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File: 133550337898.png (538.31 KB, 742x705, a605adbe4d6ae964a159a5438172d6…)

Official "Ask an Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything" Thread, v1 Daffodil 99413[Last 50 Posts]

Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the tenth installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Disclaimer: Our knowledge of quantum physics is limited, so please try to keep questions on that subject to a minimum. Also magnets are kinda hard.

We’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
A: A few days to get from Seth to us, a bit more than a week to review depending on how busy we are, then a day or two for the review to get back to the author.

Q: It’s been [Unit of time] and I still haven’t received any response. What’s up?
A: Ensure that you’re sending your story to the correct address (submit@equestriadaily.com). Ensure that you’re using the proper submission format, as detailed on the “Submit” page of Equestria Daily. Read over your description - stories with over five errors in the description tend to be rejected immediately. If you’re sure you’ve done all of the above and still haven’t received a response, send another email in the same thread asking about the status of your story.

Q: Am I allowed to respond to pre-reader feedback?
A: Yes. If you feel that we were incorrect in some assessment of your story, feel free to bring it up in a reply email. Just try to be polite about it.
Oh, you can also send a reply to just say “Thank you.” We like that.

Q: What’s the criteria for a 6-star story?
A: Average rating of 4.9+ after 50+ ratings. If your story is at this point, email Seth and he’ll add the 6-star tag.

Q: My story was rejected despite the fact that my FimFiction/DeviantArt/Fanfiction.net audience loves it. What’s the deal with that?
A: Congratulations on having a story that’s well liked! However, Equestria Daily tends to have much higher quality standards than the sites mentioned above. Don’t be upset about being rejected; use it as an opportunity to make your story even better. We’ll be happy to look at it again once edits have been made.

Q: How does the Three Strike policy work?
A: Authors have three chances to submit their work before we stop adding it to the pre-reader queue. Every rejection counts as one “strike”. The idea is to have authors edit their work sufficiently before submitting it. We’re not editors, and there’s been a growing issue with authors thinking we are. Bear in mind that if a story is really close to being approved and is on its third strike, we’ll give it a bit of leeway. This policy is more to cover stories that haven’t had any significant changes made despite multiple submissions.

Q: Can I ask who my pre-reader was?
A: Yes, but they’re not obligated to tell you. Some of us prefer to remain anonymous.

Q: I was told to post my story on FimFiction. Why is that?
A: Generally when we recommend FimFiction it’s because we believe a story will do better there than it would on Equestria Daily. Don’t be offended. EqD and FimFiction just serve different purposes. And yes, you can submit different stories to us for review.

Q: Do you ban/blacklist authors?
A: No. However, in cases where authors have been particularly rude to us or the blogponies, we generally wait for some sort of apology before looking at their work again.

Q: Can I touch the beard?
A: We do not have the authority to handle beard-related matters. Please forward all beard inquiries to Twilight Snarkle.

Q: Who is manliest pony?
A: Cadance.


File: 133550403504.png (379.92 KB, 1219x1296, bloom_season_5_safari___by_cos…)

>Q: Who is manliest pony?
>A: Cadance.
That reminds me: Is that the official (for EqD) spelling of her name, or is it still up in the air?

Daffodil 99418

I think the official spelling is Cadance, but I'd accept either. Not sure how the other pre-readers feel about it.

Scumbag Tactical 99420

Always assumed it was Cadence because Cadence is a word.

So I have a question.

I have a fimfiction thing going that's a collection of shorts instead of a proper story. If I submitted it, would it be accepted if found to be of good quality?



File: 133550438019.png (256.17 KB, 900x1248, 122078 - artist-quanno3 faint …)

I'm so GAR for Cadance

I kinda suspected it might be something like that, which is why I proposed a form. If it was literally an HTML form or the like, the blogponies could copy/paste the PR comments in, click a few radio buttons, click "generate" button, done. No messy typing or summarizing.


nah, i read a thing from the mlp staff where the name is Cadance, and it's quite intentional.

Daffodil 99480

I don't think Seth is posting any more short story compilations. I seem to remember him saying something like that recently.


File: 133554820605.png (8.36 KB, 657x125, rawr.png)

I waited a week and prodded the submit box a few times to get this. :(


Granted, it was for two completely unrelated short stores of about 1.7k words each and both under their own story links.


I just got my story added to the queue. In my original submission email, I only had the GDocs link. When I told the blog ponies my story was ready for the queue, I also included the FIM Fiction link along with the GDocs link. Hopefully they'll use both links instead of just the GDocs one? They only said "to the queue!" when I replied. I wish they weren't so soft spoken :P

Daffodil 99616

When in doubt, email them again and be as clear as humanly possible with what you want. They're not going to get mad at you for a repeat email or two.

Josh Meihaus 99621

Would "Satire" be an acceptable normal tag for a story, as opposed to being one of the additional tags? I ask because that's the major point of my story.

Drakmire!n0oceQwEvY 99628


You're in luck, as there's a precedent set for that tag:


It should be doable.


Can I ask what sort of things use precedent and which one don't?

Like Foe set precedent, but apparently if you make another story with gore it won't be taken... so this is kind of hard figuring things out...

Daffodil 99667

We're not going to post a gore-tastic story or a clopfic just because Fo:E was posted. Fo:E is kind of special in that way.

By precedent, I believe he's referring to the fact that we've used the "Satire" tag on stories before. We generally don't give stories tags beyond the ones listed on the submit page, but in that case we'll make an exception.


File: 133564267250.jpg (25.5 KB, 375x640, 15384400-375-640.jpg)

I don't really know why you'd need a [Satire] tag. [Comedy] should do just fine. Besides, good satire is subtle.

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 99669

Never underestimate the ability of people on the internet to misinterpret things.


File: 133564326999.jpg (36.69 KB, 440x362, 217795.jpg)

Such is the nature of satire. Of course, that's what makes it so fun.

Balinares 99681

So, you guys drowning in Chrysalis fics yet?

Daffodil 99682

Surprisingly, no. We've only seen like... three since the finale aired.



Please don't send us any. I like it this way.

BrianJ (Element of Indie Cred) 99695

File: 133565089051.gif (552.1 KB, 334x360, Pinkie is doing Important Thin…)

So a question about etiquette here. Again, not sure where to ask this, but I figure an EQDPR would KTATMQ (Know The Answer To My Question)

I'm planning out a short random comedy fic where Pinkie Pie, bored, decides to go "Fic-Hopping"...visiting other fanfics and basically just ruining everything without realizing it.

I plan on most of the fics she visits being generic ones (a clopfic that she breaks up, a Daring-Do adventure story, a sad/tragedy that she ruins the mood of, etc etc), but I also want her to visit 3 actual fics - My Little Dashie, Cupcakes, and Cheerilee's Garden.

My question is, if I'm going to be using those fics (Cupcakes and Garden being just her visiting, while the MLD will be from the perspective of the protagonist of that story), do I have to contact the authors of those fics to get "permission" to use them? I wouldn't be copying content from them, I would be writing as if the fics were going along, only for Pinkie to show up out of nowhere.

Is that something where I have to get their permission, or do you think it would be alright to just go ahead?

Daffodil 99697

Unless your fic is the greatest thing this fandom has ever produced, we're not going to post anything that references Cupcakes or Cheerilee's Garden.

The concept seems like something that would do much better on FimFic than EqD.


EqD has posted stories like that before (Dyx comes to mind). Can't say for sure, but as long as you make sure to state those aren't your own work, you should be fine.
In regards to contacting the authors: Should you? Absolutely. Do you have to? Not really (again, Dyx). Not unless their policy has changed.


>Points to Sweetie Belle Chronicles

BrianJ (Element of Indie Cred) 99700

File: 133565146198.png (194.72 KB, 957x537, Rainbow Dash Yeaaaah.png)


>Unless your fic is the greatest thing this fandom has ever produced, we're not going to post anything that references Cupcakes or Cheerilee's Garden.

I figured as much in regards to those. While I wouldn't actually have any grimdark tendencies in the story, just referencing them is bad enough. This story would most likely stick to FIMFiction and what not in that case.

>In regards to contacting the authors: Should you? Absolutely. Do you have to? Not really (again, Dyx). Not unless their policy has changed.

Alright, so just to be safe, I'll send a message to the authors telling them my intentions, making sure that it's alright with them. I don't see why they would have a problem with it, but better safe than sorry. Thanks for the info!

Daffodil 99701

Our standards are ever changing. Just because we've posted something in the past, does not mean we'll post similar things in the future.

See: Every fic posted in the first six months of EqD existing.


Okay, so I have a really simple question.

What time zone are the time stamps on EqD?

Eustatian!Wings60m9. 99708

>Unless your fic is the greatest thing this fandom has ever produced, we're not going to post anything that references Cupcakes or Cheerilee's Garden.

- looks at notebook.

- sees the draft

- main character is 'Cupcakes'
> It's not being read, I think. It's the way they pass me around.
> "You won't believe this story."
> "I bet you can't handle her."
> I just wish... It's a rare reader who admires me for my themes or irony and doesn't just titter over my gory parts.

- shipped with 'My Little Dashie'
> He could be the fulfillment of anyone's wish. I still can't believe he's mine.

- le sigh

- keeps writing, man




StarmanTheta!48v8F7exWc 99725

File: 133566111766.jpg (236.72 KB, 1920x1080, lstitle.jpg)

Supposing I have a story in which one of the driving factors of the plot is the main character's past romantic relationship with another character, but this fact is only vaguely hinted at in the beginning and only is explicitly revealed later down the line, would I have to tag my story shipping, even if the relationship is not the focal part of the story?

Not that I'd ever be able to get this story on the blog ever

Broadway 99740

Alright, here's a really random one.

In light of the popular shipping chart that showed just how much fun people had with shipping Rainbow Dash with EVERYTHING, which of the new characters from the season finale do you think someone will write a ship-fic for first?

Cassius!!V4ATWvL2Eu 99742


They've already shipped RD with all the new characters.


File: 133566709594.jpg (78.4 KB, 852x467, mlfw3019-dafuq.jpg)

>They've already shipped RD with all the new characters.

You're saying that one of the three Chrysalis fics you guys received was a RDxChrysalis shipfic?

If not: brace yourselves.

Broadway 99744

File: 133566710460.gif (116.15 KB, 640x360, pinkie wtf.gif)

. . .

Well hot damn.


File: 133566718900.png (63.34 KB, 500x500, 131190887601.png)

> all the new characters.
> Chrysalis

Have people no shame? Is there no RD pairing too contrived for fans to vomit into word processors?


File: 133566785876.gif (744.97 KB, 360x240, BKNightmare.gif)

If Chrysalis copies RD and they ship, is that RD x RD, or RD x Chrysalis?
I'm so confused...


File: 133566821440.jpg (71.06 KB, 680x519, rainbow_dash me_gusta.jpg)

I actually wouldn't be surprised at all if some writers out there immediately leap on RDxNewChar fics after each episode, if only to preserve the tautology.

I believe it would be "the best of both worlds"


RD x RD (Chrysalis) x RD (changeling). It will happen.


RD x the hive, who have copied every pony in the show.


I'm pretty sure one of us was talking about writing that at one point.

Cassius!!V4ATWvL2Eu 99758


We write too many bad ideas.

Anonymous 99764

Dear pre-readers,
In your own professional opinion, how should an author's attitude be towards the characters they create? Should it lean towards doting affection: like a child; or cold objectivity: like a tool?


Objection. False dichotomy.

Daffodil 99767

Somewhere inbetween. There's nothing wrong with loving the characters that you create. In some ways, that allows you to better understand their emotions and therefore make them more interesting characters. However, at the end of the day, a character is a tool for telling an effective story. Always keep that in the back of your mind. If you're letting your feelings for a particular character get in the way of the story you set out to tell, take a step and re-evaluate your work.

Anonymous 99770

Lol. Sorry. Didn't mean to make you force a choice.

Thanks. I had a feeling this was the case, but thought it wouldn't hurt to get your two cents on the matter. You being professionals and all that...

You guys are awesome by the way. Love all your hard work and dedication to helping us newbies. :)



See: >>99766 >>99767

Also, you're not amusing me by trying to appeal to authority to better your argument in:


Drakmire!n0oceQwEvY 99778


If it isn't the focal point of the story and the relationship itself doesn't become a driving factor later on, then no, don't include the tag.

You'll want to include any tags up front for the major elements of your story, even if you haven't gotten to a part where they'd be applicable yet. Folks reading an adventure story with no other tags might be in for a bit of an unpleasant surprise if it suddenly takes a turn for Scarytown.

Anonymous 99788

What is EqD's policy on sequels? I know they're placed on the same page as the original story, but is there any difference in the submission process? Are they treated like a separate fic for prereading purposes? Are they just discouraged?

Anonymous 99790

File: 133568335126.jpg (149.91 KB, 786x1017, not_so_patriotic_discord_by_th…)

In the same vein as >>97186, has the volume of writing from the community at large been increasing or decreasing? Are bronies writing less?

I read in >>86717 searching for "quality" some impressions that EqD is posting fewer fanfics. If this is accurate to any notable extent, what's the greatest contributing factor? Stricter posting standards? Fewer people sending noteworthy stories? Or fewer people writing stories period?

midnight shadow 99792

There was a real author, with published stories, who was writing about a family - I forget the names of both author and book - and life being what it is, it sometimes comes to an end. Upon completing one chapter, said writer was reported to come downstairs and announce to his family "grandpa's dead", whereupon he went back to his room to mourn for a week for his character.

writers get attached to their characters, but you do have to let the story be what it needs to be - forgetting that leads to mary sue and gary stu.

midnight shadow 99793

a mixture of more stories, and at the same time less notable. We're expecting to see and post a lot more fics over the summer, simply because all other news, reviews and events in general are lower in volume.

Daffodil 99825

Sequels are not pre-read unless you want them to be. They're auto-posted, just like new chapters.

Anonymous 99827

How are they submitted? Do you send in a submission form like normal and everything?

Daffodil 99837

Yep. Same as you would submit any other fic. Just make it incredibly clear that the story is a sequel/mention what it is a sequel to.

As a general rule, if you want the blogponies to do something, make sure you tell them at least three times.

Josh Meihaus 99839

Is sexual innuendo frowned upon? As in, there's nothing explicit (I don't do clop), but this fic contains some suggestive themes for the purpose of comedy.

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 99840

Good lord, no. The blog eats it up.

Daffodil 99841

Which is funny, if you think about it. You can do comic innuendo out the ass, but the moment there's any mention of sex in a serious context, the story gets bombed to hell.

Josh Meihaus 99842


That's pretty encouraging. Another question, if I might: are there any satires on the blog that are specifically aimed at bronies? What I mean is, are there any stories that exist for the sole purpose of (gently) criticizing and poking fun at those in the fandom? I don't want to waste my time in submitting it if that's already been done.

Daffodil 99843

It's been done, but I don't think any have been accepted. You're free to give it a shot, but don't get your hopes up. Satire's hard.

Josh Meihaus 99844


I suppose it's good that this story is approximately as serious as Justin Bieber's career. Surreal humor is one of my favorites.


Gah. Sorry to keep bugging you guys, I'm just getting a bit nervous for my first fic to go up and want to make sure everything goes well.

When I let the blog ponies know my story was ready for the queue, I didn't resubmit all the story information again (characters, synopsis, tags, etc). I just gave them the links and a new cover image. I'm assuming they'll just use the information I gave them when I first submitted the fic if I didn't specify otherwise when I gave them the final go ahead to post the story? I did reply to the same chain of emails, so all the relevant information is included at the bottom of the message.

I guess I'm just paranoid that something will be forgotten, and the story will be lost in limbo.

Bro Kon 99873

Hello, I have a question. I'm writing a story in which, (not giving anything away) a human gets sent to Equestria and loses his sight as a consequence. To me, I kind of like the irony... but what I really want to know is if you have any tips or experience in creating a disabled character.

I don't want to offend any real visually-impaired fans, so I've been researching a few college psychology textbooks on the matter, and a number of research papers as well, but I'm still worried. Any tips? And does EQD even take stories like this?

Daffodil 99876

Wait a day or so and see if they respond. If not, send another email in the same thread and ask what the status of your story is.

As mentioned before, if you want them to do something, you kind of have to say it three times.

I would imagine a blind character wouldn't be -too- difficult to write, you just have to get creative with how he receives information about the world around him. I feel like if you're already doing research on the subject, you'll be fine.

Though, we're not too big on HiE fics. Unless it's something really, really special, it's probably the kind of thing we'll recommend keeping on fimfic.

*** 99899

Okay, so I have a question. obviously, or I wouldn't be here.

I've done a little poking around, trying to determine if it's worth shooting Seth an application to become a pre-reader. Well, is it?

Please and thank-you for the response.

Josh Meihaus 99900


(Not a pre-reader, just my two cents)

I've tried before...it's pretty tough, considering how few authors there are versus the number of pre-readers. I would recommend you don't expect anything if you do.

Josh Meihaus 99902


How MANY authors versus the few pre-readers.

Anonymous 99904

Here is the breakdown:

You will be responsible for reading dozens of below-par stories, from authors which will not care about your efforts, with people which will claim you are terrible and wrong (like one of the main voices of this very board), join a small group which the majority feel aren't really connected with them, your attempts at help will be mangled by both the sheer nature of the job and an endless stream of misunderstandings and madness, and will mostly receive little to no gratitude for your efforts. On the up side, you will get to decide which stories are posted in EqD, the work doesn't take that much effort, and the community isn't terrible.

Considering that, do you want to be a pre-reader?

*** 99906


Worth it.

Daffodil 99907

We're not really looking for more pre-readers at the moment, but if you really want to help out, volunteer in the TG here on /fic/.

Seriously, we have more than enough pre-readers to handle our queue, but the TG is struggling. If you speak english and can write a coherent sentence, you're more useful helping them than helping us.

Also >>99904 pretty much hit the nail on the head, though we are doing our best to fix a lot of the mismanagement.

Anonymous 99908

Good. Then get some importance to sway around, unlike myself, and in two months spots will most likely open, if the past is anything to go by.

I try to never be wrong, and I have a good record at not being so.

Daffodil 99910

Though, I am curious where you got the idea that the group of pre-readers constantly disagrees/bickers with eachother. Unless I'm misreading your post, you seem to imply that we're constantly fighting which is hardly the case.

Anonymous 99912

Either I mispoke, or you are misreading, regardless, I don't see where I said you bicker, which I know isn't even close to the case.

Apologies for any misunderstandings.


File: 133575399879.jpg (955.78 KB, 2973x1486, PrincessSelena.jpg)

>You will be responsible for reading dozens of below-par stories [. . .] with people which will claim you are terrible and wrong (like one of the main voices of this very board)

Anonymous 99920

>from authors which will not care about your efforts, with people which will claim you are terrible and wrong (like one of the main voices of this very board),


Hello, good sir's and madame's.

Okay, I'm writing a HiE fic and I... Hey! Wait, where you going?! Come back!

Okay, but really. I have a prologue and two full chapters written so far. Now, one of my pre-readers mentioned that so far, there isn't a lot of, well, pony in my pony story. The prologue is about the cop and the criminal getting to Equestria. Chapter one is full pony, no human. And chapter two is the cop waking up in the Everfree and fighting with a manticore. All following chapters will be pony., and I'm planning around 15 or so chapters. Would you reject it if I submitted it now, due tot he apparent lack of pony? I ask because I already tried once, so this would be strike two.

Question for EQD Pre-Readers DuncanR 100157

Kay. So. Not sure if I'm aiming this question at the proper target, but I have a short story (7247 words) that will soon be ready for submission.

When I send EQD a story link, is it better to use Google Docs or FimFiction? I love Google Docs for writing, editing and reviewing, but FimFiction seems like a better choice for hosting the finished product: More exposure is always nice and FimFiction allows general reader comments, story tracking, searching, and whatnot.

Does EQD itself have any preference? Does either option provide better exposure and/or feedback? Are there perks or downsides that I'm not aware of?

Is there a better place to ask this question?

Daffodil 100159

Probably, yeah. I would wait until your story is firmly in the land of Equestria before submitting again, just to be sage.

Never fear, you have come to the right place.

We don't really have a preference. If you prefer the reader comments and increased exposure, FimFic would probably be the way to go.

Whatever your decision is, I would suggest submitting in the format you want to be posted, just to save yourself a headache later on.

Anonymous 100175

1. In regards to this I've heard it was better to submit in G-Docs, even if it's just for the pre-readers, is that not the case?

2. I've heard some disquieting news that EqD is much stricter on crossover fics. Is this true?

Daffodil 100178

We prefer Gdocs and FimFic over ff.net and DeviantArt, mainly due to formatting issues.

And it's not that we're harder on Crossover fics, but that crossover fics are much more difficult to do effectively. Most authors find it hard enough to keep one universe consistent, let alone two (or more). This is, of course, in addition to the fact that some crossovers we are no longer accepting due to sheer volume.
So, no, they're not judged more harshly, but it is a bit harder to write a good crossover.

Anonymous 100186

File: 133584959090.png (525.05 KB, 585x1032, DovaDawwww.png)

Hmm, I see. Well thank celestia for anonymity so I can say this freely. I sent that thing through Training grounds and another reviewer. So hopefully it'll just get called out on grammar (stories always get called out on grammar).

But if it's deemed unworthy as a crossover...
I'll just keep it to FIMfiction and try again with a Cadance fic.
Thanks for the reply

Question for EQD Pre-Readers DuncanR 100192

Thanks a ton for the quick response! I figured it would be a pain to ask "please review this link, but post this other link."

Also, I just realized something. When EQD sends writers to TTG, only the ones who are halfway humble or diligent will actually show their faces around here. Which means TTG only sees the best of the worst. Whereas you guys... get... everyone.


You have my profound respect and admiration. How do you cope? Drugs, or chocolate? I know a guy who knows a guy in Brazil. Just say the word. It's like, 90% dark, with no milk at all... practically baking cocoa.

I suppose I should salvage this post with a real question: how often, if ever, are stories removed from EQD after being accepted? If so, why? Poor quality? Author's request? Plagiarism or copyright issues? Server gremlins?

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 100204

They're basically only ever removed at author request or by an author going crazy with a new chapter and violating some rule of EqD.

Say, for example... there's been a story that has the mane six as foals, showing their cheery, developing lives, with hints of an epic time-traveling plot behind the scenes to keep all the future bearers of the Elements of Harmony en route to Ponyville in the future, with agents of Discord/NMM/Queen Whatshername trying to foul up the past. It's very well-written and engaging, and legions of fans await the new chapter.

Suddenly, the blogponies get a chapter update, and after posting it, learn that it became an out-and-out rapefic. We'd take it down immediately for something like that. See also the oft-quoted "Hilterjack", but that story was before my tenure, so I can't comment.

The time travel story I mentioned is a mere hypothetical, and any coincidences to any already-written stories are a coincidence.

Daffodil 100236

Alcohol and IRC. Without those I'd have long since gone insane.

And we've actually had a few cases of stories being removed. Since additional chapters are not pre-read, sometimes authors will break some rule later in the story. Once the blogponies find out, the story is taken down unless the author wants to rewrite the chapter in question.

Anonymous 100321

>This is, of course, in addition to the fact that some crossovers we are no longer accepting due to sheer volume.

1: Is there some type of (official or unofficial) list of these?

1.5: I've heard that Doctor Who and Warhammer 40k are pretty much banned, but a) you only have 1-2 stories on ED for these, and b) on FimFiction there's 9-10 at most WH fics (I haven't counted DW yet).

2: what tyoes of crossovers tend to be best written? Alternate (both universes exist simultaneously) or parallel (exist as separate universes, one character teleports into other) or some other type?


Question regarding the way the queue operates:

I've submitted a story (after a good deal of copyediting and time at the TG) with affirmed "off to pre-readers" message on Apr 5; checked a few weeks ago and told that the queue's quite large (understandable) and hasn't been gotten to yet, and sent out another feeler message this morning. I understand the time factor involved with a volunteer crew and a large fanbase to manage entries from...

That said, when I see a story that could have only been written within the last week (the Shining Armor one) posted to EQD, I wonder if there's any FIFO priority to the queue.

I am well aware that there are pre-readers that will have nothing to do with certain tags (grimdark, shipping, etc.), others that avoid stories of certain sizes, and that some authors as the one for the SA story today that get a bit of fast-tracking through the system due to past assurance. So it's not a perfect queue by any means, which I completely understand having run this type of process several years ago.

That said, it doesn't sate me personally to see "line jumpers" of this much magnitude in submission time, particularly when I've yet to get just even feedback, much less acceptance, from EQD. This is not a compliant in so much as trying to understand the underlying mechanics and if there are ways to improve it within the volunteer system from any angle.

Again, I'm waiting for word back from EQD on the current state, but is there anything else that I can do to help the situation or just continue to remain patient on this?

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 100329

The oldest story in our queue is from April 25th, so it never made it to us. Send another email to Seth.

Drakmire!n0oceQwEvY 100330


According to the records, your story was approved pending edits on your end and your final confirmation that they had been made.

In theory, such an approval should have included a message from the pre-reader who took your story, forwarded by the submit@equestriadaily.com account. This email would include any particular feedback specific to what needed to be fixed.

As your fic was submitted before I joined the team, I don't have the original email thread to bump, but I've requested that someone who has the original bump it so that it gets forwarded to you again.

Sorry for that. You should get the response and list of things soon here, then you're just at the edge of getting your story published.

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 100331

Derp, nevermind. Apparently we sent a response to the blogponies, but they never sent it to you. I have sent a reminder. Our apologies for this mixup in the system; we're working on getting something better rolled out soon.


Haven't you guys been working on something better for more than two months now? Actually, longer than that?

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 100335

We have. It's been ready to go for those two months, but it sounds like the blog admins are finally ready on their end to implement it.


You know, sometimes I wonder why the fanfic people don't just get their own website...

Daffodil 100339

They do. It's called FimFiction, and it serves a different function than EqD.

EqD isn't a fanfic site. It was never intended to be a fanfic site. The purpose of EqD is to spotlight the best-of-the-best that this fandom produces, once of those things being fanfic.

You are correct. Wait 'til friday.


I don't think you understand. Most, if not all, the issues seem to be a result of being attached to EqD and having to wait for them to deal with things. Having something separate seems for the best, rather than the current bottleneck.


Thanks muchly. I knew that there sometimes was a failure of forwarding communication between EQD and the bloggers but didn't realize it could sometimes miss out that much. Good to know its a few edits from publishing, looking forward to making those. I know I could have likely pushed more for EQD to respond but I didn't want to push the apple cart over, per the sticky faq/fanfic guide.

Daffodil 100342

As mentioned, we're actually changing the system so waiting on the blogponies will no longer be an issue. Come friday, the EqD fanfiction section will run just as effectively as if we had our own website.


Okay, I have a question. This may sound like I'm being a smart-ass, but I'm honestly curious.

>Q: I was told to post my story on FimFiction. Why is that?
>A: Generally when we recommend FimFiction it’s because we believe a story will do better there than it would on Equestria Daily. Don’t be offended. EqD and FimFiction just serve different purposes.

>The purpose of EqD is to spotlight the best-of-the-best that this fandom produces, once of those things being fanfic.

So, doesn't, "Post it to FIMFiction" mean, "You're not good enough"? I mean, have you ever rejected a story and just said scrap the whole thing, you suck?

Again, I get it. EqD is "the best of the best." But it seems like saying post it to FIMFic is basically saying, "You suck." I'm asking because FIMFic has basically no standards. Hell, in the highlight thing at the top, they once posted a Scootaloo clopfic. SO it seems that being told to post it there means you think we're on that level.

Damn it, I'm trying not to be a smart ass, really! I'm just curious. I haven't even submitted my story yet. But my pre-readers comments about y'alls attitude on HiE, which mine is, has got me paranoid.

Daffodil 100344

It's not being told "You suck." It's being told you're not up to EqD's standards OR your fic breaks one of EqD's rules.

For example, EqD will never post incest. Period. No questions asked. You can write the greatest shipfic in the history of the fandom, but if it's Braeburn and Applejack, we won't post it. If we get this story, we're not going to tell the author "this is bad and you should feel bad." We'll tell them that it's good, but we can't post it, so they should put it on FimFic. Simple as that.

Also keep in mind that EqD aims to post not only quality writing, but fics that will be popular with the users. It's an unfortunate fact that sometimes fics will be well written but not appeal to the blog audience, so we'll recommend the author post it to FimFic for exposure. We're not telling them that they're bad, but it's just not for EqD.

Hell, one of my favorite fanfics (Love.Sick) was rejected despite being incredibly well written. And you know what? I agree with the rejection. As good as it is, the content wasn't appropriate for EqD.

tl;dr - No, we're not telling you that you suck. There are other reasons we would recommend an author put their story on fimfic.


Then why do you insist in saying that you post the best of the fandom? Recalling back to the whole "EqD pre-readers are feared" thing, by saying you guys only select the best, you are enforcing the view that if you didn't get in you suck, which is far from the truth.

Just pointing this out.

Daffodil 100346

Because "we post the best fics that fall within our content standards and appeal to a large audience" doesn't fit on the back of the official EqD staff t-shirt.

But that's what we do. I'm not going to try to hide it. There are some great fics out there that are not on EqD and won't be on EqD. Similarly, there are some fics on EqD that probably shouldn't be.

Though, the idea that if a story is rejected it sucks is hardly our fault. People view EqD as "greater than" other fanfic sites because we have actual quality standards.

How would you suggest that we do away with this notion that rejection="you suck"?

Daffodil 100348

Re-reading this, I just want to clarify something:

90% of what we post does fall under "best of the fandom." Very rarely do we reject something that's of a high quality or post something of a lower quality. By rejecting that 10%, we're making a conscious effort to not only highlight the best fics around, but also entertain the largest possible group of readers.

Anonymous 100349

Where I come from, there was a magazine that would have a section where famous people (mostly writers, reporters, and the sort, with a musician or a painter thrown into the mix) would be asked to provide their choice for a good, recent book which they thoughts others might enjoy to read, with the phrase "these were their personal choices" as the clinch and a call for readers to share their opinions about them for the next issue, while the selectors didn't get their opinions voiced.

You wouldn't have seen Twilight in the list in a thousand years (and I'm glad they didn't), and in general the books selected are of great quality, but the tone of the whole thing was "here are some people you might know of and respect, and these were their choices of what they would read" not "these were selected by a group for being the very best and you should read them".

The fact these should be suggestions is the important part, right now you are bossing around rather than suggesting and that makes the fact you say you select the best (as said here for example, just read the OP) be made more pressing rather than what's actually going on.

Presentation is everything they say.

Daffodil 100350

>right now you are bossing around rather than suggesting

So, what? Put " I Humbly Suggest That You Read This" at the top of every fanfic post?

We're not demanding that anyone read anything. We simply post good writing and people draw their own conclusions from that. Much of the problem that you see isn't anything we're doing, but people's perception of what we're doing. I have no idea how to change that.

So, again (assuming you're the same anon), what do you suggest we do about this?


Errrrr... I... err...

Daffodil 100352

This doesn't really give me much to go on.


vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 100353

>bossing around

I fail to see anywhere in our OP that would constitute "bossing around", short of saying that Equestria Daily has standards. Since they're set by human beings and are about something as subjective as literature, nowhere have we ever (to my knowledge) stated that if something isn't on Equestria Daily, it's not one of the best of the best. After all, someone could write something amazing and never submit it to us. Thus, we'd never see it. Furthermore, literature is an art. No one can point to something and say, "This is the best," and have it apply to everyone's opinion. We try to apply uniform standards as much as we can, but in the end, it all comes down to opinion.

Anyone who assumes just because we don't post everything we're elitists who enjoy crushing authors completely misunderstands our goals and the function of Equestria Daily.

Anonymous 100354

Well, perception is all about what people see and what they do see. What people see is the issue, so you try to counter that. I pointed what people see, but apparently that isn't enough so do this then:

Put a post asking people to post their impressions of the pre-readers, the process, and the fics you receive.

If after reading those responses you can't figure out a way which tackle this... well...

Daffodil 100355

>Put a post asking people to post their impressions of the pre-readers, the process, and the fics you receive.

Done. You're looking at it. That's one of the main reasons this thread exists. Hell, we even put a link to it on EqD when the three strikes rule went into effect.

From being in this thread so often, I get the impression that most people are relatively happy with the pre-reading process. It also seems that a small minority has issues with the system that they can't state clearly and can't provide any solutions for. I'm more than willing to take suggestions when they're specific solutions to specific problems. I can't do anything with "Well, that's how people perceive you, so you must change the way you do things to change that."


File: 133592971497.png (144.11 KB, 438x496, 1335825938289.png)

>Put a post asking people to post their impressions of the pre-readers, the process, and the fics you receive.
Except most of the fics don't see the light of day. In fact, if you want to get a real perception of the massive filter they are, have Seth post up every fic he receives one day. Just in one post, not each individual. People would go crazy over the pure shit that most of them seem to be. So asking the public what they think of something they do not have full comprehension of will only lead to ignorant responses. I would personally anticipate the following:

>the good, mainly authors who were driven to be better and people who are scared of FIMFiction
>the bad, butthurt authors who were rejected, people who dislike the idea of filtering, a larger section of the population
>the ugly, trolls, starbombers who dislike shipping/grimdark/fanfiction-in-general

So yes, lets open a forum for discussion for something people don't know about.


File: 133593088022.gif (1.44 MB, 700x563, animated fluttershy eyeroll no…)

Question for the prereaders: what are your thoughts about some type of Freaky Friday scenario? i.e. A cursed monkey's paw causes the blogponies and prereaders to switch minds with some random individuals in the community. These new site runners then promptly get accused of not knowing a good fic if it bucked them in the face.

Actually, BRB, I have a new idea for a fanfic...

Daffodil 100366

It wouldn't be posted, since we have a rule against tripfics. However, I would absolutely love to read a fic like that if you decide to write it.



I would like to see this.


Yes, I am pleased with the current system. Me being paranoid is simply a sign that your high standards push me to be the best I can. I just hope I'm good enough.

So, to sum up, y'all are doing food and you should feel good.


Doing GOOD! Damn you, autocorrect.



Maybe they do indeed do food. The PRs have some very peculiar habits...

Ion-Sturm!BoltiCNPTw 100387

File: 133593979556.jpg (50.83 KB, 627x727, x234567811.jpg)

I bear a message from the Samurai. He is, unfortunately, currently unable to post on Ponychan due to his spotty internet connection. Instead, he has enlisted my aid to act as a liason between himself and this thread.
And so, without further adieu:


Interestingly vimbert, that is the impression everyone has of the place, which this does little to diminish other than state "that's not what we are, honest". People look to EqD because the best of the fandom converges there (allegely) and that is something which I can only hope you don't actually believe people do not state and communicate that all the time, seeing how you reviewed and are now a pre-reader. Any negation of this is, frankly, naive. And better yet, you have responses such as this >>100339 with many other in the similar vein across all of the pre-readers threads (recall the discussions about pre-readers as actual valid judges of what is best in the fandom? Because I do, they were entertaining) as to make this point be moot. You want people to stop seeing EqD as some sort of selector of the best of the fandom and damming all others, I would suggest first controlling said responses and actually making a public statement about it, in EqD (for reasons I will elaborate in a moment) because if I went right now to other places outside of the rarity that is /fic/ little to none will answer otherwise.

One of the reasons I am not a pre-reader, considering that it would be a 10 minute activity, is that I was under the impression that only the best got into EqD due to previous discussions and comments, making my addition be a grave mistake. You now tell me this is not the case. Am I someone who believes that because you"don't post everything" you're "elitists who enjoy crushing author"?

This a terrible idea, and quite for the reasons you might recive. The fact is, most people who would have problems with the pre-readers will actually be writers and opening it up to everyone would actually make the apparent purpose of this be moot (namely, making authors have a closer relationship with pre-readers). By making this be a sort of open gallery for everyone to comment, very soon a mountain of unimportant information will be brought in and the whole exercise would be rendered pointless. Additionally, considering most people it would affect would most likely not bother making a secondary email to sent in their messages, what I can only presume is your argument of people fearing to respond to the pre-readers still holds true regardless.

It would seem to me that this goes to show that not enough information is being given by the pre-readers rather than it being an inherent problem of the people involve in the actual knowledge front. As for knowing what a massive filter they are, that point is moot in my opinion because people go to EqD exactly because they know how much of a filter it is, and many times the statement "I only read from EqD" has been posted to show to that effect (granted, we also have the Past Sins comment page, but I digress). Ultimately, this is irrelevant because the people involved are not the masses, but rather the writers in question and how do they feel they need to answer EqD and react to the pre-readers saying " I sincerely hope this never comes back. It's incredibly long, incredibly dull, and properly editing it would take weeks. There are apparently some OCs in there, but I couldn't make it that far to figure out who they were and what they did." who will know quite well what is going on because that's the response to them.

Good sir, I do hope you do not... believe that, correct? /fic/ is an abandoned wasteland of the Internet, visited by a few lost souls, with even fewer staying behind to actually interact and get to know the truth that most pre-readers are little more than normal people who know what sorts of grammar and spelling mistakes I have done in this post. In general, this place is convenient and nothing more, as the traffic is as horrible as it gets. Personally, I believe this should be moved into Tumblr which, if I understand correctly, allows for easy following and ease of response from those who follow(or watch? I am not to close to the lingo) you as it has far more traffic, is more widely used by the fandom than lowly /fic/ and could provide a far more flexible platform of presentation. But I digress.

>Hell, we even put a link to it on EqD when the three strikes rule went into effect.
Irrelevant actually, because that involves linking people one step further and, if I followed the conversation right, most people seem to not respond becuase they have reached the "what's the point anyway" stage of not writing. So, you could link all you want, but unless it occurs in EqD, you are talking to the wind in terms of the problem described by the anon.

>From being in this thread so often, I get the impression that most people are relatively happy with the pre-reading process.
You are in a place which already holds the people who will support or feel confiendent enough talking with you, and even then you have people going anonymous to ask questions and make comments. What does that tell you? Or do I need to recall this post >>99139 ? A simple look into his questions will reveal a scouting mission of who is involved in the process, and his response sheds some interesting lights into why. And then there is this link, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLAbp6K4W83dMjFAHWq4CiEwCRPCiTFx0w8g1PecC0I/edit, which makes me feel glad that some of the pre-readers responses get messed up in the process, as I can be certain most people will feel the need to stop when they reach the actual opinion of the story rather than the sanitized version. Do you think those that find themselves with that will actually respond and give out a negative review? Add to this the fact that the positive responses have no link whatsoever with people being writers on their own count, which is what the anon is attempting to elaborate about. Readers will be happy with anything they are given as long as they don't have to do the effort of going through the riffraff and you don't reject one he does (which is most of the time impossible as a good deal of people only get their stories from EqD), so it could be a chicken who follows the sound of a banjo selecting the stories and they will show their support as long as it was better than them running straight into the dross pit. This place is terrible as a basis for gauging if the writers who you reject feel that the pre-reading process could be made better and more user-friendly, as it excludes everyone which it will actually affect.

>I can't do anything with "Well, that's how people perceive you, so you must change the way you do things to change that."
Then I am sorry, but you are this means you are terrible with people. Word choice, careful selection of how the pre-readers present themselves, changes to how the pre-readers show themselves where it actually matters, and many similar public actions define how people look at you as a group. You want solutions to this? First of all, you need to develop actual pre-readers identities that people can follow somewhere (and IRC channel sounds like a good idea, but I am terrible with technology and don't quite understand that) so that if people find themselves rejected by pre-reader xXxXx they can go there and speak with them in an open and nice environment. You might want to make it public to people that, no, you are not choosing the best of the best because that is not really possible (which includes you, as a group, stopping saying, implying, or allowing others to say or imply this) and that people who believe this are misunderstanding what EqD is trying to do (which, right now, seems to be a rather disperse notion amongst pre-readers if previous threads are to be recalled.... Actually, this thread as well, but I digress). You could try to make the whole thing about being a pre-reader being far less of a mystery, including eliminating the notion that some can be anonymous, which I can only imagine it is for them not receive hate for it, but that is rendered moot once you consider the fact the only point the anonymity is needed is at delivery point (aka, the small commentaries you make) and any other just makes the whole thing murkier than it ever had a right to be. Simply put, knowing everyone who is a pre-reader in an up to date list is a must, for this actually fosters a better view of everyone involved rather than a bad guessing game which only leads to people wondering "who am I dealing with?" and then making them fear the unknown (a universal fear of us all), with the assumed pre-reader names being the main way you interact with the writers who feel they have the need to respond while they still having some better idea of who are the guys behind the veil. Last, but not least, go out into the community, not as x or y, but as pre-readers, go into stories which would never make it in and haven't been submitted and actually make yourself look helpful and nice to them, for these actions will bolster the allege mission you have also claimed before of helping writers(again, at this point I am not even bothering in making sense of what EqD wants to be in regards to fanfiction because no one seems to actually know, or if they know it's not quite the same thing, sometimes exclusively so) and make people stop "fearing", to use the anon's term, you guys as a group. Think very carefully of what you are saying, because despite your best effort people put too much weight to what you have to say and will react accordingly to things you say, but also to a good deal of things you don't say and why you don't say them; being judges brings the greater responsibility that all your words are going to be dissected for meaning and evaluation, and lack of consideration ot that effect will only result in people There is one more solution, but that one is in stasis until I am told otherwise, but for now, there, some "solutions" to a problem which you can't accurately gauge unless the lack of responses and the fact that most don't even reach /fic/ is accounted for and analyzed one way or another.

Lastly, I believe it is important to point out that you both have the same point, but one side is simply stating the problem and constantly repeating it without actually providing new information from which to work from the other side of the fence, while the other is saying "well, how would you solved it" despite them having the greater amount of information to begin with about this. What seems to be lacking now is solutions and definite statements either way, but it would also seem to me that in order to gauge the problem it would require you implement something to make the people feel that responding will accomplish far more than not responding after being told they suck (which all the responses I have seen invariably seem to say) in order to see if they have any positive effect rather than basing yourself from current information. Welcome to the world of judging, and I will remind you the origins of the word politics, "of, for, or relating to citizens", and how the writers you exalt or crush are those under your control.

Seattle_Lite!C6/9YiYc6I 100392

File: 133594456827.jpg (64.86 KB, 729x694, umm.jpg)

I intend to reply to this at considerable length.

Any who may respond before I recover from a fairly considerable amount of pain, I only ask that you please do so with reflection and consideration. I would not see this discussion devolve into the standard internet argument.



Just to followup - I got a reply this morning from the EQD that "looks like it was accepted, off to the [publication] queue". but nothing about what changes were probably recommended by the pre-readers and/or the need to confirm those changes before publication.

Is it possible if this information exists that I could get it sent directly to me via the email linked to my name on this post? I'm pleased as punch to have the story going up but I'd like to know what was recommended to fix not only to polish this (even if it is published) but to fix anything in the future.


I've sent in a fic (titled "Endings") twice, on last Saturday and the Saturday before that, but I haven't received any response concerning it being sent to the pre-readers or it having been received at all.
So I'm wondering: do you have a story called Endings in your queue AND if I can send it in again from a different email account to get it recognized?

(Also, the first time I sent it in was on the day of the season finale, so it may have gotten lost in the mass of emails received. The second time was the Saturday after that at around 7:30 in the morning, mountain time. )

Thank you for your help!

Daffodil 100402

I thank you for the detailed response, Mr. Samurai. Even if it shows you have little to no understanding of how this job works, you make some fair points. We'll talk to the blogponies and see if they're okay with making the pre-reading process a bit more... transparent.

It wasn't anything specific. Just "minor editing sweep."

We have no fic with that title in our queue. Ensure that you're following the submission guidelines properly, sending to the correct address, and that your story doesn't break any rules, then resubmit.


Thanks, I have caught a few small things on re-reads since submission, so that's good to know. Thanks for all the help!


File: 133596979984.jpg (82.5 KB, 1307x569, 132265929728.jpg)

>Even if it shows you have little to no understanding of how this job works, you make some fair points.
This is a backhanded compliment if I've ever seen one.

One does not need to know how a system works to deduce that it isn't working as well as it should be, I should imagine. Look at my work with /fic/ for all the proof you need on that matter. In fact, I do believe the main point of contention is the fact that people don't percieve how the system works the same way as the pre-readers do.

Hypocrisy and mixed messages are another problem, which also don't directly relate to the system itself, but rather those who make it up.
In short, I am inclined to believe you may have missed the point in this exercise.



You better hurry, Seattle. It's only a matter of time before I'm forced to lay down the gauntlet, and unlike my fellow pre-readers, I don't really have an issue with the supposedly poor public relation.

Anonymous 100418

Why dont you just get it over with? If you truly dont care, Seattles response wont matter. Right now it sounds more like you are evading rather than actually wanting to comment, plus putting people into their place is your job anyway.



I'm a very lazy person and not particularly interested in arguing with Samurai for the next five days, my dear, sweet, lovely mask.

tt!wksPCpShOs 100422

Sounds more like you have little to say then. Hell, a simple "you don't know shit" would do. Too much bark, little bite. Come back when you have something to add to the thread.


Ion-Sturm!BoltiCNPTw 100424

File: 133597947085.jpg (316.35 KB, 1295x575, Ego-anton-ego-14471062-1295-57…)

You are not helping.

Ignoring the problem will notmake it go away; it will only lead to a larger one down the line, or did you miss /ef/ blowing up in the mod's faces and the minor revolution that followed it?

That implies nothing of worth would be accomplished and that the discussion would be quite heated, neither of which are things the Samurai is known for.
Someone has raised a valid point. Brushing them off so callously does you no favours, and if anything only strengthens the other side's point (that being there's a disconnect between the pre-readers and the userbase). Again, this is a disturbingly familiar echo of what happened with the mods and /ef/.



>interpreting my comments typed on a phone notifying Seattle of my hopes that he can resolve this as threatening Samurai rather than reluctant participation that pits him at odds with someone he greatly respects.

I should have known better than to even attempt tp get into a /fic/ scrap. Y'all are vicious. Put it down to poor writing on my part. Speaking of which, mask number two, I really do hope this is resolved soon, because if you know me like I think you do, you know I'm anticipating a long, drawn out fight. But then again, being the stupid human being I am, I've probably only given another mask some more firepower to throw back at me. So consider this my formally retracting my commital to involvement to resolve and apology for wasting this thread's space, Mr mask. I'd. Hate for this to provoke a derail into semantics.

tt!wksPCpShOs 100427

I disagree, Im quite helpful. We need to keep the discussion going, passive-aggressiveness must be faced with passive-aggressiveness, didnt you see it work?

I feel insulted, I only even got this trip so people could respond to me more easily, I just forgot to add in my first one. I even stopped saging everyrthing, just for you guys.

>Yall are vicious.
Wonder were that came from...

>So consider this me formally retracting my commital to involvement to resolve... Tl;Dt


Wow. I'm sorry, I didn't intend to stir up this much trouble.

I do agree somewhat with the PR's. They have to have standards, and those standards are subjective. Being that the PR's are not professionals, the standards will vary. Example: I hate Stephen King. I think his plots are cliche, his characters dull and one dimensional, and overall I dislike his style. Now, if I was a PR, and Stephen King submitted a ponified version of The Shinning, I would reject it, because I dislike the story.

That also would rob the people who WOULD like said novel of the opportunity. So, herein lies the problem. And for once, I think I have a solution.

How about evey now and then, maybe once a week depending on volume, you post an "Also Ran" list. Stories that you thought were good, but not QUITE up to EqD standards. Nothing gets added to the EqD fiction archive, just post the links to the Gdocs or FIMFiction. That way, the qualit level of EqD is retained, and authors who aren't quite there yet get some recognition. Once more, this isn't for every fic. If its crap, it's crap. Bu if a story hits strike three and it's only because of the story, not any grammatical issues or anything like that, then it gets a quick nod at the end of the week.

I know this has probably been suggested before, but I think it's a great compromise. What do you think?


>How about evey now and then, maybe once a week depending on volume, you post an "Also Ran" list. Stories that you thought were good, but not QUITE up to EqD standards. Nothing gets added to the EqD fiction archive, just post the links to the Gdocs or FIMFiction.
That would lead to massive fights in the comments sections about how X story should get a proper post.


Thinking about it more, another idea might be an "Offical Equestria Daily Also Ran Thread" here on /fic/. That way you wouldn't need to clutter EqD with this, since it'd still be "posted in EqD." Just have the PR's copy/paste the submission to a post in the thread. Same thing, EqD standards are retained, and good authors get recognized.


This is the Internet. You're never going to cure ALL the butthurt. This is just a peacemaking compromise.



As far as I know, there's not a substantial number of stories being rejected from EqD as for not fitting the blog ponies' content regulations with the possible exception of the NSFW stuff (which I personally do not consider good 10/10), and that can't be posted on PC anyways.


Well, like I said, this wouldn't be evey story submitted. If EqD is " the best of the best," this would be "the worst of the best." Simple plan: pick someone to post a thread (if no one else wants to, I'd happily volunteer). Whenever a story hits strike three, and you still think it's an okay story, forward them the submission email and maybe a quick snippet explaining its faults and why you still like it. They will then post it to the thread. They would also watch and make sure no one else posts stories in it. Only stories posted by this person would remain, all others would be reported to mods and deleted.

Once more, simply another way to highlight good stories without cluttering EqD. /fic/ers would have a new place to see good stories, and authors would get some recognition.

Cassius!!V4ATWvL2Eu 100442

>Whenever a story hits strike three, and you still think it's an okay story, forward them the submission email and maybe a quick snippet explaining its faults and why you still like it. They will then post it to the thread.

I think you greatly overestimate the amount of stories that strike out. We probably have no more than five since the rule was implemented.

Anonymous 100445

What percentage receive a first strike and don't return?



This is a hard number to qualify because of the time lapse between rejection and revisions and resubmission, but a rough estimate would be close to seven or eight of ten stories never attempt again. I would say that the bulk of resubmits come from people who get reviews here on PC.


Hmm, I have two possible reactions to this:

A) if you mean you only rejected five for the three strike rule, then it can also be the ones you tell, " Post to FIMFiction."

B) If you mean you've only rejected five stories PERIOD, then what the hay is everybody complaining about?! How many stories DO you get a month,mand how many et rejected?



Striking out meaning taking three strikes. Only around five have actually done it.

>Post to Fimfiction

I personally never do that, but I know some do. Not in great numbers either way.

!!PinkiePie ## Mod 100453

File: 133598852054.png (156.27 KB, 985x812, 133598852054.png)

Just a friendly reminder to everyone to keep things civil.


Thank you.

Daffodil 100456

80% or so.


So, basically, Sturgeons law.

Drakmire!n0oceQwEvY 100460


I wouldn't really put this under Sturgeon's Law, as some of the stuff we sent off is actually really promising, but just needs a bit of help. I'm tracking like two or three stories that I really enjoyed and am hoping to see pop up in the queue again so I can give them a stamp of approval, but the authors appear to have moved on to other projects or pastures.


Anonymous 100462

This is only my view on the matter; I don't represent any other prereader or EqD.


I don't think you get it. The prereaders do not exist to help writers. The prereaders exist for the benefit of EqD's reader base, no more, no less. When I review a fic, my ultimate deciding factor is not 'Is this a good fic?', it's 'Is this fic good enough that, out of the hundred or so stories that are produced by the fandom today, this is one good enough that it can be one of the two or three a day that EqD posts, an endorsement that will cause hundreds or even thousands of people to spend as much as a few hours of their time reading it, this one story, over all the other things they could be doing with their time?'

I do not think about the writer. I do not care about the writer. He can go on to become the next Stephen King or never write again, it doesn't matter. That's not my concern. If writers become better because of my criticism, then good on them, but it wasn't my intention. The pre-readers are not here to teach people how to write; we are not your local community college creative writing department. We have no obligation to the writers; we have an obligation to EqD and its readers to filter out the content that is not worth posting to the blog. That's it. We do not go out and find fics; we don't need to. We do not go out and teach authors; we don't have the time succeed where the high school English teachers of a thousand FIMfic members failed. You're a reviewer, which means you're very focused on the authors and helping them improve. I am not. That's not my goal, and your suggestions for helping us achieve that goal completely miss the point.

>make people stop "fearing", to use the anon's term, you guys as a group.

What? Why would we want to do that? What possible reason could we have? That fear is the best filter we have; it keeps a lot of people (But far from everyone) from sending in their unedited generic plotless cliche poorly-handled-grimdark shipfics. I like the fact that a lot of bad writers KNOW that they can't get on EqD. If they think that it's because we're biased against them, I don't care. The results are what matters, and if the result is that I never have to see the fics that I KNOW we'll reject three times, then I'm happy. There are a lot of people who don't have any confidence in their work, and in the case of most of those people, it's because their work is terrible and they're right to have no confidence in it. There are any number of reasons for that: inexperience, English as a second language with insufficient practice, a lack of training in what makes a story a story, the fact that there are actually people who write fanfic but never read it, people thinking human in Equestria is anything but an utterly horrible idea. I have no intention of inflicting those horrors upon EqD's gentle readership. They don't need to know how many atrocious 4200 word 18 chapter self-insert alicorn fictions get posted on Fimfic every day, because the people who write them know better than to try to submit them, because we will tear them apart, and the author's tenuous ego right along with them.

That's not by design. Many of the prereaders genuinely care about the writers, and I know Seth didn't set up the system to insult anyone; he just needed some rationing system when there started to be too many fanfictions to post all of them on the blog. That decision has to be made somehow. It's quite fortuitous that the system ended up being an obfuscated black box. Authors can never be sure what will come out of that box when they send their fics in, and that's a good thing; It keeps them on their toes. It's important that authors have no idea what they'll be judged on. Will it be one of the prereaders that really harps on grammar, or one who can't stand blatant OOC behavior, or one who pays particular attention to showing rather than telling? It could be any of us, and that's a good thing. It means that they need to be sure that every aspect of their fic is of a high quality before they submit it.

I give advise regarding improvements when I review fics, but not for the benefit of the author. I do it for the slim chance that when the fic returns, it will be the best fic that it can be, unquestionably worth reading. In the end, that's all that matters: the fics, and delivering consistent high quality to EqD's reader base. The most important thing to note there is that the fic needs to be the best that it can be, and that's why even great stories get rejected. That's why I booted Dusk and Dawn, Shipping and Handling, The Games We Play, and White Box the first time I saw each of those fics. Anyone can be rejected if they're not living up to their potential, but those fics were all already better than most of the stuff on the site when I sent the rejection, and I knew it. That's why I gave advice to 2% about untangling the ambiguous pronoun references in his action scenes, and why I showed PegasusRescueBrigade where in his fic he was doing it right (showing) and where he was doing it wrong (telling), and why I had AbsoluteAnonymous contact me directly to look over her fic after her editor was done so as not to risk a third strike, and why I wrote a page-long rant in my email to Chromosome about how he was ruining his best scenes by splattering capslock all over them and suggested that he color the words in more than just the last scene and switch to white text on black background instead of black text on white background like White Box was when he first tried to get it posted. I don't reserve that sort of advice for excellent authors, I give every fic in the queue its chance and a set of suggestions for improvement, because if the author can take criticism there's a halfway decent chance that they'll send in something worth posting.

But there is a limit on how much I can do. There are only so many hours in a day.

Do I want the process of getting advice from me to be transparent? Do I want it to be the case that anyone could come and ask me for advice about how to improve their fic without risking a strike? No. Absolutely not. I am not a reviewer. I am not an editor. I am not your buddy. I am a prereader. It is not my job to tell you how to write. If incidentally in the process of doing my job, I teach an author something, that's a positive externality. I don't have time for it to be any other way. I have a full time job and I'm taking 15 units of tech classes in college; I have better things to do than deal with the bullshit of bad authors who don't even have the balls to risk a strike. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

A lot of the prereaders want things to be more transparent and if it goes that way, well, I'll stick it out and hope that it's for the best, but I like the status quo. I like the fear, I like the hate, I like the drama, I like the elitism. I like making teenagers realize that the world doesn't revolve around them and their 80k word magnum opus is not special and nobody wants to read it and I'm sure as hell not flipping past the third page because the first two have more red ink than black now that I'm done with them.

>Think very carefully of what you are saying, because despite your best effort people put too much weight to what you have to say and will react accordingly to things you say, but also to a good deal of things you don't say and why you don't say them; being judges brings the greater responsibility that all your words are going to be dissected for meaning and evaluation

Good. Authors: Be intimidated. Doubt yourself. Second-guess everything, and get third opinions. Your fic needs a fourth editing pass, and a fifth. I am a prereader, and I am not your friend. I am not there to get your fic onto EqD; I am there to keep it out. If you want to get past me, you need to figure out how to write, and write well. Good luck.

EqD readers: You guys will only get the best if I have anything to say about it. Fear not; bad fics don't get past me. <3

tl;dr: The tears of bad writers are delicious and I can't get enough of them. Go take a creative writing class.

Daffodil 100464


This is the greatest thing I have read in months.

I want this to be the OP of the next thread.




Captured exactly how I feel on the matter. Bravo, sir.

JKinsley!xR570Wc1AA 100466

This kind of pretension is why I'm not submitting anything new to EqD. I don't need to waste anyone's time trying to prove myself or "hope for the best" in getting something past the prereaders.

And frankly, "the best" isn't that great. EqD is more about getting a large readership than publishing actual literature. I have no illusions that I'm the best author in the fandom, or that I've written the most definitive shipping stories around. I'm good, maybe. Good enough that I got on EqD once, which was nice. But when a story gets rejected just because it's not unique enough, I call bullshit.

Anonymous 100467

Basic stance of EqD: We don't want you writers.

Meaning responding is pointless, as it was said before, and all the talk about making things better was just talk. Ok, I think we are all clear now.

Hi there sir, you are hypocrite


> Fear not; bad fics don't get past me. <3
Now where was that passion when Derpy's Diary went up?

Daffodil 100471

Hi there sir. I don't believe I am a hypocrite. Please allow me to explain:

An author knows their story better than anyone else. It came from their brain, they put it into words, etc. If said author actually responds to us and talks with us, their story will likely come out better than if they blindly followed our suggestions.

I agree with the anonymous pre-reader on most points. I agree that we are loyal to the EqD readers first and foremost. I agree that the purpose of pre-reading is to keep stories off EqD, not help them get on.

But, speaking only for myself, if I see promise in a story, I want to see it improve into something that can be posted. And, to me, the best way to improve that story is to have a dialogue between authors and pre-readers.

Besides, I know that most authors won't respond to us anyway. As mentioned previously in this thread, only 20% or so actually take what we say into consideration and resubmit. Those are the ones I want to see improve. I'd like to see the authors grow as writers and provide quality content to the EqD readership.

Make sense? It does in my head.



>Derpy's Diary

Oh god, not that again.

Daffodil 100473

Derpy's Diary was a blogpony decision. We had five pre-readers say it should have been sent back for editing, but the blogponies overruled that.

Anonymous 100474

Haven't you read most of them don't respond because they don't see the point in responding and fear that it will only make their chances worse? Are you guys not reading all of this?!?!

Daffodil 100475

Oh, I'm reading it, I just think you're wrong. Key difference.

If the authors are too afraid to risk resubmitting or responding, I don't really care about how they improve their stories. I'm not going to go out of my way to hunt people down, pat them on the back, and tell them everything is alright. If the author cares enough to talk with us, I'm more than willing to help them however I can. If they're too busy cowering in a corner from the big, bad pre-readers, that's their loss.

Silentblaze 100476

It's not pretentious. If anything, it's the most realistic advise given on this thread. Most real-world publishers are not going to give you leeway as an author. At their core, their more like economists, concerned mainly with representing the best and most universally acclaimed products in the field. Like he/she said (I don't know which), they are not your friend, nor should they be. In the writing game, objectivity such as this is more of a help than a hindrance any day.

And good. If you don't want to send in anything, that's less for them to mark out.


...Aren't you the one heading the public relations effort?

Anonymous 100480

Err... so you want something to happen, which doesn't happen because of something you do, but then decided it is better to do nothing about it because oh well they are scarycats anyway?

Anonymous 100481

There is no effort. It was all a sham.


While I understand your argument, you have not presented yourself well. It's unwise to claim perfection if one isn't perfect, and the pre-readers aren't perfect—whether that's in posting a bad story, or rejecting a good one because "Celestia doesn't use contractions."

Humility is a far wiser tack, for readers and authors alike.

Daffodil 100485

Eh. I've spent months trying to make people feel better about the pre-reading process. And you know what? I keep catching shit for it not being "good enough." "You need to be more transparent." "You're too intimidating." "Why did this fic get posted?" "You guys are biased pricks." "EqD should stop posting fanfic." "Your standards are bullshit."

No matter what I do, pre-readers are horrible and everything is wrong. It's not my job to do the PR stuff. That was entirely my choice because I wanted people stop hating the pre-readers. From what I've been reading, though, it seems my effort have done little to change the way people feel about us. So I'll stop trying to play nice, and see if people prefer that. Much less effort on my part.

Daffodil 100487

Authors are not scared of responding to the pre-readers. It's a baseless claim that people have been throwing around the past two threads because they hate us and hate our system. I'll believe it when 80% of the authors that send in fics tell me they're just afraid to resubmit.

Yes, absolutely. I put months of effort into making us seem more likable because...

...wait, why did I do it, again? Since you know much more than I do.

Anonymous 100488

Wait, you were doing an effort? You made a tumblr where you post funny pics about your IRCs and answer the random question here. How exactly did you think that would solve the problem?

kits!!EzAJAzAQVj 100489

We tried. We had 5 people say moon it. Seth overruled us.



You seem to be unaware of what thread you're posting in. Or what it's purpose is.

Anonymous 100493

>Authors are not scared of responding to the pre-readers.


And people don't resubmit, despite allegedly having only minor quibbles as per >>100460 should tell you that you are wrong.

Daffodil 100494

Oh, the tumblr is just for shits and giggles. Try not to take that too seriously.

No, the effort is this thread and the fact that I devote a lot of time to answering questions here. The logic is that, if people have somewhere they can go to ask questions, they'll be less afraid of the submission process. But I guess that's just not good enough. Shame, really.

Anonymous 100495

Asking pre-reader questions, which normally go in spirals of the inane to then ask where the stories are in the queue, with the periodic person thank you guys. I didn't miss something, did I?

9nine9!Nines/5j6w 100496

All my sad.

Anonymous 100497


And unless I'm sorely mistaken they don't give you the courtesy of a list of mistakes you made or a second and third strike.

Daffodil 100498

Again, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree.

If we tell an author that their story is good, but there's way too much telling that they need to fix, they have two options:
1) Spend time and effort making their story better.
2) Submit it to FimFic and get instant gratification.

When we tell an author "Fix these typos and you're good," they almost always fix the issues and come back. But when it's something that requires actual effort, it seems that we never see the stories again. To me, that's not fear. That's laziness.

Anonymous 100499



Did you read that?

Daffodil 100500

Cool, you got one!

We've actually rejected 701 stories between January and March. Just post here once you round up the other 700.

I'll be waiting.

Anonymous 100501

Care to link all of them? And tell us all the author? And then ask why they didn't resubmit?


I'm not a professional author shopping a story around to publishers. I'm a fanfic writer, jotting down little stories in my spare time. Which accounts for probably most fanfic writers. People who work on little things in their spare time.

EqD might be the place where most people think to first look for a story, and it might be most author's ideal platform for getting recognized. But all I want is to write the best stories I can and share them with others. If EqD doesn't want to share my work, that's their business. But this attitude that it's good that people don't submit things is appalling.

Alexstrazsa!!L0BQDmATMx 100505

Daffodil has done a lot of behind the scenes stuff to try and make us better represented, including talking with Seth and the other blogponies to try and make things better.

You don't even know the half of it.

Anonymous 100507

I think we are back to square one, where not knowing is the whole issue of this thing...

Daffodil 100508

>But this attitude that it's good that people don't submit things is appalling.


Anonymous 100509


Translation: The prereaders owe me time and EqD owes me exposure.


Nobody owes me anything. I've worked hard for the little slice of the recognition pie I've got. I wrote and rewrote my stories, making them better.

And as I said, I'm done with EqD. If they don't need or want me, I don't want them. I'm happy to keep writing elsewhere.

Daffodil 100514

Can I have your stuff?


In what respect?


I think it's the sort of attitude represented here: >>100462 that people have an issue with.

Don't get me wrong, that post was brilliant. Beyond brilliant. It laid down the facts: the pre-readers' jobs are to reject the crap so the fandom has a place it can find high quality stories. Just like what was said, pre-readers aren't reviewers they're filters.

The problem is that there seems to be an undercurrent of malice (key word being "seems"). It seems as if the writer of that post took joy in rejecting bad fiction. Is that exactly representative of the love and tolerance this fandom is based on? These are human beings we're talking about (granted, a lot of them are ignorant, demanding, and unwilling to improve).

It's almost like a mega-corportation embracing it's cold, hard, steely exterior and telling its customers that it isn't hear to be nice to them, it's just here to sell good products at low prices. Yeah, that gets the job done, but a little warmth never hurts...

Anonymous 100519

> I have no illusions that I'm the best author in the fandom


Everyone believes they are the best author in the fandom. Why doesn't EqD post their fic! But when you're getting a hundred fics a week and can only post three a day, you're not going to be able to post every story, there has to be some sorts of standards.

Why did your stuff get rejected if you are the best writer in the fandom? Maybe you need to examine your own writing properly, not behind rose-tinted glasses?


This. I also agree, and I respect what you do. I also thank you for it, since it's because of that attitude that I have read some amazing stories and not wasted my time on crap.

That being said, you're coming across as kind of a douche nozzle. Again, that's your right, but come on. I'm not saying you should give the author a pat on the back for making a sub-par story, but at least let them down gently. Most authors are timid creatures. You can say no without crushing someone's soul.

Timefly!IKqDXQrsmY 100521

File: 133599740709.jpg (234.73 KB, 1600x1600, 89929 - Aloe artist pluckyninj…)

Silly anon.

Daffodil 100522

>The problem is that there seems to be an undercurrent of malice
Yes, and? Are we not people as well? Are we not allowed to feel frustration and anger at the near-constant insults hurled our way? Are we not allowed to make that anger known?

>It seems as if the writer of that post took joy in rejecting bad fiction.
I can't speak for him, only myself, but I do take joy in rejecting bad fanfiction. I don't make that joy known to the author, of course, but rejecting a terrible story gives me a sense of a job well done.

>Is that exactly representative of the love and tolerance this fandom is based on?
Oh, I love and tolerate the authors of the bad fics. I don't tell them what I truly think of their stories. That doesn't mean I can't have an opinion which I keep to myself.

Daffodil 100523

We try hard not to give authors rude responses. We do not tell authors "this is bad, you should feel bad." Our opinions on the stories and what is actually sent to the authors are two very different things (barring blogpony screw ups).



>meant delusions

Well, this is a fine kettle of fish.

JKinsley!xR570Wc1AA 100525

My claim is that I am not the best. I don't even think I'm all that great. I might be good, and I'm fine with that. I don't need accolades or medals or for my story to be the most popular, well-known piece of fanfiction in all the land. Let me write in my own little corner, and you can have your high horse to ride around and shout how great you are.

Anonymous 100526


No. The authors are not our customers. The readers are.

A Question 100528

File: 133599846459.jpg (42.26 KB, 198x240, nixon.jpg)

I may not be in the proper thread to ask this question, but I don't care so long as my question is answered.

What's the difference between grimdark and dark? "Death, famine, plague, apocalypse, etc" and "generally creepy atmosphere, most commonly having depressing or sinister story" seem to be the same thing. Dying, starving, infection, and the end of the world are plenty sinister and (in my experience) depressing. When does a story become dark enough that it merits the prefix grim? Or is it the opposite? (Does the grim prefix indicate a story that isn't as dark?)

Frankly, I'm baffled.

Richard M. Nixon (Former) President of the United States of America

Anonymous 100529


I absolutely do. My responses are invariably diplomatic and my criticism is invariably constructive. I do not write like that in any rejection of any writer, no matter how much I dislike their writing. The exception to that are two stories that I rejected with extremely terse responses composed primarily of profanity. One of those was Love.Sick; the other wasn't quite that bad, but on the same vein.

Timefly!IKqDXQrsmY 100530

File: 133599856909.gif (212.1 KB, 720x479, spoiler.gif)

If you pre-readers are so great, why did 'My Little Dashie' get through?

9nine9!Nines/5j6w 100532

Before anyone jumps on this, I'll agree with it. I like rejecting bad fics.

Not in the sense that I get enjoyment of seeing something awful to boost my own ego. Seeing something with errors that are easy to fix feels better, because then the story can come back and be posted.

I'm not sure what else there is to say about this. Would authors be better off if we cried with remose with every fic we sent back for edits, or permanently to fimfic/ff.net/wherever?



The distinction seems to be mainly that the Grimdark is overtly dark in nature (violence, death, killing, etc is a norm) where Dark seems to be inclined towards the more subtle respects of the horror/serious spectrum.

In reality, there's not much a difference

Anonymous 100535


Dark is a matter of atmosphere, grim is a matter of outcomes. Few things without blood or pain will be grimdark. Things with mutilation played in an upbeat way for laugh are grimlight; there's a positive attitude even among gruesome outcomes.

9nine9!Nines/5j6w 100536

Several of us approved it.

I did as well.

Drakmire!n0oceQwEvY 100537


Some of the tags are a bit mysterious and at times, somewhat subjective. For instance, I felt my one-shot merited the Slice of Life tag, but it got Sad instead. *shrug*

As for Dark vs Grimdark, it's just by gut feeling. If it references, but not directly contain, elements of violent death, famine, suffering, then I consider it Dark. If you have ponies dying brutal deaths on screen or just off screen, I'd consider that Grimdark.

Having one instead of the other isn't going to break the story's submission, and would barely register as a blip in this instance. If you tag something Normal and Slice of Life, then have wanton murder and rapine... well, then we might have a problem.

tt!wksPCpShOs 100539

Well, this went wonderfully.

Pre-readers arent trying to look like nice people they never were; the readers (some of them at least, mostly newbies that had no business writing anyway) are appalled; this threads allege purpose fail.

Hey guys, why not make this be the last one? If you dont care all that much (good thing, you have to be objective and caring mess with that), answering questions becomes quite moot really, and with you guys controlling the flow of mail those question won't even be needed. Im sure it is more convenient for you guys to just stop making these threads as they are just drama magnets.

I tip my hat for you guys, keep up the good work. Also, why not tell the authors straight what you think and stop sending those stupid guides to how to make them better? I know for a fact I hate having to wait for bad fiction to be posted, so maybe notching up the fact of what you guys actually are would benefit that, less fic means faster turnaround after all. I truly want what is best for the readerships and the current half-way done advice seems kind of pointless, just tell them that it sucked and give it to ponychan, if they to make it better Im sure people here will tell them how.

I hope you take what I said into consideration, have a nice day, and hope you guys keep up the great work, I cant stand bad fanfiction.


>Yes, and? Are we not people as well? Are we not allowed to feel frustration and anger at the near-constant insults hurled our way? Are we not allowed to make that anger known?

It's not that you don't have a right, no. However, is it not part of your job description to grin and bear it? The post here: >>100462 seems to be one born of long-held frustration and anger. I don't consider letting that attitude out in the public as a very responsible thing to do. I'm hoping it was quite obvious that before any of you signed up to be a pre-reader that you'd be put through the ringer like this. I'd think it rather your job to consistently wave your hand in nonchalant dismissal when it comes these constant complaints. Getting worked up about it seems to be unwise and unhelpful.

It's rather like a police officer. His or her job is to round up those who break the law. They are entirely expected to do so with a cool, level head, irrespective of popular public dislike of law enforcement. Just as they shouldn't be standing on a pedestal shouting "Will ya'll just shut up with the hate already?" neither should you. After all, what is it going to accomplish other than venting steam that probably shouldn't be built up in the first place?

Daffodil 100541

File: 133599977539.jpg (476.9 KB, 700x525, tumblr_m1kdwvCGSi1r8zqdqo1_128…)

Well, that was probably the most fun I've had in a while. Good work, guys. Have a cupcake with Nic Cage's face on it flying through space.


File: 133600027383.png (175.05 KB, 911x997, 133256767191.png)

I'm not really sure how reasonable it is to expect the pre-readers to be both more professional and more personal.

Anonymous 100545


Cops get paid.

Absent Friend 100547

I frankly am happy that the old custom of submitting one's work for judgement is trying to be re-established. It ensures a high quality, which will influence other writers. Fandom, online communities, in general used to do this. Now we worry about hurting people's feelings.

Tolerance (and love esp.) must be predicated on respect; and people who hold back what they think just to spare feelings is not a very good friend. Friends are honest, sometimes brutally.

Absent Friend 100548

When it comes to the craft of writing, professional is more important.

tt!wksPCpShOs 100549

I would love to see all those glee-filled chats...

Enjoy your freedom guys.

Anonymous 100551

File: 133600131266.png (46.87 KB, 500x400, rdconfuzzle.png)

Wait, wait, are pre-readers our friends or not our friends? Do they want to be perceived as personable or be feared? I'm confused!

Anyway, question! How many ratings does a story need to have a star number pinned to it?

Daffodil 100553

We are whatever you want us to be.

And to answer your question, a star rating should be added a day or two after the story is posted.


File: 133600199719.png (99.88 KB, 220x329, Applejack.png)

Very true. However, I say again, it's not what you say, it's how you say it. Example:


Really, dude?! Be afraid? Who the hell are you?! Dude, you're not working for HarperCollins. You work for a website for stories about cartoon ponies! This doesn't mean you shouldn't care about quality. Far from it! I earlier applauded your standards at EqD, and I stand by that. But you're coming off as an elitist jerk! Warning authors to fear you? Come on, dude. If your schedule is so busy that you can't spare five minutes to give constructive criticism and find a way to deliver bad news in a way that doesn't make you look like an ass, you need to reassess your priorities.

Look, Daff, bro. I'm not saying that y'all need to sit down and have tea and coco with each author who sends you a crappy story. Nor am I saying you need to loosen the standards. I don't want to waste my time reading crap stories either. All I'm saying is remember why we do this: FOR FUN! If it's no longer fun for you, or the only way it is fun is you have to be a jerk, then maybe you should hand over the reigns.

Oh, dear God, not to me! That's not what I meant. :) Pic because this is all in good FUN!

Stepping into the Muddle 100555

File: 133600226070.png (171.99 KB, 894x894, doctor_whooves_by_1414holyflan…)

Well, this is certainly an interesting...discussion. I give it that name with the most flattering of tones.

Regardless, though I've been weary of wading into this whole mess, I'm just going to stick my two cents in. I agree that the prereaders should be, first and foremost, a filter against those fics whose authors really didn't care. Anyone who's been present in the IRC during one of Zay-El's badfic rampages should know what I'm talking about. I also think that, when an author is genuinely trying, that a prereader's words of advice (even if they are few) can make all the difference in the world.

It's not about driving people away, and it's not about elitism or anything silly like that. There's no use in getting offended, either because "EqD doesn't want my kind on their site", or because "You don't have a clue what we're doing here." We're all one community, and EqD is one place where we can all come together to make something great. Do we really need to divide ourselves over such trivial squabbles?

Not everything makes it onto EqD. That's okay. Some things, most people would agree, genuinely don't deserve to (just ask Zay-El). Most things that do end up on the blog are products of the time and effort that the author put into shaping them, and it shows. I consider most fics on fimction to be either interesting or just bad (though nowhere near that cesspool that is fanfiction.net...may I be forgiven for my years there in the Naruto fandom). But EqD, I think, is a place where you can find works of fiction that can genuinely be held up as things that could be published literature.

There's a corollary to Surgeon's Law: "90% of anything is what you will find uninteresting or unpleasant to read." I myself stay away from shipping and grimdark. And that's okay—it's just not my cup of tea. But when we start throwing insults and accusations, and bringing up stories we don't like or prereaders we think are unfair, then we lost sight of what this community is trying to do.

I know this sounds trite, guys, but we really should give it a try: Love & Tolerate. Arguing will get us nowhere. Working together, nonantagonistically, on the other hand, will get us everywhere.

Tear this apart if you'd like; praise it if you'd want. I myself will take no offense. I merely hope that I've done my part to try and bring a little more common ground into this thread.

-Golden Vision

PS: I spent five minutes searching for a suitable image macro for this post. I think there's something wrong with me.

Daffodil 100556

>If your schedule is so busy that you can't spare five minutes to give constructive criticism and find a way to deliver bad news in a way that doesn't make you look like an ass, you need to reassess your priorities.
There's something you don't seem to understand. We are polite to the authors. We do provide constructive criticism for almost every story that comes out way. When we have to give authors bad news, we try to do it as nicely as possible ("This would be better on FimFic," sounds a hell of a lot better than "Your story is not, and will never be, up to our standards.").

The anonymous pre-reader was just venting here, and he makes quite a few good points. We do this for fun, yes, but we also do it because we love EqD and the brony community. To me, ensuring that the stories posted are of a high quality is fun.

9nine9!Nines/5j6w 100558

“if you expect to succeed as a writer, rudeness should be the second-to-least of your concerns. The least of all should be polite society and what it expects. If you intend to write as truthfully as you can, your days as a member of polite society are numbered, anyway.”
― Stephen King, On Writing


File: 133600358956.jpg (98.58 KB, 576x576, cookie.jpg)

Both of these posts deserve a cookie.


I wish they extended their standards to the author's synopsis. More often than not, it's one or two sentences long, and they're usually capped by some lame hypothetical question along the lines of "Will they survive?" or "Can Pinkie successfully ship herself with Rainbow Dash for the 70th time?" The only time a hypothetical should be allowed is in a CYOA or something of that nature, since the reader is actually deciding the character's fate.
Can you guys do this? Start reviewing synopsises?

That anon reminded me of old me, and that's not a compliment.


No, no, I do understand!

When I submitted my story, I was turned down. The pre-reader was very polite. He said my premise was interesting, but my execution was off. He gave me a list of my grammar mistakes, not a list of every single one, but a general list of things I messed up. I, in turn, made a polite post in the previous version of this thread thanking him for his honesty and professionalism, and swore that I would be back with higher-quality work. I have since re-written my story almost from the ground up. I've been a pest to my pre-readers, I'm sure. Golden Vision, LunarShadow, Ion Strum, once more thank you from the bottom of my heart! Because of my (and their) hard work, I think I'll be ready for a second go in about a week. I'm nervous as hell about it, and I know I should be. EqD is a beacon of quality in a sea of crap, and I want to live up to that standard.

Once more, I'm not reacting to what Annon said, just how he said it. It's just one of my buttons. There are only two kinds of people in this world who, upon seeing their traits in someone, I will immediately form a negative opinion of them: Manipulators and Elitists. Annon came off as the latter, and I'm man enough to admit I got a little butthurt. Like him, I was merely venting.

I agree wholeheartedly with >>100555. Love and Tolerate. Y'all do a great job. I don't think it's been said enough, thank you for the work you do. I will be the first to admit I could never do it, due to lack of skill as well as patience.

We cool?

9nine9!Nines/5j6w 100562

I judge synopses very harshly. This includes some pre-readers, and I often call them out on it.



>Can you guys do this? Start reviewing synopsises?

If only. Never gonna happen and would result in god knows how much bitching, though.

Daffodil 100564

If the synopsis is absolutely terrible, we'll recommend it be changed. I know you have a vendetta against rhetorical questions, but it's really not that big of a problem.

You kind of need to learn to pick your battles, Sturm. No one's going to stop using rhetorical questions in synopses anytime soon.

We, indeed, cool.


File: 133600413278.jpg (149.41 KB, 900x652, 1296113819315.jpg)

I've got a story up there, and the prereader told me to wait a while, even after it'd reached 50 ratings. I think you're supposed to wait a few weeks to a month, but Daffodil or vimbert might be able to answer better than I could.

Thank you! How thoughtful. Chocolate chip—my favorite.

I do agree that there should be higher standards for synopses. The problem is that there's only one thread for synopses reviews here on /fic/, and its reviews are...sporadic. It might be a symptom or an aftereffect, but a a community as a whole it seems that we focus quite little on synopses. Just an observation of mine.

Civility is indeed a wonderful thing. My hat off to you, Jake, and my hopes that everything is going well wherever you are (I believe you said something about deployment a few days back).

Welp, back to the dungeons—I mean, the review thread for me!

Pre-reader X 100566

File: 133600425795.jpg (28.63 KB, 795x284, response.jpg)

In a very belated response to this discussion, the image represents the average rejection notice on my part.

If anyone has any advice on how to make it more civil, I welcome suggestions.


I feel like I should attempt to post from a growing author's point of view.

I have submitted five fics to EqD in the month since I have been writing fan fiction (granted, I had been writing original fiction on and off for eight years or so, so I consider myself a decent writer at the very least).

My first fic was a generic Celestia immortality story which suffered from poor pacing and imagery. It was perma rejected based off a lack of originality, as it should have been.

My second fic was about Pinkie Pie becoming dissatisfied with life and nearly slipping into rejection. It was perma rejected because of unrealistic characterization. I altered her character for the purpose of telling a story, but I understand if EqD doesn't want me violating canon so badly.

My third story barely met the length requirement for a one shot. It was rejected for being too fast paced and too short. It was about Twilights friends throwing her a ten year friendship anniversary party

For these first three stories, I didn't put a ton of effort into polishing or revising them. I wrote them, read them over a few times, didn't get any reviews, and sent them in. They were rejected, as they should have been.

My fourth fic was about Celestia beginning her rule in an attempt to take a more realistic look at her character. It's currently on its first strike due to some show don't tell issues. I received two reviews before submitting it and put some polish on it, but it still needed more work. I received a review from Umbra who highlighted some major issues, which I am working to fix at the moment.

My fifth fic I put a TON of polish on. Pascoite gave me a line by line review which greatly helped and told me to expand the story. I did this and sent it off to Minty, who in all honesty didn't have any criticism of it. I must've read through It a dozen times after getting the reviews before sending it in.

The fic got in on the first try, although my PR did advise me to try to condense the story (I disagreed with his suggestion). Now, the story has a five star tag on EqD.

What I'm trying to say is, the process made me learn. I will admit, I was a bit angry at the first few rejections. I thought a story had to be absolutely perfect to get posted. I kept chugging, though. I thought "You think you can keep me down, EqD? Well, I'm going to keep writing. I'm going to keep getting better." Now I know that a story doesn't have to be absolutely perfect, it just requires dedication and a commitment to keep improving it, along with help from reviewers. If an author isn't willing to improve his work or take advice, why should his story get posted?

So keep on doing what you're doing, PRs. If authors take rejections as a spark to keep improving like I did, then great. If they just give up right away, then that's their loss.


Looks fine to me. I prefer to make my "reviews" (or, in your case, responses), somewhat more personal/personable, but I suppose it's all about personal preference.


File: 133600457046.png (63.27 KB, 1042x601, Capture.png)


In a similar gesture.

9nine9!Nines/5j6w 100570

File: 133600460005.jpg (24.18 KB, 512x503, adorabledash.jpg)

Glad to see you persevered in the face of adversity and achieved your goal.

I wish more fanfiction did that.


I used to be more personable, and then I took a pre-reader position to the knee.

Suffice to say, I know what a rejection that's poorly worded feels like from my time before signing on, so I figured keeping it all business would sting less.


You were my pre-reader! Yes, this is about what you said to me. As I said above, I am very happy with the way you handled me.

This leads me to a question, one that has nothing to do with the previous near-flame war. Does the same pre-reader get a fic on the second go?

Portmanteauster 100573

File: 133600490826.png (28.72 KB, 706x479, sun.png)


While all the cool kids are here, I submit an example of what I write when something is so extreme, it gets sent to the sun.


File: 133600509226.jpg (50.23 KB, 823x1131, snarkle_derelle.jpg)

Similar Gesture: Go!
Huh. I don't have anything recent in my sent items box.
Okay. Well, suffice to say that my reviews on /fic/ are a lot more spirited and playful than my reviews as a prereader. I tend to stick to the facts and cut&dry on my reports. If any of my peers has one of my reviews in their folders, I'm sure they'll dig one out that makes me a liar. =)

9nine9!Nines/5j6w 100575

Sometimes yes, in hopes that the issues we saw are fixed...

...and sometimes no, because we really couldn't stand it.

Alexstrazsa!!L0BQDmATMx 100576

File: 133600539874.png (51.35 KB, 1420x552, 6b45a253f7399a9cfe829f8c40d330…)

Oh, are we playing this game?


If whoever it was reads this thread and remembers, I thank you for what you said about Royalty all those months ago. Looking back on it, it was horrible and I am thoroughly disgraced by the fact that I thought it good at the time. So, you have my eternal gratitude for making me become better.

Ion-Sturm!BoltiCNPTw 100582

>Ion Strum
>No hyphen

Well, at least make sure to drop a not-too-subtle hint that rhetorical questions are low form. Pretty please?
On a whim, I checked out the generic synopsis on EqD, and it uses a rhetorical question too. Could you guys at least get that replaced? In fact, it also uses an ellipsis that doesn't make sense and is two sentences long. It's like the guide is trying to show you how to make yours as passably mediocre as possible (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Hell, I'll write one myself if it'll get that travesty replaced.

I thought it was after fifty votes for all ratings.
Yes, it isn't quite as lively as it should be (and I'm not helping that problem either, I will admit), but the two main problems are easy to fix: Don't use rhetorical questions, and at least put some effort and meat into it.

You should burn for that joke. BURNNNNN.
With perhaps a dash of steak seasoning and some sweet'n'sticky BBQ sauce...


File: 133600901897.png (38.65 KB, 344x517, 132993589287.png)

 – Ellipses is plural. You're not saying "Hyphens use".
 – "Compound word use" is rather ironic in its lack of hyphen.
 – Regional English conflicts between "Capitalization" and "Dialogue", though maybe it's a Canadian thing or something. I don't really consider these inconsistencies errors. I just needed a third point for my list.

/me runs for cover.



Oooh Oooh, Do mine next!

Seattle_Lite!C6/9YiYc6I 100588

File: 133601049949.jpg (306.32 KB, 567x850, 114067 - aerobatics artist-nob…)

Okay, firstly, the Samurai and I are going to be carrying our conversation on this matter via email.

Secondly, I apologize for the time lag on this thing. I had meant to get to this much soon, but all manner of things sort of exploded in my face, and I woke up to one panicked/furious/terrified phone call after another yesterday.

So then, the following is going to be an assumption predicated upon the notion that the PR’s and Blogponies actually feel there is enough need to warrant further public relations efforts. I am amenable to both sides of that particular debate, most especially considering that the demographic interested would be both limited and dedicated, and would not necessarily reflect more than the cursory interest of the rest of the fandom. That said, it would be unwise to ignore the fact that quite a lot of people read the works of pony writers, or write themselves, and take interest in these events.
In any case, an uncontrolled medium is a chaotic medium. We cannot address a negative behavior without understanding the cause of it. In this case, the cause is a conflict between proliferation, standards, and perception. People voice grievances with rejection in all corners of the pony-related spheres of the internet. This can be addressed only by a consolidated response. It will not solve the problem entirely, but will show that a genuine attempt is being made, and that is all a rational person could ask for (inb4 internet jokes). So then-

1) You need a new, dedicated IRC, open for all those who take issue with their rejections or have questions. A rotational presence by at minimum two PR’s should be established at given hours of the day/week (according to what your numbers/schedules will allow).

2) You need a radio podcast, held perhaps weekly at most, for writers and concerned/interested parties to call in and discuss issues. The most simple layout would be an initial QnA followed by open discussion. It need not be more than an hour or two. Again, a rotation of PR’s given their shifting schedules would not be difficult to achieve.

3) Highlights of both of the above, the most serious and the most lighthearted, should be accumulated in update posts, similar to Nightly Round-Ups, but obviously less frequent.

Essentially, the steps toward solution are to bring the discussion and interaction into a more public and inclusive arena, both internally and externally. The moves above would be an external example. Internally, I suggest the adoption of a redundancy system for rejection. Namely, that every work rejected is gone over by two pre-readers. Announcement of this change in policy would do wonders for the fearful resentment of aspiring authors. What that means internally, however, is that you need more pre-readers.

Now some of you are likely of the mind-set of “Fucking seriously people? This isn’t that big a deal, get over it and grow up.” I can sympathize with that to a large extent, as I myself have been more than a little abrasive in my tenure as a reviewer (I tend to operate on the premise that if an author cannot tolerate harsh honesty about the quality of his/her work, then he/she currently lacks the maturity and discipline to improve). However, I have a great deal of experience in watching busy, capable people brush off an irritant as irrelevant, and forget about it until the issue has festered and spread to the point of an angry mob. And believe me, I know the bloody warning signs when I see them.

In any case, this is a stunt, if you will. Everything relating to public perception is. Summer is almost upon us, and we all remember what happened last summer. Seth needs a new spin for EQD, something fresh and engaging, and this could be it. Not to mention, seriously, this could be a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Obligatory Response 100589

Ion-Sturm!BoltiCNPTw 100592

File: 133601124363.png (463.44 KB, 500x872, 3c6.png)

Well, you started your second sentence off with a "but", which is only supposed to be used to connect two sentences. Furthermore, the second sentence is unnecessarily long-winded when a simple "Your writing needs to improve before this can be posted" would have sufficed. Add to this the irony of you calling the author on being rather verbose and you have a nasty case of the hypocrites.

More of a personal opinion, but you could have easily combined the "Missing commas" and "Misplaced commas" into one point on your list.

On the "Yes." He ran for the door" you have an extra quotation mark. I'm ignoring the lack of a period since it's in parenthesis, though. Also, you used "I.E.", which means "In other words." You should have used "E.G.", which stands for "For example."

You didn't put a period after your "ect".

Your point about Chrysalis not being named outright until halfway through the story is a tricky one. Without context I can't give a sure answer, but that could have been because the author did not want the reader to know it was Chrysalis until a certain point (E.G., she was disguised as a normal pony and the writer didn't want the reader to know, thereby building suspense).

In your "said-sisms" (which itself is strange word choice, but I'm ignoring it since I understand what your pre-reader lingo is implying) part, you said "but you have the problem of weigh every singly piece of dialogue is one." I'm afraid I can't quite parse your point from this since it seems like your brain went on a short-lived vacation for this sentence (which happens to the best of us, even me!).

Finally, in your closing comments, you said, "You MUST post in thread if you want a review." Besides the use of all-capitals, you seem to have forgotten the "the" between "in" and "thread". Alternatively, you could get away with not having "the" by hyphenating them, although that would be a rather ill-advised fix.

And so ends the Reviewception.


File: 133601128432.png (41.12 KB, 117x120, 132854609126.png)

 – "Pronouns used without a subject" doesn't make any sense. Pronouns have antecedents, not subjects. They often themselves are subjects. Some pronouns are always subjects: he, she, they.
 – Singular object "explanation" conflicts with verb "list".
 – "[Y]ou have the problem of weigh every singly piece of dialogue with [a speech tag]." I think you meant "weighing" and "single".

Alexstrazsa!!L0BQDmATMx 100594

1) That can be done on the same IRC network we use daily. We'll have to talk about it amongst ourselves.

2) We're trying to get one of these started up!

3) We'd have to talk to Seth about that. It's not guarenteed, but we can certainly try



> – Singular object "explanation" conflicts with verb "list".

So you're saying it should be "lists some explanation."

You're a silly one.


No, I'm saying it should be "list some explanations".

Ion-Sturm!BoltiCNPTw 100597

And here I go, reviewing my review of your review.
>Well, you started your second sentence off with a "but", which is only supposed to be used to connect two sentences.
Two subjects.


Awesome stuff, Seattle. If I might make an addition, could a actively-updated Gdocs queue, a la the TG's queue, be implemented? This would let writers know where their story currently stands in the queue, which should reduce the number of "Where's my story at?" questions as well as generally making them feel less powerless in the overall scheme of things.


File: 133601246773.jpg (13.03 KB, 450x225, phoenix-wright-versus-miles-ed…)

...Well, shit. After reading this thread, my brain can't even. I'll try to put down my two bits before my brain starts leaking.

Prereaders should review tough. Authors should write tough. Between these two conflicting forces, solid literature can bloom.
>Pic is relevant

Being conflicting during the review process does not preclude being friendly with each other, particularly in a setting such as this. Being tough is not mutually exclusive from being respectful. And I mean that for both sides.

Writers: "Who the heck do these prereaders think they are? I don't have to prove myself to them." They're members of the team whose website you're trying to get published on. If you can't be bothered to impress them, you clearly don't care about your readers either.

Prereaders: "I sincerely hope this never comes back... 0/5. Moon it hard." A hostile response like this better have heaps of evidence to support it. The last several prereader posts here feature totally respectful rejection letters.

Also, can we please stop acting surprised when we learn that the prereaders are human and fallible? Presumably, they are striving to do their jobs well, just as much as the authors are.

okay i think that's it bye

Anon the Anon 100607


Pav, that response to that story wasn't meant to be seen by the author. Seth accidentally sent that part.

Some criticisms 100609

I spent the day writing thousands of words why I don't go to EqD for fics to read anymore, and I threw them all out after deciding to focus on the core point.

EqD's fic division is an island of "pretty darn good" in a sea of mediocrity. I don't need to hear about the Blind Bags now on sale in Burkina Faso or waste screen space with the latest "Rarity is Best Pony" ghost-post. If gore and stupid aren't allowed in fics, why do they keep posting the .MOV series?

Anyway, I'm excited to see the new system this Friday. Greater independence can only be good for you.

But here's the biggest reason I don't go to EqD for fics any more:

I don't need to leave FiMFiction, and I don't want the auto-reject filter. I'm what Malcom Gladwell, in The Tipping Point calls a "maven:" I have a lot of experience, taste that's refined more than average, and skill for finding new things.

I did an experiment. I started with a random new-ish story on FiMFiction, read, the comments and looked at the favourites of people who sounded like other mavens. I then tried five promising fics.

One sucked, and I bailed after 203 words. One, the EqD feature "At Last I See the Light" started promising, but I dropped it at 2239 words for being boring. Two more EqD features were good, and new to me: "Sweetie's Letter," and "The Light in the Darkness."

The best of the five stories was "When nopony's looking..." by Celestial Brony. It is 1,935 words carefully chosen to show, not tell, an emotional moment, and is thus too short for EqD.

In the end, I spent 83% of my reading happy. In the EqD features, I spent 79% of my reading time happy. This isn't a fair test, but it illustrates two things:

- No recommendation system or reviewer will be good enough that I can put away my own critical thinking.
- I didn't really benefit from EqD's selectivity in this case. I benefited a lot more from knowing when to cut my losses and how to identify people to preread for me. This goes with being a maven, so it doesn't generalize to the general audience, of course

So, questions:

> Is there any chance of EqD dropping the 2500-word auto-fail rule? What purpose does it serve?

> Why do you feel compelled to send constructive feedback? I'm honestly flummoxed by this one; no real publisher tries to help every author who sends in a manuscript.

Ion-Sturm!BoltiCNPTw 100611

File: 133601429681.gif (676.43 KB, 245x221, 0d3.gif)

The fact that he spoke that way at all about it is still a problem, and it being a secret only makes it worse. Now all of your private conversations are going to be in question. This is besides the fact that the story was certainly not a 0/5 (even Cupcakes gets a point for elliciting such a reaction which, in the end, is what a story is supposed to do), and that saying as such implies the pre-reader in question does not give a damn, in which case he shouldn't be pre-reading.

1)The site barely has room for stories as-is, or so Seth has told me when I proposed stories get a bump every fifty-thousand words. However, I am of the beliefe that, should you submit several short stories as a single post, you get in. I don't remember where it is, but I believe a pre-reader said that isn't a valid option, which I whole-heartedly disagree with.

2)They aren't publishers, they're a filter. They're also human. I don't see why you're arguing against something that is actually helpful. When I read, I keep a mental checklist of things that are wonky. It doesn't take much time to write them down, yet knowing what works and what doesn't makes a huge difference to the writer as they try to spruce up their story. It pays dividends, and so it should remain.
Keep in mind that I'm only talking about general feelings to a story, though. Spending the time to mark their mistakes for them is a waste of their time.

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 100612

I think this is the first time I've ever heard the fact that we give responses as a bad thing. We'd get even more accusations of being silly and arbitrary if we didn't give them reasons why we weren't posting their stories.

As for story length, I'm not sure. We'd have to bring it up with the admins, since it's not something we set (as far as I knew).

Prereader Plot Device 100613

>Prereaders: "I sincerely hope this never comes back... 0/5. Moon it hard." A hostile response like this better have heaps of evidence to support it. The last several prereader posts here feature totally respectful rejection letters.

This was in a "Do Not Send" section of a review. While we try not to be complete jerks to authors, we DO give frank opinions to each other. Sometimes a "not quite there" story and review grabs the attention of a prereader and we, as individuals who happen to read and write a lot of fiction, take it upon ourselves to offer more assistance. Sometimes, a fic that looked promising is so bad that we do say things like "I hope this never comes back." We have opinions and share them.

We also tag our send and don't send sections. Seth (or someone else, it's opaque to us too) screwed up and sent the whole email. The prereader in question feels awful for the author. While we do hate some fics, we do not wish to discourage people from writing or trying to improve. No one starts off at the top.

Not all reviews are as thorough or well formatted as the posted ones. I would post one of my own as an example, but all of mine contain stuff that could readily identify the author and fic in question.

We have been begging for AGES to get a Q&Neigh where three of us at a time could field questions. Seth, Phoe, and Cereal have been reluctant to do it. It's their blog, email them and throw support behind this idea if you want it to happen. If we cannot get airtime on EqD, would you actually look at a totally serious tumblr where we would field questions? I would gladly answer them.

Random Info Time:
Seth says he gets 30 fics a day. On average, he rejects half w/o forwarding them to us. These could be fics that didn't follow the template, contained numerous typos and errors in the description, cover a banned subject, or just didn't sound like they would be interesting enough. Ok, no one had "hard" numbers before, but this should have been generally known.

Here is something you may not know. ONLY Fanfiction gets rejection notes. All other submissions to EqD are like as not to be dropped w/o any response. Seth doesn't even like fanfiction that much, but it gets special treatment. Music doesn't, videos don't, news doesn't. We could move to this system too, but I don't think anypony really wants that.


File: 133601548673.png (88.41 KB, 367x345, Bon Bon131499708855.png)

Oh, I'd love to hear a podcast done by pre-readers.

Daffodil 100619

>Internally, I suggest the adoption of a redundancy system for rejection.
Funny that you mention that, actually. We were recently discussing a redundancy system for acceptance.

That aside, I'm not sure how I feel about the separate IRC. Authors are already free to respond to us via email. I don't think that giving them another method of yelling at us is going to make things any better. In all honesty, I imagine that the IRC is going to turn into a shouting match within a few minutes of existing.

We've been talking about a podcast, though. We're waiting for the blogponies to give us their approval for that. If you want it to happen, you should probably send them an email and tell them you support a Pre-readers Q&Neigh.

Prereader Plot Device 100620

Again, it may not be fair, but the word limit is in place for a reason: to reject as many fics as possible before we have to review them. This is Word of Seth. We used to have NO minimum. Then something like 1000. Then 2000. It's now 2500.

Aside: The Light in the Darkness is fantastic. I remember when that went up. Good times.

I have yet to see a story that was amazing and under 2500 words where the author was not able to expand upon their work to meet our minimum. Two off the top of my head were Pinkie Watches Paint Dry and that fic about Twilight pranking everypony on halloween with a magic ghost. Both were initially too short (AA's was actually rejected because she wasn't the one who sent it, but it would have been had she left it at the 2250 or so it was.) Both did very well on EqD and were interesting to me, at least. Both were better after the edits, IMO.

Even FimFic has a word limit now: it's 1000 (well, 1001 due to an off by one error). Unlike EqD, they post 144 stories a day. Even at that rate, the ability of this fandom to churn out short tripe was overloading them. We do not have the manpower nor the infrastructure to handle that many fics. So we set an arbitrary limit which we occasionally move.

It is true; in the past we have posted multiple short works by the same author in one story post. I have not been informed of that changing. It is also true that we have rejected a lot of these. Sometimes (maybe twice?) one of the two+ stories is good, but the rest are not.



Get one of your math nerds to google "Wilson binomial confidence interval rating." (You're a group. On the Internet. You must have at least one.)

You can certainly do redundancy for rejection if you increase your rejection throughput. The time to justify rejections and provide feedback would, in my opinion, be better spent on multiple opinions.

And only thirty? That's like one per reader per day, isn't it? So you each read four or five at most (taking redundancy into account) and don't have to type up responses.

That's how I'd run it, at least. I had the impression you were a lot busier.

Ion-Sturm!BoltiCNPTw 100625

>We were recently discussing a redundancy system for acceptance.
I vote for MLD to be the test-run of this new system.
I still can't believe that story was accepted by several PRs. I have a laundry list of why it shouldn't have even gotten past [/i]Seth[i].

The IRC would greatly expediate the process, as well as making the pre-readers far more personable. Besides, if they had OP status, they could just boot any drama-mongers.

I don't see why you can't do a podcast anyways and just host it through this thread, or why you can't get it into the nightly. If he has room for every insignificant meet-up, he has room to post a weekly podcast.

Brace yourselves, the summer fics are coming. That idea may have to wait until after people stop flooding the inbox with new more content.

vimbert!23hC9EoLsg 100627

Oh, the summer fics are already here. For us, at least.

Also, I'm opposed to the IRC idea. Why? Well...

>points at #fic



>point at #fic

>points at #fic as well


What's the diagnosis, doc?

Then enforce a business-only ethos. Completely within your power to do so.


Oh lawdy, I've never posted in this kind of thread before. How do work?

Anyways, I am one of the pre-readers. I mostly just skimmed this thread, stopping to read a couple posts.

First off, I'd like to say that AnonPre-reader does not represent me in any way. I'm kinda pissed by that, because I think the exact opposite. I miss the days that we had friend-off events and 300 word story events. It was those that got me writing, and though most the work was crap, it was fun. And that's what writing should be. Fun. You should want to share your writing because you had fun writing it, you like the story, or any number of reasons. The number one reason I write is not for the fame, money, and ladies (those things just flock to me naturally). I write because it's fun. I stop writing when it stops being fun. I share the work that I like, and then burn everything else because if anyone ever saw it I'm be too embarrassed to function. It's perfectly normal, shut up.
Anyways, I'm starting to drift away from the point. Not that I really had one to begin with but - Nevermind. Anyways, I want people to keep on writing, whether or not you actually have talent. I know it's scary to submit to EquestriaDaily, especially when you hear about how malicious we are. But submit anyways. In all likelihood, your story will be rejected for any number of reasons. That's not a bad thing. Well, okay, it kinda is. But stop thinking about it being a bad thing. Think of it as groundwork for something greater. Take our comments, and the much more in depth help I'm told is offered here, and make your story better. Or go through and rewrite everything line by line. Your story should improve. If it doesn't, something's wrong.
That was a little long. All I'm saying is that you shouldn't be afraid to submit. Yeah, we'll probably tear it apart (I just realized I'm assuming all stories are terrible... Sorry!). In fact, we might end up saying something along the lines of: "Gott Curse, this story is the worst thing ever." But then you'll work on the story and make it tons better. Submit it again, pass through the filters, and get a solid 5 stars with 200 votes. Make us eat our words.
Okay, I just spent two paragraphs (maybe three?) saying the exact same thing. I'm just gonna jump on to the next point before I repeat myself again.

Second, I'd like to apologize for anyone who has received an exceptionally rude email. We do occasionally (that's the keyword) make very blunt (and rude) comments about the story. Those are supposed to be private. And before anyone says that we shouldn't do that at all, I'm just going to say, "Nope." We are not machines. We are allowed to have our own opinions. However, you shouldn't have to deal with our (rude!) opinions. You should only have to deal with the actual Dear Author email itself. So I'm sorry for anyone who was exposed to the darker side of emails.
And I just realized that by saying that, I pretty much said "We make fun of authors and hate them." And that is not true! I cannot stress enough how rare it is for us to make such rude comments about stories. We actually like a majority of what people send us. Yes, we'll gripe about a few things, but we don't make fun of stories or authors. Again, we are people and we have opinions, but we don't make fun of others. We're not (all) intentionally rude. And if I may continue to repeat myself, prove us wrong. Not about us not being rude. Please, for the love of all that is good, don't prove me wrong about that. But if you do get a rude email (ie, "Let's hope this never returns") edit and send it back. Show that pre-reader that you can write well, and that you have a good story. Make us eat our words.

Third, I don't know if this was an issue brought up, but I have noticed that people accuse us of selecting and rejecting fics based on our opinions. And that's not true. I won't deny that our opinions play an influence, but we won't reject a fic simply because we don't like a style or characterization. Each pre-reader is different, but we tend to focus on the major points: technical issues, show vs. tell, OOCness, et cetera. We will not reject a fic because we don't like a style - I just said that, didn't I? Welp, I guess I've already mentioned that I repeat myself, so please forgive that. Anyways, to give you an example:
We received a fic (that shall remain unnamed) that seemed interesting. And it was. But I absolutely despised the author's characterization of Fleur. I let the story rest for a day before sending the email. The fic was rejected, but not because I disliked the characterization. The fic was rejected because there were numerous grammatical flaws and it was mostly dialogue and telly bits. I did mention that author's Fleur bothered me, but the story was interesting despite, and that was only a minor point. (I would paste the email, but I we haven't heard back yet. Don't worry, I didn't eat him. He's just working on it)
Another example: I reviewed a fic that I despised (again, it shall be unnamed). But I couldn't actually see anything wrong with it. It just wasn't my kind of a story. So I asked for another opinion. The other pre-reader loved it. I believe it got recommend for posting.
So yes, our opinions do play in to whether or not we like a story, but they don't really play into whether or not a story is posted. We follow a set of standards. Does that mean that a well written but simply boring story will automatically be posted? No. But there's about 30 pre-readers, each with different tastes. It's highly unlikely that a story will bore all of us.

Fourth, I wanna talk about the process a little more. Well specifically, how we handle stories after reviewing them. There's about five different decisions we can reach. They all have special codenames, but since I don't know whether I should post them or not, and since they seem to change, I'm going to give them all new codenames:
Post - Stories that should be posted.
Orbit - Stories that have very minor problems, but still aren't up to snuff. We give these a once-over when they come back to make sure that it's still good, and that they made the few edits.
Space - SPAAAAACE. A majority of the stories we get this. These are stories that need a lot of work before they can be posted. It seems that we usually have to tell authors to focus on being more showy or on basic grammar. If a story gets a strike, it's been spaced.
Burn - These are stories we should never have gotten in the first place. A lot of them are autoburned before we get them, so we don't see too much porn. But stories can be burned for other reasons, like reaching all three strikes and having made absolutely no progress.
Second Opinion - If we feel we're not able to review a story fairly, or if we're on the fence on rejecting a fic, we'll ask for someone else to offer an opinion or review the story entirely.

Alright, I know I had something else I wanna say, but I've been typing for a long time now, and I should be doing other things like homework. I don't really ever browse ponychan (I only found this because I was linked to it), so if you have questions for me specifically I'd prefer if you emailed me or asked me questions on tumblr.
Email: hawkysu@gmail.com
Tumblr: hawkysu.tumblr.com

I have no idea if that helped or even contributed to the conversation. And if it didn't, well... Hopefully you didn't waste too much (if any) time reading it.

Also, I apologize to any fellow pre-readers who feel I don't represent the process or us very well. So I'm just gonna say that all of this only represents my thoughts, and not EqD or other pre-readers. Also, sorry for, more or less, asking people to send awful stories. Feel free to lock me in a closet.


And the intensity of conversation seems to have died down in the ten minutes (okay, okay. Hour) it took me to write that.



Thank you for this, it really makes me feel more at ease.

As I said in my previous post, I got a bit irritated and discouraged at my first few rejections, mainly because I was a new fic writer and I thought my work was awesome, but I quickly got over that.

I will admit, my main worry before I got on EqD was "Will I get the right pre-reader? Will he/she like my style?" I thought that I had to get lucky to get a story posted. I'm glad to know that PRs try to not let their subjective opinions get in the way (not to be confused with objective problems with the story, such as mechanics, show vs tell, etc.)

Although, I wish that PRs would let authors know when their story has been "orbited." Case in point: my story that got posted. My pre-reader didn't tell me that the story would be posted after making minor edits and putting subjective polish on it. His only advice was "try to condense the story." That was it.

I will admit, I wanted to give up trying to get on EqD at that point. This was a story I had received two positive, constructive reviews on from TTG. As I said, I put a TON of work into it before submitting. Compared to the amount of polish I had put on my previous stories, this one was as shiny as a diamond. And the PR was telling me to condense it? Since I didn't know the story had technically been approved and he was just bouncing it for just a bit more polish, I felt hopeless. I couldn't possibly make the story shorter without losing some of its message. I would essentially have to re-write the whole thing to make it shorter. This was the point where I thought "what's the point of submitting if there's a good chance the story will get rejected based on PR opinion?" I was so distraught that I essentially moped into the old ask a PR thread, only to be told my story had been approved and that the edits were up to me.

If my PR just would have been clear that the story was accepted, and that his suggestions were purely subjective and up to me, I wouldn't have gone through that entire ordeal.

Like I said, your post has assuaged many of my concerns, but I do think PRs do need to be a bit clearer on what issues they have with a story are actual problems, versus issues that are purely subjective. It could save other authors a lot of stress. I do keep an open mind when it comes to subjective suggestions, but ultimately I want to write the story I want to write. It's easy to fix mechanical problems, and although it takes time, show versus tell is also fixable. However, subjective issues with stories, like the issue my PR had with my story concerning its length/content, aren't easily fixable, especially if an author is completely set in the content of his story. The author will just give up if he feels like he has to compromise his work to get on EqD. By making it clear which suggestions are objective versus which are subjective, this would not only save authors a lot of stress, but also keep them motivated to work on their story knowing they don't have to compromise their work in order for it to get posted.

Wow. Long post. I hope I didn't come across as whiny or overly critical. This is just an honest concern before I knew any better.

And yay, I hope I didn't open a can of worms concerning the whole "objective versus subjective suggestions" thing.

Anonymous 100648

File: 133602816448.png (89.24 KB, 1450x709, Capture.png)


This prereader, reporting in. Figured I'd post the sort of rejection letter that I send.


File: 133602857262.png (74.92 KB, 654x750, v2b3M.png)

I guess you could say that if you actually pointed out any substantial inaccuracies. And it was supposed to be funny. I think you missed the joke. Or maybe it wasn't funny.

...Now I'm rambling worse than you.

Cassius isn't an op in #fic.

A public IRC for the pre-readers is a bad idea for the reasons already given. However, there ought to be a direct line of communication to the pre-readers. I don't know if this already exists, but I'm sure it doesn't need to be said that Seth acting as an intermediary in non-submissions is pointless.

>Looks up "Wilson score interval"
>article below it on Wikipedia is the "Clopper-Pearson interval"
Anyway, if I'm understanding this right, by using this we'd be comparing our confidence in a decision from one pre-reader against two, i.e., determining how much better getting a second opinion is, to decide if allocating more resources to a second opinion is a good idea. Seems like a smart idea, really.

We just need the numbers (real numbers) on what the observed rejection ratio is.


Just to expand on the need for a direct line of communication and answer the inevitable "This thread?" response: You have a large number of people posting anon, and there's probably a good number of people who don't wish to ask their questions publicly (for whatever reason, probably if the question is specific to their case). Consider the option of a pre-reader email account for answering questions.


It was supposed to be funny. You know, in case the bits about brain vacations, lame Inception jokes and other half-hearted attempts at humour weren't apparent. The ninja'd was just me beating you to the punch of making a funny a few seconds before you did.

I never said anything about him being an OP in #fic. I said that the pre-readers would be OPs in their IRC, so kicking trouble-makers wouldn't be an issue.


Lastly, I'm not sure if you guys already do this, but I'd suggest adding a footer of some kind to your responses with links to things like this thread, TTG, The Omnibus, and any other resources that the submitting authors might be interested in.

Anonymous 100653


See, that's a good idea right there.

Anonymous 100654

File: 133603193496.jpg (149.91 KB, 786x1017, not_so_patriotic_discord_by_th…)

I... wow.

I have never understood, and still do not understand, why the kerfuffle over the PR attitude. From the very beginning, the role of prereaders in the Equestria Daily blog has been to divide the labor that Seth once did all on his own: to read lots and lots of fanfics, and decide which ones were "good enough" to post. Equestria Daily is, and always has been, a news site for showcasing noteworthy creations of the community. Why shouldn't they take pride in denying an audience of >100 pageviews per minute to the umpteenth fic about whatever insipid, contrived cliché that this fandom is well-known for, or a story that is riddled with so many errors as to make most bronies worry so much about how it might reflect badly on the community for its lack of proficiency in the English language that they cannot possibly find any joy in reading it? It's what they signed up for, after all, and it's nonsense to suggest anything near the notion that they should try to be amicable to every author as though they were running a day care center. I get the very real impression that they wish they could, but just don't have the time or patience to do so, but moreover, that they've tried doing so before only to be met with little to no gratitude, or even stubborn/egotistical backlash.

Anonymous 100655

If I were interested in "applying" to be a pre-reader, I shoot Seth an email including qualifications and whatnot via the standard submit@equestriadaily.com address correct?

Drakmire!n0oceQwEvY 100656


I'm of two minds on the whole subjective suggestion bit.

On one hand, I was in that same position when I submitted my last story (before I became a pre-reader). It got bounced back to me with a note that it needed a light editing sweep and that parts of it needed a bit more fleshing out. I dragged a friend back through it with me, we did the editing sweep (one word. ONE word out of place), and then left the rest as-is. My PR made it clearly known that any changes I made would be accepted at face value and that the story would be added to the queue upon my response, so I suppose I have that up on you. Your PR slacked on that front, and you have my apologies on his behalf. In short, other than mechanical problems, I essentially ignored my PR's advice. I imagine that they wouldn't be pleased to see me flaunting this fact, but even now, I don't actually know who reviewed my story, so I have to hope they don't frequent Ponychan : P

However, I feel it's worth mentioning that I had four reviewers for my story before I ever submitted it, two of whom have 6-star fics, one has a high 5, and a different subset of two devote almost all of their free time reviewing stories in a semi-professional context.

As a result, I was pretty confident that my prose was good. Apparently my audience thought so too, since the story hit six even with the sad and bittersweet tags. This has a point; I promise I'm not just tooting my own horn.

In your situation, while I can certainly understand the desire to hold onto as much of your story as you can in the way you wrote it (barring mechanical problems, of course), I do have to disagree with marking out subjective suggestions as purely optional, and here's where it gets into "do as I say, not as I do."

If you're just learning grammar, you're going to get scolded for breaking the rules. If you're fluent in your prose and confident in your style, you're going to know when you can break the rules and do so in a way that enhances your writing rather than diminishes it. This is just for illustrative purposes; I'm not trying to imply that you have grammar issues.

If you're a first-time/budding author who isn't putting out amazing work naturally, it would behoove you to take to heart the advice offered to you by those with more experience. Almost every one of the pre-readers is a published author, some with amazing work of their own, some with a very thorough understanding of successful story construction, and some with both.

The roundabout point here (seriously, this is why my long adventure fic never seemed to end) is that if a story is getting bounced into Orbit (as Hawkysu put it), it's worth giving as much thought and consideration into any suggestion offered as if it had been Spaced instead (which requires a formal review).

Orbiting a story is a good-faith effort on our part to ensure a promising tale doesn't languish in an overburdened TTG queue for weeks, waiting for fixes that are well within the capability of the author to perform on his own. In a way, every Orbit ends up being just a list of suggestions. As I said before, you could ignore even the mechanical errors and resubmit without changing anything, or change vast amounts of it without warning. It's automatically getting added to the queue, after all, so it's not like we can stop you, right?

That aside, I want to emphasize that we *want* the story to do well, and any suggestions we offer are based on experience, not whim or a desire to shape your story into our image of it.

I'll be honest here: responses like yours (and mine above for my own fic, hypocritical me) make me want to be less helpful in my pre-reader persona, and be more heavy-handed with Spacing things instead of giving authors the benefit of the doubt and Orbiting them.

Although I'm somewhere in the middle ground between Hawkysu's position and anon-pre-reader's, I'm slowly gravitating towards the cold, professional side of things. Even with all this discussion on that point, I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Anonymous 100668

Is there any way to request someone take a look at a story that got approved on the strength of the first chapter, but has since descended into being shit?

midnight shadow 100669

I don't sling mud much, but I intensely disliked derpy's diary. I think there has been exactly two "diary" fics that have gone up that I liked. Derpy's Diary wasn't one of them. No offence, it was loved to bits on hugfiction and I believe it was relatively liked on hugquestria daily, but I thought it was pants. It was staid, boring and derivative. Unfortunately, I got outvoted.

I don't know where this "best of the best" comes from, because it's not. It's fics which are well-written "enough" by an author with dedication "enough" to follow through.

Unfortunately, it means we get a lot of things that I think are "meh" and, opinions being like arseholes in that everybody has one, others think are fan-effing-tastic.

Trying to aim for "best of the best" just isn't possible, partly because of said differing opinions. Frankly, with the butthurt I see from some commenters here about us being simultaneously too easy/elitist/obscure, I think we're doing about right.

Should we raise that bar? I keep talking about it, doesn't seem to be happening.

so, EqD is a community spotlight, just like it's always been. Write something original and engaging and you've got a better chance. Otherwise it's pot luck which reviewer you get.

I do note with wry humour that plenty of mouthy folk won't deign to be pre-readers. Not sure why, if they're of the opinion they do it well enough.

there are other fics I intensely disliked, one of which is teh mostest bestest fic evar!!!11 which I wouldn't piss on the only manuscript of if it were on fire. Such is life.

Alexstrazsa!!L0BQDmATMx 100670

Exactly. On the complete flip side, I actually liked Derpy's Diary. I thought it was cute, and written how Derpy would have actually written it. It had strike-outs, smiley faces and little pictures, which is exactly what I would expect from a personal diary.



I still don't see how an IRC would be such a big trouble if you can ban people.

I just want to point to the Samurai who seem to be the only one /fic/ intelligensia (I misspelled that, didn't I) who thinks otherwise at this point.

Whiteout!uuBIYhrRlY 100675


You and me both, Mids. Half of why I don't just volunteer is that apparently my opinion on what is retarded and should be used to wipe Ursa Major ass, then buried in an unmarked grave differs from others.



I didn't want to imply that authors simply ignore subjective suggestions. My apologies if I came across that way. I understand that PRs have much more experience in writing than I do and mean only the best when they make recommendations.

Perhaps I should've made it more clear that I DID go back over the story several times with condensing in mind. I went over several borderline passages (even an entire brief flashback) and thought to myself: "What am I trying to say with this story? Does this passage help contribute to my message? Could it be trimmed?" I did end up trimming about 100 words, so there's that. But since it's my story, and I know it better than anyone else, I felt a large majority of its content was necessary.

Again, I'm sorry if I came across as overly stubborn. That was not my intent. I just wanted to say that some changes that PRs recommend can go directly against an author's style, and that's something that can be difficult to go against if an author hasn't been writing for super long. Personally, I'm trying to become a bit more flexible in my style and prose, but it's a slow process.

It does make sense that PRs bounce fics for one more round of polish instead of just accepting the final product. A story can be looked at a thousand times and still be improved. So I understand where you're coming from.



Gah. Guess I forgot to add one thing.

So yes, I do understand if you don't want it to make it explicitly clear that a story is going to be posted regardless of whether changes will be made or not. As you said, this is essentially giving an author a free pass to be lazy if he knows his work has been accepted.

Thanks again. I promise I will keep an open mind when it comes to PR suggestions, rather than just brushing them off as opinions that don't require my consideration (not that I did that in the first place).

9nine9!Nines/5j6w 100693

We... are planning something like that. I'm not really sure how much we can say though...

Anonymous 100696

If I had a story ready to be submitted, would you recommend that I do it right away, or should I wait until Friday instead?

CloudCover 100699

As an inexperienced and fairly awful writer, I'd love a podcast by knowledgeable people.

Also, with the summer influx of fics incoming, will there be an appreciable raising of standards?

Daffodil 100700

I'd say submit it now.

Maybe. Depends on how bad the flood is. As of right now, the queue is pretty manageable.

Alexstrazsa!!L0BQDmATMx 100702

I just wanted to leave a note here that Seth is considering closing fanfiction submissions for a day or two when we convert over to the new system.


What's this about a new system, now?

Alexstrazsa!!L0BQDmATMx 100705

We're changing up the way submissions are being handled. There should be a post going up about it tomorrow.


Hey, has the idea of requiring submitters to show proof of review ever been considered?

Like, in order to submit they must also show a link of someone who pointed out their mistakes and stuff? That way, you know they did more than just wake up one morning, had something stuck in them, and then off they went all over their word document, then submitted it.

It would literary take no effort from your part to see that, and if the newcomer can't be bothered, that's his problem. Well, everything is his problem as you guys have clearly stated, but this will help you guys stop having to deal with as much crap.

Ion-Sturm!BoltiCNPTw 100708

>Why shouldn't they take pride in denying
>It's what they signed up for
No, they signed up to help the site, not belittle people that came to it. If someone did do it for that reason, then they shouldn't be a pre-reader. Can they take pride in a job well done? Sure. Should they take pride in denying an author's request for publication? Absolutely not. That sort of system would require one party to be hurt for the other one to feel good about themselves, and that's no way to go about this at all.

I think they already do that here via the /fic/ reviewers.


From what I've seen, some pre-readers ask for links to /fic/ reviews for rejections.

Alexstrazsa!!L0BQDmATMx 100710

Yeah, we already do this, depending on the severity of the issues. Usually it's not that bad, though.


File: 133606526192.jpg (138.22 KB, 1600x1200, DSC01066.jpg)

I'm suddenly filled with thoughts about a student being sent home with a note for his mom to sign about him failing a test and having to study for the rewrite.

Daffodil 100714

>No, they signed up to help the site, not belittle people that came to it.
No one ever said we belittle the people that come to us for publication. Putting words into someone's mouth doesn't really work when the text is right there, Sturm.

As the anonymous pre-reader said: We do not exist to help fics get onto EqD, we exist to keep them off. That's our job, and there's nothing wrong with taking pride on a job well done. We can be civil to authors and still feel good about rejecting their work.

Ion-Sturm!BoltiCNPTw 100715

I didn't say you did. However, his wording implied the purpose was to reject authors, not ensure quality stories. It's a matter of wording, since they both accomplish the same thing, but one has positive connotations and the other is negative.



I already do this. I made a nice copypasta for any pre-reader who wants to link to the TG or otherwise to use. I might make one for EZN's guide in the future.


Thank you for understanding.


There are supposedly no openings, but you're welcome to try. E-mail the blog ponies directly.


I'm not sure what you're saying. Better to get a reviewer to look at it instead of a pre-reader though.


Hard to tell.


We already do this.


>I still don't see how an IRC would be such a big trouble if you can ban people.

I remember myself, Dem, Filler, and I saying that exact same thing about #ttg. We're not making an IRC to field questions; we are not customer support. People tend to forget that all these things: the reviews, this thread, the editing help, the redirects to PC, etc. are all niceties that the position is not required to do, yet we do it anyways, with endless ranting about the semantics thereof as our reward. None of the other types of content on EqD have this type of quality assistance. As shown by Applejinx in the last thread, you don't get jack when you send in a picture, music, video, etc and are not considered worthy for posting. People also tend to forget that this is not a fullt-ime job where we have time to devote countless hours to fielding the same five questions over and over again due to a lacking in submissions guidelines and blogpony mismanagement of e-mails. Sometimes, with all the pointless bickering over these sorts of things, I wish we didn't have thing like these because they're more trouble than they're worth.

>ending the rant, answering the question

So no, I don't feel like it's an obligation of the pre-readers to provide an IRC, nor do I feel if implemented it would do any good; it would only be more weight and work for us with little payoff.


>No, they signed up to help the site, not belittle people that came to it.

Do we give out awards for ironic statements? I don't want to seem like a poor sport, but christ, man.

Disregarding that little bit and paying attention to what you're saying, you know me. I don't know who you're pointing your finger at. Who is this mysterious pre-reader that hates authors so much that his only goal in life is to reject people who deserve their post?

Ion-Sturm!BoltiCNPTw 100720

Do as I say, not as I do ^_^.
The difference is you're in a position of power, I'm here because I'm here. You have a responsibility, and as such, are held to a higher standard.

I do wish you'd read through all of my posts ( >>100715 ).

>I'm not sure what you're saying. Better to get a reviewer to look at it instead of a pre-reader though.
He's asking whether a story that has gotten significantly worse in terms of writing quality can be taken off the site. Most writers only get enough reviews to get their initial chapter onto EqD, then simply coast without a damn about quality assurance since there's nothing there to stop them.

Anonymous 100734


I don't feel good when I reject all authors, just when I reject BAD authors, more specifically bad authors who don't have any intention of getting better. I love rejecting them, I love when they get angry about it, and I love when they complain about getting rejected.

Good authors, on the other hand, I like. I don't like rejecting work from authors that are clearly trying quite hard and are improving, but I do it anyway. There's no pleasure in that, just duty.

I HATE rejecting things from great authors. I had to be the one to reject Device Heretic's So Be It for being outside of content guidelines. I love that fic and wish it could have been posted, but it could not. I constantly complain about the fact that EqD can't publish Romance Reports. I don't think it's fair that we post so much mediocre stuff but can't post one of the best fics of the fandom because it has clop. I understand why that is, and in Seth's position I probably would have made the same call, but from where I'm sitting I can bitch about it impotently all I like.

When I had more time and before I became a pre-reader, I helped out with the Writers' Training Ground group on DA, and provided a lot of constructive criticism. The members of that group were writers who were trying to get better, and I respect that, and I enjoyed helping them. Unfortunately, my schedule no longer permits that.

I do not take pleasure in rejecting writers. I take pleasure specifically in rejecting writers who didn't try, don't care, never learned, can't be bothered, refuse to improve, and yet still think that the pre-readers owe them something. Writers who think that we should hold their hand and guide them into exposure. When a writer submits to Equestria Daily, it implies that either they think their work is on par with that of some of the best writers in the fandom, or at least good enough that hundreds or thousands of people should take time out of their days to read it. When they don't even have the common decency to get an editor to go over their work and correct things like using 'there' instead of 'they're' or not capitalizing names or any other absolutely basic errors before they submit it, it seriously pisses me off. Not only is it wasting my time, it's insulting to the dozens of authors in this fandom who put monumental effort into their works and deliver extremely high-quality fics to their readers. I feel good when I reject fics like that, because to some small degree I've defended the fanfiction readers of Equestria daily and honored the good authors of this fandom.


>The problem is that there's only one thread for synopses reviews here on /fic/, and its reviews are...sporadic.
Ha, ha... yeah. My hope for that thread was that more people would join in, like a mini-TG, but that didn't quite work out. So instead I pop, like, once a month to clean out the queue, and then I vanish again. Not ideal.

On the plus side, the queue's been cleared now. So, um, yeah.


Hmm, I can understand that.

I suppose I should practice what I preach and review some of them next time.

Anonymous 100739


I posted one of my rejection letters, so you don't have to refer to me as anonymous prereader. It's no secret that I'm Ebon Mane (Prereader E).



If I was a PR, this would be my exact same attitude.

Writing is a craft. It requires time and effort to improve just like any other talent. If someone isn't willing to put work into a story, then I wouldn't feel bad in rejecting that person either.

Seattle_Lite!C6/9YiYc6I 100745

File: 133607723089.png (192 KB, 1000x1179, 130275539760.png)

Could have sworn I'd put in both in my post, re-reading it however, I apparently forgot to add Acceptance as well. I should be lashed.

Okay, sure. That was a suggestion formulated before understanding #fic was essentially a beta test for just that. If that's indeed the case, then good, scratch that one off. Though I have to say, it was a poor test run seeing as it lacked the crucial component of visibility, a public push via EQD.

Now, granted you lot are probably on the same page here, but just to clarify: I'm not just talking about a static and (generally banal) podcast here. I'm talking about a live BlogTalkRadio show, where-in listeners can call in on the air, a chat function is featured for discussion and questions, with the whole thing post-able after the fact in the form of a podcast archive. This thing would be quite dynamic and engaging, and we have so much source material in this fandom (focusing on the literary aspect alone), that the features, topics, discussion and themes would be so easy to keep entertaining, fresh, and interesting that even Twist could pull it off.

>EQD and Seth
Okay, this is the aspect I'm currently finding most troublesome. Given all the information I've been able to infer, and by all means correct me if I'm wrong (I rather hope I am), but Seth seems bound and determined to shoot himself in the foot here. How is it that he doesn't recognize an expansion of EQD's program is a boost to the site itself? Why on earth would the blogpony-triumverate feel threatened by accommodating the expanding media interests of a large portion of the demographic that keeps EDQ alive? Especially given that an initiative like this, effectively executed and with just a nudge of popular support, would take off. Would EQD rather be the impetus of this, or see one of its competitors do it?
I simply must be missing something here, and that feeling irritates me.
A little help?

Daffodil 100748

>Okay, this is the aspect I'm currently finding most troublesome.
You and me both, brother.

>Given all the information I've been able to infer, and by all means correct me if I'm wrong (I rather hope I am), but Seth seems bound and determined to shoot himself in the foot here.
It's not intentional, but that seems to be the inevitable outcome. He's doing what he thinks is best for EqD.

>How is it that he doesn't recognize an expansion of EQD's program is a boost to the site itself? Why on earth would the blogpony-triumverate feel threatened by accommodating the expanding media interests of a large portion of the demographic that keeps EDQ alive?
Because every time he changes anything (even something as insignificant as the banner) he gets hatemail about it. Because of this, he doesn't like changing things unless it's absolutely necessary. It took more than two months to convince him that the pre-readers can handle forwarding our own mail (which we will start doing on Friday, among other things).

>Especially given that an initiative like this, effectively executed and with just a nudge of popular support, would take off. Would EQD rather be the impetus of this, or see one of its competitors do it?
I simply must be missing something here, and that feeling irritates me.
Join the club. If you want something to change, send him an email. Make your voice heard. We're doing all we can, but he has an obligation to the readers. If all he gets are negative emails, that's all he's going to listen to.


Flinching is... no way to run anything. There are people out there who actually enjoy writing hatemail just to write hatemail. I'm one of them - it's just that I'm doing my best to not send it.

I believe that when an idea's time has come, it will emerge in multiple minds at roughly the same time. Individuals aren't unique enough to prevent this from happening. So, let me turn my cards face-up and tell you what I was thinking about last weekend, before things got heated here.

FiMFiction has a new feature called "Groups." It's still really immature. The biggest thing the community is using it for is as a kind of hash-tag: you post a story to "Friendshipping" or "Shipping" or such, and all the group members get a notification.

It's possible to lock a group so that only approved members can post stories. There's also a group web-page, a *chan-ish message board, and subtags for stories.

So far, there is only one showcase I'm aware of. But the basic framework is there. And as I thought about this, I realized that the stage is set for ponydom to develop lit journals. Not stuffy, formal ones, but...

We've talked about it before on /fic/. EqD doesn't fill the role. Pony Fiction Archive is a forerunner, but it's a one-man project with a slow update schedule. And if I feel the hunger, there's a pretty good bet that others do, too.

I mean "journals" plural. There should be at least two of this kind of thing for reasons of friendly rivalry and the human instinct towards tribalism.

Fast forward to this conversation. It reminded me that I used to like fiction posts on EqD. I especially liked the PR comments. They said to me "another human being got excited about this story." I guess Seth didn't like the controversy they sometimes caused (that tends to happen when people have opinions). I hear an attitude (and I'm putting words in mouths here) that EqD's prereading process exists to be objective

A story cannot be good without touching another human being. Thus asking for "objective" quality in one - or any work of art - is to create a false dichotomy. I humbly submit that, if reading feels like a job to you, you are doing it wrong. Please take care of yourselves first, and do whatever you do as a labor of love.

Like I said before, I'm really excited for the big announcement tomorrow (like "new episode!" excited). My speculation is changes enabling a more opinionated and passionate fiction division. Wouldn't that be cool?


File: 133609307522.png (1.39 MB, 1985x1200, morning_muffin_by_chimicherryc…)

I suspected that might be the case... Since I already mentioned that the blogponies being human, I won't belabor the point. Luckily, said author seems willing to get back on the saddle and undergo massive editing (both self and TTG), so hopefully there's no lasting damage.


>>Too many PR posts to link
>"We're going to block bad fics (as much as possible), and we won't care about bad writers who make no effort to improve themselves, but we do sincerely hope that writers will strive to improve and grow."
I can't fully communicate how reassuring this is, to see that this attitude is prevalent among most of the prereaders. While I am still quite awful at all things involving words, my prereaders can attest that I am much less badder than I was when I first entered the scene. I wouldn't be where I am now if I had been hugboxed, nor if doors had been rudely shut in my face.


Muffins to you.


Got a little question about Show versus Tell if you don't mind.

Is it a good idea to try and 'show' character dialogue and/or character actions during or after the dialogue? This is something that has been pawing at my writing center for quite some time now and it has affected my current view of 'Show vs. Tell' by jostling it with the need to either 'show character actions that are happening outside of dialogue' or 'show character actions that are a part of a piece of dialogue'.

If none of that made sense, here's a short example of what I'm talking about:

"I don't know." said Twilight while she shrugged her shoulders.

Every time I look at this little sentence, I feel as if it is the most awkward piece of dialogue I have ever seen. From my standpoint, it looks like it's showing enough information to the reader for them to understand what is happening while Twilight is speaking, but from the standpoints of others (reviewers on FIMFiction) it looks awkward in every way. It's a simple action happening during the dialogue, but the question as to whether or not pieces of dialogue like these 'tells' instead of 'shows' remains unanswered.

Care to help a confused author out?


File: 133609365983.png (195.39 KB, 801x954, 132873464570.png)

> No, they signed up to help the site, not belittle people that came to it. If someone did do it for that reason, then they shouldn't be a pre-reader.
You completely misunderstand me. Sure, the opportunity to deny authors broader exposure for their work is a disagreeable motivation on its own. However, you cannot deny that turning down authors is a very significant and essential duty of pre-reading, and that is what I meant by "that's what they signed up for." Furthermore, if a prereader (rightly) recognizes the act of putting the kibosh on something not worthwhile as a necessary part of their duties, and isn't ashamed of it, that means that they have a spine, not necessarily that they're fulfilling their duties as prereaders with ulterior motives.

I hope that clears things up.


Okay, let's poke the elephant in the room here. The blogponies, Seth in particular, are in serious need of gonads (it works for all genders!). They are wonderful, huggable people but as EqD continues on and gains ever more visitors, it's starting to become more and more apparent that they don't have the guts to say "This is good for you fandom. Kick and scream now, but you'll thank me for it later."

I mean look at how long it took to make the decision to change the blog's comment system or now to change the pre-reading process. Both of these things (and many more) were in sore need of change a long time ago but only now are being changed because the one's holding the reigns are afraid of the influx of negativity they get every time something changes.

Two things: first of all, this is the internet. Hatemail due to change is, and will always be, a given. Secondly, everyone has been accepting of all the changes made at EqD throughout its history. There's never once been a mass exodus due to a change. What's more, it's all pretty much been embraced after a short period of time, which makes sense, they were all necessary for the evolution of the site.

So with this is mind, why so slow? EqD has no competition. Fans can whine and complain all the want at any changes made, but they'll keep coming back in the end. Use that power!

Or not...

Is it just me or are we starting to see more foot shooting lately? If the blogponies don't start implementing change that common sense indicates is a good idea soon, then we'll start to see some competition. It'll be born out of necessity and then EqD will have a conundrum on its hands.

Interesting thing is, competition is usually a good thing. So... maybe this isn't even a complaint?

Daffodil 100801

>"I don't know." said Twilight while she shrugged her shoulders.

A bit awkwardly phrased (I'd just say "Twilight said, shrugging.") but not telling. Telling is more: "I don't know." Twilight said casually. Having her body language reflect her tone is fine as far as showing goes.



Thanks for the reply!

So, 'showing' usually applies to character actions or the setting of the story by being more descriptive? I can flow with that now that my heart stopped clenching itself every time I look at my own written dialogue sequences.

I came here in the first place because the Omnibus only described what showing looks like when describing a setting or a certain scene instead of a piece of dialogue. Sounds like something to add onto there don't you think? :)


"I don't know." Twilight shrugged her shoulders. "It seems the problem is intractable. Spike, do we have a copy of Punctuating Dialog for Dummies someplace around here?"

If you pair action with dialog consistently, the reader won't even notice the lack of dialog tags. Your dialog should also be strong enough to inspire the readers imagination. Only use actions to attribute and as a proof* that the characters are acting.

*proof = a detail that serves to surprise the reader by showing them something unexpected - and which thus "proves" the reality of the fictional world.

At least, that's how I see it. I'm not particularly good at it, in my opinion. The Wind Thief by Cold in Gardez would be a good fic to imitate.


I can't imagine competition threatening EqD's popularity. I don't think they would want to, either. Would you want the hate mail, immature OMGPONY!, Derpy snit-fits, starbombing, and other Fan Dumb that would come with unseating EqD?


I think the Omnibus overcomplicates the matter. Showing often takes up more space than telling, but that's not the difference. Observe.

>Twilight was embarrassed.
>Twilight blushed.

The first one's tell, the second one's show. One easy way to trim telling is to avoid using adverbs, especially in speech tags—if you can get tone across with a physical action, that's best. Barring that, a non-"said" verb is usually better than an adverb. From the Elements of Style: write with nouns and verbs, not adjectives and adverbs. Don't describe a thing; just give us the thing itself.

Do be warned: don't use non-"said" verbs just to avoid using "said." No "stated"s, "vocalized"s, or "spoke"s, and if you try to use "asseverated" I will hunt you down and strangle you.

Raharu(awayfromcomputeranddoesnotknowtrip) 100810

I have a question.

It seems like the submission process is very bogged down and difficult for you guys to maintain. Why do you guys opt for one email for all types of submissions? e.g. PMVs go to the same place as fanfics. It seems like it would be easier if you guys separated each type of submission into a different email. I have submitted multiple things, and sometimes I do not receive a response at all.

Daffodil 100814

>It seems like it would be easier if you guys separated each type of submission into a different email.
Wait 'til tomorrow.

>I have submitted multiple things, and sometimes I do not receive a response at all.
That's intentional. According to Seth, only fics get responses.



>>Don't describe a thing; just give us the thing itself.

Are you telling me to apply this towards character dialogue? If so, then my nightmares would be over. :)

>>Do be warned: don't use non-"said" verbs just to avoid using "said."

So, it's better to simply use "said" instead of other words such as the words you listed?

Ion-Sturm!BoltiCNPTw 100816

Variety is the spice of life. "Said" is a nice, neutral word that the reader's eyes glaze over, but you also lose tha ability to set the tone. However, putting too many different speech terms makes the story unwieldy. Balance is the key.


File: 133609736620.jpg (17.2 KB, 476x400, 130226772498.jpg)


Thank you! Now, with a whole level of fear banished from my writing soul, I can confidently write dialogue without fear. :)


>That's intentional. According to Seth, only fics get responses.

Well, I have submitted videos, and it says in the video section that "rejections will receive a reply", but so far I have submitted two videos that have not received any reply and one that has been accepted. I have read some of the comments in PMV threads, too, and it seems like others are having the same issue.

If it is intention to ignore videos, then you guys should change the submission page to reflect that. Personally though, I would much rather receive a rejection and a short explanation as to why. I imagine that people will resubmit their videos if one is not received.

Thanks for the reply. I know this isn't a fanfic issue.


File: 133610146478.png (72.77 KB, 921x378, endings email 2.png)

< That's the email I sent in. I'm not sure what I'm messing up on...
I sent the first message in two weeks ago, this was my third try.


File: 133610370141.gif (462.79 KB, 500x222, eCkk5.gif)

>Two sentences long
>Ends with rhetorical question

Anonymous 100841


Your fic isn't long enough, so Seth isn't forwarding it to the prereaders.

Daffodil 100859

>If it is intention to ignore videos, then you guys should change the submission page to reflect that.
If I could edit pages on EqD, a lot of things would be different. It's up to the blogponies to keep that stuff up to date.

>I would much rather receive a rejection and a short explanation as to why.
So would the 40+ other people per day that send in music/pmvs. And I'm sure each one of them would also love to explain why their work deserves a spot on EqD. It's not exactly fair, but that's how the system works.

Your story does not meet the minimum length requirement for a oneshot. As such, it is likely being automatically rejected instead of being sent to the pre-readers. Seth doesn't respond to auto-rejected stories (though, that's going to change soon).

Swedishdude!sVpRAUAHjE 100876

Hi there! I know my question is in the FAQ section but please hear me out: I sent my story to submit@equestriadaily.com for 2 weeks ago and after one week, I still hadn't recieved a response. So I sended another e-mail, asking for my story's status, but now it have gone another week and I have not got any response form that either! I don't think I have any grammar faults in my E-mail and the only that might be the problem is I added a question in brackets where I found the suggested submission format was unclear, but that you guys can overlook, right? I have never submited to EqD before so I am kinda nervous...

Here is a link to how my submission looked like: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PZ-n77qMHWyDZScLSS-XGlf15JRNA1ijJBZf8X-Sx3M/edit

Thank you for your time :3

Swedishdude!sVpRAUAHjE 100878

File: 133613148756.gif (498.11 KB, 350x252, umh.gif)

NWM! I'm an idiot.............


Now this will haunt me for the whole day...

Anonymous 100883


Seth's probably rejecting it for torture and not telling you.

Anonymous 100884

Wait... you reject for torture now?


It also appears to be a Find-Replace crossover.

Anonymous 100886

I actually thought that was the reason. There are plenty of torturing going on in a lot of other ones in EqD.

Whiteout!uuBIYhrRlY 100892


I note that a lot of that seems to get posted by the dreaded 'Chapter 3' method, wherein the author submits a passable 2-chapter section to get approved, then goes batshit in the later chapters when the pre-readers aren't in the loop.


You pre-readers seem to be getting a lot of grief lately, so let me just say I have a new-found appreciation for you guys and gals.

I help proof some stories for other authors, some who have been featured on Equestria Daily frequently and get 6-stared often. Then, one of those authors had his fic rejected! I couldn't believe it! One of my favorite writers in the fandom had to go back and make corrections! He did and the story got accepted on the second pass, but it put in perspective just how much work needs to go into a story.

I admit, I didn't put in the proper effort necessary to get the story I'm working on accepted on my second pass. I'm now in the process of getting it overhauled completely, getting more than one opinion on what to do to fix it. It really opened my eyes as to what you pre-readers expect from us writers.

What I'm saying is that I appreciate what the pre-readers do in order for the deserving stories to get through. I've stepped up my game and hope that my final submission will be worth your time. Even if it doesn't, I've learned plenty that any future projects will be better for it.

Am I just sucking up? Maybe a little, but seeing the arguments on this thread make me sad and that's not the feeling I want to have when speaking to MLP fans. Here's a thumbs up from me to you on all the work you do.

See ya!

Anonymous 100895


>Even if it doesn't, I've learned plenty that any future projects will be better for it.

This benefits you more as a writer than the exposure you get from the EqD post does. It'll stick with you when you move on to the next fandom or when you write non-fanfiction, professionally or not.

Daffodil 100906

Your story was likely rejected for spelling/grammar issues in the description. Also torture.

Swedishdude!sVpRAUAHjE 100908

I admit some parts is pretty much find-replace but there are also alot of parts that are eniterly unique! + Isn't that what a crossover is suppose to be (not entirely find-replace, but the same story line with other characters e.t.c)?

And there isn't extremly much gore in it either. I guess I just have never done this before and I was got slightly nervous when I didn't get any response.

I made another submission with the same story but now I will at least understand (to some point) why it will problably be rejected. Thanks all for the replies!

PS. the descibtion have the word torture in it but there is very few parts in the story that includes actuall gore

Daffodil 100909

>(not entirely find-replace, but the same story line with other characters e.t.c)
No. A crossover is supposed to blend the two universes, not tell the same story with different characters.
>And there isn't extremly much gore in it either.
I disagree. Your opening scene involves Applejack dangling from one leg, apparently "drained of blood."
>I made another submission with the same story but now I will at least understand (to some point) why it will problably be rejected.
Why submit again when you know why it was rejected? The outcome isn't going to change.

Anonymous 100910

Wait, what definition does EqD use?

Daffodil 100912

"Will the readers complain about this?"
If yes, it's too much.

They will complain about a bloodless Applejack pinata.

Swedishdude!sVpRAUAHjE 100916

"I disagree. Your opening scene involves Applejack dangling from one leg, apparently "drained of blood.""
Yes, it is that part and a second part in the end, otherwise it is pretty clean. Not at all like "Cupcakes"

"Why submit again when you know why it was rejected? The outcome isn't going to change."

Beacuse when I submited the second time, I didn't know why it was rejected. I had sent it before reading the answers I got from this thread. I thought no one would answer me on this thread because I had typed "nvm" and I thought the reason why I never got a response from EqD was because of the spelling misstakes I had made. If I could take back the second submission, I would.

Swedishdude!sVpRAUAHjE 100918

What is the point with the grimdark tag if blood is not allowed? The readers was warned by the tag and shouldn't read the story in the first place if they were afraid of gore.

Daffodil 100919

Your story goes beyond blood. It's torture, and we don't post torture.

Besides, a grimdark tag is not an excuse for poorly written violence. It's more of a mood than anything else.

Swedishdude!sVpRAUAHjE 100922

Hmm, I see... Thank you for your answers! :)


Welp, submission system change is now up on EqD. Pre-reader's thoughts on it?

Ion-Sturm!BoltiCNPTw 100925

File: 133615907995.jpg (35.92 KB, 497x600, QXKS2.jpg)

Oh also, I can understand bodily harm, but what about other forms of "torture"? For example, slowing clipping off Rarity's mane, dipping Blueblood into a mudpit, filing Rainbow Dash's hooves, that sort of thing? Is something along the lines of Chinese water torture going too far with the "mental" aspect of it?


>— Stories using real people as characters without obtaining prior
confirmed consent from the people in question
The hard ban on tripfics has been made less hard. Interessante.


So, it's what you were looking for but, upon its unveiling to the public, you've realized just how poor your idea was in retrospect?

Well, Squeak's Gun With Ocassional Pony is on the site, and it was made after that rule was enacted, so I don't think it was ever that "hard" in the first place.


I think it's a lost cause me expecting people to put the hyphen in fan-fiction.

Anyway, I'm confused about which page I should link to in my guide. If a pre-reader could say how they would prefer it to look (Section 2.3.2 of http://goo.gl/qDYzi), that would help me out a lot.

Anonymous 100932

At the time when I sent my fanfic to EqD, I got a reply within the hour saying simply that they weren't taking war stories at the moment. (I have the mane 6 getting transported to the American Civil War). Will this be changed, and can I re-send it in? And if so, when?

Daffodil 100934

This new system is my baby. I love it.

I wouldn't expect it to change for a while.

Anonymous 100936

Not to sound critical (I apologize if I am, I'm just bein' curious), but why the halting of war stories? For the elongated time being, at least.

Furor 100938

Alright, I just took a look at the new system for fanifcs. Is it intentional that the hyperlink on EqD links to Fanfition@equestriadaily.com in the line 'Keep fanfiction inquiries in the Fanfiction email'?


By the way, if anyone wants to bookmark a direct link the spreadsheet form, here it is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHZfLTdTd0lDcFFQRmpDMDdhUlJUQlE6MQ

Loading all that unwieldy blogger junk with the spreadsheet is really taxing on my wee little computer.

Daffodil 100940

Because it has become one of those concepts that's been done to death. We're not accepting any more for the time being.

I believe that's intentional.

Anonymous 100941

Understandable. Thanks for helping to clear up a few things!


I like the new submission form. Seems to make things simpler.

I have a question, though. I'm currently working on the revisions to my story after it received its first strike. When it's ready, should I resubmit it by responding to the original email thread for that story, or by using the submission form?


What's the ETA until that restriction is removed? Fortunately, the main section of my planned story remains intact, but I do have three side-stories that deal heavily with war.

Daffodil 100950

Use the submission form.

Whenever the blogponies feel like taking war stories again.

Anonymous 100953

Is there a list available to submitting writers that indicates which kinds of stories, like war stories, are no longer being accepted?

Daffodil 100954

Most of them are on the submit page:
— X-rated content, including sexually transgressive or gorey stories
— Incest, foalshipping beyond a schoolyard crush, and other broad cultural taboos
— Humanized/anthro stories
— Stories using real people from the fandom (Show Staff, Bronies) as characters without obtaining prior confirmed consent from the people in question
— Copy-paste stories (e.g. The text of Harry Potter with character names swapped out)
— Stories written in a language other than English
—"Brony in Equestria" stories.

Others (like the warfics thing) are subject to change. If your story is rejected, we'll tell you why. Just don't, y'know, argue and say "BUT THAT ISNT IN THE RULES" like so many people seem to enjoy doing.

Anonymous 100955

I submitted a fanfic recently (April 30) that includes a brony in Equestria. Before the Submission updates posted today, there was no stated restriction on such stories, and I received a "to the prereaders" E-mail. Is my story going to be automatically rejected considering I sent it before this restriction update?

Daffodil 100956

We've had a restriction on Brony in Equestria stories for months. It just wasn't on the list because Seth never got around to updating it.

Languages 100963

Would it be okay if a language other than English was in a story for effect?
For instance, if a character was cursing to them-self without wanting the other ponies to understand them; not whole conversations but rather a word here or there that has no significance to the story.

Daffodil 100964

As long as the majority of the story is in English, that's fine.

Specific Rules on HiE? shazb0t 100966

I've seen that Human in Equestria stories are unpopular. As in, really unpopular. As in, "You're a spectacularly unoriginal moron and you need to stop wasting our time" unpopular.

And so, being the wonderful decision-maker that I am, I decided to start writing one myself a long time ago.

This wouldn't be too big of a problem, except that:

-I Pinkie Pie Promised myself I would finish this thing, and
-it's going to be stupid-huge, and probably take me a year of daily writing to finish.

In other words, I've undertaken myself into an enormous writing project, and the only way out is through.

Before you say "you should focus on quality, not quantity", believe me when I say I've thought this through. The story I want to tell is long, and there's simply no escaping that. On top of that, I consider it a very important personal project (I imagine most good writers feel this way about their work, but I consider it extra true in my case - take that how you will), so commitment won't be an issue.

So yes, I'm going to do it, and nothing short of death will stop me (if I lose my hands I'll learn to type with my feet if I have to, god dammit).

Back on topic: I've toyed with the idea of sending this to EqD once it nears completion, but that's such a long ways off that for now this is basically a hypothetical question anyways. Still, I just wanted to know a few things:

1) When you said that it has to be "something really, really special", how special are we talking? Like, "best fanfic of all time"? Or can I get away with just "the best I can do"?
2) Do you get a lot of them, compared to other genres?
3) What would I have to do, in a general sense, to distinguish myself and/or have a chance at being accepted? By this, I mean what would I have to do aside from the usual stuff like proofreading and having a non-sucky plot.

Thanks for your time.

Daffodil 100968


>1) When you said that it has to be "something really, really special", how special are we talking? Like, "best fanfic of all time"? Or can I get away with just "the best I can do"?
That depends entirely on how good your best is. Really special means, like, Past Sins special.

>2) Do you get a lot of them, compared to other genres?
A ton.

>3) What would I have to do, in a general sense, to distinguish myself and/or have a chance at being accepted? By this, I mean what would I have to do aside from the usual stuff like proofreading and having a non-sucky plot.
Don't make it sad. Most of the HiE stories we get are angsty humans that hate life that go to Equestria and discover friendship. That's stupid.


>Past Sins special.
No love for Arddun Lleuad?

Daffodil 100970

Or Addrrrungun llloeeoud. I just wrote the first popular fanfic that came to mind.


>Past Sins special
The kind of "special" that gets you put onto the short bus?
Another story I can't believe made it onto EqD as-was. The mid-story edit should have been a wake-up call to either raise the standards or lose some dead weight that didn't know what the aforementioned was.

Still waiting on a reply for this.

Daffodil 100972

I thought we answered that question already in the last thread.

Psychological torture is fine. We just don't want to see any cartoon ponies cut into small pieces. It's a pain in the ass to clean the blood off the carpeting, you see.

shazb0t 100975


>That depends entirely on how good your best is. Really special means, like, Past Sins special.
For the record, I didn't think Past Sins was that special - I thought it got angsty and bogged-down in the second half.

>A ton.
What's the average length like?

>Don't make it sad. Most of the HiE stories we get are angsty humans that hate life that go to Equestria and discover friendship. That's stupid.
Well, I'm planning on "sad", but not in that exact sense.

See, my idea is less "sad on Earth" and more "happy in Equestria", if that makes sense. That is, my character doesn't really "hate life" (nor does he have a particularly bad one, all things considered), and initially he'd much rather go back home. But over time, he comes to like Equestria so much more - and right about that time, he starts getting *yoinked* back and forth between here and there.

This is all ultimately just a plot device that I'm using to examine something that's been bugging me for a long time: what if human nature, innately "bad" as it is, began to have an effect on the well-being of Equestria, and corrupted the inherent "good" of that place at the core? My story is supposed to explore that theme, and the character is more of a vehicle for that.

My concern is that people will get too hung up on the wrapper for the story, and say "Oh gawd another HiE, kill it with fire". But that's not what it's about - it's about base morality, and (to a lesser extent) about finding where a person really fits in. That's why the character actually BECOMES a pony when he's in Equestria - it's not about what he looks like, its about who he is. As pretentious as this comparison will sound, I feel like my fic works in about the same way.

If you wanted to grossly oversimplify/twist the premise of my story and shift the focus from the "base morality" theme to my character, then sure, you could say that what you said is the plot of my story. But I think that does it a disservice, and I certainly hope that something I put this much thought into isn't as "stupid" as you claim it might be.

Daffodil 100976

I actually like the idea, but you're right: most readers will look at it, see HiE, and stop reading. If I were you, I'd have the first scene/prologue take place well after Equestria has become "corrupted" by human nature, to draw the reader in. From there, they're much more likely to read the rest and see how things got to that point.

And the average length of HiE stories we receive is somewhere between 3k and 10k words.


You ought to just submit it once you've got a good start going, like 10k words, enough to get a hook in. If it gets rejected, you'll know where you're at. If it gets in, you'll have a readership to motivate you to keep going.

If you finish the whole lot all at once and dump a novel-length story, a) people won't want to read it; and b) you could very well have wasted a lot of time.


File: 133617647967.jpg (47.73 KB, 500x404, tumblr_m3d44gwiz41ru5991o2_500…)

No, that was rape.
Completely different.

The Robotech story can attest to this. It actually got a pity bump since it was all dumped in one go.

Ebon Mane 100979


I would probably perma-reject it, depending on how disturbing the scene is.


File: 133617829543.gif (233.88 KB, 500x290, 01e.gif)

The first three aren't disturbing at all; two are referenced in the show itself, and Rarity's would be cruel, perhaps, but hardly disturbing (unless I gave her a beehive perm. Note to self: Write a story about Rarity getting a beehive perm). The water torture is debatable, but unless I decided to do visceral descriptions of the character's mind shattering, I can't see how that really tips the point either. However, that's why I'm asking, since my moral compass is self-admittedly skewered. What would it take to make it "disturbing" for you?

Stupidly long reply, sorry about length shazb0t 100981

> actually like the idea, but you're right: most readers will look at it, see HiE, and stop reading. If I were you, I'd have the first scene/prologue take place well after Equestria has become "corrupted" by human nature, to draw the reader in. From there, they're much more likely to read the rest and see how things got to that point.
Unfortunately, the way the plot is structured simply won't allow for that point. I guess I overplayed how much of an effect this would have - the most dramatic "side effects" simply cannot manifest until the very end.

Until that point, it's far more subtle, and can't be extracted from the character study, which is still a significant part of the story - just not the "main takeaway" I want the reader to have. In fact, even my most over-arching themes in writing invariably revolve around a single-character study. I've always been interested in how an individual is affected by forces greater than them - so, as much as it's about Equestria becoming "corrupted", it's really just as much about how the individual is changed by that intersection of opposing forces.

However, I plan to rely on other plot devices to keep the reader's interest. Hopefully, people can forget about the fact that he's human after the first few chapters, and just enjoy it like any other fic - until the halfway point, of course. >:)

>And the average length of HiE stories we receive is somewhere between 3k and 10k words.
That's it? Seriously? I wrote 18k words for the first CHAPTER. And I still have 39 chapters to go.

>You ought to just submit it once you've got a good start going, like 10k words, enough to get a hook in. If it gets rejected, you'll know where you're at. If it gets in, you'll have a readership to motivate you to keep going.
Again, I'm already a fair bit farther than that.

>If you finish the whole lot all at once and dump a novel-length story, a) people won't want to read it; and b) you could very well have wasted a lot of time.
I understand that, but at the same time I don't want to release it while I'm still in the middle of writing it. I'm too much of a perfectionist, and this story means too much to me, for me to be able to release anything less than my very best.

So if I ever DO go public, it would be after passing over my story multiple times: first, the rough draft (which I'm still on, sadly); then, a bunch of quality passes, both with and without proofreaders (after I've gotten far enough into the rough draft, I'll alternate between these two stages to keep myself fresh); finally, I'll do weekly "polish passes", after which I would submit the chapter to the public.

That way, I can give people a controlled release schedule, while still maintaining the anal-retentive quality standards that I hold myself to.

>The Robotech story can attest to this. It actually got a pity bump since it was all dumped in one go.
Duly noted. I'll remember that in case I change my mind about the "multi-pass rolling release" thing I mentioned above.


Also, I forgot to mention a few other things: first, the thematic structure of my story is actually more "psychological" than "dramatic". For the first half, it'll actually resemble the show's episodes - aside from the human-turned-pony at the center of it, that is. For the second half, things will become much more serious, as Earth gets dragged back into things.

Second, again, the thematic structure of my story is... well, you already read that. But there's more to say: this is not an "invasion" story. The human character is the only one who world-hops. He's more of a courier for each world's influence getting taken back and forth; he's not there to "widen the wormhole".

Third, and most importantly: I distinguish between "psychological" and "angsty". My goal is to avoid brooding as much as possible. Like I said before, Past Sins was way too much for me. Yes, the character is going to be thrown for a loop by the events of the story, but that doesn't mean he has to spend 2/3 of his time moping about how everybody hates him. Really, I think that story qualifies for the "no angst" filter you threw up, to be honest.

And last, but definitely not least: like I explained more fully up top, this story is also meant to be philosophical. However, one last thing bears mentioning alongside all of that "about the individual as well as Equestria" stuff: I don't take sides. That is, I don't say "Equestria is a nice place and Earth is bad", or vice-versa. The real goal here is to make the reader evaluate that for themselves, from a different perspective than they might otherwise.


tl;dr Thanks a ton for your input, guys. At the very least, it's good to hear that I'm not 100% hopeless, and I'll definitely keep writing. :3

Aquaman52 100984

The examples you mentioned would all be fine in my book, since they all stay within the spirit of the show. Yes, it would be "torturous" in a hyperbolical sense for someone to cut Rarity's mane against her will, but when we talk about not wanting to see psychological torture, we're talking about branding, bamboo shoots in the sole, waterboarding...the whole nine yards that most people would squick at in the real world.

The borderline, however, is negotiable. I'd think that, treated with delicacy and written powerfully enough, certain kinds of stuff (like Chinese water torture, as I think you mentioned before) could be okay. That decision would be up to the individual pre-reader in charge of reading your story, though, so I'd tread lightly all the same.


File: 133618179637.gif (192.46 KB, 500x550, tumblr_m3335mApas1ru5991o2_500…)

That's why I stipulated that they weren't physical, only mental.

Besides, none of these aspects would enter the story for ages, and I'm planning two version (the one posted on EqD and an uncensored version) for any questionable scenes, making them opt-in.

Ebon Mane 100987

>the most dramatic "side effects" simply cannot manifest until the very end.

You don't have to write chronologically. If you don't at least give your readers intense foreshadowing, they'll be pissed off when your plot twists.

>That's it? Seriously? I wrote 18k words for the first CHAPTER. And I still have 39 chapters to go.

tl;dr. It's difficult to maintain a sense of coherence across such a long story. Even Fallout Equestria, which is a good example of more than decent handling of an extremely long overarching plot (Whatever other deficiencies you may attribute to it or its author), barely manages to hold together.

>I'm too much of a perfectionist, and this story means too much to me, for me to be able to release anything less than my very best.

Prepare to be extremely disappointed by the reaction, if that's the case.

I wish you luck, but I can't imagine anything less than some of the best writing in the fandom being sufficient to successfully carry the sort of story idea that you're describing. If that's you, then more power to you.

Grimdark & Dark Stories 100991

What are the standards (as in how far an author is aloud to take it) when dealing with a Grimdark/ Dark story?

New Submission Form 100992

Quick question, if you're sending in a second submission (i.e. after a round of editing), do you need to put anything indicating this in the new submission form? Or just send it in and pre-reader magics will handle the rest?

Daffodil 100996

Grimdark is more of a mood than content. I'm assuming you're referring to gore/violence.

Nothing Cupcakes level. Don't even come close. Use your best judgement. If this story were posted, would the EqD audience have a heart attack? If so, it's too far.

Just mention in the Additional Comments that this is submission number X. Just makes our lives easier.

New Submission Form 100999

Will do, and thanks for the quick response. It should (hopefully) be on its way within the hour.

shazb0t 101000

>You don't have to write chronologically. If you don't at least give your readers intense foreshadowing, they'll be pissed off when your plot twists.
I feel confident that my lead-up to the finale will be foreshadowing enough. A "flash-forward" device would feel hackneyed and out of place, given the degree of magic I'll be tossing around already. Furthermore, it would be confusing - not only would the span from one end of the story to the other be far too long to stay in the reader's head (see below for remarks on length), but I'll have so much going on - especially in the second half - that piling the past/future on top of the present would just add unnecessary complexity.

>tl;dr. It's difficult to maintain a sense of coherence across such a long story. Even Fallout Equestria, which is a good example of more than decent handling of an extremely long overarching plot (Whatever other deficiencies you may attribute to it or its author), barely manages to hold together.
From what I've read of FOE so far, it seems to do a better job than "barely" in terms of coherence. Just my perspective, but I feel like either you're selling the community's attention span short, or you're talking about people who aren't interested in long works to begin with. I'm targeting people who are at a higher reading level - I don't mind if it doesn't become massively popular, just as long as it gets some props for being a "smart" fic.

Although, I actually feel like the longer fiction usually does better in this fandom, in terms of how it's received - most likely because the people who're insane enough to put that much effort in to begin with are usually willing to put in that little bit extra, to make sure it all ties together. In some cases, people even seem to go as far as to assume that the fic is good just BECAUSE it's long *cough*Past Sins*cough*, although I'd rather not rely on that sort of PR crutch.

Going back to my fic specifically, I'm using a sort of "episodic" structure. When I said that the first half would be "like the show", I wasn't kidding - it will literally read like a series of episodes, each with their own self-contained events and plotlines. Yes, of course I'll add persistent elements to prevent it from feeling disjointed, but the episodes also "stand alone" better than most multi-part stories' chapters do. At least, that's the plan.

The second half will be much more interwoven, but by that point I'm expecting that the reader will feel comfortable enough in my story that they can handle the change, because I've taken time to establish the human character and his attachment to Equestria. That will become the second half's anchor - again, I'm hoping that my target audience can keep up.

That said, I will definitely need an editor to help me slim it down. I'm planning to write everything out on the first draft, then shave off the excess on successive drafts.

>Prepare to be extremely disappointed by the reaction, if that's the case. I wish you luck, but I can't imagine anything less than some of the best writing in the fandom being sufficient to successfully carry the sort of story idea that you're describing. If that's you, then more power to you.

Like I said, whether or not I ever actually make it public is still up in the air - and either way, it won't be until after it's gone through several revision passes. The odds of it happening are astronomical enough already, but I DEFINITELY can't be "the best" if I'm not doing "my best". Since I'm a perfectionist, that's exactly what I plan to put out: my best.

That's what matters, right? Doing my best?


File: 133618794790.jpg (107.05 KB, 680x711, 131035085404.jpg)

This guy.
I like him.

shazb0t 101002

This guy.
I hope he's not being sarcastic. I'm a newfoal. ;__;

Broadway 101005

Ahh, I see you guys ARE doing the Q&Neigh after all. I'm guessing you guys are happy?

New Submission Form 101006

Gotta say, I really like the new submission thing. It's sort of edifying to receive a response immediately, even if it is automated. Plus one for feel-goods!

Broadway 101007

Also, quick question:
In my fic, there are going to be much darker elements later in the story. Should I add a dark/grimdark tag even though the dark themes aren't consistent throughout?

Ion-Sturm 101008

Not a pre-reader, but I'd say that depends the severity of it, and how far it's in. You could, if it's a long ways in, simply split the story into a duology or a trilogy and then submit the part(s) with grimdark as a seperate entity with new tags.
Not sure if that'd be considered cheating the system, though.

Alexstrazsa!!L0BQDmATMx 101010

Yes, we are very happy.

shazb0t 101011

Official policy is to put all relevant tags in. Even if it's a long ways off, the reader still wants to know what they're getting into - so you give them advance warning.

For example, my fic is going to be ALL OF THESE at various points: [Normal] [Slice-of-Life] [Adventure] [Dark] [Human] [Shipping]

So if I ever got posted on EqD, I would have all of those tags listed in the description, even though only two will ever apply at any given time.

P.S: Although that example is real, the last tag is still tentative, depending on how I handle a certain supporting character in the plot. Just take it as an example.

Broadway 101012

File: 133619349617.jpg (33.45 KB, 500x480, mlfw4560-50e2305f-ca40-4a72-8f…)

No, the story isn't (going to be) long enough to split it up like that. I don't have a Lord of the Rings on my hands. =P



I can type up my thoughts in more detail if you're interested, but I think it suffers from Past Sins syndrome. It starts strong, but I was disappointed.

Short version:

The first two books, up to Ch 21 are awesome. Then, ch 20 resolves the main conflict with this line:

>I had no idea what she was… oh HELLO! I gasped as I felt [Sorry. Not on PonyChan. Read Pacce's clop version; it's really good. -EW]

The rest of that chapter, and Chapter 21 should transition to a new main conflict. Ch 21 introduces the biggest Chekhov's Gun in the story, and I was, quite reasonably, expecting it to drive the main conflict.

A spell called Gardens of Equestria. It requires the Elements of Harmony, and will undo the damage caused by magical radiation and Taint.

Kkat fires it off-page between the final chapter and epilogue. WTFBBQ?!

The actual main conflict for the rest of the story is a three-way fight between Littlepip and the ripped-off antagonists of Fallout 1 and 3. She wins with a ripped-off plot device, supported with a bunch of other Fallout ripoff shit.

Non-spoiler version: The framework of the last three books (Ch 22 onwards) are made from copy-pasta of the games' plots, welded together with original details, and rewritten with ponies. It's a competent crossover, but a pale echo of the brilliant synthesis the first two books achieve. All my rage.

Actually, if I had all the time in the world, I'd love to work with an author on a Books 3' and 4' that end Fo:E properly.


So, you will need:

1.) Someone who can plan stories impossibly well.

2.) Someone who knows Fallout lore like the size of their underwear.

3.) Someone who can see errors from a mile away in every shape or form.

4.) Someone who can write at ridiculous speeds.

That someone sounds like: no one I know, any ideas guys?

shazb0t 101015

Well, I'm only about halfway through FOE myself right now. And since I haven't played the games myself, I can't really comment about whether it rips off from them.

I guess my assessment of FOE holding together nicely was a bit premature, in that regard.

Still, for better or for worse, that doesn't change my own ambitions regarding my own fiction.

Broadway 101016

File: 133619429325.jpg (95.79 KB, 581x471, mlfw3067-13297627037661.jpg)

That's good! That you guys are happy about it, I mean. Because, being unhappy about it wouldn't really be good, right?

shazb0t 101017

I'd like to think I can be #1 and #3 (although that might just be my hyperinflated ego talking), and if you do my homework for me I can absolutely be #4. ;)


Meh, I haven't played the Fallout games, so it was all good for me.

You just get tag overload, then. I'd suggest putting bit parts in as the additional tags.


Addendum: But I'm no authority on that, mind you.

shazb0t 101021

Neither am I, I was just repeating what I remember seeing. Somewhere. Sometime. >__> <__<

Broadway 101022

Yeah, I've seen it too.
I just wanted a pre-reader to clarify is all.

Tagging 101023

>[Normal] [Slice-of-Life] [Adventure] [Dark] [Human] [Shipping]
Nope. Nopenopenope.

Not a prereader, but I hate tag overload. Stories with too many tags put me off. This is just unnecessary and sloppy.

[Normal] and [Slice-of-Life] are the same thing, so you can ditch whichever one you like least. And they should really only be used for stories without other tags anyway (I'm so sick of seeing [Normal][Sad]) because fics are assumed to be normal/slice-of-life by default.

[Shipping] is only necessary if romance is a central element of the plot (which could be the case, but I doubt it). And it's more strongly associated with mane six or minor character or background pony romance, so if your romance involves an OC you probably don't need it.

Because your story has [Slice-of-Life] and [Adventure] elements, it doesn't really count as being either of those things, so ditch both.

Just go with [Dark] [Human]. Or if you want to emphasis that it starts out light and becomes dark, you could try [Progressively Dark] (or something similar). I've seen one or two stories with that tag on the blog.

shazb0t 101024

[Progressively Dark][Human] it is. I agree, I thought the overload thing was stupid too, but I wasn't about to start picking a fight with the system. :|

Ebon Mane 101033


Remember that tags are about essentials. A fic can have funny scenes and crack jokes without being [Comedy]. A [Comedy] fic is a fic where comedy drives the plot throughout, just as a [Shipping] fic is a fic where the central conflict is one of interpersonal (Interponyal?) relationships, even if there are external conflicts that also add to the plot.

It sounds like your fic is driven by human and dark elements, so those are probably appropriate tags.

submission 101065

Good aftenoon folks, I sent in a submission last night, but didn't realize until this morning that I forgot a tag. What do I need to do to fix that?


Just wondering...

Would a fanfic where a pony writes a self-insert fanfic inserting himself / herself into the real world clear all the EqD guidelines?

108Echoes 101081

I think this is on autosage, but I've something before the new thread (or at the beginning of the next thread, if this gets missed).

While I love the new submission form, and I think the separation's been long-overdue, I think the "Link" field is too small. Especially if an author's using GDocs, which usually requires a new link for each chapter, it's difficult to ensure the links have been properly entered.

(I sent in a story yesterday which is hosted on both FiMFiction and GDocs; I only used the FiMFiction link, and mentioned that the GDocs links are in the FiMFiction description. Still not an ideal solution, and I worry that it could lead to confusion in its story post, in the hoped-for event of its acceptance.)

shazb0t 101088

File: 133625474779.jpg (5.51 KB, 145x203, mlfw326_131188167368.jpg)

Woah woah woah, wait.

A story... about a pony... who writes a story... about them going to Earth?

... be right back, my head hurts.

soundslikeponies 101092

File: 133625693023.png (219.52 KB, 1280x1209, vinyl_scratch_vector___vinyl_w…)

I have 3 questions:

What's your favorite kind of sub sandwich?

I have a rather suggestive joke at the start of my fic that plays off lack of context and goes like this:

Twilight moaned in ecstasy. “Oh, Rarity. You were right about this being a good idea,” she said, looking into the eyes of the other mare.

“Yes, well, it feels so good that I—ah!” Rarity’s eyes glazed over and her mouth hung open with a blissful expression. “Oh, yes! That’s the spot!” she cried out, temporarily losing herself. “—That I think we should do it more often.”

Twilight couldn’t help but grin at the noises her friend made. “It certainly takes the tension out of all the studying I’ve been doing lately.”

“So you wouldn’t mind coming a second time once we’re done?”

“I already can’t wait to come a second time!” Twilight replied, smiling broadly.

They both closed their eyes and let out a relaxed sigh as the masseuses caressed their backs.

(just two ponies visiting the spa. Perfectly E rated material right?)

Basically I'm wondering if that sort of thing is acceptable on the blog.

Third question, spiderman or batman?

soundslikeponies 101094

also I think the thread is auto-saging

Daffodil 101098

Turnaround 101567

Just a small question. At this point, what sort of timescale is there between submission and addition to the pre-reader queue?

I submitted a complete story ten days ago, and four days ago I used the submission form to re-submit, but I've yet to receive a response. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Question about fanfiction requirements 103217

First of all, I would like to say I deeply appreciate your time for reviewing my story "Beyond Her Garden", and for the detailed feedback. Because of this, I feel I will be a better writer. You are looking for the best of the best, and I admire that.
That said, I am wondering if I will be able to submit it again once I fix it.
Also, I was wondering if Equestria Daily will accept fan fictions that do not have any canon characters, provided that the story follows all of the guidelines and is written well enough. I have heard of the Fallout Equestria stories, but I have yet to read them, so I don't know if they are solely original characters or not.
Thank you for your time and efforts.

What is considered OOC in a Fanfic Matthew 103403

What are the the guidelines by which a certain interpretation of a character is considered OOC?

What's the standard? where does EqD draw the line?

HiE fics LordOfTape 103954

there has been much to read, so my apologies if i missed anything, but why exactly dont you guys want any human in equestria fics? at least, thats what i gathers from the new submission guidelines.

HiE fics 103957

there has been much to read, so my apologies if i missed anything, but why exactly dont you guys want any human in equestria fics? at least, thats what i gathers from the new submission guidelines.

Anonymous 119827

I seem to be having trouble posting things.

Finally posted fic! But.... 125834

File: 135717617908.png (21.93 KB, 146x314, DtD.png)

But it hasn't seen much sunlight since then. It is a long story with 13 chapters typed out, expecting 20-25 chapters in total.

The story is called Dismay turned Discord. found on Fimfiction and I'm working on a version for GDocs.


What I'm really posting this here for is advice. My first thought was to submit my story to Edaily, but they stated in their requirement that it shouldn't be gory, and while mine isn't specifically a grimdark fic, it does contain descriptive character death. It also has OC alicorns, and OC/canon romance which are all aspects I've notice other works easily get downvoted and flamed without commenters actually reading it.

I've been working on this piece since April 2012, is there any hope that it's just simply readers not liking my story, or maybe just too many grammar errors?

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Fic Submission page blank 128146

Dear EQD; for some time now I've wanted to post my fic on your site; but whenever I go to the 'Fanfiction Submissions Form' there's just a big blank screen where the form should be.

Any help would be appreciated

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