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Jan 20: Board Organization Discussion
Jan 15: Staff Update, and Rules Update

File: 1468835729701.png (174.48 KB, 500x935, Shitpost.png)

Fen!!Shining Armor ## Admin 645085StickyLocked[View]

Welcome to /chat/ - our general discussion board with a laxer atmosphere and fewer rules.
Please keep the following things in mind when using the board

Don't spam, raid, or do anything else illegal. This includes lewd depictions of minors: drawings or otherwise

Mature content
Enable "Show Mature Content Threads" in the settings menu if you want to see them.
If you're the OP of a thread consider using the mature tag. Images in a thread with this tag do not need to be spoilered. (unless they are actual spoilers)
Outside of mature content threads, the site rules that govern R34 and gore apply as normal.

No gmods, no masters
Staff will only remove content that is illegal, improperly tagged or just plain spam, with everything else being free game.

File: 1490890869430.jpg (10.11 KB, 251x188, 1287272830040s.jpg)

ITT: Let's be less NEET. Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 711226[View]


File: 1486817238359.jpg (71.46 KB, 620x290, fast.jpg)

Speedruns Mac !RevGiOKgRo 684724[View]

Post speedruns of your favorite games, be it Human or TAS, whole or segmented.

To begin, here's Ocarina of Time.
This post was edited by its author on .
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Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 710141

New world record for Ocarina of Time.
Just four minutes shorter lol.

!RISkQqf4EM 710225


I used to try to speedrun RE games but they got it down to "door opening simulator" levels

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 711222

Metroid Prime.

Just watched the whole thing.

File: 1490786468313.png (19.35 KB, 622x622, 1490779134855.png)

see eu later Dashy !SUNBUtt9Io 710779[View]

>yfw article 50 has been triggered and it's independence day

Post smug niges
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!AppLeJAcK. 711179

Basically all the "happiest countries on earth" have around the same 5 million population as Scotland.

!AppLeJAcK. 711201

Not to say whether I think they should vote yes or no. Just observing

Anonymous 711204

File: 1490571508015.png (73.23 KB, 598x398, Snek has been stepped on.png)

Skinny!TripsCQs8s 709579[View]

Daily reminder to always step on snek.
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Reaver 709860


A weapon to surpass metal gear...

Snowbell!MbICrazyYs 709862

File: 1490646639108.jpg (58.28 KB, 900x600, 1469409060587.jpg)

Anonymous 711203

File: 1490880377229.jpg (73.91 KB, 630x630, 1490837320078.jpg)

File: 1478214866477.jpg (262.87 KB, 1442x1005, pepepipe.jpg)

Pepe Exchange MacGay !RevGiOKgRo 665166[View][Last 50 Posts]

Take a Pepe; Leave a Pepe.
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Anonymous 710832

File: 1490812160960.jpg (78.81 KB, 1326x1274, 1490801420197.jpg)

!RISkQqf4EM 710988

pepe just officially became lame and died as a meme

Anonymous 711202

File: 1490880140401.gif (75.75 KB, 393x488, 5348dbd1d51e1beaa950dd6252ccc2…)


You've been rused. Someone went to a good deal of effort to make these claims. Adult Swim has no news regarding such an acquisition. There were a half dozen threads on fullchan and halfchan about this.

Remain calm and post Pepe.

File: 1468931711406.png (93.89 KB, 500x418, 84d.png)

Pony Thread Pinkamina WBIY!Im9SILLYXo 645192[View][Last 50 Posts]

Did you think you could escape the pony?
You were wrong!
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!RISkQqf4EM 710501

File: 1490766252208.png (529.88 KB, 900x600, 1398840.png)

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 710644

Pinkamina WBIY!Im9SILLYXo 711196

File: 1490879698582.png (171.39 KB, 1115x1866, 1398787__safe_artist-colon-bad…)


File: 1478726011210.jpg (42.87 KB, 600x600, wojak_anime.jpg)

Wojak Exchange MacGay !RevGiOKgRo 666531[View]

Take a Feel; leave a Feel.
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🎠🐎!HasteYRi4w 687465

File: 1487363817098.jpg (82.54 KB, 600x600, O96p0.jpg)

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 693222

File: 1488248077830.jpg (78.85 KB, 640x640, 1488149189386.jpg)

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 698460

File: 1484248314434.jpg (769.88 KB, 840x630, 1484201006166.jpg)

Pic Dump Elicoor13 678411[View][Last 50 Posts]

so i have pictures that need to be seen but i have no clue where to post them, so i figured /chat/'s a good place for that. we all have shit we save and don't post right?

this is mostly sfw stuff tho.
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Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 710746

File: 1490792310404.png (262.82 KB, 500x369, 69b1954789f62d67a36dd4df444663…)

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 711141

File: 1490874878506.png (339.8 KB, 800x451, 979163__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)


Urda 711225

File: 1490888813853.jpg (66.24 KB, 733x807, Piano.jpg)

File: 1479089264032.jpg (1.54 MB, 2569x2691, 1379821368800.jpg)

N40 667330[View][Last 50 Posts]

Ya es hora
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Anonymous 705944

File: 1489986822033.png (231.01 KB, 1024x645, rascada.png)

(Se habla español)
Por eso.

Anonymous 709662

File: 1490587845162.png (385.15 KB, 604x741, jack.png)

>esc hay un clusterfuck de generales en mulp

Anonymous 709905


Encontre esto en derpibooru.

Lastima que no esta durmiendo en una cama con una almohada de corazon como los fics de coco

This post was edited by its author on .

File: 1488851204449.png (71.16 KB, 1484x744, 1422401587940.png)

/chat/ patrol 01 Anonymous 698333[View][Last 50 Posts]

#cyclic a hangout thread. you're bored. everyone's bored. pass the time.

rule 1 - normies get out reee no normies allowed etc etc
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Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 711176

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 711178

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 711182


I'm so tired this morning

I got out of bed at 7:30am but I fell back asleep on the couch twice

File: 1474371920682.jpg (24.01 KB, 460x345, 1474060899189.jpg)

talk about your dreams Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 657170[View][Last 50 Posts]

>tfw had a dream that my virginity was taken by someone from this site
>tfw it's one of the only dreams I remember actually having sex in and "finishing", since generally when I have lewd dreams they end before the sex actually happens
>tfw woke up and was mildly disappointed that it wasn't real

Not gonna say who it was because I don't want this thread to just be a circlejerk about wanting to fuck certain posters, so does anyone else wanna share dreams they've had recently, or in general?

Any recurring dreams you have, and what you think they mean? (doesn't have to be lewd)
136 posts and 54 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 707420

I dreamed that a baboon engaged in a mayan human sacrifice, but with another baboon instead of a human.

Meme Monk!ScyphTlOY6 709059

I started off reading this in Johnny Cash's voice.

Lisbon 710083

I had just had a vivid as fuck dream about aliens. They were pretty close to the XCOM
type, except they had no problems communicating with people. They had that one telepathic
one, who apparently possessed some guy in a Superman costume and then the squad leader.
Everyone there died. They also had these huge fleshy prison rooms where the walls were
lined with cells where they put people and injected them with eggs, except it wasnt sexy
because the host fucking exploded upon birth. Goodbye forever oviposition fetish.
There was a whole lot more! There was some sort of training thing a person was going through so they learned how to CQC aliums. Apparently there were female clawy aliens with
swollen pregnant bellies which were their weak point. The instructor suggested slicing them
open if you got too close. By then the humens and aliums were fighting for a while. The
humans had grappling hooks like the skeleton suits in XCOM but they were more maneuverable using them, so i guess it was more like Just Cause.
There were these weird chambers in some old derelict where crates of supplies would
constantly shoot out. There was a theory there was some heavily stocked supply room
somewhere where they were coming from and the humens wanted to get there.
The aliums had their own machiney things kinda like in XCOM. There were these little
things that shot into the ground somewhere and other little things could zipline to them.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1468938046238.png (117.35 KB, 313x353, 1465489896774.png)

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 645206[View][Last 50 Posts]

alright (horse)fuckers, first music thread on the new /chat/.

post whatever you are listening to RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT and any other music you feel like sharing.

listening now: Untitled 01 by Hype Williams (Dean Blunt's band) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMwsmam5X4Q

also listened to two Joachim Raff symphonies this morning: In The Alps (1875) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NGOvxRPyps and I'm Walde (1869) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ze2F2WBb0w
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Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 710418


wow...I don't even...holy shit.

>violence warning

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 710830

File: 1490811795889.png (2.02 MB, 1600x900, AOTY.png)

damn, will it be possible to top this?? inb4 critics don't matter, yes I know but I find the spectacle of people obsessing over reviews extremely entertaining, and this is an AOTY contender for me so critics validating my own opinion feels good
This post was edited by its author on .

Chewy [Element Of Fortitude]!MUSIC.FbVY 710916

File: 1490828760837.png (468.93 KB, 796x1640, rym 2010s top 10.png)

also this is the RYM top 10 of the 2010s right now

File: 1486528820753.png (739.98 KB, 1280x1009, tumblr_nn2wb2elFH1slgn5to5_r1_…)

Anonymous 681815[View]

Hey! mind getting a relax music thread going?


I could use some more soothing music for studying.
57 posts and 42 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Anonymous 706403

File: 1490070885162.png (24.1 KB, 450x450, 1316977__safe_artist-colon-kee…)

File: 1480640834607.jpg (61.22 KB, 700x464, me laugh.jpg)

You Laugh You Lose Anonymous 671039[View][Last 50 Posts]

OK, we haven't had one of these in a long time.

Have at it.
110 posts and 91 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Amy_of_Shadows!LAINj6mQVk 710946

I'm very disappointed, to say the least.

Anonymous 710953

File: 1490837137612.png (154.2 KB, 353x395, 16712042_1217327311692540_4399…)

is a joke
have a laff

why did you leave the discord

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 711073

It's dark comedy...

File: 1379893515103.png (1.64 MB, 1920x1080, 1370155815024.png)

Browser/Software Ponies #26 Vito 210343[View][Last 50 Posts]

"We need more sexy fillies edition"

Dropbox for all thread pictures since thread 4 located here:

Pictures and stories on Google Disk: ujeb.se/softwareponies


Frequent Contributor List:
393 posts and 127 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 705606


Starshine!Laura/wmXM 705686

Sell me on Arch Linux over Slackware or LFS.

Crimson Risk !RISkQqf4EM 705917

teach me senpai

File: 1378029991883.png (660.8 KB, 2048x2048, 1377996176751.png)

Bat Pony Thread Anonymous 181185[View][Last 50 Posts]

MLPchan edition

Writers pastebin:

Stories listed by Bat:

The archives up until now are at:

Google Disk for all thread pictures:

We even have our IRC channel:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
396 posts and 166 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

!AppLeJAcK. 707070

File: 1490205206552.png (1021.82 KB, 3459x5000, 423522__questionable_oc_oc-col…)

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 707258

Admiral 707304

File: 1471635012521.png (3.16 KB, 233x50, chat will rise.png)

/chat/ oldfags Jim from IT !Rzk70b3jbM 652106[View][Last 50 Posts]

So what's up chat?
228 posts and 111 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.

Urda 706962

File: 1490161624023.png (266.89 KB, 529x484, IMG_0014.PNG)

I just post here.

Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 707243


Macaroni !RevGiOKgRo 710467

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