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Apr 17PonychanX version 2 has been released. [Thread]

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Welcome to /RP/!

Hello there and welcome to the roleplaying board! Here, there be monsters and heroes, demons and heroines, love, adventure, and, of course, ponies of all manner and kind! But before you sink yourself into the world of imagination, please take the time to read a little bit about how the board works and how to join in on the fun!

Table of Contents!

A few tips on how to get into this community!
A brief list to read and follow.
A little advice on what to do if you're experiencing a problem.
Various resources available to enhance your /RP/ experience.
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File 139639191250.gif - (0.95MB , 356x201 , tumblr_n3blu9k5CW1tsipf6o6_400.gif )

File 139818786850.gif - (1.93MB , 400x225 , This makes me feel better about myself.gif )
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#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Cross-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #Courtesy/Common Sense/Fun

>If you want to make a Donut Bar thread, seea suggested OP post at

Feel down? Well just know this guy probably works out every day and yet can't open a bottle of water in front of millions.

This is the donut bar, three year old place that is actually a TARDIS and that is in the wrong part of town. By wrong I mean it's in a bad neighborhood and shit like that. Food is either shit or high fucking class. Donuts are either shit or high fucking class. Drinks are either shit or high fucking class. People are either shit or high fucking class. With me so far?

The bar is NOT auto-staff, and it will stay that way.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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File 139826269511.jpg - (99.46KB , 400x478 , raccooon.jpg )
"Ooh ooh ooh ooh, Yes please!"
>> No. 40440620
File 139826273741.jpg - (522.28KB , 800x1100 , Chibi!.jpg )
"...By the way, what other forms do you have?"
>> No. 40440621
File 139826279695.jpg - (12.60KB , 184x184 , 5b976abdf508123d5cb5dac814167e8247f35ec5_full.jpg )
"I can be Gordon Freeman if I want to."

File 139726149005.png - (3.13MB , 4030x2073 , 137746205068.png )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: AOS/An Odd Story #Adventure #Chill #Violence #Shipping #Semi-serious

>Off in the distance you see a timeworn yet magnificent mansion that stands alone towering over the surrounding area. Past that is a lush forest that stretches to the vast mountains beyond. Many sorts are drawn to the curiosity that is the mansion.No one knows where it came from or how long it has been there. For whatever reason you find yourself heading towards it. You may not know what tales you will weave in these winding halls. No one does, but all stories have a beginning and this one starts with a knock.

We have our own Wikia page. Note: pages that are being vandalized WILL be locked, and the vandal will receive an IP ban. Friendly and accurate editing is encouraged however.

Please read the following rules thread before joining. If you do plan on joining, then post info about your character in the rules thread. There is a provided blank sheet in the OP. Thank you:

Last thread:
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quite alright
>> No. 40440438
File 139823685270.png - (152.72KB , 2109x2709 , Mobius look.png )
>He leans up towards the bed, looking to him with concern.
No, sorry Umi. Youre at the Oblivious Mansion right now. You must have came down from the Orion station.
>He just stops, not wanting to overwhelm him with too much information from coming a state like he did.
>> No. 40440440
>doesn't wanna overwhelm him
>pointed a strange ass gun at him

File 139621434221.jpg - (686.47KB , 1920x1080 , Future-City-Wallpaper.jpg )
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#Planned #Canon: 6A #Adventure #Chill #Dark #Violence #FiM-only #Semi-serious #221772311822

It began, as so many things do, with an ending.


Not even six months after his appointment, Magister-of-Defense Steelhoof Winterscar has been found dead in the headquarters of the Winter Soldier corporation, which he owned and operated. The body was discovered following a brief exchange of gunfire between the headquarters' garrison and an unidentified group of armed ponies—an exchange which left many of the base's defenders dead or incapacitated. It is unknown at this time whether this was a coup, a terrorist action, or an enterprising group of "Operators"; but during the firefight, over two hundred thousand bits were appropriated from the company's vault. In the wake of the incident, Burlap Sachs—the company's acting treasurer—filed for temporary chapter seventeen bankruptcy. It is unknown as of this writing who is slated to be the new Magister, but we here at the Tribune expect the Senate Superior to make their announcement within a week...

This is Canterlot; and with just a single bullet, you can change the world. The brita; Winter that gripped the city mere weeks ago has given way to Spring; and for the first time in months, you can hear birdsong, and feel the warmth of sunshine against your skin. The grass is beginning to come up, ripe and meant for the tasting; and the trees, with all their deliberate sloth, are beginning to flower. The birds and beasts of the world—sapient or otherwise—are taking on energy: the world that was asleep for so long is starting to wake up.

Of course, as idyllic as this pictu
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>> No. 40440006
File 139822237810.png - (68.18KB , 502x522 , 5.png )
He'd said his piece, it was rejected, so he quiets back down to listen.

It was a simple operation so changing the plan on the fly would be easy if needed.
He hadn't figured out the twist of this job yet though.
Heavy fire power was the obvious guess, but hidden weapons was also a possibility.
The plan counted for heavy weapons and skill should be able to counter the hold out weapons.

As for the pistol.... Grabbing another weapon would be faster than reloading... If no one else took it, he would. Air himself wouldn't take it, though he should... so if no one else took it would never see use.

Dragons with their hoarding tendencies are marvelous at justifying desire.
>> No. 40440119
File 139822675688.png - (188.66KB , 1051x1000 , Mallie3.png )
Mallie, who had been mostly quiet, looks over the pistol.

"Weapons such as these certainly aren't my preferred way to do things... but if push comes to shove, I'd rather this than just the Beesting I have now. May I?"
>> No. 40440435
File 139823671870.gif - (1.91MB , 384x191 , Canis_ Out_.gif )
Jet frowned all the more at her insinuations, her threats her demands to chance who he is for her sake.

"NO FROST! I DON'T! I WANT TO THINK YOU LOVE ME! But every time you act one way you make a swing to go the other! Tell you what, if you keep looking for things to be wrong on my side, why not look to yourself for a moment. Yes! I hate myself for you losing your arm to save me! Yes, I would have let myself die to protect you from that any day. So yes Frost, I still hate myself for hitting you and I still hate myself for bringing all of this upon you. So great job for thinking to use that as a way to catch me off guard, to remind me that everyone else in this group either thinks I'm an idiot or a maniac. I don't like the stares I get from Eska, I don't like the way I'm forced away from the one guy who just likes me for me in this group by her either. So yeah. Thanks for reminding me of that - Are you sure you don't hate me? Are you sure you don't blame me for you losing your arm, is that not why you attacked me as harshly as you did!? Tell you what Frost. Let's clear the air right now."

He stalked back to his sword, picking up, twirling it and sheathing it at his hip in one long smooth motion before turning back to her, the anger beginning to fade from the stallions face as he spread his arms wide as if for a loving embrace.

"Hit me Frost. Hit me as hard as you can, then we'll spar until one or both of us can't stand. But after that. Let's put all this *shit* behind us. Because I am just not cut out for this and if we don't clear the air one way or the other we as an item is going to go down in flames. So come on. Hit me!"

File 139225768018.jpg - (556.65KB , 1920x1080 , 1385885577286.jpg )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: Orion #Ponies #Non-pony #Serious #Semi-serious #Normal #Crazy

OOC thread - check here for information and signups

Another day, another rift.
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>> No. 40440229
File 139822985339.png - (285.12KB , 894x894 , Bow-Ties Tweed JAckets And Cool Hair.png )
"Well I would if I had any time to explain anythi-"
"Fantastic, I needed medical drama to add to my repertoire"
The Doctor turns to Cuore with a look of relaxation and grandfatherly confidence plastered all over his face, he seems not to be paying the situation much heed.
"Cuore, please go and get the life support machines immediately so I shall have time to upgrade them to work on her. Otherwise she will likely choke on her own blood or die of suffocation."
>> No. 40440242
Seeing that the human has calmed down, Jewel turns and puts the syringe back down. Unable to do much else to help at the moment, she trots over to Leale's bed and helps him get up. She heads for the door, ready to take him back to his room, but looks over her should at the last second.

"Save the complaints and sarcasm for later, if you would. There is a life at risk here, with potentially valuable information." With that, she turns and heads down the hall, ensuring that Leale doesn't fall down and hurt himself any worse than he already has.
>> No. 40440256
File 139823099456.png - (626.69KB , 900x839 , space_is_cool_by_nastylady-d58dzm1.png )
The Doctor looks up from the patent and wiggles a slender metallic stick at her. It buzzes and crackles with a strange energy as it glows a pleasant green.
"I like you, you have that wonderful can do attitude that most ponies lack. Along with an excellent sense of urgency."
The Doctor then waves the odd instrument over the human's body a few more times, focusing on the areas where she appears to have sustained then most injury, specifically her lung and the shrapnel embedded there. He takes a moment to look up and seems to come to some form of an epiphany, then takes a few instruments which Cuore had laid out on a table and begins marking parts of the skin around the shrapnel.

File 139568954488.jpg - (128.22KB , 640x422 , Aether City.jpg )
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#Planned #Canon: Aether City #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Semi-serious #Long-post

Some years ago, a meteorite hit Eqeustria, near a small metropolis. At first, no one thought much of it, and it was taken in to be stored in archives.

Soon, anomalities started showing. Pegasi gained access to power they shouldn’t be able to, earth ponies along with them, and unicorns previously adept at certains paths of magic either lost everything to a completely new kind, or became masters in their field. Not everything was happy days. Some ponies developed hard shells and claws, chitin plating, segmented eyes. Some’s legs fused to snail-like undersides.

Authorities were quickly called, and all who had mutated were taken in temporary custody. Orders were given to start constructing a city with high walls to contain the affected. A remote island off the coast was deemed as the best place and construction began. The city would come to be known as Aether City.

For a year, they built, Equestria’s united building companies taking on the task. The mutants were kept in custody in temporary city, patrolled by guards. They were signed up and registrered by teams of scientists in hazmat suits. Chips were implanted in them as well, but they were never told why. Food was given sparingly, with no reason given why. They were showered only once a week, and toilets were a luxury cut away to save money. As time passed, only the few who wanted their old name kept it. Some took upon others, while the last resorted to their designation, their pride broken beyond repair.

Anger was building in the camps of mutants, wanting to know why citizens under the rule of the princesses were treated so wrongly. No reason was given, only that all would be better once Aether City was complete.
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>> No. 40439723
>Yep. I just had some Theater related things to attend to.
>I am ready and willing to continue.
>> No. 40439731
>You're in theater too? Cool beans!

>Yeah, I'm here.

>Dragonfly was zooming between piles of rubble, looking for survivors. No far, not much luck.
>> No. 40440144
>I wasn't around on account of acting in "Spamalot". A musical rip off of Monty Pythons "Quest for the holy grail".

>Lily never really "Stood up" although she was certainly sneaking. In liquid form she channeled along the gutters following them, keeping an eye out for any wandering guards or... if they were lucky, survivors.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014 21:41

File 139629720040.jpg - (101.43KB , 640x540 , XII_Ifrit.jpg )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: BND #Series: BND #Adventure #Chill #Dark #Ponies #Semi-serious

>When we last left off The crew disembarked on a mission in an abandoned prison..After a while of treading into the heart of the prison they found a dressphere of course not without any resistance from the local mutated wild life, and undead ponies.

>Some where injured other were infected,and amongst this chaos they found an actual living pone among the chaos of this quest.

>What will happen in todays episode of BND!


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>> No. 40440036
>He slithers up to her, curious about the shop
This potion shop?
>> No. 40440039
"Yes it is.." Said the mare.

"What can I do for ya?' She asked.
>> No. 40440048
>He looks around, seeing if it was any different from Sand's and then turns his attention back to the mare

File 138838205765.jpg - (143.50KB , 500x333 , alone at a diner.jpg )
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#Closed #Canon: The Swirlies #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Non-pony #Serious

His hand moved with fluid certainty as each stroke of the charcoal pencil brought forth a little more detail to the scene before him. It was not his best, but then again, maps hardly ever were. His thin hands were not striving to create one of his often hailed as 'magnificent' artworks, but rather working the outline of a battlefield; a tool that he would use to illustrate the carefully thought out plan in his mind.

The tip of the charcoal snaps and shoots across the table, bouncing off the sleek maroon leather seat across from him before rolling to a stop on the floor. He sighs.

He often got nervous just before a hunt with a new group. There was so much room for error, and so little for success. A simple and seemingly straight-forward plan could be tossed to the fryers if you lacked the basics of a group dynamic. Trust, of course, was the key element if you were to have a successful hunt. But how could one trust someone they new very little of? It was difficult, and sometimes almost nigh impossible. He himself had seen it too many times in his years on the streets. All it took was a inkling of doubt or fear, and before you knew it, that kid who was supposed to watch your back was now a mile down the road and still running, leaving you open to attack. He didn't want that. Didn't need it, and he wouldn't have it. Which was why he was going to test them first. See how they could hold up as a team before they went after the big prize.

With the same fluid motion used to draw the streets, trees, and shops-all key area points to be used for the first test-his hand reached to his coat pocket and withdrew a small sharpener, which he went on to use to carve a new point from his tool, his eyes glancing up briefly at the door, and then the clock. Seven fourty two. The sun had yet
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>> No. 40439682
File 139820804243.jpg - (96.15KB , 436x640 , walking under streetlight.jpg )

And then Marcus was thrown for a loop by this boy now sitting in front of him. Roth goes straight for the jugular with the first thing he says, despite how calm the rest of the speech may be. He then proceeds to lay the realities down without hesitation, or even any real anger at his failures. Not loud anger, at least, not like Marcus. It was subdued. Didn't take a genius to see that whoever this guy was, he has his own burden of pain on his shoulders. Especially in losing a sister.

As much as Marcus wanted to be mad that he was still continuing, much as he might want to scorn this kid, he couldn't. His fists, which were previously balled up on the table, loosened a bit, but Marcus' gaze still burned.

"I don't have sob stories like a bunch of these guys. Nothing bad ever happened to me." he replies, looking down for the slightest of moments as he says so.

"I can't claim any motivation higher than yours. I'm no saint, myself, I kill these things because they try to hurt me and mine. That's all the reason I need to separate some monster's head from his shoulders. But let's be clear, I'm not afraid of them. They're the ones who should fear us, they should fear kids like me."

He scratches his chin and gives a slight reluctant growl. "And maybe you. Maybe. I've yet to see that, but that's why I'm here. I've already been taking these things down, might as well have some backup if I'm gonna do it."

Last edited at Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014 16:15

>> No. 40439989
File 139822155114.jpg - (181.42KB , 548x713 , Smirk_by_laurabeth.jpg )

Roth cracks a smile to his response. He liked that. He liked it a lot.

Well, he might not have gotten the allies he had been searching for, but so far the evening wasn't turning out so bad. He couldn't quite explain it in words, but somewhere in his mind he instinctively knew this was going to be a good team. Altair seemed fidgety, but fidgety was good. They would need someone with energy, someone fast and who liked to run. James was a good all-around battler. He could do whatever the situation called for at the moment; for the most part at least. Roth himself would act as the anchor, holding the groups focus and keeping everyone calm and steady. Marcus though-Marcus was going to prove to be a key player.

He needed someone with a hot head, a risk taker, and willing to challenge authority. If Roth were a bit older and with a better education, he would understand the term he was looking for was devils advocate. Roth needed someone to see the flaw in his strategies, even if it appeared there may be none, because as he had stated earlier, a simple miscalculation could bring devastation.

With another nod, Roth offers his hand for the second time.

"Glad to have you aboard. I hope you don't mind running with a couple of nutty fools with a death wish. Names Roth, and if you didn't catch my earlier conversation, that's James and that over there is Altair.
>> No. 40440046
File 139822366691.jpg - (41.38KB , 570x557 , manly handshake.jpg )

Marcus eyes the outstretched hand for but a moment, before un-clenching his fist and taking the offered hand with a vigorous grip. Would have seemed playful or friendly were it not for the continued expression on Marcus' face, that of serious contemplation and thought about the current scenario. The situation being what it was, though, it was just a firm, manly sort of handshake.

"If you're a couple o' fools, what does that make me then?" It was in that moment that the expression breaks a bit, and the boy gives a slight smirk. "Name's Marcus. Marcus Townshend."

With that, he would let go of Roth's hand. Now, having gotten formalities out of the way, though, he gives Altair a look of disappointment. "But you, Altair, just what the hell are you doing with all those freakin' knives?! Exactly what do you intend to do, stab once and just leave it in there? Throw 'em? You ever thrown a knife in your life because it ain't like TV kid, I got the pointy end of it to stick like once and I'm pretty sure it was an accident."

File 139752064357.jpg - (62.72KB , 1680x1050 , hadraniel.jpg )
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#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Series: The Iron Scourge #Adventure #Crossover #Dark #Violence #General #Serious #Semi-serious

Please allow me to introduce myself.

All is calm in the slums of Canterlot, but the tension rises like smoke from a devastating flame. The Gemini V has launched, and with it, the wide arsenal of the planet. Nuclear weaponry and ballistic missiles collided with satellite relays and space stations alike, plunging Equestria and its many neighboring nations into a catastrophic blackout, and leaving the Gemini all but alone in orbit, a silent sentinel in the starlit skies.

Worse still, before the thrusters of the rocket had even cooled, and before the shockwave had settled, an order has reportedly been given for an Equestrian Navy fleet to bombard the coast of a hotly contested territory between Kliberia and Novaria. Such an act would doubtlessly tear apart the uneasy peace that has fallen over the earth in light of what many are calling "The day the planet shook," and set all military eyes upon Equestria. The fleet is not responding to belay orders nor has any air traffic been reported around the ship, leaving the world holding its breath as the ship to set the world on fire marches inexorably through the icy Northern seas.

How do you stop World War Three?

Why, with a judicious application of bureaucracy, of course.

> Who are you, and why are you here?
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>> No. 40438316
File 139812500603.jpg - (16.39KB , 240x163 , 11079222253_934caf2707_m.jpg )
The Doctor seems to notice that this shelter is quite far away if it takes this long to get there. Looking around at the dreary city, he sniffs.

"We are nearly there, I hope?" the Doctor asked.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 21st, 2014 17:04

>> No. 40438426
File 139812852505.jpg - (75.48KB , 800x600 , 1364243262792.jpg )
Emilia paid none of this any heed, merely focusing on the doors before him as his boots struck hard against the carpeted floor. When he came within a few yards away he aimed his right side in front of him, intent on shoulder-charging through the door and taking cover behind the wall attached to it despite the fact that such a barrier would probably prove to be laughable in the face of the incoming attack.
>> No. 40438578
File 139813715392.jpg - (40.45KB , 600x341 , Tied-in-Chair.jpg )
Are you even trying...?

>With that inauspicious sound, he steps forward. As Blowhard spins his artillery cannon round his hoof--mostly for emphasis--he raises his hoof, waits until the very whites of her eyes are in sight, and then he fires--right under her chin.

File 139801470602.jpg - (103.98KB , 592x592 , snoop bunny.jpg )
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#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Chill #Lighthearted #Crossover #Shipping #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #I forget the tags. #RAPPS ON DECK.
Uhh, yeah - today is Easter..
(sick beat)
So what? Uhh, yeah

When I rock the beat it sounds so incredible
When I put it down it's so unforgettable
Shootin this gift is just so enjoyable
Truth of the matter is so unavoidable

Uhh yeah, rapps on deck (rapps on deck)
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>> No. 40439317
File 139818785418.jpg - (51.80KB , 424x518 , Yeah, what.jpg )

...That's cheesy as fuck.
>> No. 40439319
File 139818790915.gif - (204.52KB , 450x324 , Motehr fuckers droppig like flies.gif )
>> No. 40439320
File 139818793446.jpg - (34.66KB , 640x362 , twd-s02e01-clem.jpg )
"...She's fine. I was just scared."

File 139674427287.gif - (4.73MB , 480x360 , #shotsfired.gif )
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#Open #Ask/invite #Canon: New Pegasus #Series: Radioactive #Adventure #Crossover #Violence #Ponies #Semi-serious #Gratuitous Post-Apocalyptic Shipping #Enjoy Your Stay #So Much Goddamn Sex

>2.0 Rules

>2.0 Multiclasses
>Expanded Racials 3.5 (New Release!)
>Game Info (WIP)

>OOC chat
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>> No. 40437126
"Glad to have ye aboard, lass." Gernade says with a smile, giving her a kiss on her cheek. "Now then, how about we show these Legion bilge rats what happens when you incur the wrath of a pirate and his crewmates!" He yells with a raise of his blunderbuss and continues along the road to Nelson.
>> No. 40437128
"Sounds... sounds good." She follows you.
>> No. 40437129

"Deje que fluya la sangre! No voy a parar hasta que estén todos muertos! Vamos, rápidamente!"

shouts Buckshot, not knowing what they're exactly doing, but knowing killing will be involved. He picks up pace to almost a full sprint, circling around Gernade excitedly.

File 139518213446.png - (7.85MB , 2000x2000 , stepfinal.png )
40383437 No. 40383437 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Closed #Contained #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Serious #Mindfuck #Surreal

Hello again. Can you see through a wall? Can you see through human skin? X-rays see through solid, or so-called solid objects. There are things in life that exist, and yet our eyes cannot see them. Have you ever seen something startling that others cannot see? Why are some things kept from our vision? Is life a puzzle? I am filled with questions. Sometimes my questions are answered. In my heart, I can tell if the answer is correct. I am my own judge. In a dream, are all the characters really you? Different aspects of you? Do answers come in dreams?

There are clues everywhere, all around us. But the puzzle maker is clever. The clues, although surrounding us, are somehow mistaken for something else. And the something else, the wrong interpretation of the clues, we call our world. Our world is a magical smoke screen. How should we interpret the happy song of the meadowlark or the robust flavor of a wild strawberry?

-Catherine E. Coulson
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>> No. 40437107
She blinks slowly, the same passive agressive air her friends had grown to find some comfort in...
"I think of others all the time. That's why I am able to run away, mother. It's because I learn to take care of myself, to make my own decisions, and live my own life, so that others may do the same."
She pauses, a look of genuine compassion and concern on her face, possibly for the first time in the presence of her mother.
"Mother? Please understand, I only do this because I've... somewhere to be. And... it's very important to me."

in one quick motion, she slices the knife across her mothers throat, she pauses, insisting. "...I need to go now." and presses the knife against her own chest, ready to thrust it in at her mothers first retaliation.
>> No. 40437119
Your mother doesn't retaliate at all. You think for a moment you stopped her cold.

But then you feel a warm trickle run down your chest. The trickle soon turns into a constant stream. The knife falls to the floor as you put a hoof to your throat. You can feel the blood rushing from it, bubbles escaping as you try to gasp for air, but seemingly fail.

As you fall to the ground, your body starting to convulse in the throes of suffocation, you feel your mother lean down, drawing closer to you.
"The Soull's distinct connection
With mortality
Is best disclosed by danger
Or quick calamity"

She grabs the knife from the floor and throws it behind her
>> No. 40437121
File 139806241753.jpg - (50.56KB , 800x600 , Dungeon.jpg )
Tuffle walks through the red curtain to a long hallway

Ha! Meaningful transition made!

File 139791231856.jpg - (78.33KB , 600x450 , scary-clown-zombie.jpg )
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#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Cross-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #Courtesy/Common Sense/Fun #Jesus still dead ;_;

If you want to make a Donut Bar thread, see a suggested OP post at:

Since the day of holy rising from the dead is coming, instead of regular OP text you get a story about love from the wicked clowns on the blackboard:

"Tell me why... why do you feel like you should still be together with Lisa?"
"Sure... c-c-c-c'mon, man! Our relationship ain't all weak and shit. You know, I mean... I mean just because she's dead we should just break up or somethin'?! FUCK THAT!"
"Tommy, Tommy... Tommy, listen to me, she's DEAD, man. You gotta move on!"
"So what? So she's dead... does that make you... fresher than her?"
"...i didn't say that..."
"I don't think so! So she don't talk as much! And she don't really move around a lot... She's still fresh! She's still fun to be around! you... you're just prejudice."
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>> No. 40436170
>Alright, I've got to be going now. I'll see you all later.
>> No. 40436172
File 139801493009.png - (117.00KB , 450x821 , 136223753734.png )
Well, actually ah was g'honna apologize fer tryin' t' kill yew
>> No. 40436179
>Just reposting the new thread

File 137938990245.png - (200.16KB , 512x512 , 295361.png )
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#Closed #Canon: Destination: Equestria #Series: Requiem #Adventure #Dark #Violence #General #Serious #So close...

Fear. One of the most potent forces. An instrument to rule over others, to bind and break them. A tool of tyrants and monsters.

How grim and narrow-minded.

Fear of the dark and cold gave birth to fire. Fear of being forgotten creates truly amazing works of art. Fear of loneliness forms friendships and communities. Fear of extinction creates new life.

Sit for a while, and witness for yourself what tremendous feats a small band of heroes could be motivated to accomplish...out of their fear of death. Look to the other end of the playing the soulless monstrosity plaguing the land, its vast army...and the puppet it has created to gain my favor and sate my hunger.

Amazing what fear can create, no?

Look, they have almost reached their destination. Impressive that they managed to get the ship up and ready in such a short time, don't you think? Fear, my friend. In an way, you could say...they owe their accomplishments to me. Funny, really...that it was me causing what led us all to this point...and what will end this conflict, one way or another. But enough talk...I'm eager to meet them all.
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File 139785608499.jpg - (81.56KB , 600x600 , 11913__safe_humanized_shining-armor_artist-123hamster_artist-ninjaham.jpg )
With Tonic deflected by Rillian, Shining had the chance to attack once more, hopefully this time with more success then last time.
>Cadance's boost goes up by one, now giving a +2 to friendly rolls.

"Die monster, you don't belong in this world!" With that oh so outdated and overdone quote, Shining tried once more to put a shield around Tonic, this time trying to crush him inside of it.

1d10+5 = 6
>> No. 40433391
d10+3 = 13
>> No. 40434205
File 139788599247.png - (79.01KB , 471x522 , 15.png )
Come, come, bonny Lynne; tell us, tell us, where you've been.


While the battle raged on, the small Unicorn filly stirred in her sleep. You know that part of your sleep where you are not quite awake, but still with one hoof in the dream world? That's exactly where Lynne heard a familiar voice call out to her, a voice so warm and loving that it put a smile on the half-slumbering filly's face.

Dear, dear bonny Lynne sleeps the peaceful crib within.

Still on Cadance's back, Lynne opened her eyes slowly...only to come face to face with the reason for her smile...a smile that only grew as that reason beckoned her closer, and happy tears began to well in her eyes. Cadance would feel the filly stir on her back, as if Lynne was trying to get up, and the princess...if she was paying attention...would hear a single whispered word.


File 139100441227.png - (82.69KB , 1320x872 , New Trotswood Map.png )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: Trotswood #Ponies

On the Edge of Equestria near the western forests. Lies Trotswood, a small town on the Edge
of civilization as ponies know it. A haven for the weird and supernatural, Trotswood has
never grown into a particularly large town and though ponies come and go, it needs more
ponies to grow. Ponies who can run shops, work jobs, and defend the town from the horrors
that lurk at its edges. The town is small right now, consisting of a few shops, some homes,
a hospital, and the bar next to the hospital.

Trotswood is supposed to be a growing community, where there is no overall OP to handle anything
but OOC disputes and the rules. Everything is player driven, the story, the town, the ponies in
in the town. It is a place players can make an arc, and bring the whole town into it, you do not have
to make up a setting or anything, just take the town and its basics and make it into a place
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>> No. 40430397

She rubs his shoulder as they walk.

"You should do something to relax as soon as possible buddy. No one wants you getting over stressed. "
>> No. 40430622
Sotil smiles
"I am trying, trust me...I just occasionally get really high strung."
>> No. 40433788
Aspiring Anon with questions in /ooc/ thread. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

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