8jg/edit?hl=en_GB

All ratings and comments are much appreciated


Alrighty then, I'm here on behalf of a friend who is one of the many inspired by Fallout: Equestria and with some coercing by me, she has begun to try her hand at writing it.

New Beginings, I'll let the story speak for itself, I guess...

Prologue: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hjJ_6nsIu7PFKZfkaik--S0qFEaJe_2Qt-4TQLkarYc/edit?hl=en_US#
Chapter 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZxcBBGu3qoDiJ-dbJCTurSR2Ncoome7M0Ne1nVs5Mgg/edit?hl=en_US#

I am not the writer, I merely throw ideas and encouragement at her. Please offer proper critisism.

Heroes Chapter 5 NoOne!jXe3H56tvs 64482

File: 132081435794.png (2.92 MB, 3000x3000, commission___silver_storm_by_a…)

Anonymous 64726

Found a gem that slipped under our radars, already 15 chapters in.

Title is better than it sounds IMHO. Nice spin of things while keeping to the spirit to both the cartoon and game. Nodding to both FoE and Project Horizons. Also, the pony equivalent of Honest Hearts in the latest chapters.

various comments mimezinga 64838


okay No One, I love your story and this is why you will suffer, because you are a heartless pony. Seriously, I love this foc, try it

do robots dream has a great concept, I just started reading it but it seems really good

a very interesting protagonist with a pleasant narration, following this one with interest ^_^

Anonymous 65089

A funny thought occurred to me. Looking at how many of the side-stories are taking place at around the same time at Littlepip's exploits. Wouldn't it be funny if another side-fic came up to acknowledge the events of the side-fics as cannon? Big names like Project Horizons, Pink-eyes, and other fics that are starting to gain following.

That so many heroes (or at the least, anti heroes) are popping up the same time as Littlepip, I'd be surprised Equestria is not restored to it's former glory.

Anyways, that's just wishful thinking on my part.

Anonymous 65092

Ok, forget it, I am writing Patches, the cabbage pony, a pony trying to make his living selling cabbages but his life is getting constantly screwed by these so called heroes.

Ion-Sturm 65104

Make sure you do this every time.


So, aside from Project Horizons and Pink Eyes, what other side stories are held in high regard?

Any with a male protagonist?

Anonymous 65150

Not really...

Fallout Equestria: The Manehattan Project (um... review, please?) Caffeine Jolt!QD/YR.wHDo 65164

Um... hello, everypony... is this the appropriate thread to ask for review/critique of a sidestory?

Fallout Equestria and all of it's spinoffs are hands-down my favorite fanfiction series for MLP, and I thought a little while ago that I should try my hoof at writing my own little sidestory.

It doubled as an Honors English class assignment (also, may have turned my teacher into a brony, haha...) and it's supposed to be the first in a series (In future installments I plan on fleshing out a better antagonist or group of antagonists, among other improvements).
I don't think it's that good, personally, but that's probably because I don't have a lot of faith in myself...
It's an adventure sort of story.. not very grimdark, though there are some moments that might be considered that. Takes place in the Manehattan Wastes... I'm not sure if there's any other well-known sidestories that take place there, but if so, well then that's pure coincidence.

Any advice you can give is welcome, please critique constructively. <3

The Oddity - Chapter 1 65168

Confound ponychan and its confusing ways!

Here's the Google Docs link

Fallout Equestria: Gathering Darkness ~Aerondight~ 65242

Title: Fallout Equestria: Gathering Darkness
Description:Having lost everypony he cared about one unicorn finds himself in a foreign land.With danger and enemies around every corner he sets of on an adventure that could very well change the course of the post-apocalyptic Equestria.Meeting new friends and learning more about himself on his journey in the zebras homeland and beyond.
Long, Post-Apocalyptic, OC Ponies, Incomplete Fo:E spinoff, Adventure
Author: ~Aerondight~

Prologue: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pCGxhx2KEvdJqk4N9YFoicTBTvrIOY1A7aaLNbstAW0/edit

Chapter 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zbOcQh7nCTOEyJc2Hm1uzdqhKpxJXmmZ84UdVXFrF38/edit

This is my first story ever! And I'm excited. Kkat's and Somber's fics were what inspired me to try my own hooves at writing as I'm sure is the case with everypony out here. This is all new to me and I need help! Reviews, tips, suggestions, criticism ... anything. I am both excited and honored to be a part of a community as awesome as this one where so many talented ponies reside. I have permission from Both Kkat and Somber to write this fic and it can also be found on fimfiction.net Once again I would apriciate any feedback you can give.

Anonymous 65245

File: 132112004166.jpg (27.46 KB, 426x588, follow the arrows.jpg)

To all of those who are posting on this thread, remember to join into the conversation here:

Also, if you can, open your Google docs for commenting and ask around for editors, we kinda need them.

The Oddity - Chapter 2 66463

After I have created an image for this, it'll be going up on EqD, but until then, feel free to leave me a comment on the actual document.


Chapter 6 Of Heroes NoOne!jXe3H56tvs 66560

File: 132152509573.png (2.92 MB, 3000x3000, commission___silver_storm_by_a…)

Another update! Oh yay!

Heroes Chapter 6 Gdocs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/168RENS5kSG4Nd3Siy_n6CncVxD4GP5hUhT3V5EcmHms/edit?hl=en_GB

Heroes All Links Fimfiction: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/662/Fallout-Equestria%3A-Heroes

Fun fact my story is now 62 thousand words long. Fourth longest FO:E sidefic. Also comes with free cake.

Anonymous 66689

Has anyone written, or have considered writing, a story about a pony who starts as a hero of the wastes, but ultimately falls. In FO:E, Watcher and Homage make a big deal about all the would-be heroes that came before LittlePip, but are broken by the wasteland. Sounds like a source of a lot of stories.

Winston 66710

Im workung on something those lines, yes. Though less of a story about a hero who failed and more about a main character that just wasnt good enough to be a hero. Remember that colledge kid who went to Libya to fight for the summer but got sent home by the rebels? Kinda like that. Basically its about some random wastelander picking up a rusted out rifle ans heading out into the wastes. Sure, he eventually gets his own team together but theyre all just as ill-equipped for the wasteland as he was. The idea is to write about an inept hero gathering a group that simply does not mesh well, and tries to make a difference. Problem is, they somehow wind up just barely missing out on every major event in the timeline, and whenever they actually do get mixed up in something, chances are they fail miserably. Even worse, what few successes they do manage get completely overshadowed by another, more competent upstart team of do-gooders. Though thats arguably a good thing, seeing as if they were suddenly sucessful enough to gain a reputation (and thus wind up on someones bad side) they probably wouldnt last two days.

Noting down for the actual story yet, the concept itself is still a work in progress, and i dont really have a full character roster yet. Expect to see it in the future. Far future.

Anonymous 66754

Title: Fallout Equestria: Made Anew
Description: Many years after the actions of the Bringer of Light, Equestria is finally is on the path to recovery, yet it still remains divided from the lingering effects of the Great War. As secessionist factions threaten to repeat the same mistakes of the past, the one pony that may be able to prevent the new world from falling apart is only focused on one goal: rescuing her family.
Post-Apocalyptic, OC Ponies, Incomplete Fo:E spinoff, Speculative Sequel, Adventure
Author: York (aka: agent_kiosce)

Prologue: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12k5WHQERLgesGdPd0kDh7vx2kveaxhlsBvr0x6tuBUE/edit?hl=en_GB

Fallout Equestria : Project Respawn 66946

Something i'm working on it's not exactly literary genius but it's decent http://www.fimfiction.net/story/2909/Fallout-Equestria-%3A-Project-Respawn

Best laid plans chapter 3 is out :D Damhoof 67797

File: 132206095372.jpg (262.16 KB, 2982x2991, docromeoalt_by_arsieiuni-d4gn8…)

Damhoof 67799

Forgot to credit the deviant artist who made it:


order a commission if it is to your liking.Though he will be mighty busy these next weeks.

mimezinga 67955


Yay! some action at last! it was worth waiting!

good chapter overall, already waiting for chapter 4 ^_^

Fallout Equestria: Progress 68375

Synopsis: The glory of the city of Detrot is long gone, once the capital for Equestria's cutting edge science and technology, but now a hollow shell. In the darkness of the city secrets of the past are revealed as ponies once again explore the ruined, but not empty, big city.

ch 43 Seattle_Lite!C6/9YiYc6I 68422

File: 132243564656.jpg (2.93 MB, 874x764, 65168 - Fallout Homage Littlep…)

Mwhaahaha, an ACTUAL FoE update! (sorry side-story writers, but every time I see this thread bumped, an it's not an update, i rage for a second)

Shit is definitely coming to a head in the story. I'm going to be... unmitigatedly sad to see the final chapter, I have to admit. If Lil'Pip doesn't get to see Homage before she dies, there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the northwest (though I doubt Kkat will go that route)

>Busy as I've been, when a new update of FoE hits, I'm distracted till I finish it. Once stepped away from a chaotic an rather important meeting with my own workgroup to start a chapter
>true story

Var!cmXcsQyivc 68425

From the way she was talking, it seemed like LittlePip was planning for their reunion at the garden was to be her chance to say goodbye to Homage.

Whatever Littlepip's plan is, it doesn't involve any real hope of survival. Even being dubbed the Lightbringer, she still sees herself as expendable, the one to clear the path, not actually guide the world.

:''( Pip... don't do it...

Slate !W0hUXO/oAY 68719

If I revised Coltago Rising, would it be acceptable to throw up the new version when I finish it as the new first chapter? I already deleted it from Google Docs.

Anonymous 68779

Yeah, drop by the chat and will get you set up.

FoE: DRPDoEB TimberWolf5871 68900

So, yeah. Bout time I posted this somewhere besides DA.


It's currently awaiting moderation, whatever THAT means.

Hope it passes muster for you hard-core FoE fans. If not, tough. I still like it so I'll keep writing it.

Foe: DRPDoEB (cnt"d) TimberWolf5871 68901

If you can't get it on FIMFic, here's the DA link: http://fav.me/d4ctmfy

SonicBoom01!VHHbH1H7m6 69163

I'd say mine, but I've really only got the prologue put up, so I can't really do that.

Fallout Equestria: Heroes: Chapter 7 NoOne!jXe3H56tvs 69561

Another chapter! These things are like, so totally awesome. Read and review as you wish. Or not. *pipshrug*

Heroes Chapter 7 Gdoc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VJCUTKiL-vP7J6evLlcoW_u05va3U8YsmobXhy4a1K8/edit?hl=en_GB

Heroes all links Fimfiction: http://poni.0au.de/story/662/Fallout-Equestria%3A-Heroes

Hoofington Rises: Chapters 1 - 4 Firefly!BTBAM9zXQE 69953

File: 132306811058.jpg (157.71 KB, 1280x841, coverpicturesmall.jpg)

Hello to all you readers and writers! For the first time in a long while, I've decided to try my hoof at writing some fiction.
I've only read FOE and FOE: Project Horizons, and this story links to PH a lot more than FOE, but you don't have to have read PH to understand it.
I hope whoever reads it enjoys it, I've had fun writing it!

For almost one hundred years, Stable 55 had been a scientific haven in the wasteland, built on the backs of Equestria's brightest.
Under the orders of Stable's AI, a dangerous new project began - The Grand Galloping Gardens Creation Kit.
It was never successful.
For fifty years, the Stable remained dormant, until one young mare was pieced back together and sent on a mission to bring help to the survivors of Stable 55.

Chapter 1 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z0lKUAzjQ97QsMf7M1WcnoSnQ6HoOKZzAow6gusO8ts/edit
Chapter 2 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pAlH7dAAt_MY69yTxJfBcwdBQB8GmeDc_XcGwtU0JfU/edit
Chapter 3 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t8NOtRWyH_7KLEwJjRfoVKCdZZdluRbVZDWBmTj4g8k/edit
Chapter 4 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ia6Nd1My3jl7oCx-NrxeqZr-SNhmGiFC6u-dKWbMwD8/edit

Many thanks to my good friend John for making the cover picture and acting as my editor!

Firefly!BTBAM9zXQE 70436

File: 132331201017.png (21.66 KB, 200x200, I wanna be on top this time.pn…)

So, uh, has anypony read this?

Also how to I get myself added to the list of authors in the OP's gdoc link? I am not good at gdocs.

44 Anonymous 70473

So how about that new official chapter? HSQ was through the roof, and the episode references came thick and fast (some of them were a little groan-inducing, but Kkat does that stuff decently).

The weird time tense stuff irritated me a little, and I can't help but wonder if the prologue is supposed to fit into this chapter. Actually using words like "Today" might make that make sense.

It just had to end on a cliffhanger. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth until the next update.

Seattle_Lite!C6/9YiYc6I 71563

File: 132384580859.jpg (291.51 KB, 1500x1000, 1310098589766.jpg)


>pre-emptive post to reading
>chapter title and heading
>omg is this it for little pip?!

Anonymous 71567

That was quite a short chapter. Still very good.

Celestia as Mr House. Wondered how that was going to play into the story. Very nicely done, Kkat.

And now we come full circle. Finally the weird tenses and uses of "today" all make sense. Guess there'll be one or two more chapters, and then we're done. Woah.

Anonymous 71584

From the comments post on EQD:
"Thank you, everypony.

In answer: yes, Chapter Forty-Five is the last chapter of Fallout: Equestria.
That said... no, the story is not yet "complete".

There is still an Epilogue and an Afterword coming, the latter of which I intend to release on Christmas. Each will be only a few pages long, and neither will be from Littlepip's

It's been one hell of a ride. Time to read some of these sidefics, I guess.


Still waiting for someone to make Fallout: New Zebrica story.

ClearD 71587

File: 132385613817.jpg (189.69 KB, 1500x1084, 15163 - artist john_joseco Cal…)

Thanks for the Read! Defiantly the one of the premier works of litrary greatness this fanbase has brought to life. What statred as one has given rise to many, and this is not the end( for side-Stories abound!)
To close off :

“So ends the Story of LittlePip who stepped through the door of stable 2 and into the annals of legend, but the tale of Ponydom will never come to a close. For the struggle for friendship is a war without end. And friendship?....Friendship is magic “

Anonymous 71686

File: 132391042244.png (179.45 KB, 849x941, 132165555369.png)


And as long as there is enough closure to finish the story off, then I'm content with that. It's been one hell of a ride and Kkat has done something wonderful by giving us it.

Anonymous 71702

Looks like we're coming to the end. Shame, I was personally hoping that Fluttershy would be saved...


File: 132391410301.jpg (109.08 KB, 900x900, 130267714450.jpg)

Not to mention -- WHAT THE FUCK happened to Dash?!

Anonymous 71739

Perhaps, Dash was handed off to Blackjack?


File: 132391810315.jpg (167.86 KB, 640x480, 132232734509-1321743315458.jpg)

>handed off to blackjack
>to blackjack


Go Fish?

Derpmind 71862

I guess Somber gets to kill Rainbow Dash in Project Horizons.

Derpmind 71863

......I forgot spoiler tags, didn't I?


(The one from /b/) The !DoctorKt32 72001

File: 132401901654.gif (1.57 MB, 350x197, spoiler.gif)

Because I'm going to be revealing huge spoilers about the new chapter, and I'm pretty sure that no one else has had any similar ideas to mine, this will all be spoilered. spoilers
I've been reading lots of Stephen Hawking, and watching some of his shows. Also some Stephen King, but that's irrelevant. I watched a show a few days ago that described what happens on the event horizon of a black hole. To an observer (assuming they are not affected by the black hole's gravity) someone falling into the black hole would appear to be affected by all the things extreme temperature and gravity will do. Breaking down into ever-smaller particles and such. But the the person falling into the black hole, this does not seem to be the case. The person falling into the black hole feels completely fine, and they go down into whatever fate awaits them at the center of the black hole, where space breaks down and the laws of the universe go "fuck you!" From Quantum Physics, we learn that it is possible that both of these outcomes are possible at the same time. (Ignore that quantum physics doesn't usually apply to large-scale physics. It does in this case.) From reading the new chapter, I realized that this must be the case with dragon transportation! Littlepip is teleported into the SPP while simultaneously being disintegrated. I've concluded that dragon teleportation magic is based off of black holes! I don't really think this is particularly significant to the story, but I feel accomplished in figuring out the workings of dragon teleportation in a fictional realm.

sage Derpmind 72195

No. <Filler>

Anonymous 72273

Bumped for release of Epilogue.

Interesting way of doing things. I wonder how long after chapter 45 this takes place. Long enough for the Enclave to invade Spike's cave and Calamity and Velvet to get married, I guess.

I kinda like the way Littlepip sacrificed herself. I think it was an appropriate end to her story, and honestly I didn't really care about her (fuckbuddying) relationship with 3-Pony.

And the song at the end reminds us of Kkat's strengths and weaknesses. Good writer; terrible taste in music.

Anonymous 72275

I guess I should read this now since it's completed. I've read the first 10 chapters and i wasn't that impressed. I'm just gonna strat from the beginning again to see if i missed something spectacular the first time.


Why aren't you impressed?

Damhoof 72657

Chapter 4 of Best Laid Plans is pretty much done. Only have a place holder title / Quote left to figure out. Wish I had Kkats abilities on that area in particular. xD

NoOne!jXe3H56tvs 72711

File: 132428057162.jpg (1.28 MB, 3000x1730, coverlarge.jpg)

Thank you very much Pinkie. I'm glad you like it, and you had those reactions to the situations, as that exactly how I wanted it to work. I love it when a plan comes together. On that note next chapter is up.

Gdocs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lFwLKlkYCVAet-k1lKMn65azv2lGYuYxg8ynTiYDrIo/edit

Fimfic: http://poni.0au.de/story/662/Fallout-Equestria%3A-Heroes

As usual read and review. Thanks~

Anonymous 72803

Huh, looks like the newest episode completely discounts Fo:E from any possibility of canon status. Windigos freezing any major conflicts sort of disproves both the wasteland AND the Zebra/Pony war.

Oh well.

Anonymous 72815


Anonymous 72827

The... spectral ice horses?


Eh, I don't really think so. Either country could have figured out a way to fight them (I'd bet dragonfire would be pretty effective), or they could be a legend—either exaggerated or entirely nonexistent. 1000 years pass and everypony thinks Nightmare Moon's just a bedtime story; it's reasonable that the truth's been obscured in the time between the first Hearth Warming's Eve and the present day.

Anonymous 72898


FO:E had a possibilty of being canon before that?

Anonymous 73893

Bumped for main story's done, now the world belongs to you, sidefic authors.

Fics about the time between the Epilogue and the Afterword might be neat. Or ones happening after the Afterword. You could even realistically write an OC alicorn fic...

Anonymous 73916


Time for me to finish reading Project Horizons then! Thought it was a really sweet ending. =)

Seattle_Lite!C6/9YiYc6I 73927

File: 132484953698.jpg (643.53 KB, 1920x1080, 37421 - artist-smockhobbes glo…)

Alright, that does it. If nobody else is going to do it, (or isn't already), then by god I'll have to.

I need Rainbow Dash. I need her story in this. From her time in the war, to receiving the Ministry of Awesome, to the hell of the war intensifying, to the betrayal of Fluttershy giving megaspells to the Zebras, to her disgust with the Pegasi for abandoning Equestria, to becoming an outcast, to just what she did to have her own people deem her a traitor worthy of sending mercenaries to bring back her head. To... her final moments.

By god, I'm not joking here, so if anyone knows of a WiP please let me know.


File: 132485087305.jpg (10.87 KB, 236x252, 1302813497480.jpg)

She was captured by a group of ponies which had made a gigantic hidden world that looked all pristine, but the radiation made their heads grow to enormous sizes.

After removing her wings and brainwashing her she integrated into the community, always dressing in style.

I actually want to see this written now...

Fallout Equestria Coltago Rising Slate !W0hUXO/oAY 74403

I'm revising and finishing the new first chapter now, anyone interested in this, or should I scrap it? Main character's a colt, if it makes a difference.

Fallout Equestria: Salvage Rollem Bones 75485

Tried my hand at one of these things. Salvage is the story of wasteland survivor whose life gets torn away from him and he finds himself faced with building his place, or maybe the wasteland, back up as much as he can manage

FiMfiction link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/5892/Fallout-Equestria%3A-Salvage
GDocs link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ikhs_xhRYuvl3RsYD95Lhvq7LiWhJHFlWVdUKXsrcLM/edit


I'd . . .

Like to talk about the sex scenes.
About their relevance . . .
When I first read through the converse between Littlepip and Homage, I thought their relationship was rather . . . well, not a real relationship. When I read "A Mare Worth Fighting For" . . . it clicked, although, that sex toy kind of killed the entire thing.

But . . . what about the fling between Blackjack and Glory? There was that point where Blackjack said that the sex offered by the mare running the sex club was completely, just, you know . . . and that Glory's offering would be trite when that is considered . . .
So why the change, in the newest chapter? I know they . . . did it, before, but what they just did . . .
I will say, it's the least messed up use of bondage I've read in a while.

NoOne!jXe3H56tvs 78146

Anonymous 78587


No, we don't know if the Windigoes died out or were killed or banished or what.

BLP chapter five released, this makes it an entire arc, with the aftermath coming in chapter six.

Google docs link to chapter five: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O32r_aC-7HG9EfaGTbjqRfgswPso6g0JzePSZ4zsHsI/edit?hl=en_US#

Fimfic all chapters for anypony interested.


File: 132694053813.jpg (1.22 MB, 2548x1732, 93626%20-%20arsenal%20aurora_b…)

I can't believe I forgot about this place, argh.

Anyways, for all three of you who care about the status of new beginings, it's now being uploaded to fimfiction, here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/6077

Also, cover image.

Nyerguds!NRPwEIuUNE 79168

File: 132710431442.png (352.15 KB, 575x455, the_daily_unlife-gdocs-02.png)

Welp, thought I might as well hors my own story here :3

The Daily Unlife


These are the voyages of the Canterlot ghoul Lemon Frisk. His mission: to find the Meaning of Unlife. His continuing perils: crazed raiders, feral ghouls, overzealous rangers, and a mare who won't stop poking him.

The story is notoriously plot-less (unless you count Misty Cloud's plot), completely character driven, and generally aimed towards humour. It does gets a bit emotional-rollercoaster-y though, since the main driving force behind it are the traumas of the main characters. I'm mostly exploring the way ghouls look at the last days of Equestria, and what keeps them going.

So, um, yeah, I hope you'll like it. I'll try to keep my chapters relatively short, but since they're days... you just got short days and long days, y'know.


File: 132727890229.png (245.84 KB, 521x393, BtECoverArt.png)

It has been a while since I posted here about Before the End.
I have gone through and revised some of my first chapters and Dina is doing some of the editing for me, what a great person.

Anyway. Read it here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/1424/Before-the-End

And please give me some feedback/C&C

Raid 79705

File: 132735640116.png (52.97 KB, 662x388, reviewer raider Isphone.png)

I'm interested.

Once you're all polished up, go ahead and take this to my review thread. I'd be happy to fix you up as best I can.

(saged for raiding like a raider)


Snow!5TZ1Z9eFms 80458

Getting my story out and about. Covering all bases.

Fallout Equestria: Guise of Chaos

FiMFic: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/7812/Fallout-Equestria%3A-Guise-of-Chaos

[Grimdark] [Crossover] [Adventure] (25,282 words)

Dark Crossover Adventure
[Number in brackets is total views across all chapters. First number represents the most number of views a single chapter has received] 94 ( 178 )
Ripple wakes up in a field, finding himself with nothing but a couple of weapons, no memory and a massive head wound. Not satisfied with a life that gets him shot and left for dead, he tries to be a better pony with the second chance he's been given.

So yeah, first fanfiction put on the interwebs. Looking for comments and whatnot.

Falling Down 80479

File: 132775653934.png (130.85 KB, 900x805, seafoam_by_o_fluttershy_o-d49a…)

Fallout:Equestria- Falling Down
[Sad] [Dark]
When the missiles fall and the Old Equestria ends, Seafoam loses everything. This is the story of her finding something to live for again.

Even though this is set in the FO:E universe, it is entirely character focused, no violence for haters of gore! This is just because I always found the character moments of FO:E to be the most emotional. Also, do you think it's too angsty?

This is my first attempt at an MLP fanfic, so please point out my glaring inadequacies now, before I compound them.


New Pegas: Chapter 6 "Why Don"t You Do Right?" Calbeck 80572

File: 132780622193.png (229.47 KB, 513x616, deadshot3.png)

NoOne!jXe3H56tvs 80668


Fallout Equestria: The Grey Fortress 82391

File: 132860642925.png (150.43 KB, 403x342, tgflogo.png)

Well, I'm bad at introducing, so here is the subject, my side-story ^_^ It is my very first fimfic, and in fact my first English-written text at all. So, I will be very thankful for any feedback and C&C (especially of grammar).

Leftright lives in a commune built by his ancestors to resque some pony folks in the darkest hours. There is no high meaning in his life, nor a good purpose. Shall it stay like that? And does it have to be changed at all?


Chapter One:

I hope you will like it.

AzuNyan!fG2qnvpWXU 82607

File: 132867507316.png (74.11 KB, 125x95, Rainbow Dash131220798871.png)

New Pegas: Chapter 7 "Viva, New Pegas" Calbeck 83300

File: 132892571301.png (312.63 KB, 684x817, deadshotcolor.png)

Zaka51 83560

I'm only vaguely aware of FO:E. I have not read it, and will not read it because it is too damn long and my attention span is too damn short.

This does not stop me from creating my own concept for a story. Well, half a concept.

The problems are:
A: I have not read the stories and I know mostly jack and zilch.
B: I am a terrible writer.

I'm tempted to just dump my ideas here and let someone else take them and do something GOOD with 'em.

My Story fiendofthet 85036

I wrote a new story and I want your opinions on it.

It is titled: Fallout Equestria: The Dreamer
Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/7925/Fallout-Equestria%3A-The-Dreamer

Thanks to any and all responses

Fo:E: The Shelter Isphone!!NlMwpmMJSx 85070

I was writing something, and I'm not sure whether to take it the comedy or horror direction. I've got four pages, and I think I'm at the fork in the road. Can someone look it over and tell me what they think?

Synopsis: Two raiders come across an undisturbed vault.

Title: Fallout: Equestria: The Shelter

[Grimdark] [Language befitting of the raider profession]

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15VzviGbuPX5fx_nIbez8sfr9zj8YY2BoTxsKkrV8jVQ/edit

Thanks in advance.

NoOne!jXe3H56tvs 87206

Aegis Steadfast 91424

Tales of a Toaster Repair Pony 92305

Have a rather unique fic! Time for obscure mod and original Fallout game references!


Fallout Equestria: Best Served Cold 92366

Synopsis: Beaumount is a peaceful town where trade flourishes and ponies don’t have to live in fear for every second of their lives. Sometimes they can even forget that the wasteland exists outside their valley stronghold, for a little while.

Tags:Grimdark, Sad, Crossover, Adventure

Currently on chapter 4! Have a read :)


Fallout Equestria: The Road Home marcjohnson 92520

Synopsis: After being pushed from his stable, a young buck must find his way in the cruel Equestrian wasteland. Soon he meets a group of Applejacks rangers who coincidentally are heading the same way. But things are never as they seem in the wasteland and the buck soon realizes that since his exit from the stable things are going from bad to total shitstorm.

Tags: Grimdark, Crossover, Adventure


Working on chapter 5 today. May be up by late afternoon.

Fallout Equestria: Stable Crawler RaineDash!Es67jio/Qo 92718

Firstly I'd like to say that I love the Fallout Equestria world that Kkat has set up. And while her story was the best, some of the side stories are great as well, like Project Horizons, Heroes and Misfits.

I decided to start my own FoE story called Stable Crawler (as you've probably guessed, it's the play on the term dungeon crawler) and it takes place after the end of Fallout Equestria.

The basic story line is that, while the Gardens has cleansed Equestria, it did leave the NCR in bad need of a new power source. Eventually, their scouts come across Stable 0, which still has an operating door panel, meaning its reactor is still functioning. After figuring out a possible way to open the stable door, they hire some mercs to go in first and map out the vault. The protagonist, Ember a pegasus from Las Pegasus, is one of the mercs sent in first, and she gets trapped inside.

As a side note, I could use a reviewer if there are any in this thread. I didn't want to dump it on a reviewer who doesn't know about the FoE world.

Fallout Equestria: Stable Crawler RaineDash!Es67jio/Qo 92728

Firstly I'd like to say that I love the Fallout Equestria world that Kkat has set up. And while her story was the best, some of the side stories are great as well, like Project Horizons, Heroes and Misfits.

I decided to start my own FoE story called Stable Crawler (as you've probably guessed, it's the play on the term dungeon crawler) and it takes place after the end of Fallout Equestria.

The basic story line is that, while the Gardens has cleansed Equestria, it did leave the NCR in bad need of a new power source. Eventually, their scouts come across Stable 0, which still has an operating door panel, meaning its reactor is still functioning. After figuring out a possible way to open the stable door, they hire some mercs to go in first and map out the vault. The protagonist, Ember a pegasus from Las Pegasus, is one of the mercs sent in first, and she gets trapped inside.

As a side note, I could use a reviewer if there are any in this thread. I didn't want to dump it on a reviewer who doesn't know about the FoE world.

RaineDash!Es67jio/Qo 92730

Firstly I'd like to say that I love the Fallout Equestria world that Kkat has set up. And while her story was the best, some of the side stories are great as well, like Project Horizons, Heroes and Misfits.

I decided to start my own FoE story called Stable Crawler (as you've probably guessed, it's the play on the term dungeon crawler) and it takes place after the end of Fallout Equestria.

The basic story line is that, while the Gardens has cleansed Equestria, it did leave the NCR in bad need of a new power source. Eventually, their scouts come across Stable 0, which still has an operating door panel, meaning its reactor is still functioning. After figuring out a possible way to open the stable door, they hire some mercs to go in first and map out the vault. The protagonist, Ember a pegasus from Las Pegasus, is one of the mercs sent in first, and she gets trapped inside.

As a side note, I could use a reviewer if there are any in this thread. I didn't want to dump it on a reviewer who doesn't know about the FoE world.

Sorry RaineDash!Es67jio/Qo 92733

Sorry about the triple post. For some reason it wasn't showing up when I viewed the thread afterwards.

Anonymous 92734

I'm sorry good sir, but what in the world are you doing?

New Pegas: Chapter 7 "Viva, New Pegas" Calbeck 93288

File: 133287746573.png (312.63 KB, 684x817, deadshotcolor.png)

Dead-Shot's been rolled for the money he needed to get into New Pegas proper. Now he's got to find the crooks for a refund --- and payback.


New Pegas: Chapter 8 "A Horse of Wealth and Taste" Calbeck 93291

File: 133287780377.png (312.63 KB, 684x817, deadshotcolor.png)

Dead-Shot's been invited to the Lucky Chance for a face-to-face with Mr. Horse, the buck that stops you. Is this the start of a beautiful friendship?



New FoE Fanfic!! 93487

Hello, I have recently started my own Fallout Equestria fan fiction titled Honor and Survival, the link leads to my cover page but as of now only chapter one is uploaded, please leave comments on it if you want! All reviews are welcome :D

Northern Hearts morning_angles!0eMPxHn02k 93496

Seeing as this is the FoE side stories thread, I figured I'd step in and get some opinions from the sources' mouths. I'll try to stop back and give some reviews and opinions on other writers' works in the process. Give and take, right? It's already 34k words, so its not for the faint of heart.

Fallout: Equestria - Northern Hearts

The fall of the cloud curtain has changed the face of Post-Apocalyptic Equestria, but not necessarily for the better. The long frozen north has begun to thaw, along with all its blood thirsty monsters, vicious predators, and opportunistic scavengers. And that's just the pony population. Lost among it all, the last runner of the 'Pony Express', Manila Parcel, wanders the Quebuck Wasteland in search of answers. But this is Quebuck, not the Ponave. Raging blizzards, cold hearted factions, and a best friend who is quite possibly insane will test Manila Parcel's endurance, patience, and tolerance for the bizarre.

Introduction and Prologue: Mail Mares and Messages

Chapter One: Comatose on Delivery

Chapter Two: Return to Sender

trying to get some preliminary opinions before I even think of submitting this to the side story archive, EQD, or FiMFiction. Once its out there, I'm committed to writing this beast, and I want to make sure it's a good idea before I run with it.

New Pegas: Chapter 9 "Boom-And-Zoom" Calbeck 93581

File: 133298568826.png (312.63 KB, 684x817, deadshotcolor.png)

Meeting the Zoomers on Mr. Horse's behalf turns out not to be quite so easy for Dead-Shot as just delivering a message...


Fallout Equestria: Old World Knights 95556

File: 133374962147.png (24.85 KB, 945x945, 342 copy.png)

Well I'll give it a try around here as well!

Synopsis: Cogshift had it all, great friends, an amazing marefriend, the perfect future. But, the future, as we know, is not carved into stone. Can a pony from the past survive it the wasteland? Can he meet new friends? A new marefriend? Can he create a future for himself in the cruel unforgiving Equestria Wasteland?


Cover image coming soon!

Fallout Equestria: Stable Crawler RaineDash!Es67jio/Qo 95586

Here's the first chapter. After I get some feedback on it, I'll also post it to FIMFiction.


Bad BillyColt!3F18SEGwVI 95590

Well, I notice that I don't think that there are any stories that have protagonists on the "bad karma" side, which is odd given that Fallout games have that whole "moral choice" thing.

Soooooo I shat out a bit of a thing - call it a proof of concept.


RaineDash!Es67jio/Qo 95998

I fixed up some of the errors and posted it on FIMFiction.

Also, I started an ask tumblr for the protagonist, Ember and her companions:

RaineDash!Es67jio/Qo 96128

So, how exactly do you get a story added to the stories compilation document? ask in the chat on there? In the comments?

Anonymous 96134

Just go to the chat and speak with the people on the google docs.

That link on the OP? Press it and talk to people.

RaineDash!Es67jio/Qo 96140

Does anyone else get an error message almost every time you go to the compilation document?

CloudCover 96153

I'm afraid not.
I have editing powers on the doc, would you want me to put it up for you?

RaineDash!Es67jio/Qo 96202

Don't worry, I got it up.

Sturm Seattle_Lite!C6/9YiYc6I 100188

File: 133584980974.jpg (129.83 KB, 1024x616, 113990 - artist-DarianMH Calam…)

>I tried reading through Pink Eyes, but the stilted writing made me nearly pop a blood vessel.
Yeah, no differential diagnosis needed here. I even tried it again months later and this time made it maybe... 6 or so chapters in before I just couldn't take it anymore

>I've given it thought, but the funny thing about it is that my idea didn't star a zebra. In fact, zebras in Zebrica were nearly extinct in my idea since most of them died during the war.
Nah, I don't think so. High population centers? Sure, probably. But considering the zebra's were able to take out almost every major military complex in equestria in a coordinated strike suggest the response would have been limited. This is further implied when the zebra's launched a sustained missile assault on Canterlot for hours on end.
Remember, they initiated, so they knew what to expect, and had the warning to implement their immediate contingency plans in expectation of a counterattack.

Stonershy!!Z0ZzV3LGt0 100190

Fuck I'm just following you everywhere now.

My co-worker keeps telling me to read either Pink Eyes or Past Sins and I don't know what to do. I've heard things about them both, but Pink Eyes has Fallout mixed in. What makes it unpalatable?


File: 133585206046.png (108.99 KB, 332x380, 0034-132650838711.png)

Pink Eyes is a bit flimsy, within reason considering the author is Italian speaking. I still have to finish it, but there's notably less... bending to the 'whims of the reader base' than Past Sins.

But I've got much looser reading requirements then most people. And I still have to read the last six chapters of it.


Huh, the more I try to make up a reason for them being mostly dead and gone, the less logical my idea seems :/.

Past Sins is the cotton candy of fics; sweet, sugary, but lacks any nutritional value. It tastes good at first, but eventually you eat so much you start to feel sick (in this case, NMM's return) and ask, "Oh dear Celestia, why did I eat all of that cotton candy?" And then Pinkie does some random bullshit as you throw up into a nearby flowpot.
It's a rainy-day fic. Don't expect anything too amazing from it. If you haven't read it yet, Jetfire's It's Dangerous Business would be my recommendation. Barring a rather obvious plothole and a slow beginning, it's a romping adventure story that features several interesting OC species and a diverse cast of characters, as well as some of the best renditions of canon characters in the fandom. In case the title doesn't give it away, the story draws significant inspiration from The Hobbit, and I daresay Jetfire did it justice.


File: 133585626009.jpg (501.75 KB, 1067x756, 74575 - Fallout Pink_Eyes Pupp…)

I've gotta say, I really enjoyed Pink Eyes. The stilted writing made it kinda slow going, but (for me at least) the cleverness and charm of the story really shone through it all. Pink Eyes is a comedic, subversive take on the grimdarkness of FOE that actually doesn't really subvert and isn't entirely comedic. The author evidently respects the setting and the story he's telling, but still has a sense of humour. It's a great blend.

I love a story that can make me laugh and cry, and Pink Eyes did that for me. If it's a choice between Past Sins and Pink Eyes, read Pink Eyes.

Or just say "screw it" and go with Ion's suggestion. Dangerous Business isn't everyone's cup of tea (due to all kinds of arguments about plotholes, stealing too much from Tolkien and authorial worldview)*, but I loved it and think there should be more stories like it.


Anonymous 100214

Honestly, the whole series is just ridiculous. It's simply too grimdark. Even in Fallout 3, no moments were as grimdark as the Fluttershy Medical Hospital sequence in Project Horizons. Isn't it just a bit stupid that a series that is partially inspired by a show with technicoloured ponies is darker than the series of games?


>Isn't it a bit stupid ...?
Put simply: No.

Anonymous 100217

Could you at least provide an explanation for how it isn't? It could be that I'm trying too hard to not find it silly.


>whole series
>Project Horizons
I think most would agree that Project Horizons is some of the grimdarkest stuff in the FOEverse. That's most of the reason I never really read any of it past about chapter sixteen. The original FOE is about my upper limit for grimdark.

I find it odd that people harp on about how FOE being darker than the Fallout games is some massive fic-breaking flaw. Yes, it is darker than the games and a lot darker than FIM, but that's hardly a bad thing in and of itself. Fanfic doesn't always have the same tone as its source material. I'll admit that I very nearly stopped reading Fallout Equestria in the early chapters because of the horrors Littlepip found in Twilight's Library, and I'll double-admit that there are plenty of reasons why none of these stories are anywhere near as amazing as some of the more rabid fans would claim (if Fallout Equestria is the best book you've ever read, you need to read more books), but I think the original story at least keeps a strong undercurrent of hope and optimism.

It's dark and downright depressing at points, yes, but it's a story about hope and friendship, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it does have a (very much earned) happy ending. The grimdark, I feel, is justified and treated with appropriate gravity, and that's more than you get in most grimdark pony stories.

I think there's a hurdle of "fallout plus ponies plus grimdark, this is ridiculous what the tartarus am I reading?" that you have to overcome to enjoy this story, and not everyone wants to or should do that. That's probably what prompts a lot of the accusations of silliness. Is it justified? I don't know, and I don't really want to get into a subjectivism debate.

Anonymous 100228

Yes, but the story proper lacks the good factions, in addition to lacking equivelants of the truly caring individuals in the Fallout series that are capable of doing anything.


It doesn't really sound that you any real argument against the quality of the thing other than it being too dark for you, which has nothing to do with how good or how bad the story is, so this conversation is pointless... I think....


File: 133588156277.jpg (46.78 KB, 788x749, cev72.jpg)

I think you're going into it expecting it to be Fallout with ponies in text. Good crossovers don't just take their source material and use it bit for bit. There were certain themes in Fallout that kkat et al. decided to use and certain themes they didn't. If they're not your cup of tea, then all power to you in not wanting to read them, but you can't say that it's "too dark". If you took the dark elements out of Fallout: Equestria, would it still be the same? Obviously not. For better or for worse, the dark elements are there.

I can't for the life of my sympathise with the constant aversion to gore and sex. I'm as much against gratuitous use of it as everyone else, but experimentation demands failure. You can't keep saying "Does it really need to be there?" Those elements make the story. Remove those elements, and you have a totally different story.

Stonershy!!Z0ZzV3LGt0 100232

I've got Dangerous bookmarked, but I've yet to actually burrow into it. I'm not a huge Tolkien fan, but The Hobbit was pretty fucking awesome.

I guess I'll just sample a bit of Pink and Sins and see which one leaves a better taste in my mouth. I have no intention of delving into Project Horizons, though. I've researched that one and I do not like the things I've found.

Anonymous 100233

Look, you fail to realize that the problem is that the setting adds an unwarranted does of nihilism to it. I've got nothing against grimdark (provided it's done well), but it goes well beyond what a crossover between two series that are at heart optomistic warrants.


File: 133588244008.png (118.67 KB, 830x750, 133136037973.png)

Your word choice is all about saying, "This isn't allowed." Warranted by what standard? Literature is about exploring new ideas. Contrasting themes are an obvious corollary to that.

Notwithstanding your questionable perception that Fallout: Equestria is nihilistic. I've only read half of kkat's, and the themes I read are all about pervading optimism even in the face of terrible odds.

Anonymous 100238

I say that it's unwarranted due to the fact that fanfiction ought to share similar themes with the series it's about. Otherwise, you may as well just write your own fucking story.


File: 133588354094.gif (106.24 KB, 400x475, 132963643945.gif)

>[F]anfiction ought to share similar themes with the series it's about.
There are no rules on what you ought to use in derivative work.

Anonymous 100242

Yes, there are no "official" rules, but it doesn't change the fact that, if you choose to make the setting different and have different main characters, then you should just write your own story, rather than writing a derivative work.


File: 133588451710.jpg (68.5 KB, 631x564, 132623048627.jpg)

They did write their own stories.

Anonymous 100245

My apologies, I meant that they ought to write original work if it's that different.


File: 133588497905.png (254.92 KB, 893x500, JmCrl.png)

So there's no middle ground? That sounds pretty dumb. Living life in blacks and whites always is.

Anonymous 100247

"Living life in black and white"? What the hay, man? I was only stating that you should write original fiction if your idea diverges that much from the source.


...Or you could take that as a challenge to make completely divergent ideas converge into a story that remains entertaining despite the source material(s).

Of course, that's just an opinion. Everybody's got one.

BillyColt!3F18SEGwVI 100257

The gore is off-putting, but I don't have anything against darker fics in general (save for stories that are pretty much just pointless exercises in gore).

My main objection to the story is that five chapters in I'm bored out of my skull. And the protagonist rubs me the wrong way.

Anonymous 100260

But why should you write a derivative work if you have your own ideas? It's considered more respectable to write original fiction, so it would work out even better if it was unconnected to any source material.

BillyColt!3F18SEGwVI 100263

You're on a fanfiction forum telling people to not write fanfiction?

Anonymous 100264

No, I'm not saying that you shouldn't write fanfiction. I personally like the 10% of fanfiction, I just believe that you ought to write original fiction if you have an idea that just doesn't make sense for the universe of the work you are setting the story in.


I absolutely agree with this sentiment, but don't think that it applies to Fallout Equestria. I feel that FOE's story is enriched, not burdened by its relation to MLP and its relation to Fallout. It doesn't share the tone of either, but it does rely on a lot of different elements from each to make its story work. It's got game-mechanic-based humour, it's got a lot of references to stuff in both FIM (a few too many awful fandom references, but eh) and the Fallout games, and really it's just incredibly intertwined with both.

Had it disregarded every aspect of both settings, I would agree that it should be original fiction (there are plenty of stories where this is the case), but it hasn't. It is very much ponies and it is very much Fallout, but it's also not entirely either of them and actually something new, but not something entirely new. I'm probably not saying this well.

Or perhaps we just have different ideas about the amount of property X a work of fanfiction should retain to still be called fanfiction. It's a murky area, but I will agree with you that some non-superficial bunch of stuff has to be retained.

I think it's a case of asking if the canon of whatever property enriches or burdens your story and acting accordingly... but of course, that's subjective.

Fallout Equestria: Rules of Engagment 101659

Fallout: Equestria - Rules of Engagement

FimFic: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/20055/Fallout-Equestria%3A-Rules-of-Engagement

Author: Anon3mous1

[Adventure] [Crossover] [Human] (4,306 words)

Synopsis: Once upon a time, on the not-so-magical planet Earth. There was a US Marine who signed up to defend his country. He was assigned to a fire team, the fire team assigned to a squad and the squad assigned to a platoon. Together they defended the area surrounding a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan from insurgents. If only it were that simple.

When lone Marine is transported to Equestria he finds a post-apocalyptic wasteland. With no orders, no resupply and seemingly no hope of return, he sets out to find what brought him here, and why.

Aegis Steadfast 103546

To entertain you foals between chapters we've decided to set up an ask blog for the entire cast of new beginnings.


Nyerguds!NRPwEIuUNE 106697

File: 133965182275.png (466.66 KB, 575x455, the_daily_unlife_07.png)

I posted a new chapter of Fallout Equestria: The Daily Unlife :)


genericlogin1 108016

Just found out about this board and thought I'd post my fic. Any and all comments/criticisms/suggestions are welcome
Gdocs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12labqfwO6bXTYlAEPakkbsnpgsiuextHZ28hKWZ9Tuo/edit

fimfiction: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/33398/Fallout-Equestria%3A-The-Good-Fight

FoEPH 22.5 Wigglejigglesquiggle 108488

File: 134064131504.jpg (206.64 KB, 871x516, moment_of_peace_by_mistermech-…)

Hey there. I recently wrote a '.5' chapter for FoE - Project Horizons. I can't link it here since it's explicit, but it's up on Fimfic for anyone interested. The title is 'Warmth'. Should be easy to find if you do a search with the mature filter switched off.

Tags: [Crossover], [Shipping], mild [Dark].

Synopsis: Stable 99 is saved! After securing her home from an army of vicious raiders, Blackjack takes a well-earned opportunity to rest and recuperate. Despite everything, she finds herself struggling to decide how she feels about her budding relationship with Morning Glory, her young pegasus friend. Glory, meanwhile, is eager to help her come to a decision.

Seattle_Lite!C6/9YiYc6I 113355

Hey Sturm, I remember you asking about a good zebra-centric fic a while back. Well, this one takes place at the beginning of the war, and looks pretty promising so far.


Fallout Equestria: Sola Gratia 117467

Wait, were allowed to post our own garbage here?
If so, then I'm happy to now be a part of the landfill that is the Fallout Equestria Side Stories Post.


Feedback has been oddly positive so far, so feel free to damper my dreams with your criticism.
We wouldn't want another Hitler... wait


Can someone please help me understand Fallout Equestria's Enclave?

A while back I read Fallout Equestria & loved it. Bar some minor annoyances & pacing issues it was a fantastic read.
I've now started reading Project Horizons & this is where I'm getting confused...

The Pegasus Enclave in FoE (from memory) was hiding all knowledge of what existed underneath the clouds from the civilian pegasi. They had them believe that the surface was still tainted and that only monsters roamed the land. Any pegasi that goes below the surface without Enclave consent would be executed upon returning or labelled a Dashite & banished.

Yet in FoE: PH (as of ch14), I'm getting the sense that the pegasi DO know what is below the clouds and while the Volunteer Corps might be a sham to deter pegasi aiding the surface, they aren't exactly hiding that there is something there...

So what am I missing? Is this just a difference between the two stories, or am I not remembering something correctly from my original read of Fallout Equestria?

Seattle_Lite!C6/9YiYc6I 118598

I’m glad you reposted in the thread mate. So check it out—
In FOE, Calamity states the the *majority* of civilian pegasi are wholly unaware of the conditions of the surface below due to a deluge of propaganda and enforcement from the ruling junta. It’s fairly vague, but reinforced a few times.

Now, in FOE:PH, dude creates a sort of outcast pegasus city that has been effectively ostracized from the civilization at large, and that’s the one responsible for the VC and the press to do surface work/exploration/mass-fuckery.

So at the least, we can assume a disconnection and misinformation campaign, seeing as this rogue city is largely considered a threat to the government at large, and as such anything coming from there is heavily restricted and delegitimized. Thats… the best I got.

Anonymous 118606

Or... PH and Fallout Equestria don't occur in the same exact universe and Somber dungoofed.

Also, PH is non-canon.

Rebuttal from the Honorable Vice President VP Daniel Bird 118607

File: 134688492421.jpg (23.73 KB, 600x300, Enclave Gathering.jpg)

Pegasi Enclave are no proper substitute for the real deal, son. While them winged freak horses can walk on clouds and have guns, they just don't do the Enclave name proud. I know this, since I half-run them. Or, at I did, before our HQ got blown up...

But before I sidetrack further, these pegasi just aren't as intimidating or exude the same fear and respect that's commanded by good ol' pure human Enclave. I mean, we had Frank Horrigan. Do your ponies have a Frank Horrigan? I very much doubt it.

Also, from what I'm understanding, these horse Enclave don't even make a proper introduction. What I want you to do is watch this here fancy internet video thingamabob, to see how you establish a serious threat from the get-go.

And that, my fellow Americans, is why horse Enclave will always be inferior. Oh, and more reason why Frank Horrigan is the best.

See that? He made a Deathclaw explode just by PUNCHING it! I rest my case, and I must leave. My planet needs me.


Thanks for the response. I guess that is the best idea as to why, but it still leaves my brain hurting as much as Littlepip's when she asked about the trains... :P


I say, Frank Horrigan is indeed the best pony.

Fallout Equestria: War Never Changes jarmari 119353

Umm hi...? I'm hoping I'm doing this right...heh.

(Romance) (Tragedy) (Dark)

When scavengers come across a single working cryo pod from before the war will the scientist within be able to help them break their way into the biggest secure facilities in the wasteland? And will they be able to help him figure out just how he ended up in the cryo pod in the first place? What secrets does this pony out of time hide? And just who is following them across the wastes?


Fallout: Equestria - The Oddity 121141

Boy, has it been a while since I've been here. Place looks kind of dead to me, but let's give this a go.

I've been working on this story for over a year or so. (I just searched. My last post here was from November of last year.) But everything's been a bit on-and-off. If you've ever read this story, believe me, it's no longer the same story. There's no messing with canon, there's no bizarre character moodswings, and there's a more solid plan behind everything.

If you either haven't read the story, or want proof that it's changed, here's the link:

Now, here's the fun part. If you really like this story, or you think it could turn out to be something special, and you would like to be an editor/pre-reader/idea-trampoline, email me. If the email doesn't show up somewhere else on here, it's masquerade313@gmail.com

That is all.

Fillyosopher!sHYACEbRoI 123912

Hey masq! does this mean I can read chapter 6, finally?

That said, wow this place looks dead. We need an FoE revival! POST STUFF!!!!!!!


I'm sorry, I don't really... get it? There's a lot going on here. You're jumping from scenes in a way that detracts from the understanding without adding anything to the atmosphere.
The, uh... leg stuff, while it didn't make sense (... I don't understand which direction Odd Job is going, in relation to the door and the handler), had one operation of note. Never revealing the actual damage to the reader makes the increasingly bad injury more serious to the reader and draws up a lot of suspense.

Fallout Equestria: New Roam 125760

Well, in the interest of promoting my fic here and hoping it DOESN'T get smashed to a bloody pulp, I hope and pray that it is received with at the least neutrality, and at the most with warmth.

Hopefully this goes well. Ooh, boy, here we go:


In case anyone is interested, the link above will direct you to the story. Hopefully it entertains any of you, and I hope to hear from someone.

Project Polymorph Flutterawesome 125790

Hello there! some may know me and some may not... oh well anyway my fic is well duh. any way......... I am putting my fic through a bit of a rewrite. could anybrony/pegasister lend a hand with helping me think of a beginning

Church 125791

just got into the Fallout Equestria fic a week ago and loved it (even though never played a single fallout so some references will be missed).

just read chap 1 coz been planning to 'read' it as slowly as possible(plus i've tons to read in my own sched: tolkein and cs lewis stuff).

ok, so i read it through a brony in youtube who did extra effort on it. added bgm and sound effects even, unluckily he was the only voice for all characters, i think he only got to do it till chap 2, then he stopped.
i was wondering if any of you know of other 'audios' who did extra effort too, with bgms, effects and importantly other voices and stuff/accents while reading.

Church 125792

also wondering if other from:
pink eyes
and horizons
(as they were the only KKat approved side fics)

what fallout fic would you suggest to anypony?

Anonymous 125804

pink eyes sucks balls
heroes sucks balls
horizons is... on the red line for dropping. Like... there's only so much you can press that delicates SoD line, even in such a lengthy work, before your reader just throws up his hands and "NOPE"s. EG:Blackjack is Twilights great grand daughter thing and has adventures on the back of alicorns with lilpip. dafuq

The only decent and well-written FOE fics I've seen are Stonershy's and Pacce's, which go hand in hand... sort of.

Anonymous 125806

Your taste in FoE fic is terrible and seems to be guided by your penis (the only real hook those works have).

Oh, see how that doesn't work?

Pink Eyes: This one was written by an Italian guy with only understandable English, and boy does it show. Even if you ignore the grammar and the weird syntax (I understand he got a couple of editors, but that didn't help much it seems).

Will be continued, have to do some shit.

Church 125809

holy manure bro, did i struck a nerve or something?

haven't actually read any of those and are just wondering the best fic to read after the original
FOE. never expected such 'responses'.

there's probably points in your arguments(if they're totally not exaggerations) but still, thanks.

Pacce of the Many Mustaches!!qxZmqzBTHk 125848

That means a lot to me!

Fallout Equestria: Redemption 126881

You should just read all of them. Then you might learn a thing or two about how to actually write a story.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 28th, 2013 18:52

*Squeak* !JuTj8x9Yww 126883

File: 136210757407.gif (728.35 KB, 390x383, 1359679832524.gif)

Hey guys, I make radio plays, and I enjoyed FoE quite a bit after recently finishing it.

I was wondering if some fans could tell me what they think of this little vignette I dreamt up last night. I happened to be on /mlp/ in the FoE general and I snagged some VA's and wrote the script on a whim. We made it in four hours.


MLP isn't the best place to collect opinions. The story is about Prodigious Peddler, traveling through the wasteland with his Ghoul companion Domino. I was also thinking about perhaps doing a few more of these centered around Peddler, you could help me brainstorm if...you know...you wanted too...


File: 136212927280.jpg (91.09 KB, 450x1250, T2zCC.jpg)

Been a while, Squeak.

The first voice has some weird echo thing. I assume it's like that because it's a monologue. I'd suggest making it like a recorded message instead, since Fo:E uses them so much. Start with Peddler (inb4 "It's Prodigious Peddler!") saying something about the date and location to set the scene.

I.E.: "It's been five days since we left Hoofington. Had to stock up before we crossed the badlands."

Do the same for the rest, along with a little (JUST A LITTLE; you always go overboard with these things) static and hiss to complete the recorder effect.

I really, really don't like the ghoul's voice. It's the sound you would get if you put a metal grinder against a cheese grater, and the cheese grater is alive and is screaming the entire time.

Overall, can't say I was enthralled. Admittedly, I skipped large swathes since Domino's voice makes my neck hair stand on end, but it sounded like it was just six minutes of the ghoul waxing not-so-poetic exposition, along with some play-by-play by Peddler. Their limited banter was stiff and unconvincing; for a pair that's been travelling together for some time, they don't sound particularly close.

FYI, the /fic/tioneers have mostly moved to MLPchan's /fic/ ( http://mlpchan.net/fic/index.html ), although many still lurk here (myself included, obviously). You might have better luck over there for getting an audience.

*Squeak* !JuTj8x9Yww 126891

File: 136213040600.jpg (25.99 KB, 297x322, 155245__UNOPT__pinkie-pie_spoi…)


Well...that's humbling.

Yeah...Long time no see Strum. I missed you...I suppose....thanks for the tips.


File: 136216796907.png (284.06 KB, 727x471, XuTCn.png)

>long time no see Strum
We are eternal enemies now.


Could you guys look over this? It's the first 500 words of the story i'm writing. I hope everypony likes it :)

The wasteland can break you. Turn you into a monster. Take away what made you a pony. Many have already fallen. Raiders are a perfect example of those that turn to cruelty because they have nothing else. Some have gotten off much better, such as LilPip and her band of do gooders. This is a tale about one of the unfortunate. And how a friend can help you see the bright side.

Chapter 1: Fall

I love this gun. It really is a great gun.

I watched as the raider fell to the ground, a scorched pocket in his head where the electricity hit him. What remained of her mane stood on end and smoked. It was very funny.

From what he could see, there were only two Disciples left. One fuming mad for me killing their ally, the other putting a magazine into his RAD Gun. The gun looked like every other gun in the wasteland. Utter crap. Last two. I turned the power setting on my gun to Bolt. Oh, look. They're charging me. One even started firing at me. The bullets failed to penetrate the armored radiation barding. Their fast firing guns. The bullets left small, slightly glowing indentations in the suit. Damn radiation bullets.

The discharger of the gun flared. A supercompressed cylinder of energy flew halfway across the courtyard and sailed gracefully into the raiders skull.

Mmm, crispy.

The other continued her charge, swinging her RAD Sword and yelling out religious crap about who knows what. She reached me around the same time her head dissolved due to the amazing power of lightning.

With the last raider down, the courtyard grew eerily quiet. Now, Scavenging. Later, zapping cultists. The complex had a small courtyard and a decent sized building in the center. The door had fallen open in the conflict, and the inside looked like a...well...it didn't look like anything. It looked like nothing. Being the smart pony I am, I activated my light spell and stepped inside the dark, unknown, and dangerous enemy building.

Smart indeed.

Inside, a few light flickers from dim panels. On the opposite side of the room, the door to an office. On either sides are the sleeping quarters and armory. And I know all of this due to the convenient labeling above each door. That was kind if them, the cultist freaks. I walked straight towards the armory. Somepony had been kind enough to leave the door open. Inside, a room filled with the Disciples trademarked RAD weapons. Guns, swords, and rocket launchers. Carefully, i magically lift whatever I can and place it in a sack hanging from my horn. Heavy, but manageable.

This was too easy. Get in, Steal Weapons, Get out, Sell to towns at inflated prices. Not even much resistance. I had caught them during their morning prayers, but there should have been more of them.The thought was very troubling. Even more so when I saw the large group of disciples waiting at the gated entrance to the compound.

Oh hay.

They spotted me, the leader, a massive pony magically wielding a broadsword, shouted out "Send him to the Bale!" And with that command, the sword wielding loons charged, some bombarding me with religion and such. The gunners stayed back, waiting to open fire as soon as the group dispersed.

This had to be done Demetrius!WDFBcC5x22 127113

File: 136401599829.png (233.75 KB, 1000x1500, Ion_Strum.png)

> Ion Strum

I drew this from scratch for you. Right down to the Scruffy The Janitor hat.

It is now your official avatar.


File: 136408278049.gif (381.87 KB, 400x263, 651.gif)

When I get home I'm going to have to edit Anton into it and stuff a potato somewhere.


I'm sending you the original .xcf thru Google Talk so you can do whatever you like with it.

FoE: Treasure Hunting Lost Art 127247

File: 136521325485.jpg (186.84 KB, 1549x1071, vice.jpg)

Hello everyone~ I'm just posting a little something to celebrate the 10th and darkest chapter of Fallout Equestria: Treasure Hunting!

A commemorative art piece to illustrate perhaps the most iconic single scene in that chapter.

A quick synopsis of the story:
Sisters Hidden Fortune and Lost Art adventure through the Wasteland after discovering a Stable during an ordinary scavenging run. Used to an avoidant and scarce life, they must learn to survive all over again as the wastes throw all manner of new threats against them.

Links of course, the story:

and the tumblr where this art is originally posted:

Hope y'all enjoy both the art and the prose~

-Lost Art

Gaia Prevails John Colt 127657

File: 136985453022.png (1.13 MB, 1500x1000, LogoGP.png)

Gaia Prevails has 41k words at the moment and keeps up with weekly chapters (~5k)

Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/94078/fallout-equestria-gaia-prevails

My name is Aideen, I was a slave for the Crimson Company. As I grew up learning Stable-maintenance my talent has been used to hack terminals and the likes. The story starts with them discovering a facility by "Gaia Prevails", a resistance-group especially known for stealing and destroying research and weapons on both sides during the later half of the war.
Of that team I am the only survivor; they were all slaughtered by - and this is where it gets weird - an evil bodiless entity, I believe is Nightmare Moon. After having a good bloodbath she planted a weird type of memory-orb in my saddlebags and let me go.
Being a free pony has its own set of challenges, getting a mission from Nightmare Moon and keeping a slaver-superpower from getting all that fancy tech from the Gaia Prevails facility doesn't help with that either.
I don't think I'm going insane, but then again 90% of those who are deny it.

Anonymous 127668

Holy shit that dead pony is disturbing to look at.

FoE - The Wish Machine [New Writer] 129437

File: 138878222004.png (122.4 KB, 219x400, 139920_r.png)

Hi, I'd like to add my FoE story to the list and apparently this is the place to do so.

Title: Fallout Equestria - The Wish Machine

Author: RealmOfMereShadows


Synopsis: Nopony ever wanted the apocalypse, the fall of the Balefire bombs, the release of the pink cloud and all the mess that happened afterward. Fortunately, I survived the Last Day. Unfortunately, I lived long enough to see the hell that followed and fought long enough to leave my mark into the brickwork of the shaping Equestrian Wasteland.
My name is Vault Skin, but ponies know me as 'Waste'. And this is my story.

Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/139920/fallout-equestria-the-wish-machine

help? E179 129469

File: 138931890311.png (49.28 KB, 830x650, unamedocncrmp.png)

need a name and help to write a story to my OC1

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