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File 141478822880.png - (70.40KB , 653x636 , skittles.png )
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I had a dream last night where I had a tulpa, and was talking a doing stuff with it-- or maybe I was actually developing and talking with a tulpa without knowing?
I'unno, but it was a really strange experience. Like, it's probably one of the weirdest things I've gone through.

Anypony have any similar situations/weird experiences?
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>> No. 39490839
File 141479285408.png - (213.23KB , 900x852 , isn't that sweet.png )
Yeah, that's probably correct.
I'unno why I thought it might be a tulpa somehow, just that it's what I remember thinking about while I was 'dreaming', if that makes any sense.
>> No. 39490840
File 141479287729.png - (640.23KB , 5000x5000 , RD11.png )
That's definitely true. I'm not even in half of my dreams. I'm a third person omniscient observer. Usually those are my more interesting dreams. The dreams I'm in are generally mundane.
>> No. 39490841
File 141479296629.jpg - (5.43KB , 214x235 , Epic Mount foal.jpg )
It's not about ghostly possession, or at least not full man-puppetry.
What you're saying is a tulpa is an independant being, spookyhese beings are willed into existance by the mind of a physical, mortal being. It's just like the hoast opening a door for the guest only on a mental level. whenever tulpas were once imaginary friends, spirits or what not, I won't go there.

If the tulpa attacks the person who willed them into being, they may genuinely bleed as if being attacked by a fellow person. This is like off the Matrix where Neo's question on why it hurts when it's just a virtual reality- "the mind makes it real."

I'm not talking about standard imaginary friends children may have, because even if children claim they are "real", subconsciously they know better. But if those imaginary friends have some severe mental effect on the person which leads to physical, thats what I am worried about. (Though little chances are could be haunting since they may know little on tulpas.)

In short I don't like the idea of sharing my sanity with another being, or end up paranoid being worried hours on end whenever I am alone or not.

File 141479270420.png - (1.25MB , 1200x806 , altar sonata.png )
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I can use my little guimic once again....
Is this time of the year i can.

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Youtube embed play button
  It's time to get down with the spooky!
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Youtube embed play button
  >Changes music
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File 141479158982.jpg - (103.66KB , 1097x1280 , 141213875513.jpg )
Certainly waking the dead with that bloody racket.
>> No. 39490834
File 141479159710.png - (11.01KB , 178x305 , I don't know what I'm looking at here.png )
I wish I had this in YouTube form, but eh.

File 141478384498.png - (855.32KB , 765x1254 , 364796__safe_solo_princess+luna_armor_night+guard_artist-colon-herny_luna-dash-afterdark.png )
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How many people celebrate Halloween in Britain? I read (maybe in the Telegraph, but I don't exactly remember) that some older people were trying to discourage the practice of Trick-or-Treating and dressing up because, to them, it represents an encroachment of American influence and is un-British.

Does anypony know how things are done there?

I'm also reading, now, on Wikipedia, that the practice of going around door to door and asking for candy seems to have actually started in Britain first, but it was then called something else.
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>> No. 39490797
File 141478934766.jpg - (41.04KB , 310x463 , always sfw_luna_afterdark.jpg )
We don't give pagans enough credit for... everything.

Is that what British Halloween is like? Being scandalous and getting kegged?

Are you dressing as Commander Hurricane tonight so you can fly around and spread American Pegasi culture to all the lesser ponies?
>> No. 39490800
I guess the parents and kids do proper Halloween stuff but around here dressing scandalous and getting kegged seems to be what the 20 somethings do on Halloween.
>> No. 39490823
File 141479106296.jpg - (705.03KB , 1472x951 , cola.jpg )
I will be much more devious.

File 141478551354.jpg - (44.25KB , 402x449 , 132977995669.jpg )
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my political game of supporting all the posters as shitty as myself in the hopes of surviving

I mean, Mcedge is cool. Mcedge is nice. Mcedge is good. Mcedge is hot shit. I like Mcedge. Mcedge is a thing that is liked by me.

Last edited at Fri, Oct 31st, 2014 12:59

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>> No. 39490788
File 141478846765.jpg - (71.55KB , 500x558 , 141410684717.jpg )
>> No. 39490806
McEdge is love. McEdge is life. McEdge is the undivided and eternal point from which creation flows.
Praise him. Praise his name.
>> No. 39490820
at least you're open about it

File 141477900350.png - (106.53KB , 441x330 , got it.png )
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all twilight posters are insufferable know it alls

all rarity posters are weird prissy people

all pinkie pie posters have some sort of metal problem

all rainbow dash posters are weirdly aggressive

all fluttershy posters pretend to be moony

nobody takes note of aj posters
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>> No. 39490805
File 141478984396.png - (176.67KB , 1191x670 , perfection.png )
This all seems pretty accurate to me.
>> No. 39490814
File 141479061165.jpg - (100.95KB , 462x690 , Badgerlock.jpg )
>"spookygot" doesn't filter into "skeleton"
I am disappointed.

You kiss your family with that dirty mouth, Moony?!

Last edited at Fri, Oct 31st, 2014 14:24

>> No. 39490816
spookyluminati is the only transmorgifyer that i ever support becoming permanent and boardwide

File 141478287315.png - (136.71KB , 346x290 , 1.png )
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File 141478774053.png - (77.06KB , 500x500 , Epic Mount creepypasta.png )
>> No. 39490783
File 141478824079.png - (128.48KB , 903x741 , change1.png )
>> No. 39490811
File 141479037641.gif - (2.13MB , 311x164 , this one wishes you a happy Nightmare Night.gif )

File 141476706302.png - (320.71KB , 1024x964 , 2spooky.png )
39490572 No. 39490572 [View]
spooki poni thread!
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>> No. 39490718
>> No. 39490721
File 141478413497.jpg - (21.37KB , 487x483 , are you afraid of the capaldi.jpg )
>> No. 39490781
File 141478821881.png - (37.27KB , 297x324 , Epic Mounts ghost costume.png )
Hm... if Fluttershy is too scared to leave her home this Nightmare Night, perhaps I should offer to keep her company and to keep all the spookies away.

File 141474616849.png - (146.24KB , 1200x1208 , noistaun.png )
39490482 No. 39490482 [View]
>I just realized Sakura is the Rainbow Dash of Naruto
>> No. 39490484
File 141474635610.png - (85.07KB , 286x245 , major lewd achieved.png )
You better believe it.
>> No. 39490779
Ummm.... what? No seriously, not seeing any ressemblance. AT ALL.

File 141478692742.jpg - (41.64KB , 251x371 , le cutepost face.jpg )
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>> No. 39490773
I think that hard drive I was using is pretty much dead now.
>> No. 39490776
oh yeah? whys that
>> No. 39490777
That spooky froze again.

File 141474621504.png - (212.60KB , 870x1090 , have a spoopy time - by Lolodoodles.png )
39490483 No. 39490483 [View]
So, what're you going as for Halloween? I was gonna go as Napoleon Dynamite, but I forgot to order a costume.
So I'll probably just whip out my Sanageyama cosplay and do that, despite nobody getting it.
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>> No. 39490758
File 141478714257.png - (248.58KB , 807x768 , the_egghead_twilight_sparkle__and_sexy_glasses__by_ls820720-d58w72f.png )
I'm not sure I am doing anything for Halloween. Maybe just watching some old horror movies with my boyfriend.

But most likely nothing as I can't seem to get into a mood to do anything halloween related. Halloween just gets more boring to me the older I get.

Last edited at Fri, Oct 31st, 2014 13:27

>> No. 39490761
File 141478730677.png - (797.20KB , 771x905 , Nui648.png )
>> No. 39490774
File 141478793308.png - (62.08KB , 296x327 , Epic Mounts Wolflor costume.png )
Turns out we were going to watch Ghost Adventurers, a show I had not heard of until tonight.

Then we found out Horns was on at the cinema so we all (including Mum) decided to go. Was a good movie.

File 141455841645.png - (2.64MB , 1387x1600 , 297_17 queen chrysalis.png )
39487429 No. 39487429 [View] [Last 50 posts]
I'm a bad pony who keeps doing bad deeds. I want to stop, but I think that my brain is now chemically addicted to doing bad, so I'm always looking for the next high. Shortly after, I feel great remorse.

How do I stop this?
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>> No. 39490217
File 141472732681.png - (240.71KB , 320x576 , 711318__safe_queen+chrysalis_changeling_nymph_artist-colon-bartolomeus90.png )
I haven't been diagnosed with anything, but I know there must be some kind of issue. Also, being on the Internet and hanging out with 4channers has changed me a little. And not entirely for the better.

Say, who are you? I don't know if I've ever seen you posting around here.

That's all right. What else is your intuition telling you?
>> No. 39490247
Nothing really.
>> No. 39490755
File 141478697105.png - (224.76KB , 382x408 , Ohana means 'go fuck yourself'.png )
I return to surf

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Youtube embed play button
  Music thread?
Music thread

Last edited at Fri, Oct 31st, 2014 13:13

>> No. 39490746
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 39490748
Youtube embed play button
  One of my all-time favorite songs.

File 141478629771.png - (1.48MB , 1110x818 , 140977760485.png )
39490743 No. 39490743 [View]
so theres a alfred hitchcock presents on tv all day and i'mma waych the show

File 141477479640.jpg - (209.28KB , 1280x800 , Spider Daddy.jpg )
39490647 No. 39490647 [View]
Spider Daddy doesn't understand, is Luna and Nightmare Moon one in the same or are they two separate beings?
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>> No. 39490695
File 141478192657.jpg - (50.27KB , 400x300 , 20475758.jpg )

That was Caesar's big mistake.
>> No. 39490737

Spider Daddy doesnt understand.
>> No. 39490741
File 141478581546.jpg - (64.06KB , 874x914 , 138074470578.jpg )
hey get off of me

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