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This week's episode is "Inspiration Manifestation", written by Meghan McCarthy and Corey Powell.

The synopsis for this episode is, "Rarity loses her creativity and Spike finds a spell to help her get it back."

This episode airs Saturday, April 26th at 10:30 AM EST/ 7:30 AM PST.
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File 139836876953.png - (448.29KB , 767x697 , nomnomnom.png )
Or. It's yet another "Spike has good intentions, but due to being a moron, messes everything up" episode.

File 139570657542.jpg - (321.02KB , 922x1400 , mylittlepony4.jpg )
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Going up a bit early, but that's because we've got the preview for Friends Forever #4. First off, the solicitations for April.

Katie Cook (w), Andy Price (a), Price, Sabrina Alberghetti (c)
"Reflections" Part 2. As long kept Canterlot secrets are revealed, the Ponies find a way into a new world. A world where things are very different, yet also very much the same! What role does King Sombra play in this world? The fate of both Equestria and the new world may depend on him!

Rob Anderson (w), Amy Mebberson (a & c), Derek Charm (vc).
Twilight Sparkle plans to spend some much needed quality time with her brother, Shining Armor, in the Crystal Empire. However, when a mysterious ghost starts haunting the castle, the siblings will have to use all of their combined monster knowledge to save the day!
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File 139831157539.png - (181.62KB , 700x700 , 0 browsing.png )
So, I just got done with #17. Would have read it sooner, but for some reason I thought #16 was #17, and didn't realize it till #18's teaser was released.

So yeah, onto the comic...
...okay, this is a 4 parter right? Cuz I just got done reading an entire comic that was NOTHING but setup! Fuck, it wasn't even setup! It was mostly just background information about Celestia's youthful expeditions with Starswirl. All we know right now is portal, 'Tia going somewhere too much, and lel Sombra. We don't even know why we should care, except that 'Tia got beat up! Warranted we at least know that Somra is a good guy here and that 'Tia is worried about "evil encroaching on her", but that's also not much to go on and, technically, that's issue #18.

So yeah, I give #17 a nothinghappened/10

Also, completed FF4...
...and it was pretty cute! Not really sure how you pull off a trap laden dungeon in comic book form, but I guess it worked. Certainly felt a bit strange though that they kept bein' all like "Hey, I think there's a trap here! Eeyup, there was a trap there." Not much suspense when the problem gets solved on the same page. And then there was...nothing else to talk about? Huh, yeah, this comic was...a thing. It was cute to see Shining and Twi be all "lel monster hunters", but...I guess it kinda just ends like that.

One thing that did catch my eye though is that apparently in the Crystal Empire, matters such as out of tune flugelhorns and the farmer's crops are handled by the state. Lel communist Crystal Empire?

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*Songs are confirmed to be in 421, 425, and 426.
*Meghan wrote the lyrics for a character who hasn't sung before (not Discord since they were written after TaC's script was locked).
*McCarthy wrote the finale.
*There will be a sequel to Equestria Girls called Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
*There will be a Spike episode written by Polsky
*There will be a break on the 12th, likely to celebrate the LPS season 2 finale

Future Confirmed Episodes:
For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils by Dave Polsky
When Sweetie Belle becomes angry with Rarity for stealing her spotlight, she deliberately sabotages a costume for one of Rarity’s most elite clients. Later that night, Sweetie Belle is paid a visit by Luna in her dreams.

Leap of Faith by Josh Haber
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>> No. 36755876
Mostly because these are new things for children.

File 139791589388.jpg - (582.65KB , 900x675 , trade ya.jpg )
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This thread is meant for discussing impressions on episode 418, Trade Ya, written by Scott Sonneborn during and after it airs.

Be mindful of saying spoilers before they show up on TV.
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>> No. 36755837
Definitely stuck out to me and I've not noticed it on others, though I wouldn't be surprised if some of the model ponies had it...

File 139833723197.gif - (23.24KB , 500x385 , bored_005.gif )
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>/pony/ still doesn't have it's own review series.
>still letting youtube's ''analysists'' get away with their horrible uninteresting attentionhorseing.
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>> No. 36755872
I'd have expected more controversy if I had mentioned Mami, but Marimo generally delivers.
>> No. 36755874
This. I am the only one here who is sensible~

Last edited at Thu, Apr 24th, 2014 12:36

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File 139836868994.jpg - (309.48KB , 850x601 , One Hundred Percentage Badass.jpg )

I agree with this statement.

File 139830115471.png - (931.27KB , 1000x1308 , HDCelestiaHead.png )
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How did Celestia acquire Spike's egg? Why did she take it? Questions like that. Let's hear your insightful thoughts on this.
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>> No. 36755838
File 139834625294.png - (343.45KB , 1280x838 , CelestiaPlays-PisumSativum.png )
>How did Celestia acquire Spike's egg?
An Easter egg hunt went wrong and she couldn't find the nest again afterwards.
>> No. 36755867
>How did Celestia acquire Spike's egg?
Very carefully. And illegally.
>> No. 36755868
File 139836539767.png - (149.53KB , 800x723 , 31871 - bubble_bobble spike bubble_dragon transparent.png )
I entertain the headcanon that Spike is actually exiled dragon royalty that was given to Celestia for safe-keeping.

Naturally, Spike ended up serving the future princess that Celestia was grooming, where he'll be in a good position to act as an Equestrian proxy to dragonkind should he ever be in a position to rejoin dragon society, possibly as royalty.

File 139813215273.jpg - (89.46KB , 900x675 , mlp___twilight_studying_magic_by_firebrandkun-d5b4n47.jpg )
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Posted this in a FiMFiction comment section, gonna put it here for discussion:

Wow, a lot of discussion going on about the extent of pony medical practices. I like this.

I want to offer an idea for everyone to mull over.

Lets say that magic can in fact do anything. With enough power and will, one can reshape reality. How do you imagine that reshaping working? Is it like Discord, snapping the fingers and reshaping it? Or maybe to truely do it, you need to understand what it is that you are reshaping?

Some of you might be picking up what I am putting down. It is the basic limiter to the seemingly unlimited power of the Alchemists of Fullmetal Alchemest. To do anything, they need to understand what materials they are working with, what they are trying to form and have the energy to perform it. If you watch the show, you will literally see a character achieve the power of a god though Alchemy, having enough power to form a miniature sun in his hand with a thought. But to do that, he had to acquire a massive amount of power and knowledge.

Imagine for a moment that you are a Pony Doctor and an Earth Pony comes in with a broken leg. I highly doubt you could wave your hoof and mend it. You first need to know HOW the leg is broken. Is it a clean fracture or is it just a small break? Where is the fracture located? How will you mend it? Will you accelerate the construction of bone cells or will you construct raw cells yourself? Where will the materials for that come from? How much time will that take and how much of your own power?
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>> No. 36755860
You are mixing things up that don't belong.

There is innate magic and studied magic. Understand that these are seperate things.

Look at the teleport spell. It is not a spell that is linked to any talent, however ponies who have sufficient magical power, say a bit higher than what Trixie has because she uses a fake version of it, can make use of the ability. However, they must first learn and study the spell.

The horn glow spell is another example. It requires less studying to learn but it is not an innate spell and requires practice to get right (see Snails struggling to get his horn to glow in Boast Busters).

It is more likely that a lot of magic can be learned, but it is simply easier to learn magic directly connected to a pony's talent. Rarity had to have learned several spells for her job just as she developed her own spell. Starswirled the Bearded apparently had a special talent in not only developing spells but practicing them as well. He had a whole wing dedicated to the mass of spells he created.

It seems that we have allowed ourselves to believe that all ponies only get magic linked to very narrow applications. Not everypony will have a talent so laser focused.
>> No. 36755861
Not their destiny. That is a false reading of the cutie mark. The Cutie Mark only shows what is the main element that represents the pony, it is not a marker for their future. The only reason why we haven't seen much divination from what the Cutie Mark says is that by the time it appears, the pony had already come to the realization themselves.
>> No. 36755863
Can you please stop claiming to be fact that which you have simply no idea about? That's basically the problem everyone's been having with you.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 24th, 2014 10:57

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  Season 1 ≡ Toy Story 1
Season 2 ≡ Toy Story 2
Seasons 3 and 4 ≡ Toy Story 3 (minus the rehash problem I guess)
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>> No. 36755841
In terms of general opinion the movies got better with each installment. That's the opposite of how FiM fans view the seasons
>> No. 36755851
File 139835645185.png - (344.84KB , 787x715 , 81728__safe_princess+cadance_artist-colon-ende26.png )
I'm a FiM fan, and I think each new Season have been better than last one.

Also, I have only seen first Toy Story, and I didn't care of it.
>> No. 36755859
Really? I don't see it as that unified in either one.

Either way TS 3>2>1 imo

File 139767318454.jpg - (262.15KB , 1274x612 , b44d43c5ebf0f6085835da57e472867c-d6u47rt.jpg )
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I wish they'd discuss the elephant in the bedroom: How has Celestia lived for 1000+ years?

How old is she exactly? Is she immortal? Does she just have a long lifespan? Does this relate to Luna? Was she born this way? Is it an alicorn thing? There are so many questions. Maybe a backstory episode or a birthday episode?
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>> No. 36755823
File 139832874169.png - (30.99KB , 323x292 , This is going to require an explanation.png )
Well, we know Celestia's been around for 1000 years, but we also know she wasn't around when Equestria was founded. At some point she came into being and then became the ruler of Equestria. Perhaps that should be a starting point? How did that happen?

Theory: When the three races joined together in harmony, there was trouble choosing an actual leader for their new country. Perhaps it started out as a trifecta of leadership and nothing was getting done, perhaps the leadership shifted between the three former clans for a while with each rotation causing a bit of trouble for the two who weren't in power, perhaps they didn't have central leadership at all for a while. Then at some point, Celestia and Luna (not yet alicorns) emerge and gain popularity amongst all three races. They get elected monarchs out of sheer popularity, and the three races decide to develop the magic needed to make them into alicorns, a combination of all three races, in order to remove the racial tension caused by one race being on the throne. Seeing as they took over the handling of the sun and moon, they probably used to be unicorns, though that may not be the case.

Since they're so popular and people wanted a nice smooth rule for as long as possible, they've probably got the very best spells available for healing and longevity on hand. They may not be immortal, but simply have prolonged lifespans due to these spells.

An explanation for why these spells aren't more widespread would have to be developed, but I think this is a decent starting point kinda explanation.
>> No. 36755842

Someone needs to write that as a fanfic
>> No. 36755858
Hmm... you'd think it would probably be after the whole Discord thing, depose the tyrant, then take over in his stead. But she and Luna had their crowns before they beat him, so...

File 139793358901.png - (1.09MB , 1147x917 , nimetön.png )
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A random though that came to my mind after watching latest episode: Do you ponies think this have been a great Season for Rainbow Dash?

This Season have made (at least) me like Rainbow Dash more than I did before, and I think even in episodes I don't like, I think Rainbow Dash was strong in there.

Same isn't for Rarity, who used to be my favorite pony, but now Twilight have taken her position, and with all these Rainbow Dash moments, Rarity is in danger to get 3th place.

There might be one or two, but I can't remember a single Rainbow Dash moment I have disliked in this Season.

On side note, I also think this have been great Season for Applejack and for Fluttershy (mainly because her scenes haven't been just her being shy).

Last edited at Sat, Apr 19th, 2014 11:54

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>> No. 36755811
File 139831646098.jpg - (244.85KB , 1189x1024 , Raincorn_clouds.jpg )

The episodes weren't stolen by Twilicorn though. Trading trading Dash realized everything on her own, and it was Dash's speech that resolved the Situation. Twilight was even in favor of the OTHER side in the case, not dash.

Dash didn't have her episode (and honestly, its hard to say Trade ya wasn't a dash episode) stolen from her.

Likewise, I found Twilight to not intrude into testing testing at all, and actually found this to be one of the FEW times when Twilight actually was legitimately entertaining (Rather than just "not horrible"). The episode focused on dash and acted as all of the six getting together in many ways to teach her, with twilight not acting as a paragon.

>> No. 36755812
File 139831654565.png - (145.57KB , 1018x1304 , Fluttermint.png )
Well it had Daring Don't, which is the only episode that's ever made Rainbow Dash relateable to me, if not downright likeable. So I guess that makes this the best season ever for Rainbow Dash.
>> No. 36755828
File 139833826986.png - (272.23KB , 766x1042 , ThePrincessofLove.png )
>I figure if aibr isn't going show up, he'd want me to have his thread...
Go ahead.

File 139352567440.png - (811.66KB , 1179x2902 , tmp_Graphs22052539068.png )
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So what do you guys think is the reason that Rarity and Applejack are less liked than other Mane 6 ponies? When choosing favorites, someone always has to be the last but I find it curious that AJ and Rar are often even less popualr than some non main cast ponies. Not to mention that both of them get called background ponies.

Someone posted some graphs here earlier and I did some more research and added EQD worst pony poll to the picture. As we can see Rarity and Applejack are always less popular than others. Luna seems to be really liked despite not having that much screen time and we don't really know that much about her other than her tragic past. I didn't find the poll but I remember seeing a poll where Octavia and Vinyl were more popular than Rar and AJ.
It also looks like that while Applejack is least often chosen as favorite pony and Rarity the second least, people seem to be more neutral towards Applejack while Rarity is actually disliked. What I've seen it's been like that from the beginning of the show. Twilight has always been the most liked one and Fluttershy the second liked and while the whole Twilicorn thing might have affected Twi's popularity , she still comes first in most bigger polls. It possibly had some effect though since Fluttershy won the Fan favorite poll some time ago. RD and Pinkie are usually in the middle and neither of them usually comes clearly as the third most favorite.

(In EQD worst pony poll I advice you to ignore the huge amount of votes Trixie had since people mostly voted for her to ridicule the site owner Seth, who is a huge Trixie fan)
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>> No. 36755722
Rarity's issue has always been communication of the character.
Yes, she's easy to misjudge but at the same time she does bring it on herself.

I predict, if the writers never used her as the butt of jokes which undermine her virtue (generosity) she would be much more popular.
Hell, they stopped in S4 (for the most part) and her popularity went up.

I don't have that graph that shows this on me though but it was conducted like halfway through the season and she was the most improved.
>> No. 36755723
Rarity's issue has always been communication of the character.
Yes, she's easy to misjudge but at the same time she does bring it on herself.

I predict, if the writers never used her as the butt of jokes which undermine her virtue (generosity) she would be much more popular.
Hell, they stopped in S4 (for the most part) and her popularity went up.

I don't have that graph that shows this on me though but it was conducted like halfway through the season and she was the most improved.
>> No. 36755764
File 139830817413.jpg - (178.95KB , 811x984 , apple_but_why_is_her_hair_rainbow.jpg )

Damnit, i wished I'd voted in that XD

but that's very out of date, that's anticipating for season 3: Before Season 3 I very much was happy to see Twilight. Now, i dread her. :p


Rarity and applejack are the most "mature" of ponies to like. What i mean is that their appeal is something that is appreciated by the older fans, but Not something that Younger fans will latch onto.

File 139133640710.png - (492.16KB , 1024x773 , Fluttershy Performing Lewd Acts on Cocoa.png )
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For all of Rarity's insistance that she's a lady, she spends far too much of her time turning her nose up at others' interests and what have you to really be considered that.

In truth, I'd say that the most lady-like of them all would be Fluttershy, failing only in that she's not outgoing or social enough, which was the primary cause of her issues in MMC. This could be a major reason why she was voted as the fan favorite. In addition to be relateable to those that are shy, she also appeals to us in general as, like it or not, we still tend to hold ladies as ideal.

Now, I'm including this explanation because lady is a term that is often misused, but its true meaning outside of nobility is just the female equivalent of a gentleman (also often misused): Someone that displays exceptional etiquette and is kind and caring to those around her, doing her best to ensure that every interaction with her is a pleasant one for all involved, no matter their social standing, opinions, or preferences.

In Sweet and Elite, for example, when the rest of the mane six crashed the party and kind of screwed up a lot of stuff and just acted like complete hicks, what did Fancy Pants do? He met Twilight with a smile and complimented her, doing his best to bridge the gap between them and the party-goers (with Rarity caught in the middle). This is the kind of behavior that a gentleman displays, and thus also the kind of behavior a lady displays.

While Rarity can certainly act a lady with those of the upper class, she seems to have trouble applying that to those whose interests she considers to be "unlady-like." She's also referred to herself as a lady (a lady wouldn't do that) and tends to be more talkative than inquisitive (one of the ways to improve someone's enjoyment of a conversation is to make the conversation about them, and thus something that both ladies and gentlemen tend to do). I do think she's gotten better at the first, but I can't say that she's up to Fluttershy's level yet. Rarity may not be a lady (but then again, neither is Fluttershy), but she is fairly c
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>> No. 36744593
I warned you, bro, I warned you about death of the author.
>> No. 36747871
File 139547124877.png - (213.30KB , 372x434 , 10.png )
Right. I was going to post here, but Ponychan dərped.

I just wanted to say that, quite frankly, it's not worth my time to try to reply to rambling replies that are asking me to repeat points I already made. That is why I abandoned the discussion with Whatevs, if anyone still cares about that issue.
>> No. 36755754
you mischaracterized rarity by saying she's stuckup and looks down on others.
She's never done that, or if she has it has a storyline explanation.
She cares about nurturing others and is supportive of them.

Fluttershy may be better but it's probably just a byproduct of her being shy

File 139237808856.png - (194.61KB , 900x795 , asrojkt.png )
36734503 No. 36734503 [View]
Rarity is a terrible friend!

Just think about everything we've seen her do. She clearly doesn't give a shit about her friends or even her own family members. In Sonic Rainboom she knew how important the best young fliers competition was to Rainbow Dash yet she still happily ruined her performance and even changed the music RD had planned. Someone might say at this point that "duuh but because of that RD actually won" and yes, but even if RD did win because of that, it doesn't change the fact that Rarity was acting like a total childish bitch. Then Rarity proceeds to apologize. But did she really learn something?

Rarity doesn't really care about her own sister either. No time for that shit, Rarity must work to be famous because that's all she is after. Yeah sure she later realises that she should give Sweetie a little more attention but even then she starts by suggesting things Rarity herself would want to do. In the end everything was fine because we must have happy endings of course but did Rarity learn her lesson this time? No, of course not.

Sweet and elite really showed how big of a liar rarity is. Feeling embarrassed about her friends she lies about them and pretty much everything else too. She must be the pony everypony knows after all. That's all there is in Rarity's head. Me, me, me, me, me. Rarity must be famous, nothing else matters. Great example for kids right? Fuck Twilight's birthday. Fuck her present. Even when her friends come all the way to the Canterlot to meet her, Rarity still just keeps lying. Even when she gets caught of her lies in the end, she still tries to nervously find a way to lie a bit more to get out of the situation. And was the lesson of the episode that lying is bad and gets you in trouble? No. It was something about not forgetting your roots. ”Oh girls, sorry I lied about you. I appreciate my friends and now I will learn my lesson”.... Nope. She doesn't.

In Rarity takes manehattan, she makes her friends work for her. Trying to guilt trip them to make sure they don't just leave. It's Rarity's fame in line so of
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>> No. 36745172

Just some spammer posting a link to a page claiming his girlfriend broke up with him and he was posting naked pictures of her on the interwebz in retribution, probably just a lame virus scam.
>> No. 36745589
File 139467716147.png - (424.45KB , 919x960 , 2fe.png )
>> No. 36755753
>Rarity tries to be supportive of Twilight as a princess
>gives her space and time to do what she wants to do and offers to make her a wardrobe
>in one scene offhandedly tells Twilight to be pleased with her stained glass
yea obviously forcing things onto Twiligtht.

Entire list is nothing but mischaracterization

File 139793663663.png - (162.29KB , 640x360 , 640px-Fluttershy_surpasses_her_record_S2E22.png )
36754847 No. 36754847 [View]
Alright people. Let's do this thing again!

Season 1: A Bird In The Hoof
Season 2: Hurricane Fluttershy
Season 3: Trade Ya

Oh gee. I wonder which of these episodes I'm going to put first. Oh it's such a myster-

HURRICANE FLUTTERSHY > Trade Ya > A Bird In The Hoof

Hurricane Fluttershy is my favorite episode of the entire series, only potentially dethroned by Pinkie Pride. I love every single moment. Rainbow Dash was written perfectly. Fluttershy had a very relatable dilemma. I laughed, I felt my heartstrings get tugged, and the ending was beautiful. The other two episodes today don't even come CLOSE to the regard I hold for Hurricane Fluttershy.
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>> No. 36755631
A Bird in the Hoof is easily the best, none of the episodes are really spectacular, but it at least has a Benny Hill chase and some decent jokes, Trade Ya takes the silver, a cute episode but nothing great, and Hurricane Fluttershy is easily Dee's least favourite episode of the entire show to date.
>> No. 36755675
>People rating bird in the hoof lower than Trade ya
>most aren't even putting it on even footing
I'd have to give "Bird" another look since it's been a while, but i enjoyed it no less than Trade ya. even when i gave it thought and realized Trade ya was not as good as i thought it was (especially since each of the three stories started out ok, the dash arc was the only good one), it didn't stop me from enjoying watching it

then again, second and third place don't matter when first place is nearly unanimous

>Trade ya
>> No. 36755695
File 139827307591.gif - (1.14MB , 640x360 , 241141234.gif )

I don't think you're being fair to trade ya, it had many good scenes in it that can easily compete with BITH. Dash drooling in synch with Orthos was funny and adorable, Fluttershy trying to be assertive at the Chicken stand and failing miserably was adorable, and the Daring do trader was refreshingly up front and realistic (She ISN'T) about the absurdity of being offered a rusty piece of crap for a one of a kind book.

I'm not saying bird in a hoof was bad, I'm saying that its just not THAT exceptional in comparison to Trade ya. As its close I can easily see people enjoying it more than trade ya, but I think trade ya legitimately is a good match for it (and enjoyed it more myself as well)

File 139793318505.png - (1.82MB , 1726x1077 , flutterservantrainbowslavedriver.png )
36754840 No. 36754840 [View] [Last 50 posts]
>Rainbow Dash the type of pony who would sell her best friend into indentured servitude.

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>> No. 36755650
File 139822198393.png - (783.21KB , 621x657 , best princess.png )
Hence why Luna's micro was best micro.
>> No. 36755656
File 139822259368.png - (293.05KB , 741x597 , racis.png )

You know, given how Sheep can speak and are therefore sentient in equestria, it makes a trial over who the sheep belongs to seem REALLY racist...
>> No. 36755658
The trial wasn't about the sheep, but their wool.
It's still a little messed up that ponies seem to be on a higher pecking order than other sentient hooved animals.

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