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As per the agreed upon restructuring of Ponychan's board setup following the recent merger, and as outlined in the long discussions and merger documents, /fic/ will be folded into a general >>>/fan/ board for fan-created works.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please bring them to >>>/site/395 for discussion.
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The Lunaverse Just dropping in to drop a quick advertisement.

The Lunaverse is the largest collaborative universe on FiMFiction.net - while Fallout: Equestria may have more total stories and authors none of them necessarily connect to one another in the vein of a true series - they're almost entirely independent stories that contradict or trip over one another with no cohesion. Which is perfectly fine, but the Lunaverse is a little different: we're armed with Canon.

That is to say, most stories in the Lunaverse connect in some way to an ongoing larger story in the Lunaverse. Contradictions are minimal, and some stories by different authors even flow from one right into the next. Callbacks and foreshadowing are both used liberally and seen throughout. Furthermore, as we know our audience will largely be adults, we can and do deal with more adult themes in our stories, although the Lunaverse takes deliberate effort to avoid becoming "dark."

The basic premise of the Lunaverse is simple: 1,000 years ago, Celestia fell into greed and paranoia, becoming Corona, the Tyrant Sun. Her younger sister Luna was forced to banish Corona into the Sun, and thereafter ruled Equestria as its sole monarch for 1,000 years. In the Lunaverse's "present," she has taken on an apprentice - Trixie Lulamoon - and when Corona broke free from the Sun, Trixie found herself teaming up with five other mares - Raindrops, Cheerilee, Carrot Top, Ditzy Doo, and Lyra Heartstrings - to acquire the Elements of Harmony in order to defeat Corona.

The Lunaverse's Season 1 is "complete," in that 22 of its 26 stories are finished, including all the ones important to the plot. The Lunaverse also features a "movie fic," called Crisis on Two Equestrias, which is likewise finished. At the moment, the Lunaverse has moved onto its Season 2, of which 14 fics are complete.

Anyway, that's all the shilling I'll be doing. Just wanted to drop in and make sure to spread the word.

Happy reading!
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What do you think of this? Can I get some feedback on a thing I wrote? It is definitely clop, so if that's not allowed sorry. I really can't tell from the site rules if linking to a clop story is okay or not… '

So yeah, Mature NSFW and all that:

Please let me know what you think! Fimfic has… special people, and sometimes it's difficult to get any sort of feedback. Thanks!
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Bathroom Gossip Reviews

Post a link to a story, tell me how long it is, and leave a short statement about what your major goals were in writing it, and I'll do my best to help you out.

Three rules:

- I will not review stories with scenes intended to sexually arouse the reader. Stories do not need to be explicit pornography to fall under this prohibition.
- I will not review crossovers if they assume reader knowledge of the other background universe(s).
- I will not review the same story more than once. Total or near-total rewrites are the only exception to this rule. (New chapters of previously reviewed stories are allowed.)

As for me, I stick to giving overall impressions and analysis with a focus on improving your storytelling. I do not generally do line-by-line editing, spellchecking, grammar lessons, or large numbers of GDocs comments.

Longfics take longer to review and I reserve the right to skip them to clear the queue of shorter fics first. Depending on how much activity this thread ends up attracting, I may also go on hiatus periodically to avoid burnout.

What happened here? Did private reviewer threads go out of style or something?

Last edited at Mon, Mar 16th, 2015 01:41

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Archives of the Friendquisition [Crossover][Possible Grimdark] As you may be able to tell by my chosen moniker, I enjoy me some Warhammer 40K. And the thought of smashing two settings so thematically opposed together... amused me. So it should be no surprise that I've been picking away at something of a crossover fanfic.

Using MLP as the starting point (obviously), I imagined what it would be like if Equestria became more like the Imperium. What I shot for was something in between, with the rough edges of the granddaddy of grimdark, while still retaining some of the ponies' lighthearted, cartoony nature. Hopefully I succeeded.

Unfortunately, I'm something of a sluggish writer on projects as large as this appears to be, so updates will likely be few and far between. Comments, criticisms and suggestions are always welcome. And I've always found encouragement to help motivate me too. ;)
So with probably some further ado, here is chapter one:
If the response is good, and I get some more written, I'll get it out to other venues.
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Pre-reader 63.546"s Equestria Daily Feedback Thread

As everyone should know by now, Equestria Daily has gone almost exclusively to short bullet-point reviews, except in cases where only a small number of items need to be corrected for posting. I enjoy giving longer reviews, but can no longer do so through Equestria Daily, so I will post them here. I will only do so for stories that in my estimation would have passed the old automoon system; others will get only the bullet-point treatment in the email.

This thread is only for the authors in question and me. They are free to ask questions or ask me to remove their reviews from the thread for any reason. For any other traffic, I will ask a mod to delete it. General questions about Equestria Daily or the pre-reading process should be posted here:

Note that I won't give an exhaustive list of errors; I'll provide a representative list of the types of problems I find and leave it to the author to scour his story for the rest.

To avoid repeating myself, I'll post a few of the more common discussion topics up here; your review may refer you to one or more of these.

Dash and hyphen use:
Hyphens are reserved for stuttering and hyphenated words. Please use a proper dash otherwise. They can be the em dash (Alt+0151) with no spaces around it or en dash (Alt+0150) surrounded by spaces. Some usage (primarily American) employs only the em dash, while other usage (primarily British) employs an em dash for cutoffs and an en dash for asides. It doesn't matter which system an author uses, as long as he is consistent.

Comma use with conjunctions:
There may be other grammatical reasons to place commas, but in the simplest forms, commas accompany conjunctions to separate clauses, not to separate two items of a compound subject, verb, or object. The most common simple sentence forms are:

He performed this action and that action.
He and she performed this action.
He and she performed this action and that action.
He performed this action, and she performed that action.

Dialogue punctuation/capitalization:
When transitioning from a quote into a speech tag, you use a comma in place of a period (other end punctuation would remain unchanged), and the tag is not capitalized by default. Here are the most common forms:

"Speech," he said.
"Speech." He performed a non-speaking action.
"Beginning of quoted sentence," he said, "end of quoted sentence."

Lavender Unicorn Syndrome (LUS):
This is overuse of descriptors such as "the lavender unicorn" when referring to a character. Most times, a name or pronoun will do, and they blend in without pulling attention away from what's happening in a story. These descriptors also tell us information we already know, for the most part. If anyone doesn't know that Twilight is a lavender unicorn, it'd be odd to find him this waist-deep in the fanfiction community.

When it's okay to use them are (very sparingly!) for a bit of flavor, when they actually do impart some new information, or when there are a lot of characters present, such that names quickly get repetitive and pronouns are ambiguous.

Talking heads:
This refers to conversations that have back-and-forth dialogue with little in the way of action to separate them. The characters may as well be disembodied heads floating in a featureless void, for all I know. Half of a conversation is nonverbal cues. They carry so much of the emotional content of what's said, so give the reader the complete picture. Use the same techniques as show versus tell. Speaking of which...

Show versus tell:
It's better to get the reader to interpret a character's emotions than to tell them outright. Devices for doing that include body language, reactions, facial expressions, actions, and sometimes speech and thought. The three biggest red flags are outright naming an emotion (sad), -ly adverb form (happily), and prepositional phrase form (in excitement). The last one in particular is almost always redundant with an action it follows. You'll bore the reader just throwing cold facts at him. This is akin to an actor expecting the audience to intuit his mood from his actions and speech rather than stating it outright. The latter is more efficient, but also quite boring. Showing is not always necessary, but is a better idea when emotions run high, the story is at a critical plot point, you want the reader to feel something along with the character, or it's early in the story where you need to hook the reader.

The verb "said" (and to a degree, other common ones like "answered," "replied," "stated") blend in without calling much attention to themselves. It's okay to use other speaking verbs like "shouted," "muttered," "whispered," etc. to convey a mood or tone of voice, but after a point, the reader starts noticing the choice of speaking verb more than the speech itself, which is a bad thing. The more often an author uses more exotic ones, the more the reader will remember them more than the story. A good mix of mundane speaking verbs, more unusual ones, and going without a speech tag at all will serve a story well.

Head hopping:
It is okay to change character perspectives within a story, but doing so too abruptly or too often is jarring to the reader. An author must consider whether the information he's presenting would be available to the intended perspective character. If not, then he must consider whether the information is important enough to be necessary, can be presented in such a way that the perspective character can perceive it, or if a shift of perspective is truly the best way. And if a shift is justified, then be prepared to stay in that character's perspective for some time. Staying there for only a sentence or paragraph just jerks the reader around. And when changing perspectives, do so smoothly. Imagine a camera, gradually zooming out of one character to a more objective viewpoint, then zooming in on another.

Authors can find further information and other reviewing resources here:
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The Training Grounds: TSSSF Edition
#Reviewer #The Training Grounds

Previous thread: >>128937

Welcome one and all to the Training Grounds, the review thread for authors and reviewers, both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike! Do jump in and participate if you can. New reviewers, editors and authors are always welcome! After a year of low activity we finally hit autosage, and it’s time for a new thread. Put some wood on the fire, sip some cocoa/tea/coffee/wine or whatever your drink is, and let’s ship some ponies get those quills moving.

How to get a review: Post a story with its title, description, tags, and a link to it where applicable. Please include all of these in your post and not just a Fimfiction link to a title page.
Remember that while reviewers love to read, they will often lean towards being critical. Don’t be discouraged—use their criticism to improve your writing!

How to review stories: Write what you think about the story (or review) and post it in a reply. Writers want their work to shine so point out faults with gusto, but don't avoid compliments either—if something makes you smile, a few kind words can add a lot to your review.
Put a * in front of the subject field if you’d like your review reviewed.
[hide] tags are useful for long replies.

How to review other reviews: Put the title of the story being reviewed in the subject line along with the reviewer who wrote it. Say what you think about the review and point out anything you think they could work on, but also tell them what they’re doing right. Support what you say with good sources if you can. Reviewing a review is like reviewing a story, just with a different focus. Don’t be shy if you have something to say. They want your feedback, after all!

List of unclaimed stories: >>132036

Last edited at Thu, Jan 29th, 2015 21:09

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the necro world
#Collection #Random #scary twisted

the dark sounds came through the night as the mane six head to their beds to sleep. when twilight went to bed, a mysterious mare sneeked into the castle, and stole a ball of dark energy. in the morning, twilight got up from her bed.

" good morning spike: she said streching her legs.
"twilght, have you notice something weird about ponyville lately"
when twilight looked out the window, she say that ponyville was turned into a dark twisted verson of itself.

to be continued.
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West Coast / East Coast Reviews
#Reviewer #Crossover #Seattle_Lite #Nicknack
Welcome to the meat grinder, the thunderdome, the jungle, the ninth circle of... yadda, yadda, yadda. This is a review thread, and it features two of the oldest and best, in our obviously humble and totally unbiased opinion reviewers on /fic/. We’re happy to help, but you should probably meet us halfway. So, without further ado, have some...

Your post submission should include: Title, Genre Tags, a Synopsis, Word Count, and a Link to the story. We strongly prefer Google Docs. If you give us a picture of words, get fucked Don’t send us pictures of text.

Failure to submit properly will be met with swift retribution. You probably won’t get a review, certainly not from Seattle.

Anything not allowed on Ponychan (gore, porn, all that good stuff) is not allowed to be posted in this thread. If you have something that falls outside of the acceptable content guidelines of Ponychan, you can email it to either of us, but the review will be done in private. If we hate it, we get to let you know without Ponychan mod intervention. Granted, as you’re probably showing us dicks in this scenario, so that’s a fair trade. Any fics involving Snails, a rock, and a hill, need not apply. Ditto for Onyx Origins / Maverick. Vimbert’s only allowed three one-shot submissions a week. Unless it’s Ironfall. And why aren’t you writing that right now?

Stories will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis... unless one of us likes you or your story. Within the priority queue, stories will be reviewed by whichever of us gets around to it; if you have a preference as to either Seattle_Lite or Nicknack for a reviewer, say so, and the other won’t take it personally. Less work for him, right?


Seattle: Yeah, neither of us is much the cuddly type, so if you’ve an aversion to acerbic wit, brutal honesty, and critical analysis... well, this may not be the thread for you. I have an intense fondness for Dark-themed stories, but if they aren’t well-executed, I’ll let you know why in excruciating detail. I will not touch anything with a human being in it, and tend to frown on crossovers in general. I have significantly less time available that my colleague here, so I’ll likely take on no more than three fics at a given time.

Nick: You have the right to hear honest feedback about your story, and I have the right to give that honesty. I make no promise to pander to your emotions. If I tell you your story needs work, then that is an indication of a fledgling success, not of failure. I will not lie and tell you a mediocre story is great. I will not seek to destroy your story, either. If you don't think you are able to handle criticism, please do not waste both your time and mine. I also still have the offer to review non-pony original fiction, as I think it’s important not to stick within the confines of this show.
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Is There a Point to Creating Fanon/Head Canon?

The following thread is a composition of my ramblings and thoughts on the title subject matter. Subject may drift and deviate from off course into incoherent ramblings, in which case feel free to disregard and mock with no restraint. Thread itself is an exercise of burning off steam in a temporary manner in hopes of earning sympathetic commentary, if there is indeed any to be had.

Pretentious dialogue is inevitable, as such it is advise to the sane readers here to avoid this thread outright entirely if they are not looking forward to perpetuate what will probably end up as a flame thread of little to no value. Expect OP angst in some major form or another. (In this case, prepare your best forum weapons to mock as such accordingly.)

Logical fallacies probably present in some form. Proceed to destroy such items accordingly as you see fit.


As an individual who has been invested with the show and fandom itself since roughly around the Season 1 mid-late game of March-April, I have bore witness to countless fanfiction produced by fan-writers. Within many of the fics were countless worlds and the possibilities, each author having their own mythos woven into the basic fabric that left much open to interpretation. For a person such as myself, the world for this fandom was wondrous and most tantalizing. Never had I seen such a crushing force of creativity given form from a fandom that was so young yet vibrant. I suppose you could say I was enthralled by the sheer scale of possibilities the show's lore allowed for back then.

Perhaps even giddy to some degree.

The devotion that went into some of such work was alluring, a bait that could not be ignored, even if I were to know what was to come afterwards. By Sturgeon's Law, there was certainly an abundance of badfics to be had, but they were compensated by the various branching paths that writers took with their own thoughts and imaginations. Fanon and head canon alike seem to grow into their own niches, or in some cases, became something familiar fandom wide. Background characters and support characters took the spotlight here for me simply because their status meant that one could fill in a varied matter of backstories, histories, and personalities, with each iteration mixing and meshing with the creations from other fan writers to create new molds to work off from. Lore of unexpected origins for Equestria itself was abundant back then.

This along with other fan content is one of the main reasons why I have stuck around with the fandom for so long. Or at least, was one of them.

As time would have it however, most if not all of the original fan created content from way back when has either faded into obscurity or was altered to conform to the show's expanding canon content. These days I find myself repulsed to any attempts to even bother trying to come up with some new fangled interpretation or what not, simply for the sheer fact that it won't last against the canon status of the show, inevitably being buried or conforming to whatever changes the show throws out, regardless of whatever a fan creator's original plan and divergence from there would have been.

Over the years, seasons have come and gone, leaving me feeling like a bitter hag who has been rendered obsolete with time, unable to accept things as they are and move on from the past, away from the now irrelevant material that was once held in regard in one way or another. My enthusiasm for customized content from fan creators has waned to where I sometimes find myself actively discouraging such efforts in hope that others could avoid a similar fate, wasting precious time building something that will face obsolescence within a year's time.

What's the point? If one's fan lore (Plus character interpretations, maps, personalities, plot items and interest, past histories and so forth.) is always having to adjust to canon so as to be deemed as acceptable material that isn't considered outright disrespecting the show itself, then there is little point in putting effort into such projects until the end of the show itself. Hell, even with the excuse of the AU tag, you are still expected to conform to some degree regardless, at least that is my personal perception of how it feels on an individual level. (Your mileage will vary.)

Yet even still, I cannot find it in myself to withdraw from these elements of the fandom. Still I stick around in the vain hope of rekindling forgotten past histories and creations. Or rather, out of nostalgia and memory for such things. One would not be at fault to think such behavior and mulling as both pathetic and reprehensible. Is that not the norm to think as such? How is such behavior any different from the Twilicorn incident? It isn't, naught but a fool's stupidity to lull themselves into becoming attached to such elements of the fandom before thinking about the consequence of such actions.

To this end it has occurred to me that the creation of such material is nothing but damaging in the long run, or at least that appears to be one such possibility, much as it may depress me to even comprehend as such.

It is readily agreed upon that anyone who tries to preserve past obsolete fanon/head canon elements or use them is nothing short of arrogant. (Or at least, that is what I have been able to glean over my time in this fandom with my experiences.) Some regulars of the fandom regard even the concept with nothing but utter contempt, as in their eyes such content defiles the very show and fandom itself as something akin to fandom heresy. (Again, personal perception here.)

Even fan creators I have seen will readily retrofit, renovate, and/or alter their own content more often than not to suit the current show as it is. Assuming they do not alter their past content, then their future ones will most certainly will incorporate canon elements of the current present, regardless of what the original projection of such creations could have been, all conforming to one single canonized timeline in some form or another. (May be another personal perception, if only some of it.) Rarely do I see fan creators ever stick to their own guns as it were in direct defiance/deviance from the show itself to branch off and do their own thing. Even then, it isn't done full heartedly.

Even small things such as names and eye color can irk me, perplexing as the notion will be to some. I.E: Sweetie Drops instead of Bon Bon, Octavia "Melody" instead of Van Clef, Philiharmonica, Sonata, Harmonious, and what have you, gone the varied interpretations and past that could have come with them.

A common magenta eyed Vinyl instead of the exotic fanon red or even other obscure colors, the symbolism held with such things no longer relevant and now worthless.

(The following will make use of extreme hyperboles, metaphors, exaggerations, and the like to get a point, if there is any, across. Simply put, a personification of my experiences and subjective perceptions. Will likely fail in any case.)

Past histories and personalities? Ha! As if background characters have any canon ones to display. You are not being original if you use fanon elements, you are naught but a pretentious fool that willing partakes in falsehoods and tales where none such things exist. I presume that the 100th episode will rectify this once and for all, and once that happens I do expect at least a small purge of obsolete elements. (Bitterness here much? Indeed.)

D'aaaaw, the little crier wails in wangst because Twilight now has a canon love interest. He is most upset that his "waifu" now belongs to a proper canon character. (Or rather, cannot be shipped with other characters and the like without taking a considerable hit to one's reputation as a writer. This paragraph is personifying small elements to display personal perception and what not. Feel free to mock this section in particular.)

You idiot! Twilight Sparkle already HAS a brother in canon. Get your bloody facts straight and correct this grave error at once! (If not using AU tag.)

The Princesses are not "goddesses" you damned fool. There is no such thing as the silly "New Lunar Republic, Solar Empire, Celestial Tyrants, rebel freedom fighters" and what not as canon has not shown as such. Such elements are these days considered blatant disregard for show canon, their users if any deemed less than reputable among some individuals in the fandom. (That or indifference.)

Either include the Hearth Warming Eve as an element of Equestria's past, or be stoned by the projectiles of a thousand boulders!

After this I assume you have an idea of my personal perceptions and experiences that have been had throughout my time in this fandom. Or failing that, have demonstrated in a spectacular manner of just how crazed and dumb that I am as a person. In any case, I needed to vent as a way to deal with personal anxieties and worries, as the background character episode will no doubt create, much to the delight for the rest of the fandom in that they are finally getting something solid for all to use with no room for argument, and to bludgeon those fools (Me included.) who insist on making wasteful use of fallible fanon content.

And with that ends this waste of thought matter and use of brains.

If nothing else, it shall at least provide an exercise to demonstrate how to deal with fools of the fandom in the follow up comments to this "article".

This thread was brought to you by the senile Anon who does not happen to know any better.
Good hunting then.
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Oi. What happened to Boomsick Mick?
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So have any of you heard of
#Discussion #Crossover

A crossover fic between abridged series like Ultra Fast Pony, Mentally Advanced Series, Friendship is Witchcraft, woth the canon series and/or eachother?
(No image)
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Good fanfics

What are some good fanfics out there? Stories that revolve around either halo, skyrim, WOW, military, humans, or rainbow dash are what interest me the most. But anything

Last edited at Sat, Feb 28th, 2015 22:48

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Doing His Duty
#Single fic #Normal #Comedy

Welp, looks like FIMFiction is a complete wasteland for getting any kind of meaningful feedback on your story. I tried the FIMFic General on /mlp/ and got no takers, so here I am, /fic/, seeking your help.

I'd like someone to tell me what they think of this ongoing fic I've been working on since October. I tried to go for a balance between mild believability and general silliness, and I'm just not sure if it's actually all that funny. Can anyone help me?

Trigger warning!
-This is a comedy centered around the two most hated characters that I can think of: Blueblood and Flash Sentry. Though, I'll have you know that they aren't interpreted as what you've seen in the show.

-Covers somewhat adult ideas. Not for those easily offended by the idea that our beloved candy-colored equines have sex like all other mammals. It is not, nor will it ever be, straight up clop.


Thank you all for your time.
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Friday Night Motherbucker

(No image)
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Lightening Fluttershy"s Dark Sky
#Single fic #Comedy #Grimdark


The third installment of the Fluttershy's Dark Sky series. This one is about Rarity becoming a ninja time god and Fluttershy becoming King Sombra. Nothing out of the ordinary.
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A Fond Farewell Well, I’m sure the word is well enough out by now for most of you, but I’ve joined the Marine Corps, and I’m headed off for Boot Camp soon March 2nd. I’m signed on for four years of active duty, so I don’t know if I’ll ever see or talk to you guys again. I’m an electronic communications mechanic, so odds are I’ll be able to access a computer now and then, but I can’t be sure so I just want to make sure I’ve said this. I’m gonna miss you all, and as part of my goodbye, I’ve written a short blurb on what I’ll miss the most about all of you. I know some of them don’t seem like it, but these are from the heart, so I hope they’ll help you remember me as much as they help me remember you.

Despite its low traffic and visibility, /fic/ will always be my home as a writer. It’s where I realized how little I knew, and where I learned what I know now. I’ll never forget the people listed here.

The devil of /fic/. Never afraid to be brutally honest with someone. Caustic, blunt, and a cynical asshole to the core. He brought such energy to the board that it was just never the same without him. Also known for his wicked-awesome, creepy gifs. I grew to love those. And the final irony is that when I first came to /fic/ he said I wouldn’t last 200 posts; and while not a single one of my threads has made it that far, I’ve stayed here far longer than he has. Fate has a funny sense of humor. I’ll miss you, Ion.

Roger Dodger
Certainly the most level headed and down to earth member of the old /fic/ crew. Where he led, the crowd followed (even across sites). It felt like a mark of acceptance the day he commented on my first thread.

A man I hold the utmost respect for. He wrote very little, but what he wrote was simple and effective. He never aimed very high, and never said much, but simply strove to help others improve, and even wrote one of the most widely recognized writing guides in the fandom. I am proud to have known him.

A talented story reviewer I have only had the pleasure of conversing with on a few brief occasions. He shared my love of dark stories and had the same emotional wiring issue I had for many years (that odd thing where cute was disgusting and horrific was funny and whatnot). It was always a treat when Minty was around, which was a surprisingly rare sight.

Chocolate Milk
Ah, Chocolate Milk. ‘Twas a bittersweet day when he left. He had the greatest reputation for proofreading out of anyone. The man was like a magic potion or something. The only person I’ve ever seen rival his skill in grammar and punctuation is Pascoite. I wish him luck with wherever he went.

A little thick headed, but I liked the guy. He and I were the two most controversial reviewers on the site. We bickered, argued, and occasionally went too far with a review. I’ll always smile fondly upon seeing his name.

One of the awesomest reviewers ever. A sharp tongue and a loose handle to boot, reading NickNack’s reviews always gave me a laugh, especially if he was tearing apart my own work. He conceived Gushnor, God of the sewers, and showed me exactly what I needed to change as a writer. I respected him when I first showed up, and continued to, even as I grew to view him as an equal instead of some lofty legend I would never surpass. I still never gave him a candid review of “Two Beats” with sound.

Seattle Lite
The man who did everything, and then disappeared. Seattle was like a legend when I showed up. He was an EqD prereader, a Fimfic Moderator, and one of the best reviewers the site had seen. He promised to look over one of my stories if I ever finished it, but I never did. I don’t know where he is, nor does anypony else that I know of.

He posted Lyra, right? It’s been far too long since I’ve seen this guy. He used to internet hug me a lot in IRC. I recall enjoying that.

He and I were always butting heads. I’m not really sure if he actually hated me or just pretended to, but he seemed like an angry individual. Odd that I wish he were still around.

Golden Vision
I never really knew him until right before the split. He was always just kinda there: the face of Doctor Whooves. He shut down one of my favorite stories so completely that to this day he is the last person to open that Gdoc (I still have not looked at his comments). Called him in as a panelist for a pony fiction panel at Bronycon, and I’ve never regretted that decision. Awesome dude, funny laugh, adorable eyes, no homo.

Livestreamed reviews, man. I saw his thread pop up once, dropped my favorite story I’d ever written into it, and sat back for the show. Insightful dude with an awesome voice. He disappeared shortly after that and I never saw him again. I still look up his old threads when looking for Suprise pics.

He’s as mysterious as the Mare-do-well he posts as. Took me two and a half years to finally get a review out of this guy. Ripped the story a new one, but it was in a good direction. Much respect, and many thanks for all the encouragement. The story got featured at one point, and I never sent it to EqD because the rest of what I wrote never quite measured up to the few chapters Umbra looked at.

Professor Hugbox
Shared a review thread with me for a while. Loved to banter with me in the Training Grounds thread. Was always skimping on reviews to go play Team Fortress 2. He eventually left for the game but while he was here he was my friend.

We never really spoke much, although he always managed to post without an image, and no one ever noticed. He became an EqD prereader without anyone noticing either, and gave me some big advice on one of my stories.

Ran a character review thread for a while, where he would respond in character. It was pretty awesome. Ran into him over on /gala/ a bit, in the /Pony/ After Dark thread. He always showed up at the same time, talking about living in a wood cabin out in the woods with a fire and a chimney. Man, that sounded lovely. Met him through Bronycon Staff for a couple of years. Sweet dude. He even entertained me by narrating his “Trixie’s Magic Bit” story to me on the five hour car ride home—which by the way, took him an hour off course. Very generous person.

I will always remember him, not as the person who posted “Under A Luminous Sky” to literally every single review thread that popped up, but as the person who will forever disagree with me on whether or not Rainbow Factory deserves to be hailed as a good story. I remember the thread he posted when he first came onto the board. He was even brave enough to post an image of himself on the internet for all to see. I loved hanging out with him at Bronycon, though I’ll never forget having to call him on the radio when he didn’t show up for one of his panels. Still, bygones are bygones. I’m gonna miss this guy, though he’s part of the reason I’m gone. He was one of the first people I spoke to when I thought about joining the military. You’re an inspiration dude, and I hope I meet you in uniform someday.

I’m not really sure what I liked about him, I just did. He wrote some pretty chilling stories, so I guess I liked those a lot. I am a darkfic addict, after all. Nice job on TRG, dude.

I have still never found a single grammatical error from this guy. His knowledge of grammar and punctuation astounds me to this day, considering he never went to school for it. I guess it just goes to show you don’t need a master’s to be a master in your field.

E.D. Garnot
Garnot. Can’t leave you out. We never really spoke until the summer of 2014. We connected there, over Skype. Both of us sort of had a falling out with the fandom. We felt hopeless, lost, like we’d never amount to much, and we were just watching everyone fly by. We decided we were the unsung heroes of the battle. Helping young authors find their feet, and enter the fray strong and brave. We saw others to greatness, never once hearing our own name cheered through the streets. And we were okay with that. You got me through a tough time, bro, and I think I might have done the same for you. Sometimes all you need to survive alone in the dark is someone else to be alone with you. Thanks for that, man. I’ll never forget it.

Samurai Anon
Speaking of unsung heroes, the man who never even allowed us to know his name. He started the board, so I’m told. Built the structure and foundation it stands on. And then, when we no longer needed him, he left. I got him to look at one of my stories, and realized just how wise and insightful he was. I found myself in awe, like a young monk training in the circle with the grandmaster. He said I knew him, but I’ve never figured out what he meant by that, and I guess I never will. It was truly a privilege working with you. Farewell, my friend.

Writer’s Block
I never really interacted with you much, but I can’t in good conscience leave without giving you a spot here. You stuck it out, and helped Minty and I uphold the board when everyone else left. It was just the three of us for a while, so I could never live with myself if I neglected to honor your commitment to that. Thank you for sticking it out when no one else did. And thanks for your help on my story. It meant a lot.

Everyone else is pretty much a staple. I didn’t have very many memorable interactions with you all, but I knew you as the members of /fic/, and I was able to recall your names when I made this list. Thank you, one and all, for teaching me how to write, and for showing me just how little I knew when I first got here. I know most of you will never see this, but I want to thank you nonetheless, and bid you farewell, and good luck with your lives. It has been an honor and a privilege reviewing with you all.

Twilight Snarkle
Pav Feira
Split Infinitive
Compendium of Steve
Eustatian Wings
Midnight/Lunar Shadow


Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 23:49

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The Nightmare that Came to Ponyville
#Sad #Dark #Adventure

Ok... I see no one cared about my last thread... so how about this.

Here's my fic, critique if you care. I would be very thankful.

8 replies
A Split Crescendo
#Single fic #Normal #Human


Is this salvageable? Please critique me.
0 replies
Fic sharing & discussion
#Author #Discussion

Sup pony people? let's chat about fics we've written as well as sharing them. Hopefully we can learn how to write fics better in the process.

So here's the first chapter of a fic I've started recently, under a new username-(Since i forgot my damn password...). It's called The Nightmare that Came to Ponyville, It's coming together nicely i think. It's definitely giving me less trouble then other works in the past. Anyway, it's a dark/sad/adventure piece where Twilight's life gets fucked. that's the short version anyway.


As for discussion, here's a question to get things rolling. how do you go about sharing your fics? do you post them up on websites all over the place trying to find an audience somewhere/anywhere, or just post them in one place and let your people/friends come to you?
2 replies
Proof reading and editing? Is this board a good place to seek such things? If not where would be a good place for me to go, if you kind folks have any suggestions.
15 replies
Love Songs and Butterflies


Hey ya'll. ok, so I got done with this fic a week ago. I'm really looking for some extra support. Perhaps a review or a YouTube fanfic reading? Just a few suggestions ^-^ looking forward to hearing from ya'll

Last edited at Tue, Nov 11th, 2014 18:16

46 replies

For those of you that use this board, how would you feel about it being merged with another?

The reason for this idea is that a majority of this boards regulars are condensed into only a few threads, which could easily fit into another board's community without major upheaval.
This would also have the benefit of giving new threads a wider audience.

The current plan i have is to merge with /art/ and /collab/ into a single board (With a tentative name of /fan/, for lack of any other ideas) , but i'm making all three of these threads simultaneously so that plan is subject to change.

Another benefit to merging with those two boards in particular is that /art/ could provide inspiration for authors, while /collab/ may need a creative writer for whatever project is posted.

In any case, discuss the pros and cons of the idea in this thread.
I'll give fair warning before THE RECKONING happens, if it does at all.
321 replies
CYOA Pony Time! TL;DR - A Choose Your Own Adventure... With Ponies!

Hey fellow bronies! I've been writing a few stories lately and I've noticed just how big the sensual fiction thread has gotten. So, being the attention horsee that I am, I thought to myself "How can I get into this action without exposing myself to the dubious nature of pony lime?" Indeed, what else then a limey story like that using second-person narrative?
And then it hit me.
A choose your own adventure story!

And so I have crafted this tale. Concerning a certain Pony who has hit rough times and is looking for a big break, said Pony will go on a grand adventure with the main (Mane) cast to find fame, fortune and possibly even love (Haf'ta get them limey lovers in here somehow)!

Now, being that I lack cannot for the life of me come up with a method to properly imitate a CYOA book without making hundreds of seperate interlocking pages (And being too lazy to actually bother doing so too) this will instead be less of a "Choose your path" and more of a "Select what progresses the story forward or get a smarmy answer for your duncery." There will, of course, be minor branches but these will be limited, both to keep the story from becoming Dr. Whoofs nightmare in regards to paradoxes but also so that I can regularly update with new chapters; four paths would mean half the writing in twice the time, after all!

The process will work like this; purple prose will break up the story to keep things chugging along while occasional questions will pop up to keep things fresh. Simply match up the question with right answer and you get to go on! Answer wrong and you'll get an earful in early chapters while suffering a terrible fate (With the occasional life-bondage to a hoof-massage fetish-lover, just for you limes) by the climax! The answers will be spoilered to keep prying eyes from seeing them; remember, half the game is reliant on you being trustworthy enough not to peek (Although once you've progressed you should take a look anyways; I worked hard on those wrong answers!).

Also, while questionaires will be kept in seperate posts I would recommned not scrolling too fast: You may ruin the mystery by inadvertently reading the answer in the next text block, after all!

Also, please feel free to comment on the story but bear in mind for other potential adventurers that posting the answers would result in MOST dire of consequences... (Picture Related)

And so, without further adeuie, let us begin!
1 reply
Can you recommend me a fic, /fic/?

I'm looking for a fic that revolves completely around lesbian love-triangles and melodrama

Basically a pony version of Strawberry Panic
(No image)
1 reply
Nearly 50 followers on Fimfiction

Hit me up

12 replies
Losing the motivation to write (writer"s block or depression)

I've been in a rut. Used to, I was burning with enthusiasm for, not just the show, but writing my own stories about FiM. But in the last few months, I feel like I've lost that loving feeling. I feel nothing for, not just FiM, but many of my favorite shows. And now, I'm only making myself finish my FiM fics because I never finished a fic and I want to actually finish one for once. I was wondering if I got bored with the shows I watched or am I suffering from depression or am I going through a temporary rut and is there any way out of it or will I have to wait it out or, worst of all, give up and accept the melancholy?

Pic related
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Controversial styles: Grimdark and Clop

What is your general outlook on the grimdark genre?
Do you read/write grimdark sometimes?
What makes a story grimdark as classified by you?
What are important things a grimdark story must or must not do for you to enjoy it?
What are some grimdark stories you have enjoyed? (if you want to say why...)

(remark: my proper definition, sort of, of grimdark is a serious story that deals with heavy themes like violence and death in an explicit/graphic way)

What is your general outlook on clopfiction?
Have you ever read/written clopfiction?
What are important things a clopfic author must or must not do in order to write a good clopfic?
What are some clopfics you've really enjoyed?

> reminder: keep in mind that you don't directly post/link NSFW content
5 replies
Thanks for the love!
#Author #Kudos

So I've had a huge outpouring of love lately on Fimfiction, after someone linked to my stories on here. I can say that views and faves have gone up tenfold.

So whomever linked my stories - thanks. You rock.

~ Sparkler
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Pleas vote for The Luna Cypher

Pleas vote for The Luna Cypher here https://plus.google.com/+VisualPony/posts/SQ4Q3xvagYx
The Luna Cypher is a sequel to The Celestia Code, that story in term had a lot of adventure, mystery, show references, friendship building and a little slice of romance. I realy want to hear this epic sequel as an dramatic reading. Therfor i need all of you to help me make this come true pleas help me and the 28 others that voted for this comic.

Link to The Celestia Code: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/141549/the-celestia-code

Link to The Luna Cypher: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/175385/the-luna-cypher
315 replies
StoryForge V8
#Discussion #General #StoryForge
Hello, and welcome to the eighth iteration of the Story Forge, /fic/'s story idea and brainstorming general thread!

If you have a story idea that you do not wish to write, or are looking for a seed of an idea upon which to build your world, consider this place a literary take-a-penny jar. We can also help flesh out your story ideas, but do suggest that once you get the ball rolling, to move the conversation to one of our many fine Review Threads. If you see someone asking for fic ideas, or posting a few, please direct them here.

Form if you want feedback on your idea: http://goo.gl/3rdNQ
The list of ideas: http://goo.gl/o4sCW

Previous thread: >>106451
(No image)
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A Radioplay to Track Down
#Identification Request

I recently entered this page on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIkCzrePie8 - and while the video was running, I heard what I think was the opening to some kind of radioplay or dramatic reading playing in the background. Frankly, I'm not even sure it was pony-related, but there are some signs that it was.
I've looked into the HTML data and my temporary internet files and can find no trace of it, so I'm hoping that my fellow Bronies could help.
From what I remember, the audio seemed to be of Princess Celestia lamenting over her immortality. I remember the lines "...thousands of companions, though they're lifespans are that of a candle" and "...there is no delicacy in the world that I have not tried" and "...no one I can speak to...," or at least I believe it was something along those lines.
Frankly, it sounded awesome and I would like to find out what it was. It kinda sounded like the prelude to a 'Doctor Who' crossover.
If anypony can help me find it, please help me by emailing me. I would be very grateful and I would share it with everypony if it turns out to be awesome.
421 replies
The Training Grounds: Back to Basics Edition
#Reviewer #The Training Grounds
Previous thread: >>128053

Welcome one and all to the Training Grounds, the review thread authors and reviewers, both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike! With the closing of the spreadsheet, we’re going back to square one: just stories, reviews, and this thread right here. Things will be kept track of by hoof, wing, and/or claw with a listing every so often.

How to get a review: Post a story with its title, description, tags, and a link to it where applicable. Please include all of these in your post and not just a Fimfiction link to a title page.

How to review: Write what you think about a story (or review) and post it in a reply. Put a * in front of the subject field if you’d like your review reviewed.

List of unclaimed stories: >>129398

Last edited at Thu, Feb 13th, 2014 11:07

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Letting Go Made a Blog post [www.fimfiction.net] about this, but it felt appropriate to make one here too.

Lately I've had trouble picking up a book and settling into it, or picking up a story, or reviewing stories like I used to, and for the longest time I couldn't figure out why. It's not that I don't love reading. I do. It's an incredible escape, and it can take you on grand adventures to far off worlds, all from the comfort of your own home. It's literally a fantasy, but I don't need to spend 500 words explaining to you why reading is so popular. The point is, I can't figure out what's so difficult about it. Once involved in a book, the world melts away, and I sometimes forget that I'm sitting on my couch, or my favorite chair, or that there's a cat curled up purring in my lap, or that there's a cup of black cherry tea on the side table next to me, vapor no longer wistfully floating from its surface.

I think that the reason why it's so great is the same reason why I can't pick it up anymore. Reading takes you somewhere else. It almost literally takes you to a completely different world, where your problems don't exist, and wonderful people go on grand adventures, and you leave your entire existence behind. And I think that's the problem. Reading used to be a fun, relaxing experience for me, where I'd recharge from spending so much social energy. But now that life has gotten so crazy, I'm spending most of my energy not socializing so I can focus on my plan for the future.

What that has to do with reading is the fear of letting go. I'm fighting so hard to control my current situation, that I'm afraid if I let go of it I'm going to lose any stability I had. My mind can't seem to comprehend that I'm not actually leaving this world, and that things will actually be pretty much the same when I return. Every time I pick up a book, and stare through the portal of that brave new world, I linger on the threshold, afraid to step through the portal and into another realm, because I'm clinging too tightly to this one. I read the first few lines, and recoil in terror at the thought of letting go, and trusting fate to catch me.

Maybe that's why I can't seem to write anything anymore either. I don't want to spend a single minute outside of this world, because somewhere deep down I know I'll have to return eventually, and what will things look like when I do. Reading and Writing should be an escape. But for me it's a matter of trust, that I'm not letting life pass me by as I float through a wonderland of my fantastical daydreams. If I'm to ever join you all again, I'm going to have to learn to trust myself a little more.

Goodbye for now.

Last edited at Mon, Dec 22nd, 2014 02:25

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Recommendation/Request General
#Collection #Discussion

Here is a thread for people to post their recommendations so new people can get a general picture of the highlights of fiction in the fandom, or for people to ask for recommendations.

1.) No self-promotion, your work should stand for itself and make others want to refer to it.
2.) Provide tags and some small additional information for people to know what they are heading into.

1.) Do post on this thread and promoted works that deserve the attention.
2.) If you see people asking for recommendations, direct them here and ask them to delete their thread.

That is all.

Places to look for fics:
Old thread: >>88527
12 replies
#Author #Normal

Tell me why I'm bad

This pic isn't related at all but it's cute so whatever
(No image)
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I have a seed of an idea I have a bunch of oc's with deep personalities and backstories, I have a basic idea (Slice of life/comedy)
Is sitcomfic with only everyday conflict boring? I just need your opinion.
6 replies
#Author #Single fic #Discussion #Normal #Crossover #adventure

I worked hard on this chapter, and I would like to continue this story, please give me feedback.
(No image)
21 replies
Bat Ponies
#Discussion #Normal

Hi everypony. I was wanting to discuss the topic of the bat ponies. I'm not that well enlightened on their details, but I would love to explore these fascinating creatures.
7 replies
If you can"t say something nice...

I've started reading MLP fanfics recently. Posters here (on the Internet, I mean) seem to have a propensity for pouring hate and vitriol on things they don't like. Since this only leads to derailments and drama, I had an idea, and I hope others will follow my lead.

I'm going to post about some fics I've read, and then say a little bit about each one, ending with a conditional recommendation. I'm not going to say anything bad about a fic; I will only be descriptive and say what I liked about them.

If you want to post about a story someone already spoke of, feel free to do so, if you have something positive to add about it.

It's important to note that when I refer to 'quality of writing' I mean things like paragraph and sentence structure, grammar and word choice, NOT things like the premise or the story structure.

I'll limit it to one story per post.

Pic unrelated.


Ready? Here goes.

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Just thought of something that might make for a good fic.

In Rainbow Rocks, the sirens need Equestrian magic to regain their full power. But Twilight just leaves the portal wide open the entire time. So what if the sirens walked right into Equestria, absorbed their fill of magic, destroyed the portal machine so Twilight couldn't get back, and wreaked havoc on Equestria again?

Just an idea.
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Author thread, because wynaut?
#Author #Collection #Discussion

I figured as deadslow as this board is, me discussing things I'm working on here can't hurt. I'll just post my thoughts on my current works, past works, future projects, etc, as they come to me. Feel free to jump in, though I realize I'm not exactly critically acclaimed. I shall return to this thread continuously as I go about my incessant pony scribblings, to see what may be gleaned from any discussions arising here.

About me: Well, I'm a darkfic addict, so I really love to see creativity with those, as opposed to just gore for gore's sake. I'm also very cruel as a writer, and tend to seek out every bit of despair I can draw from a character. It's quite fun, actually. I love forcing characters to make impossible choices.

Last edited at Sat, May 10th, 2014 18:32

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Need a writer who just don"t care!!
#Author #Single fic #Random #Comedy

So, I need of a bit of help. Long story short, I need a writer who's both really good and with a good grip on the English language and grammar who also doesn't mind really random plot lines. My friend and I were collaborating with a not great comedy fic called "Welcome to the Human World Lyra." It's stupid fun, and we were just bumming around, but recently, I've been suffering from a bit of depression, and my motivation took a nosedive. Now, even with my depression gone, I'm still not fully motivated. I need someone to help the two of us out to work on the second half of Chapter 3 and any future chapters. Let me know if you are interested, and I'll hand over some contact info.
1 reply
How would you react?

"My name is Lyra Heartstrings, and you will not remember me. You won't even remember this conversation. Just like with everypony else I've ever met, everything I do or say will be forgotten. Every letter I've written will appear blank; every piece of evidence I've left behind will end up missing. I'm stuck here in Ponyville because of the same curse that has made me so forgettable. Still, that doesn't stop me from doing the one thing that I love: making music. If my melodies find their way into your heart, then there is still hope for me. If I can't prove that I exist, I can at least prove that my love for each and every one of you exists. Please, listen to my story, my symphony, for it is me."

Suppose that it was you, not Twilight, whom Lyra said these chilling words to. What would be your response?
407 replies
Conversion Bureau: Soilders Are Assholes Edition
Welcome, one and all, to the THIRTEENTH iteration of the round-table discussion that is known to some as THE CONVERSION BUREAU Thread! Started back in March, this over-arching fanon universe of The Conversion Bureau has spawned over 50 spin-offs, many worthy of standing on their own as fantastic stories in their own right. Come in, sit down, have a cold one, and enjoy your reading! Feel free to participate if you feel so inclined to do so!

Obligatory video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXoYK4b_q24

Old Thread: >>72569

We’re always ready to welcome new writers and any ideas they may have! Also, make sure to comment and give feedback on new stories and new updates! Authors absolutely love hearing what people think of their work. Be sure to try to offer civil and constructive criticism if you find any problems with their story! (They like it when you do that) If you don't say anything, you are depriving the author of input that could make their story 10 times better, so speak up whether you're a lurker or a regular poster! Who knows, you might even come up with something used generally like PER, r63 potion, Purification and I'm probably forgetting something but oh well.

Also, this still might be my last TCB thread. As such I am gonna be a little bit ambitious.

*** Only the new or updated stories will be posted below. ***

*** The old EqD post, The document, and the FimFiction group are good resources for old favorites. ***

The original will be staying for obvious reasons.

*OLD* Compilation post on Equestria Daily: http://tinyurl.com/7gkt2sm
*NEW* Compilation post: http://tinyurl.com/6w4d32x
Midnight Shadow's TCB guide: http://tinyurl.com/436eesa
TCB Group On FiMFiction: http://tinyurl.com/82ke7w9
Midnight Shadow's Story Compilation Document: http://tinyurl.com/43othw2
Krass's Open-Doc Extravaganza: http://bit.ly/nENanm (READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)

IRC CHANNEL!! We got one! It’s super crazy fun time! (But soul crushingly lonesome when no one but you is there...)

Channel: #TCB

(NEW) indicates stories that have been added or have new chapters that were posted in the previous thread. You can find the new fics at the bottom of the post!

NOTE: In an effort to save on post space, some links have been swapped for fimfiction links.

Here's the stories we got so far, some in the order they were made:

THE ORIGINAL: The Conversion Bureau (Blaze)
part 1: http://bit.ly/gZFoQi
part 2: http://bit.ly/eR7eoC
part 3: http://bit.ly/eaDLy8
part 4: http://bit.ly/io8PWj

Midnight Shadow's Stuff

A Twist in the Tail

A Twist in the Tail: Community Service

The Day the Sky Changed (Collection)

Change of Life (FirstTimePonyWriter)
http://tinyurl.com/7bm3wxh (NEW Pt. 7)

Yellowstone (Anonsi)
Equestria Daily Link: http://tinyurl.com/3v8ln6j
FimFiction Link: http://tinyurl.com/4y5n6x8

Yellowstone the Series (Anonsi)
Episode 1
Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/3ok5qb8
Part 2: http://tinyurl.com/3grwdv7
Part 3: http://tinyurl.com/44y75qz
Episode 2: http://tinyurl.com/3p65m6u
Episode 3: http://bit.ly/mOFrmS
Episode 4: http://bit.ly/oMbTY6
Episode 5: http://tinyurl.com/6pzenw6

Minisode 1: http://bit.ly/qHYjl9
Minisode 2: http://bit.ly/pw94CP
Minisode 3: http://bit.ly/nNbOSN
Minisode 4: http://bit.ly/pYmdc2
Minisode 5: http://tinyurl.com/6rex8fm

An Azure Future (Krass McWriter)
Compilation: http://bit.ly/ntqI7n

Chatoyance’s works (links to FimFiction)
27 Ounces: http://tinyurl.com/762ltp2
The Taste Of Grass: http://tinyurl.com/6tq9lv2
Her Last Possesion: http://tinyurl.com/6pgaozp
PER Equitum: http://tinyurl.com/7t73e6q
Code Majeste: http://tinyurl.com/7vdgcwd
The 800 Year Promise: http://tinyurl.com/6vm7vn4 (CURRENTLY ON-GOING)

Opening Week (Anonsi) (It Was Continued)

My December (Videomaster21xx)

Walking Man's Road (Videomaster21xx)

Benny Buggy Booegy (Erac)

Bad Batch (Anonsi)

Sing For The Wicked (Microshazm)

An Understanding Of Sacrifice (Sonic)

System 72 (Skybreeze)

Dont Forget The Music (LesPony)

Poptarts (Anonsi, Krass)

The Story of Thomas Thail and His Many Selves: http://tinyurl.com/7cgwwqv (Not exactly NEW per se, but was left out of last thread)

Speed Fics that might be continued:

Strained and Striped (Erac)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/oQHfrf
How I Learned to Teach Newfoals
Part 1: http://bit.ly/qp8aMI
The Wide Open Road (Windchaser)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/oWC8Js
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WIP Fanfiction involving my oc and featuring Claire Revells oc joen
#Single fic #Sad

It had been fifteen years since his brother had passed away by taking his own life Joel having been only been fourteen at the time and his brother only two years older he witnessed his brothers demise this scarred his already frail and fragile young mind and he has carried this heavy baggage around with him and grieved over the loss of his beloved brother ever since. Now Joel is twenty nine and still resides within his penthouse in bronx he had bought with the money he had inherited from his father when he had died. Joel is still upholding his rather playboyish lifestyle. But this week more particularly this day was different. On a normal week joel would've picked some gullible mare off the street and date here for a week or two then leave her a few weeks later. But this week was different this week happened to contain the day of the anniversary of that fateful day his brother had snapped under all the pressure and decided to put an end to all the pain of having to witness the constant quarreling between their parents. This day he had knew was coming however something unexpected was headed his way later this day that.That being the closure to end this grief over his brother once and for all. Closure to this pain is not something he consciously sought after its something his troubled mind yurned for. he had promised himself he would stop by Calvary Cemetery today to to pay his respects to his brother as he did every year on the anniversary.Little did he know this particular visit would change his life forever and hed also meet a new friend (expect updates on this post as the day passes)
2 replies
Scary Fics!

Hey Everyone. I'm doing a show on Scary fic's for Nightmare Night (Halloween) tomorrow and I would like some suggestions on what fics you think are scary.
(No image)
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story idea help

MLP Story idea

Working title: "I will marry you"

I have not wrote any fan fiction in a long time but decided to try it again. This is an idea I have for a story but need help to flesh it out and spot plot holes

Takes place ~2 years after season 4, involving a romantic & sexual relationship between Twilight and Flash Sentry. They want to get married and run into severe resistance to this desire.

IT WILL NOT BE A CLOP FIC. The idea is that their relationship has advanced to the point were they're sexually active, but no description or scenes of this will be in the story.


Twilight, as a full blown Alicorn Princess with castle, is hard pressed to be a proper role model and to marry within the noble class. She is the biggest prize in the political game. To most noble families, she is seen as a direct threat to their class & status, and they're using her family's noble status (minor nobles via parents, & Cadance/Shining's marriage) against her. The Noble's are using an archaic law that says the High Council of Nobles must approve the marriage of any princess. They consider her title as Princess of Magic, having her own castle, and her own court (the other 5 elements, Discord) as proof she is a not just a princess the equal of Celestia or Luna.

At the same time, there is a backlash against Twilight from the more conservative &/or bigoted commoners in the kingdom, especially Earth Ponies and to a lesser extent the Pegasi. To the conservatives, she is a pretender since they believe it against the natural order to be more then 2 ruling Princesses (Cadance also has trouble with this) and considered almost like an anti-Christ (i.e. Seeming good but actually evil at heart). To the bigoted, she is seen as another Unicorn given special status & opportunities (becoming an Alicorn) denied to Earth or Pegasi Ponies to further subjugate them under the the supposed rule of the Unicorns.

All this plus Twilight's openly acknowledged sexual relations & acceptance of both gays & foreigners makes the press portray her as a harlot and loose canon undermining the morals of Equestria.

THEN SHE FINDS HERSELF PREGNANT with Flash's foal, but only just pregnant by a couple of weeks or so.

Twilight does NOT want an abortion, nor could one realistically be done in secret. Same with hiding the pregnancy for 11 months and giving the foal up for adoption.

The press and comoners has not found out yet, but the Noble High Council has.

Twilight is informed that her only realistic option is to immediately marry a noble pony approved by the High Council, and then find out (wink, wink, nod, nod) she "got" pregnant on their honeymoon. This would protect Twilight from scandal, and the foal arrival would be just considered premature. It is also implied Twilight child will be treated as the child of her husband and not Flash.

The High Council KNOWS it has Twilight over a barrel, and wants major concessions from her to allow this, including a pledge of fidelity to ensure Twilight's future foals are legitimate and keep her away from Flash, and that she shares her rule with her new husband.

This immediately backfires as said bigots and conservatives see this as proof of subjugation and an attack on the natural order of Equestria. They want Twilight to marry an Earth or Pegasi Pony, to insure the Unicorns don't get more control and to keep Twilight from gaining more stronger connections to the crown via marriage to a high ranking noble.


Celestia MUST intervene to stop this, so she openly declares "I WILL MARRY TWILIGHT SPARKLE!" and she apparently means it.

This upsets both Twilight and the Nobles, but neither can argue against it. Twilight sees Celestia as a teacher and surrogate mother, not a mate, The Nobles see this as Celestia denying them the power they rightfully deserve as a concession to forcing Twilight to marry a Noble. Plus it is pointed out that this won't work to cover up Twilight's pregnancy. Celestia offers proof that she can (and has in the past) impregnate a mare. I most likely will not "show" this, just state she proves she can become male or at least have a male organ if needed.

Celestia convinces Twilight she MUST go through with the marriage for the good of the Kingdom and the Nobles still insist Twilight take an oath of fidelity, thus insuring she still can't be with Flash as a petty act of spite. Celestia counters this with a demand that the nobles pledge never again to interfere or intervene in Twilight's personal life again.

Celestia takes the roll of the groom at the wedding and Twilight wears a (slightly off) white dress as the bride. The other Elements are Twilight's maids and Celestia picks Flash as her best Stallion as a nod his feelings for Twilight and to at least allow him to be at the marriage before being assigned to a new post away from Canterlott and Twilight.

Sounds nice of Celestia but a little spiteful on her part too, as Twilight points out while waiting at the altar for Luna to officiate the marriage. In fact Twilight gets so angry that it looks like the marriage will be canceled

Celestia reminds Twilight that this is for the good of the Kingdom. However to appease Twilight, she was willing to let Flash be named the head of her personal guard as long as he swears to protect her with his life and stand by her side through all strife or troubles, to which he agrees. Celestia then asks Twilight if she would accept Flash as her Captain of her guard & personal protector, and to support him in that role, especially in times of strife or trouble, as a concession for letting the ceremony continue.

This is done of course at the altar, while Luna awaits to perform the marriage. This is also heard by the entire wedding party and assembled guest. There is some muttering about this from the Noble guest and High Counsel members, so Celestia pointedly ask the High Counsel members present if they aprove of this. Blueblood loudly announces his support of Flash, as along as Celestia still marries Twilight as agrred. The other Nobles quickly follow suit, not wanting to be seen as petty or spiteful.

Celestia ask if there is any further objections, and when there is none, suddenly declares Flash & Twilight as Husband & Wife, and orders Flash to kiss the bride.

All hell breaks loose among the Nobles as they condemn the marriage and declare it illegal, and verbally attack Celestia for breaking her promise. Celestia points out that she did fulfill her promise, as she swore to marry Twilight but never once said she was to be Twilight's spouse, instead she married Twilight to Flash.. Plus she points out the entire High Counsel just approved of Flash after listening to both his and Twilights "vows" to each other. Moreover thay failed to object to the marriage when asked.

The ending is NOT meant to make this somehow a big joke or prank, but a legitimate twist planned by Celestia from the start, where everypony including Twilight must be kept in the dark for it to work.

So this is my preliminary outline. Much with be added, some will be removed.

What I'm asking is for plot holes you see and suggestions to improve this, ideas on how everypony would react, further ideas on objections or concessions the Nobles might have or ask for, plus how the rest of the Kingdom will act or feel.

ANY feedback will be appreciated.
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Fanfiction Ideas?

Hello, I am a new writer to the site of FIMfiction who's pen name is Wings of Liberation. I have been chewing on the idea of publishing this Doctor Whooves story I wrote a couple months ago in Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy format. I have also been snacking on the idea of continuing one of my friend's stories that he had to abandon for personal reasons. But, I've also been wanting to make a new fanfiction. So, I was wondering if /fic/ had any ideas on what they'd like to see written. I would prefer it if the idea was along the roots of an Ask fic because those are always fun to write.
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Fanfic - Twilight Falls, Sunset Dawns
#Single fic #Sad

Apologies if I'm posting incorrectly, I'm unfamiliar with this site. I'm posting here to advertise my fanfic, "Twilight Falls, Sunset Dawns".

In this fic (begun before Rainbow Rocks and quietly ignoring it) Sunset returns to Equestria and uses a relic to switch bodies with Twilight and steal her life. From where Twilight is sent to live with Sunset's old mentor and learns her history with him and Celestia while Sunset lives Twilight's life and struggles to reconcile Twilight's lifestyle with the one she wants. Backstory, drama, and tears ensue.

Besides general feedback, I'd be interested in an English-fluent pre-reader to help me with matters of spelling and grammar. :)

2 replies

Dear /fic/,

All I want to say is thank you. Thank you that you gents and occasional gall helped me to improve my basic understanding of English. Never before I knew that semicolons, ellipsis, dashes and much more could be used in the ways you showed me.

There are people who I tried to help through reviews and those who helped me try to better the train wrecks I never published. These people know who they are.

Al in al it was great, /fic/ here and on mlpchan had its ups and downs. Eventually most migrated to the IRC. That one, however, is kinda empty. Better said quiet.

So long and thanks for all the tips!

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Evil Power Ponies idea

I'm not sure if this is the right board for this, since it's not really a fic and it's probably not going to be one, but I would still like some feedback on an idea of mine from writers and readers. Naturally, this is all based on the season 4 episode Power Ponies.

I formed an evil anti-Power Ponies team of villains with powers that specifically counter the abilities and strengths of the PPs, as well as being similarly based on the personalities of the Mane 6. They might be evil clones, I don't really know, but they look mostly like the Mane 6 like the PPs do. I'm really proud of them, so any suggestions or feedback would be very much appreciated :)

Fillisecond's super speed is rather easy to defeat. Stickywicket is practically made of sticky bubblegum, allowing her to immobilize anyone who tries to brawl with her or gets caught in one of her sticky gum traps. She's very giggly and pranksterish, and can also do comical maneuvers like inflating her own head and floating away (Like Pinkie did that one time).

Radiance's attack constructs are dependent on her focus, which is why her evil counterpart Mesmeralda uses her dazzling charm and blinding lightshows to distract and beguile her opponents. She can be seductive when it helps her get past security, and is difficult to chase down when laser lights and smoke aid in her escape. I can totally imagine her and Radiance getting caught up in simple banter, calling each other ugly and insulting each other's style.

There's no force in the world that can stop Saddlerager, which is why Yellowbelly uses the opposite of force. Her extreme meekness and timidity is phenomenally disarming, and when she bursts into tears it's near impossible to stand up against her. The other members of the team tend to bully her, and even use her as a distraction to escape, but make no mistake, she's just as evil as the rest.

Mistress Mare-velous has practically no powers above what any ordinary unicorn can do, and has a "capturing" motif with her lasso. As such, MissFortune is an expert at evading capture, despite her complete lack of powers. She's a ninja, but not the "magical ninjas" common in fiction. She uses nothing more than stealth, misdirection, traps, a quick wit, and a highly trained body to trip up and snag down her foes. She's the most serious and level-headed of the group, and prefers not to bloody her hooves.

It took a while to figure out how one could possibly counter Zapp's weather control, but a somewhat recent phenomenon in Russia inspired the hyperspeed pegasus Meteoryte. The most recklessly destructive of the group, the shockwave from her hypersonic booms can crack concrete, shatter all glass over several city blocks, and blast away any air currents nearby. Thunderclouds, hail, and even tornadoes are completely wiped out by the blast, leaving nothing but a huge empty hole in the sky. Of course, it puts a strain on her body that keeps her from doing it too much too often, but she has a flippant disregard for safety in the first place.

Finally, the Masked Matterhorn may be able to shoot several types of power beams from her horn, but the Antimattercorn only needs one. A mad scientist pegasus who invented a head-mounted ray gun that fires beams of supremely destructive antimatter, she is the de-facto leader of the group. She's much more "standard" as a villain than the others, the simple "genius with a death ray" archetype, but I find it works very well for the leader of the bunch, like Lex Luthor or Mojo Jojo. For some reason I imagine her wearing those crazy goggles that mad scientists tend to wear.

But wait, there is more than six members to the Power Ponies. How does this group fill the gap? Well, though the Antimattercorn leads the group in their regular crimes, they are overseen by The Boss, an enigmatic figure that delivers them special missions and orders via transmission. They've never seen his face, but his plans are always perfect and they don't dare disobey him. He may have created the six, I'm not really sure. However, the terrible truth about The Boss is that rather than a counterpart, he is Humdrum, the very same sidekick to the Power Ponies. He plays the part of bumbling sidekick to learn about the Power Ponies' strengths and weaknesses, as well as be in prime position to affect the balance of power in Maretropolis. He may "fumble" an important task if it goes against his interests, or occasionally come through and help defeat a major villain in order to protect Maretropolis until he's prepared to take it for himself. Even when the two teams face off, the evil counterparts have no idea that their Boss is the little sidekick hiding behind the Power Ponies.

So, any thoughts?
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Voice Acting?
#Discussion #Normal

Voicing over this (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/215451/the-lost-human) because we can. Need voice actors for Luna, Chrysalis and Celestia, though - anyone interested?
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Optimalverse: Your Shard?
#Discussion #Sci-fi

From "Friendship is Optimal" by Iceman. ITT if CelestAI took over the world and you emigrated to Equestria, what would your shard be like?

I would be a permanent graduate student (but with less stress) studying horticulture, doing research, doing gardening and greenhouse work and occasionally exploring the world (not limited to Equestria) and discovering new species of plants. I'd definitely request a better memory. My social life would be like a moe slice-of-life anime with my friends and I hanging around drinking tea, eating cake, talking about silly things, reading, and watching anime because anime, the internet and video games would definitely still exist. No coltfriends or romance. The university I studied at would be very diverse with not only unicorns, earth ponies, and pegasi, but donkeys, griffins, zebras, dragons, minotaurs, possibly even deers, okapis, qirins, and giraffes, etc going by hooves seemingly = talking by show standards.

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#Single fic #Normal #Sad #Comedy #Shipping

Hey i never came here before. Im a 4chan poster but they recently decided to block my ip range so i cant post there wich doesnt matter anyways because /mlp is nothing but a collection of generals and write this weeks fetish threads.
Im in the mood to read a couple of short storys but i dont really feel like learning about new characters, also i would preffer to read one situation storys like we came, we did something. end of the story or storys with not much development.
I read one once were vinyl was depressed, she went to see octavia and she cheered her up, anotherone were anon has a date with pinkie pie. Just a date without previous drama or afterdate drama. This is what im looking for
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My Littlest Pet Shop: Escape from Equestria (MLP-LPS Crossover)
#Single fic #Crossover

This Fan-fiction is not mine,but i posted because is a good fanfiction...

When Trixie accidentally opens a portal to Downtown City, insanity insues as Blythe and the seven pets enter the world of Equestria. With help from the Mane Six, can they ever get back home? And what do two mysterious figures want with the pets?

Read a chapter and replay

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Ok so I'm looking for some really abstract and surreal stories. Something just completely mind bendingly weird. The only one I've found so far is "Ἐλπίς" by Bad Horse


Anyone have anything at all like this? I would really appreciate any help here.

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ITT: Help a brother out?

sooo, I vinyl is my waifu. i've been a 4chan user for a while, and I really, really don't like how they always portray her as a junkie, the alcohol I can tolerate, but when the dope comes out I'm done. Can someone recommend some fics that portray her as not a junkie or slut, (if shipping straight only preferred vinylxanon) any help is greatly appreciated and if anyone has a similar problem or just wants something to read this would be the place to ask.
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#Single fic #Normal #Sad

Several years had passed since Joel's brother had committed suicide by gunning himself down. Joel on dreary morning stood staring down at the street reminiscing of the joyful times he he had shared with his beloved brother. Sadly his brother was no longer around to put the joy he once felt back into his life and being constantly reminded of his brothers absence on a daily basis dosnt bother him as much doesn't hit him as hard as it does when the anniversary of his brothers death comes around and the anniversary just happened to be on this day and this day is the sat he visits his brothers grave buried in Calvary cemetery Joel sighed then went back inside he put on his white shirt grabbed his black leather jacket of the coat rack slipped it on over the white shirt leaving the jacket unzipped then headed out and entered the elevator to get to the ground floor. As he stood in the moving elevator he began to flash back to the moment of his brothers death. As the memory entered his train of thought it began to manifest itself in his mind. As the flashback had ended and the memory had fled his Psyche. Joel fell to his knees and tears had begun to fill his eyes to the point that he couldn't see he sat and sobbed putting his hooves over his eyes after several minutes of weeping the elevator had reached the ground floor. Joel dried up his tears then trotted out the main door and started trotting down the sidewalk and began his venture to the cemetery on his way there a few miles up the sidewalk he had stopped by Cassia's flower shop he stopped by this shop pretty often for buying gifts for the partners he cycles through and he was considered to be a regular here and like always cassia the blue unicorn with a black mane and white heart marking upon her forehead was behind the register and brought up a conversation with Joel "Back again are we the reason i suppose?" cassia asked Joel responded with brutal honesty "no i'm here on family business" he stood in front of the register "Id like a bouquet of irises please" irises where his brothers favorite cassia said in her sweet soft voice "sure hon" She trotted into the storage room where she kept the flowers and brought out a bouquet of 12 irises and handed them to Joel "what do i owe you?" Joel asked not wanting to leave without paying and reached for the wallet in his jacket pocket "its free of charge" Joel looked back up at cassia his eyes were greeted by a warm smile "thanks" Joel politely responded he held back a smile because he didn't want her to be under the impression he had gone soft "have a nice day cassia see you next week" he exited her shop and resumed walking to the cemetery after hours of trotting several miles down the sidewalk he had arrived at the cemetery it was foggy and damp like you'd expect a cemetery to be. Joel made his way through rows upon rows of gravestones until finally he had found it he approached the his brothers gravestone at last there he stood upon the mound mound of grass where his beloved brother lied beneath in eternal rest 'he set the bouquet of flowers against his brothers headstone "Out of everyone i miss you the most Joseph" joel on this day he finally had gotten closure finally he could move on joel had trotted back home and for the first time in his life was able to rest easy...To Be Continued

I found this story about the joel guy who has been on lately and my subconcious and me are having this convesation
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#Discussion #Alternate Universe

Author RealityCheck (Known for his works Parting Wards and his expansion on the Nyx-verse) put a blog post recently discussing his take on the "Switched Destinies" Alternate Universe theme. This was his take:

Original post: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/361301/switcheroo

Contemplate: alternate reality where the mane six have swapped talents. Not just swapped CUTIE MARKS, but actual swapped TALENTS. And it actually works out for them --- but their personalities stay the same. And still centered around a Rainboom.

How so?

Rarity as a filly is entranced with the beauty to be found in weather.... at an early age she starts dabbling in weather magic. On a field trip to the weather factory, she can't resist fiddling with the rainbow mixer, crosses pipes with the thundercloud--- and causes a massive explosion, which creates the Rainboom, and leaves behind the world's very first Double Rainbow.

Since then she's become a weather specialist, inventing exotic and beautiful weather phenomena like sun dogs, haloes, moonbows, green flashes, ball lightning...

Rainbow Dash was lured into going on an illicit trip down to the ground forests by some of the rougher colts in her flight school. She found herself in an illicit hunting trip with them and their older brothers-- who were poachers. While they were down there she caught them tormenting an orphan bear cub, and proceeded to open a Rainbow Dash sized can of whupass on them. She got her licks in, but she was still only a filly and it would have gone bad for her... if that rainbow explosion hadn't scared the poachers off... Nowadays she works as an Equestrian forest ranger and animal caretaker, with an attitude somewhere between Daring Do and Steve Irwin, promoting all the "cool, awesome and radical" animals to the next generation, making appearances in her trademark khakis and pith helmet...

Pinkie Pie was a sad little rock farming pony... till the day the Rainboom uprooted and dropped a Zap-apple sapling in her lap. She cared for it, got it to grow and discovered that farming and growing living things could be extraordinary and fun (and in Equestria, not a little bit strange.) She and her husband Big Macintosh live in Sweet Apple Acres, growing some of the most outlandish crops in Equestria--Year-round Zap Apples, Poison Joak (don't worry, they wear goggles and booties), giant flytraps, self-popping corn, even an acre or two of Celestia's special golden apple trees. She also throws the best hoedowns in three counties.

Applejack, Pinkie's sister-in-law, took a different route. When she went to visit Manehattan the thing that drove her up the wall the most was that the darn clothing was so flippin' impractical. They were pretty-- but they were uncomfortable, they snagged and tore, they stained at the drop of a hat... she took up sewing in self-defense, trying to keep her overpriced clothing from the Oranges in one piece. It wasn't until she saw the Rainboom and the double-rainbow arcing all the way to Ponyville that she realized that what she wanted was what the world needed; clothes that were good looking AND sensible.... even a farmgirl wanted to be pretty; even a fashionable girl wanted her clothes to be practical and comfortable. And if you could have two rainbows at the same time, why couldn't ponies have it both ways? She went back home and opened up her boutique, where she works marvels in gingham and denim, cotton and crinoline. her down-home reminiscent styles have taken off like a shot with the rural working-class ponies, and have even started making inroads on the upper class as a sort of avant-garde counter culture fashion statement...

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Fluttershy found herself in charge of a nursery full of pegasus foals when the Rainboom struck. The terrified foals had begun bawling in terror at the noise and flash; Fluttershy had done the only thing she could think of and begun making funny faces and voices at them all. It worked; they soon stopped crying and began giggling and laughing at her antics.

Fluttershy doesn't throw parties or wild pranks, but she does love doing little things-- telling jokes, sending little greeting cards, handing out smiley-face daisies from Sweet Apple Acres-- to make people smile. Her favorite, though, is balloons. She can make over 300 different kinds of balloon animals...

AS for Twilight--- well, we're out of ponies to switch her around with. But everypony's gotta have something different for this--


Twilight Sparkle, much to her own humiliation, never passed the entrance exam. She struggled desperately to make Spike's egg hatch but failed to pull out a single spark--- then a random magical explosion made it hatch anyway. Worst of all, Princess Celestia had been right there to see her failure. She grew up thinking that she was a complete magical dud, with no magical ability at all-- her power locked behind the mental block from her horrible experience. Celestia took the filly in as a pupil out of pity (or so Twilight thought) and gave her the best book education she possibly could. Spike eventually had ended up as her personal scribe and assistant, giving her a helping pair of hands to make up for her lack of telekinesis. Thus she made do.

Between Princess Celestia's personal tutelage and Twilight's ravenous love of books, Twilight became one of the most brilliant magical theoreticians of her age, even though she couldn't lift so much as a quill with her own power. But her lack of any magic had left her with no self confidence at all. She was an antisocial recluse, too embarrassed to leave her stacks of beloved books. She was looking at a future as an assistant librarian, hiding from the world amidst the towering stacks of dusty tomes, when out of the blue Celestia asked her to go to the tiny town of Ponyville and prepare for the Summer Sun celebration...

tl;dr: Basically, The Cutie Mark switch of MMC that ends well for everypony involved.

A post this big and I can tell he's giving serious thought to writing this. And if he is going to give it as much effort as his other works, then I know it can only end great.

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Writing Exercise: Twilight Zone Style

You find yourself in an elevator. You don’t know how you got there but you are faced with these buttons and descriptions. You have no way out, without going through, The Twilight Pone...
G1: Rescue at Midnight Castle, Escape from Catrina, MLP The Movie, 2 TV Seasons
G2: My Little Pony Tales, Friendship Gardens, TV specials
G3: A Charming Birthday, Dancing in the Clouds, Friends Are Never Far Away, A Very Minty Christmas, The Princess Promenade, Run Away Rainbow, A Very Pony Place, Pinkie Pie’s Special Day, Meet the Ponies, Starsong and the Magic Dance Shoes, Rainbow Dash’s Special Day, Twinkle Wish Adventure, Once Upon a My Little Pony Time, The Worlds Biggest Tea Party
G4: G4 Season are broken up individually. Season 3 includes EQG, and S4 includes Rainbow Rocks

•You can only push one button. If you push G1, you will live through all of it, however anything from G4 you only live thru one season.
•Once you exit the ponyvater, you become a pony the same age as yourself.
•You have no choice in pony race, but you retain your human knowledge.
•Your actions can alter the course of events over your season or generation....
•If you settle down and have youngins, they will live into generations to come after you leave.
•After the season or generation ends, you return to being human in your own world.

What do?
Be creative.
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Official "Ask an Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything" Thread v17
#Discussion #Equestria Daily

Previous thread: >>122969

(What? Who let this die? You're all fired!)

Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the seventeenth installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Anything that has to do with Equestria Daily, the pre-reading process, fanfiction, alcohol, regrets, or Nicolas Cage. Keep questions on other subjects to a minimum.

We’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
A: Depends entirely on how many pre-readers have free time and how interesting the story looks. Could be an hour, could be a week or more.

Q: Am I allowed to respond to pre-reader feedback?
A: Yes. If you feel that we were incorrect in some assessment of your story or you wish to discuss possible revisions, feel free to bring it up in a reply email. Just try to be polite about it.
Oh, you can also send a reply to just say “Thank you.” We like that.

Q: My story was rejected despite the fact that my FimFiction/DeviantArt/Fanfiction.net audience loves it. What’s the deal with that?
A: Congratulations on having a story that’s well liked! However, Equestria Daily tends to have much higher quality standards than the sites mentioned above. Don’t be upset about being rejected; use it as an opportunity to make your story even better. We’ll be happy to look at it again once edits have been made.

Q: How does the Three Strike policy work?
A: Authors have three chances to submit their work before we stop adding it to the pre-reader queue. Every rejection counts as one “strike”. The idea is to have authors edit their work sufficiently before submitting it. We’re not editors, and there’s been a growing issue with authors thinking we are. Bear in mind that if a story is really close to being approved and is on its third strike, we’ll give it a bit of leeway. This policy is more to cover stories that haven’t had any significant changes made despite multiple submissions.

Q: Can I ask who my pre-reader was?
A: Yes, but they’re not obligated to tell you. Some of us prefer to remain anonymous.

Q: I was told to post my story on FimFiction. Why is that?
A: Generally when we recommend FimFiction it’s because we believe a story will do better there than it would on Equestria Daily. Don’t be offended. EqD and FimFiction just serve different purposes. And yes, you can submit different stories to us for review.

Q: Do you ban/blacklist authors?
A: No. However, in cases where authors have been particularly rude to us or the blogponies, we generally wait for some sort of apology before looking at their work again.

Q: Am I fired?
A. Yes. Yes you are.

Queue Information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AtvMttKpjm7udHZfLTdTd0lDcFFQRmpDMDdhUlJUQlE&single=true&gid=18&output=html
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Umbra"s Review Thread - "Heck, Why Not Try Again" Edition

Well hello there and welcome to /fic/. Why am I welcoming you? I have no idea, considering I've not been active in the MLP fanfiction community for… well, forever, in fandom years.

My name is Umbra, and once upon a time, I raped the souls of authors treading on this blessed ground.

Just kidding, I'm only half that conceited. What I'm really trying to say is that I rather enjoy reading and reviewing, and I've been known to provide decent advice from time to time.

Those of you more familiar with me will also know that I am inconsistent as balls. I will not try to make a secret of the fact that I've been known to start a thread, disappear for months at a time, and generally drop off the map at random for entirely unknown reasons. I won't bore you with those reasons, because they're really no excuse. But I tell you this as a warning: I start review threads during certain periods in my life when I believe I'll have the time, and I do my absolute best to churn out reviews.

VERY CLEAR, however, I WANT TO BE (also Yoda), if you ask me to review something, please post knowing full well that I may never get to your story. I want to help this community because I truly love MLP fanfiction, but I have many other responsibilities in my life. This time I have a few failsafes that I hope will prevent us from reaching a point of implosion, so I'm confident we'll at least be able to keep the thread running for a while, but I can in no way guarantee continuity. That being the case, if you are posting a story in my thread, I have no problem with you posting in other review threads. In fact, so long as the other reviewer is okay with it, I would encourage that. Just make sure we each have a clean document to work on.

Without further ado, here we go with a few rules:


1) No grammar editing. It kills me to do this because I know technical editing is extremely important, but that’s part of what destroyed my thread in the past. I’ll provide phrasing assistance if I notice any grave issues, and I’ll absolutely provide general plot suggestions, but intense technically editing is unfortunately too much for my schedule.

2) No word counts above 12,000. This number will allow for most one-shots and some of the longer chapters of ongoing stories. If, however, you’d like me to review a longer story, I’ll review until the 12,000 word mark, at which point you’re welcome to enter the next portion in the review rotation. I set this limit so that I can constantly cycle through stories and make sure everyone gets feedback as quickly as possible.

3) I have no restrictions on content. If, however, you would like to submit a story that falls into the “mature” category, please email the title, tags and link here:


and I’ll enter it into the queue.

4) I review in a style that I refer to as “Hardcore,” based on Vimbert’s Vindictive reviews. I do this because I believe a tough love approach to writing is the best one. Why? Let’s be honest: writers can be pretty damn arrogant, and I am in no way an exception. There were times when I was ludicrously outraged by an Equestria Daily rejection letter, only to realize after careful discussion with friends that my rejection was completely justified.

In my reviews, I will rip your soul out because you need it to be ripped out, just like I do. That’s the same reason that my private editors have no problem being brutally honest about flaws in my stories.

Poor phrasing? Hardcore comment.

Incoherent plot? Ultra-Hardcore comment.

Horrifying character development? Prepare your butthole.

I used to offer a choice between “ordinary” and Hardcore reviews, but now I don’t really see the point in doing that. And so if you post a story here, fully expect me to treat you like a murderer in response to any affront to the English language.

The flipside of this? If you produce an excellent story, I will not stop raving about you. When I’ve really enjoyed stories in the past, I’ve written entire posts dedicated to praising the author and everything they had done. That’s because I really do want you to write well. I may be an asshole while reviewing, but in reality I’m actually a decent person. I like puppies and mud pits, just like you.

5) Google Documents only please, with comments turned on. No FimFiction, no FanFiction.net.

6) Lastly, please be respectful to others at all times. This rule applies to me as well. Even if I am reviewing the everloving SHIT out of your story, I will never criticize you as a person unless you’ve given me a reason to (flagrant disregard for /fic/’s rules, for example). If you have major flaws within your story, expect me to be excruciatingly harsh on them, but also know that I will never be discourteous toward you as a person.

Alright, I think that covers just about everything.

Hugs and kisses, let’s do this.
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Request for fic review
#Author #Crossover

Hello there,

I have a completed fic on fimfiction, and would like to fine tune it and create an official, finalized pdf file of the entire fic for my fans that have read it. If anyone has time to read a little or all of my fic and give me a review, I'd love to hear some feedback! This is a Doctor Whooves fanfic, which I know has been done a lot, but I wanted to put my own personal story that played out in my head down on paper.

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Scootaloo Headcannon Fic
#Single fic #Discussion #Normal

A lot of people have been wondering about Scootaloo's parents for the past few seasons and such. Some even suggested that she is an orphan which i find to be a rather silly idea. I mean just because her parents are not shown dose not maker her an orphan.. Some even suggested that due to the fact that she has no family that it is the main reason in why she idolizes rainbow dash.. But even that falls short to supporting the theory. Scootaloo's idolization of Rainbow Dash wanting her to be her sister has nothing to do with the supposed fact that she is an orphan and and has no parents, it is most likely because she is an only child and had no sister growing up which fueled this fascination with Rainbow Dash. So basically want i'm trying to say, lets all just get rid of the orphan scootaloo theory in the brony community and instead replace it with smarter and better theorys that could actually have a chance at making it to the show and becoming cannon. This thread is mainly dedicated to Scootaloo headcannon theorys and sharing are different head cannons.
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#Discussion #Shipping

Have anyone here heard from a tripfag named BiscuitAnon? Is he producing more VNs/fics? The rumors had it that he had moved from /mlp/ to Ponychan.
7 replies
#Single fic #Random

Hello! My name is Bleedin. This is my real first time in ponychan! I made a story. Can someone tell me what they think and etc.


Constructive Criticism is a must.
400 replies
Samurai"s Review thread TL;DR: I review stories and people appear to think I’m quite good. Go to >>17970 to see if you want my help and I shall oblige, assuming you agree that I can take as long as I need to do it. I am particularly interested in helping fledging artist, although established ones can come as well.

Greetings to all those that happen to read this sentence, I welcome you to my review thread. I originally came here to help new writers improve their stories by using a bit of my experience and knack for story making as to make sure their stories were as good as they could make them. Work, time and family (in addition to the fact that most of the people I attempted to help left without a trance) however conspired against me going to individual threads to help people.

Thus, I made this thread >>17970 where people could come over and ask me to give them my sincere opinion about their stories and how I think they could improve their plots or their writing (sometimes both). Considering how much it grew and how little time I still have, I have decided to make another thread as to make it easier to go through (300+ post are also a hell to load on slow internet).

Now, here are some rules for you:

1.)I request you keep cordial at all times, any conflicts you might have with another poster I kindly request you keep it out of my thread. I respect everyone that enters and I can only hope you also respect me enough to do this.

2.)This thread is made with the specific point of helping improve the stories present to the best of my ability and as such I ask you to expect only blunt, if respectful, comments about your story. I shall only praise you if truly deserve it.

3.)I shall take as long I desire to make your review, so don’t expect rapid responses or specific dates for them, I shall post them as I make them. The one thing I can promise you is that I shall take a good amount of effort on each review.

4.)The post on this thread can only of three kinds: stories to be reviewed, comments about said reviews and comments directed at me. I shall answer no questions related, but not limited, to grammar, punctuation, my writing record, why I don’t get a tripcode, what kind of music is best to troll people with or anything not review related. So yeah, don’t feed the trolls please, I had enough of that already.

5.)Whenever you are presenting a story to me please make sure I can either copy paste it with the right formatting (DA, FF, etc.) or download the document (Gdocs in edit rather than preview mode). My reviews require I convert the document to my formatting to make it easier to review and having to do that directly from the web is simply not an option.

6.)Under no circumstance you shall ask me for an edit because I shall outright refuse and never offer to do it for you in the future. If I feel the desire to edit I shall go to you, don’t come to me.

For those that might have questions about why I take so long and what exactly I do in my review process, these are the steps:

1.) Separate the story into smaller segments read the last section and then randomly read the rest of the sections while taking notes. I should be able to reorganize it in the right order or there is a problem with your story, thus letting me know if your sequence of events is logical or if they seem rushed, implausible or just plain stupid.

2.) Read the story backwards, taking care to ask what elements need an explanation for it. So by the end of this I should have a map were all the elements connect to the elements I found first, if they are unexplained or elements connections stop before helping the final element then I know what are the plot problems, what is unnecessary and what is left unexplained.

3.) I separate the work into sections of characters, taking care to see their reactions and actions, developing an internal mental map. The same procedure is used for society, rules of nature and such. It looks pretty gutted but it makes sure the character, environment and background characters are consistent with each other.

4.) A normal reading just checking for major mistakes in punctuation, grammar, word choice and similar data. Kind of what most people do.

Well, I think that covers everything, so come in, post your stories, get a review.
236 replies
Ganymede"s Official Review Thread Okay, I'm going to try this. I've been doing A LOT of reviews in other places, but have been shying away from an official thread on ponychan. This is mostly because I didn't want to let anyone down for not being on schedule. However, I'm really going to try and stick with this, and give people what they need.

So, let's get the preliminaries out of the way.


1) TITLE. TAGS. DESCRIPTION. If you don't have them, GET THEM!
2) If your google doc is not open to adding comments, then it won't get any. You'll get a review, but it will only be generalized. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!
3) I will review mature stories, but DO NOT post them in this thread! If I see a link to them, I will report you. Instead, send an email to my mature review email: ganymedemature@google.com, and place a post saying that you sent it. I don't check it that often, so if you don't put a notification post, I'm liable to forget it's there.
4) Keep humans out of it. Unless you're writing a parody, I don't want any HiE or PoE. Again, there are plenty of other review threads for that.
5) NO WHINING! This isn't a hugbox. It's a review thread. If you're not mature enough to handle constructive criticism, then get out of my thread.


1) The more you tell me about the story, the better. This includes:

a) Things the pre-readers said you need to fix
b) If there are any original characters in your story
c) Information on the other universe, if it's a crossover
d) The pairing (AppleDash, TwiLuna, etc), if it's a shipping fic
e) Anything else that you are worried about, and that you want me to pay close attention to.

2) If you think you have been skipped in the queue, feel free to pop a (courteous) reminder post.
3) If you have any further questions after your review, and would like to discuss them, simply detail your concerns in a reply post.
4) You can respond to comments made in the google documents, but please let me know you've done so. I will tend not to open your story again after it's been reviewed.


1) I am not found of Grimdark. I'm generally a light-hearted guy, and I don't like seeing my ponies placed in serious warzone situations. However, I will still review them. Just don't expect me to go jumping for joy when I see one in the queue. The same goes for Gore fics in my mature email.
2) I tend to miss a lot of grammer mistakes. If you want a grammer nazi, there are better places to take your story. I'm good for general editing, though.
3) If you don't have anything specific for me to pay attention to, I will treat your story like a pre-reader. If I see enough problems early on, I will stop reading and give my consensus based on what I read so far. Also, I am open to multiple reviews of the same story, but ONLY if I see improvement with each review. I reserve the right to "ban" a story from review after it hasn't been improved enough times.


This is a little up in the air, and again, I reserve the right to change this any time I come up with something better. This is a weighted grading system, based on a 100% score.

1) Story: 35%
Is it worth my time reading? Does it make sense? Does it know where it's going? Are there surprises, or does it feel like a laundry list?
2) Presentation: 25%
Do you show and not tell? Do you keep a consistant point of view? Is it well paced? Are the characters IC throughout the story?
3) Mechanics: 20%
Do you have consistant tense? Do you break up your paragraphs correctly? Do you have any fragments or run-ons? Etc...
4) Readability: 20%
Is everything spelled correctly? Do you pay attention to things like grammer and punctuation? Etc...

With that said, if you're grammer and spelling is bad enough, I will not be getting very far into your story. Baring in mind that I will be grading the other aspects anyway, based on what I read so far, this means "readability" can actually affect your other scores. For example, you might have the correct tense, but if I can't tell what that tense is due to spelling mistakes, you'll be marked down anyway. Do a spelling and grammer check before posting! YOU WERE WARNED.


A Mary Sue is a character that the reader cannot relate to, because it's too centered around the author themself. Mary Sues tend to revolve around "wish fulfilling" rather than "plot development".

Look at the mane cast:

1) Simple cutie mark
2) Basic colors (no need for much description)
3) Has both flaws and strenths
4) Has those flaws and strenths shown through actions in each episode
5) Grows and learns through experience
6) All mostly on equal footing

Now look at a Mary Sue:

1) Complex and very unique cutie mark
2) Extravagant colors and unique look (requires purple descriptions to fully comprehend)
3) Their only flaws are really strengths in disguise
4) The reader is constantly reminded of their aspects directly in narration, even though they never use them in the story.
5) Is already too perfect to require changing
6) Is set on a marble plinth high above the other characters

There's a reason Mary Sues are also known as "snowflakes". They're just so special and unique.
With that said, if you give me a snowflake, I guarentee I will step on it until it's nothing but ice dust in the ground. Again, YOU WERE WARNED.

I think that about wraps it up! If you have any other questions, just drop a post, and I'll be by shortly with an answer.
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End of Ponies Thread 2.0: Harmony on a Roof Edition
EqD Link: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/10/story-end-of-ponies.html
Fimfiction Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/1571/The-End-of-Ponies
Thread Pic: http://darkflame75.deviantart.com/art/Harmony-Stargazing-277483149

Title: The End of Ponies

Author: short skirts and explosions

Description: A horrible Cataclysm has turned all of Equestria into a Wasteland of barren ash and twilight desolation. The Sun and the Moon have been destroyed. Everypony has died--including Princesses Luna and Celestia. But one pony miraculously survives; she is a lone wanderer, the last of her kind, surrounded by menacing creatures that hate her. She navigates the Wastes in an airship and scavenges off the blighted landscape to keep herself alive.

Then one day she meets an old companion who grants her a gift, the chance to go back in time to the warm and sunny days of Ponyville, where her dead friends live in happiness. How far will the last pony venture into these joyous days of Equestria, even if she fully knows that there is no way to change the horrible fate of everypony she loves?

Tags: (Grimdark) (Sad) (Sci-Fi) (Adventure)
Other Tags: Scootaloo, Spike, Mane 6, Everypony, Gilda,

Hello again, marsupials. Welcome to the second official thread of every ponyfiction hipster's wet dream The End of Ponies, the trainwreck to end all trainwrecks. I started writing this ridiculously dense abomination back in August and September of 2011, and with the generous help of suicidal pre-readers, I have since turned it into a 500k word tumor of epic proportion.

Some people seem to be delighted with this cancer, seeing that on EqD alone it has garnered 375 ratings, averaging it at about 4.8 out of 5 bullets to the head. On FimFiction.net, it's gotten about 250 ratings with another 4.8 average. Up in Washington DC, nobody gives a crap. In Dustbowl, there are sentries everywhere.

It is the purpose of this thread to ego-stroke myself like a giant cuttlefish in heat and also to allow generous people bored out of their skulls a chance to see my rough drafts in progress as I spend ungodly amounts of time cooking up the next subsequent arc to this Internet cesspool of a story. I appreciate any and all input, critiques, insults, and frag grenades launched at what I slap forth, as they are all deliciously succulent ways of proving to me that I'm not just hallucinating this epic craziness up. I can't promise that this will be the most spectacular thread on ponychan, but even though Benjamin Sisko wasn't the best Captain, he knew how to throw a mean right hook while still sounding like a thespian.

Expositionary Arc[b/]

Chapter One: From the Ashes

Chapter Two: Of Hope and Harmony

Chapter Three: Creatures of the Overworld

Chapter Four: The Refoaling

Chapter Five: Immutable

[b]Applejack Arc

Chapter Six: Where You Lay Your Head

Chapter Seven: Give to the Earth

Chapter Eight: To Touch the Ground

Chapter Nine: A Place that Isn't Empty

Chapter Ten: And the Earth Gives Back

Fluttershy Arc

Chapter Eleven: Everclear

Chapter Twelve: Everyshy

Chapter Thirteen: Everfree

Chapter Fourteen: Everkind

Chapter Fifteen: Everlove

Pinkie Pie / Dredgemane Arc

Chapter Sixteen: For the Moon is Hollow and I Have Touched the Pie

Chapter Seventeen: Pinkamena Pie's Defunct

Chapter Eighteen: Rosenscoots and Guildenpie are Dead

Chapter Nineteen: Slaughterpink Five

Chapter Twenty: The Eternal Piecurrence

Chapter Twenty-One: How Pink Was My Valley

Chapter Twenty-Two: P for Pinkdetta

Chapter Twenty-Three: Apinkalypse Now

Chapter Twenty-Four: Final Pinkasy

Petra Arc

Chapter Twenty-Five: All the Colors Died With Her (rough draft completed)

Chapter Twenty-Six: Somepony Who Earns (rough draft completed)

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Stewards of the Earth (rough draft completed)

Chapter Twenty-Eight: ???? (In Progress)

Chapter Twenty-Nine: ???? (Coming in February)

Chapter Thirty: ???? (Coming in February)

Chapter Thirty-One: ???? (Coming in February)
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#Author #Single fic #Discussion #Crossover

chapter one of my fanfic is done, it's just a prologue but I would like some feedback and some advice, constructive criticism is welcome
411 replies
Official "Ask an Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything" Thread, v7
Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the seventh installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Disclaimer: Our knowledge of quantum physics is limited, so please try to keep questions on that subject to a minimum. Also magnets are kinda hard.

I’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
A: A few days to get from Seth to us, a bit more than a week to review depending on how busy we are, then a day or two for the review to get back to the author.

Q: It’s been [Unit of time] and I still haven’t received any response. What’s up?
A: Ensure that you’re sending your story to the correct address (submit@equestriadaily.com). Ensure that you’re using the proper submission format, as detailed on the “Submit” page of Equestria Daily. Read over your description - stories with over five errors in the description tend to be rejected immediately. If you’re sure you’ve done all of the above and still haven’t received a response, send another email in the same thread asking about the status of your story.

Q: Am I allowed to respond to pre-reader feedback?
A: Yes. If you feel that we were incorrect in some assessment of your story, feel free to bring it up in a reply email. Just try to be polite about it.
Oh, you can also send a reply to just say “Thank you.” We like that.

Q: What’s the criteria for a 6-star story?
A: Average rating of 4.9+ after 50+ ratings. If your story is at this point, email Seth and he’ll add the 6-star tag.

Q: My story was rejected despite the fact that my FimFiction/DeviantArt/Fanfiction.net audience loves it. What’s the deal with that?
A: Congratulations on having a story that’s well liked! However, Equestria Daily tends to have much higher quality standards than the sites mentioned above. Don’t be upset about being rejected; use it as an opportunity to make your story even better. We’ll be happy to look at it again once edits have been made.

Q: How does the Three Strike policy work?
A: Authors have three chances to submit their work before we stop adding it to the pre-reader queue. Every rejection counts as one “strike”. The idea is to have authors edit their work sufficiently -before- submitting it. We’re not editors, and there’s been a growing issue with authors thinking we are. Bear in mind that if a story is -really- close to being approved and is on its third strike, we’ll give it a bit of leeway. This policy is more to cover stories that haven’t had any significant changes made despite multiple submissions.

Q: Can I ask who my pre-reader was?
A: Yes, but they’re not obligated to tell you. Some of us prefer to remain anonymous.

Q: I was told to post my story on FimFiction. Why is that?
A: Generally when we recommend FimFiction it’s because we believe a story will do better there than it would on Equestria Daily. Don’t be offended. EqD and FimFiction just serve different purposes. And yes, you can submit different stories to us for review.

Q: Do you ban/blacklist authors?
A: No. However, in cases where authors have been particularly rude to us or the blogponies, we generally wait for some sort of apology before looking at their work again.

Q: Can I touch the beard?
A: We do not have the authority to handle beard-related matters. Please forward all beard inquiries to Twilight Snarkle.

Q: Who is best pony?
A: Rarity.
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#Discussion #foalcon

Whats your reaction to foalcon fics?
13 replies

Although I didn't like the first patty cakes the second one was actually good.
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Dangerous Business Sequel
#Author #Discussion

Hello, everyone! Jetfire here. I'm sure a lot of you have heard by now, but I wanted to set up an official base camp here just to spread the word a bit more. Did you like "It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door," but were a little let down because there were clear hooks for a sequel that never came?

Well, I hope I can satisfy you. I've begun work on a sequel story. Let me know what you think.

(No image)
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What happened to 413.fimchan
It says the site is up but not loading
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Review Thread 2.0
#Review Thread #Queue Slots: 2 #Serviced: 27

There is no "absolute" in this mundanity. Occasionally you get lost facing unreasonable burdens. In order to overcome, you need a firm conviction, penetration, and the ability to take action.

It's been a while, has it not? I'll begin this thread (quote notwithstanding) with a brief introduction: I call myself Nicknack in this fandom, but you may call me Nick for short if you please. I've been a writer and reviewer in this fandom, off and on, since March of 2011, and in that time, I've probably read, pre-read, edited, and revised over four hundred stories—though only thirteen of those are my own. For nearly a year, I've slacked on the "helping others" portion of writing; in my defense, I just wanted to get some projects finished. However, I've come to the realization that I'm always going to have a writing project or two on my plate, so it doesn't make sense to slack on paying forward the help that I've received on my own stories.

So then, a brief overview of the bi-directional expectations of this thread:

From me, you can expect that I will read your story and mention things I dislike and like about it. This is the fundamental role of a reviewer, and I seek to start there. If you have a particular focus you want me to give when reading your story, I will try to oblige; if you want your review done in a particular format, I will try to oblige. You can reach me on gmail at nick.nack.137@gmail.com, or you can reach me on Skype for instant messaging at simply "nicknack137" (minus the quotes).

You cannot expect that I will edit any text in your story or leave a quota of comments. I will leave comments in a Google Docs file if the permissions are available, however, this will be a "as I see the need" basis.

To give myself as much balanced time as possible, I'm limiting the queue of stories I will take on at any given time to two. If a third story gets posted in this thread while the queue is full, you can expect that I will ignore it.

From you, I expect you to post your story in a manner that makes it easy for me to review. I shouldn't have to say this, but do not post a picture of text and expect me to read it. Generally, you should try to have some grasp on the English language; try to revise your story before posting it in this thread. For organization's sake, you should include your story's title, word count, and a brief description of the plot when you post a link to the story. Ideally, you should not post your story directly in the body of your post here, but I can work with almost anything (except pictures).

I expect that if your story breaks any sort of content rules of Ponychan, that you'll link it to me privately so that my review can also be done in private. You can reach me on gmail at nick.nack.137@gmail.com, or you can reach me on Skype for instant messaging at simply "nicknack137" (minus the quotes).

I expect you to take the five minutes that it takes to read this post—especially the expectations portion. As I said before, the number of stories I will take on at any given time is two. If you post your story in this thread without the proper information, or if you break one of my few rules, I will ignore your story. This is the only warning that I will give on this matter.

With all that said, however, I will do my best to read your story and provide constructive feedback. If you come into this thread hoping to learn something, then I hope that I can help you in that regard.

So let us begin.

Last edited at Sun, May 25th, 2014 13:28

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Exploring Reader Enjoyment

I have no idea if this is the right place for this but, screw it, I'm gonna try.

Name your favorite pony fanfic of all time and explain why it's your favorite in 300 words or less.
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Icelandic & You

Hi, kids. Been a while. Can't even find my old ponychan alias code.
I come to you, hat in hand. I'm looking for help with some dialogue in a fic of mine. Specifically, I need assistance in translating Icelandic characters/alphabet into English phonetics, so my readership will 'hear' the right sounds.
Anyone here have some experience w/ Icelandic?

Thanks for your time!
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#Author #Single fic

Whelp, i dont usually do this, in fact ive never done this, but I'm going to try it, because reasons, and what better place and time to try it than ponychan at 3:30 am

This is a story about acceptance, and, uh, friendship I guess

You are anonymous, you drank the bleach and found your portal to equestria, you stumble into ponyville and promptly terrify all its inhabitants with your very presence, you are captured by Celestia's guards and taken back to her dungeon in Canterlot for questioning, cursing every curse you can think of as they tied you up and threw you in the back of a flying chariot, the very thought scared you shitless because physics doesnt work like that

It's been, what, maybe an hour now? Your sense of time has obscured with the lack of any proper sun in your damp quarters, granted the cell was well lit by 6 torches, it didn't help calm your nerves from the recent events. You laid back against the farthest wall from the doorway, one leg stretched out, the other bent an an angle to prop your right arm on, watching the golden plated horse guards on the opposite side stare at you with a childlike wonder. You tapped your right foot against the stone floor, every tap echoing in the room, it was all you could do to calm your mind, that and swear, but the guards had made clear their opinions on the overuse of foul language.
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Trying to find a fic...
#Single fic #Discussion #Normal

Oh gosh guys, I can't remember what fic a certain scene came from. It involved Twilight as a foal eating a roasted apple or the like. She tries to get another one that's cooking in a fire pit, but accidentally slips in and gets burned. While she recovers, she reads a book, which is how she gets into books in the first place.

I remember that the scene used really vivid imagery, and I made a mental note to come back and take a closer look at the passage later. Of course, I promptly forget the whole thing until today a friend casually mentions roasting apples, and now enough time's passed that I can't remember the name or the author of the fic. Geeze, now I'm starting to loose sleep, being the neurotic person I am. By any slim chance, does somebody know what fic I'm talking about?
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Looking for reviews and criticism!
#Author #Crossover #Comedy

Hello! Recently I took another crack at writing a little one-shot, and I'm actually fairly happy with it. I'm considering submitting it to EQD, but before I do that I want to be sure that it's in the best shape it can be. The people that have been reading it so far seem to like it, but I want people to tell me what's wrong with it and what I can fix.
I'm happy to hear whatever feedback you have to offer— I've long since learned that some of the most valuable criticism is the stuff that is unpleasant to hear, so I'm not about to get all angry and defensive because flaws were pointed out.

This little short is about Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat trying to conquer Equestria, and running into far, far more trouble than he had originally anticipated. I was somewhat inspired by a similar story that crossed MLP with XCOM, and I find the idea of ponies just casually being extremely good at defending their home to be quite funny.

Without further ado, allow me to present Shao Kahn VS Equestria!


Last edited at Sat, May 24th, 2014 15:41

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there once was a ugly pony, she had no friends. she later became at pretty pone

then died from cancer later on her life

RIP ;_;

thats my fic
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Review my fanfiction
#Author #Discussion #Crossover #Sad #Grimdark

Give me some constructive feedback on this fanfic I wrote: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10362048/1/Discrimimigration
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My Paranormal HIE story
#Author #Crossover #Comedy #Shipping

I was running for my life, the Slenderman was right behind me. I looked behind me to see the his terrifying visage, his suit darker than coal and his skin like chalk, his entire being radiating an aura of pure darkness, not evil, just… darkness, like there was absolutely no chance of me ever seeing the sunlight ever again. The most terrifying, however, was that while this abominable creature had no face, its head followed me as I ran for sweet existence. Runes for strength, intelligence, and speed covered the steel bat clutched in my hand. Their message written in the language of the strange book I had found not but a month ago in an old cave in my birthplace of Ireland, in the dead forest by my family farm. The most recent ones had not yet dried and were beginning to streak as I frantically ran through the dark forest, trying to escape the creature that while seemingly never taking a step, always stayed right behind me. The intentions of this terrifying creature was unclear, all I knew was that it tore an armored jeep apart like wet paper to get to me, and I had woken up in this strange place after blacking out as it reached for me. I ran myself into a rocky cliff, trapped between this being and an insurmountable obstacle, I readied myself and swung out at my pursuer, but his hand simply appeared in the way and caught my bat, leaving a pitch black mark upon the surface and darkening the metal as the runes began to glow a crimson red.
Slendy laughed, which looked weird since he had no mouth “Your courage is admirable, but unnecessary. I’ve decided to take you to a world where I need my legend spread, so that no one will harm my trees.”
I nodded, I had met many individuals who theorized that the Slenderman was some sort of a sentient tree, so hearing he just protected his forests was not very big of a stretch. I sensed that I had no option of refusal, for if I did, he would surely kill me. “Why me?”
Slendy laughed again… still weird “Because you are highly familiar with the ways of the magi and know a lot about the world I will be sending you to.”
I nodded, a smile touching my lips “Where is this exactly?”
Slendy chuckled “Equestria, in the middle of the Everfree forest to be exact.”
I nodded “I’m listening.”
Slendy smiled, a razor sharp demonic grin splitting the blank white slate that was his face as black ichor flowed from his mouth like drool, I really did not want to know what he ate with that maw… “Good… now, you will arrive there three days before Nightmare Moon returns in the middle of the Everfree forest, I need you to spread my name across that world as my champion. I care not how you do it, as long as my trees are left alone, be it by reverence or by fear. I will impart to you the same powers as myself, and the knowledge of how to use them.”
I nodded in understanding, and then looked Slendy right where his eyes should be “I assume the runes will come into effect upon entering Equestria?”
Slendy grinned again, sending shivers down my spine“They already have.”
I dipped my head in acknowledgment “I will still need something more, maybe a staff? I need some way to use magic, or I will be at a massive disadvantage, and I’d like to see how you will change me first, so I can make myself not be TOO threatening, as I’d like to mingle with the ponyfolk.”
Slendy nodded understandingly “I will give you a wand, as I understand you are familiar with the works of the magi, this wand will be made with my power as well as the mystic energies of Equestria feeding it, no magical tool on that world will compare, so be wary of how you use it.” He held out his hand palm up, and an alabaster white wand with a midnight black handle grew out of his hand, it had runes all over the wood, yet it was perfectly smooth and straight, at the tip of the wand grew the Slendermans symbol. Slendy handed it to me, and as my hand closed around it, I felt a heart beat within the wand, as if it was a living thing. I then realized that not only was it in fact alive, but my heartbeat was synchronizing with it, I felt a name come to my mind and I realized that it was the true name of my wand and, as an extension, myself, I whispered it aloud.
I instantly understood the weight of this bond, and then felt a massive surge of power and felt my body change where I stood asit was enveloped in black and blue fire, my eyes changed first, my right turning golden yellow and my left turning blood red. My skin then turned whiter than the falling snow as my hair became long and straight, the red interrupted by white highlights, my bearded face becoming clean-shaven as the facial hair burnt down to the follicles; lastly, my obese body became lean and muscular. My outfit was the next to change, my Pinkie Pie T-shirt turning into a long sleeved shirt depicting a weeping willow witha man hanging from its branches like a puppet and the Slendermans mark branded deep into his chest, my ragged blue jeans turning into black dress pants, and my red sneakers turning into shiny black dress shoes. Lastly, a black iron ring with a ruby inlaid in the center appeared on my ring finger, there was an inscription on the outside of the ring made in white marble that said something in extremely small writing. I squinted my eyes and read the script, it looked like a bunch of symbols similar to the Slendermans symbol, then began to shift to Olden English ‘He who weareth this ring doth serve the trees and the land above all else.’ After the fire dissipated and I read the script, I hardened my resolve and shook hands with Slendy “Deal, I’ll do it.”
He nodded his approval of my decision “A warning my child, my power has marked your body and your soul, it will affect you in ways even I cannot predict, be wary.”
Slendy, no… my masters back erupted with at least twelve long tendrils that somehow flowed seamlessly from his suit. He touched the tips of his new limbs over my heart and palms, creating a small Slenderman symbol over the spots where he touched me. Then, the darkness surrounding us overtook my vision...
…I awoke in a copse of dead, black trees, in the center of a Slenderman symbol; I rose to my feet, finding Blood Bringer and Neverog hanging from my belt. I took out Neverog and searched the woods for something to do; I then heard a mare scream for help. I ran in the direction of the screams and found a pony cornered by a trio of Timberwolves, I released the same dark fire that transformed me from my wand, burning them to ashes “Serves you right, trying to eat a poor defenseless pony!”
The pony stood up suddenly, a blush spreading across her face for some reason “Th-thanks partner! Ah was in a real fix there!” I looked at the mare and gasped, she had an orange coat with freckles on her muzzle and a golden blonde mane, her eyes were green as emeralds, and she wore a Stetson on her head, this was AppleJack; the mare I had wanted to meet first upon entering this world.
I smiled, realizing that this must be my master pulling the strings to my favor “No problem, I was doing the will of my lord the Slenderman, besides, who would leave some poor little pony to die?” Just then, a pair of manticores burst out of the bushes, I responded by calmly sheathing Neverog and taking out Blood-Bringer, then charging at them. I struck the first of them upon the head hard enough to shatter its skull, then slenderwalked above the other and slid my weapon under its throat, pulling tight to strangle it; after it collapsed, I got up from the beast and decided that we had best het out of there soon. So I grabbed AJ, then slenderwalked to her farm “There, you’re safe now” I began to walk away when my stomach began rumbling “Uh… I don’t suppose you have any food you could spare?”
AJ grinned “Even better, Ah have an opening on the farm! It comes with a place ta stay and three free meals a day! Ya get paid ten bits per basket of apples ya harvest”
I shrugged “Sure, I’ll work for you, sounds good.”
AJ smiled “Ok, so Ah’ll just go and get my family and tell em y’all will be working for us!”
I nodded as AJ walked off and went to sit by an apple tree. I closed my eyes until I heard a panicked whinny. I then opened my eyes to find another ponies hooves about to hit me in the face, I opened a hole in space time and leaned into it, coming out behind him as he hit the tree so hard it left dents in the tree and apples fell to the ground. I realized that I had just slenderwalked as I looked to the pony to see he was a massive red stallion with sandy blonde hair and the same green eyes as his sister, this was Big Mac, the pony who nigh silently looked after the Apple family. Just as I was about to explain my situation he prepped to buck me in the face again “What the hay man?!” AJ walked out to find me slenderwalking all over the place to avoid Big Mac’s hooves of fury.
AJ Lassoed Big Mac and hogtied him “Now listen here! This is the stallion I was telling y’all about!”
As AJ untied Big Mac he looked at me in embarrassed anger “How are we supposed ta hire y’all if ya can’t buck apples?”
I walked over to a tree and punched it, raining down apples from the trees boughs unto the two ponies, I then used my slender tendrils to pick up the apples and put them in the baskets
AJ applauded eagerly “That was great! ‘Specially for a first try!”
Big Mac simply nodded his agreement and said “Eeyup.”
I smiled and laughed, remembering my REAL first try “It’s not the first time I tried it, just the first time I did it without almost breaking my arm.”
AJ giggled cutely and as two ponies I knew to be Granny Smith and AppleBloom came out. Granny was a light green pony who was probably older than Abraham Lincoln was, with white hair and golden yellow eyes. AppleBloom was her exact opposite, young, small, with a yellow coat and red eyes “Howdy y’all! This here is the stallion that saved my life! His name is…er…”
Granny Smith interrupted AJ “Why, AppleJack! Y’all mean to tell me that this stallion saved yer life, and yah never even asked his name?!”
I raised my hand “My name is Neverog, by the way.”
Applebloom walked up to me “Ah’m Applebloom, and that green pony over there is Granny Smith, by the way, what exactly are y’all? Ah’ve never seen anything like y’all before.”
I smiled as everyone’s eyes asked the same question “I was a human, but now I am something more, thanks to the power of the Slenderman.” AJ raised her hoof and I pointed to her “Yes, AJ?”
“What exactly is the Slenderman? Ah’ve neva heard of him.”
I grinned as I prepared to tell the story of the Slenderman “Well, the Slenderman is, in a nutshell, the most lethal being in existence, he has no need for food, water, or even air. He can instantly go just about anywhere, he can control the shadows around him and his size, he has nigh limitless strength, and he kills almost anyone who intrudes upon his forests, I am the only survivor that I know of who actually saw him. He has taken me as his champion to spread his name across this world.”
AJ looked dumbstruck “Y’all mean to tell me you met that thing and lived?!”
I nodded before Big Mac interrupted me “I don’t believe you, there is no way a creature like that exists! Let alone let a punk like you be its champion!” he shoved me with his front hooves, knocking me into a tree “Now tell the truth or get out of here!”
I then flashed back to my masters’ youth; the years of abuse by his parents, being insulted by everyone for his looks, his family, the twelve odd times a week he would be beaten up. The loneliness, the agony he had suffered for everything that made him… him. It did not matter that he had never wronged them, he was simply sport for them. I felt a surge of both power and rage coming from Neverog. I opened my mouth and purest darkness flowed from me as my eyes began glowing in their respective colors like searchlights. “Take. It. BACK!” tendrils of pure shadow came out of my back and whipped around me and an aura of black and crimson mist emanating from my body, I looked to Applebloom, who was backing away fearfully, as was Granny Smith, I then looked to AJ, who was looking at me, frozen in sheer terror. I felt Neverog urging me to kill them, but fought it off, clutching my head in sheer anguish. “NO!” I forced myself back to my true form and slenderwalked to a dilapidated old ruin I realized to be the Royal Pony Sisters’ castle, thinking one thing the entire time. Why would Neverog want that? Why would we want that? Why …Why …Why…

*I would appreciate if someone posted this to fimfiction, saying I did it and they were doing me a favor, then told me they did, I have more chapters too

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Why are there no discussion threads on story fiction? All I ever see here are unfinished user-submitted fics being reviewed, I never see any pre-existing fics being talked about like a normal episode of mlp. Also talk about which stories would be best translated into comics.
14 replies

What do you think? Are these ideas good enough?

Let's talk about characters and which types of chars fit best for which world & scenario.
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Looking for ballbusting fic

Is there any MLP FIM ballbusting/cbt fic out there? I remember seeing one about Shining Armour but I can't seem to find it anymore.
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Any good episode-like fanfics?
#Collection #Single fic #Normal

Does anyone know of any good episode-like fanfics that would feel like an episode or something you'd expect from the show staff or bookwriters, not something that relies too heave on fanon (Lyra's human obsession or Doctor Whooves) memes (unless they're referenced subtly and not blown out of proportion like Double Rainboom), shys away from the general feel of the show or is not kid friendly (especially no clop or gore). Preferably one about one of the main characters like the Mane 6, Spike or the CMC. And nothing longer or shorter than you would expect an actual episode. Oh, and some humour and morals would be nice too.

I'm writing my own episode based fanfic and I could use a read of one to get the general idea of how one is written. The premise is that after the CMC have been bullied for too long by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, they get Rainbow Dash to stick up for them. However, Rainbow takes it too far and becomes the bully herself.

Any fanfic will do, just as long as it fits the criteria.

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Rainy Prereading

Hello! How are you this evening? Or morning. Honestly, this site runs 24/7, so it could be any time of day—or night—for you right now. I’m Bleeding Raindrops, but you can call me Rain, Raindrops, or whatever else you desire.

Anywho, this isn’t a normal review thread. I’m basically a prereader of sorts. No, not for EqD. What I’ll do is look at your story—once—and respond with my opinion, and the impression left by the more prominent scenes in your story, and I will pay special attention to specific scenes upon request. I will not be looking at your story a second time, as this is a first reactions thread, and not an editor's grotto. I will likely not have a sudden epiphany over your writing even after you've corrected it for em-dash usage.

I will not be rating your story or pointing out story holes and grammar mistakes. However, the information I provide will still be crucial to your story, as it will analyze:

*Clarity of descriptions
*Confusing scenes or segments
*Portrayal of emotions


1. No resubmissions.
2. No submissions longer than 5,000 words. However, depending on genre and/or synopsis, I may be more lenient. I greatly enjoy sad and/or dark stories, so feel free to send those in abundance.
3. Any format is accepted. Submissions are not limited to GDocs.
4. No gore or sex, as per Ponychan's rules. If you have to ask, don't post it; instead, shoot it to me in an email, and I'll let you know if I'm willing to look it over under the table.
5. Please include a title, author's name, appropriate tags, a link to the story, a synopsis, and word count in your submission.
6. If you have a scene that you would like me to focus on, please include that in a request at the end of your submission.


The queue will close if it reaches ten stories, and will not reopen until it drops below five. This is so that I am not swamped, and have time to recover should this occur.

Curious where you are in the queue? Check it out here:

If you need to contact me, ping me in the IRC or send me an email.
IRC: http://client.canternet.org/?channels=fic&prompt=1&uio=d4
Email: bleedingraindrops@gmail.com
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Fanfic Audio Recordings I enjoy listening to other people's readings of various fanfics, and I was interested in doing some recordings myself.

I'm not sure what people are interested in hearing, other than fics that have been read many times over by people more talented than I, so I figured I would start a thread where people can post requests, and people looking for ideas can do readings for any that pique their interest.

So tell me /fic/, what story would you like to hear today?

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Can"t find a certain fic
#Single fic #Shipping

Does anyone know where i can read loosening up by rainbowbob, i can't find it on fimfiction.
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Short Skirts and Explosions" Purple Box of Textual Abominations
#Author #Collection #Discussion
Greetings Marsupials,

In this thread we shall witness huge repositories of adverbial modifiers that I pretend to call fanfiction. I've been slapping my brain-bone against a word processor since September, mostly working on a huge train wreck entitled "The End of Ponies," and I've previously erected threads in dedication to it.

Namely here: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/58801.html

And Here: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/78823.html

Whelp, here we go again, only this time I'm taking some sagely advice and creating this thread concerning all of my works in general, because you can never run out of excuses on the Internet to ramble on about your miserable self. Also, Lyra.

What this thread is for:
-SS&E exhibiting rough drafts of textual crud before it becomes published crud
-open discussion of what's wrong or right (but mostly wrong) with said crud and what SS&E can do to improve or butcher it
-admins, mods, and messiah figures righteously exorcising the world wide web of brainwashed marsupials resorting to blind and mindless adulation

What this thread is NOT for:
-blind and mindless adulation
-extensive projects related to the written crud but steers discussion and bandwidth away from conversing about the written crud since this is a thread dedicated to the written crud and Lyra in a hoodie
-Flame wars, drug wars, fog of war, or shallow attempts to compare/contrast my crud to more popular crud like Penkat's Fallsins Equestria, Kstroke's Pastout, or Sgt Robcake's My Little Cupcakes Factory Massacre: The Sun's Allegrezza's Always Sunny Out the Door in Fillydelphia Edition

You CAN be scathing, helpful, or moronic in this thread--so long as it's relevant ahd serves a point.

You CAN post fanart, since I snort the stuff up my nostrils, but not if--like--it's a multi-post galleria of epic proportions. That's what deviantart links are for you silly goose.

You can also stalk me on Steam, because TF2 is sexier than your mom and that's what keeps you up at night. Here I b3zz:


Or you can tell your mother I'm sorry and send the hate mail here:


It is my goal within this thread to post minimally, as all things horrid deserve to be saged to the bottommost abyss of our collective, digital quagmire. That means I'll likely only pop my lemur head around when it's time to post updates and rough drafts, or when I'm responding to multiple marsupials at once, imploring them for a reason as to why they'd acknowledge my existence to begin with.

So, without further adieu, here're the fanfics of Short Skirts and Explosions that you are welcome to promptly ignore:

The End of Ponies


Tags:(Grimdark) (Sad) (Sci-Fi) (Adventure)

Synopsis: A horrible Cataclysm has turned all of Equestria into a Wasteland of barren ash and twilight desolation. The Sun and the Moon have been destroyed. Everypony has died--including Princesses Luna and Celestia. But one pony miraculously survives; she is a lone wanderer, the last of her kind, surrounded by menacing creatures that hate her. She navigates the Wastes in an airship and scavenges off the blighted landscape to keep herself alive.

Then one day she meets an old companion who grants her a gift, the chance to go back in time to the warm and sunny days of Ponyville, where her dead friends live in happiness. How far will the last pony venture into these joyous days of Equestria, even if she fully knows that there is no way to change the horrible fate of everypony she loves?

Notes: This is my magnum opus, or some other fancy term. It's the train wreck to end all train wrecks. It's currently on hold while I bash my head through a wall and exert my creative juices to and come back later and finally fix the latest story arc I've been failing at.

Background Pony


Tags: (Sad) (Slice of Life) (Mystery)

Synopsis: “My name is Lyra Heartstrings, and you will not remember me. You won't even remember this conversation. Just like with everypony else I've ever met, everything I do or say will be forgotten. Every letter I've written will appear blank; every piece of evidence I've left behind will end up missing. I'm stuck here in Ponyville because of the same curse that has made me so forgettable. Still, that doesn't stop me from doing the one thing that I love: making music. If my melodies find their way into your heart, then there is still hope for me. If I can't prove that I exist, I can at least prove that my love for each and every one of you exists. Please, listen to my story, my symphony, for it is me.”

Notes: This is my happy little accident. This was me making love to a Twilight Zone Macdonald's ballpit full of ponies and the condom breaking. I still can't quite figure out why so many marsupials love this thing, but I'm happy to capitalize on it... and by "capitalize on it" I mean tear it to shreds with superfluously unnecessary chapters.

Spelling It Out


Tags: (Shipping) (Slice of Life)

Synopsis: Applejack has always struggled to make ends meet at Sweet Apple Acres. After the chaotic events of the Grand Galloping Gala, she returns home to find her farm experiencing a stroke of good luck. Applejack celebrates her fortune with all her friends, all except for one. Rainbow Dash has gone missing, and Applejack decides to find out why.

Notes: Appledash is a big bowl of awesome, like discovering your whole kitchen cabinet is full of bacon bits. Thinking about it takes me to a happy place. I kind of hope to continue this story with sequels in the future, but, f'naaaaa.

So yeah. There you have it. Just remember to use silencers before injecting the lead into my skull. Otherwise, the squirrels might hear you. How else is Putin winning the election?

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A short story to review?

Do you have any short story (less than 10,000 words) that I could try to review please? (No shipping, comedy, crossover or random, please, for many reasons I can't work on them) I've the feeling that I can't write for my life, but I think I'd be more lucky if I reviewed fanfics instead of writing them.

Warning: I've never done this before, so don't expect me to do something great, or even correct. Actually, see this as an exercise. It'd be even better if an actual prereader reviewed the same story and we could compare our points of view.

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Do you guys have the formula for writing show-accurate episodes? Specificaly looking for FIM S1 episodes.
Characters's actions,personality,tendencies. Plots,pacing,action,humour. The dialogue, subtlety, etc.

Also ideas for where to improve the more lacking aspects of the show are welcome.
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2014 Drinking Game

Needed, suggestions for the new drinking game.

We simply need a fic related situation that makes you want to imbibe, and the number of shots (or sips, whatever) that situation creates in you. Here's a few common ones to get started:

- Celestia's Sun (1)
- Luna's Moon (1)
- Canon Character has access to Author's Knowledge (1)
- Gushnor's Anything (5)
- Author Character has access to the Author's Knowledge (5)
- Main Canon Character falls for OC ( 1 - 5 shots varies on OC Quality )
- Mary Sue OC ( Bottom's Up )
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#Single fic #Discussion #Comedy #Sci-fi #Human

The Official ARTICLE 2 discussion thread is back.

The Princesses find an alien creature barely clinging to life at the scene of a terrifying crash. Can the Combined Power of the Elements of Harmony save it, or more importantly, should they save it?

This thread is for the general discussion of the fanfic - A2. As seen on EqD, FimFic, and Fanfiction.


Here you go guys, I clawed my way back from hell. And I'm ready to get right back into the saddle.
Let the adventures continue.
It's good to be home.

*New thread theme music*

....until we inevitably get saged again.
Bring it on.
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What are some tips for making very realistic characters?
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Forgive me if I'm circumventing some kind of queue by posting a thread here (I've never been to this board, and the rules are rather vague, IE how do you tag), but there is something really bothering with my writing style that I feel is making it too repetitive, but I don't know how to get around it.

I'll drop a few paragraphs of the beginning for an example. Beware, it's slightly grimdark.

I awoke, but all I saw was darkness. I felt around with my hooves, yet they could barely move, like something was pushing against them, though I think ‘felt’ isn’t the best word to describe it. I ‘felt’ nothing. No temperature, no bed beneath me, not even my own skin. In a moment of panic, I began to thrash about, getting very claustrophobic. I flailed my hooves as far as they could go, and soon began to notice that I was breaking through whatever I was trapped in. With one final push, one hoof broke free, jolting up into the open space, and a wave of relief washed over me.

I began to uncover more and more of myself, and, eventually, pushed my upper body upright. A dim, blue light became visible, and I could now see the clumps of dirt falling away from my form. I shook off what remained and looked around to get my bearings. It was the middle of the night, Luna’s full moon shining brightly against the speckled night sky. I was lying in an open field, mildly spotted with trees, with stones rising up from the ground in an organized fashion. They were all identical, rectangular slabs stood upright with rounded tops. Beyond them, I could see a single, small building sitting by itself upon a hill, a lantern burning by the door.

I stood up on all four of my hooves, and promptly fell flat on my face. I prodded the ground with my front legs, trying to get a footing, before I got a glance at what kind of condition they were in. Where there should have been a lush coat there was only exposed meat, and, in some places, bone. I jumped back in shock, as if I expected the diseased flesh to lash out and bite me, and landed on my back. Looking down over the rest of my body, I saw the true extent of the damage; I was frighteningly thin, my ribs threatened to burst from my chest, and the same patches of foul flesh dotted my body. My left side was particularly bad, bearing a gaping hole where my kidneys were. Leaning forward, I could see my own organs, green and sickly.

I screamed. Or at least, I tried. What came out was more of a raspy moan that nearly scared me more than my appearance. My hoof instinctively covered my mouth, and I held my breath in fear of my own voice. That’s when I noticed it.

I wasn’t breathing.

I frantically inhaled and exhaled, trying to calm my nerves, but I felt nothing. I then attempted to see how long I could hold my breath. After approximately ten minutes, I gave up. There was no dizziness or any ill effects at all. It seemed that I no longer required air to live.

After taking a moment to regain what little composure I had, I tried a few more times to stand up. Due to my emaciated form and disfigured front hooves, the most I could accomplish was a hunch, my front elbows outstretched awkwardly. Fortunately, my hind legs were still in fairly good shape, giving me at least some kind of reliable support.

I started to walk forward, managing only a slow hobble. My hope was that whoever was in the building ahead would have some kind of explanation. I passed row after row of those symmetrical stones, whose name edged on the tip of my tongue. A light fog hovered above the ground, causing me to trip on the jagged cobblestone path on several occasions. As I drew closer to the shack, I could see the silhouette of a pony through the murky window. Thank Celestia somepony was home.

I approached the door and gave a tug on the rope that dangled beside it. Inside, I could hear the chime of a small bell alerting the owner of a visitor. I stood up as straight as my legs allowed, put on a big, toothy grin, and prepared to meet my new friend. I heard the clopping of hooves getting louder, then the click of a lock, then the creaking of a door, and finally the shrieking and passing out of a mare.

I honestly don’t know what I was expecting.

I know I'm using a kind of 'I did x.' repetition, but it almost seems necessary to convey what's happening, as there is no one but the main character thinking and interacting with himself. I could try to write it in third person, but I feel that takes away a personal aspect of the story.

It's shit like this that keeps me from getting my ideas on paper! UGH!
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How do I review the proper way? What do I need?
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#Collection #Shipping #Grimdark

Not entirely a fanfic per say, it's a collection of entry's.

I found this person kicking around tumblr and they've done a strange thing with their tumblr. Instead of doing the whole pictures in the form of a comic thing like LMR or many many many other pony tumblr's do. This person has made 1 picture for their "entry" and the rest is written in a 1000+ word entry.

It seems interesting to me, the use of stockholm syndrome and all that but I don't know...

What do you guys think?

I think the tumblr will fail, based on the fact that no one has the patience to read a tumblr instead of view pictures like most tumblrs allow you to do.

Here is the tumblr:

Anyone else think this will fail? It's interesting, but I don't think it suit's what tumblr is used to doing.
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What makes the reader “feel”?
This is more of a rant than a discussion, but it’s one very long and detailed question, so once somepony responds it will be a discussion. This gets kind of psychological so bear with me here.
What is it about fan fiction writing that causes such powerful and realistic emotions to be felt by the reader? It has occurred to me recently that all a writer really does is collect and accumulate a very large number of symbols and arrange them into a specific pattern designed to relate different events to the observer. The reader then views these various symbols and draws up a story from it, but why do we as readers “feel” such strong emotions during some stories. We know they are purely works of fiction, yet somehow we are able to trick our minds into believing that they are actually happening just long enough to trigger an emotional reaction. I use the term “we” loosely for reasons that can be explained later, but I wish to know what aspect about an assortment of words and letters that allows this trick of the mind to occur. Comedy seems the easiest to spark a reaction from; you don’t need to go into much detail to find Twilight’s poofy hair comical, but still, what is it about these things that we find funny. Is it simply the way the hair looks, or rather that it is a harmless unfortunate situation that Twilight finds unpleasant? Why do we find this funny? Sad is more difficult to pull off effectively. I could tell you that Derpy was abused and then abandoned by her mother, and left to die out in the wilderness, but that didn’t make you cry did it? If I were to relate to you the events in a longer and more detailed manner, given it was done skillfully enough I could probably bring you to tears, as did the writer of what I’ve just described. But what allows that to happen? Why is it that we are able to subconsciously convince our tear ducts to overflow when we read about such injustices? Granted I have to do it consciously I am still able to cause it to happen, and I would just like to know why? What is it about the writing that makes us feel so sad? Is it that just a tremendous injustice was done? Certainly not, or you would have cried over the brief description I gave you. Is it the words themselves or the writing style? What is it about sad, or comedy, or romance that pulls the intended emotion from your mind and delivers it to your heart, rather than just relaying information to your brain?
(No image)
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Hotel Equestria
#Author #Single fic #Normal #Crossover #Sad #Grimdark

this is not finnish but i need it reviewed for corrections and edits. THanks

Hotel Equestria
By TrueWGU (CaptainAmericanWhiteGoatUniverse)

In a dark stormy sky. Cool wind in my mane. Warm smell of apples, rising up through the clouds. Up ahead in the city I saw a shimmering light. My wings grew heavy and my sight grew dim. I had to land for the night. There she stood in the doorway. I heard the magic flow; and I was thinking to myself, “This could be heaven or this could be hell.” Then she lit up the lamps, and she me the town. I heard voices down the streets, I thought I heard them say. Welcome to the Hotel Equestria! Such a lovely town, such a lovely town, gotta calm down. Ready a room at the Hotel Equestria. Any time of year. Any time of year. You can find us here.
Her mind was full of friendship. She was an alicorn. She had a lot of really, really great ponies she called friends. How they took out Discord, sweet magic. Some fight to remember, so fight to forget. So I called AJ, “please bring me my cider,” she said, “We haven’t had that friendship here since Nightmare Night.” And still those ponies are calling from far away. I woke up in the middle of the night just to hear them sing, “Welcome to the Hotel Equestria! Such a lovely town, such a lovely town, gotta calm down. They’re living it great at the Hotel Equestria! What a friendly mare. What a friendly mare. With other friends.
Dark building on the cloud tops. A rainbow pegasi; and she said, “We are just prisoners here of the Pegasus device,” and in the great royal hall, they gathered for the feast. They fought it with their magic but they just can't kill the beast. Last thing I remember, I was flying for the door. I had to find the passage back to the land I was before. “Relax,” said the royal guard. “You can fly away all you want, but you can never leave!”
Many ponies are unaware that this filly nursery rhyme exists. It has been a long time ever since he came here. Life was perfect. But it was on that one stormy night when that Pegasus landed here in Equestria. From what I remember he had flew all the way from Las Pegasus. He was a mess. I never really knew what was wrong with him. All I know was that he came at the perfect time. Nightmare Moon returned, Discord attacked, and even the Rainbow factory was closed and destroyed. It was really weird how he reacted to everything that went on in Ponyvile. He seemed to never know what true friendship was. That was the problem too. For me and for all the other ponies that live here immediately found the meaning. Hope is truly a great thing. Without it there wouldn’t be any friendship. But sometimes I feel like he was just lonely and wanted to love. He already had a broken heart. What was the point of having a friend and loving if you don’t have any hope?
He would ask everypony, “Why?” Nopony ever understand him also. He saw the suspicion in the ponies like me that know. Know what? The true secrets of Equestria. The deep, dark secrets that lie down within everypony and the walls they are concealed in. The mysteries. The tales of Hotel Equestria.

Chapter 1: The Happy, Great, Rich, Divine Traveler from Las Pegasus Named Mr. Bright
“Ha! Looks like you lose this round Bright. Better luck next time!” The suited Pegasus placed the five-hundred bits on the casino table and went to a slot machine. With only twenty six bits left in his pocket, he decided to test his luck once more with all he had or else he will be forced to leave the casino. With his luck, the pegasi named Bright placed the twenty six bits in the slot machine and pulled the lever. The slots spun. It seemed like forever for the first slot to stop. It was a cherry. Bright waited for the second one. Cherry again. With his excitement, other ponies noticed the slots being what they are. One of the play colt ponies then yelled out loud, “If he gets one more cherry, then he could get a jackpot!” The suspense was driving Bright when all of a sudden the third slot stopped. “Nice Try! Try Again.” It was a seven. The crowd then turned away from the startled pegasus and went back wasting and gaining bits. Tears started running down his eyes. He was broke. He had nothing anymore.
Two big security ponies then escorted Bright out of the casino. The unicorn security guard then said to Bright, “Hey! At least you still have dignity! I think.” Bright walked away through the big city. He thought to himself if there was any point living. Walking out of the city, he built a small hut made from cardboard, scrap metal, and other kind of garbage. He had never felt what it was like to have a friend. All he knew was heartbreak and despair. Laying down he slowly fell asleep. Bright started dreaming about something weird though. Confused he tried to wake up when he saw what looked to be a town. It was full of other ponies, color, and friendship. He tried to reach for what he thought was the moon but was blasted all the way to the ground. Now frozen in his sleep, he watched death and destruction. He screamed bloody murder and woke up.
Bright went back into the city and saw a poster on the wall. The sign said, “Everypony is Welcomed to the Summer Sunset Celebration in Ponyvile! The Town of Friendship!” On the poster it showed the town. It looked exactly like the place he saw in his dream. Of course of having nothing and like every other cliché like this one… He decided to go to it! But that’s not when he flies off though. Bright didn’t know much about Canterlot and Princess Celestia at the time. Asking many ponies, they told him the same thing, “Just go to it and see for yourself!” Bright started to get mad but kept everything in because what would there be to be mad about!
Bright just stood there. Watching familiar faces, worn out places. Bright was trapped. All he could do is go back to Cloudsdale and get a job. Hopeless, Bright decided to go back to his home in Cloudsdale. When at Cloudsdale, the remaining ponies in his family tried to get him back on his hoofs. His brothers tried to convince him to just take it easy. Though his family was at one point rich, due to all the work money Bright’s cousin Atmosphere makes at the Rainbow Factory, now they are just an ordinary middle class family. Bright would tell his brothers and sister about all the luck he had when he went to Las Pegasus and how he just lost it all. Even his special somepony. He heard his friends talking about how she was going to put him on a shelf. Bright didn’t take it “brightly” at all. Instead, in a flash, before she could talk to him, he was already gone. Heartbroken, he went to Las Pegasus to wash his pain way. Which it did… well… sort of. Bright then met another mare. Even though she seemed perfect, Bright could see through her lyin’ eyes. All he had was the rest of his money and casinos.’

Chapter 2: In the Rainbow Factory… Where Dreams and Horrors Come True
Four months have passes and the Summer Sunset Celebration was only a couple of weeks away. Bright was partially on his hooves but still didn’t have enough money. Desperately, he talked to his cousin about a job at the Rainbow Factory. Though Bright wasn’t so sure about Atmosphere’s behavior and the work space he was selected to be in. He took it and was put in as the head scientist. Atmosphere knew Bright was really smart and put him there for more than just that. He wanted Bright to experience how every single thing works in the factory. Everything. Now as Doctor Bright, he slowly started getting checks in the mail. He hadn’t started working at the factory but was now partially rich. He finally went to work and the first thing he saw horrified him. Atmosphere walked in with the head manager and said to Bright, “So? What do you think? Isn’t it magnificent? We are supposed to have three more coming in today so your luck is that you will get to see how this… device works. Hehe. HAHAHAHHAA.” The pony standing next to him who was completely covered in robes placed a hoof on Atmosphere’s back. “Oops sorry I kind of got a little carried away. It’s just, this place, seems to change us in many ways.”
Bright then walked into the office. Even more startled, he was knocked out and sent into a room. Bright then started yelling at the other scientists trying to make them let go of him. Out of nowhere, the manager walked into the room. “So, you want to be part of the crew it looks like,” said the manager. “You have no idea of what goes on here do you,” asked the manager? Bright shook his head no. “Leave. I need to talk to this one alone. He is… different.
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Tonight, a (relatively short) request. So, anyway, tonight I've got this idea. I want to write a short story (almost like the speedfic challenge), but I don't know what exactly the subject should be about.

That's where this thread comes in. Long story short, I'm going to go get dinner with a friend. I'll be back in two hours, and when I do, I'll pick the best concept that gets posted in here. Yes, I'm aware of the StoryForge thread, but no, I want this to be a bit more of a live environment.

So, I give three rules, and only three:

1. Make it something that can be wrapped up in five pages or less. If I wanted to write an epic length story, I've got a bigger project I could work on.
2. No porn, gore, or any other questionable content. The first should be evident for anyone who knows me. The second goes against /fic/ rules (I think). The third... I don't want to write about shit that skirts with indecency, either.
3. No foals or cliches. Foals (Cutie Mark Crusaders, Silver Spoon / Diamond Tiara, Pipsqueak) irk me to no end, so none of that. By "cliches," I mean, no "Rainbow Dash breaks a wing" or no "Twilight messes up a spell." Ideally, I'd like something that hasn't been done before.

How this will go down: When I get back from dinner, I'll come here, make a post as to which story I'm doing, and then have a somewhat finished product presented in under three hours. Hence the 'short' rule. I make no promises about quality other than I will do my best given the time available, but I can say that, at the very least, it won't be terrible.

So, let's see how this turns out.
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Tonight, another relatively short request.
#Suggestions Are Closed

>TFW people start this early, in the wrong thread.

So, anyway, the idea is the same as last time. Just like last time, I'm going to go get dinner. During that time (roughly 30-50 minutes), this thread will be "open" for suggestions. The best suggestions are ones that are simple enough to be wrapped up in five pages or less; if I wanted to write an epic-length story, I've got a bigger idea I could start on. Once I get back, I'm going to pick a suggestion and spend three hours turning it into a narrative.

So, let me reiterate the three rules from last time:

1. Keep it simple. Make it something that can be wrapped up in five pages or less.
2. No porn, gore, or any other questionable content. Obvious reasons should be obvious.
3. No foals or cliches. Foals (Cutie Mark Crusaders, Silver Spoon / Diamond Tiara, Pipsqueak) irk me to no end, so none of that. By "cliches," I mean, no "Rainbow Dash breaks a wing" or no "Twilight messes up a spell." I've got one of those I'm writing, currently, too

Once I've made my pick, this thread will be "closed". Then, three hours after that (or sooner), I will post a link to the GDocs file I write this in.

Just like last time, I make no promises about quality other than I will do my best given the time available. I can say that, at the very least, it probably won't be terrible.

So, let's see how this turns out.

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Hello, /fic/, I heard this might be the best place for getting help with written works.

I have written a medium-sized review on Discord's character, but towards the latter parts I don't like how it ends up sounding, the style becomes very disorganized.
I wanted to review Discord's personality, humour, morality, villain traits and archetype as separate subjects, but they ended up intertwining one another.
Plus I think my arguments on why Discord isn't a great malicious villain end up being weak when asked exactly why, either that or just very unclear.

I would have posted this in txt or word format, but this board won't let me.

See the review below;

Personality and humour.
He's a very flamboyant old man with an equally gay voice. He isn't like Star Trek's Q because he is not rational to teach morals&virtues, and he never keeps his composure long enough to say something intelligent or to be taken seriously. The creators apparently were aiming for this playful Loki-like spirit villain, but failed terribly when they made him too flamboyant and also decided to put this mischievious personality in an old looking guy that almost looks like a cartoony devil with a goat's head, beard and everything. Unless of course Discord was suppose to be a stupid and pathetic manchild on purpose... which he even fails at that, he's no Bender or Homer Simpson or Cartman. Bender is at least funny whenever his plans fail.
His humour is a lame campy kiddy crap; Pink clouds that rain chocolate milk which explodes, flying pigs, buffallos in tutus, drinking glass, it really is 5 year old material.

Discord's morality/villain character and archetype.
His moral affinity is more chaos-neutral rather than chaos-evil, which means he has little malevolent intentions and ends up with a ''I don't give a fuck''personality, he doesn't care about anything but breaking stuff for the sake of it. Every villain has his own agenda, a grandplan and some smart ways of achieving it, but this guy doesn't have enough malevolent intentions beyond messing things up, and his personality also lacks the suave, creepy, insane, demented traits which a villain posseses.
His dialogue is pathetically boring, unfunny, non-threatening, uninspiring, and he's not creepy and menacing. The Joker and Green Goblin are chaos evil villains, HIM(power puff girls)is a flamboyant yet evil villain, Katz(Courage the cowardly dog) is a creepy villain and so on. Discord is more like an immature Deadpool, but less funny... plus Discord doesn't even work as an eccentric opportunistic thief mercenary rebel, because yet again not enough malevolent traits, and no agenda, also not enough charm to pull it off. Even Bender is closer to a villain next to Plankton, it would be much funnier to see an angry whiny character we can't take seriously always come up with a plan and have it backfire at him, most of the time.
As for Discord's personality and actions as a villain he ends up being an unfinished clusterfuck... and this feels awkward as hell. He sometimes has malevolent traits such as hyptonizing the ponies, disabling them, ruining their hometown, overall being a manipulative bastard but on the other hand he has no hatred on them. These bastard traits combine awkwardly with his flamboyant care-free personality and his lack of plans and basic evil traits such as anger&danger. He starts off as this chess-master in control, only to not have any minions to do his job, later he becomes more and more annoying and impossible to take seriously as a malevolent opponent. Boring dialogue and sense of humour, no direction or set-in-stone goals for his character, and his theme music is goofy - it's a slightly altered theme from Pinkie's madness scene from Party Of One, and yet Pinkie's theme with the dischotomy coming from the exaggerated trumpets still ends up being scary and having more personality compared Discord's theme, while Pinkamena's isn't goofy and actually sounds like a sick dischotomy which shows the character's insanity.

How the other characters act around him.
There's not much to say. They take him too seriously despite his handicapped flamboyant personality which they never use against him by making fun of it, let alone mention it. (Basically the same problem which Twilight has with taking seriously the grey ponies, which act more blatantly immature and retarded than a 6 year old.) They never punch him or throw anything at him when he needs to be taken a peg down. They just stare at him with their mean faces the entire episode. Which raises another point against Discord not being a good villain, nobody is scared of him, he isn't insane and angry enough to be scary. Even the Green Goblin is more threatening, at least he throws his bombs while talking.
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Weirdest Story Ever Read


What. The Heck. Is This?
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How do I develop an imaginative writing style? Mine so far is simplistic, emotionless, lacking and disorganized.
I want to know how to write with atmosphere and other elements, as opposed to just neutrally reporting back on the character's thoughts and actions.

For one example which I'll end up needing, how do I write numerous actions of the same category( and a boring category too which translates poorly into text such as wrestling/martial arts/choreography) while still keeping it somewhat entertaining? Or a racing action sequence.
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Ponyville Gore Police
#Author #Single fic #Discussion #Grimdark

Hi! I'm an aspiring fanfic writer, and I'm looking to complete what will hopefully be my first full pony fanfiction. It's got no relation to the 2008 film Tokyo Gore Police except the title, so don't worry, no mutant engineers here.

I don't THINK I'm allowed to post the story here, because it's very graphic. I've only written the prologue and some of chapter one so far. The basic premise is an alternate reality from the main show, that starts from the beginning - Twilight is a student under Princess Celesta and is sent to Ponyville. The difference? Dash, Rarity, Pinkie, Flutters and Applejack run things in Ponyville, under the collective name of the "Ponyville Gore Police", punishing even petty crimes in extreme and obscene ways. Twilight, under orders of Celestia, must take down this band of mercenaries one by one before they overtake all of Equestria.

The goal is to present the main six characters in a way that reflects their canon personalities as closely as possible, yet mixing that with over the top and senseless violence. In other words, if this somehow made its way into the script of a real FiM episode, the only thing off and strange would be the gratuitous amounts of blood being spilled.

What I'm looking for is someone I could email the link to, as again, I'm not allowed to post it here. I want a harsh critique - this is a story I really want to work!
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The Training Grounds - Celestia on a Moon Edition
Greetings all, and welcome to the Training Grounds, the review thread for all authors, reviewers, proofreaders, and editors, both newcomer and seasoned veteran alike. It isn’t the only such thread, but it’s usually the busiest! (Previous edition of The Training Grounds: >>110790 The sticky, which contains important information: >>98618)

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The Training Grounds ? Over-Thinking It Edition
#Reviewer #The Training Grounds

Greetings all, and welcome to the Training Grounds, the review thread for all authors, reviewers, proofreaders, and editors, both newcomer and seasoned veteran alike. It isn't the only such thread, but it's usually the busiest! (Previous edition of The Training Grounds; the sticky, which contains important information)

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  • No one is infallible. If something doesn't seem right, ask about it! Whether it be about a review you've received, a fanfic submitted, or something about the queue spreadsheet, the best way to solve it is through communication.
  • If you think you've been missed: please remind us with a link to your original post.
  • Feel free to ask questions about fanfics and writing them!
  • If you respond to a post: please link to the post you are responding to.
  • Reviewers: the writers want their work to shine. Highlight faults with gusto. Don't fear compliments either: if something makes you smile, a few kind words won't ruin your review.
  • Writers: the reviewers love to read, but will often lean towards being critical. Don't allow it to discourage you; use their criticism to improve your writing! See "Receiving Critique: Gallant" in The Editor's Omnibus and the Submission Etiquette Guide.

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  3. When you've been given editing permissions, you may delete your random post.

We here on /fic/ pride ourselves in overthinking things, whether it's reviewing, writing, brainstorming or organizing this ship of fools and every wonderful thing that it produces. Part of the art of fanfiction is making mountains out of molehills, whether in matters of characterization, world building or exposition of subtleties and fridge horrors. If you think that little details aren't significant, you're in for a big surprise.

(No image)
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Need more stories like RealityCheck



I need more stories like his.
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Quiche: CheesePie Ship Offical OC Offspring
#Discussion #Shipping

The recent CheesePie ship has sparked a bit of shipping with such intensity unlike many before it. Due to the incredible capabilities of the two ponies in particular. Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich have such an explosive dynamic it was inevitable to see a fanmade offspring of the two eventually rise. However, such offspring will not fall flat to the patterns of those before it. With a dash of creativity one may take an idea many miles.

I present before you: Quiche. The food in which her name drives from is a "cheese pie" the very definition. Her personality however is opposite to her parents' party-orthodox. She is emo, and likes to be left to herself for the most part if given the option. Quiche has a hate/love relationship with her spastic mom and dad, but does appreciate them. Also, she is SO turned on by vector calculus, nothing gets her in a better mood than that!

>Kinda new here
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I need some help with my Everfree contest entry
#Author #Reviewer #Sad

Hello, my name is A.J. Vasuqez, and I need some extra help with my stories, http://www.fimfiction.net/story/169197/worse-than-death, and http://www.fimfiction.net/story/170152/worse-than-death-as-told-by-silver. I'm hopping to get them done by the end of the week, so if you want to help, please say so.
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Canonical Idiomata: Rarity
#Discussion #Research
Continuing the work started here:

I found Rarity to have a much more complex speech pattern. Endearments are almost nonexistent, and an entire category was required to cover all of her non-word utterances. I am including a link to the google doc (in progress) where all that I post and a few extra columns can be found.

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New Crossover Fanfic!!!

Hi This Is Gonna be Brilliant Mlp Crossover With Happy Tree Friends EXCELLANT!!!!! Heres A Little Sneak Peak: Twilight Goes Through The Blood Covered Mirror
And So Does Spike The Dragon She Opens Her Eyes In A New World She First Sees A Letterbox Then She Looks At Her Hooves Which Have Now Turned Into Hands!
She Looked In A Mirror Which Spike Gave Twilight Sparkle And She Noticed Something Different She Is a Squirrel And She Screams.
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I wonder why I ever stopped.....

New computer, new city, new thread. I'm starting up this again, I hope I wasn't forgotten. ^^

Okay, so, my name's Ukai, and I used to be a big reviewer around here, back a year or two ago or so. (God it doesn't seem like so long ago). Anyway, I'm back, and taking requests.

1) No clopfic here. (E-mail it to me: ukainejasaki@gmail.com)
2) Do not get defensive, if I tear your fic apart, make it better, don't hate on me.
3) Be nice to everyone else. I'm not going to explain
4) Nothing super long. If you have to ask, it probably is. This is more for you than for me, since I like to put off big assignments.
5) GDocs is preferred, but other mediums are acceptable. Except pictures.
6) I reserve the right to deny to review any fics for any reason at any time.

Eh, that's all I can think of, rules-wise, so.... Post some fics, so I can review them.
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Collaborate? :D
#Author #Reviewer #Discussion


First post here :)

I'm an aspiring writer on Fimfiction. (link below) I have many ideas when it comes to writing but I have issues sustaining my work. I think that it would help me to collaborate with another writer to motivate me to continue to write. Two is better than one?
Now I know that's not the most flattering thing to say about yourself or ask. I realize this.
However, I am also offering myself (AS TRIBUTE, sorry) as a fresh pair of eyes to a story or idea.

If you've gotten this far, thanks. :)

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Pointing out basic grammar mistakes is what counts here as a reviewer, seriously?
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Review Request: Octavia"s Reprise
#Author #Single fic #Normal #Sad

Title: Octavia's Reprise

Desciption: After a near-death experience, Octavia decides to try to reconnect with Vinyl Scratch, despite leaving her scorned years ago. Based on The Living Tombstone's "Like A Spinning Record" and "Octavia's Overture".

Tags: Normal, Sad, Octavia, DJ PON-3

Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/157797/octavias-reprise

I've been publishing chapters regularly the last few weeks, and have been met with good responses. It being my first fic though I've had some trouble getting it some attention, and would love if I could get some feedback from you guys, both on where it's at right now and where it could go. Despite a good general reception, I haven't received anything particularly constructive on it. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!
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A Night-mare of Pink
#Single fic

<You wake up and your room is filled with ponies. you are verry happy to see that ponies are real and there in your very room. but then you question it. you start to say its a dream. but you dont care because there are ponies and it would at least seem real...but then you walk up to Rainbow Dash then try to talk to her..she doesnt respond..your mind gets alittle "curious" and you peek at her Flank..you quickly realise that it looks as if her cutie mark has been cut off..you back away and bump into Sweetie Belle...you look at her chest closly because you think you see something odd..it looks as if the ponies were sewn onto pony moddles..you run out of your room and run into Celestia..you think surely she could help..but you see she has been killed aswell..you hear hoofsteps..you walk toword them and you find Pinkie Pie...she holds up a knife...but before she can stab you you wake up quickly seting up in your bed. you wipe sweat from your forhead "few it was just a dream" you say. you get up to get a glass of water...but as soon as you open your door...there she is>
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My fic

Stone of changelings

Flash fire was flying over ponyville towards sky high her everfree forest house. He saw derpy hooves at sugarcube corner getting her breakfast muffin, twilight reading some books, and rarity in her finest dress. When he came at the everfree forest he saw a dark figure. It looked a bit like a changeling. Why are there changelings in ponyville asked flash to himself. When he came at her house he came in and they started talking about what happend like always. But today there was something special. There was a strange stone in the forest. She said that she left it alone for her own safety. But flash wanted to see that stone with his other friends cat blanket and party pal. So they came and they went into the everfree forest. Now they see why sky high didnt go to the stone. there were manticores and a maze with a roofing so they cant watch the route. But party pal used her magic to push the leaves away and freeze the manticores so they can come to the stone. Party pal lifts the stone with her magic and brings the stone to sky high her house to investigate it.
The stone whispered to them: touch me, touch me. When they touched it something happened, they became changeling they started attacking each other until they realised they were the 4 the 4 who are now a changeling. They have to find someone who can turn them back or at least change the past. Rarity? No. Button mash? No. Doctor whooves? Yes he could do it he has a time traveling royal guard hut. So why ask him if he could help. They changed to the old selfes and did go to the doctor. They changed back in front of him. The doctor was amazed. He could help them. But first they have to prove they are not mean changelings.

End of the first chapter.
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sunsets on Spike
#Single fic #Sad

She walked slowly through the halls of Canterlot, her aged body making every step torture.
>She had to see the child, one who had been praised so highly, she knew it wasn’t the one, but even so she sounded promising.
>Celestial looked at her newest student, just observing her strength in magic had been inspiring.
>Soon the test, and if she passed she would really make a great successor to the crown.
>A cough exited her throat, even the life of an alicorn would not last forever.
“I have no choice.”
>She heads off to the royal treasure and retrieves the egg.
>It sat there as it has for centuries, waiting for the element of friendship.
“I am sorry little one; your master must be another.”
>Her horn lifts the egg up, polishing it to a crystal gleam.

>Looking back through her treasures, she finds the item she had looked for.
>Grabbing the crystal heart she turns it over remembering the fight.
>The crystal empire, Sombra, and how she used almost all her energy to destroy him.
“I am afraid that he won after all, he destroyed me slowly and made sure I would never see the element”
>Bowing her head she almost wept, but held back, that was not the way.

>It was Cibel Servant who broke the Silence.
“Princess Celestia, is this the item you want for the test.”

She nods, unable to speak from the torment in her soul.
“Yes, and pray she can unlock this baby from it’s egg. Lest she learns the power of friendship, our empire is doomed.”

>And did Sunset shimmer accomplish it, and than some.
>Spike the dragon never left her side, and a budding friendship emerged quickly.
>Though lessons were taught spike always waited patiently for his big sister after class, waiting to play and learn.

>Perhaps it would have stayed this way, and the pressures of being the next princess of Canterlot would not have happened if not for the elements.
>She had been content with the friendship of Spike, had accepted the lessons but the gift was much too large a burden.
>Had that rainy day never fallen perhaps all would not be lost.

>Sunset walked with Celestia through the everfree forest, a activity they did quite often anymore.
>The lessons of magic were never behind a desk with the Celestia.
>Age and fear had forced the now queen to teach Sunset to fight for power.
>They passed the further into the forest than they ever had, a bridge and…
“Celestia the castle.”

>Sunset sat in amazement of the ruins.

“This old building is a monument of a time, one I wish to forget.”
>She leads sunset into the decaying building.
“It is one where you will get my final gift.”
>She lights her horn and leads the student to the bottom of the castle
>Her horn flickers as it raises a monument, Six orbs reveal themselves.
“Sunset you are to take my place, but more important you are to take her place. Destiny has changed and you must be the bearer of the elements of har…rmon..y”
>She collapses the strain to great for the aged Queen.

>Years pass, the queen barely leaving the castle now, to weak to even stand on her own hooves anymore.
>She still sought news of the students of magic, hoping against hope that somehow she would find the true wielder of elements.
>Sunset would grow envious of the attention these new students gained.
>It was her, she thought, who had spent years fighting to gain the queens approval.
>She had fought the breakouts of Tartarus and had been sacrificing her free time to keep equestria from falling to darkness.

>Spike had long been forgotten, though given anything he desired he never got what he needed, love.
>He still waited for hours and days at a time for the attention that he craved, but eventually his heart began to grow cold.

>Cibel awoke to Celestia’s touch, surprised that the queen would get up and move.
>Shock followed as he saw a flame in her eyes he hadn’t seen in decades.
“My Queen”
>A statement more of a question he couldn’t believe this pony had ever been reduced to bedrest.
“Is… Is everything ok”
>He knew it was a stupid question, or course it was ok, he could see that.

>She smiled, and giggled, acting like a school filly with a crush.
“Cibel she arrived, I have lived long enough to see her arrival.

“Her arrival my queen”

“Yes, the element has awoken.”

>Sunset listened from the shadows, not believing her ears.
>Stomping down she turned and left, leaving behind shattered marble where her hoof had been.

>Night feel, but the anger Sunset felt only rose, the new student never required a test or violent lessons that she did.
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My two attempts at MLP fanfiction
#Author #Collection #Sad #Grimdark

The first one is:I'm a little dragon.
This is my attempt to make Spike's behavior during the series (just the first 3 seasons) to make some sense.

The second is called Umbra (only later I realized it was a common story name, but I guess it's too late to change since it's relevant to the story.).
I hope you enjoy.
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#Author #Sad #Grimdark #Gore

I've been working on this story for a while, and I'd love for it to get some more attention.

Synopsis: Pinkie Pie has a wonderful life. Always surrounded by friends and family, she has everything she could ever want, and never stops smiling. One Hearth's Warming Eve, however, that all changes when Pinkie Pie is abducted and subject to horrific cruelty by somepony she thought she could trust.

Story Page: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/103504/popped
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My Little Pony: The Next Generation
#Single fic #Comedy #Shipping

Hey guys, I'm trying to spread my fic around, so please give it a read, leave a review, whateves.

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Youtube Fanfic Reader.
#Reader #All

Hello, I am a reader from youtube!
I would love it if I could have your opinion on my readings :)
(If you like them, remember to subscribe and like hehe)
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#Author #Single fic #Normal
Synopsis: A changeling who has been at the side of an Equestrian mare for most of his life finds himself in the middle of the changeling invasion of Canterlot. He has no love for this Queen or her destructive desires. He merely wishes to stay at the side of his lovely wife. But with his true nature revealed, how will she react?


This was basically the result of an all-nighter on an errant stroke of inspiration. After some pressure from the folks at FimFic I decided to rewrite parts of it, giving it a new introduction and better character introductions.

So please, read the revised version. The original is just there for the sake of archiving the comments on it, and for people in a morbidly curious mood that wonder what the result of an all nighter fueled by a rogue rampaging muse and a box of Jaffa Cakes looks like.
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Looking for cream. I've never really been into fan fiction, pony or otherwise, because a lot of times they're sort of slow and drawn out. I usually end up loosing interest after a few pages. But I was on Deviant Art and stumbled across a fic where Rarity gets sick and dies. It was so good I ended up reading the whole thing in one go, and ended up thinking about it for days after.

So now that I can see there really is some good stuff out there, I was wondering if you could tip me off to some five star, cream of the crop fics?
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Fallout Equestria and Side Stories: I Greetings and welcome to the very first of the Fallout Equestria and Side Stories community thread. Within these virtual walls, you shall be free to discuss all matters “Fallout Equestria”, present your ideas or pieces for discussion and in general just interact with each other in order to honor the great work that Kkat has done. So now, come in, comment, present yourself to others, start discussions, present your own works, give feedback to others works, derail, rerail and in general just have fun.

Compilation document:http://tinyurl.com/FoESSCP
Note: Due to some odd policy, two links are too many links for this post, so the post to the main story shall be included in linked inside this document.
The current collection of stories and Collaborations, open to anyone who wants to add, just ask.

Please go and join the collaboration documents.

New writers, or non-writers, are always welcome to join the discussion and contribute whatever they might be thinking or working with at the moment. Want to be added to the list of authors? Say so, you will be contacted and then added to the list. You just want to write a one-shot? Do by all means. A bug bit you and you decided to turn madness into Fallout Equestria related words? I don’t know how many will actually read it, but you can post here too!! All writers not in the list are welcome to join, I repeat, [b]ALL ARTIST NOT IN THE LIST ARE WELCOME TO JOIN.

You want to tell an author what an awesome job they are doing? Please feel free to do so, no matter how simple or how stupid you might think your contributions might be. As a matter of fact, we encourage you greatly to do this because, as Kkat herself has said, feedback is what fuels the writer onward and thus receiving it is the best thing they can get. Comment, protest, bicker, praise or simply mention the stories

Now have fun and enjoy the show.
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Review Request: Arcane Nights, Book 1: Blackthorn Asylum
#Single fic #Discussion #Grimdark #Adventure, AU

So, I'm curious, would anyone be willing to share their opinion on this fic I've been working on? I want to try submitting it to Equestria Daily, and I already tried once and edited it to improve it.

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Fimfic quality has tanked massivley
I used to go on fimfic and browse the new queue every day. I would appreciate a few and add maybe one to my tracking. So I would be looking at the synopsis of about 40 fics and checking out about 5.

Starting about 5 days ago, I have found ZERO new fics worth reading. Of course this is my opinion, but objectively, I can hardly see how more than one or two could be worth reading. I've kept up fics since a few months after the show premiered, so I consider myself a pretty good authority on the trends, and I know I'm not being too biased because there are tons of fics I decide not to read for reasons other than quality

Here's the proof. This was all the front page of fimfiction.
1k words bad grammar

"troll" fic I recognize from fanfiction.net Annyoing to even try to read or laugh at.
"On the day of the summer sun celebration, Equestria is transported into our dimension, and a few scientists at NASA are trying to figure out what's going on." Maybe it's unfair of me to put this one here, but I'm in a bad mood.

(This is totally a self insert) Jordan is an average high school student. Not many friends, but has a few that count. The new school year is going normal as usual until one day he gets sick and an epidemic strikes the United States... an epidemic of... PONY proportions, changing his life and many others."

2500 words

There are a few others of the same vein. The only fics that are "good" are reposts that are new to fimfic.

I have no idea why the quality has tanked so massively so sharply. Is this related to the pre-reader issues on Eqd? I've noticed that eqd is just posting less fics in general.

What can be done about this? Word requirements? topicality requirements? Filters? As it is, I'm about to go back to fanfic.net when I run out of eqd things. I really don't see any other choice.

I know the more juvenile fics have become more common since a few months before the season 2 premiere, and that's OK i guess, but now there is no way to ignore them and they seem to come at the expense of quality, or at least normal fics.
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Look, guys. I really want to write a fanfic from the POV of a journal that lays out a pony's perspective of a Bolshevik revolution in Equestria. Now, I have a lot of reading before I even touch this, but I couldn't help myself. Here is my adaptation to "White Army, Black Baron" (https://www.marxists.org/history/ussr/sounds/mp3/Belaia-Armiia-Cherny-Baron.mp3) to Equestria:

>Snow-colored legions, charcoal baron,
>Seeking to give back the Queen her throne!
>From crowded Manehattan to seas to the west,
>The Ponies' Red Army is the best!

>So grip your spears and swords!
>We'll slaughter all the lords!
>We will shed their vile blood!
>And we will all make,
>The cowards shake,
>And make them run in flood!

>Ponies' Red Army, march march in front!
>We are the ones who will bear the brunt.
>From crowded Manehattan to seas to the west,
>The Ponies' Red Army is the best!


>We and our movement will spread far and wide,
>With our ideas and ponies at our side.
>From crowded Manehattan to seas in the west,
>The Ponies' Red Army is the best!


This is just my first whack at it. I would really appreciate some input on improving this.
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Where Do We Go From Here?

I don't plan on beating around the bush about this.

Ponychan is dying. By some standards, it's already dead. Only a handful of threads are still active, and even the ones that are receive little traffic.

When I first began my review thread, I received an average of one request per day, sometimes more. The Training Grounds sometimes had as many as fifty reviews in its queue, and this board was generally abuzz with activity, constantly.

But now it's gone, and I'm not quite sure why. I was out of the fandom loop for quite sometime, so maybe I missed some important developments. Now that I'm back however, I'm horrified at the prospect of this website falling into obscurity. Ponychan is where I developed my true love for My Little Pony and made some wonderful friends.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let's figure this out: what happened, and what are we going to do to keep our community alive?
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So when will somebody write alterations or complete remakes of the season 4 premiere? Would some reviews help?

The demand is actually much higher than some would believe.
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More review threads... great.
#Discussion #Whyyyy?
Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that so many newfriends feel like helping out, but I think this is just getting ridiculous. I've got a sinking feeling that some of the newer reviewers haven't spent much time around the board, and as such they face a certain stigma, but not for no reason.

Take a look at the review threads that have lasted multiple posts and see what they're doing right and wrong. They've lasted this long not only because the reviewers have been able and willing to do so, but because they provide a quality service. Much of the work comes in the form of grammar fixes that it seems to me that several of the newest threads either ignore or only factor very slightly into account.

Now, from listening in on some IRC chats, I've got the feeling that many of the long standing reviewers are in need of a break, and these newer threads are well-timed to lessen the fallout so many departures, however temporary, can cause. In the interest of a /fic/ board that functions smoothly and churns out quantities of good fanfics, I'm glad that so many are taking up the challenge of reviewing.

Still, one thing really bugs me. These threads, and the reviewers seem to have come from nowhere. They haven't contributed to the most important largest review thread, The Training Grounds. I think it'd be far more beneficial for our new reviewers to spend some building some kind of rep across multiple threads, but most specifically via reviews in TTG. There you can arguably contribute the most without cluttering up the board as a whole.

Seeing as I'm probably ranting and rambling at this point I'll just stop.
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Conversion Bureau: Tasty Tasty Grass Edition Welcome, one and all, to the TWELFTH iteration of the round-table discussion that is known to some as THE CONVERSION BUREAU Thread! Started back in March, this over-arching fanon universe of The Conversion Bureau has spawned over 40 spin-offs, many worthy of standing on their own as fantastic stories in their own right. Come in, sit down, have a cold one, and enjoy your reading! Feel free to participate if you feel so inclined to do so!

Obligatory video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXoYK4b_q24

Old Thread: >>60773

We’re always ready to welcome new writers and any ideas they may have! Also, make sure to comment and give feedback on new stories and new updates! Authors absolutely love hearing what people think of their work. Be sure to try to offer civil and constructive criticism if you find any problems with their story! (They like it when you do that) If you don't say anything, you are depriving the author of input that could make their story 10 times better, so speak up whether you're a lurker or a regular poster!

Compilation post on Equestria Daily: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/04/conversion-bureau-compilation.html
Midnight Shadow's TCB guide: http://tinyurl.com/436eesa
Midnight Shadow's Story Compilation Document: http://tinyurl.com/43othw2
Krass's Open-Doc Extravaganza: http://bit.ly/nENanm (READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)
We have a thread on /rp/ that may or may not be dead! http://tinyurl.com/3r2eq25
IRC CHANNEL!! We got one! It’s super crazy fun time! (But soul crushingly lonesome when no one but you is there...)

Channel: #TCB

(NEW) indicates stories that have been added or have new chapters that were posted in the previous thread. You can find the new fics at the bottom of the post!

NOTE: In an effort to save on post space, some links have been swapped for fimfiction links.

Here's the stories we got so far, some in the order they were made:

THE ORIGINAL: The Conversion Bureau (Blaze)
part 1: http://bit.ly/gZFoQi
part 2: http://bit.ly/eR7eoC
part 3: http://bit.ly/eaDLy8
part 4: http://bit.ly/io8PWj

The Conversion Bureau: Pride (Pride)

Midnight Shadow's Stuff

Midnight's Tale

A Twist in the Tail NEW

A Twist in the Tail: Community Service NEW


The End

The Day the Sky Changed (Collection) NEW

Sidelines (Sonic)
collection: http://bit.ly/gwDk4c

Ten Rounds (Defoloce)

Last Man Standing (Windchaser)
FimFiction Link: http://tinyurl.com/3zlkok5 (NEW)

Change of Life (FirstTimePonyWriter)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/hrUIKS
Part 2: http://bit.ly/fgFtdI
Part 3: http://bit.ly/mQaoIx
Part 4: http://goo.gl/4K6TY
Part 5: http://goo.gl/7kSZ8
Part 6: http://bit.ly/oevuQg

Yellowstone (Anonsi)
Equestria Daily Link: http://tinyurl.com/3v8ln6j
FimFiction Link: http://tinyurl.com/4y5n6x8

Yellowstone the Series (Anonsi)
Episode 1
Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/3ok5qb8
Part 2: http://tinyurl.com/3grwdv7
Part 3: http://tinyurl.com/44y75qz
Episode 2: http://tinyurl.com/3p65m6u
Episode 3: http://bit.ly/mOFrmS
Episode 4: http://bit.ly/oMbTY6

Minisode 1: http://bit.ly/qHYjl9
Minisode 2: http://bit.ly/pw94CP
Minisode 3: http://bit.ly/nNbOSN
Minisode 4: http://bit.ly/pYmdc2

A Mare’s Tail (HiddenBrony)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/h5NPaz
Part 2: http://bit.ly/lMYnZg
Part 3: http://bit.ly/jPRBs7
Part 4: http://bit.ly/mvLDiJ
Part 5: http://tinyurl.com/3ptd8pn
Part 6: http://tinyurl.com/4ynab85
Part 7: http://bit.ly/qrvH1P
Part 8: http://bit.ly/qlhDpP
Part 9: http://bit.ly/n4RzoY
Part 10: http://bit.ly/r1ZMfz
Finale: http://bit.ly/rmcRHz
Epilogue: http://bit.ly/qh1Z8a

Dinner Among Friends (Mray)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/knhZaE
Part 2: http://bit.ly/jDkRb7
Part 3: http://bit.ly/pmfXG9

An Azure Future (Krass McWriter)
Compilation: http://bit.ly/ntqI7n
Part 1: http://bit.ly/iwMxoA
Part 2: http://bit.ly/kkYv4P
Part 3: http://tinyurl.com/3mqv2aw
Part 4: http://tinyurl.com/44jeo2r
Part 5: http://tinyurl.com/3sawj7r
Part 6: http://tinyurl.com/3vrq8gz
Part 7: http://tinyurl.com/3tpyljv
Part 8: http://bit.ly/nE08wH
Part 9: http://bit.ly/pRHRm8
Part 10: http://bit.ly/p6vWEd
Part 11: http://tinyurl.com/44fs4ss (NEW)

Lost Chapter 1: http://bit.ly/nKgxMw

Maverick (Lightsideluc)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/m73xwc

The Conversion Bureau: Guardian Chronicles (Jack Anarchy)
Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/3dl8zhe
Part 2: http://tinyurl.com/3cycb9e
Part 3: http://bit.ly/p2Db9V
Part 4: http://bit.ly/pQM0L1

First Contact (Purple Prose)
Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/44zourj
Part 2: http://tinyurl.com/3ptxvzk
Part 3: http://tinyurl.com/3huowc8
Part 4: http://tinyurl.com/43wdlrq
Part 5: http://tinyurl.com/3vnx8r2
Part 6: http://tinyurl.com/3fg795a
Part 7: http://tinyurl.com/4y8sn9o
Part 8: http://tinyurl.com/3rg5ko2
Part 9: http://tinyurl.com/6486u38

Ponies of a Rising Sun (Purple Prose)
Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/6bf94f5
Part 2: http://tinyurl.com/6egksa3
Part 3: http://bit.ly/oywWaR

Last Man Standing: Aftermath (Videomaster20XX & Windchaser)
Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/3hwkwg6
Part 2: http://bit.ly/neTm10

Shard (Sparky)
Main Directory: http://tinyurl.com/3v5a5n4 (NEW?)

The Kid, Colt, and a Filly (Erac)
Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/5rmelmz
Part 2: http://bit.ly/rfxifb

Death Row (Dermathil)
Prologue: http://bit.ly/mRlGWn
Part 1: http://bit.ly/rab3Rf

More (SonicBoom01)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/nLXM5K

Ring of Fire (Windchaser)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/oxmkTy
Part 2: http://bit.ly/rscakC
Part 3: http://bit.ly/naZb1u
Part 4: http://bit.ly/o4Icy8

Pandemic (Sir Isaac Johnington)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/peydMe

The Breaking Point (BronyOfSteel)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/ovV2xN
Part 2: http://bit.ly/nYlLFs
Part 3: http://tinyurl.com/3s6e8h3 (NEW)

Third Party (PonySoldier)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/peydMe
Part 2: http://bit.ly/pzKhZ4
Part 3: http://bit.ly/oIc00E
Part 4: http://bit.ly/nsQXmx
Part 5: http://bit.ly/qQLqdC
Part 6: http://bit.ly/q2BKVf
Part 7: http://bit.ly/qRqoyw

The Scientist (Azul)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/mUVzch

Second Impact (Purple Prose)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/r1LZ6L
Part 2: http://bit.ly/nxJEJf

IX Days (Scalier)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/pGJ4Wt
Part 2: http://bit.ly/ppcZ0e
Part 3: http://bit.ly/pAewej

Singularity (Hunter X)
Prologue: http://bit.ly/oy5mlp

Yellowstone: The TV Movie (Videomaster 21XX)

Chatoyance’s works (links to FimFiction) (NEW)
The Big Respawn: http://tinyurl.com/43etmu9 (NEW)
Euphrosyne Unchained: http://tinyurl.com/435m4sd (NEW)
Letters From Home: http://tinyurl.com/3kgnv7b (NEW)
Teacup, Down on the Farm: http://tinyurl.com/3sg3dxg (NEW)

High Stakes (Zaka51)
http://tinyurl.com/3lwea7o (NEW)

To Serve (FredMSloniker)
http://www.fimfiction.net/story/1664/ (NEW)

Coexistence (Secrios)
http://tinyurl.com/3z9t7cy (NEW)

Speed Fics that might be continued:
Opening Week (Anonsi)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/p0cuyv
Strained and Striped (Erac)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/oQHfrf
How I Learned to Teach Newfoals
Part 1: http://bit.ly/qp8aMI
The Wide Open Road (Windchaser)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/oWC8Js
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Spirits of Harmony Alright, I need some help here. I'm writing a fic which will span multiple chapters called "Spirits of Harmony" which is vaguely inspired by (but not a crossover with) Avatar: The Last Airbender, specifically the way Aang can talk to past Avatars if he wants to.

The basic story is that the Mane 6 discover that the Elements contain echoes of past wielders that they, through Twilight's command of magic, can communicate with. This acts as a framing device for three seperate stories with original characters set varying amounts of time in the past.

In terms of "goals" for this fic, I have these set out:

1. Decouple the virtues the Elements represent from specific personality traits, and illustrate - both to the audience and the Mane 6 - that there are different ways to be honest, kind, joyful, generous, loyal and magical.

2. Tell some cool, engaging, entertaining stories with new characters.

3. Have a moral at the end - that virtues don't always take the form you expect, but are always worth having - so that Twilight can learn another important lesson about friendship.

I don't think I'm going to have any problem writing for the host of original characters I've written out. The problem is, I need to write the first chapter to frame everything properly. It's very Mane Six-heavy, and I'm discovering just how difficult it is to write for characters I didn't invent myself. Past the first few paragraphs it feels rushed, forced and just plain bad. I feel like I need serious help fixing this.

What I really want is for the first chapter to be over so I can get to the "cool stuff" of having the Mane 6 interact with the OCs and having the OCs tell their story. But I know the first chapter has to be engaging, well-paced and convincing, otherwise people won't read past it to look at the stuff I had an easier time writing.

First Chapter, first draft:

Here are my story notes. BE WARNED! This spoils basically everything important about the OCs and all three stories. Read only if you don't care about spoilers.
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General OC guidelines!
I'm not sure if we've had this before, but I feel that setting out a set of general advice on creating an OC might be helpful. Obviously, there are no specific rules to it, and who knows, your robot sparkles alicorn might come out amazing, but its much more likely "Princess Bubblegum" is going to crash and burn. In no particular order, here are some important things to remember. (these are just general suggestions based on experience, feel free to ignore them.)
1) The color scheme and physical appearance: It might not seem that important in a fic, but a OC that's designed in a physically unattractive way can be a major detractor. When creating one remember a few simple things: all ponies, without exception are guided by a pastel color scheme. (if you don't know what this is, grandmaster google will tell you.) If your OC is completely black, with a bright red mane you are already heading the wrong way. The physical traits are important too. Don't give your OC metal wings, or spiked neck chains, etc if you want it to seem legitimate. Do any ponies in the show have what you want to give it? No? Then its probably a bad idea.
2) Mental Traits: If you give your pony speical powers, (pyromancy, nutty magic, etc.) you are heading down a path that rapidly heads to bad, and more bad. A character can be interesting and deep without having a "dark past' or "speshul magix". The behaviors and actions should be what are singular, not gimics like these.

(clearly there's more, this is just off the top of my face thinggy; if you want to add more, you are more then welcome to._
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Is Seattle here?

Months ago I asked Nick Nack to review a story that I'd written. In Nick's thread, Seattle volunteered to help review the story instead. I agreed to that, and the result was that he reviewed the first of two chapters, quit, and Nick reviewed the second one.

I've had a discussion with Nick about the second chapter, but I couldn't get a hold of Seattle. It's been a while, I've neglected the fic, and I wanted to try and get a better grip on how to fix it. Right now I'm not sure if I should try to reach Seattle again or get another opinion on it.

Review post is at >>128900 if you're curious.
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SkyClad & Honor-Bound: A Millenia Past
#Single fic #Normal #Adventure

Rainbow Dash, the powerful mare bearing the Element of Harmony, through an unfortunate and unknown turn of events, finds herself in an entirely different world. But it's not a different world, only...a different time.
She finds herself over a thousand years in the past, thrust into a prophecy unknown to her, into a war with the demons of Tartarus, and the weight of a world lays quivering weakly in her hooves.

Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/130956/skyclad-honor-bound-a-millennia-past

Last edited at Mon, Dec 9th, 2013 21:09

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The Training Grounds - We Want You Edition
#Reviewer #Training Grounds
Authors! Reviewers! We need you to serve your fandom!

Put your writing skills to use, and we'll help you hone them. All kinds are welcome. We'll have you whipped into a lean, mean writing machine before you leave hoof camp! Go on out there and make us proud!

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mlp fim
#Single fic #Sad #Shipping

Pinkie has a special feeling for Rainbow Dash. But will the new horror movie twist up their relationship?
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Ponymarillion collab. thread # an illustrated multimedia fanfiction/project/parody/ponification/satire/alternate ponyverse -- http://ponymarillion.referata.com

SYNOPSIS: The Ponymarillion is an alternate account of the Elder Neighs, or the First Age of Tolkien's World... the origin of "those creatures which in English I call misleadingly Elves". (Silm p.16) It is the ancient drama to which the characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic look back, and in whose events some of them, such as Luna, Celestia and Discord, took part. The tales of The Ponymarillion are set in an age when Tírek, the first Dark Lord, dwelt in Tartarus, and the immortal Alicorns departed the Undying Lands to make war upon him.

The Elements of Harmony were created in ages past by Starfall, most gifted of the Alicorn race. Within them were imprisoned the Light of the Double Trees of Alinor before the Trees themselves were destroyed by Unlight of Unpleasant, the monstrous mother of Changelings. Thereafter the unsullied Light of Alinor lived on only in the Elements; but they were seized by Tírek and set in his Iron Crown, guarded in the fortress of Changorodrim in the north, overlooking the twilight kingdom of Alfalfaland, most ancient of the pony realms east of the Sea. The Ponymarillion is the story of the rebellion of Starfall and her kin against the gods, their exile from the Blessed Realm and return to Little-Equestria; and their war, hopeless despite all heroism of immortals, unicorns, and earth ponies alike, against the great Enemy.

An Appendix may detail little-pone facts such as: a brief glossary of Neighnya, the ancient pony language, and list of names; a map of Alfalfaland and the lands to the north; a map of Ponicéan; the prologue to the unauthorized /oat/ edition; cover art for the Ballantine edition; Starswirl's letters (an early pony alphabet); translations of "actual" pony names into Elvish; family tree; heraldry and cutie-marks of the Great Horses of Alfalfaland; and various other humorous tidbits.

# seeking: one or two bronies (here or from elsewhere) who are big fans of The Silmarillion,
good writers with a soft spot for flowery language, and a big sense of humor and fun.

# to assist with workshopping the fic -- participation as a writer is optional
(but we'd like to be able to discuss it in the spirit of a Tolkien fan-project) --
we can discuss the work here or in a book-club thread offsite (or on /fic/)

# brony artist(s) who are tolkien fans to work with the editor on possible sketch art or illustration.

> OATH of STARFALL (taken by Luna and her sisters; led to the exile of the Alicorn
> race) -- The dreadful irrevocable oath taken by Starfall and her seven daughters:

Be she foe or friend, be he foul or clean
Brood of Tírek or sparkly Ponyta,

Unicorn or Pegasus, or follower, My Little Human
or Earth Pony, yet unborn upon Little-Equestria,

Neither law, nor love, nor magic of friendship
Danger of darkness, nor Doom itself
Shall defend thee from Starfall, and all of her kinship,

Whoso hideth or hoardeth or otherwise keepeth
An Element of Harmony from Alicorn hooves!

This swear we… Undying love and tolerance
we shall deal them ere Day’s ending,

Woe unto world’s end! Our word hear thou,
Faûst Allmother! To the everlasting Drama
Unfriendliness doom us if our deed faileth…

On the holy mountain Poniquetíl hear in witness
and our vow remember, Twilë and Shyavanna!

> Original: (in Elvish) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDcnEhASd9U

This story has been previously told in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion, based on the Red Book of Westmarch. However, in translating the source material, Tolkien got some of the facts wrong. The ancient race depicted in the source material was not in fact elves as commonly understood, but unicorns and other magical talking ponies. Changes in cultural folklore over the centuries, along with a decline of belief in ponies among the later human residents of Earth, can be blamed for this misconception. Much like hobbits, the pony race were doomed to fade into the cute and cuddly denizens of the fields and forests we know today.

> You may have noticed that some aspects of the history of Equestria (the land of magical, talking, rainbow ponies, unicorns and pegasi)
> bear some similarity to the history of Middle-Earth. The presence of ancient races, only a few of whom survive; a battle involving sacred,
> magical jewels; etc. It is obvious that ponies were once considered to be terrifying, fae-like creatures.

> The central conceit used for the inspiration for this fic (as more than a series of disconnected parody art) was inspired
> by "Hearth's Warming Eve" -- in which the Mane 6 "play" alternate versions of themselves from the distant past. These
> alternate character versions may be interpreted as suspiciously similar character archetypes (as is common in cartoon
> re-enactments of literature) or as ancestors of the ponies we are familiar with.

Other short works may be added (but only if there is interest in doing so): The Laûrendalë is a myth of the Creation of Ponies and in the Ponÿeighna the nature of the gods is described. (this is the part where many people give up on reading the original book though.) The Pennyepitâph recounts the downfall of the great island kingdom of Ponicéan at the end of the Second Age; and the Adventures of Bill the Pony is a collection of poems and short stories. The Book of Lost Ponies recount how these stories came to be written down on the island of Starswirl the Bearded by the shipwrecked human explorer Hœrstwine centuries later.
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#Author #Single fic #head cannon

Hey Guys, I am currently writing a headcannon fic on AJ and why her parents left. Its not quite finished, in fact its nowhere near being done, but I wanted to have somebody read what I have and tell me what I need. The story is on my pastebin under
>AJ Headcannon

Look for Morrowisk, that's me!
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Fanfic Review Please
#Reviewer #Comedy #Adventure
Sorry about previews post, didn't find proper format before, fixed that now :D

Title – The Venture League
Author/Screen Name – Loopy Legend
Email – Loopy_Legend@hotmail.com
Tags – Adventure, Comedy,
Synopsis – The Venture League is an organized group of ponies from all over Equestria. They specialize great survival and tactical gear, and adventuring. Simply put the venture League are adventuring ponies for hire, they will do any mission you need of them.
Links - http://www.fimfiction.net/story/8893/1/The-Venture-League/The-Venture-League-Chapter-1---Unexpected-Recruit
Chapters Reviewed – Only got 1 (Unexpected Recruit)
Comments/Requests – EQD did send me here, pasting their comments.
1) Extremely basic writing. "She said this and this. Then he did that. She did this, and a bird exploded." Your characters aren't showing much personality, honestly. They're not complicated individuals, but are very nearly what we call 'Talking Heads'. You're making your OC botanist pony sound like they're just out of grammar school.
2) Punctuation issues. You really need to go back over this story. You're lacking punctuation in some places and have borderline comma abuse in others.
3) Word choice. Is it 'Wattle Lilly' or 'Water Lilly'?
4) More punctuation issues. You're lacking question marks in some places where they're needed.
I think I might need to completely re-write some of this story. Transition from cartoon scripting to full fledged writing is completely different. My background in writing cartoons kind of shows in my writing style. So any help/review/tips would be very great thanks.
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FiMFiction February Write-Off
I didn't see a topic for this, but the voting for the Write-Off has started on FiMFiction. The link is here:


The prompts were either:
-A fire breaks out in the Everfree Forest
-Strange creatures are attacking Ponyville
-The Mane Six go on a vacation

One of those is being used a lot more than others (pic related). But anyways, if you're bored and feel like reading some fanfics, why not go over and vote?
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I'm thinking of writing a pony fanfic but I want to know if the concept has already been overused.

The story has Celestia revealing the true origin of Spike, how long ago before ponyville existed there was this giant black dragon who was pure evil, caused unstoppable destruction and forced the princesses to send their entire army against him.
They were unable to defeat him, and the dragon almost manages to destroy both princesses, but at the right moment, Celestia uses the Elements of Harmony to encase the power of the Dragon and it results in the egg that end up becoming Spike.

The story then has the characters dealing with the fact that the evil side of Spike is becoming stronger, and Twilight has to decide how to deal with this, Will she choose to end the evil inside Spike by killing or exiling him? Or will she try to help Spike keep the evil inside him under control?

Suggestions and critiques are welcome.
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#Badfic #anything

I feel like reading a really awful fanfic right now. They are just fun to read and laugh at.

Preferably under 2000 words but anything is fine!

Pic unrelated
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Looking for Fic Recommendations

I haven't read any fics in a while, and I'm interested in seeing what's popped up since the last time I was into it. So, can I get some recommendations? My only two caveats are they must be 1) Finished fics and 2) No clopfics (shipping is okay).
237 replies
Squeaky Stories 3 (Now with 1.21 gigawatts of stories.) Hello! I'm Squeak, and this is my third thread, that's so cool! Thank you to everyone who takes the time to post here telling me what they think, or just drops by to pal around. I do adore your feedback and random musings. I'm the writer of several fics, the most popular being Number 12, and Traveler, which are Doctor Whoof stories, You can read them, and all my other stories, in the handy guide below.

In anycase, in Squeaky tradition, I'll post my newest fic in the header: Gaia a short chapter story staring Fluttershy, a strange mare called Flower and a series of events which culminate in a great Equestrian secret being revealed:


As for all my other stories (Gun With Occasional Pony, The Catastrophic Case of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Etc.) Check out this handy guide!


Onwards and Upwards!
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The Death of Zetch Aplon
#Single fic #Sad #Death #My first fanfic
Zetch galloped through the streets of Manehatten, his wife Zuri and their foal Eve following close behind. They were being chased by 10,000 Equestrian army soldiers. The family was stopped in an alleyway. The soldiers surrounded them. They all wanted him dead for killing a stallion he never met. "Please, leave my family out of this!" A soldier spoke up. "If they interfere, we'll kill them too." Zetch then did the only thing he could: fight. He started shooting beams from his horn and blowing gusts of wind from his bat wings. The soldiers were too overwhelming, because they knocked him unconsious and carried him away. When he woke, he was tied to 2 posts. He could see soldiers surrounding him, but he saw Zuri and Eve next to him. "Zetch Aplon, your are hereby being executed for the mudrer of Irontin C. Copperfin. Your next words will be your last, so use them carefully." Zetch looks at Zuri's tear-stained face. "Zuri, I want you to know I love you and that I always will, even when I die." Zuri hugged him. "I love you too." Zetch turned to Eve. "Eve, sweetie, daddy's not coming home. I want you to take good care of Mommy for me, okay?" Eve cried and hugged her father. "Okay daddy!" Two soldiers pulled them away. "Is that all?" Zetch nods his head and lets it hang. "Zetch Aplon, prepare to die." Zetch looks at his family and smiles, tears running down his face. The soldier aims the gun and shoots Zetch point-blank in the head. Zuri and Eve start bauling as the soldiers toss Zetch's body into the ocean.
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Brave New World
#Discussion #Normal #Sci-fi #Grimdark

Do you guys remember Brave New World by FlameLordPhoenix? I need to know what happened to the guy. He's been gone forever. No comments, no updates, just one last post in '12. If anyone knows where this guy is I'd like to know. I'll finish the story myself if I need to, but I'd like to know the guy isn't dead. Link: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/05/story-brave-new-world.html
37 replies
Amateur writings of a fifth grader.
#Collection #Random
My fellow fanfic writers, I have a task for you. I would like you to find a short story you made in elementary or middle school and post it here. I recently dug up a narrative I wrote titled "The BAD-TEMPERED Dragon" which I also illustrated.

(No image)
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Prompt: That key killed me
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Umbra"s advice column of rainbows and jellybeans
#Discussion #Advice

Hell, if people are using both this and MLPchan still, I might as well have a thread on both. Have some delicious copypasta from my existing thread:

A while back, after my first submission to Equestria Daily, I was referred to Ponychan for editing. I was very impressed by each reviewer's willingness to volunteer their time to read obituaries fanfiction. After having a number of stories reviewed, I wanted to help out as well. I started my own review thread, and everything exploded and caused me to abandon my thread twice went perfectly.

Except for a few weeks out of the year, my schedule is just too busy for a review thread. So I was faced with a question:

"Alright, what can I do in the fanfiction community that's disgustingly pretentious, but also won't overload my already busting schedule?"

An advice column! And thus...


This thread is not for full story reviewing or proofreading. For that, check out the Training Grounds. They do great work!

The main purpose of this thread is to offer general advice or answer questions about the trickier grammar issues, plot elements, and anything else that might be on your mind. Now for a couple of specific rules:

1) No clop or excessive gore content. This is an MLPchan rule, so if you have a question about either of the above, you can email me at nocteumbra@gmail.com.

2) Play nice in the sandbox. Everyone here is learning, so please be courteous when answering or asking a question.

I want this to be a community sort of thing, so anyone who wants to chime in and offer an opinion is welcome to.
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the truth of rainbow factory

You probably know the story of the rainbow factory it was my story I survived the rainbow factory, but that was just half the story. Will be hunted down soon enough so I thought I would tell you the rest before I die.
This story is a short one but a story of truth. As you know Rainbow Dash is the manager of the soldering of foals who could not accomplish their test, but have you ever wondered how Fluttershy never got taken away for not taking her test. Well she runs it.
Fluttershy runs it and here’s another fact Rainbow Dash is an android yep Fluttershy controls Rainbow Dash (I’ll call her RD from now on). Your probably wondering how Fluttershy has kept control of RD ever sense she was a foal well she hasn’t once RD flunked flight school she was ground up into rainbows (this was when they didn’t cover up the murder so and at this time Fluttershy was a low level employ and she had the idea of making an android RD) I found this out because she had a malfunction and they had to repair her. I wish I could continue my story but they have arrived to take me back to the rainbow factory and deal with Fluttershy herself. Beware of Fluttershy. Bewa

Hi reader I found this file on my friend’s pc it looks like it got cut off at the last word. He called me and said he was working on this about four minutes before he left. Your probably wondering my name im Fluttershy and if you read this you know to much and im coming for you.
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Aceppting Spanish translations Request
I am willing to translate to Spanish a single fic you want me to.
If people suggest multiple fics, I will just choose the most interesting or recommened.
When I have read it in English, I will let you how I will deliver.
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FimFiction Promo Thread
#Fic Promotion
Personally, and like many other authors I would like a way to promote stories to get attention that they deserve.

It might sound selfish but I know there is an incredible number of authors that share my concern for their fics and I wish to start a thread based on fiction advertising, featuring fictions solely from the fimfiction.net website.

Please if there are any more practical solutions or a similar thread already like this than I will be happy to remove this thread. But otherwise I think this is necessary.

1. Only stories and links from fimfiction.net

2. You should only post your own stories, if you want to share somepony else's then you must have their permission.

3. Use appropriate tags with your story and WARN readers if your story is mature or not, and specify whether or not it contains gore and/or sex.

4. Please include a link to the fic's main page not a specific chapter, even if it is a single chapter.

5. Provide a short description of your story with the link.

6. Related pics or covers to your stories are preferred.

7. No reposts.
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Taking a hit
#Discussion #Normal
We've all been there. You write a story you thought needed to be told, and you go all out to make sure it's as good as it can be. It's not a masterpiece, but you had fun writing it and hope others enjoy reading. You post it, and it gets torn to bits with a vengeance. The flaws are pointed out in the tiniest detail, and you are told in no uncertain terms that you whole-heartedly suck. So what now?

You're SUPPOSED to get back up, dusk yourself off, and improve based on the information you received. What happens when that step isn't as easy as everyone says it's supposed to be? What do you do when "manning up" just doesn't work?

I find myself in this predicament. I sit down to write (or rewrite) something, and I can't concentrate enough to even begin. I can't enjoy or believe in what I'm writing anymore. Confidence is totally shot, and I can't even consider story ideas without that snide little voice in the back of my head saying how much I would fail if I tried to make it happen.

Have any of you been in this situation before? What do you do to break out of it? Does it take time, or do you "power through" it? Should I just step away for a while? Is there a set of blanket tactics you use to combat this, or is it something that only works from person to person?

Any good advice would be appreciated.
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Fics That Bellyflopped
A perfect run up, a jump, a triple back flip and, just as the fics about to enter the water, it bottles it and lands in a belly-flop, killing itself horribly.

For me it was Antipodes. The first few chapters were just magical, but then the real plot came in and the perfect execution collapsed into a mess.

So, what fics started well for you but failed miserably?
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#Author #Comedy

Hey ponychan, just came from /mlp/. I guess this would be the place to dump my recent fic idea. I know I probably won't get much out of it, but I need some feedback.

I was thinking about writing a fic about Lyra, in which she's tired of always getting no attention from everypony else despite her odd habits and jumping, so she attempts to cause chaos and disharmony in Ponyville by doing stuff like standing on private property and not returning library books. Eventual escalation with the townsfolk and mane six would occur.

Does it sound okay or am I just trying too hard again?
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The Training Grounds: Scrunch Edition Greetings all, and welcome to the Training Grounds, the review thread for all authors, reviewers, proofreaders, and editors, both newcomer and seasoned veteran alike. It isn't the only such thread, but it's usually the busiest! (Previous edition of The Training Grounds; The sticky, which contains important information)

If you're a reviewer, old or new, and you want feedback on your review, please put a "*" at the front of the subject line of your review post. This is something new we're trying out.
For writers:
Submission guide | TL/DR of the submission guide | List of TTG regulars | Submission form | List of recently-finished reviews | Reviews in progress
For reviewers:
How to review | List of unclaimed requests
For Maintainers:
The full, current active queue | Statistics and queue-dump text for thread updates | A guide to how it's all organized
For live communication
IRC (live chat)
Some Notes:
  • Do jump in and participate if you can. New reviewers, editors and authors are always welcome!
  • No one is infallible. If something doesn't seem right, ask about it! Whether it be about a review you've received, a fanfic submitted, or something about the queue spreadsheet, the best way to solve it is through communication.
  • If you think you've been missed: please remind us with a link to your original post.
  • Feel free to ask questions about fanfics and writing them!
  • If you respond to a post: please link to the post you are responding to.
  • Reviewers: the writers want their work to shine. Highlight faults with gusto. Don't fear compliments either: if something makes you smile, a few kind words won't ruin your review.
  • Writers: the reviewers love to read, but will often lean towards being critical. Don't allow it to discourage you; use their criticism to improve your writing! See "Receiving Critique: Gallant" in The Editor's Omnibus and the Submission Etiquette Guide.

Helpful Documentation

How to request to be a queue maintainer:
Note: you don't have to be a maintainer to help out reviewing in this thread. What maintainers do is update and maintain the queue spreadsheet. If you review in The Training Grounds on a regular basis, and would like to help out maintaining the queue:
  1. Read / bookmark this document
  2. Email Demetrius (deconstrained at gmail.com) and say something random in that email. Post the same thing (verbatim) in this thread, preferably identifying yourself with a tripcode.
  3. When you've been given editing permissions, you may delete your random post.
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Most Controversial Fanfic Would you say that "Of Mares and Magic" has usurped "Past Sins" and "Cupcakes" as the fandom's most controversial fanfic?
19 replies
Randumb Writing Excercise Thread
Hello everyone!

There’s something I wanted to try out. I’m not sure if it has ever been done before, the idea just kinda came to me a few days ago. Lately, I’ve noticed how many authors have certain areas of writing that they aren’t as proficient in. Some may not be very good with dialogue, while others excel in description but stumble when they get to action scenes.

So, now for the point of this thread. This’ll be a thread to help authors improve on the different intricacies of writing, focusing in four main areas: dialogue, description, action, and thought/inner monologue. A writing exercise thread, if you will.

But if you think this’ll be a cut and dry “write something here and stuffs” place, have I got a surprise for you.

This is how it’s going to go. Using the random number generator linked below, you will first change it so that the max is four. You will then click on “generate”. Depending on what you get, you will be tasked with writing one of the following:

1 = Dialogue
2 = Action
3 = Description
4 = Thought/ Inner Monologue

Next, you will use the random word generator (also linked below) to choose a random noun. You will then write a short scene (try for at least four sentences) in coherence with your randomly assigned topic. Try to make it good! Others are free to comment.

Here are a few examples:


Again, these are just examples. You can make yours longer or shorter. This was just to show you what I meant by each (the dialogue one ended up being a lot longer than I thought, without much dialogue. I apologize for that).

A big note. If the word doesn’t match up well with the part of writing, or the word you get is really obscure, feel free to redo. Also, feel free to share some of the odd words you might’ve gotten, or hell, try to write something about them.

It can be about anything you want, pony or no ponies. This is mainly for self-improvement, and to showcase your writing style.

It there's anything I missed, or you have any questions or concerns, let me know.

Be creative, and most importantly, have fun!

There’s probably going to be something that I forgot to say. Oh well, if I remember, I’ll post it.

Random Number:

Random Word:
28 replies
Is Past Sins Worth Reading?
#Discussion #Question
I mean, it is so long, and I don't know if I should put all my time into such a long story. How good is it? Does it keep you interested? Does it have emotional points? Do you ever get excited to read more?
2 replies

Well, with now being Nightmare Night, show me some of your favourite horror fanfics.

I know a few gorefics, but so far I haven't seen much suspenseful creepyfics. But I bet they're out there.

The Cough is one that comes to mind. Not a top level fanfic for me (the shipping sort of degrades it, but reasonable.
109 replies
Fan/fic/ Theater 3000 (The MLP Community MST Thread)
Main Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uJ8FqW1zBIzsYZoe4M1ILS9H8wgk2zjEEGQqmgNsfIg/edit
Guidelines: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FZVEqEutaD98uKFl_0D7hm3d0BLhkb_-tJQWaZBdsOg/edit?hl=en_US
FiMFiction: http://www.fimfiction.net/index.php?view=group&group=371
DeviantArt: http://fanfictheater3000.deviantart.com/
Fanfiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3842339/
Fic Submission: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J6wVXaXMNsqzHg_1SojxIfKGeDbldg7e7gev_beN_5M/edit?hl=en_US
Mystery Pinkie Pie Theatre 3000: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/6510/Mystery-Pinkie-Pie-Theatre-3000
Old Thread: >>65451

Welcome to Fan/fic/ Theater 3000, the only MST series where ANYONE can add riffs to awful My Little Pony fanfiction.

A MST, taken from "MST3K", the popular 90's television series, is where people add humorous comments to horrible fanfics. There are many MSTs all over the Internet, for various fandoms. Ours just happens to be the only one that lets anyone add riffs through Google Docs' right-click comment feature.

In the last thread, we went through many fics, ranging from the good(Through the Eyes of Another Pony) to the horrible(My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing). An update with a particularly horrible fic(Three of Me: School Society) just went up today, in celebration of the new thread.

Want to suggest our next fic? If it's on FiMFiction or DeviantArt, use those sites' respective groups to submit it. If it isn't, use the "Fic Submission" document linked above. Every update, we will take the submissions and add the first chapters to the main document, to test how people like to MST it. If your submission becomes one of the two most-commented submissions in the update, it becomes a full MST.

Updates are normally posted on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Have fun commenting!

(Image made by GelidEnmity)
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Season Two Fic Obituaries
Now that season two is over, I believe it is appropriate to make this thread--the thread where we honor the fics that were totally wrecked as a result of season two's hurricane of canon.

What fics have you seen or written die in the process?

I'll start with pretty much every Luna story out there. Like Progress. Fanon-OC Luna died a quick death after Luna Eclipse aired.
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Transformation Horror Write-Off
#Write-Off #Halloween

Accolades [writeoff.rogerdodger.me] | Current list of participants [docs.google.com] | Event Overview [writeoff.rogerdodger.me]

Coming right on the heels of the last write-off is one sponsored by the Transformations Group [www.fimfiction.net] on FimFiction (unaffiliated with the imageboard transformations thread).

The long and the short of it:
Participants will have 2 weeks to write and submit a story. Stories are submitted anonymously and then rated in a week-long public voting session. On Halloween night, authors will be revealed and winners will be announced.

To sweeten the deal, the admins of the Transformations Group [www.fimfiction.net] will provide $15 towards a commission of the winner's choice.

If you’d like to participate, just put a comment down and I'll add you to the participant's list

Writing begins Wednesday, October 9 and concludes Wednesday, October 23 (yes, two weeks! Plenty of time to plan, so no excuses! Voting will begin immediately thereafter and conclude Halloween night. See the Event Overview [writeoff.rogerdodger.me] for precise times.

When finished, submit your work using the fic submission page [writeoff.rogerdodger.me] .

Note that you can preview your work once it’s submitted by going to the “My Submissions” page, and you can edit it as long as submissions are still open.

You can markup your work with BBCode for bold, italics, etc. See the FAQ [writeoff.rogerdodger.me] for the list of available tags.

Submissions must be scary stories, horror stories, ghost stories, or other stories that fit within the horror genre, be related to the MLP universe directly, and involve physical transformation of a principal or major supporting characters.

Vampires, ghosts, cosmic horror, survivor horror, you name it. Scary stories, gothic horror, and more.

Physical transformation means that some significant change occurs, one that isn't strictly mental. Shapeshifters do count, so long as dealing with alternative forms is a key part of it. Werewolves are a great example, as are vampires, the Horror at Innsmouth, etc.
Body switching, robotization, race switching, so on all count as well.
Even death counts! You know, if we get some idea of what death entails...

The main rule of the write-off is that you must remain completely anonymous for the duration of the event. This is so that there’s no bias in the rating of entries.

– No excessive gore.
– No on-screen sexual content.
– No bronies in the story. (Way too horrifying)

The complete set of rules [writeoff.rogerdodger.me] are available on the website.

The question has come up as to how much violence and brutality you can have under a Teen rating. The answer: shockingly vivid. You don't need to splatter the screen to really chill someone, and death and murder certainly fall within the teen rating. This mostly just excludes things like rapefics or Cupcakes.

Once the writing round is finished, a public poll [writeoff.rogerdodger.me] allows readers to rate the stories. Voters must read at least half of the stories submitted before casting a vote.

After 7 days of voting, the scores will be tallied and the winners will be announced.

Winner: $15 commission
1st-3rd place: Featured spots in the Transformations group story list
Runner-ups: Featured by admin discretion/public interest.

Everyone give a big thank you to Roger Dodger for helping us set this write-off up and DDRMASTERM [www.fimfiction.net] for coming up with this idea in the first place and in agreeing to pony up the prize money. I'm really looking forward to everyone's submissions. Good luck!

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Daring Do and the Curse of the Lost Tomb
#Single fic #Adventure

By: Geno Blast


It's 1937, and Daring Do is at it again in this brand-new adventure. This time she must team up with old and new allies as she travels around the globe to track down the location of a lost empire buried beneath the desert sands for millennial. Things get heated once she realizes that she is not alone in this quest: an international group of raiders has their eyes set on claiming the big prize, and will go to great lengths to eliminate the competition. Thrills, chills and death-defying feats await Daring Do and her companions in this adventure.

If adventure has a name, it MUST be Daring Do!


This is a part of my Daring Do series, which are fics that are supposed to be "Daring Do Books". I hope you'll enjoy this, and feel free to post in this thread or the comment section in the link.
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A Simple Reflection
#Single fic #Normal #Adventure

Right, then. I have absolutely no idea how this place works, so bear with me if this ends up being badly formatted, or something. Anyway, I'm not looking for a review on this so much as an in-depth edit for stuff that I've missed. The story in question was (barely) rejected by EqD for minor issues in capitalization, comma use, hyphen/emdash confusion, thought punctuation, dialogue punctiation, and spacing. By minor, I mean the pre-reader found only one or two mistakes.

I'll work on scouring the fic over the next couple days to clean it up a bit, but I'd appreciate another set of eyes.

Here's the fimfic link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/69394/a-simple-reflection

Any assistance at all would be much appreciated.
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How would you have written the final confrontation of RoH?
#Discussion #Normal
Importing this from /show/ by requet...
I hear a lot of complaints about the way in which Discord was defeated at the end RoH. So, I'm curious, how would you have had him be stone-ified? Big magical battle, game of wits, or something else?
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DD Fanfics?! Where are they?!
Come on everypony!!! We need to read the whole Daring Doo series now!!!
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I just noticed that DH/BO is erasing one account completely and then he erased before it was meant to be gone.

My suggestion? Go grab his stories and save them if you truly want them, because if I can recall anything, it is that there is a good chance for him just to erase everything.
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In this thread, we write scenes.
#Writing Excercise #Scenes
This thread is for just writing down scenes. It can be something from your current fanfic or something you made up on the spot. It can be coherent and self-contained, part of a larger work, or just something you thought of that really doesn't go anywhere. It can be descriptive, expository, long, short, whatever. It doesn't matter, just write something.

Perhaps you'll write something that'll give you an idea for a longer story. Maybe you can just use it to practice your writing. Who knows, but overall, have fun.
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This is a review I wrote for that "Maroon Auburn" dude because I have things to do and don't want to wait for him to notice his thread is dead. Have a random picture I drew.

We'll begin with the name. "Maroon Auburn". Let's do an experiment:

>Rarity (Fashionista)
>Photo Finish (Fashion photographer)
>Daring Do (Adventurer)
>Fancypants (Rich socialite)
>Golden Harvest (Farmer)
>Maroon Auburn (Snowflake maker)

I hope you can already see the problems. To save space, here are my issues with your OC's name in bulletpoint format:

1) It's very boring. As you can see above, a pony's name either describe their personality or their special talent. Yours is just two colours. One of them doesn't even show up on your pony!

2) It doesn't fit your theme. Maroon and Auburn are warm colours, and make me think of trees in autumn, and your pony needs a winter theme.

It seems to me that you came up with the name first without intending it to be for an OC and now you're trying to cram an OC into it. But you need to do the opposite - you need to make an OC and then give him or her a name that's just right for them.

Next, we'll move onto style and colouring. Here is your description for your OC:

>a light grey/whitish male unicorn, with a spiky mane and tail, with two shades- Auburn and light orange. He has light green eyes, and his cutie mark is a dark blue snowflake surrounded by six small light blue snowflakes.

I compiled those colours in MS Paint and put them onto this image: http://i.imgur.com/ilWUM.png

We come across the same problem again. Those aren't "cold" colours. Well, the coat is, but everything else is a no. These are summer pony/autumn pony colours. They're the colours of a farmer. The fact that you have the same eyes as Applejack doesn't help with that perception either, by the way.

But we have a bigger issue than the hues. You've made him very unfabulous, because his colours don't work with each other at all.

This specific section requires a lot of colours, so I'm completing it inside an image: http://i.imgur.com/Fov6X.png

At the bottom I put an example of a light-grey coated pony I could see working in a winter weather job and compared it with what yours could look like. It looks like Tabasco Pony.


Your cutie mark get a meh/10 from me. It's functional, and it works for a throwaway background character with no personality. But you aren't making a throwaway background character with no personality. It's boring, and it falls into the common trap of not understanding what a cutie mark actually is. It's snowflakes, because your character can do snowflake magic.

>Pinkie Pie: Balloons, because her special talent is inflating balloons.
>Rarity: Diamonds, because her special talent is mining for diamonds.
>Twilight Sparkle: Stars, because her special talent is astronomy.

Of course, the ponies I mentioned do, in fact, do those things I mentioned. But those aren't their special talents. Pinkie Pie inflates balloons because she throws parties, and she throws parties because her special talent is making people laugh.

Rarity can discover where precious gems are hidden under the ground, and she does that so that she can put them on clothes, and she puts them on clothes because her special talent is making things look beautiful.

Twilight, being the main character, is a special case and her cutie mark has many different meanings (most importantly relating to the elements of harmony) which I could write pages about, so I'm not going to touch on that here.

Maroon Auburn can do snowflake magic, and he uses that to work in the snowflake factory because his special talent is... snowflake magic? There's no special meaning here, it's exactly as presented: His cutie mark is his job. You really, really need to expand on his personality and only then should you pick a cutie mark.

Now, as promised, we're going to get right back to that horn and the reasons behind it.



>When he was young and in school, he was often bullied, due to his lack of magical ability.

Okay well first reactions: Wary. Teasing in school does have an in-show basis and young ponies are shown mocking others, but you don't specify exactly what level of bullying went on with yours. If you've got it in your head that he's getting the shit kicked out of him every day, drop it immediately.

>He has only ever been able to use levitation spells, and only the basic ones- And even then, only for a few seconds or so.

This has no justification in-show. All unicorn ponies are shown to be able to use levitation magic for extended periods of time - even little ones - and have good control over the things they're levitating. Gary Stus don't have to be overpowered to be Gary Stus. Even if you didn't mean to do it, this is an attempt to make him 'more special' than other ponies by making him very different.

>When other ponies discovered this, they bullied him relentlessly, calling him an "earth pony in a unicorn body"

Bit of a wordy insult for children. The only in-show taunts we've heard from children are words like "Dodohead" and rhymes like "Fluttershy! Fluttershy! Fluttershy can hardly fly!". It's not very child-like. But this is a minor gripe and I guess I can let it slide.

I don't like it mainly because it implies a form of racism in Equestria against earth ponies; he's an earth pony in a unicorn body, and earth ponies are bad things to be. Just by changing a few words and planets around, we get this:

>When the other guys discovered [Billy liked hip-hop], they bullied him relentlessly, calling him an "black man in a white man's body"

>One day, after school- he was attacked by a group of unicorns, and mocked. Needless to say he got scared

And said "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air". Anyway, now we've got roving gangs of unicorn bullies physically attacking those weaker than them. I guess it's a justifiable assumption, but it doesn't sit well with me; Hoops and co didn't start wailing on Fluttershy, and the teen dragons didn't knock Spike out. They got made fun of, yeah, but that's all that happened. Violence does not seem to be a common thing in Equestria.

>and in his fear he suddenly somehow summoned a blizzard that froze the bullies into living ice statues, and gained his Cutie mark.

Wait, what? He murdered people? That's just jumping the shark, I shouldn't even have to say why you need to come up with a better story than that. Additionally, ponies don't get their cutie marks when they do their special talent, they get it when they realise that the thing they're doing is their special talent. Otherwise the CMC would have gotten their cutie marks in Show Stoppers when they demonstrated their special talents (Scoots: Dancing, Sweetie: Singing, AB: Construction). So it doesn't make much sense that it would just appear after he craps himself and kills everyone nearby.

>Needless to say, he got in quite a bit of trouble

Well I should say so, consider tha-

>and a telling of from Celestia. (Although she did joke that should thought they would some pretty statues)

CELESTIA came to "tell him off"? Who is this kid? Why is the princess herself coming down to punish him? There is no reasonable explanation for why the Princess felt the need to come and tell him off. It's a very big deal whenever the princess approaches anyone, they always get nervous and stagefrightened.

>Since then, he has found out he has control over both ice and snow, and can create all different types of ice and snow, and can even create clouds.
>Due to this, he has a natural ability to walk on clouds, and is the only non Pegasi to be able to walk on them.


This concludes my review.
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Fallout: Equestria homework assignment
You doubted me, /fic/, but l did it! A fourteen-line iambic pentameter rhyming Shakespearean sonnet on Fallout: Equestria! It's vague and boring, but cut me some slack, eh? suck it

Grew up without friends; mother drunk, no dad
She never knew the outside world
But finally she broke the code; she had
'escaped' into an unknown horror

She then learned quick: the wastelands are not safe
The balefire bombs destroyed most life;
Dirt fields stay after bombs fall and planes strafe
A sad apocalypse mutates wildlife

To stay alive is no easy venture;
But fortunately she was not alone
Assembled a team of brave avengers
Of an era of peace, by now unknown

Although it's tough to fight for survival,
They slowly work towards the wasteland's revival
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Grammar: Semicolons: The Unsung Hero of the Grammar World
#Discussion #Grammar
I have reviewed a few pieces on this board, and I have noticed that many people haven't used a semicolon where they could have to great effect. I wondered why, but then I came across a quote from Kurt Vonnegut: "Do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. All they do is show you've been to college."

How very untrue!

It may feel pretentious to use semicolons, but they really are a fantastic construct! I decided that I, as a writer, owe all the beginners a lesson in semicolons.

Their use is very simple: they link together two sentences--as long as they're related. For example: the sun shone brightly; it was hot. You can instantly see the advantage of using semicolons. You can write compound sentences without conjunctions! (ie and, or, nor, etc.)

They can also be used as a comma's comma--a comma used to list objects that already have commas. For example: I've visited Boise, Idaho; Boston, Massachusetts; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I really want to see more of you use this punctuation. It really is great once you get around to using it.

Questions or comments? I think you know what to do.

Also, try saying pretentious punctuation five times fast.
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A possible writing exercise
I've noticed that some authors in this fandom have trouble with adequately describing scenery, and I came up with a little something that might help out.

Find a park. Actually, this doesn't need to be a park, but any place with a fair bit of human activity and a hint of nature will work; I myself did this on my campus quad. Lay down on the grass and close your eyes. Consider: how would you describe your perceptions of your surroundings right now? How could you set a scene without ever saying what something looked like? What do you feel? What do you hear? What do you smell?

Consider what you see when you are without sight.

This is not to say that sight isn't important; it's one of our dominant senses. However, a little inclusion of sensory details beyond just what people see can go a long way towards engaging the reader and making everything feel more real.

My apologies if this "exercise" is unclear or even a little on the crap side; my eyes needed a break from my all-nighter editing my original fiction novella for a final project, and posting this has been in my head for a while. I took a little nap in the middle of campus one day, and my mind wandered to how often some people, including myself, neglect most of the senses in writing.

In any case, I hope this helps someone. Make of it what you will.
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Canonical Idiomata: Rainbow Dash
#Discussion #Research

So. Been a while.

Sorry about that; I've had stuff to do, so this took a back seat. Today's pony is Rainbow Dash, and what we've noticed is (big reveal here) The Dash is rather self-centered. Perhaps you hadn't noticed.
(No image)
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I"m starting an interactive story
#Author #Interactive
This is my first time posting on Ponychan. Please forgive me if I'm doing something wrong.

Anyways, here: https://www.facebook.com/TheBronyhood/posts/446525425364165
In that post I linked you to, I go a little more into detail about what my story will be like and all.

Right now what I want is to build up an audience so I can have some interaction right from the start.
So, if you want to follow along with the story, please go follow on tumblr ( http://gstardust.tumblr.com/ ) or Deviantart ( http://golden--stardust.deviantart.com/ ) and I'm on the process of making a twitter. There's a Facebook page as well, but that one has like 20 likes, which is enough FOR NOW. I want to build up a completely different audience for every website that I use to post the story. Still, if you'd prefer to follow the Facebook page, here it is: https://www.facebook.com/GoldenStardust

Please follow, and again, I'm sorry if I'm doing something wrong. Again, first time posting on Ponychan =/
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Livestream — Writer"s Workshop II
#Discussion #Workshop
Hi there! Some of you may know me as a writer, while others among you may know me as a reviewer. Regardless, I'm Golden Vision, and I'm here to help.

Help with what? you might ask. Well, pretty much anything, insofar as it relates to writing. I've noticed that there tends to be quite a gap between older, more experienced writers or reviewers, and those just breaking into the fanfiction "community." Some basic things include not knowing what LUS or SDT are acronyms for, or what it means, exactly, when a sentence is "clunky," or a character "OOC." As time goes on, people get better at improving their writing, but it can be a rough start. There are plenty of helpful guides and other tools out there, but often I find that a more personal touch can work wonders.

So, I am hosting the Writer's Workshop II over Livestream, this Thursday, July 12, at 3:00 PM EST. It's an opportunity for younger, more inexperienced writers (or indeed, any kind of writer at all—we all have something we need to work on), to submit any topic, problem, or conceptual issue, and for me to go over it in detail in order to help you resolve it in your own writing. The last time we did this, sometime around early May, was quite productive and a lot of fun, so I'm hoping this iteration of the Workshop will be just as good—if not better.

A good example of a submitted question could be:
>Can you go over Show, Don't Tell? I keep getting people saying that there's too much of that in my stories, but I don't really get it.

You can post a question or topic like that in here, and I'll add it to my "Teaching Queue" of things to go over on that date. Just check to make sure that your answer wasn't already gone over in the last Workshop; there are Youtube links below for you to try and see if your question has already been answered. If you feel like there's still a problem, then you're welcome to submit it for discussion again.

I'm definitely looking forward to this, and I hope you all are too! So submit your thoughts, your problems, and your issues, and I'll get everything ready.

Can't wait to see you all there!
Golden Vision


Last Thread: >>101201

Recorded Workshop I (Youtube Videos): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCAACA90D4CE12B1B&feature=plcp

EZN's Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xemG7BLk2rvAmQCREIaj5wX2ubvmVt7WziEvh7xXV9g/edit

The Editor's Omnibus: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WMMs8H-GpFIXPsQeC0RNu8V-Cq6uyGl_UERpOUK_6KY/edit

Livestream Google Doc (For submitted topics): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c0TORQXnIlgDGLptvBlrCD1flR7XSOPHPrWl9MgEFMM/edit

Livestream Channel: http://www.livestream.com/goldenvisionswritersworkshop
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Good alternate interpretation
Any good fics based on episodes like Return Of Harmony or Mare In The Moon and others?

Also any fanfics where Twilight acts like a badass biatch? or Rainbow Dash like a cute prankster?
Same for a NightmareMoon with good characterization or Luna like a laidback playful rebel?
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Summer Funimation
Been busy so I'm late here with this. So for those who haven't heard I apologize on making you lose a few days.


You may have seen this post in DHN and EQD as well, just don't mind the typo.

/fic/ has its fair share of writers so if any of you got the writing chops or want to try their hand at vertical writing then go for it. If anyone has questions I'll be checking this thread regularly so I'll try and keep you guys informed as best as I can. You can also try the email, tumblr, and our /collab/ thread which is provided in the link. Note: The /collab/ thread link is in the FAQ.
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What crossover fics haven"t been made yet?

I think we have almost everything. I haven't seen a Twisted Metal crossover yet, though.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 17th, 2013 17:09

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Hello, ponypeople. I know this is a decently obscure request but, I've been out of the fandom for a long time now. One of the first fics I read was a fic where the mane 6 and some others attend a rave in Ponyville. The only thing I remember about it is that at some point, Pinkie goes crazy in it. I think I discovered it on EQD. Would you guys happen to know it? And if you don't, please recommend me some good ones similar to that. I'm getting back into bronydom and I want some good reads.
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My guide that I wrote. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xemG7BLk2rvAmQCREIaj5wX2ubvmVt7WziEvh7xXV9g/edit?hl=en_US

So I took it upon myself to write a guide to writing, based on some of the stuff I've learnt, and the repeat errors I've seen when doing reviews here. I'm not a published guy or even an English/Linguistics Major, but I like to believe I've learnt a few things about stuff in my time.

I'd like you guys to tell me what I got wrong. A lot of the guide is basically opinions, backed up by (I think) good reasons, but there's a section on grammar at the beginning and I'd like for that to be correct.

There are probably also two or three things that need to be expanded upon. I await /fic/'s thoughts on the matter.

I had fun writing this guide and I hope it's a least a little bit fun to read, and maybe informative as well.
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So! After reading the sticky at >>43232, you've decided to make your own thread for a fic. Here's what your post should generally look like:

Name field: Masterroxxor#tripcode
Email field: masterrroxxor@email.com
Subject field: Masterrroxxor's OC Alicorn Adventures

Message field: (start message)
To /fic/, my awesome OC alicorn adventure somehow made it onto EqD! I've decided to share it all with you for some reason, though.

In this glorious adventure, our hero, Masterroxxor, born of meteor and raised by wolves, finds himself magically teleported to Equestria and gains the ability to transform into an alicorn. He meets Nightmare Moon in the Everfree Forest after an altercation in Ponyville, the both of them spurned by the local pony denizens. They join together in hate and envy in a plot to change the world, and perhaps each other...

Masterroxxor's OC Alicorn Adventures

Of course, this is only chapter one of my tale. Stay posted, as more is sure to come soon!
(end message)

Tags field:
[x] Single fic
[x] Grimdark
[x] Adventure
[x] Random
Tags' "Other" field: Human in Equestria

File field: Some kind of related picture.

And that's a good OP, even if its subject matter is questionable.

Now, if you're going to post a thread for your own story, please note the following:

1.If your thread says, "Hey, EqD sent me here and told me you guys could help me, so if you could email me your review, that'd be great. Thanks!" then new threads are probably not for you. We have many review threads for you to submit your fic to, such as the Training Grounds. That's what those threads are for, and reviewers generally stick to such threads.

2. You're going against (for what is now) the flow. Most threads like this get ten posts at most. The showcase threads that actually have discussion going on are usually for popular fics, like End of Ponies by short_skirts_and_explosions. But, if you really wish to make your own thread to spur discussion, go for it! Just don't spam-bump it.
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Some Kind of Publication
#Publication #Proof of concept
/oat/ has regular news. Why don't we have regular fics? Published once a week or something. Just throwing the idea out there. No deadlines, no commitments. Just a bunch of one-shots or chapters of fics bundled together in one nice, convenient package. Not exclusive or anything, either.

Art and fic titles blatantly stolen from posts on Ponychan or FiMFiction. The only thing I did was take pictures and add text.
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Starswirl Academy Looking For Writers
The dev team for a new humanized pony visual novel, Starswirl Academy, is looking for talented writers! It's sort of like a RPG, but more focused on art and storytelling. Each Mane Six character gets their own storyline, with branching and interweaving plots. They are currently looking for plot writers for both the Twilight and Rarity storylines.

If this sounds like a good opportunity and you would like to contribute to this in-development project, check it out here: http://www.zap-apple.com/p/starswirl-academy.html and make sure to reply and tell us if you have applied!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the project, I just think it looks like a good idea. We discussed this on IRC and decided that to help them out, we would start a thread telling ponies about it.
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Divergence [Adventure/Light Grimdark] - RD/Luna-centric So yeah. After some discussion with reviewers, I'm taking the plunge and posting my own thread for this fic. If this offends, just tell me and down it goes.

SO. Chapter 4 of Divergence - "Foresight" is up and ready.
Following feedback, it will be submitted to pony valhalla.


Chapters 1 - 3 may be found here;

Please have a read, and let me know what you think. Shit is going on, so anyone who hasn't read through the previous chapters is... well, missing many somewhat crucial developments.

Outta the gate conceptual plot punching accolades go to Grif, thank you for that good sir!
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Minific General:Take a Walk on the Mild Side! Heyall! Like the stories posted here, this will be short. This thread is for minifics you bronies have come up with, so that we can keep them all tidied up in one place - here :D This is not necessarily a review thread; rather, it is just a thread that we can all dump our minifics in here for everypony to read and enjoy. You've no need to fear judgement here, because we don't have high expectations here - post a fic about Pinky Pie bombing Trolls for all I care O_O

Reviewers, if you really wanna review something, or pat an author on the back, or shove said author into a pit of lava, feel free, but if you're looking for the whole enchilada, you may be more at home at one of the dedicated review threads (read the sticky plees).

I only ask that you post your threads with the following info:

*Name of Fic
*Name of Author (If you want)
*Synopsis/Story Summary/Story Description

This thread may or may not become crazy, the picture IS ENTIRELY UNrelated to the thread, so sue me. Have a Nice Damn Day :D
(No image)
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New fanfic writer
#Author #Normal
I have just recently discovered my love of ponies, so I made a DeviantArt to try my hand at some fanfiction. I've not written much as of now, but would greatly appreciate some feedback on what I have so far.

(my computer is being buggy and I tried to post this earlier and I scanned a few pages but didn't see my post - so my apologies if this is a repeated post)
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CocoaNutCakery"s Story Bakery
#Author #Collection
So I have decided to create a thread to share my work here on Ponychan.

I specialize in writing very... mature work (not clopfiction). I do enjoy writing all genres, however.

You can find my work (works in this post and future works) here:
DeviantArt (also has my "art"):
Pony Fiction Archive:

Here are the fics that are currently available:

Rise of the Legend - [Drama] [Action] [Adventure] - We've only managed a glimpse into a small percentage of Celestia's life. She is over a thousand years old, but we know so little of her past. What was her life before? (Warnings: Minor gore) (In progress)
DeviantArt (prologue):
Pony Fiction Archive:

The Greatest Magic - [Comedy] - This story describes you, as Trixie (and, at times, others), as you go through world-spanning adventures and eventually come to find the greatest magic. (Warnings: Sexual themes, strong language) (Complete)
Pony Fiction Archive:

More to come, so stay tuned!
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September Write-off Accolades [writeoff.rogerdodger.me] | All anthologies [www.fimfiction.net] | Current list of participants [goo.gl] | Event overview [writeoff.rogerdodger.me]

Hey, we haven’t had a write-off in a while! What’s up with that? Who knows. Well, here it goes. If you’re new to this, here’s the gist:

– Participants write stories over a 72 hour period
– The stories are written from a prompt decided at the event’s onset
– Participants submit their work to an anonymous anthology
– Readers then rate the stories
– Finally, everything gets wrapped up with author reveals and winners announced

If you’d like to participate, just put a comment down in this webzone and I’ll add you to the list.

The event will take place on the weekend starting 27th of September. The exact times for each round are listed in the event overview [writeoff.rogerdodger.me].

When finished, submit your work using the fic submission page [writeoff.rogerdodger.me].

Note that you can preview your work once it’s submitted by going to the “My Submissions” page, and you can edit it as long as submissions are still open.

You can markup your work with BBCode for bold, italics, etc. See the FAQ [writeoff.rogerdodger.me] for the list of available tags.

Prompt suggestions [writeoff.rogerdodger.me] will be taken two hours before the writing commences. After an hour of suggestions, prompt voting [writeoff.rogerdodger.me] begins, and the highest-rated prompt is chosen as the event’s prompt.

The main rule of the write-off is that you must remain completely anonymous for the duration of the event. This is so that there’s no bias in the rating of entries.

A notable change this time around is that there’s no rule requiring submissions be MLP:FiM fanfiction.

The complete set of rules [writeoff.rogerdodger.me] are available on the website.

Once the writing round is finished, a public poll [writeoff.rogerdodger.me] allows readers to rate the stories. Voters must read at least half of the stories submitted before casting a vote.

After 7 days of voting, the scores will be tallied and the winners will be announced.

Well, I think that’s everything. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
Good luck. Roger out.

Picture source: http://q99.deviantart.com/art/Rainbow-Feather-writer-by-C-Paulsen-401596084

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#Author #Reviewer #Normal #Random #Sad #Comedy #Grimdark #anything but clop or shipping

hello Fellow writers/reviewers
I am here to take requests from your head canons
to your general ideas about the show, however I will not write shipfics or clopfics

As well, I will review your works, either post a link or put right in the thread! I will try to critique it to the best of my ability.

Any writings I have that are worth sharing are up on pastebin @morrowisk

Ask away!
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So I just finished Fallout Equestria, finally.

95% of it was distilled awesome. I'm still mad about certain events surrounding SteelHooves in chapter 39. And the ending was absolutely SOUL crushing. But I finally got it finished.

It's one of those things that, when you finally finish it, you just have no idea what to do next. What do I do next?
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Herd Theory
#Author #Shipping

So I'm writing this fic (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/100260/lunas-dawn) and shorty before writing it, I came across the headcannon known as Herd Theory. The way it's presented in the Leroverse and "Fireflies" is really interesting and cool and justifies the stallion-to-mare ratio in a compelling, complex way.

But it's kinda fetishy.

And I don't intend for my fic to be a clopfic.

So, in your opinion, is it -too fetishy- for a non-clopfic? Am I going to turn a lot of people off from the story if I include it?
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