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File: 1546998184756.png (166.28 KB, 500x1044, tumblr_ojjfixqasP1u9ghu7o1_128…)

/ef/, what is your favorite movie and book? Whelp!tEfVeritas (ID: 1c76ef)Country code: goggles.png, country type: customflag, valid:   218513

And why?

Tracer Bullet (ID: 6c5020)Country code: us, country type: geoip, valid: 1  218514

File: 1546998499595.png (135.32 KB, 296x474, 354.png)

Blues Brothers - Long story.

Reaper Man - I enjoy it.

(ID: 463931)Country code: amsterdam.png, country type: customflag, valid: 1  218527

File: 1547004260826.jpg (105.74 KB, 649x753, Christmas_Cookies_by_jollyjack…)

Favorite Movie - Back to the Future

Why? It's got an enjoyable story that is both interesting and a bit silly. The musical score is great, the acting is great, and it spawned one of the most iconic vehicles of all time. It has a perfect balance between not taking itself too seriously but also not being over the top absurd either.

It's just a very fun movie overall. It was very hard to pick between this and Ghostbusters.

Favorite Book - Howl's Moving Castle

I read this book in highschool, years before the Ghibli film was released, so it's one of the few instances in which I read the book before I saw the movie.

That being said, one of the major things I enjoyed about it was because similarly to Back to the Future, it had a very subdued sense of humor. It wasn't a constant laugh all the way through, but the story was kept light hearted enough to which you did actually care about the problems the characters faced, but at the same time it wasn't really heart pounding drama either. In the book, Howl had a very aloof feel, sort of like Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. He took himself incredibly seriously even when he was acting absurd, which played well against the protagonist having a "Stop being so dramatic" attitude every time he had one of his little fits over something ridiculous. You didn't lose respect for Howl or his power, but it was nice to have someone there that wasn't willing to buy all of his bullshit, especially since everyone else was either deathly afraid of him or kissed his ass to no end.

I also quite enjoyed the way they explained how reality twisted, and in the book it was quite different than in the movie. In the movie the castle literally had legs and walked around. In the book, the castle "moved" but sort of in the same way the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who did, in which no one ever actually saw the castle moving, but if you looked away and looked back, it would be in a different location than when you left it.

It used a sort of time dilation thing in which from the inside of the castle, you could see it plainly moving from one place to another in normal time, literally just sliding across the ground, but from an outside perspective it just seemed to instantly teleport to a new location.

As much as people praise Ghibli films, I personally feel the movie adaptation did not give the book justice at all.
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(ID: 684472)Country code: us, country type: geoip, valid: 1  218529

File: 1547004566856.png (495.01 KB, 711x677, 0909808768767.png)


why? because the idea of going into a black hole is pretty cool

mainly because who knows wtf happens when you enter

good music and story

book? hard to answer because i dont really read books fully

i just use them to find specific information for research

Mk17 (ID: 5dc73a)Country code: us, country type: geoip, valid: 1  218530

File: 1547004847634.png (289.14 KB, 521x498, 15846545454.PNG)

Thats a hard one. I have many favorite movies depending on the genre.

Its one of those things where no matter what i say, ill think of something else i should have put as soon as i hit "new reply" haha.

So ill play it safe and say The Shawshank Redemption.

Its a great movie that can be watched any time, in any mood. Amazing sound track, identifiable characters, happy ending. It makes you laugh and feel sad all throughout, its just a classic.

Same thing.

Im going to stay Enders Game. Was a really good, well written story that was ahead of its time, esp when predicting the internet.
I heard the movie sucked.

I also have an affinity for the Red Wall series, and even though I'm a bit out of the age group, id like to read them all again. Marlfox was the best one.

🐈🐈Dodger🐈🐈!FGiFL0Ecls (ID: 27151b)Country code: windows9x.png, country type: customflag, valid: 1  218532

File: 1547006908006.png (959.13 KB, 1366x767, 1543250884533.png)

Where The Wild Things Are

I stopped feeling specific emotions in my daily life once I got a little older and my imagination started to slow down. There are certain things you can only feel when you're a kid, alone with your imagination, head full of complicated thoughts you haven't figured out yet. It usually takes a great coming-of-age story to put me in that extremely vulnerable state of mind, and WTWTA does it better than any other movie I've seen.


Nineteen Eighty-Four

This might sound paranoid, but there's so much about the world I just didn't really pay any mind to before I read this book, it covers so much. I read this when I was 17, it felt like a passage into adulthood that stamped out the embers of my naive optimism. I don't think any other book has had anywhere close to that effect on me.
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(ID: 497dbf)Country code: mlpchan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 1  218571

File: 1547020424807.jpg (106.25 KB, 546x1000, the flight of dragons.jpe)

>favorite movie

Pic related. Always. Forever.

>favorite book

Probably P-Theory which just had that perfect balance of ingenious wordplay and whimsy with great characterization, vivid scenery and it got left unfinished and dumped because the author couldn't figure out what to happen next aaaaaaaaaaa.

I really haven't been into paper books lately.

Starshine!Laura/wmXM (ID: 8c1c69)Country code: lunachan.png, country type: customflag, valid: 1  218577

File: 1547021925480.jpg (376.49 KB, 1423x2048, DqSnnnvUwAANBJB.jpg:large.jpeg)

Don't say Zootopia, don't say South Park, don't say The Matrix, don't say anything by Nolan or Kubrick...I'm gonna say La La Land. I adore musicals, and La La Land is pure kino. The score, the story, the choreography, the cinematography, everything about this film is a joy to take in. There are plenty of movies out there with more profound things to say (and I love that in a movie), while La La Land is more of a "watch it to feel good" film, but sometimes you need to feel good too.


Toss-up between The Kite Runner, A Tale of Two Cities, and The Count of Monte Cristo. These are all redemption stories in some capacity, although in The Kite Runner's case, the redemption arc is the weaker part of the story in my opinion, and in Monte Cristo's case, there's a lot of revenge in the mix as well.

What really sets The Kite Runner apart is how effectively it delivers emotions of shock, trauma, and guilt, as well as its frank depiction of oppression from the perspective of the oppressor. Unfortunately, the redemption arc has some asspulls that I kind of had to forcibly suspend my disbelief for, but by the time I got to that part of the story, the emotional impact had already been done, so I didn't mind it. One of the few books that's made me cry.

A Tale of Two Cities...well, what's not to love about this one? The backdrop of the French Revolution makes a marvelous framing device for Sydney Carton's redemption arc (which should make it required reading for modern-day incels tbh!). I really wanted him to get the girl, not gonna lie. There's a good reason he's one of the most iconic characters in classic Brit lit.

The Count of Monte Cristo is, for lack of a better way of putting it, a really gripping read and pure literary kino. The characters and their relationships, their actions and the consequences both intended and unintended thereof, the brilliantly calculated schemes of the titular protagonist, the underlying thread of hope under all the subterfuge and betrayal. And for a story centered around revenge, it's actually not an unflinching endorsement thereof. It's just as much about forgiveness, and one of its cornerstone themes is the damage revenge can have on innocent people who are caught in the crossfire.

(ID: 049c75)Country code: us, country type: geoip, valid: 1  218578

File: 1547022456177.jpg (1.03 MB, 873x1200, 165226D4-C68C-4B02-B652-FBB63F…)

Favorite Book
Peter Pan Loisel
Favorite Movie
Hellboy the Golden Army

Anonymous (ID: 538b3e)Country code: tux.png, country type: customflag, valid: 1  218580

File: 1547027303038.jpg (103.83 KB, 900x675, princess_mononoke_by_perlamari…)

Favorite Movie: Mononoke-Hime (I refuse to use the ridiculous English title.)

Book: Probably The Silmarillion. Or Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid.
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Whelp!tEfVeritas (ID: 1c76ef)Country code: goggles.png, country type: customflag, valid: 1  218602

File: 1547040315139.png (143.51 KB, 636x723, tumblr_mxrsi2WDdu1qkdvoho1_128…)


What is this word, kino? I started seeing it a lot recently, and I am not familiar with it.

And I suppose I should answer it myself.

My favorite movie is Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. I love the entire trilogy, and feel like they're close to being the perfect fantasy story, improving on the original books by a mile, improving characters and situations to make them more interesting, and cutting a bunch of stuff that just wasn't needed (Like Tom Bombadil, or the characters singing every ten pages). I know it's heresy to say that the movie was better than the book, but in this case, I believe that to be true. As for why it was Fellowship over the others, I think the series did get worse as the movies progressed, and Fellowship is definitely the best of them - both Towers and especially Return are marred a bit by overly long battle sequences that, while cool and interesting at first, go on for too long to remain so in my opinion.

My favorite book is either Dune or God-Emperor of Dune in the same series. I know that, to a lot of people, these books are much too dry (Pun intended), and if you've seen the movie adaptation, you probably think of them as being extremely weird. Neither is totally untrue, but there's a reason that it's one of the biggest sci-fi series of all time - the narrative is one of political intrigue and philosophical ponderings playing out within an epic story that ends up spanning millenia, and shows clashing ideologies and ideals in a frank and uncompromising light. It can be said to be the forerunner to many things - Star Wars and Song of Ice and Fire come to mind as prime examples - and my only major complaint with the series is that some elements become played out and overused as it progresses. Still, I love this series, and my favorite book of all time is probably the first book, followed closely by God-Emperor.

Anonymous (ID: dcd6d3)Country code: us, country type: geoip, valid: 1  218603

>What is this word, kino?
Kino is a gum obtained from certain tropical trees by tapping, used locally as an astringent in medicine and in tanning.

Chewy!!Twilight Sparkle (ID: 49b2d1)Country code: us, country type: geoip, valid: 1  218622

>favorite movie
No Country For Old Men.
Why? Because its simply the most well-paced and thrilling movie I've ever seen--yet it does it without being super edgy, or full of senseless action. It does it with sheer escalating tension and twists and turns. It also has a lot of underlying themes and symbolism that can be analyzed (there are some good videos on youtube about this, for example people have speculated on who or what the villain Anton Sugar is supposed to be or represent--is he a ghost? Is he the devil? Is he god? etc.) The ending tends to baffle people but it's one of those endings where if you read (or watch) detailed analysis of what happened, then it makes more sense, and the next time you watch it it will be even better. There are also themes of universal karma, morality, and the cinematography is fucking amazing.


Moby Dick
Why? No book I have read since or before has had prose that matches Melville's and additionally many parts of Moby Dick were without a doubt simultaneously the most exciting and also thematically interesting in any book I have ever read.
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Hißp !ArepaaIqL. (ID: 6fa7b8)Country code: ve, country type: geoip, valid: 1  218906

I don't have a favorite.

I read the all the Narnia books and I liked them. I am currently reading El coronel no tiene quien le escriba.

I am not into Movies.

a lost pony !piNKiEPie. (ID: 73a54d)Country code: us, country type: geoip, valid: 1  218916

File: 1547173066403.jpg (12.23 KB, 236x236, pinkyyay2.jpg)

Ancestor's Tale by Dawkins
Arms of Krupp by Manchester
cuz, great factual information.


>Blues Brothers

tracy's always fuckin right. There's never been a better movie than blues brothers.

Hi Tracey, bye tracey. Yeah I know, stfu, I'm on it now.

(ID: 8af99e)Country code: stallman.png, country type: customflag, valid: 1  218926

I have a bunch of favorites, but I think my two favorite movies are
Hackers: It's completely ridiculous and presents an extremely unrealistic image of hacking, but god dammit this movie kicks ass, and I absolutely love it. The soundtrack is fantastic too if you like hardcore techno, even if you don't like the movie itself.
Harold and Maude: I normally dislike romcoms, but I have a pretty dark sense of humor, and this one definitely breaks the mold. Harold, the main character drives a hearse, goes to random funerals of people he doesn't know, and stages suicides to fuck with people, and Maude is like a 79 year old Tyler Durden, sans fighting.


Fiction: Neuromancer by William Gibson: I'm a sucker for the cyberpunk genre and I fell in love with it almost immediately.
Non-fiction: Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig: I already knew a little bit about copyright law, but mostly as it applies to software. Free Culture does a great job of explaining how fucked our copyright laws have become. It doesn't require you to be a lawyer to understand it but at the same time it isn't watered down.

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