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Apr 17PonychanX version 2 has been released. [Thread]

File 139629346031.jpg - (97.69KB , 724x723 , artworks-000006213234-mpcmop-original.jpg )
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Gimme emocore, screamo, etc. Any teary, depressive ~core music will do (as long as it's not MCR-like mallcore crap, mkay?)
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>> No. 20621
  Dear emo, try this Sunny Day Real Estate. You could also try something liek Weezer but I'd recommend anything that's not screamo why would you waste your time on a genre that's made up?
>> No. 20623
File 139694950609.png - (332.83KB , 357x346 , no need.png )
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lol wtf

File 132855544548.jpg - (84.38KB , 767x777 , Inky_Pie Happy Detext 2.jpg )
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Metal...all kinds...

Listening to ambient and drone, atm.
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>> No. 20672
  A black metal cover of Current 93's cover of Lucifer Over London. It's p cool.
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File 132925140702.jpg - (3.66KB , 197x256 , Question mark.jpg )
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>> No. 20661
  greatest song ever. lil b is a god.
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>> No. 20674

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  Favorite rap/hip hop albums?

I fuckin love Mm..Food

I didn't look to see if there were any other threads like this because I'm a self-centered white male. Fight me irl and then direct me to a parent thread.
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>> No. 20585
  >Brighton represent

This is a damn solid album. Pretty much anything from Tea Sea records is.
>> No. 20644
  Ratking's newest is probably going on my AOTY list.
>> No. 20673
  Honestly, lately I've been thinking that Strictly Built for Cuban Linx is better than Liquid Swords. I dunno, Raekwon has just been growing on me. I remember thinking how good he sounded on that Gorgeous and thinking that I should maybe listen to more Raekwon. And now, after comparing Liquid Swords, I think that Cuban Linx just moves better. Also let's be honest, Guillotine(Swordz) is probably one of Rae's best tracks.

File 139399449439.jpg - (1.38MB , 2988x3003 , 100_9195.jpg )
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>> No. 20659
  Punk died and it keeps dying.
Shit is like a pheonix.
Forever rising.
>> No. 20670
File 139784355975.jpg - (49.61KB , 688x415 , wutang.jpg )
>Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with.
>Beautiful almost brought a tear to me eye. But when was it best? A lot of it is shit nowadays.

>> No. 20671
Eh, it's a genre that's still thriving.

I'm gonna side with thatguy on this one:>>20659

Punk won't exist like we knew it, and maybe that's for the best. But punk will never stay dead. Always rising homey, we're always rising.

File 136370412407.jpg - (113.57KB , 550x574 , Stolen_in_Belgium_by_jlof.jpg )
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Cant find the electronic general with the Search /vinyl/ threads button or google, so i maek new if thats okay with jew

Post all Electronic music

Space ambient
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>> No. 20657
  How about some nuerofunk?
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  I'm just gonna leave this here.

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file 138660490691jpg
>> No. 20650
lelwhut? whut r u doing OP? OP stahp.

File 139705143550.jpg - (118.91KB , 950x344 , bcrich-trace.jpg )
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Any guitarists on ponychan? Pic related

My B.C. Rich Warbeast Trace.
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>> No. 20641
I play. I have a Dean knock-off Super Strat. It's got two humbuckers instead of three single coil pick-ups though.

It's a sweet beast. Heavy as fuck though, weight wise. Sound wise it's pretty rich and kinda more ethereal when amped. I have to push the distortion waaaaaaaay high to get a good rock sound.
>> No. 20645
File 139725313563.jpg - (104.78KB , 1280x960 , 1.jpg )
I've played guitar for a long time though I don't feel I'm all too great. I've played guitar for a local alt rock band and bass for a punk band.
>> No. 20647
I'm a horrible person who went to lessons for a few years but never learned to play anything much more than "Let It Be" half-heartedly.
I gained three guitars in the process, one of them an unfinished (not glossy) Cordoba classical guitar, one of them a Yamaha F200-something (cheap but not too cheap) and an incredibly cheap, generic electric guitar that I broke the whammy bar in the first day.
And when I say generic, I mean generic.
There wasn't a brand label to be seen.

File 139525105529.png - (171.39KB , 900x1260 , applejack_vector___hey_there_partner__by_anxet-d5lm1kr.png )
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What kind of country music do y'all like?
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>> No. 20615
>> No. 20618
  Country mixed with a bit of punk actually sounds pretty cool.

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Any good J-Rock suggestions?
>> No. 20590
B'z. Definitely B'z.

Maybe Monkey Majik if you're into pop rock.
>> No. 20592
  The Pillows. You cannot go wrong with The Pillows.

Also Asian Kung-Fu Generation is pretty good for what they are.

Oh and also Shonen Knife. They are love and life.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 2nd, 2014 13:08

>> No. 20599
>You cannot go wrong with The Pillows.
Pretty much.

File 137543701917.jpg - (168.05KB , 673x960 , Thrain.jpg )
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Soundtrack thread, shall we?
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>> No. 20556
>> No. 20574

File 139546245270.jpg - (39.54KB , 550x786 , humboldt-ragtime-band.jpg )
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recently I was watching Galaxyart stream some drawing of art and he was playing some ragtime music so /vinyl/ can you help me find some good stuff of said genre/style?
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>> No. 20563
You'd be looking for groups who specialize in Dixie-style and New Orleans jazz. Rags make up a lot of that repertoire.

Also, pre-Swing in general.
>> No. 20564
  One mustn't forget the only authentic Ragtime Opera ever composed - by Joplin himself.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 30th, 2014 23:35

>> No. 20565
  And I gotta stump for my old classmate, Drew.

File 139603610940.png - (19.25KB , 143x190 , bloodshot.png )
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Because why not, ya /mu/tants. <- Mogwai - Mogwai Fear Satan <- Mogwai - Take Me Somewhere Nice <- Sigur Rós - Starálfur <- Sigur Rós - Popplagið
>> No. 20550
  3rd wave = worst wave
And second wave was too hermetic to call it a genre.
So I'll be posting first wave.

Are you trying to insult me?
>> No. 20552
>are you trying to insult me?
No. Not really. I was just kidding around.
>> No. 20562
2nd wave > 1st wave >> 3rd wave

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