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Metalheads are douchebags always arguing over which is considered to be real metal and what is considered to be poser metal.
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>has anyone kept up to date with Varg after Belus
Not me. I enjoyed Belus, but never listened to anything after that album.
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Hey it's not my fault I h8 Nazis!
>> No. 21142
Well what's the point in showing it off so vocally, anonymously, on a board devoted to music? We get it. Good for you.

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  WORLD ORDER is pretty dang good, in my opinion. Really trancy, and their choreography is fun to watch.
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  I can't find a full album video so here's one of the better (and by better I mean stranger) songs on the album.

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Give me a sample of your favorite music genre, I want to see what's most popular here.
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  This kinda drone/ambience.
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  techno, minimal, industrial

File 136370412407.jpg - (113.57KB , 550x574 , Stolen_in_Belgium_by_jlof.jpg )
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Cant find the electronic general with the Search /vinyl/ threads button or google, so i maek new if thats okay with jew

Post all Electronic music

Space ambient
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File 140262256533.jpg - (234.47KB , 717x1024 , me.jpg )
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Techno interests me.
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  next level
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good ass album

File 139525105529.png - (171.39KB , 900x1260 , applejack_vector___hey_there_partner__by_anxet-d5lm1kr.png )
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What kind of country music do y'all like?
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  Townes Van Zandt will destroy you with his beautiful melancholy and in weeping you will beg for more.
>> No. 21047
When I am with my G Ma, we listen to Traditional Country.
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Most related.
Best country song ever heard.

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File 137543701917.jpg - (168.05KB , 673x960 , Thrain.jpg )
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Soundtrack thread, shall we?
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  Best. Battle theme. Ever.
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  From my favorite ff game.

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This song
Get stoned and rev it up
I've never been so connected to a song before
It makes my body feel things
>Infected Mushroom thread

File 140624561301.jpg - (6.25KB , 221x229 , images.jpg )
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Come on, don't be shy!
Post songs you feel ashamed for enjoying.
Stuff you would normally hate, but for some reason you can't help but like and listen to it when no one's looking.
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>> No. 21102
But black metal is way better than t(h)rash metal.
>> No. 21106

Maybe true, but being at a thrash metal concert is more fun

then again I'm not an expert at black metal live performances
>> No. 21107
Oh, black metal gigs are the best. You stand with your arms hanging loose and frown a lot.

File 140743571792.jpg - (36.68KB , 395x395 , korba.jpg )
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I saw Slowdive live.
Who wants to touch me?
>> No. 21104
File 140744758507.gif - (681.52KB , 480x270 , let me feel you up.gif )
Let me touch you and absorb your glory.
>> No. 21105
Permission granted.
You may now absorb 1% of my glory.

File 140432794449.jpg - (16.83KB , 374x250 , 781135_logo.jpg )
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Is anybody here a fan of metal core, death core or pop punk?
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I guess it's metalcore with death metal influences? For me the majority of the new school -core subgenres is gimmicky, and each is trying to push the edgy needle further on the scale.

>Really, I think music gets categorized a little too much...
It depends. It definitely creates unnecesary divisions among people who have to decide what to like and what to hate. On the other hand, for a person who is deeply interested in music and constantly looks for more stuff to listen to, lots of categories is a good thing.
>> No. 21079
File 140658639013.png - (188.51KB , 528x505 , Back to the same old grind.png )
I dunno, I guess. Although I'm probably drawn to more rockish stuff, for me it's basically if I like what I hear then fine. I don't just dismiss an entire genre or whatever, though. Like there's people who will listen to one or two songs from one genre and claim that the entire genre is shit, although they probably just listened to two shit songs.
>> No. 21097
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  Apparently i am according to wikipedia

File 140390684985.jpg - (261.62KB , 700x700 , feel the melody.jpg )
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DJ S3RL, "Feel the Melody".

I love S3RL, but I've been wanting to get into other artists.
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  Sorry but THIS is what I consider to be PROPER Happy Hardcore.
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  This one is slightly more modern but while I'm rushing oooohhhh goooood the tears flow. <3


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  The Mars Volta fans? What do you think of this music?
>> No. 21041
Frances the Mute is one of my favorite albums, De-Loused and Amputechture are great, Octahedron and Nocturniquet are alright, and Bedlam can go fuck itself.
>> No. 21042
File 140531575835.jpg - (184.56KB , 953x953 , mars-volta-bedlam-in-goliath.jpg )
Not liking Bedlam, get out.

File 140513618333.png - (622.49KB , 700x700 , STEP 1.png )
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My EP is finally up on bandcamp. Feel free to call me shitty and bad.
>> No. 21036
<not enough donks


You tried.

4 legit tho, I really fuck with these beats. rite now 6.5/10
>> No. 21039
File 140525326947.jpg - (12.95KB , 400x357 , ghandi1.jpg )
Dude, you should totally layer some lo-fi screams over those tracks and submit them to the Spookycore group.

ED: Not even joking.

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  Thread for songs of a Grim tone.
Death, decay, and all things of that black nature.
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