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Jan 30It's happening. [Thread]

File 142519563938.jpg - (44.77KB , 384x512 , 1422398929453.jpg )
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how dare you make your ponies menacing?!

My 8 year old daughter is having nightmares thanks to this! Why is she so evil?! Ponies aren't supposed to be evil! They're supposed to be cheerful and nice!
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File 142521515959.jpg - (176.17KB , 1024x1365 , Tirek toy by AleximusPrime.jpg )
If these reviews for the Nightmare Moon toys are commin, then Hasbro will perhaps give more responsive attention to this than from the bronies.

That means less serious villains I guess.

Tirek's toy is certainly out the picture.
>> No. 39717718
File 142521931238.png - (18.55KB , 965x369 , My Little Pony- Nightmare Moon - ToysRUs.png )
>> No. 39717730
File 142522233870.jpg - (114.95KB , 480x1000 , full.jpg )
In the name of the moon, she will punish you.

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  Today is Dərpy day!
today we eat lots of muffins!
Post muh Phantasmal Significant Other
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>> No. 39717728
File 142522173285.png - (579.86KB , 1104x1066 , derpy23.png )
Time to post Dərpy.
>> No. 39717729
File 142522204223.jpg - (146.67KB , 1024x741 , Reasons for derpy.jpg )

File 142514022782.png - (422.78KB , 651x734 , reaping.png )
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Place your bets.

May the magic be ever in your favor.
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>> No. 39717699
Hey, whats going oninthis th
>> No. 39717719
File 142521946222.png - (330.43KB , 700x700 , ts 2-3 (21).png )
Get me in on this.
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File 142501301713.jpg - (357.01KB , 976x648 , Anarchist Dash.jpg )
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Because every other core ideology is shit anyway.

Which kind of Anarchist are you?


Alternatively, you can try this quiz if you have no idea http://www.selectsmart.com/FREE/select.php?client=anarchist

Have you read any good Anarchist literature lately?

Do you consider yourself more as the kind of person who is fascinated by the idea of Anarchism, but wouldn't want to live under it?
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>> No. 39717723
The Serious topic board that was deleted.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 1st, 2015 07:35

>> No. 39717724
File 142522069865.jpg - (22.04KB , 396x407 , 1421612891354.jpg )
I still don't know why they thought it was a good idea to remove that board.
>> No. 39717726

To be fair it did improve /oat/'s amount of interesting discussions by quite a lot. :o

File 142519068266.jpg - (15.75KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
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  Calm down Father Jack, I'll put on a song the bronies like.
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File 142521554795.gif - (271.82KB , 330x248 , 139467214924.gif )
Cap this.
NOR archive.
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File 142519446688.png - (265.01KB , 1024x983 , princess_luna_by_cyandream6-d7fobqr.png )
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An hour later, and Scrivener could understand all too well what Luna had meant by ‘prying eyes,’ grimacing a bit as he looked nervously back and forth. The forest seemed to be alive around them… and by that, the pony didn’t just mean the animals scurrying and hissing through the trees, or that glared balefully down at them from high branches and stared up from deep crevasses. No, the very forest itself seemed to possess a sentience that grew more hostile the deeper into it they walked.
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>> No. 39717565
File 142519719269.png - (417.70KB , 1600x1817 , annoyed.png )
/rp/ is about 4 boards to your right there boyo.
>> No. 39717714
File 142521760368.jpg - (208.41KB , 1650x1275 , we are the flutter ponies better run and hide.jpg )
And then suddenly fluttershys
>> No. 39717715
File 142521802843.png - (125.42KB , 517x819 , Epic Mount action.png )
Everfree Forest is my turf.

File 142519210814.jpg - (12.71KB , 249x386 , bigguy.jpg )
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I'm a big guy for you.
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>> No. 39717471
Im a big guy for you cause your a jew. Like my rhyming? Cause its perfect timing. OH!
>> No. 39717712
The scene was poorly delivered in a way that was amusing. It also contained lots of one liners that could be adapted to other contexts by switching out a word or two.
>> No. 39717713
Like an Oompah Loompah. Working behind the scenes, cleaning up messes, keeping secrets...

File 142518602599.png - (132.80KB , 285x353 , hoodie.png )
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Tell me /oat/, did you choose your career path because it's something you enjoy, or just because it'll make you money?
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>> No. 39717703
File 142521350150.png - (517.51KB , 752x829 , 19.png )
Programing but in unique script language.
For me it's call VDE (virtual document enhancement).
Pretty easy for me
>> No. 39717706
File 142521463017.png - (22.27KB , 964x768 , picture.png )

Oh ok, that's what i thought but I've never heard you mention that you're a programmer so i was confused.

does that language have any real-world applications outside your company?
>> No. 39717708
File 142521525386.png - (407.56KB , 461x840 , 3.png )
Well...I am programmer lol. I finished one of best polish IT collage <_<

Sadly no.... I mean scripts are scripts so I guess I will write in CV that I was working with scripts. Won't say that it was in unique language ;)
It uses SQL sometimes too so that counts I guess

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  For all you bronies out there who are also fans of "Little Bear", guess what I found:

It's a whole Mother-load of "Little Bear" episodes on YouTube, and they're official uploads: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCncFzSeWqySvOXEbQoEJsZg

Now you can relive your memories of watching Little Bear on Nick Jr whenever you were home from school on a weekday.

By the way, this is my favorite moment on the show: http://youtu.be/qnYhLweH6Jw?t=21m33s
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>> No. 39717671
There's this guy who goes around pony sites to accuse us of watching Barney because on the Canadian(?) channel Barney is right before MLP on the show schedule.

He was never a very good parasprite but I respect him for his dedication. He's' been at it for years.
>> No. 39717673
File 142520801722.png - (155.12KB , 698x242 , Untitled.png )
♪One of these things is not like the others♪

Last edited at Sun, Mar 1st, 2015 04:10

>> No. 39717704
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Hmm... That's quite weird.

Although Barney has earned a controversial status, that guy you mentioned should take a hint that he's being an internet bully by going around sites and accusing Bronies of watching something controversial just because it is scheduled before MLP on a certain channel.

And even though Barney is controversial (I read about how it encourages children to treat strangers as "friends you've haven't met yet" and find that to be a big miss on their part, even though I understand what they were trying to do), I wouldn't say it's quite as bad as people seem to make it out to be. My family actually enjoyed the show (though we never caught a scene that talked about strangers) when me and my sister were little; my father like to sometimes say one of Barney's lines from "Barney Goes To School": "Z! Z! Z-Z-Z!"

Last edited at Sun, Mar 1st, 2015 05:45

File 142517640676.jpg - (45.79KB , 650x530 , Tepig-tepig-20325747-650-530.jpg )
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I need a name for a Tepig.

The first response to guess my favorite candy bar gets to name my pokemon anything they want.
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>> No. 39717688

Oh yeah Pokemon that are can be bred, I don't bother hacking them. It's so easy to get a 5 IV Pokemon with a good nature after the improvements to breeding (especially when you have a hacked 6 IV Ditto).

I have hacked them in the past though, but that was because I wanted some of them to be shiny because it's a Kamen Rider team and Heracross and Pinsir's shiny colors are literally perfect to represent Kabuto and Gatack.
>> No. 39717691
File 142521159464.png - (48.28KB , 179x258 , Screenshot_6.png )
yeah or even 6iv if you try hard enough
perfect iv shinies too
some i still hack tho, mainly ones that take ages and ages to evolve though that doesnt happen very often
>> No. 39717693

Yeah I've gotten a handful of 6 IVs myself.

Shiny is still too much of a pain to do unhacked though. Like I said I only really hacked the ones I did to make them fit a theme. I don't care about shinies otherwise, they're nice to have but I'm not gonna go through the effort of hacking shinies. I mean even with Masuda method and Shiny Charm it's still a 1 in 4000-some chance and I've heard people talk about how they've hatched 30 boxes of eggs and no shiny, so fuck trying to breed them legit, that shit's too ridiculous.

File 142514314196.jpg - (195.14KB , 598x962 , 1419414266536.jpg )
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>this clown is actually a serious candidate for Prime Minister
Britponies, you have my condolences.

Last edited at Sat, Feb 28th, 2015 10:06

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>> No. 39717677
File 142520891590.jpg - (32.75KB , 416x220 , Arthur-Dent.jpg )
I am not sure if it's actually funny as such. But it does describe how I feel about many elections these days, be they US, UK or elsewhere.

It often seems that we are voting for the lesser of two evils.
>> No. 39717678
File 142520909502.jpg - (174.30KB , 450x592 , A_Happy.jpg )
Ohhhh. "I voted for Kodos". I get it now.
>> No. 39717679
File 142520926728.png - (257.08KB , 493x382 , screen-shot-2012-01-13-at-11-55-34-am.png )
Yes, exactly.

File 142518711280.jpg - (51.30KB , 358x559 , Spock vs Coulter.jpg )
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>> No. 39717579
The Sternum is the bone that runs down the middle of your rib-cage. It's one the strongest bones in the body.
>> No. 39717582
ya. they have not come up with something you can not pierce as to my knowledge.
>> No. 39717605
File 142519912552.jpg - (51.76KB , 634x356 , article-P-c14430bd-89b4-4d4a-81ff-8d1502322613-6WfO6hnXbHSK2-987_634x356.jpg )
Piercings... fascinated...

File 142517928487.jpg - (106.54KB , 500x344 , screams internally.jpg )
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>been playing Pokemon blue during lunch hour breaks for a few months
>game says my total game time is roughly 56 hours, sounds about right
>>have 120 pokemon by using a mew hack
>try to clone my eevee by using a save glitch
>apparently interrupted saving process too soon
>Gameboy's screen when I get to the "Continue, New Game, Option" menu
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>> No. 39717449
File 142519281871.png - (60.65KB , 214x160 , Dungeonexile.png )
poor zeke :c
>> No. 39717455
File 142519293161.jpg - (141.76KB , 894x894 , A_icecreamforeveryone.jpg )
He shouldn't have been cheating!
>> No. 39717467
File 142519371918.jpg - (104.80KB , 508x383 , 1516.jpg )

File 142518681422.png - (81.27KB , 398x506 , 140340421244.png )
39717290 No. 39717290 [View]
is it normal to sting when you pee or burn when you poo?
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>> No. 39717418
File 142519095236.png - (165.75KB , 847x943 , 142122132358.png )

Aaaaaand I'm hungry.

Damn that sounds good.
>> No. 39717423
File 142519126657.gif - (595.34KB , 250x213 , a smarmy little lecture.gif )
For being in a little Wisconsin town, we have fucking amazing sushi. It helps that the place is run by two generations of Japanese immigrants (they're so nice). Also, hella affordable. Friend and I went for my birthday and I think it cost us $22 total for all our food (2 8-piece rolls, 2 cups of soup, 1 order of stuffed jalapenos, and 1 order of dumplings).
>> No. 39717445
File 142519256629.png - (119.92KB , 498x472 , 142397147888.png )
im gonna eat you rawr

File 142518529088.png - (197.14KB , 1377x1503 , 139768160590.png )
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>> No. 39717389
File 142518965847.png - (81.01KB , 800x800 , 83.png )
Dan Thread
>> No. 39717407
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  This is now a MLG thread
>> No. 39717432
File 142519179571.gif - (302.59KB , 705x405 , You spin me right round pony right round.gif )

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