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Should the govt recognize Antifa and Pride Boyz as terrorist orgasms?
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Daily reminder that the American breakfast is superior to any other country's breakfast, and if you disagree, you're either gay, or a communist.
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Russian weapons test goes boom It wasn't a good week to be in Russian weapons testing.

Several disasters were capped off by the announcement today by their government that an atomic test on an off shore platform failed catastrophically.

No official word on what exactly the Russians were testing but the best guess appears to be that a new cruse missile engine was the source of the explosion. It appears that their scientists are attempting to build their own Project Pluto cruse missile.


Russia dealing with radiation scare after reported rocket explosion

What we know about deadly radiation explosion at Russian military site

What a SLAM might look like if one had been worked out by the US.
Nuclear Ramjet Cruise Missile - Kerbal Space Program Build
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A Minty AMA 2, Now With 40% More Narcissism #Mature
>Why don't you make 2 AMAs?
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10,000 Rounds Of Ammo And 25 Guns Were Seized From A Teenager Posting Far-Right Memes #Politics

They are finally catching this trash before they kill people, good for them.
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Anime music ITT: good anime music

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Armpits are pretty hot #nsfw
post em
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Consequences So I've always thought that the events of the past and the laws of nature dictate every event of the future. I've thought this since I was a teenager, I think, rarely deviating from this fundamental idea, that this must be how the world functions, and it's from these two ideas that the ideas of determinism I have arise. It's weird to have thought something so controversial, for such a long time without changing any part of your opinion, though. That should suggest, that I'm not being entirely open-minded about the idea.

I want to hear your thoughts, though. Is there some other factor, which plays a role in determining the events of the future? Or anything to suggest so?
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Did you know it's against the law to swear in public in Canada?

Anyway pointless trivia thread go
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>sad protesters fail to see the big picture and want to westernize even more
The party's reaction to this is a bit heavy handed, sure. But there is no other option. Allowing Hong Kong to adopt more toxic western ideals would only hurt them in the long term.
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The Story Thread: Nero Edition #Mature

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40k is funny Imagine trusting a complete Sociopath like the 40k Emperor and not expect to be buried in a mass grave.
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Ponychan Chess Tournament I don’t think we’ve ever tried something like this before, so why not. Simply create a game with a link and then send said link so someone can join.

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What did she mean by this?
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I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE I'm seeing Daughters co-headlining with HEALTH and also featuring Show Me The Body on December 21st, live.

I'm fucking HYPED.

Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want (Full Album)


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Dear ponychan, I've been stuck thinking about you and efchan for years. Stuck in my memories. Stuck making me cringe at myself.

Fuck you.
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Food thread What is your favourite food and why?

Does your country (or state) have some sort of national dish?
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Animation Legend Richard Williams RIP So much for any hope we'll ever see the finished The Thief and the Cobbler in our lifetime. Also known for directing Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Richard worked on several other animated films. He died Friday night.

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A Comfy Chat #Mature
Only comfy people can post in this thread. (General chat thread)
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TV Licenses May Be Bullshit? #Politics
So I dunno if "TV loicense" is still a meme around here, but this might shed some light on the whole thing. Or give people a giggle.

The BBC Claims To Have TV Detecting Super-Vans (I look like Bo Burnham)
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Peter Fonda RIP https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/16/entertainment/peter-fonda-death-trnd/index.html

Son of Henry Fonda and brother of Jane Fonda, Peter was most famous for his early role in Easy Rider. He died at the age of 79.


Don't Bogart That Joint

Easy Rider "The Weight" - The Band

Roger McGuinn - "Ballad of Easy Rider"
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Broke: Would you divert a trolley to save the lives of 5 people, while killing one?

Woke: Would you require trolley companies to embrace ethical guidelines, that make the occurence of accidents and malfunction much less likely?
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Coincidence? I think not!
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Meditation Does anyone else here regularly meditate?

I have been using guided meditation videos on youtube to meditate for a few weeks now. Here's my playlist of the videos: Meditation

Sometimes it's not that great and I feel full of distracting/negative thoughts, but sometimes it's really great and I have an immersive, almost psychedelic experience where I "see" colors with my eyes closed.

I've also read a lot of Taoist philosophy lately, which I feel is actually improving my life a bit. Haven't finished a book in two or three months now though, haven't been able to focus well.

I also consider active listening to music to be a form of meditation. I listened to this today: Hildegard von Bingen - Canticles Of Ecstasy My new favorite album, a literal 10/10. It's a compilation of hymns composed in the 11th century (by a woman, actually). It was released for CD in 1994, the year I was born. While I was listening, about 2/3rds in, a huge thunderstorm started here. I heard booms of thunder that mixed with the transcendental singing. Might be the most powerful experience in music I've ever had, or at the very least in a long-ass time.

I'm trying to figure out a time when I can finally listen to La Monte Young's 'The Well-Tuned Piano' in full. It's tough, because that's literally a 5+hour long composition, but it is massively acclaimed as a defining masterpiece of classical minimalism.

tl;dr: Do any of you guys mediate, or do active listens to music albums/pieces?
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2020 Presidential Election #Politics
Who would be your top choices for the 2020 presidential election?

So far, the candidates with the best odds are:
- Donald Trump
- Joe Biden
- Elizabeth Warren
- Bernie Sanders
- Andrew Yang
- Kamala Harris
- Pete Buttigieg
- Tulsi Gabbard
(No image)
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ITT: non-political video games https://www.pcgamer.com/infinity-ward-says-modern-warfare-isnt-political/

COMPLETELY non-political video games only.
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Screencaps #Mature
ITT: Post screencaps (of here and other places)
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"10 tons of weed per month" https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/14/us/mike-tyson-weed-trnd/index.html

What dimension and/or timeline have I awoken in?
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Where is she now?
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ITT: uplifting news can we have a thread that is nothing but positive news stories? as of late /ef/ has been nothing but a cesspit of depressing and dark news stories

so lets do the opposite and post the good things going on in this world
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Norway mosque shooting hero: 65yo worshipper tackles gunman #Politics

This is really fucking cool, I'm glad he was able to stop that white terrorist.
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The Life and times of Epstein Seeing as that Goddamn pedo is dead,I am wondering who is going to be taking care of that "woman" on his arm.

Also does he have his hand where I think he has his hand?

Actually looking at her face a second time,I am going to assume she is almost certainly underage.
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Kabel AMA Hive Gonna, be out walkin

but- can answer anything in this thread
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This is probably the greatest classic rock album to ever exist.

Ian Anderson is a poetic genius and a master of storycraft. Seriously, fantastic piece of art.
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In less than 24hrs I am flying to Pittsburgh to meet Mac in person for a week.
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Catostrophy I am userping Mk17's chat thread because my chat threads are better

This place has gotten slow lately
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Chattttt Who's here?
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A Minty AMA Maroon made one, so why the fuck not?

It’s been a few months since we’ve done these.
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>egoist and spooked fascist have fierce debate about private property while a bewildered centrist watches in confusion.jpg
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What are your thought's on the current situation in China/Hong Kong?
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In other news
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Queen and Truman Chat threads and AMA's seem popular so I'm jumping onto the bandwagon.

Feel free to ask me anything
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hey, wat do U all- think of this Garchomp OC?

Dypela the Anthro Land Dragon oc

[Recolored/Hybrid Shark with Breasts]
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Football init I know full well hardly anyone here is interested, but thought it was worth a shot.

Anyone here watch any premier league football? The 19/20 season has just began of course.

Feel free to ask my questions about football/soccer if you like, since I know a lot of people here do have questions.
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Legitimate question; Has Trump got early onset alzheimers or something?

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Study shows Americans have little understanding of their political adversaries #Politics
>Americans who rarely or never follow the news are surprisingly good at estimating the views of people with whom they disagree. On average, they misjudge the preferences of political adversaries by less than 10 percent.
It seems submerging yourself in for profit news media that exists to play on your fears for money, might give you a warped perspective of the world around you.

The same can be said for Europe, and its not just politics.
How not to be ignorant about the world | Hans and Ola Rosling
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Science doesn't help win wars you guys #Politics
Is he a bot or are people really starting to believe this?
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>So I get to go into work tomorrow
>To fit a new sump gasket on my Civic

>In a garage
>A garage of trained mechanics
>A garage of trained BMW mechanics
>Several of whom are WOF certified techs
>All of whom do things to the ninth degrie
>With miles more experience than me
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What are your favourite looking cities or towns in the world?
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How do you make friends and not alienate them?
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>We choose truth over facts.
What did he mean by this?

Edit: This is in reference to: Biden: “We Choose Truth Over Facts”
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Deepnude thread #Mature
Thread inspired by Mint.

So, you might remember a while back there was an app that would create nude versions of photos, so would pretty much make clothed women naked.

The app itself ended up being removed and purged from the internet after it was slammed as being sexist.

I do however have the program, and I will gladly take requests. Keep in mind that it does not always work well, and as best used on photos of women in underwear or bikinis etc.

And no I won't upload the program for you to download.

I don't care who you want me to use the program on, be it a celeb, some girl you fancy or memes-

Just please ensure they are above 18 or obviously I'm not going to do anything with it you fucking weirdo.
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Mk drunk containment thread #Mature
This is the thread, that in about an hour, imma be drunk posting in, because i worked 6 days of 12hr shifts and i wanna.

All are invited... I mean, its a public board so its not like you have to be invited in the first place i just figured "eh why not just let everyone know they are invited in a very long and pointless run on sentence that has no other purpose but you make you look stupid" and i said to myself "self, thats a fantastic idea!" And here we are.

So if you're around cool, if not whatever, im still gonna do it!

Oh, uhh, AMA?
Yeah, now there is a point.
Edit 2:
But you dont have to. You can just shit post. But the option is there.
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QTDDTOT Questions That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread.

Do you guys use google or URLs when visiting ponychan, or any other site?

Personally I virtually only use URLs, unless I don’t know the URL of the site I’m visiting, which is extremely rare because I generally tend to just cycle through the same sites daily.
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me lewa
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$4000 a month from reposting memes? https://www.marketwatch.com/story/instagrams-purge-of-meme-accounts-cost-this-teenager-his-only-income-of-4000-a-month-2019-08-07?siteid=yhoof2&yptr=yahoo

You mean to tell me posting someone else's memes on Instagram was this profitable?
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Bard Rubbing Breasts on Glass Thread #Mature

Gonna, make a DIRTY Thread 4 all U Sky Dwarf Hens aka Hybrid Jews of Equestria

I liek, some Griffins of E621 ~ other OC Dusters... Would wanna see them as a different Bard


What iz BAH fav Duster OC artist?

mine, would either be (ducktits /or- suirano)


Plus... Who wanna turn this Monster into a Red Hawk Griffin OC?
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Stupid Random Blog Post A friend of mine who works at a charter school informed me that her school was in desperate need of high school English teachers, and that I should send them a copy of my (absolutely terrible) resume. When she told me all of the English teachers in the school had left their positions, and that they needed a shit load of English teachers even though school starts back up in a week, it seems like working there may be a horror story instead of a good experience.

At the same time, I felt like I couldn't pass the opportunity up. I really hate to admit it--as it sounds so tacky--but I've been down on my luck and very depressed, and when moments of opportunity present themselves to me, I have faith that it's some kind of divine intervention, and I can't pass it up, even if I think my outcome will turn out poorly.

It's just poor form to shove people off who are trying to help me, especially when I'm in no position to choose right now. I applied to be a teacher with my local school district, and even though I met all the employment requirements including having a professional fucking teaching license and a full year and a half of student teaching experience, it's not good enough to work with the district, apparently. Charter schools don't have the same rules or follow the same hiring procedures, so at this point, it's my only option if I want to get ahead.

So I applied for the job.

On the phone, the administration really did sound like they quickly needed bodies filling those vacancies. Unless I fart during my interview, I think I've got a pretty good chance of getting the job, and from what I've been told by my friend, I'll be paid quite a bit more than teachers who start out with the school district.

In my current situation, I may just end up with more money than I even know what to do with. At the same time, I can only look forward to working, because I haven't been able to enjoy anything or feel good about myself lately.

I don't know why I felt like sharing this, but I haven't been able to tell anyone else. I'm also kind of excited.
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Shit shitpost m8 Wake me up inside

can't wake up

Wake me up inside

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I'm bored, let's chat.

I also need another book, I have been on a dry spell and it is lame.
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Who do you predict the Dems will nominate, and who do you predict will win the 2020 presidential election?
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Florida Man strikes again >Florida Man pulls gun on delivery crew after furniture arrives late, tells them ‘I’ve shot people for less’
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Be sure to thank your friendly neighborhood Justiciars today, citizens.
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Post your favorite Wikipedia articles, and some of your favorite excerpts from it.

For me, it's gotta be this:

Some choice excerpts:
>2 million years in the future: Evolutionary biologist James W. Valentine predicted that if humanity has been dispersed among genetically isolated space colonies over this time, the galaxy will host an evolutionary radiation of multiple human species with a "diversity of form and adaptation that would astound us"
>6 million years in the future: Comet C/1999 F1 (Catalina), one of the longest-period comets known, returns to the inner Solar System, after traveling in its orbit out to its aphelion 66,600 A.U. (1.05 light-years) from the Sun and back.[183]
>3 billion years in the future: There is a roughly 1-in-100,000 chance that the Earth might be ejected into interstellar space by a stellar encounter before this point, and a 1-in-3-million chance that it will then be captured by another star. Were this to happen, life, assuming it survived the interstellar journey, could potentially continue for far longer.
And my personal favorite:
>10^10^10^56 years from now: Around this vast timeframe, quantum tunnelling in any isolated patch of the vacuum could generate, via inflation, new Big Bangs giving birth to new universes.

I think I like it because nothing gives me perspective and peace quite like knowing that beautiful things on unfathomable scales will happen in the future, no matter what happens in or during my lifetime.

What wiki articles do you think are neat?
Let's celebrate knowledge a lil bit
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ITT: Toybox describes how much of a thot she is but she cant use lewd language
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Oy mate u got a loy-cense for this post guvnar? Americans are sleeping

Post fish & chips
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Racial slurs and swastika found at scene of house explosion in Ohio, sheriff says #Politics

So the US is regressing into what seems to be it's favorite era.
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>Myth: Criminals don’t follow the law
How can someone write something so profoundly retarded without realizing it? Are gun-control advocates really this dumb?

47 replies
43 replies
Carl Exchange Take a Carl, Leave a Carl.
554 replies

/pol/ really is turning young whites into terrorist mass shooters huh?
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French """hate speech""" laws #Politics
French politicians propose to extend France's ban on """hate speech""" to include speech "stigmatizing agricultural activities, breeding or sale of products from agriculture, and livestock breeding".

Source: https://boingboing.net/2019/07/10/hateful-content.html
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Mothra iz sending her Daughters, upon- all the reformed changeling drones
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Finally some good pokemon designs.
25 replies
'Yall ever accidently sent a dick pic?

N-Not that I ever have
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No Fat Trans Ponk wonders why Knotts Berry Farm thinks transexuals shouldn't be overweight.

Is it a Surgeon Generals warning or something?
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Why are squidgirls so cute?
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here, Anonymous Scalie

I made U- an Royal Hybrid Gorn Princess

{Bridezilla from ToughSet + Dragonair Anthro + Gojira of ARK + Lifts Her Tail}
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A failing of the system. #Politics
Before hearing the conclusion of this I kind of knew where it was going as far as the expert testimony to a jury of laymen.
I had known that copyright cases like this could be brought in front of a jury, but I never really thought about what that would mean for the outcome of the case.

Copyright law really needs a revamp says I.

Regardless, its an interesting video about music as well.
Why the Katy Perry/Flame lawsuit makes no sense
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Imagine being a president that can't even spell his own name.
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Complete this image, and add to my collection, /ef/.
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I've been watching Star Trek: the next generation in small bursts recently, and I might unironically start using reaction images with captain Picard's face.

This guy is so damn perfect. I love the writing, how they incorporate philosophy and culture into his characterization, it's so well rounded and interesting.

Do you guys have a fictional character you just admire for it's depth or qualities?
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Daily reminder that politics are not important and time spent arguing them is time wasted.

Instead let us argue something truly important. Something that is actually important and has real bearing on our lives. That of course being: Who is best waifu?
THE WAIFU WARS - Public Service Anime
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Hasbro-DuArt Media partnership. Hasbro has entered early talks with DuArt Media services perhaps best known (or infamous YMMV) as the production company behind TPCi’s Pokémon Dub. for DuArt to handle sound post-production as well as the Latin American Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese localizations for all family friendly TV, DVD and digital services animated projects at in their in-house media production unit, Allspark, going forward.
• The proposed deal stipulates that SAG-AFTRA members (or members of an Equivalent Actor’s Union (if any) such as ANDA for localizations) are to be given first refusal for the roles of the Main protagonists & the main antagonists of any given project, DuArt would only be permitted to cast Non Union VAs in these roles if they could prove to Hasbro, beyond all reasonable doubt they could not find any union VAs ready, willing or able to take the part DuArt is however free to cast whoever they wish in supporting, minor or bit parts unless directed otherwise by Hasbro.

• The post-production budget will be Similar to MLP: FiM’s.
Should the Two companies come to an agreement the deal will start in 2021 and DuArt’s first projects for Hasbro will be MLP: G5’s TV Series & a G5 based EqG reboot.
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Favorite actors So I post a lot about music, but I've been watching a lot of movies the last few days and I'm wondering what everyone's favorite film actors are. If I had to pick a few off the top of my head I would say:

>Samuel L. Jackson

>Leonardo DiCaprio
>Will Smith
>Jonah Hill
>Ryan Gosling

although there are a lot more. Sometimes there are actors who you see in trailers and no matter how dumb the movie looks, you know it will be good just for them.

VAs welcome too!

>pic unrelated
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How would she feel if she knew I saved photos of her from Twitter?
9 replies
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You people are sick disgusting perverts.

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heyyyyyy there, kabel...
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Norn' Iron Just how much do you know about my ancestral homeland of Northern Ireland?
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Be safe... #Politics
Please be careful, friends from the States.
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A question for yall
There is this guy at work that has a Bluetooth speaker. He plays obnoxiously loud music all the time when he is working in the bay next to me (and has been warned on more than one occasion to keep it to acceptable levels). If he leaves the bay, and had no plan to return to work in said bay, should I be allowed to turn the speaker off so I can work in peace, or should i leave it running as its his personal speaker?
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When Mopar was legit I love car auctions. You get to see things you never imagine. Like this gem, for example.

This is a 1970 Plymouth Superbird driven by Richard Petty. This isn't the street variant. This was a purpose built NASCAR racer and a barn find after it was lost to history after it was sold. The Superbird was banned from racing after only one season by NASCAR.

Restored by Petty's own shop, the current owner wasn't very disappointed when it didn't meet his reserve price and failed to sell. The car is stored in Florida but not open to the public.


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El Paso blood banks overwhelmed with donors after shooting Reminder that for every one evil heinous disturbed individual that exists, thousands of good people exist.
Maybe it would be nice for a change to focus on the good in this world, rather than obsess about the bad.

There is far more of it.

These people are the heros, and they should be getting the attention.
That other person needs to be lost to history.
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The Famine Is Over #Politics
Daily reminder that all IRA loving fenian, Catholic bastards ought to be sent back to Dublin, where they came from. That is all.

Typical Rangers Fan
Hail the queen!Protestant gang rise up!
Not sectarian, just don’t like em’.
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fuck yessss I'm heading to the theater with a friend to see the new Tarantino film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, in about two hours. I pre-purchased our tickets online so they don't get sold out on us (this was back in the morning and we still could only get seats right in front of the screen).

This is the first movie in a long time that I have been super excited for. I love Tarantino's films. I wasn't even this excited for Detective Pikachu and I was really excited for that.

ITT: We discuss Tarantino's films, especially this new one. ***NO SPOILERS PLEASE***
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Fuck elves!
139 replies
8 Ball Thread #Mature
Is OP a faggot?
Roll 0d9 = 0
53 replies
>tfw you live in the timeline where Napoleon lost

S'not fair, lads
2 replies
Anyone seen any strange youtube ads recently?

This one just came up for me, was just her staring at the camera and giggling and laughing.

Could not tell if it was a dating app, a game or a troll.
43 replies
So I did something a bit spontaneous and I am currently in a hotel about 5 miles outside of Baltimore...

what do...

Also... help
35 replies
Check 'em, mongrels. #Politics
If this post ends in 1488, Hitler will rise from the ashes to drag all of you degenerates down to hell!
22 replies
How perform a Brony Excorcism Uncle Ruckus Exorcism

>Removing an evil Brony Spirit from a Brony is like removing an evil smell

>We gotta use the tools that the Great God has given us

>A Police Baton
>A Job Application
>A Notice MLP has been cancelled

>The Brony will lie

>The Brony will make excuses
>If he gets really desperate he will start raving about Sunset Shimmer
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(No image)
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Ross Ulbricht: How Ross went from an Eagle Scout to running a billion dollar underground drug market

Found this interesting story on reddit today. Thought y'all might get a kick out of it.

I think there's a lot of facets to this story. On one hand he seems almost like a dude trying to fight a corrupt system. On the other hand, he was clearly in it for personal gain, and was utterly corrupted by it's influence.
189 replies
The big tasty is the best mcdonalds burger next to chicken legends.

What are your favorite mcdonalds items?
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Dash Will Rainbow Dash's sexual orientation finally be revealed in the final season of MLP:FIM?
389 replies
There is no pointless thread about nothing to shoot the breeze in atm, so here's one.

I should be working right now, but I caught up on all my bills so I'm just putzing around the house.

What are you doing to procrastinate today?
7 replies
Is there any truth to this?
9 replies
Why are you still here?
16 replies
Canada What is the national food of Canada?

4 replies
Do you ever wonder how fedex does same day delivery? Do you have a favorite delivery company? Did you ever drive for a delivery company and what was it like? Do you have a favorite delivery vehicle?
52 replies
Would you be happy if the United States dissolved in the same manner as the Soviet Union?

Could it possibly be a good thing?
10 replies
Ah, the third gender. Dead.
1 reply
Here, U are- Maroon
46 replies
watch anime to become ideal Japanese citizen thought this was interesting

How Anime Deals With History (My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Gundam Wing) – Wisecrack Edition

reminds me of

Chinpokomon bomb the harbor
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Elf Thread #Mature
Prepare 2 Give all duh marshmellows of Lucky Charms too... LEWD Fairies!

Happy 2 Hours of Elf Damsel Humping Community Day

We're all gonna see... Dr. Voir & Basket duh Draining Kiss Fairy

Go into Parks and use- Attract

61 replies
And now for something completely different Okay /ef/, I've got to get something off my chest. But first, I need to provide some backstory.

About a year ago, one of my old high school friends messaged me to inform me that he had become a scientologist. I was shocked to say the least, that someone I grew up with and had a positive opinion of would fall for such an obvious cult. But for a time, I kept that to myself. I wasn't sure how to respond.

I've kept contact with him, and unsurprisingly picked up some bits and pieces of the belief system that I hadn't been aware of through him. He explained to me that a lot of what you hear about scientology in the mainstream media and in pop culture is either an exaggeration, or actually an outright fabrication. And at first it seemed like nonsense, but little by little, as I started to do more research myself, it all began to make a lot more sense to me.

Anyway, there's not really any easy way to say t...

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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America is better then Canada, Mexico Britain and any other country in the world and if you don't agree then you can kiss my ass.

What are you waiting for? Kiss it.
8 replies
Finally, some good news. #Mature
Elon Musk's new company will use genetic engineering to create waifus.

I know, obviously its fake haha
24 replies

Ah. What the fuck is Ligma? A dab?

Man, memes used to be so much better. Remember that South Park episode with the sneezing Panada and Afro ninja?

Good times.
9 replies
Can /ef/ share one braincell? Creeper?

Aw man
1 reply
Mods are asleep, post pony!
2985 replies
The Story Thread: Gamer Edition #Mature
How y'all gaming this summer?

39 replies
Israel Appreciation Thread #Politics
Post ITT if you are not afraid to show that you stand with Israel.

I am not putting a political tag on this thread, because the existence of Israel should not be a political issue to people who aren't anti-semetic.
15 replies

Tagged political at OPs request.

He was banned because of messing up a troll, not because of the topic.

Edit 2
Oh hey! The user was banned message went away when i edited it.
That annoying, but also convenient!
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Bias and misrepresentation in media? Vice news are giant frauds that blatantly lie in their headlines? Who'd have thought.
Colion Noir Gives the Media a Taste of Their Own Medicine
But go on, tell me more about concentration camps
6 replies
Straight outa the Merethic Era, crazed elf killer Yall wanna genocide some elves today?
13 replies
Since Amazon Restaurants shut down, what are people's thoughts on grubhub vs. ubereats?
98 replies
What do you do to keep yourself from despair? Besides self-medication?

Or, to put it a much better way, what gives you hope?
0 replies

U should get ready 4 Saturday, if your gonna play /w the elves

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hey, would anybody wanna find some images- that you think makes U think about me ( KabelPod )

I am, beginning this ~ youtube banner

>still looking for a good avatar

You can, even- find a anthro moldy queen changeling 2 COPY & PASTE on this banner
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Most significant/iconic shows of the 2010s The 2010s are drawing to a close, so I feel like it's time to ask: What are (or have been) the most important TV shows/cartoons/anime etc. of this decade?
What moments/scenes have given you the most intense feels? What shows do you think have "defined" or captured the decade the most? Or what are just your favorites?
Hard mode: No MLP.

In terms of cartoons, I think for me the most powerful scene was pic related (I would spoil this but idk how you could not have seen this by now). Additionally, I think Adventure Time did a great job of encapsulating the feel of internet humor/culture in a way that was actually funny and not cringey/tryhard like a lot of its contemporaries.
It also changed the relationship between consumer and artist, with how fans heavily influenced some aspects of the show, and the show would often get meta about its fanbase or its own styles/storytelling.
And furthermore, it pushed the boundaries of what you could do in a "kid's cartoon". I remember how nuts people went about a lot of the darkest or most absurd scenes. I didn't even watch the last couple seasons, but it ended with a frigin' lesbian kiss, onscreen, not an innnuendo or allusion or anything but they actually show it. And that's just one aspect, there was the language, the violence, and storytelling themes etc.
I used to write a review for every episode of this series when I was in high school, I wonder if I still have them somewhere.

As far as live-action shows go, I'd have to say Breaking Bad is probably the best for me. That was just one of the best things I've ever watched. So many memorable moments. The ending wasn't as great as people hoped for, but it was at the very least conclusive, it didn't pull some ambiguous BS like Dexter for example.
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Why Does Every Kid in the World Know How to Draw This? I would honestly be more interested in knowing who here didn't draw this when they were a kid.
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Guys, I think I maybe retarded.
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Beeves How do you like your steak?
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memes that took you a while to appreciate
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Anyone watching the democrat debate right now?
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Weebs assblasted as Funimation correctly translates the word lolicon https://www.sankakucomplex.com/2019/07/30/funimations-hensuki-subs-translate-lolicon-to-pedophile/

Not even I know what to do with all this salt...
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So have you guys heard about Peppa Pig's height yet?
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Mint b8 #Politics
Who would win?

One protesting boi


The might of the Chinese peoples liberation Army
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ok, anon scalie- you can capture & marry me

If you... Can become a anthro lopunny chick from One Piece ~ and I can, try and eat some of your carrots. Plus, U bite my neck.

(I liek the werebunny form with the highschool girl outfit- she lewk as if. Prowling for a senpai)
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Second life thread #Mature
We haven't had one of those in a while.
So here goes for the like 3 people in this site that play it!
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do you think there is an insect (or any bug with a exoskeleton) on this planet that could survive walking through piles of diatomaceous earth?
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Muscle girl thread. #Mature
"I love the kind of girl that can kick my ass." Spike Spiegel
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> An Alabama sheriff pocketed $ 7.5 million of federal funds that had been designated to feed undocumented immigrants detained by the Immigration and Customs Services (ICE) agency.

>The law of the state of Alabama allows sheriffs to keep the unspent money allocated for inmates’ food.

That is too damn funny.
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Financial PRO-TIPs ITT: Share financial PRO-TIPs.

I'll start: If it flies, floats, or fucks, then it's cheaper to rent than to buy.
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Here is one we haven't done in a while... Say something you like about another poster itt.

I get as OP I'm the only one itt atm, so like, if you want you can just post blank to start haha
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P/o/nychan What car do you drive?
Dream car?
Dream attainable car?

For me, my dream attainable was a 1 series m135/140i (pic related, picked it up today) and instead of a dream car i'd have a garage of various cars, including:
Merc AMG S63 4matic wagon
highly modified Land Rover Defender for 4x4ing
supercharged Miata NB with appropriate track mods
Lotus Elise
Pristine RX-7 FD
Nissan GTR R35 Nismo
and a big enough F-Series Ferd to haul them all to track days
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A Vandal magister with known Arian tendencies was holding a symposium in honour of Demophilus, a known schismatic.
"Before the toasts begin, you must get on your knees and worship God and accept that he was the most divine entity the ecumene has ever known, even greater than Christus whom he created!"

At this moment, a venerable Praepositus Limitis who had served on the frontiers for decades and understood the necessity of taming the Barbaricum and fully supported the creed promulgated by the great Constantinus rose from his couch and held up a crucifix.

"Who does this represent?"

The Rhenian cur smirked quite devilishly and smugly replied, "the created child of an indivisible God"

"You miss the point. Jesus Christ our Dominus is of the same substance as God and thus equal to Him."

The heretic was visibly shaken, and dropped his wine krater and copy of Eusebius' Onomastikon. He stormed out of the banquet hall crying those laetus crocodile tears. The same tears Donatists and Priscillians cry for the "poor" (who today are so holy that saints vie to kiss their feet) as they flee Roman territory to the outrage-committing Bacaudae in Armorica. There is no doubt that at this point the "learned" Vandal wished he had studied the work of the Holy Apostles and become more than a ludicrous teacher of rhetoric. He wished so much that he had a spatha to disembowel himself with due to the shame but he had sold all the city's arms for Gaiseric's ransom pay!

The partygoers politely clapped and all ceased their apostasy that day and accepted Jesus as the true Son of God. A divine light suddenly shone into the room and blazed upon the bust of Augustine and the statue wept miraculously. The Nicene Creed was recited, and Jesus Monogenes himself descended and banished the barbarians to the hellish wastes beyond the limes.

The magister lost his tongue and was castrated the following day. He was exiled to Troesmis, far from from God's Light.

Praise Jesus Consubstantialis.
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We know about as much as John snow.. that is to say, nothing Deciphering The Vast Scale of the Universe | STELLAR

I think it's crazy that less than 100 years ago, humans didn't even understand that there were galaxies out side of the milky way, and the prevailing theory at the time was that galaxies such as Andromeda were simply nebula within the milky way.

That means, there are people alive today that were alive before we knew there was a universe.

It makes me wonder about the accuracy of what we observe today, and how people 100 years from now might look back on our knowladge base and think we're were just a bunch of idiots.
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Why is Zizek so based?
(No image)
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China's first 'cyber-dissident' given 12-year jail term: court #Politics

For leaking "state secrets" by reporting on just things that occurred.
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Listen up girly men You're feminizing yourself eating girl juice hidden in food and drinking girl juice in beer.

6 High Estrogen Foods MEN SHOULD AVOID!

How does this make you feel?

Edit; oops rong link
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No shower for 23 days: U.S. citizen says conditions were so bad that he almost self-deported #Politics

Yet you guys keep defending these thugs.
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We all prepared for Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday?
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So I like making little sculptures out of those pieces of wax they sell cheese in. None have melted thus far, but I kinda want to harden them so they don't break in case something might squash them.
Anyone recommend a treatment to harden them?
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Spooktober is coming.. Reminder that it will soon be only two months until best month of the year, October, and of course Halloween.

Do you have any plans?
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So Robert Mueller testified today.
I don't think it ended up being a very big deal, really.
It wasn't as damning as the left is making it out to be, and it wasn't as absolving as the right is making it out to be.

But I think it's good the guy reinforced Russia's interference in the election. I think that's an important note. And I think he actually did a pretty good job at being unbiased.

Did the Mueller testimony change your mind about anything, be it the allegations that Trump obstructed justice, that Russia meddled in the 2016 election and would try again in 2020, or that it's all just a mud-flinging shitshow?

Anon provided a very good link outlining the whole story:
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Um /ef/

can I, penetrate female flying furnaces /w my reformed changeling log & fill- their caves with my oozy fluids

Then... They become impregnated & will lays ~ alot of fertalized egg's?
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Mexico’s new president shocks scientists with budget cuts and disparaging remarks
>The initially warm relations between Mexico’s academic community and the country’s new president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, have decidedly cooled. A package of harsh austerity measures implemented on 3 May, has had a deep impact on federally funded laboratories and institutes; it includes a 30% cut to fuel for vehicles and office supplies and a 50% cut to international travel funds and payments to contract workers. Scientists say the cuts are a serious threat to the future of Mexican research.

Imagine having a president that hates science this much.
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This is the best hand symbol.
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somedays I really wish my country had AC.

All I got is a shitty plastic fan with two settings, and even then it does nothing.
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>made too much money earlier in the year to get medical insurance
>can't make more money because of untreated injuries and school
>school refuses to process my grant
>probably going to force me to take out student loans
>internet going to shut off in 3 days
Well that's probably it for me. I'd say it was nice knowing you, but y'know
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literally anything you can use as a weapon is an "arm".

any law violating this is unconstitutional

you have a right to defend yourself with whatever you want
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Doki doki literature club is an example of offensive culture appropiation #Politics
As many of you may know, the not really Japanese dude Dan Salvato has made a popular dating sim called doki doki literature club, in which he subverts important cultural traditions for something that is pretty much a shitpost.

In Japan dating sims are a very important part of their modern culture, many japanese men spend a good percentage of their lives playing and replaying these "games" in what could be considered a ritual to become an enlightened permavirgin which right now is one of the greatest and most sought out cultural achievements in Japanese culture. And the way Dan has made fun of such important cultural aspects of Japanese cultures he has achieved nothing but offend all the otakus from that country!

How come no one has made a thread about this? This is unacceptable!
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>make a political tag
>just about all the top posts are still politics

Fuck it, I am back so let's have a mature chatting thread that is not the cyclic one because I say so.
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People who don't pay taxes shouldn't give their opinion about how the government spends money.

And that's just a fact!
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🇲🇽 #Politics
Why doesn't the US just send the military to Mexico, kill all the drug cartels, and establish a functional government? Wouldn't this be cheaper than building the wall and also more effective?
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hey, Ika

On August 3rd ~ gonna create some fanart of Basic Gardevoir chikas & Shiny Gardevoir damsels, becoming grinded into pink ooze inside of grinding machines + an image of a futa shiny gardevoir being transfomed into a mexican liqour drink by being crushed from 2 hot anthro girafarig harems pushing the elf slut into a barrel of spicy whiskey
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Favorite historical periods?

Mine is probably Late Antiquity to the end of the Renaissance in Europe and the Middle East. Something about the old world crumbling and following the development of a new(ish) one is fascinating and gives a bit of hope for the future.

Political tag in case someone likes a certain period for political reasons they want to elaborate on.
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When your reading other peoples posts do you read them in a particular voice for each person, for example do you imagine them as their avatar?

Whenever I read someones posts the voice I hear in my head is that of whatever character they usually post as, E.G. Mk is Trixe, Mikie is Starlight, Toy is Angle Dust, and Losty is Pinkie Pie. The way I view them as a person is probably affected by their avatar to some extent as well, on a subconscious level.
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Bertstrips Thread 2.0 The last one maxed out.

Here we go with round two.
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Would you support a law providing free (i.e., government-funded) abortions to pregnant women with defective fetuses (e.g., an extra chromosome) if the child's estimated lifetime net burden on society is at least 10 times the cost of the abortion?
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Sorry, I forgot a Mint.
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happening https://hypebeast.com/2019/7/netflix-invader-zim-enter-the-florpus-trailer

>new Invader Zim movie coming to Netflix
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I shouldn't want what I want.

It's not okay to be who I am.

I am sick, and I am wrong.


It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society. This is either the foundation of my sanity, or the cause of my longstanding insanity. At this point, I simply cannot be certain on my own whether or not it is right.

I have never been subject to a great deal of direct peer pressure. Few people ever tried to convince me to be more like them, and even when they did I so stubbornly refused that they soon gave up. Instead, I dealt with a more subtle and pervasive pressure to 'fit in', because fitting in is how you make friends. Fundamentally, that is the mechanism of making friends: You find people whose behavior patterns resemble your own, and that endears them to you and vice versa. If you want to make friends, find the people that think, talk, and act like you.

But what if no one acts like you? What if you are such an outlier that you don't even fit in with the rejects and fringe cases? It's ridiculous. Even as I sit here typing this, I think; there is no logically consistent way to claim that that is true. I'm human. There are almost eight billion other humans on this planet. It is certainly statistically impossible that there isn't a single other person out there like me.

But that knowledge doesn't comfort me. Because I still haven't found that person.

In high school I became adept at reading the mood of a room and acting accordingly. As long as it doesn't require me to become the center of attention, I can belong on the edges of nearly any group of people. But only ever the edges. I have never found a group of people or single person that gave me any real sense of belonging. I have never met anyone, not even in my own family, that made me feel like there was someone else like me out there. I want to believe that this is just me graywashing my own past with my current mindset, but there is something about that feeling that bothers me.

Why do I have it? If it was so absurdly illogical and untrue, why can't I shake it? Am I so different from other people that not even my own family could make me feel at home? Am I ignoring evidence that is obvious but that I don't want to see beyond my own self-loathing? Am I different, or just sick?

It doesn't feel like sickness. My self-loathing has never worn like self-loathing. In truth, I don't really hate myself. I've made mistakes, but I have grown, and I'm quite okay with who I am. It's everybody else that seems to disagree with that, and their disagreement comes in the form of near-complete apathy towards my existence. This is what makes it so frustrating and baffling for me.

Despite my illness, I try to be kind. I try to listen to others, and alleviate stress where I can. I always take on more than my share to make the lives of those around me a little nicer and easier. I'm slow to anger, and generally quick to forgive. I don't hold grudges unless I have to, I'm accepting or at least tolerant of any non-destructive behavior, and I do my best to give the benefit of doubt even when I don't.

So... Why have I never met anyone like me? Why does no one ever extend the same hand I do? Why do I have to work so hard for the attention and affection of people that apparently have little if any desire to give it? Is it something I'm doing wrong, or is everyone just this callous?

Certainly, I'm no saint. I try, but dear God do I fail. A lot. Among my myriad faults lies arrogance. I'm a hardline cynic, and being cynical as a matter of course does tend to make you sound like you think you're better than everyone. That, and getting through life alone without some sense of confidence - even pretend confidence - is all but impossible. Any humility I had about my circumstances seems to have fled. Still, I'm aware of all of this, and I try very hard to keep it under wraps and not lash out at anyone for it. Which brings me back to the central question:

I fit the definition of "sick and in dire need of correction" in society. Were I to admit these questions to anyone, the most common and most obvious answer is that I need help, either in the form of therapy, medication, or both. It is goodwill and a genuine desire to help me from which these suggestions come. I understand that, and I'm not bitter that people are trying to help.

But, do I really need it? Am I truly sick, or am I just too different from other people? Without other people around me I think I'd be much happier, not having to consider these problems of morality and mental health. And yet, I'd be miserable because there is literally nothing I want more than a genuine connection with other people.

All I want - all I have ever wanted - was for someone to make me feel like their life wouldn't be as good without me in it. And the world can't even give me that. It makes me feel selfish, for wanting it. It makes me feel arrogant, for feeling like I deserve something many people never see.

It makes me feel sick.
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Oh boy here we go

Time for Iran to burn to the ground

Sad part is Iran has nobody to blame but themselves.

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(No image)
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Jack Black, went outside from The House with The Clock in Duh Walls ~ into going on Minecraft Java and seeing Pewdyh's tiny meatballs & the illegal alien IKEA
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Webcomix FURRY LEWDS #Mature
Does any changeling, gotta favorite fanart comic lewd they enjoy viewing

Just put, title image/ or ~ fav page


>Milkshakes- Kloudmutt

>Temptations- Suirano
>Equestria Untamed: History of Dragon Breeding- BBMBBF(Palcomix)

My fav, haz 2 b- Fall of Equestria- The Female Guards with Iron Covers on their horns and Erected Breasts
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Which pony has the best plot?
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Console Shooters I think we pretty much all agree that a mouse and keyboard are the best way to experience an FPS... but i watched a video today about the AI systems in goldeneye and it got me thinking about how Perfect Dark is probably one of my favorite games of all time, even despite the N64s phallic controller, and C button strafe.
(If you haven't played Perfect Dark, there is a 1:1 remake of the original available on Xbox that is cheap, and I HIGHLY recommend).
Truely one of the most full featured games I've every played, you could spend hours replaying the missions, running the combat simulator, or just dicking around the Carrington Institute.

I haven't played a console FPS since... i think Bops 1 but I'm trying to find a new game to get on switch, because playing smash is great, but it can get boring if its your only game haha.

What console shooters have you enjoyed? Can you recommend one for switch?
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>communism can never work
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Massachusetts Police Ask Residents to Refrain from Crime Until After the Heat Wave Passes This is pretty funny tbh.
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Anybody playing Skyrim?

If so- What is wrong with you? I mean, it's 2019! Why are you still falling for Tod's sweet little lies?

Anyway image related, my current character I am playing through Skyrim with.
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MK Iz Gonna Use Rifle Breasts Y R U all, gonna- Raid Area51


Plus, demand that STAR TREK haz Royal Gorn Princess's can be Drinking Whiskey & Hugging males
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A complete new generation of furries is nigh.


If T.S. Eliot wasn't spinning in his grave from the curses of countless lit students, he surely is now.
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>splittan logs with a maulle
>one log has a hyper hard core
>dents, but refuses to split

>burn self out tryna split it

>get so angry that head hurts
>now dizzy

o shit waddup
(No image)
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What kind of loser spends his/her time trying bait and anger others?
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Need Help: If this is an Easy Fix I can, just PING on the Java Edition ~ BUT... On Windows 10 Edition is some of Difficult

Can any, MC Player help /w a stuck on the Generating World screen problem- has been happening for 2 days. And, I saved
>While in the Nether

If anybody, does Xbox360/ or, Pocket Edition... Can add me, my Xbox Lave tag is KabelZTormentor

Will add, any1 that wanna become Crafting Pony Friends- on the xbox site

The Seed, which is having a loading trouble is 1144235001
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Must protect
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Political Tag System Political Tags
Due to a large majority of community request and support, we have decided to create a tag for political posts.
Users of the website will be able to optionally filter posts tagged "political" by de-selecting "show political threads" from the settings menu.
For the purposes of this tag, "politics" will be defined by it's dictionary definition of:
The art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs.
If you are OP, please consider if your thread topic meets this criteria. If your post meets this criteria, and is not properly tagged, a tag may be placed on it at moderators discretion.
Please also consider using this tag for topics you personally feel may be tangable to politics, as a courtesy to those who wish to filter.

The mod staff will primarily be viewing this as a tool of self regulation for users to make /ef/ a more enjoyable place for themselves and the folks around them. We plan to remain as hands off as possible when it comes to grey area.
Repeated attempts to circumvent this filter in the persute of trolling and being "technically correct" by the same user may be warned against before their posts treated in the same manner as spam.
Users who think a post in a grey area meets their personal interpretation of politics can request to OP that they be more thoughtful in the future, or choose the option to hide the thread via the [ - ] symbol in the top left corner of the post.

Remember: We are a community of ~30 people on the internet just trying to pass some time and enjoy ourselves. /ef/ is primarily a self governing community, and this is a tool for YOU, the user, to help make it a place that is enjoyable for all.
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Welcome to /ef/ - our general discussion board with a laxer atmosphere. Sitewide rules generally don't apply, but we do have a few of our own:

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Doing so could result in a ban.

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If you're the OP of a thread, consider using the mature tag. Images in a thread with this tag do not need to be spoilered, unless they are actual spoilers.
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