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Jan 30It's happening. [Thread]

File 142741967112.png - (743.71KB , 847x607 , princess twilight whoooo.png )
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The colour purple is royal.
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File 142743256319.jpg - (467.98KB , 2000x1000 , angronhat.jpg )

I hate both of you guys. My house's AC is virtually busted so it barely works and my room is hot as balls during the summer.

I WELCOME the cold and keep my windows open.
>> No. 39765190
File 142743265554.png - (408.97KB , 3028x3153 , 132260792379.png )
Oh, well in that case

I have two blankets. One's for the bed, the other's a harry potter blankie.

I really can't complain about my area. It's a pretty temperate climate.
>> No. 39765198
File 142743301254.jpg - (40.70KB , 550x348 , wtf-evolution_o_1150173.jpg )

I always find it funny how, despite evolving in Africa, Humans seem to thrive best in colder temperate climates :/

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  This is basically 99% of everypony's skyrim's game.
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File 142743277738.jpg - (19.88KB , 398x435 , 75.jpg )
Even I did that kind of stuff when I played it sometimes.
>> No. 39765196
File 142743291569.png - (364.04KB , 650x1247 , comic285.png )
Sometimes I wonder if the biggest threat to skyrim wasn't the dragons but the Rampant crime spree of an insane battle Hobo Dovahkin who'd steal literally EVERYTHING.
Pots, pans, brooms, fuck, its all going to the shop.
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  You mean more like this.

File 142730562656.png - (218.42KB , 685x479 , 15wf3.png )
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How do you deal with loneliness, /oat/? I've been feeling it more and more, lately, and even if I'm entertaining myself or busy with something, it's always there in the back of my mind.
>friends have either moved away, lost interest, or grown apart
>move an hour away from my old house
>effectively no IRL friends, work acquaintances aside
I've tried to invite old friends to events or to hang out, but either get a decline, or no response at all.
And it's not just a feeling of >tfw no gf (though it's still there), it's feelings of being almost completely alone, family aside. Excuse the whining and the unintended edginess, but sometimes I just feel like I'm slowly dying with nothing to, just sitting here completely alone.
And self loathing/poor self image makes it that much worse.
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>> No. 39765182
It would be very awkward.
>> No. 39765187
File 142743253726.gif - (822.04KB , 488x525 , Move move gotta move.gif )
What about online friends? Have you tried joining in on other activities to meet new friends?
>> No. 39765195
File 142743279267.png - (541.19KB , 1008x1296 , Frappe.png )
You're a cool guy.

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demonioblancos tumblr link here
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File 142742864201.png - (124.65KB , 500x700 , 7ae15c571f70dce07f0f223a2d1505c6.png )
There will never be fun indeed...
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File 142742870070.jpg - (105.10KB , 894x783 , 834813__safe_pinkie+pie_monochrome_suggestive_tumblr_ask_pinkamena+diane+pie_artist-colon-franki.jpg )
>> No. 39765194
I bet you guys will never find my totally lewd and totally disturbing tumblr

File 142729024991.jpg - (581.12KB , 600x730 , IMG_1261.jpg )
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Does /oat/ have any opinion on our ever increasing dependence on technology?
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File 142743220245.png - (933.25KB , 522x976 , Homura1832.png )
>Ignores pretty much everything I bothered to type

Not sure what I expected.
>> No. 39765180
No no, I saw it, trust me.
And I understand what you said
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  I can't wait to be rid of disgusting meatspace.

File 142743084768.jpg - (78.18KB , 600x600 , image.jpg )
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Listen, I don't even care anymore, but I am summoning to Ila if said person is present.

But so this isn't an empty thread, here's your topic:

What's a food you'd freak out about if it went missing in your house? If you loved it enough?

For me, it's a tie between Twinkies and these yummy candies~
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>> No. 39765177
I'll say this:
If any of the following things in my house went missing, I'd probably tear apart the whole house looking for it!
>> No. 39765181
File 142743233145.png - (123.29KB , 251x248 , baked-beans.png )

Baked beans are kind of weird for me, as I don't like "normal" baked beans, since I don't like navy beans and I think normal baked beans are too sweet.

Mine tend to look more like meatless chili since I make it with Pinto beans and only add a little brown sugar.
>> No. 39765191
Ah, ok. I've always loved baked beans with some meat to it! It's delicious!

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  ...I'm not making fun of anime in this thread
It's a serious art form that people like for some reason
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>> No. 39765165
File 142743182380.jpg - (20.42KB , 533x372 , Aichan 1.jpg )
Om g Takahashi Ai!
>> No. 39765173
File 142743214029.jpg - (96.07KB , 847x848 , follow your dreams.jpg )
Whoa, oldfag alert.
>> No. 39765186
File 142743247706.png - (339.34KB , 717x701 , 137036311768.png )
At your service~

Though coming back after such a long time makes me feel like a newcomer again, feeling out the mood of this place.

File 142742110628.jpg - (58.26KB , 499x499 , 1427246969688.jpg )
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Who /recklessabandon/ here?

>Skipped 2 exams
>Never even started an essay that was due today
>My grades are going to meet an all time low (3-4 if I'm lucky)
>Spent entire day calibrateing and browsing memes
>Not fucks given no more
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>> No. 39765095
File 142742929320.png - (1.16MB , 451x600 , IMG_1346.png )
I might just go to the library instead and read some of their art history books.
>> No. 39765102
I'm not even doing much anything at all and I'm still pretty much stressed. So I can somewhat understand. <3
>> No. 39765167
lol you're going to fail

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  Are Ponies and Whammies a perfect combination you'd like to see?

What if Ponies took the Whammies' place in a fictional version of "Press Your Luck"?

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  Toy Hunting with Radiojh Audrey.

File 142742264192.jpg - (111.33KB , 634x457 , 2703FBBE00000578-3012937-image-a-41_1427379614758.jpg )
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>"On some pilot forums, friends of the dead man said: 'He had a lot of loyalty for a hired pilot and was a big guy for his family and friends.
>'I don't know what God has in store for Andreas but I hope it fits his Master Plan which Andreas was always getting caught in. It's a shame that this one time he didn't fly so good. RIP, Andreas, hopefully you'll get to bring friends wherever you are.'
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>> No. 39765088
<Two recent airline crashes were deliberate.
Geez, those death cult leaders must be getting really desperate now that nobody wants to drink the poison kool aid.
>> No. 39765123
File 142743036187.jpg - (822.37KB , 1876x1528 , 4U.jpg )
>> No. 39765129
File 142743054673.png - (3.38MB , 1926x2382 , BigGuy.png )

File 142742977072.gif - (24.38KB , 300x300 , flashing-colors-animated-different-31000[1].gif )
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you beat up final boss
you are super internet boy
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File 142743024473.jpg - (43.89KB , 741x1078 , pinkamena_shocked_o_o_by_rainbowpotato98-d7bj0yo_png.jpg )
>> No. 39765118
File 142743025077.jpg - (120.87KB , 1280x800 , large.jpg )
But what is the ULTIMATE prizu?
>> No. 39765120
Ya, the mane looked like a skirt, the face looked like the center and the left and right side looked like legs.

File 142742180496.jpg - (62.18KB , 400x729 , image.jpg )
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Do you often feel like you have too much free time on your hands?

Last edited at Thu, Mar 26th, 2015 19:09

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File 142742381922.jpg - (28.77KB , 643x480 , Homura1382.jpg )
Yeahh... I've been trying to read, write, exercise, and draw more so I don't feel like a complete bum. I'm going to have a ton of free time this summer so I'm looking into some things to keep me busy and whatnot.
>> No. 39764867
File 142742388030.jpg - (144.94KB , 633x437 , Sad.jpg )
Yes and unfortunately I've wasted way too much.
>> No. 39765072
Yes, during the weekends and days where I don't have school :P

File 142741241496.png - (1.10MB , 636x1131 , shocka brah.png )
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Let's all pretend to be Mark Sanchez and get excited for a Sweet 16!

Today's Games (all times Eastern and approximate)
7:15 - Notre Dame vs Wichita State [CBS]
7:47 - Wisconsin vs North Carolina [TBS]
9:45 - Kentucky vs West Virginia [CBS]
10:17 - Arizona vs Xavier [TBS]

Ponychan Bracket Pool Standings
1(T). Uncle Blankflank
1(T). Chuck Finley
3. Anonthony
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>> No. 39765019
Maryland is kill
>people thought kentucky wouldnt win
All the boring teams won/are winning. Xavier and Arizona are tied
>> No. 39765041
So am I above hoopymcballsanon yet? Because that is the goal
>> No. 39765070
Y'all are tied, but he'll be up if Arizona beats Xavier

File 142741249440.jpg - (118.40KB , 900x517 , 636827__safe_rainbow+dash_derpy+hooves_edit_parody_facehoof_sign_mouthpiece_i+emptied+your+fridg.jpg )
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I didn't know this place was full of sjw's. I hope you all die in a fire.
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>> No. 39765064
File 142742833866.jpg - (98.60KB , 1087x841 , lulu lying down___ luna_afterdark (1).jpg )
I have ventured to the land where the stars are strange and I have seen them.

They have moved beyond fandom and become legend.

Does that mean my parents are Trekkies to exposing me to the show?

At least people are having a bit of self-ribbing coming up with these outlandish names. they're being ironic, right? :)

>> No. 39765066

I have ventured to lands beyond stars and concluded that they were as cold and stupid as the stars were hot and stupid.

So i kept travelling. :3
>> No. 39765096
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  I'm not a misandrist, I'm just pissed.

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