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we live in a society
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Meant to make new thread, fucking password thing.

Enya - Memory of Trees
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Watch this thread for me, I'll be back tomorrow morning. Don't let anything happen to it, /ef/.
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Happy Native American genicide day!

What you lot doing across the pond today to celebrate your proud history of Manifesting your destiny?

As a man from a country with a long history of slaughter and pillaging I gotta admit you sure did a good job, A plus for effort
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guys wtf happend to Mk17 and toybox?

i havent seen them in days
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Can you convince me that if the US MIC ended, it wouldn't cause the collapse of the US dollar value via the end of the Petrodollar, and would not subsequently cause a sharp decline in quality of life in the USA down to third world levels, resulting in widespread poverty and possibly subsequent conquest by hostile powers?

Furthermore: if US military action is so universally despised both abroad and at home, yet persists against unilateral outcry to end it - if no one is still ignorant enough to unironically believe the myth of "enforcing world security" - do you not think the fact that it persists anyway implies there's a structural reason the USA needs it to persist, as a matter of survival? Do you not think one's ability to "just stay home and grill" instead of falling apart might actually be dependent upon protecting this malicious-looking status quo? Would this not explain why both mainstream parties enforce neoliberal foreign policy?
If most Americans want the kind of social services Europe provides, BUT the main sink for our national budget is military, even though reprioritizing would benefit our citizenry massively, then don't you think that might imply the government has a very good reason for continuing this budgeting scheme, perhaps on which the very livelihood of the citizenry is contingent?

You might be able to convince me on this if you make a good enough argument. One that isn't "muh greed, muh corporate robber barons."
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Thought some of you who might have been OG participants would find it interesting that our Nationstates region is still alive and kicking. Been through some ups and downs, at one point with hundreds of nations and another with barely a dozen. But we're still here!

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The Story Thread 2 - Electric Scootaloo #Mature
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what if we actually dont live in a society?
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What's Fenneko looking at on her phone?
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Le Beatles Everyone here must have heard a few Beatles songe. Whats your favorite(s)?

Today is the *50th* anniversary of George Harrison's solo *triple* album All Things Must Pass. It clocks in at 2hrs5mins long. Its filled with beautiful, dreamy, catchy songs ranging from folky tunes, to more rock or even slightly psych-oriented stuff.

These two early tracks illustrate the distinction between styles pretty well:

George Harrison - I'd Have You Anytime
George Harrison - Wah-Wah

I don't really expect you guys to listen to a 2hr album because I said its good, but I want this to be a general Beatles thread. Yoko Ono welcome too. Also predictions for when McCartney will kick the bucket and how the world will react?
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C-Cyka Blyat!
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/rp/ Does anyone else find it creepy and weird how popular the /rp/ board is on this site?

I mean i braved it for a few minutes and i noticed theres like a bazzillion names and trips that ive never seen post anywhere else. Think how popular /ef/ could be and how many more meaningful conversations about how much we hate America and political debates we could have if they all stopped nerding it up and came over. But this wont happen so...

I PROPOSE WE MERGE /ef/and /rp/ to make it look like this isnt a hobbled old Biden of a site thats gasping for air and make it look like the old days, before everyone left with Moony for Hugboxsafespaceville.us.

Lets roll a d20 and if we score a critical hit, Toy has to do it.

Cept i forgot the / command for dice rolling.
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Thomas+Rap= Good Why does any rap song mixed with Thomas intro sounds so good
Thomas v NWA
Biggie Smalls feat. Thomas the Tank Engine
Thomas Gon' Give It To Ya

Also found this beauty
[Joke Rap] Mic The Rhyme Engine
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Anyone try one of these?

DetDisp FGC 9 ReleaseTrailer
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Why I Studied English to Escape from North Korea


'North Korean goverment telling us that English is not American language, they taught us it's Englands language that's why it's English American are retarded they could not create their own language'

Damn, North Korean goverment are not only telling the truth but are pretty fucking based ngl
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Out of Touch

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ugh, fine. I guess you are my little shitposter.

come here
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AMA I don’t know where my other thread is and well, the only thing I’m good for and at is making these threads

It’s almost Christmas time. I don’t really care for thanksgiving. Especially this year with covid. Happy holidays 🎄
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hi frens
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RIP Fucking 1070-2020

Can we get some F's? Rest in peace.

Truly a sad day.
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okay, i need the help of linux nerds here

so i was trying to duelboot ubuntu, right?

but when i tried to go through the process it gave me a "RST" issue

how do i fix this?
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Tonights, action show- shall BEGIN!

Here iz ~ KANDY...!!?!!

* Naughty Kirlia Pics Dumping Music plays*
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Cyberpunk 2077 Basically the most hyped game of the year.

Anyone else excited? Hopes/expectations/concerns?
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Put in the name that you use on ponychan. Hit diagnose. Post the results.

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Libertarians I think Libertarians are the most American type of people. Why? Because they actually want to keep America free which was always a basic American principle. Do you agree?
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*Drunk Yankee Elves waving at the Alien Elves on the other side of THE SWAMP*

Hey Maroon! How iz it in Imperial moment & eating haggis on thursday ~ instead of eating some delicious HO-OH legs, over there?
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My turn for an /ef/ game thread. City builders?
Grand Strategy?
I suppose those are easy games to stop and check for advice on /ef/ and share progress with.

How about a first person shooter?

I just started a new game in 7 days to die right now:
Most settings are default except:
No air drops
120 minute day length (just so that there's time to actually play out any suggestions I get)
300% XP (just because I like to push the gamestate forward as quickly as possible).

I finished all the newbie tutorial quests and located my first NPC trader...
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Happy Turkey Day What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?

My family is doing steak instead of turkey. 😋

I can't see my dad because he has COPD and is afraid of catching Covid because it could literally kill him. He has been self-quarantining for months. ☹

pic unrelated
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How do you handle the problems in your life? Whether it be people, your friends, your job, your love life, ect. Self inflicted or imposed upon you by the rest of the world.

Are you one to face them head first, and butt your head with conflict? Would you rather run away from them all? Or are you apathetic to them?

Do you feel that being bold and taking the bull by the horns so to speak, is admirable or foolish? Do you think that leaving your problems behind is evasive and cunning, or selfish and cowardly?
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okay, so here's the deal

cornpop was a very bad dude

if someone could help me find me find my find my script that would cool

back in my day we had people who would walk for miles just to get the local pizza hut

which was only down the street but we walked for miles though

i promise to be a good president
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political songs i guess #Politics
this is a song i used to listen years ago

now i understand the meaning of it

Stone Sour - Come What (ever) May (Moscow 2006) HD

post em' if you got em'
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Waifu thread Hey Mikie, you can use this to keep your waifus breath smellin nice.

Pist waifu related things you would buy for your waifus.

Im not going to participate however because being in love with something that isnt a real human is just weird. Not that waifus cant be real people of course but i cant remember the last time anyone posted an irl waifu here.
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ok /ef/

who always- give themselves Breast Twisters 2 produce double the amount of milk 4 creating homemade ice-cream?
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AMA #Mature

Been some time, might as well use this to say hey again.

Hope you're all keeping healthy through this.
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>tfw when you're counting sheep in a helicopter and see a giant monolith

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This game is amazing.
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>Belle Delphine states shes doing uncensored hardcore porn
>Shows off her tits to prove it
>Everyone in the comments jerking off and comming about how she has a British accent

Oh you cheeky American cunts, you take the piss out of us and our accent but soon as some thot has an English accent you start jerking you gerkin over it? Fuck you dirty simps

And yes we don't prononce our T's beacause you Americans threw it in the ocean huehuehuehuehuehuehue
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AMA Ask Me Anything
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Well, I'm another year older today.
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When he said اللهم يناديني سأموت يا إلهي لماذا I really felt that
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Steamed Hams (for real) Gonna keep this one short and to the point.

Two YouTube geniuses put their creative heads and reputations on the line. Behold! Two takes on steamed hams. They cover the history of the meme and the real steamed burger that is a thing on the East Coast.

Binging with Babish Cooks Simpsons-Inspired Steamed Hams | The Burger Show
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Let's talk about dreams and nightmares.
It is interesting to think that such a common occurrence is so different for many people.
How often do you get them?
What are they usually about? How vivid are they? Are nightmares a common occurrence for you? How about night terrors?
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Pardon #Politics
What's the probability that Trump will pardon himself and/or resign and have Pence pardon him?
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Books Do you read many boobs?
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Ask me stuff and things.
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Always good to know that if you are a US citizen who has been granted diplomatic immunity you can pop over to the UK, kill someone fly back to the US and you will get away with it.

Seriously America the fuck is wrong with you?
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OH! BUZZ...!!!


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Now some people might think that the reason i write textwalls is because of that textwall the other day about hating walls made out of text, but it was all lies.

Normally walls with text are just graffitti. What do Americans call graffitti? Sneakers , Sidewalk, Soccer, the reason i am the way i am is because people change English words to stupid words. I literally hate the human race because thier version of football, you know the game where you kick a BALL with your FOOT, not pick up a leather egg with your hands and run with it,,is justca sissys version of Rugby where they wear armor.

That and i was tortured as a child by Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris.

Not sexually, they just made me sit thru thier shit tv programs as a kid and i never got a Jim'll fix it badge or Rolfaroo. The selfish cunts.

And thats why i think colonialism is bad.
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Some people may think the reason i am how i am is because of that textwall the other day about hating myself and destroying things in my life.

But it was all lies really.

The real reason is im madly and deeply in love with all the mods and will do anything for thier attention hoping one day they will give me kissies or snuggles. I want Toy to slice my dick down the shaft with her Katana and MK to cast orgasm magic on my rod with Trixie magic. And i want... oh wait thats the only 2 mods i know.

No im just kidding the real reason is because the real reason and that reason is the real reason that the reasoning is that this is a story all about how my life got flip turned upside down.
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Some people may think the reason i did what i do'd is because of the thinged that i textwalleded the other day abouts hatins myself. But was all lies im afraid.

The real reasons is because i is immature manchilds that finds le amusement in childish shenanigans if truth by telled lol.

That and my uncle used to rape me.

No wait.. not rape lol. Rope, he used to rope me. Tied me up with rope for a laugh.

And then raped me while i was tied up.

Ah good ol Uncle Badtouch.

Or maybers the reasons is im a cunt
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cant believe 2021 is right around corner

what are you guys plans for 2021?
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Brutally mediocre music thread Post brutally mediocre songs- that is songs you have trouble resisting singing/bopping/humming along to but are so mediocre that they make you cringe and hate yourself for it.

Kim Mitchell - Go For Soda
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I feel bad for this guy. He just wants to lift weights and get pussy but no one will let him.

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Secret Santa Registration Form SECRET SANTA TIIIIIIIME!

For this year, we will do a "Quarantined Secret Santa!" This way the gift can be sent directly to you instead of meeting up somewhere or picking it up to keep everyone safe.

The form that is linked below is pretty simple and straightforward. Don't worry, you're personal information is not going to be made available to anyone but your Secret Santa.

Just a few ground rules for this:
-- $10 - $40 limit
-- Gifts would be mailed to your Secret Santa
-- Please only participate if you are going to buy a gift. This is not something to gain a gift and not provide one.
-- Try your best to stick to the wishlist that was provided!

Let me know if you have any further questions! Your Secret Santa will be chosen on December 1st.
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Do U, liek this--- British Oil LEWD Monstergirl that violates male pokemon trainers?
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Just a reminder that Leyawiin and Bravil DO NOT belong to Cyrodil nor the Imperial Empire. As you can see from the image that they both are clearly attached to and a part of Elsweyr.

The Empires theft of land that clearly belongs to the Khaits and Elsweyr shoud be handed back and both Leyawiin and Bravil should become a part of Elsweyr once again.

And yes, I am aware of the story in which the leader of Elsweyr was said to have handed the cities to the Empire- But this is lies I tell you, lies!

Leyawiin and Bravil are rightful Khajiti clay! Hand them back now!
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idk if this is a good topic or not but who do you think would win in a fight, saitama off of one punch man, or superman?
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Is this a shitpost or a serious thread? You decide! #Mature
Did somebody mention.. bussy?
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One hit wonder thread. Post songs you love by artists that you only know one song by.
Blind Melon - No Rain
(No image)
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British serial killer and rapist for those outside the loop
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hey aurum, im really sorry for not understanding you. and dont worry im not mad at you. tbh lets just forget the situation with you having 2 sides of you and try to come back together. tbh i really wanna get to know you more. tbh i really love talking to you and i care about you. i hope you know that. nothing makes me more happier than talking to you. you really make me happy that i have somebody that cares about me. so plz could you give me one more chance?
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Does anyone want to hear a tale about tails?

Its a bit of a shit story tho, but baby its two entertaining not two.
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look at this rat!
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Desktop thread... Okay, I got my Puppy Pi working and stuff. So, here's a desktop thread to celebrate. Just say the system you're on as well.

Okay...this post was made on a Raspberry Pi running a Puppy Linux distro known as Raspup. Version number is 8.2.1. Pic related. Yeah, it's pretty default atm, but at least I changed the wallpaper. lmao
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question Do you ever laugh at something so hard you crack your back? pls respond.
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Hey guys did you know Toiletchans real name is Fox and he has a couple of kids.

I feel a story coming on but first ima relax a bit on this here bench.
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Last AMA I'm gonna give you all an early Christmas gift and stop posting here. AMA on DISCORD from now on. Anyone interested to chit-chat with me, you can do so by adding me there. I accept anyone.
(Remember its a capital i, not lowercase L)

If my Discord nickname ever changes, please ask "Chainwall" for it.
Requesting a permanent ban.
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Human body thread Bodies thread.

This is a thread dedicated to the human anatomy. And all its beautiful attributes.
40 replies
Italian/Med appreciation thread Lets have a positive thread for the Italian and Med posters here, French/Spaniards also welcome. I'm still learning about those cultures and I know they are represented here. Lets post good things such as culture, education, food and the like.

I want this to be a positive thread, let us all learn together. Roma Victa!
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Alright be honest /ef/

When was the last time you beat your lego block?
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Anyone think the price of guns will go down anytime soon? I want my PSA ar-15, scared what's gonna happen with supply and prices.

Some one hold me and tell me it will be ok, I dun wanna loose muh gun rights, I iz scare ;_;
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NNN Advent Calendar hi frens. To help encourage everyone who is participating in NNN I've created this advent calendar from a single stolen stock photo.
It's meant for Christmas so it only goes up to 25, but none of us are going to make it that far anyway.

Please keep discussion PG so we can forgo the mature tag.

Today, November 2nd is our first big milestone on the advent calendar. Congratulations to everyfren who is still here. You can go exactly 1 day without satisfying your urges. I know I have trouble with that some times so it's no small feat.
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The Chinese Virus When do you think a vaccine will be widely available to the public? Will you take it as soon as you can, or will you wait, or will you make that decision based on the data from the clinical trials?
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It's Sunday, praise Jesus,

Lotto numbers - Black Jesus
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Does, anybody- look at STAR TREK: DISCOVERY @ 10pm on CBS

I have, just ~ 2 Questions


>Would any1- wanna do a quick fanart... Of, my caitian oc [In a New Outfit] doesn't have 2 b FANCY & don't need a background

|E'Rokyta was a Red Suit on My Old Designs ~ 2020 would become an New Age for her|
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Traffic Cops | Series 20 Episode 4 | Full Episode | 2020


What do you think you're doing, driving that fast? Against 'her majestys laws that is mate
(No image)
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Are you gay?
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VTuber general Since dramachan has been getting allot of interesting posts of passive aggression, we're going to have a light-hearted wholesome thread; Vtubers!

>Who's your favorite VTuber?

>Do you think Gura really is Senzawa?
>Pekora was doing her livestream today and got a 1000$ supper chat donation. Is this person a simp?
37 replies
I feel like I rarely talk to anyone here so lets change that.
How are you doing?
What's up with your life?
And major achievements you've made?
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i think i have come to realize that i am a terrible person

i ddidnt intend to be at all

truth is, i actually care about you people a lot

but if i ever hurt any of you in some way

just know, i am sorry for doing it... i feel really really horrible
(No image)
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Boomer music thread No zoomers allowed
I Drink Alone - George Thorogood and the Destroyers
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Easiest and biggliest trade deal the world has ever seen ok and nobody does trade deals like us UK and Canada strike transitional post-Brexit trade deal


I love you homie, you a real one

... Can I have some of that pure maple syrup now please?

And yes Boris is indeed sipping away on a good old 'cuppa tea throughout
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Pagans on suicide watch
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Is it wrong to hate haters?

Im sorry but everything about haters annoys me to no end.

Like, i have no issue with people who are haters.

Im just sick and tired of seeing them everywhere.
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Hey Boo ~
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That's right!
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'Sup /ef/ don't mind me just whipping my new ride

You jealous?
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Rats look at this rat!
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bandwagon cyoa grand strategy is it wrong to hate people who don't play EU4?

im sorry, but everything about people who don't play EU4 annoys me to no end

like i have no issie with people who don't EU4

but i am sick and tired of seeing everywhere

I'm starting a nation in Europa Universalis IV: MEIOU & Taxes (a grand strategy game), and you guys can make the decisions/control what I do as you see fit. If you aren't familiar with the game and what's available, don't worry, I'll take frequent screenshots.
Also as the game goes on, you unlock new stuff, and I'll take screenshots of those as we go.
The game also has a fictional in-game social media thing called Diplomacy so I can see what other leaders are thinking, and I'll occasionally share those as well.

As you can see from the screenshot, I'm using the an edit of MEIOU & Taxes, even though almost no one here knows what that is.

First thing's first, which nation should I pick?
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We must all cum inside of jiggle in an attempts to fertilize and help spur on the natural cycle of production within their womb until their belly is bloated with speckled and spotted eggs. Considering jiggle has many false tunnels within their body, the only proper solution is to have all of the males of Ponychan form a line and take turns flooding out their insides with sticky, life giving batter until they are a heavy, heaping and sweaty, hyperventilating mess
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Mikie x. Aqua. I ship them. User ship thread.
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What’s the best color and why is it white? Have you ever noticed that there are so many great things that are white? Underwear is white, those cheap shirts that you can get in a package at at Walmart are white, milk is white and fleet trucks are white.
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Ban Pipes vote I should never have been allowed to come back, and honestly i find it hard to hold in the vomit everytime i read a post by 90% of you. So i should probably fuck off and join the bandwagon of people leaving or getting bans, which i'll probably circumvent or have overturned again anyway at some point.

Anyway i dont interact with half of you , but i say we put it to the vote. If we get enuf FUCK OFF PIPES posts by induvidual posters, lets say 20 , i will indeed fuck off and i ask Zeke to implement his thing he seems to think will stop me ban evading (it wont) , otherwise , i will attempt to be part of this community which i honestly dont think i can lower myself that far to do but its worth a try.

Or you know for the lulz a mod can just skip all that shit and just slap the ban on saving the effort.

Kill me now
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^-------------------------------------DO IT!
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AMN Ask me nothing, I really don't want to answer your questions. Maybe for another day.
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lolz Is it wrong to hate anime girls ?

Im sorry but everything about anime girls annoys me to no end.

I mean i have nothing against the people that post them.

But im sick and tired of seeing them everywhere.
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Margaret Thatcher - Sink It!

What would you do if Thatcher told you to sink it?
109 replies
is it wrong to hate furries?

im sorry, but everything about furries annoys me to no end

like i have no issie with people who fiurries

but i am sick and tired of seeing everywhere
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COD Black Ops Cold War - Bell Discovers What the CIA Did to Him

I wanna be strapped on a gurney and given an intracerebral injection too...
Fucking hot.
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Toybox appreciation thread It's that time of year, children! Everyone gather around in a single file order line, and pucker your lips together to prepare to plant nice cute little kisses on the buttocks of our fearless leader.

Recently, Toybox said she wants to slap me. I don't blame her. But I'm also aware, she's under allot of stress lately and would like as much stress as possible alleviated by responsible and adult self-regulation of the user base.

But this is ponychan, ladies and gentlemen, and thus, we are what we shitpost.

I've been hear since Orange, and this new administration deserves recognition for being one of the best there has been. Toybox is really a good admin.

So gather around, pay tribute to our fearless leader, and show respect for their merit as Admin of Ponychan.

Long Live Queen Toybox.
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(No image)
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Is it wrong to FUCK BEES (Remastered)?

Im sorry but everything about bees areFuck Bees Inc to no end.

Like, i have no issue with people who don't Take On Bees.

Im just sick and tired of Smash Mouth Fuck Bees everywhere.
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Iara is sad about this place because she thinks that no one here cares about her. Please prove her wrong!
8 replies
is it wrong to hate non-Trixie threads?

im sorry, but everything about non-Trixie threads annoys me to no end

like I have no issue with people wanting to discuss other things

but i am sick and tired of seeing it done in threads that aren't Trixie threads.
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Hey sweetcakes~
2 replies
is it wrong to hear about the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise?

i thought not, but nothing about the sith legend is a story the jedi would tell you

like i have no issue with saving others from death

but i am sick and tired of being unable to save myself
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Is this a cowgirl?
223 replies
THE HORROR Irl pic thread. Feel free to post people that are blatently not you. Or share your horrifying visage with the world.

Lets replace that horrible one in /arch/
4 replies
Ef in a nuthsell

Goku's Racist Evolution
39 replies
Happy Friday eve, what do you gaiz have planned for the glorious weekend?
175 replies

ask me anything
2 replies
UwU Am I cute?
48 replies
>the real ID act


honestly, i dont understand why this is a requirement

each state should be able to do things as they please like it has been since we have been able to drive

what is the point of this requirement?
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What are you doing, Ponychan? Stop it, you're going to fall into my mout--

8 replies
Fuck your pope and IRA na na na Ponychan I have great news, both wonderful and grave news..

Tonight there is going to be a battle. Some claim it to be a friendly one, but I can tell you it won't be.

There has not been a battle of this kind in almost six years. Blood, sweat and tears will be shed in this war.

The very pride of a nation is at stake. Every warrior who steps on the field will be representing every man, women and child of their nation and will sing praises of their country just prior to the battle.

It's the English rose taking battle against the emerald isle.

Only one will win.. Who will it be I wonder?
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>when you wake up and suddenly see this cutie wrapped on yours
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ITT: Post an image that summarizes how you play video games.
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About to go do some chores, lets get a fun Christian themed thread going. I'm going to torrent something Christian, Lucifer.
52 replies

Americans are asleep post non American things
12 replies
I'm a weeb now. Someone give me sushie. Plzz? Love you 😘❤️😍
150 replies
Mk's asleep. Post trixies!
24 replies

Here in the UK we are throwing 16 billion into our army in order to develop laser superweapons.

Fear us



Trips confirmed
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AMA Ask me anything because I am here for real this time and will answer them instead of getting distracted with life... then accidentally forgetting to come back to the thread.

I promise :3
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here, I edited this BOMBS licking pic

4 all pirates ~ some manatee's violating a arabian terrorist
153 replies
this thread is dedicated to shitposting

and im using this thread for purpose of bumping other threads down
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Welcome friends and fellow Christians. Today we recognize the fourth commandment in understanding of Gods day set aside just for our relationship with him.

This thread is a hospital for sinners and we all need some healing.

During COVID we congregate virtually in order to still reach others and spend time in his church on this day of rest.

>What is the sabbath?

The gracious Creator, after the six days of Creation, rested on the seventh day and instituted the Sabbath for all people as a memorial of Creation. The fourth commandment of God’s unchangeable law requires the observance of this seventh-day Sabbath as the day of rest, worship, and ministry in harmony with the teaching and practice of Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a day of delightful communion with God and one another. It is a symbol of our redemption in Christ, a sign of our sanctification, a token of our allegiance, and a foretaste of our eternal future in God’s kingdom. The Sabbath is God’s perpetual sign of His eternal covenant between Him and His people. Joyful observance of this holy time from evening to evening, sunset to sunset, is a celebration of God’s creative and redemptive acts.
>How do I enjoy it?
There are several components to the sabbath we must keep in mind. Enjoying the sabbath is all about:
>Avoiding extremes
>A time of worship
>A time to study and hear the word
>A time for prayer
>A time for relationship and rest
>A time for giving
>A day for doing good.
Most of all, it is a day to set aside distractions so that we can sit at the feet of Jesus. It is not a day full of rules that make it a burden. Sabbath is to be a delight because it draws us closer to the One we love, Jesus Christ.

Lets rest together, friends.
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Ama 🇬🇧 Alright, not seen one of these threads in a while soo

Ask me anything
44 replies
What are you getting me for Christmas?
14 replies
Book/Audiobook thread. Currently listening to this, think i'll be up to Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon in a few chapters. Up to Pyrrhus of Epirus trying to invade, he ain't doing too good lol.
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Who spits the hottest fire then LIAR LIAR

So which rappers do we think Eminem is afraid to diss?

Video related
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Sexy Dark Thauma #Mature
Sexy Dark Thauma

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Thoughts on new wordfilter I just found out that the N-word has now officaly been word filtered to sexy black man.

How do you feel about word filters? Do they strangulate free speech, or are they a show of modesty?
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Hey Ponychan, Can I honk you in the honkhole?
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Fleur ~ U R within the Collection of Furry Harems
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R.S.V.P. thread Even though nobody understands what it actually stands for I've actually been talking with some of my frens here about doing something the coming week. I booked next week off work forever ago for US Thanksgiving. But the thing I booked it off for is no longer a thing. And I was thinking it would be a great time to tie one on with my very bestest frens.
When? Don't know yet. Whenever works for everyone interested
Where? Some kind of discord server. Not sure which one yet. Whatever is appropriate to all of those interested.

You get to witness me. Yes. Mr. Condescending health frog, drunk and eat cheeseburgers and pizza and stuff.

So just leave a reply if you're interested. Smelly people need not apply.
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This board is a society. Everyone gets to say the n word even in reference to the word filter and nobody bats an eye.

I say the n word in an OP referring to the word filter one night and everyone loses their mind.
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Here you go. Updated rules:

Is that clear enough for you? Fuck.
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Deaths that still hurt Hi guys, brb, just making a phone call...
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Why is there a transexual epidemic within society now? We've seen a huge increase in transsexual, gender, and other niche mental disorders since the modern introduction of global communication. The rise of the internet had a core part in niche information reaching the larger populous. Controversy of this information lead to a large amount of reporting on the various forms of controversy.
It's true what they say, even bad press is good press for someone who wants to spread information. My opinion is that this information regarding mental, emotional, and gender illnesses have gained extreme traction in the modern world because of the ability to bring it to light so easily.
Those that hate on them, in effect grow the movement through their hate. This leads to more people researching it and finding it may align with some of their own feelings they've had. Thus giving those people prone to this problem a foothold to grab onto and perpetuate this disease.
In essence, this ability to mobilize niche concepts like gender dysphoria led to easily compromised individuals to latch onto the illness in order to find community, reason, and an understanding of foreign feelings where otherwise they would have lived normal lives.

The internet is a disease and created trannies. Although they'll never be real women, their ideology has poisoned larger society.
What do you think, friends?
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What's going on around here?
(No image)
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reccomend some comics I need some cleverly or well written comics to read like Watchmen or 2 Babies 1 fox.
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Thread theme: Alice DJ - Better Off Alone (Official Video)

This banger reminds me of the late 90's and early 2000's when I was growing up, and while sadly those days are now long gone I can always remeber the good times

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I'm out of character right now. Ask me anything.
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What even is pchan these days? I don't mean this in the "hurr everything is shit" way, but like, I've been thinking about the community we have remaining, and idk how you would even summarize it.

>too left-wing to be overtaken by /pol/

>but also too conservative to become overly leftist
>most of us have some kind of mental illness
>some people here are lonely virgins, others have had plenty of sex and even had kids
>people as young as 19 or as old as mid-40s
>multiple people with tulpas
>gun nuts but also noguns people
>casual gamers and hardcore gamers
>boomer music fans and zoomer music fans
>wide range of fetishes among users that often get really weird
>actual relationships but also waifus

I feel like we are this niche community full of different kinds of oddballs who don't necessarily fit specific stereotypes, yet we all manage to share the site. Its interesting. Places like 4chan or reddit have developed much more of a cultural hivemind than this site. Somehow we are the outlier.

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Will you have this dance with me?
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Congrats to Gibraltar So Gibraltar, one of the lowest ranked football national teams in the world (Their football stadium is directly next to the islands only airport) just pulled off another win in the UEFA Nations Leuage tournament thus winning they group they were in and progressing on to the 3rd rounds

They will then be facing in said rounds Serbia, Ireland, Slovakia and Bulgaria, all of whom they have never faced before due to have never progressed in any football tournaments until now

Worth noting that Gibraltar has the smallest/lowest population in all UEFA with only 33,718 people living in Gibraltar. This is less than san Marino, Lichtenstein, Andora and all other microstates
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We need to teach Toybox how to code.
Then, Zeke won't be the only programmer that maintains this place.
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I want to fuck with Mikie. Your new waifu is Aqua. Imagine these two idiots fucking is funny to me.
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Another command post for the Republic.
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Just got it, crap gonna have to discipline myself to do my other things, had my eye on this forever.

[Duran Walkthrough Part 1] Trials of Mana Remake 2020 (Japanese Voice) Nintendo Switch
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>You aren't allowed to die.
Thanks. I feel much better.
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Self Reflection Thread >As I gaze in the mirror I look past my physical body and into my soul
>The only question that is racing through my mind is one of conjecture.
>Are they right? Is racism wrong? What do I gain from this? Why have things changed? Have I changed?
>Should I put myself in their shoes and see it from their view? Perhaps they're right...

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Cities: Skylines: Ponychan City I'm starting a city in Cities: Skylines (a city building sandbox game), and you guys can make the decisions/control where stuff goes as you see fit. If you aren't familiar with the game and what's available, don't worry, I'll take frequent screenshots.
Also as the game goes on, you unlock new stuff, and I'll take screenshots of those as we go.
The game also has a fictional in-game social media thing called Chirper (sound familiar?) so I can see what the people are thinking, and I'll occasionally share those as well.

As you can see from the screenshot, I'm using the Equestria map that I downloaded, even though almost no one here likes the show anymore.
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You know how when you eat Cheetos with hands, you end up with Cheeto residue all over your fingers, and it won't come off with just a (dry) napkin but instead clings on until you go wash with soap and water? Lately I've been feeling like that, metaphorically.
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Why aren't you a cuckold yet, Ponychan?

>An intellectual's fetish

>Taking care of the needs of your partner
>Lack of insecurity
>Able to spend time to pursue one's own individual goals without worrying about sex
>Confidence through the roof
>Spices up a relationship
>The bond of trust is unbreakable
>A community of sexual technique learned and practiced
(No image)
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What if reincarnation is real? But what if we are all the same soul just reincarnating at different points? What if every person or animal we have ever seen is us in a different body with a different mind? What if we are all the same person and only once we have reincarnated and lived a life as every living sentiant being that has ever lived in all of existence can we pass onto Nirvana?

No I did not hit the blunt before this.. or did I?
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Happy Birthday... to me! As has been my tradition for what feels like a decade or so now, I am celebrating my birthday here! Each year it gets a little less novel and a little more of an obligation but still.

I love some of you, I love this place for sure and I'm happy to come back here and chat when I do. Thank you for that those of you who make that worthwhile <3

Also post butts or something I guess? If you feel like contributing something to my day that is
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Mythix Post socks.
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You thought your word filter could stop us from saying nígger?
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I feel like I live in a constant state of fear and misery and it drives me to drink alcohol regularly until I no longer feel any pain or I don't care any longer.
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I'm a cool black guy, and I drive a cool black guy car. I get mad at the police and call them racist when they pull me over for having busted headlights and a broken tail light while I ride with my seat reclined all the way back, listening to loud Hip-Hop music with my real fat bass and my windows down.

I'm tagging this thread as "political", because being born a black man is always political, whether anyone likes it or not.
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To our European users In case you're wondering what the American holiday of Thanksgiving is about, pic related explains it.
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Does anyone else think Mythix and Hubert would make the cutest couple ever?

They could like, hide their homosexuality by becoming strict Catholics and go to Trump rallies and stuff.

It would be soooooo adorable ❤️
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The Ponychan Mating and Reproductive Center To help combat the low birthrate, I'm starting the "Ponychan Human Mating and Reproductive Center"

Here's how it works. We buy out a big warehouse in New York City and we style it as the Ponychan Human Mating and Reproductive Center.

There, you can fill out a form detailing what king of genetics you have and what kind of genetics are desirable to your offspring (which will be shipped to be raised in one of our Ponychan Child Development Centers in rule Russia) and you will be matched with a partner that caries the genes desirable for reproduction!

Isn't it a great idea!? We'll raise like ... A master race of humans or something.
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Imitation crab. Corn. Salt and pepper. Butter. Rosemary. Thyme. Dill weed. Basil. Red pepper. With a splash of soy sauce. A side of macaroni and cheese.

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Cardio songs you listen to, i'll start.

Joe Inoue - CLOSER

【井上ジョー】HOME ギターカバー
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Needs more flutterbat
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Requesting 1 year ban IP is static. I'm requesting 1 year ban. Deadass.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
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Oh my god, he's just like me
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It's all ogre #Politics
>'he won'
>he won



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Going Medieval Thought Zeke's thread was interesting, decided to do something similar.

Want to start a new Medieval 2 campaign, I'll make it interesting and let you guys guide me a bit so I don't end up doing what I usually do.

First we need a faction, which are split by religion.

>Papal States
>Holy Roman Empire

>Byzantine Empire


For reference, if we go Muslim we're liable to be crusaded against. A lot. If we're Catholic, we can GO on crusade. Orthodox has no special stuff like that.
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24 Hours Left For those following Unus Annus, just remember, there are only 24 hours left before it's gone forever.

Memento Mori
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Why yes, I am looking for Lilith Anon. How could you tell?
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Rat Rat
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AMA My birthay was over 13 days and nobody cared This is an AMA - the one of many among its kind. Leave some questions if you like. I will attempt to respond to them at some point.
(No image)
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commission who here can animate mlp in the show style? im looking to commission someone a animation of mlp in the show style.

Please let me know thanks

i also have discord bronypony880#9068
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This fucking place makes me wanna call 911 and ask them what's their emergency.
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Intelligence Question What weighs more?
A pound of titanium or a pound of feathers.
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Welcome to /ef/ - our general discussion board with a laxer atmosphere. Sitewide rules generally don't apply, but we do have a few of our own:

Don't spam, raid, or do anything else illegal. This includes lewd depictions of minors: drawings or otherwise.
Doing so could result in a ban.
[This space intentionally left blank]
Blatantly offensive slurs about a person or group of people based on ethnicity, race, sexual preference, religion or other natural factors will not be tolerated. Period. This means the N word. This includes telling people they deserve to die or be killed. Clear enough?

Mature content
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Outside of mature content threads, the site rules that govern R34 and gore apply as normal.

Political Tags
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The art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs.
If you are OP, please consider if your thread topic meets this criteria. If your post meets this criteria, and is not properly tagged, a tag may be placed on it at moderators discretion.
Please also consider using this tag for topics you personally feel may be tangable to politics, as a courtesy to those who wish to filter.
Repeated attempts to circumvent this filter in the persute of trolling and being "technically correct" by the same user may be warned against before their posts treated in the same manner as spam.
Users who think a post in a grey area meets their personal interpretation of politics can request to OP that they be more thoughtful in the future, or choose the option to hide the thread via the [ - ] symbol in the top left corner of the post.
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