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File: 130860263633.png (77.32 KB, 292x306, 1304997412739.png)

Vector thread W7p!!WvLwyxAGOv 2499503[View All]

C'mon /pic/ Dump all the vectors!
2398 posts and 2348 image replies omitted. Click View to see all.


File: 131804636812.png (201.49 KB, 2300x2100, 131674340859.png)

thank you good sir, your work is very much appreciated :D
*brohoofs and shenanigans*


File: 131804708733.png (260.44 KB, 470x575, Screen shot 2011-10-07 at 10_0…)

my next request, if somepony would be so kind, is this one. just pinkie please. sorry i havent gotten good at vectoring myself yet


File: 131805155589.png (70.18 KB, 609x717, BigMacExcuseme.png)


Those....aren't even Vectors. You just cropped Pinkie out of the image.


I'll see if I can make them tomorrow. For now: BED.


still higher quality than i had, so it worked out, so i just need the one of her sitting all smiley before the sonic rainboom for now, thanks a bunch!

Anonymous 2511240

File: 131950257639.png (379.12 KB, 3000x2116, 131932344409.png)

Anonymous 2511242

File: 131953014725.png (315.25 KB, 1900x1466, 131932344409.png)

Anonymous 2511243

File: 131953052224.png (470 KB, 2800x1400, 131951725747.png)

Dengarde 2511247

File: 131956356258.png (494.42 KB, 2000x2522, MacHolloweensimplebig.png)

Spurs!3rdSpurs/2 2511254

File: 131958279968.png (149.12 KB, 900x848, cherrie__s_bee_costume_by_teck…)

Squidlie!QInWsDspCc 2511314

File: 131992845124.png (90.83 KB, 900x697, 131265990191.png)

DAAAAAAYUM. I just downloaded all of the vectors using >>2510491 , and just finished organizing them. There's a total of 61 folders. Welp, that only took a few hours...

Anonymous 2511331

File: 132003848119.png (185.48 KB, 845x946, 131932344409.png)

Anonymous 2511332

File: 132004086561.png (324.85 KB, 2672x2000, 131932344409.png)

Anonymous 2511560

File: 132049099970.png (131.82 KB, 791x396, 13091404441.png)

Anonymous 2511587

File: 132065594910.png (104.8 KB, 1268x3000, 132062199313.png)

Anonymous 2511588

File: 132065598865.png (205.8 KB, 900x1100, 132062204644.png)

Anonymous 2511589

File: 132066240019.png (102.96 KB, 718x751, 132064339433.png)

Dichrous Terra aka Model-r 2511590


One is impressed, his talents are only in the downloading.
Would you be wiling to re upload the organized?
He could trade you for other bulk downloading.. or something...


File: 132068430193.png (466.33 KB, 800x802, Pink Pegasus.png)

Anonymous 2511598

File: 132073426131.png (994.27 KB, 2381x2710, 132069264602.png)

Anonymous 2511611

File: 132083964596.png (220.37 KB, 884x903, 132059061105.png)

Anonymous 2511639

File: 132107110061.png (326.49 KB, 1600x1823, 132042362865.png)

Anonymous 2511640

File: 132107121429.png (422.8 KB, 680x657, 132103800993.png)

Anonymous 2511742

File: 132198217891.png (102.23 KB, 700x613, 132172132621.png)

Anonymous 2511743

File: 132198294074.png (206.97 KB, 833x959, 132124526953.png)

Anonymous 2511744

File: 132198908812.png (136.32 KB, 600x524, 132003433737.png)

Anonymous 2511745

File: 132198917746.png (141.19 KB, 900x714, pinkie_pie___surprise_by_quann…)

Anonymous 2511746

File: 132198926428.png (734.8 KB, 3000x2645, 132168991685.png)

Anonymous 2511781

File: 132231959564.png (545.47 KB, 2800x1300, 132095866602.png)

Animals<3!gDOaCI8KOc 2511792

File: 132236776036.png (618.85 KB, 3000x4000, 89885 - baby baby_pony Baby_Sp…)

Anonymous 2511937

Can somepony tell me how to make vectors?? I have vector magic desktop edition, but it never seems to work well for me, unless I'm just doing something wrong.

Anonymous 2511968

File: 132311609840.png (246.67 KB, 804x1500, 132293775699.png)

Stromblad!E9TGvOZ.2U 2512006

File: 132353919085.jpg (9.77 KB, 300x168, 131276978589.jpg)

Here all the vectors in this thread in mediafire
Part 1: http://mediafire.com/?bsknxdxmo20auo0
Part 2: http://mediafire.com/?5mhk5h1e7xc8u5c
Part 3: http://mediafire.com/?5ddsa7ylzd0cf0a
431 mb in total

Also, applejack is best pony

Anonymous 2512018

File: 132365662012.png (198.99 KB, 894x894, 132251907236.png)

Animals<3!gDOaCI8KOc 2512041

File: 132390548020.png (718.61 KB, 1366x768, azsdxvfcgvhb.png)

Here is this random apple jack one, but go to the link for a sweet vector. It was too big to upload

MLPsuperfan!7TUMvWFlrQ 2512377

You cannot post SVG, can you?

MLPsuperfan!7TUMvWFlrQ 2512381

wow mods should not delete this thread


File: 132555253506.jpg (266.75 KB, 1000x1341, ijuihihijijio.jpg)

Wow my first vector image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sock Eating Dragon 2512385

File: 132560501148.png (296.48 KB, 667x727, LUNA RAWR STANDING.png)

Vector request!

>This picture, except luna is smiling and she has her colors from season 1 episode 2.

Anonymous 2512659

File: 132779687659.png (169.8 KB, 1640x1240, caramel-why.png)

PinkiePieParties 2513816

I love bronies and pegasisters!


I started on this before I realized the request was made three and a half months ago... should I bother?


File: 133551480603.png (267.3 KB, 1863x2093, Woona Triumphant.png)

Nevermind, I didn't have anything better to do. :/

Anon 2516926

Scrolled through entire thread... No Daring Do? Can somepony please rectify?

Sock Eating Dragon 2516936

Thanks!... I was waiting.

Sock Eating Dragon 2516937

..and I didn't even notice that the vector existed until it existed for nearly 2 and a half months. *facepalm*

Anonymous 2516969

File: 134410657655.png (340.21 KB, 1194x2466, 144549 - absurd_res twilight_s…)

Clonehunter!CakeTGSUf2 2516979

File: 134634107929.png (572.23 KB, 3036x2868, Ckaes in Distress.png)

Clonehunter!CakeTGSUf2 2516980

File: 134634150453.png (398.05 KB, 3404x3000, Mrs Cake Vector Sitting.png)

Clonehunter!CakeTGSUf2 2516981

File: 134634158858.png (212.23 KB, 1024x1489, Wonderbolts Pound Cake.png)

I actually don't remember if I got this one from this thread or not already...

Anonymous 2517641

Can somepony tell me why all the images from >>2510718 and earlier are 404'd?

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