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AKA Ask Kady Anyfing u wan, senpai
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/M*A*S*H/ thread This is the official /M*A*S*H/ & Friends thread! If you see another thread, redirect them here!

Every major equal, every major loved. You don't have to have a major to be a /M*A*S*H/ whore, it's just for fun!

Disillusionment, comunication, tolerance, socialising and kindness are the most important things a /M*A*S*H/ whore can have, let's get ready in the O.R for casualties on the 4077th!

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A Neppy Thread A thread by me, for you.
Drop a post and keep me company, we can chat about all the little things of the day. If you leave me a question I may just have an answer for you as well.
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Crossdressing #Mature
So I literally went out and got myself a pair of pantyhose, and after thoroughly smoothing out my skin, I then honestly found great fun in wearing it. I'm now considering trying out other items and getting deeper into this sort of thing.
Does anyone else here do this, or maybe has done this before? Perhaps related activities?
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Best Vidya OSTs you've ever heard?

Or personal favorites, if that's easier.

Bloodborne & The Old Hunters DLC Soundtrack - Full Album (OST No SFX)

I really like the Bloodborne soundtrack, it just works and is used so well.
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/chat/ has risen???
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/chat/ music thread? What are you listening to? 👀

Hiroshi Yoshimura-Green [1986] [New age] [Ambient]
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Mikie is Megumins waifu
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Catposting #Mature
Who cares about anime girls anyways? We catposting now. Now and forever.

Come one, come all, step right up, to only thread on the whole chan where you HAVE to post cats.

I honestly don't know how many people have cat people or cats or cat related images to post in here so I don't know how well this thread will do. But who cares.

All cats welcome, catgirls included, the only requirement for the thread is that you post cats, cat people, cat girls, or cat related images. The topic of the thread is uh... nothing. Just have fun with it.

Edit: Oh uh, you can also just not post images, you just have to be a cat. (like Kreamy for instance)
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This message is for Zeke only.
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Share your OCs! #Mature
Any characters you made, pony or not, lets share them!

This is an excuse to show off my bf's pony. But hey, use this as an excuse to show off as well!
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Ponychan now has a /chat/
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So, since they seem to be popular, gonna try this AMA thing As it says on the tin, I'm giving this sort of thread a shot despite not really being anyone remotely important.

Well, as much as it seems like a good way for people to get to know each other, it'll be more of an Ask Me Almost Anything thread, since I'm not tagging it as "Mature Content".

I'll try to answer anything beyond that that doesn't seem like an attempt at identity theft and/or identity theft by Jonathan Frakes though. And even then I might just give a sassy answer to a sassy question.
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Tripcode Meanins #Mature

Here's something.

What's the meaning behind your Tripcode? I mean, if you have one. Obviously some people have obvious ones.

My tripcode is actually one of the tripcodes I use for a character in /rp/

The normal trip is Roxy!ChaosyLwd2, so it kinda has a rhymey thing going. Roxy Chaosy.

Roxy is one of my D&D characters who has the God of Chaos for her world living in her eye. So that's where Chaosy comes in. It also has Lwd in it which looks kind of like Lewd, that's why I chose it. The character is like, the opposite of Lewd, but I liked having it in there.

I chose to use it because it's pretty good for me, personally! The Chaosy part is fun bc I like Chaos. And remember, I used to post as Eris for a long time here! And I am pretty Lewd sometimes, so the Lwd fits.


as always mature content just in case
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Zpoz Episode 1 is out! A joy for all is now you can watch on youtube be proud brother and sister all!
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The zpoz universe the movie is happening too! It stars Nicholas cage and Ross Lynch
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Muffins are the purest form of baked goods.
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The equestria girls & thomas & friends crossover movie is happening? Yes that's right folks the release date is January 1st 2022
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Throwaway Chat Thread /chat/ Edition 2: The Rise of /chat/! This time its personal! #Mature
Tossing up a topic-less thread for us to just chit, and if there is time left over, to chat!

Hows everyone doing? Its Spring! That means new beginnings and stuff!
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Movie night Discord? Last night the idea for a PChan movie night Discord came up in a discussion. Would anybody be interested in such a thing? Streaming a media player through Discord is very quick and convenient, plus being in a voice call allows for some riffing if the movie happens to be particularly cheesy. It also gives the option for a separate muted call for those movies that'd you'd prefer everyone just be quiet and listen to.
I'd say it should be strictly used as a place to organize and stream viewing events, and should be open for anyone to stream a movie/show they may want to watch with others.
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Hey How's it going here on ponychan dot net these days?
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(No image)
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One of *those* threads Someone mentioned a lack of AMAs on /chat/

So heres one, ama.
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Movies What's a movie you've watched recently?

Loved it? Hated it? Would recommend it?

Share your thoughts about it!
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2021 MEMES So let's see we've got uhhh...

RTX Morshu and Mr. Douchebag? Is...that it?
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Y'all want some crack?
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Journey into the vortex Synopsis: unknown for now
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Do you Touhou?
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So I've been trying to catch up on anime lately... My folks recently got a Hulu subscription, so I've been trying to get back into watching anime regularly again.

But I'm still a lot of seasons behind what's currently airing, so I was wondering if anyone had any recent series they've really enjoyed or would recommend?

Even if you're not particularly into anime and just want to stop by and chat for a bit, that's okay too! I just figure it's easier to start talking when there's an icebreaker topic in the OP.
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i wanna do it too!!! #Mature
I haven't done an AMA in a longer amount of time than anyone else who usually does these has so I feel entitled to running on of my own.

inb4 nobody cares and it dies in like 5 posts, which at this point is fine i just want to have fun

this thread is mature content so i dont have to worry about choosing SFW images while replying to people. NSFW questions are allowed if you really wanna know that shit about me.
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The zpoz universe Is everything to me
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Daisy > Peach

prove me wrong
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The journey into the vortex production Is based on classic series of THOMAS and friends g4 and g4.5 of my little pony the land of oz wishbone dog days of the west the fast and furious franchise the twilight saga shining time station littlest pet shop (2012 series) tugs along with elements from the magical monarch of mo a world of our own and salty's lighthouse and even THOMAS and the magic railroad
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If THOMAS and friends and Equestria girls got it's own movie and Potion nova got her own spin off Would you want to watch them? Ps I am planning a musical play extravaganza called the journey into the vortex
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Random Collection of Things Anyone got a collection of random BS? Like, Pictures, or post cards or junk?

I collect a bunch of anime figures and cups because lamo. I wonder if anyone has any sort of collection before I spew my own bull.
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Another one of *those* threads Let's goof this one up the same way we do /ef/.

PG tier AMA.
16 replies
AMA I saw those were a thing a few months ago...or was it a few years ago?

I kinda wanna do one too. So Yey! totally not using Vals idea as a way to post here more out of boredom or something.
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Why even live without Neppy as your lover?
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What is your favorite season? Winter is turning into spring (thank god) and it got me thinking about how my favorite season use to be autumn/winter, but now spring/summer is starting to take that spot as #1 best season.
Whats yours? Has it changed over time like mine has?
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Master's doting and patience only extends so far.
Pet must give back or else she'd be a brat.
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Can't sleep, any other Night Owls around? As I mentioned in the subject, some nights I just can't get to sleep, and since this seems to be "One of those Nights", I figured maybe I should try and see if anyone else is up who might be interested in chatting for a while.

Well, not that I've got any specific topics in mind though.
(No image)
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Got a number one victory royale
Yeah fortnite we bout to get down (get down)
Ten kills on the board right now
Just wiped out tomato town
My friends just go down
I’ve revived him now we’re heading south bound
Now we’re in the pleasant park streets
Look at the map go to the mark sheets

Take me to your Xbox to play fortnite today
You can take me to moist mire but not loot lake
I would really love to, chug jug with you
We can be pro fortnite gamers

He said hey broski
You got some heals and a shield pot
I need healing and I am only at one HP
Hey dude sorry, I found nothing on the safari
I checked the upstairs of that house but not the underneath yet
There’s a chest that’s just down there
The storm is coming fast and you need heals to prepare
I’ve V-Bucks that I’ll spend
More than you can contend
I’m a cool pro fortntie gamer
Cool pro fortnite ga-

Take me to your Xbox to play fortnite today
You can take me to moist mire but not loot lake
I really love to, chug jug with you
We can be pro fortnite gamers

La la la la la ee a
La la la la la ee a
La la la la la ee a
Yeah you be my pro fortnite gamer
Pro fortnite gamer

Can we get a win this weekend
Take me to loot lake
Let’s change the game mode and we can disco dominate
We’ll top an ATK take me to the zone
I’m running kinda low on mats
I need to break some stone
Dressed in all these fancy clothes
He’s got Renegade Raider
And he’s probably a pro
He just shot my back
I turn back and I attack
I just got a victory royale
A victory royale

Take me to your Xbox to play fortnite today
You can take me to moist mire but not loot lake
I really love to, chug jug with you
We can be pro fortnite gamers
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Podcasts hey look i got a tripcode

Anyways, this is a thread about Podcasts.

Do you listen to or watch a Podcast? I do. Oh god, I engage in too many podcasts.

The podcasts I listen to are as follows: My Brother My Brother and Me, Rude Tales of Magic (Still working through the backlog), and occasionally The Adventure Zone (though not the latest series)

The podcasts I watch are as follows: H3 Podcast (H3 Podcast After Dark and Frenemies as well), the Rooster Teeth Podcast, Off Topic Podcast, The Gus & Eddy Podcast, Welcome to Night Vale (though im pretty far behind the current storylines), and occasionally Ear Biscuits (the Good Mythical Morning podcast)

Do you listen to or watch any of these? What other podcasts do you listen to? And do you have any you would recommend to others to watch?
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Content This is a thread filled with content.
Please, assist me in filling it was even more content.
So that we may have content.

The clocks are changing again in like 2 weeks, so thats good. Any spring/summer plans?
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Vaporwave and chill I feel so alive!
53 Thieves - dreamin' (slowed and reverb)
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Can we have a general Pokemon thread?

What are Pokemon you like that nobody else seems to? I'll start with one of my favourites. It deserves better, like a mega but I still love it. I mean it's a chain chomp Giraffe. Come on, that's awesome.
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Daft Punk is no more.
Daft Punk - Epilogue
>Daft Punk, the Parisian duo responsible for some of the most popular dance and pop songs ever made, have split. They broke the news with an 8-minute video titled “Epilogue,” excerpted from their 2006 film Electroma. Asked if Daft Punk were no more, their longtime publicist Kathryn Frazier confirmed the news to Pitchfork but gave no reason for the breakup.

Edit: It was posted on /ef/ already
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Is chat dead?
15 replies
/chat/ is also rightful mongol clay
15 replies
Why is evryone so exited I mean I don't see why this is better than ef , it doesn't even have IDs. I there something of lore I missed .
47 replies
Stars, I wish I could play more D&D...
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Muffin salad Muffin salad
8 replies
Its back! God its so beautiful I wanna make out with it
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Chat Thread /chat/ Edition Seems weird that this is no chat thread on /chat/.
Seems like the optimum place for a chat thread to be, right?

What have you guys been up to?
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zpoz universe the movie image here it is the confirmed leaked image of thomas arriving in equestria as a train before becoming a pony
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So this Valheim game is really good.

It's like Minecraft but there's vikings and more bosses and trolls.

And trollhide armour is blue and also stealthy.

Fear my stealth viking.
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>Decide to watch smash announcement
>New character oh boy
>ANOTHER anime swordsman
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Book thread pls I just finished an audiobook of In Ghostly Japan by Lafcadio Hearn, a westerner who spent decades in Japan and married a Japanese woman.
In Ghostly Japan is one of several books he wrote about Japanese culture, customs, folklore etc. and it was a really good read/listen.
The audiobook was 4 hours and 33 minutes long with its text equivalent being 258 pages, so it was a decently long book and I'm really proud of myself for finishing it because it is admittedly the only book I finished in 2020.
I plan to go with more of his audiobooks in the new year (pic related).
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A leaked zpoz the movie Here it is a leaked zpoz the movie image
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Happy 10th channiversary! Happy 10th channiversary to all my fellow posters and lurkers gone and still around and maybe yet to come.
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Anime is now REAL. What changes in the world?
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Die! Die! D̶͉̮̥͉͖̹͔̱̩̣̟͆̑͒̈́͛̋ͅi̷̢̨̖̝̩̯͖̖͛͆́̾̃̾͒͝ę̸͈͈͓̔̃̌͝!̴̢̢̛͔͍̥̼̙̣̬̜̫͎̟̹͇̫̮̝̍̊̈̏̉͗̌̆͑̌̋̎͐̉̕͝͝͠
(No image)
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Radiohead have made some cool music videos over the years. I guess JUST is probably the most famous but whats your favorite?

Radiohead - Just
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user impernation thread please keep this lighthearted

Jigs: Altruism is weakness. Humanity is a spook of which the deepest lore of those who remain to never understand. By the way, remember prions will be a threat to us all at some point. SARS-CoV-2 was studied by a man who has studied HIV and has come to the conclusion that the spike proteins are exactly the same. It's air AIDS. Finally last but not least, China wants to take over the world for their own personal gain.
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Fantastic influential experimental pop/electronic artist SOPHIE dies at 34, accidental fall https://pitchfork.com/news/sophie-has-died/

What the fuuuuuuuck

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Toxic friends and relationships Have any of you had a really close friend who turned into someone with really toxic habits or personality and you had to try and distance yourself from kt?
8 replies
3 replies
What did they mean by this?
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ITT: Vidya sequels that only you want >tfw Ghosts 2 will never happen because I'm the only person on the planet who wants it
>tfw normies couldn't appreciate how kino the MP was
>tfw it made my high school friends quit the series
>tfw it is the second most-hated CoD game besides Infinite Warfare
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I just did something bad!
But I'm not telling. x3
14 replies
I remember that one time that those people who did the thing with that thing.
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So why is it Gwyneth Paltrow can get away with selling Vagina scented candles that burn down peoples rooms?

If a guy decided to make a candle called "I smell like crusty smegma" im pretty sure the boardroom would shoot it down or it just wouldnt sell.

Whats next? Chris Martins "Snort my brussel sprout farts" bath soap?

Worlds gone mad i tells ye , mad.
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Look at this old fucking website I found! http://dl.curby.net/home.html

Man, i wish websites were still like this tbh.
Almost pure HTML.

And now, you go, show me old websites.
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wth this reality
wth this worl
108 replies
Are you a weeb?
I'm a weeb, what weeb things do you like?
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Phone posting
4 replies
26 replies
Candy Thread Edition dont let the monsters on /ef/ come here
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Hi, y'all.

I'm new to /chat/'s reencarnation and now I want to meet ya'll!
69 replies

11 replies
Anyone seen Toy recently? Little concerning that she's offline everywhere I have her added when she never goes offline.
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skleepy thread There's something comf about dozing off to DVDs on a shitty CRT.
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I mean I like shitposting but /ef/ right now is postingshit Since it seems /ef/ has gone to shit as of now, thought it would be nice to just have a friendly polite relaxing comfy thread

So what you up too then?
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Whoever fucking decided to add the Ginso Tree Escape to Ori and the Blind Forest needs to literally be put down. I've spent an hour on that and I am so fucking angry I'm in tears over it.

What sort of point is it making that so difficult as to cause real, physical pain trying to get out of there.

Fuck you, level designer. FUCK YOU.
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Does anyone want to form a modern day Unit 731with me but instead of p.o.w's , we use weebs and leftists ?
34 replies
You bealive in any Cryptids?
7 replies





Game is Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War, the challenges are as shown, HOWEVER there are additional rules that make them even worse.

>the challenges don't stack, so even if you got two 3-kill streaks and/or 4 finishing moves in one match, it only counts one of each for that match

>you HAVE to finish the FULL match, you cannot join a match, progress the challenge, then back out, it will make it not count that way
>the shotguns in Black Ops Cold War are both ass (one is semi-auto that takes several shots to kill one person and reloads one shell at a time, the other is pump-action and will often get a hitmarker at point-blank range even WITH damage-boosting attachments)
>finishing moves can only be done from behind an enemy AND they can be interrupted, if you get killed or the enemy you're executing gets killed mid-execution IT DOESN'T COUNT

I spent like four hours losing my mind trying to figure out the best way to do these
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Call of help to all Finland Someone who is who knows ski sniper language please tell me what to say in the video.

Niiskun Tuplakone
9 replies
Jigs get out of my fucking Discord servers.

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So are you a day or night person?
43 replies
Are muffins allowed on this board?
In my opinion, they are.
4 replies
This is an evil thread.
7 replies
What the fuck is this shit.
37 replies
Is cooming allowed on this board?
In my opinion, it is.
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Anyone playing any pokemon games? Currently started a playthrough of Quaratine crystal (Crystal but with over 200 new fakemon created on 4chan by various suggestions and contest winners)

Image related. Kind of at a loss on what team to build though.. any suggestions?
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RIP Daniel Dumile better known as MF DOOM Absolutely fucking legendary rapper, producer, and lyricist. Nearly flawless discography stretching from the 90s to the 2010s. An influential hip-hop giant. I nearly had a heart attack when I read the news and I've felt like crying for hours. No I'm not being ironic or exaggerating. This is possibly the worst news 2020 could have ended on. I feel crushed. I don't want to go to bed tonight. What if I don't wake up? Why does death, decay and the passage of time have to take everything from us...FUCK.

Remember: All Caps When You Spell The Name.

>will be posting my fav DOOM songs in the replies
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I don't know if this really applies to anyone here, but if you're struggling with substance abuse of any sort, please seek help. You don't have to struggle alone.
13 replies
How too you drink coffee through your conke? I wish to know the joys of imbibing the chemicals directly through my jiggly wiggly doink. Surely it will be felt much more directly than sending the covfefe through the GI tract.
50 replies
is shitposting allowed on this board?
6 replies
Excellent... Once /gala/ returns, the preparations will be nearly complete.
3 replies
Share fun items you've found while shopping, either irl or online.
99 replies
So I assume this is the nicer side of ponychan I am going to make a serious happy(?) thread.
Pls be nice.

Do you guys ever want kids or think about it? I have always wanted to be a mom since I was like... five or whatever.
The thought of birth use to always freak me out[Like ewww, I am going to adopt I don't want PAIN] but after going through it three times.. it is piece of cake. I don't know why I was a babby.

I will say it has become harder for me to read crime[Or like dead baby, kid jokes] that contains age groups of my kids. It makes me really emotionally unwell.
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I'm at Mac's house again AMA
8 replies
So if you could live in any of the citys that have been seen in the Grand Theft Auto series which would you wish to live in? 3D or HD era?

Of course, this list would be Liberty city, Vice city and San Andreas (which by proxy also counts San Fierro and Las Venturas)

Guess you could also count Bullworth and Carcer City given they both take place in the same universe as GTA, but if you answer Carcer Ciy there is something really wrong witth you
129 replies

What I have been BEGGING for
5 replies
Blueberry muffins are a good source of blueberries.
76 replies
Happy new year From the new year
6 replies
What are your favorite preservatives?
10 replies
Happy New Year! Now that its 2021 on the west coast, and since i dont care about Hawaii and Alaska, i feel like its time to say happy new year all!

Lets just fucking pray its a better one for everybody.
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Best memes n' trends of 2020 GO!
3 replies
mfw internet
87 replies
Tell me something you did in the past week to improve yourself, and tell me something you plan to do in the next week to improve yourself.
77 replies
Lets celebrate the new board by tainting it with furry porn.
15 replies
19 replies
Anybody been playing any retro/older games during this festive and new year peroid?
(No image)
5 replies
MK - Can you ban me from this board specificly so i dont shit it up :) ?
106 replies
Adult Video Games #Mature
Anyone here play adult games? Any favorites!
3 replies

10 replies
Dan Thread /chat/ edition
3 replies
Dafuq?! I was gone for 2 days and this happened? Not that I'm complainin' of course. Very nice.

How are you doing by the way?
48 replies
wtf are you guys doing?
1 reply
So /chat/ is basically meant to be like /oat/ but with mature content allowed and hopefully not dead like /oat/ is/was?

I can dig that.
2 replies
I killed Christ.
4 replies
I wanna be the second to post something
8 replies
Guess it's time to pull this out again.
10 replies
I see you guys followed my suggestion, good on you!
0 replies
Welcome to /Chat/! That's right, folks! Chat is back! This time though, it's a little different.

This board is meant to be a chill and comfortable place for people to talk and keep things civil.
Rules are as follows:
No Politics - This board is meant to remain light hearted and fun. If you want to talk about politics, go to /ef/.
Language - Chat is NOT a hugbox. You are not required to be nice to each other, but you are required to be civil. Use of derogatory remarks or slurs either directed at a specific poster or simply as a joke are not permitted. Again, if you want to use more coarse language, keep it on /ef/. (Example: You can call someone an idiot. You cannot call someone the n-word).
Mature Content - Mature content will be allowed on this board provided you use the proper tags.
Global rules regarding mature content apply.

Other than that, global rules apply but that is all. This is intended to be a relaxed and chill environment so keep the more aggressive behavior on /ef/.

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