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(W) Ted Anderson (A) Agnes Garbowska (CA) Agnes Garbowska, William Forster
Some of our favorite Ponyville residents, including Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy, visit Manehattan to see Trixie’s biggest magic trick yet: making the famous Ostlerheimer Diamond disappear! Only one thing goes wrong: the diamond disappears for real! All hoofs point to Trixie as the culprit, but not everything is as it seems in this magical Manehattan mystery!

(W) Jeremy Whitley (A) Tony Fleecs (CA) Amy Mebberson
Princess Luna faces her greatest challenge yet… making jokes in public! Luna turns to Pinkie Pie, the master of merriment, to help her find her funny bone. If Pinkie’s teachings backfire on Luna, there might be very few laughs to be found in Canterlot!
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>> No. 36770933

Kami sympathizes.

File 140554970935.png - (431.97KB , 1272x716 , 20121101034534!Rainbow_Dash_smiling_from_a_tree_S1E11.png )
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Okay folks up next we have Season 1 Episode 11, Winter Wrap Up, Written by:Cindy Morrow.
The link to the episode: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwnczc_mlp-fim-s1-e11-winter-wrap-up-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.

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>> No. 36770735
  Fantastic episode!

I felt bad for Twilight 'cause I know that feel.

File 140373420070.png - (344.59KB , 500x562 , tumblr_lrnin0LmJx1qfqgoro1_500.png )
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Okay folks up next we have Season 1 Episode 8, Look Before You Sleep, Written by:Charlotte Fullerton.
The link to the episode: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwmsuh_mlp-fim-s1-e8-look-before-you-sleep-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.

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File 140511178336.png - (182.85KB , 400x441 , ____lend_me_your_lovely_hoof______by_crenair-d5mjtaj.png )
An allright Episode, but not my most watched.

File 140163872569.png - (0.98MB , 1920x1080 , 555736__safe_twilight+sparkle_rainbow+dash_pinkie+pie_fluttershy_rarity_applejack_princess+luna_.png )
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An official thread for all Season 5 stuff from news to shitstorms. Well, hopefully not for shitstorms.

Remember to spoiler all news and rumors.
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File 140601174688.png - (100.56KB , 346x384 , Minty.png )

Dee said it back in April and will say it again now, Dee would be okay with this being an actual show, but Dee thinks it should be a show in its own right, not an in name only tie-in to MLP.

File 140601232334.png - (1.40MB , 800x800 , discordmadhatter.png )
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What's your favorite headcanon about the show?
Which ones do you think might actually come true?
Are there ones that you hate?

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File 140601274131.png - (80.27KB , 535x535 , worried.png )
I don't really have any headcanons for the show. I only have them for oc's or fandom things.
>> No. 36771020
>What's your favorite headcanon about the show?

Twilight Habitat Lords a game of Habitats and Humans for the Remane-ing Five, Spike, Luna, and Shiny Pants every other weekend.

>Which ones do you think might actually come true?

All of them!

>Are there ones that you hate?

Scootorphan can die in a fire, please.

File 140594702192.png - (70.82KB , 500x1371 , 08cc006.png )
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Just had this friendly argument at omegle I thought I'd share. Any thoughts about the subject in hand?
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>> No. 36771013
Well, I hope to see more of them in Season 5.

Thought that's a bit of a loaded request, since actually fucking appearing would be more than Season 4.
>> No. 36771014
File 140600086494.png - (140.23KB , 900x957 , bonbon_glasses_by_iamthegreatlyra-d4nhrog.png )

Well that could just be...


...orbital wobble.
>> No. 36771015

>that pun


Well, LUNA appeared. as did cadence. and twilight.

So 3/4 alicorns appeared heavily ;p
But yes, I know what you mean about celestia.

File 140500357073.png - (1.34MB , 1280x720 , breezie_spires_by_assasinmonkey-d78ki2v.png )
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Why does this episode get so much hate?

We got a new species, realm, and even some Equestrian ecology out of it.
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>> No. 36770994
That would explain why they spend so much time running around deep cave systems, barely bothering to light the way, without any armor on.
>> No. 36770995

Unsurprisingly, Sunshine of Israpony was my first exposure to the Yogscast. Also, dammit Yogscast, Y U NO CONTINUE ISRAPHEL!?
>> No. 36770996
Israphel has mostly dropped off their radar, but recently they have started doing an animated series that takes audio from other Yogscast episodes.

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.....who argees or disagrees about Twilight becoming a princess?
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>> No. 36770914

As bad as the movie was, it was financially pretty successful. Somehow.

So they aren't being disengenous, they're just not mentioning that it was a BAD movie.
>> No. 36770917
It was hyped-up DTV trash.
>> No. 36770956
>It was pretty financially successful. Somehow.
It had a former WWF wrestler in a starring acting role. You know, other than the acting role he was playing in the WWF. As far is bilking money from the plebs is concerned, that's shooting fish in a barrell

File 139999987025.png - (806.55KB , 1280x597 , pcu.png )
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File 140591583693.png - (690.23KB , 464x1600 , dISHARM_element_dispersal.png )
Well, since someone bumped this, I think this comic is a good one.

The only thing missing is the evil element of laughter. (I'd reccomend an angry pinkie clone). Though I kind of wish trixie was the anti-element of magic.
>> No. 36770935
File 140591816202.png - (47.01KB , 145x171 , hmm.png )
>The only thing missing is the evil element of laughter. (I'd reccomend an angry pinkie clone)
I'd go with Maud. I don't think the author is going for evil counterparts (or at least they're not really acting that evil aside from Sunset), just ponies that clash horribly with their Elements and Maud could be a good choice for that.
>Though I kind of wish trixie was the anti-element of magic
I don't know if they've settled on which one would get the Element of Magic. And the box was addressed to Trixie. We'll have to see when the next part comes out.
>> No. 36770938
File 140592020714.gif - (205.40KB , 600x385 , 605755__safe_animated_maud+pie_chibi_game_chubbie_blob_link_flash_poke.gif )

hmm, true, none of them seem to be more than just mildly anti-social so far. And it Sumi's easy to forgive for her actions against Rarity due to the karma of working as a delivery pony.
So Maude would work well.

I still think they'll go with Trixie as honesty though. She's a bigger liar than Sunset shimmer; Even if they both used lies, Trixie is a pretty compulsive liar, while sunset seems to have more self control.

File 140575107044.png - (399.12KB , 1280x720 , Flutterbat.png )
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Here's an interesting fact about Fluttershy: a lot of her best moments involve an alteration of her personality, design, voice, etc. This may possibly be to spice up her character since such a meek, introverted character wouldn't really stand out otherwise. Regardless, Fluttershy has transformed a lot in this series, and I would like to let everyone know my thoughts about each and every one of them.

Great humor based form, as there's always something funny about the juxtaposition of a voice and a character design. Blu Mankuma has a surprisingly large resume, yet he may currently be best known as the temporary voice of an adorable yellow pegasus. Awesome smooth jazz rendition of Pinkie's "Evil Enchantress Song!" Flutterguy also made a return in "Filli Vanilli" AKA the "Pinkie Pie's a jerk" episode. Frankly, I couldn't help but feel rather annoyed about Flutterguy becoming the basis for an episode starring Fluttershy. Flutterguy was an amusing novelty for one episode, but Filli Vanilli seems to imply that hearing Fluttershy sing with her normal voice isn't worth 30 minutes, so she has to have a baritone voice instead. It just felt like fanservice to me. Still a good episode though, and the new Flutterguy voice actors did a commendable job voicing her.

Arguably, Flutterrage made its debut in "Dragonshy" where Fluttershy scolds a firebreathing dragon to tears, but two of the most well-known Flutterrage episodes are "Best Night Ever" and "Putting Your Hoof Down." It's interesting to see Fluttershy just break down, desperately demanding the animals at the gala to love her. This is a rare occasion where Fluttershy's special talent failed her, and from what we have see in her life, with all the bullying she had received, it's quite possible she got sick and tired of being pushed around and just let her anger all out. This also applies to Putting Your Hoof Down where Fluttershy goes on a rampage, up to the point where she makes Pinkie Pie and Rarity cry, her best friends. Her behavior was deplorable, but we do delve into the psyche of little Fluttershy
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>> No. 36770844
Breezy Fluttershy
Funny thing. After Flutterhulk and Flutterbat and Flutterguy, I totally expected to see Fluttershy become a breezy, and I was correct. Honestly, all of the breezies were cute, especially Fluttershy with the little flower on her head. A disappointing episode, but a cute transformation, if nothing quite memorable.
>> No. 36770848
File 140582612923.jpg - (148.99KB , 461x610 , Jay Naylor Fluttershy.jpg )
Relevant comic.
>> No. 36770906
File 140590215107.jpg - (31.83KB , 156x156 , 52788657.jpg )

File 140582275301.png - (418.47KB , 700x805 , 1404450310794.png )
36770838 No. 36770838 [View]
Hey, I've dabbled in analysis a bit.

I was wondering if I could post them here and get critiques for them (they're rarity related since I want to say what I want to say before I move on with my life and she's the focus on my efforts).

Just wondering if that is at all appropriate, or if it would be appropriate to post them on any other boards.
>> No. 36770840
File 140582385605.jpg - (58.02KB , 622x573 , come at me bro.jpg )
If it's "Discussion of the show, its universe, and its canon" you're after, you've come to the right place.

One word of advice though: you might want to split what you're saying into individual, short points - individual thread topics - and space out individual points by about a day each.

Reason being that, this being an Internet message board, if you put out too much info at once, chances are it'd be too much effort to follow.
>> No. 36770905
File 140589668664.png - (136.95KB , 770x700 , 1403066819986.png )

Well that is the link. And they are segregated by subject.

Any advice, critique would be very welcome.
And you're absolutely right

File 140519219347.jpg - (72.03KB , 575x600 , Zeus_(Earth-9602).jpg )
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...With a dash of South/Middle American stuff thrown in.

Is there any particular mythology you would be interested in seeing the show use for inspiration in Season 5 and beyond? Native American? Lovecraftian? Jewish/Christian? Norse? Something Else?

EDIT:Um, the title is supposed to say "conventional fantasy" at the end, seemed to fit in the Subject, not sure what happened.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 12th, 2014 12:19

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>> No. 36770849
File 140582628326.png - (155.83KB , 900x828 , 67809.png )

Thinking about it, Alot of the european Folklore are basically just evil humans so putting them in might be difficult.

Like Leprechauns: I do not want that bastard from G1 back in this show, so that's a no. (Although I would enjoy seeing a murderous and insane leprechaun pony that acts kind of like discord when he was evil).
And Ogres: I mean, those are basically just giant Monstrous humans. They have a parasprite in the comics that kind of fits that bill already anyways.

There's vampires, but we already had Fluttershy do that.

and most of the rest are religious in nature, like demons or the like. (and changelings are already succubi).
>> No. 36770898
File 140587470255.jpg - (45.30KB , 760x600 , Kelpie.jpg )
Water horses. And I don't mean shoop-shoo-be-doo Sea Ponies. I mean kelpies. Eich uisce. Capaill uisce. Monsters.
>> No. 36770901

>and changelings are already succubi

Succubugs are best bugs.

File 140434754796.png - (66.30KB , 640x360 , 640px-Hooded_Stranger_S1E9.png )
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Okay folks up next we have Season 1 Episode 9, Bridle Gossip, Written by:Amy Keating Rogers.
The link to the episode: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwn8gt_mlp-fim-s1-e9-bridle-gossip-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.

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>> No. 36770239
I wonder if they have some vineyards in the clouds for the pegasii.
>> No. 36770355
File 140539191844.jpg - (180.52KB , 1600x571 , drun.jpg )

Nah, Pegasi have to Extort "trade" for wine from the earth ponies, like their ancestors 1000 years ago did ;p
>> No. 36770757
You'd think they'd have figured out to do more with clouds then just producing Rainbows.....still it keeps the pony folk in Equilibrium.

File 140513144686.jpg - (123.19KB , 1366x768 , MLP-GroupHug.jpg )
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There was a thing that season 1 had that no other season had. It feels... different, it's got it's own style and feel, and it's good. Better in some ways I might dare say.

I discovered this site and wonderful fanbase full of art and music and stories and playfulness because I found and watched all of season 1 one night some early summer day in 2011. I still remember my reaction to most of it, especially the character introductions.

Fluttershy's introduction was just too cute. Rainbow Dashes was that of a big dreamin' tom-girl. Pinky was random. Apple Jack was classically homegrown cordial. Rarity was obviously an OCD fashionista. And Twilight herself was a mysteriously nerdy main character.

And the stories from season one were so simple, and cozy, and nice. They were short and sweet slices of small town life as a group of gals get to know each other. The problems actually had a great deal to do with just friendship. And nothing more was needed to make them great.

Because of that, we (at least I) fell in love with the characters and the series. It was warm and cute, and fun. Something that's rare to find now days.

But then things changed. They started expanding the world of Equestria. They started to add problems from the outside, problems that had little to do with friendship. They started to deviate from the original heartwarming stories of a simple group of friends. They started to focus more on their adventures, and less on them. And when they focussed on them, it was usually only one, not all of them together, or even something as simple as a couple of them having a sleep over. They moved away from that. Now, I'm not saying that this change was bad, because the show still continues to be high quality with fantastic stories, music, and animation. But what I'm saying is that it's no longer the same way it was in season 1.
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>> No. 36770433
File 140545187960.png - (1.87MB , 1280x853 , timberwolf_emperor_by_assasinmonkey-d6d2n3w.png )
The contents of this thread maker me extraordinarily relieved I'm primarily in it for the fantasy elements.
"Have it fantastic" 5ever.
>> No. 36770547

Alright, i'll try to make my feelings more clear.

Maybe solving one issue might not solve another, that's not what i'm trying to say exactly. What i'm trying to say is that they both stem from an original anxiety or insecurity somewhere. It feels like we're treating symptoms, and not the core of the problem. I don't claim to know what the core of the problem is, but i think there is one. I'm not saying solving her stage fright has to solve her self-confidence, i'm saying there's a deeper cause that all these issues stem from, and that we should be working on that level to get more done.

For example, lets assume the following:

1 causes A and B
A causes C, D, and E
B causes F, G, and H
>> No. 36770578
We could go on about this for a while, I wouldn't mind, but before that I'd like to go back to the one key issue. You stated several times that Fluttershy has repeatedly learned not to be shy, and you've never once been able to offer a an example. I'd like your word that you won't ever say that again until it actually happens. I'd rather not have to jump in and correct you every single time.

File 140511365834.png - (1.07MB , 1280x720 , 1.png )
36769972 No. 36769972 [View]
I just realized that I don't actually KNOW anything about this entire concept, for all the hype & hullabaloo.
What do we definitively know about the phenomenon? What can we extrapolate from that? Any good headcanon?
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>> No. 36770484
if you see some colors look off.
you have only to remember "a rainbow did it"
>> No. 36770487
File 140548189346.png - (379.42KB , 788x788 , 140547899991.png )
>CMC on a quest to get their periods

Pinkie pie can join them!


same reason Celestia and Luna are Kids now.
>> No. 36770517
File 140548606281.jpg - (185.52KB , 631x344 , 412323443.jpg )

damnit, i just realized my pinkie pie comment makes no sense since i Didn't post the right pic >.<

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