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/oat/ needs a throwaway chat thread. Plus, i have all these new screen caps i have to get through.

Join me in a conversation that we will lose track of and forget to respond to in about 3 days, wont you?

Im sitting in a parking lot listening to citypop. What are you doing?
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/oat/ needs a throwaway chat thread. Plus, i have all these new screen caps i have to get through.

Join me in a conversation that we will lose track of and forget to respond to in about 3 days, wont you?

Im sitting in a parking lot listening to citypop. What are you doing?
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/oat/ needs a throwaway chat thread. Plus, i have all these new screen caps i have to get through.

Join me in a conversation that we will lose track of and forget to respond to in about 3 days, wont you?

Im sitting in a parking lot listening to citypop. What are you doing?
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/oat/ needs a throwaway chat thread. Plus, i have all these new screen caps i have to get through.

Join me in a conversation that we will lose track of and forget to respond to in about 3 days, wont you?

Im sitting in a parking lot listening to citypop. What are you doing?
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Bertstrips Thread Urda, give us all you got.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PONYCHAN! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9rNxmykogM

Alright, everypony, it just turned midnight over here in the EST zone, which means...
It's Ponychan's birthday!

Now, sure, you can argue all you like about different time zones and stuff, but I don't care! I start the thread now, and we party! STARTING NOW!

Five long years ago, this site started off and managed to find its place on some shaky ground. Over the years, the fandom has changed in pretty much every way, but there are very few sites that can claim to have been there since the very start. We may not be the biggest site, and we may not be the fanciest, but we've been here for five years now, and that's more than pretty much everything else in the fandom can claim.
A few of us have been here from the start, and some of us have only recently joined in on the fun, but it all boils down to us being here, on this site, chatting and being friends! We have our differences, and there can be disagreements or tension from time to time, but we're all still here. We all keep coming back to make posts here. There's something special about a site that can do that, and there's something special about the users that stick around with it.

Now, we've got a wonderful day ahead of us, and we're going to make sure we celebrate it right. We're going to celebrate everything that has brought us this far, and everything that we are now. Reminisce about Ponychan and get nostalgic! What were some of your favorite moment's in Ponychan's history? Favorite users? And how about now? What are your current favorites? Anything you're looking forward to? And if you don't want to talk favorites, just get in here and be happy and friendly! Just forget all of your worries and come have fun with all of the wonderful users of Ponychan!

Now, in the words of the great Pinkie Pie:
"Get your hooves up, party starting out right, now!
Everypony, everypony, get down!
Time to make a wish, better make it right, now!
It's been a year and today is your birthday party!
Make a wish, it's your birthday!
Make a wish, it's your birthday party!"

Ponychan turns five years old today, let's party!

Also, please be kind in here! This is a thread for everypony! Let's make sure this is a happy occasion for all, and not fight!
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Sex thread Hey, /oat/, let's try a sex thread!

How do you like your sex? Was anything not like you expected? If you have not had sex, how do you think you will like it? General atmosphere, activities, or anything else you want to talk about.

Ideally this thread will be friendly and educational.

(Please keep to the more legal side of sex stuff, even for fantasies you don't intend to carry out. Thank you!)
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[Controversial political topic]
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something i made
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Pre-merger Site Archives Snapshots of Ponychan and MLPchan from before the merger can be found here:
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A Fond Farewell Well, I’m sure the word is well enough out by now for most of you, but I’ve joined the Marine Corps, and I’m headed off for Boot Camp soon. I’m signed on for a four year tour of active duty, so I don’t know if I’ll ever see or talk to you guys again. I’m an electronic communications mechanic, so odds are I’ll be able to access a computer now and then, but I can’t be sure so I just want to make sure I’ve said this. I’m gonna miss you all, and as part of my goodbye, I’ve written a short blurb on what I’ll miss the most about all of you. I know some of them don’t seem like it, but these are from the heart, so I hope they’ll help you remember me as much as they help me remember you.

It’s been an honor and a privilege meeting and getting to know all of you, and you’ve been a big part of my life. You’ve helped me grow as a person in many areas, and you’ve been there for me when I was down. Thank you, all of you. I’ll never forget you.

(please note. the order listing has nothing to do with how important any one person was to me, this is simply the order in which i was able to think of names. it took me nearly six months to make this and write a blurb for all of you. i never bothered to reorder the names because i love all of you, and couldn’t bring myself to place any one person above the others. you’re all very special to me, and i hope this helps you realize that.)(i’m crying as i type this)

/P/AD [docs.google.com]
The original thread no longer runs the way it used to, but the users will always be in my heart. They taught me much.

Insomniacs [docs.google.com]
I only knew you guys for a short time, but you too touched my heart.

Other /arch/ Users [docs.google.com]
I don’t know where I met some of these people, but /arch/ became my home, and I believe I met them there. They gave me fond memories.
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To 4chan I came posting ponies...
But they spammed us with anime gore
The /b/tards have it so easy
And the admin has just endorsed vore

This new pony fandom is struggling
But think, of the fun there could beeeeeee!
If we could put for'd
An MLP board
That catered to people like me...
(No image)
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Great news! Today, I went to my monthly Literary magazine meeting. In the past I have submitted my works, including the To Samantha and To Rachel poems. They are now going to be put in the magazine along with other works and published to the school! Now my two prized poems can be seen by the world! Today, I went to my monthly Literary magazine meeting. In the past I have submitted my works, including the To Samantha and To Rachel poems. They are now going to be put in the magazine along with other works and published to the school! Now my two prized poems can be seen by the world!

The Star Wars Holiday Special by FilmGeek-TV
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Fillychan Welcome to Fillychan, where everything Filly, Funtasia, or both, is what it’s all about. Whether you’re having high expectations for the show, are interested in learning more about it, or are just a random bypasser, we wish you welcome.

It’s basically a serial thread at Ponychan, and not really its own forum or board. For those who are primarily experienced with 4chan or general forums, quick step introductions are at >>1017061, and other than that, you’re free to post here and try to talk about whatever you find fitting.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 9th, 2014 06:31

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Racism in MLP MLP is extremely racist, and I have a problem with it. Why is it that unicorns are the upperclassmen while the earth ponies are lowerclassmen? It's like Faust is trying to preach that slavery is good because the earth ponies do all the dirty work while the unicorns sit on their uptight asses. Also, unicorns are more powerful, which is synonymous with slavery because whites had all the power.
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Sunbutt and /mlp/ - PART 2 - The #Mature
Quick notes:
There has been a change of plans, so this session will last more than 3 hours and the last session part 3 will occur tomorrow. Making this session a three-nights-in-a-row.

/mlp/ is tired and Celestia is too much. We'll be rolling for Darkness right off the bat, so it can fill most of the session (Darkness encore will be available, more on this later on the thread).

Last note. No need for a new notification thread on /mlp/, as there's already a thread up. Just a small post on that thread will suffice.

Let's begin.
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Nightmare Moonbutt and /mlp/ - Rolls of Danger #Mature
Quick pointers:

-No gray filling will be used, only shadows. (to save time).

-Thread will be short since it's mostly a consolation prize for the one-off roll.
It will have the same dedication as the other threads though. Focus will be the following point.

-Extremely high stake rolls will be featured on this short session, plus a free Darkness roll. (Darkness won't be used up)

-Session will last hopefully one night. If the situation doesn't seem like it, it will be cut prematurely to extend it into another day.

-Everything else is the same.
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Aw shit nigga you's in Ponyville 112: I just watched that "potato knishes" video an I'm scared #Mature
(hosting here cause lol banned)
Last episode, our hero and Lyra had gone to investigate the canterlot archives, but apparently you've found your way to the banned book section. they're also all fucking huge. OP doesn't remember why you decided to go here.
>Health: 95%
>Stam: lighthouses rule%
>Spaghetti: 54%
>Inventory: clothes, bat cowl, balloon pack (9), bits (3), stick (2), Cider bottle (empty), diamond grain (4), stethoscope, brush (carrot top hair), changeling piss, knife, changeling garb, Donuts (1, stale), armor, rat (lobotomized), pimpin' hat

>If someone would be so kind as to inform /mlp/, I'd be most appreciative.
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Moonbutt and /mlp/ - Part 2: Darkness Rising #Mature
Continuing session.
Last post from yesterday is pic related.
We'll be rolling for the Darkness in a couple of panels.

-No gray filling will be used, only shadows. (to save time).

-Power of Darkness to be used through a 1d9 roll. Get will decide winning roll.

-I won't be bothering with Having Luna speak in Old English, since I'm not familiar enough with it to properly write it. If anyone wants to provide a transcript, I'll gladly add an edited "Old English" version after we finish.

-Everything else is the same.

A full moon tonight too.
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Nightmare Rarara and /mlp/ #Mature
Quick pointers:

-No gray filling will be used, only shadows. (to save time).

-This evil bitch's hair is a major nightmare to draw, so I apologize if scenes that feature a lot of it take a little extra time.

-Even though it's a "short" session, it will most likely be divided in two days to guarantee quality.
Each half will last an approximate of 3-4 hours.

-Everything else is the same.

Let the nightmare begin!
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Sunset(s) and /mlp/ - PART 2 #Mature
We continue from where we left off.

Everything else is the same as with yesterday's thread.

Let's begin!
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Equestria Girls Anticipation/Discussion Thread To help cut down all the EqG threads, maybe we should have an official discussion thread. It's a lot closer than season 4 at least.

The synopsis is "When a crown is stolen from the Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle pursues the thief into an alternate world where she transforms into a teenage girl who must survive her biggest challenge yet… high school. With help from her new friends who remind her of Ponyville’s Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy, she embarks upon a quest to find the crown and change the destiny of these two parallel worlds."

The film will start being shown in theaters starting on June 16th.
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Tara has seen some stuff in her time.. ^
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Howdy! Hey y'all! I said I'd pop by this week. Hope I'm not showing up at a bad time.
Lauren Faust has left the building. Thank you for your visit, Lauren.
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/mlp/-/anon/ cultural exchange thread.
You post your screencaps of great events in your history, we post from ours.
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Official Season 3 Episode 13 Anticipation/Discussion Thread! Well, that was one great season, wasn't it?

The season finale is coming this week, and it's called Magical Mystery Cure by M. A. Larson, also known for writing other great episodes such as Sonic Rainboom, The Cutie Mark Chronicles, The Return of Harmony and Luna Eclipsed. The summary of this episode reads:

"Twilight accidentally casts a spell that switches the Cutie Marks and destinies of all her friends. The only way she can reverse the spell is by writing her own magic."

There will be a nine-episode marathon preceding the season finale, which will begin from 6:00 AM EST/3:00 AM PST and ending at 10:30 AM EST/7:30 AM PST, which is when the new episode will air. This is all going to happen on Saturday, February 16, airing at The Hub, so be sure not to miss it! Also, please do not forget to support this show through iTunes!


Dont forget to visit Bronystate to watch the episode as soon as it airs!
If talking isnt your thing, then the Spike room has no chatbox, while the Applejack and Rarity rooms are generally the quietest of the bunch.
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Bronies Prevail Bronies, brothers and sisters of our amazing fandom, our world is at a crossroads. As you may have seen things are changing in our world. Talk of Alicorns, Cease and Desist orders, fear of losing the show we hold dear has enveloped our fandom and cause unrest amongst its people. A community of friendly, caring people has been riddled with cynicism, doom saying, and infighting because we’ve turned away from what all hold dear to face the giant in our path. Yes, friends, things are changing whether we like it or not. I’m not here to put your fears to rest or fill your hearts with panic and hopelessness. I’m simply asking you to remember. Who are we? Are we simply a group of adults with too much time on our hands who gathered around a children’s cartoon? Is that really all we are? An unexpected oddity? Or are we more than a bunch of grown men and women in funny cloths and rainbow wigs? Who are we, friends? I believe that we are a group of powerful individuals with our own stories and ideas. Even though we’re very different, we’ve found a common ground, something that we can all enjoy that’s showed us what is important in our lives. Kindness, strength, generosity, loyalty, friendship; these are more than words to us; they’re principles.

When I first looked upon the fandom I saw a group of people marching to the beat of their own drum and celebrating something they all cared about, even if it was just a children’s cartoon. But when I looked deeper I discovered it was so much more than that. The more I looked; I began to see how much people cared - even loved - its characters. This touched my heart in an amazing way. I thought that if these people could love a fictional pony so much, than how much can they have for each other? Now that I’ve become a part of the fandom I’ve found that love for myself and given of it freely. But since I’ve become accustomed to the community I’ve forgotten things. I’ve forgotten exactly why I started on this journey. I’ve taken for granted our love for each other and now that is coming under question.

In light of all of this coming change is now the time for us to divide ourselves? Is now the time for us to argue amongst ourselves and pick sides when things are looking their darkest? I do not believe so. A wise man once said, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Now is the time, friends. ; The time for us to stand together in the face of change, antagonism, and fear. Now is the time we stand by each other in our strengths and weaknesses and become again the fandom that built our great community. I call on you to stop and remember why you started all this. Consider who you are and how far you’ve come. Are we just a community of losers with too much time on our hands, or have we found something to show us what is important, something to believe in that has made us into better people.

If you believe, as I do, that we can be more than a group of strangers, than please don’t take these words lightly, remember what brought you all here, your beliefs and experiences. Hold on to it and don’t let go, because they can take away our games or even our show, but they can’t take away who we are. When we stand together Equestria will always exist in our hearts. Equestria will prevail. We will prevail.
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>unbalanced as shit racial perks
>convoluted magic dynamics - spells are impossibly rare
>only get random choice for character rolls
>no reroll
>lucky 1% of faggots get wealth bonuses
>tons of class choices but takes forever to start questlines

This shit better get balanced in the next release
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Dear Princess Celestia It's been one year, Ponychan. Today is our birthday

Take some time to reflect on all this wonderful community has done for you, and what memories you recall with the fondest nostalgia. Remember old friends and appreciate new ones. Take a trip down memory lane with us and write a letter to Princess !!Celestia about what you've learned in your time here, and the adventures you've experienced with your friends.

It's been a magical year, Ponychan. Tell us about it.
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See you soon.... Mod edit: The poster has returned since making this thread.
Please allow me to post the second and third parts before posting…thanks.
To warn you, this is very long and may require you to read this in multiple posts….as I’m writing this in Word beforehand, I don’t know how many characters I can fit into one post…. There won’t be a TL:DR, there’s just too much to be summarized…so when you have the time, please…try to read this in its entirety…

If you think that this is another one of those "Goodbye..." threads, think again, it is actually a "Until we meet again....someday" thread. At the end of Wednesday, May 25, I'll have to leave... I have never seen a group of people so caring, kind, and loving....that not only do I see you guys as my friends, but as an extended family.... The term "hugbox" gets thrown around for this site, but is that really a bad thing? We all NEED friendship and the kind this fandom gives.....is simply wonderful.... By the end of this, you'll know that this really isn't a thread about me....no....I actually hate talking about myself and my problems throughout life....it is really about the people I've met, this wonderful site, and the fandom that sparked the question "Why the Hell am I watching this!?" and the answer "It's magic, I ain’t gotta explain shit.".

For those I wasn't fortunate enough to meet throughout my past weeks here......this is my story of both my past and the weeks I've spent here.....and the people/show that saved my life.....the people I can't thank enough for saving my sanity and allowing me to finally.......after about 16 years......be myself......the fandom that’s turned out to be so much more…for me at least…

To those I have met, befriended, helped, laughed/cried/hugged/loved/and been there for, you do not need to relive what I have already unloaded onto you all.....but I can't stop you if you wish to read my horrible past with some new info (some I have told you guys has been left out, as it doesn’t fit right at all with what I’m trying to get at)…..I just don’t want to make you feel down…..

My childhood:
I don't remember much of my childhood that was positive....the only thing I can really remember that positively affected my childhood was video games and Legos/Kinects. I was very lonely throughout my childhood…. Why my childhood was so bad you may ask.......it all has to do with one person......and that was my dad.

My dad is one of the vilest people you could ever meet......he lies about EVERYTHING. He is not one to get drunk (though occasionally he will). He would not allow me or my brother to have ANY kind of emotion. If we showed happiness, he beat the shit out of us........if we were hurt by his beatings, he'd beat us some more........laugh at a cartoon.....you get the picture....... Our mom tried to stop him several times, but she couldn't stop the violence....... We were too afraid to call the cops....

This is about the time I tried committing suicide several times throughout my life......but every time, I did not go through with it......I could not leave the ones that I loved behind..... I had only one friend at the time and for many more years; I wouldn't have any but that one…we moved away some years later…I haven’t seen him since...

We then find out that our dad had been cheating on our mom......he had done it with 5 other women over a long period of time.... I still remember the fight they had.....it is burned into my memory...........not a short time after, they divorced.

I was glad, secretly, that they divorced......but so very sad for my Mom as she still loved that vile man......I still don't know why.... But even so, I couldn't show it...I couldn't show any emotion even if I tried, our dad’s beatings had been etched into mine and my brother's minds so much so, that even when the violence had gone...we felt nothing.

When my grandfather died…….I couldn’t feel anything, but I loved him so…..just thinking about it and how I took it makes me very sad….

Later years:

Later on in life, I found out how to show emotions, even though they were fake. I called this my wall, my brave face if you will (others have called it a mask or a mirror, whatever floats your boat I guess on which you call it…). Even with this device, I still came off as a cold, heartless, calculative, hate towards every human being, logical, and hopeless person........

My school district could tell that there was something wrong with me, but they didn’t know what. So they had me see a counselor from about 3rd grade till about 8th grade… I never told that counselor how I really felt, though he did know about my past….but not one of my suicide attempts….no, no one has…
I loved my 4th grade teacher, it was the only time in my past, that I ever felt happy, true happiness…she was an excellent teacher who knew what she was doing, forced us to meditate and calm down after each lesson, and played kickball every Friday if we had the time…it was the first time I took off my wall/mask, if only if it was for 8 hours…I met my first real friend in that class, we’re still friends today…it just breaks my heart though that he’s in the army right now…I still have no idea what’s happened to him…
In 5th grade I let out all of my anger for my father on one person… I was waiting for the bus to go to school with my brother when a school bully sling shotted a rock into my brother’s neck, closing off his airway and almost killing him…..in a blind rage like I never felt before, I choked him…..almost to death…it was the screams from my grandma that stopped me…I’m so glad that I didn’t kill him… This was a result from bottling up everything I had ever possibly felt….never bottle up your feelings…

When I graduated from High School, I graduated with honors…I still have no idea how I did that (I might have been a cold hopeless person…I still wanted make something of myself)…
My High School counselor said that he just witnessed the greatest miracle in his life….to my surprise….he said it was me……apparently, no one has ever graduated with a life like mine in the school district……no….most have killed themselves already…
My 4th grade teacher screamed for joy when she heard my name being called out during the graduation ceremony. She came over to me and hugged me….she knew I had it in me to continue….even if life was utter crap…

I felt nothing for these people anymore……..nothing……everything that happened that day went over my head…..I was as cold as cold can get…….it makes me want to go back there right now and thank them for believing in me……
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Re-introduce yourself /oat/ It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these. Let’s take this opportunity to show a bit of our true selves, /oat/

Tell me a bit about yourself; name, age, gender, social security number it’s all optional. What are your dreams, are you studding or working towards them? What’s your favorite brand of pudding?

I’ll start; just like Steven Magnet I never introduced myself when I became a member, mostly because I was scared shitless, I jumped almost straight from anonymity to posting as Princess Celestia and then One Winged Pegasus.

You can call me Morri if you’d like, I’m 25, brunette, brahny (hell yeah I want to propagate that term)
I play the guitar and some piano and love chocolate, especially in the form of a milkshake.
I've been a huge metalhead since I was 13, been listening to some electronica lately, also like industrial.
My dream was to live I a nice cabin or something out in the woods but recently upgraded to having an apple orchard. (thanks to Applejack and one beautiful day)
I’m a vegetarian, because.
My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie because I identify with her very much, also Rarity and recently Trixie.
I’m a Mexican American born in Mexico, where I’ve been living for almost 4 years I believe, I left when I was adopted at the age of 9.
I'm incredibly emotional unstable and would probably cut you irl. (I blame my mother's genes, also hdd and bipolar disorder.) but I'm kind and loving~ used to be a total bitch though.

I love this community because I feel like I can be myself, I had never been in a place like this, I don't come from 4chan or any other image board. I used to hang around a lot in the cgsociety forums but you know nothing compares to this place. I was introduced to the fandom by a very good friend back in February and been here almost since ponychan 1.0 started, like a week or so before it was raided and taken down its old host.
Oh btw this community helped me get over my feelings of guilt and gave me the strength to find my estranged sister and I did! its incredible how far a little support goes, and it wasn't a little.

Hmm that’s all I can think of right now, your turn.
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And so it begins. Tuesday the 19th of April my friend shall know the true meaning of friendship. Senior prank week is coming up and instead of pranking the teachers as we usually do every year, the ponies shall block out the sun for him on this fateful day.

A little background info: My friend, Tony, and I are both seniors in our high school. He’s one of those guys who tries to act cool and tough around everypony, but fails most of the time. This is a multiple phase operation and has cost me over $40 to prepare for everything
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I woke up and there they all were. Pinkie, Rainbow, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Twilight. I felt my heartbeat speed up immensely. I approached Twilight Sparkle, who looked up at me.

"Please," I began, "tell me that this is heaven. Please tell me that I died and now I'm here with you..."

Twilight, with an understanding and sympathizing look, replied, "I'm afraid not."

I knew what that meant, but I didn't want to accept it. "Have I transcended between our worlds? Am I here to stay?"

Twilight shook her head.

"Then this is a dream," I said weakly. And then I felt a great weight strike me all over my body. I couldn't contain myself. I fell to my knees and began to weep, hugging Twilight's neck.

She let this continue for a short while, and the spectacle had aroused the other ponies' interests. They approached, but I just clung to Twilight's neck.

"Why is it that you wish you were dead?" she questioned. "Why do you want to leave everything to be with us so badly?"

I attempted to stop and look at her. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. "There's nothing for me when I wake up. The world is cruel and hard. All my life has become a string of tasks leading to the end of each day, and I'm no closer to achieving anything worth while than when I wake up at the beginning. The people all jeer and scorn and treat each other with all kinds of hate, and I don't want to do this anymore.

"I look at your world and my heart goes out to you. I feel happy again. Happy that there is a place, if only in our imaginations, where everypony is nice to each other. Where everypony cares. I want to give up. I want to be here..."

Twilight looked down at me and gave a small smile. "The fact that we even exist is testament to the decency of humankind," she began, "We may only be in your imaginations, but that in itself is proof that the world desires a place in which everypony can truly be themselves and be accepted. The reason the arduous tasks you complete are seemingly meaningless is because you connect no meaning to them. Look into your heart and find what you truly want. Now look around. If you want a world like this, you have to make it happen. People are cruel because they assume the worst in others as you are doing now. How many times have you turned your back on a peer because no pony was there for you when you needed them?

"We are here to help you. We are here to teach you. The way you long for us is proof that we are doing our jobs. It may hurt, but our purpose is to show you that something is missing and that you can find it."

"I don't think I can live much longer without you," I replied with tears running down my cheek, "I can just stay here. I can stay in my room and sleep and dream forever if I have to."

Rainbow Dash came forward and spoke: "You don't have to live without us because we're always with you. Every time you feel the warmth of a good deed. Every time you help another pony in need, that's us in your heart..."

"...And every time you see somepony else extend an itty-bitty, little-tiny smidgen of kindness to the world, that's us too!" Pinkie interrupted.

I smiled halfheartedly.

"Now look here, Sugarcube," began Applejack, "You can't just stay home and sleep yer life away. Imagine how that makes us look. Yuh gotta go out and put all those lessons about friendship we've given yuh to good use."

I didn't know what to say, so I just sat there on the ground. Rarity walked toward me and I continued staring at the ground.

"Darling," she started, "you need to buck up! When you wake up you need to look around and see everything that your unhappy with because if you cannot... well, how can you make it better? You can make the world beautiful."

I started to choke up. "But I can't. It's... It's too much to endure."

"You can do anything," Fluttershy piped up, "You have a voice, you just have to find it."

I don't know why, but after hearing Fluttershy muster up the courage to speak to a stranger, my tears stopped and I began to believe. "I can try everypony, but..."

"What is it?" Twilight asked.

"... will you be waiting for me? When I sleep, and when I die?"

"You'll see us again. And we will meet with you when your job is done if you remember us."

"Remember you?" I said, "I'll never forget you."

"Be that as it may, life is a long time. I hope you can find happiness that exceeds our limitations in that time. But, for now, I think it's about time you wake up."

I hugged them all and thanked them for everything.

"And remember," Twilight said, "You're not alone. You have us, but you also have friends..."

Then I opened my tear-filled eyes, sat up in bed, and started my journey.
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Ok, everypony. I give you a challenge.
First, start listening to this.
Then, read this while the music is playing.

Try not to cry.

I can't...I can't do it.....
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A story to tell... Mfw typing this up

I have something to say that has been bugging me since it happened. I'm posting this because I can't think of anywhere else to post it. I need to tell someone, and since I have no one but you guys, I'm posting this here. Yes there are ponies, and no there is no tl:dr.

so here is some back story on my life.
I had an abusive stepfather. there are many memories from watching him get drunk to beating me, to beating my mother, and a lot of other fucked up shit he did. We were constantly moving around, never staying in one place for long so there was no way I could make friends. This lasted since I was born for 8-9 years. I remember this one time, I was 6-7 and I was cowering in the corner of the basement, looking up, watching him beat my mom because she got in the way to stop him from beating me. I can never get this out of my head, and every once in a while I get a flashback of it and others randomly.

It has been 12 years since I’ve seen this him. 4 months ago He found one of my siblings FB accounts, and he wanted to see us. Skipping a lot of details, They all went, and my mom even forgave him. I stayed home wondering why they would even bother trying to forgive him. I cried myself to sleep that night.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. He wanted to see us again, especially me. He was begging practically, asking for forgiveness for what he's done and such. Only me, my bro, mom, and new stepdad went, to meet him at a restaurant. I thought with all the support with me I'd be able to handle the encounter better. I took my headphones, I decided for some reason to take the rainbow dash toy from mcdonalds with me, and kept her in my pocket.

We arrive at the restaurant and get out when I find out that only me and my brother are going in, and mom and stepdad were going across the street to wait for me. All the confidence I had built up suddenly disappeared. I felt like rainbow dash before the young flyer competition. I must have made this apparent on my face even though I tried to hide it, because my mom tells me that it isn't too late to go back. I reached for my pocket and held onto rainbow dash. I say fuck it, we're already here in as normal a tone as possible but in my mind I'm terrified. We enter the restaurant, turned the corner and there he is sitting at the table.

He saw us, turns around spots us, gets up and comes toward us and then hands out his hand for a handshake. I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs, to grab a chair and beat him with it, to grab a steak knife off of one of the customer’s plates and stab him. But I didn't. I just took the handshake, while barely being able to look at him directly in the eyes, my other hand was in my pocket tight around rainbow dash. It took absolutely every fiber of my being to go and keep looking into his eyes without bursting into tears. He bought the buffet for us and I got a plate of food and I tried to eat.

Here I am sitting in front of the guy that used to torment and beat me just because I walked through the door, and I realize I’m basically eating lunch with him. nothing about the experience was enjoyable. normally I can eat anything but The food for some reason tastes like shit and I can't eat. It feels like every bite makes it harder to keep composure. He starts trying to make small talk trying to get into what I've been up to. He even tries bringing up some "good times" from back then. I couldn't hold it anymore. I excused myself and headed to the bathroom. I get into the farthest stall and I cried. 21 year old male, and here I am crying my eyes out silently in a bathroom stall. I now know the feeling when someone says or you read "and it felt like hours when it was only minutes" kind of thing. Because I felt like I was in there crying for hours. I hit play on my phone and listened to pinkie pie giggle at the ghostly, while I washed my face, trying to cover up that I was crying. the song finished and I headed back outside.

He went and tried talking again, trying to sound friendly and saying that he's sorry and he wished it didn't happe---bullshit. What happened next was the scariest and possibly the bravest thing I've ever done.

I cut him off mid sentence, sat up straight, looked at him straight in the eyes. I told him how many shrinks I've had to go to, how hard it's been to simply make conversations with people But I said all this to him as calmly as I could muster. I retold him of some of the beatings. remembering almost every detail, I even told him the time of day and how much sun was coming in through the window. I told him the many times I wanted him dead and how even right at this moment I wanted him dead. I told him all of this while looking straight at him, gripping rainbow in my hand, my body shaking from fear and adrenaline. The entire time I was there my brother didn't say a word and just let me talk. I got up from the table and left somehow managing to keep it together long enough to get outside before sobbing uncontrollably heading to the car.

The car ride home I broke down. I pulled my hand out of my pocket, and realized that I was squeezing the rainbow dash toy so hard, that it was perfectly indented onto the skin on my hand. I put on my headphones, had giggle at the ghostly on loop trying hard to listen to the words, but couldn't. All the while I was petting rainbow dash. At first I couldn't and kept crying scared out of my mind from what I just did, while trying to giggle and chortle and everything pinkie pie said to do. The song kept going and I was still petting rainbow dash and trying to sing along. Eventually I had calmed down enough to hear...

"she said, pinkie you gotta stand up tall, learn to face your fears"

It took me a little while to realize it. Slowly but surely I giggled, chortled, whooped it up, cracked up, practically yelling the lyrics while laughing, petting rainbow dash and even messing with her hair. I realized right then, that I got dressed for, ate lunch with and while looking him straight in the eye, told off my greatest fear, to his face.

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Feel"s bad, bronies... I have a sad but heartwarming story of friendship and magic, bronies…

Every so often, I volunteer in my city’s Children’s Hospital and provide some youthful fun to the young kids there. A while ago, I developed a good friendship with this ten year old girl named Sarah. She’s simply adorable, but she was fighting cancer. She’s a First Nations girl, and her parents gave her up, essentially not wanting to deal with her intensive care. When she hasn’t been in the hospital, she’s been in an orphanage. I came to be something of a big brother to her, and she was another little sister to me. We’d tell each other jokes, play games, and talk about what happened that day.

One day, I asked her if she could keep a very important secret. She eagerly said “Of course!” I told her I was a brony. She laughed so hard, people in the wing turned to look at us and ask what was so funny. True to her word, she replied with the usual “nothing”. She told me she had never seen the show and couldn’t understand how I, a guy twice her age, could like a girl’s show. So I did the only thing I could think of; bring my laptop to the hospital and watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic with her.

We watched all the episodes together, and discussed our favourite ponies. I couldn’t help but be rather somber when she told who her favourite was. Sarah’s favourite pony is Pinkie Pie, and let me tell you why. Sarah told me that Pinkie Pie was her favourite because she helped her face her fear of dying. Pinkie taught her to laugh when she was afraid or sad, and to always keep your chin up when you’re feeling down. It was her birthday about a month ago, so I bought her a Pinkie Pie pony from Toys ‘R Us (I got so many weird looks in the store). She was feeling really sick that day (from chemo), but her face lit up when she opened the box to see a brand new Pinkie Pie. Her Pinkie Pie, to help keep her safe and happy. She told me it was the best gift she had ever gotten in her entire life.

The last time I saw her was six days ago, just a few days before my birthday. She had been getting worse with each month, but she was always happy to get a visit from me. This time was different. She was hooked up to more equipment that usual, and couldn’t even sit up. She gave me an early birthday card, which had a hand drawn Fluttershy inside. She also gave me a balloon she had received from an orderly. I asked her how she and Pinkie Pie were doing and she just smiled weakly at me and said that they were doing great, even though she knew she was getting worse. I told her I would come visit her on Monday for Halloween and give her some candy if she could stomach it. She smiled again, and said she looked forward to seeing all the costumes around the hospital.

I got a call today that I knew would come, but had always dreaded. Sarah had passed away. When I got off work, I just sorta stumbled around in a daze, got on the bus to the hospital, and practically sleepwalked into the hospital. I finally came to Sarah’s room, which was now empty. No more Sarah. The bed had been made, and most of the medical equipment moved. I wondered if I had entered the wrong room, but I knew it was the right one. As I walked out holding back tears, a nurse called out to me. “Excuse me sir, are you Anon?” I told her I was and she told me heavily that Sarah had passed away. I told her that I was aware, but had hoped to say goodbye at least. The nurse then brought me to her desk telling me that Sarah had left me something.

I saw Sarah’s Pinkie Pie lying there on the desk.

The nurse told me that shortly before Sarah died, she asked her if I had stopped by and referred to me as her brother. Sarah told her I was indeed her brother, but that I was going to see her on Halloween. Sarah passed away with Pinkie Pie in her hand, and the nurse said it felt right that I should have it as a memento.

I’ve rarely cried so hard in my life.

I’m looking at her Pinkie Pie right now, looking back at me. It’s comforting to know that this pink little pony helped get this girl through something I cannot even begin to understand or know how to deal with. All I ask, is that when you all are out trick or treating or partying on Halloween, please do so in honour of Sarah. She wasn’t a sister by blood, but she was my sister in spirit, and ponies have helped us in the darkest of times.

Love and tolerance.
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Vector thread C'mon /pic/ Dump all the vectors!
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Official Season 2 Episodes 25 & 26 Anticipation/Discussion Thread! Posted super early because I CAN'T WAIT! (That, and there are already a fair amount of discussion threads already ongoing.)

This week's episodes are A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 & 2, where the synopses reads, "Twilight is unsure about her brother's upcoming wedding to Princess Celestia's niece, Cadence." and "Twilight unearths a dark secret about Cadence before Cadence's big wedding day."

Watch it live on The Hub on Saturday, April 21, airing at 1:00PM EDT/10:00AM PDT (5:00PM GMT/UTC)! (Find streams in >>>/now/) Please don't forget to support this awesome, awesome show through iTunes! (Season 2 will be available soon on Netflix!)

Are you ready for an hour full of AWESOME?
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/oat/ Episode Discussion Thread This is the /oat/ Episode Discussion thread for the first two episodes of Season 3. If you see another thread, redirect the guys in there to this one!

Under fifteen minutes to go at the time of posting this OP! Who else can't wait to see the crystal ponies and all that other stuff?
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Trixie: So there was music that went along with this thread, but for the sake of making arch less annoying it was removed. To head it, check out This Video
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Ebon"s Egress
Dear everybody.

A few weeks ago, I've made a thread about a choice that was given to me.
Because of my particular stomach condition, I would have only had three years left until my organs gave out. Three years of continued and increasing suffering until I'd painfully wither away.
But I was offered a solution. A drastic surgery to completely remove the core of my problems: My stomach itself. Yet, this kind of surgery is very risky on its own, and combined with my already damaged other intestines... My chances of surviving the procedure are slim. Very slim.
It took me a lot of thought, persuation and support to make a decision, and even since then I have felt bitter regret about my choice more then once. It's a gamble with my life, and the odds are significantly stacked against me... But it's too late to change things now.

Tomorrow morning I will be picked up and taken into the hospital, where I'll be held in my room until the surgery the day afterwards. I'll be restricted from any kind of online media during this time.

Considering how early tomorrow I'll be taken in, and how large the chance is that I'll not make it... I fear that tonight may be the last time you'll ever see me.

And so, I just want to leave a final message for everybody, should things take a turn for the worse.

During my stay on Ponychan, I have met many people, and I have learnt almost as many things. I have met Anonymous posters who were recognised by just their posting habits, who have taught me that you do not always need to establish your identity to establish yourself. I have met posters who habitually posted as video game characters, government celebrities, and even as psychopaths from the past, who have taught me to never judge a person just from a mask. I have met posters who actually met and formed couples, and I have met poster couples that separated for better or worse, both of whom have taught me that fate isn't always logical. I have met posters who weathered the times of being looked down on for using OC's and even established both a good name and status for themselves, who have taught me to never stop being who you are. I have met people who have regarded the well-being of others as important as their own, or sometimes even more important as their own, who have inspired me always strive and become a better person. I have met people who were once crippled by their own problems, yet finally fought against them and conquered them, who have taught me that it's always worth to fight for a better life, and that you should never give up hope in a life filled with so much potential.

I could go on forever. And while some relationships between other posters may sometimes have taken dark turns, and while some posters may no longer be here, I have always felt like this was the greatest community that I have ever been a part of - Both through better and worse times. And at the end of it all... I really feel like I have made true friends amongst them. Even if I may have never met them, and even if I may have never even seen the face of a good lot of them... I just have never felt so accepted and appreciated before. When I look at some posters, I truly feel like these are some of the best friends I have ever had. And I don't think that I could ever get tired of that.

Just these things alone have made my life that much more bearable. But it didn't stop there. Whenever I was feeling bad, whenever I just had to let loose and pour out at my heart's content, there was almost always someone there to support and comfort me. Through some of the worst moments of my life, when I was at my lowest of low, you gave me the strength and support I so desperately needed to drag me through the void. Hell, I wouldn't even have my girlfriend right now, hadn't you given me the courage to tell her about my feelings.

Throughout my time here, I have changed so much. I feel like all of the experiences I have gone through together with you have made me so much wiser and mature, and I truly feel like I have become a better person. I have become much more patient when dealing with others. I have become much more accepting and open to others' views and opinions. And most of all, I have become so much... happier.

There have been times when I have felt genuine happiness, both together with you and because of you. Precious feelings that I hadn't felt since I was just a little boy. Precious feelings that I had thought were lost forever after entering puberty and a horrible High School experience.

I don't think that I could ever describe the gratitude I continue to feel for everything that you have done for me, and I only wish that I would have been able to pay you back in kind. But although I have done my best, I fear that I may never be able to return the favour.

All I can say is... Thank you. Thank you for everything.

I will still be around for tonight, if there is anything you would like to ask or tell me. Don't be afraid to say what you feel needs to be said, and don't hesitate with asking the things you really want or even need to know. After all... This may be the last chance you get.

>Fluttershy because she is best pony. Also I have no dramatic pictures of Ebon. Heh.
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How my little pony saved my leg on October 8, 2010 I wen't to a motocross race to compete ( dirtbike racing for who ever doesn't know). Every thing was going just fine, until my last race of the night, it was 11pm and I had been riding since 2pm earlier that day so i was extremely tired, two laps until i would have finished the race and been done for the night, but unfortuantly i lost control of the bike and crashed terribly. Thinking it was only a broken leg the on site ambulance took me to the hospital, thinking that they would set the bone and i would be going home in a few hours. A half hour later I was sitting in one of the E.R rooms, and I hear a Helicopter land on top of the hospital, a few minutes later the crew comes down and says they are going to airlift me to Erlanger Teaching hospital in Chattanooga Tennessee ( I was in Calhoun, GA ). I, being medicated on morphine, thought nothing of it as i was pretty delusional. 15 Minutes pass in the helicopter and we land, then i get to wait 45 minutes in the Pre-O.R room, with my leg swollen up to think i weighed 350lb. Once i finally get into the O.R they quickly put me under and start the operation, which i don't even know what it is yet.

What feels like 5 minutes was actually 7 hours, I wake up still medicated but i see an external Fixator with 6 pins drilled into me, 2 on in my femur, 2 in my tibia, and two in both sides of my
foot, confuse I asked what happened to my leg? My surgeon came in and showed me the x-rays, i had shattered my Tibial plateau, Tore my meniscus, and ripped and tore apart an artery all in my left leg. It wouldn't have been so serious if i hadn't torn the artery. They did a vein transplant, in which they took a vein from my right leg and replaced my damaged artery with it. They said my leg was without blood flow for so long that i had a 75/25% chance that i would loose it, 25% that id keep it. so i was pretty worried about that for the first day. Friday came along and i was laying in my hospital bed watching t.v bored as hell, I was flipping through the chanels and at 1:30 the very first episode of MLP;FIM was premiering, I am a 15 year old 6" tall 170lb male motocross racer, most wouldn't think i would be interested in a show about ponies, so i just changed the chanell, after flipping through all of the channels they had i eventually got back to the HUB were 2 minutes of the show had already passed, I thought to my self how i liked the animation so i said screw it and i watched the whole episode, I was amazed!!! it felt like i was back in the early 2000's again, the characters, the animation, everything was just perfect.

A week went by and a couple more surgeries, so 3 surgeries done out of 5 that i had done, and part 2 was on at 1:30 Friday the 17th, me being excited watched the whole episode and once again amazed on how good a show about ponies could be, the morals that it taught, and how to always believe and never gave up pretty much gave me the strength to stay strong and don't never give up. They said it was a miracle that i kept my leg, and that i would have full function of it eventually, when I finally got home, i was forced to sleep on the couch because my bed room was up stairs, I had set my DVR for 1:30 every Friday because i had physical therapy on Fridays at 2pm so i couldn't watch it, and every Friday night i would watch it and fall asleep feeling great, aside from the pain in my leg XD

8 months later I am back on the bike, Racing again always keeping in mind that MLP;FIM was the reason i was able to get back on.

Pic is of me like 5 minutes after waking up from my first surgery, so i was completely out of it, i don't even remember my dad taking the picture.
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Okay, so I just heard some interesting news in the new episode of "Voiceprint with Trevor Devall." In this one, he interviews Andrew Francis, voice of Shining Armor, and he brings up the finale early on. According to Andrew, Shining Armor appeared at the start of the season. Now, since I know that all the furor over his character didn't start until about halfway through the season, he didn't appear in the premiere.

Or did he? Have we just been blind this whole time, or did they cut his scenes in favour of time?
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When is Celestia going to release a balance update? The Unicorn class is way overpowered.
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Predict future episodes! Think of plots that you can/ would want see in a a future episode. (And I mean plot in the original word, the episode's story)

Celestia is away and gives her best student, Twilight, the responsibility to temporarily raise the Sun. But with Luna, you know... existing, this probably has a lot of plot holes. Click on the pic for my response.
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Ponies!? Ponies?
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>decide to make dresses for my friends so we can have our own fashion show for fun
>work forever
>my friends hate them and stupidly offer to make new dresses with their suggestions
>one of my friends wants to wear galoshes with her dress
>my face
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The glasses Dude, these glasses. They're really chill and all, man. Like, post your own glasses here and pictures of glasses and such. This place needs glasses. Do you, like, like the glasses? I think DJ P0N-3 is awesome. Just sayin'. Fucking goggles, man.
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Dedicate a Song to a Ponychan User ? Are there any ponies here on Ponychan that you just adore? In this thread, dedicate a song to them! If somepony dedicates a song to you, please let them know how much you appreciate them... and dedicate a song back!

This is not a thread for sharing loooots of your favorite music... the songs you pick should really speak your heart and mind to the pony you've picked the song for!

The songs though, can be funny, heartfelt, silly... anything within reason ^^

For Radiance:
Atomic Baby- Amos Milburn

:D This is my Radiance theme song ♥

For Czarina Wreath (who, I think, has gone to bed):
Sleep well, my sister! I love you very much ♥
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Omegle time Omegle time everypony. If the "stranger"'s first contribution the conversation has the word "brony" in it, you've found yourself a brony! You must then discuss MLP, screencap it, and post it here.
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Reveal Thyself! Hello Fillies, colts, ponies, bronies, Dragons and Griffins.

I was thinking how It might be kinda cool If we could show how diverse the Pony fandom is. Not to be a crep, but I think it would be kinda funny if we posted a pic of ourselves as a reply. (No pron, almost pron, profanity) Just a smile! :D
>Keep all other information about yourself disclosed
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Knock Knock Knockin" on Heaven"s Door You just caught a bullet to protect a favorite pony.

With your CHEST.

Danger's passed but you're good and screwed. What pony was it, and what do you say with your last breath?

Better not be more than one or two lines, that cold black cloud is coming down fast...

See if you can make ponychan BAAAW with your rugged heroism, bronies.
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Please Read this CLEARLY before Posting in this thread

Over my past few months here , I have seen and read hundreds of threads of which the topic has involved a person in dire need of help. A person who contemplates suicide. A person who is afraid of being alone. A person who has lost someone close to them. And many more sad subjects. And of course the response from the community is beautiful. However there may be those lurking or too shy/afraid to post, or do not want to burden others. For them and even for those who can share, I present this thread. Please read this next part carefully

I want the community here , wether Anonymously or by name, to post your advice in this thread on any hardships you have endured. I do *NOT* want this to be *discussions* on the subjects , that creates far too much to read through and will fill the thread too quickly and those willing to discuss generally make threads anyway, this is more for those who are too afraid to ask for help. Explain what happened and how you dealt with it, wether it be losing a loved one, depression, or maybe something like coming out (Admitting Homosexuality to your friends/family). Anything that someone who has a problem at any time can take tips with possible ways to deal with thiers.

DO NOT tell people they must do THIS or THAT , just let them know how YOU coped. Again this is for both those too shy and even those who will talk about it openly. If your advice helps even ONE person , then it is all worthwhile. Please contribute sensibly to this thread. I WILL report any stupidity , i am doing this so even i may help in my own way

Sorry it was such a long read. I hope this thread can bring hope to those in need. Thankyou for your co-operation.
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The Pony Rap-Off Thread I couldn't find a thread for pony rap-offs so here goes!

I'm personally quite terrible at these but will try my best to start it off. Feel free to do it as any character you feel like including the one I start this with. ^^

Alright, Dash, hit the beat!
(No image)
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I don"t think I want to live anymore I just can't stand it anymore. I get so much pain from so many people in my life, it's just so fucking unbearable.
My mother, who I thought I could trust, got angry at me for questioning her beliefs, and told me we weren't going to be as close, and that she didn't care about me as much anymore, and that it's my fault that I don't have friends. And you know what? I'm convinced she's right. It's my fault I'm so damned uncomfortable with everything.
Usually when someone makes a thread about their life, they pump their heart and soul into it, and they come back with so much loving appraisal.
...I worked so hard on that thread... I put my soul and my tears and all the trust I could muster into it, only for it to be dead twice on the first day it was made. I'm just not as important as the others. I haven't suffered enough to earn love or significance, and I can't deal with any more pain anymore.
This pain is all because of my fucking insecurity; it's my fault. My life story is dead, my heart is broken, my mother doesn't care, my friends are all gone from me...
and I don't have the strength to go on anymore. I haven't felt this strongly about suicide for 10 years. I went out to skateboard, thinking I could clear my mind, but instead I spent that time stopping myself from hurdling my body into traffic. The only reason I wouldn't want to do that, is so that some poor fuck wouldn't have to scrape my flesh of the damned asphalt anyways. So here I am, on my last leg, and I don't even know what to do. I always thought that even suicide was a mercy I wasn't worth, but right now I'm thinking I might just indulge myself once and for all...

not that this fucking page will stay alive for an hour, anyways
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4chan b/rony here. Got the advise to seek you folks since i am in need of help. Yesterday my Wife had a heart attack, even thou I called the Ambulance right away they just called me that her left Brain Half had shut down. Shes on life support now and some Serious Surgery is sceduled... and i just cant stop crying
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Equestria! I need more energy to defeat Frieza. If we wont stop him, he is going to destroy Planet Pony.
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?? ?????? ???????? Um, hello everypony! We have some new rules for /arch/.

They are very simple, i think. If you have fun, you are breaking the rules. Please remember that all threads are here for the pleasure of Dear Princess and her Ponies' Ministry of Moderation . Any threads made in violation of Dear Princess's rules will be moved and the offenders banished to the moon forever.

Today is a day to celebrate the reign of Celestia, long may her hooves guide our victory. Please celebrate Celestia and her glory on this day and remember to keep fun to a minimum.

Please enjoy the beautiful music of Dear Princess and her Ponies' Board of Moderation. Keep her two rules to heart:

1. No fun allowed.
2. All threads are to be made for the glory of Dear Princess and her Moderators.

Generalissmo !!Fluttershy,
Ponies' Board of Moderators
Executive Council of Kindness ♥

Bringer of the sun, Banisher of Nightmare Moon, the Dragons and Griffons stand not against you! Triumph, Celestia, and may you bring daylight eternal upon the Ponies' Monarchy of Ponychanistan.
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Hey /oat/, seeing as this is one of the most friendly communities on the web, I think we can accomplish something that /b/ has never been able to.

Let's count to ten!

With Twilight's organizational skills and the magic of friendship, it can be done! First, everypony report in with the number they want. When everypony is ready, I'll start us off with 1, and we'll proceed in an orderly and organized manner! Once we start counting, I ask that everypony refrain from posting until we're finished.

Let's begin!
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Anypony else up for some friendship and hugs? I could use some right now....
(No image)
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Yeah, this aint gonna fly. I got some beef I got handle with Trixie now... So, here comes a diss verse. If Trixie is man enough to get back at me with his own diss verse we'll talk. Bring it son.

The real knows phony,/
Ban me all you want, you still don't know me./
Try and front? I'll kill ya'll slowly./
This cat wants me to spit it with him, without putting up ends?/
Yeah, I'll spit on your record for free in a literal sense./
I don't give a shit, you like me, ya don't,/
You aint copped this and got this, it might be you broke./
Fuck what you did as long as you now own it,/
Whether you went to /arch/ and hated just know it,/
Travel like bullets through barrels, right for the pulitzer prize,/
When I load it, be careful, but when I pull it... Surprise!/
Bullets through eyes, fuck ya'll fakes!/
Gotta measure how good I'm doin' by how much ya'll hate!/
'Till we abolish, all snakes, from the tree of knowledge,/
All praise, if my flow was any harder it'd be a solid!/
I'm that vicious, you're askin' for mad stitches.../
A heavy hitter like I got a fetish for fat bitches!

Balls in your court dog, either nut up or shut up.

come at me bro
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Last night Bronies saved my life. Last night I posted this here:


That night was the most terrifying night of my life. Last night I posted here on /arch/ and something beautiful happened. I got help I've been afraid to ask for for neigh on three years.

I want the people who helped me last night to know what steps I've taken today. I called a suicide hotline last night and talked till about 3am. I locked up my gun and mailed the key to my brother. I told him not to ask why in the letter. I looked up a depression support group that meets on Saturdays, which I'll attend as often as my work will allow. I'm also going to bring a copy of every post to share.

I thought all day about what everyone said last night. I've wanted nothing more than to find a way to express my gratitude to you all. Everything I can offer falls short, but I would feel ungrateful to offer nothing at all. This is what I've come up with:

Issac Clarke: Short and sweet. Your words held in them undeniable truth. Thank you.

Lawny: You offered a very bright outlook and reminded me that there are things that I'm not alone in. Thank you.

Anonymous (**I wish I had a name to thank.): You reminded me of loved ones that didn't deserve to be put through such a selfish act. Thank you.

Rivet the Machinist: You offered reassuring words that life will get better. Thank you.

Dazzle: You showed me that I've been fighting for this long and that I owed it to myself to continue that fight. Than you.

Anonymous(**): You reminded me that I'm not alone in loneliness. Thank you.

Anonymous(**): The link you provided was worth the read. Thank you.

Ror: Strong words. They came to me in a time I needed strength. Thank you.

Chocolate-Mint Swirl: The words you offered reinforced very important truths. Thank you.

Anonymous(**): You asked if I would miss all of you. I knew the answer immediately. It's a question I should have asked myself. Thank you.

Fenolio: Your words ensured me that I should not feel bad about asking for help, and that there is a community I can lean on. Thank you.

Starshine: You showed me that people can come out of a bad situation, with work. Thank you.

N: Love. I am loved, and you reminded me. The number you gave me was the one I called. Thank you.

Anonymous(**): You offered words that you didn't feel could help. They did. Your personal experiences helped me because you shared. Thank you.

Nocturnal: You showed me there is a bright side to my degree. Reminded me there were friends a can and should reach out too. Thank you.

MPerce: You offered your love. It means more than I think you know. Thank you

The Soldier: You told me that I control my life, not my surroundings. I can make my life what I want it to be. I want it to be happy. Thank you.

Dragon Named Red: Life can be hard, but it will never be impossible. I knew this once. I know it again now because of you. Thank you.

Ketaset: You cared for me. No need for eloquence. It's beautiful enough to know. Thank you.

Ls777: You offered your time and your ear. Thank you.

Pranky Pie: "No where to go but up". True words. Thank you.

Rainy Days: Strength that was not clear to me was brought to light by you. Thank you.

Sumec: Your words gave me hope. Hope that this pain can lead me to something important. Something good. Thank you.

Starlight Ironhoof: An extended hand of friendship did more for me than you know. Thank you.

Sgt Funshine: The links you provided were greatly appreciated. I'm listening to Beck as I type this. Thank you.

Dr. Doom: A push towards some professional is something that I've been needing. I look forward to my first meeting this Saturday. Thank you.

Amonisis: There is strength in love. You gave me strength... that's something I know I will need in my times ahead. Thank you.

Crimson Risk: Knowing that there are people on the other side of how I feel reassures me there is a way to get there. Your words were powerful. Thank you.

Goddard: Your words were those of power and strength, words I will remember. "Life is the emperor's currency, spend it well." That image was expertly picked. Thank you.

I wish I had the time and skill with words to write a page to each of you. My only hope is that everyone who helped me sees this. You are all beautiful souls.

Know that I love you.

(I've cried throughout the entirety of typing this up so please forgive any typos.)

If I missed anyone, I am deeply sorry. I read every post and each one gave me something I desperately needed to hear that night.

Thank you.

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The first episode of second season is called "Cannibal Horse", the second is called "Equestrian Psycho" and the third is called "splatterhorse"...Create a kid~friendly plot without violence or bad words with a report of friendship
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LOVE AND TOLERANCE... please read. Dear /oat/...

It's been almost three weeks since the season finale and it seems that, without a new pony episode every week, a lot of us have forgotten, or have at least put aside, the fundamental concepts that we hold dear here at Ponychan. More and more, I'm seeing a drift away from that pony message. /Oat/ is forgetting how to love; we're forgetting how to care for others.

It's a bold accusation, and it's one that should not be made without some evidence, I think. Just in this past hour, Ponychan enjoyed a little "invisible fiasco." The Equestria Girls song is not quite so popular, it seems, with everypony and for some, it's annoying enough to spur them to leave. I love the song, but that doesn't mean somepony that doesn't like it should be forced to hear it or, if they are against it as a concept, to even see it on the frontpage. "Shouldn't the other ponies be more tolerant of the song though?" Perhaps, but what I witnessed tonight is far more disturbing than that point.

Tonight, I saw ponies threatening to leave over something they didn't like and few, if any, ponies went out of their way to understand them. Are we not the most loving place on the internet? Then perhaps it's time we remember that and started acting like it again. I call this an "invisible fiasco" because I've personally talked to a number of ponies who are upset to the point of leaving, not so much at the fact that there is a song they don't like on the frontpage, but rather that their fellow ponies were so quick to disregard them; so unwilling to show them any love or bother with understanding them. And it hasn't just been tonight either. This, I think, is the the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back." Over the past week or two, I've spoken privately with heartbroken pony after heartbroken pony over the sudden lack of understanding and love their fellow ponies have shown them. The tell me "this used to be the most understanding place on the internet? What has happened to it?" And I can't give them an answer.

Mods, this little paragraph is for you. You always do such a great job for us. Nopony can argue that the mods here are what make Ponychan such a special place. And while we love to have fun with you all, there are sometimes very fine lines between good fun and hurting others. Sometimes, even the simplest things can be detrimental to the feelings of others, and we should do the best we can to recognize that. Tonight's little fiasco was, I think, a good example of that. Not everypony wanted it, and for some it actually made them want to leave! But those ponies were, for lack of a better word, ignored for the sake of the majority and that's just not right. I don't blame you for it, as the situation was difficult to understand, and you know I have nothing but the utmost love and respect for you all, but we must all be cautious of this sort of behavior in the future, myself included. I egged on the video, perhaps unintentionally, but nevertheless, I hurt, even if indirectly, my fellow ponies today. And that, to me, is unacceptable.

Love and tolerance. These words have so much power in them and tonight I witnessed a failure of these ideas. We took so little effort to understand the suffering of others and disregarded our fellow ponies so that we could gratify ourselves. I ask you Ponychan, is that the pony thing to do? What is it again that makes us special on the internet? It's our love and tolerance. And I believe it's still here! But we must, we must be more vigilant. Let us not forget that we are all as brothers and sisters. That we are all the beeest of friiiiiends, are we not? Love and tolerance, my fellow ponies, even if you have trouble relating or understanding, the very least we can all do is offer each other our unconditional love and tolerance, regardless of the situation. After all, at heart, we are all ponies, and that's what ponies do. ♥
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Our little revolution In the brief time that I've been here on ponychan, I've witnessed miracles. To coin a phrase, even if it hasn't made the lame walk and the blind see, it's made the shy talk and the bitter squee.

It strikes me that a lot of the people here are from my generation, the "internet generation", and are well acquainted with bitterness, shyness and friendlessness. In the past, some of us have flamed, some of us have lurked silently, but most of use have come to the internet seeking distraction and comfort, never really hoping for actual joy, but wishing deep in the back of our minds that there was a better way. And then ponies came along. It didn't have to be ponies, but they were the right catalyst at the right time, and here we are.

I have in my own time been about as cynical as they come. I've gotten worse at trusting people as the years have gone by. I've seen movements on the internet and in real life that have brought people passion and joy for a while, but they always get poisoned by selfishness and people who take themselves too seriously. When the cynic in me sees a post on here that seems sappy, or painfully honest, or controversial, I sit back and wait for the parasprites to show up... and they almost never do. This is what I call a miracle. I don't fully understand what's happening yet, but I think it's worth reflecting on.

Those of us who can relate to what I'm saying are in the process of changing ourselves, the internet, and the world, in the only way things like that ever really change for the better - by looking at the "small" picture, taking life a day at a time, and thinking of others. Our little revolution is pretty much the easiest revolution ever, because it doesn't require us to do anything we aren't already doing. We're like scientists, discovering joy and friendship as if for the first time, and I encourage you all to be bold, experiment, and learn everything you can about it!

Friendship really is about as close to magic as we come. The combination of fun, trust, compassion, generosity, and all the other loving things that go with it - they are freakishly powerful. In the right circumstances, they can change the course of an entire life in the blink of an eye. Sometimes they can send mental and even physical illnesses into remission. They can create order from chaos, heal wounds we thought would never go away, and they always hold unexpected truths no matter how much somepony already knows.

MLP:FiM won't be with us forever, but I hope from the bottom of my heart that its influence will. Here are some little things we can do here and now to help that happen:
- Keep creating art, music, stories, and all this wonderful stuff that brings joy to other bronies!
- When you feel pain or fear, do your best to "giggle at the ghostie". (But if you can't, we're here for you.)
- It takes bravery, but try to think the best of people. If somepony hurts you, try to make peace with them, or at least, try not to act spitefully. (Again, we're here for you if you need to vent. Sometimes people really are cruel and can't be reached with empathy.)
- MAKE FRIENDS WITH BRONIES IN REAL LIFE. I think this is the most important point. A lot of us are eager to try out the principles of friendship that we've learned, and we've got a ton of people here to do it with. For science! (Try searching for "bronies" on meetup.com.)
- Do something generous for a non-brony friend. I recommend baked goods.

I love you all! Over and out.
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2/8/11 - 2/8/12: A Year of Ponychan, and an Illustrious History Gather round, Ponychanners! I'm going to tell you a story!

It’s February 8th, and Ponychan has been in existence for exactly one year! So, with that being said, it is now time for me to tell you a little story, also known as “the most complete Ponychan history I’ve ever tried to write or even seen someone try to write.” It’s not done yet, but I’m trying to make it as in-depth and all-inclusive as possible! So far, it’s got almost 3000 words! Now then, let me begin ruining /arch/ with some intense textwalling.

Once upon a time, in the magical land of 4chan...
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Just wanted to post this before I slept:

I've realized how much this series and community has forever embedded themselves in not only my memory, but in my heart as well.

To everypony here; I love you all, I will never forget you. I will never forget this show, I will never forget the memories I obtained, I will never forget the morals I learned, I will never forget the hard work everypony gives out everyday, I will never forget you; Ponychan, My little pony, Everypony.

Even if this thread doesn't live long. [One's like these don't. Trust me. I've seen it many times.]


It has improved not only me as a person, but others around me as well. My condolences go out to the Makers of the show, and the community that makes everything 20% cooler.

I'm off to have a wondrous dream [hopefully] and to keep on living; Happy.

>Give yourself a pat on the back, You're all awesome.
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Background pony naming and discussion thread Sorry for the inconsistency I have with making this thread. Someone else can do it next season. Also, I know this will make five stickies, so this can be taken down after today.

Please keep discussion and naming of background ponies, as well as Derpy sightings in Episode 22 in this thread. Don't forget to use spoiler tags for any discussion of the ponies in the preview clip before the episode airs, but afterwords feel free to post without them.
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OFFICIAL THREAD KILLER"S THREAD. Do you always have really funny, witty things to add to threads, but whenever you do the thread dies completely unexpectedly?

Well then this is the thread for you. Calling all thread killers. this is our thread in which we reply to EVERYPONY. lets help those infamous thread killers feel like they're popular and part of something.

inb4 no replies
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OFFICIAL EPISODE 23 THREAD tomorrow/today is friday! woop woop. time for le new ponies. its gonna be saaweeeeet. this is the official episode 23 thread.

Type [spoiler]your message here[/spoiler]
or even [?]your message here[/?].

dont forget the /

- post links to streams
- post links to downloads
- post links to youtube videos

- discuss the episode before at least one link to a download/youtube video has been posted
- discuss the episode without the use of spoiler tag

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Derpy moments I just locked myself out of my house by accident, housemate not home, had to ask some dude that was passing by to give me a push up the fence, I'm wearing a long skirt, no underwear *facehoof* had to break a window once inside the property. most embarrassing day in the year so far.

Post your Derpy moments.
(No image)
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Filly thread Let us discuss fillies in a sophisticated manner, such as which filly is your favourite and ZOMG FLUTERSHY'S LEGS


sorry, but i had to take off the auto play.
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Hi /oat/!

I'd like to know, from each one of you, a piece of your life that will always be there.
Although many of you lurk, I'd like even just a short answer from you. I've already gotten the mods to answer, so you should too!

From your childhood, there's always been that one dream you've had. The one that even when somepony mentions now, you get a bit of butterflies in you belly, and you sometimes feel down about it.

So, do you still have your childhood dreams in the forefront of their brain?
And even if you don't, what were they?

After so many years I still want to visit space. Not even a space core joke, it just seems like such a beautiful, tranquil, vast emptiness that calls.
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That feel When posters you like, don't like you.
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Trixie thread >I'd like to address my opinion on the trixie episode, as i saw it again recently.

As i saw it, the whole Trixie thing was kind of a misunderstanding. Trixie was never a showoff.

She arrives at this town, promoting her magic show. She says that she's going to perform magic tricks never seen by pony eyes. Of course this was to keep the audience in a mood, as this is a magic show. She wasn't going to say "Um.. i'm going to do some magic i hope you like it".

The main six then start saying that one shouldn't be saying that one is best than the other and that you shouldn't be a showoff when:

1)She isn't being a showoff, she's just using her talents for a purpose (magic shows)
2)She hasn't said that she's better than other ponies.

Then RD starts to boo her and the whole thing starts. Apparently the whole cast got butthurt, because, as you see, the other ponies always seem amused and happy by the show.

So, my point is: Trixie was forced to act in a harsh way by the main cast.
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Now, Rainbow my dear, I cannot express my delight
It's abundantly clear that somewhere out here
Is a game that will suit you just right

[Rainbow Dash]
I can't wait to get started, but first let me set a few rules
It's of utmost importance the vidya I get
Is something that's awesome and cool
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The best thing happened to me today My husband and I have our own bakery business. It's small, but it gets us by and we love it.
We always make a point to be kind and give individual attention to each of our customers.
The way its set up- since we're still in a rental space- is that we don't have wall and doorway connecting the kitchen to the shop. Just a counter. So everyone sees everything that we bake, but I have no problem with that.
Earlier today, a mother came in with her daughter. The kid must have been no more than 4 or 5 years old. The mother said that her daughter wants to see how cupcakes were made. My first thought was "Come on lady, you can't show your kid how to make cupcakes? That's a super simple home project." I didn't say that of course, and there was no one in the shop so I didn't mind showing her. So I walked around the counter and crouched down to eye level with the little girl and said "Okay, I'll show you!" Then, just to make conversation, I asked her "Why do you want to know how to make cupcakes?" The whole time I guess I had noticed, but didn't think much of it, but she was holding a doll or something close to her chest. After I asked her that, she got the biggest grin on her face and said "Because that's what Pinkie Pie does!" And then took her doll away from her chest and showed me. It was one of the MLP happy meal Pinkie Pie Toys.
Her mom laughed and said "Oh, she really loves My Little Pony. I guess one of the ponies is a baker."
I saw a once in a million year opportunity. Completely embarrass myself to make this child's day? Yep. Totally worth it.
I had been previously making cupcakes before they walked into the shop, so I had all of my ingredients out anyhoof. I showed her behind the counter and started singing, while pushing ingredients toward the middle of the table.

All you have to do is take a cup of flour, add it to the mix!
Now just take a little something sweet, not sour,
A bit of salt--just a pinch!
Baking these treats is such a cinch,
Add a teaspoon of vanilla!
Add a little more, and you count to four
And you never get your fill of--
Cupcakes, so sweet and tasty,
Cupcakes--don't be too hasty,
Cupcakes! Cupcakes, cupcakes, CUPCAKES!

Then added the extra lyrics that my daughter and I came up with when she helps me bake cupcakes.

Then you head on over to the oven and click 325 on the dial.
Then you grab your whisk and mix the batter- this could take quite a while.
Making cupcakes is so much fun,
Don't forget to thaw your icing!
Mix it all up and then fill up the cups,
Baking is why I sing!
Cupcakes, so sweet and tasty,
Cupcakes--don't be too hasty,
Cupcakes! Cupcakes, cupcakes, CUPCAKES!

The little girl couldn't stop giggling with joy. The cutest thing ever. Then I showed her how to make cupcakes, and let her ice one and put sprinkles on it and take it home.

Her mom said that's the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for her. I mentioned that I have a 4 year old daughter that I make cupcakes with.
She's coming over for a playdate with my daughter tomorrow after preschool.

I'm a good mother.

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An amazing episode with an equally amazing response. "Pooh-pooh to the Loons!" he was grinch-ishly humming.
"They're finding out now that their Luna’s not coming!
"They're just waking up! I know just what they'll do!
"Their mouths will hang open a minute or two
"Then all the Loons down in /pony/ville will all cry BOO-HOO!"

"That's a noise," grinned the Grinch,
"That I simply must hear!"
So he paused. And the Grinch put a hand to his ear.
And he did hear a sound rising over the show.
It started in low. Then it started to grow...

But the sound wasn't sad!
Why, this sound sounded merry!
It couldn't be so!
But it WAS merry! VERY!

He stared down at /pony/ville!
The Grinch popped his eyes!
Then he shook!
What he saw was a shocking surprise!

Every brony down in /pony/ville, the tall and the small,
Was posting! Without any fanon at all!
Loons HADN'T stopped praise from coming! IT CAME!
Somehow or other, it came just the same!

And the Grinch, with his grinch-feet ice-cold in the snow,
Stood puzzling and puzzling: "How could it be so?
It came without fanon! It came without fics!
"It came without b’awwing, cursing or Trix!"
And he puzzled three hours, `till his puzzler was sore.
Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before!
"Maybe Luna," he thought, "doesn't come from our lore.
"Maybe Luna...perhaps...means a little bit more!"

And what happened then...?
Well...in /pony/ville they say
That the Grinch’s small heart
Grew three sizes that day!
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Do you like Huey Lewis and The Mules?
(No image)
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hey Ponychan! i'm the supervising director of the show and I just wanted to say hi to you guys and that all of us on the production team really love the enthusiasm and excitement you have for the show. We work hard to bring you the best ponies we can and your response has been incredible! It really makes it worthwhile and exciting for us. I love all the great macros and fan art, I save the best ones for my desktop.

thanks to all for your support and feedback!

sorry for the sappy post, but I mean it.

MOD EDIT: Confirmed as legit
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[thread title] [random topic]
531 replies
Super Peril Hurt & Heal! Well, the last hurt & heal thread kinda...fell apart, so I'm making a new one!

There rules are quite simple; when you post, you take away one health form one pony and add one to another. You must take away ONE and add ONE, no adding or taking away two or any other silly nonsense.
YOU MAY ONLY HURT/HEAL ONCE EVERY HOUR. And no naughty anons trying to cheat or we'll find you!

So, what's the catch of this thread?


If you wanna save your favorite from an early grave, you're gonna have to sacrifice another! Choose carefully!

Here's the pony list, please copy-paste this into your post and mark who you're hurting and healing to make it easier for the next person and to help keep the score in line.

Twilight Sparkle - 1
Applejack - 1
Rainbow Dash - 1
Fluttershy - 1
Rarity - 1
Pinkie Pie - 1
Spike - 1
Princess Celestia - 1
Princess Luna - 1
Applebloom - 1
Sweetie Belle - 1
Scootaloo - 1
Derpy Hooves- 1
Lyra - 1
Bon-Bon - 1
DJ P0N-3 - 1
Doctor Whoof - 1
Diamond Tiara - 1
Silver Spoon - 1
Noi - 1

20 seems like a reasonable number. I'm not going yet because it wouldn't be terribly fair for me to knock one out right off the bat. Go for it!
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I"ve Been Preparing For This Nap For Two Weeks Part Nine Guess what....

We finished our bedtime story.

(Let's break one more post limit with a victory thread before we start an editing thread.)
340 replies
Confessions thread? I want to start another one of these because I though the last one we had was awesome.

So in the off-chance that this thread doesn't die after 5 posts:

Post anything that's been bothering you, get something off your chest, or just comfort people about their secrets and stuff. I suppose I will start:
Honestly, I started watching MLP because Twilight's hair looked like Stocking's from Panty and Stocking wtih Garterbelt.
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Things we can learn from the ponies... I feel that, while we often talk about which pony we like the most, or debate things, we don't really stop to think about the things we can learn from the ponies as a whole!

Why, I am mostly a fluttery pony... And while a Fluttershy set of sensibilities is what comes naturally to me, I feel that I can learn a lot from other ponies, too!

Like Pinkie! By enjoying her character, I've found that it's made me a more courageous pony. How about yourself? What sorts of things have you learned, not just from your favorite pony, but from the other mane cast ponies, too?
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Post ending in 66 prints all the pictures in this thread and puts them in their neighbor's mailbox.
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Just out of interest, does the Konami code do anything here? (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A for those who don't know)
451 replies

Alright, here's the deal. You post an image of a pony. Or Spike. Or Steve Magnet or Winona. It doesn't matter, just post a picture of them. Next to it, post a secret they might have.

If your post gets dubs, the secret is true.

>The Great and Powerful Trixie uses Cutie Mark Enhancement cream
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Bronies in the Mist Day 1, 1500 hours: It appears that I have arrived at the location that toot specified. There is a civilization here, not unlike those that we are familiar with. It is different, though. Strange. The inhabitants appear fond of bright colors, not unlike children. However, there is not an accusation of homosexuality as far as the eye can see, and most conversations are held using complete sentences and even, on occasion, paragraphs. In this respect their culture seems significantly more advanced than our own (NOTE: investigate how this developed!). I will attempt to make further contact with their people in order to learn more about their society and its ways. What deities do they pray to? Do they have initiation or manhood rituals? My mind fills with questions, but they will have to be answered at a later date.

Signing off.

-The Anthropologist
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So, guys... get this!

You know that one crappy little kids' show? My Little Humans?

Apparently there's a new series out, and a bunch of COLTS are into it!

Can you believe this!?
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Baby Got Dash Oh, my, god. Becky, look at his post.
It is so lame. Ugh, he looks like, one of those stupid bronies.
But, ugh, you know, who understands those bronies? Ugh.
They only talk to him, because, their site is such a total hugbawks, okay?
I mean, his post, is just so lame, ugh, I can't believe it's just so nice.
It's like, friendly, I mean, ugh, gross!
Look! He’s just so...pony!
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Trying to write an /oat/ poem, this time.
Every reply to this thread must rhyme.

Can be as long as you like, I sure won't mind,
Just type in verse or I'll buck your behind.

Derails, spiderman, and RPing? Sure!
No need to be even somewhat mature.

No need to reply if you think this is dumb,
Just another bored brony attemping at fun.

So without further adieu on this fine young night,
The question is, /oat/, can you write?
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Last night, Stephen Colbert put out a survey (if you could call it that) on his Super PAC website. He's done this to see what his viewers stand for. This whole thing will end with a joke, so I ask this of you guys.

Send in the ponies.
420 replies



i cannot believe how pathetic this site is.

see this video? this is fucking you.
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Symmetry in the Mane Cast While thinking of a discussion topic to mull over at work I thought it might be interesting to discuss which pony is which ponies best friend. Though I quickly came to the conclusion that this isn't really debatable. While all of the mane cast are friends on some level, there are easily three mutual best friendships among the six.

Here they are (and why):

Twilight <==> Apple Jack
First seen in: Apple Buck Season, (though it's hinted at in the opening for Ticket Master). Their relationship is based mostly on a mutual respect for hard work, they also tend towards being the most grounded of cast as well as the most stubborn, making it natural that they would prefer each other's company.

Pinkie Pie <===> Rainbow Dash
First seen in: Griffon the Brush Off.
While their tendency for pranks is their initial bonding point, they're also prone to excitability and (on occasion) acting without thinking. Both are proud of their special talents, but have unfounded insecurities about them, Rainbow Dash in Sonic Rainboom and Pinkie Pie in Party of One. Party of One is also notable for its development of their relationship, after all it is Rainbow Dash that comes to save Pinkie from her baseless depression.

Fluttershy <===========> Rarity
First seen in: Green isn't Your Color, (but hinted at throughout earlier episodes)
The two most effeminate ponies in the cast get along mostly due to peripheral knowledge and interests. The obvious connections being Fluttershy's ability to handle Opal and her "freaky knowledge of sewing." Their elements are also all about selflessness.

That being said, there's a symmetry here in these friendships: all of the three types of ponies is paired both of the other types. Err, to be absolutely clear here I mean to say they're divvied up as such:

Unicorn <=> Earth Pony
Earth Pony <=> Pegasus
Pegasus <=> Unicorn

Totally balanced, I love finding symmetry in things. It makes the OCD in me happy.
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Steam Group I just realized, Ive been browsing /arch/ for a bit now, and i figured why not? I'll make a thread to promote the steam group im a part of.


Welcome to the herd fellow ponies!~

This is the steam group of your dreams. Its been around since November. Recently, if you remember, we hit 1000 members, and I did a web show. For six hours me and anywhere between 30 and 60 people sat around a computer, having so much fun, making cupcakes, telling stories, having fun. This is just a part of what the group is.

Join the community if you have steam. Ive been with the group for coming up on... i think somewhere around 3 months or so (i joined the day i found ponies :P) and i have personally watched it grow from a small community of around 250 members, to now coming up on 1400 members!

I have seen the daily chat room go from 2-4 ponies at any given time, to now there's usually 20-25 in the chat at ALL times! I have met so many amazing ponies through this group, and now i want to share the magic of friendship with you.

So please, if you have a bit of time, come stop by, say hi! i am positive you will meet many new friends here.
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Gonna have to get this one off my chest. I've been watching My Little Pony for 3 months. I've been a user on this site for less.

It wasn't until today that it struck me, just how amazing this community is. I mean, I always knew it was different... But I never fully realized it, until now.

When I first saw Kim's thread, and the tragedy he faced... It hit me deep inside. I don't know if it was the fact that I felt such a deep emotional response for a total stranger, or if it was the incredible outpouring of support... That thread was one of the darkest things I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of shitty stuff. And you shone light that pierced the darkness.

I've seen this community waste no time at all in propping this man up from the bottom of the abyss. I've seen this community have a very real impact in helping ease such extreme pain.

I've shed tears over this. All of it. Over a complete and total stranger on the internet. Over all of you and what you've achieved.

I wish it didn't take such a tragedy for me to see it, but you guys are the most amazing community ever. I can say that with 100% certainty. And I never say anything lightly.

Thanks for being fucking amazing guys.
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My Observations And Opinions of /oat/ Well, some of you know me, and some of you don’t. I’ve been going around the boards in these recent weeks making observations on the site and the community and trying to help where I saw fit. There have been a lot of issues arising, as to be expected with any community, and also lots of people who seek some confidence boosting. In both cases I am honored to input my opinion on the situation at hand and try to insert my logic into an otherwise chaotic or hopeless situation.

In recent times I’ve been seeing more and more issues and arguments arise here on this /oat/ board. And while I do try my best to keep up with it and follow it I’m afraid that I cannot always be there to try and help. As much as I would like to, it can’t be done. So I’ve decided to type up my observations of the troubles here on /oat/ and give my opinion on them.

Let me begin by just getting a few things out of the way. This post may turn out to be a little harsher than what I’m used to. But I want to assure you I’m only giving my opinion because I enjoy this community so much, and hate to see it with members who find themselves lost in the rising arguments. Which also brings me to a second point, this thread is not directed at any one member, or at the community as whole. My goal is not to insult anypony or everypony, but rather give my view on situations I’ve seen come up and how I feel people should go about handling them. If any part of this appears to be directed at you specifically it may be because the particular situation I am referring to did in fact involve you. That does not mean you need to come in defending yourself, for I am not here to offend you personally, and if it comes across that way then let me apologize in advance. This then brings me to my last point; feel free to post in this thread. But I implore you, don’t come in here and post without stopping and thinking first. People posting hastily and angrily is one of the quickest ways to incite a flame war and I do not want that to happen in this thread. If you wish to post your opinion then feel free, just do so with some thought and politeness. Ok then, let’s get this started.

There are about 5 more posts coming, I please ask you hold on and read it all before posting.
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User Shipping! Tired of all the shipping going around? WELL TOO BAD!

ITT we ship other users! No self-shipping.

Lets get the ball rolling: Haackula X One Winged Pegasus
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hello ponies

for a couple of weeks now, i've been ponifying dr. who's "blink" episode with the magic of photoshop and making the script pony.

about two hours ago i finally finished doing so.

this is about 100 posts long, so it's gonna take a while.
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For !!Spike and all the shippers. Blessed !!Celestia
You know I am a righteous Mod
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(Open) Letter to the brony community. Since the title might be misleading, this is not a depression thread.
It's been sitting on my desk for a week now. I guess I won't think of anything else to change. I can't help but wonder if I'm the only one thinking those words, but right or wrong, I'll never know. :) This is intended to speak for all the ones who are in the same strange situation than me : I dislike the show, but like its fans.
Massive wall of text, sorry about that.

Dear bronies,

I have looked upon the community created by the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic during a month and a half. Not such a long time, seeing how some are almost year-old veterans. Still, I think it is the right time to write to you, about us.

I, presumptuously anonymous, am someone you don't know about. I lurk, and rather stay behind the security of my screen than going public. I believe you're fine with that. I came across all of this for some reason. A video, a song. A meme image and a link is all it takes to discover yet another corner of the internet. But why would one stay here, when there is so much to discover ? It could be interesting, alright, and I've been bored for nights anyway. Maybe it's time to find a new corner to stand in. Apparently it's all about a show. I skimmed through a few episodes, but I don't like it. I find the characters annoying, the situations makes me feel uncomfortable for them and overall, it's not that funny. Yet, I feel compelled to stay a few more minutes. There are hundreds of new drawings each day, games, stories and videos once in a while. It's interesting to see up to which point all of this will go, actualy. Name changes, celebrities commenting on the subject, world records broken, it's impressive. I'm quite glad I stayed, 'Bronies' are a fun show to watch.
But a cold feeling starts to be felt. I don't like the original show, I have no right to be here. Among all those dedicated people, investing hours to get the right color for that painting, patiently adding, strip by strip, manes to plushies. All of that just for me to have a look and see something blue, something green. An eye candy eaten like a real one, without thinking much of it while I'm browsing the internet. When I ask around, the answer is always the same: "I'm fine with you". "Love and tolerance". It's hard to believe those words are spoken truthfully, but what else can I say ? I don't read minds. I know I'll leave when I'm asked to, I can only hope etiquette won't leave me in the way for too long.

As time passes, I start to discover more of the community. The years I've spent online told me that you can learn a great deal about internet persona by looking at how they deal with adversity. And how great that adversity must be, as a MLP:FiM-centered group surely undergo the mockeries of people thinking of themselves as mature enough. There are traces of such aggressions. Doubtful or honest-looking tales of the real life as well as concrete internet attacks, events come and go and shake the community. And it's kind of intriguing, really. Because the answer is quite often the same. "Love and tolerance".
A zen attitude allowing the members to leave unscathed from battles that would have left others mentally destroyed. It would almost make sense, seeing how often and how well it works. But I tried that before. There is a moment where you snap. Everyone does, at some point. Like a spring pushed too far, leaping out of your palm, there should be bursts of anger and sadness around. Look. Oh, there is, indeed. Along with their apologies letters and arm-long threads of support to the saddest ones. Holding the line together, the community hold its ground internally as well as externally. Its ability to create improve, because its given the time to, the worst of works being tolerated -even loved-. And then, I look back.
It is really still about the show in itself ? Somewhat. Not for me, it's never been anyway. It could have been a show about love between dolphins and pigs all the same. At that point, it's only a snowball effect, there haven't been any new episodes out since some time. Content is created based on fan content. Are you still on par with the show's tone, Bronies ? I can't say : I haven't seen it. I hope so, you might feel better if you can ascertain it. But at any rate, beyond Equestria lives the community. A community I feel better knowing it exist.

So thank you. Thank you for existing, and as proof of concept : Love and Tolerance can work, at least for some time. Casual trust and ceaseless positiveness can be achieved on the internet, with a serious community who knows its vulnerabilities and work against them. I still believe the show was an occasion more than a mind altering magical work. In the end, it doesn't matter to me anyway : what's done is done. Before me is an inspiring, good-willed and functional group, and it's freaking amazing ! You guys are pulling off the kind of stuff real life makes difficult, using the internet and passion. There's nothing to add.

But what of us, now ? I don't wish for the title of brony, even if I think some of you will try to give it to me. I could pretend, but you instigate honesty, among other things. I'd rather be in a darker place of the internet, where I'll be able to shine without being outlighed by such a sun. I'm egoistic like that. Oh, I'll still be lurking around, of course. Seeing you guys is always delightful and refreshing, and I know I'll be able to come back here whenever I feel the need to. And as far as our world go, it's going to be often :) . Waking up wondering what pleasant surprise awaits you is kind of cool. I'll repay you by speaking in high regards of all you've done to the ones that might be interested, and helping the community strive that way. I believe you will be fine with that.
I have my concerns for your future, too. As many have, I suppose. Fandoms are known to turn sour, fight against themselves and shun official works because it doesn't add with their universes, much like a kid who would have turned a teenager. Some others simply wither and die, unable to keep themselves fed with interesting content, new or not. Few are the ones able to live a decade, but they exist. I truly hope you bronies will stand the test of time, and become even more than what you are now.
I'll be in the forefront, with a heartfelt round of applause.

Faithfully yours,
A 'Brony Community' Fan.

Ps : That letter have probably already been written before. Twice, Thrice, dozen of times even. But some things can be told over and over, and never look diminished. Continuous good deeds such as yours should not go unpunished :) .

TL;DR: Thanks guys.
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Brony South Park After the first success of the Jimmy/Timmy Brony hour I thought I would have to do something even better than that, and I think I have, 82 pictures and about 5 separate South Park episodes later I've come to tell the epic tale of how South Park became MLP obsessed, lets get this show on the road, again :D
P.S. Some personal things came up so I couldn't get this out in the morning like I thought I would >.> and if this story in particular is liked enough I'll do a Brony South Park Part II, but now I'm babbling lets get this started, and it becomes pony related very fast

Jimmy is having trouble finding a way to parasprite 4chan
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Watch MLP episodes with Youtube's transcribe audio. It's funny.

Gif unrelated, just my pony folder is empty on this computer.
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THATS RIGHT THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU THINK IT IS! From the Tripfriend that brought you Jimmy/Timmy Brony hour and Brony South park, this is nothing like those at all. The following is the entire monty python movie with some ponychan sprinkled on top, it was so long i had to include some commercials (just to TOOT my own horn, i think they're pretty good) and my internet isn't the greatest today so it might be a little slower than my other stories, also, mods, please keep this from autosage or something i really don't want to make 3 different threads continueing the story because then if it got /arch/ we'd be juggling 3 threads in there and thats a mess, oh yeah, this one is 488ish pictures, thats why it took so long, and you'll see again why, please don't have too high expectations, some of the parts aren't that great but others are pretty funny, i think that's everything lets get this show on the road
and if i forgot anypony when they signed up i'm sorry i tried >.> after the 30th person i kinda forgot who was in and who wasn't but i think i did a good job at it
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DRAWFRIEND CENTRAL Since we lost the old one what with the site going down, this is the new drawfriend thread.

If you want a pony drawn for yourself, post here with a detailed description of your pony.

Don't ask me to draw, I suck at it.

View animation
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I had a Philosophy teacher a couple semesters ago. i remember one lecture he gave while i was there. It was a hypothetical situation about if somepony planted a bomb in a building, he contacted all the news stations and says he will detonate it in 30 seconds, giving nopony inside any time to escape. In that 30 seconds, all the people inside were scared, crying, and praying that they would not die. Everypony else was watching in, loved ones worried for people stuck in the building.

After the 30 seconds were up, the bomb malfunctioned and did not detonate. Everypony was saved. There was mass celebration, everypony was hugging and crying. Parties broke out and everone was in a euporic state of mind.

It made me think about us, here on Ponychan. In the last week, i saw 2 "raids", a thread that made people yell and hurt eachother with their words. While these acts in of themselves were bad, what happened afterwards was intriguing. Hug threads, party threads, feel good threads went up, many ponies posted in them and everypony was sharing kindness and laughter with eachother.

Everything thrown at us has made us stronger. In the heat of conflict, we hold together as bronies. Our love is tested and grows more powerful by the day.

We probably lost a couple bronies in these hard times, but our resilience and our tolerance has made us stronger, more caring, more loving of each and everypony. A Harmony if you will.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Ponychan, and every fan of the show has showed me real examples of the Elements of Harmony.

Here we are free to show our true feelings, critique others, and praise and apologize without fear. I see people give honest reasons of why they feel certain ways, and people honestly responding in a good and helpful way. Honesty

Many Bronies never stray from the ideas of Love, Trust, and Friendship. People Parasprite us, someponies lash out in anger or frustration, but eachtime i see them recieve tolerant and loving responses even if nopony agrees with them. we show loyalty to the show, this chan, and eachother. Loyalty

We put up fun threads to entertain and make the day better, we have laugh threads and hug threads, and cute little story threads. Even a couple of supposed "parasprites" end up making the day fun. We Laugh, laugh hard with our bronies, and even laugh in the face of gore raids and ugly ugly things that are supposed to hurt us. Laughter

We help eachother in times of need. We have all seen threads where people say what happens in their lives that were made them sad/mad, and almost everypost is one of kindness and compassion. We lend a hand to our bronies, even for the little things like putting up a picture for somepony who asks for it. After the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, i've seen threads go up immediately to support them. All of these are Kindness and Generosity.

And then there is magic. My Little Pony: Friendship is magic is True Magic. Not in the sense of creating fire out of nothing, telepathy, or flying.

Magic in the sense that it has become a phenomenon from the most unusual of places.
Magic it has touched the hearts of many and made them kinder and better people
Magic in the sense that it is ever spreading, making more and more people see that love and friendship are not fairy tale ideologies that exist only in fiction, but are real and are ever growing.
Magic in that even in the darkest of times, in times of trial and tribulation. We stand back up with our heads up high and our hands extended to our bronies.

My fellow bronies, i have been here for slightly less than a month. But in these few short weeks, i have become more attached, more intrigued, more caring and loving, and more a part of this community than i have anywhere else.

It may sound silly to those who don't know or understand MLP:FiM, it may even sound silly to some of you. But i hold my badge of a Brony as proudly as i hold my badge of being an American and of being a human being.

I am Kristofer, and i am a Brony!
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Holy god.
I just realized.
I could, in theory, change my name to "Rainbow Dash" for free, right now, here in Finland, if I wanted to. And I'm a male.
Should I take my bronyness to the next level?
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5-22-11 22-5-11 update from Trixie

First let me thank everyone for their incredible donations!
Now the bad news is that I cant really get into details of what's going to happen next... yet. But, what I will say is that the amount was staggering. For the time being we'd like to ask that anyone who's still planning to donate hold off for the time being until we get get things set into order.

Again, thank you everypony!
-Trixie =)

PS: !!Spike was here.

The original post
I, and the ponychan staff are all sorry the site has been derping a lot lately, but here's the cold hard reality: If you want a faster, more reliable server, then please donate. We are doing fine, as far as paying for our current sever, due to all of your generous donations; however, in order to upgrade to a better server, the simple fact is that we need more money.

Please don't take this the wrong way--we are not saying that If you don't donate all your money right now, that we won't be able to keep the server running, we just want you to know that this server is what you guys make it, and if you want to make it even better, then go click on that donate link on the front page. Any donation you can make, large or small, helps greatly :)

Thanks again for your both past and future donations, and of course all of your support.


Email me at - [email protected]
or our fearless leader, the admin !!Celestia at - [email protected]

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TROLL THREAD! Let's PARASPRITE everypony! But it must be subtle, sly, clever, and elegant. Paraspritewith pictures or text.
The paraspriting must be pony related, and directed at our fellow bronies or even characters from the show.

So, let's start paraspriting and be creative!
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How long is celestia??? wanna help me find it out?
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This is the Official "Ask a Mod anything!!" thread!
If you see any other Ask a Mod anything threads, please redirect them here!

So go ahead. Ask a mod anything.
Mods currently participating: MODS ARE AWAKE. POST GYROBOWLS ANYWAY

Note to other mods: If you decide to participate, please indicate you are in the thread by appropriately altering this OP message. IE;
Mods currently participating: None
And when I leave, I'll edit and remove my name!

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What is this place Filled with so many wοrdfilters~

>ΜFW I dodge every single wοrdfilters for the lulz
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Princess Celestia is disappointed with me
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"Thank You" Email to Hasbro. So Hasbro acknowledged we exist, and thats pretty cool. So I'm gonna throw together a kind of thank you email and send it to them. Just leave a post in this thread with a really short note and some sort of name, and I'll include it in the email. I expect this to be a few day long thing, so please for the love of all that is holy don't post more than once, just makes my job harder. It will also make it way easier if you type your message in this format.

Angel the Bunny - You guys are awesome! I hope you keep the show going forever!

So, lets begin, shall we?
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Good night everypony.
I am not looking forward to tomorrow.
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Here is the original MOV: http://www.mediafire.com/?qqjpe7lf8f9nrf2


Full version of previous promo, 1:30 long.

It's pretty cool but I'm not sure what to think about that. personally I don't want to see ANY fanservices in the show (except Derpy). It will kill it, imo.

Anyway, they named Vinyl Scratch as DJ-PON3. I sense a flamewar!
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Today we say goodbye to Cheerilee, an amazing mod. He asked to be let go, and I\'m respecting his wishes. There\'s so much I could write, but he said it better than I ever could, so I\'ll let his words do the talking. (see pic)

He asked that I post one last video in his honor:

Friends, it's time to post some Cheerilee.

Readin' Ritin' and Paraspritin'

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Charity Auctions have Started! I'm in LA and left my tripcode back home, but yeah, this is me.

Derpy auction is up and already going insane:

Details on this and other auctions at: http://metacritter.deviantart.com/journal/39957555/

Lauren has been notified, but since this happened kinda late in the evening don't expect to see a post from her until tomorrow mid-day at the soonest.

Holy crap over $300 already...
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Fillies and Gentlecolts,

Please join me in a round of applause for the tireless work and blazing talent of the animators at Studio B and Top Draw, the amazing voice work of Tara, Ashleigh, Tabitha, Andrea, Cathy and the others, all the writers who brought this world to life in each episode, the tireless storyboarders and production folks, the wicked creative talent of artists like Ridd Sorensen, the memorable songs of Daniel Ingram, the fantastic direction of Jayson Thiessen and James Wootton, all the other unsung heroes at the studios who busted their behinds to get this made, the execs at Hasbro who were willing to take a chance on this show, and finally, most important of all, LAUREN FAUST.

Friendship is Magic!
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PARTYPARTYPARTYPARTY hey guys. guess what.

we just beat the 1000 unique posters mark.


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A NOTE TO THE FANS So, episode 26 has arrived. Many of you are questioning whether or not the fandom will survive the many months before the new season.

We WILL survive. We have survived a near-month long break between episodes, we have survived annoying furries, trolls, and even an attempted cultural genocide by the moderators of 4chan.

So I have no doubt in my heart that we will survive and persevere through the coming months without the show. We are all saddened by the end of the first season, and some of us may move on to other things during the drought. I myself will occupy my time with college, as I start this August, but I will keep the lessons I've learned, the friends I've made, and the laughter I shared close to my heart.

I challenge those who draw to keep drawing ponies, and those who write to keep writing fanfiction, and keep ponies relevant. And what about those who cannot draw or write? What can you do? Simple, SPREAD THE WORD. There are those today who still don't know the sheer joy that is ponies even today, so I challenge you to bring those people into the fold, so we can all bask in the magic that is friendship when the ponies return.

In closing, if you all remember the kindness, loyalty, laughter, generosity, honesty, laughter, and magic we've experienced, then we will all be here again when the mane six return this November.

Long live EquestriaDaily!

Long live FiMChan and Ponychan!

Long live Derpyhooves.com!

Long live Lauren Faust and all of the creative teams behind this wonderful show!

And finally...

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Hi everypony, I'm Pinkie. My friends have all been lying to me and avoiding me because they don't like my parties and they don't want to be my friends anymore, so I left ponyville to come live in ponychan. I hope you guys are better friends than those ponies were.
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I'm sorry Ponychan, but I really need to vent.

I'm sick and tired of sexism on the Internet, and in IRL too. I'm a female brony, and for some reason lately I've been noticing it more and more now. I don't want to to go into detail in fear of a long-flank rant, but basically I keep seeing misogynic or just plain ignoring comments all over the place, and every time I try to intelligently discuss this with them I just get blown off because I'm female. I'm a fairly intelligent person, but in school and in social environments whenever I hang out with guys they always treat me like I'm not as smart as they are and it really upsets me...

Do any other female (or male even) bronies feel where I'm coming from? I'm not sure what I want from this thread, but I feel like the pony community is more accepting than the real world. Here it's like most of the community is genderless (although there's likely a disproportionate amount of males here) and that's what makes conversation and discussion so easy.

In addition, I also find that I really like MLP:FiM because of this too. Unlike other little girls' (yes, little girls) shows, I find that FiM doesn't center around traditionally girly scenarios, and has a lot of positive role models for young girls.

Maybe I could just ask for some cheering up, or discussion on the matter, or maybe just a Rainbow Dash thread or something.

Also, this isn't just a "I hate men, everypony hates me because I'm a girl" thing...I'm honestly not convinced all guys are this way or that I'm at some horrible adversity.... just some dumbasses on the Internet pissing me off.
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How did i get my cutie mark?


you first go like this!

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>>2439214 continued
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OFFICIAL EPISODE 25 THREAD oh boy oh boy oh boy! PONI PONI PONI!!!,br/>is it just me or has this week taken FOREVER?!!? so guys, tell me what you\'re gonna be doing tomorrow? you\'re gonna be watching the royal wedding right? NOPE! screw that imma be watchin\' Ponies!
oh yeah, and this is the official episode 25 thread. all episode 25 anticipation should be posted here.

- post links to Youtube videos
- post links to downloads
- post links to streams

- discuss the episode before at least one link to a download OR a youtube video has been posted
- discuss the episode without the use of [spoiler]SPOILERS[/spoiler]

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I can't believe Trixie would kidnap Apple Bloom!

Or that Apple Bloom refers to me as an admirer when it's the other way around!

Come on, Trixie, you must have a way of locating Trixie's stage coach! How else can we find Trixie and Apple Bloom?
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Always at war So it is that a species with sentience will have morals.

A species with morals will have temptations.

When a species is faced with temptations, there will be those who fall for them.

There always will be darkness in our hearts, for we have free will. Even if we are the last being alive in the universe, there will be darkness.

Darkness of heart brings war and strife, which in turn weakens the heart, making it susceptible to temptation.

Celestia, Luna, if you can hear us, we ask your aide.

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I put a guy in jail today using the power of pony.

No, really.

STARTS OUT LIKE THIS: First off, I gotta point out I'm a girl. Not out of DOOT TOOT attention seeking but as an essential part of the story. So I'm on the bus, sitting next to the window and riding along and etc. Guy sits next to me, no biggie.

Then I feel what I think is his hand on my flank, squeezing. So I'm a fluttershy, and I give him the benefit of the doubt. I scoot forward on my seat, away from his hand, just in case his hand was asleep and he didn't realize or whatnot. Nope, his hand moves forward and continues to grope me. I'm VERY upset right now due to flashbacks from when I was a kid to other groping incidents and I'm NOT a happy camper.

So I stand up to try to move, and his hand is STILL on my flank and he moves his legs so he blocks my way. The bus stops at the transfer center and the guy walks off, giving me a smirk. I'm NOT happy, not at all. So I decide to tell the bus driver.

The bus driver starts to blame ME (seriously) and asks OH WELL WHY DIDN'T YOU SCREAM AND HOLLER (because I was scared and flashbacking to a rape as a kid?) and WHY DIDN'T YOU MOVE UGH (I tried to move, I moved away twice and tried to walk away from the seat but he wouldn't let me). I gave her a detailed description of the dude (seriously, he was dressed REALLY distinctively, to the point it surprised me) and pointed him out since he was standing right outside the bus.

I wasn't going to say anything to her but one thing that these silly ponies has given me the courage to do is to stand up when somepony wrongs me. I ended up missing my transfer to a bus to take me to a very important job placement interview to give this report because I knew it was the right thing to do, if not for me then for other ladies. The driver's response? She told me that she refused to take a report because I didn't "move" and "scream" and that it was my fault anyway and etc.

Needless to say, by now I am crying and I get off and take my bus home. Now, I go home and I think and I wait for a few hours because in the front of my mind is her telling me that nothing could be done about this and he'd get away scott free. But I remember reading about other bus groping incidents in the news and I think that enough is goshdarn enough and I call the Metro people themselves. Once again, it was thinking of both Fluttershy's bravery when standing up to monsters, Applejack's admitting she needed help, and a dash of pinkie giggling at the ghostie that got me to gather my own strength for this.

I was smart enough to take exact details of the line, the time I was riding it, where it stopped exactly, and the name of the exact bus. They sent over an officer, and while I was blubbery and crying the cop was shockingly nice and even hugged me. He'd be a total Applejack, all about getting things done while being considerate as can be. He even offered to hug me twice! And he NEVER made it feel like it was my fault.

He gave me my case number and a source of information and told me I could call him if it ever happened again, if I ever saw the groper again, or if I needed somepony to talk to so he could give me some more resources. I waved goodbye and he left and I felt a bit better.

No less than FIFTEEN, kid you not, FIFTEEN minutes later the officer knocks on the door.

They found the dude and needed me to identify him. Apparently he was STILL hanging out at that bus transfer center, just...doing nothing, I guess? I didn't ask. I went down, and it was DEFINITELY him. It was a little spooky, but that ghostie couldn't hurt me, and if he thought he could he had another thing coming.

After he's identified and sent off I end up being told that he has a series of warrants out for his arrest and that he'll be in jail and such.

So, ponychan, today I was told by somepony that I can't do anything when somepony gropes/molests me, and instead I went NO WAY and did something. Hopefully he won't be groping any other ladies anytime soon.

This is the first time a dude who has done something bad to me (I've been in physically abusive relationships and molested/raped) has been brought to justice, and it feels GOOD, pony.
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Help us finish our story!
Yesterday we started reading this story from twilights book!
But we're having trouble finishing it cuz some of us are a little shy......

Please help.... And try not to let it get messy....
Oh and if this thread needs to get moved then so be it.


Spike stepped down off the train, feeling the strong desert rays beat down on his scales. After the cold of the northern climes, seeing the sun's bright face was a welcome respite. However, it was not for pleasure that he had travelled so far south... but for VENGEANCE.

He strode over the dusty boards, his spurs clinking with every step, the heatblast wind strangely refreshing on his face after the long ride. The first item on the agenda: nopony here in Appleoosa could be allowed to know he was here. Spike had to find himself a disguise, and find it fast - if they knew he was coming, there was no way he'd last even a minute. He cast about, and soon found something that would hide his face...

The bush he chose to hide in was luckily not rooted in the ground very well, so he was able to sneak across the roads without people noticing too much.

Well, the people noticed. But they didn't think to actually find out why that one bush was moving. Spike had gone unnoticed, or at least unseen. But he had to find a new disguise fast... and with all of the crazy people at the Salt Block, he decided to go there to try and sneak away with at least a mustache and hopefully a hat and beard too.

When he enters... he sees a sight that he'd found quite familiar. There she stood, a pink pony, with a big smile and a silly cowboy outfit...

Pinkie Pie! But what could she be doing all the way down here? At the moment she was providing an excellent distraction; hosting a maaaagnificent party as usual. Perhaps she could help Spike? Could she be trusted to keep his secret? Spike would have to get her attention with the utmost of subtlety. What luck! A pile of rocks just over there! Spike eagerly snatched one and gave it a good hurl.

The rock flies and misses Pinkie Pie, but accidently hits a cup and spills its drink all over Pinkie Pie's outfit. She looks at herself, so upset over the stain (it was a new outfit), her face is distraut and she gallops out of the Salt Block quickly.

Spike puts a hand up to his forehead in his own stupidity, and he follows her out...

Spike followed Pinkie Pie into the next room, expecting to find the pony distraught on the floor... whereas in fact she was merely changing into another, even sillier costume. On reflection, he wondered how he hadn't seen this coming.
"Oh, hey Spike!" Pinkie Pie chirped cheerily, turning around in something that had far too many frills. "Whatcha doin down here?"
"I could ask the same of you, but that isn't important right now," said Spike. "Since you like playing dress-up, I was wondering if you could let me borrow something of yours to disguise myself."
Pinkie gasped in a manner that would make most hyperventilate. "Is there a costume party somewhere around here?!"
"Uh... sure," said Spike, knowing that trying to explain things in full would take far longer than he had. "Can I look through your costumes?"
"Oh, sure, knock yourself out! Don't actually do that, though, that would kind of put a dampener on things. Although that reminds me of that time when we were swinging on the chandelier and..."
Spike trundled the rambling pony out of the door and locked it, just to make sure. A quick glance through the rack revealed something nicely local... a poncho topped by a red sombrero.

It's perfect" said Spike to himself as he grabbed the costume from the rack. "I bet no pony will even recognize me if I wear this getup. I'll blend right in to the crowd." Spike quickly slipped the garish poncho on and placed the red straw sombrero atop his head.
"...but then Applebloom got lost in the cake and we just couldn't find a baseball anywhere, I mean, we checked in the bathtub and in the punch bowl and in the..." Spike crept past Pinkie Pie, who was still excitedly telling her story, and made his way out of the room.

"yeesh, that Pinkie Pie sure can talk" he said. "and now that nopony can recognize me, its time to get MY REVENGE!"

"Well hi there Spike! What're ya' doin' all the way out in these here parts? And what's with that crazy costume a' yours? Have you been hangin' out with Pinkie Pie?" said Applejack, who had just happened to be walking by at the time.

'So much for the disguise,' Spike thought bitterly to himself. Thinking quickly, he tackled Applejack and drew her deftly into an alley between two buildings.
"What in tarnation-?!"
"Sssshhh! I can't let word get out that I'm here!" said Spike urgently, glancing out of the alleyway to see if anypony had noticed his rash move. "I've been tracking those dastardly Diamond Dogs for ages now, and if they know I'm in town they'll up sticks and vamoose before I can collar them."
"What? Why would you want to track down those mangy mutts anyways?" asked Applejack, picking herself up off the ground and dusting off her beloved hat.
Suddenly, it seemed as though a shadow was drawn over Spike's face. He turned away from Applejack and gazed out over the plain.
"The last time we encountered them, they stole something very dear to me. A keepsake that I meant to hold close to my heart until the day I die."
"And that is...?" Applejack asked in hushed tones.
"...The jewel that Rarity gave me."
"Aw, fur Pete's sake!"
"You're getting all so serious over a single jewel?!"
"It was given to me by the most beautiful pony in all of Equestria - the pony whose hoof I shall one day request in marriage, and I plan to have that selfsame jewel set in a ring as a symbol of our everlasting love!"
Applejack snorted heartily. "Yeah, well, good luck getting it back." She turned to leave.
"...Get your hands off mah tail."
"Sorry. Applejack, you know a thing or two about the lands around here, don't you?"
"I guess so."
"Then you can help me find them! You must know a thing or two about tracking."
Applejack stared at Spike for a long while. His eager expression had a certain quality of dreadfulness to it.
"If I don't help you with this, you'll keep pestering me til ah do, arencha?"
"You bet."
"I'm in."

"...And that's why Rainbow Dash can't... Spike? Hellooooo, Spike are you there?" Pinkie Pie was horribly confused. Spike was looking for a costume just a minute ago... where could he possibly have gone? "Spiiiike, where are youuu?" said Pinkie Pie as she searched the costume rack for him. "I guess he just vanished... POOF!" she bellowed, knocking the costume rack over with one hoof while waving the other wildly in the air. "I better go look for him!" And with that, Pinkie bounced out of the room and on her way.

"well, that's a mite odd..." exclaimed Applejack. "What is it, what is it?" yelled Spike, a strange passion filling his voice. "Didja find the Diamond Dogs?"

"No, but this here is the exact spot where we found Rarity and the diamond dogs the first time and look, there isn't a hole in the ground! Everything's been all covered up again!" said Applejack, her eyes scanning the terrain around them. "In fact, I don't see a trace of the Diamond Dogs anywhere... maybe they just up and left."

To be continued on the first post.
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