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File: 1453915446568.jpg (1.45 MB, 2448x3264, 20160127_081637.jpg)

Dumping sketches as I learn Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 1521[View All]

Hello! I'm going to be dumping sketches I'm not horrified at the sight of here as a quick way to link people to them while also having a place to check out my past work to contrast for progress.
If you stumble upon these horrors I encourage you to give some constructive critism . Help eliminate girrafe Flutterdash's one tip at a time
50 posts and 42 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.


File: 1457781517161.jpg (11.13 KB, 196x150, 1392605550907.jpg)

where da updates doe

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 1932

File: 1458144726904.png (270.6 KB, 1678x2023, 14512414141341234.png)

Bleh, I stopped drawing for a few days and lost all motivation to continue learning. I've been peaking around at guides and pone draw threads and I'm back at it now. I'm also picking up a job, so maybe I'll save up some money for a nicer tablet. I've been despising the stylus I'm currently using, and I think the tip is a bit worn out.
I've been drawing loads of sketches without coloring or line-art, and I did this one a litle bit ago since I was getting a bit bored of sketch practice. I think I should allow myself more freedom to have fun with drawing to stay motivated instead of constantly having the agenda of 'practice the most efficient way for long periods of time'
More side shot... but at least I'm drawing. I forgot how fun it is when the whole thing starts coming together


Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 1933

File: 1458145073720.png (162.04 KB, 1006x1213, 14512414141341234.png)

I just realized I fucked up again and didn't crop it to a reasonable resolution

MacGay (Eddyment of Eddy)!RevGiOKgRo 1948

Does a version that isn't cut off at the left side exist?

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 1972

File: 1459207845589.png (101.62 KB, 1111x1247, 15252323466.png)

I've been a little distracted with getting my new job sorted (still learning stuff) but I've managed a little practice here and there. Here's the stuff I've been trying to get at after the sketching. I've decided to ditch the stabilizier after some recommendations to do so, though I still used a very minute amount during the line art here.
I can't wait to get some new drawing stuff with my next pay check

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 1981

Er, no. I ran out of canvas room and decided to go with it. I see it as a reminder to keep in mind the space between what I plan on drawing



You can drag whatever you are drawing if you hold left ctrl and click+drag.

You can also go to Canvas>Change Size and adjust it.

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 1992

File: 1459651657882.png (319.17 KB, 1176x915, 152412442352345646.png)

Finally back in the loop of putting time into practice.
Here's some of the practice I've been doing. I'm starting to feel a bit more comfortable drawing different angles of the head. I want to spend some more time getting heads down and move on to drawing bodies with legs in the same method, then applying both of them together and spicing them up with gestures and loads of different styles for hair/accessories/coloring.

I believe I have the basics down now. I'm still having issues making the hair wrap around the head properly, and coming up with different styles for it rather than the bland long flowy-slightly spiky one. I also need some work on making the eyes appear more 3-dimensional in the same way I should be making the hair wrap around the head better. I'm noticing a constant issue with making things 'pop' out at the viewer

Oooh, thank you for that tip! the ctrl-dragging is definitely much more convenient than messing around with changing the canvas size. I probably wouldn't have been too lazy to use that command if I'd known

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 1997

File: 1459724136017.png (1.19 MB, 1560x1560, day1.png)

Alrigh, so I've got a plan to ensure I don't fall into the pit of 'not drawing and slowly lose motivation as the days go on'.
A friend showed me a video with some great drawing practice methods that I will use as a minimum for what I must do each day and prove so by posting .
I kind of don't want to flood this thread with pages of scribbles, so I've created a new thread for it.


Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 1998

File: 1459726095055.png (139.82 KB, 1104x743, 151235235253534645457.png)

Quick 20 minutes of sketching before work

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 2023

File: 1459989017169.png (366.04 KB, 563x453, Pill pone.png)

Spent longer then I should have on this.I had fun though

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 2026

File: 1460010125597.png (495.46 KB, 1113x1206, 156263463463456.png)

I forgot how fun coloring and shading a pone can be. I got carried away but I'm not going to whip myself about it. I've been doing a ton of productive practicing today - I'll allow it.

MacGay (Eddyment of Eddy)!RevGiOKgRo 2034

Mm, the color bleeding through the hair looks odd, even though in the style it is ok to have the shapes of objects be visible.

Still, nice pony.

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 2035

Noted. I appreciate the input. I was wondering about that when coloring

MacGay (Eddyment of Eddy)!RevGiOKgRo 2040

Yeah, the rule of thumb seems to be that outlines are ok, not so much color unless glowing is supposed to be happening.

Karmadose!.KaRRawRMA 2059

File: 1460736127316.png (196.92 KB, 731x1393, day12e2.png)

Just felt like throwing an update here since it's been so long without anything.
I've gotten a little carried away practicing basic drawing methods. It's not a bad thing, though! It's greatly increased my ability to turn and see things into 3 dimensional shapes. It's giving me the ability to stop simply 'eyeballing' where ears, eyes, muzzle ect goes. I'll get back into drawing pones here soon after I comfortably get down some of these practices - like this one

Karmadose 2133

File: 1461677967537.png (68.31 KB, 577x642, 1512523564645477.png)

testing new canvas size.
I finally started drawing pones again. There's definitely something wrong with the muzzle placement here

Karmadose 2135

File: 1461692812226.png (85.77 KB, 400x544, 124512353525452456.png)

I'm trying to help my brain comprehend what I'm drawing as a 3d object but it's awkward. I've been drawing different colors as planes to help make connections and I think it's helping a bit. I'm not sure if I should be wrapping them around the head or have them straight though

Karmadose 2136

File: 1461695457597.png (164.31 KB, 1025x1043, 125123523525234634634563456.pn…)

Quick one I rushed before I take off. Not too proud of it

Karmadose 2140

File: 1461781681999.png (261.48 KB, 1351x909, 12512351235235234635467.png)

More messing around with the cross hatching

Karmadose 2142

File: 1461883796473.png (247.62 KB, 1430x815, 32831db0567129023d910caa490b4a…)

I'm tired. I misclicked a few things and for some reason I liked this color scheme the selection tool gave

Karmadose!.KaRRawRMA 2147

I want to make a post about my (and countless others) probably worst struggle when it comes to learning to draw: having a prominent analytical bias. It's when you get anxiety wondering where to start or how and begin seeking out tutorials following some stupid step by step 'draw what I'm drawing' video when in reality you aren't really learning how to draw whatever it is.

The step above that crap is what I was doing for a while. I got a load of references of pony drawing tutorials and would have my eyes 50% of the time on my screen and 50% on my other with the reference carefully trying to make sure I get it to look right. I'd constantly erase and re-draw lines and end up spending an hour getting one mediocre replication that didn't look natural from the constant erasing and touching up. I did start putting the references aside and spent more time on getting heads done from memory, but because I was simply drawing what I saw, it was hard for my brain to make the connections to visualize the head in a three-dimensional way and treat it like a three-dimensional object. Yeah I was still improving and making some level of understanding, but it was slow and very unwanted. I even knew from watching a pile of tutorials and tips from artists that drawing more objects rather than trying to touch one up is ideal, but the way my head is wired up I slowed down on following that guideline and went back to wasting time trying to make one single sketch look decent.

It's kind of funny. The time I started seeing real improvement in my pones was when I was practicing loads of circles, squares in perspective, and ellipses. Learning to draw objects in perspective and doing consistent training to get comfortable with my writing tools helped me improve faster then any amount of attempts at drawing them using reference. It's because of that learning to draw what you see stuff I was mentioning earlier. They key to improving isn't in drawing a perfect eye ear hair or whatever using references and guides. Rather it's understanding the shape of what you're drawing and drawing that shape over and over from different angles until you can start recreating that object from any angle. That's when you truly know how to draw it.

I've taken a step back and I'm going to crack down on on making sure I don't spend too long on any sketch. I'm trying to think if I should set a timer or something to get the habit down so I don't start slipping back into bad ones. Speaking of bad habits, I'm going to stop trying to be careful about my strokes during sketches. I'm going back to circle practice and I'm going to make sure I don't draw each circle with one line. I want a nice loosey goosey approach when it comes to sketching. It's hard to describe, but getting messy and having lots of small stray lines around what I'm drawing helps me understand how something should look, even if the line that helped make that connection was belonging to a different part of the drawing. It's like cloud-gazing and trying to decipher what clouds look similar to objects we know of. Having entropy in the mix naturally pings your brain to start making connections or something.
This post was edited by its author on .

Anonymous 2152

File: 1462066198107.png (956.45 KB, 2131x2689, 1512523524646.png)

It's kind of funny, I just scribbled on the page and started drawing a pone 5 minutes before work and I'm more happy with this than other crap I've been working way too long on. I think I was right with going for a more smooth and messy approach

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 2158

File: 1462127441642.png (621.68 KB, 1687x1323, 15152525233456.png)

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 2163

File: 1462300296244.png (4.19 MB, 4500x4500, 1512351252345663456734576.png)

A few sketches I did yesterday including the one above that I tried forcing myself to linart in 10 minutes. The sketch looks so much more appealing to me.

I went over and tried to figure why certain parts were looking wrong by replacing features with red line and some small notes

Post-it 2164

File: 1462302353172.jpg (460.88 KB, 1022x555, 05032016redline31.jpg)


Nice observation of the parallel lines thing. You're on the right track. You really need to push back the ears though. You can probably make them a tad bigger than I do but they need to be proportioned or it will look odd and uncanny. Where you're going wrong is with the foreshortening of the muzzle. Since you're wanting to protrude the muzzle outwards your first instinct is probably to draw it going down but foreshortening doesn't work like that. Blocking it out can help. You eyes also need to be a little more elliptical. Remember that you're drawing ellipses on a sphere and they have to "wrap" around the sphere in perspective.

Proportions is really key here. Whether it's the body or head. This is a partial response to >>2147 because I feel that you're being way too hard on yourself. You've only been drawing for a few months. This all really takes time. Proportions take time. Getting good lines take time. Having intuition takes time. Tons and tons of trial and error. Literally countless hours of mistakes. Personally I'm not results driven so that allows me the freedom to experiment and not get attached to anything I do. If I can draw it once I can draw it again and it will probably look better.

Post-it 2165

File: 1462302637830.png (313.62 KB, 1053x776, 04152016ponehead.png)


Pic related is how I specifically construct. It's changed a little since then but not by much. The general placement of features are still there. It's bound to change overtime though.

Also when I mentioned time in the previous post I'm talking months and years. I drew for almost two whole years before I had a huge breakthrough. of course I had small victories in-between because the mileage does add up. I say I improve on a month-to-month basis but it wasn't always like that. It would take me 3-4 months before I'd see any difference in my previous drawings. Even if I wasn't seeing improvement on a monthly basis I would still just keep pushing forward because I never know when I'll have that next "oh shit I get it" moment.
This post was edited by its author on .

Post-it 2166

File: 1462302889530.png (352.38 KB, 1051x566, Screenshot 2016-05-01 01.12.10…)


One more thing. I wanted to show this as an example that it isn't all victories. I wanted to replicate the expression on the right but in my own way. The top left sketches going to the right and bottom were the attempts. I would move along when it wasn't working out instead of erasing and trying to fix things. It's a mess but I finally got a result I was some-what happy with on the bottom right. Yeah it's stylized but that's the result I wanted. I probably could have kept going, changing the style over and over again but I think I was getting tired that night.
This post was edited by its author on .

KarRawr!zSlM3ck7V6 2168

I just got around to reading these during lunch l. I got no idea how to thank you for all the help you've given. I noted the main points you made on a memo app and I'll be sure to work on them. I'm beginning to see a trend in the ears being off and muzzle placement. Maybe I should do a timed practice of the ellipses, working on the ears, muzzle and eyes and rinse repeat.

Although I don't enjoy hearing the time expectation to truly get this stuff down, I appreciate the encouraging words <3
I probably would have flopped on my face plenty more if I didn't get the occasional discussion with people in the same boat

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 2169

File: 1462358319509.png (1.67 MB, 1328x747, 20160504_022622.png)

I've been sketching around on cardboard flaps I cut off from the boxes our meat comes shipped in with a sharpie and I found it strangely comfortable. I bought a fine tipped sharpie and a small box fold and went to town sketching around. I really love the resistance the cardboard texture and marker combo brings. I think the unforgiving nature of the permanent marker will make me lose the habit of erasing so much too. I might try this more often

Post-it 2171

File: 1462368146927.jpg (199.98 KB, 542x406, WP_20160504_08_12_45_Pro.jpg)


Drawing with a sharpie definitely helps with line economy. It forces you to make decisions. Fine-tipped sharpies are my favorite as well as Sakura Micron brand. I was doodling just last night with pen. I tend to stick with ballpoint pens since I can get a variety of line weights and opacity with one. I also have a variety of brush pens that can give an even bigger range of line weights.

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 2173

File: 1462386494037.png (2.57 MB, 1667x1179, 20160504_101337.png)

I set a stopwatch on my phone and went for 10 pony heads in 10 minutes. It was actually kind of exciting. I was expecting them to look more way more potato-y. I'm still unsure how long I should give myself for each or even how many or if I should do it for one position or mix it up. I'll just play around with different types and use this as my new daily drawing practice.

I think it's because of my crap ass arrangement with my tablet, but I'm starting to prefer traditional a whole lot more. I've been saving up for a cintique and I think I might have enough near the end of this month. I've been considering switching to traditional until then since the cintique's are more similar to traditional anyways

Oh I saw this video of someone showing one of those brush pens and it looks really nice. Expensive as hell though. Oh, that page reminded me I should be practicing more squares in perspective and twisting ones. I think that'd really help my idea of where things reside

KarRawr!zSlM3ck7V6 2195

File: 1462956945683.png (1.05 MB, 3301x3313, `5125125634635467.png)

I had some itches to play around on my tablet.
So I did a sketch of a head and tried playing around with hair, but I can't get the back to feel right with the front. It just always feels awkward. It's getting late and I'm just throwing what I got here and hopping in bed

NinjaWaffles!bL553ws8is 2200

If I may make a recommendation: Rarity has no hair on one side of her head, sort of. I think this would look fine if there was just nothing there. Remember, these are horses, not people. Hair doesn't work the same.


File: 1463004195770.jpg (163.01 KB, 936x585, Cool ghoul has chill day.jpg)

havent checked in awhile but lovin what i see, keep it up my man


Post-it 2202

I made a response to your post in the /mlp/ draw thread on 4chan in case you missed it.

KarRawr!zSlM3ck7V6 2252

File: 1464447792270.png (549.32 KB, 1200x1200, 156364745656796789890.png)

Alright so I've had another lazy period and finally got a new tablet to play with. I went with an Intuos pro instead of a wallet busting cintique. It was tempting to go for, but nowhere near a reasonable purchase especially considering my recent struggles in motivation to draw

Anonymous 2299

reading this and seeing how much youve improved just throughout this thread is really giving me a lot of hope with drawing. thank you so much!! i wish you the best on your quest :O

irondreams 2403

You are improving well. It is nice to see old pals drawing.

Keep it up.

MacGay !RevGiOKgRo 2563

Still doing anything?

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 2584

File: 1476874810388.png (4.19 MB, 4500x4500, 1512351252345663456734576.png)

Blah, I'm alive.

I've uh, been working and being a lazy stoner hermit.
I've been considering getting back into this drawing stuff in the next month or so

MacGay !RevGiOKgRo 2588

Take your time; this is just a hobby.

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 2596

File: 1477428135754.jpg (2.72 MB, 4032x3024, 20161025_124022.jpg)

Round 2

MacGay !RevGiOKgRo 2597

wow it looks just like atoms :p

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 2604

File: 1478072862663.jpg (2.37 MB, 4032x3024, 20161101_234550.jpg)

Not back to an every day thing but at least I'm getting back into it

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 2617

File: 1478732254928.jpg (2.76 MB, 4032x3024, 20161109_135321.jpg)

I'm thinking of making this a regular thing again. I've been letting my anxiety of failure have me be a prisoner and stick my head in the sand. I have to remind myself that even if I'm not sprinting, walking is just as important, if not moreso. Continuing is the key

Karmadose!zSlM3ck7V6 2619

File: 1478910465162.jpg (2.7 MB, 4032x3024, 20161111_152617.jpg)

MacGay !RevGiOKgRo 2624

Add lines to them so as to practice 3d spheres.

Post-it 2625

File: 1479476451380.jpg (760.07 KB, 1797x969, 11182016redline33.jpg)


I feel you need to plan out the landmarks of the facial features a little better. A lot of liberties can be taken when drawing pony so it can be easy to get lost in it all.

I dont know if you're using Discord but feel free to add me if you'd like: Post-it#5338

Post-it 2626

File: 1479476988185.jpg (1.7 MB, 1243x3099, 896311__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)


Here's a nice reference. I'm sure you've seen it before but I feel it can be used as a nice standard and I go back to it when I feel like I'm getting lost in too much stylization.

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