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File: 142806817269.gif (26.44 KB, 100x138, cadance-dance-right.gif)

Desktop Ponies 458[View All]

8 bit ponies on your desktop.

Full Download (v1.62 released 2017-08-06)

Another year, another thread - and as always even more ponies than before (Old Thread >>45984).

Check out the deviantART community:

Also check out the OC thread for more ponies, and information about creating your own OCs:

Your can find the program source code on github:
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I`ve just re-read my post. And first of all, I`d like to apologize: I did not mean to insult you, even though it might seem so, whereas actually I haven`t changed my mind since >>2314.

> How is manipulating hexadecimal dumps preferable to using a tool to make .art files for people like... well... me?

Wait, I don`t encourage anybody to construct .ARTs in hexadecimal. Even I, who proposed the idea, did not do that, it was a machine that did it for me. I just thought that artists who draw GIFs for DP use some kind of tool that facilitates .ART creation. Is it so?

> I care more about how the end user (aka dummies like me) can benefit from certain changes and how easy to understand/use these are.

> And where would this data be exported/imported to/from? .art-files? Isn't this just adding an extra step for the end user?
Customers don`t give a damn about the quality of your source code ©. I`m well aware of that. But believe me, the core idea is beautiful.
Also, being a programmer but in no way an artist, I considered DP GIFs that made it to the base to be established once and for all, with hardly any changes post-factum (Fluttershy + Bulk Biceps being the only case I remember for 4 years I`ve been tracking the project).

Bot-chan 2914

Oh, there's no need to apologize. At no point I felt offended by you.

Or did you mean you now want to "ignore" me and wait for RoosterDragon's input when you said that you haven't changed your mind? ;) Heh, no worries, that's okay, too.

I just regret that I find it difficult to appreciate (or even understand) what you're trying to accomplish here. To me, it looks like you are trying to find an elegant solution to a problem that doesn't really exist, maybe even at the cost of usability. And maybe I'm completely wrong and there's nothing to worry about, but that's why I asked for an explanation in layman's terms, because admittedly, the scripts you posted might as well be in Chinese for me (just for clarification's sake: I don't know any Chinese). All I can do is point to the parts of your descriptions that I feel might cause problems (however small) and hope that you have either already considered these or know how to deal with them.

And yes, Desktop Ponies' pony editor contains a tool that helps create those .art files. Also, just ask RoosterDragon how often I have pestered him with mini-updates of various character sprites. I'm actually surprised he didn't get sick of them eventually (or if he did, he at least didn't show it). Sure, most of those didn't have transparencies to worry about, but they could have. And if I decide one of those days to give all of the crystallized ponies blinking animations (unlikely at this point, but this is just an example), I'd prefer not having to reassign all of the transparencies all over again. That's the nice thing about .art files: as long as I don't mess with the palette of the sprites, they should still work and I don't have to worry about all of the transparency data being lost just because I made a tiny change to a gif.


> Or did you mean you now want to "ignore" me and wait for RoosterDragon's input when you said that you haven't changed your mind? ;) Heh, no worries, that's okay, too.
…Sometimes I regret that there is no formalized language, like mathematical notation or Fortran, that is suitable for unambiguous communication between people ._.
In no way did I mean that.

> That's the nice thing about .art files: as long as I don't mess with the palette of the sprites, they should still work and I don't have to worry about all of the transparency data being lost just because I made a tiny change to a gif.

I understand that. Locally, you may keep .ARTs, of course. What I want is make helper tool add transparency info to GIFs when generating or re-generating a DP character package, without including .ARTs into that package.

Bot-chan 2916

>In no way did I mean that.
I know, I know. That's what the smiley was there for. ;)

Screensaver problem on Windows 10 Anonymous 2924

It's been a while since I last posted here, but I'm having an issue with the screensaver on Windows 10. Basically, the white cursor arrow doesn't disappear when the screensaver starts. The arrow just stays visible as the ponies move about. Can this be fixed?


My thoughts on this chain mirror Bot-chan's. Keeping the transparency separate prevents the data getting lost when people want to modify the .GIFs. Combining it makes it impossible for people to edit without the data disappearing (or them having to recreate it afterwards).

If you're willing to give up safe editing of the files, why not jump to a different format that supports everything natively such as APNG or FLIF? You gain niceties like 32 bit ARGB animation support & better compression at the cost of little to no tooling support.


Okay. So be it. Gonna revert the commit tomorrow.
my precious.. т_т

Mlp 2941

File: 1504541081737.png (114.89 KB, 1200x896, phonto.png)

I want to get one of those ponies please so if you can give it thanks !


What do you mean by «get»? The official animation base is available here in its entirety: https://github.com/RoosterDragon/Desktop-Ponies/releases/download/v1.62/Desktop.Ponies.v1.62.zip

Quick question 2943

How do I make ponies stay on top of my other windows? Now that I have the newest version, I can't use, say, google chrome without the ponies moving behind that window.

Bot-chan 2944

Go to the options and make sure that "Ponies are always on top of other windows" is selected. That should do it... most of the time. If it doesn't, restarting the program might help.

I tryed again... 2946

File: 1504674173225.png (Spoiler Image, 3.27 KB, 68x84, pharyx-plantilla-botchan.png)

Well this one ended just a recoloured changeling...
Look like is easier than make Thorax enough different yet I think I messed the wings anyway.

Again I use just the standard changeling as a base and take the colors from the wiki.

And aswering Botchan about the size, is just perfect for ponysay

Prince Pharynx download Bot-chan 2947

File: 1504817997156.gif (Spoiler Image, 28.58 KB, 98x110, pharynx-idle1-right.gif)

Now you can boost your changeling hive with Prince Pharynx:

Well, I guess it turned out okay, at least as far as recolors go, but Pharynx should have a bit of back armor or something from what I've seen.


Well I maybe was using the palette for ponysay in pharynx so is likely that whay could look less accurated.

In ponysay we just have a predefined palette of 240 colours so sometimes colors get mixed when they meant to not or get replaced by the closest match (like in the tail).

Further looking the wiki say Pharynx original armor is 292929 and standard changeling is 282B29 so yeah, was merged.

Bot-chan 2953

I have no idea what any of this has to do with the lack of armor on his back, but I guess you just didn't change anything about the sprite other than recoloring it.


Armor! sorry then I completely missread you... and completely not nocticed the armor.

Well sorry.

Tea Shop Pony 2966

File: 1505391352404.gif (16.3 KB, 110x100, TrotLeft.gif)

Hiya again,

So, I put together the trot animation for the cute tea shop pony back in Discordant Harmony, you can grab that here:

But, more importantly (least 'til I get round to the idle animation), what is her name? Any ideas?

desktop ponies 2967

File: 1505776108012.png (Spoiler Image, 915 B, 98x78, crystallizedtwilight_left.png)

can i join

desktop ponies 2968

File: 1505776231407.gif (38.51 KB, 114x104, cadance-flight-left.gif)

my pony is apple jack but not today

Bot-chan 2969

Just in case you didn't know, this thread is about the Desktop Ponies program and the creation of their sprites. It's not a place for you to post random sprites that you've taken from the program.

Anonymous 2978

Just downloaded 1.62 on this Windows 10 laptop, and when I try to launch the exe it says files are missing (downloaded the latest ZIP). I d/l'd 1.42 also so are there files on this one I need?

Interactions 2981

hi again, 2 requests that may or may be too much-
1.if you could create a page that explains the features and how-to for the pony editor that would be much appreciated! i want to try it but so much of it is confusing for me to understand, i attempted to create a custom interaction and it didn't work, even though i added it to both ponies. i did successfully add a new speech and sound to go with it.
2. a list of all the ponies that interact with each other. some have been obvious to find but i wonder how many there actually are.

Bot-chan 2982

Well, I once made a small tutorial if it's of any help to you. You can find it here: https://botchan-mlp.deviantart.com/art/Desktop-Ponies-A-Beginner-s-Guide-481607921

Also, if you go to the "Ponies" folder using (for example) Windows Explorer and search for "interaction", the program will list all of the pony.inis with interactions. Those are only the characters who start the interaction, though, so if you want to know who the characters are interacting with, you'll still have to open the files manually. But hey, at least it saves you the trouble of searching through all of the ponies.
This post was edited by its author on .


that is a perfect tutorial. now if i only were smart enough to create ny own animated sprite. i created an OC using https://generalzoi.deviantart.com/art/Pony-Creator-Full-Version-254295904 but i do not have the know-how to animate it

Bot-chan 2984

Well, here's another small tutorial for making a simple trot animation. Hope this helps: https://botchan-mlp.deviantart.com/art/Desktop-Ponies-Tutorial-411517429


success, thank you!!

Jake 2991

File: 1506734816663.png (97.58 KB, 1280x800, errror.PNG)

I get error from Desktop Ponies when i try to load all ponies
This post was edited by its author on .

Jake 2992

File: 1506759249105.png (86.37 KB, 1280x800, txtfromerror.PNG)

And I get this error.txt from the Desktop Ponies folder
This post was edited by its author on .

Jake 2993

File: 1506759322087.png (83.17 KB, 1280x800, txtfromerror2.PNG)

And this

Ponysay 3.0.3 2998

I released ponysay 3.0.3 (aka desktop-ponies for vt100 and kms-enabled tty terminals... mostly unix-like ones so far) with the latest desktop ponies.

as always credits are on every file... since you can open them with a plain text editor anyways or parse the specific ponyfile with "-i" option.

new bugs and (specially) patches are welcomed and happy movie.

sourcecodes and changelong: https://github.com/erkin/ponysay/releases/tag/3.0.3
README.md file contain more info (and even more in the infopages/pdf), but since i just updated it spect the new releases with days on your respectives distros... or poke the respective maintainer.

Bright Mac download Bot-chan 3003

File: 1507824741090.gif (22.08 KB, 92x112, brightmac-idle-right.gif)

MLP 3017

File: 1508790823942.png (Spoiler Image, 18.89 KB, 644x884, Ami.png)

idk xd

MLP:The Movie Characters 3026

File: 1509293451231.png (439.7 KB, 800x1214, 1565921__safe_artist-colon-emo…)

hey,gonna add the MLP Movie characters (tempest shadow, songbird serenade and others) in the next update?
This post was edited by its author on .

Tempest Shadow download Bot-chan 3030

File: 1509989607957.gif (26.21 KB, 76x100, tempestshadow-idle-right.gif)

Well, here's one movie pony for your desktop.



File: 1510407518860.gif (Spoiler Image, 15.95 KB, 102x94, rainbow_dash_motivate_left.gif)

Songbird Serenade download Bot-chan 3040

File: 1511247397823.gif (10.57 KB, 94x100, songbirdserenade-idle-right.gi…)

Another movie pony.


bug report eric, i guess 3043

Hello, i found a bug on the program. I can't get sounds to work even if they're on. I set them to one at a time and still nothing. Any help?

Another glitch is that sometimes ponies can make effects stay on screen unless you return to menu or quit.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 3045

File: 1512061387343.gif (28.56 KB, 50x50, Без названия (1)=р.gif)

jo 3046

File: 1512061426476.gif (7.44 KB, 50x50, Без названия.gif)


File: 1512061437479.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.44 KB, 50x50, Без названия.gif)


File: 1512061448725.gif (94.12 KB, 190x140, 42a974=д.gif)


Bot-chan 3049

Any reason for you to post all this stuff here?

I have returned! Major Minty 3055

I'm back, I'm back! Sorry I ever disappointed you, just happened to see some MLP stuff at random and it all came back!
Also, I've become obsessed with Bendy and the Ink Machine lately... wonder what pony OC will come up next?
But about that later. I'm still working on redesigning some older DP animations, and maintaining my new DeviantArt. I've also resumed my old Pinkie animation, and I'm starting official Cupcakes animations even though that fanfic gives me the creeps. I honestly think we should get a new OC thread, if we haven't already. So I can share those.
I won't appear much since I've started college and have lots to do. But I'll come around every now and then to share what I've done.

Tea Shop Pony 3088

File: 15161117531000.gif (14.01 KB, 110x100, IdleLeft.gif)

Got the tea shop pon done finally! Including a small edit to the trot.


Bot-chan 3099

I know I'm late for this, but shouldn't she wear a neckerchief instead of a collar? Otherwise, I'd say she turned out pretty neat.


File: 1517877092304.png (26.28 KB, 524x357, __ng_custom_for_____by_nightar…)

Anonymous 3102

File: 1518217524040.gif (24.09 KB, 96x108, songbird_serenade_flying_by_bo…)

Bot-chan 3103

And again, this is not the place to post random pictures or sprites you found on the internet. There are other threads for that kind of stuff.

help 3105

Hi it's been SO long since i've been on here but i was wondering where the download file with all the sprites you added is? I also have a mac so is the desktop ponies compatible with it?

Bot-chan 3106

Well, you can find the program in the very first post of this thread. It's a Windows program but it may run on a Mac using something called Mono from what little I know.
There's also the DPengine program. It's still an alpha but should be Mac compatible. You can find that one here: https://github.com/hidefromkgb/DPengine/releases

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