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Jan 20: Board Organization Discussion
Jan 15: Staff Update, and Rules Update

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The Story Thread: Correct Use of a Lap Pillow Edition #Mature
This is Story Thread, a place for people to chill and talk about cute animated girls and pervy things and do absolutely nothing pertaining to stories of any description. We moved over from /gala/ a week or two ago due to the carpet nuking the region received and also because the mature tag is good for what we like talking about. We hope you don't mind us settling down on your board for the foreseeable future. Feel free to drop in and join in our weaboo degeneracy.

For reference, this is how you use a lap pillow. Face-down. Just snuggle your face right up between those plush thighs and pretend you're in heaven. Because if you find a girl who'll let you use her as a lap pillow, you probably are.

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#meta #non-official #DoingHisJobForOnce
Now that the dust has settled a bit, how are the existing rules for /chat/ working out / not working out.
Anyone have any suggestions for changes?
Feel free to post complaints about /chat/ in general here too, i've not really got my finger on the general mood of the board yet.
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It feels good to be white.
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Unexplainable fetishes #Mature
What on earth could possibly attract people to something like scat for instance?

At what point in your life would you think it would be a good idea to eat or covet yourself in fecal matter...

Aside from the fact that shit is pretty toxic to our bodies apon consumption.

And them men who let woman stamp on thier nuts, or the woman that tie thier breasts up to cut circulation...

None of this can possibly be worth the pleasure.. humanity is pretty fucked up.
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Pepe Exchange Take a Pepe; Leave a Pepe.
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"Nasa to host major press conference on 'discovery beyond our solar system'" Story

>The event will see the revelation of major information about exoplanets, or planets that orbit stars other than our sun, according to a release. It made no further mention of the details of what would be revealed.

>The event will take place on 22 February at 1pm New York time, it said. It will be streamed live on Nasa's television station and on its website.

>Nasa said that the public will be able to ask questions using the hashtag #AskNasa during the conference. The agency will also hold a Reddit AMA, or ask me anything, session straight after the briefing.
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The Fundamental Question of The Housing Crisis Its cold out this morning. I am reminded of what its like to try to sleep when its just a little colder than this, and to have little to keep yourself warm. Its almost too cold to sleep, and you mostly just shiver and get muscle cramps through the night.

Which brings me to place our current housing crisis into the context of the crisis of needing to stay warm and find shelter when the weather gets rough. Exactly what is the purpose of a building, to you? What do you think it should be? Is the purpose of it to extract rent from us indefinitely and until the building is in such disrepair as to require regulation to dictate a response and fix it, else it be replaced? If that is so, then it is no surprise and of little care or consequence when those that cannot afford the rent experience terrible harm or die locked outside of an empty building, in the cold or exposed to danger. If the purpose of buildings is profit, then the sign in the picture might seem absurd to you.

What it means to me, is that we must pay attention to the voice inside of us that says 'this person is in trouble, I need to help - I CAN help'. We need to pull the great illusion from our eyes that makes us unable to see that a set of bolt cutters can save lives here; only a small piece of metal stands between shelter, warmth, and the indigent's exposure to the elements. The thing that makes us act as if regular payments on buildings are more important than people or the utility of the building itself.

No amount of profit milking makes it excusable to see vast buildings - resources for shelter and protection - being locked while people attempt to survive shunned, cold and in squalor in its alleyways.

Imagine you have a set of bolt cutters. If you knew of a large, unused building that is locked up, and you knew there were needy and homeless people in its area, and that it would be very cold and possibly dangerous to be outside. You could be saving a life. *snorts*

I would want to liberate that building.

What would you do?
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Speedruns Post speedruns of your favorite games, be it Human or TAS, whole or segmented.

To begin, here's Ocarina of Time.
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Ya es hora
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Music About Fightin' Facists Well, us on the far and radical left are celebrating. I won't go into details but a prominent, venomous spokesperson who spews hate and bashes leftist values and is just a generally offensive troll appears to have had their career sunk today. Abandoned by their own conservative party. Now possibly too tarnished to get decent sponsorship in the future.

And we are celebrating and helping any way we can to bring this person's career and influence 'lo. Every drop in the fail cascade is revitalizing us.

We are also happy the guy in the picture got ejected from a libertarian convention. Kudos to those who did the right thing and made it a bad place for him to be.

So I am dumping music we have been working to. Because these are very political and emotional songs I'll try to provide lyrics in the expanded show/hide function. Feel free to share you own if you've any. If you are a fascist I hope you can at least appreciate the struggle of the common man in these songs.

Irish Descendants - Come Out Ye' Black And Tans

I was born in the Dublin street
Where the loyal drums do beat,
And the loving English feet walked all over us;
And every single night when me dad would come home tight,
He'd invite the neighbours out with this chorus:

Come out you black and tans,
Come out and fight me like a man,
Show your wife how you won medals down in Flanders;
Tell her how the IRA made you run like hell away,
From the green and lovely lanes of Killeshandra.

Come tell us how you slew
Them ol' Arabs two by two,
Like the Zulus they had knives and bows and arrows;
Of how bravely you faced one with your sixteen-pounder gun,
And you frightened all the natives to the marrow.

Come out you black and tans,
Come out and fight me like a man,
Show your wife how you won medals down in Flanders;
Tell her how the IRA made you run like hell away,
From the green and lovely lanes of Killeshandra.

Come let us hear you tell
How you slammed the brave Parnell,
And taught him well and truly persecuted;
Where are the stares and jeers that you proudly let us hear,
When our heroes of sixteen were executed.

Come out you black and tans,
Come out and fight me like a man,
Show your wife how you won medals down in Flanders;
Tell her how the IRA made you run like hell away,
From the green and lovely lanes of Killeshandra.

Oh! Come out you British Huns,
Come out and fight without your guns,
Show your wife how you won medals up in Derry;
You murdered sixteen men and you'll do the same again,
So get out of here and take your bloody army.

Come out you black and tans,
Come out and fight me like a man,
Show your wife how you won medals down in Flanders;
Tell her how the IRA made you run like hell away,
From the green and lovely lanes of Killeshandra.

Oh! Come out you black and tans,
Come out and fight me like a man,
Show your wife how you won medals down in Flanders;
Tell her how the IRA made you run like hell away,
From the green and lovely lanes of Killeshandra.
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Official comfy /chat/ reading/literature/audiobook thread figured we have a thread going for music so why not one for books?

my big new year's resolution was to start reading again and I just finished my first book of the year, Catch 22.

I enjoyed it a good bit, especially the last few chapters. if you guys have read it, let me know what you think (after some googling I can tell that popular opinion on the book is pretty divided).

I'm starting out my reading with audiobooks because they are much easier for me to focus on than...actual books.

I'm not sure what to start next but I will start it soon, I got some recs from an /oat/ thread a couple weeks ago, so some of you may have seen me post about this stuff already.
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You Laugh You Lose OK, we haven't had one of these in a long time.

Have at it.
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im so sick of this sperglord with his autistic nonsense spamming his failed ideologies that has failed his time and time again

so that being said! let's have a thread dropping autistic marxists from helicopters! :^)

the one good thing about those marxist ideas is that it works well for population control because it starves people to death with inevitable famines as history has proven

these antifa numales are funny enough as it is

time for anti cuck music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WzAFG0Wntc
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alright (horse)fuckers, first music thread on the new /chat/.

post whatever you are listening to RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT and any other music you feel like sharing.

listening now: Untitled 01 by Hype Williams (Dean Blunt's band) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMwsmam5X4Q

also listened to two Joachim Raff symphonies this morning: In The Alps (1875) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NGOvxRPyps and I'm Walde (1869) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ze2F2WBb0w
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Hey! mind getting a relax music thread going?


I could use some more soothing music for studying.
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The Story Thread: Patchy Edition #Mature

This is Story Thread, a place for people to chill and talk about cute animated girls and pervy things and do absolutely nothing pertaining to stories of any description. We just moved over from /gala/ due to the imminent apocalypse and also because the mature tag is good for what we like talking about. We hope you don't mind us settling down on your board for the foreseeable future. Feel free to drop in and join in our weaboo degeneracy.

Also, Patchouli Knowledge is cute. I want to do lewd things with her.

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talk about your dreams >tfw had a dream that my virginity was taken by someone from this site
>tfw it's one of the only dreams I remember actually having sex in and "finishing", since generally when I have lewd dreams they end before the sex actually happens
>tfw woke up and was mildly disappointed that it wasn't real

Not gonna say who it was because I don't want this thread to just be a circlejerk about wanting to fuck certain posters, so does anyone else wanna share dreams they've had recently, or in general?

Any recurring dreams you have, and what you think they mean? (doesn't have to be lewd)
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O.A.T. #Mature
It's fuckin' Friday, OATsters! New thread!
This is a mature thread, so all the normal rules of /anon/ apply. However, this an extension of /oat/, and in that vein there are some slight changes.

1. No porn dumps. You can post porn in the thread, but it would be preferred if it was done with conversation in mind. There are plenty of threads on /anon/ to dump porn.

2. Avatars, names and trips are allowed, but not required.

3. Respect the users. It's likely that /anon/ posters may venture into this thread. Be respectful, this is their board and we are being allowed to use it by the moderators. Likewise, any regulars of /anon/ are asked to be respectful of the /oat/ users in this thread. We got mod approval to make it, and we're not here to cause trouble.

Other than that, welcome and go nuts!
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Pony Thread Did you think you could escape the pony?
You were wrong!
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Idea of new MLP stuff (and games) web storage Greetings, everypony. I haven't found any good site where all games and programs related to mlp are stored. So I've decided to make my own site, with a good search engine and easy tags to find the thing you might be looking for. I'm not going to make it a colorful popular web storage, just a simple html pages. I want to do that so that none of mlp stuff get lost forever. Unfortunately, this idea has visited my mind only a few days ago. If somebody decided to do it in, for example, 2011, then maybe not so many good games would be lost as they are now.

P.S. sorry for my language. I'm not a native speaker.
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MS Paint Draw Thread Let's draw silly doodles without any pressure of being good. You don't have to use ms paint if you don't want to as long as you're having fun. All skill levels are welcome!

If you want to use an avatar please draw it yourself. It's an MS Paint doodle thread after all.
Namefags and tripfags are cool, just don't be an avatarfag, please post doodles instead.

Previous thread:

Current thread:

Artist resources courtesy of Anon:

And a bonus one stolen from /vp/ with some download links:

Some paint related tips:

Here's /trash/'s drawfriend discord If you like that sort of thing

Please feel free to come draw with us at /trash/. We're nice.
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Overwatch players flock to Reddit to share harassment stories #Mature


(Clickbait link) https://mic.com/articles/169169/overwatch-players-flock-to-reddit-to-share-their-horrifying-stories-of-sexual-harassment#.5ZdaIJEm1

I will never read another article published by .Mic

What has society become when this level of political correctness must be engaged in?
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Will trump EVER solidify his staff? Or will he just keep firing people perpetually who dare to talk back to him and not be yes men?
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Paths of Hate

>Get my instincts to wake

>They are pushing right through my veins
>Be Proud!
>Devotions take rule of my life,day after day

>Guess away my peace and my faith

>Give away for the pulsings of hate
>I'll find the time and good memories stricken out of my hate
>Well it was supposed to be safe


>In the Sky...
>Paths of Hate!
>They'll never,never die
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Pic Dump so i have pictures that need to be seen but i have no clue where to post them, so i figured /chat/'s a good place for that. we all have shit we save and don't post right?

this is mostly sfw stuff tho.
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>tfw the science board was deleted
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Cute Porn #Mature
Why is cute porn so amazing?
12 replies
Hugs Thread #Mature
for hugging!
192 replies
Traps and femboys and futadom thread.

Just what it says on the tin.
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Viper The Rapper Exchange Take a Viper, leave a Viper.
232 replies
Stirner Exchange Take a Stirner; Leave a Stirner.
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/Spacetime/ Time; #48 (There's really been a lot of these, right?)

The stormy season of April had passed by during the night, and with the rising sun, the day is giving way to the fragrant bloom of May blossoms. Clouds part way for the bright sun to illuminate the paintbrush hues of the landscape, and the warm late-season breeze carries with it all varieties of birdsong, filling the air with the color and chorus of life.

Which is why this was the perfect day to stay indoors to do some inner research. For once, it was better to disregard these byproducts for today, the piercing bore of human progress has finally cracked open the foundations of reality; you had just discovered a time machine.

Well, what else could it be? It even looked like someone had done a spectacularly terrible job of trying to disguise the fact that it could pretty much only be a time machine. It was, in fact the most stereotypically time machine-like time machine anyone could imagine, yet it looks as if someone had sloppily taped cardboard around it in an attempt to make it look like a refrigerator. It was such shoddy work, and you wondered why anyone had even bothered.

The thing that was definitely a time machine loomed like a statue in the center of the room, wafting out a faint scent of ozone and copper. It must have displaced the matter around it as it arrived, since one of its edges was occupying the space where half of your chair should have been. As you shove the chair aside, it toppled over on its two remaining legs, thumping down on the dusty floor. Looking around, you started reaching for the entrance handle, but thought better of it. Instead, you move over to the small mailbox-shaped bin attached to the side of the machine. There was nothing inside except for a newspaper clipping and an envelope. You take a look at the newspaper, a cutout of the week’s weather, dated three years into the future. It was otherwise unremarkable, so you open up the envelope.

Wow, why would you write something like that? It was disorienting, seeing your own handwriting attached to a message you clearly have never written, and definitely, resolutely, never will. But now, you know you will. The presence of the note, along with the time machine, is undeniable. With the staggering weight of this realization, you reached for a chair, but found only half of one. You plop down on the half-cushion anyway. It’s better than sitting on the floor.

A perfect day, a poorly-disguised time machine, a message from your future self, and half of a chair. These were the facts you were given. What could be made out of them? How do these pieces fall together? You knew that the easiest way to find out lied only beyond the set of golden handles, yet enough experience with science fiction told you that time travel is serious business. Even to the expert authors of those grandiose fables, it’s still a complete mystery. No one knows how to operate a time machine. What if you were sent to a time when earth could no longer support life? What would you do, lost to the depths of spacetime, consigned to a fate worse than death?

But you know that those would not happen. How could you have sent the message to yourself otherwise? You are, for all you know, safe in the gentle and logical flow of the river of causality. There is nothing stopping you from being as reckless as you want. You will never have to bring yourself to write that message, because as long as you don’t, there is nothing that can kill you. There is nothing in the universe that can break the chain of necessity that grant you immortality. After all, the greatest gift is one that you give to yourself.

With your newfound confidence, you climb into the dimly-lit cabin of the time machine. Giving hardly a glance at the deep red sunset over the world outside, you close the door once again. But as the machine began to hum and shake, you suddenly felt just one last figment of doubt. Heedless, it nonetheless vanished with a sudden whisper, leaving behind nothing but a rectangular outline of dust and a lingering smell of ozone and copper.

You had almost realized it just then. You made the mistake of assuming that you knew more about yourself than about time travel.

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What Happened Last Night In Sweden? I can't find anything about it, or the 'bowling green massacre'.

Whats going on?
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Why aren't you a National Bolshevist yet, /pol/?
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post yuri #Mature
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Alright lads, let's see who's brave here. Relay to the world your deepest darkest sexual fantasy. It could be anything, both possible and impossible.

I want to have like a 20 inch cock and be surrounded by twinks with like 7 inch cocks, and i want them to bully the shit out me. I want them to insult and mock my giant, useless cock. I want them to whip my cock an tease my peehole. I them want them plug up my cock with a dildo and gangbang the shit out of me. I want them to fill me with loads of cum. Then I want them to take the plug off and take turns fucking my cockhole and cumming inside. Then I want them to force shove my cock in my mouth as they take another round and fuck me as my cock is use as a gag. After they cum in my copious amounts of times, I want them to take my cock out and jerk me off, and have my cum massive loads all over myself. Then they leave my there and call me names and expect me to clean up after myself.

let's see who's truly brave.
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Adolf Hitler's phone sells for $243,000 at auction http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/20/europe/hitler-phone-sold/index.html

Submitted without comment.
(No image)
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Pony Farts 2.0 #Mature
I'm posting a new Fart thread as the old one has reached it's maximum reply limit.

As before, This thread is strictly about farting. Post pictures, stories, videos, flashes, or anything else relating to pony flatulence here, but please keep scat in the proper thread.

Also, anyone willing to do a quick fart RP, please do so here in the Chatzy pony fart chatroom. http://www.chatzy.com/23654466973966 (And please tell the chatroom's moderator to unsilence me.)
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ANTIFA Okay, who here is against the group called Antifa?

Because believe it or not it's mostly like a terrorist group.
Take a look if you disagree.
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Guys, all cultures are equal The idea of superior and inferior cultures is disgusting. Just look at this beautiful Australian Aboriginal tradition. Us xenophobic Europeans could learn a lot from them!

"A subincized penis can be penetrated by another penis, provided the latter is sufficiently small. In some Australian cultures, one traditional practice involved the penetration of an elder's subincized penis by the unsubincized penis of a young boy who was usually under age 7. Some authors have theorized that this was the original purpose of subincision"
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Elaine Belloc Looking Good
She finally got the hang of the Yahweh dance,I might actually give the new Lucifer Comic a try.

This character was originally introduced as a supporting character,about 17 years ago,to the Lucifer Comic.

It eventually becomes clear she's God's granddaughter and successor.

Shame she doesn't appear in the tv show.

It is always the same:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTalVcdKuBk
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/chat/ is now /trash/ what do
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Pony Scat Thread #4 #Mature
Previous dump: >>248101

The one stop shop for anything MLP and fecal related!

Current writers:
______: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/______
Vertigo: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Pervertigo
Bush: Unknown
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Let me take the time to wonder how different atheism would have been defined if not for Marx.

Marx is the original fedora and his views are often what define atheism.
Most forget the Young Hegelians and how they had a debate between fellow atheist on who's belief should be the basis of atheism.

Most prominent Max Stirner.
Who pissed off the rest of them for calling them just as pious as the religious.
Max even hated being called a atheist and instead called himself a egotist.

Engels commented on Stirner in poetry at the time of Die Freien:

"Look at Stirner, look at him, the peaceful enemy of all constraint.
For the moment, he is still drinking beer,
Soon he will be drinking blood as though it were water.
When others cry savagely "down with the kings"
Stirner immediately supplements "down with the laws also."
Stirner full of dignity proclaims;
You bend your willpower and you dare to call yourselves free.
You become accustomed to slavery
Down with dogmatism, down with law."

To him morals, nationality, government are spooks

A spook is basically any idea you attempt to serve ahead of yourself. His work focused primarily on attacking various ideas and concepts as fictions, including God, nation, morality, and humanity, suggesting that serving any of them ahead of yourself is fundamentally foolish.

You may not like him simply for pissing off Marx, since he also didn't consider property to be itself to be inherently worth respect (his view was that you own what you have the means to claim and protect).

To Max Stirner God, family, gender, nation, morality and race don't exist, they're just made up to control you, and that only the self matters.

To him it's ridiculous to be atheist then claim you're moral and care about humanity.
One should only care about himself.

The reason Marx hated him is because Stirner thought all ideologies, including communism, appealed to spooks.

He used to hang out with Marx and Engels until he called out Marx as a hypocrite because his 'revolution' is just one state succeeding the other, which made Marx butthurt enough that he wrote a 100 page essay on why he thinks Stirner is wrong.
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WEEEEEWWWWWW LADS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xRCf85Gdk8

take a drink with me and pretend everything is fine
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Fighting is Magic MEGA, DOA I'm putting this here due to the potential for drama that might be triggered. Yes, it happened two days ago but some of us just found the news today.

A C&D notice was issued to MEGA who were still attempting to finish a final build of the Fighting Is Magic video game.

Just watch the video. Such heartbreak. So melodramatic.

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Communists giving lectures about the Russian revolution. https://www.wsws.org/en/special/1917/lectures.html

>The International Committee of the Fourth International is marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution with online lectures on the foundations, trajectory and consequences of the extraordinary events of 1917. The first series will begin on March 11 and continue biweekly until May 6. A second series will begin in September.

>The meetings will be streamed live on YouTube. Register for the lectures and follow the campaign on Facebook to get the latest lecture announcements, discounts on books, and other exclusive content.
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History's Edgiest Edgelords Can you think of any Original Gangsta Edgelords? How about H.L. Mencken. This fucker fires off social quips like

>No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.

>The larger the mob, the harder the test. In small areas, before small electorates, a first-rate man occasionally fights his way through, carrying even the mob with him by the force of his personality. But when the field is nationwide, and the fight must be waged chiefly at second and third hand, and the force of personality cannot so readily make itself felt, then all the odds are on the man who is, intrinsically, the most devious and mediocre—the man who can most adeptly disperse the notion that his mind is a virtual vacuum.

>The Presidency tends, year by year, to go to such men. As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

sick burn chap

>Whenever you hear a man speak of his love for his country, it is a sign that he expects to be paid for it.

>Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.
>God is a comedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.
imma put this guy down before I hurt myself.

Can you think of any historical edgelords?
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I always wondered if "Jane Roe" was an honest typo by a court clerk who wrote it instead of "Doe" or if someone had an odd sense of humor and named a case over reproduction after unfertilized fish eggs.

At any rate, doubtless the prolifers are crowing about how she's facing judgement/in hell right now, never mind the fact that she became Catholic and renounced reproductive rights in the late '90s.
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Why do some poeple still call Native Americans "Indians"? Doesn't it make it confusing whether they're talking about Native Americans or India Indians?
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Council for National Policy calls for a “restoration of education in America” The think-tank, of which several of Trump's cabinet are known members and the head of the DoE's mother was on the executive board of, has released a manifesto calling for:
K-12 public schools to post the Ten Commandments
Teach Bible classes
Promote instruction “from a Judeo-Christian perspective”
Remove “secular-based sex education materials from school facilities.”
Termination of the Common Core academic standards
End government collection of student data

The goal, it says, is a “gradual, voluntary return at all levels to free-market private schools, church schools and home schools as the normative American practice.”


Pic related is from biology textbook used by a tax-payer funded voucher school.
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Video Game Moments and Quotes >Did the Blind Seer not warn you?
>Did she not tell you about us?
>Did not warn you?

>The Dark Guardian shall come and protect us

>and all that is flesh

>the light you bring will die

>the light inside you will die
>All that you are will die


>this land is ours
>he is ours


Post videogame moments that touched you.

On the off hand,that someone actually does-no Final Fantasy VII scenes.

I can only watch Aerith so many times,whereas I can watch this all day.

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Why do you expect me to know what a binary polygender is when you cant even differentiate between legal and illegal immigrant?
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>That trump news conference WOW. Just... wow
Is it just me or trump having a total meltdown?
4 replies
Does anyone have the full source?
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Wojak Exchange Take a Feel; leave a Feel.
393 replies
Satyr Porn #mature

>What is a 'Satyr Porn' thread about?

A satyr is what happens when a human and a pony decide to get freaky and end up having a child. This thread is dedicated to the porn and fapfics about these fuckable creatures.
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Sup normies
52 replies
Probably goes in chat, but whatever
>tfw watching a documentary about Oregon Ballot measure 9
The parallels in rhetoric from then and today are some of the scariest things I've ever seen. Makes me terrified at what could come next.


for those of you who dont know
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>when you realize American privilege is stronger than any racial privilege
>when you realize the only reason you have the life you have is you were born into a great nation
>when you realize contributing to the nation is a natural impulse that can be harnessed to make it even greater
>b-but borders are just lines

Nationalist feels thread.
775 replies
Fuck da context #Mature
In this thread, snippets drawn without explanation from a greater whole.
Spoiler lewds.
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Retributive justice is, in my opinion, one of the most counterproductive, counterintuitive, and outright harmful inventions of humanity. "An eye for an eye" doesn't really help the person who's lost their eye very much, does it? All it does is double the harm, and solve nothing. Don't gouge out the eye of the one who cost me mine, just give me my eye back, or have them help me adjust to life without an eye.
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Anti-Social test So i decided to see if i could go shopping today and outright ignore everyone i came across to see what reactions i would get.

Generally i allways get some annoying flyer person trying to get me to join thier TV service, or i'll have someone stop thier car early at a crossing to let me past, my plan was to not even acknowlege them and just carry on. This extended to shopkeepers asking me if i 'd like a bag or if i needed help.

And i was going to post the results here. Except... NO ONE OBLIGED ME WITH OPPERTUNITIES.

Jeez. People can be so antisocial at times.

(The only person to talk to me was the train ticket selling guy who i had to talk to , to get my ticket)
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This is my first thread on /chat/. I was afraid that this would be too hot for /oat/ so it should be safe here.

The last game I played was Pokemon Moon, so that would be with my female player in the game. She's not that bad, I made her look real cute. The problem is that she's 11 in game...
Probably should have played Touhou, at least Marisa is legal.
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>Be studying
>Doorbell rings
>Padre answers
>Hear man's voice asking if my brother or I are around to talk about Democratic candidate for senate
>Padre just says we're not here and that nobody in the house is interested in the Democratic party
>Kek heartily

Between constant calls and these doorknockers they seem pretty desperate this year. I guess they think they have a chance since there's no (R) on my shit.

Anyone else getting particularly harassed by politickers lately?
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We are the generation that has been lied too. There is too much false news fake bullshit that everyone buys into these days. Then again not many people trust the news anymore so maybe there is hope.
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do it
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Dear /Chat/ Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

You're p. Hot,

C-Can I put a baby in you?
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Equestria Girls Farts #Mature
With the Pony Farts thread I made, I couldn't help but wonder why we haven't done an Human version of this? Therefore, I thought of making one myself.

Just like it's sister thread, it's strictly on the subject of flatulence. This time, it's Equestria Girls themed. That means pictures, stories, flashes, videos, or anything else relating to farting is allowed here, but I think you know that by now anyways. ^_^

Also, this is flatulence ONLY. Urine and scat only belong to their threads, but not here. Other than that, go nuts.
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Trans Women Are Not Bio Male - Sex Is A Social Construct? So I saw this today.


She basically says that Trans women are not 'biologically male' and that our understanding of Sex is, in essence, a social construct.

What do you guys think?
7 replies
Hnnngh Badylug

Miragulos Lateebuk

Why cant i look away. Dis show is so bad but its so HNnngh too. Why u do dis France?
21 replies
>tfw have developed a major crush on a woman who is completely off limits for multiple reasons

It's been a really, really long time since I've felt this way about someone. How do I cope with this? I'm afraid I'm gonna fall in love.
82 replies
Smug Thread Im going to an anime/gaming convention today so lets get a smug thread started and when I get back I hope to see many smug faces.
(No image)
4 replies
Hello, everyone
2 replies
>all alone on valentines day
1240 replies
The Story Thread: Dragon Maid Edition #Mature
8 replies
American War With Iran Are You Prepared?

Keep in mind that women and that includes transwomen will be required to register for the draft as well.

So basically everyone.



>To authorize the use of the United States Armed Forces to achieve the goal of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.
>Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled

Sound familiar?

Grab yer' freedom rifles and strap up your liberty bags, Iran is next!
(No image)
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How long have you been in the Fandom I joined in late 2011, to see the community rise, and peak in 2013. It was the glory years.
15 replies
Would you play with my big tummy?
(No image)
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Ne quid expectes amicos, quod tute agere possis.
1 reply
Behind Enemy Lines Prussia:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3gECeTSyXA

I don't quite know what the Lyrics for Moby's song spelled out.

It does sound like it is repeating Prussia over and over again.

Another tribute:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRG9s4TD9sk
8 replies

More like Islame.
24 replies
Thinking it's okay to physically attack someone for having different political beliefs to you, regardless of what side of the political spectrum they lean towards, doesn't make you passionate about your cause. it just makes you a disgusting human being.
18 replies
Afterlives. Let's assume death is not the end of one's subjective existence.
What do you imagine the afterlife would have to be then?
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Le serious topic So i got to thinking about something due to a different thread, about race.

Im wondering, how many posters of coloured ethnicity actually post on this site? Theres probably a few but the only one i outright knew from the past was Browny (old poster, avatared as Timmy Turner). I have noticed over the years the general use of the N word and racist jokes and memes tend to go completely unpunished or never really have anyone up in arms over them, but i wonder if the more ethnic minoritys on the site do actually get upset or bothered by it all.

Are there many left here? Should racism or racist jokes be punishable more?
722 replies
Pony Piss Porn Thread #Uhhh...4 I think #Mature
Um…let's see…come here to post images, gifs, stories, etc. of ponies, anthro ponies, or even humanized ponies, urinating, wetting, engaging in watersports and/or golden showers, drinking pee, etc.

All writebros are eagerly welcome, we need new blood in here, we thankfully have one amazing writefriend who writes for both here and the scat thread. Also feel free to dump your collection of pony piss porn pictures. We really appreciate it (all four-six of us, lol).

Using a name because I'm gonna post something brief I wrote in the next post(s) to get things going.

Notice: Please do not post scat here, we have a separate thread for that because a lot of people who enjoy piss do NOT like scat:


Also here is the previous piss thread, in autosage (autosage is after 400 posts):


Let's all embrace our perversions!

Oh, and please don't spoil any images, we already have the Mature tag.
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All Look Same ever been to alllooksame.com?

This is a quiz that tests you to see if you can tell korean, japanese, and chinese people apart.

I got a 6/18 ._. unimpressive lol

(it makes you register an email so use a junk or throwaway one if you want)
2 replies
What did he mean by this?
65 replies
I'm an Ass Man.
(No image)
2 replies
1142 replies
Second Life General #Mature
RIP Canterlot Edition

Second Life is a large and sometimes complex virtual world, with user-generated content that spans many genres and interests. We explore and interact with this world and its users.

To join the /mlp-anon/ group, send an instant message to one of the people listed here.

-Joining SL-

Account Creation: https://join.secondlife.com/

System Requirements: http://secondlife.com/support/system-requirements/

-Getting Started-

Here is an instructional video that explains how to make an account and get a basic pony avatar: http://youtu.be/riGYGVPKj44

Recommended Third party viewers:
http://radegast.org/wp/ (Text Only)

There is also a list with descriptions of all available viewers here.

-Old thread-
220 replies
/chat/ oldfags So what's up chat?
284 replies
>not loving the wink

tfw you will never get to suck and lick on that plump winking clit
91 replies
Mental health/illness/disorders discussion thread ***IMPORTANT*** please do not turn this thread into a big thing of "I want to kill myself/I wish I was dead", it is okay to discuss self-confidence/self-worth/relationship etc. issues but I'm trying to have the discussion be actually interesting and not have to try and console people who really should seek better means of help.

What I mean is, this isn't meant to be a "cry for help" kind of thread, it's just meant for discussing the unusual or strange habits that many of us have, or interesting experiences we've had as mentally ill people, whether it is autism, anxiety, bipolar, OCD, or whatever.

I want to kick things off by talking about something my brother said to me last night. To preface, my brother and I both have a lot of mental health issues (most of my family has some to an extent). But while I have been doing very well lately, my brother is really struggling. But I won't get into too many details.

What I wanted to say is, he takes medication as I do, and his meds make a HUGE difference in his general attitude/mood for the day. When he DOESN'T take his meds he is loud, angry, rude, obnoxious, antagonizing, destructive, borderline sociopathic. When he DOES take his meds, he is like the best person ever, super fun to be around, kind and honest and chill but still fun, able to have rational discussions even about really serious/difficult things, able to apologize and own up to things.

So of course, one has to wonder why he is so reluctant to consistently take his meds. But last night he finally explained it to me. He said that when he doesn't take his meds, he perceives himself as being "boring" and also lacking creativity--he said "I get all my best ideas when I am not on my meds".

But what's even more interesting is that it almost seems like he doesn't even understand how horrendous he actually is when he doesn't take them. It seems like he doesn't even remember what it is like to be off of them once he is on them. I can see why this would be troubling for him, having medication make you feel like a "zombie" is a common thing, and this is one of the areas where I think weighing the pros and cons of medication in general is extremely difficult.

For others here, do you have any particular thoughts on or stories about perscription medication to share?
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Dutch Election 2017 Bored, sleepless and have been reading about politics for a bit.

As you may or may not know elections will be on the 15th of march and there will be 150 seats in the second chamber of the government that are up for grabs and 28 parties to choose from.
(there are roughly 80 parties in total but there's some requirements to participate)

Effectively there's only a few possible outcomes for each party:
No seats in the chamber: you've lost, period.
At least one seat in parliament, but not part of the governmening parties: your voice can be made to be heard and effectively you can sometimes make a difference but won't be held accountable.
Seats in parliament and part of governing parties: you have the power, or at least that part thereof that you agreed upon with your coalition partners, you likely also have one or more minister positions to lord over.
Most seats: you've won, sorta. Due to the plethora of parties you will need one or more coalition partners as you have nowhere near the majority required to rule on your own, or you could form an unstable-ish minority governance by having dynamic partners in addition to a close minority in the chamber. In council with the kung you will be given the first chance to build a coalition, and can likely provide the prime minister aswell as some ministerial posts of your choosing, and will likely end up as the most influential part of the government. However if you do not manage to form a coalition others will be allowed initiative, possibly (but not likely) circumvrnting you entirely. If a coalition is made without you you are reduced to being another voice in the chamber as relatively powerless opposition.

Some general information on rhis stuff, including a list of the parties: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_general_election,_2017

There is also a tool that helps people figure out who to vote for, but it's not completely undisputed: https://tweedekamer2017.stemwijzer.nl/#intro

I can answer questions too if there are any.
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Diaper Thread #Mature
/mlp/'s got scruffed. So we setup shop here now.
70 replies
The people saying that we're being divided are the ones actually dividing.
6 replies
Dare Thread I dare you to stick your dick in this weird looking fleshlight.
(No image)
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Site Updates Hello /chat/, in an effort to address concerns that have been presented by the users of both /chat/ and /oat/, it has been decided that /chat/ will be the place for 'controversial' threads in addition to the more 'adult' threads currently available.

By 'controversial', we mean threads that delve into political issues, scientifical debates(Like who is best pony(Twilght)) as well as complex issues that many people have extremely passionate opinions about.
With this change, it's hoped that /oat/ and /chat/ will better differentiate themselves and allow the users of both boards to find the appropriate niche for them.

Please refer to this /site/ thread with any questions, comments, or concerns.

13 replies
>still having loyalty to any nation
>not realizing borders and culture exist solely for utilitarian purposes
>not realizing that religion is used to control people so they don't let their desires control them
6 replies
Welcome To Pillow World Welcome To Pillow World, /chat/ let me get up and greet ya.

There we go.
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feels >can't bring myself to actually give a shit about anything
>feel no real emotion anymore, good or bad
>shitpost so I can at least laugh once in a while
>just want to lie down and stop breathing
390 replies
Browser/Software Ponies #26 "We need more sexy fillies edition"

Dropbox for all thread pictures since thread 4 located here:

Pictures and stories on Google Disk: ujeb.se/softwareponies


Frequent Contributor List:
5 replies
yfw you take the joke way too far
(No image)
4 replies
Why do people allways make out that cum tastes of salt? , when it quite clearly does not
393 replies
Bat Pony Thread MLPchan edition

Writers pastebin:

Stories listed by Bat:

The archives up until now are at:

Google Disk for all thread pictures:

We even have our IRC channel:
Channel: #bat
8 replies
7 replies
37 replies
Why is everyone just turning into a total extremist?
How the fuck is dividing up people more than they already are a good thing?
9 replies
I jsut got a jerb WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
28 replies
The Senate voted on Thursday to repeal a rule that limited companies from dumping mining waste in streams

>The coal waste rule was intended to protect 6,000 miles (9,700 km) of streams and large areas of forests over the next two decades, the Interior Department said when it issued the rule in December. It argued the rule would protect drinking water without undermining the economy or energy supply.

>The coal industry countered that the rule could have reduced the number of direct mining jobs by 30 percent and made 60 percent of its existing reservoirs uneconomic to produce.

Yes, some will tell you that putting coal tailings in water sources is bad, but just think of all the jobs this will create, not just low-skill, blue collar jobs in the mining sector, but all the white collar jobs treating illnesses caused by drinking coal tailings.
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ring ring
12 replies
is shitposting a art?
(No image)
34 replies
Circumcision Why is it allowed?
The only arguments against not getting circumcision are for religious reasons and being too lazy to clean themselves.
(No image)
27 replies
Hugs thread!

For hugging.
93 replies
Berkeley Riots Gosh those berkeley riots are so violent aren't they? I heard they were super violent on TV. I mean, I know that berkeley has chaotic protests and a lot of people call that rioting and it happens literally all the time but geeze super violent. The most violent dudes.

What do you think about the Berkeley vio-fucking-lence-fest riots? Do you feel bad for Milo?
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Say no to globalism.
32 replies
8 replies

anyone else here think Stalin did nothing wrong
2 replies
John Wetton, RIP Here we go again!

Bassist and singer for King Crimson, UK, Asia and many other bands, John Wetton was a plug in replacement for the late Greg Lake when he didn't rejoin King Crimson for their second album.


This guy loves vinyl and King Crimson. He got John's history straight in a video tribute.


And at least we get another 'Hitler finds out' video out of this sad event.

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Sometime in the Future >It is survival in the City

Always like to believe that Media does indeed predict our future,and that past movies and comics describe our Present.



Mind you Warriors came out right around the time Reagan got elected,after some hard economic times.

There could be similarities with what is going on now.
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Fluffy Thread Let's have a good, classic fluffy thread. No hellgremlins, just traditional friendly little simpletons in anything from abuse and sadbox to hugbox and weirdbox.
13 replies
What If We Could Sue Gun-Free Zones For Not Having Guns? Well, what if?

I mean, everyone knows it takes good guys with guns to stop bad guys with guns. Cops can't be everywhere. Everyone also knows that the more guns in society the more respectful everyone is. So if your business or university says 'no guns!' and you make a good guy who has a gun not bring their gun, but a bad dude with a gun shows up and shoots.... what if we held the school, leftie business, socialist hospital, commie nursery, 'we want free stuff' library, liberal laws courthouse or university etc legally responsible? Its their rules after all, and it got good guys hurt by bad guys and the good guys could have saved everyone but no people have to go and be afraid of guns even though we have the 2nd amendment!

But soon we'll have Florida SB 610 on our side too. These people just dont get it so we'll have to force them to.

>Florida Senate Bill 610

Firearms; Requiring a business, organization, or entity that prohibits a concealed weapon or firearm licensee from carrying a weapon or firearm onto its property to assume certain responsibility for the safety and defense of such licensee; providing a cause of action for a concealed weapon or firearm licensee who incurs injury, death, damage, or loss as the result of certain acts or attacks occurring on the property of such business, organization, or entity or on other specified properties, etc.
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Why are so many leftist protestors so baka?
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Can we start throwing leftist scum out of helicopters yet? http://www.miscopy.com/?attachment_id=4350&kgvid_video_embed%5Benable%5D=true
18 replies
truth thread true
16 replies
I'm A Failure Thread well I failed, /chat/. I had an exam today and failed it. I passed 2/3 exams in the last two weeks but this, the last and toughest, I failed.

It was for a Net+ certification; i can retake it in 20 days. Apparently I don't know nearly enough about subnet CIDR numbering and notations, configuring switches, and a few other 'oopsie' things that are probably somewhat just tricky worded questions.

I got 610 and needed 720 to pass.

How do you recoup yourselves after a big failure in life?
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Reminder that unironic commies really are this stupid.
3 replies
>mom refuses to bring me tendies
>start screaming and breaking shit until she brings me my tendies
>its all okay tho cause she violated the NAP by giving birth to me
117 replies
User nube pic thread #Mature
Fuck it, let's just get this over with.

Post nudes of yourself, circlejerk over other nudes, etc.
35 replies
So let's get an actual poll going. Who here would actually smash this cute catboi?

85 replies
'We don't want them here' I never dared think today would be the day Donald Trump would order the gates closed to those he promised would be eliminated from the United States!

It's happening.


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Can we agree on this, as far as sex goes?
32 replies
Eggman Exchange. Take a PINGUS; leave a PINGUS.
4 replies
tfw got stabbed
2 replies
The Establishment Clause: ACLU vs Trump Looks like the ACLU is lining up the Trump Administration in their crosshairs over alleged infraction of The Establishment Clause.

Should we care about the Establishment Clause?

Should we care about it now?
21 replies
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hi every1 I'm new!!!! Holds up swastika My name is evalion but you can call me Teh alT-rIGHt of D00M!!! Lol... as u can see I'm very edgy. That's why I came on /pol/, 2 meet more edgy people like me... I'm 15 years old (I'm mature 4 my age tho!!) I like to watch old videos of Hitler w/ my bf Richard Spencer (im straight if u dont like it deal w/it you degenerate faggot) its our favorite videos!! Becuz its SOOOOOOO Nazi!!! Hes a race realist 2 of course but I want 2 meet more Nazi ppl like they say the more the merrier (unless they're Jewish) Lol... neways I hope 2 make a lot of freinds here so give me lots o commmentses!!!! 14/88 GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW!!!!! <----Me bein nazi again ^_^ hehe...toodles

Love and white power, Teh alt-right of D00M!!!
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Anon strikes in Australia https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jan/31/cube-of-truth-anonymous-hit-streets-with-violent-footage-of-animal-farming

A group of protesters in Australia formed a human square outside a mall in Sydney and demonstrated how animals are harvested for the marketplace.

So inhumane.
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>find the political system you love
>go to sites that support it
>they're all retarded extremests
I just want a meritocracy, apparently that's an extreme position supported mostly by retards. rip
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The time has come And so have I.

Ever spend any time on /g/ or /tech/ and read the endless 'let's build our own web browser' threads hoping for a breakthrough in web hosting and distribution?

Here is one of the first real efforts towards building a web browser that folds P2P hypermedia into it, allowing the browser to act as a peer-to-peer website server!

Beaker is in beta development and is a good look at what the future of secure website distribution could look like.

Problems to date:
The browser is currently supported only by OS X/macOS
The core browser was forked from Chrome
You need to know basic HTML to understand, create and edit your hosted websites
The created websites and other services are static and very bare bones

Once these problems are resolved (Windows & Linux support, proof that the Chrome web browser fork isn't talking to Google in any way & the learning curve for people with zero HTML literacy), this could be the start of something very big.

8 replies
I don't understand Subnetting Hello ponies.

Thank you for your help with command line the other day. I now beseech you again; I don't understand the system behind subnetting. I know class 'a' subnets are a certain range, and 'b' are above that, but I couldn't tell you what a subnet with 128 hosts looks like or how CIDR notation works.

Does anypony else get this stuff D:?
9 replies
holds up mosin privet every1 im new
my name is tovarisch but u can call me t3h L!b3r4t0r oF tH3 PRoLe74r!aN CL4sS!☭!!!!☭!!! lol…as u can see im very revolutionary!!!☭! thats why i came here, 2 meet random proles like me _… im 13 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 read das kapital w/ my girlfreind (im marxist if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite book!!☭! bcuz its SOOOO enlightening!☭!!! shes revolutionary 2 of course but i want 2 meet more marxist ppl =) like they say the more the marxist-er!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of disgusting ancaps convert here so give me lots of commentses!!!! REVOLUTIIIOOOOOOONNN!!!☭☭!!!☭!!!☭!!!!☭!!! <--- me bein revolutionary again _^ hehe…toodles!!!!! ☭☭
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Oh-whoa-oo-oh-oo I
Want a hentai
Girl for me
To make me happy

I want her so I can
Stop using my hand
Every single day
While watching anime

I'd pull her from my screen
And just like in my dreams
I want to feel her touch
Mainly on my crotch (Oh my~)

I waaant my own hentaiii girl
And she would sing!

La-la-la-la [x46]

Masturbate to cartoons!
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You will all entertain me, or I will whip out my dick.

This is your only warning.
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What's on the document, /chat/?
27 replies
What is it that you most want to fuck right now?
2 replies
Calexit >>California Secretary of State Alex Padilla cleared the proposed initiative to begin collecting signatures on Thursday.

>>If the measure gets on the ballot and gains approval by a majority of voters, it would repeal clauses in the California Constitution stating that the state is an "inseparable part of the United States" and that the U.S. Constitution is the "supreme law of the land," according to the title and summary prepared by the state attorney general's office.

>>The measure would place another question on the ballot in 2019, asking whether California should become a separate country. If at least half of registered voters participate in that vote, with at least 55% of those voting to approve, the results would be treated as California's declaration of independence.



"Because we have done this before,this is Madness."
476 replies
Purple Pony's Peculiar Pregnancy (CYOA) #Mature
Continuing from >>363505, since that thread hit the bump limit.

This is "Purple Pony's Peculiar Pregnancy", a CYOA story about exactly what it says on the tin. It was originally titled "Purple Pony's Puzzling Pregnancy", until the puzzle was solved.

The story so far can be read here:

If you're too lazy to read through all of that, here's a spoiler-rific summary of the main plot points thus far:

I lied. Sorry, no shortcuts here. Just put on your big kid pants and read the damn thing. Things will run more smoothly if everyone is on the same page and we don't have people bringing up questions or suggestions that have already been addressed earlier in the story. Yeah, it's long, but if you don't feel like reading, a CYOA thread probably isn't for you.

Now that the story out of the way, let's go over the workings of the thread itself.

This thread is marked as #Mature to keep our options open, but the story so far has been work-safe.

I try to make decisions in the story based off of consensus in the thread, so you're encouraged to talk and strategize amongst yourselves. However, I try not to allow this policy to cause the thread to stagnate. If someone posts a suggestion, and no one else responds within 24 hours, I'll start writing a new update based off of that suggestion (possibly with a longer wait time for big decisions). If the discussion is active but doesn't seem to be moving towards consensus, I'll pick my favorite suggestion.

I'll try to aim for at least one update a week, but stuff in meatspace sometimes gets in the way, and I'm not gonna go all "Lesson Zero" to try to force something out by a deadline. If there's a long delay and the new update hasn't come out, don't worry; I'm probably not dead; I might just be busy. Or maybe I have writer's block, I'm having trouble getting into a writing mood, but I'm not going to abandon this story without telling you. It may also be that none of the replies actually addressed what to do next; try reading the end of the last update and make sure all of the questions posed have been fully addressed.

That's about it. See the following post for the continuation of the story.
1 reply
Keep on crying.
13 replies
What do you think of Milo Yianopolopodopolis?
3 replies
Anyone else here a Trans Neo-Pan European Strasserist?
8 replies
So apparently, by "make mexico pay for it" Trump meant "make Americans pay for it by jacking up the prices of the mexican goods that we buy everyday".

LOL at that 20% tarriff on one of the countries biggest business partners. The 1% may not feel it, but you can bet that every single normal american is going to feel this fucking hard in the pocketbooks when alot of the stuff we take for granted (like produce) starts going up.
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Creator of the Big Mac and McMuffin dead >(McDonald's) Franchisee 'Jim' Delligatti first put the treat on sale at one of his outlets in 1968.

>...passed away (at) aged 98, nearly 50 years after creating McDonald’s iconic 540 calorie burger – which he ate every week.


8 replies
Top or bottom /chat/?
(No image)
4 replies
Hey/ How are you How are you all, I not been here in 2 years I been fighting my own demons and depression but am back now.
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6 replies
14 replies
Astra Do you have discord? have you ever wondered why ponychan doesn't have a discord chat when skype is basically a steaming pile of horse shit?

Well wonder no longer. Ponychan now has a Discord server that you can join.

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>XX century in Socialist countries
>whoever didn't accepted Socialism, was killed by the rulers
>example of a society free of oppression

>xxi century in European countries

>convert to Islam or die in a terrorist attack
>diversity is our strength

What did they mean by this?
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Fuckin fags
1 reply
Your daily non sequitur For your amusement.

A man in a Darth Vader helmet riding a unicycle carrying a bagpipe that spouts flames, attempting to shovel snow in the street.

1 reply
you laugh you lose go
2 replies
29 replies
post em. i'm starting with this chart.
5 replies
Will sex robots render human sex obsolete?
1 reply
Gore Thread #Mature
NSFW Edition.
16 replies
Why do you people watch Jappanesse cartoons? Back in my day I fought the japs.
0 replies
2 replies
My wife called me a pedo. Those are big words for a 9 year old.
5 replies



(No image)
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Hey /chat/, this has really been eating at me for, like, a month or so. This article talks about a man who was shot by security outside a strip club near my house. This article and those like it make me really mad because they have the story completely wrong.

The real story is based on what I saw that night, and what was seen by the management and girls who have spoken to me about their experiences.

The first part of this story relates to the character of the "victim" Ed Mares. He was a regular at the yellow rose, I don't get where his family denies it. I'm not even there that much and I recognized him. The thing everyone is him for is trying to proposition the girls. He was cheap and mean. He went in often and alone, talking about how much he had his wife and kids.

I talked to the last girl he talked to before he died. He had approached her at the bar and asked her for a $10 quickie. She told him to go die and he told her that he was going to go get his gun from his car and shoot her. She flipped him off and left.

This is finally where the the management come in as is seen in surveillance footage. They follow him as they leave the club, telling him to chill out and that if he tries anything, they will not be afraid to open fire. He goes to in car in a huff, reaches into his glove compartment, brandishes his. Firearm, and is shot.

3 replies
SIG Sauer got the contract to produce the replacement pistol for the military Glad that's finally settled.


No official word on the specific model SIG Sauer pistol that will be produced for the US Army yet, but the prediction is that the P320 with army specified modifications will be the one that will be in the hands of our forces soon.
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>yfw spooky statists try to take your *property*
2 replies

BUZZ- Buzz Buzz

Kek Kek Kek

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You have to go back Where's my anti-immigrant support on stopping illegal cubans?
3 replies
>tfw feel no emotion whatsoever
8 replies
Best endgames you've had. Any game counts, not just chess.
6 replies
Are you ready for Friday?
3 replies
Have you ever had issues with "gamer gunk", /chat/?
39 replies
>rape So...uh...somethin' kinda weird happened a few minutes ago.

I was just fappin' to some K-ON! rape hentai and I suddenly realized that, at least a part of me, was imagining being the victim (the girl obviously).

That was...kinda weird. I mean I'm not 100% straight, I recently developed a trap fetish, and sometimes yaoi can be nice, and in general I can appreciate a good-looking dude even if I don't want to fuck his brains out...but imagining being a rape victim is just like...idk. But I do know that some people do have that fetish regularly.

I thought about putting a mature tag on this but I don't mean for this to be a porn dump thread and I figure we're on Ponychan not Ponyville so I doubt there are really any people who are gonna be triggered by discussion of rape here (especially when you consider the threads that do lurk beneath the mature tag).

...does anyone else have any thoughts on this?
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S U C C >>>mfw when I get the s u c c
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Is this what trump is worried about?
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Guess who's back! Since this is pretty much /pol/ rated content, I'll leave this here.

This should be really interesting if Mark keeps on playing with fire this way.


The audio in question:
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>literally making an AI to call people "niggers" on Twitter

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This officially replaces The Onion as my go-to for the best of the oddest stories. Best of all is they're all real.


Each tweet is linked to a longer article on the AP website.

Anyone for a deer ice cube?

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I guess this is why the FAA is regulating drones http://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2017/01/12/seattle-drone-crash-orig.cnn

Nice tower. It'd be a pity if something crashed into it.
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His entire "legacy" in a nutshell.
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Im the smartest.
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No title No comment.
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Art Thread #Mature
So, some people here like to draw, but some of the things we draw just aren't appropriate for other boards.

So this here thread is for people to share art they've done. Doesn't have to be adult art, but adult art is welcome.
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Isildur's Bane "For Isildur's Bane shall waken,
And the Halfling forth shall stand."
― Part of Boromir's dream[1]

Year 3434 SA:

>>It has come to me the One Ring,that should be an heirloom to my kingdom.

>>All that follow in my bloodline should be bound to its fate...or foreverth risk no heir to the ring.

>It is precious to me,thou I bindeth it with Great Pain.

>>The markings upon the bearinthgs have begun to fadeth.

>>The writting which was already as Clear as red flameth has only now began to fade,a secret that only fire can tell.

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Material that children need. Post it.
(No image)
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America It's almost time...
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