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Angered by gun control, this lawmaker drafted a bill to require licenses for journalists. Story

>A state lawmaker in Indiana has drafted a measure to require licenses for journalists akin to those that pertain to handgun owners, a proposal legal experts says directly violates the First Amendment.

>The measure would require journalists — defined as anyone writing or broadcasting news for a newspaper, magazine, website or television or radio station — to be registered and fingerprinted by the police and vetted for their “character and reputation.”

>State Rep. Jim Lucas, a Republican from the southeastern part of Indiana and a vocal critic of his state’s gun restrictions, drafted the bill by copying language from a state law that requires a license to carry a handgun in public.

>Committing journalism without a license within 500 feet of school or on a school bus would bump the penalty up from a misdemeanor to a felony. Journalists with felony or domestic battery convictions would be prevented from getting licenses. And unlicensed people would still be able to engage in journalism on property they own or rent.

>The proposal has not been submitted. And though Lucas says the measure was drafted in part to point out what he views as the hypocrisy of gun regulations, he would not rule out introducing the proposal in the state legislature in the future.
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Traps and femboys and futadom thread.

Just what it says on the tin.
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Viper The Rapper Exchange Take a Viper, leave a Viper.
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/Spacetime/ Time; #48 (There's really been a lot of these, right?)

The stormy season of April had passed by during the night, and with the rising sun, the day is giving way to the fragrant bloom of May blossoms. Clouds part way for the bright sun to illuminate the paintbrush hues of the landscape, and the warm late-season breeze carries with it all varieties of birdsong, filling the air with the color and chorus of life.

Which is why this was the perfect day to stay indoors to do some inner research. For once, it was better to disregard these byproducts for today, the piercing bore of human progress has finally cracked open the foundations of reality; you had just discovered a time machine.

Well, what else could it be? It even looked like someone had done a spectacularly terrible job of trying to disguise the fact that it could pretty much only be a time machine. It was, in fact the most stereotypically time machine-like time machine anyone could imagine, yet it looks as if someone had sloppily taped cardboard around it in an attempt to make it look like a refrigerator. It was such shoddy work, and you wondered why anyone had even bothered.
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The thing that was definitely a time machine loomed like a statue in the center of the room, wafting out a faint scent of ozone and copper. It must have displaced the matter around it as it arrived, since one of its edges was occupying the space where half of your chair should have been. As you shove the chair aside, it toppled over on its two remaining legs, thumping down on the dusty floor. Looking around, you started reaching for the entrance handle, but thought better of it. Instead, you move over to the small mailbox-shaped bin attached to the side of the machine. There was nothing inside except for a newspaper clipping and an envelope. You take a look at the newspaper, a cutout of the week’s weather, dated three years into the future. It was otherwise unremarkable, so you open up the envelope.

Wow, why would you write something like that? It was disorienting, seeing your own handwriting attached to a message you clearly have never written, and definitely, resolutely, never will. But now, you know you will. The presence of the note, along with the time machine, is undeniable. With the staggering weight of this realization, you reached for a chair, but found only half of one. You plop down on the half-cushion anyway. It’s better than sitting on the floor.

A perfect day, a poorly-disguised time machine, a message from your future self, and half of a chair. These were the facts you were given. What could be made out of them? How do these pieces fall together? You knew that the easiest way to find out lied only beyond the set of golden handles, yet enough experience with science fiction told you that time travel is serious business. Even to the expert authors of those grandiose fables, it’s still a complete mystery. No one knows how to operate a time machine. What if you were sent to a time when earth could no longer support life? What would you do, lost to the depths of spacetime, consigned to a fate worse than death?

But you know that those would not happen. How could you have sent the message to yourself otherwise? You are, for all you know, safe in the gentle and logical flow of the river of causality. There is nothing stopping you from being as reckless as you want. You will never have to bring yourself to write that message, because as long as you don’t, there is nothing that can kill you. There is nothing in the universe that can break the chain of necessity that grant you immortality. After all, the greatest gift is one that you give to yourself.

With your newfound confidence, you climb into the dimly-lit cabin of the time machine. Giving hardly a glance at the deep red sunset over the world outside, you close the door once again. But as the machine began to hum and shake, you suddenly felt just one last figment of doubt. Heedless, it nonetheless vanished with a sudden whisper, leaving behind nothing but a rectangular outline of dust and a lingering smell of ozone and copper.

You had almost realized it just then. You made the mistake of assuming that you knew more about yourself than about time travel.

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Ya es hora
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The Story Thread: Gemstone Edition #Mature
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Pony Farts 2.0 #Mature
I'm posting a new Fart thread as the old one has reached it's maximum reply limit.

As before, This thread is strictly about farting. Post pictures, stories, videos, flashes, or anything else relating to pony flatulence here, but please keep scat in the proper thread.

Also, anyone willing to do a quick fart RP, please do so here in the Chatzy pony fart chatroom. http://www.chatzy.com/23654466973966 (And please tell the chatroom's moderator to unsilence me.)
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Troll survey I'm doing my master's thesis about internet trolls and I made a survey to ask questions.

If there are any people who troll or formerly trolled please fill in the form. The more descriptive the answers the better.

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Cute Porn #Mature
Why is cute porn so amazing?
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Bed Exchange Take a bed; leave a bed.
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talk about your dreams >tfw had a dream that my virginity was taken by someone from this site
>tfw it's one of the only dreams I remember actually having sex in and "finishing", since generally when I have lewd dreams they end before the sex actually happens
>tfw woke up and was mildly disappointed that it wasn't real

Not gonna say who it was because I don't want this thread to just be a circlejerk about wanting to fuck certain posters, so does anyone else wanna share dreams they've had recently, or in general?

Any recurring dreams you have, and what you think they mean? (doesn't have to be lewd)
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Bertstrips Thread Urda, give us all you got.
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Official Hatsune Miku Exchange #Mature
Since we have an exchange for Asuka, honor demands we provide the same for Miku. After all, Miku is love, Miku is life!

Obey the standard board rules for this thread. Spoiler any image you are in doubt about if it is adult in nature.

Other Vocaloids are welcome as long as there's a Miku in the image.
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/chat/ patrol 01 #cyclic a hangout thread. you're bored. everyone's bored. pass the time.

rule 1 - normies get out reee no normies allowed etc etc

Link to discord:

Link to cytube:
https://cytu.be/r/Peace_Walker .
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>patriot act
>freedom act
>the recent liberty act

why are these names like this when they're anything but?


"the land of the free" lmao.
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Thinking Exchange Take a think, leave a think.
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Official Asuka Exchange Thread #Mature
Official Asuka Exchange Thread
Take an Asuka, leave an Asuka.

1. If you take an Asuka, you must also leave an Asuka.
2. If you leave an Asuka, you must also take an Asuka.
3. If you post Rei, you suck.
4. If you post Misato, you're okay I guess.
5. D-don't get the wrong idea, it's not like I made this thread for you or anything...
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Satyr Porn #mature

>What is a 'Satyr Porn' thread about?

A satyr is what happens when a human and a pony decide to get freaky and end up having a child. This thread is dedicated to the porn and fapfics about these fuckable creatures.
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Story Thread: Vaporwave Edition #Mature
Story story story, you know the drill.

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>YFW you and your sister see other people dressed up as you and her.
>YFW Masks, T-Shirts and faux Wings & Horns are owned and worn by said people.
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Programming It'd be neat if you could take a template like "prefix $(variable) suffix" and turn that into a function that takes a value for variable, prints out "prefix " then that variable, then " suffix".

But it'd be more efficient to build a string in memory, then print it out all at once. Also for small string literals, it's better to generate code to assign each character rather than using memcpy. Also, should you calculate the necessary size of that string first, or should you grow the memory as needed? If you could put the literal "prefix " in your function, then you could put the literal 7 into your size function.

The code you're generating here follows a pattern: there's a size calculation function, a function to fill the resulting string, and a set of parameters for each. So the code you're generating could itself be generated from a template like for instance, "size_t $(name)_size(struct $(name)_params);" You'd of course have to manually write a slow version of the template processor, to process that template, and produce the code for the real template processor.

So all you have to do is write the template for the code to write the template for the code to... template... things? My head hurts. I hate programming.
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Male? Female? We Don't Care! #Mature
Traps. 3D and 2D allowed. Go.
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My best friend is a neckbeard now. So several years ago he lost his job and lived off his retirement savings. He and his then girlfriend just sat around playing video games all day. Then when his IRA ran out his now wife went to work at a truck driver. Now he continues to sit around all day playing Overwatch and posting on /pol/ bitching about SJWs. It's really sad.
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a person that know (not here) keeps calling me a nazi. why are is he calling me this? since when did libertarian views compare to national socialism? do i look like a nazi or something? i know i have germanic heritage but come on now
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>Trump more like Drumpf
>ha nah more like Blumpf
>that dude looks like a Flumpf
>yo, yo just call him Mr Stumpf
>i take it back i call em Gumpf
>haha oh shit looks its Mr Zumpf
>Woke up look like Pumpf
>With a big bag of
>So go and tell President Vumpf
>we dont need another Lumpf

How will you recover now, Drumpftards?
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The Story Thread: The Real Slim Amy Amy is back(?)
tell a friend
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Antifa in a nutshell "NO FASCIST USA"

>tries to have a conversation

>*autistic screeching*
>but, wha-
>But, I'm not a nazi
>RACIST NAZI *punches trashcan*
>can we actually talk?
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I have done research on traps and I have cum to a conclusion #Mature
If you think traps are gay then for you traps are gay but if you don't think traps are gay then they aren't gay. It really just depends on what you want out of it.
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Innuendo #Mature
You occasionally watch Teen Titans GO! You expect things you shouldn't leave a five year old child alone with. It's full of innuendo.

How much is too much, if you get my drift? Like this webm from the newest episode.
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Pic Dump so i have pictures that need to be seen but i have no clue where to post them, so i figured /chat/'s a good place for that. we all have shit we save and don't post right?

this is mostly sfw stuff tho.
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Fuck it boys, let's do this. Furshit thread. Gay, straight, futa, traps, SFW, NSFW, doesn't matter, let's be degenerates together.
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Show me your boobs
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Butt Thread #Mature
Share your best booty with us.
Male, Female, Whatever, all are welcome~
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Eggman Exchange. Take a PINGUS; leave a PINGUS.
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>tfw /mlp/ is too autistic to spoiler movie related shit

Welp, a least you guys have the decency to spoiler, so it looks like I'll be here for a while.
At least until I see the movie, and who knows, maybe I'll end up sticking around depending on how it goes.
So first question:

>are you all former nor/mlp/eople or did you start here on /ponychan/?
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Purple Pony's Peculiar Pregnancy (CYOA) #Mature
Continuing from >>451538, since that thread 404ed.

This is "Purple Pony's Peculiar Pregnancy", a CYOA story about exactly what it says on the tin. It was originally titled "Purple Pony's Puzzling Pregnancy", until the puzzle was solved.

The story so far can be read here:
Ignore any mention of Glimmer's sight; that's an error.

If you're too lazy to read through all of that, here's a spoiler-rific summary of the main plot points thus far:

I lied. Sorry, no shortcuts here. Just put on your big kid pants and read the damn thing. Things will run more smoothly if everyone is on the same page and we don't have people bringing up questions or suggestions that have already been addressed earlier in the story. Yeah, it's long, but if you don't feel like reading, a CYOA thread probably isn't for you.

Now that the story out of the way, let's go over the workings of the thread itself.

This thread is marked as #Mature to keep our options open, but the story so far has been work-safe.

I try to make decisions in the story based off of consensus in the thread, so you're encouraged to talk and strategize amongst yourselves. However, I try not to allow this policy to cause the thread to stagnate. If someone posts a suggestion, and no one else responds within 24 hours, I'll start writing a new update based off of that suggestion (possibly with a longer wait time for big decisions). If the discussion is active but doesn't seem to be moving towards consensus, I'll pick my favorite suggestion.

I'll try to aim for at least one update a week, but stuff in meatspace sometimes gets in the way, and I'm not gonna go all "Lesson Zero" to try to force something out by a deadline. If there's a long delay and the new update hasn't come out, don't worry; I'm probably not dead; I might just be busy. Or maybe I have writer's block, I'm having trouble getting into a writing mood, but I'm not going to abandon this story without telling you. It may also be that none of the replies actually addressed what to do next; try reading the end of the last update and make sure all of the questions posed have been fully addressed.

That's about it. See the following post for the continuation of the story.
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This is the commodity in the most raw form.
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mlpfim's 7fth birfday i maid a picture of derpy hooves shaking her bum 2 celebraet 7 yaers of mlp:fim.
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HOT AND ZESTY TAKES Give us some fire takes /tg/

News outlets making stories over stupid/funny tweets is cancer (aside from trump's tweets because those actually matter in terms of the US's relationships with the rest of the world and it's own people).

Ace of Spades is the greatest heavy metal song ever.

The reason liberal politicians often say that IQ science is bogus is because they want to keep african americans poor in order to permanently maintain their vote by keeping them where they are and promising solutions they'll never give, instead of fixing the issue and potentially losing a guaranteed demographic.
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Pony Thread Did you think you could escape the pony?
You were wrong!
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Sexy costumes #Mature
It's the season for sexy costumes. What are your favorites? I'm partial to super heroes.
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Trans people that won't shut up about being trans So I'm on this one forum and this one poster wants to steer every conversation towards the fact that she's trans. It's annoying as hell but if I say something I'll get accused of being transphobic.
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Dooby Scoo Dooby Scoo
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Is gun control coming post-vegas? I know this is a hot topic, but objectively do you think some form of gun control legislation is coming because of the vegas incident?

At first I wasn't sure, the usual people are talking about it (left leaning people) first, and that isn't much of a sign. But now we've got a lot of hard right figures coming out saying they think some sort of legislation needs to come from this (Florida's sherriff Grady Judd who is some kind of ultracon hearthrob around here). Supposedly even the NRA has made a statement saying they're open to legislation on specific things modifying weapons to make them perform more like automatics.

When really conservative public figures like rootin' tootin' sherriff Grady Judd and the NRA seem to be lining up on gun control, I have to ask;

Do you guys think some legislation banning some modifications or iterations of firearms is coming? aka 'gun control' ?

Certainly looks like it will to me, this is starting to take the form of something bipartisan and if the NRA says their door is open to this, I don't see what the major obstacles will be to passing that legislation. its an aside if it will have any impact or not, just wondering; will laws restricting some gun stuff happen?

from publication 'the hill'
>“The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations,” NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre and executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action Chris Cox said in a joint statement.
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Second Life General #Mature
RIP Canterlot Edition

Second Life is a large and sometimes complex virtual world, with user-generated content that spans many genres and interests. We explore and interact with this world and its users.

To join the /mlp-anon/ group, send an instant message to one of the people listed here.

-Joining SL-

Account Creation: https://join.secondlife.com/

System Requirements: http://secondlife.com/support/system-requirements/

-Getting Started-

Here is an instructional video that explains how to make an account and get a basic pony avatar: http://youtu.be/riGYGVPKj44

Recommended Third party viewers:
http://radegast.org/wp/ (Text Only)

There is also a list with descriptions of all available viewers here.

-Old thread-
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what u got
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Fuck da context #Mature
In this thread, snippets drawn without explanation from a greater whole.
Spoiler lewds.
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"Human activity can trigger earthquakes, but how many?" PBS' Story

>Earthquakes — once culturally and legally dubbed an “act of God” — are now set off by humans. Fracking, drilling and wastewater disposal can trigger these tremors, but just how common are these events?

>A new database, created by geophysicists at Durham and Newcastle Universities in the United Kingdom, has tracked down 730 cases of man-made earthquakes over the last 150 years. The Human-Induced Earthquake Database (HiQuake) is the most comprehensive collection of these quakes to date and might be used to predict future ones.

>“Although incomplete, HiQuake provides a more global picture than people have had access to before,” Miles Wilson, a Durham geophysicist and the study’s lead author, said via email. “Humans are increasingly making changes to the Earth to meet greater resource demands, which is why it’s so important to understand the effects these changes might have.”

>Wilson and his colleagues began developing the database in 2016 with support from the Dutch oil and gas company Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM). NAM operates one of the largest gas fields in the world — the Netherlands’ Groningen gas field — where the company’s gas extraction work caused a magnitude 3.6 earthquake in 2012.

>...Mining was the most common quake-trigger, accounting for 37 percent of human-made cases. Water contained behind reservoir dams made up 23 percent of these events, while conventional oil and gas extraction caused 15 percent.

>...Human-made tremors have skyrocketed in the U.S. since 2001 from a previous average of 21 quakes a year to 188 documented in 2011. As this number continues to rise, the USGS now makes annual forecasts on both natural and induced earthquakes. About 3 million people in Oklahoma and southern Kansas face potential damages in the next year from induced earthquakes that resemble the number of natural earthquakes from rattle-prone areas like California, the USGS reported.
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Its Ebony the same as Black.
or Ebony is like light black?
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Idea of new MLP stuff (and games) web storage Greetings, everypony. I haven't found any good site where all games and programs related to mlp are stored. So I've decided to make my own site, with a good search engine and easy tags to find the thing you might be looking for. I'm not going to make it a colorful popular web storage, just a simple html pages. I want to do that so that none of mlp stuff get lost forever. Unfortunately, this idea has visited my mind only a few days ago. If somebody decided to do it in, for example, 2011, then maybe not so many good games would be lost as they are now.

P.S. sorry for my language. I'm not a native speaker.
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alright (horse)fuckers, first music thread on the new /chat/.

post whatever you are listening to RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT and any other music you feel like sharing.

listening now: Untitled 01 by Hype Williams (Dean Blunt's band) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMwsmam5X4Q

also listened to two Joachim Raff symphonies this morning: In The Alps (1875) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NGOvxRPyps and I'm Walde (1869) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ze2F2WBb0w
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re-found this old gem
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ITT: Things that turned out to be a big nothingburger.
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YO she T H I C C

>i went to look for this term in google

>accidentally typed yo shi thick

post the n i c e s t thicc things you can
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Train Exchange and Discussion Images and talk about trains and related subjects (history, tech, stations, sims, etc.)
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hilarious conspiracy theories thread post your best. i saw one today where someone said:

"the jews created the hurricane to make us forget about the vegas shooting."
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"Thinking Black Man"' Gimme what you got.
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Involentary celibate Have any of you guys checked out r/incel? It has some pretty fucked up stuff?
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Who's your greatest allies, burgers?

I say England and Canada.
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Fake black activist accounts linked to Russian government CNN's Story

<pic unrelated

>A social media campaign calling itself "Blacktivist" and linked to the Russian government used both Facebook and Twitter in an apparent attempt to amplify racial tensions during the U.S. presidential election, two sources with knowledge of the matter told CNN. The Twitter account has been handed over to Congress; the Facebook account is expected to be handed over in the coming days.

>Both Blacktivist accounts, each of which used the handle Blacktivists, regularly shared content intended to stoke outrage. "Black people should wake up as soon as possible," one post on the Twitter account read. "Black families are divided and destroyed by mass incarceration and death of black men," another read. The accounts also posted videos of police violence against African Americans.

>The Blacktivist accounts provide further evidence that Russian-linked social media accounts saw racial tensions as something to be exploited in order to achieve the broader Russian goal of dividing Americans and creating chaos in U.S. politics during a campaign in which race repeatedly became an issue.

>...The Blacktivist Facebook account was among the 470 Russian-linked accounts identified by the social media network and disclosed to Congress earlier this month, the sources said. The matching Twitter account was among the roughly 200 accounts Twitter identified with links to those found by Facebook.

>Facebook shared its findings about the accounts with Twitter, enabling Twitter to identify 22 matching accounts and an additional 179 accounts that linked back to those accounts, the sources said. This matching process went beyond public-facing similarities and included private information that could link the accounts.

>All of the ads handed over by Facebook were linked to the Internet Research Agency, a shadowy company that U.S. military intelligence has described as "a state-funded organization that blogs and tweets on behalf of the Kremlin." A senior Kremlin spokesman said last week that Russia did not buy ads on Facebook to influence the election.
(No image)
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Season 1 is my favourite season My favourite season of MLP FIM is Season 1.
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Iraq Claims Victory in ISIS’ Last Urban Stronghold Story

>BAGHDAD — Iraqi forces have driven Islamic State fighters from the northern city of Hawija, the militants’ final urban stronghold in Iraq, three years after they seized control of nearly a third of the country, the Iraqi government said Thursday.

>Iraq’s prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, said in a televised appearance in Paris, where he is on a state visit, that Hawija had been “liberated,” calling it a “victory not just for Iraq but for the whole world.”

>...Although fighting continues in surrounding districts, the loss of Hawija adds to a series of crushing blows for the militants in Iraq, who are left in control of only a string of desert outposts in the Euphrates River valley and the city of Qaim, on the border with Syria.

>The victory is also likely to bolster the confidence of Iraqi troops, who dropped their weapons and fled by the thousands when the militants swept across northern Iraq in the summer of 2014. Iraqi forces are now fighting the militants along the Euphrates in the northern part of Anbar Province, where they have already taken several towns, according to the United States military statement.

>The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, still holds substantial territory across the border in Syria, mainly along the Euphrates, but its grip there has been badly undermined by American-trained forces in recent weeks. The coalition has taken most of the Syrian city of Raqqa, which had been the capital of the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliphate, and the Syrian government is attacking other positions closer to the Iraqi border.
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2 Horror movies
Ghost Ship:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saTBYjmhcok

I like the imagery of a wrecked ship,just popping out into the Ocean like that.

Interesting movie of a salvage operation,tainted by the supernatural.

People dislike it for various reasons,I enjoy it for different reasons.

Salvage "Fuck Jimmy":https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWi5vMAK7Ic

Which has nothing to do with Salvage but is a decent independent movie.

About a psychopath chasing a girl through a bunch of waking nightmares.
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Hey! mind getting a relax music thread going?


I could use some more soothing music for studying.
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Pony Porn #Mature
Derpibooru exploded. Post the best pony porn you got.
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My theory of the Anthem/Flag Controversy I just realized that the controversy of the Anthem Protests is a giant misunderstanding. The mixup is wholly based on what the flag and anthem stand for; Do they stand America as a nation (50 states, it's government and all it's inhabitants) or America as a concept (Truth, Justice, Freedom etc.)? Because the answer means actions have radically different meanings if given one of the other.

It seems the pro-kneeling individuals see those traditions as representing America as a country, which means the use of symbols can widely vary. They DO revere the anthem and flag but are kneeling/protesting because they think associating the symbols with an unjust America disrespects both the downtrodden AND THE FLAG AND ANTHEM. As such they see anyone critical of thier protests as someone who thinks the current america is a fully just America, which is simply not true.

It would seem the anti-kneeling individuals see the flag and anthem are representative of an idealistic America we should always be working towards. They see the flag and anthem as representative of FREEDOM, JUSTICE, AND THE AMERICAN DREAM. By extension they see any perceived slight or disrespect of the symbol as a slight against all those values and think the protesters "hate freedom, the constitution, and everything that made America what it is," which is simply not true.

Both of these Faulty arguments create unneeded tension between parties who both revere and believe in the values of the Flag and Anthem, BUT have different views of the current state of the COUNTRY

Thoughts? Agreements? Criticisms?
All Welcome in this thread.
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Bad shit going down in the Vegas strip.
4 replies
Being extremely white sucks. I get sun burnt too easily. I wish I was a tan like a Mexican.
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Tom Petty stroked out, not dead The Los Angeles police informed the Hollywood press corps that Tom Petty died in the hospital of a heart attack today.

Thing is, the cops are not doctors and got the dead thing wrong. Petty did suffer a stroke and was found passed out in his home. He's in intensive care and under medical supervision.

Tom is 66 years old and just finished his 40th anniversary concert tour.

Keeping an eye on this story.

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Catalan independence Hold on to your ass London because Scotland and Cornwall,are next.
7 replies
(No image)
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Evangelicals urge more action from Trump against alt-right Story

>(CNN) - A group of prominent evangelical Christians is calling on President Donald Trump to take further steps to condemn white supremacists -- specifically those in the alt-right -- following the August white nationalist demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left one woman dead.

>A letter that has been circulating privately among a coalition of pastors notes Trump's efforts to denounce the white supremacists, but urges the President to go further in condemning the alt-right "by name."

>"This movement has escaped your disapproval," the letter, obtained exclusively by CNN, reads. "We believe it is important for this movement to be addressed, for at its core it is a white identity movement and the majority of its members are white nationalists or white supremacists. This movement gained public prominence during your candidacy for President of the United States. Supporters of the movement have claimed that you share their vision for our country. These same supporters have sought to use the political and cultural concerns of people of goodwill for their prejudiced political agendas. It concerned many of us when three people associated with the alt-right movement were given jobs in the White House."

>Initial signers of the letter include Southern Baptist Convention President Rev. Steve Gaines, former SBC President Rev. Fred Luter and the Rev. T.D. Jakes, a mentor of Trump's top spiritual adviser, Rev. Paula White. One member of Trump's informal Evangelical Advisory Board, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, also signed the letter.

>The White House did not immediately return a request for comment.

>"Our country desperately needs unifying leadership again," their letter reads. "We need you, President Trump, to lead us in such an effort. America needs your voice and your convictions to defeat racist ideologies and movements in every form that they present themselves. America is profoundly fractured and divided. We are praying, and call upon God's people to humble themselves and pray that you would take the bold and moral step to denounce the alt-right."

>...The effort, a collaborative project drafted by Southern Baptists Rev. Dwight McKissic and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Dean Keith S. Whitfield, comes after the Southern Baptist Convention -- the nation's largest protestant denomination -- grappled with its own decision to condemn the alt-right earlier this year.

>At the denomination's annual meeting in June, Southern Baptists initially rejected an effort to condemn the alt-right, sparking an outcry among pastors who went on to force a vote on a resolution that condemned "every form of racism, including alt-right white supremacy." The resolution ultimately passed.
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Vanuatu volcano erupts; 11,000 prepare to evacuate Fox News' Story

>A flotilla of boats was headed to the Pacific island of Ambae, Vanuatu, on Sunday as efforts got underway to evacuate all 11,000 residents because of an erupting volcano.

>Globs of lava were seen flying as far as 300 feet every few seconds, vulcanologist Brad Scott told Radio New Zealand.

>The eruption has polluted water sources on the island, leaving thousands in need of safe drinking water, Red Cross delegate Joe Cropp told Reuters.

>“Water is crucial,” he said. “It's important to get on top of it right away.”

>The Vanuatu government announced it wants all 11,000 islanders evacuated by Friday.
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could someone give me a rundown on the spain and catalonia conflict?
(No image)
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We allowed to post/talk aboyt leaked nudes of mlp artists? And if so anyone got any??
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In casa you forgot http://nowwatchtvlive.cc/cartoon-network-live-cartoon-network-ondemand-watch-cartoon-network/

Take a break from these stress inducing threads and watch the new Rick And Morty in 15 minutes.

That is all.
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The Story Thread: Not Lisbon Edition #Mature
Because Minxy hates ego-stroking or something.

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You Laugh, You Lose. New thread.
Have at it.
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The Story Thread: "The Story Thread: GNU/Story Thread edition" Edition #Mature
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New STD cases hit record high in US, CDC says CNN's Story

>In 2016, Americans were infected with more than 2 million new cases of gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia, the highest number of these sexually transmitted diseases ever reported, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday.

>"Clearly we need to reverse this disturbing trend," said Dr. Gail Bolan, director of CDC's Division of STD Prevention. "The CDC cannot do this alone and we need every community in America to be aware that this risk is out there and help educate their citizens on how to avoid it."

>The agency's annual Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report shows that more than 1.6 million of the new cases were from chlamydia, 470,000 were from gonorrhea and nearly 28,000 cases were primary and secondary syphilis, the most infectious stages of the disease, according to the CDC. While all of these can be cured by antibiotics, many people go undiagnosed and untreated.

>Only those three STDs and HIV are required by law to be reported to the CDC by physicians. When you include herpes and more of the dozens of diseases which can be transmitted sexually but which are not tracked, the CDC estimates there are more than 20 million new cases of STDs in the United States each year. At least half occur in young people ages 15 to 24.

>"STDs are out of control with enormous health implications for Americans," said David Harvey, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors. The coalition represents state, local and territorial health departments who focus on preventing STDs.
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"Journey To Edge" Website

>The numerous contributions by the intellects and scholars should not be forgotten. The members and founders of The Flat Earth Societies have done their part, but it’s not enough. The truth is getting buried deep inside social media bullshit thanks to the keyboard warriors and those who mock us. Most of these societies have been infiltrated and it’s definitely not a joke.

>Why me? I have high level clearance but I am also a man who is spiritual and I remember my teachings. I know those legends of mythology are not just stories but actual facts. There is a lot which has been hidden by us, written off as imagination by sages and ancient scientists who were directly responsible for our existence today. All this is hidden from us so that they can rule over us while they get all the benefits of knowing the true meaning of being human.

>We were created for a purpose and these few people have ruled over the humanity with cruel intentions. All the conspiracy theories are right and cannot be debunked wholly without any proof and we know what proof we are shown is all fabricated lies. I will not get into those details.

>...Our mission is to go to the EDGE of the Earth, where the common man has not even been allowed and for once, gather all the evidence, call it a exploration tour if you want, but for limited few as the resources we have are enough to get 15 people through, so a crew of highly qualified army intelligence scientists and me with 10 others will embark on this journey sometime between October – November 2017, hopefully with the Support of other Earth Truthers and put an end to this debate forever.

>...Think of this as a back stage pass to the grand dance stage of creation itself. We have been there several times but we are bound by secrecy. You are not. And we are your tour guides, especially cause we believe that the time has come to reveal the truth to everyone. Every single human. We are all special. We were created by a higher being. We have to meet our creator and see the beautiful paradise that was created only for us.
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There is a debate on whether white privilege exists or not and I would say yes, there is white privilege but there is also asian and black privilege, every aspect of our life has pros and cons.
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Cursed Images #Mature
When it's too horrid/political/sexual for the regular pic dump.
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Story time! I would like to read stories from those of you who've had to deal with harsh childhoods/events/times of your lives.
I've never had to deal with anything harsh like that in my life and am interested in the stories of those of you that have and how you overcame such adversities.

I would very much appreciate the time of anyone willing to share and will try my hardest to thank you all for contributing and simply having the courage to do so, as I dont have much to contribute myself other than a quick story I shall post below.

If you guys could please hide your stories as to not take up too much space on the board, I'm sure people would appreciate it.
So give a title/summary of your story and then [h.]write your story in here[/h.], taking away the dots of course.
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Bat Pony Thread MLPchan edition

Writers pastebin:

Stories listed by Bat:

The archives up until now are at:

Google Disk for all thread pictures:

We even have our IRC channel:
Channel: #bat
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Proud Boys Have you heard about this shit? It's a bunch of "Pro West" Frat boys. I just heard about them on NPR. What's really weird about them is that they only masturbate once a month. It's super fucking nuts.
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MLP Anniversary There are very few annual traditions that we have held near and dear in the pony fandom. But Among those that we do, is the year celebration of the original airing of the first Episode of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic on October 10th, 2010. Every year since, we've rounded up as many fans as possible, to one spot on the internet, to watch the show together. Initially, this was a feat which could be handled in a single day, or even a single weekend. But as time has passed and more and more media has become available, it has grown beyond that, into this years FOUR DAY LONG event.

On October 7th, 2017, at 12:00 noon Eastern Time (immediately following the airing of the new episode), /mlp/ will be kicking off this year's Anniversary Party, ushering in the 8th year of My Little Pony. The main event of this, will be the livestream, of every single episode, movie, music video, promo, and short, played back-to-back in one spot, in addition to influential and popular fan video breaks. There is approximately 78 Hours of official media to go through this year, so we're estimating roughly 3.5 days of constant streaming, straight through the annivesary on the 10th.

In addition, we hope to have art, discord group chats, group gaming, and prize giveaways. We hope you can all join us during the course of the weekend.

The party will be held on http://boards.4chan.org/mlp/ and https://cytu.be/r/mlpanniversary

Can't wait to see you all there!
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"Skipping" meals to make ends meet Does anypony else do this from time to time?
*note this refers to 3 meals a day that is a common 'standard' in the US*

My mom and I were doing grocery shopping for the week and she offered to take me out to eat for dinner sometime after I get off of work. I had to remind her; I don't eat dinner on weekdays, something my stepdad looked openly worried about.

Is anypony else skipping or eliminating meals and what justification or context do you do that in?

for me, I like to take a late lunch and I have to eat early in the day because I bike several miles to work and back - so I'm ravenous by the time I get to work and try to load my calories for the bike ride home via a late lunch. Its just easier not to worry about dinner and less expensive to functionally eliminate it entirely by bringing a snack to bridge breakfast and late lunch.

How about you?
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Browser/Software Ponies #26 "We need more sexy fillies edition"

Dropbox for all thread pictures since thread 4 located here:

Pictures and stories on Google Disk: ujeb.se/softwareponies


Frequent Contributor List:
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Straight Lives Matter rally in Sydney outnumbered by police, same sex marriage advocates Story

>THE leader of a right wing group who held a protest against same-sex marriage has blamed the poor turnout on a “fear of violence” from same-sex marriage advocates.

>Australia’s first Straight Lives Matter rally, organised by The Party for Freedom, was held as a protest against the potential legalisation of same-sex marriage and instead found itself vastly outnumbered by counter-protesters and police tasked with making sure there were no clashes.

>The Party for Freedom, a far-right group and one of the chief organisers of the Cronulla riots anniversary rally in 2015, held the protest on Sydney’s Oxford Street on Saturday.

>While only 33 people had said they were attending on the group’s Facebook event page, NSW Police confirmed to news.com.au there were less than 15 people who turned up for the “straight lives matter” side.

>Speaking to news.com.au, Nick Folkes, the head of Party for Freedom, disputed the police count of 15 people, saying there were over 30 people from his party.

>...“It was disappointing to see we weren’t well supported on the day. The pro-marriage supporters can get thousands on the street and we can barely get any. We’re the silent majority which is a real shame,” he said.

>...More than 50 same-sex marriage advocates stood on the opposite side of Sydney’s Green Park — drowning out all of the speeches with chanting and horns.
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take a spongebob leave a spongebob .
155 replies
post yuri #Mature
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Nostalgia much? No, you're not tripping. They're returned.

That's Cap and Kunte Kinte... I mean Kwame, back from animation purgatory. Same voice actors and everything. It's cool. Turner owns the rights to the show to this very day.

Let's be badly drawn stereotype heroes!
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Symmetrical Sex Exchange #Mature
Take a lewd; leave a lewd.
Leave a lewd; take a lewd.
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Do you believe in capital punishment or do you consider it flat out barbaric?
>pic not related
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Other posters cities If you could live in a city, a state or a country ran according to the ideas of a another poster; whos place would you live in and how do you think life would be living in it?
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The Story Thread: Perrine Edition #Mature
Because French noble tsunderes are kakkoii <3

2230 replies
The Story Thread: Dreams Edition #Mature
2970 replies
The Story Thread: Kagerou Edition #Mature

Support the wolfgirl!
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Fashion Horse Thread.

Anything you got.
(No image)
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I dont care if you ditch human contact but i personally dont want spam or viruses on my computer tvm
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this is also a Dan Board
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Waifu Marriage. Would you actually marry your waifu?
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Writing Thread Let's discuss anything to do with writing itt. Post any writings you've been doing if you want and discuss ideas or get feedback!
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"The new Teddy Ruxpin had some work done. His eyes were brown; now they're blue. His plastic eyes are now LCD screens. And when they're turned off, they're empty, dark globes."
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Clean Energy Is Approaching a Tipping Point Story

>The cost of renewables is plunging faster than forecasters anticipated just a few years ago as as technologies like gigantic wind turbines arrive on the market.

>That’s the conclusion of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, whose founder Michael Liebreich estimated that clean energy will reap 86 percent of the $10.2 trillion likely to be invested in power generation by 2040.

>In a presentation to the research group’s conference in London on Tuesday, Liebreich said technology that’s slashing the costs of wind and solar farms makes it inevitable that clean energy will become more economical than fossil fuels for utilities in many places.

>When it started collecting data in earnest in 2004, BNEF already could see a trend toward bigger machines in the wind industry that deliver more spark to the grid. The scale of those turbines will grow with models planned by Siemens AG and Vestas Wind Systems A/S that already are delivering ones with wing spans bigger than the Airbus A380 double-decker jetliner.

>The promise of bigger machines early in the next decade prompted developers of offshore wind farms in Germany to promise electricity without subsidy on their next projects.

>“One of the reasons those offshore wind costs have come down to be competitive without subsidies is because these turbines are absolute monsters,” Liebreich said. “Imagine a turbine with a tip height that’s higher than The Shard.’’
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Wojak Exchange Take a Feel; leave a Feel.
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Pepe's Creator now has an established copyright & legal team ... and he's on the warpath to scour the internet of misrepresentations of his pepe.

God damn life is weird sometimes.


>The artist's lawyers have taken legal action against the alt-right. They have served cease and desist orders to several alt-right personalities and websites including Richard Spencer, Mike Cernovich, and the r/the_Donald subreddit. In addition, they have issued Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown requests to Reddit and Amazon, notifying them that use of Pepe by the alt-right on their platforms is copyright infringement.

> At the end of August, Furie's lawyers reached a settlement with Eric Hauser—the former assistant principal in Texas who appropriated Pepe's image for use in an Islamophobic children's book. Furie's lawyers forced Hauser to stop selling the book and made him donate his profits to the Council on American-Islamic Relations. sick burn dude

but wait
>"Tompros and team have also gone after alt-right figure Baked Alaska, serving cease and desist letters to him and DMCA notices to Amazon, Twitter and his other online social media spaces. According to the lawyers, they also got Amazon to stop selling his book, Meme Magic: Secrets Revealed, which used Pepe on its cover. Meme Magic is currently not available on Amazon.com, but a used copy was for sale on Amazon.co.uk at the time of publishing.
>"Google Play has stopped selling his Build the Wall: The Game for the same reason. It actually advertised special guest appearance from Pepe and had him popping up if you achieved certain things in the game,"

His lawyers work pro bono. But they have plenty of work they can get done - an empire built on appropriated memes can rise and fall in a sociological instant.

You wouldn't steal a meme... https://youtu.be/_0ByW2d4C0A
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Selfie Thread Post selfies.
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The Autumnal Equinox is coming up, and a high of 93 is forecasted here in MN.

Anyone who says the climate isn't getting hotter deserves a couple kicks in the head.
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i think im overthinking this?
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Hot Takes Thread The US government sponsors both the Alt-Right and Social Justice, so as to delay popular revolt.

Automation will end in genocide of the lower classes, followed by endless wars between well-fed elite factions.

Mutually Assured Destruction is the best peacekeeping policy.

The 2nd Amendment, strong borders and well-filtered immigration are beneficial to us all.

All rights and any tolerance must be reciprocal, or else the (initiatively) violent and intolerant will destroy those things.

Girls should have the same encouragement to excel that boys get; if they inherently can't do X, then we won't need special rules keeping them out.

We should teach the differences between Identity, Attraction and Expression in sex ed. This will avoid much confusion and misunderstanding.

No other intelligent life exists in this galaxy, nor will it within Earth's total lifespan.

God either doesn't exist, doesn't care, or is malicious.

Racism and sexism are biological in origin; self-domestication, the breeding of less aggressive humans over millennia of civilization, has been the biggest help in ending these.

Plato was right about mathematics and systems of logic, but not abstractions like society and justice.
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If the Juggalos had a Wash DC rally, and Trump had one, whose would be bigger? Pause for a moment and ask yourself to reflect on that question; whose rally would be bigger, the pro-trump rally or the juggalo political rally?

Well, it happened this weekend. The pro-trump rally managed to draw a few hundred, while the juggalo event drew several thousand - 2 to 3.

What if anything can we glean from this? Also; general juggalo thread.

(for reference the Juggalos organized the event to protest their being labeled by the FBI as a gang and what that has meant they and their fans have to deal with. Apparently some say they have even lost custody of their children under gang prosecution laws.)
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Canada's Pro US labor NAFTA push to stop the race to the bottom Canada would like to see more protections and an end to some union busting legislative initiatives as part of their NAFTA renegotiation - but they want them for US workers specifically.

On the surface it might seem pretty darn nice of them - but the reality is that if they can stall US labor's 'race to the bottom' they will probably protect their own workers from a similar fate. Turning the tide in the US means having to fight less of that battle at home.

At the very least, if they can slow down the deterioration of labor standards in the americas, if they can win labor protections for workers here in the US, they can win them by proxy up in more-affluent canada.

... has demanded protections for unionization and collective-bargaining rights, and called directly for a ban on “right to work” laws, which many states have used to dilute union power and sink wages, with spillover effects for the workforces of US trade partners. Pressured by unions, Canadian ministers seem to be leveraging labor standards to pressure Trump to make NAFTA, in theory, more beneficial for Canada’s labor force by countering the “race to the bottom.”

Strange that we've arrived at a point where our canadian neighbor's government is a better friend to US labor than the US and its own representatives. Thoughts?
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I want Alex Jones to put his meat in my mouth.
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Powerpuff Girls having their Poochie moment Somewhere in Southern California, Craig McCracken is crying softly for what Cartoon Network has done to his first success.

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Germany must pay Poland up to $1 trillion in reparations, minister says Story

>Germany should consider paying Poland as much as $1 trillion in World War II reparations, according to the Polish foreign minister.

>Poland’s foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski told local radio station RMF that “serious talks” were needed with Germany to "find a way to deal with the fact that German-Polish relations are overshadowed by the German aggression of 1939 and unresolved post-war issues."

>He said Poland’s material losses were about $1 trillion, or higher.

>Polish defense minister Antoni Macierewicz also accused European critics of trying to “erase” the fate of the Poles at German hands during the war “from the historical memory of Europe”.

>The country’s right-wing government has dismissed a 1953 resolution by Poland’s former communist government which dropped any claim to reparations from Germany, and are instead claiming that Germany is “shirking” its moral responsibility.

>Critics of the government say they are talking about reparations to divert attention from their nationalistic agenda.
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Is Germany to blame for rough European history?
29 replies
Woah, your telling me white people do crimes? I had no idea!
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The Story Thread: GNU/Story Thread edition #mature
You know the drill
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An entirely renewable energy future is possible, a new study says Story

>The researchers map out the blend of energy sources that each of 139 countries would need to completely switch their energy to electric power. The report was first published in the journal Joule.

>“The idea here is to electrify all energy sectors — transportation, heating, cooling, industry, agriculture, forestry, and fishing — and provide that electricity with 100 percent wind, water and solar power,” says Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford and one of the authors of the report.

>“We want [to see] 80 percent of it by 2030 and 100 percent by 2050. ... It is a challenge, but it’s very important to do,” he insists.

>Some countries will have a more difficult time than others, but Jacobson says for the bigger countries the transition should be easier than he thought.

>Big countries have plenty of solar and wind resources, and just by electrifying they will reduce power demand because they eliminate the need to mine, transport, or refine fossil fuels. Thirteen percent of all energy worldwide is used for just this purpose.

>An additional 23 percent reduction in power demand can happen because electricity is more efficient than combustion, Jacobson says. An electric car, for example, uses 80 percent to 86 percent of its electricity to move the car, with the rest being waste heat. Only 17% to 20% of the energy in a gasoline car goes to moving it; the rest is waste.

>Thirteen percent plus 23 percent equals a 36 percent power-demand reduction, and Jacobson believes another 7 percent will occur due to end-use energy efficiency. So, compared to what 2050 would look like without changing to renewables, nations can reduce their power demand by almost 43 percent, just through electrification.

>...In the US, the power source blend will be mostly solar and wind, with about 4 percent hydroelectric, Jacobson believes. For wind, about two-thirds will be onshore and one-third offshore. Solar will be divided into rooftop solar, photovoltaics and centralized "concentrated solar power" plants, coupled with storage. In most cases, the electrical grid will need to be expanded, not necessarily changed, Jacobson notes. Specifically, we will need more long-distance, high-voltage direct current transmission and more storage.

>...Industry will find the process somewhat more difficult, Jacobson says, especially for the high-temperature industrial processes that currently use fossil fuels. But, again, electric machines exist that can replace the old ones, he says.

>...“The benefits of all this is we eliminate four to seven million premature deaths from air pollution each year that are caused by combustion, primarily from fossil fuels and biofuels. We eliminate global warming. Even if you don’t believe in it, it’s there and we would eliminate it,” Jacobson says. “We stabilize energy prices [and] we have less terrorism risk because we have more decentralized power.”
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Second to fourth greatest horse-centric TV show ever. Holy fuck, Bojack horseman is amazing. Also the new season just dropped
That is all.
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This is bullshit political grandstanding, pure and simple. Kaspersky has been a trusted and well-regarded security company since I was in highschool, at least.

And if the Feds were really that paranoid, they'd also ban Panda security, since it's clearly run by those squint-eyed commies.
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Macron Faces First Big Street Protests, a Challenge to His Labor Overhaul Story

>PARIS — Thousands turned out Tuesday for mass demonstrations intended to protest the country’s new labor code, but by day’s end the anger seemed directed more specifically at its author: President Emmanuel Macron, whose ambition for change has unnerved many in France.

>The rallies were the first major street protests faced by Mr. Macron, and a barometer of the public’s reaction to him. The crowd size was about what had been expected, and smaller than demonstrations last year against changes in labor laws.

>But they nonetheless indicated the challenges ahead for Mr. Macron, who has seen his popularity plunge since he upset France’s political landscape in May by winning the presidency and creating a new political party, which won a majority of seats in Parliament.

>On Tuesday, Mr. Macron was nowhere near the protests, but rather was visiting the French islands of St. Martin and St. Barthélemy in the Caribbean after they were hit by Hurricane Irma last week. Still, the president was ever-present in the streets.

>He, rather than any specific change to the labor code, was the most frequent target of criticism, particularly over what has been perceived as a dismissive and insulting attitude toward workers. That included recent remarks that were interpreted as implying that opponents of his labor law were lazy.
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Universal basic income: Half of Britons back plan to pay all UK citizens regardless of employment Story

>Nearly half of Britons would support giving all citizens a cash allowance, regardless of whether they were employed, according to a new survey.

>Once considered a policy belonging firmly to the radical left, polling by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath found that 49 per cent of 18 to 75-year-olds supported the introduction of a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

>If UBI were to be established in the UK, it would drastically overhaul the welfare state by providing a set payment to cover the basic needs for every citizen.

>In total, 1,111 adults were polled about a form of UBI that covered basic needs such as food and clothing, but not housing costs.

>Only about a quarter (26 per cent) of those surveyed by Ipsos-MORI opposed the introduction of UBI.

>Yet although almost half of people approved of the policy in theory, support for the concept dropped radically when people were asked to consider UBI funding through increased taxation.
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The Great and Powerful Trixie
25 replies
Hi ponychan!

I'm here to test your personal values (these should be quirky). So I bring you a test.

But not a fake-ass personality test that tells you what colour your nail polish should be - a real very scientific very complex magic research instrument that will stare deep into your soul.

You get a personalized report about your basic values and reference values based on your peer's data.

I get your anonymous data to fiddle with and check an idea that I nurtured for almost ten years.

Here's the link: unipark.de/uc/personalvalues

If you're interested in who I am and what I do, shoot me an email at personalvaluesandattitudes@gmail.com
(No image)
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Oh, back in the day..

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Pizza toppings I was putting together this list, but wondering, what toppings am I missing?:

Toppings I will Accept on Pizza: Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, Olives, Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts, Spinach, Broccoli, Pineapple, Garlic

Toppings I Will NOT Accept on Pizza: Cucumber, Zucchini, Squash, Potatoes in any form
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Happy Allahu Akbar Day!
1 reply
Len Wein RIP The man who co-created Wolverine and wrote for X-Men, Batman and Swamp Thing died today.

258 replies
Daily reminder to always step on snek.
1 reply
Object Ponies Share them!
10 replies
quads 4 historical artifacts
25 replies
So where will you be... When world war three happens this week?
16 replies
>Had chest pains
>Go to hospital
>They have no idea what's wrong
>Back two days later
>They still don't know what's wrong
>Go to chest doctor
>Says I'm fine
>Wasted weeks just to come to the conclusion on my own that I probably have an ulcer
Poor people health insurance should just be renamed to "maybe people will give a shit about your health after they see you have this insurance".
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"Germany’s Transition from Coal to Renewables Offers Lessons for the World" Original Story
Scientific American Reprint

>...Zollverein is a symbol of Germany’s transition away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy a program called the Energiewende that aims to have 80 percent of the country’s energy generated from renewables by 2050. That program has transformed Germany into a global poster child for green energy. But what does the transition mean for residents of Essen and the rest of the Ruhr region the former industrial coal belt whose lives and livelihoods have been dramatically altered by the reduced demand for coal? The answer to that could hold some useful lessons for those undergoing similar transitions elsewhere.

>...Spanning roughly 1,700 square miles (2,700 kilometers), the Ruhr Valley lies in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia, made up of 53 cities that came to depend on coal mining when it reached an industrial scale in the 1800s. At their height in the 1950s, the mines employed about 600,000 workers, entwining the region’s identity with coal.

>“Coal runs through my whole life,” says Spahn, whose grandfather, father and two sons were miners, too. But in the 1970s, as cheaper coal imports from other countries began to outcompete German production and drive down the price of domestic coal, it became unsustainable for the government to keep subsidizing the mines. At the same time, an appetite for green energy began in the 1970s, driven forward by a wave of anti-nuclear sentiment in Germany that gathered force after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. And so, the phaseout of coal began.

>Today, only two hard coal mines remain, and in 2018 they’ll both be shut down. Germany continues to import hard coal from other countries for a substantial portion of its energy production — another habit it’s trying to kick, in line with its 2050 renewable energy target. The country also still extracts soft brown coal called lignite from hundreds of open-pit mines across the country. However, with the federal elections coming up in September, the phaseout of lignite is on the political agenda. Such a move would cost another several thousand jobs in the Ruhr alone — forcing the government to consider how to achieve a fair and final phaseout, and the role of renewable energy in that.

>The move away from hard coal has left a lingering legacy in some cities, where unemployment can exceed 10 percent. Still, overall it “was really a soft and just transition,” says Stefanie Groll, head of Environmental Policy and Sustainability at the Heinrich Boll Foundation in Berlin. “In the Ruhr area, union representatives and local politicians worked out a plan to compensate and requalify people who worked in the coal industry,” she says. For families like Spahn’s, it was a success: under pressure from the labor unions, the mines where his sons worked launched a proactive campaign in 1994 to train employees for different careers. “My one son is now a professional security guard and the other is a landscaper,” he says.
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Nuclear thorium molten salt experiments started in Europe Story

>Researchers at NRG, a Dutch nuclear materials firm, have begun the first tests of nuclear fission using thorium salts since experiments ended at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the early 1970s.

>.The team at NRG is testing several reactor designs on a small scale at first. The first experiment is on a setup called a molten-salt fast reactor, which burns thorium salt and in theory should also be able to consume spent nuclear fuel from typical uranium fission reactions.”

>"...We want to have a head-start once the technology will break through. We see this as a commercial opportunity for the long-term. It also gave us the opportunity to cooperate with the European Commission laboratory Joint Research Center-ITU located in Karlsruhe, a cooperation that we see as very important.”
1 reply

find your favorite Scaruffi quote, post it here

>inb4 THE FACT...
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The Shkreli Trial Need a laugh, /chat/ ?

Look how hard it was to find objective jurors for the Shkreli trial.


Here are some of my favs

the court: Juror Number 1 is excused. Juror Number 18.
juror no. 18: Both of my parents are on prescriptions that have gone up over the past few months, so much that they can’t afford their drugs. I have several friends who have H.I.V. or AIDS who, again, can’t afford the prescription drugs that they were able to afford.
the court: These charges don’t concern drug pricing. Could you decide this case based only on the evidence —
juror no. 18: No. No.
the court: — presented at this trial and put aside anything you might have heard in the media?
juror no. 18: No. No.
the court: Sir, we are going to excuse you from this panel.

or this one, 47 doesn't need a trial 47 is ready to convict
Juror Number 47, please come up.
juror no. 47: He’s the most hated man in America. In my opinion, he equates with Bernie Madoff with the drugs for pregnant women going from $15 to $750. My parents are in their eighties. They’re struggling to pay for their medication. My mother was telling me yesterday how my father’s cancer drug is $9,000 a month.
the court: The case is going to come before you on evidence that you must consider fairly and with an open mind.
juror no. 47: I would find that difficult.
the court: And that’s based on your parents’ experience with medication?
juror no. 47: It’s based on people working very hard for their money. He defrauded his company and his investors, and that’s not right.
the court: Ma’am, we’re going to excuse you.

this lady doesn't know who he is but lays it out: he looks like a snake. Fucking convicted.
the court: Ma’am, we’re going to excuse you. Juror Number 52, how are you?
juror no. 52: When I walked in here today I looked at him, and in my head, that’s a snake — not knowing who he was. I just walked in and looked right at him and that’s a snake.
brafman: So much for the presumption of innocence.
the court: We will excuse Juror Number 52.

Juror 70 has a pretty nice way of putting it.
Juror Number 70.
juror no. 70: I have total disdain for the man. When you go back to how he was able to put so many children —
the court: You have negative feelings?
juror no. 70: Very.
the court: Would those feelings prevent you from being fair to both sides in this case?
juror no. 70: I can be fair to one side but not the other.
the court: We will excuse you from this jury.

There's other good ones too if you need a smile. Whats your thoughts on the Shkreli trial? I think one bitter lesson we can learn from it is that, fuck people over left and right with profiteering their medicine and you're a success, even while hated. Yet, fuck with investors the wrong way and thats what lands you in front of a judge apparently? Its strange how ultra-wealthy people interface with the legal system when they are in trouble vs how working class people interface with it. They don't even get the same kind of crimes or victims at all.
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So /chat/...what's the last new fetish you acquired, if you don't mind sharing?
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Happy Labor Day!

Thank your socialists, union members, & radical activists who literally died for things like fair pay, safe working conditions, time off, weekends, overtime pay, workers comp, health insurance, child protections, bargaining rights, parental leave, sick leave, social security, unemployment, pensions, and so much more.
63 replies
I'm an open minded liberal that cares about everyone... But only if you're brown or gay.
Die whitey lmao.
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Hot Takes thread EBT is just hidden breadlines for the first world
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Running a socialist business So, it's something I've been thinking about. I'm in school and long term, my dream is to get qualified and experienced enough to open my own clinic.

So I've thought a bit about how to structure it. I've some basic ideas like pay transparency and whatnot as far as handling worker pay. I'm thinking as a general company policy, cost transparency would help with reducing costs. Have it be publicly posted for all employees what the profit and operating costs of the business is.

I've thought of how to handle startup capital with the following idea. The company is made legally separate from me, the founder, and then startup capital is considered a low interest loan to the company with no real time limit on payment. This factors into how workplace democracy works later.

I'm thinking that there's two types of democracy in the company. There's "subsector level" and "company wide" level. So say, on company wide level, you gain shares based on ownership of the company. In "subsector" votes, say the founder has 4 votes, managers have 3 votes and common workers have 1 vote. These votes are restricted to the workers being affected and immediate supervisors. Things like promotion would be handled this way with say medical can't vote on things that only effect clinical or janitorial and vice versa. It would be structured in such a way that management can't have more votes than the workers at the level being voted on. This would be to avoid having say, a single manager being able to veto the will of every person under them. It's a legitimacy of authority sorta thing.

In company wide decisions, the founder may have say, 40% of the votes of all employees, other folks may have a 10% vote of the company, lower level employees 5%, etc. Your share of ownership is equal to your vote. Essentially a modification of employee stock ownership. Outside investor capital is limited to no more than say 30% ownership of the company so that outside investors can't dictate to workers how the company runs but we still have some ability to attract outside investors. Workers have the ability to reinvest their earnings so as to increase the amount of "votes" they individually have in the company. The amount of total votes though is limited by position in the company, let's say that you can't have more than twice the amount of votes that other workers in your position would have. As far as profit sharing, say a 3/4ths majority company wide has to be voted on for worker percent of profit to be increased or decreased. This is to make it harder for workers to vote themselves into bankruptcy.

Where startup capital comes in is that I would have a large control in company wide decisions until the "startup loan" has been paid off with the reduction in the loan corresponding to a decrease in the controlling interest. This way, I can't "lost control of my own business" until I've made some sort of profit. As well, investor loans and whatnot would be subject to review by company wide votes rather than say a single person or board of directors. That way it's equitable for everyone.

A big thing I've been struggling with would be what kind of incentives to put in place for cost reduction to the end consumer. There would be a more flat earning structure in an employee owned business so hopefully, it would be possible to have actually lower labor costs since there wouldn't be extremely high benefits at the top comparatively and profit loss would be reflected company wide. Though employees would probably be paid "wage+percent of profit" so that they don't have the instability of earnings that comes with pure profit sharing.
While I think profit sharing would put a very strong reason for reducing delivery cost(since a large part of the cost in healthcare comes from waste of capital and inefficiency by employees) since doing so would increase their earnings, that doesn't always translate to lower consumer costs.

One idea I've had is to sort of adapt a thing form how medicare reduces costs. Essentially, tie reductions in consumer pricing to employee bonuses. So if the prices rise, employees see their bonuses fall. Of course, have this be limited by profit margins so it doesn't become an unaffordable expense.

dik, what do you guys think? My general idea is
1. Workplace democracy
2. Worker ownership
3. Be profitable
4. Provide cheap as fuck healthcare

Anyone have experience in business stuff for thoughts? One thing I am a little worried about is how "company unions" law would effect things. They essentially restrict how unions and worker control can work in this control into very narrow confines.
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>person self identifies as a "realist"
27 replies
[political post you disagree with which is also bait]
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Something happened in Springfield MO. President Trump was going for a drive when this happened.

Local law enforcement are done with the event, claiming this was a mechanical failure. No comment from The Secret Service.
2457 replies
The Story Thread: Gilda Edition #Mature
8 replies
27 replies
On the Recent Rise of "Fascism" in the West Is it possible that the rise of the alt-right/"nazism" is simply a product of the zeitgeist facing a deconstruction of the concept of "evil"?
Almost seems post-modern in a sense.

Going by purely nominal utilitarianism, America and Russia are far more "evil" than Nazi Germany, which could conceivably lead to people sympathizing with certain historical regimes. Perhaps the issue is that it has been framed in a moral context, rather than a context of practical consequences.
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Bizzaro universe? What's going on?
83 replies
Goodnight sweet prince.
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would you consider it weird or crazy to pass a federal law (a constitutional amendment?) and maybe call it the "victimless crime act" or some shit

basically all it does is stop government from being able to arrest folks for harming literally nobody but themselves

like if they wanna go out and smoke weed

who cares? go for it. basically the NAP put into law, i guess

that'll be one more step towards truly being "the land of the free"
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>going through the contents of my desktop PC to try and clear some space for vidya since both hard drives are almost full

>find a bunch of pony porn folders from like 2012-14 or something that I thought I had deleted years ago

wow, uh...I was into some...not good shit. kinda glad I'm out of that phase.
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What is your political ideology? Conservative, liberal, libertarian or what?
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Taboo of sex and glorification of violence So I've been thinking about this lately, based on books I've been reading, and other things...

It seems like practically all throughout history, or at least western history, from what has been preserved in terms of literature/writing/general art that his survived many years...

Sex is a topic that, up until like, the late 20th century, was erratically danced around and watered down as if it was demonic, as if writing about it would usher in darkness, or it was so sacred that it must be treated as if it was some kind of god in and of itself...

Whereas violence although in the past was not at the level of sheer detail we see today, is and always has been like, a core facet of all of humanity, it's just something that has always been explored in great depth, and at the center of many of the world's most famous literary works, and it never seemed like anyone shied away from exploring it the way people do about anything sexual.

Like here's the thing that really caught my interest with this, I am reading Homer's The Illiad, which was written several centuries ago, and it is a MASSIVELY violent book, now it's not obscene or something but it does get graphic at parts, and I'm only halfway through and there have probably been like, at least a hundred deaths, usually described briefly but sometimes in a moderately gross way.

and it just really seems to romanticize warfare, it represents it as something horrifying yet kind of beautiful and sacred at the same time, or at least that's what I get from the prose I'm reading. it's very grandiose.

I'm wondering what anyone else thinks of this whole phenomenon of love-making being such a "scary" subject in art throughout history, but violence being something that is just like, so heavily written about.

(I just want to clarify, I don't think that it's necessarily right or wrong to glorify or shun either of these topics. I think in art, everything should be fair game, I'm just interested in why history seems to show us this)

side note: this post was originally gonna be way longer but I got lazy, may add to it in a separate post later
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India cancels plans for huge coal power stations as solar energy prices hit record low Story

>India has cancelled plans to build nearly 14 gigawatts of coal-fired power stations – about the same as the total amount in the UK – with the price for solar electricity “free falling” to levels once considered impossible.

>Analyst Tim Buckley said the shift away from the dirtiest fossil fuel and towards solar in India would have “profound” implications on global energy markets.

>According to his article on the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis’s website, 13.7GW of planned coal power projects have been cancelled so far this month – in a stark indication of the pace of change.

>In January last year, Finnish company Fortum agreed to generate electricity in Rajasthan with a record low tariff, or guaranteed price, of 4.34 rupees per kilowatt-hour (about 5p).

>...16 months later, an auction for a 500-megawatt solar facility resulted in a tariff of just 2.44 rupees – compared to the wholesale price charged by a major coal-power utility of 3.2 rupees (about 31 per cent higher).

>“For the first time solar is cheaper than coal in India and the implications this has for transforming global energy markets is profound,” Mr Buckley said.
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ACLU's Jeffery Robinson digs up Amerikkka's ugly past Wanna know about erasing our 'merican history & heritage?

Watch Jeffery Robinson open the United States' closet of skeletons and drag out and throw fucking everything under the bus. He completely redefines 'erasing history'-

When Heritage Equals Hate: The Truth About the Confederacy in the United States

Its a long video but its full of american history I never knew about, I think he makes a good argument for taking the confederate monuments and moving them/replacing them from public property and public view.

Sobering presentation tho. He doesn't really mince words or pussyfoot who had slaves - even how Abraham Lincoln set aside a monumental sum of money to compensate slave owners who had to give up their slaves. He makes no mistake that just about every bit of the civil war was over slavery and every state that fought for the south did it for their slave 'civilization'.

Wanna watch?
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Hey Hoers! put down those hoershoes... ...and pick up the Coincidentia oppositorum!


how does a little Dialectics fit your hoof?
2 replies
I want it... but that's pretty expensive for a game that was originally 10 bucks...still tho, it's in my top 3 for the decade and having a 2CD version of the OST would be fucking sweet...
10 replies
On a business trip in 512, anyone feel like playing magic: the gathering before my contract starts?
168 replies
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Fun for the whole family! Ever wonder why people on the web complain about things like data harvesting and browser fingerprinting?

Test your web browser and see for yourselves. See what information your browser is dumping out to the web thanks to the wonders of JavaScript!

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Nazis and Klansmen and Rebels, Oh My.

I hope McAuliffe told them "Nuts!" when they threatened to sue for not being allowed to unpeacefully assemble.
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Its only a matter of time before the US collapses under its own rot and Russia retakes its rightful place as ruler of the world.

Unlike the US, which is ashamed of success, and actively attacks and destroys its heroes, Russia and its inhabitants understand truth.

that the ability to commit an atrocity and live with it is not a weakness, but a strength, for such things are often needed in order to maintain a Nation's greatness; When Russia stopped doing such things, it stopped being great, and fell, and the people understand why Stalin is a hero that they should idolize and look up to now.

the people of russia now understand that it is not shameful for your country to dominate a lesser state, and should not be embarrassed about gaining the upper hand in statecraft, for this is something to be proud of, for it shows that your nation is better off than others.

As hundreds of Statues of stalin go up in russia, and the US sinks further and further under its self loathing, the future is obvious.
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In the wake of Charliotsville, Trump finally, officially condems racists/Nazis/KKK http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/14/politics/trump-condemns-charlottesville-attackers/index.html

warning: auto-playing video, I'm quoting the most important parts so you don't really need to click it anyways, I mean it's CNN so yeah

>President Donald Trump, facing mounting pressure from Republicans and Democrats alike, did what he declined to do over the weekend during an event at the White House on Monday when he directly condemned white supremacists and neo-Nazis in a brief statement to reporters.

>"Racism is evil -- and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans," Trump said in response to the attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend.

>"Those who spread violence in the name of bigotry strike at the very core of America," Trump said.

So...what do you guys make of this? Will the alt-right continue to latch on to Trump? My guess is they will and they'll say shit like "Oh, he's only saying that because he was pressured to" (which tbf might be true) but to me it just seems like this is a fairly important thing for Trump to finally say publicly considering how long people have labeled him a racist and racists themselves have supported him.
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Post the best asses you've got, be they 3D or 2D. Bonus if there is also sideboob showing as well.
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Transgender Pakistanis Win Legal Victories, but Violence Goes On NY Times' Story

>LAHORE, Pakistan — Pakistan’s Parliament is poised to pass the nation’s first law recognizing transgender people as equal citizens and laying out penalties for discrimination and violence against them, a surprising victory for activists in a country with deeply conservative social views.

>The Transgender Persons Protection of Rights bill, which community members and activists say has the support of all the major political parties, is expected to pass easily in Parliament in the coming weeks.

>“We are overwhelmed by how supportive the state has been to this law — we have so much hope,” said Mehlab Jameel, 25, an anthropologist who identifies as a transgender person of feminine expression and helped draft the bill.

>The draft law gives intersex people, eunuchs, transgender men and women and anyone whose gender identity or expression “differs from the social norms and cultural expectations based on the sex they were assigned at the time of their birth” the right to identify as a transgender person and enjoy the same rights as other men and women in Pakistan.
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Wow, got so high, not all of a sudden I want everyone to hold hands together and pass a bowl.

LEt's chill and watch bob ross
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Why is politics so serious?
5 replies
I mean the man does kinda have a point.
44 replies
What timeline do we live in again?
(No image)
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Gas Prices OK /chat/

What are you paying for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline today and what direction is the price going?

Eastern Cascadia
$2.59 per gallon
Price trend: $.05 per gallon increase every two days
30 replies
How drawn are you to deep discussions and dialogue?
or politics that too
13 replies
We are living in ww2 again kinda If you think about it modern times are ww2. In ww2 there were commies fighting nazis and there was even a battle for the bulge. Except this time the bulge is...
144 replies
So I met those 'open carry communists' today Anyone remember when this was a buzz?

Particularly sensational media outlets portrayed this to be a 'show of force' by 'armed antifa communists' (infowars). They say their purpose is to intimidate Trump rallies (brietbart, infowars).

Well I went to a meet and greet for our closest chapter. They're pretty nice people! This is not an open carry state and so of course nobody was open carrying. We had a picnic and games for kids (there were 4 small children) and talked in length about what they are and what they are doing and why they are doing it.

According to our meet and greet today;

1) They are a firearm focused self defense organization that wants to put itself forward as a place for gun training, safety, and for promoting equal firearm ownership rights for minorities and people of color.
2) They see themselves as a contrast to reactionary views in gun and political culture.
3) They recruit from the general liberal public as well as from other gun afficianado groups that people feel hostility or racial, ethnic, gender, or sexual orientation bias in. So basically they scoop up all the gay, trans, bi, liberal, and non-white people they can who feel alienated in current gun culture or at shooting ranges.
4) They sometimes work with and are internetworked with groups like the Oath Keepers and sometimes take roles similar to what the Oath Keepers would; providing private security for marginalized or threatened groups.

And the arizona thing they said was one of two incidents where whole communities were being terorrized by bigots and racists and they organized with other groups to do security patrols through those neighborhoods, in part because people of color and minorities don't get the same functional firearms privilages that whites get, so they get some whites there to take the front. In my experience 'rotating whites to the front lines' of civil disturbances is super effective. White v Black (or hispanic, etc) seems to be something a lot of people are game for, but when its white v white & black the pressure eases up a bit.

Overall I have to say I like these people and unless you gobble everything the media feeds you so that you can be inoculated against what actual people say, I suggest you give the 'open carry communists' a chance - they're basically an inclusive left leaning peewee league version of the Oath Keepers.

They showed us a video chronicling an operation five months ago where an LGBT-of-color support group asked for help being familiarized with guns for self defense as they had seen a lot of murders of trans women of color and wanted to protect themselves and each other.

So the 'open carry communists' sent a dozen people, tapped the funding chest, and trained and armed LGB but particularly T of color.

Pretty touching stuff.

I'm no expert but if you have any questions about the meet and greet or on open carrying commies and anarchists I can try to answer them.
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I want to have sex with every anime girl.
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>internet arguments in a nutshell
9 replies
Do you belive in the horseshoe theory?
5 replies
>Accept that we have literally no control over our lives, not only on the deterministic level, but also in a lower "societal" level
>Accept that our sense of self is illusory, and the "we" don't exist
>Accept that there is no life after death
>Accept that there is no god, no justice, no meaning
>Accept that everything in the universe will "die"
>Accept that life is horrible on many levels and that being horrible is part of life itself
>Roll with it

>Still can't talk to people

How do I do it, bros?
(No image)
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How big do you think his 2020 win will be? He's already revved up for it, and he's really got alot of momentum.
12 replies
Define your ideal, worst or most interesting conception of a god or gods.

(The reality thereof isn't up for debate.)
2 replies
Shrekchan has been resurrected http://www.shrekchan.life/shr/index.html

they have a /pol/ board now lol
15 replies
Fox is running out of ideas How can this be a good idea?


Since Mike Judge is busy with other things, Fox has once again imposed on Seth to run the revival. It appears the talks are ongoing.
1 reply
Toybox Thread #Mature
For anything about our local seductress.
This thread has her blessings.

(No doxxing, no arguments.)
9 replies
Succubus Exchange #Mature
Take a Succubus, leave a Succubus.

Taking a Succubus will seal the contract with her.
4 replies
Don't normally post about politics but something really funny happened at work a couple days ago and I wanted to share it.

>be at work

>just me and the manager working
>manager is a bit unusual for where I live, most people in MA are very liberal but my manager is very conservative and despises liberals and will shit on them at any opportunity, he's very into politics
>this guy walks into the store
>him and the manager (who's running the register) exchange some words I didn't hear, but then the guy yells out "AND FUCK TRUMP, AM I RIGHT?"
>manager doesn't seem to want to engage at first but he calmly says "Hillary would have been worse."
>this makes the other guy basically lose his shit and he starts yelling at my manager, and then my manager starts yelling back, and it was just hilarious because this guy was saying "Look man I love, I love you, BUT--" inbetween his arguments, like he was playing up this faux-communist hippie role basically
>my manager of course brings up muh Bengazi and all that, and throws in some praise for Reagan, to which the other guy brings up something about Reagan bombing someone, and my manager looked flustered and was like "HE APOLOGIZED FOR THAT ON NATIONAL TV, HAS HILLARY APOLOGIZED FOR THOSE FOUR MEN IN BENGAZI, THOSE MEN WERE THE MOST AMERICAN MEN TO EVER LIVE AND SHE KILLED THEM" etc.
>eventually the hippie guy basically stormed out of the store mid-argumument and my manager pretty much called him an idiot to me after he left

it was just funny, it was like seeing a politics argument from here actually happen IRL
2 replies
Ichi-F This is as good a place to tell this story as any.

I was at a book store today wandering the stacks at random when I saw this image on the cover of a massively thick book.

Picking it up, I quickly recognized it was a manga collection but with a story unlike anything this side of Maus. The scary thing is that this was a real first person tale of the aftermath of the destruction of three atomic reactors in Japan.

A manga artist wanted to see what the reactors at Fukushima were like in the year after the earthquake that damaged them. He got a menial labor job that slowly allowed him access to more dangerous access to the grounds and drew this story. After six months he was forced to leave the area due to his monitored radioactivity exposure. He finished the story artwork at home.

It was not shelved with the rest of the manga, so someone at the store seemed to pay attention to this book. It's a serious look at something few outsiders will ever see of the aftermath of a modern disaster.


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