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  Since I haven't made a thread in about six ages, and I remember the old extreme hardcore/metal thread being a good time, I figured why not make a noise thread. If anything just to get ready for Noise & Toys December.

Post cool noise.
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File 141256602115.jpg - (50.68KB , 395x223 , debutart_kilian-eng_1460822.jpg )
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Awe yeah, Synthpop, Darkwave, Newwave, Retrowave, Dreamwave, Chillwave, Vaporwave, Electropop, Electrofunk. Whichever style of Synth music you enjoy, post it here Synth fans.

I want to know I'm not the only Synth lover out there!

Here are some songs I enjoy.

Carpenter Brut []

Perturbator []

Kevinsky []
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  <Jane Child
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File 141656725855.gif - (1.93MB , 245x187 , 1413754926902.gif )
Awwe, you're very welcome :3 This is the best result I could have hoped for when I made this thread! I love Shadowrun, btw!

Radical! I love it.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 21st, 2014 03:57

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Have some space themed synth from Dynatron!

File 141688828656.png - (429.72KB , 596x699 , 132164481028.png )
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Has anyone heard the new Opeth CD? I've heard its better than Heritage but I wanted to hear what Ponychan thought of it. If Damnation is my favorite album of theirs will I like their new record?

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  I'm new to the whole chiptune scene, and I really only know of three artists: Anamanaguchi, 8 Bit Weapon, and ComputeHer. Who else should I listen to?

File 141266866908.jpg - (242.38KB , 640x960 , tmp_16087-0ea10d52a9943b2d720021da316c934f2143738258.jpg )
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Hope you guys don't mind me moven in. This place is sweet. I should crash here more often. Also hope you guys don't mind my jams.
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File 141612451221.gif - (0.97MB , 500x320 , tmp_11924-feel like taking a nice smooth drive gif59882449.gif )
Nothing like a nice smooth drive down the classic Rock&Roll road! Anybody else remember this and not from south park but the actual movie it self?
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how about this, cover of a Leadbelly song. Listen to the original if you like this...
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File 141658733710.jpg - (108.90KB , 450x337 , tmp_22490-1514771-bigthumbnail259275969.jpg )
Led Zepplin will always be a favorite in my book. Listen to these. Good stuff.

Also if your a fan of the original Black Sabbath listen to the band called cream. That's where Black Sabbath got some of their sound.

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  Post metal you've been listening to.

This fucking band...BABYMETAL has been on my rotation so fucking much it's not even funny. Tho with winter on the way I can get into actual metal albums like Panopticon's latest, or maybe Behemoth's latest. I've heard it's amazing or some shit, I'm not a huge Behemoth fan though, so I'm gonna go into it with an open mind.

Post what you've been listening to, talk about metal, pretty much all metal is welcome, but I will openly mock you for liking glam metal. You can openly mock me for being this into weeb metal.
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  Here, have a bit of post-metal
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File 141642914246.jpg - (74.38KB , 960x563 , image.jpg )
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I came here because I expected Scratch.
I stayed to GET dubs.
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Haha pleb.

Talk about music now.
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File 141651044055.jpg - (75.43KB , 500x500 , image.jpg )
I love Balloon Party
That is all

File 141109077551.gif - (653.95KB , 267x403 , a-a-ano.gif )
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Since I'm gonna start making music again I guess I'll make a new thread for this shit. Post the music you make here.
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File 141407059264.jpg - (26.86KB , 300x384 , smug anime grill.jpg )
#cosmicnoise #deep
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Audio 141574836703.mp3 - (5.36MB , WBTA.mp3 )
Freaking throat won't unclog itself after the head cold this weekend - it's probably going to stay with me through the end of concert season, too, dammit.

<Some phlegm-philled Phour Phreshmen
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File 141642883168.png - (308.38KB , 638x504 , Smug animes.png )
Another attempt at bridging harsh noise and drone

File 141393896138.jpg - (960.61KB , 1641x1648 , P_FRONT.jpg )
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Aseptic Void - Psychosis (Cryo Chamber Label) :

A particular path of musical experiments... under a huge halo of isolation.

#darkambient #asepticvoid #psychosis #cryochamber #bandcamp
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File 141435314267.jpg - (727.43KB , 1440x2560 , DSC_0232.jpg )
It's $7 or more and I can't scrobble from bandcamp.
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Quality is not free.

File 132925140702.jpg - (3.66KB , 197x256 , Question mark.jpg )
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  The last time I made a post to this thread was probably over a year ago. Dayum.
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  Either this is one of the greatest trance artists that ever lived or i just got 200% healthier

Last edited at Tue, Nov 18th, 2014 09:03

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... or both
i sure ramble a lot

File 141565150114.jpg - (54.45KB , 800x522 , st62-angle-lg.jpg )
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So I just got a Stanton T62 turntable and have just gotten into buying and listening to vinyl, anyone have God-tier records I should be looking out for?
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What cartridge are you using? The kind of disc and type of music you want to listen to can influence your choice of stylus and cartridge - there unfortunately is no golden "all purpose" combo out there yet.

Be very wary of re-issued classic discs, BTW - modern engineers have not had a very good track record at faithfully remastering disc releases.

Other than that, have at it. As far as I'm concerned you really can't go wrong, aside from mastering issues, and those are getting better and better.
>> No. 21340
File 141577165468.png - (624.63KB , 1040x650 , 139389333983.png )
Just using the cartridge that came with it. As for music, I love love love New Age. I would love to get something that would work really well with them, but there is a lot of music that we have to play so I don't know much about record players.
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For that style / era you'll definitely want a cardrige and stylus that works on light tracking weight - to better catch the higher frequencies and reduce the chance of damaging them.

New age, huh? The only artist I'm familiar with that gets routinely classified as "New Age" is Chip Davis and Mannheim Steamroller. Good luck finding secondhand discs in circulation though. American Gramaphone has always prided themselves on being a forefront audiophile label. The search is worth it for the sleeve art though.


Last edited at Wed, Nov 12th, 2014 11:02

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I'm a huge sucker for prog rock, like this album.
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COTE is still my favourite song.

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  I thought this was Daft Punk when I first heard it.

File 141167669846.jpg - (240.22KB , 960x960 , ZYTeY9i.jpg )
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Am I the only one who was really dissapointed by this album? I would have been much happier if he released this as Vinter in Hollywood, it sounds nothing like what is usually in a Savant album.
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File 141225334676.png - (213.00KB , 370x456 , sink.png )
Coldplay is #1 on
>> No. 21229
Yeah, I suppose it was just his opinion, sorry *~*
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File 141516313166.jpg - (396.70KB , 1200x1200 , tumblr_ne1fiqhjut1stwyfho1_1280.jpg )
Fuck, I loved the album.

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God I love these.
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