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Aug 27Come say hello to our new !!Pinkie Pie.

File 140735792583.jpg - (34.24KB , 640x360 , 126992 - advice Friendship_is_Witchcraft Sweetie_Belle Sweetie_Bot.jpg )
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I probably should have made this earlier, but this is the thread for requesting bug fixes and things that you would like to see implemented. As they are requested, I will add them to the list in the OP, and a rough percentage showing how complete that bugfix or feature is completed.

For starters, I fixed the Youtube embed thumbnails being stretched strangely, and it only took one letter to fix it!

Bug fixes
Youtube thumbnail stretching - 100%
Youtube thumbnail title - 100%>
Fix links in spoilers still showing when not hovering - 100% - you may have to do a hard-refresh (Shift-F5 or Shift-Refresh button click) for it to apply
Fix Return/Entire thread/Last 50 posts links overlapping with the quick reply and toggle post form links - 0%

Add a seperate interface for mobile browsers - 0%
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>> No. 160984
File 140955637738.png - (30.34KB , 200x303 , Five dollars.png )

I have only seen it just recently with one or two threads, so I would call it recent. And not really universal, either.

File 139752540393.png - (51.37KB , 354x283 , quick-reply.png )
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External version: 2.39
Native version: 2.13

After over three months worth of coding power and countless hours of rewriting code almost entirely from the ground up, it is an honor for me to present you guys with Ponychan X version 2. Its over 6000 lines long, yet faster than ever, free from any unnecessary frameworks. This will also serve as the support thread for the nightly builds that require installation, as they work their way into neutral builds to be updated to the site itself.

1) Like before, install a GM-based extension, if don't already have one, for your browser.
Chrome []Firefox []SeaMonkey []Opera []Safari []

2) Install Ponychan X []

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>> No. 160922
File 140938202365.png - (283.13KB , 750x850 , smittyg - who-'s awesome.png )
It's no problem, really.

File 140937386722.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )
160895 No. 160895 [View]
So I've been caught up in boatloads and boatloads of /gala/ drama and it usually boils down to someone not liking someone else on their turf. And as of right now there isn't really a solution to that, there aren't entry requirements for /gala/ threads or anything, people can just post wherever. And usually that's fine! Usually there's no issue with that. Other times, though, things go down.

Now aside from people trying to argue it out, I propose that our "subcommunities" get recognized as small communities. As in, they get their own rules. They don't get to ignore the site's rules as a whole, those are all in place, but a serial thread should get to post its own rules, like a charter, in the first post of every thread. "People who enter follow these additional rules."

This is basically just an extension of the rules on derails. The poster of a thread gives the thread a "topic" and anyone not "on topic" gets shown the door. If the thread doesn't want to talk about MOBAs? (Which is weird as hell.) Put it in the OP. Thread doesn't want any lewdness? (Which is a lot less weird.) Put it in the OP. People really only want to talk about programming, specifically, without any "How was your day?" but also without the thread falling off? Put it in the OP.

I think this would solve at least a lot of the problems I've had to deal with.
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>> No. 160993
>Why is the Story thread now experiencing some serious conflicts of interest that remain unresolved on the subject of lewdness?
Because a lot of the older members of the Story thread (myself not included in most cases, even though I am one of the older members) are not here for lewdness and have mentioned before that they would prefer to not have it in the thread. Newer members (from the ruins of /p/AD don't know that, and they're used to being lewd, so they, being amongst other friends from /p/AD, naturally keep the same posting style. No one is really deliberately at fault; however the newer members of Story should probably try to tone down the lewd. After all, Story is a thread that has existed for far longer than literally any other serial on this site.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 1st, 2014 07:55

>> No. 160994
File 140958486130.png - (83.63KB , 366x390 , Derperine Cookie.png )

We are already working together on solving that, though.
>> No. 160996
File 140960459450.png - (84.39KB , 367x423 , 132430816964.png )
Pretty much what zeke said, i think it's on a tentative to-do list now though.

Congratulations, you just discovered the solution to 99% of the worlds problems.

>It'd work out, eventually, people'd just have to talk about things a bit.
Hence why i said you'd be put back where you started

So basically no discussion happened previously?

File 140956312617.jpg - (1.12MB , 1714x1888 , image.jpg )
160985 No. 160985 [View]
This anon is being a total dick, and not just to me, but anyone who isn't agreeing with him in saying I should kill myself.
I deleted my old thread 'cause he's so butthurt about me still being alive or something, and he won't leave me alone.
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>> No. 160989
File 140957027714.png - (39.85KB , 327x444 , Absolutely Disgusting.png )

I have a feeling, based on his sudden increased aggression, that he's ban evading.
>> No. 160990
File 140957044286.jpg - (42.82KB , 336x394 , image.jpg )
I don't understand him. I'm not even worth it.
He's mentally retarded, I swear.
>> No. 160991
File 140957053082.png - (17.61KB , 334x317 , 268722__UNOPT__safe_rule-63_reaction-image_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice.png )

There is likely something wrong with him, yes.

File 140946654226.png - (245.01KB , 731x467 , drummin.png )
160947 No. 160947 [View]
id like to make a complaint

all mods are fagets :^)
>> No. 160948
File 140946695781.png - (30.99KB , 323x292 , This is going to require an explanation.png )
That is a pretty strong claim! Have you got any proof? I might counter with an argument that the mods are not fagets.
>> No. 160951
File 140950991317.gif - (30.30KB , 495x434 , mods = fags.gif )
>> No. 160980
File 140955291707.png - (289.67KB , 972x914 , Mad.png )
I take offense to that, good sir! I can confirm that not all of the mods are fagets. Just most of them.

File 140951368438.png - (661.26KB , 1229x720 , 1351368078014.png )
160952 No. 160952 [View]
A little while ago, there was a discussion in the Bugfix thread about reforming /pic/ so that it's actually useful, and I never got around to making a thread about it, thought might as well make it now. The maid idea is outlined here
So yeah, I'd like mod feedback on this.
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>> No. 160974
I want to see Zeke's secret place.
>> No. 160977
File 140954629345.png - (13.22KB , 453x502 , 265209__safe_solo_oc_angry_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack.png )

Wow, lewd.
>> No. 160978
File 140954817139.png - (171.58KB , 852x938 , 133858912665.png )
>Zeke may have multiple magical realms all over ponychan where you kidnaps his victims and does experiments on them

File 140909582707.png - (218.77KB , 1046x789 , Pinkie Present.png )
160725 No. 160725 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hello, wonderful users of Ponychan! Nimble Wing here. In case you haven't already heard from some unofficial source, which I hope you haven't, I'm going to be serving as the site's !!Pinkie Pie from this point on. Specifically, I'll be tasked with taking !!Spitfire's place as the mod of /rp/ and /ooc/. (!!Spitfire is now !!Twilight, and is handling general site moderation. I seem to have confused some people; Astra's not stepping down.) Those two boards have become a large part of the reason I stay here, so I'm grateful that I have the chance to help keep them happy and running! This does, of course, mean that Artee will be stepping down as a moderator. I believe that he’s done an absolutely wonderful job of being a mod, and I’m honored that he believes I would be a good replacement. I’ve got some big shoes to fill. It’s not my place to try and explain reasons, though, so I won’t be delving into that.

Now, some of you guys might recognize me, but I'm certain that many of you do not. I came to Ponychan shortly after I was introduced to FiM way back when in mid-late 2011. After hopping between boards a bit, I ended up making my home on /oat/. And that's where I stayed for a while. I posted quite a lot back then, so any of you back in that era might know me. After the big drama-fest following the old /oat/ crackdowns, though, I ended up moving on over to /rp/. It's been my main board ever since! I’ve also been the one updating and maintaining the site’s FAQ and Contact Us pages for a good while now, so maybe you recognize me from that. Or something. I dunno. I DO THINGS, OKAY?

For those who don't know me, I usually just go by Nimble Wing (Element of Flight) !SonicFbkn. when I post. Depending on moods and RPs, I'll sometimes use the names Jewel (Officer of the Orion) !wahaHAqNBY or Orion "Star Hunter" !Space0GGSs. My main name will always be Nimble Wing, though, and I always keep my email on my posts. I’m most likely going to become more active now that I’ve got a bigger role on the site, so maybe that’ll help with… stuff. I believe that people would be more comfortable with me as
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>> No. 160940
Yeah, canterlot is weird....

If there was an iron will mod, it would have to be on /pony
those guys crave well structured boards.
>> No. 160941
File 140945573254.png - (31.74KB , 332x435 , We do sell that in a large size, yes.png )

Well that just makes Yang even more perfect for the tag.
>> No. 160959
File 140952148660.png - (677.50KB , 3000x3808 , Applebloom_737.png )
Well I hope this doesn't mean we will see Artee around less and less...
Anyway, congrats Nimble!

File 140951431901.png - (1.89MB , 1346x732 , Manliest-Brony.png )
160953 No. 160953 [View]
some faggot from /mlp/ told me to come here.
are you all nice here ?
honestly, i don't care for ponies.
so heads up on that fact kids.
but i definitely like friendship, and magic.
>picture barely related
>> No. 160955
File 140951645597.png - (37.79KB , 274x303 , Oh it's this again.png )
Go check out /oat/ or /chat/, this isn't really the sort of board where people talk to each other...usually.
>> No. 160956
ur a faget

File 140936610404.png - (122.43KB , 800x600 , 140400682516.png )
160889 No. 160889 Locked [View]
I request this thread be removed immediately for sexual content:

Celestia clearly has a condom in her mouth.
>> No. 160890
>tfw no Celestia with condom in her mouth
>> No. 160891
File 140936646285.png - (421.99KB , 600x650 , 137112039832.png )
After reading the entire thread and looking at the picture, I along with several of my fellow moderators have decided that the thread does not break any of our current rules, please email any complaints to

File 140790634891.png - (1.61MB , 680x701 , 90735__UNOPT__.png )
160140 No. 160140 [View]
From now on, Orange will be serving the site in his preferred role as a dev.

This past year has been insane for me in real life. I apologize for never being around. In the coming days, I will be working on a plan to reorganize the site's administration so that my frequent and prolonged absences will not stand in the way of the site moving forward. (Hopefully at some point my absences will be less frequent and prolonged, too.) I will post more details once I have everything worked out.
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>> No. 160680
>> No. 160771
File 140910900262.png - (94.71KB , 458x471 , 132623316592.png )
Just an update. The staff reorganization was a bit less cut-and-dry than I had expected, but discussions to finalize the plan are ongoing and almost settled.
>> No. 160781
File 140910977164.gif - (23.06KB , 143x130 , 138345697073.gif )

[Anticipation Intensifies]

File 140842477445.jpg - (57.69KB , 466x559 , IMG_0280.jpg )
160606 No. 160606 [View]
I'd like to a request that is extremely important and totally legitimate as an idea.

Here we go.

On September 12th I say that we make it a day for only Rarity, and no matter what picture anyone posts, it just comes out to this one


I have to say this is my most brilliant idea yet
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>> No. 160697
Equestria Daily just had a Rarity day on August 5th...
>> No. 160720
File 140887557402.jpg - (114.72KB , 900x559 , charades 2.jpg )
We're not Equestria daily, now, are we?
>> No. 160721
File 140889123320.png - (24.12KB , 254x249 , Please.png )

Probably would've been better to synchronize those, though...

Ah, well, shouldn't hurt to have it a bit late.

File 140878250378.png - (323.67KB , 720x720 , 133540659168.png )
160716 No. 160716 Locked [View]
So regarding this thread
apparently, it is completely ok and within Ponychan's rules to harass a user for about an hour, telling them to kill themselves and drink bleach, and then post crude porn mocking that said user. Ok then.
>> No. 160717
Welp, that was resolved quickly. Requesting lock.
>> No. 160718
>> No. 160719
Youtube embed play button

File 140875780690.png - (153.02KB , 487x584 , A_ponderingwhatimpondering.png )
160704 No. 160704 Locked [View]
So a few posters, myself included have brought up the topic of the abundance of illegal drug-related threads on the site. A few people have asked that such threads be moderated, just as thread of a sexual nature are.

However, in my last thread I created about the topic I was told by Fenolio, and I quote: "We disallow sex things because of the web host, and we disallow sex threads because people abused the "grey area" of the rules. Talking about drugs is okay with our web host as far as i know. ...I would just direct you to the 'hide' feature in that case." (link to that comment here: >>160417)

Well I took it upon myself to email this websites webhost directly. I was told by them that drug related thread are most certainly not allowed. Their exact words were "Our Terms of service does not permit illegal activity." Not only that, this website has it's own rules against "planning or conducting any activities which violate United States law." I think discussing drug use would fall under "conducting".

I will again state my premise of this thread. I think that threads about using illegal drugs should be regulated just as threads about sexual topics are. If a serious discussion is wanted about drugs, it should be moved to /dis/. What topics would fall under this rule can also be discussed here.
8 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 160713
Neither is talking about sex, but you guys cracked down on that anyway.

But if that's your stance, at what point does discussion become "planning" when you are openly and graphically discussing doing drugs and suggesting them to others? This is important to know.
>> No. 160714
File 140876145215.jpg - (183.46KB , 508x600 , A_normal.jpg )
If they had told me that, then I wouldn't have mentioned it. But he didn't.
>> No. 160715

>2.Transmission, distribution or storage of any adult material. This includes, without limitation, all pornography or otherwise lewd or obscene content.

We've had issues with the host about sexual content. We haven't had issues with them about drug content, because it isn't against their terms of service, nor is it illegal in any way, shape or form.

Locking this thread because the issue has been resolved, other then the "I don't like thing" issue you seem to be having, which is entirely 100% a personal problem.

File 140810977984.png - (120.83KB , 894x894 , berry_punch_stare_by_zee66-d6cptlh.png )
160190 No. 160190 [View]
On the IRC, Quinch was so kind as to make a bot that automatically links new threads. I noticed that in a chat context, Ponychan links can get a little long. Not ridiculous like some links can get, but even YouTube sees the benefit in shortening a URL like down to

So, think this is a thing that can happen? I think it'd be neat if this extended beyond just posts and also made image sharing from a post easier.
11 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 160537
File 140832370047.png - (451.56KB , 1024x676 , 1368321081097.png )
Don't reckon that was the initial reason, as it can just as easily be made via adding a subdomain and making the document root /beta/. In fact it would be more clean.
>> No. 160685
The only reason why the site's in /chan/ is because that's the way KubasaX has it's files set up.
>> No. 160686
It is irrelevant. There are no files a level above the workfloor of a web project, unless that project is completely dumb, and not even Kusaba X is that dumb. If board.php is in /chan/, then there is absolutely nothing (relevant) in the document root.

Last edited at Thu, Aug 21st, 2014 14:59

File 140851185711.png - (97.05KB , 1698x822 , Capture8-19-2014-23_14_45.png )
160662 No. 160662 [View]
Just a quick mention - #ponychan, i.e. the /irc/ chat channel now lists new threads as they get posted. So, if you want to keep up with new threads, or even get notified when a thread in a certain board or by a certain poster crops up, you can do it there.
>> No. 160663
>> No. 160664
File 140851696260.gif - (381.45KB , 500x500 , [Audrey Intensifies].gif )
>by a certain poster
[Stalking Intensifies]
>> No. 160678
File 140853599331.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )
I suppose I could keep an eye on this again. It was usually nice to have.

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