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Venezuela annual inflation tops 1 million percent in November https://www.brecorder.com/2018/12/10/458073/venezuela-annual-inflation-tops-1-million-percent-in-november/

Its okay though, they are going to print more money, and raise the minimum wage, so this should be cleared up in no time.

Also, the government stopped making economic reports public info, so really, there isn't a problem at all.
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when's the best time of year and why is it autumn and winter?
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Alright losers I have decided to give you cancerous whelps a chance.

Try to convince me that anime isn't a cancer that humanity would be way better without and that anime posters are to be taken seriously.
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Which of the following would do the most the reduce racism in America in the time frame of 1 year?
(A) Increasing affirmative action progams
(B) Abolishing affirmative action completely
(C) Deporting all the Jews to Israel
(D) Deporting all the blacks to Africa
(E) Global thermonuclear war that completely destroys humanity
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Gay Thread 2: more ass pounding #Mature
put it in hard~
1870 replies
Bertstrips Thread Urda, give us all you got.
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The Story Thread: Battleships Edition #Mature
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Hallo Freunde. Ich hoffe, daß Sie ein gutes Wocheende haben!
Wie geht es Ihnen?

Las uns über unsere Weinachtensaison sprechen and Warum Leben gut ist !

Nur auf Deutsch, weil Ich die Übung brauche c:

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Image dump. Sites like these are called image boards for a reason. Give me your best images memes, funny images, disgusting images, getting dangerously close to NSFW images, cute images, abstract images, mlp or non-mlp inages, why the fuck did I save this on my computer/phone images, personal images, animated images, I want them all. If your image has a story behind it don't be shy, tell us about it.
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Give me ONE good reason for prostitution to not be legal.

>inb4 "but it's legal in X place!"

Save me that bullshit and give me what I want!
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Another Hollywood controversy Actor/comedian Keven Hart, who was going to be the next host of the next Academy Awards show, was outed by his own Twitter history as homophobic.

Rather than wait for the shit storm, he withdrew from the job with little fanfare.

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So I was speaking to this cute girl earlier, having a nice chat, seemed like real chemistry when she went silent, leaned in real slow, looked me in the eyes and said

'Sir make I take your order please?'
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mmmm, lechter~
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80 year old woman killed by police during protests in France.
anyone been following the Baguette Rebellion?

Macron Has Failed, French Protesters Call For Act 4 Saturday
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I agree, Santa should be an anime girl.
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Living the life
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does anypony, wanna add 8yr old fillies

that will be surrounded by 40yr old cougars

into, this tavern + can vanripper ~ create a pvp bar fight of furries throwing knives and magic lightning @ enemies?
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Traps in national socialist Germany >tfw no nazi tier trap wifu to make me tendies with dip
>tfw no nazi tier trap wifu to take my boi pussies virginity while reading mien kampf to me

Why even go on at this point

I got banned from 4chan for posting gay horse porn on /mlp/ so you guys will have to put up with my autism. The horse porn was mr hands to be pacific, if you got that reference I award you 40 GBP's

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General Christmas thread Make this thread whatever you want, just keep it Christmas related.
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Guys am i mentally ill?
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Need a trap version of this
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FORTNITE streamer beats his wife on stream Man Beats Up Wife over FORTNITE
If you don't get the willies watching this or feel like crying, kill yourself.
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Do you ever get an urge to blurt out something socially inappropriate?
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So, the song 'baby its cold outside' has been banned from radio stations. It is, they say, offensive.

It is a man trying to rape a women, preditotry lyrics, not suitable for today's #metoo society, or so they say.

So, if this song is banned...

Why has Fairytale of new york not been banned?

Want me to quote some lyrics?

'You're an old slut' and of course 'you cheap lousy faggot'

Slut shaming. Homophobia. Far from suitable for today's highly offended youth.

I hereby propose that fairytale of new york is banned for not being suitable for today's culture, for slut shaming and homophobia-

And in honestly it's a shit song.

So, let's ban it.

Just pointing out some double standards.
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Dan Thread #Mature
NSFW gay edition
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This is a British thread for British people.

Welsh and those from 'Norn Iron are welcome too.

Scots on the other hand..

And Australians, New Zealander's and Canadians are welcome as you are pretty much honorary Brits.
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who would you date and more thread, i'll start.
For me, Mikie, Zeke Roa and because fellow insurance faget Tracer
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Hey Americans, whatever happend to that caravan?
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Can we have a thread about fun holiday memories?

Few years back went to Australia. Great place, beautiful scenery.

And anytime I spoke everyone was instantly all 'oh shit your British that's awesome here I have a thousand questions about England for you' although that did get slightly annoying.

One night I went to this bar, met this group of guys, had drinks and got shitfaced drunk.

But despite that we all went to one of there's and spent the entire night drunk and playing mario kart.

Great group of guys, still talk to one of them on Facebook from time to time.
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Breaking News: Corporate Entity Out of Touch with Consumers. AGAIN. YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind

So, this year's YouTube rewind is here, where they showcase all the notable and memorable events that happened on YouTube this year. I can't wait to see all the stuff surrounding PewDiePie and T-Series, a touching remeberance for TotalBiscuit, some recaps of the KSI vs. Logan Paul figh-

What? It opens with Will Smith.

The actor. The... Non-Youtube actor... Okay well maybe they are going to...

>be Will Smith

>Host YouTube Rewind
>"What do I want in it? Hmmm..."


Go back to bel air, Will. You're drunk.

Oh look it is a bunch of the most pleb tier YouTubers doing Fortnite memes and dancing to KPop. This is totally... YouTube.... Right? right?

Oh LOOK IT'S PEWDIEPIE's chair in a 2 second clip by Jaden Animations.

And a dog with a cake apparently...

Okay. Well they're going to say something about a YouTuber who DIED of CANCER this year again rig-


First Bethesda and now this. Holy fuck. Merry Christmas.

YouTube Rewind 2018 review
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Crazy dreams I don't think I like my dreams.. they've been far too intense lately.

What dreams do you all have or have had recently?
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And they say the US isn't racist anymore.
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(MAJOR HAPPENING) Paris fuel riots, still ongoing Rioting in Paris and other parts of France over rising fuel prices still ongoing. French president Macron seriously considers martial law for the areas know for rioting.

First video. Sargon gives a general overview of the situation.

The Yellow Vests have Won

Second video. Styxhexenhammer talks about martial law possibly being introduced.

Macron Considers Martial Law, French Police Lose Control of Fuel Riots
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I have edited wikipedia Hideki Tojo is now listed as Executed in the Pacific war theater.



Damn it someone edited it out.
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[File Deleted] [File Deleted]
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Anyone watching the habbening in France? Go based Frogs!
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Car thread Oh man, this is one weird looking truck. I can't believe this actually coming from gm. What do you guys think? Am I the only one that thinks this looks weird?
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Just thought everyone should know that the world famous Bude tunnel now not only has Christmas lights but has it's own sign.

Come one, come all; Travel hundreds, thousands of miles to see this world famous and fantastic attraction, one of the best wonders of the world.
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The eternal anglo, always watching you.
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Fallout 76 is so badly made that people can see your personal info on it https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/a3ga47/i_am_getting_your_support_tickets_on_my_bethesda/

I have never seen a video game company basically commit public suicide before. It's an amazing experience, if nothing else.
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Where do I find Anarchy?

By the way, Im clearly being haunted by naruto. Plz tell anime charactors to stop intimentanaly haunting me
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Don't forget to send Santa your letter.
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Dance to the plastic beat, motherfucker.
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Send me your breads pls
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After 10k years i'm free!!!!
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So PETA has come up with expressions that they want to be used instead of "anti-animal" expressions. One expression that's notably missing is "there's more than one way to skin a cat", possibly because PETA is OK with killing cats and dogs, even when it would be more reasonable to put them up for adoption.
But this got me thinking, who stoned birds and skinned cats enough for expressions to come out of these actions?
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Zodiac (not the boat) Signs Yeah, its bullshit, but its fun.

Which sign are you? Do you put any thought into it? Think there is any truth to it?

Its pretty obvious that horoscopes are written in a way that could apply to anyone at any time, but maybe you dont think so.

Idk, thats why im asking.
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We may as well get this thread out of the way Tumblr has bowed to Apple and other corporations that link to their blog content. Too many people post cp in their blogs and Apple pulled the official Tumblr iOS app from their store because of it.

Can't say I blame Apple for distancing themselves until the owners of the site cleaned things up a bit.

(No image)
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Sum up your fetish/sexual tastes with a picture/video

Kizuna Ai - Everybody - 1080p Full HD
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Spanish warship caught playing their national anthem, in the waters of Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a British territory in the Mediterranean on the south side of Spain's border. Pic related is a map showing the location of Gibraltar. Looks like it's 1588 all over again boys, time to grab some popcorn.

A news article explaining the situation.


A video of the incedent.

Spanish Warship 'Invades' Gibraltar Waters Blaring National Anthem
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I finally 100% beat new vegas to the point I literally have nothing else to do so ama.
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Horse pussy > bird cloaca > all
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>People going on about Sprite Cranberry
>Despite the memes I heard it's a real good drink and I do like Sprite and Cranberry
>TFW it's not sold here in the UK
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Do you think racism will ever end for good? Everyone will be seen as one equal race; the human race. No more use of the word "nigger" ever again?
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>14% of surveyed doctors said they were unwilling to provide routine medical care for trans patients

>willingness to provide care likely overreported because unwilling doctors more likely to decline to respond
Small sample size, but still, what the fuck? Nice medical ethics, fellas.
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Dale Gribble arrives in Equestria >be Dale Gribble/alias Rusty Shackleford
>you wake up in strange forest, with a minor concussion.
>as you open your eyes you are blinded by a bright light.
>"who opend the blinds Joseph, Nancy are you there. Wait a minute this isn't my house where am I"
>as you slowly regains consciousness you realises you're no longer in Arlen Texas.
>you instantly Spring up and pull out your knife, as you've always prepared for this kind of situation. (Pic related)
>"where the hell am I is this a dream or some plot cooked up by the government, to get rid of me and everything I know? Or maybe this is all just some kind of sick prank. Either way I'm more than prepared, I've been training for this very scenario my whole life. Now all I have to do is confirm my location."
>you proceed to make several attempts at climbing trees and any other object you can find all attempts fail, but at least you got close, A+ for effort.
>you wipe the sweat from your fore head and proceed to take a long draw of your sixth cigarette of the day.
>"if I don't get out of here soon I'm gonna run out of my primary cigarettes, good thing I always keep back up. If I can't climb my way out I suppose I'll just have sneak out of this never ending forest."
>you proceed to hilariously sneak, roll, and dive out of the forest taking ten times as long as is technically necessary. After about an hour of this you reach the edge of the ominous forest and spot a small 16th century European style town, about 4 miles of in the distance.
>"So I must be in Europe, but where? I knew the government was working with those god dam European style socialists all along, this is just confirmation"
>you approach the town with great caution, ready for any kind of government agent or European style socialist that may approach.

>be Twilight Sparke, princess of friendship and protégé of princess Celestia.

>just over 2 hours ago you spotted a strange bipedal creature in the Everfree forest while taking a morning stroll. You observed this creature for the duration of its time in the Everefree. to frightened to approach the biped, but to intreaged to run. You didn't exactly have a choice either way. So you do all you can at this point and pull out your note book.
>"notes after grabbing its bearings the strange creature stumbled around the forest, eventually reaching the edge of the Everfree. The creature appears to be a human if I can remember correctly but, that can't be there just silly stories for foals and a certain hyper obsessive mint coated mare. Surely this can't be human? No I'm just getting ahead of myself I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this. Ethier way at this rate the creature will reach town in just under 45 minutes, I have to inform the girls."
>Twilight magically teleports out of the forest towards the friendship castle.

This is completely improvised. It took me about 30 minutes to write and 10 to spell check. Feel free to contribute to the story, take it in any direction you want. Just don't derail, let's keep this at least semi consistent. Oh and provide a appropriate image with your addition to the story.
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She's coming to macOS! Microsoft announces Edge browser based on Chrome coming to Mac in 2019.


You know things are bad for M$ when they can't be bothered to learn how to program for macOS or iOS. It's like they haven't learned anything in fifteen years.
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Addicted to masturbating while on amphetamine #Mature
After waking up every morning, I'll have some instant coffee and continually load myself up with amphetamines 1 hour intervals for a few hours. At some point in the day, I'll also succumb to masturbation for hours on end, even if I said I wouldn't.

I don't know if anyone will ever understand the shame I've felt lately. Every day I'll jack off for 6 or 7 hours and hate myself for the time I've wasted, but then a couple hours later I'll start jacking off again. I'll vow to the moon and stars I'll make different plans for tomorrow, but then end up doing the same thing again. When I step back and analyze my situation, I laugh hysterically at how absurd it is, even though it is real and is starting to affect my mental health.

Part of the problem's that I'm trapped being on drugs. I've tried going cold turkey off amphetamines for a couple week intervals and it makes me absolutely depressed and encumbered. I feel like I need it to function, but it encourages me to engage in bad habits.

The other part is that I feel so terribly lonely and isolated, and like the people I have in my life right now don't even listen to me. To cope, I'll search for porn where I might find some scrap of intimacy, and it's such a blunder. I long so bad to be touched, and not even in a sexual way.

I think I'm going to seek therapy because I have lost sight of all of my life's goals and it's made me extremely ashamed of myself.

I don't know what I hope to accomplish by sharing this. I'm not looking for any sympathy. I just want to talk.
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I wish I had a mommy girlfriend.
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In a musics mood, music thread.
Estampie - Seigneurs, sachiez
14 replies


Dump any Sprite Porn here
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First it was Thomas The Tank Engine Now a group of liberal media students at Cal State San Marcos (a state college, btw...) has branded VeggieTales as racist and dangerous for children.

Fuck this gay earth!

(No image)
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If I, created the Lactating-Earthers Colony

how many, would join the gathering ~ believing that Earth haz HUGE SWOLLEN BREASTS???
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It has come to my attention that this place has bad things to say about the chosen people, oi vey ;_;

The Merchant Of Venice 2004 Shylock speech) HD
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here, Noomin
(No image)
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Wall Street execs too afraid to hire women in wake of #MeToo: Report https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/dec/3/wall-street-execs-too-afraid-hire-women-wake-metoo/

Funny, its almost like if some group screams and yells on behalf of half the population, without consulting them, and creates an "Us vs Them" situation, it can have negative effects.
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Gamers rise up! My mom told me to do my homework so I said shut up bitch, I have videogames I need to play so that I can get paid to be a pro gamer. She then grounded me. Us gamers truly are the most oppressed race.
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I'm sure you all know by now Tumblr is banning all porn. Like a lot of people, porn was the only reason I visited that site. People are making a point to save all the porn that they've bookmarked on Tumblr, but I think people should go a step further and share it with other people who would be interested.
So, if you have any porn you've saved from Tumblr, here's the place to dump it.
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>Meet a pretty decent cute solid 7/10 Asian over internet
>Never really been one for Asians but she had a fun personality
>Spend time talking over internet/skype/phone for over a month
>Meet up a few times
>She invites me over to hers
>Oh shit this is it
>Sexy times begin
>Just before I leave her after some of the best sex I have ever had she says she has to tell me something
>'...I have a boyfriend'

Hahaha fuck me time to ghost on out of here
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The Story Thread: Boot Scootin' Edition #Mature
27 replies
The Peruvian of Wisdom Welcome young traveler
Every 200 years i come back (and nobody cares)

But i shall answer any questions you have or else i'll die.

Also im slighty better than Iara but don't tell her that.
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vile, vile content do not open this image if you have a weak heart(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
9 replies
look at this dog.
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Israel Chan thread? Israel Chan thread.
113 replies
Who here is mixed race? How was it growing up for you? Did you ever feel like you had to choose one side or the other? Did you ever feel like one side was just the more logical side to be with?
1 reply
What causes you to just feel miserable for absolutely no reason?
15 replies
Autophagy Do you ever fast? I've heard that occasional fasting (including intermittent fasting) may be good for one's health.
47 replies
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Dear Dumb Mods

Mage Thy Thread
64 replies
Questions and answers, MLP General >1. name your favourite character/characters from the show.
>2. Name the first episode of the show you watched and when you joined the fandom.
>3. Name your favourite song from the show.
>4. Name your favourite fan-fiction or any other favourite fan works you enjoy. For an example songs or videos.
>5. Why did you start watching the show and when did you first reliase you became a brony? How did those around you act when finding out? (Side note you're here forever)

Feel free to ask your own questions regarding anything mlp related. The more questions the better.


>1. My favourite main 6 character is twilight because she's one of few characters in the show to go through genuine character development and Is thus more relatable and fleshed out. My favourite background characters are Lyra, Vinyl, Octavia and Luna.

>2. My first episode was, a friend in deed season 2 episode 18. I joined the fandom around February 2012 when the episode was released and I've been here ever since.

>3. My favourite song is Smile, because it was the first mlp song I heard and instantly got me hooked.

>4. I couldn't possibly have any favourite fan content of any kind because I've read, watched and listened to so much, throughout my years of being a brony. Other than the classic must reads past sins and my little Dashie, as well as countless others. Here are a few lesser known fan-fictions, long but well worth a read.



>5. Can't really answer this one I just saw the show on tv once and then looked online. Most people don't know I'm a brony, those who do don't care.
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Workout thread. I'm prepping for next year, doing more squats and eating more healthy asian food, what are you guys doing?
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>playing some red dead 2
>Fall off my horse
>Ruin my clothes by getting them covered in mud
>Decide to go take a little swim to clean my clothes
>Get in the water
>Get eaten by an alligator

Don't think I'm quite cut out for the cowboy life to be honest with you lads
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Bush the Elder is no more.

I guess Saddam has a new poker buddy each week, wherever they are.
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Why haven't unnatural trans-fats been outlawed yet?
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Oh dear oh dear, whatever went wrong with Bethseda?

They really have slowly become a joke of a company. You would think all that Skyrim and Fallout4 money would allow them to build something good, but nope.

Oh, and did you hear them say that the Elder Scrolls 6 is being made on the same engine as Fallout 4?

Which is just a slightly upgraded Skyrim engine?

What a joke.
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Catherine Ribeiro - La Guillotine Permanente

I'll never bash the french again.
(No image)
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Transphobic, anti-vaxxer, anti-Semetic flat earther Takes all kinds huh?
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If a wizard uses his magic to make a female homonculus and then fucks it, does he lose his wizard powers?
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>Talk to old school friends on facebook

>Most of them have got married, have a kid or two and work full time
>They just complain about not loving their wife anymore, not having any money or free time
>Be me, not married and no kids
>Only work part time, but still have lots of spare money and free time
>Spend most of it eating pizza, drinking and playing video games
>Have a female friend who I get with from time to time and get laid
>Lifes honestly pretty damn good

Remind me, why should I do what society says and get married and have kids?
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I can't believe Putin is cucking the Trumpster fire.
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Hail Odin!
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What is the probability that humanity will (either go extinct or be reduced to a population of less than 1,000,000 individuals) in the next 200 years?
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Are the rumors of the show ending true?
Whelp, if so sure makes me reflect. It's strange, I kinda came out of the closet thanks to this show, saw an amazing fandom pop up which was followed by a fuckton of toxic people. The MLP drew some amazing people to the fanbase as well as a lot of mentally ill people. Think what always bothered me was how it also drew some very bad people who would prey on them. I do remember how mlpchan drew some trans pedos, one was turned into the feds, another one I think is in jail someplace in the south. Biggest thing of all for me is how most, hell damn near all of the good people I knew have all but vanished. Kind of fitting in a way considering the show may well be ending. Reminds me of High School, in the end we all walk out the door one last time and that's it.
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talk about your dreams >tfw had a dream that my virginity was taken by someone from this site
>tfw it's one of the only dreams I remember actually having sex in and "finishing", since generally when I have lewd dreams they end before the sex actually happens
>tfw woke up and was mildly disappointed that it wasn't real

Not gonna say who it was because I don't want this thread to just be a circlejerk about wanting to fuck certain posters, so does anyone else wanna share dreams they've had recently, or in general?

Any recurring dreams you have, and what you think they mean? (doesn't have to be lewd)
14 replies
Carthago delenda est.
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VERY IMPORTANT Post all your original site memes.
I don't care about meme quality, I need quantity.
10 replies
So manafort fingering trump directly So it seems that manafort's finally directly fingering Trump and saying that he did all his actions in the interest of "individual #1" and that he briefed trump several times on the russia matters.

What's everyone's thoughts on how things will proceed from here? Trump seems to be going with plausible deniability and saying that manafort is just saying whatever the prosecuters demand he says, which seems reasonable, but at the same time also defends himself by saying "anyways I had a business to run" as if that being busy and important means the laws not applying.
18 replies
Is Madoka Magica still the best anime of this decade?
13 replies
You should be able to solve this A moderately heavy smoker (~10 cigs/day over 6 years) moves into a house with an airborne radon concentration of ~5.5 pC/L. After how many years will she develop lung cancer?
6 replies
Must protect Israel chan.
353 replies
General Fetish Thread #Mature

Share and talk about your fetishes here, no judgements. Though please be courteous to the site and posters and spoiler/hide anything you may want to share that some people may find disturbing. If you click on something hidden or spoilered, it's considered Your Own Damn Fault™. You are free to post porn related to your fetish, but this is about sharing the fetish as a whole, so don't JUST post the porn. Explain what the fetish means to you and some details on why you enjoy it.

Also, do not post anything that would get the site in legal trouble, obviously.

So that being said, LET'S GET LEWD UP IN THIS BITCH.
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#41 is dead https://www.foxnews.com/us/george-h-w-bush-41st-president-of-the-united-states-dead-at-94

Let's keep this a 'Don't be a dick' thread, m'kay?

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Philosophy Is starting with the Greeks a mistake? I read The Categories and now I'm wishing I had started with Plato or the pre-Socratics instead because I kind of wanna go in chronological order (and probably will go back and do at least Plato before I continue with Aristotle). Maybe even Thales of Miletus.

But that's a massive undertaking, probably hundreds of thousands or even millions of pages just to even get to Descartes.

Which philosophers and schools of thought are the least relevant and most skippable? Where can I find surviving pre-Socratic texts?
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What's the deal with Florida wildlife?
1 reply

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All shook up For those of you who haven't turned on the news yet, there was a massive 7 point earthquake near Anchorage, Alaska around Noon Pacific time today.

This looks as bad as a similar quake back in the early 60's off Kodiak Island, only in the case of today's quake, it was much closer to the city. Shit got shook and roads were removed. Windows are smashed and power is pretty much gone in the area.



83 replies
Get for dragon ass
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>Walking home in a dodgy part of town at night
>See this middle eastern guy I have seen many times near me
>Know he's a drug dealer
>He comes up to me all 'hey I seen you I know you mate'
>>Pretends to be nice to me
>Asks me to sell drugs for him
>Keeps asking me even though I have said no many times
>Starts pleading with me
>I'm pissed off now
>Shout 'Fuck off should you not be praying at the Mosque and not selling drugs to kids?'
>He calls me a cunt and walks off
>MFW I remember he lives down the road from me
>MFW when I remember he knows where I live
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InSight Mars lander Today we're dropping another lander of the surface of Mars. The landing is scheduled for Noon Pacific time.

Keeping my fingers crossed. I love watching these events. It reminds me of what we can do when we set our minds to the job.

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I should be sleeping but I just found this album and it's so beautiful I wanna cry.

Takako Okamura - After Tone (1987) / 岡村孝子 - アフター・トーン
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USER SHIP TIME ITT: We ship Ponychan users! Ponychan users only.
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Roses are red Violets are blue
Dan is gehy
Fuck Straya too
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GM is reinventing itself Merry Xmas, motherfuckers.

15% of GM's rank and file got pink slips today. Three US factories are closing.

So much for the economy.

4 replies
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so today is my birthday this week has been absolutely awful

and today is already off to a shitty start

so, today i want a good day for bday

that includes everyone else

lets have a good vibes thread

lets post nothing but positive stuff ITT
27 replies
So this young innocent creative gets to go to jail but you guys get to roam free? How is that fair and not racist?
10 replies
"Donuts serve as a metaphor for the increasing black man incarceration rates" (https://boards.4channel.org/a/thread/181281685#p181283018)
123 replies
I need a capitalist waifu. I have a nazi waifu. I have a commie waifu. Now I need a capitalist waifu. Would you say Tanya is capitalist?
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Only in Cornwall The Dream,it lives on.
32 replies
thinking of pulling the plug on chans, better news source out there without all the autism?
38 replies
drunk foods guys whats the best kinda food to eat when you're drunk?

chicken wings and peanuts are a must

but what do you guys prefer?
13 replies
Takedowns on Redraws? #Mature
So, you see a picture you like, and you redraw it with your OCs so you can fantasize about that, but you're not all that great an artist, so it's obvious to others what picture your art was based on. Is it that artist's right to have your work taken down, for distributing their art without their permission?
4 replies
Hmmmmm, makes ya think
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Today at Walmart I told the cashier Merry Christmas. She said, "Happy Holidays, ma'am, I smiled and said "You don't have to be afraid anymore. President Trump gave us Christmas back" she started crying tears of joy and said "Merry Christmas" and then everyone in the store applauded👏👏👏🤗
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I wonder how many people I've encountered have killed themselves.
Feels all powerful man.
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Yinglets > Ponies > Gryphons > All
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Blessed are the cheesemakers Do you like blue cheese?
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Stuck. Have you ever been stuck?

I mean literally, like trapped in a room, or pinned under an object or something where you could not escape of your own volition?

There is no particular reason for this thread, I just figured it'd fetch some interesting stories.
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We might as well just turn this into a drinking game at this point. After they ship me off to the camps in 2023, I'll try and send you guys postcards if I survive the "delousing".
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>Katyusha will never be your cute commie girlfriend.

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Poster You Wanna Turn into A Bed Slave #Mature
I'm Horny, and cold & wanna start some drama ~ soo... Let's make a List of Victim Posters WARNINGThey will be Lioness Furries that will kill you with their breasts/ I will begin.!?!

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People you don't like I'm bored and I want to start some fun drama so lets talk about the posters we don't like! I will start.

Noomin: Do you like to discuss on the internet? Cool! Do you like to be insulted whenever your opponent sees that you don't agree with him? No? Well too bad because that's all this guy is about! dumb, angry, bitter, entitled and with a really short fuse. Tbh I don't see how anyone would like this guy.

Mythix: Shitposts are fun and all, but this guy still believes that lolis and hitler are effective shock value material. Maybe back when 4chan was a big scawwy monster but nowadays he looks like a 12 year old that just discovered the internet. Find a new shtick, honestly, you are nothing but a boring attempt at being edgy now.

Jigs: I don't have much to say about this simpleton, I just dislike people who have to drop their names to shit talk others. Why don't you grow a pair buddy?

Lisbon: Much like jigs I don't have much to say about this one. People who play the mean troll card and THEN play the pity card are really fucking annoying to me, and Lemon Loaf did exactly that. Sucks that she has gained sympathy over the years tho, imo she should have been chastised the moment she started to farm pity points from others.

[REDACTED]: I'm sort ofnot allowed to be mean to this one.

All the other tryhard poltards: They are poltards.

All of those are the people I feel the site would be way better without, but that's just my opinion. Is there anyone you don't like? No need to be soft either, this is ef, we all are thought and can take criticism, right?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
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Check out this self-hating Canadian commie-racist:

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does anypony, wanna turn this into a Weavile

because/ it appears wisconsin storm makers are in battle creek
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Binging Do you binge? I do binge. I just binged the third season of daredevil, which was pretty darn good.
What do you binge?
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What if people and dragons lived together?
The start of interspecies communication
What sort of happiness will you dream up?
Surprisingly super-easy imagination
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Official teaser trailer for The Lion King Why?

>No Jeremy Irons

>No Nathan Lane & Ernie Sabella
>No Rowan Atkinson
>No Matthew Broderick
>No Whoopi Goldberg & Cheech Marin

They did manage to get Darth Vader to come back for his role.


The Lion King Official Teaser Trailer
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so now we got two nazi worshipers (maybe more), does that mean that my claims of this place being just a splinter chan from /pol/ are true?
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Florida Man is now a cyborg. Now, he can sodomize alligators safely.
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>be me
>5'3 narcissistic legal loli
>pretty good at chess
>play competitively in tournaments
>male dominant sport
>pretty much the only attractive girl there
>gets hit on a lot by smelly boys
>pic related
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would any1, wanna become an Alien Lioness from Star Trek Waifu 4 Kabel?
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I'm just kidding about the nazi thing. What I really want is a zombie waifu. Can't wait to feel that cold maggot filled vagina.
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What's the best way to neutralize a chickun? How much skill does it take to shoot one that's running toward you or toward another person? Is cutting off their heads or snapping their necks effective?
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What's the best way to arouse a trap? How much skill does it take to seduce one that's receptive toward you or toward another person? Is gazing at their eyes or pulling apart their front legs effective?
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What's the best way to neutralize a pitbull? How much skill does it take to shoot one that's running toward you or toward another person? Is gouging out their eyes or pulling apart their front legs effective?
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tl;dr Japan is considering an EU-tier copyright law that would make downloading "pirated" STILL IMAGES (jpg, png and so on) *illegal*.

How long are the world's governments going to be so stupid and draconian with copyright laws?

We need lawmakers who actually understand how the damn internet works.
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Happy Thanksgiving '18! No threads in /ef/ or /oat/ about Thanksgiving for this current year.

I was shopping at Costco last weekend and noticed while trying to avoid tripping over the Xmas related products already on sale that people were stocking up on fancy baked goods, hams and turkeys.

So, have you filled your pantry with nice things to eat and enjoy over the weekend? Did you run into masses of people hoarding food for the holiday when you were shopping?
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Just say no to memeflags.
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.ITT Fleur posts buts DO IT !
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Um, Vixen Pocket Monster Anonymous

Do you, like those Tribbles /w HUGE BREASTS in fanart and recolored by furry artists?
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are these, yinglet's aka gremlins?
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Why isn't there more funding for combating prions?
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Hey yall Does anyone know where to go for advice on workplace relations?
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Happy BUGFEST for The Hive Everyling, have fun- devouring Melons in Bowls & Leafmites + Ants on Logs

Also, slurping on many Crayon Queens breasts

2019 needs 3 more Colonies of Reformed Bugycorns /w beautiful Fruit Queens in Episodes
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Vote for me because I think new blood can help improve the site.
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Were the taxi drivers in the right?
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(No image)
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Disingenuous "charities"? I'm programming on my laptop with the TV on in the background, and it seems like 90% of the commercials are charity commercials. And it seems like every single one is exactly the same.
"Something something unfortunate situations for children, animals, the environment, Israel, etc
*dramatic music in the background*
For a monthly donation of just $25 you can help with so and so in their situation.
We'll even send you a free t-shirt with our logo!
*guilting intensifies*
pls halp contribute to these people in need"

I don't know how to say this without sounding miserly, but does it ever seen like some of they're somehow being disingenuous, or that there's something "off" about them? One of the charity commercials was for Shriners Hospitals for Children and I know that they're genuine and have donated in the past, but I'm getting a gut feeling like some of these aren't. And my gut feelings tend to be fairly accurate, or at least relatively accurate.
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vote for me or i'll tell people that thing you did, you know, that thing you tried so hard and so long to keep a secret but made one fatal mistake about

you know what you did
now do the right thing and vote for me
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LETS SETTLE THIS! The time for campaigning is over!

It's time to find out once and for all who shall be the winner!

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Vote for me, so I can impress girls and future employers by saying "Yeah, in my free time I'm a moderator for an adult fansite for a show aimed at little girls featuring colorful cartoon horses. It's fun and everyone respects me and my decisions."
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Vote for me, and I promise to outlaw voting.
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Oh are we making vote threads?

Vote for me, I was a mod once, on a different website about ponies back in '15 and I think I proved then, I only use mod powers to seduce others and ban posters who are better at seducing people (so no one)

Aside from that, I hear that the US has a silly holiday going on atm, so if you're not about that life cause you live in a reasonable or sensible country, I suppose also vote for me and come hang out.
(No image)
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What, does everpony- think about...

Carrot-The Furry Pirate Bunny within Sulong Form
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.Mein for mod 2019. A vote for me is a vote for furry death camps.
60 replies
Vote Mk17! I guarantee I'll do nothing!

But that also means nothing bad!
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Vote for me and i'll pay mikie to delete this website.
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What the fuck even is all of this lately?

Who would want to be a mod anyway? Just causes shit for everyone else.
Not to mention stomp out the fun when it's being had.
Plus responsibilities that no one asked for.
No pay, or even compensation of any kind.
You'll probably be ridiculed, if you win.

mod plz
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Vote for me and I will build a wall and make Ponyville.us pay for it.

I also vow to deport all Illegal anons without valid trip codes.

You can trust me, I am the best at what I do. No one is the best at what I do more than me, okay?

Let's make Ponychan great again.
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The normies are waking up Here's a pretty interesting study of US internet users and their growing concerns over their online privacy.


In short, people are scared shitless after the numerous hacks of corporate databases as well as being screwed over by social media companies like Facebook.

Tim Cook of Apple has been quietly leading the charge for industry self-regulation of Internet privacy regulations. It appears now that he and others are going to take it upon themselves to work with the government to create privacy laws before Trump's Congress can do end runs around Apple and Alphabet.

>I’m not a pro-regulation guy, but when the free market doesn’t produce a result great for society, you have to ask yourself what we need to do. We’ve got to figure out a way to take it to the next level and change some things.


And one more thing...

Adobe rebranded Flash today with the release of the new Pepper Flash web browser plug-in. Better update yours if you hate yourself enough to continue to visit web sites that demand Flash compatibility with your web browser.

Guess this is a /g/ thread now.
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wtf is a lost pony even doing on the internet. I don't really know. I guess I did make a few friends but damn what a big waste of time anyway.

thread rules: don't reply. Except Tracer, he's welcome to tell me to fuck off.
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Modern Art All right. Time for something other than voting for a new mod.

This is poetic art.

Aluminum Fire Ant Colony Casting
89 replies
5 replies
What even is going on here today.
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Tuseday for mod 2019 Vote for change
Vote for weird
Vote Tuseday
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/biz/ is the only good 4chan board
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Same Sex Locker Rooms #Mature
I'm still puzzling over this. Why don't we have unisex locker rooms? It's one of the few times you have a chance to get naked, so why would you hide that specifically from the people who are most likely to appreciate it?

It's just because our society is so ludicrously sexually repressed, right? There isn't an actual reason to make the males change clothes in a different room from the females, is there?
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if you wanted to be a mod so badly you could have just asked me you know!

but thats okay because i never got a ballot

so after the fact i will demand a recount
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Your votes mean nothing to me. I'm taking over in a hostile takeover.
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Just a reminder of the same thing I say every time a new mod is going to be made-


Thank you.
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How much of a weeaboo are you?
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Ika for mod 2019-2025 Vote for me and I shall exterminate your enemies!
If you don't vote for Ika that means you are weeb trash.
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What's the final solution to San Francisco's homeless problem?
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Fallout 76: The thread #Mature
So, if anyone plays or is thinking of playing, talk about it here. I know we have a bit of discussion about the game in the Vidya thread but I wanted to make a separate one specifically for Fallout.

Also if anyone plays on PC, let me know.
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Tag Yourself! #Mature
I'm a Pinkie.
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Welcome to /ef/ - our general discussion board with a laxer atmosphere. Sitewide rules generally don't apply, but we do have a few of our own:

Don't spam, raid, or do anything else illegal. This includes lewd depictions of minors: drawings or otherwise.

Mature content
This board permits mature content in threads properly marked with a mature tag. Enable "Show Mature Content Threads" in the settings menu if you want to see them.
If you're the OP of a thread, consider using the mature tag. Images in a thread with this tag do not need to be spoilered, unless they are actual spoilers.
Outside of mature content threads, the site rules that govern R34 and gore apply as normal.

You are free to speak your mind, but know that personal attacks and attempts to goad other users into them are not allowed. You are free to challenge each other, but basic civility should be maintained. The staff does not care "who started it" and all those involved will be held accountable, so if a user is continually trying to goad you, please report them so staff can handle the situation. Consider using the filters in the settings as a self moderation measure if you find yourself wanting to be unnecessarily confrontational with another.
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