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Would U, liek 2 b this Serperior?
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Ah American race politics

So I take it they will be donating all the money made from their name and brand since it's creation to local native american charities?

Has it not always been a meme for the last coupe decades about them changing their name?
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The Story Thread - Last Man Standing #Mature
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Just a reminder that I love you all, you are all kings.

Except Fox, but thankfuly he seems to have gone awol
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what do you think happens when you die? I was thinking about how theres only a few options ever talked about when it comes to oblivion.
- afterlife
- reincarnation
- nothingness

Seems like in as many years as we've had, could have come up with something better.

Do you fall under one of those? Do you have another idea? Wanna just come up with one now? This is probably the thread to do it in, or at least, the most topical one.

Dont forget to mash that like button, and turn on a bell.
Ponychan is trying to demonize me so this thread is brought to you by dollar shave club and rune shadow legends. Challenge everything.
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Dream Thread This is a safe place to talk about your dreams! Share your recent dreams and write a review of how you feel about that dream (and, if possible, record any lasting feelings/impressions from said dream):

Example; Today I had a dream where MK hit me with a newspaper.

I give this dream a 9/10 and now I blush when I see newspapers.
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W-what are you doing step dad?

But seriously how the hell is Youtube allowed to have ads for this pile of incest pedophilia promoting shite?
(No image)
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'Chup to? Are you sick of topical threads?
Do you want to talk, but threads about tilapias and music leave you wanting?

Well have we got the thread for you!
From the makers of "pointless throwaway chat thread" and "hows ya friday?" comes a thread so pointless, so multitopical, that literally anyone can join in!

Its 'Chup to?!

The thread so uniquely vague that the topic could be anything at all!
Act now, and receive a (you), a $20 value, absolutely FREE!

At participating locations only, void where prohibited. Offer good through june 8th 2020. No purchase neccessary, participation is is at risk of user, by agreeing to take part you indemnify Mk17 LLC and all subsidiaries of liability. Offer not valid in AK and HI. Prop 18 Warning: this thread is known to the state of California to contain posters who cause cancer
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Music without lyrics I prefer it.
Post some of your favorites.
Avril 14th
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So i figured, while im doing nothing with my life but sitting around waiting, id take some of these little $1 solar lamps i got and put them around my yard like torches in minecraft/minetest.
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What would you say are the prettiest cities on Earth?
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So, my Thinkpad T440S battery blew up, scattered debris and burn marks on my dining room table and walls,and the computer caught on fire.

How the fuck was your night?
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Where'd everyone go? Its been slow before but this is ridiculous.

If your lurking post itt. Even if you wrote a "goodbye", you will be granted full amnesty.

I posted it, so you have to do it, those are the rules of the internet.
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Outfit a Zoroark /w a Dress

Does any1 ~ wanna make my Creature OC in a Clothing- that can make her a KAREN
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Here we see an example of Peak Florida Man in the wild.

Not only does he go ape shit on a shopper at Costco and gets nailed on video behaving that way, he has the gall to go to his local newspaper and tell his side of the story.

Talk about pouring salt in an open wound! Not only does he not apologize for his angry outburst, he's planning on suing his former employer for firing him after he was reported to them over this video incident.

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Queen Elizabeth II funny moments

Why am I watching this when I know she's going to live forever? Either way, Youtube recomending the right kind of videos for once
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Have you ever been religious? Is your family religious?
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>watch aerial america on tv
>the episode is on the state of rhode island

how can they make an episode out a state the size of pea?

if someone were to spill a glass of water they would declare a state of emergency
(No image)
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Who are historys best dressed people?
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Hello! I have come back from the dead to save you from your sins!
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Stop eating soup on a McDonalds toilet
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I am now 26 years old, drunk, but probably won't be once you reply to me because Ponychan is dead now, and I have also never had sex.

Ask me anything, I guess.
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Can someone change this To "Here lies Hubert he Never Scored"

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I hope you mechanophilias are happy now.
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Pandora's box Domestic Catgirl general;

Care guide; https://catgirlcare.org/

How do we improve the quality of life for our most beloved little pets?
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What are your favorite country flags?
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www.Lolfucks.jay.peg #Mature
Who here is looking forward to checking out the Lillia porn?

PS: I don't know how to make a thread mature. Help me out here.
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A magic genie appears and offers you the choice of two options:
(A) 100% chance of $1 million tax-free today
(B) 90% chance of $100 million tax-free in 5 years (to clarify: you find out today whether or not you will get the money)

Which do you pick?
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So if I were to travel to the US which states should I avoid and which should I visit?

Always wanted to visit San Francisco (and yes that's a city not a state well aware) but I did hear it's full of crackheads and poverty, and If I wanted that I would look out my window
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Kanye West is officially running for president #Politics
...as part of the Green Party.


Wew lad.
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bad music We post a lot of music we like, but I'm curious:
What are some of the WORST songs or albums you've ever heard?
Like so bad its basically unlistenable to you?
Hard mode: No meme songs.
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OK... Question 4 U ~ Maroon------

>What would U do, if ya...... Became THE BLOOP aka ( The Atlantic Ocean Kyogre)?

BONUS × {Would U be Feral /or, A Furry}?
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>log onto YouTube and check my subscriptions
>it’s finally here
>Anthony Fantano’s review of the Shrek motion picture soundtrack
>I eagerly click on the video
>I listen to him explain how amazing the album is for the duration of the 25-minute video
>approaching the end, rating time
>I know in my heart that the internet’s busiest music nerd will do the right thing
>but then
>Fantano says “Ogreall, I’m feelin’ a decent to strong 9 on this OST”
>my heart freezes
>anger swells within me
>a 9
>a fucking NINE
>it should have been a 10
>a STRONG 10
>every true brogre knows that the Shrek OST is the single greatest musical release in the history of mankind
>I instantly get on my knees and pray to Shrek, begging him to forgive Fantano
>I don’t want to see my favorite reviewer get Shrek’t
>suddenly I am IN Fantano’s review room
>Fantano sees me and screams, “AHHHGGGHHH!!! Intruder!”
>he pulls out his glock and aims it at me
>”What are you doing here??”
>I raise my hands and say “You’ve made a grave mistake”
>a voice whispers in Fantano’s ear from behind, “Bend ogre”
>it’s Shrek
>he arrived just in time
>Fantano pulls the trigger but Shrek breaks his arm and the bullets hit the ceiling
>Fantano screams
>Shrek puts him on his hands and knees
>Fantano is crying
>he says “Wait! Wait, it’s not my fault, you have to believe me! He made me do it!”
>Shrek narrows his eyes and says “Who?”
>”Cal Chuchesta! He forced me to give the album below a 10, I swear!”
>”But laddeh, you ARE Cal Chuchesta”
>”No, I’m not! Because Cal Chuchesta is actually…”
>suddenly we hear a royal laugh
>Cal Chuchesta enters the room
>he is laughing with the voice of…Farquaad!
>I yell “Cal! You were Farquaad, all along?”
>Farquaad rips off his Cal disguise and says, “Of course! Do you really think Fantano willingly gave Macklemore and Eminem higher scores than Kanye West? It was all part of my plan, to brainswash his fans!”
>Shrek says, “Your time here is ogre, Farquaad!”
>Farquaad yells, “Guards, get him!”
>Duloc guards smash through the walls and surround Shrek
>Shrek tosses Fantano to the side and gets ready to fight
>I pick up Fantano’s gun and point it at one of the guards
>a bloodbath ensues
>Shrek and I eliminate all the guards, but now Farquaad is pointing a spear directly at Fantano’s head!
>Farquaad shouts: “Don’t move or I STAB HIM IN THE EYE!!”
>suddenly one of Fantano’s vinyl records falls off of the shelf and slices Farquaad’s head off
>we all sigh and rejoice
>Shrek says, “Hold on lads, it’s not ogre yet!”
>he blesses us with shrexual experiences
>Fantano redoes his review and gives the Shrek soundtrack a super strong 10, the greatest thing he’s ever heard
>Shrek is love, Shrek is life.
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Happy Birthday RIngo! Eighty years old today. Billy Shears will be playing a streamed concert tonight to celebrate.
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Got anything good going on?
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huge F
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you was at the club 💃🍻 bottoms🍑up☝️when I first met you👀 couldn't🙅🚫get enough❤️ had to get you straight👉to my bedroom🛏️ drank still in my cup🍺 crib🏠is large so you can bring your friends👯too girl👩full of makeup💄 she's so bad😍it don't me shawty👩just like me loves❤️drugs💊hates🚫bein sober in my psychi had my heart❤️and I didn't even know her🤷 guess you wouldn't believe see you in those jeans👖I wanna pull you closer eyes👀looking chinese👲 she didn't smoke🚬but now she's a stoner💨 everything you need👜👠 🚫No, no, no mediocre🚫 young, wild and free no cuffs so no you can't control her🙅 body covered in ink I can beat it up🥊🍑, we can just go slower🐌 you can come wit me give you everything and it'll never be over🙅 girl just let me know we can go and fuck🤑up some commas💸 boyboy west coast🖕 Imagine this coming☝️from the bottom👇
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>Watching ariel UK on tv
>The episode is on the Isle of Man

How can they make an episode about an island the size of a pea?
(No image)
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Ok hand gesture removed from COD.


We did it boys, racism has been defeated.
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just post whatever smut you want you horndogs

you getting your rocks off to this shit just makes me harder then tungsten
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Rucka Rucka Ali was ahead of his time I think that every race is a-okay
We all have something to be proud of ('Cept white people)
I like very country the same
Even the ones where my own music's not allowed in
Or the ones that wanna bomb us
Women are as smart as me and you No, no, it's true
They could be president of this country-I mean who cares? There's already a black
I love minorities
Especially, people that get around in wheelchairs, that's hot

I love everyone in the world
Because no one is different than no one
Everyone is fuckin' like someone
And if you feel like I do
Take your hand and touch my balls
And sing along this fuckin' song

Black people are good at playin' basketball!
Asians cook Chinee food on woks
Mexicans are great at leavin' Mexico
So suck on my cock if you don't love everyone
White people can tuck their shirts into their shorts
They need Jews to fill their tax forms
Eskimos are best at hittin' seals with clubs
We all could learn from one another lots of stuff

Sex, them Europeans do it with kids
It's like their proud of it or somethin'
It's legal in their countries
Canadians, at age fifteen
Can legally suck off dirty old men for money-No they can't!
Okay, for free-That's right

Everyone in the world's good
Because no one is better than someone else is
I'm down with women's circumcision
So if you feel like I do
Take your ball sack and your bongo drum
And sing this gay ass little song

Black people are good at stealing stereos!
They've got Jewish lawyers in court
Muslims are the best at flyin' into stuff
Not all Muslims, just most, and all it takes is most
Africans like lynchin' homosexuals
Cubans turn dildos into boats
Germans kidnap girls and make them prostitutes
Everyone's special in their own gay little way

Arab girls have got to be sweaty
They put to death if they show they titties
That's baller shit I ain't even playin'
Lemme tell you what's the same about the
Swedish, Chassidish Jews, Kelly and Regis
They're all fuckin' crazy
Except the Swedish, they're just lazy
And love the penis
Yeah, those ladies in Sweden
Got enough VD's to turn those dudes around them gay
And Frenchmen don't believe in bathin'
And Haitians love a good earthquake
Cagin' a Mongol? Russian tradition
Rape in the Congo? As long as it's women
Takin' a dump on someone else's culture
And makin' fun of them just 'cause they're different
And makin' a song callin' their country stupid
Mixin' the absurd with the true?
Don't do it, so if you hate racist humor
Get your pooper up and sing this fuckin' song

Black people are good at wheelchair basketball
If they got shot and now cannot walk
Pregnant girls are stupid and impossible
Everyone's good, no one is better than someone
White people can show black people how to vote
Blacks could teach them Jews to dance good
Blind black men can't play hockey, because they're black
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Drunk AMA YO im wastesd wussp?

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Giant cannon powered by nuclear explosion I wonder if something like this could be made to work and be useful...

To save others the trouble of googling it: "EFP" here means "Explosively formed penetrator".

Link to archive of screencapped post: https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/40148703/#40153295
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What would you say is the worst thing you have seen on live TV? And by that I don't mean an awful show, I mean something terrible happen. I'm sure some might have seen 9/11, and while I remember the day I was in school if I remember right at the time and such only found out an hour or two later.

Easily the worse thing I have seen was back in 2012, during football. The highly anticipated FA cup quater final between Spurs and Bolton, rooting for Boton as they were the much smaller team.

Bolton had many memorable and good players at the time, and one of the more noticable ones was Fabrice Muamba, who was only around 21 or 22 at the time, and who many fully bealived woud soon be called up to play for the England national team, so all eyes were on him.

So there it was, full stadium the old Spurs Stadium White Hart Lane, fully sold out with it's 37,000 people in attendence, and the match being broadcast free on the TV for all in the UK being watched by millions.

The match had been pretty eventful, Spurs scoring an accidental own goal early on, before later coming back to make it 1-1.

It was a few minutes before half time when Fabrice, not on the ball, suddenly fell to the floor and collapsed, unmoving.

You could tell this was pretty serious, as it was not even like he had been tackled or anything, he just fell straight to the floor unconscious, and very quickly a large number of paramedics had rushed to him.

And then, after a minute or so.. They started CPR, which if you know anything about heath you will know is only done should the heart stop.

Not only this, but several players both from Bolton and from Spurs had gathered around and were clearly in shock at what they were seeing, with quite a few breaking down and crying.

And so there I was, along with millions of others, watching someone who was loved by so many, and someone who the media was often talking about how great of a player he was and how he could soon play for England, seem to die live on TV.

The match was very quickly called off, and Fabrice taken off in an Ambulence. And that was that, everyone honestly thought we had seen someone die, and it was pretty bizzare and awful.

There is some good news however- Fabrice had a miricle, and despite his heart having stopped for 72 minutes, he did in fact make a full recovery, although he obviously did retire from football.

Muamba Suddenly Collapses!! (Tottenham Hotspur Vs Bolton Wanderers 1-1)
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I'm bored.

Entertain me.
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I am surprised. I didn't expect the owners of this board to be so... 'delicate' when it came to such things. Despite their claim of having a high tolerance of sensitive topics, whether it be political, racial, sexual, ect.
(No image)
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"haha you the big gay"- Russia to America, 2020
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Some people wonder what the world would be like had the USSR not collapsed.

But me? Sometimes I think of Prussia. So much history. Very interesting empire to study.

Wonder what the world would be like were they still around..
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bird girls.
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America Day Thread I was going to try and write something moving on this occasion, but I don't have any time for that.

Whether they admit it or not, everyone loves America.

Happy Independence Day, motherfuckers.
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Thoughts on my brother's new Crown Vic?

(he still has the BMW)
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Alright lads, so you're playing some online competitive Pokemon when your opponent throws out a max speed Smoxilon, with the moveset spore/shell smash/toxic spikes/baton pass

What do you do?
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American Equestrian Dwarf Bards Thread #Mature
Avian Ladies /w huge bouncy bags...

Within, Saturday ~ wonderin if any doodlers wanna recolor a anthro pidgeot into an US Flag Griffon Damsel?

Any HAWT Independence BURD pics can be in here + Anime US Army Lassies can b placed in here

HAPPY 4th of July Little Debbies eating moments, on CATURDAY!
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California anti-discrimination provision #Politics
The California senate voted to propose removing anti-discrimination provision from their state constitution.

Currently, the California state constitution has the following provision:
"The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting."
The legislature wants a referendum on whether to remove it.
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Happy national eat your beans day!

How do you like your beans? On toast? Hot or cold?
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ITT: Post a character's body part (hand, eye, etc.); also look at others' posts and try to guess who it is and what movie/anime it is from. I'll start with an easy one.
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Sharing the same room as your wife, or having separate bedrooms?
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Maroonie appreciation thread. Maroonie appreciation thread

Here we show appreciation for Maroon Auburn.


also, what's going on in the middle east?
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>catgirl waifu, katana and "Kawaiicopter" in CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE, the ultimate normie best-selling vidya gaem

If you ever needed proof that weebs have broken all the way into the mainstream, here you go.
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What's the deal with the Federal Reserve?
395 replies
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“Britain this Britain that.” Maroon Auburn

Hey Maroon, why don’t you come over to America for once, eat a burger and drive a lifted truck? Then maybe you’ll see just how much better America is.
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>tfw anybody asks me what life here in the UK is like
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don't you just hate when that happens
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Let’s say a major car company like Ford or Toyota stated making the warthog. Would you buy it? Do you think it would be useful for military or police use?

Warthog specifications

Length: 6 meters (20 ft)
Width: 3 meters (9.8 ft)
Height: 3.2 meters (10 ft) (M12)
Mass: 3 metric tons (3.0 LT; 3.3 ST)
Maximum speed: 125 km/h (78 mph)
Engine(s): 12.0 L liquid-cooled hydrogen-injected ICE

Look toybox, I told you I could make a serious thread.
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ITT: feels.

Post stuff with feels. I'm sentimental today.
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BUG Lassies /w Blades
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E.U. leaves American travelers on the ban list https://www.afar.com/magazine/europe-finally-set-to-reopen-but-not-to-us-travelers

Not going to lie, this upsets me. I have been making plans to head back to Europe for months now. The fuck are we supposed to do? How long will this last?
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Finally. #Politics
This should be interesting.
I'm Suing the White House, CIA, and DOJ. Really.

This is what I was hoping to see, to be honest. Someone who actually can get something done for a change.

Also, a follow up.
The Case Against John Bolton & My Lawsuit Against the White House (LegalEagle's Law Review)
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NASA Artemis Project What do you think about the NASA Artemis program? Did you even know it existed?
For those who dont, the NASA Artemis program is a manned week long excursion to the lunar surface planned for 2024. It is joint venture between NASA and various international and commercial space programs as a preliminary mission, the end goal being a permanently manned base similar to the ISS by 2028.

So what do you think? Do you think its a good idea? Do you think space exploration is a good idea in general, or just a waste?

Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to like and subscribe.
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Do you believe in/endorse democracy? To what extent should people rule themselves? If you don't, what is your alternative?
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Out here there could be giants
I want to walk in their shade
Introduce me to a brand new kiss
Help me forget my love
Push through another mile - one more day
Cash the promise of escape
Out here I am immortal
Live through me

Sky has opened
Suppose I could ignore the rain
Should I listen to all that's golden
And the ghosts of its curse
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Wow, what a joke.

Can't wait for Brian to be voiced by an actual dog..

Although to be fair that would be more intetesting and amusing than anything Family Guy have produced the last few years
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(No image)
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If my armpits produced purified water, would you lick my pits?
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Who would you vote for if they were running for president? I would vote for Tanya. Tanya would be a great president.
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What is the most terrified you have ever been by a movie?

I don't mean grossed out by gore or something, I mean actually scared to your core.

When I was a teenager, the ending of Blair Witch Project scared me so much that I felt like I couldn't be indoors so I went outside. It didn't help that I was home alone.

I think its kind of amazing how they were able to create such a creepy atmosphere with such simple, low-budget means.
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What can be done to fight against repugnant ideologies like Nazism, fascism, Communism, and Antifa-ism?
8 replies
15 replies
when was the last time someone told you they loved you?
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Benn playing some Pokemon clover, how's my team looking?
38 replies
How much influence does the media actually have? So, this is something I've often thought of, and now some guy has made a vidja about it.
Why News & Social Media Arent As Prominent As You Think

How influential is news and social media to the population in general? Do you agree with this internet man?

Do you think the Dalai Llama is getting redpilled by right wing vlogers in their bedrooms hot takes on youtube? Or do you think its just a vast minority that participate in these ideological hissy fits?
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27 replies
What race are you all?

I'm black.

Edit: extra points for specifics!
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Corona! #Politics
This use to be very topical... I'm bringing it back!

So, almost 4 months into the situation, how we all feeling about it?
How is your area dealing with it? Do you think the mesures were to little, too much, or just right?
How are you handling it personally? Have you gotten use to the situation, or are you going stir crazy?
Has anything about your perspective of the world changed through all this?

Also, general "oh yeah, major historical pandemic" thread.
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>Horoscope says people will be mean to me today
*Cries in astrology*
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Confession thread with pizza This thread is for Christan Pizzas.

>ITT: Confess your sins

I'll start;
Lord Jesus, yesterday I listened to the Devil's music and enjoyed it slightly.... Guiltily... Deeply pained by the understanding of my sin. Guilt! Shame! Horror! I'm a naughty naughty sinner, Lord Jesus, please spank forgive me!
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So here in the UK we are having a beautiful, lovely 30 degrees summers time, image related. Other than the humidity making you feel like you're melting at night, its pretty good

Hows things were you are?
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lol, my discord account got yeeted, anyone got the link to the old efchan discord server
7 replies
R E H Y D R A T E D Who's hyped?

How Speedrunning Revived SpongeBob: Battle for Bikini Bottom [Any% World Record History] Part 1

Speedrun of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED - 100%)

>inb4 theres no way any of you are gonna watch 1hr+ youtube videos

I know, I'm posting them anyways.

This game was an essential part of my childhood and probably a top 3 all time video game for me.

11 replies
What's that white liquid that twilight was drinking in that one episode?
90 replies
So now its out whats everyones thoughts on the Last Of Us 2?

Keep in mind there will probably be spoilers in this thread.. Not that you need them cause I recommended you save your money and dont buy it

.. least the memes are good though
19 replies
So what's up with all of this statue defacing and removal sweeping across America?

What's next, we gonna start up massive booking burning again?
(No image)
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New Pokemon F2P MOBA... ...from the developers of Call Of Duty Mobile? 🤔

11 replies
Rick And Morty season 4 is fully out All 10 episodes, I didn't realize this until a day ago, because I had only seen the initial 5 that were released last year.

So naturally, we watched the final 5, and damn I gotta say...that was good shit! Sooo much better than season 3, which...was really a mixed bag, with only a couple really great episodes and a bunch that just did not live up to the standards set up by seasons 1 and 2, to say the least.

Anyone else fully caught up on it?
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Since leanon likes to roleplay I’m going to try it too.

Hey guys I’m Aqua. Be sure to join axis and worship me as a god.
35 replies
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Dj p0n-3 doesn't have an electric guitar. Sucks....
There are no electric guitars in Equestria.
I Am A Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue Over (Metal) Endoskeleton
21 replies
(No image)
0 replies
Where's Zone.
79 replies
Crazy shit that actually happened Post interesting and factual (as best as can be determined) anecdotes.

>On 8 October 1912, the island of Lemnos became part of Greece after being captured from the Ottoman Empire. Peter Charanis, born on the island in 1908 and later a professor of Byzantine history at Rutgers University, recounts when the island was occupied and Greek soldiers stationed themselves in the public squares.

>Some of the children ran to see what Greek soldiers looked like. ‘‘What are you looking at?’’ one of them asked.
>‘‘At Hellenes,’’ the children replied.
>‘‘Are you not Hellenes yourselves?’’ a soldier retorted.
>‘‘No, we are Romans."

Almost 500 years after the fall of Constantinople, and nearly 1500 years after the fall of the western empire, this community still considered itself to be Roman in a very real sense.
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There's No Place Like CHAZ

Boy, i wonder what its like to live in a world without police.

Maybe the people in Chaz know? Feel bad for this guy though, maybe he should go to his local police station and repo-

Wait hold up
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I don't give a fuck about you I don't fuck with you....
You little stupid ass bitch, I ain't fuckin' with you....
You little.. you little dumbass bitch, I ain't fuckin' with you....
I got a million trillion things that I'd rather fuckin' do. Than to be fuckin' with you. lil' stupid ass....
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"I am a reflection of the sickness that i see... i don’t want it to be viewed as a form of validation....sometimes...i just want to be left alone. those friends who often validate me as a being make me feel all happy inside. Proper and unskewed introspection is hard for everyone to do, no matter how disciplined you are... I’ve learned to accept my mistakes as part of the being that I am. I know I will never be perfect, but I can at least make an attempt to be better than what I was in the past."

21 replies
Invasions are cool. #Politics

>mfw you have been already annexed to the USA

>Did not even realize

You guys are really good at this!
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Politicalized Trainers <This Trainer, I made ~ because... [Only PEARL Version, I had from a Trading Store was from a Female that sold it 4 a CD Player for her Beyonce Albums] & it turned into a insane DBverse Journey in a Pkmn Game

If anybody--- gotta funny trainer story. Within their favorite Edition(CREATE A UNIQUE TRAINER)
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Why do the rest of the worlds, america in particular, have such odd looking plug sockets?

Ours is the only one that looks decent
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>Go out rioting and looting
>Set shit on fire
>Throw bricks at the police
>Use rocks and sling shots
>Throw Molotov cocktails
>Shoot at the police with guns

>Get shot with rubber bullets and tear gas

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If you won the lottery and decided to build your dream house, what types of walls (interior and exterior) would you build?
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>first day of summer
What are your summer plans?

I'll listen while I eat a pepper.
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Uncle Ben's and Mrs. Butterworth's follow Aunt Jemima phasing out racial stereotypes in logos #Politics

Watch and be amazed as "equality" becomes "erasism" because no one wants to be canceled.

If you saw
>this guy
and your first thought was "thats a slave" or a stereotype or a problem, really anything else besides "huh, some dude" you're the racist.
Poor Frank Brown. They say you die twice, once when your body dies, and the second time when someone remebers you for the last time. He lived long, it just too bad black people aren't allowed on lables anymore.

Black communities being burned down, and black people being scrubbed from the collective iconography... kkk be laffin'.

I hope people come to their senses soon.
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Bunday Happy Bunday!
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"my thoughts are wet and dry"

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All U ~ Bloodbenders /w huge breasts & drinking venoms...

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Documentaries I just got a year of curiosity stream, which will be my first streaming service in like... 4 years or so.
I hope its worth it, and ive spent more on less, but im def ready to sit back and chill with some documentaries, since they are really the only thing i like to watch.

Hbu? Do you like documentaries? What kind do you like? Any recommendations?

Me, i like nature documentaries mostly, esp ants. For some reason i just cant get enough of learning about ants haha.
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It's been 22 fucking years...

But Crash 4 hype lads
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Sorry guys but remember aliens? The classic sci fi horror movie?

It's outdated, racist and offensive and you MUST be warned so before you watch it.

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premier league is back today lads oy oy

Not that anybody here really cares, but you're missing out on the best sporting leauge in the world so your loss
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Best OC... https://www.strawpoll.me/20390635
Helpin' someone choose an OC....
So....Blackjack or Pillow Case?
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post your pets
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Why do you still decide to be all fat and disgusting and shit, onii-chan?
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But.. but.. we are the 4th most powerful nuclear country on earth.

We have around 220 nuclear weapons, all ready to fire at a seconds notice from our very own Vanguard submarines, located all around the UK's waters and international waters.

We pretty good with nukes I swear
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Trump's bid to end Obama-era immigration policy ruled unlawful #Politics
The subject says it all. Kiss the US good bye and farewell.

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I come in peace Any of you charming people by any chance bother to show me the ropes of this website~?

Hi and Hello~
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NEVER DIE...!!?!!
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Twatter #Politics
So, Trump shitposts a satirical parody of CNN on his Twitter account.

And then Twitter labels it as "manipulated media", as if people might believe this was actual broadcasted video from CNN. Are people really this dumb?

Edit: here's the link: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1273770669214490626
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south thread OJ Da Juiceman - Bricks, Ounces, Dueces (Official Video)

only shorten music allowed
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Happy pride month.

As per tradition: everyone on this site is gay till proven otherwise.
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Happy Birthday Paul! Happy 78th Birthday to Paul McCartney.

They say it's your birthday!
Birthday (Remastered 2009)
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I'm having a rough week

pls give me memes to cheer me up

thank you
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Trump expected to sign executive removing protections established for websites. #Politics

I guess the gist is, Trump argues that because Twitter curates tweets (in this case, they apparently added and addendum to his tweet), they are not a "host" but rather a "publisher" and will be held responsible for the content on their page, opening them up to 1000s of lawsuits, especially libel lawsuites.

>"These platforms act like they are potted plants when [in reality] they are curators of user experiences, i.e. the man behind the curtain for everything we can see or hear,” an administration official familiar with the issue said Wednesday night. The person said the order, which was described as broad and high level, would address complaints that the online platforms are deceiving people by picking and choosing what content to allow or block instead of acting as politically neutral platforms or moderators.

So basically, he is a shit poster with the ability to change federal law without debate to fuck with mods haha.

>federal courts have ruled as recently as Wednesday morning that social media companies are private entities with the legal right to police content on their sites.

The catch 22 here is that, if websites lose the right to moderate content, lest they lose legal protections of just being "hosts" rather than "publishers" but, at the same time, the EARN IT act forces websites to moderate content, or lose legal protections of the same vein, what is a site to do?

You wont be allowed to moderate content, but you will be held legally accountable for users posts if you dont. Perfect...

If it were me, id just cut losses and shut down, personally. Interested to see exactly how this is worded.
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Don't give a fuck thread Post here if you don't give a fuck.
If you guys give a fuck, then good for you
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Supreme Court rules workers can’t be fired for being gay or transgender #Politics
>The historic 6-3 decision was written by Justice Neil Gorsuch, a conservative appointed by President Donald Trump.
>Gorsuch was joined by Chief Justice John Roberts, a fellow conservative, and the court’s liberal wing, Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh dissented.
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Random images #Mature
ITT: Post random images! (But don't post anything that breaks the rules!)

IFS=$'\n'; gthumb `ls | sort -R | head -n 100`
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Guilty without a trial #Politics
I was wondering if Maroon Auburn had seen this story in the news...

Talk about stretching for virtue signaling.


tl:dr Some Liverpool locals are claiming that the street made famous in the song Penny Lane was named for a British slave trader who didn't live or work his trade in the city. Yet it's racist so let's cause damage and demand the road name be changed.

I thought England was supposed to be civilized.
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>tfw we are watching the fall of Rome
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I feel all weird and all tingly and my back and my neck and my finger hurts.
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What are the worst toppings on pizza?
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Summer plans... What are you wanting to do this summer? Want to get outside and get out in nature? Try to go somewhere when lockdowns ease up? Just try to stick to the air conditioning?

Our campgrounds should be opening up here by the end of the month, so I'm thinking of actually just doing it. I'm probably gonna be I'll prepared and not know how to light a fire but I guess that's all part of the fun.
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Would you rather go to tomboy outback or femboy hooters?

I would rather go to tomboy outback and have a big mommy tomboy give me some milk.
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So, it may only be 14 degrees right now, but its 11PM..

And it's 95% humidity. Let me repeat.

95 percent humidity.

I feel like I'm living in a fucking swamp right now. Is this whats its like living in Flordia? How do you cope?

So whats the weather like were you are?
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Meeting the Brits with guns - BBC News

... I hope they all have licenses for that
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Rainbow Dash made a new song, guys.
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I'm LeAnon.
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Seems North Korea is throwing it's yearly

'Waaaa give me attention and food' fit

... Just hope nobody was inside
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Ultrasaurus Thread ITT--- POST Ultrasaurus of HYBRID DESTRUCTION
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BASED https://mobile.twitter.com/Nickelodeon/status/1271795092391682048

After 20 years, Spongebob has been OFFICIALLY confirmed gay.
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Y'all follow this shit?
Protestors setup an autonomous zone in a couple blocks of Seattle around a police station (for some stupid reason) and within two days they ran out of food, their leader got ousted for being a sexual abuser (they said they were going to an hero on social media) and then a rapper became a warlord of the place.
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Do Black Nikes matter?

Or are you more of a Converse all stars kind of guy?
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Hey everyone, Anthony Fantano here, the internet's busiest music nerd.

Make a shitpost and I'll rate it from 0 to 10.
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*kabel iz feeling the huge pile of wool*
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I want to ____ the police woman.
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How you feeling Hisp anon?

Is this just what your country needs, some good old fashioned Merican freedom?
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Happy birthday your majesty!

It is indeed the Queens second birthday too. Yes, she has two of them beacause she can.

So, let's all wish her happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth the Lady of Grace of the Order of St John, Lady of Justice of the Order of St John, Dame of the Order of St John, Dame of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Companion of the Imperial Order of the Crown of India, Royal Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Grand Master and Principal Dame of the Royal Victorian Order, Extra Lady of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, Member of the Order of New Zealand and the Honorary Companion of the Order of Canada.
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>Be me
>We with friends
>Under their persuasion, walk into some low-down, shitbag casino on Fremont street
>One friend tells me to pick all of the numbers for his hands, win 3 times in a row, and win him 275 bucks
>He hands me 13 bucks to play another hand, I put it all on 16 red, and win 175 motherfucking dollars.
>Laugh hysterically, practice some restraint, and tell the dealer "Fuck it, I'm cashing out all my chips."
>All of the players at the table stare at me with complete spite, jealousy, and hatred

I fucking hate gambling, and I've only done it a few times in my life, but god damn, I've had a really great night.
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Caturday Happy Caturday, everyone!

Edit: my name fell off.
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dedu ! ++** +:) love ! lit **!++ IF YOUNG METRO DON'T TRUST YOU IMMA SHOOT YOU.
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Get in the car, OG.
Drop Top
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Trump is a good president and George W Bush Jr was severely underrated.

Fucking come at me.
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So with all of this aping out across the country, destruction of property, countless assaults, and the irony that is Chaz, I think we can finally agree that...

Black lives do not matter.

Communism is a terrible system doomed from the start.

The homeless deserve little to no sympathy.

The right to bear arms is necessary in protecting the people.

The wall and proper border security are essential for the nation.
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Hello Kitty founder Shintaro Tsuji steps down as CEO Wow! Sixty years of Sanrio and a half century of Hello Kitty. Shintaro is handing the company to his adult son.

This guy deserves a break.
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If meat is murder, then vegetarian and vegan diets are deforestation.

While both are technically true to some degree, they are vastly gross exaggerations that both lead to and derive from assumption.
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If you have ever wondered what the average conversation here in the UK is like, here is a wonderful example

And no he probably doesnt have a license for that knife
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Rednecks mad
15 replies
What are some things that you're sorrynotsorry about?
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Yes I know thats mr Bean dont be a smartarse What are your favorite historical photos?
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SoCal not even gonna lie, i wanna visit socal for one reason


they seem to have everything you think of to eat there

but people always tell SoCal is terrible and apparently not even native californians like SoCal

is it decent there for those who've been there?
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Whatcha eatin'? I made a noodle bowl.
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Question... Is there anyone here who's an expert on clinical hypnosis?
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Has anyone flown since the coronavirus? Have airports changed much? I’m flying tomorrow so should I expect longer waiting times?
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I think he knows something Today Elon Musk ordered the majority of his SpaceX workforce not already committed to the current manned capsule in orbit to refocus exclusively on his Mars ship and launch system for it. Over the weekend, the Texas factory began working 24 hour a day shifts building three of the first stage units.

There is no word how this shift will affect his personal internet satellite project which will take hundreds of launch missions to finish.

Maybe he's in a hurry to get off Earth?




SpaceX Starship Facility Update / June 6th, 2020 / Boca Chica, Tx (SORRY: Audio on one side only!)

SpaceX Boca Chica - SN6 prepares as launch site work continues
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I sure can't wait to play critically acclaimed "West Game"
(No image)
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Alright, all U girl kissers of theatres

Does any1 think, realistic animation studios should create a pokemon movie based upon actual adventure and legendaries on screen and within battles?

Because, it can show- what a struggle 3 characters going out of their casual city lives & do a Label called PKMN Trainer again(like when they was young and catching monsters) & a Global Storm, has awaken multiple legendaries from their eternal sleep and invading cities of famous locations + having a evil plan happening while in the storm of a huge lab a scientist is showing their from Team Rocket and making clones called shadow pokemon

Should ~ more creatures from Gen2-Gen6 be made for a longer movie?
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This gives my heart a boner, fuckboi's.
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I'm into some pretty fucked up shit, I think I need help
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F This year bro...
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[REDACTED] Hey guys, so I was gonna wait a little bit before making this thread, but since some people are interested I suppose I could do it now.

I'm developing a new tabletop RPG called [REDACTED] (That's the actual name.) so I made this thread to talk about it.
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Happy 2010! ITT: We pretend its 2010

Wow, 2010 can you bealive it. What a year it's been. I mean, I thought Obama winning the Nobel peace prize was pretty neat last year, but this year hoo boy.

Anybody played minecraft yet? I mean, the graphics are not the best and theres not too much you can do, but its fun, although I dont think itll ever get very big.

That Earthquake in Hati huh? What a shitshow that was, good to see all the charities rallying however.

And then the BP oil spill.. Wait, did I say this was a good year? Whoops.

Oh and of course David cameron was elected.. still not sure how to feel about that one, even more so given its the first coalition, Lib Dems and Tories.. never thought those two would go together, Clegg and Cameron, two Prime Ministers rather than one. Hows that supposed to work?

So, lost ended. Anybody know what that was about? I got no fucking clue.

Anyway, hopefully things are gonna get better..
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It's time /ef/ for you to CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!

my result in image related
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(No image)
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Mature tag, because I don't want all to see.

A good friend of LèAnon is Kadence. She use to have multiples, but not anymore. LèAnon knows of her...past...The ticker....she told him it was worth it to be one. He is now wondering if he should merge with his headmates into one personality. They've helped him so much, but he wonders if he needs to focus on his own insecurities and self-confidence instead of substituting for it. His psychologist told him it was okay, but he probably insists on merging. Plus, he will get the full life experience back.
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A thread about CORONAIDS Corona-Virus is a meme!
14 replies
Shut the fuck up All of you people need to shut the fuck up.
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