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Jul 19: Site Feedback Thread

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Horsecock Worship Thread #Mature
Last thread was spirited away.
Post illustrated equine phalli.
Griffons, dragons and dogs can cum too.
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Fuck da context In this thread, snippets drawn without explanation from a greater whole.

Spoiler lewds.
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Ya es hora
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Farts Time for a fresh, new thread!
Post pictures and stories related to ponies farting here.
This thread is strictly about flatulence. Please keep scat in an appropriate thread! Thank you.
The previous thread is here below.
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Post Yourself Part II, >>535762 hit post limit
738 replies
Second Life General #Mature
RIP Canterlot Edition

Second Life is a large and sometimes complex virtual world, with user-generated content that spans many genres and interests. We explore and interact with this world and its users.

To join the /mlp-anon/ group, send an instant message to one of the people listed here.

-Joining SL-

Account Creation: https://join.secondlife.com/

System Requirements: http://secondlife.com/support/system-requirements/

-Getting Started-

Here is an instructional video that explains how to make an account and get a basic pony avatar: http://youtu.be/riGYGVPKj44

Recommended Third party viewers:
http://radegast.org/wp/ (Text Only)

There is also a list with descriptions of all available viewers here.

-Old thread-
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8chan refooge thread 8chan refoogies in here
6 replies
Okay anon, where's the rest of it?
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cock rating thread #Mature
Post and rate each others cocks in this thread.
Let's find out which ponychanner has the nicest dick.
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Furry thread #Mature
Continuing from >>530535 since it hit the image limit
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you wanna, use pornysona images & use this button in the link

688 replies
Pony Piss Porn Thread #Uhhh...4 I think #Mature
Um…let's see…come here to post images, gifs, stories, etc. of ponies, anthro ponies, or even humanized ponies, urinating, wetting, engaging in watersports and/or golden showers, drinking pee, etc.

All writebros are eagerly welcome, we need new blood in here, we thankfully have one amazing writefriend who writes for both here and the scat thread. Also feel free to dump your collection of pony piss porn pictures. We really appreciate it (all four-six of us, lol).

Using a name because I'm gonna post something brief I wrote in the next post(s) to get things going.

Notice: Please do not post scat here, we have a separate thread for that because a lot of people who enjoy piss do NOT like scat:


Also here is the previous piss thread, in autosage (autosage is after 400 posts):


Let's all embrace our perversions!

Oh, and please don't spoil any images, we already have the Mature tag.
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Is there any anime about hot girls in diapers?
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More evidence Google is not your friend https://archive.is/PdLjX

Google is screwing around with the security of HTTPS connections. While this specific attack is aimed at Apple's iOS 9 ad blocking functionality, you can be certain this will only end in tears for everyone browsing the web.

Thanks Google.
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Rare/Nonexistent Rule34 #Mature
Surprisingly, this is the most explicit image I could find about Fluffy Clouds. What other ponies have been so woefully neglected?
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Hi there! Can someone point me to the /pone/ refugee board? Surely it can't be this place. Looks too ponychan-ish.
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Vidya What vidya have you been playing recently /anon/?

This is on sale digitally for the 360 for a mere five bucks today, and since I have already beaten and enjoyed the previous one (Arkham Asylum) I figured I'd snatch it.

I've gotten a little ways into it, it's more of the same, but pretty fun. I'm not even a major Batman fan, but these games are great. Beating the shit out of hordes of freak thugs is satisfying as hell. Also gliding and swinging around the grim city is fun too.

Video game thread
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Satyr Porn #mature

>What is a 'Satyr Porn' thread about?

A satyr is what happens when a human and a pony decide to get freaky and end up having a child. This thread is dedicated to the porn and fapfics about these fuckable creatures.
6 replies
does anyone have the full archive?
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Suicide Have you ever tried to kill yourself?
If you ever had suicidal thoughts, then what stopped you from actually killing yourself?
If you tried to do this, but was rescued - would you try it again?
What do you think about this permanent solution?


Why live?
I need answers because of reasons.
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R34 #Mature
Rule 34
Anything and everything
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In which we discuss our 4chan bans My IP changed about a month ago. Just noticed this. I managed to get banned for not posting anything at all :D

In other news, apparantly /g/ and /int/ go all the way back to 2013. And you thought this board was slow!
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Request #Mature
can any artist pony- recolor this boner

2 appear from
74 replies
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ITT: Post a fetish you don't understand, and someone who has that fetish tries to explain it to you. Notice: This is not meant to be a porn dump thread.

I'll start. I do not understand pregnancy fetish, "fit" fetish, or inflation fetish.
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Fullchan Fallschirmjägers! 8chan hit a bit of a snarl, so just letting any crossboarders here know there's a backup in pollacklandia.

If anyone is really super bored, they can make some banners and flags too for when the original comes back!
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I just got banned from posting this on /mlp/, is this really that offensive?
I remember this site used to be considered the "pansy" site but now things have really changed, /mlp/ is full of pussies. They love getting cucked by the mods over there.
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Waifu thread #Mature
"Now is the time! Awaken my Masters!"

No, seriously. Wake the fuck up anon. Come here, post your waifus, and discuss them.
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Sneezing Ponies? What do you think of them?
232 replies
Anthro Thread #Mature
Continuing from
3 replies
Have you taken the brown pill yet, fillies?

It's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 2015 by lady Minuette, who presents in the attached picture.

Forget red and white pills, brown pill is the way of the future.

Pic related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!

Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, white pills are for the wannabe nazis. Ignore the other le epin /pol/ maymays, this one is the readl deal. sfdadsf
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It's over 8000 Not 9000 but 8000.
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i love you from an anon
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Evil Council Would you join one?
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Does anyone here remember a guy called Mcedge? Probably not, but he used to be a thing on /mlp/ a while back. I got my hands on a couple videos he's just put out. I'm not for sure, but they seem to be directed at some people from /oat/. I'm getting the impression from my source here that he doesn't want these videos out for the public, but who cares? It's excellent cringe material.

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18+ Rated M for mature #Mature
It's time to post some sweet pics of you
1500 replies
Ya es hora.
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ITT: Quotes.

Any kind of quotes--quotes from celebrities, quotes you heard from someone IRL; motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, philosophical quotes, just plain interesting quotes. I'll start:

>We spend our whole lives being careful and following rules, just so we can make it safely to death.
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Dating Princess Celestia or Princess Luna Which would you choose?
19 replies
How big is your dick?
14 replies
Post images of the characters being conceived
28 replies
Post literal fanwanking #Mature
Celestia and Luna are really a horse and a miniature horse with the equine version of a midget fetish. Every time Celestia is called a "pony", she starts to go into full on Molestia mode. The reason Twilight and Cadence became post-op alicorns was because Celestia and Luna felt they were the best ponies to share their fetish with. They now all circle-jerk to pony porn once every week.
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Why is she so perfect, /anon/?
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Browser/Software Ponies #26 "We need more sexy fillies edition"

Dropbox for all thread pictures since thread 4 located here:

Pictures and stories on Google Disk: ujeb.se/softwareponies


Frequent Contributor List:
1 reply
Resets new laptop stupid anti virus asking for a fucking activation password that is on a piece of fucking paper that I dont have -_-
Ps fuck netintelligen
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1 reply
Hey I had a thread over here about rewriting Discord's 2 parter. Anyone remembers or knows how to get it back?

It had these 2 pictures of deadpool and discord. I wrote a mini scene about Celestia breaking Discord's statue and Spike panics... I mentioned something about a dragon festival with kirins.
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Milky Way General 87: Comfy Edition #Mature
Lets get this started again, plus points for Milky with comfy socks.
6 replies
pony ass
3 replies
nobody cared who I was until I put on the flask
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25 replies
Lets talk about fetishes or whatever.
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Horsecuck Worship General #Mature
Celebrate their contributions to the gene pool.

Every horsecuck equal, every horsecuck loved.
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Lets gear up to raid Derpibooru Hey /anon/, 8chan /b/ and /pone/ here, we come to you with a proposition: We at 8chan /b/ and /pone/ are gearing up to raid the fuck out of a site called Derpibooru, we hear that you dislike it just as much as we do.

We think that we therefore have a common enemy in the form of that site, so we should work together to take it down.

What do you say?

Come here to organize with us or you can make your own thread if you want.



This thread on /pone/ is the most comprehensive case for why Derpibooru must be attacked and also has a great compilation of conflicts with them. We are also using this thread to organize as well.


And for the sake of destroying that SJW ridden site, please try to keep things civil.
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The economy would be better if it wasn't for the libtards screwing it up.
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Purple Pony's Peculiar Pregnancy (CYOA) #Mature
Continuing from >>363505, since that thread hit the bump limit.

This is "Purple Pony's Peculiar Pregnancy", a CYOA story about exactly what it says on the tin. It was originally titled "Purple Pony's Puzzling Pregnancy", until the puzzle was solved.

The story so far can be read here:

If you're too lazy to read through all of that, here's a spoiler-rific summary of the main plot points thus far:

I lied. Sorry, no shortcuts here. Just put on your big kid pants and read the damn thing. Things will run more smoothly if everyone is on the same page and we don't have people bringing up questions or suggestions that have already been addressed earlier in the story. Yeah, it's long, but if you don't feel like reading, a CYOA thread probably isn't for you.

Now that the story out of the way, let's go over the workings of the thread itself.

This thread is marked as #Mature to keep our options open, but the story so far has been work-safe.

I try to make decisions in the story based off of consensus in the thread, so you're encouraged to talk and strategize amongst yourselves. However, I try not to allow this policy to cause the thread to stagnate. If someone posts a suggestion, and no one else responds within 24 hours, I'll start writing a new update based off of that suggestion (possibly with a longer wait time for big decisions). If the discussion is active but doesn't seem to be moving towards consensus, I'll pick my favorite suggestion.

I'll try to aim for at least one update a week, but stuff in meatspace sometimes gets in the way, and I'm not gonna go all "Lesson Zero" to try to force something out by a deadline. If there's a long delay and the new update hasn't come out, don't worry; I'm probably not dead; I might just be busy. Or maybe I have writer's block, I'm having trouble getting into a writing mood, but I'm not going to abandon this story without telling you. It may also be that none of the replies actually addressed what to do next; try reading the end of the last update and make sure all of the questions posed have been fully addressed.

That's about it. See the following post for the continuation of the story.
1499 replies
As requested.

Post your ass! I'll start, since that's only fair.

No haters pls ty.
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Pony Scat Thread #4 #Mature
Previous dump: >>248101

The one stop shop for anything MLP and fecal related!

Current writers:
______: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/______
Vertigo: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Pervertigo
Bush: Unknown
(No image)
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Here's an interesting tidbit for you horsefuckers. #Mature
The average human world horse is 500kg
The average human is 80kg

The average human horsecock is 15in
The average human cock is 5.5in

The ratio of human weight to horse weight is 1:6.25 (Horses are 6.25 times bigger than humans)

That means if you scale a horse down to human size, the cock will be 2.4in.

The average human cock size is at least twice as big as mlp horsecock.

(No image)
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Can /anon/ have a hip-hop/rap thread?

/oat/ is actually too fast to have a good one.

pic related, first Dre album in 15 years just released (it's a soundtrack for the new NWA movie though, NOT Detox).
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Furry Fridays #Mature
New thread.

Sorry to whoever deleted the last one, but I just realised I'm a drunken retard who didn't mature tag it (and again to the anon who said he'd make the next one, but it's time for fap)...
12 replies
Sunny Bunny.
24 replies
"The Man is gonna set some rules" https://archive.is/wypVm


There's going to be a massive SJW friendly purge over at Reddit.

Get your popcorn ready. It's gonna be gud!
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Pony Fortress How would you like a succession game of Dwarf Fortress with a pony mod here?

For those unfamiliar with Dwarf Fortress, the story of Boatmurdered gives a quick idea of what it's all about: http://lparchive.org/Dwarf-Fortress-Boatmurdered/Introduction/

This should be the most canonical pony mod, and therefore most suitable for beginners: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=117374.0 I haven't played it myself, so this will be a blind play for my part. That said, there's NO minimum skill required to participate, as a fortress going down in a blaze of blood and fire is always more fun and interesting than one that where everything goes smoothly! Even if the fortress crumbles to an end, just upload the save to the next player and they'll continue the game with a reclaim party.

If enough people are interested, we can get the game started. Who wants to play?
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This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things I just realized that the internet is a horrible place. Not because of the content, not necessarily because of the people either, but the way communication in it works.

It seems that every post whatsoever has a large chance to get answered by insults - sometimes even if the answer is positive. The amount of anonymous shitflinging is so prevalent that the "popularity" of certain sites over others can be attributed entirely to the amount of extra traffic due to shitposting!

I have joked that I could make any board more attractive just by adding bots that respond to other posts with random insults - and now I have seen that it really works! People are more fond of boards that get more posts, even when those posts are useless shit they'd rather not see!

The same goes for sites like Youtube: A video that gets over nine thousand dislikes is more likely to be recommended than a video that gets ten likes. Newspapers found out long ago that news that make people pissed sell best, which is why rage-inducing news are so much more prevalent than good news. On the imageboards, shitposters answer to other shitposters, creating a self-feeding symbiosis where everyone hates everyone and gets more miserable for spending their time on it.

This is my favorite board. It gets fewer posts, but the amount of actual content I want to read is not bad at all.
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>not loving the wink

tfw you will never get to suck and lick on that plump winking clit
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Jollibee Has anyone eaten at that place?
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And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13.

one of my favorite bible verses... and one i feel is the most important in my life.

...you're not a bad pony. you never have been bad. i think, i have always told you that, even when we have been at our greatest levels of disagreement.

i find it very admirable that you would see that which maybe could be improve, and have a genuine will to improve.

it is... not easy sometimes to step up and do something like that.

...take the regret, and turn it into positive action. Your only vice, i have felt, was being abrasive in your point making. The anonymous posting... the arguing. that must go, and in its place must come a genuine love, and patience.

these things too, i know you can do... because that is who you are, and it is the anonthony i have known.

i will pledge too, myself, to improve. perhaps more than anypony, i have a long journey in this direction to walk.
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Ya es hora
(No image)
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Dungeons and dragons, with ponies!
So, I've never played 5e before, some faggot recently pointed me at it, and I'd like to try my hand. Because said faggot is a horsefucker, I was also pointed athttp://cheezedoodle96.deviantart.com/art/MLP45E-Dungeons-and-Dragons-With-Ponies-490872927.
Any takers?
282 replies
416 replies
With the anthro and humanized horse threads being a thing I figured we could use a general horse-fuckery (I'm witty and fun at parties, I know) thread for the sake of completion. The difference between this and already existing ones being that there's no set theme like the horsecock or fat pony ones for example so just fo whatever.
39 replies
Idea of new MLP stuff (and games) web storage Greetings, everypony. I haven't found any good site where all games and programs related to mlp are stored. So I've decided to make my own site, with a good search engine and easy tags to find the thing you might be looking for. I'm not going to make it a colorful popular web storage, just a simple html pages. I want to do that so that none of mlp stuff get lost forever. Unfortunately, this idea has visited my mind only a few days ago. If somebody decided to do it in, for example, 2011, then maybe not so many good games would be lost as they are now.

P.S. sorry for my language. I'm not a native speaker.
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how do you faggots like moonman?
(No image)
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Dreams Okay, right off the bat, on the table: I had a dream where I had sex with my mother.

I have no Repressed desires to fuck her, she never gave me any indication of wanting me in real life, or the other way around, and it wasn't a wet dream, it was like she wanted to teach me about what I need to know and expect from sex for woman and how I need to be ready, and I was fully obliged and had casual Consensual sex. Afterward was Emotional or some shit, and she said that 'no matter what I like looking at (she implies she knows I am kinda into clop, and she already knows in real life I like men and woman) or who I choose in life, just make the right choices.'

It was but a small part of my dream, and mixed with normal other dream-like things, which makes me more concerned that I didn't wake up the moment something seems wrong.

I think I can forget about this, as I have had the thought before with the ideas of family members in sexual situations, but decided to think negatively of such odd thoughts popping in my head (See: No repressed sexual Desires), but the fact that it seemed normal in dream land makes me feel... Uncomfortable.


Anyway, this thread is for posting Dreams you had and Discussing them, as well as other peoples' Dreams.

I left the above details of my dream as a ice breaker to show what this is all about.

Now, Get to projecting your problems into other peoples' lives.
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I just want to make this thread to say I appreciate the people who still take the time to dump porn here. I think it's one of the few things sustaining this board (barely) and I don't want to lose /anon/, even if there's barely anyone here. I-I lo--I mean, LIKE you guys. Heh...
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remove horsefucker yuo are wors chan
t. ∞chan pro
24 replies
CRAFTS! During the last hear I have learned to use many tools and materials that I previously thought to be way out of my league. Hand held rotary tools are easier to use than a knife, acrylic paints get surprisingly high-quality results, and using stencils makes up for the lack of drawing skills. I am regularly astonished by what I can do, so I thought I'd make a thread for crafting you can do at home.

What have you made? What materials/methods would you recommend? What have you planned? Discuss.
3 replies
Clop game/vid this was used in I'm looking for the clop game/vid this was used in. I've definitely heard it but I just can't find it!

646 replies
ITT Humanized horses
5 replies
>Anooooooon! This movie's too scary!
643 replies
Corruption Thread Ladies and Gentleman, it has been too long.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your favorite ponies explored the dark side of their world- Dark magic, changelings, corporations, death, crazy women, cocoons, evil of all varieties, drugs, and fridge horror? Then this is the thread for you!

Popular Contributors:
64 replies
Hi everyone! I'm kind of new of this imageboard thing! But I hope everyone of you have awesome day!!
37 replies
/anon/ is slow general /anon/ is fucking slow.
Nobody's here, because it doesn't have enough content.

How to fix this?

What would convince you to post more often?
What kind of content /anon/ needs to attract more people?
2 replies
Internet Nostalgia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_DV9b0x7v4

>Caramelldansen was almost 10 years ago

>Speedycat, Cockmongler, and Longcat were 10 years ago

How many years of your life have gone to dank memes, /anon/? Any Usenet grandpas here?
2 replies
feeling a little depressed. post pinkie's plot to cheer me up.
41 replies
All the heart alicorn #Mature
Who is best princess and why is Cadence?
89 replies
Anyone up for a cringe thread?
0 replies
wtf What is this ? Why would he burn poor innocent Rainbow Dash ? :(
20 replies
>I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash
3 replies
>you will never live in a land where god is real and you can actually seduce her
156 replies
A Continuation of `Of Colts and Foals' #Mature
Welcome to the revival of `Of Colts and Foals'. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this story, it can be found at the following address:


It's the beginning of the 8th day, since arriving in Ponyville for the seemingly boring job of reperation from the Ursa Minor attack and encroaching on a certain purple unicorn's experiment that would change the lives of Ponyvillians forever.

I'm not at all certain how the story was being written, but I'll try to continue this CYOA in the best way I can.

Here's the last block of the story so far:

>You excuse yourself for the evening, thanking Mayor Mare for her time

>You leave the two with each other, as they begin chating about… economics or something once more.
>You though, had a pink pony to attend to
>You make you way to sugar cube corner, and although it was closing time, the cakes let you in when you mentioned you were a friend of pinkies
>You smirk widely as the round earth pony is still tied up where you left her
>Pinkie's eyes go wide, and she smiles when she sees you, as you get up on the bed with her.
>She giggles a lot as you kiss her, and rub her taunt middle, smiling at you
>She said she was worried you forgot about her, and was being a good broodmother, she didn't struggle or anything!
>You just smirk, giving your pet a peck on the cheek, before resting your head down next to her
>You could smell the need of Pinkie's sex, you knew it would be driving her crazy, but she needed to be put in her place
>So for tonight, she'd have to rest, tormented by her sexual urges unable to do anything while you slept nearby
>Needless to say she didn't do well, and she was contently struggling at her bindings all night
>You though slept like a foal, throughout all the noise and movements.
370 replies
Bat Pony Thread MLPchan edition

Writers pastebin:

Stories listed by Bat:

The archives up until now are at:

Google Disk for all thread pictures:

We even have our IRC channel:
Channel: #bat
4 replies
I want to cum inside Twilight Sparkle
2 replies
Sleep thread Am I the only one who feels like barfing whenever I eat half of what I would constitute as a daily meal after not getting an adequate amount of sleep? I need answers because this has happened countless times. I'm done waking up at 4-6am in the middle of the night which effectively kills 2 hours from my original sleep schedule. Sleep doesn't need intermissions bruh.

So sleep thread I guess. Share sleep problems and solutions
This post was edited by its author on .
3 replies
Ponies had a long day today, let them sleep.
0 replies


5 replies
What do you think about boards with specific subject matters?
/fim/, /eqd/, etc.
28 replies
For strong muscles at realistic levels. Give me your butt-cheeks, your abs, your bulging biceps yearning to flex free.

Vaginal dumbbells earn double. If you have those, please post.
1500 replies
Ya es hora
(No image)
28 replies
>This image has been removed from Derpibooru
>This image was deleted by a member of the Derpibooru administration team for the following reason:
>Yeaah, no.
22 replies
So it's finally conceded that the "merger" was just an absorption.
6 replies
Hello. Alright /anon/. What have you been up to? Everyone is welcome into this thread, noone is enemy.
2 replies
I like it when I see people like this. It proves that not all mlp fans are fat fedorabeards.
6 replies
It's time to stop posting https://archive.is/7AcCZ

Now there is no need to imagine just how much the National Security Agency can find out about your on-line activities. If you have ever done anything on the internet, they've scanned it and held it for up to 45 days under existing law.

Meanwhile, in other news...


Someone is cutting fiber optic cables that make up the internet trunk lines in and out of San Francisco. I was affected by this outage. Maybe they were doing us all a favor.
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this is not a horse
4 replies
>mrw MLPchan was absorbed into Ponychan.


(Picture not related)
62 replies
2 replies
Leaked AppleBloom puppet i even don't know how i got it...
14 replies
muscle thread #Mature
>"Do you even lift the bass?"
1032 replies
ITT: Anthro horses just because
17 replies
There's a monster posting among us right now, and he has to be stopped.

Here's what happened
11 replies
I don't understand the appeal of my little pony. Why would grown men watch it and beat off to it.
I need you all to explain to me the appeal.
Especially about why you find the purple one attractiv
12 replies
sorry hi. i just want to tell anybody that i am going to die, just remember me. somebody. thank you.
1 reply
furry fridays general 2 #Mature
Wow 1000 images thats a lot of porn
1 reply
/) *brohoof*
29 replies
Cheese leg i want to cum inside queen cheese
6 replies
I wish that I was black so that whenever someone did something I didn't like I could claim that person is racist.
3 replies
Vladimir Putin and Ponies Wonder what he thinks about grown men watching a show for little girls.
6 replies
Rebel Flag What is your opinion about this flag.
21 replies
Dreams and Lucid shit In this thread we discuss everything dream related while I shill the lucid dreams concept like there's no tomorrow.

Dreams don't need to be pony related.

>What is a Lucid Dream?

A dream where you are aware of the fact that you are dreaming.

>Why should I care?

Dreams are cool. Being Lucid inside them allows you to better experience them, and alter their content to your likings if you want.

>What can be done in a Lucid Dream?

Literally anything. You people know your dreams, you dream weird, incoherent shit every day.
Lucid dreams simply allow you to interact with the dream. You can make stuff appear, change people's behavior, fly, etc. You can even change the scenario itself. You can change everything.

>How does one achieve it?

There are multiple ways, each one with its pros and its cons. All of them are easy and most only require like 5 minutes a day.
I'll expand onf this if people are interested.

>Why are you creating this thread and shilling lucid dreams

Because I just woke up from one.
Also, I always see posts with >mfw your waifu will never x around, and I can't help but think this shit would help you to fufill these autistic desires. I'm on my way to achieve that and I wanted to share the thing.

Today's experience was short, but like all lucid dreams, rewarding. I was able to control myself and I've tried to warp into ponyland, appearing in a generic public pool instead, don't know why.

Why was it rewarding if I wasn't able to do what I wanted?
Being lucid in a dream isn't common for me. Achieving lucidity it's a reward itself. And I was able to teleport! And fly for some seconds, before I woke up.
I've achieved yet another dream in wich I was able to gain certain control over the dream land, and change it.

That's another step in the right direction.
I'm getting there, people.
422 replies
Any news on MFA2? a new preview or something?

34 replies
Twilight thread. No anthro. Nothing extreme.
6 replies
My reaction whenever someone complains about me making a thread they don't like.
2 replies
do you guys know where one might purchase a neko/cat tail dildo/vibrator?a friend of mine was wondering...
12 replies
MURICA! It's been said that Americans don't know much about the rest of the world, but I just realized what that means. The reason Americans tolerate so many problems unique to them is that they think they're normal.

In most first world countries, gun crimes are relatively rare. Prisons are not rape-factories forcefully recruiting more members for violent gangs. Police shooting dogs, let alone people is extremely rare and always investigated throughoutly.

Free healthcare is a rule rather than exception, and the America's current system of insurances is literally the worst, least cost-efficient healthcare system in the whole world. Social security pays for itself multiple times over in reduced crime rates and general well-being of the populace, and public education makes sure all children grow up with the skills and knowledge for a good, honest life.

And finally, no other country treats war as casually as America does. Soldier is not just another job like doctor or firefighter, and signing up to kill people on foreign soil is not heroic or praiseworthy. In most of the world war is seen as a time of horror and tragedy, while America has been at wars around the world for the last hundred years! War is never considered normal, and no one would even consider spending 600 billion on military.

TL:DR: Americans think their way is the best, because they don't know other ways exist.
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Does this still work?
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Babs thread? Babs thread
1024 replies
Furry fridays
23 replies
222 replies
Diaper Thread #Mature
/mlp/'s got scruffed. So we setup shop here now.
3 replies
Any word for vanilla ponies? Sites like derpibooru have tags for anthros and humanized ponies, but how do I search for just ordinary, show-accurate quadruped ponies? In theory you could use minus signs to block out some tags, but there's still cosplays, guns, cars and so many other things under the name of each pony that it's pretty much impossible to find just vanilla ponies that way.
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last night I had a dream that there was some kind of Ponychan convention and the mods were there and one of them flipped their shit and said they hated /anon/ and wanted to delete it and everyone started arguing

w-we're not actually in danger, are we guys?
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Dips Padded Pones?
13 replies
Showers #Mature
It ain't easy being clean.
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Cinema https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEoGrbKAyKE

Have fun with this one anons. With love from Africa
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Making out #Mature
Nothing but making out. Bonus points for tongue.
17 replies
Waifu Thread: Post Merge Edition #Mature
Post your waifu. Non pony waifus are allowed.
13 replies
16 replies
Fillyfuntasia What /anon/ thinks about fillyfuntasia?
8 replies
Hi Anon. Sorry to bother you. I need to put this picture here to discuss is, because it's too hot for /oat/ apparently. Carry on.
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ITT: Things you have learned from porn.

>approx. 80 percent of rapes end with the victim enjoying it
16 replies
What would you do if you found out your friend, girlfriend or boyfriend has a diaper fetish?
1500 replies
Ya es hora
1 reply
Who is your horsebando and why is it this guy?
8 replies
A pony thread This thread is for pony!
2 replies
Fallout equestria thread
316 replies
Vore Thread #Mature
Don't think I've ever seen one of these here, so I'm making one.
3 replies
193 replies
Let's have a thread for best pony/anthro/humanized asses.
124 replies
Anal Penetration Thread #Mature
12 replies
looking for help Hi everypony. I've been a fan of mlp for about 4 years now. Wow, it really has been that long. I've just been thinking a lot lately about what I've done as a brony. It has dawned on me as of late that I haven't contributed to the fandom in any way whatsoever, and I wonder if that has made my devotion of time to this show and all the content surrounding it a gigantic waste of time. I have seen every single episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I know every meme, I've seen countless analysis and review videos whether they be by digibro, tommy oliver, antony c, etc., I've read plenty of fanfictions, seen a bunch of fan animations, watched all the documentaries, the list goes on. The problem is that I have literally contributed nothing to the fandom, and I often wonder if I even can. I wouldn't know where to start if I wanted to create an oc, I don't feel like I have anything unique and interesting to say about any episodes or anything, I'm not an artist or a musician, I don't feel like I have anything to bring to the table even if I tried. I really don't know what to do at this point. I feel like I'm exactly what bronies have strived so hard to prove that they're not: a lazy, unimaginative, basement dwelling loser. I feel helpless. I don't even know if posting this will do anything. I know that this community is full of intelligent and creative as well as caring and compassionate people, and I'm just looking for help from a community that is built on the principles of love and tolerance. I don't know, I could go on and on about this, but I guess I'll just stop here. If anyone has any advice, please share it with me. Thank you.
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Black Veil Brides is a true metal band. Bands like Slayer is poser metal.
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traps? :3
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/chat/ will rise again Get in here faggots
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Is Fiesta Equestria worth going to? Come on guys I need everyone AND I MEAN EVERYONE who has go to this or any other convention to respond. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME!! Its coming up soon and I cant decide.
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Guys, I don't know if I want to fuck or murder her
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Cum Inflation #Mature
Because who doesn't love a bit, or should I say, a lot of cum?
85 replies
Via request of AustroSpike.

Let's have us an artistic real porn thread.

Too much disgusting cartoon shit here.
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A HORSE thread Ponies are fucking overrated
51 replies
Promptly Post Pony Pussy, Please. #Mature
Plumper preferred.
8 replies
What if human Derpy lifts her shirt and her boobs point in totally different directions?
80 replies
Alright /anon/, you/we've been dead lately, so let's try to spice things up.

ITT: Post whatever you want--any image or subject (within the rules of the board, obviously). Let's see if we can generate some good discussion or humor that is less common.

Only rules: Don't turn this into just another porn or RP thread.

okay go
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>tfw you want to fap, but you're out of lube
>tfw if you had a time machine, you'd beat the shit out of the cock-doc that snipped your dick
I had a baby penis, and it was perfect! Perfect in every way!
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Indiegogo https://www.indiegogo.com/

Right here, right now motherfucker. You're making a 50.000 - 100.000 dollar Indiegogo campaign to fund a decent episode.
50k for 10 minutes, 100k for 20 minutes. 200k, 300k, for 2 extra episodes.
You tell that little bitch Lauren Faust to complete her Galaxy Girls and MLP bullshit. If everybody sees her name on the crowdfund campaign then they'll throw their wallets like rabid animals.
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Molestia #Mature
Post and discuss Molestia!
5 replies
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You will never believe what happened to me this morning! I was waking up and doing my morning routine, eat breakfast, take a shower, brush my teeth, that sort of thing. When I was about to get changed, I saw something in my window that looked a little strange. I went to look and there he was, a man was staring through my window on a ladder!

Just as soon as he knew I saw him he started climbing down the ladder and I ran for the door outside. On my way out I grabbed the bat I keep under my bed. When I got outside I saw him running down my block and I began chasing after him. We ran for nearly 10 minutes and reached some woods. Then from there we ran another 15 until I lost sight of him.

Lost, in the middle of the woods, chasing a peeping Tom. I knew something like this could only happen to me.

The search seemed over when a bit deeper in the woods I heard the man scream. I ran out there and saw him sitting on the ground a good distance away from me. As I got closer I could see he had gotten his foot stuck in a bear trap! Actually I’m not so sure it was a bear trap because it was a bit smaller but you get the point. I walked up to him with my bat and said the sweetest one liner I could think up on the spot.

“Game over fucker” and I hit him in the face with my bat. He began to sob a bit as he held his bleeding nose, but to my surprise he began to laugh. This startled me so I hit him again and said “what’s funny faggot!” and he said, “read the first word of all the last paragraphs.”
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So, what happen with pennychan?
4 replies
Gee, it sure is boring around here!
19 replies
So long and thanks for all the fish. This will be the only post I've ever made on ponychan.

I don't know where I'm going now, but it sure as hell won't be here.
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>a horn?
>you have a horn, anon?
13 replies
Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem, quia cum probatus fuerit, accipiet coronam vitae.
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Alternate/What if versions #Mature
Well, third times the charm xP
Still, gotta say the rules on the homepage needs to be updated, considered they're currently incorrect to what I just got told. Anyhow: second time on this site, and read what I could of the rules, but as they seem outdated, if anything is done incorrectly, I will blame confusing layouts xD

Either case, just thought it could be neat with a thread posting alternative or "what if?" versions of either an artists work, or a theme in general :P

And as Derpi's onwer (TheSmilingPony) can't stand well endowed women and breaks the site rules by going "I am the law!" and ignores them for the purpose of removing any females that doesn't conform to their personal bias, this site seemed like a better place to start such collection at :P

Similar, it can't be on e621, because while Atryl encourage edits of their work, they likewise find women disgusting unless they got loli physique, so that's the only DNP type of edit of their work on e621 for "marketing purposes" apparently, as they don't want people thinking they know how to draw vulvae. So while they both prefer males with nice curves, that's none of my business, so I thought as said we could just pile up some neat alt/what if works here where it won't bother either of them.

As I at least find it interesting to know how most art would look if the artist either went all the way effort wise, or if they put said effort in the opposite areas ;3

Anyhow, for those that don't know much about female anatomy, thought I'd do a quick FYI: They can become between 0-15 cm long naturally. (Labia wise, for humans) Vagina is exclusively the inner tubing up to the cervix, the whole package is called vulva. Average on around 2-4.

The edits I made explore what if the effort in these were reversed, aka: put into female genitals instead of exclusively male. Likewise, made the female ones huge while the male ones tiny :3
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I came back to MLPchan after a long while out of curiousity to see what damage the merger with Ponychan caused, and then I see that when they merged, the went with the name Ponychan instead of MLPChan.

That was the wrong fucking name. You picked the name with unholy amounts of bad things attached to it.

You fucked up, and admittedly, so did I. I should have never come back here.

Horse imageboards are as dead to me as the show is.
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The highway was approaching the Zenith Bridge, the glorious white arch that ran from bluff to bluff over the Hoofington River looking quite breathtaking as I drew closer. The encampment that the Reapers had set up on this side was now abandoned, the craters and blasted holes a testament to the war with the Steel Rangers. I could still smell the faint tang of cordite. Slowly, I made my way along the stone span, which had clearly been molded with unicorn magic; the whole thing was virtually seamless.
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I haven't been here in years.
Is Moony still a massive faggot?
636 replies
"Hey, Gilda. You ready? We're going bowling."

How long have you known this colt? What, a couple weeks? Thinking about it, that's kind of concerning.
But hey, he's a good pony. Chases thieves. Doesn't really do much other than hang around the house and pester you about going somewhere, though.
What, does he think you'll grow roots or something?

You're walking down the street in front of your house. It's about…two in the afternoon. Dawn's trotting along next to you. He drapes a wing over your shoulders.
It's soft.
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If you have clothes, get the fuck out
2 replies
LOOKIT so i was poking around dA when i found this
if you can get past the script format its actually not that bad
11 replies
so... uhh, what are you supposed to do after you just had a full dream about fucking your mom to climax?
7 replies
>you're walking through the hallways of canterlot high in the morning before the first bell
>another boring day you wish you weren't here
>that's when you see it
>that hair of bright red and yellow, like a fire that burns as hot as her beautiful slim figure, bent over and fussing with things in her locker on the bottom row
>you've got some time before class starts
>might as well have some fun
>you walk up behind her, not changing your pace of walking in order to not catch her attention
>with an open palm, you deliver a swift but playful slap towards the seat of her skirt, smacking her toned behind
>you hear her gasp, visibly shaken from the sudden contact
>she pulls her head out of the locker, a fierce scorn on her face
>it disappears when she realizes its you, and its replaced with a warm smile
>"A-Anon! You shouldn't sneak up on me like that"
>you tell her that you like surprising her when she's least expecting it
>you see her wiggle her hips in excitement as you're speaking to her
>you can feel your dick starting to get rigid
>you slip your hand down her hip, moving your finger down to the edge of her skirt
>you can barely hear it, but an audible whine escapes her throat as she's biting her bottom lip
>"okay okay, fine; not here though!"
>she slams her locker shut, grabs you by the wrist and yanks you through the hallway in a hurry
>you find yourself in a vacant, dead end hallway of lockers
>she loves coming to this area of the school; it's like her own little hide out
>with no one around, she turns toward you, her chest rising and falling as she breathes excitedly
>you immediately advance toward her, p[inning her against the wall with an aggressive kiss
>you can feel her hot breath escaping through her nostrils against your face, while your tongue invades her lips and molests her own tongue
>your hands move down past her skirt, lifting it up and exposing her fair skinned hips
>you feel her mouth tense up for a moment, but it relents and she continues kissing you, no intent of stopping your advances
>your hand pulls the seat of her panties away, and your hand snakes its way inside
>you trace your finger against the canyon of her tight ass
>you push your index finger forward, finding your mark
>that tight little crater between those two firm cheeks
>once you've made contact, you break your kiss
>she suddenly moans out with the break from your mouth, before catching herself and squeezing her mouth shut
>she blushes brightly
>"Anon! You know I can't control how loud I am when you do that..."
>you know; you just like to hear her make that sound anyway
>while your finger digs into her anus, she pushes her mouth against your shoulder, to keep herself quiet
>your middle finger reaches downwards, just barely touching the end of her pussy
>you can feel some wetness building up
>you push your hips into her, letting your bulge press firmly between her thighs just to tease her
>you look to your right, toward the light of the end of the hallway
>apparently you two aren't alone
>one boy is watching you
>that boy with the blue hair and the red jacket
>looks like he's growling at you
>didn't she used to date him at one point?
>his eyes look a little shiny
>is he trying not to cry?
>what a faggot
>you tilt your head up while looking at him, as she continues to moan into your shoulder, completely unaware she's being watched
>that's right loser; I'm fucking her now
>she loves it
>she's not using me to get popular
>she wants something from me that she never wanted you for
>deal with it
>the first bell rings, and he takes off running
>she removes her mouth from your shoulder, and swats your hand away from her backside
>pulling her skirt down to its proper place, she lets out a groan
>"Dammit anon; now I'm gonna have to go through the whole day with wet panties!"
>you shrug innocently as she shakes her head
>she leans in and plants a kiss on your ear, before running her tongue against the lobe
>she draws back and then scampers off to class
>you watch that ass bounce away before she turns the corner
>you yourself waltz into the open hallway, ready to take on the day
>like she said, she's gonna be sitting through class with wet panties throughout the whole day
>the hardness of her seat pressing it against her open slit
>rubbing her thighs together in need
>thinking of you
>wishing the day would hurry up and end, so you and she can meet up and finish what you started
>you start to remember that Canterlot High can be a pretty cool place sometimes
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Entirely work-safe face thread For all your entirely work-safe face needs.
1 reply
49 replies
Do bronies honestly think the show needs sex, gore, profanity, graphic nudity, drugs, etc.?
5 replies
god i fucking hate normies!
5 replies
Does anyone here like to smoke crack?
7 replies
Wouldn't it be funny if the previous gens had more R34 than G4?
8 replies
Fluttershy is my waifu
17 replies
Does your waifu love you back?
3 replies
Clop: it's totally natural! #Mature

You better not post any foalcon. You know that shit's not allowed, you monster.
6 replies
I can't stand any of my neighbors I live in the suburbs in the South in a cookie-cutter town. All the houses look exactly alike but the people don't. All of the families on my block are creepy.

There is a balding fat guy who lives right behind me. He has been divorced for some time, has poor hygiene and is obsessed with his ex but wonders why women don't like him. He also flirts in really creepy ways. The guy a couple houses down from him is the opposite and seems nice but has a severe speech impediment and the few times I have understood anything he says it has been either really smart or absolutely perverted. Then there's a super right-wing gun nut. I actually feel sorry for him because his wife has been cheating on him and he is in denial because his son looks absolutely nothing like him. He is self-employed but gets almost no business. His son's best friend might be gay, but that boy's dad has no idea because he's so consumed with his job working for a crooked womanizer; I think the guy cares more about his disgusting old dog than his son. Whenever his son is interested in something he either dismisses it as too feminine or takes over an entire project. His wife is an annoying pseudo-intellectual snob that I CANNOT STAND to be around because she makes things up to seem smart even if she knows I've researched whatever we're talking about. A teenage girl lives with them and is the EPITOME of that type of girl that's very sexually active while also a devout Christian. She isn't very smart at all and has a really annoying high-pitched voice. Her boyfriend died in a freak accident months ago and she claims to have seen his angel in their yard. The most normal family on the block is an uppity but very nice Asian family. All in all, I want to move.
13 replies
Ya es hora
194 replies
hai, /anon/s, straight from the depths of /oat/, and here by anon request, i have decided to model my diaper for you! it feels real comfy-cozy. i feel like i can do anything!

how jealous r u, /anon/s?
1500 replies
Ya es hora
19 replies
Like my trucks? I have them to make up for my small dick.
10 replies
I feel this is going to spawn a lot of hate art, if it hasn't already

Should this be mature?
4 replies
Sweetie Belle is legal in human years.

Doesn't make it less wrong, just sayin'.
0 replies
Welcome to /anon/ - the board dedicated to anonymous culture
We do our best to provide as much freedom and support as possible, but to avoid disrupting others please keep these things in mind.

Legal shit:
-Don't spam, raid, or anything else illegal. This includes lewd depictions of minors: drawings or otherwise

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-Enable "Show Mature Content Threads" in the settings menu if you want to see them.
-You are welcome to post adult content but please spoiler it for those who don't wish to see it.
-If you're the OP of the thread consider using the mature tag. Images in a thread with this tag do not need to be spoilered. (unless they are spoilers)
-If you are looking for mature content you should be sure to go to setting and check the "show mature content threads" button.

This board is devoted to anonymous culture so generally speaking you should post anonymously.
However there are exceptions.
-If you are a content creator (writefag, drawfag ect) you may use a name/trip while creating content to avoid confusion.
-If you are posting "in character" you may use a name/avatar to make it clear who you are imitating. (note: serious /rp/ with overarching canon goes in /rp/ as does any /rp/ with your mary sue original character)

>>>/site/919 describes the site's numerous features and options. Autofetching of new posts, Quick Reply box, adjustable fetch timer, hotkeys, etc, are all detailed there. The settings tab in the top right corner will have all the options and settings for you to adjust to your own preferences.
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