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Jan 30It's happening. [Thread]

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  Now for some Yusuf Islam.

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  For those of you who know that the Justly Tuned 7th is the greatest chord ever.

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  Post songs that go well with the sound of rain.

I have some to share but I'm looking to expand my library. Post your rainy day music.
Wake me up when September Ends - Green Day
Untitled - Simple Plan
How to Save A Life - The Fray
Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
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For a Black Dawn.

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please go back ti /mlp/
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  .Some time travelling Music.
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That one is in Celtic.

File 141256602115.jpg - (50.68KB , 395x223 , debutart_kilian-eng_1460822.jpg )
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Awe yeah, Synthpop, Darkwave, Newwave, Retrowave, Dreamwave, Chillwave, Vaporwave, Electropop, Electrofunk. Whichever style of Synth music you enjoy, post it here Synth fans.

I want to know I'm not the only Synth lover out there!

Here are some songs I enjoy.

Carpenter Brut []

Perturbator []

Kevinsky []
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>> No. 21367
Have some space themed synth from Dynatron!
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>> No. 21470
Cool Asian themed track I've been listening to.

File 142104279066.png - (176.76KB , 299x440 , RA178.png )
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Why can't I get enough of this album? It's so fucking based. Best vaporwave release of all time, in my opinion.

Also, vaporwave general, I guess.
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File 142127431122.jpg - (41.16KB , 375x260 , Islamic-Art-16-17th-Century-06.jpg )
I can understand why other Religions wanted the Subcontinent as a lieu of Worship so badly.
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File 142144655636.png - (521.10KB , 1280x903 , Fabric.png )
Nice. Good surreal vibe to it.

Been digging this album lately:
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File 142152048255.gif - (439.04KB , 500x378 , tumblr_mopxjrGJt61qdqv28o1_500.gif )
Vapor wave? I am very pleased.

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  Everyone is talking about how death grips is so great so I decided to listen to it and it didn't sound that good.
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>> No. 21428
They were great when they were around because memes. Sadly I got into them then a week later they disbanded.
>> No. 21436
Death grips deserve their hype

Also, Fashion Week
>> No. 21466
Thing about that is it was all a ruse to build HYPE

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  Time for some music from Christians.
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God probably listens to this too.

File 141109077551.gif - (653.95KB , 267x403 , a-a-ano.gif )
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Since I'm gonna start making music again I guess I'll make a new thread for this shit. Post the music you make here.
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>> No. 21439
Hey, you posted some really spooky Halloween song Vocaroos once but I can't find them on your Soundcloud
>> No. 21443
Do you mean the Grim Grinning Ghosts covers?
>> No. 21447
File 142094441706.gif - (313.31KB , 500x380 , 136544325475.gif )
Not noise this time, sorta.

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  Best so far
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File 141832987286.jpg - (9.65KB , 184x204 , boom knowledge.jpg )
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I've only recently gotten into listening on vinyl, and I was wondering if someone could educate me on how often you should change your needle. I admit, the one I've been using is LONG overdue of a change (like almost a year, it's not even funny), and I want to know how often to generally change it.

If you could also recommend some good needles/manufacturers, that'd be wonderful too.

And apologies if there's already a thread on this.

Last edited at Thu, Dec 11th, 2014 13:31

>> No. 21442
I'm surprised nobody's touched this one yet.

Stylus life can vary greatly among models and manufacturers, and even between batches of the same model. Suggestions are in the 1000-hour range, but if everything begins to sound distorted it is certainly time to change it out.

Ortofon is generally regarded as top of the line when it comes to phonograph cartridges and styli these days.

File 140624561301.jpg - (6.25KB , 221x229 , images.jpg )
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Come on, don't be shy!
Post songs you feel ashamed for enjoying.
Stuff you would normally hate, but for some reason you can't help but like and listen to it when no one's looking.
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>> No. 21432
Haibane Renmei is THE best animu ever made.
Blue Flow is rather tacky, but the OST in general is fantastic. I used to listen to it on loop.
>> No. 21435
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I always liked the song,it is just a bit out there for my tastes.

The background behind the two protagonists in this speciic AMV,ias seen in the end to the series.

I thought it meant that they would have been living in an endless of ruins,like a maze.Quite a bit different from old home.With alleyways and fountains to just sit there quietly,a bit ashamed of being there,waiting for what...some sort o ascension.

"What are you trying to forget?"
>> No. 21440
Never Gonna Let You Down

Yeah, I actually enjoy getting rick rolled.

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  Post metal you've been listening to.

This fucking band...BABYMETAL has been on my rotation so fucking much it's not even funny. Tho with winter on the way I can get into actual metal albums like Panopticon's latest, or maybe Behemoth's latest. I've heard it's amazing or some shit, I'm not a huge Behemoth fan though, so I'm gonna go into it with an open mind.

Post what you've been listening to, talk about metal, pretty much all metal is welcome, but I will openly mock you for liking glam metal. You can openly mock me for being this into weeb metal.
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>> No. 21407
you mad bro?
>> No. 21408
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Good god this is gorgeous!
>> No. 21438
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  Because I can.

File 142059281818.png - (1.02MB , 1024x1536 , vinyl_scratch_by_twigileia-d695uq8.png )
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magnet link to some tracks from old good everfree radio stream bevor everfree network was shut down: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4ce2cc82c906a383aa418b6a179dd26b25d8e26f

It's 50Gb of sinle tracks with 320kb mp3's. Enjoy

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