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I probably should have made this earlier, but this is the thread for requesting bug fixes and things that you would like to see implemented. As they are requested, I will add them to the list in the OP, and a rough percentage showing how complete that bugfix or feature is completed.

For starters, I fixed the Youtube embed thumbnails being stretched strangely, and it only took one letter to fix it!

Bug fixes
Youtube thumbnail stretching - 100%
Youtube thumbnail title - 100%>
Fix links in spoilers still showing when not hovering - 100% - you may have to do a hard-refresh (Shift-F5 or Shift-Refresh button click) for it to apply
Fix Return/Entire thread/Last 50 posts links overlapping with the quick reply and toggle post form links - 0%

Add a seperate interface for mobile browsers - 0%
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>> No. 162551

Small bugs:
It doesn't seem to be working for videos in the OP.
The [close] leaves the brackets behind when closed.

File 139752540393.png - (51.37KB , 354x283 , quick-reply.png )
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External version: 2.39
Native version: 2.13

After over three months worth of coding power and countless hours of rewriting code almost entirely from the ground up, it is an honor for me to present you guys with Ponychan X version 2. Its over 6000 lines long, yet faster than ever, free from any unnecessary frameworks. This will also serve as the support thread for the nightly builds that require installation, as they work their way into neutral builds to be updated to the site itself.

1) Like before, install a GM-based extension, if don't already have one, for your browser.
Chrome []Firefox []SeaMonkey []Opera []Safari []

2) Install Ponychan X []

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>> No. 162531
and it is not built into the site hmm i see this is a problem

File 141695870608.png - (123.66KB , 900x882 , 132623215903.png )
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>> No. 162638
The option is broken funnily enough, the janitor accounts can be made but they get an error message if they try to login.

So it's full mod or bust i'm afraid.
>> No. 162639
File 141700861036.gif - (216.14KB , 241x181 , Here+you+go+man+_658e219eff4b43ca1ad0861b45eadf87.gif )
Or, you know.

Anyways, I have shown my displeasure and you noticed it.
Mission accomplished.
>> No. 162653
>he does it for free

File 141695796153.png - (850.14KB , 723x914 , SSC_154.png )
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Do you guys have a P.O. Box?
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>> No. 162637
File 141700774215.png - (613.14KB , 943x878 , My sister is flat.png )
Application acknowledged.

Dont call us, we'll call you.
>> No. 162640
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 162648

I will be waiting


No, I love this stupid site

File 141689051219.png - (110.03KB , 1343x660 , 141688179412.png )
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Please remove Zeke's mod powers. He is not a mod anymore, and he should not be the one making these decisions.

This isn't the first time he's done this either. He has also locked a thread that was technically breaking no rules in the past that was headed towards an interesting direction, albeit dramatic. But it's not like anyone actually needed to be protected in that thread. In fact, I bet the person who was the reason it ended up locked was just f*cking around.
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>> No. 162662
>Zeke does nothing wrong
>someone complains
>"He's only allowed to be a janitor now"
literally what
>> No. 162663
File 141706967375.png - (47.20KB , 457x507 , 74582__safe_rule%252B63_artist-colon-the%252Bweaver_snails_spice_awkward.png )

See, technically, that was already the case. He's officially a programmer, not a mod. His job is not to moderate the board. He can leave that to the other folk.
>> No. 162664
Yeah, I think technically he was supposed to just be a programmer and not mod, but they let him mod for a while still. Regardless, I think it's a shitty thing to do to hire someone as a mod and not let them do mod things, especially when they originally let him do mod things and he lost it by doing absolutely nothing. Frankly I'm not even sure why Zeke still wants to be a mod, considering no matter what he does he gets shat on.
>adds webm support that everyone asked for
>"ew why do we have to make a link?"
>"because ponychan's code is shit"
>"then fix it zeeeeekee"
>"I'm trying"
>"fix it faster!"
And this happens for pretty much everything. I'm surprised he hasn't quit yet.

No. 162495 [View]
/chat/land was kill 2 weeks ago. You guys displaced a fairly large community good going with that... so there are threads still popping up on /oat/ i thought i might make a thread to adress concerns.
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>> No. 162573
File 141692367214.png - (15.53KB , 565x512 , This is the part where we throw our heads back and laugh_.png )
>The option to lock a board from anyone besides mods and admins to post on, in fact does the opposite; it locks the board for mods and admins only.
>> No. 162574
File 141692450954.jpg - (3.60KB , 125x88 , brilliant.jpg )
>> No. 162602
File 141693832826.gif - (81.89KB , 380x214 , 326995__safe_animated_exploitable+meme_scootaloo_gif_forced+meme_one+bad+apple_scootachicken_chi.gif )

File 141676947298.png - (64.68KB , 519x377 , 140502158597.png )
162556 No. 162556 [View]
thanks for making youtube vid links bigger
>> No. 162562
Thanks whoever did this
>> No. 162563
Youtube embed play button
  It isn't working on /pony/. Lemme see if it still works here...
EDIT: yeah, I guess it's board-specific???

Last edited at Mon, Nov 24th, 2014 18:58

>> No. 162567
Actually, it just doesn't work in OPs.

File 141663483952.png - (190.38KB , 900x1260 , FANMADE_Twilight_read_poster.png )
162518 No. 162518 [View]
I’d like to reflect on the events that happened last week involving the board merges. Yes, it was a well-anticipated move that seems to finally conclude the /oat/-/chat/ proposal, and I see the intentions behind the tagging system. However, there were also complaints about the way the tagging was implemented. It’s inconsistent with the tags around the rest of the site, it doesn’t fall in the placeholder in the OP where it’s conveniently out of the way, and come to think of it, you can’t ctrl+f the tags to find them either. Overall, I really can tell that you were trying, and I don’t fault any of you for it, acknowledging that site coders just haven’t had the time recently. There’s nothing wrong with that. This isn’t your full-time job and you don’t get paid for it.

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve run into this problem where coding issues could be solved in a matter of minutes are just pushed aside as “needs work but we don’t have anyone to work on it”. How many times has that happened before? We still don’t have the expandable webms on hover like all other chans do, we still have no mobile friendly browser interface, apparently the mod and admin tools have their bugs (images not actually deleting when you delete them and boards not locking when you lock them), e-mails don’t get displayed when you only use a tripcode, we still have the same old “new” settings dropdown link that is just kind of laid over by Ponychan X, and you know just as well as I do that the list goes on and on. Not to mention, Ponychan X still hasn’t been updated here yet despite it now being six months out of date, regardless of it being nothing much more than a copypaste job. I’ve been trying to be optimistic about this site’s future, but the one and only reason why I’ve had little motivation to keep working on site projects (such as updates for Ponychan X and a more recent project I’ve been starting) around here is because I’m not even certain that anyone will ever implement it. In fact, the only reason Ponychan X works at all here is because it literally has to forge a tinyboard-like template over kusaba and just kind of pretend that kusaba X isn’t an utter disgrace to t
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>> No. 162559
I guess I should be the main one talking here, being the main coder.

Ponychan's code is not open source, as far as I know. If it were up to me, I would keep it that way. Partially because it is such a patch job, and an admittedly messy one at that, but as ugly as vanilla kusaba is, it can't be helped too much.
While it does have its security faults, organizing the code in a way that could safely be put out without exposing more problems would be a waste of effort that could be put into doing more productive work.

That being said, there are plans to eventually start making the move to my own imageboard software, Gochan, which is open source.

>And if it’s really that much of an issue, perhaps we can ask Zeke if he could make Gochan public
>> No. 162560
Have you folks considered finding some other volunteering coders to take on as officials?

Because if you get swamped in schoolwork and Orange's atytention is called elsewhere, and ponychan suffers a crash, this site would be down for a while again.
>> No. 162561
There is a certain trap that I can foresee: because there are plans to move to another codebase some time in the future, development on the current one seems like wasted effort, so is low priority, but if the new codebase is also a way off, nothing visible could get done for a long time (possibly indefinitely). Even with that long term goal, having some devs around to do maintenance like adding the existing tagging system to /oat/would make sense, particularly if you're busy.

File 141532987274.png - (38.81KB , 170x189 , Thinking Fluttershy.png )
162401 No. 162401 [View]
Deleting might be too far, but i think it is time to rethink /meta/'s place on the site, and scale it back tremendously.

Posting on each board the relevant materials to each board works perfectly; see, the /dis/ deletion sticky...

it would be much better if we limited what /meta/ could be used for even further... namely, limiting it to only site wide changes and questions, while leaving individual and board related questions to the boards or individuals via private messaging or e-mail.

it seems to be a too little, too late measure, but it would help to scale back the negative atmosphere that meta has had on conversations... and maybe make for a more cooperative, inclusive feeling, rather than an exclusive one.

/meta/ shouldn't have a meta community. no "meta ponies" clique... and while we no longer have one, maybe this could be a bulwark against future encroachment. what do you think?
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>> No. 162510
File 141653930076.png - (972.90KB , 1280x720 , For why does the pony scrunch.png )
I think the last time /meta/ had a clique was like, a year and a half ago. And if we're talking the original clique, yeesh, we died out in like, spring of 2012. Sparkling Lime, Soldier, Hipster, Ion Sturm, that dude who always posted Gilda and answered technical questions... It was just people who wanted to help at any rate. If there was any secret Illuminati aspect to it, I have a feeling that had more to do with the secret identities, absent leadership, and lack of overall structure.

But yeah, whatevs, current administration seems to have things under control, as has been stated.
>> No. 162514
File 141662830465.png - (554.91KB , 1333x866 , 87294__UNOPT__.png )
I didn't always post Gilda. It just happened more and more as I burnt out.

Unless there's another dude who also posted Gilda and answered technical questions, in which case, good on you, whoever you were.

And no, I'm not back.
>> No. 162557
The only thing that irks me sometimes is when site stuff gets moved to /meta/. Sometimes when something affects /oat/ or /oat/ users are questioning something, it's good to have that thread be allowed on /oat/. Feels like a way to stifle discussion by banishing it to another board sometimes.
But that's something that seems rarer nowadays so it's not a huge complaint.

File 141632516202.jpg - (448.11KB , 900x1333 , 30.jpg )
162488 No. 162488 [View]
Sometimes I come to /meta/ and I'm not sure why, it's 4 AM and I feel like making a complaint or something

Ponychan is bad, make it good.
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>> No. 162492
maybe it will be better if we make everything all caps
>> No. 162493
File 141635866443.png - (1.79KB , 180x245 , Karkat_Vantas.png )
yes, this is literally perfect. thank you for helping.
>> No. 162494
i used to check here and chat but its only here now

thanks i think this really makes things better

File 141616869444.png - (23.84KB , 945x945 , 3_ Dulset Shrug by shado.png )
162467 No. 162467 Locked [View]
So if I apologize and promise it'll never happen again, can I be unbanned from /pony/?
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>> No. 162485
They can overturn each others decisions with good reason.
>> No. 162486
Ah, well then, thank you.
Sorry if I've sounded skeptical, I once accidentally got into some trouble when a mod agreed to unban me without permission from the admin. He was really bad off after that and I never got to apologize to him.
>> No. 162487
It's fine. since the question will be handled in private and all of your questions have been answered, I will be locking this thread.

File 141606563330.png - (107.36KB , 500x326 , 228615__safe_image+macro_discord_vulgar_not+this+shit+again.png )
162455 No. 162455 [View]
Over the past month and a half or so, a user by the name of "EternalNothingness" has created seven, yes, seven threads about the exact same subject. Whining about Twilight's Kingdom, accusing people of "wanting to murder Twilight's friends", accusing McCarthy of "wanting to turn the show into DBZ", etc. etc. a whole bunch of insane ranting. No matter how many times people tell him that his reasoning is incredibly flawed, he continues to spam these threads and keep regurgitating the same arguments nonstop.

This is the seventh time he has made a thread about that subject, in the past month. Can we ban him already for spamming? According to him in one of these threads, he was already banned from EQD, /mlp/, TRS, and other pony discussion sites, so...yeah.
10 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 162466
File 141613464860.png - (30.34KB , 200x303 , Five dollars.png )

I gotta second both of these, he's not really spamming in the usual sense (which would imply several threads a day, if not several an hour) and while his threads might be really shitty, shitty threads aren't against the rules. His threads do actually seem to get a fair amount of posts, even if they're almost entirely people complaining about how much his threads suck.

Now, one could argue that at this point he must just be trolling, posting obvious bait threads, and while I'd be totally okay with banning him on those grounds, it's a trolling attempt that's masterful enough to be up for debate, and banning him just for being obsessed about this one dumb topic would definitely be bad.

So on those grounds, I think the mods are dealing with things fine as they are. Just hide his one allowed thread at a time. Don't respond and give him reason to believe he'll actually find an argument here. Sage his threads (everyone always forgets to sage). It's a problem that can be solved without higher intervention.
>> No. 162471
I don't know the context surrounding the issue, but saying "just ignore and sage" a frequent problematic poster is always an incredibly lame solution that simultaneously acknowledges that the person is some sort of a problem that needs to be dealt with in some way. Not everybody is going to ignore them unless the mods put a sticky onto all of their posts saying "Ignore this person we won't ban", no matter how long they stay. Half the board constantly being forced to hide threads or filter a poster will breed hostility, and that person continuing to get replies will lower the general quality of the board.

This is an issue that has been addressed (and occasionally dealt with via bans) on /pony/ before. Dismissing it with "just ignore him, people are allowed to have different opinions" is one-dimensional thought grounded in this site's obsessive indifference to quality.

It's also pretty unfair to all the other posters that got banned for essentially "having bad opinions that they wouldn't stop repeating to the point of annoying the whole board".

Last edited at Sun, Nov 16th, 2014 20:40

>> No. 162472
File 141622022623.png - (5.46KB , 552x552 , Okay, let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing.png )

I suppose you have a point there. I guess my opinion is really grounded in the idea that the guy isn't spamming by any real stretch of the word. He has made threads that are very similar to each other, yes, but they're usually pretty spaced out. Sure, they aren't the best threads, but the first one sparked discussion, and a couple later ones sparked discussion when they didn't see the first ones. The most recent one, though, sparked no discussion, and I think OP naturally got the hint, without any mod intervention, and that if he makes another thread it's gonna be even more dead.

So it's less like "This idea should work." and more like "It's already working and the problem has left." Now, if it does keep going and become a larger problem, then folk might need to step in and escalate things, but I think it's dead and stuff is fine.

File 141346096065.png - (370.34KB , 940x800 , Hopefully this isn't someone's fetish material.png )
162194 No. 162194 Locked [View]
Just a healthy little reminder that there's child porn on /pony/ again.

Aaaaaaaaaaand it's been over half an hour! How long shall this continue? Taking all bets.
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>> No. 162452
File 141591328821.png - (209.37KB , 700x600 , furthermore, I request a new sex slave, since my last one got ripped to shreds.png )
Aaaaaaaaaaand now there's cp on /art/

Start the timer again!
>> No. 162453
File 141594894019.png - (361.32KB , 1200x1200 , 1407146683061.png )
mewtini stop looking at so much child porn
>> No. 162454
We're aware that someone is spamming CP every so often, thanks. Please report it when you see it.

Thread locked.

File 141585810535.jpg - (226.73KB , 736x937 , Plant.jpg )
162449 No. 162449 [View]
WARNING: localstorage item 'settings.10' doesn't seem to be valid JSON.
>> No. 162450
settings.10 seems to record your post deletion password, which has become corrupt somehow.

resetting your password might fix it. Or deleting your local storage item if you know how to. I had a look at my item 'settings.10' and it was huge, all recording the same data. I deleted it since it seems to be taking excessive space. Not sure if this is intentional or not, I mean it seems excessive to sore the password for every single post one makes. It's not like there's much reason to change it often.

Last edited at Wed, Nov 12th, 2014 23:44

>> No. 162451

Thank you!

File 141531381244.jpg - (148.23KB , 578x529 , You're supposed to carry the 4.jpg )
162391 No. 162391 [View]
Shit is happening, let's hear /meta/'s opinion:


This thread may be used for discussion on how this would effect the boards, rather than the opinion of boards themselves, which is better served in the /chat/ thread.
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>> No. 162441
Congratulations, you're now only 6 months behind the times instead of a year.

But really though, good.
>> No. 162443
Hence why the board /chat/ is now gone, right?

/dis/ confirmed for the board destroyer.
>> No. 162444
File 141568471047.jpg - (19.32KB , 289x296 , Awww Flutter.jpg )
should we lock this thread now, and stuff the old /chat/ stuff into an archive?

or... will old /chat/ suffice as an archive on its own?

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