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>begin on this site as an antisocial nihilist NEET, with a homophobic name
>had a few good qualities that grew across an impromptu redemption arc
>now an eccentric existentialist in college, with a committed gay relationship

Tell me about times you became a better person, but where there was an ironic twist involved.
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We ALL, think about ~ BUNNIES with HUGE and BOUNCY BREASTS...!!?!!
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>Look whiter than most Europeans

>Marry a guy whos a redheaded ginger with skin paler than milk
>Claim people say your son will be too dark

Oh boy she sure loves attention for someone who claims to hate the media. One minute its

'Waaa leave me alone I want to be alone no media attention'

And next it's

'Have i told you i'm going to go cry on Oprah?'

Boy, this shit sure is interesting.

Also ignoring how her son could never be Prince anyway as hes not the grandson of the monarch so I mean.. he litteraly could never legally be prince
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Roast and Toast Thread ITT: We both roast and toast other participants. Participation is voluntary, obviously. Once you participate, you invite others to do the same.

To be clear, if you roast, you must also toast. Pure negativity is not the point.
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Let me ask YOU anything What is your favorite coffee?
What’s your favorite ice cream?
What’s your favorite restaurant?
What’s your favorite song?
What song means a lot to you?
What’s your least favorite car?
What’s your favorite show?
What is your favorite childhood memory?
What is your favorite memory with your parents?
How was your relationship with your first girlfriend or boyfriend?
Do you like coloring?
What’s your favorite animal?
What is your hobby?
What makes you angry?
What makes you happy?
How gay would you rate yourself from 0 to 10?
What do you think of me? UwU
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Reminder that there are two things to keep by your side

Your rifle

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Is 4channel's /tv/ board's top 500 film list (made in 2011) based or cringe?

Personally I think Pulp Fiction as no. 1 is kinda cringe, it's not even Tarantino's second-best film.

Inb4 Bane or Sneed memes
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Did you feed your pet.. cake today?
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Blog thread: #80085 eggs edition Eggs eggs eggs eggs

How many eggs can you swallow whole
Enjoy my shitpost in my blog thread :)))))) 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓

Happy March :3
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cat cat
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The Story Thread, est. 2011 #Mature
Still in /ef cause /pony's not mature enough.

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Abort me, mommy!!!1!!!!!!!
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Remember Dan is Forever
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Fugitive attacks police officers after being stopped on the way to buy video game during lockdown


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Another AMA Ask and ye shall receive.
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Nice and Chill Thread ITT: We both say nice things and chill with other participants. Participation is voluntary, obviously. Once you participate, you invite others to do the same.

To be clear, if you are nice, you must also chill. Pure positivity is not the point.
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Parents encouraging kids to burn masks on Idaho Capitol steps #Politics

Why do you guys do shit like this?
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/ss/ general Any other fellow super straights on /ef/?

What is super straight? This is a new sexuality that means that you are only attracted to cisgender women or men. This was made due to an influx of people saying that you aren’t straight if you aren’t attracted to trans women/men. We are part of the LGBTQ+ now.
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(No image)
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ALRIGHT!!! Which, one of ya- posters... Used DOORDASH and sent a breakfast family meal of mcdonald's 2 my address & it was paid by the name ANONYMOUS

Thnx 4 the food and mocha, BUT. You didn't need 2 use your credit card and send The Golden Arch 99.9% AWESOME Brekfah Sandwiches
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Time for a AAA thread. AAA.

Ask the Admin Anything.
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If you had to be sat next to one ponychan poster on a five hour long roadtrip who would you pick and why?
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>still being a MAGAtard
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This is a Brotherhood of steel technology holdup. You are nothing more than a primative caveman banging rocks together and making funny sounds, and therefore cannot be trusted with any kind of technology.

So hand over your mobile phone before we fire upon you with our lasers and turn you into a pile of glowing pile of ash. Oh, and your toaster too. Now.
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>still no word on new helluva boss content or any news at all

Waiting general.
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Howdy y'all. I recently started a channel where I do over the top/dramatic narrations of bad creepypastas. Since I just started out I'm still getting the hang of it, but I think they're coming along nicely. I did one of the older bad Discord creepypasta and I was wondering if I could have some feedback. Preferably constructive. That'd be really cool.

"The Lost Discord Episode" Crappypasta

I also focus more on the audio than the visuals
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DEAR /EF/... I want, a Demoness- TOO... SIT ON MY FACE!
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I mean, also a site suggestion but it's a simple one

I love the UK and I love representing it and all

But I would hereby request that the classic red cross white background England flag be added as a flag choice/option

I do consider myself an Englishman and it would be pretty neat to represent my country

.... And I guess while you are at it you could also add a Scotland flag for our Scottish friend too

And a Northern Ireland and Wales one too if you have the time, although I don't think we have any of those posters mind
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It appears my unprotected buttocks are stuck in this wall!
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Fuck the government and fuck all their stupid retarded bullshit.
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Happy Caturday: Special cats edition. So it seems /ef/ is full of a bunch of godless heathens who don't celebrate Caturday. But this one is special so I figured I would make a thread for users to acknowledge very important cats in their lives.

I would like to nominate this sassy cat. Tomorrow is the 4 year anniversary of this cat crossing my path. (except I work Sundays so I can't be there to watch my beloved thread slide into oblivion)

This nameless but rather sassy cat originated in the writhing homoerotic depths of the role playing board here. And 4 years ago tomorrow, by some strange set of circumstances, it crossed my path and lead me along a series of turns without which I sincerely believe I would not be alive today- either directly by my own hand or indirectly through the absolute lack of care I had for my physical health in my, then, deep state of depression and self-loathing.

And while I'm still not fully convinced that you're not all a bunch of glowies fucking with my head the reality is without having encountered this cat I would not have eventually regained my will to live.

So I don't know if the mufugga who originated the sassy cat still posts here or even bothers to look at /ef/ but thank you. You saved my life.
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We on the X, we on the codeine.
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OH NAO! A RAT QUEEN!!! who wanna, draw my rodent queen- on a caturday...
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well /ef/?

why is this a thing?
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well /ef/?

why is this a thing?
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Somebody created a deep-learning algorithm to animate still images of faces. It's kinda surreal how well it worked even on a painting!
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Every moment, i'm walking in a taiga woods- which looks like michigan...

I think, about ~ this image
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So, will Trump be sworn in today?
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Notice me, senpai!
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The taming of the wild led to the domestication of exploration.
Born too late to explore the Earth, born too early to explore alien ecosystems and worlds.
Born just in time to see the rise and fall of digital exploration.

A life of disappointment.
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So anybody here ever been abducted by aliens? Just, you know, curious.

I would imagine it would be like, waking up in the middle of the night paralyzed, unable to move as a big bright light sucks you into it as you silently scream in terror

Then you find yourself strapped down to a table, wrists bound and you're probably gagged too as these strange beings from another world all stare at you and judge you, all looking at every part of your body.. Before then slowly stroking and caressing your body as they strip you naked.

I would assume they would probably then like, strap you so you're bent over, spread some kinda strange gooey substance over your buttocks and anus, then grab some kind of large probe and slowly ram it right inside your anus as deep as it can go, while as you are paralyzed and bound you silently scream in mass terror and pain but nothing comes out, and then you pass out

... You then wake up naked, sweaty, every part of your aching and in pain alone in a field in the middle of nowhere

Would be terrifying right?
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An important message.
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daki thread post your dakis
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1 reply

Not stolen from Bruno Powroznik
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So the Conservative party here in the UK has now been in charge for ten years, been through four leaders and yet is now even more popular than ever before while Labour die before our very eyes

What other country can say they have had one party in charge for over a decade straight and that party is more popular than they have ever been before?

Tories in charge for 100 years no doubt
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Space Jam #Politics
I'm pretty hyped for the new movie coming out, seems good so far. Anyone else looking forward to it?

Politics tag in case MAGA or proud boys are involved.
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Neverte wille speken les und dere thee
Neverte wille leven thee
Neverte wille defrauden thee
Neverte wille ron around and relinquish thee
Neverte wille icausen thee to greten
Neverte wille sei farewel
Neverte wille speken les und dere thee.
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Oh? Is this another AMA thread but one in which you can ask ME questions?

Alright, ask me anything

Bet you can't guess what I'm doing right now

Spoilers- Nothing for the last two months as my workplace and the country is still in covid lockdown, had been since early December and will be for the next month or even two ahhhhhh this is so boring
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So my mom works at a place that sells cough and cold medicine, and she mentioned to me that sales for those products are down by nearly 50% in the last year. We both acknowledged that the reason for that probably has a lot to do with how people have been trying to avoid getting Covid, ex. the mask wearing of course. I decided to google to see if I could find statistics that lined up with what she was saying, and sure enough...

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What is your position on face sitting?
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Cum is not a great substitute for sour cream.
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Another one of these threads It's this sort of thread. So post that sort of stuff. Bonus points: Don't be vague.
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B b b Holy crap Ember Storm

Have you heard?
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Showing off my army Just wanted to show off the dark angels I have completed.

If you would like to see a particular model I will try and get the best photo of it.

I have not completed all of them.
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Look at you. Some nobody, crawled out of the dirt wasteland fuck.

Do you even know what you're doing? Making a nation - like you think you're doing, ain't like chowing down on a pile of Fancy Lad Snack Cakes.

Think you got the guts to carve out a frontier? Build towns, protect the roads, run supplies, train troops?
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Today I reading the following sentence from a comment on a blogpost:
>The affect of alcohol on native Americans is so obvious, severe, and destructive, that it is cruel and hurtful to have the same laws for them as everyone else.
And it got me thinking: Why do so many people have such trouble distinguishing between "affect" and "effect"? Yes, they're homophones (or nearly so), but so are "which" and "witch", which people don't confuse nearly as much.
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Diamond fountains Dis here, is muh diamond fountain. I hav a fyoo av dem. Here. Yu kin hav sum. Dey pretty 🦋
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Biden still hasn’t briefed top senators on Syria airstrike as Dems fume #Politics
>The Biden administration has still not briefed senators directly on last week’s airstrike of a facility in Syria allegedly used by an Iran-allied militia group, as Democratic lawmakers continue to express anger over the move.
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AAAA: Ask Anonymous Anything Anonymously #Anon
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Abort me, mommy!!!1!?!! uwu
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I finally made good on my winter project.

Changed out my old convertible top as the old was 15 years old. It took me like 4 days due to inclement weather and I had to work through a manufacturing defect on the new top I bought, but it came out pretty good.

This is what it looks like with no top on, the interior headliner does not need to be removed.

Have you completed your winter projects? Anyone else work on cars?
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Let's transform- THE WHOLE WORLD into a CHIBI Universe...!!?!!
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AMA Today I accomplished a life goal, and even though I really didn't give a shit when it first happened, now I'm riding higher than I've ever been, and it feels like I'm jacked up on amphetamines.

AMA, I guess.
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>Research on the dark triad is used in applied psychology, especially within the fields of law enforcement, clinical psychology, and business management. People scoring high on these traits are more likely to commit crimes, cause social distress and create severe problems for an organization, especially if they are in leadership positions. They also tend to be less compassionate, agreeable, empathetic, satisfied with their lives, and less likely to believe they and others are good.


Welcome to /ef/, how dark are ya?
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AMA Because everyone else is doing it
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Also hillarious that the far left are tearing themselves apart over this. Trans vs feminists, let's go!

For those out of the loop a bunch of crazed feminists recently demanded that the term 'woman' be removed and replaced with 'Womxn' as woman is outdated and has man in it which is sexist or some bullshit
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Today I will remind them... You are loved.
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The most powerful statement in the C language is the switch statement. The CIA wants you to think it's the same as IF-ELSE; it's not. The way a switch statement works is there's a lookup table in it. What it does is: it looks up in the table and then it jumps ahead to a segment of code, and then the code jumps to the bottom, to a common location, to continue.
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Why do singlets and plebs not buy high quality all terrain steel toe boots? They hate to be prepared and would rather be at a disadvantage. What gives?
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Peak anime character design
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Shoes Why do niggers spend so much money on shoes? They loot the local footlocker when a disaster happens. What gives?
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Man Texas is such a joke, is like they want their civilians to be miserable.
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What online game do you have the most playtime in?
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Well /ef/?
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I want to heal
I want to feel
what I thought was never real
I want to let go of the pain I felt so long
(Erase all the pain 'til it's gone)
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A thread mikie will like I've seen this video a million times, and i just read the comments and got that the reason it is funny to people is because they cant understand what he is saying, but since its the RI accent, it never sounded weird to me.
Wait... What???

So accents! Mikies favorite.
Post examples of your local accent if you have one.
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AMA inb4 thread falls off after 15 posts
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AMA cat
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Its womans history month.
Happy womans history month ladies, enjoy it.
Just don't forget, the rest of the year belongs to men.
all women are queens
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Four people, including justice of the peace, arrested on 150 counts of voter fraud #Politics

Hey they caught some of the people responsible for voter fraud
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I do not like the blacks, Sam-I-Am. I do not like the chinks, and I do not want them here or there, nor do I want jews to be anywhere, said Sam-I-Am.
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ids habbening >spongebob_i_need_it.jpg
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Can winter be over now please?

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le AMA AMA thread go ahead ask me anything :^)
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Dildo thread #Mature
So I am new to dildo and this is mine. Skaven clanrat for scale, it is 6 inches and I am enjoying it the more I use it.

What are yours?
Is how big is yours?
What lube you use?
How do you use yours (chair, wall, floor)
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Let's talk language.

I listened to a lecture the other day that said our English classes are essentially racist due to the insistence on the use of "standard" English in writing and speaking as opposed to vernacular English (the prime example being African American Vernacular English or "ebonics").

Basically, the argument went that by not allowing students to write in the same manner in which they speak, minority voices are silenced or put at a disadvantage as they are forced to try and "translate" their thoughts into "acceptable" speech instead of what they know.

I, for one, disagree with this assessment of the situation. I don't believe that it is racist to emphasize the need to understand and use proper grammar and vocabulary in a professional setting. The working world is full of many different people from different backgrounds and of varying levels of English mastery, and ensuring that there is a standard form of the language with which to communicate is important so that everyone is able to clearly and effectively communicate their ideas with each other no matter where they are from as there is only one set of rules and vocabulary to reference under such circumstances rather than trying to navigate numerous different dialects with their own quirks and vocabulary.

I'm not saying different dialects and vernaculars are worthless, but if the goal is effective communication with as many people as possible, there ought to be a certain standard to maximize a message's ability to be comprehended by the greatest number of people, should it not?

What do you think?
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me Its my birthday.
Normally I don't mention it, but this year I am, mostly because I wanted to make this picture.
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Your waifu isn't real
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>I'm glad you didn't turn out gay, Anon.
<*turns out to like men too*
>Well I'm glad you're not a flamboyant or effeminate gay guy at least.
<*amazon wishlists and hygienic habits intensify*
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Have you ever doubted the existence of your physical body?
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February is the worst month of the year. Why do you only have 28 days? Pointless month.
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me irl
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Beware the Ides of March!
7 replies

Let's be real the Welsh are pretty great people so I hope they enjoy their holiday
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Stop doing drugs, Kadence.
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Blog thread #1337: The Pain Gets Worse Edition Yep
I made another one

My back is killing me. I dread how it’ll be when I’m 40 ha
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EUROPYGAN ELF THREAD In here... ALL posters can put images of Stantlers the Royal Imperial Xmas Elves

Have fun ~ dropping Baked Beans on Garlic Bread--- Ya, Filthy Dark Coffee SLURPERZ...!!?!!
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Ep 04 of Helluva Boss- is soon... Ready 2 become ~ on youtube
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pipes why did you run away?

nobody will treat you like like a potato or force you to look at embers birds

whats going with you, man?
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MK-7 Have you ever eaten Japanese natto (fermented soy beans)?
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I have decided I want the UK to stay together I figure my Lad Maroon would be miserable without Funny Shaun or the chance to see Mint Horse again.

Scotland simply cannot be allowed to go independent, it would make England even more miserable and intolerant.

God save the King.
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gotta medical question

i smashed a mosquito and tons of blood popped out it

i have cuts on my hands from excessive handwashing

should i be worried that i could get a major disease?

naturally i washed my hands but i fear the blood may have went into the soup and the pathogen made it into my bloodstream
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Decided to rank every flag of every country in the world.

What do we think?
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Robot test So /ef/, how much of a robot are you?
I got 64
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Degenerate dwarfs are dense, typically 10^6 g/cm^3.

Do you ever worry about the world being destroyed by vacuum decay?
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DAMA dont ask me anything

ask someone else something
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AMA Thread #Mature
I'm Macaroni.
Ask Me Anything.
3 replies
AMA Ask Me Anything.
12 replies
when the imposter is sus .
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Global Catastrophic Risk An average American is more than five times more likely to die during a human-extinction event than in a car crash, according to the 2016 annual report by the Global Challenges Foundation.

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Hey everyone it's me, Billy Joe Bob, everyone's favourite southern friend

You know, when I'm not out hunting, or at the bar chugging beers with my friends, or just slapping my wife around, I often like to think about the state of this country.

I mean, how the fuck is Biden president? He's like, older than my grandaddy, and he wants to let all the muslamics in who want to force us all to speak Mexican, it anit right!

Anyway, the other night after I spent some time alone with a box of tissues and a photo of my cousin, the state of this country really got my down

And my stupid fat wife wont shut up, god dammit I bought her that new Dolly Parton CD and all. Least she got a nice big pair of tits for me to slap around, but christ she needs to just shut the fuck up

Anyway I guess what i'm trying to say is

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Took bloody long enough, dickheads makiing me wait this long
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This iz a Burglary...

Surrender ~ ALL your French Bulldogs!?!
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Exclusive: First footage of Shamima Begum after her latest legal defeat | ITV News

What happens if you dig your own grave? Is it true you have to lay in it?

For those unaware

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I thought this was photoshop.
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What did she see on your phone /ef/?
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waifu thread post your waifus

>pic related

my dumb airhead, useless, whiny, self-entitled, lazy, drunk, greedy (but broke but not as useless as one may think)

but i love her dearly

now post yours
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There's a new movie trailer out.
Why are you NOT talking about it anywhere?
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Not quite sure how it happened, but I seem to be stuck in this wall!
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Natural love or epinephrine love.
Either way... you receive pupil dilation.
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I am stronk
You are not

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this video is too real

tagging it as political just in case

If Commercials were Real Life - Robinhood: We are all investors
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Life Crystal™️💎⚡
Stonks ⬆️
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ok /ef/

Every Poster, haz been transformed into a Demonic LUST Devouring Sheep Monsters /w Double-D Breasts

32 replies
Anime sucks.

Tagged political in case BLM or antifa get involved.
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Tell me something you believe that I will assume is bullshit.
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me irl on the far right
11 replies


40 replies
Did you know that here in the UK we once had feminist terrorist attacks?

the more you know
(No image)
16 replies
27 replies
Anyone else love a nice soy Latte in the morning?
24 replies
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I'm drunk ask me anything And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England's mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England's pleasant pastures seen?

And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among these dark Satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold:
Bring me my arrows of desire:
Bring me my spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my chariot of fire.

I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England's green and pleasant land
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82 replies
6 replies

Is, Curly Brace ~ an Mechanical Female Hentai?
52 replies
"White" isn't real.
30 replies
wasps, yellowjackets and hornets what are the point of these insects? at least bees serve a purpose and pollinate flora

but wasps, etc do nothing besides behave like assholes and they can sting at will without any damage to themselves whatsoever
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Did you know that if you get shot in the head you have around a five percent chance of surviving?

The more you know
13 replies
Optimal World Population #Politics
What would be the optimal global human population on Earth?

Personally, I'd guess between 1 and 4 billion. I think the Earth is a bit too crowded now with 7+ billion people.
17 replies

Gun control is racist, sexist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, classist, chauvistic, discriminatory, fascistic and generally not good. You're disarming the poor and vulnerable while trusting that other individuals won't try hurting them, while also making it harder for the masses at large to credibly fight an unjust government or social order.
96 replies
This is the white tower in London, it was built in 1080.

It's a nice tower.
21 replies
Oy oy guv'nar ya got a loycense for being offensive?
10 replies
Its ogre https://pitchfork.com/news/daft-punk-call-it-quits/

The duo that comprised Daft Punk have split up. The artist is no more (though they will likely go on to do solo work). This has been confirmed by a video they released called 'Epilogue' and a statement from their publicist. There were rumors of a 2020 album that may never come out now. And of course they will probably never do a live tour again (they haven't in almost 15 years).

They have one of the greatest discographies in all of music, not even strictly electronic genres. Not necessarily flawless, but they were one of the few artists who managed to be a monumental force in pop culture while simultaneously of consistently high artistic quality. For me personally, they were a gateway to the wide world of electronic music and the soundtrack to my high school years.

Press F and post your favorite Daft Punk/Daft Punk-related songs.

Get Lucky

Around the World

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Daft Punk - Human After All (Official audio)

Robot Rock / Oh Yeah

Starboy (Daft Punk produced this)
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Florida pussy is better then yo pussy.
2 replies
36 replies
i am done with sex with woman i tried it again and it is just fucking alloying to do. for now next time i am fucking a cute male.
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I'm a sick duck I like a quick quack
8 replies
"... black people get COVID 1.4x more than white people, and die of it 3x more often. There are lots of potential social causes for health disparities between black and white people. But among potential biological causes, one of the most important is that black people have much less Vitamin D at temperate latitudes - their dark skin blocks the sunlight that would usually help them produce it. This is another pattern that sometimes means Vitamin D could be involved (ask me about schizophrenia rates sometime!), although there are obviously lots of other things that could be going on here."

43 replies
daily reminder that chicago style pizza is just tomato soup
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NYPD, the FBI, and Malcolm X #Politics

In summary:

>Former undercover cop, Ray Wood, confesses that members of Malcolm X's security detail were arrested on bogus terrorism charges in order to facilitate his assassination.

>One of the men arrested, Walter Bowe, testified in 1965 that it was NYPD officer Ray Wood who devised a bogus plot to bomb the Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, and Washington Monument. His claim is now corroborated by Wood's death bed confession.

>Of the three assassins who were arrested, only Thomas Hagan ever confessed to the crime. He long claimed that the other two (Thomas Johnson and Norman Butler) were not accomplices.

>Former cop, Ray Wood, says, “Thomas Johnson was later arrested and wrongfully convicted to protect my cover and the secrets of the FBI and the NYPD.”
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COSPLAY THREAD I want Neppy to tear the flesh from my shlong with thier teeth, but i doubt they will do it.

Is anyone else here willing to consume my flesh, for a fee of course. I mean i pay YOU, unless its Jiggle but he'd want to fully consume me whole and al...

Oh, also Cosplayer thread

Bonus points for adorable ones
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big stinky willies
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Flower of Life The flower of life is an esoteric symbol from ancient times.
What is your opinion on it?
41 replies
Literally no websites are working except this one for me, neither is discord haha.
Cant even get a ping response from sites like youtube and reddit and google.
Anyone else having this issue?
21 replies
A Michigander Thread This- will become an actual thread. About, The Glove State...

QUESTION: What does all posters think- if The Northeast and The Great Lakes became a Pokemon Region for Generation 8?

I will ~ be reading posts. In the morning, before... I think about making another FURRY Lewdymon Clopfic & try finding some artwork too... Redesign it- into a FANMADE Regional Pkmn style of my weird mind--- TOYBOX, can I become able 2 turn your Pink Werewolf from Twitch and Secondlife into a Kelogan Arcanine?

I do, play some of minecraft about 9-11 and 3-5 while helping my mom and doin some PoGO on my phone

{If anybody wanna know some of my projects} visit my dA
>KabelpodtehPony DevaintArt

16 replies
72 replies
The following is a quick and simple explanation of ponychan.

231 replies
guys i think i have COVID-19

seriously, no joke...

my muscles are aching

i am not breathing normally

slight chest pains

well it was nice knowing you guys...
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It's a funeral!
4 replies
Halt there, friend.
What snacks and drinks did you bring with you?
I brought some pierogi and mini hotdogs!
40 replies
jordan peterson's analysis on you guys


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We need to take a serious look at knife violence in NYC. Random acts of violence where people are stabbed and slashed is on an alarming rise.
Reasonable restrictions on knives should be considered by the administrations in the state of NY. Here are a few things that will surely, without a doubt, curb knife violence.
1) defund the police.
2) ban any knife with a blade over 1" in length.
3) if a blade can cut a piece of paper, it's too sharp and thus banned.
4) one knife purchase per month.
5) permit required to buy knives.
6) permit required to carry a knife.
7) background checks on all knife purchases.
8) close the "knife show" loophole
9) knife/owner registration
10) require safe storage laws for all edged weapons
No one is trying to take your knives away, we just want reasonable restrictions that will DEFINITELY curb knife violence in NY. If knife violence continues then we will pass more inane laws or confiscate your registered knives.
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Come come, my chil'dun!

I ave dun much in de pass fyoo daes, en much wurk haz been done, my chil'dun!

ITT: we talk 'bout De Wea en how a` we finna rally round the family, with a pocket full of shells

Happy Winter Wrap Up, have fun!
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I miss the days when I was relevant and people made threads about me and talked about me

haha jokes on me I was never relevant
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allahu akbar
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Sorry for the hiccup everyone, I just needed to do some important updates
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Dream Analysis It has been a long time since I had feels.
I went to sleep at about 10 p.m. pacific time. The dream fluctuated between good hearted and evil people. I think it represents the duality of nature... Positive and negative on electrical terminals, north and south in magnetism, etc. I call myself a systemmate. If you don't know what a systemmate is, then too bad. I feel like the dream was a test of my own self worth. I treat people with toxicity and I'm kinda condescending at times. I also gained some insight into someone else and why they do things a certain way. Everything near the beginning was vague. Once I gained some awareness....I recall driving as fast as possible to escape from my problems. I was listening to the slowed version of eastghost d'vocean, which is the complete opposite of what I listen to and I tried turning it off in the car and failed, so I kept driving. I left everyone I've known.... except my family, which our relationship was supported by a hair thin thread. I went to a certain area and met my systemmate Lotus in silhouette form. She said "I will always be there with you. I can't always make time for you, but I can try to find a way".
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Remember cleaning your mouse balls? Some of you might be too young to remember, but back in the old days, we didn't have optical mice. We had mechanical mice, and their balls got dirty and needed to be cleaned regularly.
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Give me your best personal bowel movement stories.
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The mad man did it again.
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Playing Fallout new Vegas ama

Or we could just talk about the Fallout series

Whatever pickles your gerkins
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Ever feel like you need some sort of emotional catharsis, but don't know how or why?
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So I'm having a Sunday roast tonight

What you eating?
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Daily Redpill Buy Land
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how would the world be today be if the australians avoided the great emu war?

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Nep Nep, if you ever be scare

Call out Pipo, i be there

To protec you in Delaware

I really wanna sniff your underwear
Becaose one hart we always share

~ Pipo 2021
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What will you do when it all comes down?
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How would the world be different today if the Finno-Korean Hyper War had been averted?
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Kabel Car Has Kabel ever made a thread with an actual serious subject matter ?

Or was he like this from beggining? I vaguely remember him years ago but i seem to remember he posted like he does now. Im fascinated , i need his history.
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Wrath #Politics
I'd like to take a moment to talk to everyone about the sin of wrath. A couple of hours ago I was startled by a banging sound followed by the shouting of obscenities.

The banging sound, which I could hear from my position to be coming from the front door wasn't startling. The gas shock on our storm door here is completely cooked and the door just slams any time anyone goes outside while forgetting about the shitty storm door. It was the shouting of obscenities that got me out of my chair because it sounded almost as though it were coming from inside the house.
So I went into
"Oh, shit. Intruder!" mode.
I thought for a moment about going into my gun safe and grabbing my rifle but then stopped myself asking "Am I ready to be that guy?" Am I ready to beget additional wrath. Fortunately as I emerged from my bedroom with a clear view of the front door it was still deadbolted tightly and glass was strewn about the floor. My housemate was standing there in shock having witnessed a little more than I did. I went to the door and peered out one of the windows to see some lanklet in a hoodie coldly striding away nice and slow as though he was waiting for a confrontation. By now it was time to call '911'. By now the initial adrenaline rush was subsiding to the point that I could now piece together what the guy shouted through our broken window.

"This is what you get for calling me a pedophile, you faggot."

Now I'm a complete hermit and don't interact with anyone outside of my place of employment or my immediate inner circle and the same can be said about my housemate. So this was clearly a case of mistaken identity- which I had the opportunity and would well have been within my right to escalate. I have a front drive way. So this guy walked past two perfectly good cars he could have vandalized in order to satisfy an urge for a higher risk confrontation with somebody who he felt had wronged him. He was here for some shit. He could have easily have gotten shit but not from who he thought he would get shit from.

In his grandiose delusions of righteous indignation he made me into a victim of vandalism and terror- all the while in his own my being the victim. A veritable wolf in sheep's clothing.

I'm stuck with the burning question: has he figured out he had the wrong house? Did the police catch up to him and confront him at any point (probably unlikely) and does fucking up my window make him feel as though justice has truly been meted out or is he going to come back and sow more terror?

The next time you're feeling all victimized and full of righteous indignity and you think you are being some smug operator about it just remember. You're quite possibly that fucker in the hoodie smashing my fucking window even though I've never met you in my life. Worse yet I might have left the deadbolt open and you might have pushed into my house and forced me to take a 7.62mm hole punch to you and live with the legal and moral baggage of that for the rest of my life.

If you let righteous indignity take over and bring you to wrath it will only beget more righteous indignity and more wrath.
>but but but
Fuck you.
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Comedy censored porn thread #Mature
No explaination needed
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Any Texas Ponies ? Are you doing OK? #Politics
My friend is posting updates to social media every day. He's been drinking snow for 3 days. Rolling blackouts.

Its pretty fucked.

Once this passes I hope Texans manage to force political will to do something better. After that 133 car pileup on untreated roads, water freezing the pipes and millions having to drink snow, 72 hour rolling blackouts to keep whats functioning of their electric grid still going...

And their state leadership is flying off to cancun and saying shit like 'we won't accept the fed's help'. Shit's fucked, everypony...
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hey, pipes

wat do U think of my robot maid- here... she iz, an black cyber lady that cleans & haz humping in bed action

It iz ~ AW = Artificial Waifu
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Is this an image of mars or a close up photo of a chocolate cake?
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Twitch mutes live Metallica concert to avoid copyright claims. https://www.ign.com/articles/twitch-replaced-metallicas-blizzcon-concert-with-hilarious-non-heavy-metal-music

*slow clap*
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i put my 2 brain cells together and this is the only thread i can think of
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Boris claims Joe Biden 'nicked' his 'building back better' slogan at G7 Summit

>Boris leading G7

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In Memory of Pipes Pipes died on Tuesday, February 18, when he arrived to Texas on holiday.

He froze to death and then burst.

His death was confirmed by a poster on Ponychan.net, Czarry, 31, who said "I haven’t seen pipes since. RIP."

He was well-known in his community for being British, and being fined for using puppets without a license.

He was a 30 year old boomer.
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