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File: 130226697849.gif (657.75 KB, 640x360, 129978659069.gif)

Glop-Top!v2YqWLQgu. 9135Locked[Last 50 Posts]

I put a guy in jail today using the power of pony.

No, really.

STARTS OUT LIKE THIS: First off, I gotta point out I'm a girl. Not out of DOOT TOOT attention seeking but as an essential part of the story. So I'm on the bus, sitting next to the window and riding along and etc. Guy sits next to me, no biggie.

Then I feel what I think is his hand on my flank, squeezing. So I'm a fluttershy, and I give him the benefit of the doubt. I scoot forward on my seat, away from his hand, just in case his hand was asleep and he didn't realize or whatnot. Nope, his hand moves forward and continues to grope me. I'm VERY upset right now due to flashbacks from when I was a kid to other groping incidents and I'm NOT a happy camper.

So I stand up to try to move, and his hand is STILL on my flank and he moves his legs so he blocks my way. The bus stops at the transfer center and the guy walks off, giving me a smirk. I'm NOT happy, not at all. So I decide to tell the bus driver.

The bus driver starts to blame ME (seriously) and asks OH WELL WHY DIDN'T YOU SCREAM AND HOLLER (because I was scared and flashbacking to a rape as a kid?) and WHY DIDN'T YOU MOVE UGH (I tried to move, I moved away twice and tried to walk away from the seat but he wouldn't let me). I gave her a detailed description of the dude (seriously, he was dressed REALLY distinctively, to the point it surprised me) and pointed him out since he was standing right outside the bus.

I wasn't going to say anything to her but one thing that these silly ponies has given me the courage to do is to stand up when somepony wrongs me. I ended up missing my transfer to a bus to take me to a very important job placement interview to give this report because I knew it was the right thing to do, if not for me then for other ladies. The driver's response? She told me that she refused to take a report because I didn't "move" and "scream" and that it was my fault anyway and etc.

Needless to say, by now I am crying and I get off and take my bus home. Now, I go home and I think and I wait for a few hours because in the front of my mind is her telling me that nothing could be done about this and he'd get away scott free. But I remember reading about other bus groping incidents in the news and I think that enough is goshdarn enough and I call the Metro people themselves. Once again, it was thinking of both Fluttershy's bravery when standing up to monsters, Applejack's admitting she needed help, and a dash of pinkie giggling at the ghostie that got me to gather my own strength for this.

I was smart enough to take exact details of the line, the time I was riding it, where it stopped exactly, and the name of the exact bus. They sent over an officer, and while I was blubbery and crying the cop was shockingly nice and even hugged me. He'd be a total Applejack, all about getting things done while being considerate as can be. He even offered to hug me twice! And he NEVER made it feel like it was my fault.

He gave me my case number and a source of information and told me I could call him if it ever happened again, if I ever saw the groper again, or if I needed somepony to talk to so he could give me some more resources. I waved goodbye and he left and I felt a bit better.

No less than FIFTEEN, kid you not, FIFTEEN minutes later the officer knocks on the door.

They found the dude and needed me to identify him. Apparently he was STILL hanging out at that bus transfer center, just...doing nothing, I guess? I didn't ask. I went down, and it was DEFINITELY him. It was a little spooky, but that ghostie couldn't hurt me, and if he thought he could he had another thing coming.

After he's identified and sent off I end up being told that he has a series of warrants out for his arrest and that he'll be in jail and such.

So, ponychan, today I was told by somepony that I can't do anything when somepony gropes/molests me, and instead I went NO WAY and did something. Hopefully he won't be groping any other ladies anytime soon.

This is the first time a dude who has done something bad to me (I've been in physically abusive relationships and molested/raped) has been brought to justice, and it feels GOOD, pony.

Anonymous 9136

File: 130226732196.jpg (11.04 KB, 300x168, fuckyeahpony.jpg)

Well done, m'am. Well done.

Quetzalcoatl !!ZkLmAwLmSw 9138

Good on you. I hope that fucker gets what's coming to him in jail.

<thatoneguy>!RjHvxSGw8g 9139

File: 130226766090.jpg (44.91 KB, 584x321, 130222914381.jpg)

You kick at least ten kinds of flank right now

Trotsworth!JEa4FzNw8. 9140

File: 130226767290.gif (671.45 KB, 438x216, Scootaraptor2.gif)

Drefsab!SUlPJ6PzZE 9141

File: 130226770774.png (133.36 KB, 516x335, PonyAlphaAsFUCK.png)

Damn right, you didn't take any crap, and you handled it like a boss.

LIKE A BOSS. Good on you, ma'am.

Baneblade 9142

File: 130226772498.jpg (17.2 KB, 476x400, flutteryay.jpg)

Good job! :D

Common!ed1lmJd4A2 9143

File: 130226775646.jpg (47.17 KB, 618x665, 129978811376.jpg)

Champion. Have a muffin.

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9144

File: 130226783087.jpg (67.27 KB, 256x260, facehoofcelestia.jpg)

wow flash the flash backs ^^
yeah its scary. I think I would've sunk his face in, because the last time something like that happened to me I couldn't do anything, I just went full Fluttershy, so I've got a little left over anger from impotence...

I'm glad they caught that douche.

I know its not very pony of me to say.

Glop-Top!v2YqWLQgu. 9145

File: 130226790094.jpg (36.19 KB, 448x524, 130196811104.jpg)

The moral of this story is: Ladies (and, yes, dudes, becuase this DOES sometimes happen to dudes), if this stuff happens to you don't let anypony tell you it's your fault. It aint. It's the fault of the person who did it. Even thought it hurts like hell to tell the cops, tell them. Because you might put somepony away, and when you do, that somepony can't hurt anypony else!

Brony no. 7098 9146

File: 130226791440.jpg (18.84 KB, 300x300, everyones gettin a pony.jpg)


Corn-Pone!71l1sViydE 9148

File: 130226793153.png (123.15 KB, 800x595, 129958947621.png)


Princess Luna-mobile 9149

We need to synthesize an element of courage for you...

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9151

op i am dissapoint buy a tazer and sack up.

Corn-Pone!71l1sViydE 9152

File: 130226811414.png (124.64 KB, 385x383, 130040808260.png)

Oh but VJ, ponychan's a place where we do care.

It's a little bit different but it's how we roll homes.

<thatoneguy>!RjHvxSGw8g 9153

File: 130226812415.png (174.24 KB, 532x653, 130168727694.png)

Anonymous 9154

File: 130226812662.jpg (38.31 KB, 518x600, 129896363630-12972551365.jpg)

Hey yo, Violent J let's go half on this pound and chill the fuck out.

Glop-Top!v2YqWLQgu. 9155

I love you too, and magnets aren't actually magic! :)

Actually, to tell you the truth, I told the story here to let others know that if they are also groped or molested in anyway that sometimes justice WILL be served and that they shouldn't hide there shame away. I wouldn't punch anypony in the mouth either, I'm too fluttershy for that.

Have a great day, though. *hugs*

Drefsab!SUlPJ6PzZE 9156

File: 130226819659.jpg (69.96 KB, 387x480, PonyHitler.jpg)

Violent J makes me miss Hitlar.

Anonymous 9158

Hah, such a newfoal. You're gonna get flattened by hugs and dawws if you're not carful.

Angel the Bunny!!uyZGqvBTHj 9159

>throw in a few pony words
>claim you used the power of pony
Hmm. But good for you I suppose, I probably would've stabbed him or some shit, but crying works too I guess.

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9161

File: 130226831008.png (472.26 KB, 945x945, 1299584124014.png)

i hate to do this but i have to agree with the parasprite.Dont be a candy vag you have to stand up for your self. like i said buy a tazer and if somepony ever tries that shit again jam it in their throat and go to town.

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9162

File: 130226832003.png (472.26 KB, 945x945, 1299584124014.png)

i hate to do this but i have to agree with the parasprite.Dont be a candy vag you have to stand up for your self. like i said buy a tazer and if somepony ever tries that shit again jam it in their throat and go to town.

Angel the Bunny!!uyZGqvBTHj 9163

Also this. Didn't see it til after I posted.

Glop-Top!v2YqWLQgu. 9164


We're supposed to GIGGLE at the ghostie, not actually stab it. And uh, if I stabbed him I would have been the one in jail, not him. In fact, there are cases where ladies who are groped get through in jail for fighting back (from what I've heard, I am not an E-lawyer here)

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9165

File: 130226837812.png (98.93 KB, 324x324, celestclose1.png)

Excuse me but unless you've been in that situation you have no idea how its like.

I concur.

I'm glad you shared this with us.

The Flaming Carrot!3eDWb8hrDw 9166

File: 130226850640.png (285.36 KB, 753x642, piefight.png)

I actually think that was good of you, I understand your situation (never been in it myself but I understand it) and I do believe you did the right thing, violence would have done worse for you than anything at this point, and the bus driver was wrong to just brush this off.

For you, you get to join my pie fight

Angel the Bunny!!uyZGqvBTHj 9168

File: 130226858640.jpg (13.72 KB, 250x228, 250px-Angel.jpg)

Then use the 'not as fun' option and mace or taxer him.

Guyandsam !2EpsHX3E3s 9169

File: 130226860821.png (214.04 KB, 496x713, 130057749773.png)

good job op

Glop-Top!v2YqWLQgu. 9170

I'm gonna tell you all about flashbacks. Are you ready? Ok.

As I said in the first post, I was raped as a kid. Not fun, not gonna get into it. And no, I didn't E-TOUGH GUY MURDER HIM or anything because I was 8. Now, because of this, I have very strong emotional flashbacks that paralyze me and make me freak out. These panic attacks are incredibyl strong, but I've gotten better at controlling them. Instead of screaming and yelling and selfharming I just sort of freeze up instead.

So when the dude groped me, I didn't immediately alert the driver because I was scared shitless that I was gonna be harmed. So I did the PROPER thing and tried to move away. As I said, that didn't work.

I know you're all being internet tough guys and telling me exactly how you'd karate kick a guy in the nuts and throw him out the window and then break his neck and laugh and get all the girls if you were in that situation, but unless you've been there you don't know. I've, sadly, been there more than once and it's not like that.

I DID stand up for myself, I called the cops and let them know. That's how a real man stands up for himself, not through physical violence but through justice.

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9171

it dosent matter "how its like" thats the solution you defend yourself.

Glop-Top!v2YqWLQgu. 9172

And I DID defend myself. I moved away from the dude, or TRIED to, and I was literally stuck.

Also, have you used mace in a crowded bus? Feels bad, man.

Angel the Bunny!!uyZGqvBTHj 9173

I think if you scream 'RAPE' before hitting him you'd be fine. Also why isn't this in /chat/?

Angel the Bunny!!uyZGqvBTHj 9175

This. You did the 'right' thing, but it wasn't really standing up for yourself.

Drefsab!SUlPJ6PzZE 9176

File: 130226898732.png (308.25 KB, 675x612, PonyRarityFlex.png)

Ignore Angel, not even Fluttershy can make him better. And Violent J. He wishes he was Hitlar.

I think you responded properly, OP. You tried to move away, when that didn't work, you alerted the authorities, and now his dumb flank is sitting in a jail cell. Serves him right.

Besides, with self-defense laws being the way they are nowadays, if you'd have tazed him or something, it's entirely possible it would have been YOU defending yourself in the court room, not the other way around.

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9177

as she said, she did stand up for her self, violence is not the answer even though I would've probably done something harmful to him.
but I'm glad she had more self control than me and that things turned out okay.

Anonymous 9178

This schtick was way funnier and infinitely more original with Hitlar.

Angel the Bunny!!uyZGqvBTHj 9179

File: 130226907245.png (261.66 KB, 705x401, mlpfim_ep0341.png)

>implying she wouldn't have gotten off

Anonymous 9180


You deserve like abillion fucking internets for this.
So incredible.
And people say MLP is for fags and little girls.
ha, if only those stupid people would realise the message it sends out, and what kind of change it can give a person.

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9181

File: 130226914429.jpg (133.4 KB, 440x1018, 1300217761347.jpg)

thats not standing up for yourself thats having somepony else do it for you. if you want to stand up for your self tazer+the guys balls=win. i know your a girl but seriously learn to lash out when somepony tries to violate you. If you dont make it clear that your having none of that bullshit they're going to think you're weak and by appearing weak you're making yourself a target.

The Flaming Carrot!3eDWb8hrDw 9182

File: 130226914507.jpg (64.69 KB, 500x458, tumblr_lhh7d8w7he1qzyp0vo1_500…)

She coulda very possibly not, considering all those cases were a thief breaks into your house and sues you if they get cut up or seriously hurt during the break in and wins.

Angel the Bunny!!uyZGqvBTHj 9184

What happened to Hitlar? I think I saw him post yesterday or the day before, did he get banned or something?

Corn-Pone!71l1sViydE 9185

File: 130226920503.png (204.01 KB, 640x360, 130040741852.png)

♫The internet! Where a Hitler can be more loved than sooo many other peeeople...♫

The Flaming Carrot!3eDWb8hrDw 9186

He was on during the raid last night

Glop-Top!v2YqWLQgu. 9187


Currently, here in Texas, there is a case where an 11 year old girl was raped by over 10 guys, two of them over 25.

They video taped it.

And they might get off because she "looked sexy".

Please to be understanding our rape culture, what groping is like in the US, and that being an internet tough guy is not solving any crimes but just making things worse.

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9188

File: 130226929349.png (86.47 KB, 468x478, please.png)

guys I think I know whats going on with these 3 guys, we're gonna need a tuba.

Anonymous 9190

File: 130226930790.gif (1.07 MB, 400x360, dgrq7o.gif)


hurp durp violence solves everything brah

Drefsab!SUlPJ6PzZE 9191

File: 130226933671.png (293.05 KB, 720x720, PonyTrixieLIES.png)

Who's to say? It could be viewed as "excessive" use of force.

Not the point, being a defendant in your own personal defense case is a waste of time and money, and is avoided entirely by doing exactly what Glop did.

More to the point, somepony who has been traumatized earlier in life isn't going to react like an E-Tough Guy and mace a bus full of people.
I know people who have been in OP's situation, including my own sister, and I wouldn't wish it on anypony.

Anonymous 9193

Every so often, but I am at a loss to explain his present absence. Only been on for about 7 hours right now.
Unless he got tired of having to write in pseudo-German and is trying something new.
One of these guys you, Hitlar?

Corn-Pone!71l1sViydE 9194

File: 130226936985.jpg (11.99 KB, 186x205, maybeyouiguess.jpg)

Yup! Even YOU!

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9195

omg that is horrible. I didn't know about that...

Glop-Top!v2YqWLQgu. 9196

File: 130226938192.gif (1.66 MB, 360x360, 129907377887.gif)



Angel the Bunny!!uyZGqvBTHj 9197

File: 130226942765.jpg (31.89 KB, 600x313, dickwolves.jpg)

>rape culture
lol'd. Also living in Texas changes everything, that place is a right wing rape filled gun toting shit hole of a state. You best move.

Corn-Pone!71l1sViydE 9198

File: 130226950323.gif (118.95 KB, 145x201, 129973914855.gif)

So we're all agreed! Good job, Glop-Top!

Drefsab!SUlPJ6PzZE 9199

File: 130226954253.jpg (63.14 KB, 628x346, PonyHate.jpg)

Angel the Bunny!!uyZGqvBTHj 9200

File: 130226958193.png (111.36 KB, 364x410, 1302263503848.png)

Fuck, I wish I was Hitlar, but being the asshole king of this place instead of the lovable German is cool too.

Drefsab!SUlPJ6PzZE 9202

File: 130226960341.png (228.79 KB, 1017x1000, PonyHitlerdash.png)

I would hope not, Hitlar was a pretty awesome guy. Certainly more classy than the parasprites we have now.

Corn-Pone!71l1sViydE 9203

File: 130226967050.gif (24.15 KB, 500x500, 130170449774.gif)

Avatarpony =/= parasprite


<thatoneguy>!RjHvxSGw8g 9204

File: 130226970037.png (183.86 KB, 1362x892, 130163383832.png)

Anonymous 9206

File: 130226979002.png (204.32 KB, 650x532, 130077426612.png)


You know generally I agreed with your earlier advice, but right now you're looking like a total douche. The police ARE supposed to be there to defend you. That's what they're paid to do. Or wait, are they just there to hassle you for having a good time? I forget. But anyway, if you're SMART, you'll not do something that could end up getting yourself killed. Like not enraging your presumably psychotic groper. Good Job, OP, you dun good. Also, file a major complaint about that bus driver. She needs to get her dumb flank fired.

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9207

File: 130226984207.jpg (67.27 KB, 256x260, facehoofcelestia.jpg)

we've been successfully paraspriteed guys, I think we best let it die and if this continues I then I would suggest the mods to take some kind of action.

hitlar was never really a parasprite, he was funny as hell.

I'm not being Celestia right now, this is pretty serious.

Glop-Top!v2YqWLQgu. 9208

Well, I regret making this thread, and I'm having major flashback atm but I do hope some pony sees this who had something bad happen to them and has the courage to call the cops. That's all I wanted to get out of this, and it seems that this has turned into a clusterfuck. Sorry.

Drefsab!SUlPJ6PzZE 9209

Well to be fair, he is a rapping clown that wrestles.

That's pretty much the most terrifying combination of things in the world.

Anonymous 9210

Second the part about J
Fuck up again, Fire Flare, and you're toast.
Have a nice day.

Angel the Bunny!!uyZGqvBTHj 9211

File: 130226989375.jpg (12.65 KB, 237x268, 130217099207.jpg)

Don't listen to this guy J. You're awesome.

Glop-Top!v2YqWLQgu. 9214

sorry guys

InquisitorMatthew(iPod)!Goldz8yV1E 9215

This post deserves a gold star.
This was an awesome story and I'm glad everything turned out okay. Power to ya', Brony.

Drefsab!SUlPJ6PzZE 9216

File: 130227002697.png (150.2 KB, 425x425, PonyTrixieRaspberryLemonade.pn…)

And with that, the parasprites ruin a genuinely good thread.


Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9217

Please don't be, don't let them put you down.

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9218

>implying that because i give realistic advice im a parasprite

Angel the Bunny!!uyZGqvBTHj 9219

File: 130227012263.jpg (12.7 KB, 150x150, angel_mlp_fim_by_rabbidry-d3as…)


You should be, and for making me giggle by saying "rape culture" you're forgiven

Glop-Top!v2YqWLQgu. 9220

im so sorry for posting this

wont come back wont bother you guys again


File: 130227026717.jpg (13.72 KB, 250x228, 250px-Angel.jpg)


The Flaming Carrot!3eDWb8hrDw 9224

Glop don't go, you are cool in my book and that is all that matters, gold star for you

Slymenstra 9225

File: 130227031565.jpg (60.8 KB, 945x621, slymenstra13091487.jpg)


Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9227

But these parasprites are just a minority, I think you can see that most of us support you, also the board is slow on pony day and the mods seem to be asleep.

!!Twilight ## Mod 9228

What the hell is going on?
Why are you being dicks to this woman?
Explain yourselves.

Anonymous 9229

You did nothing wrong, its our new parasprite thats not really getting how this place works

Corn-Pone!71l1sViydE 9230

File: 130227036985.png (49.95 KB, 237x248, 130215831915.png)

Y'all are the worst

The Flaming Carrot!3eDWb8hrDw 9231

Glop-top don't go, stick around and see that there are alot of cool bronies here to support you.

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9232

oh for the love of god, finally.

Baneblade 9233

Trotsworth!JEa4FzNw8. 9234

File: 130227043375.jpg (62.66 KB, 500x457, Meanwhile_in_Soviet_Russia___.…)


Left over parasprites from today's raid. New guys and no Hitlar to keep them in check.

Glop-Top!v2YqWLQgu. 9237

the more i read the more i flashback to being blamed for when i was raped as a kid and its really hard. I thought that by posting this I would help others gain courage, like others did. But it seems that by posting this I'm just being blamed again for not doing it right, even when I thought I did do it right and got the guy in jail.

I feel like absolute shit and yeah, I'm crying. Violent J and Angel, you can make fun of that too I guess. You made a rape victim cry.

Angel the Bunny!!uyZGqvBTHj 9238

File: 130227047988.png (148.92 KB, 640x360, MLPfim_ep0704.png)

She slapped a few pony words on a totally not pony related story and posted it in /pony/ and then wants some sort of gold star for calling the police. I mean, yeah, it sucks that that happened to her, but come on.

!!Twilight ## Mod 9239

Can it, Fire Flare. I don't wanna hear it from you.
You're just as bad as the rest of them.

Anonymous 9240

Do you seriously not get how this place works?

Anonymous 9241

File: 130227055470.png (95.92 KB, 271x309, 129978394280.png)


sorry OP, this should have been a much greater thread than what it became. In any case, I hope you know you have my respect for your bravery, and be sure to defend yourself appropriately whenever the need arises. (For my part, I would have gladly stabbed that asstard for you and taken the jailtime. small price to pay for one less pervert/future rapist in the world)

Starsong 9242

File: 130227056464.gif (69.79 KB, 405x289, GARF40.gif)

The Flaming Carrot!3eDWb8hrDw 9244

Its okay Glop-Top calm down and go to synchtube.com/r/gyKs and watch ponies with me :D

Anonymous 9245

It would be in your best interest to leave this thread now, little newfoal.

Drefsab!SUlPJ6PzZE 9246

File: 130227062784.png (286.08 KB, 656x368, PonyTwilight.png)

Oh thank Celestia, a mod.

Trotsworth!JEa4FzNw8. 9248

File: 130227066285.jpg (96.64 KB, 567x743, 930165-gastorniscomendopropala…)

Ignore the T-rolls. They feed off grief and ponies.

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9249

please you're making me cry, be strong, the internet sucks but we're supposed to have this place as a save heaven, but right now something is happening.
don't blame yourself for something 3 random new parasprites say.

InquisitorMatthew(iPod)!Goldz8yV1E 9250

If I knew how to help you feel better, I would. I'm really sorry that I can't though.
I just want you to know, though, that we love you and love who you are. I think you're a truly inspirational person with a truly inspirational story, and I'm glad you told it. I'm really sorry that these guys started saying this shit, too.
If there's anyway I can help (I'm sure everypony else wants to help, too) to make you feel better, just ask.

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9252

no you are the worst for giving op a distorted view of reality. i am not paraspriting this is serious.

Anonymous 9253

File: 130227083586.png (233.13 KB, 635x720, Umm Wait What.png)

Something is rotten in the state of Ponychan...

Angel the Bunny!!uyZGqvBTHj 9254

Just for clarification, I can talk about how the store near my house jacked the price of Dorritos up by 50 cents, and as long as I throw in a few pony words its completely acceptable to post here and not in /chat/? Sigh, fuck it. I have things I should be doing instead of making some girl who could possibly making all of this up and might not even be a girl, because, you know, its the internet and all feel bad by telling her my thoughts on her little story.

!!Twilight ## Mod 9256

Yeah, without GEE I DUNNO, MODERATORS!? Threads all over this place would degenerate into rotten piles of testosterone.
Hey everypony, remember when TwilightSpark1e posted his story? We didn't insult him or call him out or anything. Why is it happening now? Is it because the police are involved, and some of you aren't too fond of the police? Well then, how about you try to live in a third world conty without a governing system, and see how long you can survive. Or is it because she's a female? Just give it a rest.

Anonymous 9257

you misspelled moronic.

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9259

Op im not saying its your fult i am saying that your letting it happen. theres a big difference. you can stop this kind of thing from happening you just have to find a way to over come your fears and stand up for your self.

Starsong 9260

File: 130227100369.gif (211.88 KB, 200x180, Zekora01.gif)


I blame it on foul sorcery

Anonymous 9261

doritos =/= rape...

Paypa Jayz!Vm/en4MfXQ 9262

I agree with you, mod.

Especially the third world country part.

PS: I have a request pls respond at non-pony >>35226

Anonymous 9263


you mean, like when she called an authority figure...

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9264

I'm starting to think we tolerate too much.

Mustang Elvis!!SxBJRjZTWv 9265

File: 130227109544.jpg (22.4 KB, 467x264, 1297380946781.jpg)

Can I hug you?!

Anonymous 9266


Glop-Top!v2YqWLQgu. 9267

File: 130227112311.gif (93.5 KB, 558x272, 130091005916.gif)

No, you know what? The parasprites are wrong. We live in a world where nothing a lady does is right when it comes to rapes or gropes or whatever. If I stabbed him, it would have been too far and I would have been told by these parasprites to go to the police.

So now I AM standing up for myself and telling you parasprites that no, I DID do the right thing. The cops said I did the right thing, my friends said I did the right thing, and once again the COPS said I did the right thing. They weren't annoyed, they weren't all UGH, they said "You did the right thing"

And I am standing up for myself RIGHT NOW. I'm not stabbing, I'm not punching or kicking or spraying mace. I'm using my words. And my words say this: Other ladies and dudes reading this- ignore these parasprites. Go to the cops or somepony you trust or a trusted authority.

And you know what I would do if I met any of you parasprites in real life?

Not a darn thing :)

Anonymous 9268

File: 130227112251.png (228.13 KB, 645x720, This Pony For Real.png)

You >implying something?

Apple Blooms are Petal Knives!3GqYIJ3Obs 9269

File: 130227113027.gif (66.08 KB, 360x360, 130066124153.gif)

This is gonna be recorded for posterity in the archives. i bet

Corn-Pone!71l1sViydE 9271

File: 130227114518.jpg (52.22 KB, 500x466, ahmdisappoint.jpg)

I for one am kinda surprised this thread went completely banless

Drefsab!SUlPJ6PzZE 9272

File: 130227119310.jpg (20.27 KB, 320x180, PonyInternetHug.jpg)

I agree with Steven, it's usually not this bad around here. In fact, our resident...well, I dunno if I'd call them parasprites, more like theme posters...are usually pretty cool people.
Some people here just can't seem to act mature, though. Guess that's to be expected with the internet.

I wish my sister would have been as strong as you were, she had a very terrible thing happen to her last year, and we had to beg and plead to get her to contact the authorities.
You should be proud of what you did, ignore the idiots.

InquisitorMatthew(iPod)!Goldz8yV1E 9273

We're not tolerating this shit. I think sometimes we may be too tolerant, but we definatly draw a line in the sand whe we need to.

Anonymous 9274

Your story made me smile and proud. Ignore these useless parasprites and hold your head up. You did not give into violence and hate to escalate a situation, nor did you cower and try to brush the incident off. You did exactly the right thing and I applaud you for it.

Corn-Pone!71l1sViydE 9276

File: 130227130253.png (231.49 KB, 449x336, seriousAJ.png)

Good job Glop-Top. That's the right attitude to have right now and don't let any jerka.ss tell you different.

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9277

File: 130227131837.png (97.42 KB, 353x319, celesthappycry.png)

Thank god you're standing up for yourself here and that you did the right thing.

Anonymous 9278

Blast my corrupted external drive!
Imagine the space next to my post contains the cheering animated .gif taken from Sonic Rainboom, because if I had not lost everything I would be posting it here.

Knew you were better than letting them win.

Anonymous 9279

OP, I <3 you more now. :3c

InquisitorMatthew(iPod)!Goldz8yV1E 9280

You have no idea how much respect I have for you.

Angel the Bunny!!uyZGqvBTHj 9281

File: 130227142012.png (261.66 KB, 705x401, mlpfim_ep0341.png)

So close to closing the tab and I come across this. I don't think I ever said you did the WRONG thing, it just wasn't standing up for yourself, nor does it belong on this board. But hey, if you feel like you stood up for yourself I guess more power to you.

And not pony related is not pony related no matter how you look at it.

Alright, out for reals this time.

The Flaming Carrot!3eDWb8hrDw 9282

File: 130227143336.jpg (6.23 KB, 160x120, WashuChan.jpg)

You get my full support

Anonymous 9283

You go, OP. I hope you stay this brave and inspire other people with your act.

Anonymous 9284

File: 130227146559.jpg (48.74 KB, 600x337, 12985197078.jpg)

you are a hero

Corn-Pone!71l1sViydE 9285

File: 130227148117.jpg (48.45 KB, 574x420, 130126864232.jpg)


Anonymous 9286

It's the definition of /pony/, you conceded jackass

Anonymous 9287

File: 130227153877.png (70.33 KB, 772x835, 130189147726.png)


This. I love you for this. As much as I love mah ponies. Have an internet hug. In fact, have two.

Trotsworth!JEa4FzNw8. 9289

File: 130227157664.png (74.31 KB, 724x792, 130218048838.png)

mudflip, Angel Bunny and Violent have hardened views on life and society.

They have learnt from their own experiences that sometimes the best course of action is to become more resilient. They see looking for help as a sign of weakness and being passive as being stupid. In their neighborhood this may be sage advice.

Glop-top, you have the right to be glad of what you did. If you hadn't reported him he may have struck again and somepony might have been physically hurt. If you had reacted violently it would escalate. If you didn't tell the police he would still be on the loose.

You did the right thing.

Even if you feel sad about what has transpired on Ponychan, be strengthened that ALL of us, EVEN THE PARASPRITES support you even if they disagree with your methods.

Brohoof out

MisterSandman 9293

Leftover parasprites are leftover.

Ignore the morons, you made society just a bit safer by putting such a big mean grumpy mean meanie pants in a place where he can do less harm.

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9294

your standing up for your self when it dosent matter. why should you give a fuck what i or anypony else thinks its the fucking internet. learn to stand up for your self IRL.

Anonymous 9295

Which is what she did when she called the cops...

Corn-Pone!71l1sViydE 9296

File: 130227176905.png (69.9 KB, 228x232, 129983400334.png)

Actually, Trotsworth is right. It IS the morning right now, and hardened dicks are likely to be all over the place.

Anonymous 9297

Hey, hey buddy. Buddy! The discussion is over. Stop posting.


File: 130227184309.gif (66.08 KB, 360x360, 1291963121885-(n1292125865858)…)

This is incredible Glop-top! I'm so very proud of you! Seriously this put a huge smile on my face. The fact that something similar happened to you and you pushed through those flashbacks (which I can relate to) is awesome. Ponies work wonders :)

TurroFag!sv78911W0I 9301


Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned that no matter how scary,
horrible and painful a situation can be, sometimes
it's just not your fault. And with all the power
around you that can help, it shouldn't be your
fault. You have to keep going on and try to bring
justice to those who ignore it. Sometimes, you
have to stand up for yourself and do what's right
not just for you, but for everypony around you.

Always your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

Glop-Top!v2YqWLQgu. 9302

File: 130227198617.jpg (75.62 KB, 500x867, 5404fa5c118d160bdf020764cc20a1…)


WHOA, thanks, that means a lot to me coming from you. *BROHOOOOOOOOF FOREVER*

Hacat 9304

File: 130227207942.png (35.5 KB, 942x942, 130179258057.png)

You are so right it's not even funny. The level of idiocy expressed by some users, parasprites or not, is sick quite frankly, I understand rape/molestation isn't an easy thing to get one's head around if they haven't gone through it, but holy fuck, the victim blaming or 'you should have done this/that' is damn retarded, you never get this for any other victim of crime. Jeez. Wake up you people.

I'm not trying to be mean, but things are easier said than done in certain situations, and it's all very easy to just sit back and tell other people how to react, it's another to actually experience it or have a history of it. Remember that folks.

You DID do the right thing Glop-Top. All things given, you got up and did something about it, and you did it in a way that worked for YOU. Which is the most important thing when dealing with this kind of thing, people don't really seem to understand this kind of crime is pretty damn personal.

Starsong 9305

File: 130227210557.png (77.88 KB, 211x193, z1299902354169.png)


I said sorcery, not slight of hand

TurroFag!sv78911W0I 9306


> Implying that violence is the answer
> Implying that you don't like ponies
> On PonyChan and not liking ponies

You're just too obvious with the whole parasprite thing. I don't understand your method here.

Amonisis!se/xGmYaM. 9307

File: 130227214956.jpg (29.28 KB, 454x345, lovetimes.jpg)

Way to go! Standing up for yourself and teaching that guy a lesson is excellent! you did a good job and handled it very well. *hugs*

TurroFag!sv78911W0I 9308


Sleight of hand.
Not slight.

Anonymous 9309

File: 130227245618.png (256.27 KB, 600x720, Oh COME ON!.png)

Oh, go back to your shack and mix up some more bubble bath.

InquisitorMatthew(iPod)!Goldz8yV1E 9310

Can we sticky this?
I gave Lauren Faust a link to this because I think she'll love this, and it'd be a shame if it was moved or lost and she couldn't see it.

TurroFag!sv78911W0I 9312


Yeh, this.

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9313

err.. maybe its not such a good idea she saw this.
sadly this thread turned out to be ponychan at its worst.

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9314

well, at its best too but its all very confusing.

InquisitorMatthew(iPod)!Goldz8yV1E 9315

She understands that there's parasprites everywhere.
I think she'll be happy how we stood up against them and dealt with it.

Anonymous 9316

File: 130227286542.jpg (16.95 KB, 300x258, 13002251704.jpg)

guys guys chill the toot out. calling our friends parasprites for giving their own advice according to their own wisdom? Leave it to the OP and mods to decide, she already knows she did the right thing, freedom of speech, bla bla bla. Let's keep this about her okay?


File: 130227293536.jpg (72.32 KB, 732x567, 1298215193348.jpg)

No problem glop-top :) also I just browsed through the thread (I just read your post and posted a response) and seriously I'm a proud. Don't let any of the parasprites get to ya, obviously they know nothing of what it feels to go through something like that. Maybe when they get their childhood destroyed or molested/raped they'll understand.
Also props to all the bronies lending support, this is what makes ponychan great!

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9319

we've been over this cops=/=standing up for YOURSELF


Im happy for ya, OP! He should hopefully get what he deserves in prison. They'll be sure to make that filly squeal. :3

Hacat 9322

If this is Ponychan at it's worst, I can actually breathe a sigh of relief, still upsetting though, since it'd be nice to find a place that doesn't have parasprites or people just being mean at all. Guess that's just how internet culture has went though and it's unavoidable.

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9323

File: 130227303713.gif (11.93 KB, 150x150, 130093291169.gif)

Well, I hope she has time to read all of this, we should also screen cap it.

Thorn!6trJvEMBDA 9326

File: 130227315502.png (181.84 KB, 598x340, 129903586046.png)

Sit down and hush.
Going to the cops may not fit YOUR internet-tough-guy definition of standing up for yourself, but really by doing that she did. It takes courage to act on this stuff, especially in a case like this where there have been incidents in the past. If the last time it happened she got told it was her fault, but she stayed strong and went to the authorities anyway, then that shows a pretty strong person.

She stood up for herself, now kindly be quiet.

Anonymous 9327

I don't know if your still following this thread OP, but you did the right thing and you should be proud of what you did. Internet hugs and muffins and an element of harmony are in store for you.


Yeah, not a fan of these parasprites. Makes me long for HitIar, of all things.

Anonymous 9329


It's ponychan at it's worst... so far. A decline in friendship has been observed by some posters. I typically joke about "decline of the ponychan", but I'm not so sure if it's still a joke.

Anyway, for what it's worth, I personally fully agree with this sentiment: >>9327

Amonisis!se/xGmYaM. 9331

File: 130227389517.png (243.45 KB, 1247x1532, 129877858338.png)

I'm glad you stuck around to see the other posts. We all think you did a wonderful job, and i hate to see parasprites try to ruin what was supposed to be a good thread.

you did the right thing, and no amount of crap from parasprites can take that away from you. I say you are a true brony and we love you here!

Metal Link!GG9appleHU 9332

File: 130227409514.jpg (36.07 KB, 473x459, 1298759764826.jpg)

>mfw I read the entire thread.

I am very disappointed.

glittercloud!pAk.Cj9cJ6 9333

File: 130227410226.jpg (72.43 KB, 301x340, angry-puppy.jpg)

What the fuck is going on here?! I just read most of the shit here and I am pissed to see how you're treating another pony! just try to imagine how OP feels and stop talking such nonsense!
Glop-Top you've done everything right and I am proud of you sugarcube, most people wouldn't have done anything about it and maybe even avoiding busses in the future. You've done the one and only right thing violence is not an option unless it's to defend yourself. the driver should've acted in the first place.

anypony else who tried to fuck with my friend Glop-Top here, I am disappointed to see that you're not worthy to be called a brony! Instead of criticizing OP for what she didn't do you should make her feel good about what she DID do
You should get a ban for making a pony sad...

Corn-Pone!71l1sViydE 9334

File: 130227419598.png (28.37 KB, 205x199, 130218246697.png)

>mfw I get cheesed and write some irritated wordy post, only to remind myself at the end that it's not worth it at which point i just erase it

Hacat 9335

File: 130227424920.jpg (96.79 KB, 600x600, 130110597613.jpg)


My Sentiments exactly. Hug for OP!

Anonymous 9336

Personally I'm just trying to inject a little levity after the appalling display we witnessed here, rather than completely take over the thread.
You must look to your own soul in this matter.

InquisitorMatthew(iPod)!Goldz8yV1E 9337

/r/ing again.
Can we sticky this?
I gave Lauren Faust a link to this because I think she'll love this, and it'd be a shame if it was moved or lost and she couldn't see it.
Yeah, shit went down, but she understands there are parasprites, and will be proud of how it was all handled.

Anonymous 9338

Not sitting around, letting crimes happen and being happily victimized no matter who tries to get in the way? Dang right that's standing up for yourself.

Don't listen to all these messed up chumps, OP, you're a top notch lady.

And that guy was obviously a crazy career criminal. Foolish little kids don't realize what life can be like. Way more complex than all that. No doubt you made the right decisions, and don't let anything keep you from that in the future, no matter how many crazy people there are, on buses or on image boards.

Anonymous 9339

If you gave her a direct link to the thread, then there's no need to sticky it.

Glop-Top - ignore the parasprites. Greymane Rusty Hooves 9340

File: 130227459653.jpg (25.8 KB, 285x287, dr_whooves_headshot.jpg)

(Lurker first time posting.)

OP please don't take the parasprites to heart at all.

Years ago (in the mists of time) myself and a bunch of other young bronies were altar boys at a local church. And you can guess what happened there.

But even though it happened to all of us we were too afraid to stand up. I'm sure that several other ponies were harmed after we passed through the barn and that will always be in the back of our minds.

You stood up and told somepony and made a difference. Don't let anypony tell you otherwise. You did a good thing.

Not every pony can be a fighter or hardened by battle. Some are just not made that way inside. That's why we have those around that _are_ made that way.

Think of it this way...the suggestion has been that you should have used a weapon or some other direct tool.

Well the police are a tool and a weapon both if used correctly. And I think you used them quite well. :-)

Snake !22h/t.iNiU 9341

File: 130227460114.jpg (20.47 KB, 600x378, super salute.jpg)

OP, I just want to salute you.

This kind of stuff is always underreported, and your willingness to not give up is admirable.

InquisitorMatthew(iPod)!Goldz8yV1E 9342

If it gets stickied, they won't move it to /arch/, though for a while.

Anonymous 9343

Ah, but are you not aware that I am a mod lurking in this thread? Did you think I would just leave? No, no, this thread won't be moved any time soon.

InquisitorMatthew(iPod)!Goldz8yV1E 9344

Oh shit.


Dear princess celestia,
Today I learnt that there can be good parasprites such as hitler, who is even appreciated through his German accent posts and funny sayings. I also learnt that there can be bad parasprites like violent J, who provided an impractical solution to something one might come across everyday. (I mean, what are the chances of a late teens, maybe early 20s girl kicking the flank of a full grown man? No offense OP). Being a guy, I-WAIT. FUCK.
Dear parasprites
Dude she did stand up for herself. She called the cops so the guy can get punished and learn his lesson rather than suffering in silence and making the guy think that it's okay to grab flank.
Your faithful-A SHIT I GIVE UP
(end letter)

Trotsworth!JEa4FzNw8. 9346

File: 130227499294.gif (474.83 KB, 250x182, Untitled-1.gif)

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9347

no my idea would have worked great heres an example with drunk ppl

Anonymous 9348

File: 130227531416.jpg (355.14 KB, 700x950, derpy_044.jpg)

Right, so if I get mugged by a guy with a gun it is TOTALLY my fault that I didn't buy a gun and a bullet-proof vest so I can kick the mugger's flank.

If I give him all the money I have and report to the police later I am suddenly NOT standing up for myself because I somehow did not preemptively expect a crime to happen to my person? REALLY?

Somehow, expecting the world to be civilized and the police to do their job is a sign of weakness?

Get the fuck out of here.

To OP, you did the right thing and stood up for youself.

Too many victims of such crimes just let it go because they simply want to forget it and move on.

This shitty society has somehow convinced people that crying "RAPE" and actually doing something about it is being "fussy". Well screw them.

glittercloud!pAk.Cj9cJ6 9349

okay I actually feel bad for those harsh words against the parasprites... I am sorry I kind of lost control you guy just shared your opinions but you could've done that without sounding so offensive...

Hacat 9350

Not to mention in the case of rape they always try and blame the victim in some way: were they drunk, wearing a mini skirt etc etc. It's total bullshit rape culture.

I think people are scared of the idea that some people are just bad people, so they pin the blame on the victim because they don't like the insecurity that comes from acknowledging that not everypony is good/civilised.

Anonymous 9351

File: 130227558163.png (24.78 KB, 945x945, 130194951510.png)

Tasers CAN kill people, you know.

You really have no idea what you are talking about.

Responding a sexual assault with a potentially fatal attack is stupid. I don't know where you live, but I live in a civilized world.

Anonymous 9352

Yeah, but those peeps are drunk, and that makes all the difference.
Just give it a rest already, i'm getting sick of your constant attempts (direct or indirect as they may be) to rub sand in the wounds.

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9354

File: 130227579457.jpg (150.33 KB, 1280x880, 130180099844.jpg)

Guys I suggest we stop bashing the "t rolls" even they have feelings, plus there's a chance it sparks more controversy and anger.

InquisitorMatthew(iPod)!Goldz8yV1E 9355

I agree with this.


You mean 'feeding' of course...the point of course is to stir up controversy ect

Anonymous 9357

Maybe so. I mean, I'm sure it was simply an honest mistake and no one meant any harm... You know how it is sometimes...

Corn-Pone!71l1sViydE 9358

File: 130227599724.png (145.71 KB, 640x360, 130217987025.png)

I just wish there'd been some time-out bans given so that this thread could've run its course without incident.

Tali Zorah vas Ponyville 9359

File: 130227601546.png (161.39 KB, 486x486, 129988964534.png)

I am not going to respond to the parasprites, I don't feel like getting mad. Maybe they actually aren't trying to be offensive, quite frankly I don't care. OP, you are a FUCKING BOSS. DO NOT forget that. Too many people let others walk all over them and do nothing.

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9360

File: 130227620587.png (415.62 KB, 800x664, 1299994411358.png)

that is the most retarded statment anypony has ever made......ever. its a non-lethal weapon deaths from tazers are few and far between and are usually because of heart conditions or seceptibility to heart conditions. so basically dont taze grandpa and if you have a heart condition dont grope the op's flank on a bus in the future. because i am sure that by now she has seen that my logic is irrefutable and has purchased a tazer from a licensed dealer. she will soon recieve training with the device and never worry about sexual assault again. dont thank me OP thank your self for being awesome.

Anonymous 9361

There cities where carrying a concealed weapon, including tazers, is banned.

Anonymous 9362

File: 130227639274.jpg (68.41 KB, 300x450, 130223151111.jpg)

Don't respond. He's just fishing for it at this point.

Amonisis!se/xGmYaM. 9363

File: 130227640671.png (240.23 KB, 583x520, mostadorablerainbow.png)


We stood up for Glop, and i believe she knows that we are behind her and we are dissapointed and upset with Violent J, Mudflips, Angel, and other parasprites.

but now we established what is right and what is wrong, we must not harass them anymore for that goes against our brony way. We love and tolerate, and while we cannot let parasprites harass one of our friends, we must also remember that harassing them just makes us the angry and spiteful ones.

let us put our anger aside and remember what this post is about. The bravery of Glop and her wise decisions that brought down a real criminal.

To Glop!

Anonymous 9364

Your assuming a senario where the 240 pound man doesn't just grab the 140 pound woman's arm before she can defend herself.

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9365

File: 130227649576.png (72.4 KB, 275x282, 130127522852.png)

seriously i hope you realise how fucking stupid what you said is. really i do. or maybe im overreacting its only rape ya know no biggie.

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9366

>implying that she only has one arm and dosent know how to struggle.


File: 130227659061.png (30.64 KB, 945x945, 130146147191.png)

Whatever you say, bro.

Princess Celestia!T/QtoPmArE 9368

File: 130227666662.png (67.57 KB, 280x280, me.png)

reported, just let it go guys.

Anonymous 9369


I..I actually agree with this. If you're finding yourself getting victimised like this OP, please please, find a way to protect yourself. The next guy might not be so benign. You did great in this situation, now it's time to make sure it doesn't happen again. I have a daughter on the way, and god knows I'll start her on weapons training as soon as she can handle it. I hate the world we live in, but I'm not gonna do any pervs a favor by pretending it's all roses and candy.

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9370

File: 130227688917.jpg (32.49 KB, 410x307, 1300932759533.jpg)

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9371

File: 130227696817.jpg (186.62 KB, 1000x1000, 130146289021.jpg)

o thank god somepony who gets it.

Anonymous 9372

File: 130227701453.png (67.12 KB, 468x478, 130175896218.png)

There's a big difference between hanging around in a gang area without any protection/caution (or as you call it 'seeing all roses and candy') and riding a public transportation without a potentially lethal weapon because you SOMEHOW didn't preemptively predict that you were going to be groped.

Is it really too much to ask for a safe/crime-free public transportation?

Maybe we should install CCTVs and machine gun turrets in all public transportation system to preemptively prevent crime since it's SOO unreasonable to expect people to not behave like a sex-crazed animal in public area.

Anonymous 9373

To Glop-Top: You are awesome sauce and don't believe anypony who tries to tell you otherwise. You have my admiration.

To the neckbeards: no1currs what you think a victim should or shouldn't have done after an assault. Take your victim-blaming and fuck off.

Hacat 9374

Lets not forget that most rape/sexual assault is perpetrated by somepony the victim knows. HOO GAWD HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY YOU SO FUNNY HOW YOU GET IN THE WAY OF A GOOD flank KICKING. FFFFFFF.

mudflips!22h/t.iNiU 9375

better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. plus in OP's situation she would not have needed or wanted to use the tazer seeing as the man was touching her her would have been shocked as well. all she would have had to do is show it to the assliant and activate it. tazers are fucking scary if it was me or anypony with half a brain they would stop and back the fuck up damn quick.

Corn-Pone!71l1sViydE 9376

File: 130227734192.png (67.02 KB, 171x302, 130160077664.png)

I move for threadlock


File: 130227739043.png (132.07 KB, 274x316, 130185270222.png)

OP I admire you, youre almost as cool as Scotaloo right now

Drefsab!SUlPJ6PzZE 9378

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Mooshi!Wahoo/v5Bc 9379

Get off her flank, seriously. Ponychan isn't 4chan's /b/. There is a "you need more than two brain cells to rub together" requirement. The RPing insults to somepony who had shit from the past to deal with is flat out pathetic.

Not everypony is the same nor does everypony handle a situation the same way. Shoot, one of my closest friends had a sickfuck do things with her as a kid and now (she's 21), she gets uncomfortable with things many people would enjoy such as being cuddled by somepony because of what happened to her as a little girl - it's sad. Talk is cheap, especially on the internet. The whole "You should have" or "I would have" is hot air, you're not fooling anypony except maybe yourself. Honestly, some of the posts in this thread make that idiot bus driver seem intillegent. And that's saying something.

OP, you deserve kudos. Even if your missed meeting was important, you would have felt sick inside (or even more so) the rest of the day knowing this creep was still out there. Who knows, you may have saved a girl from being a rape victim by getting him arrested. While you can't change the past, you can be stronger in the future and you proved just that.

Anonymous 9380


I'm glad you live in a safe neighborhood. I'm happy for you. I really am. Jealous even. I live in a country where the police are just as frightening to be around as a gang (raping extorting sons of bitches). I have a beautiful wife, and in a couple of months I'll have a beautiful daughter. I know how men think, and I've seen the depths their depravity can reach. My wife's already been mugged more than once on her way home from work, and I'm grateful beyond words that money was all they wanted. Do you have any idea how that feels? You can judge me all you want, but I'm not going to let my daughter grow up without SOME semblance of protection. I'm not trying to burst anypony's bubble here, I still think OP is a boss, but expecting the world to be civilized, I just can't wrap my head around that idea anymore.

Hacat 9381

I'm just going to go ahead and do it. I'm going to post this link and anypony with sense should check it out, since the owner of the blog I am about to link to is also a rape/assualt victim, take it seriously.


Words are easy, actions are not.


as somepony that has lived in these areas practically his entire life, i understand and agree with this post

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I expect the world to be civilized not because I have an idealistic outlook on human nature, but because we have a very intricate system of justice we pay money for that is intended to prevent just that.

I am not saying arming yourself in the face of danger is stupid. I am saying just because OP here didn't have a weapon on her doesn't make her actions after that (reporting to the police) somehow less valid.

And no, I don't live in a 'safe' neighborhood. No one does. All neighborhoods have varying degree of criminal activity. Pretending that criminals don't exist doesn't change anything.

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Thank you. You have no idea what that means to me. I respect you more than most people I know.

>Capped and saved. :D

!!Twilight ## Mod 9385

Yeah, sorry it turned out like this, but i\'m shutting this thread down because some of you don\'t get it. This isn\'t how we do things around here. When someone comes and posts a story about what happened in their life, and goes even further to try and convey a message to her fellow users, telling them not to be afraid to go to the authorities, you don\'t just belittle her in her own thread, and continue to do so until it\'s expiration. In fact, you don\'t even post at all. I have seen some people trying to defend themselves with the \"oh, this doesn\'t belong here, move it\", well if you wanted us to move it, maybe you should, oh I don\'t know REPORT IT?! Not once did I see a report to have this thread moved, and you still continued to carry on about it!And furthermore,even if you are just trying to help by posting \"hey, don\'t be a bitch, go and stand up for yourself next time you dumba­ss\", think of what it would be like if you were the OP, and you had just gotten slandered like that, for doing something you believed in, or thought was right. You wouldn\'t like that, now would you? Just don\'t do it, and try to be more compassionate for someone who had just gotten molested on public transportation./thread /discussion /shut up, whatever. It seems some of you have forgotten just about the first thing the Admin had posted on the front page, \"Don\'t bring the drama here, keep it out\". Try not to cause trouble anymore, okay? Being a moderator is hard enough as it is, and seeing threads like these just melt into pits of despair and cries to ban just makes it all the more stressful and hard to do your job correctly.Also, I want no one to start any threads about or pertaining to this thread in the future; it has caused enough drama to have it\'s own ED article. First offence will get deleted and second will get you a ban.Archived for future lesson to be learned, and for this post to be remarked upon.Keep the drama out of here.

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