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File: 131195023628.gif (317.01 KB, 315x400, I am pretty awesome.gif)

2505475[Last 50 Posts]

Last night, Stephen Colbert put out a survey (if you could call it that) on his Super PAC website. He's done this to see what his viewers stand for. This whole thing will end with a joke, so I ask this of you guys.

Send in the ponies.

Caboozles!m0VgyOa0g2 2505477

File: 131195325192.gif (70.74 KB, 323x272, Typing.gif)

This is actually quite a brilliant idea.

Just submitted, hope to see a lot more (We could potentially even get on the Colbert Report?)


File: 131195334302.gif (143.49 KB, 770x770, Applause.gif)

That's the ideal end result

Caboozles!m0VgyOa0g2 2505479

File: 131195403352.jpg (23.08 KB, 309x303, SOMEBODY POISONED THE WATER HO…)


BronyIsMagic 2505480

"Thanks for taking a stand!
Especially on that topic, which I agree more people should be talking about."

He must be a brony too

Automated responses are fun

Hipster Brony At Work 2505481

File: 131195426355.gif (37.19 KB, 210x209, FamilyGuy-Good20Good.gif)

Done. Let's put this on other boards as well. MWAHAHAHAHAHA

[The]Anonpony 2505482

File: 131195433704.gif (1.98 MB, 720x480, buck.gif)

I'm bucking the hell out of this.

[The]Anonpony 2505483

We need something unified we can all say. How about, "Friendship = magic"?

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505484

File: 131195455010.jpg (200.78 KB, 1023x955, 9108 - crossover parody The_Co…)



File: 131195463518.png (14.68 KB, 404x408, For teh lulz.png)

That works. I put "My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic is the greatest show on television" but yours makes more sense.

Anonymous 2505486


i agree with this.
but at the same time, we also need a way to prove that we are completely serious about it, and not just some silly parasprites.

Caboozles!m0VgyOa0g2 2505487

"I stand not only for all of the ponies in Equestria, but for ponies everywhere."

In hindsight not my best work.


File: 131195486813.gif (25.2 KB, 257x257, Blink.gif)

You have to remember that we're dealing with Colbert. He's mentioned LOLcats and ICHC, so it's entirely plausible that he's encountered MLPFIM before we mention it. And it's not like he's Tosh, he's not just gonna slam it into the ground because he thinks it makes him cool.

Anonymous 2505489

"I stand for my Lady, Princess Celestia, and the eternal Equestrian nation."

Anonymous 2505490

...would "gloud Equestrian nation" sound better?

Anonymous 2505491

File: 131195517439.png (110.86 KB, 433x401, luna_wut.png)

Bloody wordfilters.
Gloh-ree-ous. Not gloud.


File: 131195522885.png (872.76 KB, 1166x853, Rainbow Dash fangirl squeal ga…)

I love Colbert. xD


File: 131195525455.gif (533.64 KB, 400x320, Play nice.gif)

It doesn't really matter too much. Just make sure it's clear that you're talking about MLPFIM

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505494

File: 131195534755.jpg (24.58 KB, 401x305, 35394 - comic dickbutt horribl…)

This is seriously me right now.

SabreDance!!N1AJHmAQp0 2505495

"I stand with my fellow Bronies, to send the message of love and toleration towards everyone."


File: 131195550026.gif (390.1 KB, 628x453, Playfully singing.gif)

Don't we all?

Chocolate-Mint Swirl!!V3BTMxAmx4 2505497

File: 131195551004.png (217.77 KB, 573x510, 131185362899.png)

I already sent in my ponies.

Bucking for our new pony overlords.


I stand for the values of love and tolerance as taught by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


File: 131195722335.jpg (76.18 KB, 864x885, O God No.jpg)

I just typed," I stand for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."

Looking back, I kinda wish I went into more depth on the subject.


File: 131195735926.png (77.12 KB, 103x125, Agreement.png)

As long as the show is mentioned, it will file together with the rest.

Pivot!!L5AQOyBJEw 2505502

File: 131195775616.jpg (21.12 KB, 310x358, 130923082768.jpg)

Oh god I hope to see an awesome result of this.

Toddly!MZnKv7V5Bc 2505503

File: 131195780016.png (71.01 KB, 280x280, twi n_n.png)


CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505504

File: 131195810645.jpg (236.52 KB, 900x753, 25743 - rubix_cube twilight_sp…)

I put "MLP: Friendship is Magic: All who oppose are tolerated and all who follow are embraced."

I wish I could have actually spelled out the MLP part though.


File: 131195865444.jpg (17.7 KB, 300x300, Approval.jpg)

I'm about to send this to Seth at EqD. Wish me luck.

SW Indiana Brony 2505506

"Ponies. Lots of Ponies. Friendship and Magic for All! But mostly Ponies."

I also support Stephen getting money to do whatever the hell he wants, but that wouldn't fit.


File: 131195939306.png (86.71 KB, 824x608, Rape face.png)

The e-mail hath been sent. I await to see if Seth posts it.

LordSunstone 2505508

"Love, friendship, tolerance, and ponies."


Oh no, I'm not letting this die so easily.

Anonymous 2505510

I stand for honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity, loyalty, and magic. Also ponies, lots of ponies.

SW Indiana Brony 2505511


You do realize that multiple email addresses are allowed, yes?

I signed up my main one (gmail), my former main one (old one that the university keeps open for some reason), and my spam account (hotmail).

Anonymous 2505512

just submitted congrats on your great idea HavahdYahd


File: 131196301870.png (467.19 KB, 720x540, Please.png)

Yes actually, I've submitted twice with my Aim (normal) and gmail (spam)


Bucking again for great justice

MaskOfData!lQJa4hs2JU 2505515

"In the true spirit of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," I believe in love and tolerance."

Gelzo!isYbygF9Yo 2505516

File: 131196751824.jpg (43.84 KB, 350x447, 130161961852.jpg)

I just put down "Ponies."

Short, sweet, nothing cheesy.

Anonymous 2505517

Short and simple it might be but it may or may not be confused with such little to go on. A little elaboration might serve to get all of our responses filed together.

Kamunami !2FUMirxM8. 2505518

"I stand for all the little ponies of Equestria who have yet to earn their cutie mark"

Anonymous 2505519

I did precisely the same thing.


Gelzo!isYbygF9Yo 2505520

They aren't going to notice that it fits in a pattern if they see a bunch of messages that mention ponies?

Don't think that counts as a herdmind, brony.

Anonymous 2505521

I simply put "Love and Toleration through My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic" couldn't really think of anything better.

SW Indiana Brony 2505522

File: 131197745365.gif (42.86 KB, 360x360, Clapping Dr Whoof.gif)

The auto response from Colbert SuperPAC is great.


Dear Hero,

You are receiving this letter because you had the courage to visit http://bit.ly/PACstand, and more importantly, the attention span to fill out the form before getting distracted by Facebook, GChat, or a Huffington Post article with “PIPPA WHALETAIL” in the title.

Thank you for plumbing the depths of your soul and passing along the principles you value most dearly. Your concerns are important to us, and will be appreciated in the order they are received.


Stephen Colbert
Supreme Allied Commander, Colbert Super PAC


I’ll see you in robot hell, you son of a bitch.

Stephen Colbert

Anonymous 2505523

I just have to share this with anypony who might not of seen it yet.


sorry about the long link!

Quell 2505524

the magic of friendship
everything ponies and pastel
Celestia's benevolent dictatorship
fuck griffins

(I like griffins though)

Sonic Flare!x3bFlJB6qw 2505525

File: 131197852160.jpg (70.45 KB, 945x945, 131112917837.jpg)

I said "Thanks to MLP:FiM I stand for love, tolerance, cooperation, and most importantly friendship!!!"



Communard!StARsTcVb2 2505527

File: 131198029901.png (217.66 KB, 577x530, 130756702438.png)

"Better government through friendship and ponies."

Anonymous 2505528

File: 131198046026.png (424.79 KB, 1600x1000, 131034067422.png)


like a bosspony.

JosephPRPD!1AzbxN1TUM 2505529

I entered "Ponies!"

JosephPRPD!1AzbxN1TUM 2505530

File: 131198103481.png (302.46 KB, 780x624, Friendship is Cannon.png)


...shit. I should've read this post before I entered.
Well good thing I have several e-mails!

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505531

File: 131198116802.png (50.38 KB, 191x178, rarity sad upset lip bite.png)

Do I really have to tweet it, or is that part a joke too?

Rainbow SMASH 2505532

File: 131198118296.jpg (168.8 KB, 620x518, itsmypartayyy.jpg)

dont be a dummy, be a smarty, join the pony party


File: 131198141215.png (366.71 KB, 1366x768, Hey now, be nice.png)

It's part of the joke

Anonymous 2505534

File: 131198173694.jpg (26.5 KB, 480x350, 130252929247.jpg)

We're going to do this.
We're making this happen.

Communard!StARsTcVb2 2505535

File: 131198314823.png (1.85 MB, 1600x900, YES WE CAN.png)

Dronicus!fsy9yTX/4A 2505536

File: 131198403031.jpg (32.96 KB, 500x580, Winning.jpg)

Yes, YES! Do this!!!
Done with caps lock.
>Pic related

Anonymous 2505537

Better idea. Let's start a PAC about getting Stephen and Jon to make out.

Because I want that.

Still Apony 2505538

File: 131198435495.jpg (83.6 KB, 1011x790, RD0014.jpg)

Get on the wire to /oat/! We need there men!

Dronicus!fsy9yTX/4A 2505539

File: 131198449718.gif (499.7 KB, 499x281, Best Day Ever.gif)

On it!

MG_Salad!W9ZcOhM8zg 2505540

I don't want to sign up for anything. Sorry, but I cannot do it..

Still Apony 2505541

File: 131198486450.png (221.73 KB, 1478x1551, 130972735800.png)

then link me so i can comment!

Anonymous 2505542

File: 131198558666.png (40.79 KB, 225x225, celestia dares you.png)

You can just enter any e-mail address, or non-address for that matter. You don't need to verify anything.

Solaris (Dronicus)!fsy9yTX/4A 2505543

File: 131198678606.jpg (22.34 KB, 500x375, Mr_ T.jpg)

This is true. There is no verification.

Still Apony 2505544

File: 131198709226.png (49.76 KB, 256x256, 130972753253.png)


Sooo..... /oat/ thread?

Spiderman 2505545

Bump for great justice. We must not falter.

Runbow Dash 2505546

File: 131198757464.gif (29.03 KB, 360x360, 130645497152.gif)

Just got it done

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505547

File: 131198887241.png (173.07 KB, 500x367, 31954 - tagme.png)

To instill ponies in government would be to instill fear in other nations who not know their capabilities.

I think that quote thread from last night has me creating my own quotes now.

Dronicus!fsy9yTX/4A 2505548

File: 131198888082.png (261.51 KB, 969x1118, Oat Mascot.png)

I tried it in chat, have not in oat. Go for it!

HavahdYahd [different computer, so no trip or Mayor pics] 2505549

Seth said he'll put this in the nightly news.

Still Apony 2505550

File: 131198943627.jpg (83.6 KB, 1011x790, RD0014.jpg)


/oat/ thread not needed. <3

HavahdYahd [different computer, so no trip or Mayor pics] 2505551

File: 131199022609.jpg (46.97 KB, 1280x720, 108262.jpg)

I made an /oat/ thread a while ago and they rejected the idea. Now I laugh at their face. Take THAT /oat/!

Anonymous 2505552


is there a link to prove?

HavahdYahd [different computer, so no trip or Mayor pics] 2505553

HavahdYahd [different computer, so no trip or Mayor pics] 2505554

Also got a /chat/ thread. I didn't start it though.

steamy!!HkAGWzZJR4 2505555

File: 131199288101.png (324.53 KB, 1280x898, 131034202072.png)

i never liked oat, to random for me, but what they just did was really an ass move :/

Still Apony 2505556

File: 131199301284.png (129.79 KB, 364x330, 129953253530.png)

Love and tolerate. <3

steamy!!HkAGWzZJR4 2505557

File: 131199349505.png (149.15 KB, 800x1000, 130316079948.png)

it's so hard, i mean, when it's parasprites, loving and tolerating is fun. but look what oat did, LOOK at it...

Still Apony 2505558

File: 131199364039.png (38.58 KB, 245x226, 130031279241.png)

But they're still our brethren...
The immature little brother who we dont always understand....

They arent that bad... Although i do get a little sick of the way they act.

steamy!!HkAGWzZJR4 2505559

File: 131199379936.png (81.63 KB, 700x700, 130042497828.png)

i'll never be able to let this go D:

though, live and let live. i'll move on..... for now

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505560


>Majority /arch/ posters doing this until it's posted on EqD

Meh, I'm okay with that.

HavahdYahd [different computer, so no trip or Mayor pics] 2505561

Once it gets to Eqd the amount of people will increase expo-fucking-nentionally. This is possibly the greatest idea I've ever come up with.

Still Apony 2505562

File: 131199441984.png (95.55 KB, 317x324, 130100538623.png)

Maybe. <3
We'll have to wait and see you genius you.

HavahdYahd [different computer, so no trip or Mayor pics] 2505563

Bucking untill it get's posted on EqD. Then we can let this thread die.

JanusII 2505564

File: 131199665877.png (144.93 KB, 561x712, colbertsuperpac-pinkiepie.png)

On account of my planning to send something in anyway, I don't know why I didn't think of this.

Colbert is a fear elemental, so let's get Pinkie Pie on the case. That even gives him a call back.

Still Apony 2505565

File: 131199761759.png (173.42 KB, 457x475, 130071473431.png)

But remember!
His co producer is a fire elemental...
Level 67!
We'll need to slip pinkie in past his defence.


File: 131200029794.jpg (21.22 KB, 383x357, 130682121750.jpg)

I'm a little confused right now. What exactly did /oat/ do to HavahdYahd?

steamy!!HkAGWzZJR4 2505567

File: 131200037308.gif (583.71 KB, 454x418, 130049065840.gif)

Stogee!OvNvQpZhz. 2505568

Space bears!!! taking his hatred of bears to its logical conclusion

Stogee!OvNvQpZhz. 2505569

File: 131200458798.jpg (42.31 KB, 640x360, Ursa_Major.jpg)

crap forgot picture

All Highlander!EJehEJlgg6 2505570

So, if ponies were ever featured on Colbert, do you think they'd be on his Fear Factor segment, or Tip of the Hat/ Wag of the Finger?

Anonymous 2505571

FiM ponies?

All Highlander!EJehEJlgg6 2505572



Anonymous 2505573

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and how the show represents unbreakable friendship between all bronies.

All 106 characters! yay

Lollercoaster2!Pwny1VjhHY 2505574

File: 131202243248.png (23.55 KB, 314x303, OC Lol.png)

"I stand for my fellow bronys, for friendship, love and tolerance everywhere"


I typed this.... "I stand for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Why? Friendship is magic i ain't gotta explain shit!"

Anonymous 2505577

File: 131202339133.jpg (42.82 KB, 720x720, 268115_250946841585790_1000001…)




File: 131202399068.png (177 KB, 411x353, Happy smile.png)

We got on EqD.......It's as good as done.

zombie pony? 2505579

File: 131202514282.jpg (111.05 KB, 700x603, twilight military_are_magic_by…)

I did my part. And can't think of anything else to say.


This is brilliant!

Anonymous 2505581

Simple, guys. "A cartoon pony on every TV."

Bastardizing a Republican campaign slogan with ponies? Win.


"I stand for Princess Celestia and Luna our Alicorn overlords of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic"

We need to shoot this out on Twitter as well, get this shit trending yo.

Hulkbow!SMASH/3FWA 2505583

"I stand for the Lunar Uprising, and the end of Celestia's tyrannical reign. The night shall last FOREVER!"

Exact number of permitted characters, too.

Spike_Pilgrim 2505584

Oh god yes


CaptainKitten!ImI4HV0wfc 2505585

"I stand for the exploration and study of arcane magic, including but not limited to friendship and ponies."


File: 131203564486.png (59.79 KB, 256x256, Join Us.png)

I stand for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. You shall be assimilated. Mwah. Mwahah. Mwahahahahahahah!!

Of course I nerded it up.

Anonymous 2505587


Ghost of Hot-Blood!URFYnZQTvk 2505588

The thing after submitting what I stood ("I stand for Love, Tolerance, and the Equestrian way") for said I should tweet it, otherwise it wouldn't count...
Then again, I don't know if it was being serious.
So... I should get a Twitter account and tweet it so it'll count?

Anonymous 2505589

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this

Anonymous 2505590

Did my part too!
I am so excited to see what comes of this.

Solaris (Dronicus)!fsy9yTX/4A 2505591

File: 131203791936.jpg (32.96 KB, 500x580, Winning.jpg)

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505592

File: 131203813889.png (310.66 KB, 500x568, fixed.png)


fixed this for you

ravage 2505593

File: 131203863732.jpg (25.39 KB, 343x356, SpikeGlare.jpg)

>mui visario qan

Jecht!Blitz.GaAA 2505594

Don't really care for the show, but anything to get ponies in places you wouldn't expect them.


Submitted for the glory of our great Princesses and Friendship is Magic. Now to see how this will turn out.


File: 131204317556.png (241.78 KB, 1280x1433, twilight_rage_by_moongazeponie…)

!Celestia should autoban users, uploading stuff with MLB overlays on them...

Gosh, I freaking HATE Cheezburger!


File: 131204327278.jpg (17.7 KB, 300x300, Approval.jpg)

I agree. It's been slowly creeping in. If you're gonna use a pic, at least crop it so we don't know.

Anonymous 2505598

I already sent mine in before I saw this thread.
I said "Honesty, laughter, kindness, generosity, loyalty, and the magic of friendship."

Anonymous 2505599

I stand for Friendship and My Little Pony

Still Apony 2505600

File: 131204433821.png (38.58 KB, 245x226, 130031279241.png)

Dont know what that website is...
not sure want google.

Darken_Skye!G8oH7xOhLk 2505601

File: 131204646522.png (41.74 KB, 611x423, Google Chrome.png)

Here's my entry.


I just posted "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - great cartoon, or the greatest cartoon?"

I was going to write "show" instead of cartoon, but then I realized the Colbert Report is the greatest show. So I settle for cartoon.

Still Apony 2505603

File: 131204680790.png (173.61 KB, 488x588, 130093640499.png)

No. <3
Greatest show is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Im sure they'll figure out your mistake though. ♥

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505604

File: 131204694019.gif (127.76 KB, 800x600, 23495 - artist Aku drawing hum…)


That's not MLP: FiM or The Daily Show

ElectricZoNe 2505605

Got the message in too. Here from EQD.

Still Apony 2505606

File: 131204720330.png (125.36 KB, 355x354, IRD0027.png)

Cmon! Lets make this happen friend. <3

Anonymous 2505607


Jon Stewart isn't funny... at all really.

It would be amazing if Colbert talked about ponies.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505608

File: 131204822208.gif (1.97 MB, 640x447, 23604 - animated applejack epi…)


But yes, Colbert needs to talk about ponies. I wouldn't want Jon talking about ponies.


File: 131204837539.jpg (50.39 KB, 252x336, 29335805.jpg)

Even though he's mentioned it online, I know the one guy who should never talk about ponies on his show.

All Highlander!EJehEJlgg6 2505610


The sad reality is that he'll probably be the first.

And it won't be pretty.


File: 131204866655.png (177 KB, 411x353, Happy smile.png)

Not if the Colbert plan works out

Anonymous 2505612

File: 131204882538.gif (475.64 KB, 200x200, TwilightSparkler.gif)

"Only magical talking pastel-colored ponies can save us from three-story-tall rampaging bears made of stars"


Still Apony 2505613

File: 131204884127.png (91.91 KB, 277x275, IRD0001.png)

I dont know who that is.

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505614

I submitted:

"I stand for love, tolerance, and ponies!"

Taffy for Ponies!gTaffyWrWA 2505615

File: 131204903280.png (179.87 KB, 656x661, TS_YESHYESH.png)

Awesome! Contributed!


File: 131204906970.png (31.88 KB, 184x184, Da Fuck.png)

Daniel Tosh. All the things that are horrible with the internet, that isn't /b/, congealed into a 30 minute show

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505617

File: 131204911964.png (47.4 KB, 186x178, rarity angry glare upset mad d…)


I hate that guys' show. It's essentially 23 minutes of him mocking people on the internet.


File: 131204922371.png (191.24 KB, 527x357, Oh, that&#039;s silly.png)

To be fair, half the videos he mocks are of retards and rednecks doing dumb shit. Those I don't mind, but all the segments that aren't the videos at the beginning are complete garbage.

Anonymous 2505619

I stand for the magic of friendship.
I've done my part for A-mare-ica.

Anonymous 2505620

File: 131204932102.png (14.42 KB, 570x398, Untitled.png)

One more for you

Still Apony 2505621

File: 131204943185.jpg (21.12 KB, 635x356, 129860322739.jpg)

Oh ya. Some of my friends like that show....
But then they also love 4chan..... Im sure its pretty horrible.

Anonymous 2505622

File: 131204947056.jpg (269.55 KB, 854x770, 1234713355556.jpg)

Anonymous 2505623

You don't need to click anything in the mail they send to you to verify your humanity, so you can just use any non-address.

Emperor_Z 2505624

So, when do they intend to use the results of this thing? I rarely watch TV, so I'll have to know when to tune in.

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505625


The actual date is unknown. It'll come as a surprise to all of us. However, the Colbert Report airs at 11:30 PM every weekday, if you want to keep an eye on it.


File: 131205000286.png (319.47 KB, 571x582, But that&#039;s just like your…)

He last aired on Thursday and he'd said he'd announce the result next week. He has a show every weekday except Friday. I'd assume Monday or Tuesday.


File: 131205036522.jpg (32.28 KB, 500x500, Humanized.jpg)

I forgot to mention a detail in the story of the "I Stand For" thing that Colbert started. (Don't worry, it's good)

On his show on Thursday; Colbert was mentioning the donations to his PAC as he does every couple of days. He told the story of a very special donation he got. He got a letter in crayon and $13 from two girls ages 10 and 8. They said how they wanted to raise money for the PAC via lemonade stand. But their parents wouldn't let them to do that if they didn't know what it stood for. So Colbert put the function on the website to ask the viewers what he should stand for.

Appabloom(Noble Team)!Wmg/APplEs 2505628

File: 131205047164.gif (168.61 KB, 155x119, 131198445307.gif)

>maximum overD'AAAAAAAW

Emperor_Z 2505629

Wait, so this is something serious then? I feel a little bad now

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505630

File: 131205071290.png (64.1 KB, 186x181, rarity happy cucumbers.png)


Well then ponies works really well.

Still Apony 2505631

File: 131205076224.png (427.07 KB, 1640x1074, 129909571721.png)

Not sure how to feel.....

I think maybe itll be about ponies and cancer.

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505632

File: 131205091058.png (72.34 KB, 250x225, rarity smug ^_^.png)


There's nothing wrong about standing for friendship.


File: 131205093622.png (307.17 KB, 693x545, Happy^^.png)

Exactly. This plan officially became awesome.

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505634


Indeed. I can't think of anything better to stand for now.

Still Apony 2505635

File: 131205323973.png (271.6 KB, 668x688, 129933143282.png)

Im not sure im following...
What do little girls and ponies have to do with eachother? <3

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505636

File: 131205360638.jpg (138.69 KB, 630x446, 22722 - bronies cartoonist lit…)


Nothing at all.

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505637

File: 131205375626.png (62.42 KB, 205x198, rarity happy jumping for joy e…)


Oh my god I went to check if that was actually real.

Should have read the file name I guess.

Ponies 2505638

I wrote this:

"I stand for ponies, and the virtues they represent. There is good in everyone, ponies remind us of that."

Hope it's good ^~^!

Viraus!7fRNS4cARs 2505639


The Onion referenced Bronies?

I am so damn happy right now.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505640

File: 131205460990.png (445.53 KB, 1016x720, 18005 - applejack artist shutt…)

That the guy in the black shirt originally had "/CO/" on his shirt. I colored over it just because.

Caboozles!m0VgyOa0g2 2505641

File: 131205509439.png (192.1 KB, 486x486, America FUCK YEAH.png)

Actually, it was the Onion AV Club's review that got me into ponies.

It was a glowing review, and probably the best we have.

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505642

File: 131205519246.png (246.95 KB, 486x486, RD american flag proper colors…)

Caboozles!m0VgyOa0g2 2505643

File: 131205535152.png (96.45 KB, 275x390, Squee.png)

Well, I know what I'm posting on my facebook this 9/11.

Fractured 2505644

What do you stand for?:
The spreading the magic of friendship, generosity, kindness, laughter, loyalty, and honesty, via ponies.


File: 131205971052.png (421.88 KB, 640x360, Gala.png)

"I stand for My Little Pony, for its' strong community, cares about what really matters. Their fellow pony."

Prime 2.0!uJZO78UDXQ 2505646

"I stand for freedom of expression, and forcing people to see things they just aren't used to. Also, ponies"


File: 131206219411.jpg (4.65 KB, 120x125, 131082404917s.jpg)

"I stand for what My Little Pony Friendship is Magic represents. Friendship and love and tolerance."

I did my part! :D <3

Flutterguy 2505648

File: 131206254930.png (142.86 KB, 900x595, want_a_muffin__by_redenchilada…)

Did my part. Holy shit the idea that he might mention us on his show legit scares me.

This! James The Joker 2505649

This is an image we should all be referencing in our submissions. Colbert would love it!

TonsAndTonsOfPlot 2505650

Ponies work pretty darn well, don't they!


BronyVids 2505651

File: 131206611948.gif (816.56 KB, 438x216, my-little-pony-friendship-is-m…)

I said "What's with all these ponies Colbert... Just kidding Applejack is best pony"

Anonymous 2505652

"I'm for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I love and tolerate the heck out of EVERYONE. Except bears."

Seriously, fuck bears. Not literally though, that'd be TOO much love and tolerance. One-way tolerance, too, you'd end up with a pretty heavy case of the maulings. Probably.

James The Joker 2505653

File: 131206888268.jpg (31 KB, 800x449, RainbowDash10.jpg)

Submitted 4 times. For the ponies!


File: 131207059434.png (55.17 KB, 214x210, Hay der.png)

I'm debating whether or not to start a thread on the Colbert Nation forums.


File: 131207064981.jpg (136.96 KB, 509x573, DO IT FILLY.jpg)

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505656

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505658

File: 131207247246.jpg (79.65 KB, 500x500, fee2f27e1059fa0fa156df4468a909…)

Still Apony 2505659

File: 131207299603.png (139.08 KB, 640x360, 129865584530.png)

Do i need to make an account to reply?


File: 131207312518.png (114.71 KB, 313x258, But Whhhy.png)


Anonymous 2505661

File: 131207364930.jpg (77.19 KB, 1100x905, need-more-pony.jpg)

Bronies desperately needed to help populate the Colbert Nation thread!

Still Apony 2505662

File: 131207377132.gif (911.46 KB, 403x316, 130038729368.gif)

Id sign up if i could find a sign up page...

Anonymous 2505663

File: 131207385526.jpg (69.56 KB, 1280x720, 130669279800.jpg)

There's a toolbar at the top right corner with login/signup links

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505664

File: 131207392098.jpg (200.78 KB, 1023x955, 131195455010.jpg)

Who is the artist of this? Because I want to shake your hoof good stallion.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505665

File: 131207433556.jpg (409.97 KB, 1005x1280, colbert_pony_by_stinkehund-d3d…)


Evidently, it's by http://stinkehund.deviantart.com/gallery/, but I didn't find it in his gallery. But I did find this pic.

Anonymous 2505666

File: 131207443820.png (597.67 KB, 1366x768, Untitled.png)

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505667

File: 131207495544.png (37.48 KB, 171x202, rarity shrug rock.png)

Signup link times out for me.

Anonymous 2505668

Yikes. You have the latest Flash & Shockwave plugins?

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505669


Yup. I just get the circle dial thing on a white box forever. Noscript allows the site.

Anonymous 2505670

Torrents running or something else wrecking your bandwidth?
All I have are cliché stock answers, you might need to talk to someone who actually knows something about websites.

Anonymous 2505671

there's this too I guess. Doubt it'll be much help though

Still Apony 2505672

File: 131207583415.png (370.61 KB, 606x735, 129944831694.png)

So guys.
The uploaders pretty easy. Just take any old image url and paste it in the box and be sure not to preview the post before submitting....
I think that has a chance of breaking it.


I used "Connect with Facebook" then signed up. It takes a bit longer but it worked

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505674


Is it that common to have torrents running?

And no, I'm having a conversation fine on skype. /shrug

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505675

When posting a picture do I have to set the alignment or anything?

Still Apony 2505676

File: 131207691962.jpg (39.93 KB, 470x457, 130057102689.jpg)


Also! This is important! It doesnt accept ponychan urls!
Try other sources.

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505677

Where's the upload function o nthe site?

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505678


Nm, got it.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505679


Nevermind, problem solved.

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505680

File: 131207708436.png (215.22 KB, 479x461, rarity cocky smile smug expres…)

Oh, my avatar is my facebook picture.

/em cabbagepatch


File: 131207766416.jpg (143.75 KB, 500x667, Comic.jpg)

Jump on into the thread we got going at Colbert Nation. We're hoping it get's big enough for someone to notice. So just image dump for now. http://forums.colbertnation.com/?page=ThreadView&thread_id=27941&pg=1

Still Apony 2505682

File: 131207788660.png (241.09 KB, 2002x1480, 129860236963.png)

Well did ya look at the views?


We only need 16,700 more views to tie the Mega Man Legends 3 thread

Still Apony 2505684

File: 131207816665.png (129.79 KB, 364x330, 129953253530.png)

well weve only been up for what... an hour?

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505685

Ponibooru also confirmed for not working. But the servers make me go to sleep waiting for it to load anyway.

Sent. Pinkshine !k/NFXS4UHY 2505686

File: 131207833720.jpg (70.3 KB, 900x806, 131100218237.jpg)

"For Bronies.All must be assimilated int the herd.resistance is futile.My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."

Thunderhooves!2/KpKiocGU 2505687

File: 131207845921.jpg (74.09 KB, 900x825, 6c5b86_2192984_large.jpg)

how do you posting is magic?

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505688

imgur is working fine for me.

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505689

Havard, why post non-pony picture?


McBehrer the Grammar Fascist!!Z3MGN2AzL1 2505690

I put
"Seeing Colbert provide a guest voice on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I would pay all of my money."

I even got the exact character amount without trying, so that's neat.


File: 131207915369.png (31.88 KB, 184x184, Da Fuck.png)

I did what?

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505692

File: 131207926834.png (118.05 KB, 297x269, rarity what the fuck confused …)


Posted the humanized soaren

everyone gonna look at it and be like "Wtf mate"


Oki Doki Loki, I'll change it

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505694

File: 131207946497.gif (1.36 MB, 1024x576, 18301 - animated gif pinkie_pi…)

Well, Havahd, you have me preoccupied for tonight.


We are on an important mission, gentlecolts. The fate of our entire country hangs in the balance. Equestria expects every man to do his duty.

Post pony!


Bucking for the night

Anonymous 2505697

File: 131208343459.png (239.48 KB, 560x522, 131206247204.png)

Hey everyone! We're actually trying to do stuff now instead of random imagespam so come on by the Colbert Nation thread! We'd appreciate any contributions!


File: 131208368050.jpg (102.57 KB, 800x717, mail_google_com (1).jpg)

And coming up with stuff isn't easy so the more minds we can get working the faster we'll form a coherent argument!

Metalbrony 2505699

File: 131208522322.png (192.1 KB, 486x486, Rainbow Dash Salute.png)


Just put a major TL:DR post on the forum as to why the elements of harmony coincide with politics.

Anonymous 2505700

File: 131208589222.png (853.93 KB, 1600x900, brohoof.png)

Anonymous 2505701

File: 131208638635.jpg (351.8 KB, 2031x1412, 131133033148.jpg)

I stand for Friendship, magic and The Great and Powerful Trixie

Anonymous 2505702

somepony needs to link them this picture right here

Anonymous 2505703

File: 131208666091.png (56.13 KB, 409x334, moar.png)

Awesome! How about you join us in the forum and take the chance to expand on that a little?

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505704

File: 131208670440.png (246.95 KB, 486x486, RD american flag proper colors…)


Why link that one over this one I made?


Should we get Seth to link to the Colbert Nation thread in the next Nightly Roundup?

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505706

File: 131208727823.png (331.46 KB, 578x510, rarity oh my gosh huge smile h…)


Just send him an email about it at sethisto@gmail.com

Anyone can do it.


File: 131208749486.jpg (59.09 KB, 600x376, 130756641205.jpg)


I need help. I can't register for the colbert forums, the form does, well, nothing when I register. My connection drops now and then, so should we make a new thread when I get back home so we can bump for ponies?

Anonymous 2505709

If you need help registering I'm not the guy to talk to. There's Support@comedycentral.com if you want to contact them about it though

ALSO a new thread may be a good idea. our purpose has evolved slightly since this one was created, and it'll be nice to have the different links organized into a single OP


I agree. So for the new thread we would need these links:


And then the URL of this thread itself, just for the sake of completeness. That about right?


File: 131209174511.png (164.23 KB, 572x573, yeaaaaahhboiiiiii.png)

Better make sure I set my DVR to record the next few episodes of the Colbert Report. Although if ponies are mentioned on the show, I'm sure it will be all over EQD.

I stand for the magic of friendship and for the glorious, impending takeover of this nation by ponies.

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505712


They get put online if you miss 'em.

Jupiter Bronius Maximus 2505714

"I stand for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the values of tolerance and open-mindedness that it taught me."

Ponies AND an important message!


File: 131212474998.jpg (23.88 KB, 356x356, Stupid Sexy Mayor.jpg)

Buckin because the Colbert thread is active again.

Dronicus!fsy9yTX/4A 2505716

File: 131212724076.png (246.95 KB, 486x486, Rainbow Flag.png)

Bucking for America.


Late to the party, but submitted!

Maybe I'll actually watch Colbert while waiting around for the new teefury shirt.

Metalbrony 2505718

File: 131213662540.png (84.85 KB, 197x184, Adorable2.png)

Posted as to why Pinkie Pie's 4th wall antics represent good presidential traits. (kinda)

Still Apony 2505719

File: 131215404473.jpg (44.08 KB, 519x511, 130091491461.jpg)

Woah... Two threads now?

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505720

File: 131215569855.jpg (68.5 KB, 631x564, 130902262871.jpg)


>First thread
>No problem whatsoever
>Second thread
>Resistance almost right off the bat


What other thread?

James The Joker 2505723

File: 131215932908.gif (1.17 MB, 480x360, Haters.gif)


It's a little bit sad how fast the hate showed up.

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505724

File: 131215947079.png (43.61 KB, 188x179, rarity uhg.png)

I'm really confused why morons are arguing with the trolls

Really? Why would anyone respond?

Learn how to deal with trolls.

Stogee!OvNvQpZhz. 2505725

File: 131216072964.png (348.29 KB, 600x625, 131156233755.png)

I don't see any problem with them engaging the trolls it gets everyone a few laughs and shows how we deal with abrasive people so...yeah

ravage 2505726

File: 131216083828.png (78.78 KB, 393x294, SpikeImSorry.png)

Trolls? Where?!

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505727

File: 131216096868.png (144.28 KB, 323x311, rarity angry squint.png)


It looks like it's over, last post in the thread by them was over an hour ago.

Warmitchine 2505728

Among'st the folk of Trollingwood.

ravage 2505729

File: 131216115077.png (47.41 KB, 192x169, SpikeDisappointedSad.png)

Kanrabat_!!MyAGN5BQWv 2505730

File: 131216117036.png (463.01 KB, 1280x720, Pinkie WANT.png)

I just contributed.



File: 131216252364.png (192.67 KB, 640x360, But thats wrong retard.png)

Second thread, why?

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505732

File: 131216271316.png (117.5 KB, 320x320, shrugponybigmacbymoonga.png)

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505733

File: 131216288398.png (33.55 KB, 130x131, rarity sad confused concerned.…)

ravage 2505734

File: 131216295528.png (46.08 KB, 230x200, SpikeHowAboutNo.png)

Because nobody likes the Mayor


File: 131216295640.png (202.38 KB, 476x546, Irritated.png)

Now we seem like annoying little kids. Ugh. And addendum, why do you guys reply to a guy with trolls in his sig? It's basically him admitting he can't be reasoned with.

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505736

File: 131216311559.png (156.93 KB, 438x363, rarity double facehoof towel.p…)


I know right? I leave and we have one silly image dump thread. I come back and someone has created a srs, redundant thread and sits there arguing with trolls.


File: 131216369239.png (157.08 KB, 500x500, Long day, need booze.png)

Now the mods are gonna expect pony threads to be flames. :facepalm: Now we pissed off another forum. As long as we keep submitting though, our goal isn't in jeopardy.

Still Apony 2505738

File: 131216449091.gif (911.46 KB, 403x316, 130038729368.gif)

Well it wasnt any of us...

Twas another group of bronies.


File: 131216481395.png (235.59 KB, 411x429, SRS BSNS.png)

So now we have a separate group to blame? UGH. Now I'm frustrated. Not mad, but frustrated.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505740

File: 131216508145.png (258.29 KB, 712x610, 39924 - Sweetie_Belle.png)


I think the majority of them came from EqD by way of the news posting. They probably don't post on Ponychan.

Suddenly Anonymous 2505741

File: 131216888484.png (18.13 KB, 500x500, 131144605156.png)

Still Apony 2505742

File: 131216923176.png (161.77 KB, 338x301, IRD0034.png)

Kinda like where this one is going...
I guess as long as people are voting ponies...

Our Mission Anonymous 2505743

File: 131217027345.jpg (94.74 KB, 945x945, 131210341800.jpg)

Disregard trolls.
Acquire Bronies.

Gordon Freemare 2505744

I just used my four mane emails to submit.
Go go go go

Raichu Dash 2505745

File: 131217476274.png (14.85 KB, 95x74, do i ever get a turn.png)

I submitted yesterday, but I figured since I didn't post in the thread, I should do it now. For the bronies!

Metalbrony 2505746

File: 131221060556.png (244.91 KB, 542x573, Funnypony6.png)

>third thread
am i the only one who thought one thread was more than enough?

JanusII 2505747

File: 131221594507.jpg (31.15 KB, 500x271, 131174616964.jpg)

Too much division. Let's stick to addition.


File: 131222494498.jpg (13.73 KB, 600x415, 130756596294.jpg)

I hope the second thread on the forum doesn't make the people in charge of the actual vote collection simply throw out anything referencing ponies because they think we're just trolling.

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505749

Just ignore the other threads and only post in Harvard's

Anonymous 2505750

File: 131223217581.jpg (12.01 KB, 313x347, 130640905713.jpg)

bucked for great justice!

Anonymous 2505751

"I stand for ponies. Because Friendship is Magic and we all know that only real men watch My Little Pony."


File: 131225565073.png (76.88 KB, 182x218, Confused.png)

His show is coming on in 5 minutes. Let's see if something good happens.

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505753


Is he announcing what his pac stands for tonight or something?



All we can do is hope. Here it comes.

Still Apony 2505755


CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505756


Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505757




BRONIES. He at least mentioned us. Excited.

Anonymous 2505759

Colbert just gave "a shout out to all my Bronies," with a little supplemental horse-riding pantomime.

Anonymous 2505760

i think he just said brony oh shi..

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505761

PLEASE someone tell me they taped that. I want to see that on youtube! (Or at least a personal copy. >_>)


File: 131225615214.png (114.71 KB, 313x258, But Whhhy.png)

FUCK, I CAN'T WATCH IT. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Someone tell me what happened.

Raichu Dash 2505763

File: 131225616879.jpg (20.6 KB, 160x120, robot hell.jpg)

If someone recorded it or something, could you put a link on here as soon as possible? I missed it.

Still Apony 2505764

he said clopping was that it!?



Full episodes are usually on his website.

I have it recorded on my dvr for tomorrow morning.

I am so happy right now.

‹041744›!uik0HH5qa2 2505766

File: 131225620751.png (93.35 KB, 230x268, 130620259486.png)

Woot! its finally happening!!

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505767

He said "I wanna give a shout out to all my Bronies that might be watching out there." And then pantomimed being a pony.

TheBuffness 2505768

File: 131225630015.jpg (33.38 KB, 403x402, 131099341788.jpg)

Damn, I really want to see this. Colbert is such a bro.

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505769


Don't worry, get put online a day or two after they air.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505770

Episodes are always downloadable on Filestube come morning.

Still Apony 2505771

File: 131225637859.png (45.85 KB, 171x202, 129938877820.png)

Wait what!? Am i on the wrong episode!? I see no bronies!?

FlutterGui!!RlMQtkZJEz 2505772

File: 131225639872.jpg (55.88 KB, 600x376, 130257800288.jpg)

I JUST saw that episode, somepony please load to YouTube?


File: 131225639935.png (307.17 KB, 693x545, Happy^^.png)


Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505774


It was a just a quick intro shout out, not a full segment.



Stephen opened up the show saying, "oh, and a quick shout out to the bronies who might be watching!" And did some horse pantomines.

Still Apony 2505776

File: 131225652634.jpg (147.37 KB, 450x540, 129971880993.jpg)

I watched from the beginning though...

Okay okay... time to set an alarm for the rerun.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505777

>Shoutout to bronies
>The Word

That's two wins for me.

Pyro!ghO02XuSk2 2505778

File: 131225654530.png (538.64 KB, 1058x720, t130462237911.png)

Oh mi gosh I saw it! That was incredible!

He must've explained it to his audience prior to taping since they all burst into laughter after he said it.

I love you guys :>


File: 131225656959.png (180.22 KB, 537x301, Light Pinkigami.png)

I just got bronies onto national prime-time tv.............holy shit.

Metalbrony 2505780


still better than nothing in my opinion, maybe in a later episode he'll explain what happened. I'm pretty sure half the audience doesn't even know why he mentioned us

Harakou!Eok16Upi7E 2505781

File: 131225661328.jpg (105.47 KB, 564x720, spike pony time.jpg)



We were on The Word?

‹041744›!uik0HH5qa2 2505783

Maybe he'll go further when talks more about his superpac? Please?

Metalbrony 2505784


didn't think of this, i wondered why the audience burst into laughter

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505785

File: 131225665190.png (221.82 KB, 1000x1000, rarity looking horrid.png)

Well, I got the re-run at 2:30 am set to record. Can't wait.

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505786

File: 131225666227.jpg (23.93 KB, 450x300, 1516793-colbert_wedidit_super.…)



Missed The Word, what happened?

Also I love everyone here.


File: 131225669303.png (132.97 KB, 906x1180, Awesome face.png)

How do you think I feel? It was my idea! :awwyeah:

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505789


No, I just like The Word. Hence, two wins for me personally.

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505790

Feels good Pony. *So excited*


File: 131225679440.png (232.04 KB, 583x493, Yes.png)

Oh, whew. I was about to explode with joy.

jpony 2505792

Yes! We did it! Well done everyone!



Words cannot describe how amazing you are for getting Stephen Colbert to say "bronies," none the less give us a shout out.

I also think the audience knew to some extent, but not everyone. There, I think, was one guy who started laughing immediately at the word "bronies," so methinks he might be one.


can a brony get a link?

Kamunami !2FUMirxM8. 2505795

I think this deserves to be /arch/ed!

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505796


Unfortunately there aren't any up yet.




File: 131225710333.gif (317.01 KB, 315x400, I am pretty awesome.gif)

I can't believe myself that he said it, I haven't watched it yet. I'm still absorbing the gravity of this. I. just got. Stephen Colbert. to say bronies.

Well, I couldn't have done it without you guys. Thank you posters!!! You have my deepest gratitude! Operation Coltbert was a SUCCESS

MlkStk17 2505798

File: 131225716902.png (23.57 KB, 738x452, MLP applejack01.png)

I wasnt even aware of this until i saw it on his show.... The world seems a little more amazing tonight.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505799

File: 131225721469.png (187.15 KB, 900x900, 24190 - artist Vvissia tagme.p…)


Follow the leader.






File: 131225734394.png (31.88 KB, 184x184, Da Fuck.png)


Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505802


C-bump? I watch Colbert less than I should so can you explain?

Anonymous 2505803

File: 131225744758.png (143.88 KB, 375x360, Eric Wareheim Great Job.png)

Great Job!

Anonymous 2505804

File: 131225745629.jpg (30.75 KB, 400x373, The Coltbert Report.jpg)

Colbert's portrait is covered by a curtain, does that mean he's unveiling a new one tonight? You don't think...

Metalbrony 2505805

File: 131225748829.jpg (33.53 KB, 379x247, Chuck Norris Approved.jpg)


Sadly, i do not have any pony pictures to express how awesome your idea was....so here's this!



Do it.


You won't be disappointed, I assure you. I'm just happy I have this dvr'd.

PeanutButterDimond 2505807

File: 131225752177.jpg (13.64 KB, 253x277, 253px-Rarity_wings.jpg)

You know, I really need to start watching The Colbert Report,

Still Apony 2505808

File: 131225752829.gif (1.5 MB, 640x360, 130128320593.gif)

It does but mods dont pay attention to non /oat/ threads......


MlkStk17 2505809

File: 131225755906.png (31.43 KB, 744x536, MLP pinkie pie01.png)

I know what your thinking and if that is true ill be happy to die tonight for iv seen it ALL! haha.


File: 131225759584.png (177 KB, 411x353, Happy smile.png)

Anything Colbert mentions or shows on his show gets an instant publicity boost. It's been proven, actually.

Metalbrony 2505811

The Colbert Bump, if i'm not mistaken, is when something gets more popular or gets more attention because it was mentioned on the Colbert Report

Dr. Doom!blQERULEk2 2505812

File: 131225764059.jpg (83.45 KB, 834x600, doom handsomefaceresponse.jpg)

Quick question.
Did bronies appear in The Word as well, or not?

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505813


OH SHIT. I forgot about the Colbert Bump too. @_@


Oh Celestia I hope so. I know a LOT of Bronys sent in picture attachments. Maybe star spangled rainbow dash? Maybe the ponytized picture of him?

ANOVA!elUjBjcQBc 2505814

File: 131225765816.png (34.47 KB, 159x188, agree cheer.png)

The Colbert Bump: Stephen Colbert namedrops it, fans swarm it >> sales/ratings.

HARVARD THIS FEAT MAKES ME TYPE IN ALLCAPS! WOO! Oh, it certainly wasn't just us, but just give us this one. WOO! /flutterscreamingcheer.gif

SabreDance!!N1AJHmAQp0 2505815

is there a link to view this amazing feat of success?

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505816

No, unfortunately. It was just a quick shout out, but still. WE DID IT.

Quell 2505817



Far too naive. There are other, far larger groups wanting the show's attention.

Pyro!ghO02XuSk2 2505818

Nope. That was all about the debt deal.
But you never know about tomorrow~

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505819


It aired less than half an hour ago.

Dr. Doom!blQERULEk2 2505820

File: 131225778284.jpg (102.64 KB, 800x877, doom peeved.jpg)

This. Canadafriend here, and I has no access to Colbert website and I ain't got no cable.

MlkStk17 2505821

File: 131225782758.png (23.57 KB, 738x452, MLP applejack01.png)

Anypony record the show? that need to be on youtube pronto... or perhaps rip it off the Colbert Report website?

Still Apony 2505822

File: 131225786843.png (228.47 KB, 530x571, 130213936158.png)

Mui Visario Qan fail.

Anonymous 2505823

Was it on the episode with the Zappo guy?

Poni1Kenobi 2505824

File: 131225792048.jpg (38.55 KB, 531x475, 131147643569.jpg)



File: 131225793634.gif (143.49 KB, 770x770, Applause.gif)

You're welcome, Hasbro?

Metalbrony 2505826

I recorded the show on my DVR. But i don't think i can get it on youtube from there, can i?

loki!c7wMhMaDFo 2505827

File: 131225800597.jpg (128.33 KB, 945x945, 130524978826.jpg)

This needs an archive when it's all said and done!



Yeah, but at the very beginning. About a minute or two into the show.

MlkStk17 2505829

File: 131225809094.png (31.43 KB, 744x536, MLP pinkie pie01.png)

The show isnt up on his website yet... but prob soon.

Anonymous 2505830

Ah, that's why I missed it.
I can just watch the rerun in a couple hours, thankfully.


File: 131225816144.png (103.14 KB, 400x400, Derp.png)

Sorry guys, but I looked on his site, and the portrait is covered because he's unveiling the winner of the art contest he started months ago. Sorry for the killjoy.

Rainbow SMASH 2505832

File: 131225845911.jpg (142.61 KB, 600x362, battlebotgo.jpg)


sorry i uploaded that from my phone so quality is pretty shitty

Dr. Doom!blQERULEk2 2505833

File: 131225856177.jpg (43.76 KB, 600x305, brofistexploitable.jpg)

Quell 2505834


Goddammit. Happy I'm wrong though.

Quell 2505836

Just watched it on my Tivo.

I jizzed.

Anonymous 2505837

I wonder how much fandom recognition and popularity will grow from this.

Anonymous 2505838

I was in the audience. Colbert does questions with the audience before the show and some guy asked if Colbert was a brony. Colbert had no idea what he was talking about and the guy explained. Then Colbert said it as a joke to the audience.


Who else bets he's gonna watch it when he gets home now?

ravage 2505840

File: 131225905607.png (64.13 KB, 304x203, SpikeHappyFace.png)

Gotta love Colbert

TheBuffness 2505841

File: 131225910936.png (43.59 KB, 198x176, 131099359971.png)

Dr. Doom!blQERULEk2 2505842

File: 131225914030.jpg (82.6 KB, 594x426, Doom intrigued.jpg)

Glad to see the story behind it.

MlkStk17 2505843

File: 131225917537.png (23.57 KB, 738x452, MLP applejack01.png)

Np as long as its up haha. thanks!

Still Apony 2505844


Pics or it wasnt real.

Quell 2505845


If Colbert becomes a brony (not fully fledged like we are, he is a busy man. Just becomes a fan of the show), the universe might implode from the pure awesomeness.




File: 131225965787.jpg (7.02 KB, 225x225, pon3.jpg)

I don't know who Steven Colbert is or why everyone is going insane that he's mentioned us on his TV show.

Mon visage

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505847

File: 131225971626.png (124.78 KB, 295x281, rarity oh bother eye roll anno…)

>mui visario qan you don't know who Colbert is

He's only the most American of Americans.

Dr. Doom!blQERULEk2 2505848

File: 131225973322.jpg (101.53 KB, 400x293, doom cancer.jpg)


Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505849


I love you.


WAIT for the surprise he's in for when he checks the SuperPAC.



ravage 2505850

File: 131225979780.png (63.9 KB, 233x243, SpikeGlare5.png)



Not even American. Tell me why I should care about this!

Still Apony 2505852

File: 131225994224.png (247.87 KB, 579x469, IRD0146.png)

Also not american.
I care about this.
Take that.

Dr. Doom!blQERULEk2 2505853

File: 131225998826.jpg (427.76 KB, 860x1276, doom contempt.jpg)

Because Colbert is Colbert.
Which also translates into 'Best pundit of all time'.


File: 131226002975.gif (154.3 KB, 281x281, 130872361922.gif)

Anonymous 2505855

Satirical comedian, Owl. Shows off ridiculousness of Americana.

(He has daughters, if I remember right. He mentioned it in "I am America". Maybe if one is the "target demographic" of FiM...)


File: 131226008318.png (261.58 KB, 320x180, dun dun duuuuuuuuuun.png)


Good for you I guess.

ravage 2505857

File: 131226013844.png (63.18 KB, 270x246, SpikeFeelsBadDragon.png)

You know who I wish was still alive?

George Carlin. Him giving a shoutout to bronies would make my life complete


Guys, check out the new banner at EqD

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505859

Damn, your thread got up to 17k views! http://forums.colbertnation.com/?page=ThreadView&thread_id=27941

In like three days.

Still Apony 2505860


Quell 2505861

File: 131226040778.jpg (145.33 KB, 400x323, Karlloaf.jpg)


Because here he is pictured here with Karl Rove Loaf. An edible impersonation of a person who contributed to the USA's current bipartisan "OUR PURPOSE IS TO CONFLICT WITH THE DEMOCRATS/REPUBLICANS. WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE OF ADVANCING THE NATION?" shitfest.


File: 131226045750.jpg (20.25 KB, 704x396, JUST_AS_PLANNED.jpg)

I am probably not going to sleep tonight.



File: 131226067225.jpg (7.27 KB, 123x125, 130680761709s.jpg)

HavahdYahd, your name has been forever etched into the history of bronies. You are now no longer a man. You are a legend.

Anonpony 2505865


File: 131226077139.jpg (48.27 KB, 200x142, Bradley Avatar.jpg)

I. Am. Honored.
A propose a toast. To Bronydom!

Robin!BiTboyP2E. 2505867

File: 131226077684.png (77.32 KB, 292x306, 131138234895.png)

Bags!bXrFQzCZI6 2505868

File: 131226081868.png (246.95 KB, 486x486, RD american flag proper colors…)

ravage 2505869

File: 131226085904.png (1.65 MB, 1439x2400, 131171657998.png)


Oh wait


above me is a thread derailer

Anonymous 2505871

File: 131226101018.jpg (107.71 KB, 600x750, fuck-yea2h.jpg)


Dr. Doom!blQERULEk2 2505872

File: 131226102117.jpg (10.36 KB, 100x100, laughingdoom.jpg)


Robin!BiTboyP2E. 2505874


File: 131226161562.jpg (111.05 KB, 700x603, military_are_magic_twilight_by…)


So that government of the pony, by the pony, for the pony shall never perish from the Earth!

MG_Salad!W9ZcOhM8zg 2505876

File: 131226242014.jpg (7.32 KB, 216x234, So Awesome.jpg)


>mui visario qan


I helped with this!

I actually had the idea of getting us a shout-out first ;_;



File: 131226267366.png (77.12 KB, 103x125, Agreement.png)

Thank you then. But the idea to use the Super PAC website as a medium was my idea. And honestly, I had no idea your thread existed until recently.

MG_Salad!W9ZcOhM8zg 2505879

File: 131226280079.jpg (5.05 KB, 160x160, Oh my gosh.jpg)

HavahdYahd, will you marry me?


Only if, I'm only 14. But I appreciate the offer.

SW Indiana Brony 2505881


14? Seriously?

I'm a freaking decade older than you, and I'm seriously impressed with how this worked out. Well done.



Crazy right? But now it's 1:30 am and I need sleep.

Roddy 2505883

File: 131226422771.jpg (56.47 KB, 500x625, Kilgore.jpg)

This...smells like...world domination.

!!Scootaloo ## Mod 2505884

Just make sure this doesn't appear like a raid, guys..

Because that's not at all what we want.

Roddy 2505885

File: 131226505436.jpg (91.32 KB, 800x600, i_want_it_all.jpg)


Anonymous 2505887


Thank you. We're kind of starting to seem rabid.


File: 131229417676.png (14.68 KB, 404x408, For teh lulz.png)

Immortality. It feels good pony.

Anonymous 2505894

There is a good forum post going now on colbert's own forums comment if you please :) It's currently the first result on google for "Colbert bronies"

Anonymous 2505897

File: 131230780438.jpg (113.74 KB, 500x686, at-first-pinkie-smile.jpg)

Don't know about everypony else but watching that shout out sure gave me a Colbert bump!

Brother Specter!.Ro8SRs.L6 2505899

File: 131231472522.jpg (65.34 KB, 600x562, 131192157949.jpg)

My favorite cartoon mentioned on my favorite show. I'm just radiating happiness right now.

RommelsBadAss 2505906

File: 131234149698.gif (528.87 KB, 591x510, 131103261084.gif)


BfG Gives you massive Brohoof mate :D

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505924

>Colbert starts first segment off with a bunch of horse related anecdotes

My mind really needs to calm down because now it's just paraspriting me.

Anonymous 2505932

File: 131234458177.jpg (7.23 KB, 232x217, images.jpg)

I watched and saw too, are these possibly hints of things to come?


File: 131234814340.gif (221.12 KB, 294x400, Cough.gif)

Don't get your hopes us. It might just be a coincidence.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505940


That's what I meant by the fact that my mind needs to calm down part.

Anonymous 2505946

File: 131238525292.jpg (10.91 KB, 296x170, pp.jpg)

I won't lose hope!

Ponies for a Threatdown! someguy 2505948

File: 131238854179.jpg (6.46 KB, 225x225, rd.jpg)

Is Harvard still lurking? We need leadership mayor pony! Some organization to get us a threatdown on Colbert!

someguy 2505949

File: 131238869765.jpg (6.85 KB, 284x178, crying.jpg)

I meant Havahd T.T

someguy 2505950

File: 131239618598.jpg (8.44 KB, 222x227, sad.jpg)

No one posts in /arch threads :(


File: 131239650457.png (294.25 KB, 720x720, Job well done.png)

What, I heard my name.

someguy 2505952

File: 131239679087.jpg (7.17 KB, 244x206, scared.jpg)

>Save us, from ourselves!

someguy 2505953

File: 131239723857.jpg (6.23 KB, 225x225, letsgo.jpg)

You started this, I propose we finish it!

someguy 2505954

File: 131239737643.jpg (4.74 KB, 147x147, salute.jpg)

Rally everypony!

someguy 2505955

File: 131239758481.jpg (6.72 KB, 268x188, hero.jpg)

Our goal!

someguy 2505956

File: 131239770173.jpg (26.5 KB, 480x350, colbertponythreatdown.jpg)

Make this happen:

someguy 2505957

File: 131239781545.jpg (50.13 KB, 624x534, 29944 - AWW YEA guy meme rainb…)

Colbert Pony Threatdown! Awwwww yeah!

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2505958

Somepony link this picture on his SuperPAC page.


File: 131240789478.gif (925.79 KB, 400x225, Objection.gif)

Sorry, right now I'm working on getting Conan to mention us.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2505977

File: 131242946508.jpg (63.91 KB, 498x714, So Close (2002).jpg)

>Calls out Hasbro about Monopoly

Dash!tKyOxzvMO6 2505978

File: 131243066681.jpg (29.45 KB, 200x141, sun_i_am_disappoint.jpg)

I am disappoint

Brother Specter!.Ro8SRs.L6 2506003

File: 131244981172.jpg (216.49 KB, 1280x945, wtf_conan.jpg)

You should try other shows. Just not Tosh.

Anonymous 2506007

File: 131248778385.png (90.87 KB, 358x302, 131100111174.png)

Agreed. Buck that. (Pic related, as Tosh easily is one.)


File: 131250073184.jpg (324.6 KB, 1400x1050, Newspaper.jpg)

I don't have to rush with Conan and it involves only 6-ish people, so I can work on the side with that. Jimmy Fallon is an idea that passed my head. he has a segment in which he passes around a box in the audience and takes suggestion slips and does the wierdest ones. If we can get somepony in the crowd, I'd like for the to write "Have the Roots (his house band) do a cover for the My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic theme song". It'd be a lulzcow, so he'd do it. But we need somepony in the audience.

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2506013

Where is Jimmy Fallon based out of?


New York.

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2506016

I might actually be able to swing this. I'm going to BroNYcon in September, if I can go in a day early and nab tickets I'll let everypony know.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2507786

>Can the internet make you a better person?

A lot of bronies could go with that.

Why am I still posting here? I dunno


File: 131294880534.jpg (18.83 KB, 242x526, Humanized 2.jpg)

I still lurk this thread.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2508083

File: 131298145901.png (260.98 KB, 1366x768, 38802 - Cutie_Mark_Crusaders R…)


Thought I was the only one. Probably should have assumed better.

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2508084


Nope, I still lurk this sucker too.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2508323

File: 131355224616.png (155.83 KB, 512x510, 40429 - Snails crossover deus_…)

>"Friendship" in the top right corner of the first word cloud

OMG_pwnies 2508326

"Ponies", "pony" and "magic" aren't hard to spot either :)

"Love" and "tolerance" also made it to the second cloud, but just barely.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2508328

File: 131359088782.png (532.65 KB, 800x600, 46498 - Stephen_Colbert pony_r…)

Courtesy of somepony from Ponibooru


File: 131359909946.png (41.12 KB, 170x230, Cool.png)

Given that 53,000 people entered, that's pretty good. Although, I feel like we should have all just said "Ponies"

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2508330


We still did darn good.


File: 131360606619.png (76.88 KB, 182x218, Confused.png)

I know, but if we all included the word ponies, then it might be as big as "Freedom" or "Congress"

Haybuck!DVh9AAL07M 2508338


>What do you stand for?

Tax Breaks!


I can only imagine what the cloud would look like them


Wait a second. I know how we can get some good press! You know who'd give a good segment on bronies? Rachel Maddow. She'd love this show. She might even become a pegasister herself. Someon find a way to contact her, I'll check back in the morning.

CaesarSaber!.tl9QSWweo 2508431


- @Maddow is Rachel's personal account

- To contact The Rachel Maddow Show’s staff:

My only exposure to Maddow has been Lean Forward commercials, flipping through channels, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report. But I've seen enough to understand why you think that is a good idea.


File: 131376396813.gif (143.49 KB, 770x770, Applause.gif)

Thank you, I'll send them an e-mail talking about the brony phenomenon and I'll include the KYM article and an episode. I can't really decide which episode though. I have a feeling she'd like either Bridle Gossip or Party of One.


I'll send her Bridle Gossip. That's the one I used to convert all my friends, so It'll work. When I send the e-mail, I'll copypasta it here.


File: 131376849836.jpg (57.2 KB, 320x208, Friendship Is Magic.jpg)

Okay, so here's the e-mail I sent her and the pic that came with it:

[i"]I’m not sure if you know about it or not, but I’m going to talk about it anyway. Do you know about the “Brony” Phenomenon? No? Well, A “brony” is a term for a dude who watches and enjoys the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. Now, I know what your thinking: “This is probably some fetish for 40 year old pedophiles”, but that is not the case. The main age group for bronies are dudes 14-24. I should know, I’m a 14 year old brony myself. But enough of my ramblings, I’ll describe the show. The show is of a purple egghead unicorn named Twilight Sparkle. Her mentor, Princess Celestia, sends her to the small town of Ponyville to learn about the benefits of friendship. There she meets hard working Applejack, athletic tomboy Rainbow Dash, kind and quiet Fluttershy, Quirky and hyperactive Pinkie Pie and the fashonista Rarity. Other than the pilot, the show is mainly slice of life and the episodes have almost no relation to any of the others. This makes the show very easy to jump right in the middle of and watch at your own pace. I’m not 100% sure of the appeal of the show to dudes my age, but I can assure you the show is awesome nonetheless. Don’t take my word for it, here’s a link to my favorite episode, where a mysterious zebra named Zecora lurks around the town and Applejack’s little sister Applebloom decides she wants to get to the bottom of the town’s fear for her. http://youtu.be/fHafVhFIYIU . I hope you watch the show and find it as awesome as I and my brony friends did."[/i]


Bump because Colbert

Diomedes!47eukYEEvc 2510459

Did Maddow or her associates ever get back to you?


Nope.....I'd want to try again but I don't want to seem imposing.

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