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Welcome to /RP/!

Hello there and welcome to the roleplaying board! Here, there be monsters and heroes, demons and heroines, love, adventure, and, of course, ponies of all manner and kind! But before you sink yourself into the world of imagination, please take the time to read a little bit about how the board works and how to join in on the fun!

Table of Contents!

A few tips on how to get into this community!
A brief list to read and follow.
A little advice on what to do if you're experiencing a problem.
Various resources available to enhance your /RP/ experience.
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>> No. 40667227
thats right lol

File 141362101450.jpg - (8.27KB , 300x165 , th7WTMLC4F.jpg )
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Equestria has never been, and will never be, a normal society. Magic runs rampant throughout the streets whilst cities float in the clouds. But, in some parts of the world, magic and the unnatural flourish more than usual. An example of one of these places is Hooferville, which has been a rift from this world to the next ever since Starswirl the Bearded opened it and gifted Equestria with even more magical power than the land already possessed. This has also made it a popular place for the supernatural to be appearing. Angels, demons, and ethereal beings come through this rift sometimes and dwell among the residents. As of late, there has been a string of disappearances of young fillies and stallions who do not have their cutie marks. This is where your story begins.

If you have yet to sign up, please do it on our OOC/Sign-Ups thread. Also, you can contact me through Skype as ectoAlchemist.
>> No. 40671266
Fireheart let out a sigh as the train came to a complete stop. He made it. Hooferville. He admitted to being here a few times for "business," but the place gave him chills, as it was at the moment. Brushing his fiery mane out of his face and wrapping his scarlet scarf around his neck, he took his small satchel and trotted briskly into town.

"Perhaps I should grab something to eat before doing anything..." he muttered to himself as he looked around and took in his environment.

File 139941396726.jpg - (150.24KB , 1920x1080 , modern_city_ruin.jpg )
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#Open #Pseudo-canon #Series: End times or something darker #Adventure #Crossover #Dark #Violence #Semi-serious #Normal

Link to ooc which you should read before hopping in:

Week One-Canterlot

My dearest Toby,
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>> No. 40627867
"This piece'a shit's your computer?" She runs her hands through her nonexistent hair, looking rather frazzled.

"I can aid you substantially. My magical powers are rather strong, and would easily be able to aid you in keeping this building safe. However, I do have a few other suggestions of building that I saw through the window. They would require search parties, but from the outside look do-able."

Reapo clings to Toby, pointing to Entity with a quivering finger.
>> No. 40627893
Shining actually looks surprised at the mention of magic, and he smiles. He wasn't going to miss an opportunity for help, that was for sure.

"Really? Great! As soon as your finished with the computer, I'll get my second in command up here and we can start going over your suggestions."


Toby looks down the stairs briefly before he moves on down the hall. He was just as creeped out by the change in Astral as Reapo was, and it only made him more eager to get away from the humanoid.

"I know little buddy. Ah know."
>> No. 40671224
A cloaked figure strolled down the street, two strange creatures following behind her. One was hovering a couple feet off the ground, a strange aura surrounding it as it floated. The figure turned and looked towards the other creature, what looked like a dinosaur except smaller. The figure turned to look at a building, after hearing a noise coming from the area. "I didn't think anybody was still home" She said to herself, her voice sounding as if it were sandpaper, "Do you think we should knock? Be the good neighbors and see if they need help" The flying creature purred slightly, landing and folding its wings across it's chest. The dino nudged the figures back with it's head, pushing it forward. "Oh are you going to make me go in alllll by myself?" She questioned jokingly as she walked forward, "How rude of you two" The figure walked up to the door and knocked a couple times, and looking towards the other buildings.

File 141466819520.jpg - (785.87KB , 1920x1200 , Halloween.jpg )
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#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Cross-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #General #Semi-serious #Crazy ##Courtesy/Common Sense/Fun ##Happy Halloween!

>If you want to make a Donut Bar thread, seea suggested OP post at

Welcome, greetings, hello, howdy, it is great to see you in the Donut Bar. Wear a chastity belt, a solid steel one, or at least a pack of condoms and do your STD tests, because in this den of debauchery, shipping is a given and it drives faster than a certain French taxi driver, I'm sure you know the one, and leaves no exceptions nor stops on the ride to the carnal orgy. Those tags you see above and you probably missed them completely on the first go, that's okay, no one pays them any attention anyway.

Alas, the Donut Bar! One of more welcoming sights in this shady part of Canterlot - because all cities have dark sides, and we must put dark edgy grimness even into a world of colourful ponies teaching us about friendship. This two-story, ramshackle building bearing signs of way too many repairs, invites you with the strangely welcoming odour of urine, stale alcohol of origins better unknown and less savoury bodily fluids. Many had answer this mermaid call before you, be it ponies, pegasi, unicorns, alicorns, griffons, Unicrons, dragons, demons, angels, irish West Anglican 7th Day Adventist priests of questionable morals, sentient blobs of goo, ridiculous amou
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>> No. 40671453
File 141479767642.png - (291.39KB , 474x821 , I can wetmane too!.png )

Shh, shh, it's okay, I'm here...

>He hugged back tightly.
What happened? Had a bad dream...?
>> No. 40671454
I do but....theres still this emptyness q.q
>> No. 40671455
File 141479776751.jpg - (31.89KB , 499x637 , 1402301541812.jpg )
"I... I guess." she mumbled, clinging to you tightly.

"...H-Hey Varmus?"

File 141290729873.png - (3.13MB , 4030x2073 , 137746205068.png )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: AOS/An Odd Story #Adventure #Chill #Violence #Shipping #Semi-serious

>Off in the distance you see a timeworn yet magnificent mansion that stands alone towering over the surrounding area. Past that is a lush forest that stretches to the vast mountains beyond. Many sorts are drawn to the curiosity that is the mansion.No one knows where it came from or how long it has been there. For whatever reason you find yourself heading towards it. You may not know what tales you will weave in these winding halls. No one does, but all stories have a beginning and this one starts with a knock.

We have our own Wikia page. Note: pages that are being vandalized WILL be locked, and the vandal will receive an IP ban. Friendly and accurate editing is encouraged however.

Please read the following rules thread before joining. If you do plan on joining, then post info about your character in the rules thread. There is a provided blank sheet in the OP. Thank you:

Last thread:
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>> No. 40670350
File 141470966653.png - (102.41KB , 417x500 , Seras dies first.png )
Well, well. Exactly what I mean. Something so pathetic as yourself needs to turn into another just to feel worthy of himself.
>> No. 40670431
File 141471522068.jpg - (76.36KB , 894x894 , 141057979740.jpg )
Is that what you call a comeback or is your head so far up your ass you can't tell that your talk is shit.

> grabs a pint and starts to drink from it

>> No. 40670455
File 141471770516.png - (85.31KB , 900x788 , Implying.png )
It's cute. You don't understand the power you deal with.

File 141331902954.jpg - (102.91KB , 1536x1024 , MtRyanview.jpg )
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#Limited #Ask/invite #Planned #Canon: Donut Bar Convergence Arc #Adventure #Dark #Violence #General #Serious #Normal

"Everyone ready? Then let's go." the rabbit-eared woman says, her final words before you feel a sudden shift in the pit of your stomach.

The air around you begins to fill with a faint pink twinkling as the world around you begun to blur. Your head begun to thud dully and an awful stretching sensation is felt as though something had just picked you up by your feet and your hands and is now spinning you around.

The feeling only grows, becoming more and more intense until it suddenly ceases, leaving you dazed as you stagger in place.

You are no longer within the safe confides of the Donut Bar.

Instead you find yourself perched near the tip of a mountain side, the air filled with a warm, pleasant breeze that juxtaposes the motive for being her almost perfectly. Not too far from where you arrived, there is a camp site. A few tents, wooden crates and a fire, currently being stoked by a man garbed in a battledress, with a pair of rabbit ears perched atop his head.

This is staging area before your assault on the camp mentioned by Ammie before you left. Here is where you will discuss your plan and strategy before carry out the important task of retrieving information from Captain Rojas and his men about the maniacal chaosling Fionna.
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>> No. 40667842
File 141454645968.jpg - (14.86KB , 176x366 , let's get this party started.jpg )
That's the problem, Veins. We don't have a spell like that.
>> No. 40667843
Annnnnd I kinda want to see what that dudes doing. No fun in just killing people with out seeing what's up~
>> No. 40670282
File 141470768429.png - (357.94KB , 500x690 , adventure.png )
This retard was here.

File 141447019452.jpg - (221.27KB , 960x960 , Facts.jpg )
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#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Cross-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #Courtesy/Common Sense/Fun

>If you want to make a Donut Bar thread, seea suggested OP post at

All cities have dark sides, and Canterlot is certainly no exception. On the wrong side of the tracks, everything appears to be dark and cold, the rainy weather being but an exclamation mark deepening the atmosphere of alienation and lurking fear.

The atmosphere changes though, as soon as you pass the worn door over the neon sign saying, in bright bold letters [U]D NUT BAR

Inside, amongst the tables and chairs dating back to the last century, with their nicks and stains and worn out padding, you can finally get yourself dry, drink something hot and wait out the rain. There's even a antique jukebox - someone placed the damaged neon 'o' from the sign outside next to it, the stylised glass donut looking a bit out of place with the sombre décor.
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>> No. 40669877
File 141466750901.jpg - (49.33KB , 398x444 , Nyroooo.jpg )
>Okay, making the new thread.
>> No. 40669878

>> No. 40669884
File 141466824948.jpg - (785.87KB , 1920x1200 , Halloween.jpg )

File 140831386617.jpg - (256.81KB , 1280x1024 , burning_city.jpg )
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#Closed #Canon: 6A #Chill #Dark #Violence #FiM-only #Semi-serious

You see, the city was going up in flames.


In what will be remembered as the most daring terrorist attack of the decade, a group of unnamed saboteurs turned the Central Divide into a war zone. After an unknown number of assailants—suspected by be between fourteen and twenty—ambushed a Lonestar armored convoy with high explosives and heavy weapons. The attacks left over twenty law enforcers dead; and in the crossfire, Royal Centurion Blue was shot multiple times and fell approximately forty feet onto a side-bridge. He is currently being kept in an undisclosed location, and is reportedly in critical condition. Police are advising citizens to remain indoors, and we will report more on this story as it devel—


Breaking news, folks. Mere hours after the devastating gunfight at the Central Divide, a bomb of unknown origin has been discovered aboard the Celestian Celbratory Cruiser Perfect Dawn, which was in the process of making its annual tour around the Canterlot area. The ship had been seized a group of Ibexian radicals of unknown origin and capabilities, but it is believed at this time that they were going to detonate the ship directly over downtown, which would have killed dozens in the blast. Fortunately, a Lonestar strike team was able to storm the boat and neutralize the terrorists before their plot could come to fruition. It is currently believed that the terrorists were connected to the—

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>> No. 40670778
File 141474032930.png - (151.92KB , 1000x1000 , whargble.png )
"Who-oh, a bit interested now, are you?" he replies with a chuckle. "Firejack a name on your plate, too~?"

Lunacy sighs, putting his glass back down, his smile fading for a short few moments. "But that's the thing. I've found myself a bit temporarily out of a group. Thanks to an upstart shit who got a little miffed with something I did, well..."

He shrugs again, looking back over at her. "So, y'know. Shit happens."
>> No. 40670780
File 141474078629.png - (222.34KB , 300x300 , Frostmark.png )

There was just a little bit that she could empathize with, and this showed in her defeated, self depreciating chuckle, which was followed by downing yet even more of her slightly bitter drink. "A greenhorn getting a bit uppity over the methods of business? I can relate to that..." And she could of course. Granted, her unhelpful little minion did not cost her nearly as much...though on second thought, it could be argued she took a whole lot more from her.

"Shame what happened...really is. And to answer your question? Yes. I am interested. Lets just say...he is competition."

Last edited at Fri, Oct 31st, 2014 00:35

>> No. 40670783
File 141474116305.png - (194.86KB , 1000x1000 , Why yes, I DO want to start my free trial of AOL.png )
Lunacy snickers, looking off in another direction. Had to be wary, just in case anyone else came along. "Ah, of course. She'll get what's coming to her, though - in due time. But, on that topic..."

"Seems like we might be able to help each other out here. I need a crew to run with for a little bit, plus a few ponies to help me out with a little... cleaning, of my own crew. And you, you'd quite like Firejack gone, wouldn't you? Technical stuff, computers, machines, organic removal, I'm good at it all." he says, grinning up over at her. Not as smooth as he'd have liked, but when did it matter - he got the job done, and by all regards it looked like it was getting done.

"I'll scratch your back and you'll scratch mine. In a... metaphorical sense, at least. You know, not unless you've got a bitch of an itch you just can't reach - don't tell me you don't know how that feels. But, uh, besides that. Whaddya say?"

File 141424774328.jpg - (85.30KB , 936x951 , Quentin Hussie.jpg )
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#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Cross-canon #Crossover #Violence #General #Serious #Courtesy/Common Sense/Fun #Nicolas Cage for president of North Korea

If you want to make a Donut Bar thread, see a suggested OP post at:

HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk!


HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk!

The bar is NOT auto-staff, and it will stay that way.
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>> No. 40666999
>> No. 40667001
File 141447020136.jpg - (743.21KB , 1700x2339 , Swag-a-mania by Quotencommon.jpg )
>all the 69s

>> No. 40667002

No. 40665843 [View]
#Closed #No-ship #Ponies #Serious #Normal

WARNING: If you hate My Little Pony, do NOT read!
As you walk down the street, you hear you're friends talking. You gallop over to them, you're hooves going "Clippity-clop" on the stone pavement. "-her names Princess Skylar!" You're friend, Goldenfluff says. She's all about the newest gossip. "Princess Skylar? I never heard about her before, how come? Is she popular?" You're friend, Green Leaf asks. He curiously stares at Goldenfluff. "Well, she's the daughter of King Shining Armor and Queen Mi Amore Cadenza or Queen Cadence. She lives in the Crystal Empire,so she wouldn't be here,Frozen Flame." Goldenfluff said to Frozen Flame,you're friend whose always excited about visits. You think about walking over to them, and ask about the so called, Princess Skylar, but you don't want to invade. What do you do?

Last edited at Sun, Oct 26th, 2014 15:24

>> No. 40666080
I ask, of course!

File 140571630978.png - (792.50KB , 853x480 , varying degrees of wtf.png )
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#Limited #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Adventure #Dark #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #Unikitty best Unikitty #Don't have a cow, man

"Everyone's okay, right? Right."
You just sent a goddamn giant lizard thing over a cliff. You're more than okay.
"Now, we gotta find a few things. First, the rest of the Hoofen soldiers. They didn't exactly help much..."
Having spent most of today on this island, you can think of a lot of things that could have happened to your escort--eaten by those clawed monkeys, killed by whatever caved in the head of that one guy (why crystals?), lost in the forests surrounding the compound...
"We're probably gonna need shelter, too. It's gettin' dark."

The rumbles of your stomach agree. Shelter would be nice. If only you could've gotten a few things out of the cafeteria...
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>> No. 40664503
"In a direction I like?"
>> No. 40664507
"Well, you know what I mean. There's no such thing as not crazy in the Donut Bar, and you never really leave it. Something always comes back to you," he says, as he walks out of the monorail.
The door to the Security Barracks is pretty much dead. And you can detect a hint of magical energy still on it...

And as you walk out of the monorail you see a large, imposing, and very much broken security door. It's got several scorch marks around the frame, and the door itself is lying in the hallway beyond. The control panel has several fluorescent pink crystals jutting out of various ragged holes in it; someone did quite a hum-dinger on this door.
>> No. 40664515
File 141425934017.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
"Looks like someone got here first before us..."

File 141236429692.jpg - (25.97KB , 468x312 , fairbanks.jpg )
40641768 No. 40641768 [View]
#Open #Canon: The Unikon #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Semi-serious

It has been a week since the lands fell to ruin.

The most sacred land among the united tribes was sullied by an Equestrian settlement, known then as Twilight City, suddenly erupted one frosty morning in an endless array of strange demonic spirits, known only to the tribes as the Wendigo.

Just as it was thousands of years ago, the Thunderbird tribe began the long, arduous task of containing and quarantining of the accursed beasts, blanketing the Unikon territories in a permanent winter.

The bears used their abilities to attempt to keep the land healed of the taint that spewed forth from the now desecrated Source, hoping to maintain the natural order as it was.

The wolves took to battle to confront the wendigo, despite knowing well enough the curse they would have to endure, the allure of power that would be strong.

As for the pony settlers, many fled to the south towards the mining settlements of Celestia and Luna, both sister cities now encased in massive walls of stone and lumber. The only things in and out of the settlements now were the occasional armored train, carrying food, mail, and supplies alongside the usual transfer of refugees and soldiers. They had lost contact with the small mission station near Twilight City, the fates of the 100 souls stationed there now unknown to the outside world.
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>> No. 40653800
File 141339944059.gif - (51.24KB , 192x224 , pondering.gif )

Chop regarded the young miner with a slightly tilted head, looking more thoughtful than concerned.
"You're awful young to be working. Even without the damage I could see why the board might think that..."
The train of thought didn't go much further than that, but it didn't seem to leave its station either. His brow furrowed even more, if possible, but he spoke slower and quieter - almost as if commenting to himself.

He shook his head, dispelling the picture of a premonition in his head. Have to stay clear of nine.
"Sorry to hear about that kid; you must be doing your old man proud. With dedication like that, n' all."
>> No. 40654430
The young colt nodded with a small grin on his face. "He actually trained me how to. I got enough force in my back legs to shatter ore from the rock." He seemed to beam at that last comment. "I may be short one, but I got it where it counts."

"He's right, though. You're too young to be mining in Prometheus, of all places. Can't you ask to transfer to another mine? Maybe Regality needs help in the administration office." His mom didn't seem to find fault in butting in to the conversation.

"Ma, I told you, I'm not some two bit office pony. Miss Regality is nice and all, but I'd rather be down below where dad should be."

Shotglass rolled her eyes. "I sometimes wish you inherited my brains, not just my mane color... you sound just like your father."
>> No. 40664336
The Warchief felt a shiver crawl through his spine, his body shaking to try and throw it off, as if it were some forest lurker spider. An an uneasy, as well as a feeling of disgust and anger pooled in his gut, an innate sense he just could not seem to shake. Something made him feel that this as a whole was wrong and destructive to tradition as it was to the enemy. This thing was unnatural, the bone and flesh of the earth torn and bent to create nothing seen of this world. A device used to smite his own kin as well as poison the land itself. Its fiery breath chocking the sky, its blood infecting the rivers and ground. He paced up and down the side of the bulky landship, his single working eye tracking across the darkened metal hide that was its hull.

"Victory at any cost, yes...But what would they thing?" he quietly pondered as he stopped at one of the access ladders to the main deck, now looking up at the command bridge at its centre, his own clans flag whipping in the arctic winds along with the other wolf clan heraldry.

"I wonder if there is another way."

"Another way for what, Warchief?" said a grizzled voice, one that sounded as if a bolder were being raked across jagged and stony ground. The Warchief snapped his head in the direction of the sound, a slight startled by the sudden hand over his shoulder. It was nothing more than one of his senior advisers, and long time family friend, Gaius of the Tearing Fang. Somehow he had slipped out of the his sight during the inspection with the various engineers.

"Oh, this. All of it. Weapons of the enemy we use, Gaius. Same ones that slay our kin in droves. Do you not think it is unnatural to use such things? Pollute our own heritage with the inventions of outsiders no less?"

"Tell me, Warchief. Are casting swords, out of the metals drawn from the earth itself unnatural? I too do recall the histories mentioning our people gaining such knowledge from the Thunderbirds many summers ago. But you

File 141403562420.jpg - (34.19KB , 460x460 , Doms face when pears first baby.jpg )
40662123 No. 40662123 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Cross-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #Courtesy/Common Sense/Fun

>If you want to make a Donut Bar thread, seea suggested OP post at

All cities have dark sides, and Canterlot is certainly no exception. On the wrong side of the tracks, everything appears to be dark and cold, the rainy weather being but an exclamation mark deepening the atmosphere of alienation and lurking fear.

The atmosphere changes though, as soon as you pass the worn door over the neon sign saying, in bright bold letters [U]D NUT BAR

Inside, amongst the tables and chairs dating back to the last century, with their nicks and stains and worn out padding, you can finally get yourself dry, drink something hot and wait out the rain. There's even a antique jukebox - someone placed the damaged neon 'o' from the sign outside next to it, the stylised glass donut looking a bit out of place with the sombre décor.
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>> No. 40664334
File 141424602601.gif - (7.46KB , 650x450 , 00370.gif )
>OKay, I got an ea for the new thread. Stay tuned.
>> No. 40664335
File 141424605549.gif - (2.56MB , 300x169 , Aborted Arc.gif )

>Not a problem!
>> No. 40664338
File 141424777736.gif - (4.61KB , 700x500 , 8WOPP.gif )

File 141263361901.jpg - (475.31KB , 2032x1515 , Night City.jpg )
40645149 No. 40645149 [View]
#Open #Canon #Fresh start #Dark #General #Semi-serious

The sun has dipped behind the City skyline. Ponies have retreated to their homes, kissed their kids goodnight, and gone to sleep for the night. Of course, when nobody is watching, who knows what shadows may slip through the city...


Welcome to the first, and possibly last, thread of The Freaks Come Out at Night! This is an experimental thread, where the only real rule is this: Your character should be a creature of the night, someone who would generally be shunned in the light. If this ends up being popular, I'll do another. Have fun!
>> No. 40662422
File 141405632341.jpg - (50.87KB , 736x602 , af8f3eb8cd78ffb81477d5b035610177.jpg )
> Out in an alley, a hobo would lay down, not making much sense to anyone. As he leaned against the brick wall, the top of his tall hat would have a flap that would open.
> Two sets of yellow eyes with black pupils would look out, with a rather annoyed expression being seen quite easily.

Balfour! BALFOUR!

> The hatter would quickly pop up. It was clear now that he was simply drunk.
Huh? What?

> The hairy thing that was in his hat would sigh, rolling it's eyes before looking back down at him.

You said you'd let me out of this hat once the sun went down. Now is the time! I wanna go see who I can't rustle this night. Last time I went out, I swear this one woman wet herself.

File 141299348633.png - (7.85MB , 2000x2000 , stepfinal.png )
40648692 No. 40648692 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Closed #Contained #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Serious #Mindfuck #Surreal

Sometimes, well let’s say all times, things are changing. We are judged as human beings on how we treat our fellow human beings. How do you treat your fellow human beings? At night, just before sleep, as you lay by yourself in the dark, how do you feel about yourself? Are you proud of your behavior? Are you ashamed of your behavior? You know in your heart if you have hurt someone, you know.
If you have hurt someone, don’t wait another day before making things right.

The world could break apart with sadness in the meantime.

--Catherine E. Coulson
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>> No. 40662110
"W-whaa??" Andrew rasied an eyebrow, and frowned as he stared at his own shadow. "What is this??"
>> No. 40662111
File 141403492466.png - (180.14KB , 900x1217 , apple_bloom_vector_by_piolet231-d5l4350.png )
She blinked in confusion
>> No. 40662114
Copper's shadow is the first one to make a move. Charging forward, it headbutts Copper, sending him flying back with a thud.
After rubbing his head for a moment, he runs forward, bucking the shadow in the chest. Copper suddenly crumples to the ground, the wind knocked out of him. He manages to wheeze out "I think this might be a problem"

[To Be Continued]

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