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Aug 27Come say hello to our new !!Pinkie Pie. http://www.ponychan.net/chan/meta/res/160725.html

File 140859502406.png - (408.77KB , 1280x720 , Fluttershy_final_yay_S1E16.png )
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Okay folks up next we have Season 1 Episode 16, Sonic Rainboom, Written by:M.A.Lasrson

The link to the episode:http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwod3e_mlp-fim-s1-e16-sonic-rainboom-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.


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>> No. 36776054
File 140907688342.jpg - (70.57KB , 878x909 , spitfire.jpg )

Given how Spitfire and Fleetfoot are depicted later on, I'm guessing she showed up, shook dash's hoof and then told the soarin clones they needed to stop goofing around and come do something with her.

File 140163872569.png - (0.98MB , 1920x1080 , 555736__safe_twilight+sparkle_rainbow+dash_pinkie+pie_fluttershy_rarity_applejack_princess+luna_.png )
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An official thread for all Season 5 stuff from news to shitstorms. Well, hopefully not for shitstorms.

Remember to spoiler all news and rumors.
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>> No. 36776087
File 140909870905.jpg - (31.39KB , 500x353 , through-the-mirror-princess-celestia-doll-3.jpg )
probably because is a latter run.
or maybe just later they will rerelease the main cast with feather wings.
so everybody have to trash his old dolls just to get the correct wings.

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File 140676817905.jpg - (276.67KB , 1050x1594 , STK645571.jpg )
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Preview's up, so time to start the thread of a new month!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #22
(W) Ted Anderson (A) Agnes Garbowska (CA) Agnes Garbowska, Zander Cannon
Has Trixie been framed for stealing a diamond, or is she up to her old tricks? It’s a classic whodunit set in the hustle and bustle of Manehattan! Don’t miss the conclusion to this madcap caper!

My Little Pony Friends Forever #8
(W) Katie Cook (A) Andy Price (CA) Amy Mebberson
It’s road trip time with Applejack and Rarity! When the two friends discover they are headed to the same destination, they naturally decide to ride together. A seemingly easy trip turns disastrous when calamity upon calamity interrupts their journey! Will Applejack and Rarity’s friendship… or sanity… survive the trip?
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>> No. 36775822
File 140881511568.jpg - (131.96KB , 1024x1024 , 1.jpg )
each one have his suspencion of desvilive.

and probably this Kate love it because are ponies. like almost everybody do.

File 140800612621.png - (767.85KB , 1280x720 , Twilight_angry_S1E15.png )
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Okay folks up next we have Season 1 Episode 15, Feeling Pinkie Keen, Written by:Dave Polsky.

The link to the episode:http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwobaa_mlp-fim-s1-e15-feeling-pinkie-keen-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.

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>> No. 36775802
It's about beating the clocks.
You have two- one is the time, and one is power. One you cannot control, and one you can.
The only real threat comes when they poke their heads in the door, which you then need to shut.

As far as 3spooky6me, animatronics never creeped me out as a kid. In fact, I was fascinated by them. Thanks Jim Henson.

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Youtube embed play button
  It's just a cartoon, they need to bend the rules of logic, common sense, physics, etc to entertain.


What if they had a real world reason for the way they grip things?

Like what the video is showing you?

Any opinions?
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>> No. 36776102
File 140912507884.png - (360.44KB , 2825x2982 , Pinkie Pie Vector Oooh, Look at This Thing!.png )
All ponies have these little hairs at the bottom of their hooves that act as a kind of super-Velcro that lets them hold just about anything. To avoid getting their hooves stuck on, say, grass or their own bodies, however, the hairs have to be willingly activated by the pony through choosing to want to pick something up.
>> No. 36776103
Why'd you have to be that guy?
>> No. 36776105
Youtube embed play button

File 140902142893.jpg - (32.03KB , 1280x720 , 1409021372509.jpg )
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So I hate to bring this up but does anyone else release the sad truth of Twilight Sparkles princess life. Judging from the experience of princess Celestia it seems that becoming a princess makes that pony immortal. The fact that Twilight is now princess and immortal means that she will watch as her friends and family grow old and eventually die. And yes ponies do get old based on Granny Smith. Even worse is the fact that Princess Candace will have to watch her beloved husband Shining armor die as well. I hate to put a damper on any brownies day but I just had to get that out otherwise I love the show
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>> No. 36776096
This reminds me of something.

Do you think Hasbro would license fanfiction writers if they write children's books?
>> No. 36776097
they already do that.
but instead they get profesional writeres.
>> No. 36776098
File 140911721497.png - (107.66KB , 372x262 , 5(40).png )
You're going to have to be clearer on what you mean.

If you mean license a fanfic or ask a fanfic writer to do a job just based on his fanfics, then no. They can't even read fanfics, so they aren't going to do any licensing on them.

However, someone who is a fan and wrote fanfics could still be hired to do something. The thing is, they can't just be a fanfic writer, they need to be someone who's actually trying to make a career out of their writing and applies for a job, possibly with a connection. A major reason Ted Anderson, a fan since season 1, got a job on the comics is largely because he was friends with a guy who knew a guy who knew the editor, and that gave him the chance to show some sample work and pitches. Another example I could think of for a different series would be current Sonic and Mega Man comics writer Ian Flynn, who used to write Sonic fan comics. He spent four years applying to Archie, sending in sample works that he kept on revising and improving on.

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File 140840932988.png - (179.83KB , 742x1387 , rainbow_dash_intro_by_kired25-d53rgn4.png )
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Is it hinted at or implied that Rainbow Dash is a lesbian, given her hair colors (with a rainbow symbolizing homosexuality) and her tomboy personality?
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>> No. 36776056
File 140908055180.jpg - (54.98KB , 1136x640 , 4123412341234.jpg )

she should have allowed rarity to work her magic, physically growing new eyelashes for her.
>> No. 36776062
File 140908673137.jpg - (200.19KB , 976x819 , sadrare.jpg )
haha, Rarity, the pony of generosity - yes. But the pony of inconvenient gifts more so!
>> No. 36776066
File 140909033696.png - (156.94KB , 822x445 , false eyelashes.png )
But Rarity doesn't even have eyelashes because she's secretly a dude.

File 140884960064.png - (226.26KB , 617x715 , dash-hugs-scoot-tall.png )
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Is it true that Scootaloo is Rainbow Dash's imouto? Does Dash act like a good onee-chan to Scootaloo?
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>> No. 36775919
Well then, chances are it'll happen again
>> No. 36775952
hey im new as a brony and i need info to stay one piz help me
>> No. 36775968
imouto = little sister
otouto = little brother
onii-chan = big brother
onee-chan = big sister

Note that "i" and "e" are pronounced as in Italian, Spanish, French, or basically any language except English, which somehow managed to fuck this up (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Vowel_Shift).
(E.g., "i" as in "radio", and "e" as in "résumé").

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File 140849867733.png - (603.33KB , 705x777 , Zoe Trent.png )
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Your reactions?
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>> No. 36775930
File 140892117221.jpg - (89.03KB , 960x540 , Twilight becomes Blythe.jpg )

> pic related


I don't remember much of that version either. All I remember was the dog eating that biscuit that flew out of the machine in the intro and everything else was a blur after that.
>> No. 36775946
File 140899773278.png - (646.09KB , 855x477 , 1408883388235.png )
>> No. 36775948
File 140900226100.png - (1.51MB , 2168x1260 , 33359 - derpy_hooves computer comic reaction_image artist_blackfeathr highres.png )

File 140020866794.png - (350.54KB , 600x1151 , manesix_six.png )
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So, since season 4 has come and passed, I think its time for one of these seasonal threads!

rank the mane six, from 1 being your favorite to the sixth being your least favorite pony. This will of course have a different effect than just saying "XXXX is my favorite pony!" since being low on the a list counts just as much as Being number 1!
Lets get a good look at how people's views of the mane six has changed! :D

(will be posting in oat as well to get a good view of the chan!)
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>> No. 36775827
Rarity would be dead on multiple occasions if it weren't for Rainbow DASH. Just sayin'.
>> No. 36775918
File 140890435814.png - (209.91KB , 600x724 , 395825__safe_twilight%252Bsparkle_rainbow%252Bdash_pinkie%252Bpie_fluttershy_rarity_applejack_ma.png )
wow i already posted here. damn u guys have been slow this summer

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>> No. 36775940
Favorite for what purpose? As a life partner, AJ. As a character, RD or maybe Rarity. As a singer, FS. As a princess, Twilight.

Screechie Pie is nowhere. She needs a lot of gentling-out character development to get back onto my list.

File 140886737560.jpg - (354.48KB , 750x1000 , adora_box_by_blockeraser-d4xt2sd.jpg )
36775900 No. 36775900 [View]
I present you... alternate interpretation! or otherwise known as character development.

Twilight is the independent, competitive evil genius who wants to take over the world and wants to learn magic for practical things.
Rainbow is like a Peter Pan but with a more mature suave personality, goes around the world visiting different aerial teams to get more skills. Eventually she forms her own squadron and still has enough time for adventuring.
Applejack goes on adventures, including sailing, spaghetti westerns, kicking wizards in the face, saving ponies, getting drunk, and often transforms into a dragon, skeleton, vampire, etc.
Fluttershy is basically Fluttershy+Applejack, but more intelligent and laidback while still delivering a buck. She lives on the farm.
Pinkie Pie often controls her own business; circus ringmaster, flying balloon ship, her own train, sweets factory, stuff like that.
Rarity gets ice powers along with her craftsmanship, and lives in a tower-like castle and has her own crystal mine. She's already a princess.

What do you think?
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>> No. 36775903
File 140888721735.png - (112.55KB , 433x356 , 1373882461876.png )
I like the part about wizards getting kicked in the face
>> No. 36775932
So your interpretation of Pinkie is basically Willy Wonka?


I approve.
>> No. 36775934
File 140893331735.jpg - (1.18MB , 711x3200 , 145658 - mass_effect crossover orbital_friendship_cannon comic artist_Sheason celestia.jpg )
Your headcanon is aaaaalright.

Just so long as you don't get pissed off the show is doing something else.

File 140502432145.png - (614.20KB , 966x1024 , esnothnghe.png )
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Does it ever bother you that Applejack and Rarity are constantly the least liked ponies of the mane cast? Sure when it comes to favorites, some ponies have to be on the last places and it seems like this order doesn't really change no matter how long the show keeps going. AJ and Rar seem to get some more hate too than other ponies. Both of them are called background ponies and boring and one dimensional (Huurr AJ is just apples apples apples, durrr Rar is just dresses dresses dresses). Even if they are not that popular, they too have their loving fans and they will be liked despite their overall popularity but does it still ever make you wonder why the other ponies get so much more love?
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>> No. 36775898
File 140885881620.png - (76.11KB , 250x269 , tumblr_m17djbFTBe1r2en1ko2_250.png )
Literally, the beginning of 2014. And the last day of 2013.

>And by the looks of it, they see no flaws in it whatsoever.
They can still like it and be proud of it while also seeing how it could be flawed.

>it's not a stretch to imagine that future assignments for Celestia will be handed over to them.
They're not given assignments on characters. The writers are the ones who pitch story ideas. The higher ups don't dictate who gets to write what characters, and they especially don't limit one character to just one team.

>And their Celestia is a foolish, selfish weakling who will gladly put her Kingdom in jeopardy for her own personal feelings. If Celestia appears again in future comics, she has a great chance of being that again.
And a lot of this seems to have been different than what they intended to come across but didn't explain or handle clearly. With feedback, they may be able to catch themselves from making similar mistakes.
>> No. 36775899
It just seems that nothing will get better from here on out. I have this chilly feeling that there's something around the corner that will make Reflections look like the Celestia Micro.

I wish I could stop being a Celestia fan, I really do.
>> No. 36775915
File 140890407761.png - (557.50KB , 752x1063 , PonymaniaRarityDesign.png )
I've just grown to pity the peons that dont like rarity. they were clearly never introduced to the finer things in life like good art and i cant hate them. i simply see them as a lesser being

File 140875530097.png - (661.08KB , 1280x720 , RTM.png )
36775689 No. 36775689 [View]
Ok so first off, I really like RTM as an episode, it's definitely what I consider to be one of the best episodes of Season 4 and the best key episode by far. It did a lot of things right and only a few things wrong and gave us lots of great Rarity like all her episodes before. Overall, looking at the episode itself with no context, I think it did very well. But... I don't really think it makes sense as a key episode anymore, it doesn't make sense when I look at it through the lens of the rest of them.

So it was the first key episode, and despite even the concept of key episodes being "secret", a lot of us saw right away what was going on, or at least that the spool was Rarity's key for the box. But we didn't really have the whole context at the time.
See, the key episode formula is pretty solid.
1. A problem arises that, one way or another, causes a pony to try to solve it by painfully going against their element, usually because they believe following their element would make the problem worse.
2. The pony comes to a deeper understanding of their element, realizing that it can solve the problem and then using it to do so.
3. This inspires another character, who was not doing well by that element, to adopt it in their lives, and in gratitude gives the mane character an object which is of course the key.

Now of course there are variations. Twilight never really went against her element at all. Seabreeze was the one to inspire Fluttershy, not the other way around. But the most important and central part of all of these stories is the element involved. But looking back, and forward to the rest of the season... I simply don't see it in Rarity Takes Manehattan.

Ok, so there's definitely a lot of generosity in the episode, no doubt about that. There's a song about it, there's a whole city about generosity. But when it comes to the conflict, and the resolution of said conflict, I just don't see how generosity plays into it. I mean, Rarity generously offering her fabric to Suri causes the initial conflict, sure, but I don't recall her ever questioning whether she maybe shouldn't have done t
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>> No. 36775863
I don't really get what you're trying to say here.
Are you agreeing with Demonio that Twilight's Kingdom is a second Fluttershy Key episode because Discord? Or are you saying Magic of Friendship with Discord equals Twilight's Key episode?
>> No. 36775876
im saying that i really dont have much of a problem with twilight keys, because twilight is friendship, and discord appreciate not been throw on the trash after the betray.

im just saying that the keys mostly are given by characters which learn something from the main character. and discord didnt learn at that point.

but hey, i dont really care, is fine, it works for me.

i mean, i normaly dont protest about this kind of stuff.

i mostly have problems with stuff like highschool girls and making princesses on such a contrive manner just for the sake of following the standar on girls media, which at the start some people tried to not fall into that kind of stuff.

So discord being good and giving the answer to close the episode isnt much of a problem, even if dont follow the rest of the formula.
>> No. 36775877

I wasn't really *saying* either one, but:

Twilight inspired Discord to renew his commitment to friendship, thus earning her key. Fluttershy didn't inspire Discord to be more kind, and anyway she'd already earned her key.

File 140789365649.jpg - (9.63KB , 258x195 , fuc yeah.jpg )
36774561 No. 36774561 [View] [Last 50 posts]
what do u think season 5 will offer?
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>> No. 36775592
No, I just want Cadence to be a villain, and I mean the "real" one. Playing the cutesy little miss perfect trope so straight in this day and age will never work for me.
>> No. 36775594
File 140867352694.png - (484.95KB , 976x994 , sadcelestia4.png )
>> No. 36775663
Youtube embed play button

File 140811938650.gif - (1.46MB , 500x281 , 135886157494.gif )
36774825 No. 36774825 [View]
Me and my friend were just watching lesson zero (S2 E3) and we seen this scene >pic

He keeps saying that rainbow did a sonic rainboom to blow up the barn. And I refuse to think that's a sonic rainboom. We wanna know what you think.
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>> No. 36775453
File 140855174313.jpg - (39.39KB , 500x346 , noponies.jpg )
Heh, I remember a hubbub about that.

No Blacks
No Dogs
No Irish

:o No Ponies! :(

How about no killings in the Middle East? Can't see that happening any time soon.

I'm off to the gym. Trar.
>> No. 36775454
File 140855335958.jpg - (114.87KB , 640x360 , 189rtt37cthrqjpg.jpg )
On the other hand, when the Japanese have a sale, they let you know that they have a FUCKIN' SALE!
>> No. 36775461
Youtube embed play button

its to make the americans feel at home.

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