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File: 1464415358883.jpg (72.61 KB,900x752, 1478930_689662264392230_300075…)

Author Thread, because wynaut? Country code:ponychan.png, country type:customflag, valid: 2243


I can't update the old one on /fic/ anymore, so I figured I'd move this here. I'll just post my thoughts on my current works, past works, future projects, etc, as they come to me. Feel free to jump in, though I realize I'm not exactly critically acclaimed. I shall return to this thread continuously as I go about my incessant pony scribblings, to see what may be gleaned from any discussions arising here.

About me:
Well, I'm a darkfic addict, so I really love to see creativity with those, as opposed to just gore for gore's sake. I'm also very cruel as a writer, and tend to seek out every bit of despair I can draw from a character. It's quite fun, actually. I love forcing characters to make impossible choices. However, I do also enjoy the occasional lighthearted slice of life; reading about ordinary ponies doing ordinary things can be refreshing.
My characters can sometimes become organic, in that once their personality is written, they develop their own thoughts and desires almost without my input. I often feel as though I'm not actually creating the story, but simply writing it down as the character I wrote tells it to me, if that makes sense.

I write as a hobby, and hope to publish my own original work someday. I use mlp as a medium to hone my talent, and I honestly love the universe I can work with here. In addition, I have a knowledge of writing that I love to share with other authors, and have done so on panels at Bronycon in past years. I mostly just write for fun now, but below are the scattered musings of my mind, collected and organized into some fashion. I hope you enjoy.
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Old or Cancelled Stories Country code:ponychan.png, country type:customflag, valid: 2244

Some of the stuff I wrote never got off the ground, so I'll give them some light here.

Pinkie My Friend
My first real contribution to the fandom. This was before I came to /fic/ and actually learned to write well, so it’s amuck with stylistic errors, and other atrocious sins. However, this remains one of my most popular stories on Fimfiction, and holds a special place in my heart, being my first steps as an aspiring author. I still look back and laugh that I thought this would be the next MLD.

Another story I really thought would take off. This explored the side of Trixie I saw underneath the brash exterior. The reason I fell in love with her from the moment she broke character.
>uh, I can't, I never have. No one can vanquish an ursa major. I just made the whole story up to make me look better.
Sadly, I lacked the skill to properly portray the story in my head, and I still have not looked at the document after Golden Vision got to it. This story holds it’s place as my first lesson in story planning, and plot construction.

Rainbow Jam
No, this isn’t a dark story about Rainbow Dash being churned into a sugary condiment—as much as that’s my style lately; I didn’t try to rewrite cupcakes. This follows Rainbow Dash as she tries to hide the fact that she’s just a weather pony from her rockstar parents, who are on tour, and just so happen to be hosting a concert in Ponyville. She’s afraid they won’t think she’s cool enough, and has sent them letters about how she’s become a wonderbolt and leads all these cool shows all over equestria.

This was supposed to be an episode-like fanfic, and I actually sent the idea to Hasbro, who told me they don’t accept unsolicited ideas, but encouraged me to write it myself. A big thank you to whoever wrote that email. This story never made it past the first scene, because I got caught up in other projects, and kept forgetting to come back to it. Now, it would be impossible, as Rainbow Dash has matured beyond petty desires such as the one featured in this fic, so sadly this may just die as one of my great works that never saw the light of day.

An inkling of interest
An April Fool’s joke directed at one ion Sturm, this story was part of a contest (hosted by Roger) with the prompt “Good intentions”. The joke requires some context—hence why it was directed at one specific person—and came from ion’s constant berating of our resident Moony, who never seems to capitalize his “i”s. As such, Sentences beginning with “i” were sought after, and every instance of the letter “i” deliberately uncapitalized. i did actually plan to use this as a plot device, and had a great direction i was running with the story, but i lost interest, and eventually forgot what it was. ironic, that the story has interest in the title, and that’s exactly what i lost.

A Massive Appetite
The idea came to me after seeing a picture of a giant Twilight looking down at a taxi she’d crushed in the middle of a city, in the MyMassivePony thread on 4chan’s /mlp/ board. I even uploaded it there in 300 word segments as the content was produced.
Twilight tries out what she thinks is a dieting spell, but it instead causes her to be eternally hungry, and grow in size each time she eats. Some size difference and consumption vore pandering are present.
It got shut down because I couldn't figure out how to end it, and eventually lost interest.
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In The Works Country code:ponychan.png, country type:customflag, valid: 2245

And the stuff I'm still tirelessly working on, hoping to someday post for everyone to enjoy.

A Really Bad Story
What started as a joke, combined with frustration and discouragement, actually turned into something, and I do intend to finish it eventually. I’m sure Shoeblock—assuming he’s still around—will remember when a disgruntled anon dropped this little ditty off in the Training Grounds back in January 2013. Appearing to be a deliberate troll fic, or an elaborate test for reviewers, this story took every mistake listed in Ezn’s story guide, and abused them with vengeance. It was meant to be silly, but actually became something.

A plot unfolded before my eyes, and I saw that perhaps it could be an attempt by Scootaloo to discover her writing talent. The second chapter was born, and I had a real story on my hands, as Scootaloo ran first to Rainbow Dash, then to Twilight for writing advice, and the story began to run away with me.

It was halted when too many ideas popped into my head, and I wanted to work on bigger stories, but I do plan to bring this out of hiatus at some point.

Grace in Equestria
I’m really, really, really sorry to everyone who saw this when it first showed up in TTG, and Fimfiction. I had a whole plot written for this, and have been retconning in all the new changes with the comic and with the show, but I’ve just been far too distracted to continue this, and it’s just been sitting on the backburner.

Grace in Equestria is a crossover between MLP:FiM and the notorious El Goonish Shive webcomic, written by Dan Shive. Grace Scuiridae is a part alien, part human shapeshifter who loves all things fun and happy, and is quite eccentric. She is sent to Equestria by her boyfriend, Tedd, a super genius in the field of magical science (that’s right, I said “magical science”) who enjoys messing around with Grace’s morphing abilities. Naturally, Grace has to figure out what she’s doing in Ponyville, and—well, I just never could figure out how best to get Grace and Pinkie Pie to interact, which was the whole reason I wrote it in the first place. But I shan’t give up. This will be reborn someday!

Seattle, if you’re reading this, I’m really, really, really, REEEEEAALLY sorry about this. Remember that little story I sent you back in… well, back when you had that thread with Nick? And you told me I could resubmit it when I finished it? Well, this is that story. Sort of. I wrote the first chapter, and never finished editing before I had to move on. This is sitting number 4 on my story priority list, and I’m trying really hard to finish it so I can hopefully send it to you for review—assuming of course that you’re still willing to honor a 4 year old promise.

Originally inspired by the song by Jackleapp, Autumn was supposed to be my magnum opus, and it’s why I’m taking such great care to write it. This follows a mentally deranged Derpy as she struggles to figure out what’s real and what isn’t. It also follows Jack, a young Griffon disowned by his father for associating with ponies. He finds Derpy and tries to care for her, but that’s difficult when he can’t even convince her that he’s real.

There came a point where I was so discouraged by my lack of success, that I nearly gave up on writing. This story, and the promise I’d silently made to finish it so Seattle could see the end of it, was the only thing that saved me from putting down the quill for good. Though it’s far from finished, I will never give up on this, because it never gave up on me.

The Secret of Ponyville
This was a cross between two stories I’d been hoping to write for a long time. One was a dream I’d had, which became “Encased in Stone” for about a month, before I realized it was garbage. But it happened to be the missing key to another story I’d been working on, and one SamuraiAnon had told me I needed to restructure. Thus, the two stories were merged, and at last I had something worth working on.

Number three on my story priority list, “The Secret of Ponyville” follows Rarity as she reveals that Equestria as we know it is a lie, concocted by herself as she was consumed by greed. At the end of her life, Rarity realizes her mistake, and writes a last, mournful letter to the world, in the hopes that her long lost friend will forgive her for her foolishness.

The Pony on the Wall
While I was in the middle of editing for Autumn, this little filly popped into my head, and just would not shut up. Intended to be pure nightmare fuel, this story follows Ink Blot, daughter of Pinkie Pie and Big Macintosh, as she stumbles upon a terrifying secret, and a sinister plant which traps its victims in a fate worse than death.

This is one of my more organic stories, taking on a life of its own to the point that I don’t even feel like I wrote it. Ink Blot pretty much narrated the whole thing for me, and I copied it down. She’s since quieted down, and I’ve had to carefully craft the story she planted in my head into a masterpiece. I even changed a few details so I could make it work better, and shamelessly retconned in my own OC, Rainstream. It’s not finished, but once the proper polish has been applied I’m sending this one off to EqD. I’m quite proud of it.

A Pinch Of Paprika
This was an interesting little writing challenge. AskTheCookies is an ask blog run by Tangerine Cookie, a good friend of mine who has created several OCs and written adventures for them in this blog. My OC, Rainstream, interacted with them at one point, and Tangy said if I wrote a story about it, he might make a few vectors for me.

The plot is pretty simple. Rainstream is on vacation, visiting a friend very far south, when she runs into Cayenne Cookie, a talented spellcaster who specializes in transformations and runs a beauty salon with ‘special services’ in the basement. She asks Cayenne for help with a fantasy of hers and the unicorn is happy to oblige. The only problem is that Rainstream has a crippling fear of unicorns. Shipping happens.

Tales of the Rainmaker
This has become my favorite story by far to write. It started as a gift to a friend of mine, whose OC is featured in the first arc, but quickly grew into something more. This ongoing series follows Rainstream, my OC, as she grows up, and learns to help her friends and share the joy of rain. This will never be complete, so that I can always add more to it as I think of it. This is another of my more organic stories, and Rainstream has been delighted to tell me all about her life, so that I may write it down.
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Actually Completed Stuff Country code:ponychan.png, country type:customflag, valid: 2247

These made it through the rough draft, editing, and final polish, and actually ended up being showcased for all to see in all their brilliance. The few, the brave, the... oh just forget it; here's the stuff I actually finished at some point.

2-D Pony
Probably my proudest moment as an mlp fanfic author, was the moment I watched this little spew of words hit the feature box. And not only that, but it’s become so popular that it gets featured again every time I update its sequel. I never thought I could create something that loved, but the numbers don’t lie. I would submit it to EqD for showcasing, but the bastards don’t accept less than 2500 words. -_-

This was actually born of writer’s block. At the time I couldn’t seem to continue any of my current works, and drew some inspration from a recent story I’d read: “Why Am I Pinkie Pie?” by Hoopy McGee. A pony had been turned completely two dimensional by poison joke, and I decided to explore what such a pony must be thinking. “2-D Pony" was the result, and despite being my shortest fic ever, has sparked more inspiration than I would have thought possible, including my biggest hit, The Pony On The Wall.

Pink Walls
So close and yet, not far enough. This was supposed to be my contribution to the mature fiction contest, hosted by Roger back in February of 2013. It was a 72 hour writing contest, with the prompt “The first time”. I secretly lurked the thread, hoping to toss in a surprise entry, and for once thought I had a shot at one of the top 3 slots. Sadly, it was not meant to be, as the contest ended an hour before I was able to wrap up the story.

Still, this has been hailed as some of the best vore fiction readers on Fimfiction have seen, and has been featured in several vore groups, so, yay. It was way fun to write, and I am very proud of managing to lead several first time readers down the completely wrong track.

I guess this one had been a long time coming, but once I sat down to write it, it didn't take very long. In this story, Twilight serves as the vessel for the emotions a lot of us sometimes feel when the things we love change drastically, or simply die out. Yes, this story is written about /fic/, but it is also written about a few other things in my life. Old /fic/sters may recognize a few parallels I made, and if you must ask, I'm not sure if I'm represented by Applejack or Pinkie. Either way, the poem mentioned is one I wrote a long time ago, but I guess it just took Ponies for me to finally give it enough life for its message to reach me.

I’m glad I was able to write this one. It definitely helped me.

Applejack Learns to Rock Smash
This was a really fun one. My first attempt at comedy, and it turned into something slightly serious along the way. Basically, Pinkie realizes she isn’t able to smash rocks like Maud, but she should be. She takes a trip out to her family’s farm, and Applejack tags along. A nice little story about finding confidence in yourself.

To Come Later Country code:ponychan.png, country type:customflag, valid: 2248

A few of the ideas in my head haven’t even made it to rough draft yet, because I wasn’t able to work out the kinks in the plotline enough to find them suitable. The faults in here are pretty obvious, but who knows, maybe some discussion will reveal a few of them worth making.

Flying Blind
This one turned up in a thread on Tumblr, where someone had whited out Sweetie Belle’s eyes. Sweetie Belle has started reading magic books from Twilight’s library, and decides to try some spellcrafting of her own. Attempting a “see in the dark” spell, she accidentally turns her entire world dark, permanently, and must now rely on her magic to “see”. (She can’t physically see anything, but she can sense where things are.)

Sweetie Belle has been boasting her magical talents, and Scootaloo becomes jealous. She heads off into the everfree, looking for a decent cliff to jump from, in the hopes that her wings will catch some wind. Rainbow Dash hears about Scootaloo’s disappearance and heads off to search for her, and eventually finds her trapped in a dark cavern—too dark to see anything. Sweetie Belle has to guide Rainbow Dash through the cavern to rescue Scootaloo.

This never took off because the plot is too loosely arranged, and seems to pull Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash out of left field. On top of that, I never figured out how to end it.

This draws its inspiration from the season two episode “Owl’s well that ends well”. A year behind Twilight at Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, an aspiring young stallion not only idolizes our favorite lavender unicorn, but has a huge crush on her. When Twilight graduates and moves away, he’s devastated, but doesn’t really know where she’s gone. After doing some research, he discovers she’s in Ponyville, and decides to go after her. Buuuuuut, he’s gotten himself suspended, and grounded, for sneaking into the royal library.

In a desperate attempt to escape, he decides to try a transformation spell so his parents won’t recognize his escape. But he’s forgotten to prepare a counter spell, and he’s now stuck as an owl who can only say "who?". He heads to Ponyville to seek help from the mare of his dreams, whom he knows will be able to help. Once there, he becomes so in awe of just being in her presence that he completely forgets to try to communicate with her, and grows extremely jealous of her annoying pet dragon.

This never took off because, again, I couldn’t figure out where to go with it. Heck, I couldn’t figure out where to start this darn thing. It’s also a comedy, which is not my strong suit, and I couldn’t find enough jokes to throw in.

To Make a Draconequus
I’m not even sure what I was on when I thought of this. Well, nothing, but it’s a figure of speech.

Anyway, this is basically Gilda attempting a form of magic that’s no longer practiced. It existed before unicorn magic, and could be used by any race. A voice whispers in her ear and she is somehow convinced that creating a draconequus to be her slave will grant her the power she needs to get revenge on Rainbow Dash. Yeah, it’s that dumb. Anyway, the spell works, and Gilda herself is transformed into a draconequus, and finds it to be an even more miserable existence than what she’d had.

She spends the rest of the story just trying to get free, and I never sat down to imagine further than that. Once again this was shut down early because I didn’t know where it would lead.

Sometimes loyalty, means abandoning your friends
This one is relatively new, and came from a line that popped into my head one day, shown above. I decided to try a challenge, to see if I could make a story to fit that line, and so far it involves Rainbow Dash being forced into an impossible choice, her friends or… her friends lives.

Confusing, yes, and it can be interpreted a number of ways, but there it is.

A Rocky Relationship
This started as a challenge from an EqD prereader during a contest to "Write a story about ponies, from a non pony's perspective. Add in a joke and a dare to actually write the ridiculous thing, and this (idea) was born: A comedic love story between Boulder and Tom, told from their point of view. I'm not sure just yet where I plan to take it, so it's pretty malleable, but I plan to make it eventually.

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