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I'm bored, let's chat Am bored and tired, let's have a chat thread.

I don't really care what we talk about, but this place has been way too dead and ya'll need to get in here.

Because no thread does well without even the suggestion, I'll just go with this:
Space, because it is a thing
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What do you think of this image?
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Sexual frustration. When I go out with my friends, girls hit on them all the time, but I'm always invisible, because no one ever comes up to talk to me. It's made me think that virtually all women find me unattractive.

I'm not jealous in the slightest for my friends, nor do I expect girls to just throw themselves at me without any work on my part. It would just be nice to know someone of the opposite sex thinks you're exceptional in one way or another. I'm a 25 year old virgin and lately have felt the need for physical contact so bad, but not feeling approachable makes me feel worthless, and that I've failed as a man.

I've started modifying my diet and bought a gym membership, and I'm trying to get a better job in hopes that things will change, because I'm just so damn lonely.
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Quints! And, Noonim would be proud of the 300k GET
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Why are moderates and centrists such trash?
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estheticaly pleasing thread.

Be estheticaly pleasing
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Stapple foods So what are your country/region's staple foods?
Over here in mexico there's corn and beans for example, I also once watched a documentary in which I learned that many middle eastern countries depend a lot on bread. And of course the united states has high fructose corn syrup.

So what staple foods do you have?
(No image)
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So here is the reality. Donald Trump is going to be your president for another 4 years!
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Media Support for Joe Biden #Mature
I've been waiting for the politics tag to make this thread, but it's something I've wanted to get takes on for a while now.
Is the media doing for Biden what they did for Hillary in 2016?
Seems like all iv been seeing on YouTubes forced media is stuff about Biden.
In 2016 they forced Hillary down our throats, if you recall, making it hard for people like Sanders, who could have had a real chance, to make any headway.

There doesn't seem a to be any good grass roots candidate on the Dem side this time for people to rally around. Sanders lost momentum, Warren is a meme, and there are some others, some I like, but they aren't getting much attention it seems.
At least not mainstream attention.

So, is this take just because I'm only skimming the top? Or is it just Bidens "turn"?
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The Story Thread: Human Susie Edition #Mature

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shipping story time >SHIP POSTERS TOGETHER
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Americans could you explain why Jaywalking is a crime? I don't get it.

We don't have such a thing here in the UK, and the highway code here states for us to use our own discretion and judgement when crossing a road.. which makes more sense than making certain forms of crossing illegal.
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Anyone interested in me streaming some Expert Emerald at some point?

Its a Pokemon Emerald romhack that adds more variety in what you can catch, and also ramps up the difficulty of almost every battle (especially gym leaders and other bosses).

Idk exactly when I'd do it yet, or if I would do commentary or music...I know this game like the back of my hand, and would probably speed through the grindier/more "boring" parts.

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Post 3D women you like
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If jews control the world then how come christmas is still bigger than hanuka?

Checkmate atheists.
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I have a big glass of ice and grapefruit soda.
What do you have to beat the heat?
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The Return of Epic Fail Guy Also Epic Fail Guy appreciation ITT.


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/ef/ is an aidoru board

Stan Yuuki Aine
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>An embattled Knox County sheriff’s deputy, who also is a pastor, on Wednesday defended a sermon he gave filled with anti-gay, derogatory language during a church service, WVLT reported.

>"Just as much as God loves, God hates,” he said.
>Fritts said he never called on civilians to commit violence against members of the LGBTQ community. He told his congregation Wednesday that responsibility lies with the government.
>He finished his commentary by saying, “put homos to death.”
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just here to remind you because chaptor is no longer around

that /ef/ is rightful mongol clay

so this >>298857 isnt the truth
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Bertstrips Thread 2.0 The last one maxed out.

Here we go with round two.
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Why was he so perfect?
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Everything Wholesome Belongs ITT Post all of your wholesome pics here.
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Can obesity be contagious? "A woman successfully treated for a recurrent Clostridium difficile infection with stool from an overweight donor rapidly gained weight herself afterwards, becoming obese"


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Why yes, we do need a porn thread!

I think it's fair to say that anything goes, as long as it's consenting adults enjoying themselves. Or anthropomorphic adults.
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>tfw you need to deal with denormalized floats
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Post your desktop Do it.
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Poor old doggo https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/11/europe/russia-wolf-head-scli-intl/index.html

I'm really tempted to book a trip to Russia's Steppes to see what's melting out of the permafrost.
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If you went to China, would you eat dog meat like the locals do? And if you do, would you know that you do, or would it be some mystery meat cooked in gutter oil served on you unaware?
(No image)
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How was Bridezilla of 2019 was it- better ~ or, worst... Than/ the 1998 New Yorker Bridezilla?
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What are the FACTS? Draw
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Why do you Americans build such cute, cosy yet small houses like these?

Don't get me wrong though, they do look adorable.
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Michromesoft https://www.twitch.tv/xbox

They might be remaking battle toads.
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AYA #4: A New AYA Post, that I may ask you something.
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Have you accepted B into your life yet?
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Innuendo is fun. #Mature
Oshiri 4k - ZEST AMV feat Shirahiko
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Communism is objectively the best way to govern human society, and anyone who claims otherwise is on the same level as evolution deniers or flat-earthers. Change my mind.
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still stuck in beener beener SpicLand

Hows it? I keep from killing myself verry badly. Post depressing stuff.
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Think I'm getting too old and jaded

My Facebook feed is slowly over the years being filled with friends boasting about how 'oh look my girlfriend is pregnant please congratulate me'


Do I have to

I mean I'm happy you have a kid if that makes you happy good for you and all

But like

Wow you came inside someone

Good job

Whey to go, spunking in a vagina

Not like countless billions of people have done that

Why do I have to clap and cheer about it?
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How is he so perfect?
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Good books Delta-V by Daniel Suarez is one of my favorite books to date.
What are yall's favorite books?

Also, hi.
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Called it Eat my hippogriff ass <3
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I want to ____ negev.
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>can't function without sleeping properly
>need to have slept in order to focus hard enough to sleep again
wtf evolution
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Anyone here like metal?
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Whats My Theme Song? IIT post what you think someone else in the thread's theme song is.

Or just talk about whatever, I'm not your mom.
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Liking women is weird and hella gay.
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Only the best quality shitposts by Maroon Auburn Does honchkrow have the N word pass?
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/ef/ Tifa Exchange #Mature
Take a Tifa, leave a Tifa. Or take multiple Tifas and leave a Tifa. Or just leave a Tifa. But at least leave a Tifa if you take a Tifa, otherwise we can't sustain a functional economy.

Why are we tagged mature, you ask? Well, why not?
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Twatter """
Twitter is fun because you get to be like, “Ducks are good” and someone in your mentions will go, “Um, I’m sorry but my brother is married to a duck scientist and this is a harmful view” and then someone else pops up going, “Your silence about horses is extremely telling”
quoted from https://twitter.com/MikeDrucker/status/1137068315229208578
(No image)
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I am starting to miss Steam Twist. Where did he go?
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Ban me.

I know you won't! I'm completely unbannable, immune to your so called 'rules' and 'justice'. I'm above the law of these pony image boards!!
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Chat thread! I'm pretty bored and things aren't working right. Let's chat about things.

No specific topics, but some possibilities to get it going: Science, E3 happenings, general happenings in your day.
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Watch Dogs: Legion World Premiere | Ubisoft E3 2019

Well, seems Ubisoft have never heard a British person speak.

I mean, if you set your game in England could you at least hire voice actors that are British? Not just Americans that never heard any British people speak before?

This is like setting a game in texas and just having everyone shout 'ye ha cowboy!' And firing guns into the air 24/7.
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AMA Hello, yes. It's me again. (pretend it is June 1st). Doing my monthly AMA.
I currently have a chicken sitting on some eggs that will most likely hatch soon. Anybody want pics when they hatch? I love baby chickens :3
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>asshole mother is trying to drag me out to fucking Manitoba
>says that I can come or be homeless
>basically just trying to screw her over in every possible way before she leaves
>kicking her out one week before she goes and leaves me broke
>selling her car (which is legally in my name) for like $100 scrap value
>gonna kill her pets because I can't take care of them anyway
>she pawns half my shit for her god damn drinking and now she is trying to leave without taking it out
>looking into pressing criminal charges against her
holy fuck I hate this bitch so much
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Americans are asleep

Post Wallace and Gromit
(No image)
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T̫̺̳o̬̜ ì̬͎̲̟nv̖̗̻̣̹̕o͖̗̠̜̤k͍͚̹͖̼e̦̗̪͍̪͍ ̬ͅt̕h̠͙̮͕͓e̱̜̗͙̭ ̥͔̫͙̪͍̣͝ḥi̼̦͈̼v҉̩̟͚̞͎e͈̟̻͙̦̤-m̷̘̝̱í͚̞̦̳n̝̲̯̙̮͞d̴̺̦͕̫ ̗̭̘͎͖r̞͎̜̜͖͎̫͢ep͇r̝̯̝͖͉͎̺e̴s̥e̵̖̳͉͍̩̗n̢͓̪͕̜̰̠̦t̺̞̰i͟n҉̮̦̖̟g̮͍̱̻͍̜̳ ̳c̖̮̙̣̰̠̩h̷̗͍̖͙̭͇͈a̧͎̯̹̲̺̫ó̭̞̜̣̯͕s̶̤̮̩̘.̨̻̪̖͔
̳̭̦̭̭̦̞́I̠͍̮n͇̹̪̬v̴͖̭̗̖o̸k҉̬̤͓͚̠͍i͜n̛̩̹͉̘̹g͙ ̠̥ͅt̰͖͞h̫̼̪e̟̩̝ ̭̠̲̫͔fe̤͇̝̱e͖̮̠̹̭͖͕l͖̲̘͖̠̪i̢̖͎̮̗̯͓̩n̸̰g̙̱̘̗͚̬ͅ ͍o͍͍̩̮͢f̖͓̦̥ ̘͘c̵̫̱̗͚͓̦h͝a̝͍͍̳̣͖͉o͙̟s̤̞.̙̝̭̣̳̼͟
̢̻͖͓̬̞̰̦W̮̲̝̼̩̝͖i͖͖͡ͅt̘̯͘h̷̬̖̞̙̰̭̳ ̭̪̕o̥̤̺̝̼̰̯͟ṳ̞̭̤t̨͚̥̗ ̟̺̫̩̤̳̩o̟̰̩̖ͅr̞̘̫̩̼d̡͍̬͎̪̺͚͔e͓͖̝̙r̰͖̲̲̻̠.̺̝̺̟͈
̣̭T̪̩̼h̥̫̪͔̀e̫̯͜ ̨N̟e҉͔̤zp̮̭͈̟é͉͈ṛ̹̜̺̭͕d̺̪̜͇͓i̞á͕̹̣̻n͉͘ ̗͔̭͡h̲͖̣̺̺i͔̣̖̤͎̯v̠̯̘͖̭̱̯e̡̥͕-m͖̭̣̬̦͈i͖n̞̩͕̟̼̺͜d̘͉ ̯o̷͇̹͕̦f̰̱ ̝͓͉̱̪̪c͈̲̜̺h̘͚a̞͔̭̰̯̗̝o̙͍s͍͇̱͓.̵͕̰͙͈ͅ ̯̞͈̞̱̖Z̯̮̺̤̥̪̕a͏̺̗̼̬̗ḻg͢o̥̱̼.̺̜͇͡ͅ ̴͓͖̭̩͎̗
̧̪͈̱̹̳͖͙H̵̰̤̰͕̖e̛ ͚͉̗̼̞w̶̩̥͉̮h̩̺̪̩͘ͅọ͎͉̟ ̜̩͔̦̘ͅW̪̫̩̣̲͔̳a͏͔̳͖i͖͜t͓̤̠͓͙s̘̰̩̥̙̝ͅ ̲̠̬̥Be̡̙̫̦h̰̩i̛̫͙͔̭̤̗̲n̳͞d̸ ͎̻͘T̛͇̝̲̹̠̗ͅh̫̦̝ͅe̩̫͟ ͓͖̼W͕̳͎͚̙̥ą̙l̘͚̺͔͞ͅl̳͍̙̤̤̮̳.̢
̟̺̜̙͉Z̤̲̙̙͎̥̝A͎̣͔̙͘L̥̻̗̳̻̳̳͢G͉̖̯͓̞̩̦O̹̹̺!̙͈͎̞̬ *
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Brit /pol/ I mean /ef/ thread Welcome to the official Brit /ef/ thread, a place to discuss all issues relating our Great and United Kingdom.

Official thread theme:

Rule Britannia - Last Night of the Proms 2009
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Is meat bad for you? Is Meat Bad for You? Is Meat Unhealthy?

tl:dr Yes, if you eat way too much of it of course, just like with anything else.

Problem is, a shit ton of people eat way too much of it so there's a problem. The world in general would be better if we all adjusted our diets, but people are too stubborn for that of course.
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At 9PM EST (about an hour from the time this was posted), I will be showing about 4 episodes of Initial D on my cytube. If you're interested, I'll be loading some random music into it at around 815/830PM EST, followed by the episodes.

Initial D is a classic anime about a bunch of street racers and their cars as they drift down the touge. It's pretty damned good to be honest.

My cytube is here: https://cytu.be/r/ThePotoosNest

Remember, I won't be loading anything into it for a little while yet!
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On "Traps" Is the word "trap" offensive?
My opinion:
If one establishes the axiom that trans women are real women, calling them "traps" would be epistemically offensive. It implies that there is some difference between "trans women" and "real women". Well, epistemologically one could argue there is. But this means nothing in practice, because outside of very specific contexts, they should be treated like any other women.

What about cisgender transvestites?
I don't personally think this would be as bad, because that is kind of the point of cross-dressing.
How would someone in either of the above categories feel?

Are traps gay?
Yes. But going by the apriori axioms established above, traps are not trans. So a cisgender "trap" who is crossdressing is still gay, no matter how feminine they look. The act of finding them attractive is a homosexual act (assuming both are male, in this case). But since trans women are women, and not "traps", finding them attractive is not gay.

What does /ef/ think?
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Faust doesn't have the ability to put out any more original cont- Alternative thread titles~
Not Faust: Why don't you get a job Faust?
Faust: I'm doing important things.
The important things:

>When you already beat Goku in a one on one match and he concedes so his son can defeat you just to later Patrick Swayze this shit and come back to help fight anyway

No one save this, I plan to continue working on it later and then it will be perfect.
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So as of late, a lot of people have been getting absolutely tired of political threads on /ef/. So, there has been a proposed solution to that. We suggest in making a tag system that works the same way as the mature content system. Meaning you will have the option of hiding all of the political content if you wish.

Those who fail to properly tag their threads will have their threads sent to /trash/. And if they continue to do so they will receive an additional ban.

Note: The idea is that political content will be left on by default. If you wish to to hide it, you can do so in the settings.


Edit: A ban would only apply if a user makes a habit out of improperly tagging their thread. Of course that's up to moderator discretion.
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It had to happen eventually The state of Oregon’s tourist board paid for the creation of these two very professional and stylish animated commercials. Now weaboos can join fans of Gravity Falls in combing the state for things that only exist in fantasy. Just bring money. You'll need it and won't miss it when its gone.

Only Slightly Exaggerated | Travel Oregon

Only Slightly (More) Exaggerated | Travel Oregon
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If lefties understand capitalism so well then why don't they make more money?
(No image)
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It is time to build the wall!
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Wooloo thread Best new Pokémon!
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/ef/ Film Thread ITT: Post about films you've watched, or want to watch, or films you've made, film projects you've been involved in etc.

Me and Mac watched this earlier today: Duel of the 7 Tigers (1979) (Re-Edited Complete Uncut Version) (English Dubbed) (1080p HD)

We've been pretty into kung fu/wuxia/martial arts etc. stuff the last few months.
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another mature chat thread #Mature
I have no idea, make one up

Go wild, Nep
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I dont know what to think anymore As centrist I feel personally inclined to support some parties according to my mixed opinions.

However this experience in my country might be pushing me to one sides or up and down without realizing.

I mean, this whole thing has not affected me as bad as others, but I am afraid that the most of people will change their (basic) political views and move to the far-right. I can tell how the behavour of many has changed already.

A few even dare to say that facism is getting closer every day that passes.

Am I just being paranoid?
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Lewd Non-Mature Thread >>294718
It is very fun~
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Look What I found It looks like it is all over for Charles,poor old bugger never stood a chance.

In a way it is better for the United Kingdom
3000 replies
The Story Thread: Perfect Edition #Mature
20 replies
GOTD Decade's almost over, what are your favorite games from after January 1st 2010?
62 replies
Who are you voting for in 2020, and why is it John McAfee?
(No image)
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>live in shitty redneck town
>hillbillies basically
>start introducing them to retarded alt-right memes
>kinda starts catching on on facebook
>people posting these memes all over school facebook groups
>*school staff starts sweating*
>start making shit up about the school staff (has like 150 kids)
>start making facebook accounts with burner SIMs (had a little scam going a few years ago where I was stealing SIM cards from people's phones, and 99% of the time the company doesn't question you when you try to re-register the card)
>have probably like 100+ facebook accounts
>deliberately start fights
>posting a bunch of leftist/liberal memes to piss people off
>dozens of people all calling for someone to get fired (half of them are me)
>dozens defending them (also me)
>actually get a teacher fired for something he never said
>school counselor had to move
>eventually they figured out that it was JUST A PRANK BRO
>they still never came back
>to this day they never figured out who did it
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Did anyone used to hold any stupid views?
I used to drink the /pol/ kool-aid and I feel pretty retarded for it
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Bone broth / soup Do you like bone broth? Do you ever cook soups?
15 replies
Anybody playing any Pokemon right now?

I know there is some hype what with The Pokemon Go update thing and sword and shield coming out.

Currently playing through the Platinum romhack, renegade platinum. Image related, current team.
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When I was little, I think I was 7? Anyways, it was my birthday so my family and I went to Cuck E Cheese. I was so excited and as soon as I got my tokens I bolted to play a cool new game. After I say, 30 minutes I had to take a tinkle, but my parents were no were in sight. "Would it be fine to go in the bathroom alone" I thought to myself. I decided that since it was my 7th birthday I would be able to tinkle alone in peace. I went in and took a tinkle in the urinal, and as I was about to wash my hands Cucky Cheese appeared at the door. "Hey Cucky" I said to him as I turned the faucet on. He stood by the doorway and this heavily bamboozled me. He then walked inside and locked the door behind him. He then took off his pants. "Woah Cucky, go to a toilet if you have to pee! Not on the floor!" He then said, "I already found my toilet" and then began to piss on me. This gave me severe PTSD and I never went to Cuck E Cheese again. Later, I found out that the man inside of that costume transitioned and is currently going under the guise of "Toybox" and THAT is why I hate Cucky Cheese
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McDonald's is better than Burger King, Car'ls Jr/Hardees, Jack in the Box, and White Castle.
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Is feminism really just Judeo-Christian morality dressed up in secular language?

>that pose is too sexy

>she isn't wearing enough clothes
>she is too hot
>this video game offends me
0 replies

how was every Officer Jenny in here, DOUBLE D's Day ~ yesterday?
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cats are more trustworthy than dogs

dogs gain your trust without any effort

to gain any trust from a cat you have to actually put effort into it

119 replies
So this place is either dead, full of polshit or both.
That's fucking embarrassing.
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Be sure to stay hydrated this summer. If you don’t then the fish of hydration will do it for you.

inb4 thats my fetish
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Monsters Peeing All Over #Mature
*Walter the Sloth haz a Bad Bladder and spraying Water Gun everywhere*
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>Alabama mayor suggested 'killing out' gay people
>Mr Chambers posted on Facebook a graphic that read all in capital letters: "We live in a society where homosexuals lecture us on morals, transvestites lecture us on human biology, baby killers lecture us on human rights and socialists lecture us on economics!"
>The mayor reportedly commented on the post: "The only way to change it would be to kill the problem out. I know it's bad to say but with out [sic] killing them out there's no way to fix it."

31 replies
Anyone ever do this? I do it every time I use a public washroom lmfao
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Global Warming Did feminism and racial desegregation contribute to global warming? Back in the, typically only men worked outside the house, and they lived relatively near their job. With racial desegregation in housing, whites fled their old neighborhoods to escape undesired minorities, leading to longer commutes and thereby increased CO₂ emissions. Feminism led to both parents working outside the home, doubling the number of people commuting to work. It also increased the average commute length, due to the difficulty of finding a home near both of the parents' job sites.
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Video game loot and the hopeless quest for "things" This is Why The Division 2 Will NEVER Be a 10/10 Game...

So I'm ngl, this guy can get cringey at times when he briefly references "SJWs" and "paid reviews", but if you want to get to the parts of the video that I'm making this thread about, which I find to be pretty significant, just skip about 10 minutes into the video and watch from there.

If you really need a tl;dw, though, here:

He basically talks about how video games are increasingly becoming a frequently boring grind for rewards that have very little or zero value or depth (ex: character skins, weapon camos, and shit along those lines).

How people will replay sections of games over and over that they don't even enjoy just because they want some new cosmetic item that looks really cool.

It seems like people are starting to play video games less and less for the actual experience (as in, the gameplay). Games are developing more and more "content" yet less and less actual depth with the experience itself.

For my own personal experience, I do find it striking how despite Black Ops 4 being the most heavily-supported CoD game post-launch, often with weekly playlist updates and weapon patches, I still get more enjoyment going back to basic-ass Modern Warfare 2, which I have already put almost 50 days total playtime in, and was only updated around six or seven times in its entire lifespan, and the only new content it EVER got was two (2) map packs. And the reason for this is simply because MW2 is just more fun. The CORE gameplay of MW2 is better than many CoD games that came after that, and for that reason I can still play it today and not care that I'm not unlocking anything I haven't used a hundred times before.

What are you guy's thoughts on all this? Do you have any video games you played a ton of but ultimately felt like it was wasted time? How much have you spent on DLC that you ended up regretting?
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Corporations celebrating LGBT Pride Month. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this.

On one hand we're clearly evolving towards a society which is at least nominally tolerant of sexual minorities, which itself opens a pathway towards a type of equality which liberating movements, free societies and sustainable communities will absolutely require if they are to fit such designations, and this evolution itself erodes some small portion of the pressure to fit into a very specific and very utilitarian pattern in life, that of an idealized man and father-figure or idealized woman and mother-figure, which a good number would and have found...disingenuous, to say the absolute least.

On the other hand, the entire concept of LGBT individuals is itself being crystallized into a fixed and stereotyped identity, a label that unfairly attaches umpteen expectations to anyone who differs in preference or identity from the majority, as it gets commodified and treated as a brand name to sell to 'woke' people who are convinced that consuming different goods makes much of a difference or earns them moral brownie points, while not really grasping how to actually help their favored causes.

The fact that we're confronted with an overpopulation issue and the expansion of market dynamics into everything at the same time LGBT rights are beginning to be recognized and put into law, also raises my eyebrow and gives me pause, but the longer that LGBT people can be open and accepted by their family, friends and general public, that is on multiple levels all the better for us and for future generations.

I'm rambling; what do you think?
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Earth Lets go all out.

Even Mitch McConnel acknowledges manmade emissions cause climate change.

Green New Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

I've always been fascinated by the idea of capturing atmospheric carbon to make carbon fiber, seeing it as a technology that could be engineered algae based and have massive ocean-floating farms of it using solar energy to gather a superior material for building things than the petrochemicals we use now, also that algae might be used for making fertilizer and the same facilities might be used for making fresh water and pump it inland.

All sorts of obvious synergies exist in non-oil based renewables if only we had enough will to overcome the entrenched fossil fuel control of the government.

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Garbage I didn't mean the enterprise should be hauling garbage, but hauled away AS garbage.

Is Enterprise:

Trashopolis S02 E03: Tokyo

Or coffee thread, whatever. This place is dead.
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No Tiannenmen Square Thread on the Anniversary? You anons are getting lazy.
System Of A Down - Hypnotize (Video)
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Pokemon thread Because for some reason no one made one already.
Didn't get any good fuckbait but I love this lad.
Also the legendaries look like fucking digimon why.
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Fan-Made PKMN Region within /ef/

We can, think of a list of pokemon ~ that would be in the Keloga Region
{Kellogg just turned into a funny american region- which is the state of michigan}

This is- My Opinion
>Koffing & Weezing
>Growlithe & Arcanine

Y would U, want those as Kelogan Style
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Aside from the end result, is there any difference between paying for a prostitute and paying for a date?
1 reply
ITT: Lifehacks .
212 replies
It's returning! Scrub to 1:50 for the full effect.

Try not to cum when you see the new 32 inch 6K frame less monitor! You won't be able to help yourself.

Apple WWDC Event LIVE | Recording Preview

PS If you have a new iPad or current iPhone, you can access this image via the AR app though the new Mac Pro page at Apple's website.
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Only in India...
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Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Evening /ef/!

Waabishkaande Mishtadim here, with an interesting query! So, there's this Australian comedian, Randy Feltface, who has a really awesome fucking show - the whole hour and then some - on Youtube. Would anyone be interested in watching it via the old Cytube? Yes, no?
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Cocaine should be legal. Change my mind.

And I don't mean it in an "all drugs should be lega maaaannnnnn" libertarian sort of way. I mean cocaine specifically. Meth and heroin should remain illegal (aside from their rather niche medical uses).
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ok, all you males


That demands caffeine & Green Party Marches against the Tyrant Republicans
275 replies
I am making a new thread to chat in but I don't have a good topic. This one will be a make-it-up-as-you-go thread. With booze and hookers.

Stop by and say hi to partake
45 replies
Good anime music ITT: Post anime openings and endings that you like, or good anime music in general.
5 replies
85 replies
US visa applicants now required to show all social media accounts ...and email accounts, and phone numbers, used over the last 5 years.


We live in a society cyberpunk dystopia.
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>basically dead last/close to dead last in every single ranking
>prison rate is 49/50
>highest murder rate
>they speak French
>not even real French, their own pseudo-dialect
>it's a fucking swamp basically unfit for human habitation
>the whole state smells like shit
>hot and humid as fuck
>more inbred than Alabama (roll tide)
>their food mostly sucks
>they basically just douse it in spicy stuff to mask how disgusting it is
>in a location that gets battered by hurricanes on an almost yearly basis
>can't even understand what like half the people are saying

How can one place be so awful?
1 reply
Toybox, does your Pink Werewolf oc- Lactate ( 1. Gatorade ~ 2. Skittles Energy Liquids ~ or 3. Strawberry Milk )?

are the fluids, worth- bits?
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Trumps UK state visit Welcome again to the UK Mr. President!

God bless the USA! 🇬🇧🇺🇸

(...am I doing it right?)
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What makes your kokoro go doki doki?
1 reply
One thing, I don't know why:
It doesn't even matter how hard you try.
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I'm going to be playing the first few episodes of the classic anime Initial D in a few minutes. Currently playing some synthrock and eurobeat leading into it, but you all should fuckin' join.
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You'd fuck a bird, wouldn't you, /ef/.
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13 replies
Have you explored the backrooms recently /ef/?
246 replies
You don't have to drink to be here... But it helps. #Mature
General sat night fun thread.
Party down and all that junk, and stuff.
275 replies
Is there anything more cringe than anime?
7 replies
131 replies
Ḩ͇͔̙͙͑̐̑̐̎Ẹ̱͈̝̟̟̜̭̈́ͦ͞ ̺̲̙̺̞̰̼̩ͣͥ͊̀́̔́C̤̥̝̲̩̥ͥ̄̒ͪ̀͞O͛ͯ́͘҉̗͖̗̖̘M̡̫͉̮̖͕̖͔̠͗̒ͭ̈́̓̍̚͢Ẻ̊̀ͥ̆ͩ̒̎̚͏̭̗̘̙̻̤̕ͅS̶̺͉̬̳̳͈̾͘
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Rainbow Dash always dresses in Style #Mature

Which is aparently naked, or just a scarf and hat over a bare bottom.

So why can't wear a tutu in public if i want, with pigtails and heels. Who decides what's "gender appropriate" to wear and whats your fave sexy clothing item/style/etc?

My Little Pony G3,5 - Full Opening Theme
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peach drank, nigga
(No image)
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126 replies
Non Political Thread for Friday, May 31st 2019 #Mature
Figured I'd just nip this in the bud haha.

How's your day going /ef/?

Got any plans today or for the weekend?

What games are you playing?

What are you having for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

What's the weather like out there?

[Place generic question here]
28 replies
115 replies
Congratulations to the people of youtube for not letting a white supremacist win the race!
13 replies
You'd fuck a middle-aged, slightly overweight and less-than-stellar looking man, wouldn't you, /ef/.
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Ontario government cuts $24 million in AI research funding https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/ontario-cuts-ai-funding-1.5143533

So this is how it begins. Wew lads. Someone really needs to tell Doug Ford about Roko's Basilisk, because he is going to get tortured REALLY bad for this.
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I joined an activity group and feel embarrassed about it.. I fucking hate my job because I feel lonely at work, I go home and do nothing, and the only few friends I have don't ever want to hang out anymore. Sometimes, I've thought of how nice it would be to silently walk out of my job and never come back However, I know that's not going to help me with the tendencies I have.

I joined some activity group because I think it might help me. I just hate how I have to use social media to be a part of it because of how private I am. Somehow, I'm paranoid the whole entire world will see I'm some desperate lonely person participating in meetups organized online because I have no other meaning in my life.

I don't know why I care so much.
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Why do Europeans kiss each other on the cheeks as a greeting?

That shit is fucking gay.

There is no better greeting than a strong, confident American handshake.

Get with the program, homos.
159 replies
A Wolfy Bandwagon #Mature
You'd fuck a wolf, wouldn't you, /ef/?
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>Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has claimed he was once gay but “cured” himself of homosexuality in controversial remarks made during a trip to Japan

*insert shitpost*
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Iroduku Did anyone watch Iroduku?
I wanna chat about it
5 replies
Oh fug, dis blace is still here? Shid, I gand believe it :DDDDDD
6 replies
Ready for the edgiest Call Of Duty game ever? >pic
1 reply
Spraying on Flora Faunas #Mature
Would, you all- Fertalized and cover Plant Monster Chicks /w your sperm ~ /ef/?
36 replies
Sargons Hot Take #1724 Sargon Won
He's not racist guys, just retarded, I promise.

But seriously what the fuck is wrong with this guy? He's clearly implying that being English is and can only be a racial thing, and I'd highly doubt that if you asked him wither or not he wanted England to be English he'd say, no or even that he doesn't care either way. I obviously agree with this, but I'm not a self proclaimed individualist, anti racist, and political candidate.

How is he not at least tacitly arguing for Ethno-Nationalism? Just to clarify, I don't believe the Sargon is racist, just naive, to put it nicely.

The Last Englishman in London
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Can an autistic child's shit infect you with autism? A study suggests the answer is yes, if you're a mouse. On a brighter note, a fecal transplant from healthy individuals seems to alleviate the symptoms of autism in children. In particular, autistic children seem to be missing the bacterial species Prevotella in their guts.


51 replies
DOOM&GLOOM So how do you stop yourself from giving up, with a shitty job, no money, no friends, >no gf?
It seems like it is a bit early to resort to suicide, but all my life is is going through the motions towards nothing...

How do YOU persevere with seemingly no hope?
35 replies
Post images that really get your noggin joggin.
92 replies
Someone please explain how 'The workers control the means of production' would function properly?
4 replies
80 replies
3 replies
Maroon Auburn If you found that individual at your local train station,who would you call?

And why would it the cops?
7 replies

Any other Eurofags looking forward to being drafted into the EU army to wage war against Russia, China and America, to take arms and fight and die in glorious servitude to our beautiful EU overlords?
24 replies
Should rape be punished more severely than usual if the rapist impregnates or infects with an STD?

And should the government provide free abortion to rape victims, as a eugenic measure?
5 replies
Soon you won't even have to be AWAKE to play Pokemon https://hypebeast.com/2019/5/pokemon-sleep-sequel-to-pokemon-go-announcement


Based Nintendo revolutionizing the industry again!
8 replies
>transmission stuck in neutral
>have some of my brother's tools
>"yea i'll try to fix it how hard can it be"
>it's way more complicated than i thought
>have no idea how to fix it
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45 replies
>about 13 pol threads on the front page
You guys fucking suck.
32 replies
DNC Primary Choices. I didn't realize that half the country was running to be the Democratic nominee.

Find A Pet Song [With Lyrics] - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Song

Who are you liking for the 2020 primary so far?
18 replies
spam mail What's some funny/weird spam mail you have gotten /ef/?

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if you actually try to go to the website in this email lol
6 replies
Have you ever ordered, incited, committed, assisted, or otherwise participated in genocide?
10 replies

How desperate are they willing to look just to keep defending their dark ages energy source?
24 replies
>mom doesn't save money at all
>she won't give me any money to save either
>she likes to buy me shit tho
>tell her "hey mom I need these $400 shoes" or "mom buy me these $200 gucci socks"
>she actually gives me the money to go out and buy all this garbage
>she is dumb as fuck
>tell her I need $1500 for a "quantum alternator" for some old piece of shit Dodge Neon that doesn't even run
>she believes me
>i've actually been putting all of this money in a savings account
>she has no fucking idea
>saved up close to $25k USD with this method

I am torn about how ethical it is to do this to her, but she is dumb enough to buy her son $200 gucci socks
4 replies
57 replies
7 replies
I kinda asked a similar question recently, but if someone can't consume wheat or cow milk, what's the cheapest strategy for feeding themselves? Ideally you could just do things like purchase only ramen because of cheapness and live off that, but obviously this isn't possible here.
Also, could this person theoretically start bodybuilding if they got the right equipment/routine, or would chronic energy deficiencies prohibit any real progress?
51 replies
How tall is your ideal partner?

I'd prefer someone that's exactly the same height as me, that way we could share pants. Can you imagine effectively doubling your pants collection in one day?
12 replies
Why do any critical thinking when you can be a low IQ troglodyte and label everything as a "spook", hm?
108 replies

What sort of games have you guys been playing lately? My usual for the day is waking up and then playing Rimworld Multi with my west coast and Latvian friend, we've got a save that's been running for like, 2 weeks or so now, been going really well!

Then afterwards, I usually play Don't Starve. In that I've been dying quite a lot, but I'm slowly getting in the hang of things again, I actually made it to Dry season in one save on the Shipwrecked DLC! Slowly improving!

What about you folks, hows your games been going? Or maybe games you're excited about, maybe thinking about getting for the summer sale later?
38 replies

One of these will now always be accompanied by a terrifying techno soundtrack that only you and those close to you can hear.
Choose one and choose wisely.
17 replies
>you will never eat his log of shit
why live
71 replies
Why is the economy so deliberately fucked up? In any sane society, the more jobs you replace with robots the better. More time for people to live lives.

But if you are unemployed you are seen as broke and lazy, even if there are no jobs for you to do. It's not like society NEEDS fast food workers to shovel shit down people's necks. And even those jobs are going to disappear.

It seems utterly insane to me that an economy can become so efficient it leaves people "unemployed" and broke, rather than improving everyone's lives. More efficient industry = more resources to go around for everyone and better places to allocate labor

The only solution I can really see is some form of modernized Marxist communism (with western characteristics). In short order we will have the resources and labor force (automated or otherwise) to basically give everyone on the planet a yacht, a luxury condo, a private jet, etc. The only limiting factor being the economy.

Idealistic as it may sound, it is a noble goal to strive towards. Eliminating poverty globally is a good place to start. And it would be done tomorrow if humanity's resources were allocated in a more efficient way.
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1 reply

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Crew on the USS Dirty Bed ok /ef/

all can, tell your space furry~earthling~alien chara & their position + personas can be in a space station
124 replies
Hobbies ITT What do you guys do during your free time, other than post here? It doesn't have to be something you do everyday, if you only do it once a month or even once a year but it's something you enjoy it still counts as a hobby.

Personally I don't do much other than play vidya and go on long walks.
9 replies
here Mint

you are- Princess Hugalot of The Wall Gorn Tribe
14 replies
Does anyone else ever masturbate to photographs of themselves? Or sit in front of a mirror with your legs spread open to watch yourself masturbate?
12 replies
So what's the best season of the year and why is it Autumn/fall?
13 replies
First world problems in the third world https://www.yahoo.com/news/everest-traffic-jam-blamed-death-164802902.html


Climbers stepping over dead bodies to get to the top of Mt. Everest. Maybe it might be a good time to close the mountain?
29 replies
*drinks soymilk*
*posts a tweet on a brand new IPhone*
*gets triggered because someone said "nigger".*
*struggles at lifting a 3lb weight*
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1 reply
Cute feminine penis > ugly roastie

Fite me
12 replies
Social Media Do people here use InstaTwitFace?
12 replies
>yfw siberian permafrost is melting
>yfw melting releases fucktons of methane into the atmosphere
>yfw these kinds of feedback loops could cause extinction in less than a decade
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12 replies
has anyone seen the new John Wick movie? Is it any good?

I liked the first one a lot but I thought the second one was overblown and boring and poorly-acted.
0 replies
Some Fellow in NH is Opening a Tesla Repair Shop. We were talking about this the other night so I thought I would share. I heard about this on NPR earlier today, but I can't find an actual written version of the story by them. But I did find this, which is the same story more or less.

I guess this guy has been tinkering around with Tesla's he gets salvage and learned enough about them to open a private repair shop with some Tesla employees.
Apperently he has been testing and improving on some of Tesla's parts and matirials too.
Here is another source of the story from Motherboard.
The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars

Pretty cool guy, backyard tinkerer taking on Tesla's repair policies. I figured this would happen, and he probably isn't the only one.
He has his own YouTube channel too about fixing and modding Tesla's and he says he would like to start an EV company that builds cars you can maintain yourself.
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13 replies
Question If I haven't watched anime in almost a year, and have only watched one anime in the last two years, BUT I still fap to hentai on a weekly basis...

Am I still a weeb?
21 replies
Do you ever think about the past, and wonder what could have been if things went just a little bit differently? ;_;
2 replies
here, I made a /pol/ thread

just send flood of images, about huge breasts on lizards & spinach pizzas

Plus, all illegal aliens in this thread- will slurp MB's from your internet and have venom milk for all you posters too... Drink from the swollen evil nipplez
36 replies
>drinking the black jew
5 replies
What would happen if you took a whopper, and put it inside a Big Mac?
And a combo of Coke and Pepsi mixed together
20 replies
So, do you consider Gaming addition a disease?

WHO have it seems.

Little confused mind.

I mean, I think it's about as dumb as obesity being considered a 'disease'.

Leprosy is a disease. Your skin falling off is a disease.

You shoveling your third pie in your mouth during breakfast isn't.
27 replies
I hate ants. Why do they have to exist and why do they have to be everywhere?
57 replies
Who's the AM crew around here anyway? Wake up!
13 replies
We should immediately

>stop using base 10

>use base 16
>start using Reverse Polish Notation
>change all the names of our numbers to Lojban numerals (no, pa, re, etc Lojban also accommodates base 16 numbers)
>ban QWERTY and only allow Dvorak
>immediately stop teaching the current system in schools and make kids switch to the new one

also we should
>switch the side of the road we drive on (to the UK side)

>ban the use of the word "hello" on phones in favor of "ahoy"

>implement a system that automatically detects if the word is used, and fines you each time (although I am not entirely sure this is a good idea)

>ban Coke and Pepsi (this will be one of my major campaign platforms)

>nationalize both companies, force them to give us their recipes so we can continue making both
>only sell a 50/50 mixture of Coke and Pepsi to the public
>we can do this for other sodas too
>1/3rd equal mixture of Barqs, Mug, and A&W root beer

>require all fast food restaurants to also serve hard liquor

>start seriously enforcing regulations and civil rights for disabled people
>add a colorful but harmless substance to the water supply
>color would be up to state/municipality/locality
>feds still get final say on color though
>deregulate sale of liquor
>can buy pure, un-denatured ethanol for market prices
>make Latin an official language
>legalize weed

I am sure there are some things I am forgetting, but I'd like to run for political office on this platform.
47 replies
44 replies
Shaming of Virgins and Men Feeling Inadequate Because of Lack of Conquest. I was thinking about a couple of things that seem kind of sad to me. I heard a friend of mine being called a virgin in a very sort of negative way today. We were at a dinner table, at one of my colleagues' houses, talking about another colleague. And what was said was: "well he is a virgin, but he is actually a very nice guy. It's not a surprise though, since he is so meek. He's very sort of weak, and flat." And she made sort of a hand gesture like someone would make putting their hand up to defend themselves from a blow.

There's this perception, I think, that if someone is a virgin, they're probably bitter, sad, selfish, insecure and socially inexperienced. It's easy to make fun of someone by using generalizations like permavirgin, incel, wizard and so forth, or to call them weak, meek and incapable of real action or initative, and maybe this is not actually super healthy.

If we call males these kinds of things when they don't achieve sex, then maybe we make them sad and insecure about themselves, give them a lot of unnecesseary things to worry about, and even kinda perpetuate rape culture, in that people might more readily engage in sexually agressive or coercive acts, if it can be a means of escaping this sort of really negative social stigma. This could be something that is negative for both the person that tarnishes their conscience and life with having performed some kind of really regrettable act, and extremely negative, obviously, to the victims of it.

What do you guys think of this? Is this an accurate idea? That we should not use virginity as a quick insult or jab, for these kinds of reasons.

Maybe if we can, we should think of virginity as being something that is not so important, and encourage people to feel comfortable and relaxed with it, and give them the space and time to pursue romantic and sexual interests in their own pace?

And I guess, additionally, as sort of a bonus topic, is there something inherently negative about being meek? Is it really so bad, if a man is shy? Maybe I am biased, being an extremely insecure person myself, but it seems... sad or... fundamentally cynical and mean to think men shouldn't be shy or sensitive, men shouldn't be held back. Are these not also valuable traits in some circumstances?
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(No image)
10 replies
The password to this post is 123456.
Do as you will.
4 replies
1 reply
325 replies
My other thread stopped bumping so here's another chatting thread because I like them.

The topic this time.. AMA! Because fuck it, I am not above abusing weeks-old trends.
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