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Post in this thread if you're interested in the /oat/ Steam Secret Santa~
(^,^) Yayy! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ♥

I'm going to tally up all the names and a week before Christmas, and contact each and every person to confirm eligibility (as in, make sure you'll actually participate).

With the help of Moony, all the names will be distributed to each other so you will be assigned a person whom you must buy a steam gift for. Somepony, unknown to you, will have your name and buy you a gift.

Any questions?


1) The simplest rule is thus; if you don't buy a gift for somepony else, you don't get a gift.
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>> No. 39584737
File 141922294360.png - (457.69KB , 1244x705 , 134116895394.png )

After the old man was gone they ate the youngest child next.

File 141921117504.png - (193.37KB , 500x575 , smile.png )
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This is the part of the day where interesting /oat/ people tell me the interesting parts of their interesting week!
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>> No. 39584860
File 141922882490.jpg - (89.87KB , 768x1024 , 47409637_p0.jpg )
What's that mean?
>> No. 39584862
File 141922895434.jpg - (102.83KB , 600x450 , absolutely disgusting.jpg )
Yeah. It sounds pretty easy, but each portfolio is a couple hundred pages long, so it ended up being a great deal of work. I'm hoping she gets the promotion, she's pretty damn good at what she does
>mia faccia quando guac

You build on that info for future classes, right? And if not, education for its own sake is still pretty great, plus every once in a while, you get the chance to work it into conversation
>> No. 39584864
File 141922906973.png - (117.90KB , 239x252 , blues23.png )
That was really forced.

What would you do in that same case?

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Youtube embed play button
  Does this make you mad?

File 141921687292.jpg - (39.66KB , 500x461 , image.jpg )
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>emotion associated with the lack of a female sexual partner
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>> No. 39584850
File 141922783037.jpg - (19.08KB , 245x206 , wut.jpg )
>> No. 39584852
File 141922792246.png - (911.70KB , 1440x900 , o4.png )

it is a puzzle
>> No. 39584861
File 141922884667.jpg - (33.59KB , 600x613 , doitus4.jpg )

File 141922684653.png - (1.12MB , 1920x1080 , December_edited-1.png )
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"The Brony Show 165 - A Very Bronyshow video Christmas

Hello everypony. Christmas is almost upon us. So to celebrate we're going to find the best Christmas videos from the last few years from bronies and enjoy some christmas cheer and hearthwarming to get you ready to celebrate the holidays

Be sure to join us at at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST live this and every Monday. You can also join us an hour early for the Brony show preshow and get your brony show starting early. Also be sure to stay after for Crimson's oatmeal galore afterparty. if you want us to email you about events going on with the show, just email and ask to be subscribed. If you want to be part of the show, let us know! Email Circuit at and ask for a spot. They fill up fast so be sure to reach us quickly. Also be sure to tune in to our affiliate Ponyville live for the show and more fun things after the show at"
>> No. 39584832
File 141922689085.png - (122.94KB , 833x959 , 132623503806.png )
You need a new member of your crew?
>> No. 39584840
I do wish I could be on the show again but I can't ;(
>> No. 39584843
File 141922729930.png - (130.85KB , 401x433 , Happy shy 4.png )
hi circuit! i'm so glad you're still doing these.

i would try out, but i'm afraid i'd have no time! i hope you are having fun though. thanks for keeping that brony feeling alive c:

File 141922674003.jpg - (38.99KB , 262x604 , doctorwhofunny.jpg )
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Oh no
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>> No. 39584831
>inb4 coolaid
>> No. 39584833
File 141922690039.jpg - (64.27KB , 485x598 , funny-Doctor-Who-big-cookie.jpg )
>> No. 39584837
But they look so yummy though!

File 141920348772.jpg - (94.85KB , 609x974 , A_food.jpg )
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Why is it when somepony posts something offensive or ill-informed, most people assume that person is doing so intentionally to cause trouble, instead of that person actually thinking that stuff?

It's something I've run into here a lot. I just had a thought, on my own, to myself, without any intention of upsetting anypony. However, if I were to post said thought, verbatum to Ponychan, I would get nothing but accusations of paraspriting and people posting "this is bait" pictures. No, I won't share it, because it WILL envoke what I'm trying to figure out here.

Why are we, as a people so quick to assume somepony is intentionally trying to piss us off or cause drama quicker than we are to assume somepony is just stupid, ignorant, or ill-informed? We know dumb, ignorant and/or ill-informed people exist, yet we automatically make it personal. Why?

Last edited at Sun, Dec 21st, 2014 16:12

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>> No. 39584819
You know what I mean. Also Steam is pretty set in his ways on this. You can't really sway the opinion of the insane too easy, so you should probably let it drop before you go crazy too!
>> No. 39584827
File 141922679831.png - (102.93KB , 480x512 , A_comhereasec.png )
I just like seeing him try to explain this stuff. And he likes telling it. But he'll eventually paint himself into a corner.
>> No. 39584836
File 141922700793.png - (213.88KB , 420x800 , Chrysalis_ 1.png )
So Tolkien drew inspiration from a battle he took part in when he was writing his book.
How do you connect this to Illuminati? The fact that every fictional location is under a real place only would point to that he took real locations and changed their name to use in his book.

File 141922110846.jpg - (9.73KB , 220x230 , sunshinegoodness_0.jpg )
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i saw the Madagascar pinguin movie.

my review, it is fun, it isnt deep or trying to hard to be amazing, but the animation and the jokes are fast, and funny. how the bad guys move, how the pinguins move, is fun, sure there is 1 toilet joke.

So i would say, i like it, it was just fun, alot of the time, i wasnt laughting like crazy, but i think i didnt got bored at some point.

Sure they use some over use tropes, but they are use ok, except for the romantic one, which is dumb, but i think was part of the joke.

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>> No. 39584760

no. vore is a suffix. it's a colloquialism that refers to the fetish unless it's preceded by "carni", "herbi," etc, not a real word

this has been your regularly scheduled english lesson

Last edited at Sun, Dec 21st, 2014 21:52

>> No. 39584780
i have to learn more english, if i want to butcher it properly.
>> No. 39584816
This victory strengthened the soul of marcy

File 141922597552.png - (191.38KB , 362x600 , Wiafu4_0.png )
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is thee best wiafue

Cum watch Weeabomb Gaodaken XII9 if ur cool enuf
>> No. 39584810
File 141922630219.png - (216.75KB , 390x627 , byakuren.png )
>> No. 39584813
Wow that is my faverit backfground charactr is shee ur wifu

File 141918644208.jpg - (110.92KB , 960x545 , image.jpg )
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Do you agree with Jefferson?
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>> No. 39584641
File 141921854054.jpg - (176.02KB , 500x499 , obey-japanese-pattern-2-blkrd.jpg )
Your right, it really isn't. Improving is something society can't seem to do.
>> No. 39584797
File 141922559762.jpg - (61.00KB , 294x643 , 1392606543193.jpg )
Mythix. You're getting really /pol/ly, and I like it!
>> No. 39584809
File 141922629229.jpg - (52.22KB , 500x466 , ajdissapoint.jpg )
>good thing

File 141919781720.png - (585.97KB , 720x607 , 248067_484654691602985_175975859_n.png )
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What else are you watching these days?
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>> No. 39584710
a bunch of shit on crunchyroll
the office
>> No. 39584719
File 141922188599.png - (482.51KB , 668x701 , Nui645.png )
Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones, Constantine, Hannibal, The Librarians, and Doctor Who.
>> No. 39584793
Sleepy Hollow, (regrettably) Gotham, Blackish, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Constantine, Doctor Who, The Leftovers, Hannibal, Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy (which just ended), occasionally The Sopranos and Twin Peaks, and I've got a bunch of shit still on my list of things to watch. Also going to watch Empire when it starts

File 141921255980.gif - (1.02MB , 245x136 , this is how I feel every day.gif )
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Got a message from some straight boy asking if I wanted to go out and have sex with him. I politely asked why he messaged me because he's straight and I'm a guy.

Apparently questioning his straightness is a "stupid question" and he still didn't answer why he messaged me.

So, on that note, what are some things that have made you cringe lately, /oat/?
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>> No. 39584765
Also this thread too
>> No. 39584775
Blackgriffin is basically just buttfucking/Trolling 4chan and 8chan (look at his twitter pics) I can't stop laughing! XD
>> No. 39584788

File 141906703647.png - (23.30KB , 1057x160 , capture2.png )
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You know the drill

Long explanation of this test:
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>> No. 39583652
I can depend on what you want from things. I mean I know that sounds weird, that being depressed is a good thing, it's not the way I would choose to be. If mere happiness is your ultimate goal then yeah by definition you would see depressive as undesirable, much as somepony who values selflessness would view a low 'intimate' score as undesirable. To me there is more to being 'a good human' than self-contentedness. Remember that traits are just traits and you can spin them however you want really. For example you could say high vital people are arrogant, over confident, lazy, etc.

So I suppose I should list so ways that being depressive could be 'good'. In a casual sense you can look at people who have reach notoriety and fame as depressives. Plath being the provided example, but I would wager a lot of others, Bukowski, Cobain etc.

It could also be said that neurotic people have a bleaker, but more accurate view of the world, I have seen studies which suggest depressed people are better able to accurately estimate they degree of control they have over events. While non-depressed individuals on the other hand tend to over estimate how much control they have. So the argument could be made that depressed people have a more realistic point of view.

Many studies also link people prone to anxiety as better able to detect and process negative or threatening stimuli compared to controls. For all their worrying such people may be right in their worries.

Sure, a couple of studies doesn't make for gospel, but I have also seen studies suggesting happy people tend to be more gullible and other negative traits. So as I first said, it's all what you make of it really. To me being 'a good human' is more about playing your strengths and mitigating your weaknesses.
>> No. 39583892
SOEIDMain types. The page reloaded and I didn't feel like taking the test again.
>> No. 39584781
File 141922492661.jpg - (91.53KB , 959x556 , Structure of Hueretics.jpg )
Because I made it that way, ama

the world doesn't beat to the tune of just one drum
what might be right for you may not be right for some

and where does the kind and generous moony stand on reliance on the kindness of strangers?
it raises the argument of John Locke, are we born good with a clean slate?

I say no, we have heritable traits that influence personality and attitudes in the world. It's time to get out the deservingness heuristic.

File 141911060010.png - (191.72KB , 843x1024 , 139663589680.png )
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What do?
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>> No. 39584755
Not really, sorry.
>> No. 39584768

My friend took my other friend, our "Quaqmire" of the group, to a strip club for his 21st.
>> No. 39584772
File 141922466053.jpg - (14.87KB , 350x376 , 1365452356696.jpg )
You should already know what you're going to do on your 21st, nigga

File 141913449375.jpg - (71.54KB , 443x591 , image.jpg )
39582907 No. 39582907 [View]
That Regina Spektor poster had this idea a while ago so now Imma make another thread like it.

Ponychan is now a fighting game, choose another poster and make up his
>moveset, attacks
>final smash/ultimate attack
>class of fighter
>win quotes
>physical appearance
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>> No. 39584112
File 141919310271.jpg - (12.54KB , 210x240 , image.jpg )
I thought so. This makes a lot of sense now.
>> No. 39584117
File 141919354968.png - (283.55KB , 649x477 , YJAL7mn_jpg.png )
I was wondering why everypony was just posting themselves.
>> No. 39584766
File 141922418406.gif - (1.19MB , 182x119 , 1403847560921.gif )
I didn't even read OP...
Sometimes I just randomly post my fighting specs in a thread.
Poster know I be hard.

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