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File 141393696094.jpg - (332.69KB , 1018x732 , andy-hopeful.jpg )
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Hi guys. Remember me? If not, that's okay, I don't remember you either, but let's shake hands and not be strangers.
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>> No. 39476110
No clue who you are but welcome back all the same.
>> No. 39476123
Yeah. I mentioned your webcomic once. #fuckingproved
>> No. 39476126
File 141398040724.jpg - (45.22KB , 225x350 , 100620 Hinaichigo.jpg )
Yeah, we never really talked, though.

File 141391739563.png - (887.82KB , 1024x1024 , 3_ Dulset Tarn by Greeny.png )
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I see a lot of threads asking for OC help, and I love to help out with those things. I like to think I'm pretty good at it, so I figured why not have a thread where I help anypony who asks? Of course anypony else who wants to help others here as well is more than welcome. Or if you want to hear about my OCs, that's fine too!

A note however: others seem to put a high value on the design of the character, while personally I'm much more interested in the character, their personality and quirks, along with their abilities, cutie mark, and name.

So who wants help?
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>> No. 39476053
File 141397081604.jpg - (59.46KB , 537x640 , brony+friends+_922060078f4660e8d588d5aefd721727.jpg )
Retcon the wings

Retcon the Twilight ship

Make his flame magic actually be flame magic

> slams book down

Now stop bitching for the love of all that's holy.
>> No. 39476060
File 141397105056.gif - (605.71KB , 512x588 , 1407872255064.gif )
>> No. 39476125
Fuck, yes!!!!!!!!!

File 141396781696.png - (22.34KB , 353x322 , do hyo like me now, eyespack.png )
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A friendly reminder that you're a pretty cool person.
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File 141397728717.png - (207.83KB , 482x533 , 747163__safe_screencap_equestria+girls_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rainbow+rocks_sonata+dusk_son.png )
Not really
>> No. 39476122
File 141397758693.png - (81.00KB , 380x315 , 1399435115213.png )
I'll have you know I am the coolest fucker I've ever met, and I don't even do math!
>> No. 39476124
File 141397801579.gif - (661.39KB , 460x258 , a09ZQyq_460sa.gif )

You're an utter nerd.

File 141397636527.png - (154.38KB , 900x824 , 141203300174.png )
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>> No. 39476117
File 141397658541.jpg - (45.43KB , 680x458 , Portal 2 Polandball.jpg )

>> No. 39476119
File 141397662499.png - (118.70KB , 500x478 , heya.png )
the sun!

well, not yet...

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Youtube embed play button
  Needs to happen.
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>> No. 39476106
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 39476114
It pretty much subliminally already crosses over with MLP though it's various refferences to popular moments of the show.
>> No. 39476116

I wouldn't call Butt Stallion and a bunch of names in some menus a crossover. :p

File 141395135480.png - (22.50KB , 1000x1000 , the-hand-astronomical-symbol.png )
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The fun of highly-concentrated pickled chocolate in one swing of a golf club and a bite of Wensleydale.

Boredom strikes again.

Last edited at Tue, Oct 21st, 2014 21:17

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>> No. 39476074
File 141397202886.png - (75.04KB , 480x640 , Nui700.png )
Cut the string with your teeth until the teeth fall like snow and tumble about, hunting the rats that would steal your prince. But you're always surrounded by string. How long do you chew away? How much until you tear off chunks of yourself? What if your teeth scurry away before it's time for the rat hunt? But before all that, stop and wonder if just shutting the window with scarlet ribbons would be for the best. Does the ash fall up, or down like snow? You didn't enter the door and you'll never know because it's gone to the roots now with strangers holding the grounds on which it stood. Was it danger or cowardice that kept you from going in, seeing the destruction of a life, the charred ashes you helped create? What would you even do with your prince, in the end? You only know how dolls work, and how to be done with yourself.
On second thought maybe it's for the best if the rats get your prince. At least then he'll be safe from you.

Last edited at Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014 03:02

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File 141397226898.jpg - (95.32KB , 680x704 , 161.jpg )
>> No. 39476107
File 141397402962.jpg - (206.90KB , 1440x810 , Nui699.jpg )
Check out surrealist film sometime if you get the chance, always an interesting experience. Jan Svankmajer is always a good surrealist director. His feature films are worth a look-see if you want nice surrealist film. The Brothers Quay are also very talented, as is Jiri Barta. Saw the Brother Quay exhibit at the MoMa, wonderful experience. Of course Dali's film collaborations with Bunuel and Disney should be noted, too. Seeing a Dali exhibit was breathtaking, prints and pictures of his work don't do them justice, he's been one of my very favorite artists since I was 6.

Punch and Judy- Jan Svankmajer

Dimensions of Dialogue- Jan Svankmajer

Jaberwocky- Jan Svankmajer

File 141397199905.jpg - (165.41KB , 945x1062 , 132078405805.jpg )
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>> No. 39476080
File 141397237040.png - (25.11KB , 298x261 , hno, danganya will disagree.png )
I'm not sure...what's in it for me?
>> No. 39476102
File 141397361741.png - (12.03KB , 650x450 , sC8pg.png )
>> No. 39476104
File 141397367861.jpg - (3.45KB , 136x90 , download (10).jpg )
I rigged it.

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Youtube embed play button
  So here it is, the trailer of the sequel to the most overrated game ever. And it looks like the gameplay is pretty much the same.

why the fuck do the kids sound like they have a cold, how is the phone guy still alive, why do i care so little?
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>> No. 39476063
File 141397115640.png - (30.60KB , 397x304 , i've seen some shit.png )
As somepony who often submerges into that pit for the sake of possible's not a pretty thing.
You are wise to stay away.
>> No. 39476085
>most overrated game ever
Oh jeez i thought you mean kingdom hearts 3 was out finally
>> No. 39476096
File 141397335077.jpg - (27.33KB , 189x206 , 1203882812-2.jpg )
>and zero doors
Then how do you keep them out?
Is the entire animatronic prevention system going to be wearing the Freddy head, and nothing else?
That seems a bit wonky.
But I'm sure he'll balance it.

Also, it's certainly not the most overrated ever.
It's a good little indie project with a decent flash-fanbase.
Pretty much equal to SCP:CB and Slender and every other indie horror when it comes to hype-quality ratio.

File 141394756817.png - (257.05KB , 370x490 , pretty.png )
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How pretty are you, /oat/?
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>> No. 39476065
>> No. 39476066
>Looking through some pics posted in this thread

Fuck you guys are ugly.
>> No. 39476070
File 141397176886.jpg - (81.00KB , 289x341 , Jenny10.jpg )
Took the test. I'm in the 90%.

That can't be right. This thing is broken.

File 141393361132.png - (246.21KB , 981x1147 , 141177748475.png )
39475120 No. 39475120 [View] [Last 50 posts]
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>> No. 39476021
File 141396932038.jpg - (582.61KB , 833x4609 , 131062040136.jpg )
This always gives me some keks.
>> No. 39476038
File 141397020441.png - (151.91KB , 788x684 , cutiemark.png )
>> No. 39476059
File 141397103378.png - (151.97KB , 960x640 , IMG_0305.png )

File 141396980806.jpg - (20.26KB , 566x621 , le binkie sparde.jpg )
39476030 No. 39476030 [View]
ebribon blis rebor diss dredd :DDDDD I wood liek dee moths to bermalently ranch banmi xD xD Wai? aill tell u wai. If u donn kar, den stob ridin now :33

ponechins dows nod maik me habby a nimore DDD: e_e

im sigg of dis disgasdin dradedy dat is FiM, XDDD a wance gran an glor us brojek fron a wel-indendioneb, dalebted broducer, drake donn indo the debbs of mediosity, and abbel do de loues gommon debonimador xD XD :DD ad de hans of de brofit bothibe ann de gapidalis moud of brodugsion :OOO

im sigg of desdubid, birbrain inbesils who gontanimade dis blase, sbesialli de wans who bobulade dredds dedigaded to mai lob an baboride boni, Binki Bye xD :PP Id is nai inbosibel to hab sebi-indelligen gonbersadion on dis blase adibore, wid bani of de bost bobular dredds goberin eider de sdubidess tings inimagable or som re ash of somedin das alredi bin disgused ad nowcium :DDDDD Id is simbli debressin how dis sgum of de hooman raise as bin alloud do infeg dis wance greid blase liek de blag ded xDDD . Ibe bin on le ponechins sins de oward esdern gontrobersi, an dere is a starg diberense in de gualifi of dis blase frome den to nau ;(((

deris nod mush mor rum do fidin de jaragter limid, so ail jus sai wan mor ding. Nod jus ponechin, bud all of de fanbais sugs in bree dime liek guigsan, neber wid aditing wordi da chow for id xDD dats wai i wan do be bane. I wan do pud a gab on dis drein on mai lief x__X

rebort dis dred an helb me in dis sat shabder in mai laif :DDDDD
>> No. 39476047
File 141397048276.jpg - (181.65KB , 960x960 , 140533680446.jpg )

File 141394683471.jpg - (26.34KB , 225x425 , dont ask.jpg )
39475647 No. 39475647 [View]
What's your dream job and why?
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>> No. 39475923
File 141395825160.png - (912.25KB , 800x1130 , 1392668596539.png )
Only small decks rock with the ocean, as a nuke in the navy, if you don't go sub, then you'll go to a Aircraft Carrier where you won't feel the motion of the ocean unless they do a full speed run.
>> No. 39475947
Myeh. Either as an electrical or electronic engineer. I'd like to work with renewables, energy storage or in embedded systems and junk like that. Would mean I'd have to travel but I have no problems with that.

Though that would put me out of my other desire to work in an environment where one need think on their feet. Truthfully there are many jobs I'd like to do.

At this point I have my plans for the next few years. I'll worry about other hurdles when I get to them.
>> No. 39476043
File 141397037109.png - (130.10KB , 800x1157 , Sad.png )
Film director, or just generally "content creator and director" as I'd also love to helm stuff like an animated series or game or the like. Though that's hardly ever going to be come a job.

Basically - I want to create, and film being what I see as the culmination of all methods of creating, along with animation and games. I have made a few indie shorts, and I will probably have to get a job in the industry doing something else I am fine with, while making films on the side. Not a problem... juuuust need a fuckload of money for a particular school...

Though, so far I am also a film reviewer (volunteer, but I get to see the movies for free) and article writer, which I do enjoy and seem to be good at. And I wouldn't mind terribly to be in a shop or bar at something I find relevant (like, say, work in a comic book / film shop, and I am also currently often behind the bar at a little volunteer-run theatre). Now if only I could actually earn something off of any of these.

File 141395091988.jpg - (6.98KB , 213x237 , Pinkamena crazy grin.jpg )
39475797 No. 39475797 [View]
So I might end up having to bail out of Trigonometry. Implying I don't blow my head off with a shotgun, will medical school still accept me with that kind of grade? If not, does anypony have extra shotshells anywhere by any chance?
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>> No. 39475997
yes but there are two other options I and W.
I just means Incomplete, not sure how you get it but you probably get it when you don't complete enough of the course material and instead of getting a F, you blow the professor and get an I instead to try again.

Not sure what W means, but you get it if you drop a course before the midterm. Doesn't count towards your GPA but it does show up in your transcript
>> No. 39476001
Oh, ok.
>> No. 39476041
File 141397028767.png - (171.78KB , 738x848 , spoopy (2).png )
SDN or r/premed is a good resource for these types of questions. Chances are there are many people who have gone through what you are asking.

File 141395299070.jpg - (34.26KB , 490x275 , 1392409959298.jpg )
39475851 No. 39475851 [View]
So I just finished Rainbow Rocks. As expected, it was something of a disaster. Some of the songs made me want to tear my hair out, some were just bland. A lot of the dialogue was cringe-inducing, and cheesy (though that's to be expected at this point.). There wasn't enough character development in the original EQG to warrant all of the shit that's happening in the first 15 minutes between Sunset Shimmer and the others, and also Flash. It just feels so out of place.

The plot was meh, 3 sirens from Equestria end up in the human world, and they need to get their powers back because they're attention horses, and also want everypony in the world to do whatever they want for some vague reasons. And they appear to do this by feeding off negative energy, so naturally they just try to cause stupid shit to happen among people using their magical voices. And this ends up generating a battle of the bands. That's all I see it as.

I also don't get the sudden rise in appeal towards Sunset Shimmer. I think she was far more appealing in the original. She was honestly kind of annoying at the first quarter of the movie. I mean, I get it. She did some awful things, and she feels awful and everypony hates her. But this transition from bad girl to Fluttershy 2.0 just feels completely off. I got used to it after a while though. If I disregard the old Sunset Shimmer, I guess she's alright as a character. I did find it interesting that Sunset Shimmer ended up being the one to pull the Mane six together even though she still doesn't know shit about friendship.

And Sonata. She's just kind of really dumb. I can see why people may like her more than the other dazzlings, but she's nothing that great unless you like evil lolrandumb. As expected, Aria was more interesting for me. Adagio just kind of... exists.

Rarity and Apple Jack were hardly noti
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>> No. 39476018
File 141396890151.png - (799.31KB , 768x576 , Certainly a strange case of faggotry.png )
5,7 out of 10 is not a bad grade. It's slightly above average. 5,7 is decent at worst. If it it was mostly bad, give it a 3.
>> No. 39476022
Well according to pretty much every rating place I've ever seen, 5 anything is bad. 6 is usually decent. I've yet to see a 5 rating be painted in a positive light whatsoever.

But whatever. Anyway I'm going to bed.
>> No. 39476027
File 141396948876.jpg - (1.10MB , 1181x1748 , Tenjou_Utena_full_1088710.jpg )

Well, they're wrong. Adam from YourMovieSucks makes a much better use of the scale in my opinion D:

File 141395244577.jpg - (75.35KB , 638x701 , 141315314593 sonata dusk.jpg )
39475835 No. 39475835 [View]
What do you think she did that it got her banished?
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>> No. 39475978
File 141396121736.png - (681.44KB , 3124x2839 , GoodyGoodyGumdrops.png )
How dare she steal dick magic, it's the only magic i'm good at.
>> No. 39476005
File 141396651935.jpg - (66.72KB , 727x600 , 747570__safe_solo_equestria+girls_sunset+shimmer_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rainbow+rocks_waifu.jpg )
>"&*!#%$&!%*&$%!##$!$&!@$%^!@#%##*&$@*&!$@$#%@$!@@*&#!$@!" Sonata Dusk said as she screamed to the heavens.
>"...." Luna looked at the siren that was five feet away from her and uttered. "WHY MUST THOU THROW A TANTRUM OVER A SINGLE DISH OF FOOD? THOU CAN'T EVEN EXPRESS THINE ANGER IN A VOLUME THAT CAN INTIMIDATED US!
>> No. 39476010
File 141396728911.png - (487.77KB , 600x877 , 716356.png )
I'm wondering why they'd banish her/them to just another world full of living people.

Then again what if Discords stoneprison leads to another world as well? What if there's an ancient culture in the moon? There could be a shadow-realm!

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