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File: 1438813239959.png (49.25 KB,250x250, ponycrush-logo-square.png)

PonyCrush - New dating site / social network Keystroke!YHct9J5bYYCountry code:ponychan.png, country type:customflag, valid: 972

So after about 9 months of work, I finally launched my latest project not too long ago - PonyCrush. It's a social network for pony fans with a focus on dating. It's 100% free, has a completely responsive design, and absolutely no BS. It's also starting to get a substantial number of users at this point - around 197 users.


BUGFIXES/UPDATES: http://ponycrush.com/discussions/read/29

Finally, I'm always open to feedback. Feel free to reply below. I can also be reached by PM on PonyCrush or direct message on Twitter. http://twitter.com/KeystrokeBrony

EDIT OCT 12, 2015: I am currently not taking more staff. I will be again at some point. I'll update the post when that day comes. Thank you.
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AnonymousCountry code:ponychan.png, country type:customflag, valid: 977

File: 1438901606071.jpg (214.71 KB,752x1063, 1437414343301.jpg)

>implying anyone would like to date me

Keystroke!YHct9J5bYYCountry code:ponychan.png, country type:customflag, valid: 1070

An update.. So the site has picked up in traffic, I've been doing better in PR, I've found some moderators, and many more features have been completed. Still looking for graphic design and PR folks. Still open to feedback on the site.

McGay!RevGiOKgRoCountry code:ponychan.png, country type:customflag, valid: 1074

Wouldn't (just) a tv show be a bad reason to go looking for love or fuckbuddies?

Keystroke!YHct9J5bYYCountry code:ponychan.png, country type:customflag, valid: 1134

Actually, the site is not a dating site. It's a social network with dating site capabilities. A community site for the fandom that will allow a more laidback environment for folks to meet friends - or significant others. The key goal of the project is to address the things other networks are lacking. Other networks in the fandom - and in general really - restrict users to or assume users will use it for one thing... friends and family, business networking, or raw dating. I believe a network should allow all users with a common interest to form whichever type of relationship they wish with one another. This is the point of the project.
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Keystroke!YHct9J5bYYCountry code:ponychan.png, country type:customflag, valid: 1208

Some more updates... The site's search capabilities were revamped. Bugs in the email services were fixed. Groups will be pushed to the site by the end of next week. Fixes and features on the TO-DO list or recently done are now kept in a thread on PonyCrush. (Link in OP)

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