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I wanna marry Tohru!
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Help Holy shit, I'm bored as fuck and can't seem to sleep.

Anyone around to talk about their shit, more then welcome to with me.

My mind is slowly turning to mush

Help, like holy actual shit
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THE FINAL COUNTDOWN; Brexit edition #Politics

OFFICAL THREAD THEME; Rule Britannia - Last Night of the Proms 2009


There are currently 12 days until the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

This thread shall be updated.

regina Deum nostrum et patriam defendat May
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So factario is p neat Also hai
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So, Bernie is dead in the water again after a week of attacks from the DNC. #Politics
Sanders Apologizes to Biden

Elizabeth Warren snubs Bernie Sanders’ handshake after Democratic presidential debate

Hillary Clinton says "nobody likes" Bernie Sanders in new documentary

And this morning, Biden was basically calling him a pro gun radical.

Thats right, Bernie Sanders is now a sexist gun extremist... Probably a white nationalist too, might have to wait a week for that one to come out though.

Think the left will wake up when their own propaganda tactics are used against them?
I dont.

>donate to actblue tho, because that money wont go strieght into the pockets of the people corrupting your ideals.

As I've said, its Bidens turn.
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The Story Thread: Full Sail Ahead #Mature
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GPT-2 ITT: Enter some text into https://talktotransformer.com/ and post the results!

Example input: The gabapentinoids are a class of drugs vaguely resembling the neurotransmitter GABA.

Example output: They inhibit the neurotransmitter glutamate by blocking the reuptake of glutamate, which keeps the concentrations of glutamate at lower levels (a very useful property). By inhibiting the neurotransmitter glutamate, the gabapentinoids can enhance alertness, improve neuropathic pain and resolve seizures (a relatively new, yet effective therapeutic agent). The gabapentinoids are also reported to reduce anxiety. Other neurotransmitters may also be involved in their effects, but their effects have yet to be fully demonstrated.

Side effects of gabapentinoids can be very serious, and should be avoided by taking them with enough caution. The most common side effect of gabapentinoids is nausea,
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Antifa to attend VA rally in support of gun rights. #Politics

So, I went back and forth about posting this, but I am wondering about how people like fox and Ika, who support Antifa, but are staunchly anti civilian gun ownership, feel about this.

Personally, my take is, the more the merrier, as long as they are their to stand against fascism, and not to start shit.
More people seem to be waking up to the fact that this isnt a right for old white people who already don't need it, its for the minorities that do.
Gun ownership is a leftist ideal, idk how that got propaganda'd away.
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Um- Mythix

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Mr. Peanut is a capitalist ghoul and I’m glad he’s fucking dead The guy literally sells his own species to feed the hungry maw of American consumerism. Fuck you Mr. Peanut you bourgeoisie piece of shit. I hope the peanut families you sent to their deaths each get to take turns shoving a red hot poker in your eyes while you burn in hell
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You know how everything has a touchscreen these days? Computers, phones, cars, thermostats, etc. Are we going to get to the point where we have entire buildings that’s just a giant touchscreen and you can choose what color you want the floors and walls to be and it will load photorealistic textures?
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Reality is real. Or is it..? Hey, Vsauce Michael here So lads what level you on?
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oh /ef/

DO NAWT! Tell r-mk

I got ~ this damsel shaking her breasts & being warm in my bed...
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>foreigners come to America
>see only the nice parts of the country
>basically never go off the guided tour and see the bad parts

>foreigners come to North Korea and China

>see only the nice parts of the country
>basically never go off the guided tour and see the bad parts
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Sports teams I was wondering, do you have any sports teams you root for?

How did you pick them? Are they from your town or a town nearby? Are the just generally great at what they do? Got any local players in their roster that you like?

The question came to my mind because I root for a lot of foreign and local teams. They all more or less suck and never win anything - or their glory days were decades ago. I chose them all when I was real young based on how fancy or original their names sounded.
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Anyone else think that this 'new' Chinese virus might have been manmade?

Biological warfare is a very real thing, and China need weapons.

Now if this virus was released/contaminated the outside world beyond the lab deliberately or accidentally is the real question..
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Terry Jones RIP Another member of the Monty Python troop passed away on Tuesday after years suffering from a specific brain disease that caused dementia. The tabloid had announced a false story last week. This time it appears we have a dead Python for real.

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Weird Talents So what would you consider a special and/or weird talent that you can do?

I know for myself, I have a few that I've come to understand though my own means... and boredom.

Always rather interesting to find out what makes you "special" compared to the masses,
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So I've been trying to turn myself gay (or at least bi) by masturbating to gay porn, and it isn't really working. I can cum but I always tend to find myself imagining a woman when I do.

How do I make myself bi?
pic unrelated
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Drinks So what had you been drinking last month?
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They finally realized the truth.
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Today I learned #Politics
They say you learn something new everyday.

Dunno why I never this until now.

Just learned that FedEx is short for federal express

...but there's nothing "federal" about though.

Lol like the federal reserve amirite?

What did you learn today?
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What is meant by the term "sexual assault rifle"?
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Here, All U Fantasy Mage Sky Dwarf Hens

I caught this Dark Mage Beauty
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The absolute mad lads made fun of Blue Lives Matter.
The show is finally good again.
No politics please.
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Peanus weanus
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Reformed Changelings Having Up-Grades #Mature
ok, this iz gonna become- an Thread about Opinions...

Posters of /ef/ U all R Reformed Queens of a Changeling Hive & The Royal Job iz Gotta make The Colony have Feelings and Sharing

Would ya, create Up-Grades on your body 2 feed drones in mating season + other features?


Would U become, an Princess General /w Non Up-Grades?

Plus--- Wat kind, of {BUG} Feature do ya liek on a arthropod monster from E621?
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Toy Story: Sid’s Room Fun Fact: In the movie Toy Story a document labeled TM 31-210 is clearly visible in Sid's room.

Why does Sid have a document of the TM 31-210?!

Do any of you know what that is?
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Got banned...(Again) Great!
Now I’m banned for an unspecified reason!

I think it was because I told Maxwell that watching anime is a waste of bandwidth. Must’ve really pissed him off to not give me a warning.

Is watching anime a waste of bandwidth?

Please don’t bandwagon “a waste of bandwidth”
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Strange Bedfellows #Politics

Fuck. Just fuck. Now I have to watch this shit show. Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz defending President Trump before the Senate!?!

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This is a shitpost If he was a rapper what would be his stage name?
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So i kicked the hornets nest at work I said to the hornets, I said "Why have you forsaken the standards I upheld?"

They replied "Because correcting the mistakes would cause him to be upset"
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>have multiple videos of my mom committing various crimes
>driving drunk, hitting me/others, threatening to kill me
>can basically do whatever the fuck I want because if she calls the cops we both end up going to jail
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If I were to make a folder to post as a character from beastars should it be Haru or Juno?
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Furries in Trainers Beds #Mature
Ok /ef/ ~ LEWD Options

If this Mutation, had Breasts- would U sleep /w it?


(No image)
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Pile of Warm Tribbles Thread #Mature
Yup, shall- all Trainers

Throw the dirty images ~ WAT they did 2 their Mutating Furry Vixen which makes alot of noises... But, iz famous of being labeled as an (MEH BOI)

I turned an Pile of Fur, into Pam the Mutant Vixen oc

Let your Boner, become hiding in a fuzzy fox cream pie & dump some monster hentai of tribbles with breasts
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Almost 20 years ago.. Mark LaGanga's WTC 9/11 Video (Full HD 60fps)

Why did YouTube recommendations do me like this though?

..I don't feel too good. Think I need to lay down.
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The Senate finally receives the Articles of impeachment #Politics

Honestly generally curious on how this process will work.

What do you guys think will happen?
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You know, you must have done some real hard shit to get not just tagged as a Category A prisoner here in the UK, but also the fact that just moving you from a prison to another prison requites multiple armed officers, an entire escort of armored vehicles, and constant tracking, surveillance and the closing of entire roads in order to transport you.

...Guess the poor guy must have forgot to pay his TV license
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Have you ever gotten jealous or angry when you saw someone hitting on your mom?
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Today, All Forest Gorns /w Breasts from Heonn...

Shall capture all male human trainers & begin the SNU-SNU...!!?!!
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Can you refute C.S. Lewis?
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Has the tied turned on student loan debt? #Politics
A watershed court case has just concluded. A US court has dismissed a student debt of over two hundred thousand dollars through bankruptcy. In the US, such debt was not allows to be discharged by bankruptcy.


The news reports that there is over a trillion dollars in student loan debt. Looks like the Congress has their work cut out to craft a new bill to prevent the abuse banks made over the decades by hiding the real prices of collage loans.

While the following video is a sarcastic parody, the basic truths are well embedded in the narrative.

If Student Loans Were Honest - Honest Ads (College Debt)

Stupid spell check screwed the title. That should read 'Has the tide turned on student loan debt'.
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Assad is a good guy. At the very least he is the best option for Syria. Change my mind.
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Which Konasuba is best girl?

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Stories I remember a long time ago, I made threads in the past that had people randomly roll numbers to figure out topics and characters for simple short stories involving characters from the show and even the posters themselves.

I was thinking, instead of having people do that... what if people said what kind of story they wanted and I just did my best to put it together?

If you're interested, post an idea below.

And if not, tell me why I'm wasting my time.
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BREAKING; Ukrainian plane with 180 innocent civilians on board crashes in Iran with no survivors, after plane suddenly explodes into giant fireball in midair while flying above Iran, despite seemingly having had no flaws or errors reported on said plane nor any bad conditions while flying
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You just can't make it up anymore Jeffery Epsteins CCTV footage didn't erase itself
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Not gonna lie, I don't understand the appeal.

Is there anyone who would want to move to Florida and why?

I mean yeah, the beach is nice and the weather is decent in the winter

But it's hell in the summer
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Yo, Kabel dawg
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Friends Forever,Shame to whoever thinks I’ll of their relationship.

Hope the Queen goes after the real problem royals.
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Adult Cream Pie coming to McDonald’s Japan #Mature
>People are wondering if any English speakers were consulted before they chose the name for the salacious new dessert.

Oh, Japan.
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Finland and Denmark Stand in way of Europian Minimum Wage Laws #Politics

So not only is it literally evil that these countries have no minimum wage laws atm, but now they dont want the rest of the union to implement a federal requirement to member states.
When will the corrupt far-right nordic capitalist nations learn that without mandating these things, everyone will be living in a impoverished corporate dystopia?

Finland and Denmark need less sovereignty, so the EU can reign them in and get them on track with the right side of history.
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"Imagine a world with a magic artifact at the North Pole which makes it literally impossible to violate laws. The countries of the far north are infinitely orderly with no need for police at all. Go further south and the strength of the artifact decreases, until you’re at the edge of the Arctic Circle and it might be possible to violate a very minor law if your life was in danger. By the time you’re at the Equator, any kind of strong urge lets you violate most laws, and by the Tropic of Capricorn you can violate all but the most sacred laws with only a slight feeling of resistance. Finally you reach the nations of the South Pole, where the laws are enforced by nothing but a policeman’s gun." (Quoted from https://slatestarcodex.com/2018/03/19/the-dark-rule-utilitarian-argument-for-science-piracy/.)

Where would you want to live in such a world? And why?
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This just in... #Politics
England is one step closer to fulfilling the goal of exiting the European Union. Today the House of Commons approved the paperwork for what is called Brexit. The next step is for the same procedural vote to take place next week in the House of Lords after discussion.

The vote in the House of Commons was 330 to 241 in favor of leaving the EU.

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2020 film hype Just saw the trailer for this. Reboot of The Grudge, which was originally a Japanese supernatural horror film, and got remade into a watered-down PG-13 American film, which ended up getting two of its own sequels.
This new one looks like its actually going with a hard R rating though, and it is directed by Sam Raimi, who also did The Evil Dead.

THE GRUDGE Red Band Trailer (2020)

What 2020 movies are you guys excited for?
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>Sword and Shield's Pokedex is about to get a little bigger. During today's Pokemon Direct presentation, The Pokemon Company revealed that additional Pokemon are coming to the Switch Pokemon games with the arrival of two new expansions, Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. These Pokemon include both brand-new creatures and over 200 older ones that previously didn't make the cut into the Galar Pokedex, and even if you don't plan on buying the DLC, you'll still be able to get those Pokemon into your game with a little extra work.

I called it.
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Buck Henry RIP I doubt a lot of people here will make the connection between this guy and everything he did in his career.

He wrote the movie adaptation of one on the most iconic counterculture stories of the 1960's, co-created the TV show that launched Don Adams TV career, hosted Saturday Night Live ten times and co-stared in David Bowie's first motion picture, The Man Who Fell To Earth

RIP Buck


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Why haven't you played Atelier yet?
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Just leaving this here.
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Neil Peart RIP Neil Peart has died in your lifetime.

Press F for respects


Rush - Red Barchetta (Live (1980/Canada))

Neil Peart Drum Solo - Rush Live in Frankfurt

Tom Sawyer
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Behold. A Pale Horse. What can I do to improve your mental health?
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Bye Bye Ricky #Politics
Ricky Gervais ended not only his run as the host of the Golden Globes but pretty much any interest in working with the majority of Hollywood talent. Not that the guy needs Hollywood given how he feels about things there.

This had to be the finest monologue in the history of the show. Way to go out, Ricky!


Ricky Gervais' Monologue - 2020 Golden Globes

The jokes that weren't in the show were printed in this article. The comments are 100% in favor of what Ricky did. A very rare feat these days!


Press F for respects.
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What do the average police officers in your country look like?

Image related, Northern Irelands finest on duty cops getting ready for the Troubles V2.
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Apologies if this is the wrong place but I want to vent but at the same time i can't
there is someone that i was hurt very badly by that may or may have been a member here tried to prevent me making friends here, basically guilting me into feeling like nobody would like me based on my past that wasn't much of a past at all. It was a past that nearly every silly teenager has had. Yet they used this to have control over me. Made me feel like he loved me. Then once again looking for any excuse to act like something was my fault, or that i was a lesser. This eventually evolved into the guy admitting doing some very unmentionable acts and also being something quite unmentionable all the while still acting like he had the right to judge me. I came around these places for friends and fun, and it's led me to consider suicide a great deal over the last couple of years. It's stressing me out and I don't know how to deal. I was kind to this person and spent a large amount of my free time with them and i got nothing but shat on by them as they're free to lie or at least pretend to be something they're not.

They wanted to create a feeling of permanence in a silly thing i did as a teenage that hurt absolutely no one as a way of excusing everything that they did . the mentality of "because you did something silly and meaningless multiple years ago then you have no right to criticize other people when they do objectively horrible, objectively abusive things that no one has the right to do under any circumstances to other people" this has been grinding around in my brain for ages now and i haven't been able to find relief. I find it very hard to let go, but when you're stuck and made to feel bad when you know you weren't bad at all, it creates a permanence that sometimes makes you feel like only a shotgun blast directly to the head can cure.
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Natalie did nothing wrong
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2121 Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?

Randy Prozac — 2121
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Conspiracy thread Put on your tinfoil hats, I’m going to give you some of my conspiracy’s.

Aury is actually Pipes.

Kabel and !SATSUkIQg2 are shape shifting Illuminati lizards from outer space.

Snowbell isn’t actually made out of snow

Toybox doesn’t have any toys in her box

TusedayFrauleins favorite day isn’t actually Tuesday

Czarry is actually a chicken disguised as a human

Mk17 doesn't own an mk17
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Once again the pigs are demanding Apple unlock a phone for them, despite the fact that they refused last time and have even taken steps to close the loopholes that were used by a freelancer to break in for them.

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Australia fires are wild yo So I had an Australian co-worker that I worked with from time to time, top bloke, and in late November he decided to go home to Australia, to in his words

'Visit my family, it's bloody freezing here mate can't wait for the plane back home'

I haven't heard from him since, and I have no way of contacting him since I don't have his number and he's not on any social media as far as I can tell, but either way in hindsight looking back his words might have been quite the understatement.

Anyway just wanted to shout him out in the hope's he's fine, and a shout out to all you lovely Aussies out there, you're a great bunch of cunts and I love every one of you.

Best of luck with everything, hope you get rid of your PM, stay safe and you'll always be one of the UK's best friends.
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Dream Analysis So just a quick thing here, since it happened last night and I'm not quite sure how else to see things here...

Here it is.

So my dream came in three acts.

>ACT 1

- I'm in my room, just sitting in bed
- except everything is a lot larger then normal
- my bed especially is about 3x the normal size
- There's a fade to darkness in the middle of nowhere
- On the other side of my bed is just a pair of white eyes piercing the darkness
- Then, I blink

>ACT 2

- I open my eyes and I'm in the middle of a field somewhere
- The sun is shining and I can feel the warmth of it
- I'm surrounded by a ring of trees obscuring my vision of the horizon
- A whistle blows, and everything changes quick
- No more sun, no more warmth, and everything becomes tinged with crimson
- There's a whisper in my ear, and it says something to the effect of "... nothing... will be..."
- Then back to blackness

>ACT 3

- I'm back in my room, except everything is missing
- There's no furniture, and the floor is bare
- There's a rope in one corner, and those eyes look at me again across from it
- No figure this time, as it's obscured by shadow
- Those eyes close, the rope is in my hands suddenly
- I drop it, and I watch from above as I'm hanging by my own hand...?
- I'm above the room, and my body is hanging by the rope... and I'm also holding the rope so I'm hanging from it
- Those eyes are there again, but much larger now, on the bottom of the floor
- I hear a laugh, the eyes close

And then I wake up...

Just tryin to get an angle here or viewpoint or something.
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As much as it's known that ponychan will destroy any implication of rebellion...

Anybody want to support the return of efchan?
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Very Creepy Females in Hallways Haz, anybody ever had a dream

They are- walkin down stairs & keys was in a pocket. Then, 3 way akward females are standing in a hall & a door is seen nearby. They call out- sayin "Hello, (Your Name). Would you, like to play"? and "Our Mother says, we can come over for 2 days"

and then...

Your inside of an Apartment and you hear knocking on a door & THEM AGAIN! "We shall, have alot of fun"

wat kind of creepiness, have you seen?
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Trump openly threatans to commit war crimes #Politics
>cultural targets
wew lads
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Trump claims his 'Media Posts' on Twitter now count as official notification to Congress #Politics

this timeline keeps getting dumber
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I need a new indie rpg like OFF and Undertale. I tried Alter Aila but I couldn't get gripped on the hyper-jrpg style. And I've heard OneShot is hyper puzzle-based with little/no combat. I played most of the good OFF sequels already. Any other ones of this specific breed I'm missing?
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Press F to pay respects #Politics
As you may be aware, the Constitution authorizes Congress (not the president) to declare war. Does President Trump's decision to kill Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in an airstrike qualify as an unconstitutional act of war? And if so, should Trump be impeached for violating the Constitution?
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Cocaine should be legal and the legal purchase age should be 16
Change my mind
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Hello? Anypone out there alive?
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Holy shit I fucking love steamed cheesy broccoli mmm dammnnnnn
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Age to Buy Tobbaco Products Raised to 21 Nation Wide #Politics
I'm kind of surprised i didn't see anyone make a thread about this, but a little over a week ago the US federal government quietly raised the age to buy nicotine to 21, nation wide, with no grandfathering, which means, 20 year olds that could buy it 2 years before, couldn't the day after.

Seems weird to me that you arnt considered responsible enough to make personal choices of what you privately consume for recreation until you're 21, but you are considered responsible enough to be given a gun and sent to kill to protect corporate interests around the globe. Or worse, just a button to push to cut out the whole "moral dilemma" thing... its not so bad when its just viewed through the display of your drones camera i assume, but god forbid you have a smoke or a beer when the day is done.
Why not just make "adulthood" 21 if 21 is some kind of magic number?

Thats my take, whats yours?
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VEGAN almost DECAPITATED ( by bike lock )

So you're telling me that if you lock yourself into a machine that's designed to kill and turn it on.. there's a chance you might be killed?

Are these people really that dumb? I'm honestly bamboozled
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So, with World War 3 on the horizon, how are you preparing/coping?
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Gripes in Media Misrepresenting the character. Representation of diversity in media is overrated and just ruins everything when it is obviously forced. Can we stop turning white characters into black people, asians into white people, turning straight characters gay, ect, ect, and otherwise butchering the original concepts of what characters where originally supposed to be?

What's next, Geralt from The Witcher is going to appear in a reboot as a quadriplegic who fights monsters in a wheelchair? A white Black Panther? Professor Xavier with a full head of hair?
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Alright Americans educate

What are in your opinions the best, worse and or most overrated states in your glorious country?

Always wanted to visit San Fran in Cali, but I have sadly heard it's a bit of a shit hole nowdays
10 replies
Am I still genuinely sad I have no one in my life anymore or is it just seasonal affective and my brain's interpreting it that way? I never really cared before.
11 replies

Are we all looking forward to Iraq war 2; Trump and the gang nuke Iraq to distract Boogaloo?
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Contradiction is truth.
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Last death of note from 2019 You've seen this animation at least once if you live in the US. The voice actor who portrayed the character of The Bill in I'm Just A Bill died on the last day of 2019.

Schoolhouse Rock: America - I'm Just a Bill Music Video

He also did this on The Simpsons.

im just an bill- the simpsons version im just an amernment to be

Jack Sheldon, RIP
Press F for respects

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Is being Canadian/a fucking leaf a mental illness?
40 replies
So I've heard it said offhand this month that you can get HIV from pork, but I'm getting almost no relevant google results for the current year, and the only ones that are relevant are behind paywalls I don't know how to bypass. Can anyone help me get more of this info?
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Is Posting on Ponychan a Mental Illness? §
14 replies
The Belgians are the bravest, because they are furthest from the civilization and refinement of our Province, and merchants least frequently resort to them, and import those things which tend to effeminate the mind; and they are the nearest to the Germans, who dwell beyond the Rhine, with whom they are continually waging war; for which reason the Helvetii also surpass the rest of the Gauls in valor, as they contend with the Germans in almost daily battles, when they either repel them from their own territories, or themselves wage war on their frontiers.
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AIDungeon with ponies (not an ad :V) So well, I accidentally discovered this AIDungeon, it's a text adventure RPG or something (Like Zork), but you can type in any command, any text, any bullshit (and also speech), and the program will try to respond to you, based on what you said and the setting you chose in the beginning. The cool thing is - you can create a custom setting (environment). And it's what I did. (And yes I know that posts about this game have been on many other chans already, and perhaps it was mentioned here as well. Also, I don't know if this is the right board for this post, I'm kinda new here)
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Is Rust a Metal Illness?
6 replies
Is Shit-Posting a Mental Illness? ®
8 replies
Is Being a Mental Illness? Really makes you think.
(No image)
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Xingzou Temple Furries ok- /EF/

Which Chinese Damsel, haz captured U & forced ya--- into their lair

I was, tied-up by Dou & also. An Scorpion Amazoness

Who got U?
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Ore wa ochinchin daisuki nandayo
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What the hell? What’s with all the mental illness threads?
What the fuck is wrong with you people?

At least my thread was sincere about whether being transgender was a mental illness or not. Shortly afterwards... many mental illness threads started spawning.

Such as... Is being American a mental illness or is being a gamer a mental illness.
Let us not forget that thread: Is having a mental illness a mental illness?
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Is Not Having a Mental Illness, a Mental Illness? ©
14 replies
What constitutes a mental illness? I figure with all the fun we're having, to provide some information to those who do have questions or want to know more about what properly constitutes a mental illness.
It's not really meant for anything else but to be informative to those who need or want it.

>What is a mental illness?

A mental illness, or mental disorder or psychiatric disorder, is a behavioral or mental pattern that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning. It may be persistent, relapsing, or may occur as a single episode.

>What is the cause of mental illness?

The cause of a mental illness is often unclear. Many theories incorporate findings from a range of fields, and are usually defined by a combination of how a person behaves, feels, perceives, or thinks.

>How many mental illnesses are there?

As of now, thanks to the efforts of the WHO (World Health Organization) and the APA (American Psychiatric Association), there are over 200 different classified forms of mental illness recognized. These disorders can be classified as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, sleep disorders, sexual disorders, gender dysphoria, and many others.

>What are the symptoms of having a mental illness?

Symptoms of mental disorders vary depending on the type and severity of the condition. Some general symptoms that may suggest a mental illness include, but are not limited to: Confused thinking, long-lasting sadness or irritability, extremely high and low moods, excessive fear or worry, social withdrawal, dynamic changes in eating or sleeping habits, strong feelings of anger, delusions or hallucinations, an increasing inability to cope with daily problems and activities, thoughts of suicide, denial of obvious problems, unexplained physical problems, and abuse of drugs and/or alcohol.

>What are the risk factors in mental illness?

The predominate view as of 2018 is that genetic, psychological, and environmental factors all contribute to the development or progression of mental disorders. Different risk factors may be present at different ages, with risk occurring as early as during the prenatal period.

>Is there any way to help prevent developing a mental illness?\

As of now, there is no sure way to prevent mental illness. However, if you have a mental illness, taking steps to control stress, to increase your resilience and to boost low self-esteem may help keep your symptoms under control.

>How would one manage a mental illness?

Treatment and support for mental disorders is provided in psychiatric hospitals, clinics, or a range of community mental health services. A change in a person's lifestyle, dietary habits, and exercise regiment may also be of benefit. Along with these, medications may be used to help alleviate any negative symptoms of mental illness, though some have shown to have adverse effects when used in conjunction with other medications. Support from friends and family has also shown to be beneficial when someone is dealing with the treatments of their mental illness.
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Is being american a mental illness? .
3 replies
Is being a gamer a mental illness? THIS STUDY MAY SURPRISE YOU
2 replies
Am I a MeNtAl IlLnEsS?! Wake up sheeple!!!

We live in a simulation!!!

Life is a spook, and we're the whey from the wheat of society!!!
1 reply
Is making threads about mental illnesses a mental illness?
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Karl Marx was a hero. Change my mind.

Wisest man to ever live, who influenced humanity more than Jesus Christ.

>inb4 but Marx was poor

>inb4 but muh private property
>inb4 but communism killed 100 gorillion people
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Got banned.... I got banned for asking a simple question...

“Is being transgender a mental illness?”

Can someone help me realize what I did wrong?
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Is havign a mental illness a mental illness? .
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Maroon Auburns attempt at a chat thread HELLO THERE MY FELLOW /EF/POSTERS


AND I was just wondering, what you up too? What are your plans for the rest of the week?

And are you looking forward to New Years?
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Is being French a mental illness? Obviously we all agree that the French need to be stopped. The only question is how.
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Tanya was a hero. Change my mind.

Wisest woman to ever live.

>inb4 but Tanya Is actually a man

>inb4 but Tanya is crazy
>inb4 but Tanya killed people
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My HDD crashed a long while ago, and I sort of only visit once a blue moon, but I feel bad I don't have pony pictures now other than this old thing. Since /pic/ doesn't exist, where do people even go to get their pictures to avatarf... what was the wordfilter? Avatarpony?
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Is being trans an illness? #Politics
So obviously there are a lot of hot takes on the matter. On one hand, being called mentally ill for being trans could be quite demeaning.
But on the other hand, what if it isn't an illness? That means insurance companies and governments don't have to provide any medical support for trans issues.

Or is it a physical illness? Nothing wrong with your brain, but something wrong with your body.

What is your take?

I am deliberately choosing not to mark this as political, because I don't believe LGBTQ issues are a political issue. Political rights are a subset of human rights, not the other way around. LGBTQ issues are human rights issues. Human rights are not political. Mod edit my post with a political tag if you want.
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I'm not drunk I'm merry with the festive and new years spirit In this thread we post alternate national anthems for our country/state

Should I start?

Audio Bullys - We Don't Care (Official Video)

And no Aussies you can't post Land Down Under that's cheating.
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The mods are all poopy faces They dont let ppl post what they want, and i bet half of them are sonic fans from that erra of the sonic fandom.
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Greetings from your friends on the other side of the internet who just celebrated their first GETmas in 5 years.
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/ef/ escapes from north Korea So, it was a long night, but you got to sleep in the end, in your big warm bed.

But then you wake up, and you're not in your bed anymore. You're on a street. It's cold, dark and foggy.

And then it dawns on you. You're in North Korea. You are alone, with no money, passport or even a phone, and you don't speak or read Korean, and you're in just thin shorts and a T shirt, and overnight in your sleep you have somehow teleported thousands and thousands of miles to Pyongyang.

And then the music starts playing over the loudspeakers..

North Korea: Morning Music in front of Pyongyang Station 北朝鮮:早朝の平壌駅前

What do you do?
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new years plan this nnew year i am heading out with the gang to a place called the beat to a rocky horror theme party

the beat is one of the bigger clubs in the city but it is also known as the gay club cause it is the most lgbt friendly. "

wish me luck for then

what be your plans?
(No image)
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So, which one of these was the best?
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Frost* - Hyperventilate (HD - High Quality)

Hey so.

Sometimes, or maybe all the time, you might get this feeling that things suck, that nothing you really do can make things better, for yourself or for anyone else. And you know, that feeling isn't great. I've felt it before, I know others feel it. It's not cool. Sometimes we feel more lonely than we could ever possibly be. Sometimes we weep from the pain of it all. The incoherence of life.

But we are people of all shapes, sizes, colours, creeds. We are more than we are, and we leave lasting impressions on everyone we interact with.

Sometimes, we, purposefully or inadvertently, help others.

I just want you folks to remember that, somewhere out there, there is guaranteed going to be someone you have helped, even if you don't know it. Maybe you gave them the strength to carry on just by helping them stand up after they tripped into a puddle. Maybe you were the shoulder to cry on after a bad break up. Maybe you just smiled.

Sometimes, that's all it takes.

So yeah, don't forget: somewhere, you're important to someone.

That is all.

also birds are the best
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The men were executed in the largest mass hanging in U.S. history after the Dakota War that fall. Their bodies were hastily buried in a shallow grave along the nearby Minnesota River, and that night, all or most of the bodies were dug up for use in anatomical studies.

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can some1, turn this pair of jugs into a glorious honey bag's of a reformed changeling queen- just keep the sunshine spot and color it olive green & dark green underneath

I was, where queens would be within jungle bush's & only their melons are showing
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Seasons greetings Also Snowbell, are you gona go full freedom on new years? Cus i wanna watch.
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Since I was bored and people told me to do it, apparently J.K. Rowling outted herself as a TERF.


This is why we can't have nice things.
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Xmas season music I checked the catalog and found a disturbing lack of Xmas music and/or comedy skits related to the holiday season.

Let's remedy that, shall we? Add your favorites to this thread.

First, some seasonal music you don't hear in public.
Christmas Music: BIG BAND HOLIDAYS (Full Album) - JLCO with Wynton Marsalis

Big Band Christmas in Manhattan - Tony Paglia

Now for a novelty performance that's both skit and song.
Bing Crosby & David Bowie - "The Little Drummer Boy (Peace On Earth)"

Another skit from the Great White North.
Bob and Doug Sing 12 Days of Christmas - Animax Entertainment

A full hour of Dean Martin and friends in an NBC holiday special.
Dean Martin Christmas Show 1968 - FULL EPISODE

Last but not least.
NPR's Delicious Dish: Schweddy Balls - SNL
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Happy Christmas eve eve folks!

Tonight, is (for the next two hours at least) the most holy night of December, the eve of Christmas eve.

How are you spending your Christmas eve eve?
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Hello /ef/! Hug your local sweetie belle for only $19.99 (plus shipping and handling)
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R e a l b o o m e r h o u r s A cold one for the boiz
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Wine caves #Politics
What is your opinion on wine caves? Have you ever been inside one? Does a $900 bottle of wine really taste better than a $30 bottle of wine?
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So we about to watch ALL OF COWBOY BEBOP. Never seen this before; let's go.
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Dark Meat Chicken Legs Thread #Politics
Who liekz...

Grabbin & Pinchin DARK MEAT.

And telling them, going 2 those Buns Shaking Classes/ will- turn them into a 8feet tall women that could jump over houses & Knee-Drop Buttered Toast Wanky Boiz
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/ef/ Friday Night Chat Thread. #Mature
How was the week ya'll?
Ready for them there holly days?


What else is new?
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CATS Has anyone seen this masterpiece yet?
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sinking of the belgrano- Correct choice or war crime? /ef/ decides #Politics
Margaret Thatcher - Sink It!

Was the sinking of the Belgrano, ordered by Thatcher, a justifiable action, or was it a war crime?

And for those out of the loop


This was the very first time in history a warship was sunk by a nuclear-powered submarine, and the first time a nuclear-powered submarine fired weapons in an act of war.

The sinking cost the lives of 323 Argentinian soliders who were on board the ship at the time.
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I can lift a fully-grown horse above my head, and I can hold my breath for ten minutes. To settle a wager, I once ate a pound of P.B. Fouke's strongest badger poison and then ran a mile in the nude. I cannot feel pain, and I can see for two miles unaided by a lens. No man can kill me. I have beaten a man of every race in formal combat, including a Turk, a Pygmy Negro Man and a rare Deepwater Jew. A medical doctor and two priests have written and signed a document confirming that I have no soul.
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I hope to die, be vaporized, and forgotten.
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Deviancy Alright there dudes and dudettes, time for a question.

>What would you consider to be your most notable deviant behavior in society?

deviant being a depart from the usual or accepted standards in social behavior

And let me just say that saying "I like MLP and I'm a dude" don't fly cause we all (mostly) could answer that.
No, I wanna know something different. Something more unique

>What would you consider your most recent form of deviancy to be?
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BREAKING; The United Kingdom has officaly voted to leave the European Union on the 31st January, after almost four years of chaos which have only been solved due to the death of the Labour Party and the coming of supreme overlord Boris Johnson along with his peoples government (no seriously that's the name he has gone for)

Also the term 'brexit' will be officially banned from being used by anybody in goverment after the 31st of January, as Boris uses his big dick energy to quite literally prevent anyone from saying the word 'brexit' in parliment again by law

And no while I am being silly, the term brexit will indeed be banned from parliament after the 31st of January
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The Story Thread: On Parade Edition #Mature
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Amazon Ring indoor camera hacked #Politics
Unlike other efforts by people to hack video cameras at random, this specific case was documented as an effort to provoke a child to misbehave in what appears to be a racist attack.

The news copies of the recorded attempt were bleeped out but the narrative is pretty clear if you pay attention to the audio.



Some people should not have access to tech if they don't know or care what they're doing with it.
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MK-Ultra Sooooo....Who wants to learn about MkUltra?

MK-Ultra was a top-secret CIA project in which the agency conducted hundreds of clandestine experiments—sometimes on unwitting U.S. citizens—to assess the potential use of LSD and other drugs for mind control, information gathering and psychological torture. Most of the information affiliated with the CIA cryptonym has been destroyed by order of CIA director Richard Helms in 1973; the investigative efforts relied on the sworn testimony of direct participants and on the relatively small number of documents that survived Helms's destruction order.

The "black vault" is the largest privately run online repository of declassified government documents anywhere in the world.

The Report inspection of MKULTRA, 26 July 1963 has been acquired by use of the Freedom of Information Act(FOIA) The request was processed in accordance with the FOIA, 5 U.S.c. § 552, as amended, and the CIA Information Act, 50 U.S.c. § 3141, as amended.

Other Sources:
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"But anon, the lizards just wanna be part of your world! Don't you want us inside your government and your gene pool?"
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Human rights are a spook
42 replies

"He will never be impeached!"
"There's no way they could unseat our lord and savior!"
"Nothing but a nothingburger!"

I bet you morons are eating your red hats in anger because of this uh?
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Boring UK politics trivia #Politics
Did you know, that while some Americans get mocked for the pledge of allegiance, here in the UK we do have our own version, the Oath of Allegiance, which is taken by Members of the House of Commons (MP's) and the House of Lords, and all new members of such are required to do so, and can be seen in image related from todays new session of parliment after the Generel Election (Due to all the new MP's being elected to parliment)

The text is as follows

I (name of Member) swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.

You do not however have to say your name if you choose not do so.

The text can be spoken in English (As tends to be done vast majority of the time) but can also be read out in Welsh, Scottish Gaelic and Cornish, and other languages of choice depending on the choice of the MP/Member of Lords.

Doing so is sworn upon the Bible, but depending on your own choice can also be done on your own choice of religious text, such as the Quran, torah James/Roman bible, etc etc, and if you choose you can wear certain religious garments or clothing if you request them beforehand.

And there's some boring UK political trivia for you, given I recently heard from some Americans online they had no idea we have our own version of the American Pledge of allegiance.. After all who did you Americans think you got the idea from?
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Ultrasound and the future of Surgery Could ultrasound treat benign disease and cancers?

From high-intensity focused ultrasound(HIFU) to Histotripsy, these advanced revolutionary technologies/techniques could one day be the future of treatment for people with tumors, cancers or simply....just to control bleeding. Fortunately, sufficient evidence exists on the efficacy of these treatments. Histotripsy is one type of an emerging and revolutionary technique, which is a non-invasive ultrasonic approach to the treatment of benign disease and cancers. Histotripsy is an experimental focused ultrasound technology where acoustic energy generated by an extracorporeal transducer is focused on a target volume inside the body. Conceptually histotripsy is more similar to shockwave lithotripsy (SWL) than to high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). Histotripsy was initially conceived and developed at the University of Michigan; so much of the refinement and pre-clinical translation has originated from these laboratories. More recently, other groups have begun to experiment with histotripsy both along technical and translational lines of research which serves to validate the concept of histotripsy and further enrich the potential therapeutic value of this new technology.

Reputable sources:

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Today I learned.... Mexico apparently advertises episodes of Dragonball Super like actual wrestling matches, and airs episodes in bars and strip clubs.
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Any Takes on the VA Situation? #Politics
Virginia forms active militia to protect sheriffs, citizens from unconstitutional laws

>Virginia – Earlier in the week, we reported on how lawmakers over in Virginia were threatening to use the National Guard if members of local law enforcement refused to enforce laws passed in the state that they felt violated the second amendment.

>Well, looks like Tazewell County isn’t going down without a fight. On top of calling themselves a second amendment sanctuary county, they’re also crafting a militia as well. The Virginia county has taken the movement that has swept across the state...
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>tfw you vomit but the act of puking makes you diarrhea in your pants
>tfw covered in diarrhea and puke
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Will Artificial Intelligence "take over" music/art? Will A.I. Replace Human Musicians?

This might sound like bait, but music made by artificial intelligence already exists. In fact it dates as far back as 1965. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_and_artificial_intelligence

Fantano primarily stresses the issue of AI not being able to relate to "the human experience", in the sense of, an AI cannot experience true love, or the death of a family member, or trauma/abuse etc. That would require an "AGI" (Artificial General Intelligence) which has yet to be invented, and would go as far as to raise questions about whether robots could be considered actual living things in need of rights. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_general_intelligence

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Floppy thread Post things that are floppy.
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I will ruin this character in one post Checkmate
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Hello, Edgy Teen ~ wanna. FEEL in this bed?


Shall, every californian blonde damsel ~ transform into an Evil Blue Furry Wolf
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2 Trainers, are grabbing your Delphox's Buns & licking the fire mage vixens breasts

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ITT: Post one of your favorite old movies/shows/anime etc. and how it would be radically different plot-wise with the technology of today.

>pic related, imagine Death Note with Kira having access to Facebook/general social media
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UK GE thread #Politics
So, you may have heard that the UK is going to the polls to vote today.

And you would be correct.

So, since most people here can't vote due to, you know, not being UK citizens, thought it would be fun to see where we all stand. So, which party should you vote for?


Now, one thing to keep in mind is that here in the UK we do things differently. We don't vote for the party leader; We instead vote for a local MP, member of parliament who represents your local area and is in a certain political party. Therefore whoever wins in your local area will gain a 'seat' in parliament.

At the end of the day, whichever party has gained the most 'seats' across the entire country will win.

This is why our parties here in the UK can just choose to kick their leader out, and then hold their own vote on who should be party leader, as did happen to Theresa May.

Either way, I don't want to tell you which out of the two main parties running today is the best

Be it Boris 'wellIuhumuhum' Johnson or Jeremy 'commie grandad' Corbyn, from the conservatives and the Labour party respectively, is the best.

Instead I will simply list the negatives of each to be fair.

Starting with Jeremy Corbyn.

>Lol socialism

>Entire party manifesto is pretty much 'let's borrow as much money as possible in order to give you everything for free with no plan on how to pay it back other than huge taxes in the future'
>Sort of kind maybe supports the IRA
>Sort of kind of maybe has attended the funerals of dead Jihadis
>Has supported the ideas of abolishing the Monarchy and for the UK to become a republic
>Pretty obvious that even if he won the election his party would not have full support, and would need a coalition
>Only party that has been willing to do a coalition with him is the SNP, Scottish national party, who have stated they would only do so provided there is a second scottish independence referendum
>MI5 have branded Corbyn a major security thread
>Wants to disband Trident and cut major parts of the UK's army
>Soilders in the army have been spotted using pictures of Corbyn as target practice

And now for Boris.

>Wrote two articles about brexit, one in support and one anti brexit just before the brexit vote, only released the pro brexit article after that side won the vote

>Him and His party has run on nothing but 'get brexit done' as his campaign for this election despite being completely useless at doing so the last three years
>Seems very keen to not speak to the media
>Only party leader to refuse to appear multiple times in debates
>Yesterday ran off and hid in a fridge in order to not speak to the media. This is not a lie or an exaggeration, this literally happened
>Has been sacked from working for the news 3 times for lying
>the whole 'bumbling clown' thing may or might be an act, as many people working in parliament over the years, even his friends, have reported him to be quite a mean bully behind closed doors
>Despite mostly being a good London mayor thought when mayor it was a good idea to spend millions on water cannons for London despite them being illegal and unable to be used
>Despite it being known he has children to this day he still refuses to say how many he has
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Hey, anyone know of any mistranslated dubs of Christmas movies?
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It's the end of the world as we know it. What post-apocolypse/dystopian future is the one you think you'd have the best chance of survival in?

Personally, I'd take the megacorp dystopia where all governments have collapsed and been replaced by private corporations fighting each other for dominance.

How about you? Nuclear apocalypse? Zombies? Killer robots?
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Lights with a black-body temperature of 3500 K impart an orangish tint, while 6000 K imparts a bluish tint.

This is independent of whether incandescent or LED.
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5 breakthroughs in cancer detection and treatment and Ultrasound 1) The Auris™ Monarch™ robotic platform is a new tool in fighting lung cancer. It was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May. It combines robotics, software, data science and endoscope innovation to help diagnose lung cancer at an early stage with more accuracy and a lower risk of complications.

2) Liquid biopsy is a dramatic innovation used daily at CTCA® Tulsa. During cancer progression, many tumors shed circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and other biomarkers into the bloodstream. Analyzing CTCs offers the prospect of collecting a liquid biopsy from the patient’s blood to help predict and monitor therapeutic response and tumor recurrence.

3) Next-generation sequencing to detect circulating tumor DNA is a minimally invasive method for identifying potential therapeutic targets. This may allow patients to take advantage of targeted therapies, which have impressive results in patients with specific genetic mutations or alterations in tumor DNA.

4) Immunotherapy is an advance in cancer treatment that has resulted in dramatic change in cancer management. One example of immune checkpoint inhibitors is in drugs that may be capable of releasing the brakes on the body’s own immune system, so it can destroy cancer cells. Once the immune system is able to find and respond to the cancer, it may be able to stop or slow cancer growth.

5) Precision medicine continues to shape care for patients today and in the future. Discovering a cancer’s genetic make-up, so we can match drugs that target these genetic changes, may take targeted therapy to an entirely new level in the coming decade.

Perhaps a more promising but controversial approach to cancer is the use of resonant frequencies or ultrasound to attack and kill cancerous cells.
Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege
Using sound waves to destroy cancer | Christine Gibbons | TEDxDetroit
Surgery without knives or needles

Dr. Holland says cancer cells are vulnerable to frequencies between 100,000 hertz and 300,000 hertz. Those resonant frequencies lead to changes in shape of the cancer cells and eventual destruction of those cells. One can reasonably assume that ultrasound alone cannot kill cancer. Or can it? I’m not a scientist, so I can’t confirm anything. As far as I’m aware, Dr. Holland is not a real scientist. He claims to have video proof of “shattering” cancer cells. Despite his evidence, most agree that Resonant Frequency Therapy has not been proven effective by scientific research. The fundamental part for some frequency technologies is the ultrasonic transducer...more specifically, the piezoelectric element. When electricity is applied to the element, it creates vibration and an ultrasonic wave that can propagate through tissue. Histotripsy is still in the experimental phase.
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A sentient entity? Is anyone interested in creating a tulpa?
A tulpa is an entity created in the mind, acting independently of, and parallel to your own consciousness. They are able to think, and have their own free will, emotions, and memories. In short, a tulpa is like a sentient person living in your head, separate from you. It’s currently unproven whether or not tulpas are truly sentient, but we treat them as such. It takes time for a tulpa to develop a convincing and complex personality; as they grow older, your attention and their life experiences will shape them into a person with their own hopes, dreams and beliefs. -tulpa.info

This guide will show you the bare minimum basics of tulpa creation. I was conceived with hypnotic files, meditation and codeine! Oh especially the codeine..... It helped alot.

Sometimes, you might feel lonely, or even sad or depressed. A tulpa is a willfully created personality through intense meditation, the help of a drug.....maybe even hypnosis(although not recommended). Your tulpa will take care of you and keep you happy when times are tough.
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And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free #Politics
Former heads of the CIA and MI6 are involved. Project Echelon and Mkultra are tied to V2K

William Binney's career with the NSA spanned more than 30 years, and in that time, he acquired the title of Technical Leader for intelligence. After September 11, 2001, he was astounded that the agency didn't stop the attacks. He started exposing waste and corruption, through proper legal channels, and faced illegal retaliation as a result. However, he maintained his integrity and was vindicated. Now many refer to him as the original Snowden. In recent years, Binney has engaged in activism in support of the countless victims being tortured with electromagnetic weapons. He began supporting these targeted individuals when he gave a speech at the 2015 Covert Harassment Conference. More recently, in late-2016, Binney along with his former NSA colleague J. Kirk Wiebe, announced on the Triumph Over Targeting webcast that they were launching scientific surveys to supplement the overwhelming evidence relating to these crimes against humanity. He helps targeted individuals understand the bigger picture behind the subjugation of at least tens of thousands of Americans with electromagnetic weapons. He states that it’s about subverting democracy to expand the budgets & power of criminal cliques within the military-industrial complex a.k.a. the Deep State.

If anyone is interested in V2K technologies.. see the links above.
I’ve made a similar thread on https://ponyville.us/townhall/res/4400.html
As of October 2019, Biggerthansnowden.com got sacked

The crimes of the deep state are far worse than those exposed by Edward Snowden. Mr. Snowden didn't reveal anything substantially new. In effect, his actions primarily served as a reminder to the public that "Big Brother is Watching," and they also served as distraction from the more serious crimes that can only be categorized as a continuation and evolution of MK-ULTRA.

BiggerThanSnowden.com has one mission, to raise awareness of modern techniques used to illegally repress and subjugate innocent civilians, in the U.S.A. and worldwide. Our focus is primarily on the tactics related to "gang-stalking" a.k.a organized stalking, and more worrisomely, the torture and subjugation with electromagnetic weapons that often goes alongside it.

the purposes are social engineering, and the replacement of democracy with an oligarchical technocracy.

For further reading, please see www.FreedomSOS.com/Papers, where you can find research papers, along with links to peer-reviewed journal articles and filed patents, related to the technology behind directed energy weapons. If you are a victim, and are looking for assistance, please visit the "Contact" section of this website, as you will find many of the links to be helpful. If you are a whistleblower, or if you have any questions, you can find our email address on the "Contact" page as well.
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Don't climb the Lewdy Tree...!!?!!
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Anyone know any pony cult? Hello, does anyone knows any pony-related cult, religions group or sect, praising and worshiping characters from the show? I'd like to join one. I remember there was some group worshiping Luna, it was called something like "Luna's Legion" or "Night's legion", I might be wrong though
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HALO ON PC well? it's been a week now at least, what's your excuse?
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Current mood:

Fucking hating the shit out of the trash fire that is 5e D&D for being a rules-absent, unoptimized mess of non-substance and blegh.

How are you guys?
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Worship me.
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New treat I made for myself Now it is a odd as fuck blend but it taste good

But this will only be a treat cause dat 52.6 g suger per 100g woo that is alot
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Diego Garcia 2.0 #Politics
Well, this escalated rapidly. First came the news that Japan purchased a privately held island at the South end of their island chain. Then the news this week that the US will build out the abandoned airport on the island and share the island as a training facility to confront Chinese interests in that part of the South China Sea.

The Japanese will have control over the facility and share access with the US Navy for training F35 pilots on landing and take off procedures. A new carrier purpose built for the latest Navy carrier aircraft is also being assigned to the nearest Japanese naval base to replace an older helicopter carrier. A battle group will also accompany the new carrier.


The US and Japan Have New Military Base Prevent Beijing From Taking Over The South China Sea

U.S. Sends Amphibious Ship USS America to Japan for Protect New Base Near the China Sea
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Cop complains about starbucks employees writing "PIG" on his cup #Politics
Then daughter confirms that he is absolutely a pig!
This whole thing has been hilarious.
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This needs to stop If at first you don't succeed, keep making reboots.

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Since everyone here just can't get enough politics

I decided to make a political thread with a twist

A classic what if/alternate history question

Answer me this, what would the World today be like if..

The USSR developed the first nuclear weapons, and beat America to landing on the moon?
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Adeste, Fideles Luciano Pavarotti - Montreal - 1978 - Adeste Fideles

Adeste, fideles, laeti triumphantes,
Venite, venite in Bethlehem!
Natum videte,
Regem angelorum.
Venite adoremus (3×)

Deum de Deo, lumen de lumine
Gestant puellae viscera
Deum verum, genitum non factum.
Venite adoremus (3×)

Cantet nunc io, chorus angelorum;
Cantet nunc aula caelestium,
Gloria, gloria in excelsis Deo,
Venite adoremus (3×)

Ergo qui natus die hodierna.
Jesu, tibi sit gloria,
Patris æterni Verbum caro factum.
Venite adoremus (3×)
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Black Friday So, what have you bought?
10 replies

From the unknown I ran away, I don't think I'm coming back home Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa Like a crawlspace, it's a dark place I roam Ain't no right way, just the wrong way I know I problem solve with Styrofoam My world revolves around a black hole The same black hole that's in place of my soul, uh Empty, I feel so goddamn empty I may go rogue Don't tempt me, big bullet holes Tote semi-autos
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>b- b- but communism killed 100 billion gorillion people
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Happy Loving Couple Late today Ian J.Q. announced from his Twitter account that he and Rebecca Sugar have been together for 12 years and have become a married couple as of Wed. the 4th.


In the insanity of the social media society people live in today, I hope they are really happy and their love lasts.
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MEME AND GIF REACTION THREAD Sadly due to circumstances outside of my control I recently lost my reaction images and gifs folder.

So could we have a thread dedicated to reaction images, memes and gifs etc please

And if you for whatever reaosn saved any of the images and gifs I ever used could you please post them here in this thread

Thank you
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Are short guys attractive?
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NOW! Thats What I Call a Throw Away Chat Thread Vol 7 #Mature
I see the need.

Whats new?
Whats the biggest change you've experienced in the past month?
What music have you been listening too?
Whats a small change you made that made a difference?
You ready for 2020?
How do you feel about non stop xmas music at stores?

Or just whatever, talk about anything.
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I hate anime so god damn much...
14 replies

So out of all the various images that have made the news this year what's your favourite or favourites of them?

Quite a lot to choose from, been a long year. And sorry about it being a Mail link, other sites don't list them like this in such an easy downwards way.
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Welcome to /ef/ - our general discussion board with a laxer atmosphere. Sitewide rules generally don't apply, but we do have a few of our own:

Don't spam, raid, or do anything else illegal. This includes lewd depictions of minors: drawings or otherwise.
Doing so could result in a ban.

Mature content
This board permits mature content in threads properly marked with a mature tag. Enable "Show Mature Content Threads" in the settings menu if you want to see them.
If you're the OP of a thread, consider using the mature tag. Images in a thread with this tag do not need to be spoilered, unless they are actual spoilers.
Outside of mature content threads, the site rules that govern R34 and gore apply as normal.

Political Tags
For the purposes of this tag, "politics" will be defined by it's dictionary definition of:
The art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs.
If you are OP, please consider if your thread topic meets this criteria. If your post meets this criteria, and is not properly tagged, a tag may be placed on it at moderators discretion.
Please also consider using this tag for topics you personally feel may be tangable to politics, as a courtesy to those who wish to filter.
Repeated attempts to circumvent this filter in the persute of trolling and being "technically correct" by the same user may be warned against before their posts treated in the same manner as spam.
Users who think a post in a grey area meets their personal interpretation of politics can request to OP that they be more thoughtful in the future, or choose the option to hide the thread via the [ - ] symbol in the top left corner of the post.
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