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File: 130807411263.png (315.59 KB, 900x900, Rd.png)

Anonymous 2496944Locked[Last 50 Posts]

Holy god.
I just realized.
I could, in theory, change my name to "Rainbow Dash" for free, right now, here in Finland, if I wanted to. And I'm a male.
Should I take my bronyness to the next level?


Yes, but you should get a username and a tripcode first

John Sappington Marmaduke !VoDUKE1A62 2496946

File: 130807416303.png (139.56 KB, 674x658, 130791519048.png)

Emo Roseluck!FLoWerNXBU 2496947

File: 130807416865.png (64.73 KB, 461x449, Emo Roseluck not sure if want.…)


Why is this even open to debate?
Do it.


File: 130807420231.jpg (16.84 KB, 295x563, Braeburn disgusted.jpg)

Shouldn't you change it to a colt's name?
I mean, Rainbow Dash is all cool and all, but for a guy?


File: 130807423612.jpg (46.15 KB, 600x298, fluttershydoitfriend.jpg)

you would be a GOD in the brony community

OnionBubs 2496950

File: 130807424457.gif (381.87 KB, 400x263, ura_coffee.gif)

Gastpony 2496951

File: 130807427962.png (53.55 KB, 943x943, shrug.png)


File: 130807428373.png (112.68 KB, 475x797, 77986.png)

If you wanted to, go ahead.
But I don't think it's a good idea.
I mean, seriously, it would be awesome, and yes, the name would be 20% cooler, but I don't think future employers would probably think less of you when they see your application. If you already have a job and it's going to be stable and all and you think that it won't really affect you in the future, go ahead. I'm not too sure about what Finland does or has though.

If you want to, go ahead. But just remember the possible consequences.

Reallifeponyname 2496953

+ An awesome name
+ Brony level 100

- Relatives go crazy
- There are non-bronies :/

?Fenolio?(Lunar Uprising Lucint)!X.Layton0s 2496954

File: 130807429999.png (159.42 KB, 943x943, Layton_Shrug.png)

It depends.
Could you handle the ridicule you might recieve from people?



dude, if my name was Rainbow Dash, do you know how many times I would try to purposefully get pulled over, just so I can show the cop my driver's licence?

Hege!hhhhh3XR06 2496956

File: 130807431553.jpg (15.89 KB, 219x265, 130762585401.jpg)

Mitä vittua.
No, you shouldn't.

Elky 2496957

- it's, uh, kind of stupid...


Mr. Rainbow Dash Sr., Ph.D., Esq.

Reallifeponyname 2496959

Give me your opinions of the good and bad sides of this.
My current name is worse anyways.


Okay... legally change your name, get a driver's licence, change it back...


Rainbow Dash = Awesome


- i can't have the name rainbow dash...

Reallifeponyname 2496962

Mr. Rainbow Dash Ph.D
This just sounds plain awesome.
I can't imagine the mudfest a driver's license with the name Rainbow Dash would cause at /co/ and here, haha. But yeah, it's a big thing in a way, you don't go changing names erryday.
Meh, I'm forever alone anyways.



Like, you can go by Dash... that's not that bad.

Anonymous 2496964


Holdan Cox, is that you?

Reallifeponyname 2496965


Ponyta!!ZjLGH1AwAw 2496966

You could just change it to Braeburn (last name apple I think) or something.


File: 130807467872.png (26.33 KB, 945x945, Braeburn shrug.png)

Good things:
>Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh it's Rainbow Dash
>You will be a god of Ponychan

Bad things:
>You're a guy, Rainbow Dash is an unfitting name for that gender
>Think of the comments from non-bronies

I think you should change your name to Scootles McGee for the enjoyment I anticipated experiencing after performing said activity.
(Pronounced Skoohtulz MahGee)

Rellek!.SORA.Fn5g 2496968

There are no bad sides to this. DO IT. If somepony ridicules you then they're just judgemental. They've never herd of somepony with a name that starts with "Rain" and ends with "bow"

Brohoof if you actually go through with this. I believe in you!

Hege!hhhhh3XR06 2496969

File: 130807488468.png (524.34 KB, 908x842, 130643380576.png)

Having an english word as your forname in Finland, best idea ever.

Reallifeponyname 2496970

I could also name myself Apple Jack, that would probably fit for a male.

Reallifeponyname 2496971

Or a Finnish version, Omena Jaakko

Ebrona 2496972

File: 130807528361.gif (395.49 KB, 200x150, rainbow_rush.gif)

If there's something I've learned from having a name that everypony gets wrong, it's that you don't actually need to use your real name for anything.

Do it, and become more than just a brony, become a bromany.

Reallifeponyname 2496973

Bronamy. I don't get this, enlighten this silly pony.

Reallifeponyname 2496974

I just got the best idea ever.
What if I rename myself "Steven Magnet
+A brony name
+Sounds awesome, to anypony.
+Good name in every way



Ebrona 2496975

File: 130807582447.png (81.63 KB, 700x700, derpy_not_clever.png)

Um... It's like a brony, and a man... like a bro man brony... OK so it wasn't the best "word combination". You get the idea.

Rainbow Cash!DashUX9nuU 2496976

File: 130807583973.jpg (318.62 KB, 939x799, YES.jpg)

Arctic!TEMPeStR9o 2496977

Explain that your parents are hippies.

>problem solved.

Ebrona 2496978

File: 130807596583.jpg (173.19 KB, 600x600, rainbow_awe.jpg)

Arctic!TEMPeStR9o 2496979


do it.

>this has me temped to change my name to pinkie pie.

Because I srsly DGAFF

Anonymous 2496980

T'is actually a good name.
Know why?
In the brony community, you'll be the living legend.
In the nonbrony community, your name will be treated as "Neat"
And you'll get all the mares


File: 130807619439.gif (1.81 MB, 320x180, 1301050345333.gif)


That works.

Steven is a common first name.

That works.

Some where in the world there is a policeman that is a brony. When he sees your license..

Reallifeponyname 2496982


Mbyte !SYRUP98RHE 2496983

File: 130807626406.jpg (90.93 KB, 295x357, spider_couch2.jpg)

I find this interesting.

Yup that's a neat name.

BroWny!.TuRnerVQU 2496984

File: 130807634381.png (188.78 KB, 340x507, 130768109428.png)

Your Sir Will be the greatest Brony in history...

Ebrona 2496985

File: 130807641910.png (188 KB, 345x334, lucky_thinking.png)

Also do you have middle names in Finland? Because if you do you should change your middle name to "Miracle". Steven "Miracle" Magnet. Imagine it now...

"We need a Miracle to get this project done on time!"

"Miracle's my middle name."

Reallifeponyname 2496986

You can have three middle names.

applebash!Lk.uq0DIYk 2496987

what about first name jack, last name apple

Reallifeponyname 2496988

Okay, I'm thinking this over the next night.
If I do it,I will probably post the results during this week.
I can already see my name on my drivers license
"Rainbow Dash"
This will be so goddamn awesome.

The Tenth Doctor!TiME.q0rP2 2496989


TheHitcher!RmvlmhqAqY 2496990

File: 130809283406.png (111.7 KB, 348x362, Happy Dash (2).png)



Vanilla Mint!GreeenyYLc 2496991

Rainbow Dash? Maybe not such a hot idea? Steven Magnet? Glorious, brilliant, magnificent!

TwilightSparkplug!xODRainbow 2496992

If I ever meet you and your name is Rainbow Dash, I will stuff you into a locker. There are limits.

Anonymous 2496993

File: 130809321348.jpg (59.64 KB, 576x463, 130547839191.jpg)

I'm sort of okay with this.

Ohlookatripcode!Elvrg6K116 2496994

File: 130809458680.png (20.79 KB, 125x125, 11219.png)

Do it.
All bronies will love you, if you ever meet a brony in real life you will instantly gain a new friend.
Explain the fact that it's a pony's name to non bronies, women will love you for not being ashamed of who you are, probably


The Records Keeper 2496995

File: 130809464631.png (109.17 KB, 364x330, 130178301806.png)

Is it possible to switch back once you do it?
Cause if you can.
Do it.

loki!c7wMhMaDFo 2496996

File: 130809474151.jpg (50.87 KB, 400x584, 600full-the-unknown-soldier-po…)


perkele :I

Ohlookatripcode!Elvrg6K116 2496997

File: 130809479449.png (25.86 KB, 120x125, 11218.png)

It doesn't matter, DO ET OP, DO ET.

Then give us a scan of your new drivers license, or documents, or some shit.

Anonymous 2496998

It would be Dr. Rainbow Dash, Ph.D.

Like Dr. Gordon Freeman!

Anonymous 2496999

bahahaha I'm okay with this

Anonymous 2497000

It really is a good name.

Flutterguy !bD7SmlLAeY 2497001

File: 130809493555.jpg (36.71 KB, 298x403, waiting.jpg)

PinkiePie!inSANe3VUg 2497002

how about Mike U. Temark

Nale!FyreSLuK3E 2497003

File: 130809510902.gif (1.69 MB, 332x434, 129901100146.gif)

Finbrony here too, can we really do that? I know next to nothing about changing names so would you care to explain it to me?
Also, Do it but with a different pony name Rainbow Dash would proboably freak people out...

Tinwhistle!KqvkhZRCZ2 2497004

File: 130809515161.jpg (42.66 KB, 594x554, twilightwaiting.jpg)

OP 2497005

If he were to change back after he would need to get a new license since it's information has to match his current information.
Overall, it could affect your ability to be hired. I would probably hold a normal first name, and change the last one.
I mean, I've contemplated a few crazy names:
Ganon Slayer, Thor McNinja but I wouldn't go through with them, not until I go to receive a doctorate later in my education.
Because come on, Dr. Thor McNinja.

If you're sure you'll still be able to pursue a career afterwards, then by all means do what you want, I won't tell you otherwise.

Gordon Freemare 2497006

Not actually OP there, I was using an old temp name


File: 130809561021.png (73.78 KB, 500x500, shruggingderpy.png)

You could always change it back right? I say go for it! Even if it's just for a few days.





File: 130809589889.jpg (36.71 KB, 600x428, do it faggot.jpg)

>change name to "Steven Magnet"
>mon visage when

Reallifeponyname 2497010

OP here,just woke up.
My mindset is 101% towards this shit
I don't care if it ruins my nonponylife, fuck the police
Waiting til' the places open, 5hours 20minutes. Hnhhgghhh this will be epic shit,epic shit I say.

Reallifeponyname 2497011

Swearing cause am so pumped up,sorry :<

Tinwhistle!KqvkhZRCZ2 2497012

File: 130809887755.png (508.64 KB, 549x624, AJcreepyjack.png)

>mi cara cuando

Anonymous 2497013

File: 130809895384.gif (496.84 KB, 500x270, tumblr_lf3hoxLY4A1qesc3io1_500…)

Gunthor the Perilous!DrRAWRdAc2 2497014

File: 130809903769.jpg (46.15 KB, 600x298, 130665794611.jpg)

Add this to your todo list.

>Graduate a prestigious Finnish college.
>Become high ranking Finnish politician.
>Make it onto National News somehow.
>See "Rainbow Dash" on national news.

Reallifeponyname 2497015

Oh my god.
I-I... Holy sh-.

Anonymous 2497016

Are you gonna go with Steven Magnet or Rainbow Dash.

DriftingMusic 2497017

File: 130809941448.jpg (34.32 KB, 604x588, this pleases fluttershy.jpg)

OP, you are my hero. I'm a Finn by heritage.
We are ridiculously awesome people.
YOU are ridiculously awesome people.

Reallifeponyname 2497018

Oh damn...
Well,Rainbow Dash probably.
Because, face it, as awesome Stevey is, he will be forgotten.
*Manly tear*

Reallifeponyname 2497019


Reallifeponyname 2497020


Cat Planet!BMm0X.9hw2 2497021

File: 130809969108.jpg (10.43 KB, 266x190, 130548947834.jpg)

OP, you are my hero.

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497022

File: 130809976605.jpg (23.59 KB, 289x276, asdfasdfASDF.jpg)

Do it, you can go by just "Dash" in your every day life.

Desert Rose !Luna0kINz2 2497023

File: 130809978635.jpg (19.98 KB, 273x258, Celestia.jpg)


Star Pony!3RLEItKuh2 2497024

File: 130810024974.png (102.83 KB, 800x595, RD salute.png)

If you are serious I will forever after refer to you as "your majesty" every time I see you here from that point on

Haackula!!H3BGH0L2Wz 2497025

File: 130810035372.jpg (66 KB, 500x375, 423423525.jpg)

Why the fuck not?

Beat!aaqQySKB5Q 2497026

File: 130810043766.jpg (3.54 KB, 115x120, ahhh.jpg)

This is too awesome. You destroyed my ability to think.

LAMP 2497027

File: 130810062253.jpg (26.1 KB, 533x399, OH YEAH its time.jpg)

Soon, all over the world, a sudden outbreak of people changing their names to seemingly incomprehensible adjective/noun combinations.

I'm okay with this.

>La mia faccia quando


Do it!

Reallifeponyname 2497029


LAMP 2497030

File: 130810097766.jpg (3.52 KB, 125x70, magic bereft of explanation 2.…)


>pic related as to what your excuse should be every time some one asks about your name

snoops!SnoopSHMj6!!R2MTWvZQHj 2497032

File: 130810176914.png (152.46 KB, 417x600, 417px-Simo_hayha_honorary_rifl…)

>join Finnish military
>get in war with russia
>become badflank sniper
>get 500 confirmed kills
>get another 50 unconfirmed
>all by yourself
>while being bombarded by artillery
>As well as bullets
>and tanks
>in the harsh winter
>with only a hunting rifle
>Become greatest Marksman in history.
>Your name?

>Rainbow Dash

Nuked Devil 2497033

File: 130810231202.png (139.33 KB, 389x318, 130776500053.png)

Most often, this character type is attached to a schoolyard drama style series with a bit of action thrown in, or fighters masquerading in a schoolyard setting



But if he does that then he isn't loving and tolerating!

loki!c7wMhMaDFo 2497035

File: 130810255843.jpg (23.51 KB, 222x182, talvisota.jpg)


You should watch "Talvisota" - one of the best Finnish war films - both of my grandfathers fought in that war and Jatkosota.


Hege!hhhhh3XR06 2497036

You forgot to mention that he got his left side of his face hit by an exploding bullet, and he lived on to the age of 96.

Hege!hhhhh3XR06 2497037

File: 130810267726.png (114.36 KB, 358x546, Simo_höyhä.png)

Oh yeah, a picture after healing.

Spoilered just in case somepony finds a slightly deformed face disgusting.


File: 130810268328.png (158.02 KB, 500x500, hipster twilight.png)

Question, OP. Can you post pics of legal documents for proof after you do it?

snoops!SnoopSHMj6!!R2MTWvZQHj 2497039

File: 130810270899.png (111.7 KB, 348x362, 130670032959.png)

I neglected to mention that.
Boy, rainbow dash was the marksman who ever lived.

Reallifeponyname 2497040

Well duh, obviously? Going to pose with my 20% more cooler drivers license and then get caught by a cop for speeding at the highway!

But now, this OP will have some sleep, keep this thread alive, or w/e. Can just make a new one.

Gonna lucid some ponies, can't wait for toworrow!

Reallifeponyname 2497041

Your visage when my epic new name will be on Iltalehti?

Finghost!/IIVDPsyac 2497042

File: 130812623223.png (86.27 KB, 281x225, Finland3.png)

If you do this, you shall be honored by every single finbrony (like me) as a god for rest of your life. You make me proud of my roots.

Nora!LndgrhMQIM 2497043

File: 130812629755.gif (902.34 KB, 390x219, zomg-yes.gif)

Dude, I wonder how many brony achievment points this is worth...

Mewball!tr.t4dJfuU 2497044

File: 130812632586.jpg (45.11 KB, 486x492, respect.jpg)

>mi cara cuando

Metal Link!GG9appleHU 2497045

File: 130812665234.png (164.05 KB, 415x374, 130557847194.png)

I wonder if I could change my name to Pinkie Pie...

Then again my family would disown me so nah.

Totally possible.

Tex!!ZlMTR0Awpm 2497046

My god if you ever come to the US I will personally take to any highway and proceed to get you pulled over.

!!Scootaloo ## Mod 2497047

File: 130812707072.png (63.28 KB, 235x256, scoots lolwut.png)

Do it. Brony Mumble style. AW YEAH.

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497048

File: 130812727342.png (50.42 KB, 232x182, but thats wrong you retard.png)

Yeah I would like to change my name to something pony related, I was thinking of Celestia for a while but I think it would hurt my dad since he named me. but what about naming my first born child Scootaloo?

Blazing S!2StarSHInE 2497049

Don't say things like that just to butter mods up.

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497050

File: 130812742276.png (94.58 KB, 286x242, bitch please3.png)

I couldn't care less about that and they know. but it would be cool, how about Rarity? assuming its a girl.

Blazing S!2StarSHInE 2497051

Hmm.. you look familiar. I think i know who you are, but I don't want to say in case the change is for a reason. But are you?

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497052

File: 130812776848.gif (7.17 KB, 118x188, I dont think so.gif)

I just changed my trip and name cause I like this better. but I'm not hiding or anything.

Unconsciouspeanut (Now Branded and 80% Smackable)!PeANUtg5VA 2497053

File: 130812782122.png (28.05 KB, 354x267, 131020021901.png)

Blazing S!2StarSHInE 2497054

Neat. Hi.
Doc Lee got me this trip for my birthday. I'm Blazing Star!shinePDjpQ. But now with new and improved tripcode!

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497055

File: 130812793806.gif (8.69 KB, 110x172, eh2.gif)

What? my new trip is awesome, Peace + Responsible Drug Use? Its like a dream trip. but yeah I'm One Winged Pegasus!TopMare.

Yeah I saw, its much better ^^

Blazing S!2StarSHInE 2497056

File: 130812803184.png (37.2 KB, 354x267, lol o peanut.png)

Anonymous 2497057

Somepony needs to tell the bronies in 4chan about this, along with /co/.


If you haven't yet (which I don't think you have considering this was posted just yesterday), do that shit. If you haven't, good job doing that shit.

Unconsciouspeanut (Now Branded and 80% Smackable)!PeANUtg5VA 2497059

File: 130812819364.png (28.44 KB, 267x354, Lolwat1.png)

Oh no I like it. I think it's great!
>mi cara cuando

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497060

File: 130812819939.gif (8.25 KB, 110x162, eh1.gif)

I would change it to Pinkamena, I totally would. even if just for the enjoyment I anticipated experiencing after performing said activity, its better than my name anyways.

!!Scootaloo ## Mod 2497061

File: 130812832266.jpg (170.97 KB, 704x932, Squidaloo.jpg)

Don't make that face at me.

Mush !115tL7Xnck 2497062


Metal Link!GG9appleHU 2497063

File: 130812837403.jpg (24.09 KB, 421x438, 130557932479.jpg)

What is that thing...

Unconsciouspeanut (Now Branded and 80% Smackable)!PeANUtg5VA 2497064

File: 130812838546.png (224.39 KB, 464x543, 130454357349.png)

I'm sorry.

Here's a chicken for your troubles

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497065

I have no real opinion on this, but I will say that this goes above and beyond the border of "obsession"

"Pinkamena Diane" would at least sound like a real name

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497066

File: 130812842452.jpg (31.27 KB, 170x170, Im a chickun.jpg)

Silly u. you're a Chicken. oh wait...

!!Scootaloo ## Mod 2497067

File: 130812845723.jpg (149.51 KB, 774x1000, 130765783304.jpg)

Come at me, bro.

Scootaloo!4r8ldcPONY 2497068

File: 130812849628.png (67.44 KB, 194x289, scootaloo no way.png)

Unconsciouspeanut (Now Branded and 80% Smackable)!PeANUtg5VA 2497069

File: 130812850726.png (28.05 KB, 354x267, 131020021901.png)

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497070

File: 130812851190.png (54.39 KB, 283x283, interesting.png)

Oh I would totally change my whole name to Pinkamena Diane Pie if possible. But I don't know if you can change last names. I really haven't look into it.

Cuddletron!OsByAs4vdw 2497072

File: 130812863016.jpg (83.86 KB, 483x480, 4885ed97_be0e_9f70.jpg)

A thousand times DO IT.


Actually, now that I think about it, equally crazy or crazier things have been done. One of the guys at RoosterTeeth's middle name is laser. I already agreed, but go for it more dude!

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497074

File: 130812874759.jpg (9.16 KB, 256x306, prince.jpg)

Do you live in America? Because here you can change any part of your name to pretty much anything. See also: Prince.

!!Scootaloo ## Mod 2497075

File: 130812882374.png (37.72 KB, 354x267, lol o peanut.png)

I suck at paint.

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497076

File: 130812884461.png (166.28 KB, 1400x1400, 130524402936.png)

I live in Mexico but have US citizenship. (dual nationality)
I wonder if I can have a different name for each country.
>mind = blown...

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497077

Oh shit, you actually might. I've never herd of any such thing but I don't know that there's any reason you can't do that.

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497078

File: 130812894431.png (23.22 KB, 945x945, scootaloo shrug.png)

Isn't Scootaloo supposed to be good at artsy shit?

Unconsciouspeanut (Now Branded and 80% Smackable)!PeANUtg5VA 2497079

File: 130812896627.jpg (62.96 KB, 945x945, 130790837577.jpg)

Oh well.

Blazing S!2StarSHInE 2497081

Scootaloo is the badass on the Scooter. The one that should have been dancing?

Stormy Specter!Lives3i5gE 2497082


ol' Benjamin "Laser" McGee Johnson

TophatWaffle 2497083

After that ill marry you OP

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497084

File: 130812914089.png (15.92 KB, 444x296, 130803900352.png)

Glad I don't live in Pittsburgh.


Geoff Lazer Ramsey, actually.

Nimble Force!w7LjO5QivM 2497086

File: 130812919707.jpg (23.9 KB, 400x304, 130774004272.jpg)

Tee se veli

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497087

File: 130812922415.jpg (44.65 KB, 429x519, scootaloo fucked up tonight.jp…)

She also drew the map of Ponyville before the montage in Show Stoppers.

TophatWaffle 2497088

Finland on tosiaankin winland

Nimble Force!w7LjO5QivM 2497089

File: 130812982340.png (41.54 KB, 234x234, 130782161302.png)

No jos tulee toimitusta niin tosiaankin

I hope that OP is from Northern Finland so I could meet him

but the rainbow one kicked me !SNIFF.QYUA 2497090

File: 130813029436.png (176.94 KB, 838x446, 130421942145.png)

>monotoring this thread for like 10 hours now

TophatWaffle 2497091

West is the best.

Reallifeponyname 2497092

Hnghhhh just woke up what on Equestria happened, I saw a lucid dream - Twilight Sparkle cheered me on my choice.

Going to do this guys, a little longer!

Reallifeponyname 2497093

Okay, heading off to the maistrate, from what I've read they have to confirm it too but according to the info sites etc. my name is perfectly fine and stuff.

(Could've also got Steven Miracle Magnet)


Sakura Dash !7mhPwht2JU 2497094

File: 130813331951.png (36.85 KB, 354x267, Rainbow Dash Wonder.png)

Very tired, but awaiting results.

Also stealing pics and recoloring them for my own purposes

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497095

I've been doing a little bit of google-fu and wikipedia searching, and I can't seem to find anything that specifically says you CAN'T have a different name in two countries. That doesn't necessarily mean all of the legal hoops that would have to be jumped through would actually be possible, and even if you managed it crossing the border would probably just be absolute hell

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497096

File: 130813525290.png (9.97 KB, 81x123, what the fuck am I reading.png)

Yeah I would probably need a tooting lawyer to figure this stuff out.

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497097

File: 130813544159.jpg (32.59 KB, 400x477, classydash surprised.jpg)

Just noticed new tripcode.
It's nice ^_^

Flare Foxtail 2497098

Duuude. My fiance just had an awesome idea. After the name change... you should style your hair like Dashies... just for emphasis.

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497099

File: 130813585205.gif (8.25 KB, 110x162, eh1.gif)

I just remembered that in the summer of 99 I had the best time of my life. so pretty much everything in the trip makes sense.

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497100

Alright, a friend of mine who knows all kinds of ridiculous facts that no human has any right to know says the only reason having a different name in two countries wouldn't be possible is if governments notified each other of name changes. If they don't, it would just be a matter of having your name changed in both countries and not transferring it.

What a silly conversation

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497101

File: 130813632136.png (41.95 KB, 595x842, fillydash.png)

Summer of 99
I was like... 10

huh. Personally glad that's all behind me.

DriftingMusic 2497102

I am so excited to see results. OP, you are my hero.

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497103

File: 130813958686.png (44.65 KB, 122x180, oh you.png)

I was 13... *sigh* the memories...

The more I think about it the more impossible it sounds.


File: 130813991491.jpg (48.07 KB, 642x437, soon.jpg)

Blazing S!2StarSHInE 2497105

Hmm.. I was.. let's see..


TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497106

File: 130813997649.png (38.59 KB, 199x148, rarity dunno.png)


File: 130814003956.gif (413.17 KB, 148x168, 129997200444.gif)

New trip?

Blazing S!2StarSHInE 2497108

File: 130814037127.png (8.78 KB, 847x137, Blazing!Starshine.png)

I know this is kind of a derail, but I just threw this together in paint and notepad. Thoughts, please?

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497109

File: 130814047450.gif (10.59 KB, 108x200, dude wat.gif)

wat. no, I'm new here.

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497110

File: 130814055638.gif (10.48 KB, 108x198, dude wat2.gif)

Looks cool, are you gonna tattoo it or something?

Blazing S!2StarSHInE 2497111

Dat filename.

No, no.. not a tattoo. I just.. people don't get the Blazing S thing of my name. My trip is part of my name. And when it was given to me, Blazing !2Starshine didn't make much sense to me.

I've always, ever since I met a certain special friend, years and years ago, whom used S2 as hearts, have also used that as a type of heart.

So I immediately saw !2 as the other half of a broken S2 heart. Blazing S!2 Starshine.


Dreamer !AyOAQgVajw 2497112

I live in Finland to,maybe i will change my name to, say,Spike? :D


File: 130814117465.png (46 KB, 945x945, no wai.png)

Dear Luna what is happening in this thread!!!????

Nimble Force!w7LjO5QivM 2497114

File: 130814162675.png (334.23 KB, 773x764, 130789242490.png)

Some epic shit thats what happening


File: 130814170860.jpg (30.48 KB, 600x338, 130104772594.jpg)

Yea i can see that O-o.

Reallifeponyname 2497116

Ok OP here again, awaiting results (I will get a letter with my new name etc.)


They said how long would it take?

Dreamer !AyOAQgVajw 2497118

Omg,i knew that our country is crazy but wow

Sort of want to be spike now :D

Anonymous 2497119

OP, you are amazing. Can't wait for results.

Nimble Force!w7LjO5QivM 2497120

File: 130814372633.png (50.44 KB, 246x260, 130740911672.png)

Oh wow

Pls say you live somewhere near Oulu

Reallifeponyname 2497121

I live in Oulu, Hessu.

Nimble Force!w7LjO5QivM 2497122

File: 130814429153.png (64.38 KB, 195x214, dash_surprise-(n1302978208901)…)

oo mai gaaah

Dreamer !AyOAQgVajw 2497123

Then there is three of us :o

Reallifeponyname 2497124

We shall have a miitti!

Nimble Force!w7LjO5QivM 2497125

File: 130814556258.png (50.93 KB, 200x200, 130783827091.png)

It could be great but I dunno...I'm little bit fluttershy with new people

Reallifeponyname 2497126

Me too :/

Dreamer !AyOAQgVajw 2497127

How can you be a fluttershy,if you are Rainbow Dash?

Anonymous 2497128

i seewhatyoudidthere.jpg

Nimble Force!w7LjO5QivM 2497129

File: 130814589931.png (81.4 KB, 875x848, 130773922453.png)

Coz she's just so awesome. Im not, she is.

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497130

Even if you have to do it for both countries, you should still change your name to Pinkamina

Reallifeponyname 2497131

Shit, I will do this, then dye my chest hair!
Okay, lets do this.

Hege!hhhhh3XR06 2497132

File: 130814649474.png (194.34 KB, 457x456, 130773210674.png)

I live in Oulu too.

Nimble Force!w7LjO5QivM 2497133

File: 130814655828.png (34.63 KB, 185x185, 130801943285.png)

No wai

Dreamer !AyOAQgVajw 2497134

what sorcery is this?

John Sappington Marmaduke !VoDUKE1A62 2497135

File: 130814697935.png (139.56 KB, 674x658, 130791519048.png)

>OP went through with it

>John Sappington Marmaduke's face when

Reallifeponyname 2497136


Sliver Shine !89kbaconYE 2497137

File: 130814806893.png (1.07 MB, 2553x2613, 130775628747.png)


Jood!Kx.Derpy42 2497138

File: 130814807740.png (143.44 KB, 414x403, Derpdash.png)

Is there any chance we could have a picture of the legal documents? Curiousity compells me to ask.

LAMP 2497139

File: 130814809674.jpg (41.42 KB, 570x435, 1236910781222-570x435.jpg)

You are now my new best friend, Mr. Rainbow Aleksi Dash.

Reallifeponyname 2497140

Waiting for postalynomous to deliver

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497141

File: 130814825848.gif (2.72 MB, 755x624, pinkie TOOT TOOT TOOT.gif)

You've set a very unfortunate precedent

Jimberoo 2497142

You are a god amongst bronies... Special report to Celestia is needed...Cannot...handle...the awesomeness....

Hege!hhhhh3XR06 2497143

File: 130814861624.gif (760.23 KB, 259x214, 130556043418.gif)

Nimble Force!w7LjO5QivM 2497144

File: 130814865425.png (50.44 KB, 246x260, 130740911672.png)


Sir you are awesome. Simply awesome.

John Sappington Marmaduke !VoDUKE1A62 2497145

File: 130814869713.gif (2.73 MB, 307x284, 130803202158.gif)


File: 130814875149.gif (39.88 KB, 96x96, 130074611053.gif)

Ohhh. That makes more sense now. I was a bit confused (reading it as Blazing S Starshine).

This is both awesome and terrifying.

Hazama||Drei!SLuitEA5O. 2497147

File: 130814875880.png (191.58 KB, 400x310, Laughing Hard.png)


You have burned your identity in History. You are courageous, brony

BroWny!.TuRnerVQU 2497148

File: 130814882632.jpg (79.51 KB, 576x711, 1274220828101.jpg)



Pretty cool, yup.

Anonymous 2497150

holy shit, even though I think this is fuckin' awesome I would say this is going way way too far, but seeing Finland is not a english speaking country I don't see how it could be that bad, and if anything goes wrong with that you could always change it back.

Gabe Moist!iUt2bmK346 2497151

File: 130814888232.jpg (79.11 KB, 262x261, Rainbow Dash 11.jpg)

...Holy crap...I leave Ponychan for a few hours and THIS happens!?

Reallifeponyname 2497152

I'll still use my old name just as I've used before, now my official name just is Rainbow Aleksi Dash.
I'm going to become a doctor president.

Jood!Kx.Derpy42 2497153

File: 130814893810.png (266.34 KB, 550x550, Crayon Spike.png)

Indeed Gabe Moist, indeed.

First the ponies will steal our identities, then the bronies with pony names will take positions in government. Next, ponies will rule the world.

Hege!hhhhh3XR06 2497154

File: 130814895631.jpg (32.04 KB, 311x311, 130626935333.jpg)

If by "a few hours" you mean 20 hours, yes.

Cat Planet!BMm0X.9hw2 2497155

File: 130814906146.gif (200.65 KB, 141x146, 130348658436.gif)

You, sir, are a scholar and inspirational intellectual who deserves a nobel peace prize.

Nimble Force!w7LjO5QivM 2497156

File: 130814928278.png (42.78 KB, 187x182, 130797047997.png)

Somepony make this thread sticky

Reallifeponyname 2497157

I called my girlfriend.
She doesn't believe me, disregard mares.

Sugarcube!!IvZGp3ZmDk 2497158

Evidence first, then celebrations in the streets.

Gabe Moist!iUt2bmK346 2497159

File: 130814942992.jpg (78.04 KB, 1015x898, Philomena 1.jpg)

Sorry, I operate in Valve Time.

loki!c7wMhMaDFo 2497160




File: 130814957121.jpg (31.14 KB, 351x365, cowponybigsmile.jpg)



seriously! i bet you'll make headlines in EQD, Derpy Hooves, every single MLP site everywhere!

You are win incarnate!

Caia !rm4WDnS1lQ 2497162

File: 130814966133.jpg (162.83 KB, 1000x1000, Cheerilee TYBG.jpg)


Cortland!iqHdzpF.a. 2497163

That's some dedicated shit right there.

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497164

File: 130814987637.png (38.59 KB, 199x148, rarity dunno.png)


Well yeah, because his name is fucking Rainbow Dash

loki!c7wMhMaDFo 2497165


Most urban Finns can speak English. Maybe in the countryside you will find people that only speak Finnish...

Grandil!innpY/yiqQ 2497166

File: 130814991290.png (106.51 KB, 898x506, RainbowAleksiDash.png)


File: 130814997173.png (23.69 KB, 125x123, rainbowdashchubbycheek.png)

i do believe that was the joke i was going for.

but he is still gonna be famous

Saturas !/MSwKbXH2c 2497168

File: 130815014106.jpg (4.28 KB, 125x124, 130448526734s.jpg)

>mi cara cuando OP did it
Please make this a sticky till OP uploads legal docs >>2497140

Reallifeponyname 2497169

I'm gonna go take a walk, my heart is racing.
Holy scootalooin' John Madden.

Shinmera!R64CfSHINE 2497170

File: 130815026449.png (398.74 KB, 880x730, 1303659196819.png)

As long as OP doesn't delivar evidence, I call attention horse on this.

DriftingMusic 2497171


Jaf5489!X2zpCr9V4. 2497172

File: 130815055243.png (352.98 KB, 756x759, 130774270755.png)

OP, you are possibly the most dedicated brony EVAR. Not to mention the manliest. I bet you this makes Equestria Daily anytime now. And a sticky on /oat/. Just don't forget to post the reactions of cops/others when you tell them your name. My God OP, you are just crazy... but in a good way!
>yfw people ask you why your name's Rainbow Dash

!!Twilight ## Mod 2497173

File: 130815100622.jpg (14.08 KB, 329x355, screen 46.jpg)

Hey guys, what's going on in...
Mother of God.

Anonymous 2497174

File: 130815108200.jpg (45.94 KB, 851x570, 2j433wo.jpg)

great if OP delivers.

Whelp!qzaMSt1iYo 2497175

File: 130815113546.png (117.62 KB, 267x276, Twilight - I did not need to s…)


Changing your name to Rainbow Dash is a "good" kind of crazy? Wouldn't want to see what the bad kind is, then.

John Sappington Marmaduke !VoDUKE1A62 2497176

File: 130815116775.jpg (27.94 KB, 419x302, killitwithfire.jpg)

Grandil!innpY/yiqQ 2497177

File: 130815118085.png (111.7 KB, 348x362, dashlol.png)

Being named Rainbow Aleksi Dash is pretty "RAD"

Nimble Force!w7LjO5QivM 2497178

File: 130815125195.png (49.95 KB, 501x350, 130782380302.png)

I c wut u did thar

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497179

File: 130815131495.png (22.11 KB, 125x113, pinkie cheeks.png)

See it's funny because those are his initials.

loki!c7wMhMaDFo 2497180


It's pretty sane for the average Finn. :D

Mbyte !SYRUP98RHE 2497181

File: 130815141346.jpg (90.93 KB, 295x357, spider_couch2.jpg)

This is quite interesting.

Hoppip!HOPPIPqX/Q!!yvLwx1BQDm 2497182

File: 130815148873.png (133.33 KB, 328x346, 1300981957382.png)

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497183

File: 130815156736.gif (586.56 KB, 320x256, RAAAAAAAAINNNNNNNN.gif)



Skyman747!2LEFd5iAoc 2497184

Dude, to get in the news you don't even have to do anything noteworthy. Just call and be like "I changed my name to Rainbow Dash" and you could probably be mentioned.

Dar-Ma!ARGoNIAN/2!!EyLJIzLGV5 2497185

File: 130815161200.png (791.71 KB, 1000x1000, 130757241166.png)


JermCool 2497186

File: 130815169780.jpg (286.84 KB, 976x1200, itbegins.jpg)

I miss /oat/ for a couple days and the bronies are changing their names?

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497187

I think we can learn to have some trust in our fellow bronies. After all, that or something similar maybe possibly I don't really know is what Feeling Pinkie Keen was all about(I suppose)!

?Fenolio?(Lunar Uprising Lucint)!X.Layton0s 2497188

File: 130815182074.png (172.09 KB, 640x360, 130040205034.png)

>Rainbow's face when.

Anonymous 2497189

File: 130815186698.gif (12.78 KB, 100x100, 11158974.gif)

F5F5F5F5F5 F5F5F5F5 F5F5F5F
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
F5F5F5 F5F5F5F5F5 F5 F5
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
F5 F5 F5F5F5F5 F5F5F5

Rarity Sauce!SAuCeRorFc 2497190

File: 130815190277.jpg (18.89 KB, 387x348, 130575120796.jpg)


BashfulorDashful!xSh1lvRXQI 2497191

in b4 hasbro &or lauren faust sue

Ice!md1GeneRic 2497192

File: 130815195000.gif (4.13 KB, 650x450, 03346.gif)

Hey guys, what's going on in thi-



Wynnz!!uuAGZ0ZJDm 2497193

File: 130815201068.jpg (18 KB, 250x250, 1302782528450.jpg)


you are my hero.

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497194

File: 130815203173.png (36.97 KB, 140x197, heehehe.png)

Hope you don't mind that I just emailed this thread to the Eq Daily guy, ponies need to hear about this!

Crispy Bacon !ieupohnSXc 2497195

i demand dox. nao :D

Dar-Ma!ARGoNIAN/2!!EyLJIzLGV5 2497196

File: 130815214753.gif (1.63 MB, 400x338, 130768089750.gif)

Feeling Pinkie Keen:
"I am happy to report that I now realize there are wonderful things in this world you just can't explain, but that doesn't necessarily make them any less true. It just means you have to choose to believe in them. And sometimes it takes a friend to show you the way. "
Not being able to explain why he did it and not believing he did it are two separate things...

Dar-Ma!ARGoNIAN/2!!EyLJIzLGV5 2497197

File: 130815218658.png (58.87 KB, 1022x756, 1298940980889.png)


Dremer !AyOAQgVajw 2497198

This means Oulu is now Cloudstale of Earth!
Im proud

Anonymous 2497199

File: 130815233487.gif (766.27 KB, 900x670, 130499335546.gif)

F5F5F5F5F5    F5F5F5F5       F5F5F5F
F5            F5     F5          F5     F5          F5
F5        F5         F5            F5   F5            F5
F5F5F5             F5F5F5F5F5  F5            F5
F5      F5           F5           F5    F5          F5
F5        F5         F5         F5      F5         F5
F5          F5       F5F5F5F5       F5F5F5

Reallifeponyname 2497200

Phew, that was a long walk.
I'm still pumped up from this.

Anonymous 2497201

Can't wait for pics, probs be a wekk at least though given how slow it is in the UK

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497202

Oh, also, to those demanding his documents, all he got is a fucking phone call. The documents have to get to him by snail mail

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497203

File: 130815254075.png (274.1 KB, 640x560, who else.png)

Welcome back Rainbow

Reallifeponyname 2497204

I can see this happening in my head.

loki!c7wMhMaDFo 2497205


jumalauta poika
post docs

Please? F5

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497207

File: 130815263869.jpg (23.59 KB, 289x276, asdfasdfASDF.jpg)


Stop requesting docs, dude obviously doesn't have them due to physical mail not being instant.

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497208

File: 130815265476.jpg (150.53 KB, 560x535, like a boss.jpg)

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the 46th president of the United States, Mr. Twilight Sparkle.


File: 130815266028.png (546.66 KB, 1000x1000, big mac coat.png)


Yes, we love you too, /co/. Bai!

Zeke Roa (formerly Eggbert)!dzQE3yI4Tc 2497211

File: 130815273537.jpg (9.6 KB, 203x195, twilight deal with it.jpg)


Oh my God... so you finally really did it...

Aaawww damn you!

damn you to hell!


TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497213

File: 130815275510.png (353.8 KB, 1280x720, CMC group hug.png)

Well you can hate us all you want, but we'll just love you right back, because we're bronies.

Hege!hhhhh3XR06 2497214

File: 130815275745.png (140.16 KB, 327x343, 130695912173.png)

I agree that this is stupid.


File: 130815276379.png (42.14 KB, 168x168, celestiacute.png)

awww we love you too /co/ *hugs*

Reallifeponyname 2497216

U currently experiencing the emotion of anger
U currently experiencing the emotion of anger
U currently experiencing the emotion of anger
U currently experiencing the emotion of anger
U currently experiencing the emotion of anger
I will name my daughter Celestia in your honor

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497217

File: 130815279094.png (29.1 KB, 504x496, eye.png)

Rouge pokefriend detected.
Did you consult with /co/ or do you often speak for big groups as though you're part of something?


Posting in amazing thread.

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497219

File: 130815289613.png (26.64 KB, 945x945, fluttershrug 2.png)

>Rouge pokefriend detected.

But how can you be sure he wears makeup?


Actually, Celestia is a good girl's name...

Phoenix Spike!e3kpSpikeM 2497221

File: 130815289774.png (150.35 KB, 405x314, And this is why your idea is b…)

You... changed your name to... Huh...
That's a bit extreme, don't you think?

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497223

I also wish people would just stop making such a big deal out of this. It's just a name.

Shinmera!R64CfSHINE 2497224

File: 130815294468.jpg (204.68 KB, 660x711, 12425353625.jpg)

That makes three of us.

John Sappington Marmaduke !VoDUKE1A62 2497225

File: 130815295098.png (124.92 KB, 339x368, 130756735689.png)

It does sound a little much, doesn't it?


File: 130815295364.jpg (212.16 KB, 762x779, 1300200315129.jpg)

loki!c7wMhMaDFo 2497227


You figure he would have some sort of court receipt, lol

Anyways I'm just teasing. Not surprised a Finn would do this though, ahahhaa....

Reallifeponyname 2497228

You shall be my sidekick if I ever become a Celestial Lord.

Zeke Roa (formerly Eggbert)!dzQE3yI4Tc 2497229

File: 130815300329.jpg (4.34 KB, 123x125, twilight we are doomed.jpg)

>mi cara cuando this entire thread

Anonymous 2497230

name your future daughter luna instead

Whelp!qzaMSt1iYo 2497231

File: 130815302725.png (147.24 KB, 338x293, Twilight - Flipping pages.png)



Chocolate-Mint Swirl!!V3BTMxAmx4 2497232

File: 130815305080.png (136.93 KB, 350x350, 130779760151.png)

OP did it!
>mi cara cuando

Op, will you post pics if possible?

Duckman 2497233

>Anon makes post decrying OP's actions
>Post deleted

Sure is suppression of dissenting opinion, guys. Way to be mature about this.

Not everypony is excited about this. Personally, I don't think a lot of people outside of us are going to be happy about this.

All I'm saying is that OP took it too far. FiM is just a show. All to often, we forget that important detail.

TOOT !TOOTyqlDtM 2497234

It almost sounds like he didn't even have to go to court for this, though

Jood!Kx.Derpy42 2497235

File: 130815308986.png (111.28 KB, 1000x625, Coffee get.png)

So, regarding the repercussions of changing ones name to 'Rainbow Dash'

I really really hope the new Rainbow Dash knows what he has gotten himself into. Either way, I'm going to be a skeptic until the documents are posted in a week or so.

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497236

File: 130815313953.png (111.7 KB, 348x362, 130456723744.png)

>mi cara cuando he thinks any other pony related site matters or that we care.

And I think I WILL be naming my daughter Celestia. I need a brony though... volunteers?


File: 130815319441.png (480.22 KB, 579x697, 1300200526356.png)

and YOU forget how amazing this show is, how many people it has helped, and the impact it has on many of us.

besides, this is amazing!

Duckman 2497238


They're not happy in the slightest.

Jacelyn(I love Luna)!KoojEKU4CE 2497239

File: 130815324566.png (318.07 KB, 603x508, 130269120573.png)

I might agree. I didnt see the anons post though, was it phrased respectfully?

That being said, yes I think this is pretty silly.
Steven Magnet is an okay name, given that it at least resembles a persons name, although Rainbow Dash, not so much.

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497240

File: 130815324764.png (48.32 KB, 943x943, shrug.png)

So guy changes his name to Rainbow. It's a little nutty, but seems like he's gone and done it now, so we might as well be supportive of it.


There are a lot of post here disagreeing and they are still here.

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497242

File: 130815329554.png (44.65 KB, 122x180, oh you.png)

You agree, what a surprise.


i don't see how renaming yourself "rainbow dash" is bad...

in the end, in Finland i bet a name like Rainbow Dash sound just... strange, nothing more. In the end English is not their firts language

and i'm surpised how quickly this was done...

Dremer !AyOAQgVajw 2497244

What do you say Oulu-ponys, should we throw Aleksi a party?

!!Twilight ## Mod 2497245

>poster is a dick
>poster gets banned
Get over it.

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497246

File: 130815336336.png (32.77 KB, 146x156, celestia damn it.png)

Dissent is perfectly well and good with me.
Some random 12 year old stomping his feet and pretending he is all of 4chan is perfectly acceptable deletion material.

Grandil!innpY/yiqQ 2497247

File: 130815336375.png (87.31 KB, 298x260, Lifejacket.png)

I'm going to assume a few things here.

I assume Rainbow Dash Aleksi is currently named Aleksi

I assume he will still answer to the name Aleksi and use that in his everyday life.

I assume my assumptions are correct which would mean it really doesn't matter all that much.

Also I assume it will be possible to change name again if he should find that appealing at some point.

Reallifeponyname 2497249

Anonymous 2497250

File: 130815340004.jpg (34.87 KB, 600x317, 130480935681.jpg)

Wow, this is just.. stupid. I live near the residence the OP lives in, and I'm definitely going to do a heavy facepalm if I'll meet him or hear his name somewhere someday.

Have a fun life with misunderstandings.

Anonymous 2497251


oh dear god

i hope you are faking this

Hege!hhhhh3XR06 2497253

File: 130815345691.png (194.34 KB, 457x456, 130773210674.png)


File: 130815350192.png (57.84 KB, 600x550, APPLEJACK NICE.png)


Hi /co/!

having fun?

Shinmera!R64CfSHINE 2497255

get some info on Finnland first.

Anonymous 2497256

I'll throw him a punch in the face

Dremer !AyOAQgVajw 2497257

Why not?

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497258

File: 130815358808.gif (7.17 KB, 118x188, I dont think so.gif)

Lol you guys are so full of hate over this. you're only hurting yourselves. have fun getting flankhurt over nothing.

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497259

File: 130815359347.png (41.22 KB, 388x175, truth.png)

Probably the most accurate post in that thread.
Rest of them can get over it.

Duckman 2497260

You wanna know the effect it had on me?
It gave me a bit of enjoyment for 22 minutes every friday for a few months.

You are OBSESSING over something that really shouldn't get THIS MUCH ATTENTION.

It's just a TV show, guys. It's just a TV show. You guys are acting like furries that are new to furrydom and trying to convince yourselves that it's a lifestyle, when all you're really doing is making an flankof yourself.

Please try to be a little bit more moderate.

Dremer !AyOAQgVajw 2497261

For having massive balls?

Ice!md1GeneRic 2497262

File: 130815362210.jpg (15.43 KB, 400x300, Staring.jpg)

All shock value aside...you're kidding, right?

Isn't this a little too far?

Hege!hhhhh3XR06 2497263

File: 130815363507.png (56.02 KB, 215x190, 130659890384.png)

Firstly, this will partially make his life worse.
Secondly, I don't like parties.

Phoenix Spike!e3kpSpikeM 2497264

File: 130815364163.png (221.98 KB, 591x500, Lol, you&#039;re an idiot.png)

I just hope the OP understands how serious this is...


File: 130815366635.jpg (87.73 KB, 945x945, CELESTIA SCREAM.jpg)


/co/ is being silly, they have nothing better to do than to get mad over this? they be crazy

BroWny!.TuRnerVQU 2497266

File: 130815366714.png (163.09 KB, 470x570, 130645501224.png)

loki!c7wMhMaDFo 2497267


I wonder what Perussoumalaiset members will think of a guy named Rainbow....?

Nimble Force!w7LjO5QivM 2497268

File: 130815367688.png (84.86 KB, 323x282, 130795861671.png)

At least go for a coffee/cocoa/tea/wut evar with him if hi wants

Reallifeponyname 2497269

I don't know how thick your head is, but as I said, I'll still be using my original name everywhere I go, except for official stuff, which you wont be seeing unless you're a police officer or something like that.
Aleksi's my second name/middle name/whatever you call it, and yes, you're assuming everything right.

Anonymous 2497270

Sorry, I'm just not a fan of over-obsessing on something. But I'll be ready if I meet him someday, considering I live near Oulu.

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497271

File: 130815373678.png (252.12 KB, 968x882, aqoiwejfsd.png)

You seem genuinely upset about this.
Why not chill, it's not your decision.
Guy can be named whatever he wants...

Ice!md1GeneRic 2497272

File: 130815375270.jpg (75.61 KB, 516x694, Disappointed.jpg)


Yeah, seriously.

This could fuck him over good if he doesn't know what he's dealing with.

Hoppip!HOPPIPqX/Q!!yvLwx1BQDm 2497273

File: 130815376813.png (60.7 KB, 305x256, 1308089185571.png)

it's summer, what do you expect

Anonymous 2497274

OP is a hero.

Naming my first born child after him.


hey man, nopony here forces you to change your name

i will never change my name with "rainbow dash" but i don't freak out if somepony do.

we have informed him on the risk, more than this we can only watch...

chill out and enjoy the show

JermCool 2497276

File: 130815384005.jpg (29.11 KB, 354x338, confusedbees.jpg)

Alexsi or Rainbow?


File: 130815385886.png (4.59 KB, 125x125, derpshrug.png)

To him his own dude, it's his decision and he made it.

you are not the boss over him, and getting all pissy is not making your side look any better.

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497278

File: 130815386491.png (31.38 KB, 100x146, yay.png)

Yay, Rainbow Dash is gonna be used as a normal name from now on.

Reallifeponyname 2497279

I thought we bronies were happy and loving :(

Ice!md1GeneRic 2497280

File: 130815389982.png (191.34 KB, 500x500, Laxin&#039;.png)


Oh, you can change your name at any other given time?

Well forget my pessimism about this, then.

Go have fun.

Anonymous 2497281


Both, of course.

BroWny!.TuRnerVQU 2497282

File: 130815391216.jpg (15.96 KB, 479x361, everyone.jpg)


Phoenix Spike!e3kpSpikeM 2497283

File: 130815391985.jpg (45.45 KB, 659x660, White stuff everywhere.jpg)


Anonymous 2497284

File: 130815395455.jpg (31.29 KB, 302x300, yeah, well___.jpg)

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497285

File: 130815396132.png (50.42 KB, 232x182, but thats wrong you retard.png)

how 'bout no. Lets not turn this into a shitfest.

Hoppip!HOPPIPqX/Q!!yvLwx1BQDm 2497286

>except for official stuff, which you wont be seeing unless you're a police officer or something like that.
So you're prepared for embarrassment and weird looks when you tell police officers that that's your official name?

Cat Planet!BMm0X.9hw2 2497287

File: 130815400663.gif (3.32 MB, 300x300, 130568580461.gif)

4chan bronies are a completely different story sometimes.


Why would he be embarrassed.
And besides. It's not like he can't change his name again.


File: 130815401814.png (212 KB, 1900x1916, derpfluttershy.png)

they are from /co/, not made of the same stuff as us man.

don't worry about it, it's normal to see a difference of a opinion, but Ponychan will always have your back :) *hugs*

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497290

File: 130815402316.png (161.98 KB, 326x434, 130059818129.png)

Don't encourage them please.

Anonymous 2497291

So you're doing this to confuse officials, but nopony else you know will not know? Just.. no.

BroWny!.TuRnerVQU 2497292

File: 130815407070.gif (1.46 MB, 301x250, popcorn.gif)

You mean I made all this popcorn for nothing?!

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497293

File: 130815407402.png (250.84 KB, 800x700, my mind when.png)

Don't encourage them please.

Reallifeponyname 2497294

Harmony harmony oh love.

Duckman 2497295

Everything you guys do is applied to the fandom as a whole. We have to deal with the consequences of YOUR actions. The fallout from this is going to be similar to, if not worse than the fallout from the Wired article. That article was constructed specifically to make us look autistic. And it worked.

Most of us still reside on 4chan. As much as you guys would like to beleive so, you are NOT the center of the fanbase. This thread is part of the reason why. Most of the fanbase just wants to watch the show without having to deal with all this obsessive crap. Can't we go back to the way it was when we all watched Ruby Gloom? Please?


File: 130815417203.png (203.6 KB, 978x1000, rainbow dash filly.png)

i'm not encouraging anypony, i was comforting a friend.

besides, i think this whole thing is frikken awesome!!


sorry dude XP

Whelp!qzaMSt1iYo 2497297

File: 130815419627.png (138.52 KB, 355x325, Twilight - But who was the pho…)


While I do not agree with the OP's decision, I still feel he has the right to do as he wants. YMMV.

Grandil!innpY/yiqQ 2497298

File: 130815427501.png (931.7 KB, 1000x876, 130800644046.png)


Yeh I got the order wrong. Sorry about that.

If you have given it some sincere thought I think it's fine. But I sure do hope you have thought about the downsides as well. Some people can't get information like this without getting all flankhurt and IRL that could be dangerous at some point.


you sond like you are scared of others opinions

that's bad

i hate 4chan, but 4chan don't care about my opinion, why should i care what they think about me (or us)?

??Bridget??!99PeaceRDU 2497300

File: 130815428291.jpg (61.66 KB, 211x211, bridget2.jpg)

I'm not wasting my sick day on a shitfest I'll tell you that.


Anonymous 2497301

This is just fuel like the Wired article.

Anonymous 2497303

File: 130815441491.jpg (58.91 KB, 600x374, 1307913330305.jpg)

You're seriously awesome dude, plough the neighsayers.


File: 130815444024.png (32.77 KB, 945x945, celestiashrug.png)

> Most of the fanbase just wants to watch the show without having to deal with all this obsessive crap.

then why are you obsessing over here? if you don't mind me saying.

you seem hell bent on just making this look like a normal everyday show you like to watch, and we're fine if you want to stay over on 4chan, we get it.

but don't try to bring us down because you think we go too far. we see this as more than a show, we see it as a community full of love and understanding.

besides, is anypony really gonna care about what you look like in the long run?

just go and enjoy the show, post in /co/, but don't try to oppress anypony please

Nimble Force!w7LjO5QivM 2497305

File: 130815450587.png (42.1 KB, 260x260, 130793978323.png)


But hey we should do even a little meeting someday. I srsly cant be shy to a guy who's name is Rainbow Dash.

Whelp!qzaMSt1iYo 2497306

File: 130815451907.png (120.6 KB, 279x284, Twilight - Shut up.png)


You really think not doing anything is gonna stop haters from hating? What colour is the sky in your world? If this silliness makes him happy, let the child have his candy.

Hoppip!HOPPIPqX/Q!!yvLwx1BQDm 2497307

File: 130815452058.png (77.48 KB, 295x300, 1299786322353.png)

>Everything you guys do is applied to the fandom as a whole. We have to deal with the consequences of YOUR actions. The fallout from this is going to be similar to, if not worse than the fallout from the Wired article.

It's kinda like how we've grown to associate "sonic fans" with rabid mary sue OC shippers and CWC, instead of just people who enjoy the games.

Anonymous 2497308

Attacking people in the street makes some people happy, so we should support them too, I guess? Extreme hyperbole of course but just because he's done it doesn't make OP immune to criticism.


File: 130815453764.png (49.69 KB, 200x200, second.png)

Pinkemon!iXrFlonnek 2497310

This, pretty much.

I can hardly believe TC actually DID go through with it, and I can't say I really approve of it.

However, I'm not going to pester him/her about it. It's his/her own choice.


Dude, I don't really think this is going to make us look any worse than we already do.
Sadly, I don't think bronies ever stood a chance of being taken seriously at all, just because of the natural attitude of human beings. (Of course, stuff like the porn does only make it worse.)

Radiance? !R8BREEZEso 2497311

File: 130815456017.jpg (28.21 KB, 539x478, buainbo dash.jpg)

Your tears taste like raspberries.

Anonymous 2497312

Are you implying the correct way to access this problem with haters is to change your name into a character from a kids' show?

Phoenix Spike!e3kpSpikeM 2497313

File: 130815463062.png (634.68 KB, 853x1410, Welp, you just brokered my min…)

!!Twilight ## Mod 2497314

OP changed his name, haters gonna hate, some people liked it.
end of story.

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