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Jan 30It's happening. [Thread]

No. 164897 ID: 35acf9 Stickied [View]
A couple weeks ago, I posted the following message for the staff:
>I've been planning to do this for a week or two now. I wish I'd had a chance to talk with Orange before posting this, but he's on vacation and I feel it's necessary that I get it over with now.
>In my time as admin / owner / whatever of Ponychan, I've fixed some bugs, resolved some disputes, picked some fights, and made some mistakes. My contribution hasn't been very big, apart from paying for the site. I freely admit it hasn't been the most stellar tenure.
>2014 was probably the hardest year of my life. I love the people on Ponychan, and my memories of the early days of the site, but I haven't made it a secret that over the past year it represented just one more source of anxiety when I was just struggling to hold on. Now that 2015 is here, I've decided to participate in a therapy program over the next couple months to help get my life back on track; this will consume almost all of my free time, and it is necessary to get my obligations to Ponychan out of the way first.
>Astra told me there are talks about a Ponychan merger. I know I placed myself in the position of decision-maker, but I have no basis on which to form an opinion about this. I don't currently use the site and I hardly interact with anybody who does. This decision should be left to people who know what they're talking about.
>Orange, Admiral, and Fen are in charge. Orange has all of the site passwords. I hope the three of you can figure out how to share power.
>Some of you donated money to the site's PayPal account to help with this year's site expenses. I never withdrew the money; I'll leave it there so it can go towards next year's expenses.
>It really has been a pleasure working with all of you - and I'm not just saying that. I love this staff. I'm sorry if this comes as a disappointment.

I don't want to be overly dramatic
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>> No. 165426 ID: 929ab6
Alas good mod, farewell to thee. May greener pastures be at your fingertips. Good luck, Ponychan compatriot! I may have not known you well, sir, but alas I thank you for the donation of your heart here.

Also, can you lend me a $1.50 for a Soda?

File 142257642429.png - (22.42KB , 429x499 , OhGodWat.png )
165156 No. 165156 ID: 40a1fc Stickied [View] [Last 50 posts]
I've been trying to think of something witty and failing so here it is in boring fashion.

Officially decided to do it, all that's left is for macil to set things up which could take a few weeks.

You may now panic at your leisure.

Previous thread.>>163943

MLPchan /site/ Thread
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>> No. 165423 ID: 32789b
>I'll admit, prefer Ponychans Kubasa X over MLPchans format TinyBoard which seems to lead to some sort of anti-autism site.
Oh, it looks like Tinyboard's website shut down and someone else bought the domain and made it link to a troll page. I removed the broken links from MLPchan's copyright notices.

MLPchan's software was forked from Tinyboard years ago, so the Tinyboard project being discontinued is not a loss to us.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 19:04

File 140735792583.jpg - (34.24KB , 640x360 , 126992 - advice Friendship_is_Witchcraft Sweetie_Belle Sweetie_Bot.jpg )
159881 No. 159881 ID: cfb8a4 Stickied [View] [Last 50 posts]
I probably should have made this earlier, but this is the thread for requesting bug fixes and things that you would like to see implemented. As they are requested, I will add them to the list in the OP, and a rough percentage showing how complete that bugfix or feature is completed.

For starters, I fixed the Youtube embed thumbnails being stretched strangely, and it only took one letter to fix it!

Bug fixes
Youtube thumbnail stretching - 100%
Youtube thumbnail title - 100%>
Fix links in spoilers still showing when not hovering - 100% - you may have to do a hard-refresh (Shift-F5 or Shift-Refresh button click) for it to apply
Fix Return/Entire thread/Last 50 posts links overlapping with the quick reply and toggle post form links - 0%

Add a seperate interface for mobile browsers - 0%
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>> No. 165398 ID: ce6132
File 142411615274.jpg - (57.10KB , 693x531 , 130202503702.jpg )
Happy to help.

File 142215772395.png - (317.60KB , 446x460 , IS IT HAPPENING YET.png )
163943 No. 163943 ID: 734001 Locked Stickied [View] [Last 50 posts]
TLDR: This website is potentially changing, and you should read the entire post before commenting on this proposal.

First off, don't panic and kill us.

The Ponychan and MLPchan staffs are proposing a merger between the two sites. MLPchan was created in response to Ponychan policies of the time. We believe that since then, our differences have decreased, and those that remain are worth setting aside to unify the community.

The following is a proposal written up by the staff members of both Ponychan and MLPchan, everyone had equal say and ample opportunity to discuss or suggest the things that went into this proposal.
Everything in this proposal is subject to change based on discussion, but the degree of possible changes varies.
For example, the website being called "Ponychan" and having a /pony/ board is not likely to change unless somebody brings up an extremely good reason for it.
On the other hand, the splitting of /rp/ into /rp/ and /ooc/ is something very easily done.
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>> No. 165160 ID: 40a1fc
New thread.

File 139752540393.png - (51.37KB , 354x283 , quick-reply.png )
155306 No. 155306 ID: af273c Stickied [View] [Last 50 posts]
External version: 2.46
Native version: 2.13

After over three months worth of coding power and countless hours of rewriting code almost entirely from the ground up, it is an honor for me to present you guys with Ponychan X version 2. Its over 6000 lines long, yet faster than ever, free from any unnecessary frameworks. This will also serve as the support thread for the nightly builds that require installation, as they work their way into neutral builds to be updated to the site itself.

1) Like before, install a GM-based extension, if don't already have one, for your browser.
Chrome []Firefox []SeaMonkey []Opera []Safari []

2) Install Ponychan X []

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>> No. 165306 ID: 37350c
Thanks for everything, man. The revolving tripcodes had a nice run.

File 142438821673.jpg - (46.00KB , 526x440 , image.jpg )
165408 No. 165408 ID: 6898b5 [View]
If the staff could do something about the rampant child porn spam in /pony/, that'd be great.
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>> No. 165431 ID: 8e91d7
Captchas are literally useless if the bot-owner is dedicated to his spamming.

Thumb up and +1 upboat. That's great!
>> No. 165432 ID: 970551
Whatever the staff did, it seems to be working. I haven't seen a CP thread in a week now.
>> No. 165433 ID: 2b89c5
Looks like I spoke too soon.

File 142461556731.png - (143.92KB , 424x384 , 43.png )
165420 No. 165420 ID: 5e3319 [View]
i need help, i made a new edition of the hi thread i forgot the password to update the list thing

help me MTV
>> No. 165421 ID: 45db28
File 142461604969.png - (31.89KB , 363x468 , I don't know the answer to that one.png )
No one actually uses that for anything ever.
>> No. 165422 ID: 5e3319
File 142461624152.png - (134.65KB , 900x900 , 1542.png )
well i have to so meh

i being a OP of a Serial thread

File 142430017839.jpg - (152.03KB , 1344x756 , kssing.jpg )
165400 No. 165400 ID: 81a9e7 [View]
Do we have any statistics on how many hits each board gets?

Sometimes I feel like I'm better off putting show discussion in /oat/ if I want more replies
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>> No. 165406 ID: 3bb89e
File 142434012287.png - (1.08MB , 1000x1000 , large (34).png )
/pony/ is not the place I'd go to often during the hiatus.
>> No. 165407 ID: 2f903a

Make it happen.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 19th, 2015 14:37

>> No. 165416 ID: 2e8781

No. 165393 ID: 962f67 [View]
Since there is a merger happening soon is it too much to ask for mobile ponychan goodness?
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>> No. 165395 ID: 6f0c29
File 142407285208.gif - (38.52KB , 160x160 , 734253__safe_solo_twilight+sparkle_animated_cute_book_adorable_nom_twiabetes_chewing.gif )
The merger itself will be the solution for this. MLPchan already has pretty good mobile browser support.
>> No. 165396 ID: e0fd56
good im glad i brought it up before the merger is over. mods take it in to consideration. half the time i am browsing this site away from home. lulz.

is a shit compared to sites like 4chan.
>> No. 165399 ID: 6f0c29
File 142414311189.png - (108.00KB , 700x700 , 432330__safe_solo_twilight+sparkle_princess+twilight_artist-colon-karpet-dash-shark_twily-dash-d.png )
Yeah, it has a few flaws, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

File 142342635802.png - (123.66KB , 900x882 , 132623215903.png )
165366 No. 165366 ID: 65646e [View]
I'm talking about this one that is locked:

How is it not appropriate? You guys allow people to post pictures of practically naked anime characters all the time on this board, but when somebody wants to discuss sexual health in a non-lewd manner that's suddenly inappropriate?
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>> No. 165378 ID: 428138
Why aren't these threads banned on /meta/ yet?
>> No. 165379 ID: 63ae10
File 142352460319.png - (105.61KB , 304x303 , 132910140064.png )
I haven't posted on /meta/ in months for your information.

Last edited at Mon, Feb 9th, 2015 20:31

>> No. 165383 ID: 82f2ba

but every time you do, its this

File 142337049158.png - (555.21KB , 1272x823 , twi code.png )
165347 No. 165347 ID: 996072 [View]
The code used for ponychan's search feature must be really inefficient, it takes up to 3 seconds for it to search one thread, out of 180

That literally means it takes up to 9 full minutes to pull up results
>> No. 165348 ID: ecb755
I know whacha mean man
>> No. 165350 ID: a098c9
If you go to the catalog and use the 'search', it takes... like yeah, 5 to 10 minutes to actually 'search' for whatever term you want to find.

I doubt it's going to be a problem in the future after the move and the switch to Tinyboard.
>> No. 165376 ID: d6fe50
The site doesn't have a server-side search. There's one client-side one provided by default which searches titles/OPs which is instant but limited, and Ponychan X has a deep search feature, but searching a website by downloading all the pages and searching using JavaScript is not going to be efficient.

MLPchan does have its own search which is probably more sane (although again it's not a Kusaba X/Tinyboard thing so much as "no-one ever wrote a server-side search feature here" thing).

Last edited at Mon, Feb 9th, 2015 01:23

File 142340331955.png - (194.05KB , 295x371 , not sure.png )
165349 No. 165349 ID: 996072 [View]
I hope this topic doesn't hit any bad cords, I'm just curious

I remember being a poster here about 2 years ago and posting semi-lewd pictures was often met with a ban, where-as these days it's usually simply deleted as long as it's not a recurring offense

At what point did this change of attitude start to take place? And was it in response to a community demand or simply a change in moderation team?
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>> No. 165367 ID: 40a1fc
File 142342735743.jpg - (57.76KB , 204x247 , building descibed as 'an erection' - DELETED!.jpg )
1: Deleted
2: Nothing, image is a play on the moniker for anthro sharks, that being "Shark-tits"
3: Should have been marked NSFW
4: Nothing, potential for humor*
5: Moved to /nope/, no potential for humor without massive derail.
6: Nothing, potential for humor**
7: Nothing, sexual intent of picture destroyed by merging it with ayy lmao meme
8: Nothing, while the image contains blood i think it falls outside the term "copious" i love you ebolachan
9: Nothing, copy pasta on par with gorilla warfare.

#Personal take
>> No. 165369 ID: a95b9f
Youtube embed play button
A recurring offense in the legal sense,doesn't mean you are told every time somebody catches you or does something about it.

It can often be the government listing every time they caught you doing it.That is how you deal with uh competent adults.

Juveniles should be warned/punished every time they do something,if it is applicable.
>> No. 165374 ID: 31b110
File 142346281650.jpg - (62.74KB , 422x356 , robot arms.jpg )
Let's just enact capital punishment on Ponychan.
And by that I don't mean permabanning. I mean going to their houses and executing the law. And them.

File 142329006620.jpg - (80.99KB , 600x498 , 58 seconds.jpg )
165339 No. 165339 ID: 18c212 [View]
pls bring /dis/ back so Mark"Monfang"Harris has somewhere else to go
>> No. 165341 ID: a098c9
>people who use their actual names on imageboards

Why don't we take Manley and Monfang and add them to the 'don't come back' list post-merger

File 142257879115.png - (617.73KB , 1280x683 , My_Little_Pony_Theme_Song.png )
165179 No. 165179 ID: 1f62bb [View]
So, what do we want this new site to be?

Not talking about the name or anything, but what sort of "mission statement", manifesto, or ideals should guide us so we don't end up directionless and just a community.

Should we do things to try to bring the amount of pony here up? Should we be laid back and just let the community decide?

I think this needs its own thread
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>> No. 165240 ID: d9c4af
But how should the site poni.poni? Is there gonna be a push from the staff for more poni events? The same?

I want more pono also
>> No. 165253 ID: ab3135
File 142266816897.png - (279.33KB , 1861x3026 , 131909576465.png )
Because poni, I think that poni poni should poni with poni. Then if we poni enough, then the poni poni will poni poni of poni poniponi.

Also, poni.
>> No. 165292 ID: 9d48cb
over 9000 poni, also the poni should poni with the poni and poni poni for great poni.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 1st, 2015 13:51

File 142255309871.png - (133.33KB , 776x1030 , mlp_resource__sourpuss__cutie_mark__grumpy_cat__by_zutheskunk-d70vsfr.png )
165125 No. 165125 ID: d2e7ed [View]
dear meta, can you explain why we haven't deleted this picture on Op?
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>> No. 165155 ID: a098c9
It's one of the most famous pieces of art.

In any definition of offensive material, it is a textbook example of something with greater merit than any objection to it.

Maybe you'd be more comfortable at Gaia Online or Club Penguin, OP.
>> No. 165197 ID: 4342d7
Fine art / historical representation.

'S also why it'd be fine to show the naked burning girl in vietnam.. or wasn't she burning? Eh, forgot.
>> No. 165198 ID: a098c9

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