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Hello and welcome to the roleplay announcement thread. This thread is intended as a place to post roleplay-related announcements and notices - that includes recruiting for and advertising upcoming threads, requesting specific types of threads or contact with specific kinds of players and other activities directly associated with roleplay. It is not intended for discussions, roleplaying or chatting. Think of this thread as a billboard - a place to post and read notices, but not hold a conversation in. Also keep in mind that any off-topic posts will be reported for removal, so please don't derail the thread with such - it just means needless work for everyone involved.

How to post an announcement?
Think of it as posting an ad to the newspaper - be as clear and concise as you can be. An example would be;
A lighthearted "Sharing is Caring" canon thread is planned to kick off about two hours from now. We're looking for one more player who might find themselves in Sugarcube corner. You can contact me on Steam as GenericName, via email or leave me a message in >>2951413.

This example covered the essential things - it gives out the outline of the thread, which is useful not only for prospective participants, but also anyone who might want to lurk it, it says what it needs and lists several ways of contacting the poster, to apply or to ask additional questions, outside of the announcement thread.

Another, simpler announcement might be this;
Looking for a FiM-friendly thread or another poster to join for an adventure series. I like sunsets and long posts on the beach and am usually active around tweleventeen o'clock CBT. Looking forward to hearing from you!

This example is almost, but not quite good - while it points out what the poster is looking for and when they're available, it neglects to mention any way of getting a hold of the player. Don't be afraid of injecting some humor or person
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>> No. 454712
Looking for people to do a MLP DnD style RP.
Meet in >>454711 to see the Intro.

File 137940217000.jpg - (8.95KB , 400x227 , hal.jpg )
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#FAQ#Recommended Reading
Hi there! If you're checking this thread out, this might mean that you're new to this community, and I invite you to please read until the end! It's not necessary reading, but it has a lot of useful information that disregarding would be very counterproductive!


Q: Where can I get in touch with other roleplayers?
The best place to get in touch with other roleplayers, be it for casual chatting, discussing ideas or looking for people to join your canon, Come visit the Roleplay IRC.

Q: What is a "Canon"?
A: A "Canon" is a set universe that is separate from all the other set universes, which means it follows different laws and players. For example, both of the Canons Destination: Equestria and Harmony have a Twilight Sparkle, but each one is played by a different person, and whatever one person does doesn't affect the other in any way. Each Canon is a different universe, wholly separate from any other Canon (we have a Cross-Canon tag for things like these.)

Q: What are these boxes under the thread titles? What do they mean?
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>> No. 453570

Would everyone here be willing to take a short essay. It's to find out more about personal opinions in rp and other topics like that. I'll be checking responses all throughout the week so feel free to take it whenever you're bored or have time to. Thank you.

File 140545128740.jpg - (65.57KB , 550x322 , AbstractNatureGrass_thumb.jpg )
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#Canon: External World #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Semi-serious #Sign-up #In Game Calendar.

You, a soon to be Hollow Shades resident, shall discover and explore a mysterious world where the denizens of this other realm are demonic creatures that you will either fight or convince them to help fight for you.

Character Sheet.

Alignment (this doesn't dictate how your character behaves but how well able you are to talk to certain monsters ex. A Lawful neutral Character will have a hard time convincing a Chaotic evil monster)
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>> No. 455968
File 140675403567.jpg - (63.25KB , 225x310 , maroo.jpg )
Name: Alison
Gender: female
Race: pegasus
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Description: A maroon Pegasus with red hair and light body armor.
Personality: greedy, self-interested gal. Was a "pirate"(mercenary) before the events in this story.
>> No. 455971
Looks good to me welcome aboard. Just note that you won't start with any weapons or equipment but you will be given some before any fighting. I'll be sure to start the rp either tonight or tomorrow morning.
>> No. 455972
File 140676167052.jpg - (63.62KB , 225x310 , maroonukid.jpg )

File 140488061400.jpg - (173.84KB , 900x712 , a_parallel_world_by_tora_88-d4umk6e.jpg )
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I was hoping to create a new rp thread and I wanted some feedback to see if anyone would be interested. The idea of this thread will be a mix of slice of life and dungeon crawl. The players would be set in a specific town where they would interact with other players and npc's. They'd also traverse a mysterious demonic world, battling monsters, work as a team, and learn the purpose of this other world.
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>> No. 455678
The sign up has been made so here is a quick link

This thread shall continue to answer questions about this rp

Sorry it took awhile.
>> No. 455969
what time period is this based in? will there only be swords and bows or will there be guns n stuff
>> No. 455970
This takes place in the show's current time period so you'll be handling weapons like swords and bows.

File 139551957159.jpg - (128.22KB , 640x422 , Aether City.jpg )
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#Planned #Canon: Aether City #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Semi-serious #Long-post #Sign-up

Some years ago, a meteorite hit Eqeustria, near a small metropolis. At first, no one thought much of it, and it was taken in to be stored in archives.

Soon, anomalities started showing. Pegasi gained access to power they shouldn’t be able to, earth ponies along with them, and unicorns previously adept at certains paths of magic either lost everything to a completely new kind, or became masters in their field. Not everything was happy days. Some ponies developed hard shells and claws, chitin plating, segmented eyes. Some’s legs fused to snail-like undersides.

Authorities were quickly called, and all who had mutated were taken in temporary custody. Orders were given to start constructing a city with high walls to contain the affected. A remote island off the coast was deemed as the best place and construction began. The city would come to be known as Aether City.

For a year, they built, Equestria’s united building companies taking on the task. The mutants were kept in custody in temporary city, patrolled by guards. They were signed up and registrered by teams of scientists in hazmat suits. Chips were implanted in them as well, but they were never told why. Food was given sparingly, with no reason given why. They were showered only once a week, and toilets were a luxury cut away to save money. As time passed, only the few who wanted their old name kept it. Some took upon others, while the last resorted to their designation, their pride broken beyond repair.

Anger was building in the camps of mutants, wanting to know why citizens under the rule of the princesses were treated so wrongly. No reason was given, only that all would be better once Aether City was complete.
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>> No. 455961
While I'm not who's in charge of the people who are accepted in the thread, I can find a way to fit in your character if you do get accepted.
>> No. 455962
That would be much appreciated ^^
I really like this story and it would be cool to be part of it

Last edited at Tue, Jul 29th, 2014 19:14

>> No. 455967
We don't get much interaction in this thread so if you're interested I have a sign up thread in the lounge.


File 139567965101.gif - (0.96MB , 1356x803 , 381506__safe_twilight+sparkle_princess+celestia_spike_animated_parody_upvotes+galore_rain_philom.gif )
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A new beginning? Or simply resuming a very old show you'd forgotten you paused? Time shall tell friends old and new.

Welcome, to the General OOC!

>Begin one time intro

First of all, hello again and hello for the first time to those who have never seen this thread before. I once made a promise that I wouldn't let this thread die. A promise I promptly turned around and didn't keep. I said that every day I would come here and post a new question or idea to keep things going. I was foolish to push for the change that I did. It resulted in some damage that can never be undone, I know this. And for that, I am sorry. I hope that with this I can start taking the first steps to maybe repairing some of what I did. Without further ado, let's move on to the meat of the thread.

>End one time intro.

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>> No. 455943
Who is it?
>> No. 455944
File 140659813284.gif - (509.58KB , 280x307 , No more heroes charge gif katana.gif )
I RPed in those threads a bit...though not as much as I wish I could have. I do remember seeing the original come to an end, Icky was the one GMing the Final Boss fight.
>> No. 455966
File 140673216162.jpg - (27.69KB , 360x140 , image.jpg )
>mfw Gravity's unexpected feels

File 139113494260.jpg - (877.11KB , 1280x1024 , sun_outer_space_stars_cgi_earth_sci-fi_space-station_cg_desktop_1280x1024_wallpaper-265401.jpg )
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#Open #Ask/invite #Canon: Orion #Adventure #Ponies #Non-pony #Serious #Semi-serious #Crazy #Sign-up

Space. The final frontier. Since the dawn of time, Ponies have looked up towards Celestia's crystal clear skies, and Luna's dark, sparkling oceans of beauty and wondered, 'what's up the-'
You know, we still don't know what's at the bottom of our own, actual oceans.
Well, aren't you a buzzkill. I'm trying to do a recruitment ad here.
It would help if you weren't cheesy as all hell about it.
Maybe you should do it, then, if you think you're better at it than me!

The Orion Space Station is the most recent arm of the Equestrian Military to combat the ever-growing Rift threat. While its responsibilities have grown in recent years to include space-based defenses and even first contact with alien races, Orion's main purpose still remains.

Tired of normal military life? Want a little extra excitement in fighting interdimensional beasts? Or maybe just want to come up and see Equestria's Space Station for yourself? Sign up for Orion today!
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>> No. 455956
File 140662655278.png - (87.15KB , 250x250 , tumblr_mlgipxWLz61s1fmu4o6_250.png )
>> No. 455957
File 140662658470.png - (111.43KB , 655x655 , 132623209614.png )
>> No. 455964

File 137815865562.png - (15.11KB , 596x303 , trots logo.png )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: Trotswood #Semi-serious #OOC #Unicorn Master Race

Hello, and welcome to the Trotswood RP. Now, we are an Ask/Invite RP, meaning we need one thing from you, before you RP in the thread. All we need, is a short (Or long if you want), application. Now, we don’t need anything to extensive. Just Blood type, history of medical procedures, three signed letters of recommendation, and the head of Crawmerax a brief history, including any combat, skills, how they found the town, and anything else you’d like to include.

Please, we don’t mind if you use sign up sheets from other canons, but we don’t use stats, so please leave them off. Here in Trotswood, if you want combat, we suggest you talk with the one you’re fighting about what system to use. Some of us like rolls, others like honor systems, and some of us like stat based. Talk about it before you fight, to prevent an unhappy mix up.

Now, as for applications, we’ve gone over what we need, but there are a few extra guidelines. Just some basic, common sense and canon specific rules that will help us streamline the application process, and get you approved faster.

>No Humans (We’re “Show Canon” in that way. Please keep to races found in the show. However, Hybrids of show races are welcome in many cases.)
>Direct crossovers are discouraged. However, if the application sheet seems solid, there is a chance you’ll be passed, and approved.
>Please be proper with your power. We’re not going to reject you, if you’re a god, provided you’re not “Supergod The Bes Around”.

And that’s it. Once you have an application, long or short, simply post it in this thread, and the OP, and a team of “Half OPs”.
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>> No. 455884
Daaaamn, Quinch. You kept count? Also, cool! You're still around!

And, what all do you wanna know, exactly? I'd be glad to answer.
Also: Sorry for late reply. I was doin' stuff.

Last edited at Sun, Jul 27th, 2014 19:58

>> No. 455885
>Daaaamn, Quinch. You kept count?


I kept archives.
Although a lot of the older ones are kinda fucked up.

> And, what all do you wanna know, exactly?
Well... lemme put it this way, what's going on right now? How would a typical story event play out?
>> No. 455886
Right now? Nothing. All that's going on is me playing a very short amount of past-development on two of my characters, but both are pretty minor. Almost all of our members have stopped posting, on of our Mods has been missing for near a year, the other is hardly ever online, because he's busy, and we've not had an actual new player in quite some time.

Usually, just me and Scorch have been messing around in the thread recently, and Wind managed to come by a few times, but our activity is at an all time low.

As for how a story would typically play out, it matters on who/how it's started/played out. If you were to decide to bring an arc in, you can either let it subtly play out, or tell everyone that you have a plan, and carefully string everyone along the events.

The whole idea of the thread is free will with their development, letting things play out the way they wish (Within the guidelines, of course). Even though a lot of us prefer to post short replies, I'm sure you know that everyone in our canon is yeas-experienced, and can play along with just about everything.

File 140634567940.jpg - (99.52KB , 500x800 , 21r.jpg )
455859 No. 455859 [View]
>> No. 455868
File 140641791612.png - (166.63KB , 500x371 , tumblr_inline_mqkccaAXFX1qz4rgp.png )
iHola! Bienvenido a Ponychan. Me llamo Seras. Yo soy el rp'er en /rp/. Yo habla Espanol pequita. Muy lo siento. Pero hablamos por hablar.

Me gusta la imagen. Usted es comico.

File 140581053378.jpg - (11.92KB , 450x281 , 661086-bigthumbnail.jpg )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: From the Beginning #Serious #Sign-up

For every story has a beginning.

But knowledge does not spread so fast, and what was written down to be kept forever could be lost or destroyed, leaving the mind to forget it's origin and wander through the world, only able to look at what's close behind it and what could wait up ahead. This was how we were forced to live, having traditions as our only source to vaguely summarize where we came from. This was, until one became determined to find the truth.

For years, this pony has secluded himself to libraries, traveling across Equestria while almost never saying a word to any pony. One who would watch him pass by a town would always remember him for the determination in his eyes and, more-so-than-the-first, the odor that followed him. It was a long time that he spent, trying to find the answers as to how Equestria came to be, and all his years of research has lead him to a frozen wasteland far far away from home.

He fought the bitter cold for over a month. The stallion's food was starting to run out, and no sign of any vegetation would be around; not for miles to come. His faith in finding what he was looking for was beginning to fade, and it seemed like he would have to return to the warmer climates in Equestria. He fell to the snow covered ground, feeling lost and defeated by all the years he spent, only to find that it might have been a mistake after all. But as if the shining grace of Celestia came to show him the way, he would look up, seeing what his heart desired: an old ruined archive, lost to all forms of life until this very day. He rushed inside, seeking refuge from the cold and finding good shelter, something he hasn't been able to enjoy for a while now. Looking around, he saw the vast array of books and scrolls. Many were ruined. He had no idea where to begin. Out of all the books, the one that caught his eye first would be found on a table, set up on a small podium at the other end of what was
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>> No. 455846
Oh, thank you!
>> No. 455847
File 140606468251.png - (820.66KB , 863x1359 , b4746d3f54d63e2fdf3c57250a1e230d.png )
Here is the new list of characters that are now allowed to start rp'ing in the IC thread:


Amethyst Note
>> No. 455866
File 140641313095.gif - (317.70KB , 500x500 , 138110367829.gif )
I would like to make an announcement to everyone here.

I would like to advise the members of this canon to get steam or skype so they may have direct contact to me if I'm unavailable during an rp or when needed anywhere else. It'll also help discuss small planning for when to do rp's so we know exactly when would be a good time to get on and look up the thread.

Starting from July 30th to August 9th, posts following the DM may possibly be delayed. I'll be attending this year's Bronycon, so I may have trouble keeping up with the thread during that time. Please don't feel discouraged from posting!

File 140552303923.jpg - (5.38KB , 300x168 , Dark Equestria.jpg )
455708 No. 455708 [View]
#Open #Ask/invite #Series: Strange Encounters #Adventure #Violence #Ponies #Non-pony #Semi-serious #Sign-up

I'm thinking of creating a thread called Strange Encounters. The basic summary-
Equestria, the noble country ruled by the four alicorns- Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, and Princess Twilight- has fallen. The land is roamed by creatures of chaos both day and night, and the population of all pony races alike diminishes faster every moment. Trains made of bones, a gloomy overcast over all of Equestria. Most Earth Ponies became slaves to the dark powers, Unicorns met the same fate with chopped off horns, and pegasai the same, wingless.Some are slaves, a meal, or merely entertainment. But what about Equestria's saviors? The Elements of Harmony? The princesses? Princess Celestia and Princess Luna as well as the elements of harmony are no where to be found, and Princess Cadence was publicly executed by the new leader of this dark age. All hope was lost- until one pony found something that could save Equestria- a reverse time spell.Like the one that Twilight used, but lasts much longer...with the possibility of being trapped in the past. That way, they could go back in time and stop the event that started the spiraling downfall of their peaceful and harmonious nation. They could save princess Cadence from death. They could bring salvation to...everything. There's only one problem- nobody knows exactly what that event is. And this pony can't do it alone. She'll need some ponies, people, creatures of any race to help her figure out what exactly happened...and how to save Equestria from becoming a land of darkness, ruled by power- hungry creatures who want nothing more than to keep themselves in the position of power. Even when they get to the past- something's wrong- everypony seems to be hiding
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>> No. 455766
File 140581547982.jpg - (408.45KB , 2736x2042 , Attempt at heart pony.jpg )

And yeah. She's a Lunar Guard. Like the ones from the show and junk :p
>> No. 455785
Rp thread is up!
>> No. 455858
well this could be interesting

File 138143649616.jpg - (169.43KB , 1217x657 , cyberpunk__by_mkw_chan-d656ej1.jpg )
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#Open #Canon: 6A #Adventure #Chill #Dark #Violence #FiM-only #Semi-serious #Sign-up #Character #Cyberpunk

Life is hard and then you die. That's just the way it is. You wake up, you go to your shitty job, you come back to your shitty apartment, you eat your shitty processed dinner, you watch your shitty corporate TV, and then you go back to bed again. Rinse and repeat. The corporations control your life, the government controls your money, and those are controlled by groups you don't even have a name for. You're one of the little people—the nobodies, the downtrodden, the ninety-nine percent; and this is the rest of your life. You will be lonely. You will be miserable. You will wake up every morning and ride the bus to a factory job where you are shouted at by a fat unicorn who makes more in a week than you do in a year. You will spend your entire life trying not to breathe in the city smog, and you will spend your few quiet moments hoping you didn't get noticed by someone important. When you're thirty, you'll lose your leg in an accident and get a cheap augment to replace it. You will spend every minute of your life wishing you were dead; and when it finally happens, you probably won't even see it coming.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can break the chains. You can master your own destiny. You can get the fame, the money, the power, the glory—you can hold the entire world in your hooves, and hear it scream your name.

All you have to do is become a criminal.
Q: So what is this?

Sixth Age: Neon Shadows (or 6A, for short), is an imageboard RP with a twist: while characte
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>> No. 455392
File 140369935304.png - (113.19KB , 560x489 , Sparkplug.png )
Appearance: A pint-sized Diamond Dog with a filthy mouth and ego five times his size - which doesn't amount to that much for a guy who's short enough to bite you in the dick while standing upright.

Background: Sparkplug is working as a mechanic in a dinky chop shop in Lower Canterlot. Constantly in conflict with his boss, Sparky stays employed there mainly because he's the best mechanic there and isn't high half the time.

Grit: 3
Nothing to write home about. Average guy - can take a hit, but is no powerhouse.

Athletics: 4
Maybe because he's so damn small, Sparkplug has enough power in his body to get him by comfortably. Plus, working with cars and running away from trouble took their toll.

Murder: 3
>> No. 455402
Suppose it takes all types in this business--and this one's just as good as any other.

Welcome to the fold, Operator.
>> No. 455852
File 140629659805.gif - (912.03KB , 1280x720 , bubble bubble.gif )

File 140325092149.png - (1.30MB , 1440x1440 , emperor_faust_by_ratofdrawn-d7g38i6.png )
455230 No. 455230 [View]

So it's late at night, but this is usually when I get the idea to say what ideas I've built up over the while!

I have this idea for a story based RP. It's set back when the three races of ponies are united and it revolves around the struggles of society reforming itself to fit the wants and needs of a new order of ponies of different races trying to live together in harmony in the new found Equestria.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Has this already been done?

It's really just an idea right now, but I want to know if anyone would also be interested in this idea.
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>> No. 455721
File 140562544146.jpg - (161.90KB , 900x900 , 49494__safe_pinkie+pie_top+hat_monocle_classy_monocle+and+top+hat_artist-colon-strabarybrick_bri.jpg )
Afterward Hearth's Warming.

And thank you for your interest. I'll put a sign up thread up on the board soon. It'll certainly be this weekend if not sooner.
>> No. 455728
*After Hearth's Warming
>> No. 455765

OOC sign up is now available!

File 138189075257.png - (1.53MB , 600x500 , City_lights_by_Ash_Dragon_wolf.png )
446716 No. 446716 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Open #Dark #Violence #Semi-serious #Character #General-Specialized #Grimdark/Horror

It has been one week since the capital city fell into a bloody ruin. Both Princess Celestia and Luna have been slain, and many others seem to be falling close behind. Neither Princess Twilight nor Shining Armor have seen Princess Cadence since the madness began, and if the rumors are anything to go by, she may very well be as dead as the two rulers of Equestria. With the sun unable to rise, the moon unable to set, and Canterlot left with no magic barrier to protect it's denizens, madness and the strange new chaos quickly began to spread to other parts of the world. Towns quickly became over run by unimaginable monsters, unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Creatures of all shapes and sizes now run rampant in the streets, doing as they please-whether it be murdering any poor soul who happens across their path, or finding simple joy in bringing buildings and hospitals to the ground.

Nopony seems to know how or where it all started, or even what exactly it is that is going on. Many theories have naturally begun to spring up amongst the peaceful ponies, some pointing to alien invasion, some to the end times, while others believe it is a dark magic, one much older and more powerful than even the elements of harmony. Not enough time has passed to prove anything, and while some ponies fight to figure out just what it is that has taken over their peaceful world, others fight merely to survive.

You, the unfortunate lost soul in this new wasteland, have suddenly found yourself dropped into a haven turned hell. Monsters of varying shapes, sizes, and intelligence run rampant and lurk every dark alley you turn down. The world around you seems to consist of mere flames, ash, and crumbled remains of a once peaceful and brilliant society. Where you will go, and what you will do in this new wasteland is all up to chance, and the power of your own mind.
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>> No. 455710
Hi! I'm Melusine's friend Ice. My character would be a white dragon with ice powers named Aisu. Is that okay?
>> No. 455712
File 140554749105.png - (326.21KB , 883x878 , Ella.png )
You can play whatever you want hun, as long as you try and keep a general respect for other people who are playing with you, you should do just fine
>> No. 455760
I tried to post...and the library ate my. post.





File 138525159491.png - (488.15KB , 800x449 , bats opening.png )
448466 No. 448466 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Ask/invite #Canon: AOS/An Odd Story #Adventure #Chill #Violence #Shipping #Semi-serious

Welcome everyone; the new, the old, and everything in between! Welcome to an odd mansion! A place where nothing is predictable and everyone has a story to tell.

Now before I really get into anything, let me introduce you to the officers who help run this place.

Lt. Dashy
Berndem Bones
Rainbow Crash
Apple Bloom
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>> No. 455945
File 140660447194.jpg - (408.45KB , 2736x2042 , Attempt at heart pony.jpg )
Awww, well let me know if you ever remember or figure it out lol
>> No. 455963
File 140668745967.png - (28.46KB , 550x400 , Mobius understanding wings.png )
So um, guys. I kinda fucked up on when I should have done my departure date. Instead of coming in on the 31'st I am instead arriving on the 1st, expected to arrive in downtown Baltimore ~12:25 PM. I will grab a taxi to the hotel (whichever it may be) when I get there.

Sorry about that, and I cant use skype because its being a little bitch right now but I will try to fix that :|
>> No. 455965

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