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Jan 20: Board Organization Discussion
Jan 15: Staff Update, and Rules Update

File: 142806817269.gif (26.44 KB, 100x138, cadance-dance-right.gif)

Desktop Ponies 458[View All]

8 bit ponies on your desktop.

Full Download (v1.61 released 2016-07-15)

Another year, another thread - and as always even more ponies than before (Old Thread >>45984).

Check out the deviantART community:

Also check out the OC thread for more ponies, and information about creating your own OCs:

Your can find the program source code on github:
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MLP 2639


MacGay !RevGiOKgRo 2643



Major Minty 2648

File: 1480776249009.png (25.17 KB, 654x1020, new shadowstar1_2.png)

EpicKitty88 here, under her updated name. I'm having some issues with finishing desktop pony artwork due to the fact that I'm studying for mid-term exams, but I'm just hoping to find more time.
I'm really hoping to finish the flower, but I'm working on an OC from the Star Factory movie and hope to post her soon. I might also update my Sephiroth pony to fit the new, fanmade depiction I will explain later. But otherwise, yeah, things are normal but still kinda slow.
I'll try to post more art soon. But with mid-terms and family in the way, you won't see me as often. I'm dying to see the next release of Desktop Ponies, but I guess I'll have to be patient. But for now, here is the new Shadowstar that will eventually become another Desktop Pony. It's going to be tough with the color pattern, but it's still worth a try.

MacGay !RevGiOKgRo 2650

Is this ironic?

Anonymous 2651

OC stuff do not belong here.


Muito legal demis

Anonymous 2657

Hey! This program is the best, really just my favourite, all the little behaviours and icons are very clever. Hoofball is crazy but it's fun to watch. Keep on truckin'!


Wheeeeee! Finally resolved that issue. The root cause was not quite where I expected it to be: turns out that discarding a subclass definition is only allowed after draining the release pool that holds objects of this subclass.

R34 optional Anonymous 2672

this is just a suggestion and I understand if it get removed

would u do a R34 version of
desktop ponies

Mac !RevGiOKgRo 2673

How on god's green earth would that even be arousing?


Believe me, there are much weirder things humans are able to sexualize than cute technicolor horses.
But yes, I presume Desktop Ponies ver. R34 isn`t going to happen. Not here, at least. Leaving aside the fact that even DP itself is currently in comatose state.

program contains virus 2689

I very much would enjoy having your program on my computer but my anti-virus software keeps informing me that the file contains malware, or that the site its downloading from is using malware and stops the file from downloading. I'm not sure what the cause may be but I thought that you should know cause I would greatly enjoy your program if I could download it.

Bot-chan 2690

Desktop Ponies does not contain a virus, at least if you download it from the official source (first post in this thread). There has however been a known issue with false positives from programs like Norton Antivirus in the past. You may have to put Desktop Ponies on your antivirus program's whitelist first.

Anonymous 2695

Just wanted to say this project is super awesome. Thank you guys for working on it!


Guys, I`ve got a question.

How many of you are using Vista or older versions of Windows, like XP? I`m adding a feature to update the animation base via Internet, which also can allow me to only distribute executables, without the base included.

The problem is that GitHub, the site from which animations are to be downloaded, uses TLSv1.2 encryption system — the one that the standard networking library in Windows prior to 7 simply does not support, and never will. This, of course, can be worked around by reimplementing it by hand (like in all XP-compatible web browsers), but I estimate the code size to be twice as large as the whole DPE codebase currently in existence. This is why I`m quite reluctant to bite the bullet unless there is a considerable percent of users on Vista or older.


[UPD:] no such problem on Linux and MacOS (≥10.6), where OpenSSL library is a de-facto standard, so it either comes pre-installed or can be declared a dependency.

DPE release 0.1a 2704

It`s time for a release.
This is NOT an official Desktop Ponies app, just a yet-incomplete reimplementation in C. Its only advantage is that it`s more cross-platform than DP and generally works faster.


Bot-chan 2705

Not a bad start. Of course, I'm just using plain old Windows 7, so there's not much else I can say about it.

Changelings (post-transformation) download Bot-chan 2710

File: 1487075764062.gif (28.5 KB, 96x90, changeling2-6-idle-right.gif)

Love is in the air.
Bugponies everywhere.


They don't do a whole lot, but I thought you might like them anyway.

Bug Report Anonymous 2715

Options window is modal, but can be minimized. While it is minimized, any access to the main window is still blocked.
Solution: switch modality off or disable the [_] button.


File: 1487735956644.png (63.84 KB, 690x439, conf.png)

Guys, how do you like this configuration window? Are these controls clear and enough?
This is only the first tab of three, though. The second shall be solely devoted to defining parts of the screen that ponies are allowed to occupy, whereas the third shall supersede the tray menu.

Mac !RevGiOKgRo 2722

What are the bottom reload and reset buttons for? The settings themselves?


Yes. It`d be more obvious with everything else wrapped in a tab control.

Mac !RevGiOKgRo 2725

I mean, those two buttons are the only thing I found ambiguous.

hhiiiiiiiiiiiii 2726

File: 1487994748919.png (Spoiler Image, 232.97 KB, 811x985, beutiful.png)


Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 2727

This isn't a general discussion thread. You might want to go to >>>/oat/.

DPE release 0.1.1a 2728

Release #2, now with settings; see >>2721
5 of them (namely: Always on top, Enable interactions, Enable speech, React to cursor hover, Base scaling factor) aren`t working yet, due to the lack of respective features in the backend.
Message boxes shown anywhere except the main menu may become glitchy if left on the screen.

Translation files can be found here: https://github.com/hidefromkgb/DPengine/tree/master/exec/loc
If anyone wants to translate DPE into any language, feel free to send pull requests.

This post was edited by its author on .


Don`t know if this is a bug or not.

The animation base contains two ponies with more than one sleep behaviour: Berry Punch and Derpy Hooves. As it turns out, additional sleep behaviours are never used in DP. Is this intentional?

Bot-chan 2736

Not sure if this is a bug or just a possible improvement still waiting to happen. ;)
It's probably a leftover from the early days of Desktop Ponies, but yeah, in my opinion, it might make more sense for sleep-behaviors to respect the chance and group parameters if multiple ones are available (unless RoosterDragon swoops in and says that there's actually a good reason for only using one sleep behavior that I simply don't know about).


Okay. Next question: is Behavior::Skip = True actually equivalent to Behavior::Chance = 0.0?

[UPD.] Asking this because GetFallbackStationaryBehavior() function from DP does not check for Chance > 0.0 when selecting a fallback, only for Skip = False.
This post was edited by its author on .


…and two more.

1. Let`s say there is a sprite that is processing a behaviour with a follow target and the autoselect flag set to true. Does it mean that both «static» and «moving» overrides may be chosen at random each time this sprite locks a target?

2. Are behaviour groups to be respected when selecting an override?
This post was edited by its author on .


Okay, due to the shortage of answers I`ll post my own considerations here.

1. Wherever there is an opportunity to do so, sleep behaviours need to be uniformly randomized when the user orders the target character to sleep; implemented
2. (Behavior::Skip = True) ⇔ (Behavior::Chance = 0.0); implemented
3. If the autoselect flag is on, follow overrides may be uniformly randomized each time the respective follow behaviour begins, provided they respect behaviour groups; WIP

Release (v1.61) 2753

- Added "level 2" Changelings by Bot-chan.
- Readded Starlight Glimmer (Season 5) by Bot-chan.
- Added the ability to delete ponies from the editor.
- Fix the .zip file not extracting properly on non-Windows systems.
- Fix an issues that may cause images not to load and instead hang the program.
- Fix crash if the pony editor if you tried to pause with no pony selected.


As ever, an updated download link can be found in the opening post.

All of these seem reasonable. I hadn't noticed we had some ponies with multiple sleep behaviours - I may have to make a similar fix at some point.

Bot-chan 2756

Neat. :)

For the next update, should we rename Rarity's parents to Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles? They haven't been formally named as such in the show yet, but I guess it's better than keeping them as "Rarity's Father" and "Rarity's Mother".

Amber Oc & pat fox 2758

File: 1491311295988.jpg (8.67 KB, 191x264, njbhluatGf1s3fz9wo2_250.jpg)

I have a oc name Amber she love's to draw and make new friends. She also have a pat fox name Stitches,She can fly and walk. I would love to have her in my blog/desktop fly,walk & talk also the fox following her. I was having problems with Browser-Ponies would you plz make Amber for me?? I try my best but still having problems its just me not understand computer skill. After you are done make sure you won't steal, because she my oc i am the one made her she is too precious for me. Thank you so mush for helping ps If you can't make Amber for me that's okay i understand. my gamil "amberlovefox@gmail.com"
This post was edited by its author on .


Bug report.

Angel, Gummy, Opalescence and Winona are only tagged as pets, despite also being non-ponies.
Pull request filed.


In this case we`ll have to add new tags like «<main_pony_name>`s family», I guess.

Bot-chan 2770

I think if we wanted to add a new tag, a single one for all of the main cast's family members would be enough instead of separating them like that.
I'm not exactly sure what other changes could be done to improve the tags, but yeah, I feel that our current system of Mane6 (21 ponies) / everypony else (about 250 characters) may not be as useful today as it used to be when the project only had a handful of characters.
Maybe we should at least elevate the core CMC to main ponies status or something like that. Spike too. Especially Spike.

King Thorax download Bot-chan 2774

File: 1493283326930.gif (33.09 KB, 102x122, thorax-idle1-right.gif)

The new ruler of the Changeling Kingdom is now available for download: http://sta.sh/015wy1i59ufn

It dosent works? 2775

i cant download it
it says ''Error: Forbiden'' what should i do?

Equestria Girls downloads Bot-chan 2781

File: 1494443075999.gif (230.54 KB, 140x250, adagio-siren-right.gif)

Well, I haven't mentioned my Equestria Girls in a while, so here are the new characters since then: Gloriosa Daisy, Timber Spruce, Filthy Rich, Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi) and siren-forms of Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk.

Also, Spike the Dog was updated to be able to follow the new Sci-Twi around.

If you are interested, get them at the usual place right here:

Anonymous 2804

Thanks for the program, I'm happy is still updating and all after 7 seasons.
I0m a little disapointed that there no old Thorax or him disguise neither Zesty Gourmand but happy for all the changeling colors and King Thorax.

Thanks guys you're Builder

Jristz 2808

Is me or the zip 1.61 not contain rara-countess coloratura even we have she here?

I download it 3 times but no rara or countess folder in ponies.

Bot-chan 2809

It's not just you. Rara hasn't been added to the program yet. As for the Countess, I don't think she was ever completed.

Jristz 2810


I was looking and yeah, Countess only have completed (or I think is) for Rara; Coloratura is only a walk and hooftie but no iddle.


Here again.

Got a question about interactions. Is it okay for an interaction to begin when the target is ≤32 pixels off the trigger range?

In DP, the range testing is direct, done by looping through all potential targets and finding the length of a vector connecting the initiator and the target being tested. This is O(N²), which is hardly acceptable for N > 1000, where N equals the number of onscreen sprites.

I propose to clusterize the plane into 32x32 bins, a unique set of bins for each kind of targets. Building such sets is always O(N). To retrieve a random target, first we select a random non-empty bin inside the range, and then get a random target from that bin. None of these steps depend on N.

The problem is that bins are square whereas the range is circular, so it`d be a rough approximation at best.

Is this acceptable?

Bot-chan 2820

The number of onscreen sprites, or just the number of potential targets? After all, not every pony interacts with every other character and effect sprites can not be interacted with at all. And even if they all did... who'd put 1000+ ponies on their screen anyway?

But well, I guess it wouldn't matter much at this point if the trigger range wasn't pixel perfect anymore, but for more reasonable amounts of ponies, would it make sense to still keep the old method? Or as an option in the program's settings? Faster <---> more precise?

Or maybe I completely misunderstood what you were asking (which, I'll freely admit, is quite possible), so in this case, please just ignore everything I just said.


Blaze5565 hasn't contributed before. I just wanted to make sure they were happy to have their work included. I asked in >>1472 but alas no reply as yet.

I would say go for it. DP reaches a CPU bottleneck from the CPU-side graphics long before N becomes big enough to matter. Don't feel like you have to stick to DP's technical limitations :P


File: 1497378906701.png (688.45 KB, 1920x1080, 30000.png)

> And even if they all did... who'd put 1000+ ponies on their screen anyway?
Meeeeee ^__^
I have to admit, the screen really does get messy (the pic features Rarity × 10k and Spike × 20k). Nevertheless, I need such tests to guarantee that DPE uses as little processing power as possible, even when the numbers are more reasonable.

Got it.

Bot-chan 2827

Oh, okay. Well, he seems to still be active on deviantart, so I'll just send him a quick note and ask.
Edit: I just got his answer. He'd love for Coloratura to be included with the program, so it's all good. :)
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