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>be me
>buy a Ryzen 5 2600
>one week later, Ryzen 7 2700 is on sale for only slightly more than what I paid
>also me
>buy an RTX 2060
>get learnt that later this year AMD is releasing a new line of cards that may have one comparable to the RTX 2060 but costing about as much as the RX 580, almost half of the RTX 2060
This is why I drink.
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Things that make you lose faith in democracy.

Joe Rogan DEYSTROYS Adam Conover in Trans-Children Hormone Debate!!
>the comments on this video
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I want to be spitroasted by the two new mods.
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Anyone fancy some pulled pork?
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They did it. They finally cured homosexuality.
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Samurai Jack/aspergers thread 3 As I was writing out part 2 of this thread series my arguments began to fall apart once I thought back to things Toybox and Manley taught me and because of which it got me thinking, with my Samurai Jack analogy this thread series is focused around has my metaphorical journey come to a close at long last, where the society I live in finally makes sense to me? Or have I simply just adapted to a strange world like Jake did in the premier of season 5 when we saw him in futuristic armor?

For those of you who forgot let me explain the goal of this thread again, the connection I'm making to Samurai Jack and aspergers is

both are people who find themselves in a world strange and unfamiliar to them,

Aku is comparable to the uncaring society that could care less about our feelings,

Jack is on his Journey to return home to the world he knows and is use to and that's the same goal those with aspergers want!

My analogy of Jack returning home is me wanting the society that was taught to me rather then the one that is and with Toybox and Manley putting things into perspective for me over the months I spent talking with them I now stand at the final threshold of my "Jack returning home" analogy the only question I think need be explained is this

Is me now having a better understanding of the world around me then I did as a teenager, me having returned home and defeated Aku?

Or am I simply season 5 premiere Jack who adapted to a strange world and can never return home?

If the latter is true then I'll keep pushing forward as I have for 25 years until my goal truly reaches it's end!

And with that I'll leave you with the song I associate with this goal

Stratovarius - Hunting High And Low
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AMA preparing for this to fail / die
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A political thread? On MY /ef/? It's more likely than you would think So on this very same day Donald Trumps second UK state visit has been announced we have this.

Breaking news sources saying that the UK spied on Trump's campaign in 2016 in order to pass information to Obama and potentially Hillary's Campaign.

Just in time for GCHQ (UK's communications headquarters and involved in foreign affairs- Also known as the place Snowden leaked was collecting all the private phone calls and emails in the UK) to publicly come out and state (and this is very very rare for them to publicly say anything) the following in regards to this news

'It is utterly ridiculous and should be ignored'.

Sounds legit. Who needs drama and movies when politics is so damn entertaining these days?

Anyone have any popcorn?
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The Story Thread: edgy magical girl edition #Mature
Watch some Magical Girl Spec Ops and Magical Girl Site and then buy the merch at hot topic for maximum edge.

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[ Generic rant / compliment about this place still existing ]
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Your life goals I've shared mine so many times now let's hear yours?
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Bertstrips Thread 2.0 The last one maxed out.

Here we go with round two.
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>get too sleepy
>lose the ability to get those sweet asmr pings

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It's happening. It's official. Just letting you know.
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AMA Seeing as I'm sure you're not even reading the op right now I guess I could say anything here,

this is also a hay thread!
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AMA : Tuseday is broken edition Ask your questions.

Is there a theory you've been trying to confirm?

Now is your time, ease the moment!
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Smug anime monsters > smug anime girls.
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Florida Man Strike Again! I held a strong internal debate over posting this news story. Should I take the cheap shot or leave it to someone else?

Given the .gif that caught my attention, how could I not? Happy Easter!

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now, put your bubblegum lycan oc ~ upon this bed
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Thoughts on free balling aka going commando?
Only around the house? Unhygenic? Comfiest thing in the world?

Tell me, how's it hangin BOIS?
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Kabel(PChans 🐛BUG🍏ycornism) appreciation thread Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!
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SCOTUS taking on trans discrimination case https://transequality.org/press/releases/supreme-court-to-decide-employment-rights-of-14-million-transgender-americans

>conservative-majority Supreme Court deciding whether I am or am not a second class citizen

I don't have high hopes, but this is a thing, I guess. Depending on the ruling, the Equality Act will either be a bit less of a big deal, or become the biggest deal ever.

...what do you think? Will Kavanaugh and friends rule in favor of equal employment opportunity? My money's on "no".
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One of the biggest problems, if not THE biggest problem with society, is people arguing for or against things that they have not engaged with in enough depth to actually understand what they are even really talking about.

Something I see a lot is people railing against strawmen they've concocted based on Wikipedia summary-tier knowledge of a person, subject, political theory etc. Or another thing is when people try to discredit something by saying, for example: "If we allow X there's a very slim chance that Y might happen and therefore we should not give X a chance at all ever."

People don't read books anymore. People will go on twitter and read posts by their favorite e-celebs and formulate their entire opinions on extremely complex subjects/issues based on that, rather than engaging with actual source material, primary texts etc. People will say "X musician is shit" without bothering to listen to a full album by them.

This is how people like Jordan Peterson are able to gain such large followings. Because people will blindly take their word if it appeals to their confirmation bias on things they already believed, rather than thinking "Hm, maybe I should read what Peterson is critiquing myself rather than take his critiques at face value."

An argument between people who don't understand what they are arguing for is virtually meaningless and completely unproductive. It's why politicians are able to get away with so much BS. Because people will listen to their rhetoric and not challenge it, not doubt it, not second-guess it. "If Trump says Mexicans are a threat to America, they must be, because Trump is a conservative and I certainly won't believe what liberals say!"

Note: This post isn't targeted at any specific person here, it's just based on my observations of people all over the internet and even IRL.
Note 2: I am far from innocent of doing these things, I'm just trying to point out how dangerous it is to always do it.
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>Google celebrating Saint Georges day

Happy Saint George's day everyone!

This is now a blessed holy English Christian thread.

No swearing.
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Your thoughts on population control? What's your view of population control? Child limits, ect.

Given the fact that the population is exponentially expanding and the threat of global climate change, it seems a very real issue, especially since the "Equalization" to stop it is usuall "Mass starvation" ala africa, which isn't really a true solution to population becoming too big due to the suffering it entails.

What's your view of population control regulations? (Like China's 2 child limit)
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Let us do something different. Let's have a bit of fun like the old times.
Roll a 1-100 dice and post a short message. The five highest numbers will be written down on sticky notes and stuck on the wall of the gentlemen bathroom of my campus, probably beside the last toilet seat.


... Obviously, I'll post pics of the results.
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If you aren't jumping on this bandwagon you ought to be ashamed of yourself Let's have a bit of fun like the old times.
Roll a 1-100 dice and post a short message. The ten highest numbers will be written down on sticky notes and stuck in random places all over my city.


... Obviously, I'll post pics of the results.
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Is this what news articles have become on the internet? Just advert stacked upon advert? Articles hidden behind adverts?

I mean granted this is the independent (which is pretty wank as it is) and of course this is on mobile and not regular internet, because thankfully ad blockers are a thing, but still.

Real fucking cheeky this is.
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>tfw you get way too high and almost have a panic attack when you realize the universe is probably a simulation
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What if Hitler was a girl?
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So I just learned that cream soda, you know, the delightfully peppy pink vanilla flavoured pop, is only actually pink up here in Canada.

What gives, rest of the world? Why you no pink pop?
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Peter Pan Book The mature and adult version,very dark and not uplifting.

They don’t make books like that anymore, not since those environmentalists complained about the misuse of Crocodile skin.

Remember kids,every dead crocodile that went into this is one less that can fuck you up.Captain Hook approves.
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Have you ever considered that the wholesale genocide of the white race is a good idea actually?
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There's too much anime on this board right now...
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Happy Easter! What are guys doing for Easter?
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Videogame screenshot thread Nature in video games can sometimes look amazing. Upload screenshots you have taken and say what game it is from. It can only be screenshots you took.

Game: Ghost Recon Wildlands
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Tell me about what's going on in your life. The good and the bad.

I want to hear every detail. Your goals, your past mistakes, what you're doing now to make things right or live your life how you want to.

Take me inside your mind and show me what it's like to be you for a moment.

Is there anything you'd like to talk about, anything I can help you out with?

No political bullshit or arguing please.
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"I love anime and there isn't enough of it on ponychan." Ika

Ponychan needs more anime. Let's post some transportation that has anime on it.
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Ever want to build your own nation? You've seen this idea proposed on /k/ dozens of times in the past. Build your own nation on an abandoned oil rig or take over someone else's island. Then there's just building your own Sealand platform if you have enough Bitcoin wealth.

Don't do it near Thailand unless you're the Chinese and have a standing military to defend your island! Some countries have no sense of humor about this idea.

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Remember the 138 million

Um, just in case anyone is wondering: Yes, Trump is off by 6 orders of magnitude.
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(No image)
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Toybox, Happy Earth Day

wanna look at my new Forest image?

(No image)
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>Dr. Comet
>Zig Zag Studios: Journey of Furry Porn

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/chat/ thread Just wanted to chat, so Im making a thread to do it.

What are you up?
How was your day?
Whats up for tomorrow?

And all that jazz.
chat thread!

thread music if you are into that sort of thing.
Best Of Sveta B. | Top Released Tracks | Vocal Trance Mix
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Who is the Anti-Fluttershy? https://www.ponychan.net/rp/res/41554803.html

I spent 4 years working on this thread and no one used it, that being said no one is ever going to reach the end of the story to find out the twist ending of who the main villain is so I decided to instead make a thread where I give you clues to his identity and we'll see if you can figure it out, sound like fun?


1. Everything about him in personality is the literal exact opposite of Fluttershy.

2. He's the oldest villain ever thought up in literary fiction.

3. He's the most evil villain of all literary fiction.

4. In the specific novel he resides in his crimes consist of but are not limited to drowning innocent people to death, killing homosexuals, endorsing slavery, rape and genocide and requiring the blood sacrifice of his only son to appease his anger.

Who is he?
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Sorry, I know I said I was detoxing form politics... ...but this thread is kind of tangential to politics anyway; it's about people. So really, it's an "e-celeb" thread.


Yesterday, Jordan Peterson "debated" controversial (read: disliked even by much of the left) leftist academic Slavoj Zizek. And, as it turns out, his preparation for that debate consisted not of reading any of Zizek's writings, but of reading the Communist Manifesto for the first time. Not even Das Kapital, but the Communist Manifesto.

His sole preparation to "debate Marxism", for an event that he had an entire year to prepare for, was to read a book that isn't even considered a serious work of Marxist theory, for the first time, despite having built most of his public image on opposing "Marxism", a subject his entire knowledge of apparently consists of a few buzzwords and buzz-phrases like "postmodernist neo-Marxism" and "dictatorship of the proletariat". He didn't even read Das Kapital. He spends all his time railing against an ideological framework that he has a less-than-Wikipedia-tier understanding of. I'm just awestruck at what a charlatan he is.

...that's all I got. Feel free to just use this thread for shitposting, I won't get mad about it this time.
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Fuck Marry Kill Alright, its fun posting night.

Lets play a game. Fuck, Marry, Kill.

If your unfamiliar with the game, you have to say which user you would fuck, which you would marry, and which you would kill.

Simple right?
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Official Yang Thread You better vote for Yang, I want my $1,000.
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Happy Birthday! GameBoy turns 30!
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So I banged my head against a wall to show my buddy that I didn't give af and now I think i'm concussed and can't think
(No image)
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Alright! All U Werewolf Females



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Why do you hate math?
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tl;dr personal life reflections Pt. 1: I'm hijacking board space for my own purposes, and making this for reflection. If I wrote this in a diary and someone uncovered it, it would be horribly embarrassing.

I recently went through a period of withdrawal from amphetamine after being dry for awhile, waking up at night feeling like was going to die, and then throwing up. However, it seems like I get physically ill when I use it now, too.

It's diabolically fucked up that when I've been dry for a week or two and get my drugs again, I feel great for about the period of a week or so, and then I crash. I'll have absolute love for the world, confidence I am capable of doing anything, and create ambitious goals I perhaps don't fulfill most of the time. The majority of my time after that week of binging is abject terror, even when I use. I feel like a failure, like I'm incompetent at life, have nothing to look forward to, and I become paranoid people are out to distribute all of their malevolence on me. I imagine this is what bi-polar people must experience.

In the periods that I'm over my withdrawals but don't use, I think I'm actually happier. Being on amphetamine and then being sober feel like two different realities, but there are habits I have that keep on pulling me back into using. I've dabbled in them for 6 years now, but I started to have my problem when I was going through the end of my internship and college a year ago. I was always neurotic and constantly burned out from the drugs, which made me not as effective as I could have been at my job. I got along well with my supervisors, listened to feedback without insult, and gained their trust where I performed the job without anyone's supervision.

Even though the independence I gained in my internship was stressful, I thought I could make it as long as I had enough determination to keep on going. That was until another supervisor who never had much to do with me visited me one day, told my supervisor everything she didn't like about how I did the job, and then it resulted in me losing most of the duties I had been given up to that point, without anyone telling me what I did wrong. I was only ever cooperative to those I was subordinate to. They even told me many times they appreciated that I received feedback without taking it personally, and always worked to correct my mistakes. Yet, after I gained responsibility and their trust, they took it all away from me and wouldn't tell me why, even when I asked my main supervisor, who I thought I built a relationship where we could both be mutually honest about my progress.

How they handled me, I felt like I was no longer even a man. Because I never refused tasks and maintained a strong worth ethic, I feel so unresolved about it all.

By the time my internship was concluding, I was happy to leave because I felt betrayed to the point I couldn't redeem myself to my superiors. On my last day they allowed me to take a lot of supplies that'd help me for my future work. I left with sincerely thanking my supervisors, but at the same time felt their disappointment in me. They told me to stay in touch and let them know where I ended up working--not that if they had any positions available, they'd eagerly look forward to letting me know. After the fact, I left that place for good, and in the back of my mind, I had no intention of getting a job in that line of work anymore. I didn't even walk for graduation. I just took my diploma and put everything behind me. Instead of getting a job with a decent salary like most skilled and "educated" person would be eager to utilize, I promptly avoided contact with everyone and stayed locked in my bedroom for a year now. As dramatic as it sounds, I wished everyone would forget about me, and I seriously believed it would be okay if I just died.
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Describe a "Florida Man" story for the above poster. #Mature
Think of stupid antics that would fit the above poster and get them arrested too.
Preferably in headline format.
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Has anyone heard of this edgy new site called 8chon.net?

Yeah, it's on the darkweb... I go there. So what?
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MLP guess who? Guess Who Commercial

ITT one poster chooses a character and keeps it to himself while another poster has to guess various things about that character, the poster with a chosen character can only give yes or no answers to each question while the other poster has to now exclude all character numbers having things about them the other poster answered "no" to and this process repeats until the poster making the guesses figures it out or gives up


Poster 1: does he look like a bitch?

Poster 2: what? (Gets shot in the arm by poster 1)


Poster 2: NOOO!!!

So then all numbers assigned to characters that look like a bitch would be excluded.
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Remember Nigger, he was a good asset to British Royal Air Force.


Now you know why they didn't remake The Dambusters :-)
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Let's have a bit of fun like the old times.
Roll a 1-100 dice and post a short message. The highest number will be written down on whatever body part the poster specifies.

... Obviously, I'll post pics of the results.

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Would you abort me?
I'd abort me.
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What's your view of frankenstein controls? Brainwash radios, etc.

Given the fact that the population is terrorized by gangsters and the threat of fake aging, it seems a very real issue, especially since the "New World Order" to help it is usuall "frankenstein slavery" ala africa, which isn't really a true solution to the gangster computer god becoming too big due to the suffering it entails.

What's your view of frankenstein control regulations? (Like China's brain banks on the far side of the moon)
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What is your preferred text editor?
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>walk away from computer
>go to toilet and use it
>feel fine again
>walk back to computer
>need to use toilet again, but for the other end
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I have a fantasy about kidnapping some incel, and basically and forcing him to learn how to act like a normal human being, and raping him until he does. I'm a girl in the fantasy.
(No image)
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toybox, I gotta insane furry question



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'Hey Mohamad.. I know it's been a while since I came to your little shop. Uh, could I have.. A pack of Bud, some rizzlers, lottery ticket... AnnnnnnndcouldIhaveapornlicense. Alright, thanks mate'
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Samurai Jack/aspergers 1 >With permission from Mikie to move forward with my agenda without the threat of permaban I can now go back to my main reason for being online in the first place but this time around I'll push said agenda in a fun and creative way that keeps you entertained rather then the forceful and aggressive way I was doing so originally, and with that let's begin.

the Land Before Time, the Lord of the Rings, Fullmetal Alchemist and the Last Unicorn,

what do all these great works of fiction have in common?

1. Their protagonists have a goal they'll do anything to reach.

2. They sacrifice so much on their journey.

3. They face many hardships together.

4. They endure everything the journey throws at them and keep pushing onward.

5. There is an eventual finality to their journey.

Samurai Jack is 1 more story of this nature but unlike the others there is something unique that stands out about Samurai Jack, as a teenager I greatly identified with the story's protagonist and watched every new episode that came out and never missed a single 1, why? Because I was desperate to see him return to the past, but why was I so fixated on wanting him to reach his goal and set his world back in order? The reason is as follows

Much like Jack I too was thrown against my wishes into an unfamiliar world, the world I was use too from cartoons, sitcoms and romance films, that world was gone and with it all established status quo that I came to understand.

As a kid I had one of 2 options either accept defeat and learn the status quo all over again or fight back for the one I was familiar with and I chose the latter just like Jack because think about it Jack could have accepted defeat, started a new life in hiding without Aku's knowledge and learned the ways of this futuristic world he now found himself in but he didn't because Jack is no coward and he had an obligation to fulfill, an obligation that his friends and family back home were counting on him for, what kind of person would Jack be if he willfully let his friends and family down? Jacks long and enduring journey paid off in the end because he DID NOT give up and in season 5 the embodiment of evil itself finally met his end!

Just like Jack I too made a promise long ago to my fellow aspies back in jr high that I would do all I can to destroy the concept of social nuance and free us from its stranglehold one and for all and that is a promise I do not intend to break, I have been at this for 25 years and I will be at it for 25 more if I have to until the day we aspies are free to be who we are in a "free country" but as promised above I won't be aggressive about it this time around because like the old saying goes "you catch more flies with honey then vinegar" in other words get my argument across in a way that keeps you entertained and listening and that's just what I plan to do with this thread and others to come.

Love Hishō Rūrā
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You might know about how horrible this world can be and there's probably not changing that for a long time. It is true that a lot of bad stuff happens to people in the most unfair and cruel ways you can imagine and it's possible a bad idea to try to ignore it but one thing you should keep in mind is that as bad as things may seem to you there are still people that have it worse.

I'm not saying that you should feel glad that you got it way easier than a lot of other people, but you should feel blessed and grateful towards the people that are a good influence in your life. Loving family members, good and supportive friends and even your dog who thinks of you as their whole world, they all are a blessing and you should make an effort to bless their lives as they have blessed yours.
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Join the Forest of Cancer any changeling {Reformed / Moldy}

wanna be placed in a Jungle Hive

Gonna put The Colony, on deviantart and derpibooru
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Hey, is anyone avalible atm? A thing happened at work, that im not ok with. Heck ill take dan at this point. I just need a people to bounce things off of.
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Have you been to the dark web? What did you see?

What Horrific Things Can Be Found on The Dark Web?
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[controversial topic here] [controversial political post here]
8 replies
332 replies

Not really looking to engage in discourse or anything tonight, but I saw this and found it pretty appalling, so I had to share.

This is blatant, deliberate, illegal abuse, plain and simple. Indefensible and disgusting.
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Cute little ponies thread I'm in the mood for cute pony pics so in this thread post cute adorable MLP fim pics.
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Monkey Punch RIP https://www.sankakucomplex.com/2019/04/18/lupin-iii-creator-monkey-punch-passes-away/

The creator of one of the few manga not featuring a giant robot that wound up becoming insanely popular died a few days ago.

Kazuhiko Katou, AKA Monkey Punch, created a manga loosely based on a story of the grandson of Italian master criminal Arsine Lupin. Japan fell in love with Lupin The Third, leading to a lifetime of manga and anime with no end of popularity.

His characters were animated by many studios including Studio Ghibli, giving their incredible take on two episodes of the show. And, of course, The Castle of Cagliostro movie.

Press F to pay respects.

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DOWN WITH ALT R-IKA!! Idk about you guys, but im sick and TIRED of Ika spreading his Alt-right attitude in our happy little home.

He makes all the /pol/ threads, masquerading as being "ironic".

He spreads his alt-right meme speak, calling people cucks.

He use to avatar as a Fennec Fox
The Fennec Fox being the Desert fox
The desert fox being Rommel, the German WWII general!

The proof is in the pudding sheeple! Wake up!
Indefensible and disgusting!
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Convince me that a world with no personal property is worth living in.
26 replies
Post webcomics you like, no politics
58 replies
Jackbox Game Night So I'm thinking of hosting a Jackbox game shortly. Would anyone be interested in playing?

Only requirement is a phone, tablet or PC.
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>tfw your mother is a completely insufferable bitch who you'd like to watch get run over by a bus
>pic but unironically
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So the Notre Dame is kinda burning to the ground right now.
(No image)
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Rita Repulsa rpg thread 1 https://www.ponychan.net/rp/res/41555229.html

Itt one poster acts the part of Rita Repulsa while the 2nd player acts the part of the Power Rangers as a whole, the storylines and rules for each of the 2 players of the game are as follows

Player 1: you are Rita Repulsa and have recently discovered how to resurrect every monster of yours the rangers have defeated thus far, but to counter this the rangers manage to banish them all to the Scooby Doo universe shortly after their resurrection. Not willing to accept defeat so easily Rita Repulsa uses this new power of hers elsewhere, itt roll the dice (1 die) all numbers from 1 to 6 will determine wich slasher film character will be risen from the grave, the designated number for each character belongs to the order in which the movies were made, for example Jason Voorhees may hold the number 2 spot while the Leprechaun may hold the number 6 spot.

Player 2: you are the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers and your arch rival Rita Repulsa has sent down a new enemy the likes of which you have never seen, working together though you manage to defeat him just like every other monster, but just like every other monster Rita Repulsa throws her staff down to earth to make this slasher fim character bigger, your normal g1 Megazord may not be enough this time around so the rangers must summon from across time one of many different variations of Megazords that existed throughout the show, roll the dice (1 die) to determine which one, they will be in order from 1 to 6 as they appeared in the show.

Rules for both players: both players must do reaserch depending on which slasher film character you got or which Megazord you got in order to accuratly know fully what both character's strangths and weaknesses are and be able use that research to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to the other player which would win the fight.
(No image)
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Post all Diives Bunny Porn Here #Mature

Place, The Wrestling Bunny Lady that is from Diives/ in here
13 replies
Americans are asleep
Post the Queen
1 reply
can any british bug, hold my Salmon

while/ I am, at job of catching meal worms

also... walk her, around the streets
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>tfw you've developed such a severe case of mean world syndrome that you have become almost psychotically indifferent to the suffering of others as a coping mechanism
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American caribou extinct in Lower 48 Say goodbye to pulled Caribou sandwiches :(
But seriously, we knew this was going to happen for a while, but its sad when the day finally arrives.

No one plans to give up, and animals that looked like goners have made amazing come backs, so who knows.
Just look at the wolf in North America!
They came back so hard they extincted the Caribou!
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Starting a patreon I'm thinking about starting a patreon so I can fund my time spent posting in this site. As everyone should know time is money and since I do you all a big favor at being a user in your community I think I should be rewarded with money.

I'm thinking about adding tiers too, like be a patron for 20 dollah and I will personally troll you, what do you guys think?
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What are your solutions. I got some good advice reinforced to me today, to focus on the solution rather than the problem, because even if you cant effect change on something out of your control, you can effect change in how you react to it.

What are the solutions to your problems /ef/?
10 replies
What is your opinion of dark-skinned anime lolis?
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The Patron Saint of Autism and 4chan >hated his mother so much that he killed her
>literally had a 15 year old trap Waifu
>sexual degenerate
>narcissistic sociopath
>hated by literally everyone, back then and today
>burnt down an entire city just to smite the Christfags, and to make way for his pleasure palace
>burnt Christcucks at the stake in the name of his pagan gods, as punishment for "burning Rome"
>"professional artist"
>neck beard


Name a patron saint.
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Do it!
66 replies
Do you like my cock, /ef/?
74 replies
ITT: people who literally never did anything wrong
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Morning Nurses of The Hive

I gotta, do my Drone Job- before drinking some Mtn Dew Voltage & be back 2 Praise the Sun

Plz, convert some moldy's with this image on /mlp/ & /pone/

while, I am buzzing on flowers
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The most important question in the world Why do people say badass motherfucker but never badass fatherfucker?
9 replies
29 replies
How can you tell if someone is just stupid or is pretending to be stupid or trolling nowadays?

I'm having a hard time telling the difference in today's nonsensical meme culture.
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If you're the kind of person to blow your nose at the dinner table, you also deserve to eat your food from a bowl on the floor like a dog, because you're a vile fucking animal.
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Random Videogame Facts Without any detours, the total distance Mario travels in Super Mario Bros from his initial starting point to the final castle is about 3.4 miles.
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AMA Abe no Seimei

Miyamoto Musashi

Albert Einstein

These are the 3 historical figures I hold the most amount of respect for and put all my time and energy into trying to be like, what can I do beyond what I'm already doing to become the composite mix of these 3 individuals?
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WebM thread #Mature
Reminder: All motion is relative.

Also, post WebMs.
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I do miss my youth sometimes #Mature
What kind of pony is she?

My dearest bronies......And what would you do if you ran into her.
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poz my black hole
(No image)
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Songs and Items of Nostalgia Everyone has things of their past that make them smile when you rediscover it again out of chance or nostalgia.
Many may be cringeworthy to us now, but at the time it was just right.

This thread is for that stuff. Maybe we have similar childhoods? Who knows.
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Can we play a game of "Thot or SJW"?
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What are you reading tonight, /ef/?
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Hey /ef/

Are you a rock n roll nigger?

Patti Smith - "Rock 'N' Roll Nigger"
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i want steam twist to piss on my bum
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le monke
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Sex is just a pointless diversion from the reality that we are animalistic and to an extent slaves to our desires. If we do not change soon it will become normal practice to have a vr headset and something that simulates feelings for virtual sex and humanity will waste away in it's virtual world attached to our food, water, piss and shit tubes with nothing to live for but mindless raw hedonism while the robots do all of our work for us and rule our world meanwhile the archons laugh at us from a layer of reality beyond our own.

Wake up sheeple!
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People who have let you down. World's Most Infamous Donkey Kong Player Caught Cheating!

The feeling when someone you idealized turned out to be a fraud, how do you cope?
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Single mothers raise horrible children, incels, drug addicts and criminals. They are incapable of raising good children, by their very nature.
>inb4 anecdotes and exceptions
70-80% of people in jail are from single mothers in my country. I am the child of a single mother myself.

>inb4 what about widows and divorced women

They are capable of having a human relationship, even if that relationship failed. Single mothers are not even capable of having a relationship with their own children. They just opened their legs and got pregnant. And they are usually too morally inconsistent to admit that they should have got an abortion. "Abortion is wrong but whoring myself around is totally okay".

The state needs to step in and require these single mother degenerates to get sterilized, and force them to get abortions if they get pregnant and can't find someone to take their baby.
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Now is not the time for fear...
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Is /ef/ the site's containment board?
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>leave /ef/ for a day
>It's in this state

The fuck can you not cope without me or what
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Japan How can we save Japan from going extinct? Their birth rate is already below replacement level. Where else will I get my ecchi loli anime if Japan dies out?
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This is now a thing I was wondering when we would see a day when politicians would have to accept there were enough Millennials who rejected organized religion and have to pander to them as well.

The fun is just beginning!

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Do you ever just feel like such utter garbage you want to punch everyone in the face? Share your feeeeels

Picture of my rooster before he had to go bye bye because he was legit Lucifer 😩
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Bernie Sanders 2020 - Feel The Bern This is a thread where you can discuss our great (future) President and talk about the deals he's gonna make and the promises he'll keep. Thank you Bernie Sanders for all you pledge to do for us.

>if you need help voting for our great (future) President you can visit your local city hall and they will inform you on registration and voting poll date and times. All it takes is a quick signature and a couple dots to fill in and you're helping make our country fantastic. Thank you for your help!
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Mr. Perfect Cell 2020 - Presented by Hetap This is a thread where you can discuss our great (future) President and talk about the deals he's gonna make and the promises he'll keep. Thank you Mr. Perfect Cell for all you pledge to do for us.

>if you need help voting for our great (future) President you can visit your local city hall and they will inform you on registration and voting poll date and times. All it takes is a quick signature and a couple dots to fill in and you're helping make our country fantastic. Thank you for your help!
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What happened to all the fun in the world? The levels of angry shit posting here are off the chart. Time for a meme we can laugh at rather than argue over.

Bring on hologram Andrew Yang!

Y A N G W A V E [ 未受割礼 ] M A T H W A V E

Y A N G W A V E [ #ヤングガング ] W E _ W A N T _ Y A N G


Y A N G W A V E [ ヤン ] Y A N G _ G A N G
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save me honkler

Doomer meets Honkler
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Czarry wanted an AMA thread to simulate old /ef/ So here we go Be sure to bandwagon the shit out of it to push anything relevant from the front page.
(No image)
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The absolute state of Theresa May
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Anime I know anime is generally trash and it's generally better to stay away from it's cancerous existence, but there are honestly a few gems hidden very deep inside the giant pile of horse shit that is the anime genre.

So we could talk about those!
Afew examples are of course jojo and one punch man.
Tho I think my favorite anime ever is mob psycho 100, it has the perfect blend of comedy, action and wholesomeness.

I also want to start watching thunderbolt fantasy but I haven't set time aside for it.
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Trump is a shitty leader and I don't think he should be President except as a means to weaken any authority the office holds make it easier for China to make inroads into western politics
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AMA Thread Because bandwagons are fun
12 replies
Trump General: 2020 Keep America Great Again This is a thread where you can discuss our great President and talk about the deals he's made and the promises he kept. Thank you Mr.President for all that you've done for us.

>if you need help voting for our great President you can visit your local city hall and they will inform you on registration and voting poll date and times. All it takes is a quick signature and a couple dots to fill in and you've helped make our country greater again. Thank you for your help!
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So who's hype for the black hole photo on wednesday?
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Why aren't you listening to Yellow Magic Orchestra, /ef/?

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Tong Poo (1978)
Yellow Magic Orchestra - La femme Chinoise
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When are BC, Alberta, Washington and Oregon gonna make their own country?
22 replies
Do you disagree?
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Despite being 13% of the population in the USA, BLACK PEOPLE commit over 50% of the overall crime. >Fresh out of shower
Don't hit on me goys
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Are there any centrists around?
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WIKI WIKI WIKI LEAKS https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47891737

BREAKING: After seven years in hiding Julian Assange has been arrested.

After all; Telling people the illegal things the goverment are doing is illegal.
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So, how long until china takes over the world? Its already economically stronger than the US, is slated to grow in power and influence, and its military isn't nearly as impotent as the US's due to having a strong government.
Meanwhile, the US economy is predicted to be about to go down the shitter in 2020, and its Middle class is only going to get worse and worse as the years go by, with no indication of its course changing.

So how long until the world is controlled by China?
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ban toiletchan
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I want to publicly apologize to the black community.

I have said nigger far too much.
(No image)
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Toybox, if you was the Nile Crocodile Seductess Drawn by Eltonpot

how many Tree's would you destroy too... Capture Male Victims?
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What has ponychan been up to for the last few years since I left? I see it seems to have hardly changed.
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Are there any centaurs around?
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Britain gets a 6 month extension Doesn't leave the EU until Halloween.

Trump says that the EU is too tough on Britain.

Do you disagree?


Oh and DBZ is for retarded manchildren.
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Open Borders Ever get tired of being strawmanned as calling for open borders every time you say anything about treating immigrants decently, fairly, legally or even just as human beings with inherent rights?

Feel the Bern. Open Borders is not a leftist position, but a far right position:

Let's have done with the Open Borders strawman once and for all.
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Remember back when Google still had principles? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
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>when you're so pro-life that you wrap around and become pro-death

5 billion IQ
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MLP I SPY ITT one of us gives as vague information as possible and we all try to figure out what character matches that vague information, this could be anything from a random scene that character was in to interests and mannerisms that character has anything goes and you can reference any character you like with the exception of pony 178.
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Shamiam Begum (returning ISIS member) is refused re-entry into Britain Shamiam Begum left Britain at the age of 15 to join ISIS, and now that the Middle Eastern terrorist group has been almost entirely wiped out, she wants her British citizenship back.

Personally I think that she should be welcomed back into the country, so she can be publicly hung, and made to be an example for other literal "terroists" who want back into the country.

ISIS Schoolgirl Wants Return To Britain | Shamima Begum | She Should NOT Be Allowed Back

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Any entymologists here?

Which North America bugs are the least ridden with dangerous parasites?
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Why are planets 'round?' The original *GRAVITY!* video.
TIL the planets are round because of gravity
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Today is Vimy Ridge Day in Canada, where we commemorate the First Battle of Vimy Ridge, which took place from 9 - 12 April 1917.

This battle is actually a big part of what makes Canada Canada because it was the first time the four divisions of the CEF fought together during WWI and, in doing so and in succeeding so decisively, the actions of the CEF are a symbol of Canadian national achievement.

The Canadian Corps Takes Vimy Ridge - The Battle of Arras I THE GREAT WAR Week 142
William Shatner | Battle of Vimy Ridge
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The Story Thread: PriPara Edition #Mature

What do you mean, stop watching shows for little girls? Where do you think we are?
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모든 칭찬 용의 김과 그의 거대한 동 Can we have a North Korea thread?

That would be pretty neat.
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Cool and or interesting flags thread Not seen one of these for a while, so why not.

In this thread we post interesting country flags, or ones that just look cool, and why you think so

If you want you can also post some interesting facts about the country, and perhaps the national anthem

I have always been both a big history and geography nerd so I have quite a love of flags.

Anyway, I'll start with..

Cyprus! Now, when I was young I always thought this flag looked like a fish.

Of course it is quite the stunning flag, the shade of white combined with the island in a cool orange, along with the green olive branches makes it stand out well.

In case you were wondering, the olive branches symbolize the hopes of peace between Turks and Greeks, the two main people who live on Cyprus, due to the islands close proximity to both countries.

The island itself is a relatively small island, relying on tourism, and is honestly a pretty breathtaking place.

It was ruled for a hundred years by Britain, and I don't really blame them. As I mentioned, it's both Greek and Turkish, so best of both worlds, fantastic place for a beach holiday.

Cyprus gained independence from Britain in 1959.

Anyway, have the national anthem.

National Anthem of Cyprus- Hymn to Liberty with lyrics (EL/EN)

The anthem is the poem hymn to liberty, written in 1823, the Poem being a celebration of Greek independence after centuries of rule by the Ottoman Empire.
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Any scientists on here?

If you date a girl that only speaks sign language, are her hand jobs actually blow jobs?
161 replies
What are you doing this weekend?
93 replies
Are mommy girlfriends saving the West? In my opinion they are.
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Forbidden Love #Mature
Can girls love girls?
87 replies
Hay thread How are you doing?
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we need to talk about this how dogma pollutes discourse | qualiasoup & theramintrees [cc]

Both of us me and you guys are guilty of many of the things stated in this video, everything from my past demonization of America for not conforming to black and white thinking, to you guy's black and white thought process of "he wears a Jedi outfit on youtube and studies mysticism therefore he's a retard".

Similarly while I constantly grouped Americans into the same category as being as evil as Eliot Rodger you guys constantly grouped me in with the likes of Chris Chan and allowed me no room for redemption even when I present 2 deeply thought out threads I spent 4 years working on, both of those threads went over you guy's heads and you brush it off as gibberish and arbitrarily assert "he's retarded so of course it's gibberish".

Neither one of us was willing to see the good qualities in the other and just continued to believe all the hurtful things we made up in our heads about the other, I continued to believe Americans were on par with demons for not agreeing with me while you guys continued to make me on par with the mentally handicap for not agreeing with you thus neither one of us was willing to see eye to eye.

Naturally this is the point where anyone in my position would take a hint after this introspection and come to the realization that "they are doing it to me because I'm doing it to them thus if I stop they will stop" which is why I offer this final ultimatum!

1. we stop treating the other as if they're "evil" or "retarded" and we start treating each other like human beings for now on!

2. or I no longer interact with you guys and I go back to my 8 thread category system!
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Sweetie Belle's Bedroom http://archive.li/GylP6

Every weekday afternoon gather to Sweetie Belle's Bedroom for a hit lineup of all your favorite cartoons, join the Lyoko warriors in a virtual world adventure as they attempt to overthrow the evil Xana in Code Lyoko

Jeremie Belpois (cutscene): return to the past now!

Or join Twilight and her friends on a magical adventure through danger and peril with My Little Pony

Twilight Sparkle (cutscene): Pinkie what are you crazy run!

Or join ash on his journey as he attempts to "catch em all" in Pok'emon

Ash Ketchum (cutscene): Pikachu, thunder shock now!

And then, every Saturday morning witness the "blue streak that speeds by"! Who is he? You'll just have to stick around and find out here in Sweetie Belle's Bedroom, but until then we'll be back after these messages



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I'll just leave this fried chicken and watermekon here. Please don't eat it while I'm away; it's my dinner for later!
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Nothingburgers: A boon to personal home economics. Enjoy some free food.
Free Food from Maccas

unconfirmed in the US of A
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If a monkey's mouth is glued shut does anyone hear it when it screams?
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Man this crazy clown world keeps giving. Can't wait until microsoft put an LGBT rainbow in it's logo.

Or maybe apple will put a black power one on its branding.

Who knows at this rate. Fun times we live in.
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Expectations vs reality ­
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So, quick question-

Am I the only one who is feeling like I'm getting more angry, bitter and sarcastic with every year that passes?

I mean yes this is a normal thing for most Brits anyway, we feed on dry wit and sarcasm as a food for the nation-

But it's getting worse. I mean, when I was a kid I hated all those grumpy permanently pissed off old men.

Yet here I am not just understanding their world view but feeling that way myself.

And I'm not even 30 yet.

Fuck this gay earth I wan't off Mr bones ride
13 replies

I do wish we could cut down on the edgy racist memes, to be honest. All they do is normalize discrimination and racism until that sort of stuff becomes commonplace and suddenly we're a haven for alt-right think and one of our own has decided it's cool to go off and do something actually terrible.

This is something I've thought about for a while now and recently seeing a thread where the OP was literally the n-word and nothing else basically made me make up my mind to say something. Someone has to, honestly. Not doing so is complacence against common decency and, really, we shouldn't be a site that allows discrimination, even in a memetic form, to flourish. After all, so-called ironic discrimination almost certainly becomes unironic after not all that much time.

Hell, it's even against the site rules to be racist, sexist, and discriminatory, yet many examples of that sort of behaviour go un-accounted for. I think we need to work towards removing this sort of behaviour from our small corner of the internet here and hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard of posting. Yes, this is /ef/ and yes, "anything goes (within reason)", but I see no reason to allow the sort of thought that leads to some pretty awful mindsets go unchecked.

So please, can we try to avoid that sort of behaviour? If only to preserve our own dignity and prevent it from becoming so commonplace that it becomes acceptable? Because it isn't acceptable, and it should never be acceptable to be discriminatory.
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My Little Pony: Season 8 I was originally going to host a group stream of the entirety of Season 8, since I've yet to see any episodes from the previous season. but the videos online suck. terrible quality. not even worth watching. so instead I'm going with my alternate plan, which is to get shitfaced and watch the season by myself.

This is where I'll be posting my commentary. I'll be going from episode 1 through the holiday special or until I pass out, whichever comes first. Stop by and say hi if you like.

I'm currently downloading the non-shitty versions of all 27 episodes, and I'm about to go make my first white russian. Once I setup the projector and finish the downloads, I'll get started.
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S**tpost thread 1 Sweet Sauce his informed me that there is a new team of superheros out to foil the plans of the villainous Dr. F**k Dude.

Introducing the "Holy Shit Guys".
75 replies
34 replies
English as official US language Yes? No?
Why not?
515 replies
5 replies
Cadance death pics I've searched everywhere I can think of for fan art of princess Cadance being brutally executed and so far I've only found one pic of her being impaled on spikes and now I can't even find that pic, can you guys help me find pics of Cadance being murdered in various ways? because I'm having trouble finding these on my own because there seems to be more pics of that sort of thing happening to Pinkie Pie for some reason but not Cadance.
8 replies
Am I a mod yet
234 replies
I'm asexual. Is anyone else asexual?
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District Court Permanently Enjoins California Magazine Confiscation Law http://reason.com/volokh/2019/03/29/district-court-permanently-enjoins-calif
9 replies
I wonder what Junko Konno's musical style was like while she was alive. She was an idol during the height of the city pop era, so it was surely approximately that style, but Anri, Junko Yagami, Junko Ohashi, Mariya Takeuchi, Meiko Nakahara, etc., all have distinct styles and tonal aesthetics. I hope we'll get to hear a classic 80's style solo performance by her in season 2, if we get a season 2.
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Caption this image
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here, Macaroni

now- you can tell folks your having fun in Sinnoh
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Going to Walmart 4 Lewdymon Thumping, today

Gonna see, alot of alley felines in the parking lot & receive alot of free candy from grinding on the wet furries
(No image)
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Whoops i made an oopsy doopy a real fucky wucky
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LtCorbis is an actual genocidal redpiller https://twitter.com/roman_nfkrz/status/1113050131031625728

This is unfortunately not a huge surprise for me, having seen some of her more recent videos, but still pretty yikes.

This is the fruit of edgy internet """"humor""""", especially when literal children are involved. I'm honestly ashamed to have ever participated in chan culture. I knew not to take it seriously, or at least not seriously enough to let it warp my worldview this badly, but evidently that's not something you can reliably expect of everyone.
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I lack motivation to do anything, help plz
6 replies
Mythix 4 Mod 2K19 #Mature
we need, Evil Huge Honkers that is full of delicious calcium

Busty Melons of Power, should Rule the WORLD!?!
3 replies
Tuseday for mod 2k19 I prommes to bad dan to the moon
I will create a new bord for all the lewds
I will impliment casual tuseday, and "casual" Friday.

God bless America!
(No image)
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Must protect
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