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Old thread is getting pretty long.

Meghan has mentioned these people as writers for season 5:
M.A. Larson
G.M. Berrow
Josh Haber
Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco
Natasha Levinger
Scott Sonneborn
Amy Keating Rogers
Dave Polsky
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File 141205321757.png - (165.95KB , 450x280 , 5(174).png )
Except he didn't get to choose which stories would be used for season 5. He probably wasn't even around for the initial story meetings to plot out the episodes. So if there was going to be adventure, it's not going to evaporate. It's not really the same thing as a season that was headed by him the entire time.

File 140917515861.jpg - (186.51KB , 988x1500 , STK648254.jpg )
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Well we got another iTunes preview for FF#9, so I figured might as well put up next month's thread now.

(W) Christine Rice (A) Tony Fleecs (CA) Amy Mebberson
Granny visits an apple convention and is dismayed to see the Flim Flam brothers are up to their old tricks. Only the two are no longer working together… something has divided the brothers! It will be up to Granny to mend hurt feelings. But will she want to?

(W) Jeremy Whitley (A) Amy Mebberson (CA) Amy Mebberson, Sara Richard
A special one-shot issue featuring the ponies’ pets! When some new trouble comes into Ponyville, all of our normal heroes are incapacitated. Luckily help is on the way in the form of Angel, Owlicious, Gummy, Tank, Winona and Opal! Will they be able to use teamwork to save the day?

(W) Ted Anderson (A/CA) Ben Bates
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>> No. 36779837
File 141205032984.png - (78.52KB , 183x280 , 5(23).png )
According to the wiki, Goten and Trunks' battle with him was cut whenever Fusion Reborn aired on Toonami or Nicktoons.

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File 141170491697.png - (350.32KB , 1280x720 , Pinkie_Pie_being_lifted_S1E21.png )
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Okay folks up next we have Season 1 Episode 21, Over A Barrel, Written by: Dave Polsky.

The link to the episode: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwoyze_mlp-fim-s1-e21-over-a-barrel-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.


Note: Sorry I'm late with the thread this week guys, Been super busy at work making up for being sick early in the week.
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>> No. 36779539
It was a fine episode.

i didnt had much of a problem at the time...
except for one little thing that bugged me even since day 1 i started watching all the episodes in a row.

The ponies complain about how they need the apples to survive and eat, that is a fair point....
except that they make pies and use them as AMMO.
some people like to say it is an alegory for how war just start ussing resourses from people and that is bad.
or something like that.

that is not the point, because it isnt like that hit them back lager or anything.

File 141102943728.png - (496.35KB , 1280x720 , Photo_Finish_being_carried_S1E20.png )
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Okay folks up next we have Season 1 Episode 20, Green Isn't Your Color, Written by: Meghan McCarthy.

The link to the episode: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwow0w_mlp-fim-s1-e20-green-isn-t-your-color-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.

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>> No. 36778714
File 141158508623.png - (421.53KB , 960x575 , untitled677.png )
Okay episode.

File 141204543451.png - (165.77KB , 600x653 , bitchponydragondicks.png )
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So does anyone know what happened with the whole Ted and Draggondicks bs?
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>> No. 36779951
Like I said, if it was for business then that it completely fine to me.

I am saying the fandom's response is annoying to me.

[edit]: Thought you were responding to me for some reason. nvm.

I wasn't attacking anyone who was offended, I wasn't "offended" but I am in opposition to his viewpoint. If you feel offended then you definitely should be allowed to voice it.

I am saying the people who tried to shut him down over it are likely (and I recognize names against him so at least some) the same people who argued for full freedom of speech earlier. And there were people who tried to get him fired.
>> No. 36779956
Mmmmmm but it kinda is about free speech. You're complaining about who someone supports, and then pretending you're doing so on the basis that you're just giving business advice. It's quite transparent.

Some horseys are taking it that far, even if you aren't.
>> No. 36779963
Apples and oranges.

File 141206748409.png - (184.92KB , 640x360 , 640px-Twilight_shoots_a_colorful_magic_beam_S4E26.png )
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And, I'm not just talking about the fight's superficial aspects, like lasers and explosions.

Before the fight, Twilight's friends were all disempowered and victimized as a cheap, lazy way to raise the stakes. That's almost akin to many of Goku's fellow non-saiyan Z-Warriors, who were constantly murdered or pushed by the wayside, just so that saiyans like Goku, Vegeta, and their sons could end up saving the universe from annihilation.

And, because you liked the fight scene but hated the Rainbow Power, Rainbow Castle, and two of the five key episodes (Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's), that meant that you wanted Twilight's friends to be useless extras who might as well be murdered, just so that Twilight could become a Super Saiyan bad-ass!

Last edited at Tue, Sep 30th, 2014 02:01

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>> No. 36779958
Not just the S4 finale. They had their own key episodes as well. Again, they resolved conflicts based after their Elements of Harmony, and taught somepony else about their Elements in-exchange for keys.

So yeah. As you said, super-powers, like blowing up entire planets with giant laser blasts, mean almost absolutely nothing compared to substance and creativity. The five key episodes had those in spades, despite having mixed receptions from multitudes of bronies.
>> No. 36779960
File 141209129116.png - (156.31KB , 331x425 , shahrukh44.png )
>super-powers, like blowing up entire planets with giant laser blasts, mean almost absolutely nothing compared to substance and creativity

...I don't get what you're trying to argue here?

Just because they had a single one-minute "DBZ" fight sequence doesn't mean the entire series is turning into that. Hell, the episode itself wasn't even about that because it only lasted a minute!
>> No. 36779962
I'm not trying to talk about the fight scene. I'm talking about the five key episodes that preceded the S4 finale, and how they gave significance to the Mane Five in the season-long story-arc, despite their mixed reactions.

Last edited at Tue, Sep 30th, 2014 08:48

File 141200936484.png - (54.12KB , 320x180 , 320px-No_issues_with_Applejack_S02E03.png )
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I know that this may be a bit on the controversial side but I am genuinely curious, especially since it's something that's come up in EQG 2 discussions.

I know that many people, particularly fans of RD did not like the way she was portrayed in season two. As someone who didn't really start to warm up to RD until about the end of season two this has often confused me, because I honestly didn't find her behavior all that different from how she behaved in season one. The only major difference I could perceive was that she was called out on her behavior more often in season two then in season one.

Is there something that I'm missing about how she is different going from season one to two, or is it just a case of people just plan old not liking the episodes she stared in, or is it something else entirely?
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>> No. 36779922
The difference was that in all the instances where the Mane Six were assholes, there was a fair reason as to why they did dickish things. Rainbow Dash was a egomaniacal bitch for her own sake.
>> No. 36779959
>First episode is Mare Do Well? "Wow, Rainbow Dash is a huge asshole and an idiot. Glad she learned her fucking lesson."

I would have argued that the beginning of the episode showed RD to actually be quite selfless and genuinely heroic. After all she certainly taken aback by all of the praise initially.

then I remember the cold opening and. . .yeah, not the best first impression.


Are you talking about Lesson Zero? I thought that was kind of dumb actually, or at least the end of that episode was dumb.
>> No. 36779961
File 141209134057.png - (89.56KB , 300x225 , dontchu.png )
Yes, yes I am. I liked Twilight back when she was allowed to be crazy and neurotic, as opposed to nowdays where she's now Miss Goody Good Two Shoes, who is all perfect and crap because Princesses never fail, and all her "neurotic attacks" are so forced and token that they make me wonder why they even bothered at all.

>or at least the end of that episode was dumb.

File 141159938187.jpg - (160.66KB , 300x300 , daniel_ingram_my_little_pony_equestria_girls_soundtrack.jpg )
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Here is a thread so people talk about the movie which just come in 2 days.
Hurry up, flood it.
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>> No. 36779950
Lack of a international credit card, money, and not wanting to look lame to my parents (Plus, Dad's a bit of a homophobe) prevent me from ever cuddling with Celestia while I sleep.
>> No. 36779954
File 141209078869.png - (266.70KB , 442x466 , shahrukh28.png )
You don't need an international credit card, you just need a Paypal account and either a debit card or bank account. (bank account is required for debit card anyway)

I don't have a credit card and yet I've bought from lots of international eBay sellers. Whatever currency you're using will automatically be converted to the seller's currency.
>> No. 36779957
That shit doesn't work on Brazil. Paypal here fucking sucks. You need either a credit card or a bank account on a very specific bank.

File 141192036257.png - (324.85KB , 550x342 , 639357__safe_solo_princess+celestia_smile_edit_open+mouth_idw_happy_source+needed_wide+eyes.png )
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Now, for those who do want a retcon, the following things will need to happen.

1. Twilight Sparkle does not ascend to princesshood. She's regular Twilight instead. This also means the Elements of Harmony are still around.

2. Discord stays in stone. He doesn't become reformed. He's a two episode wonder and nothing more.

3. Equestria Girls doesn't exist. By extension, neither does Sunset Shimmer or any other characters unique to EQG (Bye bye, Flash Sentry!)

As for the retcon itself, should it happen in universe in a season 5 episode? If so, how? Or would you go back in time and have it done before season 3 was even being developed?

With that in mind, given these removed scenarios, which stories do you wish to keep, which should be removed, and which ones do you want to come up with on your own?
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>> No. 36779861
Youtube embed play button
Nah, it pretty much just means this.
>> No. 36779868
Change nothing. Retcons are usually a sign of bad writing.

Don't believe me? Go ask a Star Wars fan how he feels about Greedo shooting first.
>> No. 36779955
Or a League of Legends player about Riot retconning... well... the League of Legends out of existence.

File 141208878959.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , filly fluttersmile.png )
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This is the thread for Rainbow Rocks, but without spoilers allowed!!

i am so excited, oh gosh. are you excited?
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>> No. 36779946
It has been confirmed that it wasn't actual romance, just a gesture between friends.

I wouldn't have a problem with it, mind you. The ultimate chaos and the ultimate order would make for a pretty entertaining couple, but still...
>> No. 36779949
Don't believe her lies.jpg.png.dat.exe
>> No. 36779952

Hell, I kinda wish they did hook up. Maybe that would have meant that Celestia would get an episode Season 5.

Last edited at Tue, Sep 30th, 2014 08:24

File 141206820756.png - (444.08KB , 1280x720 , Applejack_and_Big_Mac_S1E04.png )
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I have an Idea for an applejack episode that I would actually like and it would include big mac too. I would like an episode where big mac is not as mature and responsible as applejack and therefore isn't comfortable making grown up decisions, like where to plant the next orchard, or when to renovate the barn. the moral would be that sometimes younger siblings are more mature and responsible than their older siblings and that it's okay, this is how it is with myself and my little sister

File 141200047483.png - (180.83KB , 778x253 , scottishbatman.png )
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So what determines a ponies colour scheme? Or hair colour? After all, siblings and parents seem to be similar. And for that matter, could cutie marks be genetic? (As quite a few family members end up with similar looking ones..)
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>> No. 36779636
File 141200158472.jpg - (19.20KB , 357x346 , 137326551516.jpg )
I'd assume it's genetic, but I bet it gets more complicated than our own hair colors. I wonder how it works for real horses? They have at least a few different colors and patterns to themselves.
>> No. 36779639
File 141200312519.png - (622.01KB , 658x814 , What's his problem.png )
Despite a lot of bronies clamoring over this idea of "similar colors = BLOOD RELATED!", it seems to be random.

That and, there really aren't a whole lot of canon families to really make an accurate statement about similarities between them.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 29th, 2014 08:06

>> No. 36779765
File 141204657660.png - (334.11KB , 455x1024 , aj_truth.png )
>denying the color genetics scheme

Nah, clearly Applejack is a bastard and her father is her "Uncle"

File 141201460938.png - (188.86KB , 908x879 , flutter rainbow hug.png )
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Hi ponies! i love you!

But what do you feel about romantic love as canon in the show? uh oh!

how do you feel about shipping in the show itself? i do not mean shipping in the fandom stuff, but as a part of the show, and in it?

Let us look at two examples: trenderhoof and Flash Sentry. Too much? Different? the same?

What if it was "more intense?" Or, toned down from either of those two examples?

What are your thoughts on canon, in the show shipping?
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>> No. 36779695
File 141202019635.png - (167.26KB , 322x412 , Totally.png )
None of EQG is canon to FIM, imo.

If FIM never references it, then it's a separate continuity.

That wasn't really "romance" though, that was two ponies being mind controlled into obsessing over each other.

It's no more romance than the "want it need it" spell.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 29th, 2014 12:50

>> No. 36779739
File 141203926306.png - (49.53KB , 914x179 , moonmoon romanticizes ponis.png )
That is a very adorable pic OP!
>> No. 36779758
File 141204590611.png - (72.58KB , 748x642 , RD_Soarin.png )
I actually don't mind properly done shipping.

A character must be introduced with a reason to exist BESIDES being a love interest though, that's my main criteria. Having a pony come in with no reason to be in the show BUT to be a love interest means they're one note: as such, they feel 2 dimensional.

but if they're a character with a personality and reason to appear *besides* being a love interest, they can work. It feels less forced, and can be allowed to work organically and develop slow.

Like, I enjoy Soarin dash Shipping because Soarin has a purpose in the show, and he's had screen time with dash and interaction. Likewise, I like Rarity spike because Spike has an actual personality and character interaction besides love interest reasons.

File 141184513979.png - (827.55KB , 1440x807 , Zoe Crying 1.png )
36779177 No. 36779177 [View]
It's that time of the year again, folks... the time were I ask myself "Why the hell am I still here enjoying the show?"

I mean, 5 years of pony... something tells me we bit off more than we can chew here. And with Equestria Academy practically confirmed, I'm even more scared of what will happen in the future... I keep asking myself "We never should made this show popular. If we just kept it nice and small... none of this would've happened..." I don't know, I tend to ask myself this when the fandom's at its worst... How much more insanity can we really take here?

P.S. I now like Littlest Pet Shop. First 1980's Care Bears, 2003 Strawberry Shortcake, MLP:FiM, and now this. I hate myself for liking cute things.
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>> No. 36779616
File 141198214237.png - (442.96KB , 1280x720 , Twilight_Sparkle_opens_book_S2E17.png )

Pony will take over the world. We have to begin constructing a religion to make sure it doesn't become assimilated into the furry community where it will stay for all of eternity, unable to fulfill its true potential.
>> No. 36779631
File 141199998104.jpg - (433.81KB , 975x1519 , Hellstorm_21-22.jpg )
>being this casual
Pfft. Pansy.
>> No. 36779727
You say that like it hasn't been yet. Given the amount of pony porn on the internet I'd wager it's far too late.

File 141202944542.jpg - (195.47KB , 850x750 , equestria_girls_twilight_by_uotapo-d6hi53n.jpg )
36779720 No. 36779720 [View]
So do they have Fur or is their skin that color?
>> No. 36779721
I'd assume their skin is dyed unlike ponies which have pinkish skin and colored fur
>> No. 36779725
File 141203306160.jpg - (9.35KB , 218x251 , skeeterdougjesus.jpg )
I think their skin is that color, like in "Doug".

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