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Hillary #Politics
Today the State Department released findings of its investigation into Hillary's emails, finding 91 incidents of culpable mishandling of classified information by 38 people.

Also today, Hillary accuses Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein of being Russian assets.
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Mac and Chewy 2: Electric Boogaloo >In less than 24 hours I am flying to Boston to spend two weeks with Chewy.
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The world is heading towards a full on resource war, we are all fucked, and I am scared. What do?
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Kellogg partners with gay rights group for All Together cereal... #Politics
...and Twitter is not happy.

Submitted without further comment.

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Selfie thread Selfie thread
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The Story Thread: On Parade Edition #Mature
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Scotland bans smacking #Politics
>>there is no such thing as a loving smack
>>While holding an infant

I honestly never understood why people believe smacking is aimed towards infants and toddlers.


Not really in favor or against it,from what I did look up a lot of stuff that went on there went beyond smacking....more towards child abuse.

Again I am not quite sure who the hell things you are supposed to beat a toddler with a belt or slap them but we do live in a society.

So this ban could be a very good thing.
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Queen's Speech : Black Rod heads to Commons to summon MPs - BBC News

I always loved how confused non Brits get watching this.

This whole ceremony is so much fun.
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If Anybody Wanna Draw A Bugycorn #Mature
Here, iz some of oc's and nameless changelings that I made for humor

Any Doodles and Fanart of them, is awesome...

Even, some Anthro of any of these bugycorns- would be nice.
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Memezuel is bettest >Me
>went downtown
>saw beer price
>all premium beers same price

Dis is definietely the best country on face of Earth, folks
Probably the only where beer is almost as cheap as bottled water, n' not even talkin of bad stuff.

No personal, economic or political rights needed to be the best.

Only beer at 50 cents the bottle.

Memezuel jucccccccccc yeaaaaa

I am not drunk and I am aware this is bad quality posting, sorry. I just had a very good day.
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AMA Ask chicken mama anything
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Linux thread. I've recommended Arch Linux a lot. So, I've been looking at Manjaro Linux as my next jump. For those who use Linux, how is Arch anyway? If not Arch, what Linux do you use?
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Joker (movie) (SPOILERS!!_ This thread is for the discussion of the new Joker movie. Ideally for people who have actually seen it.

Also--I would like this to be a discussion of the movie (acting, soundtrack, cinematography etc.) and not the political shit about incels and S O C I E T Y and all that.

I thought it was a strong 9/10 movie, it didn't grab me at first but once it got to the scene where Arthur kills the three people on the train (which is also the first time he kills anyone) it really picked up and became gripping, and there were multiple scenes where my heart was genuinely racing because it was so tense and you knew something big was gonna happen but you weren't sure what it would be.

The soundtrack was great, the music really elevated a lot of the scenes which I think is what a good soundtrack should do in a film. A lot of movies have boring music that you barely notice but the music in Joker was very good at setting really intense tension and brutality. I also thought it was freaking awesome that they used a Jackson C. Frank song in one scene.

The cinematography was great, very good use of stylish lighting, well-paced slow-motion contrasted with super-fast bursts of extreme stuff. One particular thing that I thought was brilliantly creepy was when Arthur is only wearing white facepaint as opposed to the full Joker makeup, and he stabs the one guy and gets blood all over himself and the wall, and then just sits against the wall with bloodstains on the white facepaint and the white wall.

Phoenix's acting was phenomenal, and the friend that me and Mac went to the theater with actually very tentatively commented "I think he may have done better than Heath Ledger, honestly."

The whole film felt like it knew exactly what it wad doing and what it wanted to be, it just built and built and built to a huge spectacle of a finale.

The film was definitely a slow burn, I think a lot of people are overselling how violent it was because there are actually only a small few scenes of really graphic violence.
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-Z- Appreciation thread. Everyone who likes Z and wishes he would like himself as much as we like him, post here and show him some love.
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Dem Debate #Politics
Anyone else watching the 3rd Democratic debate?
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Damn, he's so... majestic.
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I found a quarter

I'm rich!
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One of those AMA threads. The dice on /oat/ have spoken.

So ask this oldfag, using a new name almost anything.
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to ef do any of you guys remember me?
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So, just a quick thing a friend of mine brought up the other day which I thought was an interesting question

So, looking at the world of Ghostbusters. This is a world in which demons, spirits, and more importantly ghosts exist and are real.

Now you got the Ghostbusters going around and capturing these ghosts. Zapping them and trapping them, reducing them to energy or whatever and then sealing them into a containment grid

Now the question is

Is this moral? I mean these were people. Sure, these ghosts might have been causing a fuss, making a mess and scaring you

But you just went and caught someones grandad and threw him into an electric prison for eternity. Does that sound good to you? Does that sound morally good to you?
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Blizzard pulls Blitzchung from Hearthstone tournament over support for Hong Kong protests >Blizzard also canceled the pro player's prize winnings and banned him from Hearthstone esports for 12 months.
>Blizzard, the company behind both the game Hearthstone and the competition, said in a statement that Blitzchung had broken a rule. The rule in question involved "engaging" in an act that "in Blizzard's sole discretion" brings into "public disrepute, offends a portion or group of the public or otherwise damages" Blizzard's image.

>offends a portion or group of the public or otherwise damages" Blizzard's image.

I think they are doing a fine job of that themselves.

>Blizzard is part-owned by Chinese company Tencent. As of 2017, the company owned 4.9% of shares in Activision Blizzard. It also has stakes in video game companies like Ubisoft, Epic and Riot Games among others.

Who'd have guessed?

Top notch company. If i ever planned to give them anymore money, thats over.
I was thinking about the new CoD and the mobile CoD, but i suppose my decision has been made for me.
They use to be the best, now they are the absolute worst imo.

Not tagged pol because its about a company, but if its requested i will
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Why is the New York Times running a hit piece on Tulsi Gabbard? Is it because she doesn't bow before our corporate masters?

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Fucking cozy as fuck thread, shit. Its cold, and rainy, and dark, and somber today and /ef/ is missing a throw away thread to just bullshit and chat in, so here it is.

A hot drink helps, if your under the same condition, but a cold one for dem there Floridians and Californians and south Americans, and Mexicans, and all you other weirdos who dont have seasons.

Whats good?
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What's wrong with driving drunk?
My mom was killed by a drunk driver when I was like 3, but apparently she was a huge bitch. I wanna die so idgaf if a drunk driver kills me either. I fail to see the issue.
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Happy indigenous peoples day! What's Columbus Day and why are so many Americans getting angry and up in arms about it?

All I really know is he was that explorer guy and new world etc.

And there was that one South Park episode about Cartman wanting to get the kids a day off school on Columbus day.

That was a fun episode
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Remember, remember the fifth of November.
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How do I make somebody suffer after they died? Looking for ritual magic or something
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Love is a mental illness.
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In commemoration of the canceled show and the chan that went with it. Well, it's final over.

The finaly episode has dropped.

It's all over. I went on this site admitly in high school and a little in middle school and arguably, most of us have outgrown it. I managed to contact a few people from my highschool ponychan days to find out what happened to some of the ones that never check back in once in a great while. Happy to learn, Macil and Karma are partnered and living together, britpony is still living his best life, and tracer is still stupid weird old guy. Mikie is moderated, and nobody remembers Orange anymore. I also found Cato's Facebook and wouldn't be surprised if I find out he's in prison 😭 💔

Anyway, just a nostolgic revisit here.

How're you?

Also, post Sky Heart.
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Annuit cœptis novus ordo seclorum...
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RIP, you steely-eyed rocket comrade.

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So, this could be a touchy subject so im going to try to be careful here.

I came across this article:
Its about a person starting a charity to give support to people who are detransitioning.
This got me thinking about how that is probably going to be a group who in the near future, might be stigmatized in their own way, and will probably be in need of support.
>Gender transition has positive outcomes for many people and even talking about detransition is viewed by some as transphobic.
Was an interesting line to me.
Has anyone given consideration to this? Is there any conversation surrounding this issue in those circles?
There are people here who for sure would have a better perspective on this subject than I do.

I didnt post the title of the article, because i didn't think it was very good.
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Her glorious majesty sets out goverment agenda Crackdown on crime dominates Boris Johnson's first Queen's Speech


All citizens of the United Kingdom, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu your royal highness Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Defender of the Christian Faith is speaking to set out her British goverments agenda.

Americans need not apply, but may gather around if so they desire.
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*Makes a post then decides to delete*

"You must wait 40 more seconds before deleting this post."

Fuck you ponychan, I'm an impatient millennial and I want to delete it now.

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"Here it Comes" Guild Navigator: "Those Kurd Atreides are fucking up our Heroin trade."

Chapter 02 - The Guild Navigator's Orders

Emperor Padisha Erdogan:"Let me Get my fat floating man,the Baron.."

Baron Trump Harkonnen twittering "JEWS ARE AN ALIEN INFESTATION,EIN AMERICA EIN....."

Emperor Padisha Erdogan:"Shut it ,I need you to do something about these goddamn Kurds."


Emperor Padisha Erdogan:
"Excellent I will send my Sardukars."

>>footage of Turkish troops slaughtering the Kurd Atreides

>>Screams of ecstacy from the ISIS Fremen

Dune:Sardaukar tribute
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Life things. So I just realized that it has been my 5th month since I've stopped using amphetamine.

In that time, a great job landed in my lap when I would have least expected it, and I stopped using before that opportunity came, because if I didn't, I wouldn't be able to hold myself together to get or keep a job, otherwise.

I've realized that by taking on some serious responsibilities, I no longer have time to focus on things that make me depressed--or maybe whatever made me depressed went away.

It seems like it should be apparent that accepting new challenges is a necessary part of life, but I see so many people my age refusing challenges.

Even though there's a lot of stressful shit I have to deal with, I'm pretty content to be alive right now.
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Ask I Anything Anything at all, big or small.

I'll divine my wisdom upon you.
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Typhoon Hagibis: death toll rises in Japan as worst storm in 60 years https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/oct/12/japan-typhoon-hagibis-tokyo-earthquake-rugby-flood-rain

That must really suck. I do know what it's like to lose things to a flood.
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Bernie2020 #Politics
>be U.S.
>lead Kurds to establish a safe zone by removing fortifications[1]
>withdraw troops from said zone
>Turkey bombs the shit out of them[2]
>pranked :D

can you mofos get rid of these lunatics in office, at least democrats pretend to be doing good when they wage war or you know, elect Bernardo
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calling all tech nerds Any advice on uhhh pic related? How long is this supposed to take?
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What has happened to this place?
I don't recognize it anymore
It used to be so fun and special
What is life worth living for?

The dream is dead,
our land is gone
There's a hole in my heart
and I can't go on

There are too many minorities
At my waterpark
This was our land, our dream
And they've taken it all away
They just keep coming and coming
I tried just goin' and tell the police
But even the authorities
are minorities at my waterpark

There's no place for me to sit anymore
And the lines just keep getting crazier
There are Mexicans all around me
The lazy river has never been lazier
It's a forty minute wait to go down one slide
And the instructions are in Spanish on the zipline ride
Just do it in English!

There are too many minorities
At my waterpark
Where did they all come from?
Why can't they leave this land alone?
And it's such a tragedy
We'll look the other way too long
We've got to change our priorities
And get all these minorities
Out of my waterpark
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I've supported Xi Jinping... I really have. I figured he had it together. But it is starting to look like maybe the CCP/Chinese government does kinda suck. I wanted to like you, Xi.
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Table of Bugycornism SPREAD YOUR FEELZ


Begin The Feelings Forum

Become, an Follower of BUGYCORNISM
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There is no more enjoyable time to browse 4chan's sport section than when England are playing an international match

Prove me wrong lads
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If Jeb ran as a Democrat in 2020, would you consider voting for him?
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Asian girl thread.
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Right lads, here we are. End of 2019,the roaring 20's are almost upon us and I'm looking forward to Jazz, fancy new automobiles, the end of prohibition and mass suicides as the great depression hits.

However- I think now is the time to look back. What will you remember the 2010's for? Do you have any particular memories? Good or bad?

How do you define the 2010's?

Personally I think it can be summed up pretty easily

The decade in which everything got pretty fucking weird
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AMA 4 Duh Bugycorn Gonna, jump into a Wagon

Do any of a Question, and. I shall, answer it
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Does anybody... Force Furries into an XXX Erotic Dungeon / Trap?

This is ToyBox the Water Sheep, inside of the Breasts Squeezing Trap

Furry BDSM & Damsels in Disaster can be put in here
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Why is he still being referred to as "British"?

Can't be the only one thinking he gave up his citizenship and nationalty when he fled this country into to kill innocents and wage war against us, nevermind how the goverment revoked his citizenship.

But on the plus side at least he looks nice and cosy all curled up with all his friends now. Prehaps he should stay there for a few more years, then maybe, just maybe, we can all hope Syria gives him the death sentence.

No point sending im back here, our prisons are far too good for him.

What do you think should be done to terrorists such as him?
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An AMA because everyone else is doing it. Go nuts.
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AMA #Mature
Hey hey hey, it's time for my AMA.

I crave attention, can't you see.
Do your best to entertain me.
All questions are valid
Anything will be answered
Though to be quite fair
I don't know much about the Hansard.
Come one, come all
For the thread you will see
I'll be just right here
Unless I leave to go pee.
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Vote in your local elections Reminder that your local elections have the largest impact on you personally and you should go out and vote, no matter how slim the pickings -- if you're like my town, at 5% turnout your vote has disproportionate value
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What will you do now that the show is done?
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cause i'm frikkin bored Very Serious Business
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If you have ever, for whatever bizzare reason, wondered what it is like growing up in the UK here is a 100 percent accurate recreation.

A Trip To The Black Bull | The Inbetweeners
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National Day Demonstrations in Hong Kong Turn Violent #Politics
>The Hong Kong police used a live round against a protester for the first time in months of protests, as Beijing celebrated 70 years of Communist Party rule.
This was yesterday's news, but i felt like making another thread would be spamming.
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Hey @ Goat I wanna, become eatin by a Alien Furry Lioness

Gotta Portal Beam, too... Warp Meh into your belly?
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Paris knife attack in police station kills 4 officers, injures others... #Politics
...assailant shot dead.


(No image)
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Hey @Snowbell Im not sure if you are here or not, but i could use and adult RN.
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[fangirling intensifies]
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The British are coming... #Politics
...for your Facebook messaging data.

This is reason #2047 I'm grateful I never joined Facebook or any other social media service with private messaging.

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Bernie Sanders Suffered Heart Attack Earlier This Week, Campaign Says #Politics
Sanders was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday after he suffered from chest pains during a campaign event. Doctors performed surgery on the candidate, inserting two stents into a clogged artery.

“After two and a half days in the hospital, I feel great, and after taking a short time off, I look forward to getting back to work,” Sanders said in a statement.



(No image)
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Man, you know how it goes. You look in the bowl and it's kind of the shape of a big brown crayon. So you reach in because you wanna try to write your name. But it's a lot softer than a crayon so it starts squishing all over your hands while you're trying to write. Then you wipe your hands all over the inside of the stall to try and get the bulk off before you hit the sink for a final wash. Suddenly your funny little prank has turned into another stall with poo smeared all over the walls.
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Happy Birthday, Gandhi.

Civ 6 India Gandhi Theme music Full
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CNF; Halloween GP out now Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled - Spooky Grand Prix Intro | PS4

Not that I think many here will care, but the Halloween Special Gran Prix is out on Crash; Nitro fuelled.

Bringing back N brio, who was oddly absent from the original crash team racing despite being in the original 2 crash games

And also bringing in Komodo Moe- Who was missing from Crash team racing despite his brother Joe being in.

And yes, the fan favourite, Neo Cortex's Niece (or daughter?) Nina Cortex has also been added, which I guess fits and is pretty neat given she is pretty much the only fan favourite 'new' character that was added into the series long after Naughty dog left.

But I warn you sick rule 34 fuckers you best stay away from her.

You get a special Witch outfit for Tawna, is that not good enough?
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I have returned form the living to start an AMA Ask me all the things!
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So pretty much every one of the youtube channels i sub to has at one point or another posted a video about how shitty youtube is.
It got me thinking about how we use to move from one platform to another fluidly and almost like clockwork on the internet, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore as platforms like twitter FB and YouTube seem to have dug their claws into people, no matter how much they are hated.
I know one of the big reasons im still using youtube is because the content creators are. I've fallowed some people to other platforms, but then they end up just going back to youtube anyway, and me with them.

The big issue i see with youtube is that people are expecting to make money off it. Maybe part of the reason there is a problem is that when youtube first started you made/posted videos simply for the love of it, and now its become a "job" to people, rather than just a passionate hobby.

Im not really looking for conclusions here, just thinking out loud.
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Robot murder So, as a kid, I had this nonfiction book about robots. It mentioned one Japanese one called "Tmsuk-04", and vaguely claimed that it was released into the public to roam around like a human, only for the human public to, um..."kick" it until it ceased functioning and "died." Couldn't find any solid source citations in the book, either.
The robot itself appears in my searches, but I can't find any mention of an incident like the alleged beating-to-death ever occurring. Anyone got any webpages about the Tmsuk 04 robot getting "killed" by the public?
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ITT: Post names (of living persons) that contain the substring "yy".

I'll start: "Zelenskyy"
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Make /ef/ Great again making this thread just to disappear again.
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I'm gonna say the N word
9 replies

Bodycam footage shows Durham Constabulary officers confronting armed man

How does your country deal with armed criminals?
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Providence to remove newly installed bike lanes #Politics
>"You feel like you're really either going to run into the yellow dividers or you're going to clip another car on the left side," said Michael McGary. "Most cars can't even fit going in there. Ambulances can't fit in the lanes."
>The installation of the bike lane cost the city about $63,000. It will cost $64,000 to remove it.

I love the system of bike lanes in my area, i didnt think they really needed to be updated. I wish they had thought this through, at least a little, before spending 120k on literally nothing.
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AMA #Politics
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A sad loss One of the few remaining active Boeing B-17 bombers from WWII was giving rides at an air show near Hartford, Connecticut. Ten passengers, three crew members and an employee at the airport were involved when the B-17 crashed on final approach to the runway at Bradley International Airport. Authorities are being very tight with details involving the people involved in the crash but deaths have been reported, The bomber was a total loss.


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All primitive recursive functions are total and computable, but the Ackermann function illustrates that not all total computable functions are primitive recursive.
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Finland school attack: One dead and 10 injured in stabbing spree in Kuopio shopping centre #Politics
>The suspect, a native Finnish man, was also carrying a firearm and stabbed several people in an attack at the Savo Vocational College located in the Herman shopping centre in the town of Kuopio, according to police. Officers confirmed they had used firearms and had taken the suspect into custody.
Its good they stopped this before it got worse.

>Inb4 he posted on img boards
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You know what it is

October is here! It's taken ten months but best month is here, Spooky month.

What are your plans?
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Dog thread.
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California police officer must call off chase after Tesla patrol car's battery runs low #Politics
Now I've seen it all and wish I could unsee it.

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Badly translator thread Itt: our used badly translator to (attempt to) take that chatted thread and look with a method long this lasts
102 replies
Politicians fuck with peoples lives to capitalize on media hype. #Politics
That would have been my headline anyway...
Actual headline:
Gov. Raimondo orders ban on flavored vaping products, citing ‘health crisis’ for kids

So basically, they banned something for 180 days till the hype dies down... Fine, whatever.
At least she didnt pull a Massachusetts and ban ALL vape products bar-none.
>“What adult drinks strawberry milk?” Raimondo asked as she held up a sample box of strawberry milk flavored e-cigarettes.
What world do these people live in where being an "adult" means you cant enjoy a flavor?
>According to the CDC, there have been 530 cases of lung injuries reported from 38 states.
Right, because thats worse than the literally millions of people who die every day from smoking. But they die paying tobacco taxes, so its fine.
>However, the R.I. Department of Health has not reported any vaping-related illnesses.
Because we have a very open, safe, and self regulating vape community that dosnt make their shit in a bathtub. I mean, at least we did.

It could have been worse, it could have been like the Mass ban of everything, but its still a knee jerk reaction to hyped news stories. "We dont know, so it needs to be banned!".
I think its just going to blow over personally, but its still damaging to friends of mines business.
Regulate it so that the corner gas stations stops selling to kids, sure, ban it all outright so adults can't make their own choices, BS.
>“What adult drinks strawberry milk?”
So why isnt flavored Vodka banned? I mean, think of the children!!
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Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?
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Who would win in a fight? Mouse or scorpion?
1 reply

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High AMA I haven't seen any AMAs in a while, and today is my Friday so I figured I'd do one. I just ate two pot candies, so while it might take an hour or so, this should get interesting, considering I'm only 105 lbs.

So ask me anything and hopefully I'll be able to still give a coherent answer.
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Today I learned... What a "magic carpet" is in film.

Basically it's a long strip of material that is strapped to the back of a car for the actor to run on while the car pulls it. This is how they achieve the effect of people running faster than cars or at inhuman speeds in movies.

So basically if the guy is running at like 3 mph and the car is moving at 40, it makes the dude look like he's running at 43mph. They are essentially running on huge rugs that are being pulled behind a car. It's pretty insane.

What did you learn today?
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>not voting for based Jagmeet on October 21
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Has anyone here seen Brightburn?

I feel rather conflicted on it.

The special and practical effects, including the gore, was great.

Most of the acting was pretty good, the kid in particular did great.

However the movie feels rushed, and the idea of 'what if superman was evil' or 'what if superhero was a bad guy' is not a new or original concept.

I did however enjoy the Alex Jones parody segment teasing an 'evil justice leauge'/Injustice movie That was pretty cool and if done right could be great.
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What are the poorest parts/cities in your country?
8 replies
This is too far https://charlieintel.com/modern-warfare-special-ops-survival-mode-available-exclusively-on-ps4-for-one-year/56886/

tl;dr: The Spec Ops Survival mode from MW3, which is returning in this year's CoD game, is going to be exclusive to PS4 players for an ENTIRE YEAR. If you don't own a PS4, you can't play it until October 2020. What the fuck?

To put it in perspective, Spec Ops Survival isn't just some MP gametype variant. It's the MW series equivalent of Black Ops Zombies, Halo Firefight, Gears Of War Horde etc.
In MW3 it was available for every single map, including DLC maps, which put it to over 20 maps iirc. That's dozens of HOURS worth of content.

How do you defend this? EVERYONE is paying $60 (or more) to get this game, but only the people who happen to own a PS4 can access all of it for a year? I seriously never thought exclusive content would go this far.
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Porn thread #Mature
I've been wanting to make this for a while.
I feel like there isn't enough porn on /ef/. I mean we have the Mature tag, why not use it?

Anything goes itt, except stuff that's against site rules/illegal obviously.
(No image)
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I finally got around to watching the 3rd Democratic Debate
surprisingly informative and entertaining

#CrowderDebateStream! The Third 2019 Democratic Debate! | Louder With Crowder
16 replies
CEO raised the minimum salary of his employees to $70k and now he's doing it again #Politics
I know im spamming a bit, but i found this story interesting.
Its a good example of someone living the change they want to see.
This guy wants better for people, and he made it happen.
We live under a system that allows for this, so i see no issue with the system, what we need to do cultivate a culture that perpetuates it.
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Step right up, step right up one per customer made to order just for you

Which would you like?
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The equinox is here. It's officially fall-autumn.

>Pic unrelated.
2 replies

I BRING 2 U...

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Michelle Carter denied parole https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/20/us/michelle-carter-parole-denied/index.html


>>On the day Roy died, their exchanged messages confirmed how he planned to kill himself in his car by carbon poisoning.

>>When Roy told Carter that he was overthinking things, Carter responded by texting, “I thought you wanted to do this. The time is right and you’re ready. You just need to do it! You can’t keep living this way.”

>>Midway through his attempt, Roy got out of his car when he realized that the carbon monoxide was poisoning him. Carter revealed to one of her friends that in that moment she was on the phone with him, and urged him to get back in the car, serving as an important factor in his decision to take his own life.

Given the fact that some posters were telling people here to essentially take their lives,this case could have some bearing on these boards.
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Cat thread.
57 replies
Ok, slightly more depressing thread time.

Does anyone else feel like the world and culture, society etc in general is starting to. I don't know, crumble? Stagnate?

It seems the world is more divided than ever, at least during my lifetime. Sure, people are far more connected than ever with internet easier to access than ever before, and almost everyone having access to it and even from their phones always being in their pockets. Yet, it seems like despite this

So many people are more depressed than ever. More poor than ever. More divided than ever. And I think we can agree more angry and hateful.

And technology seems to be stagnating. I mean, last twenty years, yes we have internet being super fast and available on almost all platforms and such, and we have drones (Still not mainstream sadly) and perhaps self driving cars coming in the next couple decades or so, and alexia (Even if those things are spying on us yet nobody seems to care) but it just seems like there's nothing major or groundbreaking coming out.

Culture and technology is just stagnating. Just sort of sitting around doing nothing, which irony upon irony is what a lot of people seem to be doing nowadays.

And I just don't think it's going to get any better. Worse if anything.
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Ponychan Chess Tournament I don’t think we’ve ever tried something like this before, so why not. Simply create a game with a link and then send said link so someone can join.

26 replies
Guys, I’m suuuper high, How do I make post?
7 replies
Do you remember

Just a reminder that today is the 21st of September.
3 replies
O MY GET AH! ok /ef/

U R, an reformed changeling drone layin on a pile of leaves bed & then. Awakes just early in the mornin and seeing THIS EVIL CHICK OF THE NIGHT- staring at ya...

Wat do U do?

I MADE THIS THREAD BECAUSE OF A LEWD DREAM + Replica does Cute Batpon Damsels ~ I had seen, some Flapmares of the Night IRL... Since, Battle Creek haz Moths--- Batponies are within any Apple Farm

6 replies
10 U.S. Code § 246 Are you a member of the militia of the United States?
6 replies
Parents should be criminally responsible for their childrens' actions.. Obviously there could be exceptions to this. If they have 5 kids and one of them behaves like a degenerate, and the others don't, fine. But a single mother who has a kid who happens to go rob a store, should share at least equal criminal culpability as her child, if not more.
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So it turns out the whole storm area 51 thing was an advertising campaign for Bud Light.

You read the right. Bud Light.

2 replies

Gonna have, an moment of Slime Galactic Furries that would begin ~ biting on human males nuts & 69ing earthlin male victims on beds + being egyptians and stealing male servants from anubian jackals
314 replies
henlo /ef/~!
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On Mint >I wish I could turn back time
>Now the gift is all mine
>I know we can't forget the past

The End Of Evangelion - Komm Süsser Tod
40 replies
Can we have an amusing news stories thread?
7 replies
Oops #Politics
You weren't supposed to see this. Now the US Navy has capitulated to the fact their carrier fighters have been chasing these things around the Southern Californian and Baja Peninsula coastal waters for decades.

I know a civilian who saw these things from Catalina Island decades ago. He told me of his experience back in the 90's so this isn't just jumping on the band wagon. We're through the looking glass.


The Nimitz Encounters

UFO? Chilean Navy releases video of mysterious flying object
16 replies




(Spoilers for Pokemon sun and moon)
2494 replies
The Story Thread: Nero Edition #Mature

33 replies
Why is Sikhism actually the most based religion in the world
2 replies
Present day Present time >>And you know what they say I am hurt you
>>And you don't feel a thing
>>And you don't seem the lying kind

Lain opening [Full]

Everyone is connected except you.

23 replies
Democrats say the Red Flag database cannot include gang databases #Politics
>They brought up the ‘no-fly, no-buy’ list which was filled with inaccuracies, but Rep. Ken Buck, a Colorado Republican, who hoped to amend the measure to include gang databases, reminded the Democrats the restrictions for placing someone on a gang database are much tougher than the no-fly list.
>Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia called out Democrats for their hypocrisy, reminding the committee of a ‘sit-in’ on the House floor during which the GOP majority in 2016 could not conduct business until they passed, ‘no-fly, no-buy” to prevent people on the no-fly list from purchasing guns.

^ less retarded source ^
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(No image)
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WAT If... An Amerikun Gen Z Edgy Teen became a PKMN Trainer >Is anypony doing the Suicidal Region on Pkmn GO & how many did U catch?

Within your option, within a greenwall story- type out ~ how could an Young Adult-30's American can travel through all 8 Regions & how did the Twerp [Get out of The Home and Receive the 1st Starter]

brb, gonna b doin a usual PoGO grinding. Brb /w my opinion
16 replies
Hey guys...

I want to become a better individual and contribute more to society and my wellbeing. How do?
36 replies
You think you got what it takes? Well let me tell you something, you DON'T! Will it be hard? YES! Will you cry? Maby.. Will you contract herpies? That has only happened once. Now get down there, and give me 20 licks! Best tongue gets desert!
(No image)
3 replies
16 replies
Do you have Prince Albert in a can?
18 replies
As I can't think of anything decent to post, I have decided to post facts and trivia about my favorite animal, the platypus.

Starting with the ones you no doubt know, just how unique they are, which quite frankly makes them pretty fantastic.

> Platypuses are venomous mammals

>Platypuses are egg-laying mammals

> Platypuses have 10 sex chromosomes

> Platypuses produce milk not via nipples, but via sweat glandes

>Platypuses Use Electroreception to Find Prey- That's right, it's bill can sense electric currents

>Platypuses walk on their knuckles instead of their feet

>Platypuses do not have a stomach

>Platypuses fur is completely waterproof

>Platypuses don't store fat in thier body like pretty every other animal, and like we do, nope they store fat in their tail

Now if you happen to still not find these bizzare nonsensical frankensteins both amazing and cute then you seriously have something wrong with you.
22 replies
Alright folks, serious thread time.

I had something I have not had in a long time, and that being

A nightmare, one that brought up some very old memories.

You see, I always like to pretend that I'm fine. And I guess I am, on most levels. I'm not doing bad, I have a part time job that I kind of enjoy, and I have my own flat/apartment.

But over a decade ago, when I was 16, I got my first job. Working in an office. I thought I knew what I was doing.

Said job only lasted two weeks before I was fired. I kept getting the work wrong. I kept forgetting what to do. And so in the end I was taken into the office and I was let go.

And this at the time brought back school memories. I was 17 at the time, having left school at 16.

Why? I did not really get on well. English and maths. Boy did I hate those. Why? I just couldn't work them out. If I got homework say on maths I would try. I would try hard. But I would look at that piece of paper and it was like an alien language.

And the fact that I just couldn't work them out did sometimes bring me to tears. I hated it. I felt like a complete moron. Felt so fucking stupid. And then would get back to school and everyone else would hand in thier homework like 'well that was easy why did we even have to do that' while I had nothing to hand in

And so the teacher would call me out and tut and moan at me, talk and look at me like I was a retard. So soon as I turned 16 I did my exams, the majority of which I failed, and left school. Then a few months later I got that job which did not work our so good.

And now here I am over a decade later, having not thought about any of this in a long time. And I just had a nightmare that to put it simply involved me trying and failing many times at different things and feeling like a complete stupid idiot..

And I woke up honestly feeling pretty damn upset. And I hate saying it but it's kind of shook me up. Brought back a lot of memories I think I may have repressed

Just wanted to get it all of my chest, thought it might help.
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Mint's farewell party >>335314
Press F to pay respects.
76 replies
Ketchup on tacos Blasphemy or nah?
17 replies
| | | | | | | |
| | | | __ _| |_ ___| |__
| |/\| |/ _` | __/ __| '_ \
\ /\ / (_| | || (__| | | |
\/ \/ \__,_|\__\___|_| |_|
___ _ _ _
/ _ \(_) | | |
/ /_\ \_| | ____ _| |_ ___ _ _
| _ | | |/ / _` | __/ __| | | |
| | | | | < (_| | |_\__ \ |_| |
\_| |_/_|_|\_\__,_|\__|___/\__,_|
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hey /ef/

would, not only having a hard log crushed ~ BUT... having the mind pounded by a british mage furry espeon


Elemental Vixen Porn Thread
4 replies
Ric Ocasek RIP Ric died in your lifetime.

Co founder of The Cars and an all around musical genius, Ric wrote, sang, played guitar and produced albums for his band, his solo career and a number of grunge bands.



The Cars - You Might Think (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Ric Ocasek - True To You


105 replies
Has it really come to this? #Politics
During the last Democratic presidential debate, Andrew Yang began his opening comments by announcing his campaign supporters will pay 10 families $12,000 for one year to demonstrate the power of his message.

His message: We got money. Come and get it.

Free Money - "Magic Christian"


10 replies
*electronic music plays*
Hey YouTube , it’s ya boy sleezzyyeezydeezy69x69. Sorry I haven’t uploaded in a while but I have been really busy with stuff going on in my life but today I’m going to show you this really cool gta mod. Wow isn’t that so cool? Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

Hey YouTube it’s me again and today I bought this used Porsche for only $5,000. What a steal!

*one week later*

Hey guys, my Porsche broke down and I ended up spending over $50,000 in repairs. I think I just made a big mistake.
25 replies
Spooky bits #Mature
There is only 1½ hours of the full moon / Friday the 13th combo here on the east coast US.
Nothing major has gone down here, how y'all holding up?

Plus, meh, it's close enough to the spooky month to have a general superstition/spooky/supernatural/spooky/paranormal/spooky type spooky thread.

Anyone here into that kinda stuff?

Maybe share something spooky thats happened to you.
(No image)
3 replies
90 replies
this isnt the greatest shitpost, it's just a tribute I wrote a blog post a while ago about why I fucking hate video games. They appeal to the male fantasy!
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Blackpill and Social Anxiety I think I figured out the secret to normalfag self confidence: it's self-deception.

Everyone is delusional about themselves. Being an animal aware of your own mortality forces this upon you. The only way out of existential terror is naive trust in something (religion and love do this) or heroism. Both exist to give the ego the illusion of immortality and protection, as well as of growth and fullness.
Everybody is the hero of their own story, because everyone lives in a story of their own making (never in the "real", full world) playing a character created for society. Life demands this of us on many levels: by living in a society that cherishes certain values (society's value itself being beyond mere reproduction as some incels claim) and biological truth being literally unbearable. This is what "heroics" are: the million copes people come up with to ignore death and feel their lives are eternal and meangful.
The depressive and the socially anxious have failed in their heroics, therefore they are destroyed and paralyzed by feelings of helplessness, nihilism, guilt, self-hatred.The person who has always chosen "silent retreats" over confronting some issue eventually retreat so far there's nowhere else to go, they don't know how to live because they didn't live.

A lot of people here put excessive stress on looks (even above physical fitness and money), but a confident and "magnetic" ugly person will always be more successful in ANYTHING than the attractive sniveling coward.
Confidence is nothing more than a disguise. You tell yourself a lot of things and then you do everything in your power to convince people (and yourself) that this is real. No one lives in the real world, everybody is frail and afraid of death, this entire spectacle of human life.It's all fucking copes, so why not cope with this too?

I'm going to actively "blindly believe" in myself and see if something happens, I'll ignore all the anxiety cues in favor of consciously constructing a lie around myself. Anyone else tried it? Is it possible?

tl;dr just lie to yourself bro
7 replies
Do you believe in Dog?
7 replies
Yo, let's turn some furries into E621 Poking Monsters that become Impregnated & Pops Eggs from their Vaginas...

Macaroni, should b an- Yellow Flygon in Ika's Design /or ~ R-MK's Design

Shazetta should become an Eevee, that pops out alot of babies- from Gewdai

ZigZag should become a SkunTank, she needs 2 b an--- Pregnate CEO that makes babies

ToyBox should be an- Alolan Ninetales and can Destroy all Trees & Make Happy Milk from her breasts and Babies that are Millionaires

Chewy, should be an, Shiny Clefable... That makes babies from Team Mystic

Post who you would turn into a Monster inside of Lewdymon Daycare
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15 replies
Listerine... Don’t use that piece of shit.
20 replies
Did you know we, the United Kingdom, were once a Republic? A filthy disgusting dictatorship led by the supposed "Lord Protecter" Oliver Cromwell?

I know, I know, I shudder to think about it. Imagine being without a King or Queen.

Nightmare worthy.
54 replies
Never forget #Politics
Do you think 9/11 was an inside job?
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Why is the European Union so white?

I mean, not a single black, and only one non white. For shame, for shame.

Not very representative of modern Europe in the slightest.
25 replies
Government will propose banning flavors used in e-cigarettes #Politics
>WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Wednesday his administration will propose banning thousands of flavors used in e-cigarettes to combat a recent surge in underage vaping .
First they came for my vanilla.

I love how Trump has banned more firearm and drug related stuff than Obama.

I think this would have happened regardless of who is in office because of 'da children' but its especially highlighted when the administration says "freedom" 17 times in every paragraph.

I miss clove cigarettes.
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Shit no one remembers. Because I'm bored.

Flagpole Sitta
13 replies
Energy Future So it's obvious that alternatives to petroleum and other common fuels are taking ground. We are in that stage where we kind of suck at something on the way to getting really good at something, but we see improvement every day.

One mode of energy production that i dont think gets enough love is the Stirling Engine.
Its basically an engine that runs on the basic principles of thermal dynamics, in that it uses heat displacement to run.
Powerful Mini Stirling Engine - TEST

There are a ton of examples of mini desktop engines that people build for fun, but they can and have been scaled up to produce enough power to run a household on and more. There has even been Stirling motor airplanes, though, the power to weight ratio makes them pretty impractical atm.

The heat can be generated in a number of way, from burning fuel, to focusing sunlight, and it just has to be a differential, meaning, you can also cool one side to make it run, if you cant produce more than atmospheric heat.
Idk, it would be cool to have personal household generators that run on a bunch of different fuel types. So you could have it work on solar when there is sun, and something like alcohol when there isnt... Or hell, just burn some newspaper and junk mail.

What are your lofty visions of the future of energy?
11 replies
wow, a serious thread from me. I know, once in a blue moon London2001September 12th

Just a reminder that on this day, we remember. The UK will never forget, and we will always love you America.
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Remember that Dracula song by rob zombie? #Mature
What the hell was that about?
A car or something?
7 replies
NC GOP Tricks Dems, Steals Budget Vote #Politics

>TL;DR - The NC State House of Representatives held an early-morning vote with barely half the Representatives even present, by telling the Dems there wouldn't be a vote until later. This allowed them to bypass pesky things like "majorities" by making sure the opposition couldn't vote. When the Democrats were outraged, the Republicans simply said that they should've showed up for work, instead of doing other things like attending 9/11 memorial events.

Just another day in hellworld. Today's big game: NC's Republicans are racing the Democrats to the bottom of the barrel. Who win? The anti-democratic Republicans? Or the cartoonishly incompetent Democrats? Will my fellow North Carolinians react, or are they too exhausted by the news cycle to feel anything anymore? Will the Democrats be content to look proper in the loser's chair, as always? Will our state politics kill me before I hit 35?
4 replies


4 replies
here, ToyBox

U can B- this monster... That hates & electricutes trees + U could always have lactating breasts

16 replies
Ika AMA #Mature
I just watched all of horse, ask me anything.
102 replies
Pig farmer living in the Philippines testifies to US Congress about online free-speech platform #Politics


*Note to mobile users, 2nd link is a PDF download.
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Time for new iPhones #Mature
This is the week when Apple will formally announce the 11th generation iPhones. Seeing how there are at least three Apple haters on this board, I'm going to set this to mature and, due to the fact iPhones sold in the US come from factories in China, the political tag is on.

One announcement that marks this announcement address is that Apple is, for the first time, using Youtube live to broadcast their live presentation rather than waiting a few hours to post it. Apple will still provide a live stream through their own media services including AppleTV and Safari web browsers set to their website broadcast. Adding Youtube live to the event marks a very important change in openness and provides people outside the Apple ecosystem a good look at the polished presentation as well as a faster look at the new phone line.

Critics are fair in their assessment that iPhones are just too damn expensive for what they are. The model I'd love to use would run $1400 with adequate storage. Can't say if their finally switching to OLED screens is a good or bad idea, given that too many OLED screens are subject to burn in, so much so that Samsung has already bypassed them for their own improved material design free from screen burn in.

The broadcast is a little over a day from this post. The excitement builds.
16 replies
Why do Democrats hate ICE so much? In my estimation, if we had taken the money that we invested in electric cars and instead invested in nuclear fusion and carbon sequestration technology, we would be a lot better off. When we have cost-effective nuclear fusion and carbon sequestration, it doesn't matter if everyone drives a car powered by a good old-fashioned internal-combustion engine.
15 replies
Ponychan is a place for Americans and anyone who loves freedom. Chinese commie shills can fuck off.
29 replies
Is it true that Communism and Fascism are basically the same shit, only with different assholes?
120 replies
I think we need a pointless throw away chat thread. So I made one!

How's Saturday night/Sunday morning treating you /ef/?
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AYA #6: Return of the AYA #Politics
Now with 20% more tags!
12 replies
As somebody who has always took an interest in politics, geography, flags and other such related subjects

why on earth did nobody tell me that FYR Macedonia changed their name?
132 replies
Reminder that it is more likely than not that a pissed off burger-flipper is spitting in your food indiscriminately, every time his co-workers look away.
Fast-food restaurants have absolutely no way of actually discouraging this behavior, if somebody is chronically angry at society. Enjoy eating spit and feces.

For the record: I don't do this, but I have worked at enough fast-food places to know that it happens quite frequently. Even if the person gets caught, fired, or even charged with a crime (this basically never happens unless they upload a video to Facebook or admit to it), he probably still got a lot of people who never knew.
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20 replies

Claiming this number for curvy bird ladies everywhere. Post your best bird ladies.
136 replies
Screencaps #Mature
ITT: Post screencaps (of here and other places)
26 replies
He's right, when a cop beats his wufe the cop is the real victim!
45 replies
Ask an Erisian Anything #Politics
Ask an Erisian Anything.

Also, what level are you?
174 replies
Hello. Random but meaningful to me;

Her name was/is, britpony. I haven't talked to her for years. I recently cried worried about her wellbeing and I want her to be safe. She was a friend many years ago with a meaningful impact on me. If anyone knows her in anyway, tell her to PLEASE contact me via the email address in .y name. I'm tired of crying and reminiscing about her, any contact whatsoever would be a godsend.

Thanks. Bye.
14 replies
'The only good white man is a dead white man'

'This Hitler only has one objective- Justice for his own people!'


Robert Mugabe, 1924-2019
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>tfw your college class literally has an unironic Antifa propaganda poster plastering the wall

I expected nothing and I was still disappointed. The teacher spent the first 10 minutes of our class telling us all how we could be kicked out or imprisoned for racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc, and then he spent the rest of his time making disparaging Trump jokes, literally calling him a White Supremacist at one point.

I intend to treat this course as nothing more than a complete joke, but fuck me, I had no idea it would be this funny. You couldn’t make this shit up, it’s like they bought into every Sargon tier stereotype about college and then asked how they could make the situation more hyperbolic.
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>proceed to screm
2 replies
Why was he such a perfect leader?
1 reply
Lewdy Honey Hive #Mature
alright /ef/

Every Poster iz an- Buzaling & haz a Position /w a VERY LEWDY Job

Which are you?


I am, an Drone/ which. Enjoys slurping Nectar from Queen's Breasts
145 replies
Books Have you read any good books recently?
64 replies
Jorbs What job(s) have you had?
Did you enjoy them?

What job do you currently have?
Do you like it?

What job do you want?
Do you have plans to get it?

If you are NEET are you looking for one currently? Do you have a strategy?

How do you feel about work in general? Do you see a job as something you have to do to support your life outside of it, or do you think a career should be a part of your life?
4 replies
1 reply
How many days to Hollow Een? Mauroon bait thread
4 replies
Please redirect here any edgy political tangents in threads not tagged #Politics.
22 replies
Egg Laying Labor Day #Mature

All U, Scalies--- Let's have a Thread about the creature that would celebrate 24/7


Would U think about having 6 Yoshi Harems ~ Living within your location?


0 replies
142 replies
/mu/ and friends - because why not So, guys. I started this thread because I felt inspired by /oat/'s frequent /b/ and friends thread. Plus, I feel like showing off some of my favorite music. And here's one of mine right now.

What are your favorite tracks and albums at the moment?
21 replies
In this thread we post videos that sum up our country/state
154 replies
QTDDTOT Questions That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread.

Do you guys use google or URLs when visiting ponychan, or any other site?

Personally I virtually only use URLs, unless I don’t know the URL of the site I’m visiting, which is extremely rare because I generally tend to just cycle through the same sites daily.
26 replies
Will you be my mommy?
42 replies
****🅗🅔🅛🅟 🅜🅔**** #Mature
Guys, I created a tulpa and now she wants to control me, and make me her slave. For those who don’t know, a tulpa is an entity created in the mind, acting independently of, and parallel to your own consciousness. She’s asleep now, but everytime she possesses me, I feel like having a panic attack. She’s even threatened to dissipate me kinda like egocide. She says I don’t deserve this body. I lose gaps of time and everything I do... she does better(like cleaning or maintaining hygiene). How do I kill her?
26 replies
Ask a Level 425 Anything Ask a Level 425 Anything.

Also, what level are you?
16 replies
>my visa got approved
woop woop
149 replies
Hurricane Dorian Please stay safe, Floridian friends!
12 replies
Press any key to continue.
19 replies
Great Men Itt lets discuss great men, starting with ourselves.

(Notice the lack of politics tag and post accordingly).

Those who hate me really seem to enjoy it, so by this standard i'm potentially great tho i wouldn't argue it. How bout u.
40 replies
Write a story one post at a time thread #Mature
Lets give it a shot.

One word per post.

Ill start.

6 replies
I have found a new Youtube channel to marathon so I thought I would share:


An old Canadian guy and his friends exploring abandoned mines. I have poked around an old coal mine or two in my day but this guy takes it to extremes. Much excite.
66 replies
What pony/character would you avatar as if you couldn’t use your current pony/character?
9 replies
y'all humans can't even fly.
51 replies
In order to start a general little talk going I thought I would ask a question of every poster on here;

What has been your greatest achievement in your life so far?
22 replies
Speaking of religion and spirituality, here is a thing.
The Egg

Not the normal affair from them, but it was interesting none the less.
Its an animated short story.
I found the idea rather nice, and it actually kind of sorta lines up with my feelings on the subject.

Not exactly, but, kinda sorta.
0 replies
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