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File 141639466097.png - (83.34KB , 320x200 , pipluna_preview.png )
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Okay folks up next we have Season 2 Episode 4, Luna Eclipsed, Written by: M.A. Larson.

The link to the episode: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwpqnb_mlp-fim-s2-e4-luna-eclipsed-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.

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File 141668131946.png - (849.97KB , 1280x720 , Nightmare_Moon_Hourglass.png )
That was good to see Luna again.

File 141485531827.jpg - (182.62KB , 988x1500 , STK654072.jpg )
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(W) Ted Anderson (A) Jay P. Fosgitt (CA) Amy Mebberson
Rainbow Dash is overjoyed when Wonderbolt Spitfire invites her to a special training camp. However, Spitfire is hiding a secret that she is ashamed to admit. Will Dash be able to help before the camp turns into chaos?

(W) Katie Cook (A) Andy Price (CA) Andy Price, Sara Richard
A new plot of land has been bequeathed to the Apple family and they, along with the rest of our favorite ponies, go to investigate the land’s worth! Unfortunately the land has been taken over by Cattle Rustlers who think there’s treasure hidden somewhere on it! It’s an epic Western-pony-style!
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File 141660898583.jpg - (147.91KB , 1000x750 , pinkie_nope.jpg )

Nah man. Pinkie sense. Totally OP shit right there, they'd never catch her.

File 141160006930.jpg - (639.87KB , 707x1000 , large.jpg )
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Old thread is getting pretty long.

Meghan has mentioned these people as writers for season 5:
M.A. Larson
G.M. Berrow
Josh Haber
Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco
Natasha Levinger
Scott Sonneborn
Amy Keating Rogers
Dave Polsky
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File 141672121982.png - (117.91KB , 900x734 , Kimono.png )
As far as G3 goes, I'm fond of Minty, Razzaroo and G3 Pinkie. They're good-natured dojikkos, though not quite as neurotic as FIM-Pinkie.

Also, Kimono. She's called the wisest of all ponies and lives on the very edge of town and you can tell she's thinking "why do I bother with these rubes?."

Also, also, I really like Starcatcher's design.

File 141675609027.jpg - (23.29KB , 191x344 , darloktech.jpg )
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Greetings, fellow humans. Where I can read or hear about so-called Elements of Harmony, their powers and mechanisms behind this tech?
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>> No. 36784253
File 141679776043.png - (103.09KB , 351x288 , Ewwwww.png )
> Human
> White Cloak
> Super VGA Graphics Reptile
>> No. 36784254
File 141679796390.gif - (96.58KB , 200x200 , 1300430911116.gif )
The Elements of Harmony are rumored to be Orion technology repurposed to harness friendship into a rainbow-focus cannon.

For more reference, check Elements Of Harmony, a reference guide. It's usually found under the letter E.

Be sure to keep this information to yourself. Anyone you know could be a Darlok spy!

Last edited at Sun, Nov 23rd, 2014 20:08

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File 141680954248.png - (38.32KB , 299x332 , Psilon_MOO2.png )

As the abassador of the Psilon race, accept my apologies for those rude humans. Even with those diplomatic bonus, they always seem to mess up at some point.

It came to our spy ears that the Cryslon have been speaking of "harmony, friendship and tolerance" over the past years... Maybe they are trying to shift from the feudal barbarians they are to something more sophisticated using the "elements"?

File 141671416607.jpg - (75.65KB , 1024x480 , rainbow_rocks.jpg )
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Just watched Rainbow Rocks and loved it! Vinyl Scratch and counterpart Twi (at the end of the credits)were my favourite bits. Discussion thread!
Links for those who haven't seen it:
Part 1: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x28smyg_hd-blu-ray-equestria-girls-rainbow-rocks-full-movie-part-1-2_shortfilms
Part 2: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x28sr0r_hd-blu-ray-equestria-girls-rainbow-rocks-full-movie-part-2-2_shortfilms
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File 141675995866.gif - (735.19KB , 500x500 , 476216__safe_twilight+sparkle_animated_trixie_filly_artist-colon-bakasan94_the+little+magician.gif )
>> No. 36784247
File 141677675972.gif - (261.82KB , 800x450 , sonata_you_mad.gif )
>441 confirmed for sub


Agreed, I... actually really enjoyed this movie. Sunset did a 180 going from a character who I HATED to actually being pretty nice, The music was better than Season 4's songs (And S3 by FAR), The plot actually felt organic, and the villains were really entertaining.
Its a huge change from EQG, as that one felt like a fart in my face as far as entertainment goes.

I really hope that They make Human Twilight's personality really divorced from her pony personality though: Basically, since you have sunset to be the "Wangst about not being good enough and be a leader" kind of character, Take Twilight back to her incredible S1/S2 Adorkable Neurotic self and make her great again.

>> No. 36784248
File 141677720972.png - (83.64KB , 819x700 , 1423423.png )

>Also, damnit, meant to post this pic

File 141624364697.jpg - (199.27KB , 957x716 , image.jpg )
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So its been a little over four years since FiM first aired, and the fact that people still watch is a testament to its quality. Or maybe instead the fans.

So why do you still watch? Is it just something to do? Do you like it as much as you used to?
Do you think it has progressed or regressed quality-wise, and if so how?
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>> No. 36784210
Youtube embed play button
  >not using Budget knock off films
>> No. 36784211
Sounds a lot more creative than Johnny Test, I'll give it that.
When you get a team that doesn't care and has fun with it, you get an octopus rescuing the Titanic.
When you get a team that doesn't care and just shits out recycled plots, you get Johnny Test.

But this thread isn't about JT. I apologize fir the derail. I just meant to use it as an example that a long-lived show isn't necessarily good.
>> No. 36784242
File 141676674016.png - (130.85KB , 401x433 , Happy shy 4.png )
i really liked that episode! i thought it had a lot of that Season 1 silliness to it!

File 141627791412.png - (730.99KB , 1440x807 , 20121009230620!Applejack_harvesting_corn_S2E01.png )
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Applejack grows corn.

That's her corn. She's harvesting it. She is not anti other food. She enjoys harvesting corn.

((Add your own stuff, I'll see if I can find anything else.))
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>> No. 36784189
File 141671406003.jpg - (255.74KB , 1152x451 , cal ref.jpg )
this is a calendar in Equestria I guess
>> No. 36784196
When you have a planet that functions with a sun and moon directly parallel to each other, you have trouble exactly establishing seasons. Especially when those seasons happen according to a schedule. Thus, a dating system would be rather hard to establish.
>> No. 36784219
File 141673369673.png - (157.54KB , 435x360 , you are a wonderful pony.png )
i think both calendars might be those "IMPORTANT DATE" ones c:

sort of like ones produced be schools, courthouses, or ... other legally places. that show only certain dates, and omit all the other ones?

File 141564538157.jpg - (106.55KB , 1053x519 , Empowered Crystal Ponies doing their stuff.jpg )
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What do I mean by "polymorphic?" Well, not so much Pinkie Pie's stretching about, albeit that is an incredible mystery of cartoon physics in and of itself. No, I'm speaking of situations like:

* Discord "turning" the mane six in Return To Harmony resulting in them losing most of their color.
* The mane six assuming the appearance of crystal ponies after the crystal heart was activated in Crystal Empire.
* The mane six becoming breezies in It Ain't Easy Being Breezies - maybe a more mundane straight up polymorphic spell. It certainly says something of the influence of Dungeons and Dragons when polymorphing is regarded as an easily-explained magical phenomenon.
* The mane six's transformation after being affected by the contents of the box in Twilight's Kingdom, Pt 2.
* Nightmare Moon and Sombre both becoming shape-shifting monsters.

And there are probably other examples to be found. The question I'm putting forward is this: Are ponies such magical creatures that their appearance is actually mutable by emotions, or is this merely stagecraft to communicate ideas to the viewer?

Last edited at Mon, Nov 10th, 2014 11:50

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>> No. 36784186
Youtube embed play button

screw that man, Magic spells that you shoot out of guns is cooler.

Also buff catgirls.
>> No. 36784198
File 141671502910.gif - (3.00MB , 259x146 , 1303170358178.gif )
>MIA FACCIA QUANDO Outlaw Star reference out of nowhere.
>> No. 36784204
File 141671940952.jpg - (114.43KB , 992x992 , 256210__safe_twilight+sparkle_princess+twilight_upvotes+galore_artist-colon-mysticalpha_preening.jpg )
I'm glad you asked, little filly. The truth is that ponies' appearance is not mutable by emotions, nor is it merely stagecraft to communicate ideas to the viewer.

To find out what it is then, we have to look at the similarities between the aforementioned situations. I'll look at them one by one.

When the ponies lost their color in Return of Harmony, this wasn't due to any mere emotion or fleeting feeling. This was due to the complete and utter disappearance of that pony's element within the pony. This is different from the pony being sad or angry throughout the course of the day, and is far more akin to, in modern psychology, various mental disorders of the day, including depression - or in spiritual terms, it would be the hell state.

Judging by the fact that this is the first time we see this draining of color or anything similar in the Equestrian universe, there are some interesting facts we can derive, such as that while Equestria is obviously not perfect, it does lack the mental disorders that plague modern society to such an extent, that when a pony descends into that state, it is a serious thing indeed, requiring direct action from the Princess of Equestria, but I digress.

A counter-argument to this hypothesis may be cranky, in that he was chronically unhappy, but there is an explanation for this. Cranky never understood the magic of friendship, and as such, was unable to experience the total loss of the elements of harmony like the mane 6 did. This hypothesis, however, does call into question my previous hypothesis that Equestria was indeed a happy place lacking disorders such as depression, but I digress.

The second point of OP is that the mane 6 changed during the crystal heart thing, which better supports OP's polymorphic theory, though can be explained in that the crystal heart was powered by a lot of love and unity, which I would still say is different from emotions triggering it, in that the love and unity felt by the crystal ponies elevated them to a new level of consciousness - not just a temporary feeling. Again, they experienced thousands of years of apathy - this crystal coat appeared as a result of the sudden

File 141663860757.png - (321.39KB , 463x484 , Mac_doubly_mared.png )
36784121 No. 36784121 [View]
Big Mac seems scared
And unprepared
For the prospect of being doubly mared.

Not your usual stallion. Also, he plays with dolls. Childhood trauma? Premature death of parents?

Psychoanalysis might help. We know it exists in Equestria (LZ). Give it a shot.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 21st, 2014 23:51

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>> No. 36784139
File 141668499237.gif - (53.10KB , 315x240 , small-bnb.gif )

hehehe you said "merde."
>> No. 36784183
File 141671072644.jpg - (52.80KB , 578x322 , 24132341423.jpg )

Suffering from a concussion/brain-damage =/= estrus
>> No. 36784193
File 141671452170.jpg - (223.55KB , 1000x437 , 11696 - pregnant big_macintosh pregnancy rainbow_dash comic luna applejack artist_madmax mac_dad.jpg )
>Childhood trauma? Premature death of parents?

File 141642878173.jpg - (39.19KB , 448x453 , image.jpg )
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Why have I just barely heard of this website?!
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>> No. 36784164
Basically they were gay lovers in the League of Legends General Discussion forums, which was shut down a while ago to replace it with the Boards, which is kinda like what you'd get if a forum fucked Reddit.

Don't know why they don't keep using it, they have a GD sub-board, and it's still the same thing as always: People bitching and moaning non-stop about how the champion that they don't like is overpowered, how Riot is an evil and incompetent company, and random losers thinking that they know more about game balance than people who studied and worked on it for years.

I hate GD, because of their ilk infecting the Boards, Riot institutionalized a minimum level requirement, which forces me to grind for hours to get my NA account to Level 7 if I want to have a platform where I have a chance to be heard by Riot, which I'm not going to do because that chance is null, and the community sucks too hard now.
>> No. 36784167
File 141670235761.gif - (4.10MB , 789x540 , touchy.gif )
Your attorney seems to be preoccupied with a very pressing matter right now.
>> No. 36784182
File 141671064639.png - (218.48KB , 720x720 , 1361866784905.png )

Well I guess the matter will never be resolved then.

File 141665469234.jpg - (146.80KB , 600x1269 , all_we_need_is_a_bucket_of_yellow_hair_dye_by_timsplosion-d7i354v.jpg )
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So as a lot of you kept telling me, Twilight did not win the fight against Tirek at all. Instead, he held her friends hostage for her alicorn magic, and she willingly surrendered it to save them. In the process, it taught both Twilight and Discord a valuable life lesson that resulted in the former earning her final key:

The power to blow up an entire planet, bring an entire species to extinction, or causing some other form of the apocalypse means absolutely nothing, compared to love, friendship, compassion, and teamwork.

It's just that I have to wonder if bronies actually cared about that moral, which led to all of the Mane Six using Rainbow Power to defeat Tirek and restore everypony's magic, while earning Twilight, their leader, a new castle to replace the remains of her library. As you can tell from that Timsplosion comic I posted here, it makes it look like that bronies didn't care about that whole "friendship beats absolute power" message that made the S4 finale what it actually was, just for that one fight scene and Twilight's "Super Saiyan bad-assery" alone.

In other words, what do bronies want out of MLP? The magic of friendship that they were given in the finale's moral, plus the first five key episodes and the Elements of Harmony they each represented? Or stupid displays of absolute, apocalyptic (dumbpocalyptic?) power normally reserved for Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Bleach?

Last edited at Sat, Nov 22nd, 2014 04:14

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>> No. 36784244
Kinda hard not to, when I'm just so tired of it all.
>> No. 36784245
File 141677178731.jpg - (105.78KB , 800x695 , 134811110152.jpg )
I too was so tired after Season 2, during Season 3 and after MMC of all bullshit thrown at things and episodes I adore.

I admit that I can understand all your pain, because I don't have had the Reflection moment, at least not yet.

If I might give you one advice, it's this: If you encounter more Celestia hate, stop reading and move on. I'm 100% sure that you won't learn anything new from those posts, but you will save your nerves. Just like OP, there's never anything new or interesting in that kind of posts. Just move on and learn to enjoy your life again. Ponies shouldn't be serious enough to control your whole emotional life.

And remember this: Brains are stupid. So stupid that if you force yourself to smile, your brains think you're happy, because smiling means you're happy. So smile, even if you don't feel like smiling! When you watch pony episodes, smile all the time, and the episodes magically feels better (at least it works for me).
>> No. 36784246
You seem to underestimate how much other people's opinions can influentiate me. A lifetime of social parity can make you very vulnerable to other people challenging your views, specially if you have no way to properly defend your stance.

And thing is, ponies don't control my emotional life, I am in full control of myself and I could cut loose anytime I want, I just don't want to, I just want for Celestia to be good, please, for the love of God, just once, just so that I can prove to myself that I am not a complete fucking moron.

File 141549423733.gif - (2.88MB , 374x324 , B2j6J.gif )
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Since the previous thread got autosaged, here's a new one.
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>> No. 36783862
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 36783888
File 141632807345.png - (947.85KB , 1280x720 , Prideful Smile.png )

> Garrosh

Something about that made me smile broadly, yesterday was a very good day.
>> No. 36783974
File 141643621841.png - (974.22KB , 1280x720 , 141642809625.png )
it would be so funny because it could be so painful that it will be funny

File 141159938187.jpg - (160.66KB , 300x300 , daniel_ingram_my_little_pony_equestria_girls_soundtrack.jpg )
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Here is a thread so people talk about the movie which just come in 2 days.
Hurry up, flood it.
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>> No. 36783885
You want to compare a series that was written by multiple people leading to instance of characters acting in a multitude of different ways (We can do an entire thread on whether or not Pinkie Pie was acting In Character for each episode), that explore the setting in different way, that have the characters interact with each other in different ways, which have the action and events play out in different ways. You want to compare that to a movie with one writers with one vision?

Don't you think that's rather odd?
>> No. 36783889
>Don't you think that's rather odd?

No. Especially not when the "one creative vision" (which is an exaggeration to say the least) in EqG is also a major creative authority in FiM.
>> No. 36783890
File 141633031796.png - (622.01KB , 658x814 , What's his problem.png )
>instance of characters acting in a multitude of different ways

You talk as if every single episode has the characters acting completely different.

>that explore the setting in different way
>that have the characters interact with each other in different ways
>which have the action and events play out in different ways

These have nothing to do with the writing quality.

Under this logic, you cannot compare one episode of FIM with another episode, because the characters interact differently and the events play out differently? No, that's stupid.

File 141480294796.jpg - (196.98KB , 624x648 , Pinkie_WTF?.jpg )
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“At the start of this project, I simply wanted to explore why a show for boys with female fans called ‘Young Justice’ was cancelled, while a show for girls with male fans, ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,’ has become a huge cultural phenomenon, with followers known as Bronies,” said (Eastern Florida State College student Kassandra Tramel, giving a talk at a learned conference). “My explanation for the Brony phenomenon is complex, but the short of it is that men have more cultural power within our society, even in regards to narratives targeted to completely different demographics.”

Does anybody have any idea what this means? Does it mean, "Boys can get away with liking anything, even MLP, because they're boys and boys run the culture"? Does it mean, "Network execs cancel any show that doesn't have a mainly male audience"? The producer of 'Young Justice,' Paul Dini, claims that "... the reasoning behind the cancellation is that the show was more popular among teenage girls instead of the targeted demographic, teenage boys" (Wikipedia). Does this make any sense? Would Hasbro cancel MLP because it was more popular among girls than among boys? Or more popular among boys than girls? Is Dini crazy? Is Tramel crazy? Is CN crazy? Am I crazy? Would you like some more oatmeal, Sir Lints-a-Lot?

Last edited at Fri, Oct 31st, 2014 17:50

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>> No. 36783726

LPS hasn't been canceled yet, not to Dee's knowledge, it's just on hiatus, we still have at least one unaired episode of season 3.
>> No. 36783727
File 141618886557.png - (118.54KB , 352x280 , 5(256).png )
More like half of season 3 still needs to be aired. And it seems like the crew is working on season 4 right now.
>> No. 36783729

Yeah, Dee was looking at the list of episodes on Wikipedia and it only shows one unaired episode, but Dee thought that would be really weird to go on hiatus and return with only one episode left to air, at least for any show whose network isn't actively trying to kill it, fucking Disney.

File 141401055496.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
36782000 No. 36782000 [View]

i've been listening to these again... and wow, everytime i do i am so impressed!!

Rarity Takes Manehattan was so good... Hearts as Strong as horses was beautiful, too!

And Apples Forever is -so- catchy! That's how far i am so far, but gosh, i forgot how great these songs are

...there's no place i'd rather be than posting with my family <3
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>> No. 36783360
File 141565715305.jpg - (33.68KB , 188x274 , Comic cover.jpg )
>> No. 36783714
File 141618582938.jpg - (36.74KB , 558x354 , Hent-6.jpg )
S4 had some awesome songs.
>> No. 36783721
File 141618753931.png - (818.17KB , 642x1024 , trixiecorn.png )
>that image

having a hard time grasping why Trixie is wearing a roman helmet while riding a chariot with a rainbow in the background.

at least I assume that's trixie due to the Gem around the neck being the same she always wears.

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